Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 30, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 30, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Increased Orders from the Country for Currency. Sew Tori Exchange Wcaker-The Clearings Yesterday $3,400,000. The Produce Markets Act ive and Lower. Provisions Agnin Very Weak— BreudstuflH Tend Down ward. An Important Increase in Our Receipts of Crain. financial. rheflncfnntlons on Hie Doard of Trade in pro visions and wheal added to tba counter business of soma of tho banks, which were busy receiving mar lins. Two failures occurred among the Hoard of Trade operators—ft. O. Hooker nnd William 11. Slaughter A Co. The latter were reported to hare lost between SIOO,OOO nud $200,000 In margins. Other firms were said to be seriously einhaniuiecd »y (he heavy fall in meats and lard. Another feature of activity in financial circles n-ns tho country movement of currency. The or- Sen* from tbu country for currency were large, jomparod with the amount averaged of late, and [he expectation is entertained of heavy receipts of ituff during the week. The banks have signed an agreement to dose to day In observance of Decoration Day, nnd there rvill he no mcctlngof the Clearing-House. Since lids agreement by the bunks, the Hoard of Trade, Instead of Adjourning over Diet entire day, ua was ixpected, decided to sit till quarter past 1. Thu board of Trade banks will generally transact what Dusiness may bo necessary to accommodate ens minors who wish to deposit for margins, or check for margins, and will fill orders from the country for currency. Tho local loan market remained quiet The sur plus of loanable fund* continues to accumulate. Regular customers arc sparing in their applications for assistance, and desirable outside customers are icarce. Hates of discount arc fi®lo per cent to regular justomers. Doslrablc Independent borrowers ob tain street rates. On tlie street, rales are o®lß per cent, with very lew transactions. New York exchange ww offered freely al par be ween hank*. The chuirltign wore $3,400,000. POPUI.AUITV OP lIOMII RNTBIHTIISB3 IN TIIB LONDON MONEV MAIIKBT. There ha? been a moderate demand for money during the past. week, and u elighf improvement lia« iH'i'ii cstntdished in the rates of discount. The Increase in the demand 5a chiefly to be attributed to the loann which have been Introduced, but princi pally to that for the Metropolitan Hoard of Works. Thin loan was for £l,;Ki(),000 In a 3!4 per cent stock. TJio application* unlimited to £7,300.000. or nearly five and a half limes the amount offered. Tenders nt £IOO 2h re ceived In full, and nt £IOO In (hi about 2fl per cent. Am this Investment will only yield 5Ji4 percent, while there Is not much, If any, hope of its rising to a premium, we must conclude that the applica tions are nil genuine, and that there Is n large sup ply of money seeking profitable mid safe employ ment. .Some of our leading railway companies are also exercising their burrowing powers, and are raising considerable stuns upon debentures or de benture slocks. These are also quickly taken up, us they have nil afforded a secure means for llio in vestment of onr surplus capital. As no foreign loans, either for (Jinerninonls nr for piddle under- Inking", have been introduced. It Is evident that only home enterprise engages attention.— London Corif/jiouilrnre Financial Chronicle, BOSTON DISCUSSION ABOUT DEDUCING ISTRUB9T ON HANK DBPOSIT3, There Ik some discussion tfolng on ns to the ad visability of paying nny Interest on deposit*. At tins ill* percent generally paid there U surely no profit In loaning these depoMU nt-l percent; for two-thirds of the US per cent difference must he paid In the VVS per cent taxes and V, per rent loss of Interest on the proposition of revenue that must ho keptnt home. The remainder Is not worth the trouble, expense, and risk. Itnt even this condi tion of things Ik surpassed In Knglund, where, nn lil recently, the be*t Interest the large Joint-stock bunks could obtain for llielr loans was l per cent per annum. If expenses and taxes were u» largo there ashore, the London banka would refuse to lake delimits unless paid for it.— Boston Comin'r zlal JJulMln. PACIFIC COAST MINING INTERESTS. Tho Pacific Coast mining assessments fop May mount to »J>:n,HIO, of which $87.1,700 were laid upon Nevada mines. Tho Savage assessment Is £--4,000. Tho San Francisco IMMh i says; “It Is gratifying to know that, while tho mining Indus try Is being developed on fully us large a scale as last year, the results nro more satisfactory in In creased divldendsnnd lessened assessments." With roped to the bonanza mines, tin. wuuc paper says the combined yield this mouth will probably not exceed 3-1,000,000, on account of decreased mill power. TUB BOTTOM NOT lIEAniIED YET. Them has been a remarkable decrease in our Im ports from Great Britain during the first four month* of this year. Compare*! with the cor* responding period hi IK7.J, cottons have decreased from (In round numbers) U(J. 137,000 to ~7,7’i‘J, 000 yards; linens from dd.BIS.OOO to 3'»,&sf|ooO yard*; ami silk broadMulTs from 180,731 to 00,(110 ) aids. Worsted stuffs huvo likewise decreased fimn !>3,:um,000 toIH.7HU.OOO vards. Tho Iron tin) steel Imports have almost nominal, rinse returns, which represent to a large extent our spring trade, account in pint for tlm depressed llute of Uritish Industry.—AVm Turk Tribune COM) ASI» GIIKI2NIJAUU3. Gold was Greenbacks were GOVEILSMU.NT BONDS. tTnllPrt Rtntps fl» nl'ftt L'nltril MnCvi .VlilMof’(|A 5-jus of ’tiA—.January »tnl .InI; •urn. -„«iiuury »tnl July, of M7—•.lcnmirviunl July. i-H'Hof 'iH-jAiumry uml July. United J'lblc* new ffa uf 'K| mt) U tilled States ntrrem y |“7J CJTV AND CO UN IT BONDS. RM, Oilckro City 7 V cl. bonds • Clilcaß'i f'lly 7 V ct. tewrrsi;* • ChtcaaoCltyT V ct. water hun...., • Cook TiMiiuy? V ct. Ixm'lj (slj c>rt) • Cook C-Minty 7 ft cl. Imlnlmluliß) • W,»ll'ark7 Vet. bonds u’tslcaKO 7 V «:t. ixitids (Lincoln •Ami Interest. I-OCAL STOCKS. JiM. City llnllwny, BontJi Side, ciiy Hallway, Wm Slila Lily Hallway, Wml .SMc. tt «< coni ccrtl iHnt-!. •!(>"« I'liy Hallway. NurUi SW«.„„ jiil Trailois - liuunuiic Co j>j ClniiilxT of Oimnm* 71 Clitnufo(lu-Mirlil4CuUo Co hil-wjlloii atmk («*ld) Hil'omlon alock (new) Kxiuitlllou ittock Uod t >) •And Inlereit. hy telegraph. To the Wtittm Aitoclatea Prta. NbvYokk, May 21).—Gold opened at nn awl closed all IjiAi i against I1U}» Falnrday. Currying rates Ito 3, mid Hut for borrowing. The declhiu was due to the more peaceful tone of Kuropeuu dispatches ami reporta that there wore large for eign order* for grain here. Government* were steady. Itallrouil bunds were dull. Flute securities were quiet. The slock market declined Jtf® X st the opening on the reduction of passenger fares to the West, but soon became strong, and advanced on roMors that the reduction in fares was mudo ;‘t> precipitate a settlement of the railroad war. As tho day woro along, thu market became dull and the improvement was par tially lust, except In Pacific Mall, which closed strong at the highest price of the day. Transac tions wera 08,000 shares, of which 12,000 were Tackle Mall, 18,000 Western Union. 8,000 tit. Paul. .'>,ooo Erie, 40,000 Luka Shore, and 6,000 Michigan Central. business In financial circles will bo suspended to-morrow (Decoration Day). Money market easy at 2ji£fi.'J. Prime mercantile paper at 4&0. Customs receipts 8348,000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed 3186.000, Clearings, 847.000.000. Produce export* for lb* week, 56,2.'M,000. Sterling dulls 00 Oays, 488; sight, 400. „ (iOVKUSMCNT BONUS. Coupons, 61 I New as j|7 CoyiMoxis, oj li.v reg............mH n 1! Coupons, er luiU Curruuctes U 7?» Coupons, ’tw uiKl /m ... - hocks. Colon a**,l New Jersey Central.. *1 OaU-ks rer ........... 15* Hock UUud lO&M Ouitksllver pfd. ao 181. P*ut a? I’svloc Hall a 1 I6t Paul pfd y.S Man peas I'M "’al-mh g Mariposa p/4 ol« | b j.fd U Fort ITayre 103 Terre Haute 3^ Terre Haute nf.l t i t.hliaim ft Alton i»7 cnleAKoft Alum 0. ft m Pel., h. ft « loytj A. ftp. Telepaph.... 14 Mlwonrt Pacific 1314 Atlantic A Pacific pfd. a Indiana Central 4 ft O 117 Hannibal ft fit- J0e,,., t 3*4 Central Paclficlionda.HiTJ* Hnlnn pacific hondi. loilf U. Tan. land-urant... PO U. Pac. alnklDß-fund. hoV4 A dune Etprcas lO7T< TYfllrFarirn Anwrlcan Express.. . <v;-» UnlNd HIM'-* FxprrM 7nt( New York Central... .lit) Ktle HH Krlepfil if. Harlem Mi* Harlem pfd 133 Mldilcsn central 4S|< I’antma I rto Union J’aelOc atoclt.. 00 l.«Ue shore sj lllinoU central 01 CWpUtul A Pltt'hunr tw*< Nortliwcuern ;i:»K Sortliweatrril pM,... 00 I C.. C.. C. A I 40 UTATB Trnnr«c« fl«, old 4i Ti'iiiKMe(*o*, new.... no Virginia fi*. old :ru JIIVINO BTOCKB. S*xFnAKr»Bco, Mny I’D.—Tho following nrc the Uteri quolntloiifl nl the Stock Kxchnntfo! VlrtrJuld.. 7;M i Crown Point 17 C/itlfornln Yrllow,Titckct S> Hotelier.. Kt I AlPlit Wl UyhJr ol>l { Hekher CliOllnr PI | Confidence 17)4 Havasc.... 10 merrn Nevada. 14 Imperial s I Kxctiemier 1* Mexican..... aUfi 0verman.,........... nt« Onuld iV (,'nrrjr 1.4 U I .TiiMlce 2:ni Jim * neither r.ri'l I Caledonia.... Bn Jl«lc A XorcroM «) I No Hoard to-morrow. Virginia e*. new S') Mliionrl FnclQosi....loo FonntrtJf. T.njrnow, May 20. —Consuls, money and account, OM*. (lulled Slates bonds, now'**, 104 U; ’o7s, 100V4 $ KMOs, KKiicnewAa, low*. New York Contra), Ilf); Erie, 117»; preferred, 10. Paiiis, May2!i.--Henles, lO.'ifHOc. Fuanktout, May 20. United States bonds, new Os, 101? i. REAL ESTATE The following Instruments were filed for record Monday, Slay 2D: . citt pnorxnrr. The premise* No.fHJ Michigan av,dated May 2d.513.000 Buell st, kid ft* of West Chicago av, c f.-’ixluo ft, dated Maya? 2.H00 Mohawk st, ?.'• ft ■ offßlack Hawk st, wf.25x122 ft, wliu Improvements, dated May.*? MW W<-st Harrison st. 2»7 ft wof Western av.s f, 24xt5fl ft, dated Mny 10 1.100 Walnut st, An ft o of Kcdzic av, ■ f. 25x1X7)4 ft, .In.Hil ll.a (W. fAV dated May lift 1....’ 8,000 Sedgwick st. 150 ft« of White «. cf. 25x120 ft, dated Moy2l 4,500 Hurting st. 150 ft suf Sophia st, w f, 25X124 ft, dated Mav 2,100 Dryantav, IU7 ft oof Staunton uv, audXo)4ft In rear. sf. 100x1:12 ff, dnti-d May 2*» 4,000 Hrynntav, rvf*Vo ft n of Staunton uv. w f, ixi* 207 ft, dated April «> 10,000 Blnuntou nv, n u cor Hryaat av. vr f, auH* 107 ft. dated May 27 4.500 Staunton av, n e cor Hryant av, w f, i7l)4xiU7 ff. dtti-1 May 25 20,000 Oakley >t. .H fisof Walnut st. e f, 21x110 ft, dnled May 1 4,010 SOfTII OF CITY MM ITS WITHIN X UADIL'S OF BBVKN jiii.ks or Tun roriiT-nousK. SJxty-flrsl st, 121 ft wof LouiuUst, s f, 24x121 fl. dated Man'll 29 9 350 Jefferson si, fit* of Fifty-sixth st, w f, 23x 7d ft. dated May 2‘l 700 COMMERCIAXj, The following were the receipt! the lending articles of produce in the forty-eight hours ending Monday morning: I,’erfljitM, ISTrt. I I STS. (i . II.OM 11,-Jit l . tv.iito . SWd,7!M IM.irjU 11H, I'-OJ 74.WJ0, i»:n 711, SVMnJ S,iiX> . lia.iKWi 1 . im.UUO, |.)U) Fluur, brU Wilful, hit.... Cum. mi Oats, Im I'.yo. bu Iturloy, bit (I. BCL’d, )b«... F. sctul. Uw... It. cum, Ib-t... i;. meftW. lb» . llcof, brls Fork, Mu I.anl, lbs Tallow, Hu.... Unitor, 11m..., 1-. Inijw, N 0... V.wlo, Nil Fliorji, No. ... Illiloi, lb* H. wlui-s brli. Vl'llol, III* IMlUtnor. bu.. Onal. |.»i» Mmv. ton, 1-iimhtT, tn ft. MilngloM, tn... Salt, brla I 'on It rj . lb*... I’onltr)', oiio|M. (iame, jilt's... ICirr*. Cln i’Ho. Imxcs. (i'n&Wio.n, brlii Ilenn*. bu ] Via, wx» ’ ’ ’ Vo.Voi’ •to. lui 73, 200 23. non. 41.340 92, 171 37. V.-J a..V111 4.2H1 1,271 V UJi; M’« VIII ir.O.llf. 102,l«*:i I.V) 111, &>o,s:i7 Ml. 121 r,.vi ri.iwi I.IUH 1 1 3, «IVO 7.2'tH 2,78Ui 1.33.', 100 s 1.400; 0,027 w ns i,inTr ,, i;Jrri WSJ 1,130 WIH 4’ no Withdrawn from store on Saturday for city con* sumption: 5.308 bn wheat, 1,508 lm coni, 3,352 bu outs, l,r>oi) tm rye, 283 hu barley. The following grain was Inspected Into store In this city on Monday morning: 1 car rejected win* lor wheat, 13 earn No. IN. \V. wheat, 00 cars No. - S. VT. do, -I curs No. 1 spring, 51 cars No. 2 do, 51 caw No. 2 do, 10 cars rejected do (105 wheat); 4 curs yellow corn, 1 cur No. 1 do, 114 cars red, 12,500 bu high-mixed do, 200 cars and 11.000 bu No. 2 do, 3 curs new mixed do, 142 curs and 5,500 bu rejected do, 11 curs no grade (057 corn); 22 cars white oats, 47 cars and 7,500 h« No. 2 do, 13 cars rejected do (03 outs); 5 curs No. 3 rye; 3 curs rejected do; 50 curs No. 3 barley, 10 cars No. 2 do, 3 cars rejected do. Total (1,012 cars), 418,000 bu. Inspected out; 100,7h7 bu wheal, 111,541 bu corn, 3,0-1(1 bu oats, 1,43(1 bu barley. The following table shows the distribution of the breadstuff* shipped from this city during lust week siiijtfteti. i/Veur.i PVirrti.i cbm. 42,005 a:m, 7oi t jw,wnl 12,8415 UR»,a»> t 0,724 1,0K1,.........1 | Hy pail lly ennui To Buffalo To Krlo To Ogdeu«*»urg To other U. 8. ports. To Kingston n.iaj ''' V/iMririii'.'wi im in a.5U3 U'J.tMU 71.H1<1 47,45:! (tW,o77,mu yuJ, *** • • Ll 7 !: >: ’ 1 1 »r ' l ■ JM{ 7J i'W ini ryo. ntnl I-I.HJI liu bar t*jilulfuli»l>y lako. Total* Token for city. Also shl|)jH'(l by rail J Icy; nml uu.uxJ Ini rye The Hoard of Trad quarter pant 1 o'clo !u has decided to adjourn nt a ick to-day, In honor of the i will be uu afternoon meeting soldicr-dcad. Then of the Board. At lust our receipts of grain are assuming some thing like their old-time volume. There wu* noth ing to be alarmed at In fair receipts any more than In the resumption of silver us change. The leading produce markets wero active yes terday, and generally lower, Grain declined early, mid ruled stendy afterwards, while provisions were almost puulcky till near tlm close of the mission, chiefly because of the failure of a rather large operator In lard.- Outside of this, tho lead ing feature of the day wuh a material augment in the receipt* of breudstulls, and the principal news was that which indicated that tho European world Is not no much excited over the war question us heretnfoie, It was reported that British consols were firmer, and the gold premium In the United States was less limn Saturday's quotation. Hence a downward tendency In prices here, though tho re ports of tho cereal movement were encouraging; tlm reports of the past week from (ho lending cities of ttio Atlantic seaboard warn some 1,.’00, • 000 bu In wheat und Hour, and over 1, GUO, 000 bu corn. in ll»H min, llhVl n:>2 Atlfd, Tlio dry goods market presented no itnnsiml fea tures. lew buyers weru tu bo aeon, lint a fair mioihcr of order* came hi by mull, tho elocution of which nave trade Mime hlpm* of Ufo. Nothin:; occurred to disturb values, which weru ateady and uniform. (Jrocerk‘B to a fair aggregate were dls tributed to tho country trade at substantially former quotations, « reduction In Java cotlee of a lie belnj; the only change noted. Hnipirs, sirups, rice, and leas aru hi incrcanpo demand, and show more strength. Tho dried-fruit trade wm mod erately active at steady inures, fish were un changed in price, though (he chances nro in favor of n furtherdccllne in lake enred, wliich are begin nlni; to arrive Quito freely. Iluttcr wan active hut a trlllc lower, tho weakness being due to large re ceipts and tho hot weather. Cheese ulhu was tend lug downward. Prices of grain bags wore unchang ed. I.father remains dull and weak. At the re duced prices thuru was mure doing in the coal mar ket Ilian of late, but there was nothing resembling activity. Oils were quiet, and the quotations of lard. liuveod, turpentine, and wlmlo wore reduced, A large licet of lumber vassals was at thu sale docks, and the market was active and steady. Tho yard trade continues fair at unchanged prices. AtM. Mr* VJ‘.» i:id ?U i:m 40 The deniund for hardware and metals contlnnca moderate, and prices for some articles were Ir regular, owing to (be sharp competition between some of the local bouses. Tin plates uru now very low, and It is said they cannot be sold at 88.60 M a basis without loss to the dealer. Sheet-Iron Is quoted 14c lower, liruom-coru continues to move out quite freely In answer to orders, and the but ter grades of burl are scarce mid Arm. Heeds were quiet and unchanged. The wool market remains dull, and prices are variable. Iluy was aUo dull, especially prulric, which Is arriving freely on wagons. Green fruits were steady, excepting strawberries, whtcbducllnrdnndurheuvy offerings. Uiko freights were more active and a shade firmer, but without any decided advance In rates. Wheat was taken to liutlalo ut and to Kings ton at Hull freights were dull at nominally unchanged rates, and cars were freely offered at 20c to Now York, 1«»: to KhUadelphla, 17iic to ilaltimons, and 26c to bouton, por 100 jbp. Through rates by lake and rail were quoted at 10c for corn and lie for wheat to New York, and l«c on coni to Huston. Freight engagements were re ported for 136,000 bu wheat, 06,000 bu corn, and 25.UU0 bu oats. t TUB hItOVJStUN UAHKCT. .Thero Its* been n fearful shrinkage In provisions •litrin* till! lint Inn Wi'i'lii. Price, have .lucllneil alamt 3'j..>o pur hrl uu (/urk, V'c p> on h rd. and l?»c per Jb on meat*. The shrinkage In quota* tlmia averages not for from 10 per cent—a rale which, If continued, would very noon run the I rule Into (he ground. Tima for only three parties have succumbed to tlte situation; and they within the past two business days. It la scarcely possible to 'late the extent of their losses, at the presenttlme, and wo do not attempt It. A point of mnch greater Intcre't la to look at the qnc'tlon often naked yea* tenhiy, • 1 Where la It going to end?” There la no tiro In Ignoring the fact that not n tow were appro* henaivc of more extensive failures In the trade, nnd that very fear made the market weaker than It otherwise wonld have boon, na It Increased the number of those anxious to sell. After as complete a ciinvn’i of tho situation ns was possible with tho llmltcrl Ihno at command, wo And good reason to believe that the worst is over. The situation docs not promise much Im provement at present, ns hogs are coming forward very freely, both to this cily nnd to packing points In the country. Indeed, It seems as If the recent break in tho prices, of hogs has only increased tho anxiety of farmers to sell, as they think there Is little chance of nn upward reaction, and wish to realize ns far from the bottom as possible. With no prospect for Improvement In this direction, and a probable further decline, thorn certainly Is not much ground for hoping that product will soon sell higher than the present range, as the winter' cured stulf is meeting with increased competi tion from (lint of summer make. lint we And reason to believe that the stocks of product have nearly all worked out of the hands of weak bolder* during the excitement of the past few days, home of our heaviest operators here, nnd some of the most solid men In .Now York, have taken bold largely, and are certainly oft/s to carry the load If they have the disposition to do so. Of the two or three parties here about whom some anxiety has been expressed, wo understand that all of them hare made arrangements which cover (Itc situa tion, and several lola bare been ordered shipped out, so that tho outward movement during the first half of June will probably be a very large one. Mo-t parties of experience in the trade hud lung regarded prices ua 100 high for safely, and buyers fur consumption studiously held aloof, leaving the property to be banded around here on contracts for future delivery, and carried, for so much per mouth, for parties who persisted In believing that the investment was a good one. The decline (hut resulted from this reti cent attitude has now been Important enough to induce a chnngo of base, and even more numerous orders may bo expected tho moment tho market gives signs of having touched bottom by turning upward. There Is therefore good ground for believing that the consequences will not be more serious to the trade than now. Indeed, the danger Is now tho other way, —that the men who have recklessly sold short during the tumble, and who would continue to do so should tlio market decline further, will ho caught up in a round turn la the reaction which generally follows such a sharp movement as that of the last fortnight in hog products. BXI'OIITS FROM THE SEARCH!). s and shipments of i this city during at 7 o'clock ou The following were among the export# from the principal seaports on the Atlantic coast of the United States for the periods named: n>i •K’*nillng Wttk tmling WetkernTg Maysi. ’7-t. May im, ‘7n. May-ix ‘T>. Flour, hr!* r.0.r.17 5t1,(x'.3 ;i7,7t:i Wheat, im i.ihi'j.nas R7:t.-u*o a»>s,H2n Corn, Im I,f»U.*KU 4uu,;tt7 4(>..vrj; 4..MH) I lye. Im Hi, 7*l SVHJ ;1,0t0,7:H l'v>rlt, hrli V.KM 4,‘CT7 4.W.1 1 j.'i j= |o.i;ni| io;*, nfct inu,4iw H.r.74 109.JW12 77.310 a;, m 143,0 m i,.ini n.nsa na.nvj 94,212 1)0.490 l.anl,' lbs. 1*.4. £23,'fill S.4<V7.'oUJ i.nsidno Uaeou, lbs <1.749.473 fi,7<H,2>tl b,oX>,4UU TIIB CIIINBSB niCC CUOl*. 7»!« R.HM 303,790 314,210 ICO.U*) 1 The following paragraphs arc extracted from the CAlmi J/ulf, dated Hong Kong, April 151. There is some disposition hero to ridicule the rumors of rice failure, the reason given being that If It were serious we should have been advised of it by tele graph ere this: , UU.15111 pi.r.lo 4.7i;u 11,001 3.714 2.U13 in.-i.H7SI -si 1*47 239 ir71,240 ( 320.7:»» While In the north of Chinn the drought ennsen serious injury to tho crops, tlio down-pour in the south <loes (he same mischief, ami while the line perur has to pray for rain, the Viceroy of Canton lias to pray for cessation. , The Prefect of Canton has offered another prayer for the cessation of the rain. It is tlmu (ho prayer was grunted, as the crops are showing signs of dam age. Tho floods have had the effect of raising the price of rice. Many fear that ihccropswlll he damaged, hut others are still sanguine. The latter are of opinion that there is yet time fur new seed to be sown. He lids us it may, the rain bits been the means of tucnlng the sculc of fordin'* with the spec ulator!) In rice from Saigon, as the price of rice linn been steadily on the rlso within the last four days in spite of the enormous shipments, which are dis posed of with advantage as soon as they arrive here. Incessant ruins have played sad havoc with tho crops in the neighborhood of Canton. 2.371! ’siVfli") 0731 1,340 I.IKXi 013 OAUdKOPTtIB DKCLISC OF TUB (JfIAIN TIUDB. 2b the Editor of The Tribune, Chicago, Muy gl).—ln the discussion in the daily papers of the causea of the decline in the grain trade In Chicago, the general Impression seems to l»o the decline in owing to the Hoard of Trade ruled against corners. How long in It since nil the Chi cugo papers were abusing the Hoard or Trade for tolerating ruled that admitted of corners being run? In my Judgment the Hoard of Trade legislates 100 much—have too many mien. They are now bo numerous and complicated that no two of our moot eminent lawyer* coo agree sis to their proper In terpretations ; and ft U wore not for our over-ready Secretary to glve-'lhe true and proper interpreta tion, intent and meaning, tho members of the Hoard would he constantly In litigation. Hence, the able and accomplished Secretary Ims come to bo regarded us Indispensable. If the people should take it into their heads to Rond him to Congress (they might go Mrtherand fare worse). U Is feared tho Hoard of Trade would Immediately go to the bow-wows. To avoid such catastrophe, 1 would suggest that the Hoard of Trade abolish about half their rules, and, instead of enacting a rule agulntt corners, adopt a rule holding every member to a n(r\ct, ij>eclilc lier/onname of hit contract, liable to suspension for failure to per form. without submitting the question of damages to tho Arbitration Committee. When a member sells short ho knows ttie risk he assumes.—it Is tho short sellers that allunt tho opportunity to corner the market. Keganling the effect of the decline In tho grain trade on Urn general prosperity of Chicago, I wish to suggest that the Board of Trade are not respon sible for It. Some ten or twelve years ago the Board of 'l'rade, appreciating ttie importance of the graiu trade to the welfare of Chicago, organ ized & “Commercial Committee," l»> bo com posed of representatives of tho various indus trial and commercial Interests, hut the merchants, manufacturers, etc., appointed on that Committee neglected to attend tho meetings. Marshall Field und William E. Doggett were the only representa tives (ouMdn tho dally attendants of tho Board of Trade) who wore at all regular attendants, and the Committee was abolished. Again, the Board of 'Prado recently raised a special committee to In vestigate discrimination charges by the railroads. This Committed gave diligent attention to the discharge of the duties devolving upon them; gave much time to Investigation, und dovclupeu facts which In their Judgment called for it perma nent organization to look after tho general interest of Chicago in the matter of transportation and terminal charges. They recommended such an organization, and pave much time In culling on merchants outside of tho Board of Trade, and urging the subject on their attention, hut fulled to awaken snfiiclent Interval to organize the proposed association, and abandoned further efforts. It Is a fact, which dues not seem to lie under stood outside the Board of Trade, that nhio-leiillis of thu daily attendants on the Board do not feel any Interest whether much or little grain comen to the Chicago market. They buy and sell options for millions of bushels dally, and watch tlm receipts as posted on the biilleilu-tioard only for the pur pose of Judging how tho dully receipts may ailed prices for the time tholr options have to run, und fed no interest beyond that. Now, Dir. Editor, give Um Board of Trade a rest, and cull on out siders to look after their ownjlntercsls. If they wish to do so through the organization of the Board of Trade they will no doubt Ilnd the ©Hirers und members ready to co-operate with them. They am s generous, widc-uwukc body, and when called upon to art for the general Intcroats of Chi cago, they move promptly and elllciontly,—as wit ness the election hist full, and again last April; they do not mind adjourning over for bulf a day, or a whole day, when Oceanian requires. XX. VOKKIUH IMI'OIITATIONd received nt Chicago Customs May 20, 1870: L. C. Hack, V,r*UU tin hurley; Mosuhuck A. Humphrey, 26 drums caustic soda; Kidd. Loiter & Co., 2cases woolens; West. Kaiser A Co., 1 case cotton em broideries; William Kinkier * Sons,,o owes wool. on«, 1 case watch-springs; hebram, Myers «fc Co., 8 cases cotton embroideries; Julius Uuuer A Co., 3 case*musical Instruments; Hoot ,t Suns’ Muslo Company,7 cases musical Instruments; Q. 11. Foster A Co., 1 case leather gloves; Carson, I’lrlc,Scott A Co,, 2 cases cotton hosiery; 11. Kndcris, 3 cases books; Urlggs llros., 17 sacks seeds; K Zlnker, 2 cases toilet soap. Amount of duties collected, $1,068. 7J. 1100 PKODUCTB—Were very active and very weak. The market on the speculative snides wu feverish early, then steadier, (hen heavy, with the announce nient of ou« additional failure (In lanD, and the fear of mure to follow, 'again ruled steadier when It wo* found that the mischief was nut so bad as hod been appre hended, and took an upward turn In the latter part of the ii-Mlun, as severs! buying orders were sent la from uutsida to take hold si the decline. Thu day was one of the most sutlvo experienced this year so far, except In meats, holders being very onalous to gel out of Hie deal, while thuru was little or no demand except from the shun Interest. Hogs were In fslr supply, sud again easier, which was generally accuptod as aa argument of further weaknexs In product. If the supply of hogs should keep up during the hut weather to It* recent vol ume. winter cured stuff would be little wanted, aud summer lot* would urutwbly be offered at less prices thou now, became or a deere*** In thu jjm* /v*nt—Was unusually sctlv 0, and \ cry irregular. Tim market opened sppuruiuly firm st tuituMav'scloslug pile—, declined iev p‘r brl from tli-.l (..due. advu.i-vd . n-i I fell i-aok m t...; t.i.t aul THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, MAY 30, 1876. nrday afternoon. Rale* were reported of 515 brls r»<!i at ♦iH.7.' l «*li*,ins* seller June nl i1*.37t4« 11*. 10; .*•I.7M» t-il« seller .Inlv at f 1 (5,.mu brl* seller A-igmi. aifis.s-. : iixi lirh ull-r Replemb-r at i l!» -in.d'.; and ft'** brU »*llrr the year. nr ilH.iu Total, 4:i,2 | V < t hrl*. Tin* market eliH,-d lump at,73 cash, according lo weight; iIH.fVV4IH.7O flier dime; Hlfl.HTtySlH.liO seller.hlly: amt nt itn.ortnin. 10 sailer August. Seller the rmr cle*ed nt ilO.nol>M. Prime me* wuj nominal iU sl7.6ojaml nxlra prime itiM.3o. 9 Was nnnsnally active and Tory much unset* tied. The market advanced :nv* per ini its early, then fell hark 43e. and Improved I.**c, dosing Me lower Ui.tti Hatnrdny. Liverpool was quoted :M per 11 a rts lower, uni) n frond deal of lord «m oiTered here by purlieu who Wen-on the lime mIOo of the dent, mid hid foiled io ob tain mure marginal deposit* In response ti their de mand therefor. Hales went reported of note* emh nl ill.ihi; 0.j.-mtcj relief June al Irs seller .Inly at i11.1.V41 1.00; 3,2VMch relief August nt ill.n7V4'vll.ati amt aao tes seller September nl Sll.wi. Toial, :u,flutes, Thr market closed (jnlrt nt null nr filer .May: fll.ld's-d1.13 f ll.U7’<i'(M I.3oroller Jolvi nml at ill 4,'uii I M7*v seller August. Mfui— Mere qnlol and collar, Iml how mueti Inner tf In illilU-nir In ray, a* different pnrtler wrre widely npar: tnllielr ipiotnUum. They wine probably ulnmi *(e lower on middle*, with IMMr change In shoulders. There w,i» no appreciable demand for shipment. S ilo* were limited to i»u«» Hi* Mmrl rll* nt fiM»tper H«» da, e,v*ii: fi>. 55 seller .Inly; and 'ji.u'iei short clear* at nsiio (winter). The following war the closing rnneo of prices: ,*Monr. J.nng Won Short ilert. clear. ft 3, clear. Railed, loose s'i »'!■< Boxed 6H p IM-* tvV» June HH .... s’l o'* duly n\s .... tv* uk. August rt|-j .... nil lA, Uacou t earh TV* l(i-*i lu>s , in?* lamg nml short clean at ffffi-.Moc rn*h. and in'm-s H'4e relier.lnly. l«oxed; sweat pickled hsm*. ta.tta'ie: Cnmhurliindf. cash or seller June; long-cut Uamr, nhi'*M2e. boxed; bacon hams, IMtlSc. MM.../T. U.imi mMIIA, ';»e(T»e— WMiinietat fivonde. HKKFl’UOinloTH—Were steady nml unlet nl $10.73 All.or for mess, i11.73r*t2,u) for extra mess, and tJ-j.nif W..V) for hams. » Talloir— Was Quoted nt *Ra«V<c for city, ami 7W9c fur country lots, according to condition. imiSAIWTtTFKS, FLOUR—IVn» quiet and nncliauged. The weaker feeling In wheat made buyers hold oIT. but sellers were not anxious enough to bo willing to shade prices. The trading was chiefly local, sales were reported of 31,0 hrls winters parity nt i.'i.wx*<l.l3!and77.'>hrlssprlng extras chlelly at 13.00(4.5.73. Total, 1,175 hrls. The market closed steady al me following range of prices: Choice winter extras, f 7.57 l ii' r t7.fl7Wi rotn* mon to good do. shipping extras. $1.30 'i.'i.imj good do, 55.(XK3.37!4i choice do, 53.50-1 patents do. Minnesota, SA.e»K 0.73; spring supcnincs, rye flour, $4.33m 4.. VJ. firan— Wo* less active. nml nbout sf)n per ton lower. Sales were 40 lout at 810,00 oil track and free on board can. Sn-eenlrtgt— Sale was made of 10 ions nt $«.ooon truck. TVUKAT—Wa* active, nmlvenr Irregular, ad vanning life early, ikon falling hack 3»fjc. ami closing Ui« below the latent quotations of Sntunlny. Liverpool was quoted strong, though with no advance esinhllihcit, and the English country markets were la per quarter dearer: Iml Uwa* rumored Hint Dm Trench market* were cheaper, the Continental demand for wheat slackening, ami that Milwaukee had received a requisition from the country for 800 empty cars, while our own receipt* ex- Idhiled a decided Increase, This caused a wide-spread Idea that the market was about to decline, e«t>eelHtly os the weather was line, and very favorable to the coining crop, and sellers were numerous in const qiicnee. There whm. however, n strong leaning the ulher way. and same large Mock* of wheat were laketi, chiefly fur .1 ulv. nearly at the highest price* of die day, Put the offering* were too largo fur the demand, and Hie market soon hrokc. llio downward tendency hclng In tensified by the weakness In provisions, which caused some wheat ImMcrs to fear a general ttmiMe. under which fear they hantuned to sell, Several pur chases were made for shipment, and cash wheat was strong, a* compared with dime, the ulTerlngs for next month helng large, and chlnlly from parties who had not made provision for wheat which they expect to he delivered in the latter part of this week. The higher quotations on ocean frclghta tended to check the demand for shipment miles* a corresponding reduction were ottered In the price of tin- grain. Seller July opened nt Jl.oidt sold up to $ I.<m!4. receded tn 31.07*6, advanced to f I.ih, and declined to $1,071$ at the close, seller June sold at dosing tlnn at the liDildo. cosh N'o. 3 spring, or seller tho month, sold ut $1 .<i7utl.uH, dosing al £l.O>>'(. Cash sales were re ported of inohu No. I spring at 81. lu: 133.1*101)11X0.2 do nt $1.07' uI.(N; K.41«1 till So. 3 do nt tW'alWo; 3.400 t>ii rejected do ut nndhCOhu by sample utl>4& inle on track. Total, un.urum. Jffrtnrsold Wheat— Was quiet and higher, holder* retiming (o sell except at full asking prices, bales were d. inOhuXu. 3 at Sl.ofll-i; itsj lm Ity „ imple nt 81 C«.'> on track; and l.ooMiii do at ifI.HMI.JO free ou hoard cars. Total, 7,nu» tm. COHN—Wheat was active, and declined Wt9{e per tm, cliicily a* a consequence of Increased receipts, the limpectlon Into store aggregating *r.7 cars nud 3'i.imi lm. or about lm. Liverpool was unchanged,and N-w York was easier only after operator* there wens advised of our decline. Halt (morn was quoted lower, mid ni'iTui 11 eights were ingncr. which tended to dimin ish thu home price for i-X(*oit. The weather was line, and large receipt* were expected, at least during the greater part of June, while sympathy with wheat wa* also favorable to u lower range of price*. Then; wa* 11 good demand for cash corn, noth 10 till short* and lor shipment, and lots commanded a premium of i?(c over the current price for June, the laitcr living rather weak os compared with July, owing to larger ottering* for June delivery. Heller June opened af 1 dje, declined to i;P4e. nml closed linn at 4:i‘(e. heller July sold at 4 P*44Wc, closing al 4l>(P', 1 life. Seller tlte month, or cash No. 3. Mured at I.Tc. and high mixed at Cosh sales were reported of 3. 4 in Mi yellow at 4.V«hIUc; 1?).300 lm high mixed at4.Vir.a 4hc; ri.wmhnduat 47c, afloat; HOOlm new do at 43cj l.fion Mt now mixed at4lc; I3H,3dm hit No. 3 at 4.V(.tdc, 33.- gU 1 hit rejecled at 315'«40v.; Hoobu car* nt lf»c,delivered; 30,<xi>htt by .sample at »■*<Pic, on trnek; undn.doobu duai4<K,«47e, tree on hoard car*. Total, 3ll,ouilin. OATS—Were moderately active, declining )(p.e‘4o ft* compared to Saturday's price*, under heavy offerings, and In sympatliy with corn. Thu receipt* were heavy, ir'j cant and 7.3<01m lining Impeded In, and thn arrival* of samples were again liberal. New Vorfc wa* quoted dull, and the local market opened weak, hut subse quently tultunml intder u good demand from the shorts, and ruled steady, though rather quiet, during the last hour. Seller Juno opened at sold to ti-tc, then rallied to 2-d(c, and closed at 2H l p.i3Hkc. July toll) at 3w‘<«3HHc, closing at gnUc, Cash No. 3 wa* In request for shipment at closing at thu In side. May was nominal nt cash prices. Hejucled oat* were quiet at 34c. samples were dull and weak under large ollerlngs, for which there was leas Inquiry, nmny of the local buyers being out of the market. Cash sales were reported of sa.d'W bu No. 3 at 3s!(«3Ht£c; o.(K«> lm by sample ai37J«-«3uo for mixed and :u<>uuc for while on truck; and n,4Ui lm utll'K»j4c (Inside fur mixed! free on board. Total, 4«,*k»i bn. IMIOVISIOXH. Cmi-Mat— Coarse waa nominal al $17.33 per ton on truck. UVK—Wiisln request to Dll small orders ami steady at 7(tj.7o , iic for No. 2. I {ejected waninot-nlat m.vd.ic. The receipts were fair, CVh silos were reported of 1,20 u liu No. ynt7iv>«7oJic; IflMxtbit by sample at(MLurZc. To* Utl. 2,4001.0. 11AULKY—Was quirt and higher, excepting June, wlilcb mvs dtmted Ivvliu'e. lower. Tim receipts were ItII oral. hut somewhat smaller titan on Miturdny, and n Ruud dent of the No. 2 had been previously sold to ar rive, and some wiw held back U\ expectation of higher prices 10-dny, licnco the cash ulTcrlnirs of tin; spccuU the grade went not so numerous. Most of the cash, including the low armies, was taken hr Urn parties eu* f queering the deal. and prices advanced 3 Me, weaken mt a little towards the close. Cush No. 2 opened at due, sold llnst at mw, partly lu arrive this month, then rose to 7lc, and closed nl 7<>c. May was nominal. Quotable al the close at 700. Juno was lower, umleran Increased desire lu sell, closing nt SliHftfte. The lower grades ud viineod early to dtkaUTc fur No. 9, and hoc far rejected, selling readily at tlieac prices. Hamplos were oiilet. Cush salt's were reported of ;i.W k No. Mat no i7le; :i,.mi ini s*u. 2ut !ni*37c: 1,21*1 hu rejectednt jdc; 410 bu by sample at afte. Total Hnouhu. nun? CALL. Wheat—Hales. Wft,cu> bu ul ifl.OtiJi fop Juno and ft-tCK fur July. Horn—2ft.UM hunt 44<3443{c for July. Mess I’urk—:i.'2.v»brls at SUUkV-»irt.i)Ofor July, and slH.Hft(«.lH.|ift for August. I.ard—ftou lea at ijll.fls fur July, and Sll.97l£(ur August. Mess pork was lower, with sales of l,2.*si lifts at SIR.HO AiH.hft for July. Lard waa In fair request. Sales 1.7.V1 tes at SM.2SM ll.hi<4 fur July, closing at Short ribs wore easier, sales being reported of iftO.UK* »k seller July ulbe. * Wheat was moderately active and n shade (Inner. June sold at *l.ui,HMM>7‘f. closing At 91.U7. July sold at *1.07541.07H. sad closed nt *l.ll7ji. Corn was stronger, cloning >4O hotter for June. Holler M»y sold at 4Us4lftc, clo-dng’nt the outside. Juno sold ai 4:i'4*i-t;iSc, and closed at July closed at 4lHc. ranging (mtii o»w were Me higher, closing at for June, and is'fc for July. Two vessels were engages! forftd.OOolm corn to Kings* tonutfto. and steamer room was probably Liken fur uaU to lluffalo. Mew pork wai fairly active. mul lower, r.los* lnKutsm.ft3fiir.liim > , <1«.77K for duly, and iimait 1 * for AiJ'-diHt. Side* 4.760 brls ul f 1M.5.1 for Juitu.fiis.74 t<.i*.77l« fur Jnly. sod jiH.u7H<i«ii).uifor Aimiut. I.urd was trailer, w ith sales or l.7Vi ic» si <ll. lo cash or dune, < fur July, and <11.40 for August. Shoulders were steady, with sales of 20.1 mi iliscash at 6Uc. Short ribs ctiiMiit slroiujur, at (or Angus), »ali s lining reported of 3tX),ouO lbs seller August at f 0.35*0. 33.4. nUNEUAIa MAUKETS, AI.COIIOI/—Was iicady nt <3. IH. UIUiOM-COllN—Tim order tradu continues fair nt uniformly steady prices. Choice hurl, thine; medium and No. 3 hurl, 7&Ho; 7(i7K c » good medium brush, shi‘*oHct fair liuldeand covers, crooked, 3uOe. UUTTKIt—Tho receipts continue henry, but the out ward movement also 1* on a very liberal scale, uiul U.ickawrn nut “ piling up” towny very alarming-extent. Thu market, however, still lius u weak tune. Dio anxlu ty to mil lie Iwlug general. Vu modify our qimtntluDS u follows: Choice to fancy yellow, gOx-Ac; medium Ui good grade*, KKwtdo; Inferior to coimimu, IliivUc. IIAOUINO—Price* remain ai before, except Dial Iho quotation of 4-bn lurlai* U reduced to I kiiisc. Tlio market is quiet and easy at the following figures: Stark A. 2AKc; I'eerUus AA. Luwlitoo. 14c; Muu tttup, a4H,c; Oulurlu, J-'*c; American a, 2lh,c; Amoi kt-ug, tide; Oiler Creek, 2Jc; burlap tain. 4 tm, Ui« lAc:. gunnies. pliil’lc. double, gji.iSlc. CIihKSK— ThcetiegH'market prcM.-nled uu new fea tures. Trade remain* dull, buyers holding oil fur bel ter goods mid lower price*. Tiie few orders received were tilled »U*j,luc for good to best, and at ia.bHc for poorer grade*. COAL—There was Improvement In the demand yes terday both fur hard and »oft coni*.—* result uf lliu swooping rciluctluu lu prices made on Saturday last. We quota: Lucßawiuina. egg, s7.'*); do nut J7.7A: do ruiiKc, tiun; Hlussburg. |7.u»; caunel. Krle. I.v.vr. MaltlmoriwA Dine, f.VUi; Wilmington, Co “a. H(iOa—w'er<-i|ulet sod btemiy ut lie fur fresh pack age*, the offering* of which weru moderate. The hut weather luu ußccieU (omu uf the slock. »n<l buyer* are usually particular in miking selection* In consequence. Flail—Trade wuu active u could reasonably lie ex peeled at this *eit*jin and Very full prices were be ing realized all muiiml. Lake ll«h remain lu uu unsettled »tatc, the leniency being downward. W«< imota: No. 1 wblieOab. fe-l>rl. S4.m**4.n.',: So. 2 do. M-7v.t4.WJ; No. I Uoul. Sd.T’i il.Ui; No. 1 ibure mackerel, Hi-brl, llg, 50 U3.U>: So. I bay, jij.oo fcrtJ.gA; No. g mackerel. ty-brl. *g.i***ti.g;v; family mack erel. W-brl, su. At); So. 1 »tior« kli*. large, f.'.ui; So. 1 bay kfl*. «L.VI; Urge family kilt. bank cud- M.wsii.V73; iiminirr cured eo lil.lnin.iu i',. 77; Labrador herring, spill, In la, S7.TAuM.OO i do, 4,-brl. s4.U>us4.gAs Labrador her ring. nmnd. brta, gii.vxga.7A i do, to-hrl, »J. mi *:».?>; sealed herring, per box, 3**4oc i No. | herring. 3u* due; Columbia Ulvcr salmon. fc-brl, ivixi flirila AMI Sl’l.■>— I'M* niaikct was moderately active ami steady, there being no appreciable change lu anv urilelu In ibe IM. Following ate the guouuon»: PuUs. tLWWc: flg*. layer*. Ag». drums, Ikiiali'tc; Turkish prunrt. oH'v7e; i-reneh prune*, keg* and boxes. (Ktl-tc; ruulus. layer*. fg.V‘*» l.oui loose Museaicl. Valencia, ll^ssM^e; Zantr cur.auu. n mite; citron. V'kigie. /bjjrww/o-Alden apple*. Ufo/Aw; Mlchlgaa apple*, tom mop tpl{ tH>i v Lolcci KJt’jH'ljCi pared |>«u;ha*, l7i*inoi Mncklirrrlri. 1114 m Jo; raspberries, 35(t34ci pitied cherries, iM'f-'te. _ .Vnf*—Filberts, 11 -it life:atmnnds. Tcrrntrona, 2oe: Naples walnuts. I»■* 17c; French walnuts, now. Il cUe; ilrenoido wnlnnU. IK-lie: Braslls, ii.'idpi pecans, 'l\ xa«, llVj'irJei Wilmington pc .mills. Tennerrpp peanut*. 0 Alt lean mMuuls, rt.ii»**e, GIJKKN KltflTS-SitawPerrler were In large smipljr. •low. and lower. A few Hirrrlea were otTered at l.vJi 2<v prniuurt. Korelcn frnlfa continued firm, wirrpt VVest Imlla pines and hanana*. stid oranges may take another turn upward, as the supply I* Hunt and most of the hoses have to ho ruartuned and packed. Ihnsen hanelng tlir i:iki of the frtdl. gootatlons: Straw* berries, iJ.i*;ya.M> per ense; Koorrherrles, Chid 10 rholee apples, M.isytt.v* per hrh pranges. #n.,r».t7.M» pt host lotnons, |s,v»-.d.ixi per tioxj pirn-apples, id.VkuJ.iX) per dot; luDunan. irtiui I'lltlKS-.lohhers were fairly Im*y. Tlie fart that eoinpnratlvely few buyer* worn prt'ient In person c ue Die market an air of aniet, but the orders re* eelved by mall were numerous and liberal, and the tils* trilmtlmi of staple and side poods was large In the me gregatv. Jaracoffon was sllgtitly lowers otherwise th« prices current si inn close of last week were fully maintained. We mioie: /fjcr-llatißnon, o 4 l'W<os Carolina, 7 I.onlil* "'(■•.i-fUS-t) 9 (i..lavri,'Ji'bifl;i‘t'4c; .Java. clmlce lo fancy Uln. pood to |'l lmD([o,Jt V,a u.’ jc; 1-0111111011 to fair. 'JDii'e-AMtei roastltiß, liMlst'*cs Singapore Java,ullt'*Jj,4c; Costa Kirn.t Mara* ciii'.o. .s'Kgiirs-l'nieni cut loaf. llKatiViot crushed, IK® ll'4'.'t powdered. Me; granulated. lu>(c; A. stand* ard. lOUes do N«. 3. lues 11. tiTtet extra C. lA*<« l»?jcj CNo. ”, yellow C Nn. I. li!<r,>.p)(r: do «J So. 2. clndi-o brown, fCH'-'Hi<rs fair m pritnu do. H>4r.im4c; cotiilinm do. 7 1 *i|iriHo: choice molasses sugar, hifiMpM coinnion to good do. 7h|<<iHc. .'tni|i«-i:aHfoniln*u«ar-loat drtps, *«k7oc,; diamond drlpi, il.nri.fl. lo; silver drip*, extra line, good siigar*hoiise sirup, .vv.iss«j estra do, anaouci Newiir* leans inulussrs, choice. n.WiWci do prime. .iVyi-Vic: do, common to pood, Vhi; J'urto Klco nioUsscs. 4U *3Uci cummuh mola*scs, itr. c-ps-; hlack*strn|>. itir.t'nk:. .spices*-Allspice. I7i 17‘iCi cloves, '.Ktl-.’C! cassia, as..Shoei pepper. It»cj nutmegs, f 1.1.V*1.2»>! Cal* enttn ginger. I l*<j il.V'vc. ,s'<Mps-Trim Him’, fdaej German Mottled, Rt*fA7oi While Mly, U-ui'K-: " tiltc Kow. Knyal Savon, Stpjidc: Savon imperial, .'dsc; Golden West. .Vvs-'Afo. .'’lurch— lixcelslnr. laundry, do. glos*. h‘K'A On do, com, tV iDUc! Klugaforil. pure, 7do. silver Kloss, OUaiitmc; do, corn. lo*tli)^c. UAV—Wim, dull and easy. Tint receipt* worn moder ate, but loose liny was Irccly ottered by farmers, and the local ti-iulu was suppled with It, Uhls restricting the demand for prefed, Following tire (he ounlalloiis: No. I lltnotby. in.tkKU.fifi: No. 2 do. ill.Wi; mixed do, fiMAh«;liMif)i upland prairie. ilu.uOiill.tyjj No. Ido, f7.iMaH,i*ii slongh. ia.rsgvH.ftn, . HI(111WINKH-*Were uiilet and imchangmL with a ni'Mlcmte dmuanil and very light oderlng*. H.iliw were re|>vrledof luibrlenl il.Uh |mr gallon. I'. I). UoydA Kn,. of New York, wrlutuxfollows: Tliero nut been again a falling oil In the production In the We«t. Ontheilrd Inst, tlie dally production of dint lltod spirit* from grain was iiki,h27 gallons, giving dally a revenue of U 174.114. The dully jirodnclluu In thu following States wua as follows: .Si,net. (fallout. Dally revenue. inimiln fiH.M.I » 52.rtn:i.50 41.P33 4". 141. .Vl rr.nvt 11. Kill 10,*i77.7'» Kentucky Indiana... New Vo’rk. iMnnaylvanla. Wisconsin .... Total 1K1.M37 . 5174.414.30 niUKb—Were In fair deiimml and stendv; tJrrea rltv tnticiierH', .">0; green cured light and Henry, 7c; damaged, fle; part cured, oV-toXc; greca salted kip, 7c; green country, 5V»c; green calf, lie; flint hhle«, !3&tl3Hic; <lry kip and calf, I3«*lk>4csarv salted hides, lie: deacon skins, 43d'.sue. I.L.\ 111 Lit—. None mme feature* of the (rather mar ket were more favorable tor Jobtier* than hitherto. Trade was dull all around, and value* were unsettled and variable. The desire to Increase; sales wa* strung, anil led to a more or less generous •'shading" of prices, hollowing are the nominal rates: ÜBJtI.OCK. Cnlf.No. J ?J.OO { I Line $ S.V3 37 Gulf, No. i! »**■« HI I JlufTnhi nlmiuli- Ymiiii. Nu. 1.... 7r. tl.mJ u*rsole(ti'3i). :« V-Mls. Ko. a... fio-.a 701 “11. A." sole~ Kip <’>.« 7U “H. A. G. 0.” Cpi.ur, No. 1... !;*;•« 311 soli*. riniuT, No. 3... 10* l!HI tiiMolu lluriif.lß 3i<v 31' OAK. no«i.nn i names*. (xx« tK» I Sole I*4 ai| nißNcii BTOCK. Calf... K1p..., Upper. Calf i.rxMa.mi Kip i.oo« Oll.P—Trade, tlumpn gradually improving. does not yet cntne up to pcneml expectation, and values do tint dhow ;w much stability a* eould he desired. Vestcrd.iy'a change** were a reiluctlnn of h'-.r.c In lard oil, In In lin seed and turpentine, muli’e In whale. We nuvr quote • s follow*: Curium, 1 ir> degrees teat, IdHfsCiWc; do Illinois legal test. l.Vidcg.. M'tUllHC! Snow Wliltc, i:.oie*t. Kihi'Clfiafc; do headlight, 17.*» deg.. 17M17‘.(c ; extra winter lard <>ll. n.v-dtje; No. 1, k-mpOcs No. 3, 7 *•>“.*»; linseed, raw. .Vlei.iyc; boiled, dKudJes whale, winter-bleached. TiKcTHe; sperm, S 3. ncalsfoot nil. strictly pure. #1.1.v«.1.30| do extra, iTicido No, t. n. r >e; bank oil, r>r,c; straits. doc; ptutnlmgo oil, co:<* V.'eiiiirpenilne. :i7f.'... , *e: naphtha. deodorized, dll grav- It v. l:i'a ',H4e; West Virginia oils. natural, 3*t ilcr., 33-<nict natural, hOdeg., 27uhOc; reduced, S9ties., 3U I'oULTUV—Was quiet at $4.0tr«4.50 for full-Rrown chickens and si!.t)Oir3.r>o for springs. Turkey* wero slow at lOVdlc. Ducks and geese weru not In the mar k**u Tim olTcrlnßs of all poultry weru small, but there was lime Inquiry. I'OTAT* ills— old I'enchblows wern In moderate de mand at per bit In sacks, The otlcrlnga wore small, many dealers Itclng entirely out of stoel;. Car lots weieouoicd at2sc, New potatoes sold at SI..7CM perbrl. m-OIOs-llnnpnrlan nnd millet were selllne from store, but were quiet on Hie market. Timothy mid eli'ilco worn Inaeiive ami nominal. Quotations: Tim othy, 53.3t>«.3..v.; clover, «; nax, Sl.iWil.tWi Hungarian. ttve-l.'ic;millet, :i'S".V)c. SAI.T- •Continue.* In fair request nod sternly. Snitl mnv. Canada, and Onondaga, line, 31.t0; ordinary coarse. fl.TOj tlalry. without hags, $3.73; dairy, with bn.'*. Ashton dairy, per sack, f t.oo. TKAS—Ctlens remain m previously tiunted, hut am held rather more lirmly. uniter an Increasing demand, buyers seem at least lo have dlseovereii that prices are extremely low, and the past few days hare witnessed a marked Increase in (he amount of orders. We quote : r/n»/»o»rrfer—Common, nittitoe; Rood do. cx'iHfim inedlum, 4.*i"frsKi; Rood do. fitXuMc; fine, .WiMloc: rtit ert. oa*o.7c; choice. TUiVTSc; choicest, iKMbjc; fancy 31. o.Vt 1.1. X. //nprrhr/-Common, .TX-cnc: Rood do. :w«4oc: me dlmn. 4tr*-ir»ej pood do. ■t.V-.'iOe; Hue. .MKaWc; llncst, srndsio; etiolee, tCVVfoct choicest, 7'V.(7f>c. ./'ipoa—Cornmon. ho/iafic: good common. .TVJrwe; medium, •lix-vigo; good medium, -l.v<4He; tine, .vru.3so; dnest, .VVutffx;; choice. choicest, 7‘iH73e. l.'oinuioM. :i:ie; good common, :i.v*c3So; medium. 4in.42e; good medium, i tine, iH'uftoe; fluent, ft.'.u.Vic: choice. iMMUgci choicest. 75'rSOC. WuOU—Wumjiioted steady at ST.fto for maple: $0.50 for beach: $5.1*4 far slabs—uell venal. VKAL—Was very dull ami weak, the offerings being largo and the weather hot. Choice calves weru (jmitiil nl 7mHo, iiml poorer otferingM at h-vuc. These prices would probably have Iwen freely shaded. VLUKTAULKS—Were lu fair supply nml generally slow and weak. Cucumbers, SO.'ii7fto per dozens green pens, Sl.ftUperbox; string bean*. i?1..VK.01.7r. per Imx; a*pamgus, mrxt.'h; per dozen] radishes, itßvlHc per dozen; Hermndn tomatoes, 00c per box; New Orleans do, $2..'>•».<:<.00 jut box. WOOL—The market Is In a very unsettled condition, nml It Is fmiMiMiiiio lu Rive anything like accurate uuo* lotions. Now wo <| lit arriving slowly, and Hinnll lots of liotti tdd mid now are taken by Western manufacturers. Quotations: Tub-washed. prime, 4<>g4dc: do, poor to Rood U3(.43Het washed fleece, tine, Rood condition, ml-giftc; washed. medium do, h.'c; unwashed, Uno heavy lo tight, IboLWc; do medium, 2bu2sc. LIVi: STOCK. CIIICAUO. CATTLE—Kncclvod during Sunday anil Monday,2,o7R heml. The market was os devoid of animation and prices were oh low os on any day of lasi week. Al though the receipts went considerably less than usually reported for Monday, there were ninny muro cattlo than the trade required, and sellers hud nil they could do to sustain Saturday's prices. The offering} were mostly of fair to choice qualities, mid the bulk of the trading was accomplished at #1.23<c.4.70. The market closed null. QUOTATION’S. Choice Ilccvrs-Flnc, fat, well-formed 3 year lo ft year old steers, weighing l.hixJlo i.ftw »i* ftt.7sci3.oo Good lleeves—Well-fattened sierra, weigh* liikl.jui iut.9N(D.s 4.400t4.fift Medium tirades—Steers In fair flesh, weigh* fair steers, and jrclty slaughter, lug i.uvj tu 1,2’.0 ns Oulehern* Hlock-I’uor U> common to choice cows, fi weighing koi 1 to l.loOß*. Slock Cattle—Cumtnmi call lie,* weighing wlo lo 1.000 its Inferior—Light and thin cun bulls, aodscalawag ileers. it, hcifersstngi, H.u.Ka. CATTUS >•». Ar. /Vice. is 1. i: I *4.Do 1H |,-j|» 4,H) •Jl 4.73 . 1.1 ».447 4.7.1 33 l/JiVJ 4.75 1 ID 1.-JH7 4.71 ;til I,‘J.VI 4.75 m i,a:i7 4.71 47 1.371 4.70 31 l.airt 4.70 1H I, lIH 4.70 17 !.:»»> 4.70 17 1.413 4.70 |0 1,1 I'll 4.01 137 Mid 4.« X) 37 i.atft 4.(ft . IKHis—u wu* ilin il'ilicM market we tiavu imd nccfi lt<m ui iiuik for many day*. Tlic fact tlmt the reeelou wert* moderate (the anlvuh duilne Sunday nnd Monday were 13,33 d bend) (minced it rerlaln decree of eonll di'iire uimmc bolder*. uml about Hnturduy'a (lirure* wero demanded, and Home little irndluc wu done during tbu forenoon ut bandy .Vwiou "iiil," Lutt-r In the day buyer* would not tike the bop*except at ivaiWß do ellne. and the market eloied <|nll amt weak »t Unit re duction. should TnrAday'N arrival* prove av liberal n> expected, there I* little doubt that value" will undergo u further "hrltikaco. (.’losing price* were #d.3otu.4n (or common to prime light. nnd in.lO vitdft for pour to diolco heavy weight*. Philadelphia grade* nomlnul nt Muni of ttio ink* given below went ef fected during the forenoon and do not fairly relied tbu market. .Vo. At>. pries. :ti 1,173 <-i.d3tf 17 1,3:1*1 4.00 ■t<i 1,3:11 4.1i0 HI 1,113 4.Ml 30 1.V.1U 4.M •m 1,414 4.115 >7 1,070 4.60 113 Mill 4. .'4l 20 I.IIH 4.60 •'ll 1.143 4.41 30 !KH 4.40 U iwr. 17stlllers... 1,031 4.36 I ft feeders..l,l6o 4.3.1 30 cows IM3 4.00 S». Ar. iVfer, ,\o. 71 242 vi., aj god »i.aa 4i.. •>n. Ar. J*rice. :n 201 9<i.:hi 210. ...221 0.01) At. Price. .goO SH.4A ,g:n n. 4.1 tkl IHO 0.4.', 4J gMU 11.40 4g :*rj n.-m M gn;i d.'>r> 4J grrj (I.M HI gg,| U. .Vi HI gn (1..V1 Nd g 44 n.4(> .'•t gn n.rai on iK'i 0.40 111 17(1 0 .V» on gio 0.40 m git u.m :>i g.v> 0.40 ]o| g|;j H,,Vi IMI U 74 0.40 A 7 gii o.v* nn g7i» 0.40 40 gs.l O..V>i 3d irnt 0.40 on in; no g? 4 a.4d bl girj O.AO 144 1110 0.4 A 4A |in4 O.V) g. 7 gIH U.U.', 117 u/.n ;i:i o.iiA Ml 21 VI 21 .g|S .gg.l II,An 31 g?l it 4.1 (.I gild ll.hin uo 244 0.10 g.'.g (1.4*, 40 2ia O.bOl 20 140 t>.7U A.* 2VJ U.4A I bllKKl*—Deceived, AOI head. There was a good de mand from the lucaj and Haaieru trade, under w hich the supply WiWw|ulckly dUpoKL-J uf, and at full (Igarcs. Wo Qiiuiu common to choice ihorn aV fJ.7A4tS.AO. nkw took. Nxw Yoiik, May go.— Wrrr«*-Uac«lpts, 0.070. making 7. Vwi fur the week, against 7, Air) Inal weeki Siuuug Die utfcrlng* were Several car-lua.l* uf iM,ur stlll-fcd cuUlei atcragc ijiulUy nu better Uian medium; only a small iiiimiK-r uf Hebrew butchers vlslUrd the market 10-ilay; trade dull; price* fully l(c heller than at Dm close Fri day (or lo prime steers; sbool Du, same for ordi nary to pour: some cuimnouest sold at7fcic; ordinary to fair*u>era, goud to extra, afew »o but lon*, ll!(e. NArrp-Keeelpta. Il.tiOn, making 24.170 for the week; market dull; a further reduction of i{c per t>; slow *.ii< «; 45,c.17e fur (dipped; «>|'*.7c forcuiumua sheared; UauSie for We-ucrn lamb*. Siam -Ueeelpu, u.ggo.» for the week, ujaln*C gg,uoo litit week; uuua olfured ulhtt. BAHT MUKIITT. Ea»t Librbty, May ai. OaffJe-lUcclpta ilncn Fri day. 2.0-übea.l, oriaJcun of through and 17 can of yard aback. making the uilal for Urn week cudlutt t day 0. IV) ln-u.l. aualuat 0.37 S last week; auj-ply lor yard aale* light mo tar. iuiJ likely to be, from a|>|>var* una-«; only retailing famine** doing; *a eaunut make reliable ouiitailoua, further lUau tLoae of la«l week prevail* Ucccljils, 41.3 a hi iCftJi UlUl for Uw week, 12,7.11, sealnsl tn.ftin l.vt wcflkt Yorkers, fO.r.O'i} 0 7'.s Hilladelnhla, *7-f*M7.73. .VWp-J:oi:cipK head; total for the week, irvuuhcod, against 31, boo lost week! •filing al *4,lxi« n. 7.1. Sr. Lotus. Mat 3n.-/7)ps-lllghcr for low Rrades; shipping, So.oo t e(i.u.i. Huron, 13.u0.t0.005 butchers, j.I.ISVMI. 15. Ctmfe-fSlow; tlttlo doing! quotations unchanged. i.i.ii/innn4 I. CtNRiNMATt, Ufay 9i>, —//or«—Dull and lower; com mon to good light, *ri.MV.ut.2.'.! fair to good heavy, Id, 134*0.33; reeulpls, shipments, 1,170. TiUMIIKU. The cargo market was netlre at unchanged prices. About 40 cargoes wore counted In the morning, and at noon fully half of this number had been sold and taken away, Manistee or Ludlngton piece stnfT sold readily at *B.OO, and may bo quoted firm at that price, while Inforlurquallllos from other ports are quoted at *7.50<3 7.73. Ineli]iimbcrwasstcadrut*o.(x>dU.(io for com mon, and *|().<Kk3l2.u) for thu hotter grades. Lath were steady nt *1.33, and shingles nt f 3.00 .<3.:1i1. Lum ber freight* were mimed at *1.33 for Muskegon or (irnud Haven, SI.3VM for LuUlngion, and $1.37Md1.50 for Manistee. There wore no quotable chancres In price* at (ho jrarJo. The doninml I* only fair, but appear* to bo In* cr-'Adnp. Kollowlnff aru the ()iioluUons: Flntand second clear fin.OOft.'W.OO Tlilrdcloar, llncjj a'UK^i.T’.oo Tlilril clrnr. tlilcl aa.oocci’UK) Clcnrfioorlnjr, first *ml snroml. roiißli ao.ooicu.M) Clcnnlilln*. ilrul *ml aecoml 17.ovjlH.ou Firstcommon slJlnjr in.ui’itiu.ou Flooring, ilrulcomnion. ilrcincil acw.oh Flcxirlntr. sccoml common, drmcil 22.(«»'<- i.oo llox bonnl*, A ilfi.KiiWH.ii) llox ImonJi, 11 U.Vo»x»7.ini A stock honnls. to and Win :w.(W»*3:i.ori Hslock lioants an.ooiwr.ui V stock board* irt.OOXl7.un Common boards and fencing in.ooiia.u) Common lumber, IH ft mul under a in KUio Julsi* nml Kuuiilliiß. 20 to at ft< util l.i«M 1.7.1 AllllUfilca ‘ BY TIfiTjEGmAPH. FOUKIGX. Special Dispatch to The Tribune, LivcnrooL, Way 2i>—u a. in.—JVour—Ho. I, 2ts: Kd. a, 22f1, Wheat—Spring, No. 1, otiodt Ho. 3. 843 d; while. No, km; No. 2, Os ud; cluh, N'.i. I, lUi lid; Ho. 2, KM. Corn—No. 1, sostid; No. 2,30 i. J'rorlslvus— Pork. «o». LimJ. 535 ikl. LivKnnwj,, Mny 37-2:30p. in.—/.'ird-53* Cd. licst unchanged. Liviwoof., May 29—Latest. COtlnn Steadier; 5 I.VKKtOW; sales 10,050 bales, Including 2.WXI for speculation mid export, and d,SCO American. IxNixi.x. May 20. Defined Petroleum—lUa (PL Linseed Oil—22s Cd. Sjilrlit Turpentine—22s. A.N rwjcisi', May 29.— I'tlroleum— sss 3d. !!■» uiunTiVi a. 7:13.20 IMIODUCE. kkw vontt. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. NbwYokk, May 20.— drain— Wlieit quiet nnd lower to Kill; henry receipt*, high freight*, and *mnll Conti- • nontal demand restricting hmlucs*; quotations. No. 3 Chicago, 91.21; Ko. n Chicago, 91. 14(41.13; No. 3 Mil waukee, $1.2.15 No. 3 Milwaukee, sales at $1.13; No. 1 Minnesota hy sample offered at 91.30; nmber .Michigan No. 2soldatsl.23; market closes dull and weak. Kyo In moderate demand; Western, 85c; Canada, duo; Slate anil Pennsylvania. o.Vt.ou!jc. Corn quiet and limit steamer mixed. r*BCs3(ict no grade. 57*$c; limner clmiilalde, 33h35c; mixed Weslcru, 00c; steamer ycU low, 02c; June, Aou.3o>(e. Data quiet; market, No. 2 Chicago, Ohc; No. 2 New York, 38c; rejected. 33W34c; white Western, loo; mixed Western, car-load at hue; white Slate, car-load at 41c: mixed State, sales alloat at 4-JHc. 2SA 27 23 40 00(10 43 /Voi-tefon.v—Lard opened higher nnd excited, tint on Aral call declined to Saturday's prices; closes lower; aides, first call, for July, of 750 tea ut, and 250 tes at sll.B7*s; August, 250 tes at $12.00; second call, June, 500 tea at $11.50; July, 350 tea at SILO'D first cull, June, sll,oobid, and $11.03 asked; July, $11.85 hid, ami $11.8714 asked; August, $11.03 hid. and sU.h7!siuked: September, $12.03 hid, and $12.23 ask ed; October, sis. to hid, and $12.30 asked; second call, June. sll.43bid, nmlfll.uo asked; July, sll.o2*4bid. audstl.7U asked; August, $t1.70 hid, and $11.8214 a»kcd; Septctulmr, Rll.HobM, and sll.o7asked; Octo ber. sll.Bohid, and $12.23 asked. Grocrrlft— Codec—Rios dull; Invoices easier; mild grade quiet; Rios, ordinary cargoes, I.Vj-.15!4c; good do, niixlHiia-, Santos, fair to good, UlHwtTKe; Java, mats, 20022 c; do, Imgs, 2lCu24c In gold; mild grades, I3>4(4tnc. Ktigara—Liberal Inquiry for raw refined; firm lu fair demand; Cuba. Inferior to common refining, ti-jf fe7!4c; gooddo, 7T4ttßc; llovnna, taxes, Nos. into 121 7?fHß!<c; Porto Rico, grocery grades, fair to choice, HW-'HWct New Orleans, refintug grades, Kru . eery do. 7?s<ihKo; hard crushed sugars. lO&guKc; cut loaf, l<v?tc; soft white A, p%c; yellow extra C, OW4 y*sc. Tens—Pricesunsettled. with little Inislncss; hy son, cotTiinon to fair, 25M;t0c; extra to choicest, 48® 81c; young hyson, common to fair, 25®28c; extra to rholcest, Sol*; gunpowder, common to fair, 28® 35c; extra to choicest, ooc(.vsLls; Twankey, comniun to fair, 22t2:W; fine to finest,2lAtMc; itneulored Japan, common to fair, aSHfi'iut finest, 73c; Oolong, common to fair, kT'-GWo; extra, OtkitfiOc. Il’Afst-p— Blghwlnes Ann; alcohol weak; freely offered at $2.14; hluhwliiex 30 brls at $1.12. Fi fl'ilil*— Not quick hut strung; market to Liverpool, grain to Luudun, Hd; grain lo Glasgow, ml; to Bio Continent, uaodGOsfidi to Cork foroniers, M 3d. _ 2b the Wf*tem AnodaUd Prns. N tvr Ynuic, May 20.—COHoa—Quint’ but firm: II iu-nv;vi2i!: futures weak and Irregular! Mnv. I -its June, 12.412 I-3Jc; July. 12 Angnst, 127-Xie; rfeptoinher, 123-m-.137-32*-: October, 11 HI -32. <l2oj Niivotnher, 11 27-32' cl l’4e; Decemher. II 27- :i2"oii«c; January, II 31-*l2i t!2e; February. 12 3-32(6 12W«: Uaruli, in-UTUiHc; April, 12 11-»2(.<«t2He. >Vuur—Finn: upeued ami closed quiet; holders dis posed lo accept the figures current lust Saturday; re c Huts. i3,n00 brls; So. 2, $3.u0«it3.30; super btatn nnd Western, 94.comniun to good extra. $3.05 143.23; good lo choice, $3,;i0»3,75; white wheat ex tra. $3.H0tt.7.73; extra Ohio. ?3.05(V7.i«); St. I.mils, fri.ais.sM.on; Minnesota patent prucewq so.2b(*u.M). Ryu flour quhu and unchanged. Cirn JU'tl~ .steady: Ueiteru, r;r«ln—Wheat dull amt heavy; very limited export Inquiry; the advance In freights and more quiet cable m-cumiuare materially chocking the export demand. BiniHpts, «U4.trA) bu; white Michigan, $j,47(dt.53: No. 2 Milwaukee, $1.23; No. 3 do, $1,13; No. a amber winter to arrive, 51.23; No. 2 Chicago, $1.20(ii.|.21: No. 3du. 51.12; winter red Western no grade, sl.un; poor spring, ftl.VJ*. No. I spring, Rye quiet; Stale. u.‘s<(|N!>4r: Wcstcrii, K4<.»nnc; Canaria In bund, iWcrftMJc. Jhirl'7-MQrket dull; malt dull nud nu ebangud. Com In fair demand; u shode cruder. Re ceipts, UH.imi bu; mixed uu grade. do stexiiicr, M' t’.s'ic: do graded, .ViMj'rfi'W; new Western mixed ungraded. S7'ir(i)ic; mixed Kansas, mv. Outs— Market dull; reeclpta, 17it,'x«n tin; mixed Western aud State, white do, 33C4l le. //ip—Quiet; shipping. BU-x.3e. //tips—ipili't ami unchangerl. (Irocerit*— Coffee uumlnal; Rio cargoes, gold: Jobbing, lu gold. Sugar steady, wlih a fair demand; fair to good refining, prime, Sc; refined steady; b?f>4ii>ldo. Molasses quiet end un changed. Hleo quiet but steady. I\'— Quiet: crude, refined, ]4J4c; cases. Ih<s2lc. T-xWi'c Bull and heavy; fiblffSJlc. SirnUift /frWn—Dnehanged. Spirit* Yurittntinf— Quiet; ;il!4e. r il*— CusoUled; Western. KX>vi2c. /Vor/Moflf-l’urk heavy; new umm, SIP.7S; futures entirely nominal. Beef—Market dull; middles dull and Heavy; long clear Western. BA(c: do Hiy. lie. I.urd linn: ehwed lower; prime steam, sll.3'mll.ou; June.; July, $11.U5u11.03; August, $11.771444 y/u/fer— Heavy; Western nor, 14U24C, r-Aerxe—Cnchaugt-rl. HA/st-g—Quiet; $1.12. rim.ADKtPnu. PniLAPKLPiiiA. May 2t».—A>/«/j*-cinver, SIO,OOO 17.151 S timothy. $2.du>n.2.113; flax-seed, $1.42. /Wro/sum—Steady; crude. U»>*c; rcfim-'l. HK'4l4t<e. ATonr—Quiet; uxtnu. Wisconsin ami Minnesota extra family, SS.MX.ry.3O: fitaic, Ohio, uid Indiana, 9n.1xr47.u1; high gradra. $7.5.Vp8.73. Orulu—Wheat, inarki v dull; Western, common and good, amber, $1.48; white, $(.47w1.(i0. Rye, H2'»m3c. Corn weak; yellow, <aiisr«ii2c: while, IBM; mixed, .vwas;! damaged, .Vic, Ouls slow; while, 3H-i4llr; mixed and stained, 3Jd3.Sc. H'AUtu—Western, $1.13, 3.7.VJU4.33 3.60*3.60 Ar.vD.u-Whcai, lo.uxjbn; corn, 12f1.0001m. Xhipmtnto— Corn. lu,i*s» bu. Untttr— Market dull; New York and Bradford County extras, 2V«2i10; fir-ta, 2rg-«24rs Western cxtriw, 2W2:U5; firsts, imj2uo; rolls, Western extras, ltk«22c: fireta, 17-sIW. Quiet; New York fancy, lOQel’Jc; Western prime lu finu, isillMic. AVfift—Nominal; Now York oud Delaware freah, 12® 14c; western fresh, lUi.TtMon*. May uti.—Atour—Quirt, but steady. Western superfine, $J.30W4.30; cxtntf, s4.SUt3.fs): family, #.v.tsr,i7.M>. Grain— Wheatqulst; Pennsylvania red. $1.47®t.48, Coro— I Western dull oud lower; Western mixed, 3**ic. Oals steady; Western mixed, fidWMc, Rye Domlnolty 7»v'c73e. //ny—Market dull; Maryland and Pennsylvania, SIB. OO ®2.'l.ix). I‘futHniont— Market dull and weak. Pork, $21.30. Bulk—Clear rib, toe louse, Dmuiu—Phoubh-rs, 8-Qcj clear rib, lH4»ll)le. Hams, UHiaslOHo. Lard dull ami heavy; refiimd. $13.33. RaHtr— Dull aud heavy; Western good (0 prime, 10® 21e; du till*-, 22'-'23c. J\flroleum— NumUiol; crude, refined. 14c. Umftt— JUrkel dull; Rio, 13®l8o; Jobbing, Is>a® BA-. li7d«l-p—Market dull at fI.IIQ. JfrrWpU—Wheal, 27,'»x>iiu; cum, 101,000hu. Skipiiunt*— lVTjcat. fil.duitiii. si un7 o.;io :< 1 211 «.ao 72 3.17 fl.:m New Oiu-eanb. May m—A7oi/r—Demand light; holder* firm; superfine, S4.U); double.; treble, s4.7rKtu.t2Bi; high grades, |H..5Uc.7.75. Corn struug sud higher! mixed, U3c; uliltc, 700. Oau quiet but steady; 81. Louis. HX’. Oim-Jfrnl—Market dull; $2.73. sa 2-vi o. rtu 21 200 0.30 3:1 SCO (12.1 20 2.12 0.21 22 :m a. 21 30 2.17 H. 21 4H 2-1(1 0.2-1 ■U 202 0.2.1 02 JUt <1.21 2H 20.1 0.21 AAiV-Msrket dull; prime, slll.OO. /VurlWoß* Pork dull and drooping; held at $21.00. Lard quiet and unchanged; th ree, $1.'i.(5k413.23i keg, $1J.7.mv14.«u. Bulk menu quiet: shouldirs. sides—nothing doing. lUcou dull am) lower; sides, B><ei clear rlo, hjjsc; clear, 1194 c. llama—tiugor-cur iftMg-Uulet. bat steady; 91.1K41.13. Orocffiti— Coffee quiet; Rlo cargoes, I.VQiJiaVfo. Su gar dull and mtchungwl; fair to fully fair, 7Ji®BUu; prime. hWc. Jlran— Qulot and weak; 73c. •2H.1 «,21 ,274 0.20 irr. Loi'is. Rt. Lovia. May 20.—OuftoN—Dull and unchanged. >b»!*r— Bull and unsettled; w«sk: little doing. Cruin—Wheat firmer; No. 2 red winter. $1.40 cash; #l.37Hi bid Juno; No. »do salable at $1.23. dull and lower; Wiaderu mixed. 42H| s43e cosh; 42H0 Muy; 421i0 Juno; ijQe July. (>nU lit-M firmly; light offering; no. 2, Hye firmer at u2utU3u. Barley— HVdiiv—Nomltwllr unchanged; SI.OO. Proviiton*— Pork dull and lower; *10.504120.00. Lard dull aud nominal: current make, lie. Bulk meats dull and auinimus nothing doing. Bacon dull and lower; shoulder*. Ttfc; clear rib, lOQc; dear, l>s,uu>ba; uaU. u.uuobu; bartey. uou«; rye, l.uutm. SIIaFSUS »* 1 Milwavekc, May 20.—ATour—Quiet and unchanged, t/rutn—if heal opened weak: steady: No. 1 Milwau kee, ai.ivi; bard, *1.22) no- J Mllwauker, SUH; Jana, Si.O7W: July. *I.OaV(> No. ». 07t*c. Corn weak; No. 2. nominally 440. Oats dull and lover; Nu. 3.20 c. IJyo steady and ifrni; N«. 1. 7Ju. Barley deuiuralUcd mnl lower; Nu. 2. 72e: No. S. uumlnal. 40c. AV«<fl/gs—Firmer; whi- u to Jluffnlu, Jc; to Oswego,Uc, Jtevnjgs—Flour, c.UtG tlt; wheat 125,1**0 bu. NAipmsnls-Flour, s,us) brls: wheat. Ul3,uu>bu. TOLtliO. Tol*uo, M«y 3U.— £W«r~-l>all. (Jiam- \YU*i(—Auibcr iilUJgaa, IJ.Ud; Judo. *l.2*Ms August, *1.27} No. 2 amber Michigan. Kt m. K». »n. All. fed. $1.10; rejected nO, oV; rlo I) i M.,B!>c. Com dull and lowan high mixed soul Mi, ao«i .limo held at n»t«. 40'«c olTerrdt .Inly, vie- i.:i mlxptl. 37« t No. 3 white. ftOq no grade, gyu,.. JuV* aged Lake Shore. 420. Oafs (lull! Mhhlgnn -nr m ' /teref/ds—Flour, nonet wheat, 23,000 but torn <« ODD Ini; oatfl, 9,n>xtbu. • .VAlpm«'nf*-F|onr. .100 brlti wheat, 2,000 Im cow, 23,0c0bu; oaU, 7,0001 m. • wrn, CINMS*ATI. nrxotNwri, May2n. —Cnf/on—Firm; /■pmr-Ooh'l but steady: (vote,t3, hi, wruffl—Wheat hi fnlr rlntmtid; rnm easier: 4*' Oats dull i UHyiaiif. H/o oulct and'iin changed; 70-2.740. u /VorfMons-Forlc dull: *in.dO. Lard native hutlaw, itaiin, I h". 11 Mo cash, closing In-dde: sales at 110.1 mi.. 5 same hid Imyer June; kettle. WHi'-tluaje. milknir«ti unsettled anil lower! shoulders, uMc; dear rib, i*u,J He, closing no buyers at Inaldo; clear, nominally i.v,. Unenn dull; tendingdownward; 7Wc; lOMutluko: 1 ir‘ HV./slp—Active} f 1.07. /i ,IIC * /lutttr— Dull ami unchansed, IUISTOK. llostox. May 2f),-f7"«r-Htendvj Western anneo. One. *:i.WKiH.u*j common extras, f4..vv.<r,,oi>j Wi*. cousin and Mlnni'iotn extra faintly, ?w. 00*7.00; win. t.-r wheat, Ohio nnd Indiana. *u.(ik-i7.uii< nil. rods. fn.nM".'J.v, PI. Louis. rancyMln m-sotn and Wisconsin. *7.2.v<io..vj. Corn (Inns min, l mid yellow, H3.,-.ilue. Oats-Mlxed and No. 3 whllu. 45(»HHc| rejected, 43343 c; No. 1 white, 03U300. Buvrxt.o. Tlnfrato, Mar 23.-f7r«if»i-Wheat firm and j n Rood demand; sales. 10 Im Orcon Hay at *l.3d; No I hard Milwaukee. *l.:il; sample spring, *I.OO. Coro dull: car-lota No. 3 sold at (Vie; sample. Mo; iit u », mixed. r<7'i.Mc. Oata offered at 37c; uu salon. ity« neglected. Harley neglected. 1 Canal IretffMs— bicndy and unchanged. COTTON. KttwOßT.rAKs. La., May 33.—cotton firmer, Imtnoi Rcncrally higher; mica 1.400 hales; Quotation* un changed; net receipt* for two days, 1, .103 bales; gross, 3,144; exports to Havre, 3,037{ to Amsterdam, duu •lock, 131,731.. (Upvasrox. Tex., May 20.-Cotton quiet; mid* dUngs, net receipts, 233 bales; exports, coast* wise, .vxij sales, ;ioj. Kavanxaii, Oa., May 20.—Cotton nominal; mid* dllng*, He; net receipts, lUI9 bales; exports, const* wise, 440; sales, 31. CIuni.RHTON, H. C., May an.-Cotton quiet; mid dlings, HM'-tlUjc: net receipts, 34 hales; export coast* wlac, 033; sales, 100. Monif.K, Ain., May 29.—Colton quiet; middlings, ftlles net receipts, 371 bolcat expurta coastwise, iuj; antes, KAJ. _ DUY (iOODS. Nrw York, Mny 20.— Tim jmcknjto trade In drj Roods was quiet, but some large sales were tnmle nt cuneejwlons from former prlcus, inoQlcr to meet uue* lion figures. I'rluU were In moderate dotnaiiil, and • ilrllnga were fairly netlre. Ijuunslcr ginghams were Jobbing nt ItiMu* Tuesday busluoas will be generally siuptuded. _ rKTiioLKmt. Ci.r.ntr.AXD, May 20.— 1’etrolcum firm and tm> cliniißcd; wo (iiiolo standard white, 110 test, lie; prime white, 130 test, 12c, cur lots. PlTTSltunct, Pa., Jlny 39.—Tctrolum dull; crude, 12.33 M &t Parker's; refined, HMdtCic, Philadelphia delivery. _ •iAOit 2. 75 MARINE. CHICAGO. Anmvxn—Schr Kitty Grant, Sangalnck, lumber; schr Oily of Toledo, Alpcim, lumber; achr Eclipse, Muskegon, lumber; simr Corona, Bt. Joseph, bum dries; achr Presto, Grand Haven, piles; schr M. Dull, Muskegon, lumbar; atmr Chicago, Manito woc, sundries; schrMary, Muskegon, lumber; achr Petrel, Muskegon, lumber; schr T. V. Jones, Mus kegon, lumber; schr Two Charlies, Grand Haven, lumber; schr Persia, White Lake, lumber; achr Each Chandler, Buffalo, coal; scbrKlva, Holland, railroad lies; prop Q. .1. Trucsdcll, Green Hay, sundries; schr Tri-Color, Holland, lumber: stair Alpena, Muskegon, sundries; achr P. D. Harkcr, Alpena, cedar posts; prop G. P. Heath, Kaagatnek, sundries; schr M. Thomp son, White Lake, plies; schr C. Crawford, Case ville, sundries; scar Haciiic, Muskegon, lumber; schr P. Crawford. Muskegon, lumber; schr Tem pest. IJay City, lumber; schr House Hlmmons, Muskegon, lumber: prop Montana, HuiTalo, sun dries; schr Adriatic, White Luke, lumber; schr Liberty, Grand Haven, lumber; scow Spray, Smi gntuo.U, railroad lies; schr El Tempo, White River, lumber; nchr Eliza Day, Whitu Itiver, lumber; schr C. MlchueUon, Ludlugton, lumber; a'ehr linns Crocker, Little Sturgeon, lum ber; schr Little Hello, White Lake, lumber; schr K. L. Hruce, Chsrlotte. coal; schr Mary Nan, Green Hay, lumber; prop Dean Richmond, BulTii lo. sundries; schr A. .1, .Mowry, Lincoln, lumber: schr North Star, Pontwatcr, lumber; schr Glad Tidings. Oconto, lumber; schr Joseph Dresden, Ludington, lumber; schr Jennie Lind, Grand Ha ven, lutnbop; schr Queen of ibo West, Traverse Hay, wood; scow Minnie Corlelt, Muskegon, lum ber; schr If. 11. Hubbard, Muskegon, lumber; schr L. Dai), Manistee, lumber. CtßAitKn—Prop Jarvis Lord, Buffalo, 58.058 bn wheal; prop C. J. Kershaw, HuiTalo. 50,000 hu wheat; prop Charles Hletz, Manistee,lloo lbs butter and sundrf'-s; prop City of Traverse, Traverse City, B.UOO bit oats. 110 brls beef, nnd iwiudrles; ncowMilton, White Lake, 7 brls pork; schr Ellen Spry, Little Sturgeon, 100 bn onto,o tons buy; schr William Smith, South Haven, UUO bit corn; prop Arizona, Erie, 800 brls flour; prop Arizona, HuiTalo, £l,lOO im corn; prop 0. P. Heath, Saugutuck, sundries; stmr Al pena, Muskegon, sundries; prop Dean Richmond, Buffalo, 200 lirla (lour, 50 bd!s sheep pelt*; schr Tri-Color, Holland, GU2 bn corn, 200 dry hides; prop ,1, L. Hurd, Duluth, 1,811 bn oals, M tubs butter, 45 pkgs lard, 503 pkgs feed; prop Java, Buffalo, 50,31)0 Ini wheat, 1.500 bngssced; prop .Champlain, Ogdensburg, 12,178 bu corn, 30-1 brls Ilnur; prop Champlain, Hruckville, 21 brls flour, 70 brls pork, 317 green salted hides, 2 brls hums. LAKE FREIGHTS. CHICAGO. There was a fair Inquiry for canal vessels, and charters were made at 5c for corn and s’«c for wheat to Kingston. Several small vessels were taken for Buffalo for wheat at about 2V*c. The capacity taken fouls up 1-10,000 bn wheal, 05,000 bu corn, and 25,000 bu oats, on thu following vessels; To Buffalo—Schra 11. D. Moore and L. Seaton, wheat ut Site; prop Georgia, wheat, through rate; prop Montana, part cargo wheat, through rule 5 prop Alaska, corn. To Sarnia—Prop Montgomery, corn, through rate. To Kingston— Schr* .Mineral Rock nnd Florida, wheat at 5Qc; schrs Cossack nnd O. M. Bund, corn at sc; schr Watertown, oats at 4c. In thu afternoon the O. J. Dewey and B. Mitchell were taken for 33. (Hit) Im corn to Kingston at sc. Probably some steamer room was engaged for outs. Ei.sawnsnn. Ht;pFAi.o, May 27.—There was a marked Imj pruvemeut In rales to Chicago, and a still greater advance Is expected next week. Many vess els are in ordinary yet. Buffalo owners are asking 75c to 91; coal arriving by canal out of principal ship ments. Capt. Tom Collins report): Schr George M. Case, coal hence to Chicago, 50c; schr F. C. Leighton, do; schr Mary Lyon, coal, Cleveland U» Ogdensburg, SI.OO per lon, straight. Mr. JuhuM. Luughlln reports: Scow Eveline, ties from Bear Creek to Buffalo, He each; schr Morthnmber land, lies from Leamington to Dunkirk, 8c each: achr S. P. Gale, coal from from Erie to Buffalo 30c per tun, sfruc. The slcarn barge W. T. Graves, schrs Scotia nnd J. M. Hutch inson leuro for Erie to loud coal on contract fur Chicago; the rate is said to be 05c per tun. The bent charter reported this season la thu schr D. E. Halley, coal hence lo Chicago, lU)c per ton—2sc ad vance. Capt. George W. Bono reports: Hchrs Lu cerne and Onr Son, coal hence to Chicago, sflc per ton. Thu schr Young America was taken to Erie ut 4c per brl. free on board, and lies from Dear Creek to Buffalo ut He each. Milwaukkk, May 27. Freight* continue firm at 2!Tc for wheat to Buffalo. Thu following chnrUiru have been made: Nclira bavelnnd, H. M. Scove, and David Vance, wheat to Buffalo at 2i»c; prop Arabia, wheat ut through rate. LAKE MICHIGAN. CHICAGO. Business around thu docks was unusually dull yesterday, though there Isa largo lumbor-fleelln port....Theschr Pawn lost her Jlhboom by collision in the river yesterday.... Tho Grade M. Filer, while being towed up tho river, came In contact with tho schr Emma A. Mayes, and lust her fore* rigging, besides sustaining other slight damage,... Tho George W. Adams Is getting calked atoneol the docks of thu Chicago Dry-Dock Company.... Tho schr CJ. J. Dewey wm In port yesterday for tlm first time. Hho Is a thm-looklng craft.... Mr. Harry Mead, fireman on thu tug Smith, got hl« unn caught In tho machinery of the lug yesterday, anil hadlt fractured.... The wind changed suddenly from tho southwest to the north yesterday afternoon, creating quite a squall, which, however, did no damage to the shipping....!! wan rumored yester day that the owners of single tugs had come lo the conclusion that it would be better to give npthdr opposition to the scheme of laying up ono-lhlnl of Iliu tugs In (he river, and that an arrangement would be umdu In u few days. ...It Is to bu hoped that them will bu no change made In the present Harbor-Masters, an the gentlemen who new fill the position are all well qualified, and havu performed their duties Urns far to the satisfaction of thu ves sel and lug-ownors. Green hands in such position would bo worse than useless. MILWAUKRB. Tho brig Mechanic, of Radno, Is on dry dock at Wolf & Davidson’s, being calked previous to hef departure fur Maskegou, from which port she loads a cargo of deals for Quebec, and from thence to Wexford, Ireland. The Mechanic has boon laid up fur two years, and as lake business does not aeein to Improve, sue is about to try her fortune on suit water. She Is commanded by Capt. M. J. Kelley, of Racine. a gentleman well known to the marhu community ou tho lakes. Tho following Is thi Inspector’s report of her survey held on uu 27th of May. at Milwaukee: She was bulb lu Detroit by Goodsell. and launched I IK-W. She is rated at 233 tons, oud tiwno by A. 0. Dutch & Co. and Charles P. Dili*. h her outfit is found u small chain * _ Inches w fathoms, large chain 1 3-Id Inches JK) fathoms new decks, two new Improved pumps, largo anchor, 1,307 pound*, small anchor, 1,080 pounds, can vaa new, standing rigging new, 3*4 wire, net tnulnsall, topsail, and flying Jib, extra running gear, nearly now. In IbOU she was rebuilt, ro celvlug entire new ends, now ceiling Dorn salt, wuU-r murk up, topsides, desks, and deck-frames, relltuir 6 Inches thick, hook scrajK-d and edgi bolted between each frame, all rotten frames take*

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