Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 28, 1876, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 28, 1876 Page 14
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14 TO BENT—HOUSES. ry*o RKNT-BV WM. H. SAMPSON & CO.. REAL X Estate and Renting Agency. 144 LaSalle-st.: SOUTH DIVISION. . 1G34 Wabash-av., 12 rooms and barn. $35 month. Five new a-atory and basement stone-front bouses, southeast corner of Wabash-av. and Thirty- fourth-st-. 12 rooms each, all modern Improved ecu; only S4O month each. . . . saa Calumct-av. t 2-story and basement stone front, 10 rooms and bam. only SSO, . , 901 and 903 Cottage Grove-av., 3-story frame build- Inc*, only $35 month. __ „ . . 33". and 337 Vernon-av.. 2-story and English base ment brick bouses. id rooms, only 630. Two-story and basement and Mansard brick houses. 679 Wabash-av., near ElKlitecnth-st,, is rooms, all modem Improvcmenu, and elegant bam. 845 Mlchlgan-av.. 3-story and casement brick house, > rooms, only 670 month. 1841 Indlaua-av.. 11 rooms. ~ _ 437 to 445 Ulchlgan-av., 3-story marble-fronts, 14 rooms each. 105 South Fsrlc-ar.. brick house, 10 rooms. 106 South Park-av.. large framehouse, 12 rooms, end large bam. all In elegant order, only 6900 year. 795 wabash-av., large 3-story and basement marble front, is rooms, and bam, only SIOO month. 101 South Park-uv., io rooms, only 650 month. 103 Vincenues-av.. stone front, io rooms, only SSO. 174 Egan-av., 3-story brick. 12 rooms. WEST DIVISION. llSThroop-st.. 2-story brick, o rooms, S3O month. 757 West Adams-st., 10-room bouse. In perfect order. Two-story and basement stone-front bouse on Adams- Ft., second door cost of Aahland-av., ll rooms, only SSO month. % New stone-front booses northwest comer of Ashland ev. and Adams-st,, 12 rooms each; line location. Dwelling C 22 West Congress-su, 9 rooms; rent $35 per month. A large list of houses In all parts of the city. W. CO.__ fpO RENT-FOR FOUR MONTHS OR ONE TEAR. A a house In Minneapolis, Minn., with 10 rooms, well furnished, having water, gas. and all modern con veniences. Address P. O. Box 254. Minneapolis. Minn. f|N) KENT-CHEAP-NO. 1057 WICHIGAN-AV., A with modem Improvements. D. G. HAMILTON, 12G Clark-st. . . rpo KEST-1S ELLIS-AV.-TWO-STOUY AXD A basement brick: no nicer place in the city. Call on the premisses till Monday next, f|X) RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, 3-STORY. MAR- A ble-front, 15 rooms. Wabaab-ar., near Twenty founb-st. Address or apply to D. F. CHASE. 24 and to Van Boren-su - riH) RENT—I 34 SOUTH PARK-AV.. BETWEEN A Twenty-fourth and Tweniy-flfth-sts.; ll rooms, lust papered and jialnted, a flue fakp view, with large bam, verychcop. Apply as above. rpo RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X dwelling, 280 West Washlngton-st.. now In com plete order, not for a boarding bouse, to a responsible party only. Apply at 280 West Washlngton-su riX) RENT—FURNISHED—I3O THROOP-ST.: ALSO A adjoining, several rooms, furnished or unfurnish ed. fit for housekeeping or sleeping. 130 Throop-st. rPT RENT-NEAR LINCOLN PARK—A NEW MAR- X L»lc front; all conveniences; first-class locality; dose to Llocoln-av. cars. Rent reasonable. An En glish basement, 8 rooms, hot water, bath, water-closet, etc., for $25. One 6-room flat, second story* £ RO CHAS. N. RALE, 153 Randolph-st. fPO RENT-414 WEST MADISON-ST., DWELLING X of 10 rooms. W. WALLER 41 Ciark-£L,Ruatn 11. TIN) RENT—OR SELL—LARGE, CHOICE COTTAGE X and comer lot, 70x156 feet, fine trees, shrubbery, comer Halstcd and Wolfram-fits. Rene cheap. Sell tor $5,566. Cool and healthy. Coll Monday. JOHN C. BARKER, Attorney, 64 M ashlngton-st. fPO RENT—FOR THE SUMMER, A FURNISHED X house ou the North Side; to a small family only. O 10. Tribune oflice. 'PO RENT-525 PER MONTH—NEW TWO-STORY X brick, with cellar; modern Improvements. Ere inont-st., near Sophia. BOUTUWORTH, Room 2 Mor rison Block. rix> RENT-DESIRABLE HOUSE. GROOMS, BATII- X room, gas. in good repair, 165 Llncoln-st. Comer Adama-st.. 167, five rooms; mere nominal prices to re sponsible people. Parties exacting house for sl2 and sls need not apply at 163 South Llucoln-st. fPO RENT-FURNISHED TENEMENT TO SMALL X family. »J 8 Cottage Grore-av. 'PO RENT—CHEAP-A FIRST-CLASS COTTAGE OF X 7 room*, in good locality, near street-caw. Apply to J. CAIRNS, louFulton-r.. rpo RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X house 1356 Pralrle-av.. with ail modem conven iences. at low rent, FARRINGTON & HACKNEY, 165 Wa»hlDgton-sL MV) RENT—TiIItKE-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick bouse 18 Eluridire-court, at low price. Will lie put In thorough repair. FARJHNGTON A HACKNEY, 105 Washlagiun-st. aPO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING ON X Calumet-av.. near Twcnty-slxth-st-, at SSUO per annum. FARRINGTON & HACKNEY, 105 Washing km-st. IX) RENT-A FINE HOUSE. WITH LOT Wx!2S.FOR X sls /»er month, at Lawndale. TukeC., D- <k Q. :ar». Go ««the property, aad Inquire at station for 4. C. MILLARD. r |X) REST-A HOUSE OS* PRAIIUE-AV. CAS* BE X bad furnished for tho summer by boarding the tvner. Address V 23, Tribune oillce. ’IX) UEST—TWO SUITES OF G ROOMS EACH IS A X hue residence on paved street, one block from street ears; alsofl rooms at 7UI West Madlsomst. li. kkn*. SKOV, 1231)earborn*su, Room lU. ’IX) RENT-NEW BRICK HOUSE 2GO OHIO-ST., X near State. Cheap if taken this week. Room 10, 177 Ciark-st. r pO RENT—37 PINE-ST. (NORTH SIDE), NEW X brick. 1G rooms, elcpant house, all modem Im provements; favorable terms to pood tenant- Apply M BURNES &, KNLINE, Room 50, 07 Clark-st. I'O REST-AT VERY LOW FIGURES TO GOOD tenants, tbe 14-room bouse on the comer of Oak indltufib'Sta. Also n-room boose In same block, octa ion-fronts and oil modern conveniences. Apply on the jrcmlses, or to PAUL J. McCOUMICK, is£J South Clark-et. IX) RENT—SPLENDID il-STOUT AXD BASEMENT i octagon stone-front house with all modern liuprove ncuts; also, nice brick Imm and yard, all for ssu. In* lulre on the preinUca, 41U Warren-av. IM> KENT—I*I CALIFOIINTA-AV., COBKKR JACK . ftou-gt,. 2-story house, §lO. C. A. DUUiLE, «7 flark~«c.; lloom cm. RENT—FCIiNISSUED 7-ROOM COTTAGE IN’ X Rood location. West Side; low to good tenant. J. C. MAGJLIi. MX) KENT-1403 PRAIRIE-AY.. CORNER THIRTY- X second-st.— 2-story and basement swell stone-front, every improvement; very cheap to desirable party. AL C. BALDWIN ic CU., 80 LaSalic-st., Room 23. f|H> RENT—THE FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL, CON- X talnlng 40 rooms, all modem improvements; for- Slture for sale; The house is full of boarders, and do ing a good business. ‘ Apply to IV. H. SAMPSON & CO., Renting Agency, 144 LabaJle-st. 'IX) UKXT-UOUSES BV EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, X 119 and 121 Lasal)c*st. 14 Vlncenne»*placc, 2*story and basement brick, $25. 1851 stau>st., near Fortieth, cottage. C rooms; sl4, 22Scxnlnary-av., 2-story frame, brick basement, U rooms, born; $25. 81 North Ada-st., 2-story and basement brick; SBS. JiM) P.ENT-AT UNION’ PA UK, THAT VERY HE* X slrable east-front brick, 27 St- John's place; con tains jo rooms, furnace, all modern conveniences, and Is rat-proof. Examine It. Kent reasonable. Apply to V.ALIL SAMPSON & CO.. 144 La Salle-Et, riX) RENT-227 THIRTEKTH-ST., BETWEEN J. Michigan ami WabasU-avs.; 2-story frame house; large lot: modem Improvements: pleasantly located; Cinlug-rootu ami kitchen onparlor-floor; will rent low to good tenant. FIXED L. take i CO., 88 Wash mson-st. r PO RENT—HOUSES 628 AKD 630 WEST ADAMS* X BU 3-story bricks,. all modern Improvements, finest locution on the West Side? will be rented low to good tenants. C. W. 11KUVE, 171 LaSalle-st. rpO RENT-NEW TWO-STORV BRICK HOUSE ON X Belden-av., near Lincoln Fart, S2O. AL FURTEIL U Grant-place. IX) RENT-ON WEST SIDE, NEW TWO-STORr X and basement brick bouses, from Sio to S4O a month. F. A. WEAGE. 05 Wasblngton-st., Room a. r, BLNT—FUUMSIIED HOUSE OX DREXEL boulevard, three doors south of Oakwood-av,. toeing the park. /po BENT—A SI! ICE HOUSE. 8 ROOMS, MODERN JL Improvements, newly papered, painted, and cal drained, No. ISu Looiuls-st.; rent cheap to a good ieu iut Apply at 424 West Congreas-st, fPO RENT-NEW STONE-FRONT HOUSE ON THIR- X ty-thlrd-sl-, near the Jake, 10 rooms, hath, and tiosets. Apply at 242 South Robey-st. rjX) RENT-WANTED, PARTY TAKE HOUSE SUIT- X able Tor hotel and summer Itoarders. In sight of lake, and near W. W. Boylngton'a elegant residence, siu per month. S. ME Alts. 40 and 47 Reaper Block, rpo RENT—COTTAGE, 8~ ROOMS, MODERN 1M- X pruvementa, it»so Indlana-av. ;s3opcr month. In quire at!32 North Clark-st, rpo RENT—3 7-ROOM COTTAGES. IN GOOD OR- X dcr, at siq per mouth. Apply at 33 Prau-place, between Hoyue and Leavitt and Jackson and Van Burcn-sta. Immediate possession. rpo RENT—SELL. OR EXCHANGE-A 3-STORY X and basement brick house, all improvements, very cheap, on_ Btnvcn-av. TOWNSEND & GODFREY, Ro in 13 Exchange Building. rpo RENT-a-STORV AND BASEMENT STONE- A frout house, with large lot, on Wabash-av., north ot SUu.eulhj'St. C. C. THAYKIi, »0 Dearbom-st. T° UWE L UNG NO. 845 MICHIGAN-AV.. three-story and basement brick in nm-claas order. Furnace and all modern Im* f^oT & gS?!:- Aw,l3r “ waL «• f P° RENT—SEVERAL HOUSES, WITH BARNS. X near street cars, on West Side, at Sir. to S3O ncr month. GEORGE D. PEasE, Itoom 33, 97 Clork-su r I'O KENT—SIS. Sao-FOU SALE—S 2.% S3O—NICE Ar cotUKef In choice neighborhood. West Huron and \\.’Bi superior**!*., between Lincoln and Itobey; In dlana street cam S. T. KING, h 5 Washlngton-st. r [ X, i‘ E / T "; TWO ‘ STOi:r AND BASEMENT HOUSE; X modern Improvements; east front on Calumet-av Block ° r Twcai y* nlaUi ' ft - per month; 13 Major TOKENT-CHEAP-l \vr> PRAIRIE-AV., MARBLE front, 14 rooms. Apply at 48 and 50 Wahash-av. 'IX) RENT-HOUSE 730 WEST MADISON-ST.. y X rooms, bath, and gas, £3O. Six rooms, IRS West Madlson-st., water and gss, S2O. Vvc rooms, 190 West Madison-st.. water and gas. £au. COLE, NEWELL & MOSHEIL fpO KENT-2* NORTH ASHLAND-AV.. FRONTING X Union Park, lo rooms; no basement. H. C. MOREY, 95 Clark-fit. IX) RENT-NEW STONE-FRONT HOUSE, ONE . block from Jefferson Park. 9 rooms, with all modern improvements, furnace, gas-fixtures, etc. Apply at 133 Loomis-st. I'O KENT-SMALL COTTAGE OF FIVE ROOMS. No. 357 Churcb-st.. near Lincoln Park. sls i»er ijonth: win furnish same for $33 per month. A. L. .I.ucKLit, 173 East Mudlson-st. 1?0 RENT—HOUSE, 14 ROOMS, S-STORY AND X basement; basement and first door; l flat, 4 rooms; m fim-Uoks; cheap; Pralrie-av.; W. K. WELLS. 157 Sark-eu I’ORENTi-COrrAGE OF 5 ROOMS AND CLOSETS X with water, 150 North Peorla-st.; price sl3 per nonth. Inquire at Cook & McLain's, 60 Dearbom-st. n. Ix. SMITH. I'O RENT-A COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS, WITH GAS. water, etc.; one blook Irom caw. Apply to M. DOWLING, 381 UJbbard-ht. ¥V 9 fl'O RENT—NICE COTTAGE, 7 ROOMS. AT S2O, X Carroll-st-, near Elizabeth, 3 blocks from cars. Inquire ISP M T cst Lake-si. rpO RENT—TIIREE-STORT AND BASEMENT X brick house 189 Huron-gu, 15 rooms and furnace: all modern Improvements. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO.. Renting Agency. 144 Lanallc-sn. rtN) f;EKT—CHEAP—A 3-STORY AND BASEMENT X octagon-front trick du-elllng-bouso, 347 Ete*t lu difcna-Ft,. between State am! Dearborn; ail modem im pivvtnnents; cr would rent ;t to 3 rmut! families, Api l/ ui h Weiß; i Ui;o..eomcr .a«»uic >m.r t.7ark-s(x TO BENT—HOUSES* rpo RENT-BY F. C. VTKRLING, ROOM IS, 120 A DcarLonwt., near Madlson-st.: Drown-etone front. 14 rooms, with all Improvements, northwest comer wabash-av. and Thirty-second-su 7dTwenty-slxth-st., line brick of 10 rooms, cheap. 2381 wemy.flftb-Bt., house of 8 rooms, near Wabash. 1492 Pralrie-av., house of o rooms, very cheap. 16T>3Dcarbom-st., cottage of 7 rooms, only S2O, IKOS I>earbora-st.. cottage of flroome, cheap. 392 and 394 State-st., suites of 5 rooms each. 317 Webster-av.. flue brick of il rooms. SG9 West Lnke-st., suite of 5 rooms. 803 West Lakc-st., G large rooms, cheap. 502 Staie-at., good store. 377 Thlrd-av., good store, and rooms In rear. Furnished house on Twenty-fourtb-st.. near the lake. fUO RENT-BY W. D. KEKFOOT & CO., 00 EAST X Washlngton-st: North Dcarbom-st.. 3-story and basement stone front house, with all the modem conveniences, near Chest nut-st,, and overlooking Washington Square; rent low. Rush-st.. In block on northwest comer Indlnna-st., 3-story and basement houses, all modem Improve ments, at a sacrifice to good parties. Frcmont-st.. 2-story brick houses, 8 rooms each, near Sopbia-st.; water and sewer; f 25 per month each. Indlnoa-av., near Elghtccnth-st., two tlao 2-story and basemeut bouses, at very low rents. Wabash-av., near fcigfitmub-st.. 3-story and base ment brick house, suitable for boarders, cheap. fpO RENT-291 CALUMET-AV.—NICE HOUSE IN X good repair; large lot and born; wont reasonable offer. i3Lake-av., 2-story frame, near station and street cars: $35 per month. soTwenty-elpbth-st,, 2-story, basement, and Man sard roof brick bouse. SSO per month. G3oCottage Grove-av., south of Thlrty-flfth-st., east front, large lot: to good tenant S2O. Indlaua-av.. Nos. 251 and2sl& 3-story and basement brown stone fronts, all modern conveniences, SCS. FRED L. FAKE & CO.. fPD RENT-1552 PUAHUE-AV.. NEAR THIRTY* A tblrd-st., new house: all modern conveniences; rent low. N.T. WRIGHT. 86 Washlngton-st. fPO RENT-A 0-ROOM COTTAGE ON DEARBORN- A st., between Twenty-ninth and Thlrtlcth-sts. In quire at 13H; Statc-st. fPO RENT-TO SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WITH- A out children, a large flrst-class handsomely fur nished house on the North Side, for the summer only. Apply with reference to MERRILL & ENGLE, Room 3 Metropolitan Block. rpORKNT—A BEAUTIFUL TWO-STORY FRAME A house. 314 Warren-av., ll rooms; modern Improve ments; rent low*. Apply on the premises. f|X) RENT-1472, 1475, 1476 WABASH-AV.—THREK- A story stone-fronts.. 15 Tweaty-elghlh-st., frame. J.RRuNFIKLD. Times Building. fpO RENT-NO 0 SOUTH MAV-ST., NEAR WASH- A Ington. at a bargain If called for soon. riH* UENT-G53 LARRABKK-ST.. A TWO-STORY 1 lu-room bouse, $25 per month. CHARLES N, HALE. 153 Rnndolph-st. r PO KENT—I7O WARASH-AV.. WITHOUT BOARD. X Urge, newly-furnished front room. Also, nice slnglAroom. House has modem improvements In per fect repair. Private family. References required. f |VO RENT-NICE 6-ROOM HOUSE; 2 CLOSETS; X china closet and pantry: good nelgblmrhood; rent $7. Inquire at 25 Harvard-su, between Campbell and Wesicrn-avg, 'PO KENT-2-STOUV AND BASEMENT BRICK X dwelling, with all modem conveniences, near Lin coln Park and C’lark-st, horve railway; rent low. Ap ply on premises. 464. Belden-av., or Room 27MaJur Block. LAWRENCE PROUDKOOT. r JX) RENT-A NEAT COTTAGE, NO. 60 WALNUT- X f>U, near comer Paulina, oue block from Lake-st. cars. 2 blocks from Union Park. Good neighborhood. Rent $lB per month. Inquire of owner, file West Indlanfr-st. E. It, MORSE. 'PtA RENT—COTTAGE 233 SOUTH PEORIA, ST.- X 7 rooms la good order, $25 per month. J. U. KEELER, 103 Clark-ct. nfU) KENT-HOUSE NO. 2415 MICHIGAN-AV.—S X rooms with all modern Improvements; being put in perfect order; large yard, good bam, etc., all lor $25 per month. Apply toll. O. STONE, t4O iladlson-st. 'PO RENT-BY G. S. BUTLER & CO., 536 IIURL- X but-fit. For the next 3 days we oiler some lino bargains in first-class houses, cottages and flats, op posite and near Lincoln Park. Oue house elegantly furnished. rPO RENT-U 33 WEST LAKE-ST., 6 ROOMS sls. X Apply 07 Clark-st.. Room 64. rpo RENT—2-STORY HOUSE, 8 ROOMS. FUR- X nlshed. 1218 Pralrle-av., near Twenty : siith-fit. Terma reasonable. r PO RENT-AT KENWOOD, ON LAKE SHORE. X furnished honse for 4. 5, or 6 months; rent low to good tenant. M. L. PEARCE, 123 Dcarborn-st. 'PO* KENT-HOUSE WO MICUIGAN-AV., VERY X_chcap._S^R,_HAyEN,Jtoom_W, i24Clark-*t, r P° RENT-JUNE I. NEW 2-STOR\nmTcK HOCSK X 4i6Park-av.; healthiest location in city; good neighborhood; cellar under the house, water, and gas. C. F. BULKLEV, 885 Washington-fit. fro KENT—LAKGE 4-STOI:V I!i:iCK KESIDENCE, X Xo. 4<o corner lildrldge-court. for merly occupied by tbe Chicago Club; 2S rooms, S4,ouq vorta of furniture in the house; rent low to good tea ant. Apply to WM, u. SAMI’S OX i CO., iteatlug Agenty, H4LaSolle-su 'JiOUiENT— FLEASAXT —c.nT—PLEASAKT FUKNISHED HOUSE TO A -- arlvale family for the summer or longer. Immlre aftc?4 p. m. at S 3 Tvrenty-slith-st., corner of I*nU rlc-av. RENT—CHEAP—333 INDIANA-ST., NEAR X Pine, pood location. Inquire of PHILIP a. 110 YNE. Commissioner, 157 LaSalie-su TO RENT —NEW MARBLE-FRONT HOUSES fronting the lake, corner Thlnv-iirst-su, very cheap, S4O per month, E. O. LANPUfeBE, on prem' ' £0 * KENT—2-sTOUV S-liOOM UoUSE ON AJJAMs- 1 _ st M near Ashlami-av., tn first-data order. $35 t>er moi*h. E. C. WAKE, ih Wasbinytou-at. r PO RENT-NEW OCTAGON* MARBLE FRONT. NO. X i-il Carrol J-av., 14 rooms and Improvements, brick bant, large corner lot, lawn, and shade trees. No. 4gs»Carroll-av., octagon marble front: 12 rooms and Improvements, fine lawn. In front. 4c. Nos. tiff, 08, 70, and 7i Arbor-place, neat brick houses. 10 rooms each, ball*, water closets, 4c.. rent gis per month. all In u first-class neighborhood. Inquire at No. 7 Metropolitan Block. r PO KENT—COTTAGE OF 7 KOOMS, NO. 43 NOETII* X Curtls-st.. $25. Apply at 327 West Lake-su 1 TX! KENT—NO. 105 SOUTH PARK-AV., 2-STORY X basement and mansard roof, furnace, gas fixtures, brick bam, and cellar, all In first-class order; rent low to good tenant. Inquire at 112. opposite. trO RENT-020 CALUMET-AV.-MARBLE-FRONT X house, brick bam. HAUGIIN, 27 Ciark-st. lioom 21. MX) RENT-12 SOUTH GUEEN-ST.-2-STORr !•»- X JTOracottage.arraugedforboanilng-house; S3O. aao « asU!ngtoa-st-, 3-story and basement In Norton Rlock, arranged with all modem conveniences; none but roll a ble parties need apply. 7-room flats, cheap, on Lake SL, Nos. UDU, 354, 348. Apply to N. NORTON, 30 u asntugtoa-sL rpo RENT~~ - COTTAGES OX LINCOLN-ST., $25 AND SMmi. l^oJlarb-st/R^in^ 'P* KENT-NICE NEW COTTAGE, G~KOOMsT X .Joscta, bath-room, pantrj% marble mantel, instdo blinds; first-class locality; cheap. Call at 987 West Van Burcn-st. rpO REXT-A COMFORTABLY FURXISIIED X house pa est Side, near Ashland-ar., vlth shade* trees, yard, and small garden. to a small family, from June is to Oct. 1. Tho board of one Kcntlcmau la oar pay for rent. Address Oi«2, Tribune odlcu, rpo Vest-dntxl sov « • p.e.jNT—CMIL NOV. 1, A NICELY FURNISH a eel house on the Must Side to* small mid strictly private family. For particulars Immirc or address 41 boaih CauaWc. TO UENT-BR 1 funiltn—• ' . r-BUICE HOUSE. WITH OB WITHOUT luniiiurc, for a term ur years; also brick bam. Ap ply at sue Wabasb-av. r PD RENT—TWO STONE-FRONT HOUSES. NOS. X 5.4 and pcs West Lakc-su, frontla.e Union Fart. Apply at JOB CARPENTER’S. 21 St. Jonn’a-placc. r VO RENT-2-STORV AND BASEMENT BRICK X bouse with Mansard roof. No. 87l> H'abasb-av near Elphtcenth-st. Lot aoslßo. Fine bam. AH In perfect order. Rent, $75 per month. Apply IP nM. 11. bAMX’SUN &CO., 144 Laballc-st. iy 3 '^ODENT—TWO 2-fiTnw^~' v *’ " r PO I*EXT—TWO S-STOBY AND IIASEMEKT BKICK JL houses. with barn, near corner of Uovrcn and Cot tapetirovc»ara.. ats2Uand SJS tier month. Address Y G 5, Tribune oiDce. riX) RENT—7-ROOM COTTAGE. $18; 5 ROOMS, sls X 5 rooms, SU; 2 rooms, $7; 3 rooms, $10; i fur nished. withJHichen, $lO. U 33 'West Van Buren-st. 0 RENT—HOUSE OF 7 ROOMS AT 1811 WEST Monroe-st. Apply at 146 South Halstcd-su rpo RENT-HOUSE IGS WEST VAN B 1 X 8 rooms, pleasant groonds; §3O. r TU RENT-M 3 AND 585 CALUMET-AV., NEW X stone-front bouses, 12 rooms, with furnace and gas-futures. F. GAYLORD. 13 Reaper Block. rpO KENT—THE 2-STORY AND BASEMENT OC- X tagon-front brick building coa Scdgwlck-st.. cor. ner of Centre, one block west from Lincoln Park; all modem Improvements, Including furnace. For terms apply to C. C. HOLTON, 335 and 337 Slate-aL, or 7UB North Wclls-st. • rpo RENT-741 WEST MONROE-ST.. BRICK BASE- X ment and 3-story dwelling containing iu rooms, with all modem Improvements; rent $45 per mouth. Apply at 735 West .Monroe -st. rpo RENT—VERY LOW-COO VAN BUREN-ST.. Id X rooms, ample closets. J. TYLER, Room 8, ua Waahtagton-st. rpO RENT-FURNISHED-A NEAT, COOL, COZY X brick bouse. J2I Twenty-flret-st., near Michlgan av. Call at the bouse two days. f|V) RENT-ONE OF THE NICEST 13-ROOiI COT- X tagea In the city for summer, to responsible parties only; nicely furnished. Ou Peorla-su, near Madison. Andress SI, IrlbuncolUce. riX) RENT-FURNISHED - HOUSES ON SOUTH X Side, S4O; Heat and North Sides, $35 to SBS. ED MUND G. STILES, 99 East Madlson-st., Room?. rro RENT-SPLENDID MODERN HOUSES, SOUTH X North, and West Sides, 10 to 15 rooms, $35 to ssu! EDMUND G. STILES, w jdadtson-st,, Room?. r PO KENT—CHEAP—OR EXCHANGE FOR SMALL A house, a7-rooraand basement brick house, with all modern Improvements, on Leavltt-sL, near Polk. In quire at 55 West Van Buren-st, X KOFORD. r PO RENT—3SS NORTH DEARBORN-ST.. 3-STORV X and hasement marble front; ilrst-claas In every re spect, F. C. TAYLOR, 184 Dcarborn-st. r PO RENT-COTTAGES AND BRICK HOUSES— X accessible— $lO to $35. For safe ou monthly nay moots. JOHN F. EBERHART, lu7Clark-s£. 7p 7 'PC RENT—A 2-STORY BRICK HOUSE OF 13 X rooms on West Adams-st,, near Halsied; will rent cheap u> one or two families. Inquire at 173 W*est AtiOClS-St. Suburban* SELL. A FINE HOUSE AND cotuu.e In Englewood; a beautiful residence lu Suutli aiatolen. TiLLOTeON HICOS., ml \Vaalilngtnu~itt. r l'obest—a m-EITsTOKr iiousOwinsir A ed. pleasantly located on the lake shore at Evans- E?iaZ^'nT nmcr ' AMrc “ a T - BALL * T? I i E 3'”V~, AX elegant sue urban house - X furnished; large grounds, shade, Bowers. bam. etc ’ hy the month or year. Ten dally trains each way. ini', mediate Address Z Cl), Tribune office. ri'O EEXT-A FINE IIOUSK.'WITH LOT ooHST X for 15 per month, nt Lawndale. Tate C., Bio c'n. sec the property, and Impure of A. S' r|X) RENT-GOOD HOUSES OF FROM FIVE TO X eight rooms. In North Evanston, within three blocks of the depot, for from s;> to per month, until next May. which Is only one-third of the former rent also, a good house of ten rooms In Evamstoa. and one in Glencoe, at extreme low figures. C. E. BROWN'kT r|X> UENT-5-ROOM COTTAGE 5-ACHE GA& X den, part plowed, corner Fifty-sixth and Wallace s«.. fcnglewood: aploasant place; Sis per month; fare 9 cents. H. C. MOlibl, 95 Clork-st. r pO RENT—UESIIfABi7e~^HOUSE.' BARN ANT) 1 outbuildings at Wasldngton Heights, 2 m»unf abundance of small fruit, currants, raspber ries, cherries. Arc.; rent reasonable for desirable txm ai.t. Room 34. 159 LaSalle-*!. JUHN J. bV'N^TT. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. MAY 28, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. TO BENT—HOUSES. Suburban—Continued. TO RENT—HIGHLAND PAUK.HIGHWOOI), IDLE* wild, and Ravlnla—All grades of houses, from cot tages at $8 month to large, elegant houses, with towers, bay windows, mansard roofs, and piazzas, from sl2 to 615.’ Just completed. All ore situated In midst of nat ural shade. In sight of Lake Michigan, on same railroad as Evanston and Lake Forest, we want occupied with best families. To such will rent for summer with privi lege of year, at any price to give character to property. Parents with children only need to try our places to he delighted with them; where careworn mothers can throw off restraint of fashion, and, dressed In calico, enjoy seeing their children healthy and happy on the green turf beneath the grateful shade; escaping the pestilential odors from sewer and slaughter-houses of city, and find la country pure air and rich milk for cbfldren. Parents remembering that the season so fatal to lives and health of children Is approaching ought to come and sec us. $lO will move all furniture needed. Farmers’ daughters, economical and not airy, can be obtained for servants. We mean business. Have staked our reputation on our suburban towns, and arc bound to win. MEARS & CO., 40 and 47 Reaper Block, comer Clark and Washlngton-sts. fp6 RENT-OB FOR SALE-FARM. TWO HOURS’ A ride from Chicago, on G. W. Road. Fruit of all kinds In great abundance, elegant bouse, cottages, barns, etc., to rent fully furnished or without, on ac count of death In family. Possession given Immediate ly. Apply atoncc, with name, and address w 76, Trib une omce. 'I'D RENT-A PRIVATE FAMILY AT EVANSTON A will rent to flrst-class parties single or en suite rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, with use of carriage; locality unsurpassed and near best hotels. Address WILLIAMS, Box 017, Evauston. fPO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE —WILMETTE, A near depot and Evanston; large bouse, grounds, low rental, part in board. WM. W. STEWART, Room 14. H>l V> asnlugton-st. fPO RENT-LAKE FOREST, HANDSOME COT- A lose, well located. Highland Park, furnished house. Houses at Evanston. Glencoe, Rogers* Park. Ravens* wood. E. L. CANFIELD. 59 LaSallc-st. fPO RENT-A 2Ms-STORY HOUSE IN HARLEM, X two blocks from station, large van! and pleasant lo cation. Rent $lB per month. Mrs.'SHERMAN, owner, 702 Wesr Washlngton-st. rpO RENT—S2O—AT BARRINGTON. NINE-ROOM A house, collar, well, cistern, bam. and three acres of ground, fruit and shade trees; also 7-room house, cellar, well, elstcru. garden, SJO; both convenient to depot. Apply at 51 ilostlugs-st., down-stairs, or ad dress 0. DUNN, Barrington. rpO RENT—AT KENWOOD, FURNISHED OR NOT,’ X near station on lake shore, for summer or year. Address P 25, Tribune utlice. fpO RENT-A NICE SUBURBAN PLACE FOR A A summer boardlng-bouse, academy, or seminary, In Town of Hyde Park. Large house, five acres, largo bam. Ice-house, fruit, etc. Mill rent furnished or un furnished to a good responsible tenant for almost noth ing. I must rent It. Convenient to depot, and near the lake. Inquire at 06 L.-tke-st. TO KENT-KOOIHS. rpo RENT-THREE DESIRABLE FURNISHED X rooms, without hoard. In private family on Mtchl gan-av., opposite Lake Park; reference required. Ad dress V 2, Tribune otllce. RENT—THE UPPER FLOOR OF 183 SOUTH X Green-st., containing seven rooms, besides pantry and closets. D. McLEAN. r PO RENT-ELEGANT SUITES AND SINGLE X • rooms; location A l; near steam and horn.* cars; footoT Twenty-third-st., east of indian«-«v.; good board within a few doors; good bam; references re quired. Address M E, care P.-O. Box 361. fPO RENT-FRONT CORNER ROOM, WELL-FUR X nlshed. for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen. 41 Carpenter-st., near Washington. RENT—AN UNFURNISHED PARLOR, WITH . two or three rooms and kitchen If desired; rent low. Apply at 40 Thlrty-seventh-at. tPO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS BY WIDOW LADY X living alone; transients accommodated. Call at 185 West IV ashlngtoo-st. TPO RENT PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT X rooms, double and single, with batlu at 45 Fierce st,. between Van Buren and Jlarrlsou-ats., at reason able rates. PO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS AT NO. 3 HUB- L bard-conn for oue or two gentlemen. r PO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM FOR GENTLEMAN X and lady; board for lady. Address S 62, Tribune Olfice. 'PO RENT—FRONT ROOM WITH ALCOVE, TWO X closets, and water on second floor, and parlor and bed room on first floor, at 275 Rush-st. Inquire after fla. m. Sunday. r ro RENT-SIN ROOMS, CLOSETS, MARBLE X mantel, water m house. No. 3 flrat street west of Callfomia-av., between Jaoksuu and Van Buren-sts.Rent Slu per mouth. tPO RENT—A FLAT OF FIVE ROOMS. WITH X every convenience; brick building; State-st.: $lB. Inquire at Room 43, 67 Clark-st. rpo REST—2S3 SOUTH FUASKLIN-ST., TWO X fumUhed front rooms, with or without board. MX) REST—FURSISUED wm£ X outboard. 7dWcst Van lliirea*at. ’O RENT—ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS; . line location for summer. ar? IlHnols-st. r\'o RENT— O ROOMS. WITH CLOSETS AND ALL X modem Improvements. Inquire at ins Uak*st.. North Side. r VO RENT-ONE ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED COR- X ner front room; also, others, single or en suite. Northeast corner of State and Monroe-stal Inquire at Room 10. Transients accommodated. r PO JIEXT-ELEGANTLY-FURKISnED ROOMS .1. for Indies lu private family. Address T 33. Trib une otllcc. t RENT—26S INDIAXA-ST.. COUXER STATE, three-story and basement house. Inquire within. r pO NEXT—NICELY-FURXISUED PARLOR SUITE. X with or without board, at « Xorth Elizabeth-»t.; also nice south single room. T POREXT—FURXISII ED ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR X light housekeeping- Inquire at '2oi liuron-st.. near North Dearborn. rpO UEXT—DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR X oillcea or lodging, cheap, laa West Mmllson-at. rro KENT—PLEASANT FURNISHED KOOMS, TO X gents and ladles. 107 East Madlsou-st., lioom 23. 'PC RENT-2 UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOMS IN A X desirable locality. Inquire at 334 Divlslon-st.. near Sedgwick. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM. TO GENTLEMAN X and lady; only board for lady. 397 West Lake-st. rpo RENT-THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, WITH X modern Improvements, for light housekeeping. to gentleman andwlfc only, at C3O West Washlugtou-st. r pO RENT—PLEASAXTTFUIWI'SIIEIMtbOMS^XA X desirable location, to ladles and gentlemen; always yeryqulet. Address Q 50, Tribune office. rpO RGNT-fiQ ASHLAND‘*Av3V— “ a.-4iiAND*AV.—FURNISHED OK luiiurDlshcd rooms wltli board next door. T° 11ENT-ELEGANT SUITES OF ROOMS IN THE X Howe .Machine Hulldlnjr, corner State and Jack »on-sU M at low prices to {rood tenants. EDMUNH A. CUMMINGS, nu and 121 LoSallc-st. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS IN THOMPSON X House. 163 South Clark-st. Transients taken. OUlce E. 'po REXT—TO GENTLEMEN' —yiCELr-FUK JL nlshcu rooms, cool am! pleasant, convenient to business. Terms reasonable. Inquire at 85 South Llark-st., Icoum 5. MX) KENT-TWO XICKLY-FUKISIIED lIOOMS FOIi ■JL housekeeping. lieut cheap. Apply at 181 Jforth curtu'Bt* r pO KENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms, en suite or single 5 Rood day-board In same .block- Gentlemen preferred. No. 4uu illcblgan-av. rro RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS AT 140 SOUTH X Green-st. TO BENT-THREE W.EASANT USKUUNISUKD X rooms,with water, bath-room,and closets, atSdner month, at 040 M eat Madlsou-st. O RENT—* ROOMS, WITH PANTRY, CLOSET, and water, at su. No. 70 Nebraska-st. r r9 RENT-FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR OVER- X looking Jefferson Park. C3Throop-st.. comer Ad ams. If later than Monday call after op. n». rro RENT—FURNISHED COMPLETE FOR HOUSE- X keeping, two parlors and kitchen on first floor, overlooking lake. Rent $25, 583 North Clark-st. TO RENT-TWO OR THREE NICELY FURNISHED rooms, single or en suite; hoard. If required; might he rented otherwise; references exchanged. iy Ei dridge-court. rREX-ST.. rpo RENT-PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS. NICELY X furnished, suitable for gentleman and wife or sln gle gentlemen; terms module. 73 East Van Buren-st. rpO RENT-FLAT OF FIVE ROOMS ON SECOND . «»or,Jjath room, etc., S3O; also two rooms and close ta, $lO, at 133 North Clark-st. Store. rPO RENT-NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS EN X Bnlte or single, at 183 least Monroe-st. T°7^7,T F( ?V, K TO MS ON THE UPPER FLOOR viy '\ e9t Ihindolph-st., In good order; runt sls per month. Inquire at 330 M est Itandolph-st. rpo RENT-ONE LARGE WELL-FURNISHED, -I. cheap. aKAurtliClart-a. ' rpo RENT-A FINE FURNISHED FRONT ALCOVE X room for one or two gentlemen, without board. 855 Mabash-qv., nearLlghtcenth-at. Reference. M'O KENT-TWO Oil TIIUEE UXKUKNISHED r |'R. OF HUGHS IN PHIVATK KAMI- A Ji In two-story and basement brick, ou paved street: modern conveniences; one block from Lincoln park* ° b J e ftlo,n, t 1 0 on « or tvru children; reference* ax changed. Address TSH, Tribune ollice. r \ 'O RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS IN PLEASANT .iki« lloa? nl< iH t OUDIH aud family, Also use of ared^XS lf J “- T°iffl r^S?S !^SSL ftooMS ’ »«• NEAI! T' «„ J^- f T-FURNISHEb ROOMS FOR LADIES X and gentlemen; board fur ladles only. 3uC Statc-st. r PO ROOMS—ROOMSTN NEW* BRICK BUILDING State C -su Cr^Ute aUtl llarrUon ' su * V - O’NEILL, IJ3 r pO KENT— PARLOR AND BED-ROOM, WELL X furnished. No. 358 West Harrlson-at! * 'PO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS WITH A. bath. 193 East W’ashlngton-st.. Ruoiu*3l! r PO RENT—THE TWO BEST ROOMS TV I Line4ihi n ßt UC i* S * - btiu K Whole o?tlrHt floor f P® BENT—CHEAP—^ FOUR GOOD ROOMS SUiT- X for housekeeping, at No. 155 South Halsted-st. r ('° KENT—IE' YOU WANT ONE OK THE MOST TlF fLh}™aidr^ m 0 brTr r Ke u m c ] Wu SWc ' ia l ir * vat * c T°^sgSS r ’ja^g%SSiSig.^ Al,Uss RENT—TWO FUIiNISHEU OR UNKURNISHFn PHvatc family; home comforu; mdderaS rent,desirable neighborhood; only seven blocks from Tremont House; r r°«^-WI T H OR WITHOUT X Dished froqt room In private family to parties with pood reference. Apply at tna M*abasU-av. P ,l “ RENT-A LADY LIVING“aLONE WILL RENT bdde l ! fflton'^offlg?. lll3 10 QUICt rPO KENT-A FURNISHED FRONT IROOM. B \TH born-Tt! 31, closet ' 638 • without board. 101 North bear- r PO RENT—THE BASEMENT STORY OF BRICK Imp‘roTtTOe“l£“ UUI I,eOTl “-“- 7 ond mLdcra t ),„ UEKT “ A , WIDOW LAU T LIVING JVLONE M. T?founc‘mal!;° r lorelltt "‘‘ ulet Partlea. Addreu F TO KEIVT-KOOnS. rpo RENT-MICIIIGAN-AV.. NEAR HUBBARD -1 court, the lower part of houw: with chambers and use of parlor; convenient for table boarders; terms reasonable. XB9. Tribune olllce. rpo RENT-TWO NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS X _wlth orwlthout board ut 351 East Chlcago-ar. rpO RENT—6-ROOM FLAT IN NF.W BUILDING, 318 X State-st. W. WALLEIi. 41 Ciark-Bt., Room 11. rpo RENT—ICG eXst WASHINGTON-ST.—PLEAS- X antand well-furnished rooms to responsible par- cs. Apply at Room 59. ' DO RETT-A FURNISHED ROOM. WITHOi ty board. 292 Hllaols*st., cast of Rusb-sL rpO RENT-6 ROOMS. 997 VAN BUREN-ST.; GOOD A order; south front; all right; rent low—for sure pay, lower. Inquire ns above. rpO RENT-ONE NICELY-FURNISHED, ALCOVE X bedroom; 1 small bedroom, and 1 unfurnished par lor (front). Apply at 747 Wabasb-av ! rpO RENT—I ROOMS. 1006WESTADAMS-ST.. BE* X tween Western and Campbell-avs. Rent $lO. rp*o RENT-FRENCH FLATSINBUILDING NORTH JL east corner Mlcblgan-av. and Thlrty-Urst-st. F. W. SPIHNGKR, 152 Dearburn-st.. Room 3. rpo RENT-A LARGE DOUBLE ROOM FURNISH- A cd to gentlemen, sl6. 41 South Curtls-st. rpo RENT—FOUR PLEASANT ROOMS ON SECOND X floor. 30 John’s-place. rpo RENT-14 ELDRIDGE-COURT, IN MARBLE- X front private dwelling-house, large front room with closet, bath-room, hoc and cold water; $lO to S2O per mouth. rpO RENT-A SUITE OF ROOMS FURNISHED; A also a suite of rooms partially furnished. Inquire at 03_TbIrty-Hecoud-st. rpO RENT-LARGE ALCOVE ROOM. lIANDSOME- A ly furnished; private family; good references re quired. 364 West Monroc-st. TO UENT-FOUirROOMS FURNISHED OR UN furnished; also front parlor, with board. 399 West Madlson-st, rpo RENT-ONLY $2 TO $3 A MONTH PER ROOM, X tine suites, 2 to 9 front rooms, for housekeeping, in new brick building, northwest corner Lako-st. and Westem-av, rpO RENT-TWO SUITES OP BEAUTIFUL FUR- A nished rooms, all modern Improvements, near Union Park, inquire at 06 Park-av. rpO RENT—NICKLV-FURNiSIIED FRONT ROOMS, A lit South Leavltt-st., near Madison. rpo RENT-643 MICHIGA N-AV.—FRAME HOUSE, A rooms, furnished or unfurnished. rpo RENT-VERYCHEAP, AND ARRANGED IN A flats for housekeeping, five to seven rooms, from $8 to slo per mouth. Call ami see them. If the city pays Its debts or not. Inquire of D. D. GARLAND, 48 Thlrty-seventh-st. 'PO KENT—FOUR KOOMS AND TWO CLOSETS AT X lt£s Leavltt-st., comer Jackson. Inquire ut JOUS M. KLEIN, 2J7midi*3i>Dcarburu-st. MX) KENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMS. IN SUITES, X fur housekeeping, at $0 to $8 per uiunth. Apply at 132 Throop-st. MX) KENT-177 NORTH DKARBORN-ST., TWO X furnished rooms with use of bath-room. Refer ences exchanged. rpO RENT-STORK AND FOUR ROOMS, NO. 1047 X West Lake-st,. between Westem-av. and Sum to li st. ; only sls. MX) RENT-CORNER TWENTY-TIIIRD-ST., COT JLtage-houses, two lodging rooms. 1U57 Imiiana-av. fp6 RENT—TO~ONE OR TWO^SINGLE GENTLE- X men, or gentleman and wife, nleely-furuUhcd front room. H4Green-st. MX) RENT-5 ROOMS AT 18S SEDGWICK-ST. EX- X amine It. Rent reasonable. MX) RENT—S2O WABASH-AV.. VERY PLEASANT X front room fur two gentlemen; also single^rooms. rjno ~rent-very~low“fine~~airy~rooms7 X furnished or not. Apply at 255 West Madlson-st., third door. rpO RENT—C3B WEST WASHINGTON-ST., SUIT X of front rooms, unfurnished. ■ MX) RENT-A FLOOR IN FIRST-CLASS MODERN X brick house, south front, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for light housekeeping. Apply at 733 West Adoma-st. rpo RENT—WELL-FURNISHED ROOMS, $2.50 TO Xs7awcck. Religiu-Phllusophlcal Publishing House, 304 New Dearborn-at.. 2 blocks south of Post-Ofllce. rpO RENT-ioOO LARGE X rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Will board If desired. r~pO~r,ENT—FURNISHED ROOM. WITH USE OF X kitchen, toman and wife, $3 a week. 71 North Ann-st. r pO RENT-FIRST FLAT 203 NORTH CLARK-ST., X all modem Improvement*. A. T, GALT, 95 Dear bom-st., Room 23. MX) RENT—BS SOUTII PEOUIA-ST., NEAR MADI- X son, 2 furnished rooms. MX) RENT—SUITE OF 3 ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping, with water, etc. 511 West Madlson-st. rpO RENT-SUITES OF ROOMS. WITH MODERN X improvements. s3to sl4, large, handsome brick, Menominee and Hammona-sts., near Lincoln Park. GEO. PAYZANT, 80 Meaomlneo-st. and 177 Madi- SOD-St. OX) RENT—THREE PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS: X water-sink and closets; rent $10; at G2H West Lake st. Apply to M. MAUGHAN, 21 Reaper Block. rPO KENT—LARGE FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED X orunfumlshedf In marble octagon-front dwelling on Monroe-st., near Wood, to man and wife. Answer Y 47, Tribune ofllcc. MX) RENT-DESIRABLE- ROOMS IN PLEASANT X location, furnished or unfurnished, at moderate terms. 35 Slxteenth-st. rrO RENT-307 WEST MADISON-ST.. OPPOSITE X Centre-av., unfurnished front parlor. Also o-room cottage. MX) RENT-LARGE FROST ROOM; ALSO SMALL X front room, both newly furnished; very desirable location, 235 West Madlson-st., Thompson Block: rent reasonable. rpO RENT—SUITE OF FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS; X also single room, In a pleasant locality, ail West Monroe-st, fpO RENT-TO GENTLEMEN—HANDSOME FUR- X nlshed rooms In a private French family. S 3 and §lO. South Sangamon-st. fpO RENT—SUITES OF 3 ROOMS EACH IN THE X brick building4sand47 Thlrd-ov., $lO to sls. ED MCM) A CUMMINGS, 110 and 121 LaSalle-at. rpO RENT-SUITES OP 2 TO 4 ROOMS IN NEW X brick.4lland4i3Statc-st..aCsßtos23. EDMOND A. CUMMINGS. 119 and 121 LaSalle-st. fpO RENT-234 LASALLE-ST. (OPPOSITE GRAND X Pnclflc). 4 rooms, all conveniences; §ls and S2O. LDM USD A CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSalle-st, fpO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS AT 147 X Twenty-seventh-st., with or without board. Use of bath room and piano. fpO RENT-FINE SUITES OF ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping, with closets. at GW West Lakc-st. and 1U North ciark-st. J. D. WEBER. 120 Randolpb-st. fp'6 RENT-2 FLATS. 1 OF 8 ROOMS, S3O; 1 OP G X rooms, $25. Apply Monday from 10 to! on the premises. 744 State-st. Also, at 153 West Harrison st. store to rent, $25. fpO RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS BY THE X day, week, or month. 85 and K 7 Dearborn-fit. rpO KENT-1 FRONT ROOM. 18 TWENTY-SIXTH- X st. fpO RENT—3 FLOORS, 20X90, 159 FIFTH-AV., X nearMadlson-st. Houses In most all parts of tin dry at half price. J. W. FREE, 142 LaSalle-st., Room 43. f|X) KENT—VERY CHEAP, TWO FRONT ROOMS X for two gentlemen, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board. Inquire at 140 Aberdeen-st. rpO KENT—WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, A VERY X large front room; hot and cold water, gas, Ac.; unfurnished except carpet, 42 South Curtls-st. fpO RENT-A NICE FURNISHED SLEEPING X and sitting room for two gentlemen, down town: rent reasonable. Address Q so. Tribune office. fPO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED FRONT AND X backrooms. Cull Sunday or week day. Room 21 third floor, 140 East Madlson-st. fpO RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS IN BRY- X ant Block, comer of Dearborn and llandolph-sta. Apply at Room 55. fPO RENT-ROOMS, VERY NICE AND ;CHEAP; X excellent dining-room connected: new 4-story brick, comer Randolph and Halatcd-sts. (St. Cloud). fPO RENT—LARGE FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR; JL reasonable price. 139 South Sangamon-st. TO RENT—AT 30 CASS-ST., CORNER OF ILLl nola. by the month or week, nlcely-fumlshed rooms, with use of bath-room; hot and cold water. fpO RENT—A NICELY-FURNISHED ROOM AT GW X Wabash-av.; terms reasonable. fpO RENT-ROOMS ON FIRST FLOOR, UNFUR X nlshed, or will furnish, at32i West Monroc-st.: prl vale family. KENT—PLEASANT LODGING ROOMS FUR . nlshcd or not, single or cn suite, modern conven iences. low rates. Room 40, 100 West Randolph-st. fpO RENT—IO ELDRIDGE COURT—ELEGANTLY X furnished end unfurnished rooms; house all newly repaired and furnished new throughout. All modern Improvements. rpO KENT-FIVE ROOMS, WITH CELLAR, BRICK X house. 14 Twcnty-clghth-«t., near Wabusn-av. rpO KENT-NEW AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED X rooms, with or without board, at the Clinton House. IQG and 103 East Washlngton-st. rpO KENT-TWO SUITES OF 3 AND 4 ROOMS X each for housekeeping. In the brick building No. 97 ami 99 South Dcaplalues-st., between Madison and Mouroe-sta. Apply on premises. rpo KENT-FURNISHED P.OOMS ON SOOTH X Side, near one of the avenues, to genteel parties, by a lady living alone. Address o 00. Tribune odlce. rpO KENT—PLEASANT ROOMS IN SECOND OK X third story, new marble front, 40s South Clark-st. rpo KENT—CHEAP—TWO BEAUTIFUL FRONT X rooms, singly or en suite, with or without board; home comforts; private family, iisc Wahush-av. rpo KENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS VERY X reasonable to respectable parties, Inuuire at iiso WcstMudieou-st. rpORENT—PLEASANT AND NEATLY FURNISHED X rooms, suitable for one or two persons. Price reasonable. 802 Wnbash-av., near Slxteenth-st. rpo RENT-VERY QUIET FURNISHED ROOMSQN X the West Side for any length of time. Address 92, Tribune ofllce. rro RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms at >o. lOEastMadlson-st.; suitable for of* fleca ami sleeping rooms._lnqulre at Room 13. rVO RENT-FRONT FURNISHED ROOM, WITH X or without board; price SB-per month; northeast coraer.Van liuren-st. and Flfth>av. rVO KENT-ROOMS FURNISHED Oli UNFUR i mailed, with or without buard, with use of piano and bath. 925 South statu-at. House newly papered. r |N) KENT—B 7 AND 80 SOUTH CLARE-ST,— X Furnished rooms for ladles and gentlemen. over Coliseum, rrO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS X en suite or single; also four unfurnished, commun icating. Choice table board can be had In building, 282 Wabash-av. References required. fpO K EXT—FURNIS HED ROOMS AT 270 WEST X Madison -st,, corner of Morgan. The best and pleas antest and cheapest in the city. We want llrst-class, and no children. ri'O KENT—FDKNISIIED DOOMS. APPLY 334 X West Randolph-fit. rrO RENT-FLAT NO. 4 IN THE “ST, ALBANS.” X 2U5 and 2b7 Wabash-av., all Improvements, low rent, F. A. STEVENS. fpo KENT—FOUR ROOM&, WITH BATH. COAr* X and water-closets, 755 West Waahlngion-st. base ment, dry andUght, only s 12 per month. O RENT—-A FRONT SUITE OP ROOMS IN PHl vate family or house for summer. B*CMlchlgan-av. TO RENT—FOUR NICE ROOMS AND THREE closets, second story, ut 82 Paullua-st., near Madi TO BENT—BOOMS. rpb IU:NT—rooms"FOR SINGLE GENTI X without board, at 91 Secley-av. rpO RENT-NICE FURNISHED LARGE ROOMS A for housekeeping, cook-stoves, closets, water, and conveniencea. Inquire at 210 West Adams-st. rpo RENT-344 WEST MONROE-ST.-HANDSOME X front rooms, furnished, without board: uootber boarders or lodgers In the house; family private; terms reasonable. T' 0 KENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, TOGETHER OR separate, very cheap. 43 Grand boulevard, near Thlrty-flfth-st. rpd RENT—2 OR 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS. 170 X South Hoyne-av.. near Jaeksou-u. rpo RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH X or without board, on Mlchlgan-av., near Tweoty secoDd-st. Address Q 34. Tribune office. rpO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, A X pleasant front room and bedroom, suitable for gen tleman and wife or two gentlemen, with board near, at 279 North State-st., near park and lake. Price, $8 for one person, $lO for two. rpb RENT-246 EAST INDIANA-ST.-PURNISIIED X rooms in suites or single. rpO RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH X or without board, with a French family. No. 5 Rubbard-court, near the lake. Address V 69, Tribune office. rpo RENT-TWO OR THREE UNFURNISHED A rooms. No. HSTwenty-flrst-st, rpo RENT—A NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT A room to gentlemen only. In a private family, with the use of a piano. In the new brick row 51 Plerce-st. rpo KENT-ONE LARGE, f PLEASANT SOUTH A room, nicely furnished, on second or third Hour. Hot and cold water, bath, etc. 378 Krle-sL, rpO RENT-A LARGE AND WELL FURNISHED A room, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gen tlemen, with or without board. 358 West Randolpu-st. rp6 RENT-180 NORTH CLAUK-ST., FOUR NIC! X rooms for housekeeping; newly grained and calolm lued. r pO RENT-574 FULTON-ST., LOWER FLOOIt, 5 X rooms, bath-room, pantry, and closets; newly paint ed and papered. rpo KENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOR HODSE- A keeping to a party of two. 219 South Hoyue-st. rpo RENT—I WILL RENT TWO FURNISHED A rooms In the basement of my house to u tidy woman for services rendered. References required. Inquire at 1033 Wubosh-uv. rpo RENT—A VERY PLEASANT WELL-FURNISH- A ed front room, $8 per month, at 45 iloyne-st., one block from MadUou-aL curs, to one or two gentlemen. Private famlly : rpo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, ALL CONVEN- A lencea, with private family, northwest corner of ludlnna-av. and ThirteentU-st. % 'T'O KF.KT—KICELT-FUUKISIIKD KOOMS IK PKI* X vute residence on Ohfo*st., near North Dearborn. Will rent cheap to quiet gentlemen. Good board next door. Adure&a V 3b, Tribune olUce. rpO RENT-IN A MODERN BDILT BRICK HOUSE X with all the convenience of bath, hut ami cold water, 2or 3 rooms furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, by a small private family of adults. Ap ply at 343 Fulion-st., near Ann, M'O RENT-117 WEST JACKSON-ST., SUITE OF X front rooms famished for light housekeeping or lodging; private family. No children wanted. M'O RENT—2SO 01110-ST.—A FURNISHED ROOM X for two gentlemen; also, two single rooms. rpO RENT—S 43 WABAS II -AV. FURNISHED X rooms single or cnsulte; bath-room. rpO KENT—A LARGE PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, X neatly furnished, modem Improvements, terms reasonable. 471 West Adams-st., opposite Jefferson Park. MX) RENT-FINE FURNISHED AND UNFUR- X nlshed rooms. Private family. Inquire at 243 Ohio-st.. North Side. Reference required. MX) RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH X all modem improvement*. 184 Huron-at. iJ. HUCHDAUGEH. rpO RENT-THREE WELL FURNISHED ROOMS X In a private house on Mlchlgau-uv., near Thlr teenlh-sL, for gentlemen. Excellent table board In vicinity. Address D 36, Tribune otllce. rpO RENT—MICHIGAN-AV., NEAR THIRTEENTH- X st., a welt furnished house, to a private family. Address D 30, Tribune oillcc. MX) RENT—IN PRIVATE FAMILY A SUTIE OF TWO X or one nicely furnished front room on second floor In octagon front house with all modern Improvements. Good day board near by. 41 Oak-av. t near Douglas House. rpO RENT—FIVE NICE ROOMS IN THE SECOND X floor at 43UState-st. Cheap to good tenant. rpO RENT—IN PRIVATE RESIDENCE, 543 WA- X boah-av., rooms furnished and unfurnished. rpO RENT-TWO NICE FURNISHED ROOMS WITH X bedrooms attached and all modem Improvements, for single gentlemen, 378 East Chicago-av., near Bush si. rpO RENT-GENTLEMEN OR LADIES DESIRING X comfortably furnished rooms convenient to the business centre, should call at 134 North State-st. Also. a pleasant suite of unfurnished rooms. MX) RENT—IOOB WABASU-AV.-FRONT ALCOVE X room and one single room, furnished or unfurnished, for gentlemen, without board, with use of bath room. MX) KENT-FOR THREE MONTHS FROM JUNE 1. X sitting-room and bed-room, nicely furnished. Ap ply at Room 48 Dorc Block, northwest corner State and MadJson-sts. f POR RENT-5 OR 6 ROOMS, SUITABLE FOli X housekeeping, with modem Improvements. In quire at premises, 353 South Park*av. rpO RENT-NICELT-FURNISHED ROOM AND A X suite. North Side, east of Clark, near Ohio; pleas ant locality; moderate prices. Address Y 72, Tribune ufllce. rpO KENT—NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS. X cheap, at 78 East Van Buren-st. rpO RENT-A VERY NICELY-FURNISHED SINGLE X room; all conveniences; will make terms to suit. 1101 Indlaua-av. HV) RENT-GROOMS ON THIRD FLOOR; WATEtt, X etc. ;ln building 149 Monroe-st. Inquire Room 7. LANCASTER. rPO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS. 183 EAST MAD- X Ison-su; allmodernlmprovemcnts; price to suit the times. fpO RENT—I 32 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—NICELY- X furnished room, without board: all modem Im provements. TO RENT-WANTED, A REFINED GENTLEMAN to share apartment In two front rooms on Mlchlgan av. near business centre. Address Y 30, Tribune office. fpO RENT-A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM FOII X one or two gentlemen. Reutlow. i73NorthDear horo-st., ncarliuroa ct. rpO RENT-240 WABASH-AV.,CORNER JACKSON- X st., pleasant rooms to good tenants, with or wlth out furniture. Apply In the drug-store. fpO RENT-THREE OR FOUR ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping In a private family. 353 Mlchlgau-av. References. fpO RENT-UANDSOMELY FURNISHED ALL X front rooms. Prices reasonable. 171 Flfth-av. fpO RENT-A SPLENDID FRONT PARLOR, UN- X furnished, in a desirable location. 337 Mouroe-st. comer Aberdeen-st. fpO RENT—A FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR, JL or without board. 135 South Peoria-st. rpO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM. PRIVATE FAM JL lly. 300 Jackson-st. rpO RENT-ONE LARGE AND ONE SINGLE ROOM, X nicely furnished. Day board next door. Apply at 252 East Indlana-st. TO RENT-A PLEASANT, NICELY-FURNISHED room In private family, suited to two gentlemen, or man and wife, at244KaatiHuron-»t., North side. fPO RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. FIRST X floor, at No. 279 North Fnmkllu-st., for two sin gle gentlemen. fPO RENT-THE MOST DESIRABLE ROOMS ON X the West Side, newly furnished, at 253 West Mad* Ison-st., corner of Sangamon. fPO RENT-24 ABERDEEN-ST.—FURNISHED AND X unfurnished rooms. All the modem conveniences. rro RENT—ANICELYFURNISHED FRONTROOM X very cheap. Second floor. Entrance from. hall. Inquire at Room 3, 117 West Van Buren-st. f|XJ RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM; TO GENTLE- X men only. No. I liubbanl-court. fPO KENT-FIRST OR SECOND FLOOR-THREE 01! X live nice rooms. Nice brick house, 7G7 Wabmh-av. fPO RENT—VERY NICELY FURNISHED FRONT X room suitable for two gentlemen or gentleman and wife. 19U West Madlson-st. fpO KENT—2 FRONT ROOMS SUITABLE FOR 3 X single gentlemen or gentleman and wife, at iig South Murgan-st. fpO RENT-SECOND STORY; 0 ROOMS. WATER IN X kitchen, on Brown-st, near Twelfth. Only siu TKUESDKLL A BROWN, KJW Flfth-av. fpO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR X housekeeping; also unfurnished. 145 South Ual sted-st. fpO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, TO GENT X and wife; also single rooms at very low Ugurcs. at 32G State-at., second floor. rpo KENT—(BY NEW PARTIES) 376 STATE-ST.. X new furnished, well lighted rooms, $3 per week: transients token. Apply at Room 19. up two flights stairs. rpo KENT-AT 53 SOUTH CURTIS-ST.. FUR- X nlshcd rooms, with large closets, hot and cold wu ter, from $7 to g:X). rpo RENT—672 WADASII-AV., PLEASANT FUR- X nlshcd or unfurnished rooms In quiet private fam ily; board next door. riV) KENT-UNFURNISHED ROOMS IN BISHOP- X Court Hotel, 511 West Mudlson-st. TO RENT-STORES, OFFICES, Arc. Stores. TO RENT-BEST LOCATION IN CHICAGO FOR dry goods store; none In the neighborhood; rent cheap. Apply to JOHN J. MORRIS, Room 124, lao Dearborn*at. rpO RENT-BRICK STORE 291 WEST VAN BUKF.N* X su; fixtures complete for grocery or meawuarket for sale or rent. Q. W. BARRETT. 12U LaSalle-st. rpo RENT-STORE, WITH ROOMS, 929 WEST X Late st.. SIS. U7Clark-n., ItuomiH. I'O KENT—STOIJE 255 SOOTH HALSTED-ST.. 23x . lIG, well suited for a large grocery business or fur niture, oranybuslnessrequirint-muchroom. Also two fine corner basements. J. U. KgELER, ics Clnrk-rt. HPp REST—TWO BniCK^STOR'* ...... &*oi:es cheap, os six- A teenth anti State-sts. Call at olllcc City Hotel State and Sixteenth's!*. JACOU HAUHIS. * awe •fro KENT—STOKE 32S SOUTH CLARK-ST.. VERT l_cheap._S. K. HAVENIO, rPO RENT-TENEMENT AND STORE TOGETHER J. In brick block West Mad/son-sc.; only $25 per month. Nice opening for almost any business. D w STORKS, M Waablngton-su VY ' STORE AND n«"—' q'OtliENT-STOKE AND BASEMENT, 137MICHD X gan-st.; built for wholesale liquor business; rent cheap. ’O BENT—?I2—STORE AND TWO KOOMS. IN . quire ut 27_North estern-av. T° KENT-STOKE 925 WEST MADISON-ST., X near Wcstcm-av., 2ou«, tor SIS a mooili, waa 'row* l for *55. Apply to L. b. MANTONYA, 20U EaSt T O ,. lIE ? T-ST P EE AN ' D DWELLING. 1005 WEST X Van Burcn-st.. nearcorner Weatern-av., separate: tp Ca ,?-^i ro( ? m near street-cars. E. 11. i EAbE. P 7 Clark-st.. Room 23. TO RENT—THE STOKE 145 SOUTH lIALSTED-ST, X Inquire up-stalre. l * T? RENT-HALF STORE, 48 FEET DEEP, GOOD si of C N. lL W^NTEH. MatUaoD ’ 8t ‘ lnqulre on P re “l- r FSe??h £r°»? F . KR V7ANTED FOR STORES NO. US X Clarfc-st., and 83G M est Lake-st. ; best bust ?Sr.imdolSh-flU orlil * md Wcßt Side * J * a >VE BEH, TO RENT-STORES, OFFICES, ETC* Store*— Continued* .EMEN, TO RENT-STOUKS-BY EDMUND A. CUMMINGS* Hi? and 1 21 LsSalle-Ht.; Statc-st., corner Quincy, the new and elegant store Just Qnlsblng; Is one of the most prominent and attrac tive stores on the street. 44 Clark-at., near Sherman House, new stone front building. good vault, and all conveniences; will be rented cheap, sort Scntu-st., 23x95, plate-gloss, elevator, etc. ids Elfth-av., good store and basement fur dry goods commission. eJ West Woshlngton-st., brick with basement. 84 West Washlngton-st., brick with basement. 297 West Ranclolph-st., brick with basement; cheapest store In town: SIX). 3D7.4 West Lake-st,. frame: sls. 753 west Madlson-st., good retail stand, fixtures, &c. 110 Qulncy-st., 3-aiory and basement brick; good for heavy uuatness or manufacturing. TO BENT-STORE AND BASEMENT 108 SOUTH Franklln-st., low to good tenant. rro RENT-STORE 108 MADISON-ST., BETWEEN X Clark and Dearborn-sts. Apply to J. H. AN* DREWS. 104 Clark-st., Room 5. M’O BENT—STORE AND BASEMENT 160 SOUTH X Clark-st. Store 19U South Clark-st, Elegant basement, 103 South Clark-st. Stores 376 and 481 South Clark-st. Also rooms for olllces, sleeping roomsretc., In various parts of the city. Also flats, lofts, and houses in all parts of the city by J. M. MARSHALL, 97 South Clark-st. fIX) RENT-RENT FREE—DESK. ROOM FOR X keeping my olllccopen during my occasional ab sence. Qaa, Tribune omce. rpo RENT-SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH X floors 122 Hast Lokc-st., stores 186 J» and 315 South Clark-st., stores and basements 222 and 220 South Clark* st., office rooms la building 128 and 130 South Clark-st, and Kentucky Block, sleeping-rooms In building 222 and 228 South Clark-st.; rents low to good tenants. Apply to MALCOM MCNEILL, 221 South Clark-st., Rooms. Offices* TO RENT—OFFICES—BY EDMUXO A. CUM mlngs, 119 and lai LaSalle-st. State-st.. comer Jackson, elegant offices at low prices In the Uowe Machine Company’s Building. 242 Suitc-st., corner Jackson, two good offices, sec ond door. 107 Flfth-ar., third floor, front, three windows, only 515. _____ fro RENT-HALF OP A FINE FRONT OFFICE, J_ on second floor, or desk room In same, suitable fur law, real estate, or other light business. Apply to M. J. SCRAKFORD, Room 15 Major Block, 149 LaSalle-st. rro KENT—THE OFFICE KOIITIIWEST COKNEE X Clark and Madisun-sts., formerly occupied by Cook County Savings Bank; one of the best locutions In the city for banking, Insurance, railroad, or steamship of * flee. H. C. MOKEYV 05 Clurk-Bt. TO KENT—AN OFFICE CORNER OF ADAMS AND LaSalle-sls., Schloesser Block, lioom 19. This of* flee Is now renting for SSO per month; will rent 1C for one year for less than half price to a good tenant. Call at 81 andud Jacksou-at. for price, terms, etc. VAN' ETTEN BUOS. RENT-CHEAP. AT 136 SOOTH CLARK-ST., 3 X large offices, lUX36. P. 1). HAMILTON, Room 1, 130 Clark-st. r no KENT—DESK ROOM AT YOUR OWN PRICE; X desk, safe, and chair fumlalied. in lightest and best located first-floor office In city. iuß Flf th-av. rO RENT-TWO SUITES OF LAW OFFICES IN L front and rear main Hour 14« Madispn-st. Cheap on mg lemoj. Apply at Room D, 144 and 140 Madisou-st. I. O. STONE. • rrO RENT-DESK-KOOM IN GOOD OFFICE, SUITA- X We for lawyer, architect, or other business, At 99 EastMadb-on-st., Room 4. J. >V. HEDENBEUG. rpdliENT—A LIGHT, WELL VENTILATED REAR X office; good vault and all conveniences, suitable for law. real estate, or loan agent; sls per month. 100 LaSalle-eC. SPOKENT—CHEAP—DESK ROOM IN SO. 3METIT- X odist Church Block; best locution in city. Call at office. rpO RENT-DESK ROOM. DESIRABLE FOR A X printer, &c., very low. Rooms 17 mid 18 South Clark-st. rpo RENT-DESK ROOM OR PART OF LAW OF- X lice. In one of the best offices In the eity; use of good law library and vault. Address Q 2, Tribune office. fro RENT—?* OF AN OFFICE OR STORE IN THE X best location in Chicago, opposite Court-House Square. Apply on the premises, 70 Clark-st., to MUL FORD A McKENZIE. rpo RENT-TWO ELEGANT OFFICES IN BRYANT X Block, corner of Dearborn and Itaudolph-st. Apply at Room 55. ITlluccllancous* TO RENT-AT SOUTH CHICAGO. ILL., A SHOP, 100x3d feet, two-stories, 18-Inch concrete walls, engine, boiler, shafting, etc.; frame store house, 45z GO. 3 comfortable dwellings, and blacksmith’s shop, all on lot 104x150 feet, opposite principal depot in the cen tre of the town, 8 nines sonth or Chicago. Advan tages for manufacturing unequaled by any town In the West. Five trunk railroads and lake navigation. Larg est lumber market known at this point. More ground adjoining can be leased if wanted. Address WM. H. DILLINGHAM. Louisville, Ky., owner, orE. H. SAR GENT, 785 Wabash-av. 7PO RENT—HOTEL OP ABOUT TO ROOMS, CEN- X trally located, completely furnished, and furniture for sale at a bargain. Rent low to good tenant. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON & CO., 144 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—CHEAP, THREE UPPER FLOORS OF Nos. 74and7URandoIpb-st., suitable for drat-class lobbing store. Apply L. C. P. FREER, Room a Foot Block, southwest corner Clark and Monroc-sts. TO BENT—DOCK—3OOXSOO FEET AT FOOT OF Carpenter and Grove-st 9.. North Branch. Has been occupied ten years as a coal and wood-yard, K. R. CLARKE, Room SO, 86 LaSalle-st. rpo RENT-CORNER GROCERY AND SALOON. X Stock, fixtures, horse, and wagon, with four years’ lease, forsale cheap. 314 Aberdeen-st. TO RENT-SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS 79 AND 81 Wabasb-av., between Washington and Ran dolph-sts, with or without steam. Apply to KENT & KEITH. 79 and 81 Wabash-av. TO KENT—CHEAP—THE BASEMENT. CORKER Madison and Llncoln-ats, Inquire on the premises. Also a cottage to rent. ORENT-NICE BRICK BARN 111 SOUTH LEAV- Itt-st., near Mnclsoo. rpo RENT-LARGE AND CONVENIENT BARN IN X rear of 302 Mlch!gan-av. FARRINGTON & HACK NEi. HJ6 Washington-st. * rpO RENT-LOFT 23X150 IN BUILDING 63 SOUTH X Canal-st., with steam power. F. G. WELSH. Room 2. 142 LaSalle. ’ 'PO RENT—BRICK BARN. GAS, WATER. AND X four nice rooms. P. O’NEILL, 182 State-st. rpO RENT-LARGE, "WELL-LIGHTED BASEMENT X under brick building US and 150 North Halsted-st. viaduct for business or manufacturing. TO RENT-FINE HIGH BASEMENT FOR BARBER shop, corner LaSalle and Adams-sts., cheap, offices from $lO up. R. SCULOESSER. TO RENT-DOUBLE BASEMENT. FURNISHED complete; rent low to good party; corner Halsted and Madlson-sts.; A l location. COLE, NEWELL & MOSHER, 188 West Madlsoa-st. ryO RENT-PART 0F _ SECOND FLO OR FOR BUSI- X ness. 152 State-st.. between Madison and Monroe. Torrent-hotel, 75 rooms; best location In the city for families; will rent low to right par ties. IDO Clark-st., Room 8. * v TO RENT-A FIRST-CLASS BASEMENT, 40X50. well lignte«L Inquire at the northwest corner of LaSalle and South Watcr-sts., 173. “ WANTED—TO KENT*. i\rANTED-TO RENT—BOARDING-HOUSE OR > t hotel with from 2U to CO rooms, centrally located, furnlshedor unfurnished, or floors In building suitable for same. Address, stating location, rent, etc.. Soy, \\T ANTED—TO RENT—ROOMS COMPLETELY • * furnished for light housekeeping, on second floor only, by couple without children; water and gas im perative. Give particulars and lowest price. Rooms partly ready don’t answer, neither business blocks, frame rows, or city limits. Answer Monday noon. Ad dress Z 63, Tribune office. W*ANTED—TO RENT-A NICELY-FURNISHED », i ro il m * n . private family by a single gentleman. Address Z 14, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-A SMALL HOUSE WITH modem Improvements, north of Chlcago-av.. castof Wells-st. Will not pay over $25 per month. Best of references. J. P. SAYER, 313 Dlvfelon-st. WANTED-TO RENT-BY A PROMPT-PAYING tenant, three or four rooms In pood order; south of Twelfth-fit., eastof State. Rent must be moderate. Address, stating terms and location, DRESSMAKER. 20 Twenty-slxlh-st. WCNT-FDRXISaED ItOOM (O.V North or West bide), not more than 10 minutes’ walk from Court-House, for self and wife, where privi lege of doing own washing will be given and rentrua sonable. References. Address Y 40. Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE: TO board owner for rent, by man and wife only. Must Tribune office’ State partlculars » location, etc. Q 5, WANTED-TO RENT—BY A FAMILY OF adults, a furnished or partly furnished bouse wnercthe owners would boon!. Address H., 1849 In diana-av. W^-l T K El> ~T 0 KENT-3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS for housekeeping. with private family, by married coupl^nochildren. Slate price. Address R:2u, Trtb- W ANTED—TO RENT—FIRST-CLASS FURNISHED , ro^ m ' or parlor and bedrobm. on North Sldel offl-e 11 tW ° Wocts of rivcr - Address O 74, Tribune WANTED—TO RENT-GOOD ROUSE OF 10 TO 15 ' , rooms for one or more years, and pay partly In good clear real estate. Address Vn. Tribune office. * W'vSZfl! - ?P R E->T—AN ENTIRE OR PARTLY house Inplcasant location. Rent must be low. Address V a). Tribune ofllce. J.£ D 7 T 9. p ‘EN t T—xV FURNISHED HOUSE. 7 to the city for a few months can ba\ e their house well cared for by a responsible party: smalt rent. Address S 69, Tribune office. WANTED—TO KENT—A HOUSE Op n OR 1° \ V ruo . nis on the South Side, east of State and north of Twenty-sccond-st., or on the North Side? eartof Clark-st., and wlUiln a mile of the river. Jsot for a boarding-house. Addrcas, giving street, number and Wbuucofflc£ UtherßUbleorUOt ’ ana lowest Price, 02, WANTED-TO RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM FOR n ” ru ?2,.^ n 4 between Wabash and South Tark- Tribune Thirty-second-sta. AdSia w glren, Address s 25. TribuSm°p WANTED— TO RENT—A BASE><evt AND QVP story, both well lighted, wlih abbut m*hor£ power. Address 2 24, Tribune offlceT t^oorse wagon, elm, wtfbgood^h'tnuiL'PmuS meaning business address GROCEii, 11P7 Saoa™ \\ P lO KENT—FROM 4 TO e ROOMS FOR nne ottlc“ ekCei,lnS! tWOla Address T 8L Trlb- BENT-PART of a bouse or suitable for housekeeping by ayoungcouple neighborhood, convenient tobusl- Tribuneoaiii! fre * ere nces furnished. Address XX. U^JdmTE. 0 Ohlo L s^• “ d re “° na - \V*£3S2T* < o BENT-A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE, Tribuneouhnf' lictcnjllCK ‘exchanged. AddrcaoT 2A 'ANTED—TO RENT-BY A CAREFUL TENANT: a cottage of three rooms. K 92, Trlbnne olflee. WAITED— TO RENT—A GOOD BUILDING FOR livery and boarding stable, in some good location at once. Address N 31, Tribune o/fice *> uuu iotauua * WANTED—TO REX' the South bide, by averyamall r>rir<if»* f*mfi ousc * oa prefer to take the house of a rSffri J* 0 ? 1 * the city for the summer. Hesponalbi it? and th« Ttn ? care guaranteed. Address T Tz, TriboneSfl.S? e **“« raporislble party l;m[i? ea ’ “«« &S T. B. BoWo^^cl FOB S.lLli. T7OR SALE—A LOT OP X 1 door-hinges with springs at Si nersitJL^'H A-TV. WHEELED. MiLte-«l. uaSSlff (WorU > **). FOK SAUv-A COMPLETE at. comprising marble draught aooaraLr. ,S UT ' ator, two fountains, counter-slab, turn era. all In good order; used but little address IV. U. HAililEltaLKr. GeMvaSlre M u?.° lM » FOR SALE—'UNCUT HAY—I HAVKjoo AC’PPc Homewood, on Illinois Central RaHm^. j acres on Milwaukee Railroad, at LakeSk* 0 ™ 1 ® BROWN, 142 LaSalle-at. . KeaMe - IRAi ■OCR SALE— 24 B r STI X which wo will sell reasonably at Clark-at. MILLEU t TAVLOit “oratore, io.j 1 For sale—-a lot of to iIXT sets. slop-j^l wafer carrier, and fool-top at 52.75 an.! A. W. WHEELER. 141 Lake-st.. FOR SALE-3 BILLIARD TABLES, BALLS rrrFr etc. H. O'BYKNE. 98 East KleSeS^ 5, CI7Es » For sale-a lot of hne clothes-wpix*- ers at §5.50 each; common ones at Si 75 mVs , W. WHEELER, HI lake-at,, up-atalra/ ■COB SALE—CHEAP—TENTS, CAMP EODTPAnF’ J; tlre-anns. military stores and clothing. o fdS? regulation rubber ami woolen blankets,flair* harness, etc. Government Goods Depot. remr!****?’ 81 Randolph-fit. einorctl to Fob sale-100 dozen elegant hatchets at very low prices; braeeswonh *> **£*2 g 1 .25 each. A. W. AffUKELEIh 141 Late jT. ep'wS. WOE SALE-DESKS. TABLES. ASdTotapt X’ chairs. A lartte stock ot cylinder desks of mv nii make at bottom prices. Work and material at Lmtory corner Lake and Jefferson-sti ?,• MllsLLlt. *OR SALE- A CITifSDEU .. m,DEit SOUK-CASE AND Fivu library table of Kastlalcc style at lowa-ur* ,7 dress yj£ Tribune office. oUre * Ad- 1701: SALE-AT A SACRIFICE-ONE OF RPinw -*■ SS". 11 * I ! ln . d elevators, In good running order nfc? one flight platform stairs, suitable for a store- ti rZ* high. wclT llnlahefl. Inquire at A. LOUIS ico n and its Wabash-av. vu ** 111 SALK—A LARGE LoT OF I'ICTLI-.K-viiiT )R SALE-5-FOOT HOTEL-RANGE, IV nn.»r order; cheap. BARKER tc JACKSON’, cmer TIS tiasu-av. and Elghteenth-st. * er n * For sale—a centennial wonder—a hpiF* tlful. healthy calf 4 weeks old with legs; can be seen at 77 West Lake-st. *** Ulte< I7OU SALE—HOARD OF TRADE MEMUPustitol . price $4 CO. Y SO, Tribune office. *SRwillP, For sale-a few left of those aiobufF? sets (« balls) at $1.50 per set. A. W. W OERTt-'n 141 Lake-st., up-stairs. v “taiAfs, FOR SALK—IS-FOOT (CLINKER WILT) PLEAC. are heat: thoroughly Imllt by a Om-daSfcSL undder. Apply or address WM. GOREI2JGE, 051 far- ’OR SAL&-BOARD OF TRADE MEMBERSHIP ticket. Room 15 Metropolitan Block. For sale-cheap-two awnings, gas-ptpp - etc., etc. C. J. IRVINE, Room w, 177ClSk-st. 17011 SALE—TWO banana plants, growing Tribune office? tWO - yoUDK Bray squirrels. Address 07. FOR SALE-A LOT OF WHITE-HANDLE TEA . _ ta d 3ves -/5 wreent. Md common table knives veryjeheap. A, W. w HEELER, 141 Lake-st.. up-stalrs. FOP. SALE-TWO MARBLE SODA FOUNT AIKS IN na Bt gooli 42(1 cliwp for cash, at 348 West India- FOR SALE—ONE LARGE GRAV F.agt.p r-yp. tnredby Flavles, Joscphes, Loomis, and Booth, uear the town of Prophets, 111. Call at No. 10 North FOKTsaLE— GOOD SET OF TINNERS’ TOOLS counters, shelving, and drawers. To be seen at j rd o 1 ph-st. Call Monday and Tuesday. J. T. DURKEr.. ■pOB SALE-A LARGE LOT OF CURRY-COMBS X and horse-brushes cheap; manure and hay forks at a bargain. A. W» IfHEELER, 141 Lake-st., up-stairs. )R SALE—A GOOD BLACK-AND-TAN UATTER dog at E RED KAEMPHER’S, 127 Sooth Clark-st. FOR SALE—OR TRADE— A NEW FARO T.yfT out; cheap. Address N 65, Tribune office. POR SALE-A LOT OF's-BOTTLE TABLE CASTERS 51 “ ch - A - WHEELED. m FOR SALE-SPANIEL PUPS; THE MOTHER IM ported Cockney spaniel. 385 South Clark-st. FOB SALE—SALOON PITTED UP IN FIRST-CLASS style (very costly fixtures), located north of Adams sc., eastof LaSalle, at a great sacrifice; time on cart. Ask for F. GETCUELL. 108 baj£men° "COB SALEWA LOT OP DDTCHEB KNIVES, L worth 75oeach, for Jsc each: steak kolres. worth for 50c. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st., up- Fob sale—a lot of elegalt polished steel shovels at 90c each; scoops 80c and Si A. W. WHEELER. 141 Lake-st., up-slairs. F°l; SALEt-AT a SiCEtFICE. FOB CASH, A good family horse and buggy, large pier glass, c«5 irame and stand, dressing-case, wasnstand, comella marble-top, nearly new range, etc., at half value. Call and see. No. 1439 Indlana-ar. For sale-a lot of rim and mortise Ipcks and knobs at less than factory prices. A. W. WHEELER, Hi Lake-sL, up-stalre. SALE—A LOT OF PLATED ESCUTCHEONS, • I? cent f P er do *-* a - with plated screws, a. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st., np-atalw. •POR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-WRECKING COM- X paayoutfle complete; patented and perfect; used ' for years; also second-band marine engine and boilers, I two beautiful yachts, and a damp-scow with six com partments; very cheap. Western Submarine * Wreck- IngCo., 243 Lasalle-st. F°S .?, AL ?r A MT OF PRESSED Dismiss, f-1’ ,?, l , pp , e . r ?-,“! d P™ 3 at 50c on the dollar. A. »v. Vi HEELEIc, 141 Lake-st.. up-stalrs. FOR SALE—TWO NICE CHANDELIERS, FOUR lights each; fust the thlngfor front and back parlor; yiSeach. CHaS. MATTHEWS, 75 Dearborn-st, ]?OR SALE—ONE 8-FOOT METAL SHOW-CASE . and stand. Apply at 127 West Van Buren-st. FOR SALE—a SODA APPARATUS, 10 SIRUPS, 4 drafts. Puller s make, to be sold cheap. Address u 73. Tribane office. 1?OK SALE—A LOT OP SOLID HANDLE PLATED • _ jable knives at S 3 per dozen: extraordinary <i6oz> HLafnj PCr WHEELER, 141 np- FOB SALE>-LAWN MOWER IN GOOD ORDER AT, 219 Last Van Duren-st. j For sale—vert cheap—a complete set op saloon fixtures. Address out South State-st. F°? SALE—im CHICAGO DAILY NEWS FOB I cent a day, $3 a year. All the news condensed arid independent. F°K SALE-A FINE NEWFOUNDLAND WATCH lourth sL U 0 :ttcr 111 1110 193 Twenty SALE—FINE SAFE. NEARLY NEW; ALSO “ El “- 8!4x3 - lur F OR .il A ? jE “‘£-. OE^TS DIAMOND DOUBLE PIN, with tine chain; would sell for $35; worth S7O to ouy In the regular way. Address Q 63, Tribune office? For sale—a board op trade membership State price. Address 2 L Tribune office. F®ODAF6DKTAIXi* For sale—handsome jiarble soda appa retus; used but one season; also, several copper and iS?yf o i3iSe-S! C>a “ n<!w ‘ Blge,ow FountiJlfcoDj- SALWJEAUTIFUL LITTLE FAMILY steamer; carry aoout is persons; covered deck, modern trimmed In ash and walnut, and tint-class la every respect. Apply at 81 Randolph-at. T?SS w CAMPING OUTFITS, WOOL rub)j€1 ‘ Wanfceta. flre-anns, military stores Government Goods Depot, removal to 81 IVOKr POOL BALLS - A 1 F 0 « l v^ LE 7^SS 1 ..? EW MILCiI cows ■pOU SALE—AT 154 MADISON-ST., A. an awning, an excellent refrigerator, and a quaa store tCa * co ® ec * a P*ce cans, suitable for a grocery F)B SALE-A FINE BILLIARD-TABLE; CASH Price only $75. Call on Monday at fl Calhoun*place, rear of 103 East Madtson-st. 3 V F OI . £ , SALt>-AT A BARGAIN-SET PELTZEirS Atlas of Chicago, with Hoffman’s supplement to H?®;. A ppl X ,?5. 6 - TERRY’S MagMountlne Rooms, Rice onlldlng, 70 Dearboro-st. F°? ,S& LE , CHEAP—3 STEP-LADDERS, 2 PAIRS A 7xlo feet trestles, swlng-stage complete, horse, bamess, and express wagon; part cash and trade. Vl4, iripuno office. TT°K SALE—DIAMOND RINGS. STUDS. AND EAR* -t. rings: also, opal and diamond cross, gold watch, lo?aH? o i slclnß ' blrd * v *olla and box. Empire bedstead. 38Flfth-av., up-stajra. v FOR SALK-ONE WOOTON CABINET OFFICE desk, meOlum-Hlre and handsomely*finished; has never been used; will sell at a bargain, on account of having no use for It. Address Nsa Tribune office. FOR SA . PINT ALE OR BEER 80-4 ties at PETTIBONE’S. 104 LaSalle st. Cash for pottles. old papers, and rags. 'OR SALE-TD PAY ADVANCES—t LARGE AND valuable oil paintings. Can be seen at HD Chicago* . L> *V. rt>Li. For sale—baby carriage and large pace lag-trunk. its South Feoria-st. cash-oders fob board on a hotel In Boston and one In Cincinnati. Address 0 68, Tribune office. L F°o SALE—?3OO WILL BUY AN ELEGANT dlraend Ctofer-ring. Original coat JGOO. CaUon or address II li H. No. 172 South Clark-st. FOR SALK-GA3-FIXTURES VERY CUEAP. AP _ ply at ibe South Clark-st. STORACE. FAMILIES LEAVING THE CITY FOR THE SUM- A mer MU Ond storage for furniture, Ac., at® Lake st.. third floor; terms reasonable. OTORAGE ON EAST WASHINGTON-ST.—A CON ,nt place. Advances on goods at lowest rates- TIIOS. A. BILL, 123 Dearbom-st. OTORAGE—FURNITURE, BUGGIES. AND MEB- O cbamllse stored In flrc-proof warehouse, I® Monroe-st. Lowest charges. Money advanced on easy PRIMIM; MATERIALS. ’OR SALE-M GORDON PRESS, NO. 0 STANDING __ press, paper cutter, shear, &c. 244 Xllloob-st. "\\T ANTED—A SECOND-HAND WASHINGTON • f Hoe band-press, and Job-press, Includlogtyp# and Job-fixtures: for cash and land. LEWIS CHRIS* MAN, Room 5. 85 Dear born-si. IT,

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