Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1876, Page 16

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 21, 1876 Page 16
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16 ti EfrTAxa The Dullest Doan Market Known for Six Months. The Sales of the Week Few and Unimportant. Ike Sale of the Dore Block Fails to Be Consummated. New Subdivisions —Suburban • Transfers —Miscellane- ous. THE LOAN MARKET. EEMI-ANN D ILJ) ULLNES9- The past week has been the dullest known for fix months past The offers of money at low rates do not bring out the necessary demand, and it seems now that capital will have to look for some other Investments than mortgages. There has been an evident tendency for some time past to place money In stocks, bonds, and iccuritics of that nature, and this la growing stronger. r _ . . , . Good railroad stocks, county and State bonds, are in demand, and in connection with Govern ment securities arc gradually depleting tho loan market. The temptation to capital to engage in - other lines of business with the hopes of a more considerable return is one of tho probable fca- Vires of the near future. The instruments filed for rceonfluivn been few in number and unimportant fn amount. Actual loans have formed a very small propor tion of the aggregate. To secure part purchase money of property, trust-deeds hare been filed toTering the Covcll farm amounting to ever |35 000. To secure commercial Indebtedness one' instrument figures at *25,000, covering 4 acres of land In Ottawa, 111. Vety few loans have been negotiated amounting to *IO,OOO yir-v Evanston property secured one of those Turns, on three years’ time at 10 per cent, and a Bared of land at or near tbe intersection of Reuben street and the river secured another ,10,000 on five years’ time at S per cent. Obadiah Huse has given a mortgage to the new Insurance company called tho Firemen's »n four lots at Rogers' Park to secure a note of Jr 800 due in five years at 8 per cent interest. Elias E. Bowen also figures as a mortgagor to Ihe same company, giving as security Lots oS and 59, Cottage Grove Addition, to insure the payment of a note for $3,000, five years’ time. Interest 8 per cent. COXPABATIVE STATEMENT TOB TUB WEEK BSDC.O MAY 20. ' ' 1870. jj 1575. Instrument*. *— - * ’ ' Xo. Ao. \ C % nH6rat a Trust-deeds... . 174$ 335,52013811$ 590,93 S Mortgages 33j 50,000, 63| X17,4*0 Aggregate 507$ 391,820 j 344*31,008,077 Mcawb 210 . I -SOI , fOXTABATIVS STATEJIEIfT FTOTX MAT 1 TO MAT 20. * ‘ 187(3. f 1875. Instrument*. ] -: —.. ''” A o. j Cntidra?n\ Xo. | C % iMraVn Fnurtidwds.... 000|$ 1,504,213 i 814j33,160,007 Mortgages 1181 183,3121 lolj 307,7-0 Aggregate .... 724 51,067,523| 0C5j52.n85.423 Beluiei Cs4{ I S2o| SAIiES OP THE "WEEK. FEW TRANSACTIONS OF INTEREST* In the sales consummated during the present reek, and reported below, there are none that Excite particular attention- The event of most Interest In real estate circles has been the can cellation of the sale announced some time ego nf the Dore Block by Sir. Kickerson. The pur chasers failed to make good their title to the Riverside property to be taken In the trade, and 't was consequently declared “ off." The principal sales of the week were as fol lows: . C. W. Gifford sold & boure and left on Mlchl gra avenue, near Twenty-ninth street, for $12,- Mlllard £ Decker sold northeast comer ofDrexcfi boulevard and Maplewood avenne for SIO,OOO. William Kerr sold to O. S. A. Surname the east Hof Lot 21, Blocks, Wright's Addition to Chica go, for $20,000. M. a Baldwin sold lot on Prairie avenue, south of Twenty-ninth street, for $7,000. _ Redmond Prindiville sold 125 feet on CSTumest avenue, south of Thirty-second street, for $12,- A Bond purchased GCB feet at the comer of Oakley avenue ann Moore street for $10,300. Ira Brown purchased bouse and lot on Park svo nue, east of Ashland avenue, three-story and base ment, octagon stone-front, for $12,000. U P. Smith sold house and lot on Aldlne square Co Mary L Hildreth for SIO.OOO. Charles Cleaver sold to F. B. Hinckley 239x340 feet on Ellis avenue, 300 feet south of Oakwood avenue, for $43,750. Ira Brown sold cottage and three lots at Glencoe to John England for $1,000; six lots at Park Bldgs to Alonzo Chapman for $1,300, and a lot si Dea nlalnes for S2OO. * , _ . • LoringA. Chase sold a two-story and basement octagon-front house on the comer of Ellis and Brooks avenues for $0,500. . E. S. Dreyer sold lot on Porqncr street, near CanaL for $1,150, and two lots and cottage on Burling street, nefir Webster avenue, for $2,200. J G Huszagh has sold 27 05-100 acres at Jeffer* som being Blocks 3, 12, 13, 14, 15,10, and 17, in Waldemar’s Subdivision of part of Caldwell s Re serve, for $13,825; No. 207 Chicago avenue, three story and basement bouse, and lot 20x125, for Keeney & Co. have sold 100 feet fronting west on Congress street, at South Evanston, south o ( Cedzie avenue, for $5,000. satcbday’s toaksixbs. The following instruments were filed fdar record on Saturday, May 20: CITT PEOrniTT. Chicago av, 79 ft wof Noble st, nf, 25x 125)4 ft, dated May 20 S 1,500 Wabaah av. 65 7-10 ft n of Eighteenth at, e f, 50x191K ft. dated May X 15,000 Tan Boren at, 199 ft w of Loomis at, n f, 75x1719-10 ft, and Wert Congress at, 199 ft e of Damn at, a f, 50x1710-10 ft, Jackson at, 198 4-10 ft w of Loomis at, n f, 60x188 8-10 ft, and Van Boren at, 200 ft eof Laflin at, a f, 50x188 8-10 ft, dated May 12...;.... 17,000 Booth Dearborn at, 400 ft a of To enty ulnth at, a e f, 25x120, dated May 11... Arnold at, 504 ft a of Thirty-fifth at, w f. 24x120 ft, dated May 19...; 1.050 Iraingplace, 1208-10fta of Polk at, w 1,53x126ft, dated May 13 - 2,000 Clark at, 17234 ft n of Belden av, n a f, 20x140 ft, dated May 18----------- S ' 3lß Langley av, 235 ft nof Thirty-eighth at, el, aiMilOlM ft, dated April 10 12,000 Harvard at, 488 ft e ofWishtenaw av, n f, 50x12434 ft, dated May 17 1,000 Polk at, a e comer Wood at, w f, 125x12a • ft, dated March 29 7,500 Lake at, 216 8-10 ft frontage in block at nw comer of San Francisco at, dated __ May 19 10.000 Congress at, 76 9-10 ftw of Hermitage av, afT 19x100 ft, dated May 16 6,500 Dayton at, 155 ft a of Sophia at, w f, 20x 125 ft, dated May IS 4,000 On street 268)4 ft wot California avand 141 ft n of Van Boren at, e f. 25x126)4 ft, dated May 20 800 Eobey at, 137 ft s of Van Bnren at, w f, 30 3-10x125)411, dated May 14, 1873.. 2,500 Western av, 105 ft a of Indiana at, iv f, 26x130 ft, -with bonding, dated April 26 3,000 Lytle st, ISO ft a otTaylorat, vr f, 18x125 ft. dated Dec. 28, 1872 3,500 Mohawk at 140 ft n of North av, e f, 24J4 xl2o ftdated Sept. 1. 1870 TOO •OVTB OF CITT XIXITS O'ITBIK A KADrca OF BETSS muss or coubt-bouee. Mia av, 60 ft a of Brook at, e f, 201105 ft, dated May_l9....°- st)o SOMMABI or IBASSFEBS FOE THE WEEK. The following Is the total amount of dty and BUburban transfers within a radios of 7 ratios ol tbe Court-House, filed for record, during the ■weekending Saturday;May 30: atymles,!»; consideration, *615,496; north of efty■ touts, sales, 4; consideration, limits, sales/21; consideration, *134,933. Total sales, US- Total consideration, *757,404. MISCEIiIiAIfEOTJS. SUBDIVISIONS. ' The following plats have been fled for ree- BartletTs Addition to Town of Bartlett, a sabdMsisnor part W. KB.E. * s °v- 34, <l, 0, <m the line of the Chicago & Pacific Bailioad, some 25 miles northwest of the city limits. 1 slSabdlTieioo of Lots 1,2, nod 3of anhdWSon Slacks. Block 17, See. 33, 39, 14. **B. Hockley's SnM WaionofLow 13, 18, end 14, 14, Vernon Park Additon, B. H S. W. a ThoSi’i Sabdiviaion of Lot* 41.t0. C, BtocS SnMvision of S. V 4 N.E. KV.V,. H fco/34. 39.14- . tbaksfkes. _ ‘ ‘'eSSo ££ ttutjl ;»^»co»Fo^.«oona.« e t M . 4 i- V *£ »“• S- Ho- «dd S&iqoii i>orr the property known a« the Corell Farm, to salt Creek, Sec. 28, 39,12, for $58,000. “”What nonsens© ft was for ns to huny wid get our spring hats dons!” said she, in the midst of one of J&js Dkjrinson’s btst lines. “Our winter liats wtmld iiave looked just ex actly as well way back under the balcony, l supposed our seats were right In front.” — Bos ton Advertiser, TOILETINE. MARRIAGE. Ladies who would Arry must take the matter in thuir own hand*. J#en won’t trimit it, yet they like to bo courted just a little yon know; *t make* it epicy anti not eo one-rided. Tie responsibility is more equal too. She can't tn a ttturo pout say. 44 1 married yon from pity*nd togt rid of yon, and he won’t twit her of surrcndelng without a iran or showing her color*. On© otter requisite fa essential. Custom declares man nuet woo and woman must be won; therefore, sonothiog must entice hla lordship first for boils rtury, but once canght yon can gull the wits out of him, and this is the wav to do It: Possess a handsome face. TOT- X.ETDJE for the Complexion, a most exquisite Tjowdcr, applied moist, creates it Sold by all druggists. !D£ 1»A BAKTA, Advertiser. BAXK STATEMENTS. EEPOET OF THE CONDITION OB^THE MERCHANTS’ national bank AAT CFaTrCA-G-O. Tn tbe State of ULinols, at tho Close of Business, May 12,1876. EESDURCES. Loans aniHllscotmte.-. 82,959*540.^0 wVecure-circula^dn..... 300,000.u5 735,833.24 Due from other 2Ca* Uonal Banks,.... 133,421.20 Doe from State ,■ • 4,627.03 m- 835,482.42 Taxes paid-...—... 33*081.81 Checks and other cash items (Res- Stamps) SSJ.3U Exchanges lor _ Cleartng'Ucrase.. 109,883.79 Bills of other Na- tlonal Dante...'.. 873,833.00 l*mctlonal cunra £W,“f H 2 Legal tender notes' SOOiOtMJ.OO U. &. Certificates 020,00000 IjMOtC4|J-28 ,3.500.00 5.700.00 LlAßlTl'i'lESh crrprtsiKfocfepiram - ~-8 §92 , 5»R2 , iu? Burplua fnnd-..-...... r Otlter undivided profits. .. National Banknotes outstanding.... 269,990.00 'Xuo 4l fisWS9^o.T3 Demand ocrtlfl- __ entos uf deposit.. 39i301.73 Certified cheeks... 8,454.09 Cashier's checks ori outstanding..... 3U;ha Due to other Na- _ ___ ... tlonal 80nk5..... 1>403*720.77 £5,435,840.55 State of Ultaols, County of Coot, is: L John DeKoven, Cashier of the abevenamefl bank, no solemnly swear that tbe above statement Is true towns beat o< my knowledge and belief. _ JOHN DE KOYET, Cashier. Subscribed and swum to before mo thlsSOthdnyof Maw 1879. JOS. M. BDWMAR. Notary Public. Correct—Attest; C. 5. DIjAIR, Oorrcct-ATOsi. j. K. BOTSFORIX DAKL. A. JONES, Directors. eepqet op the common 0? THE THIRD IATIONAI Bffl OF CTiXC-A-00., At Chicago, in the State of Illinois, at the Close of Business, Hay 12,1676. RESOURCES. Tjotnwaml discounts 33,172,712,87 Overdrafts 16,04-1.87 U. S. bonds to secure circulation 607,000.00 Other stocks, bonds, and mortgages. 01,334.00 Due from approved reserve ageuu 8158,330.12 Duo from otbiT Nft- _ tlonal Banks 164,040.72 Duo from State Bonks “' dß ‘ mtera 104,825.77 <12202G1 B SSi'SSSS! n 106,006.80 C SS , 45.290.72 Checks nod other cash __ item j S 13,104«J7 Exchanges for Gear- Ing-llotue 120*791.07 Bins of other Nation- • „„ ai Banka. 27,810.00 Fractional currency „ „ (including nickels). 1 ♦•>41.32 Suede 743.23 Legal tendernotes— 330,000.00 lieuamptlon 1 undwith U. S. Treasurer (5 30,000.09 524*399.79 84,004*008.22 LIABILITIES. Coital stock paid Surplus fund Other snd|rlao& profits. Kal'l Bonk notes outstanding Dividends unpaid. Individual Dupos* S&c^ j .!“.. t .°Bl.o4B, D SSor dfS: 4«,00G.5g Certified checks.. 6)321*3# Duo to other Xa* „„„ „„ tlonol Banks.... 946,582.13 Due to State Banks oe ******* _864,850.85 E L't of me above-named hank, do rolcmnly twee? that the .hove; snrffiment 1s mm, to fee brat of my knowledge ml hclleL pARSO} . Si Cashier. ma,ol * , Sl£hP&S&? T9l May, 1876. Notary FoDllo. - Correct—Attest: C. g^CKTII^^ C. IL STEELE. Directors. I.TOO EEPOET OF THE CONDITION 07 THE 11 NATIONAL JMK CHICAGO, In the State of Illinois, at the Close of Business, May 12,1876. RESOURCES. Loans and diflconnte. Overdrafts *r. s. bonds to secure circulation. Irteir^^l^vcd - reserveagent. Buefromolner National Bancs.... 3!o04 111 Due from State Banks and Bankers.... «1»Y« ?A Furniture and fixtures. .•;*“•••• Xu»«6«.f»n Current expenses and taxes paid...... 0i435.70 Premiums paid 2lH).00 Checks and other ca*h Items.... 1C.a50.83 Exchanges for Clcarinc-Uousr ia.Vj34.00 Bills of other National uankg nickels) 1«3S(M)1 Fractional currency (IncJof. 3uloO(XO() Legal tender n0t05.........t for legal U. 6. certiacotes of dep: 250.000.00 tenders s.Treasurer BedomptioaruDd wlMijoa) 2.250.00 (6 per cent, of clreo , JABItITIES. 5583.407.4 U ppMetcKt Surplus nmd..., (rfjOts 16,682.(13 Other Katiosol UanKeiusub- IndlviduaJj^. l^. .. .8254,829.37 Ecmaif^* crUfl ““ “i 255,109.55 Cm® ■■ 538.899.51 8693*4-57.40 cfo .. of TBiro’s, County if Cook, M.—L Geo. W. hlay» 18> Notary PuSlc. Ctrect-Altcrt. JQfX TYRggLL, 1 Pirentnn. t... | THE CHICAGO TRIBUTE: SUNDAY. MAY 21. 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES ONE DOLLAR ZBir^S 10 IDs Standard A Sugar, or 101 lbs Circle A Sugar, or 91 lbs Granulated Sugar, or 11 lbs Ex C Sugar, or 15 lbs Carolina Rice, or 10 lbs best Elate Tapioca, or 10 lbs IHaccaroni, or 10 lbs Vermccelli, or 15 lbs best Soda Cracters, or 121 lbs best Zante Currants, or 31 lbs California D tied Plums, or 4,‘lbs Pitted Cherries, or 5 lbs Pared Peaches, or 10 lbs Dried Apples, or S lb sDried Blackberries, or 8 lbs Salt Date Peaches, or 3 lbs Dried Raspberries, or 7 lbs New Figs, or 8 3-lb cans Best Tomatoes, or 7 3-lb cans I*lo Peaches, or 7 2-Ib cans Raspberries, or 8 3-lb cans Corn, or 7 1-lb cans Lobster, or • 115-Ib kit Wbitofish. Warranted all Standard Goods; Delivered Free in all parts or tuo City. J. HICKSON, 113 Bast Madison-st., ■TTTST EAST OF CLAItK-ST. SEWEVO MACHINES. m % * KTETW IMPROVED, lio-ixt xixncnsnnsrG, SHUTTLE STITCH, SEWING MACHINES 85.435,840.55 ABE THE VERY LATEST AHD BEST. Vgf“ PRICKS LOWER, nnd more attachments fur nished free than with any other first-class machine l CSTMctclktuU and others desiring to add to a business already established; all parlies dcsinnffto creoto a now and profitable business; old Sowing Machine Agents; everybody wishing wishing to make money in legitimate trade, will please ad dress ua for terms and prices to wholesale pur chasers. GEOVKB & BAKES S. M. CO., Now mid Commodious Store, SUMMER -ILLKRY. JUST HEUKiVED, all of the latest styles in Summer Wear. AN ENTIRELY NEW STOCK. SPECIALTIES : Fine French Flowers, Aigrettes, Tips, Laces, Ornaments, Etc. Larzo variety in ENGLISH and PKENCiI CHIPS, LEGHORN, NEAPOLITAN, and STBAW GOODS. All gooßb RETAILED at Wholesale Prices. 33. .A.. HEWES, 156 & 158 Wabash-av. PARIS FLOWERS, Elegant Wreaths, Bcmtracta, Morrtures for Hats and Bonnet*, at JTnie. POXCELETS direct from Paris, 880 Wabash-e;- ?y tvV pf ecnth and Twentieth-**®* BRCDAL FLO\VEIIS and Flowers for Parties a specialty. HYDRANTHOSE 8750,000.00 200,000.00 In lengths of 50 feet, with fixtures complete, for only 09,570.40 FIVE DOLLIES. lALIOCK, HOLIES 1 ffl, S9t.SCO.OQ 1.51f0.00 174 and' 178 Handolpd-s*. And 90 State-st. 84,004^108.22 ASSIGNEE’S SAMS. .CONTINENTAL 50LT WOBKS. Tho undersigned. assign' B “ Co., oCcra for sale ell lie propirty of the above named Cnn. known oa t w Continental Bolt 11 orka, located on the corner ; Chicago, consisting ;{ ‘he gnMlng, Lease of Ground, Enel no, P}f r \, Headers, Tappers, Threaders, and all f? Machinery and Tools neces sary for a lirrt-cla^ihiU^liinnfact.ny. A complete inv“ of the same nay be seen at the works, 'rheproertymimt be sold for cash. Sealed bo received for the entire ST) to 12 • clock, noon, of May 22,1870. Right SJL nir and all bids reserved. Address vrm^ALL.Assignee, 201 Sooth Clinton-st. MEETINGS. Offie M MM & Me R R Co. Tta Annual Mooting of Are Stockhoilera of the Chtaigo, Rock Island & Paciflc R. IL Co., for the el*ct!on of Directors, pursuant to lav, and the t*msactidh of such other business as may come be jure them, will be held at the office of tht Company in the City of Chicago, on Wednesday, tie 7th day of June nest, at 11 o'clock a. ro. JOHN F. TRACT, Praldcnt F. H. TOWS, Secretary. 4W CHICAGO k HOSTHWESTEEN RAILWAY CO, April 24,1876. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders and Bondholders of this Company, for the election of Directors, pursuant to law, and for the tramactlon of other business, will be held at the officeof the Company in Chicago, on Thursday, the Ist of June nest, at 1 p. tn. Bondholders will authenticate their right tc vote by presenting their voting bonds at the olflee of the Company, Ito. 52 Wall-st,, Kew York, for regis tration, on or before the Ist of May proximo. ALBERT KEEP, President. HL L. SYKSS, Jr., Secretary. de. s.w.maaiHAM Has removed Wb office to Room 14, No. 205 South Clark-et. , comer of Adams. Treats any form ol disease, no matter of how lonjr standing, nor who has failed to effect a core. Office hours: 0 a.m. tofip. m., and 7to 0. evening. PHILADELPHIA ADVEUXISEItI’XS. CTRANGEKS VISITING PHILADELPHIA DURING O the Centennial Exhibition can obtain Crst-claes board at reasonable rates and well furnished rooms, at 635 North Slxth-st. or 513 Green-st, Conveniently and pleasantly located. ‘Accessible to KThthttinw either hr steam or street caza. mUIiIEBT. nri>KA!VT HOSE. BCSWiESS CSUSC® 8 ' April 24, 1878. REMOVALS. AM USEMEXTS. yW™ THEATRE. last "W eek of MAGGIE MITCHELL! MONDAY, TUESDAY, AOT NIGHTS, for the first time In this f&eieMmhell new play, dramatized expressly forMaggic Mltcneii, entitled SAIETTE O’WEARITBORIE. Maggie Mitchell as Nannctto O’Wcarithome Supported by Mr. WM. HAEMS as Col. Miles Lethwalte. THURSDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS Maggie Mitchell will appear as Amry in the pastoral drama of LITTLE BAREFOOT. FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 20. complimentary farewell benefit to Magge Mitchell, o?.*kcU °cca- Kion Mrs. JAMES 11. FOSTER of city w ill make her debut as Pauline in the LADA OF LAO>b, and MAGGIE MITCHELL will appear, for the first time in several years, in her favorite character Katty O’Sheal. Saturday Matinee-JANE EYRE. Saturday night last appearance of Maggie Mitchell, and last night of the Season. ... McOOEMIOK HALL. INTERNATIONAL CONCERT, TUESDAY, May 23, Commencing at Sp. m., for the benefit of the Laborers 1 Academy of Chicago. programme. PAUT I. * 1. Plano duet— 14 Trovatorc 11 ...... ; • •• • .Mcllnoite Mrs. El F, Cook and Miss F. E. McCay. 2. Vocal solo— 44 Maid of Athens 1 ’ Allen Mr. J. WoolletL . 3. Violin solo-Fifth Air Varie”...... Deßeriot Mr. A. Buisairet (Chicago Mnsical College), ac companied by Mr. P. I*. Baird. 4. Soprano solo— * 4 Se Crecdele .Betty Miss F. Bancor. 5. Clarionet solo—“ Sdcond Air Varie Mr. L. Brnn, accompmnod by Mr. F. P. Baird. 6. Alto solo— 44 Nobildamch e tauU”..Meyerbeer Miss Manger. 7. Mrs. Strydlron, Misses Jennie and Emma Blam pirs, Messrs M. Olson, M. Hertz, and A. Swere son. Members of Freja. part n. 1. Piano solo— “Fantasic sur de motifs de I’Opera La Straviera” ‘...De Bellini Mr. 0. Schmall. 2. Soprano solo— 44 Light of my soul M ••••♦. Lnpas Miss F. Hancor. 3. Violin solo— * 4 E!ejric ” .E:rnst Mr. A. Bnlsserct (Chicago Musical College), ac companied by Mr. P. P. Baird. 4. Vocal solo— 4 4 Death of Nelson M Brabam • Mr. J. Woollctt. 5. Clarionet solo—Fantasle, with varia tions, op. “LaFavorite” ...Brepsnnd Mr. L. Bmn, accompanied by Mr. F. P. Baird. G. Quartette— “ Das Deutsche Lied ” Siichcr The singing section of the German Turners. Tickets to be had at Jansen, McClurg & Co.’s, 117 and 110 Stale-et., and at the door. • Doors open at 7 o’clock. HOOLETS THEATRE, MAGUIRE & ILWERLY. WILL E. CHAPMAN Farewell Benefit of MAD. EUGENIE PAP PEN HE IM, Prior to her departure for California, SUNDAY EVENING, MAY 21, On which occasion will be presented the second act of dee febischtttz, The Second and Fourth Acts of TT. trovatoeb, And the Second Act of XjTTCBEZIiA BORGIA, All of which will be given with a FULL ORCHESTRA & CHORUS. Prices; $1.50, sl, and 50 cents. Reserved scats at the Box-office of the Theatre. HOOLEY’S THEATRE. MAGUIRE & HAVERLY. W r ILL E. CHAPMAN POSITIVE!*? LAST WEEK OP IP I PIQTJB XT ZED Certain rises promptly nt 2 p. m. and Saturday and each evening at 8 p. . Monday, May 22-Earaest Blnm's ftrnOTffr>nch drama KOSE MICHEL, with Miss JK* EYTtNGL in the title role. DEXiTBIi PARK. ■vrorTPAY, JMCATZ- 22. THOTTINQ—Purse S4OO, for 2:25 Class. M. Colvin names ft. f- Gen, Mach. T Slattery names blh. m. Lady Myron. J. S. & I. Howell name g.m. Badger Qrri. u H Yates names b. m. Kate Howard. ■Wm. Darlins fiames b. g. Prank Davis. Purse S3OO, for 2:33 Class. Amos Milter names b. gr.Younp Princeton. M Colvin names b. m. Belle Berkley. Wm. Danins names ch. g-. Hoosier Boy. Bay Bush names b. m. Countess. Horses called at 3 p. m. GEO. B. MANSUR. Prop'r and Manager. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Inaug** 3 ! night for Ladles, Monday Eve, May^2. Es«;ry evening, and Wednesday and Saturday xtwinces. No one should fail in seeing our nJLLDRESS FEMALE MINSTREL FfiIS'rPART. Our Company comprises the followug well known artists: Weston Brothers, Collins Brotberi hew and Frank; Add Weaver and Son, M*ster James; Bloomer and Wilson, Walter Brar* Mr. George Belgrave, Mr. Nell Grey, Mies Agnes May, Mias Lizzie Warren, Miss Stella Klmbill, and Academy Company. Second Ladles' nlgK, Thursday Eve, May 25. Extra Ladies' entertainment. Sunday eve. May 28. General admission to all parts of the house, 25 cents. MEW CHICAGO THEATEE. SUNDAY EVENING, MAY 21, 1876, BENEFIT OF W. 11. SMITH, Easiness Manager, tendered by the following talented artists: Billy Rice, John Hart, Bobby Newcomb, £. M. Hall, J. McAndrcws, W. E. Brockway, Little Mac, Charley Benedict, the Great Bernardo, the Collins Brothers, Maurice Pike, Millie Sackett, J. U. Lar kin, Carrie Armstrong, T. J. Langdon, E. Cole man, W. A- Brien, F. R. Wallace. The Great Double Quintette: Percy Ashton, Arthur Cook, D. Baron, J. Lament, J. H. Sullivan, S. Stinebcrg, D. Comlnski, H. Weir, J. Hilton, L. S. Morly, A. E. entire Orchestra. The whole form ing one of the finest entertainments ever given. THE COLISEUM. SUNDAY, May 21, AND ALL THE WEEK. LOOK AT THE ATTRACTIONS. EMERSON & CLARE, the Breakneck Song and Dance Artists. BILLY & MAGGIE RAY, Sketch Artists. THE FAMOUS SANYEAHS, Samuel and Maud, Globe Walkers and Jugglers. MURPHY & MORTON. Irish Song and Dance. IFERD SIS TERS; LOTTEE GRANT: HARPER&STANSILLI and the COLISEUM QUARTETTE. Every act new. The only cool and comfortable place of amnsement in the city. Admission, 25 cents. Performance every evening at 8 o'clock, and Sunday afternoon at 3. THE TOLEDO, 141 East Madison-st. GRAND COINTCEIRT SUNDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING, also ev ery night, of the world-renowned HEENE QUARTETTE, In connection with the best musicians in Chicago, under direction of LIZZIE ADMISSION FREE. A snpcrbly-famished Gallery for Ladies. McOOBMICK HALT,. SUNDAY AFTERNOON, May 21. Bare, Rational, ai Elegant Entertainment Mr. ALFRED WILKIE (Tenor). Mr. THOS. GOODWILLIE (Baritone). Signor G. N. CAROZZI (Accompanist). Mre. M. L. CUMMINGS (Reader). Mr. A. P. BURBANK (Reader). Doors open at 2_p. m. Entertainment begins at 3. Admissidh, TEN CENTS: 00L. WOOD’S MUSEUM. - Monday evening, May 22, the Chicago Favorite, Mr. FRANK E. AIKEN, will appear in a new American Drama entitled “BEET; OR, OCEAN TO OCEAN. ” Monday Matinee; « THE INVIS IBLE PRINCE.** AHBSE3IFSTS. adelphi theatre. testhhal Bimt SUNDAY EVENING Hay 21. TO MRS. MANNING, tVIFE OF TirE LATE billy manning. SEE THE NAMES! By the kind permission of K. M. Iloolcy, LITTLE IMI-A-O In his celebrated Essence; Blanch Sclwro, Ben Gilfoll, Comlque; Chas. Petrie, Banjo Solo. Le Vanion Bros., world-renowned Gymnasts, iran*, Addis in his specialties; Murphy & Larkin, Carrie Armstrong P. H. beamon. Add Weaver, Master James, i red Pearce,J olm Bros., Linn Sisters. Miss Carrie West Miss Jennie Brown, Miss Lizzie Wood, Manncc Pike, Miss Kate Ijay mond, 0. B. Collins; Maggie and Billy Ray in their specialties. Home Again; \\ alter A. kins, Lavllle, Howard, and Do Lornic, the Great Quartette; Mark Hughes, Lcwanu Frank Collins, 11. T. Coburn, Johnny Be Raino, Charles Benedict, Celeste & Monroe, Miss Millie fiackctt Mrs. U. Ry npr 'Miss Flora Raker, Mies Lizzie Webster, Miss Lizzie Vail, Miss Cora Williams, Felix \ incent, T. j. Langdon, F. K. Wallace, and hosts of others. Secure seats early. Trices same as usual SEW CHICAGO THEATEE. R.M. **':*’ M . aiiaEer * Honda?, May 22, Every Evening, Wednesday and Saturday Hatiaeo, HOOLEY’S MINSTRELS, in a ntw and brilliant programme. First appear' once of KIRK & DREW, the world-renowned song and dance artist#?. John Dart, Billy Bic, Little Mac, Bobby Newcomb, h. M. nail, ♦ McAndrcws. in an entire now olio of glorious inn. Delightful Fart Singing by the famona Qumatte. First wedk of the laughiHilesketehes WANTED A NURSE, CHARLESTON GALS, ACTIVE BOY, WESTON THE WALKER, MISCHIEVOUS MON KKY, ROGUISH URCHIN. wnTV Friday evening, May 2G—BENEFIT OF BILLY May 20-TIIE GREAT PAT ROONEY. auction sales. By G. P. GOKES & CO., OS and 70 Wato3h-ar. IDIR/IT GOODS! Btpiiar Auction We sale, TUESDAY, May 23. Foil and attractive lines Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Brown Cottons, Ginghams, Shirtings, Dress and Coating Linens, Nainsooks, etc. Fancy Cassi meres, Cotlonades, .leans, etc. A line of BiacJt Alpacas, thirty distinct grades. Mens , Boys , and Youths’Custom-made Clothing. Mena, Boys, and Youths’ Hats and Capa. A very complete line of latest styles in Fur, Wool, Cloth, Linen, and Straw roods. New line of Table, Peru and Pocket Cnt- Icrv, Silver-plated Casters, Knives, Forks, and Spoons, Razors, Scissors. Shears. Carvers, Hand saws, etc. Parasols, Shawls, Millinery, Linens, Kid Gloves, new line Suspenders, Summer under wear, Clark’a Spool-Cotton, Hosier}', Brushes. Belts, Soaps, Pomades, Wallets, etc. Gents Furnishings, White and Fancy Dress Shirts, etc. CAKPBTSI New and desirable styles in All-Wool, Cotton and Wool, and Venetian goods. Sale at 9:30 a. m. GEO. P. GORE & CO. 6S and 70 Wabash-av. .Lessees .Manager Boot and Slice Manafactarers Are calling loudly for i&oisndrz'. And in consequence we shall, to meet their wants, FORCE OFF a large quantity of very desirable work in Men's, Women's, and Children’s Wear of the very best grades and qualities, on Wednesday, Mayyi, atUJ, a. m. GEQ p GOKE & cO ., 68 and 70 Wabash-av. By G. P. GORE & CO., CStandTO Wabash-av. On THURSDAY, May 24, at D;3O o'clock, we shaH offer the Largest and Finest Stock of furniture ..Lessees, .Manager. that has "been offered at auction, and shall sell Par lor and Chamber Furniture, Easy Chairs, Walnet Bedsteads and Bureaus, Wardrobes, Bookcase Marble-Top Tables, Extension Tables, Hall Ti*cs, Rockers. Mirrors, Mattresses, Spnnes, Refn£«- tors and Ice-Cheats, Parlor and Office Chain, Show-Cases, Carpets. Sideboard'* “ijj. o’clock Carriages, Open and Top Boggi* Demo crat Wagons, Phaetons, Side-Bar Ro^'^S oll3 * and p GORE & COi jictioncera. ' CARPETS. The attention of the trn-« if & onr closing sales of the first of which will take place ne- u TSDISDAT MORNING. JB3 25, Et 11 O’CLOCK. •p-p-pTUArproBY SAXiE OP OYER 100 FOILS PRIME GOODS. GEO. P. GO*® * CO.. CS and 70 Wabash-av. By WJJ A. BUTTSKS .& CO., j^ ac iOncers, 318andl20Waha«h-av. ET3"a?rB,B ‘stock of FIKEN&HAVIN GS & GIRDIOS IN ELABORATE FRAMES, jit Store Wo. 348 State-st., _A_T AtTCTION, TUESDAY AM) WEDNESDAY, WAY 23 & 24, sale comcing at IQ o’clock a. to, Eacl lay. The Collection embraces many Very Choice Pict ures, all handsomely framed in French Walnut, Maple, and Gilt. The Sale is peremptory. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. BUTTERS & CO.’S REGULAR SALE, Wetelay MomiM. May 24, at 9:30 o’clock, At 118 & 120 Wabash-av., N. E. cor. Madison-at, ASSORTED GLASSWARE, WHITE GKAOTTE WARE, Yellow and Rockingliaiii fare, Camels, Fine Table cutlery. BUTTERS & CO.’S REGULAR TRADE SALE STAPLE & FANCY DRY GOODS, BegnlarMaie ClotMng, FnrmsMng Goods, Straw Goods, Hats, Gaps, Boots and Shoes. THURSDAY y.ORNTXG.May 25,81 9:30 o’clock, at their Auction Rooms, 118 and 120 Wabash-av. BUTTERS & CO.’S SATUEBAY SALE, Saturday, May 27, 9:30 o’clock a. m., at thdr salesrooms, 118 and 120 Wabash-av., FURNITURE. By S. N. FOWLER & CO.. Auctioneers, 274 and 270 East Madison-st Regular Auction Sales every Wednesday and Sat urday. Liberal cash advances on Consignments. STORAGE. First-class accommodation for the Storage of all classes of goods In PRIVATE APARTMENTS. We desire to call the attention of the Trade and Housekeepers to our WEDNESDAY SALE, which will comprise the largest and best assortment of Household Goods and m jp u ottered by ns this season. The contents of a large family boarding-house, and a 12-room house will be removed to our Warcrooms for classification and sale. 1 rosewood 6 octave Piano, cost SSOO ; 2 single bank and full stop Reed Organs, very fine. An elegant open Brewster buggy. SPECIAL SALE. Tuesday, May 23, at 10 a. m., atoarwarerooms, 50 CASES SPARKLING BURGUNDY WINE, at present in United States bonded Warehouse. Also o,ooorolls WALLPAPER, and 1,000 WINDOW SHADES. S. N. FOWLER & CO., Auctioneers. AUCTION. By order of the Circuit Court of Cook County, I will, on MONDAY, MAY 22, at 2 o’clock p. m., at 18 South Clork-st, sell to the highest bidder, for cash, all the stock in trade of the late firm of H. M. Curtis, consisting largely of CANNED FRUITS, CORN, LOBSTERS. PICKLED OYSTERS, Etc. Also, the store and office furni ture and fixtures, for carrying on the oyster and fish business. Also, two horses, wagons, and harness.. Freezing-house at No. 107 Twelfth-st., with lease, patent freezer and apparatus. Also, one-fifth in terest in steam tug-boat, Cabing apparatuH, etc. HENRY M. SHERWOOD, Receiver. . SHERIFF'S SAIiE. The stock of 265 South Clark-st., consisting of casaimerea, cloths, tailors’ trimmings, shirts, gents’ furnishing goods, satchels, and fixtures, will bo sold Monday, the 22d day of May, at 10 o’clock a. m. AUCTION SUES. poMEKor & co„ Auctioneers, 84. and 80 Kandolph-at. ©SI STATE'S!- f , - . MONDAY MORNIKG, May 22. at 10 o clock; ENTIEE HOUSEHOLD FOmETUEB J&.T -A.TJCTlo3Sß r*nrrv*ts Bedding, Parlor, Chamoer. andDmlng eta, etc. Dwelling 10 rooms. Sale peremptory. ELISON, POMEROY & CO., Auctioneers. SPECIAL S-rfkXiE At Our Stores. TUESDAY, MAY 23, at 9:30 a. m.. New Parlor Saits, New Chamber Sets, Carpeß, Loanees, Refrigerators, Desks, Chairs, General Merchandise, Platcd-Ware, General Housekeeping Goods, etc. EDISON, POMEROY & CO., 84 and 88 Randolph-st- MOBTGASEgSSALE File Steel Eirawis Elegant Chromes, MIRRORS, &c., &c., A! 213 West Mson-st, Wednesday) May S 4, At 10 a. m. and 2 and 7:30 p. m„ A large and valuable stock of above goods, being the entire stock of a LARGE DEALER, to bo sold at peremptory sale.- . The attention of dealers invited. Will be sold in lots to suit. ELLSON, POMEROY & CO., Anctbneers. .A-TJOTIOHST SALE. VALUABLE Unclaimed Freight, TRUNKS, BOOKS, , FURNITURE, ETC., AT BURLINGTON WAEEBOUSE, Corner Sixteenth and State-sts. , Wednesday Morning. May 24, at 10 o'clock. VTa will sell the entire accumulation, over 500 Paclogcs arid Lot* Unclaimed Goode. Stic per emptorv. ELISOR POMEROY & CO., Anctioneers. HOUSEHOLD FUEMTEEE, Pier Mirror, Pictures Horse and Baggy at auc tion at residence 14C9 Indiana-av., near Thirty flrst-st., Thursday morning, May 25, at 10 o’clock. We sell the entire household efects—Parlor, Chamber, and Dining-room Fnmfcure, elegant Pier Mirror, Oil Paintings, Ensurings, Beds, Bedding, Crockery, Glass, and Plated-wares, Stores, Caipeta, etc., etc.; also one Horse and Buggy. Sale unreserved. ELISON, POMEROY & CO , Auctioneers. AT 388 STATE-ST. (UP-STAIRS). , t , _ Thursday morning, ilay 25, at 10 o clock. in- Mre Furniture of 8 jjjoms; one Bo*raman and Gray Piuno, Purlor salt, Carpets, Cumber fnrm tnrc, Dirring-rooro outfit, Crocked* Glass aad China-ware, Plated-ware, Stoves.etc., etc.; all good fornitnre ip pood order. ELTSON. -PQ3LERQV, & CO. Auctioneers. For FRHM-Y MORNING, May*6» at 0:30 o’clock, rv»r Regular Weekly action Sale. r\nrayti£ LAY-OUT. ALWAYS THE LARGEST IN’ THE CITY. New and Used PAELQH, CHAMBER AND DIMHOOM PURNmjRB, A full line New and Second-hand Carpets, lounges. Softs, Ma'hle-Top Tables, What-Nots. 3lattresses, Eefrigerators, General Household Goods, Pianos, Billimi Table, Fine Plated-Wanc, Crockery and Glass-Ware, etc., etc. General Merchandise. EIISON, POMEROY &-CO., ' , 84 and 88 Ihvndolpb-st. JBy WiiL F. HODGES & CO., 60! West Lake-st. SPE3IAI* SAT.n OUT TUESDAY MORNING. MAY 23, AT 10 O’CLOCK, A GENERAL LINE OP HOUSEHOLD HOODS, Consisting of Brussels, 3-Ply and Ingrain Cnrpete, Parlor, Dining, Sitting-room, Kitchen, and Laundry Furniture, the whole to he sold without reserve. Look oat for bargtins. WM. F. HODGES & CO., Auctioneers, 6C2 West Lake-st, NO; 662 WEST LAEE-ST. WE SHALL SELL ON "WEDNESDAY IVENOtG, May 24. at 7 O’Clocfc. A general assortment of HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Consisting of Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Parlor, Dining-room, Sitting, Chamber-room, and Kitchen Furniture, etc. Also on Saturday evening, May 27, at 7 o'clock. WM- F. HODGES A CO.. Auct'ra, CG2 West Lake-st By JAS. r. McSASIAEA & CO., 117 Wabash-av., N. W. corner Modison-et. 3,260 CASES BOOTS & SHOES -A.T -A.TJCTXO3ST, TUESDAY HORNING, May 23, at 0:30 o’clock. First-class line of new goods will be closed with out limit at this sale. JAS. P. McNAMARA & CO., Auctioneers. DENTISTRY. DR. M’CHESNEY’S Large and Elegant Dental Parlors, Hs Host Popular Resort tor all Rental Operations, A physician in office to administer gas, ether, and chloroform, with perfect safety. Go to sleep with pleasant dreams and wake up with yonr teeth out. 58 for the best full set; no better to be gotten in this city. Gold fillings one-third the nsual rates. Warranted 10 years. Cor. Clark and Randolph-ste. NO PAIN. TEETH $7.50 DR. SWENGEL makes a specialty of extracting teeth without pain, to which thousands in this city can testify. lie inserts the beat gum teeth on Cel luloid, which is far better than rubber, $7.50, and warranted- Room 8, northwest corner State and Madison-sts. *l' H I READER, If from necessity you , JJiJ ■*■ Jl - i ’ | wear your teeth in your pocket, instead of yonr mouth, don't despair. Go at once to DR. VEDDER—23 years’ experience—corner of Clark and Kinr.ic, and get a set you can nee with ease and satisfaction for SB. Small gold fillings, SX. 50; silver, 75 cents; teeth extracted, 50 cents. OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. AMERICAN LINE. PHILADELPHIA J AND LIVERPOOL*. Cabin, intermediate, and steerage passage AT LOWEST RATES. General office, 138 La SaHe-st., comer Madison. J. 11. MILNE, Western Agent. INMAN STEAMSHIP LINE, Carrying the Mails between EUROPE AND AMERICA. For passage, apply at Company’s office, 32 S Clark st, Chicago. FiIANCIS C. BROWN, Gen. West Ac’t |S7~ Drafts on Great Britain and Ireland. White Star Mail Line. To and from Europe and America. Rates as low a« by any other first-class Line. Offlce. 120 East Randoiph-st., Chicago. ALFRED LAGERGREN General Western Agent. Drafls on Great Britain and Ireland. CUNAED MATT. LINE. Prices. 4 weet to and British Apply at Company's Offlce, northwest corner Clark and Randolph-sta., Chicago. P. 11. DU \ EIOCET. GeneraY Western Agent PKOFESSIONAI.. «a- And MORPHINE habit ahso- I J? 4 * 1 / and speedily cored. | Painless. No publicity. DR. H CARLTON, 187 Wasbinir ton-st., Chicago. El. F| oß* FISTULA positively cured Bn Ik Stthout pain ortheoaeofknife, HI *■ n ,?, a . l “ re ’ or caustic. A SURE 11 F I SqURBOR NO PAY. CoMnlta ■ W?op»free. Dr. J.B.&Phuup*. Ibi & IBSMadiaoa-sL .Chicagpl AEMAI M Expatriation of Reference ceptett •SondaycxceptecL *aionda/2ttensrt B M e * rlvc Sunday at 8:00 a. m. * Dally. **«'!>««. | CHICAGO & HOBTHWESTBSIF RAILWav Ticket Offices, 63 Ctark-st. (Sherman \ CamJ-gireet., aomer Madlaon-at., and atth» 71 aPadflc Fast Line. 1*10:30 a. m. aD'ibuqne Day Ex. via Clinton *10:30 a. m. • P* m. aD obuque Night Ex.TlaCi’um tii:OOp, m.'*R'^ p*n aOcnaha Night Express ,tll:00 p. m.St aFYeeport & Dubuque Express • 8:15 a. m. • I'S** ®* oVreeport & Dubuque Express • 9:30 n. m. • «!?;;**• *5. A'illlwsukee Fast Mall (daily) 9 7:30 a. m. {(Milwaukee Express ;»10:U0 a. m • MMllwankec Passenger 5:00p. m. *if£K2*®* Passenger (daily) 511:00 p.m. Sarin!*®* AGreen Bay Express .......,* 9:30 a. m. iffi!*'®* ASt. Paul * Minneapolis Kx...;*lO:OOa.m •4-J«r®* ASt. Paul & Winona Express..-f 9:15 p.m. tMKr®* AMarqufltte Express ;*10:00 p. m. • ®* aGenevaLake Express ;* 4:00 p.m. *io*«7®* AGencvaLaku Express [• 4:45p.m. • 7*oop^ o—Depot corner of "Wells and Klnde-si*. b— Depot corner of Canal and KJnile-att, KICHIGAN CENTRAL SAffiEOAtt Depot, foot of Lake-st.. and foot of Twentr-ie~,.. Ticket-office, 67 Clark-st., southeast coratro?pS dolpb. and at Palmer House. w Mall (via Main and Air Line).. Day Express Kalamazoo Accommodation.. Atlantic Express (da11y)....:.. Right Expre55............ Grand Rapid* and Muskegon. Morning Express Klßbt Express •v m. [• y-aori m ■it 9.00 p. m.l* t Saturday Ek. * Sunday Ek. t Monday Ex. CHICAGO, ALTOIT & ST. LOUIS and CElCilwi KANSAS drr & DENVEE SHOEI LDJIS. Union Depot, West Side, near Madlson-st. brH.. Ticket Places: At Depot aad la Randolph-itT 8, Karoos City * Denver _ _ St. Doals«fc Springfield Re , St. Lonla, Springfield & Texas. j§ Peoria Day Exprej5............ * Peoria, Keokuk* Burlington- • Chicago* Paducah Ft. It. Ex-.l* Streator. Lacon, Wash ton Ex.;*: Joliet & Dwight Accoamdat’n;* |9 ; Cop.m. !7:«£S; ;i2;30p.m.-2^£g; 5:wp.m.1.030t:m TAKE SSOBE & MICSIEAH BODTffßiw Mall, via Main Line. 6:40 a. m. sioonTmT Special N. Y. Exprea. 9:oo a. m. 8:0o£ Si Atlantic Express, daCy. 5:15p.m. 8:00a.m. Colebonr Accommodation.... 3:40p.m. UriOaml Night Express - !t!0:20p. m. 55:40a n. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL RAILROAD, i/ainn Depot, cojner Madison and Caaal-sts. Ticket Ofllce, 63 SoutbClarlC'flt., opposite Sherman Home, and at Depot. ’ | Leave. : r 8:25a. m. • Milwaukee Egress.—....... Wisconsin fcalnaesoWThro’ Day Exprcf* •••••; *l0:00a. m.. 'Wisconsin, l»wa, and Mlnne- I sow Expr*aa. ; ••••••; * 5:05p.m.1* Wisconsin £ Minnesota Thro’ I Night KacpfWH t 9:45 p. in, I* 7:00 a, m. All tralasnm via Milwaukee. Tickets for St. Pis] ami Minneapolis arc good either via Madison sad Priria du Chieu or via Watertown, La Crease, and Winona. j TTiTiINfITR CRntRAT. RATTVRfIAJ^ TVnnt foot of Lakc-st. and foot of v Ticket Ofllce, 121 Eandolph-at., near dark. \* 8:40 a.m. * |S 8:35 p. m.|s .it. Louis Express.. St. Louis Fast Line Cairo & Xew Orleans Ex. * 8:40 a. m. i» Cairo Klubt Ex '5 8:35 p. m.'J Springfield, Peoria & Keokuk.* 8,40 a. m.i r Springfield Xigbt Express.—!s 8:35 p. m.l Peoria and Keokuk Express... i* 8:35 p. m.: Dubuque & Sioux City Ex j* 9:30 a.m. Dubuque & Sioux City Ex.—l* 9:35 p. m, Gilman Passenger. t* 5:16p. m. CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & QUINCY RAUEOiu Depots, foot of Lake-at., Icdlana-av., and Sixteenth st., and Canal and Slxteenth-sts. Ticket Offices, & Clark-st., and at depots. » Mall and Express ;• 7:30a. m. • 7:4op.nL Ottawa and Strestor Passeng*ri* 7:30 a. m. * 7:40 p. a. Rockford, Dubuque & Slouxl City [• 9:30 a. m. Paclllc Fast Line, for Omaha. w locooa. m. Kansas City. Leavenworth, Atchison is St. Joseph Exp. 'KhOOa. m. Aurora Passenger J* 3:15 p. m. ilendota, Ottawa & Streatori Passenger * 4:20 p. m. • 0:55 am.* Aurora Passenger • 5:30 p. m. • 9:00 am. Aurora Passenger (Sunday)... 1:00 p. m. I0:ioata; Dubuque is Sioux City Exp— * 9:25 p. m. * 7:00 a m. t Pacific Klpht Exp. for Omaha 130:00 p. m. t 7:iua m.. Kansas City, Leavenworth, Atchison & St. Joseph Exp..ftlo:oop. in. t 7:loa n. Downer’s Grove Accommod'nj'*ll:ooa m. * 2:05p.m. Downer's Grove Accommod’n • 1:45 p. m. • 5215 p.m. Downer's Grove Accommod'n * 6:25 p. m. i* 6:45 a m. Texas Express *10:00 p. m. It 7:40 p. m. • Ex. Sunday, t Ex. Saturday, t Ex. Monday. TTRTE AKD CHICAGO HHE. Ticket Offices. 83 Clark-st., Palmer House, Grind Pacific. and at depot. 122 Mlchlgan-av.. corner Midi son. Trains leave from Exposition Building. Day Express—Pullman Draw ing-Room Sleeping Cars, to New York without change.. Atlantic Express Pullman . PalaceDrawine-Room Sleep ing Cars and Hotel Cars Only line running the hotel PmSBUEO. FT. WATUE Day Express _.... Pacific Express. Local Passenger—Fast Ma 11.... Fast Line Mall •Sunday excepted. sDally. fSaturday excepted, t Monday excepted. BAHIMOBE & OHIO RAILROAD. Trains leave from rear of Exposition Building and foot of Twenty-second-st. Depot corner Madlson-st. sod Mtchlgan-av. City office, 83 dark-st., corner « Washington. . -? Accommodation. • 7:40a. m. * s-iop. m. • 8:52a. m- 5 8:ioa. m. 8 5:06 p. m> 8:10 p. nw Day Express., Fast Express. 8 Dally. • Dally, Sundays excepted.' CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND & PACIFIC BAILBOJUX Depot, corner of Van Boren and Shennan-sta. Ticket office 56 Clark-at-, Sherman House. Omaha, Leavenw*th&Atchi Ex *10:00a. m.j* 4:00 p.m. Peru Accommodation • 5:00p. m. • 9:30 a. m. Night Express .. tlO:QOP. m. t 0:55 a. n. IHE»aCAL GAUDS. Loci Hospital, cor. WasMigton k MM. Chartered by the State of Illinois for the express pur pose of giving immediate relief in all ca*es of private chronic, and urinary diseases iu all their complicate* forma. It is well known tiiat DR. JAMES has stood a the bead of the profession for the past 30 years. Age sat experience are all-important. Seminal Weakness, night losses by dreams, pimples on tne face, lost man hood, can positively be cured. Ladles wanting the me* delicate attention, call or write. Pleasant home for pa tient*. A book for the million. Marriage Guide, whlct tells you all about these diseases—vrho should marry* why not— lo cents to pay postage. Dr. James has S rooms sod parlors. You sec no one but the Doctor. Dt James is sixty years of age. Consultations always fra and invited. Office hours, 9a. m. to 7p. m- Sunday* 10 to 12 a. m. AU business strictly confidential- la>7 WastucipoD it, Cnlcaft permanent!/ cnw* pn*f* chrouie.seaoal.andan tawt of females. »«ni» weakness and impotence it — a graduate of th* Bw® school of Medicine; usee so nterrur/; longer located andn* the largest practice ofanr specialist in the Northwest, ana, J an intelligent test will prove, is the ONLY real ScientificSp* cialisttn Chicago. Consultation tree, and sacradl/ eoofltt»» tial. Private board when desired. , MARRIfIBE^S^i aiiCOverip , in reprodneß** AlßinP howto be happr in marriage, no-* !■ nlfl 11 BB *nd frenale. The ben afarriagetJud* aJB BJ ■HJS4 in the, world. Price-0 cents. A b»» iTo” DR. C. BIGELOW 82 West Mad Non-st., cor. Jefferson, Chicago, HU can be consulted personally, free of charge, onsil Chronic, Sexual, aniNcrvouaDlscasea. Pamphlet 36 pages, on above dfiscascs, sent to any addrert for two 3c stamps. Rooms separate for ladies atw gentlemen. MARRIAGE GUIDE, OR SEIUAI* PATHOLOGY, 200 pages, large size, containing all that is worth knowing, and machthatia not published in any other work. Price. 50 cents. Railroad and workingmen prescribed for free. . 30years* London Hoaplul Practice; cures private; d!£ eases Immediately, wlthoat mercury; also LOsT MA-’ HOOD, nervous debility, caused by error* of The young and old are quickly restored to manly Strangers should call or write. One Interview Is sufficient Office strictly private. >*o. 177 bast Ms**** son-si. Dfanch Office, 100 West Madison-4t. • . ioS Dr. Kean, 175 Scum CM-&, corner ol Sonne, Chicago, Kay he consulted, personally or by mall, free of chsry& ottall chronic or nervous diseases. DB- J. onlyphyslclan in the city who warrants cures or nop*J* Office hours, 9a. m. to Bp. m.; Sundays from 9tQ^- Coburn Medical Institute, 177 South Clark-st., Chicago. The oldest instila* tion in the United States, chartered expressly forw cure of Private, Chronic, and SpeotolDwcascsofWw sexes. A staff of eminent Profeawrs in attendanc®' Consultation personally or by letter free. - DR. I.YON. no Flfth-av.. CMogo, cores sB sgJJJk chronic, and nervous diseases and ffemale a shorter time, and cheaper, than aoy other French periodical pills, amps, also speclflct Thcocy sure preventive known sent by mall; price v™2lA private and separate rooms lor ladles and genw»r£l Correspondence coaddentUL Call,ox WtHtV****■ *“"3 in nr firman- “ 'ABJ ie; ■E, Leave. Arire. 5.00 a.m. [•’v.*!- •a-Wp.SlkSiS; Leave. Arrive. Leave. Arrive. Arrive. 7:30 p.m. 4:00 p. a •11:00 a. o. Leare. Arrire. 8:45 p.m. i 7:30 s. n. • 8:45 p. m. ,5 7:30 a. m. ;• 5:30p.m. !§ 7:305. m. i* 7.30 s. m. h 4:30 p.m. f 7:00 a. m. r s. m. Leave, j Autre. 3:40 p. BL 4:00 p.m 4:00p B. 7:55 a.m. | Arrive. Leave. 8:10 a. a 8:50 a. m. 8:10 p.m. 5:08 p. o. its to New York. CHICAGO BAIL WAT. Arrive. Leave. ‘ 9:00 a. m. • 7:00 p. m. i 5:15 p.m. t 6:30 a. ro, i 3:00 p. m. f 9:00 a. m. r!0:00 p. m. I 8:00 a. m. » 5:05 a. m. * S;OSp. a. Arrive. Leave. Arrive. Leave.

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