Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 3, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 3, 1876 Page 3
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FOREIGN. The Turkish Provinces Disin clined to Lay Down Their Arms. Esmls Assumes the Nominal Protect orate of tho Insurgent States. England’s Course tho Result of Russia’s Eastern Policy. Rumored AlHnnce Between tho Western European Powers* turkey. rnn deposed sultan. Constantinople, Juno B.—'The Minister of Foreign Affairs has telegraphed to the Turkish representatives abroad as follows! “ I hasten to deny tho malevolent rumors circulated concern ing the deposed monarch’s fate. Immediately after his accession, Sultan Murad Effcndl order ed Ids uncle to be treated with every considera tion, and to receive nil honors due his person. The pavilion belonging to the Tehcragan palace, on tho Bosphorus, has been assigned him as u residence.” London, June 2.—The /’oil soys that Abdul Aziz, the late Sultan, Is cunflned In a splendid palace, called the Cage. The J'ost also says it Ims reason to believe his life Is perfectly cafe, and understands that Her Majesty, Immediately on learning of Ids deposition, took steps to ob tain satisfactory nssuroueeof the personal safety of her farmer guest. London, June .I—s a. m.—A dispatch to the Standard from Vienna says the Ministers kayo advised Murad not to exile Abdul Aziz to Asia unless he should attempt to Incite civil war. Oflif. . .A. ’ Bgrmk, June 2.—lt In stated hero that Scrvla refuses to recognize the new Sultan, mi the irround of his Irregular accession to the throne, and declines to pay tribute, two Installments of which are In arrears. THU WISE HEADS. Bismarck will accompany the Emperor to Emfl, where v fresh conference will he Item by repruscntiitlvesuf (lentmny, Außtrlih'und Russia. I'OSTI’ONKO. Constantinople, June 2.—The ceremony of girding tin- new Bultan with theswordof Osman is postponed until next week. TO Tin: TURKISH MINISTBU AT WASHINGTON. Washington, 1). C., June 2.—Tlio Turkish Minister here has received the following dis patch Irom the Turkish Minister of I'orclgn Affairs, dated Constantinople: “The advent to the throne of His Imperial Majesty Murad V. was proclaimed, by the grace of God and the will of the people, amidst most perfect tran quillity. The populations have hailed this Imp uv event with their unanimous and enthusiastic Wishes. All desire to testify to the new sov ereign their sympathy and devotion by further, demonstrations. Thu Joy and satisfaction of the people are shown by Illuminations lu the Capital as well as In the provinces. I shall soon mulct known to your Excellency the programme of the new Government." DENIED. Paths, June 3—5 n. m.—An ofllclal dispatch from Bucharest denies that an offensive and de fensive alliance has been concluded between Itoumania unc Servia against Turkey. Tin: nnuuN note. London, June si—s:3o a. m.—The Paris corre spondent of the Time* suvs It seems now beyond d-mbt that Russia, in accord with other Pow er?, has agreed to postpone the orientation of the Berlin memorandum to the Porte. KOUMANIA AND HIIHVIA. The Tinm' Berlin dispatch declares that the action of Itoumania and Scrvla in relation to their contemplated declaration of Independence will dmihllci s be governed by Russia, who seems willing to recognize Mouradupuu condition that lie abandon the idea of waging war against Scr via and Montenegro. As, however, Mourud s party is bent upon such war, it is expected that Ihe new Sultan will give no binding promises. DALMATIA. It is reported Unit •three British men-of-war ore cruising off the Dalmatian coast to prevent the binding of anna for the insurgents. In the meantime warlike preparations continue. Scrvla has just announced her adhesion to the Geneva Convention relative to treatment of the wounded. LATEST. London, June 3—o a. m.—Tito Ttmttf Berlin correspondent remarks that the policy Russia has pursued In the East during the year has produced an Important result. England huh ranged herself on the opposite side. On Wednesday an English man-of-war■landed nt Dunizzn a cargo of arms for the Turkish 'roops In Albania. A Vienna special of the itoffj/ A«a* says It Is rumored that an alliance of the Western powers in consequence of the Initiative of the British Government Is about to be concluded, and Italy, and probably Austria, will Join It. Prince Wlcde has been Instructed to caution the Servian Government against endangering the peace. ‘ , , ~ London, .Tunc 8-0 a. m.—The 7\mcs’ dis patch from Berlin reports that. Emperor Will iam will go to Kens on the 7th Inst. The same authority states that there Is much indignation In Servia and Montenegro over the report that Great Britain Is supplying the Turks with arms. A dispatch to the Ditihj AV«s from Vienna says It Is announced that the powers, Including Russia, will recognize Monrnd next week. Tim ullldal gazette of Montenegro declares a fresh armistice Impossible, and says the insur rection will now continue in good earnest. THU “KBUINUCKa” AT CONSTANTINOPLE. Cirmpumlenet l.'imliin 'J'ttne*. Pejia, May 13.—Yestenlay was a day of great anxiety at Pera. The little English colony, haunted by the sense of Impending danger, sent a deputation to Her Majesty's Ambassador, Sir Henry Elliot, to inquire wtiat provisions had been taken for the protection of their lives and property. Theanswer was that the Mediterranean Squadron would before long author nt Beslka Buy, outside the Dardanelles, ami, that the Sta llonaire, or despaleh-boat Antelope, would receive the reinforcements of another ves fid of the same description, the Cocka trice. The same precautions have been taken by the representatives of other Powers, who, as 1 told you, are sitting In a permanent Committee, and It has been settled that at any signal given from the roof of the culminant ami prominent Russian Embassy, all the crews of these little men-of-war shall row ashore and lly to our rescue. A kind of rough and-ready International guard is In the mean while being hastily organized, and last even ing we were all clustering before the entrance of the epuduus courtyard of the Russian Consulate In Pcra Main street, where about suu Croats, enrolled by Count Zlchy, the Austrian Ambassador, were assembled, and ap parently quartered for the night. Grim and un couth the men were, and hardly lees forbidding In appearance than the Turks themselves. Their presence, however, there am} In the street, especially about the premises of the Russian Ambassador, who was supposed to run the wau-at UiiiiKcr, ami laul I'erelvwl many ornluon. warnings and threatening letters, had a reus surlng effect, and we have outlived the night, so lar* as I have hitherto heard, without disturbance. A Sofia who had lust bought a revolver In a shop where I happened to he, seeing u Christian, who was higgling with the gunsmith about a similar weapon, addressed him. saying, ** What on earth do yoy ecrlngyes buy pistols fori Mussulmans buy them be cause they are afraid of the Chrlstalos, but you Christians have no reason to fear us. It Is not with you, but with our Government, that we have to settle accounts, and if we rid ourbelve* of the Sultan it will he as well fur you us for us.” bo boldly outspoken has everybody lu Turkey become, nilsgovermnent prompting tvuu the most timid with the reckless ness of despair. It Is questionable, however, whether a new state of tilings arising under the inspires of a mob of Divinity students can really bode any good to the Giaour. An En glinli gentleman and Ids lady, Mr. and Mrs. llooa my Price, were yesterday at Stamboul, visiting Ike six-mlnnreted Mosque of Sultan Achmcd, accompanied by u German Professor, who had been fur some v time employed In un International college at Jerusalem. A Turkish tad. who bad been expelled from that college lor misconduct, recognized his lute instructor, and pointing him out to the by slanders, cried out, “Look there! there l» the nun who wanted to make me a Christian. The words were scarcely spoken when a mob of Boftas and other families pressed upon the Ger man nml Ida English friends, ami It was not without a serious struggle that some police Zap ticks, happening to come up just in lime, were able to rescue the strangers, who were taken to the police-station ami lucre kept, us In the only safe haven, till late at night. A vast and noisy multitude all the lime crowded the adjoining streets, till at last U became possible *.o smuggle the prisoners away by a back-door uid across the bridges, un escort of as many os iwenly Zaptlebs beiug deemed necessary for their safety. Asa result of this occurrence, risks to the mosques ore at pfesent forbidden to Christian visitors, and, Indeed, wo are ree ommeuded not to venture across the bridges without urgent necessity. Nothing hostile, however, appears In the eountcunmcn or beiiav u.n.'ti i I i. 1,. mut IVra or on my long and military r.imhle* about the country. TUB NEW SULTAN. DHp'Ucb to .Vior Y'-Tk JlnitM. Paris, May HI.—I had ft conversation to-day with a well-informed Turkish gentleman who m uhl now Ntnylng In Paris. He rays the new hillan, Murad KlTeiidi, ts not n man of strong character, tint one who possesses fair abilities, 110 is greatly Influenced by his younger hi nt her. Ahmed, whose spirit and c ourage often cowed or nweil tlx; lata Sultan. Murad Hffrndi is fair- ly educated. Ho speaks French. He law keen lined to poverty and mummy In Ids mode of living and expenditures, and will, then-fore, not oppose retrenchment In the outlay of tho nation. The Turkish revolution probably puts nn end to foreign Intervention In tho affairs of tho Em pire for the present. Tim three Powers which lately conferred In Berlin must give Mine to tho new Kalian to Initiate hl.t reforms. Thin: QortschakolT has keen counter-cheeked In Ids diplomatic game by fate, fur the Turkish revolution Is a great blow to Itusalan Influence in the East. Midhat Paelm, the new Grand Vizier, hates Gen. Ignatlclf, the Uu.srian Am- Uassudur at Cuntantinople, and Hahla Pacha is equally opposed to Uiihhlu. Lndyk Pacha, Turkish Ambassador In Paris, had not received the olllela! oimounr-cmeufot his new appointment, os Finance .Minister In Constantinople, lids evening. The holders of Turkish bonds eagerly desire Its arrival. The new Sultan’s chief danger arises from Ids being ft Caliph,—a sovereign suspended between heaven and earth, hut one who cannot perron ally interfere In tho alTulra of either. Ills Im perial Majesty delegates the spiritual power to the Uhclk-ul-islam and the temporal power to tlie Grand Vizier, but he dues not govern him- There will be no permanent good in the Gov ernment system of Turkey until ustrong-wllled, Independent Sultan is found to brink through precedent!* and {actions and personally govern tho country. _ GREAT BRITAIN. WINSLOW. London, Juneß.—ln the ollldal report of Winslow’s remand the words used are: “ Final ly remanded until June 15.” The word “fluid ly ” seems to Indicate that Winslow will be re leased unless the dUlleulty Is settled by that dale. Secretary Fish’s answer to Earl Derby’s last note has not yet. reached London. When Sir William Vernon Hiireourt was asked why he did not bring on his motion In the House of Commons Tuesday night, on which be had given notice, he was understood to say that the Gov ernment did not have the pajiei's ready, and in reply to farther inquiries ho said bn thought the matter would ho patched up, and the United Stales Government get Winslow. FAILURES. 'London, Juno 2.—The failure Is reported of Pueeu Brothers and Ottavinnl Brothers, of Mes sina, with liabilities about $272,000. Ollier small tlrms have also fulled, ami a panic pre vails In Messina. Large failures In Siberia are telegraphed, which will affect Moscow and other points north. THE PIUNCB OF WALKS AT GUILDHALL. Pull J fall GaxtUf. , The Prince and Princess of Wales attended. May 111. the banquet and hall irivcn by the. Lord Mayor and Corporation of London In lathm on Ills Royal Highness’ safe return from India- To tlio dinner about 800 invitations were issued: tboHu asked to the bail numbered 5.000. The decorations on the route to tbe Gulltiludl from tbe West Eud were not numerous: In fact It bad been arranged that this mode of doing honor to the illustrious guests should he but sparingly resorted to, and at tbe Lord Mavor’a request the citizens abstained from Illuminat ing. Tlio streets and windows all along the route were, however, thronged with spectators. The Prince aud Princess were received in the Library, where an address was made by tbe Recorder, to which the Prince made a brief re ply. At dinner the Prince and Princess of Wales were on tbe right and left of flic Lord Mavur, Ills Royal Highness having on ids right the* Lady Mayoress, the Duke of Connaught, the Princess Mary (Duchess of Took). Prince Louis of Battenburg, tbe Duke of Tcek; while outlie left of tbe Princess ol Wales were the Duke of Edinburg, the Duchess of Meclduilmrg- Strelilz, and the Duke of Cambridge. After the banquet, ns usual, the loving cup, am! then tbe toasts, of which there were only live. Thu first was “The Queen,” proposed by the Lord Mayor, and then his Lordship gave the toast of tlio evening, “ The health of ills Koval High ness the Prince W Wales and the Princess of Wales,” which was, of course received with loud and long-continued cheering. His Royal Highness made the following reply: My Lord Mayor, Your Koyal Highnesses, my Lords and gentlemen: 1 am deeply touched by the kind manner In which tlio Lord Mayor has proposed this toast, and by the exceedingly cordial way In which this large and distinguished assemblage has been pleaned to receive It. I have every reason to feel deeply grateful for the kind manner In which the Lord Mayor has alluded to my late long and Interesting journey In India. I need hardly assure him or those who hear me that that Journey was one which for a long lime I had contemplated. It Is one which I have performed with the greatest pleasure and Interest, and one which I shall always look back to with the greatest possible gratification to myself. (Cheers.] My stay In that vast Empire was. unfortunately, too short for mo to have gathered from it all the valua ble Information I should have desired, but at the Borne time, although 1 spent but four months In India, 1 think I traveled about 10,000 mlloß during that time, and visited certainly the most Intercntlng and most remarkable spots in India. [Cheers.] Although, as I have Raid, my imjourn in that country was unfortunately but of Abort duration, 1 know I have gathered much val uable information which I am sure 1 should not have been able to acquire hud I not visited that country. [Cheers.] From the moment I arrived at Bombay In tho Sen-pis, till the day when 1 left it on tho UUh of March. I was received by all classes of tho community, high and low. with the kindest and most hospitable feelings. [Cheers. I I cannot flodlclcntly express my thanks to the native Prince* and the native population for the way in which they received me. it would have beep, perhaps, butnaturollf. being of a different nationality and u different religion from us. they had received mu in a lukewarm manner; but although it Is not iu the Eastern nature to receive European* with that enthusiasm which Is thu custom of our northern clime*. 1 was received with a kindness which left n lasting impression on my mind, and which afforded a sure sign and proof that the Imllau Empire U not dis loyal to the Queen of these realms. (Loud cheer*. 1 At a matter of great interest to such us are fond of travel—and no doubt many of those whom I now address are ho— l can recommend nothing more strongly than that they should pay a visit to India. [Cheers. | Men of all professions will bo gratltlcd —the artist, tho imtnralist, the geographer, the historian, the antiquarian, and last, but not least, tho sportsman. [Loud cheers.) Thu more En glishmen travel in India the more knowledge they will gain of that country—far more than If they had read books on the subject for many u long year, [Cheers. 1 The theme of India Is u large one, and it is not my Intention this evening to trouble you with u long speech on the subject. Indeed, il would bo out of place, utui 1 certainly should not think it right to weary you on this occasion: but 1 am glad of tbe opportunity of mentioning that I hud on many occasion* the great advantage or seeing u good deni of our army and uuvy during my absence from England. Much lias been said by crookers of their want at ctll cluncy; but u« fur us my experience goes—from what 1 have seen Mini (nun tbu observations and re mark* of those who were with mu-I think we may UlUllt" Ul llllinu H 1H» lIH. Hill. INV- • .111111. .. « ..l“; bn satisfied that Hie troops In India and tho shins Hint guard o»r shores nru In every reaped in the highest stale of elllcloncy. (Cheers.) I had Iho opportunity of witnessing a review of IH.OOO men n( Delhi, ami I am not likely auon to forget tho favorable Impm-winn they made noun mu. Such u body of men as the native troops showed themselves to be were worth seeing,-rtliuytwcre most splendid men in every respect; and Urn Ifnellnh troops which gar rison all parts of our Indian Empire are in the highest ellldency. With regard lu the navy. I had tiiu opportunity within four months of seeing four squadrons—tho Indian Squadron, thu Plying Squadron, thu Mediterranean Squadron, and tiiu Channel Squadron. Not being a naval man my self, 1 should not, nerhu|M, make any remarks on this sabjeegns 1 mftdil bu corrected by my brother, who Is u naval man—|u laugh]—but, ns far us 1 amid sec, using thu eyes of a landsman. I mutt say t think ttie First l«urd of the Admiralty may well be proud of the state of the Ituyal Navy. IChccra). My Lord Mayor, I will not trespass on your attention by any further remarks this evening. I cun assure you and ml my countrymen that It was well worth traveling 35.000 miles, nut only to gain the interesting in formation 1 have acquired, but to cumu back to one's home and be received In so kind a manner. [Loud cheers. | before 1 nit down I must also (bank the Lord Mayor for the very kind manner In which ho ha* proposed the heath of tho Princess. After what he lias said, and the kind way In which Iho toast of her health was received. I need not assure you that she is deeply gratified by the kind way in which she has been received fur the bat thirteen years, and Hint she always takes the great est interest iu everything that concerns tho great ness and prosperity of her adopted country. (Loud cheers.) FUANCK. ACADEMICAL HONORS. Paris, June 3 Jean Baptiste Dumas wu yesterday received os a member of the French Academy. OBOROR BAND ILL. uaunuw ...... London, Juuo B—3 a. m.—A correspondent at PurU reports George Sand seriously 111. t IN MBMOUIAU. American residents (u Purls have started a subscription to raise funds for the celebration of Hie Centennial 4th of July, ami for placing a marble slab, with a commemorative Inscription, ou thu tomb of Lu Fayette. OUTLETS VOIt gllßNCli SAVINGS. Paris, May 19.—M. Leroy Beaulieu, lu the Debuts, discusses tho question how French sav ings mu to be Invested now that people are bus- THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SATURDAY. JUNE 3. 1876-TWELVE PAGES. pii'hui« -il ♦ iMii'r up f'li' iL'n hm-'. A‘;jumlng 1 he amount, annually pine -d on the Bourse to o'* a milliard, In* remarks Hint Hie period of great public loans Is past. Tho-fitalo will oply nave to borrow 15(),000,OOOf. n year on hills b»r short forma for tho U'omnO* 'lr fji/nfflntUm. Tho rail* wins may absorbnooiit 800.000,OOOf.; other com patik'fi nmy absorb at tin: out able IMi.W.MJOUf. fur extensions, utnl half a milliard therefore re mains nnnppropriati d. Thin year and next Parts will a<dc for 180,000,000 f.. but it must be borne In mlinl Hint loann for the embellishment of cities ought to be limited, such works adding nothing to the agricultural, manufacturing, or commercial cap icltles of the eounlry. M. ueau lleu recommends t he canalization and deepening of river* as the best outlet for this spare capital, the Slut« giianiDUring not im r: than 0 per cent and granting the i-oiieesslori to Companies, Cham bers of Commerce, or the Department* for twenty or thirty yi ars, with fixed tariffs. Full ing other agencies, the Slate might tUelf under take the work. M. Beaulieu remarks Mini, a ential from the Channel, tin Paris, to the Med iterranean, would not cost, m eordimr to compe tent authorities, more than Gi,000,000f., or no more than tin; contemplated avenue between the Opera and the Theatre* Franmls. lie does not object, to Mils latter, but wUbca for the former us a counterpoise of utility. SPAIN. TROOI* FOR CURA. London, June B.—Thu reinforcement?* for Cuba which sailed from Spain on Wednesday, numbered 700, not 7,000. Till: UA3(Jt;R PROVINCES. Madrid, June B.—Premier Untmvas del Cas tillo lias held a long conference with the Com mittee on the Fneros hill. A complete under standing was established. It Is that modlllcallons will l>c Introduced in the bill pro viding that all Liberals of the Basque Provinces who support Alfonso shall be exempt from con scription. Tho remainder of the population will be liable to military duly tho same us other Spaniards. GEUMANY, DIED. London, June 3—5 a. m.—A Berlin dispatch announces tho death of the Grand Duchess Caroline of Mecklenburg Strelltz. BLACK HILLS. MIMTAUY OUDKR. tf/wdfil JXiptiteh to The. Tribune. Siocx Citv, .June 2.— Maj. Lazelle, command- Input Fort Sully, Dak., authorizes thu publics- tlon of the following telegram: St. Paul. Minn., Jane 2. —To tfie Corn vioiuliiif) OJflffr ni Fori Sully, J). T.: In compliance with Instructions from the General of Uu* Army. Just received from the Lieutenant- General, you are directed (o take such steps as will prevent emigrants from Ruing to the Black Hills over the Plonx l!c«crvotlon, by the Fort Pierre route; and yon are further directed to use the troops at your command to enforce these Instruc tions to the best of their ability. By command of Gen. Terry. Hcoolks, A. A. O. There are now about 150 men and u large quantity of provisions at Fort Pierre en route for the Hills, which, of course, will be turned back by the military. DOUBTS. Omaha, June I.—A telegram from Fort Lara mie to-day says It I? believed there that the re port of the massacre of the Cincinnati party Is false. There has been no such Information re ceived there. ITKES AT BLOOMINGTON’, ILL. Nperlal DUpufih to The Tribunt. Bloomington, 111., Juno 2.—Afire at 3 o’clock this morning destroyed the main part of Mayers Sc MePayre’s t.wo-story frame flouring-mUI on South Main street, Involving u loss of So,ooo. It was insured yesterday for 83,000 in the !• rank- Ilit of Wheeling, ami Empire of Chicago. The mill was built only n few weeks ago at a cost of $7,000. Matches found lying lu the building in dicate incendiarism. AT MEMPHIS, TEN’N. Memphis, Tenn., June 3.—At 3:30 o’clock this morning a fire broke, nut in the third story of Sehiebler Si Co.'s leather more, 203 Main street. All the atoek In the upper portion of the store, valued at 88,000, was destroyed. Insured in the Central for *3,000. Thu goods on the first floor were badly damaged by water, hut Hie loss is fully covered by insurance. The full extent of the damage is uot ascertained. Origin of the fire unknown. AT STIIATHUOY, OXT StuAtkroy, Ont., Juno 3.—Craig & Co.’s foundry, the Catholic Church, and parochial residence, with adjoining dwellings, were burned last evening. Losa, $40,000; insurance light. _ CASUALTIES. MIKI3 M’DONAI/D KIDDED. Special Dt'patrh to The Tribune. Lafaycttk, Ind., June 3.—A train on the Lafayette, Muncle Bloomington Koud, while backing up near Clrclevllle, 0 miles cast of Frankfort, struck a cow, throwing them from the truck, killing Mike McDonald, a laborer, and severely injuring the; foreman, Elijah Can nuu, and the conductor, James Knight. BADLY INJURED. .tyrduf Dispatch to Vie Tribune. Lafayette, Ind., June 3. —This afternoon a young man named Lafayette Tyler attempted to jump from tho forward end of tho caboose car of a freight-train near Buck Creek on the Toledo, Wabash 6i Western Uallroud. He fell under the caboose, and, was seriously Injured. One leg was crushed, and he was Injured In wardly. A FATAL FALL. Special DUpatch to Vie Tribune. Tiibmont, 111., Juno 3.—Frank CaraplKdl, working on a farm In Morion Township, Taze well County, was thrown from a horse aud killed last night. A New York MUor-Millionaire. In front of the 81. Nicholas Hotel he went shambling along, with bis eyes east down, (says u New York eorrc»pomlent of the Bt. Louis UHte-JJemocrat), a dirty briar-wood pine In bis mouth, a ragged coat on his back, an old slouch ed hat on his head, punts sadly the worse for wear, rolled up over dirty brogunK. His whole get-up was strikingly suggestive. “How much would you give for what Is ou that old fellow*” 1 asked my companion. After he bad turned and surveyed him from heat! to foot, the answer came, “ Well, his old clothes might bring $3 at a second-hand shop, but w by do y ou ask that question I” “Because,” I responded, “that old specimen of Immunity Is worth three or four millions, and he usually carries In those old clothes from $35,000 to 840,1 XX) in United States securities.” And such are the facts. This man Is named Connors. Many years ago he lauded In Halifax from Ireland with but sl3 in bis pockety. Strolling along Water street ho saw, In a junk shop, u largo quantity of old brass. An Idea struck him. Could he not make u successful deal In old brass I He entered aud Inquired how much per pound would be accepted for the junk. His next move was In tho direction of the piers on tho river front. He found a vessel about to sail for Boston In ballast, and sought an Interview with the captain, who proved to bn a countryman of his. I* rum him be ascertained tho price of brand In Boston, and after a little calculation they found that they could clear about S4OO by buying out tho junkman. The skipper advanced the money, the brass was transferred to the schooner. They set sail for tiiu Hub, whore they arrived In due time, and selling their cargo cleared $450 by the trans action, which they divided between them. Connors remained In Boston, where he mode a few more lucky speculations of this nature, and then came to lids city. He lived the life of a miser, in a dilapidated tenement-house, cook ing Ids own meals, and having as his only com panion a little dug, with whom he divided his frugal meals. Every speculation he entered Into yielded him gold, and dually, when he hud accumulated about 15,000, he begun to operate In real estate. Ho was remarkable shrewd, and everything be touched seemed to turn into gold os If by magic. All this time Ids wife and children remained In Ireland, and rarely would he condescend to write them, owing to the necessity of purchasing postage-stamps that would be involved. His wealth doubled nearly every year; lots purchased fur u mere song en hanced in value rapidly; and as he proiqmred ho placed much in tenement-houses, that gave handsome profits. Some years ago he purelias cd the Park Hotel, corner of Beckman and Nassau streets. Later the Central Park Hotel was creeled bv him, aud still later the Aslor Place Hotel, lie now owns, It Is said, live or six hotels and other real estate, valued In the aggregate at between $3,000,000 ami $4,000,000. Connors is a miser In every sense of the worn. • A lew yews ago be sent to Ireland and brought ;sl son,l out his e oMih Tarijr "Vii- yoiu-K .suin'' foil;:*! iHHtfcnflyjntit the oM follow «ll«l nut «lv« him nufllrlniit to nny hl« bonnl, und Uin youm* man kit lifm, and its now rinnliiK a real unite In Brooklyn on lil* mm rut omit. During nil thin time 'Connor* can fully minnlod from *iv**ry mil.*, Including lil* son, Ida phce “I c. Non- ut h!< tenants know where to Imd him except on rent day, when he calls promptly to the hour and demands the uttermost farthing. DETKOIT-RIVER TUNNEL. leu. Hnoy Binlth Offer* to IlnlM It, unci Not Ask for I'oy until thr Work I* Com- ptlfftH Frrf Prem. .filers. (Jen. William Hooy Smith, mi hi* way from I Say City to Washington, (topped Id thin city yesterday, und In the afternoon visited Mayor Lewis to whom he eluted In general outline hie proposition to build a tunnel across the liver at this point. In the evening he visited the lion, .fume* F. Joy, anil during the day wm called upon hy several prominent eitl/ena. fit an Interview with a reporter of the Free Per.** flen. Smith .'•aid: “I am no phenomenon as an engineer or rapUalUt, that 1 propose to build u tunnel across. Detroit lUver, hut have spent a lifetime In Just Mich work and am um liilent that the thing can he done.” In reply to the question, “ What is your proposition!” Gen. Smith said, “ I will submit jilmis and specifications for the construction of n tunnel, to he examined by a Board of olirht or leu eminent civil engineer*, anil if it Board decide that my project h nut feasible then the matter will end. If they ray that it ran he ac complished, then I am ready to Begin woik. To show how eonJUenl 1 nm In my plans, I will sign o contract with responsible parties to huihl the tunneN com plete before I auk them to pay me one cent. Thin i will vim all risk of failure and the con sequent los*. Don’t Imagine, however, that 1 have tlie requisite million* to do the work. Oh. nol lam Himply it hard-working, ordinarily well-to-do civil engineer. But lam acquainted with English capitalist* who have conttdeir-e In me, and have commissioned me to Jlnd use for their unemployed fund*.” In speaking of the Board of eminent engi neers to examine and pas* upon hi« plan". Gen. Smith mentioned the names of Gen. Wcitzel aud Gen. Comstock ns persons by whose decis ion* he would lie willing to abide. (Jen. Smith furnished the plans and specifica tions for tin; piers of the Internationa; Bridge at Buffalo, designed and con structed the bridge across the Missouri River at Omaha, assisted in the construction of the Chicago tunnel, and furnished the plans for and constructed the foundation of the Wangle-- chance light-house, Lake Huron, which is con sidered tme of the greatest feat* of engineering on the continent. Gen. Smith resides at May wood, 111., a few miles from Chicago, and at present Is engaged in building life-saving sta tions on Lake Huron. THE WEATHER. Washington, I). C., June IV-1 n. ra.—ln the Upper Lnkn n:«ion rislnif haroim-tcr, cooler, northerly winds, partly cloudy weather. Chicago. .Tune t. Tivtf. j i)nr.[7Ar]//i?.| n. in. !r».T'i; Kt W., jjcntlc,! .11 Cloudy, IlilHfl. n». 2i.7i*( i.n UOIN., frf»ii \ Fair. •i;top. 111. a>.7i» ir,' h., rt-VHli 1 Fair. a:.Vlp. iii.,iai.7»j *Vi, IS K. t frcab \ Fair. lump. in. an.?*' TiCalin 1 Mur. lo:lßp.jn._:jn.77l_nS)_7a Culm m Fair. Maximum tbcrmumotiT. 71. Minimum. 03. CfUoamo. .luiip jl-MMnljrlit. Motions. \ Tht’.f Wind. Wenthu Clmyenne ao.oo, 41 \ K.. uuntl-*..' Cloudy. liUmnrck mim, 41 iN.w., hrlik Cleanly. JlreeklnrHife 'iM.Hy 4r. K.W.. fresh' Cloudy. l)a\cn|iort.... ?.».»» at ;N.W.. fresh ...... C[-.ti. v. Denver 'ao.n' sa N.E..p-rine' .07 Cloudy. Duluth ai.ntj. U N. K.. fresh ...... C umly. Kt. (iti/wn... ai.7it 7:1 W,, fresh.. 1 1. or. Cloudy. Keokuk V».7H fW |N., fresh...’ Cloudy. I.Mjro.'M- ?,(.«! .V* ,V».. fresh..., C far. Loaveuworth 20.K* tw Calm I Clear Milwaukee... a«.7f> m s., 11K1it...., Cloudy. Omaha an.u* w K. W.,fresh- Clear. Finite 4'.' N. W.,fresh Fair. Salt Lake atuni 1 f**l Calm Clear. Fort 5u11y.... :bmm. ■»;« S. w..i>ti»k cioudy. Vnnkcm ao.o:ii -is :N. tv.. brisk Clear. ARIZONA INDIANS. San Fiuncihco, Cal., .In no 2.—A dispatch from San Diego say several hands of Chirlcahun Indians in Arizona refuse to ho moved to the San Carlos Ileservntlou, and Intend armed re sistance. Ten companies of cavalry are in the lleld, besides arnica Indian scouts, and are to lie brought Into action In case of einorucucy. EIOKNHS AA‘l> CAItUIA<;i:s« Auction -Tuesdays. tuuushayb. and Batiinlay*—Hm-m**. rarrlncen. mid harness a rpc clalty, ut WESTON A CO.'S. Nuk. UKS and UH hast Wasfunctcin-ftt. Ample time plvcn t«< lost rdl hor-es sold under a warrantee. Stock on bond at private sale. T?OU SALK-LKATHI.H TOIMIUGGV-fcsi. WILL r trade for coni, luu Went Mourne-st. I /OU SALK—TWO GOOD HUHINESS OU FAMM.V 1 horses. weltriilm; nearly !!.■«•*, rt and 7 yearn of m.v, warranted sound ami kind; a trial of three itnjm nlvrn: aold for no fault, only owner Inn no further ust* for them. Apply utdtnt:»t(>ic ,Vi-j_Walmilfav._ FOU _ RALE—A FINK - M AUK AM) GOOD STKI’i'EU fur aalo cheap, at Deisms it Whiteside's livery stable, on fllierman-sl. Jackson and Van Iluruu-sts. KOUSK WANTED Kill* 4 Oil 5 WEF.KB. WILL buy If cheap. Apply at 333 West Uandolpti-st. I - AM SELLING THK HKST 1SOAI)"A~ND FAMILY butfcliH In Chle-aim elicap for eu-th; nbo several pood second-hand bniretes and earrlm.-vs. I-;, C. lIA)DE, Huremor to llayde A O’llrleu, 731 and 733 Stalest. MAUTIS’S 18 TIIK ItKST AND CHEATEsT SHOP In town to send your rarrla-'es. and wivj oils for painting and reimlrlntf. Tires set from wo to TSe. Flist*elioM work nt MAUTIN’S CAUUIAGE shop, 47 Wclls-M. All onlcra by mall promptly at tended to. _ WANTED— PAID UOADSTEU HOUSES.' "WILL pay rash; must be i beap. Call to-day at 141 West MidlHoti-tt.. hutcl np-stair*. VIfANTED—A SPAN OK'g'god. YOUNG. SOUND » horaea in exchange for a new custom-made phae ton tup hiiKCV or two-seated sleigh. Ueansa: r tale-sl. rr'inf} WOUK'IIOUSKS FOU kalkT A mu mui.fT t HI btuidi high; one horse for flu. one for Sim, one forts'. Call 10-iluvs 1 bate no work fur them. 73U WfJlMadUuu. Also a good cattle street dog. OAn ACICKB GOOD HOUSE UASTUDE' IN LAKK Owl/ View, I mile of city (Hulls, corner of ilelnumt uud Unelne-nvs.. Wofamllu west uf Urueelnml road, by .1 tillN I.AOKMAN. UOVSEIIOLU CiOODN. I,'EAIIFOL SACRIFICE. X 4 FItICES ON FAIILOii AND CHAMUUU SUITS CUT DOWN BELOW COST »'K MANUKACTUIIIi NO UKASONAIU.E OFFEU UKFUSEU. FAULOK SUITS, 7 I’IECES. tr.. f.v.. f7.’. »im. f i.v\ WOUTH DOUIILK THE MONEY. CIIAMIIKU nUITS, 3 FIECKB, 833, fIA. SKA. 873. BIOU, 1133. WK WILL SELL CHEATED THAN TIIK SAME DUALITY GOODS CAN UK BOLD KI.SKWUEUE. K. T. MAUTIS, 134 BTATE-ST. 7Vt'lt WOVEN WIUK MATTUEBSEB aVd'I’EEIU W lit'i Cabinet lied* are the Inxl In the market. Ark for them. WHITTLESEY A i'KTEKS, 131 Modl»ou-9U OUH 53 IKON HEUBTEADS AUi: ACRNOWLEIKI oiI by lin.ioi liouseheeivn to la- the eh-ane.-t In toe. Demand dully Inereasltik*. CHICAGO I H4>N MED srUAD Co., 4U Mclls st. All orders hy mall promptly attended to. SEW INC MACHINES* 17LK0ANT MeWl SO-MACH INKS AT AN IM J’.* meiue rviliiclJunj procl-ely the name u the Cum p.uilon wit; haiu nil lull liiij ruvfini'iiU; tlnt-ehu* In every wuyt wuinuinal d your*; tiiekmarker. mlllur, and nil utlAi-lmic-iitK will) t’lii-li niiiehliie. Hauer, c-*."►; re tail, (M). Wheeler & Wll»on. «.* *»>: retail, fHi; Howe, #X,; reliill, #7*i. Weed. or .l.ina. or Wlllcuv A Ollum, J;«5 retail. <7.7. Hnme.nlc. relnll. *7-'i. hinder niiUiufiu-lurlnK. fit-'.: letall, It a;. Cloud wroiiil-liuiul innehlnea, suTto *3O em-h. TIIOS. 11. M Aid IN, -'*) WnliWlfMV. _ _ IMIbsTCLASS BKWINU MACIVINKs FOR BALK X* payable In aewliiß done ui borne. IUA I>. OUbS jtCO., J\ J Rim Mwillwin-nt. lIOOKN. t rcticT kxui.orations, a vols./hr. rank. A jj.iu. Wel«ter’» Dictionary. irJ tu #7. (ilLUmi Rome. B veil*., ft. Alltuu’a Kiuviie. 4 vul*.. ?4. in, ■ dm voU. qcw ami old book* at MILLKR’S, U r J Modi tun-kt- __ iynmniKsonK amkiuca.” «ni klktcrkr'si 1 HevuUuiiut lllble, eli-diuilly lllidtrntiil, f7.M». coat f.’l; elcK'iini Catholic lllble, *O. \olmiaa food law-l<ooka al half-price. OILRLRT. ISJ Uuah* fnKtun-kU o/t KOlfTlI fI.ARK-ST., UKTWI'.KS «3U uml Lake—Llbrarlea buuulit, sold.and esrltamfnl. |5 paid for Welwler'k IHetlotnu lea. A. T. fIIARIN. i:u IJ CAT to X AI.. UOMK"—MISSKS I’OUTKII A CIIAMI*- I'jNKV'S Family SaltiKtl loryuumt ladle* undeldl dam. Uadley. Cuuaty. yiiikd. WEST RNII INSTITC’IK. I'AUII.Y SCHOOL FOR yonucUdiea. Mrs. S. 1.. CADY, Frlucipal. Sew Haven, Cunu. smd fur circular. .. /w ai 'to is a bafk rcsisiiss. ifII.UUU Addrcaa. atatlnit full |>urUculan, <4 1-0. ITHiune utdee. INSTIII'iTIO.N. AYOHSU MAS WISUKS TO RK ISBTIHTTKD In the prlm-lpleaiif. buokkcepliiK by one tburoiidbly acnualuted with It i.rßctlenlly. Addrcaa, aiutlinfterma. rcklduueu etc., tu F K»«. i ribune ollice. Ts'bXl'tRILNCbH ’1 KACIIKIL CiRAHL’ATK OF A Frlnccton Collide, will enuarfu fur eomlnj; year. J I* C. Ibu 53Q. Hutnford. t'nl.ll- IMRINfiXAi.. IJBRSONAL-MISS FRANCKS UI’SCO OK TWEs' X ly-auuuud-at., coll fur u Utter lu ibo i’ust OiUuo fui you. P‘ FU3ONAL-~WII.L LADY TAKISO GKNTI.KM AN Injdald aulU Wedaewlay aiternuun, fur Sir. Will* tend addreu to W C 3. Tribune oiilce. lUFiyKAI MRS?. C. THOMAS. M. l».. S(W SOUTH RALSTKH •I., cure* all female dUeoaca; ai>edal alte.utlmi paid tu confUtctucuUi paikuu can übialu ruuuia uud ItealmcuU rsrv iu:al i:mtatk l/nit Vai'k-ou' I’Aitr k.icMAnor:-; w 7~wkst Jr A<lnm* «i..p'oilh'ini'*, r/j, a?. «ih! v> Lunitlejr nr.. (?rft«tbftnjiln3. :ir«Tlilrty-f.r*t-H,. for lo'*- !»n4C<itta«<*Orov<>-av.. fur lot*. LKVI ft r,? p<arborn-*t. I'OH hAKK-ViUKAT iHSiu:;a:. -A . r r llirrl-’Jii-f i crrii’r '-rt>. '-titi H't"* I'.tJ. Isedae part *rcc«, nt talf-prl'*. v» K. WF.HR. uw Heart, l7oK~'Ai>>CKSfltAli* IH^lS^s’TmV/I'KKTV, fin. n* Dcurliorn-ft., H<,om 5. __ L'ol t sAI. K— W AIIA PH - A V.. 'tcXIM. r : fVi n« r !*•«» I,»ii'•‘■'t. A»fu.- r;flce._ RdAlAb WAHHKN. nr»_Jf SIJDI'H DAN HCAIi ESTATE. T.'Olt A WEft TF.KN "iTl’UIN'i.-*. ON KASV J 4 monthly payment* to aulU •J-itory fio"se» nml •*'• fool lot* at --*),'«A ami Sl.avn mnr M.lnrt>l» atul d*i,oti *tc.. all compile. ready to in;.ve in to: Jo-cail train ncrnlai.' and cvpuliitf. r- IIILL. 4 Lak'-cliJa linlhiln/. _ _ iroitHALK-n-'i WILL IlfV A KEAKI It LL LOV, r mi- ul..< k fr-.m 'l I-’. l.iL-iaiiyo: only 7 mil*;- trout rlly t #l!> rlmvti m-..! t..r»;.;»ilf! rlicapcM proper; ly In market unit ».ov.i, t:: m fact free; riMrcr train alrta lyon. IUA, Hy Laiiolle-it..lSo»)in 4. I’OU hai.e-i.6th AMI ACUKS AU.'OlMNfi >IOUT I 4 culver's n'l'ini-n t« (*l >!<■f.-r«v»jj<tracrc. ILA JIIIOWS. HU I.ahPllo*»t. t lu.'.tn 4. t.’OUHALF.—AT F.VASSTOK—IIIiIIWITII'MOii- I 4 (.rn Improvement*. L- ■; * 1-. any v:»rt of the ylllapi’ lito-U" or mn * at Snrlh Kv»u,ton. Ilf.Mil M. Kill* lit.ll. I’Oil «AI.K-JN UAVKSSWOOI) AM» VUIMTV I 4 r-at ami »uh«tn:;i!'! ilwoillm.* ami i* r'l lot* on ea*y t.-rtna; Ijoum*mo rent: I ike waicr; 7« i-m»; fr-ouent lialr.«. A.UKSN’KTT, Audit. KOiUlii-asti.ortierMonroe and M«rk<T’«U. n.iu •*■ .■**.,**« * __ i;OUbALIi-Ol*. KENT—A NICE IIOIJ-I. ANj.\(lT- Jt insi-ln Kru’lcwoii'li (irst-i'lsv n»lim)>'iini(<»ti mo.r ,I,AUo. vetv Hue reiHi' la South EtuiisVon. TIEI.tiTHO?.’ nidlH., 03 Wsstilii?tun-»t. ruin' hm.f.-sh'i will'iutv tmovr. 'lot p; I 4 (ilemroc. -'.xlTo. or In Evanston. U-'.xm; f•" and ?•' tri'itiililv. Free fare to »<’<• property. MOillos CPI.VKII, ma UttniJoljilwl., Uoutn 4, _ 1701; HAUS-fS « CAM! WILE UUY*a«iot»i* LOTS I 4 (..(imeri near rlty. r.-nrth title clrnr nml ah •t m:t to date. MOlifON CULVEIk U»l Kamlolpli-sl.. Kootn 4. __ |?OU HALF—OiI KXf’M \NCiE-CIJKAF. VAUTAjjI.h L i nnUy at UiirliU:.i! Park, nine room*. Imck cellar. <■vcH.rlsti.rn. Inlf nir- l-.t A«l''!r-<» O ni.Tfl>"Ki'- oiac' 1 . COI.'HTKY Ui'AL ESTATE IMi: SAIJI-KAKM.H. FAISMS, FAPMn. "M AS I 4 Mti r nil tlriv wtuhlng to improved farm? >r farm Ihii'P In llllnnf*. "> m»Uc firm* nml farm .nidi u siktliili v. nn-ltinv'-ii ennt vnrMv. hutli litru*; tad small futnir. to sell very fow an*, I ,. I^VV-u- 1 imvin-iU. Writ-tH for p.trili:ulJT(i. OlillFl., « I.KW • Is: Knoinll Mi.J ir 111.,- U. r'ol*. tjALK-AT A OK EAT PAiiOAIN. mo ACKKS r of rood fiirmlnt; Int.'l In Ni--vt»n County, Iml.. ni-sr Momcnoi-! only if) miles frotnChlca«o; panly uri* ijer f. nro anil In ciilthiUlou. ItupdPi of I. (.. WILL IAMS. llti l,aSal|p-st.. h-urment. lUJAI. ESTATE WANTED, \ v AWki»--ui:sTnkss writ w:;« wouth t *wo \> or mure, on Mllwauket-av.. West MiuJlsor. or Wc«t l.nkc-h*-. Will civ farm or stork of cluthtuß. .1. w. UKOENIIKIiQ. ohMa-IO m-M.. lloom FINANCIAL! \ V)VA;Ti:i;s^lAf»Trfj*N'ViVmoNHS. WIVtcMIES. AhoiuK <•(«■..nt LAL-NDRUS- private otllej;. 12 • Kmi-. dulph-il.. in-Ur Umk^ lloornsou«lii._K^hlKh.;tn*"-L L~OANf*—■ OS CULLAI EKAI.S. iIKAL I.hTATE. OK othnr«--nirlU- «. LIVINGSTON it CO., Koum l*N ini nii'i t:i‘i L«ejiii;-rtt._ _ Money to loan on lono oi: shout time. In »iim« l" Mill eust'iiners at R.n, and I" per rent, ncrurdhur t«> l*r nature of ■ectirlty, VAN H. UlU* GINS. Kuom i j Tribune Hulldltur. A>ONKV>o'LruN 'jN Sinrs'oP F.vo'n AM) UP ill wnr«K upon li(ij»r».vc-.l tlly property, * per cehl, LVMAN A .JACKSON. U 3 INitlliinrtJil" -k. n T ONLY TO LOAN—LAKOF. O’! VM ALL AMOUNTS* ill un clilnnto reel wtuto ct cum-nt rule*. U. U. {JLOVEK. n 7 I»rnrlHini*ft. WONKY To I.OAN-ONT.oSO Oil SHOUT TIME: luw rat';*ou «oud lucarlty. LI.VI WING A CO.. .'.7 _ . Wonky-Vo loan-on Chicago kkal e c t>tk. lM or on farm* In IlUnol*. near Clik-ano. OKO. W. NEWCOMH. 771 Went MnUUoti-id. WfANTED-Pfio’FOU :i VEAKs/ON GOOD OUT \I hMu iTupcrty. clear, worth f, title perfect, nb*trivet to .hue. Audn-Bt T rlt-uni- otllrc. ___ "onf.Y~fo~l!Tnm7-i nTems~io snf. of ?i.oo or more. imeltrur farm impurty. at h. l*. or V) nor ci-nt InUTift. to M'cuiKy. .1. W. HEU ENDEKCL Madlmm-Bt.. EooinK rro I.OAN-PMMi<rAT R CENT, f J.h"» AT n I in-rrmt. gl.un. ti,nu<, and la.iount in pur cent, n. C. MOUEV. PoCUrk-81. ri’O LOAN-MONEY IN ANY AMOUNT. AT LOW L rate; will also make farm ami lullJln,; 10-ui.-*. \\. K. WKIHL ion Drarhom-M. \\T ANTED—FKO>I JVnri to I ?7."*' WOUTH OP >f lurnhrr and manufactured mill wort In rjrhtnci. forunt-liHlf cash ami one-hutf «<iuiry In well-rented South Side property. AildiCMOin, Tribune ottlce._ olio and u» nii: cent money in hand to O loan: low commbMons. .JOHN C. LONG. 7U Ea»t Wwdihmton-st. U I’KU CENT LOANS l)N CHOICE IMiOIM.KTY IN O fcumiuf ?.*..OUior over; smaller amuimlH «i it per rantOilnil.iEAiiji'l.Tritrfui!. .Jl. T. O AND f PKU CENT—MONEY to’LOAN IN STMS O of SVt.m'aml upward* on C.>ok f'ountv property. U. W. HYMAN. Ju., 4 CO.. 11. lAj Lii'-all.; .;. f”, ■'no-rtki. to Loan on ciiicAtio ♦JJtOt MJ or Park prupiTiy. TL'UNEK A I’.OND, I*'J \VuMilns:ton-et. _ ur»*' / \fiA AND OTHEIi «’JMs' TO SUIT TO Joan ont’liyprortrty nt current rale*. A;uni;i; h iionil_h« wusUtiution-Bi. AT b'PEU CESUW.IJ VEAItf. ).I M M I wanted un iln« ly-lini>i«vi-1 nnrt i> -e>i| Ini hi:-lnn.f rrurmy In Keokuk. lowa, worth Sls.tnjn. title |i>-rh ‘ K alwtra,-t an.Mn-nranou fnrnMod. AO", *.M»»ipuh! up nock In VlrplnUToliun-oMoilwnt Keo kuk, lowu. for talc. To purchaser. If r -.■laelh-al !••• Imn-oor Ko-kI h'l-lii’w* innn. « nininilon plven. Au drewS. I’. Q. IlpK*U>. Keokuk. lowa. | 11. ■ IVenlht KOARDI.VI AND I.ODCC.M. Month Side* rr/s VAN ItUHEN-ST.. NFAU STATE—DOAUD i D for Indies and kcntlemcu 84 to fo per neck, with use of piano. in FHANKLIN-BT. GOOD DOOMS Mil 111 IneiVil. ?4.W per week. with use uf halh-root day l*oard #3.30 per week. Great Lantern House. on/V HTATE-ST. - I'LKASANT DOOMS ‘WITH oUU l>oard. at trmn 54 to 83 per week. \firmiJAK-avTnkau tVrT«Ti:KNTii-sT.-«E.v iH tiernon can Iw accommodated with Hrswla‘.t board mid pleu«ont rooms fur f.'i per week. Adam* sWj, Tribune iilllcu. _ West Side. OQ ASHLAND-AY., NKAII COUSEU MONUoK-ST. s/OViey uiirai'tlveaeiujimiio.lalliin* foi mart led e.ui pie or two yuuuggcnU: all modern eotnforts; terms reason aide. __ _ i)YIQ Vvksr LAKK-ST.—COMFOUTAHLF. DOOM* with board at »3 per week: without board oiilyß2j»erwetfk._imn_X DAVIS, pioprletiu. WEST MONUoK-ST.—TO KENT. WITH llrsDelass board, two pleasant furnished rooms suitable fur gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; termr rca.sonul.le*. . OOQ WKBT ADAMS-ST. —FRONT SUITE ( 000 room/, <> llh or without hoard; private family. r\~ NORTH CL AUK-ST. —NICE DOOMS WITI ijj koixl board at reasonohle rated. Call and »ee._ 17sT SOUTH'CLAUK-sr. (HE FOREST HOUSE)- \i£ Now i>]K‘n. Hoard 513 to 113 per wcekfurovt slrule. SO to 5.-. 4 GENTLEMAN WITH WIFE. OU TWO UNMAI A rledKenGi-inen, canoMaln l-oardfur tbe slimmer one of llienii.ri desirable residences In the vlelntty i (Titeiipo: roum*. One jjrouml*, ami ouud uar I’rleea renaunithle. Address 'I. On, Trllmne oillee. I'i*“MILES FUOM CITY. OS LAKH SllOliK-GEN- I O tleinen hoiit.lers wanted: 40minutes rldeljy N.W. U. U. Fur further parilculsf* at dress C. A. uI.AKE, Wlmii lkn. 111. IIOAKD WA.MDD, TjGAHn-AND DOOM Foil ,’HUEE, HKTWEEN I > Tiilrcvseeund nml Tlilriyseventh-Ms.. south side, where them's few boarder* preferred. AndressZ 10. Trllmne oillee. TO EXCIEAMiii: i'XcnASOK-sKVKRAi. i*i.ak- Pj tHtlutiM fi»r marl CldeAttu mid subnrlMii cjnUli.. JAS. 11. OOt IRMAS’ A CO., drt \\u»ldiiKlon-»t. f |'(j I'M II \MiK-OOOH UNINC.TMIIKRKH M U 1 urban lot* fur •» jiluiiu-torie. lUAIIHUUN, 143 LaSalle-*!.. RoUlll-1. f|t(> KXCiIASUI'—^oO.UUi IS TOWNSIIIT RUSHS I lasue.l l.y one el Hie best eomiiiiw of a Me-:, rn Blntu lur ury duotU, boot* and klim - *. or oilier p< raoiial pruiwrty. .\nd»« o» JANUARY, fi’i* i-;\x , ViANUKMj(nit)’iVsiNl:iAiiii:i;i:n suiiirit -1 ban lota In any of my addition* lor a d“od park phaeton. IRA lIIiUWS. i u 1..i.u1U-il.. R«*d.»4-__ _ rpo KXCHANr.K-‘i CASH. UAI-AM h U-AI. ts I lute-A idee little lianlwitre and Mote biuluee* m \\til MmiUou-M.; Addrcf.-t.jH. tribune u.lli e r'lkl KXCJIANOR-aiOICK -VACRK RI.oCK SKA] 1 eliy mid Hue detail. for muni ry property ur W cal ern land. b. C. WARK, HI HiudiliiKtoii-fl. riV) KXCHASHK -STOCK OF liIJOCKIUKS IS T J. illy. #3,lid; cutmiry *lute. biilldlUK. with stock ilruua and (trorerlea, #>.' M ant if ""I elly pro per J. W* HtHKNRKRiI, no Miidlkoii-M., Room 4. WANTKH-TO KXCIIANtiK—JKWKLRY OR S \crwiuefot ladle*, it trunk. aeroud-hiutil. or clotmiu jewelry for imard In » private fmnlly. Addi W lit. Tribune olllce. ll r vSTKh-ro KXi’llANilK—l'.tyi'lTY IN S<)Ul'li \> Bide. liuiKC, will-rvitlcd. for brlcka. Addrca* W ;u*. Tribune olllee. _ . _ I.OS F ANU FHUMb I OST-OSK IIUSimKH HOLLARS IS MoSKY, i* uolnd imni Miudainoii. near Madl'cm, iu 'J7U boat MttdUm-at. Return u> latter number and re ward will be paid. J. moltsr, I osr-os a MAHISOS-sT. caji/or on asn-htT 1* Iwtweeii Matllioaun l Wiwblimlou. on, \S nim »day ovtiliiK, a brown oailu fan. with »tcel chain atiaehvd. The tinder -vlll emifer a favor by leavlnK “t uincc uf MtAH & COB. I .Vi LaSullo-kt L ri'AKEK Ul'-JCSE 1-bSK HAY HOUSK. THK 1 owner can bate It by provlm: property and pajluif chorKca, ul «•'.*>» Weal lUndolph at. __ _ ri'AKES Ul'-A U4V>lAl;Bl 1 hind feel, atwr on furchoad. M. LOAbJOi, Liiao View. Aldim-»t. _ ¥ \IVOIICFS I FO A1.1.Y AND ijFIKTLV OUTAINK l)*\oV InvuiuidiioiUiy'. * l F:i 1 1 t *i° i<r<*>u ffe A.blanJ llloek. Cblea«i iViVORCKS dCIbILV OIIfAISKH FOR INCOM* 1) patlMllty. etc.; Utfal etervwhere; altldavlu aul.H tleiil Mm-f; irealdeuee iminaturlal; tec after dee roe. R. sj. M.VRVVS, Reiuui 5, Chku*o, 111. nooulcrdprin, Clerk*, fir. TT r ANTED-A COMMISSION HOUSE DOING A *» rratn met Ivlnir and option b i«lm-«« want n good bookkeeper. Must bnve nn<iue«H-iu.iL|e referenre* In fi-Hsr-l to trlenrlly sii'i ability. Addp;-.*. Unlink antnry, Ur., nun, Tribune office. WASTI-O -AS'INTEI.Ut.i NT >V n|- MOOD >V rv'dn to work In 0111-'.n: mint lnnMi nm-tr-cp ip.• p-?<Tivi' <•, 1.n.1 not be afraid of v. 0,1 ... Ad !r •?« 1t%7. tribune oillee, _____ _ ITAt.I- o: \xrAKTi;n*.\ jp’trher atam wejtnoutu-av. » Apply <i - i.. -i day*. AV’antedAi:i;iAoi:-TiMMMi:r.; ‘dm; who > » chii fun.Hj m.iriiinu preferred. Hear t'ij State-u_ wanted-a firm -class - t'fAimiAok pain »V ter; Mt-a Jy eni{ loyincnu JOHN RUNIZ, Dubo Coachmen, Tfamiiers, etr. WASTED-A MA‘<” TO TAKE CARE OF imRST.? >1 and woik in :;nr 1.-u, Address O 70. Tribune olllce. \t "ANTED IIAII.IiO.Mi LAUGHERS FOR >» lown; free fan •. uftv-n f; a man to goto tin* work wlUi them. It- F. CTII.I&TIAN, HI Soutli Water-u. WASTED— V) IIAII.KOAI) MI.N FOR ILLINOIS; free i.r-rs i'if .mi i ir. ?>:»■;.tom- uimrynicn. ANDREW O, IHNGACO. 17 North Clark-»t. WANTED— S'*) RAIIiUOAD I.AIinEK.KS FOR TUB c. (I w. It. i;.. i<«i r.r a.- iilin.d.r.mtral. ;*t forlbn Chlcaco fc Dork Dlarnl U. 15.. Mninatryineo. mid a man and wife tor fai I i< - fate, al £< Weal J{ando!ph-»t. ■!. 11. tMM'.RDKi.’K A CO. TTrANTED-ANY PERSON CAN MAKE f.wi A >7 nioMli our loiter copying Im-oW; nnymic that hn« n letter to write will buy it: no pr«'« or water lived: *i:nd for clmilwr free. E.vt 1.1.010 K CO., 17 Tribune Hull llmr. CblraßO, 111. WrASTKD-A FINANCIAL MASADMI. WITH A >» capital of ti:.'.»o t<>, conduct n inanula.-tiiilng i-rtablDbrnenl. Addre*iV Tt», Tribune o:lkf. run Ink \vbcr« an Interview may lie bad. WASTED— MEN. If'PA~VS To fl<' DAILY ■'dllntt perfume elidU, trla*« eutn r«. etinmmv, : l.Mcunphe. and Jowelry. AMERICAN NOVELTY i,o . ti:i llart Madlatm-M.. Romo r>. T\ ’ ASTKIF-CANVASHCKS AND STREITr’sALEH >\ men to mil CcnUumUl mmdtko,. eiirmti;-, pbotosrJpba. elf. I bnve In «.|oek all of tint eanvaaveta' irood" out, and all looking fora I iMi- ti'i-im:** will find Hie b"*t by failing on or ud di. -ln.r(J, M. LI SI NOTON, 4o<V47.Hek.omslJ lilm,n> AirANTED—SALPISMEN—PER WEEK MADE >1 by rullcliori’ wlio porflmif llcenae w (’> to yin pep Look, mid l«oo' advert Mrgreirlatcra oinkr pafenU 1 control l«r bott-M'i Olilo, Indiana, llllnol*. TS De »b* Mu. Mlf-onrl. and Nkbiwkn. JAMES T. HAIR, lioom Irt.ktDeoibori.-M. _ \\, r AN IKD-DY A DOS ION ROOT AND FIIUE vV an >:»i '■rb-m ed •alesman with n well t-r* uMMictl trade In Soitlo-rii WR.onsln ami Minnesota, am) one l'-f MDa-jurl. No'." oth.-is m-nl nnstvef. Atl* dniv Incontinence. I'.vrjKt. llostor. ila»*. WANTED-MEN: WK W’ANTTOOIVK.VUJOTRIAL >V pnck-nres. worth £1 h. to ‘.hxmiu-ii whowlMito cnpaife permanently In tin* h.;*t %Jiik business In tins Unll"d states. V.’e rnaf.ii.ti— IDe tii'-u f7"per week ilurlnp tlio year. •Andress i:.\ Yfc CO.. Chicago. 111. urANTt.H-Flil!"ST. LOITh. IMMEDIATELY, >\ general mummer for bn*!n"**. «I.V» null Room >•'l ExUriiiee ..building. corner Washington and Clark-*!*. _ __ _____ \\'ANTED-TO M TO W’AL* >\ tonTntde Agency, ni Eaat W'*t,. Chlc.i. C i, JU.. ami pd 1.4111111" of Hi" i">! >• limp ..rile!" in the Western market. Aiciil* wml ml every vhurc. per il iy made enally. Send stamp foi <li;mtl|.Uv" tin nl >r. \\ r ANTED—AGENTth F»m"'A MAGNI'I ICENT «V work of hleh character. New. novel. Mill at tractive. It will bring largo return* al oik". A. C. HDW’K. Cleveland. O. al .'£7 W«»t Washlngton-H. _ TI r A\TEU-A COMPETENT OHM. TO* DO OKS- V> ernl homework. Ajij'ly. ivefore a o’clock tsj-day, at 77h West Monroe.n., near Robey. A\f'ANi i;d-o"cim:o jk. waxiik::. fftosKi: is » itinall fftinlly; v.ncc.. Aw ly at 170 U Prairie* av., ctirncr ofJl'hlMy-H-vei.ih-! I. \\fAVIT.U—A OOOD 01111. TO DO KITCHEN V> woik. al IM Kjun-av. WANTKD-OIHI. TO DO OKSKRAL HDC-jH work, al dm M Mte*ru,l.enveen L.vsnlic ami UclD. \I’ANTKD-A*!Of»D IJRKAT) AND PASTRV (TMiK >V f«r nohnrhHii hotel. Prote-tanl. Call at sI.OAN PROS. A: t 0., wi A'UiiiS-*!.. ul d o’clock till •jiftcrimon. \\ i ANTI; 1 ~>VtTsf ATO cooi:. WASH, and > > iron. In a f*:nllv in m‘lc> In the country. Aj»i<ly nt Rooni :.. Dearl-orn-it. __ ___ tir AST K! i—(! Kl SMA S. I-.N01.141. OH > » eirl for pennul hoiiM'u ork In family of four. An* jily Ittimcllaft-Iy at ni 1 Imllana av.. moir Ktpht"cnih-«K Tiranti;d-at iim: isdiaa -av.. a oihl to >» mxik. whali, and Hon. ■\\f ANTED—A OIHL T»» 1)0 OKSHHAIT IlOl'SH* \> work In a small!l>; nmtl be a t'und lr»m r. Awdyai m-IMleliK'itn-nv. T\rANTKD-A GIRL ID DU lIbUSKWDRK IS A > f rinall family. 21b Souih Chirk-el., lurt-ar on Jack* spnmstrcHsc*;. HrAKTED-RANIiS OS LADIES UNDERWEAR >» and to take tlmli pay lu iird-d.v- .•.•ulns ma chines. IRA D. OWLNjIk CD.. 212 E i l_M jillsoii-sl. \\rANTHD—A OIRL TO ATTEND TO CHILDREN \\ do second-work and sewing. Apply at 421 so phla-st. nilMM'llnnrou*, rANTKIt—AT M. BOOTH OANAL-PT.. SECOND \ I fljur. 4uhlmk-ry ;MrU; btu.uK employment. . Tomim.ktk show at a n aiioain-cost j'V iilxiil nil new, tmlv n (c.y wi’di In ti*n; ready for hall e\hiidil.»n<. enm-Hlu r of two -lb- him: vli'U apparatus.'* and Wonder Camera attachment; can iliow lißlti pictures, sceneries. coiii'-l*. and all kind* of fir*works, etc., on ortlrnUKh a serei nof i»«xlfi feet to dlium-ter, or over ttki wnar.; feel; will (Mve Irv'truetlons If v.-mited: It will he sold f'-r JiMf price. AiMifvsi;. F. TIIKDK, AU-du. .MenerC.i..JMl. *" FUIsTMJLaW DININO-ilouM Full BALK IN A tlie li.arf of the i;ltv; will Rive n Rood man a Rood trade, mid will take part real ulutc. S. w. lltl.L, ITT l.aSal!<“bi.. llooin 1. "Tn A No. t HOT FI. MANAOEL WITH A <’AS capital ran purchase on Interest In one of the he loen’ed ami paylm; hold.- In Chicago by i.ddre.alm: in. Tribune ottlee. FOL BALK—SAI.OoN AND KESTAFLANT f uuod location. itolncpuod buslmos. Will sell c ne. tut- cu*h. Imtulrcaiß-vT t lark-at,, at Bfo' ery. I“>OU SAI.K—STOCIv OF 'dlSY”uod'ds. DOiil; I 4 fhoer. and krocerle*. Invi tee hlkiiH foiij li' hiimlred. Suite le.rt year thlttj-the t hou.‘and. He low. Stock muni) new. Will tiHeonm any oti'tihtli stoek. Nu eharice for ftrlclit and earlakc. AOtlrv 11. I*. ItOl’KlNs. Ilradfonl, Stark Co.. 111. iNorlh SlilUi Country UIVOIICRSi wa .vr a-; .5-’. r ~ K Trader* i;iii|tlu)im!iii Agencißki .TllArellniieotiN, WAxn:ii-rK.iiAi.i’ Domestic*. TANTKD—A SERVANT GIRL TO Do GENERAL \ housework. H"«t of reftrenn*-rei|iilred. Ai|dy \f ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL Imuicwork In a small tamllyat N<i. *k) North Ln illc-st.. second thror. _____ IHIK3NESS 081.-INHES, I/UK SALK—A WELL LSTAHUSHKD FLUMIUSO- I 4 business on Orove-av. Addru‘* U l.lli »V t; 11AIU, ITinnbera, corner Archer and fctcwurt-aui. Death of proprietor reasons forselllm;. T?Oll SALE— SALOON AND UKSTAUIIANT 1)0- I 4 Inc üßoixl husln.'Ni, eurutruf Mule ami gulmy «ts.. Im#tinent. | .tOIt SALK—STOCIv AND FIXTFIIKa OF A FIIIST -1/ class Brm'cry, worth i.•, will be r j *ll for tuah fur f t.t**»U token at onei*: thills a No. 1 rhunee. Ai>- nly to DAVID WILLIAMS. lk'» hoiith CUrk*«.. Kuom 11. __ T?OH SALK—CHKAD—SIL’ivNKSSCAFSK A Fllisr* I 4 ehu* variety theatre dolnc a Rood buslue»4 IlceusO. etc., complete. MM South Stale st. 1/OU SALK-I.MASK AND OOliD-WII.L OF a’ Fl': I 4 nlclicil house, n-stury mid basetuenl brick; » «»>■ private biisliicNi estuhllshed; On* lu st liK-»l|t>’ In i elly; a license to nil drinks. K-.0-on for sedlDk I henllli. Addrei.*. O. I. IH-lIT, I’e-t-thlhc. HOTKI. Foil SAI.K-TUK HOTEL IvNOWN‘\s TUI? “ I'urvst City Home,” located In Murr.s. oi tiiuly ('o . HI . bavin*! come. Inin Ibe InimUof Hie under* slßaed itiioiifcli the f.ijeeloHine of a mntunke,,nml life not wtHhltm to keep the same, hereby oflen* It foraile. Till* hotel laeentnllv located In one of the most flour* Uhltiß Inland eltb>.»f «be am! D a very desirable hotel property. It will be wild cheap and_ tin tcprnn of puynienl; H”~ "ol'Kh |-4>ll SALK—t'NK ‘»F THK i.KADISO hotel* In FbTid.i. well turnl»hed and ready fur PtndmsN for mle. For terms opply to OKOIIOK MclilVl.V, Klnibark llodsc. Atlanta, t.u., or Dr. CHAKI.KS K<K-'H. .Jaek-.i>avlU«. Ida. r HAVE jti.OH f 1.4(41 BTOtMw OF HAHDWAI i till. .are. riot es, Rood tinner's tools amt mm him uvo I location and well C'iubll*heil for f“m. Kca satisfactory. H. f. CONKLIN. :»7 south hllrabeth -11 i>rAi'i{ast os THK'sorrn simi will IV sold cheap for cash; noeidiaußC. Address \ Trlbime olllee. _ 1 j'AUK' chance-a cso<>|V manltai IV turliu buslucm (or sale cidahllslied in Ik. 1 r ,i\lk ui.odi good rea--<i.s tel veil fur wUjilid to;*- Vur particulars address Dux inti. Aurora. himei'o.,ll Oli ONE-HALF INTEUEST OF A « » room hotel fur ►.«!»•, well located and duln« a«’ui ImiliU'Ht. Achlrvi>* XM. Ti Itjimt* utflie._ __ Vouetime. wmi some « asii, will si-vuge L half Interval hi stuck and csiiv-lldicd hu-dmv, pay* Inn handsome profits. inn ll«mhdph-*l.. Uoom tlhinil WILL IH’V THE SAMI'LM'UooM rMUU bouthCUik-rl., ui- owner has other hardness that h« must attend to. hmulre at Hie r. AiiiM WAN TEH—A MAN t O Ar-MM' IN A IHG. O'H M». I a.-hm. urnl e: laMWied Ihu Uiu'ittiir I* wurth t UiMfiT imi.iuu to a tellable. Homy man. Addres* V v*. •iTlt«uut*.»i:U-»*. ".r, i/\ FEU MONTH KASILV MAHE; IHWM i'A'» be had fur taraieush. l all at 7i) Lh boru-»t., Uoom M. ~ nrvs ham* jntmh;stin a weu.- St)UU muiilhlii'il cash bit'll.cki I'uytnj; iIUO liJontlily. 7o l.g>.iHi , -»».« K"om It. .111 SICA!.. ■fc’KW VNI) EI.EOA'.’T I*l VMK. ’ " A»i<iiil'hlm:ij 1.-iw I’rlccil i.rculisl cm r ‘’lei' l '- . i”\lioASS KKO.M fVj I'I‘WAUIi.S: VAUIOIIS MAK* O**crm fully wairunud. It. T. MAUTIN, IM Statu. WE AKK OEEKUINU HANDS FAUUEI.tfW f AC* ion. wholesale, or ri-Hiil i-rlces. Nuw U the lime to buy. K.l- MAUITN. IMbtate-st. a* mi i wile mrv a uosewood imanu eoutk. ftIUH due tone. In 1-cJfecl order, With stool uud cover. It- T. MAUTIN, JM Stule-st. | | WILL UUV A GOO., SECOSII llAM) •TnXiit/ 7*oetarc rosuwoml ptanofyite, with i trved letti and lyroi lu purled order. U. T. MAlt UN. lal Mates! lUACUINEUY. |‘ AIHiK LATHE. WHNCII SWING HV H-EOOT 1j bed, AimV ii.aimf acture, with 4^-fuels elmck uud tooU eomjdeie, used six months, ai.d In perfect order, ~rS llnTui{ lathe, tftl-fuOt Inal. W-Indi swltijj, will. (i«ds fur shatUiii, - . eompleid uud In perfect order. Ptien <tK*J. Hums hull pU,4"I, Itli iluiiks .nnl t.i'ils, pltnca 7 feel i.y i!4 hid.n» wnV. In perteet orner, prlee Sd.'a). I trill pre." >..hi' do imm*. cm.itdele. with burluif bur. uit!’». j-eried order, marly new, i, t l,v;i M E. UOttKH-*, I rtoe »i-u. J 77 End MalL-ou-sl.. liu-miu, srniATiioris wAw'jrr.n-iiAa,r;. CJrrkw* «tr* SITUATION WANTED—nV A COMPETENT DRUG i j clerk f with reference), In elly or eonntrytover 8 f'-Ar* experience In city •tore*. Ad4nMZ39, Trlbnni ofllce. WANTED—DY A FIUST-CLABB ANE i clothlmr »alr»m»n In « cotmtry town: • r r>v un'li*ri«tmii|4 hi* MmlncM. Addrcaa JACOC KOII.N, i;j:» WeU .Mmlls.m-U. Trade*. SITUATION WANTED-AS DREAD AND CAKI n linker to go to the country. AJUreu Z <9. Trlbnnt Olllct!. CITUATION WANTED—DY A YOUNO MAN Al n line take baker, pastrycook, Ac. Good rcforcacet. Address I* U). Tribune oilier. (Niurhnmn* Toamaiers, etc* (■ITPATION WANTED-DY A YOUNO MAN Al i ’ • < n<‘hnun. fully nndemanda ibe bnslnru In all Itt Lr itu b.'«, )■ (i c.trcfnl driver, kober. and of good nanju Ik-u of reference frwtn former employer. Tao-Trll* mu- i.flUe, SITUATIONS WANTED-FEnALR. Domcaticiti UITUATION WANTETVrRY A SCANDINAVTAI tlrl n* do l’ciigml housework In atinall, rcspcctabli fiimlly. Pieaei* call at 119 Weal Indlana-it, CmiATHIS WANTED—AS SKCONdIuIIL OITfC do if-ti' inl boiisowork by a Danish girl. Apply u 5«l Milwaukee*#?. PDirac*! CITPATION WANTED-HT A OOOD. ItRAtTRY r> wct-mirw'. Inquire for :t days at IIK. O. FISCHER’* tillin', 'JroWrsl TwclUh'il., comer Halatcd. betwue# 15 on<l 1 p. m. CITPATION TV A ? fTED—!,\S A NfjRSB GIRL. O Plcnee addrvaa Mlu AUCP. MEIIAN*, 1M NorUi Fllloil'M. Kiuploytmmt Accncicw* CmiATION WANTED—I.ADIES IN WANT 0! nr.n-ci-iwifemale Indpof all natlonnlllles can N suited. Mm. CITCATIONS WANTED—FAMIj.IES *lN'wa'nt"ol o iro’xl Si ft’ullnnvlnn nnd Oemian female help can b< etippned al Mre. IMJHKK’Stifllee. no Mllwmikee»ar. TO UKNT.IIIOU'SES. 'TO RENT-FOR'f'oUR SIONTHH oit ONE YP.AIt, I n tioure In Mlnnuaitolla, Minn., with Pi room*, wef furnbli'-d. li-ivinu water. c:w, and all modem con* venii-tn ev. Addrc/*!’. U. llu\‘JS4, Mlnneii|»olla. Minn, ’l’d REST—CHEAP—NO. “ ioo7 Ml CURIAS'AVf! I witii nioduru linprovemenu. D. O. HAMILTON. IktiCl.irk-et, '!’(» RENT-AT VERY LOW FIGURKH TO GOOD 1 termnta. Mi-H'r'eim bomi! on tlie corner of On* nnd Rmli-Mv. Aim 1 l-r<emi home In same block, oda coii'fr.inta nnd nil modern convenience*. Apply on tb< ptcinlM-*, or Ur PAUL .1. McCORMICK. llfll Boutl Clirkrt. f PO RENT—FIRST-CLASS ’NEW "a -R TO IIV ANE 1 LoKemenl lioum.'*, near Lincoln Parkt very tilct nolKbttorliiaHl; h.iuii-H contain till conveniences; ont M-rotmi bouse, brick, W-; one fj-room Hal, fJU. CHARLES N. HAUL IVI K.mdoH.b*M._ ) KENT-THE TWO-S-TORV HTONE-FKONT, NO. n:>l West Uarrluni-xi. All inodoni ImpiovemcnlAi >■ low. turner a pond, joj \v^iiin,'ton : ><t._ » KKNT—VKRV CHEAP. TWO 2-STORV ASC 1 hnsi-menl Tinrhle front bouses on Vernon-av.. item Tltlrfy• fonrtAll modern Improvem-til*. TURN* ER A- IIUNIt, ICC Washlngton-st. M’O RENT—TO RKSPONMPLE FAMli.Vks~f\VC 1 new 2-«torv and basement hvroom oriuicnn front brick housea. linnrtsomcly IlnUb’-d, coiiventeDUy ar ranged; lake water and perfect. drainage. with harm; ► plcmlld neiclilxirhood. Kenwood-av.. one Mock front Kenwood Station. JAS-. It. GOODMAN ft CO.. eg Wnshliiglon-st. 'no rent—ve it v — cheap—two 2~stoiiy asu I tm-.'iiioiil dwelling*. pressed brick,stone trimmings, II rooms. beside* bath-room. pantry. and doort*. with • very mmli m improvement.ln u pleasant nelgiiimrlmod on V»el>fter-ov,. wear of Dnylon-st. nml near Lincoln at. cars. Apply to Dr. M. It. I’LKVEEAND, Slate and Wmdiliigtnu-Ms., over Firm N’litlonal Hank. 'i’o'llENT-CHKAP-lF'f AKEN~AT _ fWlK^tci 1 Leavitt-*l.. between Polk anti Tajlar. new 2-tuiry nml l>ti*"iiii‘ni brick lion*". with 7 rooms Wsldes base man. mixt front. C. T. LATIIROP, at KclUt Pros.. awj Madison -si. 'PO RENT—N<). NEAR ADAMS. 1 four-story hrlck. u> rooms, in psHlrenalr. sw>. Krj next dour. A.ldresa WILLIAM I»1 PALMER, l 4 btaie*(t. 'IS) UKNT-FOH THK'SUMMK.P.'TO HF.SPONSIHLK I parlle*. nlccty-fuinDhcJ coUape often tuoma, 40 smith IVorla-st. fpO RENT—SEVER A I~NK AT ItISICKII(>ITBKS, 10 1 rooms eadi. hath, v.nicr-elusctx. etc., handsomely shaded: rent, fd.'i. liniulve m Room 7 MetroiullLau Pluck. 'rb !:i;NT-MMII. CAIiROI.L-A'v., Nl'\V MARPI.U I front. 14 rooms, liny window, hrlek ham, larne cor ner lot: rent eljeap to de*lruh]i> tenant. No. •RNCarfoll-uv., marhlc iMTopon front. 12 rooms, with convenience): m-lphhorliood OrH-cln*». Imiulro nl Room 7 .Mctrupolltan Plock. f jhi Ki;.\T-C()TTACi.~OST'fTfAI7I' - ifbiTsß. 873 1 \V:>‘li!ncioii-i.1., pleiUAUtesl and healthiest place In Die die. larpe front yard with [lowers, hyuront, and cl*t"iti'WatLT, 7 rooms and burn: rent very low. C. i'.‘ UL’LKKLV. ’O RENT- CORNKR. MO. Sew hrlck lioiih.'s, £l,'. nnd Stores, lofts, and onm tery low. hIDNEV W. SEA <k CO., IM ItU-uv. SuDurtmn. ro RENT—OR WILL SELL. A FINE HOUSE ANR t em tap; In Elide wood: u hoititlfiil rv>lih-ine In South ivansl'jn. TILLDTbON PROS.. l»2 Wa«hlnKlon-»U PO RENT-CHEAP-MDST DESIRAIILE RKSI* L denee In Luke View, or will sell at n bargain. U IV. 17 PI titles t., near corner nf Harrison and Luumt.4. r rb RENT-SALE.’ OR EXCHANGE—AT UACINeT I apu d liu.ardliiit'ht>n»<.-; 7 rooms: mil, £ll. Applj 11. HUUVV.N 117 Maln-st. to uv.\r- k«o:tis. rpo lIENT-WKLL-FOKNI.-Mli:!) lioiiMS. ?!2.r*>TQ 1 f" n wri‘l;. Krlltlu-l-lilln.M.lilenl I'uMlshlnß Home, MM New Dem lnini-81.. i* blocks south of I’oHi-oslice. a fro hf.nt—skvkhal smallnkat dwkllinhs? 1 0 roonneuch, arranged exjmcrly for convenient houwkeeplii/, In the Miller new innrbic block. We»( MadWun-st., ne-tr sei-h-y-nv.; term* reasonable. Iu» .jnlre of MILLED. In irrncury store, name block. 'l'd KKNT-FIVK LOOMS AND OI.OSKTB ON fcKC* 1 oml floor, if hrlek building No. til (line lelmid-av. i BI.V U, S. DKKVKII, 7-Denrts.rn-bt. I’OUENT—NKWLYF FUN 1811KD UOOMS WITII I or without board by tbu du). week, or month. Uid md lus Kant lVaßliinßtou*it _ _ i'O I!MN r—NICHLV*FUUSIBHEI) Looms." wffl? 1 or without board. Ultißshury Hloek, llamlolph* t., near t lark. Apply at Loom bu. rpo KENT—BFCOSU >l,OOll "AT ~4:a*" SOUTH J. Slate-st., fumbdicd or unfurnished. rp.V 11KNT-lIANDBOMKLY'rFIINLsHKD FLON*C X munis; best locution In the city, mid lowest routs, by the day, week, or month, at Hit South Flark-nt., llooin It, ’lk) UKNT-FLONT BUITK OF it LOOMS FOli I limin keei'lii-. with bath-room, hot water, elo».-ia, etc. .'MI Wert Madlsun-it. rpo lIKNT—WIiLL-FriINISUKD lIDtIMS TO UH* 1 spoii'lble parties. Apply ut liPJ Last Wiiililmjlou ■t,. llooin r.ti. TO SUJ.VI’ —STOICES. OI'B-’BOt'S, Ac* Nltires* ri’O HUNT—STOI’K IN SF.W HLOOK COUNKfI LAU* 1 THbeu nml SuphU-sta.: Rood budueta luculluu, UIAS. N. HALF, ir.3 Uiuulolph-tt. Office*** rpo lIKNT—CTIKAI’. AT Hid SOUTH CLAIIK-PT.. 1 1 jatßi' oltlees, lull'd. I*. U. HAMILTON, llooin I, I.d t,Tark-«! : 'l’d UF.NT-FiNK OFFICK AT 1511 ItANDOU’II-ST., 1. eeeund floor; nice ottlee third floor <::m. t|'U lIKNT—DKSK Kotor I N Fillsl'-tT.ASS lillll.D. 1 Ink. Uooitis troiind Bl 11a" ley Hulldlut’. 144 Dear* horii'ft. J. S. JoIINsTON, Arelilteet. dlisct'Urtttcous. rpo UKNT—SKCOND AND THlilD F1.00U879 AND i HI V.'iibaulfuv., between Wushlmtton amt Kau* dolpli-ats, vMlti or wltliuut steam. ApplytoKKNT <S KKITII. TdamJ.nt WalM-li-uv WANTED—TO IC Ei.\T« vtrastki)-it) lIKNT—TV.'O W for lUhl hou-eki-eplm;. Address V 4J. Tribuna ofll.te. \\f ANTKD—T(> KIINT—A HOOD UOt'SK OF 10 TO r, tiemt* for ..tie i.r two years, and pay partly with real estate. Ad lreM It tt.'., 1 i ltninu olllee. LL FA :i I’AID roll OAST-OFF CLOTIHNU? rarnei i. furniture, mid nilM-cllancoiis pood* of any kind by *ciiih!i;; letter to.I ON As OKI.DKK, tv»l Slatc*sl. UFD-HOOS. COCNKOACIIKS, AND MOTHS >:.\* lei mil nted bv eoiitraei; article Kohl; hum>eiex* aiiilm d nn.i luluiui.ulun Due. A. UAKLL.V, isn KiuS Wi»!-hlt!,;t'ni*tt. _ ■ nun: walmt-toi* jui; cousteus. eiiom u V t., is fi- 1 aim one cUar counter nt Sl.uojier f,lot. Mutt he told ul once to pay laiMcsC Munroe-st. T UillT CASTINGS MADE Ti) OHHKU. SICK 1j japanned cis-utiitu n specially. MOGULS IKUVt WuEKf-, Morris, 111. Vt'TICI —A. I*. ANHEESEN. LATE *OF ;> Wn«i LaWa-st.. will nut hr responsible hereafter fur any d.-Ms iliui mny Lu contracted by any of liU fiunlly. A. I*. ANHEHSEN. _ V i)TICK-n.“vr W.UINKU IS NO I.ONHEU IN OUll employ. and we shall nd In* ro.pmisll.lis fur ante ■ lciit.4 e-mlnn ted li/ him. Kwlerpn.*,- I’crlutr niicl I'uinUtira MiuiufiK'Uirlntf Company. H. L. bEAU* LET I & CO., proprietors. rpilK NOVELTY" SWING MAV HE SEEN ON EX* L hlhtlkuii to-day, eurm-rd Mam and Aduina-sU. It la the luted ami best; don't fall to cxnmlmi It. WrANTEII-I'EoI'J.ETO ITUCHASR7-SHOT FULL >1 ith-llul-plnted retohi r* at *d.. r »o! Evans’ repent* Itucrtlk, :il shots m eo > vond.'i mMyie* uf resolvent caUhiKiiea tree. vVKaIEUN GUN WUKKb, 00 Dear* born-si., Clihiu-o, 111. _ W7\NTIU)--Vir.l.lNi.- : TO HA'ISK'tHK NEW HUSK Mi-dlenl l«t. a-rntr Harrison and Wood* Mi., tu Ljrn.ii-. m h-I |t■ owli lu 1)11. j. I'. UUSS. I*9 Wi»l \Ya.ihim.Mu:i-at. ___ WTASTEI) -AN OiTTOK. bIIITAIU.K K)U A V> Whoh mle Unic; mu- that can Ui moved *Jid Ml up Without aUcrailou. Atliin ts It ln». Trllmne. ton sai.i: SALE—TiII; ' asSOUTMENT OB* Jy statu|<ltie; patterns oml powdnr in Hid Lulled State* ul the new tiaiutillhfparlotsUWlht-itcst., Koota-t. Eu* ti itiie on ,)a«h»cm. _ t |-V»i: SALE—AT A "(illK.Vr SA("IHKic'E“A KIKST- I' .|a a lijiiltcrs' nuielur-pn-of sale. Apply lu 1. C» WILLIAMS, tod LuSulle-st , basement. 1,101; SALK—UNCUT HAV—I ll.VVß'io) ACHES 1’ Homewood, on lUlu-ih- llallruad: aud 4(1 'acres on Milwaukee lUllroa>l, at Lakeside. lUA JHIUWN. HJ laisullc'sl. 1101 l S.M.E-A NO. :< UOOT-ULOWEU. HAS UEKII 1 used hut UHloi Is lu polled order. Cheap fur cash. 11. M. EDDY. 7d Illinois si. I>OU SALK—d IH.VELEH IULLIAUD TAULBS, i* hail*, cuua Ac. >l. O. HYItNE, B 6 Eaat EluMa-»t4 M'OIIAUB. CTOHAHiriTlilsishEl) AT VK«V LOW HATBk O lofts to rent at worst panic prices* also store* M and 10 North tv.uiU si.i larifu veulU S. W. SRA • LO., list Eiflh-uv. _ _ t'lOKA'-.: ro'i 'EUItsiTUHE, UUUOIH3, AND tn i i .V-•. i•' ■ • - i.t w ii.-imutn 100 West Uoii« j,.. Ivaeil lu the ellj. •v 3

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