Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 22 Mayıs 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 22 Mayıs 1876 Page 3
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NEW YORK GOSSIP. * Hard ’Times No Barrier to Extravagance. An, Awkward Fix for a Bank Cashier. A Model Society* Favorite—Foi- bles of .Mile. Aimee. Xho Btowart Mansion Abandoned and Deserted* oo*7 A. T. Stewart and Mon ton Mar ble Were Once Blackballed. Fpeciai Correspondence oj The Tribune. New York, May 10.—There la no use denying (hat tho Centennial fever ha* extended to this city, and If It docs not rage so violently os In Philadelphia It Is only because wo arc not quite so Rear the headquarters. Our papers are giv ing us a surfeit of Ccntcunlal news, and help ing very materially to keep up tho excitement on the subject. It affords a constant topic of conversation, and how, whore, and when to go to the Ccntcunlal, and with whom to go, aro questions discussed In-doors and out-doors at all hours of tho day. Tho (Ido of travel from this city and vicinity will not turn toward Phil adelphia until July,—lnasmuch as reports already received from the Exposition do not en courage visitors until tho Inst note of preparation Is aoonded. Tho real opening, (u tho mind of tho psjplo, will take place on tho Fourth of July, and after that there will be hundreds of excursions from this vicinity to visit tho Exposition. How ever, thoro nre many private excursions already arranged.* Tho popular plan Is fora number of persons to club together, appoint some one as manager, and intrust him with oil the preliminary arrangements. On tho noth, which, being Decora tion Uay, Is also a legal holiday, the bank clerks of Now York will go to Philadelphia by special train, ami It is likely others will, on the same day, follow their example. outwardly prosperous, inwardly dank- ItUIT. strangest things for a foreigner to realize In mingling with the best society of this dly Is, that all the outward extravagance of tho men and women is simply a cloak for tho bank rupt purses hidden beneath. Go wbereyou will, to places of amusement, to private boils and parties, walking on Flfthavenue, riding in Central Park, dining at Dalroonico'soratthe Brunswick, and yon will find people living alllio rote of twenty flve or thirty thousand a year, who aro so heavily Involved In business troubles that the utmost they can do Is to defer the day of Catastrophe. Tho lu trotlaclion of foreign Ideas Into society In tills city has done much to demoralize tho taste of hundreds of young men who are trying to keen up tho snmu ■stylo now, on a slender Income, that they lived in five or six yean ago, when money poured Into their pockets like tho steady flow of an cxhaustless Itream, The greenback current tong ago ceased, bat the stylo Is still there. Young men sport the same expensive establishments, fast horses, yachts, etc., and Indulge In the same expensive amuse ments as If they possessed unlimited wealth. They are moral cowards and afraid to retrench, fearing U will bo an acknowledgment of their poverty, so they mortgage their horses and personal effects, borrow and spend, bat seldom pay, until they are to deep In the mire that further pretense Is impos Hide. This description (Us hundreds of cases whoso heroes and heroines are flaunting thuir costly equip ages and garments through Fifth avenue to-day us recklessly os If there were actually no hereafter whatever. FUN AND FRIVOLITY AMONG Til# BTOCKHOLD- Tho ladles* entrance to the Stock Exchange Is on Wall street. Few of tho fair sex venture to ascend the long stairs required to reach the gal lery which overlooks the main boll where tho bulls and bears contend In sportive glee fur the mastery. Those who do so are amazed, if not frightened, by the noisy din below. The brokers do not talk, they yell at each other with the fury of madmen, and the uninitiated, looking up°n the scone for tho first Umo, would suppose tho parties thus engaged worn maudlin lunatics temporarily released from some asylum. In the Intervals when the real business of tho Exchange slackens and transactions are fuw and far between, tho brokers contrive various amusements to en liven the passing Umo. On Tuesday they Induced ono of their number, Mr. J. White Davis (known ir tho champion dancur of Wall street), to give them a dance. They formed a ring, sumo' whis tled, some patted on their knees and kept time, while Davis danced snmu of his most wonderful steps, and tho audience, enlarged by tho crowd from outside, laughedand applauded. Tho sumo O.av. while there was a lull In business, an organ Usd conspiracy selected tho Vice-President, Hr. James Mitchell, as Its victim. When Hr. Mitchell began to call tho list of stocks on what Is known ns tho second call, tho conspirators, numbering prob aoly 300 in all, began to leave the ball, in five ninnies there was no ono present but the record l„* clerks and the Vice-President, After a brief uyontslda they all rushed pell-mell hack Into the balldlng, to the amusement of Hr. UUchull lad themselves. Next week It is announced they will, Inn good-natured way, compel everybody to lan a spring or summer hat, on tho penalty of bo ng “bounced” If they do note AWKWARD TUINO FOR A RANK CASHIER. , A savings-bank Cashier of this city Is the anconsdoufl hero of a very good, joke, which, by the way, he relates himself. He Is now a happy husband. Only a few inontlis ago ho was' tho “engaged” of a fascinating widow (Ills present wife), who Is well known In literary cir cles, and an attendant of (ho Sorosls reunions. During the engagement, an event occurred which made It necessary for tho widow to change tho In- Vwtmont # of some of her funds. Naturally, she *°nght tho advice of her Intended husband. Ho has now,and always had, a horror of seeming to marry ■ woman for money, and frankly said to her on tela occasion that, os they wore shortly to ho mar ried and bo had sufficient properly for both, she dm better expend her funds in any way that might please her. Bho disclaimed any desire to spend It, ■ml, not to bo outdone in frankness, told him that tee money bad been loft to her by her first husband, ■ad she did not care to expend it foolishly. At UR a happy thought occurred to tho Cashier, and Do mentioned It to the widow. As the money came [roni her first husband, why not expend It In erect ing a handsome monument to his memory. Hho teiorly adopted tho suggestion, and together they wan to plan bow it should bo done. Tho next luy several marble-workers wore requested to send o designs for a mouumonte Tho funniest part of tee story Is. that the Cashier actually wrote tho opl upD, praising tho virtues of tho deceased, «ad it is ■ow almost finished in a marble-worker’s on lulrty-second •treat. Tho Intention was to have »w monument completed before tho marriage, vat unforeseen deloys prevented. The Cashier w taken entire charge of tho work, and doubtless Idata* OVUI * *h° mure for his disinterest- 1 SOCIETY DOCTOIl” WHO CANNOT iuimr. One of the pets of tho fashionable circles for iho past two winters b a certain physician, ithoac courtly manners, witty speeches, well bred civilities, and aptitude for all all sorts of Importunities and occasions, from a kcttlc-drum » a ladles* fair, cither for a dozen or a thou- Und, has made him a general favorite, lie has sov •nl times appeared In prlvato theatricals, is often In private boxes at the Academy and at Wal- Writ §, has more Invitations to dine than ho can ac |*pt, and os regularly promenades tho avenue and wins. suppers at lbs Hotel Brunswick as ' m'? aro of sunshine. Ills professional prac* I*,?*? sorely nominal: ho partially Uvea on his re aH? rcal tho time on hU fashionable Outwardly, b 0 u fair and pleasant, but Sua * bo l* a mass °t deception. He has had a fi rutlons going on. at once, and is k Uya^,tt 10 kcc P lllo,ll U P« a “d tl»o wonder LSSJ*•» who has the outroo of semo of tho cholc dty* hue never married any of oth£u“ S 10 tavo f a *orcd him to the exclusion of all ttin lUo lruo fV" 00 Dono °f thorn know. This “, a wldow c r. The real truth Is, that Sfi.T? • wlfo living In an asylum lu Massachusetts, U a by bis 111-treatment! aowlh.u^.fu't o . l * abo, alright lad of 8 years, fi?BhS? g * WIIh his grandfather. Tho wife U the talKti* M,V ro “ 1, “V nt Printing.ofllco proprietor St»«!. c r : *’ .hohusband has been forbidden the «na ,or 70“"* Us lias tslonl, and at SnfGUiH.“i‘, ,n . re i.‘ fotl “H on aArelgn Uovwrn- Man i!£ ctal 10 toku a J»bco lu Government service the quarter of hta history «heraSn2S. h V wou , ld u •Ijwruca from many doors uure now he la an honored guest.. TUB WBDDINO-rUBSBNT QUESTION. Vi f* ihn . ttS^oDa hle circles, which may lead to *n “rogation of a custom which certainly • *1 d far more honored In tho breach than * observance. Mr. and Mrs. Henry 0. Mar « lc ßa u t mansion, No. 21 West (or ,i B treoL Cards have boon Issued iddui 0 eVOQt which bear thb significant Is ftn** 1 “No presents." Mr. Marquand todhu# °* our fading railroad financiers, fatally belong to tho old-Urao aristocracy of WauJ and high-toned. Their \frruant S* 1 } 1 * 1 * f° thslr friends to abstain from lU«ai.i,£l T * s * 4 • wolcoms contribution to a toJnjSnfe °r rather an agitation, which has been BC , sl»n#^ ,,ola ? rime past, relative to tho pro • 4 r‘n.BbPftftiJgg gifts entirely. Tim custom hna become bo prevalent In this city of Ercf.iintlng silverware and fancy finery of various Intis tn brides that It has become a positive bur den to those who happen to have numerous mar rfagoble lady acquaintances. A custom of this klndhasall the force of a moral obligation, and Terr few persons really care to Ignore it, but the agitation will continue until some pood results are achieved, and no longcrwlll scheming mammas and their scheming daughters be able to calculate In advance thb prolmblo value of wedding presents. TUB NAUGHTY AIMER. , Among the conspicuous peopto to he seen at thcOlTunbachconccrts none Is morcthuobscrrcd of all oliscrvcrs than that dashing creature, Mile. Almcc, who has recently returned from Europe.! Her costumes, fresh from I’cylfl, are marvels of elegance, and present most striking contrasts. Guo evening sho wore a dress of culr-color elaborately embroidered with scarlet and blue, —a very audacious but effective combina tion. Her box was crowded all the evening, and tho throngs of promcnadcrs wore all attracted by her appearance. Tho question was discussed whether she was guiltless of powder or rouge, and the general verdict wan Hist her color and freshness were natural. Aimco Is her own manager, and is awaiting events before deciding upon a reappear ance In this country. Khc has uecn announced In formally us likely to sing In tho Offenbach con certs, hut tho Idea of Almeo In a concert Is ridicu lous. She will never appear to advantage when she cannot dress her characters end roam around the stage ad libitum, arms akimbo, and dnneo her own characteristic Jigs and pirouettes, ala Clairelte In “Madame Ango(, M or (ho “Jolly Perfumer." Aimco would tie quite tamo on tho concert plat form. even singing Offenbach music. Thoro Is a certain proportion of our amusement-seekers who arc half crazy about Atnicc. Bho has more per fumed notes, baskets of {lowers, diamond-rings, and other love-tokens sent to her than any actress who ever appeared in New York, and It Is said by her Intimate associates that some of her love-let ters are as marvelous os her nevr wardrobe?. Alas I a French opera-singer Is not hedged In by a pano ply of steel, and if her integrity Is suspected It la not amazing! MOVEMENTS OP THE RICHEST AMERICAN WOMAN. Tho widow of A. T. Stewart lias sufficiently recovered from tho effects of her husband’s death to attend to some of the details of busi ness Imposed upon her In her new condition. Sho Is not at all disposed* to leavu matters en tirely to Judge tllilon. Sho lias a her own, and Is not diary in expressing it concerning her own affairs to those with whom sho comes Into con tact-. Mrs. Stewart has decided to abandon the marble mansion built by her husband as a resi dence, and remove to tho old homestead on tbo opposite side of Fifth* avenue. In this she In a sensible woman. Had licr own wishes been con sulted, she would have preferred a far different residence prior to Mr. Stewart’s death. The pal ace, even Its inagnlllccntsplendor, Is a cold, cheer less building, aud those who have enjoyed tbo privilege of visiting tho parlors and art gallery on the regular reception days have almost Invariably remarked tbo dreariness of the house. 'ln com- Bwlth Judge Hilton, Mrs. Stewart lately vis- Darden City and selected n site for a memorial church, which Is to be at once a monument and tomb for tho deceased merchant. This Garden City enterprise needs all the nursing which wealth can give It. The experiment tins been a costly one, nn.l thus far n losing speculation. Mr. Htowart was accustomed to say that it would pay well In time, and never hesitated to spend money there la any way which promised to improve Its prospects. Mrs. Stewart will probably make tba now church sufllciently costly und magnificent to form one of thu chief attractions of thu place. THE FAMILY OF N.*P. WILLIS, THE POET, One of the delightful homes to visit in this city Is that tenanted by the family of the late N. P. Willis, tho j?oct. Tho widow (daughter of Joseph Orinuc), of New London, Conn.), lives lu a brown-stone mansion, No. 275 Madison ovc nup, with her son Dailey and two daughters,Hisses Edith and Daisy. ..The young ladles aro just bud ding Into womanhood, and seem to justify all tho bright hopes of their future in which tholr lament ed father Indulged. They aro pretty, intelligent, and accomplished, and tho favorites of a select olrclo. Tho oldest daughter, tho “ beautiful Imo gene.” of noetic memory, Is now Mrs. Ur. Eddy, and u resident of Exeter, N. 11. She Is a pure blonde with bright blue eyes and a wealth of golden hair. Tho poet’s oldest son, (Jriuncl Willis, 'grad uated at Harvard with high honors, and is now on gagedtn mercantile pnrsultsjn Pennsylvania. TUE VAGARIES OF A FASHIONABLE RELLE. What a fashionable belle may do an ordinary woman In tlio medium walkstof society cannot do. Let It bo known that a woman can afford silks ami satins, and sbo can dress In calico without exciting comment. Dut If sho can only afford calico, tho upper-crust belles turn up their noses at once, lienee the affectation ofcollcoby a wealthy miss at tho Philadelphia Centennial opening has hardly the merit of a step toward re form.. Yet It Is recorded that sho Is ono of Phila delphia's fairest daughters, and wore a dross cost ing but 50 cents. It was made by herself, and con sisted of 10 yards of 4-cent calico, rultles and trim mines of tho same material,—tho whole cost lining a half-dollar. Ono of the society journals, refer ring to It, nays, with a true spirit of toadyism which ill accords with the Independence so highly admired, Hint “tho dress wus much admired by the Empress and other guests, all of whom praised the noble example of independence shown by the wearer.” *Tberu arc some Indications of an out break of the cnllco-lmll mania at tho watering place hotels, which will doubtless give our fashion able belles additional chances to show off their spunk in wearing calico dresses. HOW WANTON MARBLE AND A. T. STEWART WERE ONCE BLACKBALLED. The Incident nt tbo Union League Club when Secretary Bristow was disgracefully blackballed has been magnified Into under Importance. It is a common occurrence In other clubs, and tho incident Just now recalls the experience of A. T. Stewart at the Union Club—many years ago. This Club Is well known for Us exclusiveness, which was far worse twenty years ago than now. Then there were numerous bickerings arising from tho snubbing administered in the Club, by repre sentatives of the first families, of candidates of wealth, though unknown pedigree. It was almost a proverb among the Union habitues In those days that a candidate, must not only have a high-toned father but an undoubted grandfather os well,—ln fact a hidalgo in tho old Castilian sense. Some fuw were admitted without grandfathers, hut only with great misgivings os to precedent. Even before this A. T. Stewart was a retail dry-goods dealer, and •when his name wus proposed at the Union ho was promptly blackballed. At a later period ho was elected, though how his pride over forgave tho In sult Is a mystery. Later still Manton Marble,of tho World, was proposed and was blackballed, tils ad mission was subsequently secured by thu strenuous exertions of a leading mcmlter, who boldly de clared that until Mr. Marble was admitted ho would cast a black ball upon every' application for admission. In this way Marble cut Into the Union. There aru numerous examples or black balls being cast In opposition to distinguished characters, ana white tho ballot U secret such esses will be com mon. | CURIOUS EFFECT OF PERSONAL INFLUENCE. Tbo Police Commissioners of thb city have somu curious nations. At a recent trial of de linquent policemen President Smith remarked to the delinquents that if any of their friends had asserted or intimated that they had Inter ceded for them and thereby procured any leniency la their sentences they had stated what was In ef. feel alio. Tho only result of persona) Interces sion In behalf of a delinquent olllccr was to in crease tho penalty, for, where two olllcera had been convicted of the same oUciiho, tho one who had no friend to Intercede fur him escaped with (he lightest sentence. This Is a new doctrine applied to personal log-rolUnp, and might be nrotltably adopted In other departments. Thu police now understand that when they are caught napping it b useless to have friends Intercede fur them. Beauty. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. TUG UOAUU OP HEALTH. 7b (As Editor of The Tribune. Chicago, May 20.—This Hoard tshould bo abolished, for thu following reasons: Not being composed exclusively of medical experts, Its. opinions are not authoritative. Its umvlcldi nesa induces vacillation, entails Increased ex* pendlturcs, encourages jobbery In contracts, and paralyzes the efforts of the Executive oUl cer, should bo happen to be a man of ability. The Hoard might be replaced by a Health Otlk-cr, who should be a medical man. Tito Health Oillccr Is to bo the solo responsible head for the sanitary affairs of thu city. His qualifi cations ought to bo the following: Ho should E assess the confidence of thu medical profession; u a man of common sense and business qualifi cations; thoroughly honest-(being saislleil with his salary, not accenting presents, bribes, etc.); and. last out nut least, have a still back-bone. Such an officer would represent the medical profession of tho city, for ho would, In all diffi cult questions, advise with thoprofusslon through Us societies, and receive their Indorsement be fore acting. Ho would therefore be tbo mouth piece of tho profession. Thu medical faculty would thus be represented (or the first time In tbs Health Department, and this without ox p*»ao to tho city. ' To Illustrate tho practical working of this plan, wo will suppose a case lu polut. Tho Health Ufflcer consults tho medical societies of this city lu regard to tho foal odors emanating from ren dering establishments. Tho following answer ts returned: it t ho vapors emanating from rendering ostab- Ihhuieuts are caused by deffcleut machinery, “ Thew t»iw> «o Ootitoautil to health, In TTHBPX7HICAQOPTRIBPWE 1-MONDAY, MAY 22, 1876. creiso Infant mortality, am a amtreo of discom fort to all, and should im prevented. “In answer to your Inquiries, we would re spectfully request yoti to abate them. Ip so do big, you wllr have the moral support of the inodical nrofesstan and the community.” Now, tills Health Ofllccr, who Is notlmmpercd by superiors, colleagues, etc., who withal wishes to earn his salary, and no more (it ought to ho a respectable salary),—l repent, this Health OHirer, receiving such a note from his mcdlrnl brethren, stiffens his back-bone, dilates his nostrils (ho will never Imvo catarrh), smells the stink, puts his hand on thooffondcr. uses oil the 'authority tho law affords him, and suppresses the nuisance. > If tho offender escapes, the Health Officer re turns to his medical brethren. relate* his fail ure. and thu profession will prepare a law, under which, when passed by the next Legls abnl^/icV'Cy 0 ! nuisances can Iw summarily Mr. Editor, I sincerely believe that the Health laws can he executed under tho administration of Mayor Hoync, by such a man, uuder tho system proposed by me. Philip Adolphus, M. D. RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE IN BOSTON. To the Kdltor oj The Tribune. .Chicago, May 21.—Your Issues of Thursday and Friday last contained rumors that the elo quent preacher of Boston, Phillips Brooks, was about to bo tried by the ecclesiastical authori ties of the Protestant Episcopal Church for committing tho deadly sin of associating in a marriage ceremony with au “ unlicensed ’’ cler gyman. Perhaps more light from one not whol ly unfamiliar with tho churches and clergy of Boston may not ho amiss. Tho Uev. Phillips Brooks is-one of the foremost orators in the Protestant Episcopal Church, n wonderfully successful parish minister as well, and, In addi tion, Is an outspoken evangelical Low-Church man. Ills church (Trinity) and old 8L Paul’s are among the strongest and most Influential par ishes in the country, in 1850. and for many years thereafter, tho Rector of St. Paul’s was the Rev. Dr. Nicholson, a man of great learning and eloquence, acknowledged by all to bo one of tbo greatest • minds in thu communion to which he belonged j ho held many ami Important offices In societies In connection with the Pro testant Episcopal Church, and wossevcral times a candidate for the Bishopric In various Dio ceses, and hut for his pronounced Low-Church views would doubtless have been elevated to that houor. He left Boston to fill the pulpit of Bt. John’s, Cincinnati, and from there was called to thcvcncrabloponsh of Trinity Churcli, Newark, N. J., and while Rector of this parish, becoming convinced of the hopelessness of re form within the Church, resigned and accepted the Rectorship of a Reformed Episcopal Churcli lu Philadelphia, and subsequently was elected n Bishop In this new and growing body. A son of this gentleman became engaged to a young Irnlr who was a member of tho Iluv. Phillips Brooks’ church, and at the wed ding ceremony her Rector and Bishop Nicholson » officiated. and for this sinful act tho Rcc- Trinity Is now to bo admonished, and perhaps (Jcgradcd. Comment is needless. Bishop Paddock, of Massachusetts, Is right In his view of tho case, provided there Is but one true Church (I. 0., tho Protestant Epis copal), and that all outside, whether formerly trusted and honored members of it or not, are doomed to everlasting punishment, and to asso ciate with such Is worse than sinful. Stuart. A LEAP FROM THE LIFE OP A PROFESSIONAL PHILANTHROPIST, * To the Editor of The Tribune. Waukegan, 111., Slay 20.—Marvin U. Bovee, years since, was a member of tho Wisconsin Legislature of which I was a member at the same time. I then formed his acquaintance. Years passed. I knew nothing of him, when two years ago ho came to my house, and partook of a cordial hospitality for several days. When about to loave, he came Into my ollko; said ho hod to send his wife a certain sum of money, she being from home,and it must goby mall,just’ then ready to go; that he would return It to mo Immediately on hla arrival In jtho city, where ho had plenty. I let him have It. Mentha passed, ami I heard nothing from Bovee. I corresponded. The last was as follows fit was a question which he has never answered): “ Bovee: A few years since, a man came to my house at night, as an cuciny. lie entered by stealth, and robbed me of money ami effects. Later, a man came as my friend, received the hospitality of my home, and left with my money, obtained through a lie and fraud. Suestlun: Which was tho most of a-man and iu best citizen!** (or which tho biggest villninfj Bovee has never replied. Perhaps your corre spondent, “Justice,** can settle tilts point for him. O. T. Maxson, M. D. THE COURTS. Record of Easiness Transacted Saturday. DIVORCES. Ella May Frccto wants a divorce from her husband, William W. Frccto, for a like cause. June Sinn also asks for a divorce because her husband, John Sinn, has been guilty of the must excessive cruelty toward bcr. At one time, because sbo would not make a pair of panta loons at hnp-liazard, without any chance to know whether they were right or wrong, ho 'seized and pounded her, and threatened**to shake her in pieces. At another time ho compelled her to walk over 3 miles when sho hod Just been confined, until she 'dropped down on tho ground from exhaustion, and sho was finally obllged'to leave him about two weeks ago. Sinn Is a policeman, on a salary of SI,OOO a year, and tbo owner of a house and lot, No. 51 “F" street, and the, complainant desires this to bo taken into account when the amount of her alimony is fixed. UNITED STATES COURTS. Thu United States commenced suit in debt against August Wnllbaum, J. R. Ilugunin, and Christian B. Engle, laying damages at 8100,000. 1 Tho Franklin Savings Bank of Pawtucket, U. 1., filed a bill again at Philip and Lon Isa A. Lor mon, XL D. Ogden, Trusted, F. C. Taylor, suc cessor In trust, Lazarus Hilvermon, and F. O. El liott, to foreclose u trust-deed for 820,000 on thu 8. Xof the S. E. Xof tho S. E. of Sec. 0, IW, 14. BANKRUPTCY MATTERS. Alfred Doggett, a i grain-dealer at Sheldon, HI., Hied lib voluntary petition. Saturday. Tho accrued and. preferred debts amount to 90,858, and tbo unsecured foot up about $16,000. There are no assets beyond exemptions. In the matter of John E. Rowland, tho former proprietor of tho Metropolitan Hotel, Tobey filed a petition Saturday, setting out tliat Howland at tbo time of bankruptcy bad been engaged lu keeping a hotel; Uiat they had examined hb books, and ascertained that ho drew from the business between Oct. 13 and 80, 1875, tbo sum of $5,160. On Urn 4th of November following tho bal ance on tho books was $144.83, and thb, too. he seems to have taken, os ho reports no uLih on hand lu hb schedules, lie was at the time living at the hotel, and could ..'lave been under no lawful necessity to spend so much money, without having anything to show for It. The petitioners, therefore, ask Uiat Howland may bo compelled to submit to an examination of lib accounts before tho Hegistcr us soon os possible. A warrant was issued for Howland's arrest unless he should give bond (n the sum of $2,500 fur hb appcoraucu when wanted. Thu examination will take place Wednesday. A discharge was issued to F. A. Scavcms. In (he case of W. *f. Mays & Co. a final moot ing will bo held June 0 before tho Hegbter. A first meeting of the creditors of J. M. Sey mour will bo beta thb morning at 10 a. m. sui’ttiiiou couut in nnißP. Joseph Sbcrwlu commenced a suit in trespass against the City of Chicago, laying damages uf $30,000. i Hubert Boake and Georg© W. limit began an action fur SIO,OOO against Samuel J. Walker, CIUCUIT COUNT. John Freldel commenced an action lu trespass against Urn Chicago & Northwestern Hallway Company, claiming SIO,OOO damages. Charles L. Epps and Joseph F. Greer begun a suit against the Union Uallroad and Transporta tion Company and the BcunsylvouLt Company to recover SO,OOO damages. THU CALL. Judob Gauy—47o, 481 to 401, and 4W to 603, til inclusive. Judob Jameson—Nos. 59,053, City vs. liar ler, ami 67,821, City vs. Looney. Judob Hamms—6B2 and DBoto 000 Inclusive. Judob Booth—JlM, 83 to 816 inclusive, ex cept 388 and 811. judob MoAllibtbu—Set case 8,175, and 646 to 650 inclusive, except WS, 552, and 061, of Judge Hogcrs* calendar. Judob Fabwbll—No call. Judob Williams—Bet case No. 20. « JUDUtIBNTS. Summon 'Count— Convkssiuns— John Williams otai. vs. lieory Dettinap. 8386,33. Junoe Uinv—llorullo Hitchcock vs. Loon Han del, 8182.64.—lUcburd 8. Newcomb vs. John Ar nold, Ciucuit Count—CoKrasaioss— I Tho Internation al Uuuk vs. Hoswull U. Uoodell, $3,1263, Juooa Uooxns—H. J. llugsrsvs. William P. Du raatoad Pierson 8. Jlutlocksj verdict, 83,238.88, and motion for new trial. EUBOPEAN GOSSIP. Notabilities Driving in the Bois de Boulogne, A Sad Chapter in the Do Boauffromont Divorce-Case. The French Liberty Statue for lev Tork-Traflle In Decorations. TIfR BOIS DE BOUI.OONE. Lncy Hooper writes from Paris to tho Phila delphia Tdf>fraph: Driving In the Dots de Bou logne Is by no means a fatiguing exorcise. Few persons really drive there; that Is to say, but few explore Its shady roods and picturesque avenues to any extent. Tho afternoon’s amusement consists In making what Is call ed the tour du lac, os all one does Is to crawl at a walk, up and down a certain stretch of road, about a quarter of a mile in length, ’extending along the west ern hank of tho lovely central lake. Thither come Queens and cocottos, Princesses and ac tresses, fashionable belles and beaux, and beaux, and stilt more fashionable dcml-mon dalncs—all the gay world iu Parle, hi short, or at least every one who owns a carriage, or can hire one that looks like a private equipage. Slowly tho tong Hues of carriages pass to and fro; everybody looks at everybody else’s toilette and turn-out except, perhaps, some languid belles that seem serenely indifferent to tho outside wotrd In goncruL Tho grave sergentsdo vllle, placed at either end of the drive, have a hard time to .maintain order In the file, while horses prance and cabmen swear and powdered lacqueys exchange glances of supreme disdain. Here, in a superb open landau, comes tho notorious Madame Mnsanl, drawn by a pair of spirited bays that surpass In beauty any other horses on tho drive. Her toilette Is elegant and striking; a polonaise overdress of dark red and green Beotch-nlnld foulard, over a petticoat of brown silk velvet. Her hat, of black straw, is trimmed with glossy green and black cock’s feathers. and a drooping fringe of the same borders her black silk sun-umbrella, or rather her large parasol. Her ludr. which used .to bo of a dark chcstuut hue. Is to-day yellow as a buttercup: It may possibly be black to-morrow and silver-blonde tho day after. She Is slender, graceful, and styllsh-looKltig; a bom Parislenno every Inch of her,* to oil appearance, and yet she Is of Yankee origin. Next gasses the beautiful Countess de' P , a outh American by birth, and onu of the loveliest of Parisian belles, nil in block, save for a wreath of scarlet berries around her capote bonnet. Shu Is a polc-chcckcd brunette, with gorgeous dark eyes, fringed with long, droop ing lashes. Close behind her comes the fair Duchess de Mouchy, tho American Princess, ns she used to be culled under the Empire, tho social chief of tho Bonaportlst faction 1a Paris, no longer In lier llrst youth, but still hondsunio and winning. Then pass the celebrities of tho demi-monde, one of them dark, slender, aud stylish-looking, with a singularly quiet and refined demeanor. That Is the notorious Delphinc de Llzy, one of the reigning queens or the evil realm to which she belongs. Five years ago she had scarce shoes to her feet; to-day she owns a hotel, car riages, ami diamonds, mid ruffles It with the best at Nice In tho winter, and at Trou vllle Id summer. Her low victoria Is perfect In all its appointments. Her Companion is a young and extremely pretty blonde, an Englishwoman known amoug her ccs dames aud their attendant Messieurs by the name of Bebo Barrington. Then follows an equipage of al most regal inognlllecnco; tho landau, the horses, tho liveries ore all faultless lu stylo. It Is uwnid by a titled English fumllr, the female members of which sit up, stiff, parrot-nosed, and most Inycoiftly attired, looking neither to the right nor to the left, ns if driving were a weariness and the Bois de Boulogne aliowllug wilderness. A pair of cream-colored jionles driven by a fair, beardless boy, who at the first glance seems scarce 14 years old, next attracts attention. Tho hoy-driver Is one of tho saddest ex amples of tho effects of Parisian civ ilization. Ho is but n few years older than ho looks, and already this blond, peach checked child Is steeped to the Bps In all the abominations of Parisian dissipation. He is an orphan, Is immensely wealthy, and mav bo rfeen dally In the Bois, each day with a different and mure striking team, ami nightly at the Cafe Holder or the Cafe Aiuerluiln, the two most disreputable of the fashionable restau rants In Paris. A splendid steed, mounted by a' gentleman with a full gray beard mul u pair of flashing dark eyes, trots rapidly past. The gentleman Is the Duke d’Aumnle, and his horse Is his thorough-bred Arabian. Aud hero comes the wickcdcst-looking woman in Paris, —Com Pearl,—old, faded, haggard-looking, faultlessly dressed in alnuiet toilette of silver-gray foulard, with her dyed yellow hair pmlca low on her fore-' head, as though to shado her hollow eyes. Last year sho used to drive out In a landau aruwn by two mag niUeent horses; that stunning equipage has befen replaced by a plain Victoria with onu ordinary looking steed. Bho is on tho downward track, that Is very evident. Sho is said to bo over head and cars iu debt, her hotel on tho Rue do Chutllot Is mortgaged for Its full value, and sumo day at no very distant period there will bo a sale at tho Hotel Drouot. and then a final dls anpearaneo of this detestable, vicious creature. Verily this tour du lac of the Bois do Boulogne is a fair epitome, of Parisian life; sinful splen dor brushing past royalty and aristocracy, tho mondo and the demi-monde mingled in one un ceasing round, and all forming jiart of tho same gorgeous pageant, with the fairest scene In tho world’s fairest city for a background. .THE DB ItEAUFFirKMOXT CASE. A Paris letter to the New York Timet says: “ Wo have not yet done with the Do Beauffro mont cose, and to-day I have sent you the Baddest chapter of all. When I last spoke of it I told you that the Court had granted the se questration, but on examining into tbc property of Mcnars it was found that It produced no revenues, or rather that the charges ex ceeded tbo income by nearly 10,000 francs a year. This was owing to the fact that tbo Prin ccssokopt all the old servants of her mother, Prlncesso do Cblmay, aud had established hospi tals, asylums, and schools at her own expense. Prince do Beauffrcmont demanded thu seques tration of this property, and its direction by a man ajrpointed by the Court. This was accord ed. The agent of the Priuccssc was forced to turn over the property at the command of the law. The result is shown by the following pro test, which comes from lllowt Mbhars. April 25, IH7U.—Wo, the nndervigned, Mayor, adjoint*, Aldermen, and chief inhabitants of tho Commune of Menara, attest, as a matter of public notoriety, that all th« inhabitants of Menus lutvo seen with sorrow tho rigorous measures taken against tho personnel of thu chateau, the (treater part of them having honorably served tho Prlncesso do Chlmay, and afterward tho Princessu bor daughter, fur over forty yean; that these rigorous measures have taken from many families their means of existence, and plucod thu ontiru Coinumno of Munan lu a precari ous position; that public sentiment has been pro foundly touched by thu destitution en masse of theso servitors, without regard to ago or services rendered; that thu Inhabitants have seen in this measure tho satisfaction of personal hatreds, and the greatest indignation prevailed when old servitors of fifty years' standing aad been Ignobly driven from thu chateau, and ordered by tho Constable to leavo within twenty-four hours; that nothing can justify thu things attributed to tbu new Administrator, Installed by order of the .law under thu suoueAtnitlou: this man, being thu sumo formerly discharged. by tho Princessu do Chlmay. seeming to have no other aim than Hint of oppressing his ancient subordinates, guilty, in his eyes, of having preserved tbu consideration of their masters and tnuw-tcemof nil honest people. Iu this statu of things tbo undersigned dare to protest iu thu interest of tbu Commune, as well as In that of the persona Injured, against the rigorous meas ures cited above, and to express thu hope that jus tice may bu remlered iu this sad case. Then follow tho signatures of all tho funo thmanes ami all tho Inhabitants of Mcnars, with very few exceptions. This is a sail case indued. While Mmc, Do BeuullremonL, ugw Princess do Illbeseo, woo living ut Mcnurn, separated from her husband, blio wad surrounded by all tho old servitors of .bur family. Fur tlm aged she provided liberally, securing them from want in their last days, Shu founded a hospital, au Infants' asylum, and two schools, all uf these charities being paid for out of the revenues uf Menars. They absorbed tho whole, mid the taxes and other expenses had to bo mid out of her tiockot. Unc year aho luul, to give 4,(XU franca, another year 10,000. Now tho law steps in and oppolnts .an agent, a man already discharged in dis grace. Uu turns all thu old Du Cliimay tor vunts out, sends oil thu SUters of Charity la thu djrcchu and schools, and clears thu hospi tals cutting oil the charities that have "existed for tho post tuu years. In this way Prince do Ueauflrcmynt can get a revenue from the heri tage of his wife, but what c heart ft man must have to use eueh cruellies forao small a sum of money. II Is revenue as well as money that 1m wants now, tml ll fa hard to take-revenge out at no many Innocent poor people. Public. feeling at Blots and Manors In running high against his cruet measures. TJIE UIIERTY STATUE. The monumental statue of Liberty to he pre sented by Republican Franco to Republican America, and to lie erected In the harbor of Now York, Is (says the Paris correspondent of the Boston Post) far advancing toward completion. The artist, M. Bartholdi, is enthusiastic about Ids work, and the Interest created In all classes of society by the movement Is really a strong proof of the brotherly feeling which Is felt hero towards the great Re public of the New World. The subscription list headed by Marcchal MacMnhon and hU Min isters bears also the name of the humble ouv- Her, who has furnished Ids hard-earned franc to the national offering of one great nation to another. Borne months ago, when the project was spoken of, a wealthy manu facturer of Paris called on M. Lnhou- Inyc, President of the Executive Committee, and Inscribed Ids name as one of the subscrib ers, without specifying the amount of Ids con tribution. M. Bartholdi, who was present at the time, and who knew the liberality of the subscriber, jokingly remarked that “as ho knew M. X. to bo a strong Republican and a great admirer of America, the amount of his subscription would certainly be very large, If it was In proportion to his admiration for the Ureal Republic.” “Let it bo so, then,” answered the manufac turer; “and I engage myself to furnish alt the bronze necessary Tor the costing of the statue.” “But you are aware”' answered M. Barthol di, astonished, “thatyour subscription will then reach the enormous sum of 100,OnO franenl” “Very well, sir; let'that lie the amount of my subscription, and 1 shall Impose onlv one condition: 1 desire my name to be kept secret In relation to tills affair, and you can draw on my banker as soon as you please for tho amount.” Is not this a proof of great friendship and admiration for the people of the United States, from one who has never yet crossed the Atlantic on a visit to America I It has been decided by the Committee that the corner-stone of the base of tho monument shall be laid in Nfrw York, on the 4th day of July next, with great cere monies. A number of distinguished French statesmen and writers, among whom M. E. Lahoulavo and tho Count do Toeqaevlllc will Go present on the occa sion. We understand that an appeal Is to ho mode to the American public for a subscription to cover tho expenses of tho hose of the muuu incut, as It would be Impossible for the mem bers of the French Committee, who are almost all tnemliers of tho Beuato and of tho Chamber of Deputies, to superintend the details of pre paring the foundation In New York. TRAFFIC IN DECORATIONS. Tho Paris correspondent of tbc'London Tima Writes to that journal: A curious ease of tho traffic In decorations was before the Correc tional Tribunal yesterday, M. Herve Du Lorln, who makes a comfortable Income, estimated at 12,000 francs a year, as an Interpreter author ized by the Archbishop of Paris to show foreign visitors the Cathedral of Notro Dame,was during tho siego of Paris director of an ambulance. He then invented an order which ho wore him self and conferred upon a great many puople. Foo this ho was not Indicted, the ribbon being purely fantastical, - and clearly distinguishable from that of any known order in Europe. It results from the Judge’s ruling that anybody iu France may create liimsclf Grand Master of an order, and confer decorations on those who will take them, provided he avoids piracy: but M. Herve was accused of having dubbed himself Baron, and covered his breast with ribbons greatly resembling those of the Crown of Italy, St- Sepulchre, etc. In the dock with him was u chum named Case, ac cused of assuming the nobiliary particle “de” and wearing several false orders, among others one called Saint Suuvcur de Montreal, founded In 1070 by Henry of Burgundy, which resembled that of Charles VII. of Spain. M. Herve denied having publicly worn the pirated decorations or borne the tRIe of Huron, but admitted that he had been photographed with the tirders In question, and had put u Baron's coronet on Ids visiting cards. Case argued that the decorations he wore were distinguishable from those charged ns pirated. Ills friends sometimes put “de ’’be fore his name, but he denied that he assumed the particle. The Courts found the defendants guilty, but thinking probably that stripping off so many Ixirrowcd plumes was sufficient punish ment, lined them only 15 francs each. RINTONG IN PARIS. The Paris correspondent of a London news paper, referring to the opening of a new rink, says: Unfortunately, through great misman agement the I‘alaeo lost night was tbo scene of one of the most disagreeable sights I have witnessed in Purls for many a long day. The building is capable of holding 2,000 per sons at the most, and the man ager hod issued tickets of Invitation to at least five or six times the number; in fact, it appeared as if tout Pari?, including all the demimonde of the Boulevards, hail; been Invited to attend what was announced tolto u ‘ very select gathering.’ The consequence of tills great conllueneo of persons from all qutfters can cosily be imagined. The doors were no sooner opened than the placo was cram med to suffocation, and yet thousands of ladies mid gentlemen, on foot uud lu carriages, con tinued to arrive. Tbo crowds outside swelled at every sccoftd, and everybody was eager to get inside. In vain the police on duty told them the palace was already overflowed: they pushed and pushed until the police could no longer stop them, and then the gates were broken down, aud iu rushed tbo excited mob pell-melL But on arriving on the cor ridor lauding to tbc rink another crowd was encountered. It was Impossible to gut in or out. All the exits were Invaded by the peo ple, and the greatest uproar prevailed every where. Tbo building not being- tlnlshcd, the masons were still at work, and the crowd took advantage of their scaffolding to climb on to thu roof ana get In at thu windows. Those in side wore uuliged to get out iu the same way, for the crowds below persisted la besieging the doors. At times there was a fearful crush, and ladles were carried fainting out of the crowd. Many persons had their amis and legs injured, and if no terrible catastrophe oc curred it must be attributed to rare good luck. Inside everybody was nearly crushed or suffo cated, and the greatest indignation was express ed on all sides at thu almost criminal misman ageiaent of the u fete.” ■ FINANCIAL.. Advances made ok watches, jkwblicv. diamonds, revolvers, opent'Klaeses. etc., eta, at (iOLUSMID'S Loan and bullion otlleu, no East Modi wm-st. Cub paid for old gold and silver, gold dust, silver bars, precious stones, and valuables of every du sorlpUou. unredeemed pledges for onlo. Advances made on diamonds, watches. bunds, LAUNDEItS' private ufllrc, igoltaif dolph-st., near Clark. Dooms ft and d. Established lull. ipIOHT (to I'EU CENT—MONKV TO LOAN ON 1M« .Ij proved mul unimproved property. JOHN C. lA)NU, 72 Washington--!, TVfONKV TOLOAN—IH BUMS OF (500. et.UjQ, 111 $1,500. SJ.fUI etc., on Chicago real tsUto. 1 want nooo but the boot securities, and will make In terest aud expenses correspondingly low. Mortgage Loans, Money to loan on diamonds. watches, idauos, Singer inscjitnas, aud other collaterals at ITlvato LosnOincc. lUS Clark-st., Room J. op-staln. MC. BALDWIN A CO., R 4 AND M • »t., lUioin At, make loans lu large and small sums on real estate at lowest rates; one sum of ynap at b percent; good notes and mortgages wtailed. ♦ 8 AND u i'EU CENT—MONKV TO LOAN IN SUMS of W.K" aud upwards, on Cook County property. ILW. HYMAN, Ju.. A Cl).. Hoorn 11. 155 LaSaWVu 8 PEH CENT "MONEY TO LOAN IN BUMS OF s.\<u)iuidovvrs funds on hand; lowoommUsloo* TUHNEH & BOND. UrJ WaaldPgton-su M S' .Xlin' s7Oll at.ujn, to LOAN ON CHICAUO fjr/v*. TV °r.* ,ydo lttrk property. TUIINKU A miND, KrJ Washlnglou-st; -1.-WHin f LS " ofliKli SUMS TO SUIT, TO •jpo.Uuo limii on city property, at current rates 'I,‘L’UNEU A DUNp. lird Wathiagtou-st. Ann loan; ih“buuh to suit, on •ID* )• Chicago or Cook. Count? real eUate. HUTCHINSON *. LOFF.JW Tribune UulliltnS. ifcti)“hftf’ft o ''**oak in bums to buTFat W ± y t ,, , ' J . {J «percent on good city property and tounhl, vr. M. WILLNEIt, UOAUDING AND LOUGINU. NoutU Side* 7fi VAN DURKN-BT., NEAR STATE—HOARDFOR (JfVlauo J C4Wr “ oal CUJOUI ** 10 per week, with um 111 PKASKLIM-BT.. BETWEEN MADISON AND ,-tlt Waahlogton—Mocly funilabud ruoiiw aud Iwunl. *3.00 per week; day board, *3.30; licit aud cheopcathomo lu thu city. mAND 123 CALUMBt«AV. ~ PLEASANT room*, with board, cau now bo bad at thu aoovot »i>oclally plcaiantlocatlum mfercucea required. Hotels. ■VEVADA HOTEL, 14S AND ISO WABAfIII-AV. li between UodUon andSlonroo-.u., (bUWUMr day. SdtoSdparwtiuM day board *4.60. t'uuntryi ITOOUSTO KENT AT RIVEUBIDB. WITH BOARD. JV for thu btiimner; hot and fold water, cai. and till thuouuHurUof ihucity. u well aa tho plenum uf bo> lim lu tho country, 01 price* to null thu Hurt*. Addreaj Box W, lUvcnlda, XU. CITY RKAEj ESTATE* Tj*OK BALE—ELEGANT CORNER NEAR UNION X I’urk. adapted for a block of house*. Wonuf fur* n:#li land and wmn money to Improve to restwoalble panto*. Aildren Z 44, Tribune oilier. FOU RALE—THE 12-HOOM 110URE. ’WITHI.of JWXI2S. No. 17n7 Bliurtlell*av.. neap Tblrtr-tlfth* «V Jo/ *■.*«» «hc property coil *3.400. Jl. c. MAUI. WIN A CO.. HULtHalle-st.. Room XJ. SCIK/UIIAN IIG,U< ESTATE. UOUBALK, RENT, OR KNCIIANOE-Ih7u7es AND J. low at Hinsdale. Stic of places, price, and term*to ,ult ’. lo r, nU,,iro - o. .1, BioUOfl, m Uesrlwrn-su SALK—AT* WK.STKRN HPRINOB, ON KASV X monthly payment* to *ntt, 2-story houses and v>- footlowaifeor, ft.on, and *l,x-iO| near schools and depot; sidewalk*, etc., all complete, ready lo more in uVc»“ r I,ILI -‘ It oll BALE-CHOICE IMI’JtOVKD FARMS AND O. acre property, lto»n aere*. near Chicago! low prices and good terms. O. C. WlillTLE. mClark-st. COI;NTIiV KEAK, EISTAXE. l/OU HALE-E.tllMS-FAiiMsIFAIIMS-WE CAN J offer all those wishing to purchase farm* In 1111* nols great bargains. Me make farms and farm lands a specialty, and can sell Improved farms as low as wild lands can im had In most western state*. if rou wish UTD"»fi'| e or"i l ?a. m ' Cn '“ r ’' ÜB ' tflX 4 LEW, “- V OU HAIiE-r.MIM OF HO ACRES OP GOOD X prairie land, with new 7-room house, ham, etc., located In KlTlncliain County, III.; also one of same sirs m timber-land near st*,ve. Either will iw •old for Ibn small price of ?!.»«; part cnrii, balanc* on times both in good neighborhood* ni;d very cUran GRIFFIN A LEWIS. Room » Major Block. ‘ to UK^'r— 'PO KENT—ID-ROOM OCTAGON FRONT MIL* X waukce brick houw* on Bowen*av.. near Vlncennva* nv. ; hot and cold water on each Door ami In two main bedroom*: four marble mantel*, side yard*. tree* In front. 103 Wulilntfton*at., Room 15, fpd RRNT-TO A RESPONSIBLE PARTV'ONLY.' X not lor a boardlnp-hou>«-*Two*itory and basement brick dwelling, aw wc*t Wwhlnirton-si. 5 every room newly (tainted, papered, and calclmlned. Apply at2t«o Vi cai Waihlnirton*sL TO RENT—FOR FOUR MONTHS OK ONE YEAR, L a house In Minneapolis, Mlm.. with 10rooms, well f'lrnlthcd, havlmr water, rm. and all nirviem con* venunw*. Address F. O. Box tat, Minneapolis, Minn. REST—CIS PER MONTH WILL UKNT LAIIOB X 3-»iory Imus.'. with largo ground*. No. ;w Harvard* Bt., near Camjiltcll-nv. Imjulro oI.THi Westem-uv. RENT—FURNISHF.D 2-STORY AND BASE* X merit brick house. No, 121 Twcnty-nm-st., near Mlchlgan-av. Call at the bouse. fpoiiENt-iiousK am north state-st. CON ,-1- taming loruom*. with oil modern Improvements; hn* recently t*eeii refined, nnd will be rented very cheap. I.LMOIT ANTHONY. If. Dcarborn-lt. r \'Q 11ENT—i.'OTTAOH nu WEST ADAMS-ST., 7 J. room*, clow is. hath, *a.*i per month. Inquire on premise*. JOHN U. SHERWOOD. rpO RENT-\ FIRST-CLASS UIOUSK WITH 18 X room* and two Laui-rwm*. three-story and base* meat. Vermont marble front. fkO w«:*t Adams-nt., cor* ner of Utllo. Inquire of CHARLES W. PAUKKU, 127 La feallc-at.. bioicnieiit. rPO RRSf-W-J WEST CONGRKSH-ST.. COKNF.It X Miiicliuxtcr-av., i»u-story frame cuttnuc find boat;* nent of B Moms and bath-room. C. W. PARKER. HT7 Laballo-su, brupvnivDt. F PO KENT—CHEAP—NO. 1057 MICHIGAN-AV., x with modem Improvements. D. u. HAMILTON, KaJ Clark-st. fpO HEM—TWO FINK (1-ROGM COTTAGES IN THE .1. grove at north city limit* for t in, which arc really vortti*k3. Apply ut 12a South Clark-iU, lioum 11. fPO lULNT—NEW OCTAGON MARBLE-FRONT. 14. X room*, modem Improvements, brick bams lawn In front, side lot, marble sidewalk, finely shailod, north* e:wt corner Cwrull-av. and Shcldon-st. Want an oiler from desirable tenant at Jtoom 7 Metropolitan Diode. fPO KENT—I NEAT BRICK HOUSES. TEN ROOMS L each, bath, water-closet, etc.; fine shade trees In front;on Arbor-place, between bhcldoit-it. and Union I’ark-plucci rcalfa pcrmontli. Room 7 Metropolitan Block. fpo RENT—TWO 2-STOUY AND 11ASKMKNT MAR- X We front liouac* on Vernon-av., near Thirty-fourth at.; nil modem improvemunta. TURNER 8; UONDI lug Waililngniii-M. Suburban. fpo RENT —DESIUAULE HOUSE AT RAVENS* X DENNETT, Agent, Boniheast corner of Monroe and Market-six fpO RENT-SUMMER RESIDENCE IN EVANSTON. X A furnished house, situated on the lake shore; a v<ry desirable locality during the hot season; will iw let u> tno right party. There are two pianos In the house, nnd rdso barn and croquet grounds ou tho premises. roHsciislofi given the latter part of June to Bern. I. For terms and further particulars addre-ts J. N. PASCOK, Evanstou, or MATSON HILL, 07 Washlngton-iL, Chi* cago. . TO RE.VT.KOO.ns. f|XJ RE NT—NICE LV FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH X or without Itourd. Kingsbury Block, Raudolph-st., near Clark. Apply at Room 30 f|V5 RENT - FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms (a a desirable locations east and south ex* Posuns: day board eunveulent; only seven blocks from Fremont Home: lo gentlemen only. T SI, Tribune oiUl-o. f|VJ RENT-COOL AND I’LKASANT ROOMS. NICE* X ly furnlsheil, for gentlemen. Terms, from $8 lo permoQili. at h."> South Clurk-st., Uuomn. fIV) RES’f—WITH Oil WITHOUT HnAUD-A \*ERY L cnohuj room in a first-classprlvalo family; uooilier boarders; near Thirteenth-el. Address (JIS. Tribune orllce. fpO RENT—WELL-FUUNIRHED ROOMS, * TO A •$7 a week. Kellglo-Phllosophlca) l'ubU«htiig House. 33i New Dearborn-st., 2 block* youth Font-Office, rpo' HKXt-MiGIIiOAN*AV“NKAU lIUIIBAHD A court—Dlutng-ruum, kitchen, laundry, and chain iKJW, with uw of parlor; splendid chuncu for table* boarder*. Address V 27, Tribune office. TO RENT-STOBE.S, OFFICES, ETC. NlofcM* fPO KENT—A QUICK STOKE. CALL AT 410 SOUTH X Habtcd-st. • Office*. TO RUNT—CHEAP, AT 120 SOUTH CLARK-BT.. 3 Urge offices. 10X20. P. U. HAMILTON, Room t. 12dCIark-st. JTI lived livncouH, TO KENT-AT SOUTH CHICAGO. ILL,, A SHOP, loux32fect, tvro-Morica, IH-looh concrete vails, engine, boiler, shafting, etc.; frame store house, 43x Oil, 2 comfortable dwellings, and blacksmith’s shop, all on lot injxisu feel, optawltu principal depot In the cen* tre of the town. <i miles aonth of Chicago. Advan tages for manufacturing uuoqualcd by any town In tho West. Five trunk railroads and lake navigation. Larg est lumber market known at this point. More .ground adjoining can bo leased If wanted. Address Wit. H. DILLINGHAM, Louisville. Ky., owner, orK. U. SAR GENT. 783 WaJush-ar. fro KENT—DOCK—2OOXSOO FEET AT FOOT OF X Carpenter and Urove-«u.. North Branch. Uasbocn occupied ten years os a coal and wood-yard. U. It CLARKE. Koom 30. Ml Laßalla-au WANTED—TO ItEN'X WANTED— TO KENT—HOUSE OK COTTAGE, south, near the lake, not more than so minutes by eteani cars; give location and lowest cash price at mice. Address W 73. Tribune office. SEWING UIACUIAES. 17LKOANT BKWINO-MACUINE, LATEST !M --.lmprovements, brand new, urst-uan In every par ticular, warranted three years; tuck-markers, ruffler, and all attachments with each. Blngcr, retail at #M); price, $43. Wheeler As Wilson, half cabinet, retail, I*2; price, £lO. Howe or Weed, retafl, 873 s price, 833. Victor and .Etna, retail, 873; price, f 33. Ringer No. 2 and Howe Manufacturing, retail, (00t price, #3O. Good second-hand machines, various makers, sioto fait THUS. U. MAKTI.N, add Wahash-av. T?OK SALK—BKVKUAL LATE IMPKOVKD MA .A’ chines, emliracing all kinds In the market, to ta sold very cheap to way advuuees. Money loaned uu machines. Private Loan Office, 125 Clark-sU, Koom 2, up-stain. F" OK'baLe-AN I3IPKOVKD OUOVKU tc BAKER sowlug-inachlnc, new, fur $33, at atxt West Kan dulph-st. Parties leaving the city. 1?IR8T-CLAB8 SEWING MACHINES FOR BALB, X 1 payable lu sewing douo at homo. LKAD. OWEN « CO.. 212 East Madlsou-st. CINDER OFFICE OK A. J. MKLCHBUT, »a O West Afodfson-st. Machines sold uu munttilv pay menta. rented, and exchanged. Open till Bp. m. fIX) 6HOKMAKKUS—A MANNING 6EWINO-MA A chliti-, good os new. fur sale cheap. Amdr to LY. imcnCliACO.. UMarket-sL 4 IWW TO EXCIIANGB. M'O j EXCHANGE—SSO,OOO IN TOWNSHIP HOND3 1. Issued by one of the beat counties of a Western btato fur dry gtHKla, bout* and shoes, or other personal property. Addroaa JANUARY, Tribune olllce. f|H> KXCIIANUK-GOLU WATCH. CHAIN. AND A clear surliurlian loU, for household furniture Ac. M. b. UOIUNbON. Bi WaihlD C ton-st.. u. fPU EXCHANGE—B ALE-OH RENT—HOTEL 10 A room*, to acres of Barden, fruit trees, etc., at a rail* road motion '■*) miles from city. Call at 7d Dearborn* at., Room at. ■\XTANTKH-A UESIDKNCK with 3 Oil 10 ACHES TV of land near a village In Michigan, in exchange fur paying city proj-erty free from Incumbrance. IHA J. NICHOLKb. lot Mouth Cl ark-at. WILL EXCHANGE—YOU CHICAGO PROPERTY, T T clear, one section good lowa laud; also, good bouse and one aoru laud near Chicago. U. C. WuItTLK 133 Cliirk-it. UiVUUCES. DIVORCES LEGALLY AND QUIETLY OBTAINED fcir Incompatibility. etc.; residence nor personal presence not necessary; aiUdavlu sufficient proof; fee after decree. U. It. SIMM. 37 Ashland Block, Chicago. DIVORCES LEGALLY AND QO’!ETL Y~O UT A!NED in every Butte of the Union for Incompatibility, etc. Residence unnecessary. Fee after decree. Twelve years'experience. Address I*. O. Mox lug, Chicago, HI. DIVORCES QUIETLY OBTAINED FOIPINCOM* uatlbllll/, etc.; legal everywhere; affidavits, suffi* clout proof of residence timuaiorlal; fee after decree. K. S. M.\uyVN, Itomu3, M Washlnyton-st., Chicago, lIDUSDUODD GOODE* TITM. A. IUITTKIW A CO., W AUCTIONEERS, ild AND ISO WABABIDAV. REGULAR BATURBaYHALEH UOL’MKUOLU GtKJU.-i, PIANOS, CAUI’ETd EVERY B.VfUUDAV MORfeINU. EDUCATION.!!., WEST ESI) INSTITUTE. FAMILY SCHOOL FOR young ladles. Mrs. S. L. CADY, principal, Now Haven. Coun. bund for circular. PAIITNBIKB WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-WITH $3.00 TO $5.(00 cash In a manufacturing buslut-sa, Profit# UUper cunt. Machinery and engine in good running order, beat references, large trade eslauilshudi need more capital. Address A It, at) bomb Desplulncs-st. MUNIOAD* T’LBGANTNEW 74 OCTAVE, AOKAFFH, FIANO l-i forte, with nil luteat tinnruVcmenis. only ff!\ Warranted for live yuan. H. T. MAitTIN, IMbtatV-at! l>iANnaVoiiaALi:'ANn to went, hhpaihinq l uiid tuiitug, a the Chleagu I'lurtu Facturv. Ud KeuUi StaUi'aU, by D. VUKETON a SONS, • wAimjD-jiALE neiip. Trn<ln»« WA?.TSSrAP T 0 COMPETENT TO i anew pines, flm>ctasa giiSTCg" wm bo BtTen. Ad- WANT Kj>-FinRMAN at IIOR3R-BIIOEINO «!>op, this morning, go? Wert Lnka-rt. Employment Agonclow* W A Hf'. 1 173 w J lAn i UOAD * faum, and *flATr tt mill hands; free fare; good wacro* nstrt ' it. V» CHRISTIAN, ul Booth Waterwu. |£wm V. ! \\rANTHD 3OO RAILROAD LAIIORKBS/ 25- V> tanarrymen, n men nml wives, saw-mill ana farm, bsmlj; froefare, tt 23 West lUnilo?ph**L J. H; Bfßß* UKCK & CO., successors to C. v. Bnell ASporbect. " • W ANTRIM—13 SAW-MILL HANDS FOH CANADaI > » free faroinabl In iruldtrallroad laborer* fnr Canada? Ert“k“ iSuSn™ k ' *• ANUKLl ' H» >» IfllNcollnnooua* WANTED-ANT HUMAN HEINO WITH BRAINS can make (SU)a month selling our letter-copvlnß wok. Any one that has a letter to writs will bur Tu No press or water used, fiend for circular. KiMsfor' Company, to Tribune Building. i WAN TKlt—A OKNTBFORA MAONI FI CENT WORK New, novel, and attractive, it WANTEDAiITT.CANVASSERS} AGENTS An »T howmaking big wages; offleenpen only from toSp.m. 7<t East Van lluren-st.. Room 15. WANTED— 20 YOUSO MEN OF GOOD ADDIIP.Sn, wiio can furnUh hone« and wiffon*. u> go u W A k NTBr>-MEN» WR» WANT TO OIVB 8,001. .. trial pactai'ca. worth *l mch, to ft. 000 men Wh« wUU to enpnrnspcrmiinrmiy In the trout paying bnalne* In tin; Untied States. Wo guarantee live men 870 pet ? f 1 . th «./ Cftr - Xfuatßiplo/cd, write to HAT ICO., Chicago. 111. WANTED— CAN VASSKIIB TO FELL NOVELTIES, ciiroino«.photoßraph».*icruoicoplc view*, needle*, sewing mncblnnattnehmcni*, cuter*, etc.t the Unicil r 0;? Amtrl.-. «nd the 10«..t piKS;. C. M. LIS I.SOI ON, *.• and 47 .fflckeon-it, Chicago. \V ANTED—MEN . .SELL NEW FAST-RELMnS tmvelile*; photographs. chromes, and Jewelry v-! l , n r. 1/1 f-'i .P I *)'* 65 to dally. Americas Novelty Oompsny, lia Hut MadUoicat.. Room 10. 1 \VTANTED-A NO. I~CANVAB3RII3 FOirEVEU? 1 »» town and county In the country to sell CrandnTi . n ' K V ,h !’ r !. •Prtnkler, and washer. Good met ,F. HfDROEH At CO., sole mum* f? t A4ri rl * and 70 Lake*»i., Chicago. VUUNU MEN FOU DINING-ROOM v... tl . •? “ l»'Jarillriß*huuMi good wage*. 78 East > an liuroii'kl. \V rAN T.f I) “ T ' V, . ) . lI,)YS WHO UNDERSTAND _l’,„ table; also, girl to wash dishes. Appls early wt (treat Eastern Hmm-. m Franklln*st. ■ • WAWKD—FKMALIJ HELP, inmesticN^ TyANTEH-lS A PRIVATE FAMILY AT lIYDI »» Park. a competent inirs-m to cook, wash, ant Iron; Apply at Room 3 Ashland block. WANTED-A FmST^CLAFR - ORUMAN COOK IS a small family of two. Inquire at ou Michigan nv.. between 11 «mf4 o’clock. " IU4 “ , ““• WANTKU-A GERMAN OIIT ENGLISH OIRLf intmt understand footing, washing, and Ironing. can nt r>2 East Sliteenili-st. • SenmstreNset, WTANTED—HANDS ON LADIES* UNDERWEAR »> audio tn ke their pay In nro-rles* sewing ma chines. IDA D. OWEN * CO.. IHJ East Madlson-il. WANTED-A TAILORERS TO BKWIIV MACIIINB In a repairing shop. Inquire at 187 South Clark-gt.. In the basement. Rmmplocynt Agoncicw. WANTED— GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN »» girls for private families, hotels, and laundrlcsi cltyaud country, at Mrs. DUHKE'S. HoMllwnukee-av. SITUATIONS MXMED-JLILE. Bookkeepers, Clcrlcn, etc* CITUATION WANTED-DV A YOUNG MAN Of O girfst education and clerical nblllty as stenographer or short-hand corres]>ondent. Good references Ad. dress D C. are Mllwaukoc-it.. Milwaukee, win. SITUATION WANTED IIY AN ENERGETIC! O young man. as bookkeeper, clerk, or at any other respectable employment; understand the grocery busi ness, and am hot afraid lo work; wage* no object, a* l am an entire stranger In Uilscliy. without friends, and must get a situation soon. Cincinnati references. Ad** Orei*. fuMldnyt. V4l,Trlbunu omce. Trades. CITUATION WANTED—IJV A FIRST-CLASS CAR* O rlago trimmer; single man of is years' experience! country 110 objection. Address Bait. Tribune nlllre. CITUATION WANTED—AN EXPERIENCED Cos' O lumo cutter wants to engage with a good house, city or country. New Vork City references. Addrcas CUT TER. 231 ttwt Twenty-«eveiilh*st., New Vork. SITUATIONS WANTED-FETIALE. Domestic**. CITUATION WANTED—IIY A FRENCH GIRL TO O do general housework la a small family. Addrca 117 Wen Thirteentii-st., near llluc Island-nv. Situations wanted-as cook in a pri vaU! family, and a little girl to take care of children. References If required. Flense address 439 West Erie* st., near Ashland-nv. * Nurses. CITUATION WANTED—ANY PERSON IN WANT kj of n wet nurse can learn ofayouDg.j>erfecUyheaUhy wnman. with milk now seven weeks old. Addre.<» EDW. \S AltttEN SAWVEIt, M. D. t 110 Vlnccnnca-av, Employment Agencies* SITUATION WANTED—LADIES IN WANT OP* k-J flrat-drtM female help can save time and money by culllngon Mti. LAPRISE, 3*4 West Madlsun-st. SITUATIONS WANTED-FAMILIKb IN WANT Ol» good Scandinavian and German female help can be supplied at Mrs. DUBKK'Sutllcc. Hu Mllwaukee-av. HOUSES AS(b CAJtCIiIAGEN. A UCTION TUESDAYS. THURSDAYS, AND JX Saturday*—llom-s, carriages. aud harness a ape* eloKr. at WESTON A CO.'H, Noa. too and 108 Kut Waahlngwn-st. Ample time Riven to teat all lionet told under a warrantee. Stock on hand at private sale. Auction sale of livekv stable and tub livery stock formerly contained at livery 210 Blue Island-av,, via toko place at Wren A Co.’a Auc tion House, uu and 101 Washlngton-st., where the stock can .be seen until day of sale, Monday, May 22. at 10 a. m., sharp. The «toc| r noDsisUof 12homes, t Clarence cart-lagc, 2 close car* nagea, I open barouche, I six-scat park phaeton, Burn andft open buggies, i-express wagon. 1 two-scaud open wagon, 2 sets of carriage harneaa, 2 seta of Ughl doable, and IS seta of alnglo harness, robes, blankets, office furniture, etc, t also ar. imported Jaunilajj car, with harness to tuatclk Also the livery stafiw building and 7 yean* lease of the lot on the next duy. Tuesday. May 33. iltuin. Terms of sale for liven stock, cash: on b Hiding, half cosh; lulance 1 and] year*. WREN A CO., Auctioneers, unload 1&4 Wash* Ington-st. Auction bales of houses, buggies, hail, nuss, etc.. Mondays Wednesdays, and Fridays ml 10a. in.: a large nock on hand at private sale, WflEa dr CO.. 132 and ItM Washington*!!. ■ AT THE NOKTHWESTEKN TATTEUSALLS. 1 tooMunrue-su, corner Mlchlgan*av., second-bans, buggies, phaetons, eoopo, rockawsyt, hanicee, etc? Depot for the llskruiwc, N. Y., platform spriiut wagon. r 17’on BALE-TIIU HANDSOMEST COUPE HOUSE iK A the city, or will exchange him fur pair small car riage hurscs. Call In rear of 130<» ITslrie-sv. % T7OU SALE SEVERAL FINE TOP AND BAtf A wagons, Uravster’a. ourown make, sod Gosling's, —open and tups, tn perfect order, used very little, at low prices. PKNKOyERA CO., tail and Wahash-av. T7OU BALE—HOUSE BUITAULBIIOKFAMILVOfi A grocer: perfectly kind and gentle. Alsu light ex rre« wagon newly painted. Bold only for want oC use, I>. D. MALLORv ACO., 114 West Itandolph-st. Horse wanted-good family houses oxri oaedtocltr, Anynarty having such horn tha| can recommend for la<liet‘ or gentleman's good speed, can address j 4, Trllmno uffico. HJ. EDWAUUB' CAKKIAUB DEPOT REMOVED • from abosh-av. to 4m Weal Madlsun-st.. where the trade can bo supplied with phaetons and boggles at the lowest vholrsafo prices. niNOEIXANEOUS. All cash paid for cast-off clotuino,- carpew, furniture, and miscellaneous goods of an* kind by sending letter to JOK AS OELDER. UMState-st. A LL GOOD CAST-OFF CLOTHING lithe highest price by JONAS A. URIELS* MA, Su7 South Clark-n. Notice by mall attended to. TI AVEYOUAIIUSINEB.SFOUBALEf .II want a partner? to fiu,txg). I have applies tlons. AddressO 41, Tribune uffico. IJKMUUICH'B I’AHK—UN fIUCEY-AV.. WASH* 11 Ingtoo Heights. one Mock coat of the Blue Island dummy track, can now ha rented at the moat liberal terma furplctiliwund festivals, which are to l« held this sea* son by socle Urn, lodges, schools, and church congrrua* tlous. Itcmilw cully reached by thu Uock Island It. U. Applications can Ih) made at llurky’s cotTec house, No. IMJEast Uanilolphst.. Chicago, or on the grounds by thu undersigned. _MICII HEMMItICII, proprietor, ■ NOOITKNSiVK'IIKBATIT AKYMOUEI-WE OUAI? aulce a full and lasting cure of this disagreeable dls* ease. No medicines Injuriously (be system are used Yor further Information, apply to Ur. J. LANGEUAK. Ituxui, Monco, Will County, 111. WANTKD-AT NEW COOK COUNTY HOSPITAL, Mn) loads of brickbats for concreting, i*. J. BEXTUN, Contractor. II UN I NASH CHANCES. ■T’IHST-CLASS HAI.OON AND UESTAURANTr A good location, half block from depot, established In IHTA for sals cheap for cosh. Inquire at IW7 Mouth CUrk*st., In the grocery, AUI)KEt * CUAULt * UOH MALE—OU EXCHANUE-A GOOD PATINtI A boardlngdiouaet will takturood hontc and wagon for pun pay. Reasons for selling, sickness. Call at 31 and g3Hubtnrd*si., center Desplalooa. , T HAVE AN OFFJr* BUSINESS, VEHY PROYIT* A able and safe; earn a stock of; will sell bolt Inlcrvslaiciuiforcas*. No bonus. No experience w* ciulred. References, etc. lui Cast Raudglpn-sL, WANTED-PARTY WITH SVMUU MORE, PROFIT siu> per cent sure. I'any controls hla money. Addnue TILADH, Tribune office. ■ : C*?(f |f\ BUYS HALF-INTEREST IN CAbH HUB!* •JpUUU ne« paying shumonthly. If you hava llio money, callstTuLsMalJß-sl., Room 14, iS*o nnn »uva haly-interest in camiJ tIpO.UUU business, well established! Last years sllliafJiuuOi proilw, siu,(jggy«ar|j. Call oraddrea* 70La.SoUe-»t.. Room U. DOST AND POUND. TOST-ON SUNDAY. T|IK iIST. A, LOCKE! Id with Idler D on face. By addressing XUK 40, Tribune office, where It maybe found, a reward will be given. , T OST-SUNDAY AFEHNQON, EITHER At m 3 Ij Connie! Hall or un Clark-st., belwvun Kluxle anf Uandolph, a gold breastpin, with ivendanta. Findot will be rewarded by leaving it at bl and M Lako-«t.' CTUAYKD Olt STULEN-FHUM UU UUYANT-aV!J O a large irou'gray bone. Soluble reward fojrufvrt iuaUoo Isadlug lu his recovery. - - PEUSONAD. THFOHUATION WANTED-JY. U. COUQfiTT. I formerly of Newton Far!, Black Uuck, County Dublin, will tend present address to A. UAKHKTTv Tribune oulue.U will be greatly U» thu advautogtt bf tal4 U. Corbett. • * v •• 3

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