Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 23 Mayıs 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 23 Mayıs 1876 Page 6
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*. -' r -V £ FINANCE AND TRADE. Dull Opening of Business Among Our Local Banks. Small Country Orders for Cnr ronoy—Clearings Light. The Produce Markets lets Active— Wheat Stronger. Provisions and Other Grain Steadier, FINANCIAL. No now features were expected to show them selves In the loan market, and there was no disap pointment at the quiet opening of business among tho banka. The only sign of greater animation was a alight Increase In the country orders for currency. Tho supply of paper was restricted, and the banks were anxious to extend accommodations to all de sirable borrowers. Collections have Improved of late, but are still slow, particularly In the city, and this deficiency sustains some demand from mer chants and miscellaneous sources for accommoda tion. > Halos of discount wore BQIO per centto regular borrowers. Special rates arc made to desirable outsidoborrowers. « On the street, rates wero 0018 per cent, with good paper In light supply. New York exchange was sold between banks at Js®soc per SI,OOO premium. The clearings were 53,100,000. BUSINESS DBCURASINO'AND CLEARINGS LESS. The Clearing-House aggregate last week was only $381,427,075, and (be total for nineteen weeks ending May 13 1557,735,575,043 this year, against $0,012,200,010 in 1873, a decline of $1,300,721,870 In 1875, or more than 14 per cent. At Boston the aggregate this year has been $840,- 730.000, against about $040,000,000 Inst year, a decline of about 10 percent. At Philadelphia the aggregate to date has been 8854,042,210, against $815,000,315 last year, an Increase of about 4H per cent. At St. Louis the aggregate has been $412,713,301 this year, ugulnst 8430,740,500 [thesu figures should be halved 1 —(lie Sl. Louis clearings wore $200,350,081 this year, against $215,370,205 last year) In 187,*, ft decline of about 4 per cent. At Chicago •Ihe aggregate Ims been £412,372.428 against $127,073,331 lost year, a decline of about 31} per rent. -At Cincinnati tho nguregntnto May I was 8227,638,358 against $342,205,220 in 1875. o de cline of 0 per cent. Finally, we are indebted to Ihe manager of the Clearing-house at New Orleans fur Its transactions last year, which slum* that New Orleans is not only entitled to rank with Philadel phia, those cities only showing Increase of (runs notions, Imtllml the Increase at New Orleans has been tho larger. The aggregate there Is $100,042,- 217, against $170,420,831) to May 15th Ihe last year, a gain of nearly OH per cent. Thus the chief cities. In respect to Increase or decrease of trans actions, rank as follows: Now Orleans.? ino,uts,si7s i7i»,42n.Hao!oain ouj ‘Philadelphia.. SM.nl2.2i!> Hi.i,iN«.nir. (Jain 4*2 rillfQßO •JKl.nOll.OO'l 42.'..(**1.0W,1.0C9 2^ HI.-Louis 412,713, run 4:ii).74!>.5!V. i 1.«1M 4 Cincinnati.... 227.r.:i5,3.m Loss n Boston Hl'),7W>,«w njn.O’.D.odO l,o«a in New York.... 7.7ar> n.*H2.200.0U» Los* 14 Tho proportion of clearing* in New York to the total In these cities for ISTtJ is 72 per cunt, and fur 1874 It was not quite 73 per cent. The Public, May 18. PACIFIC MAIL Tho New York ItulUUn of Friday has this about thla most dangerous of all tho speculative Block* In tho market: In Pacific Mall stock there was a lively time, the prices ranging between y 14c and 10 Tie; tho nitnuul election tokos place on the .'list, and no notice lias yet been given of closing of tho transfer books. The Block has been In good borrowing demand for fomo time past, and proxies have been solicited both by tbu present management, which 1* the fame as that of (he Union Pacific Jtnilroad, and In behalf of the Panama Railroad. From soliciting .proxies tho contest bna developed into buying stock, and large purchases were made to-day, pre sumably for one or tho other of tho contending parties, although it was reported that a third party had been formed to secure a controlling Interest, with the vlcwof selling out nt a good profit. The ehani rise to-day brought out a good deal of long 'itock, which wilt render valueless some of tho liroxios already given. It It now supposed that the ransferbooks will bo closed Saturday, when It will be known which Bide controls tho Company for tho next year. GOVERNMENT RONDS. United State* os of ’3l— Slate* r.-20s of *GA n-20* of’av-January and July, b*so* of 'o7—Jruiuary and July. s*2ns of ’CB—January am) J uly. 10-100 United State* now 5a of ’hi..., United State* currency o> GOLD AND OttBBNDACES Gold WHS 111KOH2-.K. Greenbacks were 80®80?i. rOItBIOM EXCHANGE. Sixty dau. Slffht. ....r.i'j'i cifivi .... «« ....maw &ieH, .... 4(>« 41 ....M3!4 oio* S« .... 40tf 40? J P«Tl*-fr*nca. llcrnuny a turn and.., Switzerland.. Sweden, etc.. Auitrla Amilcrdam.. CITV AND COUNTY UOND9. Hid. A»lfd. Chicago City? v cl. bonds • uv» Chicago City 7 v ct. sewerage *hei£ •nr, CtilcfljfoClty? Va. wntcrloan *ltuit •i<tt Cook County? V ct. bunds (short) M(U »un Cook County 7 V ct. bonds (lone) MOO *1(10 West Park 7 1R ct. bonds. ; •in North Chicago 7 * cu bonds (Lincoln Park) ‘OS •And interest. LOCAL STOCKS. City Hallway, South Side 'City Hallway, Writ Bide U 3 City Hallway, Wcit bide, 8 V Ccut certl fleates. Mo2tf MW City Hallway, hurtli Bide uri Traders’lnsurance Cu ~.11*7 i»i Chamber of Commerce 74 7« CblcoKoOai'LlKht 4 Coke Co lUO KsposlUoD iloclc (old) 35 41) Kzpoaltlon stock (new) aa 8S imposition stock (scrip) as .... BY TELEGRAPH. To r/« Western Atsoclated Prut. New Tore, May 22. —Gold opened atllSft, de clined to 112 ft, and closed at 112?*. Carrying rates, Ito 2. Loans were also made flat. Governments wore steady. Railroad bonds were dull and firm. Btato securities were dull, TUo week opened with continued depression on tho Block Exchange and a further shrinkage In values, A farther break In some of tho coal stocks to-day added to the prevailing weakness. New Jersey Central declined 4ft.—from B 4 to Toft, —while Delaware & Hudson Canal dropped oil to 105 for round amounts, to 104 ft for odd lots, and Dclewarc. Lackawanna & Western from 103 ft to lOllft, regular, and to 101 ft seller 50. The dally decliuu in these stocks natur ally attracts attention, and each fresh break seems to bring out stock heretofore hold for investment. Eric was freely pressed for sale, and declined from Uft to 15. Lake Bhoro and Michigan Central were noticeably weak. New York Central was comparatively active, and advanced to 11U, regular. There were sales of seller sixty days at 100 ft down to 100, a dllfurencu of obout 4 from thu regular price. At tho close stocks, wero flrtncr, and prices recovered ftC&lft, the latter New Jersey Central. Western Union Telegraph and Pacific Mall were strongthroughuut. Western Union Telegraph again reduced ihclr rates ’to correspond with rival lines. Transactions were 187.000 shares, of which 17.000 were Pacific Mail, 24.000 Western Union, 8,000 8L I'auls. 20.000 Erie. 02,000 Lake Shore, 111.000 Michigan Cen tral, 7,000 New Jersey Central, and 0,000 Dela ware, Lackawanna £ Western. Money market easy; 2(£lft. Prime mercantile paper. 4@o. Customs receipts, 1148,000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed SO. 000. Clearings. $31,000,000. Sterling steady, 4BBft&46oft. UOVBBKMRKT BOSDS. New&s.. 11714 KMOs, r,-g 117 ft 10-40 s, coupons. iibft Currencies Coupons, 'Bl 133 ft Coupons, '(ls lUft NewV.;!; no Coupons, *O7 131 ft Coupons, 'us 1231* Slot Western Uni0n....... 65ft Qulckillvcr lift tiuicksilver pfd at) - Paciflo Mall. . 34ft Mariposa. sft Mariposa pfd uft .-Adams express 107 Wells-Farsu (A American Express.... ua united States Express 6J New York Central.... no SSSpM:;;::::;:::::": ii* ilarlem.. 137 Harlem pfd ......133 Michigan Central oft Panama 138 Union Pacific stock., uo Lake Shore..., 63 Illinois Central W Cleveland 4 PUUlur* 03ft Northwestern 80ft , Northwestern pfd.... 68ft C.. C., C. 4 1 45 STATS «a. old 45 I , new.... 43ft VugmU Cs, old- Uo j ■ „ SUIUMO Six Feakcisco, May 21 latest quotations at thu St itoasolidt’d Virginia,, 74ft California..... 7 eft - Segregated Belcher.. 61 Osllr:. 57ft iISEEiV New Jersey Central., hi itocklslaud ui’.ft Ht. Paul 3iiJ ht. Paul pfd on * Wabash a Wabash pfd 3 Port Wayne loaft Terre Haute 3ft Terre Haute pfd 13 Chicago 4 Alien 07ft Chicago 4 Alloa pfd.. 105 o. 4 m :..... tow Del. 4Lackawanna.. 103 ft A. 4 P. Telegraph.... 10 Missouri Pacific....... 13ft Allantic&PaclOcpfd. Ift Indiana Central 4 Chicago. It. 4 0 110 Hannibal4Bt. J0e.... 13ft Central Pacific bonds.lOols Union Pacino bonds. 105 ft U. Pac. land-grant... 00 U.pac.aiaklug-luad. buft Virginia Cs, new so Missouri Pacific 05....105ft STOCKS. 2.—The following are the lock Exchange: Crown Point..... 17 , Yellow Jacket 87ft Alpha aa Uclchor. 31ft Confidence 33 , BSBjaKfS;™;;.-.-® Mevlcan MHlOrermao., couldft Cnrry lew 1 justice.... Rest, ft Belcher mV* I Caledonia. Hale ft N0rcr0n...... ft’ I * FORRIOJf. r uivniu.T* London, May 22.-Knt.> of discount In open market for threo months’ bill*, 1?», being ?«bb* low the flunk of England rate. Coiwole, money nml account, 00 s*lo. Uniter! States bonds, Ofn. 104?*; o<a, 1003£: HMDs, 107 ft 5 new ss, HMlft. New York Central, 00; Erie, 12; Erie pro* ferred, 20. • P*nis, Stay 22.—Itculo*. 105f42!(c. FnANftront, May 22. —united Slates bond#, new fio, 10JV4. . HEAL ESTATE, The following Instruments were filed for record Monday, May 23: CITT PROPERTY. Llneoln-nlacc, n c cor Sophia it, w f, 7.1x100 ft, „ _ dated May I 9 0,000 Went Unmlulph it. ,14 dft\v of stntmton at, «f, _ a.Vttm ft. dated Slay It 2,500 Franklin at, 141 ft n ol West Taylor it, w f, 17ft *1314-111 ft 10,500 Newberry at, 4(lJ< ft n of Wright it, w f, 3JXIOO ft, dated hlny •-•o. with bnlbllngi 050 KoMiitli at, nmW (( o of Snngeral, if,3ftxl2S ft, dated Man’ll 20 1,100 Went UonitreM at. ft r of Kobey it, • f, 20Vi xltiftft, dated Mayo. |«74 Wc«t Taylor at, a e cor of Johniton it, n f, 2ftx w iuift, dated May Ift Twenly-aecond »t, 3:ti»ftw of Wentworth ov, a f. 2.% ft to alley with Imtldlnc, dated May in West Ohio it. 4N ftwuf Wood it. II I, 3-UIOO ft, with building, dated May 20 North Franklin it. 2.V* ft a of Wchitcr i 34 ft to Alley, dated April 30 Webaternv. tto ft a of Monroe it, c f, ft. with Imthllntr. elated May in.. 7.000 north or citt limits within a radius or seven MILES OPTIIS COUNT HOUKB. Seminary av, hot Fullerton nv and Montana st, e f, 20 ft to alloy, with building, dsicd Fob. vn $ T.aoo SOUTH 0* CITT LIMITS WITHIN A RADIUS OF SEVEN Drexel Itnulcvnrd. US ft s of Hnrnk it. w f. 22r IK) ft, with building. dated May 20 .$ “,000 Evans nv, 102 ft ■ of Korly-llflh it, of. tas'i-H ft. with building, dated April 20 S.OOO WEST or CITT LIMITS WITHIN A RADIUS or SEVEN MILES OP THE COUItT-lIOUMt. West Chicago av. ftsa-ioiiu of Cleveland ar, ■f, aoxm ft, dated Mafeo 8 1,260 COMMI3KCI. The following were the receipt! the leading articles of produce In tho forty-eight hours ending i Monday morning: H. 315 7H.4M 145,0 US J4,49<) a. 010 12.121 37.88 ft 147,070 fiJ.OOO 215.015 Flour, brlf. Wheat. Ini. Corn, Ini... oat.*, bn... Rye. bu...., Hurley. Im (i. htJ, Hu... F. m*cJ, His... 11. cum. Hi*... (1. meats, Iba . User, brls Fork, bis I. lb Tallow, 1b5.... Fuller. 1b5.... L. bogs. N 0... rattle, No Sheen, No Hide*, lbs 11. wine*, brls. Wool, lbs Potatoes, bu.. Coni, tons Hay. ton* Lumber, m ft. shingles. in... Halt, brls Poultry, lbs... Poultry. I‘oojia. (lame, pkscs... Hubs, pH**.... Cheese, boxes, (•.apple*, brli. Bean*, bu 10.08.1 11,2.11 1,447 10.1 iso.rau 42a 103,(Wtl air. ***7o 0.211 5! bio? i.irno |7Vr «nf. Willulrnwn from stoi 208 bu wl sumption: 1, barley. The following grain was Inspected Into store In this city on Monday morning: f>o cars No. 1 N. W. wheat, 30 cara No. 2 N. W. do, 20 cars No. 2 spring, 28 cars No. U do, 20 cars rejected do (103 wheat); 21 earn and 0,300 bn high-mixed corn, 81 cars and 10,000 bn No. S do. 10 earn new mixed do, 35 cars rejected do, 13 cars no grade (173 coni); 1 car No. 1 oats, 0 cara No. 2 white do; 13 cars No. 2 oata, 4 cars rejected do (29 oats); C cars No. 2 rye, 2 cars rejected do; 5 cara No. 2 barley, 7 cara No, 3 do. Total (385 cars), 171,000hu. Inspected out: 25,737 bu wheat, 44,008 bo corn, 500 bo oata, 5,342 bu rye, 313 bu barley. The inspection of wheat In thla city during the flftt twenty-two daya of Huy compare as follows: 1870. taw. 207 «7a 70S 3,241 avi 300 u*:» 7i No! a’..... Rejected. No grade. Total 1,034 3,470 Total In May 0.074 Not so much food for the people this year as last; but plenty of food for thought in the above com parison: Tho following table shows the distribution of the breadstuff* shipped from this city during last week: Hid, Ail'd. list Ifffi .mstJS ni>>< :\%u ® . 1 11RT* Shljwttl, «r mtl lly rtinal To Iluiruto To Krlo To Ostdensbinv To Huron Toother IJ. H. porls, ToOanuian pons Total Taken for city. Also 0,007 bu rye ai ** In determining the legitimate value of prop* erty lu eases of dispute, Its value In other mar* ketri or for manufacturing purposes In this market, together with such other facts os may Justly enter into the determination of its true value, shall be considered, Irrespective of any lictitlons price It may at the time bo selling for In tills market. Pro* vldcd, that in case of defaults on contracts for fn tnro delivery, If it shall not bo shown that the seller had provided by a previous purchase of the property fur delivery on his contract, he shall, In the Judgment of the Committee, bo liable to pay, as penalty fur such default, damages not exceed* (ng 5 per cent of the value of the property sold." The above la the language of the rule of the Board of Trade (page SO) which particularly ap* piles to the transactions known as “comers.” Apparently the rule Is fair enough, and It was cer* tainly believed at the time of its adoption to be a fair regulation for tbo prevention of comers in produce. The rule Isa fair one; but that It has been taken advantage of to undnly depress the markets no ono can deny. And It Is self-evident t'Atlf our markets be depressed, from any cause, below the level duo to other points, the produce of the country will bo sent to those other points for sale Instead of to Chicago, Lot us take a case for Illustration. Baring the winter Mr. A buys from one or more parties 100,* 000 bu corn, to be delivered in May, agreeing to pay therefor -tOeperbu. Hu wants the com, and makes 'arrangements to pay for it, and ship It, when delivered. May comes round, and ho finds that the New York market has declined so mnch thatbo can only realize 40c per bu for tho grain In that city after paying tho cost of shipping it thither, lie takes the corn, nevertheless; he can not do otherwise, unless by going Into bankruptcy. He can do nothing but submit patiently to tho loss of Cc on each bushel of his corn. But if the mar ket advances Oc, so (bat com is selling hero otfiOo wtien the tlmu arrives for Us delivery, he runs tho risk of having to whistle for his com. Ho may have made freight contracts months previously, at a cheaper rnto than thofto ruling In May, hut tho latter are tho only ones considered In determining “the falrvaluo of tbo property for shipment.' l Hu-may even have sold the grain to Eastern parties at a small margin over tho cost at which It was agreed to bo delivered to him, end msy be utterly immocent of any attempt to put up tbo price after wards. That makes no difference. He cannot get tbo corn, becauso tho men who agreed to deliver It did not own It when they sold It, and omitted to buy It from any one' tilt the last minute of tho last business day In May. In that case, If tho original purchaser can prove that no attempt was tuadu by tho uthor party to purchase tho grain, the rule only provides that the defaulter ehall bo liable to pay 0 per cent damages,in (he Judg ment of tbo Committee.” He mar, or ho may not, recover that amount as penalty, the chances being decidedly against It. We need scarcely say that no man wbo is mean enough to repudiate a Just obli gation will experience any difficulty lu proving that be made provision for meeting It. Tho reference to shipping value would bo fair enough were It not for the one-sided dependence of New York and Liverpool prices on Chicago. Prices may advance hero without any effect lu Liverpool, ao long as British operators can buy at less figures elsewhere. But prices cannot decline hero with out producing weakness there. An operator la this city cables a couple of words to Liverpool, which, being translated, mean, “I can now ship you a cargo of No. Scorn at SUs per quarter, In cluding coat, freight, and insurance.” Ameri can and Banublau cent lu Liverpool,aro. no longerquoted at Stis (Id, becauso tho offer to sell at fidlessmakcsU necessary to offer that at’tho ro duced quotation, If it bu sold at all. It la the same with New York. Telegraphic advices are sent there offering to ship wheat to that city at $1,24 per bu, tho same wheat being held there at $1.20. And every time the shorts put out a line here, our mar ket goes down, which depresses New York unless wo ore aUU considerably above the Shipping point. /ltd. Asked. The abort scllcrt (has bare the dccldeti advantage bVer the brfydr. They cnti 'depress New York f>c perbn by the process of selling shbrl here. and can then liirn round and point to Umt depression ns n reason why they should not meet (heir obligations here. It la trne, ns charged, that the loops try to raise prices, nomettmes to the point of Inflation; but It Ir equally true that thosborta try their best to depress prices, sometimes to the starvation point. Thu one course has as much legality and moral* Ity on Its side ns the other, and the public Is only Interested In Ihclr eternal contest as the battle affects the public welfare. There ran be no doubt that while the widow and the orphan are interested In buying ns cheap a loaf as possible, the farmer Is also hound to obtain n« mnch for his produce as he can; and If Chicago short sellers depress the price here, or Chicago warehousemen charge more than those of other cities, the country owner of groin will not send It hero to ho slnugh* tered. That Is the stale of affairs now. The short Rollers preponderate, and buyers are discouraged, nml prices ore (or have been) depressed, because the rules are generally understood to favor the shorts ns against the longs. How would thu shorts regard the rules If they wore framed to read ns follows? The buyer of the property shall not be bold to hts agreement If at the maturity of the contract the said prop* erty bo not worth (ho contract price; the same to bo determined by reference to Its value for shipment to other points, or for manufacturing uses In this city. Provided, however, that In case of his refusal to take the property at the contract price, he ahull be liable to a penalty of 5 per cent, In the Judgment of the Committee, unless It he found that be had aold It to someone else before tbo maturity of the con* tract. • nv. o f. As we understand It, the short sellers would soon grow tired of such an arrangement; but that rule would bo Just m fair and equitable os Is tho gen erally accepted construction of the present rule against corners. Tho lending produce markets were generally quiet and steadier yesterday, the chief exception being wheat, which was active and stronger. The trading was chiefly speculative, very little being done for shipment In any direction. It Is now nearing the end of tho month, and (he majority of operators seem to bo chiefly Interested in providing for their Jnnc contracts. (s and shipments of u this city during at 7 o'clock on 1873. Orders for dry goods were numcrons, Imt, ns they were generally restricted to small lots for reassert* ment, the aggregate distribution was not large. In prints there was some animation, and In summer dress goods and in notions thcro were signs of activity, but the general market wore a very quiet look. The grocery market was moderately active, and had a steady and healthy tone. AUcrcduc* tlon in prime to fancy 1110 coffee was the only change noted. Dutterwns in fair demand nt the reduced prices of last week. Cheese was rather steadier. Prices of fish, canned goods, and dried fruits were without pronounced change. The bag* glng market remains in a rather qnict state, and is weak at the quotations. Leather was quoted quiet and steady. No now features were noted in the paint and oil market. Coal and wood renminbi* active. 10,009 153.211 80. DM 30.704 13.000 11.092 112.403 275,201 111,(135 400 2.075 35,103 ’ 40,000 1,427,005 I 18 382 101,020 I . 80,700 1,020,450 831 an cnt.r.l3 20. OX), 144,880. ft, 350 3,530 87,(130 i on 139,270 2,020 ’ 154,082; 121 Sll.OtOi The cargo Inmber market was fairly active and reported steady, though the offerings were heavy, a large (lect having arrived sluco Saturday. Tho yard trade continues fair, llnilding materials were in moderate demand and easy. Wool 'continues dull and weak. Seeds were quiet, chiefly on ac count of the light offerings. The hroom*corn trade continues good at unchanged prices, liny was in fair request for local use and shipment, and steady. Green fruits were steady, except straw* berries, which declined under large receipts, which went oft slowly. Poultry was quiet and scarce, and eggs dull and weak. Lake fruightswere dull and nominally unchanged at for wheat, ond 202 }«c for com, by nail to Buffalo. Corn was taken (ID, 000 lm) to Kingston at s‘ic. Kail freights were quiet and easy at former figures, with a good many cars of* ferhig. They were quoted at 20c to New York, 18c to Philadelphia, 17l*c to Baltimore, and 23c to Boston, per 100 lbs. Through rates by lake and rail were quoted at 10c for corn and lie for wheat to New York, and 130 on com to Boston. >rc on Saturday for city con* heat, 714 hu oats, 282 bu EXPORTS FROM THE SBAOORD. The following were the exports from tno four leading cities of the Atlantic seaboard for lho dates named: R?<* ending TTret ending Week en-rg Magi awu. Mug IX’ 70. Magi'. r.'7.V Flour, brls... ao,nr.:i 37,«r.» Wheat, bu STJ.-tud nan,one aai.sai Corn, bu 1,Q;ff1,017 1,(14,50t) 731,1 W Oats, bu .... .... 10,030 Rye. bu 83,(MJ 40, KUO Pork, brls 4.037 r.,n00 3,834 Lord, IbS 3,407,003 3,333,70*1 830,033 Paeon, ibl 0,704,3*11 4,073,030 5,713,010 FOREIGN IMPORTATIONS received at Chicago Customs May 22, 1870: John DeKoven, 277 boxes tln-plnto; Hibbard, Spencer A Co., lease fancy boxes; Hoot A Rons' Music Co,, 3 eases musical Instruments; J. D. Caton, lease manufacturers' silk; J. Hauer A Co,, lease musical instruments; J. M. Durand, 1 case oil paintings; E. E. Eaton, 3 eases guns; Rockford Watch Com pany, lease watch material; C. W. Webster, 1 brlrnmjA, A. Monger, 10 eases wine; A. I). Meeker A Co., 4-1 2100*2210 .plg-lron; Joseph Powell, lease pipes; Field, Letter A Co., lease cottons; Wilson Bros., lease hosiery; Linn, Kirk AEvans, 27 brls dried apples; D. W. Irwin & Co., COO bu barley. Amount of duties collected, $4,034.-13. _ Flour. W’htal. Corn, 53,221 L-OI.M! 6-13,337 10' 14,900 C,StR> 919,272 WUWI 7P.847 731 40,402 2,0-41 j 41.H30 SH 10,470 1.161 J.W7O O,CX» '381,301 04,577.330,433 1843,523 li U. 32-4 » 057.72 U V ft, ITHi shipped by rail. (121,oisliu barley HOO PRODUCTS—Were rather dull, and averaged easier, though tho general fccllug was a steady one. Hors were lu good supply, and quoted WJIOc per lOOlbs lower, which traded to depress the prices of product, but there was nut much offered nor wanted. The deals seem to bo pretty well cleared up now, to that It Is pos sible tho market will now exhibit the quiet phase (ill after the hot weather la over. Men 7V>rJfc—Was very quiet, nml declined I7ftc per brl from the closing price* of Saturday, with a very light demand, and no market daring a great part of theses •lan. Bale* were reported of 100 brla cash at $20.50; 3. 000 brls seller Jane at $20.45020.52ft; 5.350 brls seller July at $30.65030.80; and 500 Lrls seller August at $30.00330.85. Total, 7,850 brls. Tno market closed cost at $30.50030,00 cash, according to weight; 520.47ft02(X50 seller May; $2t).47ft020.50 seller June; seller July; and at $20.K7ft030.0h seller August. Seller the year nominal at f 17.mkj17.00. Prime mess pork said (Kwbrls) at SIO.OO, and extra prime (150 brls) at « Lunf—Wes quiet and very steady at a decline of 2ft die per lUJ lbs, which was cjili'llv ln sympathy with a further dropofOd per 112 lbs In Liverpool. Sales worn reported of i,sautes teller June at 513.20;5,350ti:s seller July ut $12.:i5012.37ft; and 250 tes August alfia.QO Total, 0,750 tcs. The market closed steady at $12.20 cash or seller Maytsl3.3o(<sl3.23ft seller June; $13.35W13.57M seller July; and at $13.60t*13.63ft seller August. J/ruls—TVcroqatet and unchanged, with alight In quiry fur future, and no demand for cash lota. Some holders were a shade firmer la their views, but this was not general. We onto the outward movement of meats Isagainlaree. Saleswerercportedofuuo.ujolbs short rlbsststo.lhftfe>Ui.4oi)erlUilbi, seller July. The fol lowing was thu closing range of prices: Sh9U (• tony Short Short dert. clear, rib. clear. Baited, loose 7ft loft KM KM Hosed 7ft 10ft KM lo7i June 7ft .... 10ft lot. July 7ft .... loi KM August 7ft .... loft K’U Uncoil, cash Nft loft lift 12ft Long ana snort clears at loftc cash, and lofto seller July, boxed; sweet pickled bams, I3f’«l2ftci Cumber lands, luftoioftc, eaah or seller April; long-cut hams, 12«iS|2ftc, boxed; bscoa bams, 14<315c. Urean— Wasiiulslst disOu. HUEF I’UODUCTH—Were steady and quiet at $10.75 ftll.ou fur mess. $11.75413.00 fur extra mess, and $22.60cW3.u» for hams. TiilloiD— Was quoted at 608fto for city, and 7ft<3Bc for country lots. .. KLODR-TViu quiet and unchanged. There vu a ■light Improvement 1b the supply demand, but the local trade wu unusually dull. The market ruled Arm, In •jrmpathjr with wheat, but no adranco wu effected. Ealciwerc reported of 1,100 brliaprlng extras chiefly UfVKCiO.COi'JOObrliipriug mperflnei at s3.23;and un brie rye flour on private terms. Total, 1,383 brl*. The market cloied steady at toe fallowing range of prices: Choice winter extras, 97.57HQ7.87Ht com* mon to good do, 83.S7Hft7.S3t ihtpplog extras, $4.30 Oa.oot good do, f5.00rd3.37Hi choice do, gs.socft 6.87 Hi patents do, sa.uxto.iw; Minnesota, fs.coq 0.73; spring aupcrflnei, 83.g3Q4.00; rye flour, $1,35Q /Iron—Wuqulet, and Heady at the recent decline, some quoting It a shade firmer. Sales were SUtous at $10.50 on track and free on board can. J/lddiOigi-aales were to tons at $13.30 free on board cars. Ctorn*Jf<al-Salcswcro 10 tom coarse at $17.30 on track. WHEAT—Was again active, and ranged IHOlfto higher, with a better demand. Ilccrbohm quoted a further advance of OdQls per quarter la Mark Lane, and all the private advices, save one. were of tho same general tenor, some noting » continued fair demand by 'purchaser* for tbe Continent of Europe. Mew York was qnlet and stronger, and our reported shipment* were large, but accompanied by Increased receipts. There wu a fair demand for shipment, sod some for the Surposeot filling May talcs, which mode cosh wheat datively strong: It wu fully equal to June In price during a part of toe session, and at one time sold at Ho rremlum. The bulk of the trading wu, however, for orward delivery, and tho general feeling wu strong, though there were some rather sharp fluctuations. The short Interest filled In quite freely, and more buying or* dert were received from outside loan recently, some of them evidently being new deal*. Holders and buyers were encouraged by tne more liberal export movement, and the news-thut tbe Continent continues to take a • fair share, while European prices sra stiffening, not withstanding the Increasing supply. It Is generally felt that with our present abnormally low freight rates, current prices are low enough If there be any real trans atlantic demand for the article, Seller June opened at S>.UCH. sold down to sl.Ol, advanced to SI.OIH. de clined to $1.07, sold up to Sl.owiand closed at sl.u7!<. Belter July sold at fl.oaKai.oe, closing at iI.OTH. • fieller tbe month, or regular-Mo. 9 spring, ranged at sl.o3HQi.ookr dosing at theoutslda bid. Cash sales were reported of m,ooj luNo.3spring THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: TUESDAY. MAY 23, 1870. THE MARKETS. PROVISION'S. IIREADBTUBFS, l.Oit'O 2.400 In) Vo. 3 do ftl Nnffti'LOOO bQ GO (Central nmlK. w.I fit 07>31)7Me) 4,f»0 Tm rejected dost 8CWo) 87c; and M(X) bn by sample at Total. bn. Thom wni a rumor lo the effect Hist bn Vo, 2 rhattged hands nl PI.D7. j/iinirtut'i HMr-rf-WM In batterdemam). nnd advrmc* nl IMo per im. two small eargoru being wattled for ship ment, Hales worn 37,-JiO tm No. 2*t sl,f*i) 3.001 tm by snmpleal t1,00«M.20 on track; smUuOburtoat $1.22 free on Itoard cars. Total, 40, won bu. COUN-Was In moderate reanrst, bnl higher, In sympathy with wheat. Tlinre was no important change uoied In New York or Liverpool, anil our re ceipt* wore larger, but the stocks In store at title point arc worked down by free shipment to n email volume, audit l« understood that order* for com keep comm* In. though buyers for shipment are pay tlie premium on cash lot* over June prices winch ox* l-dcd near 1 hoclo»eof Inst week. Tilt* export* from thn keauonrd reported for last week were MU'l,Ol7 bit. and there arc no stum of a relaxing In thn movetncnl. a«t freights nre low enough lo furnish commuter* with a powerful Inducement to take hold. Ileitco them Is iiome uncertainty with regard to Hie ability of (he May shorts to pH. but the expectation that the better dc* mand will bring out bolter receipts next month Pre vent* any Important advance In future*. Seller June opened at 4<tc, ro«o to 4n>4«\ and cloned at 4<Wi44oKc. Seller .Inly sold at 4(tM'-t4dSie, closing nl 40Me. Heller thn month sold at 4754'347?(e, gllt-cdned re* celpta of No. 2 at 47<li,Wfte, ami hleh mixed at 4sat.sJ4e, all closing with Unit holders at tlie outside. t.'rv»!i sale* were reported of l),20(i bit hltrlt mixed at 4S;r4-tU(>: 4(k)lm new mixed nl +lW< , s W.nx> Im No. a at 47? p-« 18c: T,bit rejected nl 4.'W.l?fct 1».200hu by s imple nt-lltdiicon I rack, and n.4u> bit do nl free on board ran. Total, 102. m mbit. OATS—Were quiet nnd uticbnngcd. except cash, which ruled (Inner under a fair Inquiry anil limited offctlnns. The receipts were fair nnd Ihc shipments cmitlmm liberal. The market weakened toward the close, In sympathy with New York. Cash No. 3 sold at :nH*-ttime, closing nt Hi!<t,l3iKc. Tbo options worn very quiet, .lone wasquoiedeariy nl tl'.'Kc, and closed nt about .Inly was quiet nl 31c. Belected wan nomlnnl at 2't!df727o. Cash sales were reported of n.fwxtlm No. 3niai‘i<iqiMcs a.outbu by sample at tu for mixed, nniiav-chOe for white, all on track: 2. 4(>iuu at two for mixed, andaowirc for white,free on board. Total, lo.tfxilm. UU.H U. , W, .11. 1... *VW 1,11. KVK—Wua again reported In fair demand and higher. Car-lots of No. 2 sold nl mic, nnd round lots, which were wanted for export, were quoded nt “tie, with none on the market. The receipts were larger. H cars lielng in* specit-dln, and several ears were oifercd and sold by sample. A portion of the cargo bought last work and referred lo at the lime In these columns, was ship ped not. Cash salcd Included 4uo im No. ‘Jotnoc. and I.2UJ bit by sample nt 05(3C3C on track. Total, l.cou ■bu. BARI.F.V—IVas In moderate demand and easy owing lo larger offerings of cash. The trading was conllued to car-bits of cash No. 2. which were more freely of fered. for Immediate delivery and to arrive. The post ed receipts were )2,0u0 bu. flic shun* and longs were buying up the oash. Options were little better than nom* limb May was quoted at 726,7;ie. The rtiorts generally wore disposed to hold off In anticipation of larger re ceipts and lower prices. Milwaukee again declined, closing iU73e,andsomo parlies were looking for receipts from that city, but It was generally thought that thn country would bo the principal contributor during the present week. Car lots of No. -’Mild at 72Ct72He. the Inside helnglhc closing price. June was quiet at.MK-s 6!iUe. Cash sales: 6,m0 hit No. 2 nt 73i&72hic. Inside elilcily to arrlvo: 800 Im No. uat 40c. Total, u. 400 tm. first call. Wlieat-io.ooobu nt *l.o7}* for June, and Q1.07W3 l.Wrtfor July. Corn—Sales r>,ooo Itu for Juno nl4C*<c. Lnnl—MM) tea nl Jl3.l7Hifor June, and 13.33 fur July. Mess pork wan quiet and ranter, with sales of 1,000 hrls at 9iM.-»7H for .lime, anil ?20.»!<v.jai.«W for July. herd wm quiet, Hales 250 tea at seller July. Hhort ribs were steady, with talcs of 100,000 as at fU’.UTW for July. Wheat was intrly active am) easier, closing firm. June sold nt SI.oo?l'>.1.07!(, and closed at 91.07 ft. Ju ly sold at 91.07W<i1.07ft. and closed at CI.OTft. Corn wns quiet and firmer, closing otiose for June, and selling at <<iHt.elOT(e for July, closing at the h»ldu. A vessel was reiwrtod as chartered for Ji.OOOlm wheat (oOuHaloat uftc. Mo*» pork declined per tori, under large offer ings. closing at $20.5irj20.52W for July, and 820.10 f0r August. Sale* a.7.v» brH (it $20.43:w20.57H for July, 820.70 for Amnm, end 817.50 for the yenr. I.nnl wasqutet and easier nt $12.30*612.35 for July, niui $12.1," for August. Short rib* were nctlrc and easier. Salessoo,ooo lbs at slo.32hftiio.37H for July. GENERAL MARKETS. ALCOITOL—Was firm nt $2.10. lIRDOM-CoUN—Cuutlnuca la fnlr request and steady. Choice hurl, 84Wci No. 2 hurl. 7(-i9c j choice medium, 7tt7Hci good medium brush, fair Inside and covers, SfioHc; Inferior. 4fi4Hc; crooked, 3@oc. RUTTKR-Thls market lind no specially now features. Choice table butter comprised only a small pcrccntagu of tho supply, and holders of such were enabled to realize at fully the quoted prices: but the poorer {trades were again weak and Irregular. The shipping demand continues on a liberal scale, and, at'tho re duced prices, sales to tho home trade are Increasing, but the combined demand is nut sufllclout to prevent an augment of stock. Wo quote: Choice to fancy yel low. 23f127c; medium to good grades, I8©20c; Infe rior to common, 12'iilCC, RAGGING—Prices wore again quoted easy, tho dis position to “shade ’• the quotations being pretty gen eral where tho orders were for liberal quantities. No changes were made In the quoted prices, however, ns follows: Stark A, 25tfc; Peerless AA, 25c; Lewiston, 21tfc; Moutatip, 2.ic: Ontario, 35c; American A, 22c; Amoekcag, 2'Jtfc; Otter Crock, SStfc; burlap bogs, 4 bu. 14tfai.ltfc; do, Shu, 15310 c: gunnies, sluglc, I4tf ©!sc;do. double. 2WZ2IC. . CHEESE-Quotntloni remain ns tteforo. A steady, moderate business Is In progress nt Ofiioc fur good to choice factory, and at Ofitlc fur lower grades. CO A I/—Dealer* report tho market dull and un changed, The annexed prices arc still current: Lack awanna, range amt nut, $10.00; do, egg, sa.soi cnnncl, $7.00*17.50; Erie, $5.50; Dlossburg. $7.00; Hocking Valley, $5.50: Indiana block. $.1.50; Uoltlmoro & Ohio, ?.i.sojin.uo; Illinois, $4.00fi4.n0. KUOS—Mere slow at Ilfilitfc. Tho offerings were liberal, but there was less Inquiry. Flsil—There wo* ax much activity in this branch of trade a* I* often witnessed at this stage of tbo season, and prices were again fully sustained, both for lake ana saltwater descriptions. Hnmmcr-curcd cod are In tho market and are quoted nt $3.5031.75 per 100 lbs: No. t whllensh. tf-brl. $1,00(55.00: No. 2 do, 8-t.80fi4.00; No. 1 trout, S:i.7.Vh4.OU; No. I shore mackerel, tf-brl, $12.50*13.00; No. l bay, $».00fif).25; No. 2 mackerel, tf-brl, $8.n0j’8.25; family mackerel, tf-brl, $0.50; No. I shore kits, large, 52.00; No. I hay kits. $1.50; large family kits. $1.20; bank codtlsh. *».5(*34.75s George's co(Ul»'-t.1.735 summer-cured c0dt15h,55.50*5.75; Labrador herring, split, brls, $7.7.v»8.u» s do, tf-brl, 54.um4.23; Labrador herring, round, brls, $0.50.4 n. 7.1; do, tf-brl. C3.50fi3.75 5 scaled herring, per box, 3H.{ luc; No. I herring, 30j*33c; Columbia River salmon. tf-brl. sß.no. FUUITtt AND NUTS—Raisins are very firm at the late advance. Curranu are held slightly higher at the East, and are firmer here in sympathy. Fur other Im ported fruits there Is a comparatively steady market. The stock of domestics Is reduced to very small dimen sions, and prices are little more than nominal. We quote: /bfWgn-DntPs, oafltfc: tigs, layers, 15fil5tfot flgs, drums, iJtffilitfc; Turkish prunes, 6Wt7tfc; French prunes, kegs and boxes ,lhfil4c: raisins, layers, Si.orvj* 3.00 s loose aluicntel, $3.10*3.40; Valencia, iltffilltfc; Znnte currants, 7*lfißcs citron, 2K424c. Dwifllc-- Alden apples, lW)20c; Michigan apples, common. W-ciOc; choice, lOtf'-UOtfc: pared peaches, I7i-«luci blackberries, lltf'il2c; rasphurrlcs, 33ia34c; pitted cherries, 23<v21c. Suit— Filberts, i ifiiiHC; almonds. Tcrragonn, latf® 30c; Naples walnuts, lt>«l7c; French walnuts, new, llul2c; Greiiuldu walnuts. Mr-silc; Rrazlls, iwntfc pecans, Texas, lltf(-6l2c; Wilmington peanuts, SfiHtfc: Tennessee peanuts, SGOui African peanuts. ow6hc. UKKKS FRUlTS—Btruwbmlei were abundant, (he receipts, estimated at 1,000 cases, being (he largest of tho season. The cooler weather was a drawback to trade, and the fruit moved slowlyfuven atthodoclluc. Other fruits were unchanged : Strawberries, gooseberries, choice apples. $4.0x34.50 per brl; Messina oranges, SO. per boxilomona, $.1,504(1.00 per box: pineapples, pur dot; bananas, si.OO'*4..V) a bunch. UUOCKIUKS-WUh tho oxccptlon of a slight reduc tion in the quotations of nrlmo to fancy hlo coffee, thoquututlons of goods In this line rvinalu the same as at the close of last week. Trade was fair at the sub joined prices: /tier— Rangoon, 6H<i 7oj Carolina, 7Kdßc; Louisi ana, Oti(‘t7)ac. Cnfftu— O. G. Java. 30331 c; Java, No. 2,27328 c; choice to fancy Rlo,3jßfi2h!4c: good to prime do, 2i4£ci 2JHc; common to fair. 20W421c: roasting, lliWfeiOHc; blngnpore Java, 254t2f1c: Costa Rica, 22tf23Wu; Mara caibo. 22*4*210. Suyitrt— l'atenl cnUoaf, llNfillHc; crushed, llKfi U!fc; powdered, UPfillKc; grnuulatcd, lOMOlllet A, standard. lUHc; do No. 2. inc; li, tfict extra C, OHi DMc; C No. 2. yellow (J No. I. lAMOHo: do C No. 3, u>3»Hc; choice brown. fair to prime do, B)i<sßl4ct common do, 7«‘aHc: choice moiassea sugar, common to good do, TH'aSWc: New Orlenii, 7uio«c. , .sln/pe-Collfornla sugar-loaf drips, G83?oc; diamond drips, $f.(XV* 1. iu; silver drips, extra flue, uo-jiwo; good ■ugar-houso sirup, norg.vic; ultra do, 58ft0uc; Now Or leans molluscs, choice, Usfiußc; do prime, &.V4sßc; do, common to good. 4*«soe; I'orto Rico molamca, common molawics, SH'J loc; black-strap, uika.lOc. ctplce*—Allspice. l7(-il7Hct cloves, ftlfif,2c; cassia, 38it3ue: pepper. 17!4 ul8c; nutmegs, sMst*l.2o; Col cutla ginger, 14w«1514<!. A'oups—True blue, uWc; German Mottled. ottflTct Wlilto Lily, hfidUc; IVluiußosc. (K(Ot{c; Royal Savon, sH"i(!c; Havon Imperial, SHc; (lohk-n West, sl4^asHc. A/drcA-KxccUlor, laundry, 64ics7o; do, glota, 8143 oc; do. corn, tKid»Uc: Klngsford. pure, Thci do, stiver gloss, do, corn, KMKA4c. HAY—Was tu fair request fur local um and ship ment. the low freights having stimulated the outward movement. I’rlccs remain ns follows: No. i timothy, si;i.soi'il4.oo; No. 2do, $11.50; mixed do, $10,1*1; up land pralrlu. No. 1 do, Slollgtl. UlOliWlM-.B—Herein good demand, and scarce at the recent advance. Bales weru igu brls at 81-OB per gallon, and that figure was refuted by unu bolder. New York was ouolcd stronger, at #1.13, V.O. iluyd&Cu., of New York. wrlto that, '‘Until Congress makes some changes In the present unjust and most arbitrary law. and reduces the tax. there mud continue to be a want of security and safety lu dealing la distilled spirits. During the nut six months, high wines have been selling at a lower price—deducting the tax—than nt any time for several yean past. IIIDKB-Wero steady, excepting green calf, which were quitted nt 104>alfc. The demand Is fair, but deal* era say they arc receiving few orders and are carrying largo a tucks* (juotatlous: urecu city butchers', sc: green cured light and heavy, 7c; damaged, twa-thlrds prices to sc: part cured. ilwlKHu} green salted kip. 7ct green country. Stic; greeu rulf. luty.uiot dint hides, Tiosl'JKci dry Kip and calf, 124124 c: drr salted bidet, liet deacon skins, 4V»6Oc. oltsr-Wcro unchanged. There was a fslr business la progressut thonneesfulluttuigi Carbon, tlsdeg. tost, do Illinois legal test. jsu deg., Ktfothci Snow White, 160 test, do headlight, 173 deg.. extra winter lard oil. fl.oW'SMJft: NO. 1, uuuui’c: No. 2, 730; linseed, raw, 57vt6dc: i>oilod. (D 403 c: whole, wlnlrr-bluactied, 7thgßUci sperm, *2.15 4*2.25} uuaufuotoll, slrlctlypurc. 81.lSai.utn do ex* tra, tlSctdu No. I. 85c; bank oil, 65c 1 straits, uoot plumbago oil, 00476 c; turpcutlue, btMtoci naphtha, deodorized. UJ gravity, Weil Virginia oils, natural. 2ddeg., iku.'Hc; natural, au deg., gTauoci reduced. 2H deg., 2Ua22C. POULTRY— ivu scaxco and steady, though the de* mund was restricted. Boring chickens weru dull and weak at Bi-UK*2.W)j old chickens were quoted at #1.23 W4.76pordox. I'OTATOKB-Car loti were salable at sso for choice, and a car of common I’eocbblows brought 23c deliver* cd. Bales wore made from store at 35c. The supply hero is said tu bo light and uoevealy distributed among sellers, bonce tho demand for car lots, but It Is claimed that the prices ottered scarcely warrant shipping from the country. BKEDB-Tlmothy was quiet, but firmly held by the few sellers lu the market, at Si.4Ses2.oO fur prime, which was very source. Commou seed wu quoted at fi.1x1u2.30. Clover was nominal at 87.73. Hungarian and millet were Inquired for. but weru held higher, which fact hindered trading. Millet sold at 374564UC, and prime was quoted at 43&60c. Good to prime Hun garian was quoted at 4Ua&oc. wjALT—Was In fair demand aod steady: Saginaw and Onondaga, flue, 81.4 U: ordinary cornu, ft.TUi dairy, without bags. |2.73: dairy, with bags. 33.30-, Ashtuu dairy, per sack. 84.60. TEAS—Wo quote: Gunpoiforr-Commoo, soatoc: good do. 403450} medium, 4AV3OCJ good do, 6UisSci flue. fisacoc; flu* cbolcc, 70975 c; choicest, ftoausot fancy fMUUI. 16. A.ipwioi-Common, soasse: good do. ssdttoc: me* dlum, 4U>t43c; good do, 43U50ct fine. 609550; finest. 65<>00ot choice, 63(*700» choicest, 7lij76c. /jimn-Common, 80935 c; good common, ssaaset medium, 41X4430; good medium, 45<X4dct 0ne.60®550l fineii, BMBOC] choice, eoa«Oc j choicest, 70975 c. O0fo«9*"-Conmuni. soomoi good ctnnrnotx,-womb* medium, 40tt420t good medium, 43A46C) fine, 48<*5uot flnest, (WatWci choice. 009*20) cholecsf, fMWOM . MuUIJ-XTa* In fair demand at steady uncri. Orders xecmflllert rxs7..’vt Sat maple, for beech, and (a.tsiforslshs, delivered. . . . VKGEf AULliH—\Tcre plentiful hut slow, and several varieties wcroinwrrt Cnctimbers. fi.avil.ooperrtoz* en; green pea*. ft.B(v<l.7.iperbox: stringbeani. #2.TO cta.ft) per Dost asparagus, av?sooper dotem radishes, lAdcaso perdozent spinach. *1.60 per brli ple-plant, li*2ct Bermuda tomatoes. 80c per box. . . WOOL—There was no change. Nothing dcflnllocan be said concerning now wool. Old stock Is selling slow* ly nt Irregular pilces. Following are quotations for old: Tub*washed, prime. 4l*»npct do. poor to g00d.4034»c; wanned neoee. fine, good condition, 3.v*srot washed, medium do, 4t0:43e) unwashed, fine heavy to light, WMiii do medium ar>A2Hc: pulled, 30*a7c. LIVE STOCK. CHICAGO, CATTLE—Received during Sunday and Monday. 4,760 head. The market was dull, with price* leaning a Utile In buyers'favor. The depression was the result of the largo receipts and thn reported excessive snp* piles and lower prices at Now York and IlufTalo. Most of the forenoon was passed before shippers got (o work, they refusing lo take the stock exceptnt something "oil" from last week's prices, but later In the day there was n moderate movement ap only a trifling re-» ducllon. Butchers' stuff nnd stockcrs wore In some do* mand nt nominally steady Dgitrcs, the former selling principally nt«. nnd the latter nt $3.6094.(U. The stock left over unsold exceeded the nutnlicr dll posed of. and the market closed very quiet, Tlicrcwure some sales of light pony-built steers at prcity strong figures, Hall. I'utiorson ti Co. selling» drove at $4.30, which averaged only ttttl lbs. quotations. Choice Bewres—Fine, fat, well-formed 3 year to a year old steers, weighing I,sikj to 1,600 As $4.73(36.13 Good Beeves—Well-fattened steers, weigh* Ing 1,200 to 1,400 »s 4.0034.05 Medium tirades—Hirers In fair flesh, weigh* Ing 1.050 to 1.350 as 4.2334.C5 Uuichcfß' Btocfc—roor to fair steers, mid common to choice cows, fur city slaughter, weighing woo lo 1,1)0 ns 3.5034.23 Slock Cattle-Common cattle, weighing boo to t,050 as 9.6034.00 Inferior—Light nnd thin cows, heifers stags, bulls, and scalawag steers 3.6003.60 Prlre, .Vo, At'. Pflct, $4.75 in 1,077 $4.50 4.7.7 17 1,127 1.5.7 4.7.7 30 l.(MO 4JQK 4.7.7 1.7 1,010 4.!L7 4.70 1H 1.1.'1(1 4.1L7 4.70 10 038 4.00 4* 85 17 077 4.2.7 4.(UM:10 1,030 4.27 4.(UH IB 1,100 4.27 4.U2hi 10 0.70 4.00 4.0.7 117 800 4.00 4.07 17...'. 000 0.07 4.00 OT (Block**). 770 a. 75 4.C0 118 W» U. ,70 , m.iwoncnn. too receipts proving ,* than impeded. llio market early voakuos*. and In heavy grades and lelino of Srtioc wm Bunlalned. Choice tided about Saturday's figures. Tlicro 0X40.50 forscallawags, at SO.WVi?. 10 olrc light weights. and at 50.77047.00 heavy. Few cold above $7.00, or he* ’ extra Philadelphia* were taken at trtln Uros. Belting a load to Schwartz Dio course of prices la shown bytho y». An. in 1.37* 94 1.333 4h 1,310 in... - i.ioT 31 1.144 aa 47 I.HU 31 1,113 (VI 1.107 17 1,133 w i,«i:i 18 1,314 48 I.IOS 18 . IIOGS-HccclTed. conalderabljr larcer •bowed Blijna of w< common llghtadar bacon lota coinmnn were rnlM At to. U fur comnioii to cho> for poor to prime Ii 10w3n.80. A few higher figure*. Ur Him at *7.40. following: noo Slf.BS. yo. /Jr. Price. 47.. ..103 87.00 M....1H8 7.00 113.. ..220 7.00 50.. .181 7.(0 24.. .221) 7.0 b C0....HW 7.00» 7.00 3D....208 7.00 :u....250 7.00 7H.... IDS 7.00 20.. .2(10 7.00 37.. 7.(X) 40.. 228 7.00 00....317 0.00 uu....urj u.oo 40.. 200 0.1)0 38.. ..290 0.00 32.. 227 0.00 21.. e.oo 42.. ..273 6.00 42.. ..273 0.00 4.1.. ..tOO 0.00 31)....212 0.00 An. At. Price. 05.. ..103 80.00 22.. .3(0 0,00 j\o. Ao. Price. 30.. 'M2 (7.40 6(1... IIW 7.10 61.. 7.10 c0....un 02.. .172 7.10 4!*....173 7.10 43.. .210 7.10 41. ...173 7.10 M1....173 7.00 H1....197 7.00 42.. 7.00 67.. .1M 7.00 76.. ..230 7.00 a 0... 103 7.00 1K1....1H0 7.10 :n....iw) 7.05 ion ..160 7.a-» 22.. ..106 7.06 22.. ..184 7.06 36.. ..UM 7,06 an.... 196 7.06 C 0.... 100 7.06 47.. ■.’o7 7.1X1 22.. 7.00 KIIEEP—OnIy two car-loads were reported for yeatcr day's market. In the absence of transactions value* must b« regarded as ‘ nominal at (3.76< for poor to choice stioru. 50.. .376 n.DO 40.. ..307 (3,00 111.. 251 6.83 47.. (1.8.1 W1....250 0.8.1 38.. ..204 0.00 3.5.. 6.00 81.. .280 0.80 :17....244 aao 32.. .21X1 6.75 28.. 254 0. HO 20.. .314 6.75 20.. 274 0.75 20.. ..23.1 0.75 20.. ..255 0.60 25.. < 6.50 3.1.. ..158 0.25 27.. ..133 0.10 21.. 0.40 21.. 0.75 Nnw Yobb, May 22.—flrerra— Rccelple. .1.070. making p.soofor the week, against to,Rio lust weeks quality fnlr to good, generally nearly all native steers, corn fed: market dull and weak at a reduction of J(c com pared with current rates a week ago: a few extra nud fancy steers retalled-at $11.(Wi11.25; strictly prlmo freely offered at ripe steers, 1.400 to 1,450 ds, $10.00: same lightest steers, 80.00fiu.25. In cluding 2 can Cherokee cattle, fair to very good, at Bu.UHiilo.oo, 50 fts: a car-load of fat ■tlli-fcd bulls, ats4.3opcr 100 n-a, live weight, . . Sheep— Receipts, 7,280. niaklng2i,7so for tho week, against is, too lust week; prices further declined nearly i&; sales Slow nlßi.sofio.62tf for clipped; $7.0008.00 forunsbom; for spring lamb*. . .Virtne—Uecelpts, 8.780, making 22,000 for tbo week, ogalnst 18,850 lost week; none offered alive. BAST LtnCllTT. Kas-t Libebtt, Pa., May 22.— Oattle—Receipts since Friday, 64 can of through stock ami 41 for sale here. In all. 1,785 head; total for tho week. 0,375, against 7,263 the week before; supply light so far; no business doing but retail, y/ops—Receipt* for three-days past, 5,280 head: total for (he week, 18.030, against 6.770 last week; Yorkers. $7.1037.30; Philadelphia*, *7.50 37.75. .SAetp- Receipts for three days, 3,200 head; to tal for tho week, 21,800, against last week; more selling. St. Lovtb, May 22. I/oat— Active but lower; York ers. BU.4ofiD.7os Imcon.ffJ.OU'rtd.M; butchen*, 80.75fi 0.00. Ca«ff—Slow and quiet; not quotably changed: good to choice, $4.0535.1254; pony steers, $3.87)4(is 4.25; cows, $3.75(04.00; slocters, $3.25^3.37J4i feed ers, «$.37J4cJ$, 03- crociXKATr. CntctKKATi. May 2J.— Hog*— Bioadyi common to Rood lljtht, «5.7ac«7.00s fair to Rood beavjr, 7.3 A: bulk of talcs at $0.8007.10; receipts. I, W3j ship* menu, two. _ LUMBER. The cargo market woe active and steady for most de* scrlptlonsof lumber, though the offerings were hoary, about 40 cargoes being at the docks In the morning. About 20 laics were mode. Joists and scantling brought SB.OO when standard, and inch lumber Cft.avftll.AO. Lftth were quoted atCt.2501.37M. and shingles $2. 12M 02. DO. The yard business continues fair at the annexed prices: First and iccond clear. Third clear, I Inch Third clear, thick 33.0**8.1.00 Clear flooring, tint and second, rough 50.0U%33.00 Clearaldlng, flrst and second 17.txxsl8.00 First common aiding 15.004a18.00 Flooring, flntcoimnoo. dreued 33.00*30.00 Flooring, second common, drc&acd 32.00a31.00 Pox boards, A 3.1.«*5m.(0 llox boards. U 2».a*5«37.00 A stock boards, 10 and 12 In. 11 stock boards Cstock boards.... Common boards arid fencing 10.00Mi2.ii0 Common lumber. 18 ft and under 3 In 10.aw11.00 Juhts and scantling, 30 to 34 ft 12.00441.1.00 Lath I.BOM 1.75 Asblogles BY TELBGRAPn. FOREIGN. Special Dlfpatch lo TAe TWfrune. tmurooL, May 33 n a. m.—A7our—No, 1,315; No. 2. 32a. Grain—Wheat—Winter, No. 1, OslOd; No. s, osod; spilng, No. 1, OsOd; No. 2. MSds whUcANo. 1, Os IOd; No. 3. oa Bd; club, No. 1.10a4d; No. 3, Os lid. Corn- No. 1,30 s 3d; No. 2,30 s. iVorfrlona-Pork, 83s Od. Lard, f>7sCd. Litkbioou May 33—1:30 |>. m.— J’rovitiom— J.:rd, 67s Od. 1 Heat unchanged. Litibpool, May 23 Latest.— Cotton— Market easier; 6WSOS*IO; sales, 10,000 bales, including 0,000 for speculation and export, and 5,700 bales American. Preadaliidfr-Callfomia white wheat, average, osSdCft OslOd; do club. Os ilddioald; rdd Western spring, No. 3to No. 1. 8s SdftOs dd; do winter, Os OdfiOl lOd. Flour —Western canal, 32aa3ls. Corn—Western mixed, SOS O2oa sd. Oat*—American, asQSsOd. Harley—Amerl* can, 3a (id. Peas—Canadian, SOariSOaod. Clcttr Sted— American, SSadSOOa. Provitiom— Prime meu pork, 82s Od. Prime meal beef, 85a, Lard—Arocrloan, 57a. Choeie—Fine Amer ican, o.ia. -Paeon—Long clear, 60s Od; • short clear, 525. Tlil/oir—Fine American, ; 4ls. > JV(ro/«um-Splrlia, a»3ai ad; refined do, IQSOdails 3d. Untetd 0(1-231. if<*in—Common, fls; ftalc, Ids. Spirit! Turpenlint— 2ss. Lomdok, May33.—Pctcolsum-Ueflaed, its. URttMOU-m sd. Pile Peetn-istlisa, Spirit! Fur/jenUne—3la odO3li Od. imilr, May 2X—Afrolewm—3B. PRODUCE. NSW YORK. Ntvr Toss, May 23.— CVHtuy-Msrkei duTli 139 12 a*loc; futures barely steady; May, 13 S*Bsc<)t3 37-33CJ June. 1137*93ailMe:*JBly. »MO9ISS*3iC( August. 137-83 C: September, 13 9 83012 s*loo} Octo* her. 127-82C} November, 135*330138-1901 Dvcemoer, 13 5*830129*1(10} January, 120*32912 B*tSo;February, 1249137-16 C. A/our-ReceloU. S#o.ooobrls: No, X $3.1093.00} su per State and Western, 84.15444. co: common to good ox* tra. 89.0549.35} good to choice. 85.4005.75} white wheat extra, 85.8007.75} extra Ohio, 85.0507.00} St. Louis, 85.8009.00} Minnesota patent process, fthCOO D.oo. Uye flour flrroert 84.7605.30. CDrn-if«l-quiet but steady} Western, 8X8503.30. Grain Wheat firmer} moderately sctlvei while Michigan, old, 81.60} No. 3 Chicago spring. 81.16} No. 2 Milwaukee, to arrive, 81.35: No. 3 Milwaukee, 81.1H} *o. lapring, t1.50c1.33i rejected do. fl.oa; uogradeddo, |l. 1041.23. live quiet and unchanged. Horloy quiet, Maltqulctand unchanged. Corn In fair demand: receipts. 195.0U0 bu: mixed unmerchant able, mUci do, *oo grade, 6rt9sßUc; do, steamer, uwi«moi low-mixed, graded. 00401 mixed graded, 9241*9240: new Western mixed, ungraded, 574(4050. Uau— Receipts. ouuu) bu} mixed Wtwtsra ana Stale. 34<443t»u: white Western and State, 4lii*4Bc, jiau— Firm and unchanged, i/ops—Unchanged. Orottritt-Cofot quiet and unchanged. Bagarquiet and unchanged. lUcequlol but steady. mroUufit— Flrmcrt more Inquiry: erode, 64c 1 re fined, 144u14K0t cases. IH4&210. Tui/oin—Steady; 8 IM&iWc. /hralnrd Aenn—Dull: f1.704t.80. Terpen line—Easier; 824 c. Jii/gi— Quiet: Western, 1691UC. fVorislons-J’ork steady; new mesa. *30.80930.85; May. 820.75: Jqua, 820.80; August, |2L25| closing si 82i.11fc31.15. Long clear middle*, western. lIJ4OI city. ilfiOtio. Ltrd stusdyj prime steam. 81X664 jfutUr~ unchanged. iUt.VIMSu. rniusniLPori. FBiLssiLPitis. May 3X-d«d« —Olorer, 818.009 17,(0} timothy. BXOO4XBS} flax, 45c. Flour-tinner feeling for belter grades:-extras, 94.874: Wisconsin and Minnesota family, 85.60cq.6Q} Pennsylvania, - Indiana, and Ohio, fd-25*17.00 for high *Of ala-Wbeat Inactive; receipts, 15,000 but Pennsyl vania red. 81.45} amber,'Bl-4S6SI 50; sprouted West* era. Bl.fcßl.Ust, white, -ft.&fcl.OLl r Uye, 86987 c. CorofalrlyacUTsl exports, 65, : yellaw, rntfimci mixed, eoct white; mei an, uc ale. Opts neglected; white, iaatto; mixed. 87038 C. fof rohnetft lojao fof crude. IP»f»ty-Btesdyt •l.lßfor’WMlrrti. //tiffer—Downward tdudmicyi New York, Bradford County, extras, sav27c; lir»tn, aPcaso; western extras, JG'fJfloj firsts, 22»ttact rolls, Western extra*. stifle; Arts, aiVdsiie. New York, IOAISc; Wciterfa fine, tl aW*-Diill| No. 1 Western fresh, UOM^c, nii.Tiuonn. nAi.rtuoar, May aa.—/7ot<r—in fair demand; steady and arms Western superfine, fu.aaw.3o; extra, $4,604 6.50; family, f.WK»7.fl<u Grrifn—Wheat firm; moderate demand; No. 3 Wert ern ml.-f1.47t .Pennsylvania do. f i.4*»1.60. Corn In fair demand, steady; (Vestcrnjmlxed, me. Oats quiet, but Arm; white Western, 43a; mixed Western, 88<iv40c. I lye, TOATnc. //ay-l’ennsytvfinlaand Maryland, locate. /*r<7rtsfffns-l)nll.iowrr,nuil wralc; mess pork,fat.9oft 31.73; bulk shoulders,7*(c.«nci clear rib, tojle. Bacon— Hhouhlm.oMc; clearrfb.l2‘|c; hams,MkldsiaJic. Lard dull and heavy; rcflncd.*l3.2flftl3.C2>4. /hitter— In fair domnntl and steady; Western, 30020 c. /Vrrorrum—Crnrlo.HW'tHWe; reflnrrt.Me. and heavy; Ulo cargoes, ifltitßo; Jobbing, Wf**g—Markeldnll; ti.n. . BT. Lons, May aa.-buma-bnll and tower; mid dling, iai»c; low middling, Hd£c; good ordinary, umo. Ft'tnr— Quiet and unchanged. Groin—wheat dull and lower lo sail; No. a red win ter. S|.37bid cash; $1.33 bid June; No. 8 do. ft.2o asked. Corn firmer; No. a mixed, 45ft43M0 cash; June. Gall-Market dull; s:to old; re jected. 2mc. Hye doll and unchanged. Barley dull and unchanged. » AMA-v-Stcady and unchanged at fi.OR. /Vorfmns—Pork—Markoidull: Lard dull and nominal; Hulk meats—Nothing doing: nominally shoulder?, 7M; clear rlh, loWtHW*. Bacon dull ami lower; shoulders. MitaeKc; denrrlb, liailHc; clear. IlMullHe. /«re/i>w—Flour, 0.000 brls; wheat, 31,00 but corn, 44,u00bu; oats, lu.uwbu; rye, bu; barley, a.ow bu. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, May 22.—CVhon—ball, weak, and lower; ;i Hie. ■ ’ F/OMf—Otilct; $3.00ft5.85. Grain—Wheat dull and nominal; fl.loftt.3o. Corn nctlvci a shade lower; filfltflso; 63c June; Me seller till November. Data dulft Sflt-uae. Hye Urm; 73573 C. . /Vortsfons-Pork nominally unchanged nt $20.75. Lard steady: steam, kettle. Bulk meats fair and lower; shoulders, 7e: clear rlh. 100 cash: u»Wc buyer June; lulie do July; clear, IOJ4O. Bacon niilcts bk c; niJ4-.t11c5 llJilttlKc irAGt-y—Steady; Sl.u7. 'Western lleserve, 30331 c; Central Ohio, ISdotOc; packing grades, 14<313c. MILWAUKBB, Milwaukee. May 22.—/7our—Dull and unchanged. (/min— Wheat opened firmer: )fia higher: closed firmer for cash; -options weak: No. i Milwaukee, sl.l7>{: hard. fI.S4; No. a.; June, fl.oo; July, fI.U); No. u, hue. Corn Icm firm: No. a dull at M<j Me. Oats fair and lower; No. 3. May and Juno. 32c. Uyoscarcu and higher i No. l, 72c. Barley In light de mand; declinedSijUJc; No. asprlug, 7ac; No. Bda nom inally 4hc. J-Yelphi*— lnactive and nominal; wheat to Buffalo, 3Mc: to Oswego, uc. Juceiptu— Flour, a,onobrlst wheat (10,000 bn. Flour, 8,000 brlst vrbeat, 167.000 bu. TOLEDO. ToT.Bno.May 32.—FTo«r-Firm. Grain—Wheat firmeri No. 3 while Wabash, $1.42: So. U white Michigan, $1.35: extra do, f 1.43: amber Michigan, $t.aoM<«l,«0)(: June, 81.90#: No. 3 amber Michigan, 81.13#: No. 3 reel winter, 11.03} No. 8 Dayton & Michigan red. Sl.iu: rejected red, D2c; do Lake Shore. OOc, Corn steady; high mixed, Met Jnne. «3c: July, 53#cs low mixed, MJc; no grade, 50#e, Oats dull: No. 3. sac; Michigan. 30c. /receipt*—Flour, none; wheat, 13,000bu:corn, 10,000 bu; oats. 0.000 hu. A/.ipmen/i-Floilr. 2.000 brlit wheat, 1,000 bu: corn, l.OOObusoaU, 4.300hu. nosTOjf. Boitok, May 23.—F7<jur-stearty: Western super fine, $<.00(5/4.351 common extras, 54.75W5.0U: Wis consin and Minnesota extra family, $5.0047.00; win ter wheat. Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, frt.004i7.00; Illinois, frt.u*>B.33: su Louis, f0.25-io.oo: fancy Minnesota and Wisconsin. *7 .undo. 60. . Grain—Corn, mixed ami yellow, osH-gOrte. Oats, mixed and No. 3 white, 43&4de: rejected, 420: No. 1 white, 53W30C. BUFFALO. Buffalo, May 22.—Grain-Wheat dull; sales, 07,- 000 but *1.2» for No. i Milwaukee club: 81.41 for white winter. Corn dull: car lots at 35c; sample at 52f*r>lc. Oats—Nothing doing. Hye—Nothing doing. Barley—Nothing doing. CMmil /VekrA/s—Lower: wheat, o#c: corn, oc; oats, 4c, to Now York. TOBACCO. LOUISVILLE MARKET. (lUportnl by Alexander llarthlll, Tobacco Broker) I.ouinvillb, Ky., Slay 20.—Tlie receipts for this week were 1,500 hlnls, being about 100 more than last week, of wblcb 1.1U3 were put on the market, and, with ioi reviews, made the saloa this week aggregate 1,290 hhds, being SOB leu titan last week. Among tho oiTcrtngs there was a good proportion of the better grades of heavy tobacco, while the recent hot weather has shown Its effect In the soft and heated condition of more hogsheads than wohavo seen for some time. The speculative demand lion continued during tho cntlrd week, and been confined to tho free purchases of heavy lugs and common to medium heavy leaf, which on Wednesday and Thursday were more Irregular and easier than they were before or slnco. With considerable leu offered during tho lost two days, the market was strengthened, and the wcskcloses with firm prices, which It will be seen are higher by 00c on common lugs and SI.OO to $1.50 on good heavy lugs, the latter exceptional, however, being the extreme prices for somo rich heavy lugs of somcof the heavy leaf selections sold this week. Common to medium heavylcaf sola In some Instances from to $2,00, and good to selections at SI.OO over Inst week. With the exception of one of the Regie buyer*, who bought good dry lugs freely all tho week up tIU yester day, tho other regular buyers showed little disposition to take hold of the lower grades at tho prices specula tors were paying, so that the market for the styles and grades they were buying has been sustained entirely by the country speculators, of whom one or two now ones appeared on the breaks this week. The higher grades were bought Irrespective of any “plant” excitement by those who were guided solely by the law of supply and demand. Manufacturing tobnecot hare been very firm, (rood and flno fllicra realizing 81.00 higher, with occasional bogthcada, however, going at Inst week's prices. The bent black wrappers sold up to $17.79, which Is soo higher than last week, but, coDalderlngquamy, It Is SI.OO tllghertbsnlast week. Lowcrquatlllea hare advanced In the same ratio, with a scarcity of all grades. Ma hogany wrappers, of which we hid very few, sold alio • •1.00 higher. One tub thin bright Virginia wrapper sold at $39.00, and i tub extra bright at f 00.00. Smok ing tobaccos partook of the general activity, and com .mon imoken are &oc higher, and good colony from $1.(10 to $1.60 higher, with few of the latter offered. The receipts of cutting tobaccos were very light, par ticularly of the nner grades, with no selections this week. The demand was active during the entire week, and prices are SI.OO higher on tho different grades sold. The offerings of export tobaccos wero In good propor tion to others, for which there was an active specula tive demand by outsiders for common to medium grades leaf, and common and good lugs, showing an advance of SI.OO<jW.W, particularly on the lugs of tbe fine leaf selections, specialties of rich wrapping leaf was In flood demand by exporters, wrappers sell ng up to SlH.oo this week, which, although 29c leas than the highest of last week, were, considering quality and order, at least fioo higher. Several who houghtlastweekontrpceulatlTDaccouat have bought little or none this week, the largo receipts now coming, In daily, the very favorable weather during the last week for the plants, and tho contradictory reports which come from even ttie heavy tobacco districts, has caused the regular export buyers to be cautious In their operations for the present,—the only exception to this being fur very rich heavy wrappery selections for both the North and South of Europe,—which they take readily at full prices. 1 revise quotations as follows: Jfanffeserltit. lUtmi bodlttf. CutUno. Common lng»<a 0.00 $ 0.0x9 7.00 $ e. 004 7.00 flood lugs 6.u>rf c. 90 7.01x4 u.oo 7.0X4 0.00 Common loaf.. 0.9tX4 h.cjo o,oix<gii.uo o.ooteii.oo Ooudleaf 8.00410.0) 11.00*13.(10 11.0X4M.00 Fine leaf in.oo>4is.oo 14.00418.00 Belections ia.oxeiß.39 Nominal. With $1.0033.001eas forbhds which are light weight or la bad order. _ .$30.00338.00 . 30.00rA33.00 3.i!00a37100 19.00417.00 3.404 3.79 DRY GOODS. NnwYonr, May 33. Dullness was generally quiet with commtulon house* and Importer*. Tbe Jobbing trade' was moderate. Ucavy caasltnercs and wonted coatings were In fair demand by clothiers. Light weight caaslmerei continued quiet. Cotton goods were dull In lint bands. Fancy prints were quiet, but shirt ing styles wero la fair demand. Foreign goods move •lowly. There will be large suction isles this week of domestic cottons manufactured by prominent New England Arms. Six thousand packages will be sold to morrow, and alike amount Thursday, COTTOW, Monits, Ala., May 33. Cotton—'Weak and Irregular; middling*, 11H3I1UC1 not receipts, IBlbnlci; exports to Great Britain, 4,044; to France, 1,328; coastwise, 344; sales, 250. Citsblbstok, 6, C., May 33.—Cotton—Quiet; mid dlings. llMdlllfo; net receipts, 77 boles; exports to Groat Britain, 3,033; to France, 1,800; coastwise, 409; sales, 190. Batahkae, Go., May 23.—Cotton—Dull and easier; lower to sell; middlings, lIHc; receipts, soobalcs; ex ports, coastwise, 170. Oslvbstok, Tux., May 33.—Cotton—Quiet; mid dlings, llHc; net receipts, 387 boles; export, coast wise, 2,133; sales, BOt. PETROLEUM. Cl*nland, 0.. Way ad.—Petroleum firm and quiet; standard white, 110 deg. test, lie; prime while, 150 deg. test, 12c, car lots. Pittsbobo, Pa., Way 33.—Petroleum quiet and firm t crude, | Parker’s; refined, HHUUXc, pblls dcJphla delivery. MAIUNB. CHICAGO. Arrivals—Schr Radical, Dlack Creek, cedar poets; scbrQ. M. Filer, Ludlngton, lumber; achr L. 11, Davie, Ludlngtoo, lumber; schr 11. C. Al brecht, Norwood, wood; schr M. Mueller, Muske gon, lumber; achr City of Chicago, Traverse Day, wood; achr Q. L. Beaver, Muskegon, lumber; scow Coaster, Grand Uavaa, wood; stmr Corona, St. Joe, sundries; stmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc, sun dries; schr Harriot Ann, McAllister’s Pier, wood; prop Peerless, Houghton, sundries; scbrCbarlotfo Rash, Horn’s Pier, wood; schr Driver, Feosankee, cedar posts; schr Mystic, Muskegon, lumber; ■ebr L. Van Valkenburg, Traverse Day, wood; schr Magdalena, Ludwig Pier, wood; schr E, P. lloyce, Bagiocsrßay. cedar.posts; schr Presto, Grand Haven, plica; schr XL 0. Crawford, North Bay, telegraph poles; schr B. F. Wade, White Lake, lumber; schr Kata Lyons, Muskegon, lumber; prop T. A. Scott, BulZalo, sundries; schr J. F. Da Condras, Grand Haven, piles; achr Minnie Wing, Fentwater, lumber; schr Ella Ellin wood, White Lake, lumber; schr J. A. Holmes, Ludlngton, wood; -sebfD. R. Owen. Pino River, cedar posts{ acow Laorsl, White Lake, bark; achr Clipper City, Wbito Lake, lumber; achr J. 6. Kitchen, Escanaba, pig iron; achr Reciprocity, Manistee, Ice; prop 0. P. Heath, Saugatucic, son dries; : #chr R. B. King, White Lake, wood; stmr Muskegon,. Walkegon, Sundries, brig Com merce, Menominee, lumber: schr Lottie Cooper, Ludlngtoo, lumber; scow Wilton, White Lake, lumber; schro.lL Johnson, Eicanaba,,piglron; retir Andrew Jackson. -Mania!*#, lnmber;>chrTl«* State, Menominee, lumber; ichr Florence. Man* koßon, lumber; schr Two Charlies, Grand Haven, lumber; prop M. (Ifoh; Manistee, lumboK: srh, Albatross, white lllver, lumber; sebrj. A; film, nach, Manlatcc, lumber; scow M. N. Dunham I’lko'a Pier, wood; prop Nnhnnl, Saginaw. lam’, her; schr Flying Cloud, Orend *Wj loSl her? scbivlL Mott. Oconto, lumber* prop IL w. Blanchard. Buffalo, sundries: nchrSatalnta, Evanston, llgntjscbrJanoßeil.Porl an Sable, lumber; schr 8. ,1. Luff, Ford Hirer,lam* ber;acbrßlackhnwk. Lndlngton, lumber; schrit Mosher, Cheboygan, lumber; achr .I. It, Noyofc Oswegn, cool; schr At J. Mowry, Lincoln, (tun* boriachrC. It. Johnson, Frankfort., lumber; achr Pilot, Portage Pier, lumber; achr Four Brother*. Manlaleo, lumber; achr Great West, Oconto, Innw her; achr Florida, Oharlollo, coal; achr Lumber man, Black Creek, lumber; achr lllveraldo, Sodns coal; achr Jo Dresden, Muskegon, lumber; achr J. B. Merrill, Ponsaukee, lumber; scow Agnes, White Lake, lumber; achr Ada Mcdorn.Fordlllver, lumber; achr Mary Conley, Cleveland, coal; prop O. ,T, TrncsdoU, Green Bay. aundrlca; achr Ostrich, Green Bay,. Intnbcr; achr Norman, Menominee! lumber; achr AunloM. Peterson, Green Bay, lum ber; achr 8. P.- It. Watson, Buffalo, coal; achr Vermont, Muskegon, lumber; sebr A. J. Hoiera, Kscatmba, Iron ores ichrHcvcnth Ohio, Cedar Hir er, cedar posts; achr A. 11. Moss, Kscnnalm, Iron ore; achr Merchant, Gscanaba. wood; achr Maine, Lndlngton, lumber; schrC. Hibbard, Alaska, rail road Hess schr Mary B. Hall, Suamlco, lumber; sebr Belle Brown, Lake Traverse, wood; bark Naiad, Oconto, lumborjachrillnoralState, Alpena, lumber; schr Mont Blanc, Alpena, cedar posts; schr Ironsides. Cedar Hlvcr. lumber; sebr Mont calm, Alpena, lumber; achr Mocking Bird, Buffa lo, coal. Clrabanom—Stmr Corona, St. Joseph, aundrlos; achr Daniel Lyons, Kingston. ID, 038 bu com; sebr Laurel, Duck Lake. 10 brls Hour; stmr Muskegon, Muskegon, f brla liquor and sundries; schr Ad vance, Michigan City, 00 eda stono; prop-Law rence, Ogdcnaburg, 11,081) bn wheat, 10 brie (lour, 70 brla pork, and sundries; propT. A. Scott, Eric, 800 brla (lour; schr 11. Hand. Kewaunee, £OO keganails; achr 0. M. Filer, Ludluglon, 0 tona hay, C brla pork, LAKE FREIGHTS; cniCAQO. The local market waa very dull, at wheat and 2Q3>{c for corn to Buffalo. Thcro was some inquiry for largo vessels to load atMllwaukcc. The schr A. L. Andrcwa was taken for 10,000 bo corn to Kingston at n>xc, and In the afternoon tbs J. C. Uurrlsou for 34,000 bu wheat to Buffalo nl SKc. ELSRWIIERB. Milwaukee, May 20,—There were but few In quiries for grain vessels yesterday. The engage ments were: Prop Nebraska, <IO,OOO Im wheat to Buffalo on through rate to New York. The scht Polly M. Rogers, 22,000 bu wheat to Buffalo at 2>4c. Buffalo, May 20.—Dull. Vessels walling for higher freights on coni to Chicago.- Charters: nchr Corsican, coni, hence to Toledo at Ssc per ton; schr Newsboy, coal, Cleveland to Milwaukee at 40c per ton, an advance of 6c. A MEAN - CAPTAIN. Capt. D. 0. Linde, a fisherman at Washington Harbor, Wls., writes to Tub Tninunß for the In formation of vessels which arc liable to get aground on the shoals In that vicinity, that they need not expect any assistance, In case of disaster, from the fishermen at Washington Harbor. As the cause far this bo relates the following circumstance: On the 28th or 20th of November last the schr MaryL. Higgle cot oahoro on Fisherman Shoal and hoisted a flag of distress. The wind was blowing a gale from the Northwest. Cant. D. O. Linde launched his boat, and hired three men to assist him, and succeeded In rescuing the Captain and crew, and landed them on Washington Island. Cnpt, Linde came near losing bis life, and spilt the keel of bis boat. Seven of the crew slopped at Ids house for six days, and ho attended to tbclr wants to the best of h!s ability. When the time came to settle the fisherman wan offered $lO by the Cantata of the Higgle. This the fisherman refused, an the damage to hia boat amounted to more than that, not speaking of the board of the crew and the hire of the three men Ho thought $23 would bo little enough. The Captain, whoso name Is Moore, however, rufused to pay this amount, and left without paying tho poor fisherman anything for his services. Hr. Linde closes bin letter with tho following pronouncta mento: ‘ ‘ Captains who sail on the lake, bo careful and do not run on Fisherman’s Shoal this sum mer, for, tf you do, you will have to stop there until tho storm Is over. Men do not like to risk their lives and property and then got no thanks for X/AICE MICHIGAN. CHICAGO. '• A fall account of the effect of yesterday's gale on tho shipping at this port will bo found In the local columns.... Tho “northeaster" brought In a large fleet of vessels, and tho river la mors crowded than It has "been at any time this season. ....Considerable damage was done by yesterday’s gale to tho club-house of tho Parrnent Boat-Club at tho foot of Thirteenth street....Tuo schr S. V. R. Watson, which arrived bore yesterday, Is tho first vessel from Buffalo this season which had been laid up there.... Tho schr Annie M. Peterson ar rived tioro yesterday. Sho Is tho first sail vessel which baa made tho ronnd trip between berc and Buffalo this season. Sho mado the run from Death’s Door (tho entrance to Green Bay) to Chi cago In twenty-three hours.... Tho tug-men com plain bitterly (hat tho fishermen are allowed to spread their neta around the wreck of the Falcon, thus obstructing tho entrance to the harbor.... Tho schr C. L. Johnson was damaged to tho amount of about SBOO by collision ia tbo river yes terday. ...Information was received hers yesterday that the schr Perry Hanna Is ashore on Plnm Island at Death’s Door. Tho Annie Laurie tried to pull,heroff yesterday morning, but was un sacccssful. Shots loaded with cedar posts. An other effort to get her off will bo made to-day. Tim LOO OP THE PEERLESS. The prop Pocrlcea, of Leopold A Austrian's lakt Snponor People's Line, has made tho first round trip between Chicago and Hancock, Lake Superior. Tbe following abstract from her log lolls tho story of her trip: Loft Chicago at 7 o'clock p. m. May 7; arrived at MnrquoUo, noon, Huy 12; worked through heavy ico from tho Sault to Marquette; was the first passenger-boat through; ar rived at Hancock' 1:15 p. m. Hay 111; left Hancock bound down at 3p. m. Hay 10; encoun tered heavy Holds of ico; arrived at Marquette at noon Hay 17. There were in port the barges Sparta, Hale, Havana; Jareckt, Pay, Egyptian, Wilson ami tows. LcftHarqaettoat 3 n. ra. Mnj 18; again worked through Ico to Sault River; wat cold and freezing; arrived at tho Sault 8 a. m. Mnj 10; encounterca heavy fog from Mackinaw to Mil waukee. and n severe ball and thunder-storm on thonlghtof tho 20 th; arrived at Chicago at 4:30 a. m. Hay 22. The Peerless brought down a full load of plg-irot and sundries, and a largo number of passengers. She will leave again for Lake Superior, from Leo pold & Austrian's dock, foot of Washington street* this evening at 8 o'clock. A DISASTER AT KENOSHA. Special Dtipatch to 77k« JWftuns. Kenosha, Wlb, , Hoy 22. —Tho scow Supply, of Milwaukee, In trying to make this port thin after nron, struck the south harbor frier, staving a large bole la her bow, and drifted on the beach. BUFFALO. Special Dtrpateh to TTte Tribunt. BOffAto, N. Y., May 22.—The Buffalo Elcvatot Association to-day reduced elevation to Sc per bu. The vessel pays He and the grain He, with the privilege of five days' storage, and Ho additional for every succeeding ten days. Arrivals to-day—Props Idaho, Passaic. Cnnisteo, Jay Gould, Ohio and barges, Ryan, J. T. Johnson; schrs Goshawk, Montldelio, and North Capo. Scbrs Van Vulkenburg and Lottie Wolfo char tered coal from Erie to Chicago at 60c per Um, aa advance of 10c. . Canal freights declined to-day to OJ*c for wheal andßHc for com to Now York, tho lowest roles ever known. BUIH. Special DUpateh to The TW&una. Emr Pa.,- May 22. Arrivals—Prom Chicago, prop Alaska. Ttie departures for tho above to-day were: Prop Arizona, Chicago; tug Tiakowlt and tow, -Mar quette; prop Milwaukee. Detroit vessel-owner# are confident' of another rlee lu freights. Large quantities of coal are on tho docks awaiting shipment, and if vessels hold on lone enough, at about UOC, will bo realised. DULUTH. Special Diipatck to The TVttwns. St. Paul, Winn., Way 21.—Pleasant weather continues at Duluth, but the situation la un changed, except that tho steamers appear to bavo worked a little nearer tho /shore. Tho wind la steady from the northeast, holding the lea firm. PORT HURON. Special Ditpaieh to The Tribune., Port Huron, Mich., May 83.—Down— flebrs Ayr, Ferret,. Grace Whitney, M. L. MyaUo Star, Cavalier. Up—Sheldon and consort. Wren—Northwest, blowing a gale. Weather Rear. Fort Huron, Mich., May 22—10 p. m.—Down— filrars Manitoba, Marine City, Philadelphia, Wales, and barges; schra Wayne, Sweetheart, Manzanillo, F. J. Danford, U. A. Kent, Our Bon, Seaigum Lucerne, Homo, Emma L. Coyne, Middlesex, Annie Craig, M. 0. Upper. „ Ahuiyvu Up—Props Vanderbilt,' City of Fro* moot. City of New York; schrs Sligo, Parana, Erestus Corning, B. R. June, J. D. Sawyer. Wind—North; brisk. Weather clear. . . A tow barge, lumber-laden, was towed In to* might logged and sunk to tbo decks. Ueruamd was not ascertained. ___ THE CANAL. . BniDoironT, May 22.—Auhjvbi*—Andrew Jack* sot. LaSalle, 6,300 bn com; prop City of Henry, Henry, 4,600 ba corn; Illldore, Henry, 6,600 ba com. „ „ Clsabip—W. R. Steel. Bird’s Bridge. 64,143 ft lumber; propMontauk, Lockport,4,ooobuwhea* 23m shingles; OrUwold, Mlnooka, 76,430 ft lon

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