Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 2, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 2, 1876 Page 1
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VOLUME 80. OOSIB*T AND IIWDEEWEAH. -~47 plattnot and separate lines of NDERWEAR, comprising all tho doslrnhlo kinds [or tho season. All, ftom tho largest go the smallest man, can bo fitted. HOSIERY j n a greater variety of rich and olo rtnt goods than was over shown in (jo "West. Purchasing lino goods in bulk, diroot of tho manufacturers, in mmntitlos equal to that of any throo competitors, tho bargains wo olfor oinnot bo equaled. IMH., G 7 & 69 'Washington-st, CHICAGO. rKFS OPKUA HOUSE. CINCINNATI. 408 NOUTH FOURTH-3T., ST. LOOTS. AUCTION SALES, SPECIAL AUCTION SALES Watches, Jewelry, AND SH.VERWAEE, or THE BEST-KNOWN MANUFACTURERS, Jrery Afternoon and Ev’g, 2:30 and 7:30 o'clTc, A. H. MILLER’S, AT 61 WASHINGTON-ST. ELISON. POMEHOY «fc CO.. Auctioneer*. Mr. J. U. FRENCH will conduct the Kale. COAL. Wilmiigton Coal REDUCED TO $4 PER TON, Delivered, Until Further Notice. CHICAGO, WILMINGTON A VERMILLION COALCO, WILMINGTON STAR COAL CO. WILMINGTON COAL MINING & MANFUL CO. EUREKA COAL CO. OCEAN STEANISHIPS. STATE LINE. fEW YORK TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. DUBLIN, * BELFAST. AND LONDONDERRY. „ Theie first-ploss full-powered steamers will salt from Her No. 42, North River, foot of Canal-it.. Now York: STATE OK PENNSYLVANIA Thursday, June 1 STATE OF VIRGINIA Thursday, June IS STATE OK NEVADA Thursday, Junesti STATE OF INDIANA Thursday. June 30 And every alternate Thursday thereafter. , First cabin, tss and according to accommodation. Return tickets, flit. Second cabin. SSO; return tickets, $«). Steerage at lowest rates. Apply to J. WARRACK, No. MClark-*t., Chicago. STAE BALL LINE. PUTTED STATES A DRAZI L MAIL STEAMSHIPS. SalllnK monthly from Watson's Wharf. Brooklyn, N. Y. For Para, Pernambuco, Bahia, and Ulo Janeiro, calling ttfit. John's. Porto Rico. „ JOHN BRAMALL, 3.600t0ns Wednesday, May 31 J. H. WALKER, a,TOO tons Thursday. Juno SF.LLIK MARTIN, 3,000 tons Saturday, July Psmengcr accommodations flm-clan. Tor freight and passage, at reduced rates, apply to iTSIVuCKEB A CO., Agents, 34 Plae-su. New York. AHCROR LIKED.S.MAILS TEAMS. New York and Glasgow: BOLIVIA, Junoa. 3p. m. I ANCHORIA.JaueIT.nooti ALSATIA, June 10,3 0. in. I CALIFORNIA. Jo 34,3 pm New York to London: ICSTRALIAJune 10.4 p.m I ANGLIA. June M, 4pm Now York to Glasgow, Liverpool, London, or Londonderry. Cabins. SOS to SBO, according to accommodations. Excursion tickets at reduced rates. Intermediate. $33; steerage, S2B. Drafts turned for any amount at current ratca. BBNDKRaON BROTHERS, 00 Wuhlngton-rt. ONLY DIRECT LINK TO FRANCK.-The General Trsnsatlautio Company's Mall Kteamen between New Tork and Havre, calling at Plymouth (O. B.) for the hading of paaoengera. Tho splendid vessels on this fa vorite route for the Continent will sail from Pier No. 43, North River, as follows: SAINT LAURENT, Lwheaaet, Saturday, June s; FRANCE,Trudclle. Hat • May. June 10; •PKRUIKR. Daore, Saturday. June 17. ran of Poosoge In gold (Including wine): First abto. sllO U> $m according to accommodation; second, $73; third cabin. S4O. ileturn Uckria at ro ta e*d rates, steerage, $2«. with superior accommo dations, Including wine, bedding, and utensils. without extra charge. Steamers marked thus • do not carry Keerago passengers. LOUIS DeBbBIAN. Agent, 53 Broadway. N. Y. W. F. WHITE. No. 07 Clark-sU, sorner Randolph. Agent for Chicago. North German Lloyd. The steamers of this Company will aall every Satur day from Bremen Pier, foot of Thlrd-sL. Hoboken. Hurt of Passage—From New York to Southampton. London. Havre, and Bremen, first cabin, $H»»; second cabin, SBO. gold; steerage, S9O currency. For freight Mpuiace annly to OELRIdIIS A CO.. Great Western Steamship Line. From New Tork to Bristol (England) direct. lOMKRPKT, Western Wednesday, June 7. ARAGON, Symons Saturday. June 34 Cabin postage, s7o*. Intermediate, $43; Steerage. S3O. sxcuraloD ticket*. $130; Prepaid Steerage certificate*. JM. Apply to WM. F. WHITE. 67 Clsrk-su. Michigan irn^anunroad^^^^ w SUMMEltltEadilTS* MENASHA, WIS. Bruce’s National Hotel. .Forfishing, boating, drives, and sporting there ■ do place in the State that excels Uonosha and its ■Wounding#. Kenosha is advantageously situated tube foot of Winnebago Lake, on the Ills Fox «»er, within an easy ride of Milwaukee. The Na tional Is one of the best hotels In the interior. CONGRESS HALL, Saratoga String N. Y. .This elegant hotel, possessing the advantage of King situated between and adjoining tbe celebrated wnjreaa and IlaUioro Springs, U now open fox the ***eptlon of guests. _ TBRMBFOHJUNB, |2l PERWEEK. Thoroughiy renovated with additional hatha, *hieta, new furniture, and other extensive lia lavements, U will be found, by those in search of with uud pleasure, the most complete and con- I»oicdL a# we]) as tbe moat delightful of summer •otels. _ lIATHOWf A COOKE. Proprietor*. 'em rational. ST. MARTS HALL, FARIBAULT, MINN. ft* Bt, Be?. U. B. WHIPPLE, D. D., Rector. Hiss t>. P. DAULIItiTOI, Principal. -hander the peraoool supervision of the Bishop, wtlh f®»fptrleiicai teacher*. It offers superior advantages {weducslloo. with on Invigorating *md healthy ell- Tho eleventh year will begin THUUhoA*, 14, IH7O. For registers, with full details, »J --todtheltKCTOlt. ' "7 ~~~ lihh A !>. Ornoi or tub couwruoLLßß or Ctruntxor, I Wsainsrorow, I). C.. Msy U 4. H7rt. i WOTICK Is hereby given to sll Persons who may have claims sgaloit tho ** City National Hank of Lhlea- I?;, IU.. that the same roust be presented u» Nathan 11. Receiver, with tho legal proof thereof, with- Plot*# mouths (rum this date, or they will be rtlsol* «»*l udgiicd) John jay knox. , t i l ' cf Utc CumUjCJr-w Cfyicvttjo IJutlij ©ffteiw. LACES. GREAT REDUCTION in L.A.OES. FiGlfl, Leiter & Co. OFFER (Impure and llamlrarg Ms At 85c., SI.OO, and $1.50, worth $1.25, $1.60, and $2.00, WITH TRIMMINGS TO MATOE Also, a Lot Of Ecru Cactairs its At sl, $1.26, $1.60, and $2, worth $1,60, $2, $2.60, and $3. Blast, All Si, Him Ms Choice Designs at $3, $3.50, anil $4. STATE & WASHINGTON-STS. ci.oniiNU. iirtyrmc OFFER TO-DAY; A good White Duck Vest. $1.25, $1.50. Finest material made up equally low. Our Business Suits arc stylish. sl2, sl4, $lO and $lB buys Suita that will certainly give satisfac tion. Blue Flannel Suits, best quail, tics, $18.50. Black Alpaca Coats, extra lengths. Black and Colored Mohairs. Fine assortment of Pants, and those that are cut to fit. All Goods retailed at WHOIjE SAXiF PRICES. 150 STATE-ST. 126 MILWAUKEE-AT. RAILUOADS, Liitoii Strife And Liable to Strike Again. THE OLD RELIABLE BALTIMORE k OHIO B. R. Ronton $17.00 New York HI.OO Philadelphia 14.40 Baltimore 14.00 Washington 14.00 Passengers holding tickets by this route can stop over ul any point desirable. For full information cull at the Company's Office, Palmer IIouho: Grand Pacific Hotel, 80 Clark-et., and in Depot, Expositionßuildlng, footMonroo-sl. THOS. P. BARRY, L. M. COLE. West. Pass. Agent. Gen.Tlc-kutAgent. GENEKAL NOTICES, THE SAFEST INVESTMENT FOR YOUR MONEY 18 IN YOUR OWN TAXES, especially when you can got n HANDSOME DISCOUNT. The City of Chicago will, at anytime before June 1, 1870, borrow fromjierHOHH owing City Real Estate Tuxes for the year 1875 the amount of such taxes, allowitigtwo (2) percent discount, ond after June 1, and prior to July 1, 1870, allowing one and ono half < 1 Vi) per cent (Recount, and will Issue vouchers therefor which may be used at once, or held until tho owner la prepared to pay his other taxes. By order of the Mayor and Finance Committee. Apply to 8. 8. HAYES, Comptroller, Room :I. City Hall. FINANCIAL. 7 PER CENT. We will loan $25,000 to SIOO,OOO on business property at SEVEN. On band to loan atO, SBOO, 81.000. $1,200, $2,300; at H. $2,000, $2,500. SCUPPER & MASON, 107-101) Dearborn-si. DISSOLUTION NOTICES. Tho firm of Elkins, Locko A Co. U this day dis solved by mutual consent. All accounts will Ik settled by ,T. W. Elkins, successor, wbo will con tluuo the business lu tbo same place. J. W. ELKINS, 8. I’. LOCKE, CniCAQO. May 31. 1870. p. s. MILLER. DISSOLUTION The partnership existing between W. R. Burdick and D. R. Mead, under tbo firm name of Burdick A Mcud. Is this day dtanulved by mutual consent. Either nanuer Is authorized to algo Inc firm muno lu settlement. W, R. BURDICK. CIUQAOO. May 20, 1870. D. It. MEAD. TO KENT. Desirable Dices TO RENT IN THE TRIBUNE BUILDING. INQUIRE OP WILLIAM 0. DOW, Hoorn 10, Tribune Building. LAIINDUVi REDUCED PRICES 3vrur3sra-EE, 3 s LAUNDRY OKFICKB—At l-'O DRAUHOUS-KT.; 4H ROHTI CLAHK-hT.. audUflK WAUASII-AV. OIL TAMtS. iWILSON * UVENDEN, jKJ. oil tanks SHIPPING CANS, pnaat-H *3 « 49 Wsat Lake Street. ozzxoAaOs DOOMED. The County Ring Looking Forward to a Sojourn at Joliet Tho Grand Jury Brings in a Formidable Batch of Indictments, Johnson, Ashton, Crawford, Bol den, Jones, McCaffrey, Carroll, Bussell, Harris, etc. The Brethren Give Bail, and Loudly Proteat Their Innocence, Another Squealer Discovered "Who Exposes tho Heat Contracts. The Grand Jury Submits an Interesting Hesume of Its Labors. The Mass of Perjury and Official Corruption Which Con fronted Them. Choice Illustrations of Periolat’s Sys tem of Making Out Bills. Inability to Unearth Anything About tho Wabash Avenue Rail way Jab. Corruption Suspected, but Not Discovered, in the Fullerton Avenue Con duit Work. ■WINDING UP BUSINESS. HINDU CASKS. The Grand Jury yesterday morning disposed nf u number of trivial coses before taking bold <;I the regular Investigations (uto county man agement. Kimberly, it will he remembered, bud squealed, uml, notwithstanding he bad been the last witness Wednesday, lie occupied the same position yesterday. To make bis “ squeal ” complete, be was called several times before the jury, but bis statements did not differ ma terially from bis confessions already published, except that bo denied that be bad ever fre quented a certain class of bouses. ANOTHER SqUBALBIt. The next lm)>ortant witness was a Mr. Sweet zcr. residing at Jefferson, who baa for the Inst eight years bad tho contract for supplying the Insane Asylum with meat, notwithstanding that the contract bad been awarded to I*. O’Donnell, which means I’crlolut & Co. lie proved to be a “ squealer,” and, under certain circumstances, was induced to tell what he knew. In substance, his story was that he had been seduced by Pcrlo lat, that he had been* unmercifully rubbed, and, to make himself even, he had Joined In tho work. Tho long-sought C. N. Holden, Jr., was Ibo next wltuess. before entering the room e woe Ignorant of what was wanted of him. hut his eyes were opened when bis attention was di rected to the fact that he had paid i’crlolut for 100 barrels of dour, when only seventy-five had been delivered to the Insane Asylum, lie professed to know nothing of the deal, hut when the facts were pressed upon him he confessed that he might have been robbed os indicated, but did not ecu bow it could have boon dune. BAXTER. The next case brought lieforo the jury was that of James Baxter, charged with conspiring to defraud. It was charged against him that he had conspired with James Rog ers to burglariously enter the store of Partridge A Co., on Slate street, a case which has attracted some utteutlou. He had been Indicted a few days ago, and the motion was to release him by tho Jurjra reconsidering the Indictment. The effort to this end was marked, but proved futile, for while the indictment against Baxter was sus tained, Rogers hud been previously discharged. It is nroper to state here that the statement made In reference to the State's Attorney's action In taking ball for Rogers' release was not intended to reflect on that olllccr. he having acted with the knowledge and approval of Judge Moure. The Jury then turned Its attention to tho consid eration of unfinished business, which covered nil that hud been proven of ofiiclal corruption. The evidence was all in, and oil that remained was u> arrange it that Indictments might be drawn. The Interna on tho outside was intense. The accused had scented tho trouble from afar, and being satis fied from the publication in these columns that they bad been or would be indicted they were ex cited. Prominent among them wore ex-Commis siuuors Jones and Crawford. The former was nervously engaged in hunting bail, ond tbo latter found nothing more pleasant than to abuse cer tain reporters, to whom he attributed his downfall, la fact, he claimed hie indictment os a vindication, and while bo made in one moment a number of threats of libel and gen era) annihilation, in the next bo found it very con venient to apologize, stating that be bad spoken excitedly, etc. Swectzcr's “squeal," however, amounted to the finding of two indictments, one against tho squealer and tbo other agalnal O’Don nell, all of which was duly recorded. The Jury then settled down to the winding up of its labors. About the indicting of JAILBU DOYLE, for allowing prisoners to escape, tbo fight was vig orous. The true bill that had been found, how ever, was killed by the State's Attorney, who urged that be had tried a similar case, aud had bccu unable to convict. This being settled, the Indict ment of the Commissioners and others who hid been connected with county affairs, Including Pcrlolat, Kimberly, Sweotzcr, and O'Donnell, was then considered. The discussion was stormy, but the results, as ascertained and previously pre dicted, were pleasing. The document against PKIUOLAT was as follows: Tho Grand Jurors, chosen, selected, and sworn, In and fur the County of Cook, In the State of Illi nois, In tbe name anil by the authority of the people of the SUte of Illinois, upon their outlie present that Clemen# F. I'erlolal, lute of tbe County of Cook, on tho Ist day of May, in the year of our Lord IK7H, .In eald County of Cook, In the State of Illinois aforesaid, with the Intent to cheat and de fraud a certain body politic and public corporation, to-wil, The County of Cook, of Its personal goods and property, did than and there unlawfully, knowingly, designedly, and falsely pretend and represent to tbe Hoard of Commissioners of said county that the said i'crlolat had within eighteen months before the day and year aforesaid, furn ished and delivered to said County of Cook, as such body politic uml corporate, large quantities of groceries, wares, merchandise, and other personal gouda and property of great value, to-wit, of the value of (60,00(1, for the care, support, main tenance and sustenance of the inmates of the Poor- House and Insane-Asylum of said county; it being (ben and there the duly by law of the said Hoard of Commissioners to provide for the delivering and furnishing of the said groceries, wares, and mer chandise, and other personal goods uml properly for the care, support, and maintenance and sus tenance of tbe Inmates aforesaid, whereas in truth and in fact lie. tbe said Clemens F. i'erlulat, hail nut within eighteen months before the said Ist day of May aforesaid furnished and delivered to said County of Cook, as such body politic and corporate, the groceries, wares, merchandise, and other per sonal gooda and property aforesaid, as aforesaid, for the care, support, maintenance, and suste nance of the said inmatea of said Foor-iluuM mid Insane-Asylum, as he, the said Pcrlolat, then and there well knew. And the Grand Jurors afore said. upon (heir oaths aforesaid, here present and ouy that they are unable to give, and caunut give, a mors particular and speclilc description of the said groceries, wares, merchandise, and personal goods and property aforesaid. Hy reason and hy means of which said false pretense and rep* resentallun he, tho said Clemens K. Perlolat, did then and there, to-wlt, on the said Ist day of May aforeoaid, in thccuuntyaforcsuld, unlawfully, knowingly, designedly, ami fraudulently obtain of and from (he said body politic and corporate, to wit, said County of Cook, $60,000 in current money in United Stales notes and current bank bills of the value of $60,000 of divers issues and denominations to the Grand Juror# aforesaid un ,kftuwu. the pquotutl syodj.mwy, uul CHICAGO, FRIDAY. JUNE 2, 1876. of the mid County of Cook with the Intent to chut and defraud tt thereof contrary to th« »ut- Qtc, and tgainat the peace and dignity of Um a&ma pooplo of the stale of llilnola. TUB OTHERS. The Indictment again** the other partlea, and really the more Important of tho two, waa ae fol low*: The Grand Jorora, choaen. aolected, and rwom, In and for tho Coenty of Cook, tn the State of nil noVa, in the name and by the authority of the peo ple of the State of Illinois. npon their oath* ore* b*int that Clrmcna F. Perlolat, George B. Klmner ■W. Patrick O'Donnell, Ilngh 11. Rweeteer, Joeeph Harris, Alexander B. Johnson. John McCaffrey, Patrick Carroll, John 1. Ravell, John Crawford, Samuel Ashton, John Jones. Clmrlea C. P. Holden, on the Ist day of .lone, in the yeor of onr Lord IK7G, In said County of Cook, in the State of Illi nois aforesaid, with the intent then and there to cheat and defraud a certain body politic and public corporation, to-wit, the County of Cook, of ita money, personal goods, tod property, did then and there unlawfully, knowingly, designedly, fraudu lently. and felotilaualy, combine, tonsnlrc, and agree together with the fraudulent intent wrong fully and wickedly to obtain by false pretenses of and from the raid body poittlc and public corpora tion, to-wit, tho said County of Cook, divers large quantities of groceries, mercbAtidfac, meat, ana lard, of great value, to-wit, of the mine of $50,000, and divers largs sums of current money of great valae. to-wlt, of the value of $50,000, the money, personal goods, and property of the said body politic unu public corporation, rir, the Comity of Conk, with the Intent to cheat and dc fraud the mid body politic and corporation, to wit, the County of Cook, thereof, a more particular de scription of which said groceries, merchandise, meat, lard. and current money, the Grand Jury aforesaid are unable to give and set forth herein, contrary to the statute, and against Uie peace and dignity of the same people of the Bute of Illinois. The Indictments were returned -Into Court about 2 o'clock. Judge Moore having to be sent for. At this moment the members of the Board were about assembling, and but few of the Indict ed imagined for a moment what was In store for them. They appeared bold, however, and such aa had not anticipated the result were early to come forward and otter ball. None of them had any Idea of the nature of the indictments found, and certainly none of them knew of the adoption of thu following RESOLUTIONS Hetolced, Thnt In view of the vast amount of ds tall, thu number of the persons Indicted. the tla prancy of the crimen, and Uic unscrupulous resist ancc Ihot will probably be made, the Jury unani mously recommend that the State’s Allonicy be authorized and requested to obtain all such legal assistance as In his judgment may be necessary, in the prosecution of the indictments fur frauds apon the cuunty. Another resolution adopted was (hat the bills for George Buckley, for short-hand reporting for this jury, he paid by the county. And yet another was: J.'etolred, That the thanks of tins Grand Jury be and they arc hereby tendered to the Hon. L. Jl, Otis, Foreman, for his efllcienl and untiring efforts in the cause of justice, honest*’- ind good govern ment, and in our efforts to expose, anil bring to Justice the count* “'‘ ■•• Her officials and contractors who have. nu«>i . nc to the tc*Umony before ns. been carrying on io r n series of years n system of wholesale fraud and rubbery against this community. The presentation of the returns to the Conrt was followed by a neat speech from Judge Moore, thanking the jury for Its faithful work. BRINGING THEM IN. WHAT TUB SINNER* HAD TO SAT. Immediately after the dismissal of the Grand Jury the extent of Its work was pretty general ly understood. The Commissioners were about assembling, and such os had been Indicted were not a little upset. Jones and Crawford occu pied positions on the front steps, and, since they had failed to persuade the jury not to in dict tlicni, were prepared for the worst. Mr. Ashton hud anticipated the result, and was in the office of the Slate’s Attorney awaiting ar rest, while McCaffrey thodeflant and Johnson and Holden were acting with the Board In opening the bids for building the new Court-House. Ail of them tried to be ciiccrfol, but to expect a smile was too much. Kacb of them saw looming up before him the spectre of Peni tentiary life, ami none were prepared to kindly greet it. Empty talk luul served to answer a few of ttic newspaper accusations, but they were fully aware that now something else was necessary. Thu game of brag had been very successful, but they realized that before a court of Justice a new game would bo needed, and thnt their response woidd have to be moru than mens words. In fact, the question was give ball or go to Jail, a matter which busied their excitable natures until tho work o.' the Board bad been com pleted. IN TUB V COMB. Shortly after 4 o'clock the eky began to darken, and the lowering cloud. ' prefaced ih** rnln which was noun to follow. It ra« rather o queer colncl douce that about the earn* »lrac the Criminal Court room wnn dnrkouod by the presence of the indicted Commissioners. With the exception of Pcrlolat, they were glum to a iiilii. The blow was not un expected, but Instead o' being good-natured about It. they not their teeth f.i tnly. and bad little to eay. They liad come to |,’ve bonds and the fact that the catastrophe wan anticipated bad been the means oi sending them around among their friends in search of bondsmen. Their search had retailed successfully. In spite of the popular prejudice against going on men's bonds. Increased by the skippings of the past eight or nine months, the Commissioners bad friends In who did all that lay in their power to verify the old proverb and show that they were friends Indeed. So that, when they tiled Into the court-room, as with common accord, they were accompanied bv men who proposed to stand by them through cvfl and through good report, although some of them no doubt wished they had not bceu called on, and would have been conveniently absent ’had they received previous Intimation that they were likely to he needed In this capacity. Judge Moure was summoned from his room, and Prosecuting Attor ney Heed was present to conduct the ceremonies. None of the accused wore accompanied by counsel save the ellervescent Pcrlolat, whose spirits wore slightly corked up under the guardianship of A. S. Trude. BAM ASHTON was the first to offer ball. Now Ashton's plea was that of the majority of bis brethren In tniefurtuae. He stated to a Thiuunk reporter, soon after the news of his indictment reached him, that be supposed somebody had to be Indicted. The E conic of Chicago had the Indictment fever aaly jost at the present time; In fact, worse than they hud ever been known to have it before. It baa reached the malignant stage, and he was one of the victims. He supposed it wss all right. These periods of public excitement came around once In u while, and whlio this was a rather exag gerated case of public virtue, he thought some people would see that Instead of indicting rogues they had battled up honest men. Was he Innocent? Of course he was. and be expected to provu It, ton, if they'd give him half a chance, and with this feeling animating his manly breast, ho stepped up to the Judge’s bench. " I had thought." said Som, “that my own re cognizance would bn sufficient Heretofore the word of bun Ashton has stood against the City of Chicago. Now, be has to have bondsmen." Expressions of sympathy from several members of the gang. ••That's all right, Mr. Ashton," coolly respond ed Judge Moore, “but It would have atmdetlcct. It wouldn't do to go around the lot, taking every man’s recognizance." So bam saw it was of no use to urge the matter, and ho quietly entered into bonds in the sum of SIO,OOO, with Charles K. Hammond and Hiram P. Crawford as sureties. Doth are thought to be straight men. JOIIS JONBB, the good-linmorod Americau with African blood conning through bis velna, next presented him self. The Court recognised him, and nodded pleasantly toward him. Charley Reed said he would do without any sureties, but be would prefer that somebody's name should appear with his on tlm bond. John smiled, and produced John Atkin son and Morton Culver, who put their names to the bond, which woe, like the rest, for SIO,OOO. and John Junes walked away to tell the reporter that it was all a mistake, that bv was O. K., as he said, and would prove his Innocence as sorely as there was a heaven above the earth, lie should go to his lawyers at once and put the ca»o iu their bauds, lie had nut seen his indictment, but his lawyers would stand by him while he was under a charge of conspiracy or anything else, as they bad always done iu whatever trouble ho had been. PAT CAUUOLL, the hold Hibernian of the County Hoard, with his lower lip fallen, aud his countenance presenting a generally cast-down appearance, was the next man to come to the front. Ills bund was made out In short order. It was for fIU.OOU, and his sureties were John Atkinson and Morion Culver. I'utrick had fallen into the hands of a Tmmisu reporter about noun, and was playfully bantered with the Inquiry as to whether he hud brought his bondsmen or nut. Thu indict ments were not public at this time, but the knowing uewsgatherer was aware of what was coming, aud correctly supposed that Hat would nut bo greatly disappointed when thu (acts were known. '' Ueh. pshaw," coolly replied he of the Emerald Isle, “Til go to Jail; divil a boudsmau do I want." • And with this careless remark be walked awav. Later In the day he was found nosing around the building, after some fellows whom he has hereto fore abused when they came to him as applicants fur county contracts, butwhom hn now approached with every mark of respect and regard, and asked them to go on his bond. They tola him, in eflecl. to go tho devil, whereupon he went and got thu above-mentioned sureties, lie was iua painful stato at lanorancv as to what he bad been indicted (or. Ko man was aver more in nocent. lie had been straight all slung; had never wandered from tho hue of rectitude, aud was con fident that he would be able U> show clean hands when U came to the scratch. BX-COUUl&MOMIB CRAWTOUD JfoyiK ford, and John M. Armatroog* the tatter of rather nniavmw antecedent* a* a contractor for the new Court-House and other Job*. The bond, however, waa made oat In the regulation sum, 110.000. and th« anrellea appeared to be perfectly acceptable to Air, Reed and Judge Moore. "Do yon know why you have been Indicted, Mr. Crawford 1" asked the reporter. ‘‘ Probably for conspiracy against (he Republican party, «r the Cltlr.ena' Association, “ replied (tie oz-Commlasloner. "Have you not seen a copy of the Indictment?** "No, but from what I hear from you newspaper boys the charge Is that of conspiracy against the county in connection with money, anpnllea, and all that sort of thing. There's nothing In It, as I shall prove before we get through with this thing. A man who helped rave the county some $750.000 In ths abstract business right after the (Ire Isn't very likely to dabble In a petty steal from the county, la hoT” The reporter was forced to admit (hat It did look a little preposterous on that allowing, but he could draw nothing further from the cx-Commls*loner than the unqualified denial of all charges of corruption and a triumphant statement that be would establish bis innocence. ANDREW B. JOHNSON waa the next. Mr. Reed stated that he had been indicted under thu name of Alexander 11. Johnson, but that he would not lake any advantage of the mistake, and wonld Oder bond* and get ready for trial. Bond waa then given, with A. W. Baker, contractor for coal for the county, and Charles O. Anderson, a Scandinavian coun tryman of the accused. Johnson ia indicted under the same charge as the rest, but bis cusscdncss appears to be of the more general character. Of course he stoutly protested his in nocence, and, according to his own showing, waa aa guileless aa the new-born babe. Ills chief anxi ety waa to be tried. Bo say they all. next appeared to give bond* under his two Indict ment*.—one for conspiracy and the other for ob taining money under fal«e pretenses. The bail un der the former indictment Is SIO,OOO, and under the lattcrsl. r >,ooo. This, added to the amount of bail required under the Indictment returned the other day, swells tire total amount of hlshnllto $.‘15,000. There woe some quui-tlon as to the com petency of his sureties, and the result was that two of them were obliged to make affidavits as to the amount of their worldly no»sc«#ions. Kdwin Walker swore he was worth $.'00,000 over and above ail his debts, which he parenthetically ob served were not many. Louis Mnilog swore bn could face the world and his creditors with a clear balance of s.'>,ooo in ids favor; and Digory W. Baker was accepted without any questions being asked. Walker is a gentleman who hrw a stone quarry at Lemont. where lie lives. His quarry has toe repulalian of furnishing the largest and thick est stone of any in lids vicinity, and for months past he has been diligently wrestling with the County Hoard for the contract to furnish stone for the foundation of the new Court-House. He lias influence with the Commissioners, and was considered to stand the best chance of being award ed this profitable job. The new turn in affairs may take it ont of his hands. U. W. Baker is the con tractor who furnishes the connty with coal, and Louis Multog is the man who furnishes the county with its pots and kettles and indiscriminate arti cles of tin-ware. He has a large bill which is now pending before the Board. c. c. r. nor.DEV, the vlrtnous, the tearful, came in from the Board meeting In Ids shirt sleeves. He was as excited and protested his Innocence ss much as usual. 11c had witb him William M. Devine mid his brother. Dr. Newton I*. Holden, who were accepted as Ids sureties on his SIO,OOO bonds. Devine is the con tractor for milk furnished the county. During the time he bus luul the contract the Connty Hospital tins managed, in some dark way, and by a trick which will probably be soon proved vain, to con sume 80 quarts of milk a day. about three times as much as the Hospital really need-. Dr. Newton I’. Holden U the County Physician, who hails from Blue Island, and who has attained the rather unenviable record of not being competent to hold s post-mortem examination, and lin» bad to secure the services of other physi cians in case of sn emergency, at the additional expense of the cuunty. of course. Bills for extra services to the amount of SSOO or S6OO are now be fore the Board awaiting approval. They might have been approved bad his brother retained his influence in Inc Board. Perhaps thu cloud rest ing over him will destroy his usefulness as a pnsher of claims for some time. Lust, but not least, of the brethren in the damps was COMMISSIONER JOHN M’CAPPRBT, the loud-mouthed, heavy villain at the Connty Board show. Hie bondsmen were Thomas Nelson and Stephen Koough. wlto were accepted without any hesitation, and the bond was made out for SIO,OOO. Nelson has mysteriously succeeded in getting the contract for painting for the cuunty, whitewashing, calchnining. etc., and bos bad practical control of the Connty Building for the last two or three years. He bus done his work when it had to he done, sent In his exorbitant bills, and thu Hoard winked at them and then passed them. Keough was a bidder for the foundation work of the now Court-House. He failed in this, but was snb-cquenlly administered a goodly dose of cuunty pnp In shape of the office of Superin tendent at the new Cnurt-Honse. He has been hub ~Ufnva uy the Board through thick and thin. THE OTIIKIIH. Messrs. O'Donnell. Swectecr, Harris, and Kltn iH-rly will appaar to-day and give bail, the Court having consented to show them so much favor. Kimberly was the only one of the gang around when the Jury reported, and be took the an nouncement that he had been indicted again very much to heart. He protested that he had In-cn se duced by Pcrlolat, and that he had not only been robbed, but almost crazed by his relations with the county, lie said that the investigations bad de- E rived him of many a night's rest, and that In fact o had neglected lus charge amid his troubles, lie had acted us squarely ns he could under the circum stance, but It bad been Impossible to be honest and at the same time serve the Hoard. He did not know what he shouid do. but expected very naturally to bo removed as Warden of the Insane Asylum. He would not resign, however, but when be left the Asylum he said ho would do It with the consolation that it wan in hotter condition than he bad found it. He was dejected and sud. and his greatest regret was that be bud not squealed at an earlier date. A report was rife during the day that Pcrlolat would follow Kimberly's example and squeal. Mr. Trude, Pcrtnlat's attorney, said there was no truth In ft whatever; that he would not consent to a squeal, and that unless he did the prospect of a squeal was very remote. He did not know, how ever. whether Periolul would weaken or not. but he never would do It with his consent. “ But will he stand trial? "Interposed the reporter. Mr. Trude answered In the nfllrmative, In a half-way style, In which he conveyed (lie idea that his client would prefer Canada to the Penitentiary. THE GRAND JURY. THE REPORT OF ITH INVESTIGATIONS. The Indictment* presented to tho Criminal Court yesterday by the Grand Jury were accom panied by a report setting out in part the testi mony upou which they were based, and also ex plaining the method !u which this county has been swludled by its oillcers and employes. In addition to this, the document refers to the con dition of the Jail, and to some oilier subjects, which could bu presented to the Court only in the form of a report. Tho pnper which sum marizes the labors of Judge Otis and his asso ciates for the bust three weeks is os follows: To the lion, the Criminal Court of Cook County: Ileslde the ordinary business pertaining to tho ad ministration of tho criminal law, tho UrandJury have had before thou much testimony upon mat ters of general Juterect. Nome of these subjects were commended to our attention by tho Court, and others upon the complaint of citizens. In the month of April there was an escape of fourteen prisoners from the County Jail at one time. The cscapo was planned by thu prisoners, aud suc cessfully carried out. U did nut require much genius to devise, or much ability to execute, the plan. The loose and careless regulations of the Jail may in fact have suggested the whole business. At T o'clock in the morning Hie night guards go oil duty and the day force begins. Turnkey Conlaa was alone when the night guards left. At that time four prisoners, who for the performance of some duty were allowed to be at large in the hall, seised Mr. Conlau, tied him, unlocked the cage doors, entered the otllce, obtained the keys, re leased their associates, and all Lad left the prison joinu time before any ofliclal aii>i»(anrehail reached thu building. The whole busine** was the work of a few minutes. If It was not invited, it was made possible by the culpable negligence ot permitting the whole prison to be defended by one man, with prisoners at large within the lulls. Reside this carelessness, there is nothing to indicate any impro priety on the part of the Sheriff or any ot his sub ordinates. There have been frequent Instances whore pris oners under sentence have been permitted to leave the Jail In custody of the Jailer, night Jailer, or other oftievr, and remain out (or hours. There seems to be a defect In the law on this subject, both a* to tha responsibility of thu officer permitting It, and as to whether it be a violation of law at all. it seems certain that the Sheriff is not criminally re sponsible when the prisoner is taken out by any of lus subordinates without his knowledge or authori ty. In one Instance, two persons under sentence were never confined in the Jail proper; they lodged and were supplied with meals from the outside Iu one of the outer offices. Tho Grand Jury visited the Jail in a body, and also by a committee. In general terms we may commend the cleanli ness of the whole establishment. Some Improve ments In the ventilation of the women's ward are urged by tho Sheriff, which wo cordially approve. ojticui. cointuiTiON. urrti.iAi. While we have examined numerous witnesses as to various public frauds and abuses,—and we have examined all from whom we have hud the faintest hope of eliciting facts.—wo regret U» say that, like many of our predecessors, wo have failed in many cases to reach such u conclusion as would Justify indictments. This las not been because we were not convinced that there was bold, impudent, and wholesale because oUit'Ukl, corruption tuw had snch a lonj and nodlupnled sway. t>utitle morals have been re weakened, and the sentiment that it Is but a minor crime to rob and client the public has been no cultivated among ail those trading and dealing with Cook Conntv. . that voluntary testimony to suchfr*ndslsnolongcf< available, and the alb-mpt to enforce testimony la; met and baffled by unblushing and hardly dlsgulsotfj nerjury. It han occurred in -me investigation more? than once that a witness called before ns han, wllto brazen effrontery, under the mont rl go rone qaes* tlonlmt. and for as hour at a lime, deliberate!, answered every question with a lie. and seemingly with an little compunction in If p.. were doing noroe brave and honorable action. The Inspiration of thin sentimental perjury In, that ••honor" forbldn the mm who ban bribed another, or accepted a bribe, orwhi han nhored In the profit* of a fraud, from exposing his annociate criminals. “Honor nmomr thlcven" may be proverbial morality, but it become* a pain* fill suggestion for society to nndorsLind that the administration of municipal governments has fallen into the handn of men to whom tliat “honor" in tho only protection against the pen alties) of violated law and the disgrace of felony. Hy laborioun efforts. ably seconded by the prose cutlng attorney", we have. In one cane at leant, broken through the wall of perjury which has hitherto screened a long and systematic robbery of the public, lira poisoned (he cup ami the crust given to God's poor in the name of Chanty, baa stolen the loaf from the hungry, (he medicine from the nick, clothes from (he naked, and divided the accursed plunder among the sworn oilicer* ap pointed to guard. and feed, and protect these uu* fortunate wards of (he county. IIORSH-KAILWAT JOB. We had before us several persons who were sup posed to know something in relation to the sale of tbc tranches to the City Jtallrond Company for lay ing its tracks on Wnbash avenue. While the whole tenor of the evidence wax to the effect tliat there was a large sum of money expended to purchase that franchise, we have regretfully to report that we cannot present to the Court the name of any person actually guilty of the crime. Official bribery, especially of legislative bodies, ha* been reduced to a system, and Is practiced as a regular pro fession. The bribed and the briber need never meet; the negotiations are mads hy Intermediates, who share the spoils. Secrecy I* essential, and we regret to aay that perjury is one of the means by which secrecy is maintained und the corruption be comes successful. This horse-railway transaction Is a case In point. The charter was purchased and paid for. and. until time shall In some wuy lead pome one of the guilty to confession, it must take Its place among the other unproved Infamies re sulting from committing (he management of public affairs to weak and corruptible men. FULLERTON AVENUE CONDUIT. In like manner we had before us much testimony In the case of the several contracts for the Fuller ton avenue conduit, and the bonus or gratuity which waa voted by the city to the first contractor*. From the evidence before us, we arc satisfied that the award made to these men, and the price paid to the second contractors above the original pries, was wholly a gratuity, und w hile It is difficult to believe that the majority of those of the Common Council who voted that money against (he repented protests of the Hoard of I'iihflc Works did so without sharing In some way In the distribution, wc are also mindful nf the fact that the aw ard made was the act of the Mayor, City Comptroller, and Corporation Counsel, to suspect any one of w hom, In the absence of testimony, would be wholly un justifiable. We are satisfied that there la a myste ry connected with this matter which, though It has baffled as. perhaps may yet be brought to light by some future Grand Jury. WEAKNESS or MUNICIPAL CORPORATION*. We have had tbc fact painfully impressed on us that. In Its dealings as u corporation, a municipal government Is at great disadvantage. In ull the ordinary contracts between men nnd corporations, each party has some on** to represent 11. to guard its interest", protect Its rights, and to secure to It common Justice. The railroad or other private corporation in all its dealings has the protection furnished by the vigilance of managers personally und pecuniarily interested In the corporation. The municipal corporation has no such defense. It does not lack officers In onmher equal to any ser vice. its salary-list and pay-roll grow Incessantly. It has an officer fur every duty, and new duties ars created that new places may be provided. Dot ns a rule tbs officeholder does not consider It to be his duty to protect his employer. Too often he adopts the ideaandacts upon it. that the principal function of government is to provide offices for men unable otherwise to cam a living. The evil theory does not stop heir. It includes the argument that office Is an opportunity, and that no man should neglect hls opportunities. In the course of our Investigates we have found a vast number of per sons, drawing liberal salaries and allowances from tlu public, employed In all manner of places of trust, and wc nave found but few who Imre be trayed any consciousness (but they owe the least duty of patriotism to the county, and wc regret to any that we have found many whose notions of official duty are limited by their opportunities to enrich themselves at the public expense. COUNTY HOSPITAL—UOOAN. The county in just now engaged in building a public hospital, nt a very large expense. We have been unable to find any sustained evidences of fraud or corruption, ami yet there Is a suspicion that hanrs over all things from the original letting of ths contract to the minutest object of expend)- tnre. The county la officially represented by a Mr. James Hundley, who in employed n* Super intendent, We do nut accuse this person of dis honesty, nor do we intimate it, unless It be that ignorance and nniltness for the place lie holds be considered criminal. The Grand Jury'of the April term loft to us an unfinished Investigation os to the exploits of Mr. Joseph Hogan, who practically holds the office nf County Plumber. It has passed Into an established rule to Cook County Hint plumbing work, and the furnishing of plumbers' materials, cannot he fairly estimated for. nor let by con tract. Such in the official opinion of the architect of the hosptnl. A result Is, that all the plumbing and gns fitting has to be given out hy days' work, and the material Is fnmMied as wanted by the plumber, and. by some unexplained process. Mr. Hogan fs always the plumber employed. He lias tbe reputation of being an able workman, amt if, under all the fuels pertaining to this business, there is a robbery of the public proportionate to Hint which has been discovered in the mutter of supplies to the Alms-House and Insane Asylum, it mav. perhaps, he consoling to know (hut the work, though costly, is welt done. Mr. Hoganhas been hauling lend stiff iron pipe. and other mate rial. to the building for several mouths. Mr. Handley. the Superintendent. receives the goods at (he building, ana, without weighing, measuring, or counting, he Issues certificates to Mr. Hogan, who. In the quiet und repose of his own fireside, makes out hls own hills, indorsed by the confiding Handley, ami with commendable punctuality draws hls money from the County Treasury. Mr. Handley lima ably represents und protects the county ut Inn low price of s.j per dar. On his oath be declared that lie received nu more. In the simplicity of the County Hoard, and of the Superintendent, and of Mr. Hogan, uo such tiling as o scale was considered necessary la order to give Intelligent vouchers for ailidcs sold by weight, and though many tons of lead have been receipted for from time to time Mr. Hogan's bills liuve always furnished the Superintendent with all the Information he considered necessary, or on having any material bearing on the transaction. KB POUT ON THE I'LUMHINO WORK. A committee of practical experienced men, members of this Jury, visited and Inspected (he County Hospital building. They called to their assistance Mr. John Irons, the well-known and re spectable plumber of this city, who made a de tailed report of the plumbing work then In prog ress. This report, fully approved by the Com mittee nnd thisjurv. reads ne follows: “CmcAuo. May tl'l.lbTd—.l/nsrs. Clark, Walter, Grannie, anil Mortimer, Committee of t/i4 Grand Jury— Gentlemen: Agreeable to your request, I have examined (he piaus for the plumbing and gus fitting for the new cook County Hospital, and have also thoroughly examined tilt work, in one of the pavilion-', and find that the materials used are of the very best und most expensive of their several kinds, und the workmanship is of the very finest, und in as good as Is done for the finest dwellings, It is iniponslblc for mu to tel) exactly the amount of material in tho building, but to the best of my Judgment and belief there 1*40,000 pounds of lead In the work. “In my opinion the materials used are much bet ter. and the workmanship more uxueusive. than is necessary fur such a building, as all that Is net Jed Is a good, strong, and substantial, but plain Job. “1 would be well satisfied to do (he work at an advance of 10 per cent on the coni of material and labor (giving certified bills of cost of material), and do as good a job as the building and Its uses demand, and at a cost of from $.j,000 to SO,OOO loss Ilian It will now cost, if the plumbing work is completed In thu same manner as It is commenced. “The entire cost of (he plumbing ami gas-fitting, If finished as it has been commenced, will bu from jib, 000 to Jik),out). Juii.x" KBCEIVINO SUPPLIES. Mr. Irons estimated from observation that there were then in the building some 40,1)00 pounds of lead; and that there were souio 4.000 pounds in store in the bulldiug. Up to the same duto Mr. Hogan had presented bills and on tho certificates of Siiperintcudeut Handley hud drawn pay for 50.PU4 pounds. This discrepancy was nut ex plained; we do not charge (hut it is (he result of fraud, but U is incidents! to (ho way In which all the business of the county, when the county Is a purchaser, Is done. The rule is that each person furnishing goods to the county sends the articles with or without s hill of items. No other account is kept save the hills of the seller, and (lie receipt given Is Indorsed on the bill. To receipt for goods stems to be regarded ita a useless ceremony, be cause the whole account cun be passed at one time ut tho uud of a mouth. In the case of Mr. Hogan'i delivery of goods ut ttiu hospital building. Uu whole proceeding Indicates the primitive simplicity both of Hogan und thu Superintendent, as well a< the County Coinuilsalouera. Mr. Uogun sends oul s wagon load of material, computed by pounds, fuct, or number. Tho driver prusuiib to the Superintendent duplicate bills of the set era! articles. Thu .Superintendent, on oath, before us, declared that be neyor weighed or counted, ui measured any of tho articles; he simply compare! the two bills, and, finding them alike, lie retainei one and Indorsed upon the other that he had thal day received tho goods named, and of (ho weights, etc., described, in good order. Upon these rs ceipts Uogau made out his bills mid drew hh money. tiu gchtnli uuive U U 4. £RICE FIVE CENTS. ~i tcuce In nil Che departments *f cook Oonnty ' ,*rice that the opportunities. If net InrlUtlonft, - .'commit fraud are constantly presented. Thera tve been feeble efforts to prove that a different 2 Jle prrvnll*. and fora time we thought that In > ><Kik County Hospital there was some protection Horded by an honent Warden. Hat this expectation va» dispelled when we discovered that on the da , .Ivcry of supplies at the County Hospital they are received and receipted for by a committee of the Hoard of Commissioners I At the office of th< County Agent the bookkeeping consists of the same primitive system of keeping the contractors* bills as evidence on which the County Agent eat certify to the accurraey of the contractors’ clalmi against the county! A respectable citizen, called before as, elated that be was asked incidentally by Mr. Hogan, the County Plumber, whether he would nerve on the next Grand .lury, If he should be drawn; and i day or two after he saw his name In the papers as having been drawn by the County Commuslonen for the next Grand Jury. OFFICIAL MORALtTT. We regret to say that we discovered little enconr* ment In the general management of affairs by the County Commissioners. The standard of official morality enforced by that Hoard, so far as we were able in discover. Is not a very high one. They seem to overlook responsibility and accountability on the part of the county officers, especially in all mat ters where there fa an expenditure of pnbllc mon eys, and where there Is a temptation to dishonesty. JVe regret lo say that even In the comparatively brief history of the Hoard there haa been a coun tenance of loose financial transactions between a portion of the members and the county contract ors. and whether these were or were not always criminal they were Inconsistent with the decorum and self-respect of public officers administering a public trust. COST OF COUNTY INSTITUTIONS. The expenditures of this county for charity. In the support and maintenance of the various fosll tutions, and the Gounty Agent'* office in this city for a year, were partly as follow s; Groceries $71.8351 Meats $68,370 jjry foods 10.<<7( I Moots and shoes., ii.irii Hrrad 34,533 i Coal and w00d.... 04,u0d clothing a.** | Hardware 6,380 Medicines 10, 1301 Furniture 5,043 balarlet wi.ujol , . . , . I Total $381,804 It Is not, In onr opinion, extravagant to aasutno that for one-third nf (his sum the county gets no consideration. That much of the public money i* taken fraudulently, for goods never delivered, or delivered of a quality disproportionate to the price paid. The result Is that the Inmates of the Insane Asylum and the Foor-Houee are poisoned with I bread made from rotten flour, and with rotten I meat; and (hat the whole supply of food is scant la I quantity, inferior in quality, and frequently a pos | Hive injury to those who consume iL And this Is done In the name of charity! We were unable, for want of time, lo go Into a thorough investigation of complaints concerning the Comity Hospital, and especially of the char acter of the medical supplies furnished. We sug gest that that subject be included In the researches of sume subsequent jury. I’EUIOLAT AMD KtMDRRT.T. In the Investigations touching the proceedings ot GcorgeS. Kimberly, Warden; C. F. I‘crlolat. con tractor; and several of the County Commissioners, we have no desire to create undue prejudices in the public mind against these persons. We arc not un mindful of the fact that, though Indicted, each ol these persons Is entitled to the fnil presumption of Innocence until duly convicted according to the forms of law. The Courts, however, arc always ready to protect the rights of accused persons, ami we feel that, in oar peculiar relations to the pub lic. we may. without prejudicing the cases of the accused, state for the Information of the plundered, robbed, ami outraged community the manner is which the affairs of the county are administered and I lie public money wasted and squandered, and the public cburitlo defeated. LETTING CONTRACTS. The Count}’ Commissioners annually, about the l«t of June, let the contracts for the supply of all the public Invtitution*. These supplies cover a vssl variety of articles: Groceries, provisions, clothing, dry goods, boots and shoes, hats and caps, furniture, tluur, drugs and medicine*, etc. In 1H74, the firm of James Forsyth A Co. had dl- contract for groceries, and Indirectly for other supplies. Mr. Clemens K. Fcrlolal was a member ut that firm, and bud thin particularbrancb of the business of the county contracts under hie special care. The firm, or I’erlo lal personally, or some representative of Foriolat or of the firm, had held one or more of the comity contracts lor several years. The practice haa boeu for the Warden of the Almshouse ami Insane Asylum to make out a ruquixitiou for a month's supplies: this requisition, when approved by a committee n# the Commissioners, was sent to the warehouse of Forsyth As Co. That firm filled the requisition. Ilia I goods being sent to tbc I’oor-lloueeanalusano Asy lum ; In due time a lull with affidavit was present ed lo the Commissioners, vouched for by the Warden, approved by the Committee, and was paid. The Grand Jury was able to oblalu direct, spe cific, documentary, and unquestionable evidence to the fact that, during a long period, the bills made out by Forsyth A: Co. for groceries to the In sane Asylum and Poor-House, which hills weru approved by Warden Kimberly, were false and fraudulent, and wo trust, for the sake of general commercial integrity, aru without precedent. ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE FRAUDS. The character and extent of (he frauds, and (he way in which they were perpetrated, can licit be iiuaersloud by giving copies of two of thoao bills, selected from a large number: Cook County Foou-lloi-ag, > Cini *no. 111.. July 1. 14T4. { Doughl of James Forsyth At Co., wholesale grocers, etc.; MirliCsugar. a,ina-M'J-2.020 n.s. at 0c.....$ 1*4.34 I brl dried apples, 2:i!)-2is-2;'.i tta, ut7c i 5.33 I brl pearl hurley. 220 oa, ainc 1:1.45 1 brl split peas. 225 p.s. at 7.'id 3brl*crackers, IM Os, nine jo. 14 a lm» hominy, 4t«) its, at 4!*c 8 sacks codec. 1.3.13 a*, at 3:«i.75 abrlssalt, at sl.t<u 3.h0 m hrli sirup, :wi>t» gal., at 45c il coses lye. at 7kc 45. H) a cases vodtMi, each 4tw r.i, at 7c f. 7. <■ • 4 tons feed, at faa lin.ui a luxes soap, each nun, at (Mac 7.0 I buz rastlle soap. 44 Os. at 14c 6. Id I box C starch, 40 its. at loc 4.t*) I box 8. U. siarcti. 3d n s. at 3 dux 3-hoop palls, at fa.4o 7.20 IdotW. W: brushes.... 21.t0 to Its Ibrynl baking jHiwcr, at 40C 4.t«l ar> fra popper, at 25c G. 25 5 os whole cinnamon, m ;tuc 1.50 a.’, os currants. at 7c I .75 I che«*e. M its, at ir.e I brl blackberries, 2dt-i*-a47 as, at t2Wc. .. So. -04 t brl rice, 252— n-234 01. atuliic td.ju 4 brls Ume, at $1.15 4.*;u 7 brls extra-boiled corn-meal, each 200 lbs, at 3»«C 53..’4) 4 chests G. I*. tea. Mu—UH—44s a*, at 5dc.... 4 chests black leu, 45d—104-353 O*. ut 50c. ... l:>7. IJ 3 Nixes tobacco. tot us. at 43c 43.43 3 ns turnip seed, at sa,oo <«.<■> 1 case axle-grease 5.33 1 brl kerosene oil 13.73 50 ns Purl* green, at 75c 37. mi a brls Canada oat-meat, at 7c 28. 00 1t.710,1)3 Indorsed. •• Approved. Gxonax S. Kninxnr.y. •• Warden. * A paper attached, signed “Clemens F. Pcriolat," purporting to be an affidavit before a Notary Pub lic, that the goods charged were furnished, etc. Hill allowed July t), and paid. Now, wo had before us the most direct and positive testimony that said I’erlolnt, in making out said bill, added to tho weights ol tho articles charged, and withheld from delivery goods named in tho foregoing bill, aa follows: OVKnWXIOIITS. pries, at 7c at 25c .‘fries. at I3hje 2d lbs tobacco, at 43c wiTUiiELti from ueuvenr. 3 barrets C lugar. 828-53*705 lb*, at Sc $ 88.83 3 Mcki coffer. 407 llis. at 25c 134.35 3 1-urreli sirup. 05gallons, at 45c 43.75 3 cbrsU lea. 375 lbs. ut 50c 2 chests black ten. 23n lbs. at 50c 1 barrel bomluy, 2uo lbs, at -AVnc Total overweight and goods withheld $ 506.77 Here wah a fraud of SHOO. Tho goods actually delivered amounted to $1,111,111, to which Mr. Perlnial added 8.W1L77 far good* not delivered, but (he receipt of which the Warden certified to, and collected the wholu sum from the county. The additions were mure than equal to 60 per cent of the goods actually delivered. AN INSANB ASYLUM DILL, Mr. PeriohH and Warden Kimberly and the ac» commodntliigCuDimlseioncr shad no special hostility to the Inmate# of the Almshouse. They plunder ed (ho Insane with equal liberality. Here is a bill dated Sept. 1, 1874: Cook Cmmty Insane Asylum, bought of James For syth ti Cn.: a brls yellow sugar, 1,(125-115*1,510 ns. at Ulve $ 138.39 2 brls A sugar, 485 O*. at 10c 48.50 1 brl common salt 4 brls Keystone strop, IBd os. at 44c I brl pickles, $1 fur barrel. a,2»«). at 1c 3 brll S. U D. apples, Oil) Ot, at 7c I brl (halves) loaches, 230 as, at to?*c 3 brls blackberries, 4lb ms. at 13hic 1 brl vinegar. 40 gallons, at tic 4 half chests O. lea. 181 Os. at s«ic 2 half chest* Y. 11. tea, lU3lb*. at 580 H sacks Ulu coffee. l,2iwlb*. at 28c u boxes U. M. soap, Mulbs, s)so 2 iKJxe* cmstllc soup, 6J lbs. toiftti 7.24 1 box C. sturcb. 40 Os. ut too 4.•»> 3 boxes U. surch, earli 40 Os. sll>Hc 7.50 2 coses eggs, 01 Juii'ii, at 3>c 34.75 4 boxes tobacco. as, at 43c.... 71.« U 2 barrels green apples, at $4.75 per barrel 6.00 4 boxes lemons, at per box C4.ui | case coUQtb. 2H> Os, Ut 7!4c 15,<il 1 barrel mackrrel 2t.««J 3 boxes N. Y. F. cheese. 128 Os. at i&c IH.oU ;i barrels K. craufci-rs. D*B as, aide. 12.08 I barrel Carolina rice, 234 ns, atTHc I7..><t I barrel berries ;•••••,• 1 barrel kerosene oil, 4flV» gallons, at 28c 13. 2 cases L. inusUird. ao ms. at 50c 15.(C 2 coses U. mustard, at $7 per case 14.tx) 2 boxes it. brick, at $1.30 per box 2.4 Q 2 coses lye, at $7.80 per owe 15.20 1 box bluing. U gross, at $5 per sr«xsa. Ifi I keg sol soda a-50 1 Uuteu M. Urge blacking uo 1 dotuu 38 shoe-brushes 8.00 2 dozen 3-hoop palls, at $2.40 per dozen 4.b( 1 barrel dairy salt 8-(4 Total Indorsed: “Approved, George 8. Kimberly. War deu." and bill approved by Commissioners and paid OcU 23, 1874. We now Invite attention to tba fraoda Id this bill; ovnavstouT^ too »• D. apple*at7c $ 7. 00 50 Os U. berries at iu ft*than*} at 174 Ibl c.ißei!. « 7.00 43.50 . 1i.50 10. Vi liT.OO U.UO 81.84 an.oo 43.33 23. H 3 . fI.OO 101.30 57. li 903.44

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