Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 28, 1876, Page 16

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 28, 1876 Page 16
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16 FASHION NOTES.' Last Week’s Social Events in Cbicago. Approved Riding Costumes for Ladies and Gentlemen in New York. Dresses of a Cuban Bride—Neck ties and Hats—Girls’ Toilets. Colors Which Become the Complexion of the Florid Brunette. CHICAGO. GOLDEN WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Jennings celebrated their golden wedding Monday at the residence of their son-in-law, "William H. Carman, 191 Lin coln avenue, which proved a very joyous affair to ail who participated. The wedding ceremony was performed by the Rev. Robert Coilycr, and the music was famish ed by Newell’s Rccd-Factory amateur band. A number of handsome presents were received by the bride and groom. Among those who participated were Mr- and Mrs. William IT. Car man, Mrs. Charles H. Jennings, of Serf Side; Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Grubbs, of Park Ridge; Mr. and Mrs. John Grubbs, of South Evanston; Mr. and .Mrs. Robert Coiiyer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark, of Lake View; Mr. and Mrs. George Oag, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Newell, Mr. and Mrs. William B. Morse, Mr. and Mrs. .T. G. Earhuff, Mrs. James Thompson, Mrs. Madison La Monte, Capt. Sam uel A. Ellis, Capt. Lyman S. Cower, Doc E. I’. Ward. Mr. S. S. Greeley, Doc S. C. Grosvc nor, Mr. diaries Meelielkc, Miss May Newell, Miss Almira Carman, Miss May Grubbs, Miss Phoebe Buchanan, Miss B. Buggc, of Milwau kee; Miss Katy Schwarz, Miss Mignon La Monte, Miss Grcelcv, Miss Emma Mechclke; and Messrs. Charles E. 'Jennings, James Thompson, Thomas Maxwell, Frank Carman, J. Worden, A. Worden, H. S. Worden, Colburg, Burdick, Powers, Alden, Wright, Kirkland, and Moriaty. MAT PABTT. The Misses Eddy, of the Kindergarten school at 10 Bishop court, gave a May party for the pleasure ol their pupils and their friends Fri day evening at Marline’s Hall, which proved a brilliant and cnjovable affair to all who at tended. The little folks in costumes and de portment seemed miniature ladies and gentle men of the must approved style, and bore them selves with a grace and abandon which many a group of old folks might well envy. The Gavotte, the May Dance, the mazurka waltz, and the Count quadrille were especially noticeable as numbers of the programme ren dered in a manner alike creditable to the pupils aud their teacher of this pleasing art- Upwards of ninety children took part in the dancing, which was intcr?i*ersed with several recitations of special interest. THE WEST END CLUB Announce the following programme for the en tertainment to be given for the benefit of the Home for the Friendless, at Marline’s West- Side Hall, on Tuesday evening: The operetta, *• Trial by Jury,” first given in this city bv the Oates troupe; piano selections, bv Miss X. P. Bangs, a funner pupil of Madame luce, who has been winning applause in musical circles during her short residence in Chicago; the two-act drama entitled a Down hy the Sea.” Tickets, 50c, for sale at the West-side Library and at Bell’s drug store, comer of Madison and Sheldon streets. SURPRISE PARTY, A large and fashionable party of the friends of Mr. C. V» f . Chaffee surprised* that gentleman and his wife at their residence, 1210 W abash ave nue, Friday evening, by taking possession of their premises and devoting them for the even ing to social enjoyment. The self-invited guests were accorded a hearty welcome hy the host aud hostess, who spared no effort to make the oc casion an enjoyable one, in winch they were eminently successful. The evening was spent in the happiest manner, the music was excel lent, and a fine collation was served to the guests. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs, William H. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. H, S. Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs, Philip Saltier,. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Magic, Mr. and Mrs. P. B- Raney, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. I*. La Paint, Mrs. Able, Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. V. Leach, Mrs. Balchelcr, Miss Maggie Able, Miss Annie Able, Miss Sarah Wvltc, Miss Hattie Clark, Miss Kellie Wheeler, sliss Minnie Eicr tlam, Miss Flora Genung, Miss Minnie Parker, Miss Lulu Wheeler, Mr. G. B. Daniels, Mr. John Able, Mr. Oliver Dale, Mr. J. £. Landcll, Mr. G. Henderson, and Mr. Charles Clark. CHURCH SOCIABLE. The Am ana Society of the Ada Street Iff. E. Church had a pleasant sociable at the church parlors Thursday evening. The exercises opened with the singing of an anthem by the church choir. After the regular business of the society was disposed of. some excellent music was fur nished by the Arioso Glee Club, followed by a duet sung by Miss Hattie de J. Starr and Mr. Frank Pitncr, and a solo sung by Miss H. de J. Starr- At this juncture the society was invited to the Bible class room to partake of refresh ments that had been provided by the ladies of the church. WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT. Tuesday evening, June C, Mr. J. T. Emcrick md Miss Eflic A- Sawyer, niece of Mr. and Mrs. I*. L. Smith, will be married at the Michi gan Avenue Church. After the ceremony there will be a reception at Mr. Smith’s bouse, tfo. 5 Forrest avenue. XEW YORK. RIDING-COSTUMES. Special Correspondence of The Tribune. Kew York, May 25.—1 am not sure whether &r not gentlemen read “fashion ” articles; but f they do nut, perhaps Madame may like to tnow what Monsieur should wear. Now that your boulcvaru-scasou begins to have an ad ditional brilliancy, perhaps gentlemen eques trians may be pleased to hear what is considered the regulation riding-costume. The coat should oe a single-breasted momlng-coat, made from Oxford melton of medium weight, cut rather long in the waist and short in the skirt, to but ton high. The sleeves should fit rather dose, md be shaped to the arm. Waistcoat from the taznc doth as the coat, single-breasted, without i collar, to button high. The trowsers must be of a soft shade of drab or gray Bedford cord; they should fit rather close in the legs, and be half an inch in extra length; secure with straps and buttons at the bottom of the bout. An English standing col lar and scarf, with a white polka dot on an indigo ground, worn with a horse-shoe scarf pin, a!teconsidered the most appropriate neck wear. TSoft gloves of dog-skin, with ribbed backs, are the best, or the dicvrctle glove, for warm summer wear. A silk hat should be worn for park riding, or a felt “ Derby” on the road. The Oxford mdton is preferable for coat and vest, as it shows the dust less than other colors. The spcdal features for riding-habits for la dies arc short, narrow plain jockey basques, with double breasts and half high rolling collars. There are three rows of small buttons on the front of the basque, and a row on each of the scams in the skirt of the basque. A very pretty Swiss muslin dress is trimmed with two flounces around the bottom, each edged with lace 2 Inches wide and headed with int3»-wide insertion. The long apron overskirt is made of pullings and lacc insertions placed diagonally across the front, and meeting at the back a long straight piece finished around the edge like the underskirt. The jacket is half close-fitting and is made entirely of insertion end narrow puffs. Enlivened with bows of bright tinted ribbons, this makes a very’ charm ing evcnlng-drcss for a young girl. Monday occurred the wedding of the season. the marriage of an English Lord to the daugh ter of a wealthy Cuban merchant. The dress of the bride was a _ piece of magnificent workmanship—a triumph of domestic art; for, like the rest of her superb trousseau, it was designed and made in New York. The front was of white satin, beautifully draped with priceless point-lacc. The back was of satin ana rich damask brocade. The waist wa*. >f both materials, with open squares filled with medallions of point-lace. The sleeves were long, consisting of puffs of white satin divided by pearl passementerie. A handsome visiting dress is of marine blue faille, with an overdress of a rich white woolen fabric. The trained skirt has two deep-pleated flounces, headed by a band of faille of a lighter shade than the skirt. The tunic is of marine blue faille mingled with the while material, and Is bordered bv a heavy silk fringe. The corsage •s of white woolen goods, trimmed with folds of the lighter shades of faille and garnished with Belliblue bows and ends of similar hue. The ilecvcs arc rather dose, and are light blue. Cuffs of marine bine, adorned with buttons. thb polonaise buttoned behind is much affected by young la dies, and is certainly quite pretty. It is made with lew seams and displays good figures to great advantage. It is also adopted for house wear by ladies who no longer lay claims to youth. Its only objection Is that it makes one dependent on a’maid, or, in lieu of the latter, on some one else, before the toilet can be complet ed. Dresses for young girls arc made long enough to reach the ankles, and measure just three yards in width. All the fullness is brought to the back, by placing the front and the side gores straight on the bond, and ninnlng a shirr m the back just below the knees. Polonaises arc trimmed down the front with three rows of but tons half an inch in diameter. Sometimes square bows replace these buttons with good effect. A fanev now exists for inserting a plastron, or shield of silk, made wide around the neck, slop ing narrower at the waist and broadening agam as it readies the bottom. A vciy handsome morning dress, shelving this arrangement, is ol gros grain silk, in color like the purple heart of a pansy. Down the front is a plastron of velvet, finished at the outer edge with a half-inch thick cord of silver. There arc deep po kets of velvet slanting towards flie bade, also corded with the silver-cable. An elegant stone-colored reception dress has a skirt of silk, with flounces piped with pink and a 3’rincessc polonaise of damask cashmere, cord ed and banded with pink. A new skirt is the Patti, which is so arranged with shirr strings as to form in the back two full puffs, which give a bouffant effect, ami obviate the use of a bustle. THE LATEST KAGB IN PARIS is the Dubarry coat, a wrap in shape like a gen tleman’s swallow-tail, but has for trimming pleatings, lace, or any feminine garniture. Among new evening wraps are Oriental scarfs with Persian and Indian arabesque and geomet ric designs. _ The latest novelty In lace is the Esther neck lace, an American production. It is made of Honiton, round point, applique, or auy lace pre ferred, with laee locket and charms depending from it. A prettviraportation just Introduced is wool and silk gauze in all shades for making the crowns of bonnets, for cravats, fichus, and scarfs. The tulle strings on opera bonnets are often trimmed with chains of small, delicate flowers, sewed on flat- Those most used are daisies, forget-me-nots, violets, and buttercups. This flowery garland encircling the face is most becoming. A new handsome hat in Panama chip is known as the Gainsborough. The crown is high, the brim droops low on one side, and rolls on the other. The trimming is simply a verv long double ostrich plume, which wreaths the*crown and falls low on the shoulder. Fre quently a cluster of pink roses ornaments the side. For shopping, traveling, and general city wear, round hats find much favor. Of these, tile prettiest are toques, the Rubens, turned up on one side, and‘turbans. , A CHARMING FRENCH HAT, ■y'xti: of fanev straw and ecru in color, has a soft, puffed 'crown of silk, the exact shade of the straw. Two handsome ostrich tips are held lu place at the back with a gold clasp, and curl over the crown. The face-trimming is entirely of Valenciennes lace. Strings of ecru silk-net are fastened at the back, whence they pass for ward and meet beneath the chin. A gold dasp secures them. The veil-trimming so much used last year has been revived. The veil will be twined around the crown, and two ends hang behind, to be again brought in front and knotted there. Rough satin-foccd straw-bonnets are considered the most appropriate traveling bead-gear for elderly ladies. Black garnet jewelry is m much demand for second mourning or demi-toilctte. A PRETTY NOVELTY shown in the stores consists of points, stars, and squares of real point lace, for ornamenting the ends of neckties. In addition to their beau ty, these ends possess other advantages, being sold at unprecedented rates and being transfera ble from one tic to another. In price theyrange from $1.75 to $3, and well repay the trilling ex penditure. In an article of this nature, it may not be in appropriate to mention some very pretty and novel pieces of table wear that arc now a la mode. They arc made of majolica. One piece supplies a want long felt in obviating the diffi culty of serving raw oysters in good style. It is a daintv little dish, so arranged as to simulate six oyster-shells, and in each one an oyster is placed. The shells arc flushed a rosy pink, and have all the iridescent hues of mother-of-pearl, while in form they have the exact shape of the shell of the oyster. They arc arranged three on cadi side, and at cither end are tiny cups for salt and pepper. Some very pretty berry dishes, also of majolica, are shown. The fruit is placed in a receptacle, which in form is a leaf, oak, iw, and maple being most used. The stem of the leaf widens so as to form a diminutive sugar-bowl. Majolica is also extensively used in the manu facture of articles of virtu. An odd and very handsome one consists of a snow-white swan, haughtily pluming its feathers. It gazes with admiration at its beautiful image reflected in limpid water, which is represented by a mirror. This tiny lake is prettily bordered with reeds and rushes, and with the beautiful swan resting lightly on its surface, presents a really attract ive sight. TWO PRETTY LITTLH COSTUMES, just completed, were ordered for a blonde and brunette respectively, each S years old. The first is of pale blue foulard. The front and sides of the skirt are laid in kilt pleats. The back has three flounces, each 8 inches deep. Each flounce is richly embroidered with white leaves and sprays, and clusters of forget-me nots, wrought in deeper blue than the foulard. The basque is tight-fitting: in the back, with short kilted ends, while the front, which is loose and straight, reaches half-way to the knees, and is fastened with flat pearl 'buttons, diamond shaped, Tnc dress for the dark-haired little belle is of deep rose-pink taffetas, with a rather scanty gathered ruffle around the bottom of the skirt. At intervals of an inch and a half arc rows of half-inch silk braid, in which are woven threads of silver. The overdress is a shawl-shaped tabller trimmed with three rows of braid, and finished with a finger-deep silk fringe in color like the taffetas. Fastened in the fringe, at spaces of 6 inches, are small silver tassels. Tlie Eolntcd ends of the overskirt tic in a sash ehind. The packet is a short, round sacquc, trimmed to match the tablier, ana is worn open over a waist with embroidery of fine white cambric. Both dresses arc extremely pretty and original in design. S. COLOR AND DRESS. THE FLORID BRUNETTE. {Dedicated to his Pupils by C. Elreeva.) As the florid brunette displays naturally an agreeable group of harmonizing tints, care must be taken not to weaken the harmony by the use of objectionable colors. At the same time It is advisable to neutralize any unpleasant tint which the complexion may contain, such as too much yellow, which has a decided tendency to give a sallow and unhealthy cost to the skin. Yellow, maize, and gold-color suit the florid brunette, because, while they contrast in a high ly favorable manner with the hair and eves, in tensifying them by the addition of purple, they harmonize by analogy with the tints of the com plexion, and neutralize, to a considerable de gree, any superabundance of yellow they may naturally contain. Whcn'the complexion displays more orange than yellow in its lone au increase of red is given to it. bv the use of yellow or maize in dress. A yelfow bonnet is favorable to this type; but, as it approaches near to and sur rounds the face, it should have a considerable proportion of its influence neutralized; this may be done by the introduction of violcta, purple, or deep-blue flowers, kept away from contact with the skin. These flowers must be used very sparingly. Orange, although it may be said to suit bru nettes with more or less positive orange in their complexions, is too brilliant and gaudy to be used in dress save in very small proportions. Red, scarlet, bright crimson, magenta, and all brilliant colors of the like class, follow the same rule as orange, suiting some complexions con taining red, which it is advantageous to neu tralize, but being too bright for general cos tume. A scarlet headdress is particularly suit able to black hair, Intensifying it by contrast, and by the addition of a purple tone. Dark-red is favorable to complexions which have too much natural red, because, besides its tendency to neutralize the color of the skin, it reduces ft by contrast. Violet is unsuitable to the florid brunette, un less its injurious influence be destroyed by the addition of yellow. Very dark violet is not so objectionable as the positive color. A violet bonnet may be rendered very pleasing, bv being trimmed with a quantity of pale yellow flowers, such as primroses. The flowers contrast with the violet of the bonnet, and accord well with the complexion. Most medium-toned neutrals, such as brown, slate, and gray, are unfavorable to this type; the yerj darkest shades of these colors, however, are suitable to some full-toned complexions. Silver-gray is also suitable to complexions with a moderate amount of color. Black contrasts well with the complexion of the florid brunette, although not so perfectly as with that of the previous type. It enhances the rest by reducing the lighter tint of the skin; but it has no power to neutralize any objectionable color that may exist. A black bonnet, although not so suitable to the brunette as to the blonde, is, nevertheless, agreeable in its effect. It may be ornamented with white, red, orange, or yellow trimmings. White is more favorable to tne florid brunette than black, and accords well with all com plexions* - A white dress may be ornamented to THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. MAY 28, 1876—SIXTEEN PAGES. advantage, with scarlet, orange, or yellow. A white nonnet, which is highly suitable to this type, should have trimmings of red, orange, or yellow; red or orange Is to he preferred, yellow and white having a vve sk offf'l hy daylight. [To be Continued.] TOBLETISE. PIQUE. The great American lady is divided into three claves, viz.: Those who want to mnrry, those who desire to visit the Centennial, and those who sigh for both. She is Itounded on two sides by her opin ion of herself. On another by the world’s opinion of her, and on the last by a 'Roman Bustle. She subsists chiefly on man, and her principal produc tions arc sentiment and shopping bills. She is sub ject to ciimatlcal and constitutional changes which jeopardize her placid beauty. To her there are but two alternatives; become a total wreck, or call to her face the exquisite hue of TOILETINE FOU THE COMPLEXION. Sold by all druggists, DE LA SANTA Advertiser. " AMUSEMENTS. HOOLEY'S THEATER MAGUIRE & IIAVEKLY. WILL E. CHAPMAN ENGAGEMENT OF MISS ROSE EYTIIGE, Commencing MONDAY EVE., MAY 29, In Her Great Creation of Rose Michel, As played by her 12S consecutive nights at the Union Square Theatre, New York. The Scenery and Co>inmcs arc those used in that theatre in the original production of this thrilling drama. Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. RETURN And Positively Last Appearance OF THE Bmilileryßii J O AKTISTS. DIRECTOR, CARL BECK. Three Grand Concerts and One Matinee. TUESDAY, Slay SO, S p. ra., at McCormick’s Hal]. WEDNESDAY, May 31, 2 p. m.. Grand Matinee at Plymouth Olinrch. WEDNESDAY, May 31, Bp. m., Farewell Con cert at Parnell Hall, ENTIRE NEW PROGRAMME, Tickets, 50 cents, at J. Bauer’s Music Store. HOOLEY’S THEATEE, Grand musical entertainment. Sunday ermine. May 2S, 1870. will he produced by the Senuvfelder Llecler krauz, after weeks of elaborate preparation, with full chorus, costumes, and Instrumental accompaniment, a series of twelve beautiful musical tableaux. Illustrative of college life amom; German students, and entitled “Student’s Life,” composed hv .Julius Otto. . Descrip tive iTocramnio—Tableau I.—Student's sons. Gradu ate's Agitur.i’C. a.—-The song of the Freshmen. 3.—The sonpol the students In the rendezvous, dedicated to Bacchus and Gambriuus. 4.—'The soup of the Student Fraternity, a.—'The grand Commencement, A Stu dents’ Banquet. Characteristic Conviviality, 6.—** On the Measure,” or the Duel. 7. —A Serenade to the be loved one. B.—The comic scene with the money lenders. Illustrative of the. neat and expeditious way the student* dispose of this troublesome gentry, through the old of the General Servant. 9,—Song of the stu dent* on a pleasure tour. lOandll.—The students ac cept an Invitation to a village festival. General Jollifi cation. 12.—Grand finale chorus, “Good-Bye. The whole under the efficient leadership of prof. Km 11 Rein. Tickets, si.oo. 7.*»c:s., nud.loct*. For sale at ticket office Sunday, from 10 a. m. to Ip. in.; also at the door. NEW CHICAGO THEATRE. R. M. IIOOLEY Monday, May 29, every evening, and Wednesday and Saturday Matinees, ANOTHER WEEK OF GENUINE FUN. A GREAT BILL. First time of John Hart's very laughable sketch, THE COURT OF APPEALS, Embracing the entire strength of the Company. Lttle Mac’s New Act, LERY OUTDONE. THE MISCIIIEVIOUS MONKEY. KEITH and DREW. HALL’S BANJtI Bobby Newcomb’s Specialties, etc. etc. This (Sunday) evening, Bclvil Ryan in his popu lar character of “Ecclcs,”in “Caste.” Wednesday afternoon, benefit of Bobby Newcomb. TEE COLISEUM. •RRTT.T.TATJT NOVELTIES. SUNDAY, MAY 28. and the entire week. The WINNETTS, LOTTIE and TOMMY. CON WAY and KERRIGAN. and the HUDSON BROS. Great hit of EMERSON & CLARK, who appear in their new act, “Disgusted Lovers.” MuRPHY and MORTON. The SANYEAHS, Samuel and Mand. BILLY & MAGGIE HAY. JOHN IIEN SUAW. GEO. W. DUNBAR. The Coliseum Quar tette. Sarony and the entire Company in a New Bill. Admission, 25 cents. Performance every evening at 8 o'clock, and Sunday afternoon at 3. THE TOLEDO, 141 East Madison-st. G-IR-A-INTID OO'N'OEE.T SUNDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING, also ev ery night, of the world-renowned HEIINE QUARTETTE, In connection with the best musicians in Chicago, under direction of LIZZIE KCBX3STE. ADMISSION FREE. A superbly-famished Gallery for Ladies. McOOBMIOK HALL. SUNDAY AFTERNOON, May 28. Rational Snnday Amusement Course. A Splendid Entertainment. Readings and Music. Mr. ALFRED WILKIE. Tenor. Mr. A. P. BURBANK, Reader. Mies HATTIE JOHNSON. Reader. THE IMPERIAL QUARTETTE— Messrs. Cook, Baron, Lament, and Wilkie. Signor G. NV CAROZZI, Pianist. Doors open at 2p. m. Entertainment at 3. Admission only 10 rents. LINCOLN PAVILION. (Corner Grant and North Clark-sts.) HENRICI & WINTER Proprietors. SUNDAY EVENING, MAY 28, GRAM OPEN AIR CONCERT By HAN’S BALATKA’S Full Orchestra, Admission, 25 cents. COL, WOOD’S MUSEUM. LAST WEEK OF FRANK E. AIKEN. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Evenings and Wednesday Matinee, TICKET-OF LEAVE MAN. Fridav and Saturday Evenings and Saturday Matinee, SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, and FOUL PLAY. Friday cveninir. Benefit of F. K. Aiken, and first appearance of Mins GF.NE VIEVE HOWARD. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Matinees, the CHIMNEY CORNER, and LOAN OF A LOVER. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. The West Side Popular Resort. Performances every evening and Wednesday and Saturday Mati nees. The Full-Dress Female Minstrels, together with a superb Olio and Afterpiece, introducing all the Artists in their specialties. Sunday, May 28, Extra Ladies' Night. Next week, the Little 2 ami Big 1; also. Hawley and Victoria, and Miss Lottie Grant. Admission, 25 cents; reserved scats, tJS and 50 cents. PIONIO, OAK FOREST GROVE, Located 23 miles from Clncaao, on tin* Rock Island Rnad. The best and most convenient PICNIC GROUNDS IN THE NORTHWEST. Has a fine shade. New Dancing Floor 30x80 feet, new stands, &c. This beautiful Oro***, with first-class earn, furnished by Prof. SNOW, Gl9 West Laku-st. C-BMD EXCURSION TO ELGIN, ILL., SUNDAY, June 4, 1870, arranged by the Turn Verein Vorwarts. Tickets, $1.50; will be Hold mt Twelfth-Pt. Turner Hall and the depot. Train leaves depot corner Kinzie and Clinton-sts. at 8:13 a. m. sharp, and returns leaving Klein at 8 p. m. ' THE COMMITTEE. DRAMATIC. An actress of recognised ability, having starred In all the principal cities, and puuesslng undoubted testi monials from the press and public, will accept a few pupils and fit them thoroughly for the dramatic profes sion. lecturing, or public reading. Private lessons at Pupils residence when desired. Uvhenn-als and enter tainments superintended. Address Post-Office Box 303. HEST ANNUAL PICNIC of the Esther Lodge, Xo. 7, I. O. P. S. of 1., will take place this Sunday, May 28, at OGDEJTS GROVE. Good music. Admission, 25 cento. AUCTION SALES, By G. P. GOKL & CO., (iS and 70 Wabash-av DRY GOODS. Largo and very attractive sale of choice seasona ble goods. „ . , TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 30. at 9:30 o'clock. We ?*hall offer new lines Men’s. Roys. and Youths’ custom-made seasonable clothing. Also new lines lirces Goods. Poplins, Debeges, Plaids, fine all-wool Shawls, etc. _ , 300 pieces Gros Grain Ribbons, fine fancy Cassi mores in patterns, large and elegant line Kid Gloves in ladies’ and gents’ wear. , „ Sun Umbrellas and Parasols. Millinery and Straw Goods. Hut’* and Caps. Hosiery, Gents’ white and fancy Dress Shirts, large lines of Fans, full lines of Linens, entire new lines Gents’ Suspenders. Shirtings, Fancy Cass., Cottonndes, -leans, etc. Large line Black Alpacas, Table and Pocket Cut lery anil Plated Goods, Toilet Soaps, Wallets, Brushes, Notions, etc. CARPETS. Large speciial sale 100 rolls Carpetings at 11 o’clock. The attention of dealers is called to the same. GEO. P. GORE CO., OS and 70 Wabash-av. OUR AUCTION SALE OF Bools, Sta&Sliprs Of WEDNESDAY, May 3), at OK a. m.. will bo UNEQDALED in QUALITY and VARIETY, an examination ofwhioli is so licited. GEO. P. GORE <2 CO., OS & 70 Wabash-av. ..Lessees. .Manager. On THURSDAY, Juno 1, at 11 o’clock. To dose without reserve, 25 Carriages, Open and Top Buggies, Phaetons, Side-BarKoad Magnus, Democrat Wagons, and Harnesses. G. I*. GORE * CO.. Auctioneers. On Thursday. June 1. at 0:30 o’clock. We are constantly receivin'.: car load- of Furniture. Dealers and coneumers will llml it to their advan tage to attend onr eale* of I’ARLOIt, CHAMBER. LIBRARY, DINING ROOM, AND KITCHEN FURNITURE, Lonneee. Mirrors, Parlor and Odice Desks, Piated uml Walnut Finnic Show Cases, Carpels. Rcfrh,'- orators, Ice Cheats l , Ac. An elegant Piano and Parlor Organ, without reserve, at 11 o’clock. G. P. CORK CO.» Auctioneer*. By ELISON, POMiSKOY & CO., Auctioneers, 84 and 80 Randolph-at. For TUESDAY Mornin?. 3lay 30. at 9:30 o'd'k. SPECI4IFBffIIIBE SALE AT DDR STORES. New Parlor, Chamber, ami Dining-room FUR NITURE. Carnets, Cook Stoves. Jce-chusis, Gen eral Housekeeping Cooks. 100 packages Ground Spices to the trade. ELISON, POMKROY & CO., 84 and 80 llandolph-st. Chattel Mortgage Sale AtrcTioisr- GENTS FANCY TEAM, at Cooper’s Livery Sta ble, 4Monroc-st., Tuesday, May 30. at 12 o'clock noon. One Chestnut Mare. one Chestnut Horse, one light Road Wagon. Sold by order of Mortgagee. ELISUN, POMEROY & CCf., Auctioneers. UiraSTEATOR’SSAIIAT 243 Michigan-av., THURSDAY, JUNE 1, at 10 O’cM, Parlor, Chamber & Dining-room FURNITURE. Entire Carpets of the house, about 700 yards BRUSSELS and VELVET, in rrood order, nearly now. Elegant CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS, Gas Fixtures, &c. Lace Curtains, Billiard Table, complete with balls, cues, &c. By order of Executors Geo. W. Gage, Esq., fieceased. . 4 , ELISUN, POMEROY. & CO., Auctioneers. .Manager. Household Goods, Furniture, Carpets, &c., &c. At onrFriday’s sale, June 2, ato:3oa. m., ele gant New Parlor Suits, New Chamber Sets, a full line Carpets, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Of lice and Library Desks, Mattresses, General House keeping Goods, General Merchandise. Plated Ware, Crockery and Glassware, Pianos, <tc.. «fcc. ELTSON, POMEROY & CO., Auctioneers. By WAI. F. HODGES & CO., 6C2 West Lake-st. BATTEL MORTGAGE SALE, 673 West Lake-st., in basement. One fine Billiard Table, Brunswick make, to be sold to the highest bidder, Monday morning. May 20, at 10 o’clock. HODGES & CO., Auctioneers. SPECIAL SALE 027 TUESDAY 3IOESD.T,. MAY 30, AT 10 O'CLOCK, A GENERAL LINE OP HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Consisting of Brussels, 3-Ply and Ingrain Carpets, Parlor, Dining, Sitting-room, Kitchen, and Laundry Furniture, the whole to be sold without reserve. Look out for bargains. WM. F. HODGES & CO., Auctioneers, 662 West La!cc-st. NO. 662 WEST LAKE-ST. WE SHALL SELL ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, May HI, at 7 O’clock. A general assortment of HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Consisting of Brussels ami Ingrain Carpets, Parlor, Dining-room, Sitting, Chamber-room, and Kitchen Furniture, etc. Also on Saturday evening, June 3, at 7 o’clock. WM. F. HODGES & CO.. Auct’rs, 662 West Lake-st. By JAS. P. McKAMARA & CO., 117 Wabash-av., N. IV. corner Madison-st. Largs ant Attractive Catalogue Sale OF 2,700 CASES BOOTS & SHOES -A.T -A.TTCTION, TUESDAY HORNING, Hay 30. at 0:30 o’clock. This sale will comprise a full assortment of New Spring Goods of all kinds. JAS. P. McNAMARA & CO., Auctioneers. By S. jS t . FOWLER & CO.. Auctioneers, 274 and 270 East 3ladison-st. MONDAY, at 10 a. m,, at the residence of Mrs. 1). Friedlander, 870 "Wnhash-av., All the elegant Furniture contained in her house, consisting of Marble-top Chamber Sets, Library Furniture, Carpets, Crockery, etc., 3 Elegant Organs, 1 Hosewood Piano, And a fnll line of Household Goods, all of which MUST BE SOLD, as the owner leaves for the Con tinent AMou, Dealers ani Hoteliers! Special attractions for our WEDNESDAY'S Sale, next May 31, at 9:30 a. m., at our Double Stores, when we shall offer an unusually large Hue of New and Second-Hand PTJBWITTJBE, Comprising the usual assortment of Household Goods and General Merchandise. Also, our usual lav-out of Carpet**, misfit and in the roll. Pianos, Organs, Chromos, and Office Desks. S. N. FOWLEU& CO., Auctioneers. By T. E. STACY. ISO Dearborn-et., Houurc Block. Foreclosing Mortgages. Serving Distress Warrants, etc.: also sales made byname at satisfactory rates. Call If you need any business in my line. ‘Best of reference given. AT HO. 78 THIRTIETH-ST., HEAR COTTAGE GROVE-AY., Tuesday, May 30, at 10 a. m., the entire con* tents of cottage, consisting of Carpets, B. \V. and Mahogany Bedsteads. Bedding, Chairs. Sofa, Easy Chair, Marble Top Table, 3llrrors, Curtains, Cook and Parlor Stove, Crockery, Glassware, etc. Sale positive. AT HO. 186 DEABBORH-ST.,- HEAR POST-OFFICE, 2 Pianos, Horse, buggy and harness. 4 Hilliard Tables, 1 lincly fitted up Saloon, House to be moved. Also, house and lot very cheap, on Vcrnon-av. Also shall sell at auction the content* o' about 40 Rooms next week. Notice hereafter.- Call for particulars on all. on your mortgages if you want them foreclosed. T. £. STACY, 180 Dearborn st GREAT AUCTION SALE Bibles, Books, and Chromos, every Monday, Wed nesday! and Saturday. 10 to 4, at 102 South Clark at J, By WAI. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers* 118 and 120 Wabaah-av, 10,090 lire mms of every kind, choice Pigeons and Poultry, Ani mals. Fish, etc., etc. Theentlrestockof STRICK LAND, taxidermist and dealer, No. 212 West Madiaon-st., -A/T AUCTION, Monday and Tuesday, May 29 and 30. 1876. The whole comprises one of the greatest varieties In the West, Full particulars in hand-bills. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Anctloneers. COTTAGE HOUSE, Corner of Larrabee & Ccntre-sts., MONDAY AFTERNOON. MAY 29, at 2 o'clock. 1 Fine Family Carriage, 2 Full Leather-Top Buggies, 2 Full Leather-Top Phaetons, 3 Open Buggies, 1 Democrat Wagon, 2 seats, 2 Express Wagons, 5 Sets Single Buggy Harness, 2 Sets Single & Double Express do., WEDNESDAY MORNING, May 30, at JO o’clock, nt Butters & Co.’a Salesrooms, US and 120 w»- baah-uv. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. BUTTERS * CO.’S REGULAR SALE, Wednesday Morning, May 31, at 9:30 o’clock, At 118 & 120 Wabash-av., N. E. cor. Madison-st., ASSORTED GLASSWARE, WHITE GEAHXTE WARE, Yellow and RecMiam ffaro, Camois, Fine Tails cmiory. STAPLE &MCY DRY fifiOlS, Besßlarffiafle Glo!Mng..FnrnlsMn£ Goods, Straw Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoos. THURSDAY MORNING, .lime 1,at0:30 o’clock,at their Auction Rooms, 118 and 120 Wabash-av. EHTIEE OUTFIT Of the Coalvnrd of AHRENS & BEHRfiNS. Bankrupts, No. 21KJ West Van Bureii-st., FRIDAY MORNING, Seven Horses, 4 Donblc Wagons, 4 Single Wagons, 1 Buggy, 8 sets Double Harness, 3 sctsSingle Har ncss/l Buggv Harness, Office Building, Office Fur niture, Platform Scale, Frame Stable and Shed, jot Sla«.s, Cordwood, Coal. etc., ete. Also at same time and place, the following prop erty belonging to the estate of NELSON BROS. & BARlTE*AT, Bankrupts, Three Horses, 3 Double Wagons. 2 Single Wag ons. 1 Cart, 1 Top Buggy. 3 sets Harness. By order of ROUT. E. JENKINS, Assignee. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. By B. B. DIANTOXYA & CO., Commission Boots andShocs. 200 East Madiaon-st. In order to close accounts of consignors who want money to meet their bills, we offer 1,000 CASES BOOTS A SHOES AT AUCTION PRICES. Full lines Colored Shoes and Slippers. _____ Cheapfiroceries. Buy where you know you always got the best. I offer nothing hut first-class goods, and have marked prices down as low as any house in the city. J. M. GILLESPIE, Fine Groceries, Fruits, Wines, Liquors, and Cigars, NO. WABASH-AV. ALLAN LINE OCEAN MAIL STEAMERS. VIA QUEBEC and VIA BALTIMORE. Passage, all classes, between principal points la Eu rope and America. CABIN and SALOON ACCOMMO DATION'S UNEXCELLED. Shortest Sea Home. Superior Ships. Experienced Officers. Disciplined Crews. SAFETY TIIK GOVERN ING HULK. Three weekly sailings each way. EMIGRANT AND STEERAGE PASSAGE, the Tory best In all respects, at lowest rates. Apply to ALLAN & CO., 72 and 74 LaSalle-fit., Chicago. AMERICAN LINE. PHILADELPHIA AND LIVERPOOL. Cabin, intermediate, and steerage passage AT LOWEST RATES. General office, 138 La Salle-st, comer Madison. J. 11. MILNE, Western Agent. White Star Mail Line. To and from Europe and America. Rates as low as bv any other first-class Line. Office, 120 East Randolph-st.. Chicago. ALFRED LAGERGREN, General Western Agent. Drafts on Great Britain and Ireland. CUNARD MAIL LIKE. Sailing three times a week to and from British Ports. Lowest Prices. Apply at Company’s Office, northwest comer Clark and Randolph-sts,, Chicago. P. 11. DU YEUN’ET. General Western Agent IMM STEAMSHIP IiIHE, Carrying the Mails between EUROPE AND AMERICA. For passage, apply at Company’s office, 32 S. Clark et., Chicago. _ FRANCIS C. BROWN, Gen. W est. Ag’L py Drafts on Great Britain and Ireland. FIVE DOLLARS "Will buy 50 feet Hydrant Hoso,with the fixtures, at HAIIOCI, MIES & CO.'S, KID GLOVES Secure perfect-fitting Kid Gloves by having them tried on your hand before purchasing. Only our own and other first-class makes filled. PARIS KID GLOVE STORE, 04 STATE-ST. INTGOim k LAffSffl, BOOTS & SHOES, JJb. 244 State-st., cor. Jackson. We warrant every pair. Lower prices than any other Shoe Store in Chicago. Cull and examine our large and complete stock. We show goods with pleasure, whether you buy or not. LADIES Of common intelligence, who desire to qualify them bcWcß in the medical practice of women and chil dren, medicine, and minor sorcery in all Its branches, will do well to call for particulars ut the Academy of Medicine and Midwifery, 204 North av„ andcorner Orchard-*!.. Chicago. to CHAS. P. HEIL, M. D., Professor and Principal of the Acad emy. The course last 12 weeks *llO costs SSO in all. T. E. STACY, Agent COTE OYSTERS, AUCTION SALES. GREAT SALE OF -A.T A.TTCTXO IST, ON THE PREMISES. WM. A. BUTTERS* t'O., Auctioneers. SPECIAL SALE. BITTERS Si CO.’S REGULAR TRADE SALE BAJSrBTEVCnPT S jAJCB- JUNE 2, atlO o'clock. GROCERIES. NO ECONOMY IN OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. HYDRANT HOSE. 174 & 175 RaMolpl-st., anfl 90 Slaie-sl. KID CLOVES. THE BEST ABE TEE CHEAPEST. BOOTS AMD SHOES, ITIEDICAL. COVE OYSTERS. 2-pound Cana, $1.50 per doz., At lUCKSOS’S, 113 Eut Sadlua-st. SEWING ITIACIIIIVES* jfS JNTE^IMPEOTEr),^ X.XC3-HIT HXT3SrisrllsrC3-, SHUTTLE STITCH, SEWING MACHINES ARE THE VERY LATEST AM) BEST. 07* PRICES LOWER, and more attachments fur nished free than with any other first-class machine 1 fg/"Morchsnts and others desiring to add to a business already established; *ll parties desiring to create a new and profitable business; old Sewing Machine Agents; everybody wishing wishing to make money in legitimate trade, will please ad dress ns for terms and prices to wholesale par-* chasers. • GROVES & BAKES S. Mi. CO., New and Commodious Store, 45 & 47 .Tnc'raon-Rt., Chicago, 111* f; ZiEIH'TSSTiftY. DR. ifCHESNEYS Large and Elegant Dental Parlors, me lost Popular Resort for all Denial Operations. A physician in office to administer gas. ether, and chloroform, with perfect safety. Go to sleep with pleasant dreams and wake up with your teeth out. S 8 for the best full set; no better to be gotten in thiscitv. Gold llllings one-third the usual rates. Warranted 10 years. Cor. Clark and llandolph-sts. NO PAIN. TEETH $7.50 DB. SWENOEL makes a specialty of extracting teeth without palu, to which thousands in this city can testify. He inserts the best gum teeth on Cel luloid, which is positively far better than rubber, for $7.50, and warranted. Boom B, northwest corner State and 31adison-sts. Call and see speci mens. r nM , Ti l, i v W I EEADEB, If from necessity you X JCiXi XXX | wear your teeth in your pocket, instead of your mouth, "don't despair. Goat once to DR. VEDDEB— 'J3 years’ experience—corner of Clark and Kinzle, and get a set yon can nse with ease and satisfaction for SS. Gold fillings, $1.50; silver, 75 cents; teeth extracted. 50 cents. TEETH, SS. DR. JIAGNUSSOX, Room 5 McCormick’s Block, corner Randolph and Dearborn-sts., continues to make full sets best Gum Teeth for SS. Iso better can be bad any price. For proofs call at ofUce. Fillings first-class at half price. Everything war ranted as represented. | FULL q- L o? e for $lO to sls saved on Dr. Cain’s S 7 teeth. Gold Plates, &J sto $45. All tilling very low, and war ranted. DR. W. Tl. 11. CAiX,ll‘~Dearborn-st. FIRIfIC CHANGES. DISSOLUTION. The firm of Lord. Smith & Co. Is tills day dissolved by mutual consent. The succeeding firm of Lord, Stouten burgh & Co..arc authorized to settle all indebtedness and other matters pertaining to the business of the old Arm. THOMAS LOHUt L. K. SMITH, Chicago, May 27, 187 R. GEOAV.STOUTEN'BXJRGII. The Wholesale Drue Business will be continued In all Its branches at the old stand. No. 86 Wnbasb-av., under the name and Ann of Lord. Stoutenlmnrh & Co. THOMAS LOUD. GKO. W.STOUTKNBtJEGH, GKORGR S. LOUD, Chicago, May 27,157 C. JAMES B. OWEN. In retiring from the firm of Lord. Smith & Co., of which I have been an active meml>erfor the past sev enteen years. 1 would cheerfully tender my thanks to our numerous patrons and friends for all their kind favors, s»nd would also recommend the new firm to your confidence and patronage. Respectfully, L. 11. SMITH. DISSOLUTION. Chicago. May 20, IS7C. The partnership heretofore existing between Edward E. Perley, George W. Hinckley, and Win. S. Hinckley, under the firm name of Perley, Hinckley A Co.. Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. George W. Hinckley and Wm. S. Hinckley are authorized to settle all ac counts of the above firm. EDWARD E, PERLEY. GEORGE W. HINCKLEY, WILLIAM S. HINCKLEY. DISSOLUTION. The co-partnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Kimball «fc Buchanan in this day dis solved by mutual consent. J. K. KDIHALL. S. R. BUCHANAN’. ' Chicago, April 20, IS7C. Mr. E. D. Tucker has purchased our business anil will continue the same. STOCKHOLDERS* MEETUXCtS. Office Cfficaso, Ml Mailt & Pacific R E. Co. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Chicago, Hock Island & Pacific IL li. Co., for the election of Directors, pursuant to Jaw, and the transaction of such other business as may come be fore them, will be held at the office of the Company in the City of Chicago, on Wednesday, the 7th day of June next, at 11 o’clock u. m. „ „ JOHN F. TRACY, President, F. 11. TOW S, secretary. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY CO. . April 24, 1870. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders and Bondholders of this Company, for the election of Directors, pursuant to law, and for the transaction of other business, will be held at the office of the Company in Chicago, on Thursday, the Ist of June next, at Ip. in. Bondholders will authenticate their right to vote by presenting their voting bonds at the office of the Company, No. 52 Wall-st., New York, for regis tration, on or before the Ist of May proximo. ALBERT KEEP, President. M. L. SYKES, Jr., Secretary. SEUOIEIt KESOUTS. MENASHA, WIS. Brace’s Mional Hotel . Forflshlnjj. boating, driven, and sporting there in no place in the State that excel* Menasha ami its surrounding*. Menasha is advantageously sitnated at the foot of Winnebago Lake, on the Big Fox River, within an easy ride of Milwaukee. The Na tional is one of the best hotels in the interior. LEGAL. _ \\ ASlllKOTox. D. c.. May 24. JN7R ( 'VTOTICK Is hereby given to an Persons who may hare 1 1 c I l a,, ? 1 H a ’ a , !nst tl| e “CUV National Hank of Uhlca go. 111., that the same must V presented to Nathan 11. Walworth. Receiver, with the legal proof thereof, with in three inontna from this date, or they will be disal lowed. (Signed) JOHN JAY KNOX, Comptroller of the Currency. professional. FOB BB AND FISTULA positively cured fl| B without pain or the use of knife, 9 H IF ligature, or caustic. A SURE BB B BMiCuKEOR NO PAY. Consnlla- H US BBS sy lions free, -Dr, J. B. C, Phillips, §¥&¥¥T¥3' An ' l MOKPUIXE habit abso- J/3B S? anil specdilj cured, f i 9 Ct rainless. No publicity. DR. i fid) ill CARLTON. IS7 IVashing- ton-st., Chicago. 111. WA'VTED. T° M A SON S—TVA NT ED—A It OUT 000 BUILDERS *- .PP.d hewers for Greenock (Scotland) new Parochial Buildings, and for Port Glasgow New Caledonian Rail way Station. Shed ;accommodatlonx for builders and bouse accommodation at the works. Wages. ncr railroad xim AEBWAI MD BEFABTDBE BF JBiDB ErplanaWm cf Reference Mar to. sstdrdw cepted. • bundar excepted, t Monday excepted. 7! K! rive Sunday at 8:00 a. m. i D&lij, 3 plcQ * I at- CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERS' RAILWAT. Ticket Office*, 62 Clart-st- (Sherman Hoaiei .7,1 Canal-sireeu. corner Madlson-st., and depoj aPaclflcFast Line *io:3oa. m.!*g*4n„ ~ uDubuque Day Ex. via Clinton *10:30 a. m.,* a-JnS* aDubuque aOnmha Xlght Express tlltOOp. m. ie-anr 2* aFrceport it Dubuque Express • 9:15 a. m * SIS S* uFreeport £ Dubuque Express •9JO n. m ' a'-ii ?' 5* Fast Mall (dally) $ 7:30 a. m. 5 4-r«n 2* Express (*10:00a. m. * 7-SP*2* raasenper j* 5:oop. m. Passenger (dally) $li:00p. m. Js'r«r2* ftGrcen Uav Express • 9:30a. m. • 7 : mn 2* 6St. Paul i Minneapolis Ex... *10:00a. m. • 4-S>n 2* bSt. Paul & Winona Express., t 9:4."» p. m. i 7-ft>;' 2" fcMarquctte Express *10:00 p. m. * e : 3or 2* aGenevaLakc Express • 4:00p. m. 2* Lake Express • 4:45 p. in. * 7 : 00p £ a—Depot comer of WelUand Klnzic-st*. 6—Depot comer of Canal and Klnzle-au. MICHIGAN CENTRAL BATT.ttnuj) Depot, foot of Lake*n., and foot of Twcnty-second-w Tlckct-oiflce. «7 Clark-st.. souitiMst coraerof r/t dolph, and at Palmer House. 01 Mall (via Main and Air i-mw..., Day Express Kalamazoo Accommodation... • Atlantic Express (dally) 15 Sight Express r Grand Ritpids and Muxkegon. 1 Morning Express Sight Express t Satimlay~Ex. • Sunday Es. t Monday Ft, § DtQy; CHICAGO, ALTON & ST. LOUIS and CHICAfIa JKANSAS CUT & DENVER SHOET LISES. Uoloq Depot. West Side, near brldn> Ticket OiUcea: At Depot, and list Randolph'it 6 * KansasCltr*DeiiTerFftstEx. , *J2:3op.m. *2:400 m. St. Louis *Sprlmrtleld Ex ;• 9:00a. m. ,* 7:50o. m St. Louts. Springfield* Texas.'s 9:00p. m. $ 7;40jl m Pekin and Peoria Fast Express. •|0;«)a. m.f* 4;COd m* Peoria Day Express • 9:00a. m. p* 7:50 p ml Peoria, Keokuk* Burlington. • 9:«)p. ra. • 7:40a m. Chicago* Paducah B. R. Ex.. • 9:00a. m. ( * m Streator. Lacon, Wash’ion Ex. *l2:»ip. m. i* 2:40p. m. Joliet* Dwight Accommdat’n *s;Uop.m.!, 9:20a. LAZE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN', 3Ia!l, via Main Line | (>:4O a.m.' 8:00 p.m. Special Y. Express. [ 9:00a.m. 8:00p.m. Atlantic Express, dally r»:ir»p. m.i 8:00a.m. Colehour Accommodation....( 3:40 p. m.l 11:10a. tn. Xlght Express 1i0:20p. m. §s:4oa. m. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE b ST. PAUL EAILEOAtt Union Depot, corner Madison and Canal-sts. Ticket OUlce, 63 South Clark-st., opposite Sherman House, ami at Depot. ; Milwaukee Express Wisconsin & Minnesota Thro’i Day Express ;*10:00a. m. • ■Wisconsin, lowa, and Mlnne*! 1 wita Express i* 5:03 p. m. *11:00*. m. Wisconsin & Minnesota Thro’l * Night Express It 9:45 p, m. '$ 7:00 a. m. All trains run via Milwaukee. Tickets for St. Paul ami Minneapolis are tfood either via Madison and Prairie du CUien, or via Watertown, La Crosse, and Winona. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILED AD. Depot, foot of Lake-st- and foot of Twenty-second-«S, Ticket Olhcc. 121 Itandolptwi., near Clark. St. Louis Express '» 8:40 a, m. St. Louis Fast Line (§ 8:3.4 p. m. Cairo & New Orleans Ex !* 8:40 a. m. Cairo Nlpht Ex § SprinsflelU, Peoria & Keokuk • Springileld Night Express 5 Peoria and Keokuk Express... ,• Dubuque & Sioux City Ex ;• Dubuque A Sioux City Ex i* Gilman Passenger |* CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & QUHTCJT EAILEOAu Depots, foot of Lakc-st.. Indlana-av.. and Sixteenth sc., and Canal and Slxtecnth-sU. Ticket Offices, M Clark-st.. ami at depots. Mall and Express.. • 7:30a. m. • 7:40p. ra. Ottawa and streator PasJ-eng'r • 7:30 a. m. • 7:40 p. m. Uockford, Dubuque & Sioux I City • 0:30 a. m. Pacific Fast Line, for Omaha. "J0;00a. in. Kansas City, Leavenworth,- 1 Atchison & St. Joseph Exp. "10:00 a.m. 1 AuroraX’assengcr • a:lap. m. Mendota, Ottawa & Streator 1 Passenger • 4:20 p. m. • 9:55 a. m. AuroraPassenpcr • r>:a»p. m. "0:00 a. m. Aurora (Sunday)... i:oo p. m.| 10:10a. m. Dubuque & Sioux City Kxp — • 9:25 p. ra.;" 7:00 a. m. Pacific Nipht Exp. fur Omaha t!0:00p. m. i 7:lUa. m. Kansas City. Leavenworth,' j Atchison & St. Joseph Exn..;tlO:OOp. m. it 7:10 a. in. Downer's Grove Accoimuod‘nl*n:ooa. m.," 2:osp. m. Downer's Grove Accominod'n." 1:45 p. in. |" 5:23 p. m. Downer’s (Jrove Accomniod’tij* 6:23 p. rn. ! " 6:45 a. m. Texas Express |"10;(jo p. m. It 7:40 p. m. •Ex. Sunday. tEs. Saturday. t Ex. Monday. TTRTR AND oSoASO LINS. Ticket Offices. 83 Clark-at.. Palmer House, Grand Pacific, ami at depot, usi Mlchlgan-av.. comer Madl son. Trains leave from Exposition Building. Dnj Express—Pullman Draw- 1 lug-Uoom Sleeping Cars, to New York without change.. 8:50a.m. 8:10a.m. Atlantic Express Pullman PalacePrawjnff-noom bleep* ing Cars and Hotel Cars 5:08 p. m, Only line running the hotel cars to New York. PHISBOBG. FT. WAXHB & CHICAGO BAH.WAX. Day Express Pacific Express Local Passenger—Fast Mall. Fast Line Mall •Sunday excepted. § Daily, t Saturday : Monday excepted. BALTEttOBB & OHIO RAILROAD. Trains leave from Exposition Building, foot of Mon roe-st. Tlcket-ofiices: 8J Clark-st., Palmer House, Grand Pacific, and Depot (Exposition Building). Accommodation..... Day Express Fast Express {Daily. • Dally, Sundays excepted. CHICAGO, BOOK ISLAND & PACIFIU BAHEOAD Depot, corner of Van Biiren aad Sherman-sts. Ticket Omaha,Leavenw’th&Atch Ex.*lo:oua. m- • 4:00 p. m. Peru Accommodation • r»:nnp. m. • 9::toa. m. NlulitExprc&a .:tiO:<iQ p. m. t G;55 a. m. April 24, 1870. Loci Hospital, cor. WasMngton & MMs. Chartered by the State of Illinois for the express par pose of giving Immediate relief In all ca«e» of private, chronic, and urinary diseases In all their complicate* lorras. It Is well known that DR. JAMES bos stood at the head of the profession lor the past 30 years. Ageaal experience are alMmportaat. Seminal Weakness night losses by dreams, pimples on the tacc. lost man hood, can positively be cured. Ladles wanting themoa delicate aitentlon, call or write. Pleasant home for pa tients. A iHHik fur the million. Marriage Guide, whlcl tells you all about these diseases—who should marry'* why not—lo cents to pay postage, hr. James has 31 rooms and parlors. You see no one but Che Doctor. Dr. James Is sixty years of age. Consultations always fret ami invited, office hours, 9a. ro. to 7p. m. Sunday* to to 12 a. m. All business strictly confidential. ]n7 VTanhingtun M>* Chicago permanent* cum priraw chronic, •cxual, and all Oia» tun «f frmilef, aetnlli* weakness mad io»pct«n«;il •ohoul of Medicine; uses do mercury; lunger located tnd b« tlio largest practice of any «pecinli*t in the Northwest, and, at an intelligent test wi 11 prove, is the ONLY realScientllleHP* claliatin Chicago. Consultation tree, and aacrwlly eonnoe» tin!. Private board when desired. . . ■ iISUUliiaBl JM *in disc „„ ri „ rrproducuooi how* to b« happy in marriage, toil* Bn D H 9 H J 3 Cb and letnale. The f»e*t Marriage Ouida B 3 BJI W t j. jK— in the world. Price.V) mils. A boo* of G 4 pages, ler two stamps, £re* •! 'VTicc o! Dr. 0i.1.v DB,. C. BIGELOW HAS RRMOVEDfrom 279 South Clark-st., cor. Van Bp* rcn. toB2 West Mndlson-rt.,cor. Jefferson,Chlcseo, IB*« and has had for the past twenty years the largest prao tlce In the city forCnronlc and Sexual Diseases. Seram* Weakness. Irapotency, the result of «*lf*abnaelnyoutn* or sexnnl excesses In maturer years. rendering towrlMJ improper, permanently cured safely, privately, van* phiet. no pages, relating to above, sent In sealed enw lope, for two n-cent stamps. Rooms separate for India and gentlemen. Consultation free. Office hours, o*tn tosn.m. Sunday*. 2 to4p.m. “Marriage Guide, or sex* nal Pathology.” 2rio large-size pages, embracing ererp thing on the generative system that Is worth knowing, andmuch not published In any other work, price, soot* DrTKean, 175 south Clarl-st, const of Monro?, China . May be consulted, personally or by mall, free of chsrye, on all chronic or nervous diseases. DH. J. KEA> Utw onlyphyslclan In the city who warrants cures or bo pay. Office hours. 9a. m. to Rp. m.; Sundays from 9to 1 * DrJLITTLG. :« yearn* London Hospital Practice; cures d» eases immediately, without mercury; also LOST ma llOuD. nervous uebJiiry. caused by errors of jo**®* Tlie young ttnd old are quickly restored lo man*? Strangers should call or write. One Interview is <iuim sufficient. Office strictly private. No. 177 E***"* 4 * SOu-st. Coburn Medical Institute* 177 Sou lh Clark-st., Chicago. The oldut tartlta lion in the United States, chartered expressly lort» cure of Private, Chronic, and Special Disease* w dou sexes. A staff of eminent Professors in sttcananm Consultation personally or by lettfcr free. :abi T. Leave, Leave. | issaysgil •0.00a.m. • 7:30p.m tO.Wp.~m..* 6:30a. m I Leave. Leave. \ Arrive. Leave. ] • 8:23 a. ra. Leave. 8::v»p. m. § 8,40 a. m. • 8:35 p. m.f} B:3>p. m..« 9:30 a. m. • 9:25 p. m. • s;t6p. m.l* I Leave. * Arrive. Leave. | Arrive. Leave. • 0:00 a. m. .If 5:15 p. m. . 5 3;(Op. m. ,;Tl0:00p. m. •l* 5:05 a. m. Leave. I* 7:40 a. m. • 5:10 p. m. S* 8:52a. rn.'s 8:10a. m. l{ s:osp. m.i* 8:10p. m. office 545 Clark-st., Sherman House. Leave, i Arrive. MEDICAL CARDS tL: iE« Arrive. Arrive. Arrive. Arrive. 7:30 p.m. 4:00 p. m. Arrive. 6:45 p. nu 7:30 a. m. 8:45p. ra. 7:30 a. m. 5:30p. ra. 7:30 a. m. 7.30 a. m. 4:30 p, m. 7:00 a. m. 9:25 a. q. 3:40 p. m. 4:00 p. m. 4:00 p m. 7:55 a. m. 8:10 p. m. Arrive. 7:00 p. m. 6:30 a. m. 9:00 a. m. 8:00 a. nu 5:05 p. m. excepted. Arrive.

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