Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 31, 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 31, 1876 Page 5
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WASHINGTON. The Korr Scandal the Chief Topic of Conversation. Ejonorstion Only to Bo Found in the Impeachment of Harney’s Testimony. Xo Which Work Mr. Kerr’s Friends WIU Bond All Their Energies. Some of the Claims of West Virginia Fsalkncr to the Nation's Oralltudc. A Eoviow of tho Recent Career ef Hol brook, tho Scribbling Reformer, KERR. HIS ONLY WAT OUT. Special Ditpalch to 77n Tribunt. Washington, I). C., May 30.—The excitement over the attack upon the diameter of Speaker Kerr haa not subsided, and this most singular case has been almost the only subject of discus sion In public places to-day. Kerr’s friends show great Indignation at what they call tho wickedest political conspiracy that was ever In vented to destroy tho character of a man of un blemished reputation, and ore making great preparations not only to impeach the character and voracity of tho witness Harney, hut to cause his prosecution for conspiracy and perjury, and to discover and bring to punishment those whom they allege to have joined with him iu tho Infamous plot. Kerr, In Ids brief denial yes* terday, hinted that he ahould expose the manner In which the plot against Idm bud been worked op, and thus gave nn Intlmatlonof the policy which tbs defense will adopt A COMPARISON. Ucpnblicnnn who discuss the subject are as much undecided In opinion ns they were yesterday. It has been commonly remarked that the evidence ajjalnst the Speaker Is as strong a a that against ex- Secretary Belknap when the House voted to Im peach him, but notwithstanding this fact Kerr's case la treated with much more charity than that of the fallen Secretary of War. It would ho difficult to And a respectable llepuhllcan who will admit that he believes Kerr to he guilty, though scores of them say that nothing but a speedy and complete refutation of the accusa tions against him can save him. The one point In the case which seems to demand explanation more than any other Is the appointment of a New \orker and a Hcpnbllcnn to a much-coveted place, while there were no doubt many men In Kerr s own ois-4 trlct and of his own political faith who would have been glad to obtain the position, for while Kerr has always been looked upon as one of the most scrupulously honest men In Congress, ho has also been recognized ns A KTROHO PARTISAN, who would be less likely than ninny other* to giro an office which he might have hud at his disposal to a political opponent. If the attack upon Kerr Is the result of u political conspiracy, other and more prominent men than Harney have been con cerned In It, and the Speaker’s friends arc determined that they shall not esenoe discovery and punishment. Its only parallel in recent political history Is the nafe burglary conspiracy In the District of Columbia King. If Ills nut ft conspiracy, then the fall of Speaker Kerr la greater than that of Del knap. If Harney’s story is true, Kerr Is proved not only to have been a bribe-taker, but destitute of common prudence. Kllhcr hypothesis 1* ho im probable that the majority of those who dlscusa the subject dispassionately suspend their judgment and wall for further developments. A 81I.LY CIIAKOE. The Democrats arc making the low partisan mis take of charging that the testimony of Harney M the result of a Republican conspiracy. The triilli Is that Kerr has been treated by the Republican members of the Committee with tho utmost con sideration, am), without exception, in a much more decent manner than any Ropubllcanuiuler in vestigation has been treated tills winter. No pub lic testimony was permitted to he taken until Kerr was present with counsel, and the Democrats must concede thntthu Republicans granted this courtesy, ns tho Republicans at that lithe, owing to tho absence of Robbins and Blackburn, were tbe majority of tbe Committee. the Demo crats. In tho grossest partisan contradistinction to this, have slabbed In the dark ami without notice tho following persons: The President of the united plates, Secretary Bristow, Secretary Belknap, Sec retary Robeson, Attorney-General Plcrrcpont, ex- Postmaster-General Creswdl, and nearly every Republican whom they have assailed, and they have done this upon tbe testimony of such men aa Bell, Whitley, Lyon. Johnson, Ferguson Scelye, and others whose ox-parte testimony had been given to the world in Haring bead-lined. maiUICT-ATTOUNKV ni.iss. Nxw Ymm, May :k).— District-Attorney Bliss was before the Congressional Pub-Committee on the Administration of tho Deportment of Justice yesterday, and In the courne of bis examination an informal discussion look place, in which tho charges against Speaker Kerr were referred to by Mr. IJliso. On being questioned by Caulfield, Mr. Bliss said he was, he supposed, mainly responsible for Harney’s appearance at Washington as a wit ness. He (UlUs) bud known the facts in tbo pos session of Harney for about two month’. Ho hud communicated them to Mr. Bass, a member of tbo Committee. Hurnny was an Appraiser, and Darling's right-band man. When Darlings con nection with the Third-Avenue Havings Hank was under Investigation, an effort was made to stop the invcstlgntlo. , . threat Hint If Harney’s connec tion with Hie affairs of Hie bunk was exposed ho would make some damaging revelations about Kerr. Mr. BUsa said Harney had told him ho would not present auy charge against Kerruuless they seemed to bo well founded, and that iiu (Bliss) had care fully questioned Harney iu regord to hla relations with Kerr. HOIiIiUOOK. tub CAitcnnoK a swrut-scbntcu “ nKFonunit.” Special Corretpondence of The Tribune. Washington, D. C., May as.— lt Is risky husl ticss now-a-days to speak about a witness, be cause there comes along tui awful legislative frown, attended by a bowl of “ intimidation,” “ interfering with Investigation,” uml the like. This seems rather strange in view of the fact that these same witnesses are brought forward to swear away the character of men who have always been respected as honorable officials and upright citizens. and sui:n witnesses! Not only have trumps, vagabonds, ami general I tkad-bcuta been on tbu stand, but criminals, | and even Insane men have bad patient bearing while they related talcs wonderful to believe, and puzzled tbu Committees wit It the vagaries of diseased minds. Notwithstanding all this, you must not say anything to Impeaeb the cred ibility of these sealnps, because a Democratic House of Dcpreaentntlves buve summoned them to can disgrace upon the Government and blacken the reputations of eminent men. Not hliico the days of TITUS OATES, lIEIII.on, AND DAINGHIII'IEI.D have such nn army of disreputable witnesses been procured. Within the wails of each Committee* room some one leading witness is found who has made it a part of his duty to remain In the pay of the House, ami to hunt up tbo * ‘ great unknowns " to substantiate bis statements. One of these worthies was somo time since pretty well exposed inTnuTuiDUNB. and the scorching then inflicted Mlsedtho Iro of his “boss,” who runs the Com lulttee, and ho fortbwitli rushed into print to de fend Ids w itness, and to prove bis honesty as a re former. Did you ever notice that every scamp who Is turned out of ofthe for cause Joins the Demo cratic party and goes way up n« n reformer? tub witness in question, and he is cunsidvred tu Democratic circles such a damaging (?) witness, which Is too true, hud u record In Chicago, and that record Tut Tihuunk publish ed, but the history was not complete, particularly as he Is now such a brilliant light in tho great party bent on the reformation of the Government. If you spesk to any Democrat about tho Paul Pry inquisitions, they will tell you Hint next to Dell, the spy, comes llolhrook, the man who Just for sport blows up Departments und annihilates Cabi net odlcurs. Indeed they holtovu him almo equal, as a witness, to mouiNfl, anotueu re^oumeh,^ the recipient of midnight visitations from tho President, who, to ohviuto any Inconvenience, generally procured admission by way of the key hole. They are queer fellows these witnesses, md u sketch of their Uvea wouldn’t be tho lightest kind of literature. But Holbrook la superior to them all in one reaped, because he curries tho iculpa of two or three Cabinet ufllclala and an un limited number of minor characters. Including Senators and members. Of course anything about ■l«i cannot fall to be read with avidity. Ills has been a checkered career since bis advent Into Washington life. uoi.nuooa’a upb as a clerk In (ho I'oct'Utilco Department never attracted much attention, and thia waauno reason why bo nas always attempting to smirch the reputations »f hit superiors. Even while allowed to remain In possession o( a clerical desk, he was continually Inspiring newspaper attacks on the ofticers, ami, Mut is worse, umlerlmndedly attacked men who proved their friendship for him lu more ways than 9iio. Indeed, on more than one occasion they Hood between him ami immediate removal. Hut at last tfiu duality wan reached, and ho was launched >a tho world with mxupltal but a bitter enmity to ‘hone who remained behind him. and an unlimited Hock for business in tlie Heforin party. Alter all Up«Bulu reinstatement had exidrcd TDU ItEVOUM FKVEU BET IN »W«o than ever, aud a series of letters appeared la the New Ynrk|.V>/ri,— tint refuge fornll clerks,-the main feature of which was an Indis criminate jumble of charges ugahist the lk>*t-Hibc';. The Inspiration of was Holhrook, 'I o aid Hi I* war of annihilation. in the black ling win raised. ii pamphlet shortly appeared hrnrlng 11m high-sounding title: " Mlntement showing how thu rntlruml cnmpnnlea hnvr seized upon iilimit Jl.OdU. • (100 of (ho rrvennes of Ilia I’osl Olllcc Denari uipnl," c-lc. The title was good. lint the wink iltcl not reach the expectation* ralsr-d within Ilia render, for It wasn't cxaotly as clear a* tho writer wanted It to he. Thl* pamphlet was cent to every member and Senator, and, although It* ‘ * reliable state ments" hart to rely on an anonymous author for substantiation, •till Ilia known eagerness with which the Democratic members catch at aucb a morsel led COI- OEOnae S. IIANOS, then Superintendent of Hntlway Mntl Serviee, to correct tie errore, mildly termed, uml eridodc tlio young mine the youthful reformer was building. Meanwhile Holbrook had Instigated aCongressl it Investigation. How easy It must ho to get up mi investigation I He tilled the Honorable* l.tillrell, of California, and Hhme. of Missouri. with hM speculations, already detailed In the New lork Sun, and they with great gusto demanded an ex amination. lint this ally and mainspring. then. ni now. In possession of ull lilh * • fuel*, ” left them hi tho lurch, THE LAUGHING-STOCK OP TIlKItl ASSOCIATES. Now, he It known, tho contractors—ami the one Holbrook particularly went after through hi* Con gressional dummy won V. I*. Huwyer, whom hooka allow disbursement* to suppress all Inquiries amounting to thousands of dollars—made every effort to atop that Investigation. It would be per tinent, therefore, to ask Mr. Holhrook why he dm n) >t come to the aid of Stone, of Missouri. when ho cot Idm to make the eluirgea against Contractor K. I', Sawyer. Ho remained In tho rear, howovor.tho Investigation ceased. anil Sawyer stopjied paying mil money to suppress the allenilftncc of wUlicustM. It was not long, however, before A CHANGE OP HASH TOOK PLACE. While down the Mississippi Holhrook lliough the had struck a bonanza, but an no ono paid him any attention It nonred on bis mind. Accordingly, during the last session of Congress, he Indulged Ida propensity for the anonymous publication of literature with doming title*. Here's the hpnd.and the body Is signed •* Retrenchment." ‘•KijclHln relation to 11. 11. Peterson'* fraudulent mall con tracts from New Orleans to Shreveport.” In Ida lute testimony he flays Secretary Helknap and Sen* ator Wed nrovented the annulment of Peterson h contracts. of course presuming they ought to have been annulled, but, oven In this anonymous pamphlet, ' HE DID NOT DAUB TO MAKE THIS ASSERTION. Tlutc ho pays: ‘ • This man's contracts do not ex pire until June :iO, 1575. and torus pou fr/ul hijiii euce prevents tholr anmillment. ” Thin is only men tlonctl to show the facility with which witnesses, of Into, nick out prominent men to father their sus picions. This pamphlet, however, full •tlll-horn. nml, as emigres* shortly adjourned, business wan ot a standstill. What 1 have here related Is, of course, understood to he the result of pure nml simple ef forts toward reform; uu Irresistible Impulse to overcome Iho tremendous corruption discovered In a public olllce. There must be n sequel to every* tiling, and 1 am sorry to relate the reformer under discussion bad n fall from grace. Jt will be remembered that n year ago POATMASTEU-OENBUAI. JEWBf.b nnd Ws ofllcprs discovered an attempt on the part of several contractors to Impose fraudulent bids or proposals upon the Department. Ah the result of this discovery one Hinds was indicted. In this elforl toward the purification of the Post-Odlcc and the punishment of evil doers, Il ls natural to sup pose that the eminent reformer'Holbrook was firm* yallled to the right nnd a willing aid in the pur suit of crime. Sorrowful to relate, though, ho wasn’t. Suddenly forgetful of his previous on slaughts on fraudulent contractors. he allied him self to the one detected by the Department, and entered his service to secure an acquittal. This service even went to the extent of associating with the Clovermuent witnesses, so as to he able to con tradict their testimony should they unwittingly deviate In the least from his memory of the trans action discussed. This changed the tenor of hla operations, nnd |IU AGAIN BECAME A REI'CRMER, vowing vengeance against the postal employes wm had previously befriended him, and walling hi chance In the present Investigation to carry out hi purpose. Immediately upon the commenccincn of the present session lie was on hand, having bcei nnnointed clerk to the Committee whose chief wit ness he was to become. This is his career os a re former. Of the many little eccentricities of hi personal history I have not written, although might state incidentally that It Is believed that I Cut. Hangs had not ceased asking favors for him ii the way of ItAIUIO.VD PARSES, be would never have been tho recipient of hlf abuse. Ab to money transactions, they hove been mirposelv avoided. . . , . . Now, Isn't this the career of a truly vlrlnom modern reformer, and Isn’t ho deserving of demo cratic praise? It should bo said, however, that H Is not an Inexpensive luxury, as hU Invaluable evP donee will cost In the nolplihorhood of SI,OOO. Ulesscd Is tho reformer, for ho shall receive his wardl M.scso*. NOTES AND NEWS. I'AULKNKU’S ÜBCOIID. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Washington, May 110.—The National Repub lican till* morning Inw u severe arraignment of Charles Faulkner, Representative In Congress from West Virginia. The article charges that Faulkner, when Minister of the United Slates to France under Ihteluumn, plotted treason against the United States; that Secretary Seward ob tained proof of this, and sent Faulkner to a mil itary prison; that Faulkner was released upon his personal pledge to prove by his acts h!« loy alty to the United Slates. In a few weeks after that he loft his family to take caro of his property, and Joined the Confederate army, where he played the part of cheap rebel on Stonewall Jackson's staff to the end of the War; that immediately after the Wardie took the iron-clad oath without reluctance, which enabled tilm to retain his property, and to retrain the privi leges of a man who bad always been true to the Union. Faulkner lias been active In urging the censure of (Jon. Schenck for Injuring the reputation of tho United States. AHOTURK LOUISIANA PItPUTATION. A delegation from Louisiana, headed by Llent • Gov. Antoine, has arrived here to oppose the bill to carry into effect the Hawaiian treaty. Delega tions from North Carolina, Georgia, and oilier Southern States arc expected for the name purpose. THK SWltirr-CAMfIIKM. matcku. Gen. llnrlbutha* brought hack to Wusldngtot the testimony of Chariest. Wilson. In the Hweoi matter. Ilia testimony substantially is. that J. Bussell.Jones used hlfl Intlucncc in secure the ap pointment of George Campbell aa chief clerk urn tier Uvn. bweet TO UK HEOPBNED. The House Printing Committee Intend to reopen the printing Investigation, us additional Important evidence has been discovered. 1M PgACIIMENT. 7b the Wtiltrn Amdatert Prna. WtmusoroH, D. C.. May hi).— I The opinion Is expressed that the Belknap Impeachment trial will be postponed until November next, when the Sen ate will reassemble for that special purpose. It Is probable that the trial will continue six weeks or two month*. To go on with It now would prolong the session of Congress until the latter part of Au gust nr Ist of September, as in Ddddltiun to lint lime consumed by the trial a month or six.weeks will bo required to finish no the absolutely neces sary legislative business of passing tbo annual ap propriation bills. Gruvu doubts are expressed l»y many whether In view of thu fact that less than two-thirds of the Senate have voted In favor of Jurisdiction there Is anything to be gained by proceeding with the trial at all. Very eminent legal authorities, who have no connection with the proceedings, assert that the twenty-nine Senators who yesterday voted against hiking Juris diction, will not be precluded by the Heuatc s ac tion from voting not guilty, on tills Jurisdictional ground when the Uuaiissue Is presented. TUB C.MIINBT CHANCES. The understanding Is that all the recent Cabinet changes will lake practical effect from the Ist of dune. Cameron Is expected to lake charge of the War Department the llrst of the coming month. Judge I'ieneponl will leave fur England ua the gsM uf June. THE WEATHER. Washington, 1). C., Slay 31.—For the Lake region, falling barometer, easterly to southerly winds, Increasing to brink, and In the Upper Lako region to high, and warmer, partly cloudy weather, with rain arcus gradually extending eastward. LOCAL OU SB 11V ATI OHS, L'mosno. Mu] |27<r,//«. | liVmt. iJL i HVuIA 04 1 7H S., fresh Clear. oil 7n K. K., Iresh., '(hear. TJ' Ait H. K., fresh... Iflriir. 71 m i:., fresh Clear. 71 fresh Clear. 71l ■*»'.) K,. fresh I 'Clear. Timt. | liar, i m.'ihl.Ht ll:Ha. m. '.'D.HI UilOp. rn.,U!».77 a;M|i. in. uu.74 D;(»lp. in. Uh.7.’i toilsp. m.'uo.?.'* Maximum thermometer. 74. Minimum, ua. OBNEIUL OH SB 11V AT ION I. CiiiCAOO, May ;>o-MlJn(uhl Tl<r. .Motions. I'hcmmc I' f»7 IN., brisk... iFalr. J)».TiilMjrt" i .|i'i».7tl T> s. K, i™i>- f *"'- ii,,.. vi i r i-jo.lW «S K W„ fresh 'Clear. i-, (ilhiou..7t H-I'-, fresh lhalr. Keokuk Tt* KK. fresh k'louc y. Lacrosse. ..•• i»». wl 7J h.. fresh. ...I .MCoudy. LcaVvuwurth ilw.Wj 71 H. fc., fresh t ear. Omaha , m-»l 7.i h., fresh.... <- ear. Milwaukee...,ao.7d R 7 t>- £•. fresh Uear. Platte a 5.741 70 ;K halt Lake go.nv ,r slin .ur (. umiy. Philadelphia, ao.M| k» H.W.,geu(le t ear. Yauktuu gd.JJ TX la. 1... fresh Clear. HYMENEAL Special Pitpaich la The Tribunt. Bi.ooaiNaroM, HI., -May 510.—Mr. Hcorge Funk, of McUan, one of tbu wealthiest land-owners and bankers of this county, was married at noon to day to Miss Hose Fltiwllllara, daughter of Mr. William M. FlUwllliniu, of Bloomington. Tho wedding occurred at the bride’s Home on Wash ington street. The ceremony was performed by tho Bov. J. W. Dluson. In the presence of the relatives and a few friends of the bride and groom. A trip to Denver, Col., will bo taken by Mr. hunk und Wide, who departed this afternoon via bt. Louis. NbwOulkaks, 1,a., May UO. —The Congressional Committee ordered the Benfeanl-at-Arms to sum mon District-Attorney Hcckwlili, who will be the Uni Federal olUclul UivesUgAted. Tlllfl CHICAGO M'KUJUJNUi; WJiIJJVIiSDAY. MAY 31, 187 G FOREIGN. Benighted Turkey Undergoee a Peaceful Revolution. Sultan Abdul-Aziz Succeeded by His Nephew Murad Effendi. Tile Change Believed to lie In the In- to rests of Pence. Radical Reforms Promised by tho How Sultan. Reported Alliance Between Eottmania, Montenegro, and Greece. TURKEY. THE SULTAN DETHKONED. London, May 110.—A dl-palch to the Renter Tel egraph Company, from Ilcrlln says that a telegram ims been received thcro from Canstanllnoplo an- nouncing that tho Sultan has been dethroned, ami that Mniud Kffendl Ims been proclaimed Sultan. L.vtriu—The following dispatch, confirming the report telegraphed from Ilerllnof the Sultan's de thronement. hns been received: Constantinople, May JlO.-lt Is ofllchlly an nounced that at the unanimous wish of the peo ple, Abdul Axis, lias been dethroned, and the heir presumptive, Murad COcndl, baa been proclaimed Sultan. The Pali Jlntl Gazelle learns by a private tele gram that the revolution In Constantinople was effected without a disturbance of the public tran quillity. In the House of Commons this afternoon, Mr. lloitrkc, the Undcr-S«cretury for the Foreign de partment. in reply to a question, said that Hie Turkish Ambassador at London and the English Ambassador at Constantinople had Informed Lord Derby, the Foreign Minister, of the dethronement of the Sultan and the proclamation of Murad Effendi ofl successor. No farther particulars of the movement have been received, hut a simultaneous telegram from Salonlca announces that the procla mation of Murad Effendi was received there with general approbation. _ _ ~.. , Wahiiisoton, 1). c.. May HO.-The Grand \ 1* er has sent the following telegram to the lurklrh Minister: “In the presence of the unanimous will of nil the people. Abdul Aziz Khun has been de throned to ‘day. and Ills Majesty the Sultan Muraol the heir presumptive to the Imperial throne, h*» been proclaimed Emperor of Turkey. MIUTAIiV MOVEMENTS RancMA, *!ay HO.-Intelligence from Slavonic mirccH states that tin; Turkish General Sloukhlar ’nshahns left Mustard. and gone toward Clatchko, in what I" supposed to be another attempt to re .lcvc Nicslc. Insurgents are concentrating In the Ul LnM>oN*Slay3o.-~A special dispatch to the TtU tgraph from i'nrls nays Umt the Insurgents Imvc st tnkei and burned Dlhacs, In Dosnla, killing J.>o Turks. At a second encounter, In the* same neigh borhood, the Turks were defeated, leaving lUU dead Losuok, May 30.—A Pesth telegram report* that tbe Servian Prime Minister Ristlcs, In accordance with the advice of Gen. Ignalleff. ban decided that the Servians shall cross the River Drina on St. John's Day. TUB ÜBVOLDTION. CoNSTASTiNori.i:, May 110.—The dethroned Sul* tnn Is kept under guard in n klosfjno at tho ex tremity of the seravfllo. The Ministers informed Murad Effondl that be was proclaimed Sultan on Monday night. A popular demonstration took nlftce the next morning, but tio resistance was of fered to the new regime. Pcrfccttmnqiilllllynow prevails. Both Christians and Mnestiimcn express great satisfaction at the change.. The city will be illuminated to-night. Festivities will continue 0 MnyilO.— lf Temp* states that the mas* sa"e in cipher notifying tbo Turkish Embassy hero of the deposition began us follows; “ Me, Abdul*Aziz, conformably with the wlsliea nf a majority of our subjects, abdicate. 1 his was Immediately communicated to the Due dc Gazes, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Embassy also rocelvodn message stating that the Softa« first required tho Sultan to relinquish the title of Caliph, which rendered him inviolable. The Sultan soon afterwards abdicated. I.* Tftnpa adds that Murad, the new Sultan, is disposed to remove Hussein Avid Pasha, tho pres ent Minister of War. because lie favored the pro ject of Abdul*Aziz to make the eon Instead of the nephew heir to tho tbromi Tlin I'EUI.INO IN I’AHIS. The Knssian Amlwssndor has visited the Due clc Cnzes, The latter gave assurances that France would contribute by every means in her power to Uie maintenance ot peace and the preservation of good understanding between the Powers. Tho news of the revolution in Constantinople Is well received In both political and financial circles. It Is believed that the eeltlementof the Eastern difficulties la thereby facilitated. TUB NEW MINISTfIY. It Isutatedthatthe new Turkic Ministry will comprise Mldlmt Bnslm uk Grand Vizier, andSadyk I'nslia, at present Ambassador to France, Minister of Finance, According to report* published In Cologne, Mldlmt Pasha and the (Jruml Vizier were at tlio head of a revolutionary movement. KEI'OUMS I’UOMISED, Murad has accepted three of the |iroposlt lons sub mitted to him. viz.: the institution of a permanent ns«embly of notables, abolition of the Seraglio, re duction of civil list to .".,000,000 piastres. ENGLAND. It is reported here that England Is willing agree to bolding of an International conference < the Eastern question. ITS BI’fCCT ON STOCKS. On the Stock Exchange Turkish securities of r descriptions have been very strong and active, at at one time were from H to fl per cent higher, seems to bo the opinion that the overthrow of tl Saltan will result beneficially. The Paris market Is also very Arm. nUSSIAN INI'LL'KNCC. London, May .'ll.—The Slnnilurd'a Vienna dis patch says the succession of Murad to the Ottoman throne I* generally considered ns mainly due ti Russia instigating Servla and Montenegro to im mediate warfare. ENGLAND AND ITAI.Y. A correspondent at Borne says It Is reported that the Italian Govcrnniont has received on Invitation from England to come to an arrangement for united action In the East. , . „ . . (The Purls Ktlafette reports that I.ord Derby has Informed the Turkish Ambassador that England is prepared to accept an International conference pro vided the programme is set forth beforehand. IIBI'OIITIU) ALLIANCE. London, May ill). —The Berlin correspondent of the T\v>es reports that M. I’liiinonue, the Monte negrin Minister of War hud an Interview with Baron Undid) at Uagnsa on Sunday, when ho Informed the Austrian Government that an ollensivo and de fensive alliance bud been concluded between Servla, Itoumanla, Montenegro, anil Greece. M. Blnmonac was also understood to Intimate that Thessaly and Prele would rise and support 11m movement In Northern Turkey. Altogether the situation Is regarded as drawing to n crisis. While the Forte contldcnllally Informs the Bowers that no armistice will be conceded on the rondl- G».,n proposed by the Berlin memorandum, the in surgent leaders loudly declare they will continue to light until Independence is achieved. Tint official Russian Jnvalide seconds these movements by the declaration that England’s refusal to Join tho Northern Bowers cannot out bring on difficulties. INDBVINITV DEMANDED. Germany has rcquc*»lccl Turkey to pay SOO,OOO Indemnity to the family of Consul Abbott. A dispatch from Constantinople to the Timt» pays Murad Is pledged to a Constitutional Government. FUENCIt ADVICE. A Paris correspondent of the 71»i/staya anoffl* dal (llHjtatcli from the (Irnnd Vl/.lrr announces (bat the entire Turkish Cabinet signed ttie deposi tion of the tiultau. Thu deposition was accom plished (iurltii? tho The Due de L'uzcs, Immediately on receiving Iho news of tlic fart, formally Instructed the French Ambassador at Constantinople to exert all hiw in* lluenco to Induce the new (lovernmcul to hasten a nuclllr solution of the diniculllcs. The Duke point* ed out that Murad wo* entirely free from embar rassing engagements. Ills succession would na turally induce a suspension of hostilities. and an armistice was in no way inconsistent with the dignity of the (lovernment. Thu Aw bussador was therefore directed to urge the Forte to lake advantage of the opportunity, immediately enter Into negotiations with the insurgents, make concessions Judged equitable and necessary, and thereby avoid the necessity of making them under Iho pressure of the Powers. Tho Tlmtt' correspondent adds: “If one mny Judge by these hle|w of the French (Jovernmcnt. ami If, us must bo hoped, tho other iiovernments arc acting In the samu way. the deposition of A lain I Aziz wlllbc an Iminrnso step towards the solution of tho cxJstlngdiillcuUles." Il'entAi A dispatch from St. Petersburg to the Hussion telegraphic agency stated tlml the Hullun't* deposi tion has been received us an opportune occasion for peaceful sentiments, which is desired by all the Powers. A telegram from Penlh to the Timti asserts (imt the tlvu Powers were to present mi identical note at Constantinople yesterday (Tuesday) recommend a two-months'armistice. The occurrence of tbu revolution probably prevented presentation. A Vienna dispatch to the Dally Telttjraph says it is rumored that Prince Milan has advised (he Con suls nl Belgrade (hut he will issue a note declaring that Servla has no choice other Hum to lead the In surrection or perish. The same dispatch says a minor is circulating that Count Andrassy is about to resign, und Herr Trautinunsdurf will succeed him. TUB SOPTAB. OirrttponHfMi f .\<w y»rk Ifrralit. Lokhos, May IB.—'Thu Salonlcii murderers roused to uctlou the Suftas in Constantinople. Hy tills name the Turks designate the students who •re initiated in the upper branches of religious In structions in the mosnucs. Like the Kdlows in u» English University, these students constltutu a corporation long after tho completion of their learned pursuits; some of them supply candidates for the unices of imitiimo and Mullahs but many hang on society. Thu number of these priestly vog ubuuds of tho wont description Is very great In Constantinople—llo,ooo, on the most modrnle computation and those endeavor to maintain IhHr influence out I ho populace tty appeals to their fan nlirtun, in whleh they exhibit a* much of the fern clou* " Tun ton*, I>>'U rohniilf reu.r ffiii xml a ( htl" of the Dominican". oh of the sly “The end Jindllk-H the means" of the Jesuit". They are practically niipri'tiir* in (on st.intlnople, and II would not ho too much to say that the destinies of the Empire lie In tli«ir , bund". For some Hum punt the Commander of the J I'uitlifill hn« In ch most unpopnlnrwilh the Mussul man* of Constantinople. They believe ho id ear,, rlfieing Turney to hisjmrtintliy fora rlif|tic; whore had government la fast ruining their country. Some, indeed, go further, and, Mamin;; the Sul* ' fan's fault" and follies, declare that the change, to he effectual, tntot be radical. Kver alncn .Inuunry, when the trade wn> Issued showing a disposition to pliire all religious denomination!! on an equal basis, the Sofia* have been discontented with the Gov ermnent, and the aceepianeo of the Andra*sy note milled to the 111 feeling. The hatred of the Hoftas for the Grand Vizier Mahmoud I’neha ranges them under the leadership of Itu*sein Arid I'acha, Her* vMi I’acha. and the banner of “Young Turkey." They wanted to throw diplomacy to thu winds by waging Immediate war with .Montenegro. The news from Salotdcu wan the signal for a political demonstration such as him rarely been neen In Htamhoul. Flvo hundred Softaa—soon the number grew to he U. GOO—met, so say tho account* published In London to-day. In u mosque, and agreed upon a programme and a platform. Thcv decided to demand the dismiss! of 'the Grand Vizier, the Hhelk-ul Islam, and the Minister of War. and proceeded In a body to the palace. Their conditions were presented to the Sultan, with an Intimation that, If necessary, stronger measures would he adopted. 11 h almost Incredible that the man who It en shrined In tho feelings of thu people of Islam us the highest personage upon earlh, In whoso presence no one tiny stand erect, hiforn who«e glance nil eyes must he turned to the ground, should have accepted the dictate* of u clamoring mnh. For an hour, It I* said, he hesitated: then gave way before the fierce lb reals of the Soflus and acceded to their demands. The brand Vlzer and the Shells who had incurred (In- hatred of the great majority of Miifl-mtmuns as • • Itu-slanV traitors to their country, who hail bowed down Turkey beneath the fuel of Ignatleu, were dismissed, Thu Sultan, In a terrible fright, had gone to a Klo*k alnne the Palace of Teller* again and was telegraphing frantically for troops hut thu Sofia*, having gained Ihclr object, quickly dispersed. Emboldened by success, it is said (hey now propose to present a second petition to the Sultan, on bis way to the Mmiiue. mid should It be refused they will forthwith pul) him off hi* burse. In Ihtm acceding to the demands of the most fanatical portion of the Turkish mob. says the cor respondent of tho Dally AVo*. the Sultan lias f liven about the best evidence pos«ih!e of his ul ter ncapacity to govern. Tho Bofta«, whether con sciously or not. are evidently aspiring to ploy tho iiari of thu Janissaries. The only defense which the Sultan could oiler forgiving way to them would he that, knowing their numbers and their Influence, lie could do nothing else. The Capital contains ul the present time only I.OUd regular soldiers; the rest are liudlfs and recruits. Turkish olll com liere openly state Unit they do not cx- I pcct In case of an outbreak that they will 1 lie able to control the latter. These recruits, swept in for the most part from Asia Minor, are fall of fanaticism, and would. It Is believed on every hand, l>c only too happy to obey the Sottas, and at once perform a religious duty In killing the Glniiors and illllng their own pockets. The Sultan may well have feared that his refusal todismisa tltc throe ob noxious Ministers would lead to a violent revolu tion, In which the mob soldiery, for ns such the recruits and Hcd I fs may he regarded, would act with the Softus. Mohs of then- latter have, during the . pant three days, been marching about Stambou). de manding the’dismissal of Mahmoud. Threats have ! been made against the Christians generally, and ‘ two or three murders have occurred, which the po . lice do their utmost to hush up. At the last ina , mint, before I close this letter, the Sofia? are still ; In the streets, and arc masters of the situation. 1 Constantinople h. hi fact, In revolution. Everywhere the cry Is raised against Husslan In fluence, and for a National Parliament. At the Jlajazct Mosque a large number of Softas gathered, anil when the reader came to the prayer for the ; Sultan there arose a shout of ••Stop!" Whut will 1 ho the end of all this It Is Impossible to predict. An > Oriental revolution is not easily checked, and the • Sofia* have commenced one which may dethrone Abdul Aziz, and place Prince Murud, the heir, ’ upon the throne. ♦ The existing situation is summed up In a special ! telegram to the Loudon Time* thus: ■ “Yielding to the petitions and demonstrations of the Boftus. the Multan hit* appointed Mehcmcit ’ Ilushdl Grand Vizier. llusshm Avni \Var Minister, f and Abhul Kerim (Into War Minister) Generalis i slino. A great revolution U thus accomplished. 1 This la tho ilrst Instance since the time of the Jim t binaries that the Sultan bus yielded to popular pres* i sure. The Sofia* have become a power in tbc , Stale.” CHEAT irniTAIX. DERBV-DAT, London, May RO.—ln the House of Commons to night » motion to adjourn until Thursday, to-mor row Icing Dcrby-day. was agreed to by a vote of 207 tolls. John Bright und Sir Wilfred Lawson made speeches against the motion. FRANCHISE MEASURE. Trcvilyan'H motion in favor of the equalizing of borough and county franchise, and the redistribu tion of Parliamentary scats, was considered. Faw cett, John Bright, and SlrCharles UUkesupported, and Disraeli und Lowe opposed the motion, which, after along debate, was rejected by a vote of 204 to 105, TVINST.OW The Government will to-morrow nsk for Wins low's farther renmnd, pending Secretary Fish's reply to Earl Derby's last note. It Is expected that the Minister's answer, to night, to Sir Vernon llarcourfs question regarding the correspondence on the Winslow case, will throw* some light on tho course that the Govern ment intend pursuing thereafter. KOATMCN AND CIUCKBTnUS., May 30.—The University Uont Club has organized an undergraduate crow fur the Saratoga regatta. A team of irish cricketers. the best men of the Dublin and Provincial cluba, will go to America In August. A J»OTAHI.E THIEF. TjONtmv, Eng., May 510.—Mrs. Minn Jury, the sister of tho Tithhornc claimant, and one of the witnesses against him on tho famous trial, wan to day sentenced to seven years’ penal servitude, she having been convicted of stealing. ’OPS. I.omion, May 30.—C’oneldcrnhln hueinesi wan done during tlio pant fortnight in both Knglleh ami foreign liojih. The quotation* are milllings per hundred weight higher for mom deKcrlptioinn The pm-pi'CtH of tlio next crop have been «omo* wlmt impiovod by abundant rnina and higher turn* porulurc, WHICH MEANS BCItRNCK. London, May !lU.— ln the llmu-u of Commons this evening, Mr. Hunlmrg gave notice that he would at uu ynrly dute call attention to the cir cumstances under which certain Foreign Min* Istcrs, while enjoying Immunities Incident to their position, served as Directors of certain private companies. FRANCE. ELECTIONS. Pants, May 00.—Seven Itadicals and one Censor* votive liave been elected members of the Municipal Council, In place of Councilors who were elected Deputies. HOCIIEPOIIT. Henri llocheforl In seriously HI ut Geneva with dropsy of the heart.*, May 30.—Tho Committee of the Assembly who hnvo been Investigating tho •lection of Count Mnn, a Legitimist Deputy from Morbl* clinn, have resolved, with one aiKsentlng voice, to report lu favor of hla Invalidation. CENTRAL. AMERICA. PKACB. Panama, Moy 21.—' The war between Guatemala nml Salvador In ended. A preliminary treaty of peace wan concluded nt Chatchuapa on the 'doth of April. The treaty stipulates that President Valle and (ion. Unnrales, the Vice President of San Salvador, shall abdicate; Valle ahull call a junta of respectable Salvadorians, who shall name a Provisional Prcildent. ThU Provisional President shall, within ten days, call un election to lake place within a mouth for President and other officer# of State. After this call has been made tin) troops of Unatcmulu will withdraw from Salvador. In the meantime, the Cities of Santa Ann and Sun Miguel will bo occupied by tho Guatemalan forces. SPA IX. A mOTEPTANT tJCIIOOI. CLOSED. London, May HO.—A special dispatch to the Standard from Madrid says: Protestant school In the Province of Pantiveilra has been closed bv order of tho Minister of Justice, uttho request of the clerical authorities. BUTTER AND EGGS, Special Pltvalth to Vie Tribune. Ft. Waym;, Ind., May an.— To-day a large number of men engaged in the butter, egg, and cheese trade in Ohio ami Indiana met at this city and effected a permanent organisation under the tltlo of the Northern Indiana and Western Ohio Butter and Egg Association. Mr. Jones, of Hryun, 0., was elected President; 8. Bash, of Ft. Woyne, Vice-President; and Mr. Beeves, of I.ignnlcr, Ind., Secretary. Tho Association Is formed for tho purpose of effecting concert uf action among men engaged in the butter and egg trade, especially lit reference to shipping. A resolution was adopted pledging all members of Ihu Asso ciation to pay but half-price for guinea eggs and eggs that have been packed in salt or otherwise and heldby farmersund others, and also butter that has been packed dur ing the summer and taken up In thu fall and made Into rolls or offered lu bad condition, and thus ren dered unsalable. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, San FtUNciaeo, May 110.— A dispatch from Pan Diego says runners just arrived at Cumpo re port about a hundred Mexicans gathered just be low the line, intending another attack un Campu. Tho settler# are gathering fur defense. FIRES. Quebec Visited by a Disastrous Con* flagration. Destruction of a Thousand Houses In tho St. Louis Suburb. Tho Property Loss Estimated at Over a Million, AT QUEBEC, CANADA, QtrKnr.r, May IK).—A fire started in Scott street thin afternoon, and Is now raging. Fifty houses have been destroyed, The efforts of the firemen appear to he useless, and, owing to the prevailing high wind and amount of inllamtnahlu material in the neighborhood, ills feared that the greater part of the St. Louis suburb will he destroyed. Qurbrc, MuyiMl—U p. m.—Tho fire continues to rage with unabated fury. Already the houses de stroyed may bo counted by hundreds. Almost the whole population of the lower part of the St. Louli suburbs are moving, and hundreds of poor suffer ers will ho compelled to pasi the night in tbc open fields. Thousand* of people are on the street* viewing the fire. The water was turned off from the ward when the fire started, which will account for Us rapid spread. Tho Asylum of the Good Shepherd b now out of danger. tycßiim:, May HO—lo p.m.—The fire Is now. at 10 p. m., still Ini ruing fiercely, but !■ somewhat un der control. The high wind of tho afternoon has moderated, and a good supply of water is now available. The fire has passed through the St. Louis suburbs, extending from the extreme western limit to the eastern limit, facing the fortifications, then southerly to the Grand Alee, and northerly to the third street south of HI. John street. Only a rough estimate of (he loss cun he made to-night. The number of house" burnt mav he put down at 1.000. and the loss will reach 51.00U.000. Fields adjacent to the burnt district were covered with good* of all description*. AT GltANli ILVVMN. Special Ditpnlch to 77.< Tribune. Grand Havkn, -Mich.. Slay RO.— Fire broke out this morning in the centre of the city, and seven stores on Washington street, extending from tlio City Hotel to the I’ost-Ofllce. were destroyed. John Tulle, general merchandise, loses $g.700, no Insurance; G. D. Sanford, books and insurance, 52.500; Jacob Stoner, confectionery. $1,400: G. Hottjo, general merciiant. $2,000; G. Vernstra, shoe*. $000: all partially insured. On the build* ini’" Mrs. Flaird loses $2,000, without insurance: K.'T. Ferry. $700: L. Vandrc/er. $1,000: Itron wer. S2OO. Insured. Sanford commences rebuild* ing to-morrow. It was doubtless of Incendiary origin, us burnt rags saturated with kerosene were found, and the flrc-engine hose was plugged. AT CAIIIO, TLX. Special [Htpatch to The Tribune., 111., MnyßO.—J. L. Phillips’ lois in the fire which occurred here this afternoon is about 814,000, exclusive of SI,OOO worth of grain sacks It contained. Ills insurance I? $7,500. The lom of Gamble is a hard one. T-vervthing he had was burned except his little home. Ills machinery and wagon stock was all burned, leaving him penniless. He fixe* hi« loss at 515.0U0, und his Inniirancu Is only $4.000. The tiro is thought to have originated from accident. IN CHICAGO, The alarm from Pox 514 at 0:05 o’clock la*t even ing was caused by a tire at No. lao West Lake street, a saloon and boarding-house conducted by Charles l.epe. Damage trilling. Cause, ignition of a paper from a gas jet. CHIME. SHOT BV BUBOT.ABS, Special tHrjiatch to The Tribune. Qlmnct. HI., May :10.—Polico-Ofllcer Dallas, while attempting to arrest some thieves, was fatally shut about 2 o'clock tills morning. The day before some goods had been found concealed In u barn in the north part of the city, of which the owner of the premises notified the police, Supposing that the thieves would come lust night for the stolen goods, two olllcers were de tailed to watch the premises. About 2 o'clock the thieves made their appearance, and in attempting to nrrert them Of ficer Dallas received three shots In his neck und head, from the etlecls of which he died at 10 o’clock to-dny. The assassins four in number, were armed with heavy revolvers, and all made their escape. A MYSTERY. S}*elal Dispatch to The Trtbvnt. Milwacrkk, Wls.. MnyJlO.—The wife of Herman Kindltsh was found lying in a pool of blood early this morning in a room of their house on Heed street, horribly gashed, apparently with a butcher* knife. The husband told a singular story. His wife had horn improperly intimnto with a relative of his whilst he served n two*yenr term in prison, and she yesterday confessed that she was About to become the mother of un illegitimate child, when he promised to forgive and let her have a divorce and llv« with her paramour. Flinrtlv after tic heard groans, and found his w ife weltering in her blood, lie claims that it was a suicide. Inquest to-morrow. INHUMANITY. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Di-oomisoton, 111., May 30.—There is terrible excitement here this evening over the shooting and maltreating of a tramp named Fred Nabcl, a Ger man, who was stmt on Main street hy Knight Penn, boss of a stone-pile gang, and. after being shot and giving up, was beaten brutally over the head with a revolver and billy until bystanders inter fered. Threats of lynching Penn were heard. He was tln.illv arrested, and is now In jail. Ills hear ing la act fur U to-morrow morning. A I'OUIi VIEND’S WOTIK. Special Dltpaich to The Tribune. N'nw Oiu.kass, May 30.—News ban been received that Senator Twitchell, who was shot mine time alno* at Cousbattu by a dl«yriiieu, i d mem-da, ami whoso left arm was amputated at the time, was compelled to-day to have his right arm cut off also. Senator Twitchell received two bullets In his left nrm. one in his right, one In his hip. ami one la the hack of his neck nl the time, but b represented us cheerful uud likely to recover. A MUIIDEUEE. Sijecint DltiMitcA to The Tribune. Hiorx Citv, la., May 30.—Louis Monroe, the murderer of Frank Carr, waived examination to day nl Newell, and he was removed to Sac City and placed In Jail to uwalt trial before the District Court In October next. The remains of Carr were tuiH afternoon taken to lowa City by bis brother, who resides ut that place. SEVENTEEN' MEN IIITNG, <VVHr<ifon { fee.) Xeut. May J 3. Nine men were hanged by a mob for horse-steal ing In Jock County lost week, and six In Erulh. Two of those nnnged in Jack County are sold tr have been Innocent. Two unknown men were found hanging out several tulles on the prairie, ucar Elgin, yesterday. AN OPPICKU MURDERED. St. JosKi'ii, Mo., May UO.—Green Sullivan, a Deputy Constable, was shot lust Friday morning In a flght with a gang of horse-thieves, several miles Mow this city, and died to-night. Every ciTurt Is being made to capture the murderers, who thus fur buvo eluded arrest. UUROLAUY. Special DUpulcA to The Tribune. Ft. Atkinson, Wls,, MuydU.—The residence of S. Payne was entered last night by thieves. They stole clothes, a watch, and other articles to tho amount of SBO. WINONA, MINN. Special Dltwlcft to The lYibune. Winona, .Minn., May HO.—At the meeting of the City Council lust night tho annual estimate of the Hoard of Education was presented fur the ensuing year. It amounts to sdo,ooU. A proposition was accepted from the lumber Arms of Youtnans Uroa. & Hudgins, and laird, Morton & Co., to furnish a water-supply for extinguishing tires and domestic un• fur tlie sum of sl. DUO a year to each firm. The Water-Works nro to ho largely extended Immedi ately. About go. 000 worth uf pine Is to be bought ami laid. Tho Committee on Water-Works and tho City Surveyor wero constituted a Board of Water- Works commissioners. A TURNBUNG. Special Dltpaich to 77. < Tribune. St. Pa ft., MuylU).— A National Convention of German Turners, numbering 100 delegate* from other States, has been In session at Now Ulm since Friday last. New ITm and vicinity were originally settled entirely by Turners and the delegates have been bambmmely entertained. The town has been covered with Hags ami banners, und crowded each day with Turners front Urn country. lo<a«ir ino dele mtes came here, and will bo banqueted this evening by the St. Paul Turuvcrelu. A WESTERN SURVEY. Spetdat DitpaUh la The Tribune. Lkavrnwoiitii, Kan., May 00.—A surveying party under tho command of Lieut (1. P. Borden, con futing uf two non-commls’loncd officers, will leave Fort Leavenworth to-morrow, pursuant to Instruc tions received (rum Washington, for the purpose uf surveying the rnnfe from here lo Fort Union, N. M. 'flic object of this survey la to prove tbe cor rectness of former surveys, doubts of which are now pending in Washington, the contract awarded for the survey being at title time In initiation. The amount Involved Is over $ 400,000. The party will be gone til itimmcr. CASUALTIES. STORM DAMAGE. fipertal tXtpalch to The Tribune. I,Arno«sK. wis., May 00.—A scverewlnd storm, accompanied hy rain ami hall, thunder and light nine, passed over this cllynbont 0 o'clock this eve* nine. lasting but atmnt a quarter of an hour, but doing a considerable amount of damage. Trees were uprooted ami chimneys blown down. Several steamers on the river were driven to the bank. At North LaUro*«e one building was blown down. A tnun named .1. Illxev, employed at Stoddard's mill, north of lu re, while returning to bis home at North Lacrosse, was struck by flying lumber and killed. The atom's greatest violence was display* ed cast and north of here, and It Is feared that sc* rlotts damage has been done to property In that di rection. No particulars received to-night. DROWNED. Boston, Slay fit).—By the upsetting of a sail boat on Fresh I’ond, in Brighton, this afternoon, four persons were drowned—Mrs. Duncldce. wife of the proprietor of the Sunny-lda House. Bright on, her daughter Maud, Miss Wilson, and her little brother Johnny. BocKfotm. 111., May "0. A little boy named Walter Campbell was drowned In Hock Hlvcr while in swimming this afternoon. SECRET SOCIETIES. KXIGIITH TEMPLAR. Pmi.ADr.i.rmA, Pa., May HO.—The rcnnlon and parade of the Knights Templar on Thursday will form a very Imposing demonstration. One hun dred and fifty C'ommanderlcs have officially an nounced that they will participate. Many Com manderics have already arrived, and others are to arrive thin afternoon, to-night, and to-morrow. Among those arriving to-day are those from Wash ington, Detroit, liarrl*burg, and Allegheny, and the Grand Comtnnndericn of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. James H. Hopkins, the Grand Master of tho United States, arrives this afternoon from Washington, U. C.. wlthCommandcry No. g. of that city, and Vincent L. Ilurlbut. Deputy Grand Master of the United Slates; Dr. J. M. Fowler, Past Grand Commander of Tennessee; and Eugene B. Myers. Eminent Commander of Apollo Commnndery. Chicago, are among the dis tinguished Knights already in town. The Grand Cummaudery of South Africa Is also here. CANADIAN NEWS. Financial—Lumber— A New Grain Route. Special Dispatch to T<» Tribune. I’onrlloi’E, Onl., May .’JO.—Tim lumber firm of Smith A Co., Fenclon Falls. has suspended. con tinued depression of the lumber market having forced them Into insolvency. Their liabilities amount to nearly $400,000, but of this by far the largest portion I* secured. Special Dispatch to The Tribun*. Ottawa, .May .’JO.—A number of mills on the Upper Ottawa have resumed operations. Most of the mills at Chaudlere arc still closed, and large numbers of men are, in consequence, out of em ployment. Special Dltpalch to 77. s Tribune. Tonnsro, May .’JO.—The -lf«s/ to-day tdrnnclv ad vocates the project of establishing a far-uust Atlan tic grain poit fur the Dominion. The plan la to make Sydncv, Cape Breton, a maritime Chicago. with storehouses and elevators of a capacity auflkient to bundle a larger portion of the grain yearly carried from the borders of the great lakes to Europe. Two lines of vessels arc to bo employed, one taking grain from Chicago oud delivering U at Sydney, and the other—the ocean line—carrying it to Eu ropean porta. SHORT-HORNS. Special Dltpateh to The Tribane. Intuanavoi.ib, ilny HO.—The Fifth Annual Con* vcntlon of llio Indiana Short-Horn Breeders met to»day. About tiflv were in attendance. I’npcn l were rend on the high price of Shorl-Horna. rare uf cow?* before calving. and ca**li *alc v«. credit. Tiie following olllrer* were elected: President, Charier I-owder, of Ploinfluld: Secretary, Claude Matthew?, of Kdluhurg: Treasurer, W. W. Wa«her, of Hainhridge. The A.-?ociatlon went to Cambridge fitv in a body to attend the annual auk of Meredith" h herd. OBITUARY. TTnCA. N. Y., Mny HO.—The Rcr. Timothy .Ton kin*. the editor of FCyj'nlll, the only WeMi Mcthodmt magazine in the country, died hero last evening, aged 7H year*. BUSINESS NOTICES, Colds find Coughs.—Sudden change* of climate nre *ourco* of pulmonary rind bronchial of lection**. T«l:r at once “Drown'* Hronchlal Troche*." let the cold. cough, or Irritation of the threat be ever so slight. Asthma—Tlimisumlrt of the worst rases of ANthtmt have been relieved by indue .limns Whit comb'* Remedy. In no rase of purely asthmatic eburaeter lifts it foiled to give relief. VIHiIvTIMI VEGETINB •urlfles the Flood. Renovates and Invigorate* the Whole System, Its Medical Properties Are ALTERATIVE, TOXIC, SOLVENT, AND DIURETIC. Vkoftinb In made exclusively from the juice* of carefully-scleeteil hark*. root.-, and herb-, and so stronglv concentrated that ll will eifoctiially cradl cate from the *v*Um every tint of Serul'iilu. Send uliius Humor, Tumor*, Cancer, Cancerous Humor, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, Syphilitic Diseases, ran ker, Faint uess at the Stomach, and all diseases that arise from impure blood. Srlatlra, Iniiaimnatiiry and Chronic Khciimullsm. Ncuraleia, (tout, ami Spinal Complaints can only be effectually cured through the blood. For Ulcers and Eruptive Disease* of the Skin, Pustules, Pimples, Dliilrhei, Dolls, Tetter. Scald (lead, and Riiurwonn VeoEtiNL lifts never failed to effect a permanent cure. For Pains In the Dark, Kidney Complaints, Drop sy. Female Weakness, l.eumrrhiea. un-lug from in ternal ulceration, nml uterine diseases, nod gen eral Debility. Vkoctink nets directly upon the causes of these complaints. U Invigorates and strengthen* Hie whole system, nets upon the secre tive organs, allays tnitnmmaliou, cured ulceration, and regulates the bowels. For Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Habitual Co«tlvraewi, Palpitation uf Ihe Heart, Headache. Piles, Ner vousness, and (icneral Prostration of the Nervous System, no medicine ima ever given such perfect satisfaction nn the Veoetink. It purities the blood, cleanse* all of the organs, and po-t-csses u control ling power over the nervous system. Tlio remarkable cure- eilerled by Vkoetine have Induced maiiv physician- and apothecaries whom we know to prescribe and uie it in their own fami lies. In fart. Veoctisb is the best remedy yet discov ered fur the above diseases, and is the only relia ble DLUUD PLTUFIKII yet placed before the public. rHEPAUED DY 11, R. STGVEXS, Boston, Mass Wiut ts VEfifTiNß? It Is a compound cstrnclcd from bark*, rout*, and herha. ll 1« Nature'* Rem edy, It I* perfectly liarmioa fniiii any hud effect upon the system. It 1* nmtrl-hitigaml strengthen in?, it act* directly upon the blond. It cjuU-l* the nervous system. It give* yon pood, sweet sleep at night. It is a great panacea for our aged fathers ami mothers, for ll gives them strength, quiet* their nerves, and give* them Nature's sweet sleep —as has been proved by many an aged per-on. It 1* the great Dlnod Puritler. It 1* u southing rem edy for our children. It ha* relieved and cured thousand*. It I* very pleasant to take: every child like* it. It relieve* and cure* nil diseases originat ing from impure blood. Try the \ man ink. Give it a ?alr trial for your complaints; then you will say to your friend, neighbor, and acquaintance, •• Iry U; ft lias cured me." VtnirtNE, for the complaints for which It is rec ommended, U havingu larger *alo throughout Iht United States than any other one medicine. Why I Yegetlne will Curs these tumpislnls. VALUABLE INFORMATION, Ro»tox, Dec. Iff, 1801). (irnllcmon; M, only uhi.rt In (Ivin, you IM, testimonial I* tosnread valuable information. Hav ing been badly ailticled with Salt Rheum, und tho whole surface of my skin being covered with pim ples und eruption*, many of which caused mu great Stain and annoyance, and knowing it to bo a blood disease. 1 look many of the advertised blood prep arations, among winch was any quantity of Nursu psriila. without obtaining any iH-m-Ht until I com menced taking the VfciikTiSK, and before I had completed the first bottle 1 saw that I had gut the right medicine. Consequently 1 followed on with it until I bail taken several bottles, wlieu 1 was pro nounced a well man, and my skin I* smooth and entirely free from pimples and eruptions. I have never enjoyed so good health before, and 1 at tribute it all to tho use of Yboktixc. To benefit those afilicted with Rheumatism. 1 will make men tion also of the Veuetinx's wonderful power of curing mu of this acute complaint, uf which I MVe suffered so tnteu*ely. _ „ C. U. TUClitlß, Pas. Ag'tMlch. C. R. R-, OR Washiugtou-sU, Uo»toa. Vegotluo is Sold by all Druggists. D«KSS GOODS. DECIDED BARGAINS DRESS GOODS AT THE West-End Dry Goods Uonse^ Madison and Peoria-sts, KednciioißN all along the. line, of which the following arc a few samples: Twilled Knickerbocker Stripes and Plaids, 15c; worth 30c. Imported All-Wool Doßogos, 250; the regular 40c goods. Fine Wool Doßego Twills, 37 l-2o; would bo cheap at 50c, Elegant quality All-Wool French Batistes, worth 75c, for 600. Tho cheapest Black Cashmeres over opened. Two eases Fancy Grenadines, 01-2 o yard; reduced from 25c* Yard-wide finest Printed Cambrics, 10c; formerly 25c. CARSON, PIRE & CO. AICIDK.Vr INS! 3£\N('i:. BEFORE YOU START FOR THE CENTENNIAL OR ANYWHERE ELSE, Got a Yearly Accident Policy In the TRAVELERS LIFE AND ACCIDENT 1M Of Hartford, Conn. Atclteit Policies Written, - - over 400,006 over 24,000 - - - $3,750,000 ■ 1,300,000 stilent Claim Paid, - - - isl Assets, - - - irplas to Poilcy-boHers, - J. H, NOLAN, Gen. Agent, 8-1 LaSallo-st., Chicago, 111. Agents I'iVcr.vwlKtiv. .lIILLI.MIjtY Mill. French Chips, Eng. Milans, Shades. Trimmed Hats, &c. STATE- ST WEBSTEB’S. Our usual POPITUII PRICES, Tin; UA9I.V SFAVS, first in War, First in Peace, First Always to Give Die News. THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS Gnrgcrf cUyclrcnln tlon of any evening newspaper In rhleugo) wns the tint pap<-r to glv« the startling new* of Uie revolution yes n-iOuv In Turkey. It-facllltlet for oMalnlng foreign nows are aueb that In tha Coming War ll will he able to publish the carltrH and must reliable Intelligence In advance of all contemporaries. Full account to-day of the English Derby. All the news fur one cent. O^IX’VJjTIIAHSISIPS, -^ ALLANLINE OCEAN MAIL STEAMERS, VIA (JUUIIKC Rtul VIA lIALTIMOHK. Passage, all cissies, between principal points In Km rope and America. UADIS and SALOON ACCOMMO HATH INS UNEXCELLED. . Bl , r . , Miorlesl Sc* Houle, hupcrlor Ships. Experienced Oltleer*. Disciplined Crews. SAFETY THE GOVERN ING Kl’I.K. Three weekly soilings raehv.ay. KMKiHAST AND STEERAGE PASSAGE. the TCrj hot lu all reaped*, ul lowest rate*. , . . . /x Apply to ALLAN A CO., ** ' 72 and 74 LaSalle-;!!.. Chicago. STATE LINE. NEW YOUK TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. DUDLIN. HELFAST. AND LONDONDERRY. These (1r»l-clius full-powered steamers a 111 sail frou pier No, 42. North IMver. foot of C«aal-#t., New Wlu STATE OF I* E N N s VL V A NIA, I hun-lay, Junu . STATE OK VIRGINIA Thursday. June 1.1 STATE OF NEVADA 1 hurwlay, JunoTi STATE OF INDIANA Thursday. .Dine 20 And every nllernut.s Thursday thereafter. First cabin. sigi and I*o, according u> accommuit.iti(in. lie turn tickets, sl2 >. bccoiid cabin. (•'■“l n-lnrii tickets, *!■!. Steerage at lowest rate*. Apply U>J. WAHUACK, No. M Chirk-st.. Chicago, . stae'ball line. UNITED STATES & MRAZI L MAIL STEAMSHIPS, hailing monthly from Wapim's Wharf. Drooklyu, S. V. F<irl'*rn. Pernambuco, Molds, and Ulo Janeiro, calling JtHlN J l»uVMl\L r u a.i”it4)n* Wednesday, May 31 .1. M. WALK Kit. 2, “nitons llniuduy. Juno- NELLIE MARTIN. :m«‘» tou* ...Saturday, July- I'nsM'iiger arcoiiunodatluni llrst-elasi. *«*** ““ W^uhSKViVrAtEKIl 10 54 Plnc-it.. New York. AMCOR LINED.S.MAIL STEAMERS. New York and Glasgow; ItfiLlVIA. Junc;i. 2p. m. I ANUHODIA,Juno 17,n00n Alb ATI A, June in. 1 CALIFORNIA, Ju24,3 pm Now York tu Loudon: AUSTRALIA.June in,4 p.m I ANGLIA. JtineW. 4pH New York to Glasgow. Liverpool, Lomiou, or Londonderry. Cabin*, (d 5 to tlsj. according to accommodattona. Excursion tickets at reduced rate*. Intel mediate, $35; steerage, *2S. Draft* Issued fur any amount at current rates. 11KNDEIISON BROTHERS. t*l WashlngU>n-«t. ~INLY DIRECT LINK TO FRANCK.-Tho General TransaUanllc Company'* Mall Stesnirr* between New York aud Havre, culling at Plymouth H«. D.J'for tho landing of puMengora. The splendid vcsselson this fa vorite rout* for thu Continent (cabins provided with electric bells) will sail from Pier No. 43. North River, as follows: SAINT LAURENT. Laehcsnee, haturday. June 3, 3 p. in. 5 FRANCK. Trudcßc, Saturday. Juno Ul. a a. D.i *PEUkIRE. Dsure, haturday. Junu 17, 1 p. m i»rlc« of Passage to gold (Including wine) s Firs* cabin. sllO to $l2O. accurdlitK to accummodatluii; second. $72; third cabin. 140. Tteiuni ticket* at re duced ratea. Steerage. f2d., with superior accommo dations, Including wine, bedding, and utensils, without extra charge. Steamer* marked tiiua • do nut carry steeragewKanwri. LOUIS DcIIEMIAN. Agent. W Droadway, N Y. W. K. WRITE, No. 07 Clark-fl., corner Randolph. Agent for Chicago. Torth Oeniian Lloyd. The*teatnersof thla Company will sail every Satur day from llremen Pier, foot uf Thlrd-sl., Ifobokeu- Hates of passage-*From New York to Southampton, London. Havre, und Drctneii. first caldu, H'V l , /“Vi?.') a. ««. B-iJ i >i«rw.. ;;■!rsv.Sf, “ u O, -ri'iy - noW |,» t A, l ‘!.'i,! l g A' Great Western Stcamshli) laiuo. From New York to Bristol (England) direct. SGMKHSET. Western Wednesday. JunaT. Alt.VliON, Symons Saturday, Juno 24 Cabin passage. S7O; IntermedUto, $45; Steerage,s3o. F.xcarsluu tlekcta. $120; Prepaid blcerago certificates, a 2d. Apply to wij. V. \VUITE, 97 Clark-*L, Michigan V (l flti"C r l *ANG l iS. DISSOLUTION. The firm uf Ilolmue St Bean la this day dissolved by mutual cooseut. All accounts will bo eettied by p. c. Sears, successor, who will eontinoo tho busi ness lu the same place. Blencil-platea and abip- DltigiaiMuf the furmorllrincuQbe used until re- Slawd. lIENBYUOUUia, Chicago. UtU 80, UIQ. P. C. 5

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