Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 4, 1876, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 4, 1876 Page 14
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14 TO REIVT-HOUSES. n. sampson * c 0... heal I Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-fit. south Division. . 227 Thlrtleth-st, 10 rooms. lorgc lot, 48 feet front. 200 Vernon *v., two-story amf basement brown-stone front, rooms, and barn . ; - . Fire new iwo-story end basement, stone-iroat bouses.southeast corner Wabash-av.ond Thirty-fourth* at., 12 rooms each, only S4O a month each. 901 and9o3 Cottage Grove-av., io rooms each, only $35 a month. . 879 wabash-av., large brick house, IS rooms and barn, only $75 a month. _ 845 Michigan ar.. 9 rooms, only S7O a month. i7sTwenty-thlrd-sL, choice cottage, 7 rooms, fur nace, and gas fixtures. , . tT WEST DIVISION. Three of the sew three-story and basement octagon stone-front houses, situated on the northwest corner of Adams-st. and Aahland-av.. 12 rooms each. These booses are fim-cla&s lu every particular; location the best in the city. New two-story and basement stone-front bouse, on Adams-st., Inst cast of Asbland-av., SSO a month. 873 West Adams-st., 10 rooms and furnace, only $37 a month. Three new, two-story and basement brick booses on Wood-St-, between Folk and Taylor-sta., 10 rooms each, only $25 a month. 27 St. Jobn-place, 10 rooms, all In perfect order, SSO a month. A large list of houses for rent In all parts of the city. NORTH DIVISION. 189 Hnron-st., new brick boose, IS rooms. 389 Snpcrior-st., 12 rooms. • 330 Otuo-st., 12 rooms. 253 Indlana-st., three-story and basement brick bouse, 15 rooms. . 342 to 346 North LaSalle-st, 14 rooms each, only S<s a month. Northwest corner State-st. and Chlcago-av., three story stone fronts. 12 rooms each. $75. T> RENT—BY W. D. KEBFOOT & CO., 00 EAST WmsbiDgton-st.: 4 „ North Dearborn-st., 3-fitory and basement stone front bouse, with all the modern conveniences, near Chest zmt-su, and overlooking Washington Square ; rent low. Rush-fit., in block on nortbwestcorner Indiana-fit., 3- story and basement houses, all modern Improvements, at a sacrifice to good parties. . Fn*mont-*t..2-BU)ry brickbonses. Brooms each, near Sophia-fit.; water ami sewer; $25 per month each. 7 lndlana-av., nearEightccnth-st.. two fine 2-story and basement houses, at very low rents. Wabash-av.« near Eichtecnth-sU. 3-story and base ment brick house, suitable for boarders, cheap. rpo RENT-FOR FOUR MONTHS OR ONE YEAR. X a house In Minneapolis, Minn., with 10 rooms, well furnished, luring water, gas. and all modern con veniences. Address P. O. Box 284. Minneapolis, Minn. rpo BENT—FIRST-CLASS NEW 2-STORY AND X basement houses, near Lincoln Park: very nice neighborhood; bouses contain all conveniences; one 8-roum bouse* brick, $25; one 6-room fiat, S2O. CHARLES N. HALE. 153 Randolph-fit. - fIX) RENT—TO RESPONSIBLE FAMILIES. TWO X new 2-story and basement 10-room octagon front brick • houses, handsomely finished, conveniently ar ranged; lake water and perfect drainage, with barns; feplcudid neighborhood, Kenwood-av.. one block from Kenwood Station.- JAS. B. GOODMAN A CO., 66 Washington-fit. rm KENT—VERY CHEAP—TWO 2-STORY AND X basement dwellings, pressed brick,stone trimmings, 11 rooms, besides bath-room, pantry* and closets, with every modern improvement, in a pleasant neighborhood on wcbsler-av., west of Dayum-su and near Lincoln av. cars. Apply to Dr. M. B. CLEVELAND, State and Washlngton-sta., over First National Bank. f|X> RENT—CH HAP—IF TAKEN AT ONCE—469 X LcavUt-st., between Polk and Taylor, new 2-story and basement brick house, with 7 rooms besides base men. east front. C. T. LATUUOP, at Keith Bros., 290 iladUon-FL rpO RENT—NO. 74 UONORE-ST., NEAR ADAMS, X four-story brick, 12 rooms, in good repair, 825. Key next door. Address WILLIAM DJ PALMER, 185 fctate-fU rpO RENT-FOR THE SUMMER TO RESPONSIBLE X panics, nicely-furnished cottage of ten rooms, 49 South Pcorla-st. riX) RENT-SEVERAL NEAT BRICK HOUSES, 10 X rooms each, bath, water-closets, etc., handsomely shaded; rent, $25. Inquire at Room 7 Metropolitan Block. rpo RENT—NO 441. CARROLL-AV;, NEW MARBLE X front, 14 rooms, bay window, brick bam, large cor ner lot; rent cheap to desirable tenant. No. 429 Carroll-av., marble octagon front, 12 rooms, with conveniences: neighborhood first-class. Inquire at Room 7 Metropolitan Block. riiQ RENT—2-STORY COTTAGE NO. 700 WEST X Madlson-st, a rooms, closets, water, gas, good neighborhood; 525 per month. Apply at 092 Madison-st. rpO RENT-TO GOODTENANTS, BRICK, 6 AND 7 X rooms. 146 Peoria-at. Apply to Dr., MILLARD, 274 Park-av. rpO RENT-301 NORTH DEAKBORN-ST., CORNER X of Maple, furnished house, marble-front, 3-story and basement, three rooms deep. £. C. TAYLOR, 184 Dearborn-st. rpo KENT-355 NORTH DEARBON-ST., NEAR X Maple, 3-story and basement marble-front, first class in every respect. F. C. TAYLOR, 184 Dear .lwtßl-St, , rpo RENT-BARE CHANCE FOR A DELIGHTFUL X borne or boarding-house. The bouse and grounds known as the ••Sturges Place," on North Clark-st., ncarDlversy, at the city limits, 3 acres. .Green-houses, bams, beautiful trees, drives, etc., etc,: horse-cars every 12 minutes. House partially furnished. F. C. TAYLOR, 164 Dearborn-st. I .■'OR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-FOR DIAMONDS, ' pair black mares, sisters, age 6 cud 7. good road sters; one promises to be fafil; suitable for buggy or light carriage. Also a 2-seated light carriage, buggy* phaeton, and harness. C 39, Tribune oifice. ' 'IVJ KENT—BASKMEXT COTTAGE, SIX ROOMS 1 bath, gas. bay window, comer Adams aud Llncola- Fie.; pleasant house for anyone. Rent, £25 until bet ter times; rottaue IC7, five rooms, rent S2O. Apply at 163 South Llnco In-st r- ’JEST—"-' pli ttEKT—SSI WALNUT-AV-—A 5-EOOII COT X tage- Inquire at ~Walrmi-av. l\\> RENT—ROUSE OF NINE BOOMS, OK ROOMS X separately, on southwest comer Brown and ElgU tcentn-su., near Ualsted-st. bridge, over C., B. A Q. ILK. Inquire on premises Monday and Tuesday, be tween 10 u. m. and 1 p. in. rpo KENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT MAR- X bla-front dwelling on Pralrte-av., near Thlrty fifib-st.-; cheap to- a good tenant. A. LOEU & BROTHER. la) and 131 LaSalle-st. rpO RENT—OCTAGON FRONT HOUSE 2GO OHIO- X rx~, nearly ready; small family can make profitable arrangements for partlf attended to promptly. Room lu, 177 Clark-st, - rpo RENT—HANDSOME FURNISHED HOUSE NO. X 60S Wabasb-av. rpo RENT—NO. 000 WABASII-AV.. CHEAP TO A , X good tenant. Will put In good repair. G. S. THOMAS. Room 8. 149 LaSalle-st. MX) RENT-1472, 1475, 1476 WABASH-AV.. THREE- X story stone fronts; 17 Twenty-clghth-st., frame. J. F. BONFIELD, Times Building. . fpO BENT—VERY LOW—IO-KOOM HOUSE; MOD- X era Improvements- Look at this. Apply any time onpremises, fourth house south of Twcntvnlath-st., on Calumet-ar. fpO RENT-COTTAGE 1384 INDIANA-AV.. FIVE X rooms; passed water; $25. Inquire of GEORGE O. NEWBURY. Rooms 8 and 9 Bryan Block, comer Monroe and LaSalle-sts. MX) RENT-STONE FRONT ON INDIANA-AV.; 2- X story frame on North Side. J. S. GOULD, 63 ■ Jladlson-st. rpo RENT-2 7-ROOM COTTAGES, GOOD ORDER, X $lO per month. Apply ot 28 Pratt-place, between Hoyne and Leavitt, Jackson and Van Burcn-sta. MX) RENT—I 6 ELDUIDGE-COURT—ELEGANTLY X furnished and unfurnished rooms; bouse Is a hand some 4-story brick, which has all been newly repaired and furnished new throughout; all modem Improve ments. MX) KENT—ROUSES OF FOUR ROOMS, WATER IN X kitchen; SB, $lO, and sls. Apply at 327 West Lakc-st. fpO RENT—COTTAGE OF 7 ROOMS, NO. 43 NORTH X Curtls-si., $25. Apply at 327 West Lake-st. fpO KENT—NO. 27P1NE-ST., NORTH SIDE, NEW X brick house, 16 rooms, all modem improvements, 5 marble mantels, lu nice order. Very low to prompt paying tenant. Inquire next door north, or of owner, C. I. CHADWICK, 635 North Clark-st. . MX) KENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X house, 4CClrviug-place. Hot and cold water, bath, large yard, etc.; $26 a month. J. U. WING, 92 Ash land Block. MX) RENT—MICHIGAN-AV. RESIDENCE, 3-STORY X and basement. Location elegant; rate low. W. .L DAVIS. 153 Randol*)h-st. fpO RENT-WANTED-A GOOD PARTY WITH X small family to take a new octagon-front, 10-room bouse, first-class every way, and board owner for rent; located near Llacolu-av. cars. F 97, Tribune office MX) RENT—SPLENDID MODERN HOUSES,SODTH. X North, and West Sides, 10 to IS rooms, $25 to SSO. EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Madlson-st., Room 7. MX) KENT—«*-ROOM COTTAGE, 1050 INDIANA- X av.. modem improvements. S3O; also, 9 elegant rooms, or will divide, at 132 North Clark-st. /IX) RENT-NEW COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS, CLOSETS. X pantry, bath-room, marble mantel. Inside blinds, cheap. First-class locality. Inquire at 987 West Van Burcn-u. ri'O RENT-FURNISHED COTTAGE OF 7 ROOMS, X (rood location. West Side. Low to good tenant. JAMES C. MAG ILL. 77 darkest. rrO RENT—CHEAP-WEST MADISON-ST.. TWO- X story brick, 10 rooms; also. West Adams-st..frame house, li rooms, at S4O. J. W. SMITH, 125 Clark-st., Room 22. I'D RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE. INQUIRE AT . 24 lndiana*av. or 72 Lakc-su rpO*RENT-ADESIRABLE COTTAGE OFSLARGE X rooms CO Walnut-su, near corner Paulino, one block trom Kandulpli-st. cars, two blocks from Union Park. Rent $lB. Inquire of E. R. MORSE. 316 West Indlana-st., entrance on Elitabctb. t I'D RENT—FOII THE SUMMER A WELL LOCATED X furnished bouse on the North Side. Address K 84, Tribune office. ri'O RENT—4O9 BELDEN-AV., NEAR LINCOLN X Park, brick bouse of 7 rooms at S3O. M. PORTER, 44 Grant place. RENT—2*S TORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE. 12 . rooms. 10 closets, bath-room. etc., hot and cold aater on all floors, wanned by furnace, furnished or anfuralshed, with good bam. cheap: owner wishes to cave city. GAULT & LOW, 135 Clark-st.. Room a. IX) RENT—TWO 2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK houses near corner of Bowen and Cottage Grove ivs., at S2oand $25 per month. Address K 84. Trib une otflee. IX) RENT—AT CITY LIMITS. SOUTH SIDE. NEAR . tue lake, a very desirable residence of 10 rooms on wo flours, no basement. Inquire of C. GOODWIN, 63 (Vashington-sL fpb RENT—FURNISHED—3-STORY, FIRST-CLASS X private boarding-house In best locality on North Side, or for sale, on account of 111 health. Apply at Room 21, 210 South LaSalle-st. ri'O RENT—2 MARBLE-FRONTS. 563 AND 574 X West Lake-st., opposite Union Park. Apply to JOB CARPENTER, 21 St. John's-place. rpO RENT-CHEAP. FRAME DWELLING, fl X rooms, 4l}£ North Rnckcr-st. Inquire of U. C. joxt-'s. i.’oom 2 Mnrrf«on Block. _ i, \j Rr.M—«TjS—HANUSOME COTTAGE HOUSE.® X ia nice neighborhood. West Uuron-st., east of Ro_ b *y; abK» 723 West Supcrior-st., near Lincoln; or fo f safe on easy monthly payments. Indlana-st. can. S* T. KING, 85 Washington-fit. T~ 0 RENT—COTTAGE 1463 PRAIRIE-AV.; VERY low to good tenant. L. J. CLARKE A CO., 188 I'D RENT—HOUSE OF 7 ROOMS AT 182 WEST L Monroe-st. Inquire at 146 South Ualsted-st. fl'O RENT—THE LARGE HOUSE CORNER RUSH X and Oak-sts.; 14 rooms; In fine condition; S3O per month; also. No. 380 Oak-st., same plate; II rooms; octagon fronts; S4O per month; also. No. 4->t Marshfield mhTnear AebUnd-sv. and Taylor-st.. Wwl-Slde; il nwma; $25 per mouth. The above houses have got all modem conveniences, and are the cheapest to tenants in the city. Apply on the premises, or to PAUL J. MccORMICK. 182 South Clark-su ri'O RENT—FOR 3 OR 4 MONTHS. A FULM-*»HLD i house 2 bloaksfrom liy- « i'-irk s Mtj.on; ren. lo v to good tenant. TO RENT—HOUSES* TO RENT-BY F. C. VIERLINO. ROOM 18, 126 Dearborn-st., near Madison: Brown-stone front, H rooms, with all Improvements* northwest corner wabash-av. and Thlrty-secoml-st. TOTwenty-sixth-st., fine brick of 10 rooms, cheap. 23S Twcnty-flfth-st., bouse of 8 rooms, near Wabash. 14D2Prairfe-av.. bouse of brooms, very cheap. 1653 Dearborn-st, cottage of 7 rooms, only S2O. 1805 Dearborn-st.. cottage of 0 rooms, cheap. 894 Statc-st., suites of 5 rooms. 317 Webster-av., fine brick of il rooms. 803 West Lake-st.. 6 large rooms, cheap. 562 State-st-. pood store. . Furnished house on Twenty-foorth-st., near the lake. rREXT-A NICE COTTAGE, FOUR BOOMS AND two closets, at 179 North Paullna-st., nort of In dlana-st. \ fPO RENT—FURNISHED TWO-STORY AND BASE- X mcnc brick house on avenue, near Tblrly-flrst-st., to a small family. If desired owner would retain two rooms for lodging. Pleasant location. Address F A, F. O. Box 118. TO RENT-ON ASHLAND-AV.—TO SEPT. 1. A first-class furnished bouse low to a responsible party. Address Z 65. Tribune office. rpo RENT-546 MICHIGAN-AV.-EXPENSE TO PUT X in repair to be allowed out of rent. S. li-HAVEfc, Room 6, 124 Clark-st. rpo RENT-FINE 0-ROOM COTTAGE AT NORTH X city limits for $12.50, which is really worth $25. DAVID WILLIAMS. 125 Clark-st. rpo RENT-NEAR UNION PARK ON TV ASHING- X ion-st., a ten-room brick house with every conven ience. barn, gas fixtures and furnace. Neighborhood unsurpassed. Carpets new, for saic. Address A 87, Tribune oillce. rpo RENT-COTTAGE NO. 1419 INDIANA-AV. X nearThirty-flrst-st. Rent $25. Apply at 1417 Indl ana-av. Street-cars pass the door. rpo RENT-577 SOUTH PAKK-AV.-2-STORY AND X basement stone front house, 14 rooms; 2-story brick barn, all modern Improvements: can be rented very cheap. Apply to F. THORN, 202 Monroc-st. rpO RENT-HOUSES 092 INDIANA-AV.. 1018 X Mlchlgan-av.. 1414 Wab&sh-av., 626 and 630 West Adams-st., 506 west Madlson-st., and several nice of fice rooms in Masonic Building, corner of Hoisted and West Randolph-sts., low to good tenants. C. W. HER VEY, 171 LaSalle-fit. T) RENT—THREE OF THE NEW THREE-STORY and basement octagon stone front houses situated on the northwest corner of Adams st. and Ashland-av., 12 roomseach, the finest location on tho West Side; these bouses are first-class In every particular, finished in black walnut, etc. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON & CO.. Real Estate and Renting Agency. 144 LaSalle-st. rpO~RENT—COTTAGE 239 SOUTH PEORIA-ST., 7 L rooms. In good order; Immediate possession. J. H. KEELER, 163 Clark-st. TO RENT-THREE NEW HOUSES, 3-STORIES AND basement, just being finished, on North LaSalic-st. next to Moody** Tabernacle. These houses arc first class In every particular and will be rented at about half price until May next. ELLIOTT ANTHONY, U 5 Dearborn-st. ri>o RENT—HOUSE PARTLY FURNISHED. TEN- X ant wanted that will rent rooms to parties now oc cupying. Balance of rooms can be rented advantage oosly. Apply at 10 SUtccnth-st- rpo KENT—CHEAP-BRICK HOUSE, OCTAGON X front, 10 rooms, newly papered and painted, bath room, and all modern Improvements, furnaces, gas fixtures, etc.. 1U23 West Monroe-st. near Westcm-av. Apply to WEST CO.. 40 East Madlson-st. rpo RENT—TWOrSTORY AND BASEMENT OCTA- X gon stone-front house, nice brick barn and yard, ail for SSO. 410 Warren-av. ■ /.v-fe • rpO RENT-143 WOOD-ST.. NEAR MONROE, NICE X I iToom brick English basement, cheap. rpo RENT-19 HONORE-AV., A TWO-STORY AND X basement brick house; 10 rooms; furnace and gas fixtures, with brick barn; half block from Madison-st. cars; 670 Madlson-st., 10 rooms; suitable for a board ing-house. or two families; newly painted and calclm ined. JOHN G. ROGERS, Clty-Holl. rpO RENT-NEW BRICK AND COTTAGE HOUSES. X $8 to $25. For sale on monthly payments. JOHN F. EBERHART, 107 Clark-st. TO RENT SPLENDID BRICK HOUSE. COM plctely furnished. In one of the best localities In the city; owner would board If agreeable. J. S. GOULD. OS Madlson-st. rpo RENT-24 NORTH ASHLAND-AV., 2-STORT X dwelling of 10 rooms, facing Union Park. Key In No. 28. H. C. MOREY, 05 Clark-st. rpO RENT-291 CALUMET-AV., NICE HOUSE, IN X good repair, large lot and bam; will rent rea sonable to good tenant. 13 Lake-av.. two-story frame, near station and street cars; will put In repair; $35. so Twcnty-eighth-st., two-story, basement, and man sard-roof brick house. SSO per month. GSO Cottage Grove-av., south of Thlrty-flfth-st., east front, and large lot. To good tenant, S2O. 1251 and 125 I& Indlana-av., three-story and base ment brown-stone fronts; all modem conveniences, $65. FRED L. FAKE * CO., TO RENT—THE 2-STORY AND BASEMENT OC tagon-front brick building 663 Sedgwlck-st.. cor ner of Centre, one block west of Lincoln Park; all modem Improvements. Including furnace. For terms apply to C. C. HOLTON, 225 and 227 State-st., or 7U3 North Wclls-st, rpo RENT-CHEAP TO A GOOD TENANT-MAR- X ble front 10-room house, furnished; fourth house north of Thlrty-second-st,, east front, on Wabash-av. No. 190 Dearborn-fit. J. LAFE CURTIS. rpo RENT-HOUSE NO. 157 MATiIKR-aT., WiVti X splendid barn; house 2-story, suitable fur two fam ilies: bam room for ten horses: win he t ented cheap to good tenant. Apply to G. W. DEXTER. 52 Rlver-st. rpO RENT—NO. 227 THIUTIETU-ST., BETWEEN’ X Wabash and Mlchlpamavs., 2*story frame bouse, with large lot: modern improvements: pleasantly lo» cated; dlulng-room and kitchen on parlor door: will rent low to good tenant. FRED L. FARE &CO., 8!? Washlngtoa-st rpo RENT-BRICK HOUSE-VIEW OF LAKE PARK, X ■wltli 2 lots, 2 floors, 4 rooms Id length, closets, bed* room, cellar; all In good order. Rene cheap. 697 North Wells-at. rpo RENT—7-ROOM COTTAGE, sl7: ONES ROOM. X sl3; 3 rooms, $10; 5 rooms, sl2; 2 rooms, SS. CIO West Van Buren-sL KENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X bouse, 10 rooms and closets on North Clark-st., near Beldcn-av.; all modern Improvements, S4O per month. ERNST PRUSSING. 143 East Kandolph-at. rpo RENT-205 INDIANA-ST., CORNER STATE, X 3-story and basement house. Inquire within. rpo RENT—THE NICEST COTTAGE ON WEST X Indiana-fit., splendidly furnished, and furniture for sale very cheap. Inquire at 371 West ludlana-st. i rpo BENT-HOUSES BY EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, X liu and 121 LaSalle-st. 14 Vluccnncs-piace, 2-story and basement brick, $25. 22Semlnary-av., 2-story frame, brick basement, 11 rooms, bam. 81 North Ada-st., 2-story and basement brick. Suburban. rpo RENT—AT HIGHWOOD, HIGHLAND PARK, X Idlewlld. Itavlnla, all sizes of dwellings from cot tage to spacious residences, Just completed: want occu pied with first-class families who arc thinking of suburban home; to such will rent at nominal sum. or without pay for summer, as we are satisfied parents with children only need to trv bur places to became con vinced that with the grateful shade, pure air and green lawn, they are all that U needed for a home. Come and see us, as we willing to take chance of your liking It. ME Alts, 47 Reaper Block, comer Clark and Washing tOD-StS. TO RENT-OR WILL SELL, A FINE HOUSE AND cottage In Englewood: a beautiful residence In South Evanston. TILLOTSON BROS., 92 Washington-st. TO RENT-AT KENWOOD, ON LAKE SHORE, furnished house for three, four, or five months. Rent low to good tenant. M. L. PEARCE, 123 Dear born-si. TORENT-FOR THE SUMMER OR LOUGER, A huge and very desirable furnished residence. Just north of the city limits and near Lincoln Park. Rent low. Apply to HUTCHINSON & LUFF, 20 Tribune Building, i • rpo RENT-BEAUTIFUL SUBURBAN FURNISHED X house, large grounds, two blocks from depot and all Hyde Park trains; for the season, with privilege the year. Address A 32, Tribune olfico. rpo ItiiXT-nODSES AT HINSDALE WITH LAItGE X grounds, from $6 to $25. Improved and unimprov ed property for solo and exchange, one to board owner. D. L. PERRY, Room 14. 123 Dearbom-st. TO KENT—IO-ROOM BRICK DWELLING WITH all modem improvements, and large lot near Hyde Pork depot. Apply at lUB LaSalle-st.. in basement. rpO RENT-FRONT PARLOR IN A PRIVATE RES- X Idcncc at Kvaustorr; furnished or unfurnished; with orwlthout board; with privilege of carriage; lo cality dellghtfuL Address A. B. WILLIAMS. Box 517, Evanston. TO RENT-CONVENIENT TO TRAINS AND cheap, a neat house In Blue Island: rent at sl2 per month: good garden and orchard. Will give tenant pass on the Danville Road. M. C. RAMS, Tribune office. rpo RENT-GOOD HOUSES OF FROM FIVE TO X eight rooms. In North Evanston, within three blocks of the depot, for from $5 to $8 per month, until next May. which is only one-third of the former rent. Also a good bouse of ten rooms In Evanston, and one In Glencoe at extreme low figures. C. E. BROWNE. 106 Flfth-av. rpo RENT -OR WLL SELL—AT WINNETKA- X Rouse of 8 rooms, barn. etc.; rent cheap to May 1. Call at 78 Dearbom-st., Room 21. rpO RENT—AT KENWOOD, FURNISHED OR NOT. X on lake shore. Call at brick house corner Fifty flrst-st. and Lakc-av., or address G. COWARD, 200 EastMadlson-st., city. TO KENT—KOOIfIS. RENT-ROOMS AT 752 WABASH-AV. TO RENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS, NICELY FUR . nlsbcd, in private family, with or without board, to gentleman and wife or single gents. No other board era. Apply at 105 South Peorla-st. fPO RENT—NEWLY-FURNISHED SINGLE ROOM, X only SO. 1101 ludiana-av. TO RENT-FINE AIRY ROOMS, FURNISHED OR not, lowest prices. Water and closets same flour. 255 West Modlsou-st., third floor. r|X) RENT—ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR X unfurnished, with or without board. 437 Mlchi gun-av. ri'O RENT-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, ONE SUITE X of elegantly furnished rooms, hot and cold water and batb*room. on Park-av.; gentlemen preferred. References required. Address Z 2D. Tribune otflee. ri'O RENT—TWO SUITES OF HANDSOME FUR- X nlsbed rooms, all modem Improvements, single or ca suite, location A l. within one block of street cars ond flm-class restaurant. References exchanged. Ad dress X 3, Tribune office. rpO RENT-FOUR NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, X complete for housekeeping; rent low. 3* Cor- Delia*at., near Mllwankce*av. cars. ri'O RENT—A HANDSOME FRENCH FLAT ON X North Side near tbe lake, witbln IS minutes'walk of Madlson-st-; bas every possible convenience, and Is well and completely furnished; will be rented reason ably for a short or long time. Address 177, Tribune otflee. I'O RENT—WELL-FURNISHED ROOMS, $2.50 TO . $7 a week. Rcllgio-Pbilosopbical Publishing House. 894 New Dearborn-st.. 2 blocks south of TO RENT-IN BROOKLYN HOUSE, 06 AND 68 Hllnols-st., 16 rooms, 4 rooms for each family If desired, cheap. Inquire up-stairs. 68 Hllnols-st. rpO RENT—IF TOD WISH DELIGHTFUL ROOMS X overlooking the lake, private family, honse new and containing every comfort, rooms can be furnished orrented unfurnished; price moderate. No. 1 Twenty sccond-st., comer South Park-av.. near both steam or horse-care; best of references required and given. rpo RENT-TWO SMALL ROOMS. EN SUITE, WITH X breakfast and 6 o'clock dinner; no other boarders: West Side; pleasant location. Address Y 14. Tribune office. - rpo RENT-TWO FURNISHED AND FOUR UN- X furnished rooms for housekeeping, cheap. 173 Twenty-lhird-st, rpo KENT—FURNISHED ROOMS BY THE WEEK Xor tnouili. Inquire 183 Hast iiodlson-st,, Room 34. ri'O FURNISHED ROOM, X with or Without board, ntxfc' Suate-sL. first floor! THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; SUNDAY, JUNE 4,187 G— SIXTEEN PAGES. TO RENT-ROOMS. fPO RENT—SUITE OF 4 ROOMS AND 4 CLOSETS. X well arranged lor housekeeping. 160 North Clark at., up-stairs. TO'REKT-FURNISIIED ROOM. $8 PER MONTH, at No. 4s Hoyne-st., corner, Warren-av. Private family. rpo RENT-ONE DOUBLE AND TWO SINGLE X rooms, furnished: bath, hot and cold water; low to good steady parties. Apply at4sPicrce-st. rpo RENT-AT REASONABLE PP.ICE, 3 FRONT X rooms neatly furnished, with everything needed for light housekeeping. 539 Ml!waukee-uv. TO RENT—ONLY $2 TO S 3 A MONTH PER ROOM, fine suites 2 to 9 front rooms for housekeeping in brick bnllding northwest cor. Lake-st.and Western-av. rpo RENT-NICE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR X housekeeping, cook-stoves, closets, water, and conveniences. Inquire at 219 West Adams-st. T~OR ENT—DWELLING OVER STORES 883 AND 8904 State-st. Inquire of WM. HUGHES, 884 State-st., corner of Elghteenth-st. TO RENT-A LARGE NICELY-FURNISHED ROOM for sls; house with modern improvements. No.4i South Curtis-st. TO RENT-149 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST-TWO FUR nlsbcd sleeping-rooms, suitable for two or three young men. TO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE SUITE OF OF fleeson second floor, and two suits on third floor, cheap, at 4G and 46 South Clark-st., Room 3. rpo RENT-NEWLY CLEANED AND WELL FUR- X nlshed front and bock rooms suitable for gentle men and their wives. 146 East Madlson-et. rpo RENT-AT 040 WEST MADISON-ST., THREE X pleasant unfurnished rooms with water-closets and use of bath-room, at $6 per month. fpO RENT-DRY GOODS STORE AT WASHING- X ton Heights, Hilliard & Hitt’s Block, with 5 living rooms, cellar, cistern, and well; only S2O per month. ISAAC It. HITT & BRQ., 145 LaSalle-st., Itoorn_l!). TO RENT-TWO VERY PLEASANT FURNISHED rooms veryreasonable to gentlemen. 802 Wabash av., between Sixteenth and Eighteenth-fits. rpo RENT—THREE CHOICE ROOMS IN A PRIVATE X family on Michlgan-av., near business centre. Address 150, Tribune office. rpo RENT-NO. 19 HARRISON-ST., SELECT FUR- X nlslicd rooms, parlor en suite, rooms over parlor, hath and gas. Second house from Mlcbigon-av., Ad ams Block. TO RENT-3 SPLENDID ‘ ROOMS FOR HOUSE keeping, furnished complete, or double parlors to gentleman, oy a lady, alone. 582 North Clark-at. rpo RENT-AT 1003 WABASH-AV.. FRONT AL- X cove room, furnished or unfurnished; also one Bleep ing room with use of bathroom; cheap to right parties, with reference. rp6 RENT-SECOND FLOOR AT 439 SOUTH STATK- X et.. with 5 nice rooms, furnished or unfurnished. T" 0 RENT-ONE~NICELY-FURNISnED ALCOVE bedroom; 1 email bedroom, and one unfurnished par lor (front). Apply at 740 Wabaah-av. rpo RENT-NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS X for gentlemen: also others with part use of kitchen, suitable for light housekeeping; very reasonable, 196 'West Madlson-fit. rpQ RENT-FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOM, WITH X closet, suitable for two gentlemen, $8 per month. Juckson-st. * rpO RENT—ONE SUITE OF THREE ROOMS, NEW- X ly furnished; elevator and modern conveniences; rent reasonable. Bryant Clock, northeast corner Dear born and Randolph-sta. Apply to Janitor, Room 55. H'O RENT-311 MICIIIGAN-AV,, FRONTING LAKE X Park-Two furnished front rooms and ocher rooms; terms reasonable. rpO RENT—.FURNISHED ROOMS ON SOUTH SIDE, X near one of the avenues to genteel parties by a lady living alone. Address K 40. Tribune oiUce._ . n^r.ENT^IIREITIOTUr.NrSIIED - ROO>IS FOR X housekeeping at $lO to couple without children. 235 West Madison-st., Thompson Block. rpo RENT-172 SOUTH HALSTED-BT.-TWO FUR- X nlshcd rooms in a private family. Rout $5 and $lO per month. rpO - RENT—BI SOUTH MOROAN-ST.—NICELY X furnished front rooms, single or en suite, ou second floor; one room third lloor. rpo RENT VERY HANDSOME FURNISHED X rooms, with modern Improvements, 543 Wabash-ov. rpo X furnished rooms, single or en suite; also front suite, unfurnished; pleasant location; first-class table. rpo RENT—OCTAGON,SOUTH FRONT.FURNISHED X rooms; also single room. In desirable location. 243 East Ohlo-st. Private family. Reference required. TO RENT—AT $7 PER MONTH TO A SMALL family the upper-part of 531 Warren-av., 4 rooms and 3 closets, newly calclmlncd and papered. rpO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS AT 193 X East Washlngton-st., Room 21. rpo RENT—NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, SUITA- X ble for one or two gentlemen. IG7 South Pcorla-st. rpO RENT-252 EAST INDIANA-ST.—ONE LARGE X undone single room, nicely furnished; modern im provements; day board next door; private family. rpo*RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS-270 WEST MAD- X Ison-sc.—A parlor for gentlemen, and rooms to first-class parties for light housekeeping; no children wanted. rpo RENT—473 MICHIGAN-AV.-FUBNISHED AND X unfurnished rooms. rpO*~RENT—fOR 2 ELEGANTLY FURNISHED X rooms, onefllghtup. 149 East Monroe-st.,Rooms. TO RENT—B 7 AND 80 SOUTH CLARfv-ST.-FUR nlshed or unfurnished rooms, over Coliseum. rpollE Nf^NICELY FURNISHED PARLOR SUITE. X with or without board, or light housekeeping, at 8 North Ellzabcth-st., near Randolph. rpo RENT-101 WEST MADISON-ST.-PLEASANT X rooms, furnished or unfurnished, single or on suite, with closets and bath,by day, week, or month. Room 11 rpb RENT-TWO NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS, X one a front room, can be rented cn suite or separ ately at 244 East Iluron-sL, North Side; terms very reasonable. rpo RENT-TWO TO FOUR MOST DESIRABLE X unfurnished rooms, with all Improvements; first-class board near, or can do light houseKceplug; best neighborhood; West Side. Call at Room 8, 101 Washington-fit. ’ rpO RENT-ROOMS EN SUITE OR SINGLE, FUR- X nlshed or unfurnished 18 and 20 Adams, between Wabash and Mlchlgan-nys. * TO RENT-PRINCIPAL FLOOR OF 753 FULTON st., with barn and one furnished room In 751 Ful ton-st., between Robey and Hoyne. TO RENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR unfurnished, lu private family. Apply at 392 Mlchlgaa-av. rpo RENT-NICELYFURNISHED FRONT ROOMS; X only sl2 per month. Apply at 149 Madlson-st., Room 10. TO RENT-PLEASANT ROOMS IN SECOND OR third story, new marble front, 408 South Clark-st. Tor ext-pleasant lodging rooms, fur nlshed or not, single or cn suite, modem conveni ences, low* rates. Room 40. 105 West Randolnh-st. RENT—FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS; WILL X rent very cheap to gentlemen or ladles that work; can have use of kitchen. 225 South.Poorla-st. TO” ROOMS IN SUITES for housekeeping from $6 to S2O. Apply at 132 Throop-st. rp6 RENT—733 WABA3H-AV.—2 ROOMS. FINELY X arranged for housekeeping, with water on same floor. One front suite newly furnished with marble top furniture, with bath-room. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS ON THE FIRST X and second floors for housekeeping or lodging. 180 West Monroe-st. TO KENT—HANSOMELY-FURNISHED FRONT rooms at 82 North LaSullc-st. rpO~RENT—24O WABASII-AV., CORNER JACK- X son-st.—Desirable rooms to good tenants: pleasant est building in the city. Apply In the drug-store. rpO~RENT—^HEAP—TWO BEADTIFUL FRONT X rooms, single or cn-suitc, with or wlthout.board; private family. 1 ISO Wabash-av. rpo KENT-TO ONE OR TWO YOUNG GENTLE- X men. In the new octagon stone-front row on Ash land-ar.. near Adams-uU, a pleasant front room ami alcove: house has all modern Improvements; parties must give name and address, with kood references, or no notice will be taken. Address G 20, Tribune office. rpO RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms In Corwlth's new building, southwest corner of Jackson and Statc-ats; three unfurnished rooms for housekeeping; will board with tenant. If desirable. rpo RENT-TWO NORTH-FRONT SECOND-STORY X rooms, neatly furnished; will be rented together or separately. Table-board In the house. 24 Plerce-st. rpo RENT-14 ELDRIDGE-COURT, IN MARBLE X front, four doors from lake front, nicely-furnished rooms, single or en suite; hot and cold water, with bath room; Sio to S2O per month. IX) RENT-FOUR NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS . for bousckeeplng. 145 South Halstcd-at. rpo RENT-177 NORTH DEARBORN-ST.. 2 FUR- X nlshed rooms, with use of bath-room, for gentle mcn only. References exchanged. rpo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping or sleeping*rooms. 210 Thlrd*av., second floor. ri'O RENT-137 MICHIGAN-AV.—2 FLATS, CON- X slating of double parlors and kitchen, and 7 bed rooms. with closets, suitable for one large or two small families. rpo RENT—AT 38 CASS-ST.. CORNER OF ILLI- X note, pleasant rooms by the month or week, nicely* furnished, with use of bath-room. ri'O KENT—A VERY PLEASANT FURNISHED X room, strictly private. Address 160, Tribune olllce. rpo RENT-520 WABASH-AV.—ELEGANT FDRN- X Ished or unfurnished front rooms a short distance from Lake Front Park. TO RENT-NOTICE-WE HAVE THREE LARGE unfurnished rooms, very cool and desirable for the coming hot weather, at the limits, which can be had with or without board. For particulars address Z 75, Tribune office. ri'O RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms, with or without board; pleasant location: terms moderate; few other boarders. 11l Centrc*av.. one door north of Vanßurcn-st. rpO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, THOMPSON X» House. IG3 South Clark-fit. Transients taken. Of fice E. ri'O RENT-ELEGANT FURNISHED ROOM FOR X one or two gentlemen at 25* Ontario-st.. between Dearborn and State. rpo RENT-NEW AND NICELY-FURNISHED X roomaat 155 EastWaalilngton-st,,Room 28. Tran sients taken. r) RENT-THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, ALSO furnished rooms, to quiet parties. In good location. Address C 7, Tribune office. TO REKT-XICELT-FOTSISnED ROOMS TO GEX tlemen and ladles, in a desirable location, by n lady Ilyins alone; always very quiet. Address C 27, Tribune office. r PQ RENT-TWO ROOMS IN NEW MODERN BRICK X bouse, marble-top suites.-Brussels carpets, all new. for $8 per mouth each. 58 Arbor place. TO RENT-NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH use of bath-room, 203 Clark-et. rpo RENT-NEATLY-FUKNTSUED FRONT ROOMS. X No. 175 North Dearborn-st. Rent moderate. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS BY WIDOW LADY living alone. Transients accommodated. 165 West Washlngtoa-su 'O RENT—ROOMS IN BRICK BUILDING CORNER State and Harrison. P. O'NEILL, 162 State-st. rpO RENT—FURNISI?ED DOUBLE PARLORS TO X parties who take meals out; or 2 rooms and closet, furnished, for housekeeping. 606 West Lake-st. r P9 RENT-ROOMS. SINGLE OH EN SUITE, X front furnished, private family near Skinner School. Those disliking tbe noise of piano best not apply. Ad dress M 34, Tribune office. rpo RENT-TWO PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS X famished, suitable for sleeping-rooms for two gen tlemen. Add yat 350 Pulton-si. TO RENT—ROOMS. rpO RENT-SEVERAL SMALLNEAT DWELLINGS. X 6 rooms each, arranged expressly for convenient housekeeping. In the Miller new marble block. West Madlson-st., near Secley-av.; terms reasonable. In quire of MItLER, In grocery store, same block. TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS AND CLOSETS ON SEC ond floor of brick building No. 61 Blue Island-av.; sls. £. S. PREFER, 72 Dearborn-st. rpo RENT—NEWLY-FURNISHED ROOMS WITH X or without board by tho day, week, or month. 196 and 198 East Washlngton-st. rpo RENT-FRONT SUITE OF 3 ROOMS FOR X housekeeping, with bath-room, hot water, closets, etc. 541 West Madlson-st. TO RENT—WELL-FURNISHED ROOMS TO RE sponslble parties. Apply at 166 East Washlngton st., Room 59. TO RENT—TO A GENTLEMAN, A FURNISHED front room (o a private family on North Dearborn fit., near Division. Address T 26. Tribune office. rpo RENT-FURNISHED. DOCTOR’S OFFICE, ELE- located. Apply at 523 Wabaah-av. Dr. rpo RENT—SLEEPING-ROOM FOR ONE GENTLE- X man. In private family, east fronton Wabasb-av., near Van Buren-st. Address X 1. Tribune office. TO RENT - FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED rooms. 23 Plne-st. rpo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS NEAR LINCOLN X Park. Inquire at 369 Centre-st. rpo RENT —NICELY-FURNISHED SUITE OP X rooms for gent and wife, in a good locality; bath room. hut and cold water; also use of family parlors and piano, with l*oard. If desired. Strictly private. Ad dress R lu. Tribune office. TO RENT-AT 638 WEST WASHINGTON-ST., A suitcoffrontrooma, unfurnished. rpo RENT—NICE FRONT ROOMS. FURNISHED, X very cheap. Apply at 143 Blue island-av. rpo KENT-A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM TO X two gentlemen or gentleman and wife, at 1086 Wabash-av., will board If desired. rpo RENT—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. FOIi X light housekeeping, second floor. 891 Indlana-av., very’ pleasant. Room 10,177 Clark-st., or on the prem ises. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS TO GENTLEMEN X at 452 West Washlngton-st, ’ rpo RENT-51 SEKLEV-AV.. BETWEEN ROBEY X and Hoyne. near Adams, nicely furnished front rooms, en suite or single, with first-class hoard, in private family; delightful yard, 95 feet front. rp6 KENT-ONE SUITE OF 4 ROOMS AT 15,4 X North State-st. rpO~ RENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMS. NEW BRICK, X modern conveniences. 329 Fulton-st. rpo RENT-TO TWO GENTLEMEN-A FURNISHED X alcove room on North Side south of Chlcago-av. and north of Huron-st. References exchanged. Board next door. 1163. Tribune office. rpO KENT—A WELL FURNISHED LARGE EAST X front room, llrat floor, suitable for two. Bath, ami oil modern Improvements In house. 153 South Green si. between Adams and Jackson-sts. rpo KENT—FURNISHED TENEMENT. 0 ROOMS, TO X small family. Paying boarders can be had. Apply atol6 Cottage Grove-av., near Thlrty-nluth-st. rpo RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUITEOF X rooms, velvet carpet. &c., with or without board, near Madlson-st., cast or Elizabeth. Address A 41, Tribune office. rpo RENT-SUITE OF NICELY FURNISHED X front rooms or one largo room, second story of two* story and basement brick house; all modern Improve meats, good day-hoard next door, private family. 41 oak-av., near Douglas House. rpO RENT-5 ROOMS, ENTIRE FLOOR NEW X brick house.. 14 Twenty-clghth-st. rpO RENT-ELEGANT SUITE OF ROOMS. FRONT X and back parlors, hot and cold water, to good par* tlcs._ 587 Wubash-ar. r"pO RENT-TWO FRONT ROOMS, UNFURNISHED; X a good place for a dressmaker. Apply at 540 Wa hash-av. TO RENT-TWO VERY PLEASANT AND WELL furnished rooms In a private house near Thirteenth- Ft., for gcntlciri m; excellent table board in adjoining house. D 30, Tribune oiflee. rpo RENT-331 LINCOLN-ST., FIVE ROOMS, X cheap. Apply at IGI Centrs-av. rpo RENT—I7O WEST MADISON-ST.. TWO NICE- X ly furnished rooms for housekeeping, on first door. In a private family. . TO RENT—A FRONT AND BACK PARLOR IN A drst-clusslocation on West Side, with or without board. 285 West Monroc-st. Private family. rpb RENT-FURNISHED ROOM-PLEASANT LO- X calliy; North Side; handy to town; will rent short or long time; moderate price. Address I 59, Tribune oince. rpo RENT-FRONT SLEEPING-ROOMS-ON THE X fourth door for sl6a month for a suite of two rooms, at 46 ami4BSouth Clark-st., Room 3. rpo RENT—A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS IN A X pleasant and convenient locality. 311 West Mon roc-si. . rpo RENT—TWO FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS. X very nice for gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen; new house, modern conveniences; private family. Address L 46. Tribune office. rpo KENT—FOUR ROOMS. PANTRY. AND CLOSET X In front part of brick house, 306 West Taylor-fit. Call at the house. rpo RENT-SUITES OF 3 ROOMS EACH IN THE X brick building 43 and 47 Thld-av., 510 to? 15. ED MUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 anti 131 Laaallc-at. TO RENT-SUITES OF 2 TO FOUR ROOMS IN NEW brick, 411 and 413 State-st,. at 58 to $23. ED MUND A. CUMMINGS. 110 and 131 LaSallc-st. T~ cTrENT—234 LASALLE-ST. (OPPOSITE GRAND Pacific), 4 rooms, all conveniences; sls and S3O. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSallc-ss. rpO _ RENT—FLATS OF FIVE ROOMS EACH. 395 X and 397 West Uandolpb-st., at 516. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, IIP and 131 LaSalle-st. rpo RENT—ELEGANT SUITES OF ROOMS JN THE X Howe Machine Building, corner State and Jack* Biin-sm., allow prices togood tenants. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, lit) cud 121 LaSalle-st. rpO RENT—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM.BED-ROOM X and closet; also sleeping-rooms, furnished or ua furnished, at low rates. 420 Wabash-ay., upstairs. rpo RENT—ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING OR X lodging. In a private family, from $5 to $3 per mouth. 487 Mlcblgan-av. - rpo RENT-FRONT ROOM, NORTHEAST CORNER X of Llncolu-»t. and Wamm-uv., to gentleman and *4vifc, with or without hoard. References required. Fine house and large lot, Hyde Park; also one at Wluetka; the Uoors 2UX9O, at half-price. 142 LaSalle st.. Room 43. 170 R RENT-FURNISHED ROOM. $3. ALSO, . front parlor: Inquire 155 West Madlson-st., Room go. E. S. BOOTH. rpb RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS-AN ELEGANT X parlorsultc, fully furnished and pleasantly located. Address M C, Tnbuoe olllce. rp6~ RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR UOUSE- 1 keeping. 253 West Randolph-at. ' ROOMS FOR LADIES X and gentlemen, convenient to business ucutre: cull and examine.l3l North State-st. . rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT X housekeeping. Apply at23i Hurou-st.. near North' Dearborn. RENT—LARGE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM; . 510 per month. 7G4 Wabash-av. rpo RENT—AT 551 WABASH-AV.. ROOMS PLEAS- X autly located and nicely furnished, with all modern improvements, to single gentlemen, or married people without children. rpO RENT-THREE ROOMS, FURNISHED COM* X plete for housekeeping; new brick. SUWestUar rlson-st. rpo RENT-ONE FRONT ALCOVE ROOM. WITH X two more rooms unfurnished, with or without board, at 145 Twenty-flret-st. rpo RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms, front. In Bryant Block, comer Dearborn and Randolph-sts. Apply at Room 55. TO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS AT IDS South Sangamon-at.; a quiet, splendid location. Also, large front parlor, unfurnished. rpo RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH X hot and cold water. Price moderate. 541 Wa bash-av. rpb RENT—ROOMS.FURNISIIED OR UNFCRNISU- X ed, at 263 Wcst.Madlaon-at. r pO~RENT-FURNISUED ROOMS AT $1.50 TO $5 X per week. One unfurnished. Room 11, 185 South Clark-et. rpo RENT —FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X suite of rooms with flm-class table board. No ob jection to children. A few table boarders wanted. 896 Wabash-av. rpo RENT-AT 470 WABASH-AV., NEWLY FUR- X nlshed front room with large closet. House, mod era conveniences. Private family. References required. rpo RENT-ONE SUITE AND ONE SINGLE ROOM, X tu elegant condition. Rent reasonable. Bryant Block, northeast corner of Dearborn and Raudolph-ats. Apply to JANITOR. Room 55. ■ rpO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS. SOUTH SIDE, X quiet and convenient location, for any length of time, to tlrst-class parties. 152. Tribune oillcc. rno RENT-50 SOUTH ANN-ST. FURNISHED X or unfurnished rooms. TO RENT-ELEGANT FRONT ROOMS, NICELY furnished, cheap, at 78 East Van Buren-st. rpO RENT-FLATS IN THE “ST. ALBAN’S,” 293 X and2D7Wnbash-av. ;all Improvements, low rent, convenient location. F. A. STEVENS. rpO RENT—SUITE OF TWO OB THREE UKFUR- X nlshcd front rooms; modern Improvements; very convenient to business; second lloor. 14 Rush-st. rpO RENT-UNFURNISHED ROOMS AT 84 SOUTH X Clluton-st. rpo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS. APPLY AT X Rooms, 157 and 157Flfth-av. rpo RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS X In Irving House, 218 Washlngton-st., with or with out boarding; best in city for price. rpo RENT —FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms, very nice and cheap, with or without board. St. Cloud, ucw brick, comer Randolph and Hulstcd-sts. r 0 RENT-ROOMS. FURNISHED AND UNFUR nlsbcd: also rooms furnished for housekeeping, 'alt nt 497 Wabasb-av. rpo BENT—THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 399 X Mlchlgan-av. Call Monday. TO RENT —TO SMALL FAMILY-FIRST FLUOR of 53 West Adoms-st.; four rooms; ?H per month. rpb RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, VERY X cheap to respectable parties. Inquire at 23d West Madlsuu-st. TO RENT —FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping or lodging. Apply at 334 West Ran dolph-st. rpo RENT-ROOMS. WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD. X for two young gentlemen. 550 Wabosh-av. rpo BENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOM. X with small private family, on North Dearborn-st,, to gentlemen only. Address M 14. Tribune office. rpo BENT—FLAT OF 0 ROOMS. ON SMITH-ST., X near Wood. 318. Apply on premises. No. 80. rpo BENT—PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS, X convenient to business, and low rental. 005 Wa basb-av. - TO RENT—TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR housekeeping or lodging; cheap rent. 207 West Van Burun-st- TO RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. 170 East Room 14. rpo BENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, EN SUITE OR X single, In Howe Building. 213 State-st., R00m.29. TO RENT—ROOMS—FURNISHED OR UNFUR nlshed. without board, In private family; first-class house. 234 Ontario-sU, east of Clark; terms reason able. TO RENT-A NICE FURNISHED SLEEPING AND sitting-room, down town; rent moderate. Ad dress £ 50. Tribune office. TO RENT—ROOMS. rno KENT—CLEAN, WELL-LIGHTED, NEWLY- X furnished, papered, ami calelmlned rooms; $3 per week. Inquire for Room io, 37C State-st. rpo KENT—A NICELV-FCKNISHED PARLOR AN X bed-room at 2uß West Uarrisun-st. TO RENT—6 ROOMS, 033 WEST LAKE-ST.; sls. Inquire Room G 4 Reaper Clock. rpo RENT-NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH X family. 111 South Lcavltt-st., nearMa-Jlaon. TO KENT-THREE PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS; water-sink and closets; rent $10; at 624 West Lake 8U Apply to M. MADGII AN, 21 Reaper Clock. rpO~REVT^FINE~SUITEirOF r ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping, with closets at 638 West Lake-st., andlis North Clark-at. J. D. WECER, 120 Kandolph-at. TO RENT-NORTH SIDE, 348 EAST INDIANA-ST., rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board. TO RENT-PLEASANTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS AT 207 Dearborn-st. rpo RENT-FOUR FURNISHED ROOMS AND FUEL X will be given a married couple without children for board of one person for one year or lead. Apply at 1375 State-st. rpo RENT-RARE OPPORTUNITY TO RENT A X house located on a beautiful private park. Modern Improvements. Terms very reasonable. Call at No. 1U State-st., Room 5. rpO RENT-FRONT CORNER ROOM. WELL X furnished, in private family, for gentleman and lady or two gentlemen. 41 Carpenler-at., near Wash ington. _• rpO RENT—AT NO. 30 DkKALB-ST., NEAR RO- X bev. g rooms on tlrst flour. In a new octagon-front house; sls per month. Inquire In above place. a'O RENT —FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED . rooms at 483 Mlchlgan-av., In private family; cheap. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITHOUT X board. 292 Hllnols-st., cost of Rush. rpo”:RE^-H'aNDSOMELY“FURNISHED FRONT X suite rooms, to gentlemen only: North Side, east of Cass-st.; private family. References required. Ad dress C 68. Tribune otflcc. TO RENT—STORJGS, OFFICE'S, Ac. Stores. TO RENT-STORES-DY EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSnlle-st.: State-st., corner Qulnny, DCW on j elegant store Just finishing; Is one of the most prominentand attract ive stores on the street. 44 Clark-sc., near Sherman House, new stone front building, good vault, and all conveniences; will be rented cheap. 3tM State-st., 25x05. plate-glass, elevator, etc. lt]3 Flflh-ttv., good store and basement for drygoods commission. K 2 West Washington-fit.. brick with basement. 84 West Washington-fit., brick with basement. 297 West Randolph-fit., brick with basement; cheapest store In town: S2O. no7Jd West Lake-fit., frame; SIS. 753 West Madlson-st., good retail stand, fixtures. Ac. liu Quiuey-fil., 3-story and basement brick; good tor heavy business or manufacturing. rpo RENT-STORE IN NEW BLOCK CORNER LAR- X rabee ana Sophla-sts.: good business location. CIIAS. N. HALE, 153 Randolph-st. . rpo RENT—A BUTCHER’S STORE WITH FIXTURES X complete; with or without born. Inquire 1103 West Madlson-st. rpo RENT—THAT BEAUTIFUL STORE-ROOM 835 X Madlson-st., 75x34, plate glass front, splendid loca tion for any nice business. Apply to Dr, CARR on the premises. rpO RENT—STORE-255 HALSTED-BT. NEAR HAR* X risen, 38x110, finest location in the West Division for a largo grocery business. J. U. KEELER, 103 Clark-st. rpo RENT—STORE—IOS MADISON-ST.; LOCATION X llret-clas*. J. li. ANDREWS, 101 Clark-st.,Room3. rpo RENT-OFFER WANTED FOR STORES NO. 115 X Nonh-Clark-st. and 036 West Lake-sr.; best busi ness locations North and West Side. J. D. WEREIi, 133 Randolph -st. TO RENT—STORE AND ROOMS 020 West Lake-fiL, sls. Room 6t Reaper Block. rpO RENT-STORES 515 WEST MADISON’ 74, 76. X 78 East Adams-st. GILMORE & HUSTON. 100 Ciark-st., Room 6. rpO RENT-MEAT MARKET IN GOOD LOCALITY; X also, othersmallstoreaandllvlugmoms. i act six tonplatfonnscalesforsalc. 4UQWestPolk-gt. HALEY. rpO _ RENT—473 FIFTH-AV., STORK WITH FIX- X tures, and two rooms partitioned oJ, $lO a month. Inquire on the premises Monday and Tuesday, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. rp6 RENT-STORES AND DWELLINGS. 917 SOOTH X Halsted-st., and corner Eighteenth and'May-sbi.; low rent to good tenants. Inquire of J. S. COOKE, 136 South Morgan-st. TO RENT—CHEAP—STORE CORNER STATE AND Harrison-sts.; make your own price. P. O’NEILL, 182 Siate-st. rpo RENT—STORE 83 TWENTY-NINTH-ST., FIN- X Islied off fur bakery In first-class running order, ami fixtures; three moms with store; water and gas; good store trade established. Inquire on premises, up stairs. rpo RENT—A LARGE STORE. CHEAP. CO3 WA- X bash-av. Apply at (EX) State-st. rpo RENT-SECOND, THIRD. AND FOURTH X floors, 132 Hast Lake-st.; store* and3lsSouth Clark-st.; basements 233 and33oSouth Clark-st.; office-rooms in building 133 aud 130 South Clark-st.. and Kentucky Block: sleeping-rooms In building 333 and 336 South Clark-st.; elegant suits of rooms In new bulldlngdll, and 315 South Clark-st.; rents low to good tenants. Apply to MALCOM Mc- NEILL, 324 South Clark-st., Room 3. Offices* TO RENT-OFFICES-BY EDMUND A. CUM mlngs, 119 and 131 LaSallc-st. Stnte-st.. corner Jackson, elegant offices at low prices in tbe Howe Machine Company’s Building. 343Statc-3L, corner Jackson, two good offices, sec ond floor. 107 Flfth-av., third floor, front, three windows, only sls. . rpo RENT—FINE OFFICE AT 153 RANDOLPH-ST., X second door; nice oilice third floor S;«X). rpo RENT-DESK ROOM IN FIRST-CLASS BUILD- X Ing. Rooms 20 and 21 Hawley Building, l44Deur born-st. J. S. JOHNSTON, Architect. . . rpo RENT—NICELY FURNISHED OFFICE IN PART X to a physician and divide expenses. Apply at Room 9, IG3 South Clark-st., Thompson Block. ' miscellaneous. rpo RENT-CHE AP, THREE UPPER FLOORS OF X Nos. 74aad70RrtRdol!)h-st., suitable for Urst-class Jobbing'store. dpnlvL. C.P. FREER. Room t) Foot Block, southwest rVraer Clark and Monroa-sta. rpo' RENT—6> -EST MAD ISON- ST. —A GOOD X brick livery i, -«io accommodate seventy-live horses. Inquire c* 50. Major Block. fpO RENT—A FIRST-CLASS HOTEL CONTAINING X O'* rooms, furniture. audguodvall for sale. House doing good , business. Apply to V»’M. 3i. SAMPSON & CO., Routing Agency, H 4 LaSalle-st. _ TO KENT—NICE BRICK BARN, 57. 11l SOUTH Lcavltt-st., near Madison. fpO RENT-BRICK BARN ON FOURTII-AV.. GAS, X water, and living rooms. P. O’NEJLL. iSdState-tt. rpo RENT-A LARGE BARN IN REAR OF 468 X Wabmh-av. WANTED-TO KENT. WANTED-TO RENT-A GOOD HOUSE OF 10 TO 15 rooms for one or two years, and pay partly with real estate. Address R CT>, Tribune ofilce. WANTED— TO RENT—THE USE OF A GOOD furnished room on North Clark-st.. south of Chi cago-av., a part of each day, by a physician for olllce purposes. Address PHYSICIAN, Tribune oflice. WANTED— TO RENT-BY A GOOD TENANT. 20 to 75 rooms for hotel or furnished rooms. AVIli pav from 31.50 to 54 per room per month, or will fur nish and give one-third receipts for rent. SI 85, Trib une otUcc. WANTED-TO RENT—A COTTAGE OR HOUSE. 4 to 6 rooms, pleasant locality, for man and wife. Rent must be cheap. Address, for 5 days, B 15, Tribune olllce. WANTED— TO RENT-A 5- ORG-ROOM COTTAGE, or 4 or 5 rooms sultabhle for housekeeping, west of Ashland-nv., near Van Buren or Sladlson cars. Refcr cnces exchanged. Address A 21. Tribune olllce. WANTED— TO RENT-A PLAIN-FURNISHED room; rent must he low. Address Mrs. D, Room 143 Gardner House. TtrANTED-TO RENT-TWO GENTLEMEN WANT VV pleasont furnished room, without board, near Twcnty-second-st., cost of State. Private family pre ferred. E 54. Tribune otflee. TirANTED—TO RENT-BY A YOUNG GENTLE- V» man of quiet habits, an unfurnished room In a private family. Light breakfast and tea, If agreeable. Address y 80, Tribune olllce. WANTED-TO RENT-3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS for housekeeping. Address N 1, Tribune otllce. WANTED-TO RENT-STORE AND CELLAR, OR half of same on South Water-st., by responsible parties for produce commission. W 50, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—BUICIC HOUSE, 6TO 8 rooms, with carpets, kitchen and dining-room furniture, by careful family, four adults: must be nicely located, and lour rent. Address Z 10, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-A SMALL HOUSE CON talnlng modern Improvements, by man and wife. In answer give location and price. W 11, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-A SMALL DESK IN pleasant olllce; locution unimportant; would like to do writing In exchange for rent. Experienced In drawing real estate papers etc. Best references. Ad dress F 54. Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-BY A GENTLEMAN AND wife, no children, three or four rooms for house keeping. location South Side, north of Twenty-second et, and east of State. Address G on. Tribune olllce. TIT ANTED—TO RENT—THE DAILY NEWS IN VV sorts these advertisements at 25c for 3 lines until you get what you want' WANTED— TO RENT-LARGE UNFURNISHED room and gas, fur use of pluno, and will give In structions In music for a few meals during the week; am out most of the time. Call, or address MUSIC TEACHER, 529 Cottage Urovc-av. . WANTED— TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE—ANY one having a furnished house they desire cared for during the summer can Had a responsible party of three adults to occupy by addressing G 33, Tribune olllce. XT’ANTED —TO BEST —TWO OR THREE NICE 'V rooms for light housekeeping; flrst-class location; >uth Side. Address M 89, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-FOUR ROOMS ON THE North! Side, cast of Wells aud south of Division sts., for housekeeping; price reasonable; no children. Address M 03, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-LAW OFFCE-2 ROOMS— rent must be reasonable. Address LEX, Tribune office. • AXTICI*-TO REST—FU'UN'ISHKD OB UNTtfl'.- nlshcd rooms for light housekeeping. North Side preferred. Address M 2U, Tribune office. XXT’ANTED—TO RENT—THE DINING-ROOMS OF A \ I boarding-house, or of a large family. F 57, Trib une office. WANTED-TO RENT-A ROOM AT LOW FIGURE by a lady where she can wash her clothes and bo at home; would give part time In sewing for board. If desired. Address M 54, Tribune office. W ANTED—TO RENT FURNISHED FRONT room, west of Iloync and south of Lake-sc., for a widow lady. References exchanged. Address Q 41, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT—NEATLY FURNISHED house, respectable locality, and convenient to cor roate. Address 131, Tribune office. • WANTED— TO RENT—THREE ROOMS SUITABLE for light housekeeping, on South Side, cast of State and north of Tweaty-slxth-sts. Address W. TAY LOR, 821 Mtchlgon-av. ■ TXT - ANTED—TO RENT—ONE OR TWO U.sro.i it nished rooms within a few minutes’ tvrdSc from M&dlsoa and State-sis. Address, dialing term*. etc., F 11, Tribune office. WANTED—TO KENT. TTfANTED-TO RF.NT-3 FURNISHED ROOMS: >V would prefer for light housekeeping, or would care for a house during summer. Address M G3,.Trlb une office. ' WANTED-TO RENT—A HOUSE OF JO OR 12 rooms, centrally located, on South or West Side, where parties #lll take rent iu board. References ex changed. Address for one week F 71, Tribune office. TirAXTED— TO RENT—A SINGLE GENTLEMAN VV and his mother wish to obtain a furnished bouse on South Side. Reference satisfactory. Address with particular, II Wl*, 780 Wahash-uv. K 4 TWO UXFDK nlshed rooms In a pleasant location. Address, terms, etc., G 3d, Tribune olllce. etatinj W' ANTED-TO RENT-ROOM OF A WIDOW LADY by a lady. Address F Ul, Tribune office. TIT"ANTED —TO RENT-A FRONT ROOM IN A > * private family, by a lady at business ail day; Indl ana-av. preferred; references Riven and required; must be on South Side, and south of Slxtecnth-st. Address KBB, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—IULY 1. ROOMS DNFDR ulshed, except with carpet, with or without board, lu a private family: location LaSalle-st. or cast, north 01 Chicago.av.; state conveniences, price, etc. Address FU7, Tribune office. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. CARO.— We sell as good furniture as any South Side house at lower prices, and give the privilege of paying for It on installments. See our prices: Heavy walnut veneered parlor suits, 6 pcs., only $40.00 I elegant satin suit, crimson pullings, 7 pcs., s7o,*. worth 00.00 Hair cloth suits, French veneers, 7|k:B CS.CO I beautiful crimson rep suit, satin pullings 75.(0 1 dark brown terry suit, crimson pullings GS.OU 2 hair-stuffed suits, brown and crimson. SOO, worth 125.00 Largest stock chamber suits on West Side, alt of which we propose to sell In 30 days, and shall give prices that will insure sales. CALHOUN, CHENEY & CO., 420 West Madison-st. ACARD-THE UNION FURNITURE COMPANY will sell you centre tables lu wood and marble-top from $2 to $lB (a little sum for $lO, worth $15); bureaus from $lO upwards. A genuine- Italian marble-top black walnut chamber suit *0? $55.- An elegant dresslng-casc suite (3 pieces, French polished) for $75. Hair mattresses, extra tick, for sl4. Single lounge up holstered In English terry for sl2. We sell) sell our "Champion” bed-lounge for sls. It has a double head, and upholstered in terry, is stylish and cheap. We sell our brown terry parlor suits for SOO and $75, and a good black walnut chamber suit for S7A. These are cash prices, still we are willing to sell good parties at these, figures, and give time ou the payments, and will sell one article a* cheerfully as an outilt. Union Furniture Company. 503 West Madl&on-st. . Appraised free of charge-parties hav- Ing household goods to dispose of will And It to their Interest to call or address HODGES A CO., CC2 West Lakc-st., and have tbelr goods appraised before disposing of them. A A ALL LOOK! LOOK! AT OUli $45 MAit • A. /Ible-topChambcrSults before buying; our $;»5 Chamber Suits; our $75 Marble-top Chamber Solid surpass nil; our S4O, SSO, SO3. and $75 Parlor Suits are unequaled. Marble-Top Tables, $7. SB, SO. $lO. sl4. Hair Mattress, best tick, sl4. French All-Wool Terry Lounges, sl2 to sls. New spring styles of Ingrain. Two- Ply, Three-Ply, Tapestry,and Brussels Carpets,4oc.soc, 75c, sl. si.23pcryurd;aupcrlorquality, lowest prices. Cook-Stoves and Ranges, warranted Urn-class, SH. $lO, S2O. $24, S2B, $23. Headquarters for all goods In the housefurnishingline,namely: Furniture.carpets,stoves, crockery, abodes, curtains, to nlces. budding, etc., on Installments, or for cosh, at prices lower than the low est. Examine our stock; It will pay you. Easy terms and square dealing. Houses furnished throughout. Thu celebrated Empire Parlor Bedstead, In seven styles and nuw designs fur 1870, saves room, saves rent, saves money. The Empire lounge.—on adjustable lounge* combining ease, comfort, luxury,—cither right or left, and the climax os an invalid’s rest. See It, and you will buy no other. Send for Illustrated catalogue. EM PIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD COMPANY, 383 West Madlson-st, O I ASH PAID FOi: HOUSEHOLD GOODS, larite or small lots: furniture of private residences purchased. 177 Madlaon-st. J. L. ItgED & CO. EXTRAORDINARY LOW PUICES-JAMES HAN NEOAN, 23S State-st. 1 hove always on hand a large assortment of household furniture of every de scription, newest designs, finest quality, best finish; also, full line of choicest patterns of all grades of car pets, oil-cloth, Ac. Glvcusacall before purchasing elsewhere. Goods sold on convenient Installments: no Interest. Open until 9p. m. 3e>B btate-st., near Van Buren. Furniture, carpets, oil-cloths, stoves, and crockery on easy weekly or monthly payments at ULICK BOuRKE’S, 92 West Madlson-st. Parlor suits in hair-cloth, terry, and brocatel, $35. §45. SSO, SCO, to §100; marble-top dres?lng-case sets, §OS to siuO; black walnut sets, §25 to §SO; marble-top tables, §8 to Sis; breakfast and extension tables, lounges, dining-room and kitchen furniture, and everything la the Hue of household goods, cheap for cash or on week ly or monthly payments. At ULICK. BOURSE'S, 82 West Madlsou-st. Fearful sacrifice. prices on j PARLOR AND CHAMBER SUITS ! CUT DOWN BELOW COST OF MANUFACTURE. NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED. PARLOR SUITS, 7 PIECES. sa’., §45. §55. 575. Sift). §125. §l5O, WORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY/ CHAMBER SUITS, 3 PIECES, §35, §45. §OO. §75, §IOO, §125. WE WILL SELL CHEAPER THAN THE SAME DUALITY GOODS CAN BE SOLD ELSEWHERE. R. T. MARTIN, 154 ST AT E-ST. 1?0R SALE-HANDSOMEPAKLOR SETTEE.CHAIR to mutch ulc,e rocking chair, chip chair, used hut little: a bargain; owner left city. Address G 07, Trib une ohlce. I?OU SALE-A HANDSOME 8-SYRUP SODAFOUN tain. Good condition. Will sell very cheap. Ad dress B C. Tribune oillco. , Fob sale-the furniture of two bed rooms, In lots to suit the parties. Apply at 540 Wa bash-av. TX)R SALE-FURNITURE, ETC., OF A PRIVATE i boardlug-hoasconSaath-Sldo;rent of house very low; present owner wants to leave the city. Inquire of A. KoULITZ, merchant tailor, comer of Illinois and Clark-sts. I?OR SALE—A LARGE REFRIGERATOR; WIIL be sold cheap; con be seen Monday at 517 West Madlson-st. I?OR SALE-KEEP COOL-I HAVE A PAIR OF . window-awnings and anew Allcgrett! refrigerator; will sell at half price. L 54, Trlbnnelolflce. 1?0R SALE-ONK TETE-A-TETE COVERED WITH ? greeu rep. scarlet-plush pulling, nearly new, for 525; also six black-walnut dining-room chalwfors7; one .commode, marble top, 55. .lIILGKB, 23iState-st. I?OR SALE—HOCSEKEEKPIG FURNITURE FORA small family; very cheap. Address K 62, Tribune ulilcc. I WILL PAY THE HIGHEST CASH PRICE FOR large or small lota of household goods. Address U J, 728 West Lake-st. ON EASY TERMS—FURNITURE, CARPETS, stoves, and crockery. Cash prices, and on terms to suit the purchaser. We carry the largest, most reliable, best finished, and best selected stock of furniture on the West Side. Our goods are largely of our own manufacture, we can, therefore, give our customers a close figure on better goods chan other establishments. We have a large and carefully-selected line of the new est patterns of Ingrain and Brussels carpets and oil cloth!. bought since the recent decline, that we offer on time at the lowest cosh prices. In oar stock of ranges and cooking stoves, wenave soxncof the best and most favorably-known that are In the market. It pays to get our prices and to examine our goods before buying elsewhere. JOHN M. SMYTH, 134 West Madlson-«L ON INSTALLMENTS AT CASH PRICES, ALL kinds of furniture, spring beds, mattresses, and pil lows, fine finished Italian marble-top dressing cose sets fromsGOto 5100; walnut-top chamber sets. $25. S3O, 535. S4O; 40-pound hair-mattress only sl3; a parlor sec of six pieces, 533; a rich brown Terry set of seven pieces, with fine veneered frames, upholstered backs 'and plush puffing. SGS. Country customers would save money by Inspecting my stock before purchasing else where. All goods packed and delivered to depot free of charge. At F. COGSWELL’S. 378 West Madlson-st. ON INSTALLMENTS-FINELY FINISHED AND handsome marble and walnut-top chamber suits, parlor suits, and lounges that are stylish and well made, on easy weekly or monthly payments at cash prices. Good goods, and square-dealing guaranteed. JOHNiI. SMYTH, 134 West Madlson-st. ON PARTIAL PAYMENTS-INGRAIN AND BRUS sels carpets from 55c a yard and upward, on week ly or monthly payments; we are making lower prices than ever before, and giving more favorable terms. JOHN M. SMYTH. 134 West Madlson-st. PERSONS HAVING HOUSELOLD GOODS TO dispose of con address U. R. CARTER, 12 South Dlvlslon-st. PARTIES DISPOSING OF THEIR HOUSEHOLD furniture, carpets, crockery, etc., will find a cash customer by calling or addressing S. P. B AMBEUGER. 63d Lake-st. rpWO PAIRS OF ELEGANT NEW LACE CUR 1. tains, costing $l4O, will be sold for cosh at less than half cost. Room 4, IUB West Madlson-st. WANTED— NEW OR SECOND-HAND WALNUT bed-room set and small sized refrigerator for cash. X 58, Tribune office. ON EASY MONTHLY OR WEEKLY PATMENTS- Furnlturul Furniture!! Furniture! !! Carpets! Carpets!! Carpets!!! Stores! Stoves!! Stoves'! l Crockery! Crockery!! Crockery!! ! We now bare the finest stock of goods In Chicago. Four floors of the three-story and basement stone-front building are filled with choice goods, which we will sell at prices lower than was ever known before In Chicago. We have fine wood and marble-top tables for §2, $3, $4, sc. $7.50 $9.50. sll, and upward; good chamber sets at $23 and upward; good parlor sets at S4O. $45, SSO, seo, $75. S9O, and upward; good carpets at 50c, 60c, 75c, 85c. 90c, sl. and upward; good hair mattresses with best ttckforsls; good stoves and ranges at $lO to S9O; good lounges at sl9. Now Is the time to commence house keeping while prices are low and rents are cheap, and re member we are the only house in Chicago who can furnish a house copplcte with llrat-clasa goods, and that we can and will sell good goods at less prices than any other house In Chicago, as we own our building and pay no rent, and have very light expenses. Having all classes of goods under our roof, we can afford to gull cheaper than those who keep Just one line of goods Goods can be purchased at this time to be delivered at any time during the spring. It will pay all to call and ex amine before purchasing elsewhere. W. A. LOWELL AGO., 736WestMadlson-st. CARPETS! CARPETS! ! CARPETS! I ! CARPETS' Carpets!! Camels!! !-The finest selection of car pets In tula city. New spring styles are now arriving, and we will sell at less prices than any house In the cltrl Great care will be taken to show our customers truoda and we will warrant oar carpets to be the very best In the market. Call before purchasing. W a. Low. ELL&CO.. 73UWcstMadIson-st. ** LOVI STOVES! STOVES! ! STOVES! 1 !-WE HAVE the largest and best assortment of stoves west of >ew 1 ork, which we can sell at very low prices and on mffl h S !fn? S a r en “- * CO.. ™ pROCKERY! CROCKERY! I CROCKERY! I I v/ The best class of crockery and glassware on easy IV * Lo ™* * co.7raowSt WANTED-A COUCH, TWO EASY CHAIRS, FOUR VY pillows, a family refrigerator; all must be good aau cheap. Address j. 54, Tribone office. b W A ShSSrPJ? LL PAY CASH FOR A NICE LOT ,’J Pi J®. use J 10 , l .l??,9 ds ’ carpets, etc., for housekeep ing. Address J, 682 West Lake-at. TIXTURR9 FOR SEVEN ROOMS I>»d<l or made to order. E. D, MiLLER. Lake and Jeffereon-st*. WANTED-FUUXiTUP.E, NEW OP. bECUMJ w t hand, In exchsngeforsnburban property; a fair, office** tnWev/,li bemade; titleperfect. ibu/‘tribune T7TANTED— SHALL LOT OF GOOD CARPET «4d. 'iwmnc A Sa I Job prlottoff. Addreaa Ttr ANTED—FURNITURE ANDCARI’ETS IN EX -11 Jj. TrloSo ifflceT 1 ilu ‘ uarl load mid-dull. Addr^i fiIOVSEIIOED GOODS. WANTED— CHAMBER SET AND caih and suburban Jut. ‘Audrey up I67Wa3hfugtun-si. 1,1 14, WANTED— HIGH BEDSTEAD. BLACSwTrVrT also commode. cheap. Address or Hllqols-at., second-floor. • LaJI at Hi WHUTIfS TERMS STRICTLY fluently genuine bargains t clean new own manufacture; everytnlng guaranteed iwW rented or money refunded; -Tfh«l. r ' funs, cots, lounges, sheets, pillow-cases, moiqulto-oaw and canopies, etc.; old mattrS2f%S feathers renovated: endless variety wail brackets, rustic frames etc.; mas: be soiA- 1 PuCfce a» FOE SALE. For sale-a lot op wood~scrsws7lp*w7 sizes at scents per pound; new urate log nails, second-hand bar-iron, all size*at pound; spikes, casing, and fencing nulls at per pound; new bar-iron, assorted sizes, at 100; boiler lines. boiler-makcra’ tool” wftcl-nTt ?h Inr. pulleys, gearing, ba|auee-wheeU ciiaJc-fence tcre K; Jack--«creu-». vise., aiivlD. toSSfSSS* anil waslitirjjaDayp pair dump-car ivliceU illS. alio, a lot or bulldlni; coluniu, oil tor «nla efim w ! caali at 6S South Cllnton-st. *•“ cmapfo, Tj*Oß SALE-AT A SACRIFICE, TO BE MOVPn A ™ elegant frame house. 12 rooms, all modern W provemsnts;marnlemantels, etc.; plcte onler, fences and sheds. Thitf U a m-e hoii?* 0 ??; any party havlns a lot which they ilMlrc ;o laip n “ «SS Hud this a rare chance to buy a home. Hoii.i i.- 1 trally located. West Side. «ou*elscea- IT- E. WEAVER & CO.. 160 LaS fl n».. r •pOR SALE-TWO -10-FOOR PLATE!) Snow" A? cases; with walnut counters. Apply at cu Lake-Vf For sale-fine diamond rimis stiti.;t and ear-rings, diamond and opal cross, ’gi.ld vbm.' Empire Bed, and a No. I mocking-bird. 38 Flfth-av* For sale-uncut hav-i have ion acresT? iiomewooti, on Illinois Central Railroad- ii acres ou Milwaukee Railroad, at Lakeside toy DROWN, 142 Lasalle-st. ue - lEA 17018 SALE-HANDSOME BLACK WALNUTS A ; pie case for liquors, with marble basin: ahaotiritl side shelving, cornice, Ac. 30 Rlver-st. ,eeß 17018 SALE-3 REVELED BILLIARD TAUT re" ; balls, cues, Ac. M. O. BYRNE, ud East Klade-^ I7OR S ALE-WALNDT I)Aft AND SIDE-BO\nn~fv ; good order, billiard and pool-table, and other’At tures, very low. Apply at 732 Statc-at. • “**. F)R SALE—CHEAP—DUE-liILL, $35. OK 7 first-class wood-engraving firm. Room C, 138 L»! Salle-sc. FOR SALE-ONE 3-IIARREL ale-box AND ovp No. 2 family refrigerator, only use*l 4 weeks, cheif? Id 3 East Kaudolph-at., under Briggs Hoosc, 7 FOR SALE—IS-FOOT PLEASURE-BOAT NEW* built by a first-class boat-builder. Address wlr GORRINGE 661 Lorrabee-st. WiL FOR SALE—cimex lectularius destrotetT exterminated bed-bugs; theireggsandembrroree. Istcred at the Patent-Office; money to be made- a nart or whole will be sold reasonable. Address s2A thh. one office. . FOR S<Mt—7s SECOKD*UANT) R, R. SCR\PEM ood plows, or will lake Interest In work. fismirv 151 Randolph-st.. Room 2. I7OR SALE-A LARGE-SIZED HALL'S SAFE, ki : good as new at half price. NICHOLS, BILUHJ* CO., HdDearborn-st. * For sale—diamonds— is-stone cluster diamond ear-rings (pure white), first water, at half price; can be seen at loaDearborn-st., basement Mod. day forenoon. [7OR SALE—BOARD OF TRADE MEMBERSHIP" L all rcgularthroughout. Address L.**6. Tribune office! For sale-office desks and cuaiks on hand or made to order; one dozen cylinder desks it hardpan prices; work and material warranted at fac lory, comer Lake and Jefferson. E. D. 3nrf.Pt* 'OR SALE-FINE SILVER-RIM BANJO. INQUIRE of E. M. HALL, New Chicago Theatre. FOR" SALE-A BARGAIN-ONE FIRST-CLASS billiard and pool-table, cheap, at 205 East Kan dolph-st. , For sale-a fresh milch-cow and calf Inquire at 476 West Twcifih-st. FOR SALE-SALOON’ FIXTURES AND TWO first-class pool-tables, cheap; must be sold, r*n at once at 475 Mllwaukee-av. x * u FOP. SALE-SPLENDID HARD-WOOD RACKS,' lard-press, kettle, and cooler cheap! FOR SALE-MARBLE SODA-FOUNTAIN; GOOD as new, at a great sacrifice; most be sold Immedi ately. Bigelow Fountain Company, 1 33 Lake-aL For sale-owing to havingstorewith ' a ult, will sell flrat-‘loss safe, nearly new, cheap lor cash. TV aterbury Clock Company, jury State-st.^ For sale-a lot of handsome fixtures, consisting of counters, shelving* etc.. In light and uark woods, formerly used by a dealer In gents* Amish- Ing goods, butcaubu used in almostany business; also three large show-cases; will be sold at half their cost. Apply to W. D. KERFOOT & CO., 80East Mad(aQn-nt. FOR SALE-TWO UPRIGHT SHOW-CASES AND fire-proof safe, very cheap. FiftUNatUmalLoaa Ulrica, ltd South Clark-st. FOR SALE—cheap, several FINE PIECES CP Jewelry; also fine piano. Ay, Tribune oklce. T7°R SALE-1,200 DOZEN SETS”TABLE~KKTvE3 X at great bargains. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake st., cp-stalra. F°JJ ?,M' E T A , LOT OF STEAK KXIVES, WORTH ;*■ S'-.-o 'hhli, {‘T, 50 ceats each. Hatcher tnlves a: SO cents on the denar. A. W. ffirm Fit, ui r-1..- st., up-stairs. 1701: SALE—A LOT OF GOOD QUALITY PLATED i table wort iss op per Jurea; will sell far §4.00. A. >V, WHEELEi,, 141 Lake-st., up-stalrs. FOR SALE-A. LOT OF FIVE-BOTTLE TABLE casters, §I.OO each. Good goods. A- W. WHEEL ER, 141 Lake-st., up-atalra. TT oli SALE-A LOT OF APPLE PAREItS, GO CEXT3 c.v'X 1 . 11 " hhlves CO cents pyr dozen. Clothes wringers each. A. W. tVll££LEli, m late sc., up- stairs. ■pOB SALE-A LOT OF WIRE PICTURE CORD AND cbeap - W - WIIEIiLEIL M For sale-a lot of pressed dish pars, dippers, pan?, and wash dishes, at 50 cents on the uoilar. A. w. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st., U]t->t3irj. FOR SALE—A LOT OF TOILET SETS, SLOP JAR, water carrier, and foot tub. at $2.73 and #:{.«] per set. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st., tip-scalra. F)R SALE-A LOT OF WHITE HANDLED TEA knives at §2.00 per set. White handled carvers «; $i.U) per pair. A. W. WHEELER, HI Lake-st., up stairs. r TT°p sale-the clear Havana FILLED A S-C-Joivcl clear, by all Adilrcaj R. J. ™9P L wlwltaalcn. OH Weat VanUumn-dt.. Chicago, 111. FOR SALE-LARGE IRON GARDEN VASE, household furniture, the best parlor cook-tovo ever made. Fleetwood scroll saw, Wakefield earth-closet, new. B 67, Tribune office. ’OR SALE—HOUSE, TO MOVE. 161 CENTRE-AV, For sale—one three-karat diamond and one cluster ring. Send address and will call and snow them. Q 46, Tribune office. . F 0I A?^ E 7S i! ?.T' CLASS LAWN-MOWER, CHEAP -L 151 West Woshlngton-st. F°s A A . L F~ S f LC l 0K COUNTER. GLASS-WASH er, shelving, Ice-box, and five tables. C. J. COOK, inrnltnre store, 481 Blue Island-nv. ' FS,,?i\P^ AL £ T ° F CROQUET SETS (SHARD wood bolls) at $1.50 per set. A. W. WHEELER, 1.1 Lake-st., up stairs. For sale-alot offine finished adze-eye •1.. u™tilS cacll - A - w - WHEELER, hi Lako- LOT OF DOUBLE ACTING SALOON two. 1 :? 8 ? 'I 1111 •Pring*. at $i per set. A. W. WHEE LER, 141 Lake-st., up-stalrs. *-»?*«-«. FOR SALE—A STEAM■ rf T ABLE WITH FIXTURE? a steak-broiler, cheap. Apply « Mlfm- 0R EXCHANGE—FOR GOOD GOLD Sooth Hoyne-st. Cry fln ° Baddleaad ‘bdvlng mare. 2U T7°LARGE SODA WATER GENER -f- *tor, with 2 fountains, steam boiler, scales, wag 2S?’ J nac^l n *» and th g machinery and tools, a B °‘J a water manufactory, cheap; on account of sickness of owner. It n, Tribune office. °5.. S ,f- LE rS E EXCHANGE—FIVE-TON • -HOWE" ocale. Addrexa • ‘ SCALE. " Trlbone olflee. AT A LOW FIGURE, A BEAUTIFUL Statc /t!’ H lTinS mal£<; ' at FARRINGTON'S. 101 [i 0 } 1 SALE—II-ROOil HOUSE. TO BE MOVED At • once; $073. J. W. SMITH. 125CIark-st. R00m22. F°h„?'mJ;r,? A ? V CARRIAGE, eastern make, CoßtlleW^'W: WlE *bllfo r $lO. B DAILY NEWS, SWORN CIROU fnr i HnoP^Mp o, {nsertJl these advertlscmeass at 254 for 3 lines nntl! yon get what you want. P , OOL TABLES, ONE 10-BALI Md one 15-ball; also, one soda fountain, and tv( express wagons. 344 Dlvlslon-st. F°i‘n5 A J'! : “ BUTOHEt!s - ATTENTION! I HAVE WcEtJlSnroe-B° W ’ about LIOOIIi, Call »t 171 ** DUtT ’ roOL TABLiI F°s, SALE—SEVERAL TUBES. x etc., cheap for cash. 373WestMailljon-.L For sale-a good billiard table, cheap would exchange for a good driving horse; also, t refrigerator for sale cheap. Apply 430 CotUgt Grove-av. ** ' SALE—LAWN MOWER, PIRST-CLAiS, O . perfect order,jit 219 East Van Burcn-st. FOR per dozen and upwards at bankrupt store, Stan and Tventy-scconil-ata, FOR SALE-TO BRICK iIAXUFACTUIiERS. BUILD era, and pavera-1,000 load* good cellar sand, cheap on Plerce-st.. ncarHalstcd. Apply on premises Mon day and Tuesday. F'Oll SALE-BOOTS AND SHOES. CHEAPEST H . Chicago, every pair warranted. MONTGOMERY A LAWSON, 244 State-st.. comer Jackson. MAOUINEBY. For sale—one foot-power morticing machine, one boring-machine, one crosscut saw Apply at Id Wabash-av. 17011 SALE—CHEAP—A SMALL FOOT-LATHE, L with dde-rest and feed, screw and chuck. Address D 62, Tribune ofilce. [7OR SALE-ONE DOUBLE YACHT ENGINE, 15* . horse-power. 02 West Madison-et., fumltare store. For tradf. for horse -3—4-horae power engine and boiler, In good order; lit? tie used. Apply at 213 and 215 Kfnzlc-st. ~TAND-ROISTERS, MADE TO RUN BY POWER. A very cheap; elevators for every class of InwlDess. . WALLACE, 120 Cllnton-st. TfTAXTSD-A SECOND-HAND I l>i-' ILE EN *f glne and boiler; men l** In fr*?-- nlcr, lOto If rf Applyt,jrsu::w * ,t<l * .e. etc. J. nur>!(.y. A NICE FINE-TONED r ( A 0, :5. for sale on !nstallmc:u .c ' f .■. ■■■ and cottage or good Jewelry. (171,u> MRS. C. THOMAS, M. -V. ** st., cures all female :?;»u •.««•*>• »;• paid to confinements; poMur. a* o. treatment. ■\TURSE PAGE ISltOCV.i.' AT it" ’.E-ST. Av Invalids accommodatei \ -lean guaranteed. CIS-IIORSE POWER P( M..RLE POI Osa!e cheap, PERCY, lit • * doa* roo-it. MAKE. . 'df a lot :«STED tentlot mstntf

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