Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 3, 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 3, 1876 Page 12
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12 FINANCE AND TRADE. An Improvement in Local Finances and General Business. tfew York Exchange Flat—Heavier Currency-Movement The Produce Markets Generally Easier. Provisions Again Waak——Corn Steady. FINANCIAL. An Improvement has been noticed In the general business of the city during the present week, par* tlcnlarly In the rcUII branches, and the transac tion* of the banka have been larger than usual. The tinea are hard, but the opinion Is growing among leading business men that the ••bottom” baa been reached. The great auction sales of dry goods In New York hove demonstrated that the ex treme point of depression has been reached in that direction; Iron could not bo cheaper; the rolling mills at South Chicago have pul In tbolr entire plant of new and Improved machinery at what acrap Iron would bavo cost before the panic; petroleum, one of our load ing export*, ha* begun to advance In price, and the recent fall In meats and provisions Is believed to have removed the extraneous margin In their price. The woolen manufacturing Industry la still burden ed with a surplus, but It will easily bo worked off by next fall. The above are eomc of the reasons to be adduced In favor of the belief that from this time the business will bu upward, and notns for three years past downward. In addition to these, the Centennial, the unusual cheapness of railroad charges, and the lung economy practiced by the people, ought to favor the recuperation of Industry. We leave out of view purposely a war In Europe, which would pruduco a sudden though expensive Improvement. The local loan market showed nothing more than moderate activity. The supply of good paper Is light. Deposits are Increasing, and tbo loanable resources of the banka arc rapidly mounting up. With nil this, the rates of Interest are so well sus tained that more than one of the first-class Chicago bouscsdlscountslts papcrEast. Some of our lead ing firms ore us well known as Eastern houses In the New York and Iloaton loan markets, and have been discounting their paper there at rates os low as 315 GM percent. Hates of discount were 85&10 per cent to regular customers. OnUldo Independent borrowers can obtain lower rules. On the street, business is dull. Rates ore 0018 per cent, and good paper (s scarce. Now York exchange was flat, and sold between banks at a discount of shipping rates. Largo sales were made for currency in Cincinnati and St. Louis. The orders for currency wore larga from the wheat districts. Tbo clearings were 85, 700,000. VALIDITY OF COUNTY BONDS. broker" argues that the bonds now being sold by the County Commissioners are invalid, because “they have not been authorized by a vote of the people os required by the Constitution." The Constitution, os our broker would ecu if he looked at it, contains no eucb requirement. The Constitution, Sec. 18, Art. 4, requires that ordinary State debt shall bo incurred only by vote of the people. But there is no such stipulation about county debt. The limi tation in the Constitution on county debt is. that it thill not exceed 5 per cent of the taxable value of property In the connty, and that provision shall be made for the collection of a tax to pay the interest, —the latter being done by an order of the County Commissioners, Sec, 12, Art. 1). LAST WBEK’S OUTLOOK. Among tbo important commercial events of tho week were (1) tho Immense sales of dry goods by auction In (his city, (2) the activity in tho export of grain and provisions, and (U) the reduction of passenger fares by tho trunk lines of railroads. The auction sales amounted to nearly 25,000 pack ages, of which the money value was from $2,600, • 000 to $3,000,000; the prices obtained weru con siderably below tho cost of the goods, as those were made when cotton was 3 and 4 cents per pound higher than now. Tbo sales were, however, regarded as encouraging, because with cotton at Us present price the goods can be dapllcated at a small profit, and because it was shown that there is a market at sonio price for an unlimited amount of goods. The low railroad freights, together with rumors of a war in Europe and the consequent advance in gold to lirK&llhX, account (or tho oc tivity in tho export of breadstuff#; tho shipments have been chiefly to England, although a consider able amount has been sent to the Continent, nota bly to France. The reduction in passenger fores by the trunk lines shows that a settlement of tho railroad war is not near. Rates In the money market continue very low, and the New York banks have raised their sur plus reserve by tho large additions of legal-temlor notes to nearly $14,500,000. The caper •* dollar" has ranged, according to gold measurement, dur ing tbo week, between 88 51-10 cents and HB ll-10 cunts. Silver in London has ruled at 52052Hd per ounce. Small change is still scarce, und com mands a premium of 102‘» per cent. Thu London and Continental markets for securities have been unsettled during the week by rumors of war. Brit ish consuls declined Ihi percent because, It was raid, tho Rothschilds, who have facilities for get ting hold of State secrets, were selling. Fart of this dccli io tvud recovered, but tbo apprehension of war remains.— Aallon, June 1. BONANZAS IN ARIZONA. The mines of Arizona will some day claim 0 largo share of public attention. Tho work of mining in that Territory is now prosecuted under many dU* advantages, and yet splendid results In some cases have been realized. Every steamer from tho Col* orodo River brings small consignments of rich* hearing ore. Tho steamer just In brought S 3 tons from the Silver King mine, onc*lhlrd of which assayed $3,000 per ton. A bit of 45 tons from the same mine by a previous arrival netted $41,500. The mine baa an open cut across tho vein GO feet, and the ore shows an average of S3UO per ton. As equally satisfactory results are ob tained from adjacent claims. it Is Inferred that a considerable body of good pay ore la likely to bo developed la that vicinity. California paper. FINANCES ABROAD. No farther export* of gold to Portugal, or Indeed litany other direction, have taken place; there is ralhcr an Increased strength in tho rate at which the metal tcuds to go into the bank. Tho Imperial Rank of Germany hois reduced It* rate of discount from 4 to 3H per coat, which la a movement of tho less practical Importance becauso tho open market rate waa already much below tho bunk charge In llarlln. It should also bo remarked that, according lu the last Goman mint returns, gold la no lunger being coined. The Hank of Franco returns show so immense accumulation of bullion. Under these circumstances tho Continental exchange)* are neug* lively favorable In tendency, and gold which cornea to this market stops here.—Loudon i'couomiit. GOLD AND GREENBACKS. Gold was ll2)i©ll3K, Greenbacks were BUItQeSK. . GOVERNMENT BONDS. CTotted States Rs of *Bl . United States 8-20*of '(ls 8-oui of Tib—January aad July O-au* of 'o7—January aud July 6.20* of •es—January and July 10-40* United States new 5a of 'HI United bU(c* currency U. ex. Ini. CITY AND COUNTY BONDS. , . Bid, Ait'll, CblctfO City 7 F ct. bonds *KH •ms Chicago City 7 ImR. sewerage *lO4 *|U5 Chicago City 7 ¥ cU water loan. Mot • 10a Cook County 7 ¥ et. bonds (ihort) •mi MOS Cook County 7 v cu bonds (long) *lus •!■*> Weil Park i ¥ et. b0nd5.......... *O7 North Chicago 7 ¥ cl. bonds (Lincoln Park) *O3 *And Interest. LOCAL STOCKS. City lUllwiy, Boutli Side HU .... City lUllvey. West Hide UU CUjr luilvey, Weil Bide. 8 ¥ cent cent* u> , flute*....' ! *lo2# *lO5 City iUllwey, North bide luu .... Truer*'liuurance Co lU7 j:tu Clumber of Commerce 74 7*l ClilcßßoUuLlßlitetColte Co Kipoeltiou »lock (eld)... KzpotillUil Mock (new).. lUiHxltlua iluck Ucrlp) •Aad tatercet UY TELKGRAPHs 7b tht Wuttrn Jitociaud Prril. Hew Yobk, June 2.—Gold opened at 112S£ond closed at 112)*. Carrying rate*. lG3c. Governments were strung and higher, with an active Investment demand. Offerings small. Uallroad bonds wero firm. Central Pacifies, tit. Pauls, LaCrosse Division, tad Northwestern consolidated gold higher, tittle bonds were qaleU There was a firm tone to stock speculation to lay, and prlcea advanced H to 114, with Western Union, tit. Paul, end Pacific Hall as features. The sdvance In St Paul Is due to the Improving traffic of the road, growing out of the heavy grain movement. Toward the close some seller obs were put out on Western Union alo7hi&<J7li. while the price in regular wsy wsstitiU- .Tus purchases of western Union were based partly qpoa anticipation of a dividend of H per cent. Transaction* Which 93,000 were VVeatc western, 12,000 ML Paul* The money market war mercantile paper, fiCJO. Custom* receipts, >202, The Ai«l*tanl Treasurer Clearing 110,000,000. Pry goods Imports. 570 Sterling steady: 00 deyi 00TRH5MII: m now >m. 'O7 laiji mi. 'on full. ‘lt. 3D(. 'M. Co u pot Conpot New... uotipor ftTOt Western Union gulckiilTcr 1.'4 Quicksilver p(il m PaclQc Mall 37M1 Mariposa 44 Mariposa pfd 54 Adam* Kxpreaa 104 weiii-Fargo «»?< American Kxprcss.... OJM UnlieilsiAtrs express 734 New York Central ....110 Frle > i ErlepM U» Harlem 137 I Harlem pfd 133 Michigan Central 4U4 Panama 3* H. P. Mock m t.ake Shore .v-’M Illlnola l»n tral !)*> cievelaml ft Pittsburg P 34 Northweatrrn 4'* Northwcalernpfd «■ C.. Cm C. ft 1 414 STATE Tennessee 6s, old 4% TcmicMci 1 o», new.... 4;< Virginia. mJ no xiNinn San FnANctsco, .June latest quotations at the St ConsoihU'd Virginia.. 734 Callfumla 81 beitregutcd Uclchcr.. 75 Unnlr 55 cliollsr 83 I«M Imperial Mexican 334 doulil ft Curry 14« Hest ft Huiobcr r.n4 Hole ft NorcroM Ml • London, Juno 2.—Ann the Hank of England uu b. Console, money arid ucct United Staten bonds. '» 10*400, lOJJIJ new on, 10. New York Central. 00; L I’aiub, Jtine 2. —Rentes. FiiANKl'onT, June 2.—Li Gb, 10121. REAL ESTATE. The following Instruments were filed for record Friday, Juno 2: ernr rnnptnTT. „ .. Burling st, 113 fts of Webster «v, ef, 41x70 ft, mid buildings, dated May 13 S*"- 50 Weal Adams st. s w cor of Thruop st.n f, 48x120 ft, dated.l ime an. 18?:. 13,000 Flournoy st, ft o of Oakley av, n f, 24x108)4 ft. dated May S 3 •,••••?• 700 Ellen st, n w eor uf Wood st, sf, !l I f t to street, mid K Interest, dated Jan. »•••••••••; 2*ss° Und H of same, dated Anrll 2d......... a,.**) Fllltnoru at, ow 8- it) ft c of Campbell nv. n f.24x 124*4 fL noted Mnyl) 4,000 Madison at, n w cor of Ellznltcth at, s f, .rfibhiX ft, dated May 30 (Timothy bright to Joseph Kastman) IRO.CCO prulrle av. tatiftn of Thirty-first at. ef. nmlK of 24x1801-10 ft, with building, dated May 2(» 2,000 Fulton st, 124 ft w of Francisco at, n f, 48x150 ft. dated May 28 vgf.v.v;:' 7,200 Moore st. I4ti ft w of Oakley av. n f. 7.»x121 ft, dated May 21 ;• 1,800 West Waalilngton st. 23 ft e of Ada at, nf, lit 8-inxiM ft, dated May3o (Joseph East man to Thomas Lyman). .. ;■••••• 71.000 Jackson at, 103 ft e of Loomis st. ■ f. 22x 1202*12 ft, dated Juno 2 .5*700 KORTIIOP CITY LIMITS WITHIN A RADIUS Of SEVEN or tor counT-norsß. Wolcott st, lAOftaof Foster st, w f, Stixt&S (i, dated May 53.2-V) south or city louts wrrrns a Ramus or seven MILKS or Tlir. COUBT-IIOfSK. Cottage Grove av. 20 ft n of Fonr-llrst st, e f, 22X100 ft. and buildings, dated Juno 2.. 85,000 Chestnut at, 113)4 fie of Stewart av, nf, 110)4 xi:J7H-10ff, dntwl May 21....1*800 Englewood nv, 024 o-io ft c of llalsted it, s f. DO X 124 10-12 ft. With HSIXI24 10-12 ft in tamo It subdivision, dated April 8,000 COMMEIiCI. The following were the receipt tho leading article# of produce In the twenty-four hoars vuding i Friday morning: Ilecelpl*. H, 310 117. mo! 225H32, U11.U2.V 4.2(H) (MOD 50,150 :i7.tKH) |4.<KU{ 314.300 j Flour, brls. Wheat, bu Corn, im... Rye. bu Barley, bn (J. seed, lbs... K. seed, lbs... 11. corn. lbs... C. meats. lbs . Beef, tc* Beef, brls Pork, bis Lard, lbs Tallow, 11ta.... Butter. 8n.... L. bogs. N 0... Cattle, No Blicep, No Hides, lbs 1L whies. brls. Wool, lbs Potatoes, bu.. Coal, tons Hay. tons Lumber, m ft. Hlilnglci. m... Salt, brls Poultry, lbs... Poultry, coops. Game, pkgs... Eggs. pkgs.... Cheese, boxes. U’n apples, brls Beans, bu I 10, 047 IM.wir, 13,001 1,40.1 (Ui,mi 3110 310.8 M 4,ft7il 113 2,304 1«0 2.080 Withdrawn from utoi •umptlon: 8,r»73 bu wheat. The following grain was ln« on Friday morning; 2-4 cars Ni 78 cor* No. 2 N. W. do, « enn cara No. 8 do, 83 cara No. 3 do do, 8 cara no grade (203 whf ipectcd into store a. IK, W. wheat, i No. 1 spring, 71 i, 82 cars rejected cot); 81 cars lilgh mixed com, .'JIO cars and 7,200 bit No 2 do. 2 carsnnd 13,000 La new mixed d( bit rejected do, 4 cars no grade (455 com); 4 cars white oats, 31 cars No. 3 do, 41 cars rejected do, dears no grade (83oats); 13care No. 3 rye, 3 cars rejected do, 7 cars No. 3 barley, 3 cars No. 3 do, 1 car rejected do. Total (850 cars), 377,000 bn. Inspected out: 88,708 bu wheat, 215,308 ba com, 43,251 bu oats. There was nut mnch said yesterday about the late corner In barley, but a good deal thought, and soino of the few expressions uttered In regard to it wore forcible enough. It is not impossible that the matter will get Into tho courts before it Is done with. In that case the whole matter of com* merclul morals would probably bn aired sufficiently to permit n reform. The difficulty of passing judgment In the case by the Hoard of Directors will be greater than In most other markets for the reason that barley is usually regarded as an artl* fleial deal anyway, and that this market Is compar* atlvely Independent of those in other cities. Henge, tho chances are that the lawyers will get hold of It; and the matter may even find lie way Into the Criminal Courts. It was stated on 'Change yesterday that the Board of Trade cannot adopt a 10 per cent rule, if It would, In regard to verbal contracts, which const)* Into fully nine-tenths of thotradlng. Perhaps not. But (ha Board might refuse (o discipline any mem ber who was willing lu cry quits on that basis. Tho proposition to abolish all rules, and lot tho trading bu settled up on honor alone, might do well In some countries, but nut here. A good many members of tho Board need no law for the governance of their own conduct; but they do need a law to protect them from thieves outside tho Board, and from persons within its fold who would act unfairly whenever such a course promised to ho prulltahle. Tho lending produce markets were again easier yesterday, without much activity. The storm of the previous evening, (hough wide-spread,seemed to have no intlucnco. as most operators were satis fled that tho growing crops arc progressing finely, while it Is too early for damage by rain. The re ceipts of grain and of hogs kept up to the recent* augmented average, giving larger offerings than a week ago, while the tone of advices from other points was not particularly encouraging to buyers. Hence the shlpplug movement was rather slow, and the speculative traders, finding things left to themselves, lot quotations recede as they often do now that short-selling Is fashion able. The situation In Europe was scarcely men tioned, beyond the remark (hat the rumors of the previous cvenlag were not substantiated by the morning's news. Tho general outlook promised less activity in the future, and soma operators were speculating on the chances of being able to visit the Centennial Exposition without detriment to tbclr business. Bid. Ail'd. .122J4 I22>< .INK 115 .lltßa llll'f .I3ljj 121*3 :i;3 IS!; ;lil* ".!? 801. Atktd. 3.1 4<i as 85 The dry-goods trade was without much animation, and valuca wore without appreciable change. Order* were usually for email quantities for rcaa* sorluicnt, but made a very respectable aggregate. Groceries were ordered freolyby the country trade, and the market had a firm tone for most good* In the list. Coffee* wore dull and weak. Sugars, sirups, rice, and teas were fairly active. Soap* were lower. Thu dried fruit market was steady. Do* mcstics were scarce. Fish sold atformcrquotatluna. In tho butter aud cheese markets the position of affairs was much the same as on the preceding days of the week. There was a fair movement In paints and oils at unchanged prices. The demand for Paris green, to bo used in exterminating potato bugs, Is quite active at :io®4oc per lb. Coal and wood wero In light demand at prevloue quotations. Leather remains dull, bugging was la fair demand and unchanged. Lumber was In moderate demand and tolerably •lead/. Tho offerings of cargoes wore small, and tradu was fair In tho forenoon at recent prices. The hardware and pail markets THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 1870-TWELVE PAGES. wore devoid of new feature". Salt wm re ported In (food request and tteady, the receipt", though liberal, being only sufficient to keep the stock In fair working order. Tho de mand for broom-corn continues fair at uniformly were 88.000 share*. of -rn Union, 4.000 North -120.000 Mice Shore. * easy; prime ,0(10. r disbursed $202,000. ilrndjr price?. Hot nan dull and lower tinder Urgo offerings of both pressed and loose, which eansed many buyer* to hold off, and they took hold slowly at the concessions subsequently made by scllera. Poultry was slow and lower. Green fruits sold r< r* 4R75t { light 480 M. ikt «onn». iNewr.i 117 K iiHiM, re* |7H | 10-4 OS coupon* MOM Currencle* >3<H -Iy. ~ake-fretghts were in rather better dementi at un changed rates, at about 2lJc for corn and 2\(c for wheat to Buffalo, with r»Hc for corn to Ktngston- Hail-freights were quiet at nominally unchanged rate#, agent# asking 20c to New York, IHc to Philadelphia, 17Mc to Baltimore, and 2fic to Bos ton, per 100 lbs. Through rates by lake and rail were quotedat !0c for corn and 11c for wheat to New York, and lac on corn to Boston. Freight- New Jersey Central.. «34 Itock liUnd litflj St. Paul St. Tatil pfj V'H Wabash pfil I Fort Wayne ion Terre Haute 34 Terre Haute pM Hi Clilcspo ft A1t0n...... fl'jK Chicago ft Alton |>fd..tli74 O. AM 10J4 tie!.. 1,, ft W H>H4 >. AP. Telegraph.... 144 Missouri Paelfli: 13 , Atlanllcftt’aclflcptd. 34 htillana Central 44 Chicago. H. ft Q HUM llaiinllial ft St. J0e.... 134 Central I’ocinc liomla.lOJ Union I'acincbomlH. 1044 U.Pac, lanrt-Rtant... 904 U.Pac. sinking-fund. su4 engagements were reported for 50,000 bn wheat, 100,000 bn com, and 42,000 Im oats, Received at Chicago. June 2, 1870, customs: P. Madlencr. 20 casks. 21 cases wine, 1 cask brandy; ErnstTossclli, 1 cask wine; Wilson Brothers, 1 case cotton bo«lory; Ludwig Thleben, 6 case* earthenware; M. McDonald, 25 cases brandy. Amount duties collected, 51, 575.75. Duties col lected May, 1875. $84,8:14.74; do May, IS7O, $100,8(31.58; Increase, $22,020.81. Duties have been paid on 55 tons pepper and 1) tons nutmegs during this week. Virginia, new ao Missouri too 2.—The following are the itock Exchange: , Crown Point I3?< Yellow Jacket 3->4 Confidence... £,*4 I blcrra Nevada J; 4 , Ksclieqm’r HJ4 5 Overman (I Justice.. II CaleduoU ®4 The Mark Lane Krprese, In Its review of the British corn-trade during the week ending May 27, says: Although It I* Impossible to speak with certainty, It appears probable that the change of weather will ma terially niter (he state of the country and modify the surmises of Uls-vtcr regarding the crop*, ordinarily this change would have depressed the wheal marker, hut theoperttlons of Continental buyers have counter acted the weather mid maintained the firmness of prices whleli was nutieenhle the previous week. This contin ued Inquiry irom the Continent U the most prominent feature of the trade. If It should continue In face of the favornhlo crowing weather here and alirnnd, the fact would Indicate that stocks really are as nearly ei hausted ns Ins heen represented, and that farmers nave not on hand the wheat whirl] many supposed was only being held hack (or higher prices. All feeding stubs have fairly mstutalued tbclr values, and oats. In facu of heavy supplies, have advanced nearly a shilling per quarter. munt of bullion cone In balance to-day, X 30.000. .emut, l);» i:MO. •jms,’ 'tJTfl, 100 ?i; Cric. 12*5; preferred, 18. . ItMfo'i'.c, .'lilted States bonds, new The New York L'cenlng Potl of the 20lh say*: Alimit three weeks sgo an Improvement became per* ecptlblc In the export demand, and this continued, with aMlnlil almtemenkdurlng ttiv week ending May in up to Saturday last, May a?. English Imym were on Sat urday buying freely. It was found that tlie Continental Oeniund had relieved the English ports of their over stock, and that nut only would, the old aecimuilnituns be worked oil, but ifinl a new supply of grain would soon he needed in England. So active were the de mands on Saturday for tonnage that hetwern twenty and thirty vessels were chartered to fulfill contracts entered Into. These vessels were engaged fur Cork, Urlstol. Dublin, and the Continental ports. The mtea prevailing were from slip■< wtjd per im for steam car riage to Liverpool. )>'<id to London, and tis ad per Im to Cork. The total number of Im of grain contracted for mi to Saturday w:u more than I,(SO.000 Im. Including about .VMM) hti from Philadelphia. A comparative table of the chief exports for the last four weeks shows the advance In the corn demand: Flour, IVhtnl, (Mm, brl*. bn. bn. Week ending May 3 10,748 780,130 11n.270 Week ending May 10 I«,ut)3 033.522 3*7.703 Week ending May 17 n.Oltl 704.U32 428,7 us Week ending May 24 13. KM 042,074 539,200 HOG PRODUCTS—Were moderately active and again weak. Id sympathy with hogs, which were quoted tsKo per 100 Its lower, being In rather largo supply. There was mile demand for product, and a good deal offering, sellers being apparently sallsllcd that there Is room for a further reduction In prices. The cheapness of beef, and the increasing supply, was cited as a reason why the consumption of hog meat should be small unlessof- fered at less money than now, and some of the best posted men delivered It as their opinion that the days of high-priced pork arc past. Of course this dues not make It a fact, but It did account for the current weak* :as to some extent Some operators also were anxious close up their deals so as to take a summer rest, and. ns most of these were on the long side, the resulting tendency was downward. jfm wk— Was less active, and declined 53(3000 per hrl. closing 40c lower than on Thursday afternoon. Several lots were taken fur shipment, nml car-loads were relatively strong, most uf the pork now here being mussed into round lots for carrying. Sales were re ported of 820 brl* cosh ns June at 817.NK517.tt5; O.OUJI-rls seller July at?!?.*)* 18.23; 4,73obrlsseller August at 517.U5<*i18.45; and 2.. 230 brls seller the year At StS.M7w*<irM)o. Total, 17,- 570 brls. The market closed tame at f17.HU%17.n0. ae cording to weight; 817.7.v<t17.H» seller June; »17.0. vs 17.07)4 seller July; f 18.20 seller August, bellcr Sep tember closed at almut f IH. 50 asked. Sale was mode of too brls extra prime pork at 813.00. Lard— Was moderately active, and declined 23c per 100 its. closing 15c lower than the preceding evening, though Liverpool advanced Od per 112 as. t-alcs were reported of 830 tes cosh at 810.7.3%10.H7)i;t 1 5U0 tea sell er June ai8!0.73%Ui.80; 10,230 tea seller July at 810.75 ts and shipments of n this city during at 7 o'clock on 1873. LllZiJ i 8.377 1 53.140 , 57,340 : 23,310 8.810 181,005 73. ton 13,412 332 0,070 81,381 50,387 21U.H18 102,001 2,527 K« 84,000 1,130 C, IK*) 4,1X0 14.000 41.883 1,085.040 (4iO.UA; ami 2.250 tea seller August at Total, 2U,850 tcs. Die market closed quiet at *10.7.'>(« to.bOraanor seller June; *10.H,V«10.R74 seller July; *10.07W«H.00 aollcr August; and *ll.UM'tll.lSacUcr bcptetmier. . . Jftars—Were again active, but middles were about u« per it lover, with little change in shoulders. Tbe offerings were largo In proportion to the demand; but some lots were taken fur shipment, and there was a (air Inquiry (or summer cuts at below tho prices of wlntvrcured. Hales were reiwned of HOlkiicsslwjul denature; 1,272,000 ns short ribs at per luotts cash, and *5,75«n.12!il seller July; oo.coo ns short clears at i»ic; and.’mu boxes long and short clears on private terms. Tho following was the closing range of prices: 21.150 743.789 am 37, WOO 311.H0i u.avi 00,014 11, mi, 3.801 f«H 117,ihv m 80,i:o 12, («3 11,200 4.H7.1 a,ow 00,730 4,007 3, mil 101 139,43.1 101,730 233,130 2,000 180,010 4.Ml 030 14.014 a, wis Palled, loose. Doied June July.... Aut:uit Ur - .acorn coat) r7)a . Long ami abort clears ut OHc caati, and i»Hc telle July, boxed; awcct pickled haina, IlflllWc lor turn tner and ll^tarjliiclforwinters Cumberland!, bW'ih-Mt, cuMi or toiler June; long-cut litum, bused; bacon Itoms, lUWHc. Ureane— Wna owlet at (kfcHKc. UKKK PKODUCT.S—'Were alcady and quiet at $10.7,’. Oll.M) for inrat. 811.73w11i.0C for extra meaa, and for Uanii. ru/loir-Wo* quoted at AJflMe for city. and 74Wc for country lota, according to condition. Bale waa re ported of JSO brla city at Hftc. ruday for city con- re on Tbui BIII2ADSTUFFS. FLOUR—Was quiet and Kenerally easier, the con* tlnued decline In wheel causing most holders to be will ing to shade prices In order to attract custom. The pur chasing was chiefly done by local buyers, shippers .1111 holding oft. Seles were reported of so brls winters on private terms, and 1,201 brls spring extras, chiefly et f1.axi.5.00. Total, 1,254 brls. The market closed nominal et the following range of prices: Choice winter extras, common to good do, 95.87 X (47,25: shipping extras, $1.50(15.00; good do, $5.00 455.37 K; choice do, $5..vxc5.«7)4! patents do, SO.OO WU.OO: Minnesota, g5.u0it0.75; spring supertlncs, $3.0CKJ4.00; rye flour, $4.a5tf4.50. Zfran—Was moderately active at the recent decline. Bales were 103 tons at $0.25 on track, and $0.50 free on buardcars. Also 10 tons winter ot SIO.OO free on board can. j.r'ScnrsandlH.OOO Corn J/ea(—Coarse waa nominal at $17,00317.25 per ton on track. WU EAT—Was leas active, and averaged kfalc lower. The market declined 2c, but reacted, and closed only Ic lower than ua Thursday evening. The ••ticker” noted an advance of 2d jwr 100 lbs in Liverpool,but Uccrbolim quoted 110 change, and some private advices stated that tho British markets were dull, while Hew York was lower,but closed" tinner at the ih'dluc,” which cuum-d the later reaction hero. Our receipt* were (2t)5 cun In spected Into store) larger than previously, which lu ereuaed the cash oßerlnga, ami also brought out short sellers in force, os they argued that if the receipts should continue atanytlilngbko that volume It would be liupoMlhle to sustain the market at abovu $!.(») per bu. The same consideration uudu holders more willing to let co, and a decline was the consequence. There was a fair shipping demand, but It was chiefly for the lower grades. A prominent operator from hew York was on the floor, and ha reported a continued good de mand for export, but operators here were afraid that European buyers will full back when they see a perman ent lucreiwo In onr dally supplies, and wait to have Hie property sent to them os they used to. Heller July opened at st.ol, receded to ruse to $1.03)4. declined losl.o2tt, advanced to sl.iuK< and closed at sl.o:it«. Holler the month, or cosh No. 2 spring, sold at sl.uu!< (VI.UIW, closing at Sl.txi. Heller August sold sparingly ul SI.uIm(i£I.OIH. Cash sales were reported of Ct.doO hn No. u spring at 2n,uobu No. itdout i,nun bu do (Central) at tile; ti,4<K> bn re teetedOonlfnKgßiUe: and a,t*si bu by sample at oßco4 SI.OO ou track. Total. 7n.tx<)bu. JitnutMOia UTlMt—Was quiet and about to lower, lu sympathy with tho general market, with only a light Inquiry, and fair offerings. Hales were reported of 4UObu No. I at $1.10; H.Umbu No. 2 ut I.OlKwl.ußii; S.HOohu by sample at Udcutll. 10ou track; ana l.usihu do at Hl.UMl.ll free on Iward cars. Total, IX2OO Im. CORN—Was moderately active and easier. Tho mar ket (ell off (40 curly, lu sympathy with wheat, and con tinued large receipts, but rallied to the closing prices of Thursday, as Liverpool was hdi-lUJ per 4 ho k.s higher, and Bammuru Qruiur, though Hew York was dull. There was a very good demand fur shipment, which mode rash lots relstltcly strong, notwithstanding the Increased supply, and this sustained the market undrr largo offerings on country account, which were fol lowed by tree selling by city operators. The corn pros pect Is said to be a good one, and for this reason holdcru mo now mure willing to part wit lit hair surplus, but with present low rates of freight com Is cheap to the Hast en! and British c.ou«umer, aud this stimulates to an un usual demand, the luuiemeut towards Europe continu ing Urge, and apparently uninfluenced by cousldera lloui of war or peace In the Orient. Heller Juno opened at 44c> sold ut 4IUe, declined to 4:ißc, aud closed firm at 44c. ncller July sold at 4tH>* 4«HCj, closing at 4414 c. Cash No. 2 closed at 44M0 amt high mixed at 4 (Me- Cash sales wore re ported of U7.4UU bu high mixed at 4tK‘.i4sc; Mi) bu new mixed ut amici inj.uobit No. J at 4o)4*j44Hc; bu rejected at Njubu ears at -tuut-iTc; 12.401) bu by sample afid- tSlc ou track: and lo.isjo bu do at 3lXit«sc free on board cars. Total. U12,4(J0 bu. OATS— Wore muJiraicly aulve mul steady at Thurs day's closing prices, averaging a Miuilu lower than on that day. The receipts were again liberal, but exceeded by the retained shipment*, and New Vork was ijimma oiilel umJ steady under rather small rei-dpi*. Cash u.its were In fair request early for tblpmeui ui ipui* the Inside for car lots, and closed at nM-fo. optlmis wero less active but steady throughout the siwwluu at c for July, during at tatffe. and at ItnUuanlto for June, closing at tho Inside. A few deliveries were made oh June contracts, ilejectcd sold at U4c. ham pies were In mudcralu request. Cash sales were re ported of 60,000 bu No. a at aaJ4<ia-HKc; i.ami bu re jected at 34c: u.coo bu by sample at 27w.3uc fur mixed, aud 30u31c for white on track; 7,HoObudoat TTtadJc free onboard. Total, fl’j.uuo bu. UVB—Was In fair demand and steady, with tho re-, ocliits liberal. No. 3 sold at OUOOrthjo according go locution, aud rejected ut KK<(o4c. Cash sah-s were re ported of 5,000 bu No. 3 ut l.tiCU bu rejected atmicoso. Total, 7.3»JObu. . UAItLBY-Wos very quiet and steady at Ihursday’s closing prices. Thu receipts were smaller, and but lit tle cash was offered. A few car lots so dal 65c for No. a, 3dc for No. 8. and aoc fur rejected. '1 hero was little disposition to trade la options. June was quoted at W (*soo. July was nut mentioned. Jlei«orts from the country Indicate that the growing crop Is looking Daily. A largo breadth of country has been sown to barley, and the supply for the coming season Including the slock carried over from tbU one promises to bo large. Some barley tsoewjaUn uy consumer*, but the warm weather bits neart/Put oa cad W walling, excepting FOIHSKIN IMPOUTATION. TUB ENGLISH WtIBAT-MAimCT. ran B.xi’onx movement. provisions. Shout • Long Short Shor\ Utrs. c Unr, rib. cJtar, .of* o » OM <*n S Sj! lyW it ebolas sample*. Cash sale* were reported of 2, poo bn Ko. 1 ftt.vvis urnim No. nnt sues l.ioci ins rejected at 3i>c: l.2uibn by sample at 4twlsc on track, total, 5,2001)11. , ni..i. Wheat-Pale*: Mfl.nun»uai for .July end $1.0174 for August. . , .. . Corn-M,ouo bn at 44j(c for duty and 45Jso for 7V) hrls seller July al 81*. 174. Lard—tunics sollor August at I io. t»7li. i.atbht. Mrss pork wts !n moderate demand with lelcs of 9,350 Ims at *l7. UWiltMO for duly. l.nrd was steady, Pairs, l.wx) tes at 810.(3 for sum mer lard and 8U'.8.V(,50.f174 for duly. , Wheat declined M>\ selling at for June ami closing at fl.irJH'tt.trjty. duly sold at IMUhtl MB*. audclo«edotßMU)i(«i.(n. . , , Corn was steady, closing al 4'J4o furduno and 4tV(Q f °Osuw«e steady ot Sfl!<«2H4c fordone and 2fl>{o for J VeMds were chartered for 88,000 bn corn through via Hutlalo. cam. Ro*m>. .. Meat pork was fairly active and about 10c high ei closing at Blfl.uv.tlP.lo for duly, »1f1.:«3«»in.40 tor At gust, andßin.ojV-Mn.o74forme year, bales: a.w» lirls aißiH.uv.tifl.o74 for duly. BIP.J74WIH. 374 for At giut, and for tn« year. Lard was quiet aud Urmcr, closing at 810.874 fn July and 810.074 for August. Ba.r.s: t.oiw tes uttl above prices. . . . , Shorl-rlbs were stronger. satos being reported t oo.uoo b-i for August at (i».fJ4. anVEBAL MAIUCETS, AI.COIIO!/-Was steady at BJ.lfl. HUOOM-COUN—The order trade continues good and the general market Is steady. Krpurta from the coun try Indicate that a largo quantity of broom-corn seed hnslKten planted, especially In llio Slates beyond the Mlar lsslppl. Leas h known concerning the prospects In this Stale, tmt In some sections lim average boa been Increased, (Juotnllimi: Choice hurl, H'tDej medium and No. 2 hurl. Tit'.Pu*, g|otl medium brush, r>4r-(«l4c; common do, 44'-isc} fair Inside and covcre, 4Ctsoj In ferior, 3«40s crooked, *i£Uc. lIUI, WIUUBVII, lUTTKII—So long as thn demand so nearly equals the pplyasat present, there Is little probability of nny rihcrconslderablosbrlnkage, but the trade generally ik for an early partial suspension of opemtlous on the rt of shippers. In which event even the relatively low Ices now current could scarcely he maintained. Wo quota ns follows: Choice to fancy yellow, itxsa ’4o; medium to good grades. itkdlNc; Inferior to com mon, l nj lie. . ... II ACJUI NO—Prices worn not subjected lo any quotable change, ruling easy at tbo latu reduction. Trade shows mune little Improvement from day to day. but Is not yet what It should bn nt this season <n the year. Mo quote: Stark A, g'l^c.i'eerlessAA,244ol l.cwlsmu.iltctMon* iatip,J44c; Ontario,3.'cs American A,314c: Amoskrag, •j jes otter Creek,22c; burlap bags, 4 Ini, H'«lsa; gunnies, single, itdixtHttetdu, double, rM24c. .... , lIKANS—Were very dull at tl.uu-.ti1.124 for good CIIKESB Low and medium grades comprise tbo balk of the ollcrlngs, and for such lue market Is depressed, there bring no rellablu Good to prime cheese It Inquired for to a moderate cxtcnt.und Is comparative ly steady at tale ngurcu, We quote good to best at u4c, and lower grades at w«Bc. .... . , COAL—The rosl tradn was quoted quiet at unchanged prices: Lackawanna, egg. $7.5u; do nut. 87.755 do range. B.H.WH lllossuurg, 87. i«); caniiul, 87.0 u: Lrle, 85.uuut5.50; Baltimore ii Ohio, 83-OUs 1111ii01b,83.7.V» "*l£Uo9—Were slow nt lie for fresh packages. Some peeked lots were selling at lower prices, but tho above rtguro Is obtainable for eases and tubs of fresh eggs In a F KlSH— l'licre was a satisfactorily active demand from the local and country trade, atm prevlmisquntivtluns were fully suttalnrd. Wn repeat our Hat an follow*: No. I wtiltenah, H-hrl, $4.8034.85; No. 2 d0.84.73(-# 4.wi; No. I trout. «3.7.v*4.4xi; No. l shore mackerel, u-brl, 812.Ti0-M3.00: No. 1 hay, $3.«<*0.23s No. ;i mackerel, W-brl. S<MXX4b.23; fainllyroacKercl. tybrl, Bi}..'iU; No. 1 shore klta, large. 82. U); No. 1 hay klta, SI.TiU; large family klta, 81.20: hank codfish, 84.50 U 4.75; George'scodfish, f5.WH5.75; suintncr-curcd cod* ttali, 83.u5t3.73; Labrador herring, spill. brta, 87.7!V* B.iu; do. Wbrl. 54.0Xi4.2r.: Labrador herring, round, brl», 1«.00u<0.7.>;d0, H-brl, 83..VM3.75; sealed lierrluc. per box. 3x<rf4oc : No. l herring. 3ixc33u; Columbia Kltcf salmon. K*lirl. sn.w. , . ..... FltUllo ASl> Mi ld— Iho demand for dried fruits was up to rcoftouahhi expectation*, un i the market again presented a atendy and firm lone, Nuts were dull at an advance In Naples wulnuia and a decline In Urar.hH. Wo now quote: . jr.irrfpn—Dates, Ct-iUHo; flg», layers. 15<9!5Kc; figs, drums, I2h«*l2«c; Turkish prunes. oHft7c; French S runes, kegs and boxes. Oft He; raisins. luyeni. S2.tsi.-s .00; loose Muscatel. $3.10&3.40: Valencia, IlFta-Hhie; Zante currants, Hwdtc: citron. 2ttft2tc. Aldcn applet. lbT2oc: Sllchlgan apples, common, oHctiOc: choice, tbH'alUKdt pared peaches, 17vMhc: nlacktierrles, raspberries, 33»34c; pitted cherries, dangle. . . _ A'uti*—fllherts, ilf-MlHcjabnonds. Torrsgona, loHcfc 20ct Naplea walnuts. ItiV-i'* 17c; French walnuts, new, uk-miSc, Oreuohln waluuu, 14-.bl3cs Uraxlls, ftttue; pecans, Texas. nK«tt2c; Wilmington peanuts, dilates Tennessee peanuts, s»>oc: African oeanuu. (XjOSic. Ul'KtN HtUlTS—Strawberries were In good demand andstroiigur, itotli sluppois ana city retailers being mi the struct. Other nulivii fruits vn>i In fair request. Oranges and lemons continued Ann under a good de mand. We quote: Sirawocrrlra, i2.stv-4.00i goose berries. rt »s.! of 24 qta: cherries, 82.50-4 3,0 u per case; apples, $4.00-15.00 per hrls oranges, id.SOgtf.Soperhov: lemons. 50 per box CilJuCKlllHb—bugors nro receiving Increased atten tion, and the market Is working tinner. Codecs on the, other hand, uro dull and iicglt'cicd, and bavo somcthllig of n declining tendency. There was a fair movement In sirups, molan-ts. and rice at steady figures, i-oaiw were caster; ••True llluo” and "White Lily" were re duced a He. Wo now quote a* follows: «lcs—llangoon,tmou?<c; Carolina, TMGWc; Loulil- an J»va,No.2,ao4a27)iics cholcetofoncyltlo.:WM<*--M«; good to primodo.siH «ijc; common to fair. 3i>®3o)scs roasting. ihM«I»Xc; Singapore J»Ta,3l>*(*3stoo;CostaUlca,33(is23Hc;Mara* 6 cut loaf. crushed, ll® llWc; powdered. llHcs granulated. lo?|o; A, aland* ardf lOfcc; do No. 3. 16c; I), oWc; extra C, l*V>» OKCS Clio. 3, uXaoWci yellowC No. 1, «K«oKcs do C No. 3, OfrtOWcj cliolce brown, BMfeufte; fair lo prlmo do, B!trtHHic; common do. 7*'*«c; choice molasses ■uear. B>4<»ttftoi common to good do. IH'+tic. fiiruvt— californUaugwloaf drips, tW"j-7oc; diamond drips. si.OMtsl.lO; silver drips, extra flue, OXsC-ic; tcood sugar-house sirup, Mk*fl. r >c; extra do, flrt'aooct New Ur* leans molasses, choke, d.'WtuHct do prime, SMdflHc; do, common to good. -tA'-uoe; I'orto lilco molasses, 4S(i»flOo; common molasses, aw-ssuc; black-strap, 3SK*3Oc. .■jm«s-All*i>lee. I7*tl7toc; closes, aic-oic; cassia, 25<rt30c; pepper. nttfsldc; nutmegs, f 1.15401.30; Uni* C A^dps—iVt«« U Orman Mottled, oH®7c; While Lily. MiGrCc; While Hose, w*o‘<c; Itoyol baton, 3*ics Havon Impcrlsl, 6Hc; Uohlcn West, Sb(eS?4c. •VinrcA—lixcrlslor. laundry. «Ji»t7cj do, gloss, Bl<® Oc; do, corn, uv.uKc; Klngsrord, pure, 7mc; do. silver gloss. oHoiWtct do. corn. UKflottc. . , . HAY— mis dull Hint lower. Tins olforlngs of pressed were larger and there waa Utile Inquiry. Ilio city deal* ers having bought of laic of the neighboring tanners aod the shipping orders having ceased to come this way. tiomu Holders arc anxious to close out, as the scaron Is cetllm late. We quote: No. 1 timothy, SI3.MXM3.iX): N0.3d0, SIO.MX* 11.00: mixed do. *O.OO U lO. on; upland prairie, Su.uo; No. I do, $7.00; slough. Were quiet and Arm at the quotation of several days past, dales were reported of loUhrls at per gallon. lllDKS—were In demand and steady. Tho receipts continue moderate, and are soon taken hy tiiu city buyers at full recent prices: Ureru dry butchers’, An; green cured light and heavy, 7c; damaged, sc; part cured, (tfetitoMct green salted klu. 7c; green country, s Hie; green calf, lie; flint hides, |2<Jl2Hc; dry kip and calf, 12U13Hc:drYsaUedbldca, llosdcacon skins. 45um>c. uui's—ninsil lots arc selling at lUilllo for thoflucat sampics, nun lower grades hrlju; sh*o. I.KATIIKU—'VaIues are still unsettled, but sli ratber more stability than during the earlier weeks inusca-iou. 'i he demand contluuca light at tuo of prices given below- hemlock. Calf.NO. 1, Line........ ....$ 35® 37 Calf, No. 2 Him »•'* Unftahi slough- Veals, No. 1.... 75W.1.00 ter solo (bent). 5064 35 Veals, No. 2... NM 70 •* 11. A.” sole.. 20® 31 Kip 4IM 70 * * It. A. U. U.” Upper, No. 1... mi-* aa solo 2V» 27 Upper, No. 2... UK'# 20 Insole 20® 2j llnrnesa 31® 34 flOGtl.3U| Harness, OU4 !•'* [ t>OlO Calf... Kip..-.. Upper. IH’4 £t ntrNi'U stock Calf I.SOwXOOtKIp 1.00G1.50 01L&—‘Thera was a fair bindui-Minproßrcaiat ahoul previous UtfiireK. l.ard, linseed, autl carbon were held llnnly. Turpentine wru easy. W« miote ua follows: Carbon, lift degrees lest. 13K«i»i:»tfcs do Illinois Irasl teat, bnowU hill-, irmteit, lukain9ic:ilo headlight, 175 deg.. 17i»t7Ucs extra winter lard oil, ti3f.<.tAu; No. !■ No. U, 7at-.73: linseed, raw, srt(a.V7c; boiled, eUktric; whale, winter-bleached, 7H647Bc;»pcrm. ♦-MUkU. 15;ncanfoot oil. strictly pure, $1.13h1. lit; do extra. imiiUjcj do No. 1, rite; bank oil, Mo; straits, one; plumbago oil, ova 7>rcs turpentine. 37Ui:i8cs naphtha, deodorized, 03 gray tty. luWrfUJiici Wen Virginia oll«. natural, da deg., hd(<(34ti; natural, UOdcg., 37 w Hoc; reduced, da deg., M W l’*Vui.TUY—The olTcrlus* rontlnue liberal, and the local dealer* were buying moderately at easier price*, old chicken* suld at*3.30:43.73, mm spring* at $3.0*4 3.73, according u> slio and condition, Turkeys were * I’OTATOKB—Were quiet at:«xtsc for small lota from store. New ixitaloca wero quoted al $-l.uic*n.u> per brl. tiUKDfI—‘Timothy was dull and caster at (3.2.V43.M, the ouUtde for (irlme. Clover was ilnnly lieid at SO.OO. Flax uaa quoted alii.l.V-U.3U—a lot oi pour bringing iho lashhi price. Ilunuarlau vrsadull uml weak under ]it rue olTcrliiKa at Millet Win cosier, soiling at SALT—Wai la fair demand and stendy. Tlie receipts are fair: Bagluaw. Canada, ami Onondaga. fine, fil.4<>; ordinary cunrse.fil.7o; dairy. wlthoullmp.*3.7a; dairy, whh huai.; Ashton dairy. p«r sack. 84.60. THAh—'There was u liberal movement lu leal ul fnlrly firm price*. There la a feeling that price* am now at their lowest, ami that uuy change that limy take placo In the near future must Iki to Imldi-rs' advanU«c;cunwj qunntly buyer* are ordering will: less reserve lliun hern t'ifon-.aml ihu market wcaraagt nerally Improved look. Within the m at fortnight tiuw Jap* will l>e olfervd, but the season will open at considerably higher prices than quoted Iwluw: Uunvuviitr— Common, samoct good do, 40 *4Set medium, 4S4t6oc; good do, 60*v»c; line, sr>4doe; Hie cil, OOetOAo; clsolcc, 70(*76c; choicest, UOumic; fancy Si.nrre.i.l6. /nuwrt«if—Common, so*.vie; good do, aw.»4oct me dluiu. 400«4.'h:; good da, 4-Vs6oc; line, Mfctbdc; finest, 3.WUDC; choice, (l'*»7UCi choicest, 7t*i<>76c. Common, aro433c: good common, aa'diic; medium, undoes good medium, 4m4.c; Unu, 4Htsiuc; finest. choice, S-io-.iEto; choicest, crxtToc. Uof/mgs—Common, good common, Ou-tilWc; medium, 4<xa43i:: goodini'dlnm, 41M4.V:; fine, 4H-*6oc; finest, 63(d5rtc; choice. fiov.tfilc; choicest. 7W»*)c. WOOU—Was quiet at s7.ou lur maple, su.3o for bcetli, uud fi.vixj for slab*. VKAL— Was In smaller mipp'y and steadier at 4QBe, tho ouuldo for very line calve*. VKOKTAIILKK—Were lu fair supply and request at the given prices. Peas and heuus were scarce «nd higher: Cucumbers, Wx-tOOc per dozen; green peas, <3.04*4 3.60 per Ikix; string beaus, 13.60 43.76 per box; asparagus, 4.'xt76c per duzen; radishes, pur dozen; llermuda lomuioc*. fi per box; Now Orleans do, fi3.6u*k3.uoperl>ox( beets, sixtioc pep dot; cublmuu, »I.ism I.aA. , , WOOL—Uemalns dull and weak, Bmall lots only are calk’d for, and prices lur (hem arc frequently below those quoted, us sellers prefer to make reducilout thau lose a sslu. New wool Is arriving slowly. Thu Huston Jnuv nut of c-innnerte snvs: * r Wit It the exception of Cali* forom there hits been a continued decline In prices, as our quotations will show. Thu probabilities are there have been about 3,u«J,uuu Us of the new California clip sold In this market, and the Impression among sumo of the largest manufacturers seems to be that the prices for best qualities of California are at or near bottom; nl any rale. Urge quantities are arriving, and manufacturer* are making free selections from the best grades." bales arc given of Michigan and Northern Ohio at S.'MtT7c; So. I Michigan at 36e, and Western unwaslu-d fine Is quoted at 33U39C, and nn'dlum al 3.V-< 37c. Yolluwlng aru the local quulallous: Tuh-waghed, choice, 3u-‘t4lc; do. average. SX(37c; washed fleece, medium, autajo; do, fine, uouiidc; unwashed Ueecc, medium, do, floe, new, louioc. LUMUEIt, The offerings at the docks were small yesterday, hence the market was quiet, though there was a little trading early, when about half a dozen cargoes were Ukeo awsy. Piece Hulls sold at fi7.6tKW.OO, and Inch lumber wax quoted at fis.CMdlß.oo. the euirttU ter rhntce mill-run. flecent nnklntr price* for »#mn rrnde* of iurti «prn ihnded n mile. with quoted cony nl *l.wi, umlnhlnßlf* attJ.nnrU.J.v Following nro the qnotollona farnlihcd by In* yard Fli*t nnd terond clear fhrt.Ofvirw.r*) Thlrdrlcnr, Third clear, thick 2.r«I < ‘JVI! near flooring, flntnnd second, rough «».«i-*.u.W) (;»Mlmr.flr*! andiecond *.V.V.AVJ.' Klrat common alillnir ia.WWHi.jjo Flooring. flr*lcommon, drewed.... Flooring, second common, droned aa.Oßrc.ji.wj Box boards, A Box board*, as.w)«'g7.w{ Asionkboard*, 10 nml I Jin 3h.wv~w.wj B stork board* ostock {ward* in.twi7.wj Common board* ami fencing to.wvi3.wj ■'omruon lumber. JM h and under J to io.wv«n.i*J •m* nml scantling. aoto 34 ft M'w*'* i’« aiw* -i.n ! Boston market nppcnr* to 1« Blotted with Juin .•or. Thn Boston Journal of Oimrnrrre says: Ihn fenr* of lumber dealer* are likely to be realised. a* Hie mnrkrt I" almost flatted will) consignments, nml enr loads arc being sold to consumer* nl almost tbolr own term-*. LtnnlKT on orden-but srhich. however, under Minelreiimdlnne.M, arc moildllllcnll to oblnln—l* held atotirnnoiailon*. hut the effect of thoquaiiilly thrown on thn market will probably bo shown sooner or Inter, Bnlldlnttoperation* nro quite limited for the season, and although Uiere I* a moderately nctlvr demand from yard, the prospect abend in noway* encouraging. A shin The LIVE HTOCK. cmcAoo. Cattle. /Am. Sheep, . 3,07*1 ia,?7fj w»i . S,lfiß I l.'Jflf) 2.011 . 4,17(1 ia,MVI OV4 . 8.1K4 lU.HII 1,410 . 5,,v0 i3.w«i nui IttertiUt— Monday Ttieailny Wednesday.. Thursday... Friday .21,410 01,1171 5,170 .3:1,111 7ii.;iiu 3.H7S .34,010 irj.«4'l 51, (HU Total game limn last week. Week before last .Shipment*— Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Total m,raw 15.n0 i,boi CATTLE—There were a Rood many more cattle In tliu yards than there was any legitimate demand fur, and, a« a consequence, the market was lacking In firmness, and had H not been that Eastern advices held out some encouragement there Is little reason tu doubt that prices would have ruled lower. As It was there was no perceptible decline, sales making at ¥ t.35«5.<V) for fair to extra shipping beeves, and at $3.30M4.33 for com* moo to prime butcher*' stuff and stock cattle. There wero several bunches of Texas cattle, and among the number were some good ones, for which $4.cw4.3"» was realised. Common grades were offered at $3.5064 3.75. The average quality of the supply was good, and Hiilrswem principally at $4.3304.73. Lean cows,stags, bulls, and scalawag lota sold at *3.There were two transfers at $3.00; one by Conger Bros, and one by 4. M. Uobluson. QUOTATIONS. Choice Reeves—Tine, fot, well*formcd3 yeartosyoarold»teors,welßhlngl,3outo 1,550 SB .84.73&3.00 Good Beeves—Well-fallcncd steers, weigh tngl.itfx) to 1,350 n 5........ Medium Gradcs-Stccrs In fal lug MW) to 1.330 ns Butchers’ Stock—l’oor to, fe common to choice cows, for weighing sou to t.iuotts... Block Cattle-Common cattle to 1,050 *s Inferior—highland thin cowi bulls, and scalawag steers.. OATTLIt a Jfo. At. /’rice. no 1.4U7 $3.«» : 4U 1,310 5.0 f : 33 1,433 4.87 ft 1 «8 1,333 4,87 hi 1 Irt 1,317 4.87 k I ar, i,:iHtf 4.87 ft i HI 1,380 4.83 • 40 1.330 4.80 30 1.331 4.80 53 1,343 4.H0 75 1,303 4.80 Urt 1,338 4.73 31) 1,1117 4173 47 1,300 4.73 17 1,184. 4.70 ir flesh, weigh tlr’a'tecrsi and city slaughter. ..... 3.50*4.15 •, weighing 800 raj helfcrVitac*. A'o. Ar. Price. 34 i,ho 84.U3 33 1,141 4.U0 Id 1.200 4.11214 14 1,142 4.153 17 1,173 4.453 15 1,1841 4.<r7t4 20 1.17 H 4.41714 ID 1,033 4.1X1 in 1,170 4.50 10 1,1413 4.50 31 1,1X13 4.50 lit 1,1(53 4.50 24 1.134 4.53 18 I.OUB 4.53 18 1.000 4.40 17 I.Oil 4.43 in U 34 4.:u> 13 oxen 1,530 4.12*4 IR feeders... 071 4.00 lb 070 3.73 2()bulls 1,540 3.50 121 COWS 714 3.40 11l 1.100 4.70 ar. 1,200 4.70 3:1 1,2(0 4.70 2*. i.aoft 4.70 40 4H 1.1. Vt 4.02« 47 I.IWO 4.112W 1 IIOOB—For a Friday 1110 receipt* were pretty lar»c. amounting to somewhere lu the neighborhood of 13,0ua head, and ai buyers did not appear to have auy Tory nr- Kent orders on hand they Insisted upon lower prices. They would be satisfied with nothing less than lOctltio ••oif,” and at that reduction the Uay‘« trading was done. Common to prime light weights sold at s«.until. to, and poor to extra heavy at Sr..w>jtn.:i3. The latter flfniro was obtained In a single loatance only—Hall, Patterson St (jo. to l;oud. There was scarcely a dozen sales above SO.IO. Thu market closed weak with not all the hotfs sold. UOO SALES. So. Av. Price.\S«. Ar. iVfce.iJlo. Ae. Pric*. 20.. fn.3.v 90... .n0, :»....wn *«U)3 1*3....279 0.20! 70....203 6.10 51....170 0.03 U5....270 6.20 41....105 0.10 34....274 o.o'. ;5y,...a23 0.13 *i7....2*;0 o.iuj 3»....2«0 o.or. 20.. .173 23»....U*3 0.10 51....233 «.«» 20.. ..130 o.ort H1....1P2 *l.lO 50....20H 0.00 21.. 0.231 30....273 0.10, 03. ...2.10 O.UO 20.. 0.1*4 22....104 0.101 Ml.. ..200 0.00 iu....aia 0.00, 2H....2U1; 2»....2*nr *j.oo 27.. ..188 0.00 37... .212 o,lo' 37....283 0.00 H4....101 0.10 1H7....2«!7 0.10 22....218 *U<> M....1KS 0.10 (1K....100 0.10 30.. ..174 0.00 73.. 0.10 48....187 0.10. 2*1....183 0.00 *11....181 O.lOi 4*1... 108 0.1O 1 34....240 0.00 33.. ..300 11. iff 30.. ..174 0.10 07....100 tl.*W> »«....101 0.10 24... .2*lß 6.10 M1....277 *I.OO D0....270 «.10, 31. ...184 6.10 M....2M7 o.l*l 34.. ..271 0.10 23....183 0.10 30....238 U.OO 112....210 0.10 21....173 fl. Oft 23....102 11.00 38.. ..103 0.10 K3....201 0.03, 38....210 o.*O 33.. ..321 0.10 45....204 0.03 00....170 *I.IXI 34.. .11*7 O.lff 48....107 0.03, 113....217 3.80 26.. ..150 B.lOi 37....203 O.OSt 23....231 5.35 SllEEr—The market was dull and weak. TVe quota pour to common at *; medium at *4.08* 4.251 and good to choice ul *<s.mj per 100 ns. EAST UinF.IITY—WEEKLY KBVIKW. ■S’urdaf Jilfpatch t* Tht Tribune East Luikoty, Eu.. June 2.-*,Mm<-ltecclpts for the week ending June I. 203 can of through slock and 64 cars for sale Cere, or In all u,ur>2 head, against 5.117 tbu week before; supply fair but market very dull In dcedforwnntof buyom. only two Eastern ones being present, the bulk of sales being to local and country dealers; quntlty generally common to medium grades. Trlmo heavy cattle were scarce, though fully equal to ttio demand; prices, however. lo*dny went urf nearly Me for light weights; best, 1.4« i to l.fioo, f3.23wa.5u; medium to good, l.ioo to i.aoo, *5.00w3.23; common to fair, oootol.ioo, *4.2.Vy.4.H0;c0w5. bulls, ami slues. *3.25**4,00; calves, as to iinallty. *s.f*X-u).00; sales for the week 854 head against 1.101 last week. f/Oi/f-llGcclpta, 11,383 head, against 13.003 (he week before; supply light with a limited demand, and prices off toMlny i.VaSUc as compared with thlsday a week ago; best I’hiodclpblas. Yorkers, *a.ou*u.2o; roughs und common, *5.0043.10. _ .. . A’f«n-Uocelptx 15.000 head, against H.SOOthe week before; supply good but with light demand. Wo had a very bad market all the week; prices off 2.V433C from last week; prime to extra, 03 to 100 ns,; fair to good, 75 to RO, *4.85*15.00; common. 70 to Wi, 84.0txJ1.25: Ilidlanss, os U) duality, *4.18X44.50. KKW TOUK. Nkw York. June 2.-//c«*»-Uecelpla. 1.505. making B.aaoforfourdaya. against 4,4oUHamo lime liut weeks market a shsdc cuter: some bent steers. u>Hc ami Cl.ou per bead i medium to prime,®to.SO: uo com u against 12.470sarue lime last week: market slow; a shade weaker: limited trade: for ordinary to prlmo clljtped; civile for iambs; a car-load of fair un* 8| dpt^ L 4.340. making in. 240 for four days, agolnat 13.330atth0 aamo time last week, hone of* fered alive. tiiirrALO. Hcpfalo. N. Y., Judo 2.-am/e-Ilecclpta, l.oofli mud fur the week, 10.H4U. No market to-day. Iresli trrivals through consignments. ... fthtta an it liimiw—ltccelpU, 4.400; totol for the week. 14,300. Market at a standstill. Twenty cars on mlu without demand. Kaslcm market very bad: the mnply exceeds the demand. . . /L«-itrccipu, i.»ai: total for the week, market extremely dull and weak. A few good to prliiu heavy sold at W.UWU.2O; I ear Yorkers at SIV% 40 3(K* 43 CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, Juno a.— //«u»— Fair Uemandt common to UOOCI IlKllt, $3.2.V'40.U0} flvlr to RlKHlltuavy, 0.10. liccclpta, 4355 shipments, 215. ST. I.UIUH. BT. I.OL-18. Mo.. Junc'J.-/M/s-BtronK and higher; Yorkers, An.4UAo.UUi bocou, s3.lix*s.Usi bulcum, $3.«5(i'5.A7W. CulWe-yulcl and unchanged. BY TEBKGIIAPH. FOUEIGN. ifptctal IHipalch la 77is Ttibunt. I.rrenpooL, Juno 2—ll t. m..— Marketa unchanged. flour— No. I, 24iOd: No. 2. 22a. Arum-Wheal—Hprlnu, No. I, ©a Bdi No. 2, Ba4d: white, No. I. loa2d; No. 2,8 s 10d; club, No. I. lua Udl No. 3, iw 2d. Corn-No. I, 20a tld; No. 2,30 a. jyeririom-l’orlt eos. Lard, 60s. Livkiii'uul, Juno a—3 p. ia.-nrtad»mffa-T\tm. Wheat—Kprlog, Ho. i, 9s Hd; No. 3. Hsud; while,No. l. IIM3d; No. a. Us lid. Corn-No. I, 37*1 No. a. 30a Od. Annf—fin»Od. LtvEUi-onu June 3-Latcit.—CbHon-Flrm and un changed; n«O3-IiJOS isles «,uo hales, Including I,IXO for speculation ond export. and 3.1 U) American; sulci ofthe week. 45.0U0, Including G,uo fur export. 4,u0 fur speculation, and U3,txo American; total stock, l.tni.iao. Including uatMiu American; receipts, 01.- (US luclmllu«art,ixu American; actual cx|>ort, 4,000; amount alloat, 343,000, Including lio,coo American; forwarded direct from ship's side to spinners, 10.000. Yarns and fabrics at Manchester steady. HreaiStmffit—V lnn; rccclptsof wheat for three days, 27,000 qra, Including 14,aw qrs American. California white wheal, average. Os IldtslOsSd; do club, Km 3d<« llutldl red Western spring, No. atoNo. 1, Ksod&OsSd; do winter, os OdVrOe lOd. Flour—Western canal, 23W4 gland. Corn—Western mixed, 30*04(437*. Oats, 3<(£ mod. Harley, 3*Od. Peos-Csuadlan. SOMMS Cd. Clour #«tf—a-ViiGOa. iVortiloni-Mea pork, prime, ma. Prime mesa beef, BAs. Lard.fidacd. Cheese, Us. Uacou-Lung clear, 4Ua Od; short do, 4M 6d. TWfouv—tltSd. iVtrotsum-Bplrlts, B#<ae* 3d; refined, lOe OdOlUSd. /.lotted Oil— 33*. Arris—Common, 4*odfiMs Od; pale, tea. tiplrllt Turpnilint-vu., Juno 3. Hpiritt Turptnllno-lt fid. /.lotted Oil-tit fWdfc33*. C'llrulla /.lotted- 46a OdS45» Od. /.lotted Cuke— M IfiddslOi. Common /ittln— 4*od. ’ Aktwsuj*, June 3. yvtrolzum—37s Od. riiouucis. NEW TOIIK. eptclat iNspafcA u> The Tttfiuns. Kiw Tons, June 3.—Grain—Wheal fairly in active, at lo lowers some con tineutai and English demand; quotations: So. 3 Chicago, fil.l7vtl.lH; So. . 9 Chicago, fil.U); No. I Mil waukee, fil.2tkjl.2ol No. 3 Milwaukee, »1.3<X*1.3U.Wl No. 3 Milwaukee.; Mluueaota wheat by sample, fi1.3Ug1.31; Minnesota by sample, fi1.39; mar ket dose* weak and lower. Ttjo unchanged; Western, H4i*B3c; Canada. Id hood. esc. Coro dull, heavy, aud lower; steamer mixed, 00 grade, MWUc; unmerchantable. Me; Weatero mixed. ft7c< Southern yellow, DomlDO); white Southern, Me asked. OaU weak! Mo. 3New York. 87Hc; rejected, MvjMc; white Western, 33^49; mixed Western, 83®430t white State, 47c; mixed Ststr, 42vt4ilc. /Varttirtm-Lardopf-nml weak, Irregular. and closed lower and Inactive; sales at second coll for July, 830 tram $11.80; first mil June, fll.m hid, and $11.40 asked; for .Inly, fit. -jo Mil. and fll.:«8l4 asked: for August, sH.:ißoj'oM. and $1 Mr. asked; fur September, 811.40 MO, our! fit.unasked; for October, flLf-Obld. and fll.en naked; serum) cnll, for June. 811. HI Idd.nnd 811.80 asked; for July. 511.13 hid. nnd 811.20 naked;, for August, en.nobld, undf U.3l)4;ukcil;forßcplcni her. fit.33hid. and511.47!4 naked. Th/lmc—Firm; snip# at A*.><e. ’AOiv—Dull and heavy; hlghwlnss, C1.13K asked. nnd ft. lo bid; alcohol, sB.ll asked, 88.07 bid. /VsfgAiv— Finn i hmr vossels taken to Liverpool at to London. 10d; lo Glasgow, to the Continent, n« ml; Cork for orders, llstid. 7b Iht Western A**nctatf(t Pru*. Naw Yoiik. ,nm» B.— Vottnn— Firm; 18(JI3 S-tfic; futures steady; June, 12c; July, 13 3-38 c; August, 18.1-10(318 7-:i2n; ficplemher, »-S2o; October, 11 in-iiWiii 3-:»2c; November. II 87-38'(Me; De- cember. 11 37-nB-;lltHas January. lll.vtO'/tl 3-38 e; Kenruary. 12 MO' rrJHe: March, isi-lweUMc; April. 18>t('«l8 7-HU3J Mny. ii-lMr; net m-diil# nt all United States ports fur the week, H.OWJ; lust year, total receipts at all Hutted States port* to time. •1,080.1**1; Inot year. ;i,:t!wt,ouo; exports from all Unltoil States ports for the we -k. BU»x>: last year. 4.-..000; to nl exports from all United Matos ports to date. 8. nun,. a«); last year, ;?,47>Mi*i; stork nt all United fii.ite.-i port*, 4(Kt,o>si; last year, B>i,u>o; stock at all Interior towns, M.i**!; Inst year, t>»M»m; slock at Liverpool, ai.trju; last year, 170, u»»; stork of American cotton for Great hrltnln. lin.WS); last year. Jh.vkx). f-Voitr—Kecctnts, IB.i*xu»rl»: only very moderate ex port and noine-trade ilenie.ini:; com mon to good extra. S4.W*'4.4Ci; good to cliolcc. fd.tsM ,VBU; white wheat extra. 8-'..B.v. ( extra Ohio, 84.K0 0.7.1 M: HI. Louis. $3. lUi D.txi; Minnesota patent process, !d,SiiHi>.r<o. ityn dour dull nnd unchanged. o>m- Jfml-fitendy; Western. cv.n *•«.;<. 83. Wi-nlw—Wheal heavy nnd lower; largo bittiness doing nt Urn deellmi. Kecelpts :»'<“»,(*« bu. No. I spring, fl.Sfi'M.'JU; ungraded spring« I.UJi; No. 8 MU wank* -1,81.80; No. 3 do. fl.tiKtl.liy.; nmlu-r Mich igan, 51.:mi.40. to arrive; No. 8 amber Michigan, «1,-it, la arrive; No. 8 Chicago spring, 81.1«M<- 1 1.17, No. :t, *1.07. Ityn i|ul<‘l but linn; Htalu nv-'!*0o; Wcxtern. W("«'•; Canada In l*oud, file. Harley rjulrt. Malt quiet and unrliangcd, Corn iiulet hut firm; active exisiit demand; receipt#. 72.uw» 1m: Western mixed, damaged and heated, 4(Vj«.h.c; mixed no grade. ftlrtfign; do steamer, .V.Hjtftf.?}!; do -railed, WW'-auM*’! new Western mixed. ungraded. 37'* r>!i'6e, Oats Mealy, closing a shade drincr: rcceljitn, 88d«»»tm; Westetu nixed mid btalo. dJ*C4Boi white Western and Male, :v.m »7c. //iiv-llcuvy and unchanged. //oms— Unchanged. . . . LTorrrfM-Coliee dull ftml nominal; nlo cargoes, tS-io Ife in gold; Jobbing, irn.*.l«c In gold. Sugar aiendy wltlinialr dmnand; fair to good refining. prime!, fie; refined. i»Mvlo>i,r. Molasses r tiroi-.-ry grades quiets Porto Rleo, 4»e:>3c; l.iigllsll Islands. !l3w 43c. Hire dull and unchanged. _ , ttKJ /Yfraleum—fjulet. n.itllrui; crude, 6J<ct refined, 14H f<At4Hc( iH(c2le. *7i»«/"tc—Firmer; nVifi 11-lOe. _ Mrulned Heavy; 5t.70C11.75. .Volrtfs T>irpnulnf— Heavy: JlChic. I'M*— thilrv and unchanged .. /vm-ls/ons—Pork decldeoly lower. New mess. Slfi-80 aid,-83s June, sifi.a>'i.iH.fins July, Ucef —Market dull; long clear middles. Western, do city. loJi' tloHr. Lard decidedly lower, closing henry; primeslimni. Jll.liw:i.4o; June, 811. i»; July, 811,80; August, fiepu-raber, iliitter— Unsettled; Western now, !4<43Jc. Vhtmf— Unchanged. ..... IFAliArw—Uulol and easy; bid; heldatSl.lSjft, TOLBDU. K3R 3,11(1 3M a, 1311 3,.V11 w>» 4,“H0 1.M31 Ml? 2.001 4,007 107 4.4094.05 Totano. .limn 2. Flour— Dull. „ _ . , Onil/i—Wheat dull and lower; No. 1 white Wanssh, *1,475 No. ado held m *1.22; No. 1 while Michigan,; extra while Michigan, *1.31; *1.32 offered; amber Michigan. *t.2;i«i Juno and .July, *1.34; No. 2 amber .Michigan. *1.07; No. a red winter, f 1.25; No. : red. $1.07; do Daytim A; Michigan. *l.Od>4; rejected red, twe; No. 2 amber Illinois, *1.27. Lorn firm; high mixed, snot, June. MJKcs Imv mixed. 40c; June held at 40« c; No. 2 while. 4i)}*c; no grade. 47ci damaged. 40Wc. Oats anlcti No. 2. spot, June, 21c; white, 2Mtfc; il jy<' , llpy»~K'lo!ir, l 30 hrls; wheat, 30,000 hu; corn, 20,iKX>f>u; oats, a.coobu. , 4 . N/iliimfnfs—flour, 4.000 hrlit wheat, 8,000 bu; corn, t,2oUhu; eats, 22,000 ou. CINCrNNATt. Cincinnati, Juno 2.— Cotton-^ Quiet and steady; *!/s»*nr Quiet ahdsteady. „„ „ _ . „ Oruln-Wheal dull ana loweri 03ca*1.30. Corn dull and lower; 43iiM4c. Oats dull; 32(&28c. Rye cuter; T2 Proriilnn*-- Pork-Good demand and, lower rates; Sl*.2S;<iU>.oU, closing linldo. Lard easier, but good emamJ; atenm. ionics kettle, Hulk meat sir regular and unsealed; lower; shoulders. OSes clear rib, MuMcmli; H. 05 buyer June; oMn do July, closing flrmatDeeash; clear. u&ftbMo. Dacca Irregular; 7n axe, loMfrluHos closing at itiJic; clear. lOHu-ioJlc. IKMsIV-«ufct; *1.07. . butter— Dull and lower; choice Western Reserve. 179 18c; Central Ohio, 14(-Vl0c. lUituiorb. Junes.—//our-yulct, but steady. fjntlu— Wheat dull and uuchuuned. Cbrn steady; Western mixed. 07<«3bc. Oats dull and heavy; white Western, 27(«2l)«; mixed Western. 34(*27c. llycquiet, but firm; 7f*<*eoc. Jfau— Dull and unchanged. /Vi/rts/ons-Pork, *so.U). Bulb shoulders. OW97c; clear Bacon-Shoulder*. clear rib, iKSUKo. Hams, UXOISJ4C. Lard-MorbetduU; retmed, I2e. . . . . /inner—Dull ami nominal. _ , , j+troleum— Crude, BHwnWe: refined, 14c. CViffV.;—Ulo cargoes, U«'®l7«c;Jobbing, ISOISKc. M’huku— Markctdulli sl.ll*. Hfrriptt-~ Wheat, 3.000 bu; corn, 84,000 bu. , Shipment!— Corn ■13,00') bu. mt. i.outs. St. Louis. June 3.— Cotton- Dull and unchanged. j-'tnur— Dull and unchanged. „ ... t/rn/R—Wheat dull and lower: No. 3 red winter, *1.40 cash; *1.24 fur July; No. a do. *1.30 asked; SI.Id bid. Coma shade higher, but Inactive; No. 2 mixed, 42>/'a42Hccaßh:42H''r42>ic.lune:43Ha.iu]y. Oats dull; lending Downward; No 2, 32Kobld tor Junes rejected, SdHe. live dull and unchanged. Barley do. WMiky— None on tho market. ~ w JVortslonA—l’ork firmer; Jobbing, inWc. Lard nom inally unchanged; current make, lUftHloJic. Bulk meats nominally unchanged; nothing done. Bacon, only small jobbing trade. . _ . /*c«nt.»-Klour, »,iu>brls; wheat. 08,000 hu; corn. R2.0U0 bu; oats, ll.ooobu; rye, 1,000 bu; barley,i,ou> bu. NEW ORLEANS. Nsw Obleans. June if.— Cotton— Dull and unchanged; superfine, <4.00i double, <4.50; treble, *4.73®0.25; high grade*. *0.30®?.75. r/ruln—Corn In good demand; mixed, 05*360c: white. (Hu; yellow, Too. Oats steady with a fair demand; St. Louis, 40Ci Galena, 45c. Corn Scarce nnd Arm; *5.25. Proriiiont—VoTk Jutland unchanged: *20.73(rt31.00. Lard-Tierce. *12.75; keg. St3.«x«ia.7s. Built meats quiet but steady;; shoulders, 7Ke. Bacon dull nnd nominal; held, shoulders, b',<o; clear fib, lOJic; clear, 11 ifAVstK—<}ulctbulsteady; *1,11(31.18. MILWAUKEE. S Milwaukee, June 2.—JToi/r-Qutet and unchanged., Oraln—Wheat opened unsclllcd: about hie lower; closed weak; No. 1 Milwaukee, *1.12; hard, (1.1711; No. 3 Milwaukee. July, Sl.iMMs August, Sl.ouH; No. 3. Usc. Corn neglected and lower; No. 2, 43c. Oats unchanged; No. 2 author June, aoHe. Ityq In moderate demand; No. 1,72 c. Barley dull and nominal. , . /Vr<y/-r>-Qiilct but steady; wheat to Buffalo, 2ft® 3c; to Oswego, 5Hc. /vryffilf-Flour, 0.000brls; wheat. 102,000 bu. NAlpmc/Us—Flour. 13.UJ0 brlsi wheat 130.000 bu. Philadelphia,.lunn 2.— Petroleum— Steady; refined, crude. loH'-j-loWc. Sftile— Unchanged. . _ /Your—Market duff; cxlms, *4.25(14.75: Wisconsin ami Minnesota extra family, *5.50®u.50; high grades, * Grain—Wheat quiet; Pennsylvania red, *1.43; am ber. *1.43441.40; white, «1.3i*«t.43. Bye. Western, ww; Pcnusylvaula, 83c. Corn. Inactive; yellow, ouc; mlxcd-and white, 6Ho. Oau-Whltc, 40J420; ilalaed, iVhitk-y— lron-bound, *1.15. Arcelids-Wlieat, «l,(Milm; com, 102,000 bu. , Wbeut, «H.(xx)bu; com, 3U2,uoubu. /Dmrr—Guletand ntiebauged. (jheeee— New York fancy, new, 11012 c; Western fine, new, iuy.".ilUc. Agps-Markut dull; Western fresh, llQ12c; Buffalo, K.Y., June 2.— drain—' Wheat dull, heavy, dud lower; No. 2 Milwaukee, cnr-luta. (I.UK. Cum dull, heavy, nnd lowur; fairs, lO.fXsi lm; No. 2 mixed Western, .'..•i.Vtc. Ollier grains neglected. (Axial ’/Veip/Hs Unchanged. New Orleans, Juno 2.—Colton—Demand llght,\ hut holders linn; sales Hrt hales; good ordinary, (*H r ao4ic; low middling, lohKtlo}ic: Jmlddllng, lljfttf lls*c; good middling, takKiiUftc; receipts, net, ilia hales; grow, 1,000; exports to Liverpool, 7,400; coast wise. 4d; stock, 112,077; week’s sales, 11.400; receipts, nut, 4,fA»l;Kro,a, 3,:w2; exports to Great Britain, u,4St); to the Continent, 3.000; to Vera Cruz, 4Ud; coastwise, 3.47 H. Galveston, Juno 2.—Cotton weak and Irregular; middlings, li?4us slock, 1K.40H bales; weekly net re ceipts, tOd; gross, 1,011; 6xpurta, coastwise, 3.004; sales, 2,270. Savannah, Juno 2.—Cotton dull; middlings, tie; stock, 7.770 links; weekly net receipts, 1,320; gross 1.470; exports to Great Britain, 1.7U.V, to the Conti nent, 1,000; coastwise. I.SC7; sales, 470. Moiiilk, June 2.—Cotton quiet; middlings, lie; stock, actual. 10,270 bales; weekly net receipts, 043; gross, l»r.o; export* to Clio Continent, I, l()U; eoualwUe, 1,17 n; uak-s, 4. too. Cn aiii.eston. Juno 2.—Cotton quiet; middlings, UHc; stock, 7,111 bates; weekly net receipts, 0i:i; ex ports to France. 2,410; toltioCuutloent.KM; coastwise, 1,10 H; sales, 120. . PiiiLkoemiiA, June 2.—Wool—lmproved demand and lower; the few clip unwashed from adjacent States arriving meet with prompt sale at 2»e for lino nud23c fur course; medium Pennsylvania and West Virginia dmiblu extra and above, 400x4 Ic; X, 3J4»40c; medium. 424fc44e; coarse, 33'ahHct New York, yilehlgim, Indiana, and Western flue, 3m;ute; medium, 4UU430; coarse, 33(-9 370; combing washed. 50-jssc; unwashed, 334UTfe; lino unwashed, 2Ua23ct coarse medium unwashed, 234 s 2»c; tub-washed, 4iXt42c; extra Merluo puffed. 3U4* 32c; No. 1 and superfine, 3UU3IC. DRY GOODS. New York, Juuo 2.—The package trade in fancy and shirting prints, dress goods, and hosiery was a little more active, but cotton goods moved slowly, except bleached shirting, which were In fair demand and steady. Woollen goods were quiet In agents' hands. Kentucky Jeans were dull. Shawls were very quiet. Foreign goods were dull and irregular^ PETROLEUM. Cleveland, June 2. Petroleum quiet and un changed; standard white, no test, lie; prime while, 150 test, 12c, cur lots. PETROLEUM. PimnußO, !*».. Juno 2.—Petroleum—Crude, very llrmt *3.»0 at Barkers; refined duff; UittUHc, Phila delphia delivery. ' rmsBUEO. Fa., June 2.—i’tg-iron dull; No. 1 foun dry, *34.004433.00; No. 2, *23.(04423.60; Orcy forge, *21.604422.60. AnniTALi— Prop Clematis, I’oahtigo, towlngr acbr Peabtigo, Peabllgo, lumber; acbr Active, Peabllgo, lumber; prop Ulamarck, Menominee, towing; acbr bUxtnetu, Menominee, lumber; acbr Emma 8. Tyson, Menominee, lumber; schrD. L. Filer, Me* nominee, lumber; achr Joses, Holland, woodjpr* Corona, fit. Joe, nundrlcn; scow M. N. Dnnhstn, Pike's Pier, wood; schr fleo. 1,. Seaver, Muskegon, Inmhcr; stmr Chicago, Manitowoc, sundries; etntf Alpcnn, Muskegon, sundries: prop O, P. Heath, fiaugatuck. hicibor; achr J. I). Sawyer, Daft falo, coni; sclir Hartford, Oswego, coaH schr Lumberman, lllack Creek, lumber; schr. n 11. Ferry. White Lake, lumber; prop New Krai Muskegon, towing; scnrALaunto, Muskegon, Inn. her;sentC. (). I)., Muskegon, lumber; schr (,‘Ui of Grand Haven. Muskegon, lumber; prop Japan IlulTalo, sundries; schr Harvest Home, Kscrujaba! pig Iron; sclir Kitty Grant. Sougntuck, lumber* ecuvr (Hunger, Ilahlwin’s Pier, bark; schr Wm’ Jones, Micldgan City, light; prop elms. Reit/ Maulslee, lumber; schr K. Lester, Manlstes, him. licr; sclir Metropolis, Traverse U«y, wood; pron Wm. Crlppon; Manistee, lumber; schr L. Van Valkonburg, Traverse Itay, wood; schr Harriet Ami, White Luke, lumber; prop Ncwburg, Duff*, lu, sundries. • Oi.bahancbs— Schr Advance, Pcshtlgo, sundries; stmr Corona, St. Joe, 12 pkgfl liquors, amt sun* dries; stmr Chicago, Mnnltnwoo, 50 lulls green hides, nnd sundries; schr Kclchtim, White Fish Hlvsr. 10 brls Hour, lObrlsbeefjschrJ. W, Donne, llunnio, 42.0-11 bu wheal; sehr J. H. Noveo. Kingston, 11),-101 bu corn; srhrMncklngHlrd, llnf. falo, 31.487 bu corn; schr Northwest, llulhilu, 510.000 bu wheat; prop James Davidson, Huf fnlo, 02,000 bu corn; prop Oim<-gulchlo. Ogdcnstmrg, 7. WOO bu corn. 100 brls (int-inunl, 25 tes lard. and sundries; sch Llsear, Montreal, 21,514 bn corn; prop Lin coln, Montreal, 1(1,000 bn corn; schr orient, Kingston, 20,0)2) 1m corn; prop (}, I*. Heath, fiaq. •'nliick, 1-10 hid*:* ami sundres; stmr Alpena. Mu*, kcgoii, 0 hrl* jtork, 5 hrln 11<|iior; achr t’, C. Trow bridge, Chuboyguu, JIOO bu oats, 50 brls flour. Ifi brls pork. 5 brl* beef; schr Mcars. IlulTalo. 20.100 bu wheat; hark linn* Crocker, Lake Sturgeon. 0 m brick, 2 m lumber; schr S. Cl. Andrews, LnkoTrnv utse, 310 bu oats, 1) brie pork, lOtonshuv, and #iinilrlcßi schr Mocklng-lllrd, Duffulo, 31,487 bu uorn. Vessels were in moderate demand at unchanged rates. Charters wero reported of echn K. L. Unice nnd Ijtfrlnlcr, corn toDulTulo, nt2(-jC: ecbn J. Magee nnd I). DeWolf. com nt 5Uc, and schi Ham Cook, wheat, nts(4c; schrTivo l-'ricmls, oats at4>ic, all to Kingston. Capacitynlxmt Ifi. ooo In wheat, 85,000 bu corn, and g(l, 000 bu ohlh. The Rcnsnnkco amt Helvetia wero taken la tho after noon for 08,000 bu corn through. ELBBWII BUIS. Detroit, May 31.—The steam barge 31. J. Hack ctt wos engaged for coal, Cleveland to Chicago, &( 45c, and her consort, the McGregor, at 40c do, down-town dock. Whittaker & Co. report tin schr City of Tawas, 3,000 hrls «alt, Saginaw atnl Hay City to Qroen Day, at 15c per hr). C. W. Norton reports schr Mary Ilatllo, dry pine Imnbci Alpena to Cleveland, at Sl.ttT'/i per m on rail; scow 11. Moore, coal, Sandusky to Port Sarnia, at 40c per too, free. Milwaukee, Win., Jane I.— The chartering bnslncsa was comparatively alow and tamo to-day. Vessels wore notin much demand, and rates wera considered nominal at 3c on wheat to IJulTalo. and Oc to Kingston. Tho prop lloanoke takes 30,000 bit of oats to UulTalo on through rate, and the City of Now York takes 5,100 buof rye to Oswego at 714 c: 5,000 bn of wheat to Ogdennbarg at 7&c} and L'JOO brls of /lour, rate not given. Di#rAi.o, N. Y., May 31. Coal to Chicago quoted at 50c. The only charter reported was the scbrJ. It. Dcntlcy at 50c to Chicago free. Tho tug Nelson, which sunk the other day In thi river near tho Chicago nventio bridge, has boon raised, and Is now being repaired at Eystcr’sdry dock....The Higgle & Jones was tho only vessel that was on the market with a cargo of Inmber Inst evening.... Tho tug Den Drake was engaged yes terday In dredging a channel to tho pier at Lincoln Park, so as to bo enabled to land passengers there without tho danger of grounding.... The schr Ver mont ran Into State street bridge Thursday nlghl and lost her bowsprit and ilbboon....Tho 111110 schr Home, of Pontwatcr, which arrived hero a day or two ago with a cargo of 100 bunches of shingles, has succeeded In disposing of her cargo. She left port for the cast shore yesterday.... The tug Ward, which has been undergoing repairs at one of tho docks of the Chicago Dry Dock Company, came out again yesterday looking greatly Improved.... The llvo-lib schr J. W. Deane, Copt. Pete Meyers, left for Buffalo yester day with a cargo of wheat. ...Tho schr I’crry llannn, which was ashore at Death’s Door a short time ago, came out of dry dock yesterday. She took ou a new anchor at the Galena Elcvotor....Cnpl. David Hall, tho well-known vessel owner, whose cilice was nearly cremated by the lire of Thursday night, was busily engaged yesterday moving back the furni ture and getting everything shipshape again. LAKE ERIE. Eltlß. Special DtipalcA to The 7W&une. Erie, Pa., Jnne ff.— Arrived— From Chicago, prop Annie Yoong. Derauturbb— For Chicago, prop W. T. Graves; achrsM. Hutchinson, Rclota, and J. O. Mastcn. The stmr Port Dover will commence making regular trips between Erie and Port Huron, Can ada, next Monday. She will make three trips sack way per week. PHILADELPHIA. COTTON. WOOL. IRON. MARINE. CHICAGO. ruEioirrs, CHICAGO. LAKE MICHIGAN. cniOAOo. BUFFALO. Special Dlnpatch to The Tribune. Buffalo, N. Y., June 2.—Aiuuvalb— Qnitc a fleet arrived to-day, Including props Arabia, Java, Anuio Young, Tioga and seven lumber-bargee, and the Bust with three lumber-barges in tow; flchra Peterson, Case, Sands, Havana, Hnrriton, Granger, Riverside, Bolivia, Mathews, Richards, Trinidad, Michigan. Canal Fhejouth—Advanced to GVjc for wheal U> New York, and boatmen aro asking OJic, with a probability of success. MARQUETTE. Special IHnpatch to The Tribune. Mauqubtts, llich., Juno 2.—AnmvßD—Prof Mary Jarrccki. Cleaueo— Prop E. D. Halo; schrs Alva Bradley. S. L. Watson, Guno, Sophia Minch. Passed Ur—Prop Arctic, Joseph L. Hurd, a Passed Down— Prop Winslow. WBATiiKii—llainlng. THE CANAL. BninanpoitT, 111., Juno 2. Anmvrn—Pbre* ntx, Lockport, GO, 000 liu corn; Gold Hod, Seneca, (1,000 bu corn; prop Mohawk Bello, Wilmington, 0,000 bu corn; prop Cayuga, Lockport, G, GOO be corn; prop Muntauk, Lockport, (HO brls flour, 700 brls meal. Ci.kahbd—Montreal, Lncon, 00.7G1 ft lum ber; prop Whnlo, Marseilles, 1(1,0(17 ft lumber; North Brandi, Ottawa, Hli.ff'Jfl ft lumber; G. L. Booth, Li Ilea, 103,137 ft lumber. MISCELLANEOUS. 11BUB AND TIIBIIU. Copt. Woltmnn, of the sclir Mory, was lost over board May 30 near Holland.... Lock 21, Gee. 14, on the new Welland Canal was finished Wednes day. This is the flrut lock completed.... The Por ter Chamberlain will lay up for a short time al Buffalo for the purpose of being converted into I fuißHCiiger propeller after the stylo of tbell. llol uml....Cupt. Muruhuil Thompson, the well-hnowo vesHul-ownor, lias retired from the lakes, and U going to nettle in lowa. Tito schr John Magee was the last cruft he sailed.... The tug Merchant, whkli Ima been rebuilt at Gruml Haven, was launched Monday. Him has been purchased by VniiiUn berg & dobbins, and will run between Man* iflc-e and Frankfort in the pigeon trade.... ih( Buffalo Von tier says: ‘-Shortly before leaving Buf falo for Chicago,Capt. Hoover, of the achr Niagara, was culled to Ids homo in Oswego to attend tb* funeral of a beautiful daughter, B years of age. Monday evening n telegram called him home again, lids time to witness the death of a son 0 years old. who is pnmuuiiced poet nil hopes of recovery. Hi bears with him, in his double affliction. the sympa thies of a largo circle of warm friends.’* thuAVenl/iy H'isconsln“lt is reported by the officers of the pro}* lloqnoko that a vessel wai uahoni at Teu-Mllo I’olnt, 20 miles below (;hcbuj can, on Inst Monday afternoon. The vessel wus» throo-and-afler. with n dark hull, and wan headed In a southerly direction. Shu Is evidently one si tho downward-bound grain fleet.... Vessels in too oro trade at Mnrqnctto aro at the present time car rying on old contracts al $3 per ton. They havs three orionr more trips to make, alter which they wlllhnvuto come down tnfcl.GO, or $1.40, or per hansless. Freights from Hscunuba to Cleveland average $1.23. Them have been but few charter* made, and those were for SUGO from Marqmdk Cleveland and Erie, and SI.2G from Ehcanaha id the same porta....Tho Detroit Poet slates tn»* • • the new wrecking lug Andrew Hmttli, of Huffak. left for the Ntrulls with tiio schr Carrington in l««[i and steam pumi>s, hawsers, and everything nea<* sary to ranie liio achr Mary K. I’crcw, width sunk thuro lust fall. The I‘erew was bound up »“□ loaded with coal. It is believed that must, or part of her cargo will be saved. ” COAL PUEIOUT3 TO CLEVELAND. Coal still conies In small quantities—scared) enough to supply Iho local demand. Very llttls it eiiippcd. and for what can bo obtained for skip’ nient them are two vessels for every one load- The rates offering to Chicago are GOc; toMllw“ u * kce, 40c; ’Detroit, 30c; Buffalo, when there Isajjy* thing to go, 40c; and to Toronto and lJ“ nu A 0 ,“l not less than 00 gold, although to both tbcUtu* porta nothing has been chartered for some time. The feeling in the latter part of lost them would be an advance this week, docs not o tain now, but is rather on the wane, os gw freights aro renorted belter Most, which will so flood Lake Erie ports with vessels willing to catty for almost anything In order to gel a cargo Lack w Chicago or Milwaukee. It was reported that there was an Inquiry yesterday for steam barges to ca y grain from Duluth to Buffalo, ut 4c, but the np was not confirmed.— Leader. (JIIANU IIAVUN. Special Dlipuich to The Tribune. Grand Haven, Mich., June it. lh* Minneapolis was beached this morning * above this harbor, owing to a dens* ?,v,il strung northern current. She was lU bl * r< 7 tUU haulea oil by the tugs Campbell and Bt. Maty a* fll* hoars' detention.

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