Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 2, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 2, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Tho Banks Experience the Usual Sottlomont-Day Activity. New York Exchange Flat—Coun try Currency Orders Light. The Produce Markets Shatter—Pro visions Firmer, but Cloo Tamo. Wheat Irregular—Oticr Grain Stronger—'That larloy- Corncr. FINANCI-ACi. A.h.nal, on the Uni of m.month, tho bank, had n largo ftmonnt of connlct bnflncM to tr»n«- ncl. Tho dotting were larg, anil u "' r “ “ Rood deal of fhlflln*-of loot, from one bonk to another. Dot tho application for new loono were otherwise not considerable, aid tho financial sltna tUm wnsdull and unlntcrcstbg. JUtes of discount were 8Q»'0 per cent to regular customers. Concessions wee nude to good out* elite borrowers. , Ou the street, rales ateMM* per cent The loan market I. very nitlol, •• tho >“l'Ply »< ble paper is rcntrlctcd. . . , Hew York exchange w*s sold between banka at a discount of shipping rata. The orders from tho country for currency wore lighter limn the rcccntavcrago. Tho clearlnga were J 5, GOO, 000, CAtIFOtNIA BANKING. The San PrandscoHuMdln of tho 20tb says that tho National Gold Ibnk ami Trust Company will pay demands of dcjosltors «pon application, and Interest will cense after Jnao 1. There la some $.‘100,000 yet duo to depositors, on which Interest is allowed at the rate of SO per cent per annum. The sale of two pieces of jropcrly belonging to the bank for $475,000 has cuwlcd tho officers to make this announcement COLD AND SILVER MINING (STOCKS. The usual “spring Hw, M the Bulletin says, was a decided failure this j«nr. U Ims been many months since there war Anything like on upward movement, nor has thep been any radical decllno dtiring the Interval. Tie season has now so far advanced that Utile hop Is expressed of any bold operations until the wnter season comes round. The evo of a President! election la not a good time for stock dealing,while the Centennial Inhi bition at another element to divert attention. THAT COtSTBRPBIT PILVBR. The Boston Adreriter stated the other dty that counterfeit 20 and 3-ccnt silvcrcolnshad Icon pul In circulation In tint city, so cleverly excelled tint they could be dctcccd only by the data IWO. which had not been put many of the silver Issted. The Philadelphia Ltdge says that over SIOOO,OOO of quarters of 1870 hvo been Issued froirthe mint In that city alone. 'Be Chief Coiner of tie Mint says he has no knowtcsc of the Issue of aty?uchcolns. Counterfeit 50-ccd pieces have bee* found In cir culation In New Vrk. NAIONAL finance. The Treasury upartraent has pthllshcd Its bal ance-sheet for tl* nine months cidlng March 31, 1873. The lota receipts hove ben $217,020,370, namely: sll4/71.002 from ctstoms, $80,377.* ROO from lateral revenue, $84»,258 from public lauds asd $8,723,080 from “ miscellaneous" source** ThFCXpuiiditiue* Ji;vo been $124,120,* a7l »h follows: War, $28,r<0,100; Navy, $lO,- TIHtVI-l; Interior, i27,-l!irj7(M! and civil and public <!<-'.I ii-rv mi.o',ii.l- tfju.t about $100,000,- onu a your. Ihe ciir-Umi-Mc. iplsluive been much below the <tlliii;i(i', but die revi tinc re ceipts have been so machlnrger than the estluiutca that the rureniiu In nboit- even. ItUILDINO MATERIAL CIIBAPBR. The .FinandaJ CVkronffc of New York has made n comparliyin of prim* of building materials. It Audi that. In tho Albany market, from 1874 to 1870, clear plno dropped from ssl) to s4(l per M, eastern spruce from S2O to sl4, and yellow* plno from S2O to 810. Btlldlngbrlck at New York bavo fallen from $0 in 1873 to $3 InIKTO for pale, and to $5 for hard; Philadelphia fronts from $42 to $25. Lath, lime,-and cement have fallen quite as much, and tho decline In labor la reckoned at 40 per cent Thus there is a decline ranging from 25 per cent In lumber to 40 per cent In labor, and 50 per cent in masonry material. NEW ENGLAND MANUFACTURES. Tho Huston AdtertUer denies the report that there Is uuy movement on the part of any one of the Lowell corporations at present to suspend work any portion of the summer, os has been rmnorod, or even to run an short time. Thu smaller manu facturing cslubltsnuieot- in Mm country uru being obliged, day by day, to suspend operations, as the weaker soldiers fall by the waysldu In the march of aunt my. L. M. Harris St Co. urc miming out tho stock In theirllnrrlsvlllu mill, ami will shutdown for on Indefinite period about Junol. Tho cotton mill of Adams Bros. at South Adams has been shut down for a week. The Whlttentnu and EnglcMllls nt Taunton will inako a slight reduction of wages Juncl. No, 1 Mill In Waterford, which has been idle all winter, is to begin running next wcck.otio- Imlf of the machinery being started. No. 3 Mill lias boon started up again by a new company, C. F. Mason *fc Co. The Mill lllver Button Company at Leeds is crowding their factory to Us full capacity with ICO hands, who make about ICO gross of but tons per day. VANDEItniLT AND TUB STOCK MAItRBT. The New York Jleruld eta tee that (ho New York stock market is no longer In apprehension of the effect of Mr. Vanderbilt’* demise. The matter bna been fully discounted, tmd it would be no surprise, after the effect of the lint announcement, to *ce a sharp advance along the whole Una, to cover short contractu which nave been based upon this event GOLD AND GUBENUACK9. Cold was 112‘i(&112?a. Greenbacks were HUl*@Bßl£ cents on the dollar In gold. GOVEUNMENT DONDB. United State* flsof’fn United btntes ti-UNuf ’or, ft.y* of 'ov-January and July of *«.7—January and July 6-oui of *«d—January aud July lIMOS United States uew&» of ’Ht United HUtvi currency Go. cx. Int. CITY AND COUNTY UONDM. /till. A »tr»f. Chicago City 7 * ct. bomU *un •no Chicago City 7 Vet. sewerage *lOl Min Chicago City 7 V ct. water loan Mtn Min CookCouuty 7 w cL bonds(short) Mot *lO5 Cook County 7 V ct. bends (long! Mod MOO W<*»ti’srk7 V* ct. bunds *O7 North Chicago 7 V vL bonds (Uifouln Park) *W •And Interest. LOCAL BTOCK9. Hank stock quotations are almost entirely nom inal. The latest prices are: First National., Fifth National Merchant*’ National Corn Kxchnnuu National.. Commercial National liumu National Hide wul Leather Illinois Truat uml tiavlnpt Uarcbanta'having*, Loan urn] Trust Co. 1M OTUBU LOCAL STOCKM. City Hallway. South Side m City Hallway, Wcit Bide ua .... CHy Hallway, Wait Bide, 8 f ccultcrll* «!•»«<•• ... City Hallway, North tilde IUU Traden' Imumncu Co i'Sl JttO Chamber of Commerce 74 7U clilcasoUii-Llulit&Cnke Co Kxpoiitlou itock (01d)... Kx|>oilttoa atoelc (Dew). KxpoilUou itock (acr)|>> •And interest. FOUEIOH EXCHANGE. Part i—francs, hwltreiland.. Itelglum Germany..,.. iiv TKLuauArn. 7b (As I Voftm Aitociaitd Prtst. New Your, June I.—Gold opened and closed at lU5$, with sale# during tho duyatllSJf. Carry* lug rates, Ito -L Loans were also uadw flat. Governments went quiet, hallruad bunds were dull and firm. Slate securities were dull. blocks opened firm, and advanced H to Iff, with the greatest Improvement lu bt. I'aul preferred. Subsequently tbo Improvement was lost, and, with the exception of Western Union and bt, Paul pro* feertd, each of which closed higher than tho opening prices, slocks generully closed at the lowest point of the day. Pacific Mall declining 1. Transactions were 111*, 000 shares, of which lb. 000 were Pacific Mall, Western Union. 6,000 bt. Paul common, 14,000 preferred, ‘JO.OOOI-uko bhore, 4,000 Chios, and o,oooMichigan Central. Money market cosy; 3&D14. i'rituc meruuitile paper, 4'jjo, Customs receipts, JdiO,ooo. The A*RlfUntTrf>n*>roi Klonrlnfis. *,J«w. Sterling, 60-dnyo*. 4H7‘, sovittNMt: .jaa*| ll.’V Coupon*, *fll. Coupon*. V 53. New ;,:isal STO< Wontom Union.67}* SnlckullTpr i/’H ulotMlvrr pfd 1* m-lfli! Mall Mnrlpota 9 MarlpoM pM 9 AiUtni Kuirctft- IW Wrlli'FßPßo American K*pr**-.-. 6-’H United Hwto* Wptrw 72* Now York U«nT»i.... no Krle F'H •;ilrpM IP larlcm 1-17 Inrlrm pM 193 iltojlxto Central <‘i* ’nmma 13* f. r. atocl 9»K .nkrPbor* S 3 IHnMi Central 0M» Cleveland * muburg l»a!a sorJbwoncro.... 9i»H Nortiwoatempfd 9* C.. (.. C. tk I Coupon*, *fs7. Couponis *Bfl. STATE Trmeaaoefts olrl 4S TrmcMrcC*, new.... 4-’VS Vlnlnli* fli, old no MIKINO STOCKS. Sin Fuxcisro, Juno I.—The following are too Ist'OtquutAtlons at the Stock Kxchsnuu: Ciuiolldfd VlrKlnla.. Crown rolnt.. MM cnlfornh Rl bellow Jacket tnja Belcher.. 7.1 Alrlia »"K Oniir... M Belcher Joi4 Cfitllar M Confidence }* . pJi'okc Sierra Nevada tjJJt ltH>erU f*M Exchequer MnlcM aa'i Overman "/h dmlil * Curry HH J'?» ]lißt A Belcher salt Caledonia shi Uile 4 Nor cross 6»>i penman. . , tiomon, .Inno I.—The bullion in the Bank of Ktgbnd Increased £505,000 the pa-l piop<Tllon of the Bank's reserve to Its liabilities Is filVi jer cent. The amount of bullion gone Into bmVon balance to-day IsiMJi.OOO. Coisols, money, 05, ex-dlvldend; account 04, W Unted States bonds, 05s, lOlti; 07a, 100**} lo*4ls. 100&; new f»s, 10<*. , . Nov York Central, OP: Brie. 124: preferred, 10. tlnne 1. —Itentes, 10tfh«4e. TIB specie In the Hnnk of trance Increased D.00.000f the past week. , , FtiNiivouT, June I.—United States bonds, now Ge, ;0i . HEAJD ESTATE. Ths following Instruments were filed for record Tlsrsdsy, June 1: «itt rnoi’Rnrr. Wellington it, noa-ioft eof Fifth at. nf. 3*mi;on, wtih Improvements, dated May 'Kluic M. Daggett to William Prubusco)....* 00,000 Whlngtiinst, mn-loft w of Fifth hv. a f. 30 H«l2-loft, with Improvements. dated May til (Joseph W. Williams to William Pruh.iseo) 60,000 Ocen it, l<« ft t of Jackson at, w f, 25x1115 ft, sated May 3-1 3.000 Veirt’olk at, 107 ft o of Irving place, n f. lOx HU it. dated March If* 0.000 Veit Jaekaun at, lluWfteof Sacramento at, n f. 35x123 ft, dated May 31 Untie at, too flu of Htata at. a f, 50x100 ft, dated May 31 ;•••••• ,0 * OW) North Ucarlioni *U • c cor of Ivlin at, w f, 50X 150 ft. dated May 3« 16.060 Centre st, 130 ft wof Fremont at, a f, 24x13j ft. dated July 30, 1«72 1,200 nnronit, Softool North Stalest, nf, 35x100 ft, (JntedMay2-l ;•••••• 3,125 West Adams st, 251 ft w of Paulina st, a f, 35x innlift, dalcuJunet 8,700 West Twenty-(ln*t at. HI ft w of Leavitt at, a /, fu daledJime I. 3, «) Same aa the above, dated June 1................ 2.200 Wallace »t»w cor of Twenty-eighth at, e f, 23 xt'JO ft, dated May 2» 2.200 Morgan at, I Id tt a of Weal Indiana at, w f, SJOX I tala ft, with buildings. datedJunu 1 3,500 Fisk hi, so cor uf Eighteenth Place, w f, 33X iwjft, with Improvements, dated Juno 1..... 3,0*0 Holt st? 145 fin of North av, w f, 35xlf*oft, dated May 2U ‘ •• • v -;.v • 000 Church st, l :n>4 ft a of Menomonee at, o f. 2jX no ft. dated Stay 2U 2,000 Fillmore at, 23-* ft w of Western nv, sf, 2^x laajl ft, dated May 31 .. 3,00(1 llubey atVn weor Wllmot at, e f, <2xloo ft, with building, datcdJnne 1 0,4(0 sooth or citv i-imits within* a radii's of skvkn MILKS OF TIIK counT-nousi:. Ashland av. s« cor of Fifty-seventh st, W f, 15»“ 134 2-10 ft, date! May 2.1 $ 320 Prairie av, a w cop of Forty-third at, u f, IHX liitMft, and other property, dnird May 24.... 23,050 Cornell it, 3i** ft ? of Filiy-tblrd si, c f, 50x130 ft. date*! April 20 ••••;;• Luomlan. 4H ft ■ of Sixtieth at, o f, lKtxl2H4ft, dated June —l,O W) COM3IERCIAi The following were tho receipts anti shipments of the leading articles of product! In this city during the twenty-four hoars ending at 7 o’clock on Thursday morning: 10,432 05.500 gNM.UMI U1.3U0 7.01*4 2H,s*> 5.320 77,210 14.UJ0 110,700 Flour, brls Wheat, bu.... Com, bu Oils, 1m....... Rye. bu.... T... Harley. bu. T... G. seed, lbs... F. seed, lbs... It. euro, Iba... C. meat*, Iba . Ilccf, tea Reef, lirla Fork, Ms Lard, Iba Tallow, 1ba.... Rutter, 1ba.... L. lings. N 0... C'atllu, No Sheep, No Hides, lbs 11. wines, brls. Wool, lbs I'olutuea. bu.. coat, tuna Hay. tuna Lumber, m ft. Slitnglca, m... Salt, brla Poultry, IDs... Poultry, coops. Kkga. pkga.... Cheese, boxes, (i'u apples, hrls Reims, bu 6*1.035 12, *6O 4,671) KH.tKI 150 lH,7<Kt 13,02*1 70 7.3111 2.140 O.OTPt 2,2'15 10 1,101 Withdrawn 1 sumption: 3,i The followli from stor< bu \vl ng grain v itirsdiiy m ! cars Nt this city ou Th W, wheat, CO > No. 2 Ui curs no HjiriiiKi ol corn rejected do, ‘2 < high mixed coni, 212« 1 car and 0,8001)11 now i Im rejected do, 4 cant cant white onto, 03 can do (8-1 oats); 13 cant 1 do, 1 car No. X barley, 10 curs No. 2 do, 0 car* No. 3 do. Total (752 can), 330,0110 bu. Inspected out: 01,508 bn wheat, 172,005 hucuru, 38,172 bn oats, 401 bn rye. The barley corner has terminated a* most people expected U would,— In a nominal victory for the party manipulating It, and a possibility that the conclusion tbu* arrived at will be disputed success fully. The corner has I wen run in spite of the rule against corners, and It is understood to lie the In tention of the lending ’’lung" to take broad issue with the rules. The deal was theoretically wound up yesterday by the purchase of 00,000 bn ‘ 4 on account of whom It may concern," the price paid being 80c per bu. Grave doubts were bxprenscd In regard to the hcalthfulnesß of the transaction alluded to. It Is not denied that the one party Ixiughl from the other, and a chock giv en therefor: but the mystery was why any one firm should ho willing to hold 110,000 bu of No. 2 barley Into June when It might have been sold in May at 80c. We do not know that the transaction was Irregular, but there Is so much fouling un the subject that it would be only fair to all parlies to Investigate the matter. If all be square there should bo no objection to a searching inquiry, which can harm no one if there has been no such thing as * * a fictitious purchase or sale." The price of No. 2 barley In thin market for de livery before 11 o’clock yesterday mornlug was al leged to bu 80c per bu, while seller June was quot ed at 53c. There was a clear difference of 2 leper bn, representing the extent of what may bu called the cornering process. If our No. 2 barley were what it ought to be under the ’’rules" for Inspec tion It certainly might to be worth SOo per Im, with wheat at $1.03Q1.04. Hut exports say It Is nut worth so much, and In that belief the market wan sold short to such an extent os lu enable one firm to corner the article. ni>l. Art**. itw« V2-H .ni*2 m .tl*M 110)4 .121 H tats .iaa)2 unS . lIH 1IH& . IflTTjt 117* .iai* Jlhl. Aiktd. .17;.* •m :«o 100 170 The barley corner only adds one to the numerous proofs of the claim that some legislation is ncces* ■ary for the prevention of corners la produce. Without some such check capitalists may combine to tun up prices to fabulous figures, and claim ox* tortionalo damages for nonfulfillment of contract. As a rule, short sellers do not combine in this way; but they can and do act In concert sufficiently to depress prices at times below the point which would be fair to the producer. Kach side docs tlio best It can for Itself; each la like a corporation to the extent that It has no soul or sympathy, and each should be allowed to ride rampant only within certain limits. The man who would sell bailey down till U was salable only at the price paid fur manure, and ho who would forestall the market to exact tho weight of the barley In sliver, are equally open to censure as are the two bullies who break the peace by fighting In tho streets. Nellherehould bo protected ut the expense of tho other. ai 40 M S 3 SiitV Joy. MIU ....314*2 blit! ....&14M Qlltl .... fhJh, The existence of a rule permitting cither party to throw tip his hurley contracts on tbo payment of (say) 10 per cent of tho contract price, would probably bavu prevented nut only thu barley cor* nor of May, lb7o, but also thu extreme bearing movement of a previous month, which furnished the temptation to run tbo corner aforesaid. There can hu no doubt of this, and llttlu doubt that tho establishment of touch a rule for futuru guidance would bo a great commercial benefit If, how* ever, (lie board of Tmdu cannot agree upon such a change, then il might be found thu next best thing to iholMi all rules, so L;r as ll»<- l. uti-v dcul Is ton* ccrned. Tho barley eli«n ,n could then Ught tho thing out to their heart'* content; mid U would I>o n fortunate thing for every body else If the result of the context should bo tho same as in the cane of tho two Kilkenny cats. dlnbnmcd $113,000. 14; demand, 48014. tKT noMus. . New.'.* um«w. t to4(i», coupon* ii*}4 Currcnclci 124)* Tnn MARKETS. The leadlngprnduce markets were steadier yesler* day (with the exception of barley) and generally New Jersey Central.. Hook Island K«« HU i’nul 8* St. Pant pfd 67?< Wsbuli 3 Wabash pfd 3 Fort Wayne 103,, Terre llauco Terre Haute p(il I3>* Chlcapo A A1t0n...... P 7 Chicago 4 Alton pfd..too O. AM Del.. 1,. AW H« A. A P. Telegraph.... t*j Missouri I’selAe 13 Atlantic Al’artncrfd. 3,, Indiana Central 4M| Chicago. It. A 0 117, Hannn>alAPt..Toe.... 13X Central raclilc bonds.ion Union I’tclfle bunds. UMX It. par. land-grant... W U. Tie. sinking-fund. SO leas ncllvc, with a dowmvardtcmlency In wheat, and a firmer feeling In provisions, and other grain. The flrat day of the month was marked hy much leas activity In deliveries than usual. Very Utile produce waa carried round In the morning, and not mnch In the afternoon, those of pork and lard tak ing the lead. Hence there was very little offering of property by parties who were obliged to sell. Most of the .Tunc deals seemed to have been not only provided for, hut settled up. The weather was unsettled, and Ihe aspect of the skies denoted more rain, but this was rather favorable to the growing crops than otherwise. The receipts were fair, and the arrangements to ship oat produce were modcr ate in volume. Tho market for domestic dry goodshndnospeclal ly new features. There was about the same amount of orders through the malls, and tho number of buyers present In person also was not noticeably less than on tho earlier days of the week. At tho late revision In prices the market presents a fairly steady tone, (troccrles weru ordered with a satis factory degree of freedom, and, a« on tho preced ing days of tho week, tho market presented a Arm and healthy lone. No price changes were noted, nor are any Important changes imminent. The butter market still shows Considerable activity, and for amumbor of days past there has been little or no accumulation of stock here. Cheese was quoted quiet and steady at tho recent decline, with sales at (KJJOHc for poor to best. In the Ash and dried fruit market tho altuatlon was the same aa for two or three days previous. No changes calling for Virginia fi*. new 80 Missouri l’«clOcci....UX!Vj special mention were noted In the leather, coal, wood, bagging, and tobacco markets. The cargo lumber market was fairly active and steady. The yard trade continues to Improve, and the quoted prices usually adhered to. Hard ware was in better demand and steadier, and there la a prospect that some of the metals will advance soon. Woo] was again quoted dull and weak, the Iferlngs being chiefly old wool, for which the do- mnml Ib limited. Manufacturers, expecting lower price?, are disposed to defer purchasing as long as possible, and confine tliclr orders to small lots for Immediate ttse. Broom-corn remains sternly, un der a fair outside demand. Seeds were a little more lively, and some descriptions were stronger. Poultry was dull and weak, uml eggs slow but steady. Lake freights were rather quiet, at unchanged rates, at about Stic for corn and 2&c for wheat to Buffalo, with 64c asked for corn to Kingston. Ball freights were quiet at nominally unchanged rate*, agents asking 20c to New York, 18c to Philadel phia, 174 c to Baltimore, nml 25c to Boston, per 100 Jhs. Through rales by lake and rail were quoted at 10c for corn nml 11c for wheal to New York, and 13c on com to Boston. Freight engage ments were reported fur 00,000 bu wheat und 182,000 bu corn. Bccclvcdntthe Chicago Customs, June 1, 1870: West Co., 3 pkgs. Parian ware; D. W. Irwin, 500 bu barley; W. 11. Schlmpferman, 15 cases Swedish punch. Amount of duties collected, $2,800.10. Miller, Dolhonde A Co., of New Orleans, glvo he following estimates to the close of May: Stocks of pork hi the country estimated ua follows, at present and last year sama lime: 18.0, 1H75. Chicago, brls 7(U*« w«,u<w Cincinnati 30,0*1 2i',<*<i Louisville o,ua) St. Louis H.t«o •’•‘"V, New York SV**» 65.'**) NewOrlcntll 4.s**> 5.1*0 Milwaukee r,.u*o lU.wjO interior of the WeaL HM*Q 10,000 Total brl« . 3KU*JO And of Imcun uml bulk meats, the following In |n7ii. 1H73. Chicago. its in.(»*i.uo l»,(X>*.u*» Cincinnati 3.v**«MM) 33.uu.wu St. Louis in t ou>u««) tu,u**,C*** Milwaukee .i,u*j.(»*i 1,6(.<',(«) Indianapolis*) n,(***.i**) UIBVI le 10,I***.(«X) H.«jo.u» New Orleans k*..C»*) 1.2«W.0nu Foreign exports, beforn the late heavy dcdlnu In pro vlilodh. were about 2U,(**).<*») ns of pork, lucon, turd, etc.. In excess of lust year sutnu umo from Ist of No vember. and w« expect u» nui tlml demand us well us the domestic demand stimulated and Increused tnn terlally after Uie Ist of Juno with present low prices compered to last year, mid the prohubls lergu demand from this country and Europe during the biduncu of ilia ■cesun. Also that all stocks will bo taken Into con sumption bv the Ist of November next at higher prices than arc the present ridiculously low prices ruling, which are much below the cost of production—and should soon react If packers understand themselves better sad have more concert of action. Htcelpl*. 7,470 115,154 70,072 3.GSH IP 1,0.55 3:13. «*) 00,010 7,350 7n.uiu 50,045 03,01*0 707 1.17 m U.KK* 17.UU0 50,072 400 HOO 20.148 1Q3.H51 PROVISIONS. 1100 PRODUCTS—Were leas active, and stronger, though hogs were reported lugood supply, and wlcr. Thoahorp trading of the four or five days preceding had changed (he ownership of most of Urn stud ou hand, and It wna being placidly carried along on itorogo and Insurance charge* Into future months. Tho deliv eries on June contracts were paid, but most of the lota got back Into the bands of the parties who started them out, and were not offered on the market, A further de cline of ts art per I l'J *« In lard was reported from Liv erpool; and meals were understood to be coaler there, which prevented a further advance here. The recent decline baa brought out a fair shipping demand hero for lard and meats; and It la probable that several lots of the latter were sold without being reported. The stock of pork In New York Is reported as43,n:i7 brls. against :m.H4I brlsn month ago, and tll,43<ibrl>« a yeor since. Thu stuck of lard U -(MIiS tes regular, and ft,sol le* off grade. ...... .... ... Thu stock of winter lard In Chicago la believed Ui be about 49.750 trs. , . Men J‘"t k~ Wu only In moderate demand, and ad vanced ;tfliu per barrel, but fell back afterwards to only a shade alKivu the cloning prices of U’e(lnc*lny. tales were reported of 125 lirlacu*bal(, 2,000 brls seller June at (1h.30W1H.50, 11,250 brls seller July ol fsm.4WlH.7s, and 11.250 brls seller August nt ( Total, 22.(129 brls. The-market closed uunn at((H.nor*iH.4ocnsb, according to weight; (1H.30 seller June; (ih.4Wlm.nj seller July; and at (1H.70bt1H.76 seller Auguuu Holler September closed si alMint *IO.OO asked. . , . , . Lurd-ViM in moderate demand, and advanced 12Hc (ter 100 P’S. but fell off later. In sympathy with Uver- UMil, U) 5U7Hie altovo tho closing prices of Weilncsday. Hales were reported of l,Hsutca cash ut (ll.Ui; 2.5 U) tea Mdlur June at (lO.OUWcll.uO; 7,750 teaseller July at (119: ami 4,Vx) trs seller August at (tl.IVs 11.26. 'Dual, lU.HUnas. The market clomil quiet at Slo.bVil t .tit cash or seller June; (ll.ifftiifil I. U) seller tily: and at *ll. nhP'MU. 20 seller August. .. Went In fair demand and >se per ft higher, with iwmie Imiulry furcspori, and rather tinner hold ers at tho advance, as most sellers were Inclined to ex pect a reaction from recent weakness. Hales were re ported of mo,c«o ims abort rll* at (ii.avtO. 16 per h't n s cash or seller Juno, t/.'J 7H for July, and (it.4V.t0.55 for August; amt 176 uaiweel pickled hums (17 as) at I Hie. The following was the closing range of prices: Shorn* Lonj Short Short (fere. clear. rib. clear. Baited, loose Htf J'H {gjj lloxud (W* U bhj (*•>* Juno H& .... M July qS -••• .*« .SSL T lAtng and short clears at f>H c cosh, and u»e seller July, ooxed;sweet pickled hams. ll'Jlllic for sum mer and I W*l2lic for winter; Uumberlauda, ikiJiMc, cuab or seller June; luug-eut hams, iluiHbC, boxed: bacon hams. I.t’iltc. tirmee— Was milet at UHtlic. , . HLKF PRODUCTS—Were steady and fjulet st *10.79 for nii’M, (11.75U12.00 for extra mesa, and 922.< for hams. . , _ 7U/lou>—Was gaoled at SftMMc fur clly« and 7UHO fur country lots, according to condition. 24. OKU 2bU,U3O L52C.4H4 20,150 I.7Kt 35.310 33.700 85. *ls 3.H24 4,7rt0 607 100,837 3.V1 405,040 1,500 13,540 o.o* Xt 2.015 331 77,012 113 100,4*0 1,581 60,300 37,127 .T3.KHS R). 124 :t«2.i 1,385 1RU.415 50 301,HKl 3,171 I,wo: 12,25(1. 4,207 54, i.:rm 3,0*8 d on Tuesday fur city cun teat. ms Inspected Into store li lornlng: 2C curs No. IN. o. S N. W. do, C cars No. 1 u, 70 can* No. 3 do, 24 curs grado (238 wheat); 00 cant car* and 23,300 hu No S do, mixed dn, 74 cars and 5,800 no grade (380 corn); 27 •H No. 2 do, 4 cars rejected No. 2 rye, 0 cars rejected FI.OUK-Wos quiet and a shade caster at funner prices. Bhlppew held off fur a mure decided decline, and local buyers purchased but sparingly. The stocks have increased about B,onuhrU during lost month, but are still small, aud there Is do pressure to sell. The trunaaettuns reported yesterday were limited to brls spring extras, chleily ut 9t.uxX3.7a. Thu market eluted nominal at tne following range of prices: Choice winter extras, *7.37*(*7.H7*; com mon to good do, «3.tf7K<47.:i3; shipping extras, *4.30 4ts.(o; good do. S3.UJUS. 'MM ; choice do, fci-.vrj 6.H7*; patents do. MJnnesota, 9A.u>« f 1.73; spring superfine*, fcl.u**4.oo; rye flour, *4.U3t£ 4..V1. • THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: FRIDAY. JUNE 2. 187 G, FOREIGN IMPORTATIONS STOCK OP PROVISIONS. imRAIJSTITFF.S, Tbeatockof flour In Chico*©- la reports uhmoi tirla, ftK&lmtUU.-ISN brlaone mouth sko. su.ouuhrl* a year ago, and wl.7M>brU oulhc l»t of June, IKTt. /JrnM-Waaunu.ually active, ami a aiiadu coaler, ass tonwnu.-nce of largii utTerlng*. Kalca wore reported of jm tuna at #lo.on track, ami ifclo.&ofree on board cunt. J/l-MHatrs-Salcs were mutual fll.ouai3.oo, free on tioard t un. VII IAJ»I «J lull. Uvi-frni— Salrs were so tom at f IS.onu on track. O.m-.tftui.-t'uiiraewAa nominal at £17.23 perton on track. IV Ilk AT—Wat relatively quiet, and averaged Me lower, closing Uc below (tie latest ipiotaUuns of tlit) previous day. The public advices from Liverpool ijmiuul steadiness, and sunns private dispatches were Eld to note an advance, which fact sustained the mar* •I till ulmiiii lUHin. ilidukli Uiu tendency was down* wards, to sympathy with larger recelpu (law cars). Then New Aork was rvi>orted dull and easier, and the •hurt sellers took courage, bearing the market dow n Ihjc. from which It recovered sulweiiuently, but again fell hack under heavy offerings. There was a moderate demand for sblpmuiit, ehlelly of tlio lower Srudvs, and one or two orders were here for cargoes of u. 2, which were limited a llttlu Udow tho market. The depression was chlelly duo U* the Itellef that thu recelpu hero will Imj Isrgo all through this muntli, as It Is reported that mure money than tilth crk> is wanted by thu cmuilry. clduHy In tho wheat sections. This Is espccted to In* crease our stocks In store, and a good ninny lots were offered on the market In full couildenee Ihui wheat will again touch ft.(U. If U do hot go below that ilgure. UtUu referent was made yesterday u> thu Turkish nuestloo. but thu Impression was general that Hnro* beans do nut anticipate much trouble, and the slacken* tngufUio Continental demand Indicates Ural Franco bus taken about enough for thu present, w hether peacu or war ensue. Later, however, there was some uneasi ness in regard to tho attitude of Ituuls on the Turkish Question. Tiro fact of line and more settled weather lig the West than was anticipated as a sequel to our very irregular winter li making country huldcra more wili ng to purl with thcJr surplus, and tills accounts fur our nereased receipts. Seller July opened at fI.U3, re ceded to «1.04ta, advanced to »l.(*>>&. fell off to It.o3**, Improved to sl.o3*L and deeiliu'd to fI.UiH. closing at fl.utH. belfer thu month sold ut closing ut fl.tcH. and fresh recelpu closed at gl.tU. Nothing doing for more deferred delivery, Cush sale* were reported of 03.mii hu No. 1 spring at 9l.<KMl.o4l*i 2d.4U) hu No. adust sample at (vJylWc on trsek. Total, 00,(00 hu. Ulnntioia IVAsos—'Was lu fair demand, but averaged t /luwer, lu couscfjueuco of the dupu-ljn la (he gen end market. Calc* wore reported of .Vjnu hit No lot *I.K»«I.I2! 12.HK1 t>n Nr*. -2 nt fl.or.H'U.ons HO hit t»y nnmple nt !*•*.!/!•!)!• on truck: and w«i I>n do at ( I. free on twinnl rare. Total, H'.cm hit. COUN-Wa* more active nnd IrreKUlar. Drllverle* for llil« month and neU ndmiteed ntiout lr, nml cloned tilKhrr than the prevlou* day, wlille there who little rlmnire In the prlee of cash loin. the May premium hav ing vanished with the rlov* nf Hint mouth. There waa. however, abetter demtiml for shipment. which kept null lnt*up(o'(c above the price of Mil*month, and for till* reneon the deliveries on June contract* were very Ilitlit. which was a reason for firmin'-'* In ful lire*. Liverpool wa« reported strong, hnt with no chantm In nuotntlon*. nml New York w«* dull till to ward* the elo*e. The ruceim* wete mrnln Inter, nnd comhlcrnhly exceededtho •litpraente. but the present price* rent in content tho buyer* for ov|tort, the low rate.* «>f freight now current being a Mrong Inducement to lake hold. Operator* for future arc disposed to anticipate a lessening In our receipt*, not lotnelr for mere pleaytinlsh votinne, lint to sotiiollung less than now. »* they think a pood deal of the corn rent here during the weekwaa attracted hy thn May nremlnin. Keller June opened nl4:tHe, advanced to Hue, nml declined to 43V at the clone. Seller July sold at and closed nl-H'-fc, Cash No. 2 closed at 44n. nnd hitch mixed nt naked, fault sales were reporteil of 57,- 2t«* hit blglt mixed nt 44V4; 173.2 U) hit No. 2. 4:<life44Hct 4.4'XHm new mixed alloc; 5. hxi Im do afloat nt 4ic;2l. • nxihn rejected at :iHHe;r*,Hu)lnidoailontat:«d<c:H,uit Ini hy nnmple at 82(-t42c on track, nnd .VJtxi Im at 38ut 43'4c free on Inmrd car*. Total. a'O.ntniim. _ HATS—Were lew active and a shade firmer. The re ceipt* were llheral, but Hk* market opened stronger iimlcr lumod demand, and In sympathy with core, then fell hack He. New York comliift In dull, which led some Imyerxlo ivlttolrnu-. There was he* doing In euMi, which oponed nt nnd closed dull nt2BMc. The option trading wan chiefly Injure. though a pood deniwn* done In changing into the following month, July, nt adlftereneo of hc. jnnn opened at IW'le. aidd to 38*40, and cloned at UHttHisV- July sold nf2Bl*4 2jie. ami clown! at 2>-V- Injected oat* wen- quoted nt 24e.. Sample* were dull nnd easy nmler liberal offering*. Cn*h «a|ea were rei*orled of 50,nxthn nt 2HW ♦t2BS.cs 2.4<»t Im hy nnmple at iSVtftiH; for mixed, and :«k.i.tu> for white; nnd 0.010 hu at 2i*g2i3o dellrered. Total, H2.2Klh«. ItVf;— Wan In good demand for shipment, nnd a Hindu erode r, owing U> larger offerings. No. 2 sold at OHuniie, the ImlJc ln-lng for cnr lotn, and rejected at itfe. Cn*h nnlri were reported of 12.««t Im No, a In ear lot* nutHi.tivOvcs morttlm In round lot* at Ate; to.oobu ahtpped front country point* to New York at R7Hu; HHthurejectedaltctc. Total. an.Mxllm. IIAKLKV—Wa* moderately active for June nml nt about ic lower. The receipt* were smaller, and the No, 3 wn* sparingly offered, a* most of It arrived too late to bring the idgh price* due to the May corner, nnd receiver* were reluctant to part with It nt* shrinkage of ttk tS-'ic pur Im. A few car* of So. 2 *old toward* 11. *1 5.'-o. llefore It o'clock UlO May deni* on which the shorts failed to deliver were l>onght In hy the long* u«lenslb)y at hoc. It I* unden<tood Hint nlu>uU!s,no Im were miM-ttloilhy the short*. After 11 o'clock cn*h wn* oUered at floe, ami *old nt Ale, June opened nt jvic, sold to S<le, nnd cloned eiuiy at 55c. July doted at 5T.u hid. No. tl wn* steady nt 3,V<'Ml(lc, mid rejected *»ld nt There wr* a light Inquiry from maltster* for cliuleu anmplns lull other grade* were un salable. Cn*h nale* were reimrted of ;«i,uxitiu No. 2. hr fore It, at Koct J.ixm Im afterward* at .V>oi I,o< x> hu No. II nt STiH'ilJiln; 4Ut Im rejected nt aucj 41)0 bit by nampluat kticuii track. Total, 31, 4<jo hu. Wheat—sno.UXi Im nt si.oa for June, nml SI.O3HO> 1.(U)4 for .Inly. Corn—ls,uoo lm at for July and 4434C{4tHc for August. Mesa I'ork—l.soo hrls ntslß.4satft.s3K fur July. Lard—sou tes nt SII.So fur August. Mens pork vm quiet And steadier, with *alCB of 1,350 brUntsin.3s<i,lH.4sßeller July, and si«.os seller Au *ll!nrd was quiet and eanler. Rale* 750 tcsmller July at Sll.n"), and seller Align?! nt $11.15. Wheat wan fairly active, advancing IrtlMc, owing to ■trong report* from New York, caused hy f rush rumor* of war over the Turkish question In hurupc. Heller July, the leading ileal.opened nt,i(ild to>, and elmed at thcoutslde. Juno aold at gl.oSfcl.UW, •ml rinsed at the outside. Cam wiui stronger. June Bold at 43Mel44Mic, end July •t 4 ll<>*4 line, tioth closing at the outside. Oat*wcroiiulcl«tSH,S,cfor Juuu, and SHjfic fur July. Mew pork waamther quiet ami 5*3100. lower, closing at?1*.374 for July. Sales; 2,ux)hrU at $18.35G1H.a7)* fur July, and sin.«o for August. I.ard wa* quiet and loc oIT. closing nt for July, with salca of I,5(X> tea at en.iDfcli.wfci fur July. GENERAL, MARKETS. Al.cnilol.-WM at IJ. JK. BHOOM (JOHN—Wa« In continued good demand nnd steady. The receipts ore small nnd the stock Is dc cruaslng. and that of the belter grades of hurl corn U already well reduced. hence the ilrimiCHS In those quid' lues. Wo quote: Cholco hurl, H«ibc; medium and No. 2 hurl, 7MBc; good medium brush, &Hr<*uHu; fair Inside aud covers, 4ftsc; Inferior, 3(44 ct crooked, tkgfic. BUTTKU—The demand was fairly active, and Into prices were very generally adhered to. Thus far during the present week the outward movement has about equaled the receipts, andlhurslnu bceu no Increase of stock, but It may well lw doubted that the shipping dc mnnd will long continue on ns generous a scale as In the recent past, and with shippers out of the market prices could scarcely be maintained. Thu offerings are mostly of common to good grades, for which the ruling prices are H><ulhc. We quote: Choice to fancy yellow, 20® 3 te; medium to good grades, IVnlHc, Inferior to com* mun, l Iw He. BAGGlNG—Business remains qnfet, the Into redne* thin lit prices not hnvlng colled out any marked Increase In the demand. Nominally thu market U stcudr at Uio annexed quotations: Stark A, 3SHe: rcerlew AA, Lewiston, 24c; Moutaup, 34He; Ontario, 26cs American A. 2lHc; Amoskeag. 32c; (liter Crock, *22ci burlap hags. 4 bn, 14>d160; gunnies, •Ingle, l3H<il4Hc: do. duulilfc33'g24c. Clll.KHK—l'rlecs were wUMiiit change, the market ruling comparatively steady at the reduction noil'll at llm Iwglnnliw of the week. Good to beat factory was held at uutOHe, while the poorer soru veru offered at COAL—For anthracite coal the market may bo quoted steady at tlie decline of Saturday lout. Soft drecrlptluns are still somewhat nnseuiud. Trade remains dull; Lack awanna. egg. $7.50; do nut, $7.76: do range. s*.oo; Blosahurg, $7.00: cnnncl, $7.00; Krle, S.VismA.SO; Bal timore it Ohio, 16. U); Illinois.C3.76tf4.UU. KUG&—Fresh were quoted at l ic. The offerings were moderate, and this prlcu was usually obtained for cases or tuba In good condition. Flbll—Joblmrs of list: were doing a mure than ordinarily good business for the seaaon. and Imth hike and saltwater currd at the moment are firm. Quo tations remain as follows: No. 1 whileflslt. H-brl, $4.M> t4.a",; No. 2d0.5t.76(it4.K»: No. I trout, $3.7614 4,(ii! No. 1 shore mackerel. H-brl, No. I bay. fU.OOCLty.i6; No. i marKcrd, H'hrl, s*.Uo'>H.2s: (imillr mackerel, H-brl. yil.&u; No. 1 shore kits, large, Si.unNo. I hay kfta. sl.6u; large family klu.; bank codfish. 14.v>v *• 7* lOeorge's codfish. $3.3045.76; summer-cured codtlsh, Labrador herring, split, brls, $7.7V-{B.on;do. H-brl. $4.«xa4.23; Labrador herring, round, brla, ffl.M)Hfl.76:do, H-brl, $3..VKi3.75; scaled herring, (Kir box, 3H«4oc : No. i herring, 30* j3c: Columbia Klvcr salmon. J-a-brl. sh,oo. KKUITS AM) NHTb—Were In demniiil at about pre vious quotations. Stocks of nil kinds of domestic fruits arc now cut down U> extremely small dimensions, and tuliics are to nome extent nominal: /I*rr(gH-DaU*s, tv ; 4dVfcj Ago, layers, l««lsHri Ago, drums. lilvvlKHc; Turkish prunes. OHbtfe; French ! runes, kegs and Ikixcs, OwHc; raisins, layers, $3,006 .(jus loose Muscatel. $3. liX'i3.4U; Valencia, 1 1 iVict Zantn currants, bubhc: citron, 33<*34c. flotiifsllc— Aldcn apples lft:«20c: Michigan applet, common,•OHuotoci choice, loU'dUHc: pared peaches, 17i4iuc: nlackbcrrlea. IlH<sllHc: raspberries, 33w340; pitted cherries, 23<-cllc, Auto—Filberts, lKa.llt«c:alroonds, Tarragona, 10H® 20c; Naples walnuts, 40- c 17c; French walnuts, new, ll'.tlic; Grenoble walnuts, ivur.c: Brazils, pmms.Tc.xiut, UH'«l3c: Wilmington peanuts, HiHHc; Tcnnesscuiieanuts. sudc; African peanuts. OtfOHc. UUKKN FlUHTH—Htruwhcrrlcs sold slowly ut $2. 60® a. 26, Uiu outside for L'cnlrslla and Alton fruit. Cher ries were dull at Sa.lOiwl.i'i for Karly Klchmomls in caeca of 24 qla each. Oranges and lemons were firm, the rortncra»sfl.soo7.Wi. and the loiter at $0,0040.50 IST I*OX. GUUCKIIIHH—Tho market wna without now features. Bualnera was reported good and Improving, and theru wm no Indication of weakness in any of the staple arti cles. Bide goods also, as anile, were held at very full figured. Quotations remain ns lieforo: A’lcs—Hangoon, Carolina, TQiißc; Louisi ana, tlv((i<.7bic. U. Java, 3f4^*3oUc; Java, No, a, 2dHft27Hc; choice to fancy Itlo.i’ilitn-i-nc; good to prlniudo.giH Oiic; common to (air. iu.tiuluc; roosting, iinlic; bingapurv Java, 24Mtt2T>>ac; Costa hlca,2i(433Qc: Mara calls), i-i vii'to. .viijors—l’aient cat loaf. UHfo\ l He; crusheih IU4 IIHc: powdered, ilHe i granulated, lofcc; A, stand anl, lOFkc; do No. 3, IOC; 11, bHc; extra 0, oH* bHc; C No. 2. bH'-tbftc; yellow C No. 1, iHiftbHc*, do U No. a, OtfOHc; choice brown. MH- wdlc; fair to prime do. common do, 7Huvhc: cholco molasses sugar, common to good do. 7H'u«c. dirupa-Califurulasugar-luat drips, tVH7oc: diamond drip*. il.UVil. 10; silver drips, extra line, UXiOficigood sugar-house sirup, WiVV;; extra do, :*m.»ooc; New Or leans molasses, choice. OM-cUHe: do prime, 56<<t6Hc; do, common to goo»U 4muv*c; I'orto llleo molasses. 4ftiV)vt common midsuatcs, iftg&ioc; block-strap, 2u>,v3oc. Allspice. l7c'Sl7Hei cloves, Mosaic; cassia, popper. nivslUc; nutmegs, $1,161*1.205 Cal cutta ginger, 14H-sl6Hc. Son tut—' True Blue, uQe; German Mottled, oH'*7c; White Lily, (FStlHc; White Bose, n-tHHc: lloyal ftnv<iu, &44w<lct havoii Imperial, Mtic; Golden West. sH<ifiQu. £«ircA— txcelslor, Uundry, :>H'i<7c; do, gloss, nc; do. com, iKvnHc; Klngsfurd, pure, 7Hc; do, silver gloss. wUf Ui-Mc; do, coni, lOiluHc. HAY—was dull, and alHiiu,Vs: per Urn lower. The offer ings of 100*0 hay coDilnusllberu], and depress the market forpn-MCft. Following arc the quoiuilons; No. 1 Um uthy, $13.00; n0.3d0, slo.6uti t.oo; mixed do, s».u) (4lu.U);uplaud pmlrle, satustu.ou; Nu.l do, s7,uuls 7,Mj; slough, sii.UktU.r>o. HIGH Wl SKS—Were quid and steady at the price of the post week. Halo was rejwrtedof uuhrbulsl.U) per gallon. IlfliKS—'Worn In fair demand and slrarlr: Oreou city htilrbiTt', sc; green cured light and heavy, 7c; dam aged, 60; part cured, tlH<aUHc; grcuu salted kip, 7ci green country, sV|tCi green calf, lie; Hint hides, 12* 12Hc; dry klpamlculf, liiliHcidryiaUcJhides, Hu; deacontklna, 43uAuc. HOi'j— l bc demand Is very light and the market cosy at llui-iac tor good to cholco and vector lower grade hoiw, blocks are light but ample, as the demand la only of a recall cliuracicr. iIKTAI.B ANUTINNKIIS* STOCK—Trade Is Improv ing aad the market Is steadier, (hu cunipclitlon In niel ubt having aluiled somewhat. Tin plates art) said to lw selling at bare cost, or perhaps at a loss, and It la thought an advance may occur aoou. Following are the quotations: Tln/Vatr-IC, IUiU, Sa.SO; do, IX, 10x14, Cll.U); roofing. 14x20. IC, s».(*). fif/Tin—lairgc, 34c; small, 260; bar. 37c. /tedder—No. I. 3dc: No. 3,|mc. /./ad-rig, 7Hc; bar. uHet Irad pipe, be. Copptr— Bottoms, Hie; slioalhlngcopjiur, 30c. flfitet Zinc—Full ranks, toe; slabs, s-ftc. HAetl Iron— No. 21, 4c rates; llusslulron. Nos. fl to 13, Iflcido, No. I, stained, 16c; American Uuiaia A. 13c; jt, lie; galvaultcd iron, No. 2c, lie; discount, 35 pur cent. U lr#-Noa. I U»fl, Re: 5, ~ tab, 10cj 10to 11, nos 10, HHe; 13 mid 14, 12c; 16 and Id. 14c; 17. 15c: 14, Idc; lb. ibe; 20, 2ue: fence wire, s(ic: do. small lota. 5Hc. NAlLH—Wcruatcody at M. lu rates under a lair In ■"lilts- Fliers ranged tlio aame aa on Wednesday and were fairly steady, uxeenUng luri-cntlnu and lard. There was a fair volume of sales at the range of prices following: turlxm, 113 degrees lest, l3Hai3Hc; do Illinois legal teat, ivirtcg., 14U(i>l4Hc: bnow WliUe, IVJlest, l(lV«l*'H< , i do heuilllgbt, 175 dug., l7(il7Hc; extra wlnur lard oil. ikKiW-c; No. I, m;i.s*-.cj No, 3, 7.n,(.75: linseed, raw, s<Ks67ci ixilled, «JK*62u: whale, winter-bleached, 7d(s7Bc:spcrui, s2.lo* oil, strictly pure, $1,12i41. fs; do extra, ui<.,Usc; >lo No. l, me: bank oil, 55c; sirnlis. (K*c; plumbago oil, cixj 7 .c; turiH-ntlnc, UTiLWo; naphtha, duudoilsed, <vt grav ity, HIHksNHc: West Virginia oils, mtlUMl, au dug., 32 i3lc; natural, SUdeg., 37>i30c; reduced, 2adtg., 20 (g22c, FOHLTItY—'Was dull and easy under Ulwral offer ingt, (or which theru was comparatively little Inquiry. Chlckeua wen quoted at $3.50113,73. iu.d spring do at $2.u«i3.23. Turkuys were alow at babe. I'OTATUEH—W’uru selling from store at VXiSSc. There was no Inquiry for car lutsaud none wero offered. The receipts consist of amall lou which are retailed from sLorc.__ HKKD.S—Timothy was la belter rciiueat and firmer at 92.3Cxt2.iUCt. the outside for choice sued. There was K'liio Inquiry (or clover, but them were o<> sellers at the prices uttered. Prime was quoted at fH.CX»*s.7a Hungarian was quoted at 4Cxn4dc, utd millet at iiuAOc. Only prime seeds were wanted. bAi.T—Continue* In fair demand and atcaly: Saginaw, Canada, and Onondaga, flue. 91.t0; ordinary coarse), S l.iui dairy, without bags. *2.70; dairy, with bsgs, 3-CpUi Ashton dairy, per sack, fl.txj. TKAS—Wete fulrly active und steady. Orders are lm.xeailag In number and lu also, and tberu U lUUfI itrcme low pi Hhellh now eurrent! . . ... fi-'iinprurder—(’etnmon, JtnTMrte; pood do, 4fv*t.ic: medium, 4r»i*.Mie} icood do, ro-'i.Vi flue. r>r> to«K-: flu ent. OMWci choice. 7(‘'i7’>e; dtoleeat, i«*.efl.'»c; fancy f |,osuil, IA. fmiwrbil—fommon, JKVjIWos pood do. SS'Mtki: mo dluin, fo'lAcs pond do, 4. , » , <iWn:; flue. W>itr»sc; flneit. Sf><-tCORs cholee, m««*7oo; cliolr.cit. 7>r.e7sc. (/onon—Oomiunn. :«X(flAcj pood rommon, Jlr>'.t3*»cj medlntn, 40’.[42c; pood medium, 4.Vit4Hot flne,rKV*Wc; flui’M. .v.< tcoet eliolee, ixkmWci rholceit, "O'-trSc. (h>lr>noi- Cotnmon. inwAAe; Rood i-omtnnn, meilluin. 4ix-< fjes good niedliitn, 43(«14f1et flue, 4-t,v.'.ocs flneM. .Vi.'.iAUc! ehtdee. otMfVfri ehnleeal, 7. r -'’iWh-. >Vi)iMi -Sell-nt f7.Air<iriiinple, fd.hOforhcuelt, and fri.Htfor *lati*—delivered. VKUKTAHI.Ks— Were In fnlrreqne«t nt the nnnexetl Srleenj Ouctttnliera. 4t«naH: per durent Rrecn pen*, t.7.v<t'Xtu per tmxt nlrltiß hcnu«, f 2.3» per tmu aipnrnßU*. 4(>i-tfluc per dozens rndlshen, toailfifl Per dureii; llenmid* totiiatora. pi.(»» (.l. lit per hots New Urleitn* do, fJ.AO.'d.uopcr hots beet*, so-tuie perdozs cahhuL-e. #t.i>»-',1,2:.. wool,-fouHmte* dull nnd weak. New wool lacom- Imrlii alow ly. MamifneturerK nre ordertiißnmnll lot* of old. the given prlee* for which nre frequently Minded,n* holder* nre nntlou* to realize. Quotation*; Tuh-waMieil, choice. 41c; do, avernße. ;t,v.»37cs wa*hfd fleece, medium, id,i33c; do, (Inc. S'hjTJes unvraabed Beccc, medium, 2£<42lc; do, One, new, UJ'iiluc. LIVE STOCK. CUICAIIO. Cntito, ITug*. fihffp. . 2.U7S 12,2211 fed 11.21*1 2,mr» . 4.f17fl IJ.H-.q row . fI.SUI 12.M1J IJilll Rfrrtptt— Moiulnv Tue*dny Weilnetday. Thursday... .1A232 4d,R73 4.W4 ,2' i. U,'-A 0.1,711 3,u22 .20,132 01,053 3,1121 Total Sntne time last week. Week before Uat .sVdisrncrtf*— Momlay Tuesday Wednenday R2S 8, tlfl 3M 2,12 ft :t.Wt:| Hit 4,THO :i.H24 fR>7 Thu receipt* of cnltle and hop* for Ihu five uiontlis ending with April, this year and I rut, compare aa fol- r IH7r.r* ,Wf IH7H.' ' ' January tii.itii 7i,t»i3 «ki.:»»7 4iu,ivil Ketinmry fw.112 7d.n;n 421. ki3 :mn,41l March ko.msi u*».b7J 210.7117 2ll.:iMt April i»2.:i7« l»7.7iMt 35u.5d» •22ii.ror2 May 80,730 115.140 272.M7 307.2.-.0 Total :i-d.:t'.2 4ih,dok i.7ui,43;i 1,501,710 Jlclow will lie found the ollldnl report of tho receipts ,ml shipment* of llvn stock fur the month of May. In comparison with lH7snn Increase I* noted of 31.41 M cat tles :H.3»3hoff*. and l.2Oo*hecp. ThonveraßO welßht oflhchoß* received wn* 22S 11m, nßalnst 210 lit* for May tHVr., umji iba fur 1K74, 217? J lit* for 1H73, and 223 lbs fur 1H72: fiertlrl*— Cottle. Hogf. fHieep. C., U. I. * I*. It. H SMITH 57.1K0 I.HT4 UiWjlh Central Hallrood... 13. K* r.him Vi:iH Chicago, H.&O. It. It. 44,02:1 1 OS, 4*5 4.709 Chicago A Nortnwwttern... l.\w<> 4*.iuj l,wi7 hiiengo A Alton 11,US* 34.523 1,507 ’ Kt. Wdtub a o. as 051 .... illchlKftn Central (tallroad. 74 B*s I*7 >nke Shore A Michigan?!... I*3 2.103 557 c.ahi. i.. it. it '... .tm Chicago, Denver A V. It. It. OUI Chicago, Milwaukee & St.l*. S,ai*7 Unltlmorc A (Hilo Itoilroad. n* Chicago A I’iwJHc Itallroail. 305 Driven In I.UHI Shipment*— Total 115,140 807,250 17.745 received May, 1M75 no, 730 273.8*7 10,470 ■lttahurg. Ft. VSuyno AC.. 23,457 43.010 1,479 llelilgan Central itallruiul. 39,3*5 44.;«« l> lit* .akc Shore A Michigan H.. aa. I*4 a«,4U» 0.597 laltlninre A Ohio Itallmad. H,T.10 ult .... c. A Ht. L. it it ; ilia Chicago, Denver A V. It. It. 453 111 .... C hicago. Hock Island A I’.. 370 r>t ISH ; HlnoT* Central Itallruad.... I,o*m 133 .... Chicago, llurllngton, A tj.. ISO 11*3 .... Chicago A Sort h western.... 7ul 553 79 Chicago A Alton llallnmd.. Si>o S 3 .... Total flT.wn lar.mio Average weight of Img* per mouth, 228 ft*.—Thc market presented no feature* cmou* Daily dlJTcrcnlfrom those noted on tlio two or three preceding days. There wo* a well sustained demand for good to eboleo shipping *tcor* at fully late prices, while for common and medium qualities the market was dull, with prices leaning in buyer*' favor. Sales ringed about the same as for the day before, viz., from *2.sofor*cnlnwag*tnss.oofor choice graded steer*. There was only n single transaction at the latter figure, 13 head, averaging I/jho lbs, by Denney A Heilman. The drove sold yesterday by (Iregory, Cooley * Co. ut were of the Hereford breed, and were raised and cdbyT. S. Miller, of Hrant. Did. It was one of the meat drove* scon In our market the preaunt simoon. CATTUK HALEB. AT. Prlr.f. So. At. I'rict. .1,2*5 95.00 ih 1,339 94.ret .1,3*1 4. MJ HU 1,303 4.U7K .l,:jft.T 4.00 II 1.314 4.11 S .1.300 4.75 m 1.177 4.02* .1,414 4.00 II) I, lift 4. IX) .1,400 4.00 34 1,108 4.00 .1,1130 4.H5 It) 1,071 4.00 ,1,443 4.87* 13 1,103 4.50 .1,371 4.H7* IK 1.11H5 4.50 .1,313 4.H5 5H 1,158 4.50 .1,343 4.H0 35 4.50 .1,21)0 4.H0 17 1,003 4.55 .1,301 4.H0 30 1.134 4.53 ,1,303 4.H0 |H 1,031 4.40 .1,340 4.H0 HI 1)07 4.40 ,1,33 d 4. HO It) 1)07 4.37* .1,317 4.75 30 I, UR) 4.30 .1.31 X) 4’75 38 1131 4.30 .1,333 4.75 33 feeder*.!,«l3 4.33 .1,304 4.75 14 b'hcrs*..l,l/71 4.00 .1,340 4.70 33 Texts.. H 53 4.00 .1,303 4.70 31 Ttixa*.. 4U7 3.40 .1,140 4.70 51) T. CTV*. 100 3.40 .1,143 4.70 123 Toxas.. 737 3.40 .1,314 4.70 llbTient'.. 070 3,70 .1.323 4.70 13 hu115....1,Ml 3.50 .1,3511 4.05 8 DUS 3.23 HOUB—Thu market opened model linn at Wednesday** advance, and lat came quiet, and awed dull at a alight grades. The receipt* were not a* In otherwise sellar* would no doubt have cutty in sustaining pricca. Sale* wen the major portion at sil. 11X4(1.30 for ' at so.iai*o.2s for heavy. Wo quota iiou HALES, .Vo. rflr. IHce. 03.. 130....3!« 0.30 r,t1,...3H3 (1.30 53.. 8.30 34.. 373 0.30 3!)....370 0.30 31.. 0.30 52.. .100 0.15 3!i....]71 0.15 48.. 0.15 45.. ..173 0.15 101. ...330 0.15 33.. .183 0.20 28.. ..104 (1.30 )50....)H4 0.30 (17....318 0.20 33....345 0.35 03....3(0 0.15 17 <H «3 SO Vd’.ill 17 M A Ar. Price. 23.. 44.. .300 (1.31 M....2H0 n.:to an... .241 o.:w 20.. ..200 (1.30 111. ...300 11.30 01.. 0.23 20.. .2.10 0.21 43.. 0.2.1 3H....24U 0.2.1 41.. 0.2.1 M1....210 0,23 3(1....203 0.23 21.. 0.21 21.. 0.23 00....310 0.21 M....2M 0.23 c>h!“!'jiih »iISj I «i5!l!!soa o.iisHl MItKKI I —'For (rood to choice mutton *hc«p the market win without Quotable chuiute. but Inferior unit common lota noli! lower. We Quote (rood to clmtco nt ft.MXX 5..v>; common to medium at sa.WX*4.ito, and Inferior at per iuullm. NKW TOI Nv.w YonK, Juno \,—n*fr.ei 30, w*) for Uiire drift, »ook; clcinuml fairs market a i rrnlly a lie higher than iJoiidn shown; onUonry U> prisms, luc IK'-liHiu. iterelpla 3.K80, making 8,450 for the three days. iigatiint »,(«« same time last week} market quiet at former (Inure*. SwlHf.— l!«H:clpt*2,ri7CV making 8.000 for three rtiiya, against U.IOU same unit last week; muse offered alive. fa— Hccolpta 060, making ntt a.HMO snm« time lint * shade firmer; price* Kt’ii lay ino extraurfancyiluon eluding 4 com Cherokee, IlnvFAJ.n, V. Y., Juno I.— Calllt— llccclpta, 340; tout fur the veck.u.TTW; no transactions uf Importuncu to-day; froth Arrivals through consignments. Sfirtli (Ttirf Uecclpls. I,duo; total for the work. O.oui; market dull; sales u can, leaving 10 ear* unsold; Ohio clipped. *1.7.V«A.-IU. Moat— Itecelpw, 3. loo: total for the week, 15,400; market dull; supply largo; only talcs i car good Yorkers at ?0.35, and a few stock pigs at 87.U3M; 14 cars uu* sold. Kast Lirkrtt. Juno l.— Tlcccfpts to-day, none; l.otl bend for thrvo days; none for sale and no bmdneM doing, y/oys-llcculpi* to-day, 1.H70 head, mnktngs,sss for three days, Phlladelphlas, f0.50a0.75; Yorkers, 80.00 6. lid. 'su'ttp— Itocclpts to-day, 4(X)hcad, and 15,C00 for Ihret daya; selling at 84.uxtS.uu. ST. LOCH. Br. Loots, June Active. Arm, and higher; Yorkers, SS.3.VtbS.UO; bacon, *5.40(a5.UU: butchers, 85.Hrt.n5.75. (Mile— Steady and Arm; good to choice steers, *4.75 medium to fair. 84.rtXi4.uahi; pony steers, f».UXH.37K; cows, *3.7544.00. LUMUKU. Tho offerings were moderate, numbering about IB cargoes, llnyora look bold freely, and fourteen or Af teen sales were made In the forenoon. Prices were steady ut 87.5rttH.tx> for Joists and scantling, BH.ux« U.rt) for common Inch, ami 81u.u5(Vi3.35 fur fair to choieu Inch lumber. Uppers have told at *3S,(x>, and pickets at 87.00. Shingles range In price front 8X la* 3.35. Lath were quiet at 81.35. Lnmlter freights arc easier, at 81*35 for Menomonee or Ludluuton, f 1.50 for Oconto, *l.37hi for Manistee, and #1.1214 fur Muskrgon. There was no quotable change In yard prices. Trade Is fair, and appears to he on Uto Increase, llclow are t lie prices: First and second clear *36.00038.00 Third clear. Illicit 3ii.(kHc.*i3.U) Third clear, thick 33.UKt35.rti Clear flouring, lint and second, rough Bo.rtHi33.uj t Hear siding, ilrsl and second 17JXK«tH.a> First common siding 10.lxHSKi.uu Flooring, lint common, dressed «*3n,uj Flouring, second common, dressed 23.utvt33.uu Uox hoards, A llux hoards, H 35.«*437.U) A stuck iMjsrds, 10 sod 13 In 3H.rtHea3.oo II stock hoards 23.iiHt37.00 C stock boards iri.UHSI7.UU Common boards ami fencing 10.00*13.t0 Common lumber. IH ft and under 3 In lo.txxtll.rt) Joists and scantling, 30 to 34 ft 13.uHjt5.4X) l.aih l.eua 1.75 A shingles 3.41 M 3.78 BY TEI-iEGUArn. TOUISIGN. flpedal Ditpalch to The TWftunt. LinitrooL, June I—II a. in.. ~llremutuffi— Flour— Ko. 1. ‘c-ts 0d; No. 2. Ks, Oruln—Wheat-Spring, No. 1. On Hd; No. 2, fieddt whlto, No. I, 10s 2d; No. 2, Oi l"d; club. No. 1, leu tliii No. 2, llu 2d. COfU— No. I, 2*4 Ad; No. 2. 2Ga 3d. Prorlahwu—pork-*ua. Lard-SU. Ltntuiwi., Juno I—2 p. m.— iard— UM. Best unchanged. Livxki-oou. Juno I—l.alost.— Collrm— Btoadyj 9® 0 aaloa id.ouobalei, Including 2,l)oolor specula clou and export, and 7,mm American. Bre«d»ii</r*-Cttllfonil»wUlt« wheat, ayerage, Oa lOd Vila 2d; do club, lia 2di-vUa edi rod Wcatcrn aprlng. No. 3 to No. I, «* Bd'aMtiJs do winter, OsMiaWs tod. floor—'Western canal, 22s<i2ta nd. Corn—Western wU> ed, 214 bdcuua «d. Oau-a*44a ad. Barley—3a ed. Peas-Canadlan. bUAtauatSd, Clour .S«d-MVa a. Prwrtalmu-Prlmo meat pork. Boa. Prims mrM beef, Hsa. Lard, sia. Cltccae, bda, Bacon—Loug dear, 4oa (idt short do, iIM (kb Tallow —(la 3d. Jt (rolaum—Spirits, taCtHi 3d; refloed, Ida DdaillSd. Utueed Oil—23a. Wain-Common. 4» 6d(VU dJ; pale, ICi ' Hplrt(s Tvrptiuint--U. I.osnoN. .limn 1 .—rJrutfd OH-23* o<J«33a. O>;nmon /Mn—tsUd. Sptilt* Turpentine—'ll*. A.-nwim*, Juno I.—/Vira/rum—37*Od. rnoDucß. NKW TOUK. Special DUpatch to TM Tribune. Nrw York, June i.—«m(n—Wheat dull and weak* er; buyers holding off for lower prices; quotations, No. a Chicago, No, 3 Milwaukee offered at $1.33, and SL23 btdt No. n Milwaukee. fMOtft.Ht No. | Minnesota, 4,txx) boat ei.ft); No. I Minnesota, rale* in can at $1.28; No. 3 New York, • ft. 13; 3 car* of unmerchantable at anc; 3 car-load* of Minnesota* hr sample. at $1.25; market cloaca Blow and Irregular. Byoftesdy; Western, 05e; Canada In bond. 03C| State and Pennsylvania, tWootlc. Corn opened steady; clos ed weak; steamer mixed sold at 57c; no grade, MHo; unmerchantable, s.Vvssi4ci Western yellow, sue. Oats steady, closing Arm; No. 2 Chicago sales at 40c; re jected, at 30c; No. 3 Now York. 37M'iMR<H mixed Western, K)(,t4oc; white Statu, 43c; mixed SUtc, sales. 43c; No. S Milwaukee. 450. /Votfs/oru—Lard dull and Irregular; sale* at tint cal), for July. 2.Wtc*atsn.fin*nd2sotcs at sll.s3H;Bep tctnlter, 250 tes at $11.82H; flrsl call,'forJune, sll.a3H Mdand 911.40 asked; July, $11.50 bid, and $11.03H asked; August, $11.(to bid and $11.70 asked; Septem ber. $11.7714 bid nod $11.83 asked; October, $ll.BO bid and $13.n0 asked. 7Vr/(r>ie-Btcndy; 40,000 n* strictly prime at $8.58. H'AfsAV—Quiet; hlgliwlnos, sl.lß asked; alcohol, $3.11. /Vrfpflff-flteadvt quiet; to Liverpool, tvtoHd; to London, PH<J| to Glasgow, OKftnHd; to tho Continent, Os 3d(i*M (xli to Cork for orders atAsOdft?*. To Iht Wettern A**ncl<Ueil Pre.m. NiwYoiik. June ti —(.wiMn-lpilrti I-Jfiot fiiturea harclv steady; June. lIMMia 33-330; July, It :t-33AMl 27-a3e; August, it 2u-320«M la-me: Ben ttmber. II 27-3Jnll?6c; October, II xi-:i2a»n>ici No vember, llH'h-11 a-:tje; Oecemlier, 11 H'-i 11 ui-:i2<;; January. IIMt-ill IS-Ui’r; Fclirunry. 2U-33C; March. -;<2c: April. 12i6r.t13.v32e. fVimr-Hceelnts. tbtsxi brls; very moderate demand fur expert and nume-trado use: N 0.2, su.rxxj3.r>ti; auper State nml Western, $4.11*41.&0; common to good extra. Sa.Uk4a.3ri: good to choice, $3.:wx.15.7.'i; white wheat extra. *.v*u.r.7.7S; extra Ohio. f.VOUitT.tW; St. Louis, s.'».2(>*u.U); Minnesota patent proccaa, $0.35 Itje Oouratcady; st.7orr.s.2U. rorn-MnU— bleady; Western, $3.15* t/ratn— Wheal heavy; unmerchantable spring, R3c; No. 2 iprlntr, New York, sl. t2<tl. i;i; ungraded Min nesota, fl.2nocl.2Hi No. 1 spring,; No. 3 Milwaukee, f 1.210*1.22; Nu. 2 Chicago spring fI. |or-« t.IHHi; No. a do, Uyo more active I Western, Hioinac. Harlo yeaay; maltriulel; Hate, yoc. Corn a llnncr a ihoile; good grade* rather more active; bu; Western mixed damaged, 40c; mix ed unmerchantable. .VtWe: do no grade, 93e; do steam er. Wi4'.c>7*4e; do grmTed. fts.Si'vrvue; do Kansas. r>nc; new Western mixed, btwuki; old Western mixed, suo In siorc; cue ailosuycllow Wcjlcm.damp.WHic. Oats— bu; muru active; wealuru mixed and state, a3ti4:ic; white do 35(t47c. Jhty— Heavy; shipping; 7f«c. Jfnpt— Firm and unrhungod. Orncerte*— Cnlfce—Ulo dull! nominally nnpliangrd. Sugar, quiet and miclmngcd.*, dull and un changed. Hire, quiet, but steady, /V/ro/rum—Market dull; seuicely so firm; crude, gtA'HHc; refined, 14%c; rases, IWfJIC. yu/foi/'—Steady; NO-riPW lintln— Dull, $1.70 <7t 1.80. Spirit* A(rp<n/lne-Uull, yie. Agi/x-lrn'gidar; Ju-ary Western. |(V£t3o. Prurfstoux-Purk ttrmer: opened and closed heavy; new irnas, Slo.hOusltu’O; July, closing SIU..V>; August, slo,ks. closing slo.7ix.tlo.7:>i long clear middles. Western, if*6c; do city, Lard drill; opened closed dull and heavy; prime steam, $11.4(X»11.4r>; July. Sll.r.J!*; clustng 511.42Hd.11.45 August. $1 LOV.* 11.05; eluting at SU.OOc, lluiitr— Heavy; new Western, 14U.23U. fhefne— gold; 4i>ill!{e. ti7i(«li/—tibadu Ormer; fI.ISH. ntii.Anr.Li’niA. It, MM 2 7.H10 «70 4.022 Ml Klrt .... 1,31.1 107 23 141 rnfLApaLmiA.ilune I.—ftfrefsuwi—Steady: reflned, crude. KWo. ,s>rr/.«—(Julet and unchanged. Flour— Butter grades In fair demand; others neg lected; extra*, H.rMM.Tt’i Wisconsin ami Minne sota extra family, *.*>.23(4(1.331 State, Ohio, amt In diana. JU.2.W7.0U! high grades, *7.3Vi;A.73. Orvifn—Wheat quiet and weak; Pennsylvania red, $1.43©1.43t amber, 91.4dt Western, red, f1.00ri1.13; white. Rye, 87wa7J4c. Corn declining; yellow, .'imooc: mixed, 3t^r.Oc; white, cue; sail, bhc. Oats freely offered; white, 36c*-uc; mixed, 33 ©37(5. \VM»kv— Western, *1.13. Uectipu— Whuot, 3d,ou(ibus corn, m.nnobu. Kfh’-rt*— Wheat. 70,dm lull corn. 171.<mIni. UuHtr-~ Quiet; New York state and Bradford County Pennsylvania extras, 23(j5gie; firsts, 2t4i2ie; Western extras, ihmooc; Onu, I(KU7c; Western rolls, lu©2oc; fi settled; New York, lusise; Western, O^ll'iC. AVt/s—Market dull; Pennsylvania. New York, and Delaware fresh, BU*i3c; Western fresh, ll©t2c. Ctxciknatx, Juno I.— Cutum— Quiet and steady; IJWp, and quotably lower. OnUn~' Whcatdull; 9I.iXMJ.Si3, Corn—Falrdemand; 4.vt4*w. Oats inactive} aawauc. Rye quiets 720«74c. Prt*rl#b>iu—Pork fair aud Jinn; Lard Ann; strain held tic; kettle, 13W<U:$fo. Hulk meats active and higher at cIomo; shoulder*, «}4(3.C?6c; clear rlli, {*£ UM cash; tiHo bid buyer July; clear, OMuMc. Bacon quirt and firm; TMcixc; IOUmjIOXq; lOMWIiIfto. steady and Urm; fair to good tight. *3.4Aft5,75; fair to good heavy, 93.8UUWJ.U); receipts, l.iuusiblp- Bll jfA/*tv—Steady; *1.07. //utter—Dull and unchanged. The Price Current to-day give* the following esti mate of KtockH here: Pork, i>rta, iu,£iu; lard, tea, Hi,- OUS; cut meats, as, 33.k;«.HH. lULTtuonK, Juno l.—tlour— Steady and unchanged; In fair demand. Grain— Wheat dull and nominal. Corn-Market rosier; quid; Western mixed, 37-He. Oats steady ami un changed. Ityc flriner; quirt; 736H5UC. Jlau— Dull and unchanged. iVeuffiim*—oulct hut linn. Pork. *20.00. Bulk abouldcrs, O^Cii^c;clear Hb,o*fcloose. Bacon—fihuul dura, We: clear rib, ll«c. Hama. HHiuiac. Lard —Market dull and weak; refined, 13c, Jlutier— Dull and heavy; Western. IfVtWc. iVlrtdeimi—Easier, but not quotnbly lower. Coffee— Firmer: more active; Ulo cargoes, l&J^tiajJc; nfc.ifai.feui,, htrtivte—' Wheat. ikfinobu; corn, 68,000 bu. Shipment*— Coro, 133.(mx> bu. erately ncttvo and ter in the day be* I decline in bacon large ns expected, e found Homo dim* re at*ajowfl.4U,— light weights, and Uio following: TOLEDO. Toledo, Juno I. >7our— Dull, (iriiln— wheat dull and tower; No. a white Wahoah, •; No. i white Michigan, <1,30; No. 2 do. ft.ld; extra while Michigan,; amltvr Michigan,f 1.25;4; June, $1.25%; July, (1.2. V, No. 2 amber Michigan, fH.ltt; No, 1 red winter, $1.35; No. 2 do, s|.2d: No. 2 red, $1.00; rejected red, Hi>c. Corn stronger and higher; high mixed, din Juno: July sou; low mixed, 43c; damaged, 40c. QaU aulet; No. 2. 31o; Michigan, 32e; Xo. Av. Price. 30.. ..101 sO.ll 04.. 0.13 07.. too n. in 20.. ..210 8.13 41.. 6.1.1 30.. 0.15 40.. ..210 0.13 M....20H 0.11 M....2(K) 0.1.1 20.. ..214 0.10 310....101 0.10 27.. ..100 0.10 43.. 0.10 40.. ..2.17 0.10 H1.,,,177 0.10 20.. ..200 11.00 42.. ..200 0.(0 20.. ..140 3.40 rejected, 28c, AsrWpfs—Flour, none; wheat, 25,000 bu; corn, 20,000 bu; oats*rt,OW>bu. Shipment*— Flour, w» brlat wheat, 4,200 bu; com, O.ooubu; oats, 2, luu bu. Milwaukee, June t.—*7our—Dull, heavy, and nn- Grain— Wheat opened weak; shout Ho hlnhrr; dosed firm; No. 1 Milwaukee, <1.13; hard, $1.1*%; No. 2, ll.uiHi July, *l.oo%; August,sl,«iM; No. 3, ode. Corn slenily and firm; So. 2,44 c. OnU steady: No. 2 In fair demand; cosh or June, 20c. Uyc scarce; a shade firmer; No. I, 72c. Hurley neglected; nominally lower; No. *2, 700; So. 3,40 c. Prelate*— Wheat to Uuffalo, 3c; to Oswego, 5%c. Astwiiu-Flour, 7,atiohrls; wheat, loauxi lui. MlptiuMa—VitMT, U. 500 brls: wheat 105.000 bu. Br. Loons Juno i.—fto/iwi—Hull and unchanged, yimir— Nominally unchanged. Gmln— Wheat unsettled and lover: No. 2 red winter, $1.3)1 bid cosh; sales at *1.21% for July; So. 3 do. $1.22. lorn quiet but steady; No. 2mlxcd,42<it42!fc cash;42('o 42%e June;43M'443%c July. Oats Inactive; No 2, 83 c; rejected, 2H%i*2t*Hu. ityu higher; 05c. lrAht.lV—None ou the market. /Vorlslons—Held higher, but nothing done, and little disposition manifested to operate. /.veWids—Flour, s.HOObrlit wheat, 10,000 bus corn. S7,ouoLu; oats. 2U.0N0 bu; rye, 1.000 bu; barley, none. NewOuleanb. June l.—Ou<#-4julet but firm; tit. Louis. 4<ici UaJena, 45c. Oinuiitnl— Scarce and firm; $9.1WW.25. iVortsfons—Pork strung and higher; $20.50. Bulk meats quiet and weak; anouldcra, 7J407%c, Bocou— Demand fair and prices higher. nurrAi.o. Durrato, K.Y., June I.— drain— Markets generally dull und heavy, and quotations nutuliml. Wheat- No. 2 Milwaukee, <1.15. Guru—Nu. 2, &4c. (Jala— No. 2,37 c. Cbnuf /WlffAfs-unchangcd. UOSTO.X. Boston, Juno I.—>7o«r— Unchanged; sslcsconOnod lo small loti. &rnln—Corn quiet; mixed and yellow, Ol&Uc. Oats -Mixed, 44W.47C-, rejeelvd. 42a. 13c. Gai.vebton. Juno I.—Coltonstpady: middlings, llftc; net receipts, 144 bales; gross, 145; exports coastwise, b 3; sales, 701. Savannah, Juno I.—Cotton dull; middlings, llo; net receipts, 127 bales; sales, 50. Moults, Juno 1.-Cotton quiet; middlings, 11c; net receipts, 110 boles; grots, (121; exports coastwise, 141. Chaulmhton. June I.—Cotton—Fair demand; mid dlings IIHnllHc; uct receipts, 201 bales; sales, rani, Nkw ui(l.xaks, Juno I.— Cotton in fair demand; salesT.HOO bales; good ordinary, OH'twHe; low mid* dllug, lOWOOMci middling, 12%0l2Ko; receipts, net, 7d bales; gross, 303; exports none; stock, 1111,531. Kkw York, June I.— Buslm-as vu moderate with Jobbers, ami light with commission bouses ami Import* era. Bleached sheetings wuru In fair request,and steady. Fancy and shirting print* were in fair demand fur ■mull lot*. Ginghams were quiet. Ureas goods were moving slowly. Heavy woolens were In muderate do* maud l>y clothiers, hut light weight* were dull VKTUOIiBUM. Ci.rtslakd. June l.—Petroleum unchanged; standard white, IK) teat, tic; prime while, lau test, life, ear lots, cosh. Prrrsuonti, Pa., June I.—Petroleum—Dull and un* changed; crude, fZ2S*pg3.tra at Parker’s) refined, lH(c, Philadelphia delivery. AnniVAt.*—Prop Messenger, Benton Ifarbor,sun dries; Btmr Coruna, Kt. Josepli, sundries; prop Annie Laurie. Qrcenßay, plg-lron; atur Sheboy gan, Manitowoc, sundries; bark Lotta Wolf, Brie, coaljschr Japan, Ludlngton, lumber; acbrWllllu I.outlt, Ludlngton, lutnbur; stair Muikegon, Mus kegon, auudrles; prop George Dunbar, Muskegon, lumber; acbr Henry P. Baldwin, Erie, coal; achr Topsey, Manistee, lumber; prop Tempest, Mon tague, sundries; ichr Golden West, Marquuttu, plg-lron; scow Magdalena, Ludwig’s Pier, wood; achr Minnie Mueller, Muskegon, lumber; achr A. Bust, Muakeguu, lumber; prop Commodore, Buf falo. auudrles: echr Ottawa, Grand Haven, lumber; •chrJ. P. Jones, Muskegon, lumber; achr JHva, Ludlngton, woods echr M. Pall. Muskegon, lum ber; sebr J. V. Taylor, Manistee, lumber: scow Seabird, Baugatuck, wood; echr Mary, Muskegon, lumber. CLeaitAHCM—tilror Sheboygan, Manitowoc, IQ tubs butter and sundries; prop Colorado, Bimalo, 30,01)0 bu corn, 30, 100 bu oats, 000 brls Hour, 833 bags seed, and sundries; achr hchuvlkill, Erie, 32.000 ba corn; schr Hears, Buffalo, 2,000 bu | wheat; slmi Curuuu, tit. Joe, sundries; scurF* P. linker, loMilwaukao, 1)0 ton* pig Iron, to Uacino 130 lons pig iron; ecltr Cuyahoga, Cedar itlver. m brlnpork, lobrla beef, nml sundries; schr Mer mnld, (Irnnd Haven, CO bu oats, 20hn need; bark Ogarlln, Buffalo, .'IO,OOO bti corn; schr Fash inn, Michigan City, 40 eiU stone: schr 8. Bates, Silver Lake, JO brl* floor, 10 tons hay) Prop Messenger, Benton Harbor, sundries; prop hiladelphln, Erie. 5.1.000 bo corn, 700 brls Hour; prop Tempest, Wblto Luke, sundries; achr H. O. Cleveland, Kingston, 10,20(1 bn corn; schr Co« manche, Kingston, 25,205 bn oats; schr Mineral Stale,Kingston. 2(I,HIMIm oa(h; schr Cheney Amo*. Kingston. 15,201 bn com; ctmr Muskegon, Mas kegon, 25 brlfl pork, 4 bales broom corn; prtn Missouri, Marquollo, 20 brl* Hoar. 140 bags feed; nml sundries; Willie Kollor, Kingston,lo,4oo bn; bark Constitution, Buffalo, 27,470 bn corn; prop Emnlro State, Buffalo, 20,200 ba corn, 000 brla Hour, 350 pkgs reed, and sundtlaa. Tlio local market was loss active bat steady al G*4c for corn to Kingston, and 25*(ffc24(c for wheal to Buffalo. Tlie chnrtcrH were: To Kingston— Schrs Noyes, Orient and barges, Lincoln, Llsgnr, corn At 5«4c. To lluffalo—Prop Commodore, bal anco cargo wheat and corn;sclira Northwest and ,T. W. Donne, wheat on p. t Capacity, 00,000 bu wheat and 130,000 bti com. Milwaitorr, May 31.—There la but very little, if any, demand fur grain vessels on 'Change to-day. Hates, however, remain firm at 3c on wheat to Buffalo, and Kingston rates at Gc. The prop Doan Richmond was engaged to carry 50,000 bti of wheat to Buffalo on through rale to New York. Uktiuht, May 30. — l Tho prop 0. Ilurlhnt and tow bargo Shawnee taka coal from Sandimky to Mil waukee at 50c per ton. Thu scow Jenny Lind takes lumber from Forrostvlllc to Detroit at 91 per in on the rail, and tho schr Starlight brings paving cedar from Pine-Tree Harbor to this city at $1,7» per cord. Buffalo, May 30.—Coal freights active at 500 per tun to Chicago. Cupt. (ieorgo W. Burnt re ports schr James Couch, cual to Chicago, at 50c per ton. Cunt. Tom Collins reports schr Grace Hhnnnou, coal to Chicago, at 50c per ton. Tim following vessels wore also chartered yesterday at s()c on coal to Chicago and Milwaukee: Hchrs Champion. Kingfisher, J.H. Uontluy, J.l’.Shcldou, nud Frauds Bcrrlman. The repairs to the tug Ward have been com pleted, and oho will come out again to-day.... The schr Magnolia, which has been in ordinary during tlic lasi few weeks at this port, bent canvas again yesterday and left for Muskegon.... The schr Grace Chanson leaves UulTulo for Chicago to-day. This Is her first start this season.... The brig Pamlico, which Is now on her way to Buffalo with a cargo of grain, has been chartered to take a cargo of timber from Toledo to England. This is the cargo which was to havo been taken by tbo schr Thomas C. Street, which capsized about a week ago on Lake Eric. ...The scow Danllaycsln receiving n thorough overhauling at Ben Eysler's North Branch Dry• Dock.. ..Tho schr Reindeer la having a leak stopped at one of tho docks of tho Chicago Dry-Dock Company.... Co nsiderable excitement was created at the docks by a scull race which took place yesterday afternoon. The contestants were a Mr. Doyle and Mr. S. Clark, two experienced rowers. Tho prize for tbo winner was suo. Tho distance to bo rowed wan down tho river from Twelfth street bridge to tbo lake banln, and thence along tho lake shore to tho foot of Sixteenth street. Mr. Doyle kept well ahead until they reached tho basin, when Mr. Clark gained on him, and finally won tho race by one and a half boat lengths. Tho Judges wera on board tbo steam yacht Bret Ilarlo. COTTON. DRY GOODS. MAIUNE. CHICAGO. LAKE rumours. CHICAGO, BLBBWIIRHB. ItAKB MICHIGAN cnicACK). THE STORM. A terrific thunder storm passed over this section hint evening about 7 o'clock. Tho wind which at first was from the south suddenly veered around to the north. During the erjuall the shipping lu tho harbor was considerably shukuo, but no damage was done. Tbo wind, however, died down shortly afterward, though tho thunder, lightning, and rain continued with unabated fury for some time. At about 8 o'clock tbo lightning struck a largo five story building corner of Frunklfn and Lake streets, occupied as an ell and paint worchouso and sot it on fire. As tbo building Is but one block from the lumber market, where a largo number of lumber-laden vessels arc lying, there was considerable excitement among tho marinefs lest the (Ire should cross South water street. The sparks from the burning building were falling thickly on tho lumbcr-luden craft, and had the wood been dry there Is hardly a doubt that much damage to tho shipping would have been done by the fire. As U wus, the wood and the ves sels were thoroughly soaked with water by tho rain, and the cinders had no chanco to set anything ua Arc. _ LA3CK ERIE. ERIE. Special Dttpatch to The Tribune. Emr. Pa., Juno i.—Arrived from Chicago, prop Annie Young. Departed for Chicago, star China, schr D. B. Dobbins. THE CAN AX. BmnflitronT, Juno I.—Ahbived— 'North Brunch, Buffalo Bock, C, 700 bn corn; prop Jack Robertson, LaSalle, 4,G00 bn com; Merchant, LaSalle, 0,000 bu com; Maple Leaf, Locknort, 5.841 bu corn; Bello France, Borneo, G. 000 bu com. Clbauko—Prop Montauk, Lockport, 4, GOO bu wheat; Monitor, Morris, 41,237 feet lumber, 10 m shingles; Neptune, Morris, 00,200 feet lumber; Elizabeth, Lockport, G,2o7ba wheat. MISCELLANEOUS* DRIFTINGS. Atßnflalotbercoronlno harbor tugs Inordinary ....The Canadian Government baa purchased tho tngj. Jones to go to Nccblah Rapids and tow the scow used for blasting at that point....CapU Kd Maytham, of Buffalo, has succeeded In releasing the barge Daimaford, which was ashore at Lung Point, 110 has towed her to Port Maitland. Shu is In good condition.... The Buffalo Courier of ?csferuay says: “There was an unusual activity n tbe harbor yesterday. Several vessels worn fitting out, preparatory to leaving for Lake Michi gan ports with coal at 50c, GGc, and tide per ton. Among these wo noticed the Champion, Ban l)icgo, J. It- Bentley, J. 11. Sheldon, Kingfisher, Francis Bcrrlman, and Morning Light*....A party of gentlemen of Port Huron linvo had a small tug raised from the bottom of Black River, where Ithas rested for sev eral years, and will take it to that port to be re built.... The contract for the dredging of the mouth of the Cuyahoga River at Cleveland has been let at 1-1 He per yard, and $lO per hour for extra work. ....The Cleveland Jleraul of Wednesday says; • * There was a firmer feeling yesterday, ns the sup ply la Improving and tbe demand better, but wo could learn of no advance on previous rales to Luke Michigan ports, although an Increase * Is anticipated” Tbo uumo paper says; • • Tbo barga Morning Star and the old schr Senator are now in this port, In charge of tbo United States Marshal. We have not yet learned the amount or claims to bo adjusted. But times arc hard, and vessels sell cheap at forced sales.”....Buys tbo Detroit TrWunt: “ Tho Captain of the schr America has entered a protest at this port fur dam ages done to his schooner by coming In collision with some unknown vessel on Lake Ontario. Thu America woa seriously damaged ot tbe time, but managed to repair enough to Aliow ber to proceed on. Bbowlll complete her rujmlrs In Chicago. 1 ..During the past winter the bark Rod, White, and Blue received a rebuilding at Milwaukee, so thorough In Its character tlial site now rates A 2, | ami Is pronounced us stanch as when first launch-] cd. About SIO,OOO have buen expended upon tier, ....Tbo Buffalo llrurttu says: “Junius Huillli,| Board of Trade Wclgbmoster, has been to Mllwati-, keu and Chicago Investigating tbe system of weigh ing grain there. 110 returned home vesterduy. Tho general conceived opinion of vessel men that elevator people at tho ports named are all thieves and robbers received no words of Insinuation or confirmation from Mr. Smith. He says they were very courteous, ami cheerfully showed him every thing, exhibiting an earnest desire to jjlvo correct measure.*' uauqubttu. Spfdat Disputea w The TW&un*. MAitqtrrTTß, Mich., Juno I.—Arrived, Hannah, Bparta; schra Sumatra, Helena, Gconu. Cleared, prop D. U. Wilson. schra Now Loudon. Frank iWow. 11. J. Vtcbb, J. It. Whiting. piiUimsiONAL. r 3- RUPTURE Ur. J. A.Bll HUMAN respectfully notifies the afflicted lubewaroof traveling Impostors who are going aiwul the country selling Imitation appliances and judsonous inlsturuas curative compound, fraudulently pretend* lag lo understand his business, and thus endangering the lives and causing Irreparable Injury to the uniorta* oate. He bo* no agent*, nor has he ever Instructed aiif one in hi* business. Ur. hberman will be la Chicago and Milwaukee during this month, where those Interested may consult him la person, and reap the benefit uf bu cspcrlvncc and remedies. Principal oiUce, 1 Anu-st., New York. Books, with likenesses of casts before and after cure, mailed on receipt of toccuu. Piles and Fistula Of the worst farm cured wlthoutpaln by Prs. IVEB & UVON. at HIT East Uudlson-st., Boom I. Chi cago, who make a specially of diseases of tno lower bowels. A radical euro guaranteed. Con sultnllon free. MISCELLANEOIISs TEACHERS FOB THE COLORED SCHOOLS. The examination of appllcanU for positions M tcachura lo the colored public schools of Louwviu* will lake place ou the 2«tb 0/ June, »tß;dOa. m*» at the corner of Centre and Waliiul-st*. i here arw to bo employed TIIHBB PIUNCIPAI.B andTUIB TY-BIX AbaISTANTB. The term will commeac* ou the Ural Monday lu September, and close oo tt* last Friday In June. Address oKimoß miowN, Chairman of the Board of Visitors, 141 Jcßeraca* el., Louisville, Ky.

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