Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 24 Mayıs 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 24 Mayıs 1876 Page 3
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TILE COURTS. ACioocl Exhibit from the Receiver o/the Teutonia Life Insur ance Company. An Interesting Chapter from tho Secret History of tho Fourth National Hank* Homo light Thrown Upon the Manner in Which tho Pubiio Are Fleeced by Contractors. The Alton Unllroml Tux CfISC-«M!Bccl lancous Matters of lutorcst* THS TEUTONIA LIPS INSURANCE COMPANY. Hubert Dllgcr, Receiver of the defunct Teu tonia Life-Insurance Company, filed Ids first re port yesterday In the Circuit Court, shoeing that Hie assets of the Company consist of cash j u hand to the amount of $19,370.28; good mortgages and trust-deeds, $05,503; bank stack, about $0,500; and $5,000 In real estate and some outstanding hut unsecured claims. Thu claims against the estate consist of death-losses on pol ties, the surrender value of policies, and other claims for which vouchers have been issued. There are still 415 policies outstanding, of which 120 have not been presented for payment, and twenty arc In full force, representing $30,- 000, the premiums being nil paid. Their net val- D e, according to the insurance laws of this State, ll $3,970. The assets, when collected, will, It is thought, bo enough to pay all outstanding claims in full, and there is nufilcicnt cash on hand to pay a good percentage now. Tho debts have not, however, been as yet ascertained, and no dividend can be made until that is done. Several of tho parties who arc indebted to the Company by note or mort gage have bought np .claims against it for death losses on policies, etc., and now claim a right to offset these claims ot their full surrender value. Inasmuch as tho debts will all bo paid In full ultimately tho Receiver thinks this an advantageous proceeding, as it tends to facili tate matters materially, and be recommends that It be allowed. Ho also thinks It advisable that a notice should be published that thirty days will ho allowed for tho presentation of ail claims against the Company, so that tho debts may all be ascer tained as soon as possible. An order was thereupon entered by Judge Will iams authorizing the Receiver, when collecting the notes end mortgages of the Company, to take la payment, nt their full value, valid claims against the Company for death-losses on policies and for tho surrender value of outstanding policies. He is also authorized to publish a notice in one English and one (lemma newspaper, once a week, for four weeks, requiring parties having claims against tho Company to present them for settle ment within thirty days from the time of such first notice, or to he forever barred from sharing in the distribution of the Company’s assets. A copy of such notice la also tube furwardedto each creditor. UOW TO RUN A BANE. A bill was tiled yesterday in the United States Circuit Court, by Earl P. Mason and William 8. Slater against Frank C. Taylor. John M. Wright, The Fourth National Hank of Chicago, C. p. Sher man, receiver of that bonk, E. 8. Chosbrougli, Jr assignee of F. C. Taylor, Tho Cook County Savings Bank, George Taylor, C. 11. Mulll ken, Pcleg Hall. William Post, G. W. Hall, and Catherine 11. Anthony, exeentors of C. L. An thony, deceased, William Hull and Russell M. Lamed, which shows In a striking manner tho pe culiar financial management of the defunct Fourth National Hank by F. C. Taylor, Us former Vice president. Tho complainant* state that In August, 1800, they entered into a copartnership with F. 0. Tay lor, John M. Wright, and Russell M. Lamed in tho grocery business lu thin city. Taylor and Wright were thu general partners, tho former con tributing $75,003 and Die latter 825,000, and complainants were to bo special partners, paying 850,000 each, and to bo only liable for that amount. Thu partnership won to bo curried on under tho mime of Taylor* Wright, aud waa to continue five years. After Its dissolu tion In August, IH7I, Taylor & Wright carried on Die business fur a short time under the same name. gome lime in 18011, F. C. Taylor bought about $102,500 of stock in tho Fourth Notional Hank, giving him a controlling Interest, and bis brother George bought SBO,OOO of stock, tho entire capital stock being $200,000. From that time and for several years F. C. Toylorwos tho Vice-President and financial manager of the bank, having entire control of its discounts. Some lime in March, 1872, complainants together with C. L. Anthony end Polcg Hall, bought about 05 acres in tho cast fractional luilf of bee. 6, 40, 14, paying 81,500 an aero, they talcing a half Interest, and Hall and Anthony the other half. The whole was then conveyed to F. C. Taylor in trust, to bo cut op and sold, and ho was to receive one-fifth (ho profits for bis trouble. ITio profits, however, have not yet been discov ered, ns the property still remains unsold, and has already cost complainants 883,025.58. In 1872 F. C. Taylor incidentally told Mason and Elatcr that a large amount of thu paper of the firm of Taylor * Wright was outstanding lathe hands of tho bank, but declined to givo any explicit statement, and they did not learn for years the true facts of tho case. In 1873 IL R. Payson, the President of U>« Fourth National Hank at that time, together w|l*. F. C. Taylor, tho \lcc-Prosldcnt, applied to complainants for a loan of $25,000, to bo advanced to Taylor, tho latter in timating at tho time that they might bo liable on Ui« outstanding notes of Taylor A Wright hold by Die bank. Though Uicy dlcTnot deem themselves liable on such notes, being only special partners in a business which hud ended in August, 1871, and in which they had lost SIOO,OOO, yet with a view to compromise any disagreement Mason aud blatcr, In May, 1878, advanced tho amount asked, Taylor agreeing to repay it In a year with Interest, audio secure it by uis notes guaranteed by tho bank. Complainants also agreed that the profits fruot their laud here should be applied on the notes of Taylor* Wright, and Taylor consented that Ids one-fifth Interest from the same source should bo used lu a similar way. Tho bank expressly released complainants from any and ail liability of theirs on the firm notes of Taylor * Wright, agreed that tho land ond the profits therefrom should lie held In trust for tho payment of such paper, and stipulated that tho land should not ho sold fur lead than $8,500 an aero. Thu $25,000 note is still unpaid. In the summer of 1874, com plainants received a notice from the Cook County havings Hank that it held certain notes of Taylor * Wright on which they were liable. An examina tion was then made, and it was ascertained that that bank bad uolcs of the above-named firm to the amount of $105,570,011, on which there were credits to tho amount of $24,004.12. All hut two of these notes were dated after thu dissolution of the partnership in August, 1871, and It is charged that they were tho same notes referred to by P. C. Taylor In 1872. Dial they were placed In the bank by him, aud that part of them wero. the notes given by him in payment of his stock. Taylor, it scums, early In lb'll), begangtvlng notes of Taylor * Wright for his ludebieducw to thu bank, and when they fell due renewed them from time to time by other notes. Not content with this, Taylor Induced complain ants to take seventy-three shares of stock them selves, for which they paid 521,585. This amount «as Immediately taken by him, and tbe notes of Taylor* Wright substituted ond counted os cash. Complainants now allege that they are not liable on toy of the notes above mentioned; thatauch notes Mere not made in tho ordinary course of business, let were illegally executed by Taylor, most of Dura after tho termination of tho partnership, and that the Fourth National Hank was aware of this fait. Taylor was also financial manager of thu Cook County Havings Hunk, ami therefore it, thruugh him, must have had knowledge of tbs in validity of these notes. When ho censed in 1878 or 1874 lu have any connection with Die Fourth National Hank, he still kept control of the Havings Back, and an equitable division was made of tho profits of Dio two concerns, whereby tho Havings Bank took possession of tho notes of Taylor * Wright. It now claims to hold such paper in good faith, which complainants deny, alleging that its title is all derived through tho Fourth National Bank, and that IF can havo no more rights thau that Institution. In conclusion, complainant* elate that 0. 11. Molllkcn, as Cashier of Ibo Cook County flavine* Bank, has begun suit against them, together with Taylor & Wright, to recover on two of tho notes above mentioned held by It, which anil Is now t*ndlov and that Taylor denies thu trust arrange ment of May, 1873. They therefore oak that Ibis trust muy bo declared, that Taylor may removed from his Trusteeship, ana another mote suitable person appointed; that the trust deed may bo specifically carried out; that Mllllkcu, tba Cook County flavines Bank, and all others msy t* prevented from bringing suits; that the $33,000 p»y be repaid to them, aud that they may bo re hated from any and all liability ou the notes of »«ylor.t Wnght. HOW CONTRACTS ABB LIT. Another rather interesting bill, showing ths con sent and highly prodtublo uiuonor in vblclt toulracls aro made fur public Improvements, was Med yesterday In thu Circuit Court, John Mills being the complainant, and Delos A. Chappell tb< defendant. Mills suys that in August last thu Town of Lako View advertised for bids fur water pipes, etc., that he aud Chappell, among others, tu 1q bids, %ud a part of the contract was awarded ■eachof them. Being dissatisfied with tbts ar rangement, complainant saw defeudaut and had a *Alk, tbs result of which was that he himself with vcw bis bid, so that Chappell was awarded tho •bolu contract, it was prlvstcly agreed, howovor, JAM he should do part of thu work, and receive uu-lhlrd the profits. Chappell then went on to •?, Um work lu his owu name, com {dainani putting lu his share as agreed, and us Job was finished a short time ago, Tho urlco £**aboat (81,000, Including extras, aud all but f[>ooo of ibis has been paid to defendant, and ***dby blru. The profits were about (fI.OOO, of *blch Utils’ shore would be (2, Odd. 07. Chautieil, *®"«vsr, declines to rocogulau thu partnership or Hythsoae-tUlrd of tbs profile, and complainant BueJoft uka tot to account, and tho appointment of ft Receiver to take chargn of the 17,000 nntll It shallhc decided who la entitled thereto. TUB 1100KF01JI), ItOCK 181,AND * ST. LOUIS RAHs- UOAI), W. H. Ferry, Into Receiver of the Rockford, Rock Island A Kl. Louis Railroad Company, filed his Anal reports few daya ago, which was referred to tha Master to examine. Yesterday Judge Drum mond made an order for the payment of tho sev eral claims referred to as follows: TO lIR PAII* IN ftffcl. OF ALt. IIKMAKHS. F. P. Cnrhers A Co Sl. 1C3.09 Indianapolis A St. Louis Railroad Com pany 4,209.44 9. C. ilaglll £71.70 ON ArrOUNT Of Indianapolis A HU Louis Railroad Com pany $ 10.30 Burlington, Cedar Rapids A Minnesota Railroad Company (less $73, OH reserved forthoT., P. A W. It. U. Co.) 20L47 Toledo, Peoria A Warsaw Railroad Com- pany 0.7.01 Ohio £ Mississippi Railroad Company... 3.30 Western Union llallroad Company 100.95 Diamond Line of steamers 170. HO Belleville Nall Company 173.33 ftfonq the lino of tins road alncoJulyft, 1875, tbo clerk Is authorized to pay— Thomas Mntlicwa J. K. Sands. Susan Pratt. David Lynch.. Anton Ilurford J. W. Iloyd. 95.05 8. M. Cunningham 140.00 Lucinda Cunningham 201.00 L. 11. Gilmore, building fences In 1872.. DUO.O.J The Deceiver is further authorized to turn over to Osterherg, the purchaser of the road, the uncol lectible freight bills amounting to SBOI.OO, und the claim against the United Stales for $204.75. He is also to allow the claim of Taylor Williams against tho road to ho set oil against thu claim of tho road ngaldsi him on paying the difference of $57; also to compromise for S4OO the claim of Harrison Markham fur persona) dam ages. Lastly, he (n to make to Heymon Osterberg, os Trustee, a deed of nil the land conveyed to him by Henry Curtis, Jr., ondDavidA. lioody, in set tlement of certain accounts, and when this la done to make another (Inal report. TUB STATU INSURANCE COMPANY. Tho examination of George C. Smith was con tinued nearly all day yesterday before the Register. Smith testified to tiic character of tils property In 1K72 and 1873, which consisted largely of stock in paper ami pulp mills in tho Dradner, Smith & Co. corporation. Quite a largo amount of that had been turned over to witness’ futhcr-in-inw, A. C. Loaning, as security fur loans. His real estate had been mortgaged to, or was in the possession of, J. C. Ayer & C0..0f Lowell, Mass., on account of advances, which had been put into the Rank of Chicago In a vain endeavor to carry it through. Witness claimed to ho worth nothing nt Die present time. The examination will probubiy be finished to-day. DIVORCES. Heinrich Koehler filed his complaint yesterday, setting tip that in 1860 jio married one Paulina Schmid in Germany. His mother-in-law, how ever, made so much trouble that he finally deter mined to come to this city and see if lie could not make a living. He did so, and liming ascertained that it was a peaceable place in which to live, und not so much infested with scalp-lifting Indians us ho had supposed, he wrote to hi* wife telling her to come on here. She refused, saying that tier parents had enough to support her, and now Hein rich wants a divorce on the ground of desertion. The tax question concerning the Chicago & Alton Railroad came up before Judge Drummond yester dny on the motion to dibuulvo the injunction against the collection of the tax on the capital stuck of tho road, in accordance with the recent opinion of the Supremo Court. After some dis cussion the Judge paid the parties might enter a decree by agreement if they could; that the Hoard of Equalization liad assessed tho tax as against one road, when it should have been assessed against tho different roads, which went to mako up the whole, and the Attorney General had admitted that this was wrong. If, however, the parties could not agree on this point, tho mandate would have to operate. No agreement was made, and an order was therefore entered dissolving the injunc tion and dismissing tho bill giving tho Collectors power to go on ana collect the tuxes if they could. Friday next will bo tho lost day of service in tho Superior Court for the June term. William ii. Smith and John Koss, who were in dicted in Die United States District Court for pass ing counterfeit National Hank notes, and who pleaded guilty Monday, were yesterday sentenced by Judge Uludgett to three months In tho Feultcn tiarg at bard labor. IIANKItUPTCT MATTERS. William Danlnp aud James Wallace, partners, at Hydei’ark, filed their voluntary petition yesterday to take advantage of Die Bankrupt law. ;Thclr pre ferred and secured debts are $013.1)2, and tho unsecured $5,755.71. Tho assets consist of their stock of goods at No. OX2 Cottage Grove avenue, valued at $7,000, which stuck, however, was assigned March 28, 1870, to Edwin Hlckncll for tho benefit of their creditors. Dun lap owes $l,lOO, and has n contingent one-seventh Interest iu tho lot on thu southeast corner of Meridian and North street*, Indianapolis, Ind., which Interest is considered worth SSOO. Wallace shows neither debts nor assets. The petition was referred to Register Hibbard. George W. Campbell was appointed Assignee of Hugh F. McDonald. Tho second dividend meeting of the creditors of tiio Great Western Insurance C'omjmuy will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock. In (ho case of Z. M. Hall, a discharge wan Issuei to him as to all debts mentioned iu bis composltlui statement. A composition meeting will bo held Juno 7 in the ease of llomerP. Wattles. A creditors’ meeting will bo held June 13, iuthc matter of the Illinois Agricultural Works. In tho matter of tho Frankllu Bank, a second dividend-meeting will bo held June 7, before the Register: SUPERIOR COURT IN RRICP. William W. Lunt began a suit for $2,000 against the Globe Insurance Company of Chicago. KRUI Nerlsen commenced a suit against Thomas While and Edwin Thomas, claiming SIO,OOO. Johanna V. Cullen commenced an action in tres f oes against Simon, Emanuel, and Loon Mandei, o recover $5,000 damages caused by a gas chande lier falling on her head while she was at work. Laura liamly began a suit fur $3.000 against tho Romo Life Insurance Company of New York. CIRCUIT COURT. . Daniel J. Fallia filed a bill against Samuel J. Walker. 11. H. Walker, Samum M. Moore, Ben jamin r. lilnrann. D. F. Cameron, and others, tu foreclose a trust-deed for $05,000 on Blocks U, H, 12, 14, and tho parts of Blocks 2 and 10 that He south of the alley that runs parallel with tho Illi nois * Michigan Caual, oil in Walker’s Subdi vision of that part south of the canal of the north west quarter or See. 31, 30, 14; also that pari south of the canal of the E. % of the N. £. & ol Sec. 30, 30. 13. Francis B. Green filed n similar hill against Hen ry Mayer. £. H. Drsycr, Christoph Itomanuß, am! Margaretna Romaims, to foreclose a trust-deed foi $2,000 on Subiot 0 in Green’s Subdivision of Lot 150, and of of UioS. % of Lot 158 In Bronson’i Addition to Chicago. William Kerr and J. F. Merchant, for Die use oi William Kerr, beganaealt against William D. Cox, claiming SIO,OOO. CRIMINAL COURT. Tbo trial of cases In the Criminal Court was com menced yesterday morning by Judge Moore. The first that demanded attention was that of two al leged straw-bailers, Joseph A. llullock and W. W. Uuvdan, who had offered property of doubtful title to obtain tho release of one James Rogers. Thu prisoners wero discharged, tbo Court being satisfied that no fraud wus intended. Charles Benner, o buy, was found guilty of an attempt to pass a forged order on Mr. Heins for a couple of boxes of cigars, and was remanded for Bcntenco, tho offense being his second. John Found, Thomas Bergen, Thomas Hclntz, and Thomas Holmes were found guilty of robbing Robert Moffat of a $55 watch, a slogoM chain, and a pocketbook. They were remanded for sen tence. Four other prisoners wero tried on charges of potty larceny, and acquitted. In the case of Jeff Hankins, who was charged with keeping a miming room, the transcript of a conviction and fine at Justice Summurficld’s Court was produced, aud Judgo Moore discharged the prisoner on the ground tliat lie coaid not be tried and convicted twlcs fur the same offense. Tbo quo warranto case of Evans vie Cullagbai will be ncard Friday, instead of Thursday. JonoH Gaut—4B-1 to 401, 404 to 502, and 501 to 500 inclusive. Juoub Jammon— Noa. 57,824, City vs, Looney, and 57,508, City vs. Ware. Juuux Rooms—soo to 000 Inclusive. Juouh Bootu— Set case 2UU4 aud calendar Nos. 371 to 835 Inclusive, except BHU and 330. Juuux MuALLieran—Sot case 3175 aud No. 545 tu 553, and 001 to till Inclusive, except 548, 552, 551, and 558 on Judge Rogers' calendar. J duos Famwkll— No call. Juuuh Williams—Sol case IJKM, Lester vs. Sea. JUDGMENTS. Supeiuou CotntT—CoNrassuMa—K. It. T. Arm strong vs. I’hlllp Larmun. (.‘<2o. John Cameron vs. Barton A. and Uelcu 1L Ulrich, (335. Frank Barthelumae et a), vs. Louis Badound Ursula Bade, (234.72,—J0hn 11. Itolfu vs. Ausberl U. Wagner and flamuci Thompson, do, 2U7. 20.—William 'Tem ple vs. Barbara Foulgor and John Hartman, (128.20. Juuuk Oart—Bank of Montreal vs. William D. Farrell, s6ll. Circuit Cornr—Juno* Honxits—Helen M. Thomas vs. J. J. Bhlbloy and J. 1). ticaulau; vor did, 140, Juuuk Booth—Ooggln & Schaffucr va. Timothy Cronin; verdict, (180.—T. J. H. Flint vs. Philip Lariuon. (768. Aims Lyons vs. Bernard Hucsbvrg; verdict (100. DO, ami mutlon fur new trial. Juuuk McAllister—Meyer Stern et at for thu n»e of Jacob Cohn and Samuel Uallaad vs. Potter Palmer, feLUHLId. DRY-GOODS SALE. Niw York, May S 3. Invitallouji scot oobmoro than a week ago by Wright, Bliss & Kabysn, of Hus, 71 and 73 Thamas struct, fur their sslo uf domestic goods to-day, weru expected to attract a good deal of attention, but the attendance wonder fully surprised lbs expectations, aud made neces sary a change uf the location of thu sale to Hus. 71 and 72 Thomas street. This largo room was crowd ed almost to suffocation with many well-known merchants of this city aud representatives of lead ing firms lu Philadelphia, Itlcbmuud, Baltimore, Washington, Boston, Chicago, and other cities. Thu crowd also extended out Into tho street, filling up the passage-way so that It was difficult (or carts lepufi. The Ant wtqrwMftktof fkppereUli, THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY. MAY 24, 187 G brown, In nnanllllcs of five hairs. It started stO and was “knocked off" nl7*4- As lot" 2,3,4,7, and 0 were nfTerud and cold nt prices n [rifle In advance, llio excitement Increaacd, and tho demand being so eager, the auctioneer wan repeatedly obliged to run tip the lilda In order to reduce themimhcrof lliono nnxlnna to bo served. Tho prices generally were considered fair, denoting no panic In tho market, and being bntfrom l‘4to2pcr centum below tho prevailing rates for the goods auld. MEDICINE MEN AND CROCODILE TEARS. Special Dispatch ( nol/r'nm ) Quincy, itay'ZX It linn been ascertained that the firm of Fuller A Fuller had parlies In their Interest, Instructed to report tho proceedings of Ui« late Drug Con vention held In Quincy as In opposition to them, thereby enablin') them to shed croewUU tears over a a new “ crushlng-out ” process Invented by tliem eclven. One of the a jxxtal dlspalcJiat to the Chi cago Journal haa been unearthed, and proves to be n paid adrcrtticmeiU of Fuller A: Fuller, and repudiated by tlie Journal correspondent at Quincy. If this firm expect to foul the Intel ligent drug trade of the Northwest by any such trick as this, It will bo a “new departure” fur tills tluss of merchants. *. [The above is paid for os an advertisement, and we would state that wc arc not in any com bination, except with Fuller & Fuller on white lead to the city trade.] 11. A. II uni.nuT & Co., Wholesale Druggist*. .$ iro.flo 375.00 05.(51) 112.00 130,02 THE STRIKING MINERS, Cf.ETKt.ANn, 0., May 23.—'There was n meeting of miners held at Manlillon yesterday, with about 1,200 In attendance, ot which it was resolved that they would not go to work until n general mass meeting could be held. To-morrow is tho day ap pointed for tho general meeting. It is expected that there will be a very large attendance of miners from Tuscarawas, Lawrence, and Akron districts. It la thought that the meeting will practically end the strike. CHEAP GAS. 6t. Louie, Mo., May 23. Judge Ootschalk, of the Circuit Court, thin morning delivered a decision In the gas salts, which for a long time have hern pending in his Court, declaring that the gas-works have belonged to the city since Jan. 1, 1870, and that all (bo revenue received by them since that time belongs to (ho city. Tills includes tho Laclede Gas Company, an well as the old St. Louis Com pany. _ NON COMPOS MENTIS. Special Dltpaich to The Tribune. Adrian, Mich., Mny 23.—T0-day the lion. C. E. Mickle;, one of the most prominent citizens of this count;, woo taken to the Insane Asylum. Ho is President of the Statu Public School Hoard, and lias held man; olllcce of honor and trust in thin county. His frlcndH have hopes of his recovery. ■- HORSES CAItIIIAGJES, Auction - Tuesdays, Thursdays. and Saturdays— Horn's, carriages. and harness n *i»c dally, at WKSTON & CO.’S, Non. too nod 10H Hast Waalilrntton-nt. Amide time given to tent nil hom-s sold under u warrantee. Stock on hand aU'rlvalusale. AUCTION SALES OF HOUSES, BUGGIES. HAH iV ness, etc., Mondays. Wednesdays, ami Fridays at 10 a. m.; a large mock on hand at private sale. WHEN ADO., liniaml li>4 Wuhlngtim-st. AT HILL’S CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, SEVERAL second hand carriages mid buggies In good order at low prices. Nos. lUuucflU East WasHlnKloa-sL 11. H. HILL. A SPLENDID TURN-OUT. CONSISTING OF SlDE bar Drowsier lop buggy and ruhi*er-tri»nncd har ness, to be sold at a sacrifice. Apply to JAMES, at the bum, Nil. iu llarmuu-cuurt, between Michigan and Wo huh-ava. T?OU SALE-NEW DELIVERY WAGON, HOUSE. JF and harness, suitable fer dry goods or millinery tie livery. Apply at lloaud 112 Wabmdi-av. T7t)R SALE—SQUARE-BOX CALIFORNIA SPUING Jj top-buggy, cheap, at depot northwest comer Union nud Carruli-sls. LOOMIS. 17011 KALE-NEW AND SECOND-HAND TOF-HUG . gits; one very tine express-wagon. Would ex change top-buggy tor a four-seat Itockaway carriage. 44 Pucific-av. 170 U SALE-TWO GOOD FAMILY OK BUSINESS . horse*. •! and 7 yean old: color, sorrel and black: weight, 1, too mid 1, ISO; will be sold reasonable, hut fur no fault: owner has no use for them. Apply at thu drag-store No. f>2u Wnbash-nv. IVOR KALE—A SPLENDID HUGGY HOUSE: ALSO 1 buggy ami liamehs, together or separately; seen at (JItOSSM AN’S. IhuululpU-at.. near Ado. 170 K SALK— A HEAVY TEAM OF Wo’ltK HOUSES i; audoneteamuf mcdlum-aUad. chunky-hullt. and a good buggy mare, buggy, and harness; must be sold at ■i sacrifice, as thu owner 1m leaving (be city. At 427 Fourtccnth-st., fourth house east of Blue laluud-av. r.H)B SALK-VERY CHEAP-1 HAVE 7'HOUSES X 1 and marcs, weighing from 800 to 1.200 Ihs.; have been worked to butcher wagons: are all honest workers: at prices from $:« to $125. Call to-day at 071 West FU* tcenlli-sU, ouc block coat of Blue lalaod-ar. VXHI SALE—ONE NEW TOP BUGGYt MUST HELL, JF and will tell cheap: alto one light delivery wbgua, nt 250 South caunl-m. Foil BALK—SEVKKAL SECOND-HAND BUGGIES of my own make: also some road ami faintly bug* Sica, now. E. C. IIAVDE, successor to llayde & "Brlcn, 731 and 733 Stuic-st. 1' riUOGV, AND IIAIINKSS, ALL . (n Hrst*claM condition; burse sound ami gentle; bugßy and harness almost new. Inquire 140 Sjlilller-sL T3«If"HALK-A”BECOND-lIANirrHAET<)N~AN3 X harness, both In Rood condition, cheap. Inquires ut 7iin Mlehlßan*av. or ut Uoom l'J, or< Denrborn-st. I“>'OU SALE—A FAIR OF PHAETON PONIES, black aud bay; drive well together and very pretty; no use; wit) train. JAMES 11. HILL, I*l Dearborn-si., Houm 4, 2 to 4 p. in. Must be hold-choice of two good stkp phiß horses, Renlle for lady; also a new leather lop boßgy and harness. Call at 1225 Wabash-av. I>ASTIIUK—TUk~KINEST PAKTUUK IN THE COUN* X try tor horses, running stream* and plenty ut shado ireei*. wlilila a miles ut tho Court-Homo. Inquire at 302 North-nv. rp\vb GOOD 810 WOHK HOUSES roll SALE X cheap; also, a wcll-brukc shepherd dog. WO West Madlson-st. \VANTED-HOUSK, BUGGY, AND HAUNESS IN tv exchange tor set of parlor furniture. Address O RS. Truiiiiin oillrc. TO EXCHANGE. 130 U EXCHANGK-OU HALE—ELIGIBLE PUOPEU -1 ty In Evanston. ALFRED L. SEWELL, ltd Mon* roc-su l?OU KXCHANUE-A GOOD BUILDING LOT UOll X_ a Rood piano. O. F. STAFFORD, BJClajk-nt. I WILL EXCHANGE FOKA CLEAR FARM. 10 Oil 190 acres, close to the limits and stations on the C. B. ti Q. It. lb Alsu 13 or is lots near Central Park and car shops Inside of limits for any clear property. Address W 31. Tribune olllcc. r) EXCHANGE-FOll FAUM Oil GOOD OUTSIDE unimproved and unincumbered property: 23 tuts on Twenty-second, Moore, and oaklcy*«ts., Just nut of Weslerti-uv. They have benefit of city wau*. public schools, and street-ear* on blue Island* av., slightly Incumbered; four years'time; vrlllßlvo a very Rood trade for clear property. l*>3xlftl feet on northwest corner Oak-st. and Vln* cctmes-ov. to trade lu soma wuyj subject to Incum brance. Fine brick house on Langley-av., 20 rooms and fin grounds and floe place at Riverside; elegant resldcuc and grounds. Elegant brick homo and looxlM feet In Fgnndau with small Incumbrance. ULRICH * DAIINKS, Hoorn a. M 5 Waablagtoa-sD rpO EXCHANGE—SOO,OOO IN TOWNSHIP BONUS X Issued by one of thu I>cst counties of a Western State fur dry Roods, boots and shoes, or other personal property. AddressJANUAUV, Tribune oUlco. fl’6 EXCHANGE-FOll ANY CLEAR PROPERTY, X store and lotkixUH, HO3 llublmrd-ot.; price s4,out; Inemnhraucc sl,(«<J; 4 years: wUlussumcun residence. Address y an, 'lTllnuiO VirANTED-IHIICK HOUSE ON SOUTH OH NORTH it hide in exchange for lots at River Park aud as some. F. M. CLARKE, u 2 Washlngton-st. WANTED— TO EXCHANGE—OLE All SUBURBAN for equity In residence worth from *s.uxj to $10,000: North Side preferred. Address W&, Tribune oDlce. W* ANTED—A UKbIDENCK WITH SOU lo ACHES of land near a village in Michigan, (n exchnngu for r**vlDK city nroi*rty tree from Incumbrance, lUA J. NICHOLES. IHI Hunch Clnrk st, niSCELLAffEOUS. A gentleman ok this city about to visit Callforulu, and wlio can furnish flr>t-e]us refer* cucci os to tila Integrity and business qualtncatloiis, would be glad to transact nay huslncM committed u> til* care at a moderate charge for Disservices rendered. Address T a, Trllmnu otllco. 4 li aoon CAST-OFF CI.OTIMSO ANDCABPETS j\ bought at the hlghunt price by JONAH A. OUUCLB - 3U7 South Clark-st. Notice by mall attended Ui. TiTIVErHSEKOETU! MEN OK GOOD ADDUKS3 j\ can make money selling the most useful and pop tiler work published. Address Y Id. Tribune alike, glv inn business experience and reference*. ridCKBOAOUEfI. BEDBUGS. AND MOTHS KXTEK- I > minatedby contract (warranted): articlesolJ.lufor niatluu free. A. OAKLEY. iw K**t Ma»Ulngton-st. iTLAUii'oK ALL NATIONS—AOTINTO 'WANTKIt Scud for special terms, etc. Ihl MI NATIONAL FLAG COMPANY, W3Um#Uiut-«t.. I'hlladelphla. OFFENSIVE BREATH AN vilOßEt—Wli OUAIt" IN anU'o a full end lasting cure of this disagreeable dis ease. No medlcluts Injurious lo the system arc used For further Information. apply to Dr. J. LANUEMAK, Box S 3. Monec, Will County, 111. AUTNKBSHIP-AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAS wanw an Interest In some good business where no rsn use sa,uu to f tiuis). Parties without mesas need not apply. AihlrvM .tat Tribune office. m'diTtas bath-thb’ cube ui* the aui:i 1 6.(iu sick cured In Nsw York. Mr. Fr. lUuchfiua, who has Introduced the lau bath In tho United Mates. Is now In Chicago, and has eiufitlshrd a tan bath lu Mr. Wm. A. Fleuleirsbathbucrooin*. U 7 Bsndolph-st., Sherman House ba«eiocnt: tan butliltig at all hours. Mr. Fr. Uauehfius may be consulted (rum to lotto cluck a. m. WANTKD-A NK’ELY KUTKIMTI’ BATH-BOOM W Immediately. UK, lid West Mudlsun-st. W "ANTED—A* SALOON'’LICENSE "AT THE CIUAIt stand, IS.*, Fast Adsma-ht. CHAIILL3 A. MAI. TtrANTBD—A NOTION AND miCK-sfoUK." OU > V b.ikery nud confectionery, datug s good business: will pay eush and rest esuio, or all cash, tf a good stand. Address A 70. Tribune ulUco. Und wear Ulvenlsto. Apply to J. B. CALHOUN, ti? Dsarburu-H., Chicago. ll(lll.l)IIV(i BIATEUIAL. IVL KINDS OT BBLNBKD LUMBKU FOU HAI.K. ,\ ihrsp, ut . ' i ,uk I wtmlflh-sV., of UUbfOia> A t'Q. . . AUKJVJTN WANTEII. AUKNT3 WANTKD—TO fiELL OXAPIX GOODfI IN country towns to msrvhouU. Call at u North Ciark'iL The iUchanU Packing Uumpan> CKTV HF.AIi EWATB. I .’oil RA UE~C, IIP, .(V -WiTj'la" TO'mhV-a'jYnß r 2-*tory Orlclc honcO. No. 2t2f.oi;th Lcivlu-s*..cor ner Van liurrti; >2 room", modern Improvement*, barn. A.-. (no Imminent); Jot I(mi2u, tree*, Mirubbery, Ac. | will «<ll home ana 60 fret- ____ I’OJl BALK-VERY CHEAP—AS THE OWNER IH A’ going away. 10 brick house*. rented. In good lorn tton. one mile from Conrt-llou*e. Cara paa* Hat door*. Addrr.M 7, ih, Tribune office. OR PARK—A GREAT BARGAIN-COTTAGE with Uin-C beautiful lota. 72 fret fronton Jlarrl»on , hedge, tree*, etc..will hr *old lhl« we>-k for i.t.n/h rt time, W. K WKBU. WOOrarimm-ar. NV;iil/ItRAN KIMIi ESTATE. IMJII SALK, RKNT, OR EXCHANGE-HOUSES AM) A 1 lot* at Hlnwlale. Pile of place*. price, and term* to *ult. 10 cent* (arc. O. .1. HTOUGir, 1A) Duarhorn-it. WESTERS SPRINGS, ON EASY* A’ mciiililyraynicnuitoioii. 2-*t«.ry lion*.;* and no fontloui at depot; sidewalk*, etc., all complete, ready to move In to; 10-cent train morning and evening. T. C. RILL, i Lakeside Ilnlldltlg. I’CIR HARK—AND MUST HE SOLD-A FEW LOTH J at (tie NorlhwcMern car-worki; they arc worth niiont f.v»)each: 1 win sell them for Irvo each. LAR- KIN. ho Wiuhington-nt. ___ l/OK PAI.I.—SEV'EN ACRKH AT AUBURN. CORNER J S-venty-nlnth-M. and Centr'-av.. editable for tub rtlvMnn. MATRON MILL. t>7 Washington-*!. COUNTRY REAIi INSTATE T?OR PALB—MY FARM. C2O ACRES. -V» MILES J went of Chicago, well Improved, ut f 25 per acre, onlyonc-half R* value} down. Addrcsa Y 7|, Tribune nlllcti; i>or'sale-one OF THE FINEST FARMS IN THE 1’ Wt-rtern country at about half It* value if clo»cd at utirr. Notra<le*. Aildre** 07. Tribune otllire. . &TNANCBAU. Advances made on watches, jewelry. diamond*, revolver*. tipera-Kla«*cs, etc., etc., at OOLHSMID’S L«>nn and Bullion Office. t>J Ko*l Modi m>n-*t. Caili paid for old gold and xllvcr, gold du»t, *llver bar*, tm-clous *tone». and voluabba of every de scription. Unredeemed pledge* I)VA"NCkB J.IADK ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, hoii'ls. etc.,at LAUNDERS' prlvat<- office. 12<j Ran dolph-iL. near Clark. Room* 5 and <s._ EMahll»hc<J iJioTrtTHri’Ku cent-monev’to loan’on im i j pruveil and unimproved property. JOHN C. LONG, 72 Washington-*!. Loans-on collaterals, real estate, or other*i'curllleß. LIVINUSTUN & CO., Iloum IS, iai and 133 LaSallo-at. M'ONEY'fo I/)AN IS SUMS OF 45.™*) AND UP . ward*. ufK»n Improved « ltv tiropcrty. s ncr cent; tirlnclpalx nnlr need apply. LYMAN 4s JACKSON, 33 Bortland Bh/ck. MONEY TO LOAN ON MERCHANDISE, FURNl tarn, etc., in atorc. OTIS BROWN, basement, 07 Dearburn-Bt. rpo I.OAN-$«,tW, IN ONE Oil TWO HUMS; FARM 1. loan* preferred. I’lllLll’ MYERS it CO., Room 2. 14H Madison-at. rpo MANUFACTURERS. MERCHANTS, AND X others—lf you need lining} - for a short time on sur plus Block, you enn make very advantageous arrange menu for tho fundswlth THUS. A. HILL, 123 Dear -I*orn-M. TYRANTi:i)-A LOAN OF SWW FOR 3 YEARS ON >V real estate property on South llal*te<t and Thirty* flfth-st*. Cull nt tho Inw otllcc of ANDREW OUUII. 04 Washlngton-st., Room 10. Broken) need ANT L( E\N $2.50) ON PROPERTY worth 57.00, and s*,(s> i mi property worth s••*>,- nun pood men; lien of security; nt Oak Park; will pay in t>cr cunt. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 30, 14U La- Balle-st. U PERCENT MONEY TO LOAN IN HEMS OF O ss,nnu and over; funds on hand; low conunlMloaa TURNER A BOND. HO Washlngton-st. Qjrfin S7OO, (i.uui, to’loan on Chicago cDOUv* or ilyrtn Park property. TURNER & ROND. 103 Washlngton-st: rinn*V*« T o fM.fTO TO LOAN ON REAL *u)£> UUu entate a( current rates; can elute at once. HENRY L. HILL. >42 Dearl>orn-»t. -r / w ifi AND OTHER HUMS TO SUIT. TO ♦TW.WiJI-/ loan on city property, at current rate*. TURNER & BOND, 103 fra»hfngton-*t. Cm n nrift To loan inhumb to suit at OtUiV/UI/ 8 per cent on good city property nnd farms. Mortgage notes bought. W. H. WILLNKK, US* LaSalle-M. UOAUDIIVU AM) LODGING. Noutlk side* nn VAN BUREN-BT.. NEAR RTATE—BOARD l\J for ladles or gentlemen $1 to $5 per week, with use of piano. mFRANKLIN-ST.. BETWEEN MADISON AND Washington—Nicely furnished rooms and board, $5.00 per week: day board. $3.50; best and cheapest house In the city. T t)1 AND 133 CALUMET-AV. PLEASANT XZiX romna, with lioard, can now In) had at tbo above; specially pleasant location; reference* required. Qfin SOUTH STATE-ST.—PLEASANT FURNISH O\J\J ed room* with board, at low Hgure*. ~t (lO WARAbU-AV.-I’LEABAXT RUUiIS, WITH board. AOl MICHIGAN-AV.—TO RENT—A FIRST-CLASS Xt/X alcovu room, with Uiard. Also tuhlo-boariiun can lie accommodated with Oral-class tmarU, COO WAHASH-AV. —TO RENT - PLEASANT OOmi room*; alto, parlor suite, and lint-class board. Reference* 1 ‘>97 WABASH-AV. PLEASANT FURNISHED I room*, with hoard. West Kido. OQ SOUTH GRKEN-RT.. CORNER MONP.OE »JO pleasant mom*, will] flrst-clua* board; also, thre< or four rooms for homckiuplug. mWEST WASHINGTON-M’.—PLEASANT FUR nUhod rooms with or without board; modem Im provement*. QAQ WEST LAKE-BT.—COMFORTABLE ROOM* and hoard nt go per week; without board only gdperweck. JOHN DAVIS, proprietor. A LARGE. PLEASANT ROOM, FOP. GENTLEMAN and wife, with board, tn a private family; new Hone house; all modem conveniences: dining-room on parlor Hour: boat location on the West bide; terms reasonable. Addrca* U 7. Trilmnc ufllcc. North Side. 10,1 AND 13flMICHIGAN-RT.-RT.CLATR HOUSE. XO X Boarders can get neatly furnished rooms. kihk! table, bntln, hot nud cold water, every comfort; #5 and gd per week. IBotolN* TVTEVADA HOTEL, 14S AND IV) WABASH-AV. At between Madison and Mouroc-rts.. gi.soiog2i>er day, fdtogH per week; day board E4.5Q. Country BOAUDINO CAN RE HAD FOR THE RUMMER IN small family; delightful location, pleasant rooms, lame grounds, growing fruit and flowers; bam fur horse; five minutes' walk station; forty-live minute* rlile from city. References exchanged. Address AM, Tribune olllcc. I FAMILIES FROM CHICAGO WHO BPKNI) THE ' summer out of the city can have Rood board and rooms at Elgin, Aildrva* Box f»27, Elgin. HU |>«OMB ;“0 RENT AT RIVERSIDE, WITH BOARD. XL for the summer: liot and cold water, gas. and all the comforts of the city, a* well b* thr pleasure of be- Ins la the country, at prices to suit Uic times. Address Box a*. Riverside. 111. BOARD \VA\JLD, BOARD-ny A KINGLE GENTLEMAN, WITH pleasant room, ou the North Side, south of North av. and cast of €lark-st., In a private family where there are no other boarders; Is wllltos to pay well for satisfactory accommodation. References exchanged. Addrcsa P tf7. Trlhuuo office. BOARD-bV A YOUNG LADY. IN A PRIVATE family If possible: Booth Bide preferred; referen res given and required. Address AS lb. Tribune oilier. lIOUSKIIOLD GOODS. A* ALL LOOK! I.tXJKI AT OUR $43 MAR . J\, xXbln-u>pChAUiber*utubefurobuy|Dg:our grtr. Chamber Bulls; otirg7. r > Marble-top Chamber suits ■urnaa* all; our #4O, gw, #OS, and #73 Parlor Suits aro utiequuli-d. Marble-Top Tables. $7. #H. »l(). #l4. Hair Mattress. Iwsltiek. gI4. french All-Wool Terry Lounges, gl2to#l-V Newsprtngstylesof Ingrain, Two- Ply, Three-Ply. Tapcrtry.and Brussel* Carpets,4oe,fSK;, 7r»c, #l, #1.2.->peryard;«upcrlorquallty, lowest price*. Cook-Btovesaud Rane«»,warranted llrst-closs. glt.#ltl, SIX), #24. #2*. #:i:i. Headquarters fur all goodslutha housefurnlshliig Une.iintm-ly: Furniture, carpet*. Move*, crockery, shades, curtains, coml.-es, bedding, etc., on Installments, or for e-ash. at prices lover than (he low est. Examine our stuck; It will pa} - you. Easy term* and square dealing, lluua-i furnished throughout. The celebrated Empire Parlor Bedstead. In seven styles anil now dertgu* fur IK7U, saves room, saves rent, saves money. The Empire lounge,—an adjustlhlu lounge, combining com-, comfort, luxury,—either rlghtorleft, and the climax as an Invalid's rest. Bee It, and you will buy no other, bond fur Illustrated eal.vluguu. EM PIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD COMPANY, West Mudlaou-tt. ______________ CllioiCE OF TWO FINK DAULOIt SETS FOU $3U| t one jrreen and tme brown rep and black wuluut. Addrua# VA3. Trllmnu ollloc. (\VU WOVEN wiltl-f WATTUKSSLS AND I’KEU* V.J lesi cabinet beds ure the beat lutin’ market: n*k for them. WiIITTIdiSEV 4t FKTKUS, 13Hi MadUou. f|HIK UNION FUUSITI’Uk COMI'ANY AUE SELL* X lug goodaulwtanttal fumlluro at caah price*, and giving time uu Hi* payment*. &>u Writ Madlaon-tU. KAUK CLOSING - OUT I’AltLOlt AND CUAMII* er *ulu at price# far below actual rout of manu facture. llandaouu* parlor nulla *4*.35. feu, $55, $76, f|V). Theae aulta arc covered In pltuh, liodr cloth, brocatcllc, terry. etc., Diado la Ilia l»e*l man* jut. Our chamiier sulla of walnut lu latent atjU-a. range lu prlco from $35 to #135. It. T. MAUTIN, 154 muio-»u WM. A. lIUTTKUS A CO.. AL'CTIONKKU-S. MH AND 1M WABASH* AV UEGL'LAU SATUUDAYhALKS ’IIOUBKIUU.iI UtKiliS, PIANOS, CAUPBTS KVKKV SATUUDAV MOUSING. IVAUTMiIIS WAMED, 1 >AUTNKU WANTBI>—WITH SAW TO JOIN THK X advcrtlaer lu a atrulght. legitimate huslneaa; mi Kill nr other humbuk*. fl.unper mouth guaranteed, and leuruparticular* at Loom U, 7UDcmboru*U I*AUTNKU WANTED—WITH siUi TO ATTEND TO X thaolOco ttnrk. liualucaa eaiatdUhed alx year*] imya over s6,m> per annum. No humbug. AddrcwZ KJ, Tribuuu olllce. __ i)AUTNEU WANTED—WITH SOME CAIMTAL TO X take charge of the manufacturing and control the aide* of thlaState. Itlannu of ar ticle# now In uae, and will bear clo#o ItupocUou. It hi. Tribune olllce. lIUUIU. 1/NOINEKU AND MACHIKISTd’ ASSIbrANT. a Aw vuU., Urirc folio platca, Sl.l, roatsi>; Webatcr’a Dletlouery, s7> Worceator* Dlciloucry. $5; lleruaaou Kieeullt'iia, si. Wanted tu buy Flctureauug America. MILEEICS, JtU MadUou-at. tffcyi i*aid vou wkusteks diuitonauv'i mq ft'O |irlcea paid for good uAika. riIAVIN’B Orlaluol tnd llooknure.m MadUm-«t..oi'p«uJtoltlbuim liuray. lUISIUAia Elegant nkw pianos, sguark and m*- rhihL |3ni to s3tu. Nav orgaua, 7 aWpa. flou. IL T. BAUTIN, 154 Statc lU _ '£*l ffiT'wiLL UUY AN ELEGANT liOSKWOOU tTpItJVJ 7-uctate planulortc. «Ub uroratxuug twaa, full Iron frame, carved leg* aud lyre. U. T, MAR* YIN. 154 Btato-at. “ SSTIOJCTUIN.' tywamatic iibXdinu VkhVilociTtiun UCUITh L/ mat*)/ taught kki.t.l >t;ifs UroUiaUc Club UoOtti, «SBMte*»E TO It ENT—HOUSES* I HKKT-TWn OF TDK CHOICEST SWELLED tr<<nt bilck hoim-* on tin- South Hdc; near Indiana- M J I "111 Ul it, J\ J(«>U3. - I»1 KO' . I I'M. . , "'..•ii.i av. ran; very low to good tenant*. and no other* ned apply. on** lwo-*tory ami boeement, :t n«nw deep tn ill the rtorles, 0 beautiful mantel*, elegantchandeifcm, furnarA Jnrtrr brick bam; hauac* recently painted ana grained through all the *torle*; he*t home In the rlty for the price. One three-atory and hMement of Ilka excellence, 13 room*, finl)hed In l»-«t manner (brought, with elevator, etc., etc. 1 will r< nl them very low to fir»l-rla»*panic*. Apply In owner, 1281 liullana-av., or 4!)St*t«-*t. .JOHN COVERT. f J'O lll'.ST—V'j'i. 10-ROGMOCTAGON FROST Mil.* I waukee brick Uoutea on Bowen-av., near VTncCnne*- av.; hot and cold water on each floor and In two main bedroom*; four marble mantel*, ildn yard*. tree* lu front, usi Wa*Mngton-*t., Room 15. DItENT-Htlt FOUR MONTHS OR ONE YEAR. a Umieo In Minneapolis, Minn., with lo mom*, well Til»li'd, having water, ga*. ond alt modern run* ilcncc*. AddrcMP. O. Box 2H4. Minneapolis Minn. O REST—f 15 I'KHMONTHwi I.LRKNT LARGE 2-Mory honv, with large ground*. No. 30 Harvard , near Campb-11-av. Inquiry at JW3 Wc*tern-ar. (I'D RENT-HOURP. SI 1.1 NORTH BTATE-hT. CON- A lalnlng hi room*, with all modern Improvement*; ha*recently be en rt fitted, end will bo rented very cheap. ELLIOTT ANTHONY. 1)5 Dearborn-*!. r lV> RENT—A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE WITH IH A room* and two naiii-rootu*. tlitce-rtory and hoie ■nent, Vermont nnrule front. 'JO We*t Adam*-*t.. eor tier of L&tlln. lu'inlrc of CHARLES W. BARKER. 127 La Salle-it., Ino-unent. rro RENT-722 WEST CONGItESS-ST.. CORNER A Wlnche*ter-av., two-»iory (tame rottape nndtoec incut of h nejia* and hiith-iooin. (j. W. I’AUKEK, 127 LnHallc-il., basement. fro RENT—CHEAP—NO. H*7 MICHIOAN-AV., A with modem liupruvcmcnta. It. o. HAMILTON, l2oClark-*t. __________ f|’o RENT—NEW OCTAOON MARBLE-FRONT, 14 A room*, modern Improvement*, brick barn; lawn In front, tide lot, marble Hdcwalk. finely shaded, - >rtli eiwlcorner C«rroll-nv. and Sheldon-*;. Want anolfcr fntm d'-ilrahie tenant at Room 7 Melropollian Block. MfX) REST—4 NEAT BRICK. ROUSES. TEN ROOMS I each, hath, water-closet, etc.; fine *hadc tree* In front; on Arhor-plaw. lietwccn Hheldon-»t. and Union Park-place; rent 42.5 per mouth. Room 7 Mt-uopcdlian Block. Y'oVknt-two 2-STORY AND BASEMENT MAR~ A hie front hem*' * on Vernon-av., near llilrtr-fonnli st.; nil mo'ierti Improvemeat*. TURNER « BONDI l'»2 Washington-*t. f'pO UENT-FOR 423- ENGLISH BASEMENT A brick. H nwiui«. hot water, hath, etc. t also d-room flat* for *2O; near l’iiicold Fork and’Llncoln-av. car*. CIIA3. N. HALE. 1.5.1 ltandolph-*t. fPU REST—diu WAR!K N- A V.. AND ONLY ONE A Mock norttidf Miullmju si. can, nice 2-eiory and haaetuent octagon aione-frost hou«e.newlyealclmlncd, and In iH;rfcct condition, with all modern Improve ments; al*o. nice large brick bam mid yard; all worth (75, but will root U> good parly for 450 per month. In* cjulrc on the preinhc*. rpo RENT-ON WEST WAPHINGTON-BT., NEAU JL Leavitt, a now swell-front house, 10 room*. mod cm Improvement*, s4<); a nice u-room cottage on Og dfO-av., sl4, F. A. WEAOH, l»j Wa»UlDglou-il., ’O RENT - CHEAP NEW MODERN MARBLE X octagon east front 10-room house, Kurrwt-av.. near Thirty-elghth-ft. THQ3. M. NEI.bON. 24J LaSalle-st. f I'D RENT-BRICK RESIDENCE NEAT’. LINCOLN i park, 10 room*. In good order: all convenience*; runt low. C. S. WALLER, 41 Clark-it., Koom 11. rivo RENT-NEAR LINCOLN PARK AND LINCOLN- X av. cars, new a-atory and basement housea, with all convenience*, ami In a Urn-claa* neighborhood; want uod tenants: will inuku reasonable prices. CiIAS.N. [ALE. I.VI Randolph-H. rpo REST—DWELLING 145 TWENTY-FIIWT-ST.; X hast) rooms, pleasantly lighted, and conveniently arranged, with parlors, dining-room, and kitchen on llrel tiourt storage basement, bath, hot and cold water, gao-llxturc*. Cal 1 and ace iC fPO RENT—FIRST-CLASS O-ROOM COTTAGE; GAS. X hath-room. bay-window, thaHe tree*, ICS South Llnculn-st., fconu-rof Adam*. Also cottage DJ7, live room*; small family, and only rupoailble people need apply ul Id) South Llncoln-st. rpo RENT—COTTAGE 5 ROOMS. 357 CRURCM-ST., X mar Lincoln Park. sls per month; will fuml*htho *anm completely for (ltd. A, L. CROCKEIt, l7dEo*l Msdl*on-ft. rpo RENT-HOTEL. 75 ROOMS; IIEHT LOCATION X Su (he city for families. \s ill rent low to right partle*. It/sUork-st.. Room fl. rpo RENT—S4O PER MONTH—MARBLE FRONT X house*, u room*,fronting Lake Michigan,at thirty find-at. Very cheap. E. O. LASPHERE. on premise*. Nuburbatt. rrO RENT —DESIRABLE HOUSE AT RAVENS- X wood. $25; 2 houses at sututnerdulc, B;*fimii, A. BENNETT, Agent, southeast corner of Monroe and Market-*w. rpo RENT-A HOUSE WITH « ROOMS IN FIRST- X cUaaurder, ul Austin; to per month. Address lU2 Eakc-*t.. Chle-agu. TO ItLNT-KOOnSi rpO REST—WELL-FURNISHED ROOMS, $3.50 TO X $7 a week. Rcltglo-i’hllosophlcal Publishing Hottsc. 31*4 New Dearborn-*;.,2block* south Puat-UUlce. f|X) KENT—4I-HOOM FLATS. NEATLY FINISHED. Xln new building, 3l« btatu-nU W. WALLER, 41 Clark-id.. Room 11. rpo HHKT—PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM. ALL X conveniences, with private family. U 5 indlana-av., corner Thlrteinlb-iit. rpO RENT-250 01110-ST.-A WELL-FURNISHED X double room. alsoiiAinglcrootn. ri'O RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED AND UN- L furnished room*'to unexceptionable panic*. 253 M'ahiuh-uv. Central location. fpcTl IE NT—F URN IS H ED— l3l) THROOP-ST.: ALSO X adjoining. M-veral rooms. funiUhcd orunfnrnlih* cd. 01 lor housekeeping or Bleeping. 130 Throop-au rpo’’RENT^I4"KLDRIiuSE : Co“URT. IN MARBLE- X front private dwclllng-houec. large front room with closet, bath-room, hot and cold water; (1010 S2O per month. rpo - RENT—CHOICE FURNISHED ROOMS IN A X private huu*o on Mlehlgon-ar.. near Thlrtcenth k.. to gentleman. Excellent table board In adjoining hmtiiti. Address J) 3d, Ttlbuno. ■p» RENT—COTTAGE JMI WEST ADAMS-ST.. X room*, closets, bath, g2.s per month. Inquire o ;he premise*. JOHN U. bHEKWOQD. rpo likxf—UNFURNISHED ROOMS IN SUITES X for light housekeeping, from (OKI fin: also, the two main doors of a 2*iory and basement house and large barn fur g2u per month. Applyat 132 Throop-sL antlv kuilnishki) 1 rooms, single or eu suite, from flu to gus per month. Northeast comer Wabaah-av. and Hubbard-court. fro KENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED CORNER X rooms; also, smaller rooms: single or en suite. Transient ocoommodated. Northeast comer State and Mouroc-rts., Room id. I’O RENT—LARGE FRONT ROOM, NEWLY AND handsomely furnished. In the extremely Pleasant cost front house 5J South Moy-sU, between Madiion and Washington. fro RF.NT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH X or without board, Kingsbury Block, llaadolph-st., near Clark. Apply at Room 30. fivo RENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMF. KN SUITE X or silicic, InUlahop Court Hotel, oil West Modi* son-st. riX) RENT—tTO WABARII-AV., WITHOUT BOARD. X large, ucwly-furulshcd front room. Also, nice single room, lloum hu modern tmprovemenu In per fect repair. Private famlly._ References required. f|X) RENT—IOtTEAST WARHINOTON-ST.—PLEAS- X ant and well-furnished rooms to responsible par ties. Apply >t Room fat. TO RENT-STOHE.S, OFFICES, ETC. Stores, rpo KENT—NORTH DtVISION-FIBST-CLASR LO- X cation, a nice store In a new business block. CUAh. N. HALE. IXI Kmulolph-st. rivo RENT-A FINK RTORE 21XU3. SFITAIU.E FOR X retail busln«-Mtt 2 <n Van Burea-at; very cheap. ,U)IIS' 11. AVERY. I.M) L&Salle-st. Offices. rpo RENT-CHEAP. AT 12d SOUTH CLARK-RT., 1 X large offices, lURXJ, P. D. HAMILTON, Room 1, lihi Clurk-sl. r|N> RENT—LARGE FINE OFFICE, BECONI X floor. 153 Randolph-*!., few di>or» from tho bhei man House. Inquire In the building. r IV) REST—CHIiTciTFRONT OFFICE IN laiPUBUC X Life Building; second flour. JOHN 11, AM.Hi, l.'a) I.ußalle st. 911ac4ilIancou»« T'O RENT-DOUBLE BASEMENT, FURNISHED complete; rent low u> good party: wnicr HaUted and Mndlsun-si*.; At location. COLL, NMMLL <V MOSHER, 1M Wert Madbun-rt. f|H) RKNT-AT OAK PARK A NI» RID Of '■ LA S D X flne houses from f I<)U> *24. A. I. HKMIMiVN AI, Room 3d. I4i» l.aßsllu-it. rpO RENT—DOCK—StWEeu) FEET AT fOOI OF X Carpenter and Uruvu-*U.. North Branch. Has weu occupied tea years as a coal mini wood-yard. Iw R, CI.ARKK Roimihd. Ml l.imalle-i.t. WiWi'rKD-'l'O HKNI. T\rANTED—TO DENT—THE UPPED STOHIEs'OK a building containing J 6 touor.Kiiiu, mitrally lo* rated, aultalde for a tlrat-clawi boardliiß-liouse; or urn door*. uudadvcrUacr will nut lo improvement*, auto location. rent, and particular*. AddreM. N *>. Tribune. KKWIMi MACUnES. I’LEUANT SEWING MACHINES OF ALL LEAD* i’alnir maker* at lea* than half regular rate*; Ut>t-elaaa machine*, with all lateal Improvement*. warranted three rear#; tucK-marker. miller, and all attachment# wait each machluc. TilOa. IL MAIUTN. auu Wi> twli-ftv. SINOKU OFFICE OF A. J. MELCUKUT, 3u3 Weal MadlMm-«U Machine* aold on monthly pay* meat*, rented, and exchanged. Open till 6p. la. i I VjTITIUJE M A Ki: Uv-A MANNING SEWISG-MA i chlue, good aa now. for aalo cheap. Apply to BEL* LY. HIUSCH A CO.. 13 Market at. ANTED-* AN IMPUOVKD SINGED SEWING* ii machine at the low«»t prlco for vaab. l'i3,Trtb* uue nltlee. FOIL Solatia I.VIUSALF.—UHE AP—AFIUST-CLABSGOLD HUNT lug Kußllih watch, by a celebrated London maker Addreo \\ ‘ Ju, Trlbuno ouloc. 1?0U SALK-TWO COUNTBUB, EACH It) FEE' 1 long, and ahelvlug, cheap, at tkO Wu*t Twenty-avc oud-tl. l.'tUt SALK—SAFE—DIE HOLD A KF.NZLK'S; ONLY I I H 5; eo*t sllu. ESAIAN WAUUEN. looDcarboru* at., baaouieuU X'OU SALK ONB DANK-COI'STEU. IS FEET X lonir, maple and walnut panel front, Freucb plate* tclaa# railing, with dpwaluga for paying and reculftng tcllir*. lu uay only H luoutha. Will Iw aold cheap. Ad* dreaaFUtnT NATIONAL BASK. Klglu. HI. NTOU.Uii: (JTUUAUK FOU UKIUTIANDIdK. FUUSITUUE, O etc., and money advanced thereon at fair rale#. OTIS lilt OWN, lUmuiuulo7 iVoxboruat. CTOUAGEON BAST WASIUNGTON-ST.-A CON- O Tcultmt place. Advance* on good# at lowe*t rule*. THUS. DaoiUmi at. IJTOUAUB—FUUNITUUK, UUGOIES. AND WKU* O cliandlaoitnred lu flru proof warehouae. DW Meat Uonroa al. Lovvat charge*. Money advanced on «*ay term#. l'i:i^ONAL ( Dublin, will acud prooeut addrea* lu A, U-YUKEII. Ttlbuue om«M,U will be gtvatiy ui the advsau*i« o< wU M. Corbett, WANTED-IWAIiE HELP. Bookkeeper** (Jlorkw* etc* WANTED— A RELIABLE VOUNG MAN Afl EN try-clcrk anil assistant bookkeeper fn * manufac turing concern. Must be quick and correct at figures, ami nut afraid of work, Andrea* X 44. Tribune cilice. \\T ANT F. S SIS TA N f BOOKKEEPER IN A «v large mercantile house. Address, with reference*, N 17. Tribune ofllcc. Trades* WANTF.D-TWO pants and one vest maker W toco to DvsMolnu, la. DIDDLE A Bum M and 4b Mndlson-st. WANTED-A - 1-IRST-CLASB PRINTER AND loner at MOOUK'E PiiotogfApb Gallery, 160 Weit Madlson-at. \\TANTED HARNESS MAKER TO OO TO Vv Traver/e city. Midi., steady employment. In quire at VOgLKR&uEN ATNUIf fa, luti Wahaah-av., up* naira. WANTKD-WRITE MALE MEAT AND PABTHV cooks. Call Uils niurniDK from ato 11, at 30 East Washington-si. _____ WANTED— COM I’D.SI TOR. FREHSIIOV.KRUAND _IH*y. at Pilot oin, e, ns l.akn-at. WANTED— U» GOOD CARPENTERS AT SANDS’ House, southeast corner Wabash-av. and Madison* •t.; apply early \VASTKD-A OOOD CAIIHIAOESMITH AT TM Vf and 7:kl Htatvsl. E, C. HAVlili, successor to Ilayde A OHrh-n. WASTED-SHOEMAKER ON FISK LADIES’AND gents' sewed work. Applyntni f*oulti Clark-st. WANTED- A SHOEMAKER ON"CFsiosf'woUK. Apply toT. I.UDDEN, :c» North Franklln-st. j none nut n good workman need apply. ______ Employment Atrcnctcn. ■\ITANTF.D—|f«i RAILROAD LABORERS FOR THE >V Chicago, Rock Island fe I'acltln Railroad, wag.-s (I..’A free fare; lann and anw-nilll hsn.D, &c. 1U F. CHRISTIAN, 141 South Water-si.. Room 1. W* A NTH It—SAW • M ILL HANDS FOR CANADA, free fart, paid In gold: go out to-lilghl; railroad laborers for lowa. E. A. A.NGELL, corner of Laku and Mnrket'St*. W’a’sted-200 railroad laborers. is saw mill hands, quarrymen, etc.; highest wages paid; free fare. Apply to SNELL 4c CO., 21 West Randolph. \\T A N TKIJ-hCSJUAILI U)\ ll' L A Ilbl IK RS, i'.yUAID W rymen. farm and sawmill men: free fare. At if* Wist Randolph-st. J. 11. SPERULCK & CO., *uccw tur« to Snell k Co. Nlltir.cllancoUN, T\ T ANTED—AN EXPF.KIENCEI) IirPINERS-MAN VV to manage a business at Des Moines, Is.: nlij, on.- at Milwaukee, Wt*.. and bt. Paul, Minn. Ilusln.-is will pay a net Income of from (250 to (.V«> per muatlu wlilen can be shown on Investigation. Nona but A.« F. AA. Mi-oni need apply. TuU no humbug cheap agency biion-r*. Call and Inve*tlgatci or address fur {uirUcular* MACUrk-st.. Room :t',. \V r ASTKI)-MKN; WE WANT TOOIVES.OOTRIAL ir packages. worth ft each. loo.tuuroen vrliu wish to engage permanently In the hi st paying business In the United Slater. We guarantee 11>e men s7lM>crwcck during the tear. If unemployed, write to RAY A CO.. Chicago, 111. W*ANTEI>-ANV HUMAN BEING WITH BRAINS can make <Vu luouth selling onr letter-copying book. Any one that has a letter to write will buy It. No press or water u«d. Fend for circular. Excelsior Company, la Tribune llalldimc. ■\\rANTED— AGES lb FOR A MAGNIFICENT WORK >v of high character. New, novel, and attractive. Jt brings large returns at once. A. C. ROWE, klUbuperl or-st, Cieveliuiil. Ohio. TIT ANTED—CAN VAFFEUS TO FELL NOVELTIES, TV chromes, photographs, stereoseopu-. views.needles, sewing machine attachments, casters, etc.; the largest stock of the kind In America and the lowest prices. C. M. LININGTON, 45and 47 Jackson-st. Chicago. WANTED— AN INTELLIGENT AMERICAN BOY, from 1410 Id years old; must Lave good refer ences. and reside with his parents. Address In onr handwriting. CARTER A WARREN, corner Madlsor and Frauklin-sui. WANTED— A MAN TO TAKE CARF. OF ONE horn* and do general work; also a woman to cook; good wages. Applyot 1)15 .South Clsrk-st. WANTED— AGENTS FOR CENTENNIAL BAIlG es; cheap and salable. Fend to cents fur sample to tV, ,1. PETTiS (c CO.. mannfsr.turersof Jewelry, r. O. Box 443 Providence, It. I.; 3 u per cent profit to agents. WA NT KD—*T(7 -D A Y~— I _ HAVE A~ SPLENDID opening for any young man with f 2<»> ca*h to g<> to Philadelphia. Call at Room kj Exchange Building, cor ner Clark and Wiudilngton-sts. \\f ANT ElV—s YOUNG MEN TO STUDY FOR THE >V stage; hourt, ua. m. till 11 p. m, Apply at Dramatic College. IP3 East Woshlngton-st., op-stalra. WANTEI>— A LIVE MAN WITH A FEW HUNDRED dollars; liberal salary,nndeecurlty for money. Ap ply to Clerk Adams Harrison and Clark-sts. \\VaNTED-A MAN TO FOLICIT ORDERS FOJ >T coaL Addressu 100. Trllmoeortlce. "WF ANTED GOOD MBS TO CANVASS FOI it orders fnrscrecn*; good commission to good men, Chicago Screen Manufacturing Company. 35 Ohlo-«t. \Ttasted-m~kn~tu~seli7i ; e"i 1 FUME. SHELLS. vv photographs, chromos, and new articles. Ameri can Novelty Company, li:t EastModlson-st.. Room 10. RELIABLE PARTY CON ST trollngagood option trwle. either city or country, an established commbsl'in house oilers a splendid ar rangement or huilncu position. Address PU 7. Tribune olllee. W.LMED-FE.TIALE HELP. Domestic*. \\T ANTED - IMMEDIATELY -IN A PRIVATE TT family, an experienced girl to do general hou»e work; (rennan or aurede prclerrcd. Apply at 3<>l West Vanßur«u-st. TTfANTEiy—A GOOD GIRL OP. WOMAN TO COOK tV for a restaurant; man uudenuod her business well. Apply at 4ti aoulh btute. A \ r ANTED—MRS. RA*KKR V S RELIAIILF. FAMILY \l em»loyinont utllces: girlsn( altnation*furnished locity sud country* 4 m Wabvh-av. mid co Slate-*;. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS GIRL TO COO] wash, ami Iron. Apt>ly at 705 Wabasb-av, WANTKO-A GOOD. CAPABLE GIUL TO DO second work, at "o Park-av. W" AXTKD^A~c;<)OI) — UELIADLK GIUL TO Do general housework- No washing to do. Call at 171 Wamn-ar. XIT ANTED—GIRL FOU GENERAL IIOUSUWOUK vi la private family of four; uoclilldrvd. us 3 Wc»c Adami-at. WASTED— GIUL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Apply at 4JJ West Van Bureu-iit. \\yANTED— COSU’ETKNT GIRL FOR GENERAL l> housework la small private family. Cull at 157 South Clark-*!., Rooms. WANTED —GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK: IT must coma well recommended. Apply at IbU Twenty-tltth-st. TIT ANTED —GOOD GERMAN OK SCANDINAVIAN IT girl to do general housework; must have pood references. 55H Obio-st. WANTED— Gir.L'FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK In family of two; good (tome, good pay. Apply ford days southwest corner Seminary and Llll-avs. ■\\TANTED—AT 154 RUSH-sf., A WOMAN TO DO vl cooking. waablng. and Ironing In afamlly of two. Bring references. Call Wednesday. VITANTED—IMMEDIATIXY—A SCANDINAVIAN vl girl f»r general housework In a mall family. A pox! girl can here have a pleasant home us long a* alio does well her part. Rarer cocos required. Hot West Mouree-et. WANTED —A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL tv housework; family of two, fra KuUon-it. VatXnTKD—(SIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK Vv In a small family. Aj-jily at U 7 East AJami-»t., In saloon. WANTED— AN KVPKIIIHNCHII fcKCONU GIRL at 783 Mlchlgan-av. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL AS CHAMBERMAID aud laundress lu private boarding-house; also cook. Apply at 27U Mlchlgan-av. ■\\rANTKD—A SERVANT GIRL to DO GENERAL vV housework. German or Scandinavian preferred, at 1735 Wabosh-av.. aU<vc Thlrty-tlilrd-»U TATANTEI*—A GOOD GIRL OF 10 TO HELP TAKE I v care of children. Apply 754 Fultuu-st., Imme diately. WANTFIS— TWO GIRLS. ONE FOR GENERAL housework and cue os nur»c-gtrl. Must come well recommended. Apply at_l»i North Dearborn-*!. TITASTED—A Fl’rSt-CLaVs FECUND GIRL. I? Good wages. Como ready to work, 154 and RH> Mlehlgan-it. WANTED-A GOOD COOK AND BKCOVD-GIUL: l* referemvs required. Apply at 4uu North La- Salle-st., l>e tween baud H o'clock. WANTED^- TWO FllU’.*«-CLASS DINING-ROOM glrU at Revere Uoaso, corner of Clark and Mlchlgau-sts. Scamairomeit TX^ANTED—HANDS ON LADIES' UNDERWEAR. II ami to take their pay lu flm-claaa tcwlugms chines. IRA H. OWES a CO.. 212 East MadUm st. Nunci. TT T ANTED—AT 530 WEST MADISON-ST., SECOND »> Hour. a good reliable girl au uurac. Bc«t of ret* prtmcv* required. WANTED—A lUuSFECTABLK GERMAN GIRL TO take chargu of a baby and tor. Apply ettJd Mlchlgau-av. Lanndrvuce. WASTED-EXPERIENCED tiillUT-inONEna AT YY Monger** Laundry. Qifr WabavU-av. Tlf ANTED—FIRST-CLASS lUONEUS AT WILSON’S YV Laundry, to work by tbe week or by the piece. Laundry Statu aud Tblrty-lourtiwu. WANTKD-TWO NO. I IRONKKS THIS MOHS* YV tugs good pay to flnl-claaa baud*; uo other* wanted. CuUatdli WreVAiUUU-at. \\TANTED - LAUNDRESS IMMEDIATELY, A YV ttrerelaa* iliirt and dollar Uvcer at WILLIAMS Laundry, w* Madltou-tu T4TANfBII—TUN GOOD SIUUT lUOSEUS, TWO YY vaait women, and two etarcUera, at DOUEUUS* Steam Laundry, pus south PauUua-*t. Umplupmunt Agendow WANTED-FOK TUB BEST OF PRIVATE FAM >Y tu.>* a flrat'Ciate) cook and a valtrvaa, tlw»ne»l Fmtenmt girl for the country. Apply to MBs. WHITTAKERS. a>3 Chicago**?. All»c«lliuieouu< WANTED-4 LADIES TO STUDY FOB TUB >V »ugo; hour*. ua. m. till it i>. m. Apply at Dramatk Cullvgu. lU3 Ea*t Wa»!»tngtoo-»t.. up-»talr*. LOST AID rOI'.ML 4 UEWAKD OF (UX) WILL BE PAID FtUl UE* jV. turn of arllctc* taken from J-*7U ludiana*av. buu* day evening. May dl. and no uyttiou* arked. T OsT—A IhJCKET-DOOB, ONTHIUTY-FIFTH-sr, Ij audl'eUaga Gruve-ar. Will poy for U. bIICU. Z IMMLIIM AN. au Egaa-av. 1 OS i—SMALL BAY MAKE. LKVT FiIOST FOOT lj wbU*. •iwrttall. Large reward wIU Im paid. Ituf NorthF*miua-»l.._uearUulllag-unll. T*OaT-ON FKIDAV, SL4Y U*', A LIUUT-IUinCOW. Ij half face wbltg, aatrepwitna lell on, rud flannel uo Che »uap. JUSEPULUTA No. NS Uaaowec V AFTERNOON. IN. CHUIIUU «P 1 j Atonement or from there to bouuJltugv Home via Waahluguiuand Wood-eta., apairof gold-uowed*pec* tacleaTLlberal reward for returutoTouudllng* llouu*. OTKAYKIV-OSKLIUinMIKDCtIW. WUITEBELLV, O with rope round her unck and hum; and uno •ueckled wblle aud red cow. A Uhcral reward will U» utidfor their delivery totlEotlGE OBEKNE. 191 Ala* or to DAVIDTiOODWILLIE, Lake View. A> 1 ,-r jiKWA’UD-LOST-ON LAST" SATUIUUY •TliU evening, near ootuer Sangcr-M. and Arvherv A., a imall alack and tun tint: ear* cut. Any one re* tdtUugli W *UI Aiu6*T4T» TUinoelte above reaard. SITUATIONS I-7LILE* Bookkeeper**'CtovUw* etc* SITUATION WANTED—DT A.H BXFERtEKOED o bookkeeper (German); rood reference*. AddtOMZ 48, Tribune ofDca. Coachmen* Teamsters* etc* QITT7ATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN BT AN O elderly Englishman of experience: wIU-mnke him* self generally useful; bent of references from laat em ployer. Address W E, care Fred I*. Fake A Co., 6* Wnthlngton-IL ' ’ S' ITUATION WANTED—nv A Goodman as coachman, of many year* experience, who perfectly understand* the care of horses andearrlageaTaDd la ft aafe drlrcr; With the bait of reference. Q 09, Tribune. SITUATION WANTED— nr TOUNO MAN AS mem coachman In private family; steady, and not afraid of work; city or country: rood reference. ITeaos ad.lrens T 13, Tribune office. ITliHcellancoa** CITUATION WANTEI>—HV A GOOD. STEADY O man. who Is able and willing to make himself ose» fnl at any kind nf work: handy about the care of horses. Can give good reference*. Address Q 3. Tribune office. CITUATION WANTF.D-DT A MIDDLK-AOEC i j man with (VI) lo f liOW ready money: has formerly )k.-cii Captain of steamboat. Address U 44, Tritium oiilce. CITUATION WANTED—ROOTS AND SJJOES- O Parth-i wishing lo be repmsenP-rt by tho Ist of July In the above line (a the West and Southwest by a thor ough, competent, and reliable man, address C. S. WALKER. 3UI North Fourth-st.. Ht. Louis. SITUATIONS WANTED-rEHALE. Domestic** SITUATION WANTED—IIV A GOOD GIRL TG cook. wash, and Iron. Call for three days at 77 Fourtccnth-st. bITUATION wanted-to do general house* O work. Best of city reference. 201 Fourth-ar., u p-slal rs. SITUATION WANTF.D-ny A FIRST-CLASS MEAT ij and iiastry cook In hotel or restaurant nr flrst-cloaa iMjanHog-lioiisc. Call or address 77r» West Polk-sU eiTUATION'WANTED-BV A YOUNtTbIIIL TO o do general housework In a small private family; no objection u> the country. Call fur two days at suO South Morg«n-«t. ‘ ITU ATKINS YvaNTKD —AS FIRST-CLASS COOK n in private family; also second girt. Best city refer* i-iicw. hi Wist Eightecnth-sU. np-staln. SITUATION WANTED-BV A GERMAN WOMAN i j to dr» second work, nr na flnt-chwa cook; prlvato family; city reference*. flm-clo«a. No. 458 Ea»t Twea ty-sirond-Bt.. between Archer-av. and the river. tJITUATION WANTED-DT A SWEDISH GIRL TO Dili, general housework. 112 down stairs. SITUATION WANTED-BV A GOOD GIRL TO IK> O second work or general housework In smalt family. Cull at M Mllltr-kt. S' ituation WANTED-BY GIRL WITH A BABY 3 mouths old. to do general housework or sewing. hp*-»ks Kngltsh, French. and German. Address or cali « Wabush-av., in store. QITUATION - WANTED—P.Y A COMPETENT OIRI* O to cook, wash. and Iron In a private family, or l*un* dress; good references if required. ITeaso call at ffJ* West Lukc-tt. CITUATIOK WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL O to do second work or general housework, Plcassap* ply for two days aumo &outhJNuk-av, S' ITUATIONS WANTEIS-BV TWO fIWKDB GIRLS to do general housework. Apply at H 7 Thompson-fit. Situation a girl to”do'second ij work In a private family or housework In a small family. Call for two days at 514 b Wcnlwortb-av., be* twecu Flfty-tlmland Klity-second-eu., Town of Lake. IT UAT I ON _ W ANf KI>—TO DO GEN KI tAL~H OUfi K- O work In a private family; best city references. Ap* ply at laca South Dcarborn-st. SITUATIONS WANTF.D-BY TWO RESPECTABLfI O glrlf, one os cook, washer,and Ironer, and the other ns second girl; or would work at Rnt-claM laundrew. and the other to do general housework, ricaso cull at 04 Harmon-eourt, up-stnln. for two days. ClTL*atlon~\va'nthl>-iiy A FIRST-CLASS COOK. O washer, and Ironer. city or country. The best oC references given. OKJ State-st., second floor. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT OIUL. O to do second work lu a first-class private family; also understands how to do embroidery. I’lcaso call aa 144 Twentletb-st. CITUAYION - tVG\NTKI>-BV A FIRST-CLASS COOK; fj also a second girl. lu a Brut-class private family: best, of city references given. Address N 37. Tribune offlee. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GERMAN GIRL AS cook, or laundress; no furnish the beat city refer* cnce. Please call at 410 Wabmh-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN OIRU O to do kitchen-work. In a private family; or rainy work In a hotel or boarding-house; will give good ref* crenee. Please call or address IU3 Conalport-av,, ANNA PAGE. SITUATION WANTKD-BVA FIRST-CLASS OIRU 0 to do homework In a flm-class private family. Pleoad call to-day at 17u West Adams-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY A CAPABLE SWEDISIf O girl, to do general housework In a small American family. Apply at 354 Corrtll-ov. CITCAT 1 ON~WAN GENERAL HOUSE* O work In a small family. References If required. Please call at lut West Jaekjon-st. • CITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO GIRLS. ONE TO O wHik. wash, and Iron, the other second work; with references. Call at 303 Float Erle-st. SITUATION WANTKD-BV A HCUTCII GIRL TO* O do second work and sewing, or take care of children* references. «X» autte-st.. In basement. SITUATION WASTED-BY A GKUM.VN GIRL; O a llrst-i lAss cook and laundress, or would do gen* oral housework; city or couutry; best references, tit Fiatc-st., In basement. S’ ITUATION WANT’EO-BY KESPEirTABLKOIRL* best of tcfereuce. Please call at 3TJ West Polk-aU Nanetii CXTUATION WANTF.D-TO TRAVEL AND TAKH r? care of children by a colored girl. Can give goo 4 references. Apply from in to 5 o’clock at lt» Thlm-av. Uoosokoopora* CHTATION WANTED-AS WORKING HOUITE* O keeper by a widow lady. Addreaa or call on tin. C., «24 Wen MadUon-*t. CITUATION WANTKD—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY* O an English lady. Call or address B. JONES, 4d* Mllwaukuo-av., third flour. CITUATION WANTED—BY A REFINED GKiIMAJf O lady os housekeeper: has experience, and Is an ex* cdlentcook; best uf references given. Address N U» Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-RY AN EXPERIENCED woman as housekeeper, or to take core of children* city or country- Apply at4lo Wabash-av. Employment Agendo** CITUATIONR WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT Ol* O pood Scandinavian and German female help con bo aupoltcd at Mrs. Dli&KE‘B office. BOMllwaukee-av. ’lllitecllancons' CITUATION WANTED-RY A YOUNG LADY culture, asnarecry guvernew In a private family, ns a clerk, or would take copying to do at modernto wages: good references. Address MW, Room Id At* lantlc note!. SITUATION WANTED—DY A LADY AS CLERK IK a bool and shun store; onu who understands lha Imtlneos, and ran give good references. Address Mrs, CLARK. M-.M Wot Madlson-t. BUSINESS CHANCES, 4 RARE CHANCE—A RAILROAD EATING j\. house for sale In a thriving town In Indiana, doing a good liusldcm: good reasons given for selling. Fog particular* write to Lock Hoi H 33, Logans port, Ind. /lAPITALIS T WANTED-TO EXTEND MANUFAO* L 1 taring of new Invention. Address a 91. Tribune. T.MIIBT-CLAPS SALOON AND RESTAURANT. 1 good location, half block from depot, established In I -c.‘. fur ode cheap fur cash. Innulre at 257 south Clark-st., la the grocery. 170 RS ALE-OU EXCHANGE—A GOOD PAVING 1 boardjng-bouseiwill take good borac and vagua for part pay. Reasons for selling, sickness. Call at 21 and 25 Hub Lord-st.. comer Dcspulnes. 17011 BAI.E—FUUNITEUK WITH LEASE OF A * centrally-located F.urupean Hotel. 40 rooms and large dining-room and laundry. Kll, 114 West Madi son -si. 170 II BALF^-bR'TRADE—A SMALL FOUNDR? and luachlao-shop; will trade for farm lands nA etiy property. Address GKO. ALEXANDER, Bello- Ftalac, 10. 1?OR BALK—MEAT-MARKET DOING A GOOD , business and good stand lu sell coarse meat, with good Ice-home and everything complete, for sole cheap forcash: having other business to attend. Addres* O uv Tribune ohlce. SALE-A FIRST-CLASS, WELL-ESTAJILISH ed a good order trade; good reasons given fur the sale. Inquire at I*4 Exit Uandußih-st., basement, or SM Cut* ugoGruvo-ay. ICE. ICE. ICE—FOR SALE-S.UU TONS GOOD J clrar Ice. Addrraa J. U. STUAUT, P. O. Box IS7. Mllw mkt.-v.Vr U<vD»ltt. PUBLIC HOUSE UN THE CORNER OF DEARBORN and Jackson-na.. oppotlie the new Cuatou-Untuc* for tain.D doing a >!wj tramlcut btuloeea. R””AUV. OPPOUTUNITY’io BUY A WELL-ESTAB- Itrhed mtiHc boilnrs*. The only muilc riotn la • dir of eleven th»uMud vII.Oim people with • Urge and Hen country tributary; Am-cUei etock. *ad builneae IncreaaUig; *atl»f*ctorT reason* given for telling. Ad dreeaatuare UUslC,_w<*t«m New Company. rl’cTa - Tiioliouoiil"y reliable middle-aged I tmrtneiw gentleman wiib undoubted eecaHly, or *i,(toca&Ji. e pueltlou of tbe hJghnteununercUl tmet U offered. if latbfaclory reference* end Uujlne** expe rience U proven. A chance fur e fortune U offered la tn retentive legitimate commercial buelaem Addir**, »tth fall particular* end real name. XK. Tribaue office. WASTED-PARTY WITH A FEW HUNDRED YY dollar* that want* to make money and baa wine knowledge U» teaa. ellk*. lacc*. etc. If you want bqal* Uva* and mean bualneia, addreae Q S 3. Tnbuae office. -i \ WILL BUY HALF INTEREST IS A WELL 0«-trU eeUUlahed vegetable and poultry bualneak If taken at ouve. Par* well. Object; traveling. in quire at IW CUrk-eC. Room 10. U. C. WHIPPLE. CASH WILL UUV’IIALF INTEREST IN Ot)l f\J office bualue** and etock of 11,UN), cleaning orcr freuo monthly, idb lUndulph-at.. Hoorn at). BUYS' HALF INTBKEST IN A CASU otHHJ buiiuoa* paying gv.o monthly. If you bar* lb* money, call at 70 LaSalle***., Boom 14. --1 ~t in OR LESS WILL SECURE A BUSINESS «*M,Ov»U that can be thjwnby tafMUgatioo to pay Hum *uu to »l» net profit per month; can U eupertn* tea led by cither gentleman or lady, aud would not la* Urfore with gentleman attending w other twalneae; aell becauM am removing from city; no appllcaikna from lot trader* or middlemen entertained; only thoaa meaning luulucee and fully prepared to carry ta out tw*4 apply. Addrvua K 4t. Tribune office. AO AAjl BUYS UALF*INTEREST IN CASH JSo.UUu bnaiuiwa, weU eataldtaheA Laat Jeaffa t3b-a fAtcoo; rrodu, *lcv,UJUyearly. Call uraddrvU 7u LaSalle-»t li _X»»>oiii_lL > __ - _ > __^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^ UIVOUCES. TNIVOLCtFLEO ALLY AND QUIETLY OBTAINED IJ foelucompaUhUliy, etc.; rvuideuce hof iwewal i-reieoce not ucceMary: affldaviu eufficlenl proof; tee ‘mier decree. Q. K. SIMA »7 AOUud Bluet. Chluago. Divorces legally and guurrLT obtained lu e vcnrSute of the Union for UcrnnpaUhmtj. etc. imidMtce uuaeceeearr. Pee after iMne. twilve yean* eaperiouce. AJ<Da«*P-0* Box UMT.Calcago. HU 1 \IVOHCES~QUUrrLV OBTAINED FOB INCOM -1) paUbillty, etc.; legal evenrwhere; affidavit*. elenl proof reetdenew latuijWfUll «« adWl U» AMAUVYN. U.a*n>A XvWanugtoo-et.. Cbl»ngW t llL ldvcatio: w^traißiifaaß Utrtu, Cvnh. pend led UiVßttx. 3

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