Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1876, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 21, 1876 Page 14
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14 h Tl W>L H. SAMPSON 6 CO.. REAL X Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Bl0d£: SOUTH DIVISION. 879 Wabash-av., 15 rooms. $75 month. < Cottage, northwest corner Thirty-third and Bntter field-sts.. e rooms. $25 month. stsMichlcan-ar., 12 rooms, 570 month. 1841 Indlana-ar.. ll rooms, $35 month. 175 Twenty-thlra-st., 7 rooms, g&i-flxtures, tna fur* sacra, s37.somonth. _ . _ , _ Two-story and bsscment brick on Drexel Boulevard, firiKims, $35 month. . . Elate on Wabash-av., near Jackson-fit., S2O and $25 mouth. B.U* wabash-ar., 12 rooms. _ , Three-story stone-front bosses 437 to 443 Ifficnlgan- 343Mlcblpan-ar., 9rooms, SSO month. 1348 Indlana-sr., marble front, 12 rooms. G2Lake-ar., three-story marble-front, 14 rooms. 106 South Park-av., elegant house, 12 rooms, and rood barn. loi Sontb Park-av., two-story and basement brick, 30 rooms, and bam. 212 Kllls-av., 10 rooms. pod Wabash-av., ll rooms, andbarn. 793 Wahash-av., marble front, 15 rooms. 103 Vlnceunes-av., marble front, 10 rooms. SSO. S2Langley-av., marble front, io rooms, $45 month. 538 and WO Vlnecanes-av., marble fronts, 1U rooms. 53 and 55 Forrest-av.. 10 moms each, only S3O month. WEST DIVISION. Northwest comer Ashland-av. and Adams-st., three sew three-story marble-front houses, 12 rooms each, elegant location, cast fronts. 1 xu Throop-st., brick house, 9 rooms. S3O. 12 AshlßDd-aT.,,oppoalte Union Park, choice cottage. 7 moms, S3O. - New twu-etory and basement stone-front on Adams st., Jen east of Ashland-av.. io rooms, only SSO month. ooi> tv cat Adams-st., 8 rooms, $35 month. 834 West Washlngton-st., 10 rooms. 5. 7, and9CarroU-av. t marble front, 10 rooms each, So month. A large list of houses In all pans of the city. W. IL SAMPSON & CO. riX) RENT-CHEAP, 896 INDI ANA- AV. , NEAR X Elghteenth-at., two-story brick basement house and bam. Inquire of GOSS & PHILLIPS MANUFAC TURING CO., Flak and Twenty-second-su. f |X> RENT—S2S, XO-ROO.M OCTAGON FRONT MIL- X woukec brick bouses on Bowcn-av., near VTncennca av,; hot and cold water on each floor and m two main bedrooms: four marble mantels, side yards, trees in front, lOeWashlagton-st., Room 15. rpo RENT—STONE-FRONT HOUSE. 14 ROOMS, X brick bam. oil modem improvements, In good order, •plendld situation, for SGG a month. Apply on the premises, 577 South Park-av. rpO RENT —CHEAP TO GOOD PARTIES. 1196 X Pralrle-ar., marble front, 14 rooms. Apply at 48 and 50 Wabash-av. rpo RENT-TO A RESPONSIBLE PARTY ONLY, X not for a boarding-house—Two-story and basement brick dwelling, 280 west Washlngton-st.; every room ncwlyjialntcd. papered, and calcimlned. Apply at 2so West wa*hlueion-sL a'VU’.EKT— HOUSE NO. 903 WABASH-AV. CON . tain* 10 room*, hot and cold water, gas fixtures, etc. Apply to R. J. WALSHE, McVlckcr'6 Theatre Building. riX) RENT—CHEAP—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X bouse, 1037 Mtchluan-av., with all modem cos* venleocea. D. G. HAMILTON, 12G Clark-st. fPO KENT-ONE BLOCK FROM LINCOLN PARK- X sew marble frost, modem conveniences, half block from street cars; abso, new brick and stone, very alee.- four blocks from die Park; from S4O up: neigh* xjrhood first-class. CHAS. N. HALE, 153 Kandolph-st. r PO RENT-FOP. FOUR MONTHS OR ONE TEAR. X a house In Minneapolis, Minn., with 10 rooms, well Tcmithcdi - having water, gas. and all modem eon* renicnccs. Address P. O. Bor 234. Minneapolis. Minn. •PO KENT—ABOUT JUNE I—2-STORY AND BASE- X meat brick houses, Ohlo-st,, west of State. Room U), 177 Clark-st. .rpo KENT-TWO BRICK HOUSES ON WEBSTER- X av.. near Lin coin-place, W. £. FURNESS, fid norland Block. • r l H> RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE,MARBLE FRONT. X fi-story and basement, 15 rooms. No. 1041 Wabasb iv.. ncwlvput In order. Low rent to a good tenant. Can be seen by calling at adjoining house. No. lUS3. Inquire'of or address D. F. CHASE, 24 and 26 Van huren-st. rpO RENT—FURNISHED—I3O THROOP-ST.: ALSO X adjoining, several rooms, furnished or unfurnish ed, nt Tor housekeeping or sleeping. 130 Throop-st. rpo RENT-BRICK HOUSE, ALL MODERN IM- X urovemenu, North Side, for §25; one for S3O. SOUTH WORTH, Room 2 Momsoa Block. rpo REST—NEW BRICK HOUSE NEAR STREET 1 and steam cars, sls. S2O. Fur sale on monthly pay ments. JOHN r: EBERHART, 107 Clark-et. riX) RENT—WITHIN BLOCK AND A' HALF OF X Madlson-st. care, a two-story and basement brick house, very cheap to good tenant; make an offer. Also 7-room cottage at sio per month. Apply to H. O. STONE, 146 Madlaon-sr. r|X) RENT—SALE OR EXCHANGE—WILL SELL X ou monthly payments, or exchange for merchan dise, a seven-room cottage and bam. In good condition, ou large lot, along lease, with gas. water and sewer. In popular neighborhood. Also, furniture if wanted. All will be sold for half Its value. Address 333 Forrest-av. rp6 RENT—A FURNISHED HOUSE ON THE X South Side, to a responsible party, having a small family, at low figures, for three or six months. Inquire at lioora 7 Hawley Building. f|'o RENT—COTTAGE, WITH BARN. OR TWO SIX* X room tenements, near street cars; West Side; $lO to S2O, G/M PEASE, 97 Clark-st. rpo KENT—TWO-STORY BRICK HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, 1 near Lincoln Park on Belden-av., $33. M. POR TER, 14 Grant place. rpo RENT—A LARGE HOUSE AND GROUNDS i near Fwlrvlew station, and street cars; everything nice and (heap; rooms on fltat floor elegant. Address O 17, Tribune officu. rpo RENT-FOR 525 ENGLISH BASEMENT. X brick, 8 rooms, hoc water, bath, etc.; also a-roem Tats for S2O; near Lincoln Park and Lincoln-dv. cars, CHAS. N. HALE, 153 Kandolph-st. UN) RENT-BY C. W. IIEKVEY, 171 LASALLE-ST.. 1 two S-story brick bouses Nos. ttiS and cuo West Adams-st., suitable for xim-class boarding or private families. Cottages 7«7 and 789 West Washington-fit., i:»7 Park and «y2lndlaaa-avß., 1018 Mlchlgaa-av., 1414 Watiaeh-av., st>3 North Clark-st. Rooms in Masonic Building, comer Randolph and Halstod, all low to good tenants r|X> RENT—HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS, ONLY $35 PER L month. In block northwest comer of Harrison and Jioyne-sia. (marble front). Kitchen, pantry, dining room. and parlor on the same door. All modem Im provements, Apply at 957 liarrlson-st.. same block. T poTRENT— SIsTsaO; OH SALE, $25. S3O—CHOICE X cottage houses, amongst very nic e people; 479 and Huron, and72S West Superior, east of Robey* it, Indluna-sL can,. S. T. KING. U 5 W&fiiington-st. fI , NEWLY X papered, painted, and calclmlned, «9 North Mor pan-st., with barn. R. M. EDDY, 44 North May-st.. / IX) KENT—THREE-STORY AND BASEMENT X bouses on Rush-st., Just north of Indlana-st.; will be rented at a venr low price. Two 2-story andTbaserarnt houses on Indlana-ar., be tween Sixteenth and at a cheap rent. 350 Burling-*:., near Weiister-av., 2-story and cellar house at $25 per month. W. D. KERFOOT & CO., rpO~RENT—COTTAG E, SROOMSTCS HONORE-ST., X sl2; also, 2-story and basement stone-front- C7B Adams-tl., S4O. Apply to HENRY HADLEY, No. 47 lloaorc'St. orC3andos Washlngton-st. rpo - RENT—A NEW 2-STORY AND BASEMENT 1 brick bouse on Westem-nv.. near Twelfth-st., S2O. JARVIS, Room 4 Ashland Block. fpO REST—ELEGANT HOUSE 830 WABASH-AV., X only so»Jto gilt-edged tenant. D. HARRY HAM MER. ins Madlson-it., Rooms 13 and 15. rpu RENT—ISS2 PRAIRIE-AV., NEAR THIRTY* X third-st.; new- house, all modem conveniences; rent low to prompt tenant. N. T. WRIGHT, 86 Wash lligtOD-St. fpO RKNT-2-STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE ON X Wabash-av.; will accept real estate in payment. Address Z 71, Tribune office. riX) RENT-THE PARLOR AND BASEMENT X floor, with good brick stable. 23S Hurou-st,, he t ween Clark and Dearborn. rpo RENT CORNER OAKWOOD-BQULEVARD X and Langley-av., lor 2 very desirable brick house, convcnicutto steam and street cars; rent rea sonable. riX) RENT-BY G. S. BUTLER & CO., 539 HURL- X but-st., several fine houses, cottages, and flats of 6 rooms each, opposite Lincoln park. A fine house ole* g.uuJy furnished, piano, dc. ■ r|X) RENT—CORNER MICHIGAN-AV. AND THIR- X tleth-st., house of 12 rooms or parlor flat of four rooms, hot and cold water, bath room. r po RET—PLEASANT FURNISHED HOUSE FOR X private family for the summer. Apply at 53 Twea ty-rixth-st., comerP-talrie-av. r cv_> KENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT OCTAGON" X fume front, southeast corner Fralrlc-av. andTUlr ty-'peeund-et,, very cheap to good party. iL C. BALD- V.’IN * CO.. 89 LaSane-«t., Room 23, 'IXi BEST—SIS PEK iIOSTII WILL BENT LARGE X 2-story house. with large grounds, No. 30 Harvard -6i., nearCampbell-ar. Inquire at 255 'Western-av. , nX>" RENT—BRICK - HOUSE 185 SOUTIfKIORGAN- X»U. W rooms, gas fixtures. stable; pleasant location, near auvt low rent. Apply on the corner next south. nr'-- RENT-HOUSE PRAIRIE-AV., NEAR TWEN* jl. elxtli-sL. 12 rooms, mantels, furnace, pas fixtures, batli, complete; £25, Apply at 203 LaSpllc-BL, Room 7. MX) UKKT-240 C ALUMET-AV.. $35. 807}* AiND X 875MIch!pan-av., 2-story anil basement dwellings, (-10. 1406 Wabash. ST., 2-ftory and basement dwelling. S3O. £2 sixteenth-fit., 3-xtory brick, ll rooms, all Unprore uient*, sr«o. W 8 and 574 West Laks-st., 2-story and basement marble fronts, £SO. Athol itonsc, corner Erie and North Clark-Blß.,sneat, coxy, family hotel. , Inquire or GKo. G. NEWBURY, Rooms Band9Bryan Block, 164 La Salle-fit. KENT—I 472, 1475, 1470 WABASH-AV.; THREE- X story stone fronts; 15 Twenty-olghth-st., frame. J. F. BOVFIKLD. Times Building. rpo RENT-sUUEAP—A 3-STORY AND BASEMENT X swell-front brick dwelling house, containing H rooms and closets, hot and cold water, gas, bath, fur cure, etc. P*’o. 247 Indlana-st., near State. Apply to KNAUER i BRO.. comer Kiaxle and North Ciark-sU. f|V) RENT—NO. 1572 INDIANA-AV,, lOROOJI X brick house, newly calcimlncd. furnace, and gas flitnres. Rent law. Apply at 1497 ladlana-av. rix) liKNT—A NKAT COTTAGE, 5 LARGE ROOMS. X* 00 Walnut-sU. near comer Paulina, one block from Lake-rt. cars, and two blocks from Union Park; good neighborhood; rent s2oper month. Apply to owner, 818TTest Indiana-fit. K. R. MOUSE. r«X) RKNT-30G2 WILCOX-AY., 2 BLOCKS FROM X MaJKon-sL cars, nice cottage of seven rooms, with barn. Apply ut next door cast, orjUls3 Market-fit. rpo”K ENT-110USE96CALIFORNIA-AV., CORNER X Jackson-Ki., f 10, or upper part for $& C. A. DIBBLE. 97 Clark-hi. Room 04. riH> KENT—II 9 WARUEN-AV., AND ONLY ONE X block north of Madhon-st. care, nice 2-story and basement octagon stone-front bouse,newly calclmined, aiul In perfect condition, with all modem Improve ments; also, nice large brlckbomaadyanl; all worth fm. hut will rent to good party for ssoper month. In quire on the premises. • ‘ ffX) BENT CHEAP-NEW 2-STORY AND BASE- X *ient brick house on Leavltt-st., between Folk and Taylor, cast front. C. T. LATiIEOP.-st Keith Bros.’, Madifion-et. 7fX> KENT—HOUSE 933 WEST LAKE-ST., sls. C. X A. DIBBLE. 97Clflrk-Bt., Room 84. MX) RENT—S 3 PER MONTH-COTTAGE 20 HON- X ore-fiu, 3 rooms, ctoacta, water. Apply at 687 West Monroe-fit. r pO BENT—OR WILL SELL, A FINE HOUSE AND X cottage in Englewood; a beautiful residence In South tvaasum. TILLOTSON BKOS., 92 Washtagton-su fpo’ RENT-BASEMENT AND* 2-BTORT~ warble X front dwelling on Prairie, av., between Thlrir-iii th and Thirty♦■iTth.<a,&-. containing 10 rooms, with all Biodctn Improvemcnta, only S4O per month to a good jjarty. ADOLPH LO£B A BRO., 129 and 131 La- BENT—FURNISHED 2-STORT AND BASR- X ment brick house. No. 121 ‘iwcavy*urst'»L, ne-r CaUafithehouaß, TO B23NT-HOUSE& rpo BENT—BT F. C. VIERLING, ROOM B. 123 X Dearborn-st., near Madison: Brown stone front of 14 rooms, with all improve .menu, northwest corner Wabash-av. and Thirty-sec ond-st. 76 Twenty-slxth-st, fine brick of 10 rooms, nice. * 50 Thlrtleth-st.. 7 rooms on first floor. ShSTwcnty-flfth’St., boose of 8 rooms, nearWabtfh. 1462 ITaine-av., house of 9 rooms, cheap. 1653 Dearborn-iL, cottage of 7 rooms. 1805 Dearborn-st., cottage of Grooms. 392 and XHState-st., suite* of 5 rooms each. 3® West Lake-st., 5 rooms on first floor. 317 and 319 Webster-av., bricks of 11 rooms cadi. SCO West Lake-st., 6 nice rooms cheap. rpO RENT— MY BRICK RESIDENCE, FURNISHED, X until May 1, next, cheap. Has all modern Improve ments. On Washington., near Union Pork. Address V 37. Tribune office. # r> RENT —l4B WOOD-ST., NEAR MONROE, cheap. 11 -room English base men t; modern improve ments; also, second story 82Paullna-6t., near Madison; four rooms, closets, etc.. In nice order. rpo BENT—A GENTLEMAN AND FAMILY WISH- X Inga delightful furnlshedresldenccforthcsummcr and fall, will find such at C 3 Twenty-fourth-sL, near the lake. * rivo RENT-A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED HOUSE X on the West Side, near Ashland-av., to a small family, from June 15 to Oct. I. The board of one gen tleman In part pay for the rent. Address N 00, Tribune office. rpo RENT-MARBLE SWELL-FRONT DWELLING, X N 022 Laugley-av.; contains gas fixtures, furnace, and all modem improvements. JOHN W. MARSH, 94 Wiishiogtou-sU VPORBNT—AT UNION PARK, THAT VERY DE " X sir-able cast-front brick, 27 St. John’s-place; con tains io rooms, furnace, all modern conveniences, and 1s rat-proof. Examine It. Rent reasonable. rp<j RENT-DWELLING-HOUSE NEWLY PAINTED X and papered, arranged for one large or two small families Call at lU3 West Adams-st,, Monday, be tween 8 a. ro. and 5 p. m. rpo RENT—COTTAGE OF 4 ROOMS AND SUMMER X kitchen, 447 East Chestnut-st., between Pine and Kush. rpo RENT-HOUSE 213 NORTH STATE-ST. CON- X lalnlug io rooms, with all modem improvements; has recently been refitted, and will be rented very cheap. ELLIOTT ANTHONY, 05 Dearborn-st. IX) RENT—FURNISHED—THE ELEGANT MAN . s!on 306 Mlchlgau-av., lake front; lot 100 feet. Apply on premises. rpO RENT—THE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X cottage-front brick building No. C 63 Sedgwick-sc., comer of Centre, one block west from Lincoln Park; all modern Improvements, including furnace. For terma apply to C. C. UULTON, 225 and 227Statc-st., or 706 North Wells-st. •«. TO RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, 35 THlßTY scrond-st,, to a responsible party. Inquire at 113 West Madlson-st. J. HEILAND. TO RENT-470 WABASH-AV., CORNER EL drldpe-conrt, large brick house. 25 rooms, with ss.<vjo worth of furniture In the house; suitable for a first-class family botch Apply to WML H. SAMSON & CO.. Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-st. OX) RENT-NO. 227 THIRTIETII-ST., BETWEEN X Wabash and Mlchigan-avs., 2-story frame house, large lot. all modem improvements, and pleasantly lo cated; dining-room and kitchen on parlor floor. FRED L, FAKE«fc CO., 88 Washlugtou-st. ri\) RENIV-WIS MICHIGAN-.VV., 8 BOOMS, MOD- X cm Improvements, hot amVcold water. etc;';.v,good barn, large yanVetc.; only $25 i»er month. Apply to 11. O. aXONE, m East Madlson-st. rpO RENT—A FURNISHED HOUSE OF 8 ROOMS, X from Jane Ito the middle of September. Terras reasonable to a careful, prompt-paying tenant. Family of adults preferred, inquire on premises, 995 West Adams-st., for three days. , fpO RENT-A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE, ALL X modem improvements. In a first-class neighbor hood; airy, cool rooms: surrounded with shade trees, greenyards: can be had cheap; nearWaahlngtou-st., on May. No. 0 South May-st. • rpo KENT-FURNISHED HOUSES ON SOUTH X Side, S4O; Wes: and North Sides, $35 to $33. ED MUND G. STILES, 09Eastiladlsoa-st.. Room?, rpo RENT-SPLENDID MODERN HOUSES. SOUTH. X North, and West Sides, lo to IS rooms, S3O to SSO. EDMUND G. STILES, 90 Madisou-8t. k Room 7. T IX) KENT-BRICK RESIDENCE NEAR LINCOLN X Park, lOrooms, In good order; all conveniences; rent low. C. S. WALLER, 41 Clark-st., Room 11. riX) KENT—A GOOD PLACE FOR A ROAD-HOUSE, X on one of the beet roads round Chicago, or the bar and billiard-room. Inquire at 250 West Forqucr-st. rjX) RENT—S 22 CALU3OJT-AV., 2-STORY STONE X front, 10-room bouse and brick bam; rent, $43. also. No. 533 Carroll-av., I a-room stone-fnJfit; all modem conveniences. Also. 531 Carrull-av.', 14-rooru marble-front and brick barn; rent; S4O. By M. MAUGUAN, Room 21 Reaper Block, 97 Clark-st. rpo RENT—NO. 115 JOIINSON-ST., COTTAGE OF X 5 rooms and bam. In good order. Inquire at Boston-av., near comer of Van Boren andHaUted-ats. rpo RENT—NEW, MARBLE FRONT HOUSES, X Lake-av. and Thlrty-su, fronting Lake Michi gan; only S4O per month. £. O. LANPHERE, on premises. • - riao RENT—329 FULTON-BT.. 10-JiOOM BRICK, X modem Improvements, furnace, cas fixtures. Own er would board If satisfactory. Inquire at house. rpo RENT-GOOD 2-STOUY DOUSE NEAR UNION X Park; modern Improvements and bam; $25. JOHN F. EBEUUAKT, 107 Clark-st,, Room 3. rjX) RENT-FURNISHED COTTAGE. NO. 84 SOUTH X Sanuamon-st., near Madison. Apply to J. C. MA GILL, CUrk-st.. or on premises. rpo hkS-t— a njfE 2-sronT house, 10 noons, X WestMoaroc-st., with all Improvement. S4O. Al so bouses iu all parts of the city. J. W. SMITH, 125 Clark-st. Room 22, TO RENT—COTTAGE 344 WEST ADAMS-ST., 7 rooms, closets, bat h, $25 per month. Inquire on promises. JOHN B. SHERWOOD, fjy) RENT-1457 INDIANA-AV., COTTAGE WITH X basement and barn, cheap. Inquire or address 1455 Indlana-av. rpo RENT—TWO-STORY BASEMENT AND MAN- X sard root, modem conveniences, furnace and ns* fixtures, bar, sub-cellar, 105 South Park-ay.; fine view of lake; SSO per month. ' rfiO RENT-A PSEASANT 7-ROOM COTTAGE IN X good order, sl6 per month. Apply at 28 Pratt £lace. between Jackson aud Van Bares, Hujnc and eavitt-sts. rPO RENT-BY COLE, NEWELL & MOSHER, 188 X West Modlson-sL: Nine-room house, 730 west Madlson-st, near Lincoln, S3O; lt>4 Honore-st., with barn. S3O: 105, log, and 156 Booth Sangamon-st., $35; 365 West Harrlson-st,, 10-roum brick, §3O; 230 South -.Morgan-st,, cottage, $25; ana others. rpo RENT—A FIRST-CLASS BHOHSE WITH 18 X rooms and two bath-rooms, three-story aud base ment. Vermont marble front, soo West Adams-st.. cor ner of Lallin- Inquire of CHARLES W. PARKER, 127LaSalie-st., basement. rpO RENT—722 WEST CONGRKSS-ST.„ CORNER X Wlnchestcr-ar., iwo-story frame cottage and base meat <»f 8 rooms and bath-room. C. W. PARKER, 127 La Salie-flt., basement. TO RENT-DWELLING 62 NORTH SANGAMON st., 8 rooms, S2O. Inquire at drug tore, on comer. r RENT—SMALL HOUSE AND BARN, 312NOUTH Aihlaud-av., $5; on Washingtoo-st., 221. hi Nor ton Block, in complete order; 14 South Green-st., 2- stury, 12-room cottage, in firat-cluse order; 350 and 352 J.ake-SL, cheap. Apply to N. NORTON, 361 Washing lon-st. . rpO RENT— THE DESIRABLE 3-STORY BRICK X dwelling. In excellent repair, comer Aberdeen and West Van Buren-sta. Apply to GEO. A. SEAVERNS, C 37 South Clark-st., or to WEIL & SHERMAN, 146 Dcarbom-st. r RENT—24NORTH ASHLANU-AV., FRONTING Union Park, 16-room (no basement) dwelling. Key hi No. 28. rpO RENT—COTTAGE 239 SOUTH PEORIA-ST., 7 X rooms. $25 per month. J, IL KEELER, 163 Clark-st. TO KENT—NO. 27 PINE-ST.; TERMS MADE TO accommodate; must be rented. BURNS & EX LINE, I)7South Ciark-au, Room 50. rpo RENT—DWELLING-HOUSE; 8 ROOMS, sls X per month. Inquire at No. 418 Cottage Grove-av., comer Thirty-flrst-st. rpb RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X buildings opposite Lincoln Park. $35:5 rooms. No. 61 Blue Islaml-av., $18: No. 109 South Jellerson-st., II rooms. E. S. Dltfil HR. 72 Dcarbom-st. rpo RENT-A BRICK HOUSE; VIEW OF LAKE X and park; with 2 lots; 2 lower floors arranged for one family, or the main aud third floor for 2 families; each containing 4 rooms In leflgth, with bed-rooms ami closets; all in good order; rent cheap. Inquire at 697 Wells-st. rjy> RENT—AND FURNITURE FOB SALE-THE X house 45 Puck-court; has all modem Improve ments. Apply at the house. • r'ro RENT-1052 MICHIGAN-AV., 10-BOOM BRICK JL house and barn; rent lour. E. B. SMITH, 621 Wabash-av. axT~ TENT-CHEAP-NO. 1057 MICHIGAN'-AV., . wlih modem Improvements. D. Q. HAMILTON. 126 Clark-su . rpO RENT—WEST SIDE-A FURNISHED HOUSE, X s stories, marble-front, in hue location. Z 02, Tribune rpo RENT—S3S—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick, modem Improvements, No. 711) West Van T'O KENT—LOWEK PART OP 2-STQRT HOUSE, 5 X rooms, closets, pantry, etc.; good yard; pleasant location. No. iGlsSnurtleff-av., near Tiitrty-ilrst-st. rpo KENT-410 PARK-AV., NEW 2-STORY BRICK . X house, with good cellar under the whole house, water, and gas. Rent S3O per month. C. F. BULKK LEY. 599Lakc-st.. 835 Washlngton-st. rpo RENT—A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM, X all conveniences, with private family. 25 Indiana av., corner Thlrteenth-st. riX) RENT—HOUSE NO. 573 CARROLL-AV., NEAR X comer of Ashland-av., and two blocks north Union Park, 2-story frame bouse: good stable; rent low to right parties: bouse bos li rooms, so arranged for two families: 5 roams below and 8 above, all In good repair. E. ROGERS, 177 East Madlsou-st., Room 9. rpO RENT—A NEATLY-FURNISHED COTTAGE X for four or live months, ft! Twenty-flftn-st. fJX) RENT—TO A RESPONSIBLE TENANT. A COM- X plcte and handsomely-famished house, or would sell furniture and rent house. Apply atSOS Wabash-av. rpO RENT— STONE-'fRONT HOUSE 13GL001D X Is-*t,; Is in first-class locality, close to street-ears, and baa all the modem Improvements. Apply on the premises. r\X} RENT—CHEAP—FURNISHED COTTAGE TO X gentleman and wife for the summer: parties will board and pay difference. Apply at 728 West Superlor •u, between Lincoln and Robey, to-day. f|X) RENT—S2S PER MONTH FOR THE TWO- X story and basement house, fourth house south of Twcnty-ninth-st., on Calumet-av.. lOruouu, modem Improvements. Apply on premises, or ai 13 Major MX) RENT-NEW BRICK HOUSE, 452 IRVING- X place, near Polk-fit., all modern Improvements, for S2O per month. LUMLKY INGLEDEW. 95 Wash lngton-fit„ Room 9. * fpO RENT-FIRST-CLASS COTTAGE OF 0 ROOMS X to small family. In good repair; gas. bath room, bay-window; ItUSoutb Llncoln-n., comer of Adams; also 107 and 163, 5 and 6 rooms, desirable location, at mere nominal rent. Apply at IC3 South Llncoln-su riV) RENT—3'STORY AND BASEMENT BHICK X house No. 18 Eldrldge court; I* being put. In thor ough repair, and win be rented cheap. FAiIRINGTON & HACKNEY, 105 Wushliijrtaa-kt. « AND BASEMENT BRICK X house No. 13-Vi I’r.drU-av., In good repair, for rent cheap. FARRINGTON HACKNEY. U 5 Wuahing toe-st- r . rpo - TWENTY-FIRST-S*.; X Oroumi. halt, «4.d aAi vucr, gas-iixturci; light i.lrasanl !>«»•• • ' 1 and see It. IJKVTC4.j A NIOC COTTAGE >•—-nt-rt,, •- »i i.>Kr l-j.s •; coir age jiN T-ifl wortn Apply *:uom u. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: {SUNDAY, MAY 21, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGEg. TO RENT-HOUSES. TO RENT—2O! CALUMET-AV.. NICE HOUSE IN Na. i repair; Large lot and good barn; wont reasog- Lakc-ar., 2-etory frame near station and street cars, $33 per month. . . ~ • 50 Twenty-clghth-st., 2-story basement and Mansard roofbriclchouse. , - A 630 Cottage Grorc-ar., south of TMrty-flfth-st., cast front, large lot; to good tenant, S2O. Indiana-av., Nos. 1251 and 1251& 3-story and hasc neuc brown stono-front, all modern convenances. etc. FRED li. FAKL iL CO., rpo RENT—HOUSES BT EDMUND A. CUMMINGS* X Xi!» and 121 LaSalle-st. • 14 Vincennca-place, 2-story and basement brick, $25. 1851 state-fit.. near Fortieth, cottage. 0 rooms, sl4. 22 Seminary-av., 2-story frame, brick basement, ll rooms, barn, $23. , 81 North Ada-st., 2-story and basement brick. $35. rpb RENT-NEW OCTAGON MARBLE-FRONT, 14 X rooms, modern Improvements, brick barn; lawn In front, side lot, marble sidewalk, flnclyshadcd, north east comer Carroll-ov. and Shcldon-st. Want an offer from desirable tenant at Room 7 Metropolitan Block. rpo KENT—4 NEAT'BRICK HOUSES, TEN ROOMS X each, batlu water-closet, etc.; flue shade trees In front; on Arbor-place, between Sheldoa-st. and Union Park-place; rent $25 per month. Room 7 Metropolitan Block. rpo RENT-2-STORY HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, WITH ALL X necessary Improvements; all In good order. No. 300 West Indlaaa-st, Inquire on the premises. TO RENT—7-ROOM COTTAGE sl7; one 5-room. sls; 5 rooms, sl2; 2 rooms, $7. Gl9 West Van Burcn-st. rpO RENT-BRICK HOUSE IN* A DESIRABLE LO- X cation on Pralrlc-av.; 10 rooms; dining-room and kitchen on parlor floor; low rent to responsible party. Apply, at 460 South Park-ay. Suburban* TO RENT—DESIRABLE HOUSE AT RAVENS wood. $25; 2 houses at Summerdalc, S2O each. A. BENNETT, Agent, southeast comer of Monroe and Market-sta. riX) RENT-FINE DWELLING. PLEASANTLY SIT- X uated, on the lake shore in Hyde Pork, one block from Forty-thlrd-SL railroad depot, with large lot and born; also, brick dwelling, with large lot. near Hyde Park station. Apply at 108 LaSalle-st., In basement. rpO RENT—BASEMENT OF COTTAGE G 79 WEST X Mouroe-st., 4 rooms, closets, water, only $3. Ap ply at 692 iladlson-st. TO RENT-A LARGE DOUBLE ROOM; ALSO, A good-sized single room. 2500h!o-st. TO RENT—NEW AND WELL-LIGHTED SLEEP ifIg-rooms. furnished or unfurnished, wlthorwith out board, at 47 West Randolph-fit. IX) RENT—SEVEN LARGE ROOMS, HALF-BLOCK* . from Van Burcn-st. cars. West Side, price SJ7 pdf month. Address owner, F 22, Tribune office. riX) RENT—HAVE BUILT PAST SEASON HIGH- X land Park and Highvood desirable places we are determined have occupied. If you want place In sub urban town, on Lake-Shore, grounds covered with shade, room for children, sec us; will rent large double bouse at $12.50 mouth; cottage for $8 for summer or year; if 100 high, can have without pay. Want tired mothers with weak children try the advantages we offer. MEAR3 & CO., 46 Reaper Block. riX) RENT-VERY CHEAP-MEAT MATKET. X Also, grocery store and ocher stares and living* rooms, at 4UO West Polk-st. HALEY. . ritQ RENT—CHEAP, THREE UPPER FLOORS OF X Nos. 74and7t>Randolph-st., suitable for first-class jobbing store. Apply L. 0. P. FBEEIt, Room 9 Foot Block, southwest comer Clark and Monroe-sts. TO RENT—ELEGANT SUBURBAN FURNISHED house, two blocks from all Hyde Park trains; shade, flowers, garden, bam, Ac., to rent for the sum mer, cheap. Address It 28, Tribune ofilcc. rpo RENT-FINE HOTEL AND GROVE KNOWN AS X Ten-Mile House, South Englewood. Inquire of GEO. W. SUTHERLAND, 1409 atate-at., comer Thlr ty-flrst, fVO RENT —AT HIGHWOOD-NKW, LARGE. X house, near depot; only sls. JARVIS, 4 Ashland Block. - rpO RENT—FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED, AT X Kenwood, two blocks from station, brick house on lake shore, for the summer or year. Address A 27, Tribune office. r|V> RENT-LAKE FOREST-A PLEASANT .COT- X tage, also 12-room house. Highland Park—Good bouse, well furnished. Houses at Glencoe, Evanston. Rogers' Park, Ravens wood, Englewood, Hinsdale, Clyde. E. L. CANFIELD, 50 LaSalle-et. riX) RENT-FOR SUMMER, COTTAGE AT HYDE X Park, furnished, on lake shore and near depot. IC. W. BRIDGE, 15 Tnbune Building. fp6 RENT—PLEASANT 2-STOKr HOUSE, WITH X large garden, convenient to station at Lombard, rent very cheap; also house with o acres. ISAAC CLAFLIN & CO., Murine Building, , rpO RENT-ONE HOUSE IN ENGLEWOOD, CON- X talnluir 13 rooms, first-class basement, built with hollow brick walls; fit frott and waterproof; also one small bam, location high and dry, two Mocks from high school or either railroad depot, suitable for a merchant doing business in city. Kent a good tenant. Ap ply at second house south of Presbyterian Church, Valc-st. 1' ''G HENT—COTTAGE AND S~ACRES GARDEN . at Englewood, comer Wallace and Fifty-aixth-sts.; nice shade bam. veil, 2 blocks south of Fifty fffth-st. boulevard, sls per month; goand see It. li. C. MOREY. 95 Clark-st. rpo RENT-A PLEASANT COTTAGE. 20 MINUTES’ X ride from city; new and convenient; will rent for summer months only If desired. Z 40, Tribune office. rpo RENT-A GOOD HOUSE, PLEASANTLY LO- X catcii, near the lake, very conveniently arranged, no basement, ten rooms and bath-room, cellar an<Tat tic, Apply on the premises, a urook-st., one block south oouakland Station, or at 63 Washington-fit. C. GOODWIN.] TO RENT—AT OAK PARK, A NICE LARGE house with bam. two blocks from depot. DR. G. H. HALE, 628 West Lake-st, ri'O EEXT-AT HiSSDALE-IIODSES. LAIiGS X lots, from $6 to $25. High ground and low fares make this f plaee desirable for homes. PERRY. Room 14, 123 Dearborn-fit. TO KENT—S2O—AT BARRINGTON. NINE-ROOM house, cellar, well, cistern, bam. aud three acres of ground. fruit and shade trees; also 7-room house, cel ler, welt cistern, carden, SlO; both convenient to de pot. 54 Hastlngs-st., dowa-staira, or address C. DUNN. Barrington. T~ ~cTRE NT-HOUSE AT AUSTIN. APPLY TO OWN* er, Ur. ABBOTT. HS South Clark-st. TO BENT-BOOIQS, TO RENT—2 PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS O*N first iloor;also 4 unfurnished ones on second, with or without board. 1661 State-st. rpo KENT-TIIE 2D, 3D, AND 4TII FLOORS OF X building 251 and 253 Clark-st., near Grand Pacific Hotel, containing 50 rooms. Whole or In port. Apply toWM. C. DOW, 8 Tribune Building. rpO RENT—TWO ROOMS, PANTRY AND CLOTHES X press, partly famished or unfurnished, for light housekeeping. 285 West Monroc-st. TO RENT—SOB WABASH-AV., ELEGANTLY FDR nlshed rooms; references required. rpo RENT—ROOMS VERT NICK AND CHEAP. X Dining-room connected for those who desire. New brick corner Randolph anddlalstcd-sts. St. Cloud. rpo RENT—3I I WEST RANDOLPH-ST., BEAUTI- X ful rooms, furnished or unfurnished. rpo~RENT—UAND'SOSffiLY~RDKNISHED ROOMS X with every condolence, at 5-13 Wabaah-av. rpo RENT-NICELT FURNISHED ROOM, PRIVATE X family, 306 West Jnckson-st. rpo RENE—2 OR 3 ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UN- X furnished, m private family; location flm-claatf. 3u2 Mlchlgan-av. rpo RENT—I 6 KLDRIDGE-COURT. ELEGANTLY X furnished and unfurnished rooms; house all newly repaired and furnished new throughout; oil modem improvements. TO RENT-SINGLE FURNISHED ROOMS TO gems; rent $8 per month. At 326 State-st., second floor. rpo RENT-FOUR ROOMS ON THE UPPER FLOOR X of 230 West Randolplwt., In‘good order. Inquire at 226 West Randolph-fit. Bent sls per month. rpo RENT-HANDSOJIELY furnished rooms. X 103 East Washlngton-at., Room 21. rpo RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS BY A X widow lady living alone; transients accommodated. 185 West Washlngton-st. rpo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT X housekeeping to a party without children; refer ences exchanged. AddrqssK 3, Tribune ofilce. rp6 RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR 0R 3 X or 4 furnished rooms suitable for housekeeping. Apply at 139 South Sangumon-st. TO RENT—AT TUB ST. MARK, 164 MADISON-ST., large, cool, and newly-furnished rooms by the day. week, or mouth. rpO KENT—FOR HOUSEKEEPING, 3 OR 4 ROOMS X at 35a Mlchlgan-av. References. TO RENT—A LARGE FRONT ROOM AND KITCHEN ’ furnl&hcdfor housekeeping, cars within half a block onlndlapa-st.. No. 181 North Curtls-st. TO RENT—TWO UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, X two closets, suitable for light housekeeping, to Sorties without children; bath-room. Private family, fear cars. West Side. References exchanged. Addr**** Z 23, Tribune office. rpo KENT-FOUR PLEASANT ROOMS TO GEN- X tleman and wife for light housekeeping, second floor, No. 36 St- John’s place, one block from Union Park. Kent, sls. rpO RENT-A LARGE ROOM, JUST PAINTED AND A papered, new carpets, has modem conveniences; low rate. 1101 indlaaa-av. TO RENT—PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, FUR x nlshed, locatedinaplcasantandhealthypartof the dm Coil at ion West lladlson-st. TO RKNT-24 OGDEN-AV.—BEAUTIFUL SUITES A unfurnished rooms, dose to day board. In a quiet family. Best location Id the city, fronting Union Park. TO RENT—ROOMS FURNISHED OR UNFUR _ nislied, single or cn suite, at 4G9 Mlchlgan-av. X West Madlson-sc. Flats 188 and 190 West Mddl eon-st., Sando rooms each; 84 South Halsted-st.. 0 rooms; 75 Axtcslan-av. near Fulton-st.. Mower dour, 5. rooms In brick, only sl2; and others. T° ,SSf.Tr? U h T ? °? “OOUS. HANDSOMELY X furnished, hot and cold water, separately or together; gentlemoa preferred. 587 Wabash-sv. 3 q l °J : f, X tr FOIIE . FURBISHED BOOMS S3O. »4 X South Morgan-st. near Madison. fl'O REST-DESIOABLE ROOMS AT 800 WABASH- X av., furnished or unfurnished. r^ o v l^E^ T “ I 'T , J*i ISa£ ' L, ROOMS, FOR HOUSE- X keeping or lodging. 253 West Raufeldph-st, CLOSETS; desirable for small family; comer Clark andSu- EuUdfn"**’ second floor; Inquire in dental office, saure rpo RENT-BY THE DAY, WEEK, OR MONTH X pleasant rooms. 187 East Modlsou-at.. Room A - r pO RENT—NEW AND -ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED X rooms, with or without board, by the day, week ormonth. Ihdand 198 East Washlngton-su ’ HXI RENT—A FLAT OF 5 ROOMS, WITH EVERY X convenience; brick building; SuUe-b“; SIK in quire at Room 43. 97 Clark-aL* ’ 9 ■ “ SEVERAL NEATLY-FURNISHED front rooms; all modem improvements. Inquire 2ißLastChlcago-av., southeast comer LaSalle-sU MX) RENT—I7B WEST MAD ISON-ST.. FURNISHED X rooms suitable for housekeeping ot gebUraen. r RENT—ROOMS WITH OR WITHOUT l»u iTrT _cb!?ap, private family. «22 Wabash-av. T° S LE stnTE or THEEB ROOMS, A boutii from, unt floor; rear suite of two dmdu. East Vdams-si! 0 funi^heti rooms. 163 and 165 T ( LSf£ r - 88 FOBEST-AY.-TO ONE OR TWO • Ji emidoyed during the day, a nluuj-furuKhed or unfumbihed east-front alcove room, [yiviuc tamDy; rcfcrcjtcesrcqiUrcd. f J *O mSXX-TWO NICELY-FURNISDED. rr.waw X rooms cheap; ooe sAua. 233 North ChS-su TO REXT-BOOSIS. rpO RENT—73 SOUTH SANOAMON-ST.-FURNISH- X eu rooms, with board, for lady and gent. TO REST—WELL-KD!OriSUF.D.WA«MKD BOOMS, $2.10 to $7 a week. i:dlglo-l‘hltoi|)litol IMililWi !ob liousc.QOt IJcarbom-gt., 2 tiloektjeuuth I‘osl-Ofllce. riX) KENT—FDUKISIfKD AMD OXFITKNTSIfEn Xrooms, In suites of two orslngle; Davy Block, north west comer of Green and Madison-sts. Rent low to permanent tenants. Inquire at Room 53. rpO,RENT-100 EAST WASIIINGTON-ST—PLEAS- X ant and well-furbished rooms to responsible par ties, * rpo RENT—WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD-A VLR\ X choice room in a flrst-claas private family; up other boarders; near Thlrteenth-st Address Q 43, Tribune ofllce. riX) RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, CONVENIENT X for housekeeping; board if desired. J. L. »EUS TER, 918 Cottage Grove-av., near Thlrty-jlntfa-et. rpO RENT—FRONT BOOMS SUITABLE FOR FA* X dies or gentlemen at lOSherman-st. betwecnJock sod and Van Buren, near Rock Island depot; transients taken. rpo RENT-FIVE ROOMS. 4 CLOSETS, IN BRICK - X _house, 14 Twenty-elghth-st. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS-DOUBLE AND X single, at 927 Wabash-av.. with or.without board,at reasonable rates. Also stabling for horses and carnage. T" 6 RENT—FURNISHED ilOOil NEAR JEFFER son Park. Call at 413 West Monroe-st. riX) KENT-3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS WITH MOD* X era Improvements, for light housekeeping, to gen Ueman and wife only at 630 west Washtngton-st. TO aiIENT—FIVuNISHED ROOM IN A PRIVATE family, with os without board; references ex changed. Inquire at 1037 Wabash-av., between Twen ty-third and Twenty-fuurtb-sts. TO RENT-A PLEASANT FRONT CHAMBER with a bay window, also a good-sized single room, In a pleasant location on the North Side, eight blocks fromwaahlngton-st. Address O 43, Tribune office. rp6 RENT-PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS TO X 1 ladles and gentlemen, la a desirable location, by a lady living alone; always very quiet. Address N Tribune office. ' rpo KENT ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS, X single or en suite, northeast comer Wabash-av. and Ilubbard-court. rpO RENT-VERY LARGE FRONT ROOM, FUR- X ntshed cntlrtdyjnew, and flrat-claas in every re spect, cost front, and location extremely pleasant. S 3 South Moy-st-, between Madison and Washington.' rp"6 RENT-VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS. WELL- X furnished, in a private house on Mlchlgan-av., near Thirteenth-fit., for gentlemen. Address D 36, Tribune office.* rpO RENT-7 DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS. X with two butteries and clothes-presses, water, and gas: suitable for two famllictt' 621 West Madlsou-fit. Call Monday morning. r|X) RENT —VERY NICE FURNISHED ROOMS, X single or en suite, for gentlemen, very cheap. 196 West Modison-st.. first flight. rpo RENT-CHEAP—THE LOWER PART OF A X furnished house to a man and his wife, without children, inquire at 320 West Randolph-fit. rpO KENT—FINE SUITES OP ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keening, with closets, at 638 West Lake-st. and 115 North ,Ci>rk-st. J. D. WEBKK, 120 Randolph-at. rpO RENT—THE FINEST FURNISHED SLEEPING X and sitting-room In the-city for two gentlemen; down town. Address S 18. Tribune ofllcc. fro KENT—FURNISHED—A PLEASANT FRONT X room, with or without board, to two youug gentle men or ladies engaged during the day. Inquire at 473 Fulton-st., one block from Union Park. fro RENT—A LARGE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, X $lO per month. 784 Wabash-av. fpO RENT—TWO NICELY" FURNISHED FRONT X rooms, at No. 03 Llncoln-av., without Board. Ref erences. TO RENT-A LARGE FURNISHED ROOM FOR ONE or two young gentlemen, ou West Side; private family. Address X 28, Tribune office. rrb RENT-A pleasant furnished front X room to a gentleman or ladyat 25 University-place, between Tblrty-fourth aod Thirty-flfth-sts. a“ MICHIGAN-AV., fUITE OF PAR . lors furnished or unfurnished, with or without board. . rrb RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LA- X dies or gents by lady living alone. Quiet location Reasonable terms. Address N 52. Tribune office. rpO RENT—24O WABASH-AV., SOUTHEAST COR- X ner Jackson-st., desirable rooms* modern con veniences, with or without furniture. Apply In the drug-store. ' • rrb RENT—4 ROOMS. NO. 1006 WEST ADAMS-ST. X licet $lO permouth. ffV) RENT—6 NICE BOOMS AT 16 SILVER-ST., X $35; 6 rooms same-house, $22. House newly paint ed: street paved. Just life thing for small families. Six rooms. No. 791 West Madlson-st. S2O. E. KENNEDY, 123Dcarborn-»t. t Room 10. • fiX) RENT-LOWER FLOOR OF NO. 574 FULTON- X sL, consisting of flvp rooms, bath-room,and closets. fTO RENT—S 49 WABASH-AV., ELEGANT FRONT X parlor, unfurnished. Also furnished room. rro RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS; GAS X and bath. 2<n West Washlngton-st. rro RENT—CHEAP—2 BEAUTIFUL FRONT X room*, singly or en spite, with or without board; everything comfortable; family private. 1180 Wa bssh-av. • f|X) IfENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms. In elegant condition; rent low. Bryant Block, northeast comer Dearborn and Randolph. Elevator, and modem conveniences. Apply to Janitor, Ruom 55. * r RENT-ROOMS. FURNISHED OR UNFUK nlshed; also a neatly-furnished parlor. 209 West Washlngton-st. fpO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS, SUITA* X ble for one or two gentlemen. atlßftoath Grcen-st. rro RENT—AT 88 CASS-ST., CORNER OF 11X1- X nols. nicely-furnished rooms, by the month or week, with use of bath-room, hoc and cold water. rpo RENT—SUITES OF 3 ROOMS EACA IX THE X brick building4s and 47 Thlnl-ar., SlOtosls. ED MUND A. CUMMINGS, 110 and 121 LaSallc-st. fpO RENT-SUITES OF 2 TO 4 ROOMS IN NEW Xbrick, 411 and4l3State-st., at $8 tos23. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 110 and 121 riy) RENT-234 LA SALLE-SX. (OPPOSITE GRAND X Paclrtc), 4 rooms, ail conveniences; sls and 320. EDMUND A CUMMINGS, IIP and 121 LoSallo-st. rpo RENT—NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, X very cheap, to one or two gentlemen; entrance from hall, inquire at Room 3, 117 west Van Buren-st. rpo RENT—A PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT X room ou parlor floor for one or two gents, 15 min utes’ walk from Madlson-eL, opposite Washington Square. 253 North State-st. a 10 RENT-NICK FURNISHED LARGE ROOMS . for housekeeping, cook stoves, closets, water, and conveniences. Inquire at 219 West Adams-st. rpO RENT—WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD. FUR- X nlshed ouuf urnlsbed. or a suite of 3 rooms on par lor floor. wltn kitchen, all completely famished, or not. Private family. 857H1 Wabash-ar. ‘ rpO RENT—ONLY 32 to $3 A MONTH PER ROOM, X fine suites Ito 0 frOnt rooms for housekeeping, in new brick building, northwest comer Lake-st. and* Westem-av. TO KEKT-TWO LARGE FCTtXISIfED PARLORS, Mlchlgan-av., north of Fourtccnth-st. Address O 17, Tribune office. rpo RENT-FRONT SUITE OF ROOMS, UNFDU- X nlshed, at 638 West Washlagton-st. rpo- RENT-FOUR NICE ROOiIS FOR HOUSE- X keeping, newly grained and calcimincd. 180 North Clark-sc. • { rpo RENT—VERY PLEASANT FRONT PARLOR X and bedroom on West. Side, convenient to street cars, with or without board; home comforts. No other boarders. Address S 5, Tribune office. rpo RENT-ONE SUITE OF FOUR ROOMS AT 15H X North State-st. rpo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT X honsckceplxuftor lodging. Inquire at 334 West Ran dolph-st. * TO RENT-163 NORTH UALSTED-ST.. 0 ROOMS, second story, water, &c. EDMUND A. CUM MINGS'. 110 ami 121 LaSalle-st.' rpo RENT—TWO SUITES OF HANDSOME FUK- X Dished rooms, all modem Improvements, hot aud cold-water. Call at GO Park-ar.,. above Union Park. rpo RENT—NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM AND X closet, suitable for one or two. Terms reasonable. 58 South Carpbnter-st., near West Madison. rpORENT—S2O WABASH-AV.. ELEGANT ROOMS X for a party of gentlemen: also front room for man and wife. rpo RENT-UNFURNISHED ROOMS, IN SUITS, X for light housekeeping, from 36 to $10; also, the parlor aud basement) floors of a two-story and basement bouse, for S2O per month- Apply at 132 Throop-st. i rpo RENT —FIVE NICE -01OOMS. 1039 SOUTH X Dearlwm-st., corner Twenty-flint. TO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS IN A desirable location. 237 West Madlson-st, near Peoria. a rpO KENT-FOUR. ROOMS. CHEAP, TO A SMALL X family. 283 South Morgan-st. rpo RENT—ROOMS—WITHOUT BOARD—NEWLY X furnished front room; also nice single room. House has oil modern Improvements andln perfect, re* pair. Private family. Apply at47o Wabaeh-av. r po”RENT—ELAT KO. II IN THE “ST. AL- X ban’s.” 2 as and 297 Wabosh-av. All Improve* menu; rent low. F. A- STEVENS. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS—EN SUITE OR X single, in Howe Building, 243 Btato-st, Room 20. rpo KENT—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR 'LIGHT X housekeeping. Apply at2sLUuron*st., near Dear born. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOM TO LADY AND X gentleman: board for lady only. Address S 04, Tribune otllcc.' ‘ rpo RENT—THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS EN X suite on first floor; gas. hot and cold water; also furnished room for two gentlemen. 50 South Ann-st. /pO RENT—TO LADY OR GENTLEMAN. OR GEN- X tleman and wife, the most cozy and pleasant fur nished front rooms In the city. singly or en suite, with or without board. Apply at Room la. 339 State-st. TO RENT—THE FIVE ROOMS IN THE UPPER part of 492 Madlson-st.; rent cheap. Innuire at 614 Van Barun-st- MRS. S. a COFFEY. TO RENT-A FINE FRONT AND BACK PARLOR IN a first-class location on West Side, with or without board; 321:West Monroc-st.- Private family. rpO RENT—PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, FUR- X nbhed or unfurnished, for gentleman and wife, 4HO to SSO per month; also pleasant home-for lady, s*.so per week; W’aba&h-av.; references. Address S 53, Tribune ofilco. rpo RENT—IN VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION ON X North Side, pleasant suites of furnished, and un tarnished rooms suitable-for. families or gentlemen; house has modem conveniences; terms reasonable. Address Y 42, Tribune ofilce. ■ rpb RENT—‘WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, PAR- X lor suites and other rooms with mudem conven iences for married couples or gents; private family; Mlclilgan*av., near Slxtceath-sL; references exchang ed. Address Y 2, Tribune ottiee. rpO RENt-A FEW FURNISHED BOOMS, WITH X or without board; one large, unfurnished, with carpet, at 10 Peck-court, corner Mlchlgan-ar. TO RE NT—PLEAS ANT FURNISHED ROOMS; AL SO one unfurnished; rent low. 197 West Washing ton-st.. r|X) REFT—AN ELEGANT SUITE OF FRONT X rooms, nlqely famished, in good location, and cheap. 226 Wet Wa&hlngion-st. rpo RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. X to gent and lady: board for lady only. West Side. near cars. Vl2, Tribune ofllbe.. TO RENT-4 DESIRABLE ROOMS, AND BATH room on first floor, on Indlana-av., for light house keeping. Inquire at 90 ywenty-second-st. rpo KENT—FURNISHED OR- UNFURNISHED- X dcairahie roomA at moderate terau. Inquire rno RENT-fl OP, !0 ROOMS, OF! ALL OF 15-ROOM X house 15.V5 ludlan.vav., front and back stairway, all modern Improvement*. Inquire on premises. rpO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM, WITH USE OF X kitchen, S3nerweek; Srooma, $lO per month; 2 room*, $7. 623 West Van Curen-at. rpO RENT—WELL-FURNISHED EAST FRONT I. rooms satiable for two; bath and modern Jjnprovo • meats In house. 153 South Green-st., between Adams and Jackson. ' T«0 KENT—FURNISHED PARLOR AND RED ROOM, sl2 a mouth. Private family. No. 7S Twenty* fifth-at. . ■ • rpo RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS X with private family. 11l Lcavltt-at., Just south of Madison. rpO RENT-PLEASANT FRONT ROOM. NICELY X famished, to single gentlemen, or gentleman and wife. 114 South Qreen-st, rpo RENT—FLAT OF SIX ROOMS, 3GI NORTI X Clark-at., near Oak. C. J. RICHARDSON. rpo RENT-VERY NICE FRONT PARLOR AND X bedroom, partly furnished,—gas and bath-room and use of piano.— for gentlemen, or gentleman and lady; private family. 450 North Clark-at., first floor. rpd RENT-LARGE ALCOVE ROOM, HANDSOME* X ly furnished; good references required. 564 West Monroe-st. . - . rpo RENT—SECOND.FLOOR, FOUR ROOMS, MS X Madlson-st., and store 043 Madlson-st.; also cottage 42 Wlnchester-av. Inquire at 041 Madlson-st. rpO RENT—3O2 SOUTH WOOD-ST., A PART OF X double cottage; water in the house, marble man tel; convenient to Van Buren-st. cars. Will be rented low. Apply at 3G4 Sooth Wood-at. rpO RENT—WELL-FURNISHED ROOMS, $2.50 TO X $7 a week. Rellglo-Phltosophlcal Publishing House, 304 New Dearborn-sL, 2 blocks south Poat-Otilce. rpo _ iT^f^MICHIGAN-AV., NEAR HUBBARD X court—Dining-room, kitchen, laundry, and cham bers, with use of parlor; spleudid chance for table boarders. Address V 27, Tribune office. rpd RENT—AT 1103 FRAIRIE-AV.-A NICELY X furnished front room; also, a single room; good day board near. - rpO RENT-FOUR CHOICE ROOMS AND CLOSETS. X second story brlckoctagon front, 159 North Western* ay., to family without children only, at Sl2 per month. riX) RENT-TO GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO X ladles—large front -parlor and bed-room, nicely furnished; lower part 229 South Hoyne-st. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS-INQUXRE AT 403 X South Morgan-st. TO KENT-A SUITE OF ROOMS FOR sls PER month. R. SCHLOESSEU, 210 La Salle-st. rpo RENT—FUIINISUED :? ROOMS. THOMPSON X House, 163 South Clark-at. Transients taken. Odlce E. rpd RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS. COMPLETE FOR X housekeeping. Inquire at 224 North Clark-at. rro RENT—SS TO sl2 A MONTH; FURNISHED X front rooms overlooking Jefferson Park. 62 Throop- Bt., corner Adams. rpo' RENT—AT LOW PRICKS. ELEGANTLY FUR* X wished rooms. No. 8, 157 Futh-av. rpO RENT—FINE FURNISHED ROOMS IN PP.I- X vate family. Reference required. Inquire at 243 Ohio-st., North Side. liO RENT—NEATLY AND COMFORTABLE FUR . nißhed front rooms convenient to business centre: terms moderate. ,228 South Desplalnes-bt. . fpO RENT-177 NORTH DEARBORN-ST., NICELY X furnished room for one or two gentlemen. Refer ences exchanged. . • MX) RENT-515 FOR 5 ROOMS FIRST FLOOR 718 X Fnltuft-st.. and $lO for 4 rooms 832 Congrcss-st. GEO. J. TITUS, Inter-Oeeanoillce. rro RENT—FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS; ALSO, X unfurnished rooms fur light housekeeping; cheap. 7a East Van Buren-st. fPO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS. ONE X block from Lincoln Park, with bath-room, for two Sentlcmen. or gentleman and wife, with or without oard, with use of parlors; beautiful location; family private and without children. For particulars address W 4, Tribune ottice. , T*o RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED AND UNFUR nlshed rooms, at 83 and 87 Dearborn-st. fro RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED*ROOMS, FRONT X and back, in flrst-class location; Handy to business yet retired. 146 East Madlson-st. Apply at Room 21, third floor. , rrO RENT*-! ALCOVE ROOM AND 2 SINGLE X rooms, furnished or unfurnished; hot and cold wa ter and gas; ail In A 1 order; cheap to good parties. UWS Wabash-av. fTO RENT-3 LARGE FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS X on third flour, 183 East MaJlson-st.; closets and bath ou the floor; for gentlemen, or gentlemen and wives. rrO RENT-208 WEST HARRISON-ST., FURNISHED X parlor and bedroom, or single room.» rro RENT—NICELT-FURNISIIED ROOMS TO GEN- X tlemcn; doable room $18; single room SO. 41 South Curtls-st, , rro RENT—O ROOMS AT SO DE' KALB-ST., BE- X tween Floumoy-at. andLcxlngtoa-av. fro RENT-SIX PLEASANT SLEEPING ROOMS AT X alowrcntat4Gand4B South Ulark-at., Room 3. rro'KENT—SUITE OF ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEBP- X lug. corner LaSalle and Van Bureu-sot. Inquire at ISGFifiU-av., up-stairs. MX) RENT—CHEAP—A VERY DESIRABLE SLEEP- X Ing room, furnished, in private family. 1173 Statc-st. fiX) RENT—3 VERT PLEASANT UNFURNISHED X rooms, with clouts and every necessary conven ience for housekeeping, cheap. (H 9 Madlson-W. TO RENT—ONE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, with use of piano-forte, to single gentleman (Jew ish faith preferred); rent moderate. 874 ImUana-av., near Eighteenth-fit. rrb RENT-NTCELT FURNISHED AND UNFUR- X, nlshed rooms, pleasant location. North Side, acces sible to buslncsa, yet retired; prices low. Address Nac, Tribune ohlco. » rpo KENT—A FLOOR IN FIKST-CLASS MODERN X brick bouse, south front. furnished or unfurnished, suitable for light house keeping. Apply at 733 'West Ad ams-st. TO RENT—A LARGE FRONT ALCOVE ROOM, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board; also small furnished room for single gentleman. Ad dress 82 Ylnccnncs-av. TO RENT—FRONT CORNER ROOM, WELL FUlJ nlrhed, for man and wife or gentlemen; all *iirst class. 41 Carpenter-st., near Washington. rpo RENT—A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WELL FUR- X ntshed, suitable for two gentlemen or gentleman sod wife, with or without board. 183 West Adama-at. rpO KENT—IOBO WABASH-AV., A PLEASANT X furnished room to two gentlemen. In private fami ly; also two unfurnished rooms; will board if desired. TO I U lIN I SHE D ROOMS "OR HOUSE ON Drexol boulevard, east side, third door south of Oakwood, fronting the park. P 31, Tribune office. rpo RENT-3 FRONT ROOMS, NEWLY FURNISH- X ed for housekeeping, tidy and pleasant, $18; no children. 735 Lakc-su, second floor. rpo RENT—I HAVE THE LEASE FOR A LARGE X and elegantly-furnished parlor and bedroom In a business block within two blocks of the Palmer House, and will rerent them to a good party for less than’vpay for the rooms unfurnished. V 56, Tribune office. TO RENT—BS SOUTH PEOBIA-Sf~NEAR MADl son,_a comfortably furnished front room. rpo RENT—AT 53 SOUTH CURTIS-ST., DESIRA- X ble furnished rooms, with hot and cold water; bath room adjoining. rpo RENT—TWO PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT X romps. 281 West Randolpb-st., comer Morgan. rpO RENT— FURNISHED ROOMS AND CLOSETS, X 535 West Madison-ac. Also, house, 7 rooms, barn, 75 feet ground,. 310 per month. Park-av., west Stan ton. rpO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS X only sl2 per month. l4flModlson-at., Koom2L rpO RENT— 4 NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS FOR X housekeeping; also, unfurnished rooms to respect able parties. Call Sunday or Monday at 145 South Hal stod-st. • rpO RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, CLOSET, X gus, and bath-room. 101 North Dearbom-st. rpb _ rent"—"pleasant single rooms ou X suites; new marble front. 40b South Clnrk-at. rpO RENT—PLEASANT LODGING ROOMS FUR- X nlshed or nut, single or cu suite. Modem conven iences, low prices, and thoroughly respectable. Room 40, 105 Wcsfc Raadolph-st. rpo RENT-ROOMS EN SUITE OB SINGLE, FUR- X nlshed or unfurnished, modem Improvements. 18 and 20 Adams-st.. between Wabash and Mlchlgnn-avs. rPO KENT—A SUITE OF EDKXISfiED SLEEPING X rooms, or three rooms furnished (or housekeeping. 301 West Ranpolph-st. rpO RENT, FRONT ROOM UNFURNISHED, OR X would furnish, with board; for two. Apply at 1418 Indiana- ay. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ALCOVE ROOM. 433 WA- X hash-av., north of Peck court. Gentlemen pre ferred. TO BBKT-STOBES, OFFICES, ETC.- Stores* TO RENT—BY C. F. PERIOLAT, NO. 36 EAST Adams**!. Brick store, with three living rooms attached, and good basement. In building comer-of Dcsplalncs and olk-sts., all In flret-class order, suitable for a grocery or drug store. Rent S4OO per annum. parties starting a grocery store some advantages Will be given. Brick stare, fronting on Desplalnes-st., with three living rooms attached and basement, all In first-class order. The building corner of Polk and Desplalncs-sts.. S3Go per annum, bultable for a dour and feed store, or grocery. Corner basement. In building comer of Besplatnes and Folk-uls., 20x80, suitable fora laundry or barber-shop. Parties taking a long lease to start a barber-shop, tho owner will do all necessary repairs and pot In two or three bath-tubs. A. beautiful new cottage, with lake water, twoxnarbto TnaneUiVgood.cellar, new;, all first-class, seven rooms, comer of Wentworth-av. and Flfty-seventh-st. Will rent to a good party at $230 par annum. First floor of building No. 1258 West Monroc-st., six rooms. In good order. Will rent lo good tenant at sl2 per month. Building No. 47 North Carpcntcr-st., 12 rooms: bath room and water-closet, and all modern Improvements. Will rent It to a good tenant from the Ist of June to tho Ist of May next at S3O per month. Also flats of three and four rooms In brick building comer of Dcsplaluos and- Polk-sts. Woter-ctoscta and sinks for each flat. WIU rent low to good parties. TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT; NO. 100 Statc-at., with elevatorto same; am making novel Improvements that will draw trade. Soma one will get It cheap. IL-U. STONE, 146 Madlion-st. rpo RENT—STORE 108 MADISON-ST. r LOCATION X first-class. Apply to J. IL ANDREW'S, No. 194 Clark-st., Room 5. rpb RENT—A BRICK STORE. GALL AT 410 SOUTH X Ilalsted-st. rpo RENT—STORE AND 4 ROOMS NO. 1047 WEST X Lakc-sL, between Wcatcru-ar. and Staaton-sL, only sls. • rpo RENT-NORTH DIVISION-FIBST-CLASS LO- X cation, a nice store la a new business block. CHAS. N. HALE. 153 Rondolph-st. rpo RENT—247 SOUTH HAL3TED-ST., LARGE X storeroom, G rooms in rear, also u rooms alwvo with cunvculeucea for housekeeping. Carpets for sale cheap. • rpo RENT-LARGE STORE 28XllG. NO. 235 SOUTH X HaDted-st., well suited fur turnlture or any busi ness requiring much showroom. J. U. KEELER, IG3 Clark-st. rpo RENT-BUILDINGS NOS. 36 AND 33 RIVER- X st.. G-«ory and basement, size 48xluo, steam eleva •tor. Apply to W'M. H. SAMPSON & CO., Renting Agency, I*4 LaSalle-st. TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT 109 STATE st.,•nearWashington. Apply to WM. H.’ SAMP SON-&-CO., Renting Agency, i4*La3flllc-st~ TO RENT-NoS.2*> AND 2GI WAB AOH-A V., FOU Ji story*ameur stoaotfront bialdmg; alxo 4ox -125. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON ik CJ.,. Renting Agency; 144 LaSallo-eL Stores—Continued* To p.evt-coioti: XOIiTn AND milwaukee ars . corner brick store aithbasement; also 2 rooms °A r Ls: c, s.s: kec-av. ■ —. TO RENT— STORE 44 CLARK-ST.. NEAR SUER man House, new stone-front bulldlpß. good >anlt, and all convenience* cltlicr vrttb or wllbout baaemcot. EDMUND A. CUMMINCS, 110 and 121 LaSalle-st. rpo RENT—ENTIRE EAST. LAKg i st. Stores 186 H. 226, 315, and 222 on Smßb CUrk. Basements 226 and 222, and suites of rooms In bulUllng 226 and 224. Also In Kentucky Block. Office rooms In building 12S and 130, and Kentucky Block. Rents low to good tenants. One store at S4O per month near the Grand Pacific Hotel.. Lota for sale on South Clare and Shcrman-sts. Apply to MALCOM MoNEILL, No. —4, South Clark-st., Room 2. rpO RENT—STORE 152 EIGHTEENTH-ST. , —, rpo RENT-3 STORES ON MILWAUKEE-AT.. ONE JL an old grocery stand with fixtures. Inquire at 334 West Randolph-st. • __ rpO RENT—VERY CHEAP-STORE AND TWO X basements fur light manufacturing or other pur poses ; State-st. Inquire at Room 43. 07 Clark-Et. rpo KENT—THE STORE NO. 7 WEST RANDOLPH- X st.; also room 20x30 In second story. Inquire at 85 South Saugamon-st. rpo RENT-STORE, “WITH ROOMS IN BEAR. X suitable for good retail business or saloon. Apply at 382 South Morgan-st. TO KENT-VERY CHEAP-STORE CORNER STATE and Uarrlson-sta‘ Also some rooms. P. O’NEILL, 182 State-st. • rpo RENT—THE STORE 145 SOUTH HALSTED-ST. X Inquire njvotaira, Sunday and Monday. Offices. TO RENT—CHEAP, AT 126 SOUTH CLARK-ST., 3 largo offices, idz2o. P. D. HAMILTON, Room 1, 126 Clark-st. .. rpo KENT—ELEGANT OFFICE IN BUILDING 161 X South Clark-st.; rent low to good prompt tenant. Apply to CALLAGHAN & CO.. 161 Clark-at. rpo RENT—DESK-ROOM IN~THE REPUBLIC LIFE X Block to cither gentleman or lady. . A good chance to the right parties. Address T 87. Tribune office. rpO RENT-LARGE PINE OFFICE, SECOND X floor, 153 Raudolph-st.. few doors from the bher man House. Inquire la the building. rpO KENT—OFFICES FROM $lO A MONTH UP, X and desk rooms at $lO a mouth, in Are-proof stone block, 200 to 210 LaSalle-st. R. SCHLOESSEK. rpo KENT—LOW TO RESPONSIBLE PARTIES, OF- X flees and rooms In the building 187 South Clark-dt. BOYD & WISNER, 50 Deorborn-at. 9 rpo RENT-BANKING OFFICE NORTHWEST COR* X ner Clark and Madlson-sts.; a No. 1 location for bunk, steamship. Insurance, or railroad office. Also 4 rooms la second story; comer offices; cheap rent. IL C. MOItEY, 95 Clark-st. TO KENT—WANTED—A RESPECTABLE REGU lar physician to share office expenses with another; rent only $8 a month. Apply to southwest*earner Ran dolph and Deurborn-sts. Tr»o RENT-DESK ROOM. DESK, CHAIR, AND X safe furnished at your own price. First-class first fioor office. l(WFlftli-av. TO RENT—GHEAP—DESK ROOM IN FINEST LO - In city, to one on Board of Trade preferred. Address VlO, Tribune office. 'iX) RENT-ONE SUITE OF THREE ROOMS; ALSO JL one single room In new and elegant condition; rent reasonable. Bryant Block, northeast cOrncr Dearborn and Randolph; elevator and modem conveniences. Ap ply to Janitor, Room 55. miscellaneous* *- • TO RENT-AT SOUTH CHICAGO. ILL., A SHOP, 100x32 feet, two-scorics, 18-Inch concrete wan?, engine, boiler, shafting, etc.; frame store house, 45x 60, 2 comfortable dwellings, and blacksmith’s shop, all on lot i&4xlsu feet, opposite principal dti*>tlnthe cen tre of the town. 0 miles sonth of Chicago. Advan tages for manufacturing unequaled by any town In- the Vest. Five trunk railroads and lake navigation. Larg est lumber market known at this point. More ground adjoining can be leased If wanted. Address WM. H. DILLINGHAM, Louisville, Ky., owner, or£. H. SAR GENT, 785 Wabaalyav. _____ TO RENT-NICE LARGE BRICK BARN. 11l Learict-st., just south of Modjson. Inquire on the premises. . . TO RENT-SALOON AND ROOMS BACK, CORNER Clybourn place and Southport-av. Inquire at 97 Clark-st., Room 04. ' mo KENT—BRICK BASEMENT. NO. 1450 INDI- X ana-av.,- five rooms and closets, grained, sl2 a month, to a small family. TO.RENT— A GOOD CANDY AND CIGAR STOKE, stock and fixtures for sale. Bent. sls per month. 407 West Twelfth-si., near corner of Blue Island-av. IPO EEN'T-TWO LARGE BASEMENTS VERT X light and dry. northwest corner Hoisted and Har rison-sts. J. H. KEKLER, 163 Clork-t. fPO RENT—FINE STORE-ROOM, 791 WEST MADI SX soa-st. A fine business stand, very cheap. Also bom In rear and dwelling above. B- KENNEDY, 123 Dcarbom-st., Room IQ. ’O RENT—A GOOD LARGE, LIGHT BASEMENT, . with vault.* Inquire, at 86 North Clark-at. TO RENT—THE LARGE AND WELL LIGHTED ■basement 40x50 under bride building 148 and 150 North ilalstcd-st. viaduct. Suitable for basiness or manufacturing. TO RENT—BARN WITH STALLS FOR THREE horses. Inquire atßt>4 Indlana-av. TO KENT-LIGHT CASEMENT* 20XtiO. REAR AD nmn Express Company, at $lO per month. T) RENT-BASEMENT AND FIRST FLOOR OF building In alley in rear of 106 Randolph-st. Suita ble for manufacturing, printing, sample-room, or other business. Apple to GEO. TA. SEAVERNS, 637 Sooth Clark-st. aX> RENT-STORE-ROOM, 58 NORTH SANGAMON . st. Inquire of druggist on the corner. TO RENT—DOCK-200X500 FEET AT FOOT OP Carpenter and Grove-sts., North Branch. Has been occupied ten years as a coal and wood-yard. B. R. CLARKE, Room 30, 86 LaSalle-st. riX) RENT-BRICK BARN. WITH FOUR LIVING X rooms, gas and water; on Fourth-av., near Van Bureo-st. P. O’NEILL, 182 State-st. • TO RENT-BARBER SHOP. GOOD STAND. $lO permonth. No. 1020 South H&lsted-st. WANTED—TTO KENT. TIT"ANTED—TO BENT—COTTAGE SOUTH OF it Thlrty-ftfth-st. ami east of boulevard, cheap. Ad dress, statics terms. J. C. LONG. 1733 Stete-st. WANTED— TO RENT—3 OU 4 UNFURNISHED rooms for man and wile, without children. In a decent neighborhood, 30 minutes’ walk from Post- Office. No Irish ncetLanswcr. Address, stating partic ular* and lowest price for rent In advance, Y 73, Trib une odlce. WANTED-TO RENT—BY A CAREFUL TENANT, without children, a complete furnished cottage of four or flve rooms, with bam. Address BB B, Trio une office. TiTANTED—TO RENT—A HOUSE ON THE NORTH ti Side* east of Clark-st,. south of Woshinglon square, uorth of Huron-st.; not to exceed S9OO. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON & CO., Renting Agency, 14-iJLa- Salle-st. TITANTED—TO KENT-BY AN A NO. 1 TENANT, >V a house on tho North Side, east of Clark-st., south of Chlcago-av.; rent not to’ exceed £SO ncr mouth. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON is CO., 144 La- Sallu-st. WANTED —TO RENT NICELY-FURNISHED room for two gents, In private family; brick nousc with all modem conveniences; £l4 permonth or less. Address X 62, Tribune office. WTANTED-TO RENT-2 OR 3 UNFURNISHED v» rooms, with use of bath-room, by American gent and wife for light:housekeeping; location north of i wcnty-second-si. Give lowest terms. Address W-07. Tribune office. WT ANTED—TO RENT-A COTTAGE OP 4 TO O • » rooms, or upper part of cottage or bouse, toman midwife (no.cUilorcn), In a pleasant locality; West Side preferred; must be cheap rent. Address S 74. Tribune office. TX7ANTED—TO RENT-A HOUSE FURNISHED OR VT partly furnished by a small family of adults. Ad dress L S. 638 Lake-st. TSTANTED—TO RENT—A FIRST-CLASS MEDIUM- Vr sized, full furnished house (with bam If possible) for the summer or longer, byastrlctly responsible pri vate family of three; accustomed to the use and care of good furniture. Professional renters or boarding-house keepers need not reply. Address P 40, Tribune office. ■f\rASTED-TO KENT—BY GENTLEMAN AND tt wife, alcove or suite of front boo ms, on Wabasb or MltihlKan*ar., between Jackson and Fourteenth sis. ; permanent private family only. Best of refer encee given. Address Yls, Tribune offlee. ■yyAXTE - —ID—TO RENT—BY A GENTLEMAN AND wile, three room* for housekeeping In modern prlvatchouser near Grace Episcopal Cnnrch preferred. Vls, Tribune office. X\T ANTED—TO RENT-SUITE OF PARTLY FUR* alahed rooms, within 2 blocks of tween May and Sangamon; must have all modem im provements; good price for good rooms: might take board. If suited otherwise. Address S 81, Tribune office. . \\T ANTED —TO RENT—BY A GENTLEMAN AND tt wife, south rooms, centrally located on South Side, la a re lined private family. Prompt pay. Ad dress, immediately, X 54, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT—A SMALL STOIiE OB OF IT flee, centrally located on South Side: rent must be moderate. Address CIIA3. W. PKcfr. yui_ WANTED—TO BENT—TWO UNFURNISHED h«»f^™?MX o tii?. Ufi^H?P l,lg v.n' ,toV . er a mile aud a half from City-Hall, JTbrtuor West Sides; must ■pectable and cheap. Address S 31, Tribune TI7ANTED—TO KENT—MODERN HOUSE, FUR- partly, by a family of two; desire to take a few first-class boanleraTwould board owner. Best of references. N 40, Tribune olHcc. T T\7"ANTED—TO RENT—FOB ATERM OF YEARS,' n T A business centre, rooms suitable for a photograph gallery; must not be up more than two ulubts of scalra. unless there I* access via elevator. Adilress ALFRED HALL, 775 West Jackson-st. .TITANTED-TO RENT-A SMALL COTTAGE BE- Polk and Twelfth-sts, and Centre and Aamand-avs.; must be cheap; rent sure; or win bar* 52 1 "! amount cash, balance In monthly payments d > 07. Tribune otUce. WANTED-TO RENT-BT AFAMILT OF THREE. ,1 In the district bounded by Sangamon, Leavitt Jackaou, and Kandulph-sts.,' half of a honss of 8 or 10 rooms; rent of entire house not to exceed Sria. Address, giving terms and location, X 200, Tribune WANTED-TO RENT-BT A FXjULT ~OP TWO.' _• V r 5 TootaA, or small cottage, unfurnished* must be In rood location, and cheap; iforth aide ore offlSc!* Address, with full particulars, X 77, Tribune ceedlngsls; givepartlcnlara. VS, XribnaeoflaS?.. Ty"ANTED—TO BENT—3- OR 4 ROOMS- CON children; bum term.- Addrew Baa, Tribungum^- Amerte “ WAFTED— TO RENT—4-ROOM COTTAGE* COifT Pletelyfamished preferred: wSSdVur^asefuf*. ; ?™THhuac floor ' %ic£ W^PSt'S 0 KENT—A GOOD BARB IK-GOOD Z V l'S“nrmflc " r ''‘ ry lxl » nlI “S «»blc. AddTeu WMmsmvm WANTED— TO to 2 rooms, by a doctor. IWmv,< J. ll HOUSEHOLD GOODS* A A ALL LOOK! LOOK! AT OUR ga* v»r • A. A BLE-TOP CHAMBER SUlTanwiMSf BUYING: on: $35 chamber SUITS? 8 O B S O tS MARBLE-TOP CHAMBER SUITS SUPPAS** OCR S4O. SSO. ANDS7SPAIILOIt uncqaaled. Marble-Top Tables. $7. SB, $9 *m «T? Hair Mattress, best tick, sl4. FrenchAU-w™i rl2 to sl3. Kew sprinrstyleo orionS?? Two-Ply. Thrcc-lTy. Tapestry, and Brass*!, pew 40c, 50c, 75c, Sl. i 1.25 per y>nb ,oJ3S quality, lowest prices. Cook-Stores Pt SSJ Ranges. warranted nm-etaa, $14,. Jgj* $24. S2B, $33. Headquarter* f ur all goods lathe fmulshing lint. namely: Furniture, carpets, ma?!? crockery, shades. curtains, cornices, bedding Installments, or for cash, at prices lower than thTCvS? eat. Examine our stock; It will pay you. and square dealing .lloasea furnished tBScSH* The celebrated Empire Parlor Bestead, laSreaKii; and new designs for IB7H, save* mom. saves rent. iuK-fL money. The Empire lounge,— an adjustlblelonnlJr' comblnig case, ofimfort, luxury,—cither right »«? and the climax as an invalid's rest. See It. and v»nsm buy no other. bend for illustrated eataloi-ne. pxV l PlflE PARLOR BEDSTEAD COMPANY, SO tSt Madlson-st. c * 6 A A" A — 1 WILLPAY CASH FOR LARGEOP A,A»A, small Jotaof household goods, AAfijg H J, 728 Lake-st. A CASH CUSTOMER FOR S2,WO OR $3,000 WORTW of good second-hand furniture, carnets. Xlt Large or small lots bought. S. P. BAMBERGER ga* Lake-st. • Al BARGAINS FOR CASH AT WIXZPPTvQ manufactory, 327 State-at. Maureuea, anrlntr* beds, comforts, sheets, pillow-cases, feathers, ecti l bedsteads, lounges, bracket*, rustic frames new), clock and book shelves, etc. Old mattresses and feathers renovated, made equal and often better than when new; every ounce your own goods returned. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. " v*"* A $75-EMPIRE BEDSTEAD FOR S3O; MUST SELL to-day or Monday morning. Room 3, No <rS Clark-st. . ’ T A BARGAIN-HANDSOME WALNUT AVn ebony library suite covered In sDk brocade walnut secretary, book case, walnut office book cm*’ sideboards at half value. K. T. MARTIN, Ist gtate-at ASH PAID FOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITUBK large or small lots; furniture of Private resident purchased. 177 Modison-st. J. L. REED A CO. CHEAT VARIETT, AT Vj prices ranging from $35 upwards to sllO. These suites arc greatly under prices and we advise iatendtne purchasers to get oar price*. R. T. MARTDCia Statc-st. "■ I7STRAORDINA RY PRICES—JAMES HANNEGAN - It 283 State-st., having made a large purchase of household goods of every description, of the newest styles, very best quality and finish, at a large discount for cash, offers It to the public at prices that will aston ish you: no trouble to show goods; call and see me.- Payments taken In convenient weekly or monthly la. stallmcaa at no interest. Store open until 9p, m. 288 State-st- • Furniture, carpets, oil-clothb and crockery, ranges and cooking-stoves, mirble-ton dressing-case sets, parlor salts, marble-top tables and everything in the line of household goods sold on week ly or monthly payments, or very cheap for cash, u ULICK BOURKK’S, 02 West Madlson-st. All Inwani of good goods and fair dealings will do weD to give me « call and examine my goods and prices before purchasin'? elsewhere. CLICK BQURKE, 02 West Madlson-st. For SALE—A LOT OF FINE SILVEItPJL*rED castors. 5 bottle, revolving, at Si each, at KEN DALL’S. 242 State-st., corner Jackson. FOR SALE—A LOT OF FIVE-BOTTLE TARLP-P A c. ten. $1 each; good goods. A. W. WHRRLfrn, m ■ Lake-st., up-scaire. For sale-a lot op pressed dish-pans, dip- 1 pans, kettles, and wash-dishes, at a bargain. ’ A. W. WHEELER, 1 11 Lake-st., up-stalrs. '■ TTOR SALE-CHEAP-ONE LARGE SALOON X ror and one parlor mirror. 45 yards Brussels car pet, a lot of oil-lamps ami brackets, glassware, etc,: warble-top centre-table. lyT East Madlson-at., Rpouro, FO RESALE—PART OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, consisting of No. o cook stove, refrigerator-beds, bedding, etc. Inquire at MO Wabash-av. ♦ FOR SALE-TWO PIECES OP BRUSSELS CAR pet, the same pattern, one 18 yards and one 3Rr Is good, and cheap If taken at once. Apply after noon? to N. THOMAS, 145 Maxwcll-et. HAJJD TIMES MADE EAST-AS I ASP SELLlNG furniture at reduced prices, at the lowest price for cash, or easy Installments, & first-class chamber set, marble top, only SSO; a fine finished elegant marble top dressing com set, 575, worth $80; a large and elegant set, SIOO. worth $120; a fine finished parlor set, seven pieces. In rich brown English terry, with puffing up holstered back, only $65, worth SBS; all goods at toa lowest prices; an Inspection solicited, and no,trouble to show goods, at F. COGSWELL’S, 373 West Madl son-st. Handsome 'parlor suit, scarlet stripe, for 535. worth S6O; an Empire bed. $10; cafpet lounge. $6.50. Some other furniture cheap, at 120 South Halsted-st. J* HAVE COOK-STOVES AT THE FOLLOWING .prices: $3, S 5. $«, $7, i% SO, §l2, sl4. 815. 830, $25. S3O. S4O. $45, SSO. Call and ?ee my stoves before buying elsewhere. W. C. METZUEB, 127 West Ran dolph-st. I WISH TO PURCHASE THE ENTIRE CONTENTS of a fine residence for cash; goods must be desirable. Address it, GO Park-av. I WILL PAY THE HIGHEST CASH PRICE FOR carpets and household goods. Address 662 Wesl Lake-st. Large lot of second-hand furniture and other valuable goods constantly on band to be sold at auction-prices. Carpets. M. T. sets, pianos, etc , at ovr-torage warehouse, 177 Madisos-st. J. L. - KEEP & CO. : ON EASY TERMS-FURNTTURE, CARPETS, stoves, and crockery. Cash prices, and on terms to suit the purchaser. We carry the largest, most reliable, best finished, and best selected stock of furniture on the TVest Side. Our goods ore largely of our own manufacture, we con, therefore, give onr customers a close figure on better goods than other establishments. We have a large and carefully-selected line of the new est patterns of Ingrain and Brussels carpets aud oil cloths, bought since the recent decline, that wo offer ou tline at the lowest cash prices. In our stock of ranges and cooking stoves, we have some of thebestand must favorably-known that are in the market, it pays to* get our prices and to examine our goods before buying elsewhere. JOHN M. SMYTH, 134 West Madlson-rt. ON WEEKLY PAYMENTS—MONTPELIER MANU facturiug Company’s bahy-carrlage, the “Peer less ** clothes-wringir. and “Star** flutcr. Examine our stock. COLBY, EHORER & CO., 432 WestMadl son-st. i 'HE UNION FURNITURE CO. SELLS BLACK. X walnut chamber suits f0r525.525,£30,535,540,545, $55, SCS. $75, soa $125: somethin? to suit everyone. Our marble-top suit for SSO, and our $75 dressing-case salts. are bargains. Hair mattresses, sl3; hat-trees, SB, sl2, sls, 525; marble-top tables, £5. $7,30.512, and $18: easy chairs, SB, $lO, sls, $lB, S2O; our champion double-head bed lounge, upholstered In terry, for sls. Anythin? In the line of household furniture, In large or small quantities, wc arc glad to sell you and take ocr pay weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, as convenient. These hard times many will and this plan a great con venience. Look at our goods and learn our plan, UNION FURNITURE CO., 503 West Madlson-st. ON INSTALMENTS—FINELY FINISHED AND handsome marble and walnut-top chamber salts, i parlor suits, sod lounges that are stylish and well made, on easy weekly or monthly payments at cash prices.» Good goods, and square-dealing guaranteed. JOHN iL 1 SMYTH, 13.1 West Madlaon-sc ON PARTIAL PAYMENTS—INGRAIN AND BRUS- - sels cariHJts frum 55c a yard and upward, on week- * ly or monthly payments; we are making lower prices tnan ever before, and giving more favorable terms. JOHN M. SMYTH, 134 West MaMson-8t. y "PARTIES BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING, OB X about to move, and having more household goods, carpets, etc., lhau they are In need of. will do well to send them to HODGES «fc CO.’s Auction Rftnmt 662 West Lake-st.; large advances made on goods. HODGES & CO., Auctioneers, 662 West Lake-st. rpilE OPPORTUNITY NOW PRESENTED TO BUY X parlor suites Is one which seldom occurs. Wcbavd In our store about too suites parlor furniture of various designs and covered in rich silk brocade, brocatelle. plush, terrj% and plush satlne, hair cloth. Th esr goods we are positively determined to closeout at once and to do so have made great redactions In prices. Suites of 7 pieces $35. S4O, $55, $75, SIOO, $125. $l5O. *175. Every suite fully warranted. R. T. MARTIN. 154 State-st. WANTED-NEW OB SECOND-HAND FUR nlture. cither to hire or on monthly payment*, by careful, responsible party. Good reference. W 54. Tribune office. ’ll. A. GUTTERS & CO., ——— AUCTIONEERS. 118 AND 120 nnfT P.E6ULAI! SATURDAYSALES HOUSEHOLD GOODS. PIANOS, CARPETS EVERT SATURDAY MORNING. \yANTED—TWO DJGUAIN CARPETS FOB ROOMS TV 12x14and 12x16; mast be In good order and a bar gain. Address 0 46, Tribune olflce. • TCTANTAD-A PURCHASER TO BUT THE FURNI f V ture of a boarding-house, 418 Wabash-ar.; owner about leaving the city. If agreeable, the purchaser can rout the hou*e at ?2.'> a month and retain the Call and Inspect. 418 Wabash-ar., apstairs. ON EAS\ MONTHLY OR WEEKLY PAYMENTS— Furniture! Furniture! I Furniture!!! Carpets! Carpets!! Carpet*! ! 1 Stoves! Stoves! I Stoves!!! Crockery! Crockery!! Crockery! » » We now hare the finest stock of goods in Chicago. Four floors of the three-story and basement stone-front building are filled with choice goods, which we will sell at prices lower than was ever known before in Chicago. We hare flao wood und marble-top tables for $2, sa, $4, $6, $7.50, $6.50. sll. and upward; good chamber seta at $25 upward; good purler sets at S4O. $45, SSO, S6O. $75, SOO, and upward; good carpets at 50c, 60c, 75c, 85c, u ? l 7 .51, aud upward; good hair mattresses with best tlckfor sls; good stores and ranges at sl6 to S9O; pood louncesot sl2. Now la the time to commence house keeping while prices are. low and rents arc cheap, and re-- member we are the only house In Chicago who can famish a bouse complete with first-class goods, and. that we can and will sell good gooda at less prices than any. outer house In Chicago, as we own oar building and pay no rent, and have very light expense*. Katlhgsll classes of goods under oar roof, we can afford to sell cheaper than those who keep Just one Une of goods. Goods can b>> purchased at this time to be delivered aft any time during the spring. It will pay all to call and ex* amine before purchasing elsewhere. W. A. LOWELL 4e CO., 736 West Madlson-st. pARPBTS! CARPETS* I CARPETSI! ! CABPETSI v Carpets! I Caructsl!!—The dnest selection of car* peu In this city. New spring styles are now writing; and we will sen at less prices than any house In the city* Great care will be taken to show our customers goods, and we will warrant oar carpcta to be the very Deaths the market. Cal! before parchaalns. W. A. LOW* ELL A CO., 788 West Madlaon-at. /CROCKERY ! CROCKERY! I CROCKERTI ll w Tlus best class of crockery and irhuwware on easy montliiy payments. W. A. LOWELL d; CO., 73d West bladUon-st. QTOVESI STOVES! I STOVF.S! ! I—WE HATS the largest and best assortment of stoves westol New i ork. which we can sell at very. low prices and on easy mouth!/ payments. W. A. LOWELL & CO., 7JI W cst Madlson-it. lIIU.DIXG HUTEBIAK. /“IASH I’AID For: 30,00 BRICK, STAIR-BtTIU>- and painting. Thlrty*founh I ’OR SALE— I,SCO DOZEN LOCKS, KNOBS, AND at prices below factory prices. A. W. wHEELER, 141 Lake*st>, np-stair*. T?° B tOT LUMBER AND TIMBER^ A cuaaistlng of plnft, ash, and white wood; also, *omr heavy oak, suitable fur foundations. Apply at oEfSouki Clinton-st. T 1 •™.OTO GOOD BRICK; WILL PAT PART i A cash, part real-estate, or furniture as whateala price*. Address N % Tribune otficc. r* TV*ANTED-1,000. OOyCOMMON BRICK; WUXFAT » » H cash. Hln sm-cla&s Improved property- Ao* Tribuneoffice. . •• ; - . ANTED-BEICK AND MARBLE MANTEIS FOB caah and real X‘43, Tribune oflice.' TSfANTED-BBlCtt' OB LUMBER FOBj TWO, .yV* thirds ccsh end brick houio and lotforbaUttC* Addms s 23, Tribune oSce^

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