Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 31, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 31, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Tho Banks Closed for Deco rntion-Dny. Irregular TroJate Jlarltli-I’mislons Again Active and Vcrj Wealr. Wlioat and Corn Lower—kyo Eaaier— Oats and Barley Elmer, Freights Active, and Tomlin;: Upwards— Latest Marino News. riNANCrATj, There wr. n amoral (th.frvancn of ncrnrßtlnn- Hsy nmons Ihc hink", Tho lliianl of Trnilo hank., however, transacted what business was necessary for the accommodation of their customers on ’Change. conNTKitrp.iT pti.vnit coins and rank note?. An Eastern osohangn status that “A counterfeit g.Vcenl silver coin has been put In circulation, which isftrlo«e Imitation of the genuine. Tint only manner of detecting thorn N the date of JHIil, no new coin having been Issued of that date, and the dead sound they give, unlike silver. Iteshles counterfeit quarters nnd twenties, there are In cir culation counterfoil s.*» on tho Merchants’ National Ihmkof Now Medford, on the Northampton Na tional Hank, the First National Dank of Louisville, nnd tons on tho National State Hank of Terre Haute. The spurious New Medford bills arc said to be quite mi morons.” NEW RNOI.AND MANUFACTMHINO STOCKS. Thu dry-Koodrt nucliim sales liifte not yet Im proved the New hng’laiul manufacturing stocks. Tin* Heston Jounutl of Vnmmfn f says that the market remain* in the same dull and stupid statu n* before. Atlantic has nipthi broken under-10, nnd UiN time tolls'*, Moult Mills, 1.1i.'0, against 1.-llld some time since, with n SID dividend mean time. Dwight ha* fallen from lir>o to JMU; Man chester, HUtullu; Nashua, MOO to "»70, cx-dlv- Idend ?loj Naumkea:;, DM| * to D.’»Ki; ami I’cpper cll, 70-i i to 7 i.*>. Lyman advanced from 00 lu M0?i; and .n)J* tu uti. Merrimack mi changed at 1.000. JICWINEj* OF HAN FIt.VNCtSCO STOCK MAIIKCT. Thu opening of the market Indicated u heaviness which foiboded no good to those who were “long" on stocks. Thu wearisome), dragging Icmeuf the market, coupled with the light hu-dnes* beingdom*, seriously aitected prices, nml almost any olfer win accepted. In thu regular Hoard, mntler* did not mend; hut, on the contrary, they were n shade weaker, Between Hoards little was done, nml tills nt weakening price*, while after Iho luljimrnincnt of thu afternoon sessions the i|iiota(ioiis were brought dawn to ilgures whlchwlll discourage those in and keep those out fora while who Intended to tjoui. —San Francisco JhtlUfln, May ‘J4. TRADE DOLLARS. San Fuwisco.OJay 30.—Trude-tloUiirs, 01*i® 03* i; halves, IKifcUtltf. FOftinr.N. London, May 80.— I The rate of discount In open market for three months’ hilU, !*«, or below the Hank of England rate. Consols, money and account, 0.“» 0-10; '(l3s, 10l‘ 4 ; Y,7h. tu-40s, 100*j ; new 3s, 10(1. New YorktViilrul. 00; Erie. HI; preferred, 18. Paid*, May ;ill. Ronton, Hi If Hue. I'u\skruur, Jloy 00.— United Slates bonds, new Cs, lUifc. KEAfj ESTATE, The following Instrument* wore Hied forrecord Tuesday, SlnytlU: citt rnopßr.TV. fleer* si, 22 ft nof Thirty-third it. wf. 23xt£0 ft. dated May ill, 1*72 5 COO "West T'wi-ntleih st, 125 ft eof J-T*k«t, » f. 25 MW»lt. dated .May 27 1,710 Church place. M 2 ft n of Archer nv, e f. 25x tut It. dated May 20 fji» West Adam* at, I;i9 It w of Cutler st, n f, 501 125 ft, dated May tio 2.MHJ West Adam* st, irg ft w of Irving place, h f, 75 Mini ft, dated May 37 D,(<r> West Jackson si, n w cur of Campbell nv, * f, :.iiM2Uil, dated Mnjr2<i 4,500 Leavtil st, • weoruf Walnut Bt, of, 53kiXlU0 It, dated May 21 4,110 (irovelaml Park nv, n w cor of Thirty-Unit st. e f. iki ft to alley, wlUi ImproreiueaUi, dated , May 22 10,uo Leavitt Bt, 175 ft * of Thuinpsnn Bt, c f, 50x121 ft. dated March 22 I.buO walmsh nv. s 0 corner of Twenty-ninth ct. w f, ii:<>*xM<if(, also Twenty-ninthet, 252 ft w of Miehlgnn ov, n f.nndlvldert >5 of 12x110 ft, with Improvement.':, dale:! May 211 H,uo N'oi ih Wells st, limvecn L'annlsl and Norih av. wf, undivided of 4bhiXlHs It, dated May Drown st. Ml ft nof Wright st (!,’*fi’24\i'Vi fL ' dated May 15 000 Fhiirtlell av, ft ■ of Thlriy-llfth (t. e f, 25X125U ft, dated .May 27 1.55 U BliL’Tlt Ol" CITV LIMIT* \UTIIIN A RAHIL'S OF BLVLN ♦ MILKSOP COlfllT-llm'M:. corner of Centro uv, uf, 72x125 ft, dated May 2:1 9 Kl 2 Alton av. b o corner of Sixtieth at, w t, 2bsx 124 hi ft, dated March 27 4.KOU ccm.MimciAii. The following were the receipts nml shipments of thulettdlm; articles of produce In thin city during Ihetwenty-four hours ending ut 7 o’clocU im Tuesday morning: lUcelpli, I ik?:>. in, .VUJ H7,OU) Kd.rt-.iii 3--'11.7r.| tM.f.M 77.V7D Ml, I4<) bpOIH 170.7J71 120. in 111.1.V.’l II.IOCI Vtl,UN_l( JU.HI J **iini!V:fj| n;i,bi); ST! l!)7i***M'otAt3 l,lUj,7dl' 2V>l 4-jY lor,.;i:i7| fkso.&u7 UK.r.xn 1 l;M,7:u h.»ch j. i ini a.;i;o 130,1111 lie. pill KI 117 U71.4V) 4«M.;o) l.Usfl 1,-its am 3U 7ir*b kno Mi» ( ,vpj «\ beat, Im i:> i•. bu Jiarlcy, 1m... IS. need, lb*. Jio.twi y, i;vi M.inrij l. W) 107,070 21,uu 11. corn. In*. C. incut*, Iba Iteef, 1ir1x.... y'.'i 117 n.tfiu U.HTH 4,«;:h). .MH :*7* on.M7| Hirrji, Nu. Illilc-, ]li».. ai'V 'Tm 417,1H| 2 ; VM»7'( Wool. n»». !'■ jtuto*_-s. im. ifi,h74 lu,.vm 1 11!. 7:il IH.IKI 4.U1 7.0-* •>..'•11 Ml &,7 | ' a| J»,h71l 1 lily.’ toll* Lumber, in ft. f lilliKl*' Poultry, 11ia... Poultry. (■.imv, i.kus... Kees, ]iki;k.... u.i a. II" iHa] 1,11:111 an .... (Jl <i'itn]i|iu>,urh JtfUllf, Im Withdrawn from store on Monday for clly cun* sumption: H,3ir» Im wheat iind 170 im barley, Tim following grain was Inspected into store In tills city on Tuesday morning: 10 cars No. 1 N.W. wheat, -17 cars No. 3 do, 11 cars No. 1 spring, f>3 cars No, 3 do, 81 cars No. 3 do, 30 cars rejected do, 3 cars no tirade (330 wheat); 1 car yellow torn, 108 cars lilt'll mixed do, 333 cars and ID.IRJU bn No. 3 do, :t ears new mixed do, 7'3 cars and 3, .*>()(» bn rejected do, 3 cars no grade <Lo (oi.i corn); 37 cars while outs, 17 cars and l3,oil(Jbu No. 3 do, 1) cars rejected do (H 3 tuts); 13 cars No. 3 rye, 3 cars rejected do; 43 cars No. 3 barley, 7 cars No. 3 do, 1 tar reje cted do. Total (1)31 ears), 3 , .>o l l)(ld ba. Inspected outs 88,3*7 Im wheat, 70,8iU Im corn, 17,741 Im outs, and 13, 111 Im rye. *‘ I will not settle; 1 propose to arbitrate.*’ That Is the language heard more than once In the bur* ley crowd yesterday. The shorts are crying •‘cor ner," though our No. 3 Is eeveml cents per Im be low the price In Milwaukee, and nearly 33 per cent below the price of wheal In this market. Hurley is probably cornered here, the rcioon for thinking so belli;,' the fact that U hells at l. r tc per bit nioie for delivery to-day than at any lime to morrow. liut the highest price Is really a low one, if the barky be pood for anythin;,’, and it Bounds strange to hear people talk as above In re gard to contracts to deliver it. Thu larger receipt# of train ut this point ought to etmljlo vessel men to obtain name advance in freight rates—which arc ruinously low just now. The malinger# of tiro St, l.mtirt & Alton I(ullrua>l have given notice that the demand for emply ears Is now so great that they will be obliged to charge, after Balurduy neat, He per lUO Urn extra un all grain consigned on truck; and that grain consigned to elevator cannot bo afterward ordered to be held on track for private inspection. Tills will probably make a material diUerenco lu the volume of trade In sample ('rain. Tlie ruling of the Supreme Court of this State in Uici are of Culbertson, Jllulrd; Cn. against John 1). Lyon & Co. is now being extensively referred to In the country as Justifying the refusal to pay limes umaried in buying or selling produce for futuic delivery. This mistaken Idea Is the cause of some litigation, and may lead to mure. The point made in the decision was lu the tiled that the panics lu interest could nut recover, because they did not make any lender of the propelly or ibow their ability lo deliver it. Thu people who ire refining to pay marginal advances ma le in their favor do not stand i.m'.li th.inco of being sustained try the courts under that dn.l ,;,ui, The leadin'; product: t • v.e.- • lu-• ru tiv rtilcfday. a.od ■ .''.ar I . provi hum helm; weak. Tin* taels swaylm: lha chump of priced worn clilrfly Western. The day was ob served in New Vink ft« “ perorall'm-Day,” and the Itlon uMnincd them Hint no business could ho dune Imre; fur which reason llio public advices from Europe wert mil forwarded hither till Into. Our receipt* of grain were again much larger than tin- rcci ui average, though not equal totho-e of tin 1 prrredipg day. and n bearish movement m pro* vi-ioiiß wn« fo-tcred hy the Louisville failures re ported In the morning paper*. There was. how ever. 10-Mof' excitement In every department limn tlie ilny preceding, as mo«t of the weaker one* had eold out. am! comparatively few fresh margins were called on the longs. The strengthening In freight-rates,- due to large receipts, tended to bln der the shipping movement, some orders held here being limited to figures which could not he touched on Recount of the higher cost of transportation, lienee the shipments of grain were chielly made by Western owners of the property. The dry-poods trade wan without special union tlon In any department, while the general move ment was sluggish. While the market was nomi nally steady, the quotations of ticks, denims, cheviot stripes, and bleached and unbleached cot tons were subjected to some modlilcatlons. Gro ceries were ordered with some freedom, and must articles in tin' 11-l were held with a reasonable de gree of ilrniness. For tea*, sugars, sirups, and rice. Micro Is a growing demand, and Increased firmness was noted. The butler market was again fairly active on local and shipping account, and again ruled weak and unsettled. Cheese was dull and drooping, buyers holding oil for better poods and lower prices. In the dried-fruit market no Im portant change was apparent. Fish sold fairly at former quotations. The leather trade was quoted dull at Irregular prices. Coal and wood were un changed. There wan a fair inquiry for oils at -Mon day'* revised quotations. Faint* and color* were about steady. At the wholesale lumber market a moderate busi ness was trammeled at unaltered prices. Thu yard trade continued fair. Ihiihilng unite rials were quiet and cements were quoted a shade lower, llardwaru and metals continue rather slow, and the general market is unsettled hi consequence of the competition between dealers of this* and other cities, Wotd was lower nil round and slow at the decline, ns manufacturers are disposed to hold off until new wool becomes plenty, when they think prices will he still lower. Ilroom-corn was In fair request and steady. Hay wan dull and weak, the large offerings of loose hay having enabled dealers to supply them selves without entering the wholesale market. Cecils were again quiet, nnd many kinds were little belter than nominal. The demand for green fruits was fair, and strawberries were a shade tinner, poultry was dull and lower. Lake freights were mure active, nnd tinner, nt about g‘,c fur corn ami nnd fur wheat to Hnffalo, with .'die asked for corn to Kingston. Hall freights were quiet at nominally unchanged rates, agents asking Hue to New York, isclo Philadelphia, ITijc to Ituliimure, imd-oc to Huston, period lbs. Through rules by lake and rail were quoted at 10c for corn and lie for wheat to New Volk, and Pic on corn to Huston. Freight engagements were reported for 7.">, 000 bu wheat, IKiO.UUO bu cum, and Lm.uuO bu outs. DRAIN IN STOKE. The following are the fooling* of the official re port of grain in store in this city on the evening of Saturday last, nml at corrcspomlingdutcd: llAcnt- Ko. a red. itejVelrd «liiVcV..'.'.'.'.V»> •I.KiJ ij-ji No. I spring ‘-’. '■>2 1,-iiid 01,47*1 No. 2 spring Pb.-i.4H 0*7,0*7 4,014.070 No. :i spring tsMUU 121,07*1 Hl.uil Rejected spring 22.015 Ib.HI I No grade spring i-sii Kd ;mu No. j x. w. spring.... 5*t,37u .'•1,0*2 27T.*«»l Nu. 2X. \V. spring.... J2il,tliu •-’ll.'i'vi 43:i,7dl Total PJ7.HJI 1,43*1.210 4.U25.357 Corn— No. 1 1.4:W 7IM 13.054 No. 2 £21.Ml 30d. 1.5 U 2.41M71 Rejeeled 77.725 UO.o'.t 121.301 No grade :ub I..VM i.hiu High mixed 110,020 77,AM 33h,Hh| New du Yellow U hlte New rejected New mixed.. Tidal 1121,473 502 207 3.H1.5<W Oof v No. 2 2sn,'2irj Rejeeled 14.577 lI.YIU lU.2> Nogrmle H7l No. 2 white 17.724 Ki.itikl 51.h07 Total. I,'l/e No. I Rejected..! v Total... No! ft!'.!!!!! Rejected.., Total... Total of all kind* In Htore. U.l-JK,(JO.'i im. Theso Amires pliow n decrease dttrhi.L,'lust week of *IBB, • ;il((I im wheat, 1,080 bu oatn, 1-1,108 Im rye; and nn Increase of lID.UOa bu corn. 00,800 bit barley. Total decrease, 8dH,0l() bu. Tins above noU’il slocks of Northwestern wheat Include 5-1, 88h bu No. 1 Minnesota, nml 71,180 bu No. 8 do. PROVISIONS. HOG rilonrCTS—Were Inactive nml attain weak, (he market helm; depressed by llin report of failure* lu Louisville, which directly affeetml Hie mule In tills city, u) (hose linns were lutereiUeil lu tlifts market, nml their suspension made ft neccMury to tlml ullier buyers for pork products held lu t.'hkatfo. The receipts of bou« wen? attain htrirc, uml prices were quoted lower, the market helm; now down to uc per & formed Ihiks which made products rompnratlvcly dear even nt the recent reduetloii (u prices. Hence there was itreat anxiety to sell. Several loin were disposed of hy the holders hecauso iimruhm had run out, mid there was murvdulni; for June lu prepare for Uni deliveries of the latter part of this week. The rest of the sclllni; seemed to he dune hy parties anxious to uu short, confident that pork will recede to Hie tielirhlMirhood of |>cr hr), and lard to less than list per lb. Tlie larmst holders of proilucts dhi nut appear anxious to sell ul current quota* thms, amr the elo-dtut tune of the market wad one of comparative steadiness. Jf«*ss /*>»*—Was aetlvo and Irreitnlar. The mark'd deellned fl.OT'.j per hrl, rose -toe, and elmmd d'die hit* low tlm latest prices of Monday, amid eonsideruMe ex* efleiiient early. The Iradlm; was idileily for future, hales were reported of a,y;sihrl* seller dime at |l7.t>«c is.vii; ju,750 hrls seller. Inly at *i7.7im iw.rsi; i:t,,v». lu Is seller August at sl7.l*.V'.|U.7'»} and O'liPrU seller the year at #l.',.7'«<m.m. Toial, bilm. Tie! market closed sh-idler at sl7.nvtin.ui cadi, neeonllnj; to wheat; $17.h7!e".17.i‘0 seller dune; #lK.ju seller •lalys and at siu.i!7'*>.i ln.;ir> seller Almost. belter (Im year closed at $11.7'» asked. I'rltne im-sa and extra prime do cannot be quoted lu (he present nn«i tiled stale of tlm market. /,»»»•</—Wiu ucrlve.ehleily for (ntiire. anil declined Vk; in rionu. eUMmMilkie lower Mian the prccedlm; day. 1.1 verpool was quoted down to .l.’s, aueellnuol Is tM per UJ it s. Sales were reported here of 11.7-V) (as seller •lune at $10.0.1; UU.-A’-nies seller duly at * ll*nml M-'sft tes seller Aukimi nt f lUo.' toial, tes. Tim market eloM'il quiet at s|o.7ii.« or seller June; slii.KTm> Ou.iw seller July; an;! at seller AiikuH. .»f, .r/.-\\i-n* nrtlve. nml prohahly per Ik lower, hat It Is tearetdy posMldu to imuie closely. esiieelully on ea-h lots, u ldeti eonld Iml he lxui;:ht In small purls w llhln Me tlm price of round lots. Nothin;; was re* ported for shipment, tmt It 1- prolmhli: that several sales were tmide for that witlilti tin* past two days, hales were ie|M>rted of liihmmi s sh-ot rll.s, jiartly ul»V*for June and ntje for duly, hut mostly on pr|\ab! terms. Ihe foliowliqj was the clo.dui; r unite of thl/imfiil*. i IK7: ‘lim :rii IJJfI hO fitumh l.mifi Wtf.rt Sf,nn Ui »•«. i.V'ii. rih eltiir pj.Hf.l, loom is ►.»< • C "';V/ 0 » if || * :::: £4 s' 1 U.u oii, ttinli 7s In m lu 1 ; i,)t* l.oiiL* uml Bhiiit cl<'iir» ut Or «ru*ti, ami frlli-r July, tiou'ii;BHTul t)(rkl>'il liam*. ll < I’j'm'i ('umlu r lamlß, It*-, ra»h or wlli i .Muici luiiy-cul lian’n, lluuhic. Ixjstui; Ijui'iiii liuiiu. 11,'lie. lil f'IM Ull.illlll't til m:i;K I’UHJ)t.C.TS Were steady anil ijulm at oil.m for mess. t?I 1.70.i)-'.ui fur extra mesa, ami fur ham*. y«//<j:r-W'hn ijiK/inl nt s in'iu fur city, and 7',t«c furcuuntiy lot**, accordlm? to cumlUhm. iniKADSTirrr*. I'l.ori!—Wai ijulct, except (lirtt tlie sale of one round Ini u’.nmbrls) fur export made Hit- aggregate of trading larger iluu llui previous day. The market waaim* changed, but marked by an easier tone. In sympathy with wheat. Hales were reported of imbrU winters un privateterms;imwuhrlsspringextra# partly ut |.».;i7ta r>..Vi; .nrai hrU spring snpertine at #:i.m vU.U-V; ami aobrls rye ilmir on |>rl\uto terms. Total, U.iitu* Tin 1 market rimed nominal at trie following ranttu of prices: Choice winter ultras, s7.:i7tij'r7>7lijs com• limit to piod ilu, ?.'».a7!s shipping extras. ieV«*i; good do, jfn.uo >.o.U7iij; cliolco do, fi.wjva; patents do, iii.oi; Mlnneioia, (!.7'i; spring snperilnes, $3.ui..»4.ui; rye Hour, gl.a.Vu 1..V1. //cm—Was more active, ami vr, jvw? per ton lower. Kale# were reported of 70 tons ul f lu.uo on track, un i f in.uir fcio.cri free on board ear#. '’om-J/rof-Coarsowasnomluul alllil.TS per ton on I ruck. WHEAT—Was less aetlve, and averaged luwnr, elu.lng below blest quuiatlulis of Monday. There were no udviees fioin New York and no public re-pom from Liverpool; but private udviees from ike oilier side of tl.u Atlantic hulUated a falling olllntbo Cimtlneiiul deimiud. mol a ileellne of dd per lm D s on the higher grades, wim an udvunre of Id on tlje lower, n ,0“ l , ur,l ‘ l '£ hien.'OMi hi the rue. Ipu lu re, liA. ‘I . -r*} 'wi b-.idi. again*t to , the pre- Mom duy, blit llju slllplllellt# Weill fair i.seee.Lln * hn.ilil bu. T lio Hue Weather, Willi It [mils lint country huiders are* uovv dl.iHjsed u> niV.ikei ibdr wlo-at none freely, I nereused lliu wHilugin s> o| Ineal lioldcis Iu sell t'specluUy as some of Ha iti fear, d that the 1 nMlueiiial demand for wbeal tnu entlielv ri as. d for the on*., ni and Hit} market would prolaoly have re.lcd ~Kn- 1 lor the uneerialnty In regard lu the tale of Turkey. Kill lliero were Hone who thought Dial asr is probable; J ivy mdy looked V.l i ' oU 11 “•«!.» of Hi,. J.Mmtt of Ho: Hear liltnre. Ihe Hailing v e..lel<iav Wll ebl.'ilv r.ip duly i.Mierctoiure. hat then'i..,, a more doing for.tiin,', Hie nearuppi.u.'h of that nionih r. ndeilng It 0 mj.'l,' i.< pi,,v bln for ,0 11 vi ili t on .nhii. • ot . I--tnord.r b, noiiiow, I J„' i lopping '■ 1 ’ r., lo r«. ai:.o. 10.1 He loin'ry Jor ia-h ... ■ .... ..i.'M, .i0n.,11 ni in,, j, ■ un, n„ f,' live made co.niiuaj a -,i m: ,n. ,n; t;n „m r,,- prtee for .Tunc. The hover grade* W ern moderately net • hr, but t. Ntiy ly wnV . (he p«-rc-nt»•'<• of No. :* If* ther Ipic being larger Mum usual. y.ime of Ibv of ferings of wheat >rshTibiy were made tiy parties «ho worn nimble to rnrry It longer on account of lows lit Inrdor pork, SO Mint apart Of the weakness In wh-vil wn« attributable to the dcetlnu In provisions. Heller July opened al foil oil to *|.o.a< advanced To ?1.07'1. declined In fl.aMt. and elo-ed si fl.uev. N’ller dune «oM nt, . t.ivju rloM’ic M #l.n.M-„ wldelt was also thu nominal range for seller Mai orc-ash No. U. Sales were reported of 74.0 m bu No. g scrim* at JI.Hi'J -I'si! H. |i i* Ini N(t3,i,ini o.v-.rue; “.'"“'ho rejected ilo nt hoc; uml g.ixn bu by sample at on ttaek. Toial. Kr.M-voim. ’ ' Min (ie«nf,j t( /.r<rf— Was in moderate demand, but de rlined l*a <l;'|e, tu sympathy wild tlm m-ceial mark'd. turtles were repotted „r |g. P»i bo No. J ul #l.ov*p.«*u. ttiu ouisldi’ for a tut In sp.-elal bin: 4r«»buly sample nt gl.tnP* on track} and 4,4 m mi dont*l.lo» l.gofreeon board ears. Total. IT.»»hit, I'llliS-Wiw active and Irregularly h>'ver. Munich re pi'iletl n shade miner In Mterpool. The reeelpis hmi were again targe. luelii)litc.'.i • ear* and be In spected Into store, Country holder* have forwarded Miclrcorn In larger volume n*r two days p,ut. wNitng to take advantage ef tli<- premium on May ib'llvi ilc*, and the oiTerlug* yestenlav were to liberal «s to eau«e a decline of l‘4e per Im on i iuli lots, while dune deelined only He, Ibom.-li only one more day will elapse U’foro dime dell verba will lie In order. There wus. however, « good ilemnud for next month. to mi contracts, ami duty declined about -V. not being so much wanted. The en-h offerings were taken freely for shipment.o|>erntor» being under the linprexalon (hut few June deliveries will Im mailelhls week, us the receipts may decrease nfier ami. in any event, tliere 1* not tuuelt easti corn here, though the stock lu store Increased during last week, heller June opened at 4:i l (c. sold ntm'de, ndvnnred to 4l!<jr. mid deelined lo 4;iu,c at tho ehne. Seller July sold at l.a-j v-t Mfe, closing at 4;iHc. holler the month, ur cusli No. g. sold early al l l'-.e. and de ('lined (o He at (he close; amt high mixed elmed imml tiallj at I4've. Cash sale* were reported of g'.'srt hit high mixed at 4lV’* 4'ii lu: new do at 4Jci .’■mini new mixed id he; li'J.sst Im No. g nl 4t" ll'jes■.*(«* Im rejected at ; 4mi Im no grade at :igc: 4i»»tiu ears ui Six-; |M,ivsitiu hy sample m ;Hu4:ic on iraek: hmmi Im do ui si - i:.e free on l«iar,l rnrs; and g.'Milm vdiow ul ll)t .(.UTho flee on l«mrd. Total, g77.o<>>lm. OA i .“--—Were active and tinner, closing atmut the Mine jm on the previous anenumu. Ihe reeelpiw were again liberal, and other grain ileellned, hot lliepo facts were "fTia’l by the good ileniitiid from shurts and cornu pniinlnent operator*, who honght largely, and proba bly prevented tin- market frvin sympmlil/lng wlih oili er grain. Cash oat.* were In demand for ihlpiiient, nnd freight room wiL* engaged tor ainxit imi.ihi Im. Tin’ cpeeubdlve trading ho* eldelly In .Mine, (Innigli come of tlie tliuris were ( hanging from .tune lo.lnly, the tal ler being at it piemium nr -h, -' Sir. Cadi No. snld at and chi»“da( U**-**,**, ,fmu! opened at •J-‘ke, hold to Mien reeuled lufsjp’, and eh.sed 'inlet at »**)<v‘. July sold nt to gsj»e. again at g-.v’. mid elo*ed ni i-> 'te. Hejeeted oats cold nt LMm ham pies wi re reported In large supply, nnd clow nt lower prlees. Cash tuh l .* were reponed of iicj hu No, Uat hu rejected nt tlih '-J.llne; 4,a<yi hu hy caninlu m i'Joe. lonuiM'd, a:ui lih-tiijg lor while on tracks ta.uuhu at aTviXi'-gC free on board. Total, 14d. Pel Im. KVI-—Whs tn inndertte request, nnd 'tie lower, owing to linger reeeipix mid In sympuMiy wim wheat. Cn-n sales wen* reported of a,o*> bu No. ut Uu’.ii'vi.ioc; 4's» hu by samt’lu at twe on track. Total. j,4miljii. HAULKY—Wui more uetlve mid higher, Hie Interest centering In (tie deal for Mil* month. The receipt" were again liberal, nnd No. a Mild readily to the short* amt long*, the former educing more anxiety iiimut their eoatracu than hitherto; uml May sold to a IlmlUd ex tent In settlement. Oob No. 2 sold at Tic lo 7:ie. eh>«- lug at Hie outside. No. a brought Ude. ami rejected hoc. Seller Ihc month sold at 72e, and afteiwardi nt 7<e In scl (lenient, and it was stated ilia! the cornering |uilies uttered to settle with the shorts at 7.V. hut they refused to respond. June was mumnul at .M-c. Vie. Ciof; ►ale* were reported of ll.soi Im No. 2 at 7Kv7;ie; w*» bu No. Jat JJc; huubu rejected utaoc. Total, Id, luu bu. G F-NI-RAL MAKKKTB, ALCOHOL—Wuciuoted firm nl 92. I*. UROOM-COHN—The demand continue* fair, and hurl corn I* Itrm under light ottering*. Tim lower grade* me la good supply hut steady. Reports from Kan-:.ii la dlente an Increase In tlio acreage devoted to hrooiu eorn this season In lhat State. Following are theijuo tailumo Choice hurl. H iiie; medium uud No. 2 hurt. 7s.bes good medium hrush. hS '.'-dHic; fair tushie mid covert. 4:4501 Inferior, tkvlc: crooked, HITTER—There was no radical change In the pod- Hon of the butter market. Receipts continue heavy, hut the outward movement la also on a more than ordinarily generous scale, and the pail half-doz en days have witnessed only u trilling augment of itocks. In «xpec(Hllon of continued liberal receipts! and low prices ilmmghmiU he season. there la a general desire to realize, and the pressure lo sell keeps (ho mar ket weak mul onset tied. The following prices are ear* rent: Choice to fancy yellow, gogjae; medium to good grade.*, I*7*l. 1*75. Man 27. I*7U, UAORINO—Was reported *iulef, with prices showing no material change. Even at the late reduction value* lack stability, ami. unless trade mum “picksup,"a fur ther decline may take place. Wc repeat our list: Ptarlt A. Peerless AA, Lewiston, 2le: Mon taur. 2l!*c; Ontario, 25c; American A. 21**0! Amos keug, 22*;; Oiler Creek, ale; hurlaj* bog*. 4 hu, U>,w 1.5*;; gunnies, single, ItWeidu. double, 2l>*2le. lU'II.HINU MATERIALS— Were lu moderate de maud, Comnum brick are iHIIng at $ 1,7.V.* 5. * 11, imd a few Inferior brick*, childly from th- Norm bide, bring»M.7.'i. Cement* are slow. Hie eiiy trade being considerably smaller Ilian In foi mer sea* ms, and sonic brands are uuoted lower, limitation*: Coinuioii brick, S4.s*Lc,s.i«j perm:pressedoo, #p2.i.M.|5.00m msllme in hulk. 70c, per hrt: do In brls.£l.">: Louisvilleeemenr. tW'.iu; LTlcu, 91.75; llulfAin mid Akron cement. #t.s*i Kl.ntii Portland eemeiiL ul.isi; Btueco, 92.25-c 2.50:. New York do, 92.50; jdastering-lmlr, 5-uu bales, ' CHEESE—The quality of the goods now offered Is not such sb dealers care to ■•stock up" wltli,midthep<dley of ordering only such «|iiahiHc» us are needed for eurrent trade Is Mill being punned) coiisi»|iicutl>- the market Is dull. Price* range about tliectmc an last week, hut tho tendency is iininfatnkably downward. We uiiute pour lo best factory at o-uuc. COAL—borne Improvement In Hie demand hu result ed from Hie recent reduction In prices, hut this Knot the lime of year to look for anything mure than a cur rent i.'onsninpllved’Miiand and we rout lime to uuote thu market ijitlet: Lackawanna, egg. 97.50; du nut. 97.75; do range. lllusahurg, S7.u»j csiinei. s7.:»i; Erie, 93.i5kj,5.5u; Haulmoru it Ohio, 93. U); Illinois,s3.7s^ p. u.'» n.;u:> 21.751 ~7!i.T. iii iilwu :U2 ;u2 u.:i7h M.rsii 41.UH2 IIO.KH IH.MII 2*2.507 243.5-57 353, tWO 45.3. M Oo.iCT I,2>U 1.572 l,»Hl Inl 4U.U10 01.HH I,UH7 172.753 n»,2TO 21,732 17.351 M.nal i,7mi t 1.715 0,321 022 KUOS—' Were a simile nvdcrnt the uuUldu lidtiK mi «*\lrome price. Flnll—Luku tinli ere nrrlvlntc with InoroMlna free* dom. amt conmim'iitly tbmi In mix muciUcd lotllui? mi> fnr iui w 1111«• 11-tll mill (rout nr« corn'crncd. For Kiilt-wntci- dcncrtpllon* (lie market |>r<-»entA a com* |>;iratl\rty Ntciidy iniic. (JiihliUloiik remain an f u |. lowis Nn. 1 wtilli'llili. l.H'.; No. a do. 8-1.7.V-M.H); No. I trout. #:i.7-VvMios No. I linin' mackerel, 'i-lul. No. j Imy. siuxj trif.u.'>; No. aim«:kcn:l, iH.j.'n fimillvmin’k crul. h-brl. #d.r>«*s No. 1 almru kiln, #im«i; No. I hay kit*. i?l..vij hirmi family kiln. #1.1.11; |,;mk cod- Ihn. # t,?w 1,1 t.7-*> ideoixe'iico Irbili, #r». f-> i.i.,',.7,">; niiiiiiin-r* ciirnii.oiin!*ii,#:..:iii '..•|.7.'»; l.alimdor hcrrlnc. nidli, hrl*. #7.7.VtiH.<ni; do. •g-hrl. #l.u» 1 l.i>r, : I.nTiriulor lirr» rim?, round, hrli*. »'i..'n>a«.7.'i; do, 's-hrl, #; <n.7,'i; ei-uled in rrlny. i-t hot. 1 No. 1 hcrrlm;. aoj dim: Foliimlilu lUvcmalmun. I 4 1111, ss.UU. I'ltUi rr' AM) Nt!T>~Timlv< In lor.-.mi fruit* irnattp to n a ii»i>iinl>l>: expectations, but for iioiiie«ibx a ratlier •low movement wax reported. Apples and lib-ckberrlea ate eaxy; other frulta ruled otc.ii!>- ami iiriu. uuoiatlomj UK 1 ! >brr/frn-liatci. layer*, ivkirdiic? flu*, drum*, KJ;j-■ cI:i*.J«•; TurkMi prune*. ; Fromrli prune*. mul Imve*, i> riHns, layer*. ini. ri.ui; loose Mum at el, #:). Valencia, 111/tillHc; Zi.ute currant*. citron. y:i.„ j|c. lionif'ilc— Ablcii apple*, IK" gne; Mlclilitan apples, ennunoii. lApc-liie: cfioli-c, ln!f‘<.|t>hie; pared peaebe*. I7<*luei blackberries, ll!i'alM;ci riupberrlea, subtile; pitted cherries, .Vuft— Filberts, TcrruL-nna, loVfa ‘joe; N'aplea walnuts, lu : cl7c; French wamuia, new, liaise; UrenuMn walnut*. ii '.ru-; Urazlls, it'-n'fo pecan*. Texas, I UyilUc; U llmliitfioii peanut*. H-vHUoj Tctincun’o peanut*. Vnne: African peanut*. it ui'iii:. liltl-. FS Fit LTi's—Straw lirri !<•» Were M longer, the receipts being Unlit and tile ileiumid good early, Iml It dropped ulf toward* mum. with u considerable supply left for (he mti'iiiDon trade, ami pi be* weakuicdlu niMM-'iiii-nci-. merries were dull at l.vox; tier ul. Orange.* mid lemons coiitlmm ilrui. especially ilm former; (strawberries, per cane; goose* berries. m ' toe; oranges, *il..'o u 7. :*) p.-r Nixj lemon*. t.vfiU'i.(t.ui per ixixt pineapples, SXfsswa.tu per dors banana*. tyj.:skj.;i.oo* nuiicb. Ul(i)ChUlh>~l.ltilo eliiiiiKo tvu* olm'rvaMo In nny of Uni fcatnrra of the crocury timrki t. A llhorul, If nut lutlvo. tlomiwul i-MMcl. mill, with otic oriwoiintm* I‘jruia uxco|i: lon*. I Ik l illfTc ri lit linos worn liclil wltli it jfootl ilruroo of lirmin.’i-n. Jim mu (orbuiMf, hlrmm. mul rim contlnum to lucrum*, mul irrowlm; hrmnira In ojiiiiPi-nt. Wo roj* hi oiiri|iMtiUlour*of Monday: /fire—Jtnnuoon. Carolina, 7W tsc; l.onlsl •on, iV U. choice to fain:) vj'/irs ciiinmun to fntr. a>lti-0»Hi:: rmwihu’. in-iiii'v:; bliiiiujiuri: .lavu, Jltn-jitV\Oi CueUllli;u,;;jiiuM’*Ci .Mum cullsl, a.’Vi 'tV.l uC. .V(iyar»-l**t« nt cut loaf. 1 11 criialmil. tl^4 MVsu; |>uwiiorc<l. lie; «ruunl;iii'il. 10J40; A. »tninl anl. ilo S’o. a, loo; 11, »TAo; extra C, t»v 4 Win? CS'n. *J. iiHhlmm'i yollowC No. I. lof''-s»kc; ,j„ i: No. -j. tr-<(»liej 01101. 0 liroWM, sKhhl(>;; fair t<*(>rnu«» <lo, common <ju, 7V'*o: tholco nula*>cd nu;ar, btfo-tjc; cmmiiun 10 uuml do. 7VIHO. A(ru/;<-t:ulilurulu Niitiur-loiil ilrl|u<. iH-tTnu; illamoiut ilrli'i, uxtnttlno, ijonti’.i;; doivl »iii:iir liuii-tt slrnn, .'io.i.VMij extra do, Mkwvj New Of loans iiioloxxne, oiioliii, ii'.noscj do |irlm-, .Wift*v; ooiiiinoii to trixxl. -t-ts-'iDc: J'orto lllcu umlmtx'H, I'oimiHiii mot;v»»oi, as jioo; liljek-xtraji, x M .» jaoc, ,>/oea—Allaiiloo, 17- '.lV l ***’; vim os, riluWc; o.tMlri,*; |K‘iii>or, I7Nci Iho; untliirgn, sl. Jfty l.'Ju: Cal* cut tit I IVu "■!.>|v'. .sVijjs-Tnm Hint*, o*£r; German Mottloil, «W'i'7«s White l.lly, r- -li! jo; While 1J0.,e. «»<(d , .(o; Uoynl bitvou, ffj'-iilct tSuvoii lm|u'rlnl, Mftc; liolih-n Weal, iMjo. .VMloA—hxi i'lrlor, laundry, i,7tij tin, nl>’:«a, s’ . » Ho; do, com, 1* |uiro, 7>lc; do, alitor Bloat. U* 11AV— dull mi l oat). i in; rocoljita were larifer, ami liiom* loty was lively ollvtod l.y the farmer*, mul there was Huh* lii'iuliy for i>i*>-*-.|, either (ruin Imml dealer* or olil|i|>oi«: No. I timothy, f la.uvil J.ui: No. ■Jilu,; nilxiil tlo, #i».i»».;,|iu»i; nidahd iiriilrtc, jM’; No. 1 ilo, aluiiyli, illin:s-w.-rv In f.ilr tlemaml nt recent prices. TUi! ure fulling oil. .1:1.1 ilierc In 11 t-etler irmle Ixilli nt Inniui nml a’lnmi, tnnl thesn Ini u c u UMuidicy Ui it renin lien Uic ninrkei: (i 1 eny iMU. iieiV, ..ej ttreeii enrcl uml lienvy, 7e: ij.ini3K’i'il, 51:5 part enrol. n l * •.Uilfe: yreen raUe.l kip. jej .rreen country. eruen e-tir, lies Hint li tlJluc; <• r.v kiji un.l eulr.ta-nUSicmrvsaUca*, He; iU'4l-i»iihk!ii». t i.i.Vic. 1111.IIWiM.* VnuiiuVl and unchanged. Sale wag ri jioiu-il of lm Ini- at j i,ii) pergall'in, Mt. I Al.t AMi 11N NEU-v fc Tui.K—Trade rnntlmies on)» fair, and pile. # mu moellled. owing lo Hincum- A 7, r '" i ,x 1, ““' . l - ur k‘. -tr j Kijtull, T'a;; l,ar. T7e. No. 1, goe; No, /.Md-l'lg, Jliji'i oar. *Vi !«• aU pipe, lie. !K?te'3R r ' »“• Shut /r»«-Nv. si. t.Tanii Uu»»l mmi. Nos. fH.ifj, IllC, 00. No* J. stained, |u; *\ 1111* 1 l.aiii I!,|r.l>, A 1*1... gne. IfnlviinUcd Iron. No. tie. tic; discount,'dt* per JL/r-NoS. I toll, tie; 5, ~ tot), |iv; )<> jt n t . m 11 He; Id and n. Ides b'» and Hi. Me; 17. r.e; H. uw, ju. Hie; *.m. Coes feme win-. .v,, ; „, u ,| j., u -V ill l,.s— 1 rude W;i« nun.' neiivn 1.1 »ii-a i|.-r UV(|Oote: I ill I.Oil, It.-, degree# ti.l. j:is,i, s j;td i ..; Uu INEIioU legal «e#t, l -oileg., 11' ’ t 1'...'; M.ow While. I• test, l.i.'-a n-Vid.i headilgl.l, 17 . deg,. 17 i;’ ~--- 1 uru winter lanl.dl, n-. .7e; N.'. 1. n.‘ 7.1 .7A; linseed, law. .v;i o>7e; iMilleil. ill ,ojes wliale wluter-bleaclied. 7 #i7he;sperm, fj. i,-,; neaui.M.l oil, Itrli ll) pure, fl.l.'w I. doeAira, e l .uVe; Uo No, I, fvie; bunk oil, .'>‘>ei sirdl*. noe; plumliugo oil, m * 7.'.Cilitrpeiillue. :t:i'.a.e; imjditlui. dcoilmUed, lil giuv by. PPwM-IV': Wist Vllgllila Kill. 11 nunil, Cl deg., .’iJ iUlc; natural, hudeg., a7n.(.Ut>e; reduced, cu W r*ili ! LTUV—Was .lull andjuwer. Old elilekem. were ipiuled ut I.IM. menUfkeys U. Kv. Uprlllg 1 Idckeii.-_w< re »1.. wul fg.Ht lU.lse for ATDI.n - Were uTilng siowly front rime ul :s*s: Now potatoes hi laurels w ere iji.vtcd at V PAINTS ASH COI.OUS—A somewhat larger nggre gale of sale. WiU effected Ih.Ui lor the precetilng Ue ■!;.* I.f the reusoii. lull the trade Is still v cry l.u lioin in ll v e, an! ilia tone,.l Is no I >p> dally Inioymil. I olio wing .uo the > j loua: White had, sir Idly pme, #|o,in; do. imiey brands, *«.(>►■ line. AnnTli an, i-ll.oo; do. Flench, gl i.oo; M.uutry's railroad colors palace-car color., c:i. 1 skolo. .*>. h FKl l*— Timothy wio scarce ami ijulet at f V), ;'.M f r inline, ( lover wav gulei at rn.rss .H.?:,. ilungarlaii 1 >ld 1 lili ily from store at Ua-t>c. and prune milk 1 was ijlioted at '«n*. n.VLT—Was In fair Ucinand and itcodyi baglnaw. * •■had *, ami OnomlJga, ilm;, 41. in; ordinary coarse. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY. MAY 31, 187 G. Sl.U'; «lxvltlmnt luk*. (Miry, with lnijr*. Afliion ililrv. per Hack. j i..m> I 1 >(»\ct i t -Tin’ fi i llii't |ni'M !Uil tlian tm I’u* Gate of iinr previous report, thmurli former prices Jinxn i.v n very Ki , m'nUh - Hii«l'»|ni*i|, Trails »tlll l:u l;i Biitm.v tlon. lmvcr« utiowinif utrJu (mtlnitliiiii to (%nKdpntft wnntu, MVqiiolri Hfi<m /.fit- Knfrrrop, r.tfvTcs fair In fine,lU-M-ot CJttm fine wrapper 1 *. ijv-rj.v, Jlniwhirliirf.l— Klnc cut-('liolro to cxtru. RS' , ".V; tnvillsim to trwiMl, fk'rffiMv; common. -M-'-t.V. 1’lm:- Nntiirrtt leaf. rtlljinvunl. rimin' to rura. T' k do Imnl prc»»p.|. iiVv,i>ri hnlf-l'rltflit. ctioli i'. .Witnv; ilo nu'itlum. alnii'lar.l M ick. coml tn iMirn. I“4 r.ti-; common Muck. taf-i.v. Hm>kiti>;--<tooilt<M'liolic, atv.iTi ; nii’iUnni. :»l; common. :u**;ilc} Califor nia. L'lmtrc, -iikvfWi do extra. TMAS—I lirn* li» ulmulliy Inoro will*il'-tnnmt fnr lorn, nml Uio nmrkrtM-rni' to hr wnrklmt Into n llrmor fool lion. I’rlro nrc very low mut liiiyiT*ii|'i'iiicnUy nru lo* plmiliu.’ to rrnllrr It, Wo 1 ! tfu'»/ioiMi»r-(.’oinnion. howiocs rpuil <ln, incillmn.; kocii! do. sim.Wi lino, M-fcav: Hu* «M, choice, 7u,i7ftci iholcoil, lHK>;l**iOS fnnor i, i.v /mperhU— Common, n(y.?n'r; pood do. rwrioos mn« ilium. 4ik"4.’n;i pood do, 4.v-..Mvi Hut', M*'.soc; finest, .vvumc! rlmlrr. urx tToes tholeesl, “O «7.’»0. ./'ii'in-Common, noitioci poml caiiinioni flo'irwcj tiu illnm. pood mcilimn, 4*>'i Hoj lino, .v».t,vscj llrin-t. p.v.tiav: choice, *uv*vh:; cholceM. 7ivt7. r ><*. «n/rin>/i—Common. tm-aiino; kihkl common. riv/wci me. Hum. 4<«'.4k’oi kooil nii-illum. 4:i".i:.c; ilnr, 4H.<,aoci flncH, ,w.«. r iHci choice. liU iil'.’ci clnileoNt. T.’kiHw. \VOOIi--Wiis (11 lulr ili'iiiuiul mill b.ild ut jirn lmi« Up* nrc«. Wo (junto! Hnnlu *7.Wi; hoooli #o.rx*; »lntn fft.ui— il'-Hvcrnl. VKOKTAHI.KS—WcraMroncrr omlcr ft fair )m*nt In quiry mnl moilcrnlo olTcrlim*: cnnunl« , ra,W»-'.7.’>«|nT (lo.cii! trrocn peas per Pox; sirim; la'iin*. sl.7ft «•’'J i«» p«*r l»>xi iwpnnunn, .v>n<#i.iio per Jozcnj rail- Mi''*. per 11021M15 Hernia.ln tomatoes, uoc per Imx: New Orlrnn* Jo, f j.rtVix.iu (htlmix. WOiUr-Themelpi>.eontlmielli;lil ami llift market In julet nml wenk. nt mliieoj prlee*. New wool l» arris* liir In Kinnll pnreel*. hat mannfaitim'r* still liuld aloof, mol not liu* horn Joiiu la vst thllr-h price*. 1 ll<t wool {« in ImverMoek Mian mninl at tliH time. I’rlee* lime not been so low for year*, nml ll Is ttimuflit ninny of the welMo-Jo fnnner* will 110111 ihrtr cllji I’iirk for a while. cnlifohiin wool* are imlHnM freely la l la* I to* lon market nt low ilnure*. nml sites of Mlelil* Man nml Wlneonsln rleeees li no been mmle thru* nt alia n'li-. Tnli-wn-Jieil, cliohv. aa-i4jc; Jo, nv enure, :i.Ve;wct wnJicd fleece. iiii'cllnm, UK-.:i:tc; Jo, line, mo.a.'c; unwajJicJ liucce, medium, Ju, Ilia-, llMJtv. Monday Tuesday Total Panic ilimi last week. Week heft-re lust. Monday PVS MIO fl'.R CATTLE—Tin* market did not display much onlina* tlon. but then* was Inii-rovtuiu-tit In Hint respect m compared witli Uiu day before. Tim slightly-increased activity, however, did nut arise (nun any legitimate Increase In tlio demand so much as from the greater willingness of huhlent to inept the views of hnyeri us regarded values. For tholco heevc* Ultra was no per ccpllhle softening of prices, the proportion of such being heluw the recent nverage, imt In common and medium cattle, of which there wasnnotlceahlu In crease. there was n decline of HK'l.'ie. and thn feeling wn* weak at Hie reduction. The Texas cattle season may now he considered ns fairly opened—several through drove* having Is-en received during yesterday and Monday, and for Hm next few week* a gradual shrinkage In value* of all description* of common and medium cattle may not iiniraounaMy he looked for. Mint of yesterday's transfers were at price* ranging downward from #1.7". A few ehohn wcrelaknn at mid in two or ihreo In stances slightly higher ilgnres were paid. It. Urccn it Hu, obtaining $.7. I J'.-j for I 2 head averaging only 1,2.'5l P-s. hut sale* atsive f t.To were rare. < I rebury, Cooley ,V t,’o. sold between US land 2m through Texans averag* im: from ni7 io isit »* at s; i t.isi. Martin Urns, sold tut licail of goodsinooili native steer* avenging 1. )Kj P'S at S4.IX>. Veals were In demand at $2..v>44.7d per too D*. Qfni Cliotrp JVnrM—Finn, f ; i y»‘»r lit . r »>i‘iirolil 1..W1 R* (liiod IliMivrs—Wot hit! to 1..T.1 Moi|lnmlirni|»’i*-SI tmr i.uM) m l,u. llud-lniY stuck—l niiuiiiiin In clinic wclitlilm.' Niiui Pluck ijuilc—Cum to i.umi n.s luforliir-I.ltflitaui bulla, aiuUc.iUwi nV. 17 l.iH to I.IKI g*. 17 1.-JH .*>l I.ii-t.'. ll I.non gu t.itu no i,ii« :t-j t.gaa in I, int fto l.tii'l 17 1.««n Hulls—There was a panicky feeling l:i*t. The number of run of Mock morning warranted the expectation of nml. in the number left over from the rondderalde.l lie trade—hot ti buyers hi to In; demoralised. (Jpenlmf bids wei from Monday's prices, while by the in noon the market wn* down n strong sis.iVH'from .Saturday. At this de‘ ruled eoinpiirnilvely steady lo the elos placed the day's reeel pis at not more t A few extra (Millndelptila lota were (K in. but fO.utyO. IrresnielUe of we sold nt s.V<xs.i.*i.7.'> s.*',w><jU. I.'), uml ut Xn. Ar. Price. 21.. fil. 40 21.. lUii 11.1.. ..2111 n. ir. 4n....21*l (1.211 no,. ..2(1 11.20 an....i*<2 0.1.1 n! id 6.1.. 11.10 4:1....11P) 11,10 4.') n. 12U’ :i:» 17 Ln. 121-1 77.. 170 0.12 V !H.„.|M (I. 12V 111.. .mu n. 10 47.. 11.10 71.. .204 n. 10 ..202 <l.lO 42....2U1 0.10 hllKKl’—Were In better hnl not exeesdve supply. and Previous quotation* weru t-nxltilin-d. It. stiahuni A: Co. N>ld OPlTevas «hee|i, nvermsbictM an, nl nml liMdu. iivenu-dmr oo u>s at H.'.n. Wc ijuoiu i>uur to choice iberu nl sd.7.V(.i..vj |ier I'M Us. Ill’ I'I'AI.O, Tlrprvt.n, Mayitn.—Oi«V-||ereli>K l,?no; total for the; market miiiteralelym'ilvMi unebmiced [irleeß fur Koial. mid Me oil for jx >ur; galea. 0.1 ear*. .sVn-rpnod /^oolig—Kccelina, nm; toial fur tlio week, 7.2 m: ioeurwfculdyoPlerdiiyai imcbanaedrale-t; to-day tlie market wagal u dead link; uf Hie uale* made. Oldu cliiijieil lirnuclit io.:i7i;. //lyp-lii'icljiiM. lao; total for tlio wee);, H.raio; mar- Jen jeetiTdayßlow; Vorkern. 2(1.7(» oI.ho; a few heavy, fil m .11.00; co-day there was no life hi (rule; yester day* t'flce* could not bu reallred by 2.1 (u an cent*. WATIiIIToWS. WATniTinvN.May uo. —CoU/e-lieirdidic, l.noi; prices linclnuiied; clmUu, fd.7l; extra, fa.muH.Mi; fim (juaUiy, fu.75.v7.&u; kucuml, s.l.7Xi*l..Vj; third, $4.73 Sluip ami Latah*— Uppclpta, 1.001; sales la lot*. a.S.V); cMra, ?l.m*U.V), ur front 4Hid to oujut u.; blicaicd, 4'j.b.V- hr. I.nns, May sn. —//uf/s-iiuii undiower;•hipping, baemi, f.1.T0-i.l.m; laid liei*'. g.l.m.iii. 1.1. Vallle— l'lrm mid Heady 1 good (u choice native ulcers, f I.Vst.l.o*; i«my. f_:i.7-Vs4.iu: emv*. Cl.ii-hi'.c.a.hTWi Sine Hers, f X 2.V-' I. :i7hil fueiler*. f l.ilJ'v vI.Oo; CUIUUIUU to choice Ihroutfb Texan*, ?2.7-v-*u.«7Ji, CINCINNATI. Ciscihvatt, 0.. May mid lower: common light, f.v.10 t.i.71; fair light to good heavy. 4i.H6-ad.OJj rcvel;a*, l,um; shliimenta, DllY (iOODS. The past week's sale*did not make » very large nwre pate In minpurlixin with tlui earlier weeks of the sc-itsoii, but In ii <|iiici way u fairly satlsfAetory volume of busl* Una wa» uccomplbdied, tho orders for rensaortmunt being numerous and inure liberal Ilian there wo* my Just reason lo expect. Till* ludleiUes u good business la progress at Interior jrolxitM, ou<l would seem to warrant tho expectations of oar Jobbers that (hero will Ihj a well sustained demand for seasonable ami suplo good* far Into the sinniiUT. Tti« lute extensive auction sales In New York Of Mill'll! cotl.Hi goods has Inn) im Important In urliiK mi market-values. and wltli the execution of prints anil ginghams. the a notation* of wtih'li remain ui before, It wlll in: noticed that there has been 4 general revision of prices. Cambilc* ami are ke lower unit ticks. dcnlma, uml Cheviot tiripc* lux u been re' Uueed Jit'itle. Atlantic A, 4-4 H Cabot A.’ 4-1 u Atlantic 11, 4*l HU Cai»,t w, j.j ’ 71- All.mile D, 4-4 7k New Jlurilm.l, AA.....* 11 Ail.oillc I*. I I n'.j Lawrence, J.L. j-j. 71,: liellan Head, 1-4 II l.uwn nee, V 7 * lintlan Head, 7m H Agawam F. 4-1 ’,O • Nu/bviiie awjwuiii II U nehilsells r*!-j Ti eiinnil. C tl ilk Mai k A, 4*4 Hly Fniplre Mule ,j * An»n*U H ilioldeli IJnjgo o Mm on H Nonpareil Mystic Diver 7W (irunlle, ii ,! Ilroa.iwuy dk'Uu iger Male. U Langley, standard l> It'oiilluenlal, K Uhl ns.; unowhs. Nudmal', 40*In |o Indinn Orebanl, N 5.... 7 Nohuait, au-ln olm Indian Oieburd. 111!., uu; S.oilu.a li, Uvvluht Mar, 4-1, ....... Pepperell F, 40-ln » DwlahtMar, ln-lu uCj l‘> I'l’ii* ll U, ltd'ti i C 1, l’i Pl*, redo, Iti-ln 7 ll.mtt, M l’i pi'vn 11N, UO'lit tihl Neumarkel A 7 tv.. MaMiulnueits](l> 7 l'r<-emi X 1 ti'u Orvut Falls M 7td Inuluniirelairo, AA.... 0 d'urismuutli P Indian Orchard, 1.1..... H I.MohaAk 4U I'iUNTH. Merrimae F. Pink h ;AunMkcajf MenlmacD 0 Fieeinun I'ai'ttle o>( Mournliik' * u ben, u , hliirting Dannltoa n Mallory Fink... lin iimuinl ii i.Mallory Purple. Ainerleau .... hertunu oUAVamsuuu Gloucester nV (Snriicr Tint.,.. U.uMiiuimi I'l'i/r M.'ii.ll IH.Ii tului*. tu ultra. ciiitiun. |* V MMilli'UX |>U Ilili nariii llalrdi i>hi .. iiUisiT ;kxs«. Nauinki'aa ...u ,Aino«ki'a*. Wowu o’4 hL-ur»i»r«u... II iln.JUu Untiuj-U n fauw«j 71.; JUti'» J*IVI3 -STOCK. ciULAiid. VtUtf. Jf-'f/n. Sht*p, . 2.I'TH I'.’.VJ'l -Ml . 4,MH ll.out 1,210 . 7.77 H 2:i.22»t I,“id ,io,mn i.imj . K.f.70 2t,uu 1.21 U rmcil :i ?l.T.v.m.nn Wl-IfCll* , wi-11-fon i,; -U-falln M) an... st*-or*lii 4.40/-KC,"* wi;lkl»* n». imu «*r filer, llltf H**J ....... 3.7504.10 WK, ’fitir'Vtri’ri ■ircity sUu. -Poor in > I, UK) tm. uimm cau Me, wcl«iiVi ul thin ri VUK Hll-IH TATTI. /Vky ?•'». I;!!- •V«. Ar. Prl-'f, in 1,;i(7 $-i.ih 4i» i.ian i.iujtf H I. IAIS 4..V* 1“ I.OoU 4..'1l I :m i, nrj ui j.omi 4.r,r, U I.imh 4.45 i.HI I .MM -I. ID i r. i,:m 4.40 :m -1. ir, v. 1 1,0.14 4. ID 1 i,a;ia 4.4,-i < I.m»i 4.10 i.:m 4.40 illdi..l,l*U > 4.:m KJ7 4.10 ....1,071> 1.. 4,15 !X. IMO 4.01 ...t.ll'O 4.01 ...I.MM 4.10 ... Ol'J 4.00 ...l.oiii !X. (Mil ll.tKI •x, UI7 ;u«d ■x. ».'>o ii.iii 11.. 11.70 i*s». 07 a.wi i-<. hi r*. nm a.*o l* In the nop mar* k n-iKiiti-d In Ihu f flllljM.'l.MlDllClKl, ? jirevlmi* day was mil sellers—("rnrihil TO 1,V,(.1*! 1(1 “ (Ilf " middle of the fori:* or fully eellae the market me. nslaierretunm tllllll 11,00) IlL’illl. taken at 3'l.d.V,# hulk of tlm liopi. ml Inferior heavy Uiclmleu heavy ut I«hl aiS(J.WJuU.UI. inoxen. 1g in 11l SlthTV 43 tit Te I. In cot Ibe (treat li (debt. Skipper* an .1. Wo (junto jioorb jnllnaiy to choice II; lluu “AI.KS. l.Va. Ar. lYlcf.' 4 1....27U5d. m 76.. .26.1 cun 21.. a.i..,.i0H a. in M....1W1 (I. m .V1....DM ci.m 2:i....in7 d. lo 71.. a. in 47.. .IM<O ir>7....HH ii.ud ai....2-*i <i.i» m,.,.22d II.UJ r*:i.,,.2»i7 ii.m 107.... am n.m an.... 220 n.m 21.. 11.1*1 £!:::S » I -Hi.... 170 ll,m 211.. n.m aa....2.111 n.m 70.. ..221 (1,(0 2;i....iud ii.(o 42.. .201 U.UI .V<'. Ap. Price, 21..,.102 $(1.(0 42.. .206 d.oo rn., 67.. ..212 n.ou 111.. u.m f*i....2:ii (1.00 HJ....UK) II.U) 101.. n.m .'■0....2.U1 U.IPJ r>0....:i20 n.m (:0,...2is n.m an....2m n.m 2:1....2H n.m 67.. .211 a ii.Ki M....2V1 n.m r>:i....2Ki n.m • r iO. ...2711 ft. I*l 111.. 6.7.1 :i2....222 fI.IO 22.. ..270 .I.l*l 22.. 6. SI 27.. .160 6.70 :i1....2«l 6..'*) 21.. .170 S.UJ .217 .:ud n. 21 .1112 11.2-1 .21* H. 2-1 .101 n. 1.1 mtOWN COTTONS, t'iiumirn. , .r. M uonvlllo ... ;i iWnrint .... ... :> IJ.uiu.ljlo .. T.orii’.liilr' c.itn'irl' Nfw York Mills ..<•«- York Mu... i.i'v Mount Hoi o l» rMni Niui|»iri'll IH't lHiirW.lniic, A I* MnniHiiUn, 4-4 I.i iMori' Hiimil..... tJ [1.n1i0t,.... H I'rlili'nf Uk* West it si'iuttf*, AA.. l.niiiflni. till t:i sinr. I'rnft i>f Hu* I.o.'in II j) liilimwlt, <J. (tern f.f tin* S|i|ivlli‘.... n IMimki, i;.... I.i'iiml.ili'. ... inj*j Iti'DM, |l. Aintri'i.iiirnin, I* t*'* (iireii, • } AmiHki-tiii In Vniißlmii, \.V AiUmrn. A luU l.lmvoinl White lim it m MUTolk. I. Mlntirlmho. I-( ir» ConrMnon 4TA, 7-8...14 Mlnueli:ihii, 7 H UJ4 ConoMopn CT. 4-1 I*> , Amookriip. ACA In ConrHouii AA, ;lU 11i...114 Aniiwkoiiir, A M Mol liui'ii A A Atnonke:ii:. |l II MnnhaKnn H'i Ainixki'ii]/, c York, :iJ-linli .11l Aino«krii«(, I> York. Jiulneh I'l Aitiu»k< iiii. K ll'-. Tlionullk" A H> I’oarl lllvcr swill lUvit nH Coiicxiinin cxirn, Ocean k I'otn'Mopn I'tnn, 7M...17 1 1'UtsUelil CoiuHUipn U.M, 4-4 17 1 m'.stMft. .in Pearl lllvrr 17 .trt INrlxm. IXI, II .m <:urtl- It .17 Warren, AW in .n 'warren, nil Ii .t:i iWam-n. CO 11 .11 {l'liciwvllk*, UCA U 1 York Him*.. York stripe. Atno«ki'np... Colninhlmi.. oil*, a xa.. niK mi on*, i:v. Heaver Creek. AA.’.’.'l.n lliunmker Heaverfreek, lilt I I lintton .... Heaver Creek, CC. ,Mlnneh,thft. o*a n» Anirrlrnn, o-a to Anio«k>';u;. H*a i:i |Amerienu, :i-a 11 Atmakem;. JKI Ik' lilainllton, 11-5 IH I’lu-nsvilh*, A.... n'<;aioH iiamliion. a-a ij UncMVllln, UCA...11 '(IJ 1 Amoslcrnu llverett.... .1:1*4 Dollyinuimt... .Jl'fl FutririiHint. PS it* "i j’ainnuittiu I'i 1 Kviti'H. No. t Ml , U'lmlik'itnii . Mn»«nW»«le Mi lU|>lmii|. it.... i;ri'Mlini»ur, XX M ArllHKtoii, X. Crotiliimur, AA n^i ItL'Cßfl AMI nntu.fl. OnlnrloS-oz, «Inck lf» JTeponset duck. lo*oz., Ontario 10-ox. d0ck....2:1 I col’d ID Ontario 12-o*. duck.... 27 iNeponset duck, Ontario l.Voz. dti>k....:il oil’ll 17 Western Htar, Ncponset duck, s-oz.. Western star, •iD'lndi.’Johi coi'd.. I" ClnonwiKul, r. 7 • In c U Penance, oil’d in :n .stark, oil'd, it lllnst.m AA.. u Illusion 08.., wngnti-curer.. Stark drill Ainoskcag drill. IsUMKKIt. Tim wholesale market was moderately active early, and quiet in tho afternoon. Ahont all cargoes were quoted In tho morning, and 12 ils wero sold. I’rlces were imehanucd. Straight cargoes of plece-*tn(T sold at Sd.uv, am] inferior at <7..vxe.7.7.">, anil common Inch lumber was quoted at, (food to choice do at Slo.UMil2..v>. Lath wero steady nt $1.2.*. Bldngle* range In price from $2.(»k»2.25. Tho yard business continue* fair at the following prices: First and second clear Thin)clear, I Inch :i".isu:i2.m Third clear, thick .’l.’.ukaavui Clear tluorlug, tlrslnml second, rough :io,uu;i2.u) Clear siding, fine and second I7.oik4lh.imi First common siding ir>.oo tiii.i<i Flooring, nrat common, dressed rtux.csi Flooring, second common, dressed 22.t*K‘J Hot iKiiircl*, A nr>.iNV.i;iH,iiu Jlox hoards. It 2.'>.'“v,<j7.m A slock hoards, to and 12 In Itstock hoards 2:i.(»ii27."" (.'stock hoards 1.V.011.t IT.i") Common hoards and fencing io.iiv,.,|u.(<i lumber. IS ft ami under 2in pm«i.',ii.(»i Joist* ami leanUing, 2u to 21 ft I2,<s> M.'i.isi hath 1.n0.3 1.7.1 AahUiglea 2.40 a. 2.73 BY TELKGUAFII. FOKKIGN. Special I)t»iiatch to The Tribune. I.irnnrooL, May p. in. llreit'litugs— Finn, Flour—No. 1, '.Mu(lil: No. 2, yy*. Whrul-aprlnn, No. 1, IM.H*li No. i.’, Sfl lili wlillo, No. 1, KM 1M; No.'J, 1)1 I'KJiduli, No. I. ids (kl; No. a, Uil. Cura—Now, No. 1, ifli* Ol; No. a. S<K .'KI. I.ivuniHiuL, Muy3o—Jp. m.—WentUcrfalr. //in/—3'JR (kl. Livkiu'oui., May 30-4:30p. m.— /.«rrf—nili. Livkiu'mui., May at>— Latest,— c»llnn~ Steady; f> 10-lt*KuJHi;d sales lo,ouu Imlca; Inchnllnß 2.0U0 for* tpeeuhilluu and export, and7,(xu American. Yarns umi fabric* at Manchester (pilot and un changed. JlrtiiiUluJTt— Receipts, .1 dny*. a", 000 qrs, Including 41,(»i)i|r« American. California white wheat, average, im ICkl'isto* Utl; dull, KMSilt.ftjiwods red Western spring, K». 'i to No. I, 8i ddlvlM HJ; do whiter. Uilld.atM KM. Hour—Western ennui, tiJMi'.s. Corn—Western mixed, i!os :i(l'3,J‘!S Oil. Until. Od. Uurley, as Od. I’eos —Canadian, tli>B6(3Us lid. Clover Set </—.ViV.OOs. J*rortnlome—\lcia pork, 80s. Prime meu beef, 85s. hard, .Vis. Jlacou—Luutf clear, 408 (Id { iburtdu, a*. Cheat— s.lß. yVfro/rnm-Spirlti, Bsfid; reflued, KM OdailiSd. Hunted Off—g.'*.s. Jlenin— Common, 4s nd(£4i odi pale, ICs. Spirit* Turt>enHne—'Hn. I.osdo.v, Mnyaa Uejlned /Vlro/eum—lobOdells. Common Ittsin —Is (My Is Ihl. Sjilrlti T’l/rprnllnr—iisnieN 3d. A.\i'wxiu% May 30.—/V/ro/rMin-2£« produce. ST. tOfIS. fit. I.oi’fa, May 30.— Colinn— J>u)l and nominal, yinur— JMill and ull sctllt-tl: cntli'ujy lifeless. (/ivihi—Wheat tlrmernnd Inactive; No. 2 rod winter, f l.4uea»h;sl.;i:)MJ(me;sl.2.lJiilvt Corn Inactive mid lower] co*h fairly active fun-ia max; No. 2 mixed. 42Mh42Mc cash; 42Me May; 42JV942Mc .lime: 4:t-a.4aKe,)uly. uau—demand light, but lioltlcra linn;No. 2, :i2>4i*a3c; rejected, 2u,tgK2iic. live—De mand light; ladders firm nl Harley—No rales. PrittUlon*— I’orlc dull nml lower] fiu.m. jtulk meant—Nominally lower; phnnlder*. n-X'-Miuie; clear rlli. i>i'.W{,c. Hulk—Clenr-rib o/Tered ut'>. (Ineon— ■lull and lower; shoulders, 7-K'w7Hic; clear rib, i.|Oe; clear, lii!4(‘i'H»i«c. laird (lull aim lower: buyer* oiler- Inc lower prices; gleam, 510.73. Jiecelijts— Flour, 21,2 m brh; wheat, 2H,nno lm; corn, Ci.ouubu] oats, lu.uuilm; barley, none; rye, l.ouobu. Haltihohk, May 20. t'iour~ Firm and unchanged: more active. iI,.J I U if,.11 . 1,. f/niln—Wheat quint but firms I’onnsylrnnla red, 81.4*. (,’orn—Western excited and lower, elm Inc active mid firmer; Wcslcru mixed, ftwue. Data dull and lower; Western mixed, jd-jiJ7c; wiilui western, aH-uiwc. llyo immlnally 70"v71e y/iiy-Dull ami unchanged. /Vorfslonn—Doric, f2I.U). Hulk Shoulder*, 7c; clear rib, toe loose. llacnu—Shoulder*. clear rib. IliKiitllJau, llama, !4Hi<al3c. hard—Market dull; eiu.2.l. ItuUer— Quiet and unchanged. P>truleum— Nominal. ’ M'/fcc— Unchanged. II lileku— Market dull at sl.ll, DixoijrwaTr, May ikl.—CW/tm-Quiet and atcady; yitoir-Qulet and unchanged. ({ruin— Wheat (|iiha ami steady; $1.06 / ?i.21. Corn easier; 47(*4u0. Uala di|lt; u:i;;a'je. Uyc quiet and un changed. 2VorlWmi»-rork easier; Sin.w). hard imuellleil and lower; Mcam nominally lo>(c caabs wiles at lie buyer June. Hulk menu tiuncdlcd; lower tailcx; aliuuldera. uite; clear rib. ciub; uc buyer July; ctoslux Hi tner; lhead I'rlccs freely bid; no rcfler# ut blcber; clear nominally loicon Inactive and lower; aniall aalca; tbimldcra, 71v'0 clear rib, luc; clear, 10l«uK'>lc. UhlikU— .Sternly; f 1.07. Jhilltr— bicudy; cbulco WcMcrn Ucaerve, liyi2oo; Central Ohio, liktlHc; |>acker» ;>aylng I2n’,liw. MILWAUKEK. MitWAVitES. May no.-Mmir-bleady and quiet. W'li/ii—Wheal opened Hteady; elided oiilet; No. I Milwaukee, fI. Hi hard. f 1.21; No. 2. $1.07W; June, f 1.07 W; July, tfi.urbii No. a, iHik,c. Corn firmer: No. 2ln fair deinnnd; 4lc. uutg firm; No. 2 In uoud de mand: riudi or June, 20c. Uy« unchanged; No. I, 72c. Harley Mroiiu’er and higher; No. 2. 7l((7Uc; No. il, 4oc. fVriy/Ut—Oiilet; wheal to IttiiTalu. :ic; loOgwcgu, UC. y/eeW/d* Hour, H.KUlirl*; wheat lo.VUbu. NAii/nicnlg-Hlour, lU.ko brl«: wheal, IM.uiObu. llogToif, May SO,—Hour—l.halted demand; West ern giiticrfltic.; common ciirii*, f4..vxi( r>.it); Wlseonsln and Mlmie*oin extra family, $.1.(»» 7.(«i; winter wbeai. Ohln. Indiana, umi Michigan.fiuxi U7.m: llllnol*. *; si. Loul*. fli.2vaUJ.mj fancy Minnesota and WlMriiii*|a,'s7,2-V-4ii.27U. (,ji(Oi-(;iiru oiilet; mixed and yellow, (Übj'aiKlbic. Out*—Mixed and No. 2 white, 44(a4sc; rujecied, 4du I»tTKAT,o. N. Y.. May d'l.-f/p'ifn-Whoat-Sflleii of Voohii No. 2 Milwaukee rliih In lota nl fi.mU. Corn -sale* Of 4.011 bu, m Me No. 2 mixed Western; Me high mixed; .lie for No. 2 do. Chnuf /Veig/Ws—Firms unchanged. wool.. I'liiLAiirmil*, I'll. * May dn.-Wool market clulli Pennsylvania and West Virginia double extra nti.l alMive, 4<K>(4tC( X, tiiaaioi’j medium, 4:!<rt44e; course, New York, Michigan, Indiana, and Western fine, 3»i,tUilc; medium, dii.Mtlcj coarse, XKttrfes comb* ink washed, unwashed, :&j:i7c; flnu unwash* fd, -“'kiii'K!; course medium, unwashed, a.Wi*»ej tub washed, 4H*I.V; extra merino, pulled, nonage; Ix’oi 1 and super pulled, IKxjJlc. I‘KTUOMCUM. (U.Kvm.ANK, 0., May ao.— i'eiroteiim rfrm and tin chunked; standard white, no test, lie; prime while, lur> test, Uc cur lull, TUHI»KNTIMS. steady”lwe loXl turpentine JIAUINK. CIIICAIiO, Aimivitn—Schr C. Hinder, Monliteo, lum* her; sclir Christiana, Kenosha, gravel; prop Phlla* ■lelphla, JlulTulo, sundries; sclir K. 0.L., Traverse City, lumber; sclirllurburlmi, Ford Uivcr, lumber; schr Vermont, Muskegon, lumber; edit F. li. hlocUbridge, Manistee, lumber; schr Hume, Pent* water, lumber; proyS. I). Caldwell, Fort Huron, sundries; prop Messenger, Denton llurlior, sun* dries; stmr Coruna, Ht. Joe, sundries; schr Fleet* wink, Cheboygan, cedar posts; schr Itlackhawk, Manistee, lumber; schr Felicitous, Horn’s Pier, wood; schr Deluit, Ludfngtou, lum ber; schr Florence, Muskegon, lumber; schr C. C. Trowbridge, Cheboyyan, lum* her; schr Carrier, While hake, lumber: schr Cecelia, Manistee, lumber; stmr Sheboygan, Munitinvoe, sundries; sehr Colllnkwood, Uruml traverse, wood; schr Bky Lark, Alpena, lumber; sent A. P. Nichols, Truvursu Day, wood; stmr Muskegon, Muskegon, sundries; scow Marlon Dixon, White Lake, lumber; prop Colorado, lluf* falo, sundries; schr Kelchuni, Cedar Diver, cedar pools; schr Margaret A. Muir, Charlotte, coal; scow Mary Helen, White Lake, ties; prop Tern* se»l, Montague, sundries: schr Dertslu Ibult, lanlstue, lumber; sclir il. F. Tremble. Dußalo, coal; schr Delos Du Wolf, Alpena, lumber; Lyman M. Davis, Muskegon, lumber; sclir Penh tlgo, llrocn Day. iambor;scbr D. Fergurson.Creou Day, lumber; schr Peusaakve, CliLbuygun, lumber; ali' ;*«' * sebr Hcor.v Murray, buffalo, rnal; sebr Advance. White Lake, lumber: sebr 11. C. Albrecht, North port, wimil; trlir ClirMlim Nilsson. Muskegon, liirnltpr; schr Levi Dawson, Ksrnnaba, plg-lrou; prop Lowell, Ogdensburg, sundries; sebr Kiln Kllemvood. Wlitlo Lake, lumber: nchr Willie Keller, Manistee, lumber; sebr Dirk Somers, frnverso bay, wood; sebr Cuyahoga. Mnsouilo Diver, luinluv; sebr Monsoon, Cjrntnl Haven, lum ber; hclip C. Jforlli, drain) Haven, lumber; schr U. 11. Campbell, White Diver, lumber: nchr 11. Nichols, buffalo. scow Oladlalor. Manistee, lumber, srbrßardlnin. Frankfort, wood; Fdir Knutllne, White Luke, lumber; scow I bin ilnycs, Manistee, lumber; schr Declproclty, Man iMtve, Ico; scow Sen Star, Muskegon, lumber; schr Tom Fnlne, Muskegon, wood; scow It. 11. Decker. Plko'9 I’lor, lies; uchr Higgle A Jones. Al pena, lumber; schr Hvpsy, Muskegon, lumber; jtrnp Empire Blato, buffalo. sundries; schr Holden Fleece, buffalo, cnnl; prop Trader, Manistee, Inin* her; schr Island (Juoen. ManNloo. lumber; schr St. Lawrence, Manistee, wood; nchr E. Flt/gcrald, HulTalo, coni; schr Tuscola. Silver Lake, lumber; prop Colin Campbell. Luulngton, lumber; achr Oconto, Kingsville, ties; sebr Bolt, Lmlinglou, lumber; ecbr I’olotnac, I.ltllo Traverse, wood; sebr <l. Ellen, While Lake, wood; prop Forest City, Eric, coal; schrll. 11. Ilrowu, Erli* coal; prop M. (Iroli, Manistee lumber; schr .1. it. A. Stroimcli, Mniiirlce, lumber: prop Missouri, Ontonagon, huh* dries; achr 11. 1). Moore. I’enlwnlcr, lumber. Ci,KAiißD—Btmr Corona, 81. Jov, suuilrlca; stmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc, dg.OOO uu wheat, and pumlricH; schr Dictator, DutTalu, 2'l.g7H bu wheat; sebr Florida, Kingston, IK,POO buwlient; achr A. •1. Mnwry. Lincoln. H brls licef and Miindrlcs; sebr William Jones, Michigan City, 4r» cords stone; sebr KlTemtm, White Itlver, f> brls beef, ‘J brls pork; sebr Perry lianimh, Cleveland, sundries; scow Mary Helen, Willie Lake, d lons feed. I ton bran, lo brls salt, g tes bml: schr O. M. bond, Kingston, 10,7:i:i bu corn; schr Halstead, Sheboygan, Hiiolm corn, 1,181 bannts; sebr 11. D. Moore, tinfTnlo, Id,'llo bu wheat: prop Messenger, Denton Harbor, sundries; schr Cos sack, Kingston. 10,1100 bu corn: schr belle Mitch ell, Kingston, IH. lOSbu corn; sebr A. J. Dewey, Kingston, Iti.HgH nil corn; sebr Watertown. Kings ton. gll,dot) bu oats; prop Tempest, White Lake, sundries; slinr Muskegon. Muskegon, lUsks meal nnddl sks feed; prop Idaho, IhitTulo, go, 000 bu rorn, 1,000 brls Hour. Id brls eggs, d 7 tubs butler, mid sundries: prop Alaska, bultulo, 000 brls Hour; Erie. 51,000 lui corn; achr L. Seaton, Ibignlo, lo.oSO bu wheat; prop Cl. .1. Truuadell, Urceu Day, ~0 brls pork and sundries. LAKE ntEIQIITS. CHICAGO. Lake freights were Iti good demand and firmer, farriers were asking 51c for wheal to lluttalo curly, und the market closed at about 2?ic, rorn being taken atKingston rales advanced Me, clos ing at dUc for corn. The charters as reported were: To lluttalo—Prop Colorado, corn and oats through; schr A. Vonght, wheat; steam barge Davidson, and schra Ogarlta and.). C. King, corn on private terms. TUeaebrG. W. Adorns wnsru mured as taken fop oats. To Krlu—'The prop Phil adelphia and schr Schuylkill, corn through, and .another tow wheat. In the afternoon the schr Cleveland was chartered for corn to Kingston at f>kic. Capacity. (JO,QUO bu wheat, iIoO.OOU bu corn, und 150,U00 bu oats. ELSBWHCIItt. jdtt.WAL’Kn:, Wlh., May 20,There was quite an Improvement in tho demand for grain vessels to* day, and better rates ottered. Shippers fairly of* fered U?4C on wheat to liuttnlo, but carriers gener ally held back for 5Jc. Engagements were: Tn Ituttalo—Schrs Porter and A. It. Norris. HO,OOO 1m wheat at 51c; and the schr Case, GO.UOU bunt tifcc. LAKE MICHIGAN - . CHICAGO. The schr Dick Sommers lost her Jibbonn by col lision in the river yesterday.... The schr City of Toledo, formerly a sldewbeel steamer, hut trans formed during the winter Into a schooner at Wolf & Davidson's dry-dock at .Milwaukee, is In port for the first time. Him has a cargo of lumlmr on hoard ....TheyachtAnnlo Louise Cary is recelvtnga new cabin and rail. Mr. C. Ilaldwin Is making the Im provements.... Tho steam canal-boat H. it T. ran Into tho schr George Murray yesterday at tho Junction of the North and South Branches of Chi cago River. The result of her recklessness and carelessness was a busted steuinplpo and a demolished wheel-honsc....Tlio schr George Murray, which arrived here yesterday, hits not been In commission since 1H74. Hho was laid up all of last season at Racine. W)s....Thu smallest schooner on the lakes arrived hero from Peulwotor, Mich., yesterday, with u cargo of 100 bunches of shingles, which was os largo a cargo as sliu could safely carry. Her name Is Home, but it Is hardly probable that anybody will fed himself at borne on this cruft when out on the lake during a squall or a storm.... A largo licet arrived In port yesterday, about seventy-live ves sels having been registered during the last twelve hours.... Tho schr Perry Ifuniio, which was ashoro at Death's Door, has gone Into one of the docks of the Chicago Dry-Dock Company. She will have a new fore-foot,und receive a general overhauling. PORT lIUUON. Fpfctal Pit patch to The Tribune. PoiiTinmuK. Mich., May hi).—Down—Prop* St. Paul, Arctic, City of Concord, Annie L. Craig, Vanderbilt. Ui*—Props Quebec, Nowhurg, Japan, Sparta mid tow, Prairie Slate and barges, lidlo Cross and barges; sebrs W. it. Hanna, Typo, Norway, 11. A. iticiimoml, Wind—Southeast, gentle; weather fine. special Dispatch to The Tribune. Pont llunox, Midi,, May 110.— Down—Prong On* torlii, Scotia No. 1. Up— Props Mary Jnrockl, 1!. C. Schnnor, Sanilac nml consort, Cotlinberry mid barges, Egyptian and consort; ,1. S. Slider, Lonita. Wind—South, gentle; weather flno. MAUQUKTTTJ. jiprctal /HspttU-h to The Tribune. MAr.QiiKTTit, Mich., Slay 50. —Ajuiived—Prop D. M. Wilson; nchnt Frank Poruw, Samuel L. Wilson, .1. It. Wltlng, New London, Clara Parker, John Itrndon. Cuiaukii—Schrs Fred A. Morse, Samuel L. Mather. Passed Up—Props Winslow, Keweenaw, Cuya hoga. Paused Down—Props Peerless, Garden City. Wind— South, brisk. TIIK CANAL. . Ilmmiitt'oiiT, May.’llL—Anmvmi—Elizabeth, La- Salle, 5,1100 bu corn; prop Montauk, Luckport, 7HO brls Hour, 500 brls incnl. Clkaiied— Champion, Peru, 02,007 ft lumber. MTSCELTvAXKOUS. JHJUIS AND TUBIIB. The tng Jay C. Morse has been sold at Marquette to John H. (Jtllott for SH,OOO. She will boom ployed In harbor nml lake lowing and wrecking, and will he stationed at that port.... The Detroit TYlbiine status that llio rate offered «n lumlter from Muskegon to (Quebec (S 8 In gold) Is not fa vorably. considered, and the parties seeking to charter aru (hiding great ditllcuily. Not only urn there the heavy tolls U> pay, Inti there are charges at every point on thu way down, and owners aru slow to take h01d.... The piers at Hailey’s Harbor arid JnckHonport were badly damaged uy tbe gale on the 21st and 22d lust. The gule was (ho sever f-i cx]ierienced In that s<>cthm for years, and lh» water In thu harbor rose about 20 Inches nlmvo thu usual height....buys the Cleveland Herald: “The scow Uncle Snm has arrived huru with thu first Installment of the ore which was sunk In thu schooner City of buffalo near Sand Pouch lust fall. More is to cornu, and the prospects are that the schr will get off without much damagu.’’....Last week tha ono-half Interest of thu htephujis A Presley dry-dock ut Cluvclund was purchased by thu Globe Iroji Works Company for thu consideration of £1(1,000. It will hereafter be called thu Globe Dock,and run entire ly separate from the Ironworks The Detroit ro»* says: “Tho slmr Holland, which bus been receiving large repairs and Improvements for the purpose of making her (U for tho passenger trade between Cleveland and Detroit, made her tirst ap pearance on the river, reconstructed, Hulurday. Hho worked and looked remurkuhly well. Hhu Is to run fncunnectiunwlth thu Wunonn, P, cham berlain, and Marine City; left 011 ber (Irut trip Saturday night for Ooilerlch and Hnginaw....Tiio sclir Thomas arrived At Milwaukee Monday afternoon in u disabled condition. Hho bad acof llshmon Lake Huron last Wednesday with thu barge A. C. Kcutlng. This latter vessel wus also disabled. tub ons nuna. Vessels In the oro I railu nl Marquette nro at <hu present time currying on old contract* atsdpur ton. They have three or four more trips to muko, after which they will have to come down to sl.r>o nr Si.4o. or perhaps less. Freights from Kscnnuba to Cleveland average $1 .IW. There have been hut few charters made, and those were forSl.flO from here to Cleveland and HrU*. mid SI.-ft from Kscu* imha to the sumo ports.— JfvtHlng U'tironsln, DULL T1M8.4 AT CLEVELAND. A walk along tlio dock# of this city now would fall to cunvlncu any miu that tbo marine Interests of Cleveland were of any Importance whatever. Tlio largo atorohousua oru vinjity, tliu coal-docks arc clour, the ore-docks nearly on, tliu ship-yards nru ijukt, the brokers aru Idle, tlio harbor-master linn nothing to do, evury otto and everything wears u dull, apathetic look that Is decidedly at variance with uny notions of a busy season. ilut few Ven ecia aru In port, and those for thu most purl appear to bo In ordinary, at least they aru doing nothing. Along the Old ulver bud there aro six large sail-vessels that huvu not yet lilted out, and It la doubtful if they will do so this summur. Thu prop Itocket is also laid up. Vessel men do nothing nowadays but look back to thu good old days of 'T-l ainP7ll. when business of all kinds was good, when vessels would almost pay for themselves in one season, and (ben with a long-drawn sigh well, they go homo disgusted.— Ltautr, THE WELLAND CANAL. Sjitclul litipatch (a Tht Tribune. Kt. ('ATiumbKs.lluyau.—Lock !il,section M,on the new Welland t’unal was llnlihed to-day. This is the first look completed. All the WO rks aru pro greasing favorably. * UUPPAI.o. Atrial IHtpatch ta The Tribune muriw, N. V., Say 30.-a*,, M ie« v .„.u bavcrbarlerrd rnal toCblcagonl 50 cenla Mdn week Including Ibe Sheldon, llerrlnmn, and Wodflrnfr' now placed In commission for tbo first time n.u sea Hon. Tbo Sail Diego, Kingfisher, IlruMev ( hamplon, and others, bad lied up /or Si nri 1 ton on coal. Improved freights at Cbira'vi i.nvn started them. The barge llannarord. ns|mr« Long Point since Inst fab. wn* relieved Mumlivb* Hiu tui,’ Pierce and taken lido Port .Maitland. ’ 1 3 lion* President Ititpln .lltislird Ills l| n ‘. Tbo Paris correspondent to New v, ir i. Tliues rolafos Hie following of the rini«»n« iTeiirli nilviuate; M. Diipln was nlwava n member of Hu* Clmmlmr of Deputies, iiud w is always brllliunl In iv mental way. Hy w , lH solid, heavy, and masulve In b« M |v without bell!" what, we cull “beefy,” ami j;,{ looked like a country fanner, lie would wear coarse Imlniall shoes, the most ordiimtv elothcs, and If ho had dared ho would Jmvu donned u blouec. Dnpln’n hats became fi. mous. When presldlmr over tho turbulent Chandler ho fremiently had to close the buHium hy puUhiK on his hat. On one omt«ion hu dtd this with startling nITvcL Ills friend Herryer liad been in the tribune, pronouncing a great speech against the Hcpuhllcnns. At every tellhi" phraau Herryer timid hear Dupln’s hoh-naihil shoes applauding. At certain passages hii stamped with Joy. The loft, began to make an outcry. Unpin rose imijeslleally in his rlialp to call the honorable orator to order. It was his fluty to see that all opinions were respivimj and he should have to ask the orator (■> modify Ids language, and to remain within parliamentary limits, If the expressions whii-h ho believed ho had heard were repeated. liq should certainly rail the gentleman I o order Unpin was seized with a 111 of coughing, and. leaning over the tribune, whispered, “ TurtrtUu mm{ in n rn iW«c M — 1 “(iivo It In ’em; you’re In the vein.” Herryer went, on; the left tn menaelngly; o tumult followed, and Dupin put on Ids hat. It resembled the I lie of a man who has been on a spree, and was smashed In Mm most shocking manner. It had been lying under Ids holHiails while ho was applaud lug Herryer. Thu house roared with laughter, and under the good feeling produced the Mulm« went on, mid Herryer Unbilled his speech. IBILSINHSS (lAltl)S. rupture PP..T. A. BUKHMAN respectfully not I flex the nlfik-lM lolmvvimiof traveling Impostein wtio are going uh»ui the rnnntry selling iiultntlmi appliance* mill poisomuu mixture ax curative compound, friunlulenlly Ipretend lair to understand bis luislnem. and Dm* eiid:iiigerlii.t the live* und causing irrepnraiilc injury m the uuiuriu unit*. lie lias no agents. rmr ban be ever Instructed any one In bl* business. Dr. Sherman wilt Im tn Chicago and Milwaukee during till* nmnlli, where Dn»e ImcreMcd limy consult him la person, and reap the heimtU of bis etperleneu and remedies, principal oillee, i Amen.. -New Uirk. Hooks, with llkeiu>*cs of ejuie* before uml after euro, .nialleit on receipt of m rentM. KAOIiItOAD TIHII3 TAIII.i:. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Jfyplnnnttnn nf cepted. "Sunday excepted, t Monday excepted. | Ar rive Sunday ataitwa. in. § Dully. CDIOAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY. Ticket (MlleeS, (W Clark-st. (Sherman Mouse) and 7A tauiil-mreet.. corner Madlsou-st.. mid at tliu depots. j Leave. | Arrive. oPaclflcFart Line... •lonmn. m.> :t:4i)p. m. opulaifjue Day Ex. via Cltntou Moksta. in. • ami m. oDiiliui|ii(’Nk , lil Kx.vlatTUm m,:j ansi a. m. opmuhu Night Express imnu i. n».*t mao a. m. «{■ reeport Duimipta Exjires* 1 imau. m.i* m nt-reejmrl & Didmquo Express • mao n. tn. • cur.a. in, AM wuukes Fust Mull (dully):} VsUOa. m. 4 4:mp. m. Ml Iwawkco Express m. * 7s:io .. m. bM wuukeo PuMetiger i* m. Morr.a. m. Pa**i;nger (dullyjlpjiuip. in. { r,:cmn. m. 1 uy Exprc*s * mao a. m. • 7:i«i p. in. brtt. Paul h Mlinienpnll* Kx... •loan a. m. • 4an !i, m. /;st. Paul it Winona Express., t u: t.% p. ni. t 7a*i n. m. b.Marauette Express ‘Kitnop. m. • mao a. in. «(.enevn I.nko Express • -lamp. m. Mo:ir,n. in. f-Ueneva Luke Express « 4; tr»p. m. • 7am p. m. »i—Depot corner of Wells unit Ktnxlo-sts. o—Depot corner of Cnuul ond Klnzle-ets. MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot, foot of Lnke-»t.. and foot of Tweatysecond-st, lieket'Ollleu. «7 Uunc-it., southeast corucrof Han* dolph. and at Palmer House. Leave. | Arrive. Mallfyfn Main and Air Lino)... • A.non. m.i* 7:.’«)i>. m. rll) f ..£*l >rca *i ••••, * o.iwia. in. • Hamp. m, li U *iiw» WalV-V““:!: ! r.i'ir’pl m.iSS.' m. Sb-JSgSC 31: t Saturday Ex, • Sunday Kx. t .Monday Ex. } DulljC OmOAGO, ALTON 4 STTLODIS ind OHIOAQO, KANSAS CITY 4 DENVEB BNOET LINES. UOI SP We *‘ BW‘*. wear Mad Don-sf, bridge. Ticket oillcess At Dcjiot, and igg HumJolpli-si. K Leave. | Arrive. Kansas Cltjr&DnnverFast Ex. *ig;:ion.m. • 2:«>n 7n' si. Louis A; Nprlngtlebl Kx • union, in. • 7:50n in HI. I.onls. M ,r| n«(lebl* T cxf«. | »:mp. m.'ft 7H«o. . Pekin and Pcnrlu t-usihxprets. -ui:ii)«. ,• 4.1,111 ,>< 1 cor a Day Express • tcisia. m. • 7:.v* .. 111. J.ft'rt'*- l ? c ?. k, l K A l l V} rl I ! , n ‘f. , . Qn - * I,;U, P- m. ;• 7:4i»a. m. Uileago& Paducah K. K. Kx.. • n;i«m. m. '• 7*50» ni WiMh'tonKx. Mumop. m. am» *. m. Joliet A: Dwight Accomnidin'ii * rump. m.!« pjgoa. m. LAKE SHOES & MIOHIGAN_BQPTTTT!TW, I Leave, j Artfve. Mnlt. via Main Line | r:toZ’iin(H7mp. m.' hpeelal N. 1. Express 1 u:u,a. in. p-00,, m At untie.Express,dally fi:lAp. m. mi«in. 111. Cdteiioiir Accommodation.... :t;4O p. in.l 1 1 :Km. m. Mght fcxprcrt :tiu;a»p. in. {SHOiu nu CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE 4 BT. PAUL HAILED AD, Union Depot, corner Madison nml Cannl-its. Ticket ontec. lUHoutliClark-at., opposite Sherman House, and ut Depot. ' ( Leave. | Arrive. Milwaukee Express > main. m.;» 7-aon m' Wisconsin & Minnesota Thro'i i ’ J>*r KxprcM Moioon. in.,* i:oop. m Wisconsin, lowa, and Mlnno-, | * s.un KxpreM.. • 0:05p. in. Ml:(X)a. nt W Isconslu «t .Minnesota Thro’ i Mubt Express If »;4r.p. in. t 7:m n. m, At I trains run via Milwaukee. Tickets for St. pan nml M nHfajioUs arc (food cither via Madison nml Prnlrlt du Uilcu, or via W ulertown, La Crouse, uml W’lnouu. ILLTNOIB CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot, foot of Lake-sl. and foot of Twcniy-serond-iL flcknt unite, DM llamloli'h-st., near Clark. I Leave. | Arrlie. St. Louts FxpreM • HMo'n. in. •HM.'.'iTm! M. Louis hast Line { in. | 7:;nin. in. Cairo fe New Orleans Kx i* smiu, m. • hm'.h, hi. Cairo Night '{ Hiiuii. m. ! 7::ma. in. Hprlnuilcld, Peoria St Keokuk • h,4o!i. in. • r,::ion. m. sprliiglk'ld Night Express t Htinp. m. S 7::iou. m. Vorla nn<l Keokuk Express... i* H::rip. m. ‘ 7.;ma. in. Du impiu it hjonx c ty Kx * mono. 111. ;• 4 mop. m. Dubmjne a Moitx City Lx • mua p. m. ,* 7:i«i», in. (Illiiiun iWuiKer .1* fitiiip. in. * »:n 11. m, CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & QUINCY RAILROAD. Depots, font of Lnko-st., Inillaua-av., nn.l Hxteenth st., and Canal amt Slxtcenlti-sts. Ticket unices, ,W Clurk-st., and at depots. | Leave, i Arrlvt* MaUnnil ExproM...... • 7:non. m. • 7:4<ip, m. ouuwii unO sircntor I’aftitoiitf r • 7:jo». in. • 7;U) >. m. IJorkfortl, l)iit<ui|uu & bluuz * Cltv • n;DOn. m. • ravine I'mt Lino, for Omnlm. Minum. m. • Kanins dry, Leavenworth, > i Au-hlxm 6i Bi. JuMph Kxp. •inimn. ni. • Aurora I’uMciwr • juap. m. • klomliitu, oiuiwa A Blroator | I’awwiiufor m.iMurAn. m. Anroral'ium-nyer • in. *inmn. in. AuroraTnwiiKcr (Sunday)...l Jimp.m.l innna. m, liiiljiinuß A hi.mix' City Jixp.... • iijj.'i |>. m. ( « 7:'»>a. m, IMcJlli; Mela l-.zp. foroinulm IlU;ixiii. m.; t 7: In it. in. Kama* city. Leavenworth, I . AU'lilhoji ti til. Joseph Kzp.. tlihnop. 7i|t)a. m, Downer's Ciruvo Accominoil'n Mli'iio. m.r ihnj p. m, Downer s (iriivo Amnnmoirnj* It-IA p. in. • r«:i:. r » p, in, Dowuera Drove Acoumiuoti'n * riiw p. m. • u:4,i a. in. Texas hxprew |*lti;ui p. m.|{ 7M')p. in. * tix. Sunday. t Lx. B.nnnljy. 5 Lx. Monday. ERIE AND OinOAOO LINE. Ttrket Offices. Kt Clark-st., I‘iUim-r ll<»i IMolflo. anil at depot, 12J Mlclifirnn-Hr.. c< mm. 'trains leave from Kximi.lilon llnltilli I.i-avu. pay Kiprru—l’uttman Praw» | ing-llouui tilci'pliiK Cara, 10l . New York without rlioiigo.. StliOft. in. 8:10ft. in. Atlantic Kiiirt'M Pullman 1 I'ulAccnrawwiK’ltnixn KicupM lug Cam ami lintel Cart. | ~Ouly lino running Urn liutvl ci PITTSBURG. FT. WATNB& «:fw p. mJ «!io p. m. irstu New York. emoiao RAILWAY, Leave. (*u:u)a. mJ'Tump. m. r«i Iflc KzprcM .... ft fiiis |i in ■ ♦ in l'°‘‘! l l 1 .’ a “ c,, * cr - F “ t Malt.... I in. I ul(ii«! In. " , ‘ r, ‘ r - r6 “ tu ' d “> “ v ""'“ a; • BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD, W t«i»‘ Exposition mulcting, foot of Mon fiVi'nVn MU L'lurk-st., j'sliiur House, uraiut 1 aelUe, sail Depot (Laico.niun liuliillnei. I Leave. I Arrive. J* 7:4(1 a. m.l* A: 10 p. m. .1* M:w a. nut a; to a. m. .1] aujrtp. m.l* uiiup. in. Accommodation Day Kxpress rust Kspreu.... ly, Sundayi excepted. CttlOiOO, HOCK ISLAND & PAOli'lU BAILEOAR Depot, corner of Van Huron ami bherman-su. Ticks! oUlce AH Llurk-st., biictliian House. I Leave. | Arrlvs. Omaha,Leavcnw'th & Atch Ki •nnuia. in. ;• 4:«) p. m. {.‘ htght Express. f union, in-'f PL MKJAI,. Osstoa i.k Vila c..un it mllsiowT:i’ ««It N<> T ,c..,' v .*" l l su ! 11l, 'c D. c.. May at. i«7O. I OTICI. U hereby given lu ull iVr.oji* who may hsva .. “itahisitliu ••City National Hunk of tides fu'i ‘be same must bepu-seuicd to Nathan H. Walworth. iteeelwr, with the legal proof thereof, with* In l lneo mouths from this dale, or liny util be dU*l levied, (blgucdj JOHN JAY KNOX. nii'ip. in. •isuip, m. 4:(»p m. 7:.v. u. in. hiw, fJrnmJ ;«rncr Mull* ( Arrive.

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