Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 28, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 28, 1876 Page 11
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CITY REAL ESTATE* ROOM 14. 14G MADI - fun ?!l : v!celnf. 25x < A south front, on .Tackson-rt., Dearborn; s3,uuo down; balance between b“*‘ c uu "-story dwelling and lot 20x100 on West su4 MUwaukee-av. and Green-su; SSOO heunce easv payments; house has 11 rooms. dovosS_vire rottape, bay-window, 6 rooms, and lot .Sg&r&mu 101 North Oakley-av.; S7OO down; will bo sold at a bargain or exchanged 4U61 ,;.wi arid lot; there Is two 6-room cottages and (or con«» c *** tot cottage and lot on Pralrle-av., between fifth and Thlrtj'-slxtb-sts. * pjlrty-niij** . uevv gionc-front dwelling and lot on SSJ o^* Breen Thirty-filth and Thlrty-slrth-sts. Pf* rJvwFine residence or business lot, 27x123, on the otlieSr c^ r ° crof Houglaa 111111 Pralrle-avs.; decided foot-»xl40 on Vcmon-av.. between Thirty* on Vernon-av., between f=° Pi' f - n( j Thlrty-sccond-sts. lou, 25x125, on Buddan and Forty- *&s%ach—'Two lota on Wcntwortb-av., between r corner Lincoln and IVcbter-avs. octagon front brick dwelling, lot, 168 SoutU Lincoln-fit.; tb la 1b Just the ®°i!i?SffA«t I dl»ck lot, clear, on river, between Clark ; will go ata bargain; is the finest In handsome 7-room cottages and lot*, south 1 b .*'«n p*rk-av.. half-way between railroad and Cen- Iropk °5 1 .| ia f v.*lll be «uld at u decided bargain If taken down; balance monthly payments. .T. 11. KEKLEIi, 168 CLAUK-ST.: P°^ l “l,T ) rv ami basement stone front house on Cain* Tblrty-third-st.; owner wants to sell 1m- D £™!2nrT and basement. octagon front, brick house, tr««hin* r toii*»>t.. near Leavitt; cheap. ® and basement brick house. 10 rooms, and | O TSi» now street, only $*,500. S7OO cash, balance *®Sfffi?tia«*wUli brick basement, 9 rooms, and lot want an uCcr font Imme or will sell bouse and one lot, j w «oicres In Cherokee County, la. is)seres In Dallas County, la. in seres In Cass Couni>% U. i?ot*r3 In Chickasaw County, Ta. . I? vTnWhts. at a bargain. *2 miles from Geneva. 111., all fine land, at ibsrsaln. •«ip'«aLMEVEUAL EXTRAORDINARY BAR. KHilins both within and without the city limits. WAKRKX, KO Dcarborn-st. ?-SwTsIlE-50 FEET FRONT ON OHIO-ST., BE rMreen Stale and Dearborn-sts; fKO per foot, £i MATSOX HILL. 97 v-rnn «ALK-VEUV CIIE.U'-AS TIIE OWXEi; IS V wdneawav. lOhrick houses, rented, in good loca * i niUe from Court-House. Cars pass the doors. JddreJzlS. Tribuneo2be. VwT&CIE-93X1TS FEET ON MICIIIGAN-AV.. h north of Twenty-llilrd-st-, at a low price for caih llENi:^l^lLUJ42Jsearborn-sL -rVifT«XIE—HOCSK AND LOT NO. G7t) "WEST MON r wUit. paved. 63 ft,. Jit only syr. per foot. Choice wi&rlwod. Apply to OWNLU. CJ2 MaclUon-st. ™r«\LE—THE EQUITY IN’ THE TIIHEE TWO rclnrr and basement stone-fronts and the two frame southeast comer Pralrle-av. and Thlrtv-sec- HALDWIX & CO-bU LaSalle-lit., liuom J 3. T=vwt SALE—EIGHT-ROOM house AND LARGE, r vtu-jimiroved lou Fine location; three blocks from r^caratwo blocks from lake. Will be sold very if can eel Sl.ojO down, balance monthly. Lake SSrln Fur full particular* address W. G. *ri:i‘ll£yS. Room 8. 03 Dearbom-st. • «4L»TO LUMBER OR BRICK-DEALERS— * iws any lumber dealer or brickmaker desire to se rTi!vTnx/J brown stone, octagon-front, 3-story and lament house, with furnace and all modern impruve inlnt*. near Tweuty-slith-st.. oa one of the avenues S* neighborhood), for $7,000. worth SIO,OOO to-day? Tfrms 53.1W0 lu lumber or brick, or both, at cash prictf: balance on long time. If so. address Z 71), 1 rib* acoiflce. P-“, B SVLE-AT A DECIDED BARGAIN, A CEN rallv located piece of business property; well rent po trade. Address N 14. Tribune office. F - )ll SALE—I 434 INDIANA-AV., 9 ROOM, COT- lot 50X100. F. GAYLORD, 13 Reaper Block. P-)B cALE—S3,SOO WILL PURCHASE LARGE wo-Rory house and lot. 30 Harvard-st. $1,400 will Dtnchase six-room house, and lot, 34 Harvard-st,, near Cunnbdl-av. The above prices are less than cost of japiovements. Easy terms. Inquire at3S5 Westcm-av. P' Hi SALE -555,L0U CASH WILL BUT ONE OF me finest stone-front business blocks (a comer) on «l*ie-st-, north of Uarrison-sl., in Chicago. This block iio* pa vs lo per cent net. If parties want to buy such property here Is the best bargain offered in this country, rad'll U getting better every day. Call and see; want n .,v x. C. BuYD. Room 14. 146 Mauison-st ixm S\LE-015 EXCHANGE-HOUSES AND LOTS f In all parts of the city and suburbs. ULRICH & UARNXL «5 Washington-st., Room 3. FOE SALE-VALUABLE CENTRAL BUSINESS property, SIOO,OOO. paying 0 per cent net rent. Also 150 feet on West Lake-st., comer of \ager, cheap. Lotson Warren-av.. west of Oakley-st. GEO. IL HIGGIN’SON. 1 14 Dearborn-st. FOR SALE-HOUSE ON SOUTH SIDE. ONE ON Vorth Side, two oa West Side; brick, 2-story and 9a.«enent: Siaowcash. balance on time; less tnan It jogi w build. 143LaSalle-st., Room 43. J. W. FREE. COR SALE-106 FEET ON CALUMET-AV., BELOW E Fifty-seventh-st; 10 acres lu Sec. 31, 88. 15: 10 icros corner of Scventy-ilm-st. and Stoney Island Boulevard; 100 feet on Siate-st,, between Forty-sixth mdForty-seventh; want an offer; l,2Wjfeet onMlchl jaaand Wabash-ava., south of Pltacr'a Subdivision, haul S 3 a foot; cheapest and safest property In the cartel, GARNETT & THOMASSON, 135 Dearborn it.. Room 13. 17015 SALE-GREAT BARGAIN-LOT 40X100 ON E Ohlo-st., cast of Clark, north front. Want a cash iffcr. Apply to WM. IL SAMPSON & t?O., 141 LsSalle-st. - L'Oli SALE-AT THE LOWFIGUUE OF $3,500. AX r elepaat two-story li*n>om resilience s.Mendldly Un shed with all modem Improvements. Also a large, u-wi-aforylMim; lot 40x1«7 to alley. The place cost & Guo cash, only about Si.UO cash required. Only •even minutes’ walk from 1. C. U. It. depot. Inquire HE. S. DREYER, 72 Dearborn-st. . COB SALE-AT A DECIDED CARGAIN. COTTAGE C with brick basement. No. 1434 Indlana-av., and ctSOxnu. Lot taken In part pay for equity. U. C. fiOBLT, 65 Clark-st. . COR SALE-VERY DESIRABLE LOT; $1,000: NEAR C Vernon Park. D. W. POMEROY', IG3 Madlsou-st. COB SALE—OR EXCHANGE—GOOD TWO-STORY T dwelling, brick basement, west of Lincoln Park, nine order, light Incumbrance; will take other prop erty or sell on monthly payments. Room C, 12s La islle-sL * COB SALE-AT A GREAT SACRIFICE-27 LOTS C near comer Wood and Taylor-sts., together or epamely, cash or part cash. DAVID WILLIAMa, 25 Clark-st. COP. SALE-AND EXCHANGE—IMPROVED AND C vacant business or residence property, city, subur »o. and country. Have some rare bargains for cash. CL CANFIELD, 5b LaSalle-st. COP. SALE—3 LOTS ON SOUTHWEST CORNER OF C Hoisted and Wrlphlwcod-av., 5u feet south front, >n Daanlng-et. between Lincoln-av. and Halsted-st. a crest bargains. JOHN NELSON, removed to 82 and 4MUwaukee-av. COU SALE—43XI2S FEET CORNER OF WOOD AND r Honorc-Kts. A fine building lot will be sold at a bar {tin. GRIFFIN & LEWIS, Room 0, Major Block. PR SALE —THAT DESIRABLE RESIDENCE property, northeast comer Pralrlc-av. and slx cemh-su; u houses, separately or together. JAb. 1. GOODMAN A CO., da Washlngton-st. COR SALE—4OO FEET ON WABASII-AV., NEAR T Flfty-sccoad-su, very desirable, and within a few •locks of tbc great South Park; 132 feet on Statc-st., tear Fifty-second-st., at a bargain, for cash. Apply at he real-estate otfiee of JOHN P. OLINGER, 50 Wash ngiun-su, Room 7. ' DOR SALE-IMMEDIATELY—COTTAGE OF NINE C rooms, and lot. In excellent locality on the West >lde; wtu take $2.(00 cash, balance on time. 1. S. fERGUSOX, 23,156 East Washlngton-st. FOR SALE—MICHIGAN-AV. CORNER. 50 OR 100 feet on comer Mlchlgan-uv. and Thirty-second-st., ast front, 175 feet deep to a 20 foot alley; no better turner on the avenue. Apply at the real-estate office •f JOHN P. OLINGER, ab Washlugton-st., Room 7. [7OR SALE-OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR MEDIUM- L tiled, well-located house In city, four acres of laud •a Madison-si., west of Central Park; property clear, od It a splendid Investment. D. WXLLIAiIs, 125 -lark-st.. Room 11. ' C*OR SALE-00 FEET EAST AND SOUTH FRONTS, L corner Wabash-av. and Twcnty-flfth-st,; the Inest corner on the avenue for a residence; would sell w feet If desired. Price moderate. Apply at the real tattle Office of JOHN P. OLINGER, 60 W’ashlngton k, Boom 7. DOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN—THE SOUTHEAST L comer of lndlana-av. and Thlrty-fifth-sl. (Doug ti-olace), 53 feet on Thlrty-nfth-st. by 125 feet on In luna-av. to ic-foot alley. This Is one of the best car ter* la the South Division for a block of retail stores. Ipply tithe real estate othceof JOHN P. OLINGhK y "tshlagton-st.. Room?. DOB SALE-SEW BRICK HOUSES OK LEAVITT L and Oakley*sta.,near Polk; look at them. 0 0 ' W Xwenty*Bccond-su; clear. . _ >o. ia Lausfey-av.. near Kiln rark; clear. The wre house* at panic prices. W. T. CUsIIING, _ 125 UearOoru-st. POB SALE-458 HUBBAUD-ST, COTTAGE AND r *oL aaisu, cheap; one, two, and three yearn. Ppß SALE—GOOD FARM HOUSE AND LOT, 47X eaat front, on Ellzabeth-M., near ICandplph: ami want an offer. COLE, NEWELL A tUbiiLlL Iss West .MudUun-st. pop. SALE—AT YOUi: O>VX PRICE—BUSINESS t property on Blue leland-av.; 175. OUO brick; also. with nock to exchange lor Chicago property. 503 put Uland-av.. in wiloou. pou SALE—I WILL GIVE A RARE BARGAIN IN V„, a il-btory ami basement stone-front residence la "nee location on the North Side; has all modem Im jovemcata; I* near street-care andlakc.south of achil tS; .Prtce to suit the times. \V. 11. PKDi.lClv, y* Hfth-av. p°i* SALE-CHEAr-lI9S I'RAIKIE-AV., MAII- L. ! r<mt - u room.-; or will exchange equity for ° ,^rove( i P r °P crl y» Apply at id and 50 »a- P oi * SALK—OIS EXCHANGE—NEW HOUSE. 13 L. 10 *® 8 * etc - 22x32.2t> feet high; first-claas loca »Si« ie ? p; lease. 15 years; rent S4O; object, cheaper ®° uth Side; diSerence made easy. Address V i^nbUDeoClce. FOR A BARGAIN; MUST BE r._ J W; 5850 win buy a cottage and Jot. 1237 TV est jPßaren-at- 7°? SA l e JACKSON-ST.. OCTAGON-FRONT house; all modern improvements; $4,300; S *v°4t €a! *y payments. Cottage and lot on TVest v, also, a fine cottage on West Side, to be iHlyd. J. W. SMITH. 125 UarK-sU, Room 22. S'S£.S: M,E- A CHEAT BARGAIN’: d-STORf AXD rJ»T € . mtnt Rone-frunt house, and lot 33x150 feet, on north of .Sixteenth-^.; will sell far below Hyhc- U- C. THAYER. iW JJcarbum-st. 7°H SALE-2 lots, at a sacrifice, ox a jjjCood street; mast tell. Addreta X 61, Tribune 7°K SALE-HARD-PAX PRICE. 1638 tv ABASH »■«?*•» bear Thlny-flm-at. Inquire on premises, or IJlghiiigton-tt., Room 10. t o '-SALE-A TtVO-STORT BOUSE OF 6 ROOMS *ot. No. 7 Margaret-st., one block cast of Blue near Fourteenth-st. Price $1,400. £Wjai7B3FuUon-st. IO-ROOM HOUSE AXD LOT OX WSfflpL Ug bargain; half cash. Room G, 04 ''°!L^ ALE ~ at A GREAT SACRIFICE—tVAXTED, i-Proffer for stone-front house, 757 TVabash-av.; Ir* «el byj7o fceu JOEL BIGELOW, 370 Siaie-sU AND LOT, Congveas-st, 7°S SALE—CHEAP-20 OR 40 FEET ON ILLI • holi-gu, between State and Dearborn. Nicholson ‘Wiiaayry, t 3 maitUia-eU CITY. REAL ESTATE. l?OU SALK—I OFFER FOR SALK AS ASSIGNEE OF .L 11. it. Puyron and F. K. Cauda the following de scribed party, subject to the Incumbrances: 1. Car-works of F. K. Cauda* Co.. Archer-av. and river, about 15 acres, ami having u frontage on Canal of about 2.(Xxi feet, with valuable Improvements. 2. Lot on Kossuth-st., 25 feet. Block 14, South Branch Addition. a. Lots l. 2. 3. and 4ln S. Holmes’ Subdivision N. H Block 11. llushneU’s Anditlon, on southwest corner of Clark and Oak-sts., luJteet on Clark by 120 feet on Oak. 4. 10 acres, 2 blocks, 02 lots, on Cblcago-av.. Taylor * Canda’s Subdivision W. kS. W. US. E. M Sec. 1, T. 30. R. 13. S. The S. 14 of Block 11 in Bushncll’s Addition, being about 3U) feel on Clark-st.. corner of Locust, and 200 left on LaSallc*st.. corner Locust, 0. Llnculn-av., 17 acres S. W. Sec. 18, T. 40, N. R. 14. 7. North Hatstcd-st., 2 lots, 8 and 9. In Subdivision of Blocks, In Block 5, Sheffield’s Addition. » A. J. AVHRELL. Assignee, 1?OR SALK-OR EXCHANGE—RESIDENCES AND . residence tots, by ULRICH & BARNES, Room 3, 85 Washlugton-su louxuouon Urccnwood-av., just south of Forty-scv enth-st.. and large brick residence; will sell very cheap, or exchange for good vacant lots, or rent. 152x153 feet, northwest corner Oak-av. and Vln ce«uea-av.. choice lots, and 1176 Wubash-av., 2-story and basement marble-front with Mansard and good barn, furnace, etc.; can be exchanged: subject to In cumbrances. for vacant lots or suburban place, clear, to good advantage. 514 North LaSalle-sL. feet nnd fine brick residence; can be sold cheap or exchanged for residence on West Side. 23 lots on Twenty-second, Oakley, ami Monroe-sta.. east of Wcsteru-av.; ottered very low, or will take larm orontalde unimproved In part pay. House and 150 feel on Cornell-st., llyde Park, clear, and $5,000; to exchange for house on North Slue, east of Clark-st. Chlcago-av., worth $15,000/ ULRICH & BARNES. ' Room 3. $5 Washlngton-st. 170 R SALE BUSINESS PROPERTY, SOUTH X Water-st.—Several very desirable blocks, paying 1 0 to 11 per cent rentals. Blue lsland-av.. 2-story and basement brick build hip, with 48-foot lot. In pood locality; store below; up per part arranged for two families; cottage In rear; all well rented; will be sold at a bargain. West Madlson-st., block of stores and ofllces; will be sold at about half Its value. Wu have a large list of property, and Invite attention. FRED L. FAKE & CO., ■ 88 Washlngton-st. T?l)R SALE-1532 WABASH-AV., JUST SOUTH OF X Twenty-nlnth-sU, at a decided bargain, 2-slory and basement octagon stone front, 11 rooms, marble mantels, and all modern Improvements, mirrors, fur nace. gas fixtures, screens, and awnings go with house; lot 30\ 102 feet; good barn. 227 Thlrtleth-st.. between Wabash and Michigan a vs., 2-siory frame; dining-room and kitchen on parlor floor; all conveniences, and In good order; large lot; will sell at a sacrifice. We have a Targe lUv of residence property. FRED L FAKE* CO. Foil SALE—S2,SOO TAKES A COTTAGE OF 8 rooms and closets, ami lot; cottage new and con venient; sl.-JOO down, rest on long lime. Callorad* dretsrijol’ark-av. I JUJU SALE—3-STOKY BUILDING AND LOT. TWO stores, ami two dwellings above, on Lake*st.. near Hoisted. SAUW; longtime; small house and lot in part pay. OWNER, 707 Wat>ash*av. . I7OR SALE—S6SO—LOT ONE BLOCK FROM STREET . cars, '2*4 miles fmatCourt-Housc; cheapest property lu city. Owner, 30 Pcarce-st. _ FOR SALK—4-ROOM. COTTAGE AND LOT ON WestSlde will be thrown away for SI, 100; cash and time, or will rent. 0. C. CALDWELL A CO., 131 Dear* bura-st., basement. • Ijbll SALE-HOUSE OF 11* ROOMS AND STORE, . witli good burn, on IlaUted-st., near Thirty-third; lot 35X135. Will sell the whole for §3,500; it Is well worth §4.500. Must have money. Apply to 1L O. STONE, 146 Madtson-6U 170 K SALE-AT A BARGAIN, FINE COTTAGE AND ; lot comer Taylor and Myrtle-st. Terms easy. il. E. "WEAVER & CO. . 17015 SALE—OIS EXCHANGE-HOUSE AND LOT . on Lake-al.; will assume. S. BARRIER, GoPolk-st. 17015 SALE—A 1-STORY FRAME COTTAGE AND ; basement, and lot. on Fulton-st., near Union Park; will sell cheap. Call or address owner. J.P.,74Deor born-st., basement. 17015 SALK-THREE HOUSES AND TWO LOTS. X cheap; or the three houses with live years’ lease to trade for private house oa leased ground. Apply at 323 West Ilandolph-SL 170 F SALE- NEW TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT . octagon front brick house, 10 rooms; $35. Address V 01, Tribune office. » 17015 SALE-BEFORE BUYING A HOME, TAKE X Milwaukee-av. Humboldt Park car to Western-av. oa North-av., two-story brick houses 31x30, and lots 35x136 to wide alley. Price of house and lot, $1,750. Easy terras; monthly payments; school, cars, sewer, city water, trees, sidewalk. Inquire at comer North and Wcsteru-avs., or at my office. No. 1 Ogden Bulla inp, corner Clark andLakc-sts. ALGbSIUs JACOB SON. ; FOR SALE—HOUSE AND LOT NO. 20 MILLER st., near comer Harrison and Morgan, for $3,300; good home for two families. Easy payments. FOR SALE-AT YOUR OWN PRICE, OR Ex change for Michigan land-A 2-story house and lot, well located, Sv. S. ELLIS, Room ID, 153 LaSalie-at. FOR SALE-BUILDING 40X70 SUITABLE FOR manufacturing purposes; also engine and boiler in first-class condition, cheap, on easy terms. Address I. 40,Tribune office.. __ T7OU SALE—GREAT BARGAIN—NEW MARBEE- X front house fronting Lake Michigan vomer.Thirty first-st.; easy terms. J. 15. WARNER, 117 South Franklln-st. or on premises. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. 17015 SALE. RENT. OH EXCHANGE-HOUSES AND X lots at Hinsdale. Size of places, price, and terms to suit. 10 cents fare. O. J» STOUGIL 123 Dearborn-st. For sale-at western springs, ox easy monthly payments to suit, 2-story houses and 50- foot lota at $3Uk SI,OOO, and $1,250; near schools and deitot; sidewalks, etc., all complete, ready to move in to; 10-cent train morning and evening. T. G. HILL, 4 Lakeside Building. . OR SALE-AT EVANSTON—HOUSES Will MOD era Improvements. .Lots In any P"t of the yUUge. Blocks or acres at North Evanston. HENRY M. KID DER, 48 Clark-st. R SALE-OR RENT —A NTCE HOUSE AND COT taue in Englewood; first-class neighborhood; near depots. Also, very tine residence In South Evanston. TILLOTSON PROS.. 92 W&shlngton-st. . I?OR SALE—CHEAP—A BEAUTIFUL AND DE i slrahlc summer residence at Elmhurst; both house and grounds In perfect order: three minutes’ walk from station. HENRY P. ISUAM, 75 W ashlngton-.t. T70I! SALE—OXE ol£ TWO BLOCKS IX lIAW- X 1 thorne, I mile from limit.. 81.000 per acre: also 13 or 15 lots on Northwestern Itailroad, near Central 1 ark and car shops at half value. Address W 31, Iribune olfice. -r-'OR SALE— SS,OOO-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick house at city limits, Hyde Park. Furnace, pas-fixiuree, sewer, batik etc... worth “ear street and steam cars. SI,OOO cash, balance to suit buy er. JOHN D. PARKER, Rooiujo Reaper Block. T7OR ACRES FINE GARDEN LAND IN X suburb; would make a nice poultry farm. IS. KEN NEDY, Room 10. _ COTTAGES ON MONTH £Iv payments, or build to order. Have two that must be sold Immediately. N. T. WRIGHT, 80 Washing ton-si. t?OR SALE-LOTS XEAR CATHOLIC CIIUUCII jl and monastery In South Englewood; a f-w left at S2OO to s3uu. J. C. CALDW’ELL & CO., Itl Dearbohi su, basement. . 1?OR SALE-CHEAP, OWING TO OWNER BEING < about to leave the United States, a beautiful cottage and grounds. In perfect order, at Elmhurst. Price $2. jOO. Inquire, or address JAMES W'UITAKER, office of Judd ii Whltehouse. 37 Ashland Block. 170 R SALE—A CHOICE SUBURB. 4 MILES OUT; JH car and’bus to the door. Gothic, jarge shade and fruit trees, fine house and bam, and two large lots; house partially furnished If desired; fine tjarden, &c., Ac. worth $5,000; $3,000 will take It, Y 44, Tribune office, -—— 1“ SALE—SSOO CASH. OR GOOD PERSONAL i nroperiv wlllbuy a $1,200 equity In an 8-room brick For particulars call at basement, i j North Clark st. T?OR SALE—STYLISH HOUSE AT *{GRMAL School, with large lawn and lake water. Will fur nish If desired. Small cash payment; balance monthly. E. C. WARE. 95 Washlngton-at. . 170 R SALE-FIVE LOTS IN SOUTH CHICAGO. IN Allen Subdivision, Sec. 24, Tomi 3<, Range 14, near work£ a? $23 each, worth $100; also two 5-acre hiueks of 48 lota each, within two blocks of depot, on the lakieiSw north,’ at S'^kTerfaetPa'S must have money at once. Titles perfect, abstracts furnished. Room 24, 145 Clark-st.; SALE.—LOW. ON" MONTHLY PAYMENTS. A r new two-story brick dwelling. having oil cmivcn itncca c.Tarl lul: located on kW% , near city 11m Ila. F. O. LYMAN. 37 Portland lilock. SALE—A 200-ACKE TKACT OF CHOICE X land. 12 miles from Court-House, splendidly :>^ led for manufacturing In residence dJvislonvrtll do well to look up this. Address BC6, Tribune oUlce. . Fmt c VLE-AT CLYDE. 2 MILES WEST OF CITY I mVia ori c . B. .V o. It. It., on small monthly pay- At iwwucr-e Omvc— Beautiful laws prairie ami grove lots; the cheapest property oirereO: lotig UiiiL and small imyincnw. Call or send postal for full desu ip Uve drculS: O. U. GUJBS, lUOUeurhoru-eU. itoum 7. OUice hours. 10 a. ro. lo l P- ni. sasr "f E £fss tearing fiiiirilv. fcleaae call or address 11. nd Oak-av. ss»if s»n: Ws«!a& -"vs. inutou-su — 7- ti.ii> s \LE —OR EXCHANGE *■“ AT HIGHLAND F Part lUKbwood, and Uovinla; some desirable irtacw SVviuator bargains,to parlies wishing homes. IIOOAN a: CO.. 47 Beeper Utock. on lons time ami low interest. FltU>. L. Jr AKU &. to ss Wasblngton-st. —— bounds; line site for drive liotcl. LDMUND u STILES, oaMadlsou-st., Kooro «. , ggg. “nmldS fethr. HO sickness, steam-yacht clo .^ a 9j iiandoiph*su . „ • —OK SALE—DESIUADLE LOTS AND NEAT AND siLstinUal dwellings. on easy terms or tor rent T ake-waler; cheap, frequent and rapid trains, |/KTT, Agent southeast corner Monroe and .7‘Va I c_eioo WILL BUY A GOOD SUBURBAN drcular - lItA F°.M?. A et:^^S' o d?|J.t C traS: sS miiSALMOMD.^^gS^ad^wStouJSoi (nart casli). as they must Uo sold, liliOWN, 108 FUth-av, THE CmCAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. MAY 28, 187 C— SIXTEEN PAGES. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE* SALE—ADs7m.STRATORS’ SALK OF VAL \vmUiMi ,» r . ea * ,J’ 3t,11w . ln Wllmettc.-Tbe undersigned B K, llt lauction, on ritursdav. June 1, at 2 p. °iu ce of . lll . e , -‘dbicriber In Wilmette, all of Block lj in Dingoe s Addition, belonging to the estate nn deceased. Iherc ft a good dwelling PiJ-tnEts, with over 800 front feet of good build- W n a well-improred neighborhood; eight min- SJ.VIL depot; 14 miles from Chicago; 2W miles from Northwestern University at Evanston, and with* in a short distance of a goo«l public school. Come and see It. JOHN g. M KSTEHFIELD. administrator. I,'Uli SALE-LOTS AT $5 KACII-WE HAVE 710 A lots at Glen Horn Springs, near the north lake shore, near the depot, size 25x125 feet. "We will sell every alternate lot In the plat at $5 each. Our object- Is to interest 355 people In our plot; consequently only one lot will be given to each person. We will thus ren der our other lots more valuable by the Improvements that will be likely to be made. Title perfect and ab stract furnished. Warrantee deeds will be given. Sur veyor s certificates and maps of the property can be seen at our office. AHMISTEAD & CO., Room 14. 145 South Clark-st. For sale-to market gardeners. 5 acres and cottage. $623; SIOO down, balance $3 monthly, office days. Saturday and Monday. J. G. EARLE, Room 37. 97 Clark-st. P>R SALE—WHAT AM I OFFERED CASH FOR two lots 97x150 at Slough’s Station? Incumbrance $3,00(1 payable In 2. 3. and 4 years. Must be sold. Ad* dress O I. Tribune ofllce. For sale—and rent-north shore resj dences ut Waukegan. Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe. Lake Side. wlnnetka. Evanston. Rogers Park, Ravenswood. Also, at Hinsdale, Riverside, Clyde, Austin, Englewood. Geneva, 111., Irving Park. K. L, CANFIELD, 59 LaSalle-st. I7OR SALE—OR EXCHANGE-NICE HOUSE AND . lot at Hyde Park, valued at $4,000. Will take a vacant lot in part payment. 108 and 178 Throup street, two-story and basement brick bouses, lots 25x125. Want clear in part payment. ULRICH & BARNES. Room 3. 85 Waslilngton-st, FOR SALE-ACRE LOTS FOR GARDENS AND beautiful homes, $125 (o S4UO; cottages and lots, S4OO to $1,200 on monthly payments. EDMUND G. STILES. Madlson-st., Room?. J7OR SALE-80 ACRES, MILES FROM CITY limits. SBO per acre; great bargain. JAMES DAR LOW. 125 Dearboni-st.. Room 14. TTOR SALK-G IOTS IN MAPLEWOOD MILKS X from the Court-House, or exchange for farm In Dane County, Wls. Apply at 755 and_7s7 Slato-su I?OR SALE-ACRE RESIDENCE, 7 MILES OUT. abundance of shade, and fruit of all kinds, best hitherto offered, at great bargain. J. W. SMITH, 125 Clark-st.. Room 22. COUWTEtY REAL INSTATE. i?OR SALE-A CHOICE FRUIT-FARM WORTH ; for sale fur a few days only atsa,ouO, OWNER, 202 West Van Buren-st., Chicago. 1?0R SALE-ON FOX LIVER SMALL FARM HIGH . lylmproved; also an elegant residence, with thre acres, tastefully ornamented with trees and dowers. ISAAC CLAFLIN A CO., Marine llulldlng. bs Washlngton-st. 17011I 7011 SALE—SUMMER RESIDENCE ATIVAUKB ; shn, Wis., close by mineral spring. House contains 12 rooms; lot, 1 acre, Inquire of C. HORNING, ou the premises, or of J. K. CUSTER, Attorney, IG2 Washing* tou-st. ___ ixm SALE—ICO ACRES OF GOOD FARMING LAND X under cultivation: running water all Hie year; 40 acres timber and good buildings: 8 miles east of Plqua, o.,onthel*., C. «5:St. L. R. It. Inquire of IVM. UEND LEY. 17 North Clark-su, Chicago. I?OR SALE—FARMS, FARMS. FARMS. WE CAN . offer all those wishing to purchase Improved farms or farm lands lu Illinois. We make farms and farm lands a specialty, and have a great variety, both large and small farms, to sell very low and on easy terms of payment. 'Write us for particulars. GRIFFIN & LEW’* IS, Room l) Major Block. 17011 SALE—I6O ACRES OF GOOD LAND IN CEN- X tral lowa, and iGO-ncrcfarm In Southern Kansas, athalfprlccforcash. Address, before Tuesday uuon. S 7, Tribune office. 170 R SALE-OREXCHANGE-LARGE FRUIT FARM X 1 \y> miles cost of Benton Harbor, Mich., 70 acres under cultivation and partly In fruit, 3 houses, large bam, light incumbrance. Prefer to exchange for desi rable suburban clear. Address SSI, Tribune office. 1" 70R SALE-SPLENDID FARM. THE BEST CAR ' gain In this or any other market, for cash “ right away.” Address W 67. Tribune office. 17015 SALE-3 EASTERN FARMS AND FLOURING -1 mill for ‘Western lands. Address J Gil, Home wood, HI. 17015 SALE—A SNUG 120-ACRE FARM IN THIS X’ State. Only SSOO cash, balance long time. Might exchange. Room 8. 93 Woshlngton-st. T7OR SALE OR EXCHANGE—FINELY IMPROVED X 1 165-acre farm near Kalamazoo, Mich., clear, for cltv properly. CHARLES C. LANDS, Room 3, IbS iladlson-fit. For sale—lo-acre a no. i farm, 38 .miles from the city, dirt cheap. Address S 43, Tribune office. • For sale-or exchange-very desirable Improved farm, 313 acres, 14 miles from city. JAMES DARLOW. 135 Dearbom-sU. ltoom 14. FOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-GRIST MILL. TMO run of stones: nil modern improvements, 40tniles from Chicago. Farm of 330 acres, improved, Morris County, Kas. 2,000 acres Tennessee land, Morgan County. GILMORE it HUSTON. 109Clark-st.,RQom6. REAL ESTATE WANTED. "IIT"ANTED—HOUSE IN GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD ** for an all-cash customer. $4.0U0 to 55,500; prefer South Side. GEO. H. HESS A CO., 100 Dearbom-st. TfrANTED—SMALL COTTAGE AND LOT. BE >V tween Harrison and Slxteenth-sts.. Centrc-av. and Canal-sts. Will assume Incumbrance. Balance In tlrst-class clear suburban lots. Also good house and lot, worthsl,sU)ioS3.oU): North Side, westof Wells and north of Dlvlslou-st. Part cash; balance In cleiwsulnir ban lots: first-class; must bo a bargain. SfLLET & BRADFORD, 74 East Washlngton-st. lIfANTED—FRUIT FARM WORTH $6,00., >V Good city residence In exchange for suburban. E. L. CANFIELD. SO LaSalle-st. TI7ANTED-FOR CASH CUSTOMERS. IMPROVED \V business blocks, at bottom figures. Owners treat ed with confidentially. ISAAC U. PRICE, IBS East Madison-st., Room 7. WANTED-IIOUSE ANT) LOT OR LOTS FOP, $1,501 \t cash, and large house and lot In barren 111., clear. 11. C. MO REV. 93 Clark-st. p ANTED—FARM NEAR CinCAGO IN Ex change. D. V. POMEROY. 103 Madlson-st. TIfANTEBMVELL LOCATED MEDIUM-SIZED \V house in city In exchange for 4 acres of land on Madlsou-st., west of Central Taric; property Is clear and Is a splendid Investment. D. W ILLIAMs, lA> Clark-st.. Room 11. p ___ ANTED—32O ACRES GOOD IOWA LAND, VV well located, for which will be given one of the most valuable patents ever Issued. Apply to D. W. bTORRS. 1)4 Washlngton-st. BOAKDIi'HG AND LODGING. West Side* 9P VRK-AV,—HANDSOMRLT FURNISHED AND unfurnished suites and single rooms. First door west of Union Park. _ , . if SOUTH GREEN-ST—PLEASANT FURNISHED, li cool rooms with board, few steps from Randolph st. cars Also day boarders accommodated. tt" noWh randolph-ntcelt XX furnished rooms, single or en suite, with good table board, In new brick house with all modern lmpro\- ineuts. -«’o — SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-PLEAS ANT FUR y'i nished room, with board, for two. Terms mod' crate. TO PARK-A V.-PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH XO board, and first-class accommodations. p T ROOM, WITH XU2 board, all modem Improvements, suitable for two gentlemen or man and wife, _ LOOMYs-ST.-PLEASANT. WELL-FURNISHED XI rooms, with first-class board. VCPOGDEN-AV.-OPPOSITE UNION PARK (NEW io marble block) fourth house south of Randoipb at •> furnished front rooms, or 2 rear rooms, as may be desired, with all the modem conveniences and comforts of home This Is one of the most desirable and delight ful locations In the city, commanding a fine view of the park and very accessible to business. Terms reasonable, references exchanged. _ T O SOUTH ANN-ST.—BOARDING BY DAY OR XO w-eekln a private American family; uono but respectable gentlemen uceifiapply. nn WEST CRAMER-ST., THREE BLOCKS FROM _/0 Twclfth-st.— Board and a furnished room for two young men. Take the Clinton and Jcffcrson-st. cars. oVYIONORE-ST. FRONT OR BACK ROOM,WITH 2i j. board, to gent and wife. Private family. 001 WALNUT-ST.. ONE BLOCK FROM UNION lili'l Park—Furnished rooms with board, suitable for young men; also a few day boarders can be accom modated ; terms low. ; oo ABEKDEEX-ST.—PLEASANT FHOXT KOOMS, 2i2i fu.nlahtiil or unfurnished. with board. OQ HAH KI SON* ST.—NICELY FUKNI SHED DOOMS, with board. - - . cmTTil PEORIA'ST.—'WANTED A FEW 23 bourdcrsatssperweek;alsoday boarders at *,4 per week. - C\f* OGDEN-AV.. OPPOSITE UNION PARK-EL* 26 erait rooms nicely lurnlshed with or without board. Terms reasonable. _ c"io ABKRDEiiN-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS WITH 28 board. Tabic boarders occoimnodatcd. Terms reasonable. ' - DAY BOARD. on AIJKP.nnEN'-ST.—COMFOUTAPLV-FUIIN'IHII oU cd rooms, cn suite or single, with or without hoard, for gentlemen or married couples: u.rms ruis enable; day-board. O [* I ST. JOHS’S-PI.ACE-EAST.AXDOSE BLOOK obi from Union FnrK-Lnnre front norlor.unfumlah ed with or without hoard. Also, a front room over parlor, furnished, with hoard; hot and cold water; good hath room accessible. rrsODTII MAT-ST.-FROST ROOMS. inTII 4rx closets; all modern conveniences; board If de sired.- I - PAP.K-AV.-ANV OKE WISHING THE MOST 4:0 nlcasaut suite of unfurnished front rooms In the cU v. In* pleasant location, and all modern conveniences, with board, call and see us. _ _ 4 rr SOUTH ASHLAND-AV.—BOARD WITH FRONT alcove room; also parlor tloor; hot and cold water, etc. .... -. irr SOUTH BALSTED-ST.-IVAXTED -D A T *0: 1 boarders. - ; Q SOUTH ANN-ST.-ROOMS TO RENT WITH flrat-class board. Vo NORTH MAT-ST.. NEAR RANDOLPH CARS— -4o XMeasant front room with good board and the comforts of home, only $3 per week. eri ASHLAND-AV., FRONTING PARK-ROOMS, qJL with board, very reasonable to gentlemen. . 7^0 —SOUTH CARPENTER-ST. FURNISHED OO rooms to rent with or without board; terms rea sonable. , - -=T . v-ORTH ASHLAND-AV.-SPLENDID ROOMS D-r and board for two gentlemen, or man and wile, in a small Private family In a new stone fronthouee. «nu block irom Union Park and street-cars; terms Sb ner week; all convenience; references exchanged. _ /TT - JEFFERSON PAKK (->4- yiceiy furnished front rooms, suitable for two »hf«..'i*ntlemcn; house contains all modern con- SoW * three; good table guaraatced: terms reasonable. .. ■-— — r - p fio elegant suites of rooms^o^enMvithJtoanb—_— BOARDING AND LODGING. West Sitlc—CoiitlnucMl. QQ SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-A COUPLE DESIRING OO a comfortable room with board In n private fami ly please call. QgT SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-A NEWLY FURNISH OO cd alcove, with board; private family; have just taken the house. f\r SEELET-AV.. CORNER OF JACKSON-ST.— UO Gentleman and wife, or two. gentlemen, can Iks accommodated In a private family. Good table, pleas ant room, hot and cold water, and bath, use of parlor; close to cars: terms moderate. References exchanged. Inquire at house. QQ ASHLAND-AV.. NEAR CORNKP. MONUOE-ST. «JO —Very ottractlve large front room, second floor, furnished or partly furnished, with Urst-claw board; also large rear room, tine view, cool and Inviting, for two gents or married couple; no more delightful loca tion In city. 1 (Y 7 SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—FINE FRONT ROOM; XU I furnished, with board; gas. hot and cold wa ter, batb, etc. Convenient to business. VIA SOUTH GKEEN-ST.—GOOD BOARD AND XXU room for two gentlemen or gentleman and wife; private family; one block from Madison. HQ SOUTH PEORIA-ST. TWO PLEASANT XXO rooms with board, suitable for throe young la dies or three young gentlemen. m SOUTH JEFFERSON-ST. FURNISHED room with board; $4.50 per week. WEST JACKSON-ST.-FURNISHED FRONT x£o rooms to rent to ladles or gentlemen, and board with the family,_lf desired. IQfi SOUTH SANGAMOK-ST.-TO RENT, FUR XOO nlshedback parlor, to three gentlemen, with board. Also front parlor, unfurnished. 1 Oii SOUTH DESPLAINES, NEAR ADAMS-ST.- J.OU nicely furnished rooms and board, $4.50 per week; also, nice furnished room with or without board, for two young men. l"jrt) NORTH HALSTKD-ST.. CORNER HUB JLO4 bard—Gent nnd wife or few single gents ac commodated with good hoard, washing Included; $5 per week. IKU WEST ADAMS-ST.—FURNISHED FRONT XUD and side rooms with or without board. mWEST ADAMS-ST.-LARGE PLEASANT furnished rooms with or without hoard. Con venient to cars; gas, bath, hot and cold water. inO SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—TWO FURNISHED XI brooms, with or without board; American family. parkTav.-one pleasant ROOM TO rent, with or without board, for one or two gentlemen; private family; terms moderate. -1.77 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—NICELY FURN XI I Ished room, with board, for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Also, table boarders wanted, ono"WEST~L AKE-ST.-COMPORTABLE ROOMS iUO and hoard at $5 per week; without board only $2 per week. JOHN DAVIS, proprietor on WEST WASHINGTON-ST. - BETWEEN Zi±L Green anil Peoria, furnished or unfurnished rooms to runt, with or without board. Day boarders can be accommodated. OT Q PARK-AV.—VERY DESIRABLE UNFUR* jjl O nlshed front alcove suit, with board, In pri vate family. Termsreasonable. CJI /* FULTON-PT.. CORKER PEORIA—BRICK £LO house; several nicely furnished rooms, all modern Improvements, and excellent board. 000 WEPT MONROE-ST.-LARGE ROOM, WITH board, for gent and wife or two gents; also small.ouc; terms moderate. . ' O-Q WEST ADAMS-ST.—PLEASANT FURNISH £it)t7 ed rooms, with board, at $5 per week. i)AA FULTON-RT-CIIOICE LARGE ROOMS WITH the best of board; also day-board; bath-room and modern Improvements; terms moderate. 07 f* WEST W ASIIINGTON-ST. —A FRONT AL- JjiO cove room: also large aide-room, well fur nished; desirable locality; board warranted satisfac tory; terms reasonable. 677 WEST J ACK SON• ST. —FINE FURNISHED jU i i rooms, with board. OQ£C WEST MONROE-ST.—A MAN AND WIFE £otj or two alugle gents can And board in a private family where they can have the comforts of a home at reasonable prices. OOA WEST WASIIINGTON-ST.—TO KENT WITH jLiOVJ board, nlcelv-fnrnlshed front and back rooms, on second floor; also hall room on same floor; single or en suite. • Onn WEST ADAMS-ST.—TO RENT, WITH GOOD OUO board, one large, pleasantly-furnished front room on first tloor. Very desirable rooms, single or cn suite, on second lloor. OA7 WEST MONROE-ST.-VERY PLEASANT OU 4 parlor suite, unfurnished, to rent,with or with out board; very reasonable; gas and bath-room. _ OAT WEST .TACKSON-ST. TWO PLEASANT oUI front rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with good board at reasonable price; references given and required. Q 1 /* WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—NICELY FUR -010 nlshed or unfurnished rooms to rent, wither without board; references required. QQQ WEST ADAMS-ST.-PLEASANT ROOMS 000 with board. QOQ WEST WASHING TON-ST,—VERY DESIP. A' 000 blc rooms with first-class board; references re qulred. ' o 1 O WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-LARGE AND pleasant alcove room on second lloor, furnish ed, with first-class board. Moderate terms to perma pent party. ___ O|P WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—WITH OR WITH- OdtU out board, a large furnished room, all modern Improvements; references required. or»*r FULTON-ST.—TO RENT-LARGE FRONT OOU room to man and wife, ortwo gents; choice tabic; low price. opr WARUEN-AV.-TO RENT, WITH BOARD, 000 one single front and one room for man and wife, or two gentlemen. Q/*n WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—VERY DESIIIA ODO ble rooms to rent with board. OQr WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-ONE LARGE NICE uOO ly-furnlshed room to rent, with board, to man and wife or single gentlemen. OflA WEST VAN BUREN-ST.-A FURNISHED OtJU single room and flrst-class board. /in I WEST RANDOLPIi-ST.-TO RENT-ONE rxUdb large unfurnished back parlor with bedroom and two other furnished bedrooms, with board, A OH FUI.TON-ST.-TWO LARGE ROOMS. WITH board, one a south-front alcove, furnished, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. Large grounds and very pleasant locality. "in no WEST MONROE-ST.—NEARLY OPPOSITE l x£o Jefferson Park. First-class location, nicely furnished rooms with ilrst-class board for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen. References given and required. A A A WEST ADAMS-ST.-ALCOVE” SUITES OR single rooms with all modern conveniences, op jjoslte Jefferson Park. Prices low; but few boarders. A~n~A WEST ADAMS-A PLEASANT FURNISHED XOx room, suitable for two gentlemen or gentle man and wife, with board. <7O JACKSON-ST.-A GOOD HOME, TABLE. *± iO and pleasant front room for two gentlemen; $5 a week; single, 50.50. __ 7170 WASIIINGTON-ST.. NEAR UNION PARK— *±.II) Elegant rooms, new house, with or without board; terms to suit the times. TToi AND 483 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-WITH hoard, an elegant furnished alcove and parlor floor of three rooms, closets, hot and cold water; refer ences required. _ /Von “west erie-st.—two pleasant fur- DJjfJ nlshed rooms, with or without board, for young ladles or gentleman and wife. Inn private family, pO O WEST ~MONROE-ST.-FRONT ALCOVE 000 room, modem conveniences, and flrst-class board; also parlor bedroom for one or two gentlemen. 000 WEST lIARRISON-ST.—A COUPLE OF OOP gentlemen can be accommodated with board. f7f\a WEST MONROE-ST. —TO RENT, WITH lUD board, whole or part of second floor. Terms reasonable. . —I , \ WEST MOXROE-ST.-PI.EASANT FRONT •iU rooms, with board. Modem conveniences. References exchanged. O C 7 WEST JACKSON-ST.—DELIGHTFUL SOUTH OO 4 front rooms. In a strictly-private fumilj, to rent with board; references. 4 YOUNG GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO I\. gentlemen, can have large front room with first class board, on Sanpamon-st., near Adams; no oilier boarders. Address 1* 72 Tribune offige. Delightful rooms, newly furnibUhD. fronting on Union Hark, with excellent table ami the comforts of a quiet, refined home. Address T 27« Tribune olflcc. PARTIES DESIRING EXCELLENT BOARD AND exceedingly fine rooms, with all jnodcrn tinprove ments, on Monroe-st., not far from Ujilon rark, prices to suit the times, can hear of such nf. opportunity by addressing T 85. Tribune olUce. Uefcfences exchanged. PLEASANT SUITE OF ROOMS t{> KENT. ALSO, single room, with good board, i A desirable loca tion; house ou Monroe-at., near .Jefferson lark, and where only few other hoarders; references exchanged. Address X'27, Tribune otllce. DOOMS AND BOARD FOB GENTLEMAN . AND JX wife In iirlvatc family; everything first-class: terms reasonable; house nil modern conveniences; lo cation best oa tbe Side. Address R 31, Tribune ollicc. . DFEST WASUINGTOK-ST.. NEAR UNION PARK \\ —pleasant rooms to rent with board. Address w 55, Tribune olllce. __ ' VOUXG COUPLE HAVE FHOST ALCOVE BOOM. X furnished, hot ond cold water: second block aoo\c Union Park. Wish gent and wife or two young gents as boarders. Address It 38, Tribune olllce. » SoutU Side. X PARK ROW-LARGE FRONT ROOM. AND O small back room, furnished, so rent, with or with out board. . 1 n ELURIDGE COUET—IIOOM AND HOARD FOE XU one or two KenUenion; also, o fow day-boaruora. 1(1 EAST IIAEUISON-ST.-CHOICE BOOMS TO !•/ rent furnished, second door from Mlchlgan-av. Adams Block. Reference required. Q I INDIANA-AV.-BOARD AN'U FIIO.NT ROOM, Odb suitable for two gentlemen or gentleman and Wife, furnished or not, with or without board. Inquire on premises. ' on PECK COUUT-FUnXISUEI) ROOMS TO RENT* OtJ with board; suitable for gentleman anil wife, or single gentlemen, at reasonable terms. I ( EAST IlAP.r.isOK-ST.-FLT.NISIIED KOOMS to rent, with board; day board. ,1 " PECK-COURT-DESIRABLE ROOMS, HAND *xQ Bomely furnished, at reasonable rates. |i pleasant furnished room to rent, suitableTortwo gentlemen, or ladk-3 who arc engaged during the day ; also one suite of unfurnished rooms for gentleman and wife. Terms, including board. $5 to S 6 per week. /jr, l TWENTV-SECOND-ST.-A PLEASANT FTfONT i -_t room, with water; also hack room suitable tor one or two, with board, at S3.SO. . rri- VAN BUREN-ST.. NEAR STATE—ROAKU 4 O for ladies or gentlemen, $1 to So per><tek, with, use of piano. . mAND 123 CALUMET-AV. —AT THIS Es pecially desirable location, pleasant rooms wttn board can be had. References required. 1 0,l AND ISQ. bOUOH STATE-ST.-FURNISHED _LO*x rooms to rent with board. Oh i EAST tVASHINGTON-ST. PLEASANT ZU "X rooms, with good board. $5;- table board, 53.50. Lady boarders accommodated. 1)01 EAST JACKSON-ST.—NICELY FURNISHED Z4J. and well ventilated rooms, with board at per week; day board 53.50 per week. Q( ,1 WABASU-AV.-FURNISHED BOOM CO Jj’rjc rent, with board; day board, $4. OftX MICHIOAN-AV.-PLEASANT ROOMSFOR ZOO gentlemen or gent and wife; terras to permanent parties; table boarders accommodated. BOAItDI.\G A!VD LODGING. Koiciti Side—Continued* ora michigan-av.-pleasant rooms to 4 < *1 rent with hoard; also, day •hoarders aecommo dated. OQK MICHIGAN-AV.-IOR2 PLEASANT FUK -400 nlshed rooms to rent, with board- From this date table board $4.50 per week. QOO SOUTH STATE-ST.-PLEASA.NT rooms OULr with board, for gentlemen. Q(IQ INDIANA-AV.—DESIRABLE FURNISHPID oL/O and unfurnished rooms, with or without board. m MICHIGAN-AV.. FRONTING LAKE PARK— Two furnished from parlors and other rooms, wither without board, ladles or gentlemen; terms reasonable. ' QQO MICHIGAN-AV.—CAN FURNISH GENTLE 00*Jman and wife or two gentlemen large room, fur nished. with board, overlooking Lake Park; very rea sonable. QCQ STATE-ST., BETWEEN VAN BDREN AND OtIO Harrison—Desirable front and other rooms to rent, with board; bath-rooms for boarders* use; no ex tra charge. Q7j STATE-ST., UP-STAIRS-PLEASANT OITt rooms, with board, and use of piouo; $5 per week. QQO MICHIGAN-AV.—ELEGANTLY FURNISH OOmI ed front and back rooms, with board; house has all modern Improvements. . QQ.I MICUIGAN-AV.-TO RENT-A FURNISHED 00*± front room, with board, suitable for two gen tlemen. References exchanged. QQ/> M’l C 111 G A N-AV.—LARGE FURNISHED OJO front room, with board. References exchanged. A 1 .1 MICUIGAN-AV.-BEAUTIFUL FRONT 7tX*± room, furnished or unfurnished; one side- AOO WABASH-AV. - A VERY PLEASANT \t44 front suite, unfurnished, to rent, with board; a!»o one other pleasant furnished room. A OQ MICHIGAN-AV.-COMFORTABLE ROOMS. L i:4o with board, are ottered to gentlemen In a family consisting of three persons. A QPC WABASH-AV. - FURNISHED ROOMS TO TtrOtX rent with board. MICHIGAN-AV.-ELEGANT FURNISHED 71:00 front room, with alcove, for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, wlth board. ;«7>q“WABASH-AV^—FURNISHED AND UNFUR- TtOO nlshed rooms with Iward; also day boarders ac commodated; house has recently changed hands. Arr ‘WABASH-AV.—A SUITE OF ROOMS ON 7TI cl first floor, with board. AQI WABASH-AV.—A NICELY FURNISHED Q;OX front parlor with board; also room on second floor; day boarders taken. Ani MICHIGAN-AV.—A LARGE ALCOVE ROOM *Xt7X on second floor, furnished; tabic boarders ac commodated at moderate terms. j'QO WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOM TO rent, with board; front parlor, furnished, for two gentlemen. Terms moderate. AQ | WAB ASH-AV—FURNISHED OR UNFUR b nlshed rooms with board for family or single gentleman; references exchanged. KCiQ WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT FURNISHED OUO rooms for single gentlemen, or gentlemen and w'ves; references required. I X c )sl MICIIIGAN-AV. LARGE FURNISHED , room, second door: breakfast and 7 o'clock dinner; price $-1.50 each, weekly. rQO WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT FURNISHED OOi rooms to rent, with board; also parlor suite. References exchanged. ' mWABASH-AV. - NICELY - FURNISHED room with hot and cold water, etc. - ‘CKO MICIIIGAN-AV.—ROOMS"TO RENT. FUR OOO nlshed or unfurnished, with or without board- r 77 MICIIIGAN-AV-FURNISRED OR UNFUR- Oil nlshed room over'back parlor to rent with board. W-i WA B A SII-AV.—FRONT ROOMS. FUR OUJ. nlshed or unfurnished, with board. C* TO WABASH-AV. —AN ELEGANT SECOND OI O story front room, beautifully furnished, with board. References exchanged. r*QA MICHIG AN-AV.—FRONT ALCOVE ROOM OOU and pleasant room for two gentlemen, with board. OQO WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH 000 good board; terms reasonable. . 7/1 a MICHIGAN-AV.-A DESIRABLE FUR -4 tLD nlshed room, with board. rrn MICHIGAN-AV. —A NICELY FURNISHED iOJ suite of rooms, with board. AND 753 W A BASH- AV. —PLE ASH NT ROOMS 4 O-L with first-class board; references exchanged. QAA WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS. EN QUO suite or single, with first-class board; terms reasonable. ' • Q9A MICHIGAN-AV. -TO RENT TO GENTLE OOU man and wife, orslngle gentlemen, nlccly-fur nlshed rooms with board; large closet, hot and cold water. Reference given and required. • 000 INDIANA*AV. NEWLY- FURNISHED O OJj pleasant rooms, with board; bouse marble and cast frout; select location, between Sixteenth and P.lghteenth-stfc.; three or four gentleman preferred; references required. o/r7X WABASH-AV. —WITH BOARD-FUR -0042 nlshed or unfurnished, with or without board, or a suite of 3or 2 completely furnished rooms for housekeeping private family. Rent reasonable. nhp WABASH-AV.—TO RENT. SINGLE OR EN OUO suite, furnlcited rooms with board; day-board ers wanted; no objection to children. 007 WABASH-AV,-PLEASANT FURNISHED Vj£ 4 rooms with or without board; also table board. Barn to rent. <V77 INDIANA- AV.-BEATIFUL SUITE FUR- U 4 4 nlshed rooms and single room, with board. 1 aaq WABASH-AV.—TO RENT WITH BOARD. a suite of front rooms, second floor; also, large airy rooms for gentlemen. • n nnn WARASH-AV.—TO KENT, WITH BOARD. lUUy handsomely-furnished rooms. References. T AQO ' WABASH-AV. - HANDSOMELY FUR- J.UOO nlshed alcove room to rent, with excellent board; also, other rooms, furnished or unfurnished; references, . WAR ASH-AV-A PLEASANT SUITE OF JLiO-L front rooms, with board, in house of modem Improvements; fine location: satisfactory rates. f OOT’'WABASH-AV.-PLEASANT FURNISHED X ~ i£ I room, with board. - i n,( QSTATE-ST.-RESPECTABLE GENTLEMEN boarders wanted. __ I*o 1C - PRAIRIE-AV.—NICELY FURNISHED SU l«sa:o perlor back parlor with board, very reason able, and large up-stairs room. Good references re qulred. ; AN ELEGANT FRONT ALCOVE ROOM, SECOND floor front, with board, on Mlchlgan-av.. near Thlrteenth-st.; references exchanged. Address X 21, Tribune office; tToARD WITH NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS ON 15 Mlchlgan-av.. near Twcnty-second-st. Address N 02, Tribune office. WeSHLVBLE DOUBLE ROOM TO RENT, FRONT \J Ing Lake Park; also, pleasant back room; both for gentlcmen._wßh board. Address T3B. Tribune office. T7LEGANT ROOMS AND BOARD NEAR THIRTY flfth-st.;half price. References. 1 55, Tribune office. ____ -• _ /SbOD BOARD AND NICE ROOMS AT $4.50 ON VjT Mlchlgan-av.; references. PS 3. Tribune office. TVTICHIGAN-AV., NEAR EIGIITEENTH-ST-A j>i private family can accommodate three or four gentlemen with good board and pleasant rooms; S 5 to per week. References exchanged. Q <J, Tribune office. I - TJARTIES DESIRING FIRST-CLASS APARTMENTS J elegantly furnished with good board in a private famllv on avenue south', who can afford to pay fair price ai ,d jjive satisfactory references, may address P lb. Tribune office. ; Feasant front rooms, furnished, good board, fifteen minutes’walk from Madlson-st. on Mlchlgan-av.; 6 o’clock dinner. Address H 21, Tribnne office.. - IVortli Side* JQ RUSH-ST.—ROOMS AND BOARD. OA KUSII-ST.-FURNISHED ROOM.WITH FIRST OU das* hoard. In a private family for gentleman and wife only. References given and required. A‘-a large front'room, also small one. with board. Day-boarders taken. References required. t A KUSIi-ST.-SUITE OF KOOMS TO KENT with board. In octagon-front house. gg RUSH-ST. —DESIRABLE ALCOVE ROOM. f~~ HURON-ST.-PRIVATE FAMILY-NICELY lO furnished front rooms for two young men; good board, g-l.r<o and S 5 per week. QQ NORTH I)E ARBORN-ST. -PLEAS AN T OO room, with boon), lor gentleman and wile or two single gentlemen. ' AX NORTH CLARK-ST.—NICE ROOMS WITH yO pood board at reasonable rates. Call and sec. TAP NORTH DEARBORN-ST.-ASUIT OF NICE lUO furnished rooms with board; location very de sirable. References. Room for a couple of gentlemen. •ffyr NORTH DEARBORN-ST.-WELL-FURNISII 1< J i cd rooms, with first-class board. References exchanged. • Tha NORTH DEABBORN-ST.-NICE ROOMS TO HJVJ rent furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, cheap. __ TO f AND 13<5 MICIIIGAN-ST.—ST.CLAIR HOUSE 104: -Boarders can get newly-furnished rooms. Inrce and well ventilated, good table, bath, hot and cold water. Two In a room. g 5 and gP per week. 1 yoRTII DEARBORN-ST. - PLEASANT 101 single room with or without board. 0-1 -r NORTH state-st.-desikable rooms to rent, with or without board, furnished or unfurnished. oTr~E VST INDfANA-ST.—LARGE FURNISHED £Li room; also back room, with board. _ 0«>1 ONTARIO-ST.. JUST EAST OF CLARK a front alcove room, nicely furnished, suitable for gentleman and wife; also room fora single gentle man. Good table. References exchanged. O ONTARIO-ST.—TO BEST. WITH BOAKI), £ JjO In private family, alcove room and ope or two other rooms, furnished, for gentleman and wife or sin gle gentlemen ooiTlllixois-st., corker STATE— XICELT room with board, for two young men; private family. ___ oh EAST INDIAN A-ST.—SECOND FLOOR Z~t± front alcove suite, furnished or unfurnished; also handsome room suitable for one or two; table board; references. O I {\ INDIANA-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS, SINGLE Z~t»f and ensultc, furnished or unfurnished, to rent with board. Terras reasonable. indiana-st.-rooms with board, 40\J suitable fur man and wife, orsingle gentlemen. Reference. o INDIANA-ST., NEAR DEARDORN-ST.—A ZOO neatly-furnished single room, with board; a few day-huardera accommodated; table first-class. O •'/• ONTARIO-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH board; also table board. References required. OX7 EAST INDIANA-ST—LARGE SOUTH ROOM ZO I on first floor, with board. OVn ONTAKIO-ST.—PLEASANT HOME FOR two young men; nicely furnished largo room, all modem improvements; terms reasonable. Q/**r EAST INDIANA-ST., CORNER OF STATE— ZOO To rent, with board, two large rooms and one ulngle room. Of»n ILLINOIS-ST.. CORNER_P.USn-CREAAIIIN ZOU coffee and ererythlng first-class. Private board for two or three. Reference required. o*7l EAST INDIANA-ST. —SOUTH FRONT Zix. rooms nicely furnished, with board. BOARDING AND LODGING* North Sidu—ContliKiicd. Q 77 INDIANA-ST., REAR STATE—DOUBLE AND gj I i single furnished south-front rooms, with board; also day-board. Of\U EAST INDIANA-ST.-2 WELL FURNISHED OUU rooms to spare In a small family; one small, the other large enough for two. Flm-class board. Terms very reasonable. QQQ NORTH STATE-ST.—ON THE FIRST OF 000 June two young men can obtain the best of board and handsomely furnished room In marble-front residence fronting the lake and located two blocks from streetcars. ’ ■ OJ.ij NORTH LASALLR-ST.—ELEGANT ROOMS and first-class I ward; all comforts of a good home In new private residence. 007 EAST CIIESTNUT-ST., BETWEEN STATE Out and Cass—To rent, 4 rooms, famished or un furnished. with or without board; also, a cottage. No. 447 East Chestnut-st. _____ Hotels* BROWN'S HOTEL, 271 AND 278 STATE-ST.. SEW- Iy furnished rooms: with board, S 5, SB, and SO.W a week; without board S 2, s2.soands3; day board. $4; lodging, 50cents. Table well supplied. /CLARENCE HOUSE, 333 STATE-ST.. BETWEEN Van Buren and Uarrlsond—Desirable front and other rooms, with hoard; bath-rooms for hoarders* use. t /~t£NTENNIAL HOUSE. 268 STATE-ST., SOUTH V of Jackson—Newly opened and refitted for gentle men and lady boarders; terms $4 to $5. L. W. r ARK EL, proprietor. DE FOREST HOUSE. 172 NORTH CLARK-ST., comer Eric—Reopened and newly furnished; pleas ant and airy rooms, single or eu suite. Terms mod erate. ROOMS WITH FIRST-CLASS BOARD AT vJ one of the finest hotels In the city, corner Twenty second-sc. and Ogden-av.. 30 minutes’ ride from the Court-House C., B. & Q. IL R- Lawndale Hotel. Chicago. ' LA PIERRE HOUSE. WASHINGTON AND llAL sied-sts. A few pleasant, well-furnished rooms, with the best of board. Country* AQO BAUNEY-ST., ENULEWOOD-A LARGE OOv front bedroom, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR TWO GENTLE men, cun find board with pleasant front room, at reasonable rates. In a suburban town; 40 minutes ride; commutation fare 17 cents; bouse two blocks from de pot. For particulars, inquire at Room 17 Portland Block. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN GOOD BOARD In private family at Hyde Park; location pleasant and convenient to steam-cars. Address MULFURD, Hyde Park! ' Boarding can be had for the summer in small family; delightful location, pleasant rooms, large grounds, growing fruit and dowers; barn for horse; five minutes* walk station; forty-five minutes ride from city. References exchanged. Address Z 94, Tribune office. PLEASANT ROOMS FOR gentleman and wife or single gentleman, at Aua tin. Address Zls. Tribune ofilce. Boarding for two gentlemen with their wives. In one of the pleasantest and convenient suourbnn residences around Chicago; stable If required, R 30, Tribune ofilce. Beautiful location on lake shore, 10 miles north, private family, extensive grounds, good society, and all the comforts of home; no objec tion to children. V 40. Tribune office. _ Board in south evanston in private fam ily. Address C, Tribune office. BOARD ISOFFERED IN PRIVATE FAMILY FOB gentleman and wife In Lake View, 5 minutes from horse-cars, ncarlake;goodhou»u; no other boarderaj large alcove front room, use of piano, etc. Address i 95, Tribune office. • COUNTRY BOARD-ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN dining la town can be accommodated In a private family; distance from city. 14 miles. Sbady grove, pleasant locality, near railway depot. Terms si> a week. Apply to S. MITCHELL, 12 La Salle-st. T7OUR YOUNG GENTLEMEN OR TWO GENTLE- X? men and wives can And tlrst-class hoard for mod erate price by addressing Box 71, Englewood, Cook County, 111, ; Lake zurich-tue undersigned is pre pored to take boarders at bis farm-house, near Lake Zurich. 4 miles from Barrington Station. C. AN. w. K- R, Plenty of shade trees, good hunting and Ashing. Terms reasonable. Families desirous of making ar raugements will please address J. K. BENNLTI, Lake Zurich, Luke County, Illinois. Largs pleasant rooms with board in a beautiful location at Hinsdale; prices reasonable and references exchanged. AddreasJ. G. RAPPE. MISS ANNA KERR TAKES PLEASURE IN IN forming her friends and the public that she has taken the Sherman House, North Point, Milwaukee, the healthiest and most desirable summer rerort in the Northwest, and that she has opened Itaaaflrat-class family hotel. Her large experience enables her to as sure all who patronize her that they will be made per fectly comfortable at reasonable prices. PARK RIDGE HOTEL—THIS HOUSE IS NOW opened as a first-class family hotel. Parties de siring to spend the summer In the country (and within thirty minutes* ride of the city) will here find fine rooms and good board at very reasonable prices. Horses boarded If ueslred. For particulars apply to, or address J. J. LOCKWOOD, 50 Dearborn-st, fPWO ROOMS. WITH BOARD FOR TUESUMMLIf, X In a private family, for two gentlemen with their wives. Address Box 84, Lake Forest, JIL WEST HINSDALE-GOOD BOARD AND PLEAS ant borne for the summer. Address EL A, Clar endon Hills, UL ' Miscellaneous. AGENT AND WIFE OR TWO GENTS WHO WISH better rooms and board than they can get In board ing house can find same In fine location by addressing Z 22, Tribune ofilce. ___ And unfurnshed front room an boaiuj with alcove adjoining. In a quit private house, no other boarders, for gentleman and wife; carpets fur nished If required. Also a single furnished room. First class reference. Address Z 93, Tribune ofilce. BOARD WX’VTED. Board-in a family where there are only a few or no boarders; will furnish the room; would like a home: am nearly 60 years old; between Eight eenth and Thirty-fourth-sts. and Butterfleld-st. and Wabash-av. Address W 34, Tribune office. BO\RD-AND WELL-FURNISHED BOOM OR suite of rooms on West Side, south of Madison-st., fur gentleman and wife. Address, with terms, etc., N 07. Tribune office. T>OARD—BY SINGLE GENTLEMAN; WELL-FUK- X) nished room, with breakfast and tea; private fam ily; West Side. Address, with particulars, Z 80, Trlb uue office. T>OARI>—FOR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE NEAR X> Twenty-elghth-st., east of Wabash-av.; front chamber; private family preferred; stale terms. Ad dress R 6, Tribune office. BOAKD-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WANTS A nicely furnished room, with breakfast and supper; first-class; West Side preferred. Address! UJO, Trib une office. T>OARD—TABLE-BOARD BY A GENTLEMAN JL> and wife near Harrison and Peorla-sts. Private family preferred. Address Z 35. Tribune office. OARD-IN EXCHANGE FOR FIRST-CLASS DEN tlstry. Address N 68, Tribune office. BOARD-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN DESIRES PER manent board for the summer, at $5 per week, within live minutes’ walk of Ualstcd and WestWaah lngton-st. Please address O 56. Tribune office. Board— by a young gentleman, between Sixteenth and Twentieth-fits., west of Mlchlgan-av. Want a comfortable, horae-llkeplnce, without any charges for style. Address W 41, Tribune office. T>OARD—A YOUNG MAN HAVING S3OO TO S4OO XJ to loan will take good board and first-class security for the use of It. Andress PB. Tribune office. _ Boakd-for gentleman and wife in pki vatc family; front alcove or suite, on West Side; can furnish excepting carpets; S6O per month. X 05j Tribune office. ; B- OAKD—FOR SELF AND WIFE WITH SUITE OF front rooms, south Chlcago-av., east of Clark-Bt. Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, A & J G, 108 South >Vatcr-Bt. BOARD-IN PRIVATE FAMILY BY MAN IN Busi ness not too far out; willing to nay well for good ac commodations. Address Q 76, Tribune office. T3OARD-IN HYDE PARK FOR THE SUMMER BY X> family with small children. Plenty of room Is de sired. Address W B M. 140 LaSallc-st. OARD—BY A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE IN private family. Must be south of Twelfth-st. and cast of State. Will furnish If necessary. Address Y 6, Tribune office. OAKD—ON THE SOUTH SIDE BY A PROFESSOR of music In exchange for music-lcssons. Y 46, Tribune office. . B‘ OARD—BY ONE OR TWO YOUNG MEN WITHIN one mile of Twenty-second and Loomls-sts. Ref erences exchanged. Address, with terms, etc-, F 92, Tribune office. T)OARD—THREE MONTHS, FOR HEALTH'S SAKE; 15 12 miles from Chicago and the lake, on any road, and about u mile from village, where there are but two adults In the family, and a Indy can live retired; terms must be moderate; best of references. Address T 19, Tribune office. t>dAliD-A GENTLEMAN WANTS BOARD AND X) lodglngln a French family, hU object being to learn French; North Side preferred. Address, ny mall, CHARLES HOLBROOK. 1 Ogden Building. Board- wanted, board for a mechanic and Klrl of 10 years, where she can have some little care; west of Halsted-st. preferred; must be very rea sonable. Address R 48, Tribune office. BOARD-AND SUITE FRONT ROOMS FOR SELF, wife, and two children (aged 4 years and I yew)* 1“ vicinity of Union. JelTcrson.or Lake Park; state terms, fcrnlshed or unfurnished. N 00. Tribune office. .T)OARD-BY MIDDLE-AGED LADY IN GENTEEL >r>nf»i»hiM>rhood: well-furnished room, hot and cold water; not over #3O per month; references exchanged. Y a uTrlbaneotUcc^^^«■___ FINANCIAL. MADE BY PAYING ONE A.A.A.A. cent fur the Chicago Dally News. All the news for one cent. 4 A A -I AM PREPARED TO MAKE LOANS AAA. from SSOO to SIO.OOO at current rates. Local funds. ISAAC H. PRICE. 188 Madlson-M., Room 7. ; "ADVANCES MADE ON WATCHES. JEWELRY. A diamonds, revolvers, opera-glasses, etc., etc., at GOLDSMIDS Loon and Bullion Office. 90 Last Madl* wm-Bt. Cash paid for old gold and silver, gold dust, silver ban, precious stones, and valuables of every de scriptlon. unredeemed pledges for sale. 'a PPLICATION WANTED FOR LOANS ON GOOD A farms in this and adjoining States. 124 Clark-st. MRS. G. F. SHOCK. ; Amounts of or moke to loan on real estate In Chicago, or on Illinois farms within 100 miles. B. L. PHASE, Room 23 Reaper Block. Al COMMERCIAL NOTES. OK WITH COL lateral, mortgages, and local stocks bought and sold. ISAAC GKEENEDAUM A CO., 110 Fifth-av. Applications for loans of SSOO and up* wards on Chicago real estate wanted by EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 110'aad 121 LaSalle-st. Applications wanted in sums of SIO,OOO to $30,000, on first-class Improved city property, at 8 and oner cent. W. E. FURNESS, & Portland Block. Advances made on diamonds, watches, bonds, LAUNDERS' prlrate offlce. 130 Bu dolpb-st.. near Clark, Rooms 5 and 6. Latabllshed 1854. TVONDS, STOCKS. AND COMMERCIAL PAPER X> bought and sold. Money at low rates. iXutllated currency and revenue stamped bank checks bought. PERRY & HUNT, 85 Washlngton-st. For sale-cheap-due bill op $35 on a urn-class wood engraving firm. Room C, 120 l» balle-au FINANCIAL* For sale-land-warrant. secures 120 acres of any ••Congress” land In United States; state highest cash price, and addressOD, Tribune office. I WILL PAY CASH FOR A FE W CXAIMSAGAIXST City National Bank. Address X 100. Tribune office. I HAVE SI,OOO TO LOAN FOR NINE MONTHS AT 10 per cent; no commission: security most be first* doss. Address Y 32. Tribune office. LOANS-ON COLLATERALS. REAL ESTATE. OB other securities. LIVINGSTON & CO., Room 18, i:uaad 133 LaSalle-st. Loans~6n~ HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, WARE* house receipts, pianos, and other collaterals. C. W. PERKINS, 164 LaSalle-st., Room 41 Bryan Block. LOANS .MADE ON HOUSES, PIANOS. WARE house receipts, real-estate paper, and approved col laterals. W. OTTAWAY. 127 South Clark-»t..Room-U. TitONEYTO LOAN—IN LARGE OR &MALL au.*td Xi± on improved business property at 8 per cent. W. O. COLE. 108 Dearborn-sL Tt TONEY TO LOAN ON FURNITURE. PIANOS. ITA diamonds, houses on leased lots and other good securities.Jfo.jOO Dearborn-st.,_K. WINNE. Money to loan on jewelry less than brokers rates, at my private office, 124 Clark sc. MRS. G. F. SHOCK. Money to loan, s and o per cent, in sums to suit, first-class large sums, 7J$ per cent on real estate. E. C. COLE & CO., 144 Deartwm-st. Money to loan in sums of $5,000 and up wards, upon Improved city property. 8 per cent; principals only need apply. LYMAN & JACKSON, 33 Portland Bluett. Money advanced on all kinds ofhouse hold goods, personal property, and goods of val ue: large storage capacity and safety vaults. J. L. REED & CO., IT7Maulson-st, Money to loan on diamonds, watches. Singer machines, pianos, and other collaterals. Private Loan Office, 125 Clark-st., Room 2, up-stalra. TITO NET TO LOAN ON LONG OR SHOUT TIME. ItJL in sums to suit customers at 8. 0. and 10 per cent, according to the nature of security, VAN U. HIG GINS, Room 10 Tribune Building. . Money to loan on long or short time; low rates on good security. LEVI WING & CO., 57 Dearborn sL M’ ONEY T 0 LOAN IN SUMS TO SUIT, AT 8 AND 0 per cent, from S3OO upwards. DR. S. PLACE, ICG Dearboro-st., basement. IVTONEY TO LOAN ON FURNITURE. HOUSES, IVL pianos, and other good chattels and collateral se curity. E. ROGERS, 177 East Madtoon-st., Room 9. Money to loan on furniture, etc., with out removal. J. C. PARRY. Room 8. 91 Washington-Bt. ■ Money to loan-persons desiring small sums for short time on good chattel security address T IS, Tribune office. • fpO LOAN—MONEY ON DIAMONDS OB GOOD X collaterals on short £lme. Address A. J. LEACH, Box 347 P. O. rno LOAN—S6.OCX) FOR ONE OR TWO YEARS IN X sums of SI,OOO. $2,000. or $3,000; interest 10 per cent. TKUEaDELLABRQWN, IQS Fltth-av. rrilE AD VERT IS EP~ WISHES TO BORROW SI.COO X for ti or 12 months at 8 per cent: will give 3 names of undoubted responsibility. Address S C 7, Tribune olflee. rpO MANUFACTURERS. MERCHANTS, AND X others—if you need money for a short time on sur plus stock, you can moke very advantageous arrange* ments for the funds with THOS. A. HILL, 123 Dear born-st. rpo LOAN-MONEY ON FURNITURE. WARE- X house receipts and other good collaterals. J. D. STOREY, Private Banker. 84 LaSalle-at., Room 25. rpO LOAN—TWO SUMS OP SSOO EACH. AND X three sums of $250 each, on real estate security, for six months or one year. JOHN C. WALLIS, at torney, 116 La Salle-st.. Room 28. ; W’ ANTED—A LOAN ON MY WATCH AND CHAIN and several pieces of lino diamonds. Address W 49, Tribune office. XTrANTED —$I.SOO—FOR 3OR 5 YEARS. FIRST VV mortgage on valuable property In Aurora. lIL, as security. Address M, care Cole, Newell A Mosher, 188 Madison-st. VfTE WANT :$5.000 ON CITY OF CHICAGO COL VV laterals. Address, stating how much Interest and commission for 90 days, to V 13. Tribune office. TT7ANTED—FOR THREE YEARS, $3.00(1 ON VV choice outside worth $15. OOO; also have $5,000 for sale, 6,7, and » months, secured by Arst-claas prop erty worth $20.000. K. C. WARE, 04 Waahlngton-st, TIfAKTED-TO LOAN-54.500 FOR FIVE YEARS VV for building purposes; security will be given by Arst mortgage on the property; nearbuslneas centre; security Is ample. Principals only need apply. Address or apply personally to K, 57 Flfth-av. XirANTED—SIO,OOO FOR 6 OR 12 MONTHS ON 80 VV acres near the city worth $100,000; party first class. Principals address V4S. Tribune otflee. TX 7*ANTED—TO LOAN A SMALL SUM OF MONEY VV on good piano; Interest reasonable; Instrument put Into my custody; best of core. Address O 22, Trib une office. • WANTED—FOR 3OR 5 YEARS AT LOW INTER cst, $7,000 or sß,oooon Arst-classlmproved prop erty; principals preferred. Address I* 4. Tribune office. WANTED— $700 FOR ONE TEAR ON WABASH av. Improved property, where equity la over $4,000; will pay I percent per month; the security Is gilt edge. Address W 87, Tribune office. TtT'ANTED—SI,OOO—ANT PRIVATE PARTY HAV VV Ing such a sum to loan on first mortgage on un improved real estate, address Z 25, Tribune office. WANTED- A LOAN OF $25,000 ON FARM PROP erty; none but principals need apply. Address H 14. Tribune office. WANTED— $300, SOOO. SI,OOO, SI,BOO-ANY Pri vate persons owning these sums (not brokers) who are willing to loan on ample first mortgage real estate security, at 10 per cent, can do so by applying to TKUEbDELL A BROWN, 108 Flfth-av, • Q—9~AN D 10 PER CENT MONEY IN H AND TO O loan; low commissions. JOHN C. LONG, 72 East Washington-at. Q AND 9 PER CENT—MONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS O of $4,000 and upwards on Cook County property- R, W. HYMAN, Jb., A CO., Room 11, lssLaaaue-st. &,inr\ S7OO, AKD $1,300 TO LOAN ON CHICA go real estate. A. CARTER, Room 11, ir>7 Clark-fit. nnn ♦£)X.ULjU. on hand to loan 3or 5 years. J. HENRY EOFF, 14 Reaper Block. <n»l nnn-ssoo, $2,500, and larger amounts SX.UUU to loan on city property or farms; H. 9. and IQ per cent. PETERSON & BAY. 108 Randolph-Bt. <3*o ru\f\ SECOND MORTGAGE NOTES DUE I, 2, ♦SO.UUU and 3 years on stone-front house near Union I*ark for sale at a liberal discount. Address Vu. Tribune office. t» 0 Cnn TO LOAN IN SUMS TO SUIT ON REAL 50.0UU estate In Chicago or Cook County. rpTCUINSON & LUFF, 20 Trlbugc Building. '(3*C flAfl AND UPWARDS TO LOAN AT 8 TER &O.UUU cent Interest; s2,sooami OW) at 9 per cent on real estate; cash In band. HENRY L. HILL, 112 Dearborn-st. . AHA TO LOAN—ON GOOD INSIDE REAL fSO. UUU estate at 9 per cent, low commission. H. J. CHRISTOPH, 157 Randolph-fit. AAA TO LOAN FOR SIX MONTHS ON ♦S)O. UUU good collaterals at current rates. OLI VER BESLY. 123 Dcarborn-st., Room 10. SB. Room 12 Reaper Block. - ■©frTnnn SDMS T 0 “ iS . os rE 9 D RSI!,y, E Church Block. eTi n nnn TO loan in sums to suit. a? &4U.UUU a per cent, on good city property. W. ST. WILLNER. 12S LaSalle-fit., Room 1. , LOAN IN SUMS TO. suit. SoO.UUU KELLY & McKNIGIIT, 161 LaSalle, Room 5. PARTNERS WANTED. artveiT' WANTED—WITII $3,000 TO $5,000 cash In a manufacturing business. Profits UO per cent. Machinery and engine beat references, large trade established, need more apltal. Address AK. 20 South Desplalnea-fit. T>ARTXEB WANTED-A PARTY WITH A FEW A hundred dollars dealrea a German partner with some mnney, to open a saloon in some good locality. Address R 24. Tribune office. TYARTVER WANTED—AT DOMESTIC LAUNDRY, X 420 and 428 West Van Burcn-st., to take half In- tcrest. 1 PARTNER WANTED—A MAN THAT UNDER- X stands mill business, as partner or woiL for month ly pay. Call between 8 and 9 Monday morning at tC East Wasblngton-st., In the rear. 1v a RTVFR WANTED—A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS 1 by a voting man of thorough business habits j and education; as partner or proprietor. Have to Invest. No patent agents or shysters of any dejwrip tion need answer. References exchanged. J. GRAN* DEL. Room 18, 162 Waabtngton-at. PARTNER WANTED—IN THE FURNITURE AND ophoSterlns trade: muat have (rood taowledire of the S od hate Sl.ixmcaah. Z 11. Tribune oiilee. .artkiTwanted-an ACTIVE BUSINESSMAN lit marble shop, with SSOO. 148 Twenty-second-m. fIABfKEB WASTED —WITH ?S,UfXIN PICKLK P manufactory; location beat In the West for securing stock cheaply. Address Lock Box .ill, LaPorte, Ind. —autner wanted-a practical printer to take half Interest In paying newspaper In lowa, already established. Address TSB, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—S2SO—IF YOU DAVE TUB money, and mean business, you have the chance to nut in dollar against dollar and time against time In a strictly honorable manufacturing business, no sell nor patent right la this, and no one afraid to give hi* name will be noticed by P 20. Trlbdhe olllce. \RTNER WANTED—A LADY, WITH $75 OR SSO. In «-»ndy and Ice-bream store. 853 State-st. _ PARTNER WANTED—IN A V ALU ABL H. I* AY INO business, with a capital of $4,000 to $8,000; profits 3UO per cent; Apply at 161 West Washington-*t. _ I)AUTNER WANTED-WITH SI,OOO. TO ENUAGR Ju In a profitable manufacturing ly). References exchanged. Address 00. Tribun^ TSAP.TNER WANTED—ACTIVE OK SfLENT-WITII X i%MJ In a >tralsnt ; l«ltlm«K. weU-eatnbllabcd Jobbing business. Address 1 20. Trlb une office. 11 4PTVER WANTED—ANY CHRONIC INVALID PwltlT some capital shin In hygienic institute. Address W so. Tribune. tVartner wanted—with $20,000 OR $30,000 Plnthe loan and broker business; a large business established money all out; the best reference given and required. L W B. Tribune office. No. 18. -P artner wanted—with SB,OOO or SIO,OOO in P an oW established loan olllce paying 8 per cent a month. Address Z 45. TrifaunejuOce. - CUJBVOYASTS. T» ASTI AN 4 TAYLOR. MATERIALIZING SEANCES D Sunday, Monday. Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 180 East Adams-st., corner fr iftb-ar.. Loom 27. European wizard - madam London. world-renowned wizard, clairvoyant, and astrolo glst. Excels all others. Reveals every bidden mystery m life; true revelations or money refunded. 146 soutn Halsted-fW 7>o AND SEE THE BEST FATE- READER AND \j magnetic-healer In the city. 112 South Halstcd-st. v. An A \f DEGROASE. "ATERIALIZING SEANCE TO-NIGHT. TUES . day, andThnradnv. at S. at 217 Went Madiaon-B, Madame starklov. gystt fortcne tell er. 206 Centre-av. Ladles only; foe 50 cetua. Matiam MILSOM, NATURAL CLAIRVOYANT; to ladles only. Removed to WO Sums sad Twan tleth-sts. Established 18G5. Queen of spirits—trance medium, tklw true past, present, and future. 536 btWi**»A 11

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