Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 30 Mayıs 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 30 Mayıs 1876 Page 3
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THE COURTS. (ilishaP 3 of a Nov/ Sewing-Ma* chine Company. rumination of the Jeweler Horse— M XUo Globo Insurance Company. tfcord Of Judgments anil New Hulls— The Apollo Organ Company. Abilina" filed Saturday In tlio Circuit Court, MtiuunrcMfU for servile, hy Samuel Tbomp . n against the Intermediate Sewlng-Machlno f.mwiny. n* Kolfe, Anshert 11. Wagner, uJOeorRO Scc.ville, asking fur an Injunction j Hie appointment of a Receiver. The com- Ililnant set# out In his hill anil Amendment thereto that In 1b75, and prior to the orgaulza- Joiiof the Sewing-Machine Company, he and Wiener, and one Charles 11. Hubbard, S been engaged as equal partners b h,o business of manufacturing and wiling sewing-machines. John H. Uolfo was j<o a silent partner. He had been from time iotime advancing money to the firm on the un ijfrtlanfib'g that lie ehonld furnish money as wanted, ami in ease Wagner obtained a certain rilcnt for un improvement In sewing-machines £lfe was to he made an active partner. In December last Uolfo had advanced $5,000, for which he held receipts or due hills, hut he hj then In need of funds to square up n trust u -vount lie persuaded complainant and Wagner to five him u Judgment note for $5,000, secured ly trust-deed on the 8. 00 feet of Lot 4, Block Vj„ guiniier & Judd's Subdivision of apart of J e Ji. E. H of Bee. 21, hi, 14, bclong to Thompson’s wife. Uolfo at the Hoe agreed that this note and i‘.,i ahouhl not he held os s charge against him # Wagner, but merely to straighten up his own ■init accounts. “’rhe Company was organized In .Tnnnary ln*t, .li a capital stockofSlOU.OOO. divided Into 1,000 ,v,t C a of SIOO each, of which complalmmt re lived 052 shares and Wagner 350, leaving 208 .hires for Uolfo (the other partner, Hubbard, hav w been bought out), which, however, have not £cn Issued to him. The object of the Company into manufacture and sell sewing-machines un- H,.rs patent which Wagner agreed to assign to the I’cmuany In consideration of his receiving JjO .MfcK of stock. Ths property of (ho old firm, ilaed at $70,000, was turned over to the Com nay, but Wagner bus refused to assign Ida letters Lieut. Complainant claims to have put In about ti 7 000 In all, and now fears ho will iwo the whole, os the Company's stock Is worthless without the patent, Tho Company no« has a large amount of valuable machinery, nols. and unfinished machines, but has been un- Ale to obtain sufficient money, owing to tho hard times, to carry on Its business, and 1s now In an insolvent condition. Nino suits In attachment bvcbcen begun against the Company by various trcJltors. and the writs are now In the hands of tbe Constable. Kolfealso has fraudulently enter ed up Judgment on his $5,000 note. Issued execu tion!, and caused the properly of the Company to t* sicred. Thompson fears that if tho Sheriff Is iltowed to sell the Company's properly under these executions It will be sacrificed for a grossly tudeimoto price, and he therefore asks for the ap pointment of a Receiver,and an Injunction to pro tint the proposed sale, and to restrain Wagner from assigning his patent to any uuo hut tho Com motion for Receiver was made yesterday morning, Kretzinger & Veeder appearing for Thompson, and Henry Waller, the President of the Company, on Us behalf, and It was finally agreed Ihit A. 11. Conillt should be appointed Receiver Bodcr bond for $50.000, with leave to lake posses ilun of the property and finish up the unfinished machines. HANSOM J. UOR9IB. The first meeting of the creditors of Hansom J. Hone, the bankrupt jeweler of this city, was held jeaterday, and also a meeting to consider a propo rtion for composition, it. K. Jenkins was imme diately elected Assignee. Morse then oflered to compromise for 25 cent* on the dol hr, giving notes payable in five installments between the present lime and July, and secured by good Indorsements. The New Yorkcrcdilors, who represent a majority of the claims, however, re fused to accept the proposition, as they eald It ap peared from his own statements and from other parlies that ho had ordered goods, cldetly dia monds, from New York, and immediately on their receipt here had hypothecated or pledged them for Ws than one-half their value to various parlies In this city as collateral security on judgment notes. Some of the goods, even, were pawned without be ing opened on their arrival, ana the amount dis posed of in lids wav amounts to some Sid, 000 or JIK.OOO. on which Morse only realised about |tj,ooo or SB.OUU. Judgments were entered on ibc-c notes at maturity and the properly mid. The creditors wished to give Mr. Morse time to explain tlresc transactions, and the examination was there fore postponed until Thursday morning. To-day Is Decoration Day, and the Stale courts will all he closed. with one exception. Judge Mc- AlHxtcr will continue the trial of the case now before him. The Clerk's oiUco will bo open os usual. Judge Dlodgctt will hear acouplc of act bank ruptcy Issues to-day and then adjourn. In the citso of Merrill vs. Thu Appolo Manu facturing Company, a motion waa mmlo yesterday to modify the injunction grunted Saturday. Alter Kimc illeciiH.'iion it was agreed Unit the Committee should have leave to pay all undisputed deists iwinst the Company, tho others being left to bo proved up before a Makter In chancery. Also la ilivideup the organa now manufactured among Ihe stockholders In proportion to their stock, tak ing ihorl time notes, which are to he delivered Into court, so that in case .Merrill, or any other creditor, in allowed any claim against the Com pany, they may bo able to collect it out of the mdes, If there should ho no other assets. The examination of Ueorgo C. Smith will ho continued this morning again before tin; Ilrgislcr. Tho Judges of the Circuit Court will have no call to-morrow, but expect to nil together to hear the arguments In the Mayor case. .lodge Moore will be in Court cm tho Ist find 2d dayh of .luiio, and try all cases where Issues are completed, amt where both iddca stipulate (hat nidi trial may take place, the trial to be In the order in which stipulations are (lied with tho Clerk. In tho ease of tnu l.ackuwi'.una Iron and Coal Company cl al. vh. The Chicago A Pacific llnllroad Company, the bond of tho Deceiver, John M. Whitman. forSIO.OOO, wan approved. Homer K. Sargent and Kbrnm Gale being his sureties, and lie mm directed to taku Immediate possession of the Uumpiiny'ri property of every description. UNITED STATES COL'UTS. J. L. Joyce * Vo. In-van n suit in replevin against F. V». blmunds uini 11. IJ. Stoddard to re rokur a stock of bouts and shoes valued at 15.1U2.10. DANKnUITCV MATTCIW. A petition in bankruptcy win tiled late Saturday ifiemuou ncalnal tlio defunct tilubu Insurance i-'eiupany of this city, the following creditors join •ng In tlio petition: Northrap «te Telit, Tort Kd- Hinds, N. V., onn Judgment for SJIU. r i..’>H; Wallers t llro., Halt Lake City, Utah Territory, on n ;laim for loss under u lire policy, $l,0i!0; the Uaugor Insurunco Company, of iiaugor, .Me., re amrance claim for SI, iUh.til; John VV, Hardin, Hmphis, Tcnn., hu-seit under pollclrp, {*1,1)00; flioiiius It. Join"*, Hall City, I'tuh, SI,OOO 3n inn 11 runco policy; Nathaniel C. Cole, Ituchcs ter, Minn., acceptance of the Company fur £IS2; IMnlu Hatch, llorlicster, Minn., on three miles furSl.nuu; tlio Wheeler* WlUun Manuracturiug t'onipany, on Insurance policy for Cun uiugnam * lluulur, Chicago, on an insurance pohey, 8i,ir.1.u7; and H. A. burr * Co., Albany, N. Y., on two acceptances for sHUri.l)7. It is charged that the luniiruuce Company on the Mlh day of May. IH7O. confessed judgment for 1/il, In favor of tl. K. Hessel, and lor s*'7"» in luvor of the Mills * Mope Company, with intent (ogive (hem a preference. Also that It frinnlu* lently concealed and icnmvcd Us hooks, assets) and property, and hut refused to turn them over to ]{. L. JeiiUu-s tho Itccuiver appointed by the United States Circuit Court, in the case of Cynthia Hart el >l. vs. Thu (i)ohe litiunincu Company, 'll is further alleged that tho attorney of the Com ?-'iiy appeared in the Circuit Court in tho tail of llradncr, bmllh * Co. against It, Hid admitted lliat tlio Insurance Company usd for a long tlmo been Insolvent anil unftbluto puy Its debts, and thereupon consented to the ap pointment of n Uecelvcr, hut that the Judge de clined to appoint a Itecelver because the allegations r>f the bill wore not milllclrnl to give him jurisdic tion. A rule to show cause Juno 0 was made. Tnorwald i-'uroc, a dealer in genu* fiuniublng pcudaatNu. yod Stale sired, Hied u voluntary po* Hliou ycolenluy. His preferred debts amount lo « mu! tUo unsecured In sy,OiU.r>;i. His as* 'U consist of bis stock intrude, valued at S7OO, •nil book accounts of 51/lU. The petition win r«* “■''fed to Hcglfitcr Hubbard, and It. 11. Jenklua *as unpointed provisional Assignee. . A discharge was issued to Frederick Water* holler. George w. Campbell was appointed Assignee i Oc "W r. Kluiii'ir. Assignees will Lo choien this morning for Em n*o»<io«, Edwin Hunts Kuus. uud George 1 lluzcu „ BUI'BIIIOR COURT IK RRUtr. . 4 Cornelius It. Field commenced u ault against rraiids Agnevv, SherlC, to recover possession of two locomotives, three stock-cars, two passenger* caacbes, and ton box-cars, valued at SIO,OOO. .J. Wayne Jt bon sued Jacob Wertheimer for IJ.fiuo. 'llie East St. I.oiila Hall-Mill Company, for me P* Dawes & MclJcltlgun. began a ault against A. }>• Meeker, W. L. mown, and Hubert McCborrlo to recover 000. , . CIRCUIT COURT. „ . John Pike began a suit In trespass against Selves* »f r McCormick, Mark T. Green, William F. m •’OM. and Marlin Mullens, laying damages at sj, ■ Uary Yunk commenced a suit against the City Foic-go, claiming SUI.OOO damuyes. Carrie 11, Church began a suit for $J5,000 agolr U. I*. Taylor. _ TUB CALL WEDNESDAY, u cikji Ui.oiiiji.TT—WlileUy ca,v>. JeDoiiG*ui—lo7. 40d, oUI, jJ0.501 to run, In* elusive. •Junui Jamesox—;>o. £8,130, City vs. Gulaucr. ,Itrn«f.< nonuns, Booth, MrAm.istrh, aho Faii- ATM.- No mil. Argument* In the Mayor case. Jt;mn: \Vll.UA>l*--Bi:t <•««(* No. SHU. .HIDOMrNTS. flurmton Cncnr—cosrr.iMmis—Ferry A Bro. v*. Frank 11. Holman, |2h;j,4o. CimiriT Count—.lrimß llonaas—Thmdore Mad verls v*. PcterOulrmbach.S.i.KW). —George vs, James 11. Thomas; verdict, $.’18,511, and motion (or new trial.—J. P, Ford vs. James Ford, $2OO. Jnlmß. Holme* vs. John W. lilal*drll, ITJU.HI, \V. ft. Montgomery etal.v*. The Ne» Silicon Sled Company, S;SJH). (J4.—l*. 8. Beardsley vs. Edward llollinaii. SI2U. .li’imK Booth— D. L. Countryman vs. John 11. Kline; verdict, $28.2:1. John Buohler ct al. va. Jams* Morris, sll 1. Jenur. McAm.istrii—Daniel Alkon vi. The City of Chicago, Sl.Jl.’iO. MACON COUNTT CmCOIT COCfIT. Fpf-utl Pl'inil'h to nr Tribun*. Dr.rvrtru, 111.. May 21>.—To-day llm Court ccrtl i fil'd the ril'd of Priest vs. The Fireman's Knud In* surunce Company of (’iillfomln tip to the United Male* Court. Iliicklngbum for plaintiffs; Gov. Palmer for defendant. It Is a very important case. Defendant refuses to pay Insurance on u burnt building. _ BLACK HILLS. VIA MINNKAPOT.TS. MiXNß, Minn., May 21).—'The Tribune thin afternoon publishes the following facts from Israel Hawes, Just arrived this noon from the Black Hills. He corroborate* the statements of tho rumors In regard to the Indian scalping stories, and adds that they arc not half as startling an the facts. Ho helped to bury persons killed by tho Indians every day. The bodies of those murdered arc always found with six bullet-hole* and six knife-stabs In them, besides the loss of the scalp, which they take oil by cutting the head open in tho shape of n letter V from the back of tho head down to tho eyes, which presents a henrl-slckcnlng Might. lie has had some narrow escapes. One party of them went out and were attacked by (he redskins, but they were Much poor shots that no harm was done. Indians are as thick as Hies around n molasses kog. Every party that attempts In leave or enter the llill* is attacked, and more or less fall victims to the devils in hitman form. One parly of twenty-live attempted to escape, and only one lived to left the story of bow they were butcher ed and scalped. More parties arc leaving every day than arrive In a week. There ore some 5,000 men in tho Hill*, among whom there arc about f»0 that arc making S2O per day to 1,000 who make a dollar. One party of eight men got their sluice going nl noon ami worked till sundown and their total earn lugs were l. r » cents. There were sixty-three men In lilk party that went to the Hills. Seven men will never return, and four men were lost coming out. None of hU party returned with enough to pay their expenses. The elites that were the glory of the Hills on the start ore os dead as though they never existed. Thu best claims are along the Jlnpid Creek and Deadwood. Tho best claims were taken previous to January. There are only two paying claims on Hnnid Creek. One of these turns nut about $2.50 each day per man; tho other about So per man. Claims were sold In Ueudwood previous to January for SJ, 500. VIA OMAHA, Omaha, May 20.—A citizen from this place, just arrived from Custer City, says that on the night of the lllth that place was attacked hy Indians, who burned the ammunition-house lu tho centre of tho city, which, lu blowing up,deedroyed several. His party, numbering nlnety-slx, left at daylight next morning, and cannot give particulars. They buried John Schcnck, of Yankton, who had been shot 8 miles from Buffalo (lap. On tho north side of the Platte, between Ucd Cloml and Sidney, they found he body of T. P. Hermann, of Carlisle. Pa., who bad 87,<>00 In a check and s3l tn greenback* with him. Tho Indians left these, but stripped him of everything else and run off his stuck. They look the body to Sidney, and from there forwarded nl home. The money was placed In the hand* of Mr. Moore.n citizen of Sidney. On the 17lh thelndlnuß attacked a miner’s cabin at midnight at Hosebud, between Custer and Deadwood, and surprised and killed all the occupants.—literally hacked them to piece*. There arc about 4, (HK) people In Cnstcrnnd 1,200 houses. Nothing can be done on account of the Indians. If u man goes a mile from camp alone he loses his scalp. VIA FORT IvARAMIE. CinsTENNE, W. T., May 20.—Capt. Egan return ed to Fort Laramie to-day after scuutlngAe coun try from Fort Laramie to Caster over the traveled road and returning via the agency road. On Sago Creek he overhauled a bund of 000 Indians In the midst of an attack on Hechl's ox-team en route for the Hills and succeeded in driving theoi olf, they Inking a northerly direction. The Cuplnln says they arc Intent on joining Silling Bull. Egan says fully 1,000 young warriors have left the two agen cies. A number of miners returned with Ega'b among whom was Mr. Bonghton, cx-Mnyorof this city, who reports the northern mines to lie paying well. About 5,000 miners are In that section. RED CTsOUD'S BUTCHERS, Omaua, Neb., May 20.—Capt. Nickerson, an nld-de. camp for Ocn. Crook, telegraphs to-day from Fort Futtermnn that all the young warriors have left lied Cloud, going north to join Sitting Hull, leaving their families to be protected at the Agencies. Capt. Egan encountered over 000 of them going north. Tim Indications aro that (Jen. Crook mid others will have to contend against the whole war-force of the Sioux, lieu. Crook’s command left Fctlerman tills morning. “MAKING HOME BASE.” To the Editor of The Tribune. CmcAoo, May2l).—lt pleases me, that Article In Monday's Issue, purporting to be an Intercepted Her of Dom Pedro. Idiots I yes, veritably, bi not such idiots ns the crowd who rush to sou llicli antics. Tho idea has often occurred to me as 1 have witnessed the crowds of gaping fools in fron of some rum-holc.gazlng ut the bulletin reports o base-hull games. The wonder 1s not that meu cn gago In ench games "profenionaltu," berausi they can earn money by that means that would be Impossible for them to earn by an honest lived hood, but tho wonder Is that so many fools can b« fannd who will spend their tlmo ami money In go lug to see tin-thing. Young men. you bsd belle spend your time in some other way and save you money to pay your washwomen. H. MATRIMONIAL. Rptdal Dispatch to The Tribune. RocitroitD, in., way 21). Mix* Alice A. Early, the victim of the cruel slanders In the Chicago llmei that have canned ro much talk and bo many lawsuits, will ho married Wednesday to Mr. Daniel Simmons, ofUolott, Wls. Your correspondent un derstands that Mr. Simmons, who is nn old suitor for the hand of this beautiful girl, wished Mina Karly to mnrry him Immediately after the vile slan ders, hut Mina Karly very properly declined until eho was fully vindicated. THANKS "FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE HEART.” Wellington, I.oraino Co., 0., Ang. 24, 1871. Dr. D. V. J'lerce, lluffalo, N. Y.: Dear Silt: Your medicines, Golden Medical Discovery, Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Ucmedy, Imre proved of tho greatest service to me. Six months ago no one thought that I could possi bly live long. 1 had a complication of dis cuses,—scrofula, manifesting itself in eruptions amt great blotches on my head that made such sores that I could not havo my hair combed without causing mo much Buffering; also caus ing swollen glands, tonsils enlarged, enlarged nr “thick neck,” ami largo and numerous holla. I also Buttered from a terrible Chronic Catarrh, and In fact I was so diseased that life was a bur den to me. I had tried many doctors with no heuellt. I dually procured one-half dozen bot tles of your (Joldon Medical Discovery and ono dozen Sago's Catarrh llemcdy, and commenced their Übe. At tlret I Was badly discouraged, but after taking four bottles of tho Discovery I began to improve, and when I had taken tho remaining I was well. In addition to tho use of Discovery I applied a solution of lodlno to the goitre or thick neck, us you adviso In pam phlet wrapping, aud It entirely disappeared. Your Discovery is certainly tho most wonderful blood medicine ever Invented. I thank God and you, from tho depths of my heart, for the great good It has done me. Very gratefully, Mns. L. CIIATFBU. Most medicines which are advertised as blood purifiers and liver medicines contain either mer cury, In sumo form, or potassium and lodlno va riously combined. AM of these agents have strong tendency to break down tho blood corpuscles, and debilitate and otherwise perma nently injure tho human system, and should therefore bo discarded. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, on the other hand, being composed of tlio tluld extracts of native plants, barks, and roots, will In no ease produce In jury, Its effects being strengthening and cura tive only. Sarsaparilla, which used to enjoy quite u reputation as a blood-purliler, Is a rem edy of thirty years ago, and may well give place us It Is doing, to the more positive and valuable vegetable alteratives which later medical Inves tigation and discovery has brought to light. In Scrofula, or King's Evil, While Swellings, Ul cers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck, Goitre, Scrofu lous InlUmnutions, indolent 1 idiammatlon, Mercurial Affections, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, ami Sore Eyes as In all other blood diseases, Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery has shown Its great Remedial powers, curing the most obstinate and Intractable cases. Sold by all dealers in medicines THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; TUESDAY. MAY 30, 187 G. THE GRAND JURY. Further Investigations into Porio- lat's Business Affairs, Singular Stories in Reference to the Bo cent Rogovs Burglary. A Trip 1« the .lall—lluntlng for Hose Tlmycr. The Grand Jury yesterday morning entered tipon It* duties feeling that it had very little to (1.) except to await the pleasure of u few wit nesses Notwithstanding that a few days ego it been agreed tliat no complaints would lie, In the nbseneu of other business u few of a minor character were listened to. Among the principal complaints were one against Kdwurd Murphy, I*. Kellly, W, Muck, ami Anthony Connelly, charged with robbing one Henry Heckler, of Missouri, a Block | nmn, ol about SJJOd. The evidence won conclu- Bive, or at least sullldent ly so to Induce the find ing of a true bill. Another complaint of con siderable importance was IMtBEBUItEI) AGAINST LEWIS BATON by the County Treasurer, who charged him with perjury, the oltcnse having been conimlllcd lu his making an ullidavlt to recover certain goods which had been seized for taxes. The complaint was not disposed of,owing to the absence of wit nesses, and will receive further attention. The smaller class of eases occupied the early part of the forenoon, aud then the investi gations were resumed. Mil. LINES, of McHenry County, who sometimes lives In Illinois ami then again In Wisconsin, was the witness. Kc had preceded Kimberly as Warden of the Insane Asylum, and was sup posed to know’ a great deal about I'erlolafs dealings with that institution. He was detain ed a very few minutes, for the reason that he appeared to have nothing to reveal, wimt he did say, however, was not Inclined to heighten the sins of Porlolat, for In self-defense he tcsllflrd that he h i d never been approached by that individual, and that lie had always taken special pains to examine the goods received nt Hie Asylum, lie attributed his removal and the appointment of Kimberly, howev er, to the Influence of I'erlohit with the County hoard, lie had regarded himself as in the way or certain members of the Hoard during his term of otllcc, and his removal was not unexpected. This being through with, and no other witnesses appearing, the Jury resumed the examination of tho OLD BOOKS OP FORSYTH A CO., the object being more particularly to gel dates and amounts upon which indictments could Ins based* This occupied several hours, nmi must havo been us tedious to the jurors us to thorn on tuo outside who were awaiting results. Intheexamlnullon.Uls understood that Forsyth's testimony was In u man* ncr discredited, but not materially, lutho “K. account, especially, did things appear mixed, for the reason that tins account did not entirely agree with others, but from the apparent Inconsistency or disagreement nothing appeared calculated to otter consolation to any of the accused. On the other hand, the.examination tended to convince the Jury that “crookedness” had been the rule with the County Board In past years, and that the county had paid dearly for the supplies and care bestowed upon its paupers. browing out of this; coupled wiln other testimony, it wan dually decided to prepare several Indict ments. Up to date it Is understood that three new Indictments have been found acnlnat I’erlolat and two ugoinsl Kimberly, cover ing conspiracy, fraud, ami bribery. One of the In dictments against PeriolulwllJ cover several counts for bribery, in which ns many Commissioners will figure, however unpleasant it may be for them. Among these arc several ex-members of the Board, who have hi divers ways already manifested their uneasiness and displeasure at the situation. In the mutter of the relation of JOSlvl’ll lIOUAN to tliß County Board, the Sprclul Committee re ported several days auo. Although Uic report has been kept very close, 11Is understood that it shows that an unusual amount of material hue been crowd ed into till* bllle for the JlOKpitnl plumbing mid gas ntUnit. Thu work ha* been done well, and extravagantly no. and lh« price* dialed the county huvo been lu strict accord, in ■connecllmi with the report, U has crept out that, u few year* ago, and before bo entered the •• Comi ty lilusr.’* he was doing bnMtnw* on a capital of Sl.oOO, while now ho ha* a capital of 3>i*»,UoU, and stands No. Ilu commercial report*, 'iho ex amination Into hla affair* has not been completed, however, but will be continued from day to day until adjournment, ns witnesses can be secured. TUB UOOKHS BUUUI.AUV. Another matter, mid one of great Importance, came before the Jury, which was n little outside ol the investigations into oßicial corruption. A few days ago, it will be remembered, James Rogers, burglar ' who entered ’the store of ..rdrldgo & Co., u few weeks ago. attempted to iccure ItiH liberty on ball. Carrying out ills plans, two Individuals were urr. Htcd for perjury In swear, ing to tho ownership «if certain property. They were tried, and escaped, as Is alleged, through the Instrumentality of «mo James Itaxtcr. * ll “ *?;VV C day llogers paid faluteVAtlorney Heed SI.AUU in cash to secure bis appearance, and was released. As aoon as tho pullco authorities learned of bis discharge an order was telegraphed throughout the cltr for ills mirrest, without stating for what of fense. When he pave up the $1,500. everybody actiualnled with criminal affairs understood that his freedom had cost him just that amount, and that lie would havo paid double that, or his brother thieves would, to save him from trial and his Inevitable fate—the Peniten tiary. The attention of the pollen was directed to him more because of the Interest Uniter had mani fested in him than anything else, and ho was nr* rested Sunday. They had learned that at the tlmo the burglary was attempted by lingers that Uniter had k LAItflE AMOUNT OP VALUABLES, In diamonds anil Jewelry. In I’ardridgo's wife, upon wlilcli he hud borrowed money, and from other clr* cumstunces had rcuched Ihe conclusion that lingers hnd been urged forward hi his attempt at burglary by IbiVter, If he hail not been directly hired. with the hope that he might thereby gain possession of his property. They claim to have witnesses to back their charges, serious as they may be, and to bo able to demonstrate why liaxter figured so largely In the Biraw-ball pro* erodings which were nipped In the Inid by the vjg t llancu of the Clerk of the Criminal Court, Ihe witnesses will bo beard to-morrow. THANKS. HefOre adjourning the jury adopted the follow- In I ', which, though presented several daye ago, was only reduced to writing yesterday s JittoUed, That tho thunks of this Grand .Tnry he tendered to Mr. 11. T. Ilirch, Assistant Stale h At torney for the valuable ttldandnsiMßtunco rendered this body by him in pursuing the inquiry aud Inves tigations made by tm during tho term. After adjournment, which was until to-morrow, portly to allow the patriotic to decorate to-day and portly to allow the more industrious to do some private work, a visit was made to TUB COUNTY JAIL. It wai the first time tlmt many of the Jurors had ■men in Jail, and the atmosphere did not appear to agree with them. L ! l"'« entering, the uuivcrMil Unmlrywns, Whence proceed* till* Blench* No one appeared to answer thu question, but ouce on Uio Inside everything wai explained, l ie walls were while, it fstrue, the result of the labor* of the county painter for several week*, and tho visit wua mobt opportune for the management. ihe tlourn, however, were llllhy, the windows were covered with u mixture of airland cobweb*, tho accumulation of month*, and the coll* bore the appearance of long service without cleanlii”. iho Bcv cral department* were visited in turn, mid in Bincll. at least, they worn hi beautiful harmony. On the whole, the jury were of the opinion, alter completing it ß round, that u» u cheap. nrutUablo linurdhip-hoiico tho Jail was a Success, and will doubtless no report. An incident of their visit was their being mistaken for County Commissioner* by tho prisoner*. Hie urur* were not over eluted at the Joke, ami passed t by with the samo consideration that they do the fpierlea of reporter* In search of Grand Jury new*. TIIEIIB 13 A DIVISION OP OPINION among tUo jurors as lo when an adjournment will be had. Some say to-morrow anil others nay hat- I unlay, which Islho extreme limit. Us work la practically al on cml, and if Hoses Thayer, who Ims for the last ten days been searched for by half a dozen ofllccrs, can be found, there is no good reason why Its cession should ho prolonged. »es terday on onicer was set to guard his house, and If he con ho found at oil hu will he to-day. t ormcr juries have met with similar trouble in getting an audience with Thayer, and up to date none have been successful. If he is caught this Itmo ho is expected to tell somethingof Alderman c corrup tion, and m this connection It is rumored that if ho tells all his story will prove exceedingly distasteful to u certain member of the jury, w ho, ttj** •»«*«• dispensed a corruption fund amounting to s-io.oou a four years ago. Whether Thayer Is reached or not, or whether the jury adjourns lu-morrow or Ualnriluy, when It does adjourn It will return some highly important Indictments against some citi zens whom the public will not be prepared lo think guilty until they hear the evidence, besides this a moral Indictment will be returned, wlilch is now in course of preparation, which is in tended to taku the place of a criminal indictment in cases where the evidence could not he reached. This document will bo exhaustive, and accom panied, as It will ho by portions of the evidence taken, will prove one of the most imimrtnnt, us re flecting the character and worth of comity oiildals, ever published. It will indicate a condition of allsirs perfectly appalling, and naturally give rise to the inference that fraud, corruption, and bribery have for years been tho rule in thu management of I county aifalrs. Thu Dying CUrl'tf lamt With* Thla morning 1 received a letter n-om a young clrl uvlng of lu an lufamouj* dcu. ‘•Mv mother died a Olnihliau,” said tho note, “and, O, If 1 could only gel to kume nlacu wheru I could breathe jiuro air u UUlu whflo before I die.” PIiIISONAI. CITY URAL ESTATE. YIF-KLI OAST MARBLE' SWELIT-FRONT lent I *, 22 Langicy-av., containing nit rfi« nature*. and furnace; farl-Wow co*t I »»im<i titrma to *ull. JOHN w, MARSH. !>1 gton »t. _ 1/Olt HACK—*v»*b HALF CASH. ONE OP THE V hir)rl*omr»i»UHifl-frotitdW’llliiK»on w»hMh-y., and lot 25xl«i. between Thirl »t*. TUl*certainly abarifaln. T. B. BOYD. Room 14, 144 Madl*un-«t. __ _ __ L.’OK SALK-s2.n»V\ LOT WXIOO. ON SOUTHEAST P corner of and Wood-*t«. E**7 JliOni'n'*. 11 4m-ii-ro >m home. and hit 2h«K*>. on U Mt Krle* »{.. between Mllwaukee-av. and Orecn-»t. fHi.uiH-nnobmlncj* lot IfixMo. xuulti front, on F.aat Jackeuii-H,, between State, and Bcnrhorn-et*. Decided lmr«;.iin. T. H. BOYD. Room 14, 148 MadUon-at. r.tOR SALF.-1434 INDIANA-AV., « ROOM COT- I 1 Uup; |r'i yjtiw. V, GAYLORD, R 4 Block. |/<m SALE-f 'I. VX> WILL RURCHASK LAIIOR r iwo-»!otjt houie nnd lot. 30 Harvard-il. *l.4<«wUl <urc.b*«e t-u’room home. ami lot, 24 Harvard-M.. near stiil iu ll I»T. The miHivc juice* me le** than co»t •»! niin.v. iiii titi. Lory *t I ton hai.i.“at'a great sacrifice-/?’ LOTS I 4 mar i.orner Wood nml I'par.Hcly. cash or part caah. DAVID WILLIAMS. 125 Ci.irk-»l. l/OR SALK-AT BARGAIN-LOT ON VAN 8U8E.4- I 4 *r., near Loomßs m» money required down from urty who will build. Room u Placlimike Bnlldlntf. i;<m SALK-AT A BACRIFICR—A VERY BKSIRA- I 4 l»|e 2-norv uiol,a»cine;il) brick home, and lot Hm I2o.ii"ilh'--an rot hit Leavitt and Van Buien-ata.; tn ts. dirnili'Ty, vefriAMe-Rardeii,- etc.; would aell bouio jiid-'wlc i: tentiHuatv, HALK-sEVKitAL CHOICE LOTS WITHIN d without the amitli cltr limit*, which mu»t be mao hit: i«ni.n ..... >l. LSAIAtMVAURKK. H«» Denrbotn-at. 4IR hALE—li*> FEET SOUTHEAST AMilr.nd-av. and A-lam*-*l.| rf}r ! s.f« 4 f • V-'/. w ih. hiUnee three yean. A. .1. AVLKbLL. 127 Dear* rn-al.. Room r.. ___ |’OR HALE—GOOD FRAME HOUSE AND LOT. 47X I 4 12-'.. can front, on Ell2a»ieili-Jt : . near.. R«' l ' , ; ,l ;' l U niiut henold. and want an olTit. COLE. MiWKLL « MUSBEII. Ikh Mmllnon-et. MJIIMCIIAN REAL KSTATK. /of \"k .Vi.k—olr e”xcilaVg k—in hiohYCnd 4 i-ark, a ntmbrkk hoitvo of n room*. furn«« and u>. with neatly 2 uerts of wronnd: larse garden, fruit* •cea. Koodharn. etc., foraulcor exchange for city or tburhan proiu-ny; Imnroved. with buiuil Incurnbnnre; nliniirovi-il. without Incumbrance. Apply to K. W. ATiERSUN, lllgliland 1-ark. 111. *OR SALE—AT WESTERN SI’RINGS. ON EASY 4 tmn.llilyimyinentatoeiiU, 3-nr.ry hoiuca and r«o* jot lull nt f 1 ,U>>. and; near aclmota and .•pot; ildewnlk*. cin.. till complelr. ready to tnove In in.cent train morning und evening. 1. <— hill, 4 .akeshle Building. * 1/OU HAI.E-OR RKN'T-A NICKIIOU.'K AM) COT* 1; tagc In Englewood; iJM-chw* neighborhood; near depot*. Alpoi, ktv fltio residence In South Evanston. TILLOTfiON IlKOri., yd Washlngton-st. TMir'BALK-DKSinAIILK LOTS AND’NEAT AND .T substantial dwelling*. on rosy term*, or tor rent low. Lake-water; cheap. frequent. and rapid train*. A. UENNETT, Agent, aouthcaat corner Monroe and Market-sts. t;ou bare. rent, dtTKXcfiange-houses and JU iot*ntliliml*le. Hliuof Mim price, and term* to lull. 10 rent* tare. a“t COST TRICE— -1? New cottage. 22x44. with marble mantel, bay win dow. porch, good basement. 'vv!k. , ;i:.K C v r ? l 5. 1 . ; . 1 i ; .,U , J l . a acre lot. In Glencoe, s2,Odd. MORION CLLVEK, ID3 l!unibil|ih-i»t.. Room 4. ___ HOILSDS AND CAUItIAUES. AUCTm r ~TUK»».VYB. THUHSnAYR, AND Snttinlayt-Honeg, carriages, and harness a so cially, at WESTON A CO.’S. No*. IWI and 10** E.ut Wa«filncton-kt. Ample lime given to test all horse* Bold under ft warrantee. Stock on hand at private sale. On Thur*itiiy. Juuo 1. wc will sell the following- Ue*crlt<ed stock of borses, wagons. and bjinie*;<. the property of the Lyonsdnle Coni Company, a list of which U an follows: j:. draft horses. 1 buggy horse; I top lutgi-y. it double coal wagons. :t dump carta; 2 set dnublu and :t set single tram harness l set light buggy ImrncM. with blankets, oil cloths, shovels, etc., etc., to the highest bidder for cash, wt-ctne i. cn Sale commencing at in o clock. WESTON A CO._ V" WinoW'l.ADT'wiLL SELL THE TROTEUTV of her late husband,—out* goldcn-sorrcl coupe fam ily or business lion*, nearly 10 hand* high, and d years ofucc; alsoonc llambletonlan mahogany-hay mare. & v.-nrs uf am-. Is likely to be, free from spot or Idomlsh. with long mane nml tall, kind, the most timid person can rldo or drive, warranted sound, and any reasonable trial given: no horse-jockey* need apply; also a jump-seal mp-hmrgy uml a side-bar ton-buggy, made l.y the best maker in the country. Apply at &|H Wiibush-uv. _ TucflOK SALES OF HOUSES. HUGGIEA. CAR; J\ rlagcs. home**, etc.. Mondays. M ednejdays. and Fridays, commcm-lng at 10 a. m., at WHEN A CO. S, UW arid UM waahtngtmi-st. _ I'OR ft M.E—CHEAT—ONE STAN OK MATCHED r horse*, with lung flowing mane* and tails; 1 very line bay driving Imnc. extra ttavcler, safe for a lady to drive; inotln-r horses, fll for procerle*. express, farm burses, or cheap driving horses; l elegant, two-horse park phaeton, made by Hrewstcr, New York, a* good Jwnews cost* l.titst; will sell at a great sacrifice; want an offer; l second-hand extension top carriage, nearly new: 2 rockaways; tisecond-hand pbaett iis. as good as umv.made tir Hall A HartlcM; 2 very tine boggles.made byCoan A feubroeke; 2>achl top buggies, made by Henry Willetts; 4 new-side bars with Hrewstcr springs. Ilia finest In the land; 3 new open side-bars, all klndaof second-band buggies, made by the best maker*, all kind* of top grocery wagous. express waguns. double and stogie liarnrMfs. new and m cond-himd. Money advanced on horses, buggies, and harnesses. Don t fall to come und see me Indore you buy. 1 can convince you that I ran sell clmapcr than any man In thu State*. 11. c. WALKKIL 217 andaMi t»tatc-st. t;or sale-at viiuY low" "figuri.s for cash. I 1 two large site work horses, true In all harm-vs, for P7O each, and your choice of three business horses fur »7fl; uhoaim.all gentle horse, open buggy, ami lurnrs*. forth.'.. Coll if you want to buy cheap, as they will be sold to-dsy or 10-morrow. 271 West Fif teenth-si.. one block east of_]lluc_Uland-ay. V>ujrSALE-l WO SECOND-IIASn DELIVERY I 1 wsguns; also one now lop buggy, very cheap, at 261 Boulh Cmial-nt. ] Y36n SALK-TWO DOUIILR AND THREE SINGLK X 1 expre*a wagon* and liarnca*™ m match. client' for cash or Rood liulorted paper, nl HO South Watcr-H. SALK-A a-MIMJTK'Hi'riWK, J.IGHT TOP X’ buggy; complete cheap. TXt II SAI A'. —A POUND ANIfYOUKO HORSE FOR i’ lady’* driving, with good phaeton. 40d Wc*t Jack* eon-ft. ,nm pale-express and iiausess. f«;»? two -1 horse wagon. 523; UtP-buggy. SBO. W. J. COUU, win 2. 48 Smith Clark-*!. TUHT RECEIVE!) AT PKSNOYKIPS, W« WADAP J av., two “MlUer Eureka*." the celebrated ci rinse anil buggy combined, of mo«t magnificent Myl llnbdi. and auperiur workmanthlP. and yet at very li price If sold before Tuesday evening. VEWIMIIK ‘PHAETON 'FOR SALK CIIEV IN BEARDSLEY d; NEWTON, Livery, rear 1 tin Ilultdtng. AirANTED-CHKAI* FOR CASH-A COUPE ROCK >I away fur parly In lowa, sei ond-lmiid. gooiUtjlc, ami In good emullllmu Pnelflc Mabtca, corner of Jack aon-kt. and •jiVirAcuusaoon rouse pasture in lake oUl" View. I mile of city limits, corner of llelmmit and itaeliie-uv*., '< of a mile west of Gruceland road, by .IQIIN I.AGI.MAN. _ niSCKi.UNEOtJ.S. i STEADY YOUNG MARRIED MAN DEM J\ marling a Democratic paper In n live town of or l.hKt InnaldOvnU. Had experience as an edl and now his entire charge of tbeim del mentor a city weekly. Aildres* tj 2J, Tribune oi Chicago. . TsPECIAL MEETING of THE FIFTY-SEVENTH j\ Regiment Colony will bo beld.lmiu 8. M7U. for the tmrpoM.-of eleetlriß Treasurer, Secretary, and Locating Committee. Poll* upon front 4 |>. m. to ifl p. in. ALL CASH'PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING. J\ carpet*. fiirnltnre. ami nilM-elbuiemi* Rood* of any kind by sending letter to JON ABG ELDER. if it Ktato-H. A VALUAIILK PAWN-TICKET FOR SALE CHEAP A for cwdi. Addrev* X wl. Tribune office. TjEIMH'OP.”UOCKROACm:sr AND MOTHS C0M .15 pletdy exterminated by contract or article §o d; lit fortmitlon free. A.OAKIXY. MU Eu«! U utliliißUm-*t. XTOTICirIsIIKRKnV GIVES'fIIAT IIENUV L. I> Norton lia* retired from our flrtit and dUposed of hl»liitere*llnoiirbii«lnekJit<» TUo*. H. Hicmmrd. from Hie jit Inat., uud that tbo *nmn will be continued under Hie aaiiu Arm name aa formerly. Either partner of former nmi will ndjuat any unn’iilcd bualne** at our office. A. R. GRAY A CO. May »i, 1870. ICE-CREAM. ONI-f PIST, OUART.'OR GALLON, I mndo any lime during tho day or evcnlim with Jin ivrnciiial freezer. Mato right for*ulo ul 1U) Uca MinlMm-*!. J. D. CONNER A_CO. Li'AK KUASCIfiCO TICKKT Full *4O iV TAKES t) Oil* morning Apply »•« Cli»rkj»t. WANTKO— SALOON I.ICKNSIJ. A LANK. I.VI Wi*KiMonro«*»t. — \irANTKI»-.V" HKT OK' OAS-FlXfmißS. V> ilr«“8. Hating l'rlco,_F4l._Jrlbmio oiUi’e. \i r AN TED— A Kin* a OK 4 OAYH OLD (ASV \V bn , »'*l). Ail>lrc*into»ceZHl. Tritium* oillce. AirANTKD—A* SMALL IIOVMIOAT FOU CAST W AiMti 'i. <i i»l, Trllmuu oUlct>, Haling price. «• nml plsru ti» lumri'n. VirANTF.h-I'KOI'KKTO CUIICH ASK 7-SIIOT FULL W nickel*|>lrevolver* at M.-Mis Evans repent' lim-rlfle. nuiiouln 30 second*! •Ixty «f r«*vel* verst dialogue free. •WKbTEKN UUN ttOHKS,GG hivwsMif iuachim:s. IMKHT-CLASa SEWING MACHINES FOK SALK X* payable l» sewliii* ilnno at home. 11l A l>. OWEN *co., aia East MudU»w-»c. l?OU HAI.K—tiUOVKH * BAKEH. wiIKKLKU A I 1 Wtlwm, fLTH lato Impioved singer from f-‘->to fin; Keiulngtuu, fJii WlUuii. to pay tiuuity loaned on muehtiiea. Irivato Loan Oitlcc, I—> Clurk'lt., Hoorn 3, upstair*. tJISOKU OFFICK OF A. J. MKLCHEUT, litfl WEST O MttJlKoH'»t., machine* sold on luunttily payiuonts, rented. andmenarutetl. 1101ISEI10I.U HOODS. B'^AKOAISV INVaVel.i) 11 AND CHAMHEI! SUITS; varietyi half regular price*. H. f. MAKUN. 154 Stale'll. I \im WOVEN WIHE M ATTUFHHES AND PEER* V ) less Cabinet Beds uretl*ol>. >t In the market. Ask for lllctn. JVJIITIT.KHEY AI'KTKUS. KM, MadUon-.1. fIMIK UNION FUHNITimK'cOMI'ANY RKLL HUB -1 ■luntlul unit stylish furniture ouuehor lllllel uu u-eekly nr inontiily imynifiit*. ?«*■:! W■ »t SLuH»nn-»t. _ INSTUVCTIOX. Tn KXI'KtIIKNCKU TKACHKIC GKADUATK OF A I'ruiifluu Colb’BC. will enduiju for cumins year. J 1* C. HmSJX Ht.iinfonl. Conn. HOOKS. /'illlllON'S HOME. I VOL., f 2; G VOLS., f4t il Hnme'a Eniiland. 7 vole., f.%; AllUoa'e Europe. 4 vnll., stt Fortran Ottllvry of Lmluetit «7 «u»tfJt»K Stephen* ou I‘Jeadlug, 43- MILLLUs, H/J adl»uii->t. . _ ntouahi: OTl)lt.\UK— llUtiLllES. AND MEU; o chundlae stored lu Ore-proof warehouse, IHO Writ Mouroe-st. Loweal charge*. Money advanced on easy iu.iiifiii.Nuiiv. WANTED— A SECOND-HAND, WOUM I’OWE] vlcvau>r. W. Mi tiUEtltm ACO.. ar.H.»utln;anal CUIMTNO HIATEHI-U.S. 1?0R BALE~WriORDON PKCS9, NOj V 'bTANpINCJ ‘ ptca, paper cutler, aluiar. Ac. 3U IIIIboU-sU to histt—noi;si:s, r r F NT-Wf ff K n uYt" 110 NT H H'o J a house In Mlnncnpoll*. Minn., with lOroom*. well furnished. having water. rw. and all Tno ' lnr^ A o !?* venlcncm. Addre.ea R. O. Box 2H4,jMtnDflapoU»._Mlnn, m.m ’n knt-c i if, ar- no ! uai michigan-av., 1 with modern Improvement*. D. (1, HAMILTON. I2SClark-*t, _ rpo RF.NT-FIVK-KOOM COTTAGE. NO. ISTWEN* 1 ty-tmh-n.. at fan per month. Jnnulro within, of of JAMES W. ROUTER. 1» Bryan Block. RENT—AT VERY LOW FIGURES TO GOOD tenant*. Urn 14-room hour* on the corner of Oak id Rurli-u*. Al*'» 11-room lituiM! In same block, octa -n-ftimu and all modern convenience*. Apply on the remue*. or to I'AUL J. McCORMICK, uri South lark-*t. f|X> RENT-NEW OCTAGON MARBLE FRONT.M) J. 441 Carroll-av., 14 room* and Improvements, brick barn, lanre corner lot, lawn, and *nadc tree*. ______ No. 4‘2u Carroll-av.. octagon marble front; 13 room* and improvement*. One lawn. In front, Ac. .So*, w. W, 70, *nd 72 Arbor-place,neat brick hoiiae*. |u room* cacti, hath, water clo-tctc. Ac., rent *25 per month, all In a flrii-eiaaa neighborhood. lii'iuire at No. 7 Metropolitan Block. _ 'O RENT-NO. \'f, SOU HI RARK-AV., 2-STORY liaxemcntand tnamard root, furnace. g»* fixture*, ick barn, and cellar, nil in flret-claM order: rent low good D-nanl. Inquire at 112, opposite. rro RKST-Wt AMI CALUMKT-AV.. NEW i rtone-front home*, u room*, with furnace and gu»-flilurt«._F. GAYLORD. U ReaperJßock. rpo ’ RENT-VERY’'’CHEAP-TWO 2-HIOUV AND i i 'v, avr.,. . i. hueinent marble-front ln,u»> «, (ll Vernon-«v. near I hlrty-fourth-iH. -.all modern Improvement*. TURNER diBOND. lUJ WaahliijrtotiTt. fPO RENT—ruilKlsVlEl) TENEMENT, d ROOMS: 1 n few rtealrahle boarder*can be had. Apply at i»l8 C«ittaa«: tirove-Hv.. near Thlrty-nlnth »t. rpo REST—THE 2-STORV STONE-HIUNT SO. iTil 1. Wen HarrlKon-K, s all modern Itnptovemenu; very low. TURNER A BOND. IU3 Wa*hlnKt/,n-»t. REST—227 THIRTIETH-ST.. 'BETWEEN Michigan and Wat,arh-uva.: B-atory frame houev; rg<; lot: modem Improvement*; plc.iaanily Pnal-d; nlnk-room lUtd ktlchon i»«?’ ,11 ... r ' ! ! u wto good tenant. FRED L. FAKE i CO.. M t\a»lj- K-ton-»t. rpo RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE ON DREXLL X boulevard, three door* *otUh of Oakwood-av., fadnk the park. RO2, Tribune office. rpo RENT-BRICK RESIDENCE NEAR LINCOLN 1 |*«rk. 10 room*. In good order; all convenience*} ruitlow. C. rt. WALLLTL 41 Clark-au, Room It. rpo RENT—3OO WEST WARHINGTON-ST.. THREE' X itory and haacin<-t>t *tone-lrunt hou*e, 10 r.<or.i*; all modern lmpn»vementji; In perfect order. Apply to W. 11. SAMI’eON fi CO., Ml LaSttllc-M. ’O liKNT-FUUNisirKU IHTUsK; t OWNER would board with nr*t-elaaa party. J. S. GOULD. Ran MBdl»ou-»t.. lP,om 12. rt<o RENT-FIRST-CLAbri NEW S-STOIH AND 1 liaM-niL-nt house*. near Lincoln Tark; very nice neighborhood; houses contain til convenience*; one H-rootn bouse. lirlelf, fi*>t one O-rootn tint, |2O. CHARLES N. HALE. i:.n Randulph-at. •o RKST-MAIHILK HOUSE. 1120 MICHIGAN at.: nlec*t, cheapest rent In the city: also hou»ci Hlghwood. MEARri. +4 ami 40 Reaper Hlock. Suburban* rr*o RENT-GOOD HOUSES OF FROM FIVE TO X eight room*. In North Evanston, wltliln Hirer block* oi the depot, for from fa to per mouth, until licit Mat. Which ti onlyone-thlrd of the former rent i nlao, u good house of ten room* In Evamtlon. and one in Glencoe. at extreme lovr figures. C. E. HROttNE, lod Flfth-av. fIV) RKNT-OR will sell, a fine house AND I.,,ounce In Englewood; a bcnutlftil residence In South Evbnston. TILLOTaUN HROS.. U 2 Wasliiuglon-su to nr.vr.Roons. iq RENT -TO ENTLF.MEN - NICF.LY-FUII nlshed rooms, pool and pleasant, couvenlcnl t nines*. Terms reasonable. Inquire at oo bout aik-st., Room f|Vi HENT-WELL-FURN'jfiHEI) ROOMS. *2.50 TO if 7 a week. Ib-llglu-Thllosuplilcal Tuf.lMilng House, Bt>4 New Dearborn-st.. 2 block*soath_of To»t-Olflce. f|V) RENT—NICELY-FURN’isiIED ROOMS. WITH i. or without board. Kingsbury Hlock, Jtandolph- frb RENT—2 FLATS. 1 OF H ROOMS, f. 70: IOF C i. rooms. C2,'>. Apply to-day from Id to I on the premises, 7+) atntc-«t. Also, at lis Weil Harrlaon it. store ui rent. f2.*>. riVo RENT—IW7 WEST MADISON-ST., OTTOSITE -L Cetiire-ur., unfurnished front parlor. AieoO-room M'O REST—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AND MED- X room: also several ilreplng-rooms at muacraic rales. 42d Wabash-av., up-stidr*. f|Vy RENT—WKLL-FHRSISIIF.D ROOMS TO UK i siximilble purtlca Apply at Kid East Wasblußlon st.. ibmtu f.a ! 'o'jIENT—FURNISHED ALCOVE ROOM, FRONT lug caxi on Union Tark; also slugle room. 43 Soutli fIM RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. 1 liesl location In the city and lowest rent*, l-y Uit day, week, urtnuntti, at HU South t'lark-at., Hoom 11. Fpo UKNT— AT 27.1 WIfST MAIHSON-ST.’-A REAR- X tlful furnished from parlor. 1 want flm-tlaa* parties, ami no children. f|'o" RENT—A TI.KAHAST FURNISHED FRONT 1 room toludyiimlgriitlcinan: wuuldiMiurdlady;also, one or two amuil room*. lb.i 'Vest Adain*-st. rivQ HEN T—4 7«W A 1 i'a Sll • A V.. WITHOUT HOARD. X large front loom. Alm», nice single room. House has modern improvements In per fect repair. TrD ate family. Uefcreiieee required. TO HU.Vr STOKES, OFFICITSt Ate. StOfeu. rro KENT—STORE IN NEW HLOCK CORNER LAI X ratu-o and Sophla-st*.; good bu.iuc*s locuUo CllAt*. N. HALE. 132 Randolph-tt. OKSlcvft* fpo RENT-CHEAP. AT 12.1 SOUTH CLAKK-ST.. 3 1 large office*. lu*2o. I’. D. HAMILTON, Room t, 120 Clark-x. rpo REST—FINE OFFICE AT IW UASDOLI’II-ai' X bccond floor; ulce office third floor >3uj. ITltMCQllaneouft< rPO RENT—DOUULK HASEMENT, FURNISHED X complete: rent low to K"i*d party;corner; Hahtod and Madtiuu-at*.; Allocution. COLE, NEWELL « MOSHER, 188 West Madlwm-at. WANTI3D-TO KENT. "VIT ANTED—TO UENT-a' HAHN NEAR CORNER i » Dearborn and Huron-st. Apply to E.L. PKUaaING, 18 to 2U Mlcblgan-av. ■\trANTED— TO RENT—A PLEASANT FRONT \V room In a private family by a lady: Indhmu-ut preferred! reference* rlvcu and required. Addrcaa t» V 7. Tribune office. FINAI>XIAI» ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES. bonds, LAUNDERS - private office. V.\> Ran dolph-st.. near Clark. Room* 3 and «l. halniilhliod Ih.>4._ i real estate, or other»ecnrltle*. LIVINGSTON A Cu., Room 18, Ml and IX! LaSalle-sl. . Money to loan, h and »plucksr. is m to suit, find-clou large imum 7!k per cent on ■ relate. E. C. COLR A CO.. HI Dearborn-ft. ’money to loan on diamonds, watches, I»L singer machine*. pianos. and other collateral*, private Loan Office, 123 Clark-rt., Room 2. up-tulr*. TVI OSKV TO LOAN ON LoSO OR SHORT TIME, I\L in sum* to aull customer* at s. t*. and lo per cent, according to Die natute of security, VAN 11. 1110' GINS. Room IU Tribune Building. Money to loan is sums ot and li • ward*. Upon improved city property, » per ceuU LYMAN A JACKSON. 33 Portland liloek. i’O LOAN—fd.WOTO LOAN AT CURRENT RATES 1 on city property. J. HENRY TRUMAN, l.ouui I, t>3 Waabliißlun-i.G ■ WANIKI>-T0 I,OAN-SI.WM FOR FIVE YEARS *1 fur Uulldlaß i.uriutae*; *eeiirUy will Ik- given by And umrUtußc ou the properly; ncarbuslneM eeutre; *»’eurlty h ample. Principal* only need apply. Addrcu or apply personally to 1L 07 FlHb av. iirASTED-#t.'*“ AT 7 PER t-KSli ON » doubted b.-eurliy. Addreaa, atatlug be*l ruti 2n. Tribune ulliee, \VA’STED-A LOAN OF r.M.JOj ON IMPROVED \\ property near Chicago; worth three lime* amount. Insured lorjto.ww. Addre**, ford day*, J C H, trib une office. U-ii. AND" ID PER CENT MONEY IN HAND TO O loan; low cuuuiilMlon*. JOHN C. LONG, 72 Lo*t Waaliliißton-st. O - ANDVPKU CENT—MONEY To LOAN IS PHMJ oof #t,!t«i and ujiward* on Cook County property K. XV. Hy v MANj_Ju.. & C!)., RoomJK MX LuSa!lc-»t P7OO, fl.fO, TO LOAN OS CHICAGO Ol CbOUl) Hyde Park properly. TURNER U ROND lu2 Wiublngioii-at. ADDItKSS I)' C*I'nnfVWANTED FOU SIX MONTHS Ul’ON o I.UUU good reiil-esUU' security, with *liiutluii ,Ti #ao a week tu a good buslucai muu. Addrca* TON. Tribune utllcc. PUT fT/T/A TO J.OAS ON ILLINOIS EAJtMb OK O I lOWU cliy properly. S»*cnro«l paper pnrchaaed. Xl'l'iy lo J. ÜbTON, iw Kiwi Madls.m-st., Uuota 4._ _ /TAA and’ OTHKU bI.TH TO SUIT. TO tbO.UUu Inan on cltjr property at current rate*. ‘ntllSKU & BOND, It/J Wa»liliißiuu-»E do I Ts hand-to loan os jhood «s>o,UUl* real entalo security. I>. HOUTON, Hoorn 13 UcaperHlocU. ... tSmVnni i to" loan in hums of mo ash •tSLU.UUI) upwards. WELDON J. COIIH A CO., Booms 5 and G. 4* bunt It cTark*»t. j|* l Al WW I SUMS TO LOAN ON CITY i’UOPKJITY O U.MK/l)»lh per cent: lh» commissions. U ILL* lAM LINDsLEV. Doom H MvHiudlM t bnrch Block. . I'AIITNKUS WANTED. T>AUTNKIV WANTED-WITIi' f:i.W«i TO 1* ea»li In a manufacturing business. I rum* itupor n-nt. Machinery and engine In B‘*od running order, belt reference*, largo trade established} need mure •pita). Address A It. 30 South Dciptalncs-si. 11AHTSKU WANTED—I HAVE f'JM) CASH. ANT) I want a young man with «.imc ainuuul to join me in a business 1 have fully luvcsllgutud and pay* largo protlta. UI. Tribune utllce. I kAIITN’KH WANTED—IN A CLEAN AND I'AV- L inn Icßltlntalc hualuew; will liearihe dowel Hive** ttK»ti«n. Call on L. W. HULL, 177 Ltibullu-iU. Huoin I, PAUTNKU WANTED—SILENT OK ACTIVE. WITH f:i.(»iuor <4.i«U ru»li, lu opoo one uf Hie l>v*t livery, l-iinritlnß. and »ule atahlea lu the city. AddreuWso, Trlbtino ulllee. - TO EXCHANHIi. rpo KXniXNUE-150.IA«0 IK TOWSSHII* DOSDd 1 luued by one of the lrf»l eotmUoa of a t\i»uni State for dry Bouds, boot* and shove, or ether pereeuat property. Xodrca JAMJAHV, Tribune edict). \ITANTED—SOUTH BIDE HOUSB FOU CLEAIC \\ produetlvoiiroporty; will »iiil pay ‘"“‘JIX IfattraclUe, K4.00U10 130.UX1. HOICDUIba, a. OIU ALAHQB ASSOHTMEST OP NEW AND SECOND' baud plunue lo rent or foraale on l b , . 1 , c “. r t!^ I !uui\ 11 hard iluica price*. Ucfore you uhtet call on N. UOOLD fcbON, uiabtato-el. dt*Oiw\ WILL* lIUV AN ELEtJANT KOSKWOOU ro2(H' 7W-«’Ciave iilanu forte, entirely now. carved !ftrVVil lwt“ if T. i-timn. IMbUH-l. Ti us C. THOMAS. M. D.. Wet SOUTH HALSTED- Jvl st., cuusall teuwle dlsetwr*; special attention paid lo fooCuemcnu; patWUU cun obtain rooms and treatment. TirANTED-lK A GOOD BUSINESS HOUSE. A »f mancapableof loaning Uifl.WMon good s»rnrity. salary, *I,OOO per annum. Artdrcaa AX, WANTED— A GROCERY CLERK AS COUNTER hand; muit apeak German. Apply at ssa South Rtate-K. WANTED— TWO FIRST-CLASS KXPF.IUENCF.D sole smen at FAUIUNOTON'H. JOlJßatr-st. WANTED - A"V o' tJ NO MANTHAT UNDERSTANDS Hu* grocery l.mtneM; one that can loan f3Wi on good security. Addreai W Bn. Tribune office. tTANTED—PUERR-UOY, ONE WHO HAS HAT* v some experience at type-setting. Apply at 45 chlgan-ar.. Doom 3. WASTED-FIRST-CLASS COAT-M AKERH THIS morning. JOHN F. I’.KID, mTwcnty-»econd-st. ■WANTED - nnYf ONE ACCUSTOMED TO >V mounting chromoi and show cant* preferred. SANIIORN ft DUNCAN. 2>w WANTED-A MAI.F. fill FEMAI.E WHO UNDER* •taiid* the manufacture of toy torpedoes. Good pay. Inquire7*l stalest., upstairs WANTKD~A*GnniI IJUTCHEIt. APPLY AT THE corner Klfty*nrH and_MatcM.u., llvd.r Park. AT^TaUCUEH- WOO "^y - ANTED-PA INT KRB AT VCO WEST LAliFsf. Coachmen, Tenmalcra, etc, "ITTANTED—A MAN TO DRIVE WAGON TOP. VY grocery. H. MACKENZIE, 317 West lndlanv»t "tTfANIKD—TEN MORE SAW-MILL HANDS FOR >V Canada; pay In gold; free fare; go out to-r.lght; also lat>orcn for railroads ami stone-quarries. K. A. ANOELL. aouthwcit c.irncrof Market and l,akc*iu. "WANTED RAILROAD LAUGHERS, FARM » handi, saw-mill hamls. nnd stone quarrymeu. ANDREW O. DING ft CO., 17 North Clark-at. ■Wanted-.vj laughers for railroad in >1 llllnnta Monday morning nt 7 o'clock; r/ifor lowa, rg) for quarry; full fare; nl«o farm hands, nt Ti W.'t jtandoipli'Bt. J. 11. SPEHUECK ft CO., sue* c-.ecur* to C. V. Snell ft Co. WANTED-ANV HUMAN UKINO WITH DRAINS can m ike jvo» rnontli selling otir leli'T-eopyltig l>»<ok. Aji) one that has» letter to writ* will buy U. Nopressor water u*e«l. Send for circular, txcelilor Company, lu'lrinuni! Itulldlng. ■\\rANTED—SALESMEN—TWO IN CHICAGO. AND if three lor Rllmdi and Wisconsin. Reasonable aal* ary: hotel and traveling expenses paid. Situation per manent. A run: chance for good men. All applicants aniwered If stamp i« liirlo*.-.!. Address Monitor Manu facturing Co., ciiidnnatl. si. [fANTED-A FINANCIAL MANAGER. WITH A T capital of s2.usi t->. conduct a manufacturing ablUlmient. Address V 7b, Tribune office, staling i. rf an Interview may be bail. \ X r'A-NT ED- REL IAI! 1, K PARTIES TO SELL STATE Tf and county right* of a valuable lltth- patent re- Cenlly granted: on share* of one-half tbe pr--feeds; sain to tliu trade already established. Address U. LEE, I’. O. Box -r,\. \X>ANTKI>-11Y A BOSTON HOOT AND FIIOK IT hou-e. an experienced salesman wltli a well es tablished trade In Northern Wiscon-lu and Minnesota. and one for Missouri. None others need answer, dress. In eotilldence. Hot atn'i, lloston, Mao, _ ■\irANTKI£»V A CELEBRATED ACTRESS. MAN* » with stnall capital to produce sensation play 4th of July. Call st lad West Raudulph-st., Rooms, between I and 4 o'clock. •WANTED—AN EXPERIENCED SOLICITOR FOR tt a fruit cornml'slon house. Address to-day, with references, W 27. Tribune olllcc. "IX^ANTED—A YOUNG MAN IN A LIQUOR W store; must have tbo best of rcfcrcnco. Inquire at 593 South Canat-sl. XXfANTED—LIVE MAN WITH A FEW HUNDRED IT dollars: liberal salary, and security for money. Apply to clerk nl Adams House. Harrison and Clark-sts. X\’ANTEI)“IMiiEI>IATkLT-A PARTY WITH II f 250 to take half interest and act us treasurer In nn established female minstrel troupe of acknowledged reputation. Now ready for the road. Those meaning business only apply. Room 24 Dcspjalnes House, cor ner Madison and Desplalnes-sts., city. __ TXT ANTED—MEN WITH f 500 TO ENGAGE IN A It paying business. Apply or address F. HANSSLER. AtlnuUc liotel, Chicago, 111. to Room .’to. \XTANTED—MEN. IT PAYS 55 TO flO DAILY » selling perfume shells, glaaa cutlers, chrmuoa. photographs, and jewelry. AMERICAN NOVELTY CO.. ills ilut Ma-llson-st.. Room lb. \\rANTED—MEN;WK WANTT()GIVES.t**)TRIAL I» package*, worth $1 each, to fi.iMj men who wish to engage permanently In the liest paying lm*lnesi In the United Slut*'*. We guarantee live men *7uper week durlugthe year. AnOre»« RAY &_CO.. Chicago,_lß. _ XXrANTEII—YOUNG iIANI FOR CANADA; ALSO IT st. Louis and Cincinnati; basinet entirely new: profits |U*i a week; capital necessary ?2m. Room KJ Exchange Building, corner Washington TV r ANfIID-A V(FTm. 7 MAN wilH GUOD MEMORY IT to till an Important positions miiot write goo-1 hand and give bond. Address In own handwriting with n ferenccs and stating salary, F. 2-0 We»t_.Madlv>n-at. XX’ANTED—AGENTS. FOR A MAGNIHCENf IT work of high character. New. novel, and at tractive. It will brink largo returns at once. A. C. ROWE. Cleveland. O. DomcfitlcK. ■\XfANTF.I)—A GOOD KITCHEN GIRL. 095 WEST II Madls-m-sl. XX r ANTED-A GOOD COOK AND A SECOND OIUL II In a private family, nl 421 West Monroc-st. TxrANTKIi-A'NkAT'RELIABLE GIRL fOR GEN tt oral housework; snull family In suburbs, near etty. Call between lu and 3 to-day at7M WestMsdl- \\ r ANTED-A GEDMAN COOK AND IDONEH; >V must be competent; good wages. 547 Mchl gnn-nv. TI7ANTED—A GOOD GIHL TO DO GENEUAI » housework. nun CalumoGav. \j^stki»-a - (;kkma’n od Swedish gidl to » do second work in a kin.Hl family; must l*»thor onghly competent and come well recommended. Ap ply at onc-o «Uii7o Mlchlgan-BT.__ \\TANTED-A* GOOD GEUMAN OU SWEDISH » girl to do general housework at UIS Wot Mon rou-tt. •\\fANTKU—A GOOD GIHL TO COOK, WASH. » mid Iron; Norwegian or Danish prclcrrud. Cmn wlitiTclerence. Apply at No. 301 Chlcago-av., uea Siate-U. _____ TtrANSTED—GIULKOUGKNKHAL HOUsEWoHK; \l small family: comfortable place. Deference) required. 437 Leavltl-st., between Volk and Taylor. ■\irANTED-GIDL TO* HO* GENKDAL' HOUSE ti work In a small family. Apply ul North Li Sallc-st. "W'ANTKD—GOOD COMPETENT GIRL "Foil GEN >I end housework; come prepared lo stay, list North Donrbuni-st. __ "ItrANTED—A FIHST-CLASS COOK FOU DHl vale l>o:irdlug*houbc. Apply with referetico to 37b Micblgan-av. \trANTED-A OIUL T<» DO PLAIN COOKING IN \l a small family. 24U South Clark-ft.. In icar. AIfASTED—A GKDMAN - GIHL FDD GENERAL >» housework at 41 McAllster-place. near Tliroo[>-st. TirANTED-GIUL FOU GENERAL HOUSEWORK.' \> jilo East Imllana-st. "IT TANTED—ONE PIIACTICAL MILLINER AND » » two apprentices. _Apply_at om sute-st, i ANTED—FIDST-CLASS SIILLINEHS. W. J. MILLS. Wabaali-av. SVnmvtrcNßc*. •*■I7ANTED—HANDS ON LADIES UNDERWEAR » andl<Jtske their pay In Hrst-clas.* sewing ma chines. IDA U. OWEN Si CO.. 313 East Mu_ai»ou-Bl._ \ivANTED—A SEAMSTRESS WHO ENDED \V stands all kinds of sewing, and run use the Wheeler L Wilson machine. Apply at 3P3 superior st., North Side. . I\fANTED-A TAII.OUK«S TO WODK ON I INK ' T coats; none Iml a good ham! need apply. Hymen lUilldtng. comer of Ctsrk and Wa«er-«ts.. Room TITAN TED—TWO FIDST-t LASS DDE>sM AKERS. \ > Apply to Mrs. SIT' A DT. I its West Madlsou-st. Anrsvs* TTfANTED-A GIHL TO TAKE C AUK OF CHII.- » dreuanddo general housework. Apply at IJOJ l.utindreuwoM, WANTED-LAUSDRV GIRL. AI’PLT TO CLIP* \\ ton lluiikc to-day. nilNceltanooiiw. TirASTED-A YOUNG LADY FOR CASHIER AND \\ selling In cake bakery, 4tl btale-sl. Apply from li i.» lua. in. South Side. 7/» VAN BUUKN-ST.. NEAR STATE-BOARD ♦ O forladlesorgenilemcn, $1 ig $4 per week, with use of plants RUISKbU. MEDICAL WANTED-WAIE IIKM’ liool(kccper«t Olcrka, etc. Trade** Employment AKcnclca. Jtllicellnncoua* WANTED-I-’EnALE HELb. milliner*. \\f ANTED—GIDL 13 OH 14 YKADS TO TAKE >\ care of baby; refi-iemcs required. Call afternoon at oi Diurhorn-»t., Doom 33. HOAUVIKU AND LODGIML U’r«t Hide* no SOUTH PEORIA-BT. - rooms, with good board, In a private family, for *.’i i>er week. __ North Side* Q» KOKTII CLARK-BT.-NICK DOOMS '* ITI Ji) j; o ya board at reasonable rales. t all and in. MISS ANNA Kmm“TA , KK3 r rtRASPIIB IN IN forming her friends and the public th n.ilii JJ* taken the Hicnnan House. 1 <| i • feclly comfortable at reasonable prices. _ fliWO UOUMB. WITH HOARD FOR THE hI'MIIER. i lu a private family. f"r twogeiitlemen with their Wives. Address U»v **■ lathe Purest. 111. UOAHD WANTED, TVoARD—(DAY)—BY A YOUNG MAN. IS BOCIA* 1) hi" family, dose to business centre, where there 11 a burn f«»r a nslr of horses and buggy. Address, with at once. W as. Tribune ulllee. UiVOUUES. TtIVORCEa LWiALLV AND QUIETLY OUTAINEI) U forlntomputlldlliy. etc.: residence nor personal tirsseuceuuiuci'es.ary: ftJlldavli* •ulUclent proof; 'eg afierdecrce. G. U. aIMS, b 7 Ashland Dlock, Chicago. 1 \IVORCES LKOALLY AND GUIETLY’ OBTAINED JL } in every Stale of the Union fur Incompatibility, etc. Residence unnecessary. Fee after decree. T welva years’eapcrleuco. Address l*.o. Uoi lUi7,Chlcsuo. 81. I TIVORCEB QUIETLY OBTAIN ED" Foil INCOM* \) patlblllty, etc.; legal everywhere; atlblavltk suin* clout proof; resldeuce (minaterlal; tee after decree. It. K. MARVTW. Ituulii H. H.*> Washliigloii-st.. Chlcagu. Ilb I’Ult MALE. |;on SAI.K-A GENTS’ DIAMOND UOURLE FIN, X wliliunu chslui would sell for *:ij; wurth S7O to buy In tU i_rggujs^^^r^^Addrcs^tjJ^J^rimm^^ i: DU(JATIOKAL. W' edT KSD SCHOOL FOR young ladles. Mr*. B. L. CADT, I‘rlndpai* New Haven, Couu. bend for circular. mTEATIQW WANTED—ItIAI,E« llooklircpnrNt (!lerki« «*!«• QITUATION WANTED-RY A NBW YORKBR—IS O year*’ experience; pun m bakery and balance la Eeneral commission and option business; thorough wkkeepenouuidooroiDcc. city reference*. Was, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTKR-1N WHOLESALE BTORR by a young man; Ir sober and meady; will make him* ■elf generally nscful. References. (jau. TrlbanooiTlce. CIIiIATION WANTED—BtT - A — V()UN0 — MAN OP O fire year*’ experience, in aroccry, or aaalitanl Itookkeepcr; beat of reference given. W 00, Tribane olllcc. Coachmen* Tcamulcra, ole* SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN JIT A O young man (Dane) ami U> do general work about the yard or garden. Addrca* Q 70, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-UY A MARRIED MAN At O coachman (German): thoroughly understand* h!i htitlneM,-taking care of futbonea; hen of reference! from former employer. 1.57, Tribune office; SITUATION WANTED—AS DRIVER, COACHMAN, O orany work with horae*; understand* thoroughl} the care of horse*, and can give nrst-clns* reference*. Addre**, for live days, <JH7, Tribune office. ITllercllnneotie, QITUATION WANTED-TO INSURANCE COMPA* O dlpi-A gentleman of education and oddrraa wishing to devote his time and talenta In Insurance bualncM wishes an arnney In a life Insurance company adapted to the middle and lower classes of homeoteadcra; shall be glad to bear from companies, staling agents' terms; will he In tbe city three day*. Andrew 0 4«, Trlhuiit office. SITUATBO.VS WAKTED-FETIALEi Domcntlcfi, QITUATION WANTED—IIY A YOUNO WOMAN TO O do elinmhcrwork and waiting or nursing: no objeo tlon toiwardlng-hoinc. Apply at 178 Wrlght-au, neat Halite.], for two days. SITUATION WANTED—IIY A RESPRCTARLK OIRI O capable of doing general homework. Call at north cast corner.lackson and llalHcd-m, SITUATION WANTED-RY A GOOD. RRSPECTA- O ble girl to do light housework or second work In t pilvat*- family. Rest of references. Call for two duyi at li’d I'.irqm.r-at., up-at air a. SiIUATHiN WANTKD-RY A ITHST-CLAfIS GIRL. Please call at No. Id Corncll-at.. for three day*; SITUATION WANTED—A 3 SECOND (URL - bit TC O nurse and sew; city or country. Rest city refer ences. Call at O') SUte-st. SITUATION WANTED—RY A GOOD GIRL TO DO O g.-ii'-rnl housework In a private family. Please t a! 1 at r,it Wen Kliizlc-n., near Asbland-nv. Iteferenoci If S“ miAfloN WANTKD-RY A WELSH GIRL A 9 cook. el.-.; jneteM Highland Park; can be seen fur two day* aum Mldlilgan-av. (J if UAT ION W ANTE D—R Y A GOOD COOK, O wadi.-r, and Iroaer. Please call at 131 Huruu-su, North Side; CITUATION WANTED-AS SECOND OIUL Oil TO O do general housework la n small family. Address 4,(1 Krle-M., for two day*. CJITUATIOS WANTED—BY A GOOD. STRONG, O wllllngglrl; laa Hrai-elaM cook and laundress, oi would do general housework; beat references. 00 Stale st., In basement. S' 'ifuXri'oN'want e u-d v competent dinjno room Kin. capable for restaurant or boardlng-boUsC. Apply *ll2O Flfth-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLAS3 COOR O in a private futility: no washing nor inmlng; best ol city references. Address Y ki. Trinune office. CITUATION’ WANtKD—UY ACOMI’KTHST AMER- O lean Ctrl iu cook or to do general housework; |l pet week. d-(4 Twcnty-Dlnth-st. CITUATIbN WANTED—HY A YOUNG AMERICAN Ogirlto dn general housework; good references. Miss MILLS, 1 1~ Forty*third-sL CITDATION WANTED—DY A GERMAN 01RL TO Odo second work or general housework In a small prl vale family; flint-clots references given; North Side pre ferred. Please call or address 2d3 North Franklln-st. SITUATION ' WANTED—BY A RESPECTARLB O American girl as first-class cook. Please address for two days, Niles JENNIE. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-FOR A RESPECTABLE girl to cook. wash, and Iron or Ui do general house work In a small private family. The best of reference If required. Address 7SO ladlona-ar. 1T UAT IO NWA NT E D—R Y A YOUNG 01RL TO DO light housework or second work and sewing. Inquire ot 27 East Krlc-st. SITUATION WANTED—FOR A RESPECTARLB O young girl to do second worker general housework In a small private family. Please call at 7SO Indiana uv. The best of reference If required. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY A G'RL TO DO fiF.O O und « nrk In a private family. Address for two days 1145 Mlclilg&n-nr, Alsogtrl for general housework. Address lor two days 1115 Mlchlgan-ar. CITDATION WANTED—AS COOK IS A RESTAUR- O ant, or at archer In a laundry; to come home nights. Inquire at 2to West Rainlolph-H. SITUATION A SVTEDK GIRL FOR O general housework. Inquire at 24U West Ran dolpii-st. . SITUATION WANTED-RV A COMPETENT COOK; best of city references. Call at Il7Ka«tTwclfth-st. ScnniNtrcksev, CITDATION WANTED—A 3 SEAMSTRESS IN A O private family; cunfnnilsh sewing-machine: will make herself useful. Csll on or address MAGGIE, lid lieKoven-*t. CITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG LADY WHO v? can give first-class reference would like n place to dosewtng, light housework, and cant fur children: can teach beginners music. Andress X 75, Tribune office. SITUATION COMPETENT PER o mn ss seamstress or num*. or both combined; beat of reference* given. Apply at 2W West Fuurtecutll-sU Housekeeper**. CITDATION WASTED-UY A LADY OF EXPERI- O enee as housekeeper In a botch city or country. N 19. Tribune office. Nurses, CITDATtoy WANTED—HY A STEADY. DELIA ij able Norwegian Klrl to take care of one or two chil dren and new (U fomi of children). or would do secniit workorllghilum-.ewfirk; reference given If required. Please calf or address L 1). 337 Kolile-il. Employment Ageticiesi CITtIATION WANTKD-LADIES IN WANT OP n flrsl-class female help of all nationalities ran ha suited uu short notice. Sir*. LAPDISE, US4 \\ cit Mad- Ison-at. CMTUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IK WANT OF O good Scandinavian mid German female help can bo •applied at Mra. DUbKirSolllce. SO_Mllwatikce-av. CITUATDtNS”WANTED—LADIES IS’ WANT OP r> competent female help In city or country will Please call at 4JO Watuudi av., orrt» btatvit., tu baso* Silent. Mr*. BAKED; strictly rellnlde. ItllwrellaiieoiKs* CITUATION WANTED—BV A YOUNG LADY At I> copyist or light otllca work. Address ‘L 74, Tribune oillce. IU SI.VESS CHANCES. AFAID l HANCE-IN THE WELL-KNOWN AND iii-rfect-eMHMlsbed bakery, with resUnrant, at No. »i Wot Damlolpb-st. Is n good chance to buy tin half share with a small cantul. realizing a good Inter Chi. Call at No. M West ltaiidolpli-it.. city. I ?Oll SALK WELL-ESTAIILISHED CLOTHING ' and furnishing goods. In a good location, about i-< miles from Chicago. In a good thriving town, tin-pres ent owners having other business; parties with tnuderuti anixuntof mean* can convince themselves that then Is money In It. Apply to 11. D. HOPKINS A C0..0n Ihi premise*, Bradford. Stark Co., 111., ur K. A. SIIAW.Ui Loomls-st,, Chicago. _ ’Oil SALE-STOCK AND 1-TXTUUKS OFSCHOOI L 1 depot, 173 West Monroc-it.; also refrigerator. 7011 SALE^CIIKAD^a'MEAT-MADKET. HORSI-1 i and wagon; good cuatutnt owner leaving cliy. Ap ly at U!3 Jllne Ulaud-av. [’OU SALE-fSO WILL HUY A MEAT MARKET. I 4 all conipletu, doing a good business, If token wlibli wo days. Z 13. Tribune olllce. l/o 11 *BA I. E —MF. AT MAHKKT. WITH FIXTUDF.I J; all complete: home, wagon, oud harness. Good lo« cation, and doing a good business. Apply ou premises, iron SALK—BAKKUV AND CONFECTIONERY L 4 Very cheap for cash. 033 South state-sl. iron SALE—A GOOD ST-JilK, 1 DADE ESI AD i 4 lithwl. with Fosl-OiP-e; Macro town property; iu acres sdjolnlnc town, with go.hl Improvements; a verj line location, *<ldn-ss PUnTMASILK, Uloomlngton, OsliornCo.. Kau. Troll SALE—A WELL ESTADLISIIED PLUMHIN4J/ i 4 h'ulneuonColtago Grove-uv. Address SV EIU A CHAU*. Plumber*, corner Archer and Btownrl-MS. Death of proprietor reasons lonwlllng. Hotel Vcm sale-one ,of the leading hotels In Florida, well furnished and lor huslnrss, for sale. For teiins apply lo OhOIIGK McGIM.Y, Klmhurk Holsc. Atlanta, ba., or Dr. CIIADLKS KOCH. Jacksonville. Ha- I WANT A I’ARTNER Kill AN EBI AHLISRUD I grain nnd commission business, with capital from #•« uajio none but responsible parties need ap* I'iy. Address V 7*. Tribune chlce. HUlTlFs'wmi SMALL CAPITAL LOOKING 1 ’ for business can secure n safe uml profitable busl* hi mby applying to, or addrcsslug, Fll, Room 30 Gault Jluii'C, Chicago- 11 AUK BUSINESS CTIANCE-A GOOD HANUFAC* iv turlmi business fur sale cheap; established lu It&i; i-ruiU« uiaiili good reasons given for wishing lon-lj. For particular address Dos lluj. Aurora. None ta.__.lll. IMieil iiiu«lc business. The only music store In a rlry of eleven thousand tii.ou)) people with a large and rich country tributary; first-dost Hock, and business Ineresslngt satisfactory reaMins given forselling. Ad dress at once HOYT A I’ON U. Winona. Minn. VOOU TIME. WITH'BOMK CASH. WILLBECURB 1 half Interest lu stuck, and established business pay lug handsome proliu. inn Randolph-*!.. Kuomu). nice little grocery. Call at once at 079 \\ enl* worth-nv., near Thirty -thlrd-sl. . <S*Orwt WILL HUY A WKI.L-ESTABUMIED IlKrf* ifftoUU tauranlou the Bouth hide, lilting* worth cl lee the amount. Froprlcvof leaving the country. Address X at, Tribune oiileu. t ("•Cfm’llUYii HALF INTEREST IN A CASH «3u)UU business that Is well-established and pays »V<) monthly. H m Tribune otllce. LOST AND FOUND. TxmXr iiTvK^i2s'FOU THE I’ROI’EKTV. TAKEN X from my oifice Sunday, thoSblh. O. J. BIOUGII, 123 Dearborn-si. 1 OST-SUNIIAV KVKNING. A UI.AUII-ANU TAN 1 i dog; had sear on fare shoulder. Under will pleast return to Xg West M aablngton-sl., and receive liberal reward. Noqucslluussskcd. , , TOST—OS’ WABASH-AV. STREET-CAR. UK* lj tween Jackson and Thirteenth'*!*.. U<U«* Istok containing about giu lu utuiiey, two railroad naisrsand vsltmg cards. wDh owner's name. By re fusing to MA’ri'EßOJi, finder will bo RberalJy re* warded. 1 o>T—BETWEEN THIRD NATIONAL BANK AND Ijolllce of lutoruul Revenue a -UU 4 tf.VJ bills. 1 »10. and Uf 3. Vil l J?ikV* vj s is «nd tame and no questions asked. 11. W. BUUNIAN, 19 auo 14 Dearboru-st. T OST-a" DARKGHtOWN HORSE. WITH TWO Xj white hind feet, heavy mane: also a light bay ware, H year* old. white star on /urehcad.aUlUs~pruug) Imih hones were lost In South .Hlcago, Buuday, May «h. Any luformullon w ill bo reworded by U. ANutUb, No, su4 Aueusta-st. . wTISsTsiTVINCF. FRIDAY, MAY 1». FIKIU l|4 INI Fultou-it . J. It. Hobbs, Age 94. height ft ft. l» Inch, dark-hruwu hair, mustache and chln-whlski-r*. brows eves supposed to have considerable menu, and paper! Sn persou. AuiLlßMnnUlou leading lo"hU d scoserj will b« thankfully rccclvodby blalruoUs. at XI7 Wcsl Madlsou-su 3

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