Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 23, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 23, 1876 Page 1
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Jr VOLUME 30. nAJfDKEIIC. HMWi j field, Jj&iter & Co . fjXATB & WASHEWTON-m, jfin offer Tuesday l , May Z 3, SPECIAL BAMAIKS IN Handkerchiefs. LADIES’ it 60c, 7Be, and $l.O0 per dozen, HEM-STITOHE] 0 At $7, $2.50, and $3 per d ozen. Gents' 3-4 Hemmed At $2, $2.25, and S2JSO ptr dos. Sweeping Reductions in Radies 9 and Gents 9 Colored i 1 larders^ TO ItEIUT. Dusiralle Offices TO RENT nxr the WUffißllMG. manxiiß cot WILLIAM 0,. DOW, Room 10, Tribune Bu aiding. Splendid Office to Let. SUITABLE FOR BANKING OR INSUIIANCB. The boll recently occupied by the ‘‘Coll "Boari, embracing Ibowbolcof the main floor of t he hulld in* Nos. 110 and 121 LaSailo-st., next south of the Chamber of Commerce. This room is well lighted, bos a high celling, and will be j arranged with front entrance, vault, and other convi mlences to suit the tenant. It will bo rented too i lc «lrablo tenant on very favorable tonus. Appllo illon to examine tho premises, ascertain tonne, et c., be made Immediately at the office of tho BOARD OF TRADE, Chamber of Commerce Baiioi ng. May 23. 1670. . OCEAN STEAMSHIPS* ' ONLY FRANCK.—The General Transatlantic Company’* Mrtn stoamew between New York and Havre, calling at PlymmUi (O- K ) for tbs findingof naasengers. t!io sjvlendld vessel* on tnu in vorlto route for the Continent (being than any other) will tall from Pier No. 43, North River. Mfollows: AMERIQUE. pomolr, Saturday. May 27, Btm.rBAINTLAUIIKNT. Liichcinctbotunlay,Juno », Sp. m.j FRANCE, Trudcllo. Saturday, June lOJJ a. n. Trice of Fauago la gold (including «bln. Clio 16 *l2O, according to accommodation* •econd. *TJ; third cabin, *4O. Tlcturn tlclcels at ro duced rates. Steerage, fOVwl Ui acMmmo dttlooa. Including wine, bedding, and utensils, without Mire charge. Steamer* marked thus not carry ■tccran naatengera. LOUIS DfiBKBIAN. Agent, &0 Broadway, N? Y. W. F. WHITE. No. C 7 Clark-st-, corner Randolph, Agent for Chica go. North German Lloyd. fbe steamers of thla Company win fall everr Sntur day from Bremen Pier, foot of 1 lilrd-it.. Hoboken. Kawi of passage—From Now Yort. to London. Havre, and Bremen, first c abln, flop; aecond cabin, too, gold; atcerage, *3O cun rn%. I'or frclgh l . i • naaaan aoolv to O£L IllCllo A •-.u.. p vv J a Dowling Gitien, New York. White Star Mail Line. To and from Barone and America.. Bates as low as by any other first-class Lino. OlDco, 120 Kant Hanoolpu*at..Chicago. ALFHKDI.AQBUGn.K-N, General Western Agent. Drafts on Great llrib Un and Ireland. • OUNABD MAH, LINK Sailing three times a week to and Prom DriU eh Forts. Lowest Prices. _ ... Apply at Company’s Office, northwest core or Clark and Randolph-sts., Chicago. P. 11. DP VBRNBT. General Western: Agent Groat ‘Westoni Steamship Liu o. . From New York to Bristol (England) direct CORNWALL, Bumper Saturday. Mayl IA lOMBKBET, Western Wednesday, Jtaa % .Cabinpassage. *7O; Intermediate, *43; Steerage.*] ca Ixcuralon tickets. *120;, Prepaid Steerage ccrtlfteaw is, |2S. Apply to wll. F. VuiTE, 87 Clark-st.,Mlchic an Central ItaQroad. STOOKHOLDEKIS* MEETINGS. OfflGfi Ctiicaso, Eoci IslaM & PaciflD E. R. C fo. April 24, 1670 . fhe Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of ' Che Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R. U. Co., fori the election of Directors, pursuant to law, and i the transaction of such other business aa may come 1 >e fore (hem, will be held at the ofUee of the Comps ny In the City of Chicago, on Wednesday, the 7th i ay •f Jane next, at li o’clock a. m. , • JOHN F. TRACY, President . F. H. TOWS, Secretary. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY I GO. April 24, IB7Q . n The Annuel Meeting of the Stockholders • nd Bondholders of this Company, for the election of Directors, pursuant to law, and for the transact] on of other business, will be held at the office of • the Company in Chicago, on Thursday, the Ist of Jt mo next, at 1 p, m. Bondholders will authenticate their right tow Ho *7 presenting their voting bonds at the offleq of t he wnpany, No. 62 Wall-sX, New York, for wgU- Ration, on or before the Ist of May proximo. ALBERT KEEP, President. U. L. SYKES, Ja., Secretary. FIBNI CHANGES, _ DISSOLUTION. -Tbs Firm formerly known aa P. B. MBRRILLi & w. la this day dissolved by mutual consent. All Bills due and all against the said Firm will be UtdbyP. B. Morrill, at 440 Weet Madlson-st. Mat L 1576. P. E. MERRILL. _ It. RBASNER. DIBSOJL UTION. The copartnership heretofore existing between “• undersigned Is this day dissolved by mutual touent. JOHN BUSCH, _ THEODORE JUEROBNSEN. -Chicago. May 21, 1670. NDMMRR UESOIIXB* WEST END HOTEL, liOISTO BHANOH. Hotel, with largo additions and Improve fcenu. consisting of SEVENTY SINGLE ROOMS [°f gentlemen, an additional dining-room, a Hot ColdSea-WaterßathingKatabllahment, etc., WILL OPEN EARLY IN JUNE. Applicalloni for rooma can be made at the office •U). M. IULDBKTII. 53 Broadway. N. Y.. or at |ka Hotel. PUEBDOUY A HILDIiBTIL INDIGO IIKjITEm BABLOW’B USDIQO BLUE. IU merlU aa a Wiaa Blub have been fully teated •Mlndoraed by tbooaanda of hooaekeepera. Your trocar ought to have It on aale. Aik him for U. D. e. WILTBEBQEB, Proprietor, Ko, 233 HorthScwM-au, Philadelphia, (Cljitiiga Pnilrj SILKS. SILKS! "Win .-offer-to day, TUESDAY, a choice lot of Checked and Striped Silks, DESIRABLE STYLES, at 60c & 75c PER YARD, MARKED DOWN from 90c and SI.OO. A. XjIKTE OF Colored Gros Grain Silks, Including every desirable dark shade, at $1.00! Superior in quality to anything we have offered this season. 131 & 123 State-st. BRAUCK, Twentv-SBConfl-sl & Mm FIRE ESCAPE* 87 Lives Lost .A.T TUB BURNING OF TUB Grand Atlantic Hotel Last night Is whnt wc shall cro long read If some EFFICIENT FIRE ESCAPE Is not soon In oto, How to nave theso lives. How to save goods on upper lofts. How to reduce in surance rates. How to place (Irumcn with hose on any floor, cun bo seen by attending a free exhibi tion of Babcock A Dwight’s Self-Adjusting Fire Escape at tho Pacific Hotel Tuesday, May 23, at 12 FINANCIAL. (jgOOBPOIUTSD). 121 & 123 Dcarborn-st, Chicago. Loans negotiated with dispatch on Ucnl Estate In Chicago, and Improved soburbs, at lowest current rates. S. CORNING JUDD, President. E. P. HOLLISTER, Gcn’l Manager. HENRY J. GOODRICH. Secretary. 7 PEE, CENT. Wo trill loan 82ft,000 to SIOO,OOO on badness property at SEVEN. On band to loan ato, SBOO, SI,OOO, $2,000. $2,500. SCUPPER A MASON, 107-100 Dearborn-*!. GENERAL NOTICES. Discount on City Taxes. THE SAFEST INVESTMENT FOR YOUR MONEY 18 IN YOUR OWN TAXES, especially when you can get a HANDSOME DISCOUNT. The City of Chicago will, nt any time before June 1, IH7O, borrow from persons owing City Real Estate Takes for the year 1876 the amount of such taxes, allowing two (2) percent discount, and after Juno 1, and prior to July I, allowing one and one Juilf (IV4) pur cent discount, and will Issue vouchors therefor which may be used at once, or held until the owuef la prepared to pay Ills other By order of the Mayor and Finance Committee. Apply to B. 8. HAYES. Comptroller. * Room if. City Halt I*IANOH. PIANOS bent *1 Splendid Upright. Square, and Grand J. Vr Pianos to rent, and runt deducted if pur* LYON & HBAIiY, State and Monroo-sta, Chicago, General Agents for Stclnway’s Pianos. SPORTSMEN'S GOODS* «UNS, FISHING TACKLE, ETC. At B. E. EATON’S, 63 State-st. ESTABLISHED 1853. OIL TANKS. iWILSON A EVENDEN, Jkja OIL TANKS ffißygjvr and SHIPPING CANS, O’Qaii cj f 41 U 4» Wml Lake Bueei. OHXOA.OO, DYEING AND CLEANING, SHAWLS Of every description cleaned to look like now, end at short notice. AUG. SCHWARZ* 100 80. Clerk. 168 Illinois. and ttflS W. Madlaon-ata. WATEH CUUE. kbnobha water curb, KENOSHA, WU. Ilecently enlarged and Improved, rloe lake Mew and good boating. Summera re* Heritably cool, and climate delightful. Chronic uiieaaes: OUeaaea of Nervosa Sjrateu. Porclrco* U", . etc., addreaa N. A. PBNNOVKIL Jt. PEKNOX EB,Proflrie Ws. RETRENCHMENT. The New City Administration Strikes Oat Boldly in This Path. Marshal Goodoll, Mike Hailey, and the Board of Health In vited to Step Out. Comptroller Hayes Eemoved Because of His Letter in Yester day’s Tribune, Hon. R, P. Derickson Ap pointed to Manage Mu nicipal Finances. Nomination of the Hon. Elliott Anthony as Corpora tion Counsel. The Seats of Aid. Wheeler and Smith Wanted by Dixon and Murray. The regular meeting of the City Council was held last night, Mayor Uoync In the chair. The absentees were Messrs. Murphy, McCrca, and Lodding. Aid. Cullcrton presented the report of the Special Committco on Rules for the Council. No change was made In the old rules which gov erned the old Council. The report was adopted. Aid. Throop moved to amend the first rule by providing that special meetings should ho called by three or more Aldermen. Carried. Aid. Thompson moved that the rules adopted at the first meeting of the Council, togctherwltli those reported by the Committee, bo the stand ing rules of the llousc. Carried. ■in ■ tin tin mi iTvtf nvuarnn HOARD OP nRAT.TII REMOVED. The Clerk read the following communication: To the Honorable the Hemben <f the CUg Council of Chicago; Gentlemen: I remove from office the following named persons now employed In the Board of Ilcnlth of the City of Chicago, as I am of opinion that the Interests of the city require tho same: C. E. Moore, M. Manheimcr, 11. ucigcr, Jorcph Mc- Dermott, 0. W, Merrill, Moses Hooke, It. P. Wright, Louis Mcskl, William Gillespie, B. H. Vau Doozen, C. C. Buckley, J. 8. Hunt, J. F. Williams, Lars Lee. Mrs. P. Lee, Henry Chlcrdlng. Louisa Peterson, Ann C. Hcnrlckson, S. Wilson, J. J. Ilccktnann, .1. Het tinger, W. Shrahm. T. Lelbbrant, C. C. Tlldon, ,1. Downs, M. Lcmb, J. Kllroy, 11. Nelson, W. O. Kelley, J. E. Sinclair. K. It. Alexander, Daniel Adams, It. Dobson, IL Foltsch. J. Keefe, J. Rafferty, T. O. Hnnnafln, J. N. Bums, P. Murphy, j. Becker, John Egan. 11. Sovorln, John Richer, C. C. Clarke, M. C. 81avln. I also recommend that the resignation of Ben- C. Miller he accepted, tho same to take effect on the Ist of Juno next. .... I further recommend tbatall the duties pertaining to the said organization he referred to and placed under tho supcrintcndency of Dr. B. McVlcknr, the present President of said Board, who—together with a special committee to be appointed by this Council—shall consult as to the most effective and economical superintendence of tho sanitary condi tion of the city. 1 have tho honor to be your obe dient sorvont, Thomas llotnb, Mayor. Aid. Lawler asked If It was Intended that ac tion should be taken on the document at once, or that tho wholo subject matter should he re ferred to a committco to meet and consult with Dr. McVlcknr. The Mayor—The recommendations arc before the house. . . „ Aid. Lcngoclicr moved to refer to tiro Com mittee on Judiciary, to report at the next regu lar meeting. Aid. Cullerton said tiro gentleman was out of order. The officers wore now removed by the act of tiro Mayor. Aid. Lcngacher did not understand tills. The communication did not say * ‘ I have removed. ” Tho Clerk corrected the gentleman. Aid. Lcngoclicr was still nnsalbflcd. The words. In his idea, did not mean at present; It might be to take effect next week. Aid. Cullerton said tho moment the Mayor got through writing tho document and signed his name the act of removal was complete. Aid. Thompson said in hfa judgment the removal woo complete, and no action was ncccssanr on the part of tho Council unless It was a veto of disup. proval. Aid. Ulldreth contended that the communication should bo referred under Uulo 40. ’ Tho Mayor—Tho Chair holds that the reference of the communication is unnecessary. Aid. Hildreth grunted that the menwero removed from tide date, hutstlll held that the matter should bo referred. .... .. The Mayor—The Chair has decided, ion can take uu appeal If you desire. Ahl. Ulldreth—l do not wish to take an appeal, hut— The Mayor—Well, the Chair has decided. Aid. Ulldreth—l wish it understood that, npon tho cull of any member, a communication may be referred to tho Appropriation Committee, and then for tho Committee to refer back Its action. 1 have never heard it questioned before that such a com munication was rcforroble. Tho Mayor—Does the gentleman take an appeal? A*ld. Ulldreth—'What shall I take an appeal from? Tho Mayor—Then, como to order—that Is what I W Aid. Ulldreth—l didn’t know that I was out of Tho Mayor—l have decided that tho motion to re fer Is out of order. „ Aid. Ulldreth—Then, 1 am compelled to toko an “ p A’ia Ryan—What Is before fho house? 1 Tho Read the next. Aid. Ulldreth—l wish to have this question set tled on Rule 40, and I have taken an appeal from the ruling of tho Chair. . # .. Aid. Thompson suggested that a way out of tho difficulty would ho to amend the motion of Aid. Leugacher sous to refer the latter portion of the communication, which made certain recommenda tions. Aid. Cullorton was of tho opinion that tho docu ment was properly drawn. If any member object ed to tho removal he could move that the Council no not concur therein, and. If the motion was car ried by a two-thirds vote, the men would be re stored to office. ~. Aftersome further discussion the Moyorsaldho was inclined to think that Aid. Ulldreth was right. Aid. Cullerton dissented from this. The refer ence of the commnnlcatlon was entirely out of or der, as tho removal of tho officers had already taken place. The Mayor’s act took precedence over the charter In this respect, and the communication could not bo referred without violating that act. Aid. Thompson said that bo could nut agree with the ruling of tho Chair upon the position taken by Aid. Ulldreth. lie did not think it was proper under Rule 40 to refer a communication of the Mayor removing certain offi cers. The only difficulty appeared to be the dual character of the communication. One portion re quired action, and another did not. He moved to amend Aid. Lengacher’s motion by referring the portion containing the recommendation to tho Ju diciary Committee. Aid. Aldrich was also perfectly satisfied that the removal of tho officers was already completed, but that no reference was possible under the law. Uu thought the communication Ear look of the nature of the message. Suppose Is Honor had sent In a veto message, would the gentleman claim It should go to a committee? There should be no question about tho reference, except In regard to the recommendation. The Mayor—That Is the ground upon which I de cided. It might hu a subject of reference—simply because of the recommendation and not of the re movals. Aid. Aldrich called (bo previous question, which was ordered by a vole of yeas, 24; nays. 0. The vole was then taken anon Aid. Thompson’s amendment, and resulted as follows: I'ros—l’carsune, McAuley, Mallard, Rosenberg, Aldrich, Thompson, Gilbert, Stewart, Sheridan, Loddlng, Cullerton, Kerber, Lawler. Dcldlcr, Van Osdel, Smith, Briggs, Tbroop, Rawlolgh, Cleveland, Wheeler, Ryan, Baumgarten, Nlenon, Waldo, Ltneendralh. Sweeuoy, Baser, Kirk—2B. A’oyi—Sommer, Ulldreth, O'Drlcn, \\ hllu, Leo gtchor—6. . , , The resolution as amended was then adopted by a vote of yeas, 28; nays. 6. the negatives being Aid. Ulldreth, O’Brien, White, Tbroop, and Lou gacher. _ inn BAILBT BOUNCBD. The Clerk read Ibe following communication: To tfu IlonorabU th* i/emtert of th« Lily Court* eUof Chicago—QgKTi****: Tbo undersigned, the Mayor, ha* removed from office all the persons employed In what U known ae the Department of Uuildlngß, ae 1 era of opinion that tbc beat luleresla of Ibe city require the aame. Tbo names of such employee removed are: M. Halley. John McNally, Herman Van Langen, H. D. Wilkie, John Agnow, Robert Reed, Peter Ward, James Crowe, Olu Ole* •on. John Kelly. William Oaatfleld, Albert Patch, Daniel Kllroy. And I further redotmneud that, until further ordered by law* tho duuea now Bra* CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1876. . tided fty the ordinance, pertaining to the Intpce llon, construction, alteration, repairing, and re moval of buildings, 1)6 referred to and performed by the Hoard of Public Work*. I bate the honor to be your obedient servant, _ Thomas norms, Mayor. The communication was referred to thd. Commit tee on Public Buildings. CORPORATION COUNSEL. •' • Thn Clerk rend a communication from ITU Honor nominating a« Counsel of the Corporation the lion. Elliott Anthony, to All the vacancy existing in that oincc, and asked concurrence therein.- ► * . On motion of Aid. Cullcrton, the appointment was confirmed unanimously. •' COMPTROLLER UAYF.9 REMOVED. The Clerk read the following: _ . To the HraoralM, the Membert of the City OSvneit of Chicago: ' > . Gentlemen: I am of opinion that the best Inter ests of this city require the romoval from otDConf the prcscnlComptroller.tbcllon. S.B. Hayes,-and* Imvo ao removed him. it la scarcely necesrary lint. I should assign reasons for this removal, because Mr. Hayes—over hU own signature in a morning Her— deliberately declare* his adherence to. the ,cy which baa already compromised and Jeop ardised the credit of this city. He insists, ns the financial ofllcer of the city, up on continuing the Issue of certificates drawn against the lavlcvyof the year 1870; not to pay the sums appropriated towards the expenses of this year, for which the levy was made, but to pay and take up certificates unlawfully Issued In former years, and now about maturing. I am satisfied that If the levy of 1870 be drawn against for this purpose to the extent con templated of 75 per cent of the appropriations to pay outstanding certificates, the present Council will find Itself without funds to pay Its current ox- Censes, such as policemen, firemen, laborers, etc., oforc the end of the fiscal year. Hence,! Insist that wc shall reserve the tax-levy of the present year to meet the accruing expenses of the year, the Interest on our lawful debt, and the funded city bonds outstanding; and If there must be a failure or postponement to take up any of our n debtedness, we shall postpone that portion which was unlawfully contracted. As 1 have in my Inaugural address already ex pressed myself on this subject, 1 need only odd that I sec no necessity whatever for repeating an unlawful precedent, or continuing a radically ruin ous practice. And, besides, us 1 have before said, I will now add. that even were It pos sible to carry through our Municipal Government without failure, before the millions can bo real ized to pay those outstanding certificates promptly at maturity from the tax-levies of former years, and also pay the more sacred ami Imperative obli gations which wc now owe and must hereafter con tract with regular employes and others, as well as that of our bonded creditors, I am of opinion that the Usulus of certificates In the form proposed to take up the indebtedness for which no specific appropriation except n limited amount ($300,000) contained In the tar levy of 1870, would be unlawful, and for that reason, as I before stat ed. 1 state now that the ordinance authorizing such Issue ought to be repealed and the whole practice discontinued. We cannot atlord to repudiate our obligations. It Is no repudiation to prefer In the order of payment our necessary and lawful demands over those of doubtful validity when we have been left wlthoat means to nay all. • Ills Important that ibis distinction should be made here and now, and that the responsibility for this want of means, which should have been pro vided for by those who Issued the certificates with out authority of law, should now remain where it belongs. I have the honor to be your obedient servant, Thomas Hotne, Mayor. TUB XION. It. I*. DBUICKSON. The following notification of the appointment of the Hon. It. P. Dcrlckson to tbe Comptrollorwhlp accompanied tbe foregoing: ~, And 1 hereby nominate to till tbe vacancy of Mr. Hayes, In case of vacancy, the Hon. U. P. Derick sun, and ask your concurrence therein. Tiiojias Hotne, Mayor. Aid. Aldrich moved that the nomination of It. P. Dcrlckson be referred to thu Judiciary Committee. Aid. Hildreth opposed thu reference. lie hoped that the Administration would have the opportunity without any delay to nut In u new Comptroller, and let him exercise nls nullities. Aid. Aldrich then asked and obtained consent to withdraw his motion, and moved that the nomi nation be concurred In. ~ „ . , A vote was then taken on this question, during the progress of which Aid. Tbroop made the fol loMr?Vres*dent! Alavo some misgivings about this vote. Ido nut like to come In collision with the Mayor, or anybody else, but It seems to mo we arc going pretty fast lam afraid wo are making a mistake. 1 hone wc will be able to get aa pood a man as we are turning out, but 1 have grave doubts about it. 1 have known Mr. Hayes for a f;reat many years. I have been a pollt cal- opponent of his all the time, but 1 think bo has done bis duty faithfully and worked for the Interest and credit of the city, and I fear that wo pvon’t do ns well by a change. 1 want to work for the best Interests r.f the City of Chicago, but 1 don't see the proponed action in this light. I fear that this move may be i serious one for the city, and shall therefor volt, no. The vole resulted ns follows: Yeas— Pearsons, McAnley, Ballard, Rosenberg, Aldrich, Thompson. Gilbert, Stewart, Sheridan, Cullcrton, Kcrber. Lawler. Beldlcr, >an Osdel, Smith, Briggs, Rawlclgh.Waldo, Boscr, Kirk—2o. Sommer, O’Brien. White, Throon, Wheel er, Ryan, Baumgurtcn, Nlescn, Lcnpacuor, Lin ■enbarlh, Sweeney—ll. TUB CITT TREASURER. The Clerk read the City Treasurer’s bond. The amount was 53,000.000. and tho bondsmen W. P. Coolbangh, Calvin T. Wheeler, Asa Dow, David Krclgh, Matthew Lnllln. Joseph O. Rutter. M. C. Steams, andDanlel O’Hara. Referred to the Com mittee on Judiciary. OOODELL REMOVED. The following communication was rend by tho Clerk, which was ordered published and placed on file: To the Honorable the Members of the City Coun cil of Chicago— Gentlemen: I deem it to be the Interests of tho city that Mr. R. E. Goodell, tho City Marshal, should be removed from office, and ho Is hereby removed, because I think tho ofllco should be discontinued and the present Superin tendent of Police, Mr. M. C. Hickey, required to Rerform tho duties a« prescribed by ordinance until ic same is changed or modified; and I would rec ommend that the Council Instruct Superintendent Hickey to reorganize and grade the force, suggest ing reasonable rates of compensation proportioned to each grade, and that bo generally reduce or re trench the expenses of the force for tho time be ing. I have tho honor tube, your obedient ser vant, Thomas llotnb, Mayor. Aid. Aldrich moved that tho communication bo received and referred to the Committee on Police. Aid. Ryan seconded tho motion. Aid. White moved to lay the motion on the table, but received no second. The communication was referred In accordance with Aid. Aldrich’s motion. PERSONAL property assessment. Tho following communication was next read: To the Honerable the City Council of the City of Chicago: 1 present herewith a copy of a letter to the Assessors of the North, South, and West Towns of the City of Chicago, the .object of which Is to secure a more equal and Just assessment of per sonal property In Chicago. Tho Inequality and injustice of tho last assessment were Intolerable, and I think may bo avoided here after in tho manner proposed. Tho action of (he State Board of Equalization referred to was os fol lows: “Sept. 21, 1875. On motion of Mr. Waf ncr. the report of tho Committee on Assessment of Itallroads was adopted and Is as follows: “Your Committee on Assessment of R&llrood Property to whom was recommitted tho report of tho assessment of rnllrood property, ns made by raid Committee, bog leave to report that they bnrvo carefully examined tho schedules and statements as furnished by the various railroad companies and by the Auditor of Public Accounts, and have endeavored om far as possible to assess at a jiut and equitable value the tangible property of railroads as provided by law; aiid In order to equalize tho same with tho other assessed property of tho State have made tho assessment of 50 per cent uf tho cash value thereof." Respectfully sub mitted, b. S. Hates, Comptroller. Ciicaoo, Mar o.—7b the Ataettora of the North Tou-n, South I'otvn . and Toicn of Wat Chicago— Gentlemen: Although a time Is net for parties b»* Wrested to appear and ank the correction of your assessments after they ire mode, It (a nevertheless true that bat few pontons do so appear, and it is only when tho Collector calls upon them that complaints are heard of crow injustice reuniting from the adherence to the klter of the law in assessments on personal property bore, when it Is widely departed from on all kinds of property in other parts of tire Htate. I do not claim the right to direct you a* to the performance of your duties, hut tho City of Chicago is so large* ly interested in tho certain collection of Its taxes, which depends greatly on the equality and falrne** of the assessments, that 1 feel Justified in making a suggestion on the subject, I am Informed that at its last session the State Hoard of Equalization recognised 60 per cent of its ordinary cash value as the cash value for loxa tiou throughout the Statu. ~, 1 wouldthercfore suggest that it would bo proper for you to conform to tho action of the Stale Hoard and admit as the cash value for assessments 60 per cent of tho ordinary cash value of personal prop* erty. Yours respectfully, „ . „ * 8. 8. ILmm. Comptroller. TAX COI.LKCTIONS, Tho same disposition was also made of the fol* lowing communication from tho Coniptrollcr: Cinc.oo, Mar as, imO.-Wtho Uoaorabh thf CUa Council of the CUv of Chicago : 1 aulmill herewith a aerlea of Üblce .bowing Uio time re quired lor the collection of hue, tho amoanta of aimroorlatloua. tax levies, and uncollected toxee for th*'rear. 1071, law, 11.7:1, 11.71, 1U76, and IS7O, aud the ratios of unredeemed tax sales to the whole of the sales, to the whole of real estate taxes, omitting appeals to the Supreme Court, to tho whole of real estate taxes aud the whole tax levy; ratios of total uncollected real estate taxed, and to the whole levy; ratios of uncollected personal taxes to whole of personal taxes, and to the whole levy; the ratio of the total of all uncollected certificates end personal taxes to the whole levy, omitting appeals to the Supreme Court; end the ratio of the total of uncollected taxes to tho whole lory for each of thu years IS7I. 1872, 1873, aud 1874.— 0 n the let day of May, 1870, The actual Ume of col lection from tho delivery .of the warrants U four year* and four mouth* and twenty d«y* for the taic* of 1871; three year* and four months end twcnty*slx day* for the taie* of 1872; two yean and three months for the jaxc* of 1873; one year and four and a half months for the taxes of 1874; and four and a half months for the taxes of 1875. The collections for the first four year* were under the former defective system, yet they show a ratio of uncollected taxes, exclusive of appeals, of 4.30 per cent for 1871, t 1.71 for 1872, 0. Is per cent for 1873, and 18.33 per cent for 187 K Taking the taxes of 1873 a* a guide, under that system the city might depend <m the collection of 02.80 per cent of nrtii* pealed taxes 87.80 percent of the entire lovyda two years, and three month* from the delivery of the warrant*. The lartre amount* appealed In 18 74 wa* exceptional. Under the present system of col lecting by town and county ofllcers with the Sta te and connty taxes, much closer collection*, I 1h1n.8., can be depended on- The decisions of the Supreme Court exclude all technical defense*, and secure a udgiocnt In almost all ca*c* of delinquent*, -'or the taxes now standing on appeal* the city holds a Hen on the property taxed, and the ultimate collections may ho regarded as certain, even lo case of an adverse decision In the prcaont cases. ncßpcctfolly submitted, S. S. llayrs, Comptroller. ‘ A table of which the following l« an al>- struct accompanied the letter. The appro priation* in 1871, 1872, 1873. 1874. 1875. and 1870. were a* follows: $4,202. i 00.027, A, 703.008.30, $0,003,837.27. $5.570,052.81. ; $-1,015,520.27. The rehal< * on real estate were: 1871, $170,401.31:; 1872, $0,558.02; 1873, $5,078.75; 1874, $2-'V -001.10. Rebates on personal taxes: 1871, so'l - 1872, $0,004.70; 1873, $8,074.44; 187'1, lories. less rebate"! 1871,; 1872: $1,240,748.13; 1873, $5,003,500.72; 187.1, $5,440,050.00; 1875, $5.108,008.83. Miscella neous receipts: 1871, $1,030,800.14; 1872, $484.• 407.08; 1873. $304,100.83; 1874, $280,088. 4<j; 1875. $220,000. , . „ . The statement then giro* In full the figure* a* dveg In Von Hollen's last report, and published n Tire TninuNit some ten day* ago. The document close# with a long statement of the condition of tax collections for the four y«»rs mentioned. .... , , The total nncolleclcd certificate* and personal taxes arc: 1871. $92,080.76: 1H72. $257,235. 78: 1873. $408,738.31; 1874, $073.034.5U ,£otal uncollected taxes: 1871, $93,012.81; 1872, $308.- 337.30; 1873, $080,704.83; 1874. $1,010,371. 28. EDUCATION A.I„ A- communication »u rood from tho Board of Education. Informing the Council that a special committee .were Investigating the matter of ex penditure with a view to curtailment, nnd would report about the 20tb lost. to Ibe Commlltco on Schools. . . . .. The City Marshal presented a report of the num ber of saloons without licensee, which was re ferred to the Committee on I'ullcc. SALARV LISTS. Tlic City Clerk reported that ho bad received re ports from heads of Departments In accordance with the resolution passed last week, requiring them to furnish a list of their employes and «ala r*(sn motion, the communications were referred to the appropriate committees. The monthly statement of the Comptroller, which has already been published In these commas, was presented and referred to the Commlltoo on Finance. tub court-house. A commnnication from the Board of Public Works calling attention to the necessity of the c ty taking some action In regard to driving the poles for the city’s portion of the dome of the new Court-House was referred to the Committee on Puitlic Buildings. , a. A communication from the Clerk of the Police Court nominating Henry Best Deputy Clerk for the North Division, was referred to the ConuaUtcu on Judiciary. MIKE HEARD FROM. Sunt. Bailey presented a report covering some thing less thu;> 1,000 pages, in which he glvt* tho list nnd salaries of bis employes. In cluding his own, which Is 82.000, and $*»00 extra for a horse and buggy: John Mc- Nally, Secretary, 81.200: nine Building Inspect ors, with a salary of SI,OOO ench,-they aruJohn Acncw, Kobert fleet!. Peter Wood. James Crowley, Ole Olftfon, John Belly. William Giwtflelrt, Alt«crt Patltt, and Daniel Kllvay; I>. W. Wilkie, Inspector of Hoofs and Elevators, SI,OOO a year; Herman Von Langcn. Surveyor and Inspector, 81,0 DO. Bailey next goes Into a verbose explanation of his duties, which he goes on to say ho has performed for the prevention of flro and protection of Hie. The report afforded nothing which has not hereto fore been published. It was laid over. A number of minor reports were received, and several ordinances for sidewalks in various parut of tho city passed. NOTICE OP CONTEST. Charles O. Dixon formally Intimated to the Connell, by means of about a ream of legal cap, that ho Intended to contest the election of w Hllnm Wheeler, Alderman of the Thirteenth Ward, .de ferred to aspccial committee of five to be appointed Murray also declared bis Intention of contesting the scat of Aid. Smith, of tho Tenth Ward. Same reference. • TUB NEW COURT-IIOUbK. Aid. Thompson presented the following, which was referred to tlw Committee on Public Duud- Vo* thf Honorable Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Ch\cann in Common Council a**emoud— Gentlemen: We, the undersigned, citizens and tnx-paycrsof tho City of Chicago, have designed and prepared plans, In our judgment and that of a large number of citizens, suitable for and suitably spacious to accommodate tho present and future wants for the city and county for Its county rooms, ofllccs. and all department rooms. It Is Intended to construct It flre-proof and every way substantial, and we are willing to enter the bands to build It completely for tho sum of 82,100,000. We respectfully invite your inspec tion of tho plans and specifications, and If by you approved wo offer them to you for o nominal price upon which to receive proposals In accordance with the law requiring public competition In such cases. Any modifications required will bo made at your are confident that the building as designed will not only meet the requirements of sneb a building, but will save to the city and county a very large sum of money,—probably $2,000,000. > err respectfully yours, N. 8. Bouton, Mortimer * Tapper, Amos Granola, Carter Bros., W. W. Boy ingtou. nre pawnshops- Aid. Aldrich presented a communication from the Grand Jury (n regard to the immoral Influence of junk and pawn shops, which hw already appear- InTntTttUiUSC. Deferred to the Committee on Licenses. TITS SEWBT QUESTION. Aid. Gilbert prvscntedo petition of rcsldenla and property-owners for a sewer on South Dear born street, from Thirty-third to Thirty-ninth Aid. Pcaraona.— A* a member of tho Finance Committee, 1 can tell tho gentleman now that there Isno money to build sewers with. We have n<v money to pay our police and school teachers, and I hope that gentlemen from every portion of tho city will stop at once banding In petitions for sowers, or for the expenditure of any money until our employes are paid In greenbacks. [Pp* was referred to tho Board of Public Aid. Pearsons presented a petition from C. 11. Oonbcrl for the privilege of erecting a dock In front «f tho Gardner House, on tho lake shore, for the convenience of his guests. Deferred to the Committee ou Docks and Wharfs. BTBAM DOILBUS. The following, signed by a number of steam using citizens, was presented by Aid. Kirk, aud referred to Uio Committee on Judiciary: To the Honorable Hoardo / Aldermen of *m City of WnsnsAS, An ordinance Is in force Jn this city requiring that steam hollers within Its limits slum annually Inspected by the City Inspector: and WiiKUBA*. There arc companies In this country organized for the purpose of making guaranteed periodical Inspection* of steam boilers, on the plan of English companies, which have been eminently ■ucccsafnl In preventing holler explosions; Now. therefore, wo. the undersigned stoara nsors in the city of Chicago ask for tho passage by honorable body of the following, or its oqulva- C That Btcom*a§cra, manufacturers, and corpora tions possessing the guaranteed certificates unro* voked and in full tlfu of any company organized for the purpose of making guaranteed steam boiler Inspections, and which baa com idled with Uio Insurance laws of the Slate of Illinois, having filed a statement of Ita financial condition and paid license fees and taxes, shall be exempt from any further Inspection, and from the rains and penalties of tbu above-named ordinance. There were a large number of signatures to tbo petition. d. w. cneonsa. Aid. Aldrich presented the following, which was referred to the ComuUttee on Fire and Water: Whereas, Tho Hoard of Public Works has ro* moved D. C. Cregier from the position of Chief Engineer of the Pumping Department of tho City of Chicago without good cause; and Whbubab, Mr. Cregler has been provenhy twenty* three years* continuous service to this position to bo a gentleman whose integrity, Industry, and ability cannot be questioned: and WiißitßAS, We recognize the fact that the posl* tiou heretofore so ably filled by Ur. Cregler Is one of the most vital Importance to tho City of Cbica* go. regardless of race, color, or political views; now, Tturtfora, We, tho undersigned citizens and taz*payers of Chicago, petition ths Honorable Hoard of Aldermen of the City of Chicago, that U direct the Hoard of Public Works to reinstate D. C. Cregler ae Chief Engineer of the Pumplng*Works of the City of Chicago. O. M. UXEDBBSOK&CO., c. P, Kblloouifc Co., J. T* Hancock, J. V. Farwxll & Co., U. W. Kino A Co., and 200 others. TUB BOUTH BIDB BAILWAT. The following, which wae banded in by Aid. Aldrich, wae referred to the Committee on Streets and Alleys for the South Division: _ ~ ... 7q ths SonontbU ths Coumon Council of th» CUy of Chicago i We, Jdertlgned, humbly beg leave of yon to one for S ifluence to relieve as of the nuisance of the Clil *» > City Horse*Railway on Stale street, betweenity*thirdand Twenty* fourth street*, which is a. each and every day m a «ldc*trsck. to the deti 2 nl of onr badness and the ohatrnctlon of the r _ ,t, as they stand their can on the east track ar £j in their rcanlar cars op and down on the west § ckto the obstruction of travel. *9 - N. Diurs, £ ICXPQRET MOTHAAIS* *> J. ItAUBBZR, * A. STOrTBBOZW, and others. iKFOiwvnoN wAimso. Aid. Gilbert moved that the City Comptroller furnish the Council at It* next regular meeting the amounts paid by the city during the yearn 1874, 1870, and 1870. for apodal legal service*: the rea sons why such service* were retained, the name* of the attorneys employed and the amounts paid to each, and how much, if anything, remains un paid for epnclal legal services, and to whom. Re ferred to Committee on Judiciary. PAT-DAT FOR CITT RMPLOTE9. Aid. Rosenberg offered the following: Jletolted, That the Treasurer of the city he re quested to pay the employes of the city out of the first money received. Aid. Ryan suggested that the resolution be amended by substituting the word * * Comptroller ” Instead of “ Treasurer/ 1 * The resolution was amended accordingly. Aid. Pcarton*—The resolution means that out of the first money received into the Treasury our em ployes should be paid in greenbacks. V. e put this debt before any other at the present time. The Finance Committee Intend to pay every debt against the city, but this one has been running along from time to time until I cannot look a po liceman in the face, and if Ism likely to meet a school-teacher I go to the other side of the street. 1 am ashamed to meet a poUce-oiil cer or any other, employe of the city when 1 know wc owe them three or four months* wages. These men cannot wall for their money; the small traders who furnish thorn with the necessaries of life cannot wait. They nmsl have their pay. and that resolution directs the Comptroller and Trees nrer to pay our employes as the first money coincs in. Now. Mr. President, I suppose there 1 ? ft point in the resolution, and I think it is this: That citizens of Chicago, who feel as I do in regard, to meeting those person*, will rally during tho next twenty days, and that a large amount of taxes will be paid. \Vo expect to excite patriotism in paying the honest taxes of the city, and 1 hope wo shall realize all we anticipate. Aid. Collcrton—Can the gentleman inform the Council how much money there is In the CUy- Treasurer’s office at pro-cut. Aid. Pearsons—No, sir: I cannot. The motion as amended was then passed. Aid. Stewart moved that the Board of Public Works be Instructed to discontinue the employ ment of all sidewalk-inspectors and water-police, if any. and that the duties required of said em ployes he performed hy the police nndcr the direc tion of the proper department*. Itoferrcdlo Com mittee on police. CITT PRINTING. Aid. Pearsons presented an ordinance awarding the printing of the proceeding of Council in pam • fihlel form to Thomas Bmdwcll for $2. 73 per page, (eferred to the Committee on Judiciary. FIRE-DEPARTMENT REPAIRS. Aid. Kirk, from the Committee on Fire and Wa ter, presented a report, showing the expenses of repairs to the Fire Department (in cluding telegraph) from Oct. 10, 1871. to April 3U. 1870, os follows: Oct. 10, 1871, to March 01, 1872, £33.3014(1; April 1, 1872, to March 31, 1873, slß,r»Ba.4l*; April 1, 1H73. to March 31. 1874, $20,333.42; April 1, 1874. to Dee. 31, 1873, $13,001.03: from Jun. 1. 1870. to April 30. 1870, $4,053,0L Total. $88,030.24. The Committee think that a cost for repairs of $21,000.82 annually for four yuars figst U too mneh. and state that there n a building hack of the water-works, with steam boiler, engine, lathes, drills, etc., all in running order, and with an expenditure of $473 fop a forge, chisels, files, etc., the work can be done for at least half the present cost They saj* It would be necessary to hire u blacksmith, one h< rip er, two machinists, and one wood worker, which would bo an expense of about 810.73 per day. The Firo-Mamlwl reports that he has some thirty good machinists in bis Department whom he could detail for any work that would have to be done quickly, and would only cost the city the regular firemen’s pay. A resolu tion authorising the Flrc-Marshol to appoint such help as recommended accompanied the report. Laid over and ordered published. THE POLICE FORCE. Aid. McAnley presented the following: Your Committee on Police, to whom was re ferred the petition of the Mayor’s message pertain ing to the reorganization of the police force, hav ing had the same under advisement, respectfully report that the reorganization should be prompt and thorough; that there Is no necessity for con tinuing longer the office of Marshal; that a genera) reduction in salaries should be made; that the number of officers and men may be reduced without detriment to the city; and advise that the pay of Police Justices and Clerks bo re duced, and that your Committee would respect folly recommend tbo adoption of the ordinance herewith presented. ORDINANCE. Tit U ordained by the City Council of the City of Chicago: Section 1. That the office of City Marshal, created by an ordinance passed June 28, 1875, be and the same is hereby abolished, the same to take effect at such time as directed by law. See. 2. This ordinance shall be Inforce froraond after its passage. . littolred. That the Connell order the Clty-Atior ncy to examine Into the powers of the Council to rcmice the salaries and tno nnmber of the employes and officers of the Police Department, and to re port the same forthwith to the Chairman of the Committee on Police, and that bo report to the Connell. On motion, the resolution waa made to read “to the Chairman of the Committee and thence to to the Council,” andthe report was laid over and published. _ _ Aid. Cullerton moved that the Building Com mittee report on all matters relating to the con struction of the now Court-House two weeks from dale. Carried. TUB NATOU’S OFFICE. Aid. Van Osdel offered the following, which was referred to the Committee on Public Bulld- The room occupied by his Honor Is Inconvenient and remote from tbo public entrance of this building; and . ..... Wiieiibas,There arc suitable rooms In this build ing for said office: therefore. Jletolved, That the Board of Public Works be and arc hereby ordered and directed to renovate or put Id repair tbo room or rooms In this building known as the Mayor’s office, and upon the completion of auch renovation and repair they will band the keys of such office to the City Clerk. The Connell then adjourned. RAILROADS. TIH3 DECATUR CASTE. Special IH*patch to The Tribune. Dbcatttk. 111., May 22.—Tho great railroad case still exclude* other conrt business. The Court dlr*chargcd the new Jnry and parties litigant of other suits until next Monday, and sot this week’s docket forward nnttl then. TJ» Court then took up this case ana decided to admit tho evidence of tho running expense as being a direct. Immediate result of performing tho service, and bonce has some relation to tho rate of transportation. The cose Is fought inch by inch on both aides. Every question and almost every answer I* objected to and argued. euir. N*w York, May 22.—The Erie Railway Com pany's third rail between Buffalo and Elmira was completed yesterday. Tbe completion of the third rail enables Kne to run narrow-gauge cars between all points of the West and Philadelphia without change. MOBILE A OHIO. Mnrait, Tcnn., Stay 22. Previous to the ad journment of the United States Circuit Court to- day, Judge Emmons rendered a decree ordering tho sale of tho 118 mile* of the Mobile ± Ohio Hallway ’within Tennessee, with rolling stock, to satisfy the bondholders who have the lien of tho State Road. "A CASE IN ADMIRALTY." Special IHipatcA to The Tribune. Keokuk, la., May 22. —The owner of the steamer Enterprise, which waa ennk by the Coloasal near Dubuque on the night of the ISth, has commenced ■uit against tho last-named boat In the United BUtca District Court, tbla place, claiming damage* In the anm of SIO,OOO, end alleging carelessness and neglect on tho part of the officers of the Colossal aa the cease of the collision. On the arrival of lbs Colos sal at this Diaca to-day she waa tied up by the United States Mamba). The baud was fixed at 910,000, and the Captain ta endeavoring to find security so as to have the boat released, but at Ibis writing has not succeeded. He claims that the acclfiMt was the faallof the officers of the Enterprise, and that he was la no way to blame for it. WEDDED FIFTY YEARS. Bp4ctal Dispatch M DU Tribune. Übitoota, 111., May S3.—Tbe golden wedding of Ur. and Mrs. B. 11. Draffle waa celebrated to-day. Over 600 Invitations were given, including the elite of the city. Porty-flvo children and' grand children were in attendance. Two bands of music were present, aud the refreshments furnished were on a scale becoming tbs occasion. The old folks participated In cvenr dance, and were ae fresh and rosy aa some of theur children. Tbe presents, as might bo supposed, were numerous and costly, and Tho small hours of the morning only terminated the festivities. PRICE FIVE CENTS. POLITICAL. Gathering of the Clans for the Republican State Con* vention. Indications that Cullnm and. Scroggg Are Safe for Success. Beveridge Lacks Strength Where He Should Be Strongest. Ex-Congressman Far-well on tho Causes of His Un seating. Interesting Interview with Carl Schurz—Strength of the Reform Sentiment. A New York Estimate of tlio Controlling Power of tho Northwest. SPIUTfGFIEIiD. BEFORE THE CONVENTION. Bprelal pttpaleh to The Tribune. Springfield, 111., May 22.—A1l through tho day ami on the night trains, delegates to lh« Republican State Convention on Wednesday have been arriving. There arc to-night os many as 150 delegates here, and probably threu times as many lookers-on. The Cook County and other large delegations arc expected In tho morning, and all the signs Indicate the largest State Convention ever held in Illinois. Tho Hon. C. B. Fanvcll arrived this evening. He Is Inclined to be non-commltal. THE EGYPTIAN DELEGATES arc here in force* and the roost active of the lot. A majority of them are for Ridgway, but Cul tom, too. has many friends among them—raoro than earlier reports bad warranted. Beveridge Is pretty generally regarded as out of the race, and Cullam an the winning man. Beveridge’s friends have determined to present his name to (ho Con vention. however, and have been nsslduons 141- day In attempting to make trades with fractional parts of delegations, but, thou far, with bat liulo success. THE CANDIDATES are on hand and working hard. There bare been rumors to-night that it is intended to spring an other candidate upon the Convention In case Cub lom should fail to receive the nomination on tho first ballot, and Gen. E. N. Bates was mentioned In that connection, hut, traced to the source, tho rumors were funnel to have originated with a sensa tional Time* reporter. There appears to be Bttlo doubt of Cullom’s nomination on the first ballot. Andrew Shuman lints to-day developed consld crable strength as a candidate for Lieutenant* ■ Governor, but the friends of Jones, of Jo Da vies. arc working very hard for him, and an , pood workers. Neither of these candidate* are hero in person, but Jones Is expected to morrow. It ts rumored to-night that Herman! Raster Is coming down to work against Shuman, but, If they believe it, Shuman's friends don’t seem to care. Scroggs Is here working like a heaver, and bat more enthusiastic friends than any candidate. Harlow Is absent, but his clerks and other worker: arc very busy among delegates. In the event ol Cullom’s nomination. Scroggs Is regarded as cer tain of a walk over the course, os Harlow’s being from Springfield would tell against him after the nomination of Mr. -Chillout, the Pangamnt candidate. Bnt that Scroggs has the greatest strength among the delegate* la apparent. Judgo Mercer, of Winchester, also, baa u following. Rntz and Hamburger arc hard at work, with tin chances that Rutz will win the Treasnrership. Llpplncott will win unless the other candidate* for Auditor all concentrate against him, and then Needles or Hampton stand an even show with Lip Edsull seems to be rather the favorite, and Canfield next. There is some talk of PRESIDENTIAL PROSPECTS, and among tho prominent politicians Blaine seem* to be ahead, though many of the delegates express a preference for Bristow. The prominent politicians talk of getting a Blaine del egation. hut they don’t always get what they want. It la possible that tho delegation may bo Instructed for John A. Logan for President; some talk that way. Gen. Logau was expected, hut It Is now given out that bu will not be here. Emery A. Storra is announced to make a* speech at the old State-House to-morrow nlgbL ILLINOIS. WILL COUNTY. Special DitpaieA to The Tribune, Joliet, 111., Muy 2i—The Will County Re publican Convention met at the Court-Houso In this city to-day, and elected eleven delegates to attend the State Convention nt Springfield on Wednesday next, and an equal number to the Congressional Convention at Morris, the date ot which has not yet been decided upon. Dr. John F. Daggett, ot Lock port, presided, and the pro ceedings were quite harmonious throughout. Seventeen of the twenty-three towns In tho county were represented by eighty-three dele gates, a majority o( them being leading and representative Republicans, who have been pr« mlnenlly Identified with the party evcr'slnco Its organization. It was evident at the outset that Beveridge stock was extremely unpopular, and this fact was unmistakably developed, and em phatically impressed upon tho mind of bis most obtuse adherent before the Conrentlou adjourned, bo far aa could bo done without giving specific In etructionato the delegation In favor of some othe* candidate. The delegation to the State Conven tion Is as follows: Henry Flub. George Gaylord, Robert Clow, Cl. N. Chittenden, L. 11. Goodrich, A. O. Rowley. MorrlU Webs, D. L. Christian, Jns. Goodepoed. M. N. M. Stewart, and George Bad clllfo. Tho delegation to the Congressional Con vention Is composed of the following gentlemen: Joseph Lewis, Upward Johnston, F. O. Harris, Sclah Knapp. Charles Blcbards. Charles Hazard, K. 11. Akin, Robert Huston, Fred Wilke, and Mor- Mr. James Goodspecd, of the Joliet JUpubttcan* moved that tho Convcntlou tsko an Informs! ballot to Indicate its preference for Governor, which waa opposed by Mr. George UndcllfTe, of (be Joliet iVn, who adraltU'd Beveridge's unpopularity, and said there were grove charges against John L. Bovoridee, and grave charges against Shelby M. Cullom also, and both to hla own knowledge had bean engaged for three yeara In canvassing the State for the nomination; ho wanted the delegatee to go nninstrncled, in order that they mlghtwr at lllwrty to vote for some new and perhaps stronger man, in case one should bo brought out A ballot waa taken, however, and resulted In fifty-nine votes for Cnllom. thirteen for Beveridge, and eleven for Bldgway. No posi tive Instructions were given tho delegation, bat H Is known that nine of them are for Cullom. and the remaining two will probably consider die above vole ns dearly in* dicating tho wishes of the Republicans of thl* county In relation to tho Governorship. Uls a iod commentary on Beveridge's administration that In the county where Is located one of the largest pub lic institutions in the Slate, and which s, by means of this and the canal, so deeply Interested and closely allied with State affairs, ho has barely a corporal's guard of follower*. ITuo delegatee to the Congressional Convention were not instructed, nor were any Instruction* fiven in favor of any of the candidates for the dlf erent Slate offices, other than the Informal ex pression in relation to Governor mentioned above. BEVERIDGE, ma Arronmtss’ iiombs ill against him. To (As £dltur 0/ TAs Tribune. SPKisoriKLD, May 22.— Beveridge baa fully demonstrated bis weakness with tbe people, M will bo scon from the delegates to the Convex tlon to be held on the SMth last. Take Madison County, the borne ol John M. Pearson, Chair* man ol the Board of Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners, and we find the delegation di vided, with tho largest half for Colloro. At Paris, Edgar County, we find James Steel, alse of this Board of Commissioners, and thli county only sends one delegate for Beveridge, with five for Cnllom. It Is known that Steel only got this man on by personally begging that it would look bad for him Uhe could not get one man for Beveridge. « ■ . Take tbo Canal Board of Commissioners Piroa. Lee County, the home ol Joseph UUcy, (Pisgidsat & .1. ’fc 7 1 ;.‘r> f, if

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