Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 26, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 26, 1876 Page 3
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"■ TIIK COURTS. F. A. Brags Explains How Near He Had a Millionaire Interest in the Emma Mine. gait Entered Against the Defaulting Treasurer of St. George's Society and Eli Bondsmen. Business Transacted Bororo tho Various J udges Yesterday. Frederick A. Drnffg tiled a bill yesterday In jhc Supremo Court against Veter Ocdiles and /olmSheriffs, executors ot the Inst will of James jiulth, deceased* In width ho tells how near ho jjme to being a mlllionalru through the owner ship of an Interest In tho famous Emma Mine, iuJ how ho lost It. Ho did not receive any lliorcs for the two of his name aa Director, hut paid for his Interest In tho ordinary business ray. Complainant stolen that hi tho spring 3 ( 1603 ho formed » partnership with jttnes Smith In tho real estate and brokerage bud* bo*s. he contributing his skill and experience and Emilh furnishing the money. Tho profits were to I* divided In the proportion of two-thirds tomoney and one* third to brains. A few months afterwards tbe speculation over gold-mining in Utah began, *nd complainant began Inquiring about the best mean* and place to Invest In some land (hero. One Robert I). Chisholm, among others, held a nt largo promises, and It was finally •nanci'd that the firm of F. A. Hrflgg & r« together with James Steele, Tarlton Jones, and John Sheriffs should combine to pur chase some mining properly, fctcelo, Jones, and Sheriffs agreeing to furnish the necessary funds, fllcclo subsequently advanced a considerable amount, and some land was bought In the ‘ * Little Cottonwood mining district." it was booh found necessary by tho parties to have some one on tho mnnd to protect their interests, and Smith, having a taste for border life, offered logo. His business here, however, was In the way, and complainant declined to dissolve n profitable partnership at a sacrifice, but finally agreed that Smith should go, on the condition that he should divide the profit* of all enterprises he might enter Into In Utah, Complainant procured a loan of 3*1.000 for fmith, and tho latter went, promising to give flragg onc-llflh of the profits. After remaining In llonnondom about six or debt months, doing nnthlag but spending money, smith returned pen niless, bringing nothing but glowing descriptions of what might he made In the gold regions. He was again supplied with funds and returned to Blab, where be loaned or paid about S2OO to It. p. cbtsholm, and received In return a one sixth Interest In the Emma Mine. Tho sud den and Immense profit* of this speculation complainant charitably supposes had such an effect on Hmlth os to conquer his natural Integrity, hlo Intellect being weakened by drink, and ho fraudulently look the title to the Interest In the otnma Mine In Ida own name alone. Instead of In tituling the name* of Steele. Jones. Sheriffs, and complainant In tbe deed. Large dividends wero received from tbls last speculation by Smith, ami he remained at Salt Lake City until his death, in IH7U. Shortly before Ids decease, however, lie sold his ono-fllxtli Interest to some unknown party for several hundred thousand dollars, but complainant Is Ignorant of tbe precise amount. Smith left a will, making I'eter Cloddes and John Sheriffs his executors, amfglvlng thorn all Ids prop erty In trust for certain purposes, but not to settle with complainant. No steps have been taken by the exccutora to nettle tbe estate as yet, though ft amounts to several hundred thousand dollars. Complainant therefore asks that the executors may be obliged to make a discovery of the nature and amount of Smith's estate, Hull nn account may bo bad and a decree rendered in Ids favor for one-fifth of the profits derived from tho Emma Mine pur chase. lUODARD CHESTER* TUB DEFAULTER. • The Ht. George's Beoovclent Association began o soil In debt yesterday against It* former Treasurer, Richard Chester, and bis bondsmen, Thomas A. Holland, William Turtle, Joseph Williams, Will iam Wayman, and Edwin Walker, to recover the sum of |i>, 21)0, which Chester bus embezzled, as stated In yesterday’s Tiuhvnr. The aflldnvit of the Society's Agent, J. 13. Walker, filed to get on attachment In aid. sets out that Chester, when elected Treasurer, gave a bond In SIO,OOO for the faithful discharge of ids duties. That bo has failed to pay over $.'>.200 which catuu Into his hands, and has left tho State, with tho Intentlou also of having his effects removed, and has with in two years fraudulently assigned bis property, or some of It, for tho purpose of hindering nnd delaying his creditors. An attachment was is sued. , TIIR MUTUAL LIPB-INSUHANCE COMPANY. • In the case of Lipplncott vs. The Mutual Ufc-In rotauco Company, the Receiver tiled a report yes terday setting out that the Company owned a va cant lot on the east side of Fifth avenue, between Washington and Randolph streets, which had been valued nt $40,000 U> $60,000. and which oven In the present times was worth SdC,OOU to&K),00l). There is an incumbrance by way of trust-deed on It for s£o,ooo to William V. Kay, with Interest nt 10 per cent, payable semi-annually, the Ist of May nnd November in each year. There is now SI,OOO due for interest due tho Ist of (his month, and, ns the property Is valuable, the Receiver recommends that tho interest, on the trust-deed bo paid until the lot can be sold advan tageously. Leave was given by .ludge Williams to the Uocciver to nay such interest out of any moneys that may come in his hands. DivoncES. Jano B. Ifulvcrt filed a bill yesterday against her husband, Charles W. Mulvert, asking fur a divorce on account of Ids continued druukenuess and de sertion. ITEMS. Tho ctOBS-examlnaUon of George C. Smith woa postponed yesterday until B:fiO p. m. to-day. In (ho case of Stephen Osgood va. The Chicago, Canvlllo & Vincennes Itallruad Company the lime to lake proofs before the Master was extended un til June 10. intliocftaoof Foadick.t Fish vs. the same road, the Unto to take proofs on the Intervening petition of Stephen Oagood and gibers wan extended until iune jO. In the case of Ellen 8. Bliss vs. Omar Newman. Judge Moore yesterday appointed E. F. Daylcy Itcccivcr, under bond for So,ooo. Judge Blodgett yesterday ordered a new venire of twcnly-flvu Jurors to try tho remaining whisky jesses. In the earn of tho Courier Company vs. Webb and others, tbo defendants. Webb, Lyman, Walker, ondKlHuon. took an appeal from the recent decision of Judge Moore In favor of tho company. Tbs ap peal bond was tlxed at sr>, 000. > To-day Is tho lost day of service In tho Superior Court fi> Dm June term. - BANKRUPTCY MATTERS. • In tho esse of W. A. Kerr et si., a composition .meeting will bo held before Iti-glslcr Drain June ID. The petition against (foorgo ft. Bunion ami A. Brown was yesterday dismissed at petitioner's (CD-Is. The following cases were referred to the Regis iter for final report: \V. S. Morse cl si., Charles pV. Urey, Richards & Norris, V. Watcrhoiter, .Cohen A Jacobs, A- W. Bugbec, T. I*. Lawrence, .and Andrew i-’oonL UeorgoW. Campbell was yesterday appointed •Assignee of Julm AL C'onnol). Assignors will bo chosen this morning fur Delos tf. Mills and Ovorgo L. Tlldun. Thu first dividend meeting In the matter of Alex ander Delian was postponed until Junu 1. • BUPRRIOR COURT IN URIUP. * CclestfaCTupp filed a bill yesterday against Thomas M. Halt and wife. Philip A. Brown, J, 11, Jluhhfl, and Hylvcstur I). I'tus, to furcclosc u trust deed fur 81. gOO on LotM ln.J. W. Ransom's 8 ab* ;dlvi«lon of block JR. being a subdivision of apart -QfUiaH. W. Unf Sec. W, UO, Ml. The National Printing Company began a ault for t'klXK) against.fames if. Keeler. ■ a. It Udell brought suit for SO,OOO against Jo •t'tdiT, McCord. ■Viilllnm Keene, for the uso of Timothy 8. and NV. Fullatn, sued Philip Lurmuu for .SO,OOO, - | _H- C. Hhotwel) began an action against Theodore N. Elmore to recover £4,u00. ’ AnolJos Jlnss commenced A salt for 110,000 against Charles 11. Black. '.til Wilder tiled a biU against N. T. Fitch. A. J. tywllti, T. A. Hill, L. AV Wlllurd, und U. T. Tur pin, to forvcbiso a mortage for S’J.ODO on Lots 78, 7U. amlbOuf Hinckley's Subdivision o/iboN. W- U of the ti. K. I* of bee. H. SJH, H. Georg* A. I*. Kvlsey sued Dm ulobc Mutual Life Insurance Company for gj.OOO. ~a- D. Ehnburk negun u suit for s.'>,ool) against PuS U C ' Cft, « tef ’ T * c ’ and W. 11. 1- £. Bwczcy brought ault to recover s‘.’,ooo fr6m Edward A. Uacheldor. UIIICUIT COUKT. the Vulcan Iron Work* Company began a suit lu ajtxtnietit against the City of Chicago to recover poxtvnaiuu of a triangular-shaped piece of land olf *ba southwest corner of I.ov r>, Uluck 1”, In the Uriitlua) Town uf Chicago. ciuminai. conftT. «Johrj A. Powers and Nicholas Hartman, iiioui «»«( t’inkcrton’a pollen force, were arraigned nt luefnstancu of Daniel Itrown, wlm charged 'beni. with Hot. |l appear# front the evidence that •co ilsiun occurred between Powers and Urovvu, oiUhc.otrect.snd, some ill-feeling existing between ‘ win, a tight occurred, lu tbe tunreu of which mown got roughly bundled, although much the •argcfmanof the party. A verdict uf guilty was telurntd he the Jury. ‘•u»hen Abrahams, urespcctably-nppoarlug man, wm accused of the tbe (tut a box of cigars, and bo »utcd that the prosecuting witness. C. L. Uatrlly, accepted |Jb In settlepmot of the same. Th« v-o'Ut promised ta Inquire into the Alleged compto and sentenced the prisoner to thirty days In HiiuniUa pay a tine of gj. -,,,‘‘‘‘•'l tnati nsiued Uuuli McKlUop was found assault upon John Aiklusuu, and was were entered against tire following lemV /u: "Ullam Wruy, KeuiyC. Lawrence, am) w llllmu Mitchell, for Wray Is accused and, not having appeared, tho Court «* f to hold bis bondsmen, i John Ueiser, oud .lolm O’Urleu, 1 and coels. gl 7,^* e i J b bkelly, Levi Householder, nod I*. M i m‘ ,Vw j £IOO aud costs. i Mcndelbsum, William O. Hard), aud 1 »1«i Mil CO.U, *“ Bmlb ‘ nntlil Fort ami John It. SuUlTtn, s*2oo and cod*. TUR f’AI.T.. .Tnnow flAfnr—4Rß. 4HO, 40!, 40! to 400, 00J, r>o-., !ncln•lv«;. a ) rixir .tAMKsnv—No". CUjr v*. I.ooney, orul r.7,r»()R, C'lltv*. W*r«. . •li.'iHir. Iloor.Uß W)7, non, r»f)0, 000, and Ci.» to 034. Mini; nnnrii— '4or», 407, 40H, 410, 411, 413 to .U-I.’JR MrA!.M«Trn-RO2 to 071 lnrln«lve. ex cept OU.-j nml tIOO, on .Imlifn l(oa*rr«' culcmlftr. ,h;nuic I. I fit tod 300. JUdoe Wjt.MAMH— Set cr«« 1.2H0. JUUOMBXTU. Scranton Court—Oinfkssiuss— Valentine Bjalz vs. George and Emilio Knochenmuss, fff7l.7.V — Fourth National Bank fur the use of C. H. Sher man, Hcreiver. vs. Samuel J. Jones, SpencerlL Udell vs. JobiiC. McCord, f:i. HIKE H 2. —.lohnC. Haines vs. The Chicago Hallway Con struction Company, s“i,4M.7i2.—E. W. Whcelnck etal. vs. James Baxter. 3102.45. JvonK o*nr—(Jratw liro». Mnunfaclurlng Com* psny vs. James Kelly, 81,C01.0H. Eleanor; L. Gordon eta), vs. Teresa L. Quinn ftml William Counr—Confessionr—Louis Saplcha vn. James 8. Campbell, |J,7fll-IH. .funoß Hoiiers— -Henry Grecnolmum cl at. vs. James K. Tyler and John IL Wren; verdict,3l,Bß.7, anil motion for new trial. Juiioe Booth— John 1.11 let al., executor*, etc., vs. Hubert Tipple. S-fOO and satisfied.— .fobn C. Grant at al. va. Charles.l. F. Kraft and Francis A. Frank; verdict, 8*12(1,5-I.—Hollle M. Freeman vs. A. G. and Fraud* Murreys finding, 3115.-i 8.. Jiiiuir, McAi.t.iHTCn—B. w. llawaon vs. Edward l\ Thomas, S2UO, AMUSEMENTS. THE HEETIIOVEN SOCIETY. The Itrethoven Society closed Us season last evening with a performance of Mendelssohn's “Ell* jah," given to a very largo audience. Mins Haskell, Mrs. Johnson, Miss White,Miss Foreman, Messrs. Hcrgslcln, Clark, Barnes. and Noble having the solos and concerted numbers, Mr. Eddy presiding lit the organ, and Mr. SVolfsnlm wielding the baton. We reserve a detailed criticism of the performance until our Issue of Bunday. THE APOLLO CLUR’S EXTRA CON CENT. The sale of scats for the extra concert to be given by the Apollo Club Juno H, at McCormick's Hall, with the assistance of Miss Cary and Mr. Mills, commenced yesterday morning ut Hoot & Sons' music store, L'.ff Slate street, and was something unprcccdcntcdlnthc history ofconccrtsln thlscliy. Before noon all the available Rents in the gallery and a largo part of the main floor were taken. Those who Intend going should see to their seats at once, as at tho present rate of tolling there will not bo a seat loft in a day or two. BOWEN. Ills Protest—-Wlmt Ho Buys About Ills Ex pulsion—Dr. Word nnd Mr. I’rutt. Tho protest which Mr. Bowen’s sons handed to tho Moderator at the Plymouth Chmch meeting on Friday night was a lengthy document, and stated Mr. Bowen's reasons fur refusing to 101 l his wtory, us follows: f'ir»t—The information ramo eo confiiJcntlaJly, anil from such a source, tlmt 1 couhl not honorably give It to the public. AVcond—ll would bo a terrible blow to a woman whom 1 did not think It my iluty to expose before , the world. 1 illil not know but It might kill ber. It would certainly blacken. If not fatally blast, her reputation—a lot's greater tlion tlmt of life. 77dnf—Because Plymouth Church did not need Information as to any other woman’s confession so lank ns it bad neglected to Inquire about Mrs. Til ton's cantcflutis to nearly a dozen different people. fourth— Because. when It became evident to mo that the object of Hie olllccr* of riyinomb Church , was not the purity of the church, hut the shielding of Its pastor, It followed that I could not, without becoming the pnrtv to n farce, through their agen cy, seek the exposure of the truth, even if 1 hod been at liberty to 0« so. He followed this up by a homily of ft fomewhat general character and then gave the following rea sons fur making no further apology: yirtt— it was true that I hud received each con titconil—You never advised mo to keep still, if It wo* true; but to the contrary. VVilrd—l followed the Hue of your advice, obey ing U so fur ns 1 could. yourffi— Tho fact given by me, that I had such knowledge, was a sufficient explanation of my pre vious silence, and nothing else could expln'n it. Only in this way could 1 resist tho movement to ex pel me. fifth— My statement did not Injure tho woman Involved, uml added nothing to Mr. Dccclier’s bur dens, so long as bo was callous to the evidence which was kept out of court by his refusal to allow Mrs. Tilton to testify ami pi bo rebutted, and which testimony Is to this day strangely held back. Next came (t voluminous defense of himself against tho charge preferred against him, umin~ tabling that. Inasmuch us his only offense had been that of keeping silence, he was not guilty of slan der. The document concluded with some puthcllo remarks and an appeal fur pence. AV«’ York nti-palch tn lloston Journal. Henry C. Bowen. fu an Interview with a reporter this morning, said that ho by no mean* Intended to cease hU warfare on needier and Plymouth Church. He wanted Mr. Beecher to understand tlmt the end was not yet. Thu Insult which Beecher and Ply mouth Church gave Bowen, tho latter Maid, would he an additional Incentive to activity. Bowen threatens to make another statement before long which wilt fait upon the community like a thunder bolt out of a clear sky. Beecher's friends, how ever, still claim that Buircu has really nothing now to make public. rftw I'orfc Sun. Jfnp at. Henry C. Bowen shows no disposition to talk about his expulsion from Plymouth Church. ** If the Church can afford to expel mo,” he nays, “I am perfectly satisfied to go.” He explains that his refusal to meet Mr. Beecher amlU. L. PrulU Chairman of the Plymouth Church Committee, was because of information that reached him about tho character of tho latter person. It was to Mr. Pratt, on two consecutive evenings lute lust month, that Mr. Uowvn told the “bottom facta" of Beecher's guilt. After tho whole had been narrated, Dr. W, If, Ward ascertained that Mr. Pratt had on more than one occasion announced his determination to hear ami believe nothing against Mr. Uccchcr. and had declared It to be Ids Intention to “put down” anyone who spoke against ids pastor in his pres ence. This, In Itself, convinced Mr. llowcn that Mr. Pratt was untit to servo as a Juror In tho trial of Mr. needier, and what be afterward hoard strengthened this conviction. At tho meeting In Plymouth Church on May 10, Dr. Ward, u>« Mr. Bowen's counsol. declared that Mr. Ifawcn had lust confidence In Mr. Pratt, who, ho believed, hud ••determined to shield Itcechorat any cost.** Dr. Ward called Mr. Pratt tho “tool of Mr. needier,” and Hald that Mr. Bowun would not go Into his and Mr. llcechur's presence without a witness of bis own chalve. The church people demanded Mr. Bowen's reason for believing Mr. Pratt unworthy of conUdcuce. but Dr. Ward saw fit to reply a week later, In thu following letter to the gentleman himself: . „ , „ New Yo»K, May 18. 1870.—Jfi*. U. L, Pratt— My DkauHiu: As requested, 1 have made Inquiries an {o tho basis of thu information which led .Mr. Bowen to withdraw (though with no knowledge of tho facial somewhat of the full confidence In your Impartiality w hich your apparent candor hud In spired in him. Tho substance of (t is that you have been a specially Inlinmto person:'! friend of Mr. Beecher, and his chosen associate during two sum mers at thu Twin-Mountain Mouse; that you havis said at your own Uhlo, bufuro a witness, whoso name I will give yon if you desire, that * * we don’t allow uny one hero to say a word against Mr. Becchur; U any quo does, we put him down at once;” and that this was said in explanation of tho treatment received by Mr. Moulton when lit) ap peared tioforu Plymouth church. Also, after a long litigation you novo boon re quired within a few months to pay to yourbrulher’s widow the sum of about 815,0(10. with all costs, tho above being the award of Judge Brigham, of Bos ton. in thu casu whore you hud retained as admin istrator or otherwise moneys that should Justly have been given to her. Very respectfully, WJti.Mw Haves Wakd. Dr. Ward received from a legal tlrm in Huston (ho Information which Justillcd him In making thu above statements In his letter. Knhraim L. Pratt, of (loverly. Maas., died in February. IKdii, mid with bis wife’s consent, Henry L. Pratt hocamu tho administrator of tho estate. Tim deceased brother has been an Inventor and manufacturer of machinery, and loft a llltlu shop at 7(1 Hadtmry street, tilled with models and machinery. Mr. Pratt's most valuable Inventions had not been patented. Ills administrator got out letters patent for them, and wont earnestly into their manufac ture. During a year’s service us administrator of thu (white, ho made no retnrnst" fbo widow, his aUler-ln-luw, and si (ho Instance of her friends ho was obliged to resign. Two sups w ere begun to recover liie proceed* of tl.o imimifocluru and o.ilo of tbo deceased Pratt’s Inventions,one suit by Mrs. tiphraim L. Pratt, his siMcr-in-law, ami Hm other hy J mlgo Clmutu, tlm Probate,] edge of Essex Coun ty, an odlclal whoMMlntics correspond to those of Urn Harrogate In this Htutc. Math actions resulted favorably for the widow, Judgment being obtained for her. . Gcufleinrn's lUiilnß Costume. At-»e Jm* Ihuu Journal. The question Is no frequently asked, ullbia sea son of the year, us to what Inmost correct torn gentleman's riding dress, that we give Ibo follow ing particulars tor thu information of our readers who desire lu be ahi mode.* , . . Tho coat should be a single-breasted morning 'coal, made from Alt Oxford tuellou, of medium weight; cut rather long Jn tho waist, and short In the skirt lu proportion, to button ouo button rather high, with a short roll, and moderately well cut uway la front I'ocUcw under Huns on tho hips; an ouUldo breast-pocket, made wllu a well, ana uu outsido ticket-pocket in tho waist scam. aklfU lined With the sanio ejoth, and edges double-stiichcd. The seam* may also ho lapped and donble-slUched. Thu slccvoa should tit rather chibu, and he shaped to tho arm, ami tin- Ishcd with u vent and two holes untl button* at tho wrist. Waistcoat from the same doth us (lie coat, cut sluiflu-breuslud. without a collar, to button high, and uf good length, w ith vents aitlm aides, to bet easy on the hips. Trousers from a suit sbado of drab or gray Medford cord, to tit moderately close in Hit) legs; half an Inch extra length, sod with a slight spring (o fail over thu bool, and ee cured with straps and buttons at the bottoms. They should bo made to til easy in the seat. Whip-curds lu various shjule* and JllisaV cUpplug-Nortou 'floods ire *Uo apeclitty w*yUd wv and uuk« THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: FRIDAY. ; MAY 20, 1870, otcflloTii rMlne tronnom; hut tlirrHanc* material fn inll.ihli- for tin- rndilli* n« Rnlfonl < onl. An lltuiilAh HlßmJhij! collar, and Stanley scarf, with a while )mlkti**)iolon Mt Indigo ground, w orn with A hor*o-*hoc f*rnrf• ftin* or one of rook’# cry** lal*, nicely monntod, Is the most appropriate neck wear. Dent's soft dog-skin glove*, with rlhlted backs, or hi* f-hereretlc glove, tor anmmnr wear. A silk hat should Ihj worn for iinrk-riding, or B felt *• Derby ** on th»* road or In the country. The Diford inrlton 1* fur nont Anti vet, ns It show* dn*t low than tiny other color. Diagonals and worsted doth*, of aft kind*, are specially oh . ucllonable. from their retaining the dn«l no much. •IngUsh \enellan* (A smooth-finished. nuiall twilled elotht is a good dual used on (he other elOc, especially for elderly gentlemen. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE* WAUL TIMB3. 7b Hie Editor of The Tribune. CniCAoo, May 2.7. —Wo are passing over a hard and stony road, but It Is tho only road that can lead to prosperity. If such a condition bo an evil, It Is one of llmno evils which lie at the foundation and are essential to the existence of good. Many “evils" are but paths to better things, and this condition which wo call “hardlimes" Is one of these. It Is one of those states which, resulting from pant action and fully. Is as unavoidable ns any other effect following Ui cause. Viewed In this light, there Is no reason for despair. On tha contrary, there is much to encourage those who, for the sake of permanent prosperity, submit to temporary distress. A man who is sick mufel en dure (he means of cure, There ts no specific by which disease can be In stantaneously cured. There are no miracles In our day, save tbe miracles of science, and these are of slow development. When disorder invades the human or the social system, time and suffering can alone restore the broken harmony. The same principle applies to commercial and financial Affairs. What Is called “panic," although It broaks forth suddenly. Is al ways preceded by a train of causes, which have been long in silent action, like tho smoldering fires of a volcano, gathering force for years before the final catastrophe. If we wish to find tho roots of the “panic" of 1875, we must dig deep. Such gigantic disturbances never occur, save in obedience to laws, which nro stern and Inflexible In (heir operation. When fear, like a wild lire on the prairie, spreads through a natinn, it dues not prove somuchthu cowardice of tho human heart as tho destruction of faith of man in man. Upon this faith ail “credit" Is built. Faith being undermined by falsehood and dishonesty, “credit" falls to tho ground. “Credit,” which Is the life-blood of all business and enterprise, cripples Jn its fall every depart ment of Industry. A general contraction ensues. The hnmcn"c energies of “credit" are paralyzed. It Is ns If steam should suddenly bo abolMicd, and as If the community should bo compelled to go back to the slow locomotion of the past. As railroads now seem essential to the present statu “credit" tHcquallycasenUal to the growth of enterprise and commerce. But credit to bo of any value must be based upon truth. Ho long ns It Is thus bused U is of Inestimable value. The wheels of commerce move swiftly, and every one Is benefited by tbe speed. Timu saved to tho community Is time saved to each of its units. Such economy Is wealth—wealth to each and all. Credit in its nature Is expansive. It In natural for man to trust mure and more, until he finds by sad experience that his trust in misplaced. “I'anlc" Is simply tbe bursting of a bubble which has been In datcdundaly. Bntforsnchlnflallon “Panic"would be an Impossibility. From tho clouds wo nro brought down to Mother Earth. When wo again rise, it must be front the solid ground. “ Spcclo payment" stares ns In the face, and un til we reach that point there can bo no firm resting place. Everything must and will be measured by tho common standard. The sooner this truth Is realized, tho better will it bo for tho present, and Che brighter will bo (ho prospects of the future. After so much suffering it Is too late to return to “Inllatiun" furrollcf. There Ih no relief in that direction. We must cross tho bridge of “specie payment," mid when we reach the other side a new and solid prosperity will welcome us. All fic tions must disappear. When the web of reality in reached, then, uud then only, will ain-mlurhig im provement begin. It Ih scarcely probable that the prices of any staple commodity will fall to a lower point. Un tbe basin of real value (the actual cost of production) anew Huperntructure of “credit" will slowly arise. When prices have stopped falling and ilia clear that a bottom bus been struck, confidence will gradually revive. At this point wo have arrived. A new era will soon dawn. Labor will again find employment. Property will come into demand. Capital will awake and put forth its giant ener gies, timidly, cautiously, but with gradually accelerating force. After a time, the wheels of commerce will be fully in motion, and every one will feci like the traveler who, after long wander ing, has emerged from u dark valley Into (ho sun light and beauty ot a fair country.—s country to which no easier path Could have Jed, uud where universal prosperity prevail". E. W. trn.L mgr daub to do nrnnr t To the lidtlnr of The Tribune. CotoAoo, May ‘M.-J Tho honest people of this great city demand that tho ncwly-eJecled Mayor and Council shall fulfill tho demand.*, wants, and expectations which have guided them In their actions the past few weeks. Municipal reform Is tho cry In every department of tho City Govern ment. A general bounce of tlio old regime of tax eaters, political hummers, lazy hangers-on, traders fu the public offices, buying and selling nt me public crib. Tho good and true of all classes arc trusting that the new Mayor and Council will oaro to do right.clean out the old dynasty from (op to bottom, oud place in power good. elUclent business men, regardless of party or political alllliatlons. Tho Lux-payers demand it. the poor laboring man, whose wonts encircle hi# hearth stone, house, wife, nnd children, demands that tbo Colvin plunderer* no longer ride rough-shod over the people's rights,—an Immediate lultlng-gu of public pup,—and that good, honest, sipiare dealing men take the helm and work out tho salva tion of this outraged, long-suffering people. Tho people will sustain Mayor Boyne and the good and true men of the Council in every measure of true reform. They are looking with anxious solicitude to a full realization of those just hones. The universal cry of the people is to the Mayor ami Council: “Bare to do right, and do HI” T. COMMERCIAL AGENCIES. n the KdUvr of The Tribune. CntcAoo, May SO.—l think you do me an In justice, and probably many others,* InyourOnten nlal swlndlo advartlsument, signed V. Ln Banme, wherein bo refers to tho commercial agencies as * not containing certain names, os though any name not contained therein was of no value. Por myself, I have been In Chi cago for the last ten years, and In business most of thu time. I have never seen my name In uny Com mercial agency, yet I liavo done a respectable busi ness without their aid. My name not appearing Is no oversight on their port, for 1 think all of them have been to me fur my subscription, and there is no reason why my name does not appear, unless they mean to compel mo to subscribe, which I will not do until lam ready to do so. By giving this a place Id your valuable paper you will much oblige _ J. C. lIUODBft. DOCTOR BUCKLEY. To the JAUtor ftf The V'rltuns. Cuicaoo, Jfay'JS.— In your issue of yesterday a statement Is made that I “refused In an Inhuman manner” to attend to a negro who was brought Into my ofllco tho day before yesterday. I wish to con tradict the statement. 1 took tlm man Into my office, examined tbo wound, und fonud there was no Immvdtnto danger; and ns he Insisted on going home and bavo “his own doctor” to attend him, IdveuuHlltHufc to allow him lo go. I have never refused yet to aid any human being when the op portunity offered, as many in my neighborhood can testify to. CiiAm.vs C, Uunaur, il, D. Dam Pedro Aml the Arcblloct. In Us account of Horn I’cdro’a visit lu llalllmoro Hit' Aintticau of that city tells tho following story: ‘'On tho Ural main door of the City-Hall la tho tablet on which the namua of Hip member* uf the UulldinK t'ummitU'c im* inscribed. The Mayor read to the Ifmperor the Damn* on the tablet, tbc bißt being that of Ucurge A. Frederick, architect, liemcmbcrimt Ibo Inscription in St. run)'* that perpetuate# the fame of Sir Christopher Wren (»1 tnouumnium quarto, drrunupire), Ucn. Ustrolw nmdo a coniiircncnHlvo gesture that mum intended to direct ids Majesty's attention to the whole build ing, and bald, ‘This l» Urn urebilecl’a monument.’ j)om Pedro, however, did not comprehend tho •iguiilcuncu of tbc gesture’, and for tbc moment did nut recall tbu legend ut hi. Fttul’a} looking about UUn aa if he eztieeted to see some mngnlllcont work of art dedicated It) the memory of tbe Illustrious Mr. Frederick, lie said: * All, ah I tbe architect ha* a monument; I would like to ace bln monument.’ '('lie Mayor wu nomewhnt embarrassed it tbe failure uf the Umperurlo understand Id# metaphor ical language, mm, pointing to the dome, be said somewhat excitedly: 'Your Majesty mieimder- BUiudsnic. Ido nut tnuim & memorial atone; I menu that this building la the architect's best mon ument.' The limperor was wo wiser Hum before, and dropped thu habject by »a>ini,*: ' Ah, a him monument to tho architect: I would like to see U.' Tho eoUoouy was aUmularly suguesilvo of Mark Twain’s interview with Hie Italian guide who showed him a bu»t of Christopher Columbus.” PAUlMllhf WAMIIW, iVaUTNKU WANTKII-WITII Klii'U «*m>TU fl.uoo. 1 In an old established and well-paving hotel and dining-room. None hut parties having ttio above amount need apply, as the advertiser lias been extend- Ink Hie hiulncfc*._ Addreu T 7, Tribune oBU e. lIAItTNKU WASTt:t>-l Wlril(Ttt Ol’tiH A UUO -1 eery lu lome uoixllocation, want a {mrlm-r with fl.uHto Address F 4a, Tribune ntllce. I lAUTNhII WANTKH—Itisi- l'OdtUS TIIK AHVkU* i iCmt in ustruight U-KUtinutn liuatmas; no patent or other humbug; #I,((U ik-j mouth guaiauuied. rarllu- Ulursst 70 De.nJwnj st., liootii 1 1. 1 )AUTSKU WANTKD—IN 'im»Md-MAKiNO AN! 1 ladles lunilshlug goods, with a stuall capital. Ca at7trt_biaUJ»t. _ IJAItTN’FU WASTKII—WITH Hi.out TO f r -.(« X cash in auiaunfactnriug buslneta. ITojUsimpi cehL Machinery aud eugbie In gia>d rntmlug urdei best reforenrss. Urge trade oaUUll.Urd; need turn tab AdiUtun Att, w bo'iUt poiiiuiuu-ar CITY ftl.AI. ESTATK. (lit KAI.|.-m VkKT OS CALUMET AV.. opPO *lt«. itio’f* martde front* louth of Thirty.jhlrd-st, took at U and make aa offer. MbAU A COE, 133 Salic-*!. l/oil RAI.K—LOTS ON AHMI-ANIJ-AV. AST) TIIIII- I. ly-flfth-st.. pm south of the rolling min*. No money p.i'ilrcd of partlea who will build nt oneo. This f 4 ft ririf oiowriunlty for builder* to make money. an lha I-.c.ttlon l« very dcUuMe. MEAD* LOK, 133 LssMbost. I’OR ,‘■',l J 1 tween Winchester and Itotwyita. One of the mo*l ondrahlf lo- ntlorm for Improvement In Ihe city. Terms i'w* to panic* who will build. Will divide. If wlihed. MKAII A COK. IV. l.ftßftllis-at, Oil SALE-ELEGANT M A ROLF. HWKLL-FRONT residence aa Langley-av.. containing all modem provr-m»nt*. giu-tl *tu re*. and furnace. far below <t and real value; terms to auIU JOHN W. MAIUHI, \Va*hliig!<m-M. • ’Oil KALE-ON fret, wratof Onkley.ft*. Oku. M. HIOOINhON, j. 11l Dearborn-sl., Room 3. •OR RALE-CHOICE CKNTHAL P.CSINERB PHOP* I'rty. now buying B and in per cent net Tent on lee *,k<.d.-$3...i»M. $73,0 IIOO.MO. OKU. M. lOGINSON. No. ii 4 Dcartiorti-n., Room r,. 'UR "KALK - MUHT HAVE MONK Y - CHOICE l,c.u*e-sli.vle, fruit, and ornamental trees—ia om *•*« .front house; lot 33 or *a feet; win will 13,100 •« limn value. Call or atldnma S 3& Vernon-av, I'OR BALK-NOS, W AND 11" PARK-AV., flllUfF.* i. atory and barement marMo front*, flrvl-eliw* In every ri Mo ci. Would exchange equity for good unln* Mirnoere.l fenLeMat**- NIK ADJV_ Cf>lfi_lft3l.a“a!l^»*. SMIMCIIAN Ur,Af, ESTATE, - 'OH R AI, K— IW A CIIKS OK (HIARBrW-MILK FROM 1 Rotnewiod, on Illlhola (letitral Railroad: al* > 40 rea at uleiicoe, on Milwaukee Railroad. IRA HOWS, 144 Laßalld'M. 'ORRAL'K-Sino WILL BUY A GOOD RCHtIRnAN lot within halt an hour’* rid** of Chicago; sl3 down, id s'• monthly: cheapen lot* In market, flood tlile. ui ahowri free. Hutid nr call fur circular. IRA UOWN, |4C l.nSalle-rt.. Room I. I.'OR HALF. REST, OR KXCIIASOK-HOURKR AND 1' luU at Jlliivditle, NUn uf place*, price- and term* to Milt, l*> cent* fare. o. j.jjTOlßiir. lu;i Dearte»rn.*t. |?OITsALF^Af’wERTKItN RPUfsOR. ON KARV I' monthly payment* to «o!t, a-*tory htm»c* and »>■ footloutair***), and; near echo'd*and do|iQt: able walk*, etc., all complete, ready to move In* to; to-rent train morning and evening. T. C. HILL, 4 iJiketUlc RulMlng. I.'OU RAI.K-CTIKAP-A BEAUTIFUL AND DH- I rlrnhle aitmmer residence nt Klinhnrvt: toihhmi*e and ground* In iterfcclorder; three minutes* wslkfrom «tnl|7.n. HENRY P. IRHAM. 73 Wa»|ilngton-.t. COLKTUV HEAL ESTATE A CASH ’OR RALK—WANTED. 1. ui. nrti.i.— h a.i • n w, . ..i* ..... ’ li.r/*! acre* Rood cotton land In N*T*on*lt Countv. Arkansas; title J«Tfcrt; deed from the Btalc; tnxea paid; give name, uddreas, and price per acre. Address T 30. Tribune ottlec. _ _ ■|;OU HALE—A CHOICE FKUIT-FAUM WORTH & for *nle (or a few days only at S<i,t/n. OWNER. 3U2 West Vim Unren-st.. Chicago. ItKAlt KHTATM3 WAITED, WANTED-FOR A CUSTOMER. foMmro sinyiii »f unimproved property (to Improve). Inside ur clow to city. A. PATTERSON. Hxi WoshlngHm-st. cash-sH feet'on one of >V (lie avenue*. north of Thirty-fifth and South nf Tweiuy-thlrd-M*. V 4 1 *. Tribune office. m si.xKss ci3A.>ci:s. A BUSINESS GENTLEMAN. ‘WITH FIVF, HUN* dr«'d dollar* ca*h. can *tc[> Into a legitimate light Imalne**. that wlJj pay F.v; to fUnntntiy. This in an op portunity seldom met with. Tarty must b<- able to gRo l>f*t WJafni-M reference*. Partr can control the bu*l ni'M. Address nr.. Tribune office. A rare change-a railroad eating boose tnr rale In a thriving town In Indiana, doing n coed buidite'*; good rcn«oun given for selling. For particular* write to Lock llox ;m. laigansport. I ml. jjOtt BALK—OR - TRADK-A SMALL KOt r NDRV X and iiinclilne-thou; will trade for farm land* or city property. Addrcsa GKO. ALEXANDER. Bello Plaint-', In. 170 H SALE-SALOON FITTED 171*IN FIRST-CLAPS -I? atyle (very nwtly fixture*). located nortli of Ad nma-st., etui of LaSalle, at n great sacrifice; to a good puny time on part. Aik for F. GETCHELL, tod Futil ity., basement. i?ou sale—cheap—a well located meat r market, which ha* a dally receipt of over iM°i also horse and delivery wagon. CalUit 132 biMui*ou-tt. i>6»BALE-A FIHST-CLASSr WELL-ESTAIILISH- L ed itrocery in a c<m>l locfliloii on the Smith Side, with i caod order trade: good reason* given for tin* »ule. miulre at HU Kajt Kondolph-iL, basetnenU or HUUCot age tiro vc-av. ixm’" sali:-<)u‘ i:xciian(;k-a puunitphp X 1 manufacturing bnrlne-*, with machinery and pat ent right. Addrch* T fll, Trllmtm otUcf. FOU SALE-MANI'FAcrOHV WITH .V>-HOUSE •team-power, rleiftlng. nml pulley*. a.s»v» (eetof lioor-ourface. well lighted, within 4 tninuuv walk of Chamber of ConmH-ree. low ground rent: orforrab? with the ground, Addrtu T til. Tribune oiflce. r WANT A PAUTNEU FOU AN EftTAULISHED .L grain and comml**ton burlncw. with capital from S:i.OJUU> none hut rt-inoualblu parties need ap ply. Address V7H, Tribune olilce. _ MV HALF 1 NTKItKST IN AV,UOCKUV. NO. 1«n Uluc l*jand-ar., t'lralc. Goad chance for a man with ft few hundred dollar*. RAHK OPPOUTUN'ITYTO 111 IV A WKLL-KSTAIL- H*hrd music btulncfu. The only music atoro In a city of eleven thousand (l !,oon people with a large and rlefi country tributary; ilm-cla** stock, and buslncMi Increasing: aaMafarlory ri-iwms given for selling. Ad- Ureas dt unco MUSIC, Western New* Company, rpilK LATEST AND HEST tllT\U Olfr-filT: PKU X petual icc-Croani Freenr; State rights for ante cun la? *eeu st leu Weai i{adi*oti-*t. WANTED— TO SELL A BUSINESS IN A NEW line of goods; esiahltalicd. Sale* guaranteed f iro p«; day, ihju pet ccnt.proiu. To a good man of business talent, honesty, eto., etc, will trust him the slmlesuw agreed upon, and tnkn In per rent ol ulc»Ullall ts paid. Addres* P SI. Tribune utllce. c?nn"'tti.L"ni'v a ih’stauuant on tub hpOLfl / Roiitli Side now doing n good buslnesa; pro prietor leaving country. Address 1* 2**, Tribune office, CASH - WILL BUY HALF INTEUEST IN hDcIUU otllcc business and stock of gt.bon. clearing over Stnumunthly. uifl itandolph-st.. Jti»m 20. M'nri TO S«10 WILL sixtuk nick paying 'OGUu business. Part time given If required. L. WING i- CO.. S 7 Doarliurn-bt. Wr/J/WIt’WVS IJALFINTKHKHT IN A CASH tipUvJi' Inndnesa paying s4«>ui>uitUly. It you hava tne OMUiey. trail nt llootn M- MIhCr.EEA>EOLS. A LI. CASH PAID FOU CAST-OFF CLOTHING. J\. carpels. furniture. and miscellaneous good* of any kind by sending letter wJON.UiGBI.DEIt UM felato-su *i u. good capt-off CLOTHING AND CABPKTH /\ bought nt the highest mice by.IONAS A. DltlELs* MA, IW7 South clarit-st. Notice by mall attended to. l)j-:D-m:cjs.~cocKKOAciu:H. and moths com l> pletoly estennlunted by contract or art tele sold: In formation free. A, OAKLKY, lau Loci Washington «.. fy ALL AT MV YVOBK-BOOMS AND HAVE YOUI \j diamonds properly act. A- LAUDEUUACK, man ufacturer of diamond Jewelry, 7t> MudUon-»t., come State. Dooms 20 and 27. / MIAND OPENING OF F.ICK‘9 GBOVE. HHH TO \ I (lld West Mndlson-sl., Sunday, May 2s, KVpi. This largtvd and «m**l garden Inside the city limits will be thrown open tu the public on Sunday, tin* 2*th. w ith an appropriate concern. The most ixmiittful old shade lrei*s make this giinleu the loveliest summer resort fur families. All kludsof refreshments unhands Utwllng alley adjoining the garden; street car* pans tho garden cveryh tnlnutes._M. ,1. KICK. Proprietor. _ ATOoV>HNKIVyriruKATirANVMOUK!~wk fill All is uulee a full and lasting cure of till* disagreeable dla ease. No medicines Injurious to the lynlein are used Fur further Information, apply to Ur. J. LAN GEM AK. Hox2V. Munee. WIU County, 111. \1 T ANTK l>—TO ANY HEUAHLK PAIfTV CON >> trolling a good option trade, cither city or country, an established commliwion house olTei* a splendid ar rangement or Inulueas pualUoiu Addrcaa P 37. Tribune OflllT, WYaNTHD—MAN AND UTFM. WITHGCT CHfj VY dren. U> live In and take charge of bomwdurlr tlie summer mouths. Must be respertatile twnple wll goodrefervavixa. Adtlrsuati, UoonihU, UU waaUlngtui WANTKIS-SOMK lIKNKVOI.I-NT DOCTOH TO lend to >umth(nly‘s case, honth CUrjc-st. TT7ANTIiD—V*OMAN TO TAKE CAUIi'oV SICK VV huly. Adcfreas PIH, TYfbunc office. __ iflffrsr i*n agknts.’ptiopiraPFinvunK. will tSUI.UL/ prove (t or forfeit fVk/. New article* Just patented. Sample* sent free to all. AddrcsaW. 11. CIUUt>IEU. 2U7 Uroadway..New York. IIOIJNKIIOLD GOODS. NO BKAfiOSAIILK OFFFH UKPU9KD ON Elegant parlor aud Chamber nulls, f to #i7f>. Kxsiulne them before purchasing. U. T. M AtITIS, l.vt &tato-«t. /vm WOVE* WJKB MATTRESSES AM) PEEK* W (l>ii cabinet bed* are Hm beat In the market; oak for them. WHITTLESEY 4 PETERS. HUE. Madlaon. fivn-: vinhs yvusiTVHK (x>\ tPA.vv akr sell' i. |ng goodenlMuantUl fnndluru at eo-Mi price*, and giving lime «m the payment*. UU Went_M*(ll»oii-bI. FOH TWO OH'tIMIEK >» room* tn viehamtu tar tlpa-cla** anhurhau lot* near Urn city ut !u» mku. Add:t»* '{. a,t, Tribune olUeo. VVU. A. HETTKIISACo., . ... VV AIVTIONEEUS, lIH AND 120 WAHASIDAV. UKtll'l.AU SATURDAY SALES _ HOUSEHOLD GOODS, UIANOS, CARPETS EVERY HATHKftAV HORNING. TO CXUIIANUi; T WIM. HELL AN EQUITY WORTH SO.OO *r.\S X f..r tin- licit utlcr wiihlu tbreo dny*. Pleimi et at bird We»t Van llurcn-al. _ 'l'd ’exchange-good 'irNisciiMiiEirrD sm 1 urDjii lou fur m;ood pluuutoru. Apply at No. u: L*SuUc-*L. Unotm. fi'O ENCDASGE-f.'AOO IN TOWNSHIP HOS r PB I. luucd by one ol Dm ben couulie* of a Wertcro Mute fur dry rinnU, l">.il» »niUti‘.« N or other pcttaual properly. Aildrea JANUARY, Trlhunojaißce. t|H) EXCHANGE—CITY PROPERTY, GOOD LUCA* 1 linn, (ur limine mid lot* In Maplewood. Addrcai UWNlili, koulliwcit corner Dayton and SopbU tu. t|NJ EXC.TIANUK—KAHMb; 'VAhl’Ki »a,u«'TO 1 ;:ui,uio: want uiK>,| city or inbiirbiiii; ol»n, waul 2 extrau"‘* , l fanua for city, h, W.PKA i CO,, Um Fifth-av. It Hi iWln ACUKSOFLHOICK TK.VAS L.VSiIS, it It M'Uli huflli-d near riUlr.imU In ditlpivnl ace* llun* of tlnstall - , tuiuchanec (urkenenit mercbamUic. inacliincry, furniture, f.iriiilni: implemeiila, wlncaunA ibinura, or clear properly. Title perfect. Ahmad*, lilaU, anddeedt lube aedi at uur oltlee. Call lailwecn lo a. m. and I p. in. I). F. KI.KNKY it CO., rear ulUeu H»J Ka>i Wmihlu^iim-at. IIOOKMi / iHFAFHU THAN F.VEH-WK IIAVF. .IHST HK vj celled an iininviuu »tuck of blank hooka which we ahull retail ut half regular pt U ca: nUu a Job hit of note, Imer. u.'td tsipi-r at fabulumdy luw prlcra. Muclbme. |o ci'iiUi vvoilh 2‘» cent*. We are #Hu dally reeelv lux Utok>. and Uiarkliitf Ihem down tu price* ah aolulety bejund cuUipeltUou. tULUKUT, IbJ Wuah- Inglou-at. PAID' KOII V.FUsfEU'S DiriTONAUY; lUO ini) price*paid for good IkjuW*. t'HAPiS'S Original Old lUiuLHutc.Ul MaJl»on-»t..oppu«HuTribune Uul d'd. EUIICATIOXAI. WEST END INSTITUTE. FAMILY SCHOOL KOU young Utile*. Mr*, b. L. CADY. Principal. New liat'Vh. Cuu«. Bead twf tdttfui*/. TO UrNT-IIOCSrH. rpo‘rknt-Vor foci: month* or one year. I ti house In Minneapolis Minn., with lOptom*, well furnished. having water. gas. and nil modern con. Venlenee-*. Address I*. O. Hot 28*. Minneapolis, Minn, fro" rks*t-a“ fiust-clahh iiourf, with i« I room* and two bath-room*. lbree»u>ry and bwe tntmt. Vermont marble front, v* Won Adam«-*f.. cor* tier of I.aflln. Inquire »f CHARLES W. PARKER. 137 l.n Rsllc st.. biuenmnt. _ ■O RENT—724 *WKST COK f »UKHB-BT.. CORNER WlnrJicJUT'ftV.. two-story frama roltaec and bwr;* ■>nt of k room* and bath-room. C. W. PARKER, 137 salle-it., basement. ’O~ RENT-CHKAP-NO. P«M MICHIOAS-AV., with modern improvement*. D. tL HAMILTON, 'O RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, RVTIfK day, week, or month, with or without board. iw l*t Washlngton-H. INJ RENT—IF Voi; WANT ONK OF THE MOST I desirable (im.Mierf rooms on West Side, In private unity. uiMrc»a (j **j. Tribune ofllct?. rro RKNT-TWO 2-Sf <HIV AND*HASKMKNT MAR* I. hie front fiouiraon Vcrnon*a»., n**«r Thlrty-fotirth* at.; all molirn ImpruvcinenW. TURNER « BONDI iuj Waanlntrion-vt. rro' RKNT-IM AND I hau-mi-nt lirlck; no nt<->T placo In tbecllj’. Cali on the iTernlaaea till Monday next. P "RENT-NO. *2 7 TIURTIKTW-BT.. IIF.TWKKK ami Mlclifghtcaia. TWo*»tnry frame ouae. I*» room*, large lot. all mmlem Improvement*, no pleikaantly locat' d. Dliilng-rmmi ami kP' h'’ri on iftrlor floor. Unit low to good tenant. ritKD L. ■‘AKK * CO., hh Waxhlngl'm-at. ’O RF.NT-ON WEST 'VARIIIMiTON-ST., NI; AI! Leavitt, a new awell-fronl lion*.., m r<*om». ihml* n improvement'. $10; a nice c-rr-,m cottage on og. •n-av.. «lt. K. A. WfiAOE. »r, Washlngton-it., ixjm 2. f|*o RENT—MICHIGAN.AV.. PI.F.ARAST AND 1 well fumlMiM roonia for, genthmen In private houae nearThlrU-enthml.! good table-hoard adjululiig. Addrc* D 30, Tribune oHlce. 'O REST—ONLY S4O PKlt MONTH: NFAv 'MAR- L bte.front tiutiac. at Thlrtr*tlr*t<iu and LuUc-uv.; trycheap. K. (j. LANPHKRK cm premDe*. i'O‘RENT—AT UNION PARK, THAT VKRF UK- L »lrahlcc»*l-froot brick. 37 81. John'* place; con* iln* in room*, f umaec. all modem ronvenlcnccfi and li rat-proof. Examlno lU Rent reasonable. rT’b Riint—TM’o-bibltv flTaSik HOUSK, 11 I room*, with i«m, 470 VTe*t Jacka'in-if- one 10*vj Van liurcn-at.i U netin*. ooarly uew; rent luw. M. UKAU IViLaSallc-n. rpo 11KNT—F0RS1 SIfKD IKHIRK. a-STORV. MAR 1. bio-front, t-% room*. Wahash-av., near Twenty. f«uirtii.«t. Addresa ur apply to L). F. CRASH. 34 and 'M Van tittTeu**i. 'IU> RENT—FJVK-RUUM CUTTACK. NO. O'. TU’E.V --1 at fir, per month. Inquire within, or of JAMES W. PORTER. HI Itryan Block. OFFER Niilmrtmn, TO RF.NT—A HOl’sß WITH d HOOMS IN* FlßST class order, at Austin; jo per month. Addres* li/3 Lftke-SI.. QMeggii. to HK^r-noo.ns. MO RENT-WELL-FURNISHED ROOMS. I S7‘a week. Rellgio-Phlfo-'iphlc’al ’publishing House. StM New DrarlKjru-st.. 2 block* south I‘o*t-Office. KLKOANTLT-FUIIVISHKU FRONT 1 pnrior, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or would r<-nt to a music-teacher who ha* a piano. ict7 West Mtkdisuu-sl., neorPeurla. ri*b ulnt-at rvi'Kontn ccrtis-st.. dksira -1 )>li! furnished room*, with hut and cold water and txjth-foom adjoining. f|X> REST-NItT.LV FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH X or without Itoam, Kingsbury Block, Randolph-it,, near L'larJa. Apply at It-wm :pk . r j’o**HF.NT—d!t ; > WEST MADIS ON • ST. —CI.K AX, x airy furnished sleeping room* for Kent* or ladle*, with or wltlinul board; cur* pa** the door; veryrea*on abb- to those likely to lie permanent: quiet, wife place. ffto RENT-NICFTv FURNISHED ROOM AT IM X East Washlngton-vt. Transients taken. f IX) NORTH FRANKLIN AND X Whltlng-st*,— one floor. cunlntnlLg alt large and plcasaut room*. pantry. bath-room, closet*, ga* and water, nlcevarl, with tree*; will bo rented cheap to small, responsible family. Apply to TIIEUDURE MAR TINS, 4H North Clark-at. rro RENT—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. WITH X or without )H>»rd lo two pmilemen. Inquire at 473 Follon-iu, one block (ruin union Park. __ _____ rpo REXT—NEW AND KLKGANTLY-FURSIBHED X room*, dingle or eu suite; northeast corner Wabash ar. and Hubbard court. _ rro KENT—SPIT OF 3 LOOMS. FOR HOUSKKFRP- X Imt. with bath-room, hot water, etc. Ml Wen MadUuu-st. _______ r|H»’UIiNT-HW EAST WASIIINIiTUN-ST.-PLEAS X ant and widl-fuml*hcd room* to rc*]>oiulb}o par' Me*. TO KE.NT-STORES, OFFICES, ETC. OlflCM, r PO IIF.NT—CHEAP. AT 12d FOTTTH CLARK-PT.. 3 L large olllcca. Ibxgn. P. U. HAMILTON, Loom L IWCSATk-fl. rpO RENT—DESK LOOM AT VuPU OWN I’UIC'E; X dc*k. *afe, and chair fumlihcd. In llghteat and best located tlm-duoroihce In city, im Flfth-ar. .irisfeMaitoona, riX) RENT—AT SOUTH CHICAGO, ILL., A “HOP, X luisiu foot, two-atorlca, in-lnch concrete wall*, engine, ladler. shafting, etc.; frame More lioujc, 4'.x OM. a comfortable dwelling*, and blacksmith’* ihup. all on lot feet, oppiHltc principal depot In the cen tre of the town. U tulles HOtith of Chicago. Adran tßge* formanufftreiirlng uneqnaled by any town in the Wert Five trunk railroad* mid lake navigation. Larg est lumber market known at tho» iwlnt. Muni ground adjoining rnn Ims leased If wanted. Address 4\M. H. DILLINGHAM, Louisville, Ky., owner, ort, 11. BAR GENT. 7M Walnah-av. slixj ia-:NT~i>oi:BLtt ilvsemknt, furnished X complete: rent low to good party: corner Holjted and Madlaon-pt*.; At toenttou. COLE, NEWELL 6i MOSHER, I.ViWmMadbK)n-*u r|XJ RENT—A GOOD LARGE. LIGHT BASEMENT, X with vault. Inquire at so North Clark-si. rpo HUNT—POCK—AV'YMX) VKKT AT FOOT OF J. Carpenter and Orore-its., North llranch. Has hern occupied ten yean u a coal and wood-yard, 11. It. CLAIIKK. l.'imm 30. wt Larallc-sl. WANTED—TO KENT WANTED— TO BENT—HOUSEOF JIOOMS YY In rood orders rent not to exceed ?s:> per month. North buie preferred. Address, Immediately, T 01. Tribune office. \VASTED-TO HUNT—DESK BOOM IN ATTOIU Y> uey'a office In pood, central location. Address, with terms to-day. 1 J 7. Trihuncoffire. TYTANTKD-TO BKNT—BOAHDING-IJOUs/v OH \ \ hotel with from uu u> no rooms. centrally located, furnished or unfurnished, or floor* In building •tillable fur same. Addretu. suiting location, rout, etc.. K ui>. Trfimne office. iTrANTHH-TO HKNT-A FIILST-CLASS I/O PS B > » hi good order, unfurnished. on the North Side, for a small family: nut further north than oak or west than Clark preferred. Address Box 4l’l Grand Pacific Hotel. HOUSES AND CARRIAGES. A UCTION TCKSDAYS, THUBPDAY’S. AND J\ Saturday*—Horwts. carriage*. aud lumen a ape* daily. a: WESTON A Co.'s. No*, iwd and UH Kust Waslilnuton-ht. Ample time given to test all horsua sold under a warrantee. Slock on hand nt private sale, uotiojT sales*of hoicks. buggYks. CAB- Hoges. harness, eta. Mondays, Wednesday*. and Fridays, commencing at 10 a. tu., at WHEN & CU. 'S, UTJ and Il>l Washtngton-st. ASPLKSDIU Tt’US-OCT-SIDK-lIAU HHUCE’S top-buggy and harm*-*, and a very fast mare, six yean old, warranted sound and fearless. The whole turn-out will Ik‘ sold for what the buggy cost, sold lor no fault, only the owner 1* sick. Apply at ID Harmon court, between Michigan and I^oYt^sTiLF*—AT _ A HAKGAiN FOU WANT OF 1 uao— A line, mund work marc, weighing l.2u> pounds. torFUO. ondallalitbom-. b«*imt»liugsy.HUd lisrnewH, forfo-V Also, llireeother hones til lordly delivery wagons. Are all good worker* and will hu sold cheap. Call to dsy nt 371 West Klftoeulh-st., a block east of Dine I»lotul-av. _ _ 170KALK—TtVO «Ot»D FAMILY Oil HCaIKESS V norm*, hand? yean old: eolor, sorrel and hlsek; weight. l.lfai; will be sold n-oaunalue, hut for no fault: owner ha« mi ug for them. Apply at the drug-store No. f'-J VVabaih-av. _ IJOlf KAI.E—DNE LIGHT PKLIVKUY WAG OX A* nIN) one now top boggy, Tery clicup. at 201 south Canal-st. l‘x>H SALK—SKVKUAL BKCoNIMIAND IH'GtIIKS 1 of my own make; also some road and family bug fries, new. V.. C. ItAYDK. ■ueceasor to Ilayde 4s O ’HHetu 731 aml7»3 btate-.*, . FHST-CLARS PASTCUING t'OU HUIISKS AT MY farm. H miles fnun cltyi lake out them free. A fore-G. H. EASTON. Duarflcld.JU. IJASsTDKK—TUB ILAiTCitK IS THECOUN- I try lor luirm a. running ftream* and plenty of »ha«le tree*, within i miles of the Court-House, inquire at t**2 North-av. \irANTi:i)-A nbusK fou light dhiving. » lor lu kiwhlng. by a perfectly responsible party. Address H 2. Ttllumu olflce. \\TAVTKI»-T<) IUfvVIIoU.SK. HAKNESS, AM) l V lltflit delivery wagon. cm monthly payment*, or will take a il* <m hlto; tuu*t bo cheap. A. MONTLATH. Uht lUUlviWl. __ . _ ■\\rASTFO-dooi) ifo'usF. AND KXTT.ESb-WAH* \> «»n—l’m ir:ul« tn mill work and wluduw-»cr«;en», balance ca*h. A'HJhhi-ajn \irANTED JIOUhH. HARNESS AND WAUOS, VV tlmlhir lo *ewluiMiineMm* wagon*: murt b« Unlit, cheap. tnd good. __A|'|'ly_U) 24d Laku-it. <• liniiSKSFOUSAI.i:. AND A OUOD HID MULE 18 O bond* Itliftt will Ui ►.la cheap; one (nr *to; and a well broke aheplu'nljhmr. (-'nl£»i^j>_^e«t_M^ljwiiwjit. I.OST AM) I ODND, T OST-A DIAMOND hHIUT'STTD, FRONT OF li druk-rtori', rorncr Carpenter and Randolph-*!*. A reward ut Iju MU bo given It rvturtmd to tu North Cur* Il*-it. I oVr-V ulVe t ow. marked il n. ok hku Ij right hip. Howard will W tflvun lot her return tu M Wen DU Ulmi-at. I'uST-ON O lt NEAR COTTAGE GROVEAV., j May 21, between Thlrty*fuurth*at. ud meael* boulevard, a gold locket, with auiethy»t «u( to oblong Mar. Thu Under will be liberally rewarded by deliver* Inn (he »»mc to U. I*. LAYTON, o Woodland Hark. Valuable at a keepnke. 1 OSTEON WHIiNKHDAY. AN KNDUSU bUKP* lj herd dux. aiHiiti 1 year uli), named Jilnk- Diack hack ttiuHicn l. four white none, while rliiK un.uml neck, and while uu Until tall. Aaululdere* ward will be raid fur him. H. M. HAIITON. kjti Kin* ilo-rt.. near ninte. or Woudlawn-av., corner Furly* aevunth'it.. Kuiiwood. V Unf—TDL'USDAV. MAY 2A A HUoWS SPANIEL li iloit; anawera tothe name ot .lack. The rtuiler will be liberally rewarded by retnruletf Oio aamutod. U. VAN imUN. lad South ctark-al.. hiucincut. _ 1 iHEHAirittWAHirAxirwo QUESTIONS. VOU Ij return u> U 4 Uoarlwru-it., H»oiu im of "HUhou Cidemoun .tn«bua.“ bmt w\ FnA ■tM'.b e ,>i\ 'JUh lr.«t ■ hi.wixu I?LKHAN'r'hEWISH*MACHINES »'F ALL POPII* Ij lar niakea, at lc«a Ilian one-half regular rule*, warranted lbrvo>eai»; huve all latcai Imprutemeiitk luck-murker, rnuh-r, und all aitachnirnta. with each uuthlno. THUS. kiVNC.KU ‘ OFFICE OV X" j. MtI.CUI.UT, O We»l Madlauii-ii. M jcbtnea aold on niuntlily pay* uionu. rented, and eicbanged. tllj_bji._iu. 1 JFdlSONAL—lilt." ALOS/.»> HATOH, THXf7mVl\ t will vltwMi *eud addrew to dr-g aturu V> >Ye»lV*o Uunu-it. I>EKbONAL MKKT MK SATUUDAV X eie, 5 w'elvek, eutrautc i'altuer Uouic. UAUIU. WANTED—TOAIjE IIEIP. ltookl(ccprr«, <'|prh«i* «tc» WA??TE<»-f>Krro ANfl PRESCRIPTION CLERK »* wltli srtmij irfcrrfjcft. Hn:i. Trlimnc ciricc. W‘ ANTKD-A NOf i BALKBMAS i?TfHR RETAIL nlMhintt tuiDlncM. wltb pvxl recommendation*. ApDlr at 17 fioutb Clark'tt. Call tctwccn u» and 11 o'clock. \\rASTf.i» man to tksh to hta »» tf'im-ry «ror»; on" ftrqimlnlt't with Iho anilctmvwmi 'villi o<“.nu«\ t>u at 47 *VcM r.nn't<iijiii-M., ii[i-niMri>. ftflcr? WASTKH— A STKAHV - AND iSBI.IAnLR PUB* •crli>ilun 'lrmt i;i<rfc. Apply tht> fcfurnooa at NO. tf)X W. -t v Trruloa* TtfANTED—A nt'aT-CT.AP* WOOD TURNER. » Apply atulllroi.f aWAN, OLAKK&CO., Itoboy •t., near (Rue Dlfimt-av. WANTKD-lIfIOKIHSDMtH. THREE LETTER* pressf'jr«*rrliT»amiouu llnlsher, at A. .1. COXA co.’S, Clark and Adnm«*M».. Lakeside Building. \\rAS7KU-rint7 rA.A** baintbiw and gal* »? clmlnm. Cull at Mudl»on-*U, nt 7 a. in. Ibis mornlng.ready fur work. Bail for ftIMONDS. WANTED-A FEW OOfMi l UI F. A D~A N D CBACKEU btken. Apply to C. L. WOODMAN * CO. UW Cltrlc-st. WASTED-MACHINISTS. WOnD*TUUNEIWC AND >» blacksmith*. Apply at Jjflmds &(.*•! and Tool Company'* Work*. Maplewood. Cook County, 111. \\rANTAD-FIItST.CI.ASS STEAM Llf MClfiUAril* » r fc pressman: must understando.lor work perfeelly. Apply to.IOJIN McKHTHICK A Co., st. Lonla, Mo. \ITANTKD—A BARBER. AT 430 STATE-ST., COR *V pcrl'oik. WANTED - CAmIIAOE-TRIMMEIi, AT 32* Franklin**!, WASTED- A GOOD liUND-MAKI.K; ALhO A few good men uu Uuura; also carpenter*, at 33 Olilo*»U WANTED—A HOOD !lOltfiE*fiHOßll AND BLACK >V smith to go Into the country. Call at Merchant's Exchange. TJ Month Watrr-U. Employment Affnnclcs. WANTKD-SAW-MILL HANDS FOR CANADA: last opportunity: Pay la gold; free fare: 50 for railroad*. fi. A. AN(iELL.*oothwe»t corner Lake and Markct-sts. W r ANTED—TO LEAVE THIS MOUN|S(j, r» 11AIL road lifK)rer*; free fare* sl*<i saw-mill and farm hand*. A. u. lIINO & CO.. 17 North Clark-*t. WASTED-JVi I.AIIOREHS FOR IOWA; K»i FOR >v Illinois Central 11. It.; ouarry and farm bands; free tare: hi 21 Wrjrt ItAtidulpti-st. J. 11. tiI'EUUECK. «k CO.. sun esaoni to Snell <fc Spurticck. iriiNrcllnticoiiN, WfANTED-ASV Ht’MAN REINO WITH DRAINS »> c«n make ?.>*<* month •••King our leticr-rupylng !>ook. Any one that Im* a letter to write will buy It. No pres* or water ua.-l. s* nd fur circular. KxccUlor Company, id Tritium; lluiidlng, \XT ANTED- (:A NVA- «E I! S TO SELL NOVELTIES, » » chromu*. photograph*.»ter«'OK‘opic rletm.needle*, aewlng marhlne attr.'.Lmvnt*. ewiw. etc.; the largest stuck of th** kind In America and the lowest price*. M. LIM.VGION. 4". aud ir .Boks-m-t, Chicago. \\ r ANTED-AGF.NTS FOR CENTENNIAL DADO * > cUm» itn<i ulßhlt. N-nd lo rent* for sample to W. .1. BETTIS* CO.. maDtifurttiriTHiif jewelry. I*, o. Box443iTorldence, R. I.; ‘jujpercentprullttuscent*. WtNTED-A 'GOOD. STEADY YOUNG - * MAN; good chance and millal-V salary otTm-d, to assist (n photograph cillery. I'd Wen Madison-it. M..X) TO \\TANTEI>—MEN*TO FELL I’ERFUME. SHELL*, IT photograph*. rhrom»a. and n«-w srtPdr*. Ameri can Novelty Company, 113 East Madi»uii-it.. Uo'iin IP. WANTED-A ROT FOR GENERAL WORK AT 371> MadUoo-st. _ W v ANTKD~ANV LIVE YOUNG MAN WHO means lm»lnc«i. and positively ha* faw cash. to manage our branch business In Louisville. Room Ki Exchanges Building. corner Washington and Clark-sts. WINTER— MAN WITH FEW HUNDRED DOL~ hr*. Mistral salary and security for money. Ap ply to clerk Adam* Honin'. Harrison and Clark-sts. AVTASTED—fIo I•EU' Is a v-uV'K~ME?Tto CAN > T v(u* ami sell to the grocery trade In every statu In the United State*. anew Inrentlnn. Exclusive Wrtl* forTglved. Sample* by mad an cent*. Call or address 75 (Cut Madlson-st., Chicago. Ilcom 54. Take elevator. TT T ANTED-MEN: WE WANT TO «IVES.**V>TR! AL i! packages, worth ft each, tor.,Miimcn wln> wlnli to engage permanently In the be«t raying business In the Untied Status. We guaranb-e live men f7«> jutweek during tip* year. Address HAY A CO,, Chbago. 111. WASTKD-PE.HALE UELI*. l>om«y»tic*. WANTED-MRS. BAKER’S RELIABLE FAMILY TV ernplnyment oli'.-es! trlrl* nf all nations furnlMicd to city and country. 410 Wabnah-ar. and UrANTKI'-A GOOD GERMAN oiHL WHO L’.V dri-itAnd* how to rook. wa*h. andiron. sir»Thlr ty-aucotid-»U, between Wahaali and Mlchltran-ava. \\rANTED—A ~GIRL tVi'Do'oENERAL'hoUSK i > work In a mall family, flood waßea to a Bond •mart p*;r».in. Apply In M*a Y\TANST.IV-A <>IUI, Tt)"i)U GENERAL BOUSE- Vv work In a small family. Apply at 1270 Imllana-ar. No Irlifi. VI'ANTED—HERMAN OR SCANDINAVIAN GIRL vv for klteJjen w»rk, a rook, washer and Ironcr. References rvijulrcd. u<>6 West JueWm-st. GIRL. TO COOK, it wash, ami Iron for small private family, Ger man or Norwegian ptvlercd. j& uouore-iv. WTASTKD—A till’.L; MUST UNDERSTAND RES >V unrant kitchen w>rk. 2jf»Fta«*-rt. \\TANTEI»-X(ro"6lTtC)oli7 \VASHEI tANI) IKONS; i > must com" well recutmnunded: German, Swede, or Norwcklan preferred._Apply at 7W Mlchlean-av. ■\\TASTED—A GIRL. FOR OKr*EUAL ROUSE » > work In n small family: one (hat can Rive best of reference* only need apply, sot Fulton-it. ■fITANTKIi—A YOUNG GIRL FOR GENERAL *\ housework. Apply fttty»| West Madls.iu-H. COMPETENT WOMAN. Tcf'TAKE »» entire charge of the cooklug and dining-room work fora family on the West Side. Call uu or address B. us and VA» W at)a*h-nv. Wantf.d-a cunt fou gf.nkral house >> work. Apply tu i7d We*t Mndl*on-i»t. TVANTED-A Glut TO COOK, TYASII, AND i» Iron, asii Worreu-nv. VIfANTED—A GIRL FOU GENERAL HOUSE »¥ work; pood home for a pood girl. Apply at an Weal Congress-ai. WASTED— A FIRST-CLASS GIRL FOR KITCHEN and dlhlmr-runin work; German. Norwegian. or Swede preferred; one that can come well recommended ran have n permanent home and good wages. m La .Sr.lJc-#:., Rooms. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. WASHER. AND Ironer; must have pond reference*. tr« 7 ltn*h-»;. ■\\t:\NTlUT- A GOOD" ooK. Wii'KITTsD * I 1 rotier; also a eocuDd plrl to take care of children and do chaml«r wort. Apply at saj North Desrhom-»t. WASTEIV— TWO GIRLS AT THE WEST SIDE llakery and C<dfe«-Uuuw, 05 We*t MatUauo-at-, a cook ami kltcnen plrl. ■\VASTED-A GERMAN. SWEDE. OU NOIlWIs » f plan plrl to do general housework In a imull pri vate family. Apply at No. ttt7 Indtona-it.. North Side. Milliner*- TTfANTED—A FIRST-CLASS MILLINER. APPLY \\ at P-J Wg-il Twclfth-at. T\rANTEI>-Ft>UU HAT TRIM \> merr; apply at oopp. STARK BROTHERS, dry good*. yit. yiti, and 31* UVac IndUna-K. WANTED MILLINERS - TWO FIRST-CLASS trlninnn at MUA. a. J. DEVOV'S, lOf Wat Madlruu-rt. WAN 7 TED-.V MILLINER AT J. WALL’S, WO SUlu-it. Sc(iiu«trc«Nt>M. WANTED—HANDS ON LADIES’ UNDERWEAR. » and to take their pay In ttfut-rlae* sewing ma china. IRA D. OWEN * C0.,-JIU ti*t Mndlr..ti-*L 11/ANTKD-SKVEUAL HANDS TO MAKE SKELK >¥ ton coau. Apply at PM and -Mil E<i*l Madl»on-«t. "WTANTEIy—COMPETEVT WAIST TRIMMERS IN *V «tlrat-ela*« dreamaklng catvhlUhmeut; *J*y ap prentice* who can sow. 13 llamicm-eoiirt. IVurao*. TTfANTED-NURSE GIRL OUALIFIED TO TAKE IV ehurvn of a child one month old. Apply Inuucdt au ly to Du. ROUKUS. avi state-tv. Ln u ml revie«i WTANTED—EXPERIENCED HliniT-IRONERS AT » » itunger’a Uuudry, uki and aw Waluuh-av. \\fANTED-TO-DAY,“AT S3U MICHIOAN-AV., A >V nrat-elaai laundry woman that thoroughly umier mandt polUhhig shirt*. H&lHC4)llattcoun« TirANTrD—A LADY TO ASSIST TN A PHOTO >> graph atudlot oua who baa Inal experience and understands retouching. 75 MadUou-st., corner Statu. \\7ANTED-A Y011K(J LADY I rpTiThrUOSSESSINn » appearance U> dll a i«ntmnent situation; salary Rood 1.1 one who aulu. Addrcaa HVk Trßiune mllce. VOIt IPOU SALE—NEWFOUNDLAND IKUI IMTP, THREE mouth* old, full blood. Cull at AM \\\<t Jui k«uii-iL i?OU SALK—SAKK, lUEDOLI* A KIKN/.Lirs, ONLY 1? 9ti; cu*i fllO. tSAIAb WARDEN, hu Duar horn-tt. IJOU HAI.K-3 mi.Ll.vm* TAUI.ES, HALLS. CUES, 1 etc. M. O’HYUSK. !-'Kul "poll SALK—FINK DURHAM MILCII'cOW. CAN UK 1? wen at ttabUMutek of mo llimm-m., currier U«ua L 1?« U SALE— UHEAI’—TENrs,~CAMI* EOUIFAOkT tlru-amu. tuUlUrr ktoroa aad cloUiing, old and nuw, regulation rutUr and woolen blankets, ilagt, wddlea, harness. etc. Government Good* Dr jot, rumored to ttl Randolphst. IX>« "SALE-CHEAP, a RKAUTIFUL FAMILY will curry a dnten pernmi or more. cuv erv'd deck, imulemly built, fu*t, trimmed lu a«b and walnut, new, nr*t-ciaxi In every nspecC Apply at •tore No. Ht Randolph-vC ni'NIUAI.. l-M-KIiAST Vh• WTAVK. AGRAFFE, UIANo- I j inrte. with all laical Iniproii iiicnt*. only #.UM Warranted forjlvc year*. K._l. MAKIIN, IM/uu-n. VLK«‘ANf“si:'V'’riAMlS i»v lIAUDMAN. 1110-S I j A- IMwllug A Co . Cable A Sods lUtuc* Urulbcra, F. C. Lfghtc—price* (17% U. fa.V., ___ Jfcjr. MARTIN, IM Slafe-lt. / Vl-liANS-CAhIN’ET AND FARUIR-DY X. 17 >| ung. fllakc organ Co., Maom A llumlln, Taylor A Farky, BmlUi Organ Co. W-i u» *>->• U. T. MAUVIS. JHSjale at. S"m»N!)-n.vsr>"nAMis iTi, «uu. iu ; ii Sian. 917 b, 9AJU, all In perfect order. I.’. T. iI.MIMN, iMSUIC it. .\tIVMN WAMTLU. t lIi'NTS WANTEIV—IK COUNTRY TOWNS TO j\ tell iuj>le go<<<h «r m< rcba«(a Call at if North CUrk-»t- The UlcbarU Packtnu Cumpuny. _ Mr A NTKiy—AOKNTSFOJIA MAMNIKU-'KNT WORK of hub Olmrucur. New, ngvel. and attructUe. It brluif* Urge return* at oucu. A. C- m)WE. Superk or-»t, Cleveland. Ohio. iKNTiiumox. OKETCIUNO FROM NATURE T.U'OUT IN ONE O Icmoii !>>r fra (not lucluaimt ibadiug). Fuidu taught oily ui their tuldcncca. AdurcM c. ELVKENA, Foiimtlce. MAMICVKICV. S\I.E-o’SE HYURAULIU FRESsJ, CIUCU I’ L»r uiw iullla and lioa working macblocry, ¥. W. KilAUbKp 7i WuM IYu«UUjgluu-»V' SITUATIONS WAJVTED—fIIAI/E* ■lookk«<'p«r», Clerk** etc* CmTATIOJI WANTF.P - A 8 BOOT AKD BTTOH O KlcunAiu wholes* or rpuutjno objection to Rotn» to country town; nm-rUw yefertae* m to abuity.* Addrau V Iff, Trtbtxno ofllce. '^^ATJON7 W AMT^ : •'' cmtuatjon WAMTnn-ny a rnonauon and O experienced ncroonnujt, of middle urn (American), MliookKetpororwhler in t ianw burtne**. fUlnrn Hfffhe« reference*. ArfdrcM lIRKDT |NO» whU North hide ron-Odlee. tim’ATIDN* WANTED-DT A YOUSO MAN OP p aeteral years experience Ina New England bank. Unquestionable Boston and city references givea. Ad* drew W BS Tribune office. Tntdea* CTTTIATION WANTED—BT A TOTTNOMAN. COW* » j fcctloncr and ptMry-eook. tn a restaurant or hotel. In or out of city; rood reference*. Address vf 78, Tribune office. UITDATIO'N WANTED—BY A TOITNO MAN IN A O flrst-cla*» tailor house to do bushedng or aaslitln niltlnir. I* a flr*t*rlasa coal maker; h*s 13 year*'ex* terlencd-flre year* la this country. Address i 87, 1 Tribune ofllce. i SITUATION WANTED—HT A PIUST-CLASS FUR* nUtitu-flnUhor: thoroughly understand* the Iniil* he**. Ron of reference glrcn. Address I*. M,, Box cw. Rockford, Illinois. i HXinccllancotiWi QITUATION WANTED—TO HARDWOOD LDM*' t j bermen—l would Ilka to engage my services to buy on commission nr work for (food salury, to go oat lit thccoontryiohuyand attend to tbe inipcctlng. etc. Haro been working in It ten years and under* •land It fully In all |ta brandies. Alto, would bo willing to laaUtfn yard if no employment out la tbo country itesdy. Am well acqunlnlcdTn the city. Also have knowledge or lH*»kkecptn*. Can fumlih tho Lest of references ff rtejired. Address of call at lul WcstM*dJ*on-st. K. A. TUASK. eiTUATIOSS WASTED—UY TWO YOUNO MEN O as waiters in hotel or restaurant: tmderiiaml tbo bu*!ncM and bare references. Address Z 53, Trlbuno ft Hire. NITUATIQXS WAMED-PESIAI*E* ‘ Domcsitcs, QITUATION WANTED—TO COOK, WASH, AND O Iron In a prlyato family. Apply at l ind t*nurte*ay. CITCATIOS WANTED—AS SECOND OUJL.OU TO 0 do general housework. Apply at 3i»tPonib Park-av. qituatTon wanted-by A ID>VkCTABLH 1 j girl, to do *eeond work nr to do housework la a »mall family. Address 1347 Wcntworth-av. CITCATION \VANTED^aVTaMKRICAN IMIOTEST tj ant plrl w],)j>-* to jo wcond work, and <*afO fop young rliildren: I* experience!, patient, and honest; bos tlie In*irt nf rj|y refrri'nce*. Call /of two days at her funner employer *. 13U Imllana-ay. CITHATION WASTKD-HV a FIRST'CLASS cook O In aptlrate family; n r > washing or Ironing. Beit ofclty rerefence* given. Inquire at 117Ka*tTwelfth*«t SITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO ENGLISH O girl*, •Isttri. In a nice prlvalA family. Good rec ommcnd from lm employer. pnuth side preferred. J’lcuerM at tHJTwe.nty-*ur.ond-st. Nurse*. SITUATION WANTF.D-AS NURSE. BY AN RX« tj jn-rleneed English Ctrl; good needlewoman. Na nh/ecflon to travel. Flnt-cloa* city reference. Ad dress S 11. Tribune ofilrc. IlouNcUcupcrn. SITUATION WANTED—BY A THOROUGHLY vy competent person os working housekeeper. No ob jection* tu the country. Good references Addreuz 21. Tribune olflcc. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSKKKF.I’ER BY A n widow Indy, object, good home aud Rood wage*. Inquire at 2.Vh Calutoct-av, Employtuoiil Agencies*. SITUATION'S WASTER—KAMILIF.S IN WANT OP o good Scandinavian and German fenialo help can b« supullcd at Mr*. HL'sKE'Somco, MOMllwaukee-av. cituation'wastkd-ladies IN WANT OP O first-class female help of all nationalities can I*J suited on abort notice. Mr*. LAVURiK, brtt West Mad- Ison - st. m*ccllaneouH» SITUATION WANTED—BA' A LADY TO ATTEND ij reception room in a photograph gallery. I’ 4-t, Trllninu offleu. FI.NAMCBAL, t HALF INTEREST IN A WHOLESALE BUST .‘V to I ** in mis city: of ulitht years'KUndliiß. inm ho purcha*ed. Mma* capital wanted to extend trade thu nm»ou fur inaklnß the ctningi-. No one need answer tht« unle*s lie mean* liuMncss, and ran command front to ifiSLUo. Open to Investltrsilon. nnd the very best of reference* Riven. Address yot*. Trihuno olllcv. Advances made on watches, .ikwklkv, tllariornls. revolver*. t»pcm>i;law». cfe.. etc., at (tOLDsMIU'd Loan aud Ualllon Oillcc. IH East iladJ *un-ft. tlasb paid fur old Rold and Mirer. Rold duet, silver bars, nrecdou* Ftotie*. and valuable* of every de scription. Uiirualeemetl pledges for aale. ITUCATIONS WANTED IN SUMS OF SlO.txK) Uti'MKW, on fli-st-clas* Improved city property, atHaaduperccbL VT. K. FuUNEsS, twl I’urtlaud Block. AMOUNTS, f !,•»»» OR MORE, ON IMPROVED I Vv. real unate lu ChleaßO, or un UllnoU farm*. 11.1*., \DVANCkS MAlilV OS DI AMONDS, WATCHES, [•onds, etc.,at LAUNDERS’ private ulQce, rjn Ran dulph-st., near Clark. Room* Sand (l. Established ISM. DjvORCKS LEGALLY AND QU IK T LYol if AINE D for IncoiupatlUlllty. etc.: rutideiieu uur perional presence not necessary; affidavit.* siijlhrlent proof i fe* afierdecreo. G. U. bIMS. 57 Ashland Block, Clili flcu. I,MGUTT«)~FEU (:HNT~MONEV - fo'LOA>r(»N nt“ lj pn>ec<l an<i unimproved property. JOHN O. long, tj \va*utouton-»t, I WILL FAY CASH FOR A FEW CLAIMS against city National Bank. Address 1* H. Trllumn. L”OAN&— ON COLLATERALS. REAL ESTATE. OR other i»i-eurttle«. LIVINGbTUN & CO., Room la, 13! nnd Ufh LsSallc-tt. MONETI' TO LOAN, h AND n FEU CENT. IN SUMS to suit. tlrst-ela*i largo sum*. 74 per Rent uu real eitale, E. C. COLE * CO., 144 UearlKmi-it. Money to loan in sums of ».vmo and Up ward*, upva Improved ettr property, « per cent; principal* only need apply. LVSIAN ft JACKSON, 33 Portland IMock. Money to loav-on real-estate in cm cairo and vicinity; improved preferred; fund* la hand. MEAD ft cu£ Is:. LaSrUlc-st. 'PO MANUFACTURERS. MERCHANTS. ANIJ L other*—lf you need money for n short time on tur* plm Mock, you cau make very advantageous arrange* menu for the funds with THUS. A. HILL. lU3 Dear* boru-it. 'I'D LOAN—BJ, OCO AND fs,uo ON GOOD fiKCUUI -1 ty, aor r> year*, at current rntea. JACOD C. MA/ (ilLL._77_Clark-»t. 'ro"loan-money in any amount, at low L rate. Will alio make building and form loans. W. E. WEIIU. lui UearlKJtn-ttt. \\rANTED-St.(«JO Ffll THREE YEARS; to PEII »> c«tit* and aW eotiiluUsluiu. Address V ‘JO, Trib une oitlee. \\rANTED—f;iwi fiut. 81,tax'—ANY PHI » ? vate person* owning there sum* Inot broker*) who are willing to loan on ample Oral mortgage real estate •♦■purity. at DJ imt cent, can do »o ny applying to TKUKhDELL ft UUOW.V, I'W Flfth-ov. Vi'r ANTEI)-f is.«xi OS FARM PROPERTY. PUB >V fer to deal with principal* only. Address N GJ, Trltnine. 8 AND l» PER CENT—MONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS of f-t.i'onnd upward* on Cook County property. R._W. JIV.MAN, Ju., ft CO.. lU*om L> i'ER CENT 'MONEY TO "LOAN IS SUMS'*OP O f\nx>Hnd over; fund* on hand; low commission* TUliSEl i ft IKi.SD, lUU WaaUlngton-ti. »tou st.txo, To Loan on Chicago x3*»IUU» or llyde Park property. TURNER ft 1)0ND, J"2 Waahluirton-at; w-o .Tnn l O I.OAS IN SUMS TO SUIT ON REAL OO.tJUvl Mtat« In Chlcncn or C>n>k County. UUTCIIINSON ft LUFF. 2uTnbune UullOlnK. HAfi AND'OTHER 6UMB~'to' SUIT. TO xpif-x/vM-f loan on city property, at current ntea. TURNER ft POND, imwaxhlngtun-u. UOAltniKr. AND LODGINCm South Side, TOVAN nUREK-ST., NEAR STATE—HOARD fur ladlaur gentlemen siiusspcr week, with use of piano. _ m FRANKLIN-ST. RETWEEN iIAJ)!SON AND Wa«hlnk'toQ—Nicely furnUhcd rouma ami \xiard, p<* week; day board, $0.50; beat and clieapcsthoin«Q la ibe city. 00™* MICHIGAN-AV.—PARTIES WISHING ONE AUt/ or two plraaant fnmlthed rooms, with board, can Ist aeoumiuudalcd at kwderuta rate*; references reqnlrwl. QAA SOUTH ST ATE- HT. —PLEASANT ROOMS Out/ cu mlU'.alngk or double, with board; oiwhtdy wanted; pricea low. Oil MICHIGAN-AV.. FRONTING PARK AND «*IL lake— Furnished ruumt, Iwllc* or Ki-ntlutnen. puy-ltoard at rvitaonable price* for a nice home. Went Hide. npnrr/t firiELooK-sr.-FUTrnaF Ffms'ipn* i d room*. with or without board, for guuticuiaa Alia wife; prices low. M‘i SOUTH VP.ORV A -ST ■ -Ml'I*.LY FURNISHED *>o room*, wlih good board, from $i.5U u> fro per week. OfiQ WEST LAKE-ST-—COMFOUTAULE ROOMS tad board ni fo per week; without Uiard ouly #3 per week. JOHN DAVIS, proprietor. Auriti Side* 917 KA*T INIHANA-ST.-NKW FimKISIIFR *jLI loouja, with boardi betuccu Dearborn jukl Ctark-it*. Country MISS ANNA KFTtU TAKES PLEASURE IN IN* fonniuirber friend* ami (be public that aba boa liken the Mutrnuui llou*e. North Point, Milwaukee* Ibu bealtblckt and man dudrablamniDiirreport lit lha Northwest, and that Miu Inn ui*ued it a*a drsl*cla«d family bund, Hut largo experience enable* her to **• gure all win* p.itruiil/.e her that they will bo made per* fueily comfortable at rvoxouable price*. 1 VIH'MSTO KENT AT RIVERSIDE. WJTUIItiAUU. IV for the rummer; hot and cold water, go*, ana alt the comfort* of ibo city, a* well a* the {>lea*uro of be ing in tin- country, »■ price* lo *uU the time*. Addrooa Dux US Rumble. 111. UUAUD WASTED, DOAUIJ—irNFFHNIsIIKI* ROOM AND i) ..if, wife, amttwokiiull children; private family preferred. Addtts»uuJ, Tribune utfiev, ataUng loc** lUm. price, etc. l)OAm*-A IJLSI'EiTAULE YOUNG GENTLEMAN I) (wliMwrri tledrt* u home wtlb a widow lady. Would alU'nd to in irki ling, or manage any uuudde af< fair*. If do*lred. Udereueco. Addreoa U W, Trlbuaa ottlce. mvouciiN. In eiery stale of tbo UnLm fortncoinpallblUl/, «W, Kt'oldeucc untieci'Mary. Fee after decree. Twelvt year»‘eii’«h«incu. Adareul’.O. lloxloaj.Cblcauo. lUj DIVOUCKS OUIKTL.Y UU'fAINiCD FOR p.MlblHiy, etc.: legal everyw here; auldavlu, aultV ilent pi»if r««l<teucMuiui9icrl»l; |«« afujr dacrcc. 1C b- MAUVVK. llooin 5. wa Wa*ldag|ou tt.. Cblcogu. UL biUIIAVLi o'fouXiiE'uN EAST wiVmVoTUK-sr.-A O tvulcutvlauu. Advance*on it loVfvaHaW*. TJJOS. A. HILL, RWHcarpora-aC CTOUAUE-FI'USITL'UE, BUOOi'eiJ. AKD MKR* Cl cb*ud!«c noted Su fire proof watebuitw, 190 Wet* Mouriwit. LovtH chargfrA IfiuutyadyaaMdoa ««f Krmi. 3 | (

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