Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1876, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 21, 1876 Page 15
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TO EXCHASGE. ~ADVERTISING A A A t« tH« j-tock castrates; S?-Vn»ftno; mnfccmeao offer of anj-thlng jou hove. TddrS A 1". Tribune olscc. s-r unimproved Chicago lots A A A or acres have you tocxchauge/hrclearMti- OtW >%vllle residence and cash. Address X 07, Trib- Tir.i* ofilec. —... ■■ ■■■. - .. ~ 'T—t iiIGE AMOUNT OF IOWA AND MISSOURI -A deer ami perfect titles. u» exchange for mcr- Algjf; ‘SifuElO 1 & RICKARDS, Room 4. I&J noari'O-'® '&• - vrl , \VGK-rnOICE 99 TEARS* LEASE, SIX 1 ou state-st,, ?5.000 cash, and Illinois farm property well rented, £, a WARE, t)4 TCashinfton-M- OF FORTY-SEVEN LOTS ON K <• v AO. one block from depot; Incumbrance, -*- i r will retail at large profit. E. C. WAIIE. m Mashas lol1 ** 1 : T-fCuWGE-EQL'ITi- IX HOIISE AND LOT OX I. 3 v. . for cotlapo ana lot In Enslainiod. or SmtoKansM or lona. Doom 7. 1M LaSaUc-st.__, IN -Wisconsin and .miciii- K «V?Prfrr or fuOnrhan properly; will assume mod- WILLIS U. JACKSON, ICSWash jcgton-El- valuable patent right fou for an improved form; same potent for the ..Ssffiiiid for a larsc sum. Address V 7«. Trlb tJcoSSSiStlßtflocaiUyonaml. ami where you van l>e fotmd- s^vriTofS F.-CI.E AT., PROmJCTITE pnopEr.Tr T? i„inurlor city, oriaiids, lor culcasa properly : Mill "S“«'‘Sr w!w <=un- r. A.oGbjb;. us ue«- =rsr K v C H VNGK-BY J. H. KEELEU, 163 CLAJiIi t«S Indiana***'-* cottage and lot, 50x181., South Pearborn-su near Tweuty-uintb, cottage ami l f°mrfo°ru,-S t 'nc!ir Ib-aine-av., two brick houses, and lot tax *a-s tory'bu tse, and lot 125x120, for house “*mokl°fU. lr nelw r T!ilrtj.BercuUi-st., good 2-story h E^l IO S‘^ t S>KSy building and to,, %'Jll»n d s<- 0 . t «fiaSud-st.. cottage aad lot lor 30x125, clear, for clear house and lot. i near Aniu2-«ury uouse;pan pay In clear lot. i 3 lots and collage, lot 2-suiry bouse or >u«aJ°-S, south of Harrison, corner lot, 52x150, _ „ m f i O , or store ami lot. *roaSSnearClue Island, clear, for Improved city dear, so ams timber, 2W miles from rli!Cd HivenT Mich., large amount oi fruit-trees, r£ lor Improved city property. 4-story slice-front building, 40 ■.rSeaKOf lot; dear lot or loose and lot hi part pay. near V'cstera-av., 5 story bouse and lot, clcsr. to pood business lot or suite audlot and pay dif ‘imbtartSul'aeyeral houses for > pta. “sslSEtou’st.. near Stanton, 2*loo, dcur, forcot- Oakley, 24x125, clear, for cottage “naeSdenccfia Ulgbland Part and Glencoe for Madue, mrelcarhouse In the clt ; . “tmc’dlSf iiScl: near the comer of tuewart-oy. and Fiftvslxtli-st. for house in city. , liWiot tpaien-av., near Jacksoa-tt., for brick tome worth about 85.000. in West or S.uth Divisions. SO* foot lof on Peer!a-st. for good farm, aw-aerc stock farm, clear. In CUlcknaw County, r xuaaresInCbasc County, Kan., near comty seat, *^’ao«lßC?cn*ec o County, la., for housemdlot. Fine house tn Warren, 111., tor city property. F- nR excilange-west side lots (THTf m Improve at once) fur city tomu or got* M. SEAVEV, -taStote-st. -f'OS EXCHANGE—AXD SALE—IMPROVED AND r unimproved city and suburban, and acres, la which trSSwn be had. Some fine crunhciry lands for feJSlnd Same. PERRY, Room 14; 133 Dearborfl-st. OR yrnHAKGE—HOUSE AND LOT—CUTI’AGK sadlot. Kobey-st., for lots or good lowa lands, HOTCfI&IaS. Rooms. Otis Block. fSOB FYfTIANGE FOR A COTTAGE—THE r equity In a two-etory and oasement brie* boose,alt- Wstrionillchlgaa-av., soutli of Tvreaty-slxta-sl., for a small cottage in desirable location between andboutocScaco; improved grounds preferred. Ad dress V 63, Tribune office, ; . . I - -, 08 EXCiIANGE—FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE < and business property for business block, s7i*.iiX)or t 'miXA HOTCHKISS, 142 LaSallc-at., Room A linß EXCHANGE—ABOUT 100 ACRES BEAUTI ‘ fuliand, close to Maywood. s2uO per acre; want eligible lota. HOTCHKISS; Room 3. Otis Block- ' )R EXCHANGE—TWO SPLENDID STONE- Crout booses on West Side for building lots In city. O 62. Tribune office, ______ *DOS EXCHANGE-IMPROVED PROPERTY ON X the West Side (unincumbered) for trlld lands in lui noil. GEORGE V. BYRD. 155 L&SallC-fit., Boom 13. Ffc EXCHANGE—HOUSE AND LOT AT WIN- Delia (unincumbered) or Vest Side; will assume from $3,00010 $3,000. GEORGE V. BTK1). 155 LaSalle, Boom 13. _ *COR EXCHANGE—ONE-HALF OF A SUBDIVISION X w Norwood Park for a good house and lot. 'J. DA VIS, 145 CIM-k-SL, Boom 13. I 'OR EXCHANGE—BEAUTIFUL LOTS AT NOR -1 wood Park for horse and buggy, or uny personal property. Address Q 37. Tribune office. .. T'OB EXCHANGE—S7OO WORTH OF CHBOMOS X’ for lows land or low, houses and lots for farms or farm lands. R CHRISMAN, Room &. 85 Dearborn-st. 1 WILL TRADE FIRST-CL AS3 CLEAII KKAb ES- Xuic for a business. Address Y 64, Tribune office. T TOLL EXCUASGK EQUITY OF SI,OOO ffi A 1 Satc-st. lot, worth SiO*. for a eood home on the VTesS bide, tobemovad. AddressSSa, Tribune office. QTOCK OF GOODS, FARM, AND CLEAR LOTS TO O exchange for Inside Improved carriage ana A No. 1 buggy-horse, G. S. THOMAS, riX) EXCHANGE—SSO,OOO IN TOWNSHIP BONDs X Issued by one of the best counties of a Western State for dry goods, boots and shoes, or other personal property. Address JANUARY, Tribune office., rro EXCHANGE—FOR GOOD WESTERN LANDS, JL carriage, road-wagon, and good roadster, sound aad kind. Call after 6p. ra. aoßryant-a▼. nx) EXCHANGE—BED ROOM SET AND PARLOR X furniture at wholesale prices for gae fixtuies. j> 81, Tribune office. ; fIX) EXCHANGE-IMPROVED FARM IN ILLIN OTS. X clear (53,803), for house and lot in good location ta Chicago. PAUL SOBOLB6KL «6 West Randolph-BL try vt aavthlug in the confectionery line. Address J. p. fcLKNN, Thawvillc, IroquoU County, Hi. rtX) EXCHANGE—BY J. M. BROWNE, 102 WASH- X Ington-st.. Room 18; A clean new slock of con fectionery, frails, nuts, and a general stock of cigars, with nice restaurant In rear (51.700) for email cottage with few acre* of land. „ . _ ■ ,« Clear lots at and near Intersection of Wcntworth-av. and Forty •seventh-st., for stock of drags and fixtures and a small fruit farm, in Illinois preferred. ' aX) EXCHANGE-STOCK OF FIRST-CLASS KEN . tucky whiskies, California wines ami brandies, apple ami peach brandy, and variety liquors. Tor clear city or country property; moat have one-third cash, R PA Tribune office. “ rpO EXCHANGE—MY EQUITY IN GOTHIC HOUSE X at Highland Park; good cellar, well, cistern, and large lot. Q 57, Tribune office. rpO EXCHANGE—DIAMONDS, GOLD WATCHES, X open buggy, for pood Brussels carpets. 127 South. CJark-fit.. 800m44. OTTAWA*. rro EXCHANGE—CASH AND BABY-CARRIAGE X for sewing-machine. Address p 81. Trlbuncofflce. 4PO EXCHANGE —TWO NEW FURNACES AND X fine watch for horse and buggy. Address S 9, Tribune office. rro EXCHANGE-1.200 ACRES LAND IN LYON X County, Kansas, for good property, or cheap on time. G. Z. WORK. 149 Madlson-st. ' r|X) EXCHANGE-FLOUR AND WOOLEN MILL, X waterpower inexhaustible, complete machinery, good dwelling, coat 535,000; is dear of debt: want Chi cago property or good lands. J. W. HEDENBERG, aoMadison-u., Boom 4. PEXCHANGE-SIOO.OOO CLEAR CHICAGO PROP ertyfor good business block; will assume. J. C. JALDV»~ELL & CO., 121 Dearborn-st.. basement. IXS EXCHANGE—CLEAR PROPERTY AND CASH X forelock of groceries from 53.000 to 510,000. J. C. CALDWELLtCO., 121 Dearbom-st., basement. rpo EXCHANGE—MARBLE-FRONT, VINCENNES- Xav., nearTljlrty-eevcnth-st., for any good property, or will make a low price to party to rent. J. C. CALD WELL A CU., 121 Dearborn-st., basement. ' OX) EXCHANGE— CHICAGO PROPERTY FOR X fruit farm. J. C. CALDWELL* CO., 121 Dcar born-su, basement. * « r l'o EXCUAKGE-SEVEBAL FARMS FOR. IJESI x. dence ur business property. J. C. CALDWELL & CO.. 121 Dearborn-fit., basement. - TO EXCHANGE-PINE HOUSES IN THIS CITY. X entirely new. House and two lota at Maywood, clear. Ten to forty acres at River Park, W.T, CLSU- - , To EXCHANGE-CHOICE LAWNDALE LOTS FOR X afim-chws residence, or Western lands; will assume. j-B. WHEELER. I2BCUrk-st. ___ TO EXCHANGE—2OO acres of land in mar- X atbora County, Wisconsin, lor horses and buggies. T SI, Tribune office. _ T° EXCHANGE—GOLD WATCH, CHAIN, AND X clear curb urban lots, for household furniture Sc. M. S. ROBINSON. S 5 Washlngton-st.. Room C. T° EXCHANGE-7-ROOM HOUSE AND LOT, X cheap. Want horse and buggy as fiwt payment, worth $4LOto SSOO. Apply to H.U. STONE* 146 East Madl*oa-rt. TOEXCHANGE—GLOTS (150X150) ON WAUBAN- X sla-av., near Ashland, with 2-story frame house, 14 rooms, lorn, and outhouses; first-class place for pri vate hold or boarding-house; value $12,000; locum wsocc $3,000, running 5 years; will take dw firm, or good dear lowa lands. Address OWNER, Z 32, Trlb ghe office. Tors days. - , To EXCBANGB-4 lots AKD 2-STOBT frame J. dwelling bouse on Hlston-av., near rolling mills; (ttofl place lor boarding-house; yalce $4,500; Incum ?[wice $1,600, fanning 3 years: want clear farm or PMI lowa lands. Address OWKEII, X 100, Tribune office, for 5 days. EXCHANGE—FOR DRUG STORE IK CHICAGO or vicinity, a block of excellent fend, well tim bered. with good water-power, 35 miles from Montreal, For nartlculars- apply or address W. F BYTHEJi. 122 Dearborn-st. • r r ' IX) EXCB am;e—opes or top BUGGIES OB BE *or or Pod-*—. 213 est r EXCHANGE—SALE OB BENT. HOTEL. 16 rooma. bain, etc., ten acres of garden trait, etc., twenty miles from city, at railroad station. Call at 76 jforfaom-w.. Boom su . 'I'D EICIIANGE-ELEOAKT RESIDENCE, ON AV- A enue east of State, near Twenry-slxth-st-, for sub traaa residence. aJSLaSatle-st., Boom 7. P. PETEli tta. * 'IN) EXCHANGE—A TWO-STOKT FBAME STORE ■A and dwelling-house, oaßaCterfleld-st., large scare ■Qd seven rooms, lot 33 feet front; boas* 80x40 feet, mat-class stand for a family grocery, meat market or Woon. Value. $5,000, Incumbrance, £I,OOO, running three year*. Will take dear farm or lowa land. Ad ages* owner, Xao, Tribune office, for fire days. TO EXCHANGE—FOB IOWA LANDS OR GOOD A city iota, the equity In & residence on hUehlffan-av.- F- T. WRIGHT. 66 Waablngton-Bt. TO EXCHANGE—GOOD ACRE LAND DC IOWA.- A fcr unimproved city lota, ox hallding nuttf-riftl. Ad* TO EXCnAhGE. rpo exchange—ur r. B. boyh, boom 14, no A Madlson-st.; . , . , #22,0u0-Unc of tile finest s-story and basement brick dwelling on Adams-st., near Wood. Lot ({sxlßo, south front; mortgage •SIO,OOO, duo In three years. House 27:;S*t, ercry modern Improvement. Want clear lots, In or near city for equity. One of the finest coal-fields in Illinois, on Illinois River (clear), of 2m cores, for a good piece of business property, or dwelling, will assume 525,(W). (Oura S6o.O>)).'\ , , , 535,000—A1l the furniture In a first-class hotel doing a good paving business In the best location |u the city (clear) for good farm or city property.. Here Is a chance. . mo acres of fine land In one body I mile from Osago CUv, In Osage County, Kan. (clear!, for suburban houses and lota (clear). „ . „ „ „ • ShLuoo—Fine Improved farm 3 miles from Joliet for good house and lot (clear) In or out of city. £s.soo—Fine house, and lot42xi"o, on northeast cor ner Huron and Fraakliu-sts. (rents for S(JU) for clear cottage and lot worth $2,5<X). s3,soo—'Flire dwelling, lot, and barn on Indiaaa-av., between Thirty-first and Thlrty-second-sts., for good lot*, clear, worth »a>ooo. • • TO EXCHANGE—I WANT TO TRADE A CLEAP. lot near the Wilson Sewing Machine Manufactory, at Cornell, for A first-class horse,* buggy and harness. Address i) 01, Tribune otlice, TO EXCHANGE—CASH AND COOD PERSONAL properly for residence lots, east of Central Park, on any of the principal Arects. Cbcap horse wanted. N 34, Tribune otlice. T'O EXCHANGE—CLEAR SUBURBAN LOTS, FOR furniture, carpels, or horse and buggy. -Address X SK. Tribune ofilce. TO EXCHANGE—GOOD IMPROVED CITY PROP* City for l»7 marble •mantels. Apply to J. W. HKK* SY orU. L. ROOT. Room 31. 134 EastMadlsoo-st. •tpWO DOTS AT ELMHURST (CLEAR) TO EX* i. change for horse and buggy or horse. Inquire at &)a lmilaua*sL fI'OEXCnANGE—A VERY STYLISH YOUNG HORSE X lor side-bar top carriage. Must be la good order. Address X 83, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE—A VERY FINE 6-YEAR OLD SOU nH main for piano-forte, standard make. Address T 40, Tribune office. . n'O txaiAXC.ff-FOl! COOK county lands or X uxlmproved outside, a new and novel business. Call aid »ee it. No competition. L. F. SWIFT & SON, 69 Deirbom-st. Room 14. TO EXCHANGE—A GOOD OUTFIT OF A SALOON, foragood horse and business buggy, or a light cov ered wveun. or cheap for cash. Call before 2 o'clock; 08 South Canal•«, njX) EXCHANGE - LOTS IN RRADISII AND X MkenvrV Addition to Riverside for pood horses. Apply x» FRED GROSSMAN, basement, 100 Washing -ton-st. • rjnb EXCHANGE—HOUSE AND LOT FOR PIANO, X nev; nearly clear lots for piano, new furniture, good mires, buggies; or what will you give? TB2, TribuneolTice, . f|M) ETCILVNGE—DENTISTRY FOR READY-MADE x clotting. Good references given. Address Z 50, Trlbuntolllce. rnb EXCHANGE-STOCK OF HARDWARE, CAR- X peelers’ tools, cutlery, Ac. Value $7,000. Want a good improved form clear or lightly incumbered. Q 35, Trfiunc office. TIT'ANTED—I WANT TO TRADE GOOD UNIN it cumbered suburban real estate for a stock of pro cericaor hardware. Y 77. Tribune office. TIFANTED-A RESIDENCE WITH 5 OB 10 ACRES IT of land near a village In Michigan, In exchange for roving city property free from Incumbrance. IRA NICHOLES, 161 South Cl ark-81- TTf ANTED—A PIECE OF. IMPROVED PROPERTY \Y paying 10 per cent Interest In exchange for resi dence lot worth fGOU and fLUXJ cosh. DAVISON A WELCH. !I2 LaSalle-st., lUfom 2. T\TANTHD-TO EXCHANGE -ARCHITECTURAL V V services for horse and buggy, or for cither. Room 12, 171 South Clark-su TTf ANTED-A GOOD BUSINESS-$3,000 TO SIO,OOO v t —ln exchange for good real estate. Address S 3, Trlbue office. VrriLL EXCHANGE—FOR CHICAGO PROPERTY, X V clear, oncttectioncood lowa land; also, good house and one acre lad near Chicago. G. C. Wlill’PLE, 133 Clark-61. WANT TO TRADE FOR A PIANO-A FINE CHRO noractcr wuch; also, yacht buggy, ono or both. AoircsslTl, Tribune office. • ' TOtIAT'WILI YOU TRADE FOR INSTRUCTION v * Xn drawing and painting, or Ufc-slsc crayon por traits ? Mantaouggy and horse, Address Q 83, Trib une office.. \TTANTEI_a POOL-TABLK BALLS, ETC.; MUST v» be In god condition: vtu exchange for oae a good business yapon or wines and liquors. Apply at 88 East Randol WHAT HAVi YOU TO TUADE BESIDE A WATCH (toomuch -jmeon hand P*Stsat) fora nice road wagon. O’StAUGHNESSY & CO., Thlrty-flrst st-, northwest coro»r Dearborn. v TIT ANTED—CLOTHING IN EXCHANGE tqR CAR > V peutcr work of -uiy kind. Address 1 31, Tribune office. ■ . TtTANT—PERSONAL PROPERTY OR MERCHANT y\ tailoring, for lumber; no real-estate or patents. P 2, Tribune office- T*rANTED—LUMBER EJt EXCHANGE FOB X*A- W mood pin and SSOO ca&. Address N 33, Tribtoe office. •\\rHAT HAVE YOU TO EXCHANGE FOR A LO’I VV of second-hand sash, window, and door-frames, doors, etc? Apply or addres BRENNAN, 487 South Stute-sw, corner or Eldridgc-tonrt. \\T ANTED—COAL AND GROCERIES IN EX- V V change for new buggy, base, or harness, »r dom ing made to order. Trlbine office. VAniAT HATE YOU GOT TO EXCHANGE FOR W from SSOO to $2,000 wonl of stock In a manufac turing company In a thriving manufacturing town -.(*) miles from Chicago? Address fe 15, Tribune office. TttaNTKD—TO EXCHANGE GOLD HUNTING EL VV gin watch ’for piano. Address S 41. Tribune. VS7ELL FURNISHED HOTEL IN WESTERN CITY V V to exchange for farm or ca£b. Good business buggy for Job pmtlng. Farming lands for city roaldena. „ MANN A CONG DON, Room 11, 107 Dearborn-st. TTTHAT WILL YOU EXCHANGE FOR SMALL \V hotel In Central Illinois city, large lot, atdepot; value $3,500. 575, Tribune oilcc, giving description. AQA ACRES”OF* PRAIRIE AND TIMBER LAND TIOU In Dane County, VU., IsolTered for clear, good e<mity. 535, Tribune office. describing offers. . MISCELLANEOUS. A SURE CURE FOR BILIOUSNESS IN ITS DlF fereut forms. Call at Room 7. 169 East M-ulfson et, and wt **Nevr England Liver Tonic and Bilious The Ingredients are given. ARE YOU TROUBLED WITH CATARRH? 1 WAS for nearly twenty-five years, and, after spending over 51, aoo In vain, cured myself by my own remedy, of which I will give free trial to all who will bring this notice so my office, 109 East Madlsou-st. Dr. C. i». SYKES. Open week days from 8 a. m. to 6;30 p. ra. Sunday 2tUl4. Bymall, send 10 cents for full infor mation. Cut- th »■««*; _ A J. RYDBERG—BUILDINGS MOVED ON A. springs. Houses, roofs, etc., raised scientifically, 73 North Sangnmon-st., Chicago, HI. Any person wanting repairs of any kind for clothes-wringers, stoves, or childrens car riages, will receive prompt attention by sending postal card to H. 6. THAYER, 116 Monroe-st. A COMPETENT, RELIABLE PERSON WISHES TO take charge of two or three children. Good home and small wages. Gootf references given. Address for three days, E 17. Tribune office. ANY PERSON OF LIMITED MEANS TROABLED with tho piles or any other cLscaec of lower bowel will be treated gratis 10-day from 11 to 2 by Dr. Phill ips- Office, 107 Madlson-st, He guarantees a sure euro. PARTY WITH S6OO CAN SECURE A WELL established, paring, legitimate business. ClosiSt examination solicited. Best of references velvet. Cause for selling, bad health. Address P 39, Trlbuio office. WIDOW OF SO WISHES „TO FURNISH? AND keen house for gentleman of respectobjllty; wid ower preferred; children no objection, Address, with rSerenoes, Mri GEORGE HOLMES, city Post-Office. A» LADY ’PHYSICIAN COULD ACCOMMODATE one or two ladles at her own house, during confine ment, on reasonable terms. 1430 Butterflcld-st. T”LLCASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING. A carpets, furniture, and mlsccUarwous giwtfc of uty kind by gentling letter to JON AS G ELDER, 004 State-til A LL GOOD CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND CARPETS A bought at the highest price by JON AS A. DUILLB \i a, 397 South Clark-st. Notice by mall attended to. B” OAUD ~OF TRADE" SIEMBEKSHIP FOR SALE state price. Addrec Q 67, Tribune office. ALSTROM. LACE CUKTAINS. LA UN DR i 7 . Davis-av, and Thompson-st. Orders taken at6B.» •West Madison-st.. 132 North Clark-RL Real lace si.oo pair. Including hanging; Nottingham, sl*66 P a h!-, Many years* experience in curtain-hanging. All work warranted, Formerly with Allen & Mackey. Also, or ders by mall. Davla-av. and Thompson-st. __ /lOCKKOACHES, BED-BUGS, AXD MOTHS, EX Gtcrmlnatml by contract (warranted}: orUclo Mid. In formation trte. A- QAKLfaY. 189 bit ivashlngton* «£., Room 5. LOTHES-WRINGERS OF ALL KINDS REPAIR ed. new rolls, etc., at 70 West Wa&hlugtou-st. Ttomk to-day A-SD see those fbk card \j nhotostrapliß, only SI.SO per doicn. JMt so dm will 1 make them at fl.iiopcrdozcn. WHITING S, 622 West Lafce-st., near Union Park. rtALCIMINING 50C PER SQUARE; PAPER-HANG- Kj Incise per roll. House ami sign painting. A. M. GLASGOW, 486 West Indlaao-st. riALCDUNING DONE FOR 50 CENTS PER (j Bqnare or by Uie job, cheap, and first-class work. Send orders to jar, East Harrisou-st., close to Police fata* Hon. W. M. STONE. • I~=tjrnnsmra BINDER FOB MUSIC AND PERIOD!- cals. Emerson’s clip and file for office papers. Al so the library binder, for circulating libraries and prl ™te MlriSials- JNO. R. BARRETT S CO., book, binders and sole proprietors. Is(j Siate-st., Chicago. F. D. SENIOR S CO. DESIRE TO INFORM THE nubile and their friends that they have commenced busTncssat 167 South Clark-st., and will he very happy to execute the very best engravings on wood at reduced prices. * TXRESSM AKISG-TO ALL OLD CDSTOMEBS AKD \J what new ones may favor her. Miss M. WRATON can be found at 286 Mlchlgan-av. Have you a business for sale? or do you want a partner? SSOO to SIO,OOO. I have applica tions. Address 0 41, Tribune office. 1 EMMRICH’S PARK-ON Woff ington Heights, one block east of t&c 5 1^, I r 8 '“° d dummy track, can now be rented at the most libeml terms for picnics nod feetlvals, which are to be held eon ny societies, lodge*, school*, acd church cpngrcfm* Uoob. It can be easily reached bribe Rock Island f». j i. Applications can be made at Burky s coffee house. No. iw East llandolph'Bt.. Chlcaco. or on the groonds by the undersigned. MICH UEMMIUCII. proprietor. AVE YOUR DIAMONDS PROPERLY SET TO IN sure their safety. Call at my work-rooms. A. LAUDERBACK, manufacturer of diamond JewcuT, <0 iladlson-st., corner of State, Kocraa 20 and 27. T "WILL EXCHANGE FOR A CLEAR FARM, 10 OR I on acres, close to the limits and stations on the C. B. it O R. R. Also 12 or 15 lots nenr Central park and car ahem* inside of limits for any cJoaf property. Address tV 31. Tribune office. . ■ t'would like to form a partnership I willi some young min having an established busi- Sss tbit will bear close Investigation, or would nnr chSc the entire botlne*lfßotlsficloiy. Address S 21, Tribune office. tb* VOU WANT TO STORE YOUK HOUSE FUR- Pnituregoto V. C. HETZUEirS. 127 West Bon dolph-st. TTID GLOVES SHOULD BE WORN ONLY OF THE Ja. very best material. Get them at the Pons Kid Glare Store, G* State-st. ; T AtrNDUV—GOODS^\3IARITAN—FAJIILT WA6H 1j Inc and Ironing is done f0r.73 cento a dozen. Ad r< w»gg orders to Boom 14, 173 East Randolph-sL Ladies— if you want a good fitting Bus tle coll and see the Broadway, the newest thlng.ObA omijiiWmrertbv MBS. ABEL. 23 East Jaclaoajfc THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. MAY 21, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. mSGEbLAIVCODS. T AD IKS HAVING THE OLD STYLE SARATOGA Xj ,crt*«i»s, waves, and scalpelte*. can still use them hy l.nvlnir our new patent Invisible fastening attached, without hair-pins; sole right for maau •;?5 t .H rlnKnn * lß<;l,tn^~!lvlnK been procured by CAMP "V4% iWSuao-at., the oldest and most reliable hair in the West, established iB6O, and lowest Ladies of ordinary intelligence, bk ivvcwj 18 and ;}5 year*. can qualify themselves with nut small means for a very honorable and paying ©ecu pattoa in learning the art of midwifery, and the medi cal treatment of women and children. For particulars .apply dally at the parlors of the Academy, No, 204 TMM* h * a ,VsV or U. er l rt °rchard-st., Chicago. CHAS P. UJ-.IL, St. I)., Professor and Principal, treats all dis eases or women and children against liberal fees. Of moo hours from 10 to n a, in. and from 4to 5 p.m., daily. * Lots given away *! j i will give away, °r £( ill torn nnmlual consideration, a limited num ncrofloLsin my addition on the North Lake Shore, to parties who will agree to improve within five years. A w , a r™. nt y w “‘ Klven, Plata and abstracts fur nished, *1 he property is weft located for suburban homes; and we are determined to have some Improve monu ihcre. Oillce hours, Ba. m., to 9p. m. ARM STEAD* CO., room 14, 145 South Clark-at. T OVELT CAIU) PHOTOQIi APIISM ADE ATWHIT- Aj lugs Art Studio, UU2 West Lakc-et., near Union Park, for only so days ! . Ladies expecting to be confined can secure a Rood home with the best of care by a pro fessional nurse of IS years* experience In Chicago, who Is able to give best of references; physicians selected ns desired. MRS. HAMILTON. South Dcarbom-st. T ADIES LOOK AT TUIST SOMETHING Aj l hare lust received a lot of American plaiting machines which will plait goods 10 Inches wide. Ton can do work more rapidly and a greater variety of It on the American than on any other. Call early and secure one: they are selling rapidly. E. 11. BANCROFT. No. 11 Methodist Church Block. 107 Clark-st. TVriLLAK'S WEST ESI) ifAKF.Itl’ AND COSFEC tlonory, wholesale and retail,’ 717 Madlson-st,, next to Sutton’s Block- German, English, and Scotch workmen; nothing but the finest material used.. MRS.'SOULK, FORMERLY MISS . APPLKBEE, still continues dressmaking at her old place, 200 Stutu-st., whore she »4llbo pleased to see all her friends and customers. MRS. SOCLE. M“ Rmcrly of 106 'West Msdlaon-st.. will remove on ■Wednesday, May2l, to 59 East WusUlngton-eC., over thb Methodist Book Concern. “MONEY IN FATENTS-SOME MEN WANTED TO iTX soli rights in every State lathe Union Cor valuable liulc patent; sample mailed on receipt of no cents. Call or address THE VARIETY MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 120 Dearbom-st. AtOTICE-THE COMMOTION AMONG THE LADIES! J.l C. Hanchett causes 1c with the patent Shoe and Clothing Button-Fastener; only one order received within its four weeks’ run In Chicago that has not been duplicated to May in; scut to any address; 2t>e a dozen, 35c for two dozen: a child can place them: no tools required; good fora lifetime. Money refunded if not as represented; big inducements to smart boys or lady canvassers. Post-Office Box 7d. ‘ATEW STAMPING PARLOUS. 242 fcTAit-Sl..’- J-> entrance on Jackson. Flannel skirts, ail sizes, 15, to 20c; infant blankets, new styles. 50c; children’s and ladles’ dresses, 25 to 50c; pillow shams, wreatlw, cor ners. and letters, 50 to 75c; extra large letters, 10c; handkerchief letters, per dozen. 35c. OUR FEB TO PROCURE A PATENT IS.JIO, CAV- eat, $5. 150 East Wnahlngton-st., Room 48. T>AINTING AND CALCIMINING, BY THE DAY OR X contract, hv a painter who has all the necessary tools. Address Z 70, Tribune office. PAINTING, PAPERING, CALCIMINING, ETC., above work done at low cash prices. Fart pay taken In trade. Address R 13, Tribune office. 17EPAIKS FOR STOVES MADE IN ST. LOUIS, XL Cleveland, Peoria, Salem. Louisville, Quincy, New York, and elsewhere at 208 West Twelfth-st. ■pEPAIRS FOR STOVES MADE AT TROY, AL -LV bany, Buffalo. Kochuater, Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis. Quincy, Chicago, anti elsewhere, at W. C. MET2UEU’!i,_I27 West Rnndolpb-st. iSEMOVED-TOIYEUSITY AND CANCER PLANT XV medicines, 318 South State-fit. DR. £. UAL* LOCK, Agent. QCREENS TO ORDER—PINE 10, WALNUT 15 O cents; Ibring measure to shop .No. 23 Twenty* elghth-?t. , STATE-ST. INTELLIGENCE OFFICE-FAMILIES wanting good help can be supplied tor 6U days at $1 at Mrs. COOK’S, 90i Staie-st. Advances made on watches, jewelry, diamonds, revolvers, opera-glasses, etc., etc., at GOLDSMID'S Loan and Bullion Office. 09 East Madl aon-et. Cash paid for old gold and silver, gold dust silver bars, precious stones, and valuables of every de Scrfpdon. .unredeemed pledges for safe. rr HE CENTE NN IAL AND LADY’S FRIEND X pleats a yard ot goods a minute. Knife, side, and box-plalton at reduced rates fur the next ten days, 350 complete. Theomy pialters that makes all kinds of work. Look at the different styles. Knife, side, box. double, and diagonal box quilting, gophering, French Sating, and a knife plait, one-eighth of on Inch wide. If you wish nit to call at your residence drop us a postal. All Instruction free. Salesroom 99 Madlaon-at., Room 2. W. CASLER, General Agent. WANTED— I WANT TO BUY 12 TEA CANISTERS that will bold chest each; also a coffee mill suit able for retail store; must be sound and !n good order. Address R, care Thomson A Taylor, Western Coffee and Spice Mills, Chicago. WANTED-PROPOSALS FOR PAINTING THREE bouses. Nos. 453, 457. and 483 Beidcn-av. Apply to J. D. C. WHITNEY, 135Flfth-»v. TTrANTED—ON NORTH SIDE, FAMILY WASHING \V and Ironing; nice Ironing a specialty. Inquire at 570 Scdgwlck-at. JOHNSON. TTTANTKD—I WANT A GOOD SECOND-HAND tv baby carriage, cheap. Coal office, Northwest Corner Carroll and Ann-sta. VVT ANTED—SECOND-HAND SITTING OR CYLIN y V dor desk and chair. V 64, Tribune office. \\THITE LACE BRIDAL VEIL, LARGE SIZE; 1 , would make elegant overskirt; would sell at half s r * a , cash, or exchange for handsome Jewelry. Ad dresgT- so, Tribune office. CANAL BOAT IN GOOD RUNNING une offic?’ glve l° wcst ca£^x Prio*. Address K Trlb- VtfANTt>_A LADY WOULD LIKE TO ILVrE A tv youoeiftdy room-mate; reference required, iff. DENTAL CHAIR. TV; O. STEVENS, J '^- BcrT 3 t i—.l'ititnk Mich. • . \V4^^I^T^BT~Si:C O NI>-lIAND BABY CAR i t rlage at 1112 nitana-av. WANTED— BY PARTY GOING to the,Centeno.i t j te agency of a good salable article (no humbug.) vddre&n N 22, Tribune office. WTAHTED-BOMID *F TRADE TICKET FOR >V cash. Apply at 217 Itadftoa-st. GEO- RAPP. WANTED-BY A Il£i*Fu\sißLE BUILDER, » good buUdinglow on. secou mortgage, will Im prove immediately. J. WEBB, lowest Harriaon-st. TIT ANTED—ABOUT 150 FEET vjujfTERS AND >V shelving for dry goods, groneri- etc , inquire at Room tf Metropolitan Block. OrAGNBfc mORIER. T\r ANT ED—TO COKTRACTORS-Bljs ON 13 ♦ r houses; part caih. port real estatejnians Mn be seen at mill, corhcr of Illinois and Klagsbuksts. Mon day morning. XHrAXTED-EYEIit LADY IN CIUCAGO TO CALL ■ f V and see the new Excelsior Plaiting Mac<i ne tho best In the market. Is more durable and lays lu plaits more rapidly and evenly than any other can. F/j jq. atnictions given. Plaiting In all styles done* 6c a yard. W. m. DURELL, bßStato-sc., Room 3. ■\T7DO WANTS A JOB OF MERCHANT Vt Ing and take pay In'trunks, traveling-bags, etc.-* Address V GO, Tribune office. i "fiTTANTED—GOOD PIANO OR BUGGY IN EX- Vt change for calclmlulng and general repairs of plastering ny responsible party. 186 Walout-st. YTTANTED—I3 OR 20 FEET OF WIRE SCREEN FOR VY office, 20 to 22 inches wide. Address G, 197 6tate-6C. - TTrANTED—SO.OOO PURCHASERS FOR CRYSTAL V? polish, the lM*st house-cleaner in the world; re duced from 25 to 10 cents per package on account of hard times; sold by druggists, grocers, and house-fur nlshlog stores. Headquarters 5u Dearborn aad 93 Twenty-aecoud-st. JULES FRANK, Agent. WANTED-SO, 000 COATS, PANTS, AND VESTS to clean* dyeing and repairing neatly done at abort notice. 130 Dearborn-Bt,,_basomeuk - TtTANTED—NICE FLUTE~AND BREECH-LOAD \V loadlnggun. Address7o Madlson-st., CONTRACT ON eight bouses, and pay two-thirds cash, balance brick house and lot, south or West Side. Address V 83, Tribune ofllce. * TtrANTED—PELTZER’S MAPS; PLEASE NAME VY price. T 41, Tribune office. WANTED— A GOOD SIZE OFFICE SAFE; WILL put in clear property in suburb south. Room C, 123 LaSalle-st. TTTINTED—THH ADDRESS OF G. CLIVE. OR VV some other short-band writer. Address Z 28, Tribune office.. IXTANT—MERCHANT TAILORING OR OTHER VY merchandise for flm-closa dentistry; all work guaranteed. Address Nl2. Tribune office. 5 WANTED-VACANT LOT ON A LONG. CHEAP lease for atorogc ot brick, etc,. In South Division, north of Van Burcn-st, Address Room 7, No. 90 La- Salle-st, . . WANTED RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN AS roommate: have good furnished room, 97 West Randolph-st., Room 3. .Terms $6 per month., YTrANTED-GBOCERY STOCK. AND FIXTURES; >V value from fJi.OOOto 152,000; must be a good stand and cheap rent. Address T 90. Tribune office. YXrANTED-TO BUT-SnOW-OASES, INDIAN OR VY statue, looking-glass, and other fixtures suitable for cigar-store. Give full description. Address Q 16, Tribune office. WANTED-GOOD CkJaR-STAND, WILL PAY cash and American hunting-cased gold watch, Clark movement. Address Drawer 524, Gen. P.O. Ttr ANTED—A SECOND-HAND SODA APPARATUS; VY give particulars ami price. AddrcteYß4. Tribune. TIT-ANTED—CHEAP FOB CASH, A GOOD SEC VY oud-hand lawn mower. Address N 53. Tribune. WANTED-STOCK OF GOODS IN THE CITY OR live country town (drygoods preferred) for Im proved real estate and some cash. Address W, 398 w est FiUceuth-st. ; • TTTANTED—A DRUG-STORE ON SOUTH SIDE OR \Y stock of drugs and fixtures for cash and Improved Sropcrty. Apply at Rooms 3 and 4 Dore Block, corner Ute andMadison-sta. Wanted— one or two good traveling agents for soliciting orders In the engraving and EtnmpTlnc. Address JOSEPH A. 6TOLBA, 9 Clark-st. \\nhi rndvibE first-class hoard with VV furnished room for family or slnglenerson In ex change for a nice parlor clock. Address X l2. Tribune TITHT "PAY S3~AND $5 A DOZEN FOR CARD W photographs When you can gel them for SI.OO per dozen at WHITING'S, 633 West Lake-st., near Union Park. TSTANTED—TO CHARTER OB PURCHASE A W steamer, side-wheel or (latter preferred), to carry 150 m foot lumber and accommodation for 30 cabin oat«enserß;to draw not to exceed feet water loaded; Address for three days X 61, Tribune office. TXT ANTED—A SMALL ROW BOAT. CALL AT 68 VV North Clark-St, 11. LOESCUKIi. *TTrANTED—LADIES* AND GENTS CAST-OFF ,n ts ; SsViSi YOUNG, 396 Stste-st. . TTTANTED—BIDS FOR I 1 *HINTING CARDS, AC., Wlb WfflSsOO, and I, OCX) lots. PECK * BUT LER, Post-Office, Chicago. TXT ANTED—TO PURCHASE A BOARD OF TRADE \ y membership- Address, stating price, fcc., P 18, Ttlbune office. —— \ttANTED—THE LADIES TO KNOW THAT THEY Worn hare BtylUh dressesmade for $5 and up- Aks atMBSw A-A; WlLDKß'H'dreannflklngparlors, SB>4 corner of Madlaon.- dV7 A DAT AND EXPENSES TO GOOD MK4. AP- Room 13. Monday- HORSES AND'CAIUIVAOES. Auction— Tuesdays. , Thursdays, and Saturdays—Horses, carnages, and harness a spe cialty. at WfiSTON & CO.’S, Nos. 106 and 198 East Wushlnctou-st. Ample time given to test all hones sold unuor a warrantee. Stock on bandit private sale. PAItTIAL CATSLOOCE OP TCESDAT’S SALKS. Fine matched team hay horses, hands high. 8 years old, free, stylUb drivers, can trot In 3:ir> to get her, and warranted sound, with open side-bar buggy and double harness, nearly ucw; the property of agen tleinan about leaving the city, and must be sold. Brown horse Creeper, 8 years, 13N hands high, can trot in 2:50 to pole, is sqund and kind In all harness, and can be driven by any one. Brown mnre Minnie, S years old, will show 2:35 on Dexter track, for $750; has no record; Is sound, and fully warranted. Barouch, nearly new; hack in good order; rocknwayv phaetons, open and top buggies, side-bar and end spring. Fine saddle pony, 9 years, sound and kind under sad dle and In harness, and suitable for children. Eight open and top delivery and express wagons, In good order, single and double harness, lap-robes, halt ers, etc., etc. . . Also, 17 other horses, allot which a description will be given nt time of sale. Auction sale commencing at 10 o’clock. i WESTON"* CO. Auction sale of livery stable and the livery stock formerly contained nt livery 210 Blue Island-av., will take place at Wren & Co.’s Auc tion House. 102 and 19-4 Wnahinston-st., where the stock can be seen until day . of sale. Monday, May 22, at 10 a. m;, sharp. The stock consists of 12 horses, 1 Clarence carriage, 2 close car riages, l open barouche, l six-scat park phaeton, Stop and 5 open buggies, I express wagon, l two-seated open wagon, it seta of carriage harness, 2 sets of light double, and 23 sets of single harness, robes, blankets. Office furniture, etc.; also an Imported Irish Jaunting car. with harness to match. Also the livery stable building and 7 years’lease of the lot on the next day. Tuesday, May 23, at II a. m.. Terms of sale for livery stock, cash;on building, half cash; balance l .and 2 years, WREN * CO., Auctioneers, lU2 and 194 Wash- Ipgton-st. A BEAUTIFUL SORREL MARE 5 YEARS OLD. sound and kind, for lady to drive, not afraid of cars; 2 nonlcß, sound and gentle, for children, your choice for SSO; one nice pjiir matched blacks, sound, and good drivers, $175; one phaeton, two top buggies, one 1,100-pound map, good worker. 218 Twemy-sec oud-st. A FIRST-CLASS TOP BUGGY FOR SALK AT BEARDSLEY, NEWTON & CO.’S, Couch-place. Avery dociCe and handsome rocky Mountain antelope. 4 coal black roadsters, sound, stylish, and fast; n fast pacing marc; the black trotter "Fred,” can beat 2:50, ne is small but a clipper, audit docs not take much to occupy him; the brown •• Ethan Allen,” can tret In 2:45 sure; 4 small ponies, one about 10 hands. A good lot of ton, open, slde-har, -phaeton, road wagons,and harness,single and double. The whole stock Is for sale, and nobody shall beat our rates for the same class of goods. We warrant soundness, speed, and ,<ylc. We wIU show. JL C. ANTHONY A CO., 133 Mlchlgan-av. A SPLENDID TUI#N-OUT. CONSISTING OF SlDE bar Brewster top buggy and ruhber-trlmmcd liarr ness, and horse that trots tatter than 2:50; also one pood family or business horse; both warranted; young, sound, anti gentle In every respect; to be sold at a sac rifice. Apply to JAMES, at the barn, No. 19 Harmon court, between Michigan and Wabaah-avs. A JET BLACK 0-YEAR OLD HORSE AND double-seated buggy for sale. Inquire rear of 395 MicMgan-aV. AUCTION SALES OF HORSES. BUGGIES, HAR ./A. ness, etc., Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at lo a. m.: a large stock on hand nt private sale. WREN A CO., 192 and 194 Woshlngton-st. ' A GOOD, HEAVY. SECOND-HAND TOP UELIV cry wagon. In unst-class order, cheap for cash. Call Monday at IUS Mlchlgau-av. * A T THE NORTHWESTERN TATTERSALLS. 1 J\. to 9 Monroc-aL, corner Mlchlgan-av., second-hand buggies, phaetons, coupe, rockaways, harness, etc. Depot for the 'Watertown, N. Y., platform spring wagon. A CALIFORNIA AND TWO SIDE-BAR ROAD wagons, one side-spring. and three other buggies, for solo or exchange. Thirty-Oral-st, northwest comer Dearborn. B' CGGT-HORSE WASTED, TWO OR THREE months (light nee) for Its keep; best of feed and care. Address p. F. WARE, 175 C«lumet-av. ■pUGGIES REPAIRED. PAINTED, AND TRIM- X) med a t low mica. 1116 East Wasblagtoa-st. AL S. MILLAR. TAR. MoINROT’B HORSE INFIRMARY-HORSES XJ cared of ail diseases on scientific principles; sure cure or no pay; wc mean this. Bring on your horses and give us a trial. We have the best ventilated bam and accommodations for sick or healthy horses (a the Northwest, and would take a few gentlemen’s road horses to board. 413 West Van Burea-st. WAGON WITH LONG BOX, SUITABLE Xi for carpenter or for furniture; will sell dirt cheap. 630 Lake-st. FIR SALE—2 FAMILY CARRIAGES, I DOG-CART, and some new road and gentlemen's buggies of my own make. E. C. HAYDK, successor to Uaydo k O'Brien, 731 and 733 State-st. 17 OR SALE-THE HANDSOMEST COUPE HORSE IN the city, or win exchange him for pair small car riage horses. Call Id rear of 1390 Pralric-nv. TXIRSALB-IF YOU WISH TO SEE THE FINEST X assortment of horses over collected together In the City of Chicago, consisting of pairs coupe, business, Sole-teams, .roadsters. In fact every description of .a rst-class horse, call at TAYLOR & HEATH'S Livery, Boarding, and Sale Stable, comer Thirteenth-fit. and Wabash-av. ITOR SALE-TO THE RIGHT MAN. HALF INTER . ofit In a fast trotter without record, having the qual ifications of winning races against fast time. The right man is wanted for management. The animal will do its part. Address V 47. Tribune office. I?0R SALE-A FAST TROTTER, WITHOUT REC . ord. sound and right; satisfactory reasons for selling at a bargain. Buyers of such stock better take a look. Address V 47, Tribune ofllce. I' ?OT» SALE—AT YOUR OWN PRICE IF TAKEN TO . day, 1 new open buggy, 1 nearly new top buggy, 1 light patent-wheel rubber-top wagon. 76_iIoaoru-st. FOi: SALE-TIVO-SEATKI) bxIJnOBSE CAR riage and single harness, very cheap. C. M. HOTCU KIN. 137 and 130 State-fit. For. SALE—A FIRST-CLASS PENNOYER-MAKE phaeton, only used a few times, not soiled, at a bar gain. Address v 47, Tribune otilcc. ' FOR SALE-AN A I BLACK CARRIAGE HORSE 18 liondahlgh.thorouphbred.flredbyold Blackbird. In quire of Dr. .1. S. ItEYNOLDS, Veterinary Surgeon, 2uc West Indlana-st, ROK SALE—ONH 3-SPRING EXPRESS-WAGON, f .The owner has no use for U; S3O. Apply at 33 >orWn-«., comer Gurley. . IpOitSALE-A VERY FINK SADDLE-HORSE; HE rie ar carT^c * Inquire at 1004 Fral- For SALE-;b.,i.T iE L HORSE. WITH HABXESS . • a , d .Schuller In'-ber-wagon; horeo sound, kind. anJ for hauling lumber or any heajy work. Coll at4isJr'J;*»gj Hairisoo-st. Sunday or Monday. * Fob sale-a new phaeton, o*vr used s months, made to order, and Is guaranvqed to be oneofthennest-made ohacton* In Chicago: also har ness; will sell at a bargain for cash only; can dc seen at Morris* Aldlno square Uvtry on Vincennes-nv. Owner at 217 Stsic-st. Fob sale-a jpaik ot black 'cakbiaoe hones, 7 years of age, weight 500 pounds each, with top-buggy and harness; the linea outfit In Chicago; horse-jockeys or swamp-lot trader# need not apply. Address W 89, Tribune office. * FORSALE-CHEAP, ONE LEATHER TOV BUGGY, nearly new. Coin & Tcnbrocko make. J. MC DOWELL, 164 LaSallersL, Room 41 Bryan Block.; 170 P7 SALK-TOtm EXTBESS WAGONS. APPLY : to A BOOTH, comer Lake and bmc-ats. Fob sale-a gentleman's road team. g and 7 years old, 15 hands blglr, bright bays, trotted last season In 2:43 and Improving, cheap f»p cash only, ’nqulre at 320 North Frinklla-at., or 40 Nwth Clark- basement. F«r sale-side-bar buggy dittoed. Pile and shafts at Pcnnoyer & Co. Repository. J. Al>\.ms, 59 Dcarborn-st. • I?OR S-VLK—A 600 D HEAVY TRUCK, CHEAP FG* ? cash. Apply at 357 West Harrisoh-st. 1?OR GOOD WORK HORSES FROM COUN . try, 4 chvap horses. 2 single drivers, 2 spleniLd car riage horses, dumber wagon*, 4 set of double harness, ana 1 fine famfty horse, at 103 Hcnry-st., near Loomia. 1708 SALE-CHESTNUT HORSE 15 HANDS, 7 . years old, souncand gentle, stylish driver; can show 2:35; no record. Andreas W 21. Tribune olllce. 3 'TOR SALE -OR EXCHANGE FOB HEAVIER . horse, a line, young, handsome, sound, and atyush carriage horse. Inquire of JH 0, 105 North Dearborn. ITOR SALE—A GOOD SECOND-HAND LANDAU ; for $175. Room 0, 243 Sute-st. TTOR SALE CHEAP ONE GOOD HEAVY r draught horse, wagon, and good set heavy double harness; also one two-horse coal box-wagon and two coal carts; also two dheap work hones. 177 East Modi-, soD-SL, Roorou. ' ITINEBT STOCK DELIVERY AND BUSINESS . wagons In town; all seasoned stock; will trade for lumber and plastering. Pleaae call and examine. Paint ing and repairing equal to new. MARTIN’S Carriage Shop, 47 Wells-st. TTOR SALE-SPAN MATCHED BAT MARES: TROT JC in 3:15 together. Inquire at Commercial Hotel. FOR SALE—one BLACK DORSE. 7 TEARS old. Bood worker and driver, worth $l3O, win be mW iorsVJtX Call at 209 Kosjutb-st., between Butler onU Wallace. For sale-a coan & ten broekk adjustive top buggy. Dearly ncv. Can be seen at 105 East Washington**!. For sale-cheap—top and open side-bar roed-wagon, also one business buggy, at 4A U drldge-conrt. }70I! SALE-SPLENDID C SPRING PHAETON, . with large wheels, very cheap, cost $350, now good as new. Stable 154 West Waaclngton-Bt. For sale-three gentle man’skoadsteiis— One tnrts In 2:45, one In 3 minute*, one In 3:15: also, a very jtylwh dapple-gray coach team, 17 hands, very gentle, jnst from fine country, at 90 Twenty-second-st. For sale—stylish gentleman’s horse, 10W hand*; coal black? long, flowing tail and mane; warranted sound and gentle, 90 Tweniy-sccond-st. For sale-cheap-one top and one open buggy, finrt-clftsw make (end springs). Coil at 149 EnstMaufaon-st.. first floor. B. B. DUAPLK. i?OU SALE—A TERY~IIANDSdME, LARGE, PER- J: fcctly broke brown mare, aged s years; ibave used her In my family carriage two years; worth $500; price, SBOO. F. C. TAYLOR, 184 Dcarhorn-Bt. . ' For sale or trade—a fink black horse, that can trot in 3 minutes, for lot or merchandise. Address B 403, Tribune office. ' I" ?OR SAl£ SEVERAL FINE TOP AND BAR wagons, Brewster’s, our own make, and Goslings, —open and tons, in perfect order, used very little, at low prices. PENNO YEKA C0.,302 and 304 Wabaah-aV. T?OR ‘ SALE—CHEAP FOR CASH, OB WILL EX- J. *4»ange for horse, open or top business wagon, 1 L eprf phaeton. D. SAULPAUGIL ST and 5 9Scbool-g{. FOR SALE-ONE LIGHT THREE-SPRING NEAR- Iy new delivery wagon, In perfect order. Have no useforlt. Call at the barn corner Warren and Hoyna &TS. H. 0. GOODRICH. T7OR SALE—LEATHER-TOP BtJOOT, *9O. ALSO X one California top-bnggy, cheap. 193 est-Mon roe-st. For sale—a gooi> work make*, also one No. I sound young mare and good Newfoundland watch-dog. Call to-day or Monday at 193 East Twenty fourth-et. TX)R SAL'fe—ONE PIKST-CLA6S*SI£COXD-lIAM} jL. coupe harness, id good order, Gernun-BUyer meuu. silver-plated mounting*, by S. XAYLOR & CO., 71 Dearbonr-et- IX)K SALE—HORSE, HARNESS, AND OPEN BUO* gy. a; WRIGHTS 51ab1e..350 Rlnde^t- For sale-one op the finest road teams laUiecßy. {ußl?\Tcat Lakb-SL FR BALE—SEVEN TVOUIv HORSES* TTKISHT LIOO to L 600; two‘4ouMo wmgTO bam«^. we property of a man working for city. NO KwßAoje offer refused, .*vq W«*st. caofalOCKWCfit BlßSlsisfl<t-aa, « HORSES Aim CARRIAGES. T?OR SALE—AT BOTTOM PRICKS—ONE SECOND- X hand extension-top carriage, coat fc&VJ, tu good as new, will sell tor $450; four new and tour second-hand Slide-Beats; ten phaetons, ncwanrlsecond-hand; twenty top busies, new and second-hand; ten side-bars, with or without tops; two second-hand rockaways, as Rood ns new: two California wagons; two sulkies, one made hy Vandusen A Vaudusenberg. New York; cop grocery wagons; expre'es wagons, tarm wagons; carriage bar neys, buggy harness, farm barue*s,bus harncss,new and second-hand. One blocky bay mare. 1,250 pounds,soiuid and kind; one is-hand black coach mare; one very fine chestnut mare; one nice driving bay mare; one very nlco pony; six other horses, all warranted sound, and two days* trial given; ’one large span of mules. Money advanced on horses, haggles, and harness. Horses, buggies, grocery wagons, express wagons, and harness to let hy the day or week. Will Bell on monthly payments. Don’t fall to come and see me he fore you buy. H. C. WALKER, 257 and 250 state-st. FORSALE-AT LINNETO SALK STABLES, 42 Harmon-court, l,o«»-pound horse, sound, In good condition, and harness and buggy in good order, all tor Sloo; 1,2U0-pound true workhorse for S6O; one very handsome «-ycar old bay mare, a little aorc, good for farm use for one-third hervnlue. $oo; two-seated or democrat wagon, pole, and SI Is, cheap; new extra har ness. §2O. FOR SALE—3-SPRING COVERED WAGON, SUlT able for grocery or pajferwagbni will take buggy in part pay. Apply at 232 south Camu-st.. Monday. 170 fTsALE—TOIMJUG GY, ‘ NE W LAST JULY. ALL . sound, and newly painted; price SI2S, no less; cost §3OO. First stable on Michlgaa-av. south of Monroe-st. (PAYNE’S UvcryO TPOR ;SALE—AT A DECIDED BARGAIN, TWO X new phaeton buggies and the nobbiest side-bar la the city; also three second-hand buggies and one ex press wuguiu Must raise money, 11. RKIiEOPF, 02 West Lahe-at. I TOR SALE—A GOOD TOP BUGOT AND UAlt ness: will sell cheap. -Apply at Booth2l Reaper Block. .07 Clurk-st. 1?OR SALE-FOUR NO. 1 BUSINESS AND BUGGY horses, very cheap; will trade for painting or far ulturc; also one good single truck. 303 Carroll-av. For sale-a stylish dapple-gray horse, weight i,3»X), at two-xhlrds his value. Owner must leave city ilouday evening. KcarToT TTabasij-av. saLb-a‘FAjfiyr platfoi6i spbijig wagon, suitable for cigars, candles, and notions. Will sell cheap. Inquire at 271 East Mauisou-si. FOlT SALE—OESrS^FINE~SINGLE RIG COM pletc, all No. 1 aud stylish. 9, Tribune olflcc. For sale-at a sacrifice, the property of a butcher, 4 strung well-built work-horses; 2 mares lit for delivery wagons or buggy use; a large mare a little sore, tit for a farmer; also iriy butcher shop aud a.vcurce. Those In need of the above will do well to call at 371 West Flfteeuth-*t., one block cast of Blue Ihlami-av., to-day or to-morrow, os everything will b sold cheap. T7OR SALE-ONE 1-HORSE SPRING-TRUCK. §100; X one 2-hurtjc still-truck, §75. Apply to PHILIP HICKS, 107 Fultoo-sL I7OR SALE—TWO EXTRA COUPE HORSES. ONE . suitable for a lady to drive; also one fast trotting boric. W. B. KICU, cornerTblrtccath-st. and'Wabash. IJOR SALE-SINGLE set of good, second ; bond, rubber-trimmed, band-made buggy hornets, at Room 21 KeaiK-T Block. 170 It SALE—OR EXCHANGE-A GOOD FATING X' boarding-house; will take good bone and wupn for pan pay. Reasons for selling, sickness. Cull at 21 and asilubbord'Bt., comer Desplalnes. ITOR SALE—GOOD SECOND-HAND PiIATON. . Can be seen at score, lU7 Stato-st. TTOII SALE-A SECOND-HAND PHAETON BUG- X gy, Boston make (not a pfiaccon), harness, saddle, bridle, etc. ROBERTS, 215 State-st. I?OU SALE—CHEAP—LIGHT, 5-YEAR-OLD, FAST . buggy-horse, from the country yesterday; or would exchange for a cheap one. Call fQr two days at 714 Larrabee-st. fK)R SALE—TWO DOUBLE WAGONS, THREE single wagons, (wo double harnesses, two single harnesses, onogood work-horse. Inquire at 148 South Water-sc. For sale—a very fine carriage horse that Is not afraid of Hie cars, and Is safe for a ladd to drive; dapplu-gray, perfectly sound, 8 years old, any weighs 1,1100 pounds; one chestnut horse, 8 years old, and weighs 1.275; one brown marc that baa trotted better than 2:40. sound, and a good, kind driver; also, one 1,200-pounua horse, sound, andu good worker, for SBS, at 525 VlctorU-av.,- near Harmon Court. A. U. SANBORN, Agent. ]7OB sale-leatuer-top buggy, or will ; exchange for carpeu* and furuitnre, at 43 McAllis ter place, near Harrlson-st. and Ccntre-av. T7OK sale-sioo-square-box. leather-top X buggy. In good order, dirt cheap. WILKINS, Room 14, 145 La Sallo-st. TX)K SALE-LARGE HORSE; WORKS WELL, AND X Can go In 3 minutes; will be sold for half bis value; also truck and doable harness. No. 95 Abcrdeen-st. 170 R SALE— A GOOD, GENTLE HORSE. WITH : harness and top baggy complete, cheap for cash. Cull or address THOS. JTMAY, 149 East Madlson-st. T7OR SALE-A VERY GOOD SPRING TRUCK. 400' X South Clark-st. For sale or exchange—! have a matched span of geldings that will travel together In 3 min utevooe In 2:50; 16 bunds high, kind In all harness, and sound; park* set, chamber set, and a good safc4 Call at 500 abaah-av. ; . For sale or exchange-for two single drivers^—agootL serviceable pair of mares, between SuOand I,ooo pounds, with which a capped lever huut- Ing-caso gold watch will be given a*difference; none hut those having good travelers need apply. Inquire at 145 and 147 Sonia Sangamon-st. For sale—a horse, r years old, sound and Mod: also express and delivery wagon, nearly new; a set 01 harness only a few weeks worn, cost S4O; a democrat buggy, nearly new; a large 1 co-box, fit for grocer or butcher; 2 pairs of scales; awning and fix tures; 6 tea caddies, with other articles belonging to a grocery-store. Call or address 437 Centre-av. F)R SALE-2 VERY FINE ROAD HORSES FOR gentlemen drivers; also, one excellent draft horse for truck or lumber business; also, fine saddle horse, at MITCHELL’S Livery, 838 West Lake-st. . TXJR SALE—VERY CHEAP—A SINGLE TRUCK, X patent wheel and balanced reach, in good order. Call In the bam rear 308 West Jackson-st. For sale-a new first-class square box light open buggy in exchange for dry goods and men's clothing or good top buggy. Apply after Sunday. JOHN PALMER, 846 West Lake-st. TX)R sale—one large gray mare, weight. X 1,200; suitable fur expressing or teaming. Call in the rear of 330 West Adams-st. 170 R SALE— I VERY HANDSOME, ALMOST ; black pony, good under saddle or In phaeton, safe for ladies or cullareu. for cash. Southwest comer of Thirty-flfth-st. and Forrcst-av. I3OR SALE AT A SACRIFICE—t HEAVY WORK ‘ horses and 4 medium-sized hordes, buggy and bar nest, must be sold for cash at 346 Blue lalaad-ar. E” OR SALE-A NICE CANDY OR PEDDLER'S dragon, cost $l3O, will bo sold for $75. 353 North Wells-st. ■ I?OP. SALE—3 YACHT TOP BUGIES, 1 ROAD ; wagon, 1 heavy coal wagon, 1 single-spring wagon. 1 new dump wagon, 1 pair heavy draft horses, and har ness will be sold at u bargain. Apply at 6S-booth Clin ton-afc. TX)R SALE-HORSE SUITABLE ROB FAMILY OR A? perfectly kind and gentle. Also light ex £ress nalnted. sold only for want of use. i. D. MALLORY a OQ.. 114 West Raadolph-st. TTOB SALE-A SPAN OF BLACK MARES. LONG JC manes and tails: drive cither single or double; good drivers; accustomed to cars, and gentle. Apply at RANSOM'S Stables, comer of Wabasn-av. and Thirty firet-st. T7OR SALE-A TWO-SEATED CURTAINED ROCK -Ju away* In good condition. Can bo seen at BRAD LEY'S ofrriage-shop. comer of Twenty-second and State sta. WfU be sold cheap. TTOB SALE-A COAN & TEN BROEKE LEATHER- X: top buggy In good order and cheap. Apply at RANSOM'S stables, comer of Wabaah-av. and Thirty flret-st. FOR SALE-SINGLE-SEAT SIDE-BAR ROAD wagou. not a break or scratch about it: a beauty, and new, and made to order. Inquire or address 1337 Mithigan-ar. pOR SALE—UAMCLETONIAN GELDING 16 HANDS X rich, all sound and kind; bright bay, and can trot mlleiii3:4U; has no record. Address Q 83, Tribune rice. ♦ . P'R SALE-CHEAP-OR TRADE FOR 2-3EATED TCr -d buggy, «-4 horso-power engine and boiler, IrTiN,e ujed. Apply av2i3 and 215 Klntle-st. 17®J n^LL-CHEAP-NEWfI jyp SECOND-HAND fr T also one very one n vnr*« vauz on* at 4-U’aua c . av . * STOR5 TOR OF THE FINEST SADDLE • bones n CwUco; warranted sound, kind, tough, call from I2tp j o'clock, at R00m49,162 Waahfogton-tt Fob salb-very cheap, 3 stylish, well raade root wagon*. MITCHELL’S stables, 836 and 838 West Lakett. FR SALE—DIE NfW TOP BUGGY, ALSO TWO second-hand light delivery wagons, very cheap, at2G3 South Cana-at. poiNG EAST AND Wl-L SELL NO. 1 SIDE-BAR \JT rortd-wagoaandilngloianiegaforhalf price. Ao plytoChracr, 284 : *' G' "OOP PASTURE, WITH bUDE AND WATER, AT WIHow Seringa, Cook C in . Inquire of H. ALEXANDER 168 Washington Horse wanted-good horse? one nsed to cltv. Any pmy bai n tf such horse that can recommend for lodtca or gtjjeraan’a mw, good speed, can addieas Z 4, Tribune olHs_ J. EDWARDS' CAKRIAGE ifjPOT REMOVED • from Wabftsh-ar. to 400 West where the trade can be supplied with ijmnjles at the lowoat wholesale prices. . mo EXCHANGE—FINE BU GG Y-HORin.HARNESS ■Aiisa!sg*issat^fsißssa& I WANT A HORSE OR HORSES AND I.ARNE3 .for a choice lot of evergreens. Call, at Hoorn £ Metropoltaa Block. ’ 7VTTLK-VTAGON AND HARNESS, CHEAP. FOB ili or exchange for aoreea. 417 Wdkt Madi*m*at. TVTEWTOP SIDE BAR AND BUSINESS BUGGIES. 1\ 1 toe curtain rockaway: also several sceood-huid buggleJ and carriage*. E, D. TUCKER, 71 and 73 Tweut f -»econd-st. YCvr'faST HORSE. ONE CHEAP HORSE, ONE (I tAin Ut»r»e, at a sacrifice, at 413 Van Buren-st, CHAiLBS BOONSTAND, ftt 413. T~7TLET-MY HORSE, NICE TOP BUGGY, AND Umess. Horse is fast but gentle; my wife drive* himiverywhere. Will loan to responsible and careful ladvor gentleman from 10 to 4 daily, for part of coat of keeVog- Addreas Z 33, Tribune office. —VO COVERED BUGGIES. TWO OPEN BUGGIES, two-seated democrat wagons, very cheap for cash. Cone make me an oiler. 1159 West Madison- *t. JUMP-SEAT. OR >V phaeton la exchange for gold watch- Addicts NB9, Tribune office. WANTED-- HORSE AND BUGGY, OR LIGHT 'V doyrerj - wagoo« f»r good, clear real eatiUe, well Ucated. CttlVor address. 99EastMadlaon-st.. Boom 4» rrrANTED—DIRT WAGON IN PERFECT ORDER; W state price. Ac. H.FISHER, 230 North AaMand-aT. ANTED—A SMALL GENTLE PONT, FIT FOB a boy to ride. Utu» be cheep for cash. Apply 4t 204 North ilalsted-gt. ANTJ BHGOT FOP. EECTING W by a responsible party; light work; Inc to pay some rent for boggy- Address K Tzlbuac fijANTED-A GOOD HORSE ATO BUOOT; WILL VV pay In stores, at store-boose, ISO Lftke-»t. T^TAVTKD^rSICE PHAETON. AN3> ONE OR Ay two bones, for which I will girt a business worth doable tbelr rtloe. Room 18, g» Dearbom-st. iffjSTKD-orE;: boggy is exchasoe foi: W agooddrivlns horse, orwnj u elW8 »- Address "WISS. Centre-»v., near UadUon-st __ XATASTEII—TO BUT FOR CASH. A ?KGOXD- W band pliae too; mint He »tontala. Address Ji Tribune office.. . . . . -* ■ AS TED-GOOD BOUND BOKS* IS EXCHAHGE tor carpenter work, or win pay part call, part Oa Address T U, Tdiwntxdaco. MORSES AND CARRIAGES. TITANTED —A GOOD II0RS5; MUST BE A GOOD V> stepper and free from hemUh; state size, color, and lowest price. Address S 43, Tribune office. TITANTED—THE BEST SISOLE-BUGGV HOUSE IN »i the city for the price. Applyto S. A WEST «& CO., comer LaSalle and OhD-*ts. TITANTED-SIDE-BAR VAG ON—A FIRST-CLASS >V side-bai top wason; be cheap for cash, Ad dress, stating maker and price. 0 70, Tribune office. TXTANTED—FOR THE SUMMER-GENTLEHORSE >f and hiczy, or puecoo, for the keeping. Address S ea,Tnt»oneoflx*c. : XirANTED-HORSE AND COVERED WAGON FOR VV thei tecSn? wUiW if soluble after fair trlaL Address K 32, rribuac efilce. TITAKTED-A GENTLEMAN'S' BOAD,HQRSB. AP VV ply to SA.MUEL HUTCH IN a, I«7 Jlichigaa-ar. T\rAKTKI>-GOOD FAMI& - HOUSE AKL» BUGGY \V for flwi-clajs lota at Soutb Englewood. Address -ill at v Yaltut-st- * ■ It 37VT> or calf WT’ANTEIJ—I* EXCHANGE FOR MONEXoAND A Y V second-haul phaeton and two alee village lots W miles from ctl«;&So, a-pair of horses suitable for car* rtageoranlceiquare*bOTctopbnggy, Apply at L. tu baan-av. TTTANTED-A GENTLEMAN’S RIG, HORSE. IIAR -1V ness, aid top carriage, worth not leas than soUU; as first payment on best corner lot, ICO feet front, at Evanston proper. Address W 85. Tribune office. TTrAiTED—NEW OR SECOND-HAND PHAETON; W will pay all cash, or part cash and exchange a nearlynew square-box top-buggy. Address E, north east turner LaSalle and Madison, first floor, TirANTED—A SECON'D-IIAND PHAETON, HAR VV ness, and oulctpony, suitable for a lady to drive, or would lake phaeton and harness alone: will pay cfsh, and must he a bargain. Call at or address 367 TVcst Congrcss-st. ■ WANTED-FO* CABH-A NO. 1 BUSINESS horse, weight about 1.000 pounds; must be per fectly fair roadster, not afraid of cars. Ap ply at or address southwest corner of Forrcst-av. and Thlrty-Ofth-g. GOOD. ACTIVE, LOW*PRICED PONY tv whßh will stand without bitching. Address P 54, Tribune office. ■nfANTED-A SMALL HORSE FOR LARGE Yv work-horao (1,200 ns); also phaeton for good baslncas buggy. Coal office, 582 Caual-st. ALFRED hill. • ________ WANTED— A GOOD HORSE-THREE MINUTES preferred; wIU pay cash, or trade top buggy. Call at H 59 Sooth Canal-st. IL J. CAREY. WANTED— 1 WANT TO BUY CHEAP FOR CASH >V - a pony phaeton and harness. Address X 43, Tribune office. - T\T ANTED—PAIR HORSES AND WAGON IN EX YY change for 8U acres of land In Plymouth County, lowa, value SSOO. Address or call at 1510 Wahash-av. YirANTED —A - GOOD HOUSE AND BUGGY. YV Must be cheap. 35 Ohlo-st. , TiTAjfrED— A SOUND HOUSE. "WEIGHING HE* VV tween doo and 1,200 n>s, for delivery wagon. Most be cheap for cash, at si and 53 Flfth-av. WANTED— TO BUY FOU CASH. A LARGE 11UUM4 for coupe carriage. Must be sound and perfectly klud, and suitable for ladles to drive. Call at 58 Twea ty-eighth-at., any night between 6 and 7. FRANK 1. WILSON. TfTAXTBD-A GOOD OP£X FAMILY CARRIAGE. VV 'Wilt exchange light top buggy or pay cash, If Call or adorws S3B 'West Lakc-st. cheap. "WANTED—FOR CASH AND REAL ESTATE, A W No. 1 business liorae, or whole riff. D. THRESH ER, 445 West Jackson-st. WANTED— A COUPE HOUSE; MUST HE VERY stylish ami bare fine action, show Monday morn* In? at stablu corner Wabaah-av. and Tblrty-first-st. DOWNS. • .{ Horses for sale, one for S4O, one for rx SSO, one for $75, one for sr>o; to be seen at 729 West MadUon-st.; and a good shepherd dog. ■WILL BUY A VERY NICE, KIND RIDING tIDOI/ pony, gentle for a little boy or girt. Apply Monday at stable In rear of 1801 BUSB-Xr.SS GRANGES. A A -YOUNG OR MIDDLE-AGED MEN OF good character and full of energy to take charge of my business in other cities; S2OO to SSOO cash required. Room 18, 09 Dcarborn-st. A MERCHANT DOING A FIRST-CLASS RETAIL business, having now a capital of about $20,000, will take a partner with an amount sufficient to nu-et the Increasing demands of trade. Address R 15, Trib une office. AN OLD ESTABLISHED MERCANTILE FIRM would accept a partner, either general or special with from SIO,OOO to sls,ouu. Address Rs, Tribune office. A CONFECTIONERY, TOY. NEWS, NOTION, cigar and tobacco stock, with fixtures, etc., for sale; stock new within twelve months, and bought at lowest price for cosh 1 best location in city, near schools and church: attended to now by a lady; seven living rooms, four of which rented will pay hair rent; si,Cw cash and S3OO trade. This Is a genuine business. Ad* dress H C. Tribune office. A BIG CHANCE TO MAKE THOUSANDS ON AN Investment of $500; legitimate business. Address W, Tribune office. AN OLD ESTABLISHED BAKERY FOR SALE, with horse, wagon, and route. 889 WeA Lake-st. A CHANCE FOP. A MAN TO GO INTO FIBST cIom saloon business for a small sum of money by calling Immediately ut the corner of Franklin and Ran dolph-sta. AN INTEREST IN A PRACTICAL STREET-CAR starter for sale, which is fully secured by letters Latent. Liberal arrangements will be made with par es having means and influence. A working model ex hibited. Call or address, stating where’an Interview can be had, J. CLAUSE, 31 South Canal-st., Chicago. A BARK CHANCE FOR A YOUNG LIVE MAN TO secure a controlling Interest in an office manufac turing business In Philadelphia; S2OO cash only re quired; pays SOO a week. Room 83 Exchange Building, corner Washington and Clark-sts. A MILLINERY STORE FOR SALE. ON ACCOUNT of death. 233 Clybourn-av., corner Orchard-st. Sale as reasonable as possible. AJ,W- AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE store; with horse and wagon, tor sale. Inquire at 247 Cottage Groxe-av. - Abstract books of. lee county, ill. the purchaser having failed to complete his contract and the deposit being forfeited, they will be sold at a big bargain. THOMAS ± CO.. 194 Clark-st. A GOOD BUSINESS FOB SALE. GOOD REASON for selling. Address N n t Tribune ofllce. A RAKE CHANCE, SUCH AS IS SELDOM OF fered, to a party with S2OO cash, manufacturing business. L. P. SWIFT A SON, 79 Dearborn-st., Room 14. A LARGE HALL IN GOOD LOCATION, SUITA bIe for beer and bltllard room, with use of piano, billiard table, chairs, bar. counter, beer tables, Ac., to rent at S4O per month. Apply at iso South Halsted-st., or 194 South Clark-st., or «2 Wrlght-st. J. O’UERN, agent. ■gUSISESS CHANCES— BIG BARGAINS or trade. sl7, OOG-Flrst-clawr harness with szocZ ot goods. sxo,cu>—A flour-mill, also saw-mill. SSOO to $2, or jo— Saloons and billiards. SI,OOO—A line confectionary and candy store. $2. uxh-A splendid commission business. S2OO to ssoi>-Meat markets. Upwards of 300 others from SSOO to $35,000. Come and see os If you have got money <St anything to trade, we will do business had as the times arc. THOMAS Ss CO., 194 Clark-st. T>AKERT AND CONFECTIONERY DEPOT (GOOD JL> trade) cheap for cash- 172 North Wells-st. nONFECTIONEBfr^S'EWS, AND CIGAR STORE for sale; for a good baKor or a right business man one of tne best places on the North Side; AddrcS9p22, Tribune office. The place is northwest comer of Hal stedandSophla-sts., near St. Joseph’s Hospital; take Lorrabee-st. cars. • COAL OFFICE, HORSES, CARTS, SCALES. ETC., recently occupied by HOWARD &CO., corner Ca nal and Harrison-sta., will be sold at Constable’s sale to-morrow* (Monday) at 10 o’clock. One of the best re tail points in the dry. CORNER GROCERY AND SALOON TO RENT; stock and llxturcs, with horse and wagon, forsak cheap. No. 214 Aberdecn-st. DRUG STORE FOR SALE. GOOD CASH Busi ness; good reason for selling. ‘Will take half In Improved real estate. Inquire at 080 West Madlson-st, TABDG STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALK; s33o* Addras Druggist wanted—druggist, methcat. student, or young man, with S3OO, as partner in my drug store; business established. For particulars address 0 S 7» Tribune office. Drug store on west side, doing a prof liable trade, for sale. No trade. Address a 78, Tribune office. FOR SALE-CIGAR STORE ON WEST SIDE, Es tablished three years, and has a good run of trade; will sell cheap for cash. Address P Si, Tribune office. F>R SALE-AT A GREAT SACRIFICE—THE FUR nltorc and lease of one of the best hotel* la the city, 100 rooms, rent, SIOO, furniture nearly new. Must be sold. A bargain to the right man. Inquire of K. w. LOWELL, Barnes House, corner Randolph and Canal sis., Chicago. FOR SALE—photograph gallery in GOOD location, doing a good business: will .tako part la trade. TRUESDELL* BROWN. For sale—a good meat and vegetable market, or half Interest of retiring partner; busi ness established, aud location finb-claas on Wes£ Side. Address W 7. Tribune office. 170 R SALE— ONE OF THE MOST DESIRABLE TEA ; stores In Chicago; stock perfectly fresh, and Include ail grades of teas In general demand, as well at coffees and spices; the stock and fixtures will Invoice about $1,009; will take SSOO, as the proprietor cannot attend toll. J. 31. QUINN AGO., Sand 10 Dearbom-st. TX)R SALE-OR EXCHANGE-STATE RIGHTS OF Griswold’s patent lamp filler. New, novel, and full GRISWOLD, 64 West Kandolph-at. TT^ASALE—S6,OOO-GEN*EI*.AL STOCK OF GOODS f; Jtrhrood cash business In a live town. To the right l»a»ptendld opportunity to step Into paying have cash and secured paper. Satis given for selling. Address & 84. Trlb- F°f?r r^I««? AP r OKCASIIORIy EXCHANGE aitedtv. InqulrS loMtw corner Mloon anely —-358 and 380 niuo M»nd-»r. GAIiEEi' TO premise*. 95 knot connection. Apply on F°?n?AunV™mln (KD FIXTURES ANT) TEN oitr. Inquire for three daof the best locations la the H bakery and confcctloncrAND FIXTURES OF A BRADY*SCOTT, 702 West Dre. Refer to Messrs. For sale-a soda-wat£%— =♦— — consisting of. generator. f» Q MANUFACTORY, chlnery, Ac., will be sold at a bin?? 103 * wagons, ma offloe. . **l. T i. Tribune Foil SALK—CItEA?—KTCIvELPLa— miming order, wl b power. SHOP, UT given. Address NICB2I* care Tlhane.' u * Reasons FOP. SALR—ONK-IIVI.F IXTUIEST IV established, »e!l hiring buslaitTKme A WELL tj capable of attcndlnfto the bogs and havlng.V'iS; cun need applp. Through UTeei;ca:t,,oTe Satisfactory rauou fr selling. Addre*? «?h *£i name, Y a>. Trthime dice. w “° *>»! T?OR SALE—ASADON* SITUATm OV TTTP r toathwert cornerotodiana and MaßceLJUs?a or 4 barrel Ice-bor. Gd reason for sclW. toeolre at tbs Above* m *“* ,urn ifUli SALE-STOCK i>’D_ FTXTt7KEo - OF THE J; cigar store 2*6. 74 sth Haistcd-at., in quire on tpft prCnltflcs. '-cap. in " raOT BUSINESS CHANCES. For sale-an old established boarding hemtm in desirable location on South SWe; has now nbotitt?* pc»nanent boarders; terms reasonable; parf some board, balance In monthly payments, 01 real estate; reason for aeninirlllnefis of present pro* prletor. Apply to or address PRINTER, Room 0, 151 Clark'St. I?OR SALE—SBS BUYS THE HANDSOMEST LIT* ? tie confectionery and frnic parlors lathe city, la t popular place of amusement; business and picas trrt combined. Satisfactory reasons for selling Addresi V 2S, Tribune office. For sale-saloon and restaurant, doing a good business, comer State and Qulncy-sta. Fort SAXE—OiI RENT—A LAUNDRY DOING A pood business for sale cheap for cash. Apply at No 1W South Dcsplalnes-st. - • For sale-a rood cash-paying dining. room, well famished: part cash, balance good so curlty. FOr particulars addresa 03, Tribune otUce. * SALK-DRUG STOIiFfIN A THRIVING Clli A of Central Illinois; stock from $3,000 to $4,000; good reaaora for wishing to sell. Address Brevoori House, Chicago, care W. H. URAY. THIRST-CLASS SALOON AND RESTAURANT, X tfood location, half blocs from depot, established la iffTA for sale cheap for cash, inquire at 257 south Clanc-st., In the grocery. For sale-a laundry, address Charles D. LhMCKK. Monis, Hi. FOR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OP No tions. news, and stationery storC; must be sold within the next ten days. Inqnfre atMOWahosh-av. • For sale-op. rent-horse-hioeing shop. where s good business la established; reason fOf selling, party leaving the city. Apply at 2£> West Lake-st, For sale—lease and furniture of a Koodpaylnghooscon.leffersoa-st,, near Madison. Address w Gl, Tribune office. For”sale-a"good, first-class laundry, doing a good business; owner going to leave the oily. Address Y at), Tribune office. ■ , For sale-tea and coffee store cheat for cash, doing a good business; good reason given for selling. Can nt en South Canol-at, , . ' . F" OR SALE-STOCKOI*GROCERIES. connected with saloon: half cosh, balance real estate; and store to rent.. Address W 42, Tribune office. Grocery and saloon for sale, 174 north Ellzibeih-st. ■ riOODOPKNING FOR ICE-CREAM RESTAURANT. 17 sign and house painter, and photographer, hi beri suburban town. Call at 130 Dcarbom-at., Room 7. . Grocery" store^foii”sale cheap, doing a good business, wholesale and retail, with living rooms; rent, sls permonth; reason for selllngalck* ness. Inquire at 33t> South Dcsplalnes-st. - • TTOTKL FURNITURE FOR SACE-A I LIRE XI chance. In the centre of business, full of hoarders and transients; rent low; cause for selling, death of wife; price $2,500, half cash, balauce timo or trace. Address X 03, Tribanc office. ' • I HAVE AX OFFICE BUSINESS, TERT PROFIT* able and safe: carry o rtocJc of SI,OCV; will sell bah Interest at cost for cash. No bonus. No experience re* qulrcd. References, etc. 100 East Raudulph-«U, Room 20. . I WILL SELL TO A CASH OR SHOIfT TIME BUTEB my stock of boots and shoes, domestic dry eoodi, and groceries In a live town, doing a good business; stock s4.uuu, dean and new. Address H. X. HARRIS, Dwight, ID, ' I WANT TO SELL MY STORE, DOING A GOOD cosh business. Will taka part la good clear real es tate. Address Q 17, Tribune office. LUNCH-HOUSE FOr'saLE VERY CHEAP; IN _ beat plsceln city. Address W 32. Tribune office. Meat, fruit, and vegetable market for sale. Old-established, first-class trade. New fixtures In modern style- Best refrigerator In the city. Two teams, kettles, press, ete., etc. A bargain for the right man who means to bay for cash; ** no others need apply” to E, F. COMSTOCK, Room 40 Metropolitan Block. MEN THAT HAVE MONEY OR PROPERTY which they wish to Invest In a good paying busl ness In lowa, Minnesota, and Michigan, can at Room 4 Ashland Slock. • SALOON FOR SALE—THE BEST IN THE CENTRE of the city, cheap for cash. If taken before June 1. Good reasons given for selling. Address Q 50, Tribune office. SALOON FOR SALE ATIA SACRIFICE, DOING A good business, with two pool tables and oue billiard table, with saloon furniture complete, at G 77 Archer- SALOON DOING A GOOD BUSINESS. WITH house, barn, and lot, for sale at a bargain. Rare chance,. Come and Investigate, iiai West Madlson-st. C ALOON FOR SALE CHEAP, OR WILL SELL FIX- O tore; are first-class. Inquire at 10 Potk-at. CALOON AND FIXTURES FOR SALE AT I3Q O East Van on premises. ' CTOCK AND FIXTURES OF CIGAR AND CONFKC kj Uondry store, Ice-box. awning, eto., for sale cheap. Inquire at 138es&Lake-st. rpUB (ICl) ESTABLISHED LADFDBT IS NOW X for rent, 152 East Elghteenth-st. Kent Cheap and In good running order. The fixtures op an established meat market for sale cheap; retails four and five cauls per week. Rent with dwelling sls per month!- Inquire 85 455 Weft OhiO-Bt. . fPO PRINTERS—A SMALL PRINTING-OFFICE X dirt cheap for cash. T 92, Tribune office. . WANTED-A LADY (DOCTRESS .PREFERRED 1 with a small capital to go Into a business whtel will pay about 350 per cent. A home if desired. Applj at 371 North Franklln-st. VTTANTED—PARTY WITH SSOO OR MORE, PROFII Vv sioo per cent sure. Party controls his money. Address TRADE, Tribune office. . . TT7ANTED-A GOOD MAN OR WOMAN WITH S3U > V to SSOO to go In with me as silent or attlve part ner in a respectable, paying bcslfieas. Address T 87, .Tribune office. ' ■ ■ TfTANTED-A MAN WITH MEANS AND BUS I- Tv ness tact to help develop an enterprise that bai money in It. References given and required. Address Q4B, Tribune office. Tt/ANTED-PARTY OPEN MEAT MARKET AT \> Hlghwood; 73 families, and no market. £ ASHLEY MEAKS, 40 Iteaper Block. . TtrANTED—PARTY OPEN DRY GOODS AND VV drng-storo at Hlghwood. E. ASHLEY 46 F.eaperßlock. - : TTTANTED—PARTY KEEP HOTEL AND SUMMED ff boardlne-honse at Hlghwood, commanding posi tion In full Tic w ofLake. S. MBARS, 48 Reaper Block. &Q7~ CASH WILL BUY A NEAT. ESTABLISHED (pO t O paying basinets. D, M. GRAHAM, 123 Dear* obm-BC. - WILL BUY ENTIRE OUTFIT AND BEST tlytJU canvassing agency la Chicago; also, 51Su will buysevea furnished lodging rooms complete. PAUL 80BOLESKI. 64 West Ramiolph-st. ■ rn WILL BUY A GOOD PAYING BUSINESS nDJ.UU wanted In hotels* stores, and ‘famine*. 173 -Clark-st.. Boom 11. - CASH WILL BUY A GOOD. PAYING. well-stocked cigar business. Corner store. Reason for selling; Hi health. Inquire at 143 >lll waukee- nx. - (8* 1A A WILL BUY CRACKER ROUTE. HORSE. tuF-tUL/ wagon, and harness; good opening fur j young man. Call Monday forenoon at bakery comer misted and Foltoa-sts. WILLETB. . dhonn WILL BUY TWO LUNCH WAGONS, ATI wJiUU tachcd. on southeast corner Randolph ami LaSalle-sts., or wal sell half Interest to good party who understands running It. Clearing $6 per day. . BUYS HALF-INTEREST IN CASH RUSI €i)\J\JU ucsSpaylng S4OO monthly. If you hare the money, call at 70 LaSalle-at.. Room 14. <J>-| onn WILL buy A GOOD MAKUFACTUR. rDi.Oul/ ing business la wood; machinery- In working order. Ararc chance. Address R 94, Tribune office. • ■. fro AAA buys half-interest in cash business, well established. Lost year's rifles $200,000; Drrtlta, $lO, 000 yearly. Can or address 70LaSalle-st., Room 14. • Cm AAA Gash buys a legitimate busi -Oi:.UUu ness, clearing SSOO per month. Satis factory reasons given for selling. KELLY, 114 West Madlson-st. fr -r AAA to siaooo-coOD opening fob an tDU.V/UU energetic man; a competent medical man owning a controlling interest la an Institute char tered br the State of Illinois,combining the advantages of a college, hospital, dispensary, ana drug-store, de sires to treat wlta a party having about $5,000 to siu.- 000 capital to Invest man enterprise which will pro duce large dividends. Need not be a medical man. Address tj4, Tribune office. , INSTRUCTION. AN EXPERIENCED LADY TEACHER, EDUCATED la Europe, gives Instruction on the piano. Term* reasonable; references. 220 West Madlsba-su, Boom 28, second floor. AN EXPERIENCED MUSIC TEACHER WANTS A few scholars In vicinity of Douglas-pßce and Via ccnnca-ar. Address 82 Vlncennes-av. INSTRUCTION— I AM NOW PREPARED TO GIVB instruction In landscape pain ling at my residence; will allow pupil* to copy my most valuable production*. Those wishing to availthemselves of this most rareop portunlty please call or address ARTUrT, No. 24 Og den-sv. TNSTRUCTION GIVEN IN LANDSCAPE PAINTING X. by Daniel Kotz. Cal! at Room 23 Block, comer Washington and Dear bo rn-ats. ' TriNTJEROARTEN-MISS WINNER WILL OPEN XV a branch Kindergarten and Primary School, con tinuing through the Bmnmer, at the Lakeside Lodge-' rooms, on Tmrty-flrst-st., comer Indlana-av., com- 1 menclng May 29. under the charge of her moat excel lent assistant. Mist Nellie Foster. ProTloua to opening applications can be made at Kindergarten Hall. 693 Wabash-ar. T ESSONS IN LATIN, FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPAN- j Aj tab, and Portuguese. Terms reasonable, and > everything satisfactory. References; Cb. M. Hertlg, I attpmey-at-law. KcTjj)r. Reynolds, of Oak Park, etc. Address A. AKRIGONT, 45 Otis Block, LaSalle-st. ■ i Prof, d., n south wood-st., near siadi- ! soa-at., piano, roca! culture, Frcacit, Latin, etc. j Singing la English, Italian, French, etc., by .the month. | CITDATION: WANTED—BT A YOUNG LADY O competent to teach the English branches; also French. German, and music to beginners. Best city references given. Charge of children la the country preferred. Address X9i. Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED—BT A LADY (GRADUATE O of Cornell University) experienced In teaching, for next fall: specialty, Greek; best references. Ad dress R S 3, Tribune ofilcc. ITT ANTED - LADIES AND GENTLEMEN TO vv leant telegraphy. Tuition paid after situation la secured. Gardner House Telegraph College. IQEDICAIm DR. G. A. BISHOP, MAGNETIC HEALER, 456 Weak Randolph-n., Chicago. Neuralgia mil rhematlsm cart'd without drugi Diseases of the lonia, kidneys, and Hrer treated with unvarying iacceta. Profuse perspiration produced by manipulations sionu Immediate relief given In the wont cues of female weakness, from whatever cause or however long stand* inpv and permanent care made where ail other means have failed. Correct diagnoses mado of the most ol>- scare diseases. Consultation free. Office boon, lo fot M/ MAGNETIC AND BCXECTIO • dlseaao a ipeclaltjr, 213 %TMt Madtoon-at., Everett Moms, Boom <3. ■ Mbs. lan'dto, skilt.ful uldt physician - . treat* all female <llseaaet dllflctiltlc*. Special attention paid during confinement. Patlenta accommo dated with rooms and board at noWest Vanßurc^etl" X> heumatism—dr. j. McCarthy, es butb d- 1 ' Island-ar., guarantees to core rtionmatiem in t£ree daya. _ • . AGEimrs wasted; A QJUII'B WASTED -TO SELL STAPLE GOODS IX Xa. cotmtry towns U> merchant. Call at a Wnwi, v<z.xhomebos. - 15

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