Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 28, 1876, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 28, 1876 Page 15
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HOUSES AM) CAKBUGES. K A A and covered wupon to carry the Chicago fbly News* l cent. Decent, consented, and Indepen* T and A U carriages, and harness a spe- J\ * CO.’a. >o«. 190 and 198 East Ample time given to test all bones ' Vj f bi «,filpftwWantee. Flock on baud at private sale. dUD .>fnn *L rATALOGVK ok ttksdaVs SALK. mare Minnie, F years, i.Whands. sound, sired by hthan Allen, can trot In 2:35; P* u years old, sound, sired by Creeper, of her ni»w. .» , y can trot together In 2:45; trotted last WsoKtpanj. dexter I’arktoaroad wagon In 2:47; nalr tine bay carriage horses, « years, 15*4 «ni!od and free, pleasant, stylish drivers, have {^nu- 8^45Q carriage team for the past2years, and nnJUrpeassortment of open and lophaggle*. A»Si-tjde-sprlng.and end-spring phaetons,rockaway Hmo-wat carriages, open ami top delivery and ex* and single and double harness, new and sec whins, waiters* lap-robes, Ac., Ac. ®*l«n»hisother horses, consisting of good work and tStfi bows all of which a description will be given at Se’commcnccs at 10 o’clock. children to ride and drive can he seen on tho mom gSfMte* -S==Svn6V. LADIES AST) A 3 i««t»prlvcd from Kansas 25 Indian ponies, all sizes ASS/ matched pairs and single, well broken; Si ride or drive them with perfect safety; aflgSfS SS; anr reasonable trial given; nil! be *?/Sefpfor ca*li this week. Would exchange a few gibS^u^ln^rslSSUle-Jt. HOUSE FOB SALE CHEAP A'. j\. the Coliseum clgar-storc. 87 Clark-st. DAPPLE-GUAY COUPE hmse. four very fast road horses, one handsome ,5f buVe, one wdl-m«telitil lemn al a lownrlt,- ponies, one saddle-horse. four sound Imsl* very cheap, and a lot of top and open huff tpf ~.™e?s, and Phaetons. We take pleasure in show*- F and guarantee all that we sell. We have i£.°.Tin-ton farm of IdO acre* to dispose of tn Henry it gAyi-ilO-VY A CO.. 133 Mlch!gna-av. J SIDE-BAR ■WAGONS CHEAP A 1 A- o'sn A UGIIN EsSVS. northwest comer Thlrty- Dearborn-fits. -r"P£REMPTORY AUCTION SALE OF ONE FINE A fimfly carriage, two new top-buggies, two new three second-hand buggies, one democrat KSm- two express-wagons, to pay advances and Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock at UUTTKItS Voq *5 auction rooms, northeast corner Wabash-av. r'wmow lady will sell the pkopehty Anf bcr l«uc husband.—one golden-sorrel coupe fam ftrorbuflne^ horse, rearly IQ hand* high, and 6 years also one Ilarabletonian mahogany-bay mare, 5 of ag«', Is likely to be very fast, free from spot or Elfish, with long mane and tall, kind, the most timid ride or drive, warranted sound, and any ISonsWe trial given; no hoisc-Jockeys need apply; cwTa lump-seat ton-lmcgy and a side-bar top-buggy, n»de hy the best maker in the country. Apply at 508 •ffaSa?h-av- TTPASIC PRICES. HANDSOME COUPE WITH A role and shafts, but little used: second-hand top ind open boggles. lop phaeton, basket phaeton, hand le Victoria barouche. slide seal top buggy, light Watertown, N. .platform spring wagons, St>M whips, etc., at the Northwestern Tattersalls, jto9M<«roc-st, comerMlcbigaa-av. E. D. HAILEY, proprietor. . TV OPES BUGGY, NEARLY NEW, GOOD STYLE Jy sad make, S4O. Inquire at 120 Sooth. Halsted-at. -rTffiSfcTASS SIDE-BAR TOP BUGGY. NEW. \ jjpjjt, »nd very stylish, for sale at Morris’ Livery ftsMcT sixteenth-fit., between Wabash and Mlchl ns-ITB. ■ * CCIIOX AT C 5 NORTH-AV., MONDAY MORN- InP' order of J. .Tocchum. executor; six good hoitt%D»ne*** wagon, buggy, and small lot of grocer ies: sale positive. Auction sales of horses, buggies, car riaees, harness, etc., Mondays, Wednesdays, and Frtdivs, commencing at 10 a. m.« at WREN A CO.’S, jfiaad 194 Washlngton-su ' Tiot OF GOOD-SIZED HORSES, JUST IN FROM Aucflcnrr County, for sale cheap for cash at 525 Vic* fjrii-ir., near Harmon-court, A. H. SANBORN, mat. : B*"UGGIES REPAIRED, PAINTED. AND TRIMMED »t low rates. 193 East Wasblngton-st. AL s. HTT.ter. pgr»V-FIVE HORSES WEIGHING FROM LOOP Uto 1,300: two double wagons; two cheap express npuis. 557 Eigbtenth-su, one block from Blue bltad-sr. DtuFT HORDES AND GOOD DRIVING HORSES at S. F. WRIGHT’S livery and sale stable, 290 Klarie-st. ■ ■HIRST-CLASS PASTURING FOR HORSES AT SIT P farm, IS mile# from city; take out and return them (roe. Address C. B. EASTON, Deerfield. HI. P)R SALE—CHEAP—ONE HEAVY DRAFT HORSE (sound); also one two-horse coal box wagon and two coil cart*. 177 East Madlson-st.. Room 9. F* *R SALE-A GOOD SUBSTANTIAL BUSINESS horse; kind for a lady to drive; weighs 1,100; rd« $125: would take farm marc In foal in ex change. Call al 25 s South Desplalncs-st. FR SALE-CHEAP-A NICE PONT: VERY GOOD forbnggv or saddle: suitable for lady to drive. Inquire at its North May-ct., or at coal office, 332 Vest Indiana-sL FB SALE-A BLACK MAKE; FINE STYLE AND fast: sound and kind. Apply to BUCHANAN & BRUCE, 39 North Unlun-st. PB SALE-FIRST-CLASS NEW YORK MADE ride-bar top buggy, nearly new. HUTCHINSON BROS., 149 East Madlson-st. FB SALE-CHEAP FOR CASH-ONE 2-SEATED curtained rockaway. In good condition. Apply at BRADLEYS Carriage Shop, Stale and Tweuty-scc oad-#ts. F)U SALE—A NEW THREE-SPRING WAGON, cheap, suitable for a butcher orgroceryraan. at 370 West Madison. U. SHERMAN, 702 Weal wasnlagton- Et., owner. T7OS SALE-A PAIR OF MATCHED BLACK X torecs; age, 7 years; weight, 2.003 pounds; good iteppcrs, gentle, and not afraid of car*. Also top buegraad harness. Owner going East. Address NEM - LAND, I47LaSallc-Bt., Room 5. Fos sale—a driving dorse for lady or gentleman; S years old, long tall andtnone; will sell for half price. E. SMITH, IS6 South Canal-st. F)B sale—a fixe top road-wagon and sulky. at 31 Ccntre-av. F3B sale—a fast trotter, without rec ord, sound and right; satisfactory reasons for selling eubargain. Address V 47, Tribune office, FIR SALE-A FIRST-CLASS pexxoter-make phaeton, only used a few times, not soiled, at a bar gain. Address V-47. Tribune office. FK SALE-ONE DAPPLE GRAY HORSE, ft years old, weight, 125 n tr.s; one roan hone, 8 fears old. weight, 1299 cs. Apply at 90 Vernon-av. VOU~SALE—.C MOST NEW EXPRESS WAGON, J cheap, m 2 Buuerficld-st,. near Twenty-ninth. T7OR SALE-A FIRST-CLASS (NEARLY NEW) J. top buggy cheap for cash. Inquire at store 70S Ulcblpan-av, . PR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-A GOOD WORK horse for driving horse; also six-scat carriage and tiro lumber wagons; would exchange for piano. 162 South Peorla-su ' 'DQV. SALE-FINE KENTUCKY HORSE, SOUND £ and reliable, fast la harness, unsurpassed under t-tddle; also Jump-scat buggy. 55 Ashland Block. ■POR SALE-TWO DOUBLE AND THREE SINGLE £ express wagons and harnesses to match, cheap lor cash or good Indorsed paper, at 14C South W ater-st. PR 3-SPRING, near ly new delivery wagon at one-half price; cost $200: also single harness. H. C. GOODRICH, cor ner Boyne and Warrcn-avs. FOR SALE-CHEAP-ONE SET DOUBLE AND ONE slnsle harness, hut little used. Call at 50 Cottage Grovc-av. FORSALE-AT a SACRIFICE-HORSE. WAGON, and harness, with cracker route. Call Monday rprroooa at bakery corner Ilalstcd and Fulton-sU. BILLETS. F)R SALE—A HALF TOP CARRIAGE. IN GOOD condition; will be sold cheap. Apply at GO and 62 Bahaeh-av., or at 1132 Wabash-av. I?0R SAXE—ELEGANT PA TENT-WHEEL DELIV- ■withtop; cheap._G94 West Lake-st. poh sale-my'dariTbay saddle and driv- A In? horse, weighs 1,000 lbs*; verv heavy mane and tall. WIU sell at a bargain. FRED M. WOODS, Down er « Grove. 770 R SALE-A 3-MINUTR HORSE, LIGHT TOP A buggy; complete rig, dirt cheap. 00 Madison-st. F)R SALE—CHEAP~ ONE"JUMP-SEAT ROCK way carriage, also one of Coan & Ten Brocke's best g>P boggy, both nearly new. 445 West Jackson-st. P)R SALE-A 2-SEATED ROCKAWAY CAR nage for one horse: also single harness at a decided Spsaln, by GEO. DIETRICH. Thlrty-flrst-st., near In diina-av. pOR SALE-NEW AND SECOND-HAND TOP rifle ODe Vef y ® QC ei P rC6Jj wagon, at 44 Pa- PIR SALE-ONE HORSE AND BUGGY. AND ONE trotting horse and road wagon, very cheap. Inquire ?} B. 1., at Julios Bauer A Co., corner of State and Monroe-sts. F)R sale-light duck board wagon. Dearly new, cheap for cash. n. D. ABBOTT, 200 corner West Jackson-st. pOU SALE—A GOOD TOP BUGGY IN FI JEST repair; will sell cheap. Apply to Boom 21 Ile*per_Bloc^jj7ciark : su ____ POR SALE-CHEAP, ONE SODA WATER AND i „P°P vakun; also one beer wagon. Address Q <H, Tribune otlice. pOR SALE-AT 34H BLUE ISLAND-AV.* 2 HEAVY ?H^ ork ' llorM!tl> and 2 medium-bUcd horses. I fast maro. buggy. and harness; must he sold, as the »S^ r ha* other husincs* to attend to. You can have ictm at any offer for cash. pINEST vai:ikty"of business-wagons in £5«. wn .j repairing and painting In first-class stylo. M AUXIN'S Carriage-Shop, poinrr^— JR SALE—A COVERED PATENT WHEEL WAG IP.?.* hu wy pole, a pony, pood In harness or take pood horse, between SOOO and 51,000, “pan payment. 024 Mllwaukee-av. "POR SALE—CHE AP—A HAT .MARE R TEAKS OLD. wotle, suitable for driving or draft. la qqirc at 673 Wam»n.TLT pos SALE-SPAS OF MORGAN BLACK SLAKES, %kA k O ' ?,C or double; good under saddle. New carriage all cost SDSO; can be bought for $550 cash. 8200 cash, c-year-old bay mare, harness, top family rig* for S2OO, Gray Eagle gcntle iwVc.J’kg horse; has went In 2:42. Call or address Room 43. I will show property, J, W. P°R SALE-A GOOD GENTLE HOUSE, WITH TOP I> . - j, l, Kpy*n«lbarne«fic/iii)pJelc, cheap for cash. Call oradoru*THOMAS J. MAY. 149 East Mndlson-st. BDGGr, AND lIARXESS; vin wll cheap. Call at 90 West Adamant, days. In grocery-store, j. U. C. SALE-VERY CHEAP-TWO SECOND-HAND ♦tii?,? I^r- 'fagons for one or two horses; iron axle and EiElilejkeln. its West Adams-st. "PHS SALE—A YOUNG SOUND MARE; GOOD fourth-ln** C&ii to * da s‘ or Monday. 103 East Twenty* SALE-GOOD SECOND-HAND PHAETON - cash. Can be seen at 107 State-st. P°R SALE-AN ELEGANT ESTABLISHMENT, it. conarting or coupe, gold-mounted harness, and hwßi carriage hones, golden sorrel IStj firet-class roadsters, single and double, v me and stylish. The above property will ai* » ft ns as tae owner Is leaving city. Ap j& BEARDSLEY, NEWTON & CO.. Tremont and gggnuan House Itvcry. * F°? SALB-A first-class landau, or SEC- Jl ® D< l;hand ton buggiee.*or will cxchaugc for good AnniV .'Zr ses: also for sale, two very fast roadsters, apply at iremont lluuse livery. P°R A Flrst-clasw6b“cabriage-painting trimming go to Court Place Carriage Painting **mpany, rear limes Building. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. Fink extension-top carriage and skv oral Brewster and other makers; bar-wagons but lit tle used. In perfect order, cheap. I’ENNOVEU & CO., Set! Wabash-av. For SALK—OK EXCHANGE—FOR A GOOD DRlV lug horse, a light side-bar top buggy, as good as new. At7tfc! Mlchlgan-av. I?CR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, A FINE 7- X year-old marc, In good order, gentle and Bound; Ijanjesa, and ilrst-rlass delivery wagon. Call Monday morning at 107 Flfth-av., In basement. 1?OU SALE-OR EXCHANGE—A GOOD FAMILY . horse, top buggy, and harness. Cun be seen on Monday at lUB FUth-av. TRUESDELL & BROWN. I?OR SALK—THE REST 7-TEAK-OLD MULE IN ; the country of the same weight; weighs 1,100 its; will trade for a cheap pair of heavy horses. Call for three days at i!O4 South Desplalnes-sc. I?OU SALK—A FINE 7-YEAR OLD MARE, TROTS . inside of 3 minutes; with good handling can be made to go very fast; perfectly gentle. Owner wants money. 823 M ahash-av. 1701: SALK-A GOOD DAPPLE-GRAY HORSE. JL; weighs 1,000, cheap for cash. Call to-day at 753 Wabash-av. ■pOU SALE-ONE FINE PAIR BLACK MARES, 15 X hands, 2 Inches high, good manes and tails, free, active movers, gentle, sound, and well broke. Call them. CkLSTLER, comer Thlrteenth-st. and « abash-av. t SALE-ONE PAIR CLOSELY MATCHED X chestnut horses, IQ hands high; several sound, well broke business horses; one roou saddle horse: one ilrst class road horse, and one of the prettiest pontes In Chi- i; ROGERS, corner Thirtccnth-st. and>>abaab-av. I?OR SALE-ONE EXTRA FIXE ROAD TEAM, . both splendid tingle drivers, 7 and H vcars old. J liane « and tails, kind, gentle, sound, and can trot In 50 UvcUjcr. TAYLOR & HEATH'S livery, board- Ing, and sale stable, corner Thlrteenth-st. and Wabash. I7UB SALB-ONK VEUY GENTLE. FINE-STEP - ping coupe horse, perfectly safe for a lady to drive; also one matched bay pole team, and tome single trut en<. Including one snow-while horse. Just the thing for a lady that wants style, safety, and speed. W. B. RICH, comer Thlrtcenlh-st. and Wobash-av. 17 OR SALE-A FINE TOP. LIGHT EXPRESS . wagon and phaeton buggy. Also one slde-har open, one yacht top buggy, one light Portland cutter. Clos lag them out. HATHAWAY, rear (KUState-st. SALE—THE BEST CLOSE HACKS IX THE X city; 3 top boggles, 1 butcher wngou, o fine horses; JO cripples, good for farmers; 1 bay marc with covered buggy and harness. 73S Slatc-st.. Bto 1 1 a. m. I*. S.— Buyer* and sellers of horses, and horse equipage re member the old reliable. \\\ 11. EDDY. 1?0U SALE-AT A BARG AIN—THE PROPERTY OF . a butcher; 7 horses fit for city dolivcry-wagous, ami h nice buggy mares. Prices from ?40 to $115; also mv butchcr-snop and fixtures. The above must be sold this week. Call at :r?l 'West Fifteenth-*!., one block east of Blue Island-av. Foil SALK—SEVEN PAIR FIRST-CLASS CAR nape hones, blacks, pray?, bays, and browns; ulpo some very nlceeoupe aim business horses, all gentle, well broke, ami sound. My horses shall be os repre sented, and my prices lower than the same kind of horses can be bought for aaj'where else. W. M. CRAIG, corner of Thirtecnth-st. and Wabash-av. FOR SALE-SEVERAL SECOND-HAND BUGGIES of ray own make; also some road and family bug gies. new. E. C. HAYDK, successor to Haydc & O’Brien, 731 and 733 State-ft. ■ I7OR SALK-A FIRST-CLASS TOP-BUGGY AT . BEARDSLEY, NEWTON & CO.’S, Couch-place; been run but a few months. T?OR SALE—CHEAP, FINEST PAIR SADDLE AND X driving ponies In Chicago, with phaeton. Apply at CROSSMAN’S livery, Randolph and ElUabcth-sts. 170 R SALE— CHEAP—A NEARLY NEW DOG-CART . and pole harness; Woodruff Hotel stable, 962 Wa bash-av. T 7015 SALE-ONE-HORSE PLATFORM SPRING X truck, horse, and harness, together or separate. Call this week at 200 West Taylor-sL - FOR SALE-CHEAP. A LANDAU CARRIAGE AND harness. OSCAR FIELD, ICS Michlgan-av. T7OR SALE—A FINE CARRIAGE TEAM, VERY X stylish, with flowing mane and tall. Address T 2, Tribune olllcc. 17011 SALE-ONE NEW TOP-BUGGY. ALSO ONE . second-hand top-buggy, and one second-hand light delivery wagon, at 250 booth Canal-st, I’pOß SALE-NICE OPEN BAROUCHE, IN GOOD order; also close carriage with shifting quarters; cheap for cash. 210 East ladlana-st. IT’OR SALE-A LIGHT DELIVERY WAGON,HORSE, . and harness; or will exchange for carpenter work. OSCAR FIELD, IGS Mfchlgan-av. 170 R SALE—OB EXCHANGE-A NEW JERSEY JJ sulky. a 4-Fcatod open carriage, one set of double harness, and one coupe harness; also a fine bred marc that has trotted a mile in 2:55, and sound. Mill trade for new, tine furniture, coal, or groceries. Address N 7, Tribune office. 1"? OR SALK—CHEAP—I Q. N. BROWN SQUARE ; box buggy, us good as new. and 3 square box bug gles. Apply at 228 South Frauklln-st., corner Quincy. 1?OR SALE—CHEAP. A NO. 1 LIGHT SIDE-BAR. ; top-buggy but little used; warranted la perfect order. Can be seen to-day at 230 Maxwcll-st. biTsALE—ABE AY MARE; GENTLE; can be driven by lady. Call on THOMAS J. WELLS, 1090 Indlana-av. I?OR SALE-ONE OP THE HANDSOMEST AND ; kindest fast-pacing mare In the city; any lady can drive her. At MITCHELL’S Livery, 838 Lakc-st. 170 R SALE-CHEAP, AND MUST BE SOLD, ONE . fine black horse, with flowing mane and tall, and safe for a lady to drive: can trot in 3 minutes; one fine bay mare, sound and kind, and ten other horses, all flood drivers and workers; one very line carriage, near y new: one fine side-box top os good as new ooen side bars; thirty other buggies and phaetons, all nearly new; all kinds of harne.-*cs. double and single; grocers’ and express wagons, and farm wagons. Horses, bug gies, harness, fn-ocers’ wagons, ami express wagons to lct!bythe day oeweek. Money advanced on horses, buggies, and harness. At IL C. WALKER'S, 257 and 259 SlaUi-BU I7OR SALE-SAFE AND SPEEDY HORSE AND . carriage, also finest deer’s head and antlers In the State. 99 Washlngton-st., Room 10. T?OIi SALE—TWO-SEATED DEMOCRAT WAGON .1? for half Its worth; nearly new light butchers’or delivery wagon, newly painted, for half Its cost last winter; new and second-hand buggies low for cash. WEBER & VOX HORN, corner Eldrldgc court and Victorla-av. For sale single-spring truck, also large horse, together or separate, very cheap. Call In barn rear 308 West Jackson-st. T?OR SALE —CHEAP —PHAETONS, OPEX AXD JC top buggies, new and second-hand, rear 02 West Lakc-st, T7OR SALE—CHEAP—A NO. I 3-SPRING EXPRESS _C wagon. Apply at 308 South Dcsplalnes-st. I7OR SAE —CHEAP. SECOND-HAND ROAD . wagons. MITCHELL'S Stables, 83d and 8-'l3 Lnke-st. 1?OR SALE—CASH-EXPRESS WAGON, COVERED, . good as new, or will exchange for light road-wagon. W 30. Tribune office. . fy REAT BARGAIN-GOOD TOP BUGGY AND HAR- Vjr ness, SSO, at 738 Wood-st., Just north of Milwau kec-av. Horse, harness, and phaeton for sale. Horse a family pet; has been driven by a lady In all parts of the city. Phaeton an extra good one. In quire of DAV, 140 LoSallo-st., or at 668 West Moaroe-st. XTORSE IN EXCHANGE FOR PIANO. ADDRESS .CL X 59, Tribune office. Horse wanted-i will exchange lumber for a horse. No Jockey need apply. Address N 40, Tribune office. * T HAVE SOUND, KIND AND PERFECT DLACK A marc; would exchange for a large horse and pay dif ference. Apply at store, 141 West Madlson-st. TTANDSOME DARK BAY MARE FOR SALE II cheap. Good for saddle or harness; also saddle and bridle. Rear 376 Wabash-av. MILLER'S EUREKA, CHANGING MOST PER fcctlv and beautifully to carriage or buggy. Sam ples at WILLET’S. Twelfth-st., PENNOYER'S, 302 Wabash-av., and P. L. SMITH'S. 295 Wabash-av. Tl TILLER'S EUREKA CARRIAGE AND BUGGY I>l combined. Sec It at 295 and 302 Wabash-av., and 60 Twelfth-st., till Saturday evening only. /APKN-TOP. THREE-QUARTER ‘SEAT SIDE-BAR U wagon, used three weeks. Will be sold at half cost for cash. If taken at once. Address Q 16. Tribune office. DASTURE—THE FINEST PASTURE IN THE COUN- X try for horses, running streams and plenty of shade trees, within 5 miles of the Court-House, inquire at 302 North-av. STALLION—BLACK STAR MESSEN- Xgcr. by Gen. McClellan, connected with Duroc, American Eclipse, Imp. Dlatned, McClellan’s dam by Imp.Bellfounder.byMembrlno. by Messenger. This stal lion unites in his crossesthose families that stand higher perhaps than any other Inpopular estimation. He Is the property of S. A. LITTLE, 106 Clark-st.. and will make the season with Malcolm, by Imp. Bonnie Scotland, dam by imp. Monarch, at Causers stud-farm, fifty fifth-si. and Cottage Grove-av., at the dummy-turn, near the South Parks, Call and Judge for yourselves at any time. • fpHR BEST BLUE-GRASS PASTURAGE IN COOK L County can be had at Atwood Place Farm. Ad dress CORNELIUS SULLIVAN, HI. IMJREE HORSES AND TRUCK DRAY AND HAR dcm foraale. 23 Romscy-st. rpHE BEST OF PASTURAGE AND WATER H)R 1 horses. Apply to IE W. RATIIBORNE. 183 East Washlngton-st., Room 8. YrEUT ELEGANT CLARENCE FOP. SALE AT HALF V price. Upholstered In satin, French plate plass front; has been used but very little. Made to order by one of the best manufacturers In New York City. Ap ply to 11. TAMLYN. 8 East Lakc-st.. np-etalrs. YttaNTED—THE USE OF A HORSE AND CAR- W riape for Its keeping, one that a woman ran drive with safety, or would arranpo for the use of one for 1 hrec days In caeh week: hest. of care and careful usage puaranteed. Address Z 27, Tribune office. WANTED— A TOP-PHAETON, HIGH WHEELS, or a lump-scat buzpy; must be 1u pood order and cheap for cosh. C. E.ROE & CO.. 124 South Watcr-st. TTrANTED-A- rioiiSE; MEDIUM SIZE PREFER \V red; must be sound and speedy; state where can be seen and lowest price. Address N 79. Tribune office. TITANTED—A SINGLE HARNESS IN EXCHANGE W for first-class Bowing-machine. Address 1 75, Tribune olflcc. ; WANTED-HORSES. BUGGIES. FURNITURE. VV Plano, groceries for clear lota: or what will you give? House and lot to exchange. Addressol9, Tribune oClce. . X XT’ANTED—HORSE AND 817G6T OR PAIR OF \ V horses In exchange for choice suburban lot. Ad dress Ql, Tribune office. THrANTED—A PHAETON BUGGY OR A TWO VV seated, low, light vehicle for one horse. Address V 49, Tribune office. , X\T ASTED-lIOBSE ASD lIDGGT FOB A WEEK, V \ near comer of "Washington and Carpenter-sts. Charges must l>e reasonable. Addresa F 4, Tribune. WANTEE-A PHAETON* OR PRESSING CASE Bu reau, for fine gold watch. Q 9*. Tribune office. Will sell M2s buggy for $250. or will pay the keeping for summer of a good buggy horse for use of same. Address Z 46, Tribune office. TUPAXTED—A GOOD DRAUGHT OR BUGGY W horse in exchange for sash, doors, blinds, or moldings. AddressT7l. Tribune office. TXrANTHD-A GOOD SHCONP-HANP BUSINESS W buggy In exchange for stoves. Stove House, 150 Lake-st. Tf TANTED-A GOOD SECOND-HAND TOE BUGGY; VY must be In good order and very cheap for cash. Call at 337 Forrcst-av. ANTED—A GOOD PAIR OF YOUNG MATCHED horses; roust be sound, kind, and well broken; not afraid of cars, and that a lady can drive. Give color, site, and price. Care p 64, Tribune office. WANTED-THE BEST SINGLE-BUGGY HORSE W in the city for the price asked. Apply to S. A. WEST & CO., corner LaSalle and Oblo-gts. T\r VNTED—SHELTER FOB HORSE AND BUGGY V» * during daytime convenient to comer of LaSalle and Madlson-sts. Will cither buy or rent one already made, or rent ground and build one. Address, slating location and term W2i» Tribune office* THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY., MAY 28, 1876—SIXTEEN PAGES. HORSES jIND CARRIAGES. WANT TO' HIRE—BORfiS II spring-wagon. Apply to-day at 30 Campbell Park, !^r. l - TV .Hi n .^ ar lL 3ori a ? d Polk-sts., west of Leavltt-st. TV* ANTED—HORSE AND BUGGY FOR ITS KEEP. «l nn ' l liarn ‘*« ! ' or will pay a little dlllercuce, or wiinure for two or three afternoons In a week. Ad dress N 78, Tribune office. W AX . TEI)-I,0,: . SE AKD tjuggtto imiE with , vluw lo purchase. C. T. DRAKE, Koom 13 Otis Block. TT7ANTED—I WANT TO BUY FOR CASH A PONT ’» weighing 050 or 700 pounds. Address N ui, Trib une office. \VTANTED—TO HIRE ONE OR TWO SMALL. tt chunky horses, wagon, and harness; will buy If they suit. Inquire at 07 North Wells-st. WANTED— A HORSE AND WAGON FOR BOARD, or will make a bargain to buy for cash. Call at 70 Mapte-st. WANTED-A BUGGY-HORSE, SUITABLE FOR physician. Must bo young, sound, and gentle. State where It can be seen. Address N is, Tribune office. TTT ANTED —TO BUY —HORSE, DELIVERY >t wagon, and harness on time; be kept fur use by good party. Address T 81, Tribune office. ATfANTED-ONK LARGE. COVERED EXPRESS > » vacua, with hoifo and harness, cheap; to be paid In monthly Installments; would prefer new state price, and all particulars, W 22, Tribune oflice. ANTED—SOMETHING TO DO POT: A SINGLE >t team sprint; truck; will work cheap. Please ad dress C. SIKROM. 157 Larrabce-at. _______ WANTED— NO. I CARRIAGE TEAM MATCHED; will exchange a large family horse and cosh. 838 ■West Lnke-st. *\VANTED-A 2-SEAT EXTENSION-TOP CAR > i rlage In exchange for good lop-buggy and cash, at soB West Lake-fit. WANTED SOUND TEAM AND HARNESS worth S2OO for choice lot at Englewood near Sixty thlrd-st. worth SSOO. Address Y 20, Tribune otllcc. CASH, A GOOD SECOND-HAND i V music band-wagon at 506 Lumber-fit. 1 ROADSTER, CAN TROT IN S MINUTES; 2 heavy business horses, for galcjtt 4 l3_VanJlum>^s^ ■«*** mjSBtfESS CIttANCES. K \ \ \ TUEBEST IXVKSTMEXT: PAY jV • iV. I V. JV, one cent a day for the Chicago Bally News. Spicy, newsy, decent,. independent. sYRAIfmTFOKWABD MANMVITJI CASH can get half Interest In an JionorabJe business guaranteed to make the amount monthly; salary mul expenses allowed. Address V 83, Tribune otHec. AKAUB CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY, THE Packing-house market, NOtf .Stutc-Kt.. will be sold cheap for cash, on account of party leaving the city; good lard kettle, cooler, and sausage fixings. Avery valuable patent for sale at reasonable price; country or city real estate taken In payment. Address O 63. Tribune office. AM AN UFACTURING BUSINESS FOR SALK OR machinery (wood-working), and lease of room nnd power. Kent cheap; location central, li lU, Tribune office. A "WELL-STOCKED STOKE OF CANDY, TOYS, and crockery for sole (good chance for bakery also). C 37 West Madison-st, t A RARE AND EXCELLENT CHANCE TO STEP J\. Into a smooth-working established business, sure and profitable, only S2OO to $3(30 cash. Particulars at Slipper Factory, 105 and 107 East Randolph-st. A RARE CHANCE—A RAILROAD EATING house for sale In a thriving town In Indiana, doing a good business; good reasons given for selling. For particulars write to Lock Box 302, Logansport, Ind. A GOOD LAUNDRY FOR RENT TO A WOMAN that understands her business; rent and board of woman taken In work. Call at the LawutlMc Hotel, corner Twenty-sccond-st. and Ogden-av., Chicago. AN ESTABLISHED PUBLICATION HAVING A specialty, and no rival. Is for sale very low, as the owners have other business. Parties with moderate ready means can satisfy themselves that It can be mode very profitable. - For Interview address A. &8., care y. C. Thayer & Co.. 250 Wabash-av. A FIRST-CLASS, PAYING, RESPECTABLE Busi ness in the heart of the city. Part exchange will bo taken. For particulars call on S. W. HULL, 177 La- Sallc-st., Room I. A GENERAL COUNTRY STORE, DOING AN Ex clusive cash business. Parties desiring to engage In the above apply to Ql2. Tribune ofllce. A STRICTLY LEGITIMATE MANUFACTURING business, ilrtnlv established, paying well, desires to Increase Its capltafbv partnership, special or active, or loan, well secured, for 52.C00 or more. Closest Investi gation solicited, and best of references given and ex acted. Address Y 7a, Tribune office. A CANDY STORE FOR SALE—slso—s7s CASH. $75 on time, or $75 trade. Address Y 62, Tribune office. A LADY WOULD LIKE A SILENT OR ACTIVE partner, with $2,000 tos3.ouo. Legitimate busi ness, paying great profits. Address Z t). Tribune office. ~i LARGE LOT OF IMPORTED FRENCH*BRANDY A in bond can be bought at 50c on the dollar to pay expenses. Address 0 40, Tribune office. Business foksalf.— good reason for sell- Ing. Apply at 501 Wabash-av. Business opening—one or more rf.lla.blr and enterprising business men will find a favorable opportunity to engage with the Charter Oak Life In surance Company, In city or country, at No. I Tribune Building. Billiard and sample-room at st, caro llnc'fl-Court Hotel, for sale cheap for cash; well furnished and doing good business. Lease secured for one year from let of May. /iIGAR STORE FOR SALE—FIRST-CLASS LOCA tlon, long established, and doing a good trade. Splendid chance. Investigate. Address'! 00, Tribune office. rtLARK’S CARPET-FASTENING—CITY, COUNTY. Vy or State rights for sale or exchange; bouses fur nished and agents wanted at Room 37, 09 Dcarborn-st., Chicago, by F. O. CLARK, patentee. Drug store for sale; good location: in good condition. Good reason for selling. Call on or address DOCTOR, Room 37 Exchange Building, from 2 to 4 p. nu Drug store for cash, bal ance real estate, will purchase a finely-furnished drugstore doing a good cash business; this Is a bargain for one who has some cash to Invest. Address X 57, Tribune office. . Drug store-ox west side—doing profi table business for sale. Xo trade. X 03, Tribune offica. Drug store for sale or exchange: in good running order. Address X 30. Tribune office. 170 R SALE OR EXCHANGE—STATE RIGHTS OF i 1 Griswold's patent lamp filler; new. novel, full of greenbacks. Room C. 04 West Randolph-st. I7OR SALE—A SALOON, TWO ICE-BOXES. AXD 4 i.Vball iwol-tablc; also on 18-foot bar counter. 52 North Market-st. *17012 SALE—OR TRADE-A SMALL FOUNDRY T and machine-shop; will trade for farm landa or city property. Address GEO. ALEXANDER, Belle Plalne, la. T7OR SALE-SALOON FITTED UP IN FIRST-CLASS i? style (verv costlv fixtures), located north of Ad ams-st.. east of LaSalle, at a great sacrifice; to a good party time on part. Ask furl. QETCUELL, 108 Fifth av., basement. 770RSALE—A FIRST-CLASS, WELL-ESTABLISH- J. cd grocery’ In a good location on the South Side, with a good order trade; good reasons given for the sale. Inquire at 104 East Randolph-st.. basement, 0r399 Cot tage Grovc-av. T7OR SALE-ONE OF THE FINEST SALOONS IN i' the City of Chicago, on the South Side; part cash, balance on time. Address V 71, Trlbunc office. OITsALE—DRUG STOUK IN A THRIVING CITY of Centralllllnols; stock from $3.u00 w S4.UX»; good reasons for wishing to sell. Address Brevoort House, Chicago, care IV. 11. GRAY. • T7OR SALE-CHEAP.RESTAURANT AND SALOON. Jt. In good running order. Call at 174 West Madison. T7OU SALE-CHEAP FOR CASH, THE BOSTON JU dining-room. Apply at 599 State-st. I?OR SALE-FINE RESTAURANT WITH TRE BAR, 4 cheap rent, doing a fair business; must be sold ou account of sickness. Call at 414 State-st. I7OUSALB-A STATIONERY. CIGAR.'AND CON * fcctlonery store, with rooms In rear for ice-cream. Call Monday at 487 Mllwaukee-av. • 17012 SALE-SEWING-MACHINE OFFICE DOING 4 a good business; a good stock of machines, tool**, parlor furniture, lease, etc. This Is the best chance ever offered to make money with small capital. 414 West Madison-st. 17012 SALE-WELL-ESTABLISHED CLOTHING 4 and furnishing goods. In a good location, about 120 miles from Chicago, In a good thriving town, the pres ent owners having other business; parties with moderate amount of means can convince themselve_s that there Is money In It. Apply to H. P. HOI'KJhS *CO-,on the premises. Bradford. Stark Co., 111., or K. A, SHAW,97 fcoomis-st., Chicago. T?OR SALE-CHEAP FOR CASH, AN OYSTER X 4 and Ice-cream saloon, rent very cheap. Inquire at 342 South State-st. T7OR SALK-CHEAP. A NICE LITTLE SALOON. X 4 Apply at 406 Hubbanl-st.. near Noble. fTOR SALE—COMPLETE RECTIFYING ESTAB- I 4 llshment. Includlngstcam pump and hand elevator, situate at 40 South Cllutou-st. Apply at 21 and 23 Rlvcr-st. T7OR SALE-OR TRADE-GROCERIES AND F}\- J; tures In Rood locution; object of sale, going East on other business. For full particulars address PlK>, Tribune office. Trail SALE-CHEAP-A MEAT MAKKKT AJTD X fixtures that Is dolnp a pood cash business and five years cstabltßhcd. Helling to go In other huslucse. No. 332 West Chlcapo-av. TX>USALE-CHEAP FOR CASH-RETAIL BAKERY X and confectionery, with Icc cream parlor, dolus; a good business; but I must null, for I am short of money, and have other business to attend to. Address Monday, IMG, Tribune office. OR SALE-DRUG STOKE ON THE WEST SIDE, at reasonable price. Only cash buyer* need respond. Address O 39. Tribone office. I7OR SALE-FIRST-CLASS BRICK HOTEL, ALL 1 furnished complete, and doing a splendid business. •\vni take part In exchange, good form or farm lands or Improved city property. Inquire or address National Hotel, Monmouth. 111. t?OR SALE-OR RENT-A WELL-LOCATED MEAT- Jc market to run In connection with groceries. Call at 1203 State-st. ___ FOR SALE-TUB STOCK AND FIXTURES OF THE little cigar and candy store on southeast corner Adams and Green-ats. For sale-a new stock of groceries, in volce about $2,500, In a good locality In a town of 1,500 Inhabitants. Call on or address H. B. FAKWELL, Pccatonlca, 111. 1?OK SALE-A SPLENDID CHANCE. SALOON AND ' ten furnished rooms, doing a splendid business; will be sold for onc«thlrd cash; balance on easy monthly payments. Inquire at 676 Statc*st. For sale-a bakery. cheap for cash, as I am going to the Black llilln, If Bold this week. Horses, wagons, and route; doing a good business. Address 0 04. Tribune office, _____ f?OR SALE-A NICE FACTORY, CONSISTING OF X; a 12-horse power engine and boiler, together with other woodworking machinery; dry kiln; buildings and lease together or separately; all In■ order: best of bargain for cash. Apply 107 Twenty- RlVth-Bt.. South Side. WARNER MAHONE. F~ OR SALE-PICNIC GROUNDS, - WITH HEAVY trees, river, boating, ball grounds; splendid for summerhotel; 4s minutes’ railroad ride. EDMUND O. STILES, 90 Madlsoa-st.. Room 7, • —OR SALE-A NO. 1 STOCK OP GROCERIES, hone and wagon, doing a No. 1 cash trade; worth S 900; SSOO will buy It. Z 86, Tribune office. tor SALMNK-THIRD INTEREST IN A GOOD r nnyine business established forty years; no risk; and of highest respectability; young, active man pre ferred; cash required. Address 0 50, Tribune office. T7OR SALE-ICE-CREAM’AND LIQUOR REST AU- H rant, well stocked. In a good location; must be sold on account of sickness. 75 South Ualstcd-M. EI’SJSESS GSZANCES* I7OR SALE-CIGAR STORK ON WEST SIDE, KS . tnhllshed three years, and has a good run of trade; will sell cheap for cash. Address T 47, Tribune office. I?OP. SALK—A PATENT RIGHT FOR THE UNITED . States of an article that can he Introduced In every family. Apply at 755 Statc-st._ T?OR SALE-A GOOD MEAT-MARKET, HOUSE. X wagon, fixtures, all complete; low rent. Cheap for cash. ZO3, Tribune office. 170 R SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR OTHER PROPER- X ty—A well established and first-class business on the West Side; cause of sale, ill health. Inquire at SOI West Mudlson-st. ' 170 R SALE-A SPLENDID SALOON. CORNER OF X Twelth and Johnson-sta. I ’7OU SALE-CHEAP FOR CASH-OR EXCHANGE for unincumbered, city property, a saloon and billiard hall In a good location on West Side; cheap rent. Inquire at 358 Blue Island-av. For sale—a first-class laundry, call at 416 West Madfson-st. I 7OIS SALE-OR TRADE—FOR SUBURB Ay HOUSE . and lot, wood and coal yard, with house, horses, wagons, scales, and fixtures. In Qm-claas location, at a bargain. Address S 02. 'Tribune 1708 SALE—AT A" BARGAIN-A FIRST-CLASS * Job-printing office; material nearly new; everything In first-class order. Address Y -7, Tribune office. I~7OU SALE-A NEAT SAMPLE-ROOM. NEAR COR . ner Clark and Madison-sts; will sell for half Its val ue for cash; sickness In family cause of sale. Call and see for yourselves Monday or Tuesday. Address X 11, Tribune office. - I’ 70R SALE-A WELL-ESTABLISHED MILK-BUSl nr.«ft, with good run of custom; good reasons given for selling. 50 Hastlngs-st, "|7OR SALE-CIIEAF-A FULL-BLOODED KSQUI- J maux dog; nice pet for a lady or children; 8 months old; can be seen at 9 North JetTurson-su /S’ROCEIHI-IS - AND FIXTURES FOR SALE ON vjr .south Side, and store to rent. Address X* 50, Trib une office. Hotel for sale-one of the leading hotels In Florida, well furnished and ready for business, for sale. For terms apply to GEORGE McGINLT, Klmbark House, Atlanta, Ga., or Dr. CHARLES KOCH. Jacksonville, Fla. i IOTEL BAR FOR SALE. FOR PARTICULARS .11 opplv to the clerk of the Adams House, corner Har rison and Clark-sts. ■ T WANT A PARTNER FOR AN ESTABLISHED J. grain and commission business, with capital from sfi,ouo to ?5,0n0; none hut responsible parlies need ap ply. Address Y 7H, Tribune ofifcc. T UMBER-YARD, STOCK, AND FIXTURES FOl! Xj sale, to close. Satisfactory reasons for selling. Fine business chance. Rent low. Will hear Investiga tion. Address or call on F. A. WHITE, 31 West CUlca gu-av. Millinery store for sale on accountof death. 238 Clyhournc-av., corner Orchard-fit. Sold as reasonable ns possible. Meat and vegetative market for sale— in a good location; fixtures, tools «tc.. with or without horse unci wagon. Good reasons for selling. Apply at 5U Thlrty-firei-st. Meat market for sale*, satisfactory reasons given for selling. Inquire at 34G Archer-av. TiunLIcTIOUSEON THE CORNER OF DEAPItORN .1. and Jackson-sts. opposite the new Custom-House, for sale; Is doing a good transient business. PROPRIETORS OF AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS offer charge of a department and opportunity for paying Investment to young man having small caoftal and necessary ability. Address V 41, Tribune olllce. PARTIES WITH SMALL CAPITAL LOOKING for business can secure a safe and profitable busi ness by applying to, or addressing, FI!, Room 20 Gault House, Chicago. ' ARE BUSINESS CIIANCE-A GOOD MANUFAC- J\. turinc business for sale cheap; established In 1850; profits pood; good reasons given for wishing to sell. For particulars address Box 11(33. Aurora, Kane Co., HI. Rare opportunity to buy awell-kstab llshed music business. The only music store in a city of eleven thousand (l 1,000) people with a large and rich country tributary; first-class stock, Increasing; satisfactory reasons given for selling. Ad dress at once HOYT & FOND, Winona. Minn. SALOON’ FOR SALK, SOUTHWEST CORNER JACK son and llalsted-sts. CJTOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES. NEW AND IN O good order for sale, or would exchange for im proved real estate. Slock worth $2,000 cash, or for a dood house and lot would put in other property. Ad press V 4, Tribune office. SALOON AND FIXTURES FOR SALE CHEAP AT 31 West Randolph-st. Must be sold. . STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A CIGAR STORE for sale cheap. 29 Archcr-av. SALOON FOR SALE CHEAP, CORNER WEBBTEI! av. and Clark-st., near Lincoln Park. rjMXE LATEST AND BEST THING OUT—THE PER 1. pctual Ice-Cream Freezer; State rights for sale; can be seen at ioo West Madlson-st. rpO MANUFACTURERS-! IIIAVE A FIRST-CLASS 1 improved water-power, finely located on the line of the M. C. B. R.. nil ready for machinery. This property Is not offered for sale, but will be nut In as much capital in some good enterprise. Address, for one week, A 1, Tribune office. THE FIXTUES OF AN ESTABLTHED MEAT MAR ket for sale cheap; retails - r . cattle andScalves per week; rent sls per month with dwelling. Call and in vestigate to-day at 455 West Ohlo-st. YXrANTKD—A PARTY WITH SI,OOO TO ENGAGE \V In 0 good manufacturing business In Wisconsin. For particulars call on DR. L. DODGE, 85 Madlsou-st,, Room 0. TfrANT TO MEET A PARTY HAVING A FEW V> hundred dollars and understanding the tea trade. P 1, Tribune office. ’ITT'ANTED—MAN WITH S2OOTO fOIN ME Df BUY \ t ing good business which I have Investigated. Ad dress P U 3, Tribune office. WANTED— TO SELL A BUSINESS IN A NEW line of poods: established. Sales guaranteed SIOO pe; day, 300 per centproflt. To a good man of business talent, honesty, etc., etc, will trust him the whole sum agreed upon, and take 10 per cent of sales till all is paid. Address P 84. Trloune olllce. TiTASTED—A MAN OF EXPERIEXCEE TO START VV a meat-market In connection with an old estab lished vegetable market, with large cash trade. In* quire otr>i7Wabash-av., afternoon. WAXTED-A GOOD BUSINESS OB COTTAGE IX exchange for good notes secured and Michigan farm; also, tine diamonds to sell or exchange. It 93, Tribune office. TirAQOX SHOP FOR SALE, IN ONE OF THE VY best localities In the city, doing a first-class busi ness. Only a small amount of ready money required. Terms liberal. Address V 75, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—A MAN WITH SIOO AND WILLING TO \V leave the city for 10 days, can have half Interest In a business thot will clear SSOO. Call at 175 South Clark-sc., Room 11. T ANTED—A PARTY WITH ABOUT SSOO TO l\ take one-half Interest In an established business that pays large protits. Address T 55. Tribune office. fit TO SIUOPER WEEK MADE WITH MVBUSI uDOX/ ness In Missouri, Wisconsin, one-fourth. $35 U 1 SIOO cash required, balance. Installments as you make it. GATES, 18. CO Dcarborn-st. vu.rn party with the above amount can rbO\J get full control of a light, easy business that will pay $lO per day this summer, and no risk. Call Monday at 417 South Halstcd-st. <2?l wA WILL BUY ONE OF THE BEST PAYING «tT) Lt)U saloons on South Clark-st., near Madison, ns owner has other business that he must attend to. In-’ qulreat33MlUcr-st. any evening during the week. £>OAA BUYS POOL TABLE. FIXTURES AND stock of cigars and tobacco In running order; together or separate; 1591 State-st. urOAA WILL BUT THE BEST PAYING S ALOON ♦n)OUU with 15-hall pool-table, on the West Side. In quireatJ>S4Sout^efrcrßon-st. «2>oor: cash will buy a good paying clgarbnMness, corner store; reason for sell ing 111-health. Inquire at 148 MUwnnkce-av. nnn-i will work for a party that OJL.UUU will furnish Sl.ooO or more, and will airee to double the sum ln-«lx months, besides my pay. In a legitimate business In grain. Party can have full control of his money. Address 0 20. Tribune olhce. C*l Tirin a good - nnsiKEss man with this SDI.UUU amount to loan hlsemploycr. wishes env ployment; can give the highest city references. Ad dress X SO, Tribune office. &ci hnn-FOR SALE-GENERAL STOCK and »n)D.Ut/U pood casU'pnvlnp buslncjw In one of the hfcst towns In the State, cash nn<! time with security only. Address I* SVTrlbnoe ofllrc. . SEWING SLICHINES. A SPLENDID NEW NO. 2 MANUFACTURING Singer machine for sale, cost SBS two months ago, taken Ju trade: will sell for SSO or lew: might trade, can be seen at Mitchell’s livery office, 838 est Lake-st. A “singer"improved witii“all attach ments and a Howe In perfect order for $25; a bar gain. 107 Mllwaukce-av. . A BARGAIN IN ALL KINDS OF MACHINES. /V cheaper and better machines than can be boupht elsewhere; no misrepresentations; at GEO. P. GORfc dr yo.’S, 68 and 70 Wabaah-av. Bargains in sewing-machines at the Remington office, ICO Mllwnnkee-av.; 2 Singer machines. shr> and 5-15; Remington machines on monthly payments. Repairing of all kinds of sewing machines. U. MAUSON. /~UIEAP MACHINES-ON ACCOUNT OF THE V. 7 popularity of the Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Ma chines. parties have largely engaged In purebaringold and second-hand machines of that make and Imposed upon Hie public by selling them ns new machines. Any one deslrluß to ljuy second-hand machines can bo sup plied at ourofllcc on better terms than others can af ford them, and l>e assured of what they arc buying. VAmi A R A WHEELER, ofllce 155 Statc-st. T\ON'T BUY ANY SEWING MACHINE UNTIL XJ you examine the prices and the machines we oner at GEO. P. GORE A CO.’S, CS and 70 Wabaah-av. I?IRST-CLASS SEWING-MACHINES AT AN IM ; mense discount; all have the recent Improvements, tuckmaker. qullter, ru flier, and all attachments, and warranted 3 years. Elegant Singers retail at SBO. price $45. Elegant Wheeler A Wilson retail at SB3, price S4O. Domestic retail at $75, price $37.50. Howe, Weed, or .Etna retail nt $75, price $A>. SJnper No. 2 Manufacturing retail at S9O, price $35. Good second-hand machines at $lO ami »2u. THOS. U. MARTIN, No. 2GQBahaah-av. First-class sewing machines for sale payable In sewing done at home. IRA D. OY4.N AGO., 212 EastMaolson-st. _____ For sale—two elegant sewing-machines, latest Improved Wheeler A Wilson and family Singer, cheap, atgi7 West Madison-st,, Room 5. I?OR SALE—GROVER* BAKER, sls; WHEELER* ; Wilson, S2O; late Improved Singer from $25 to S4O; Remington, $23; Wilson. $25. to pay advances; money loaned on machines. Private Loan Office, i-o Clark-st., Rooms, upstairs. CINGER OFFICE •OP A. J. MELCHERT, 203 WEST O Madlson-st.. machines sold on monthly payments, rented, and exchanged. rpHK WEED SEWING-MACHINE IS ACKNOYL- X edged to be the lightest running machine made; machines sold on small monthly payments. General office 203 and 205 Wabaah-av. , THE SEW WHEELER & WII.SON' FAMILY SEW- Ing-machlne No. 8 for sale by N. P. LALbhN, 360 East Dlvlalon-st. rpHE NEW REMINGTON SEWING MACHINE IS X the most reliable. Agents wanted for city and country. 237 Statc-st. W: SELL ALL KINDS OF MACHINES AT LOW cr prices than charged elsewhere, all in pemet order, with attachments, at GKO. P. GORE * CO. S. WANTED— NEW OR NEARLY NEW SEWlNG machine; Singer or Wheeler & Wilson preferred. Must be a bargain. Address V 44. Tribune office. 1 FINGER, S-.',; 1 GROVER * RAKER. sls: 1 1 Wheeler & Wilson (new), S3O: 1 Florence, »13. Singer office, 203 West Madt»un-st. I SINGER. $25; 1 GROVER A BAKER, s£s; 2 i Ellptlc, *25; 1 Independent. S2O: IMetoG *35; 1 Wheeler * Wilson, S4O. ERSTBOM * TONGE, 3 Twenty-tilth-st., comer of Coltase Grovc-sT. TO EXCHANGE. A STOCK OF CLOTHING WORTH SIO,OOO TO Ex change for city business property. IPETERSON & BAT, lOSßandolpb-st.; pLEAR CHICAGO PROPERTY TOR HOUSE OH v; avenues; will assume $5,000 or less. J.C. CALD WELL, RUDearborn*st., basement. Y^XCHANGE—BEAUTIFUL HOUSE,DOUBLE LOT, Xj with barn: lot tilled with flowers. C. T. DRAKE, Room 13 Otis Block. Exchange-clear, productive property. In Interior city, or lands, for Chicago property; will assume, or pay cash. F. A. OGDEN, 146 Dearborn-st. I HAVE SI,OOO CASH AND SUBURBAN LOTS valued at SBOO. to trade for cottage and lot on West Side. Address, giving location, etc., P 40, Tribune office. fj'XCHANOE-A GOOD SHOT-GUN 10 EXCHANGE Jj for two good revolvers. AddrcSs CL L, 77 West Van Burcn-st, I?OU EXCHANGE-BY ROBERT 11. ROWLAND, . Room 26 Metropolitan Block: 3-story and Mansard roof, stone-front, comer block, JOO.VOO, In Toledo. Fine new building on one of the best streets In Toledo. 7C7 acres In Monroe County, Missouri; splendid grain and stock farm; rich land, well watered, fine timber, good house, two bams, stock-scales, etc. 837 acres In Morgan County. Illinois, joining Town of Chapin; good fences, line buildings; Is one of the finest farms In Morgan County. 160 acres la Monroe County, Missouri, I mile from county-scat; rich land and good house; 80 acres under laid with coal; o acres surfnee coal; the coal ia 0 acres will yield price asked forform, sl7, ux) to $36,000 business and dwelling houses, clear. In town 70 miles from city, for business block; will as sume some Incumbrance. 1,2-10 acres In Arkansas; second-bottom land; fine timber; l,ouo pipe-staves can be made from each acre; 1,317 acres In Randolph Connty,Mlssourl: large house, two bums, eight tenant houses, good orchard; best fenced farm In the county; clear, * New 2-story and basement octagon-front brick house on Oakley-st.; equity for clear property. I?OR EXCHANGE—OR SALK—HOTEL, 16 ROOMS, ’ barn. 10 acres of garden, fruit, etc.. 20 miles from city at railroad station. Call at 78 Dearbom-st., Room 21, I?OR EXCHANGE—I HAVE A LIST OF GOOD REAL ; estate exchanges. E. L. CANFIELD, 30 LaSolle-sL For" EXCHANGE—GOOD”DWELLING AND BARN on lot 40x140 feet. South Side, near Boulevard and railroad station; will exchange equity for dear proper ty In some thriving town, or farm. 11., Carrier 14, South Station, Chicago, 111, TnOP. EXCHANGE—I OFFFER FOR SALE OR EX- X 1 change the line farm and beautiful home of the late .ludge Forsythe. In Monroe Count}*, Mo.; 400 acres beautifully lying land, large proportion In meadow, large house, fine timber. 6 miles from Paris. Address WILLIAM L. SMILEY. Paris, Monroe County. Mo. 1?0R EXCHANGE-FOXI A CLEAR FARM, 10 OR 20 1 acres, close to the limits and stations on the C., B. &Q. R. R. Also 12 or is lots near Central Park and car shops Inside of limits for any clear property. Address W 31, Tribune office. I7OR EXCHANGE—DIAMOND JEWELRY TOR DRY ; goods, coat, or groceries; sux> to SSUO, Z SS, Trib une olllce. I?OR SALE-OR FART EXCHANGE— -1 Nn«. 53, r»r» and 57 Lantrley-ar., for lots or farm. ffOGThlrty-firat-st., for lots or farm. 334 Cottage Grovc-av., for lots or farm. 213, 2ir»and2i7Fremont-st.. for lots or farm. 4 Park-row, for smaller property, city or country. 387 West Adams-st., for lots. Severn! pieces good property for farms and lands. Some rare bargains for cash anti time. . LEVI WING <fc CO., 57Dearborn-Bt. T?OR EXCHANGE—TWO FRUIT FARMS AND 100 r acre grain farm; prefer North Side, unimproved. W 43, Tribune office. X7OR EXCHANGE—I HAVE TWO LOTS IN ST. . Cloud, Mhm., which will exhanee for gold watch and ladles' chain. Adddrcas X 42, Tribune office. 1’ SELECTED ARKAN . sas lands for carpets, pictures, merchandise, real estate; title clear. T 15, Tribune office. FOR EXCHANGE—SUBURAAN LOTS AND LAND for carpets, household furniture, and horse and buggy. LEWIS CHRISMAN. Room 5. 85 Dearborn. /"tOOD BUGGY. HORSE, AND HARNESS IN EX IT change for fine rosewood piano. Address N 69, Tribune office. Houses ok leased ground, houses and lots, farms, or personal property wanted for va cant lots. X 99, Tribune office. I WANT TO TRADE CLEAR LOT AT CORNELL, near Wllfon Sewing Machine Manufactory, for lan dau or coupe and pay difference in monthly payments, or will trade for horse, buggy, and harness. Address V 59, Tribune I WANT SOME FURNITURE AND SIGNS FOR engraving on wood. N 48, Tribune olllce. I OWN A GOOD BRICK HOUSE, CHOICE LOCA tlon, near street care. West Side; 1 want good lands for my equity. X 72, Tribune office. T WILL SELL AN EQUITY WORTH SO,OOO CASH X for the best offer within three days. Please call at 362 West Van Buren-su TO EXCHANGE-BY T. B. BOYD, ROOM 14, 140 Madlsoti-st.: _ . . . • sSo,out) —500 acres of the best coal land In Illinois I Fulton Conntv. for dwellings or good business property Will assume’ to $75,000 on good property. s4o,ooo—One of the finest dock lots In the city, 80x IHS on River, between Clark and Dearbom-sts.; clear; want business property on Statc-st., or Wabash-av. s2s,ooo—The handsomest brick dwelling on West Adams-st. Mortgage $10,000; equity $15,000; lot 65x iso. south front, near Wood. Want clear lots, $13,000 Fine Improved farm of 200 acres, 74 mile of Watscka. 18., for property In city. s7s,oo**—Fine stone front block on West Madlson-st., cast of Aberdeen, for clear city property; rents well. fix) EXCHANGE-GOOD UNINCUMBERED SUB- X urban lot* for a good pianoforte. Apply at No. U 2 LaSalle-st.. Room 4. rpO EXCHANGE—SSO,OOO IN TOWNSHIP BONDS X Issued by one of the best counties of a Western State for dry goods, boots and shoes, or other personal property. Address JANUARY, Tribune office. rno EXCHANGE—II-ROOM 2-STOUT HOUSE AND X lot In good part of this city (houfk rented S4O per month) for a pood farm, and will assume some Incum brance, or I will take city property less value. Ad dress or coll at my place of business, 105 South Hoisted* &t. OWNER. rpO EXCHAXGE—FRUIT-FARM NEAR ST. .10- X seph, Mich., for house and lot In city; also a first class foundry ana machine-shop In Wisconsin, worth Sr3,OUO clear, for city property. O 51, Tribune office. rpO EXCHANGE—CLEAR WISCONSIN LANDS X and cash for furniture, merchandise, livery stocks, and personal property. Address S 34. Tribune office. rpo EXCHANGE—STOVES, RANGES, HARDWARE, X and house furnishing goods for piano. 302 West Madlson-st. rpo KENT-5 NICE ROOMS 851 WEST WASHING- X ton-st. very cheap to a good party. Apply at above number. rpo EXCHANGE-CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS FOR X horses and buggies. J. L. GARVIN, 381 West Madison-st. rpo EXCHANGE-IMPROVED OK UNIMPROVED X Chicago property for land In or near Jacksonville, Fla. N 84, Tribune office. rpo EXCHANGE-HOUSE. WEST SIDE, AND 120 X acre farm, for clear cottage and some ground In or near the city. Room 8, 93 Washlngton-st. rpo EXCHANGE-A NEW CIRCULAR SPRING SIDE X bar Stiver wagon, elegant coach harness, and some cash, for diamond car-drops. Apply toC. M. CLARK, 79 Slxtecnth-at. rpo EXCHANGE-BEAUTIFUL SUBURBAN UESI- X denec. well rented, for smaller pfhee, vacant lots, or small farm. Address S 1, Tribune office. rpo EXCHANGE—IMPROVED FARMS, ELEVATOR. X village property, and several business chances. L. P. SWIFT i SON, 79 Dcarbom-st., Room 14. rpo EXCHANGE-ALL KINDS OF MACHINES AT X half price; needles and parts of all. Ivercpalrall kinds. J. C. SPENCER. 414 West Madlson*Bt. rp O EXCHANGE—BUILDING LOTS IN CITY AND X suburbs for claims against the Citizens’ Dank. Ad dress P 51, Tribune oflice. • rpo EXCHANGE—MILL WORK FOR A GOOD L heavy horse about 1,200 lbs; also lumber wagon and harness. Call at planing mill corner Illinois and Kings bury-sta. . rpO EXCHANGE—US FEET AT HIGHLAND PARK; L Lota 5 ami ft In Block 52; equity In asuburban home of $2,000. Incumbrance SI,OOO. for drug store, horse and buggy. groceries, or clear suburban property; very cheap for cash. V as. Tribune othcc. rpo EXCHANGE—MOWING MACHINE* GOOD AS L new. for horse or express wagon. Address II 5-L Tribune office. T'O EXCHANGE—IOO,OOO ACRES CHOICE TEXAS X lands near railroads In various portions of the State to exchange for farms or town property In Illinois or adjoining Suites, or general merchandise, farm ma chinery, wagons, buggies, etc. Titles perfect; plats nnd abstracts to be seen at our office. Call between 10 a. m. and lp. m. D. F. KEENER «Sr CO., rear office, to-j East Washlngton-st. rpo EXCHANGE-GENEVA, ILL.-HOUSE AND 1 large lot, fine shade trees, all kinds of fruit and shrubbery; unincumbered. AddressF, SCRush-se. rpO EXCHANGE—<OO ACRES OF LAND IN HEN- X demon County. 111. Will assume a small Incum brance. Address K 02, Tribune office. mo ETCH ANGE—rHOTOGRABII GALLERY. WILL i take real estate. Gallery la now debts a Rood burines* and In a Rood location. TUUi.biJt.LL A UKOW.V, 108 Fltth-nv ♦ rro EXCHANGE—FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE FOR L smaller one or a row! farm In Illinois. Address No. 180 Western-av. TQB. rjpo EXCHANGE—A COTTAGE OF 12 ROOMS. I with barn, suitable fur one or two CmUlcs, within one mile of Court-House. Address TUB, No. 2U3 Centre-av. ______ rpo EXCHANGE—FOR HORSE, OR HORSE AND I buggy, lot In first-claw suburb. Address A W, Room 12, 108 Fiftb-ar. rpo EXCHANGE—THE EQUITY TN A FIRST. X Class two-story frame house, 25-fcpt lot (with $l 700 Incumbrance), good location, on West Side; will take horses, carriages, furniture, diamonds, or saloon and fixtures, well located. Address T 57, Tribune of fice. rro EXCHANGE—BRICE HOUSE AND FRAME 1 cottage and lot on South Morgan-sC.; SLOOO cash, balance pood loVa land. T. J. BOLENDER, Room 0 M. E. Church Clock. _____ rpo EXCHANGE-10 TO 30 ACRES OF BEAUTI- X ful land at River Park, near church and depot. House and two lots, clear. In Maywood. W. T. CUSH ING. 125 Doarborn-st. rpo EXCHANGE-GOOD BUSINESS HORSE FOR X parlor furniture or groceries. 363 Carroll-av. TO EXCHANRE-A FINE CORNER LOT AT HlNS dale for a span of horses, or horse and buggy. 023 Wabash-av, rpo EXCHANGE-100 LOTS IN SCOTTS BOULE- X van! Addition for good horse and buggy, or safe, or merchandise of any kind. Address R S 7, Tribune ofllce. rpo EXCHANGE-LOTS IN SOUTH PARK. SOUTH X Chicago, or South Englewood, for a nice cottage and large lot near city limits. Apply at Pilot office, 132 Lake-fit. rpo F.PCHANGE—FOR SUBURBAN LOTS. 4 LARGE X and valuable oil paintings; can be seen at J 49 Cbl cago-av. L. W. FELT. _ rpO EXCHANGE—A LANDAULET FOR TOP BA- L rouche, atSyandSSJcckson-st; will pay difference In cash, if any. __ rpo EXCHANGE—SB,OOO COUNTRY STOCK. BOOTS X and shoes for city, suburban, or farm property. CHAS. C. LANDT, 168 MadUoo-st. fPO EXCHANGE-FOR AN UN IN GIBBERED RES- X Idencc, a stock of boots, shoes, and clothing, worth $7,000. A. C. BURDICK. Room 14, 123 Pcarborn-et. rpb EXCHANGE—A FIRST-CLASS SEWING-MA- X chluc for beds and bedding. Inquire at 233 >icst ,loctoon-st. _ rpo ENCHANGE-ELEGANT BUILDING LOTS IN J. Kenwood, near station, with encumbrance, lor wood residence In town (to to Id rooms) with cncnm branoc. or win deliver lots clear lor suitable bouse clear. V 81, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE. rpO EXCHANGE—BT J. IL KEELER. 163 CLARK- A st.: 1434 Imllana-av., equity of cottage, and lot SOxIHO. for a lot In part pay. South Dearbom-st., Bottcrfleld-st., and Wentworth av.. cottages and Iota; vacant lots taken in port pay. Futh-av., Improved property; clear honse taken In part pay. Founecnth-Bt.. near State, two houses, and lot4ox 103: clear lot In part payment. Polk-st., near Clark, good 3-story boll ding and lot; cottage and lot taken In part pay. Harrlson-at., west of HaUtcd-st., cottage and lot for Racine property. ... Sherman-st.. clear lot for clear house and tot. Lake-st., near Ann. 2-story house; part pay In clear lots. Vanßurcn-st., near Callfornla-ar., 3 lot* and cottage for 2-story house. Halstcd-st.. south of Harrison, corner lot, 52x150, for house and lot or store and lot, Polk-st., near Westem-av., 2-story honse for good business lot or store and lot and pay difference In cash. Hubbard-st., 2-story bouse and lot for lot. Lots on Washlngton-st. near Stanton. Harrison near Oakley, for cottages, and assume difference. Sop Ula-st.. west of Lincoln Park, cottage, and corner lot r>axi2s, for farm In lowa or Illinois. Ilnmmond-sc., near Lincoln Park, cottage. 7rooms, and lot 50x123, place In country town In part pay. 48 feet on Ogdon-av., near Jacksoa-st., fur brick house in West or North Divisions. One-half block near the comer of Slcwart-av. and Flfty-slxth-st. forUousc and lot. Wusliington-st., near Leavitt, new brick house; lot, clear, taken In partpav. 320-acre stock farm, in Chickasaw County, la.,clear, for city property. 320 acres In Chase County, Kan., for house and lot. 80 acres near Blue Island, clear, for improved city vine suburban residence* for residences In city. Fruit-farm of 7 acres, all In fruit, tine house, boms. Icehouse, hedges, etc., near Su Joseph, Mich., for bouse aud lot In this cliy. WANTED— FROM 1,000 TO 3.000 ACRES LAND suitable for a stock farm In exchange fur city pro t>- F. MERRILL, 3 utls Block, ■\\rANTED—TO KXCn AN(SE—IIOU'SE AND LOTS t V for good improved farms. Address P 58, Tribune office. WANTED— TO EXCHANGE—A LOT ON BIS* marck-court for a lot ou Noble or Hubbard-sts.,or In that vicinity. Inquire at 230llubbard-»t. WIIAT HAVE YOU TO EXCHANGE FOR $5,000 equity In lot at Brighton and $4,000 equity In desirable suburban residence and two acres of ground? Incumbrance not due for two years, or more, and a part of it at only H percent. Will lake clear farmland or lots. Address S 51, Tribune office. WANTF.D-TO EXCHANGK-A VALUABLE LOT for office rent or desk room. BuMneas real estate; rnv own property exclusive. Address R 37, Tribune office. WANTED— A GOOD FARM WITHIN 50MILES OF Chicago, for which I will give my brick bouse lu one of the locations oa the West Side: all modem Im provements and clear. Address P 80, Tribune olflce. W 5 WILL EXCHANGE A NEW TOP BUGGY FOR a piano; also will exchange pood open buggy and harness for household furniture. I). B.DEWEY &CO., lo6Flfth-av. - XITILL EXCHANGE A GOOD HOUSE AND LOT AT V * South Evanston for lowa land; small Incumbrance. Also house and lot at Evanston. D. U. DEWEY & CO., 100 Fifth* nr. Well-located unimproved PROPERTY AT Evanston to exchange for lowa, Kansas, Nebras ka. or Minnesota lands. D. B. DEWEY & CO., 103 Flftb-av. TTTILL EXCHANGE A GOOD UNINCUMBERED V V lot for piano. D. B. DEWEY & CO.. 100 Flfth-av. TirAKTED—TO EXCHANGE FOR REAL ESTATE, VV anew top buggy (made to order); will pay cash In difference with trade If the property is worth more than even exchange. Address R 43. Tribune office. giving name and where an Interview may be had; also location of property. TSfANTED—TO EXCHANGE-FIRST-CLASS NEW VV sewing-machines for first-class light express wagon. Address Lock-box 530, stating where wagon can be seen. Difference, it any, will bo paid in cash. TirANTED—SOUTH SIDE HOUSE FOR CLEAR, VV productive property; will assume nnd pay money If attractive, SB,UCO to $12,000. HOTCHKISS, 3, Oils Block. WANTED— TO EXCHANGE-SUBURBAN PROP erty for one or two covered wagons In good order. Address N 8, Tribune office. TtrANTED-TO EXCUANGE-A LIGHT TOP VV buggy or suburban property fora burying lot in Oakwood Cemetery- Address X 55, Tribune office. TfrANfED—STOCK OF GOODS IN CITY OR LIVE VV country town (dry goods preferred) for Improved real estate and some cash. W, 308 West Flftcenth-st. WANTED— IN SOME SUBURB, ‘WITHIN 7 MILES of Chicago, a lot 30 to 50 feet, in exchange fora choice lot 5x14 rods, with small house on. In City of Elkhart, Ind- Address W 25, Tribune office. ■\T7ANTED—DRY GOODS, GROCERIES. OR COAL VV for diamond Jewelry. stcmosSiM. ZSG, Tribune office. "WANTED—TO TRADE-REAL ESTATE (CLEAR) VV foegood gold watch and chain. PETERSON, Room 7, 208 LaSallc-st. T\?HAT HAVE YOU TO GIVE AS PART PAY > v rnent on choice suburban homes on lake shore, 16 miles north? Addre«. Box 280, P. 0. A A ACRES FARMING LAND, UNDERLAID WITH TcU coal, on Illinois Central Railroad, worth SSO per acre, and 25 lots at railroad crossing, to ex bangs for city property. T 74. Tribune office. IN MONEY AND SOME NICE SUBURBAN lota to exchange for horse and wagon. 372 South Clark-si, up-atalra. A A f\ ACRES VERY CHOICE LAND. COFFEY CO., TcXU Kansas, near railroad; will exchange for Im proved property unincumbered- OWNER. 144 LaSalle- St., Room 35. (2* x nnh ' W ’ ORTTI OF jewelry and an or tJptJ.UUU gan for city or country real estate, un incumbered; will take a buggy. O 65. Tribune office. HI ISCELLANEO US, A A A A -ROT THE CHICAGO DAILY • -fX. i-L. ii. News, and get all the news for 1 cent. A A A A —THE BEST AND CHEAPEST IS THE Chicago Dally News. All the news fori cent. Decent, condensed, and Independent. A BE YOU TROUBLED WITH CATARRH? I WAS jrV for nearly twenty-five >i»ars, and, after spending orerSLSOOln rain, cured myself by my own remedy, of which I will give free trial to all who will bring this notice to my otllcc. HU East Madlson-st. Dr. C. R. SYKES. Open week davs from 8 a. m. to 6:30 p. m. Sunday. 2 till 4. By mall, send 10 cents for full Infor mation. Cut this out. A STOCK OF HARDWARE, CROCKERY, OR DRY goods wanted. Will pay some cash. O. F. STAY FORD, 83 Clark-st. ANY LADY NEEDING A QUIET HOME AND JY careful nuralng address S 52, Tribune ofllce. A YOUNG LADY DESIRES WRITING, EITHER English or German, to do at her home. Address M 0, 122 South Sangamon-at. A SURE CURE FOR BILIOUSNESS IN EVERY form. Call at Room 7. ICO East Martlson-at., ami try the ** New England Liver Tonic and Bilious Annl hllator, ” and sec what Uls made of; not a patent medi cine. All cash paid for cast-off clothing, carpets, furniture, and miscellaneous goods of any kind by sending letter to JONAS GELDHB, «M Statc-st, AJ. RYDBERG, BUILDINGS MOVED ON . springs. Houses, roofs, etc., raised scientifically, 73 North Sangamon-at.. Chicago, 111. A NT PARTY IN THE HAT AND FUR TRADE /V. dealring to sell out can find a purchaser by ad dressing T 22, Tribune olfice. Parties answering must give full name, which will be strictly confidential. A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL BABY OF 3 months to be adopted la a good home and where the mother can go ns wet nurse. Address, with full particulars, W 62. Tribune offlce, 3 days. A BUSINESS CHANCE WANTED WORTH ABOUT $2,000, a notion and book, or a bakery having no horse or only a good local trade; will pay cash nud good clear real estate. Apply personally or address P. O’DONNELL, corner of Twenty-seventh and Garl boMl-ets. A PRIVATE DETECTIVE CAN BE SECURED for casas of peculiar delicacy and skill. All com munications sacred. Tl 2. Tribune offleo. ATTENTION, TO LADIES AND GENTS—THE highest prices paid for cast-oil clothing, carpets, &c.. &c.; $2 to $5 for pants; $3 to $lO for coats. Ail dress 300 Statc-st. Ladles attended by Mr*. DeYoung. A NO. 1 CALCIMINING. 40 CENTS PER SQUARE, painting 75 cents, and trade; boots, shoes, dry goods, and clothing. V 42, Tribune offlcc J A FOUND THAT THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS. • price l cent. Is the cheapest and best newspaper. Bed-bugs, cockroaches, and moths com plctely exterminated by contract or article sold; In formation free. A- OAKLEY, 169 Hast Washington st.. Rooms. Button-fasteners for ladies* and chil dren’s boots and clothing; once on always on If de sired; good for a lifetime; a child can place them; no tools required; 20c doz., 35c2doz. Agents wanted. C. HANCIIETT, P.-O. Box 76. Chicago. 111. CALCIMINING, 50 CENTS PER SQUARE; PAPER hangfng, 15c. per roll; house and sign painting. A. M. GLASGOW, 486 West Indlana-st. riALCIMINING DONE FOR CO CENTS PER L/ square, or by the job: cheap and flret-closs work. Send orders to inn Uarrlson-st., opposite police station. W. M. STONE. riALL AT MY WORK-ROOMS AND HAVF. YOUR \.y diamonds properly ret. A- LAUDERBACK. man ufacturer of diamond Jewelry, 70MadIson-sU, comer Slate. Rooms 20 and 27. EMERSON’S BINDER FOR MUSIC AND PKRIODI caIs; Emerson's clip and flic for office papers. Also, the Library Binder, for circulating libraries and prl ratelndlvfduals. JOHNR. BARRETT<I: CO., book binders and sole proprietors, 150 State-st. Chicago. 770 K PAINTING AND CALCIMINING BY THE J. day or contract go to Room 7, 00 Laballe*st., Build ers’ Exchange. SIMOND3&CO. 1 .'’HIST'CLASS MEAT MARKET FIXTURES: ALSO. .L' a good young horse, cheap. Apply at 137 South Halsted-st. I FRENCH FLUTING. FINE KNIFE, AND BOX ' Plaiting made for 5 cents a yard, Suita trimmed cheap. Mr*. T. COLLINS, 07 South Green-et.. near Madison. Grand opening op eick*s grove, iossto 1110 West Madison-fit., Sunday, May 28, 1876. This largest and finest garden Inside the city limits will be thrown open to the public on Sunday, the 2ath, with an appropriate concert. The most beautiful old shade trees make this garden the loveliest summer resort for families. All kinds of refreshments unhand; bowling alley adjoining the garden: street cars pass the garden every 3 minutes. M. J. EICK, Proprietor. OOP SKIRTS AND HOOP-SKIRT BUSTLES MADE to order at 28 East Jackson-st. I WANT TO BUT 2 BARBER’S CHAIRS AND Mlß rors for cash. Most be in good order. Anyone hav ing these for sale address N 86. Tribune office. Knife pleating and box pleating in the latest style on reasonable terms. 141 West Van Bureo-st. T AUNDRY—GOOD SAMARITAN-PLAIN FAMILY I j washing and ironing is dune for 75 cents a doz. Ad dress orders to Room 14, 173 East Randolph-st. Look, ladies, look i-at our improved pleating machine pleats a yard of goods a minute, and are adjustable, so you can make from 7to 12-lnch pleating, and double the length of any other plalter. A discount made to dressmakers. We make all kinds of pleating by the yard to order. PI caters for $2.50. com plete. w, CASH. General Agent, 00 EaitMadlsoa-sL, Iloora 2. Ladies call at 43 south curtis-st. and get a dress-reform corset made for you. They are elegant Is the cry. Lady canvassers wanted. Splendid commission given. Call or address M. D. HIGHLAND, 43 South Curtls-ft. OOK TO THE SAFETY OP YOUR DIAMONDS; have them properly set by A. LAUDERBACK, manufacturer of diamond jewelry. 70 Madlson-st., corner of State,, Rooms 2S and 27. L“adie"s in ill health can find a good homo and test of cue by addressing X 64, Trib une offic*. nnSCELIAXDOUS. Martin lossy, the only felt hat manu facturer In this city, win help yon all to save monej If you bring vour old felt hats to him to have them cleaned, dyed, or renovated. 200MUwaukee-av. cCORMACK. THE FLORIStT" OUT his greenhouse and bedding plants at very low prices, verbenas at 73 cents per dozen. Call and ex amine. My houses are on Thlrty-elghth-st., near Cot tage Grove-av. Call and see my immense stock. C. CLEMP, successor. ATP.S. M- L. CUMMINGS will necclve her scholar* ILL and friends at Woodruff Honse. Mrs. landto. skillful lady physician. treats all female diseases and dliflcnltles. Specla* attention paid during confinement. Patients accommo dated with rooms and board at 110 West Von Buren-st4 actentioni—to lease fur2o or 40 years, noxlTO feet, Fulton-st., near Hoisted. HD WARD it, BROOKS, Room 33, 76 Mon roe-at. ■\ TEw YORK UNIVERSITY AND CANCER-PLANT 4' medicines. 318 South State-st. DB. H. HALLOCK, Agent. • TVTEW STAMPING PARLORS. 212 STATK-ST., A’ entrance on Jiickson~nanacl skirts, nil sizes. ir* to 20c; Infant blankets, new styles, 50c; children's and ladles dresses, 25c to 50c: pillow shams, wreaths, cor* ners. and letters. 50c to 7."» c; extra large letters, XOc; handkerchief'letters, perdoz, 35c. ~>LtKSOLD. GOLI> % Ow- IJOLD, Gt - DUST. AND BULLION' BOUGHT. Highest prices paid la cash at 158 Flflh-av. OUR ENTIRE FEE TO PROCUPvB A PATENT 13 $10; caveat $5. 156 East Washlngton-au. Room 48. I)OCKET-KNIVES —A JOB LOT OF FINE POCKET I cutlery retailing at half-price at KENDALL’S, 243 State-st., corner Jackson. •PARISIAN DIAMONDS, BRILLIANT AS GEN- X ulnc and as lasting. In solid gold setting; eardrops, studs, plus, etc., at KENDALL’S, 242 State-su, corner Jackson. • Repairs for stoves at w. p. metzneivs, 127 West Randolph-at. 1) ESTAURANT FIXTURES —WE WANT FIX i, cures, suitable for small restaurant and Ice-cream saloon. Must be cheap. 11. GOODuAUT. 16 North Green-st., up-stalra. Repairs for stoves made in all parts of the United States, Old stoves repaired and made equal to new, at 208 West Tvelf th-st. SAVE 50 PER CENT ON CALCIMtNING. PAINT- Ing, plastering, and general repairs. Address O 40, Tribune office. • Skins of finest goat kids. 20 shades to* match spring goods for gloves to measure. Paris Glove Depot. Ol State-st. rpIJE CHEAPEST, MOST STYLISH PLACE FOR L ladles to get dressmaking done Is at MUs STRING FIELD’S, 328 West Madlson-st. rro BUSINESS MEN-A FEW MOKE FIRST-CLASS X businessmen can find permanent employment by addressing POO, Tribune office, with references. frO CONTRACTOUS-TO LET—THE CUT STOKE. X brick work, plastering, plumbing, painting, and glazing on 6 marble-fronts, 3-story and basement. Plana and specifications at A. J. SMITH’S, Room IS, 79 South Clarfc-st. fpHE MAGIC PLAITIKG-MACHINE FOR $2.50. X All kinds of plaiting done to order. Any person having a black walnut nnd gilt pier-glass for sale state price and size. MRS. HOUSE’S dressmaking parlors, 4d wobash-av. . frO THE TRADE—PAINTERS—PORTRAIT. FIG* X ure. fruit, landscape, banner, marine, animat, and branches of decorative art, by LYDSTON. Leave or* dera at Room 07 Major Block. frO FIND-OAKLEY. MANUFACTURER 07 GENU- X Inc Bed-Bug and Roach Exterminator. Take aU cars to iw) East Wasblngton-st., or address. WANTED PAINTING AND CALCIMINING; VY will pay In first-class dentistry. Address li 73, Tribune office. WANTED— A RESPONSIBLE FAMILY TO ADOPT an orphan girl; blonde; aged syears. Address N 06. Tribune office. A UCTION SALE. 607 WEST MADISON-ST-—AT J\. the private residence, a fine assortment of house hold goods. carpets, marble-top furniture, china, cut lery. Ac.. Wednesday morning. May 31, at 10 o’clock. B. U. MORRISON, Auctioneers WANTED— FIFTY THOUSAND MEN TO SMOKE the 5 cent Jewell cigar. For sale by all druggbU TCrRIGLEY & BATES MAKE LAWN-MOWER RE VV naira a specialty, and charge no fancy prices. Rear No. 6 Calhoun-place. WANTED— GOOD BOOK-CASE AND HAT-RACK. State size and price. Address T 04. Tribune office. WANTED— THREE BOOMSFORDERRICK. ALSO. IDO feet of 6-lnch leather-belting. Call at G 8 South CUnlon-st. . TTrANTED—FOR CASH, AT LOW FIGURE. A GOOD VV second-hand galvanic-battery, suitable for on In valid’s use, at once. Address R (54. Tribune ofllce. TirANTED—A BUILDER. TO BUILD A STORE TO VV coat $0.0(0. and take two clear lota on West Adams-st. nnd cash for payment. GEO. DUCKER, 251 Madison-st. ANTED-THE LADIES TO KNOW THAT THEY can have stylish dresses made for $5 and upwards nt MRS. A. A. WILDER’S dressmaking parlors, 58H Carpenter-st., corner of Madison. TXT ANTED—TOD CAN HAVE YOUR FURNACES V V cleaned and repaired at half price, by addressing ORNTHOUR, 10S5Madlson-Bt. WANTED-FOR LORRENTO WORK-SCROLL saw. cabinet, bench, and tools; all cosh. AMA TEUR, West Side Post-Office. WANTED-TO BUY A GOOD SECOND-HAND rubber hose, 100 feet long. Apply at 191 Wa- basb-ar. TTTANTED—PEOPLE TO PURCHASE 7-SHOT FULL VV nlckcl-platcd revolvers at $2.50; Evans' repeat ing-rifle, 34 shots In 20 seconds; sixty styles of revol vers; catalogue free. WESTERN GUN WORKS, 69 Dearborn-gt., Chicago, 111. T\TANTED—GROCERY STORE IN A GOOD LOCA VV tlon, city or country; If required would take a small stock or goods for cosh. Answer 101 l particulars of stock, amount required, rent, and location. Na other replies noticed. Rl4. Tribune office. WANTED— GOODS TO SELL BY SAMPLE ON salary or commission. Have acquaintance through Illinois and lowa. Good city reference*. Address U, 46 Seymonr-st. ANTED—A THOUSAND PERSONS AFFLICTES with piles to use each a box of Dr. Kahloskle’f Russia Solve and be cured. Offlce 75 Madlson-st.* neas State. TirAXTED—PARTT TO OPES J[EAT MARKET A 1 VV Hlghwood: 75 families and no market. E. ASH LEY ME ARS. 40 and 47 Reaper Block. WANTED-PARTY TO OPEN DRY-GOODS STORfi at Hlchwood; brick store nearly ready. E. ASH LEY MEARS. 40 and 47 Reaper Block. TTYANTED—A i GOOD SECOND-HAND SODA v V fountain In exchange for good furniture and cash. Call at lOOFourth-av., drug-store.; YTTANTED—LADIES FROM THE COUNTRY WANT VI Inga quiet home during confinement at low rates, with best ot care or doctors knowing of anyone In need of care, please address B 88, Tribune offlce. TVY ANTED—WALNUT BOOK-CASE WITH GLASS VV doors. 11. B. BOSS, 118 and 120 Moaroc-st. TVYANTED—PAIR OF STANDARD SCALES, CA- V* pacltv, 3,000 Iba or upwards, cheap for cash. E. P. MARSrt, Room 23, 158 Washington-at. Tt7ANTEO-SOSIE FINE DIAMONDS CHEAP FOR VV cash: also, advances made on diamonds. Jewelry* and furniture. Rio. Tribune office. WAN TED-A RAILROAD TICKET TO SAN FRAN franclsco. Address O 68, Tribune offlce. WANTED HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AT Hlchwood; growlngrapldlyandnopbyslcJan. E. ASHLEY MEARS, 46 and 47Eeaper Block. WANTED-PARTY WITH S3OO TO 5500 CASH TO to join In perfecting and patenting a valuabj* labor-saving machine (caveat now filed). One roachlot now constructed and nearly perfect. None bat tho*c meaning business need reply. A large fortune In tc Address N 30, Tribune office. WANTED-200 LATHERS TO ATTEND A MEET* Ing at the Workingmen's HoIL corner of Nortl Halsted and West Sui»crior-«Us., near Chlcago-av., Tuesday evening. May 30, for the purpose of organizing a Union- ■ XIYANTED—A MAN AND WIFE TO OCCUPI VV the rear part of a house on Pralrle-av. for th« summer; rentfree. 14gSoSalle«st., oasement. WANTED —GRAINING AND PAINTING DON! for mill work, lumber, or signs. Address 2a DcKovcn-st. \yYANTED—TO BUY A GROCERY STOCK ANI VV fixtures; must be a good stand. Will pay pai cash. balance In real estate. Address for five days K 6 Tribune ofllce. CL*l C WILL BUY AN ALMOST FULL GROWN m)XO very fine and large Newfoundland dog; Rtsi good watcher, and only 10 months old. On account a sickness lam hard up for money and must sell It. C. A MATTENSON. Box23sGenevx HI. INSTRUCTION. lilt -NO BETTER TEACHER THAN Till JYJYIYJY. Chicago Dally News, I cent. Newsy ani independent. A LADY OP EXPERIENCE WISHING TO RE main In the city or suburbs all summer will teock one or two pupils In music as equivalent for board. Ad dress P, Root & Sons, State-st. € PARENTS DESIROUS OF BOARDING TTTEIU children during the Centennial ean And beard, in struction. and motherly care at the Misses STEIGERS’, Kindergarten, 140 Sooth Park-av. SKETCHING FROM NATURE TAUGHT IN ONB lesson for $5 (not Including shading). PupiU taught only at their residence*. Andress C. ELVEEnA, Post-Office. CMTUATION WANTED—BY A LADY AS TEACHER O in a email family: country preferred. Object, a flcaaant home. Address P. Room 2i Exchange Bulbi ng, corner of Clark and Washlngton-sts. ■\\f ANTED—A GERMAN YOUNG LADY AS RE*I !! dent governess, capable oif teaching the German language thoroughly, and also needlework and em broidery. Call after 2 o'clock at 400 Mlchlgan-ar. iIIEDIGAI* DR. O. A. BISHOP. MAGNETIC HEALER, 4VJ West Randolph-*!., Chicago. Neuralgia and rheumatism cured without drugs. Diseases of tho lungs, kidneys, and liver treated with unvarying suc cess. Profuse perspiration produced by manipulations alone. Immediate relief given In the. worn eases of female weakness, from whatever cause or however longstanding, and permanent cure made where all other means nave failed. Correct diagnoses made of the most obscure diseases. Consultation free. Office hours 10 to 4. MRS. C. THOMAS, M. D.. 508 SOUTH HALSTED st., cures ail female diseases; special attention paid to confinements; patients can obtain rooms and treatment.' WANTED— EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT DR. 11. T. Lee, of 707 Madteon-st., Chicago, cures coughs, colds, and consumption, cholera, cholera morbus, cholera infantum, dysentery, diarrhtca, bloody flux, piles, fistula, and female complaints, rheumatism, spinal curvatures, and weak limbs. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-to take agents igutdb. Circulation over 10,000; 25 cents a year. JAMES P. SCOTT. 60 Dearborn-st, A GENTS WANTED-MALE AND FEMALE, FROM A $3 to $lO per day. Small capital. Apply at 132 Lake-st.. up-stairs. BrtlUantlne Company. Required In every family. _ BUILDING UIATEItBAL. For salb-atia sacrifice, a job lot of doom and blinds in lots to suit purchasers. |dl South Canal-at., second floor. . STOLEN. (JTOLEN-A DABK BAY MAKE. SCABBED OH O flanks, old lop buggy, and harness; $25 reward sot Information, at 22."> Blue Island-av. < STOLEN-POCKETBOOK FROM 58 WEST LAJOfr* st. Liberal reward if returned. Ko westieaSStiOKs 15

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