Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 27, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 27, 1876 Page 3
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MIKE EVANS. Opening Arguments in the Guo "Warranto Case. Filing of a Batch of Affidavits on Both Sides. Tho Talking Will Probably Bo Ended To-Day. flic Criminal Court-roam contained ns goodly amount of legal bruins yesterday morning, tho casus belli being tlic ease of In re People, ex rcl. Evans, vs. Callaghan—ln other words, the application of Mike Kvnns vs. Hcruard Calla ghan for n writ of quo warranto. Mike was present In person, and waa reltiforcod by his attorneys, W. C. tiomly and Melville W, FuV lor, oml the other aide wan represented by M. y. Tuley, Leonard Swett, and J. J. Herrick. Tlic first matter to eotnu up was the fixing of a day when the Criminal Court would bo vacant and TUB COLVIN-llorSß CONTEST 20,, 1(1 take place. Mr. Ooudy Raid that the cusc of Colvin and OUJBO was to be brought before five Circuit judges, and It hod been decided to enter the judgment on the records of the Criminal Court. Mr. Fuller, Uotidy’s colleague, said It was uu dcrsUKxlf on account of the moral olTcct the de cision was expected to exert, and Inasmuch ns the decision was to lie final, that all the Judges should sit,—not only those of the Circuit, but those of the Superior Court. prosccutlng-AttnmeyUeed suggested I hat the Judges he present Wednesday, when there ff ould be no criminal baldness to Interfere with taking un the case. Judge Moore assented to nuch an agreement, snd all portion present seemed to think favora bly of it, and decided to consult with the Cir cuit Judges, as to whether Wednesday would suit their convenience. The legitimate business of the day, the Evans- Callaghan contest, was then taken up. MR. TCLI2Y, for the respondent, rend a number of affidavits filed In the ease of Phillips vs. Gray. They nore those of Thomas Huyno, W. ft. Page, Peter Page, the Rev. Arthur Mitchell, Murry Kelson, Charles Counsclman, .John S. Cooper, Charles P. Kellogg, Aimer Taylor, .1. L. Thump urn, Jesse Spalding, Henry I. Vail, Henry M. llinmihrcy,C. M. Henderson.and John J. McGill. Mr. Tnley also rend the new affidavits of G. 0. Mason and John MeGenniss in the present cue. They recounted Die stale of facts ns described In the previous affidavits In the First »nd Third Wards, mu. rm.uut then read the affidavit of Dave Thornton, which embraced a general denial of nil charges of fraud, tampering: with the ballot-boxes and'vault doors; the affidavits of Officers Joliu Crook and Edward Lonergan tot lie effect that the vault door at 204 LaSalle street was not opened on the night of Tuesday, April 4, 1870, after the ballot-boxes were placed hi the vault and locked by Oleeson; also tho affidavit of ex-Town Clerk (ilceson, indulging hi a very generous whitewashing of hU record on that memorable day. According to Oleeson, there was no pry ing into vauit-<iuors, no tampering with ballot boxes, and everything was alt lovely as far os he and the House of David man were concerned. The vault-door business was explained by the noise made by Phillips opening the door of the water-closet. Affiant further'stated that the door was looked from Tuesday night to Thurs day afternoon, and that when it was stated that the vault-door was tan>|>crcd with, it was simply a mistake. The mysteries of counting the votes were also explained. The dis crepancy between the names on the pull-books and the number of votes cast was 15‘.13, and not 1,457. The affiant further stated that tho canvass was regular in all re* Fleets; that tho fact that some Votes were clean and some unclean simply proved nothing, us he had often in tho course of Ids career noticed that peculiarity In ballots. Tho affidavit closed with u reference to tho meeting of the South Town Hoard on tho Jfith of April, and the affiant was of course made to appear hi the light of u martyr. • An affidavit of Ed Phillips was read slating that the vault doors were lucked that night anil not opened, ns lie could positively show. An Bllklavlt of Michael Kclfe was read to show that everything was fair and square In the Second Ward, os far as Evans was concerned. MIKE EVANS also had an affidavit. After explainin'; his sit uation ns a candidate tlie paper set forth that everything was regularly conducted nt all the noils except two, and that lie aaw no riot, no fraud, no confusion. Tim affiant had seen many Hcpunlleans who wore about to vote for him that day, and he believed they did, and the votes didn’t appear; that even the respondent, Cana dian, had voted for him: that he (Evans) had been Collector for the South Town for some years with sonic credit, ho thought, and that he ought to have another chance ut it: that lie was anxious to have the votes counted that Tuesday night, hut the counsels of others pre vailed; that first rount was a rather caro lers Job, and there was a discrepancy of l t <|o7 votes; a second count reduced the discrepancy toCOti; that he was sure he was elected; knew of no fraud, and participated In none; that he was unable to account for the discrepancy; that the vote at some polls was suspicious ly large, particularly in Murry Nelson’s ward; that he thought lucre was an error In keeping the poll-lists; that the poll-lists nt W 4 State street nod upon them l,u3a names, and that H seemed to film Physically impossible that 1,(138 ballots could have been east at that single pull between 8 in the morning and 7 In the evening; that this pull was presided over by Murry Nelson, Evans’ oj>- ponent, and that the assistant clerk was not favorable to Ids election; thatofllant meant no reflection upon these ollieers; that be presumed the ballots east were properly received by the Assistant Moderator, preserved, kept, and retained, but affiant Dellevcs there must have been some error committed hi keeping the poll-lists by which the number of names thereon was made greater than the actna! number of voters, and that the discrep ancy was attributable to tills error; that the Affiant did nut believe there were any less bal lots In the ballot-boxes than had actually been therein, hut that more names were either actu ally or apparently on the poll-lists than should have been, and that, nt all events, If there ought to have been In the boxes os many ballots as It is alleged there were names, and every one of tho ballots which It appeared there were, less the apparent numlicr of names, had been cast against the ofllant, he still believed ho was elected: finally, that ufliant distinctly and explicitly denied all fraud on hU part or with Ids knowledge. There wore two other affidavits from Mike attempting to upset tho mutter contained in the affidavits of Mason and McOcnnlss, and Mr. roller then announced that all the testimony was in. MU. OOUDT then argued the case for the relator. Tho ques tion. said he, was whether tho motion for leave to Hie the information could lie allowed. Was there probable ground fur authorizing proceed ing to he instituted to inquire into Callaghan’s title I If there was, the law was Imperative upon the Court that the Information should bo tiled. If tiieru was nut, tho claim was right, and the Court should find that tho Information ought to be refused. and tho motion denied, lint the whole drift of tho evidence hail no relevancy nor competency, because these affidavits were not in os supporting Callaghan's claims, but In some way showing that Evans was not legally elected by the lawful voters of the town. The election of the Moderator could have nothing to do with the question. Such a Jtnigglc might occur any time, and was not to bo wondered at. Tho votes were returned and canvassed by law by the Moderator and Town- Clerk, who declared tho result, placed It on tho meord, and Issued tho propcreerllllcutes. Then Jt was alleged there was no election. Was (hat truol frauds might bo committed, but who should determine tillsf When and howl fly mu Moderator and tho Town Clerk In the Unit instance. They did determine It, but they did not decide in favor of Callaghan. The next Hep should have lieen fur any dissatisfied per son to coolest tho election In the courts accord to tho statute, fleeauso there might have been fraud, it was no reason to say U was no (lection, and therefore a vacancy, because they umld not tell the result of tho election. It was simply absurd. It was more than that, it was an outrage directly. In tho teeth of tho statute. The record of the Moderator and Town Clerk was ignored altogether on account of alleged frauds m> their tho opening of vault-doors, etc. llieoo charges were all denied la tho affidavits m the Moderator and Clerk mid the two of mtirs, tun) Hurt of the relator, Evans. Tho vault dour could nut have been opened. Arthur Mitchell was simply mistaken. Ho simply saw {mljllps going to tho water-closet. Besides, rlilllips would have hud to know tlie combina tion lock la order to open the vault. It was Jmowa only to (Beeson uml tho Janitor. Tho utter was away, and (ileeson, according to tho testimony, did not go into that room. It was Jmight to prove that (Beeson and Thornton, by "H responding to the vails for Hunter, w thou tampering with tho vault. He could not explain It morn consistently than tlmt fllee nim, Hunter, Thornton, amt Phillips were en joying a game of jxiker, and Mr. Hunter, the; conservator of morality, did not cam to Irnvo the lU'V. Arthur Mllchull ace him engaged In that attractive gamo. Tho first count had Indeed shown a discrep ancy of 1,447 votes, hut the second, and morn careful count, showed only a discrepancy oj C'JO. The charge of tampering with tliosu ballots In the vault would not stand. The voting in Murry Nelson's wan! must have been at The rate of three a minute for eleven hours, and Mr. Goudydld not believe that was possible. Ho would not call any names or make any charges, but It looked as lr there was a good deal or hurry and carelessness In accenting these votes; that very few, If any, questions were asked, and that a good many votes were deposited for which the names dlu not. appear on the poll-books, and tiny were not Evans votes, either. The action of the Town Hoard was criticized ns without any force. Their duty was minis terial, and not Judicial. Again, Mr. Callaghan’s title was defective, his warrant being signed by only seven out of the nine Justices. It might be said that Cnllnglmn had not assumed the olllce, hut Mr. Goody argued that he was in, da facto, having got Ills warrant and taken tliu oath. Hu had thus qualified, and had really en tered the olllce. The Supreme Court of Illinois had decided tlmt the plea of non-user was not a good [ilen. Mr. Goudy quoted largely from the authorities on this point, his quota tions going to show that Callnglinn had really entered upon tho olpco. Mr. Goudy claimed that Callaghan was nut the rightful Collector, tlmt his warrant was void, and could he resisted. It was a serious ques tion—morn so to the, public than to cither of (lie contestants. He thought they were entitled to have the writ of quo warranto,and to have the Information (lied. The dispute os to what were the facia also called for a trial of this matter, and a settlement was necessary. mu. J. J. IIBmtICR argued for tho respondent, directing his atten tion to the framing of the petition. U was not true that Callaghan was a usurper of the office. Courts had repeatedly refused leave to file ap plication for an Information on this very ground, —that there was not a user. The simple claim to the office was not sufficient. Before he hail really entered npon the office It was necessary that he givo his bond, and bo could not be said to have taken the office nnMl ho had thus signified his Intentions. Tho petition alleged that Callaghan hail only taken one of the steps. He hail taken the oath, but had kept It In his pocket,and not filed it with the Town Clerk. This was the only step he had taken, and no bond could be given until Callaghan received notice of the amount of tuxes to be collected. Mr. Callaghan was not nn officer do facto, and what protection did tho people need! The application was wholly pre mature upon tills showing. Leaving this view of tho subject, Mr. Herrick said it wna evident from the affidavits that there hod been a deep-laid conspiracy to defraud the honest voters. Evans, Phillips, Qlecson, and Thorn ton had each been at Ids appropriate place, and the result was the election of this ticket. Under these circumstances, Evans should not come In to Court and ask the Court to perpetuate this fraud. The Court then intimated that an adjourn ment would be the proper tiling. Inasmuch us there had been no recess, ami he thought the gentlemen would rather talk to him this morn ing, when lie felt fresh. Messrs. Tulcy and Ful ler, the remaining speakers, coincided with this opinion, and business will be accordingly re sumed this morning at 11 o'clock. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. ON TITC STItEET-CAKS. To the JitUtor qf The Tribune. Chicago, May 20. I was amused this morn ing to read that portion of your I’hiludelphla correspondent’s letter which relates to street ear experiences. Now, I am not of that class of yuung women which he mentions, neither have 1 seen CO summers, am not 200 pounds weight, nor so tough ns that “rhinoceros” kind of women of which your correspondent so eloquently writes; yet, for good reasons, my sympathies have been strongly with womankind ever since 1 was bom. But 1 would give now* a little wholesome advice to the men, which might be of some benefit if taken and followed In Philadelphia, as well ns Chicago, this important season. A man enters a street ear; It Is half filled; betakes Ids scat, perhaps wcurlcdly, but hopefully. After a few blocks’ ride the scats ore all occupied, ami ladies enter. That man Is right aw*ny vucomfortablu, wishes he had a newspaper now,—it is very convenient sometimes to keep the sun from one’s eyes, lie Is uneasy; takes a cursory glance at those ladies standing, the one nearest him Is so well-dressed, mid be has yet only looked as high as her flncly- f ;lovcd hand. Hu feels It isn’t politic to sit onger. so proffers his scut, which she accepts with thanks, bo pleasant that he feels quite re paid. It is far different I acknowledge when a woman accents without ns much as even a “ thunk you," while the man Is compelled to cling to the straps fur the rest of hts way. Ido not Know from experience how It Is In Phila delphia, where It is supposed all would put ou their best behavior, because it Is Centennial year. Selfish people will be selfish still, but it Is proverbial of Chicago ladies that they ore eminently polite at home and abroad. American gentlemen do especially pride them selves upon their courtly bearing towards ladies, especially, and they ore, indeed, highly appreciated. While they take pleasure In serving them In a thousand and one ways, they of course use their own bent Judgment ami discretion. Let them use the same in the street cars. No gentleman ever keeps Ids scut when lie sees areal elderly woman standing,—be would offer his own out of respect to his old grand mother, it for no other reason. Hu would do the same wheun woman enters currying her babe, wouldn’t he; whether she be clothed in purple and fine linen or noli Again, the face is an un mistakable index, tbe expressions of which are us varied as Uie clothes the women wear. Wien a woman enters pole and tired-looking she is subject to Jolting and crowding, and might suffer untold pain before she would dare ask him to give bis seat to her. In that case, surrender. Again, one. perhaps mure, enter boldly; they look liciUlhy, act Jubilant, pcrlmps defiant; they look at once all along the line of gentlemen, much as to say, “Aren’t you going to rise, sir, mid give mo that seutl" Don’t you stir. “ Kccpyourslttlu’,” aa the dear old ladles used to suy when calling upon their good neigh bors, when street-ears weren’t fashionable. Only on ibis lost occasion is Artvmus Ward’s maxim safe for adoption. Hu says, “If nobody arises he buries his face In Ids newspaper, to blush for the degeneracy of his race ” 1 That will do for him—that excuse. 1 believe I speak the sentiments of all true ladles when I ask the gentlemen to follow these simple mien of ad vice, and then they need nut feel uncomfortable, whether they sit or surrender. M, 8. U. ouu TAXES. To tht Editor <f Tht Tribune. Chicago, May 24.—As a mutter of informa tion to myself, and general Information to thousands ot others similarly in tho dark on the tax question, would you bu so kind us to let it ho known through tho eolumusof your valuable paper what Is tho actual amount of tho general tax It Is expected that every honest citizen, resi dent of this city, Is expected to pay this year! Objections us to unjust taxation and protests were mode against the payment of lost year’s taxes by so many, and suits arc now pending in courts, that it is a mutter of general Interest to have It known delinitely how much ou tho dol lar wo have to pay? Tho Inquiry embraces State, county, city, and school taxes,—all In u lump. Also (if you know It), what Is the actual amount of property a man of family may con sider exempt; or, what personal property Is he entitled to have and to hold free of taxi If this Information was made known a great many persons would procure tho necessary blanks, till them up ready for delivery to the officer, or deliver them themselves at tho As sessor’s office, and thus save labor, often lose of time, to tho Assistant Assessor or Collector, who often calls ut houses without fluffing the proper person to answer their inquiry. The proper reply to tho above, If you can ac curately muku It through your columns, would much oblige. Yours, very respectfully, Answer.—'Tlie assessment on which the State, comity, and other (axes for 1870 aru to be ex tended not having been made. It is impossible to state what t he percentage of taxation will be. As to tlie other question, tliere Is nothing which a man of family may consider exempt from tax ation. Hu is bound to return all lie bas. Ex emption from execution exists, but uot exemp tion from taxation. CITY FINANCES, tto tht Editor of Tht Tribunt, Chicago, May 31.—'There seems to bo very much anxiety manifested just now obout tho credit of our dear city. Being one of that hum ble class who always have to pay taxes wheu due, I would like to express xuy views of the the subject. To my opuquu vision It look* as If the credit of the city was used up long ago. Tho people by constitutional cnaetoc=t decided that the city should have a credit of about twelve mill- THE CHICAGO TRIBE! lons. Tills amount was fully covered by truest and lawful bonds some five years ago. This In all the credit tbe people want, ami all any one has a right to expect, and this we lia ,r e, so sound, tlmt between the rapacity of the lax* enters and the money-lenders no mm now living will see It any less. These certificates, about which them is so much dispute, are Illegal amt undoubtedly a discredit to tliu city, and no amount of sophistry can make them otherwise, as they are a standing monument of the mal administration of our public affairs. Most of the people are willing ami anxious to nee them paid, as promised ami Intended at the time of their Issue, viz.: from the uncollected (axes of specified years In tho past. “ Hut that’s what Is trie mutter.” Thu tax-fighters sec that If this course Is pursued there will ho a vigorous col lodion of taxes, both of those past and to be come 'due; that wheu the tax-eaters can not sell certificates, their kinsmen, the tax-fighters must pay. Through his several messages of tills week tho Mayor has given renewed assurance that the needed reforms ex pected from, and promised by, the new Coun cil will he fully tarried out; that, after our struggle for years, wu have nt lost an honest (lovenimciit fur Chicago. While Mayor iloynn presides we have assurances that the ?3,000 t 0<)0 of Illegal ccrllllentes shall not be made a ba«ls of appropriations for the ensuing years, amt that the mau who has paid his full share of taxes In the past, shall not now he forced to Kthe delinquent taxes of his dishonest nelgn* “ All hall and long life to Mayor Iloyue and the new Council.” Ueason. DH. A. W. ORAT. To the J-Mtor of The Tribune. CniCAOo, May li-l.—l have tills clay returned home to Chicago from the Black Hills, and my attention lias been directed for the first time to an article In Tub Tiudokr of May 9, headed “Special Correspondence,” and dated from Fort Laramie, W. T., lu which your correspondent professes to give an account of the wounding by Indians of Mr. 11. E. Brown, lute Superin tendent of the Cheyenne and Black Hills Slago Line, and his subsequent death nt Bowman’s Ranch on Hat Creek 101 hours thereafter. In this account occurs the following; . . . “He was curried by easy stages towards Fort Laramie, but died, after simerlng great pain, before reaching the post. His body Is now in the post hospital, and Is be ing decently cured for In* the post surgeon and his friends, Mr. Voornccs haring traveled night and day to reach him before death, but being too late. Upon his arrival he found that Brown hail written four letters, two to his wife and two to Ids friend Salis bury, and hail Intrusted them to a Dr. Gray, said to lie from Chicago. The Doctor refused to give the letters up until he had re ceived his fee, (150, and rode oil toward his party. Parties have been sent for the letters which aro to be taken by force if necessary.” Now, I am the Dr. Gray referred to In the fore going, and In so far as the article refers to me I pronounce It a falsehood,-—a lie made out of whole cloth; and ns you have published the libel I trust you will publish the following statement ana true account of the altalr, which 1 can verify in every particular by a dozen good reliable witnesses who were present during the whole affair. On tho night of April 22, while on route from Cheyenne to Custer City, and encamped with some sixty men of my party at Itawhldc Borings. 1 was roused at midnight, and request ed to ride to Hat Creek, 2d miles distant, to see a man who had been stmt by Indians. I obeyed the call, rude the 2d miles, with a guide only, through a country Infested by hostile Indians; hazarded my life and property and reached the bedside of Mr. Brown at .* o’clock on the morn ing of the 2.'Jd. On examination I found him mortally wounded, and I so informed him. meanwhile relieving his sufferings and doing all for him that was possible under the circum stances. At his request (he dictating) I wrote his will: also a letter to his wife, one to Mr. Salisbury, and one to Voorhece. These he signed and Intrusted to me—a stranger—ln preference to scvcrol friends and acquaintances who were also near him, and he requested mu to keep them till he cither recovered or died. I remained by his side, constantly attending to him for twenty-four hours, when ho died, rive minutes before he breathed Ids last Dr. Pettys, A. A. Surgeon from Fort Laramie, arrived only to see him die. Now tho question occurred to mo, if he deslrAl any of the other 1 gentlemen present to take charge of hid letters and papers, why did he not select one of them as cus todian instead of mcl Hu died tho morning of the 34th, and his body was forwarded to FortLar amlethceaiueevoning. Outhefullowingmurnlng (the 25th) a stage—which, by the way, was the first opportunity to send, except that of the es cort to Fort Laramie with Brown’s body—left there for Cheyenne. Voluntarily I placed oil the letters, the will, and papers, In tho hands of tho driver of said stage, at the same time Inform ing him what they were, and instructed him to de liver them to Mr. Voorhecs. This he promised to do, and Mr. Voorheas last Saturday, In his office at Cheyenne, acknowledged to mu to hare received them. Nor did I leave the ranch till the next day, the 20th, when I resumed my journey. A demand was never made upon me for tho papers, letters, or will. 1 fotwarded them voluntarily by what I considered the first reliable carrier as soon ns possible after Brown’s death. I never made any such threat as that I must have my fee before I would deliver them up, and the man who says I did is a liar, 1 don’t care who ho Is. As to the force that your correspondent speaks of to com ficl me to deliver the papers, that only existed ii his own sensational head, os force was un necessary. As to Urn amount of my bill, that U my business, mid nut that of tlic public. In closing, I would remark that I cheerfully ren dered services to scvcrcl unfortunate men who hod been shut by Indians, and never charged, expected, or received a cent therefor, betides contributing from my own pocket money to aid In getting a destitute wounded limn Into the army hospital at Fort Laramie. Very respect fully, A. W. Ghat, M. D., No. 722 West Lake struct “ OAST THE THADEUS OUT OV TUB TEMPLE.” TO the Editor *f The Tribune. Chicago, May 20.—Tho leaders of religious meetings and tho organizers of tiumlay-ddiool Conventions would do well to recall uur Lord's abhorrence of tho conduct of those men who made Hie temple a place of merchandise, and act as He acted. Those eager and enterprising book-venders, who seem to think they are hello ing the cause of religion by helping themselves In pushing the sale ui hymn-books while devo tional exercises are going on, ought* once and forever, to bo cast oiit ot all religious meetings. Their place is outside of tlie building. They are one of the stumbling-blocks In the way of many who might otherwise profess their faith In God, but for the Inconsistencies manifested by pro fessing Christians. A religious meeting is not the place for buying and selling. The writer of this article visited the Sabbnth- Bcliool Convention at Jacksonville, and was shucked ut the persistency and determination with which these book-peddlers endeavored to push sales. Not content with marching through the hull with un urmlul of books, and soliciting purchases, they thought that it might help business still further If they could enlist sev eral small boys In their service. This was done, mid the boys seemed to excel In tact (if possi ble) their employers. (Jo to whatever part of tho hall you might, that hymn-book was pushed under your nose ly sumo of these enterprising merchants. Mr. Moody himself felt annoyed at their method of doing business, fur lie reprimanded them from tho platform, telling them that the sale of hooks must stop while Die exercises progressed, lint the tiled of this was only temporary, for the small buys hovered around what they probably considered tho prey of their employers. The subject was Die talk of a great many of the delegates and visitors, many of whom felt ashamed of tho method pursued. It savors too much of circus, concert-hall, and theatre business, and Messrs. Moody and tiaukey. with their co-workers, would do well to see that it is elfeetually stopped. Let books bo sold, but lei ft bo done nwny from the building whore tho meetings are being held. The subject demands prompt action ua Die part of tho organizers of all religious meet ings: fur it is bringing discredit upon the cause. Thu hail where tho meeting was held was Insuf ficient In thu matter of accommodation, and the Deception Committee were almost crowded out of its quarters to uecorninodato these greedy traders. What business have Chicago book* sellers to carry their wares to a city, tnc book sellers of which keep a lull llnu of these books! It Is unfair, unjust, and calls fur redress. Yours, Vuiutas. I'litt. To tho Editor of Tht Tribunt. Chicago, May t!s.—lu uu article published in Tub Tiuuunb sumo time again reference to a diploma sent to Got. Beveridge from Italy by thu Permanent Committee for the abolition of thu death-penalty, indorsing his course lu com* utlng thu death senteneo to two convicts, you made reference to ouu Perl now in Joliet. In lustico to thu Committee and to Guv. Beveridge, w ill inform you that tho sontunuo of Peri ivu cumuted by (iov. Palmer in thu spring of IB7U, ami Die murderers were not Italians, as I am in formed from L'Eixxi haiku Heaped fatly, Jouh Uutouuio. A GREAT ANNOYANCE. TO Utt Editor of Tht Tribunt. Chicago, ilsy 20.— 0 n thu lanterns of (be Inter •acting street* are inserted tin slips, ou which the name of thu street is painted, Useful Information is thus imparted at a glance to citizens and : SATURDAY, MAY 27, 187 G—TWELVE PAGES. stranger*. Why Is It, thru, that trait number of these niffn* In every portion of the city arc mis placed? Thu* displaced they <lrlri'lo Ins D-ad of Imparling information to the wayfarer and the stranger. Whose duly Is It to correct this evil? The Hoard of Public V. ..r .«. who in«> rt"d lbt-*e •lips, Hhotild ere In it in tt tli«y are retained to their proper places. It Is, however, my opinion Hint the Hoard of Police should Inspect. report, nnd correct every Infraction of any ordinance. Therefore I would suggest th?.t tin: patrolmen be Instructed lo report daily every lamp on which the leßend l« misplaced or removed; and Hint the cue companies, whose servants clean and handle the lamps, should be compelled to keep these slims in their proper placed. Jrsnut. TO THE CONEEDERATE HOUSE, J cuprate to ns of honor t yon, recreant and for sworn I Voo, crcftlurca of our pity, grown strong upon our scorn ! You prate tn ns of honor, who juggled with your oath I False I fickle ! perjartn t —the name that manhood loathes I Ton tell ns nf otir shame, messieurs 1 In yonr anger yon are ra»h: Who parsed beneath the Taudlno Forks? Your hacks have felt the lash I Yon D ll us of onrahame, indeed, while a mulatto's face Tells of a son's misfortune and of a sire's disgrace I You talk of peculation, that fattened on the spnlli Of official evil-doing, when the land was in your toils 1 You talk of peculation,—pure patriots I—when your gains, 111-gotten. vilely-squandered, your record darkly stains I O vain and braggart Southrons 1 to your “fathers’ house " returned. Soon, from lha grand old Capitol, despised you ahull be spuQcd. ’Twaa but n mania for change, a moment's mad caprice. That raised you, fallen, to power; but short shall bo yonr lease. CTiiuaoo, Uny 25, 1870. 11. A Haven for Tammany* King Ttcfagees* Otrr**iinr\il*nrf AV>c York Gr«t;,Afc. CJRsrvA, Switzerland. May 4.—A piece of Intel ligence which. I am snrr. will be intcrestlug lo your renders. wthatcx-Jmlgo Fllhlati. son-in-law of ci-Complrollcr Richard IS, Cuunolly. hasnur rbaacil a villa nt bVrnoy, about 5 miles from Geneva, and will (urn it Into a inairniflcmt place for bln own nnd bis friends' delectation. The price paid wiia-IOO.CKHI francs (SBO.OOOI. and It wlllcost n good deal more before ho Is done with it. Cp bolslorern from i'aris will make it u gorgeous cliui liouno, pictures of the Decker and Ccrume stamp and sculpture will adorn it. the grutindH will be turned Into an Elyeluni, and. being ho near Uio beautiful Lake of Geneva, the place may console for the loss of the old Americus Ulub-llunse, looking out on Long Island Sound. The ex-Comptroller was neeu hereabouts the other day, and likely enough more of the old Kimrd will turn tip noon. They have quantities of money at their disposal, and rilhliui is probably acting as their hnsiness agent. SHATTERED CONSTITUTIONS REBUILT. In the of a wholesome luvlgorant lies the only hope of rebuilding d shattered constitution. Hostetler's Stomach Bitters nrenotonlv an emi nently wholesome tonic, but they really with most satisfactory promptitude (kningemeuts of the stomach, liver, and bowels which arc Incom patible with a return of health ami strength. When the system Is enfeebled by disease, by tlio wear and tear of business life, by continuous mental anxiety, by the exhaustion consequent upon late hours and fast living, by over-work and by sedentary habits, the Kilters are the most reliable medicinal agent for Imparting per manent vigor to the debilitated frame. The now stock of vitality which they infuse Into broken down physique, and the orderly action which they establish among the organs of digestion, secretion, and evacuation, moreover, constitute Its best safeguard against malarial disease. BUSINESS CHANCES. A STRAIGHTFORWARD MAN WITH *350 CASH (-ah get half InO'irpt In an lioourabfe huslneu guaranteed to make the amount monthly; ■alary ami expenses allowed. Address Vm, Tribune office. f lUKAP FOR CASH—ENTIRE STOCK OF FtlllNl- V/ tare and fixtures. ir*7 WubaMi-av. Call. I'/OR BALK-OR TRADE-A” SMALL FOUNDRY and machine-shop: will trade for farm lands or rlty property. Address GEO. ALEXANDER. Relic Plalne, la. i;UR S ALE-8 A 1,00 NFITT KDIT IN FIRST-CLASS X style-(very costly fixture*). located north of Ad (ims-st., cut of LaSalle, at a areal sacrifice: to a (Mod party time on part. Ask fur F. GETCHLLL, 108 Fifth av.. basement. T;oll WELL LOCATED MEAT- X market, which h.u a dally receipt of over fsnj ah>o horse and delivery wagon. Call at txi Sampson-it. T7OR SALE—A FI RAT-CLASS, WELL-ESTABLISTI- I ed grocery In a good local lon on the South Side, with n good order trade: good reasons given for the sate. Inquire at to I East Randolph-st., basement, orhbu Cot tage Urore-av. 1?OR SALE-ONE OF THE fYnkST SALOONS IN 1. the City of Chicago, on iho South Side; part cosh, balance on time. Address V 71. Tribune utllce. 170 UH ALE—MANUFACTORY WITH* AO-IIORSF. X atrnm-power. alumina, and puUeyx, 2A,oju feet of lloor-aurfacc, well-llrhte<C within 4 inlnntea* walk of chamber of Commerce, low around rents or for aalo with the ground. Addreu T nl, Tribune olHco. T?OR 'fIAI.It—STOCK AND FIXTURES OF'SCHOOL L depot 173 Wcat-Mouruu-tt. i alio refrigerator. Call Monday. f WANT A PAUTNF.It FOR AN RSTARLISfIED X grain and romnd*dou buelnew. with rapltal from none hut rexponslble panic* need ap ply^AddreaaYTH, Tribune utUce. T IIAVK &JO.WW CITY REAL F.STATE. FIIEK OF X tfitninbranee, for which I would like an Interval In a »ouml mercantile Urm. nr would take un agency; hare (food bank credit. Applicant* mint Mate buxlnca* fully; alt coiiminnlcatloiia eonlldetitlal; lien reference Hlvcn and required. Addrexi Wa. Tribune ofllcc. MEAT-MARKET FOU SALE FIIIST-CLASS trade, ilxtnrc*. anil loeatlon, tenma. kettle*, prexa, utr. Will be sold at lowexi eiwh price on oermint of ill health. Inquire till Tuesday next of E. V. COMSTOCK, Room 40 Metropolitan lllock, corner LaSalle and Han dulph-ru. Rake iiusiness ohanck-a good manufac* turns ImMm'M for Bale cheap; eatabllxhed In ISMi; prudl* good; Hood reason* given fur withlng loaell. For particular* addreiu Dux IIIkS, Aurora. Kane C0..111. RA RK OPPORTUNITY Tf “mivX llilicd mualc bnalnnaa. The only mu*lc atom In a city of eleven tlu.umnd people with a large and rich country tributary; tlrat-claaa itoct and hualncxs IncrCimlliui satlffaetory reaaoim given for selling. Ad dreuat once HOYT A POND, Winona, Minn. fPHE LATEST ANIMIKST THISO OL’T-TMI' PER .I petual Ice-Cream Freezer; State right* for aule; can be acca at ion Weat MadlMin-n. rrilK FIXTUEH OK AN F-ftTAULIHKD MEAT MAR- X ketforaalechfapireUlDAcattlc andsralvea per week; rent Sts per mouth with dwelling. Coll and In- Tt-Mlgatc to day at <l3 West Ohlo st. \VANTK1 )—TO*SELL V Ill'S! S’KSS IK A NEW » T Hup of good*; eatabllibcd. Snlna puaranteed $1(0 pc: day. At*» |>er cent.protll. To a pood man of buslneu talent, honealy, etc., ete. will trust him the whole mint apreed ui*on, and lake in per cent of aulcaUUaU Jt paid. AddrcM 1* Hi. Trlmiue ofUeu. CAS, I WILL UUY HALF INTEREST IN »7n«JWW oillec buslnem uml stock of fl,l««i, ckarim: over sluu monthly. Kid RaudolpU-it., liomn 30. tclinil IIL’YS HALF INTEREST IN A CASH «4*'JVrL/ i>ux|u(*f s |at) I iic monthly. ltyouba>e tne money, call at 70 LaSallu-«t.. Room IV <il 9fUl i^^TOVEs'tiNWAlti:, - iIARDWAIIE. •di L» aJL/W tinner* l/.id* and ninetilnc*. etc,, In Kuod location, for s7uu. Addresa TINNER. Tribune oltlce. niNCELLANEOUS. A LL CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING. /V. rariKM*. funißure. and mli>eellam'out coodaof any klndhy scndlns letter to JON AS G ELDER, ou Slate-a. 7>ED-RUOB, COCK 110 AC RES, ANI) MOTHS Coil* .!> pleu-ly extemlnaf Prl hy eontraci or article *old: In fornmtlun free. A. OAKLEY, leu Eaat Wathlnutoa* it., Room A. liirnON-FASTENEILS FOR LADIES' AND CIIIL- A) dren a Imoti ami < lothinkl once on nlwnya on If de ilrwl; jjoua for a llfetlmo; a child can plaeu them; no tool* redmred: n,,/.., jncador. Aeeiita wonted. C. HANUIKTT, P.*o. Dox 7d. Cblinyo, 111. / tALL AT MV WOHK-HOOMS AND IIAVK VOl'H V/ diamonds properly iwt. A. LAI'DKHnAt.'K, man ufacturer of diamond Jewelry, 7U Madbuu-sU, comer Hole, Homn* k»» and in. / s HAND OPHNINO OF KICK'S (iIiOVK, UKH TO ' J llll> "cel Madlson-it., huuday, May 2H. 187 U. Till* largest and flucac garden Intf.|,* tlmilty limit* will bo thrown open to the public uii .Sunday, Uio a*th. with an approprlnlo concert. The im>*t beautiful old shads irroaniaks thl* garden the hm-ltest lumimir retort fur fumlllca. All kind* of refreshment* on hand;, bowline alley adjoining the garden; struct ear* now tho garden every a minute*. U. .1. KICK, Proprietor. T'KiilT CASTINIJS MADE TO OHDKH. NICK Jji Japanned casting* a siwclalty. MUUUIB IKON WOIIKd, Morris, ill. I jbckF.T-KNIVFS-A JOIt L<»T OF KINK POCKET .1 cullory retailing at half-pried at KENDALL'g, MU btatu-st., cornerJueksou, •pAHIsiAN. DIAMONDS, imiI.LIANT Afi OKN 1. ulnu and as lasting, In solid gold selling; cardroi*. •dm}*, pint, etc., at KENDALL'S, lilt! bLUo it., corner Jaeksou. »|MIK iIEST IN TUB w6lVl.b-I»LATCIILKrS 1 Horizontal Ice-Cream Freezer for families and res taurants. TV M. o. SMITH, sole agent, JTi and 274 SUIe-st. WANTKIk-A SAMPLE OF COL'STKUFKIT *lO bill on tho Traders* Uauk of Chicago. N ZB, Trib une olliev. WANTKD-I’AUTV WITH f.iou ToVrsaJ CASH TO TT to join la perfecting and patenting ■ valuable laNir-iaviug machine (caveat now tiled). One maehlnt) now constructed and nearly perfect. None but those meaning business need reply. A large fortune In 1U Address Km. Trtlnmeofflem_ ill (JNIC'AI.s AHUANDNEW AND KLKHANT I’IANO, 7»j OC- Uve agraffe, French action, overslruug boas, highly polished rooewuud case, with muldlnut, round comer*. 01 'd hre. style Louis XIV., gdilA U. T. MAHriN, 1M Stale it, 4 N EI.EUASr lUIaKWOOIi rTASo-FOUTK, W ITU iv agraffe Freneh grand action, all Improvements, elegant case, carved leg* and I) re, nudo byLlghlc. Ncwiork. Ma-iufucturer* iirlco list, aotu; price, 4Z4a IL T. MARTIN, 1M btato-at. / MIUANIi-l'AiiLoU OH CADINET— \J Ipyj, fltu. (i H. T. MAUTIN, 154 Slale-11. sTuu.Uii:, CTOUAOK on east WASHINOTON-ST.-A CON 0, tenlc-Dl place. Advancea on good# at lowest rate#. THUS. A. HILL, 123 Dearboru-st. O f 01IA (1K -F K H SITIIK K. lijJotilKS. AND MKH o chandlie stored la flra-proof warehouse, inn Wes* Mouruu-at. Lowest charge#. Moms adt auction uaay wraa. CITY URAL ESTATE, Iyo»BALK-ni fbbt on calumkt-av,, dppd site ilio»o marble fronts south of Thtrty-tblr4*»t. iolook at It and tnaka on offer. MEAD A COK, 155 .aHnUe-sl. i.Viit BAI.K—LOTS ON ASHLAND-AV, AND Tlllli -1 tv-Oftlist., just south of tlie rolling mills. No money required of par’l< s who will build at once. This ti a fine opportunity for builders to make money, as the •cation U vcrytle«(rable._MßAD A COK, !V* LsSalle-st. i.'ou Tlkt fhont*on~a damaT it k • i t wen Winchester and Itolu-y-slj, One of the nvrtt d' slrihlu locations fur Improvement In ihe city. Termi e ,ry to parties who trill htiUd. Will divide, If arlihed. MEAD * COB. 155 st. SALE—DESIRAiiLK LOTS AND KKAT AND J inhst.inilal dwellings, on easy terms, or for rent low. Lake-water: cheap, frequent, and rapid trains. A. DENNETT, Agent, southeast corner Monro* and Markets'*. I,vm SALK-V) KELT FRONT ON OHIO-ST.. UK- I twern stnte and Dearhora-srs; tVV per foot, tasli. MATnON HILL, in WashlngUm-H. I/OR SALK—VKHV CIIKAP-AS THE OWNER IS J going swsy. tobrlck bouses, rented. Id good P>ca- Hon, imllefr-m Court-Mouse. Cara paaa the door*. Address 7. 15. Trlhnns office. I.’OH SALK-M.VITM FEET ON MICHIOAN-A V,, I north of Twenty.ihird-st., at a low price for cash »nd lime. HKNRV L. HILL. 142 Dearliorn-st. l/OR SALB-OU WILL EXCHANGE FOR MEDIUM- J «l*ed well-locHtvd bou-e la r Hy. four acre* of land i»n Mad Don-st.. west of i>ntnl park; property c|uar. and la a splendid Investment. D, WILLIAM*, Itf Clark- It., ItOOtU It. I7OR SALE—NOS. !> AND II I'.MtK-AV., THREE* I story and Pavement marble (rmU. Ilrtl-clfts* la every respect. Would strlm-ige sooHy for tin|n cmnfieren.real-estate. MKAD k f ok. ir.-, |yi<aJle-ic. Hi;ni;iuiA.N heal estate. ifoiTsALE-fpri'wiT.r’RTrYX^roOD'prirntit^ 1 lot within half an hour's ride of Chicago: sta down, ■ud s'• monthly: cheapest lot* In market (.<<od tlilc. and shown tree, head or call fur circular. IRA DROWN. 142 Lasalle-tu. Room 4. Ifon SAI.B-RAVENSWOOD-CORSTR LOT. pr-i J ton feet, 4 block* from depot, 43 fruit trees; cash, worth ILC/i. Evanston proper. west of ridge. 1 lot f.tno cash. Ad dress by mall, WHITE. 50 and W Madlson-tt. 17011 SALK. RENT, OR K XCI IAN GE—HOUR KSA NI) J lot* at Hinsdale. 81/c of places, pride. and term* lo suit. 10 cent* fare. O. J. STOUGH. 123 l)carborn-tt. T7OR SALB—AT WKHTKMN SPRINGS. ON EASY 1 monthly payments to stilt. 3-itory house* and v> f<xit lot* at si,(mi, and sl.2.v>; near scliooli and depot; sbP-watks, etc., all complete, ready to move In to: 10-csnt train morning and ercnlng. T. C. HILL, 4 Lakctldu HulldUic. I7DU6ALB-AT KVAXSTON-IIOUSKS WITH MOD -1 ern Impr'iveraenU. In any part of tho village. DRIC 4/t Clark-Bt. 17DR SALB—CIIFAII—A 1 —A IIBAUTIFUL AND DE- I slrsblr iTimmer rNHilrnrc st Klmhur*t: l»oth hotisc and grounds In r«rfw;t order; Hire#- minutes' walk from station. lIBNRV P. ISIIAM. 7r. Wa»hlngton-.t. COUNTRY HEAfi liKTATIi. FOU BAI.B-A CHOICE FRUIT-FARM WORTH fjn om for s-Ue for a few days only AX {r s (io. OWNER. 36i Wait Van Huren-st.. Chicago, HEAL ESTATE WANTED, WANTED— CENTRAL BUSINESS PROPERTY IM proved! VIII pay half cash Aral balance in clear Chicago property. MATSON HILL, 07 Washlngton-st. WANTED"-*. OOhD~BUfiINF.SB “mm.DINO "(11 Bomb Side. Will assume and giro clear city proiv criy. OUSTIN'A WALLACE, Room 7 Tribune Build ing. TO RENT—HOUSES. IPO KENT—FOU FOUR MONTHS oR ONE YEAR. I a houso In MtnunpolU, illun.. with tu rooms. wen fnrnMied. having water. kv, and all modern con venli’ncca. Addre&J I’. O. I!ox2ft4. Minneapolis. Minn. 'FORREST—A FIRBT-CLAHB HOUSE WITH 18 1 rooms and two bath-room*. three-story and base merit, Vermont marble fmnt. &owh Adatn»-*t.. r»»r tier of LaOln, Inquire of cHA JULES W. FARKEU, 137 La Sallc-st., basement. rpo HKNT-7-H \Vi:sT CONGRESS-ST.. CORNER -I Wlnchesfcr-ar., two-story frame cottage and base ment of 8 rooms and bath-room. u. W. I‘ARKKIt, i# Lb Solbvat., basement. f |H> RKNT-CHKAP-NO. 1057 MICHIOAN-AV., I with modern Improvement*. D. U. HAMILTON. J3d Clark-st, fi’o RENT-TWO 2-RTORT AN!) BASEMENT MAR -1 bl« front hump* on Vrrnon-nv., n>'ar Thirty-fourth sc.; all modern Improvements. TURNER & BONDI urj Washlngton-st. 'l'd RENT—I 33 ELLIS-AV.—TWO-STORY AND 1 basement brick: no nicer place la the city. Coll on the prcmlwf-s till Monday next. 'I'O'ItENT-YwO-HtORY FRAME HOURP, 11 I rooms, with burn, 47U West Juckson-st. one 1003 Von Hnrcn-M..1l rooms, nearly new? rent low. M. HEAL. H 3 l.aSallc-it. f PO REST-FURNISHED HOUSE. 3-STORT. MAR- I tile-front. 15 rooms. Watwh-ov., near Twenty fourth-Pt. Address or apply U> D. F. CHASE. 34 and 26 \an Burcn-st. rro RENT—FIVE-ROOM COTTAGE. NO. 75 TWEN- X ly-ilfth-su, at Si'.iier nmutti. Inquire within. or of JAMES w. PORTER. Hi Jlrynn Block. rpO KENT-131 SOUTH PAKK-AV.. BETWEEN X Twenty-fourth and Twaiir-ilftb-nta.; II rooms Jn*t papered and palmed, a floe lake view, with large barn, very cheap. Apply as above. 'PO RENT-3STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X dwelling. 2hu West Washincton-at., now In com plete order, nut for a (warding bouse, to a responsible puny only. Apply at 2*3 West Washlngton-st. 'l'6 RENT—FURNISHE*I>—irio THROOP-BT.t AI.SQ X adjoining, several room*. fumUhed or uufuruUU cd. fit Tor housekeeping or sleeping. UJiiThroop-st. 'I'T'RENT-NEAR LINCOLN PAUK-A NEW MAID X Me front: all conveniences; first-cliu* locality; close to I.lnooln-av, cars. Rent reasonable. An En glish basement, H rooms, hot w (iter, bath, water-closet, etc., for *35. One n-room flat, second story. *3O. CIIAS, N. KALE. 153 Itand.ilph-st. tI'OREST—CHEAP—A J-HTORY AND BASEMENT X Iwlck dwelling-house, octagon front. 2t7 Indiana at., between State and Dearl>orii; all modem Improve inenis. Apply to KNAUER BROS., corner lilurle and North Clark-ns. MX) HENT—m WEST MADISON-ST., DWELLING JL of loruoma. W. WALLER, 41 ciark-it..Rooinii. Siiburlmn* RENT—A HOUSE WITH e ROOMS IK FIRST* clro order, at Auatlu; 1U per mouth. Addresa lU2 Lake-at.. Chicago. TO ICCXT-ItOO.TIS. rpo RENT—IK YOU WANT ONE OF THK MOST X deilrnble fnmhlird ruomi on Weat Side, In private family, addrear tj nj. Tribune oilicc. fPO HKNT-NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH i or without board, by the day, week, or mouth. lU9 and hid Earn Waahlugtou-it. rpo RENT—MICHIGAN-A V., NEAR HUimARD- X court, the lower part of houac with cbamt>era and n»e of parlor; convenient for (able boarder*; term* reasonable. X w*. Tribune ofllee. 'I'O RENT—WELL-PUItN’ISIIKD ROOMS, fa.Wi TO 1. 57 a week. Rellglo-Phllg*upblc:il PuhlDhlnff Ilimae, 3fH poirt-Otllre. nvj"ij ks’T—ni'cin,y"”furnish kd~iuioms WITH J or without hoard, Klup»lniry lllock. Randolpb-M,, near Clark. Apply at Room 3t>. 'l'd RENT-TWO NICELY* FURNISHED ROOMS X _wltli or without board at 314 Eu*t M’O” RKNT-A LADY IIAS TAKEN ~ a‘“smXlL X bunao near Twenty*«ecoml-*l., and would like to rent a couple of handxoine rooms to one or two gentle* iiicit. Addrew N Ah. Tribune othre. rjKJ RKST-Jt ROOMS. >l3; S ROOM3r»P; lS NICE 1 order: Twenly-x-eond-at., cant of Wabuh-av. HENRY WOOD. H 3 Madl»ou-ai.. RoOmi). T’O RENT-SUIT OK a ROOMS FOU HOLTSF.ItEF.I’- i ltifc% with bath-room, hut water, elo. bil Weat MadUuD'it. UKNT—fI-ROOM FLAT IN NEW UUILDINO, 318 1 State »t._\V. WAI-LER.JI Clark-ai., Room 11. 'PO RENT—inn EAST WASHINUTON-ST.-PLEAS- X ant and wcll-fumlahed room* to rcaptioalble par* TO UE.NT-STOHES, OFFICES, ETC NtorcH* fPO RENT—fJIIKAP—FINE STOUR ON TWENTY -1 second-it., near Wnbash-ar. HENRY WOOD, 83 MaJUoa sl., Room i». f|Xi RENT-OFFER WANTED FoXTfoirDTNbriTl J North (lark-n., and turn Weil l.akc-st.: Ust bii«l ncN* loeatloiia North aud West Side. 4. D., uu Raiidolph-M. Olflrr*. rro RENT-CHEAP, AT RW SOUTH n.ARK*ST.. S i liu*:c ottices, UthJ. P, D. HAMILTON, Room I. Rat Clark-il. REST—DESK ROOM AT VOUIt OWN PRICK; X rteak. »afe. and chair turnliUud. In llulitesl and bell located tmt-iloor office In city, uw Flftli av. RilMrollaneuua, n\) TIKST-AT SOL'TII CIIICACSD, ILL.. A SHOP, A KUi.l2 feel, two-storles, IH-lnch concrete wall*, engine, teller. shafting. etc.; frame *u>re limi*e. 00, 2 eotufortaldedwellluga, amt iHocki-mlth*ahop, nil on lot luitl M feel, oi>n>«Ue principal depot lu Die cen tre of Ilie town. u mile* south of Chicago. Advan tage# for manufacturing unMutled by any town In Hie West. Five trunk railroad* and lake navigation. Larg est lumber market known at thl* point. More ground adjoining can bo leased if wanted. Adrtrc*# WM. H. Dll.l.lMillAM, Louisville, Ky., owner, or 1C- 11. bAU UKNT, 7«3 Wabaab-ar. 'ro iiknt-ikjck-jujxww kekt at foot of 1 Carpenter and (Irove-it*., North branch. Ilasbecn occupied tea year* aa a coal and wood-yard. 1L It. CI-AIIKK. Hoorn sfl. sd LaSalle-st. ua.mi;d-to hunt \\rANTKD-TO HKNT-miAUDINO-HoCSK Olt » f hotel with from ku to no rimuii. centrally located, furnished or unfurnished, or floor* la bulldlutr suitable or same. Address. Haling location, real, etc., boo, Tribune office. WANTKD-TO UENT-tUMH) IIOL’SK OF OTO 12 room* for one or mure years and pay partly la good real estate, clear. AddretaV 11, Tribune ofScv. WANTKD-TO - HENT-HY OK NT A N D - WIFE three room* fur Uouaekeeping w ithin six block* of Ftate and MadlM)D-stJ. Haul fl sor lua. Address V M. Tribune ulllce. LOST AND FOUND* r SHOWN WATKH-bPASIEI.t WHITE IIAIHS ON > 11* hrcail and Oil tip of tall; answer* to name of • • Ned. '* Liberal reward will be paid fur its return by THUS. U. FAHUO, American Kaprow* Co.’* oHice. 10ST-A SMALL DAV-HOOK ON*STATE ST., UK j I ween Fourteenth and Klghicenth. containing ac counts agatusl several persona. Tim Under will bo re warded liy leaving It at JAS. CASKV'b, ODD Stalest, __ 1 (»BT-YEBTKUDAY AFTEHNOON. ~ lIKTWRKK 1j corner Adauu and Llncoln-al*. and Wa'uuh-av., from buggy, a navy-blue overcoat for boy about ti year* <dd. Any one returning same to No. 2 South P raokllu- U, will bo suitably rewarded. HOOKS, 1/NUISEKU AND MACHINISTS' ASSISTANT, li I l * voli., tia, juibllshcd at (Ik: Webster's Dictionary, f 7. National Tortroli Uallcry. euouinbirw,; Lub link’s Prehistoric Time*. (3. CliamlKT*'Cyelo|M dlo, tw, writing paper and envelope* wry cheap at MIL KITS, dowa-stalrt, lui Madiaomtu _ (2?,*r paid'pou weiistkits DicfioNAuv; nm price# paid fur good booka CHAPIN’S original Old Maul*oQ-st..opl > oslte Tr|buna Hut d'g. ~ ' EmiOATIOWAL. EAT KSD ISftTITOTK."FAMILY SnKmi. FOU young ladles. Mra S. I.- CAUV, Principal, new Uavau, Cauu, bend lwr«ircuUr. WA.tTEP-MAliB HKfiP. Ilookkecper** Clork«, etc* WAHTBD-nr A BOSTON HOOT AND MIOR » lion*<*. nn experienced mlfunan with a well c»- Inhlfthcd irvle In Northern Wisconsin nnd Mlimetotm nnil mi* for Mlnoitrl. None other* need nntvcr. Ad' dree*. tn r/jafldencc, Hoi 31U, lloeVio, Mmi WANTKO-TOtWO MAH KXPRIUEXCBn IK HR »" mil dine huelncM. who cun command a few hun dred dollar* and Hire Ironclad rofereneca. WaaTrlb one otlicc. \fTAN TF. I )~l I rtaTl Pft ffi bon <T nVI- TEk7ox Kf »» one ihor .ujhlr ar.tnalnlad with Ui« buaIDCM need «».!/■ uv» Went Lake-at. Trnrtca# \trASTF.D-TO MASONS—ABOUT 000 BUILDERS ' * am! for Grrenoek (Scotland) new Parochial Buildings. and for Port Glasgow New Caledonian Rail way Station. Sli f,, l accommodations for hulhW* and lioumi accommodation *l the work*. Wages, u)*d ;>*tr hour. Two T'ar«’ '•tiiploym'-iit to steady workmen. Apply to .loifs cooiiiLL it son, Contractors, Green ock and Port Glasgow, WANTAn-FniST CT.AsFsTKAM LITHOGRAPH } \ Ic pn«*man: must understand color work perfectly. Apply to JOHN McKITTRICK *_(;()„ fit. Louis. Mo. WANTED-A - FIRST-CLASS lIRAfiR*~rATTKRN- P.\** cr: none/'l'tor need apply. KURTZ BROS. * BUIIRER, hJO Huhhanl-st. \\rANTKIi—THREE TO »» gotohtouxuty. lowa. Tbr-<* months’job. good wage*. F'.r particulars apply to \VM. BLAIR & CO., 172. 171. ITd lAkc-st. \VANTKD-A RAithKiL il U sfli kTi RAT -CL ASB t » and of good tialdts; one having a chair preferred. Apply to I.OMIARD. H 77 Cottage Grove-av. WANTED— CARPKNTEBH AT »17 SOUTH CLARK* _at. or at 01l works foot of llllnols-at. WANTED— 4GOOD HOUSE APPLY atoa Morray-st., near vomer Twenty-slxtb-at., this morning. Employment Agenrlcs. WANTED—TO LEAVE. THIS MOHNIKO. Ti RAIL >* road laborers; free fare; also saw-mill uid farm hamli. A. O.IIIXO A CO,. 17 North Clark *t. RlUcollanconis* WANTED-ANY HUMAN BEING WITH BRAINS > V con make ftttn a month selling onr letter.copying I'Mik. Any one that has a letter to write will buy It. No pressor water uaed. Send for circular. Excelsior Company, 10 Tribune Bulldlug. ■\\rANTKI>—AGENTB FOR CENTENNIAL DADG *t e«: ch.-an and salable. Rend 1U cent* for sample to W. J. PF.'ITIS A CO., manufacturers of Jewelry, P. O. Box 413 Providence. It. I.; 2DO per cent profit to agents. \\rANTKD-A”GOOD.“BTKADf'YOUNG “MAN; U goo-i chance and suitable salary offered, to assist In photograph gallery. _ imjVeal 3ladlson-st. WANTED-MEN WITH FEW HUNDRED DOL- Ur* to In a paying business. Apply or ad dma# F. llAt.fiaLKß. Atlantic Hotel. Chicago. 111. \\TANTKD—SAI.ESMEN—TWO IN CHICAGO. AND vt Mire.; for llllm l< and Wisconsin. Reasonable sal ary: hotel and irar. ling expenses paid. RRuallon per manent. A rare chance for good men. All applicants niu-wrred If stamp 1« tnclow-'i. Aildreas Monitor Manu facturing Co., Cincinnati O. WASTED-MEN; WE WANT TOGI VKS.nwTRIAL packages, wnrth 1 1 each, to r,.ion men who wish to engage permanently Id the best paying buslncaa In tho Unitedstate*. We Guarantee 1l»e men f7<) per week during Hie year. Address RaY a CO.. Chicago. 11). WANTED-I’EMALE HELP. I)oinr*(irw. TirANTED —A MIDDLE-AGED IRISH LADY; >i must he a good cook, and have an excellent char acter. and eome well recommend***!: she will hare a glrltoaaslst her: the family consliu of three; salary good. Address N 3*». Tribune office. TXT’A’nTF.D-A GOOD GERMAN GIRL WHO UN* Vv derstand* how u> cook. wash. andiron. 24 r»Tdlr (y-iecond-st.. Wabash and Mlchlgan-avs. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—A GOOD GIRL TO do general homework at -pi sixteenth**!. TITANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL”TO COOK, tv wash, slid Iron for a email family. German or Norwegian preferred. 13 Uouorc-st. WANTKIN-MRS7 BAKER'S RELIABLE FAMILY Vv employment office*; girl* of all nations furnished to city and country. Wanted, Orst-clsas cook*, laun dresses. and dining-room girl*, and girls fur general housework. 4ld Wabash-sr. and 00 Btate-st., base* ment. \\, r ANTKD-A COOK AT THE WEST BIDE DAK* Vv cry and coffee, »5 West Mad!ion-st. AN TE D-aIUI IL~T d~ I)O~GENKRAL HOL’BE* work: German or bwede preferred. Apply 710 North Wells-st. fflllllners. TITANTED—FIRST-CLASS MILLINER. IMMEDI* v v atcly; good wugi-s paid to one who understand* th<* huilm-rtj aUu apprentices for dressmaking. Cal) at 2UU Meat Twelfth-Rt. Nonmat rosmes* \TTANTED-HAKDS ON LADIES* UNDERWEAR, vV and to take their pay In first-class sewing ma* chine*._lßA^D I JDWKN * CO.. 212 East Mndlson-st. \I’'ANTEI)—CoStrKTI.NT WAiST TRIMMERS IN M aflrst-daa dressmaking establishment; ol*o ap* prentice* who can mw, i j Hannoo-couru n'um l *, TXrANTED—GIRL FROM 12 TO 14. TO TAKE CARE vv of child 3 y.-ars old. Cali betweenH and 12 a. ni., 224 North Clnrk-st. Launitr<!«*ev, TTrANTED— EXPERIENCED BRIRT-IRONF.RS AT vv MUNUER'B Laundry. «<lO and win Watiash-av. WANTED- FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRESS. INQUIRE at Cl 4 Mlchlgan-av.. from »to i. ffliacdlancoDt*. TtTANTIvD—COMPETENT COOK FOR REBTAU* vl tunt. Apply at *«•» West Lakc-st. to-day. WANTED— EXPERIENCED ROOKFOLDERS TIIIS niumlng on fourth floor at 147 amt 148 Flfth-av. ADAMa. 11LACKMKHA LYON Pnh. Co. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. AT DETAIL AT TUB ORGAN FACTORY, TTIK cLim|>v*l and beat cabinet organ In Chicago, f.VJ and upward, monthly payment* nr cash, or for rent. Nicholson Organ Company. 63 Indlana-sL ftLOFIKa OUT SECOND HAND PIANOS WITH- Iy on. regard to value; f 4«. fv\ f 75, (|UO, $135, $l3O. SK3. H. T. MARTIN. 154 SlaU-sL T. 1 LEG AST PIANOS IIV HARDMAN, DOWLING Pi A Cn.. Mallet. Davis A Co., P. C. Light**. Hnlui i Bros.. Jloardman A Graf, New York Plano Union, Higgins A Co.. Cable & Son*, and others. Prlcca._sl73 to $330. K. T. MARTIN, I U Stata-st. t/asy 'monthly payments-axl kinds of 1* furniture In great variety will bo sold on Install ment* or for cosh. lu per cent cheaper than any other house. CALHOUN, CHENEY 4 CO., 430 West Madt son-st. Elegant parlor suits— Sllkfr-Urwcade—Plush—Repa-Halr-clotb. HALF PRICK. R. T. MARTIN. IM Rtnte-it. "VO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED ON~ IN Elegant Parlor and Chamber Bulls, fa.'itoyiT.'i. Examine them before purchasing. R. T. MARTIN, t.Vtßlatc-rt. OUR VOVES WIRE MATTRESSES AND PEER leu cabinet beds are the best In the market: ask (crtIum._WIIITTLKSt.V4rETF.i:S. ISI E. Madison. CPELTAL BARGAINS IN PARLORRUITS, O MAliriSN. IM 81 ATE-ST. PRICES BELOW COST OF MANUFACTURE. We buy and sell only for cash, and eon oiler bargains not to 1m- Inul elsewhere. Suit walnut and terry parlor furniture, 7 pcs f 35 Suit walnut and terry parlor furniture, 7 pcs 33 Parlor suit, walnut and halr-clnth, 7 pcs *»> Elegant suit. brown. with crimson plush puffings.. 73 Very flue silk suit, me.union pattern, 7 pi’s no Finest quality silk and plush suit* f iu> m f I7i R. T. MARTIN. 134 Stale st. 'PABLE-CUTLRRY AT GREATLY REDUCED I price*. Bargains In Roger Bros.’ idati-d-watr. spoons. forks. knfuA, etc., at KENDALL'S, 342 Slate si., corner .Jackson. W U AND 120 WABASIDAV. REGULARSATUKDAVSALKS IIOUSEIIoI.Ii Goons, PIANOS. CARPETS EVERY SATURDAY HORSING. IIOAHDI.’VG AND LODGING. Soulb Side. ftn VAN BCREN-ST., NEAR STATE-BOARD lU fur ladloe or gentlemen *4 tots per week, with u*o of piano. m~ "FRANKLIN-RT.. BETWEEN MADISON AND Wa/lilngu>ii—Nicely furnished room* aud I»i*nl. sr>.uu per week: day board, $3.30; tost and dienjicst house In the city. OM.I HAST WABIIiNGTOK-BT. - PLEASANT 't rooms, vriih good board. $5; table board, 8J.30. Lady boanlen accommodated. onn SOUTH bTATE-sr—PLEASANT ROOMS Olß* rn suite, single or double, with board: one lady wanted; prices low. _ 1 1 IQ*J WABABR-AV. HANDSOMELY FUR- J.lfOOnlshcd alcove room u> rent, with excellent lh'-»nJ; also. other rooms, furnished or uufurnlshodi references. Weal Side* TO PARK* A V.-Pt.RASANT ROOMS, WITH XO board, and tim-clssa accommodations. WEST ROOMS tO and board at tA per week: without board oat/ %'i per week, JOHN DAVIS, proprietor. t'ouuir/, Take zurich-the undersigned is prk* j oared tii take hoarders at his fsrm-hotnu*. Dear Lake Zurich, 4 Tuilns from BsrrlngUm biaiiou. C. A N. W. R. U. Plenty of shade trees, good hunting and tuhlotr. Terms reasonable. Families desirous of making sr* rangcim-uts will plessu address J. K. BENNETT, Lake Zurich. Lake County. Illinois. AIIbSASNA KKUU TAKES PLEASURE IN IS ill forming her friends and the public that she hai tuknn tUu Sherman House. KorUt Point. Milwaukee, the healthiest snd most desirable summer resort In thi Northwest, and that she has opened It as a flrst-clasi family hotel. Her large experience enabbs her to us sure all who patronise horthut the/ will be made per fectly comfortable at reasonable price*. TO EXOIIANBI^ l/XCHANGE—CLEAIP PRolll'CTlYE PROPERTY I’s lu Interior city, or lands, for Chicago property! will assume or pay some cosh. _F. A. OODI.N.MO Dearborn. T'>VILL“hELL A*H EQUITY* WORT H78.0U CASH X fur the bust offer within three days. Ploasecall si soj West Van Ilurcn-st. f|\» EXCHANOE—GOOD UNINCUMBERED BUB -1 urbsu lou fur a good pUuoluna. Apply at No. 14J J.iSsllc st., Rooms. fix) KICKAKGB—fV).CM’ IN TOWNSHIP BONDS I Inued by one of the best counties of a 'Western Statu for dry goods, Ikx>u and ihoes. or other personal property. Address JANUARY. Tribune oulce. MX) EXCiIANGK-I HAVE A PAIR OF X phaeton ponies, bay and black (very , flue team): Would like it- trsdo for something 1 can use, or sell cheap for cash. Address* 1, L, Tribune oftice. f|V) EXCHANGE—Hi* ACRES NICE LAND,* afIMILK9 I from Chicago. What have you golf Zoo, Tribune oiflcc. f|X) EXCHANGE—WHAT HAVE YOU TO TRADE X for (ocholco suburban low? trilling Incumbrance, only 3 miles from city limits. Z 00, Tribune oiflccj f|X) EXCHANGE—FOR A COUNTRY STOCK OF X goods; ouv-holf secured nulM ai l one-half real estate. W. T. WEBER. 417 West Van Durcit-st., PXUTNEUB WANTED. DAUTNKR WANTED—WITH M.OU) TO fS.nuO L colt In a manufacturing business. ProtUs lui per cent. Machinery aud engine lu good running order, bust rctctciiccs, Urge Undo established: need lUOZW capital. Address Au, SU South Dvsplalucs-st. KITUATIONfI WANTGD.nALM. ■Bookkeepers* Clerks* etc* CITUATION WANTED—BY A KRW YORKKTV-I* O e*p<>rlonrcj part In bakery and baUnc# la srnfril commiMlon and option bwrtneaas Uioronnb bookkeeper; ouuide or offlet. City reference*. W& Trlbune office. MlcMtian, wnole*al* orretalls Boobiectioo to Rolna AdilfCMV in, Tribune ofllce. 7 CITUATIONWANTED-BY A THOROUdirANI) IO f acronntaiA of middle age (American), Mtookkeener or cashier fn a large business. Salary, SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MANIMA O private family, nr in make himself niefal la ft store or otflee. Address X 5, Trlfmnc otfice. Trnrtea* CITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNOMAN. CON* p fectlr.ner and pastry-cook. in a restaurant nr hntel, Iji or out of city; good references. AddreaaWT*, Trlhuo* office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS FUR* O nlture-finlshers thoroughly nadentanda the bust* nets. H"«l of refnrenca given. Address I*. M.. Box flop. Rockford. Illinois. Conrhmen, Toamitan, etc. OITHATIOSS WANTFD-DT A MAN AND WIFE. O lie m coachman, teamster, or any caoaclty, aha n< cook, laundress, or nou«eworfc; good references. Call on or address S. A. TATE, paid South Qreen-st. irnaccllanoouis# CITTTATION WANTED—AT ANYTHING. BY A O young man of 30; 1* active, energetic, and Indus* trloui. 1 h, Tribune office. CITCATION WANTED-A POSITION RV AN EX* perlcnced traveler In the cigar and tobacco line; Lest of references; will travel on commission. Address 8 77. Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE. Domestic** CITUATION WANTED—IN A FIR9T-CLAA9 O boardlng-honae as conk or tn do general housework hy a competent girl. j:an at_ls3S Arnold-st., In rear. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG "OIRLT k » Danish, to travel with a lady: either In Europe ortho Untied States. Address I* 80. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GERMAN GIRL TO O help do kitchen work or Co do second work. Plcao call for two days at 71 Cottage CITUATION WANTED-AS COOK IN A PRIVATE O family or In a small family where there la but one girl. Call at 12 Thirteenth-place, near Blue Island-av., Saturday. Monday, and Tuesday. Nunsoi. CITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG, HEALTHY, O and respectable woman, who hu lost her Dm bahy, would like to take an Infsnl to wut-nursc. Apply for three days to Mrs. CURTIB. 3no Uuah-at. Housekeepers* QITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A n widow iMily. object, good home and Rood wage*. Inquire at atw Calumet-ar. Eutplormont Agencies* SITUATIONS WASTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OF O good Scandinavian and Herman female help can b« supullcd at Mrs. DUtjKE’Sofflce, ho Mllwaukoe-av. SITUATION WANTED—LpAI)rES~IN WANT OP O flrst-claa* female help of all nationalities can I* •ulled on (hurt notice. Mrt. LAPRISK, ski Wett Mad* Don-st. FINANCIAL,. Advances made on watches, jewelry, diamond*, revolver*, opera-glasses, etc., etc., at GOLD3MIDB Loan and Bullion Office. 0!) Ea*t Madl* ■<»n-*t. Cuh paid for old sold and silver, gold dust, • liver har«, precious stones. and vaiuahle* of every de* scrlptlon. Cnrcrlecmcd pledge* for aale. A “tiocsts~ of “yTTaxTbb~~ h6l ie to loan d 3 real estate In Chicago, or on llllnol* farm* within lunmllea. I). L. PKASK, Room 23 Reaper Block. APPLICATIONS WANTED IN BUMS OF BIO.ODO to fdO.hts), on first-class Improved city property, at h and y per cent. W. K. FURNESS, 30 Portland Block. A'DVANCKS MADE ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, bonds, etc., at LAUNDERS* private office. 120 Ran* dolph-st.. near Clark. Room* 5 and B. Established 1H54. IPIGHT <fl) PER CENT-MONBY TO LOAN ON I~M~ \j proved and unimprored property. JOUN C. LONG. 73 Washington-tt. LOASS-ON COLLATERALS. HEAL ESTATE, OR othcriccurltlct. LIVINGSTON A CO., Room la, 131 and m LaSalle-iL M' OKF.Y TOLOAN, fl AND 0 PER CENT, IN HUMS to atilt. Qrst-cla** large sum*. 1% per cent on real estate. K. C. COLE A CO.. 144 Ucarlxirn-il. Money to loan in sums or *5.0x1 and up wards, upon Improved city property, H per cent: yrtarlpalsonllyieed apply. LYMAN * JACKSON, di Money to'loan-on real-estate in cob cago and vicinity; Improved preferred; funds la hand. _ MEAD A GOfi_lss LaSalle-n. rpOLOAN IN BUMS OF W.'oon, *s.otn, ANdTCo Os 1 fnnn loan* nreferreJ. I’lilLlP M VERB A CO., Room 3. 148 Madlson-sL 'PO MANUFACTURERS. MRRCIIANTS. AND 1 others—lf you need money fora short time on *u pin* dock, you can make very advantageous arrange ment* for the fund* with THUS. A. HILL, 123 Dear born-«t. fPO LOAN-MONEY ON FURNITURE, WART* L house receipt* and other good collateral*. J. R. STOREY. Private Danker, ftt LaSalle-at., Room 33. TIfANTED—f3tj6i *fioo. *I.OOO. *i.kju-ANV I’lil v v vate persons owning these sum* (not broken) wlio are willing to loan on ample tint mortgage real estate security, at to per cent, can do so by applying to THUKSDKLL & BROWN, KM Flflh-av. n \IrANTEIL-»23^ad ON FARM PROPERTY. PRU* vv fer to deal with principals only. Addrcaa NU 3. Tribune. SAND 0 PER CENT—MONEY TO LOAK IK BUMS of upward* on Cools County property. U. W. HYMAN. Ja*. A CO.. Doom 11. twf LaSaile-st. HOUSES AND CAIUHAGES, AT panic PRICER. HANDSOME COUPE with pole and shaft*. but little naed; second-hand top ntid open buggies. top phaeton, basket phaeton, band' tome victoria barouche, nllde *ent top buggy, light dug-cart, Watertown, N. Y., pisiform spring wagon*, harm-**. whl|«. etc., at the Northwestern Tnttentalla, I too Monroe-it., corner Michlgan-ar. E.D. HAILEY, I*roprlelor. A UCTION TUESDAYS. THURSDAYS. AND sV Saturdays—Horses, carriages, and bameaa a apo daily, at WESTON A CO.’S, No*. 100 and lOH East Washlncton-su Ample time given to test all borsca sold under a warrantee. Stock on hand at private sale. AUCTION BALES OF HORSES. 11UOG1ES. CAR rlagea. harness, etc., Mondays, Wednesdays, aud Fridays, commencing at 10 a. m., at WREN 4 CO.’S, I Wand JW Washlugtun-it. t;nR SALK-CHEAP.' AND MUST RE BOLD, OST? 1 fine black horse, with flowing mans and tall, and safe for a lady to drive: onn trot In 3 minutes: ona fine buy mure, sound aud kind, and ten other bones, all final driven and workers: one very flnecorrtsge, near* f new; one line tide-boa top a* good aa new open tide* tain; thirty other buggies and phaetons, all neatly m-w; all kind* of hamewes, double and nlncli;: groccrr and express wagons, and farm wagons. Horses, bug gies, harness, grocers' wagons, and express wagons to let by the day or week. Money advanced on nursca, buggies, and harness. At U. (1 WALKER'S, 337 and 33u Btate-sl. UOR SALE-A SPLENDID DRIVING HORSE. ALSO r hanu-M an<t top buggy, toxt-iIiRT or separately. T* In- seen at CROBSMAN’B, Randolph-su, near Ada. Tp6K~BALE —A~FANCY"PIJVTFOKM SPRING" i ou suitable for cigars, candles, aad notions; will sell cheap. Inquire at 371 EastMadlauii-st. j.MRST-CL AS SPA ST UP. 1N O FOiriIORSES AT MT 1 farm, l(« miles from city : take obi ami return them free. Address C. 11. EASTON, Deerfield, 111. f’OR RALE—CHEAP—ONE HEAVY liIIAFTTiORSB X (sound); also one two-horse coal bos wagon and two ooni tail*. 177 East ModUon-et., Room 0. M'iLLP.U’S EUREKA CARRIAGE AND BUGGY combined. Sec It at 3U3 and 3<Kl Wjbasb-av, auC t«) Twelfth-i>t._tUl Saturday evening only. MILLER’S EUREKA. CHANGING MOST PER' fectly and lieautlfully to carriage or buggy. Rum ple* hi. WfLLKT’S. Tw»-|fih-«t. I PKN r NOYEU’S l aOa Wa* bash-av.; audP. L. SMITH’S, art Waboab-av. 1) ASTUUE—TiIK FINEST PASTURE IN TIIBCOOK- L try for hom-s, running stream* and plenty of shade trera. within S inlUii of tuo Court-House. Inquire at srj Nortb-ar. W"ANTKI»-THE USE OKA HORSE AND CAR' tlsgo for Its keeping, one that a woman nan drive with safety, or would arrange for the use of one for three days In eaeh week; k-n of rare and careful tuugt guaranteed. Address / 27, Tribune office. Wante:d-horsk and buggy for about a week, near corner of Washington and Carpculer at*. Charges must be reasonable. AddruaaPi, Trib une office. \irAKTFD-BKCOND-IIAND EXPRESS WAG?)N. > \ Miut he lu gi’od shti’c, and very light, aud cheap. Will pay t'Oll SALE. ■pOR PALE—UNCUT HAY—I HAVE 100 ACHEP AT X Homewood, on lllliitdn Central Railroad; and 40 acres <<n Milwaukee Railroad, at Lakeside. lUA BROWN. M 3 l.aSsllo-«t. V.X)R SALK - CUB A 1 ’—G A B OU STEAM-FITTER'S X ii|r>e, cutter taps and dies, and longues; lot of soil Klnm elbow crooks, water-clusoi bowls, cocks, ;ls, sheet-lead, etc. Store. No. HI liandulpbst. i'OK SALK—CHEAP—A LOT OF SILVER-PLATED 1 and brass plumber's fsneets, etc. i lull set fur a dwelling-house, with sheet-lead, solder, etc. Apply store. No. 81 Bast Randolph***. I.XJR "BALK—CHEAP—ONE M AOIC-LANTEUN, I 1 with stage-curtains and SO handsome- revolving view*, sultubls fur church or Suiidtty-schuol exhibit ors, price 533. Apply store. No. 81 Uandulph-st. IX)R HALE—IV) PACKING-CASES, 3t BY 40. I which we will soli reasonably at our store, He; a Clark-st. MILLER * TAYLOR. ' ixm BALE—a billiard tables, balls, cues, etc. M. O’BTRNE.W East Klmle-st i;OU BALK—CHEAP—TENTS, CAMP EQUIPAOkT X Ure-srms, military stores aud clothing, old and new, regulation rubber and woolen blankets, dags, saddles, harness, etc. Uuvcnititeut Goods Depot, removed to 81 lionaolph-st. I’.XJU BALE-CHEAP. A lIKAUTIFUL FAMILY suatuboat. will carry a dozen persons or mure, cov ered deck, modernly built, fast, trimmed lu ash aud walnut, new, drst-cUss In every rvspucu Apply at store no. 81 Rsmhilph-st. DIVOUCEB. Divorces legally and quietly obtained for Incompatibility, etc. t residence nor personal presence net ueoessaryj athdavlu sutUcleal proof; fee after decree. G. K. SIMS. ST Ashland Block, Chicago. TVVO'RCEsXeOALLY AND QUIETLY OBTAINED ±J in every State of the Union for incompatibility, eto. Residence unnecessary. Ft* after decree. Twelve j earr erporleuoc. Address P. O. Bos loU7.CtijcMo._lU. TV VO I'ICKS QUIETLY OBTAINED FOR INCOM- J / natlblllty, etc.; legal everywhere; sltldsvlu, kQ< rlent proof residence Immaterial! fee after decree. B. B. MARVYN. Room 5, H 5 Wsshlngton-st.^Clilcagu^JlL ITIAtHIfVXUV. TX)R BALE-SMALL MACHINE AND BLACK; X 1 smith shop, lu good miming order, cheap, or vfll sell tools separate. Address P 74. Tribune utflea. TTH)R BALE-ONE HYDRAULIC PRESS, CIRCU- X' Isr saw-mills, andiron working aachluery. F. W. KKAUBE, 73 West Waiblngtuu-st. KBWINU nAUUINEB. I.'LEUANT BEWING-MAGUINEB OF ALL POPU* i'j Isr makes. at less than oue-balf regular rates, warranted three yean; bars all latest Improvement* tuck-murker, ruther, and nil attachments, with each machine. liiOa. U. MARTIN, No. fcAl Waboah-av. 3

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