Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 29, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 29, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Review of tho Financial Situation of Last Week. Effects of the War Rnmors—Clearings ami Sow York Exchange. The Prodnoo Markets Irregnkir—Wheat in Good Demand for Shipment. Provisions* Corn* and Oats Weak —Harley Demoralized. PIXANCIAIi. There wns ft fnlnl hut visible reflection In flnnn clnl circles' of the war rumors Hint have liojntn to In the lift Pm day 4. I’rices of produce an«l provision* were mTecfeil. find towards tho end of Hie week tho orders for currency began to In crease from the wheat district, nnd the price of ex change fell, showing nil Increased tendency In innrket the crops and export. What the effect uf wnr in Europe would bo on business and Industrial Interests lu this country, nnd In tho West nnd Northwest pnrtlcnlarly. was widely dl«cus<Td. That It would create ftn Imme diate and sharp dumnnd for our hrendstiiffs nnd meals was generally conceded. A great nmny of onr manufacturing Industries would receive ft stimulus. Tho relief brought hy the OItH War to our hindnesH Industries, prostrated hy the panic of isr.7. Is constantly rofened to, and although the remedy Is universally acknowledged to he worse thfin tho dlecftMC, it is not to he disguised that tho ffoncnil opinion holds that n giuftt foreign wnr would at least banish the torpor that now affects business nnd finances. The loan market was very quiotdurin? tlic week. A large amount of maturing country ami city pa per was paid. Thu Application* for now discounts were light, and much below tho ability ut the bank* to respond. Hates of discount Arc BQIO per cent to regular customers. Independent borrowers can obtain better terms. On tho street, pood negotiable paper la In do matut. Hates are HfalH per cent. New York exchange was weaker, and .'old be tween banks at par to 25c per SIiOUO premium. There were more orders from the country for currency. The clearings of the banka for the week are re ported qa follows by Manager D. IL Hale, of the Chicago Clearing-House: Clewing*. Monday..,., Tuesday.... ■Wednesday. Thursday... Friday Saturday... .S 3.1Ui.4ai.33 $ SiU.MS.3i .*'.. (!«<>. 47 2tW,r.SS.7(I . S,l*JS.(*S4.:tt :im.4,VMiJ a.4>w,sso.«i- . n.(»n.il3.:u arji,r»7S.«7 S,OOO, 153..V1 40U, Itirt.K) .»1ft,H0.4.V1.90 «1.H2U,107.CH CormrKindlnir’wc'ck iiiV year 10. U'i7,»71.10 1.600. 401.31 TUB HOTHCHILD.4 BELI.INO CON9OLS- The foreign dispatches reporting, whether truly or nut. that the Itothclillds nre heavy sellers of DrliUh console, and that there U a vague but pre vailing apprehension of trouble concerning the Eastern question, had the eHoclof strengthening, hut not advancing the gold premium here.— New York Dully Jlullclin , May So. MOUE I.UGAL UU.SSIIYISM AIIOUT DANK CHECKS. The Louisiana Supremo Court, In Um ease of Helwcge vs. Hibernia National Bank, where a check for S-ll was raised by.-the drawer, after cer tification, los4,l*>o, and pushed to plaintiff in the course of business, held the bunk llnblo to pay the full amount. The decision seems to have been placed ou the ground that the hank was negligent lu certifying a check in which there was such a blank as to allow tiic alteration to bo made without exciting suspicion. Expert testimony was given that if the blank had heeu scored with a pen the murk could not have been erased so a* to leave no traces. The same ridiculous theory of courts la held nearer home. PHILADELPHIA FINANCES. The Philadelphia banks arc heavily loaded with unemployed funds, a very largo portion of It, ns wc are informed, being in greenbacks. We have not heard of their making loans recently under the legal rates, but tbeynro certainly anxious to in crease their discount Hues, and yet in the present almost universal depression of business they nre timid in tunning, lest what they should make from Interest on loans should bo more than equaled by losses on the principal of bad debts. There will come u time, wc suppose, when mouey will bu in demand fur legitimate business ones, but that will be when old stocks urn further reduced and lowest prices reached. —Philadelphia hfthjer, 23fA May. GOLD AND QHBRNUACKfI. Gold was 112W&11-B&- Greenbacks were BHys?.Bß*f, QOVEUNME.NT UOND3. United States n* of 'fli.... United Stales twaos of *O3 r.-aw of 'us—January and July Cr2>H of 'trr—January mid July. B>Si*» of Vw—January and July, to- jik United States new 5* of 'hi... United titatet currency IM _ CITV AND COUNTV IIONDS. r.ia. AtUd. Chicago City 7ct. bonds *kci*4 *m'» '.'hleago 4'Uy 7 *«. sewerag MW LtdcoguClty? F ct. waterluan Mo;fis MO3 Cook* County 7 ct. Iwudi(short) Mo# mod West Park 7 V ct. bond# *97 North Chicago 7 V ct. bond# (Lincoln Park) *O3 •And Interest. LOCAL BTOCX9. OUI. A*fcm. niy Railway, Ronfh Side, CUy Railway, Went Side CJty liullwny, We*t Side. H J> cent cerll Uuaica *ID2U •Iff} City Hallway. North hide 121 12J Trailers' Immrmtue Co 127 i:«) Chamber of Commerce 71 7d ChkutfiOm-Lluht AColte Co 13(1 Mxi'Oollloa stock (old) 35 4d Kxi onltlon stock cnewl 25 35 Ks|ioalllou slock 25 .... •And Interest. EOUEIOX KXOHANOK, Hlfifi iitiu. Sight, r.\M a mu m:iu anu Si IK unijJ P(irl»-francfl. iwclmn titvlt/i'rlnnd.. Genuiuiy «Y TKLKOUAPII. Krw Yotm, May S7.—Gold advanced from llU7i ftllU’4, and closed nt lUIJj. Kates paid for carry in','. 1. 2, i, and 3 per cent. Loans weru also made Mat. Governments closed dull and steady. Railroad bonds quiet. Slate bonds quiet and nominal. The stock market opened Urm and prices advanc ed After the tint Hoard the mnrketbocumo weak, and price* declined the latter bclns Lake Shore, which was heavily pressed and broke from ftPS to 52, Western L’uinn was (hu next In activity, and after making an early advance from U«VB.UU7», declined Later there was a general adranca of Towards the closing hour the fluctuations were very slight, per cent in the entire list. The market closed doll and lower. The transactions to-day apfregated 127,000 eharca, of which 0,000 wero Erie, 53,000 Lake Shore. !l, 300 Pacific .Mail, H. 000 St. Paul, “.500 Ohio*, 32,000 (VcsUrn Union, and 0,000 MiclUyan Central. The weekly hank statement U oa follows: Loans, decrease, $1,717,800; specie, decrease, SI,OOO, • KOO; legal-lenders, Increase, fl.OOO.UOO; deposlU. Increase, $085,1100: circulation,decrease, $53,000; re-erve, Increase, $2,323. .*>oo. Muncy market easy at 2£p3 per cent. Prime mer cantile impor, 4®o. Cuatunu receipts, $405,000. Thu Assistant Treasurer disbursed $207,000. Clearings, $20,000, • you. Shipments of specie to-day, $115,000. bUrllny steady; (10 days, 4. 87; sight, 4,80|f. AOVEUNMVNT UONUS. Poujtons. '*l 12'2't, New As m.rr Coupons, 'OS U r > l«>-4<«. reg U7U New Ilu lb-**, coupons in»s Coupons, U 7 12I'< Currencies umd Coupons, ’oa l2JtJ| Weitern Union oftUil Ouh kitlvcr jfttft 1 Ouh killvor pfd lb | i Paclttc Mall.. 30K I Muriptwa ftw 1 MarllHWii. pM mil’ Ad*m* fcxprea* 107 1 1 Weli.-Fargo I' American tM’fe** -.. uj United State* Kkprea* lo>4 I New VofkCcuua4....lKJ 1 Krle 1314 ( Nile pfd, 1W : Harlem |:is Harlem pfd ...133 .Michigan Central 4dVf . J'anarita 1 .13 Union Pacific *Utvk.. 30U 1 l ake bin,re ftjtf 1 HituoUJi iur al ut < rirvelau * PUUburg U-’H 1 Ni.nltwiaiern 30)1 11 Nortbwiutern pfd.... 37'v1 1 C.. C., C. A 1.! , „ aitTß k Tcnuciaee (la, old I’. 1 ' Tdtueaaietu, new.... Cl L Virginia ua, old bo I PoilEl ImnnoM, Slay 77. Con*. count, V* 11-lU; His, XUli Newjerwy Central.. l.’ockliUud ...lOid Hi. Paul anil Hl Paul pfd U4-U Wabaah ku Wahaah pfd 3 Fort Wayne KWM Terre Hauie aU Terre Haute pfd I7ti Chicago « Alton 07 Chicago* Alum pfd..lU3H IUM. ! it.»| Del.. L. AW |o'. A. A I*. Telegraph.... 1314 Mluourl Pacific |kU AtlauticAPacincpfd. 7 Indiana Central 4tl Chicago. It. A U 117 llauolbr* A St. J0e.... 17V4 Ceutial Pad tie bomli.Hw Union PaelHc hood*. 1014 1 U. Pac. laud-grant... on , U. I’aC- *luklug»fuod. Virginia B*. new 30 Mlwourl PacltlcC*....Kid udn for money und «c --l**; UT*. lOUli; lU-dUa, 106*: new M. loss; Now York Central, 00; Erie, 11*1; preferred. IH. p*ni‘, May'i?.-Rentes, 10nffi7 l 4c. Kiumu ou’t, May 27.—New »<, 102. ANTwnnr, Mny 27. Petroleum, 2Sa Od. COMMERCIAL, The following wore the receipt* and shipment* of the leading articles of produce in litis city daring the twenty-fimr honri ending at 7 o’clock on Saturday morning: I U7O. j 1875. [| 10,77*' P,i2i?n: ni.ran* oi.r»Tt» IHI.7HV M. 475 HU. 550) 40,010’ I.IH 417 i 17.H1I). 4.KHI. 4.m 7, MW H 1,400 17,880, 44, uo '’’aV.+no, I!!!.’.’!!!! ““liCnnl 27.000 4.010) R 1.7451 80,773 IO.fB«y 12,047. a.uw 1 8,011 RVI l.aftTi 121,taw 108.10.-. 2-vti na 128.7871 120,2t»J,- RH»I 4.1X15, 2.1528 1 1 I,f*tl’***'4,72ol 010 l 4.374 BUO, I 5.070 0,084' 3j 112 i.tsi i.rwa, 1,001 1,310 f. 35 Oil l.cuii Flour, hrli Wheat, bn.... Corn, hu Onto, tm Hve. bn Harley, bu O. need. (hit... F. aped, Hu... 11. tuirn. lbs... ('. moats. Um . liecf, trie Pork. Ms Lard, lb* Tallow, 1b*,... IlnHnr, 1h5.... Shepjt. No. ... Hide*. lb* 11. wine*, brie. Wool, lb Potatoc*. hu.. Coni, tons Hay. Inn* Lumber, in ft. Shingles, m... Suit, hrU Poultry, lbs... Poultry, coops, (lime, pkgs... Eggs, pkga.... Cheese. boxes, fi,apples, brl*. beans, bn Withdrawn from store on Friday for city con sumption: 2.007 bn wheat, 1,100 hu corn, 2, • 4553 bn oats, 814 bu rye. 1,0 in lm barley. The following grain was Inspected Info store In this city on Saturday morning: 27 care No. IN. W. wheat, :i0 cars No. 2N. W. ilo, 7 cars No. 1 spring, 87 curs No. 2 do. CO cars No. 3 do, 12 cars rejected do (I.'MI wheat); f» cars yellow corn. 11l cars hlgh-mlseddo, 2nd cars No. 2 do. :i curs and 3,800 bn new mixed do. 7.">cnrs and 5,050 bn re jected do. dears no grade (4%) corn): 1 car No. X oats. 2d cars No. 2 white do; 37 cars No. Coats, Tears rejected do (73 oats); 0 cars No. Qryc; 5 curs rejected do; 55 car* No, 2 barley, IB cars No. 3 do, 2 cars rejected do. Total (728 care,) 331,000 lm. Inspected out: 127,300 bu wheat, 82,644 lm corn, 8,007 bu outs, 2,813 bu rye, 382 bu barley. The following were the receipts ami shipments of brcadsftiirs and live stock at this point during the past week, and for the corresponding weeks ending as dated: Ilfrrtp fn— Flour, oris. Wheal. Inn Corn. bu. flnlanr**. Itye, tni Hurley, bn.... UvehutM. Ko. SMimrnt#— Flour. ><rh 47.4 M 04.577 >55.547 Wheat, tm nri..Mn r>.ii.4‘4n finum Com, 111! 077,501 JH7.72S WW,*Wtl Out*. lit! IKW.IIS 312.522 350.«1>5 |{Vf. >lll 0.»»i7 1.k«7 Hurley, hn U.phi ai.oin 7,;»o Live No 34,3711 2*.2*!0 :»7,«rjj) Cattle. So 20.010 22.U2S 17.121* The following wore the export* from Now York for the weeks emlhur as tinted Jfrv 27, Flour, hrli. Wheat. lm. Cunt. 1m... The leading produce markets were active on Saturday, and mint of them were weak, the chief exception being in wheat. Outside of that im portant cereal, the day was one of hcavlncaa In pricca; but the volume of bmdncfl* transacted was unusually large for Saturday. The foreign mar ket!) were generally linn, with a good demand, and it was reported that u further depression In tho price of British consols accompanied a further decline In the quotation for Fulled States currency, which indicated uneasiness in financial circles in reference to the prospects of settling tlio Turkish dltllcoUy. But fine weather here, and the indications of larger receipts, made holders nervous, and the hears rampant; the calling of margins on tho longs being a prominent feature of the day’s work. Tho crop prospects in the West were considered good, and tho outward movement of produce was fair for the season. None of tho feature* of the dry goods market wera noticeably different from those prevalent In tho earlier days of tho week. In all departments there was an air of quiet, while aside from notions, and light fabrics adapted to summer wear, the quietude almost amounted to positive dullness. As to values, the market was steady. Groceries met with a fair sham of attention. There was not n numerous attendance of buyers, but the mails brought n generous number of orders and a very respectable aggregate of goods was distributed. I'rUcs ruled steady both for staple and side articles. Butter Mas active at about previous rates, selling at 12ft20c for pour to fancy grades. Cbeesu was ordered very sparingly, and the market had an un dertone of weakness, in the fish, canned goods, and dried fruit markets there was little that was new. Leather remains dull, with values unsettled. Coal and wood are unchanged. Grain bags arc quiet and easy. Lumber afloat was steady under a fair Inquiry and moderate offering*. During the week Just past common lumber has sold readily at the docks, and prices have been maintained In the face of the largest receipts of any one week since the season opened. Country and city dealers have bought free ly, In antic! [nit lon of a hotter demand for lumber, now that the farmers have timo to attend to the marketing of their produce. Tim iron merchants report a fair trade at the recent rates. Seeds wero very quiet except (hu late kinds, which are selling in small lots from store. Timothy wua scarce ami firmly held, and clover was scarcely quotable, us the season Is over, llay was quiet, and prairie was weak, lu consequence of tho frc6 arrivals of loose hay, but the offerings of pressed were very light, heueu recent prices were sustained. Wool continues dull and easy. Hides, broom-corn, and hops wero unchanged. Strawberries, lemons, and oranges were In fair request, while other green fruits wero rather quiet. Poultry and eggs were slow and steady. Lake freights were fairly active and a shade flriiicr, on«lio basis of 2*ic for wheat and for corn, by sail to Buffalo. Halt freights were dull at nominally unchanged rate*, and cars wore freely offered at 20c to New York, IHc to Philadelphia, 17iic to Baltimore, and 2. r >c to Boston, per 100 lbs. Through rates by lako and roll were quoted at 10c for corn and 11c fur wheat to New York, and 13c on corn to Boston, Freight engagements were re ported fur 123,000 bu wticat, 17b, 000 bu corn, and bO,OUO bu oats. TUB WHEAT MO.VBMEN+. im. ,122 H 1221 ( . 11452 .11*71 IU»K .121 iai9u .HK!*< liTiU • H7*m* iiH'J ims 1-7}# The following table shows the receipt* of wheat at Mils point (ortho week ending May 27, also for tbu correi-pumling limn in the two preceding years and the average for previous years as in dicated: Vt eck ending May 27, 147(1. Corre*i>i>mJlm( week, ln7r«.. CurmiiumilnK week. 1x74., Average !f years, same time. Average 7 years, same time... Average 10 years, same time. Ami far (lie corresponding Umo for flVo ending in fhuhiU. J*rlee. May. I*7o l.'Jtzoi i #i,<>2 Siinutlim) 1W73...... 2,:sc,iki i.oi 8«lllBllUlO 1*74 3.1511.42 U 1.22 Average, ft years, same time Average, 10 years, tame time....l.2*P,uni CHAIN IN HWIIT. ark Product Kxc/tangt H'tekly given u the vlulble iupply of gnUn. cum* dock* In granary at lliu principal iiiiuUtloii ut luku uud Btuboanl poru, all, on the Now York couaJa, uml the i.IHTOs | Cbm, Outk Ou. to. 6k. *,o)u IU.UH 40.UA) &ao,fW3* 131,710 •10.070 603,207 S£I,SN7 7U3.13U' 14,430 (11,372; aval'll ioi,uoh 2ua,6ui H:i.7ld at.iui! .no. null as.uool 1 iiu.iou 7a,u:iui 170.iwu, 43M.0J1 IVJ.wul (I. Oil M.twa 00,431 an, i iu[ 6a, xi, utnl 411,nil yiN) ivairti 4U3.M3U 31,103 13,1-Vi 373, UUj; 330,000 130,110 !7.lnM 600,701 33, Mil] I.lU.bH,l| 317,7*1 170.1U0 an 0.147 I, I7d,aau 4au,ua4 3.0 C, iui 433,730 300.333 The New Yoi tho following e prising the at points of uccm In transit by ra lakes, May 20, Jn ttor* at New Yurie Altwny ISulfalo Chicago Milwaukee .. . liulutb Detroit OtWegO Iloaton HI. I.uuL* Peoria lndtaiiß|Hjll»... Toronto Muntieul Philadelphia.. Ilaltlmure Luke alipt'a wk lull •lilp't wk. UnK. VrCnalf Tot May 70. *7Ol Tot May i;», -7.1 Wk May <k’7d. Wk Apr.7l*.’7«l Wg Apr. 77,’70 Wk Apr. 1ft.•70 WkApr. **, , 7d WkAjtr. 1,*78 Wk May 27. *75! I U. 703,430 4,0*0, Kri< 1),4.17,417 4.1/.X),f>(W H..VU.H74 ft,774,074 11. 3.170,077 17.H31, i:»U.044,ft7l 14.114,117 4.043,074 13,471,1(0 3,U'>d,UVi I3,KtU.7iU 3.410,777 111. 770.171 8.6 H 1.47a 1 imovisioNd. 1100 PHOHUCTS—W'cre very active, and again very weak. TU* deelliivof the prevlou* day had alarmed uumerou* bolder*, both In city and country, and thoy gave order* to acll out, while other* were told out. their margin* having been uxhauded. Theae olTerlugk pro duced further weukitc**, though hog* were quou-d ilrtuer nndcr Hie fuel ut a ►inull.-r supply. One firm tlul wua cat re-mely brng In luid dl l out reiituud tu the call for ’'inure" money tu lecure It* deal*, and the market wu nlmuat panicky in eoinequcocc, hut aoun recovered IU equilibrium ul the lower tauge cr ab lUhcd, The weokaei* of the pul week 1* cuUrely duu In the fact that ho** are coming forward moro freely than was exported. «omn O,om to 7,cx») hrnl per dny heing <'iii In Mil* ellv at continually shrinking price*. The Mock* reported from Cincinnati wore apuanur* prl*e to most operator* hern. Tho P->lln Coftnurrlitl titfort plreathe following a tho *hlpmont« of provision* from thl* rliy f->r tlv* periods turned: ... -. P><rl-, inn/, //,» n . t ,s'V/.r., Mr./K weekend- f>r/«. irt. tr» !>■<. »<.««. inc May 35. ’to. am r. 028 i<m ivnm :;*»ui3 Fnineweek 1*75. 34f)» iP7j ;isjh.«i nvi Mnoo Nov. t,'7.V IS.VJ7O IH.TVH 4j|u:i •.’HW.’.ViY bailie t)nifl'74* > 3.l|l)lim I«.kVHI.'.2'JKHB.<mi,V4I IRHVMH • Includes all cot meat* except S. I*, hams anti should* era. The following are tin* stocks.if provision* In Cincin nati May 31, m reported to •!»*• P*vrol«ryof the Pork- Packers- Association? Pork. m.*io »-r(«s Isnl, 39. mo teat hams. n.wn3fHP*: shoulders. h.iai.irciltis; short rll» sides, ]o,<JUT.r>'i7 l'<«t short clear shies,,3.vt Hu. ’SMpmtnli, AVrWpl*. [j 1671 L \ irf.V 7.13A' 4. «*^rt Itil.ilVt! 117. HOI j KMH 44.743 31, ill 4001 31.*i 3.03 J, PM M.TUftj 33,011 " iV.Viiid ~,2 iV.V00 noo.x'tn A>rb~Wni active, find declined 4.’>e per brl. under heavy offerings, both on oily tod country ac count. sale* were reported of 7t*> urh ca»h at Siu.+o; 0,000 hrls seller .him* at #|.av,Mu. 4ft: 10.730 btls seller .Inly nt .•1t*.374'M0-a'.; brl« seller August at slo..l34>ain.Mii ami 7.v0 iTlsscller the yenrni Total, 31.7 i»» brl.«. The market olio.-H dull at Slt>. 134 rsUl.3i) eft»h. according to weight; to »l;». 1-, «c||--r Mart seller .Tune; flu.'f.'O. «r>ller .Inly: and cu ?lU.vvtKt.un seller August. Sailer tint year rinsed at #lrt.So »«keil. Prime ruo-s pork wiu nominal at ?ie.oO: and extra prime at SIS.Oo. /yiMf—Wa* more active than iihiidl, nml drelttied :iv per IM • C s. cleMbg 3'«: lower Mum on Friday aflertio'ui. beluga tots! decline of 4e.pur ra In the -II li-mre. crpoul was quoted down to .vt* l) l. betnir a drop of 2* t»i| l*cr HU am which ws* partly In svmnnihy with the weakness of Friday In thi * efty. The offerings here were very large. Sales were n purled of ft. .'.OO tea «wier juri- at ?H. I2!4'H i. 124; *. > n.3Vi tr« seller .Inly at ?M.rhV»lt,n): and 4.350 tea seller Align*! at SH.4V> 11.70. Total. au.«»»l tcs. The murk.-l rioted mady at SI l.tfWl 1,334 cash nr teller Mav; #n, -oiler June; «1t,4'g.cii.424 seller July; and nt tl.V* seller At!gll't. Sir?: fMrt Ttti.ODOi 44U.013 17.010, tnn.7M ft.basi b.his n.aui! 4,2H»t 110.010, 31.330 I7i 171 ano.aioi saxoto I CS3 • aa> I.ftAM l.l"»l 1,771! iso AtoiM—Wore moderately ncllrr on *h«rt tilt*, wlilrh wore nearly fce per Ji> lower. wMlo other tii'oi.rlptluux wi re dull and nomtnnl nt it nearly . rjunl Oeellpe, cteepr Phoulder*. Sale* were rep Tied nf jroiene* lentr elear* atomic: nlairi til* ul per ll*» U-. rrllrr July. The follinvliitf wiu tliu cliulmt nutttu of prlcopr arm. clear, rib. clear. Salted, loose .'ft »)( d'H i-ii Host’d «;’•(! f»« i»i2 June r-14 .... jiM iw July August nu .... i»w !iu Bacon, cash 7N lo'< lo'ji tiv^ Long and short clears at tT<'«lue rash, ami ltU(c«j thHcseller.luly. boved: sweet pickled ham*. mald'te: CnnilicrlaniU. i4[uuv, pash or teller .1 nnt<$ luug-cul hams. !-<■'< t’O'i'ili tiiu un hams. to'tiSc. Oman*— Wasonlet at rt'-.u-fe. UKEF I’liOnrCTr*—We;r steadv and qntet nt 510.7 S ftll.oi for mess. *ll. ".Vilil.m for extra mess, and for luma. Tallair— \Vm quoted nt a'. ; (Use for city, and 7J9c for country lot*, according to condition. mtHADSTirrrs. Fl.OUH—TTAsqiilel. without any noteworthy change In prices. Boyers were slow to lake hold. hut. sellers did not offer concessions, as stocks arc light. Sales were reported of 2m hrl* winters, parity nt l.n7M»rl* spring extras, partly $,V7.* *0.2.1; lot) brls spring superfine* nt sn.ut; and I’-. brH ryu Hour on private terms. Total. 2.aim hrl*. Tim markrt closed steady at tno following range of prices: Choice winter nxlras, s7.:i7W'c7.«7H; rom inon to good do. s.VP7‘ff«7.i'.: shipping extras. f i..vt H.a.oft good do. g.’i.dtV'i.VOThj; cholci do, f'V.rA.i patents do, ptt.msfl.m; Minnesota. svoOii t!.7S; spring superfluca. KMJUuU.Odi rye dour, i 4..'A M<vw, May 20, Miff a*. 197(1. IS7II. IHTfS. . r.7.i!:w 70, too r.7.un? .nH.TOt 271, poo fIIH,S(W) .WH-tto nuo.oi7 4r.\ <ir? sssjus s7h.k*r> . 11.2(0 IS.I'J) J. 077 . a7.;rj4 :*i.Kflu nuc.’ . HS.HIS ftR.TUH 70,(1*10 . 24.000 50,053 5t.400 /iran-tVo* In stood «npplrln proportion to the de mand. and easier at Mie in«tde rpiorntlon of Falurdsr. Kales were SO tons at 5i0.50 free on iwunl rant. Oin-J/etif—Course wad nominal at fl7.S.v-i J7.M on trnelc. \vm..\T-WM rather nolot. and eotnewnat irregular. I>m within i.arrow limit', and ovcractd U- Witer. closing «(v' higher than on Friday overlmr. Mrcrpool wu report'd tinner, with cargo.-* Improving. and a continued demand for tin- Continent of Europe. amt New York waste per ini hleher. which wa* pnrtly In •ymoathy with an Inoteaii* (nthr dl'eoutit on green* back*. There wore al«o several shipping order* re ceived here forwheuttsome on m.lfle* ln<iulry (snow morn decldodtv for No. it hr lower urw<lt t haringbeen rather closclv picked up. Tin receipt* her* ware lamer. however, and Mllwnukt** wa* relatively may. under the receipt of in,'Ml bu, though the *hlp* merit* from both elth-awei* fs*r In exee** of the In* coming volume, and the dally posting* Indicate a dc* crt-a«cof «rtnc .T’AOftobn In our stock* during the Inst week. The fact of lamer offering and the expectation of n further augment mndn the market weak early, and the speculative claw of operator* seemed f/i he bearish* ly IbcltnednH through Iho newton: but the situation was too strong for them, and price* slowly Improved.. The European demand continue*, stlm ■dated i>y rjio rather poor product* fop tbo next cron in that quarter of the globe. and by the other fart that wheat la very cheap to the consumer nt present price* hurc. with very low freight ran;*. Heller.luty opened at sold at d'eliuM inM#»7'<t, mid advanced tn sM.tNH. cloj! ig at ft.wv. Keller Juno sold nt $1.07' .dosing nt «<*ller the month was nemmnllv *4 >Wo l>elow June. cln«trg with «*a*h Ku. m spring at (l,ti7*&*l.U7?(. N'n. rtsold at O'V-. INMcforncxt montli. C*«hMte» wen* repnrf-dof 400 bn S’n, I sprlnyit St.Kt; PfMm btiNn.ddont fl.iij.’, 1.07*i! bu No. :t do at line; .'i.-tnn bn rejected do nt W'-vspc, nod -too bn hy »ample at Total. ”W. not > bu. Jf.iv go. Matt 20, Ih7U. I*l7o. 1K73. . ID. PS 11,010 5,1*0 .042.P75 7m.irv> l«n.nrio .KH/JM 4 20.710 201.500 WUKAT-Wts moderately active. but about Hr lo’rrr. In svmpathv.wlth the earfv denremlon In the gem-rsl market. Hairs were «.*«) lm No. a at *1.00; l.4(*i t»u by sample at *1.12 on track: nndVXO hu do at st.t:t!4'* free on board car*. Total, 12,000 bu. . <.OKN-\u« active mid declined per bn, eioa- Inir firmer, at H-.t'He below tlm latest quotation* of Fri day. Liverpool wja steady, and New York wna only reported Ic lower, after the of our decline had been teleirraphrd to that etty. The chief feature of the market was the henry offerings of corn for next month's dellverv, which was depressed so much thereby ns to be at one time le below July. Tbl« was due to the fact of murh larger receipt* (4TI car-loads Inspected In. lietddca some by canal), nml the finer weather, which st onre Improved the prospect# for the next crop, ami was accepted a* a promise that country hold er* wlnne more fri-c sellers than heretofore. A good deal of June corn wn* offered on countrv arcoiml, to arrive, nno there were also large quantities on solo hy parties who, bavins bought for .Inns, had not prevlonly placed It. Only two more trading day* remain l*cfore .lunn deliveries will ba in 'Tiler, and there Is murh to bo dotin In a little time. The shipping demand ww very good, shipper# taking hold freely si the decline, while the aborts aUo filled In ll’iurallv, which made tho feel ing rather firmer tn tin* Ist tor i«trt of the teuton. Hell er .trine opened at -tut-p-, s»M at 4;Pfe. advanced to4lc. declined to 4ftle, fluxing at 4n%'i<l4e. Keller July sold at 4lH’:t44'{r, closing at 4 (He. Heller the month sold at 44*4 «-4dr, clo-dug at Ifihie. Cosh No. 2 closed nt -Pie. and high-mixed *(40*40.. flash sales were reported of 4*.om hu high-mixed st Run bu new do at 44c: 2,400 bn new mixed at 4?Hc: tm.4un hu No.ffdo at 45?l«inHc: in.4nohu relected ut 4le: wo lm ears at urr-r.ium irv.ito hn hr sample at iWMIJteon track: and 11,200 hu do at 42>i<45c free on board car*. Total. ;ca- WO bo. OATS—'Were active ami weak, under large offerings, averaging lower than on Friday. The receipt* worn heavy. r» run being Inspected Into store. and a large quiimlty wm ofTr-r.-il liy wimple, and for future de livers. The market followed corn on Mm downward torn, hnt rallied a little toward* noon mirier a fair In* milrv from Mm abort*. who seized Mm opimrtgnlt.y the decline nffonlrdto buy la nl a profit: butaulMequentJy the market weakened. and cloved dull and weak, New YorKcornhitf In dull and lower at the ln*r. Mon of the trading waa early In the ronton, and confined principally to cash and .Itme. Ca»h r>*t» were taken for shipment, and freight-room was encased fur about Kn.CTDbu. The Mock In store Increased lart week. be ing now about nm.orm l.n of nil grade*. June opened weak at 2*7to under licarr offering*. and deellued to 2SUc. then recovered to and rioted at 2hUo aelfcr". July ranked from rioting at the tri able. July commanded it alight premium over .Intir at thn clone. Cush Ko. 2 aold at tstStf’-ijEM?, closing at uifiic, according to location. lU-Jeeted oat« were mini- Inal at SfftycMe. Maniple* were again In liberal mimdv, but active at Mm decline. I*>th shipper* and local luV era being In the market. White sample* *ildat:«>i irtH'r on track. Cask talc* were reporied of M7.iof> hu No. 2 at 2*V('v2rv:;«i Ini hv sample at gH’.fine for mixed ami !*»<n-JH’r for white on fraeks and rw.tviobu at free on beard cars. Total. ISVliobn. KYK-U'aa In fair demand for Hhtpmeut find firm at 7<v«7oli<; for No. -• The receipt* were larger. and Urn inrreawud offering* of No. 2 maided flic ImMera of buying order* to fill them. Arrangement* were made forablppiugout about bu. Thu Hock In atom decreased last week about 27,nrfl Inj. Cash Hates-, in.-too 1m No. 2 nt TWTOUe, and I.RMUni by sample at Tic free on board, and partly to arrive. Total 12 inn bn. UAKLKV—There wua more trading, the partlm con trolling the deal taking the bulk of Mm offering* at a decline of 2’<:tSie. The market was weal; under heavy mcelpla. 75 cars, of which .vi were No, 2. being in ametod in. and reports that llte offering* would prob dy he larger Monday. as the country shipper* were cxertlngthemselvea in get the slulT lu Itefore the cloee of Hie mouth, and the stork tn at*ire Increased during the week. The short* were boiling ott, leaving the lon vs lo take the earth on the market. A few lota of May were sold by outsiders nt lUVeft?, the market clos ing at the Imlde. June declined 2Ho under larger offerings, w-lllng at Mi s-M!e. and closing at ti-.Uc. Car-loUof Ko. 2. both spot and to arrive, Mild at fwc. No. :i was In targe supply, dull, and lower, at Rejected Mild at ‘.’vvjuu. A few s.ampln loU brought 2iw«s7<>fl on trick. There was some Inquiry fob fianiplea from consumer*. hut It Is cm pencil thm the warm weather will anon pm a stop to mailing. Cash »;ilra were reported of I.H.isxi hu ho. 2, chlelly spot, at «He; s»sibu rejected at 2.V* 2do: 2.400 bu by sample ai2A««uc, on track. Total, lU,dOU bu. liuthdt. .uh.iku .mu, sno .7TJ.IHO .«4a,uiH .utrj.Hu weoka Provisions were carter, with Bales of 3.000 at $10.3314 C» i u. 3,’. for July. I.Mil was oft for July. Sole*! 1.000 lea oil 11.40 for July, and $11.(1314 fur August. Khorl-rtbs-iJnlea: Ihi at SO.nuMJ for July. The sties of llio pant week on the Call Hoard* Amounted to The uloi of irralu wore f 1.34*..',73.75. and of provUlyna $1 Htl.7nH.7S. It was reported In thu aftenioun that parties had bid up the market on wheat on account of mounts from New York that the uemnud was iinllnilled. So tales were reported. June was quoted At $1 .OHtf. .Inly at fI.OHW. and c*«b at ll.OHti. Tbs other tnarkeu were quiet and unchanged. OKN'KHAL MARKETS. A I,conoid Wa* arm *182.1*4. UUOOM-tOUN—Tho outatde order trade continue* fair, and the *Utck of corn I* decmulng, tlto reteli-t* being moderate. The better grade* of hurl are 1u limit ml aupt'lx and fair. Commun torn f« plcutlful, but order* are titled ut ihu given quotation*! Choice hurl, H- dtc: medium and No. 3 hurl. 7ano; 7<w7JvCi good medium In iuli. fti{u(Atc: fair liultloaud coven, Inferior, 3«4ct crooked. 7u:uc. Jlarlti/, bu. 31, 342 37,U«) J.OtW 135.33 U 101,414 ‘“a,adi (J. 753 7.&0U 4. *ll 77,300 3.477 11,73 d 4,d , .iy 10,(10 I‘UTTKII-Wiu dealt In ou a* *cal« both by (h« local and kaitrrn (rude, and nolwitllitundlng the liberal oOerlnv* there, wuu fairly Heady feeling. We utiutluuu to quote : Cliolcm (o fancy yellow, 22.-i2CO; medium I® good gtrde*. 17*7005 inferior to common, USlixi. KAOtXflft'-Tnula wi* better than at the beginning of lliu week, but the Improvement wax not ao marked aa to imparl strength to the market. We nude price* •aiy a» follow* tSurk A, 7'diri peerleM AA, ai'iej LcwUton. 24c; Momuup, 74Hc; Ontario, 73c: Am. rl ran A, 2lHo; Amoakeag, 77c; Otter Creek, S7c; hurlap hags, 4 bn, 14. ! ii(iil3Hc; do, ft hit, iftdtoc; gunnl.-*, aliigte. I lty(*lf.ei do. double. TA i/lic. CilhhSh—Ksireinatptlel prevailed In tiiU hraneli of traile. Order*, almoal without uu uxceptlom were tor kiiuill quanlltlc*. and the aggregate of aal -« wen l light. In value* no decided change wm apparent. though the feeling wo* favorable tu lower price*. trivial lon* w. n- Okiinc for good tu belt, auilOaHc for lower grad -s. KliCib-Vvore lit moderutu reque»t at 11.-lllac f. r freih package*. Home pueked lota audemtea ihui could uoilH'guaruuicedaautrictiy ireihwcro wild at a »h.uluA lower prhei. ( price of authradtu coal waa ou Hatunbiy reduced i per ton. A decline Ui $3.73 l;i Wlltnlag ton coal |j all > noted. Following are the rrv!«i-d nm.- utlona: Lackawanna, egg, s7..‘>u; do uut, f7.7b: do rang--. Utu**biirg, #7.uu; caiiiid, f7.ui; Lrlc, i’> S't;, KIHfl-Ihe market wn» UKHlerately active at Fri day 1 * ruviiel uiiutatlou*. We repeal our l!»t ai Id low.: No. 1 H-btl, gl.-.o<l.h l . No. 7 do, 3».7.vci>o; No, i trout, f.i fi-i.Ki; No. 1 ihorr itiHOki-rel. 4-brl. sl7..Vk> No. 1 bay. #j,ui (tU.’J'i; No. ginacWerel. K-brl. fauillvm.u k etd. ty-lnl. 4d.;ar. No, 1 .Uurc kits, Urge. fi.ousNu. I bay kite, SI.3U, Uigo fauillv kit*. $1.70; bunk cud "a, oijo 30,207 t 4t4,H47 i 47H. 4H7 < r.u,:i7ii I ft 77.(1! M I. 11nd.773 1, tmuftTg i 1,743,701 1 1,314, IMk) |l 143.714 i7.bld.7UV 7, fthM, 74S 7,071.774 7, HO. 1.U7 7.717.171, 7.747.804, 7.0:k1,ftd3 3,101,770 7,331,3101 THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: MONDAY. MAY 2!), 1870. fish, *4. vwM.Tfttileorjte’a codfish, fft.ftor.»fi,7fit *ummpr rur-m ■ olilsh,sft,.ftoi.*ft.7ft; Labrador herrlng.spllt, hrl*. j;.7.y'.H.ui| do, H-lirl, si.out>M.2.ft s Labrador her ring. round, brt*. jui.ftu. .n.Tft: do. «<-hrl. s.l. .'.«»>ta.7ft ; sealed herring, per box, :h iKv ; No. I herring. Odnmhln Hirer snlinmi. tf-hrl, rcnrs AMI M."ln--Uien- wn-ng .lemand fir Maple and a moderate mo\ In f nicy fruit* nl tin W-II c-MUlt.-.l price,. We y.trflgn— Date*. (V-nfUaet figs. layer". fig*, drum*. 12'*- i l:ih,e; Turkish ptuiiei, n'p 7e; trench prune*, keg* and boxes, UM4e; rnlMii*. Inver*. ,i.i*>ibm*e >ln*eatcl, *:«. UK..1.4(i; Valencia, 1 IlfullHe; Zsnto currant*, ««h»-(cs citron. 2i.i24e. Ahlrn apple*. league; Michigan apple*, common, IA( < lee; tnulce, lumvlidsei pared peache*. I7"<!!*<•: htnekherrlf*. MHKal2e; rnspnerrle*. illillc; !■ I(li‘d cherries, *j;i. ;Wr. Filbert*. Itfeimjeialmnnil*. Tcrragona, liiW-4 2"c; Maple* walnuts, i(tri7c: French walnuts, new. lU*i3c: Grenoble walnut*, hmiaci llnutls, w.ii)!<o penut*. Texas. lUtHIUc; Wilmington peanuts, Hankie; Tcnne«see peanuts. ft mo; African ncanuli.O Kl^c. GULKN FltU ITS—Strawberries were In fair local de mand. hut Him* >viw low iminlry for "lilgnm-nt. and tin* offering* wen* larger. Friday’* price* were paid, though they wore shaded in tlm afternoon, other trull# wen; unchanged. Moth tennm" anti oranges wore firm, the il' iniml Mavlne Increased Mmethe advent of warm weniher OimiailoiM: Mrawherrlo*. ?:i..fto-4.M» P'-r case; gooseberries. *•( |ue; gaud to clmlco apple*. 4-I.per hrl; orange*. s(l..'(Wt7.fiO per box; lemon*. per box; pineapple*, $2.3U0i3.U) perdu*; banana-. S:MX»,-l.ftuabnneh. tiKoi hiti* 1 ihto *««ii vu »ti) inarkiT for n>o«t 11 rn«, w 1111 ;> f.ilrly *:itM,udorj Innim-M In procre**. The demand for sugar* Is on ihv Imrcase. hntatocki arc ample, and no advance In prices l» looked (or at present. Coirret remain nnlot. ‘•lmr 1 "ft* morn active and ilniirr. Hejow are the current •iiioiatli>n«;| /fh-r—Rangoon, oH-v Carolina, 7Hisc.; Lotilil nna. ii'p iMj’ett—O. U. Java, no >.lie; .lava. No. a, 27428 cs choice to fnnev lilo.-.’etj-.ii'tL'; to pr!mei!o,.!l , .,iT' 22'ie; ronirnon to fair. lAh.p'-.DHci routing. IffUißtd nhigapore.lavn, 23u*2do; Gustn 111 ok 22iv2u}iiu; Mura* Calln. e.Pi; 24e. .Sii'jiin— I’ftlenl cut loaf. UH'UIMc; rrmihcd, IB* UKe: powdered, 11w.| Dsc; ur.inul.'iunl, A, Hramhml. do No. 2. |o.«; It. l»Vvet extra C. lAjia Mi:, 1,11; do. H*4i>«Hie: rominnn do. choice inolMte* lunar. enmmon to nood do. 7VvHo. .xfnip<-t'iiliff)ml«"upar-lii9t drips, «8-".70e; illfttitond drip . Jl.uvtl.lo; atlver drip*, calm fine, omuic; ifuutl ait^.ir-homeslrnp, fto.iVu?} extra do. A'idtoe; NewOt’ lean* iiiol:imc«. rtioler, HV-oHe; do prime, ft.vt.vtc; do, eutmnon loyroud, 4hwah:; I’urto Uleo molaases, cumimm tnola-se*. hlaek-strup, utVaiHM, ,>/iiesi-Alliplco, I7ti"l7!sc: rime*, r.JMftJe; caisla, e* .;toe; pepper. l7f^ ; dHe; nuimi'Kß, fl.tnv.l.iMl; Cul cmtr.Kimter. llhi.ur.‘(e. NHi;.»-Irnn Idnc. German Mottled, r.t4'H.7os White l.lly, e.'Al'ic; M ime Itnse, ik'.iTtC! Koynl Savon, .'At nip; havnn Imperial. .MG 1 ; tiohlen West, ft l^ aoH , h .SMM7i-J-.xcel.dor. I.vnnilry, i;J4t,»7cs do. ytlova, Hlje# P•; do. eurn, tr cdfe; Klm:«!ord. pure, VWc; do. silver Klotw. ti'funtici do. corn. tu-tIUKc. IIA\ —Tue market wna .pil-t and easy, especially for prairie, vhteh I* now nrnvlntf freely on waiton*. hut Ihe llyrht reeelpiaof |>rcs*Oc| prevented a decline. Deal ers look for I Wife reei-lpN thN week. OuotatlMv*: No. 1 timothy. M.m: No. *Jdo,; inlxcddo, fn.u>'Xi; upland nratrle. No. 1 do, 7. 1 «'• *4.1 jo; elo'ich. ? > (1..*>0. HIGIIWIN.SS—Were (yulnl ami Steady at tin* price of Urn three preeedliiif days, bales were lui hrls at 81.uu per gallon. HiUhh— Uealcranre taking the slm-kcoming formnl nt tin* ipiottM prlees: Green city halchm'. no; green enre*! Itclit ami heavy. 7e: damaged, r,cs part cured. t>V ( <-.iH|i;; gremi kip. 7c. ureun country, n l -;,-.; green calf. Me; flint hide*, IthtllMrc: dry k!p mid enlf. 12'-<l2V4c;dry sailed hide*. lie; deacon skins, 4K,t.'iOc. HUl'r—Are nnlet nt >x.'.Mc, the uiiUldu fur very choice Knniple*]n small lot*. y.vii; Short Short IHoS— fomnionlron Is quoted ntgj.7u rites, wltha discount for car-lond lots. The dealers report a fair de mand forlrtn. The demand appear* to have been stimulated by the net lon of momt tact ureralu establish- Imr the recent advance. OILS—Thu market was without new features. Hint* ne,-s continues to Improve, but Is not yet us net* Ive iw It might he expected nt till* season, ami prices continue to rule low. We quote: Oarlmii. 115 degroi test. do Illinois lean I lest. iMdeg.. I I'lftl ll*c; Snow White. Ififi test, to!y.<*liti(e; do headlight, 17.1 deg., lT<v)7!|c; extra winter UrJ oil. <, : No, t. isvmcc; No. 2. 7,1 r; linseed, raw. w t-vtc: bolted, (tj.'aim.;: whale, winter-bleached. 7iuHt»c; Htierm. *2.|.v-»2.25; neatsfool oil. strictly pure. g1.1i.-M.20; doexlrn. u*, c; j (> j, air; bunk oil, Me; strain. coc; plumbago oil, qojtyac; turnen* tine, ha-'-Xie; nuphlhn. deodorized, dll gravity. iJliri l-U-ic: West Virginia oils, natural, 2p dee., rrjv-ntc; natural, no deg., Wfalioc: reduced, 2Sdeg., 20>CJ2e. POWLTUV—Chickens were rather slow at. ?M*kib4..'iO pee dozen for old. ami ?2.U> v2.HJ for fairsprlng-i. Other poultry wn* nNo-do-.v. Turkey* wereqnotedat loslte per lb. The offering* of poultry, especially chickens, were fair, but the market was dull, as usual on the last day of I lie week. PUTATOKs-Weru In moderate local demsmi nt.Ttrfl nae per nn in <-aek*. New potatoes wero quoted at gt.rws.A.onpor brl. .SKKl>s—Were very quiet, there being Illtlo Inquiry event f’*r Hungarian, which wo* weaker under lover offerings, at 4:i -’.4.V: for prlmn. Millet wn* nomtmuat 4q.-vI.V-. Prime timothy woo held nt g2.9<x without sides. Clo\ er was searcely inciitloued. The season 1* over, n.ul uo orders arc coming In. Prime win quoted HALT— I ffrailo continues fair, and quoted prices are adhered fy, Saginaw, Canada, mid Onondaga, flue. sl.4<»; or ilnary coarse. 81.70; dairy, wlthuui baca, g2.7.i; dairy, with baps, gs.W); Ashton dairy, per sack. SUVA TKjVH—.miw Japan* will soon Iw In the market, and mn ers arc hnldhproiT. whli.h serves to weaken prices of old crops. In medium to choice green and Mack teas a fair movement la wltnesu-d nt wdl-susialiied figures. We make no clisneo In our list, ns follows: f/un/ritirnsr—Common, good do. 40?4Se; medium. "I.V v.'sic: goinl do, bOj-Me; tine, tkistouc: dn est. rsk iftic; choice, 7i>^.7r»o; choicest, uontude; fancy gl.U'i'4 t. l.i. 1 hnptrinl— Common, aoA.ISc; good do. 3H.'i.4oei me dium. "UXt lie; good do, 4.11.VW5 line, .VXiMc; finest, .Vkkigic; choice, «W'7oc; eholccof. To »7.1 c. Viipon-Comtnou, good common, 3,Vs,'iHc; medium. 4ir v42c; good medium, LI.-dHo; flue, .H> (..Vjc; linrst, rgitaftts!; choice, »x>.nise; choicest, 7(H7.1e. Ofilnnut— Common. gooil common. a.V*3flc; medium. 4f»;-42cs good medium, 4:«; tine, iHij&oc; Uncut, choice. utsUVc: choicest. 7.’»v‘HUo. W«)til>—Was In fair demand, at for maple and gn.r>nft>r Iteech. lh« market Is firm at these figures. HlxbJ arc ngered at g.l.ixt, VCAL—Hates wero ma le utttftHc. AT-lflKTAltLLH—Were abundant ana* 1 generally easy, many varieties being alinoet unsalable, as tho neighbor ing gardener* now furnish the city trade with supplies. Urccn poos mid asparagus were scarce and stronger. Cucumber*, finriT.ic per doren; green peas,* per box; string beans, *MOt*».7.i per /wx; asparagus, «*.* 75c per dozen; radishes, k*is)ho per dozen; Itermtida Uimatoco, 800 pur box; New Orleans do, g0..VXi»2.00 per Im>v. WOOlj—The demand continues light and prices Irreg ular. New wool Is arriving In small lots, but the re ceipts arc not likely to be very large before June. Tub washed, prime, Pvf4fic; do, poor to good, Ufirtrwc; washed fleece, flue, good condition. 32«2.1c; wwheil, medium do, 23c; unwashed, fine heavy to light, ID 0,v22c; do medium, xtokfiu. LIVB STOCK. CHICAGO. . ReeelpU— CitllU, JTngg. Sheep. Monday l.Tio i;i,(ld ji« Tne«day 0.320 l«.i«y J,kw Wednesday 4.7U0 18,170 342 riuiratiay 4.437 17.137 7.18 rrlday 3,OUH lu,ii3o 853 Saturday mb>o 4,fiou ano . Total 21.7:>:» ho, Ml 4,125 Last week 23.542 GM.OUU 4.UH Meek before last *>,371 53.120 4.M0 Weekending May 6 24,371) <Ut,IH4 1,747 Total, 4 weeks 102,730 271.814 U,2GU Pame period last year 75,27 H 25U.310 15.7W0 SAilimeaU— Monday 1.4M1 4.0*1 Tueulay. 2.4;hJ 5.722 aw Ucdne»day -I.H7U (1,017 4U3 Thursday 2,;m 0.743 rrlday 5.3U4 8.1« i i.aun Tula! io.4di iw.tta 1,003 CATTLK—In no particular waa tho position of the market moro favorable for the selling Interest than on the week Itefnre. Indeed, the change. If any there was, was from bad to worse. Tho supply woa something hti, huttlic decrease In the receipt* wn* noteuftlolentto counterbalance the effect of the disheartening report* from the Hast, and, from beginning to end, the market was weak, with prices unsettled, and Irregularly lower. Taking Into consideration tho quality of Urn offerings, which was exceptionally good, the business of thu past week was accomplished at lower prices than have been known for fifteen years. There cun now Ikj little doubt that, so far as fat cattle aro concerned. *' bottom fig ures" have at Inst been reached; hut that wu are on the eve of any general or pronounced advance, there Is no good reason to suppose. From this time ou tho supply of choice beeves may bo expected to more nearly fall within . the legitimate trade requirement*, amt, f values do not materially appreciate, thorn is. ut all events. Uttlo likelihood of any further shrinkage, ('ommon and medium grades, however, must rule lower, us the season when Texas and half-fattened native cattle will be abundant Is near at hand, and low grade* have all along commanded relatively the best prices. The range of sales during tho past week was $2,v*..-5. T.'K. AVlth rare excep tions, however, no trailing was diinu above S4.UU, while by far tho larger pun of the transfer* worn at prices below *l.w>-at E-l.uv-U.7r*. There was a good demand for feeding calllu at prices only a trifle below those paid by shipper*. Thu Inquiry was chiefly cen tered lu light and medium welghu-drove* averaging from l.usi u» l,2ui as. For this class prices were iu high an for choice beeves weighing I,3V> as and up ward. Veals were ploniy and sold low-uuw quoted at $J.7.W.4.7.‘> per XU os fur poor locliulco. batunlay's market ruled quiet ami steady. There waa t fair number of buyer* present. mnLdurlnglhcday must of the cattlu etunged owners— the bulk at s3.&um 4.78. _ . „ QUrttATIOVA. Cliolcc ncpTM-Flno, fat, well-formed 3 year to A year old steers, weighing i,3uoto 1,550 Its 84.75Ci5.0fl UmiU Beeves—Well-fattened steers, weigh- to i,too** 7.., 4,405.4 os lledlumUrodea—oiuerslu fair flesh, weigh lug MVA) Ui 1,350 its 4.355M.05 Butcher*’ Stock-Boor to fair Hirer*. ami common t-> choice cows, fur city slaughter. weighing Mil to I.IMJSa 3.5004 25 block Cattle— Common cuttle, weighing mju Ui l.flfto ttia 3.75<i64.115 Inferior—Ughf and thin row*. bolfcri stags, hulls, and scalawag steer* 3 AOtdn 50 llUt.b—lliu hog market opened dull and drooping, and remained lu that condition ii]i u> nearthu end of the week. the meantime underwent n steady shrinkage, nh<9ftig at Ihu cl.woof biulnea on Thursday an nggrvgste reduction of uvitjm: per l<«> 6*. This I* a more serious dcrllnu than I* often witnessed In a single week, unit the Pmjc* of Western shippers were most severe. Ihe ilemnrullzi-d condition of thu market was dim In tart to the heavy receipts. hut chiefly to the *i break ' In prices of thu product. Under the greatly diminished receipts of I rlday amt Saturday the market asmmed u ilrmer lone, hut no very eomlderaldu part of the decline sniirred earlier In (lie week was regained. Saturday's trading wosdonu ul *4.ftsa.'j.solur culls; at $ i.7.V-tif.iKi fur skippers and Inferior heavy lots: at M.;iv><.'i.sofiirordlnnrr to prime light: and at ».■>> fur |H>i>r to choice heavy. Kxtra grades nominal at 80.054^11.75. tr.l’—nte receipts have continued light, and the advances established during the preceding week have etully Iren sustained. Ihu supply was hut little Id cx -1 cm. of the necessities of the home trade, and sales went fjnlek at satisfactory prices; good to choice selling at »1.7i■«.'».-’in and poor to medium at 8.'<.75««|.‘J5 per luo Ih». Included lu tho receipts were about l.UUOUeadof Texas sheep, which sold at gd.K's^t.ho. LU.MIIKII. The wholesale market was quiet Saturday, thaoHor liiK* being limited to about teu cargoes, of which per haps tlvu were disposed of In the morning. Common lumber continue* In good demand, sod Joists and ream- Ungaru Una at *s.'ib Coarse Inch stuff Is quuledat frt.dviU.ut. and the l-ctler grades at tlu.noetl3.sU. I.utli were quiet at 81.35, and shingles at 83uugj.30. trifle at the yurls continues moderate, but bids (air Ui become unlive *>>on, as the farmers have Qulsheil their Held wok. ami are uow engaged In hauling their prod uce tu the country stations, and exchanging It fur other enmm-Hililot. And an Increased movement lu yrul.i i* ui.ully lolluwed by u belter demand fur lumber. I'fu-cli-inge I. already peicrpllhlu at the wholesale market, wlmru u good deal of Amber was sold last week to the country dealers, ami there 1* little doubt tut (hat the y.oil trade will Increase In a curie«|<uudlng ratio lu Tie v;n.| trad'- continues fair at uuchanged prices: Klr»t and second clear 83d.l»kUM.UU I Ilirdeh'jr. 1 tmh 3U.iWa3J.OO Clear during, ih.tta* vccun’X rough 9U.0u1.3J.UU Cl"ar*ldlnc,itT*t and seconil i?.on<«ia.oo First ronirnon siding Ift.txyittlAO Flooring, nmcmmmm. dre»*rd (fJH.OO Flooring, "cpoml common, dressed 23.(*>>-t2:i.(K» Hot board*. A imx tnatijK. 11 A stock hoard*. 10 and 13 In. It stork hoard C-toek hoard* Common hoard* and fciielng |iu»*Al2.t*> Connnon Inmher. is ft nnd under U In tn.otv.jii.rti Joists and scantling. 20 to 21 ft rj.isv-eivtio l.ntl l.dOvs 1.7 ft A shingles V.4OU 2,7 ft BY TETjEGRAPIIs FOIUIIGN. S/jfdat ZNipafcA ta The TYibunt. LirnrirooL, May 27—11 a. in.—/7oMr-Ko. 1. 24it No. 2, 22*. ffrolrt-Whcat—Winter, No. 1. iHlodi No. 2, OS frit spring. No. I. PsKXti No. 2. B* Mi white, No. 1, the; No. 2, (HOdt club, No. 1, lOiOd; No, 2, 108. Corn— No. 1. 2tlsod; No. 2, 2ds. TVorfsfonji-rork. P2s. Lnrd, r»si. l.tvnnrooi., MnyJt7-flp. tn. —Wrrd ifs ft< fTx-Cal I f orn I a whlto wheat, average, usodctlttat do dub. toaoiosod; red Western aprlng, No. 2 to No. I, 8s ud«9s lOdi do winter, im iiikloa to.l. Flour-Wcstcni canal, 22» ( t 2li. Corn-Western mixed, 2(U fld. OoU, JJiaSs Cd. Farley, flaod. Feos-Canaillan, U(tcj3Ciod. Clorfr .?rril-.v.iK.{fiOi. iVorfifonf-Frline meat pork, bob. Prime mes* beef, hah. Lnrd, ftds ud. Dacou—Lung clear, 40s; short do, ‘Aillnw —lls. /Vfrrfror/i—Spirits, RstAßs fldj reflned do, 108 11* :id. JJiitftil Oil— UHa. /frvm-Cmnninn. 4*ftd'Sss; pale, 10a. tfjthit* 7M>7*nf(/i<—24s. CY(«*s—349. rUODUCK. Special Diipalcft to The Tribune. Nnw tonic. New York, May 37.—Gradi—Wheat Market K (?.lc better, with an active export demand; sales, 2'i(i,ono ini, at $!.17yi.17K for nnirrftded *l>rlng; sl.lO for No. fl Milwaukee; $1.21 for No. 2 Chicago; 81.2ftri1.231l for No. 2 Milwaukee; ?1.10 for No. 1 Minnesota; 81.32 for Canada spring In bond, on spot, nnd to arrive; and $1.45 for white Michi gan In store. Rye steady at 85(ii«t!c for Wcrtern; U.V4 tKiVj'c for State; and o.vutMc for Canada In bond: sales, H.tvxt bu Western, tonrrlve, at Kfio. Com benvy and lower; sale*. SH.UOObu. at 37c for no grade mlxctl; r>oo tor steamer mixed: W)>ac for grndotl low mixed ;02c for old M'c*lern mixed afloat; 02c for steamer vellow; ami 84e for new yellow Boutbern: also 10.000 tm graced mixed, for Juno, nl nnd hn do, for Julr. at ooe. Out*steady; snlca. 2H.otV)bu. attl&Mlo for mix ed Western and State, and iltK«4oc fur white Western aud State. Including New Tork No. a white atflHVfo Protlilout— Middles heavy nt ll'<vlll£c for long clear. Lnrd heavy and lower; sulch of U*i tea at 12c for crime •team. At the first call, for May, $11.1214 bid. and J 12.1*1 naked; for June, 730 tes soldnvgll. nr July. sU.«r7t4 bid, nud $11.83 naked; for August, snlrHof2.ftutcaatßll.H7M; for September. sn.H3hld. nnd stl.o2>v asked, and for the balancu of the year. su.r.o hid and $10.70 asked. HViMy—Market steady; oalco of 100 hrls at $1.13 per gallon. tirorfitei— Hutrnr—Market quiet; fair to good refin ing quoted nt <2h>>7>£u; prime nt Hc;aud Son. sound 12 Ilavium nt 7}!,''.H.H,e. Coffee—Market dull and un changed. Itleu Is quoted at I.'kj.lbc In gold; Mara culbolnt ice- 100 In gold. Tttlliiio— Itulcs quiet and heavy; quoted prime. To Me Ilfllwi Aifodattd Prtst, Nkw \(um. Mny 27.—//our—Hecclpta, lfi,oOT brll; No. 3, ?.».{«> u.fio; super State and Western, ft liM 4.W); common to good extra. g1.0.V--».1.2.V, mmd to choice. g.i.4(*<e.l.7fi; white wheat extra, g.i.ft*i«7.7.l; extra Ohio, *fi. IC.Cfc7.OO; St. Loul*. f.1.2»«0,U1; Min nesota patent process, gn, itye Hour steady at ftt.TV'.i.SO. <.’-»r/i-J/r<j/-(Jalet; Western,, Urnln— Wheat—Kccelpl*, taxt,(xx> Uu; large export demnnd; nutm* fiO vessels, with n t-apuelty of a,7rtM*n t.n, were chartered to-day for Cone for orders from the Continent; unmerchantable opting, Hie; ungraded do, gl. t1.*1.2»); No. 2 Chicago spring, gf.2iwi.23; So. U do, sl. llt.'vl. 14; No. 2 Milwaukee, gl.2fi.-M.2U; No. a do, gl.iorgl.l7; No. .1 do, old. gl.:«0:No. 1 Milwaukee, gl.wvi.aj; No. 1 Sheboy gan. gl.a:K‘<-1.:54: while Michigan, g 1.4.1; No. a North western, SI. Wt 1.17. life steady; Western, state, ufii«HJe; Canada In bund, ufi'-dhic. Harley is dull and nominal. Malt quiet ami nominal. Corn—Hccelpu, 124, 000 bn; strong pressure to realize; mixed, uo grade, s'j'i(tl7c 1 do steamer, fiu.Vsi'-fr!; low mixed, graded, mixed do, «*i4lle; new Western mixed, ungraded. old Western mixed, adu-tl, lUc. OaU—Heavy; receipt*. 42,00 u Liu; Western mixed and State, aai<ta47c. //iy—Unchanged. //«/>«—'fume; Lantern and Western. B*lse; New York State. 12 1 else; California, 15-n.iac. f/rocrrirt-Colfeu nomlunlly unchungod. Sugar dull and Hie,tdy, with .1 fair demand; lair to guotl nulnlnq. 7?W'7!*Cl prime, He; replied unchanged. Moluaaci quiet and unchanged. Ulce quiet hut steady. I‘riroleum— 4ulet but steady; crude. bjsc; re lined, 14 t-jC. id/fw—Market dull fit H>fr3B 11-100.' SiriUnttt litnit I—(julel at 51.70.*1.50. S\ArU» Turpentine— :tlhj'.v:il9<e. r-'JQ* Unsettled; Western, 12t0130. Is'H/ie)'— .Steady; hemlock sole. Hnenos Ayrra, mid liloUrando light middles and heavy weights, 2Ut«k32e; California aim common do, 2tkA22c. y*rvji f*fomt—Pork dull and unchanged. Ileef quiet and ■melniiigcd; pickled hams, Ik&cj long clear middles, Wcsteru, lie; do city, lltfc. Ijml—Prime Htcnrn,; June. gll.fiv>j«U.U7>i: July, gii.vui U.77W; August, gI 1.M2!-ip.« 11.07 H. Ilulter— and heavy; new Weslera, Uki2Sc. CA«ae—4UllS/C. Jfrfd/*—Manufactured copper quiet ot sic; new sheathing, lugutluke, dull and heavy at 3lc; plg-lrun quiet ana unchanged; Itussla sheet, I2e. ifri/fs— Finn; gikiufor out; for clinch: 2U"«2ile for hursc-shue No. h. H7tfjX‘g—Steady; gl. 12. I'ltlLADEbrniA. Philadelphia. May 27. —Seedt— clover, iic.OO® 17-'X)s timothy. $2.UUmi2.«!5; Dax-seed, s|,4o. J{fjinedt>ftmieiin>— HHnUbiot crude, loHc. Flour-- Fairly active lor tliu butter grades; others neglected; extnu. *4.20*-v4.78; Wisconsin ami Mlnne sou extra family, $5,.w«ii.50; Sum, Ohio, ami Indi ana, SILU>-<.7.UU; high grades. |7.J.V»M.7.V (MUra— Wheat quiet, mu Ann; amber, $i.4U; No. 1 spring, »i. 30*1.32. Ilyu. Bl(£K2c iur Western, corn steady; yellow, Oli»62o; mixed, 00/.niWc; white, cu.i (We; sail, Oats Inactive: white, hHi^-Mde. iVortslen*—Ulow. Mess pork, $21,50. Lard, $12,23 6)12.73. Whiiky— Western, $1,13, lleueiplt— Wheat, w.uiubu; corn. HA,GUO ltd. KrpnrU— Wheat. dU.OuUlm; cum. l.VXuuohit, //hiici*—Quiet: Now York and Jlradfcml County ex* tnw, siVitimc; firsts, xuttMc; Western extras. 20w23c; lima, ih*juci rulls, Western extras, ls**22c; firsts. 17k 180. tV/er»e—htendy; New York fancy, 10tfl3c; Western line. IHgllKc. A’lrtw—Outl; Western Irtib, ladtiai^c. Sr. Louis, May 27.—JVour-Qulot and weak? Uttlo doing. drain— Wheat rt finer; No. 2 rod winter, si.ajtd hid cash and May; tale*. June; $1.25 •Inly; No. 3do, $1.24(r>1.23 bid. Corn actlvu but lower; mixed Western, 43!i(*i;)!4c ca<dr, June; 4-Ui 44He July. Oatadull and lower at ado bid cosh; sales, 3lc Juno. Ryu Armor at U2i*G3c. Barley dull aud un changed. IKAasJtj/—Steady and unchanged. iVorMnnt—pork—Market dull: Jobbing. sco.BU, Lard dull and nominal; current make, iimc* Hulk* menu dull uud nominal ! shoulder*. ; clear rlh, OtytoKc; clear, 10c, Bacon—Market dux; shoulders, 7jic; clear rlh. lU&rtldMc, lUrMptH— Flour, 2.00 ttrla; wheat. 12.000 bu; com, 4r*,uuuuu; oats, 4.Uuobu; rye, none; barley, 2.uuubu: hogs, 313 bead; cattle, 380. TOLKDU. Toledo. Jlay37. Hour— Dull. . «Aifn—Wheat dull ami lowers No. 3 white Wabash held at $1.3314; No. 1 while Michigan. $1.3J14: oxira whiter Michigan. smber Jllchlpm, El.a-t; June, 51.271*-, July. $1.27; No. 2 amber Michigan,; No. 2 red winter. $1.30; 50.3 red. $1.13; No. 3 Lmytou and Michigan, sl.iw!4: rulected llajtuu ami Michigan, Him. Cora quiet; hlgdi mixed, spot and May, fide; low mixed, rcic; .lum*. r*uu; No. 2 white, 54c: nu grade. May. 4K>4c: damaged, 41c. Oatadull and lower; No. 3 nod Michigan, ujc. /f«csi;g«-Vlour.2uobrU; wheat, lu.ouubu; com, 2K,- a«> hu; oats, h,ikxj bu. 9/tlpme/Us-Flour. too brls; wheat, 4,300 bu; corn, iu,uuubu; oiu, 38,0uubu. CiKCINNATf. May 27.—fmi/r—steady and unchanged. Orttln— » heat dull and uuchoaged; July, sl.uscti,2a. Corn dull; .Vs-(55c. Uau cosier at 3Ji»33C. Uyu*u>ody mol firm; 7.*)0t74c. I‘iiiilnhmg Pork dull and lower at slu.sUil2o.«u. I.aril acthu but lowers steam. Iltfillic cash, closing Inside; lli4c buyer till June 2.1; kettle, Hulk meats Inactive and lower at uM«o}643M(aluc. Uacon dull at 7>irflUhi*llc. H’AisAp—tjulot and steady at $1.07. ifuffer—Quiet and UDcliaugud. MiLWAtnt**, May 27.—/Tour—steady and Inactive. Olruf*—Wheat oi*cn«d steady, and a shade higher; closed Drill; Nu. 1 .Milwaukee, $1.1044; hard, $1.24s No. 2 Milwaukee, sl.«*W;June. SI.IMJ4; July, #l.O>W; No. 3, 3»Hu. tom steaiUer. with a inuaerain demand! No. 2. 48>*e. Oatadull uod lower; No. 2, 23tdc. Uye oominnlly sU‘ady; Nu. 1, TJc. Uarley uaaler; Nu. 2, 77u; No. J, 4C>e. and moderator active: wheat to Buffalo, i^o. Nreafpls—Flour, 7,uobrl<; wheal us,uoobu. SMyntnu— Flour, JU.OOU LrU; wheat, lo3.ouobu. Bnyyato. May 27.—0ru(«—Whcal-Ktrong and In demand; sains, 13,700 hu at 81.37 for bhul>oygaa; 81.33 for No. I .Milwaukee! 81. id (or No, 3to arrive. Corn scarce and In good demand; sales, IS.uuu hu at 51c by "Ample; 550 for No. 3 Western; Arte for Kansu; aoo forlilkh mixed. Oats— No sales; No. 3 offered at 37c. Bye—Nothing dolno. Barley—Nothing doing. Oitml >«-efdA(«—Vlriu at uUo fur wheat; 6Xc for corn, and 4c fur oats to New York. TOBACCO. Iteport*l Jbr The Trtbune by Alt*. UarthUt, tobacco broker. Louisville, Ky., May 27. —Tho receipt* this week were about l.wm hhds. or DU) tuorv than lost week, which were nearly all placed on the market and sold, making tho total sale 1.7H7 hhds. or -ibg mure than sold last week. The market this week baa been changeable and Irregular, and lu strong contrast with the contin uous activity of tut week. Monday showed les* ani mation, while Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday up till noon, the market was strong and active, after which It became leas buoyant, and fell (ha wont of the specu lators, who nearly all dropped off then, consequently thu last two days the price fur lugs and common to me dium leaf have been Irregular aud easier us follows: Common nondescript and heavy lug* are 600 lower; good nondescript lugs are 50c lower; good heavy lugs are from 6»>o to ll.ou lower; common nondescript leaf la 500 lowert good nondescript leaf Is QOo to 81 <OO lower; common to medium heavy leaf Is gl.ou lower. But for the heavy and continued purchases of the leadlug speculative operator In good to fine loaf up to the close of the week, prices for such would probably have weakened also somewhat, but which may bo said to be fairly maintained at the clove. Specialties In black and bright wrapping leaf have been source this week, aud an firm as last week's dgurrs. Common smokers' are 500 ml, while good and colony (scarce! ore firm at lost week's prices. Cutting tobaccos have Won in butler supply the last three days, and have met with ready sab-s, and closing Arm at last week's quotations. The best tine grade sold up to BULUO. The weather for the first three days of the week was cold, since then It has been milder, and Is now warm, but still unfavorable for ’‘striking.” Ueports from Clarks ville districts continue lu be rather contradictory a* tu quantity of plants saved. Thu latest accounts tend lu give more encouragement than formerly lu that ra.iKjct, and setting out tho plants to a limited extent has commenced. From neither tbu ruitlng-tobacco districts nor from any part of Missouri or Indiana do wo bear of any scarcity of or Injury to the plants. Taken altogether, the week closes with much less life iu the market than there was at thu e|o*e of lost week, aud with a feeling of greater uncertainly as to thu future course of thu market than has been felt for some time, It hat log been supported to mj great an extent laid) by speculator*, who are udw nearly all oil. Cule*s for ape* oisltlm, Wm rntnUr buyers have lieen holding off tea very great extent. Tim quotations for (hit week are aa follow*: .\r>r. yon re'cityi. l/fury Mitre,/. nutUnfj. roinmnn tugs. .f.vntw. van * n.oo* «.<w» $ n.c*r« v.iri bigs .vrsi •. o.ui u.rai.-j s.<n 7.i»v. t im«> < 111111111111 li-nf,.(!,(»►. , 7,Ml H.m ■ M.oi t.;>o,lte*f 7.JVM IUV) II.KUM.KI •'*>•** leaf IJ.Uf.. M.UktH.nj Selection ta.w*tJ«.2.‘V Nominal. ir..u*i»7.oo WOOL. Bustos, May97.—Wool In demand during the week, almoit exclusively for now spring California. No Ini provomeni In the market. Prices lower. Tho slock of fleeces In the market Is very much reduced i X’Ohlu and Pennsylvania. :hm-iocj XX Pennsylvania and Ohio, 40(44001 XXX and picklock. 4Se; Michigan and Wlicon ■ln fleeces, .41 Attc: combing and delaine neglected (me dium washed, 4*}( unwashed, assr-tane. Pulled wool, choice Eastern and Maine super, 40<,tCie; good average supers, a.v«3Ho. ills diniciilt to got over 40442 c for the best Eastern and Maine. PETROLEUM. • ri.EVBLAND. CI.XVRt.ANP, 0., ll.iy 27. Petroleum Arm and un changed. Wn quote standard white, 110 test, llci prime white, isntest, 12c by car-lot*. PiTTfliiima. PiTTsntiici. Pa., Slay 27.-Petmlcum dulljonid", *3.3J,4at Parker's) reflat'd, Philadelphia delivery. DRY GOODS. NkwYork, May37,—Bnstncn qnlof. with commis sion houses mid Importers nml thu Jobbing trade fair. Cotton goods largely sold by loading commission linns at a concession from former prices. Prints continued In moderate demand, and shirting styles fairly active. Heavy woAleoi lu fair demaud. Foreign goods remain ed quiet. MATITNE. CHICAGO, AnmvALfl—Prop Amilo Young, Buffalo, sun dries; sqhr Schuylkill, Eric, coal; achr Fashion, Horn's Pier, railroad tics; schr Ogarita, Saginaw; lumber; achr Granger, Packard's Pier, hark; stmr Cnroua, St. Joe, sundries; prop Messenger, Ben ton Harbor, sundries; schrW. H. Willard, Sauga tuck, lumber: prop Lincoln, Klnkardlne, salt; barge Llsgar; Kincardine, salt; stmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc, sundries; prop James Davidson, Bay City, salt; achr O. Hliaw, South Haven, wood; achr Christina, Kenosha, gravel; prop City of Traverse, Traversa City, lum ber; scow Annlo Tomlno, Frankfort; lumber; achr Four Brothers, Holland, ties; schr City of Woodstock, Manistee, lumber; strar Alpena, Mus kegon, sundries; schr Clara, Manistee, lumber; schr O. Culver, Menominee, cedar posts; schr Christie, Grand Haven, railroad ties; schr Hel vetia, Eric, coal; prop Q. P. Heath, Sangatuck, lumber; prop Tempest, White Lake. sundries; prop Arabia, Buffalo, sundries; schr O. 11. Hack ley, Muskegon, lumber; schr Mlutilu Mueller, Muskegon. lumber; achr X. 0. Simmons, Grand ’’avo-i. lumber; schr Kalo Lyons, Muskeg'n; lumber: schr Northwest, Ash tabula, ' ual; pro;) J. 11. Owen, Escanabn, iron ore; schr Jcm U* Lhm, Escubnna, Iron ore; scow Mer maid, G.nnd Haven, lumber: schr K. M. Porlch, Grand Tr*. one, wood; prop .1. L. Hard, Kaglu Harbor, sunurlea: schr Ilattle Fisher, Davis Pier, wood; schr Klla KUenwnod, White Lake, lumber; Hi Arizona, Buffalo,sundries; schr J. Bean, Jr., ilguu City, light; schr G. Hush, Muskegon, lumber; scow T. s. Skinner, Cedar River, lumner; schr Seventh Ohio, White Itlvcr, lumber; schr Lum berman, Muskegon, lumber: prop Florence. South Chicago, light; schr Pauline, Muskegon, lumber; schr Levi Grant, Muskegon, lumber; prop Idaho, Buffalo, sundries; prop Oconto, Green Buy, sundries; schr Fisher, Muskegon, wood; schr Coral, White Lake, lumber; scow Magdalena, Ludwig's Pier, wood; prop Sturncca, Buffalo, sundries; schr Ivor Lawson, While Hiver, lumber; schr J. W. Brown. Muske gon, lumber: schr Ottawa, Grand Haven, lumber; scow Trio, Pnngatnck, lumber; schr 8. G. An drews, Travcrso Bay, wood; prop Oswvgatchfe, Ogdonsburg, sundrk's; prop Java, Buffalo, sun dries; schMaJ. N. JL Ferry, While Lake, lumber; schr Game Cock, Muskegon, lumber; eclir 9.Bates, White Luke, lumber; schr Mystic, Muskegon, lum ber; schr Lomlc A. Burton, Saugatuck. lumber; schr Wm. 9ii'itb, South Haven, lumber: prop Clms. UleU, ;<t7(iistce, lumber; schr Jno. Marks, Manistee, lumber; schrF. Lester, Manistee. lum ber: schr Helen Blood, Muskegon, ’ lumber; schr Bertie Calkins, Manistee, lumber; schr Mtlwaukso Belle, Menominee, lumber: schr Minerva, Muske gon, lumber: schr G. M. Filer,, Lmßngton, lum ber; scow Milton, White Lake, lumber; schr J. W. Uoanc, Buffalo, coal; schr B. F. Wade. White Lake, lumber; schr 0. I). Not-rls, Good Harbor, wood; schr E. Scovlllo, Muskegon, lum ber; schr Pan Jacinto. Alpena, lum ber; bark Lm'rlnlor, Cleveland, coal; nchr W. 11. Hawkins, Paul's Pier, lumber; schr Lon Hlgby, Port Sheldon, lumber; schr G. L. Heaver, Muskegon, lumber: schr Charles Luting, Manistee, lumber; schr 11. •Hand, Kewaunee, bark; schr Heindevr, Elk llapids, pig iron; scow Laurel, White Lake, Irnnlmr; schr Ithaca, Nor wood, cedar posts; schr Hcd Wing, Ashtahutn, coal; scow M. N. Dunham, Plko's Pier, wood; schr H. B. King, Whisky Creek, wood; schr William Crosthwaite, Bay City, lumber; schr Kata Olllctt, Green Bay, cedar po.*ts; schr Dawn, Man istee, lumber; schr Elian Spry, Little Sturgeon, lumbar; schr Minnie Slawson, Ocon to. lumber: schr O. 8. Hazard, Buffalo, coal; schr Bbcnezer, Manistee, lumber; schr Peoria, Muskegon, lumber; schr Ferry Hannah, Bailey's Harbor, telegraph polos; schr Comanche. Buffalo, coal; schr Radical, Portage Lake, lumber; schr Hacco, Alpena, lumber; schr S. Anderson, Mus kegon, lumber; schr C. Hibbard, Alaska, railroad lies; schr Bonbon Duud, Erie, coal; bark Vander bilt. Bscanaba, pig-iron; bark Constitution, Ashtabula, plg-Iron; schr Erustus Coming, Erie, coal; prop Clematis, Peshtlgo, towing; schr Noouo Bay, PeshUgu, lumber; achr Advauce, Peshtlgu, lumber; scow White Oak, Ludlngtun, lumber; schr F. L. Dunforth, Buffalo, coal; prop Alaska, Buffalo, sundries; scow D. It. Holt, Grand Haven, wood; prop New Era. Grand Haven, towing; achr Anp. Boy, Muskegon, lumber; schr C. O. D., Muskegon, lumber; ichr Alaunto, Muskegon, lumber; schr City of Grand Haven, Miiakogon, lumber; schr Bridgewater, Cleveland, coal; prop Favorite, Menominee, towing; schr T. A. Johnson, Men ominee, lumber: schr E. Williams, Menominee, cedar posts; schr Uranus, Menominee, ccdarposta; schr L. B. Coates, ilfuskcgon. lumber; scow Mary E. Packard, Hubbard's Pier, lumber. Ci.nMtANciia—Stuir Corona, BU Joe, sundries; brig Commerce, 'Menominee, 20 pkgs indue; schr Mcrclmitt, Fayette, 25 brls flour, lObrls pork, 050 Tbs butter, 200 tbs lurd, 50 brls flail; schr Mary ilcVca, Juckrtonport, 4 tons hay, 75 aka feed: prop Messenger. Kenton Harbor, 5 brU pork and sundries; schrC. 11. Hacklcy, Muskegon, 30 pkgs groceries; sebrS. V. It. Watson, Buffalo, 31,045 bit wheat; schr lied White mid liiuc, Kmliilo, 28,035 bu wheat;burgo E. L. Itublnson, Moncknn nee, 300 bu coru, and sundries; barge Menckanncc, Mcnekntmci*. 10 brls pork, 15 brlti beef, 3 brls eggg, and sundries; fldirMory, Holland, 28 cords stone; prop Arabia, Buffalo, 800 bags flax-seed aud sundries; prop Beotia, llutfalo, tiI,(IDO bit corn, 300 brU flour; atmr Alpena, Muskegon, 100 brls flour, and sun dries; stmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc. 24 bdls pelts and sundries; prop Annie Young, Buffalo. 2(.500 bu corn: propAnnlo Young, Erie, 700 brls flour, 35 pkgs bird oil, and sundries; prop Tempest, White Lake, sundries: schr O. Shaw. South Haven, sundries; schr Four Brothers, Holland, 30 cords stone; prop (5. P. Heath, Saugatuck, 113 bu corn, 30 tons Hardware, and sundries; prop J. Prldgeon, Jr,, Port Huron, 40,507 ba corn, 801 brls flour, 220 bags flour, 1,540 pkgs corn-meal; schr William Jones, Michigan City, 4o cords stone; prop Oconto, Green liny, 21 tubs butter and sundries; schr Alert, Peshllgo, 2 brls beef. LAKE FREIGHTS, CHICAGO. There was a moderate Inquiry for freights, oil the capacity reported being on steamers on through rate, though one propeller was engaged at 2Hc for wheat. Tho nominal rates for wheat and coru by rail to Buffalo were 2!4C and 8 He. The steam ers Montano, Idaho, nnd Empire State take corn through; the Java wheat at SHo; aud tho Starucca wheat on through rate. Total capacity 80,000 ba wheat and 75.000 bu corn; and steam was proba bly engaged for 40,000 bu oats. BLamviiune. Ditroit, May 2d.—Grain freights continue dull and prices nominal. Wheat to Oswego, sc; to Kingston, 4Hc; to Buffalo, 2Hc; to Cleveland and Toledo, IHc, free of elevation. C. W. Nor ton reports the schr Amaranth, wheat, Detroit to Buffalo, 2Hc. Tolkuo, May 23.—The following charters were reported yesterday: Bchr Fred J. Ouuford, hard wood lumber, Bt. Clair, Mich., to Chicago, at $3 Jer m. Messrs. Andrews A Southard report the allowing; Bchrs Falmouth and Star, corn to Kingston, private terms. OCEAN FREIGHTS. NbwYobe, May 88.— Announcement wax made yesterday on the Produce Exchange that twenty six vessels bad been chartered to take cargoes of grain to Europe In view of the approaching war. An advance lu freights Is looked for in conse quence. LAKE MICHIGAN. CUIOAOO. A goodly number of lainber-lidcn vessel* arrived hero yesterday....Tbo barge Ilosa Dolle collided with the schr Niagara In Ibo rlvor near Eighteenth struct yesterday, and suffered the lose of her mainmast.... The Committee which has been sur veying the schr Groton, which was ashore all win ter In the Straits, but was lately brought here by the tug Protection, finds that the vessel la mure se verely damaged than at first supposed. It will cost, according to the estimate of the surveyors, nearly 110,000 to repair her, which Is as mush as she will he worth, She will, In all probability, be abandoned to tho underwriters,...The Den Drake came out yesterday as an excursion boat, and mode trips between tills city and South Chicago, SUu was well tiatronixed, and Admiral Cox hud cause to be satisfied with his day's receipts. As she has been thoroughly repaired and overhauled, she will undoubtedly ho still more of a success than she has been heretofore, especially as the popular Capl. Dill Dale la again at the helm The barge Trans fer, which is usually towed by sleambarue Now Eva, sailed for Muskegon last evening, preferring not to wait fur the arrival of the tow-barge.... Th» (■Tisin* of th« Itiß W«nl broko down n. connecting rnd nml ejllnder-head ijntlln? ont'iS order. Bho had to Bn to Hie tioncrnrd. bni vt fkl "udd l (0 C r' , ffi? ~UaM, lm P°»“n>l»llot*fi MII.WAUKBH. The Milwaukee Newt gives the scriptlon of the old Government gun-boat John A. Dlx, which has been tran#forraod Into a passengi* boat by Mr. M. Engcltnann, and will ply between Milwaukee and Chicago hereafter: ‘ * The old c o * eminent gim-bont John A. Dlx, purchased by \r Engelmnnn from the R. B. Ward estate, has *|„m the early part of last winter been undergoing Miorouah rebuilding under the direction of Wilber Waterbnry. amcchanlo well-known Imn« r no c re es an a coiiipotcnt and reliablogentlcmau* The old boat was torn to the water's edge and 2b* Hre W rebuilt. A cabin, now under way Si Shclack finish, with gilt mid black walnut trim mlnga, will present a most striking an.,car ancc. and will bo ono of the T.?, on the lakes, when adorneil with handsome scarlet pltiflb furniture from the establishment of PrsnV.B & Co. The office. with approved nccomrnodaUcm. Is In closo proximity to the gangway and convenient for passengers, locnted-nt a point whom the dmid of being hurl bv unruly truckmen Is dispelled Tim engine and boilers, which originally cost *(].-» (xki have been nut In firtg-clnsu trim by Richard Davis’ of tlio Marine boiler works, and worn given n trtA on Friday Inst, working to perfection. Thcv sr,l of the best makoon tbu lakes and a credit to tim builders. The inspectors reported everythin'’ favor, able, the result meeting more than their sangnitm expectations. She Is rated at 3T»il. 4(1 tons, and ha* made on an average previous to rebuild 14 miles nn hour with pounds of steam, Hnroutfit is the mo«t perfect on tho lakes, Uncle Sam expending liberal!* When she was In his possession. Soe will ply i*,. tween this port and Chicago ns a No. 1 p&sscnmr boat, as early ns Juno 10, In all probability, stm will be commanded by Capt. McHenry, of Chicago formerly of tho Saginaw; Mr. James Benson win serve In the capacity of engineer. The cost «,f (| t « boat when completed is estimated at from to SIB,OOO. The little craft Is a model of beauty and presents a handsome appearance to the be* holder. Mr. M. Engelmatm uus spared no pulm to make her tint-class in every respect, and his efforts have been seconded and fulfilled by Con. tractor Waterbary.’ 1 LAKE SUPERIOR NEWS. Tub Tiiibuns Is Indebted to Clerk T. S. Baker for tho following Intereitlng log of strar Joseph L. Hurd, Capt. Thomas Lloyd, of Leopold & Aua. trlan's Lake Superior Line: Left Chicago Wcdncs. day, May 10, ourJral trip. Touched at MUwou. koe and shore nm toSuuliHtc. Marie River, which we entered Sunday, the 14th. As usual on our first tripq wq looked out forflrat Icc; this wc saw? miles below the canal, lloatinj down In largo cakes, Increasing to fields a« wo neared thu cjinai. Here we passed through Ico with sleigh-tracks still visible, with evergreen bushes stuck alongside of tho tracks to mark Mi- Inghotcs. We locked through and laid In canal nil night; made a start Mommy morning; reached WhitellsU Point at noon, nmnitiu throucu heavy >ce all thu way. Leaving the Point nml head- Ing out on Luke Superior, we could see nothin'.; but ice ns far ns the eye could reach. Towards night wo found nn opening. Through this wo pas-ed, nnd landed at Grand Island. From lioru wo head oil for Marquette, running and bucking through heavy Ico. Five miles from Marquette we found three steam-barges and their consorts, also two propellers, butting the ice. Finally they fetched up standing. Wc thought wo would dig out. and did, heading for Portage. Here we found tho heaviest Ice,—lo feet deep and (i feet high in tho nlr In many places. We had hard digging to tlio Huron Islands, when we left tho iconmi ran out In to open water. Arrived at Portage ami discharged cargo. .Proceeded to Englo Harbor, and lock on copper, fourmasses of it for the Centennial, weighin'’ Jice (oim each; started for Marquette Monday the g'Jd; ran Into leu again HO miles above Marqn’eitc; found it still very heavy; got within .*» miles of Marquette when wc lay In Ice all night of and dug Into port morning of 5».Td; commenced taking on Balance of cargo. The following vessels were lying at .Marquette loading and unloading: Steam barge V. Swain, P. S. Fay, Raleigh, Oscar Town send, and Superior, with their consorts; schrs Three Brothers, K. G. Breed, Wagstnlf. Two Fan nies, Charles lllnkley. 8. H. iluthor, Thomas Uuwn, and Golden West. These vessels got a slant In (with one or two exceptions) while wind was off land n few hours, driving Ico out nwnvs. Tug Morse towed schr Brlghtle out clear of Ice tho 2‘-’d. bound for L'Ansu. Wc heard of the Inrim A. Smith, Duckett, and Vienna at L'Anse gad, loading. Wc left Marquette Tuesday night. ;*;H: ran through ice for (JO miles, when we left it nml made open water. FortlU miles below Jlnrqnetlo and us far out os tho oyu cun reach, ice can he k-ou on Lake Superior to-day. Thursday forenuun a largo Utree-mualed schoonor signaled us. Wo went to her. HUo proved to be the J. O'Neill, bonnd for Portage. Hhu asked our Captain the way to go to find weaker Ice, and headed off as directed. Off Whitehall Point wn met schr 8. Minch, Col. Cook. 11. J. Webb, and Wm. Shape bound up. At Whisky Bay wo saw the Banks, Shandon, nml Ht. Lawrence loading square timber for (jnelirc market. Arrived at thu Sault Canal night of tlio 241 h, locked through and laid up for thu nlglii; started down Sault River the Wth; met schrs Wat son, Eliza Tumor, and Oriental In tow. Wc had good weather to Chicago. Arrived Saturday noon, May 27, and will leave again for Luke Su perior Monday evening, May 20. LAKE ERIE. KUID. Special DUpotcfi to The Trjbune. Enu, Pa., May 28.—The Philadelphia & flflt Railroad will commence running their new stun Port Dover from Erie to Port Dover, Canada, Juno 5, nnd will make three trips each way pm week. She will carry freight and passengers. De parted for Chicago. HtmrJapun. Chartered, stmt Graves, and schrs Hutchinson and Scotia, coal to Chicago at 05 cents per ton,—an Increase of 19 cunts. ' CANAL. Special Dltpclch to The Tribune. La Salle. 111. • May 28. -Grim/ by J2irer— Prop China towing Chicago Belle from Henry, corn to Chicago; propWhalo, towing Tempest from Si. Louis, flro clay for La Salle; prop Jack Hobertson, lowing Merchant from Hennepin, corn to Chicago. Departed— Prop E. G. flood and canal-boat fleet Park and J. Schuler, lumber to Peoria; Norway, lumber to Chllllcothe; Aruliauml Leviathan, lum bur to Peru. Patted into Canal— Prop China, Chicago Hello. Seneca, and 0. L. Booth, prop Jack Robertson mid Merchant. Patted Oaf—fleer Park, J, Schuler, prop E. 0. Good, Arabia, Leviathan, Augusta, aud Andrew Jackson. Ulver falling. port hitron. Special Dispatch to Tht lYtbune. PonrlltinoM. Mich., May 28.—flows—Props31. Joseph, Waverly, Quebec, Badger State, May flower with Kogle Wing, Alpena ana cargos, Henry Howard and consort, Prindlvllle and barges; schrt John Burt, John!’. Mott, Anglo Saxon, bhandon, Muses Osge. Un—Props Holland, Wenoua, J. Bertsdiy, Kco* wenaw, Winslow, Itoanoke, Mary Pringle and barges; schrs W. R. Hanna, Myoeotls, Empire Bute.‘Goshawk, Van Valkenberg, Three Bells, Newsboy, Laura, Wish—Southwest; gentle. WcATiua— Fine. MISCELLANEOUS. THIS AND THAT. The schr Michigan will bo placed in ordinary on her arrival at Buffalo....Tbo achrM. L. Collins, undergoing a rebuild at Manitowoc, has been ll* holed by tho United Slates. ...The stenmburge W» T. Graves was sold by tho Sheriff at Buffalo, Frt* day, to Gen. Bailey, of Toledo, for $500....Th0 Detroit Pott states that tho rilummoth steamship Inter-Occan and consort, which arrived up Monday from below, have laid up for the present, aud will stay so nntll freights Improve. Tbo two boats ate considered the finest on the lakes, nnd when they, are compelled to qulthuslnoss there Is a blue look-, out for tho others.... Tho Milwaukee iVlvomla says tug Hagcrman succeeded In getting off the scow Supply, and arrived with her at Milwaukee from Kenosha Friday. Ono of her bows Is badly stove,, aud notwithstanding the fact that she was Jacketed, 1 tho services of a steam pump were required U> keep her free. Thu Mlhvaukoo Dry flock Com*, panv will make the repairs.... The tug Agate is sunk off tiie mouth of Ontonagon harbor, olio lies about 300 feet from and In lino with tho cast pier,- and little oast of a line In range with tbo range light and light-house. She lies in about IB feet »f water, and Is buoyed with a cedar plunk and polo with a red flag. Boats entering the harbor will leave the buoy to tho port side....A I,2UU-tou schooner, called the 11. It. Newcomb, was launch* ed from Rust's shipyard at East Saginaw Thurs day, Her dimensions are: Length, lUS feet; breadth of beam, U3H feet; depth of hold, 12H foot. Cost, $25,0U0. Shu la owned by Cleveland parties, who must bo plucky. Indeed, to make an Investment m vessel property when whole fleets ore lying idle at the docks.— Says the Cleveland Leaden On Tuesday evening the schr Aldebarun left this port for the Islands, and when out about twenty-five miles ono of tho sailors met with a mishap by fulling from the mala boom to the deck, striking tbo pump on tho way. He was so badly injured that tho vessel was obliged to put back, when the sufferer was taken to the Marine Hospital.... The Detroit Port says: The two vessels, which went ashore In tho Htraita lust fall and go* badly damaged, but were finally released and towed Into Cheboygan for tho winter, left them yesterday In tow of tho tug Moore, and will I 1 ™ 11 * ably arrive here to-day. The Roscius will w tamed over to the United States Marshal, and the Grenada will probably be repaired at once, Th«* former Is owned by CapU Finn, of Chicago, am* the loiter by Copt. Taft, of this c1ty....f1.. Col lins Browne, well known In England as tna originator of the peak-prowed ship, which pre sents some advantages, has lately introduced a four-bladcd propeller, which Is essentially peejf* Bar. Tho power of the propeller is Indicated oy the quickness with which U stops a vessel when the motion of the screw Is reversed. A steamship of 1,042 tons, tilled with one of these screw* 12 feet lu diameter, when steaming at about to knots au hour, was slopped in her own length on the motion of the screw bolng reversed, the English Admiralty aru now experimenting wUO this peculiar propeller, which f* likely U) be of great public utility.

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