Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 28 Mayıs 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 28 Mayıs 1876 Page 10
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10 X A* W Bookhccpcre, Clerks, etc, TTTANTED—TOO"G MAN EXPERIENCED 'IN EE \V tail shoe business, who “ n f Co “™l Dd Trib d"d dollars and give Ironclad references. * lrlD uucotllcc. ; —v,— —— . v*<Tc n_r*TTT VIT. nr.7 GOODS CLERK; o>Ll thoroughly acquainted with the business need atmlr. BSB%Vcst Lskc-st, r » KS* to flSSfufe to?i references need apply. Address X, Trlimno office. ttV a x'tph av EsrEniEircED dut coops Wellman ud **** be ‘ tween 9 and 11 ft. m. at 134_>ortn uarK at. MAX WHO UNDERSTANDS W^onMe-eitry bookkeeptoK and Is wUUnK to mike l.hnsclf Sncrilly useful, tor moderate pay, can And a by addressing O 32. Tribune office. •v%rANTED-A GOOD SITUATION TO A YOUNG man wko trill loan employer 9UOOO or ft,500 on red elute security. Address T 33. Tribune office. ttT anted-expeuienced shirt salesmen \V for this city. “Lone Sur" Shirt Company, 183 Dear born -su __ _ MAN WHO UKDER \V stands the beck business; not afraid Slate salary cxpcctM. Address S 4S. Tribune office. Vt7ANTED-A SALESMAN' FOR A 'V clothing house. Inquire this morning at -id South Haisiea'St. . Trade*. TCT AXTED—'THREE GOOD COIOTCE*MAKERSTO W \o]oaloux Cl.r. lowa. monUgloK good ■Basra” For particulars apply to BM. BLAU! 100., 17U, 174. I7d Lake*st. >^Tvr?n —rSviI’F.WORKKR.OUT OF CHICAGO. A\ rA WrS? statingoi, Tribune Mber, rcltable man ueedaj>pljr. Adortssx office. •iiTANTED—A GOOD CAKK BAKER AXD OUNA \V Apply^t<^gj* kc - BU nvSA^D^MUTTO"TAKE CHANGE OFSOLH; A *iSher A S!iil treelnc-ruum. Call at East llandolnti-al.. I P- m- Monday St&te-st. WASTE!*—PAISTEie* AT COTTAGE GROVE \V av. None but g»utl men need apply. - ~ravVkd^a”GooD — tailor-steady work. Madisoa-feU, Sunday, from a to J. a- m. ■TIT-AVTFD NICE. GKSTLEMESLV. -WELL- W dresictl. pood i caircmcra, fasli. »nd d ytJV!S e 'Ji mid lalliem. Urlnklns men not nnnad. 11 LABS. « IScaper IMock. avted-SIX STONE MASONS MONDAY MOKN*- W tnp nt Chicago & Alton car ncar Brjgbton. KL’GELSON <t aUIKLDS. SI Major Block. IITASTFI) A TAILOU WITH SMALL STOCK OF Wcloths. Can have permanent situation and latercst. ■without risk or expense, by appoint at 113 Twcutj seamd*st. ■XTTAN'TED—FIRST-CLASS PAINTERS. CALL AT \V siioprcarof 113 Last Madlson*su, Monday al7a. xn. sharp. N- K. MAKTIN •r-ttANTED—A GOOD HORSESHOER AND GEN %V eral Wacksmltli. temporal* and can And Mcadv work and pay In a tine town In tli!a J*® 1 J atw..«£JaudSlMlcUlEan-av. and Mr. Monroe will stale particulars Monday forenoon. . vvtanted-carpenthrs. bricklayers, and AV building materials, lorcaslt and real estate. JOHN F. K[tFintAßT.JU7Cjark^t. J _Koorn A TITA\TED-A PRACTICAL WOOD WORMIAN TO AV sell a new and useful Invention; must of pood habits and well aequalnt edn <Jke c I Monday from b a. m. to 12 in. 20j South Clark si.. Room a. -.—: TTTANTED—LOUNGE-MAKERS, AT 292 SOUTH VV Canal-st. . -»rr\NTED—A GOOD FORGER IN LIGHT S J^EL VV 'work, northeast comer of Flom XT7ANTED—A GOOD CARRIAGE-BLACKSMITH AA Im/penALS. MILLAR, l»tf East Washlngton-sj, *\I r ANTED—FIRST-CLASS SHOEMAKERS. LAST \V era. heelers. trimmers, and I*l*o, ilrat-class Hitchers. C. AAN ALSTYNi. A CO., manufacturers. 117 Franklin-fit. PANTED—A SHOW-CARD MOUNTER. f DO>TI W* applyunlcssyouknowhow. SANBORN &DLN CAN, 283 Waha*h-av. TTTAVTFD-A FIRST-CLASS PATTERN FILER. W £ 11. ANDREWS *CO., 156 to 170 Mather-st., between Hals led and Despjalpes. ; iirAN*TEI)-A WOOD-TURNER TO RENT A VV lathe with tools and power at a low rental; rent to be taken In trade. Address M 53, Tribune office. WANTED-A CARiHAGE WOOD-WORKER ON VV repairing. 731 and 733 State-st, E. C. HAYDE. WANTED— ABUT TO BEARN pPnoLSTEBnfG. VV one who can cane chairs. McK_LIA»i & OOTT, <i*is West Madlson-st. TV RANTED—TUCK POINTERS TO COMMENCE AT VV once. SELUEN FISH, 46 and 43 Clark-st., Room c. ; _ ■\ttTnted-a painter to do a .job of \V paintingforcaah. TWrty-loartli andllalsted-sts. TT7AXTED—STAIR-BLTLDF-RS TO DO A JOB FOR VY cash. Thirty-fourth and HaLned-st*. TTTANTED-TUCK POINTERS TO DO A JOB OF W tucking lor cash. Tblny-fourth and Halstcd-Ftf. 'll PANTED—STONE-CUTTERS LOCK WORK VV For particulars Inquire at McAI.THUK, SMITH A CO.’S lumber office, Laflln-st,, ncarTwcnty-second. TTTANTED —CARPENTERS AT NEW COUNTY \\ Hospital comer Harrison and early Monday morning with tools tor outside work. r. j. SEXTON, contractor. Conchiuen* Teamsters, etc, TTTANTED —SO LABORERS FOR RAILROAD IN \ V Southern Illinois Monday morning at * © clock; 150 for lowa, 50for quarry; at 23 West Randolph-sr. J. U. SPEKBECK. A CO., »uc cessore to C. V. Snell &■ Co. TIfANTED—A FIRST-CLASS COACHMAN (DANE, VV Swede, or American) to go Into the country. Best of city references required. Call at 41 Fourtecntn st. Monday, May 29. between 10 and 12 o clock a. m. Employment Agencies, TTTANTED-A PERFECTLY RELIABLE MAN TO W take care of two horses and do general work about a small place; must be thoroughly familiar with the care of line horses; wages 525 per month during the summer, board and washing; no attention will be paid ,o commnrtl'-nrlors not giving names of to whom nnnl'cant can refer. \ 40. Tribune office. TTTANTED-A COACHMAN. REFERENCES RE \y paired. Apply between 9 and 12 o clock at 34 3aJumct-av. _ ITTANTED—BUGGY-WASHER AND HAUNESS \V cleaner, at Grand Central Stables. Fourtecnth-st, ittSsccltancouN, TTTANTED —ANY HUMAN BEING WITH BRAINS V V ‘ can make Swr* a month selling our letter-copying book. Any one that has a letter to write will buy It. So press or water used. Send for circular. Escel-lor Dorn pnny. 1C Tribune Building. \XT ANTED—AGENTS FOR CENTENNIAL BADG VV cp: Cheap and salable. Send 10 cents for sample to IV .1 PETTIS* CO., manufacturers of jewelry, I. O. Bo*x 443 Providence, R. 1.; 200 per cent profit to agents. TTTANTED—SALESMEN— TWO IN CHICAGO. AND VV three tor Illinois and Wisconsin. Reasonable sal try; hotel and traveling expenses paid. per manent. A rare chance for good men. All applicants mswered If stamp la Inclosed. Address Monitor Manu facturing Co.« Cincinnati. O. ITTANTED—FOUR BOYS 15 TO 19 TEARS OF AGE VV to learn the minstrel business tree of charge to ravelin threemonths._Addresß Ris,jrribunc office. WANTED— SALESMAN TO SELL SHOW-CARDS and labels on commission. Post-Office Box 409. TTTANTED-A GOOD BUSINESS MAN TO MAN VV age a business at Nashville, Tcnn., also one at lowa City. la.; business pays net Income of from to 550 U monthly, which can be shown on Investigation; tone but A. F. and A. -Masons need apply. Call at Ho riark-st,. Room 85. _ ITTANTED —AGENTS; ALSO A PARTNER OF VV some means. Apply at Room2o, KB Flfth-av. FOBOFTICE; MUST BE A GOOD VV penman; wages 53 per week. Address 1J 7, Tribune office. • TTTANTED—BOY TO RUN STEAM ENGINE. VV WagessmaU. Must have had experience. Ad- Ircss Q 24, Tribune office. ■TTANTED—A FINANClAL VV capital of $2,000 to. conduct a manufacturing establishment. Address V 79, Tribune office, stating vbore an interview may be ha»K . ITTANTED—A FEW MORE CANVASSERS FOR VV the Weed Sewing Machines. Call at 203 and 205 Wabash-av. ' WANTED— A NO. 1 MAN, ONE WHO THOR ouchly understands wet and dry carpct-clcanlng. It you understand Uic business good wages. Address PW, Tribune office. WANTED-MEN; WK WANT TO GIVE 5.000 TRIAL packages, worth 51 each, ton. 000 men who wish to engage permanently in the l*cst paying business In the United Stales. We‘guarantee live men s7o per week luring the year. Address RAY & CO., Chicago,_lll. \\f ANTED—A~PE W~ENERGETIC MEN TO SELL VV an article indispensable In even* family; can guarantor from sls to 52« per week to the right men. Aoply between » and it o’clock a. m.. for the neat 3 flave at Rbom 51 Eicnangc Building, corner Clark and Waahtugton»9ts. __ lIfANTED—A GOOD BUSINESS MAN.NOT UNDER W ss,to travel and appoint local agents; one who has hod experience with subscription-books or handling uapa preferred. Address K try. Tribune office. IXTANTED-2 YOUNG MEN FOR TORONTO AND VV Montreal, and one for Cincinnati: business en- Urely new; profit* SIOO a week;.capital necessary s2txi !o 5400. Room «3 Exchange Building, comer Washing bin and Clark-sts. tirANTED-4 YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST IN VV i.botogniph-ganery. Good chance. Apply at the lew art-gallery, 123 West Madlson-st. PARTIES TO SELL STATE VV and county right* of a valuable little patent re tcnlly granted: on snares of nroccoJa: KUe •o t lie trade already established. Address G. LEE, I. VTTANTED— A COMPETENT MAN TO SOLICIT \V roofing on salary. References required- T 29, rnhunc otliee. • 'ANTED—BOY AT 370 WEST LAKK-ST. APPLY Hit* morning. . , ITTA-VTEX)—THREE EXPERIENCED AND REUA VV ble collectors; men who can give security and •efcrcncc*. Address X 52, Tribune office. firANTED-MEN-lT PATS $5 TO SIO DAILY. VV soiling perfume, sheila, new novelty tools, thromos. photographs, and jewelry. American Nov dty Company, 118 East Madlson-st.. Room 19. fITANTED-NDRSE-A MAN, NOT OVER 25. TO VV care for and travel with an elderly Invalid; must Ring undoubted reference. Apply on Monday between »anS ll to DR. ELLIS, Superior Block. 77 Ciark-sL ITT ANTED—A SOLICITOR FOR MICHIGAN; AL- W so aclty vegetablesalcwnan. and aman u>deliver rccctables. Apply, after to-day, to k. U RblCii- PfALD. iCS'Soutn Water-st, . Ttt-aNTFD-GENTLKMEN AND ROYS TO STUDY \V for tbesmen- Ctdl at Dramatic College, 193 East SVasblngton-fit., np-stalnt. rxriTNTFD—UNEMPLOYED GENTLEMEN CAN yy -food paying occupation by calling Ibis aflcr- Kxm nt 20 East Karri .yrrAvn'D—BOY 12 TO IS \e&DS OLD. CALL W»t ITSSonUi Water-st,. Mondaynoon. Tr-rraVTEri^gSfART BOY TO MAKE CASH IN A W*SJsrihopTone that can c°me well regmmend tl dSatXs2fca£tMttdison-at. A. iL DLLIGIiT. SITUATIONS WASTED-MALE. miwcellancou*—Continued* la. and Kansas to control the trade of the best selling article In the market. 1(X West Washlngton-it. wTK T E jy-l M M EPVATELT-EXPEUragJEg VV agents and canvasscrslor a new c ft t and easy tales and large profits. Call this aitcrnoo 20 East Harrlson-st, Madlson-st- WAXTED-FEJIAI‘ e hew. Domestics** imw*"" WASTED-A GOOD COOK AND WTODBESS TO d \’, .?il^a r pM.Ld Block, corner Washlngum and Dearborn-fits. SVaahtu«ton-si. wi\TPn-A SKRVAXT GIKL TO DO GENKHAL German or preferred, at 1755 Wababb-av., above Thtrty-thlrd-st. TTTiVTrn \ GOOD COOK. WASIIKB. AND Coll Monday oftcraotm at 13? IMnc-su Must have good reference. TTTAHTED-A SECOND r,II!I.;rIUVATF.T!OAKD \\ Inp’houso. 157 Host lndlmtt*st. » VttaNTED—A GOOD GERMAN OIKL COOIC At and do pencral housework In a small family. Ap ply at IQH7 rralrlu-av. TVfTvTpj) GU’Jj FOR GF.SKIIAL HOUSEWORK. At iar>.iohnson-place. south of Thlny-Cfth-st. Ti 7"AVTKD—TWO NEAT. STRONG GILLS FOR \\ general housework; must cook, wash, and iron nlcclyfcompetcnt to take whole charge of house. 48 North May-st. • - WANTED —YOUNG GIRL. TO 14 EARS OF ape, to assist at housework; must be act he and intelligent. Call Monday or address E. b. SII>LE\, guile No. 7, 3Ct>H Wal>asli»av« ANTKD—GOOD GIKL FOR CEXKKAL HOUSE work; must cook. waMu and Iron well; cood clrl for second work and help lake care of ciillcL Cali Monday at 747 Mlchlyan-av WANTED— 12 'WOMEN, ONE TO COOK AND ONE to wash dishes at Burnhams Coffee House, -1- La SaUc-su _ ANTED—I KITCHEN' GIIJL AND 1 .DIXIXG room girl at Merchants* Hotel. Call Mondaj mornlnj morning. Reference required. - _ WANTED— COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL homework. 38 Union Park placc._ XX7TANTED—A GIRL TO DO DINING-ROOM AND W second-work* at 344 Indlana-st. TIT WTED-.V GOOD AVOMAN COOK, ONE THAT VV understands, restaurant cooking; no other .need apply* CllntOn and Carroll-sts., In the depot, : ,r.T •\xrANTFD—AT 105 NORTH DEARUORN*ST.«’ A \V pood girl to cook, wash, and Iron. ' WANTED— FIRST-CLASS COOK, AT 8S NORTH Deorbom-su • TTT ANTED—GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL lIOUSK VV work; at 233 Calumct-av.. German preferred. References required. Call Monday, after 9_o clock. Ter AVT ED—''V OM AN-C 00 K, FIRST-CLASS, THAT VV understands meat and pastry cooking; no other need apply. BARNES ROUSE, comer of Randolph and Canal-sis. __ - Ttf ANTED—PASTRY COOK AT THE REVERE W HOUSE, comer of Mlchiganand Clarb-sts. tt 7~Tvt AND IN AVI AN GIRL. APPLY AT VY No. 533 West Washlngton-st. TVTANTED— A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE \V work: wnces $3 per week; come prepared to rtay. 301 Marahficld-av., neat street west of Ashland av., near Harrison-st. Warren-av. No Irish. • ANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work at 420 Fulton-at. Call to-day. TirANTFD—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL UOUSK- W wirk: no washing and ironing. Inquire at 220 West Randolpb-st. ; TITANTED—A FIRST-CLASS SECOND GIRL IN A \\ private boarding-house at 170 West Monroe-st. Apply at once. ■ VI r ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL VV housework. Call Monday or Tuesday at 817 Ma bash-av. ' VtrANTED—A GOOD COOK FOR A FAMILY OF W ten; no washing; middle-aged woman preferred. Apply at 517 State-st., third floor. „ YTEANTED—GOOD STRONG GIRL TO ASSIST IN V V general housework. Apply at 289 East lndiana-st. ’ANTED—A GOOD COOK; GERMAN OR SWEDE girl preferred. Apply at 363 Mlchlgan-av. VV?ANTED-A GII!L (OR ROT) AT SSI WABASH VV av., competent to do dining-room work and wait on table. ANTKD-A KITCHEN GIRL. ALSO NpESE girl about 15 years old to take cam of children. Harrison Court Hotel, comer Harrison and llalited-sts., Room 3. . TTFANTED—MRS. BA ICE P.’S RELIABLE FAMILY VV employment offices; girls of all nations furnished to city and country. Wonted, hrst-classcooks, laun dries. and dinlng-ror>m girls, and girls for general housework. 410 "Wabasli-av. and CO Statc*,t,, base ment. . - TTTANTED—AGOOD GIRL FOU GENERAL UOUSI VV work; small family. 1450 Pralrlc-av. TTTANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV work; German. Swede, Dane, or Norwegian. Apply at 512 West Washlngton-st. TTTANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; W small private family; German or Swede prefund. 392 Calumct-ar.. near Twenty-nlnth-st. ITT” ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK W In family of three, at 1218 Pralrle-av. ITT"ANTED—SWEDE OR GERMAN GIRL TO COOK, VV wash, andiron; wages, $4 per week. lllr-In dhma-av. . ' IX7ANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, VV family sewing, cooking, etc. 4U> Centre-av., second floor. ; TTTANTED—A COMPETENT AND EXPERIENCED W girl to do general housework tn small fnmll). Ref erences required. Call at 778 West Monroc-st. • "ANTED—A GOOD GIRL. GERMAN OR AMER lean preferred. 274 Thlrtyflrst-st. TTT ANTED—GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE VY work, at 235 Thlrtyflrst-st. TTTANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK \V in a small family. Call Monday at2sUSouth Wood-st.. near Van Buren. - TTTANTED-GOOD GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSE \> work. 3< H West Jackson-st. TTfANTED—A GERMAN, SWEDE. OR NORWE VV gian girl to do general housework. Apply at 2G7 East Indlana-st. , TTT 4NTED—GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOU&K 'V work In private family. References requlrcu. Apply at 591 Calumct-av. TTTANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; V» must be a good cook and laundress; bring refer ence; German preferred. 336 Floumoy-sl., near Campbell-av. . WANTED-A GOOD GIRL. GERMAN OR SWEDE, W for general housework at 358 West Raadolph-st. WANTED— A SERVANT KNOWING ROW TO cook; permanent situation. Apply at j Hubbard court, ■ WANTED-A GOOD COOK TO GO A SHORT distance In the country. Call at 110 Heat Mon roc-st, TTTANTED—A GIRL AS COOK AND LAUNDRESS; VV' also second girl; only those thoroughly competent need apply. 95 South Park-av. TTTANTED GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK VV In a small family. Call Monday at northwest cor ner Indlona-av. and Fortlcth-st. ■ TTTANTED-GOOD GENERAL SERVANT FOII Vf family at Lawndale (city). Apply At 1356 M abash av.. near Thlrty-flrst-st. Mages ... TTTANTED—TWO GOOD GIRLS, ONE FOR SEC VY ond and dining-room work, one for the kitchen. In a private boarding-house at JSOO South Statc-st, Ger mans preferred- __ • -ITTANTED—A GIRL, AT 3.33 WEST ADAMS-ST. VV Must be good cook and neat. TTTANTED-AN ELDERLY WOMAN TO DO GEN VV eral housework In suburbs. Mages low; situation permanent- Apply 94 Washlngtoa-st,,_Room 15. GOOD NORWEGIAN OR GERMAN kitchen girl; must l>e a good cook and Ironer; first-class references required- Apply at 188 Marren av., Monday. ; TTPANTED—A GOOD GERMAN GIRL TO DO GEN VV cral housework in ft small family. Apply at 230 West Congress-st,, between Morgan and Aberdeen. 'IIfANTED - A YOUNG WOMAN WITHOUT VV friends, willing to assist In housework and sewing, will find a permanent home and some wages and »>e treated like one IntliefamUy. Call to-day at 3oD V cst polk-st. . WANTED-GOOD SCANDINAVIAN GIRL FOR general housework._Ca!l at_l4B7 GIRL TO DO SECOND WORK. MUST VV speak French well. Call at 579 south Fark-av. WANTED-GOOD GIRLS. ATTENTION’! —WE want ouc at 235 Calumcl-av. No Irish. Cull after Sunday. TXrAKTED—A CAPABLE GIRL FOR GENERAL W housework. 204 Ellis-av; ' TIP ANTED—A QUIET. STEADY GIRL FOR GEN VV eral housework. Three In family. Apply at 20C West Van Burcn-et, [rVNTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, r German preferred, at 1229 Mlchigoa-av. IT7ANTED—A GOOD, CAPABLE GIRL TO DO VV second work in a small family. References re quired. Apply at 42South Ann-st. WANTED-A KITCHEN GIRL IN A PRIVATE hoarding-house. Apply at 131 M cst Erle-st. nttaNTED—IMMEDIATELY—A GIRL FORGENE- W ral housework in a family of two persons; must understand plain cooking, washing, and ironing. Ap ply at 531 North Wells-Bt.. np-stalra. TIfANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE VV work: will find steady employment at 54.50 per week. Call Sunday and Monday at HH3 Michlgan-av. TirANTED-A COMPETENT NORWEGIAN GIRL V\ who understands bow to cook, wash, and Iron, at 145 East Erie-fit. ATT'ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERA! V V housework: one who is able and willing to work. Apply st 305 West Congress-at- Wanted— a competent girl to cook. wash, and iron in a private family. Apply Mon day, from 10 to 12 a. m., at 122 Ru*h-*t, References required. TSfANTED—A GOOD GIBL FOR GENERAL VV housework; no washing; wages, 52.50. Refer* cnee* required. isl-> Sllver-M. TirANTED-A GOOD GIBL FOR GENERAL VV housework, to cook, wash, andiron. Call at 475 VcrnoD-av. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL housework st 840 West Washlngton-st. TT7ANTED-AN EXPERIENCED DINING-ROOM VV glrllmmedlately, at BLODGETTS Bakery and Dining-Room. lOOTwenty-sccond-st. . XTrANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE VV work. Apply at 223 West Randolph-st. l-trANTKD-A YOUNG. SMART GIRL TO DO GEN >> era! housework. 44 10ne Place,” Vlnccnnes-av. and Forty-nlnth-st, No old stagers need apply. XIPANTED—YOUNG GIRL; LIGHT WORK: EAST V> place; wash dkbea. etc.; family of twoonly. Ap ply at 660 Weal XuUtas is. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. MAY 28, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES, tt'AXTED-FEMALE HELP. . . Domestics—Continued* ITTANTFD-GEKMAN, 2fOBWKGIAX. AKD SWEDE \velrlsuawmta and for general housework; good liimdrciefand women with children in want of wor* by tire can apply to the Good fcamnrlian Socletj. Kootn H. 173 East Itapdolphjt. fxr WTED—A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK. 76G VV Wcist L;ikc-st. . xttavtfd— for general hodsework Wln small family. Apply on Oakleyst., second door from Folk, faoutlicast comer. lir\NTEI)-A GIKL TO DO HOUSEWORK AT 817 \\ *Mlclilcan-av._ Call Monday. ■ T'fTANTEn—A SWEIHSIL GERMAN, OR NORWE VV clan girl at 417 Fulton-st. ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS COOK, WASHER, aud Ironer; second girl to ftMlst; good referento required. Apply Monday, after D o clock, at bW Mlchl gao-av ItfA\TED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL lIOUSK >V work in family of four. Inquire at 110 South ■st. ' loym:- TT7ANTED—AT 45 PAUIi-AV. A tIRST-CLASS W cook' and second girl. German or bwcde pre ferred. None Inn competent neea apply. __ WANTED-A girl WHO KNOWS HER BUSINESS \V ami her place to do general housework In “stnoll family nt Halt Bark, 0 miles from Hie dtj. Apply uldJ South Halsted-fet. firAKTED—A GOOD KITCHEN GIRL—GEIIM AN or Scandinavian preferred; must to good ml honor; second girl kent In Hie family; good w opus . oferonce required. InqulrcalUd bixleenth-t>t.. near oruor 1 ndlaaa-av. ■\\rAKTED—A GOOD GIBL FOB GEN'EIIAL W housework in uamall family at K4Q ImUuu»a>. AXTKD-A FmST-CLASSDIXIXG-BOOM GIBL at the Kevaila Hotel, 150 Wubash*av., near Hou- roc-st. TVf ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO ASSIST IN.LIGHT VV housework and sewing. Cull at northeast corner of Plum ami Latlln-sts. ' ATfANTED—TtVO OR THREE GOOD EESFECTA* W hie slrla for kitchen work; B<wl to rii-lit kind of girls; German preferred. !H hi.MED a, n- Dearborn-et., near Washington. TirANTFD A GIRL FOR GENERAL llOUwh.* tV work. Apply Monday atß7o North Franklln*st., corner \Whstcr*av.» opposite Llueoh> l_«trk* WANTED— GIULfODOGEN'ERALIiOIISEWOBU. Apply at 130Thruop-st..corner of Van Uurea. TIfANTED-A GIIVL AT 130 EAST lIAKIUSON-ST. V V to tlo housework; nut hard. . *VS7VXTED—A GOOD. TIDY GIIIL IX A SMALL V v ‘family. 6T»B West Lake-ot. fXrANTKD—A GlilL TO 1)0 IIOUSEWOUK ATI) VV Thlrty-slath-su, near liullana-av. . ANTED—A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN TO DO general housework. Call at once 77 .Mathcr-st,, between Canal ami one block north of 1 oik. WAKTEFaX* GIKL TO DO VV general housework In a small family. »13J Ver noa*av., nearThlrty»ihtrd»st. WANTED A GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK. AD* dress P 30, Trlbuue oillce., ___ ANTED— a GIRL TO do GENERAL house* work at 18 IJclden-placo,Jvorth _ bide. , VNTEI)—A COOK, WASHER, AND IRONED AT 215 Thlrty*second*at. \I7"ANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL VV housework. References required. A>B Uhto-au YiriNTED-A GERMAN GIRL FOB' GENERAL VV housework at 13ii Frairio-av. W ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Apply at 925 Wabash-av. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* work; two la family. Inquire at 224 fachUter-at. ITTAKTRD-A GIRL FOR GENERAL IIOUSE VV work; small family. 437 Leuvltt-st., between Polk and Taylor. __ ' . ITT'ANTED—COMPETENT COOK FOR DINING i V room. Apply at once at 663 cat Lake-si. iN~A*PRIVATE FASIILV, A GIRL TO VV do general housework; must be a pood laundress and cook; German or Scandinavian preferred, call at 1346 Indlaua-av. after 3 o’clock. Monday, May 29. vttanted--a~ girl to cook, wash, and \\ i r on; must be competent, and have good city references. Apply at 513 West Adams-st. YTTANTED—AT IS6 SOUTH STATE-ST., A GOOD VV dining-room girl. ' ANTED—A WOMAN AS ASSISTANT COOK AT the Market Exchange, comer Jackson andCa nal-sts. _ WANTED-FEMALE HELP-ORDERS PROMPTLY attended to for city anil country. Inquire at 120 East Van Buren-st, Mrs. REISS. WANTED— GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Apply to Coffee JOHN, 178 West Madlson-st. TtPANTED—GOOD GERMAN GIRL FOR GENERAL VY housework; must be good washer and Ironcr. Apply at 221 South Desplalncs-st. __ -WTANTHD-A GIRL AT 42 SOUTH PEOIUA-ST; VV must be a pood cook and laundress. AVrANTED—A SMART. TIDY GIRL TO DO CHAM VY ber work and wait on table at La Pierre House, Washington and Halstcd-sts. TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV work at 43 Slxteenth-st. Call Monday. Seamstresses. WANTED— COMPETENT WAIST TRIMMERS IN artrst-class dressmaking establishment; also ap prentices who can sew. 13 Harmon-coun. ANTED— FIRST-CLASS OPERATORS ON LA - dle«' underwear, at 245 Wabash-av. TT TAN TED—AT 121 VINCENNES. AV., 2 FIRST VY doss dressmaker* who umlcps-aut waist and skirt trimming. Mr*. JOHN H. HOWELL. XIT ANTED—AT 210 WEST MADISON-ST.—DRESS VV maker immediately; also, two apprentice girls for dressmaking. axted-a girl WITH MACHINE WHO IS A good hand at making shirts. Apply at U. HALT. 267 Blue Island-av. WANTED-A DRESSMAKER. COMPETENT TO tit to join a lady In opening a room. Call on or un dress Mrs. GALE, 504 West Madlson-st. TTTANTED—A GOOD OPERATOR ON COATS AT W 312 South Halsted-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS MACHINE OPERA tor: none hut experienced need apply. Call Mon day. MRS. GALON. 547 Wahash-av. W~\T NED - FIRST-CLASS OPERATORS AND pasters on childrens shoes at the factory of 1. O. CASS. 14 Statc-st. _____ TX7ANTKD— 10 OR 12 GOOD DRESSMAKERS; VV none hut good sewers need apply. At 255 1 mrty first-st. . • WANTED— HANDS ON LADIES UNDERWEAR and to take their nay in ilrst-class sewing ma chines. lUAD. OWEN A CO.. 212 East Madlson-st. WANTED-TWO EXPERIENCED SEWING-GIRLS for the Bices Sewing Machines; come ready for work Monday morning. Apply at KB West Indlana-st. TTT ANTED—TWO GIRLS TO LEARN DRESSMAK- V V lag. and two Imnrovere: steady work to good sew ers. Call Monday at ua. in. 771 West Madlson-st-, up stairs. ; TT 7ANTED—FI FT Y SEWING GIRLS; STEADY \\ work. 9West Randolph-st. TTTANTED—FIRST-CLASS SHIRT-MAKERS—BY \> Paddock Shirt Company, 163 South Clark-at. Call after 0 a. in. ; WANTED— A GOOD DRESSMAKER, ONE WHO will take equal share. A good chance to right party. Address Y 01. Tribune office. TTTANTED—FIRST-CLASS SHIRT-FINISHER AT VY the Oriental Shirt Factory, 420 West Randolph-st. TTTANTED—DRESSMAKERS AT 474 WABASH-AV. VV Cal! to-day. WANTED— SEAMSTRESS. ALSO, APPRENTICE to ICam dressmaking and work for board. 785 West Madlson-st. Call lo o’clock Monday forenoon. WANTED APPRENTICE TO LEARN DRESS making, at 253 West Madison-rt., corner of San gamon. •tttaNTED—GIRLS TO LEARN DRESSMAKING VV none but neat sewer* need apply. Mrs. U. J. FURLONG & CO., 75 East Madlson-st., Room 39. WANTED— 25 EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKERS at 205 West Madlson-st.; also wanted a good girl, from 15 to 10, to do light housework In a family of 4. and to take care of a baby 17 months old. Apply Sunday forenoon and Monday. M. M. LYONS. TTTANTED—DRESSMAKERS WITH SEWING-MA VV chines; steady work to good hands- IS3 North Clark-st. ■ TTTANTED lOO HANDS WITH SEWING-MA VV chines for ladles’underwear and dresses; also, finishers by hand. Apply at 322 State-st., at the store. nurses TT7ANTED-A NURSE-GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF A \ V voung baby; must have go»>d references; German preferred. Apply Monday between 10 and 12 at 218 South Morgan-iit. WANTED-A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL OF 14 OR 15 to take care of children. Apply at 84 Thlr tccfith-place. ; ■ ANTED—A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF CHIL t V rtren and assist In second work; must be compe tent and well recommended. Apply at 1381 Indliuia-rtV. ANTED—A NURSEGIRL FROM 14 TO ISYEAUS _ old. Apply atJ235 Indlana-av. "WANTED—WET NURSE FOR BABY 5 MONTHS V V old; also girl for general housework. Inquire at 1233 Indlana-av. \\T ANTED—A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN VV as wet nurse to a young child, to take charge In her own home. Apply, slating terms, etc., to T 05, Tribune office.! WANTEI>— GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF TWO (2) children and assist generally. Apply at 1826 Wa basb-av.. between Thirty-fourth and Tulrty-flfth-sta. WANTED-A WET KURSK FOR A BABY 5 months old, ami girl for general housework. In quire at 1233 Indlana-av. WANTED-YOUNG GIRL TO MIND BABY AND assist in housework at 124 North Wood-st. 7\ N f K D-A GIRL; good references required. Inquire at 24 Slx tcenlu-su WANTED— GIRL TO MIND CHILDREN AND help around the house. Apply at 417 West Jack son-st. WANTED— WET NURSE. MOST BE HEALTH" and strong;to live in the house. Apply atua Hill st,, between Wells and LaSalle. Milliners. WANTED— TWO EXPERIENCED MILLINERS, AT Mrs. FRAZER’S,* COG State-fit. TYTANTED—FIRST-CLASS TRIMMERS. AT MRS. VV D. MARCUSE’S Millinery Store, 148 North Clark. WANTED— 6 FIRST-CLASS MILLINERS AND I experienced sale*-lady. MBS. H. KAUFMAN, 285 West Madison-st. TTTANTED-A GOOD MILLINER; MUST HAVE A VV thorough knowledge of trimming. Apply to Mr?. HASTINGS, 239 South Ualstert-fil. \\T ANTED- FI RST - CLASS EXPERIENCED ti flower-branchcrs: 525 per week to the right partv. A poly be fore 9a. m. to Mr. COOK, at Mandul Bros.’, 121 and 123 State-st. WANTED - FIRST-CLASS MILLINERS AND trimmers; 525 and 530 per week, and steady em ployment given to A No. 1 hands. Apply before 9 a. m. to Mr. COOK, at Mandcl Bros.’a, 121 and 123 State. "WANTED-A good MILLINER. APPLY AT VV once to GAGE BEOS. & CO., Wabasb-av. and Madlson-st, WANTED— MILLINERS—3 FIRST-CLASS TRIM mersat Mrs. T. J. DEVOY’S, 104 West MatU son-st. • ICouseltecpcr*. YTrANTED-AN AMERICAN LADY OF ABOUT 25 > r asLousckccpur in a widower’s family; none need apply except those who are able and wiiifog to work. Apnfy this afternoon at 420 Irvlos-nlaca. WANTED-M3LUE II El, I*. Enunclrcsisc-s. WAXTED-’FinST-CLASSLAUXnr.ESS. INQUIRE at <ll4 Mlchlsan-nv., front 0 to 1. . WANTED-FlfiST-CLASS SUIUT Iromirs. Good wages and -steady work. u. "'v, 420 Wabash-av. .aucdrj'. WANTED—2 FfRST-CLASS SUIKT AJU \ V Irouera. ot TKOY Laundry, 201 mat Lake ai. Apply Monday morning. etc.; none others need apply. A- LLOMIAKD, a . Cottage Grove-av. - \i T A XTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS SHIRT >V Apply to the housekeeper of Grand lacin Hotel. ANTED—EXPERIENCED MIT Vr.KlfS Laundry. GCC, and 6GB Wabash av. ANTED—A GOOD "WASH woman for Monday’s _at_l27 ParK-ov class need apply. . _ • _ 'ITT'A.N'TF.D-A WOMAN TO TAKE IK ‘WASHING »» and Ironing at 743 South Statist. "WANTED - LADIKS XM> GfcN VV once, to sen ••Dlrd’a-Eye View of the•}*« >|{ft n sir. Send for circular, or call on HOM I UDLIS JNG COMPANY, Room 75. Ashland Dlock, Clilcaso»__ "ittaNTl'D—\T 483 WEST WASHINGTON-ST., >V laundress*; also girl for waiting on table and sec- ond work. ■\\rANTED— TEN GOOD Tj\T) \V washwomen, and two starehers, at DOLLSIUS Steam Laundry, -05 South Paullna-st. . 'IXT'ANTED—Sii 'A~DAY FOR AWOMAN THAT n *cnn starch and polish shirts first-class. Mondaj, 339 Mlchlgan-av. ; WANTED— AT THE ST. CHILES 0 good Ironcrs, 3 new and old shirt who umleratand the Troy Iron preferred. washing neatly repaired free of charge. Mrs. TUOs. CARROLL, proprietress. TTfANTED— AT WILSON'S LAUNDR\, STATE VV oml Thlrty-fourtli-st.,, firsl-clas. irouers and washers. Five cents for old shirts. AND TWO LADIES* i» clothes Irouers; none but first-class. _o7-outh Clark-fit. —: WANTED —AT WILSON & SUTHERLAND'S laundry, brick building In rear of lh llarmon court, two uew-shlrt Ironere, one firet-class collar -i\r,\NTFD ONF ST-MICIIEU AND TWO SlllUT AVlrouewat 331 South llalsted-st., Morning Slur Laundry. . JUlNcellancous. W\NTED— A YOUNG LADY OF PREPOSSESSING appearance to fill n permanent situation; salary good to one who suits. Address S 45, Tribune otllcc. YttaNTED—A FEW GOOD GIRLS CAN HAVE W clean, light, and steady work at -14 Llyhourn-av. ■fTf ANTED—A LADY SALESWOMAN \V goods. Address, stating references and salary expected, SO3. Tribune office. VtFANTED— FEMALE HANDS TO WORK IN A RAG VV shop. Apply to A. LEWIS & CO., >O. —1 Twelfth-si. ' T\rANTED—A GIRL CAPABLE OF TEACHING V V children music and English branches, one who Is willing to mako herself useful out of school hours, and wants a good home, without fancy wages. Address, stating wages and tinallflcatlouß. VU3, Tribune office. TIT'ANTED—LADIES AND GENTLEMEN 1- OR THE VV stage after Instruction In elocution and the dra matic art. Engagements secured. Address (bj letter only) Prof. WSI. McFAULAND, 203 Meat \\ ashlngton. WANTED-CIRLS FOR SORTING RAGS AT 521 VV South Canal-Bt. . Yir ANTED—GIRLS TO WORK ON FEATHERS, V V Also one for light housework. 1173 state-st. W TANTED—A GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL AS W waiter In a confectioner}’ and Icc-crcam restau rant. Apply at 107 East Chlcago-av. ’ ■ITrANTED-CANVASSERS-BOTH LADIES AND VV gentlemen to Introduce among the residences of Chicago and suburban towns, a new subscription work, which In character and price Is snltcd to tlio times and having an immense sale. J. B. FORD A CO., in Monroe-fit. ______ TirVNTED—APPRENTICES FOR UAIRWOUK, 182 VV * west Madlson-fit. ; Wf ANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN \V girls for private families, hotels, and laundries, city and counVry. at Mrs. DUSKE’S. 80 Mllwaukce-av. -iVr \ vtED EXPERIENCED BOOK-FOLDERS, VV Monday morning, on fourth floorat 14< and 140 Flfth-av. ADAMS, BLACKMER, & LYON I ÜBLISH ING COMPANY. WANTED— A PERSON CAPABLE OF FILLING the position of forewoman for a straw bleachery. None otheraneed apply at TURNER BROS., 70 State. WANTED— ACTIVE LADY AGENTS TO SELL our rubber pull-backs, stocking supporters, etc. Call at 75 Madlson-fit.. Rooms*. ■ Wanted— first-class FESIALE solicitor for advertising Chicago Dally News. All the news for 1 cent. WANTED—EXPERIENCED PAPER BOX MAK VV era. atSIULLIN BROS., Hand l3Markct-st. XT rANTED—TWO POWER LOOM WEAVERS. A. VV G. GARFIELD & CO., 52 West Washlngton-st. TXT - *i viTn r ihIFS AND GENTLKSIEN TO Tuition Mid after fttuatlpn la .L’,,r'o"”AnnWRfIOPSETF.LfaGIIAI-IfCOI.LhOE. t\ranti;d-l adier to sell teufume suells, VV photographs, chromes, needle-books, etc. American Novelty Company, 113 East Jlodlson-st,. Room 12. - TIT ANTED—LADIES AND CHILDREN TO STUDY VV for the stage. Lady in attendance. Call at 103 East Washington-fit.. Dramatic College. YYrANTED—LADIES. GENTLEMEN, AND CIIIL 'V rin'ii to study for the stage. Call at Dramatic Col lege. lU3 East Washlngton-su. up-stalre. SITUATIONS WANTED-iriALE. 12ooItkcepcr», Clerks, etc. CITUATION WASTED—BY A THOROUGH AND O experienced accountant, of middle age (American), a*bookkeeper or cashier In a lanre business Salan, $1,500. Highest references. Address HtM*T WEL. North Side Post-Office. _ SITUATION WANTED—AS DOORKEEPER OR business manager; unquestionable city reference. Address Y 23. Tribune olllcc. SITUATION WANTED—AS TRAVELING SALKS- O man by an active and experienced young man for some good house; no ohjcctlons udiatbuwnesa; will work on commission or salary. Beat of references given. Address Y 17. Tribune otllce. CITUATION WANTED-IN A GROCERY; HM2 O years’ experience; will work first month for board. References. N 24. Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—IN _ WHOLESALE :STORE O by a young man of good ability; will make:hlmself generallyusefuL References. N 24, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN 20 years of age In a grain and commission house: wages no object. Good references given. Address 0 B, 615 Hubbard-St. CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AT O nrcsent in a grocery In a commission or wholesale house: good penman. Unexceptionable references. N 71. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—A SIAN 40 YEARS OF AGE, several years' mercantile and office e . x 1 I )u, sires to exchange services for reasonable salary In an honorable business. Best references. Address O 64. Tribune office. • CITUATION WANTED—AS SHIPPING CLJHtK, O porter, or driver, by a young man who is willing to make himself useful. Address W3O, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN FROM O the East a position In a wholesale tobacco house; five years’experience. Address TB<\ Prlhuno office. CITUATION WANTED—A BOOKKEEPER fcN * O gaged with one of the largest houses la this city wishes to employ his evenings at any work pertaining to hooks: terms low. Address i 96. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN, AN expert bookkeeper and accountant. In any capacity where he maybe of use; salary moderate. Referen ces A 1 Address N 64, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—I CAN HLL ANY Posi tion of responsibility in banking or railroad office or with large business house; references unsurpassed. Address BUSINESS, 2lUSouth_Peoria-Ht. CITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED O double-entry bookkeeper; sneaks English and Ger man. Address Q 83, Tribune office. CITUATION WAXTED-nY A MIDDLE-AGED O married man as cashier, salesman, buyer, or assist ant bookkeeper. iu some mercantile or nmnufacturing house, wholesale grocery house preferred. Hau. twenty years* experience and extensive acquaintance here und through the Northwest. Highest Chicago references. Address for three days Y 7. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY’ A YOUNG MAN AS grocery clerk, to drive delivery wagon or any other steady employment. Good references given. Address 1t47. Tribune office. O ITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN OF fe six year’s experience In the book and stationery busi ness. Best of retcrences. Address P 73, OITU VTION WANTED—BY A MAN WILLING TO O do anything to gain an boom living. from assistant bookkeeper to porter, Q 15, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE-AGED man. In any capacity of trust; Is well versed In merchantllc pursuits; docs not use tobacco or drink; is perfectly honest; has best of city :references, work for moderate salary; Is quick and apt. Address N 88. Tribune otßcc. STfUATION WANTED—TO DO ANY KIND Oh business in a commission house; has had business experience. Can furnish best of reference*, balaryto suit employer. Address Q»4. Tribune office. . CifUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MANOF O steady habits; understands double-entry book k-ppnimr thoroughly, and has some knowledge of the Iron 1 trade; win work one month on trial without wages. LP. care Post-Ofllcc Box 13. city. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN W HO O U strictly temj*erate and of good habits; under stands bookkeeping by double entry; willworkontrial at anv respectable employment where there la a chance o f promotion according STtUATION WANTED—OFFICE POSITION, BOOK- O keeper, assistant, or correspondent; thoroughly nractlcod* very best dty references as to abilities, In volving experience, penmanship, rapidity, and correct ness. and as to Industry, reliability, and character. Ad dress li 23, Tribune oCice. O ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS O bookkeeper or salesman; wholesale house pre ferred; first-class references. 06. Tribune Situation - 'wanted— by an e'xperif.nced bookkeeper; best of references given. Address N 21, Tribune ofllcc. _ SITUATION TV ANTED—AT $6 PER -WEEK, BY A good penman as bookkeeper, clerk, or copyist. P 3, Tribune otllce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS AC countant as bookkeeper or collector: no objection to country; references. Address TO, Tribune olHce. OITC ATIONWANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN OF 18. O who la willing to work In any position lu a mercan tile house; best of references; understands bookkeep ing. Address B 81. Tribune office. OITU VTIOff WANTED-BY A DRUG AND PRE & scrtntlon clerk of 8 years’ experience: German; un exceptional references. Address N 08,Tribune office. S‘ ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS entry, invoice, or copying clerk, or to learn some wholesale business. Reference present employers, r 75, Tribune otllce. _ SITUATION WANTED-BY ONE WHO HAS BEEN In a large business for himself the last ten yeanj; now desires to make a living; hard-working and Intelli gent- takes anv kind of work of respectability: refer ences satisfactory. Address GJ. leu West Adams-fct. Situation wanted-by an experienced O Shipping clerk, 8 years’duration; salary moderate; testimonials from present employers. Address 3. l«. Tribune oihco. SITUATIONS WANTED-MAtEi IJooKKccpers, ClerKs—Conlinucd* S7TH ATION - WANTED—AY A YOUNG MAN OF live years’ experience In general retail merchandise ImslSiw .ptoEnßllSh ana icanalnavlan: accnatomoJ to work: city or country*, references A 1. Adtlrewi l 6-’, Tribune ofllce. .T AXD Trades. SITUATION WANTED—BY A PRACTICAL BOOT nnd shoo cutter. Can give references. Address W, H Opcra*llouac Building, Milwaukee. S plumbers from New York, Job In small city or coun try town. Address V» 8, Tribune ofllci. Situation WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN, CA* nflWcof sett Inc adtjoh work, or making-up on a counOT weekly. VdreWv M. Tribune office. CITUATIOS’ WAKTED—BY A BUTCHER. 2C7 CHI* O caKO*av. —— r SITUATION WANTBD-BV A O ncr and line furnaces man. Address TlaA&Ut -•- •♦«idlson*st. ; .. tt'est’Mac n ITU AT ION WANTED—TO RUN A SMALL ST A- Silonary engine by a young man of good references. Address W. S. SIMPSON. 107 Fourtecnlh-st. Miscellaneous* SITUATION WANTED—BV A MIDDLE-AGED man with 5500 to sl.(Xmcady money; has fonnedj been Captain of steamboat. Address Q 44, iriDunc ofllcc. __ ; SITUATION WANTED—A POSITION AS TEACHER O man from the East; four yea# expe rience Iu a°public school. References. V 62. Tribune ofllce. . {Situation wanted—as traveling sales- O man or solicitor. Groceries, or tobacco and cigars preferred; liM a luree ttrrash Ohio and several years’ experience. Address QO. Tribune oincc. CIfIIATWX\TAXTED-BY A YOU X G M AN’mLL; O Inc to do any hind of work; references giten. X 76, Tribune olllcc. Situations wanted—bv a man and ms wife: the man Isa good vegetable and j|*£ denur; the woman Is a good cook, If there Is a horse and buggy, or cow to:milk. » no objection; good refercuce. Address, for 5 days, w 71, Tribune omce. CITUATIONWANTED-BV A TAIs.„ A O Dane, ns coachman In a private family, nllllng, sober, and thoroughly understands his duties, refer ence given from last employer. Please address N 71, Tribune nfllcc. . OITUATION WANTED—BV AN ELDERLV LN- O gllshman as light porter, janitor of offlee or business block, or as coachman; will make himself generally use ful In any position. His wife U a good cook or house keeper; best of references given. Call on or wrlte to ■WILLIAM EDEN. 227 Thirtieth-fit., or HIED L. FAKE 6i CO., 88 Waahlngton-st. Coachmcu, Teamsters, etc. OITUATIONS WANTED—BV A MAN AND WIFE, O he as coachman, teamster, or any capacity, sheas cook, laundress, or housework; good references. Call on or address ti. A. TATE, South Oreen-st. OITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE O youtig man as coachman In a private family, Good references. Address W 53. Tribune office. OITUATION ‘WANTED—BY A STEADY 51 AN TO O drive team orwork around store. Best of refer ences given. R 35, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG_MAN WHO thoroughly understands the core of horses and carriages; Is a careful driver. Best of reference from former employer. Address S 73, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS teamster or to take care of horses, or any other work. Best of reference. Address \ 00. Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED—BY A \OUNG MAN O (Dane) as coachman In private family; is a safe driver and willing to work. Best of references. Ad dress P P D. 1037 North lialsted-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN AS teamster or coachman; understands milking and general work around house. First-class city references given. Address N 70. Tribune office. ITU VTION WANTED—BY A COACHMAN IN A private family. R 45, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A MARRIED MAN AS coachman: can milk. Best of city reference. W 03, Tribune office. - ; OITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN IN A © private family by a young man; no objection to garden work. Reference given. Please address 1. 77, Tribune office. 9 _ OITUATION WANTED—B\ A SWEDE OF 28, AS O coachman, or taking care of private horses fitallion colt, or training horses for speed. Apply at 13G4 Stale st., up stairs. O. J. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN ENGLISH COACH man, can do gardening; good city references. Ad dress W C, rear 370 Wabaah-av. SITUATION WANTED—B\ A YOUNG MAN, Swede, us flret-edass coachman; hasi had several years* experience; sober and steady habits, and is not afraid to-work; best of references, please address JP, GO Archcr-av. OITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDE AS COACH- O man In private family; tssober and faltliful; under stands bis business; good reference. Address Z 07, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN BY ASIAN, O Swede, in someplace where I can have my wife to live with me; have gotmy own furniture; no children; understands how to take care of horses and harness; best of city reference. Address POO, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED—B\ A YOUNG MAN, O Swede, as coachman and to do general work about the house; best of city references. Address R t)l, Trib une office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A DANE AS COACH man or to do any other kind of work, either In city or country, where 1 can have my wife to live with me; have got my own furniture. Address Q 26, Tribune office. CITUATIONS WANTED-BY A SWEDE (MARRIED) O as coachman; can furnish the best of city reference; both willing to work. Apply at 1364 State-st., G. 1., upstairs. __ SITUATION WANTED—BY A SOBER, STEADY & voung man as coachman, or any kind of teaming in city or country. Can furnish the best of city reference. Address for 3 days R 84, Tribnne office. CITUATION WANTED —BY, AN AMERICAN O coachman In a private family; Is a first-class drh er, and can give the highest references. Apply at the greenhouse, 1412 Indlaua-av., near Thlrty-Qrst-st. OITUATION WATTED—COACIIMAN—A TOUNG O man. Swede, understands his business; with best city references. Please call at 791 Wabash-av. o ITUATION WANTED—BY A COM’ETEN TYOU N G O man (Swede) as coachman In a private family; has had several years of experience; understands the care of fine horses (trotters) and carriages; is well posted In the city; first-class city references given. Address A 38, Trumneofflce. _ SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG (GERMAN) man as private coachman; willing to work; has o years’ New York references. Address R 3u, Tribune offices. SITUATIONS WAKTED-FOULE. Domestics* SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL, Danish, to travel with a lady; either In Europe or the United States. Address P 36, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A NORWEGIAN GIRL to do general housework. Please call at 125 West Indlana-et. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL FOR GENERAL housework In a small family. Best of references given. Call at 1604 Buttcrfleld-st. Sunday and Monday. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS MEAT and pastry cook In a first-classJtwarding-housc, hotel, or restaurant. Call or address 275 West 1 olk-at. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL TO DO SECON D work and sew In a private family; good references. Call at 887 Pralrle-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDISH GIRL TO travel to Philadelphia with a lady or as second girl in private family. Call at 22 Dusold-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY A GERMAN GIRL IN A O private family ns cook or to do general housework. Apply at 259 Twenty flfth-rt. CITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS O Swede girl to do general housework in a small pri vate family; Is a good cook, washer, and Irouer; good reference given •If requlrtd: West Side preferred. Please call, on Monday, at ISO Lytlc-st. SITUATION WANTED—A DAUGHTER OF A RE spcctahlc family, 14 years old. wishes either employ ment or to be adopted by a party who will give a parents care; the consent of herjnarents granted. Full particu lars by addressing Y’ 81. Tribune office. SITU ATION WANTED—BY A GIRL. FIRST-CLASS cook and laundress. In a private family; references. Call or address 1122 Mlchlgan-av. CITUATION WANTED—BY’ A NEAT GIRL TO DO O general housework In a first-class small family; good cooS“vSLUr and Ironcr. • Call Monday at 170 West Adams-st. J SITUATION WANTED-BY A THOROUGHLY’ Com petent American girl In a private family to do gen eral housework, or as cook. 60)g Twcnty-nlnth-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY SWEDISH ps drlt good cook, washcrand Ironer In small private family to do general housework. Call at 241) ulton-st SITUATION WANTED-BY A CAPABLE SWEDE girl to do general housework In asmall private fami ly. Address R 26. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK and second girl. Please call at 113 Ontarlo-st., lu basement. Best of city references. SITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY O by a respectable girl toscwanddosecondwork. Ad dress SbO.Trlbune otllce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD COOK, WASH- O cr and Ironer. or nurse, to go traveling. Address 36 O’Brlcn-st,. Monday. _____ (Situation wanted-by a good girl for O general housework In a private family. 281 South May-st. : ITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK to work In a hotel or boarding-house. Apply at GOO Statc-st, S' ITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO general housework. Please call at 784 CarroU-av. Monday and Tuesday. OrrUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO O do general housework. Apply at 372 Desplalnes-st. Situation wanted-by a Swedish girl in a prl vote family, to do cooking. Call Monday at 134 Scdgwlck-st. C ITUATION WANTED-BY AN IRISH GIRU TO Odo cooking and washing. Call at 888}* Stato-st., buck stairs door, to the right band side. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO do housework In a small family, or second work. Call Monday and Tuesday at IGQB Wentworth-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do second work. Call at 507 Mllwaukce-av. C ITUATION WANTED-BY A WIDOW AND O child—7 years old, as cook or housekeeper, or gen eral housework. Apply at 372 Desplalnes-st, SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL IN A PRl vote family, for second work. Call at 1436 Butter fleld-st.; South Side preferred. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL. CAN DO dining-room and chamber work. Please call or ad dress C D. 49 West Adam*-st. S~TrUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO COMPETENT girls (sisters) as cook and second, or nurse girls together, or separate; 1 year’s references from last place. Please call at 416 Wabash-av.. Monday. C! ITUATION WANTED-BY A TRUSTWORTHY O woman to do second work, or take core of children; the beat of reference. 416 Wabash-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS MEAT O or pastry cook In a hotel or boarding-house; city or country. Apply at 251 EaatTwcnty-slxtb-at. CITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. r> to do general housework; l>eßt references. Please call at No. 739 State-st., basement. J SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL FOR general housework In small family, or second work. Apply for two days at IS3 Forquar-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRL AS cookorsecond girl la private family; best city references. US Wabash-av. 'SITUATIONS "WANTED —FEMALE. ContinucUt Sttttations wasted— housekeepers, spnmstresstJS. and capable domestics will be .„una”ube C tiie Good Samaritan Society. 173 East Kaodolph-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO FRENCH GIRLS, sisters one to do second work, o *l> er t° care of children m private family. Call or address Ua Elston-ar. r TiTATIOV WANTED—BY A YOUNG GH»L IK A fimllv. Call at 282 West Ohio-at.. In rear. ri TTU Vri'OV WANTED—BY A COMPETENT S lT an‘co do house or kitchen work: nog b fe[l?J o £ , .sJ l country. Apply or address J9l Soutu Jenersoa si.. up-stalrs. oiTITATIOV WANTED —Bf A RESPECTABLE S IT do second ttwk. Plcjge call Mon day at 07 Cottage Grovc-av.. behind 09. niTrr\Tifi\’WA\TED—TO DO SECOND WOKK IN S ft private family or boarding-house. Inquire at 503 Mlchlgan«av.» Monday. _ _ | ITUATION WANTED—BY ONE WHO UNDER 1 stands cooking. Inquire at GO6 Statc-st. OITDATION WANTED—BT A GOOD, COMPETENT & clrl to do general housework or second work In a private family. Apply at 133 North Market*st. CITUATION WANTED—TO DO SECOND WOIUC O or CO take care of children, or Uliht housework. Call Sunday and Monday at ail South Eark-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDISH GIRL TO cook, wash, ami Iron la a small private family. Please call atM East Chlcago-av., up-stalra. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE girl u» do housework In a small family; good refer ence If required. Please call to-day at t>t West Ohio st., up-stairs. ' Situation wanted - m a Norwegian woman In a Christian family to dp general house work. Please call on Monday at 174 Westlndlana-st., up-atalra. , OITUATION WANTED—AS SECOND GIRL, OR O has no objecUon to take care of children or assist in scwlug. Please call for 3 days at 191 Twcnty-fourth-st. OITUATION WANTED—TO DO SECONS WORK O or general housework In a small private family, pood references. Please call at l£2 lourtceuth-st., Monday. SITUATION W ANTED—BV A FIRST-CT.ASS O Swede girl to do general housework In a small fam ily. Call .Monday at 143 East Chlcago-av. OITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDE GIRL O (first-class cook) for general housework In private American family. 27C East DivUlon-st. , OITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO O light housework or second work In a private family, good references given. 357 South May-at. , OITUATION WANTED—Hi A GOOD COMPETENT O girl to do general housework or second work in a small prlvaiefamlly; first-class references can be given. Please call atlbl Twenty-nlntb-st. CSITUATUW WANTED—UV A YOUNG WOMAX, O to do second work or plain sowing la a pnv ate fam ily. Inquire at iW Ean Indlana-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY 1 A COMPETENT GIKL. O to do second work, or general housework InaprUnle family where washing Is hired; good reference. If re quired. Call at 71 West Monroe-st. SITUATION WANTED —BY GOOD, RELIABLE clrl. to cook, wash, and Iron, or general house work. Please call for two days at 143 tlsbtccnth-st.. In rear. - SITUATION WANTED —BT A RESPECTABLE O girl. to do second work In a private family. Refer encegiven. If required. Please call for two days at A Fourtecnth-st., up-atairs. _ SITUATIONS WANTED—B\ TWO GOOD GILLS, O one to cook, wash, and Iron, and the second work; good reference. If required. Call at 3- Wcst Erle-su SITUATION WANTED—BY A DANISH GIRL; mineral housework preferred. Please call Sunday forenoon or Monday at 125 North Unlon-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL O for general housework, or to conk, wash, and Iron. Please cull at H 5 Flnnell-st. for two days. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO bECOND WORK and sewing or take care of children. Call on Mon day at 102 South Dcsplolncs-st.; references given If re quired. _ . C ITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD GERMAN TO O cook, or cook. wash, and Iron; best references from last place. Please call at No. CO State-st., In base ment. ' OITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOL O and laundress. References can be given If w anted. Please apply at No. II Twcnty-slxth-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS second girl In private family. Apply at Ul nest Ohlo-st. • SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL TO O do light second work or take care of children. Please call, for two days, at 143 Forquer-st, O ITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT SF.C- O ond or general housework girl. Please call Monday and Tuesday at 988 Pralrlc-av. _ SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG WELSH O K trl to do Ilfrlit pencral housework. Call on Monday at 1M West Jacksou-st. West Side preferred. S' ITUATrON'WANTED-BY A VERY GOOD AND competent girl, a place In private family for cither cooklne or general housework. Best of references. South Side preferred. _lls West Adams-st. SITUATION'S B WANTED--BY TWO FIRST-CLASS irirls for general housework. Apply ut the rear of 148 West Madiaon-st., up-stalra. Call days. SITUATION WANTED—BT A YOUNG GIRL TO DO second work or chamber work. Call or adddreas XJo West Kinzlc-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL TO DO GEN- O crnl housework In a small family; one who thorough ly understands. Call for three days at 121 Oblo-st., be tween Wells and Franklln-ats. SITUATION WANTED—FOR A SUPERIOR GIRL to do second work and sowing; can give the heal of city references. Apply at 033 Siate-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL O a» cook In private boarding honse. or to do general work In a private family. References given. Call In rear of 173 South Jefferson-st. ; CITUATION WANTED—BY* A DANISH GIRL TO DO O general housework or second work In a small fami ly. Apply at 249 Uucker-st., near Mllwaukee-av. SITUATION WANTED—TO WASH DISHES. LIZ ZIE BROWN, 664 Statc-st. SITUATION WA NTED—BY A GOOD SWEDE GIRL. Apply at 113 Winchester-av. __ SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE widow woman, to do general housework In a private family. Call at 44 North Halated-st, Nurses, SITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG, HEALTHY, and respectable woman, who has lost her first baby, would like to take an Infant to wet-nurse. Apply for three days to Mrs. CURTIS. SOORash-gt, SITUATION WANTED—BY A NURSE OF LONG experience; terms reasonable. References ex changed. Please call at 147 Johnsou-st. CITUATION WANTED—AS* LADY’S NURSE. OR O would take charge of Infant or Invalids; make her self generally useful. Best city references. 379 South Park-av. SITUATION iWANTED—AS NURSE TO AN IN valid lady: no objections to traveling; can take good care of children. Inquire of NELLIE, 22 For cst-av. ' SITUATION WANTED—BY A MIDDLE-AGED American lady to help care for children or Invalid lady; a good home preferred and small wages. Call or address 264 South Cllnton-at. Mrs. VALENTINE. SITUATION WANTED—BY A CAPABLE AMRRI can glrl(lR) to take care of children or an Invalid lady. Best references; would travel. Address M, care of Fred.l. Huso, M. D., northwest corner State and Randolph-sts. CITUATION WANTED—BY A LADIES’ MONTHLY O nurse: good reference. Address NURSE, Room 53 O’NclU’s Block, State and Uarrbon-sts; terms moder ate. ' SITUATION WANTED—BY A KESPECTABLE woman as nurse to a lady In confinement or an In valid: am willing to make myself generally useful; can pivc the best city references; no objection leaving too city. Call at 252 Townsend-st. . O ITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD, HEALTHY O wet nurse. Call at Foundlings Home. SITUATION •WANTED—BY A YOUNG GERMAN girl as nurse for children; a good home rather than wages the object desired. Address S 83, Tribune olllce. OITUATION WANTED—AS WET NURSE .BY A O healthy young Swede woman: milk six weeks old; can nurse two. Apply at 614 Reuben-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN AMERICAN LADY as nurse for an Invalid or a woman In confinement; competent to take care of a child from Us birth; no ob jections to traveling: best of references given. Cull or address NURSE. 12U3 State-st.. over store. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY WITH REF crcnces to take care of a baby. Call at go Hopc-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN OF Expe rience as nurse; Is willing to be useful; no objec tion to travel; good city references. Call at 258 Cal umet-av. for three days. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT NURSE to take entire charge of a baby; no objection to traveling. Apply at 407 South Slate-st., for two days. SITUATION WASTED—AS NURSE FOR THE SICK by a person of ex]>crlcnce. Apply at Ml Krlc-st- QTTUATION WANTED—BY A M IT) OLE-AGED O woman as child's nnrsc. and would assist In second work. Call at or address 2SB Flfth-nv., near Van Bu ren-st. Uesi of references given. MB. QITUATION WANTED—BY A COLORED GIRL TO O take care of children and do second work: Rood rcfcrencesglvcn. Cull at IG9 Tblrd-av., on Monday, from 10 a. in. to 5 p. m. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE woman as nurse to an Invalid: no objections to travel; best of reference given. Call or address 130 South Jef fereon-st. ( SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO nurse and sew: no objections to the country; city references given. Address O 36, Tribune oMce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE EN gllfih clrl to take care of two or three children, or would do light housework; good home and small wages; good references given. Address T 'Si, Tribune office. A NURSE OF LONG experience. References from the best city physl* clans. Call or address 145 South Clark-fit.. Room 55. SITUATION' WANTED—BY A YOUNG WIDOW with child to take care of children and assist In sew ing. or to do general housework la private family. 493 Wauash-av. Seamstresnc** SITUATION WANTED—AN EXPERIENCED DRESS maker wishes a few engagements by the day In families: Is a good trimmer. Cull or address MF, 316 Cottage Grove-ay. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED dressmaker; a few private families to work for; prices reasonable: no objection to the suburbs. Beat city references given. Address Z 82, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—IN A FAMILY (SEWING). Call or address 668 South State-at. SITUATION WANTED-AS SEAMSTRESS IN A private family: am familiar with any hand or ma* chine sewing. Call or address Mlsa 31. NELSON, 681 West Lake-st. SITUATION WANTED A GOOD SEAMSTRESS wants work In private families; sewing-machine and references furnished. Apply, personally or by let ters, to Mrs. OLSEN, 100 Augusta-sU CITUATIOK WASTED—A DRESSMAKER OF EX -13 perience wishes to work In families. Address V 51, Trloane office, SITUATION TT AX TED—IN* A PRIVATE FAMILY O to do plain sewing or second work, or take care of children; no objection to the country; references given If required. Please call Monday at 73 Blue Island-ar., up-stalra. SITUATION* WANTED—BY A WIDOW OF 32; IS A pood dressmaker or housekeeper: has one little boy 8 years old. and has a Wheeler & Wilson; no objection to country; Is a Protestant. Please address Q fri. Trib une office. CITUATIOK WANTED—BY A RELIABLE DRESS o maker with references; lenaa reasonable. Addrees 2» 73. Tdbaac cfllcc SITUATH ScaiUNtrcMKG**—Continued. SITUATION’ WANTED—A COMPETENT DR7RO. maker desires a few more encasements bv th» SZ In families. Address AW, U 53 west MacUsoa-st. * 5 SL f UATI ONWANt ED-C V~aTDRESS MAR EtT’tS work by the day In families. Price, npr H rf.» Address Y id, Trlbime omce. SITUATION WANTED—A ami desjfner would like to engage In a few mS} urst-class families; uses none but French books *»3 patterns; can give the best of reference. Can «t 22 North Ann-st. ** ** gF ♦ITUATION WANTED —BT AS O seamstress In private families by day orweek. call or address Mrs. EXGH, £5) ililwaufeee-av thSS lloor. * Housekeepers* SITUATION "WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER Tro on English lady. Cal! on or address Miss s. Jo\t?c 481 Mllwaqhce-av., third floor. ' SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER youns woman of 30; city or country, innniri f, 1i73 South Clark fit., Room 8, third floor. »l SITUATION WANTED—BT A liKSPECTARLB mlddlc-a-ied person as housekeeper In a respectabfi family. Please address, by letter, Mrs. M. SMITH in? Crusby-st. . ’ 4U * SITUATION WANTED—A HOME IN WIDOWER'S family; will take full charge and do entire workfo* §3 a week. Call, for one week, at:3B Garley-it. * SITUATION WANTED—BY A THOROUGHLY COMI petent person as working housekeeper; no objection to the country; best of references. Address V 43, Trib une office. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EDUCATED LADY to lake entire charge of a house, one where there Ua little child preferred, and a servant kept; would acceota position as governess, take care of an Invalid, or an? position of trust: no objection to country; object a home; best of reference given .and required. Addrea V l3, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY !y competent as housekeeper. Understands the man agement of a first-class house. Address Mrs. BDA. southeast comer Kush and Pearson-sts., city. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH lady as housekeeper, la willing to make herself agreeable; or to take charge of a house during the sum. mer. Best of references given. ES, 1413 Pralrle-ar. S' ITUATION~WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER, OH would furnish and keep house for severaljrentle men, or as companion to a lady. Address’ \ 66, Trlbnat office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG WIDOW lady of ability, as housekeeper for a widower oc bachelor; no objection to the country. Address 0& Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A voung widow lady; widower or bachelor preferred. Address X 32, Tribune office. SITUATION "WANTED—A MIDDLE-AGED LADf would take the entire charge of a house; will furn ish a competent servant: cood reference. Address Q tic. Tribune ofllce. ;lencc ns housekeeper In a hotel, city or conauy. Address N UN Tribune olllce. SITUATION’ WANTED —AS A COMPETENTHOUSED keener for a widower or for parties leaving the cltyj heat ot refercnce Klven. Address N 56. Trlbaoe office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WOM an os Housekeeper or to do general housework la a small family: no objection to city or country; goo* reference. Address W 77. Tribune office. S" ITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS HOUSE* keeper In a family, or would take charge of a hoasi for parties leaving for the summer; would leave thi city* If desired. Apply to P. W. OATES, 52 South Ca. naf-st, ' SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A widow thoroughly competent to take compleu charge of a house. Including the care of children; cltj references furnished as to fitness, and a low salary onlj required. Address FE P. care Marder, Luse & Ca, 139 and 141 Mouroe-st. oIfUATION WANTED—BY A MIDDLE AGED EN- O cll«h lady as working honsekeeper la a family where there are one or two children prefcrredi no objection to the country. Call at 480 State-st., up* stairs. STUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER IN J hotel or boarding-house In the city or country by i competent lady of experience. Best of reference given. Address V 89, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A O young widow; a good home desired. Address N 27, Tribune office. ; SITUATION WANTED—AN UNUS tJ A LOP P 0 RTC nlty Is offered to secure the services of an educated lady as housekeeper; a widow, young, but experienced would Just suit a widower, with children, who de sires to make a home. Address P 7, Tribune omae. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT young housekeeper or seamstress, or will do genera* work la a small family If treated as one of the family. Call Monday at 13 South Sangamon- t, ‘ Laundresses. O ITUATION WANTED—BY A SWINISH GIRL IN A O laundry or bakery; goodlroner. Call at 29)4 SB* ver-sc. SITUATION WANTED— ANY ONE WISHING washing and Ironing done, a suitable person can &© found to do It at 821 Prulrle-av. SITUATION' WANTED—BY A RELIABLE WOM an to go oat by the day washing and Ironing and house cleaning. Inqnlre at 21S Twenty-slxth-st. SITUATION WANTED—A LADY WOULD LIKETfI get a few gentlemens' washing and sewing; wta guarantee satisfaction; washing $1 per dozen. Ad dress V 80. Tribune ollice. • Employment Agencies* SITUATION WANTED—LADLES IN WANT 07 rtrst-class female help of all nationalities can M suited on short notice. Sirs. LAFKISE, 3Si West Mad- Ison-st. • SITUATIONS WAN TED—F AM ILIES IN WANT OF O good Scandinavian and German female help can M supplied at Mrs. DUSKETS office. 80 Mllwaukee-av. S — FIRST-CLASS GIKli for general house cooks and laundries. Scan* dinavian and American, call at 12 Arcade-court, be tween Clark and LaSalle-sta., Monday morning. OITUVfIONS WANTED—THE ORIGINAL STAR O Intelligence office, 126 Wert Monroe-st.. will fur nish first-class help at short notice of any nationality desired. Mrs. WARD. SITUATIONS WANTED —LADIES IN NEED OB good reliable help, German, Scandinavian, orAmer lean, please call at our office, 12 Arcade-court, Y. M.C, A. Building _ , SITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES DESIRING first-class female servants will be served Uo any part of the city by applying at 120 Flftb-av., and 449 East DlvUlon-st. Mra. CUNNINGHAM’S employment of lices. _ - SITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES AND HOTELS in city and country will be suited with help at once. Apply at Working Girls’ Home, 194 West Adama-st. Girls boarded. - .. miscellaneous* • CITUATION WANTED-BT AN EASTERN LADY O of refinement and a splendid nurse, as matron in a ■Western home, or would take care of an Invalid In or out of Chicago. Will give the very f bcst recommend from a physician In good standing. Direct to Mrs.ADA BROWN, Port Dickenson, Broome County, N. Y, CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG LADJOF O three years’experience as bookkeeper or clerk la t dry goods store; references given. Address N 45, Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A RELIABLE YOCNO lady as nursery governess In a pleasant family. En glish branches and veiw good music; also the rudiment; «f French taught. Highest references given. Andrea TEACHER. P. O. Evanston. * SITUATION WANTED—BY A TOUNG LADY AS companion to a lady, or nursery governess; Is will ing to make herself useful; can do plain sewing; would travel. Home more an object than wages. Address a 76, Tribune office. , SITUATION' WANTED—BY A YOUNG fADT TO do writing or copying In an office, or a sltaatton h assistant clerk: is willing to work evenings. Address i 75, TrUiunc office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG LADY JO? rood address aa clerk in a confectionery and ice* cream parlor; baa had experience. Address n 65, Tribune olhce. . SITUATION' WANTED—BY A YOUNG LADY AJ clerk or cashier In a music or book-store: hasno ob jection to office work. Best of references given. An* dress I* 05, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN INTELLIGENT lady In a store, or some position of trust; writes * good, fair hand and quick In figures. Address Vm* Tribune office. __ SITUATION WANTED —BY A YOUNG WOMAN™ C do washing, cleaning, etc., by the day. Caliat*« Imilana-av. ■ - SITUATION WANTED-BY A OTRL WHO ST£AU» three languages os clerk. copyist, or wntinc » some family traveling. Please call or address, xor a days, AD, 30Norton-st. CITUATION WANTED —AS CASUIER . COKRB-_ O spomllnft clerk, or copyist, by a yoong IMT « sldcroble business experience. Address E, W«8 " cs * Adams-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER, COPT* O Ist, or any kind of office worksultable for youna lady. Address OAS Tribune :iNEBY. A VERY FINE SIX-HORSE POWER J\. engine and holler for sale cheap* Inquire « PERCY, 140 LaSallc-st., basement. - For sale-a lot of wood screws of a^ sizes at H cents per pound; new grate ha» »m»u Ing nails, second-hand bar Iron, all sizes, at - cents P” pound; spikes, casing. and fencing nails at •HLF'rL. perpound; new bar Iron, assorted sizes, at Ky 100: boiler flues, boller-makera topfc, wheel P*» shafting, pulleys, gearing. balance-wheels,cham-rcnw. and telegraph-wire: Jack screws, vises, anvils, wnp, nuts, and washers; also 50 pairs dnmp-car wneew >f , axles, all for sale cheap for n —^ 4-iiohse rowjß right, one 15-horsc power tubular, and hand marine boilers, by Enterprise Boiler and lion* Works, 17. 10. and2l Michigan-fit. T~?OR RALE-SMALI, DOUBLE ENGINE ASB Og? . 4-lnch horizontal, also general machinery, ai* UOKALD & HOGG. 118 to 120 South Clinton-^ Fon SALE-SMALL MACHINE AND BLACJJ smlthshop, In good running order, chenp. <« sell tools separate. Address P 74. Tribane office^ OR SALE-AT AUCTION—TO PAT ADVApCK-. 1 wood frame double planer and matcher. - I Smith's four-side 8 Inch moulder. No. W 7, w Wjn bidder, for cash, at 2 p. in. Wednesday, May 31. den City Machinery Depot, 01 South Canal-st. DELL & BROWy. Mortgagees, 108 Flfth-ar. For. SALE—DOUBLE ENGINE W*™, LINKB£ thou. cheap; suitable for yacht. 93 W cst iiaouuu st.. furniture store. • OR SALE-CHEAP, FOB CASH. SASH. BOOK, ami blind machinery, two planers, one •“*l* (rood condition, but little used; large room to rca light manufacturing. T 4, Tribune office. OB SALE-STEAM EXCISE AND BOMJfcJjjjjj: plete, for a small pleasure boat, or very compact and powerful; ten to twenty horse pj> can be wen at work. Address Z 69, Tribune offle OXE SECOXD-HAXD 30 HORSE rOWt:i'-KNGI|S and boiler; one dcirick, with and 14x14, lu complete order. A. S. DOW>S, IS. **■* bom*Bt. WASTED—A CHEAP FOOT V\ wlthont attachment. Applr at 39 divorces Divorces legally and for Incompatibility, etc IVOUCES LKGALLT AND QCIETLY U»T^» In every State of the Union trnlnmmgma* lgj e , to TVVORCES QUIETLY U pulUlltr, etc. i leal t g. dent proof; residence *™^Ss?^^fat te cblOW» B. UABYYN. RMB* •» WeAMto-ILi GW®*** FE9UI iL]

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