Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 27, 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 27, 1876 Page 12
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12 FINANCE AND TRADE. Tlio Dullest Days of the Year in Financial Circles. Now York Exchange at a Pre mium—The Clearings $3,000,000.. The Produce Markets Unsettled —Provisions Quiet and Weak. Grain Tondinp Downwards-*-An Important Decline In Ont» and Corn* iriSTANCIAIi. Holhtng new was developed In the loan market. There were notmllcalions that the usual movement at thin season of currency to the country hod he* Run*, the shipment of prodneo and provision" to the eeahonrd must bo light, as new York exchange continues to ho ot n premium. Applications for discount ore confined almost entirely to the regular customer" of the banks, and their want" arc not largo. The general report of the hank" Is that pay ment" both on city and country account arc prompt ly made. There Is an abundance of loanable fund" and but few opportunities for Its employment. Hates of discount at the banks were B®loper cent to regular costumers. The few independent borrowers who appear obtain concessions on those rate". , OD|tho street, paper Is In light supply. Rates are B©JR per cent. New York exchange was sold at 25®50c per Si ,000 premium between banks. There were but few orders from the country for tnrrcncy. The clearings wore $3,000,000. TUB COJfSTOCK MINBS. The Gold iVor* of the 18th Inst. Bays that flood reports come from the bonanza prospects nf both mines. They aro showing well. These bodies of ore being developed In the deepest ex plorations along the line of the Comstock are of the most significant importance, and their present appearance amt Increasing good character as further depth is attained gives the most encouraging promise of much more Im portant developments in the levels to bo opened below. The San Francisco jMlrtln of the 30th Inst, gives the shipments from the mines for the fiscal month up to the 17lh Inst, us SO.'IO.OGC. With regard to (ho mining market, the JJulUlin says: “Thera was « very weak lone to llio mining shore market to-day, much to the dis appointment of those who aro striving for a rise. The truth is, tho public are not buying stocks on anything liko the same basis as they did a few months ago. The sales at tho regular Hoard for the past week wero only $3*500,000, and much of tills was for account of brokers, who are trying to meet expenses. Compared with the rates yester day, thcro was a general shading In values, though not to any considerable extent, tho variations being from $1 to £3 per share for moat description* called.” WATERING STOCK IN PENNSYLVANIA. Tho panic of 1K7.'1 put n stop In most coses to the pernicious practice of watering corporate stock and running up Indebtedness, but not so in Penn sylvania. A recent report of tho Auditor of (hat Plato gives some startling evidence of (Ids. It will be understood that tho report includes the total capitals, debts, mileage, etc., of all roads reaching within (he State's boundaries, so (hat the Krle and tho Lake Shore Jb Michigan Southern Companies, of whoso roads only a very small jHirticm Ho within Pennsylvania, go toward swelling tho total of 8,574 miles of road covered by the report. The changes of 1875 from the preceding year show no increase of ntock capitals of $15.(171,572 on an aggregate of $400,534,03.'!, and an increase of $02,730,752 on an aggregate of $030,053,27(1 of total liabilities. The cost of tho works, etc., during the year in creased $0,588,507 on on aggregate of $744,701, • 837. Thus the total capitals were increased £02,730.753, of which $0,558,567 are set down to construction and equipment, and $50,148,185 to other purposes. MINING STOCK HOARD AT NEW YORK. Arrangements aro being made at New York for thu organization of a new Mining Stock Board, at which tho prominent Bon Francisco and other mining stocks will bu called. SILVER. Silver continue* to declino in London, and the lowest price ever known (fi2d per ounce) baa been readied. Till* make* the silver tokens now coming out of the Treasury worth HUH cents to tho dollar, and the proposed dollar of 412 H-JO grains worth BH cents gold. The value In gold of a United Slates note (legal tender) for one dollar ranged during the wed; between HH!4 dud BO cents. Con gress has done nothing daring Ibo week to increane the issue of silver tokens, which are coming out of the Sub-Treasury here at the rate of SOO,OOO to • $70,000 per day. Tbe sliver halve* are taken at 2 to 2‘,J per cent premium by bullion-dealers to send to California, whore they can be used at 05 to 00 gold; they arc insued from the Treasury here ut less than 80 gold. The premium on other small change ranges from Vi to V/i per cent.— Nation, May 25. HOW TUB SI'ECI’LATORS SHIP SILVER FROM NEW TOUK TO SAN FUANCJ3CO. A considerable number of small bankers, cap* Itollsts, and speculators are just now engaged In buying silver and shipping it to California. As there are ul present large profits on the transac tion, the hushteoa will, of course, be prosecuted until It ceases to pay. Thai is the law of trade. The operator on this side turn* his gold Into green* backs, and then changes them for fractional cur* rcncy, paying a small premium for the exchange. For this fractional currency he is entitled to silver which is payable at any of the Sub-Treasuries, The transaction Is generally effected In New York. Tho operator ou going to the Sub-Treasurer asks fora transfer on San Francisco. This is readily granted. Thu entire cost of transportation or exchange Is thus saved, Tho operator finds his half a million of silver laid down fur him In San Francisco with out cost, while he Is ahead by a large per cent on Hie transaction, —a'an J/ay It). GOLD AMD 01UENXJACK8. Gold was 112HQ1F!*. Greenback! were SOJiCSSJi cents on the dollar In gold. QOTEUNMENI BONDS. United States w of’fli... Hulled State* r.-2U* of ’B.l b- Jtm of ’lift—January and July. S-3« of 'in—January and <1 u)y. i.-Hm uf '6H-January uud July. ]O-4(M United State* now faof 'SI... U lilted buiese.utrcuoy 6a..... CltriMD COUNTS BONDS. nut. jititj. CblosßOClty? 9 ck bond* »|ril *lO3 l:iilca«o 011 y 7*cU acworaze •|OJl< »lirt ClilcaKpClly? #» cl. water loan *IOO <;«okComity? 9 cu U>nd*(itiort) <|<* *iu3 Cook County 7 9 ct. bunds (luu<) *|Uft «inti Writ I‘arkf 9 ct. bond* *O7 Xorth Chicago 7 V cl. bond* (Lincoln Fsrk) *us •And Interest. LOCAL STOCKS. City Railway, flonth Side Clly llnllvfoy, Weal Sltle uj City Hallway, Weal Side, 9 y cent cent fleatra *(0214 »105 riijr Uudwttf, Norlli blilo 121 122 Tfarteia’ Inmiraiii'e Co |:h> Clmmlier of Coimn*Tct 7d ClilcJtfudai-MfflUACoHe Cu ino KilMoltluD Hikk (old) 23 40 Ki|>o»llluu atook (now) 23 83 Ei(joiUluu (lock <kCrlp) 23 .... •Aod lutercau BY TELEGRAPH. T* Me Water* Aaodattd Prut. KbvYohk, May 20.—Gold advanced to 112 X. t»nl closed at 112 K. Carrying and borrowing ratci were ) per cent. Loan* were alao made Hut. Government* were Arm. Plato Mcnrlliea were quiet. The stock market was generally firm, with the chief activity In Western Union, which advanced from t)j to GU)ti and closed at tWfj, and Lake Shore, which rose from to OL Michigan Central sold at 40H. 40H. 4*)jf, and 40*. The resignation of President Jay is reported. Pacific Mail woe weak, and declined from SOU t® VJSH* but closed ■firmer at Coal road, and lavetflmeot shares were steady, and the general feeling of tbe street was favorable to higher prices. Transactions were 142.000 shares, of which 5,000 were Pacific Moll, 40.000 Western Union, 7,000 til. Paul, fi.OOOErle. 00.000 Lake Shore, and 7.000 Michigan Ceutrai. Money market easy; 'i\ Prime murcaolllo paper, 46i(1. I'ubUjuj receipts, $2*10,000, Thu Assistant Treasurer disbursed $138,000. Clearings, $14,000,000. Dry-goods Imports (or the week. 10(10,000. bterlfug final sUtydsys, ibti; demand, 400 - OOTKKMIIKIIT SOWS*. SV IBSPSAS I SVSM. Coagcna. *t ixri*|KevU II7H 'Cosmos. in-atw. reg tirM I ILkHI COUPOU...».iDti4 Coupon*. 'ft7 13*W| Cummins '«s STO< Western Union cm* §ti|ck*llvcr L»*t Klck*llver pfd seine Mult Mariposa.... Mariposa pM Adstn* Knurs* If>7 Welia-rsr»:<> £•' Amrrlcin Kxpitm.... « t:mate* Express 7n<-< KcwYork Central....llo fcrte I*4 KrlepM 10 Harlem 14.4 Harlem pM l-*-1 Mlrhtgsn Central 40X panama Union Pacific atock.. LakpPhore Mra tlllnota Control 01 Cleveland A Pittsburg OJW Northwestern nun Northwestern pfd.... .v»X C.. c.. C. A 1 41 BTATB Tennessee as, old 41 Tenncsscects. new.... 41 Virginia os, old •'ft HIKING I San Francisco, May 2(1 Intcat qnotntlons nt tho Rti r.msolldfd Virginia.. 7441 California ho‘J Segregated Belcher., ut Ojdilr MX | A'> | Puvtee- Imperial Mexican Could A Curry ink pi«l A Heleher MJ( lisle & Norcrow rvr» FOUEICIM. Loynoji. May 20.—Amount of bullion pone Into tlio Dunk of Knpland on balance lomlav, £O,OOO. Consols, money and account, 05 s*lo. Umtcil States bonds, MIS*, 10414; 'o7s. 10014; UMO*. lOOif; new sa, York Central, fil>: Erie, Vaiu*. MnytMV—'Rentes, 104f40c. . The discount rate at too Dank of France baa been reduced to a per cent. Fuank/out, May 20.—United State* bond*, new ss, 102}<. BEAL ESTATE. The following Instrument*wore filedforrecord Friday, May 20 crrf pnnpßitTT. Offdcnar., IWftne of Callfornlaav. If. 61* , _ .’Hxift, dated.lnnc.\ lf7.i. 1.800 Warren ft, iJI ftwof Knll nt, »f. a2xJ23H U „ _ dated May IS 2.JJW Fame a* the attinc, dated May w. ........ ....... 2,000 Wed Jackson st. 121 4*lt> ft wof W Indicator ar. nf. Tn\l2'>o-ni ft dated Mar 12 7,300 I’rrtnlrr* known Mice* Wml rolk it, dated May 2d 2.000 I.« uv)ll hi. In’t I’olk and Taylor sU. c f, 2.VU28 ft with Improvements, dated M«yn 5,300 Walnut sf. n wcer Jloynoav, s f, rt»;xl24«ft dated May t!> 4,000 Fulton id-. Ki> f w of i’anlltra at. n f. undivided Unf C.ltltl 4-l Oft dated Mnytfo 3,300 rmllvlilod'4 of mine, dated May 20 0,300 llnlded st, a w cor of Centre at, e f. 50x123 ft dated Muy 22 4.100 Houston si, 214 ft nof Wca» Division at. c f, 24 vl2*tft doled Mnv4 000 Lot on street 200 ft wof Kedaln av. vrf, .V>x 123 ft, and 123 ft n of Red/.lc si, dated May 23 I. COO Dartiersf, i.Wfttof Canal at, if, 23x7) ft. dated May 22 1,073 ilnyne at. OH ft nof Le Moyno st. c f, 24x130 ft, dated July S 4, !«".'« 1,000 Hindi st. Tit it- ■<> ft n of Cedar at, w f, 23.VJ-K«> x 184 ft. dated Mar 18 0.000 Dndilitliat, 4iifteof Thirty-eighth st, of, 4kx 12.17-l Oft, dated May 24 1,500 Emerald st, 048 ft * of .Stearns *t, wf.4114x104 ft, dated May 2:1 1.5n0 Vlneenm«nv, 2*i7 4-loft n of Thirty-ninth it, w f. 41 .'UMtvixlKift, dated May 34 3.300 SOUTH OP CITY t.IMITH WITHIN A ItAHIUB OP BE7SN mii.rh np tub coniiT-noiiaE. Madison bt, ion ft sof Fifty-third at, of, 3Sx __ lU2 ft, dated May $ 1,800 comm: The following were th the lending articles of p the twenty-four hours Friday morning: FJmir.brls n.4m n.rtil 8.377 Wheat, bu.... r.;t,1«7 h\ti») Corn, In 14*,710 HHIIO, 128.210 57.340 Oats, bu UVJSiI 41.310, 1 ir«*. 7-'»11 23,310 ISyo. bu 7HO I 1,550 Harley, bn f»,fi2o i,.V>o 3,020 1,150 fl, seed. lbs... 0,037 44,H>*4( V. seed, lbs... 25..VX1 4.000! 4n,srtJ| 4.l«)0 11. euro. lbs... >4,iu> > 20.0rt>| M.wii C. meats, lbs . 4.uuo on,400; nu3.Mii 3)0 Heel, fes i 20 Heef, inis 181, Pork, bis no at*)' «3i Lard, lIM 207,700’ TD/HA' Tallow, 1b5.... 33,038 3.K.«> 151,070, 13.823 Hllltcr. 1b5.... 13U.UU3 37.018, 74.U15 30,031 I>. ting*, N 0... 7 b. bogs. N 0... 17.137 14,773 f 1.743 11.101 Cattle., No 4,437 3,031) 3.333 2,783 Sheen. No 7:w rt>l ( Hides, lbs ! 10,4115 181,403 231.820 70,300 H. wlm'e, brls. 101 208 j M» 205 Wool, lbs 530.050 237,071 271,000 248,130 Isolators, bu.. t.rtil a.BIO, 2,000 Coni, tons 4.830 431 Hay. tuns DO 10' Lumber, m ft. 4,4»0 7,1A5| 2,174 2,017 BhlOKb-o. m... 2.228 4,420, 1,103 788 Lath, 'No hall, brls 8.220 0.031 2.4TJ 045 Poultry, 11*... a,:tv> io,nonl Poultry, coupe. M I.vJt (lame, pkgs... l nui Kajps pKlrt.... 1.4 m t,B!*l 023 488 Checxc. boxes. 1,333 HID 314 80 (*. brh 218; ir/v Ilcaus. bu 1 33. V H_ 12 Withdrawn from atorc sumption: 1,710 bo wheat, 250 bu oat*, barley. The following grain wa« Inspected Into store In this city an Friday morning; 0 cars No. 1 N. W. wheat, 43 cars No. 2 spring, 24 cars No. 3 do, 17 cars rejected (107 wheat); 1 car yellow corn, X car No. 1 do, 80 cars high-mixed do, 233 cars No. 2 do, 0 cars new mixed do, 54 cars rejected do, 3 car* no grade (381 corn); 1 car No. loots, 14 cars No. 2 white do; 05 cars No. 2 oats; 0 cars rejected do (00 oats); 4 cars No. 2 rye; 20 cars No. 2 bar* Icy, 8 cars No. 3 do. Total, 508 cars, or 240,000 bn. Inspected out: 80,000 bn wheat, 52,005 bn corn, 20,100 bn oats, 1,0431 m barley. A IcttcrrecclTcil on'Change yesterday from Dong Kong slates that ihu rlco crop In China is a partial failure, and that tho Chinese arc now Importing wheat In tho berry from Sun Francisco, for tho tin* time, in consequence. China hue heretofore taken Hour from California. If thcroshould bo really a large deficiency In tho Chinese rice crop tho fact would make a great difference In the quantity of wheat which California would have to send to Europe. A dispatch from New York received on 'Change yesterday stated that thu afternoon papers of that city would contain some very warlike articles, and that *• considerable uneasiness” was fell there The vast extent of tho srtrcct shipment business from country points in tho West, to the East, may he Inferred from a look at the size of ono of the drops In that bucket. A parly la Kansas City Is now filling a single order for 0,000 car-loads of corn, to go direct to Baltimore. There is nearly 2,000,000 bo *• nt one foil swoop, ” and many or ders are being Ailed at other points, though few of them are so large as the above. No longas through rail rates keep down to the present law point, tho grain will continue to go around ns, whatever be our rules for trading, and our chargee fur transfer and handling, but It must not bo forgotten that this avoidance of Chicago would never hove at tained Its piesent magnitude but for the size of the charges to which the grain was subjected lu this city, and tho relatively low prices established here nnder the rule against comers. It is the same now with a good deal of the grain that now passes through Chicago. If the warehouse men had been content to transfer for He per bu the parlies who transport the grain would have con* lenfedly paid it. Uut when fie was insisted on those parties made a call on dame necessity, the mother of Invention, and the good old lady showed them how to effect the transfer at less than per bu. The consequence Is that they have recently declined an offer from certain warehousemen to build an elevator,|and do all the work of transfer at the rale of He. nut. jitfd. ■i m iui mi** iaa H »»i‘J I IS llMft 117 117)2 mft ...: Five per cent I* not enough os a penalty for the nonperformance of a contract, aud the penalty should not be, like a legal jaw, '‘oil on one side.” If the seller has the right tedecllnetoflllhis contract, under certain conditions, the buyorshould hare on equal right to decline to receive the property, under curtain conditions. We re ferred yesterday to the rule long since in force on the Pari* Bourse, under which either party to a contract has a right to cancel It on payment of nut more than XO per cent to the other party. Wu again call attention to that rule as worthy of con* sldcraifua In Chicago. If a committee should take that rule as a starting point In their deliberations they could very probably frame a rule which would euit the climate of Chicago, and be equally fair to both buyer and seller. The leading produce znarkrte were active yester day and Irregular. Provisions Vcro steadier. Crain opened with uo appearance of ilrmncss, but a general decline soon followed, chlclly us a conse quence of tine weather and larger receipts. In some departments, as wheat, there was a tntbse quent reaction, but othur markets adhered to the bottom. Tbc forwarding movement woe more act ive, chiefly la wheat. Cry goods were quite. Pew tuyere were to be seen, and, as the orders by mall were mostly for email lots for reassortment, the volume of business comparatively was light Prices wore without Im portant variation. The demand for groceries was liberal, and the market was steady for most ar ticles In the list Teas aru receiving a little more attention, but remain easy In price. Thvru was su active butter market at the prices current on the two or three preceding days. Cheese was dull and weak, with a tendency to lower prices. No marked changes were developed in connection with tbe fish, canoed goods, and dried fruit markets. Coal k had wood romaln unchanged.. Prices of oils were D"1. Jiked. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; SATURDAY. MAY 27, 1876-TWELVE PAGES. steady except for carbon and turpentine, both of which were rightly lower. There were no changes of Importance In the Inm her market. At the docks the offering* were small find (be trade light In consequence, but common stuff was In good demand at full recent prices. The yard business wna only fair. The wool market continues dullnndweak. Droomcnrnwasln falror* der request and steady except, the lower grades, which were quoted easier. Sccdswercrcryqulcf. A few buying orders were on the floor, but the offer ings were light and held above buyers’ limits. Hay was dull and weak, especially prairie, which was freely offered by the neighboring farmers. Poultry and eggs were steady. Green fruits met with a fair Inquiry strawberries being hlehcrr. Lake freights were more active, and a shade firmer, on thu basis of 2Jic for wheat and 2Uc for corn, by sail to Buffalo. Hall freights were dull at nominally unchanged rates, and cars were freely offered at 120 cto New York, Ific to Philadelphia, 174 cto Baltimore, nnd2. r >c to Boston. V 100 the. Through rales by lake mid mil were quoted at 10c for corn and lie fur wheat to New York, and 13c on corn to Horton. Freight engagements were re* ported for 200.000 bu wheat, 134,000 bu corn, and 10,000 bu oats. : Currenclea New Jersey Central.. MX llnrk Island loa4 Ft. Print 17 HI. Paul pfd (V’H Wabash 9 Wniwb ptd U Fort Wayne ..HO Terre Haute :i4 Terre llauie pfd 12 Chicago A AUon 1*74 Chicago A Alton pfd. .101 tt O. AM 174 Bet.. L. AW totvj A. AP. Telegraph,... 14 Missouri Pacific 12*4 Atlantic At'sclflcptu. lit Indiana Central 44 Chicago, B. A O 11 h« Hannibal A St. J0e.... IUJ4 Central I’ac.lile bonds.Unm Union Pacific l>ond». 101)4 IT. Par. land-grant... on U.l’ac.alnmnc'fund. eoJ< Virginia ffa. new SO Missouri Pacific 84.. ..100 n i uwao. o.—The following ir» tho lock Exchange: I Crown Point..... 1W Yellow Jacket Satf Alpha M | neither JMW Confidence If*4 . Kterra Nevada......... 14h I Exchequer mU [Overman M I Justice 214 I Caledonia Hit FOREIGN IMPORTATIONS rrcclvcd at Chicago Customs May 20, 1870: North Chicago Polling Mill*. 100 tona Spiegel iron; IllrsclutCo., lease silk umbrellas: J. T. Rcllmg A Co., 2 cases books; Schram, Myers A Co., lease cotton embroideries; William Fhiklor Son", 7 cases woolens; 11. Isaacs. .’OO boxes clay pipes; nioeh * Arnstcln, 8 cases looking-glass plates, 1 caec bronze powder; Mosebnck * Humphrey, 2.7 drums caustic soda. Amount of duties collected, $7,700.47. 1100 PRODUCTS—Were lew active la the aggregate, and averaged easier, though wliimut ao extensive de cline. Hogs were less numerous at the Stock-Yards, and were quoted ftc per ns) ns higher, which prevented the more serious drop duo to the Intrinsic weakness ot the situation, winter cured stuff being depressed by a larger production of summer material than hud been calculated on. Jfrss Pork— Wna lo moderate request early, and ad* ▼nneed 7Kcpcrbrl, but afterwards weakened In sym pathy with lard, and declined to UlvilAo l>clowtlio closing prices of Thnmlay. Sales weru reported of TO brlicmh at $20.10; mu brls seller June; 0.2.10 brls seller July at $Ju. lO&ifO.nd’*; and t.soo brls seller August at $3U.3.V5120.4.V Total, 5.320 brls. The mar ket closed dull at $19.00:420.00 cash, according to weight; $19.00319.09 seller Mays SI9.OOitIB.PA seller June; $20.t0530.12.4 seller July; and at $20,903 SO.asta seller August. Seller the year closed nt Sl7-UU asked. Prime mess pork was nominal at $18.2*118.50; and extraprlmeot <m.oo. , . . . . ..... hint— Wm moderately active for .Inly, with little else doings and declined slowly tlirotiKh Kio nc.*Mnn to ll'Wr per Hs> B-s below the latest figures of lliiimmy In sympathy with a fall of (M per H 2 as In Liverpool. Bales werv reported of ante* cash (summer) "l <H.h7V4: sanies seller June nl <M.W); 7.7:«0 tea seller July at SM.U7M<'vl>."U!vi l.ioo tes seller August at 812.05'* 12. 1-oJ; sad 230 tea seller the year at <10.75, Total. Tic* market closed dull at <M>75 rnsh or seller May: fit.?. 1 ) seller June; <u.H7i4 seller July; and at <12.rtw12.0254 seller Ammsi. Were quiet and steadier, though we quoted shonbiersMc lower, the market having been Actually cas ter than reported for s-veral days past. Them has prob able been a good deal of meat taken for export within n week, and not reported; tho purchases »re understood to him- been chiefly of summer cuts, nl about buluwourquotallous. which arc for winter. Bales wore reported yesterday of 43<>,»*'0 S-* short rtbs at perlonn>» idler -lime: <8.85 seller July, and <to. b» seller August: also <IOO,OOO »s short eleurs seller July at lulic. The following was the closing range of prices: fifinuh Muff Short Short drr*. clear. rlt>. clear. Palled, loose «sj nw i£4 \M lloxed r.H «M id* H»W June 0« .... «?a nit! July OH •••• H>l(t August 7 .... lift* l.ncon. cash 8 10H It . 11*4 Lung and short clears nt OTv-tloc cash, snd loww low- seller July, boxed; sweet pickled hams, I2GM2He; CmnbrrMtids. option, cash or seller Juno; long-cut hams, ilH'-sI'JC, boxed; bacon hams, lifetlflc. (Jrea*e—\\'na quiet at JSKKF PRODUCTS—Wore steady and quiet nt <10.73 an. to for mesa. SM.73>iil'J.oo for extra mess, and <22.sixt23.rti for hams. yii/hur—Was quoted at WflHc for city, and 7H4Bc for country lota. LEKGIAIi, io receipts and shipments of traduce in this city during s ending at 7 o'clock on Shipment*. 1873. | 187 A j 1873. FLOUR—Was In belter loco] demand. but shippers wanted very Utile, some of them claiming that our market Is rather high as compared with Kiutern points. Prices aro well sustained, without change. Sales were reported of too hrls winters, partly nt and 1,(173 hrl* spring extras, partly at<jtfl.ixt. Total, 1,725 brlt. The marketcloiodsteady at tnc followlngraoKO of prlcca: Choleo winter extras, com mon to good do, <3.R7kR17.23; shipping extras, <4.30 (93.00; good do. <3.ooVA.B7ias choice do. s3.w»o 5.87 H: patenu do, gn.mgn.fO; Minnesota fI.TS; tprlog auperfinca, <3.234v4.00; rye flour, <4.300 4.50. Ornn—VfM active and 2Se per ton lower, being In large supply, which made the market rather heavy. Sales were reported of 150 tons at <10.504410.73 on track and free on board cars. Jfbft/Hnp*—Sales were 10 tons coarse at <ll.BO free ob board. Corn-if«K—Come waa nominal at <17.23517.50 on track. WHEAT—Was active and unsettled, hnl averaged He ; blether than tho preceding day, and closed He higher, (hough below (he latent price* of Thursday daring the creator part of tho scmlud. Liverpool was quoted Hrnirr, with a hotter demand, but some private cables noted it as quiet, and New York was reported ac higher, with a good demand, which mod* our market stronger after the new* waa received. Thu receipt* hero wero somewhat larger, and this, with tin* weather In tho Went, brought out seller* early, as they considered tlmi Chicago ban already advanced as much ns was dun to tho firmer feeling In England. Hut the dispatch from New York, noted at tore, about warlike now* from Europe. Induced a stronger tone here, especially ns It was accompanied by some rather largo buying order* from New York, one of 17T>.<**> bn being rumored, and It wiu also reported that freight-room bad been engaged here for some :Mi,uoo bu. There wm a fair uo jnsurt for shipment, and the lower grades were stronger. while ensb No. 3 at one time commanded nearly th* same price a* tlie June option. Heller July opened at sl.w% declined to #1 .0714, advanced to sl.OtH.*nd closed at gi.tMH. Hell* cr JmießoWst«*(wl.cH, cloalngat *l.i)7)L Seller the month «dd at Sl.«fi!*c-*I.«7H, dosing at the out side. and cash No. 3 spring closed at <1.07H. Cash sale* were reported of 7U.0U0 hu No. 3 spring at *I.UUwJ. LO7J4; 4;WJObn No. ado at tnvaoHHc; 4,onobudo(A. 1). and central) at ooc;«. 400 bn rejected do at hh>ahhHc; and i.auo bu bv sample atTueuo. Total, iri,4(u hu. Mtunt*o<a ti'hrai— Wm In good demand, and firm, though No. 3 sold He lower than on Thursday. Hale* were reported of b.ixfi hu No. 1 on private terms; o,3<)U l/u No. uat fi.tnH; ond2.H<)Obu by sainplo at <l. lis-s 1.33 free on Iward cars. Advices from Minnesota Indi cate a more active movement of wheal hi that Htato; anil a material Increase In our ruccipu may bo expect- CORN—Was active and weak, declining IHo from the closing prices of Thursday, under large offering*. Llv erpoofwas quoted a sliado (Inner, and New \ork was easier only after (he early deellnn here had been report ed In that city. The wcakuew was due to (he tine and apparently more nettled weather, with a largo Increase In our receipts t:wl car-loads Inspected Into store), and more liberal offering* on country arcuimt tor future de livery. The sales already made for Juno by country dealers are now I>elng provided for, and all (lie more readily a* tb* July premium Is small, so (list It la nut much of on object iu transfer from on* month to an other. and (be work of planting Is now about (Inlsbed. so (tint tho farmer* have morn lime to make deliveries. The IhUier weather Is also more favorable to the movement of corn, and most operator* were disposed to expect a much larger volume of dally receipts during the next tliren nr four week* than recently. The purchases for shipment weru moderate, amt the difference in favor of cash over May. and of May over June, was preserved nearly (tin same ns before. Heller Juno opened at 4CrHt c, fell olf to 4r>ta’. advanced to 4r>Hc, and declined u> 45c at the close. Heller July sold at vAvMdhfa closing at 4Wc. Seller the month sold ut 4uW'i47)tc, rloilug at tho Inside. Cash No. 3 closed at 47hc, ana high mixed nominally at 47Hi'*f7Me. Cash sale* were reported of 17.300 bu high mixed at 47H“-iHc; 1.3>0 bu now mixed at 44c; 103.((ir) bu No. 3 at 47*64Hc; ID, raw bu rejected at 43V»0; hut) bo ears at 4t<-«4ftC! U.2UU bu by sample at 3V.H4V. on track; and h,4ou bu do at4JwsUc, free on board cars. Total, tgxi bu. on Thursday for city con* 470 ba OATB~Wcre. moderately active. averaging ftrtlc lower than on the previous day. The market opened very weak, owing to thu heavy receipt* nnd numerous ollrra to sell for Judo and July, ami steadily declined aulil UlO rally lu other grain, which turned prices up un He during the last half hour. The Inspected receipt* wore flu can and (he offering* of sample* went again large, oud a good many order* were In to wll fur unit month, itiu null to I*o forwarded for deliv ery a* fiul a« poMllde. Jluyer* were Inclined to hold olf, though mono of the ahi.ria Hlh'd In or the decline, and contract* were token for (dilptnent. Tim reported shipment* were again hc*vy. Seller June told early at 3ne, declined to £iMe. amt closed at i9>He„ July aold at gUMf-tanHe, closing at I'ash No. 2 brought 2uft‘j2PHd, closing at 2nft't , - > w)v!. No. 2 while mid at :«)c. Uejccted uni* were, dull a* li'WiioHc. Kample* sold *lowhr at considerably lower price*, owing to the heavy offering*. Tire demand woe chiefly for white oat* uo through car*. Cash ante* were reported of 31.- <**> ini No. 2 7,120(1 hn t»y sample at taiw.aic for mixed, ami laVk.'wHc (or white on tracks and i;» liu white ui aJw.TJo free on Ixiurd cane Total, hu. KVIC—Waa In demand ami firmer. Tho offering* con* tfnne very llglil, the stock in more being held off tho market, and there are shipping order* hern loho idled. No, -2 sold at7oc In car lota, ami rejected ntiMc. heller dune sold at TOc. Cadi sale* Include *tu hu No. gal 7"*;i Vjibn rejected at Me; and-Kubii hy tnmplu at U7o , on track. Total, |,giu Ini. IIAULUY—Via* more active and K'2c lower. owing to Imrcnsed uiferlnp of rash. Tim receipt* wero larger, ;i7 car* l.clng Inspected In. and nuiueruu* onler* were received tv tell to arrivo thin mouth. The lung* were the principal huyent of cash at tho decline noted above, itm 2e drop being for cartload* to arrive thf* month. Option* went very (inlet. A sale of May wa* made early at 7DC, but none wo* offered afterward*. Juno wo* offered at.MM and July at OOc without *ale*. Low grade* were nulet at flic for No. 3 and 2H<ii27c for rejected. The ottering* of aample* were larger,ami maluters bought at 42(*fl2c. A few care »<>ld at 7i»e. da*h »ale* were rciwrted of O.iMibn. No. g *|hj| at ?<»'; i>,«»■> hn to arrivethl* uiontli at dm-; diilniNo. ;tut:i.V; j.uo bu by *amntc ut on track. Total. 2l,tKJUhu. Wheat was stronger, with stile* or livrvvilm nt $1.07)1 for May, fiI.IN for June, mrl ?!,(*>*.■• l,»*H forJnlv. Corn was active and '-(e lower. miles; JUVMihuat 44U(*44Hu tor June, and tr. Hie (or July. Mcu pork was easier, hairs: ;t,uuurl» at SIU.U7kI(S 30.(0 for July, and lncMaior August. Lard-8ale»: 330tcs. Seller July at sll. fl-.’H. Mew pork declined under free ottering*, closing weak, talcs, 5.7. W hris at *lu.t*X*UMi7£ for July, closings! the Inside. , . Lord sjsu declined, closing l3Hc lower tlian on the firstcsll. Sales, 4,OW)tcsol«ll.7CX*ll.uOfur July. Short rlbs-hales, an hxs at I or. Wheat was active and Irregular, closing Ho lower Ilian uo 'Change. The market advanced early on the strength of some Kuro|H-an war news, which was after wards (bought to Iw of home manufacture, and Hie market drwpjicd lc. hut recovered rllgtilly before the close, heller July sold Hi down to |.<j7ty, uml eloM'd at sl.<>7)(. June sold at f I.OJJf to 11.07. uud closed at , Corn was weak under largo offering", declining H<4 He. June sold aUtH'vHHc, and closed aI4tH L- . July sold at 4«Hi*4sHc. and closed at 4.'>c. Oats were UoTower. closing at ‘AAic for Juno or July. Barley sola (» can) to arrive this tuenUt at tide. Meai pork was fairly active ami weak, cloalsg aboul PROVISIONS. BHEAISSTUFFS. lower than at I o'clock. Juno closed at SIO,A7VfrI Mmx. July at sli*.72'v-UU 79. and August at SIU.oa. Hales! s.y.'stbrls it sH»..i74‘Mii.isi fur June, Siu.7it<# M»-7Afor July. ami slt>.ir. for Auiru’l. I.nrtl wns dull and 'Jiwjjty' lower, closing nt fll.M’4 Cltl..Vl for June,*. tor-Inly.mid sll.«ifor August Niles; 7-MMcsnt fll.ic. til.77Hsl’ll'T July. . short ribs declined iwc, Hales; iix.ux lbs at D?<o fur July. _ GENERAL MARKETS, ALCOHOI,—Was quoted at $2. 18. HUOOM-COllN—llealer* rpport ft fair trade at full prices fop the tatter grade*. The common varieties are ea*ler. Tho receipt* arc light, and consist largely of the lower grades. (jtiolntl'ins: Choice hurl, fl-'-uc; medium and No. a hurl, 7i<*r; 7ft7Hn good medium brush, fiJvftaHc: fnlr limhlo and covers, 4'A3c{ In* ferlor, JW4c; crooked, 2<tfic. UUTTMK—The market for this article presented little that «m now. Fair activity characterized both (ho local and shipping demand, and the prices current ear lier In the week were very generally realized. While It Is generally concede*) that prices must ultimately go lower, there Is not likely to he any Immediate decided decline. We repeat our quotation*: Choice to fancy yellow, 7SWM ci medium to good grades, 176Wt»c; In* rrrlor to common. fJo'tl.'vr. HAOUING-Ucmnln* quiet, with price* ruling steady at the reduction noted at the liegiimlngof the week. Blocks arc lltaral. but not oppress! re. we continue to quote: Btark A, 251<jc: Peerler* AA.SCte; Lewiston, s4e: Montaup. 241-jc; Ontario, 25e; American A, 3lt<c: Amoskeng. 22c: Oder Creek, 3.’c: burlap hag*. 4 ho, ito, fi hu, HWtMOcfgimiilca. single, I4w4lfic: do, douiqe, vKWfdte. clIKK.sK—v/iut dull and price* were only IndUTerently ntxlalned. The receipt* are exported to snow a marked Increase noon, and holders seem unxlou* to reduce ns far a* possible the stock* now on hands consequently there tsaome *• cutting" turning the trade, and an early decline *eeni* probable. We i|iu>ic good to heat factory at UMincand |h>op grade* at dt- *c. COAL—Price* remain oa before. hnt the market for anthracite 1* weak, and mu*t*oon go lower. W« quote: Lackawanna range anil nut. fto.ti'i do. egg, $9.50; efinnel, s7.i<V«.7..v>: |>le. $5.50: UloMburg,; tlocklng Valley. ss.ftu; Indiana (dock. $.*,.50; Haiti* mores: Ohio. ss,siVi*l.Oi»: Illinois. fl.ixv-r1.50. HOGS—Worn In hotter request and steady at IIUIImc for fresti packages, , ... Fir* lI—So change* were developed. Tho reeelptaof hike iMi sro Increasing, and Hie tendency of prices, os Is always the ea«o at thl* itagc of tho season. Is down* ward. Fur saltwater rnit the market retain* aslcady tone. No. I whltetlfch. fc-hrl. s4.Hta4.«*>: No. a do. |4.7.vM.W1; No. I tnmt. s;i.7w4.(jOi No. 1 iliore mackerel. 4-hrl.><M3.o<i! No. 1 har. SO.OO f.vU.3.1; No. 2 mackerel, ervl. *tfhrl. ffl.fio; No. I shore kit*, large, $2,110: No. I hay kit*.; large family kits, sl.-*o: hank cod* ften. $4.54K-(4.7fi;Omirge*ac«>djl*h. $5.5045.75: summer rtireii'‘o(Ut*k,sfi.rgx>«s.7fis Labrador herring,spill, hrls, s7.7r»A>*.(vi t do, H’brl. $4. now 4.35: Labrador her ring. ruumi. hrls, su.so4n.7r* s do. X-brl, $3,511.43.75 j sealed herring, per Im*. .%'*■< M)c t No. I herring. 3.v»:cc-. Columbia Diver salmon. y<d>rl.l«.oo. FKLTTSANUNUTs—There was a fair movement In foreign and a light call fur domestic ft tilts at nominally sternly figure*, no price changes being noted. Wc (l % , >n'fgn-I>ate*, o«oWcs figs. layers, I.vatSWes fig*, drum*, 12)4 Huttfe; Turkish prunes. oM'47es french prunes, kegs and boxes, oyHc; rnlslns. layer*. s2.txx<* Jr.ut; loose Muscatel. fh. i0.«:t.40; Valencia, 11)4(41 Hies Zanltcurranla. tv-hUcs citron, 23(-,2«p. Dimit'llc— Aldcn applet, iH'-tioci .Michigan apples, rommun, l>X"r loct choice, loldKioWc: pared peaches, ]7**lhci blackberries. Il)i4»li.'ci raspherrlc#, 33<«34c: pitted cherries, 23(">24c. _ .Vurs— Filberts. IK-auWcsalmonrts, Terraconn, 10i4& 20c; Naples walnuts, lihtlTe: French walnuts. new, llUlgc; tirrnohio walnuts. 14'415c: Drazlls, ixmiqe pecan*. Texas, Wilmington peanuts, HcODfc; Tennessee peanutv. s«hic; African Deanuts.OAdWc. UUKCN FltUtTS—Strawberries were In larger sup ply. mu shipper* appeared lit the market early and took nearly all the uirenngs. Price* advanced soo por case. Other fruit* were unchanged. A few lots of sweet cherries l>roughnot»:*«c pepqt. Btrawberrli-s, fit,.**** 4.isi per cns--; gooseberries, Haioct good to choice apples. s4.ux*4.fio per brl; cringes f n.sopt 7.50 per box: lemuli*. Bfi.sovui.oo per lutz; pineapples, $2.50 (iflt.toperdoxs bananas. s3.U>'4..Viobunch. GHOGKUIRS—A liberal demand for good* in this line was reported, and the feeling was again oneufsteadi ne«*. Wc quote: />’(ce— Uangoon, OliCiO?ic; Carolina. 7MO3c; Louisi ans. .. __ Cojlte»~ O. Cl. Java. ,W?Jlci Java. No. 3,2703« c: choice in fancy R|0.22)£m.230: good to prime do,gi!<(.« 22‘4c; common to fnlr. roasting. HK^inWct ritngnpore .lava, 2fi«2i)c: Costa Idea, 224»23>ic; Mara caibo. Nmouis—l’atent cut loaf, rntshed, lift llWe; powderoil. ll'<*llWcs graniilaied. lOXrsKdtic: A, sitindard, l(>Wc; do No. g, ]<h:t D> hWc; extra C, h-Mcs O No. 2, hWc; yellow 0 No. I. do ONo. 2, (K-thHic: choice brown. fair to prime do. HHtteKe; common do, choice molasses sugar, common to good do. 7!vf<dc. rtlrop*— California sugar-loaf drips, URUTiK:; diamond drip*. SLOT**!. lot silver drips, extra fine, (XKatt.'ic:good sugar-house sirup, ws'u.vtcs extra do, ftwscxtcj New Or leans molasses, choice. iwedHc; do prime, do. common to good. 4Ht «-V)cs I'orto lllcu molasses, 48t«50ci common molasses, AHc«.4nc: black-strap, itr^noc. esi—Allspice. t7i4l?Hic; cloves, r>lus2i:i canto, Wa.x*.x pepper, 17t6'"’l»c; nutmegs, $1,15C(1.20; Cal cuttnglngcr, I4y}>tlf«s4c. ,sv» ( nj»—True lllue. oHc; German Mottled, flt<sV7ci White Lily, O-dllVie; White Dow, UHt'Xc: Koyol Huvon, r»*istJc; tisvou Imperial, Mtc; Golden West, Af«rcA—Rxc«l»U»r, laundry, oH'*>7ci do, Rtoas, pc; do, com. (KatHic: Klngsrord. pure, 7Xc: do. silver gloss, do, corn. KX-slo^u. HAY—Hie receipts were moderate, nut the market ruled dull and ea*y. Fratrlo was weak, owing to the heavy ulfcrlugs of loose hay on the street. No. 1 dc cllned lo $7.50y,7.73. Helow are the quotations: No. I timothy, st:».w*«l4.«i: No. a do, Sll.fiO; mixed do, gq.asnin.OO; upland prairie, ¥l(>.00i(10.50i No. Ido, s7.,v»tiH.m: slinigh, ss,r><)x.(i.r>(k HUIUWINKS—Were quiet and steady at (ha recent advance. Bale was reported of Ml hrls at f per gal lon: and some holders asked $l.oo!<, though New lurk wn* quoted coster nl $1.12. ItlDEß—Continue steady under the ttmial Inquiry from denier*, with tho offering* fair. Oiiolnlhms: Green city hotchers”, r«c; green cured light and heavy, 7c; damaged, Be; port eured, BHpTOXe: green salted kip, 7cs green country, &Wc; green calf, tic: flint hides, I3rtl2hic: dry Ufp ond calf, U^Uhicidrrsalted hide*, lie: deacon skins, 4fK*3oc. HOFB—Wr re quiet at LRATHKIt—The leather market was wlthont anima tion. and value* were without stAblllty. Ituyors are or dering only a* the necessities of their trade require, and the pressure to sell lead* to a generous shading of prices. Wc reduce our quotation* of No. I hemlock upper and of HuiTalo slaughter sole as follows: IIE4I I.OCK. Calf, No. 1 9l.OOdM.lfi I.tne 9 953 .17 Calf, No. 2 «u-4 HT| Uuflalo filungh- Vests, No. 1.... 7.V'91.a0 tersolo(he*t). .mm 35 Vealo, No. 2... .V)-i 70 “A.” sole.. 2t4rf at Kip 406* 70 "11. A. O. I>.” *ip|>cr, No. 1... lis« 24 solo 2fi» 37 lp(H-r, No. 2... I'M 20 Irnwle 203 25 lurness 313 34 OAK. 0001.501 Harness. com no Bole IHie 23 | FUBHCU BTOCK. Calf i.nnrx&ooi Kip i.ooai.fio OlLS—Curtail and turpentine were castor, and wn give slightly lower qimtatliros. Prices of other oils were about steady. CJiiotuthuin now nuige a* follow*; Cartan, 115 (leg. test. 13l4C{l : d«c; do Illinois legal test, IfiOdeg., G4C! Snow White, ifiOU-st, lOW -virAfc: do headlight, 175 deg., 17w17tjci extra winter lard oil, 9t.dlx4il.Ofi : No. I. tsX'dmc: No. 2,75 Ct linseed, raw. fi7<%sßct holletl, 02(*«3c: whale, winter-bleached, 7H'<tßoc; sperm. $2.15*42,25: neaiafoot oil, strictly pure. doexlra, 05c; do No. 1,85 c; bant oil. Afic: straits, «oc; plumbago oil, AU(t7.>c: turpen tine. 3H(44ijc-. naphtha, deodorized, 03 gravity. 13)43 I4l<c; West VlrgiDls oils, natural, 2t> ueg., natural, 30 deg., 27«30ct reduced, atdeg.. 2txt22c. POtll.TiiY—wo* In moderate requist nt s4.txx< for chickens, for springs, and titallc for turkeys, old chickens were clilolly wanted. Pigeons were quoted at 4fX'4.V)c per d oir POTATOES—Pcachhfoivs sold from store at 30(Wfic, and car-lota were quoted at 25c. New potatoes sold at $4. OMperbrl. rtUKUS—Were quiet alt round. Timothy and clover were source and llrndy held above the views of bnyera. Prime timothy was quoted at s2.fAxi>2.UD, the (ualdu tdd. and prime clover at SH.2Vit).SO. The demand wna light, but the orders were unlllled, owing to the paucity of the offerings and firmness of sellers. Ilnngsrlnn and millet were quiet on tho market, but (ho trade from store Is said to b« fair at 47W500 for prime, the former being mostly called for. SALT—Wo* steady under a fair inquiry: Saginaw, Canada, and Onondaga, fine. st.4o; ordinary coarse, $1.70; dairy, without nogs, $2.75; dairy, with bags, Ashton dairy, pernack, $4.50. TKAH—There wua on easy market for teas, but no quotable decline wo* noted, ns follows: Qimpoiceifr— Common, 30k40c; good do, 4f)CMfic; medium, AfK-ifi'X’.t good do. 50i>’5fir; fine, Afitfntct fin est, (XX'Ofic: choice, 7(Xi>7sc: choicest, iKXtWc: fancy $1. urg'd, 15. fmptrlal— Common, good do. fi.wHie: me dium. 4(Xi4scj good do. 45(.(5uc; fine. s<KsssCi finest, s>t(Joc; choice, ehulrest, 70f , .75r. jttMH— Common. u<x-c;t3c; good common, ttfioewe; inedlmn. 4U<i42c: good medium, 45(.t4He; line, .'>o(«sfict finest, MKiiiOc: choice. (K* ki.'>ci choleeat, 7IX-c7se. OclonQt— Common, .kx-cglc: good common, UfitiAHc; medium. 4ix*v42ei good medium, tine, 4H3fg)cs finest. fifirgMc: choice. imil2c; choicest. 75(>vH0c. WOOL—We quote maple at $7.50, boceh at $0.50, andslalw at ffi.ui. VKAI/—Was stow and weak at StfiHc. TIIu offerings were only fair, hut (he weather threatened lota hot ami some of (ho slock was already In an unsalable con dition. VKGHTAULF.S—Were slow and weak: Cucumtars, fiix«.7sc per dozen; green peas, fl.oo per holt string beans. $t. wxrj.on imt box: asparagn*, 2.v*soc per dozen: radishes, loulsc per dozen; Henuudu tooio toe ».f l.iojvur tax. WOOL—The market remains dull and weak. Small lot* of new are arriving, and a few sales have been nude, hnillm receipt* are mil likely to bo largo enough to attract many buyers before .tune: Tun-washed, SMine, 4<X'i43c: do, poor to goo«L 3-V*;jHc: washed ci ce. fine, good condition. 32<z;t‘ic: wMlied, medium do, 35c; unwashed, fine licary to light, ltKj22c; do medium, 23<g25c. Calf... Kip.... Upper. LIVE HTOCK. CUICAOO. Cntttf. Jtoai. Sheep. . 4.7ut 13,410 UN) . (I,n«l IH.UM* 1,8.111 , 4.7:*!) H,17» .'M3 ,4.07 17.137 7KB . 3,1»(d III,»c>0 833 RerUpU— Monday Tuesday.... Wednesday.. Thursday... Friday Tolni 21.1. M 7a,1'1l a.MS Bnmu time laat week 24,)ui tu.ino o,m) Wi'Cit UOuro lost iil.dlU 4-1,077 a, 747 rifiliiintnf*— Moiiuny.... Tui'Mluy.... Wnlrmwlay, Tlmmlay, MV) 4.0X1 -.4:i(l ft, 733 nw 4, *7O 0.017 4U3 3.333 t). 74-1 Total It,OUT KMMH 701 CATTLE—There was a quiet market at about steady prices. Fewer buyers were present than on the day before; but those la attendance took bold with some freedom, and a liberal aggregate of aolcs vaa affected. Trading was at«W.lw,—l ho hulk at ss.noa4.U) for local butchers'stuff; at $3,756*4.35 fur stackers, and at $1.60U»4.M for sood to choice slilpploK beeves. quotations. Choice Bceves-Flne. fat, well-formed h year to 5 year old steers, wclghlm; l,;x«i to 1,5.50 It* $1.7^35.00 Quod lb-eves—Well-fattened steers, Weigh ing 1.3U1 t« 1.350 pi 5...... 4.4034.01 Medium Orades—Steen In fair fle»h, weigh- fair steers, and jr city slaughter, le, weighing NA) irs, heifers stags, i SULKS. IUK I.UVJ lu 1.3i0 Its Unlehers’ Mock-Poor to f common to choice cows, ft/ weighing Unto l.lOOtt*., Stuck Cuttle—Common cetll U» I.UiO »s Inferior-Light and Ihlu cow bulla, and scalawag steers. UAVt'LK H'o. Ac. Pr fee. 17 i.:*3* s:».ui no 1,313 4.H5 15 1.313* 4.H5 Sill Mil) 4.U) an I,:iu 4.10 Id M:io 4.10 lIH 1,45 H 4.10 id i,:tus 4.k'> It) 1,255 4.K5 15 1.3(1 4.75 40 1. IT4 4-H5 31 l.;t-w 4.m) Hi 1.310 4.M5 111 1.3H7 4.H0 30 1.300 4.MJ 40 1,474 4.K5 44 : 1,173 4.7 U 70..........1,100" —4.70 M. Ac. Priu, 20 I.(*t7 4.05 14 1.33 D 4.70 SO 1.331 4.05 S 3 1,33(1 4.75 20 1,171 4.75 U 4 1,335 4.(0 II 577 4.U) 30 I,:W) 4,55 31 1,050 4.5 ft 37 1.131 4.53*4 IH 1,157 4.45 17 I,ir>7 4.V. 40 Billion. 1,4*1 4.30 IH 1.15 H 4.45 40 1,44 4 4.30 ITthro'Texl.KU 4. IS 45lhroTex 833 4. to 14 COWS... 855 4.10 ro I, l H it t.a.>n 4.7 n n l,i*m 4.M 14 t,-'H 4.TM muhm’Tc* n.'ii ji.mi .Tl 1.117 4,fl7'< ia H 74 a. 7.1 in |,«7U 4.*ta in I»»7 Jl.7iK jm i.niJ 4.n-i H m:i n. 711 lUKlH—Tti** fart Him ilii*r«* waa 11 rirrHnp In ein> ra prtpm nf comet til 111? like ft,AUi head am-nod tlio iluwn* wnrtl It-nili’in-r orprlrr", Imt ilhl not rcntori* thi* mn flijcncp of imyorMo the otlotil that they wcr« willing lc> pay materially liotirr prior* Ilian prornned on Tluirwlny. Tlicrn wa«, howerpr. a Armor fooling all ’mind, and at tlio i lono of buMnoM (ha prim worn i tttpy Imvn imiTJonsly I«>cn since tlio 'rfte. Hklppera sold at tn,f*y-iA.i*K v» at f'i. J*an.oa ami ordinary »<» La at ca.JOjio.4o. The market closed nearer empty than beglnnlngor the wi poor lo cliolce hear prime light wclgltb Jr. Pricf. to!:*' ij.lo, 4f»....353 0.3.5 00....UA0 O.V. n!-iol an!!!!aoi m....a0i imo; m....a(U «.}tf n.4'» 137....aan «.:w 73....‘J7«1 O.M 0..V0, n4....r«i7 o.vj, (Mo 73....:«*»» n.:iA «4....1H3 f 1.40 n. 40 n.aft „ an __ :w....2*0 TH....270 n..v» 0.4* m>....tna n,*o an... 0.25 M.../MT n.:w w..,.a>« «.«5 m....w0 n,v...2.«n Al L>ilt» fl.n.V a* ■* * 0.4*. ;v4,...2M <l.4* .■V7....2trt 0.4* r>i....24a 0.3». n.rto *•* n ;«>( av ' 4M....1**0 0.4* 20....:«17 0.4( R.T'V M....3U o.»»! 3a....iM .11....11W 0.41 rw....ti»o 0.4 f .......,B4a n.;w 2> o.:m] n.noi 22....11)7 0.41 n.IUM HllKKl’—Thcre wan a Arm market for this class of stork. Tiie demand wax not sprrlally active, MU It ax* eroded the supply, and Mira worn made at fully former quotation*. Good to choice aliom were anlahlo at 94.73 dtft.M), uml poor to medium do at 93.75<(fr4.25. FAST I.inEttTT. Special DUpaleh 10 The TVffttms. Eater f.inKr.rvt I’a., May 2(l.—Ooftto—Receipts for (ho week ending May 23. 2Vi care of through *lock ami Mi cars for sale hem. nr In all Ml 7 head, ngaln«t 7,40* the week hefure: supply light, but mostly of good heavy rultle. for widen there was no sale, light being mam In demand and brought last week's price*, while the former worn oft, and were nearly all shipped Hast In firsthand*] best, 1,300 to I,MU, 95.23M3.Mi; medium to good. I,<|o to 1,300, 94.7M*S.nri; rommon to fair, onoto i.ltii,>,t4.MJt hulls, 9h.aM4.ts); sales for the week, 1,151 head, against 1,350 last week. //be;*—Receipts, l2,RUShend, against IS. I ID (ha week before.; supply (air, hut market dull and unsettled all the week, mid prices oil Philadelphia*, 97.3 n; Yonkare, s<>.uuao,7s; common and roughs, ss.4us 5.75. fi/i'rp— RerelpU, 14..50r> head, against IH.foothe week before t supply fair, hut market quiet and price* off fully from lust Monday nud Hankie from Saturday; extra, luilo no ns, 9d.avtd.2s; prime, no to or, as, 95.Mr>t 5.75; goal. ftnioßs is*. $5,0a«>5.25; fair, 70 to 75 Us. 94.Mri«4.75: common. 7uto 75 as, 92.S0dM.ui); Indl* anas, u to quality, Ci,fiO. New VrRK, MsySS.—fleece-*— Receipt*. 1,570, making 4,4d0 for four rtnva, against 4,450 at In* same time lost week; quality medium to fair generally; market ex* trcmcly dull, and weaker; slow sales; iwiuc for medium to good native stccras lo^fstiw(c for prims and extra; 4;-Ml<c for live weight fat hulls; about 20 car-loads stiller* In the market. eiseen— Receipts, a,:wo, making 13,470 for four days, against 13,400 at tiie same time last week: sheep firmer at .v«7o for common to good sheared; lambs steady nt n fcctlMn for very poor to strictly prime; no voolcd ollm'd. .lirlns— Jlocrlpfa, 4,230$ making 13.320 for four day*, icrntnat lo.MQ ai the mine tlmo tut weeks none offered dive. ncrPAto. N. T.. Martin. Ini for tlic week. ii.shd; m vnl* through consignment*. Shrtv mm LnmOt— Kccelpt*. 2.R00; total for Ihn nwk, 12.VKIS sale* only D run*: Ohio clipped. s3.73<tf Indiana wnolert, 102 Rm. Hrrclpu, 2,5n0s tmnl for thn week. 1(1,800; nvu'cei dull nod heavy at 5D.70i50.75. Oood Yorkers, $0.30. ALDART. At.rusT, N. T., May wi.—ChHfr—Receipts, 901 cars; mrket opened nt lost week's prices, but grew weaker, tmwlng a decline for lOJfts. .VArrp—stronger; active nt an advance of HtftMc, live might: market over-stocked with lambs aud lover; rom WKuMc fur Tennessee and Kentucky. Br. Lotas, May 2f1.-//0(7»-hosier, but not qnotahly lower; fairly active: Yorkers. $5.75U0.aj. Uqcou, tr,.H.v<n. la; tuuohcre, r.\j/»/r—Very slow aua dragging; not enough doing to establish prices. Cincinnati. M*y2rt.—//i*jr»— Hull: common to good clit. >.*.7.V'{R.]o: fair to rikh! heavy, so. 1500. J 5; re* clpu, I,.vju; shipments. 1,4.10. LUMBER. The cargo market was rather quiet In consequence of the moderate offerings. Common lumber was In good demand with both local and country dealers, tod the offering* of some qualities were Inadequate. Pleco stuff Hold readily at tH.OUforManlstcoor Ludlngton, and Inch at sft.oo®l).oo. The bettor grades of Inch lumber remain quintal SIO.ODtitI3.SO. Lath were steady at sl.3*. and shingles at $2.1032.25. Lumber freights are quoted weak under large offer* Ings, at Manistee, 51.35 for Muskegonor Urnnd lilver, ond?l.3.ViU.37V<i for Ludlngton. Tliu yard trailn continues fair at unchanged prices: First and second clear Jttn.otMOfl.OO Third clear, I Inch ho.aX't.Tj.m Thlnl clear, thick n3.otX4nn.oo Clear flooring. first and second, rough .'m.rtX/CW.oo Cleuriddlng. norland second First common siding I.voowm.oo Flouring, ilr*t comtnoii, dressed c-iJH.OO Flooring, second common, dressed 23.0Man.00 Has iionnls, A ai.noc<:i9.rt) Itoi boards. II *ii.orx«37.oo A stock hoards, 10 and 12 In 2H.rtX433.00 IV stock boards 3n.rtW37.or> C stock boards IS.IXXCI7.OO Common boards and fencing Common lumber, ih ft and under 2 In .lotsts and scantling, 30 to 34 It Lath l.nors 1,7.1 A shingles 3.40 a 3.75 BT TEI/EGRAPB FOREIGN. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. I.mnpooL, May 20—ti a. m.— J7our—No. I, 245; Ko. 3. 32a. f7rahv-Whest—Winter, N 9. 1. osiodt No. 3, OsCd; spring, No. 1, Os tod: No. 2. 8s 3d: white. No. 1, 9# 100] No. 3. o»8ds club. No. 1, ins4d; No. 2, 09 lid. Corn- No. 1, 2Cs3d; No. 2,28 s. Prertetene— fork. 82s. Lard. ftGs. Livam-ooi,, May 30—3 p. m.—nreatutnff»— Firm. Wheat—While, No. I. ins; N 0.2. (Mod; club, No. I.los od; No. 3, ids. Corn—No. i, sosod; No. a, 2us. Heat unchanged. Weather wet. aia 40 43 Liverpool, May 20-Lfttcst—Cbllofi—lrpejjular and tint; ft iri’louflMd; soles 7,000 bates, Including 1.000 furspcculatloo and export, and .1,000 American. Sales of the week, 43,000 boles, Including 5,000 for export. 2,000 for speculation, and 21,000 American. Total stock 1,(H2,W0 bales, Including 030,000 Americani re* cclpu, 03,000, Including 60.000 American: actual ox* port, 10,000; amount afloat, 321,000, Including 121.000 Amcrlcauiforwordcdfromshlp's aldo direct t* spin- cm, 7,000 bales. Yams and fabrics at Manchester dull: not quotably Drttuietuff*— Wheat-nocclptsfor three days, 83.ivd qrs, Including 28,000 American: California white wheat, average, f)a(M 54105; do club, 10s(il0sml: red Western spring, No. 2 to No. i, Bs3d(«Ba lod; do win ter, Os od«tM lOd. Flour—Western canal, 23s'*24s. Corn—Western mixed. 2Usa2os fld. Oats, 3«23stfd. Inrlcy, 3s W. Rcaa—Canadian, 80»(23Da BJ. Clover s«rf-65«a005. J*rnTit(one— Pork. «2s. llcef, Ms. Lsrd, 555. Bacon -I.onjt clear, 40b Cd; short do, ftlsod. Chetne-M*. 4 7li//o«o—41*. iVfrofrum—Spirits,B»®ass4; refined, tos Molls 3d, JAnttext Off—23s. Jientn— Common. 4s Od; pale, IBs. Spirit* Turpentine— 34s. London, Msy2o.— jMtroltum— Spirit* 7>odj refined, I la. Llnteerl Oil- 22a Bd. Calcutta Unufl—Ul IW®l3*, lAtxMHI o*o<l M. Sperm 0i1—60(3 K 7». Spirile Turpentine— 33a. Livanpoot, May 20. Weekly Hevhnp-i Tho arrivals of Wheat were smaller during the week than In any week fur several months, prices were further Improved fur both KaglUh and foreign, owing to th« limited deUrct* Ics from growors and a continuous Continental demaud. In to-day’s market holders asked a penny per cental ad vance for wheat, which checked purchases beyond a moderate extent. Flour Is In fair request. Corn steady, wttb the demand mainly for consumption. Antwxw, May so.— l^troieutiv- 28*4. PRODUCE. NKW YOUK. Special Diipatch to The TWftun*. Saw Yokh, May an.—Wu/n—Wheat Market opened (Inn and higher, closing strong: fair business transact ed w>d more demand; No. 3 Chicago sold lo higher Ihua yesterday. Quotations: Hu. 3 Milwaukee, 91.33; No. 2 Chicago sold at $1.31; No. a Milwaukee, 9MS& 1.10; No. 3 Chicago, It: No. 1 Sheboygan. 91.53h1d; market closes Ann and active. Nyo dull; Western. 83c; prime Canada, In bond. ntlWHc. Corn •teariyand quiets steamer mixed, SPJfGsflncs no grade, S7tW7Kc; unmerchantable, JkklNWo; yellow Jersey, nominal; Junes 00}*r, hid. Data—FairtradesJtfchigher: No. 3 New York. 3tH3sNo. 3 Chicago, sales at 41csNo. 3 Milwaukee, 43c; No. 3 white, New York Inspection, urie; So. I New York. 43c. IVnefafons-Lard dull*, gulet market; price* about steady; sales utt first call for June. 350 tea at $11.05 and 380 at sl3.lJO;for September. 550 tea at $13.50; on second call, 350 for July at 913.15; fine call for May, sll.lift bid ondei3,Ctta*kcd; for June, $13.00 bid and $13.0314 asked; for July, $13.15 bid and $13.30 aiked; for August, sia.37HWdand $13.8314 asked; for Sep tember, $13.42>4 bid and $13.50 asked; for the year, $10,5314 bid and $10.7» asked: second call fur May, $11.06 bid and $13.06 tskod; for June, s|t.Uß bid andsl3.oua*ked; for July, $13.1314 bid and $13.15 asked; for August, $13.35 bid and $13.30 asked; for September, sl3.4obldandsl3.4sasked; for the year, SK)..vV bid and $10.70 asked. Vtllmc—A shade weaker; sales at Il'AMv—Steady; fnlrdemsud; hlghwlues, lOObrls at $1.13; alcohol, $3.13. - >Vr/j/5/x—bloody; bettei feeling; to Liverpool, 74» 7V4d; to Ulasguw, tKoultd; to Cork for orders, cs. ,7b Uu Wutim Auodated ire**. New YohK. May 30.— Vutton— Irregular and ireuki UHull 15-lUe: futures barely steady; May, It 7-33 c; June. II 7'B3«*H W-I0o; July, il 11-ltfe* II 33-33 c; August, 11 13-Kft.M 37-330! September, ll 27-330; October, ll-toc; November, II t)-lo*tl 10-33ci Decomner, ll O-likjll 19-tjo; Janu ary. it 11-ldcrfll 33-33 C; February, It 19-ldosll 35-330; Mar., II 3U-:i3t-«ll )5-lUc;nei receipts at all United Status tu.rU during tIM week 17,(i0 balcs;last year, IS.tsx): total receipts at all United Mate* ;-orCs to dale, I.iiiUmi; lost year.3,3B3.(in; exports from all United Bute* ports fur the week. 57,(10; la*t year. *‘J (so; total exports from si) United utatesports todi>lv.3.l><H,(ii>i lost year, 3,431.(11); stock at all United Male* ports, 3.01U.U1); lost year, 33t(.<aa>i stuck stall Interior towns, ou.isx); last year. 47,(U); Block at Llvori*-*.), l.oli.uii; lout tear, WW.UJO: stock of American adust fur Ureal Writ lan. lil.tiOi lout year, . . . . /four— I toed Ms, lI.UAi brls: moderate export and home trade demand: low grades a shade firmer; medi um to choice heavy, prices unchanged, itye flour W«iU«b SO. (Train— Wtient In rood demand for export;* •hade (Inner; receipts. a In. oof) lint No. 3 Chicago spring. 51.30Wt1.33; No. .1 <10,91. l.a:c».|.a>ii No.llo, fn.i.v-tl.ltt: No. a do. old, tn aloro. $1.37; No. t snrliijr. ftl.Sir ti.3l; No. I Plmlmj- Run. 91.:M: iiiiurn<l>-il sprlti*. winter ml Western, ft.4'»: white i.'nut-la In bond.; white Mlniitk!:iu 91.4 V.» 1.47; umber Pinto 9M5; Bye firm: Western. rv.chuo; state, Canada Inlxmd, nt ojkio. Barley dull and unchanged. Stall quid and imcimmrcd. Corn—ltrcclin*, i:.n,(M) bn; moderate do* nmnili mixed. tin grade. 570v-7Hui do steamer, Ungraded. imW'KUc; tin Kansas. «3c: now Western mixed. ungraded, s:*ifl3o. Oata—Demand active; a shade firmer; rendptm 33, non hit; mixed Weitcra tad State. ;i,i'*+4c: white do, 3814348 c. Hay— Unchanged. //e/i.'-tjnlci and unchanged. r;roem<.«-(>>tree qnlel and unchanged. Bugar qmet and unchanged. Mulaxaci quiet but steady. lUcoduii and unchanged. /wro/eiim-onlcl but firm; crude. 67iot refined, HMc; ra*ea. inhale. , 7?if/o»r—Unretilrd; H-Sf/fißo. I Simlnrri Uttln— Unchanged. » Spirit* Tnrprnflne— Dull; 33<s. i A'/iD-UnwtUed; heavy; Western, l3<tMßl<C. . /Vort«/ona—New roes# pork. faa.aoA2o.3S; extra prlinc.9l7.oo: prime mru pork, 830. Hnc43o.Bn;new mew,, pc*rk .lime,; July. *30.30 * 30.25. Beef unchanged; lour clear middles, Western, UrttlHc; do city, It 14c1 Imp. Lard closed heavy; prlmcateam, .tune. sn.osftis.uo; July, fia-iaita 13.17!#: August. ft 3.30. nmtfr— iienvy; new Western. 10®23c. CSrrw-onlel; 4<*n}-4e, f IVMjty—Steady; ft.ta. rini.anxT.pniA. Philadelphia, Slay ao.— Afrefewm— UMo for refined; infcu forentdr.' . .... /Tump—Quirt; extra. 94.37 M; Wisconsin and Mtnne rota family,,50; Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio, 9n.<«r(« high grade*, 57.350R.7ft.. f/rafa—Wheat slow; ambor. f 1.47: No. I wprlng.'s!.na; white,fli.ftOMi.on. itye. P 7c. Com firm; yellow, nar; mixed, nrveuic: sail. ooßißrttr; dam* nerd, w >.r,v. Oata—White. 40044 c; mixed. 850380. llViMty—Held ntfl.l3 for Western. //ecelprt-wheat. o.omlmscorn, 145.f100bn. /frporlf-Corn, 73.(137 bn. „ _ /Trißer—Quiets New York and Bradford Comity ex* fra*. 2fiM77ci firsts, 34'!2ftcs Western extras. 32<*.34c; lima, aowaac; roll*, Western extras, aocoaaet finu, 1*3.300. rve-w—New York fltate, icxjnc: Wrstcra floe, 110 Unsettled; Western fri*«h. IS®l3j<c. BALTIMORE. TUlttooiie, Slay an.—/7o»/r—Qitlet and unchanged. Grain— Wheat quiet and firm. Corn dull; Western mixed. oißc. Oats dull; Western while, 40c; Weal •ern ntlxi’d. ;tuc. Itye, Vi>«7ftc. Hay— Dull and unchanged, _ . „ .. frorfston*—Dull ami weak. Pork, 821.80. Bulk meats—Hbouldem. 714 c; clear rib. lOHc. Bacon— Shoulders. nWttte; clear rib, 11M012C. Lard dull; refitted. iiiV(oi:t;^c. /hitter—Dull: Western, 18034 c. yVfrolsKm—Nominal. Cnfftt— null and unchanged. 11//<«t7/->larkftdnll:fi.ll. Weeef;)f»—Wheat, 3,15>0 bus cent. 119.000bn. Shipmrnit- Wheat, M.ftoobu; com, 36,000 bn. »t. i.outs. Sr. Lons, May an.— Cation— Dull and tower; mldol* Inu, lltftcs low do, ioc; Rood ordinary. hKo. . Ftnur— Dull and lower to sell; very llttlo doing. , f/rnln—Wheat dull and lower; No. a red winter, ft.3B bid cash; axles *1.40 May, No. fido, f 1.94 bid. Com quiet dull and lower to sell; mixed No. 3. 45c cash: 441-CrC titd st close: June; e.fiMo July., Oala unsettled and lower; No. a. s.'iWc bid; rejected, 30c bid. llyo and barley; nnthlngdolng. ir««frU-llold; no sales. iVortirfons—Pork dull and unchanged: 930.50. Bulk meats—no market. Bacon unsettled aud lowers spool* ders. 7*t"s7ttc; clear rib, lOH'dlbMc. Lard dull and , nominal. . . /fppp/wM-Flour. 3.700 brls; wheat. Ifl.OOObu; corn, 53,0m)bu; oaw, a.Ouubu: rye, a,ooo bus barley, none. TOLEDO. Totxoo.tMaysn.—Wo«r-Dult. _ _ Onil'i-Wheat dull and lower: No. 3 white Wabash, SI.JbK: No. l white Michigan. 81.34; No. 3 do, toar* rlviufl.24; amber Michigan. 81.3H}f; June, 91.5 MW; ■lnly.; No. 3 amber Mlclitgan. $1.10; No.arrd winter, *1.31; rejected red, h»r. Com atcady; high mixed, spotanrt May, w«Wo; June, fiatyc; low mixed, nac; June, .v»V6c; no grnun, suWc; do u. and M.. 50o; damaged, 4:i!ic. Oata quiet; No. 3,34 c; while, 40c; ‘ nlceipti- Flour, none; wheat, 34,000 bu; corn, 23,000 butuSU. I,3ix>bii. .v/dpmcnM—Flour, noo brls: wheat. 7.000 but corn, o.ooubu; oata, 10,000 bu. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, Mayao.— Flour— Steady; moderate do* Wheat opened unsettled; about 1c higher; closed weak; No. 1 Milwaukee, fll.inftt hard, *1.34; No. a Milwaukee. (SI.OPM; June. fll.OKjf; July, fI.OBMi No. 3, Obc. Corn unsettled and (IctnuraUxedt No. 3 nominal at 45c. Oata active but lower; No. a cash or May. auc; June. 2»Kc. lt»o steady, but weak; No. i, 7U«. Barley neglected and nominal. fYeight*—filial but llrms wheat to Buffalo, side; to 0 T.OODhrls! wheat fl2,C«ohu. A’A/ptnenM—Flou-. H.ono brlss wheat, 34.000 bn. Nl'.W mtI.RANB. NEW Ont.BAffi. May a*).—Aoiir-Moderotcly active and lilghcrt 54.73HU.3.V, high urades, Oirn-J/col-Duli mid lower; 93.75. (Jraln— Corn active, firm, anti higher; white mixed, R3'Ut4c; whim, (M Sti.'»c. oats—Demand light aud hold ers firm: Pt. LnuK 4f)o; Calenx 4.te. ProrMon*— Pork dull and lower; 921.00. Bulk* tacnU dull and drooping. Bulk xhuuldcra, BttdHe* /Inin—Dull, weak, and lower; 75c. ■ other* unchanged. iWwyjVVn At. ia.55 0.25 aoiiiiia* jilfMt -CVill/i?—Receipt*. 001$ to market to-day; frcalmrrl- CINCINNATI* Cincinnati, May 2is.~cotton —Quiet; >7o«r—Dull. . , , (train— Wheal steady; • Corn inrimlarj Sownic. Oats dull;at-40c. Ilye steadyi llnni 7.’K474c, I+oritinne-VoTk dulls $20.35<a2a.n0. Lard |n fair demands (team. llKcs kettle, »2H;ai3c. Bulk meats lu fair demand; shoulder*. o)(e: dear rib, t>H'£lOl4c{ clear. lOXc, Hncon dull and unchanged. Butter— Quiet ami weak: Western Reserve, 17®20c; Central Ohio, jst*JHc; packer* paying 134.1.70 nOSTOH. Hobton, Mny 28. Flour— Western (iiperflne, 83.T0 common extra*, 84.50wa.00; wliconsfn and Minnesota extra family.«7.oo| winter wheat. Ohio. Indiana, and Michigan. fO.Ofm.OO: Illinois, So.<xVta.2r>; Kl. TjOiila, s<i.23<i*o.oU; fancy Minnesota and Wisconsin. 87.23w0.f0. Groin— Corn mixed and yellow, 03®00c. Oatl-No. 3 white and mixed, 43f*4dc; rejected, 42(*45c. DtrrrAi.o. RcrTALQ, May 20.— Grain— Wheat—Light demand and strong; No. 1 new Milwaukee, si.Ms Hheboygnn, 5i.27. Cum srareo and In jteod demand; No. 3. 63c; car lota do, Miiiosc. Rye—None here. Parley—lnact* lV Cnnal /VsiflWt-Shads higher; wheat to New York, OJ4c. _____ Nrw ORLRi*#, Li.. May 20. —Cotton quiet lod weak; sales l.oon bales; quotations unchanged; re ceipts, net, boo grow, I,(Ml; itock, 123.000; week's tales, 14.(tor>; receipts, 0,000; exporlt to Liverpool, 10,. 000; to the Continent. c,K». CuAitt.KrroN. 8. C., May SO.—Cotton dull; mid dlings, liKOllfte; stock, O.RR7 bales; weekly not re ceipts, OOH holes; export to Great Britain, 4,823; to Prance, 1,800; eonstwlso, tUU; sales. 1,473. Moans, Ala., May so.—Colton weak and Irregular; middlings, lOMc; Mock, 17,487 bales; weekly net re ceipts, V 2»; uxports to Great Britain, 8,804; Prance, 1,238 coastwise. 2,310; sales, 3,(V0. Galvxitow, Tex., May SO.—Colton nominal; mid dlings. llHc; stock 18,401 bales; weekly net receipts, 1.323; gross, 1.341; exports, ooastwlsc, 4,878; sales, 2,340. Savannah, Oa., Msy 20.—Cotton nominal; mid dlings, lll<c; stock, 1,040 bales: weekly net receipts, 1,013; gross, 1,078; Jcxport to Great Britain, 6.030; coastwise, I.HQO; sales, uua. Pmt,ADFLpniA, May 20.—W00l In improved demand; Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia XX about 408 41c; X. 3(V44ocsmcdliini. 42fi44cs coarse, 334980;New York, Michigan. Indiana, and Western One, 34(T038c; medium. 4(Vt43c; coarse, 3V(37Ci combing warned, 50 fivssc; unwashed, 3.Vi;nc; fine tin washed,'Jo22sc; coarse medium unwashed. 23a2Hc; tub-washed. 40®42c; ex tra and merino pulled, 30G32c; No. 1 and super pulled, 3Cte34c. Nxw York, May 38.—Colton goods sold to fair amounts at Irregular prices. Fancy and thlrtlng prints were rather more active. Ulnghama were In steady de mand andaflrm. Dress goods were qolot and heavy. Muslins were less active. The JiuUetln anyi 5,000 pieces of overcoatings will be peremptorily sold at auction Wednesday next. CtxvxiAvn, 0., May 30. Petroleum— Steady and firm; quote standard white, 91.1t>. test, lie; prtma white, iso lest, 130-oar loU. pirrsßUau. Po.. May 30.—petrolan dull; crude, 53.23 H at Parkers; raflned, 14J4®14 c Philadelphia delivery. . - Pittsbvan, Fa., May 20.—Plg-lron quiet and un changed; No. t foundry. 924.00023.00.Qray forge 9aa.00. _ AnnrvAts—Prop City of Owen Bound, Goderich, salt; prop Vanderbilt, Buffalo, eundrlea; achr Two Friends, Kincardine, aalt; etmr Corona, 8L Joe, sundries: almr Chicago, Manitowoc, sundries; atmr Muskegon, Muskegon, sundries; scow Bea Dirt), Baugalack, wood; achr Josca, Holland, light; achr Topacy, Uaniatco, lumber;achrJapan, Ludlngton, lumber; ecbr Willlo Loullt, Muskegon, lumber; prop City of Now York, Ogdensburg, sun dries; prop New Bra, Muskegon, towing; sclir Transfer, Muskegon, lumber; achr Wolverine, Muskegon, lumber; achrC. F. Allen, Muskegon, lumber; acbr Golden Harvest, Muskegon, lumber; prop 31. Groli, Manistee, lumber; achr J. AA. Btrimach, ilanlstcc, lumber; sc hr Moryß. Cooke, Hamlin, lumber; achr Rosabella, Muskegon, luce her; prop Beotia, DutTalo, sundries; achr Mary McVea, Jackaooport, cedar posts; acbr 11. O. Cleveland, Toledo, railroad tics. CLBsiuNOßu—Scbr Michigan, Buffalo, 85,704 bu oats; slmr Corona, St. Jo, sundries', schr A, M. I'etorson. Buffalo, 41,000 bo wheat; schrltlvur* side, Buffalo, 10,651 bu wheat; schr Joses, Hol land, 40 cds stone; sebr Lettie May, Green Bar, 510 hrls pork, 2 do beef, and sundries; achr Hungarian, Manistee. U 5 eda •tone; prop Russia, Buffalo, 4ft, 208 bu wheat, 7,420 bu corn, ftlfibrla Hour, 50 bags seed, and sundries ; Mtuir Chicago, Ahnuueu, 7o bdls green bides. 10 bris whisky, 9 bales broom-corn, and sundries; schr Nellie Hodlngton. Buffalo. 50,514 bu wheat; K Vanderbilt, Buffalo, 15,132 ba com; achr Ellsworth, Buffalo, 22.750 bo corn; atmr Muskegon, Muskegon, sundries: prop Cuyahoga; Bayflold, 50 brls pork, 725 pkgs fecd,andmndrics; nrop City of Concord, Ogdtnaburg, 4,400 bu corn, 10,000 bu oats, 200 brls floor, 160 brls pork. There was a good demand for vessel-room and Buffalo rates were steady at 214 c for corn and Ztfe for wheat with room engaged for 170,000 ba wheat, 100,000 bu corn and 10,000 bu oats. Tho charters wore as follows: To Buffalo: Prop Kershaw, schraß. V, U. Watson, Red, White and Bias, Dic tator, and steam-barge Javls Lord, wheat at 2Hc, prop BcoUi, Cora- To Erie, prop Annie Young, COTTON. WOOL. DRY WOODS. PETROLEUM. IRON, MARINE. CHICAGO? LAKE FREIGHTS. CiIIOACO. oata* ofid ® n,blirff * P r °P Concefd, corn an y BLBSWBBRB. Bur'flALo.Mfly 24. —Nothing doing In op*fre(ghla VcxaeVowtiert any they are now holding forsi Pe ’ r ton rot coal to Chicago. . Mb.wauke*, May ST».—There labut HUledoln* In ffjlghts at present The schooner Trinidad w«! cliejtcrcd to-day at 2V4c for wheat to Unffalo Th« sclejoner 8. J. itichanla la reported coming from Chicago to take a cargo of wheat from here to Bur. fedo, f(2Ko. LAKE MICHIGAN. cntOAao. The foternonenof the lumber-fleet hay*begin ’to arrive.... The tng Monitor went out yesterday morning In search of a Job, and tn the evening she had not returned, which shows that tows are rather scarce Jnnt n0w.... The tug Wood has become dl». gunted with the present state of tho business, and gone Into ordinary. Before laying uj ah# took on a load of coal to be ready for an. emergency that might arise. All of her crew, c/. ccpt the Captain and engineer, tmvo been dls. charged. Other tugs will undoubtedly go and do likewise before 10ng... .There Is a regular msnlran on the dock between Well# and Franklin streets Hoveral of tbe boards aro loose, and If a man atcpi on them they will go down and precipitate him into the depths below. This trap has been In r*. Islenco for scvoral days past, and several persona came near bclngdrowned already, and yotnosten* have been taken to repair it. Whose duty (a tt \ 0 look after ;t?....T1i0 tug Loulo Dole struck a login Ogden's Canal yestorday, nod broke her shoe, com pelling her to go Into the bone-yard.... The tug lien Drake will come out as an excursion boat Pm" day, and - will begin to run between Clark street bridge and Sonth Chicago regularly Tho Drake has latoly been Inspected, and has been found to be entirely trustworthy.. The schr Ostrich h receiving a thorough overhaul*. lug at one of the docks of the Chicago Dry-Dock Company.... Tho schr Groton, which has been Ashore hi tbe Straits and was brought bore lately by tho tng Protection, was surveyed yesterday, but \\ could not ho learned what result had been reached It is understood that nothing will be don# to her until business improves and warrants tha outlay. LAKE BUPEUIOU NEWS. A lady passenger of tb# prop J. L. Hard, ofLe#. pold & Austrian's Luko Snperlor Lin#, writes an In teresting account of her (rip to Tub Trisurb froa Hancock, Mich., from which the following h taken. “We loft Chicago on the evening of th< 10th. On onr way up we stopped at Port Washing ton, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Two Rivera, os tho west shore of Lake Michigan. At each nlac< ample opportunity was offered to those ao inclined to display their walking propensities. Reachinq tho Sault 8t«. Mario wo met the Csnadfon atm; Cumberland. Wo locked through tho canal on tbs ewiling of the 13th with tbe barge Egyptian; weu| an far as Point an Pius mid remained then until morning. We had thus far met with ht;| little ice, but sonn after pawing this pointw# en countered considerable of it. We bad, however, but little dlfllcnlty la getting through. Lcavini Whltcflsh Point wo bad a run of a few hours la clear water. As we proceeded on our way tho In creased thickness of tho Ico became perceptible by the Jarring of the boat. As wo nenred Marquette it became so henry tint we were occasionally obliged to resort to the hunting process. Jnat out side this port wore the prop city of Duluth, bargi -Sparta and consort. Alter* brief delay oar Cap. tain wisely decided not to attempt an entrance, and soon we were again plowing our way through fields of Ice. pushing aside with disdain tho tnassivi cakes which came In uur way, leaving them a help less, surging, crumbling mass, sparkling in the sunlight, reflecting its mys like so many diamonds. From thla point onward tho Ice was covered with considerable enow. Occasionally we crossed a path compara tively free from Ice, through which some gallant steamer had already plowed her lonely way. Re mained at Houghton a short time, when the non familiar whistle sounded, aud the new bridge con necting the two towns opened Its portols, and sooc weweroat our destination.— Hancock. Thooffl cers were kind and obliging, and everything v»#l done to make tho trip agreeable. ” LAKE ERIE. CRIB. Special Dttpaieh t» Tt* Tmufli No arrivals to-day. Departure*— Prop Mary -Tareckl, for Marquette MARQUETTE. Special Ditpaieh to Tho Tribmiu, MATturETTB, Mich. May 20. —AnnirzD—Prop May (lower: nebr Eaglo Wing, Ci.raiwd—Prop j. s. F»y, V. Swain; sclirs A, C. Maxwell, Sandusky. Pabsxu Mv—Prop St. Loqlb. jfpetMut nupatc/i to The Tttintne. Marqprttb, MJch.. May 20.—Abuivbi>—6cbn Sophia Minch. 11. J. webh, Shape. Ci.barki>—Props Rnlcleh, Chamberlain; sehr* Kiite Winslow. Columbian, Cly JJreod, Joba Idoshoa, Two Fannies. , I’asheo Down—Pror Missouri. POUT mmON. Special DtepalcA to The rWftQfls. Port llunoH, May 20.—Dowk—Props H. C. ’Schoover, Lawrence and consort, Yusomlto and barges, Glasgow and Larges, New York and barges, Rrndbnry and barges; sebrsPolly M. Roger* ani J. King. Di*—Props Blaracca, Alaska, City of Montreal; schra J. KoldcrhoQM. W. IL Rounds. Wind—South, gentle; wcatborflne. PoiiT Ilunon, Nay 20—10 p, m.—Down—Proa Mary Mills. Up—Props Montana, L. B. Tuttle and bare as; dirt Chippewa, Annie Molvey, U, P. Baldwin. Wiku—South, gentle; weather floe. THE CANAL. BitntocponT, May 20. Clears*—Georgia, Ot tawa, 08,308 ft lumber; prop King Dro»., Kanka kee Feeder, 21,000 ft lumber; prop Montank, Locknort, 4,500 htt wheat; Maple Leaf, Lockport, 2.015 bit wheat, 5.000 ft lumber; Gold Rod. Otta wa, 80,338 ft lumber. MISCELLANEOUS. ODDS AND £ND9. The ecbrSnnriae Jettisoned 30 tons of Iron ere on Lake Michigan In the gale of Monday.... B etween 15 and 10 feet of water aro reported In the Welland Canal, nearly 3 feet more Ulan at this Unto last year.... The schr Dulcbor Boy was stripping Tuesday at Buffalo, and will go Into “summer quarters.**....*rhe achr Potomac which has been ashore near Petoskey wan gotten off Wednesday at noon by (ho tug Leviathan. uninjured.... The achr (Juoylo has been gotten off from Belle Isle, and has gone on her way rejoicing. Bho received no damage.... The «teara barge Inter-Ocean and her consort have ar rived at Detroit, and ore going Into ordinary for belter times.... The echr Atlanta, which went ashore at Cass liivcr last fall and was released sub sequently, has been couverted Into a barge.... Hays tbo Buffalo Courier: '‘During the winter too fine threo-mnslcd schr FT. W. Sago was purrbared by tho Finn Bros., of Oswego, for $30,000, at (be time thought to >»c very cheap. Now tho craft has been tied up at (his port for over a w" ’t, awaiting orders. There may be money laves*-' copcrty, but we fall to appreciate lU ,, .,..TheUtiyClty Tribune, cays: “Another attempt has him been made to res* cue the Gould, ashnro at Port Austin reef, but It was a failure, and It scums as If the barge must go to pieces eventually, asehs cannot bo released. The Sophia Hmlth is not worth pulling off, and her rigging and tackle are now In the custody of thaShcrlff, and are to be sold to pay the wages of her crew.”....bars the Detroit Trib une; “Thsstmr Saarab Van Epps baa been sold byCapL Ornmmond to Cleveland parties, wl» arc to rim her. It is stated, between Cleveland and Port Stanley. She was taken yesterday to Beaublen's dock, where she Is being repaired. She will leave In a few dovs for Cleveland. * BVBINENB GAUDS. RUPTURE Dr. J. A. BUEUM AN respectfully notifies the effllftH to beware of traveling Impostors who aro going alwul thn country lelllnn Imitation appliances ana i*ol«k.nou* mixture as curative compound, rntuduleutly pretend lug to understand hla Imslm-wt. sod thus endangering the live* and causing Irreparable Injury to the unrnriu note. He ha* uo agents, nor hai he ever Instructed any one to hlshusliicM. Dr. Sherman will be in Chicago »o 4 Milwaukee during this month, where those Inu.-rr.sie4 may consult him In pornoo, and reap the banedt ct t>U experience and remedies. Principal oilier, 1 Ann-st.. New York. Hooks, with llkenexses of cues before saa alter cure, mailed on receipt of to rente. _ *4 Q TT Boiled Gold Plate Jewelry. Att IK |\ kinds for Ladles’ and Gents’ wear, new styles, ecjual In wear and ap pearance to Gold. Ladies' eels, latest style*! Bleuvu Buttons, great variety; Clmlns, Lockets, Htud*. Charms, etr., etc. Special bargains 1* Watches. KENDALL, 212 BUte-st., eornarJacL* son. DhllU Parasols for|l esc! nTUinn n vein's dollar HI H\|| \ STORE, 106 BastMad .Ul llOulUl laon-at. BUSINESS €’IBAN€’KS. CAU WOIIKH (OH HAI.K* The works of tin* utile Falls C»r and |<oeorootlvr Company will Ihi sold. at public unction, as thn Court lluum door, la Charlestuwu, Clark County, Did., a* BATUKUAr, June 10. |K7«. between the hp 1 1” o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock 1». m. These are Uio large** and most complete car works In the country, are ed adjacent to Jetfersouvllle. Hid., aud are well adsi* sd to other branches ef manufacture. For prlateocin cular containing full description of lbs torus of sain, which are extremely liberal, addre* JUj W. MMtAUUK. Agent fop Tnuteea. JetTerson vlllc. »PS: KDtiCATIOItAL. Miaa adby n. johnson (Late Principal of Bradford Academy) will reeelrt Into her Uouio, 100 Charlcs-st., Boston, Mass., • limited number of young Indies, to bounder b*J Immediate cure ami Instruction In all the branenw of an English Education, Superior opportUDlU« afforded for the study of the higher English broach es. the Ancient and Modern Languages. Music, OB* Painting. Bpeclal attention given to (bo health; m Pupils. Mies Johnson refers by permission toiw» B. C. liartliU, Chicsge Theological SoiaUm*

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