Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 22, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 22, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Not Much Money Made by the Gariks Last Week. Uio Conn try Trade lane tl ro«~irow York Excliaußo Weak. Tho Prodnoo Markets Generally Slaw— Provision, and Whisky Firmer, Grain Easy, but wt>eot Closed Strong. FINANCIAL The movement of currency to flic conntry that eras expected last week to follow the rise In wheat did not take plnco. Tlia fnrmera have ell been busy .with farm work, and prices have not gone high enough jet to'make U much of an object for them to haul their staff to the depots. Every feature of local business was monotonona to the Jaat degree. Tho banka wero disposed to complain of tbo scare!* ty of paper. Tbo prospects of dividends were not discussed with noticeable cheerfulness. One thing in tho ao* . tount of tho banka has shown develop ment, whllo tho clearings Indicate tho llmlnlshlng transactions of trade.and finance. (Vhtle paper shows scarce and profits lessen, tho taxes hold their own. Tho prlco of everything hut Government cheapens. In tbo ease of one bank, all ts earnings for a quarter wore spent In paying its taxes. Banka are beginning to ask themselves ■ whether tho national charter whlstto doesn't cost them all It Is worth, or more. Borne of them arc seriously discussing tbo profitableness of giving np. tbolr charters and continuing In business under tho Blato law, and others propose to nominally reduce tbolr capital to escape taxation. ■ The local loan market was dull. Hates of dis count to regular borrowers wero B®lo per cent Special rates are made to Independent outside bor rowers. Hates of discount aro B®lo per cent to regain matomers. Concessions aro made to desirable out lido borrowers. On the street rates wero 0018 per cent, with very few transactions. Now York exchange was weak, and sold between banka at par to Sue per SI,OOO premium. The clearings of the week are reported ns follows by Manager D. IL Uolc, of the Chicago Clearing House: Daft.- Monday..... Tuesday..., IVoUncaday, Thursday. Friday. Ctenrtna*. linlanre*. .$ 8,»«,3.38,23 $ 278,107.14 . a.rt< 370.i8i.f1i . s.77i),uvuil 2;r7,(«u« . 2Hs,imoH . 2,822,311,40 3.31,081.77 . 2,834.114.(0) aW, 330.30 Baiunloy" Total. .*18,173,121.30 $1,048, 800. 00 Corrc/iuondVni' week Van' year 20,5.10,181.10 2.230,700.20 MOKE SILVER. Tlio Netherlands Minister of Finance has laid before tho Council of Stale a project of law pro viding for tho Introduction of the gold standard Into Holland. Hy nn enactment of tho last ses sion of tho Legislature, tlio coinage of new gold pieces was authorized, and tho suspension of sil ver coinage ordered. Between June and Dccefri her lost, the Utrecht Mint coined, under this four law, 41,000,000 florins of 10-florin gold-pieces, none of which appear to havu been yet Issued, In the meantime, very largo amounts of silver aro coming into Holland from its Eastern possessions, In consequence of tho ro-colnnge operations, which, added to tlio sliver already In circulation, makes It a.question of no small moment to tho Government what shall ho done with tho silver. If tlio gold coinage ho persisted In. If the establish ing of tlio gold standard bo steadily pushed to com pletion, Holland will aggmvato all the bad results already produced hy tho coinage operations of Germany, and a severe additional pressure will bo put on the silver market. profits op Canadian banking. Tho. annual statement of tho Bank of Jlontrcal for tho year ending the 30th of April has been pub lished. Tho profits for tho year, after deducting charges of management and making full pro vision for all bad and doubtful debts, are stated at 61,838,070. Of this amount $1,070,131 has been appropriated fur two dividends of 7 pur cent each, leaving a balance to be added to profit and loss account of $102,538, making It now $507,020, NEW GOLD DISCOVERIES IN AUSTRALIA, A now * * And ” has been reported in the Province of New South Wales, and, as usual under such circumstances, the Inhabitants In the vicinity ore reported to bo in a state of lively excitement. Tho'reports that como to as hare a good deal of the Davor of "gold craze,” and yet, unless tho Australian papers have exaggerated the facts, tho • ‘ find "is of no little Importance. A report says: "Tho Odd is narrow, but 30 miles in length. The alluvial gold is in patches, but lumpy. The qaorU reefs show enormous quantities of gold in them. Tho Odd is 85 miles south by east from Byerstown and 100 miles from Cooktown. ” GOVERNMENT BONDS.' JIM. Jtlfit. ~...ia2K \%M IMH lift iiKU jai iaig iimm .r...injg 117)5 United State* 0* 0f’51..., United Staten Q*SCM of *iu r.-an of ’orv-j &nunry and J uly. 0-a»of'OT—January ond .Inly. »•»»* of ’es-Oanuary and July. KMC* United State* new r>a of 'si... Hulled State* currency 0* GOLD AND GUBSNDAOO» Goldwoa 112Q11SM. Greenbacks were 80^0887*. POIIBIQN EXCHANGE. filiOJ ittty. SfgM. Parls-francs nittyd siHWj Jennauy... av« inw S iS B Kwltxerlond £.,..512* 310)4 Sweden, etc..... r a? Austria.. c<W Amsterdam.. v 403< 4tij* CITT AHU COUIITt DOUDfI. Chicago City 7 Vet, bonds •«» ChlcagoCUy 7 Vet. sewerage Mad* • itw ClilcaguClty? V ct. waterloan M«J)t •tin Cook County 7 V ct, bonds (short) » i<u •uw K Cook County 7 V ct, bonds (tong) *IU3 »u« est Park 7 V ct. b0nd5.......... «U 7 >rtn Chicago 7 V et. bonus (uncom Park) *O3 •And Interest. LOCAL STOCKS. City Railway, Routti side City Railway, Weil fildu City Railway, Wcat Bide, ti V contcurtl- . fleatea....:.’ “ «|O2« M(W City Railway, North Hide lUI i£t TriJera’loiumnce Co VJ7 l’J*> Cliambor of CoDiinerc* 79 77 Chicago Ooj'Llght ACoko Co. kapoallluD itoclt (old).. Rxpoaßioa atoclc (how). fcapuaitioß atocK (acrtji) •And Interert. STATU OF TOADS AND FINANCE IN NSW TOIUC. The Xado* thus iumi up tho fiscal and commer cial movements of tho post week In Now York: Tho week was onu of tbo dullest of the year In Wall street. The decline in gold was arrested by the renewal, on a largo scale, of specie shipments' the total amount of these having beou $2,278,000’ of which $1,800,000 was gold coin. This coin is nut sent because the foreign markets require gold at present, but because there is nut a sufficient supply of other articles to send. The trade Jm ports are small, but securities continue to bo re turned to this country. During tbo month of April the foreign Imports at New York wore $£203,000 less than In April. 1875, and $10.000,- 000 less than la April, 1874. Thu exports of do mestic merchandise from New York, exclusive of specie, daring April, were $1,344,000 less than last year. Taking the ten months of the Decal year, from July 1 to April 80, the Imports at New York Were $41,823,000 less than In the corresponding lime the year before, and $55,000,000 loss than for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1874. Tbs exports, exclusive of specie, ul domestic merchan dise during the ten months ending April 30 Inst, were $2,840,000 less than In 1675, and $37,000, • KW less than in 1874. These figures show that, txcopt fur tho return to this country of lecuritlcs, there would be much less need Mian In previous years to export gold. The work of gutting sliver change In circulation {ocsonslowly. Less titan $5,000,000 have been ssued in tbo past mouth in the whole country, ami \ good share of this was not exchanged for frac ' tonal notes. At tho Bub-Treasury here tbo orders aero changed several times during tho week, and U last took u form which permits the issue of nut aorothui SIOO,OOO per day. Bmall change rules it a premium, and a comparatively largo amount of hirer has been bought at a premium of l.todper .tent to-be sent to California, where tho discount in silver is much less than here. The price of nil rer In London is about 53!id per ounce, making >ur silver tokens worth about BhUo to tho dollar, the value in gold of sloogreenbacks rouged during Jus week between SBO.OB nod $88.70. BY TELISQUAPH. MONET, GOLD, BTOCK3, JETO. KevYqbk, May 20.—aold closed at the Only prices of tbo day belu£ UUJi and OovemmcnU firm, llallrood bonds steady. Hate bonds nominal. The principal features of tho slock market vrero •t fall in Delaware, Lackawanna £ Western from Jo6‘4 to 103, and a reaction to and advuaco ' In Union VaclOc from &a to with tho later do clioe tulll||. In the latter part of the day there . was a pressure to sell coal »UJcks, uko, Bhuro and Western Uulou, on a weak market. T'Oe must active stocks of tho day. In addition to (ho above, worn Pacific Mall and Erie. Tlio market closed active and weak. ... mr „ Among the sales were 10,000 Pacific Mall, 10,000 Western Union, 12,500 Erie, 30.000 Lake Shore. 0,000 New York Central, 3,000 Union Pacific, and 3,000 Michigan Central. The weekly hank statement Isas follows: Loans, decrease, $2,508,500; specie, decrease, $181,700? legal-tenders, Increase, $3,040,400; deposits, In* crease. $03,200; circulation, decrease, $27,800; reserve. Increase, $2,541,400. Money, 3©3Ji per coni; prime mercantile paper, receipts. $203,000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed $145,000; clearings, $7,000,* 000. Sterling exchange, 4B8HO480& OOTBnKMBKT BONDS. Coupons, *fil 1»J1 Ndwsa. lITM Coupon*, *C3 ua „ io-mk retr Jmi Now. HOW kmos, Coupons .11»H coupons, 'ITT ism currencies 137 Coupons, isaHJ stocks. Western Uni0n....... o«H Now .Terser Ccntml.. R 3« Qtiicktiircr.... is Uock Island tOMi Quicksilver pfd SO . fit. 1’an1.... »jl| Pacific Mall S2s| fit. Taut pfd Marlpoaa o Wabash..... all Mariposa pfd OH Wabash pfd n Allans Kxpreaa 107 Fort Warne ....103 WelU'Patvo 88H Terro llama a American Kipresa.... aa Terra Ilaato pfd...... 13 United mates Kxpreaa TO Chicago A A1t0n...... 07 NevYorkCcntrsJ....llo*4 {aiicturo A Alton pfd..lot , Krle U% O. AM..... 10*4 Krlcpfd in Del. A Lackawanna ..uwji Har1em................U»7 A. Al*. Telegraph.,., 17 —■-'"acino. •“ Harlem pM 133 Michigan Central 4oW Panama .....luma Union Pacific stock., oura Lake Shore naH Illinois Central 03., Cleveland ft Pittsburg twM Northwestern non Northwestern pfd.... ShJc C.. c.. C. ft 1 40 StATB Tennessee cs, old 44# i TcnncssccCs, new.... 43 1 Virginia es, old si COMMEIICI. The following were the receipts tht leading articles of produce in tho twenty-font hours ending Saturday morning: 11,2*7 41,200 1(0,079 40. SIX) 2.070 2. (XX) 70.905 45,780 Flour, br15..... Wheal, bu.... Corn, bu Onto, bu Rye. bu Harley, bu (}. seed. lbs... F. seed. 11*... It. corn, lbs... C. meats, lbs . Reef, tins Pork, bis Lard, lbs Tallow, 1b5.... Rutter, 1b5.... I), hogs, N 0... L. bugs. N 0... Cattle, no Sheep, No Rides, lbs It. wines, brls. Wool, lbs Potatoes, bu.. Coal, tons Hay, tuns Lumber, in ft. Shingles, m... Halt, brls Poultry, lbs... Poultry, coops, (lame, nkgs... Kegs, Cheese, boxes, ((.apples, brls. Dean*. bu 000 00,800 30, OU) 02, am 3 io, ran a,nr>o 2'!.'. 270,&11H 403,033 1,122 2,33.3 11(1 8,77(1 1,440 Withdrawn from slot* on Friday for cl aamptlon: B.filOba whnt, 775 bu oats, barley. Tho following gmlp was Inspected Into store in this city on Saturday morning: 7 cars No. BN. W, wbcllt, SO cars No. 2 N. W. do, 1 car No. 1 spring, 05 cars No. 2 do, 27 cars No. 0 do, IB cars rejected'do (115 wheat); 1 car while corn, 25 cant high-mixed do, 07 cars No. -2 do, 1 car and 0,000 bu now mixed do, 00 cars rejected do, 0 cars no grade do (109 corn); Icar No. 1 oats, 5 cars No. 2 white do; 14curs No. 2 qpta, Icar rejected do (21 onts); 5 cars No. 2 rye, 0 care No. 2 barley, Icar No. 3 do. Total (320 cars), 130,000 bu. Inspected out: 30,207 bn wheat, 34, • 571 bucorn, 21,724 bu oats, 8,572 ba rye, 2,410 bu barley. Tho following were tho receipts and shipments of breadstufls and live stock at this point during the past week, and for tho corresponding weeks ending os dated: » , , v Itecflpt*— • IH7«. IH7rt. IRfs. Flour, brls 70.wt0 fio.ooc 02. K* Wheat, bu 271,1*0 100,185 442,8*) Corn, bu oto).tM7 620.702 4ii,wn oau, bu 222.013 247.535 iai.twt bu Barley, bu.... Llrebotta, No. Cattle, No gAlptnenls Flour, brl*.... Wheat, bu Corn, Oats, bu Bye, bu Barley, bn Live non, No. Cattle, No The following were the exports from New York for tbo week* ending os dated: JAiySUt Uay\9, JtovSS, JN7U. IH7II. ltT75. . o,wo .70H,(»,50 «w.:wo • aw. 7(0 .420,71*3 tun 703 THrmr, tils. Wiiciu tou. Corn. im... Tbo leading produce markets were rather slow on Saturday, very little being done In several depart* monts, and not numb In*any. There wore no largo orders In hand, 'cither to buy or sell, and oar home talent woe not equal to .the task of active trading, os the day was warm, and the end of the week, which Is generally comparatively quiet. The shipping movement was dull. Grata was easier, and provisions firmer. There was no apparent change In the position of the dry‘goods market. Trade In moat departments was quiet, almost to dullness. Prints, summer dress fabrics, and notions wore dealt In with some freedom, but la other lines there was no appear* once of activity. Groceries were ordered on a gen erous scale, .and tb‘o market preserved the steady, firm tone which characterized It on tbo preceding days of tho week In the butter market there was a reasonable degree of activity, but prices were not sustained. Of late the supply has Increased quite rapidly, and, as there has been no corresponding Increase In tho demand, stocks have accumulated to an extent that has caused some uneasiness among holders, and the onxlety to realize has led to o steady "shading off" in prices, Saturday's trading was chiefly at prices below liCc though fur fancy yellow 27©28c was realized. Cheese also was weak and unset tled, with a tendency to lower figures. A light movement was witnessed at o®loc for poor to bent now. There was a good demand for dried fruits at about previous quotations, though prunes wore easier and currants firmer. Fish sold mod erately at Friday’s quotations. Lake fish aro un settled. The coal and wood trade continues dull, llagglng was weak at for Stark, and 22c for American. Oils were unchanged. Tho yard trade In lumber waa fair at unchanged prices. At the docks a fair business was transact ed early at recent figures, but the market was very quiut in the afternoon, and several cargoes wore carried over. Tbo wool market was dull and easy under fair offerings of old wool, considering the fact that the uuw clip will bo coming forward very soon. Proem-corn was la fair request aod steady. Seeds were very quiet, but steady, especially timothy, owing to tho light offerings. The receipts of hay were larger,ami the market was more active ■at unchanged prices. Green fruits wore In fair re quest and steady, except pineapples ami straw berries, both of which were plentiful and easier. Poultry and eg& wore slow and weak. Lake freights wore dull and unchanged, at 214 c for wheat by sail to Puffslo, Hull freights were quiet and easy at former figures, with a good many cars offering. They were quoted at 20c to New York, IKo to Philadelphia, 1714 cto PaUl more, and 2254®25ct0 Poston, porlOOlba. 1J». gugoinenta were made for 05,000 ba wheat, IJ>O,OOO uu com, aud 20,000 bu oats. FOitBION JkirOUTATIONS nut. 4 tied. ...I*3 .... '3.1 40 33 83 received at Cliicatfo Cuitoms, Way'jO! D. W. Ir win & Co.tI.COU ou barley! £. P. Howell & Co., Dr> brl# boaua, Amount of duUca collected. J'J.GSD.TU. CHAIN IN SIOriT. Tho “Now York I‘ruduco Exchange Weekly" give# the following a» the visible uunply of grain, comprising Uio Block* In primary at ibo principal iiolntfl of accumulation at lako mid seaboard porta, in transit by rail, on tbu New York cuuuU and tbo hikes, Way 13, 1870 s L li'ltat, bu. /hi/w< at 1,400,400 Now York Albany.., IhlfTalu Chicago Milwaukee.. . Duluth netrott.v;::::: DIWI-gO* hi. Louis I‘eorla Huston Toronto Montreal Philadelphia.. Ilaliiuiurv Luke ihpt'a wk On S’. V. C nuU lUll shlpTwk. Tot May Ift, *7O WkMay o, *7u,*7d Wk Apr. mi. *7O wk Apr. 16,*7u Wk Apr. K,‘7ii Wk Apr. l/7d WkUayis. *75 tktaxj OSH, 1174 I,fm7/«t2 1,044,864 316.183 yh7,6:j:t 1 ftJ, HI |3 J« I.IIUJ 107,117 7.1U6 10,013 ftfift.ath 43H,:kXI tkH.uvt l,tu6 l kj:i ajj.aio 0,463.437 H.M(.7U 13,864,1 Ji) 14,114,117 16,431, KV. ia,um,7tu U.auj.BHn •Estlmalcdi PIIOV lIOQ PHODUCTB—Wen hogs were cosy at tho bu nut there was a general l.».t»rcßslon among holders that It was about time for our market to turn upwards, after I ho rocentextenslre movement In the other direction and they did not care to offer their property at current quotations. Mem Fork— Was quiet hut firmer, advancing 20c per brl early, and cloilntr !2Ho above tlia latest prices of Friday. There was only a light demand, but holders were not anxious to sell. The reported sates were i.onobrls seller .luneatfaa.vwaso.osj 3 t 7sobrlsiolier July 2* *20.75«2».02>4t and 350 brla seller August at, $3t.00. Total, A,<xu hrli. The market closed steady at f20.ftVU20.73 cash, am cording to weight; *2o.ftV.tai.n7!4 sutler May; f2o.ii3 emTUsellcr June; f30.K3(t20.H7H seller Julys and at f2i.0002i.0s teller August. Bellur the year dosed at • Prime m*ens pork was quoted at f10.75C20.0d, and ex* and generally dull, but advanced 7Hc per lOOfts. though .Liverpool was quoted ml low. cr. the offerings here being small. Halea were reported ora,7sotea seller June aFfl2.t7M«Hi.27)ii 4,«xi les seller July atfl3.ftvai2.4sj ami ftoo trs surer August at f 13.00, Total, 7,7«» tea. The market closed tame atfla.awirxu.'i cash or seller May; $13.32H(A13.3S Miter June-; fdmo*l3.42K seller July; and at f 13.5M4 l2^rof/^Wore^, |a U 'rather Iwlter demand. and * ahnde firmer In consequence, though buypra were not gener ally witling to pay an advance. Hales were reported of avia*) os short-rll* at fla I3H per ia> ns seller June, and fiO.3M4iD.42H seller July, Other descriptions were inactive, amt shoulders were dull. Tho outward movement of meats la again on the Increase. Tho fob 10.1 M *- It. mort ilert, clear, rlh. clear, Baited. 10018 -7‘4 lOM K»H «}* Hexed .TH, 10H 1(44 ltd- May 7« .... 10)1 Hi) 7h ...» lolt Kjf July 7M .... I»U I(A August 7« .... ION to), Ilscon, cash 8h ioH Ilia.. Long and abort clears at IWic rash, and ui7*c teller July.boxedi aweet pickled hams.ia'Atnc: Cumnerlnmls, touoMOHc, cash or seller Aprils long-cut hams, I2ij 12*10, lioxedj boron hams, ||(*l3C. ffrmsr—Was quiet St ftnOc. IIUKF PItOUUUTS-Wero steady and quiet St $10.73 for mesa, f11.754i12.00 for extra meta. and »23.f«*53.n0 for hams. . 7\iliou>— Was quoted at BQSHa fur city, ana 7HCBO (or country lots. . MluoiirlPacfllo....... 1.1 AtlnnttcAPictncpfd. a . Indian* Central 4* Chicago. 11. A o mi Hannibal A Bt. J0e.... la Central Pacific bomlsHni, Union Padde hoinl*. iu>'i U.Pno. InmHrmnt... oo U.rao.alnUmi-iuml. hh BONDS. I Virginia n*. new ai Missouri i*ociDcw....loas< FtOUR-WM tery quiet, bat without quotable change la prices. Tlio Inquiry wm light, both from shippers ami from the local trade, bht small stocks en* ablod holders to remain Ann. Bales were reported of 100 brls winters on private terms, and 000 lirls spring extras at ts.enHao.7S. Total, .7tw brls. The market closed steady at the following range of prices t Choice winter extras, 87.37K37.87K; common to good do, f3.87KCt7.35i Shipping extras, $4.50(35.00; do, $5.00®5.a7K; choice do, f3.So(jis.B7Kt patents do, fn.ooctaooi Minnesota, f3.00it0.73; spring supcrflaca, $3.4004.00; rye flour. $4.35<»4.&0. Jinvt— Was quiet, and a shade flrmcr, owing to the fact of light offerings. Bales wero 20 tons at SIO.OO on •track and free on board cars. Jflrfdiinga-Salca were 10 tons One at $ 1f1.50 free on board can. Corn-Jfeat— Coarse was nominal at $17.73 per ton on WIIHAT-Waa quiet, and averaged Mate lower than Friday's range, but closed about the same as on Hint day. after an advance of Me from the latest price* of Friday. The advice* from Liverpool wero conflicting, Jlcerbohm quoting that market as "Improving." with an advance of 3d ;>cr cental on the lowest grades, while n private dispatch received at the same Instant reported Liverpool said lower, with liner weather. Therowasa moderate demand for sblpim-nta Including the lower grades, and prices of cash lots were well sustained, but the speculative Inquiry was Icm active than usual, though (millers wero generally linn In their views, and professed to lie satlmicd vitli the situation. There la no doubt that If the Continental (European) demand con* tlnncsthc markets of the world will exhibit o further Improvement; but no one can reckon <m that, the Con* ttneatal demand itclng always ns uncertain ns the ver dict of a petit Jury. Jt is apparently good one day, and the next day may have entirety ceased. Our receipts exhibited a slight Increase, but the weekly posting Indi cates a reduction of the stock In store to about 1,330,1X0 bn, tho shipments baring been very nearly double the receipt* during the past week. Seller June opened nt PI.OjJI. sold at fl.or>M. advanced to ft.DO, and do* ellncuto f I.USK, closing at fl.u&H. Seller July sold at f l.Oftwttl.UM, closing at tho Inside: and seller tho month, or cash no. 2 spring, sold at sl. (H-JU'-i t. (V») f, cl os tng at SI.OIM, with scarcely a shade of preference for fresh receipt*. Cash sales were reported of 70,400 bn No. 2 spring at f l.ot96Ml.U'>K: 7,4 U) ba No. :t do at ittKHJKJos 1,410 bu do (Central) nt HCKc:3.Hnobii re jected do at fl-Wc; l,(«oha dn (Central) at nnKci aud 400 bu by sample at fi7c. on track. Total. 00,400 bu. JdlnneMoitt RAcrii—Was quiet on graded lots hut act* ivo on samples, and firm allroupd, the offerings meet* Ingwllhafalrderaaml. Bales were reported of 400 bu No. 2 at ft.liTMt 400 bu nt $1.12,. on track: 1m do at 51.10Q1.21, treoun board cars. Total, 4,0u0 bu. CORN— Waslcßsnctlvo and steadier, though slightly weak, chiefly fur this month, Tho market declined H'shfc per hu. chiefly as a consequence of line weather, widen restricted the demand for shipment. Liverpool was quoted steady, but Now York was castor, chiefly In sympathy with tho tendency hero. Our.rccelpia were somewhat larger, but-the weekly posting Indl* rated that the stocks In store have decreased sumo X' bu during the week, being now only about 37.5,nrubu. This fact was an argument la favorer till* Ing May shorts, but shippers were unwilling to con* tlnuu paying tho previous premium of nearly 2o over Juuo prices, and this Induced the shorts to bold off for a further decline, which In turn reacted on the more deferred deliveries, making them easier. KcllerJuneopencd at toVic. advanced to4ttKe, and declined to 4do at the close. Heller July sold nt toKlUdjic, closing at 40Ht^’4d , 4c. Seller tho month sold at47HA4Bc, closing at 47KR. Cash No. 2 closed at 47»fc; and high-mixed at 48c. Cull sales were report* cd of I2,uix)hu high-mixed at 4rw»4«Kc; 2,400 bu new . mixed at 41C}.70,40) bu No.*2 at 47KQ4Mc; 0,800 reject ed nl 42fiX:tMc; u.juo bu by sample at 4304 7c on truck; Andu,ax>hudoat4iQ.47o free on board can. Total, liiWrthii. OATH—Wero moderately active early, opening Ko above Friday's latest prices, aud closing quiet and low* tr. The receipts were moderate, and considerably ex* uededbytho reported shipments. The demand was chiefly for cash, the offerings of which wero larger,ami shippers took hold Crecly at 3K«.ltKc for No. 2. which closed at the Inside. New York was quoted stronger nt the close. Tho trading in options was light and prlncl* pally In June, which opened at 31c, sold at noJftßHc, aim closed ntfloMc. July sold at 3040 down to 31c. closing at 3lc. May was quiet nt SUJfr<Uc, closing at the outside. Rejected outs were quiet nt 2dwui7c. Samples were In fair demand. Cash sales were reported of OU,HUObu No. 2 nt3lQ3lKc; 24,<XX»bU by sampUat 32K0534c for mixed, and 3.V4IWU fur white ou track; 7,2 a) bunt 31MQSIM free on board. Total, 03,0U> bu.' RYE—Was llrmer nt (Mu fur ear aud m>o fur round lots of No. 2. It was reported that round lots wore wanted fur shipment, but there were no tellers on tbo market. Rejected sold at 03c. Cash sales Include 400 bu No. 2at (Wojl.ooubu roicetcilat.dflesbOO bu by sample at (Bo on track. Total, 2,B<jolm. 11A RLE Y—Was very quiet, but (Inn at Friday's prices, June being stronger. .There was very Utile Inclination oiiolsborslde to trade In option*, and the market was deserted during Uie greaterpartof the teuton. May •old early at 73c, nnd.luno wasquolodnt suA«Oo. Thu receipts were a little smaller, but tho offerings of cash were larger and they were soon bought up by the aborts to carry against their contracts. No. 3 sold at 72Q72Kc. and to arrive at 73C. la car lots. U Is thought that the receipts will bo larger this week, as tho prices now paid for No. 3 can scarcely full to bring In the grain, especially os the outlook after this mouth Is not favorable to high prices. Perhaps there Is not much barley to come. No. fl was nominal at 4or, and rejected sold at f*ic. Samples remain quiet. Cosh sales were reported of 4,000 bu No. *2 at f2Q73c; 40ubu rejected at hue. Total, 4,4f10bu. 1 ami shipments of this city daring at 7 o'clock on KeeelpU. 10,343 20.023 145,501 75.12 S 400 I.K'HI 10,703 103,200 40,911 918, SW 14 no 307.481 20.001 87,930 10,348 iHH,2ia 175.41K1 03, MU WU 2,110 71,000 820 333,413 1.2(3) 238,948 “vr.soo 3,028 0,W«2 jou 203,480 V-M 850, «m m 47,301’ v 0-1; 120,30f,’ 3,320 201,408 211 . 933,110 1,41)7 0,873' 1,877, 1,334! 0,810, HI 17, .1,300 1,070 313 710 :lty con , 480 ba 1.774 17. MO 74,425 18.202 a,Kio ns. 44(1 an. uni 28,23(1 12, two 1W.71M 25,033 .04,577 60,015 40, Cfll 52U.42J 6.55, HUI 2U:t.fr7U .(**7,720 1,151,4U1 482.634 342.622 . 647,8*1 247,241 . Q.WI7 7,m5 HfO . 21. um iH,twi in,«w» . 2H.ano ai,uHs 40,1157 22.028 22.150 15,235 was quiet, and with sales of 13,1X0 bufor June at * i,tx>)s Slew pork was steady. Sales: 1,000 brls at 520.87 K fur July, and nt $21.02)4 for August. Lord—Sales: 23utcsforJulyot$l2.40. In tho afternoon orders were received from Kev York to buy wheat at full limits for shipment. Juno advanced He, selling at tl.lftii In the unices. It was rumored last warlike nows bad been received from Europe. , ALCOHOL—Was stronger, In sympathy with high* irlncs, eluting at $2.10, lIUOQM-COltN—The order trade continues fair, and prices rule steady for nearly all grades, the only signs of weakness being In common corn:- Choice hurl, B*3ooj No. S hurl, 7<Sflct choice medium, good medium brush, WitOHet fair Inside aud coven, M334c; Inferior. 4Wls<c; crooked, 3C«Oc. liUTTEW—Continues weak and declining. Buyers aro taking hold somewhat more freely at the reduced prices, but the Improvement In the demand has not kept pace with tho Increase In tho supply; aud a fur* thcr considerable shrinkage In values Is now generally looked for. Wo reduce our quotatious as follows: Choice to fancy yellow, xtdCTot medium to good grades. leOSOct Inferior to common, KKsltlc. UAOGING—There was tn undertone of weakness to the bagging market. Trade docs not come up to ex* pectallons. and more or leas “culling" U Indulged la among jobbers. Quolallonarcoalu as before: BtorkA, Peerless AA, Mej Lewiston, Montaup, 25c | Ontario, 83c 5 American A, 22a t Amoskeag, 22)4ct Otter Creek, 22ftct burlap bags, 4 bit. 14)$* IsMc; do, S bo, 15*310c; gunnies, single, llHMlOc: do. double. 23(3210. CHEESE—There «fti no perceptible Improvement Id tlio cheese trade. Buyers aro nut Inclined to order In' advance of currant needs, and under Increasing sup* piles tlio feeling la depressed. Fur good to eholcu fac tory are still tlio asking rules, but sales at ttio outside figure comparatively arc rare. Quotations ore ooioo for good u> choice, and 6<kßc for poorer a small business wris accomplished at the annexed prices: Lackawanna, rangu and nut, fto.ui; do, egg. <; cannei. t7.avit7.6oj Erie. Ulowt burg. *7.UO| Hocking Valley, fft.6U; Indiana block, fs.&j; Ilalllmoru & Ohio, fa.fiOfcduo; Illinois, f4.U>« 4.N>. SODS— Were In moderate request and weak at ic. Tlio supply was large, and the hut weather madu era anxious to cloms out. FISH—Cod was again quoted firm, the recent advance st lbs Host giving the market a hardening tendency. The market for lako fish remains in a somewhat unset lluil state, suit a further reduction In ladies It likely to occur before lung. Wn quote: No. 1 wldteUsli, 44-iirl, f i.Uttkft.U): No. S do. f-1.HUt4.00: No. I trout, f:1.7&4 4.uu; No. I shore mackerel. &-hrl. f No. l hay. ftMxX»u.36; No. 3 mackerel, M-brl. fH.uXsa.36i family mackerel, ti-hrl. Iti.fto i No. 1 shore kits, largo, f3.tu; No. I buy kits, $1.60 | Urge family ktu, f 1.30; bank codtlsh.f i.6a.t4.76{ Ueorgiftcodllsh. fft.6Ui6.76; l.abradur herring, spill, brls, f7.7.V*H.00 t do, W-brl, f4.UVg4.»f> i Labrador herring, round, brls, f J.soj» 8.70 l do, J4*brl. fJ.ftUj'. J. 76 ; scaled herring, per Ik>x, tWja-lbc; No. ] herring, WXiJjci Columbia lUver salmon. W-hrl, fß.ui . KUUIto ASliKUTß—Prunes wort easier, and our Ipildo quotation was reduced aide. HaUliis and cur* .rauushowed Increased strength. In sympathy with (lie Kaslcru market, o; the latter fruit, i.&nu ttahavo Just been exported to Europe. Huinesltca uro scarce, amt .remain firm. Nuu met with alight Inquiry, at about previous figures: , /brripn-Dmes, oqdKot figs, layers. 16f4int<c; figs, drums, |3Mt'»lhSc( Turkish prunes. uTLiTitc; Vruneli prunes, kegs olid boxes,ikiiUuirulMn*. layers, fJ.Utjt Jl.Uli louse MusvaUd, fJ.liiMll.4us Valencia, ll&ullHU: Zantocurrants, 7HuHc: eliron. ga tJIc. JhimeMiv— Aldcn apple*, IKa'Joc: Michigan apples, common, coulee, pared peuelua, Ktiilbci blackberries, I wiif-lci raspberries, UJuJtu; Ilea cherries, 3J0»340. A’«|s—Filberts, lltiUWc! almonds, Tcrragona, lOK® Soot Ndfdea walnuts, Itnl7ct French walnuts, new, ll«l2u: UrenoMo walnuts, I4<t|6ui llrnxlls, tktulic pecans, Texas, Tennessee peanuts. African peanuts. tkxdkc. UUKK.H’ FHUl’lb—Strawlierrlos were moie plenty ami lower. Other early fruits were slow, foreign fruit* vrero steady, excepting pineapples, which wero In largo supply and very ripe, ueuoc tollers, being anx ,loua tu reduce their stocks, lowered the nrlco. Quou tlutis : titrawberries, IWkiiSci gooielwrrfca. 13« c; good to choice apples, f4.UKiv4.ftO per hrl; Mussina oranges. fa.(X>U7.ui Wbox; lemons, fa. wa*B.UJ per box; plug apples, fg.6uua.UJ (>cr dux; hauamu, fxou* a bunch. \ . . _ OUOCEIHEB-Wcra unchanged In values. Ctiffeas remain quiet, and aro not specially firm, augin iw having allbvra) sale, and show some strength, lu nee, sirups, spices, starch, soaps, etc., there wasumodcrate movement at about steady prices, wo quote t ~l)art*u, bu. ui.aia UI.MU 64a, 033 43,UU fiU.dOU 31H,7f*0 WI.W4 3111,343 IN,U*» awiw an.uTT |(t,<Nd 1,310 131.(ift) lUi, U& JX4U> B,!«I7 IS, UX) ua,i*jß U.U.W (1, KM Ift.MJ 10,6(13 lU.UJO 315.4 W 50. HIM an,ui> 161,3(0 74. SU) Hi >,08.6 H,7W> 51. 110,ust 07, OKI 31U.431 176,0(8 4U7.473 at o,hi i IV>V> :tft,um 4H8.J73 48,1116 HI,UNO 4U> so, I aft aui.unt 6U7.470 664.48(1 InH,4IJU 1,406, Ull 71,310 ■ 438,487 014, J7il 677. UH 088,376 15i0.633 1,046.731 3.688,748 3,tra,32H 3,800,113 3.717,171 3,747,8iH 3,t>:ttJ,6o3 J. 104,730 3,406,004 4.000.6110 6,734,074 6.1311.073 4,(H1.531 4,tH;t,U74 • 6, (g> 1,1(68 I .V4KJ.7TJ 8.420.438 l.fll.UJO’ 1 114,10) VISIONS re quiet bt .ock-Vards, it firmer, though and uthtr markets THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: MONDAY. MAY 22.-1870. BirBADSTUFFS, OISKERAL MAJUcf.TH, Rangoon. ©Waroi Carolina, 7H«?Bcj Lonbl ftno]jrlr?*M^uO. .Urn. jwvaaicj Jit*. No. a, 37<52©e| rhofeo In fanny Bln. s.WinKei good to prime do, 3*-t a-JMoi common to fair. aoHMloi routine. i»H«‘»ll>Ho; Coil* lUca, a3*33Ho; Mira* **Ni/cra'r»— Fatenlcntloaf, HH'JttlMc; crashed, lU6*> IlHc; powdered. IIHWHHcj grannfated. lOWUIo: A. standard. lOHe; dnNr*. 3, loot 11, oT4c; extra C. »*H<4 Mei c No. a. ©HaoHci yellow o No, f, PHcdWini do CNo. S, OrtOHo: choice brown, fair to prime do, common do. t choice tmilawei sugar. common to Rood do, 7H<SBHo; New OrYeana. 7«wc. . .... _ . tffrwps—California angar-loaf drip*, can7t)oi diamond drip*, «i.cxK4i.lui Hirer drip*, extra fine, uo»osci good augar-houxo sirup, aooaac; citrn do, ASctOOc; New Or* lean* molasses, choice, AVtcwc; do prime, AVi.vfc; do, common to good, 48A.W>; I’orlo Itlco molasses, 48(dS0c| common molasses, B>v«4oei black-strap, succioc. outers—Allspice, i7<4l7Hot olorc*, M&ftlot caasla, 9R(#»)c: pepper. l7W«iHoj nutmeg*, 9Uistiii.2oi.CiU* cuUsglngcr, HWliaWo. „ .•toai**—Trim Blue, <We: German Mottled, nHGITci While Lily, ortflHc; White Hose. OttflHet lloyal damn, Mttoci Bnvon Imperial, 6T4ci Golden wen, ivHtdftHc. NmrcA—Excelsior, laundry, oHWTci do, gloss, 8)46* ©ci do, com, Kingston!. pure, 7«c; do, allvor gloM. yki*i>Hc; do. com. kwiohc. . . HAY— Was in better/upply, and morc>cllro. Bov* era! outside orders wortrflllud and the local dealer* were buying. Mliotl timothy aold at <13.00, and No. Ido at Jlt.ui, froo on board car*. FollowJngarethoqnotoUona orhayon track: No.I timothy, <tu.stX/Sl4.ui; No. 3 do,; mixed do, fno.uu upland prairie, fio.outtfiasos No. I do. tH.noj itougti, f IIIUHWINKB—Were quiet and Arm at He advance. Pale* were limited to fltihrl* at <I.OB per gallon, with Now Yorkatrongat 61.12. . . . _ HlDE*—WereTn fair request and ateady. Green city butchers*. 6c: green cured light and hoary, 7oi dauiaged, two-thirds rrloc* to net part cured. ©H'diMoi green •ailed kip, 7c: green country, flHci green calf, Met flint hides, 126*121401 dry kip and calf, l2yJl2Hct dry tailed hide*, lie: deacon*kln*. 45af»oc. , oiI.H-cnrtKiii continue* (inn. Turpentine still ahow* a declining tendency, Linseed, lard, whale, etc., ruled comparatively stonily. Wonuote: Carbon, 115 deg. teal, 13H><tl4e; do Illlnnla legal teat! 150 deg., ItHrtlAcj Know White. 150 teat, loH'itlflnot do headlight, 175 deg., 17ctl7i<c;extra winter tarn oil. <;No. U OtVgWc; No. 3. 7se: linseed. raw, 57(«5Hc: boiled, 02 6iC3c; whaif. wlnter-lilcacheu, THtfHUc: aperm, <3.16 «2.25| nealsfootcll, slrlctlypure. f 1.156#1.20; does* tra, 95ci do No. I, tuct bank oil, 55c| straits,. 0()c| plumbago oil, C(Ki7sc; turpentine, »w4oc; naphtha, deiMlorlxcd, (13 gravity, 13H(i«l4Het Wcat Virginia oils, natural an deg., 33M3»c; natural, 30 deg., 37«30c; reduced, art deg., 20w33c. _ . .. FOULTHV—was alow and weak at 94.0004.60 for old chickens, and springs were quoted at f3.(XU3.35, many of them being unlit for market Turkey* were •low at 13H'*l8e. . , BEElJß—Timothy was steady, thn offering* being very light, which fact prevented tho tilling of alt the orders received, gales were made st <3.35, and prime wa* quolcdats3.4o. Clover sold at $7.25, and prime was quoted at <7.6007.u0. Hungarian wo* quiet. There wo* some Inquiry, but buyer* and seller* wore apart on E rices. Prime was quoted at 4Utt4So. Prime millet reught4so. . . , SALT—Continue* In fair demand at unchanged prices: Saginawand Onondaga, line, <1.40; ordinary coarse, f 1.70; dairy, without bags, $3.75; dairy, with bags, *3.60: Ashton dairy, per sack, »4.n0. . „ . TEAS—There was a quiet and easy market. Order* were mostly for small amounts, and were moderate In the aggregate. Wo qnotc: Gunpoicder—Common. 3U240C! good do, 40QH50; medium, 45«5uc; good do, 6Ut55c7 line. 85<»oocj flu* rat, CU6tCsoi choice, 706175 c; choicest, WXsMc; fancy f 1.056*1.16. /mptrtai— Common, 306135 c; good do. assnoot me* dlum, 4otit4oot good do, 4.V«60u: nnc, hota&su: finest, 55<jdX>C( choice, 05<aT0ct choicest, 7C*i7sc. Kuprin—Common, ik>%3sci good common, a.v%sßci medium, 4Ui-420: good medium, 45Tt48et fine, stx«ssc{ Uncat, Asqtouo: choice. ooc.idSc: choicest. 7tk47Ac. Oolnnfft— Common, 600350: good common, Hs<arwc: medium, 406t43et good medium, 4;i<i4sC! flue, 4W*6ocj flnest, AiasHc; choice. UKto2o: choicest. 76V.80C. , Wool>-T|ioro was a firm market at <7.50 for maple; f O,Wi for booth- and f 5.P0 for slabs, delivered. VKOETABLKfV—Wero generally abundant and easier, tho demand being small, as much of thostnlf I* now furnished by thu city gardeners. Cucumbers, f 1.50 ai.73 per dozen: green peas. Si.AUii3.ooperboz(Btring beans, f.vutkiiD.w per box: asparagus. 3.V450C jw;r doz en: radishes, 15*4250 per dozen: spinach. <1.50ft2.(i0 plr hri: pie-plant, Kn3ci Bermuda tomatoes, OIX&750 per box. , Wooiz—Tlie market remains qnlet. small orders for old wool are received occasionally and tilled nt About tho given prices. Very little now wool has oomu forward. It Is thought that prices will rule much lower (linn they did Inst season. Eastern parties will probably take hold of tho clip If they can got It at what they consider rea sonable prices. Below are the quotations for old wool*. Tub-washed, prime, 4tKUSOc: do, poor tugnod,4iKHscs washed fleece, fine, good condition, U56t37c; washril, medium do, 40*H3c; unwashed, fine heavy to light, 336430 c: do, medium. 35tt3Hc: pulled, uauyyc. xnas stock, CUICAUO. Rerflpft— Cattle, JToat. Sheen. Monday I H.WI7 o.Hir, 5»i7 Tuesday «... 4,»Wi 11,877 o^3 Wednesday 5.w»7 I4,mw 1,555 Thursday.. r,.«« ia.uu . «ao yrlday «.tisu iii\«m »» Saturday l.tiU) t),lui> 2UO .25.003 09.7-10 4. OHO 7.Vi'iH -,7J4 .2H.H74 M, laO 4.nto Ramu wrek last year hast week .•JijuTU i|747 Week befiiru lost. •Vd/mienls— Mommy Tuesday Wednesday ... Thursday Friday i.too 2,0 n oia 2.1X11 4.011 372 4,072 5,H1 1,278 8,401 0,002 4.10 800 .1X215 25,011) CATTLE—Although Uio receipts were nearly 3,000 head leu than for the previous week, the market was overstocked, and on improvable and generally un satisfactory market was experienced. During tbo hn>t Imlf of tbo week thorn was very little life to trade, and sellers had to accept reduced prices, a decline of UX<il3o bulngaustnlncd, but toward tbo close there waslm provement both In the demand and In prices, though not all of tbo decline was recovered. For the ensuing week tbo prospects are not (tattering. In addition to (be number of cattle that la the natural course of events would come forward between now and tbo end of the month, between 3,000 and 4,ooo" stiller* " are expected to arrive. Messrs. Morris & Walxel are the owners of some 8,600 4 '■tillers," alt of which will bo thrown up on the market before tbo tint of Juno, and If present prices are maintained It Is all that sellers can reasona bly hope to do. Tho bulk of tbo past week's receipts consisted of fair to primo steers weighing from 1,050 to 1,8.10 lbs. and sold at f4.2TK4-t.75. *1 boru were sales of inferior lots. Including "straw" cows, stags, bulls, and raw-boned oxen at £2.50(4X00. and of extra grades at JF5.25h3.U0, bales to (ho borne trade were mostly at £X23(iv4.00, and to feeders at $3.75,44.23. Veals were snlahloat 53.wx-is.uu pur 100 tts, and milch cowsat $23.ixX445.0u per head. Hnturday's market was anlct and steady, Ttjo supply was pretty llWral furtlm closing day, but most ortho tillering* wore taken within the radge of tbo following QUOTATIONB. Choice Beevea—Fine, fat, well-formed 3 year to 5 year old atccre, weighing l.ouoto 1.350 »«.. 2 94.73/55.15 Quod Beevo#—Well-fattened atccre, weigh- ing!.a>J toMUDIba 4.3034.03 Medium Grade*—titeon In fair flesh, weigh ing 1,030 to 1.230 Iba 4.23(34,03 Butcher*’ Block—Boor to fair altera, and common to choice cowa,fur city slaughter. weighing SOU to a. 50614.23 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, weighing bOU to 1,030 Ha 3.3034.00 Inferior—Light and thin cowa, heifers stags, holla, andacalawag alecre 2.5033.50 IIOUS—The market opened falrlv actlvo and tinner. Monday’* and Tuesday's receipts were light, and prices ruled slightly higher Ilian at the close of the pruvloun week. Later, with Increased supplies. the market wcakcucd, and at the close la 3i*luo lower for light weights, and 13320 c for heavy. The supply waa pretty evenly distributed between local and Eastern buy ers, Uiojiurcbasca of tho latter reaching about 30, uo head. Them waa a fairly actlvo demand on Saturday,, and tho market had a steady tone. Light-weights were wanted at 97-UW7.10, and ordinary to prime heavy lots atfn.Ukg?. 15.’ shippers and Inferior hcavysold at 90.2.v.i«.75. and Philadelphia gnidrs at $7.21**7.40. flllKKl’—The supply fell a lung way short of the trade requirements, amf belter prices prevailed. At tho Host, os well an bore, there was on Inadequate supply, and a general advance In prices. Wo quote poor to choice shorn at 93.7535,50, and poor to choice unshorn at 94.73H7.uu. There were sale* of extra grade# at slight ly higher figures. The market closed firm. LUMBER. Tho cargo market was moderately active and steady. About 14 cargoes wersouaale, and7orbcara were dis posed of In the morning, cblcily to city dealers. Man istee or Ludlngtou plcco stuff was salable at 99.0 n, and loeh lumber at 9N.503fi.0u fur cornmou. and 910. a** |3.m for fair to choice. Coaree Inch has sold at fH.u\ and Inferior plocu stuff at 97.50. Lath wore slow at 91.23. Shingles were nominal at 9X 12)4(9X33. Lumber freights were quiet at 91.23 fur Muskcgnn or Grand Illvor, 91.60 fur Manistee, and C1.37M for Lud tngton. At tho yards trade was fair at unchanged price*; First and second clear 9:t0.ui33ft,00 Third clear,) inch..... au.u»g:ixuo Third clear, thick :i2.uu*X'.,uo Clear flooring. first and second, rough 3u.Uk.tn2.cjo Clearsldlng, first and second I7.uno6in.uo Ftratcommon aiding I3.U**l«.U) Flouring, first common, dremed UH.uxcai.ou Flooring, second common, dressed Box boards, A xvuk-tnH.uu Box boards, B XVuii*27.U> A stock boards. 10 and 12 Id*3:i.uo B stuck boards 23.duu27.u0 C stock boards I5.Us-sI7.UJ Common boards and fencing 1U.U»»12.U) Common lumber. 18 ft and under 2 In laustll.U) Joins and scantling, 2Uto 24 ft<IA.uo Lath I.UM 1.7& Asbluglcs 2.1U4 2.73 BY TELEGRAPH FOREIGN. Gptcial DUpatck to Tht I‘rlbunt. Liverpool, May at-ilsuu a. m.*—iJeur—No. 1. 24a; No. 3. 33a, Grofa—Wheat—'Winter, No. 1, OslOd; No. 3, MOd; spring, No. I, ssudt No. 3. Hs3d; white. No. l, os 10d; No. 3, wad; ctub, No. 1, lOsid; No.*3, OS lOd. Corn— No. 1, SUsSdf No. 3,30 i. JVeefMona-Pork, fi3a Od. Lard, 6fis. LiTßUfoon. May 30-3:30 p. m.—/Vortriona-Lard, 67s Od. Deal unchanged. Livinroon, May at-Evenlng,— Grroi/sfu/fs-Callfor* nia white wheat, average (MUdwin lUdi do club, os ltd MIUMd; red Western spring, No. 3 to No. I, HsUdi« iMUtli dowlutcr, usikltsus md. Flour—Western canal, 335a31». Coru—Western mixed, aa. Oau— American, 3**3sttd. Harley—asud. Peoa-Cmiudlan, tld. Cl<H*r Sud~ American, AStftooa. iVortsfon*—Prime mess |Kirk, H 2» fid. Prime mesa hoof, Has. Lord—American, 07s od. Doom—Long clear, (tiss short clear. tola. Chem«— Kino American, Ms. JU/fmo—Firm; American, 41s. fi’i’triit odi refined do, lOsod&lld, J.ltue*ttOil—£ IstJd. floWn-M; palo do, 10s. Spirit* Turpenllnt-W s. London, May 30.—CV«su/»-Lor money nndaccouct, oon-io. . __ AwsrfcanA’ravrfffs.v-dVa, IWU; «Ts, IduM; Kuo's, J 07«; new ft's, lu>H; Now k uric Central, uu; Erie, UJii preferred, 31. SpiriU Turiunttne—OH 3d. Paula, Muy3i>.—llontes. 105127t<0. I iunkkout. May au.—New ft’s, lovM. Aarwaw, MuyuO.— J\troleum-»). produce. • mrut yonic. Social DlrfMlck to TU Tribunt. *N«w You*. May aa—ffrofa—Wheat—Market dull, and prices slightly In buyers* favor; aalca 7ti,QU>ba at fl.utktl.U) fur injected spring! f1.000i1.3U for un graded spring; fl.OMl,It for No. 8 Chicago; fl.iva MU for No. a MllWaukcu; fl.imgl.3l for No. 3 Chi cago; ft. 3nut.3i for No. 3 Northwest; f1.3mgi.33 fur No. 3 Milwaukee: f 1.3001. M for No. 1 spring; I.U fur ala lev rod Western; f1.33ta1.4d for amber do; al.a3wi.aa for white Western i ss,. iawajs aalx soles 13.UA/ bu atatc, to arrive, at Mjfc. Parley uuial and iinrlnngrd. Crtm without decided eliantre In price*] *nlesin.tM»hntt mHnforno graitn rulxedi nii/c for • steamer mixedt 03*40 for graded mixed: and (Wtoono for ungraded new western mixed: alro6,<«wbu graded mixed for done atfllo. j>nts flrmi sale* bu at 5.V«440 for mixed Western and State, and 43«50a for white Western and State. . , . j*rortH»n*-ualetatllH«l2fi for. long elear. ,Lard flrmi sale* lohtc* at <J2,niforprlmesteam,. AVthe nrst call for M*y.fl3.4ft wa* hid and f la.twH asked I for June, <I2.IWV bid and <I3.(WH o*ked: for July. <i3.72Hbld and <13.75 naked: for August. <l3-W bid and <i2.uuasked| fur September, f la.ud bid and <i3.uu # *l t rM*»y—Market qnlek and Arm at <1.12 per gallon., Wrwyrfet-Sugar market Arm. with rnodcmo ln qulry: fair to good, retlalng quoted, at TH'47 15-ldot prime atHI-lflc: and Nos. 10 and i3Loaltlnnaat7H‘-4 6140. Coltco market dull And heavy: 1110 Quoted at lsH<aißHo In gold: Maraleabo at iodide In ini/fom-ltuic* quiet and flrmi quoted at uMwSHofor P r,mo - (?j< Attodnttii Prtst. , . N*w Toaic-Jlay 30, i*four-Itecclpl*, 17,P00 br1"l In shipping gradea there la leu doing: medium to chotcoa ihado lower: No. 3, <3.lO(jt:i.»iO} supcrHUto and Western, <4.15(i4.00i common to gtrod extra,<s.(o 4tA.25| good to choice, f5.4(Xi55.75| while wheat ex tra, fs.HOrtT.7rn extra (Milo. Louis, Minnesota patent process, fti.U'XaU.AO. Ityu flour steady at <4.7We.viti. Ctirtt’ J/fOf—Quiet and unchanged. Oram— Wheat dull, heavy, and lower to selltiUlp* per* and millers Inclined to hold off: receipts, 7U.00 but No. 3 Chicago spring, <l.ltkdl.2ut No. 3 do, <!.(*> VtMlt No. 3 Northwest extra choice, <1.33| No. Mil waukee, <1.33641.85: No. 0 do, <1,15: rto. l spring, fl.Bortl.KiHt ungraded do, <l.U7t winter red Western. No. 3, <l.34t‘wmte Michigan. <1.45, Hyo quletsnd unchanged. Barley quiet: western, Tsc.. Malt quiet and unchanged. Corn—Ueeclpui, 70. quo bu: opened steady and closed lower; mixed unmerchantable, 6dc| do, no grade, ADHt-sOUHct do ateamed, ukaUlHetluw mixed graded, OIHOI mixed graded, <2c6*mHc: now Western mixed, ungraded, ADtttinc. ()*U flrmcr a shade andfalrlyacttvoi mixed Wosiem and Elate, SSirttuc; white Witstcru nndbtale, 43(i50c. Huy— Firm and unchanged. V/np»—Firm and unchanged. . ... drncrrli*— Hiufar quiet and unchanged. CofTca dull, nominal, and unchanged. Molasses quiet but stco>ly, Uh’cqulclaud unchanged. . _ . jytrofeutn— Markctmill t crude, ©Ho: ruflnod, 14H61 14Hoi coses, JH«2lci naphtha, nominal. .VircilnM jßetln— Steady at fi.TtMI.Ki. gulritt 7\irrenffne“Easler*tl«H<rt33c. ' /-30’s—Flrmi Western, 146415 c. . . e jsnther— Irregular: hemlock sole, Buenos Ayres, and Rio Grande tight, middles, and heavy welghU, 3Ui»3Jct California do, 3U6i33c: common do, 30(^220. .Hoof—Dull and twavyi domestic fleece, 366158 c; pulled. 251340 c: unwashed, 13H<<t3.5ct Texas, 166(37c. iyorfsfoftjt—Fork firmer; now mesa, <2o.Hsitf3o.B7Ht closed held at <3Miui June* «2l,aj; July. <31.25; August, <31.30. Beef market dull. Long clear luladlea, Western. llHo; do city, 13a. Lard opened easier; dosed tinner; prime steam, (12.55<rti3.ix\ closing at <13,70 hid; June. <13.00; July. <13.73H<4 13.85; August, <13.U5U13,07Hl Heptcmbcr, <lB.lO. puffer—unclisnged. t7i<**e-UiiehanKCil. MTUstV-Flniier a shfldo at tI.ISH. ifetaU— Manufactured copier quiet; new sheathing. Sic; ingot lake dull aud heavy at UKitdlHe. Fig iron quiet and unchanged; Itusstaahcettng, 13c In gold. A'ulis-Flrm: cut, <2.834*3.00; cllucb, <1.35; horse shoo No. 8, 2Urt3dc. LOCI*. ■ Bf. I.otrw,*May 20.—/Vour—Mulot and unchanged. Grain— Wheat dull and lower; No. 2 rod fall, SI.OB caih;sl.23li Julyi No. 3 rod fall, $1.23b1d. Corn nrmcr fur cosh, easier for futures; No. 2, 4.V345M50 cash;44Hc June; 4r>M« July. Oats dull andlowcrto sell; No. 2, 22(*32X0 hid cash! sales OJhJo Juno. Ityu dull it 00c hid. Uurluy—No sales. WMtku— yuleSal (1.08. . . _ J'roemoru— pork lower and more doing at 121.00. Hulk meats—Nothing doing, llaoon dull and lower; shoulders, BWc4»Hc; dear rib. lUiosUHo; dear, 11» toilKc, Lard dim and nominal. .y,v«(wf*-Klour. 3,uuobrUi wheat, B.noo Im; corn, 30,000 bu; o*lß,3,Ouobu; bogs, uuo; cattle, 200. PniLADiLpms, May 20.—tfrrd-Clovcr seed. slo.oo® 17,01; timothy was held at $2.a*i2.03; danced, BMO. >Vour-Flrm and la fair request; Wisconsin and Mlu* nswta. f3.75i-r0.60j Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio, 8(j.0u.b7.00: high grades, $7.00,87.70. Grain—Wheat dull; Pennsylvania red. $1.45; amber, t1.47ui.51; sprouted Westvm, a**>; whim, st.oo s«l,ou. Ityo.Bjo fof i'cnniylvnnln; HOUHIe for Western. Corn—Vcllow, 02c; mixed, 6!K»OOc; white, Ole; sail. Ou'lUOlKc. (lots unsettled; white, 40<*-Hct mixed and stained, iWfiMuo. . . jvort*f<m*-<Julct{ mess pork, (23.00032.23; bee/ hams, 23'd3itc. hard, ismidkc. »VJ«fri/*-»l.iaforWcatern. __ . lltceliit*— Wheat, 38,000 but com, 177,500 bu. Hxporu—' Wheat, sa.oat) im; com. tw,7ao bu. TtALttuoßß, May ao.—>lour—Steady and demand fairnud unchanged , . . Orain— Wheat steady and firms Pennsylvania red, Guile, Corn—Westcramlxcd, Oats dull,steady, and unchanged. Hyo nominal; 7Ua>7so. y?up—Dull and unchanged. 4 , i>rvcts(on*-l>ull, heavy, and unchanged. . . flutter— Steady nud demand fair; Western good to prime, gross, 2-JU2SO; do. flue, au27c. yv/rmeum—Nominally unchanged. (Siffft—D till and unchanged. Mf'Afsty-’Uuliandcaslon sl.ll. Jlectlpl*- Wheat, 17,300 bu; com, 81,500bd. A'Alpmsnfe-Whcot, in.ooobu; com, «2.000b0 CINCINNATI. CtJtonrxATT, May2o.—>Vonr Dull and unchanged. Grain—Wheat dull and tower to sell at ®I.UU. Com th fair demand at 4£U3lc. Oats dull at USuClc, Kyu quiet and unchanged. ... . . Aiv< jVortrtons—pork nominal and unchanged at $30.75. Lanl t» fair demand; some sales of steam at 12c. miser* ally held higher;-kettle, 130. Hulk meats dull, uu* settled and lowcri Nncon unsettled and lower; shoulders. tdic; clear rib, old packed, lie; fresh bold at lUfitllMo; clear, ItDic; clear rib at auc tion sold at BiaH.M»acked. ir/UsAy-tjulet at $1.07. i/uffer—Heavy and nominally unchanged. Toi.BDO.May2o. Flour~ Steady. WheatflrmjKo.2, WalHtab, *1,41} No. 1 Michigan, No. ado, $1.24; amber Michigan, $1.30; June, $1.20?J: July, $1.28t No. 2 red winter, tl.ulMiNo. 3 red held at $1.1(1. do D. A M., $1.12; rolocunl red, uiHc. com quiet, but firm: high mixed. 530; June. 52c; July, 53Mc: low mixed, 530: low grade, OuUc; damaged held atlao. Oau dull and lower; No. 2, Usu; Michigan, r*-Flour. 100 brls; wheat, IXOOb bu; com. JXUX) but oats, I.OOObu. SMfimentt— Flour, nunc: wheat. 13,000 ba; corn. 30,000 but oats, lU.OOObu. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee. May aa—.Meur-atcady hat quint. arain— Wheat opened nniettlcd; 94c lower; closed weak i No. t Milwaukee, 91.1 a; iiaru. 91.21)14; No. X 91.07; June, *1.07; July, 91.0TM1 No. a. Me. Cot* Korea and Arms No. 2, 620. Oats dull and lower; No. a, a2|fc. Uye quiet and stcadyt No. t.7lKe. Barley dull ami lowers No. 2 spring, 7Uo: No. 3 do, -wMc. Dull and unchanged; wheuW to Buffalo, 2 !s«•<//)/»—Flour, 7,000 hrlsj wheat 72,000 b«. , tfArj/menf*—Flour, 7,000 brla; wheat, 133,0U)bu. • Bosrow, May Stt—FTour-Blcadyj Western auner line, 94.00c«4.2a; common extras. f4.7nwa.uu; v* 1«- cuuila and Mluncaota extra family. 9a.6Uw,7.U0; win* ter whaat, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, fo.uuw7.uui Illinois! 90.UW8.23: St. Louis, 90.2aa0.uU; fancy Mluncaota. 97.3.V40.60. . . „ &ro(n—com tlrm atC3W®Coofor raised and yellow. Oats, 45ft5Uo for mixed and white; No 2 rejected, 424» 4Sc; white No. I, niwnuc. LOUISVILLE. Louisville. May 20. Flour—Quiet and unchanged. drain— Wheat quiet at 91.U031.a<). Corn scarce and Ann at 50c. Oats dull at 37«40c. live dull at use. JVortrioas—Dull and heavy; pork. 921.30, Hulk shoulders, 7J4ot aides. lOHnsluJto. Bacon shoulders, hwc; aides, llwtUfjc; sugar-cured hauiff u>4«Uu. Lanl—Tierce, *14.00; keg, #14.75. WMik-y-ti.ur. BUFFALO. Buffalo, May 20.—Groin—’NSTieat dull; No. 8 Mil waukee clnb offered at fl.ooinu sales. Corn dull; sample at 3ic; No. 2at aso; small sales. Oats—UuUill lug only. Uye—None here. Barley Inactive. Canal SJUpin*M»— Wheat, OJ4c. NEW CHILEANS. NewOkleans. May 20.—fMifn—Corn In fnlrdemsnd but at lower rates; white, C3o; otliere unchanged PETROLEUM. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, 0., May 20.—Petroleum firm nod quiet wa quote standard, liutest, llo; prime white, lautesti 12c by car lots cash. PlTTsnuno. rtTTsnußO, May 2a—Petroleum dulls crude, 93.20 at Parker’s; refined, 14H3i4i4c, Philadelphia dcllv* WOOL. Bostoe, May 20.— During tho weak tho demand fur wool bat been fair. Very little Inquiry fur fleeces. Good average lots of Michigan and Wisconsin fleeces sold at 33c. Scarcely any Inquiry for combing or do- Islno fleece*. Iloblore are anxious to close up old stocks. Kentucky combing. 3»o; dow TcnuesM comb ing, sec; same clip last year, 47>40. On pulled wools bus iness 1s moderate. Maine super, 440; the principal solus were at h3(9-10c for good supers. DRY GOODS. New Toss, May ax—Tho package trade In domestics U dull, buyers bolding off for tho great trade aola next Tuesday, when o,u» packages will be sold without re serve. Figured shirting prints In steady demand, and fancy prints lUUo more active. Dresagoodsqalcl. Heavy wooluua in fair demand. Light weight cosilmures quiet, * MARIKE. CHICAGO- AnniTAte—flcbr Elva, Holland, wood; echr Orient. Oswego, cool; stmr Corona, St. Joo, sun* dries ;acbrC. J. Koedcr, Manistee, lumber; sebr Frank Crawford, Muskegon, lumber; stmr Chicago, Manitowoc, aumlrlcs; prop Messenger, Denton Harbor, sundries; schr J. V. Jones, Muskegon, lumber; slmr Alpena, Muskegon, oundrles; sclir 11. D, Moore, Cooevllle, lumber; scow Sea Star, Lmllngton, wood; prop Clematis, I’cshtlgo, tow* Ingischrl'esUtigo, peahtlgo, lumber; schr Active, Peshllgo, lumber; schr Milan, Muskegon, lumber; prop Oconto, Ureou Day, sundries; schr Herbert Dudley, Lake Superior, light; sebr Two Druthers, Luulngton, lumber; schr Water* towu, Alpena, cedar posts; schr L. Eilswortb, Cluvelaaa, coal; prop J. 11. Owen, Eacannlm, Iron-oru; schr Jessie Linn. Esctuiaba, Iron-ore; schr North Star, Peolwater, lumber; schr Chris* liana, Kenosha, gravel; schr Dclolt, Luillnglon, lumber; schr Morrison, Muskegon, lumber; schr Little Iloilo, Manistee, lumber: schr 2. 0. 81m* moils, Grand Haven, lumber; echr 0. Mlchaelson, Ludiugton, lumber; schr Carrier, Frankfort, lum* bor: prop Portage, Buffalo, sundries; acbr Clara Parker, Bscauuba, iron-ore; schr Harvest Home. Green Day, lumber: schr J£l Tempo, Whitehall, lumber; sclir Gladiator, Manistee, railroad ties; echr Bessie Iloalt, Manistee lumber; schr Ida. Muskegon, lumber; schr UonrV Folger, Cleveland, coal; schr Petrel, Muskoguti?lumuur; schr Myrtle. Muskegon, lumlier: sclir E, Hcovlllo; Muskegon, lumber: schr Lena Jehnson blurguon Day, lumber; schr Coral. Lincoln, lumber;schr J. Dean, Jr., Michigan City, light; schr Advance, Michigan City, light; schr a J. Hale, Clovo lund, pig lion: scow Menominou, Munistvo, lumber; dthr A. Dust, Muskegon, lumber; prop Granite State, Cleveland, light; schr F, D. Blockhridge, Muskegon, ‘lumber; scbrJ. W, Drown, Muskegon, lumber: schr 1L Kami, Kewaunee, bark; Chr K. J. Skidmore, lumber: sohr William Jones, Michigan City, light; echr John Uchultlu, Menominee, cedar posts; schr TuscOlo, Lincoln, lumber; prop Fountain City, Buffalo, sundries; prop Hew Era, Grand Haven, towing; scow Marla, ‘Ludlngtou, lumber; schr Transfer, Muskegon, lumber; schr City of. Grand Haven, Muskegon, lumber: schr o.' L. Johnson, Peietkey, wood; schr L. 11. Coates. Muskegon, lumber; scow Marion Dixon, Grand Haven, lum bur; schr Persia, Grand Haven, lumber; »chr Jen nie Lind, Grand Haven, lumber. Ci^uuMuas—Burn Corona, BL Joe, 0 pkgs liquor nnd sundries; prop Pavorlle, Menominee sundries; sflir Cuyahoga, Cedar River, sundries; schr Mary Helen, While I.nko, 251 m oats, 2 tons (ceil. U brie pork, 1 (on bran, nnd sundries; schr J.Tlnblls. Frankfort, no cords stone; slmr Oconto, Green Uny, 00 brls ■ pork ami sundries; sciir «T. T, Mott. Buffalo, 20,000 Im wheat; stmr Chicago, Manitowoc, Oft green hides, SO bales ?room com, 20 brls nil, 350 bags grans seed; schr Mir.lo Drake, Bt. Joe, no hrla cement; strop St. Lawrence, HnfTnln, 20,000 bn wheal;schrD. For* person, Tcnsaukcc, HO bn oats; slmr Alpena, Mus kegon, 4 pkgs brandy. r> brla beef ana sundries; K Messenger, Demon Harbor, sundries; prop ;sFlnk, Jr., Buffalo, 2-1,000 bu wheat, 13,* 000 bn rye, 000 pkgs, sundries; prop Japan, Frio, 000 brla flour; schr Advance, Foshllgo, 3 tea lard, 9 brla boof, 3 brla oil. LAKE FIIBIOIITS. cnioAao. Freight* continue very dull. There was little demand from shipper* for rail-room, and the rates woro nominal at 2Jd®3lsc for wheat and 2®2J<o for corn to Buffalo. A vessel was taken for corn to Kingston at 6c. The engagements were: To Buffalo—Prop Fountain City, corn; prop’s Portage (remainder cargo), corn; Blanchard, wheal: and sebr Held Case, wliuaton through rate. To King* slon—Schr I). Lyons, corn at r>c. Capacity- Wheat, 05,000 bu; and com. 70,000. Tire barges Ketchum and Itnltcrgo to Milwaukee and Itaclno for wheat to Buffalo. Tbo ralo was reported to bo iJKc. Etßßwmmß.' BurrALo, May 10.—Freights Arm, and tending ipward. A large number of vessels are waiting hero for 50c per ton on coal to Chicago. Mr. Hiram 11. Smith roportatho following lata charter*: Schr Higgle & Jones, lumber, Alpena to-Chicago, at ?. 1.50 perm; acbr Metropolis, coal, Buffalo to Elk Inpitlß, COo free, nnd Iron ore from ElkHaplila to Chicago at 750 per ton free: schr Morning Star, lumber, Tawu* to Buffalo, nt per m; bark Lafrinler. coal. Cleveland to Chicago. at4oc:schr City of Port Huron, coal, Cleveland to Buffalo, p. L; echr iEtna, bulk salt, Buffalo to Chicago, 05c per ton. Messrs. Anderson & Harnett report the acbr 11. I*. Baldwin, coal, Erie to Chicago, at 40c per ton. charter*: BchrLlr./.10 A. Law. coni an owners* account from Erie to Chicago, ana bark Parana, cedar poaU, Duncan City to Chicago, at4o each. DsTnotT, May 10.— Grain freights continue dull and heavy, wheal to Oswego, sc: to Buffalo, 12'/4c: to Cleveland, life, free of elevation. 0. IV. Morton reports the prop Georgian, pine lam* her, Muskegon to Quebec, at SB. OO per tn, gold. JLAICE ahciIIOAM. CUIOAOO. Abont twenty cargoes of lumber ncrlvod during the lost twenty-four hours. A largonumbcr of lumber-laden vessels are still due. They aro un doubtedly detained by tho adverse winds Sev eral tugs went out Saturday evening In search of taws, hut Dp to a lato hour lost evening (boy had not yet returned, which shows, that they could not have been very successful In their efforts to make some money Tbo river \yas un usually dirty and odoriferous yesterday, reminding ono of tho tlmo when tho canal was not yet carry ing tho filth and slush of this city down the Missis sippi, to bo used for making cocktails and other mixed drinks by tbo enterprising citizens of our suburb, tit. Louis. Thlstlmothcvcssol-monhlamo the stagnation In marlnu business for tho bud con dition of the river. They say there are not enough vessels moving to keep tho water In motion, if this Is the cause, what a turrlhlocandltlon the elver will bo In a few months hence. It is fearful to con template. _ LAKE ERIE. ERIE. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Eniß, Pa., May 21.—The revenue cutter Perry came In from a trip up tho lake to-day. It Is re ported Hint another rise In freights will soon take place. Ratos arc now 40c to Chicago. Tho prop Forest City and the schr 11. 11. lirown were char tered on that rate to-day. .A largo amount of coal awaits shipment, and tho prospect of n rise in freights is very good, tiovcral vessels tied up at Uulialo yesterday. TERMINAL. CHARGES. Tho vessel-owners at this port Intend to form into an Association, In a few days, for the purpose of taking some measures against the outrageously liigli terminal charges madu on grain by the eleva tors and railroads leading hero from the West. Tbo terminal charges at this point oro over Uc per 100 Sis, while at other points they oro less than Ic. The charge made by tbo railroads for switching the cars to the elevators should be entirely abolished. They charge nolhlngfortrans furring from one line to another, and yet they make a special charge for switching to the eleva tors, The causa of this is that the railroads are to some extent interested in the elevators, and tho two divide tho “perk.” Then the charge for trimming Is anotherunjnsttnx Imposed upon ship pure by the elevators, which should do this work for nothing, Besides these outrageous extra charges, tho elevating charge of Sc per bu Is mure than twice what la charged bv elevators at other points. Lost winter the railroads agreed to abolish the switching charge, provided the elevators would do tho same with the trimming charge and redneo tbo charge for elevating to Ic per tm. It was argued- that this amount would be ample re muneration, and that tho increase in business would mako np a portion of tbo loss. Uut tho ele vator men were nut willing to accede to tho reform by which their princely incomes would ho cut down, believing that they would get back tho busi ness anyhow so soon as navigation opened mid tho vessels commenced to force down tho high rales then charged by tho railroads. It did. however, not require tho opcnlngof navigation to force dawn tbo rates. The poolcu railroads quarreled, and tho result was a railroad war which brought lowa East bound freights to unprecedented low figures. Thu rate on grain, which was 45c per 100 tbs from Chicago to New York, Is now tiOc, and In a few instances has been less. To Ualtlrooru tbo rate now charged U but 174 c per 100 lbs, which Is about 100 a bushel. At such rates vessels have no Jhuw whatever, as they cannot carry grain ot so jw a figure. If. however, tho terminal charges would ho reduced So per bushel, the vessels could compote, though they would not make any money, and much of the grain which now goes around Chicago by roll would again eomo to this city and * go by lake, which bos always bcenthu more favorite route with shippers. Whether tho vessel-men will be mote successful in their efforts to bring about a reduction in these charges than tho commission merchants were last winter, remains to bo seen. It Is to be hoped that the present turn of affairs has opened the eyes of thu elevator men. and thattbey will be more willing to do the fair thing tholnUey have been heretofore. PORT IJUROrf NETVS. Special Correspondence of Tie Tribune, Port Huron, Slay 10. —On Friday, April 27, tho submarine telegraph cable at the Straits was broken, and part thereof woa carried off by tho vessel or steamer which dragged her anchors across it. Tho Western Union Telegraph Company mana gers ore now desirous of finding out just whore tho cable was dropped by tho vessel that picked it cp. Doubtless tho Captain of tho vessel or pro peller which broke it withholds Information through fear of prosecution. The only object, however, Is In recovering the cable or of obtaining information tflat would lead to its recov ery, oa It would coal a great deal moro to grapple for it without knowing where It la than If It were known just what locality it Is la. The cable Is worth about $1,500, and It would cost that to re place It. Any Information left at ahy of the West ern Union offices will be of great service to the Nicholson, of Cleveland, is on bis way t 6 Duncan City to look after the acbr Grenada, which lies sunk there alongside the dock. This vessel will bo raised at once and towed to tho river for re pairs. Special Dirpalch to The Tribune. Pout Uuuon, Mich., Way itL—bows—Props Newburgh. tit. Joseph, llackctt and tow, Alio* ghaiiy and bareca, Pnilrlo State and bargus; sebra Cataract, New Dominion, losco, Potter, Nogauuco. Ui*—Props Wcuooa, tit. LouU, Gordon Camp* btill, Unsala, 11. C, ticroer, Alpena and barges, Prindlvllle and barges, Fred Kelly with Warner, Laura Uelle, Senator blood, Powers and consort, ballentlne and tow: schrs Helvetia, Northwest, Correspondent, V. 11. Walker, Cotnmancbo, Kim City, Itouben bond, Fred. A. Morse, 0. liarucs. Constitution, J. W., Metropolis, Ontario, Hicham Winslow, brldgowater, Lamoncier, Thomas tiuayle, butcher boy, Maria Martin, J. W. Mead, ti. U. KUnUxll, Grfuotal. _ ODDS AMO kNDB. Tbo schr Now Loudon is aground at the foot of Dola Diane Island, la Detroit 111v0r....Th0 tow bargo Delia BUvoa la ashore on ono of tbo Chickens, near Pat-In Day.... The prop Tioga, which bad such trouble with her tow while off Cleve land Tuesday during tbo storm, succeeded in picking then; all up again near the mouth of Detroit Jtlvor and passed up....An effort will be made during tbo season to raise the ecbr Nimrod, which sunk near Port Stanley. Negotiations are now pending with the Coast wrecking Company for this purpose.... Leonard White, mate of the tug Crusader, was so* rlously injured by falling Into the bold of a vessel at tbo Straits lost Thursday.... Waller Jlamlllon, a duck-hand on board the prop Nebraska, fell over board at Milwaukee Saturday night and was drown* vd. Ho was from Cleveland, 0.... During the heavy thunder-storm at Clovuland, Wednesday forenoon, tho ecbr Young America, lying near tbu Centre-street bridge, was struck br lightning, but was not aerlously damaged. Thu uula struck the fore-topmast, then ran down tho wire rigging ana Into tbo rlvor. Tbo Inlory Is not euDlcleut to war rant repairs... .A dispatch from Port lloron. dated the 20th, eaya: •» ‘ Tho tag Crusader passed down this evening with, tho ecbr Sunnysldo. which was ashore at Dots Diane Island, lu tbo Straits. Tbo Bunnysldo was leaking slightly, bat could keep free with* her own pumps.*'....Says the DarClty 'J'rilmne: ‘ • There ore two sunken borgea lying In tho rlvor near the west •bore, opposite this city. One, the Cotlin, lies near tbo railroad bridge, and 'tho other opposite the upper v?* of the city, The protruding maetsaro unseemly sights end the w rucks should be removed. Tbu crafts are more profitable now to Ibclr owners sunk than afloat,".. The Uutfulo Commercial AdcertutrMji: “tilearn pumps hare been placed on board the barges Cash aud uauuaford. on the beach at Long I’olat, and to-day the hatches will bo battened down aud tho ■work of pumping out tbo water commenced. Uls believed there will bo uo .difficulty la getting them 0i1."....Tb0 Detroit i'vtt slates that tha new tug Andrew .T. Smith, which parsed np Tuesday with fivo vessels, had a tough tlmoor It. Bho arrived in tha river Monday afternoon, and np to dark Tuesday night had only reached Walker town, Juat above Windsor, where she tied op and look a mat, and then took a fresh start. Ily pul]. » Ing hard until yesterday afternoon she succeeded In reaching Port Hnron. Whether oho got through the rapids or not has not been ascertained. STBAMOOAT INSPItCTION. Tho report of Mr. lllaloy. Chairman of (h» Canadian Hoard of Government Inspection fur tha calendar year 1873, baa Just been Issued from tho Government press. During tho year 029 ccrtifl cates wore Issued os follows: First-class chief ♦ 'engineers, 44; second-class chief cngl. * nears, 121*. third-class chief engineers 140; first-class assistant engineers. 20Q: second-class assistant engineers, 158; third-class assistant engineers, 104. Tho sum received on this account was $2,003. which was $420 less than In the previous year. The gross tontago of steam vessels inspected was 113,115 tons, tbo registered tonnage, 00,771—each ahowlngtan Increase on tha Previous year. Tho steamers worn thus classified* addle, 277; screw. 384;lota), 001. There wera also also 37 might boats and 332 tugs. Of tho 001 steamers, 78 were added during tho year, repre senting a gross tonnage of ll,sdltons, nnd a rc-glg. istered tonnage of 7,120 tons. Twenty steamers were lost, broken ifb. or pntout of service. Tho largest number of casualties reported was on Lakes Huron and Superior. TIIB STREET DISASTER. Tuesday night on Lake Erie was dark and windy, and CapL Doylo was on deck the greater part of the time watching tbo safety of tho craft committed to his .temporary charge. With the approach of morning weather accmcd to'bcltcr, and ho went below and to bed, as did also Mr. Hooper, tho ice and mate. Three of tho seamen wero in tho fore* castle, It being their watch below, and probably they wero asleep whon tho fatal blast struck (ho unfortunate bark. Tho Street was now abont 0 miles to tho eastward of Long Point. It was about 7 o'clock In tbo morning. The lint mate, with the men belonging to his watch, except the ono who was steering, wero engaged In tho custom*' anr morning work of washing down decks, when, as is stated, tho man at tho wheel cried out that a heavy squall was coming. Ho was not hoard, or at least no attention was paid to what he said, and ho again callodoaUhat a squall was coming, andthey hod bettor shorten sail. Whclh or the male, Mr. Itoacb, heard him or not cannot bo told, as fio Is among the lost. Tho sqnatl U represented to have been of terrific violence, al though it did not last moro than five minutes. It struck tho vessel with all Its fury, and tho Thomas 0. Street Instantly capsized, lying In Iho water keel uppermost. Dehig light, sbo did not sink.. Tho three men In tho forecastle hod no ommr tunlty for escape. Tho first mate, Charles Roach, of Saginaw, was also drowned, but 'of his death wo nave no particulars. Ho was (pi unmarried man. Tbo cook, John Walker, of Pori Dover, OnL, whom bis family reside, and James Gaffney. a sailor, of Cleveland, complete tbo delh roll of six. At tho first alarm the Captain and th« Second Mato sprang from their berths, and tbo lat ter succeeded in reaching tho deck before tho lee rail had gone under. Cnpt. Doylo found hlroscll Imprisoned In the up-turned cabin Into which tha water of course poured, "but be was so fortunate m to roach a window. Out of this he got and Into tha troubled lake, end managing to swim around ta tho stern ho seized hold of tho rudder strap. While iu this position two struggling men In turn seized him, and' their weight was such that he could with great difficulty retain his bold. Presently ono of them dropped off ami was drowned. 'Becoming very much exhausted, and fearing that ho could keep up but little longer. Cnpt. Doylo finally managed with ono band to gel out his knife, with which ho cut loose one of till suspenders, and with die, which happily chanced to ho strong, bo lashed his other am to tho chain. This was his position, and ono man still clinging to him, when assistance none too soon arrived. Tho tug 11. Q. Holton, of this port, CapL Thomas Mnybam, chanced to bo Id tho vicinity of tho dis aster, having gone from hero to tho neighbor hood of Long Point to assist two barces, tha Hnnnaford and Cash, which went ashore there last fall. 'Tho capsizing of tho Street was In full view from her deck, and CapL Msytbam lost not n mo ment's ttnio In harrying tho Holton td the wreck, at which he arrived In tlmo to save Cnpt. Doylo. tho sailor Howard, and Mr. Hooper. They wero all In 'condition of oxtromu exhaustion, ana, hut for tho providential arrival of tho tug, probably not ono of tho crow of tho bark would havo been eared. Lato in (ho day tho Vender hilt passed down, and tho survivors wero transferred to her, arriving yesterday morning as slated. From tho position In which ihc.Strcot was left it waa believed that sho could be righted and brought Into port without extreme difficulty. With that end in view an expedition loft our harbor last evening, consisting of the tugW. R. Crowell and schr ti. T. Atwater, provided with tbo necessary wrecking apparatus, and lit charge of CapL John lilce, Marine Inspector. The three survivors from tho Street wero included in tho party. CapL Phipps, tbo master and part owner, arrived In tills city from Canada lost evening, but not until tho expedition had deported.— Buffalo Courier, THE DETROIT RUIDOB. There Is yet an nncosy foollngomong vessel-own ers In this port concerning the outcome of tho De troit Hirerbridge eontrovorsoy. Notwithstanding the powerful array of arguments against that proj ect, tho railroad men are working patiently'and silently, wlth'moncy and Influence, and there Is n feeling of apprehension that sooner or later they wilt succeed In wringing from Congress permission to obstruct tho most Important channel of naviga tion In this country—except Sandy Hook Inlet— with a low drawbridge. Tho strong competition be tween tho cost-nnd-wcst railway lines compels tho Michigan Central and Canada Hoads to n»o efforts to complete their connection at Detroit, ami from tho actions of tho Mlcblgananombors of Con gress it is easy to bo seen that the defeat which tho bridge project has met in public opinion andtho newspapers has not discouraged thu railway men. No one pretends to claim that the bridge project con stand for a moment as a debatable proposition. Every substantial fact Is against It. it is forbidden by tho terms of tha boundary treaty with Great Britain: it would bp a serious and costly obstacle tu tho navigation of Detroit Itivcr; and, moreover. It Is unnecessary. No one doubts that it would bo pleas ant for the Michigan Central and Canada Hoads to have a low level bridge directly across from Wind sor to Detroit. Tho proposed bridge would cost, according to tbo engineer's estimates, $”,457,&00. To tunnel tho river at tho same point would cost $2,508,000. Three years ago tbo companies drove a small experimental tunnel through under tho river about half tho entire distance, but'gave It up because, as was stated, tho experiment had dem onstrated the Impossibility of making tbo tunnel. The difficulties encountered were sand pockets, boulders, and carburcttad hydrogen gas, precisely the soma that w,cru overcome with entire success In tho Cleveland and Chicago water-works tunnels. Tho soil, a stilt clay, was precisely the name as that found at Chicago and Cleveland. Tho aggregate length of tho Chicago and Cleveland tunnels IsU miles; tbo one at Detroit would be only 3,000 feet. There Is not; says tho Detroit AVim, a single feasible reason why tho railroads should not tunnel thu river at Detroit, and overcome all difficulties with out discommoding tho enormous marine traffic that throngs'that Important channel. Tho tunnel would Involve grades up and down from Its bottom to tho outside level at either end, and It would take eomo what longer to cut It than build a bridge. For these reasons the roads declare that tho tunnel cannot be built, and Insist upon tho bridge. They are demanding what never can bo granted.— CUt-v land Leader, A Students’ Frenk. Trou(.y. V.) Prets. A disgraceful oml outrageous occurrence took Klnco at Fort Edward on tbe night of the lltli ibL. between tbo hours of 13 and 1 o’clock. A Dumber of tho students, os supposed, belonging to tho Institute, secured thu old flcld-plcco ■which has done duty lu that town for tho past 100 years on all Fourth of July celebrations? and, placing It directly In front of tho Institute build ing, lauded It up to tho muzzlo with powder and sod. A rope was then attached to tlw bell on tho Institute building, and, all being ready, tho gun was touched of and the bell violently rung. To describe tho sensation will eh was produced and tho fear expressed by tho neighboring citizens, who were awakened from u sound sleep, would bo Impossible. Huillco- it to suy that simultaneously with.tho deafening report made by tho discharge of the canon, on explosion occurred, tho gun dying into a thousand pieces, and tho window-lights contained in thu front portion of thu Inatfiuto and lu the neighboring . dwelling-houses lUsoppcaring os If by magic. Tim ’ damage done to property lu tho vicinity la estimated to bo considerable. . OAUUIAGJSty CARRIAGES. Wo ore selling at greatly re duced prices,- IiAHDAUS, LAOTATJIETS, . • OLAEENOEB, COACHES, - COUPES, and OOUPELETS, Our Potent Oountorbolanoed Front FIVE-LIGHT LANDAUS & FALL ING FHONT BERLIN COAUHES are tbo loading Carriages of tho day. and, for beauty of design, simplic ity, and thoroughness of construc tion, sro unsurpassed. Tbo Falling .Fronts to both sro -nicely oountor balanood by a Spring (.which ar rangement la Patented*), and can with each bo lowered and raised, with the finger, , . . Wo guarantoo our work to do FIRST-CLASS, and to please In ovopy particular. ♦No infringement of our rights under the nbOTQ pfttcot, will bw allowed., H. KILLAM & CO., 20 Chestnut-sh.Newllnven, Conn. ,C. O. fSN DBOBKJi U oar Agent in Chicago.

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