Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 25, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 25, 1876 Page 8
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Iso Variation in tho Dullness of tho Loan Market* Nsw York Exchange Weak—Tho Clear ings 53,000,000. The Prodnee Markets IrregtilarsssPro- visions Active and Easier. Grain in Fair Demand—Lake Freights More Active. FINANCIAL. There were no new developments In the clty ce.rUflr.ata lutiincs*. The bank* Hint bold those coming duo are compelled lo protest them. Jinny of the certificate* held abroad bear the guarantee of local business-men. who have discounted them like other paper. The city having defaulted, these guarantor* will be sued nnd forced to pay. The Idtia Unit Um old certificate* have been repudiated I* preposterous. They are not repudiated, but are to bo paid, principal nnd Interest. This payment must be made In accordance with law, nml the law. n« Interpreted by the Circuit Court and explained In these columns, Is. that the only mentis for the pay ment of the back certificates l« nut of the back taxes. Mayor Ilnyne's references to the nnluwful debt nnd lllegcl certificate* have generated the Idea In some quarters that thev were preliminary to a refusal to pay the certificates at all, This Is a great error. Tholr Il legality wan mentioned only to show that It would be impossible to continue the issue. The offering* of paper In the local loan market were restricted. The paper maturing I* in excess of that presented for discount. City and country borrowers aro alike paying up. Them la a con siderable surplus of loanable funds, and good bor rower* are readily accommodated. Untcs of di-connt «t tlic Lank* nro 85710 per cent. Collections nro made to good ouudde bor rowers. On the street, rate* are GSSIR jier cent, ami bus!- nc-fl it! dull. New York exchange was weak, ami sold between bank* ol Sotß.'Uc premium for SI,OOO. The country orders for currency continue light. The clearing* wore $3, 000,000. JJEW ENGLAND HANK AND MANLTACTCIJING STOCKS. The Boston Commercial IJullethi says tliat the market for bank stock* Is ‘•(•oft.” nml It Is ex tremely dlfllcult now to sell at .'i per cent less the same stocks which were* in active demand two weeks oca at the higher roto. A* n rule they ore Belling too high, and It Is only the great case nud abundance of money which keeps them up where they aro.. The tendency Is downward, and not only this, the quoted prices arc not all sales. In manufacturing stocks, the same general fea tures of dullness and Inaction continue us before noted, only more intensified. A few slocks held up. Ames Company has fnrthor declined from MOO ‘to 270; Atlantic. 47 to MOll-golng down with n rim; Dates has receded from to U7?4; Hamil ton, 825 to 800; Manchester, 11(3 to 115; Merri mack. 102.7 to 1000; Nnnmkeag, 30014 to 01)*4; and York. 3227, ex-dividend, to 1220. THE THCASUni' FIUtITINO THE SILVEIt SPECD- The Now York Ecfii\n>j Put nays Hint nn undue proportion of tlif silver paid mil In New York von* **:iila of dime*, and that thin ha? boon directed by the Treasury for the purpose of checking ship’- uietitK of silver coin to Sin Francisco. The result hut been to advance In the market Ihe premium on halves and quarter-* to tf|* per rent: this makes them coat about l*l> 4 c cold In this market; in Snu Frandeco, they rule nt {'.'ifTpllUc gold. FINANCE** AintOAn. There Inn* been rather a better demand for money daring the past week, but no materia! improvement in Ihe rates of discount. Indeed, although n bet ter inquiry has existed, the rate? of discount ary Mill as low as they can reasonably be, the he»t Hirer months' bills being taken In the open market at l?a per cent. There Is still no reason to believe in any change from this condition of affairs. Now and then a solid invest mcnl. such ns an Indian loan, or a loan for the Metropolitan Hoard of Work*, is introduced to public nutico, nnd tills Is, of cour-e, quickly subscribed. Tho applications arc cer tainly nut so numerous a* they used to be In the days of “enterprise,” when nearly everybody, In cluding clerks, “ wrote,” with o view to secure a premium. If any. Now, and undoubtedly the clr ciiia-' nice is u satisfactory one, tho applications ar- ol ;. bona flue diameter, ami, though thev do not amount lo the million* sterling which excited tiMmiishtiu-ni in funner days, they are usually twice in. much as is required, nnd till* fact ahmc I? sufficient to show that there is a large supple of money seeking profitable employment. Unfor tunately. these loan?, which an* sound invest ments are likely to be few nnd far between.— d",\ VornnioialeiiCt Fh.ancUit C'/nonlcle, Mnu ti. GOI.D AND GUEENUACK3. OoMvras IWiiftliri. Urcvul-ucU* cents on the dollar. OOVKHN.MI'NT UONDS. Oo ,i ! I.', -jtinnijnrui .tulv. MtusaryaiM.inly. t-J.i.iiiaiy atiii .1 my. L'li.l-.J oJrtii".* iim-i;. J V).\ ”I «'IT» AND CUL’.Vir XJy.NUi. rnir.-ii:''*■!:>; 7 > rt. Ih.n>]> 4‘il' C'hii :i^u<';')• 7 V -I i •{<*! • .•■<<l. t <'Mi'y7 i- rt. I.nii i.,i»!u>ri) ‘|'H »ju'. < n.jtci uiim,'7 c c;. I. iloiiKi Mul •('*! «'»t 1 11- K I r- Cl. I> Illili •1,7 Clitca, - '., 7.V rt. (I.lncullt «ua ‘And iutcmt. LOCAL STOCKS, nut. Aii ft. City Hallway, Powtii sfiiv ... City Kalin;:y. UV,-i si l- dry Knllwuy, Wict uMc, a t< m»t tvill* I Irate* ..*|ir‘U City Hallway. Kuril) Side I—i Traders’Humane*- <”'» • Ct..illil)rr ut CoHlMlf fee 71 7(1 Co u.lil 1.. Kxi>osl!Hni «ineK (new). J;»l'(«*Uldu ttoclk (itcrli*) •AnJ Inimit, 11V TELKGKAnr. To tl>4 llftitm Aumd'iletl l*rtn. Nk*' Youk. May 24. (!oiU declined tollTJ, *>n a reduction io Merlin", but afterward* recovered to JI2.V sad closed at that figure. The extremes of the day were- and 1 Hated paid for car* 1 to 2 per cent, and for borrowing Hat. (iovcTßtnent.o rh.-ed dull am] steady. llalJroad bonds were generally Arm In lute after* noon dealln^H, The Mock market wu* linn and higher In the earlv dealings, with an advance of >4 to l»i, Imt after midday the market hcipm to loom Mrenytli. and at the second call there was a decline of from 54 to 2. Later, the market was cpiief, and toward* the tlom became weak, but ul the close ? M,i Im '* u;ur - Transactions aggregated 1.*i,K17 share*, <.l winch 7.oouwere Erie, IM.&oO Lake Shore, 0t.’.000 Pacific Mail, 11.000 si. Pauls I V4 O J,V.'-? te . rD Lnl, 'l‘* Mlcliluan Central, uud 7,000 Udauure, Lackawanna £ Western. Honey market easy; I'rlme mercantile paper, -i'aitj. Clearing. S-7.000.P0f) C'ibUutih receipt", *27 J The Assistant Treasure Sterling laa^lbO, ,000. r disbursed 2150,000. oovxusnr; Coupons, ’ftt lu-jVj (»upuii«. ’ej hew JIU t.oupoui, *O7 mits Coupons, ’Cd | <ST BUS'DH. *'-•* nr* '*.4.*. rcL . , l 7 t'MOs, coin, 0111 j|«.i Currencies UTOt Western Union mu Ifuleksllver IPj Oublisllver pfd tsc* Pm ihe Mall. in:>J Ms'il-ova Krt Murlpo.u pr.l iuj Adams hipress Pl 7 Uells-ysruo Amerleau Kt^rm*.... i.u I Tilted bill*. Mi|inx 71) New Vcri.leulrul ....Hu F.rle jjU File pfd la Harlem U 7 Harlem pfil j;u Michigan Central *i»f Pm.sma p;, I'uluo Pacific stock.. r.Hi^ Lake Shore nW Illinois Central tt ( Ibvulukl & Pittsburg p.'M Northwestern XrH Nortiraiwura pfd.... SA/J 1 C.i C., C. Sc 1......... 4.1 I New Jersey Central., mi l«»*cW Island p k -, ht. Paul j,;L4 hi. Paul pfd At Wabash n’i Wabash pfd a * Fort Wayne jn.j Terreilaiue an. Terre Haute pfd pj Cbli ufo a Alton 07 ( (ileutio i; Alton pfd. .lu’.'4 «. &>< * m 3 lltl., L. * W |i»iW A. A. P. Telegraph.... 15 Missouri Pad lie pj'f Atlantic & PselAcpfd. ifi Indiana Central 4? • 'Mi'rt/o. H. & O |l7 HannlbalSt hu J0e..., pj*( i.enirul PuelQc bonds. H>~*4 Union Paelllc bonds, imlj o. Pag. lunduraul... i-o 1 U. Pac. siuklug-fuud. r-u „ STSTK Tennrsa. e ea, old 41 lentil.weetls, liCW.... 4d VlTKlula U, Old 30 virithiU cv new :n Missouri Padactts....lus)i MihPta b*M Fiuneisro, May 2-1 Idlest quotaihiiis at tlioHl t uiiiolUfd Vlrrfluli.. 71U I t ollforula. 7nir beurea'Sled Hekbvr.. Ml * (mldr 551/ CLollar Mli F*vs*e.. |hi2 lojkiisJ ;.i* Meit'sa I,’ :tl '? tiould Si Curry toil 1 Htsl is htk lier SIU I lime s< hcfsjois | 4.—The following arc tho tuck Lxclianpu; I Crovm Point |SW Yellow Jacket a»w Alpha n*? t iHclchcr aoii Conbdi nee hlerrs Ncyoda uu Fschvoucr 101 l : Jusils c H.ifZ | Caledonia t)i KillEl Lovuo.y, Miy ki.—Colt; toll-id sub, mono/ and account. United Plato* bond*, 'll.'*, 101*4; Wa lOOSI 10-40*. 107 Vi: new n«. tOii’,-. Now York Central. !>!*; Erie. IIS; prefered, 28. I’xnrs. May 2i.-ltrnle». U'.*f2oe. Fii.wufour, May 2t.-Lulled Utatca bonds— Now Ha, 10-Vj. KIjATj ESTATE* The following Instrument* were filed for record Wednesday, May 24: Vlne»t, 474 4-10 ft ii of North nv, wf.s«o-t0 ms t.vimfu dated Muv 15 $.1,500 Townsend i»t, n w ror of oak. e f. 2C , »xI(H ft, dated May 21 •. 2.000 ,lotip« st. 7a ft * of Thlrty-seroml, w f, atxiiJft. dated Abril a, trtra Too I'nlk st, hi fi c df Irvine idnec, n f, 23xin( ft. limed April 4 7.500 Winchester si. 113 ft s of Van Huron, w f, IH 7*10t13.*» ft, dated Mav 23 Chirk st, 7" ft, sof Illinois st, r f. und 3-t3 of!«» x*-b ft. dated May 3.1 1.0.10 fnil a-Wuf wiie premise*, dated May lx 3.475 Vml 7-13uf smiii- premises, dated May i 11...... fi,> .Mohawk m. D*r. r| s .if North av, c f, 2jx 121 I■ in ft, dated May 15 3.010 iorrtt or.eiTT unite within a HAtnui op seven op run coriiT-iioL'sr. KlH*nr, n w enr of Brook st. ef. i:i>U2V>ftt al*n. Foriv-nrst it. 4ia ftwof Eunglev av. n f, 52t4il > *)fi. ilnted May 33 (Charles Cleaver In Barton li. Campbell) $38,120 Bnlterliclcl st. 2oi) ft n of Fifty-second sL w £, 2*ixU»i ft, dated May 23 350 WEST OP CITY UNIT* WITHIN A tIAPIUE OP SEVEN mice* op the rotmr-Hocar. Milwaukee av. too ft so of California nv, n e f, 75»I0uft, dated May M $3,000 COMMERCIAL. The following wera the receipts and shipments of the lending articles 0/ produce In ltd* city during the twenty-four hour* ending at 7 o'clock on Wednesday morning: _:_i_ i 1870. I I*7l. ' 8.401 If»,<m3' 4l.:tiKl( 87.1-0 1H.21'5 O '. 7.1.” 4*,370 42.1 ••• ; riuur.hrl*.... Wheat. bu... Corn, bu Data, bu lire. bn Harley, bn.... (I. seed, It>*.. V. seed, H*.. D. corn. Dm., c. meals, lbs Derf, brls.... Fork, hi* lend, 11m Tallow, Hatter. Pm... I. hogs. N 0.., Cattle, No Micro. It hie.-, lIH 11. « Ine-, hrls. Wool. Uh I’ulaU'iM. bu.. Coal, ton* llav. tons Lumber, m ft. Shingles. in... 17H. - 27ij;“ *W,27:»' ;!OM (Mil. |(U at 27.' 7.:iw 7.1.".* is. lift )d.l*.*>Jl H.IKK'i, H.HJO 4.111 I.S-1U V.-, an. 77: :r.u 234.71!» i.mj* 71-VU|.... »f|l s.7i:il r»,ir*i. I.nm 1. n i r., i>i:t B.4;ki ia,n;r, Suit, lirls J'.mllrv, 1M... I'lMiliry.nmjH. (1.11110, [1k43... Ki/c«. I*KC>.... (•.apples, bru. IlC.klli. Ini Withdrawn from store on Tun sumption: 2,0711 m wheat and 1, The following grain was !n«| In this city on Wednesday inortili: N. W. wheat, 0 cars No. 2 do. 11 1 37 ears No. 3 do, 10 car* rejects 23 cars high-mixed corn. Hit care hnfl (3.000 1m No. 2 do, 0 cars new mixed do, 01 cars and 5,800 hu rejected do, 2 cure no grade do (174 corn); (I care white oats, 22 care No. 2 do, 2 cars rejected do (MO out*)'. 2 care No. 2 rye: 1-4 cut* No. 2 hurley, 3 car* No. 3 do. Total (MOM cars), 14(1,• OOOhii. Inspected out: 87,522 hit wheat, 88,001 Im coin, 20,170 hu outs, 10,325 bn rye, 1,005 hu barley. The charges for elevating and transferring grain In Ilafliito have now been reduced to J 4 c per hu, which includes live days’ storage. The boys on’Change were uiniKttally frisky yes terday. They wore sportive prolmbiy for the buiuc reason that ‘•The stars above are brightly "hitting. they’vo nothing e!*o to do.*’ There Ik no doubt that it {food deal more business Ik now transacted on ’Change, by many commission men. than wan possible before the pn«.mgo of the rale to prevent corners. Aureal many people in tin-country semi In orders to cell short who would bo afraid to do tnilf they were afraid of being caught in a tight place by a comer; ami more people arc able to bny “ long,” because they could not otherwise find enough panics willing to sell to them. The speculative trading Is thus largely In created by the feeling of security given to short sellers “under the rale,” ami it Is no wonder that short selling has become popular enough to leave It in doubt whether It bo more fiodiionsblo or vulgar. The present wheat market furnishes nn apt Ulna tratlon of thlstrnth. With our light receipts of the spccntnllvv grade (onlyllcar-luadsof slralghtNo. *- spring inspected into store yesterday! it would have required comparatively little capital lo comer onr market at anytime during this spring and summer—at least to corner U to tho point where much higher prices would havy brought out all tho available wheat In tho country, and made glad the hearts of the warehousemen by a big demand fur storage room, while tho hi I ,'her prices would have made glad tho heart of the funn er abo. IJut with no rule against corners, many of those who are now short would have been afraid to take that side, and the rest would have Invested less heavily in that direction than now. We do nalmwumu to my how far a gain In tnu volume of merely speculative hnsliioss will compeiHate for the loss of an actual trade In grain due to the bear ish tendencies of a market In which short-sidllng pnqioudenttert. \V» simply state the fact, anil chiefly for Uni pnnxine of indicating that o prop osition H change; the rules would nut necessarily attract art affirmative vote from all the member* of the Hoard of Trade. Thu difficulty of oljlujnlng n change would be all the greater, because U scarcely seems possibly that a majority would agree upon any other rule that might he suggested in perfectly equitable between both parlies. Thoio tire many who wish for a reform of present conditions, but do not wish to leap back into tho old maelstrom of urtlllclal excite ment from which the Hoard (■iiiit:iml with so imieii dllllcnlty u few months ago, Hut the ques tion will hear consideration. It Is Important enough to demand thy gravest thought from all who am interested in tho welfare of Chicago as the commercial focus of the (ircat Northwest, There can by no doubt that n titling solution of the prob lem may by arrived at. Two or three failures ilo nut prohibit tinal success. Hob IJnicc (not ours) saw eighteen failures followed by victory on the nineteenth trial; and our Hoard of Trudy may ‘ ‘‘do likewise.” :15? li*^ • I l'j‘* lli-H ; i£i i£i .n; ii7', .»**H **3 jr> Il N n-iiorted that the movement of pruln “by bite ami rail” hint been fsteinlve enough to ennsu npsrtlul blockade nt Rnlfub) now, owing to the (liiticuity of oldulnlng cars rnt>Mly onough to lake uvvuy the us il Ip iiourcd into lhatcUy. Till: UAUKtSTd. Thu leading produce markets wore irregular yes terday. some being active anil weak*, others quiet uml firm. The mmi unsettled feeling wan In pro v Muns, which were very nervous. The weather wan fair, uml cool, and us'« promise of being inure nettled, at least for a llulc while, hut there was mi Important Increase in Die volume of receipts, such ns has been expected fur -o long. A good d-ulof If rain goes around us dally, uml the outward move nu-nt from this city l» fairin proportion lothe re ceipts; but it Is nut what It ouaiil to Im« m this sea non of tho year, with the children of llur.qiecryln" out for bread. Some excitement occurred in the latter part of tho session by Kuropeau turns, mid the markets wore somewhat stronger in conse quence, Tho ducllnu in HnglMi consuls, uud the rumored excitement In Paris, were regarded iiy many as indications that the attitude of Km'iand ou the 'Turkish question Is deemed kulhelent to cause grave apprehension* that Die com in? struggle will not ho Inn one-sided iiffulr some folks have talked of, In which all Ku rope would become a Turkey gobbler, and gobble it so rapidly tliat Die allatr would lie over In a day. Uwasfeirtd that the complication may lead to a general war of no short dumtion, In which many of the Powers of Kurupe, and more than one of Asia, will take part. A very fuw expressed the belief that diplomacy will prove Itself equal lu the la-k of settling tho diUlcnlty without a resort to arms. Thu demand for dry poods was fair, nod only fair. There was a liheiul distribution of prints, mimmer dress poods, ribbons, parasols, and no* linns, but In other departments of the market there wua nn apparent luck of activity. I’rlccs Were wUhnul chainre. There was u fair activity in prwery circles «t yvnerully well-sustained prices. Tho exceptions were lliocoifie, which was M olf” snd Itanpoon and Ixmlhlana rice, in which was a reduction of an Tho butler trade wus uctlvo nt •ll.'hlly lower ilpures, Cliecsu vi-d* coiiipiiralivoly n<-.iily .it tPH 100. Prices of ihdiund drierl fruits remain as before. There was a ijtilut trade In prutu ha,'-, ami lowor ijuut-i --tiolis were given. Lewiston* arc now olTcred u( •Jlc; Anioske.ip and Ottert reek alkrfu; and AmerU can, UUic. Loul and wood were dull, us proviou*- Jy ipioteih Oils were qnkt and unchanged, ss were also paints and colors. The cargo luniher market was fairly nctlvo at inj. chaugel prices. At Ihc yards trade is Improv- Hu.', and recent prP-c.- for uiu,-l pr.;dei aro ad l.i.Ti dlu. The demand fur dr.iga u.nd chmdeuls cuntiiiUi:i fair at recent prices. Wool was dull and weak, liruom-corn couth nr- in falrrvjuisl •nd steady, nnd tho slock, ospecally of tho belter qualities, Is petting low. In hides. bay, nnd hops there wore no chance* of im portance. Peed* were quiet, but steadier, there bcingn few more buying order* on the floor, with not enmich need offered to go round. (Ireeu fruit* were in fair request nnd ntcady, cicepi strawber rie*, which declined under heavy receipts: and oranges advanced, owlngMo scarcity. Vegetable* wero*bamlanland«low except the fresh, rare va rieties. Kifga nnd poultry were dull nnd weuk. Lake freight* were more active nnd steadier, at about onjeorn to llull.ilo, 2*}r for wheat to do, nnd fie for corn to Kingston. Ifni! freight* were dull, at unchanged figures, the laku movement now attracting more attention, and cars were freely of fered at 20c to New York. 18c to Philadelphia, 17l»c to Waltlmorc. and Csc to IJoston, per 100 lb*. Through rale* by lake nnd rail were quoted at 10c for corti and 11c for wheat to Now York, and 10c on corn to Umton. Freight engagement* were re ported for 1011, 000 hit wheat nnd 120.000 bu Corn. FOIICIU.S IMPORTATIONS received at Chicago Custom* May 21, 1870: Sam uel Meyer A Co., 2ca«k* wine; Charles K. Oslv>rn, 10 blnl* ale; F. Sturgc* <fc Co., IhJ boxe* tin plate; (J. J. Srhmidl A to., 10 case* basket ware; It. Sears A to., 2 cases gun*; Kioto A Mclnlngor, 1 casebooks; order of T. Samuels, lease shoe*; L. C. Pardee, 2 cases cigar*; W. r. Demi* A Co., 1 r;we cigars. Amount of duties collected, «:l, 711.70. IMIOVISIOVs*. 1100 PRODUCT!*— Were active and again easier. In sympathy witlijlberal receipt* of hog* and lower prices at tile Stock-Yards, while advices from other points were unfavorable to holders of product. The offering* were scry large, sellers being anxious to transfer the burden to other shoulders, ami there was apparently no demand except from the short Interest. At the itrcllno the latter took hold freely, however, unking (lie session an active onc.and giving* tinner (one towards the close. Dealers stated that our market for product was high as compared with tho current price* for hogs. and. a* tho latterare raining forward in large numbers, a further decline lu Dio cost of the unbind was looked many. jiecflfil*. 'i *'i‘Z 0.700 14.014 lay, -•f>| 71,03.1 11..1M5 1111.41 M 20,021 81,01.1 1.710 1.051 3,m2l 35.705 2)M»Ol Jfcs* /Dr*-—Was active for future deliver)*, and de clined grc-rioe per hrl, but rallied afterwards, and cloved fte per brllowrr than the latest quotation* of the pre vious evening. Pale* were reported of siobrl* cosh at fli*. 55W30.00! 4.7sOhrl»sellcr{.luncatsll».77)v{Ui.o7. , is ulki.i 11,000 &Ht,OVii 433.030 3!*'. 4*-7 3M.tnn i4n.r»m 7U.21M 4U.H.1 o",2>i-'i -j./vn .'..733 H.UV-. 2,13 d l.tiltl nl.iMli‘*24i32o 711 23 2)17.7t8 ** 370.520 KV-ViM bri* Kdlcr July at # 2.r.fv) lirls •filer AmrnM at s3».a>rt2a.mi mid i.&m brli uctlnr flip jcttr at sl7.<>>. Tut il. JI.Jlu hrls. Tim market closed Me.idler at Pin.?**- - j rash. nmirdlug to weight; f n».f.v> nuf) seller Mays 4lii.«7H» 'U' tm reiler June: IDj-mitA* seller July; mi.lul *aO.'_*7‘-,>',V.;«.> seller August. Seller the Jinr rlumd nt about Jii.i'.". I’rlmc tne«s pork wan nominal at<iih.7s; ami extra prime nt eir«.‘js. Mro-Wos active. amldcullncd I2l<c per ton »*. Mit Afterwards milled to the ebmlug firtcesof Tuck lav of* tiTiiiMii. under a letter demand from the short Interest. N»l(’i4 wore reported of tea scHer.Tune at 41 J.77S i.ll.isi. Ich seller July nt*' 12.12!v. and 4,iHUlcusellor August at 91'J.irKr-f.i.•-‘it. Totnl.j7.a-V> tee. Tim niarkut eksed utilel nt I(.»>>■.it,nT’ii eusfi or roller May; ?u. m .v-mi.m7Vj .seller June; Jiiajrju m’lliT July: ami at ?rj. I Meiil*-~ U'ere active. witn a further deelioe of 10c per no Ilia on abort ribs. which arc Mill the »’oni tftipiiui i>f liie market. Other desert pilous were dull mid nominally ea*lcr. suk-a «cte,i*KJ Itw short ritual ?:Ui7''j' ju'P k»i |i>*. seller June, f-O.oo'* td.tVi seller .nilv, ami Sto.l'i f iler August. The following was the closing range of prices: aifUl- l.ony fihvrt short iters. clrir, rih. clenr. Salted. loose 7 it's . !K'i i>;< Hosed 7 \{ Hm 1(» liijft June 7 July v 3.1471 1,077 ' l.agn 711* “I* 1 1,077. li al>l o 1.7:n uday for city cou , 121 bu oats, pccted into store ;tg: 20 cars No. 1 ears No. 3 spring, •d da (RO wheat*; AIIkTIMI Inron. ca*>i ol| ... » .1;) ii^cj l.oiu nnO fhort di.iri nt Jrt* < n»c cMli, nnil >i>'t 1 (t'»r M'tltT.lul)’. liU’kli 'l |j.11114, rj -IJf-jr; imnUi rlamls u> ciy'Sc, or -••'•Hit A;>ril; lou«*tui iu.u*. i iH-i'J-f. ooxril; haim. i:k;dsc. Uif'l**— Was Utilfljl H-se-Ho. HINT IT.Oni'CTs—Were hteady and quiet At fto.7.'* ( ll.iki for mess. 911.75'uliMXi fur extra ricks, nml tor*. 'JUUoir— wiu quoted at fVrSHc for city, and for country lots. FLOUR—ATis quiet ami unchinfted, Hinault nfitne quoted the market n* a shade easier. Thorn was a light local demand amt m.rcely any Inquiry for Rblpmeut, hat the slock* are not lorga rmmgh to m*ke holders anxious to Kell ut concessions, with the current strength in Sale* were irportcd of 7f*ihrl» spring extras eh Icily at mid 2.t lu-ls rj - c Hour on private terms 't he market closed ste.uly at me following range of prices: Cholcu winter extras $7.:i7H <.7.c*7,Hl com mon to good do, ?.'>.M7K'.i7.l!."i shipping extra.-, ( Rood do, f.'p.tdi.'.l.aTJi! choice do. s.'.. r ,iHV fI.WHt patents do, SO.frxat'.Mi; Minn* soto, fu<M. ti.T.'.i spring supcrhite*, Sxgia-M*); ryo Hour, fl.ivi 4.. vi. Jirun— Vfiw active ami a shade tinner. Sale? were re ported of 7o tuns at on track and free on board ears. j/iiLlffut/t—.Sale was made of 'JO tons ut fgo.oo, free in hoard. Om-Jfraf—Coarse was nominal at 817.00 per ton on rack. WHEAT—Wok leaf active, nml Irregular. The mar ictwdS weak early, declining Ifc. hut afterwards nd naced (dosing Ho higher than the latest Humes of Inevlny afternoon. There wus comparatively little lolmrluaKpvculatlvowKy during the dm half of Hie vmloii, few outside order* living received, nml local dictators not earing to do mm, , !i. The market was uuro active after tint receipt offnrrbm new*. The inmind tor shipment was fair, No. g hutnjf In butter re inert (or that purpose than usual; the h» (trades vere nl»o hi gi/od request; siiljqicrs regarding the out •.ok ns promising, tnd voine of them couil lenity pro. lie ted a rt?e to ft. I.V before Hi* end of .lime. Liverpool vaa reported sternly; (Ju-rt them were rumor* that pri vate mlvtn:.* quoted Id per cental dc-rllne. After in I'cloclc the news of llaiaiela) excitement In i-:nro|>e wmi ecelved. lecoiupiuiled liy orders to Imyuu New York u'.'uimi. the market at tnu! |>oliit being quoted active or**x|Hirl. Hmugli vary nttlm opening, muter the receipt a -tu.i.**»> on for om- iiay. It wn* uimi mat.-d (hat ni xt if tlie vviicat now on the way to New Vork Inis already nK-n sold there U) arrive, i-.ud Dial at full prices: aho Ihe r-arly nqioias ut ilallue-s Ha re are cuii'Meiit vltli real activity, tut nm.-l *if Uie iradliig In wheat in li.itclty Is now done in the ilienu.uii. after tho close duur regular •“s.slua. The receipts of the previous lay time were only about one-qn irterof Hie sliti'nieats. md Hi'TU was le'seulilMeiuv exhilme*! hi aiilletpiituiit .* rgi 1 icv*'itas la tin* tufinr, n Ihr duly oj eii-dia H U. d'o-Jiueq to fl.i'V-.-. mi 1 ndv.vieed to .?| l W ? ', •10-liigHi »t.*«;l{. ftcikr.luuu s„ t ,j fl.iObM'db, ■loq.u-«t Seller tie* month, or ea.di Xu. J qulmr. raagud t partly aointaali at ?l.)H?/;'iH.i?l.i Winn >i the out .Me. u.iOi >alc - acre repoiieu uf tno.qui mi Vo. •.•Kpi-iugat :i.o # »H; lu. iiriim No. :i do at»mi iio n;ciitial; at tHHct 7.>«ju Ini rc .ll-icil Clout is.v-i'- (s7Hi;; lii't 1. PM Ml lIV kaillple fll s*o CM -I oiiin Ir.iek. Total. 'Jill,hod mi, ' Ithner W'hftt— !*aJ<* wa.i reported of im> bn Wlhcoiislu red I>y rumple ;vl fI.JI tree on buurd cm a. Mlnnfvii't H'Acof—Wax active and Unit. sr|lh tYir* maud In I'xrvw o( tln-sitpidy. sales Mure Jiumi Ini No. •Jut SI. p«i ie; by mimide algl.uj, ou truck; .ntd d,<Mj mi ilu nt fI. li' vl, 1., free on board earn Tolul. lij.ivnlm. Sii, l WiiA mrnlnnl nt sl. I7<e I. l7'-j. COJiN —Wu» moderately active, and Iri'uiilnny tinner. The market opened eu*y on intnrer, but with au nraunt demand fur rush and .May. which m>m resulted In tut advance or! , {c, mid ttui mure defetred deliveries fol lowed M‘l <-,e above tliP c|o.|iitf |*rlcew of Tuesday cv-nliu. Liverpool was nuoied steady mid New Voik dull early! Imt our receipt* vvers considerably el un did by itiu sblpmcnu, and sympathy with wheal leaded to nuke the Inter market, tlrm. Tlio neight-room secured (or corn yesterday was rather;;e. and our stoekjare lediijr reduced .at a rate willed would not lake lonj to ch ar out a!) there I# here: k'«s Hun twenty day* more would do lint the same rale a* 1 i«t wi-ek. There has Im -u mi cijMictutloii thru corn would rumu la ireely during tbu latter half of .May, to ii'it iV on dun-: sates, lint up to dale there Is uu sppelal Improvement In thin (llrc-tinii, mid nnny ojMTUtors lmvp ceased u« hope (or It. teller July opened at 4'djie, i.nd advanced to 4U 1 -ti; nt tho close. Seller. June sold at 4'iJ(»r4dHc. and bfUcrMay at 47i<« He, Itotli elonlue rinu at Hie outride. Cadi No. J clo-cd at 44lfe, aril high-mixed at 4fs,'ic. C.u>h sales were repiirled of bit high-mixed ftl oi.wsi bn No. a at I 7 I«'ici tl.uxi lm do ai4ue ailoat; «m bu new mixed at 41V; IJ.eiu lm rejected at 4ie; 4<m lm oars at lie; d,wo lm by R.iaiplu at a.'^ldcon truck; and :»,*>■ h bu do at 4tui.VoittCtree onboard cars. Total, bn. OATS—Were more active, thonjrh futures were dtill, and Hie general rnarkel averaged >i'(Ue lower, The re eripta were liberal. Including tlio isamplo*. wblcb were freely ode red (nr limm-dlnm delivery am] to arrive. New Vork was iiuolcd dull, wltii larib: receipts, and I bo oifera of fulim.r were larger, but Imvcrs m inlicsicd 111- lb- disposition to (iift** bold, and lUo mjrbPt otmied Krnii. but aulMP'iiietiily Mill'd a little. Seller .limo opened at :av)(e and dreilned lo :n>V. cloning at .Inly was galet at June prices. May sold at .11 closing nt (lie uilUlde. Cull wiw In aood rcuucsl at HMs ;n k’-o clodmr at Iho oatddc. Uejeeted wax ijulct at i*iV‘- Sample* wen- active. Cash sties were reported ot No. i at ai'uilH'-i a.usi bu by rumple m ;rjc top mixed, :i'-!-..c lor bluek, and Ipie tor wblie <m ivaek; I J.i»»i lm ai ;iJ-;JiJl(..nnl vntaud lor wbltelier mi board rant. Total rai.iijriliu. UVlv—Was lii f«lr mid linn at forcar nix of .Sii. p, mill 7oc tor round lnu.whli li \\ li «‘ salable oidilpper-. Tile rTelju* Were small, und the -ample* dfeiedsoMreiuillyui runner prlies. Cn«li B>Ue» were ■'•ported oi’ imlui No. 2 ni n >S* a l.ubu Im by sample at i"..c»x 4 -on truck. Total, l,Ou"bn. HAUl.K\—Uumiulul uni uncbuniiud. Tlie receipts were hrifcr. but lltllo eodi viu offered uu Ilm mar kv*U mint of it having previously men sold lo arrive, inul uio't of llul offend to iirrlvw wiutaken by Uiu bmps. Heller ■lnneHjldul r.» und May m 7aW. e|<»|. imt nominally at 7N'-7uc. Tbe parties run* iiini: tliu turner w<t.' not offering to sell May. unit tu (lin shorts i-onld buy of no out; else ll» y were obliged to hold 01T and await liHure il 'Vi l iiiin.-nts. The line oiu Is thought to be euuMder abb! yi, untie fillip,i vein determined to curry the thing ihronph to the end iif the luunili. No. ii-obt | n ear bn at T-i »]nit und to arrive. No. :t won Hum Inal at sue, mid »i Jei icl at :iim . C.udi w»|e» were reported of 4.i-oot/U No. elu. ily 10 arrive, at 7-e; i!.PX» Im by saimdc ut .ifiiwv, on track. TnUl. 7,’JO bit. un't'sU- (or j ucq . sffi'SljSiMl'X JWjatA?3Sv* Wc ” r “ <-M t^'«|j, fur’\^| , MtM , ’ rli al for july.nml at for Muy, and{l2.U6fur Mess rutrk wo* fairly ai'ilvii and easier. Salem»t s-si “rti'flir 'tu'-ito! 1 * 110 * f fur July, and *l.urd wasipilrr. sad with sale-of l.7solcsatftl.HS for .(mu-, mid fIJ.iCHi-'•m.u'. (ur July. Short rlln weiustronger, wlta sahs of pa'.uu) lbs vell-r July at Wheal wits fairly nctlvu nn 1 sirieim-r early, cludna tboiit the sunnt us al lo'i'lu. L .1 uly sold nt » |.*'V‘f. ttr.deio.sfd at .| imc „,i.j „ t I* * ■ r *'u uad closed ut #l.i»J;t May was iiolet ut Pl.t- 1 - ( out wik In moderate demnnJ mi l steady. June ><d I at lu*’,.,.(i l i k ,', uml il iscd wliii iboh rs at ihc uut.-l Ic. Julv fd 1 al |oJ;.\ ch-blpal 4u,'^. Oats were quiet ut .lohj*: fur June, CALI. 1.0.V1111. Mi as poik w:u It) nioilenie ihunnii'L ehobip r. liiel.'T ifimi on X''*. ut Slo.ult-j lor June, uni i.ii. U l>.r July, fur,'* l.7's> lob si ihxjyu t| n -ui< *. 'Laid wussle.iily at ,-Jt.eo ill.h’. for June. fIJ.ICU fur .July, and 41J. lo >w. m for Aupust. Pales l.oOa tvi 4- Her.luiv ,1 *l.l.oa^. .'bon rf l. - wen' fit liter, with sales of 2CKj,im) lbs seller July at <u.y&*>y.b7li THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MAY IK, 187 G. .... m ...71/ .... 1(1 Jl'M .... M’-< H>'.j ■“ i<*/ iii- ns IJni3AT>STITPrS, ai. mahkkt». Al.roiloj.— Wits nnner ut is. ituouM-COUN—i.'oiitlaui-s Ih fair nujneit snd steady, be belter ifrudes of hurl lielaz n-aircu and Ann. Muota luus: Clitlcu hurl. tka.b<:i ,\u. 2 hurl, ehulco uu Hum, good medium brudi, Cnvl-sic; fair Inside and cuter*. Inferior, 4<J«4c{ crooked, in'Tint!—There was a fairly active market nt slightly lower pi lees for rommon to Rood entiles. Choice quali ties were In comparatively light supply, and were salable to the home trade at full flgurrs. We revho utir list u«follow«: Choice to fnney yellow, iraac-loi medium to good (trades. ITvlJOcs Inferior to common. llAtmiNtl— Excepting Stark and Ontario, the several brands of (train bags were quoted off ft l tfe. Burlaps Biol gunnies remain as before. There was nqnlei move menial the annexed prices: Stark A, g.Vaes I'cerlcsa AA, UIW; Lewiston. Stc; Montnnp. aDqej Ontario, B'.e; American A, BI4c! Amnsk’ag, We; litter Creek, Wet burlap hints. 4 bn. H'dvtl.'Avei do. r»l>u, I.V*I()U| gunnies. single, imstivs do. double. iKhciie. ULANH—Were very dull. owing partly to Ilia nlmnd- Bncr of freah vsgetoMes. which were Preferred by con sumers. eastern mediums were quoted at sl. lOt vl. lid*, and Western beans nt MW. _ CIIKK^K—Was quoted unchanged. Trade Is still larking In activity,but the supply Is not oppressive, mid prices keep well up,—quoted nt 51.Jioc for good to best and at u jjhc for jMuurr qualities. COAL—The market bad no new features. Orders verefewand for small amounts. Quotations remain ns follows; Lackawanna, range «nd nut. s|i*.uij do. egg. Ji'.m: cannelS7.c.'; Erie, ss..vis Hl'.-*- burg. s7.r»i; lloektng Valley. Sl.Wij Imllnnit Idoek,; BnltlinorvA Ohio, »s.Mx{fl.i«i; lllliiots. 4. M. 'imims AND CHKMICALS—Were Heady under li fAir local and country demand. Following are Hu* nuuiallon*: Acid, citric. ft, f l.unM. IU; acid tartaric, powdered, A, A.v-cSHcs ammonia, carh, 23;v2Aet axla grease, do/., fl.m.-fI.2A; borax. ref., ft, lllV-tlAe; blue vitriol. n>. ereain tartar, pure, ft, -4:14 *hc: cochineal. llond., a. 7A'-/kv: eUlomfnnti. a-, fl.iikl.lin glycerine, bulk. ft. 17.«2Ac t gum arable, picked. : gum wablc, aorta. 23-«:»ac : gum cam ■•lior. ft, ;<3.(ie*c ; gum opium. ft, fu.tiMU.3A ; gum sliell.ic, ft, AtWfcK:; lodine. ft, f.1.7A,*1.ui s nnupnlti. aulpti.. ox, #4.t0,-r-4,3A ; oil. ra.nor. wtevil.DU per gid; do. lemon, f4.3AH4.A0 : potass*, clilnr., *>, ti)tn»«luni. loil.. ft. f2.w«-f3.ito ; rjnlnlne, sulpn.. oz, 2.2. - i-MK»; red pruclplt, ft, f 1.3U1.3A; root Ipecac, pond., ft. f l.rsn*l.rii> t root rlmi. i;. |„ pmvd.. ft, *I P 3A ■•ct.frfi s anil, Kp-om, ft. 24'Ac s silver cryst., or.. f l.t»»-il. It»; *oap. ffnHtle. gen., ft. sulphur. ft. 4'lhiic ; aioflifnu* bark 12(j.15c. 1 ;UU F - Were alo w a 111 u. 11 ‘le. .... I‘l sll l lioro win no ni:»rkedeliange In (lie (l«li mar ket. riir tendency In lake fish la to lower price!., tin Utah at the in-uiient—owhig to wanly supplies—the feeling Is tlrtn. Saltwater Hull remain steady. Quotations reio.ilu «s before: So. 1 whltetlsh. bj-lirl, § a.!«»rr,.ni*i So, 3 do. fI.HO-M.not No. I iruut. $11.7.V44,(ii; No. I shore mackerel. Jn-hrl, #l2.raVit.i,f<»: No. 1 bay, flM>w:>.2Aj No. 3liiackcrel, ttf-brl. f-MiOjtH.iAt family mackerel, la-brl, fd.AO; So. 1 atmre kits. large. ?2.U)i No. 1 bay klla. Sl.fa*; large tamlly kits.} bunk eodll-li, sl..aim-i.7.a; George’* codflili, *.*i.7f»s summer cured e.odfioli.f A.fs WA.7A; l.abrndor ln-ri ltier.a;>HU brio, s7.7.Vjm*); do. t«-brl. : l.nhrador her ring. round, hrl*. fy.iVMd.7ri t do. H-hrl, ffi.Ao-rfl.7Ti 1 aealed herrlmr. per box. tue t No. I herrhu, Siiwine 1 Columbia Ulveraalmon. H-brl. frf.Po. FIIUITS4 AND NUTS—No prlco-chantres were noted In this market. Trade continues good at fairly an*- lalued price*. /’uWyn—Dates, Odintjc: figs. layer*. IMlAhJct flea, drum*, Turkish prunes. dM"'V!fei 1-rcnrh prunes, ken* anil bore* .tMlic; raisins. layer*, fi.lsK-o a. to; loose Muscatel. fd.liMlMu: Valencia, 1 IJ-&oj Znnte currant*. 7HuHc: citron. 3:1 134 c. D>me*lic— Aldcn apple*. inr<2t>ej Michigan apples, common, n-lff./joe: cfiolee. lUJF-MdW'l pared penelioa, 17-iino: blackberries, ll&:tl3v; raspberries, tUAiile; pitted cherries, 3h(,>2lc. . _ .Vufa-FUhrrfa. It'MlQctalmonrls. Terrapins, 20c; Naplc* walnuts. 10-»l7e: French walnuts, time, IPil2c; Grenoble walnuts. l4<-(dAe; llra/lls. Dsiijfe pecans. Texas. 114-1201 \Sllmlngton pmmiiis, n-HVuct Tennessee peanut*. African neaniils.tUOSc. Vltlin'd—Strawberries were In liberal sup ple. mid lower, selling freely to the retail nude. Or mua-a were strungur. The receipt* com lime moderate, ami mod of the stock requires repacking. a«thc fruit Is decaying rapidly, other fruit* were unchanged. W« ouuU;: rilrawlierrlea, S2.4(U:i.(in per ca«--; gooseber rles. HV-fllUtict good U» choice apphta. 04.t»'<H..'s» pur brl; oranges. pt box} lemons. sA,rs>.-td.u» perhoxs plncapplca, f2.KV'J.uupcrUuj:: bannnae.fd.uo (j-l.fioatuiiich. OUOCKUIEt*—COITccs were quiet and easier. Jllld grades were without npprcetaMn decline, but 1110 wn< rediu-t-d ’{c- lllce also waa uaalur, and fur Ibmgooii and l.ouUlaim fllgbtly lower figures were given. Sugars, sirup*, spice*, and other Hues were iteudy and tin ch.mged. We rcvlw our list as follows: flirt— llangoon, Caroltmu 7Jdfirflct I.ottl*!- aua, Oiiyees-O. 11. Java, ;ta- nic; .lava. No. 2. 27<-.2^c; choice to fancy poml to prlruo ilo.uiS' 7 ' 22:4c: common u> fair. 2(»’i ruasting, tu < ni'yc; Miigat'ore.lavu. 2.Vti2dc; Costa iMca, 221'2J, Mara caibo. jJVc'-Mc .Viiyars—J’atciilcut loaf, ernahed, I H«(e; powdered. nH-’ , .ll!(Ci granulated. lies A; standard, loldc: do No. 3. )Uc; 11. idfic; extra 1;, 104-» lUjr-i O No. 3, Mk/ vU/se} yellow C No. 1. do «; No. 2. iv-’iDtie: ciiuirc brown, KVI-'tCycj fair to prime ijo, n)ir.e>»hjCs common do. TtfreHo; choice molatetc* sugar. Hb'.rtsaics common to C'Hid do. 7*-fWHc. N.Vupv-tJallfornlasiigar-loaf drips, tw t,7uc: diamond drl|>*. #i.txvu.!. iu; silver drli>a, extra flue, good kiigar-bouTC sirup, fahvAAc: oxtra do, Mt/taic; New Ur lean.* mola-M-a. choice, ur.'dwrs do prime. AA'.ir.sej do. common to good, 4t*-tfs>c} I'orto Itlco molasses, 4S->.V)C} (Oininmi inoiasw-a, ;w •-tu.-t black-strap, 3js« -wk-. .side/*—Allspice. 17n17j-jc; cloves, Aln'.V; cassia, •if ,mv.s pepper, nbitilßcs nutmegs, fl.lAjl.2i); Cal cutta ginger, HS'i'tA’^e. ,s'-«i/<«--True nine, u!ic; fJcrunn Mollled, White Mly. d-'tl?<c: Wldte lh>se, »k-*ox(n« llojnl Smun, &x4">Uet t-avoii lm|H-rl;tl, M:,c; (iuldmi Witst, A‘< rt'itrh— Excelsior, latmdrv, iV?(i*7c: do. glu««. he; do, corn. it-.l*Uu: King-ford, pure, 7Mc: <lo« silver glois id-g-iO-Tc; do. corn, ID flOj^c. lIA V--Wns steady nmliT a i ilr bnjulry and moderate ciiTcrlngs. No l riinothv. fH.c*»; No. 3 do, $1 j.AO: mixed do. fii.irv-'io.ivij upisnd pratilc, jn.fsi; No. 1 do, ffi.U); slough, f ~A vdl.fa). IIIGIIU INKS—Were la lair ucnnnd und again ad vanced Pic, tale being reported of tOabrU atfl.uuper gallon. lllUKS—'There was no change lo note. I’enh-r* ar« luivlnp at the nuoted price*; Urecn city IniftduTs'. A:-; green cured light and henry. 7c; ilnmnged, AC; part e tred. Otv-vOJic; green salted kip, 7c; green country, mid calf, drv sailed blclcfl, llcsdcacoußkla •l.Vj.AOC. 1.1.-M llKK—l'emnlu* qul only ordering or. the necml unit few largo purchases at tire given below; let. nml oti’iuly, llnycr* at Him of tliolr traihi rc inln ru lieing uiAilu. yuoUllo! II.OCK. > i,ino $ > Unlink) *hiv<k* i I* riwilii(li>'U) rt:l e ,'!0 » “ 11. A." solo.. ai t "U. A. (1. I>. ‘ > fcule. I Insole, A ft. HEM ratf.Xo, i, r-ur. N‘*. -2. No.T'.’.'. 7.V-U.U) Klrt 40ii 7D I'iicr. No. 1... 'JUi'. ’J( I'tHHT, No. '2.,. Hi 4 »» JlnriKM aii* Ul liarnefe. 501 e..;.. fmi.jju «nc« im I*4 £1 •MIENtH HTOCK. Oair l.nOb«h(M| Kih oil.S— ilUHliie.-ui remain* quiet, lint tlit re In itow grad ual Improvcnu-ul, andatnorv hopeful feeling prevails among Jotihetw. No ejmugrs wen* made In tin* iiitotu* t lon a. a* follow': Cartton. 115 deg, test, I It ; da Illinois legal test, l.p dog.. H'aftlSct Snow While. I .'mi (rat, do headlight, 175 deg., 17 m !7Ue t extra winter lard oil, Sl.«»vl.O.‘i : No. 1. truliSc: No. 3,75 c: linseed. raw. :»7"<W: hulled. (!J wlmle. wlnler-lih'iietied. 7*jWV; sperm, .*«*. I."» f.2.3.*)5 neuUfootoil, MrlcMypnre.*: rtoex* irn, it.’o; do >•». I, Koct hunk oil, ,v.c; M rills, duos plumbago oil, d»*'.7'>ct tiirjientluc, <• ; naphtha, deiiit>>rl<teil, tiagravllv. latte We»t VlrglnmolK natural, ihtdeg., natural, lid deg., tIT-ivlldc; ledureil. US deg., i}i>L'23e. I'OULTUV—Wasdull and wt*ak.llimtgli verv llltle was oifered. rtprlng ehlckens went most nmiidiint. uml niM •■lowly nt perdu*. Old chickens were quoted ut fl.(*nt.r,o. und turkeys ul IgU,- Then: veil* very IIIIIn Inquiry for poultry, the |iret> reneu ludng given in fresh vegetables and fruits which nro now becoming plentiful. I'OTATOKS—Car lots of clndec peachhlows wero sals* Mn ut hut mine wen; utTerciL f*itlos were made from Mon; nt !UM-h*e. the outside lor ehulee oilcrhigs. M-lKDa—Were reported quiet, ohletly mi account of the light oirerlngr. as there was home inrjulry ut Tues day's oiiUhle prices. I'rlme timothy was quoted ul, nuil lower grades ut fi!.;Ui>4g.r>(i. I’rlinu • lover sold nt hm was uuletai gi.g’M l.a',. Hungarian, prime, sold at -toe, mid millet was quoted lit -lU...MV. Calf... Upper. SALT— Remains rather aide*. Ilelow arc the quota tluiis: Saginaw and Onondaga. Hue, *1.40; ordinary e mrsc. #1.70; dairy, without turns, ?2.7.'»s dairy, with Imus. Ahliloq dairy, per suck,, TMAS—Frlees wero without elmnge. There was a niinlernlu order Im-lm-M ut the annexed quotations: Gunpoicnn Common, .■V»lhe; goo<f do, medium, dfeU.MR:; good do. ntx-rfl-V; line. .Vx/noe; tin* e.t. choice, 7ua,7hc; choicest. UOiirie; funov ei.uvti.ifl. ImpeiUil— Common, nofih'c; Rood do. aw-tine; me illnni. A'Ji'itjc; Rood do, line, .Vk-toCo; finest, &.vrt*ic; choice, u.'»cv7(Ki; oholccbt, 7oA7.‘>c. ,/jptin—Common, auctr-cs pood crmmion, fiww, medium. 4(M42c; Rood meilltun, 4,v-i |hc; line, hUi.Vh finest, ariuunc; choice. Ktiiittc; rholei-u, 711175 C. CA-i'inyt—Common, noetic; Rood common, a.v*'im medium. lu-£42u: Rood medium, iiltl.'.e; linn, 4-vh.Vm. finest, ctiohc. onotirjc: ciioicext, 7.V/.H(ic. WiiOU -We -inote the mar kc( firm m *7..'HMor maple; f h.'ih f.ip licech; and fc.vtm for Main—delivered. VKAI/ Was quoted at A(,mc tha outside for extra. Thu *miply wu< moderate lint ample, VLOHTAHLKh—Were plentiful and Rcnerully lower. Cucumber*. 7ocwtst.ui |*:r; Rrccn pros, 41.110 per hoijsulng beans, s2.ui perhox; aspuMßiix, 2.V j-cr.l'izcn;r.mUhcA, l24'.tlscperiloren; spinach, ?!.(«> I><ri>rl: Mermmln tomauH-s, s!.'«) per Im»s. WOOL—Continues dull, and the iiiineied prices would probably bn Irerly shaded by sellers. Very linle n«w wool lias yet been tecelved. Tub-wiuhed, jirlnie, 43 i, fxic; do, poor lo food. 4'klt:»c; washed jiccc.t, tin :. Rood condition. :iVrd7c; wadicd, tnrdlum do, nv iiuc; uuwi-lnd. nith beavr to Uriil, 2>i2.',c; do imnltum 2.Vt*2oc; pulled, uu»J7e. LUM Ill'll. The offerings at the sale ducks were much smaller yi .d- nlay than oa former days of thu wech.hciicu tlicic was less l Hiding, but the tiwrket was active nearly to the extent of the offerings. JoUU mid scantling sold at the outside (or ManUlre orLudlngton car* rocs. Common Inch was quoted at *H.<s».K>.iai, mid f.ilrlo choice at f Ki.tsxilU.ui. Lath were quiet at 5t.33. and shingles at 12.uug2.2J. About a dozen sales were iiimb). Tint yard basinets continues fair, and price* nro toler ably steady. The shipments since Jan. | nrn about 2,73" l unofcctle*stlmijdtirln({lbe rorrcqiondlnK time lait moron. These flKurei Indicate that Die sprint;trade bn* mil been so bad after all. Tbo low frelkhu to d!a- Innt hasten) mid Western point* have minuted a wood many buyer* to till* market, who In former xemumi have hmiKbt elvwbere, while the trade *»f tiro mlab leirlnK country Inu not been ho (toml iu iiMial, owinir to the tuipuMßulile condition of the roads In the curly SiumUuuf the year. Till* nuulde trmle may not have been evenly distributed unnoic the local yards, bemo many dealer* urn rlduly call the sprliu; mark'd u dull uui*. but tni* Increase (rue# fur towards otTtM-iilnyc tltu decrease In Hie trade of the surrunmlliiK eopmry. According to the deerelory* rejiort, tbo stock of lum ber at I tie yunUdeere.ieeil during April 4.3, .’»y», 270 ten. liad ilnee .lan. I, 174,302,U1u feet, Following are the ijiiiiimioir*; First and second clear f rH.flrvrtiw.oo Third clear, Unci Third clear, thick iU3.iu rienrtioorliiir. ilrsi and tecouii* ruiigh :m is».j;i2.«» Clear ildlm;. tint ami second I7.u> ( 1m.(«» }-irslcommon siding L3.iiUuHi.oo Flooring. ilrsi common, dressed Fionrbiir. second common, dressed 2ih<<>a2(.iai box board', A ;r. u. ,'H.m box board*. 11 1-7.,,, A stock board*, 10 and Id lu b stock Uianls. r stock Itoards ('"innmn boards and fencing Common lumber, id ft and under 2 In. JoUis undscanillup Soto dl si Lath A shingles IsIVK STOCK. CIIICAOO. Otlllf, lltihetj). ,4.7:11 Li. (Id !•*! . H,UJki t'l, ‘.i'l l I,k:i»I . 4.Ml 10,.as> 0 » fcv:::; Wednesday. Total Hume time lost week. Wed: helure Uit .13,310 40.073 1.413 .H.47d siii,i OI d.bol .13,0dd 23.312 2.1U1 I'uMiUy.V.V.V. Total 3,{4yj a.-, CATTLE—rim unir*o of the market yualcrday wt *ui’L ua to leave lllilo room fur cuuiplaJulott the parti teller*, an active iktimud ctMlng at belter price* tbu MM U, -t It* 6.7JJ have prevailed for a number of days previous. To what influence*the Improvement was due It would bo (11(11,Milt toileUTinlne, jw there has been no change lit tin* position of nlfnlra nt llio Fast that would seem l<» warrant shippers In buying more ex tensively limn In tho recent past, or In paying any advance over late price*. Hut, whale tor the cause. Hie market displayed laeroiucd activity, and, fur shipping grades. averaged fully 10c blither Uinn Tuesday. In butchers' etulT ami stocker* there was no perceptible advance, though price* were more (Irmly held. In sympathy with the upper etudes. The receipts were mainly of Rood quality, and most of the trading wasiloncatW.fW4,K>. halos at $.1.00 and upward wen* 111 head, by Gregory, Conley A Co., nt 13. laMt II by George Adams A Co., nt sl. lilt 40 by the Mime linn, at s'; to by Conover & Hall, at s.*>.(*>: 14 liy Hall, rmlemon fc Co., nr s3.f»': ami 41 by Martin Bros., nt J.' Bnteliers and feeders bought mostly at Tim market closed firm. quotations. Cboleo Beeves—Fine, fat, well-formed 3 year to a year old steer*, wn I. '.mi nt Good llecvc*—Well-fatlenei Inc l,us»’» to l.dtsi ns Me.finm Grade*—steers In f in? moo to 1.12.10 im Butcher*' Stork-Poor to common to choice cow*. ft wp|«htnc hi*ll« I. mo im. Slock nmlo-Comtnon cntt io i.uv) Inferior— UclUiVnl lliln r«' hullm amioc.Uiiwiw nicer CUH.B ,V>. Ar. Price. 15 I,■»•••» ?5 iW 15 1,5.i0 JU»» 15 (VUS 4JH 4.1)0 ■i.MThi 4X5 j 4.*5 ; iisll 4. (H> 111 15 1.430 :r:» 1.333 50 1,1171 ir. i.iih til t.1“3 :w m<xi 4S 1,1 I'M .1.333 ,1.333 I . I ,1.313 ,1.373 .1. IDO 4.H1 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 IS 1.177 4.70 I 4 calve*... Ui7 4.i«» HUGS—Tin' receipts were nearly in large ns forth© day before, amounting to and making n total for threw dnya of 4'J.h7*>, sgnltist :w.054 for the wmv llinol.wt weak, an<l itvtlJ week before la*t. There were enough stale hogs to swell tlio supply to fully 2n.«»u head. Under tlats number buyer* round little dKtlcnUy In further degreasing prices, and the day's btndnesH was donn at a decline from Tuesday of or at an aggregate reduction since Saturday of nd-fioo per I(*> !>•*. At tho reduction an active demand apmntr up.nmllliu market closed rather Ormer, with the hulk of the hud* sold. Trading was principally ut tfd. for llitht, uml ai#d.xvro.4.-> for heavy. The following sales snow tho ranee of prices: 1100 p\tr*. ,Vo. Ar. Prlrf. 55.. -11.... Ixu u. 50 1U1....335 (1.50 (XI.. ..3111 (1.50 51.. .334 0.50 55.. (1.50 31.. 11*3 (1.50 n0....1115 (1.50 103.. .300 <1.50 51.. 11)4 0.50 1 15.. 11.50 45.. .'303 (1.50 43.. 11..V1 131.. ID3 0.50 40.. ..170 0.50 77.. ..15)5 (1.50 04.. .307 (1.45 51.. ..*355 11,45 1:i3....‘370 0.15 lit... .354 11.45 •15.., .31(1 <1.45 03.. .314 0.40 47.. .300 0.40 A*. Ar. PHrr, 3.|....3'i7?<1.75 5111.75 53.. .353 II.IX) lis.t 0.00 41.. ..310 <1.55 M3..,.305 n. 55 71. . Ids 0.55 (11....1H3 (1.55 K3....1U7 11.55 33.. <1.55 4i). ...370 (1.40 51.. (I 0.40 5')....|5| 0.40 5:1....314 0.40 47.. 11.40 •13....3(0 <1.50 115.. .3<>s <1,50 43.. n0..,.304 <i..v) 45.. 11.50 40.. ..Inn 0.50 47.. ..I*3 <1.50 11)0.. ~3'«l 11,50 51.. .301 <1.50 34.—//■••>«<•—Hccol; iMtid mu'iimnioiity to ik’.-!tc; on Nf.w Votor, Mnj 10-day. 3,310: <lci irOiu-llcm In i»rloo lo sell at the prices hid; to car-loads held over: tho best ear-load In the market changed hand* ntllc. in dnia>.V7 It* In the gni.-si ewi; poorest atwJ-jC, to drc»a ha as: medium to prime steew ranged uUc, to drc«*Q'j It**. to 10'ie, to dress r. 7 Its. .sVle///—i.ccctpu* number :<.#•), making r>,fHK) far two day*: price* unchanged for idinop; lower for Imnhs: poor to prime nm>horn hhrep ranged from com* Hum lu extra cllp|»’d. *>?( iT'-Jc: lambs, Tuslx’c, with a few extra .Irrsey lamlis at tt'b^tae. .S'/rOip—Kecejpte tiuml>er 4,520, making 7, UK) for two days; none for sale alive. EAHT ÜBBUTT. Hast l.rnpnrv. I'a.. May 24.— CalUf— TleeolpU to* day. im.t head, or 2s cars of through mid 11 cam of yard Hock, making t.f,.'>2 fur two (lavs: supply light; clow de mand; market dull; prices oft slightly, must of Hie rattle helm? shipped oti 1 hr,Midi; hest. f.t.ronyj.T.ts medium to good. f.l.ur/.viot common to fair, $4.1)u,,4.7M bulls, Hookers. ».no. /Ai{/n—lteCLdtits to-day. ;«.7i*.'> head, and for two dars, 4,Mtr»t Vorkcrs. Sn.tWki'MSi; Philadelphia*. 57.|.Td7..V). S ! ifrp— liccclpts to-day, :t,7i«i head, uud for two days, I). (XU; selling at $ I.OM u. on. IUI.TIMORB. JUt.TiMor.B. Md., May 2t.—cVi//f/—Market more active and ilrtner; prices not niiomhly higher: very best. f.'i.MK.HUii: flrrl qnnlliv, 94.7.Vn;i.0i); medium or good fair quality, s4.o‘ * l. jOj ordinary (tun steers, ox en, and cows, f'i.ftv.-I.OU; most salca, 54.7. V». r i.M>: re ceipts. M ir.; side*, l.ioi. /Thf/s— Dull mid heavy, closing with the tendaucy downward; range. £i».t*MlO,r.os receipts, 5.770. A'Acc/r—(.MiU t: s shade lower: range, f4.u*od.&o; re ceipts, 0,047; lambs, 52.uv.u3.00. ht. i.nrifl. St. Lori*. Mny 24.—/fo/M-iml! anil lower; Torlrcr*. Lucun, Inuclim’, fil.a.v* 11.00. 2-V,t 27 2", 'toilf— Dull and lower for nit Rrn«U*s nfiovo stockcri; iri'oO to clmlt’c native st'Tr*. s«..vr.»ri,ms mt-iUmn to fair. M.'KVf4.rr7>ijs jxtnjr nicer*. S:i.rv-U.uii c-twa, ss:i.(rj'<j.«:i.H7!4; xtitckon*. i?:i. a Jli; feeders, 'f.n-'i; common Ui choice through Tcxun*. 3'»v> -in 3dv4 43 ntTTTALO, May 21.— (MIIU— Itecelpts, 1,100; total fop the week, 12.UV1. Hales, 79 cars, at Kr below last week's quotation*. Fresh arrivals mainly through con signments. Shftv and Lnmlu—V.c ce Ipt a, 1,100; total for thn week, fI,UUO. No market to ilur. Most arrivals shipped F.l<T. f/iftv— F.ceelpK s,:mo; t<dnl for tlio week, 12,200. Market dull mid Mow; Yorkers, J 7.00. (TNt JNSATI. CtxnrNJftTt. May 24.—f/-*j»--Falr anil lower; com mon (it good ilsht, fci.ut.'ti.av. fair to good heavy, SU.UMU.UO. Uecelpu, 2.7'it; shipments, 470. BY TUIsEOUAPIT. rOUKKJX. Sperlnl niinitrh to 77<« Trthiinf, T.ivrnt'Ouf,, Muy 21—11 o. in.—No. I, 21s; No. 2, 225. Cm/n—Wheat—Winter, No. 1. Psltvi; No. 2, Ostul; spring. No. I. Os KM; No. 2. rts 3d; while, No. 1, It* |ivl; No. 2. OsHd; dull, No. I, )os4d; No. S, us lid. Corn— No. I. 20sfidi No. 2,20 s. iVnrfshms—Fork. H2*. I.nrd, .’7*. LivKttrooi,, May 21—Latest.—Coffnn—Market doll and depressed; (ii-Oh-tud; wiles bales. Including I. O' jo fur tjiecitlutSoD nud export, and a, .'OO hales Atucr lean. //reaif*tw/Te—California white wheat, average, OiHd f'lMlOdi club, Os 1 ldi-( ids4d; red Western spring, No. 2to No. l, HslPl-uSs uni; winter, t)s lod. Flour —Western canal, S3.vi2ls. Corn—Western mixed, 2ns (*2hß ltd. Oau—American, UsctJatld. Harley, 3s(id. ivtis— Canadian, :ihs(".3os (Vl. Clorfr American, Ms-anos. /Yorlf/mis—Fork, fc2s. Beef, 80s. Lard, 575. tViiVTS-rila. Spirit* —Hjrtß« nil. i\-lr»leuin— llcilned, 10s odCJIS 3d, JAnsftd 01/-2.'»s. /f/.fii-Common, ss; pale, IGs. Spirit* Turpentine—‘Xl* dd. I.uvixiN, May24.— lif.itnnl /Vfrflfeum—ll!fs. A'pfrit* J'lirpenllne— 22'-(2'. //««ln-(,'ommhn. 4s Od; pale, I2txits. ASIWBIU', May 21.— Jilrulemn— 2s^«. VUOI3UCI2. NEW YOUK. Speriul Dhpalch to The Tribune, New York, May 21.—Uiiaiv—Wheat—Market slight ly In buycrM* favor: active biiklmu dolnit forcxpurC: sales ihtT.rinbn. at sl.u*. for rejected sprinß, ?l.l»for No. 2 Clit’-ago utlont, f 1.2.4'-d .23 for No. 2 Milwaukee In slope, afloat, and to arrive, tl.2h for mifiraded Mhi ireMitn. f l.f)2' i i.;o for No. I Hiiehoygun. sl,no fur Can inln sprltiß in bond, *1.21 for winter red Western, ami f 1.4V41. >7 for white MlchlßSD. Itye quiet; Riawio for Wcxtcrn. formate, tud hbltiiac for Canaria in bond. Harley unchanged. Corn without decided change; sales of iw.tuu Ini at STHfc for no' grade mixed, noo for tingrarlcd low-mlxlui audxtcmncr mixed, andtlhc for new white Western; ulXo, Ht,CRjO Viu graded mixed for June Oats quiet; salusuf 2U,onobu alSU'd 42c fur mixed Woxtcrn and .statu, and fur whitu 'We.Htcm and Slate. /‘/wddons—Middles dull at IlKrtllftc for long clear. Lard heavyj sate* of 200 tea at »12.23<512.nil for prltno meatus ut tbo Unit eull.for May.f Id.iu bid, nnd $>2.24j D-keil; for June, 2M 1 ice sold at $12.0.31 fur July, 7.30 tea brought fl'J.7l; for August, 112.33 bid, und #I2.JMJ4 inked; for September, sl2. bid, and $12,50 uskelt mid for Urn remainder of the year, 910.23 bid, and 910. u asked. K*/tftJlv—Market quiet! sales of SOlrls at $1.13 per gallon; now olTurcd ut $1.14*. (/loccr/es-bugar market quiet and unchanged) fair to goodquoted nI7H'J-7 13-10 c 1 prime utb 11-luci whlto llitvaiia.lo > <tl(d{c. Cudeeheavy; moderate Jobbing lu qnlryi Itlo quoted it ISutlno la (paid; Maracaibo ut life* me In (told. To tht WtUem Atinrl-ilfd /‘rest. N*w Vouk, May 21.—i;o»fon-tlrui; II 11-loa idci future* weakt May. 11 m-iuc<».ii xt-iidci June, 11 2;i:i2.r11)4e; July, II 2.5-;j2i'.U L'.liic: August, Id MM ■> Id l-lilcis henieinher. Id I•Hhdid :»;t2cs October, id l-rui'.ld J-Hic; Sovenibcr. II :n-:id'->ldc. lieiciniicr, II ;ti-:td ' Idc; .luuuary, Idharld O-Jdut February, 12'its Id n .liei March, idK" Id l.i-ndc. Woor- lc-(.dots, di.ixo. brls: moderate export de maud lor low urudu* of cxiia*: No. d. s2.t«k*3.:iO: super Stale und Western. £4.bM4.30: iiiihiiiiiii to good extra, s3.o>k-,ri.2.'i: good to choice, $3.UUi.3.75! white wheat extra, <,7.73; extra Ohio, «.3,i>«4 7.i•>; .St. |,ouK #3.2<* tU.oo; Mlnnetoia pali nl pruei **, sd.w3utf-.V). |t>« flour steady: »up'>nine, <4.7.v.t.3.20. i'-rn- J/oiZ-Moudy; Western, *i.K*t:j.:wi. .. d ».U ►MJ7.U* .. 13,i5k,1 |7.isi HM-k-Id.lo .. U’.*»*(ll.(si ld.<»i a.3,i.S .. I.US'S 1.73 .. d.iOwd.73 Wriibl—W Itcui—bucclpli. do7.n«> Imj soincwlml lr ; regular, unsettled, ami lower for No. duml (trade* be* low; about steady for So. 1; brisk export demand: re jected und Inferior sprlnp, #I .oft! uucraded do. f Mar# I dl»i No. I HprliiK. f l.dlM 1.113; t unudaaprlnu In Ikjikl, So. ;« r*-d vvlnler. fl.dh; Wtille Mleiilpin, #1.4V‘.1.W7. So. dl hlc«uo spring *l. livnl.dn; So. tt. «l.ldl<: So. d Milwaukee, fI. dmu. 2.3: So. ado. i1.1d".1.1t; ISyc quiet: Weatern, M'kNie; icxlahwc: Cauadn in Umd, Ul'Tor.c. barley-Market dull. Mult dull and unehaiiked. Lorn lu (alrdeinuml for ex|»irl and homo usu: ruetlpu, lld.tssi hu: mixed, no pade, &lK«xni9ict low-mixed, (trudod, ok:: mixed stcamor, do (traded, Ud'-.Od'fei new Western mixed, timiraded, VM odUc. OaU-Ueeelpls, ll'i.uw Ini; mlxerl Western and Slate, d.e.i-ClVvCi wl.ltu Western aud blat«, Jl-t'j— eiejily uml unu'.auuca, iJnemiiikreu. t?i o<;sr(i'.*-Collce ilull und unchanged. Su*»r quiet and unebancud, Moliuse* qululond uncliauked. Klee steady with a fair demand. />ir«/eii»a-Qutei hut nrmi crude. p?(cj refined. I4'4r. '/v/r/om—Klrrn t W 1 »Hv Slmlue* KeeLi-fiiili- .s’.drli* 7’</f/.enrfae-I)iill; a*-. f-.-jJ* •• Heavy; Western, W^'llP. Aeu<Aer--rlrtns li.’iilli.ek »<de. Puerto* Ayren.Bml Ilia Oratide. light, ftil.lflto,arnt henry vrulgt)lv><>ii.:ioci Call* fomta iln nml ummiiiin. tfiwiWe. U'<m/-Market dull: domestic fleece. Dflfiir.Hc; milled, a.Vi-H'i-! unw.Hied. l3W«3.Vri Texas, ir.VJ7o. /ror/»Mn«~Ne'v mesa pork, .tune, *2n.105» Aneitnl, ?'.*l.Ci»r".*o.7o. IJeef <lntlnii'liinefinrißOtl; Western bmg elriip middle*, lltyn city do, iiVft IIS' - .. Lard-Prlmc steam, $ iJ.oiitli I3i Juno, sM.»7'4'-u3,aot .Inly. (HX IJHnti.43. /I'HUr-Svw Western, 17«30o. llVd«t-i/-Miiike| eaulers 11. t3?fII.IS. ,VeMt»—Miinnfnetiirerl copper nulef undeteadyi Ingot bike doll. Uli'Vllt’i'. Pig Irt.n dull und uiirlouigeds Kn*- alii Mioel, fjc In pedd. Nulla arm; fg.MtuJ.ui; cut, s4.:i.v.i,vi(>; rllneh. •j»kcvu«. ’ niu.ADei.piiiA. I’liti.Aoai.i'iiiA. May jl—/7<v<r—ln fair demand fop cnolres utliet*. no movement of Itnportanrei extra*, ft. (.Vta.Ki; M heoiistu ami Minnesota extra family, t'>.yy,tn.rd\-. Piute, Ohio, and Indiana, $-u.3.Vss7.iiO; tilth grade*. S7.U-V^.n.rai. •elr'-ilnic l.sniHo W.M«n.i5 '•I item, weigh 4.4044.73 f/Miin—\\ heal milet j Pennsylvania red. 41.4r.5t1.4Hi amher. sl.4Hi while, 4i.rskri,f»i! No. l soring, #1.3» f.1.a0. Uye, Hik.(B7e. Com—Yellow, OlUdJci mixed, r,oe; while. Wei sail, co‘«e; steam, 57c. Oats—Market doll! white, 4044:10; mixed. .TJfit:t7?4c. /Vnrf-r/urw-Mm pork. Lard, $13.00 (Din.OT'ff. M7d*/t , </—Western, $1.13. /Wro/ewrn—Steady; crude, tOMei refined, 1-lifc. Need*—Clover. sl(!,C«k .JO.rsi; fiax, st.4.*». /timer—Tending downs New York Plate and Ilrad ford Comity, Pennsylvania, extra*, 3fM37es first*. si<>) 2*.e; Western extras,; llrata, 33(*33cs Western Mil*. 33H31R; firsts, 2*xu::ie.'Stivt York State, 10313 c; Western fine, HO _ /u/ffs—Quiet; Pennsylvania, New York, nml Delaware fre*h, 14-',ir,(;i Uestcrn fresh, llfrel/it.i— Wheat, d.'siolni; corn, (la.uuobit, A’xpftrM-Corn, tm. fnlr flc*h, wulk)>> i.J34U.C3 fair ilocm. and or city RlaiiKlitcr, 3.WKH.M lie, wi'l«liliiK H(U a.SOttJ.OO .**,’ (ißlfcraVtSKii, r. lOOktf.SO S\LK*. .Vo. Ar. Pr!ff. :«.** 1,110 fI.OTX 4.01 .1,414 4.01 I, NS 4.07^ |i:m AT. tOUIH. fir. I,oni*.'May 21.—Cofimi-iJiill and smohnnued. //nr«r—Market tlatl; buyers otlerlriK lower prices; Very little done. Oraln— Wheat firmer; Nt>..2 red winter. $1.37 Mil cn«ht $1.33M bid Jmie; nalc*nt SI.:M'4 July, No, 3ml winter. Cl. hid. Com Rcsiernlly unchanged, hut some wli’K rather highers No. 2 mixed, -t.Vftrilvc rash; 4:>U';rihie Mays 44!tfl44'ifc Junes 4r,t#vivnc July. uaw—Market casters No. a, 3314 c bid Mays 3-i'ic hid Junes rejected, 2.1.1:100 coals. Ityc llruscrs oJ*o 1)1 J. Honey—Nor It inn dolus;. »7.M'(/-llt«tiers gi.oo. /VorKhoi*—r»irk ilnll ami lowers $20.50. Lard dull nml lowers some Inquiry nt Slt.n2‘4: no sales; cnrmil rate* snake Use price In »malllot* Hulk meat* nominally lowers shoulder*, 7<" e.lcarrlb, uht'-tiuos clear. Uep'loHe, Macon dull and lowers shoulder*. Be; clear rlh, li>)|dllcs dear, lie seller Junes UUc Imyor July. AV'Wi,/.i-rh)iir. 4.4 m hrl*; wisent, 22,(»»i hu; com, asvjuotm; oats, 17,ambus ryo, l.Owjbu; barley, l.uoo bis. . I, IXI 4.n0 . I,IHI 4.11') .J.iniO 4.1*1 .1.343 4.« x) .1,153 4.115 . Rvfl 4.55 .I,IXII 4.5.5 .1.1111 4.55 1.073 4.55 .I.'IVJ 4..V5 .1.02 H 4.r,'» .1.1M4 4. .VI .i.asu 4.37J4 . u:.7 4.50 . HM3 *4.1*1 .1,011 4.H1 5 cnlve*... *hm 4!in ‘ornlvcH... 114 a.wi Hcnlvcn... m 3 [1 calves... 134 0 citlviri... I.V) uini) NnwOnr.HA??*, May 21. hour— Fair demand; mnr* Kid sinus superfine. 53.73 s donlile extra. $1.23; treble extra.; h!s;b (trade.*. s<l.2.'Ka7.V). r/rofn—Corn In good demand at full price*; while mixed, dins while. OJokHo; yellow mixed, Uric. data Rtcmly. wills a (toml demand; 4to- i2c. (.v/iTi-.1/eol—null, weak, ami lowers $3.00. Miy-Uulls choice, s , j;.oa J <23.m. /VorM/on*—Pork dull nnd nominal! sai.!WK»at.7s. Lord dull and unchanged; Mercc, sJISt.HX-tlit. IJU. jo.« fISI.7V-’.14.00. Hulk meats quid; Aliosilder*, Hhi'i.sCi'i clenrrlb, idei clear. 121 (e. Haems dull, weak.and lowers shoulder*. uns clear rlh, II 3-3 c; clear, l2Ue. 1174**7/—Dull: SI. lir.rt.lo, Art. Ar. Prlre, 13.. 10 35.. ..303 0.40 117.. ..301 0.40 01. ...337 (1.40 33.. .301 0.40 55.. (1.40 31.. 0.40 37.. ..317 (1.40 3J....3H3 0.40 05.. 0.40 53.. 0.35 40.. 375 (1.35 31.. 0.35 31.. 0.35 3U1....3311 (1.35 50. ...3>XI 0.3.'. (50....357 0 35 H1....373 0.35 H3....314 0.35 51.. 0.35 33.. ..145 5..V1 33.. fi.Vl 31.. 0.00 Wmerr/M—UolTeoqulets lilts, cargoes, fln pardiill: fair to fully fair, 7}/‘"ri!ic. Molimea qnlot; consimm to choice, common to prlssm l.oisbluiia, dH^ukie, JJran— Dull; 80c. TIAI.TIMOItB. Ualtiuoisr, May 24. /■'/our-tjuletnnd unchanged. (imlu— Wheal Unit: fairly nettle; No. 2 Western red, $1.47: Pennsylvania do. $1.44:t1.n0. Com—lrregular; tloslngweaks tVcntern mixed. Data quiet Olid heavy: while Westers). 4Ut42c; mixed Wcslerss, 35-40 C. Itye. 7»W»C. /Ary—Dim ami heavy. SIR.(XV423.(X). /V'wMnn*—Hull ami heavy. Pork. $21.n0. Hulk* (shoulder*. 7?fcs clear rib, lOJtfe.. lliicon—.'■boulders, clear rill, IJ.MkKn bam*. 14«wi3«c. Lord —Market dull; rellssed, ?i:i.2'»'*13.30. /tuner— in falrdummid. ami hrm; Wcslcrn. 2W120C. I’etroleum— Strong; crude, Ki(c; rcfllied. I4!^c. JUo cargoes dull at l&wibo; Jobbing, MHirnt. 3d.ono hu; corn, ton.onolui. SMpmenU— Wheat, 30.0 m lm; coni, U3,out) bit. Toi.Kim. ToMtno.May 21.—Mo'/r-tjnlrt. tirn'.n— Wheat,dull and weak; lower; No. 1 while Wabash, 51.43; No. 2 «10, to arrive, $1.10; No. 3 do. SJ.No. t white Michigan. Sl.:u'-4; No. 2 do. 31.21; extra white Michigan, 31.41‘ji; amber Michigan held at Sl.gsvj; 91.2 s oilered; .June. Bl.3fd(s .July, f 1.24; No. ;i rc11.31.11w5- rejected red. Ole. Corn quiet, inn mcp.iV; ij'nt o|iti<niK dull: high mixed, snot, ft.'ic .I-*-ai J/.ly. Mk*a; low mixed, r>24u; do ennui, age; no grade. .Vd-jc: damaged. 4:i)g.*. Oabtdnll; No. 2. 3l)lc: Michigan held at 3.V«je; a.V.ulTcred; rejected, .‘Hie. Flour, tm brldj wheat, uj.cxo hit: corn, im; oats. ;i,(Vxi bn. IpM ycstnnby And r lU'iit: a further •me Ni’lleri* refus'd ■ /f/d/nmoi/*—Flour. 4m brlsj wheat, 22.00 U bu; com, 33,Uuubn;oats, 7,011 bu. «u.wACKnr. Mh.w.vckke, May 21.—J'7-mr—tjulot and steady; light demand. frVo/n—Wheat opened weak: ?(c lower; closed quiet; No. I Milwaukee.?!.KiMi;bard, No. 2, Sl.nw-H: ■lune, f.MW'V. .Inly. sl.ih; No. 3. Cora dull And quint; No. 2 mixed nominal. Me. Oats dull: shade easier; No. 2. 32e. Itye steady and narco: No. I, 72e. Parley firmer; higher; No. 2 spring, aoc; No. ado dull, •lae. Prorinion*— Doll; nominally easier. Mcim pork, SI».K7»-{. hard-prime Ktrnm. llfce. Jfei:rliitt~ Flour, 11, mu hrls; wheal *57,000 bo. .V-W/uoentß—Flour. brls; wheat, HJ2,UUObu« CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, May2U— Cotton— Firm; 1 1 We. r./n/n—Wheat quiet, but Heady; Com quiet; rsV'uMc. Oats dull; IMtHDc. Itye quiet and firm; /VnHs/onA—Pork dull nml nominal: gen.fiO. I,aril nejlvo. but lower; steam, tlM's-i kettle, 12*p;I.!o. Hulk meals unsettled; slumldcn), Bu£lfu; dear lib. lU>( (iin’Ke; clear, into. 11 AHfry—Steady: ?1.u7. Ilntter— Dull und unchanged. Freights*- Unchanged. Hosroy. IlosTov, Mny at.—/dour— c/nictt ‘HVftorn super fine, .M..VFi.',.«r); and Minnesota extra lain llv, 5.*».«k?7.00; winter wheat, Ohio, Indiana, amf Michigan, Illlnoh, ?o.t>»./«.25; «. Louli. fii.iV.iK.U); fancy Minnesota and Wisconsin, $7.25>J drain— Com utrrulr; mixed and yellow, 03'ir.Oe, Oatsilrm: mixed and No. 3 white, 4>h4'Jc( rejected, 12&4uc; No. 1 white. Cll'-rSnc. m*pr.\Lo. nrfTxr.o, May W.—arnln— Wheat—Light demand; sales, i7,.V*>hit: No. 2 Milwaukee, to arrive, $1.15; red winter, afloat, fi.ifjtg, Torn dull: Ohio, afloat, filJic, ear lots; No. 2 mixed Western. Me. Ilyu—None here, barley quiet; Canada, Hso. Oats quiet, West ern. admit, :i7e. Canal /Vcfg/ds—Wheat, to New York. OAT.rexToy, Tex., Stay Pi.-Cotton nominal; mid dling*, ttifa; not recclpto, Pun bates; exports, coiut wNc, 725; sales, 108. Savannah, Clb., Mny 2-I.—Cotton dull; middlings, 11 1 (e; net receipts, Hid hales; exports, coastwise, aoj; sales, 40. C'iiaiu.h«ton, 8. 0., May 21.— Cotton dull and nom inal; mlddltnir l . 11 Sic; net receipts, 154 hales; exports, coastwise, 2J; sales, 100. Moiiii.k, Ala., Mny 21.— Cotton unchanged; mid dlings, tic; net receipts, I-to hales; sales, 250. WOOIv. Horton, May 21.—Domestic wool sold to a fair ex lent, tail prices were low. Fleece continues neglected. Ohio and Pennsylvania tlecccs, :Ww.l3hjC, including X nmt XX Michigan fleeces; ;rvc for good average lots. Ccunblitg dull; very little Inquired for; fine dclalues neglected; pulled range, italic for super and extra, the latter fur choice Maine. Krw Ton*, May 21.—Business was light with com mission hollies, although some fair sales were made at low prices. Cotton goods were quiet In first hands. Prints were In better demands DunneU's fancy prints closed out toClatlln, ami arc Jobbing at fittfe. Woolen poods for men's wear ruled quiet, and foreign goods were dull. Ci.vvki.anp, 0., May 24.—Petroleum firm; demand pood; wu quote stnmlurd while, tin test, tic; prime white. 150 test, 13c, cur lots, cash. PiiTsnrnn, Pa., May 21. Petroleum quiet hut Ann; crude, $2.3.701 Parker's; rcilucd, H!dWd4>6o Philadel phia delivery. AmtivAM—Prop lladgur Plate, Buffalo, enndrlfs; schr Raclnu, Muskegon, lumber; ttchrJ. O. Moss, Muskegon, lumber; prop Champlain, Ogdensburg, sundries; prop Tnulcr, Manistee, lumber; schr Island Queen, Manistee, lumber; schr Mary, Muskegon, lumber; slinr Corona, St. Joe, sun dries; schr Leu lligby, Grand Haven, railroad ties; slinr Chicago, Manitowoc, sundries; schr Gypsy, Muskegon, lumber; schr Liberty, Grand Haven, lumber; slinr Muskegon, Muskegon, sundries; schr Lizzie Doak, HI. Joe, lumber; schr Kiltlo (•rant, baugatuck, lumber; prop Jarvis Lord. Haglmtw, salt; schr F. A. Gcorger, Sag inaw, lumber; schr Dictator, Saginaw, lumbor; schr Whirlwind, Munbteo, wood; schr Madison, Muskegon, lumber; schr J. A. Joleton, Muskegon, lumber; prop Colin Campbell. Ludington, lumber; schr Suit, Ludington, lumber; prop Clematis, Peshllgo, lowing; schr Muntlnoo, Pusbtigo, him her; schr Alert, Peshtlgo, lumhor; scow Contest, Holland, wood; schr l.minnu, Baugatuck, wood; schr'Com Paine, Grand Haven, wood; sebrMnry, Holland, slaves; scow Mary ilok-u, While Lake, railroad lies; prop Cuyahoga, Ontonagon, sun dries; schr Mary Ludwig, Muskegon, wood; schr Aimiu Vought, Erie, coal; prop G. Campbell, Erie, sundries. Ci.kaliancks— Hluir Corona, 8L Joseph, 124 kegs beer und sundries; slinr Chicago, Manitowoc, 115 bdls green hide*. 11 luls whisky; prop 11. W. Illanchurd, Uullulo, 20 bu oats, 450 brls dour, 20,000 bu rye. M bdls sheet) pells, 25 brls pork; schr Two Charlies, Grand Imcu, 15 lons feed; schr 11. Dudley, KlniMon, 14,025 bu corn; schr F. Lester, MunMeu, UUObu oats, 5 brls pork, and sundries; schr Ironsides, Cedar Itlvor, 15 bu corn, J&pkgs mdse; schr Active, Pc-htlgo, sundries: slinr Muskegon, Muskegon, 10 brls pork, 1 hr! whisky, and sundries. Freights wore more active at unchanged rates. Quotable ut 2J4c for corn and 2?it£2!ic for wheal to lluffalo, and fto for corn to Kingston. Tho lluffalo charters were (ho schr* J. Mathews and Havana, wheal at 2«©2J4c, prop Itussiu, wheal, and prop Vanderbilt, corn. To Kingston, *ihr L. Parsons, wheat at 51« c, and schr American, corn ut sc. To Harnla, prop Pridgeou. corn through. Capacity, 100,UUObu wheat and 45,000 bu corn. It was also stated that sUiamcr-rootu had been on guged for 50. 000 bu each of corn und wheat. Th« sebrJ. B. itiehards loads wheat at Milwaukee. ni'mi.o, N, Y., May ‘J’i. —Nothing doing In tho chartering LtulucHfl. Vessels alii laid up and NEW OIthEANB. COTTON, DUY GOODS. PETROLEUM. MARINE. CHICAGO. I.AKK riIEIGIITS, CHICAGO. BLSKWIIUIIM, waiting for an advance Shippers and ownan ahnut ,10c per ton opart on coal to Chicago Dr.riioiT, Mich.. May 2.1.-Grain freight.* am a, dull ft* ever. Wheat to Oswego, r»c; to ItufTuto 2!ic; to Cleveland und Toledo. ivjr, free of cloval thm. C. W. Norton reporla the schr F. I-. .inns, coal, Nandu*ky to Windsor, 110 c per ton fren li nml out; sohr Cauton, pluo deal*, Hay city to Ou« bee, nl SK por m. on rail, HUO Milwaukku, Maygn.-Frelghls conllnno Inacl. Ire, nml no tranters were reported. Am-ui* demanding 24 ron wheat to llnffalo, YestonU* Afternoon the schr IIoIIvIa wn* chartered to Uk* * cargo of wheat to Uutlalo at a s4c. " LATCH MICHIGAN, cnicano. The nchr I.onlc A Ilorlou, nhont the safety ot which some fear* haro boon outertalned at this port, I* safe at Milwaukee, whom she !m« nnlond* od her cargo.... A yawl-boat containing a crew of one man tried to npset the tup Wood ye*, tordny, but It was not big enough j 0 aerompllehcd the feat and got upset Itself, iu., plly the water In the river da *0 thlek at present that the Inmate of the yawl-boat could not nink and bcnce waa rescued without much dimculty ’ There has Iren hardly any wind since day befnm yesterday noon at (hi* point. Vessels that I,.ft port that day were in sight yesterday afternoon The exhnust-plpo on the building corner of Frank* lln and South Water street*, which ha* compelled the people around the lumber-docks to use their umbrellas continually, has at last been aupii||c.i with a water-catcher, and the shower h over ....The sleamharcc Colin Campbell, formerly of Iliiffulo. but now belonging to parties at l-mllim. ton, will hereafter run in the lumber business be. tween the latter place and Chicago. Him will tow the barge 8e1t.... The steam barge Jarvis lord arrived here yesterday from the lower lake*, i IfJT . lug In'tow the the. Iwrges K. A. Gcorgorand lllcin lor, the former laden with sail, and the latter with lumber.... The schrs Mocking Hint and I.ynmti Davis had their boats crushed In the river yester day.... The lug McClellan Is receiving an ov.t. hauling and a new coat of paint.... The three Grand Haven barges, Antainito.C. O. I),.and Cltv of Grand Haven will nail to the ru«» shore.—-the steam barge New Era, which usually tows them, not being here, und It belna thought unwise to wait for her.... The schrs Ada Modern, Clipper City, und Hnrdtnln. which lost their anchors during the gale Inn Monday, went out yesterday ami succeeded In recovering them It was rumored around the docks yesterday that the stenm-liurgo Favorite had succeeded In redes*, lug the schr Ferry Hnnnn, which was ashore on Death's Door, nl the entrance to Green Day.... Tin schr Potomac is still on the rocks at Little Traverse. It Is hardly probable that she can be saved- She 1s old ami of but little value. ELEVATING CTIAnORH, While the owners of the elevators at Chicago In* slst upon the outrageous charge of 2c per bushel for elevating grain, thus driving the business away from the lakes, the elevators nl other points are making reduction after reduction to assist the vessel business us much ns possible. At IlulTnlo, the Committee of the Western Elevating Associa* Hon met the day before yesterday nml decid ed to tlx the rule for elevating at Jjo to the grain and lie to the ves sel. Including tire days’ storage. This Is a reduction of per bushel, nml ought to be low enough to satisfy the most exacting. Alt that!* asked of the Chicago elevator* Is that they should reduce to 1 cent per bushel, and they refuse on the idea that they cannot alfurd to do it, though the IlulTnlo elevators can afford todo It ut much less. It Is a well-known fact that all the elevator men In thl* city have made princely fortunes, which they could not have done if their charges had nut been unreasonably high. Now Hint all other brunches of business are Buffering, and have to be conteni with small profits, there Is no reason why they should not Also mako some sacrifices and grow rich a little slower thuu they have been lu the Luhit heretofore. TfIVINO to hethkncij. The owners of tugs at thin port hold a meeting last evening at the olllce of the Chicago Dry-Dock Company for the purpose of considering means to bring about A reduction In expensed, which at present more than balance the income. Thu meet ing was largely attended, and was n very hot one. No result, however, was reached, ami, Judging from the feeling evinced by some of those present, It Is hardly probable that anything will ho accomplished. It was proposed that one-third of the lugs now running should hu laid up, which would give tin: others more to do. lint n stumbling-block to this proposition was found In those persons who owned lint one tug each. Tin y claimed that those who lutd more than onu would Always have one or more tugs In service, and thus he able to servo their regular customers, while they would have to lay up omi-thlrd of the time, and love some of their customers. A projmßltlon also mudu to reduce Ihn towlng-rutcs jvj per cent, hut this was also found to hu objectionable to a majority of those present. Thu meeting adjourned very abruptly, without having taken any action whatever, it Is hardly probable that any milted action in regard to this mailer can ho taken. The probability Is, that each tug-ownor will net Independently hereafter, and make such rates ns will drive many of tho more conservative tugs oat of the business. LAKK KIIIIS. KIIIK. Fpnlal Dispatch to The Tribune. Enin, I’a., May til.—Arrived from Chicago, ptmr Japan, prop Philadelphia. Departed, none. No charters reported here la-day. Tins CAXAL. HmnnnpnuT, Cuicaoo, May 24. Ci.kai;i:j>— Augusta, Hennepin, 07,402 ft lumber, 50 m fthhiglea, 10 in lath* Arabia, Hennepin, ] 0.050 fl lumber, 187,000 shingles, 2.' m lath; Andrew Jack' pci u. Peru, 84,028 ft lumber, 15,800 lalb; prop Montague, Lockport, 4,058 bu wheat; Maple Lcuh Lockport, 5,225 ft lumber. MISCELLANEOUS. SCUAI’ISOH. Tito tup Agate capsized on Friday last while try ing to enter the harbor ut Ontonagon, after taking freight from tho atmr Keweenaw, Two men, named Michael Herbert and William Held, were Inst. She lies in 111 feet of water.,..Bayi the Cleveland leader: “Some lime since the schi Kmma (J. Hutchinson left thin port for Chicnco with coal. Arriving there, an attempt to pet a load of grain Iwck woh made, and almost any figure would have been accepted. No cargoes having been offered, her owner has ordered Iter to Mar quette to load with Iron ore for Cleveland. She is now on her way in that port.”....The h'i'cnlufj ll iitconein of the 22d says: ••The scow Supply, of this port, In trying to enter Kenosha Harbor yesterday, struck the uler, stove a hole in her how, swung to (he soutlranl, and went ashore. It took over two hours for the crew to roach the shore. The Supply was Ihkhul from Chicago to l.lttle Point Sauhle, and nan light.”....The Detroit Pont stated: “Timing W. U. Prlnglo, which left hero a few days since to tow a bnrpc-mft fmm Tau-:w lo Goderich, succeeded in petting U Into that port, but not uny too soon, for she bad no more tlmii lied up when a vinlcntstorm set in from tho north. Had the tup been cimpht In such a blow, no doubt the raft would havo been BcaKem!.’ 1 ....A HulTalo paper of Monday says: “Tho body of John Walker, steward of the bark Thomas’ l’. Street, was found entanpled in the main sheet. It was taken to I'ort Harwell, where he resldcih A diver- went clown Into the forecastle) of the boat to search for tho Imdics of the two men supposed to havo been In there, but did not succeed In tludlnp (hem. 1 bint. John Hlee, In charge of tho wrecking expedition sent to tno hark Thomas O. Street, telegraphed for another tup Saturday nlplit. und the L. I*. Dayton, I'apU lleyers, was sent to lilt* assistance. The Dayton amt Crowell succeeded hi (owing tho Sired under I.oap Point yesterday, whuro she grounded. Her stern Is now out of water. Tho Dayton returned U> port this morning." TUB HITCATION AT CI.ISVEI.AND. IHb nl 1,. i, I IW>, A. ( There was no improvement In business on Satur day, and no propped for any in Die near future. Kvery thing is gel ting scarce—eoui, vessels, seamen, freight of uny kind. Several vessels have already gone Into ordinary, and another arrived yesterday that will do the saims Kvorj-ono euems to ho get ling lU-spondcnl, although np to the present tlmu vessel-man and brokers generally have made Hie b»-et of mutters, all the while consoling themselves with the Idea Unit (hero would yet bo business, ood at fair rates. Now, however, tho peralstent octlou of the miners In refusing It) go to work, or allowing others to Pike their places, tho inelllcleul manner wth which the rioters are handled, coupled with tho continued bad munaguincutof Uni rul ronds in tho mailer of freights hast by mitlhig rates so low that they, u«r any one else, can get a margin for profit, is wearing out the pa tience of Cleveland vesnd-owners, and they are fast coming to the conclusion that the season is to be a profitless one, und tint there Is more money In laying up (hat) running wild for whalcan bo got. Vessels having sen-on charters for ore, of course, are nut affected. — l.uuUr. ” " ”TO llftl.NT. lialilili TO BENT XIST TUB TRIBUNE BUILDING. INQUIIU3 OP WILLIAM 0. DOW, Room 10. Tribune Building. INDIGO lll.l’ll. BAELOW'B rNDIGO DEUEL IU merit* os * W«u Dtt’K havo Iwca fully and Indorsed by thousands of houst keepi n. > « uf grocer ought to have it on sale. Ask him for It. b * D. B. WILTUEItGKK, Pn'l'r clor Ho. S3B Moilh Bcamd-el., Philadelphia.

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