Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 4, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 4, 1876 Page 11
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CITY REAL ESTATE. B. BOYD, ROOM 14, NO. X 43 ft splendid 2-story and basement dwelling, and lot 25x180. on Wabash-av., and Tblrty-thlrd-st*. \ 1 2-«lory ami basement octagon front brick ildUn£^ Ddlot -7 xll5 » 6011111 front » on Thirty-filth -10-room 2-story and basement stone all modem Improvement*, lot 23x135, between Tblrtyflftli and Thlrty-slxtli its. front brick dwelling, every 1m- and lot 23x125, and barn. No. 168 South Bncoln-n. COTTA gES AND LOTS. j2. soo— Nice 7-room collage, and lot 23x135, No. 1647 7-room cottage, and lot 25x125, east JJf on DCSrborn-st.. between Thirty-third and JfffJv.fonrlh-sts. This Is worth looking at. nice new cbttages, and lots2Sxl2S, on pSrk-avi. midway between Central Park and railroad. bay window cottage, and lot bars*!* 1 - VACANT LOTS. •mmo-I offer Ibis lot at little over half Its value: front- on Jackson-st., between State and SSSom-at*.. buildings; fine business lou_ *^4oo—Lot 27x123. on southeast corner of Thirty op southeast corner of Hubbard down—Lot on Erle-st., between Dear* ts 25x125, on Buddan and Forty- at horse cars. ®M*S-iot 50x125, east front, on Wentwortb-av., be- and Slxtynlnth-sts. ▼vU’SVLTE—LANGLEY TERRACE ” ON MONTH r irnavments; only a few left; pronounced by all the £,*<l block of two-story and basement marble-front fences in the city or Its vicinity; each bousehaao inH.«dlar. cut stone steps, and fence, and more than l2sTnraal “modern conveniences;” hot and cold water floor, s marble mantels, furnace, etc., each Kni iilnc 25 feet wide; you ought to see what splen- Siirooms off the halls; in close proximity to both cars, markets and schools, and sur wmoded by beautiful groves, boulevards, aud parks; Enrols m» more attractive spot for a pleasant borne Soul Chicago. Langley-av. and Forty-second-st. OJ. M. FRENCH. \ rviTt SALE-SOME BARGAINS IN BRICK HOUSES Fj? the West Division. Aioacrcs In Cherokee County, lowa, for cash. ?S) acres in Dallas County, lowa, for cash. too acres In Chickasaw County. lowa, for cash. Tine lands In Kansas and Nebraska. farm of 23 acres 1 4 miles from Blue Island, $2,300. j H. KEELER, 103 Clark-st. F‘ —it SALE-OR EXCHANGE-NEW HOUSE, 13 rooms, etc.. 22x52, 26 feet high; flrst-class loca tion- cheap; lease, 5 years; rent S4O; object, cheaper oroiieriy South Side; difference made easy. Address V fig Tribune office. - F- )U SALE—A GOOD FARM, 300 AGUES, 80 MILKS northwest of Chicago, half mile from depot; S2B per acre; $1,500 down. E. W. COLE, 42 Lakc-st. TH)H SALE—OR PART EXCHANGE-387 WEST r Adams-st.. good home, ' 53.57. and 55 Langley-av., great bargain*. j&Tblrty-flrst-su, forlou. 534 Cottage Grove-av.. for lota. auo a number of business blocks. LEVI WING & CO., 57 Dcarborn-st. fvm SALE-CENTRAL BUSINESS PROPERTY, r *IOO.OOO, paving 9 per cent net rent; lota on War- Sn-av., we« of Oaklcy-st. GEO. M. UIGGINSON. Ko. H4Dearborn-fit., Rooms. —)R SALE—OR EXCHANGE—GOOD TWO-STORY brick basement dwelling west of Lincoln Park in line order; light incumbrance. Other property taken. Boom C. 128LaSalle-st. * ■ f"V)U SALE—BY JACOB WEIL, 146 DEARBORN r st.. $3,000,000 worth of the best business property in Chicago at low' prices. Some of ibis properly can be exchanged for other property. Capitalists, It will be to your own interest to see me am before you pur .sw elsewhere, as 1 am certain that I can get you bet ter bargains In real estate than any agent in the City of Chicago, 1 don’t care who he is. T7OB SALE—THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OP INDI- P ana-av. and Thlrty-fiflb-st.. Douglas-place. being 53 feel front on Tblrty-lifth-st. by 125 feet on Indlana st. to 16 foot alley. Splendid location for retail northwest comer Wabasb-av. and Twenty flfih-st-. east and south fronts. _ 4Uofecton Wabash-av. and Fifty-sccond-st., near South Park; also 132 feet on Siaic-st., near Fifty-sec °jipply at the rcaTefitate office of JOHN P. OLINGER, S6washlngton-st.. Room?. . F“ OB SALE—THE CHEAPEST HOUSE ON THE West Side; good business location; with small outlay will pay 15 per cent; price, S4,UUO; only SSOO cash. J. TYLER, Room 8, 93 Washington-fit. 17011 SALE—WEST SIDE—IIO HONORE-ST., TWO h story basemtnt brick. 8 rooms, all modem Improve ments, good furnace and gas-fixtures. Must be sold; will give big bargain. J. E TLLLOTSON, 59 South Water-fit.. np-stairs. ; FIB SALE-COTTAGE AND LOT, NO. 13 NORTH Peoria-st. A bargain. Will pay 15 per cent by small improvement; $l,lOO cash, balance 3 years. Address 088, Tribune office. P)R SALE—6IXI7B FEET, MICHIGAN-AV.. north of Twenty-thlrd-st., east front; 50 or 109 feet on Twenty-third-st., near Calumet-av. Also, brick boose and lot on Mlchlgan-av., near Twenty-second-st. All the above at panic prices. HENRY L- HILL 142 Dearborn-st. • Fill SALE-A BARGAIN-BEAUTIFUL HOUSE, 9 rooms, double lot, barn, flowers, etc.; cars pass the door. C. T. DRAKE, Room 13. 152 LaSalle-fit. 1708 SALK-A GREAT BARGAIN-3 LOTS ON r West Jackson-fit.. eastof Callfomla-st., S7OO each; worth DAVID WILLIAMS, 125 Clark-sL, or to E. LUXTON, 345 West Randolph-st. FOR SALE—OK TRADE FOR FARM—A 2-SlOR\ framehouse, brick basement. Inquire at 204 Cly burn-av., or for property on West Side. FOB SALE—HOUSES IN CITY, KENMOOD, AND HrdePark; terms to suit; or would exchange-By owner, J- a.t.ane, 179 LaSalle-ft., basement. F)U SALE—AT YOUR OWN PRICE, A TWO story house and 25-foot lot; most he sold this week; ii cash. 1015 Madison-st., store. For sale—ss.uoo. worth st.sco, 2-stouy and basement brick house on Bowen-av., near Langley »r.. si, ooo cash, balance to suit purchaser, rurnoce, gas fixtures, bath, hot and near street and steam cars. JOHN D. PARKER, 40 Reaper Block. F~ OB SALE-OB WILL EXCHANGE FOR INSIDE clear property, two-story house, lot ao feet front, - ItfciCalumet-av. Those meaning business please call between 6 and 8 o’clock p. m.. ~ R SALE-AT A GREAT SACRIFICE, 2-STORY and basement brick bouse, octagon front, modern Improvements, on Irvlng-place, near Van Buren-st, eaw; splendid neighborhood; price only $3,500; §3OO flown, balance on time. A 4, Tribune office. FR SALE—CITY—BARGAIN HUNTERS. IF yon want the best bargains In Cook or any other county, call and I will show you 200 elegant feet at Kenwood, near station, that can be had for the loan made on It. This is a splendid chance to get an elegant Home-site for half Its value. Call at once. L. A. erase, 92 Washlngton-st.. basement. FOR SALE—NO. 1532 WABASH-AV., JUST SOUTH of Twenty-nlnth-si., at a decided bargain, 2-story ud basement, octagon, stone-front, 11 rooms, marble mantels, and all modem improvements; mlirore. fur nace, gas-fixtures, screens, and awnings go with house. Lot 36x192 feet. Good bam. . We have a large list of residence property to which we Invite attention. i RED L. FAKE & CO., 88 W asUlDgtoa-st. _ COR SALE-BUSINESS PROPERTY-BLUE ISL- X tnd-av„ 2-story and basement brick building, with 18-foot lot. In pood locality, store below, upper part ar- families; cottage In rear; all well rented. Will be sold at a sacrifice. . _ , ... . West Madlson-st., block of stores and offices; will be told at about half Its value. ...... - South Water-st.—Several very desirable blocks, pay bp JO to ll percent rentals. .. .. We have a large list of pryerty. 83 W'aahlngtou-st. F)U SALE—HOUSE ON SOUTH SIDE, ONE ON North bide, two on West Side; brick, -’Story and tocment; SI,OOO cash, balance on lime; less than It tosttobuild. HSLaSalle-st-, Hoorn 43. J. W. FUEL. m SALE—COTTAGE NO. 1149 CONGRESS-ST. Cheapest in the city. Terms to suit. t?OB SALE—27 LOTS NEAR CORNER OF WOOD 1? and Taylor-bts.. at a very great sacrifice, cash or time. DAVID WILLIAMS, 125 Clark-st. For sale— good investment—s7oo for a lot fronting Central ParkUoulevard, If taken this week. Cost gi.oso. Address O 85, Tribune office. FK SALE—BV JACOB WEIL, NO. 140 BEAK born-st., 30 first-class houses, single and double, between Twelfth and Thtrty-fiftb-sU., at bargains. Fib sale-large cottage and 4s foot lot. corner Van Huren and lncbesU;r-av,\S llltaki -11,030 In unimproved- Carriage iaclory 337 and ajj ■West Lake-st. ; _ F)R SALE TWO - STORY HOUSE, ELEVEN rooms and lot No. 54 Blsmark Court; all ue>lj painted, calclralned, Ac. Only 51.550 If JAMES B. STOREV, Private Hanker, 84 LaSalle-st, Hoorn 35. T?OR BALE-AND EXCHANGE—IMPROVED AND jl vacant business and residence propertj. cltj . subui' ban, and country. E. L. CANFIELD, *»9 LaSalle-st. TTOR SALE—S4.(XX), OR LESS, WILL DDF A FINE Jl. new, octagon, bnck bouse, U rooms, with lot, east .front, on the avenues east of Wabash; 50 feet lot on Vernon-av., ncarTblrty-flfUi-st., at half prlctforfew days. M. WICKS PALMER. 80 Waahlngton-st. For sale—on north lasalle and nohJR Clark-sts., near Schiller. 40 feet ircmsby 150 deep to alley; long time; easy payments. Owner, cennea-av. % WILLIAMS, 135 Clark-st. ; ■POR SALE—RARE BARGAIN. EAST TERMS. well Soretid? Ca, 1® LaSalle-st. ■ Fit SALE-53.G00 LESS THAN COST 12 MONTHS since—A new 2-story and basement brick octagon front house, completely aud elegantly furnished, wcu located on Wabash-av., near Thlrty-first-st-, all ne w and degam; will give a great bargain to a party wltn about £s,ouocasbr Address M id. Tribune office. PR SALE—SI,MX) WILL BUY A HOUSE AND lot; sauudown; house 20X-IU, ? 8 years old; reuts for S2opcr mouth; lot J4xIJJ to ib loot alley; come and see it. IbfiT Butterfleld-st. tfOR SAi,B-A BARGAIN-RARE C'JAKCE-BE.VD -- tlf ul bouse and large lot, west of Lincoln Pant. AddressK, care Carrier 16. poll SALE—COTTAGE, WITH LOT 36 FEET, 1- south front, nearlJayes fcchoul and street-cars, at >bargain. II 70, Tribune olhce. FI! SALE—CALUMET-AV.—A FIN'E 2-bwBY brick house, 11 rooms, all modem Impro\ements, peat bargain at §5,600. Also a floe new ocugon-froiit brick house onWestJackson-5t.,§4,300. J- W. SliliUi laClark-Bt., Uoom 22. _ POR SALE-TUE TWO OLD HOUSES AND LOT 1- known as 151 North Curtis-st. for §1,400. Apply U SPKIXGEira Iron Yard, 68 South Cllutou-it. __ poll SALE-HOUSE ANT) I.OT-I HAVE A NICE *■ ten-room house and large lot on Park-av. at haru pan price, half cash. Koom C, G 4 West Kandolph-st. _ FOU SALE^F"YOU WANT A HOME GO AND see my house and lot, Ko. 20 Mlllcr-st., near cor ner Harrison and Morgan, for §2,200. Koom for two •nnjlllca. Easy payments. , IX)IJ SALE—RESIDENCE PROPERTY, IMPROVE! *• find unimproved, choice and medium priced* D.*V **QMEIiOV. MadlsuD-et. . i?OR SALE-AT GREAT BARGAINS AND EAST L terms—Brlct dwellingson Campbell[park, Congress tart, and Campbell-av. Apply at 963 Meat Van Buren- L CAMPBELL BROS. POR SALE-FOUR ACRES SUBDIVIDED L Into loti, about 2 mile* from Court House and near Uie river. Will sell at a bargain, or mule lur unlncum bered real estate, wltb balance In caab. Address la la. fribooe ollicc. For sale-very cheap-several new oc* lagoa-front brick residences, two-story and base S^«“.£®^St ,< fSS , ait , wALtEB BItUXEEus. &4 ■Wa*liiUtfW« l ** 1 - CITY REAL ESTATE. 1?OR SALB-OU EXCIIANGE—BY ULRICH & BARNES, Rooma, 85 Wushlngton-st.: House and lot on North Side, good location, clear, valued at §7.000, for 50 feet vacant cast of Clark-at.and south of Lincoln Park. 147x100, northwest corner ■Wellington andWaobun avs., for good residence on North Side In same vicinity as above. House and lot on Corncll-st.. Hyde Park. 50x150 feet, dear, and some cash, for bouse In same vicinity as above. House, and lot fine residence on North La- Sallc-st., for bouse on West Side In good neighbor hood. Houses and lot* and business blocks in different parts of city, and acre property and residences In suburbs, to exchange subject to incumbrances. Bargains offered for cash in lots, bouses, and business blocks. For sale-new. elegant dwelling, 230 Park-av., for sale, rent, or exchange for clear un improved city property. W. R. KELLOGG, 409 War ren-av. T?01l SALE—SI,3OO-1 l-ROOM TWO-STORY DWELL- X lug. and lot 20x100. on Krlc-st., between Grecn-st, and'Mllwaukee-uv.; terms very easy. T. B. BOYD, Room 14. HO Madison-st. For sale-at a bargain, house of nine rooms, large light basement, good shop, shade trees, nine years' lease, nafrj South Jefferson-st. I?OR SALE-BY JACOB WEIL. NO. 146 DEAR ; boru-5t.,50. 100, or 150x180 feet deep, eastfront, on Mlcmgan-av.. between Twenty-hftb and Twenty slxtb-sts., at a bargain. 30x161 on Micblg&n-ar., west front, near Twenty eighth-fit,, cheap. 5214x183, west front, on Wabash-av., nearTwcnty eighth-si. 50X171 onCalumct-av., eastfront, between Twenty second and Tweuty-thlrd-sts. 96x145 on Pralrlc-av., near Twentieth-fit., cheap. 4 acres on Madlson-st., corner of Hymen-av., clear; would exchange the same fur a house and lot. which la clear, north of Thlrty-llfth-st. and east of State. SUmiKBAN REAL ESTATE. 1?0R ' SALE-CHEAP IIOMES-I AM BUILDING . and selling at Clyde, 2 miles west of tbo city limits, on the C. B. aQ. Road, cheap, but well built, 2-story bouses, close to depot, for SBOO, on small monthly pay ments. At Downer’s Grove I have very choice prairie and grove lots, one-fourth to one-half acre, high ground, close to station. Low prices and small monthly pay ments. Will help purchasers to build. Call or send postal for circular giving full Information. O. C. GIBBS, 130 Dearboru-sL, Room?. Otflcc hours, 10 a. m. to 1 p. m. FOR SALE-LOTS AT $5 EACH-WE HAVE 700 lots at Glen Flora Springs, near the north lake-sboro and depot, size 25x125 feet. Wc will sell every alter nate two lots In the plot at Ss each. Our object Is to Interest a large number of people In our plot. Wc will thus render our remaining lots more valuable by the Improvements that will be likely to be made. Title perfect. Warrantee deed and abstract furnished each purchaser. Surveyor’s ccrtlflcates aud maps of the property can be seen at our ottlcc. , * * ARMISTEAD&CO., Room 14, 145 South Clark-st. 17011 SALE-AT WESTERN SPRINGS, ON EASY J? monthly payment* to suit, 2-story house* and 50* footlots at SBOO, SI,OOO, and $1,250; near schools and depot; sidewalks, etc., all complete, ready to move In to; 10-ccnt train morning and evening. T. C. HILL, 4 Lakeside Building. __ For sale-sum will buy a beautiful lot. one block from depot, at Lagrange; only 7 miles from city; sls down ami $5 monthly; cheapest proper ty lu market ami shown free; abstract free; laborers train already on. IRABRCWN, 142 LuSalle-st., Room 4. 17011I 7011 SALE-LOTS AND ACRES ADJOINING MORT 1 Culver’s addition to Glencoe fors3ooperacre. IUA BROWN, l42LaSalle-st., Room 4. For sale.-at evanston-houses with mod cm improvements. Lots In any part of the village. Blocks or acres at North Evanston. HENRY M. KID DER. 48 Clark-atff. FOR SALE—IN" RAVENSWOOD AND VICINITY neat and substantial dwellings and good Ipts on easy terms; houses to rent; lake water; 7 cents fare; frequent trains. A.BENNETT, Agent, southeast comer Monroe and Market-fits. ; ■ I7OR SALE-OR RENT—A NICE HOUSE AND COT i tage In Englewood; first-class neighborhood; near depots. Also, very flno residence In South Evanston. TILLuTSON BROS., 92 Washington-fit. For sale-or iexchange-ioo feet at ra venswood, on Asblaud-av.. near High School; also some lota near denot, Washington Heights. 47 South Unlon-st., up-stairs. I*OK SALE-ELEGANT RESIDENCE. CLEAR, AT l - Mount Clare, o miles from city. All modem Im provements. Would cost $3,000 to build to-day; for sale for $3,000. Would take small farm worth $1,0(0 for first payment; balance eight annual payments. It. S. RHODES. 94 Washlngton-st., Room 15. 17011 SALE—I49XIB4 FEET IN ENGLEWOOD. COL JC ner lot In grove, 3 blocks from depot; SSOO to S7OO to be made in It. Address Box 47. Englewood. 17011 SALE-LAKE VIEW. 8-lIOOM HOUSE, IK X good order. 40 foot lot, good neighborhood, lake water; only 3 blocks from horse-cars and near lake. If can get S3OO or SI,OOO down, balance aionthvjmy ments, will sell at great sacrifice. . G. bTEPUENo, 93 Dcarborn-fct., Room 6. TTbli SALE-5 LOTS, SOUTH CHICAGO. NEAR X Iron Works, $25 each; must be sold Monday; also, 2 5-acre blocks on lake shore, north of city, $l3O cacu. 145 Clark st.. Room 24. ; 1708 SALE—I WILL SELL A GOOD BUILDING h loL 25x125. at Arlington HclBUtA in., for sl(«, and take pay In teaming. R. B. MITCHELL, no (julncy-st. • __ T7OR SALK—TO MARKET GARDENERS—S ACRES. Jr cottage, SU2S, SIOO down, balance $8 monthly. Office days. Saturday, Monday. J. G. EARLE, Loom 37, 97 Clark-st, ; FOR SALE—S2OO DOWN SECURESA BEALTIFUL house on brick basement and plenty of ground, close to station and Normal School; lake water: monthly payments; will furnish complete If desired. D. W. STOKIIS, 04 Washlngton-st. 170 R SALE—ENGLEWOOD COTTAGES,' MONTHLY p Davmcuts. Most desirable suburb of Chicago; 30 daily troloe. N. T. WRIGHT, 86 Washlngton-st. 7701: SALE-IVASIIINGTON UKIgTiTS—10 ACRES. 1? adjoining Morgan Part, covered rvltli fruit and ehade trees. Rare chance for a subdh Ulon. Will he auld on lone time and low Interest. pAKE &c 0 83 Washington-fit. T7OR SALE-TWO LOTS. CLOSE TO STATION. AT South Lynne. Apply at 39 W est Adams-st. OW EN BOYLE. • T?OR SALE-ACRE LOTS FOR GARDENS AND Jb beautiful lioaies. slis to StOO: cottasea nud lots. 5400 to §l,l*oo on monthly payments. EDMUND G. STILES. 01) .Madlsoo-st., Room ". _ . T?OR SALE—OR EXCHANGE—RESIDENCES AT D Austin, Englewood, Hinsdale, Clyde, aniron north shore at ail points between Waukegan and Chicago. E. L. CANFIELD. 59 LaSalle-st. T7OK SALE—SOUTH ENGLEWOOD—WE WILL r place In the market over 2, OUU choice lots at South Englewood at prices §IOO up to §375; easy free rides to see the property at 4 o clock p. m. Uallj, no trouble to show lots- Ciulbeforc you purchase else where. GIVINS & GILBERT. 7 Br3*an Block. sale—or exchange - a new - : two h story and brick basement house at North Evanston, with 50-foot lot; will trade for saloon or other property. Call or address 170 W-est Monroe-st. ■COR SALE—VERY r house on a beautiful lot, within two blocks of Ken* wood Depot. Address 1145. Tribune office- COCMBV »EAX. ESTATE* 7 -. nil SALE-OB EXCUAXGE— SIO,OOO WOIITII OF r nropmy In the town of tVnstvllle, Laportc County. Uld. P . on tUc line of the Louisvl»c,NcwAlbaiiy* Chi caco Kailway, 12 miles south of MlclUgunciti. The rrHo..rtv Is ilescribed as follows, to wit: One brick sSb Jlding. Sid 'tot 20x107 feet. Building 24x80 (ecu two stories and basement. One wood store-build* and 10t24x107 feet. Bulldlug 2dx3o feet, ouc stotr. One two-storv dwelling, containing ll rooms, bams, and out-houecs. Half-acre lot, well suppl Std with fruit trees and shrubbery, 6cc*slory anda Jtalf dwelling, 7 rooms, barn and out-houses; lot tilled with bSrlffg 'fruit*trees. One-story and a halfhousL.O rooms, barn and outhouse; bouses are supplied with weuiand cisterns. Two vacant lots suitable forbSlness liouses: size 24x107 and 32x88 feet. The nmnertv Is all in good repair, and will be sold cheap or exchanged fur a stock of 1 dry goods at fair price*. .Cor respondence looking to a sale or exchange solicited. A. Sf wEBSTEKSEX. Wkstville. Ind. f j> SALK —OR EXCHANGE—'WELL •IMPROVED 15 frult-furin \V- miles cast of Ucntou Harbor, *illcli.« to acres widercultivation, partly la fruit, y houses, S 4 fence, and anil; llyUt Incumbrance. Address O 55, Tribuue oflice. _ . xi nu SALE-OU EXCHANGE—IO-ACRE LOT, 2 1 houses; stable, etc., in good °^htlb bOHILBACU, Hobart, Ind., or .G. SCHILBALU, a-J Wabash-av. ; ithnlA la. V-inl- SALE-LANDS. LANDS!—HE HAVE 40,000 F a'c-csofgood farm lauds In Dlinuls for sale at ter} itw prV “s and easy terms. If you want farms or farm lands call on us before you buy. W)R SALE—GOOD FARMS, WITH GOOD NEW 17 buildings In Efiingbam, Marlon, or Jasper Coun- A l“l' aMiriees Sngluß from SIG to Seller acre; a rare chance to get a funu; easy terms of payment. GRIFFIN * LEWIS. Boom 0 .Major mock. TNIRS U-K—OR EXCHANGE—IMPROVED FARM. F LdO acres, Morris County, Kansas; 2 houses and lots m McGregor. In.: 2,000 acres Tennessee laud. GlL nnitE A: JllisTON, 100 Clark-st-, Room G, Timt SALE—ONE OF"THE FINEST WESTERN SSfts&ac BMwmbbiii ™rSALE-FARMm L ira MILE FROM bMssssssss a. K. STILES. ———— BEAI ESTATE WANTED^ business SteSSBSgPB J \V lIEDENBEUG. ■jaMadlsoa-fii., ItoomJ.— live & £ s a i'Srte iuuUi smc - a *• b side gell rented. 1143, Tribune -nice. before Jane lU. H. E. WEAVER * CO.. IG9 LaSallc-st AMri 957 Wet Van ijurcu-sk lloom 7. - wff/TcrnPV AKD BASEMENT afsusffasaffiiSfis Ad^ra.Tris one office. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. REAL ESTATE WANTED. \\T ANTED—LOT NEARER. I. SHOTS AND ?15 . monthly for ti-r 0.... cottage and 50 feet. §2,000. Address Z 30. Tribune ollice. BOARDING AND LODGING. West Side* O ADA-ST.—THE DAILY NEWS INSERTS THESE w advertisements at 25c fora lines until you get what you want. 9PARK-AV.— A VERY DESIRABLE SUITE OF rooms on second door, with board. 9C EN TRE • AV. AFURNISRED ROOM, WITH OR without board; also a few table-boarders, in private family. ntSOUTH SHELDON-ST.—SUITE OF FURNISHED rooms, with or without board, (or gentleman and wife. Single room for gents. 19 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—PLEASANT FUR- X 4 nlihed rooms, with board, for two; single room with board. Terms moderate. 1 O SOUTH SANGAMON-ST. - A COOL FROST JLO room, also single room, with board; terms mod* crate. 1£ 1 ABERDEEN-ST.—FURNISHED ROOM. WITH xU2 good, substantial, home-made fare: house furnished with all modern Improvements, and the room suitable for man aud wife, or two gentlemen. nLOOMIS-ST— PLEASANT. WELL FURNISHED rooms, with flrst-closs board; also day board. OO ABEIIDEKN-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, AVITH 44 board, from $4.50 up. 9Q AUERDEEN-ST.-TWO ROOMS. EN SUITE OR 40 single, with or without board. References re qulred. OQ OGDEN-AV.-IN MARBLE FRONT BUILD -40 Ing, overlooking Union Park, one or two newly furntshca rooms, with flrst-class board, to good parties. QA ABERDEEN-ST.-COMFORTABLY FURNISH OU ed rooms with or without board; reasonably; day board. QO ADERDEEN-ST.—A FEW DAY BOARDERS 0-3 can have flrst-class accommodations. 7l Q SOUTH ASHLAND-AV.—FURNISHED AL ttO coveroom, fronting east on Union Park; also a single room. . : A A LAFLUT-ST.—WITH BOARD, VERY DESIRA- Tint: blc front suite on second floor, furnished or unfurnished; also, backroom; modem improvements; references. A n SOUTH ASHLAND-AV., FRONTING UNION tfc i Park—Board with flue rooms; hot and cold water; reasonable terms. A Q NORTH MAY-ST.—PLEASANT FRONT ROOM trO with good board, with use of bath and comfotts of home. Only $5 per week. A Q SOUTH MAT-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH ttO board; also day bqard. A pleasant location and convenient to street-cars. >1 ASHLAND-AV., FRONTING PARK-ROOMS ui to rent with board, furnished or unfurnished. FURNISHED FRONT \j4 corner room, with excellent board, suitable for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen; references required. n,i TIIROOP-ST.-TVVO.OR three GENTLEMEN O'! can tlnd pleasant front rooms, overlooking Jeffer son Park. Good table and comforts of home guarau teed;_private famUy. References exchanged. PARK-AV."—TWO SUITES OF ROOMS, OR \JQ single, with board. rr.i SOUTH SANGAMON-ST. NICELY FUR IT nlahed rooms, with or without board. On ABERDEEN-ST.-THREE GENTLEMEN Oil OU ladles can and home comforts with new and hand somely furnished front room? with or without hoard; private family; terms reasonable. QQ SOUTH MORQAN-ST.—NICELY FURNISHED OO room, with board, for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen; also table-boarders wanted. _ nr SOUTH MORGAN-ST.—A NEWLY FURNISHED OO alcove, with board; also pleasant room without board; private family. O X SEELEY- AV.-IN PRIVATE FAMILY-PLEAS ant bed-room, bath-room, hot and cold water, use of parlor; good board; suitable for married couple or two gentlemen; terms moderate. Call. OO ASHLAND-AV., NEAR CORNER MONROK yO st.—To gentlemen and their wives or young gents, very large front room, second door; also rear room on third door; all modem conveniences; location and house most Inviting; table first-class. Terms reasona ble. lA7 SOUTH PEORIA-ST—PLEASANT FUUNIbII XU t cd room with board, gas, hot and cold water, bath, etc. Convenient to business. n n south qreen-st.—pleasant rooms, XXU with board, to one or two gentlemen in private family. m SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, with board, for gentlemen; also u pleasant room unfurnished. in- WEST JACKSON-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS 140 to rent to ladles or gentlemen, at 51..»0 to $2.50 per week, and board with the family, if desired. Day board, $3.50. 1 OO NORTH IIALSTED-ST.-FURNISIIED ROOMS 10 4 with board $5 per week single, one room occu pied by two men $4.50 per week. Day board s3.<*o. O. RASMUSAN. ' IQ- SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—PLEAS ANT FUU- XuO nlslicd room for one or two; good table; small family. >_ 1 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-BACK PABLOR. XoO furnished, suitable for gentlemen, with board; also, an unfurnished front parlor. !/)/» WEST ADAMS-ST.—A FRONT AND BACK XOO parlor to rent, with or without board. l"7yi WEST ADAMS-ST.-LARGE, PLEASANT X/X furnished rooms, with or without board; con venient to cars. Gjw, bath, hot and cojdwator. ROOMS /Uo with board at $5 per week; without board only $2 per week. JOHN DAVIS, proprietor. Oil WEST WASHINGTON-ST.. BETWEEN 41l Green and Peoria, furnished rooms, with board; day-boarders can be accommodated. ViOd tvEST WASIIINOTON-ST. - FURNISHED ZOL room, breakfast and 0 o'clock dinner, for two gentlemen. __ ' . 000 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—FRONT ROOM OR 40 Jj suite, also very pleasant back room, with or without board, with private family; references. OQ?fWEST MONROE-ST.-TO KENT. WITH 404 flrat-class board, two pleasant furnished rooms suitable for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; terms reasonable. O nf\ FULTON-ST.-VERY CHOICE SINGLE AND 40V double room, with the best of board; bath room; modern Improvements; terms moderate. 07'T WEST MONROE-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS 4(0 to rent with first-class board. 07?* WEST LAKE-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, 4(0 with or without board, for ladles or gentle men. Private family. 070 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A WELL-FUR -4(0 nlshed front alcove room: also, large side room, suitable for two gentlemen. Location very desirable and central. Private family. Terms very reasonable. 077 WEST JACKSON-ST.-FURNISHED ROOMS, 4 11 with board. Oh7T"WE3T WASHINGTON-BT ; -TO RENT, WITH 4ff\) board, elegantly furnished rooms on second floor, single or en suite, for gentleman and wife or sin gle gentlemen. Also a few day-boarders at exception allylow prices. (in,| WEST WASUINGTON-ST.-T0 DENT 4*J~t Pleasant rooms, eivsulte or single, with first class board. Also day boarders taken. OT a ■WEST WASIIINQTON-ST. —SINGLE AND OID double rooms, furnished and unfurnished, with or without board. Reference required. 00l WEST MONROE-ST.-FURNISHED AND UN OJjL furnished rooms, with board, la private family. 000 "WEST MADISON-ST.—ANY ONE WISHING pleasant boarding place for the summer will do well to call. _ 000 WEST AD AMS-ST,*-PLEASANT ROOMS 000 with board. Also table board. OOQ WEST ADAM &-ST.-FRONT SUITE OF 000 rooms, with or without board; private family. O i O WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—LARGE ALCOVE rodm on second floor (front), well furnished, with flrst-cixss board; also small room on third floor. o7*r FULTON-ST.—TO RENT—TWO LARGE OUD well-furnished Bleeping rooms, with or with outboard; private family. OC-O WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-VEHY DESIBA OUO ble rooms to let, with board. 'tr\4 WEST ADAMS-ST., NEAR .JEFFERSON 4*U4 Park—3 newly furnished deslraole rooms with hoard In octagon-front house. Hot and cold water, with privilege of bath. A few day boarders pan be ac commodated. References given and required. Call after Sunday. ___ it 4 AD\MS-ST.-ONE OR TWO COUPLES CAN 444: find a splendid home with a private fam ly mnoslto Jefferson Park. Elegant rooms, good table, and all modern conveniences. VoT^UUfON-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH 420 board; one large front alcove room, pleasant fnreontleman and wife, large grounds, all modern Im provements; terms reasonable; first-class neighborhood. no Tt-FST MONROE-ST., NEARLY OPPOSITE 423 Jefferson Park, first-class location—Nicely fur nished rooms for gentlemen and their wives or single gentlcinen*, with good board. References given and required. ■■ lot WESTFIFTEEKTH-ST.— FOURTOUNGMEN 4:24: can get first-class rooms, breakfast, and tea for $5 per week. References. TVASIIIXGTOX-ST., NEAR UNION PARK— -4/9 First-class rooms In a first-class house; terms to suit the tlmes._wlth board. t q T-405 ly furnished suites of rooms: also, room for two eentlerocn. References exchanged. V»/-vfT VAN BUREN-ST. -LARGE SOUTH ALCOVE bOS room, with board, nor Ashland-av.; prUate family. —-a- V*-. O 'WEST WASUINGTON-ST. - GOOD-SIZTO OXO room with or wlthoutboard. nn I TVEST REST. WITH first-class board, a front alcove room, fur nished or unfurnished. . >»O>“VEST MONROE-ST.—A FRONT .ALCOVE t)db room, furnished, with all conveniences and first-class boon!. Terms reasonable. WEST JACKSON-ST.—PLEASANT SUITE OP 702 front rooms, with board, for gentlemen; also, side and back rooms. nr\z T WEST MONROE-ST. FINE SUITE OF 705 rooms, with first-class board; aU modern con* venlences; private family; prices moderate. Please call. ; \VPST MONROE-ST.—TO RENT, ITH /06 board, rooms en suite or single, to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. . nn r WEST JACKSON'-ST.—A GENTLEMAN AND •lUO wife, or two single gentlemen, can be accom* modaled with a large furnlsned room anil board in a nrivate fairilly; nootherjmarders: terms reasonable.^ /Minn niuun and a large front room G°with hot and cold water for a couple In a private family: no other boardiirs; on West Adams-st. i nice locality. Address En. Tribune office. S o S™Ll£he o d^ ■mrlNlTY UNION PARK (WEST) BOARD FOR V“£ent iinan In a private family; no otter boaiders mesfinn vcrvdcslralilc; large front room; Uot and cold S“c‘r andSfc Fare extra good. Reference rcaulred. 810. Addrcaa Y 79. Tribune offlee. ittltiJ GOOD BOARD, A PLEASANT \V Miltc of rooms; also single room: dcalrablti loca tion onMonroeoa.; view of Jefferson tarfc. Address il 59. Tribune office. SontU Side* ( VTXCEKXE3-AV.-A LARGE FRONT 82 Som unfurtilshed In private family; also furnish- S wmfor Sue or twogentlemea, all modem conven (cnees, with or without ward. BOARDING AND LODGING* South Side—Continued. 4TniRTY-NINTH-RT.— THE DAILY NEWS IN sens these advertisements at 25c lor 3 Hues until you get what you wont. in ELDRIDGK COURT - PLEASANT FRONT J.U roomand.boardforoneortwo gentlemen; also, a few table-boarders. OQ EAST IIARRISON-ST.—FINELY FURNISHED 40 rooms, en suite or single, with flrst-class board; reasonable rates. A A EAST HARRISON-ST.-TO RENT-ONE SlN gle room, also one large room, hot and cold water, with use of bath-room. Day board also. NEAR PRAIRIE AV.- I L Famished and unfurnished rooms, with board. Terms, $5 and $6 per week. rrr* VAN BUREN-ST.. NEAR STATE—BOARD I O for ladles or gentlemen, $4 to $5 per week, with use of piano. '■ ' TA7 S. DESPLAINES-ST.—A FEW BOARDERS ±U I wanted in private family. mFRANKLIN-ST. - GOOD ROOMS WITH board. $4.50 per week, with use of bath-room; day board $3.50 perweek. Great Eastern House. ±4jl desirable location, furnished or unfurnished rooms with board can be had. References required. -i~q~| AND 186 SOUTH STATE^ST.—FURNISHED iOx rooms to rent with board. 0/1 /I WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOM TO Zx i rent, with board. Day board $4. O^ _ MiCHIGAN-AV.-ROOM, SUITABLE FOR 400 two gentlemen or man and wife; terras reason able to permanent parties. Table boarders accommo dated. orrn miciiigan-av.— large front room to 4f ij rent with board; also, other rooms; house changed hands May 1. OQO MICniGAN-AV.-A HANDSOMELY-FUR -00-3 nibbed back parlor; also other desirable rooms, with board. nor MICHIGAN-AV.—ONE OR TWO PLEASANT 400 furnished rooms to rent with board, at moder ate prices; table boartL $4.50 per week. dnh statist, -pleasant rooms, with OUU board, at from $4 to $5 per week. ' OAO MICHIGAV-AV. - NICELY FURNISHED OU4 rooms fronting lake and park for man and wife or single gentlemen; alsoday boanlcrsjiccoramodateiL MICHIGAN-AV., FRONTING LAKE PARK— Nicely-furnished rooms to rent with or without board, from $5 to $7 per week. OYO MICHIGAN-AV. - NICELY FURNISHED 010 rooms to rent with or without board. b r»0 CALUMET-AV., CORNER TWENTY-NINTH oOO su—Board with rooms furnished orunfnrnlab ed. Terms reasonable. Q7l MICHIGAN-AV.-ONE LARGE FRONT Oli. room, also one single room, with board; refer ences required. ' 0-70 SOOTH PARK-AV.-FURNISHED PARLOR OI O with bed rooms to rent; day-board convenient; also, barn to rent. - 07:1 STATE-ST., UP-STAIRS PLEASANT O• l x rooms, with board, and use of piano, for $5 per week. . „ One MICHIGAN AV.—VERY LARGE FURNISH OUO cd front room, with board, for two or three gentlemen. ; iOO WABASH-AV.—A PLEASANT FRONT *■£££ suite of rooms unfurnished, except carpets, to rent with board; also one single furnished room. ,|V»Q WABASH-AV.—WANTED—A FEW TABLE tOO boarders. Ani MICIIIGAN-AV.—ALCOVE ROOM. FUR -±,;X ulsbed, with board; house all modern impro\c incuts. WABASH-AV.—AN , ELEGANT FRONT OUO suileof rooms; also a largo front room to reut, with every convenience; terms moderate. rriQ WABASH-AV. —PLEASANT FUUMbIILD OUO rooms for single gentlemen, or gentlemen and wives. References required. -OXO room unfurnished, and furnished single rooms for gentlemen, with board. erOQ MTCHIGAN-AV., FRONT ROOM, SECOND OZO door, breakfast 7 o’clock, dinner for two gen tlemen, $4.75. • «QQ SOUTHSTAFE-ST. -FURNISHED ROOMS OJjO to rent, with or without board, newly painted and papered. Terms reasonable. ; r* I O MICHIGAN-AV.— ROOMS. FRAME HOUSE, OXO with or without board; reference exchanged. f*r-l WABASH-AV.-TWO FRONT ROOMS TO OOX rent, wltbor without board. f l 7 Q W ABAS 11 •AV. -AN ELEGANT SECOND OI O story front room, handsomely furnished, with board. References exchanged. ; . 7-7T“WAIIASi!-AV.-A LARGE FRONT ROOM, Ult elegantly furulslicil. on second floor; also, handsome hnck-parlor to runt, with host hoard. I.efer cnccsrcqulrcd. rrr'A AND 753 WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS i OX with board; references 7m'WABASII-AV.-T0 RENT WITH BOARD ONE ff/X large alcove room, east front, with all modern Improvements; also, one single room. Qnn WABASH-AV.—TO KENT. GOOD ROOMS, OuU furnished or unfurnished; from $5 to >lO per month. Apply for one week. : qa/» WABASH-AV.—FOB RENT, WITH BOARD, OUO pleasant front room and bed-room, second Hoor. ROOM, WITH OU • board at $lO per week for two, or §lO per mouth without board. . QOO WABASH-AV.-BOARD AND COZY SUITE of rooms for two; sl2 per week. OttC tVABASH-AV.-ROOMS, WITH OR WITH -0012 outboard, ora suite of two or three rooms, completely furnished for housekeeping; private family; rent very cheap. . GOT WABASH AV.—PLEASANT FURNISHED i rooms, with or without board; also, barn to rv77 IKDIANA-AV.—SPLENDID SUITE FRONT y I I rooms, furnished,, with board. i nan warasii-av.—a handsomely fur iUUy nlshed front room to rent, with board. Refer cnees required. ' ia/>a WABASH-AV.—TWO FRONT ROOMS. lUOU furnished or unfurnished, with or without board; very reasonable. ■ 1 ncn WABASH-AV.—FIRST-CLASS FURNISHED XUOirooms, with board; also one unfurnished room, except carpet. Also day board. moo WAHASII-AV. HANDSOME ALCOVE lUOO room to rent; also furnished and unfurnished rooms with board; boose flrsl-class loevery respect I T A O WABASH-AV.—A FRONT ALCO\T2 ROOM, with board, for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, at reasonableprlcc. _ -j - lt~n~ WA RAS H- A V. — G 0O D ROOMS EN SUITE, li i O and rooms for gentlemen with board. Toi O niXIUIE-AV.—EAST FRONT ALCOVE room; also backj-oom, with or without board. TOO?” W’ABASH-AV.—PLEASANT FURNISHED i rooms, with board. 1 O OffT'WABASH^AV., NORTH OF THIRTIETH- I O-LZ Bt.—A pleasant front room with board, fur nished or unfurnished, to one or two gentlemen. In a private family; reasonable terms. __ toi/i PRAIRIE-AV.-WITH BOARD, A VERY lu4:U superior furnished back parlor reasonable; also, single room i good refercDccs rcquircU. ** PRIVATE FAMILY ON MICHIGAN-AV., NEAR A Twelfth-st.. can accommodate three or four boarders at $6 per week. M PC. Tribune office. AN UNFURNISHED FRONT B room, with alcove adjoining. In a quiet house on South Side, for gentleman and wife, no other boJrSera:earpeUfumtolSd, If renolred; a so, « , single furnished room; flrst-clasa references. Address D 84, Tribune office. \RRIED PARTIES WITHOUT SMALL CHlL *dren who can furnish unexceptionable references may And elegant apartments furnished, with good board, at fair prices on avenue South Side, also four single gentlemen who can afford to pay for good home living, and come properly recommended. Address Y 24, Tribune olDcc. ~ NTICHIG VN• AV.. NEAR THIRTEENTH-ST.-GEN- M. tlemen can be accommodated with flr S t f ;Sjg®'ggS l and pleasant rooms for §5 per week. Address b9C, Tribune olOcc. _ MICHIG.VN-AV., NEAR THIRTIETH-ST.—FRONT alcove room: also, two rooms for single men. No other boarders. Address J B. ICB houtu Watcr-st. /\N AVENUE SOUTH OF TWENTC-SECONp-ST., U well furnished front room, hot and cold w ater, with breakfast and night dinner, for two gentlemen at §l-J Address K 51, Tribune office. SINGLE GENTLEMEN OK GENTLEMAN AND wife can have a pleasant room and closet, furnished or private fatally, oo Mlana-av; modem house, croquet grounds. Terms, sl4 per week, au dress O 18, frlbune office. - nttawASll-AV NORTH OF EIGIITEENTII-ST. W A pleasant ’furnished room, w j^ h n J? l o „Y,Vfuinnv* tlcman and wife, ortwo gentlemen. In private family, where there is no other hoarders; references required. Addre« B 5. Tribune office. . jVortli Side* OA RUSII-ST .-FIRST-CLASS BOARD AND NICE oU ly furnished room for u gentleman and ulfo, strictly private family. I I ItUBII-ST.-U.NTUIiN'ISIIF.D SUITE OF ROOMS jp a marble octagon house, with board. Ci* KUSH-ST., SECOND DOORFKOM INDIANA OD X'leasantfrout room* bouse new: terms reason- taw KOItTH DEAKUOUN-ST.—AiXICbIA *FUB -107 nlshed front room, with tirat-claas board. Kefcrcncea required^ mAVD 136 MICHIGAN-ST., ST. CLAIR house, boarders can iret wellfurnUhcd rooms, good table and bath room at $5 and g>7 per week. _ NORTH CLARK-ST. (DE FOREST HOUSE)— Now open. Board sl2 to sls per week for two, single, SO to SB. I£T < EUIE-ST., NEAR WELLS—TWO MEGHAN* ISi lcs; nice room with board at $4.50 a week. OTA RUSH-ST., JUST NORTH OF CHICAGO- JjWj gy.—Good plain board for two young men. ni ** EAST INDIANA-ST.—DESIRABLE DOOMS 215 with orwltliout board; also a few table boarders DtanTv-st^la rge front room, fur -4xl pished, with board; also single room. rj-i VORTH ST ATE-ST.—FURNISHED OR UN* 215 furnished rooms to rent with or without board. (id! ONTARIO-ST.. JUST EAST OF CLARK A 221 handsomely furolshed alcove with mod ern Improvements, suitable for * good table: reasonable terms; references eicnam»eu. oti** OVTAItIO-ST. NEAR DEARBORN—ONE 220 alcove and one single room In private family, with l>oard. References exchanged. 237 SSSSSt front suite, nicely furnished. FAST PfDIANA-ST. PARTIES MISHING 2*ll to engage board and oleasant rooms In h ous containing all modern conveniences, orto Ing at aboye number. Front alcove rooms furnuu or unfurnished. References. nen FAST INDIAN A-ST.—ROOM WITH BOARD. ZiQyJ References. 256 SSK also, one large furnished room. References rig _ r»/iA ONTARIO-ST.—FURNISHED DR UNFDI.- 260 nlsbed rooms, with board. References re- —— furnished rooms with pleasant surroundings. BOARDING AND LODGING. rVortlt Side—Continued* Oft .7 IXDIANA-ST.. CORNER STATE-2 ROOMS furnished, with board; day boarders accom modatcd. OftQ ILLINOIS’S?. - 2 NICELY FURNISHED south front rooms, with board; table nrst class; terms very moderate till Sept. 1. 071 EAST INDIANA’S?.—TWO NICELY FEU’ £ I i nlshed rooms, with board; day boarders accom modated. ’ 077 ISDIASA-ST.. NEAP. STATE -FTOSISHED £ i I rooms, with or without board; also day-board. qa'cT indiana-st7."'near BUSH-DESIRABLE OUO furnished and unfurnished rooms, with or without board. In private family. ON INDIANA’S?.. NEAR RUSII-IN A FIRST doss house, small family, a handsomely-furnished room, for a couple. Tabic excellent. Address h, 82, Tribune office. Hotels* BROWN’S HOTEL. 274 AND 276 STATE’S?.—NEW* ly furnished rooms, with board, £•">. §6, and $6.50 a week: without board, 52.52.50. and $3; day board, §4; lodging. 50 cents. Table well suphlled. Elmore hotel, 120 and 122 south halstkd st.—Best hotel for the price In the city. Rooms well furnished with best spring beds and hair mattresses, 50 cents per day. $2 to $3 per week. Meals 25 cents, $3.50 per week. IRVINGIIOUSE. 218 AND 220 WASHINGTON’S?.- Newly furnished; flrst-clas* board. $1.50 to »l. <5 a day; §6 to $8 a week; Uaybuard, $4.50 a week. _ Lawndale hotel, corner twenty-sec* ond-s-:. and Ogdcn-av.—A beautiful borne for the summer: fine billiard-tables free for gucsta; 30 min utes* ride from Court-House; rooms and board nrat class. Merchants* iiotel-the comforts of a borne. Table Hoard sspcr week. Country. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen, can be accommodated In a private fam ily at Kenwood. Large yard and pleasant rooms. Best references given and required. A 75, office. GENTLEMAN WITH WIFE, OB TWO TTNMAR rIed gentlemen, can obtain board for the summer at one of the most desirable residences in the vicinity of Chicago; large rooms, flno grounds, and good barn. Prices reasonable. Address Z SO. Tribune office. AT NORWOOD FARR—BOARD FOR A FEW ladies and gentlemen. Largo rooms and grounds at low rates. D 82. Tribune office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen can obtain board In a private family at Oak Park. Address D 10, Tribune office. Boarding for the summer at beaver Lake, Wls. Reference M. F. Tuloy. attornev.l74 I.aSalle-Bt. Address JOHN O. RUDBERG, lianland, AVIs. ' COUNTRY BOARD-ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, dining In town, can he accommodated tn a private family. Terms $0 a week. Distance from town 14 miles. Shady groves; pleasant locality. Apply to S. MITCHELL, 12 LaSalle-st. CUMMER BOARD—IN OUR MAIN BUILDING OR O Home Cottages, with gas and lake water, In midst of delightful grounds. Address Lakeside Hall Co., Evanston. rpWO MARRIED COUPLES CAN BE ACCOMMO- X dated with board for the summer, or year, Inune of the most desirable locations at Kenwood, on lake shore; modem house, large rooms, and pleasant grounds. Address V 73, Tribune office. WOODLAWN-A CLUB OF 10 GENTLEMEN OR business ladles can rent, very reasonable, sunny rooms, two blocks from depot, with or without board. Also a good barn. Address 149, TrlbnneutQco. tTsTM ILKS~FROM "CITY”ON LAKE SHORE-OEN XD tlemen boarders wanted; 40minutes ride by N.V>. R. R. For further particulars address C. A. BLAKE, Wlnnetka, 111. ' miscellaneous. ROOM AND BOARD IN THE FAMILY OF A FlßST class German teacher: nice residence, splendid lo cation, small faintly. Address C 01. Tribune 6fllce. rpWO YOUNG LADIES CAN FIND COMFORTABLE JL home In private family. No children. Address L 44, Tribune office. __ ROARD WANTED. Board-in a private family at evakston for a lady, four children, and nurse. C 40, 1 ribune office. EOARD-FOR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH large unfurnished room or suite, with modern Im provements. Terms must be reasonable. Address P •1(5, Tribune office. ; BOARD-FOR SELF AND WIFE ON SOUTH SIDE, north of Twelfth and«east of Statc-sts. Must be reasonable. References given If necessary. State price, etc. L 7.% Tribune office. BOARD-BY A GENTLEMAN IN OR NEAR THE city; private family preferred. Good references and prompt pay. Answers must state price, which must be moderate. K 2T», Tribune office. BOARD-GOOD COUNTRY BOARD FOR LADY, nurse girl, and two children, where there Is plenty of room and plenty to cat. I 3U. Tribune office. T>OARD-A MIDDLE-AGED GENTLEMAN WISH-. X> es a nice room with or without board. In the house of a respectable and cultured widow lady. Address G 78, Tribune office. . HOARD-SUIT OF ROOMS WITH BOARD fOR Xj self, wife and servant girl, with small family. Wouldllkeltncarpark. Termsrcasoaable; SouthSldc. Address G 43, Tribune office. B— ARD-A YOUNG MAN WISHES BOARD IN private family; wants a plain, comfortable home among steady and substantial people; will pay moder ate price and furnish satisfactory reference. Address, stating terms, 170. Tribune office. HOARD—ON THE WEST SIDE, NEAR UNION 1) park, by a young man. Address, with terms, etc., M 83, Tribune _ ■HOARD—IN HYDE PARK NEAR HOTEL, BOARD h and rooms fur gentleman and wife and twochlldren; boy 7 and girl 5 vears respectively. Will pay liberally if accommodations are Al. Address L Ki, Tribune office. FINANCIAL. 4 DVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, .A. bonds, etc., at LAUNDERS’ private oince. i:u Ran* dolph-st., near Clark, Rooms ft and 0. Latabllshcd !804. A 1 COMMERCIAL PAPER, NOTES WITH COL* laterals, mortgages and local stocks bought and sold. ISAAC GREENEUAUM. 110 Fifth-av. ■APPLICATIONS FOR LOANS of SSOO AND UP- A. wards on Chicago real estate wanted, by EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, llu and 121 LaSalle-st. ~K NY ONE HAVING FROM SOUOTO S3OO TO LOAN ,/x ran secure a cood home for the use of It; board or partnership. Address MHA Tribune otUce. Bonds, stocks, state of texas and u. s. bounty laud-warrants bought and sold: business- Sapor and real-estate loans negotiated. lEIUii & [UNT, 85 Washington-su ORSALE—SI.SCOPAID-UP EMPIRE INSURANCE stock at 30 cents. B. L. CHAMBERLAIN, 140 La- Salle-st. ; 170 R SALE—§3,OOO—PURCHASE MONET MORT r cage notes at a liberal discount on marble-front house centrally located. 11. C. MOREI. 95 Llurk-st» T?6iT~LOAN—SITOOO, §2,000 ON REAL ESTATE, r Money on nand. Cun close at our usual rates. HENRY L. HILL, 143 Dearborn-st. T _ HAVE MONEY TO LOAN ON GOOD CITY OP. I Hvde Park; give full description of property and amount wonted. Address R 86. Tribune office. T AM~~ PREPARED TO NEGOTIATE LOANS JL from §SOO to §IO,OOO. Want §3o.o(X>far 1 year at K) percent. ISAAC 11. PRICE.JBB Modison-st, t"OANS—ON"COLLATERALS, REAL ESTATE, OR I I other securities. LIVINGSTON 6 CO., Room IS, 131 and 133 LaSalle-st. TOANS MADE ON HOUSES. PIANOS. WARE 1j house receipts, real-estate paper, and approved col laterals. W. QTTAWAY. 127 South Clark-st., Room 44. T OAN OF §SOO TO §200,000 ON REAL ESTATE. I i Good stocks aud commercial paper wanted. M. C. BALDWIN & CO., SO LaSalle-st., Room 23. . liiTONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OF SS.CXX) AND UP IVL wards, upon Improved city property. 8 percent. LYMAN & JACKSON, 33 Portland Block. ONEV TO LOAN-LARGE OR SMALL AMOUNTS. on Chicago real estate at current rates. O. R. GLOVER. 07 Dearborn-st. __ TiIOXKY TO LOAN-ON LONG Oill SHORT TIME; jYL low rates on good securltj. LLVI W ING A CO., 57 Dcarborn-st. _ OXEY TO LOAN-ON CHICAGO HEAL ESTATE, or on farms In Illinois, near Chicago. GEO. w. NEWCOMB, 771 West Madlson-st. tTioNEY TO LEND—IN SUMS TO SUIT, OF §I.OOO iu (IT more. 00 city or farm property, at 8,9, or 10 Eer cent interest, according to security. J. W. HEii* NDERG. 90 Mf.dtson-st., Room 4. tate in Chicago and vicinity. A. LOLB & BROTH EH, 120 and 131 LaSallo-st. _ Money to loan on diamonds, watches, Singer machines, pianos, and other collaterals. Private Eoan Office, 125 Clark-st., Hoorn 2. up-stairs. OVEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OF~§IOO TO SI,OOO on chattels and personal property. Address A 31, Tribune office. _ . ONEY TO LOAN ON' CITY REAL ESTATE: would make desirable building loans. J. UEM*i EOFF. 14 Reaper Block, U 5 Clark-st. ; ON'EY TO LOAN ON FURNITURE. ETC., without removal. J. C. PARKY, Room 8, No. Ul Washlngton-at. ; OVEV TO LOAX-51.000 FOR 2 YEARS AT 10PF.U cSt. Addrras E. 11. HITCHCOCK, laiEorth Carpcgter-Bt. Tl TONEV TO LOAN ON HEAL ESTATE, BGSl fii :NESS MEN’S UNION, 97 Lcarburn-ai. ONEV ADVANCED ON ALL KINDS OF HOUSE eu J. L. iTEEI) A; CO. ONEY ADVANCED ON JEUELRV. DLVMONDrf, etc.; less than brokers’ rates. MRa.T. F. bU ACL, 124 Clark-st. Money to loan* in sums to suit AT LOW e«t rates, on city property and farms. E. F. ADAMS, inuciark-st., second floor. ONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS TO SUIT AT S AND j) per cent, from S3OO to 52.>,000, Dl*. S. PLACE, IDO Dearborn-st.. basement. ONEY TO LOAN IN LARGE AND SMALL amounts on Chicago improved property and on 11-, Kinds inrms. WM. O. COLE, IQS Dearborn-st. tTToNEY TO LOAN ON FURNITURE. HOUSES, IVL pianos, and oihergood chattels andcollateral se curity. £♦ ROGERS. 177 East Madlsoa-eL, Room a. "\t ONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OF S-’iCO. 81.000, M $1,500, 52,000. etc., on good l™P[oved Chlcaso property at the lowest rates. bAMULL GEUK, 1U Dearborn-st, . iTfONEY. TO LOAN "AT CURRENT RATES. IN AX sums as required, on real estate and collateral se curities. DUNaTAN X CO.. RQumS. iraODcurltoru^sl ONEY TO LOAN-ON FURNITURE, PIANOS. diamonds, houses on leased lots, and othcr goood securities. No. luo Dcarborn-st. K. NMNNE. TI'TOVEY to loan on watches and silver- JVlware. diamond* etc. Panics wishing small auma forabontlmeaddress873. Tribune olllee. WVF.RS OF PAST-DUl£ MORTGAGES AND trust-deeds can liave them cost of £3O. T have special advertising rotes,cut this out. W. H. MOORE, attorney, Room dl, 150 Dear born-st. _ - ODMS OF SI.OiO TO Sin.ono AND TO Sh oat 8 and 0 per cent. Vt . M. MILLNEI., 120 Labjdie st.. Room 1. . MOIST - DATE PAPER WASTED. BUSINESS O MEN’S DNIOK, irrDearborn-tU m x~T OAV—SUMS FROM .Sl.dob TO fS,OUO AT ft f per cent on good city real estate. Apply 1W TV asb- Room 35. rr6~LOAN-ASr AMOUNTS FROM f l.Wi Tp X 515.00 Q, on city real estate, it WICkS FALMEU, 8G tVaaUlcuton-flt. FINANCIAL. The advertiser has sold of a certain article, la a prominent location In this city. $8l,«>o In 1875. wholesale sail retail. The poods are imported; duty 50 per cent. Have started to make the article here for two years, and now produce It to perfection. $25,000 to $50.c00 would pay 25 to so per cent profit. Correspondence solicited. Address M 19, Tribune of fice. | rpo MANUFACTURERS. MERCHANTS. AND OTH- X crs. If you need money on your surplus goods and will store them with me. I will let you have money on them at 10 per cent per annum. THUS. A. HILL, 123 Dearbora-st. rpO CAPITALISTS—WB HAVE AN EXTRAOP.- 1 dlnary opportunity for any party having $5. «o to Invest to do bj without the possibility of loss, and with every assurance of Its netting t^® r , I ST, e^ t I 0 c wrTf profits- For particulars inquire of MCHOLS, BRAGG & CO., 146 Dearborn-st. rpo LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS. X furniture, and other goodcollaieraliJAS. b. STOREY. Private Danker. S 4 LaSalle-BL. Room 25. rpo LOAN— $2,000 AT 8 PER CENT ON A I CITY X property. Inquire at 53 North Clark-sc.. Room 1. rpO^LOAN— TEN PER CENT. 1 on first-class security; no sums at 8 and 9 per cent. H. c. MOUEY, 05 Clar«*-st. TTrANTED—SI,OOO AT LOW RATES ON IMPROV VV ed city property worth $3,000. Address K. 58. Tribune office. . WANTED— $8,COO TO SIO,OOO ON FIRST MOKT gage railroad bonds, with gooduamc paper. Ad dress KcS, Tribune office. TiXTANTED—S3,OOOON EACH OF TWO STORE®: VV Also S2.(JUU on one store; all on Madlson-st.; also Sl.OOOon each of ten 2-story brick dwellings. Address L. K. TUCKER, 963 West Vanßureu-st. XirANTED—SLOOO FOR ONE, TWO, OR THREE W years on Chicago read estate security (first mort gage) at lu per cent; no commission. Address 51 »o. Tribune office. a __ WANTED— $3.OCO FIVE YEARS ON PUOPELTV worth $20,000; also $2,000 on property worth $7,500. Will pay 9 per cent. Apply at Room 1. 77 Clark-kt. • XXrANTED—SIO,OOO—S YEARS, 8 PER CENT. ON VV good business corner, rented for SI,BOO and worth $25,000. Also want $2,500—10 per cent—on choice acres. D. W. STORRS. 94 Woshlngton-at. WANTED-TO LOAN—S4,OOO ON IMPROVED real estate In Hobart. Lake County. Ind- Address D 71, Tribune office. . XXf ANTED—S2,SOO FOR 5 YEARS AT 8 PER CENT; \\ security ou Aberdccn-st.; no broker need apply. Address J B, 376 Weal Madlsou-st. » YXrANTED—A LOAN OF $3,500 ON A LARGE ;VV tract of valuable tlmbcr-laud In this State, for one to three years; security ample. NICHOLS, BRAGG A CO., 146 Dcarfaorn-st. XirANTED—S3,SOO OR $4,000. TO BE SECURED VV by trust deed on my suburban homestead worth $10,500. Address G 85, Tribune olficc. YirANTtCD—SIS,OOO FOII ft YEARS AT 7 PER :\V cent per annum on tint-class city real estatese gurlty. Address R 11. Tribune office. TirANTED-FROM $350 TO SSOO FOR THIRTY OR 'V sixty days on good leasehold worth $2,500: wl*l gives per cent *i mouth la advance. Address Do, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—SI,OOO ON’ CHICAGO IMPROVED REAL \\ estate; will pay 10 per ceui. but no commission. Address C 73, Tribune^office. TITAXTED-A 7 PER CENT LOAN OF S9IOUO KOI! \t ten years, on good security. Address U 67, Trib une office. _ WANTED— $12,000, COR 12 MONTHS AT KEASON abIe interest by good party; will put up as collat eral £2u.wx» note secured on HO acres near city limits, worth SIOO,OOO. Principals address AK, T rlhune office. BaVd 0 PER CENT—MONEY TO LOAN IN bUMa of $4,000 and upwards on Coolc County property. U. W. HYMAN, Jis., A CO.. Room 11. Iftft Laballc-bt. DU YOU OFFER FOR A SlU> claim against the Uty Nation?! Bank/ Gro ceries or furniture preferred- Address A Id, Tribune office. ■ lUfl n/I(VS.m $2,500. AND LARGER AMOUNTS rM.UUU to loan on city property or farms: tt, 0, u" dlO per cent. PETERSON & lIAY,JUS RandulpU-st^ & i nan for 3or s years ok improved in foi.UUu side property, unincumbered, worth £s,u*j; will pays per cent; .no commission- Address K 8, Tribune office. __ ,".0 AAn WASTED OK $3,000 VTOItTII OF clear mil estate at Id percent perannum ffcni principals. Address 1170, Trlljuao offlee. dil Xltn 7VANTKU OK SEUUitITV IN VALUE ©I.OUU over four times that amuunt. Address 1. 3U, Tribune office. d!*D AAA TO LOAN IN SUMS OF SSOO TO $1,500 <fcO.UUU for i*J days, at low rates, on Improved real estate, byCHAS. S. WILSON 'Room 31, Reaper illock. di*o“ AAA TO LOAN IN SUMS TO SUIT ON CITY tho.UUU real estate oMurms within GO miles of t?lilcugo. HUTCHINSON & LUFF. 2u Tribune Build g dl*o AAA $2,000, AND SI,OOO TO LOAN ON. ChO.UUU good inside property. ADOLF liElhh, Room IP, 150 Dearborn-jit. _ (JL- AAA TO LOAN ON GOOD COLLATERALS • iSO.UUUIn store, orgoodpaperaecured.attf months, uTcurrent rates. OUVEIt EEdLV, ld3Uearljuni-st., Room la ■ Cl* £ Anil or? 510,000 TO LOAN ON FIRST-CLASS Oi)«UUU securityatQ percent. G. A.iOLLANS REE,'42 Bryan Block. ___ tea nnn AT s per cent for s tears. JtPjO. UUU wanted on rtnely-Improvea and occupied business property In Keokuk. lowa, worth title perfect, abstract and Insurance furnished. Also, 55.000 paid up stock In Virginia Tobacco Works at Keo kuk, lowa, for sale. To purchaser, if a practical to*, baeco or good business man, a situation given. Ad dress S, P.-O. BoxflJl, Keokuk. lowa. AAA WANTED FOR A TERM OF YEAR* vDU.UuU on clear. Unimproved property south on the boulevard; property valued at $3o,ooo; no brokers; will pay 10 and Address 151, Irlbuac offlee. /.in q Al VA TO LOANAS WANTED, AT 8 AND i> SU.UUU percent. C. T. DRAKE.Room 13, 152 LaSalle-sL CL»I O nnn TO loan in ONE OU two SUMS at a per cent; none but principal* need apply. F. F. &11. OVIASr, 124 LaSalle-st., Room C. O'r Hfin TO LOAN IN SUMS TO SUIT ON feOD.UUU Improved city property. KELLEY & McKNIGHT, 101 LaSallc-st., Hoorn a. Ainn nnn TO loanatsplrclnt; asaooo SSiUi J. UuU to loan at l> per cent; to loan Id sums to suit. Heat of security required. CHANDLER & CO., mortgage bankers, 2m Lasalle-at. MISCELLANEOUS. 4 LADY WILL GIVE 850 TO ANT PERSON PHO- A curing a permanent situation for a thoroughly competent and reliable engineer to ran a stationary engine In this city. Undoubted reference given. Ad dress G t), Tribune nlllce. . STRANGER, WITH 52,000 CAPITAL, WISHES to Invest In some enterprise wltji an energetic man with equal amount. None hut men wjth cash and mean business, need answer. Address BJI, Tribune oiEce. . A LAUDEP.EACK, MANUFACTURE!: OF DIA- A. mond Jewelry, 70 Madlson-at., corner of State, Rooms 20 and 27, ; T tOUNG' LADY. VERY STRONG. WANTS TO A learn the trapeze. EM, Box 10. Tribune office. A SR TOUR DRUGGIST FOR DR- SYKES' SURE A Cure for Catarrh, or try It free at laboratory, H» EastMadlson-st., any day this week. This remedy, though hut little advertised, has made more cures in Chicago than all others put together. ~i j* RYDBERG—BUILDINGS MOVED ON A. springs; houses, roofs, etc., raised scienilflcally. 73 North Saugamon-at. Chicago. HI. TDOOTS AND SHOES. CHEAPEST IN CHICAGO, ii every pair warranted. MONTGOMERY & LAW 60N, 244 State-it,, corner Jackson. —qot4 AND SHOES, CHEAPEST IN CHICAGO, every pair warranted. MONTGOMERY & LAW SON, 244 Statc-st., corner Jackson. Biliousness in ant form thoroughly cured by Dr- Sykes' Liver Tonic and Bilious Annl hllator. Ask for it, or conic to ICO East Madlson-st., Room 7. and see what It U made of. tSOOKS POSTED AND COMPLICATED ACCOUNIS J 3 adjusted by a competent practical accountant, at the Commercial School, comer Wells and Klnxlu-ats. Private lessons In bookkeeping and writ»ng. tSOOKKEKPING —BOOKS KEPT AND ACCOSTS 15 settled. Parties going East can have their work taken care of by an experienced and reliable man. Ad dress ACCOUNTANT. 47 and 4»Dearborn-»t. TYOARU OF’ TRADE MEMBERSHIP FOR SALE is cheap for cash. Address 83, Tribune ofllce. BED-BUGS.' COCKROACHES, AND MOTHS Ex terminated by contract; article> sold: housesex amined and Information free. A. OAKLEY, 180 Last Washlogtoo-at. _ 7SoiNS-A SILVER DOLLAR OF 175*5. PERFECT; Vy also many other coins equally valuable, to dispose of at a falrprlce if taken at once, Address for three days. I iu. Tribune oiflce. /"MAST-OFF CLOTHING—CHARLES MYERS. 8J L; Blue Island-av., will pay the highest cash price In this city for ladles' and gents' caat-o»f clothing. COMPLICATED ACCOUNTS ADJUSTED. BOOKS onened and closed; will take charge of another small set of hooks. Address EXPERT, 257 Hermit age-av. ; . rtALCIMINTNG DONE FOR 50 CENTS PER L/ square, painting and paper-banging fur b cudw per roll, for cash or trade of any kind, bend orders to 136 East llarrlsonjst. rtLOTHES WHINGERS’ OF ALL KINDS REPAIR \j ed, new rolls, etc., at TOWest Svashlngmn-st. nALCiMiKIXG a) CENTS PER SQUARE; PAPER hanging, 15 cents per roll; bouse and sign painting. A. M. GLASGOW. 406jVc3t Igdlaua-st. TSiO”B7MABSIi, DENTIST. REMOVED TO 240 J J Waba*ih*av., corner rvIAMOSDS ARE NOT SAFE IN OLD WOIiN-OUT I ) aettinsj. Sccurt; their wilcy' by bat Inn tbun prop mlt set by A. LAUDEIiHACK. maaulattuter o< dia mond Juwclry. 7U Madlaon-sl.. curnnr ol btalß. Booms inland d 7, - T’RENCII FLUTING, FINE KNIFE-PLEATING X and l*ox-p!eatlng made a specialty for 5 cents a yard. MRS. T. COLLINS, 07 South Green-st.. near il ad Ison. 17OR 30 DAYS—MERLIN CARD 1< only 51 anuSI.CO perdozen. Comeandsce UHll- ING’S Art Studio. 622 West Lake-fcL, near La lon Pant. For adoption—an intelligent little girl of 6 years, of respectable parentage; light hair. For particulars address 139. Tribune ofllce. Four walnut-top bar counters, from 12 to 18 feet long, and one cigar counter at si.oopcr foot. Must be sold at once to pay charges. 100 West Monroe-*L T?OR PAINTING, CALCIMINING, ETC., BV THE i? day or contract, go to Room 7, 90 LaSalle-st. SI MONDS&CO. TWILL TAKE FURNITURE, CARPETS, UEFRIO- X erator, and other good prujicrty In payment for en graving on wood. Address S 70, Tribane. t'tvill do calcimixihg. painting, and 1. general building repairs In flint-claas style at panic price*. Address G 74,_Tripune office. T WILL D0 _ HOUSE PAINTING AND CALCIMIN- X Insr. and take pay In horses and buggies or trade of * ‘ <U U. HALL, 1075 SUte-at. any kind. C. t OOK, LADIES'-AS AP.TICI.F. ISDISPEXSABLE 1 1 to the toilet as afceautlQcr; It lias no equal; no lady should he without It. bend au cents for sample,, tady agents wanted. Address Mrs. S. LEE, 1. O. Lox « Chicago, 111. LAUXDIir— tlOOI) SAMARITAN FAMiLV WASH tug ami Ironing Is done for 7."» cents a woiea. Ad dress orders to Kooia 14,173 East Itandolpmst. adiks in* need or A odibt HOME and ‘ * mralnir adtlrea* D CO. Tribune offlce. Xj careful qi Ladies expecting to be confined lanse cure a good home with tbe best care by a profession al nurse of eighteen year-’ experience In who Is able to give the neat of reference. PlijslUans se lected as desired. Mu HAMILTON*, 1623bouthDear bom-»t.,or Dr. JAMES lIVDE, oiilce 117 CUxk-su, residence »7U Michigan*nv. im.SCELLA.VEOI.S. Ladies-all auf. incited to comc and »be our Improved knife, side, and boa platters and French nukers; they arc Invaluable for plaiting gren adines and summer-wear; we claim to do more work in one hour than can be done on any other nlaltcr In one day. and more of a variety; we make plaltlngs from i to 12 Inches wide, and oar plaits are double the length of cny other; we make all kinds of plaiting by the yard and rent machines out by the day; a deduction made to dressmakers and the trade; one or two lady or gentle men agents wanted. Sale room. 99 East MadUon-sc, Room 2. Flatters. 52.5 U. W-CASLEILGcneraI Aeent. Ladies* and children’s hoot button fas toners, buttons once secured cannot gut loose until desired. A child can place or remove them; but a life time; 20c per dozen. 35c per 2 dozen. C. HANCIIETT, P. O. Box 7t3. ' T ADIES—HAVE YOU TRIED BKILLIANTINE? 133 i-JLake-st.. up-stalrs. Agents wanted. Wonder ot .the nineteenth century. VrRS. BARRY. FURNITURE COVERS. CAR -I*l rtage linings, and lambrequins made to order; also old lace curtains lined. Address 92 Ewlng-st. VEW YORK UNIVERSITY AND CANCER PLAN! 1> medicines, 318 South Sute-ac Dr. E. HALLOCK. Agent. ' OK. INTELLIGENCE OFFCE; GOOD UEFERENCS • required from all. M. F. WICKEK3HAM.233 West Randolph-at. ORDER SCREENS AT LOW PRICKS. SHOP NO. 22 Twenty-elghth-st.. near Wabaah-av. 0” UR ENTIRE FEE TO PROCURE A PATENT IS $lO. 155 East Waahlngtoq-st.. Room 4*. Paper-hanging done for to cents per roll; gilts and decorations half-price. Address G 18. Tribune office. XJEPAIRS FOR STOVES MADE AT TROY. AL EV bany. Rochester. Cleveland. Detroit. Chicago, St, Louis, Quincy, and elsewhere, at W. C. JIETZNEII'S. 127 West lUndolph-flt. COLDIERS, SAILORS, AND CITIZENS IF YOU O want to secure as tine land as there Is lu America, apply at Room 20. IQS Flftfa-av. rpilE MAGIC PLAITINO-MACHINE FOR $2.50, I All kinds of platting done to order. Any person having a black walnut and gilt nlor-glas» for sale state price and size. MRS. HOUSE’S dressmaking parlors, 480 Wabash-av. rpo BUILDERS—I WILL GIVE A GOOD EQUITY X for the building of cither framu or brick build ings. Address WI. Tribune olllce. THE “DAILY NEWS” INSERTS THESE AD vcrtlscmcntsat2s cents for 3 Unes until you get what you want. ■ - 'PARE NOTICE—NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN X that Louis Arentz. bookkeeper for J. J. EATON, is no longer iu his etnploy. rpo CONTRACTORS—TO LET. THE PLASTERING L of twelve buildings. Apply to J. W. UERSEI, 706 West Luke-ut. rpo CONTRACTORS—TO LET. THE BRICKWORK. X cut stone, lathing, plastering, plumbing, paint ing, and glaring un six marble-fronts. Plans and -peel ficatlons at Room 13. 79 South Clark-st. A. J. SMITH. rniME WATCHES REGULATED WITHOUT A charge. Watch-repairing a specially. POMfcROi & LEWIS, 163 rpo RAILROAD CONTRACTORS-! WANT A UK* J. sponsible man to Join me in a cash railroad con* tract of some magnitude. that requires some means io handle It. Where can you bo seen? Address I U, Trib une uitice. WANTED— 1.COO ROYS AND GIRLS TO ESTAU lish routes for the Dally News, 1 cent. Office, 123 Filtb-av. ' TITANTF.D-THF. OWNER OP 50fj-ACRK FARM IN W vicinity nf Galesburg. 111., call again at ISHLaat MidUou-a. CHAS- C. LANDT. TTrANTED-TO PURCHASE—A BABV-CARRIAGK. VV parasol-tup; state lowest terms. X 37. Tribune office. ' WANTED—A CABINET-MAKER'S BENCH. ROB » £RTS. 215 SUtc-sU, second floor. TITANTED - TWO PLATFORM SCALES UN VV wheels, to weigh 400 to wo pound*; cheap for cash; send price and when they can oe seen to the St- Nicholas Toy Co., corner ICinzle and Peoria-sts. WANTED— MEDIUM-SIZE SAFE. WILL GIVE A good lot at Pruspect-ar. depot. Washington Heights. RoomC. 12S LaSalle-st. WANTED-PKOPLETO PURCHASE 7-SHOT FULL nickel-plated revolvers at $2.50; Evans' repeat- Ing rifle, 34 show In 20 seconds; no styles of revolvers; ."italuiSra free. WEaTKIUV du.K WOKKS, li) Dear boni-st., Chicago. Hi. TTTANTED—CHEAP FOR CASH, DIAMONDS. \> furniture, watches. nnd chains; also want a Do mestic sewing machluo or lody*» watch In exchange for opal and diamond cross. 3H Fifth-av. • WANTED— BIDS FOR PAINTING FENCE; TWO coats; comer Chestant and North La>alle-ats. WANTED - —~AN ELEGANT VASE OF WAX flowers. Address, stating price, M CO. Tribune of- TTrANTED—FILLING—TO RAISE THE NEW RUSH VV Medical College lot, comer Harrison and Wood sts.j to grade. Send proposals to DR. J. P. UUsS. 429 West V. juhlngton-Bt. ; WANTED -GF.NERAL AGENCY OF ANY GOOD, established paying business; will pay caah. A. i. NOBLE, No. lOState-st. TT7TRE SCREENS—LEAVE ORDERS. OR ADDRESS \Y by postal card, ARS, M 7 Ellla-av. Also, carpen ter work done in every department of the trade, at the moat reasonable rates. Satisfaction guaranteed in every case as to price and quality of the work. WANT ED—ILLI NOl S REPORTS AND OTHER law Looks cheap for cash. Address F 31. Tribune office. ■ ■ WANTED-SEWINO IN PRIVATE FAMILIES BY a widow lady. Inquire at 3UU_WcaL_MQdj*oii-st. WANTED-TO BUY MORNING PAPER ROUTE valued at SIOO. Address Y. HEIMS, 65 Ne braska-st., near Loomis. TT7ANTED—ATTENTION OF NEWS DEALERS OP VV Illinois and all the Stateo-Llbeml arnuigemenri will be made wit h you to keep for sale Woounull & Claf- Hu's Weekly, a paper replete and brlmfull of the mult progressive thought of the ago—l»eliglMii& hm'lal, or Political. For particulars address G. U. KREIDLu, P.0.80x37U1, New Fork City. ■■ WANTED— THE LADIES TOJvNOYY THEY CAN have stylish drc*»c;* made fur S'* anil upward at Mrs. A. A. WILDER'S Dressmaking Parlors, 56tf Car pcnler-st., comer Madison. WANTED— WALL-PAPER TO HANG AT 12K cen ts per roll; all work guaranteed. Call or ad* dress JZ, 00 East Jacfcsou-st. rr ANTED—TO* BUT FIRST-CLASS BAR FIX r turns complete. 145 South HaUted-st, TirANTED-A GOOD HOME FOR AN ACTIVE, VV Intelligent, and healthy orphan Imy 12 years old, where his services would bo considered fUtPclen remuneration for his services. Address t 78, Tribune olUee. WANTED— TO PURCHASE DRUG STORE} SEND full particulars to G 71, Tribune office. * TtrANTED-TO PURCHASE DRUG FIXTURES VV suitable for a drug store; nlso glass cases and bot tles. Address E 57, Tribune olhee. TIT’ANTED—PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING K(Hi VV 12 two-story and basement dwellings; will t*uj half cash and half In Improved Inside property at strict ly cash price. It. L. ROOT, 134 iladlsoo sl.. Room :i. WANTED— ANY WHO ARE TROUBLED'WITH pimples or salt rheum on face or hands who de sire a perfect cure for 50 cents to send name and ad dress tor five days X 45, Tribune office. WANTED-ADOUT 150 FEET SHELVING AND counters for dry goods jmd groceries Call al Room 6 Metropolitan Block. GAGNE Je MOBIL. WANTED-GOOD GOLD OR SILVER WATCH FOB cash, cheap. Address 031, Tribune oiflce. WANTED-TO BUTHALF OR WHOLE INTEREST In a good paying business: cigar bouse preferred. Address T 77, Tribune ottlce. TXT ANTE D-GOOD SECOND-HAND SKIDS. BO VV GAUDUS BROS.. 11l South Water-wt. WANTED-TO BUY A FRAME COTTAGE OB house on the North Side to he moved to vacant lot. Address ATTORNEY, l(KFlfth-av. TT7ANTED—A PARTY TO OPEN A MILLINERY. VV dress-making, and fancy-goods store at Ulgb; wood. Apply Tuesday. E. ASHLEY MEALS, 4. Reaper Block, corner Clark and Washington-)**. TirANTKtI - HOMEOPATHIC I'insiClAN AT W IIlL'hwoo.1: smart, jrrowlnpplace. and uodoctui there. E. ASHLEV MEAIIS, 47 Reaper liluct cornel Clark and Washlngton-sts. TtrANTED—GENTLEMAN OR LADY TO BENI VV hotel on lake-shore at Hlghwood. at nomlno. rent, and keep summer boarders and hotel, s. Mk-vIo, 47 Reaper Block, corner Clark umlNVasjilngUJn-sts. "liTANTED HOUSE TO MOVE OFF LOT NEAR W and Canal-sis. GIVINS A GIL BERT, 7 Bryan Block. p WANTED-CHEAP FOR CASH, A SECOND-HAND health-lift. Call or address 37 J>carlK)m-st-_ "nn GOLD paid ant "lady FaULING” to be *S)XU satisfied with the work done at the new stamp ing parlors, or at the following prices: ■ Flannel skirts, all sizes 15toa>c Blankets, with comers- 3* Childrens’ and ladles dresses -5 to s<)c Pillow shams, wreatlis, and comers Extra large letters Handkerchief letter* per do* 3*»c 242 State-st., Room 4. entrance on Jackson. -nn REAL GOAT-KID SKINS, fHE FINEST EVER OUU Had. Just arrived, for kid gloves to measure. ParisGloveStore. blStatc-st. ; Afll I—WANT TO BUY HALF OR WHOLE ©I.UUI/ Interest In dry goods, grocery, or produce commission Imslaew. or rent store la good location, city or country. Kiri. Tribune otHce. IXSTRUCTIOX. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN WISHER TO ENTER Into an American family to give French lessons; salary no object. Address 36, Tribune ogee. AI’.BIGONX. TEACHEUOFITAMAN. FKENCH. 45 Otis Clock. * CENTLEUAN WORLD LIKE A FEW I'tl'Og ;V la French. Italian, Latin, and Grcclt. Addrew 1 i N EXPERIENCED TEACHER, GRADUATE UF J\ prtncctou College, will engage for coming year. P C. Dox 520. Stamford. Conn. TN RETURN FOR INSTRUCTION, THE ADVKR- J. 11-wr. a bookkeeper In another line of btislneia, %. lil help n grain or carre*pundlng bookkeeper on hii book*, evenings. 7 to 12: best of references given. y 34, Tribune otflcc. : tiastel OR COLORED CRAVoN—THIS EASV 1 style of painting taught la a few essons. Terms 525 a quarter for two pojilli. Q2(t Tribune o*»lce. SKETCHING FROM NATURE TAUGHT IN ONE lesson fur $5 (not Including fbruUag). Puphi taught only at their residences. Address C. ELVEEN A. Poat-oClce._ rpRE DAILV NEWS INSERTS THESE ADVER- J. tlscmenuat2scfor3 lines, until you get what you want. miK kindergarten and primary scuoni. L on !ndl«na-av.. comer TUny-nnt-u., »T.I cnu tlnae through tbe lummcr, nmler the charge of KOSTEK. TTITILL GIVE 20 LESSON'S IN’ SIIORT IIAN'U EOIt W 510; will sire au-ady employment as noon « com petent to report. AddrtM* A 41. Tribune odcc. WAXTED-LAniESAXUCEXTLEMEXTOLEAES phonueraphlc shorthand; classes day and ere nine. OAP.CSEK HOUSE TELEGRAPH COLLEGE. BVILDIItG 3UTEKIAE. F*~OB SALE—iOOO DOZES MOKTISB LOCKS, knolx, Md butt*: a lot of |*^F/Si®. f fiiLJS doora. 50 cent* per dozen. A.W. tVIiEELEIi.»*IL«** st., up-stairs. T?OR SALE-A LOT OF FINE BRASS FA» MOR* tUc Intchtt* at $3 per dozea to cltwe ibcmout. A.W. WHEELED HI Lake-iU. up-ttalra. MnVO UUNUBEU THOOSASD WANT- X eil lu exchange for lime, ceraent, atacoo, aad r I *- Addrcaa U. IUCE, di>a weat itadUon-at 11

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