Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 22 Mayıs 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 22 Mayıs 1876 Page 7
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LITERATURE. n r , Mathews on the Use and Abuse of Words. Clirlstlnn Bosotll’s rooms—-Me moir of Dr. Norman Miiclcml. Plato's Best Thoughts—Soribnor’s Monthly—Books by Hamerton. flu Greets and the Persians—-Sanitary Drainage—Barnes’ Centennial History. (Whittier's Poonls—Books and Periodi cals Received—Literary Notes. DB. MATHEWS ON WORDS WOBDS: TIIEIU USB AND AMUSE. By Wim.- u«MATn*WB. LL.D., Author of “Getllng-On in the World,’' and “The a runt Convenors, and Other Essays." 12m0., pp. 08-1. Chicago; 8. C. Griggs & Co. An author could choose no more prolific and lorlUng topic than this of ‘‘Words*,’* none jround which a greater variety of Important thought* naturally cluster. It Is a theme on vbich an InOnlto number of changes may bo rung, and all of them have some virtue or charm of counsel, suggestion, or onllvcnmcnt. Words are related to Ideasas tho body Is to tho spirit, fliey have on equal sanctity, and aro to bo treated with tho same reverence. Be careful what you say, and you will bo careful what you think and what you do. The man who Is exact In his utterances, striving always to express accurately his mcaulilfe, neither overstating nor understating his opinions and Intentions, is one who may bo trusted In everything. His word comes to bo literally as good as his bond. The bablt of speaking tho truth is Invariably as sociated with tho practice of truth. The con tinual endeavor to uso tho terras that will pre cisely fit tho thought 1s ono of tho most suc cessful In inducing honest principles for tho government of all action. Language Is not only tho Interpreter of tho mind, It is tho Index of character. The soul of the speaker aud tho writer Is Incarnated In his stylo of phraseology, and then betrays what sort of personality it Is, os plainly as In his tono of voice, bis countenance, his gall, and his ges ture * Therefore, words are sacred, solemn tilings, to bo regarded as living potentialities, whoso Influence, for good and evil, for happi ness and misery, Is beyond calculation. They : should bo dealt with os wo would deal with hu man hearts, justly, gently, and very hccdfully. Tho author, Who has hecomo tho familiar, friend of a largo circle through bis sage advice about “ Getting-On In tho World,” Is eminently • qualified to discuss tho value of words, their rleht uses and tholr constant abuses. He has been studying them lovingly, In tbo literatures of bis own aud other tongues, far many Indus trious years; and fow have learned so well their canacitles, and tho wonderful and beautiful ser vices to which they, have been put by tho apt and eloquent writers of tho past and present lime. Ho has not attempted to produce a formal treatise, but rather to present a series of IntcrcstUig essays, In each onu of which some separate point In the main topic Is dwelt upon In tbo easy, unceremonious manner of friend conversing with friend, lu this genial way, a • multitude of Impressive and agreeable truths aro remarked about v --Tlio filgullhmnce of Words, Tho Morality In Words. Tho Secret of ’ Apt Words, Tho Fallacies In Words, Words Without Meaning, Tho Curiosities of Lan guage, Nicknames, Caramon Improprieties of Speech, and other equally Interesting phases of tho matter In question. t As la tho custom of tho author, ho ha* pow dered his pages with select anecdotes, and al lusions, and quotations, from a wide range of writers. His reading has been immense: and the Jewels of thought ondtho marvels of dic tion which It has revealed to him have been se curely treasured, and tbo best of them grace fully employed to enrich his own copious and exuberant sentences. An extract taken from tho chapter on “Tho Secret of Apt Words" will fairly exhibit Dr. Mathews’ aptitude for choosing and commanding a brilliant concourse 1 of tbo parts of speech: ... Tbo arrangement of words by groat writers on (ho printed page bos sometimes been compared to tho arrangement of soldiers on tho field; aud, If It is Interesting to eco bow a groat General mar itmls bis regiments. It Is certainly not lesJsoto ico how tbo Alexanders and Napoleons of letters marshal their verbal battalions on tbo battle-fields of thought. Foremost among those who wield despotic sway over tho domain of letters Is My Lord Macon, whoso words aro like a Spartan pha lanx. closely compacted,—almost crowding each other, so close aro tholr files,—and all moving In Irresistible array, without con fusion or chasm; now holding some Thermopylie of new truth against some scholastic Qeroxes, now storming some ancient Malakolfof error, bat al ways with “victory sitting caglo-wlngcdon their crcsta." Astraln of music hursts on yonr car, sweet os Is Apollo’s Into, and lo I Milton’s dazzling files, clad In celestial panoply, llftlnghlgh their gorgeous ensign, which ‘‘shines like a meteor, streaming to the wind,"— “breathing united force and fixed thoughts, "—come moving on “In perfect phalanxto tho Dorian wood of flutes and soft ro- Cordero.’.’ Next comes Chllllngworth, with his illttorlng rapier, all rhetorical rule and flourish, . recording to the schools,— pattailOf montamo , gaccofo,—ono, two, three,— tho third in your bosom. Then stalks along Chatham, with bis two- Unded sword, striking with the edge, while ho elerccs with tbo'polntund stuns with tho hilt, and iehllngtho ponderous weapon as easily ah you would a flail. Next strides Johnson, with elephan tine tread, with tho club of loclc lu ono baud and i a revolver Ip the oth* B hitting ’ right and left with antlthct- I blows, and, “when bis pistol misses Arc. ucking you down with the butt-end of It." Unrko, with lighted linstock In band, stands by a Lancaster gun: ho touches It, and forth then burst, with loud and mighty roar, missiles of every con ceivable description,— chain-shot, stones, Iron spikes, shells, grenadoes, torpedoes, and Sts,—that cat down everything before them. Close after him steals • Jeffrey, armed aip-a-nle,— ■ tarrying a tomahawk lu ono hand and h sculping knife luthe other,— bleeped to tho eye lu fight, cun- Eig offence, muster of bis weapon and merciless Its use, end “playing It like a longue of fiuniu” lore lu trembling victims. Thorn is Brougham, ijiilog half-a-dozen enemies afonco with u tre mendous Bcolch claymore; Macaulay, running un der his opponent's guard, and stabbing him to tho hurt with the heavy dagger of u short, cpl ptmmallc sentence; uughhlllot, crushing bis un lades* skulls with a sledge-hammer, or pounding Ibtra to Telly with his huge fists; Sydney Smith, fir lag hlsarrows, feathered with fancy andpolnted with ■ k# steel of the keenest wit; Disraeli, Mined,w; th |a Oriental sclmotar, which daxzlok while It kills; maenun, transfixing his adversaries with a blade transcendental temper, snatched from the scab- Uni of I'luUm and Carlyle, relentless Icouoclustof Hums, who “gangs hi* almgslt," armed with an Sie stone ax, with which be smashes solemn ugsoa you would drugs wlthapeslloaud mor- NORMAN MACLEOp. MEMOIR OF NOKMAN MACLEOD, D, D., Mnt* inxu o» Bauont Parish, Glasgow; Onb of ' Ultt Majkbtt’s Cuaplainb; DBAS or TUB Cuapil Uotal; Doan op tub Host Ancibnt and Most Noulb Oudbr on tub Tuistlu. Uy Illsßrother, theßev. DonaldMaolbou, U. A., - One of Her Majesty's Chaplains, etc. Two Vol home. bvo., up. 3US-423. New YurU: Scrib ner, Armstrong A Co. Pries, (A, 50.' * Dr. Norman Muclood was one ol that Influ ’ tttlai baud ol liberal Christian* la Great Hrit- Ba which Included such men as Dr. Arnold, Frederick Maurice, and Charles Kingsley. Although a minister in tho Established Church ol flcolhuul, ho broke many of tho bonds that harrowed the religious faith of tho nation, and exerted tho might of earnest convictions, a thong mind, and a loving heart, to spread wood the cpthollc spirit which ho believed to to alone consistent with the teachings of Christ, ho was not a man of extraordinary intellect oq hi great learning; but a settled purpose, active Ufcrglc*, hamono sympathies, tender fouling*, *ad honest simplicity, gave him uncommon power ever tho mind# of the people. Ills name bad traveled for abroad; but lu Scotland ho wts hwversolly esteemed and beloved, through frhglthd ho woe honorably known, and lu Amor tbcrq were many fmpUtnr with his work and repute. • /Bis/other and grandfather were ministers bo* ih'.hnnn, and he was born at Campbeltown, on gh ooQthwest coast of Scotland, m 1813, Jits i£*v training was of a somewhat desultory gWeri but, at tho ago of 10, ho entered Uio at Glasgow, ami, lour year# after, Stall 0 EBlnburg to study theology. While , ftto cpiww la dlrWly, he lor w* tw» occunlcfl the position of tutor to tho only son of Henry rrcston, Esq., of Moscby Hall,— spending apart of tho time on tho Continent, and tho remainder at Moscby . Hall. In Starch, 1838, ho was ordained n minister, and settled in the pariah of Loudon, In Ayrshire, where he re mained five year*. In the severe controversy which finally ended In the disruption of the National Church, Dr. Maclcnd adopted a middle course, Joining the parly called “The Forty,” wlio avoided indorsing tho extreme measures of either body of tho chief contestants. In 1813, Dr. Mecleod left tho parish of Lou don for tlmt of Dolkeilh, and, In 1851, was In ducted minister of tho liarony I’arlsh, in Glasgow. In tho same year Im was married to Catherine Ann Mackintosh, daughter of William Mackintosh, Esq., of Gothics. In 1800, he accepted tho editorship of (Jowl WonUj which, under .Ids direction, was tiio organ of tho liberal school of Orthodoxy. Thu following twelve were tho busiest years of his life, as in addition to his regular pastoral and editorial duties ho presided over the India lisslon of the Church, odlclattid as one of tho Ucen's Chaplains during her residence at Itolmoral, and engaged In various’ other work coming legitimately within tho province of an active Christian laborer. Ills health gradually declined during the last years of his career, and he died in 1873; a few days alter the celebration of his GOlb birthday. Tho large volumes which comprise his biogra phy contain liberal extracts from his Journals and correspondence. An amusing feature of tho letters Is the pentil sketches with which they were freely Illustrated, and which are here re produced. Dr. Maclcou possessed an Incxhaust bio fund of humor, which kept his own spirits fresh and cheery, and won a source of great at traction to his friends. Nowhere In tho record of his life Is this happy gift ho clearly shown os In the cxtrcmcly-funny caricatures that he was lu tho habit of inserting In the text of his com munications to iotimatu friend.-. CHRISTINA ROSETTI'S POEMS. POEMS. By CumsilNA J. Uosr.TTI. 10mo., pp. 800. Boston: Roberts Brother*. Chicago: Jen sen, McClurg A Co. Price, yl. r.O. Christina Uosetti slugs like n bird, In a strain ns sweet, mid careless, and perfectly tuned. She seems to sing from the pure Joy of It, with* out any definite attempt to convey much mean ing In her lays, but with the simple purpose of relieving her heart of the melody that dlls It, There Is sometimes a tone of sadness shading her verses, and hinting that an early blight has fallen upon the hopes of the minstrel; yet the sluxdow Is so light and so .evanescent that It scarcely betrays its presence ere it lias departed. In truth, the poetry of Christina Uosetti Is almost as objective as that of Drowning, giving very little sign of the real personality of the author. In the devotional pieces, however, there Is a sincere fervor which discloses ndccply rcllgious cost of mind. The dainty, airy grace which Is the must striking characteristic of tho poet Is admirably portrayed in tho following lender lyric: CONFLUENTS. As rivers seek tho sea, Much more deep than they, So my soul seeks thee, . Faraway: As running rivers moan On tbclr course alone, So I moan, Left alone. • As tho delicate rose To tho sun’s sweet strength Doth herself unclose, UrcadlU and length: So spreads my heart to thee, Unveiled utterly, I to thee Utterly. * As monfcng dew exhales Sunwards, pure and free, So my spirit falls After tlico: • As dew leaves not a trace On tho green earth’s face, 1 no trace On thy face. • Its goal tho river knows, Dewdrops dud a way, Sunlight cheers tho rose In her day: Khalil, lone sorrow past, Find thee ul last? Sorrow past. Thee »t last! The poet’s power of picturesque description Is evinced in tho piece entitled “From House to Home,” from which we select a few stanzas. Two contrasting stones arc depleted. Tho first was a “plcnaure-plucc,” wherein all happy tilings disported: Swift squirrels on tho pastures took their case, With leaping lambs snfo from the nnfoarod knife; All slnglng-blrda rejoicing in those trues FulfllleiT their careless life. My heath lay farther off, where lizards lived In strange, metallic mall, Just spied and gone, Like darted lightnings hero and there perceived. But nowhere dwelt upon. Frogs and fat toads wore thereto hop or plod, And propagate In peace, an nnconth crew, Where velvet-headed rashes rustling nod, And spill tho morning dew. All caterpillars throve beneath my rule, With snails and sings In comers out of sight; I never marred tho curious, sudden stool That perfects in a night. In tho second picture, a bllgbthas fallen upon all around: Azure and sun were starved from heaven above; No dew had fallen, but biting frost lay hoar; 0 love, I knew that I should meet my love, Should And my love no more. “My love no more,” 1 muttered, stunned with pain; I shed no tear, I wrung no passionate hand, Till something whispered: “You ahull meet again. Meet in a distant land.” Then, with n cry like famine, I arose. I lit roy candle, searched from room to room, Searched up and down; u war of winds that froze Swept through the blank of gloom. I searched day after day, night after night; Scant change thusemuu to me of night or day; “No more,” 1 wailed, “no more’’; andtrlum6d my light, And gnashed, but did not pray. lu the full collection of poems assembled la the presentodltlun, thereuro very many us sweet and strong us these from which we have quoted. Scarcely any, ludued, lack some charm of senti ment or rhythm to make them worth reciting. Tho lovega of musical versus will rejoice that the volume has come within the reach of Amer ican readers. , SCRIRNEU’B MAGAZINE. SCRIBNER’S MONTHLY: An Illuhtuatid Mao* azikb you tub Pkoflb. Conducted by J. G. Holland. Yol. 11. From November, 1876, to April, 1870. tivo., pp. 012. Now York: Scrib ner & Co. INDEXTO SCRIBNER’S MONTHLY; Anlllus tiutsd Uaoazinb van tub Peoclb. Conducted by J. a. Holland. Volumes 1. to X. From November, 1870, to October, 1873. Bvo., pp. HO. New York: Scribner & Co. From tho day when Scribner's Monthly appear ed as a competitor among American periodicals, It has has held true to the standard set up for Itself. It has been a People's Magazine In the highest souse of tho term. It has addressed tho mosses—thu Intelligent masses—of our dtlzons, upon current topics of interest in all deport ments of human thought ami enterprise,Mn pleasing, popular language. It has aimed to bo Instructive and entertaining, without being re condite or pedantic; and It has happily succeed ed In its object. As a regular visitor of tho family-circle, furnishing a quota of amusement and Information for every member, It Is not surpassed by any work of Its doss lu thu coun try. • Anlndox'ls an essential accessory to every book of importance, and Scribtor'* Monthly is now provided with one. By means of it, a ready key Is given to thu contents of tile llrst ten vol umes. In tho preface, Messrs. BerUmer give« few Interesting facts showing the coat oi sus taining a publication like their Monthly, For Illustrations alone, since tho establishment of the magazine, nearly (100,000 has been paid; for printing, more than (125,000; and, for p»- ,per, a little less than 1250,000. Tho ton volumes contain 3,745 engravings, or an average of 550 per annum, at a cost or (Stt apiece. It may be added that these engravings are, us a whole, very praiseworthy examples of tho ai t. * Thu publishers, who are most fertile m re sources, hint at tho Introduction of some en tirely novel features in msgazlno-llleruturu Into tho numbers of tho coming summer. I*LATO. Plato's BbstTuodoutsi Ooupilbd pnois Prop. Jowbtt's Translation ot tub Dialuuubb or Plato. Bj tho Her. a 11. A Uulklbt, A M., Professor la Faith Training College, Boston, Uma Bvo., pp. 175. New Yolk; Scribner, Armstrong & Co, It Is a gratifying sign of tho advancement of our ago that it should have given birth to such a work as this. We demand the best of every thing In tho smallest possible compass; and hem wo oro treated to the choicest thoughts of the greatest ancient philosopher, brought to f ether In a compendious and convenient shape, be work Is deserving of high praise. Thu se lections Include every subject; and the cross references are so numerous that any desired topic con be readily found. The work will ktvo « useful purpopo a# a tort of ampUflcd THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: MONDAY. MAY 22, 1876, Index to Prof. Jowclt’s complete translation. It Is to bo hoped that tho result of this compilation will ho to make more familiar to the general reader, for whom it la expressly written, the ideas of that philosopher who. ns Emerson en thusiastically nays, contains “all that In thought which (he history of Europe embodies or has yet to embody.” ami wbo “would suillcc for tho tuition of tho race, Ip lest their understanding and express their reason.” hooks nv hameiiton* THE BVLVAN YEAR; ami THE UNKNOWN* IMVEK. IJy llambuton, Author nf “Tho Intellectual 1.1fn.” etc., etc. lihno,, pp. non. Don ton: llohcrts brothers. Chicago: Jansen, McClurg&C'o. Price, $3. In this edition wo have two of Ilamorton’s choice hooks thrown into one. Dotli have be fore appeared In America, litft in a more expen sive form. “The HylViOi Year” is n monthly record, from an artist’s note-hook, of the chang ing npi>caranccs of tho landscape, observed with tho keen eye of the naturalist and tho painter. Tho thousand exquisite beauties exhibited in tho mobile face of Nature are pointed out and described with a charming delicacy tif feeling and wealth of illustration. Gems from tbq poets, and eloquent passages from prose writers, are combined with vivid original sketches of trees, flowers, birds, and nil adjuncts of rural scenery, In a delightful mosaic that none know better how to create than Hamerton. , “Tho Unknown River” describes tho voyage of an etcher, In quest of subjects for the copper, down a romantic stream, never before explored In alt It* mysterious doublings and windings. The artist llnds abundant material in the udvun lure fur pen and brain, and spreads 11 with ef fective grace before tho reader. EPOCHS OP ANCIENT HISTORY. TIIE GREEKS AND THE PERSIANS. Ry the Rev. G. W. COX. If. A.. Joint-Editor of tho Series. KJrao., pp, 218. New York: Scribner, Armstrong it Co. Price, sl. The popularity of tho series of small histories ranged under tho title of “ Epochs of Modern History,” nos been so decided that tho plan on which they were based bas been adopted for a second course of volumes, embracing “ Epochs In Ancient History.” ' Tho first number of tho new suite contains on ndmlrably-frnmcd sketch of that period In the life of Greece which was devoted to n prosecution of the wars with Persia. Thu era was one of the most momentous In the existence of the Hellenic tribes, determining the deadly combat between the persistent des potism of tho East and the progressive freedom and enlightenment of tho West. .Mr. Cox has produced an excellent epitome of the centuries during which tho struggle continued, depleting with much clearness the vicissitudes through which, not only the Greeks, but tho other nations involved with themselves In tho great warfare, were compelled to pass. The book 1s well furnished with mans, chronological tables, Indexes, and other adjuncts essential to Its completeness. _ SANITARY DRAINAGE. THE SANITARY DRAINAGE OP HOUSES AND TOWNS. Hjr GeoiiOr E. Waking, Jii., Con* suiting Engineer for Agricultural and BnnUorr Works. Umo„ pp. «Ku). Now York: Hurd i Houghton. Chicago: Jansen, ItcClurg & Co. I’rlcc, sg. The important subject of sanitary drainage is treated In this volume with great thoroughness and ability. Tho author has collected a large mass of statistics from foreign and do mestic sources, showing tho deleterious effect upon health of Impure air and Impure water, ami tho vital necessity of avoiding these two evils by a perfect system of sewage In Iwth houses and towns. Tho book Is intended for tho benefit of Iho average citizen and house holder, and combines valuable Information re garding tho prevention of disease, with practi cal directions for tho removal of wastu prod ucts, and their poisonous emanations, from tho vicinity of human habitations. Tho text is il lustrated with numerous wobd-cuts. A NOVEL. WTCI! RAZEL. By Susan and Anna WAUNEn.- Authors of “Wide, Wldo World,” “Qaccchy," etc. 12m0., pp. 628. Now Yorks 0. I’. Put nam & Bon. Chicago: Jansen, McClure & Co. Price, $2. Ono cannot help holng Interested In Wycli Hazel. There is sufficient originality about her to excite a lively curiosity In her piquant, way ward movements; and yot all tho while wo nro thoroughly conscious that sho Is a fictitious crea- like of which never did, nor could, ex ist In reality. Tho continual protests of tho reason against tho charm practiced upon tho Im agination, makes tho perusal of her story a tan talizing satisfaction. The air of Improbability which invests tho chief character pervades tho entire hook, mid destroys its effect. Although beguiled into muling it from cover to cover, when all Is done there is a strong feeling of discontent with tho lack of art glaringly appar ent In plot, narrative, and portraiture. R ARNES’ CENTENNIAL HISTORY. ONE HUNDRED TEARS OP AMERICAN INDE PENDENCE. By thu Author of Bahseb' Brief History of tho United Stated for Schools. Bvo., pp. GOB. New York, Chicago, and New Orleans: A. S. Barnes & Co. Price, (u. The first Impulse Is to regard this book with suspicion, as manufactured to sell on tho strength of tho popular watch-word, “ Centen nial.” But examination proves It to be a work of much genuine merit. The stylo Is uncom monly sprightly and attractive, and will win upun almost any reader. Facts and anecdotes are deftly woven together, producing a narra tive that Is full of instruction and entertainment for old and young. It Is more properly a story than u history of tho single century or our In dependence; imt It is so skillfully told that, for this reason alone, It deserves to be commended. Thu Illustrations are abundant and creditable. ■WHITTIER’S POEMS, THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OP JOHN UREENLEAP WHITTIER. With Numerous 11- lustrations. Paper. Pp. 21)7. Boston: Janies R. Osgood A Co. Chicago: Jansen, McClurgds Co. Price, sl. * Messrs. James U. Osgood & Co. have project ed a new enterprise, which will ho received with favor by a multitude of renders. It is the pub lication of a cheap uud complete edition of the poems of Whittier, Longfellow, hnd Tennyson, m commemoration of thu Centennial. Thetirat number, now at hand, Includes between single covers all tho contents of the several volumes Whittier has produced. Tho convenience of having thu entire works of a favorite poet as sembled in one collection will bo generally ut>- predated. The book Is neatly printed in double columns, and ornamented with excellent cu gravUlgs* _ NILE JOURNAL. A KILE JOURNAL. By T. O. Appleton. Him trated by Kuqkbb Benson. 12ra0., pn. 007. Boston: Roberts Brothers. Chicago: Jansen, McC’lurg&Co. Price, (2.23. Tho stilted, affected stylo of this book makes very tiresome reading. The author seems, by Ids continual talk about colors, and tones, and pictures, to be au artist, either amateur or lirofcssionul; and It Is charitable to bupo iu works more cleverly with thu brush than with thu pen. There Is very scanty information con veyed in his Journal, which was written, the preface states, for tho entertainment of thu au thor and his nieces. It should have been kept for their private beuetlt. HOOKS KECEIVED, ANEWCIODIVA. By Stanlbt Huri, Author of “Godfrey's Wife." lUn\o., pp. 313. Phila delphia: J. B. Llimlucutt 4 Co. THE HOOD FIGUTFOU FAITH. Uy C. J. 0., Author of “Uuth Derwent, M etc. Ih’mo., up. U7d, How York: T. Y. Crow oil. TUB TWO UAUBAUAB: A Novbl. Uy Guacb Moktiubu, Author of “Bosom Foes," eto. 13m0., pp. 063. Now York} O, W. Curlcton 4 THE HEM OP HIS QAIIMKNTi Spiritual Lea sonspuo* tui Lira ov UuaLord. Djr tho Her. Fuank BBWALL. X3mo., pp. 333. ilhlUdcl phlas J. 11. LlpplncottACo. NEWSPAPEU-PUETS; on, Watt* and Tuim Autuou*. By Alpuonso A. Hopkins; Square Hlmo., pp. 310. Itooheetor, N. Y.: Rural Homo Publishing . t PERIODICALS RECEIVED, Scrltnsr'r Monthly for Jaou (Scribner & Co., Now York). Contents! “Old Landmark* in Philadelphia" (Illustrated), by Kebecca Harding Davis; “Tenant Madttu,"by Kata Putnam Os good; “Beds and Tables, Stool* and Candle* sticks,' 1 Filth Popor (Illustrated}, by Claronco Cook; “Philip Nolan's Friends; or, Show YourWsspurts, 11 chapter*XV., XVI.,XvII. (11* luslrated), by Edward Everett Halo; “Denun ciation," by Charles Carroll: “(labrlol Con* r«y, 11 chapters XXXVIU.-XUU.. by Dret Ilurto; “Silsnc«lsUold«n, ,, bySarall. Urowuu; “Pilgrims, and I'uritans," by Tryou Edwards; “Tvrp I'oonis of Collins," by U. 8. Nsdnl; “Song of tho Gloaming," by John Vanco Cbunoy; “Row America was Named” (Ulus* tratodj; “ Union College” (Illustrated), by Will* lam Wells; “Courage," George Houghton: • •gome Experiments lu Co-operation," second paper, by Charles Barnard; , ‘Thc Loto of a linndrea Years," by Ucorgo Parsons Lstbrop; “Three Friends," by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps; « “Charlotte Cushman,” by John D. Stockton; “My Nasturtiums," by H. U. “Topics of tho Time'," “The. Old Cabluel;" “Homo and Society;”' “Culture and progress:" “Tbs World** Work;" “Bric-a-Bruc." Galaxy (or June (Sboldon A Co., New York). CvuWhU: ,T Xh<iVr«'iUptmeUU*ta by Jnstln McCarthy: “Have We a National C’liaraclorf” by Col. Thomas M. Anderson, u. 8. A.; “First and Lost," hyMaryAlogo DeVere? “Madcap Violet,” chapters XVIi.. XVIII., XIX., and XX., by William Black; “Tho Lady and tier Lover, ” by C, I*. CJrnncli; ‘The Dis play of Washington Society.” by Hall Hamilton; • • Elusion,” by ilartort Gray; “ Peripatetic Mad ness,” |iv Ely Van d« Warker: “Boavrnlraof a Man of Letters,” by.l. 11. Hideous: “Mrs. Van dcnlnynck: letters from Roger Floyd to Holt Stanhope.” by Miss B. W. Olncy; w War Mo nndrs,”byGen. 0. A. Custer; “American Wo men Abroad,” by Lncy H. Hooper; “Hrariland Her Emperor,” by .lohn Hodman: “ Mistress Wilson; ATnloof Salem Witchcraft." by 0. 11. Fierro; “A Now History of tho Untied Stales.” by Mario A, Brown; “Ad Mnsam,” by H. H.; “Drift-Wood,” by Philip Gulllbet; “Scientific MPccllany.” “Convent Literature;” ‘,‘No buhr," by tho Editor. ...... ... lAp/iinrofr* Slagatlne for Jnno (<)• B. Llpptncolt A Go., Philadelphia). Contents: “The Ccntnryr- Its Fruits anil' Its Festival. VI. The Display- Introductory” (Illustrated); “Dolores, by Kmnia Lnsiirna; “Glimpse* of Constantinople," concluding paper (Illustrated), by Sheila Hale; “Thconud You: A Story of Old Philadelphia,” In Two Farts—L, by Edward Kearsley; “Mod em Huguenots,” by James M. Bruce; “Bloom ing. "by Maurko Thompsons ‘ ‘ Fellpa, by Con stance renlmoro Woolsnn; “At Chlrkamnuga, bv Robert Lewis Kimberly: “Th* Atonement of Learnßunds*, "Chaps.XXXVll.-XL., byMrs. I!. Lynn Unton: “Tno Italian Medieval Wood- Sculptors,” bv T. Adolphus Trollope; “Il**st,” by Charlotte V. Bates: l,et?»fs from Rnnth Af rica,” V., by Lady Barker; •■Our Monthly Gos nip;” “Literature of (I# Day.” Catholic World for June aalludic Publication Home, New York). Contents: “(Sermon Jour nalism;” “Homo F’orgotten Catholic Foots;" “Are Yon My Wife?” “Thomlstlq Philosophy;” “The Devout Chapel of Notre Dame de Hethar rams” “Sir Thomas More;” “Dr. Brownson;” “Tho Ascension” (poem); “The Wild Itoso of St. llciris;” ‘ • Hammond on the Nervous System:” “The Eternal Years;” “Hobbles and Their Itldcra;” “A Flea for Our Grandmothers;" “From Lamartlno” (poem); “New Publics- AWins—Farts n and 10. Illustrations In Parti): “Oik Slockhrldgo,” A. Parton: “LeFavorl,” after Jourdan; “Tne Shady Fool,” Fetor Moran; “The Wayside Trough.” Peter Moran; “Pre ferring Ills Pipe," K. Uletlut “ Against Or ders,,r W. Thomas; “Litchfield Cathedral— West Door;” “Farting with tho Baby,” A. Itocstcl. Hlnslrallonsln Tort 10: “Columbia a Reception,” C. Motlala; “Mount Jardln:” “ Abandoning tho Acl*;on, 1770,”.!. O. David son; “The Dark Entry, Canterbury Cathedral,” after A. Bellows:" “Plcfola" Hlchlcr: “Pic colo.” Richter; “Thereby Hanes a Tall,” Qus- InvSns; “The Moated Grange,” 9. Head. St. Mrholat for Jnne (Scribner ACo., New 7*>rk). Tills number bus seventy-one Illustrations; and among the contributors arc Busan Corlldcc, T. B. Aldrich, H. H., Noah Brooks. Celia Tbaxter, and other noted writers for the Juveniles. jVVmi Century for, March and April (International Free-Trade Alliance, Now York). * American liookneller for May 15 (American News Company, New York). . , „ . LUtell'i Living Age— current numbers (Lltlcll A Gay, Boston). . „ v . , Ap/neton*' Journal-- current nurabors (U. Apple ton A Co., New York). EITEUAKY NOTES. Lieut. Camcrou, tbo African explorer,will pub lish a book tn the autumn. Miss Louise M. Alcott’s new volume, cntltlctl « Silver Pitchers," will appear In a few days. George Sand has recently published another volume, of four feuilldom printed some time ago iu the Ilcvue. “ Carlta ” is tho name of a new story by Mrs. Ollphant, to bo begun In tho Juno number of tho CofnhUl Magazine. * A History of the United States, “from a somewhat novel point of view,” Is promised by Mr'W. F. Hoc, author of “Wilkes, Sheridan, Fox.” Our humorous literature Is to bo Increased by “ A Bald-Headed History of America," a bur lesque on historical events In the United States, illustrated by Thomas Worth. The publication In Germany of Goethe's cor respondence with tho Brothers Humboldt has been followed by that of his correspondence with Aug W. and Friedrich Scldegel, Tlccfc, and others. Although Lord Lytton has withdrawn “ King Poppy,” u new edition of the poems he has al ready published Is to be brought out by Chair man <fc Hall tn London. Tho llrat volume will appear this month. Mr. Macgahnn’sncw book, “ Under tbo North ern Lights,” Is out In London. It Is a record of tlie cruise of the Pandora to Peel's Strutt In search of Sir John Franklin's papers, and has a map and Illustrations. Awork entitled “The Last Act: Being the Funeral Rites of Nations and Individuals.” which will contain a curious account of the dls- Cosol of tho dead by lire, cremation, water, air, urial, etc., edited by William Tcgg, la an nounced In London. Leon Cliottcau, of Paris, lias just published a work entitled “Le Ouerre aa Vlndependeiue (1775-1783) la Fraueaia cm Auurlque." It is pre ceded by an Introduction by M. Lubouluyc, whoso warm admiration for America and her Institutions shines forth hi every passage. Murray, the London publisher, will bring out a new eultlon of Sir Gardner Wilkinson’s great work, tho “Mauneni and Customs of the An cient Egyptians,” which has long liecn out of print because tho author’s health has prevented ids undertaking Its revision and enlargement- It will be edited by Dr. Birch. An Important work on “David Fredrick Strauss, and tho Theology of Ills Time,” is about to he Issued In Germany. The llrst volume, just ready, takes biography down to tho time of StruudS 1 expulsion irom Tuebingen in conso queneu of the “Life of Jesus,” his call to Zucrlcb, and the Zucrlcb revolution. A book on “The Pleasures of Angling,” by tho Hon. George Dawson, of the Albany Evening Journal, will be published In a few days by Sheldon & Co., Now York. Mr. Dawson Is a veteran sportsman, having taken thlrty-llvo annual trips to distant streams where tho salmon and trout must do congregate. Tho Boston Transcript says that much ucw evidence, neglected by other writers on Bunker Hill, has been utilized In tho Itev. I. N. Tarbor’s “Life of Israel Putnam,” which Lockwood, Brooks & Co. have hi preparation. Tho author makes a strong argument In proof that Putnam was the actual commander ol tho Americans at Bunker Hill. It Is stated that there Is a largo Dickens cor respondence which John Forster would not touch, —enough to mnku three or four volumes, well worthy of publication. It seems likely that another life of Dickens will appear, ft having beeu remarked that thu present one, by Forster, falls to satisfy either the public or the novelist's friends. Mrs. Julia Ward ITowo baa nearly completed the brief memoir of bur lute husband, Dr. 1 tmvu, fur the blind, and it will bo printed during tho summer. Probably a more extended biography, Including much ul Dr. Uuwu’a corrcspundcuco, it la said, will bo prepared by Mrs. Howe during the next two or three years,—tho material fur such a life being very abundant. A magnificent Illustrated edition of Victor Hugo’s ‘ # Quutre-vlngl-treUc” has recently bceu published In Paris. Thu author himself, who Is said to havo considerable artistic talent, has contributed three Illustrations, and the other engravings arc by Morin, Huneou, IJrlou. Daniel Vierge. Gilbert, Karl Bodmer, and E« Bayard, and their peers. The fourth volume of the Frvtteh translation of tihaksi>curu by Fran cois Victor Hugo—the elder of tno two sons of Victor Hugo—has lust appeared. Thu month before his death Francois Hugo revised the wlpdo edition, which b the one most valued In Franco. “Bluecher In Letters Written During tho Campaigns of 181U-1S15” b the title of a work just puldbhcd In Germany by E. von Colomb, probably a descendant of tome relative of Bluoeher’s second wife, Kulharhm Amalia von Colomb. Apart from the constant Interchang ing of tho dative and, thy accusative coses,—an Idiosyncrasy with which all illiterate Prussians of tho old provinces os well ua of the Capital seem to no ollllctod,—Blucchcr’s letters are mainly Interesting from the Indifference the old warrior displayed on all occasions for the spell ing and punctuation which are taught in the schools, and hb disregard of the German rule to begin all nouns with a capital letter—ho seems to have reserved tho latter honor foi; the verbs. A Lion Loose. yvo York Tribune, A largo African lion, known ua “Parker,” be longing to Howo & Cushing's circus umi menag erie, at ami Fill avenues, in Brooklyn, broke some of thu bars of bis cage yesterday afternoon, and dashed through thu tent which contained thu wild animals into thu ujieu enavu which surrounded thu circus tent and which was separated from the street by a high broad fence. Great excitement was at oueo created among thu performers and employes, who rushed for thu street in their stage costumes. During all tlic excitement tho.amUeneu iu thu main tent were unuwaru of what was going on iu tire smaller luclosuroand outside. As the perform ers wore lied, Aff. Howies, thu man who had been left by Prof. Losson in charge of thu cages, seized r. pula and dashed through the opening into the lent. As he passed one of the boxes blockading thu passage, one of tho female performers rushed toward him, pursued by thu lion. Her clothing had beeu torn from her back by tho animal, which bad caught thu.sweeping trail of her dress, tearing it to sluvds. Howies, as thu woman sprang toward him, seized ami threw her Qtcr otto of the large dressing etag*, at tho tamo time throwing himself to one side, thus escaping from tho Infuriated Hon. After looking around for n minute In tho open space, tho animal dashed back again toward tho me nagerie, encountering one of tho performing dogs, Tatty, In his passage. The linn seized tho dog in his jaws, and In an Instant crushed It Into a shapeless mass. This appeared to mollify his anger, ami ho crouched upon the ground .munching the carcass and growling with satis faction. Meanwhile, the performers and tho men who could he revalLd from.fllght collected around tho tent, armed with sticks, poles, and cluhs. At tills time Trof. Loason arrived, and, armed with a weapon used for punishing tho animal, began the assault on the lion. Ho ordered bis aids to form a seml-drclc around tho beast, and. approaching it, snapped his whip, shouted, and pointed towards the cage. The animal growled and glared upon his master, who, keeping his eyo upon It, struck tho beast a severe blow across tho face. It howled and retreated toward tho cage. Following 11 rapidly up with well ' directed blows, one of widen lamed ono .of tho animal’s legs, (he lion was forced Into a cage, which was then securely fastened. The Hon was raptured In Africa when he was" apparently about 4 years old. in the London Amphitheatre ho killed his keeper, Thomas Jarvis, a noted Hon-tumer. A Hattie of Lo-orrrrrtlvrs. futtllln CorretpomUnr* (/alretton Kvr*. (Jen. Figueroa, a few days ago. with his hand i.[ prununeludos, captured both the freight and j avenger trains on tho Vera Cruz Ilnll roud at a point between tho stations of Cameron and T.i;-odd Mndio. 6m; of tho engineers was severely cut with swords. Tho airs were robbed of everything valuable, and. a demand sunt to the ollke of the Company, at Ttisso, for $.7,000, to be sent with in one hour, under penalty <a the destruction of the locomotives, undalso a renewed order fur the $25,000 previttfsly demanded, Under the penally of the blowing up of the magnificent iron bridges of Tasso uel Macho, Solcaad ami Tasso del Mnerto. In tho afternoon, as their demands were not complied with, the trains were ordered back U> Cameron, the locomotives detached and placed at a convenient distance apart. The engineers were then ordered to dash them against each other wit!) all the force of their steam power, which wau done, and two of the powerful English locomotives, costing fully SIOO,OOO, were utterly destroyed. A bonfire was then made oF both trains, the telegraph and Instru ments were carried oil on mules, and then, the work of' destruction complete, the heroes re tired to their mountain fastnesses, leaving tho miserable passengers to reach their destination on foot or as best they couhL Who will talk of capital for railroads In Mexico after this! NOTICE* RUPTURE. Dr. J. A. SHERMAN rcnpoctfolly notlflci the afflicted to beware of traveling impostors who are going about the country selling Imitation appliance* and poisonous mixture aa curative compound, fraudulently pretend' lug to understand bln business, and thus endangering tlio Uvea and causing (rrcparalile Injury to the unfortu* natc. He lias no agent*, nor has lie ever Instructed any one In hi* ImaineM. Dr. Sherman la now In St. Loult and will bo In Chicago In June, where those Interested may consult him in person, ami reap the benefit of hla experience and remedies. Principal offlre. i Ann-st.. hew York. Hooka, with llkenessua of casca before and after cure, mailed on receipt of tn rent*. ItABLItOAO TI3IE ' ARRI7AL MD DHPARTIJHE OF TRAINS. Explanation qf H'frrence JfarJtz.—t Saturday ex cepted. • Sunday excepted, t Monday excepted. (Ar rlvcbundayatsiuoa. m. sDally. CHICAGO & BAILWAY. Ticket unices, (U Clark-Rt. (Sherman House) and 73 Canal-street., corner Madlaon-st.. and at the depot*. Leave. oPnelflc Fast Line *10:30 a- m. o Dubuque Day Ex. via Clinton *10:30 a. ra. ((Dubuque Night Kz.viaCTlon lll:(U p. in. aOmalm Night Express Hitoo p. m. a Freeport & Dubuque Express • 0:15 n. m. aFreciwrt & Dubunue Kxpmui • otliu p. m. OMllwankee Font Mall (dally) { 7::tUo. tn. ((Milwaukee Express .*10:00 a. m. ((Milwaukee Passenger |* 5:00 p. tn. Passenger (dally) tlltoup. m. WJreeu Kay KxpruM ,* t)::s)a. tn. ftSt. Paul 4 Minneapolis Ex...i*io:u»a. in. bst. Paul A Winona Express.. t 0:13 p. m. bMarquctlc Express... j*io;onp.m. uGenuva Lake Express *4:00 frdeneva Lake Express I* 4:43 p. ni. a— Deixjt corner of Well* wad Kluzln-su. o—Depot corner of Canal and Klnzlo-iu. MICHIGAN CENTRAL BAILEDAB. Depot, foot of Lakc-st., and fool of Twenty-scoond-st. llcket-otflce, n? Clark->t., southeast corner of Itan dolph, and at Palmer House. Leave. { Arrive. MaII (tla Malo and Air Lino)...l* Dnjr Kxpreu I* KoiAinmoo Accommodation... I* Atlantic Kxprvu (dully) 4 Nlulu Kxprcw v (If'itul li'itiiil* anti Jlnnkegrtn Morning hxprcu. NlKln KxprcM R.ooa. in.,* 7:30p. m. 0.00 o. in.l* B:mp. :n. m.|*to;sr>a. m. m. 5 m. •u.oup. in. i*o;3ua. m. • a.non. m. '• 7:aop. m. :t a.onp. m. >• o:aoa. m. t Saturday Ex. • Sunday Ex. t Monday Ex. J Dally. QHICAQO, ALTON & BT. LOUTS asd CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY & DENVER SHORT LINES. Union DoikX. West Side, near Mndl*on-sU lirldgi Ticket unices: At Depot, aud l£J lUodolph*sL | Leave. [ Arrive. Kanins City fi Denver Fast Ex. *13:30 p.m-i* 2:<op. tn. St. Louts & Pprlncnrld Hi * m. !• 7:.v»p. tn. tiu Louts, HprltiEtlcld & Texas. \ jcuop. mJf 7:iua. m. I’coiia Day Kxpresa * w.uia. m.i* 7::<op. in. I’cnrla, Keokuk A liurllnaton. • oaop.m. •7:40a.m. Ciilcairo* I'aducali It. it. Kt.. i* U:ooo»ni. • 7:50p. in. suvator. Laeon, Wash’ton Ex.iMinaop. m.l* 2:4Up. in. Joliet A uwlKlit Aecommdafa;* ;>:oop. m. I« u:2oa. ni. LAKE SHORE & MOHIQAH 80UTHEBN. Leave. Moll, via Main Line Speelnl N. V. KvprcM Ailnntlu Express, da11y.... Colcliuitr Accommodation L'lKlit Kxpresa ri:4oa. m.l H:nop. m. (i:o)a. in. H-.ui p. m. fI:JSp. m. S:U) :i:4op. in. 1 ll:inn. in. ifunaop. in. tS;4Qa. m. CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE & BT. PAUL RAILROAD. Union Depot, corner Madison and CannPrU. Ticket. Ulllco. iia BoutU Clark-st., opposite tUicman House, and at Depot. | Leave. | Milwaukee Exnrcsn [• 8:25 a. ip. ;• Wlucotimn fi MlnuesuiaTtiro'i j Imy Hxpreu *10:000, m.; 1 'WUeon'jlu, lown, aud Mlnno-, | Hota Expre-HH * 5:05 p. m.i*ll:OUo. m 'Wloeonnln <k M(nncw>ta Tliro‘l Kxpretm it m. $ 7:00 a. m. All trains run via Milwaukee. Ticket* for Si. I‘aul and Mlnm-npolli ore KooJeltlicr via Matllnon amt I’rulrla Uu Uilud. or via Watertown. La Crouse, ami Wloooa. ILLINOIS OENTBAL BAILED AD. Depot, foot of Lakcfli. ami foot of TwontjMtcromhiU Ticket Onu-o. lei Uamlolph-it.. near Clark. | U'ate, ( Bt. Ixiuls Kxprea* ‘.l* h:4O r. m. .* H:4sl>. tn. 81. Lout* Fa&i Lino It hj.’V* j>. in. { 7::kio. m. Cntro ft Now Orleans Kx I* H;4im. in. • K: H p, in. Cairo NIkIU Kz \ Kililp. in. t 7::>Hn. in, KpritißnJlil, IVurlu ft Keokuk* K4'>u. in. * sump. m. PprlnuilL'ld Klglit ICxnruM >f Hi;»p. m. ,i 7:;ma. in. I'eorlaoml Keokuk Kxpreu...)* fl::r>p. in.,* 7.. , pi0. in. IlubiKtue ft Blonx City Kx * o:i«<>a. in. r 4::«»p. in. Dulmi)uu ft Sioux CUy Kz * icit'i !>• in. * 7;ut iu in. Oilman * fttlUp. m.l* Uiiaft. in. dnCAQO, BDELINOTON & QUIKOT RAILEOAii. XjcikiU, footvf Lakc-it., ImlliUiu-avM ami tUxtccnili* *t., nml Canal ami Slxtcculli-BU. Ticket OUlcc*, 09 Clark-sl., uul at | Leave. ) Arrive. . • 7:*>a. m. • 7:40 p. in. ■ 7:30 u. m.j* 7:40 p. m. Mall and Kiprtwi..... Ottawa anU htrvator rowene r. Rockford. Dubuque & blouxl dry..... .. • 0:30a. m.,* 3:40 p. m, Pacino Fast Line, tor Omaho.iMoawa. m. * 4:00 p. m. Khiiuu CUV. Leavenworth, I _ I . _ Atchison&Bt. Joseph Kxp. Mo:(tia. m.'»4:onp m, Aurora Piutetiitcr * a:lsp. m. 1 < 7:33 a. m. Mcndota, Ottawa «fc btreato* Piimc inter ,• 4:20p. m.> O:Mi m. Auror»l*tt»eiiKer • S:3ii[i. tu. AuroraPwcnitcr (Sunday)... l:u)p. m.| 10:10a. ui. Duhimue&bioux City Kip.... • i>tJs p. in.i* 7iooa. m. Pacific NIkIiI Kip. fur Omaha tiuaup. ui. t 7:loo. ui. Kanan* City. Leavenworth, Au-hlion a Bt. Joseph Kip.. 110:00 p. m.|l 7:10a. m. Downer* drove Accummuo'n MliUia. m.i* 2:in p. in, Downer's drove Accommotrn • I :43 p. m. • 5:23 p. m Downer's drove Accoinuiod'ii * (1:2.7 p. 111. * (1:47 a. in. 'iVios Kspreu «ia:oOp. m.|| 7:40p. in. • L'x. buuday. t Kx. tioturUi J £x. Monday. JAOO LIKE, EEJE AND CHK , I’almer ilouio, Orand (clilu»o-#v., corner Midi* iH>sltlou Umidlntf. Ticket Omcca. Kl Clark-at.. I’atlflc. ami at dupol, 1£! M(c ton. Trulim leave from Him Leave. Day Kxrrcaa—Pullman Draw* liiii'Uotiin bleeping Cara, to Now York without change.. 8:50t. tn. 8:10a.m. Atlantic Kaprva* Pullman PalaceDrawlng-ltoom Bleep ing Cara ami Hotel Cara 8:08 p.m. 8:10 p.m. Only Tine running tlio Uolcl car* to Now York. pnrsBPBQ. ft. wayhe&chioaoq bailway. Leave. Day Kzpreu I‘itclflo HiprvM. Local I’aucaitvr— Pul UaU. FaaiLtao Mull ■ o:out. m. » lamp.m. t a;u>p. m.!i [unuaji. m. | • Sioa a. m.l* • Sunday eircpled. | Dally. t Saturday’ J Monday cxc«Mcd. BALTMOEE & OHIO BAILED AD. Tralndcavefromrcarof Ezpoaltiun llulldlna and foot of Tweiity-iecoinl-it. Depot corner Madliou-*t. ami MlcUluamav, city office, M C'Urk**t., corner of ■ WailnngUm. Leave. • 7:40 a. m. • * «;5Ja. in. I | 5: CM p. iu. « Accommodation. Day Fiprcu..... Fait Exprm.... | Dally. »Dally, augdaya excepted. CHICAGO, BOOK ISLAND & PAOUIU EAILBOAD, Depot, corurrof Van Hurra and Sbermm-ila, Ticket office so Clark-al., Sherman llouw. I Arrive. Omtbft.UAVouw’iii* Atcb Vz MftiUft. tu.l* 4sOOp. m. Wni AcooojiuoiUUWm • B:Uip. w * ! 2 ; 2« Hi* JnJuU Ino.uyp. OiWft. w. , A3IUSEMFWTB* EGOLESS THEATEE. MAGUIRE A HAVF.RLT, WILL E. CHAPMAN POSITIVELY LAST WEEK OP PIQUE. Curtain rises promptly At 2 p. tn. Wednesday and Saturday and each evening al B p. m. Monday. May tw— Earnest Blum's thrilling French drama HOSE MICHEL, with MUs HOSE EYTINOE in the title role. McYIOKER'3 THEATRE. Lost week of MAGGIE MITCHELL. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, the new play Nannetto O* Woavltliorno. Thursday and Saturday Nights—LlTTLE BARE FOOT. Friday Evening, May 2d, Complimentary Benefit to MAGGIE MITCHELL. Mrs. JAS. 11. FOSTER as Pauline. In the Ladr rtf Lyons. MAG (IIK MITCHELL an Ratty Optical. « Saturday, Maggie Mitchell uinlincc. THE COLISEUM. SUNDAY, May 21, AND ALL THE WEEK. LOOK AT THE ATTRACTIONS. EMERSON Si CLARK, the Brsaknerk Song and Dance Artist*. HILLY & MAOOIB HAY. Sketch Artlata. THE FAMOUS BANYEABS, Samm l and Mand, Globe Walkersand Jngglers. MURPHY & MORTON, IrDn Kong and Dance. IFERD SIS TERS; LOTTIE GRANT; HARPER A STANiiII.L! and the COLISEUM tjUARTETTE. , , Every act new. The only cool and comfortable place of amusement in (he city. Admission, 2."» cents. . „ . , , .Ferformanen every evening at 8 o clock, anil Sunday afternoon at .’I. ITEW CHICAGO THEATRE. 11. M. IIOOMiV ......JlMijsw. Monday. Mar 23. Every Evening, Wednesday and oat onlay Matinee. _ HOOLBY’S MXNBTEBLS. in a iirw and brilliant programme. Flrat appearance of KIRK A- DREW. ttic world-renowned song and daoeo urtbu. .John Mart, Ulllyßlcc, Little Mac. Bobby New comb, k. M. Rail. .1. W. McAr.drew*. In an entire new olio of glorious fun. Delightful FartSlnglDß hr the fa mow* Onlnti itr. First week of thelnophardnsketehca. WASTED A NIIUSK, CHARLESTON GALS. ACTIVE I toy. WiIKTMX TIIK WALKED, MISCHIEVOUS MONKEY. ROGUISH URCHIN. ACADEMY OF MUSIO. Inaugural nlsht for Ladles. Monday Evo., May 22. Every evening. Wednesday and Saturday Mati nees. No one should fall to see our FULL DRESS FEMALE MINSTREL FIRST PART, (ogctherwlth an Olio superior to anything In the city, bringing In all tho specialty artists, and concluding with tho laughable sketch coiled “A SLIPPERY DAY.” Second Ladles’ night, Thursday Evening, May 25 Extra Ladles' entertainment Sunday evening. May 26. General Admission to all parts of tho bodac, 2o cents. OOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. Monday evening, May 22, lb« Chicago Favorite, Mr. FRANK E. AIKEN, will appear In a new American Drama entitled “BERT; OR. OCKAN TO OCEAN.” Monday Slatlncc: “TFILINVIS* IDLE FRINGE.” •FRESH BOOKS Tie Centennial Year 1— THE PLEASURES OP ANGLING, by Geo. Dawson, of the Albany Evening Journal, a veteran sportsman. One vol., tinted paper. El* cgantly Illustrated $1.50 2 A LIFE OP DA NOTT, for 03 years Presi dent of Union College, by C. Van Sastvoobd. D. D., and Prof. Tayxob Lewis §3.00 3 DEAR LADY DISDAIN, by Jubtix Mo Cautut .*..51.00 4 TEMPEST-TOSSED, by Theodore Til ton i $1.73 6 LEAH: A Woman of Fashion, by Mr*. Annie Edwahds SI.OO O—MY LIFE ON THE PLAINS, by Gen. Custer. Illustrated $3.00 7 POETICAL FAVORITES, by Dr. A. C. Kcnduick. Two series, each $3.00 8— WORDS AND THEIR USES, by Rich- AUOGIIAXT WHITE $3.00 0-A HISTORY OP ANCIENT AND MODERN PHILOSOPHY, by Joseph lla vex - $3.00 10- THESAURUS OP ENG LISH WORDS AND PHRASES, New Edition $3.00 11- ROOHFORD, by Justin Me* Cauthy SI.OO 13-OUGHT TO VISIT HER P by Sirs. Annie Edwards SI.OO 13— PAUL MABBIE, by Justin McC’ah tut SI.OO Either of tho above sent by moll on receipt of tho price. Arrive. ,* .1:10 p. m. 1* Js4o p. m. t (l:30n. in. it e:3oiv. m. • ;»::«p. m. • (t;is i». m. 4 4:00 p. m. • 7:30 p. m. •10:25 a. m. { s:U)a. m. • 7:00 p. in. • 4:«to p, m. J 7:OOb. m. • (1:30 a. m. •10:45 a, m. • 7:00 p. m. SHELDON & COMPANY, 8 MUKRA.Y-ST., N. Y. OOKAIV ST E A UISIIIP si ONLY DIRECT UDB TO FRANCE. The General Transatlantic Company’s Mali Steamers between New Yurie and Havre, calling ut Plymouth (G. 11.) for thu lundtirg of passenger*. The splendid vessels on this favuvltc route for Um Continent (l>elng more southerly than any other) will sail from Pier No. 40. North River, as follows : LADRAimit, Ksngllcr Patnnlay, May so. ap. m. AMEUIUUE. Pounds Saturday, Msy27. l>a. tn. •SAINTLAURENT. l.:wln-*nez.Saturday, June 3,.1p.ui. PRICE OK PASSAGE IN GOLD (Including wine) s First cabin. sllO to 812(1. according to accommods* lion; sevoml cuhln, $72; thlnl, $lO. llrturn Gcketsat reduced rates. Steerage, with superior aecummu* dntlons. Including wine, heddlnp. and utensils, without extra charge. Steamers marked thus * do not carry «tecr»«n passenger*. _ .... LOUIS DcUEUI AN. Agent, !» Broadway, N. \. W. P. WHITE. No. (T7C’lark*Bt., corner Randolph, Agent for Chicago. Arrive. STAE BALL LINE. UNITED STATES & DItAZI I. MAIL STEAMSHIPS. Sailing monthlv fn*ni Wataun's Wharf. Urooklyn, N. V. For Pur*. Pcmambm-o, llablo, and lUo Janeiro, calling nt Bt. John's, Porto Itlen. . .. _ JOHN DRAMALL, 2..vijtons Saturday, May 27 .1. 11. WALKER. 2. T00 tons Thursday, June NELLIE MAUTIN. 3,in«> lons hittudsy, July Paiuenger accommodations nrat-elasa. For freight and passage. nt reduced rules, apply to J. b. TUCKKK * CO., Axents, ,M Plne-sL. New York. Arrive. 7:!(U p. in. 4:00 p. m. STATE LINE. NEW YOHK TO OLASOOtV, LIVKHPOOL. DUPLIN, * * ItELKAbT, AND I6M)ONDKUIj4'. These Urst-elase full-powered steamer* will sail from Pier So. 42, North Elver, fuut of Camil-st, Now M'ATK OF PENNSYLVANIA Thursday, Juno 1 HTATK OF VIRGINIA Thursday, June lb M ATE OK INDIANA Thursday, Juno 20 And every alternate Thursilny thereafter. First cabin, gift and £-**l, ncvonling lu snumuuxlntlun. Iteluru ilrki'is, (12V B**con«l cabin, (Mis return tlckcu sisj, Ktccruxe at lowest rates. Apply to Jr WAUUACK, No. 01 Ciark-tU. Chicago. Arrive. Auchor Unp Inlirtl Hints* IHnll hloaners. New ! urk and Gbisguw: VinTOUIA. I AI.HATTA, JunoiaSp.m. DOLIVIA, Juno a, ai>. m. ANCHOUIA, Juno 17,n00n Now York to London: UTOPIA. May 87. u a. m. I,2p.m New York to Glasgow, Liverpool, l.undun, Delfost, or Londonderry! Cabins, (tiAtofito, curn-ney, accord ing to accommodations. Excursion ticket* a( re duced rates. Intermediate, £3-V, stnerngc, (2H. Drails l*aued for any amount at curnuit rates. HENDEUbON BUOTHICILS. Agenla. North German Lloyd. - Tho steamer* of thla Company will sail every 6#tnr day from Drcincn Pier, fool of Thlrd-st.. iioNikeu. Hates otmaasage—From Now York lu Houthamptuo. Itoudaii. Havro. and Urvincn, ilrst cabin, (I'D; second cabin, goo, gold: stecrscc, v'.m currency. For freight or {laaaago apply to Ohl.lllCHH A Lp., Groat ’Western Steamship Lino, From-Kuw York to Hrl»tol (KnitUnd) direct. %'PIINWALL. Stamper ..Saturday, Muyao. BOMMtSKT, Wciilcrn. Weduuaduy, JuucT. Qaliln piuMiKV, S7O; Intermediate, ftS; Extortion ticket*. sr-*o; I‘n'iuM Slccruco ccrtlflcutca, •au, Apply to Wsl. K. AVIIITK, OT CUrk-»l.,Mlchlfau Coutral lUflruad. * . Arrive National lino of Steamships. NEW YORK TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. EGYPT May I ‘ I ENGLAND Juno 3 THE QUEEN May 271 SPAIN Jana 10 rou London utuaerr. CANADA Wednesday, May 81 Cahlu passage. (<«. S7O, and gHU oummey. Uuturu HckcU at reduced rates, fitecrago tickets, »8»l, cur* renoy. Drafts fur £1 ana upwards on Great liriuln. Anolvto 1. it. LAUsUIi, * pp y 4 rtouth Clark-st. PH iLADEUMnAToV^ Arrive 7:00 p. 0:30 a. Ojiu*. Ninon. &:Uip. pruLADRI*l r HIA BXIIIUITION. QUOHBB ds ULAOKWELL’H excepted. pUUB riOIU*KM >a Malt Vinegar. 2pC|l HAUCBB for FUh, Meat, and Uame, ijUTTEU MKATH unj BJBII, QRNUINU niUHTAiII), A:lOp. H: 10 ft. B:>Up. UPEUIOU MAI«T VINKUAU* jA.US, JELLIES, iWAH.MALAUES, and other vllcd, and uro sold by all dealers In flnDclasa grucorlca lu tho United Elates aud Canada, every gcuulao article Is labeled. Leave. NEW FUDLICATIONS. SCRIBNER FOR ' JUNE Opens with a brilliantly Hlnstretod Paper, “OU landmnrka In Philadelphia** : Union College Is shown to as with pen and pencil In a vary Inter* eating way. CLARENCE COOK writes again on HOUSE FURNISHING AND DECORATION. Barnard Contributes Hia Second Paper, “Somo. Experiment* In , Co-operation,” "How America won Warned j” ••Pilgrims onil Puritans *« Charlotte Onrimmo “ Tho Lovo of a Hundred Yearsand otbei Tapers and Stories will attract attention. “ HOW TO SEE NEW YORK,** In Hie Department of “HOME AND SOCIETY, *» will bo of Interest to our Centennial visitors. DR. HOLLAND writes of ‘•Advertising Shame,” and ** Tho Literary Class,” •• A Hew Departure,” &o. Brle-a-Brio grows In variety and Interest, os do all tho Editorial De partments. BItET HARTE’S STOUY Introduces the reader to the California Vigilantes, with a graphic power and Intensity of interest un surpassed since Charles Dickens wrote. Edward Everett Halo's Serial gives as some charming glimpses of Napoleon and Josephine, In letters from France. The entire number Is a credit to onr American periodical literature, which has of late deservedly attracted so mach attention abroad. Tho Sporting Titntt of London, In a recent Issue says; SCRIBNER'S Is tho best attempt wo have over seen to combine tho domestic and the purely liter cry magazine. As a rule, tho magazines which aro termed •‘domestic” or “family” In England, have very few literary attractions; they arc too homely and housewifely in tone. ButScmnHrn’s, while it lias ail the I»cbi features of tho family mag azine, has also the higher and more sterling worth of the average run of similar papers Tn onr best forma of periodical literature. The mis cellaneous articles In Hciubneii are, as a rnlo. superior to the bestehllling monthlies, whilst tho Illustrations leave moat of our best Illustrated mag azines Immeasurably In the rear, both as regard* quality and ouantlty. There is not a bcUoMlns troted periodical than Hciubkkr cztanl, and not one in England onylhing like equal to It Price, SI.OO a year i 35 cents a Number. SCRIBNER k C 0„ Misters, Biff Yorlt. ..LefSCCS. .Manager. The Brightest t Pimnloat 1 Choapeat I WHAT EHQLBH CRITICS SAT. ST. NICHOLAS FOR JUNE BOOKS. FOE. “TAI.KS WIXItt «IKIS» By Leading American Author* , which have aU traded such wide attention. THE CAT AND THE COUNTESS, Translated by T. B. Aldrich, with sllhonotla UlastmUons by llorxixs—the finest series of sil houette drawings ever executed In this country. These features also make the Juno Sr. Nicholas notable among the magazines of the month, not only for children but also for “grown-ups;” and yet tho number Is everywhere crowded with good things, from ita opening paper, Tho Little Maid of Domroinj JACK.I.VriIE-PrLriTASDTIIE LETTER-BOX. St. Nicholas has received tho wildest welcomo not only In this country hut also beyond the sen. From the first, American critics have said: .“Wo donut ecu bow it con bo mudu any better;” and now tho English newspapers have taken up tho theme. We quote as follows: * 4 There Is no juvenile magazine wo know of that Is fit to be named In the aame breath with the trans atlantic St. Nicholas. The British publishers ought to hong their heads with shame when they see it. If It were only to bring Ihem to their senses, wo shonld like to hoar that It la circulating by thousands In the old country. ” rot Sale l? all iMealm, S 3 a Tear, 8i cis. a Ho. Office of Comptroller of the Currency, > Washington, Feb. 2. lH7rt, t All persona haring claims against the Fourth Nation* al Haul: of Chicago, 111., ore hereby notlflcd to present the fame, ami to mnko lejcu] proof thereof within thvco months, to Charles I), bhenmm, Receiver, at the olllcu of said tHUik lit the City of Ctilrnmi. 111. JOHN JAV KNOX. ComptrolliTof the Currency. SSO. SIOO. S2OO. SSOO. SI,OOO, ALEX. FIJOTHINniIAM * CO., Danker* and Drok» em. 12 Wall-sl.. S. Y.. make for customer* deiirohlo Investment* of largo or small amounts In slocks of a legitimate character, which frequently pny from flro to twentytlmcHtho mnomu invested every thirtyday*. (Docks bought ami carried a* tong os desired on deposit of g per cent. (.Trculara mid weekly reports sent free. IHEDirAI. DAHPH. Lock Hospital, cor. WasUneton k FraiklMs, Chartered by the Blato of Illinois fur the express pup* pose of giving Immodlalu relief In all of private, chronic, and urinary discuses In nil their complicate*! forms. It Is well known Unit Hit. JAMES Ims aloud ok thu head of tho profession for Um pasiitoyeara. AgoaiuS experience aro alHmporunt. Houilnui VVettknos**, night luiaca hr dream*, pimples on the uico, lost man*; hiMiO, ran itotUlvely he cured. Ladles winning the most delicate attention, call or write, Pleasant homo fur no* Items. A lawk fur the million, Marriage Guide, which tells you all alujut these diseases—who should marry— why nut—lo cents to pay postage. Dr. James has atl rooms and parlors. You see no one but tho Doctor. Dr. James Is sixty year* of age. Consultation* always freq and luvllcd. Office hours, oa.m. to 7t>. m., Buuday*. 10 to 12 a. m. All business strictly conlldeatlal. school of Mnllclutt me* no mercury f loii|rr located and hu ths Urrrti prscllcsofsny #p«el*H(»ln ll>. Northwest, sail, ss ■n Intelligent lest will pruts, Isths ONLY rsslSolsntlfloUpe* olsUit In Chicago. Consultation im, awl tscrwlly «oufldeu* tlsl. I’tlvslsbotrd whtmlnlrtd. . MARR!AGEm«kI£- llinDVlltunWßi diicuwrUs In rsprodaetlon* ADIIRP howto bs happy la insmtgs. male B“ BIIH Hi and fumals. Th« best UarrlageOulds MB B 1 |Lh C. In ths world. Price M cents. A book ■w”I».UI.IN. DR. C. BIGELOW. HU WeslMadlson-sL, cor. Jefferson,Chicago, 111., can bo consulted personally, free of charge, on all Chronic, Sexual, amJNcrvousDlßoases. Pamphlet, UU pagus. ou above diseases, sent to any audrou for two lie stamps. Dooms separate for ladles nml gentlemen. MAHIUAGK GUIDE. OR BKXUAfs I'ATHOLOfIY, UOO puces, lareo alee, containing all that is worth knowing, ana much that Is not published in any other work. Price, 50 cunts. Railroad and workingmen prescribed for free. DrWTTLE so years' London Hospital Practice: cares J’/lyato tils* coics Immediately, without mwrcuryi also LOST MAN* HOOD, nervous debility, caused by errors of youth. Tho young and old aro quickly restored to manly vigor. Stranger* should coll or writs. Ouataterviaw la Quito sufficient. Office strictly private. No. 177 boat Uadi* sou-sL Drench Office. ItuWcst ModUun-lt. 88S®5 Dr. Kean, 175 Ml ciitk-ti, toira oi Konne, ctiicaao. May bo conaultcd. personally or by malt, free of choree, on all clifonlcur iiorvuua UUuaaea. DU. J. KEAN la ilia ouly physician in tho city who warrants ouroi or no pay. Offico hours, u a. ui. to a p. m. t Bun days from 8 to 13. Dr. Btono, 171 Vadißon-st., Oblaago, ilmai sent everywhere. Cooiuitallon free andconfl. dcntlal, personally or by mall. A book for both oexea« Illustrated, and circulars of other things sent suMod fur two sumps. N, U.—A teat wllfpiyva that Dr. etoao la tho only spedailst la Chicago who U a regular gradual* lu medfclao. Museum of Anatomy, New York, on lOa causeaadcura of premaiuro decline, health maybe regniued. aHonlTng a clear synopsla of the tinuodlwenU to uisrrlsgo, and tho treatment dfaerroue iSi pblsicM aWiuy. hoiugtha wßolpwjfw}- Hence, i^lce2&ccuu. Addrcaalhe J* kahn. and rcsUcacq 9 \ Km* T W'&'tW *94• aVhr 7 Das the /earth of the series of papers There Is also the second part of SOKUNEB & CO., PnUiahera, H, Y. LEGAL THBABPHY DEPARTMENT. FI.VARiCIAL.

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