Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 23, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 23, 1876 Page 3
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whisky: Close of the- Argumenta for . ■'' Defendant. effective Speeches by Col. Inger -801 l and Judge Doolittle. Choice Specimens of Invective Leveled at Jake Rohm. rnio Caao Expected to Bo Given to the Jury To-Day. Telegram from Solicitor Wilson as to the Alleged Agreement with Eehm. JUDGE DOOLITTLE. 1 A PLEA FOR MUNN, Tbo bearing of tbo arguments In tbc Mnnn ose was resumed yesterday morning, Judge poollttle leading off In an earnest, dignified duress to lbs jury. He started out with a rof erince to tbo Immense debts Incurred during the War, and the attempt to pay these debts by the Imposition of a tax'on everything, Including, whisky. Tbo Government bod alluded to the ifrsy of counsel on tbo defendant's side, but if Itvras meant that bo bad gone into tbo case with pecuniary views It was a great mistake, ge bod defended' Ersklnc, bis Innocent friend ol'many long years’acquaintance, and In that dsfonso ho bad seen Munn on the wltncss-standf Botlccdr bis honest, manly bearing,* *nd.believed-him the vlctbn rather tban- Ihe originator, of a conspiracy. As tor himself, be would state that ho was In tbo case os a mat ter of sympathy for a fellow-man, and that bo expcclcd bo pecuniary advantage unless tbo de fendant In tbo futuro should be blessed will! rood fortune. Tbo character of tbo defendant nss confessed by the District Attorney to bo above suspicion. Could tbo testimony of such men os Conklin and Rchm Justify tbo Govern ment In blasting hla fair reputation! TUB WORST TiIAT CODI.D RD SAID OP MUNN vas that ho was negligent; but that would not proTo a conspiracy. There was no pillty intent. The Incident at George Mfllur’B did . not prove that Moon was In tho conspiracy. Ho took'(ho word of the Storekeeper, But aalii it would not look well If any* body should come from Washington, and charged Wn» to write op his books every night. What action more natural and consistent with the Idca'oflnno wncc? It was the most natural thing in the world for him to warn this Storekeeper for the purpose of cautioning him. Was Munn to ho convicted for ■believing the word of Col. Eastman, a man wno hid served with him In the Senate, and'been his friend for.years? Judge Doolittle said he would confess Munn was not calculated to bo a detective. Us was too honest, too nnsnsplclons. lie thought others as honest tut himself, which might ho a mistake, bat certainly was tot n criminal fault.- It was proved by two witnesses that Conklin had previously stated that Mann- was Innocent. Could a man bo con* Titled on the testimony of a witness like that? The most that could ho made of the Conklln-Munn conversation was that Munn might have used an expression which showed that bo might be willing to divide with the Milwaukee distillers, but tlils weald only show intent, and not the action of.a conspirator. But the main-stay of the Govern ment’s case wan JARB RKHM’S TESTIMONY, and to what credit was It entitled? In spite fcf Jake’s crawfishing, it was evident that ho bad rotten Irvin in the Collector’s office for the very purpose of using him. It was all done to enable Jsko Rohm to got $lO a barrel, and the first necessity was that bo should bavo the power to assign “suitable" Gaugers and Storekeepers.’ Ro bad thalpower through Irwin. Munn was not. needed to enable Jake to carry oat his conspiracy, and Joke’s assertion to the effect that Munn was In- Itwasabsurd. Burroughs testified that Rohm told" him that Munn was not In It, and that ho could fool l Monn through Bridges. Would a man of Jake’s acuteness take In a man whom ho did not neodl* It had been claimed that Munn was a good lawyer, . and a man of ability, and that bo ought to have discovered what was going on. It would bo equal- • ly reasonable to demand that President Grant bet made responsible for the sins of Babcock and Bel-' knap, and i that ho should have found them' oat before the investigation of the last win ter commenced. It was absurd to suppose Munn was In the conspiracy when Jake never men tioned It to the other conspirators. Munn was not la it, or Jako would have spoken of Jt, for ho had no motive to conceal it. When Jake Rohm said he did not retain the money ho collected, ho must in Waheart have known It was wholly false. It was an effort on bis part to unload the torrjble amount of blackmail which be had levied In'this city. Judge Doolittle then addressed himself to the ' LEOAIi HEARINGS OP TUB CASE, and quoted largely from the authorities amxlnst the admission of the testimony of accomplices, Ho maintained that if the Jury were satisfied that Jake Uebtn was nu accomplice, unless his testimony was corroborated they should give It no credit so far os the defendant's guilt was concerned. The corroboration must be upon the points In' regard 1 to Munn, and there was not a word of confirmation In the whole of Jake’s teatlmony. Apart from that, Jako was contradict ed in two particulars as to his own oath. Ue had mom he was not before the Grand Jury twice, hut credible witnesses had sworn ho was there twice as a witness. By tho Grand Jurors and the District Attorney, oven without tho testimony of tho re porter; it' was proved that Jake swore ho knew nothing of crookedness, and had never paid the officers any money corruptly. Three or four wit nesses mlcntnot remember about theclrcums lances, bat negative evidence did not outweigh positive evidence. The Court would charge tho Jury that If Jake had perjured himself he could not bo be lieved In any portion of his testimony. Bo was false In one thing, false in all. Ho admitted, la effect, that he bad been the suborner of perjurers. The idea that ho was going into the perjury batinces for the mcro tovo of It, and not (or the purpose of gain, was past all belief j A nun who would coma on tho st£>4 and confess that be bad been in this perjury business for years was not to bo believed. Ilia testimony was not only to - be rejected, but if the Jury considered it, .11 would . be with contamination to themselves. Of all the Crimea known to tbeiaw, perjury was tba basest, the meanest, the moat damning. If there was any aia known to the law which could not be forgiven ft was that of perjury. Rohm bad, moreover, told B. W. Munn that there was not a word of truth In 1 tbs rumors against the defendant; that there was i nothing agnlnot him, and he need take no trouble 1 about it. Heslng_and Burroughs had also contra-I dieted Rohm. Ilcslng testified that > llcbm, - 1 la the presence of himself and Col. Uaeueu, had said that Hoyt was as Innocent as a 1 chill, lie said, too, that Munn was not in-It, and (they did not need him because Bridges and Irvin iwars equal to the occasion. Was this not sufficient to cause bis whole testimony to bo rejectod-as at-- kriy unworthy pf belief; tho testimony .of tho thief of conspirators? I . IN CLOSING, Inigo Doolittle said It was usual In these criminal kaea that the Jury mast bo satisfied beyond any' •laaonable doubt before they could convict, lie jd not appear to appeal to them to apply the rule Itthlscaso. Be naked more than that at their teds, —a complete vindication of tbercbanetor of P} defendant. There was no< evidence Wing to show that ho was gull ‘A which was worthy a moment’s Cfldoratlou. Ho demanded atrlumphaot.vindi* “bn. Thu defendant's good character had been uWo, and the counsel on the other aide bad asked ytkood character was worth. It was worth a P's deal, it was the solid rock on which a-man “41 rest when the storms woro raging around “4 when, In the midst of excitement, pursued by criUives and tho whole forco of tb&Governmont,' •ttajocent man might bo overcome, .Should two *£4 witnesses as Conklin and Rohm, one «Oelf-convlcted Revenue Agent returned from J*Ms. and Rebm, tho salf-confcsscd perjurer Whjbornerof perjurers, break down tho earn- W a lifetime, and destroy tho good name, and fitter, and standing of the defendant? Should haraclor be crucified between two thieves? t /R las now 13 o’clock, and Col. Ingersoli an-, i *,°°opd that he should prefer to wait until 2 Itv r Before commencing his argument. Court I bole a recess until that hour. ; COL. INGERSOLL. A CEOWOBD DOUBB. . fcw court-room was packed long .before 9 txlcck by an assembly of lawyers, distillers, toeiue-men, and other* interested In tho, case 611 Ira), and eager to listen to tbe speech of the Peat Bob Ingersoll. Ho was la hls usual -vein, Us argument was beard with tho closest at* le&lbiL Uci. Ingersoll began by saying that out. of fc* abundance that bad been said, and that was. °ta6ald,)iQ had - a few wards to add., . Ho there was a prejudice against' a man who as engaged in tho manufacture ofi whisky, and ■ 9 agreed with the District Attorney in saying. dt it demoralized everybody who bad? any-> tog to do with it, either oa producer or coa ler. He had to light the prejudice, among fc«r things, and therefore ho would offer eomo «ughta which had most readily occurred to to- Tho District Attorney haft told .lham. to rest their mlnda of all sympathy. If lm -were >e Attorney of Uio Unftea Statfa he would s*haveaaldthat. Hewouldbavoealds “Divest purselyca of prejudice, but not' of sympathy.** ptopathy disthigulsbed men from the brula crea* li • f. 11 ® * man without sympathy woe no man at It Us <lld not want them to exercise any.mand eiitnUmentalUjr, but to hopttUy pat tbemielvti iTth* place of'tWr defendant- ■' The- ■whole caae, bereft of the fog mrroimdlnc It resolved Itself ’ Into thll simple question: “Has Jacob Rohm told against ihlsoefendant a true story?" Thai w&t ALL TIIERIS WAS IN Til* CASB. HAd Jacob Relim told tho truth? The At torney had declared Jake Rehm’B reputation for troth ami veracity to be good. lie had Incited every : nan on the Jury when ho said that. Even bcllov ng that Jake's testimony waa true, It waa absurd to suppose ho would enter upon this course of mealing wllhoot making any money ont of It. Jake admitted that ho received $120,000 In money, that 10 knew the distillers and revenue officer* would jave to commit perjury, and that he waa himself committing a Penitentiary offense and p tiling him* relf In the power of tha conspirator*., who could have sent him to the Penitentiary, ami the Jury wero to believe this waa ail done for nothing. If Mr. Ayer said he believed that, the Jury need not believe another word he raid. Jake raid ho pold all this money over to tils friends simply for the purpose of building np a reputation with tiro Jury, why did he want to got a rcputotlon before thu jury! To bo believed. Why to bo believed? Because he hoped to eend Munn to the Penitentiary, and therefore purchase his own dirty liberty. If his story were true, lie waa the most disinterested thief and villain that ever lived. Was It possible' Hint a man would- make himself the sewer, the privy of all official rot In this city, in which was deposited the excrement of fraud, and would turn himself Into » scavenger-cart into which should bo thrown all the moral offal of (ho City of Chicago, for nothing? Whoever answered that question in the affirmative was, in Col. Ingorsolf’s opinion, an Idiot. IT WAS TO JAKB’S INTEREST to exalt tho importance of tho protection ho was offering at the rate of $lO nnd 512 n barrel, and so lid represented that Munn was In tho conspiracy, and brought in tho affair at UoeIIo& Junker’s. Why not give tbo hush-money to tho men who were go ing to make tho trouble, and not to Munu, who, according to Jake’s story, was already in the Ring? And It must bo remembered that “the men who were going to make the trouble” happened to heat dinner, nnd Kocllo was tho only man at the recti fylng-houso when Mnnn came there that noon. But, aside from that, who was there to make trouble ? Would bribed Oaugersand clerks make trouble and lose their own heads? Tho lie wouldn’t hang to gether, ond It wonld only lit another Do mads on purpose to meet U. But it wouldn't go down. It would take a better mechanic than Jake Rohm to make It. Tho District Attorney said JaUe-Rohm was corroborated, hut If he had made that state ment under oath Cot. Inccrsoll was afraid an In dictment for perjury wonld He against him. Jake said he had never notified Burroughs that their house was to be visited. Burroughs swore that ho had. That was an Instance of corrobora tion. All tho corroboration was of this kind, and yet, according to tho District Attorney, tho reputation of this liar ‘‘spread like sunlight all over tbo City of Chicago.” If there was one crime worse than another It was perjury. AI tho SHBARINO, GROVELING INSTINCTS nnilcd and blended in this one crime called perjury. It clothed testimony in tho shining Vestments of hd oath in order that it might tell a lie. Perjury nol- * floned the wells of troth, the sources of justice, and assassinated Justice and innocence. Itwas the basest, the meanest, the most cowardly of crimes. Itconld bringdown the as of thucxccutloncr, could faslcnthehangman'srope,and could build scaffolds. During the days of the Spanish Inquisition the victim was led forth to gaze upon an apparently beautiful figure of purity and innocence. Its out stretched arms-beckoned him to draw near, nnd when bo approached it a thousand daggers pierced bis trembling, writhing form. Such was perjury— seemingly fair, but luwardly & cold, remorseless enemy. . _ Should a Supervisor of Internal Revenue seize a house when lie houcslly believed there was no fraud, and when tbc proprietors said at that time, nnd had Just sworn on tho witness-stand, that there was no fraud about It, but that it was simply a mistake? A man who would do that aught to he kicked oat of tbo office of Supervisor, and not even a Government officer would bo found to uphold him unless be were a Government attorney and' be retained in tbo cose. Col. Ingereoll said ho would pay little attention to Golsun. Of all tho slimy, unsc, crawling creatures ho had ever seen, be was the worst, liu was the man who confessed that ho would teil a lie in business, and didn’t think It was wrong. The District-Attorney said Qolncn testified to telling Munn all about tho villainy. The District-Attorney knew that was false. Qolscn stated no such thing. If anything made his blood boil, It was to hnvo evidence mis quoted and distorted for the purpose of sending a man to the Penitentiary. Tho Court—l do not think, Mr. Ingereoll, Hint it Is proper fur counsel to accuse each other. * Col. Ingersoll said ho would take it ail' back, but it grieved him to see sack things done. It was proved that ...... n.nt. nm niraAnn vtrv nnivn irrnv JAKB RBHM SID GO DBPORB THE GRABS JURY and testify that ho knew nothing of crookedness. The testimony qf tillchtcr lino been impugned. Col. Ingoreoll did not care whether bo told the truth or not, although ho thought ho did. If SUchtcr had told 110 on lie, and should go on tell* ing lies to the end of time, ho would some dor bo taken np by the District Attorney and bo made a convenient witness. Jake had blundered into ad mitting that he was asked about crookedness, but cot out of hla dlleinna by saying It was the 150 barrels bo was asked about. Slichter couldn't make Liars of old-man Sampson, of J. I). Ward, or of Mr. Hoag, who looked npon Jake Rohm as the head-centra of the- Ring, and asked him if he know of ony crookedness, and Jake re plied that he did not. Tho fact was that when Jake was before tho jury ho had not yet made np his mind to vomit, to make a bargain not to co» to the Penitentiary if bo would furnish a substitute, lie did not then know that ho conld have an under standing with anybody If ho would bring better iblood; that two owls conld be traded oil for an eagle; that two hats, two snakes, conld bo traded off for a decent man. As soon us ho found that out, instead of saying he didn't know about crookedness, he said ho knew it all, and that bo know all about everybody in it. The District Attorney was Col. Ingorsolrs friend, hut ho was shocked to hear him say a GOOD CHARACTER WAS WORTH NOTHING. It was worth something, and ho would hurl the statement back In his tooth as false. Good charac ter was the work of a Ufa, and could not be trampled down by tho putrid mouth of n perjurer. What was a good life worth, what was a course of honesty, of lovo and devotion to one's family worth, if it conld bo blasted and blown from the world by tho words of a perjured scoundrel? Would the jury go to this defendant and say, "We found you guilty on the word of a perjurer*’? Could they give this excuse to his invalid wife, his Innocent child, his aged father, tho defendant himself, "We seat you to the Penitentiary on tho evidence of Jacob Rehm”? One thief was not to he cor roborated by the evidence of another thief. The second thief would have to be corroborated, and it would take another thief to do that, and in tlmo the stock of thieves would run out, although it would take some considerable time-in this com munity just now. "You aro going,’’said Col. Ipgersoll, in low, earnest tones to tho jury, "to take this defend ant’s hopes and aspirations; you are going to take bis family and everything lie has got in this world into your power. It is a fearful thing to take tho responsibility, I know, but yon are going to take it. His future, everything that ho has expected to attain, fads character, everything, lies at your door, and yon aro going to say Not guilty, ”or you aro going to cover him with a mantle of infamy and 1 ehamo. You aro going to disgrace his people and bring those that love him down with sorrow to their graves, or you aro going to say "Wo will not believe the testimony of sclf-convictcd robbers and thieves.” And, gentlemen, 1 ask you, I implore you, I beseech you,—more than that, 1 demand that yon find in this ease a verdict of not guilty. PUT TOUnSELVBS IN IIIS PLACE. Would you want to bo convicted on that kind of testimony, nlr? Do yon wnnl to go to the Peniten tiary on (hot kind of testimony, for that kind of a witness? Doyou, sir, want to bo separated from your wifo on that kind of evidence? Do you want to bo rendered'infamous during-your life upon- the testimony of such men os Qolsen, Conk lin, and Rebm? Do yon, do you, do you, do yon, sirs? Docs any man in tins world Imagine that twelve honest men can be found who would rob a man of his citizenship, of Ids character, and his name, of bis entire future, simply upon tho testimony of- such scoundrels? No, gentlemen 1 For myself I have no fear what voor verdict will bo. For myself and for this de fendant 1 have no fetr. All 1 ask is that you give to ibis evidence ail tho weight it deserves. All I ask of thoProsccutlng-Attorncyln this case is to do bts duty. All I ssk of him Is that ho state just as near as ho can—which 1 have no donbt he will— the evidence In this case; Ail 1 ask of him is that ho give to all these circumstances their due weight and no more. I ask him to fight for justice, and not for his reputation. I ask him to fight for tho honor of tho Government if ho will, fortnacoraplcte doing of justice, if he can. but! hope he will leave out of the case all Idea that he must win tho case or that 1 must lose the case. We are contending fur too great a stake. Personally, I care nothing about it, whether 1 make or lose what yon ploaso to call reputation in this affair. 1 care everything for my . client. 1 caro every thing for his - honor, and' more . than that, gentlemen, 1 love tho Utmltod • Slates of America; 1 lovo this Govern ment. this form of Government, ami I don’t want' to seo the sonrcca of justice poisoned. 1 don’t want to see a slate of things In the United States of America whereby a man can bo consigned to a Penitentiary upon the testimony of a roblwr and a thief simply upon a political issue, simply by tho testimony of some man who wishes to pnrebase immunity at tho price ol another’s liberty and honor. The prosecatlon had said that tho cheapness of hlghwfnea during all this tlmo ought to have - PUT UUNN ON ms GUARD. From the figures it could bo shown that while Munn was In office, and tho day he waa turned out, they wore worth 0 cents more per gallon than to day, and tbe prosecution could make all they wanted out of that. If Munn was' bound to lake notice of that, the officers now were doubly bound to look out for crookedness. Hehm s story was that be not only took no money, but that he was on the bonds of other thieves.—Hoyt and Irvin,— forthe purpose, no doubt, of enabling them lo continue their steeling by making them secure. ••The cose rests with yon, 1 said Col. Ingeryoll. .••You must take this case and, as 1 said, you don t wank to go oil on any prejudice against the kind or the character of tho case. You don’t want to go off on tho Idea that man la full of rascality, bo cause some of as may be tried next. [Laughter. J Let oa try this case squarely end fairly upon tbe evidence.- end tbe next time I meet yon, every one .of you will be glad that you found this defendant - not guilty, which, In my Judgment, you cannot avolu doing; I thank-you again and'again for the attention you have given me." Col. Ingetsoll’a remarks lasted only an hoar ana ‘abalf;—a marked contrast'with those which had preceded them. On one or two occasions there woe a manifest disposition'to applaud bU cauter- Ising refereneoo to Jek* Rehnv out a frown from the Court, accompanied with tbe announcement •that the room would Mr* cleared If lb* thing vra 'inis umuAuo xiUBUi is; ’luiiSuAx, mak 10.0. (ontlndedj’ bnd a salutary effect. At I fie corielo •ionof the argument. Col. Ingorsoll and Mr. Ayer passed up to the Court a few written suggestions a* to what they desired him in clmrgo the Jury, And Court then adjourned till this morning nt in o'clock. when Mr. Ayer will speak. Hn expects to finish by noon, and the case wilt probably Iw given to the Jury by 1 o’clock, after the charge to the jury. _____ NO ARRANGEMKNT. RBmt AND IIBSING LEFT TO TUB COURT. The following dispatch won yesterday received by Col. A. C. Matthews, Supervisor of Internal Revenue. It Is an elTceUinl reply to some of the statements recently made during the Munn trial; Soi.tetTon'a Orrrcs. Tnr.Aatmr Department, Wasiunqtoh, I). C.» May 22.— Cot. A. V. Mai • thiwt, Aiiperrftor, etc,: Tno Intimations that there Is book arrangement or understanding between the Deportment and llcslng and Rohm. by which, In exchange for their political influence, favors aro to bn granted to them or Chicago distillers. IS, or course, utterly false. The Secretary has no other purpose In connection with the prosecutions at Chicago or elsewhere Ilian the vindication of the laws, the punishment of the guilty, and the integrity of the public revenues. Such stories have a common origin, end must emanate from the friends or confederates of violat- or* of law. The Hecrelnry leaves the conduct of the prosecution entirely to the prosecuting officers and the court*, and regards the matter of using a confederate ns a witness and what, if any, tin miinlly shall he granted the witness, a* n Judicial question exclusively within the control of the Court. ULurotiD Wilson, bollcitor; MISCELLANEOUS* MILWAUKEE. Special T)lti>alth to The Tribune. Milwaukee, May 22.—1 n the conspiracy case, argument was continued by Col. Goodwin. Tho case will probably bo- given to the Jury to-mor row. MISSOURI. St. Louis, May 32.—Supervisor Meyer ami Revenue Agent Colony, assisted by two Deputy Marshals, seized four Illicit stills on Whitewater River in Cape Girardeau County yesterday. To day an armed mob appeared on tho bank of the river near llolingcr ana impeded the progress of the officers. There are-from aercnly-flvc to a hiimlred moro stills In operation in that section of tho country, and Col. Meyer will ask Commissioner Pratt fora force sufficient to enable him to break then* up. THE COURTS. The Apollo Organ Company Out of Wind-—A Receiver Wanted. George C. Smith on the Grid iron Before Register Hib bard. Yesterday's Proceedings in the Tem ple of Justice;- lUrnm T. Merrill Ailed a bill yesterday against the Apollo Manufacturing Company, W. O. Goodrich, G. W. Sheldon, James Evans, Gott hard Sclrnff, W, H. CrnJg, W. 11. Thomson, 11. J. Thompson, and J. A. Schaff, asking far uo injunction and the appointment of a Kccclvcr. Merrill says that a short time ago tlic Directors of the Company, finding that the debit and credit sides of the books were far from balancing, came to the conclusion that it would be best to celcbrate tho Compnuy’s funeral ser vices. They thereupon wisely ohollahcd the oDlcc of President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and appointed complainant, W. G. Goodrich, and George W. Sheldon to settle Its affairs. The assets consist of a slock of organs, finished or unfinished, and balances duo on capital, stock, and the debts toabont to $1,200. The Committee went to work, but Merrill charges that Goodrich and Sheldon combined together, and ore proceeding to pay debts with the or gans, or arc disposing of them to stockholders, to reimburse them for the amounts they have paid bn their shares. Complainant thinks this is a rather irregular way of winding up a corpo ration’s affairs, and asks that it maybe stopped,* nml a Kccclvcr appointed, who shall close up the .business in the orthodox manner. OBOROB C. SMITH. Some time ago, U will be remembered. Judge Drummond made an order on George C. Smith, re quiring him, among other thing*, to submit toon examination before Register Hibbard na to his property which ho owned a few years ago, and which seems to have slipped away from him in some unexplained manner. Thu examination was formally begun last Friday, and yesterday u was continued, but thu sessions arc held with closed doors, ana tho results cannot be learned. Col. Cooper and Col. Van Arman appear for tho cred itors, who arc seeking to squeeze some money out of Smith In return for tho $200,000 and upwards he has swallowed, and Mr. W. C. Goudy appears for Mr. Smith. DIVOnCES. MnryE. Hcngler filed her complaint yesterday asking for a divorce, because her husband, John W. Hcngler, has deserted her. Mina Wagner also wants a divorce from her hus band, Bernard Wagner, for desertion and adnllory. ITEMS. Judge Drummond was occupied yesterday In hearing a motion to dissolve the injunction against the collecting of tho taxes for 1873 and 1874 on the capital stock and franchise of thu Rockford, Rock . Isfdnd A St. Louis Railroad. Finally an order was made directing the Clerk of tho Court to nay these taxes, amounting to $80,014.43, deducting, how over, tho 7-UOths of tho State tax assessed for 1873, which tho Attorney-General admitted to bo illegal. John Koss, who was indicted last winter for passing forged National Dank'notes, pleaded not guilty some time ego. bat yesterday withdrew his pica and pleaded guilty. lie was remanded fur sentence. Judge Drummond will leave for Indianapolis on bis circuit this evening, and will bo gone about two weeks. DANEBDPTCT MATTERS. Nathan T. Smith was adjudicated bankrupt by default, and a warrant Issued returnable Juno 0, 1870. An order was also issued for a composition meeting to ho held the same day. M. Morse was appointed Provisional Assignee of 11. P. Wattles under a bond for $5,000. The following cases were-referred to tho Register for final report: T. 11. 8. Wilcox, S. L. Andrews; McDownll & Gurley; N. K. Marlin, Groves Loo, C. L. Mixer, and McPherson Mariner. A number of the creditors of Isidore 11. Simon filed a petition against him yesterday charging him with having given a confession of Judgment toR. S. Tomlinson & Co., and with having allowed’ his Eoods to bo seized at the instance of C. It. A W. I. Bronson. The following are tho names of tho petitioning creditors: J. 1. KlnkaidA Co., claim lngsl,3o2; G. B. duett, Bro. A Co., $425.20; A. L. Fraundllch, $174.12;’W. Friend A Bon, S24U; R. A 8. n. Elacnstadt, $22.50; A. C. Mather ACo., $114.43; Charles A. Lewis A Co., $213,755' and 'fiamuol Bhoyer, SB2. The debtor filed bis confession, and was adjudicated bank rupt. A warrant was issued returnable June 20, and R. K. Jenkins-was appointed ■ Provisional Assignee. Bradford Hancock was appointed Assignee of J. M. Beymuur. An Assignee will bo cboien'tbls morning for Hugh F. SicDnnald. BUmtlOR COURT IN non:?. Diego Bo Castro oudM. J. Dcmlcr begun a cult for $2,000 against J. 11. Bowen, George b. Bowen, andChaunccvT. Bowen. Isaac Frank and Jacob Qodbclp sued William and Ernest Friend fer $1,400. John and J. W. Allken and Archibald McLintock sued William and Crocker for 81,1100. James E. Tyler, Trustee of the Norwood Land & Building Association began a salt in attachment' against Alary A. Bishop to recover $2,728.(}0. . J. 11. Adams began a suit for £3,000 against George E. Church, andauothorforsl,ooottga)iut Harlan Page and George K. Church. 15. W. Blatchford and C. F, Gates filed a petition against C, W. Higdon, U. O. Lanphore. and otb> ers, lo obtain a mechanic’s lien for 81,284 on LoU ii to 11, inclusive, Block I. of Higdon's reaubdl vision of the 6 63*105 acres in thu southeast U of 8c o. 27, 30, 14. John B. Lcgnard and Jonathan Shattl filed a peti tion against John 0. Met’ord, Joseph'T. McCord, Ualnl & Bradley, and others, asking for a median- Ic’a lien for $1,087 on Lots 1 to 14, Inclusive, of Barnes’ subdivision of Lota 40 to 48, Inclusive, of Block 8, In Wentworth’s subdivision of the 8. 00 acres of the W. H of the V. W. U of Sec. 04, 80. 14, being on the-corner of Wabash avenue and Thirty-fourth street. CIRCUIT COURT. John 1.111, Edward Foster, and A. J. Weckler, executors of tbe will of William LIII, deceased, filed a bill hgalnst ElUebeth Q. Wells and Francis Wells to foreclose a mortgage for $1,400 on LoU 41 ond 42 In Lib's Subdivision of BlocK2of Will iam LIU and heirs of MlcbaelDlvcrsey’s Subdivision of Out-Lots 11 and 12 In the Canal Trustees’ bub division of thoß. of Sec. 20, 40, 14; also an other against Augnslus F.'and G. B. Busohlek, L. Silverman,’ the German National Dank, J. U. Marsh A Co., H. E. Jenkins, A. B. Stone, and H. b. Dietrich to foreclose a mortgage forsl,2ooon LoU 83 and 34 of tbe aame subdivision. COUNT! COUUT. The will of James Blanka was prbvcn and let ter! were issued to Martha Ann Blanks, under band for $20,000. TUB OALI» jrpas Omr—4B4 to 401, and 404 to 605, in • Juiwb Jamiion— 6B,oso,' City-vs. Harder,' ond 57,824, City vs. Looney.. judub Bourns—6oo to 000. Incloslve. 1 Judo* 800th—347, 848 to 370, > inclusive/ ex* ccpt 353, 300, 302, and 300. Jvnoß MCAlustsb—bet case 3,175, and Msto f ViQ, Incltidre. ixfiepCWS, 659* dndficrf, of Judge KOgorn’ calendar. .. , ' Juftdit FAftfrf.tL—Kofau. J Limit Wamj»<i-11.1. McPlusrmn v« EmbrCc. 4t't>oMCSTi. .".:tton ;■-1 o?iri:*aioN«—flilcddo & Al .l Hnllroml fo.nptny v«, The F.«»t St. Lonli Co . ■ .itlvo ItolMii'/ Mill Company, SS,MO. ./trmjß Oaut—ll. Munson. Jr., el al. vs. llklmrd n. Apnlehy. sl,2lo.—Thomas (Joodwillle va. Max I’nlasciieck; verdict, $01.87, and motion for new trial.— I Thomas Jefferson et al. ra. Pull man Palace Car fJbmpany, 878.1. -Marla Boggs va, Patrick O’.Mara, $11*0.11.. Circuit Count— Coxrjtaatoys—Alice A. llnrrrtt ra. Charles P. Hnrrolt, Si.l3o.—Merchants' N«- tir.nnl Uank of HI. Johnsburg va. 11. Wcscon, Jodl.Wt. .Judok Boom—Wallace Wright va. The Pltli btinr. Clnrlmmtl A; St. X.oula Hallway Company; verdict, s’>oo. ami motion for new trial.—Enra Tur nell vs. Thomas A. WnggoncrtvertHcLSlW.— 11. 11. Crnuln Va. Aaabcl ami Luclua S. Pierce; finding, s■loo. Ltnpi, SUIT*. fivfdal DlfpaM to The Tribune. Mivkhai-oms Minn.. May'll.—The Jnry to-day brought in a v» rdicl of 13 cenliMl,-images in the ault of J.W. Arnold va. The Tribune Publishing Com pany. The damages claimed wero s.*». 000. This la one of a number of suits brought by tint same party for statement and comments upon the fact that ho knocked hla alalcr down. The aggregate damage# claimed In all the suits amount to about $70.000. (’in' nEAL ESTATE. 170 H KALE-SPECIAL lIAUGAINR— -1 7.'.i1i)4. corner Wnhaih-av. and 330*300., near Kenwood dopol. ip'.xus). corner Wnbain-sT. and Twelfth-au V.'ivl7o, Wahosh-av., near FourteeotU-iL fiOxluA. Lake av., near Thlrtr-flftli-at. 40i)s0, Lake-st.. near LaSalle. 00x100. corner limb and Jnrllant-lts. _ J. KSAIAS WAKUKN, jui Heartrom, comer Wash- Ingtoiftt. i;OU SALK-OU MUST UK MJLD-ONK OF THE r neatest little homos about 4 mile* from Clark and Nlndlson-ita. \ largo grounds: $!.<»•) worth of fruit and sbadu trees: cost s4,tvs»s will sell for s:4.«x«>-s2,ciW cash, balance time. Address Y 24, Tribune otflee. I ’oh salf.-iiousk“anu fifty feet/inuiana ar.. near Twemleth-at. Orest sacrifice for cash. MAThO.V Hll.U U 7 Wgahlngton-st. V;6ii fiale—vkuV cHkap-as THE OWNKH IS X going away. 10 brick homes, rented. In good loca tion, one mile from Court-House. Cara pass the doors. Address 7. IS. THbmit ofllcc. L’OH SALE—KI.E(»ANT COUNKU NEAK UNION 1 Park. a<lapied for a block of hou«r». Would fur nish land and some money to Improve to resi'onslblc parties. Address 7. 41, Tribune office. T?6r BALE—TUR 12-UOOM HOUSE. M'ITH LOT L 1 23x123. No. ir.i7ShurtlefT-ar.. near Thirty-fifth n., for fl.Tous the property cost #3.4<y). M. C. UALU WIN ft CO., wt LaSnlle-kt,, Hoorn 23. huijuiciian nr vi, estate. ’ luU at Hinsdale. SUc of Place*. price, ami term* to suit. 10 cent* fare. O. J. STOUOH. R 3 Dearborn-st. TTOU SALE—AT WESTERN bIMtI.VOS, ON RASY I monthly paymenta to suit, 2-stnry houses ami V> foot lots Si.nuo, and SI.J-Vj; near schools and depot: sidewalks, etc., all complete, ready to more In* to: to-cent train morning and evening. T* C. HILL, 4 Lakeside Rnlldlng. f/ou BALE-OR RKN'T-A NICEHOUSF. AND COT- L tagc tn Englewood: first-class neighborhood; near depot*. Also, very fine residence In numb Evanston. TILLOTSUN BROS., 170 H SALE—SEVEN' A CUES AT AUUURN. CORNER I 1 Kcvcnty-nlnth-st. and Ccntr«-sv.. suitable for sub division., MATSON HILL. u 7 Washlngum-nt. COUNTRY KEAIj ESTATE. CAN' X; olTcr oil those wishing (o nurchasc forms lu Illi nois great bargain*. Wo make farms and form Undo a specialty, and can sell Improved farm* u low os wild binds can be had In most Western States. If you wish a farm write us for pnrilculare. GRIFFIN * LEWIS, Hootn l> Major block., FINANCIAL, Advances made on ’watches, jeweluv. . diamonds, revolver*. opera-glasses. etc., etc., at GoLDSMID’B Loan and Bullion Utllce. a> East Madl *un-*l. Ca*h paid for old gold and silver, gold dust, silver barn, precious atones and valuables of every dc scrlptlon. unredeemed pledge* for anle. Advances made on diamonds, watches, lK)nd*. etc.,at LAUNDERS’ private olllce. 120 Ban dolph-it.. m-arClark. Boomsf.ando. Established IKM. IriQHT (8) PER CF.NT—MONF.V TO LOAN OS IM - 4j proved and unimproved property. JOHN C. LONG. 72 Washlngton-st. I HAVE SI,OOO TO LOAN FOB EIGHT OU NINE months on good city real estate. Address IVID, Tribune ofllco. I WILL LOAN SI,OOO TO $1,500, WITH GOOD BK curlty, for one year, who will engage my services fornilleo work In a commission house, or any honorable business, for reasonable salary. Address o. LUCAS, Tribune olllcc, LOANS-ON COLLATERALS. HEAL ESTATE, OR other securities. LIVINGSTON * CO., Boom IS, 131 and 133 LaSallc-st. Money to loan in sums of $3,000 and up ward*. upon Improved elty nr-openy. ft per cent; principals only need apply. LYMAN 1 A JACKSON, 33 Portland Block. ___________ TVI ONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, ill pianos. Singer machine*, and other collaterals at Private Loan Olllce. I2n Clark-st.. Boom 2, uo-stalrs. MC. BALDWIN* CO., 81 AND 80 LARALLE . si., Boom 23, make loans In large and nmnll sums on real estate at lowest rate*; one sum of SBSO at 8 percent; good notes and mortgages wanted. 8 AND 0 PER CENT—MON KV TO LOAN IN SUMS of f-l,nn) and upwnnls, on Cook County properly. It. W. HYMAN. Ji:.. & CO., Roman. 135 Lnßalle-st. PEITCKNT MONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OF S.voooand over: fund* on lintidi low commissions TURNER Ai HoND, 103 Washlngton-sl. cuxnn ■ f7oo., to loan on Chicago t&OUU* or Hyde Pork pro|»erty. TUUNEH & BOND, 102_ WaaUl»glon*_st; dL*o non i-' To *i".,ouo to loan on heal nDZi.UUU estate at current rales; can close at once. HENRY L. HILL. 143 Ui-arborn*»U wf K nnn AND OTHEU SUMS TO BUIT. TO *iD»J.UUU loan on city property, at current rates. TUHNEHjt BOND, 103 Washlngton-st. d» fW Ann to"loan inbums to suit at »iDXU«UUU Bperccnton good city property nnd fiTrma. Mortgage notes bought. VT. M. WILLNKU, lanLaSalle-st. BOARD WANTED. BOAHD-DY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. WITH pleasant room, on the North Side, south of North* ar. and west of Clark*st., In a private family where there are no other boarders; la willing to pay well for satisfactory accommodation. References exchanged. Address Pti7. Tribune office. TDOARD-ltV A YOUNG LADY. IN A PRIVATE X) family If poaslblet South Sldo Preferred; reft reo* cc* given and required. Address w 18, Tribune office. BOARDING AND LODGING, South Side* irn VAN DUREN-ST.. NEAR STATE—BOARD 4 0 fur ladles or gentlemen *4 to fa per week, with use of piano. mFRANKLIN-BT., BETWEEN MADISON AND Washington—Nicely furnished rooms and board, *5.0) per week; day board, $3.50; best and cheapest honso In tbe city. mAND lilt CALUMKT-AV. PLEASANT rooms, with board, can now l»o had at Uio above; specially pleasant location; references required. FURNISH OUU ed rooms with board, at low figures. TVost Side* IQ OGDEN-AV.. OPPOSITE UNION PARK (NEW XO marble block), fourth house south of Randolph »t.—3 furnished front rooms, or 3 rear rooms, as may ho desired, with all the modern conveniences and comforts of home. This Is one of thnmoit desirable and delight* ful locations In the city, commanding a fine view of Urn park, and Is very accessible to business. Terms reason able. Reference! exchanged. o*7 WEST M ADIBON-BT. —TO RENT-FRONT tJi room with board, suitable for gentleman and wlfo. lA7 SOUTH PEORIA-BT.—FURNISHED FRONT XU 4 mom, bath, and all modern couventcnccs; conrcnlenl to business. IAROK ALCOVK ROOM, LARGE SQUARE ROOM j adjoining, both fronting south, bath-room, hot and cold water; Adama-oc, near Jeftenwn Park: with board to a family, or party of four adults: with all home com forts. No other boarders. References required. Per* msiicnt If suited. Addreas P 78, Tribune otllce. llololu* ATEVADA HOTEL, 148 AND 150 WABASH-AV. J_> between Madloon and Monroe-sts.. Ql.&Oto&Jpcr day, gh to >8 per week; day board Country* T> COM 3 TO KENT AT RIVERSIDE, WITH BOARD. XV for Uib summer; hot ami cold water, gas, and ull tlic comfort* of Urn city, u well as the picture of be- In* In Hie country, at pricer to iutt the time*. Address Hox its. Riverside. 111. DIVOKCESt Divorces legally and quietlyoutainkd • for Itu'umpatlblllty. etc.: residence nor persons! presence not necessary; aiDiUrlU sufficient proof; fee ajTer decree. G.U.tHMS. 37 Aiblond Hlock. Chicago. D‘ IVO RCkhTEqa ll y and quietly obtained In every State of tiio Union fur Incompatibility, etc. lletldcnce unnecessary. »e after dnerve. Twelve year*’ experience.’ Address I*. O. Rot 1037. Chicago, lib IVORCEIi QUIETLY OUTAISED FORINCOM-’ patiblllty, ctc.t legal everywhere: stfldsvlUL sutfl deni proof of resilience Immaterial; fee after decree. K. 8. JIAUVYN, Room 8. Ha Washlngton-im, Chicago. HOOKS'. BOUVIF.U’B LAW DICTIONARY, f7(SKW); ILLl nota Report, No. 70. «4 (new); Reman on Eiecu; Ilona, ft (new): Worcester's Dictionary, fs; chambers Cyclopedia. fJJt Macaulay's HUtory of Kuglaud, fi.UX Picturesque America and Webster's Dictionaries want* cd for rash. MILLER'S Old Uookitore, ito Hedlson-st. / •vRKKLKrTXMIHUCAN CONFLICT. J V 01.5.. Hi VT Keut's Cominei litrlcs. 4 vote., M: Smith a Ancient History, a volt.. «7t Washburn ou Real Pro petty,»7.W; splendid Catholic IlUde. worth fin, for *4-,, books anil stationery at half regular prices. QlLUhltr, lit) Washlngton-it. t CjX PAID FOR WEBSTER'S HU^’IOXAUV» ItlQ £n«J prices paid for good books. CHAPIN 8 Original Old Roolatotc,Bl Maulaoh-»t..opposite Tribune llul d g. UOUSEnOLD GOODS, t T ftinTa. fM TO f2OO. Wu.A. HUTTKUH* CO., AUCTIONEERS, lli* AND 120 WADABII-AV. REOlh.Alt SATURDAY HALES INS'rUDCTION. T WILL GIVE 20 LESSONS IN SHORT-HAND. PRI- X vale or by mall, for fid. Address X 33, Tribune’ olllce. : !__i— AGENTS WANTED, Agents wantkd-to uell btaple noons ..rtfrfSM TO ’ THE X fr.fut bilek Louies on the Sontli H«bi; nenf Irjdlana nv. caf.«: very Jo*'.* to TJ-nl P-Mu's. r\:::1 no «.rf;rr« need apply. One two-story a»H -i.•; r>on' deep in ell tuC StoriCl, ll hl'illll .fill 1.1 it. ■'. I • -I ’s: 'I t «"L'T;, furnace, luruc I>rJc~ i an.; h m.<;» r.-. -.Af painted and grained through all the atorl<*«s br»t hirin' in the city for the price. Ono th.-re-nory r.n-i ; •**-:;u«nt of like eiccllcnce, 13 fooms, finished In licit manner throught, with elevator, etc., etc. I will rent them very low to flrn-elaia panic*. Apply to owner, 1241 tndlana-ar., or 49 Btate-st, JOHN COVEHT. I’O TtEKT-CtiftAOK ON LAKOLBY-AV;, sls, I Two-atorybrlcic. Thlrtyelghlh-st.. $33. Two-Mory frame. Fouth Park-av., $.30. Two-Mory frame, Calnmot-ar., fria. Two-story frame, Calumct-av. (furnished), $33.33. Two-storyframe, Lonnils-st., $43. Two-.t0,, Wl.-V., J^ |ES „ j])U _ CTO BENT—COMPLETELY FUUNISHED—SMALL A home on Mlchlgan-av., near Elghtcenth-st. A gentleman's family leaving the city for the summer; he would rent (Le same to a small family without chit* rtren; board tor himself compensation forreut. Apply to ljl» agent, J. s. oouU>, iw Madlson-st. M'o hrst—new muck and 1 Fulton-tts.: siviirn ttuh;<i 11 cents. and within one h.ocknf strsej.rar*; ?Jirir month; furnllhcd bouse, S4O. bIJSNi:V w, SEA, ine rifttl'ftV. ■ rrOHEST-A ’ftTOJtV-AND-A-HALP HOUSE OK 7 I rooms, pleasantly loraicd. with tree* around, Ift3 Van IJurcn-st.. for per inoiith. n“o~ItF.Nf-fi', lO.UOOM'uuTA'iON FItONT MIL -1 » aukce Uriel: lmu«r» on llnu-.m- tv,, near Vfnccnn*;*- ar.: hot end cold wuttr on eugh floor amt In two main h’-il-oomi; four marble mantel*. *ide tarJr, tree* In fruuL. IW WasbUigUm-it., Hoorn 13. rpn HKNT-FOtl KOUIt'MONTHS OH USE YEAH, 1 a home In Minneapolis. Minn., «■ 1U» lu ro-nni. well funitibcd, having water, gas. and all mu-icn coo renlent:e«. AilJroM I*. O. P.ox Mlrmoap .ll». Mlun. 'I’iiHENT—tI j~I’KU ilOSTir Wl 1.1. HUNT LAIPJE L U-ttury houir. with Urge ground*. No. >1 Harvard si., near Campbell-ar, liif|ulnr at iWi M’cstern av. rjsO P.EXT—HOUSE 213 "NOUTIi ST ATI','RT.~ CON* 1 mining l'i room*, with all modern improvements; hft*ri'CunUy been refilled, and will he rented very Clieap._ ELLIOT X AN I'IIONy. if. Deurhormsl. rro HKSf-corf.Coli uTi wiioT adams-st., 7 X rooms, rlo»ct». hath. $27 wr month, inuulre’on premise*. fIV) UEST-A Fri;.4T-CLA«S HOUeK WITH IS L rooms and two hatliTooms. three-story and baiu runbt. Vermont marble front, r-oO v.’c»t Adams-st.. cor ner of Lanin. Inquire of UI/.HLEa W. PAUKKH, 127 La halle-at.. baactncut. f|U» KENT—722 WEST CONOHEhS-ST., COHNEH 1 tVlnchcster nr., two-story frame rottiu-e and base ment of h rooms ami h&tb-room. C. W. FAHKEH. 127 La H.illc it., bncm-mt. ’O KENT—CHEAP—NO. HA7 MICHIGAN-AV., will) modern Improvements. D. G. HAMILTON, dClarksl. '6 ItESt-NKW ORTADON 'MAUIU.n-'FnONf. u . rooms. modern Improvements, Prick br.m: luwn i front, ulil*! lot, marble sidewalk. finely sliaded, north* wt corner Carroll*«v, and SPcldon-tu Want an offer otn deilrablc tenant at Room 7 Mctrojwlltun Ulock. ho RRNT-H KKAT'RRICk HOUSES. TRK ROOMS L cacii, taUi, watcr*clo*cu etc: nne shade trees lu uni; on ArPor*placc, between bli-Moif/t. on'l Union ark*place; rent Cii per mouili. Room? Metropolitan lock. fro ItEKT—TWO if-STOEV A'<D HA-SEMENT MAU- J. blclronttiou»c»on Virmm*av., nrarTlilrtyfotirih* il.; all modern lioprorcint-nu. TCIISEII 4 UONDI ICtiJVashlngiua-ei. rpo. HENT-FOn 123- ENGLISH X brick, ft room*. hot water, bnth, --tc.; shod-room OnU for S2O: near Lincoln Park an t Llacolu-av. care. CHAS. .V. HALE. 153 Bandolph-st. rpo HENT-FUBSTsHED-iim THBGOF-ST.: ALSO JL adjoining, several room*. furnished or unfurnish ed, Qi lor housekeeping or Bleeping. UP Tliroop-st. Suburban. rro tIENT-A PRIVATE FAMILY AT EVANSTON* X will rent for the summer, uj only fir-t-elaas panics, single or en suite, room* newly .furnished, or unfur nished. with panlal hoard. If desired. Locality near best hotel* and hoarding-house*. Address WILLIAMS, ll:>x 715 Evanston. rpo KENT DESIRABLE HOUSE AT RAVENS- X wood. $25; 2 houses at Mimmcrdalc, 320 each. A. BENNETT. Agent, southeast corner of MonruC and Market-*!*. ' rpo HENT-A HOUSE WITH 0 BOOMS IN FIRST- X chusorder, at Austin; 1U permonth. Address IW2 Lnkc-st., Chicago. ___ riso BENT-OUWILL SELL. A FINE HOUSE ANT) X collage in Englewood; a beautiful Evanston. TILLOT.SONjmos., rp6 BENT—FOR THE RUMMER. VERY LOW-A X wcll-fnrnlshtd bouse, 8 rooms, bath, pantries, etc.; large grounds; healthy village, 40 miles out on the I. C. It. u. Addresn. with reference. Ibis I. IVofono. 111. TO I£EIVT-KOO.nS. rpo BENT—NICELY FURNISHED BOOMS. WITH X or without board. Kingsbury Block, Bandulph-tt.. near Clark. Apply ul Boom itu. ■pO BENT—WELL FUUNTPJIKD BOOMS, $2.50 TO L $7 a week. Bellglo-I'htlosophlcal I’lihll.lilnp Home. 3CH Now Denrborn-st.. 2 blocks south Pott-ufllce. TX) LOAN-JB.UO. IN ONHM)B T'Vu~snsia:*FAßM 1 loans preferred. PHILIP MYERS & CO., Boom 2, US Madlson-st. rpo BENT—THREE BOOMS. FURNISHED FOB X housekeeping, tidy, convenient; $m a month; no children. Second floor, 733 Luke-st References re quired. rpo BENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS; X llncHt k>catlon In the city, northeast corner Wabash bv. and Huhhnrd-cotirt. rpo BENT—HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED BOOMS, X best location In the city mid lowest rent, by the day, week, or month, at 101 South Clark-st., Boom It. rpt) iIKNT—O-BGOM FLATS, NEAT LY*FI NISH El). X 111 ncwbulldlng, 318 Slatc-sU W. WALLER, 41 tlark-st.. Room IB fl'O KENT—SEVEN LAUGH ROOMS. HALF-BLOCK X from Vita Uuren-st. cant, West Side, price SI? per month. Address owner. 1* 33, Tribune otnee. rrb RENT—HANDSi)MELY • FURNISHED AND X pleasant s»uth*fronlrooma; prices reasonable. 171 Flftn*av., corner Monrfte-it. fpoTtKNT-FUUNisiI'KD HOOMS FUOM »» TO *3O i. per moutti, convenient to business. Address uoo Wnoash • sv. rr»o RENT—FURNISHED HOOMS AT 45 SOUTH X Clnrk-st., between Randolph and Luke. Apply on third tloon rrO RENT—ICd F.AaT WASRINGTON*bT.—PLEAS- X ant and well-furnlfhed rooms to responsible par* ties. Apply at Rooman. . TO RENT-STORES, OFFICES, ETC. Stores* rpo RENT—NORTH DIVISION-FIRST-CLASS LO- X cation, anlco store In a new business block. CHAS. N. HALE. 153 ltandolph-st. rpo KENT—A BRICK. STORE. CALL AT4IUSDUTH X Habited-st. rpo RENT—CORNER GROCERY BTOUH AT 115 X per month, the lowest rent in the city; wilt sen part of stock and fixtures cheap fur cash: must sell at once. Z bd. Tribune office. Office*. TO RENT-CHEAP. AT 138 SOUTH CLAP.K-ST., 3 large offices. u?x3o. I*. D. HAMILTON. Room I. 13d Clark-st. rpo RENT-LARGE FINE OFFICE. SECOND X floor, 103 Randolph*!!., few doors from Ihc Bher man House. Inquire In the building. Dllaccllnneous. TO RENT-AT SOUTH CHICAGO. ILL.. A SHOP, looxjj feet, two-storles, IH-lncb concrete walls, engine, boiler, shafting, etc.; frame store house, -tax (H 3 comfortable dwellings, and blacksmith's shop, all on lot itMtlftofect, opposite principal depot la the ecu* tre of the town, 0 miles south of Chicago. Advan tages for manufacturing unequoted by sny town In the West. Five trunk railroads and lake navigation. Larg est lumber market known at this point. Mon* ground adjoining nan be leased If wanted. Addreas MM. H. DILLINGHAM, Louisville, Ky., owner, orK. 1L BAR GENT. 7*5 Wauasli-av. fpo RENT-DOCK—3OOISOO FEET AT FOOT A)F X Carpenter and Grove-sts.. North Branch. Has been occupied ten yean as a coal and wood-yard. R. R. CLARKE. Room 3d. 3d LaSalle-st. WANTED—TO BENI "\1 TASTED—TO RENT-THE UPPER BTORIKH OF \t a building containing 35 to 00 rooms, centrally lo cated, subside foraOnt'class boarding-house; or the noon, and advertiser wlirput In Improvements. Ad drew*. stating location, lowest rent,aud full particulars, N ha, Tribune office. AITANTED—TO RENT-O-ROOM COTTAGE; MUST IT be nice order; excellent locality. Meet or South Bide; will pay year In advance If mode an object. Ad dress 071. Tribune dlllcc. TIT ANT ED—TO RENT—A LARGE ROOM. Kit >> ntshed complete for housekeeping, by gentleman and wife. Address TO 0. Tribune uthec. TO KXOIIANGG. T'IUST.CI.ASS CITY PROPERTY IN EXCHANGE X' for country properly. Apply to JO\cE & CUN* SINUHAM. 7uNurtn Clark-at. rr'O EXCHANGE—IN TOWNSHIP RONDS X b-aued by one of the heal counties of a Western State furdry goods, boot* and ahm-a, or other personal prupiTty. AilUre** JANUARY. Tribune olllce. ri'O EXCHANGE—SALK—OH RENT—HOTEL It X room*. 10 aorta of garden, frultlne*. etc., alnrull road nation so tullca from city, tail at 78 Dearborn tt., Room 21. _______ ___ frO* BXCHANOK-A 25-FOOT LOT. HAST FRONT, X on South Haltted-st..<me block north of boulevard; clear, for a good monument. Address, Owner, 311 West Randolpb-at. • fpd EXCHANGE—I HAVE A RKAUTIFUL PAIUOP X rhseiun poulrs. bay amt Mack (wry lino team); would like to trade for something I can tuo, or sell cheap for coilu Addresu LL, Tribune office. TirANtKlb-A RESIDENCE WITH 5 OK 10 ACHES \V of land near a village In Michigan, In exchange for paying city property free from Incumbrance. litA J. NIcHOLEa, Itil SouthCT»rk-at. ■ .. WELL FURNISHED HOTEL I,S WEbTEHN CITY to exchange for farm or cash. Good huilucsa buggy fur Job printing. Funning land* for city realdcucc. MANN A CONG DON. Room 11.107 Dcarborn-sf. SEWING SIACniNES, T7LF.OANT SEWING MACHINES OP ALL LEAD i!i lug makers at tesa than one-half regular rotes, first class lu every particular, warranted 3 year*: tucker, miner, tud all atlaehmeota Included. TUOS.TL MAH* TIN. 2<i» Waboah-ar. 17011 SALE—SEVERAL LATE IMPROVED MA* X chines, eaihraclng all kinds In (ho market, to be sold very cheap to pay advances. Muuoy loaned ou machines. Private LoanOmce, 125 Clark-it.. Room 3, up-stalrs. POOD SINGER BEWINaTIACinKK. PKICB'fiO. VI Second-hand scwlug-mochlurs of different makes fiocaeh, warranted 1 year. THUS. 11. MARTIN, 200 W ahnsh-OT. CINDER OFFICE OP A. J. MEI.CHKRT, 203 O Well MadUon-sL Machines told on monthly pay menu, runted, and exchanged. Open till sp. m. f'nb SHOEMAKERS—A MANNING BEWINO-MA I chine, good as new, for sale cheap. Apply loKLL LY. UIUSCII SCO., 13 Market-st. STORAGE. QTORAGH-rORNITUKB, BUGGIES. AND MRR- O chanditeMored In are-proof warchouie, leo West Mouroe-it. Xovcit charges. Money advanced on eaiy torroi. ■ ■ : EDOOATIONAI-. WIiaTEND INSTITUTE. FAMILY SCHOOL FOR W .youngladles., Mr«.,B. L. CADY, Principal, Now Haven, Conn. Scud (or circular. \Sf'A NfEglfftiLE 'lB f.P. C!«*rk«, etc* >T latg.MuermnUlt! bank. Address with reference*. I rrfr,:r:r • WAITED -AM FrXPEmnS'i’KU ptlcunaa tad window trimmer, at lai North ciark-st. Trmlois* ‘\XTK'STRI>~K RTBADT YOUNG SIAN TO LEARN vv the photographic art and assist In gallery: excellent chance. At Art Gallery. No. 38 West Randulph-st. WtNTP.D— CALCISIINBR9 AT - fll TWENTY* niiitlcst. \\rANtF.tJ-A GOOirTAILOR. STEADY WORK; ' l_ com< -' P’vpnrcit to work. :Hut<_An:her*aT,__ \VANTKD-PJtINTER: A GOOD SIAN FOR MAKE '! up; non-nnljr.. on AWAY ft COLBERT, 147 and 149 Flflb*av. ■IV AHTEU ” T .' VO VEST MAKERS AND ONE >T t pants maker; mint be first-class. H. 8. NEW TON, 303 Weal StadUcjtj-sl. ITANTI.D-A I HKDER FOR RULING MACHINE f Apply to.Mcmi.SALDAJOHNSUN, >kPM. 15“ Rnu I«:oC|nrk-n. T\rANTED—FIRffT*CLASB C OAT MAKER I O *V..-y < ts K . nul ‘ e drn-cl.iss need apply. JAMES .R»HNBTON S, 54 Heal Rtnluiph-ft. Employment Agcncie*. WANTF.D-2.VJ RAILROAD. FARM. AND SAW* v » mill hands; free fare; good wage* «mid. R. F. CIUUbTIAN, Ml South Watern.. Room |. WANTFD-fi SAW-MILL HANDS Vou'cAN ADA; tt free faro; paid In mUt im fur railroad. R. A. ANGELA inuthwcii corner of Lake and Mnrkct-nts. WANTKD-25 SECTION HANDS: FREE FARE. Atm 10 farm hands. 2cu South Walcr-*t. K. O. HAIGHT. __ ■WANTED - WJJ liAILUOAD LABORERS. 33 >* quurrymen. two men and wires, farm and saw mill men, free fare, at 33 West Randutph-sl. .1. H. SPERUBCK ft CO.. succeißurt to C. V. tncU ft Spcr hetk. T\f ANTED—SOO RAILROAD I.ABOUKR.S. $1.50 PER » day: caw-mill. farm, ar.dnuarry hands; ail free fare. Apply at 21 West Randolpli-rt. KNELL ft Co. JtllMCullnncoua. \V r ANTED—ANY HUMAN BEING'WITH BRAINS > * can make sscn a mouth selling our letter-copying hook. Any one that has a letter to write will buy It. No pres* or water uted. Rend for circular. HxceUlor Company, it:Tribune Building. \\T ANTED-AGF-NTSFOIfX MAGNIFICENT WORK »» of high character. New. novel, nud attractive. It brings large ntorns at once. A. C. ROWE. JlUsupuri or-tU Cleveland. Ohio. \\rANTED-f;ANVA;rsT:T!TTu'si.ijr^WiTn^ » 3 chrnmos.pliotographs. »:crro*coplc views.needle*, icwlng maeblne atiaehments, caitm. etc.; the largeit stock of the kind In America nnd lh« lowest prices. C. M. LIMNOTON. 4*. nnd 47 Jsckson-af, Chicago. \\TANTED—MEN TO SELL NEW FABT-RKLLING It notcliles; photograph.*, chroums, anil Jewelry outfits s2to $25; pay* S*. to t»tu «ially. American Novelty Company, I j;j Lest McdUun-n.. Room ll*. WANTED—? 1 b*PER DAY—LIVK MEN TO CAN* va*s and sell to lb" grocery trade In every Slate tu the United htatc*. a new Invention. Exclusive terri tory given, samples by mnll 2 i ei-ni*. Call or address 75 bor.t Maulson-st.. Chicago. Rc»'i;ns4. Take ' levntor. ANTED—A GOOD comrnlMlon: one a-uunlntr;! with the Uty rrs* ferred. Address N 47. Tribune ■•nice. BASEMENT WANTED— A YOUNG MAN. WHO LlVl_s WITH hlsparonts, as ivnUtaiu tn an office or wholeinl * store; must have wimi knowledge ot tm.kkeephig. Ref. rente required. Address V n:t. Tribune oiiif.-. ■\ If ANTED—THREE GOOD SALESMEN. CATRO »♦ lies preferred, one BobcniUn or I'oUntier. No competition. Cnll at c North Clark*at., Room :t. WANTED-MEN TO INTnOBLTE THK CENTEN* Hint Apron; small capital neceiuiiry; ready ral * and blgprofit*. Apply, afterba.m., ata>7South Hal sted-st.. second floor. W' ANTED TO-DAV-I HAVE A SPLENDID OPEN- Ingfor any young man with ftstieasli to go to Phlladvliihla. Call at Room Hh Exchongu IJulldlug, cor* ner Clark and Waslilugton-rts. \\T ANTED-AN INTELLIGENT AMKRICAN BOY, »f fmm 14 to lu yean old: must have g.«»J refer* eneev and rcrtde with liß rttoent*. Artdrcv In tiwn hatidwrllliiK. CARTER ft WARREN, corner Madison and Frankliu-su. WANTED-A FF.W ACTIVE MEN TO SELL THU . latest thing out; sella at light; hlg money; liberal Inducement* to the right parties. Call from lu to 13 uud 3 to 4 o'clock. Roumu, 317 Wen Madlton-sU WANTED - ImSIKDI ATELV' - EXJ’ERIKNCER agents for an article of splendid sale nnd large proflu. Call after 7 o'clock i>. m. atkitßairlaon-st. WANTED— RELI .UILBHHN TO SELL STATE AND county rights of a valiial»l« patent recently grant ed, on shares of oue-balf the proceeds. Address P.O. Brti'J.’)!, Chicago. WANTED— MEN; WE WANT TO OIVE f.,<mi trial packages, worth $1 each. to fi.Ommen who wish to r ii enge pcnnuacnlly In the beat paying bmdnrsi In the United Staten. We guarantee live mcn?7oper week during the year. If unemployed, write to 11AV A CO., Chicago. 111. \ITASTED—A SMALL HOY TO DUS ERRANDS. f . > i per week, at 73 West Madlson-st. WANT El)—A FIRST-CLASS lIfOGV WAFJIEU. Come ready to work. at CUOSSMAS & CO.'S liv ery. 4 1 i to4lH Randolph-»t. WANTED-MEN OK CARPENTERS CAPAULK OP measure and canvassing for Chicago Screen Man ufacturing Company. nn Qlilo-at. WANTED—FETT3.\I,E HELP. Domestics. Y\rASTF.D—A GOOD OKUMAS OR NORWEGIAN >\ girl for general homework In a small family. Ap ply at ion Warren-av.. near Union Park. WASTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Inner, welt recommended. Its Pltu-st. WANTKD-A COMPETENT WOMAN* KOI: GEN oral homework. Apply at 106 Wuhlngton-it.. i;oom o. basement. WANTED— A COMPETENT AND WELL-KECOM inended Protestant clrl as nunc and seamvireas. Call at 107 Plnc-st. this afternoon. I\PANTED —GMIL EOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK vf at 1363(6 ITalrle-av.; dm-ula** reference* re quired. ■\VANTED—A GOOD GIRL AS ASSISTANT COOK v V at all and 343 South Clark-st.. Clara House. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO LIGHT HOUSEWORK and wash for a small family. Inquire at-iV) Twcnty-ulnth-st., west of State. 117 AN TED—A SMART, COMPETENT GIRL FOR >i general housework In a private family. Apply, with reference*, at 343 Erle-st. "WANTED ” IMMEDIATELY —IN A PRIVATE it family, an experienced girl to do general hmiM-- work; German or swede preferred. Apply at 301 West Vaulluren-et. ■\I7ANTED-A COCD, COMPETENT GIRL TO DO vt general homework. Apply before tl o'clock to day at 23 Twenty-flftli-m ■ WANTED-A GOOD GIRL OR WOMAN TO COO, fur a restaurant: must understand her buslnei well. Apply at-40 South State. ■\\TANTEIK-MRS. RAKER’S RELIABLE FAMILY if employment oKlees; girls of oil nations furnished to city and country. -HR Wahash-nv. nndmgiatc-«t. WASTEIV— A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work In a small family, must cornu well recom mended; German or Swede preferred. Call at Shi Kulton-st. SeamstrcKscNi TirANTED—HANDS ON LADIES’ UNDERWEAR. \V and to take their pay In nm-clow sewing ma chines. lUA a CO.. 31 2 East Madl»ou-*t._ WANTED— A GOOD CHILDREN'S DRESSMAKER and seamstress by the week; must come well rec omipcnJcd. ww Mlchigan-av., near Twenty-fourth. WrANTED-FOUR APPRENTICES FOR DRESS >» making, at 771 west Modlsou-sL, up stain. Call at b o'clock a. m. for three days. iUlllinvri* 11 PANTED-. 7 FIRST-CLASS TRIMMERS; NO W other* need apply. Call at 283 West Madlson-st. H. KAUFMAN, millinery. lidumlrcaacH* HPANTED-50 FIRST-CLASS SHIRT TRONERS AT v v MUNGJiR'S laundry, Odd and tttw WabaMt-av. V\PANTED— EXPFRIKKCKD fHIUT-IRONEUS AT f T Manger'* Laundry, HtM Wabash-nv. Employment Agendo*. WANTED— GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN girls fur p«lf*ni families, hotels, and laundries; city and country, at Mr*. UUbKE’S, HoMHwaukee-av. Dllvcollaneoui, lirANTED—A YOUNG LADY CLERK DT A LADY V v starting a nice store In Detroit} state wagon want ed. experience, and where Inlet view can bo bod. Ad drew 0 43. Tribune olflce. LOST AND FOUND. A REWARD OF SIOO WILL UK PAID FUU RE iV turn <it articles' taken from 1370 Imllana-av. Bun* Usy evening, May 31, and do questions asked. |?OL*SI»-A SILVER PITCHER WITH OWMill'f I name on It; con he hod by paying charges at 3) Mlchlgau-ov. • T OST-NEAU dull ST CIIUUCH, A BRACELET Ij marked 0. Hill. The finder will be rewarded by leaving It at 101 U llichlgou-av. IOST-A NEWFOUNDLAND DOG;. WHITE SPOT J on breasti had on a leather collar with brass nnll* ops. LI borol reward. Return to JOHN SCHNEIDER, 33tSlalc-»t. OST-O'N THE EAST SIDE OF CLARK-RT.. between Madison and liandulph-st., about 4 o'clock yesterday (Monday), a package of paper* of no valuo except to the owner. The finder will he suitably re warded by leaving the tamo at 170 Madhwiwl., Room H. JAMES WAWIVOiaW. TORT-SMALL BAY MARE, LEFT FROST FOOT J while, short Call. Large rewaiM will he paid. HUH North Paullna-st.. near Rolling-mill. OTOLEN—HORSE AND HAR.NKBB, Fill DAY O night. May lu. from stalle No. Cd Kansas-*;. Sorrel marc. 16 hands hluh,Hor u years old. weighs I. too pounds, tight hind foot white. small star on foreheaiL will give reasonable reward for her recovery. WILL IAMTEGGE. CTHAVKD-OU BTOLEN-A BLACK MARE-MULE, n will: whim niuizle; right hind foot swollen; toil clipped, forming two ridges. Anyuua bringing the same tuC.ll. BLACK, lusMadlsoa-iU, will bo suitably re warded. FOU SALE. |TO» RALE-A SECOND HAND KNITTING-HA 1' chine. In good order, at a very favorable figure. Address 273 West Chlcagu-av. IPOH SALE-14 TOSS SPLENDID TIMOTHY HAY. a' thoroughly cured and inbarn at ParkUldcc, 13 miles from the city, T. P. BOBU, Itoum a Kendall Building. I” >011 SALE —CHEAP—TWO DIAMOND STUDS, . overKcarsU: dduHcarattfacb: 1 sot coral (pin and earring*); I cluster diamond ring (7 stones); 1 lady's watch-chain, very elegant. Address P 23, Trlh une olßro. l?0ir BALK-ONE BANK-COUNTED. 18 FEET I 1 lung, maple and waluutpsncLfront, trench plsta glass railing, with opunlngs fur paving and receiving leliors. In iue (inIVH iiiuutha. Will bo sold cheap. Ad dress FIHRV NATIONAL BANK. Elgin, 111. T7LEOANT NEW PIANOS, BQUAUE AND UP" Ts right. S2OO to S3OO. Now organa. 7 stops, stu). U. T iIAIITTN, BV* SltUs il. Al fffk WILL BUY AN ELEGANT ROSEWOOD tmiOU 7-octave pianoforte, with overstrung bass, fulMtoa IrauA. cuved lege tod lyre. li T. uAU TIN, 164 Btaw-sL RlxfiATioiv.s W/tfFfErijtfAl.E. ; nookkenpent* Olerltai etc. , 0- .. OITtIATION WANTED—IPSUITAtItiE. AT tl PKB : • O week. byagcnlieunm. good scholar. fciiottlngiev* •.- rrfll aacfeni and modern ItiftnyoflirroMt »r$ •* where writing, rbpying. bookkeeping. it?.. I* L. ;>t done. Strictly temperate. feeurlty siren «s ro ti.’i* • Miy. 11»iw; mil within three days., or uMrcMvld dctAlU. ai down •(aim. M.Wcusel, OiTUATIfIM WANTED— BY AN BXPBKIRNCB| o bookkeeper (German)l goodrafcrencca. Addreael • 49. Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED-IN ANT CAPACITY, irf , kj a young man who naa had eiperifam in tbt> grocery' and roramlMlon business: licit of rclerertceat wottld -■ travel and rtllgood* and will furnish employe# aeciil- ; By. Address V t)fl. Tribune office. CITUATION'WANTKD-'nV~A MANAS ASSIST* ' ‘ pant liookkpcpcp, clerk, talesman, porter, or anything hy which he caamaka an hontai living; etty refer* cnees; and will,work forsmall wages. Addrtaa 1s& Tribune office __ -j • , Coachmen* Tcnmnter*' etc* CITUATION WANTKD-BY A TOUNO MAN AND , p wife (Dane), without chlldrcnt wife a good cook aol ' hon*ckeepef; me man to take rare of honca and cowai ‘ work In and ont-doors. Strictly temperate. AddreaJ • P 13. I rlhnne office. CITI'ATIOH"WANTi:!»- A‘i COACHMAN 11Y AIJ O elderly Englishman of experience: will make him* •elf generally useful- best of reference! from last cm* . pioyer. Address w K, care Fred L. Fake ft Co., AS Washing! on-st. _• PTiHccllftncous* SITUATION WANTED—BOOTS AND SHOES— O Parties wishing to he represented by tbo Jslof July Id the abore Kne In the West and Southwest by a lhor« niißii. competent, nnd reliable man, addreu C. 8. WALKER. run North Fourth-st., fit- Louis. SJTIMTBOItS WANTED—FEMALB* D oincßtlCa," CITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD RELTABLfi O girl to do general homework tn a ycry email family* ITcit«e cnll Tuesday at 185 Drown-st. C ITU AT ION WAN tKD- B V A COMPETENT Oliuj O tor kitchen work or general housework In a potato family. Please call for two days at No. 3 Flflccnlti-et. Citi’ation wanted—nr a vnuNo'omL TO 1)3 o general housework. Please call at lot West Mar* hle-pIICC. CITUATION WANTBD-'dy” FIRST-CLASS COorf O and second girl lu private house or boanUng-botuei Apply at rear 173 South Jcffenon-it. CITUATIOS r WANTED—BY A GERMAN GIRL; C\i n do second work or gcoerai homework. Call at 351 halt Twcniy-tecor.d-st. CITUATIttN WANTED—JIV A GOOD GIRL TO DO O general hoax-work in a private family. Call at COT South HnUtcd-st. : CITUATION* WANTED-DY A RESFECTABU( p g.rl. m cook lu a private family, or to do general houseworks flm-elaaa wasn.-r and Ironcr; beat of dt?’ ri li-roncek. Call Monday, or address sTJ4 South Jelle»* soiwt. CiTi’ATins WANTED—DV A TOUMI OK.nll.ul O girl tn do seem’d work. lle« of ntferencea. NOB • afraid to work. Hesse call for two data at 103 Weak Kandolph'St., Jewelry More. CITUATION WANTED—BY A OEHMAN _ OIIt2 O that speaks good French U» do penernl housework In a sm’tll family or tako n«re of eulldrcn. Coll at 233 North Wella-st.. up-aialrs. CITUATION WANTED-DY A WOMAN AS ilK\s O or pastry conk In a boarding-house. Call two at rear of ISCharlea-plaec. 01TI T ATm>TWANTEI>--DV A "BF.TTLUU Wos!Ati O to do work Ilia n-staurant kitchen where the can ms tinme at night. Call at <K> SUte-su. tn basement. CITUATION WANTED—DY A GERMAN 011U* TO O conk. wash, and Iruu. or do gcourat housework tn a small private family. Dent of references given. If re* qulrco. Address Y 57. Tribune office. CITUATION WANTKD-IIV A GOOD GIRL TO DO yJ general housework In n private family. Call al ail huuili Pftrk-av. SITUATIONS WANTKI>—DY TWO 'cOMI’ETPINt/ O girls, m cook and scroud girl, together or separate* city or country. Deference. 410 t\ohaaU-ar. ■ A CdjfpETKNT ORR- O man girl to do second work or general housework. Cull for two days at (Ml South Dcsrboro-su CITUATION WANTED—DY COMPKTKNT GIRL Ad cook and lauudrcis In a small family. Address 58 Archcr-av. ~ SenniKtrcßNcw. CITUATION WANTBD—A RKSPKCTADLE OER« O mnu girl would like a situation Ins private family to tew and take care of children. Call at 251 Soutfi llalatud-st.. up-stnlrs. ISoanckoopora* CITUATION WANTED-UY A TOUNO TYIDOW* O lady as housekeeper: no objection to tbo country. Addrem Y .to. Tribune office. It AT €l7 WEST LAKE* CITUATIOS WASTED-LADIES IS WAST OB* O nnt-cluM female help can rare time and manor br calling on ‘lre. LAPRISK. 3H« West Madlson-it, • SITUATIONS WASTED-FAMILIES IS WAST OF pood Scntidlnavlao and German female help can bo supplied at Mrs. IHJSKE’Soiacc. no Mllwaukec-av. IHiorcllnhcouß* CITUATION WANTED—THE CIIAUGB OP BUTTES Oof room* hr a respectable widow lady. Good refer' cncci. Address It 7J. Tribune oltlcc. A ePI.F.NDID TURN-OUT. CONSISTING OF SIDE* J\. bar Drcwstcr top buggy and rubber-trimmed liar* ness. and horse that tn.u better than 2:50; alto on a good faintly or business harms IwiU warranted s young, sound, end penile In every respect; to ho sold at a «ac» rltlcc. Apply to JAMES, nttnoharn, So. luliannun court, between Michigan and Waha-di-avs. Auction -Tuesdays, TmiiwoAYs, and Saturday*—Horses, carriages, mid harness a spe cialty, at WESTON ft CO.’S, No*. 109 and UW Eo*6 Washington-*;. Ample time riven to test all hortca sold under a warrantee. Stock on hand at private sale. Auction sales of houses, buggies, uab nesa, etc.. Monday*. Wednesday*. and Friday* at lo a. m. 5 a larjro stock on hand at private sale. WllEJf *co., loiiandttH Wuhlagton-iit. AT HILL’S CARRIAGE REPOSITORY. SEVERAL second hand carriages and buggies In (rood order as No*. lOand UEast Waahlogton-st. U. 1L FOR SALE-ONE NEW TOP BUGGY AND TWO second-hand delivery wagons. one without top and one with top, very cheap, atswi South Caaal-at. 1701: SALE—A TWO-SEATED HALF-TOP PARK J. phaeton, nearly new; a very handsome carriage} also several buggies and harncsi. 41H Randolph-it. INEST -^■iLIVEHV- AKD~nUBINRSS~WAaONS; all seasoned stoclc. Repairing and painting equal to new; will trade for plastering and palatine. MAR* TIN'S carriage shop. 47 WclU-«t. HJ. EDWARDS’ CARRIAGE DEPOT REMOVED . from Wahuh-BV. to-too West Madlsoti-st., wher»« thetrade can be supplied with phaetons and bugglcaat the lowest wholesale prices. TIT ANTED—TO HUY FOR CASH AND TIME. A; >» side-bar buggy, house (hat can trot UuldoofS minutes, and harness: must bo cheap and good. Ad ilms L L D, Tribune uilicc. WANTED-A GOOD CARIUAOE. .THIRTY nm-st., northwest corner Dearborn. J. BIIAU* NESSY. All cash paid for cast-off clothing, canx-u. furniture, and ntlscellaneoua goods of any kind by sending letter to JON AS OKL.DEIt.aot Stata-sw All good cast-off clothing andcarpets linuuht at the highest pries by JONAS A. URIELS* M.\, :n*7 South Clark-st. .Notice by mail attended to. T7L.MJS OF ALL NATIONS—AGENTS 1 Send fur special terms, etc. INTERNATIONA! FLAG COMPANY. 723 Chrartnot-rt., Philadelphia. TOTS GIVEN AWAYJII—I WILL GIVE lj or sell for a numlual cunslileratlon a limited num ber of lots la my subdivision on the north lake shore, U parties who will agree to Improve within five yean. A warranty deed will be given. The property Is weu located for suburban home*. Call and talk with ua. ARMSTEAD A CO.. Room U. |4fl South Clark-st. ■ /\UU WOVEN WIRE MATTRESSES AND PEER* \J luaa cabinet bed< are the beat In the market; nag for (hum. WHITTLESEY A PETERS, 131 East lUdl* tum-st. TITANTED-AN ALDRRNY OR JERSEY COWs U * V or Vi blood, rich milker, would be acceptable. An dress C M, care Carrier No. 3, Weal Division Station, staling age, price, and where to be teen. "WANTED—FEET OK BLACK WALNUT OF f T lice ratline, cheap. UNION WIRE MATTRESS CO., 17 North Clark-st. - ■ WANTED— A SALOON LICENSB'aT THE CIQAIJ _ •* ani1 * 133 FAH Adamst-st. CHARLES A. MAY. VIPANTKI*—AT NEW COOK COUNTY HO9PITAC >v i.uju load* of brickbat* for concreting. P. J. SEXTON. Contractor. 4 K KRTADUFHED PUBLICATION, HAVING A J\ specialty in which it has no rival, U ottered for sola very low for cash, (he present owners having other biMncas. Parties with a moderate amount of means ran convince themselves that (hero la "money la it.** Address A& U, earn N. C. Thayer A Co., 250 Ww basli-av. ■nOAULUNC.-HOUSK DOING A GOOD BUSINESS 1j foraate cheap; two minutes* walk from Criminal Court. Pentchea|>._l37Mlchlcaa-au •-• ridCKHOACUKS. BEDBUGS, AND HOTHBEXTKR-‘ V/ mlnaledbycontract (warranted): article toiiLlnfore niallun free. A. OAKLEY. 180 Fart Wsjhlngton-aL 17litST-CLASS SALOON AND RESTAURANT.' I 1 good location. half block from depot, established la. I*tJ. fur sole cheap for cash. Inquire at 287 South Clark-st., In the grocery. Iprilt FALF-Aili EXCHANGE—A GOOD PAYING ’ boarding-house: will take good honw and wagon for part pay, Reasons fur selling, sickness. Coll at 21 aud 33 Itubuard-sl., corner Desplalnea. F" 'OH BALE-OU THADB-A SMALL FOUNDRY ami machine-shop: will trade for farm loada or city property. Address GEO. ALEXANDER, Belle Plnlnc, Is. I' TOIfBALK-A FIRST-CLASS, WELL-ESTABLISH ’ ed grocery lu a good location on the South bide; with a good order trade: good reasons given for the sale. Inquire at HH East Uaudolph-su, basement, orate) Cot tage Ororc-av. TJACKING-iIOUSE AND MAHKET. ALL COM- X plot®, for half price if uken at once; would take part lu nones; loug lease. Call at 837 South Du* plain oa-st. • IJURLIO HOUSE ON THE CORNER UFDEAROORM X and Jacksoicsu.. oppoalio thu now Custoiu-ilous«v for sale, la doing a good transient buslnea*. (Saloon in good location, well kstab- O lUhcd. with fixtures, two fim-clus pool-tables, fo» sale chcapt rea*uo for sellleg going Into other business. Inquire ol 637 Mllwaukce-av. ... WANTED-SOMK ONE TO TAKE INTEREST Vi In a new Invention; patent applied fort soma money required. Addicts JOHN UAUTKNSON, 276 North Market s;. - - - ‘ ' «WU\CASII wTII“BUY HALF INTEREST IS' tJIuUvJ oUlce business and stock of *I,OOO, clcarla* over fiWmouthly. lOaiUadolph-sL. ItoQ»)80.i r*/»nn »UTB HALF-INTEREST IN CASH BDBI - ueas paying s4oomonthly, if yon nave IhA money, coll at7<j Laballu-st.. Boom li. ■ . S:!.ooo Baa-.“4iraaßa MUSICAL* ■pAUTNER WANTED.-WITH 111,000. TO $8,009 X cash In a manufacturing bualnea*. Prafiu 100 Mg* cent. Machinery and angina- in good rannlngotds*. j Less references. Ursa trade eataEUthad: need oori Addrsws A ft- Oft g«n«sSi l>.i.*t*l*s«)» o Employment Ar > cdclcm* nonSES AM) CAIUUAOES. JIIISCELLANEOUB, lIUSINESN CHANCES. PAiifwEßi wAiyycp; ¥ ,i.

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