Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 4, 1876, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 4, 1876 Page 15
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TV I.VTEP— HJSL.P* -—itooitliccpcrs, Clerks, etc. v-prn—A COMMISSION HOUSE DOING A re«lvlui-- and option builni'u want a booil \Y a have unquestionable references In - . ail ,j ability. Address, stating salary, , MAX UNDERSTANDS \V A Hi?Sirv hoottceplnunnd Uvea with hlspa ’’ well recommended; salarylromSs|DSß rents; AtidreKi A 05, Tribune omce. * n or.o ug nlt competent, espe- hooWtecocr (or few months: must write 1> Address CCO, care Carrier No. 1. CIIAKCE A THOROUGH "ft •"“SKthe stale. Apply la pereon to-day (Sun 'rl?S»fvn4nndop. m. at 207 f>orth-»v,. comcrof eirl’tf*” - good dly reteiences required. \OK TBROi. ==TTvrFD-FrVE SALESMEN’, TWO PORTERS, I Sir lady, falary moderate; new atore to open iddross stating experience, A 22, Trib- nfflee. TO KNOW THAT TV Daily News lnw*rw these advertisements at 'jforSUass till they ect situations. . BOOKKEEPER TO KEEP A SET W nf coramMon books; must give good reference. .Ur« 1 itttTrllhthh" 1111 * 1 : _■ max with a knowledge W nf bookfcct'plDf? for collector: oue wlio lives at cheap; state salary wanted. M4O, BOY FOR A CLERK IN A U lnvr oclo;; must bo a b'ooiV penman. Inquire at ,-oWanis-st., Room 0. DOUBLE ENTRY BOOKKEEPER, \V' nne familiar vrKU the wholesale grocery trade; and accurate; a single man preferred; |C ?vj , modcnite. Give name of last employer. An handwriting. giving true name and ad ggffi 40, Trihuneofflce. SHIRT SALESMEN' W for city and country. “Lone Star** Shirt Com iay 168 Dcarboro-et. rtrTvTED—A JEWISH FOREMAN IN A WHOLE* \V cftle ciotblns house, lie must act os foreman and V,—„ n d come well recommended. Address, stating L. XEWBONEB * SONS, Jlllwau- Srwu- : ACTIVE AND RELIABLE YOUNG \VVSsn as entry clerk and assistant-bookkeeper in a J.t,nf»rtnrinß business. Address A 93, Tribune office. fr?TvTED—A~VODNG MAN AS CLERK THAT W an loan me S2OO to S3UO on good security, and .IJmanentsituation. 310 must have good reference,. •Sinrit be afraid of work. One who has worked In a ctoccq- preferred. A 2-s, Tribune office. Trades* nr ANTED—CARRIAGE-TRIMMER; ONE WHO W cab fnrnlah machine preferred. Rear 003 State-st r^rivrED—TO TAILORS—A FIRST-CLASS CUT \V«r for custom-work; best city reference required. Ajiplr Monday &t 657 anti GS9 West Lakc-st. irfANTED—AT 939 MADISON-ST,. A YOUNG \\ man that has worked at the upholstering business; • good home for a smart yonng mam HtaNTED—A FIRST-CLASS ORNAMENTAL JAP- W naner: one who Is competent to take* charge of thoo where fifteen hands arc employed. Communicate cltfl Dominion Tin-Works, Toronto. Ont. fITANTED - IMMEDIATELY A FIRST-CLASS W birber; steady employment and good salary to a coodPiSP Address F. KILLINS, Springfield. 111. —ANTED-FIRST-CLASS UPHOLSTERER. li. W. BATES & CO., 48 East Adama-st. TIT ANTED—TWO WOODWORKMEN OF GOOD AD \\ dress and ?12 for security to sell a new and useful (mention on salary or commission. 90 LaSalle-st., ifrom 7, basement. TTTANTED-GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN TAILOR \Y for making custom coats, to go In the country. Inonlre of PRICE & LEVI, 83 and Bo Wubash-av., up iults, Sunday morning. TirANTED—CARPENTERS AT 2 C W dith-st.; part real estate and cash. W* —ANTED-A PRACTICAL CUTTER FOB CUS tom tailoring; must answer In own hand-writing, ts to ahlUty, experience, salary wanted, etc.; prefer ofae who Is able to draft patterns for boys’ and children's clothing: a permanent situation Is offered. A 05, Trll>- oe office- ' TITANIED-SIX CARPENTERS. 46 NORTH HAL VV Bted-st. TirANTED—GENTLEMANLY-APPEARING CAR- W penters who are used to contracting, at Wlnetka; all others keep away. S. MEARS, 47 Reaper Block, comer Clark and Washlngtoa-sta. TtTANTED—A FIRST-CLASS UPPER AND SOLE tf leather cutter at factory of F; O. CASS, 14 Stale. W* THREE GOOD TAILORS FOR THE country. Apply to BIDDLE & BOYD, 40 East lladlson-st. tirANTED—LATHERS TO DO A JOB FOR CASH \? Monday at 10 o'clock. Thirty-fourth and Hal xed-sts. - IXTANTED-A TUCKPOINTER, CORNER THIRTY \Y fourth-fit. and Vernon-av., Monday morning. ITT ANTED GOOD CHAIR UPHOLSTERER. V> JJNION WIRE MATTRESS CO., 17 North effark. W‘ ANTED-MECHANICS TO KNOW THAT THE Daily News inserts these ■ advertisements at 25c for 3 line* till they get places. WANTED— 200 LATHERS TO ATTEND A MEET lug at the Workingmen’s Hall, corner of Halsted sod Saperior-sts., Monday evening, for the purpose of organiilug a Union. • WANTED-10 TUCKPOINTERS. STEADY WORK and prompt pay. 159 South Holsted-st. ROBERT Moray. WANTED-A GOOD BARBER. ADDRESS A. LEONHARD, 877 Cottage Grove-av. WANTED-TWO TUCK POINTERS. APPLY AT tt 62 and 84 Mllwaukcc-av., up-atalra., between 2 and 4p. m., to-day. - TX7ANTED-SOME GOOD HANDS AT IKON SHUT II ten sod railings, to start Monday morning, at 161 ffert CWcago-av. IX7ANTED—TO GO TO EMPORIA, KAN.. A MAN II that Is well experienced In the manufacturing of HI Hods of soap. Apply to Al 3, Tribune office. VTANTED-TWO CARPENTERS IN REAR OF 13 II Park-av., American or Norwegian; come with tia prepared to work. . ■ ' - __ WANTED—CARRIAGE BLACKSMITH AND HELP; If er at corner of Canal and Adarns-sts. McILWEe. t DAMMARELL. - - • TI7ANTED—SHOEMAKERS TO WORK ON CIIIL II dren’s shoes; also, one Imralsber and one shoe- Irtfr. at factory. C. 1L FARGO & CO., comer Madi son and Market-sis. ' WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE BLACK smith helper. Carriage manufactory. <4 Six teenth-fit. ANTED—BLACKSMITH TO START BUSINESS In the country; a splendid chance; answer In person 3f by letter. SCHNEIDER & MORRISON. Pcotoue, HI. WANTED—2 BLACKSMITHS HELPERS. CIIICA II go Hawe Manufacturing Company,' Maplewood, Cook County, HI. WANTED—A BOY ABOUT 10 YEARS OLD. AP- If ply to-day at 267 South Desplalncs-et. WANTED-MEN TO RUN TENON MACHINES AT If PALMER, FULLER & CO.’St comer West Treaty-second and Unlon-sta. . Wanted— coopers to make butter tubs, II In rear of 1101 West Madison-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS MECHANICAL DEN II tlst with a little money to take charge of the me* tbazdeal department in an established office. Address I to. Tribune office. Wanted-paintkk: good stage hand. il Call at 121 and 123 Calumet-av., Monday mom tog.7a. n. • "HrANTED BLACKSMITH ACCUSTOMED TO It shoelngand wagon work. Apply to W. I*. REND * CO., 145 La Salle-fit. __ WANTED-TWO GOOD COAT MAKERS. APPLY »t to WM. MARKUS & CO., P. O. Box 103, Muske gon, Mich. ; WANTED-STONECUTTERS AND MASONS FOR If lock work on tnc Fox River Improvement at Kau tama. Ills. Liberal wages paid. For further pnrtlcu- Inquire at McARTHUR, SMITH & CO.’S Lumber MlctLaJlln-st,. near Twenty-second. McARTHUi, BROS., Contractors. \\7ANTKD-TVTO CARRIAGE-TRIMMERS AT 208 11 Wabaah-av. Call to-day or Monday. WAKTED-A BOY 10 TO 18 YEARS OF AGE TO If make himself generally useful la »ißhocifactory; we used to the business preferred. HALL S Shoe factory. 107 Flfth-st. • Coachmen* Teamsters* etc* Wanted—two Men to drive team, john If CONNOR, comer Thirty-first and Jcwell-sts. WANTED-COACHMEN TO KNOW THAT THE *1 Dally News insert* these advertisements at-5 feats for 3 lines until they get situations. Employment Agencies* . Wanted-:*) railroad men for Illinois; II freefareriofarm hand?, anU5 stone qnarrymeu. ANDREW G. BING * CO., 17 North Clark-fit. nJANTED—3OO RAILROAD LABORERS FOR ''. Iowa; free fare; wages $1.50; a man to E°to tno fork with them. 11. F. CHRISTIAN. 141 SouthWatcr-st. tITANTED-TO LEAVE MONDAY MORNING. 50 railroadmen, so for saw-mills, 10 for farms; free 2flo Booth Watcr-st. E. G. HAIGHT. Miscellaneous. T\rANTED-ANT PERSON CAN MARK SOOO A M month selling our letter copying book; anyone SS a letter to write will nopressor water ®*d; send for circular free. EXCELSIOR CO., 17 Dionne Building. Chicago. HI. WONTED-CANVASSERS AND STREET SALES »» . men to sell Centennial novelties, chromes, needles, photographs, etc. I have In stock all or the newest canvassers' goods out, and all looking fora profitable business will find the best by colling on or ad yewtogc. M. LININGTON, 45 &47 Jackson-st Chicago Wasted-salesmen—sr*o per week made JJ, by solicitors who purchase license at $5 to Sis Per boot, and issue advertising registers under patents L9°fitr°l for hotels In Ohio, Indiana, Hllnols. Ytlscon* «ht,Ml»oail and Nebraska. JAMES T. HAIR. Loom 18. CB Dearborn-si, Wasted— agents, for a magnificent ♦lL. Work °f high character. New, novel, and at -11 will bring large returns at once. A. C. LOWE. Cleveland. O. Wanted—a man with a good carriage it and horses at the Lawndale Hotel, corner Twea v'Sccond-st. and Ogden-ay. . EXPERIENCED FARM-HAND AC JJ rfuslomedto the Western system of farming to go «toe country; wages good. Apply at 175 South Clark g»i Boom 13. _ ANTED—ACTIVE BUSINESS KEN, MEMBERS ~v of the Masonic fraternity, to engage In an cstao business which pays from £350 to S3OO a month, jffilch can be shown on Investigation; experienced sales yea only need apply. Call at 145 Clark-st., Room 35. Wasted tix-peddlers; must uxuer* the business. Apply at 308 North TVells-st., WANTED-A good. PLAIN GARDENER; NO need a I } P 1 5 - * 18a Eaas Washlngton-st., V\rAXTED— A MAN TO TAKE CARE OF HORSES Jl, aid understands milking n cow; fiwedc or Nor •«Riau preferred. Apply 77 Clark-at., Monday, from I*lo2. WTAKTED—ACTIVE BUILDER OR ARCHITECT * * , to take exclusive agency for Chicago in near article of builders’ hardware, out of which a large lm«* tea can be built by selling the goods to others and by Jutting them into old and new houses; only those mean business need apply; $3,000 required. Address E a* Tribune office. ___ VyANTED—A STEADY YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST * ' In photograph gallon’; good chance to suitable fersoa. At An Uallcry. 101 West Madlson-it, WANTED—LINEN-ROOM BOX’ AND LAUNDBT glrL Apply at ClUtoa House Monday. WANTED-ITIALE HELP. IflisceilancouN—Continued* WANTED - TWO EXPERIENCED SALESMEN; Monday after 10 o’clock. 1M darkest.. Room I. ’\XTANTED—GOOD BUSINESS MEN WITH SMALL • » capital can make from SIU to ?50 per day. Call or address 222 East Waahington-st.. Room 14 WANTED—MES; WE WANT TO GIVE 5,000 TRIAL » T packages, worth 51 each, to 5.000 men who wish to engage permanently In the best paying business In the United States. We guarantee live men S7U per week during the year. Address RAY A CO.. Chicago, 111. WANTED— THREE OR FOUR MORE CANVASS era for the Weed sewing machine. Call at 203 and 205 Wabash-uv. ' TTrANTED—A FIRST-CLASS GROCERY SALES t > man for Illinois and lowa, with established trade. ArJdesH, with references, M 32, Tribune oIUCc. TirANTED—A QUICK. INTELLIGENT BOY IN A it railroad office, Must write a pood hand. Ad dress. In own handwriting, R, Box 513, TtfSIfTED—COLORED MAN AND WIFE IN > i private family; man to wait at table, have care of riarlors and dining-room; woman to cook, wash, and ron. Must be experienced and come well recom mended. Apply to NEWTON LULL, 153 LaSallc-sL T^ANTKD—LADY CALL ft after 8 o’clock Monday morning ailioomC. D 5 North Ciark*st. L. J. ROSS. WANTED-BOY THAT UNDERSTANDS JANITOR work; age from 18 lb 20 years. Apply at 122 La- Sallc-BL, Room 30, to-day. WANTED- A LABORING MAN. INQUIRE AT 82 __ M cst Qulncy-fit. TXT ANTED—A FEW MEN HAVING HAD EXPE *• rlcncc on the road as salesmen; those who can give security and recommendation. Cal! at 07 Dear* born-gt., basement, on Monday at 10 a. ni. T\T ANTED—G EHM AN OR SWEDE BOY AT »i American Laundry, 220 West Waßhlngloa-sL Wages, $3. TIT'ANTED—SMART YOUKG MAJT AS TRAVELER m and talesman for city: one who thoroughly un derstands the crockery ana glassware business. Ad dress D 17. Tribune oidcc. TTTANTED-A FIRST-CLASS SALESMAN "WHO i > has city trade to Bell pickles. Address K 52, Trib une olllcc. TXT ANTED—A MAN WITH $25 OR SSO TO TRAVEL n and sell liquor recipes, and make money. Ad dress K too. Tribune office. "WANTED-AN OFFICE ROY; SMALL SALARY. »i Address L 84, Tribune office. WANTED-MAN AT LIVERY STABLE 5C CURTIS st. Must understand washing and general work. or"^ngTofmen’todo the grain trimming for the Western Transporta tion Company, Union Steamboat Company, and An chor Line or propellers for the ensuing season, for which sl' per thousand will be paid. Coll on J. M. TUTTLE. Agent Western Transportation Company; T, T. MORFORD, Union Steamboat Company; 0. 1. BEERS, Anchor Line. TIT AN TED—AG ENTS—MALE OB FEMALE; BUS v v ness light ami profitable. Chicago Silver Plating Company, 123 and 124 South Clark-st. WANTED-A BOY ABOUT 11 OR 12 YEARS OLD to work la an office; one who lives with his pa rents preferred. Address, in own handwriting, B 30. Tribune office. X\T ANTED—AN AMATEUR MUSICIAN TO JOIN Yt Chicago orchestra; good chance to learn orchestra playing. Apply to Prof. ARNOLD, Dramatic College, 193 East Washlngton'-gU- 1 ~ - • YTrANTED—FOUIt INTELLIGENT MEN OF V T standing and vim to take an active Interest In a profitable business of high character. Address, with name and experience, 1«S, Tribune office, ■\\rANTED—MEN—IT PAYS S 3 TO $lO DAILY, 1 1 selling glass-cutters, chromos, photographs, and new notions. Outfits $2 to $25. AMERICAN NOV ELTY CO.. 113IEast Madlson-st., Room 19. TTf ANTED—TBREE SALESMEN, ONE BOHEMIAN VV orPolander; no competition. Call at lioomS, G North Clark-et., after 10:30 a. m. Monday. TirANTED—MAN WITH SMALL CAPITAL FOR ,VV “4 ” months dramatic company. Call or address R. BATES, 183 West Randolph-st., Room 8. TirANTED—MAN WITH SMALL CAPITAL FOR > V summer season. Actress U 48, Tribune office. TirANTED— A CATHOLIC AGENT FOR EVERY V \ Catholic congregation In the diocese of Chicago. Apply by letter to DAHLGREN & SIERCKS, 6 North Clark-st. W ANTED—12 BOYS TO DISTRIBUTE CIRCU lurs. Must come well recommended. 35 Ohlo-st. WANTED— A GOOD SHIRT-IRONER, AT NO. 257 South Clark-st. Chinaman preferred. WAKTED-MEN AND BOYS TO STUDY FOR THE stage. Good salaries paid when competent. Ap ply to DRAMATIC COLLEGE CO., 193 East W ashlng bon-st. TirANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GEN VV cral housework. In a small private family. 1031 Mlchlgan-ay. . WANTED-TWO BOYS THAT HAVE WORKED at carriage painting. lOGEast Washlngton-st. AL S. MILLAR. TTTANTEED-A YOUNG MAN (JEWISH PRE VV ferred) to work in wholesale liquor store. In quire at 179 East Jackson-st-_from HHo 12 a. in. TirANTED—A YOUNG~JIAN TO DRIVE A WAG VV on. Apply 352 West Twclfth-st. T\rANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS LIGHTNING-ROD tt salesmen; good salary to good men. K 92, Trib une office. . WAYTED-FE.UILE HELP. .Domestics. TirANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO KITCHEN V V work, at 166 Egan-av. TirANTED—A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH, AND VV iron. In o family 1G miles In the country. Apply at Room 5, No. H4Dearbom-Bt. TirANTED—GERMAN, SWEDE, OR NORWEGIAN VV tglrl to do general housework. _4UJ Orchard-st. TTrANTED—AP.ELIABLE - GIRLTOCOOE, WASH, VV and Iron. Call Monday at 379 Superior-fit. XT7ANTED —A GIUL IN A SiIALL FAMILY TO DO It general housework; also.uglrl to mindababy. 131 West Madlson-st. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL AS COOK, WASHER, and Ironer. iß4lluron-st. WANTED—A SMALL GIRL TO ASSIST IN HOUSE VV work In a email family. Cull atCOMestcrn-av., near Walnut-st. - ; TXT"ANTED—A GOOD GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN . VV wt«l.«n rirl. « s*»od cook and Ironer; well recom mended. Apply Monday at 183 Warren-av. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL .FROM 17 TO ID IV rears to assist In a small family and help to take care of children; must have first class reference- Apply at 15 North Peoria-st. ■ WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Apply at 1437 Mlchlgan-ay. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE \V work; family of four; no children. Apply at 933 West Adama-st. ■ VirANTED—A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO GENER VV al work In a small family. Apply Monday at 22 Ellis Park. WANTED-GOOD COOK AND SECOND GIRL AT once; German preferred. 1346 Prairlc-av. WANTED —A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework in a small family. Apply, with good recommendations, at 741 West Madlson-su , XT7ANTED—A -GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL VV housework In family of four; Swede or Norwegian preferred. Apply at 46 South Curtls-sL , WANTED-GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IRON cr; reference required. 30211 est Jackson-st. WANTED-AT 553 WARREN-AV., A COMPETENT W girl to do general housework. Apply Monday af ter D o’clock; not to-day.; TT7ANTED—A NEAT, TIDY GIRL TO DO GENER VV al housework In a family of three:,must be a good cook, washer, and ironer. Call at 040IVest Monroe-fit., basement door. _ TIT ANTED—A CAPABLE GIRL FOR GENERAL VV housework. 204 Kllis-av. TXT ANTED—A GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL TO DO VV general housework In a small family; must he a fjod plain cook, washer, and ironer. Apply at 7-1 ultoo-su Call before Friday. ANTED—YOUNG GIRL TO WASH DISHES, *C.; family of two; work light, 6601 V cat Indlana-st, TTTANTED-A CAPABLE, HONEST, ,GOOD NA VY tured German or Scandinavian glrlfor general housework; small family, ll'agcs S 3 a week. Langley av., second door south of Oakwoou. TO DO WASHING AND IRON VV mg and wait on table to go Into the country for a email family. Call Sunday forenoon atsl6Mlihlgan-av. ANTED —A YOUNG GIRL,TO ASSIST WITH light housework. Dane or Norwegian preferred. Inquire at 44 Wlnchcstcr-av. —- TX7ANTED-A GOOD STRONG GIRL FOR GEN VV erai housework. Must have rcfcrcucc- Call at 257 East Klnzle-sU . TTTANTED—A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF CIIIL- Wdren. Inquire at. first house west of corne* Liu coln-st. and Scmlnary-av. WANTED— A GERMAN OR SCANDINAVIAN ptrl to cook, wash, and Iron for a small family. Apply 879 Mlchlpan-av. . Vk r ANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- Vrwork, 408 West Krle-st.; no Irish need apply. XYTAVTED—AT 680 MICHIGAN*AV., A GOOD GIRL \'V to wash. Iron, and assist In kitchen. TTfANTED-AToMPETENT GIRL TO DO OEN- W eral housework: must Ironer; references required. Call at #33 >\cst uasmng ton-et. Monday. ~ r ANTKD-GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK NOT AFRAID W' to work; pood wages. Apply 138 Johnson-place, between Thirty-eighth and Vi'rTvTFn—A GOOD COOK AND TO WASH AND fj-on In a private family. Inquire 393 Superior sc. North Bide. TTT ANTED—\ NEAT YOUNG GIRL TO WAIT ON tableand do chamberwork. Apply Monday at 619 West Adams-st.. basement door. _ viT'iVTKn—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK Scandinavian preferred. Apply at 1310 rnoiana o> ♦ ■TTtXnTED—GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN GIRL TO W donenmrhousework. 3i4Fark-av. TV rANTED A FIRST-CLASS GENERAL HOUSE- W A gS InTamall family; well recommended. North LaSallc-st. , - efety. Room 14. 173 East RandolPh-st. mile from r.ltt. Inquire al Room 53,156 » asmngmu. ttt ANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN foTpnurul housework, at 518 Carroll-a:., family of three. - VmvTrn -A FIRST-C t - as ß GIRL TO DO GEN-* \f eral housework,at 1013 West Jackson-st.; good wages and a good kome. , —- VrTiiVTrn -A GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK Win IsmU Am eri can family. Call at 584 North SS^VTFD-A ■ PROTESTANT GIRL WITH GOOD W ‘rcconimendatlona, for second work and plain sew ing. Call at 96 Ellis-av. TTFANTED—IMMiDIA! EEY AT THE HiDB r ASK W HouTeTpne heai Ironer, two wash gDls, and two cleaning glrjs. ——- ttta'vttti-A GOOD KITCHEN GIRL TO DO cooking; no washing. Small private hoard lug-house, 713 West Mo>roc-st. TY7ANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK W and help take care of children. Inquire at SC7 South Ualstsd'fifc. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; SUNDAY. JUNE 4, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. WANTED-FEOTALE HELP* 2>omcutic»— Continued* TX?"ANTED—AT 449 WEST RANDOLPII-ST., A > V good washer nod Ironcr who is willing to assist In second work; must bring good references. WANTED-A GERMAN gSECOND GIRL AT 1018 Mlchlgau-av. WANTED-DOMESTICS TO KNOW THAT THE Dally News Inserts these advertisements at 25 cents for :t lines until they get situations. WANTED— A COLORED WOMAN TO DO OEN oral housework, on the North Side; must be n pood laundress. Inquire for PHILLIPS, 2GO Madison si., corner Market WANTED—AT 483 WEST WASUINGTON-ST.. A it ilrst-clasa waltcrcas for second-work. Refer ences. TirANTED-GOOD 01RL FOR GENERAL HOUSE i V work In family of two. Wages, 52. 668 Fulton-st. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND GIRL TO ASSIST In general housework in A small family. 370 Mlchlgaa-av. t near Twclfth-st. TT7'ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK «> la small family, references required, 487 Leavitt* 6L, between Polk and Taylor, TirAKTED—A 01HL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK »V for small family. Wages, $2.50. Call at 369 TWrd-av. Wf ANTED—GOOD GIRL WITH REFERENCE AT n 05 Abenleen-st. • ANTED-YOUNO GIRL TO LIGHT HOUSE work at 3*o West Harrlson-st. WVNTED-A GERMAN GIRL TO WORK IN A _ restaurant kitchen. Apply at 150 Dcarbom-st. W'" ANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK FOR seven, and wash and Iron for two, at 78 South Sangatnon-st. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. 21 South Grcca-st. WANTED-A q6OTS~OIRL TO DO GENERAL housework at 309 West Taylor-st. WAXTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR CIIAMBERWORK andwaltlugat 3G3 West Wasbington-st. C&Uon Monday. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK. WASH AND IRON In a private boarding-house, 44 Lallln-st; must be a good cook. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL for housework. Inquire at second bouse south of Fortyrthtrd-st., Wabash-av., cast front. W" ANTED—A GOOD GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL that can speak English. In a private family, for general housework. Apply Monday ats4l Park-av. WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, live In family; no Irish. 1124 Mlchlgan-av. TXT ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. « r 10 South Green-fit. WANTED— AT DUCHARME HOUSE. NOS. 70 AND 72 Kandolph-st., comer of State, two kitchen girls. Coll to-morrow after 10 a. m. A DUCHARME. WANTED— CLEAN, TIDY GERMAN OR AMERI can girl for general housework In a small Amerl* can family. Call at 111 East Harrlson-at. TITANTED-A YOUNG GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL tt to do general housework in a small family at 1390 Wahash-av. Apply early Monday morning. W" ANTED-KITCHEN GIRL. GERMAN PRE fcrrctl, at 205 East Erlc-at. WANTED-A COMPETENT FOR WASHING dishes, help In kitchen, Jcc. Apply at 1000 Wa hash-av. TTRANTED—A GIRL TO COOK AND A SECOND V \ girl. 240 South Clark-st., entrance on Jackson. Can call to-day. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework; Norwegian, Swede, German, or col ored. Call to-day and Monday at 39-1 West Conpress-st. YXrANTED—DINING-ROOM AND KITCHEN GIRLS. W 38 and 40 West Madlson-st., up-stnlrs. WANTED— A GOOD. STRONG GIRL TO ASSIST In a private boarding-house. Apply at No. 197 West E!ghtcenth-st. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework at 107 South park-av. Call Monday. ANTED—AT IS6 SOUTH STATE-ST.—A GOOD dining-room girl. . TT/ANTED—a GOOD VEGETABLE COOK, ALSO TV a first-class chambermaid, at the Nevada Hotel, 150 Wahash-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO HELP IN KITCH ea. Call at Union Park Hotel, 621 West Madl son-sU . TirANTED—AT II TWENTY-SECOND-ST., A W good cook, also a good second girl, who thor oughly understand their business. WANTED-A GOOD ORDER COOK AND SECOND girl at the West Side Bakery and Coffee House, 05 West Madlson-st. WANTED-A GIRL 15 YEARS OLD TO DO housework and take care of children. At 209 West Madlson-st. __ YirANTF.D—GERMAN, ENGLISH, NORWEGIAN, VV or Swede cook at 205 Indiana-fit., ceruerbtate. TirANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK It in a small family. Call Monday and Tuesday at 43 Twenty-filxth-6t. . V\rANTED—GIRL, AT THE FOURTH HOUSE ON VV LUI-av. cast from Llncolu-av., north side of street, Lake View. YirANTED-A RELIABLE SWEDE OR GERMAN VV girl for general housework In u family of three; situation permanent. Call at 539 Calmnet-av. WANTED— 50 FIRST-CLASS GERMAN GIRLS for housework. Ladles requiring first-class .help will do well by calling on MihS. SANDER, 4C3 West Madlson-st. - WANTED-AT 701 MICHIGAN-AV., A FIRST VV class cook, washer, and Ironcr. Call bunday evening or Monday morning. WANTED— GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work In family of ovo. 118 South Jcfferson-at. TirANTED-AT“i'lM INDIANA-AV., A COMPE VV tent girl to cook, wash, and Iron. Call Monday. TirANTKD—A YOUNG GIRL TO ASSIST IN LIGHT VV housework. No washing. Call at 420 Fulton-et. T\rANTEI) A OIHL TO DO GENEHAL HOUSE \V work; Swede or Norwegian preferred; references required. Inquire at lib Johnson place. TXrANTED—DANISH, SWEDE, OR NORWEGIAN VV girl to go In the country; a comfortable home for o good girl. Call at 463 Sute-st., third door, front rooms, Tuesday. WANTED-AT 134 AND 138 MICHIGAN-ST.. TWO good girls, second girl and cook. Call Monday. TTT'ANTED—GIRL TO TEND BABY AND LIGHT fY housework,_lß4EastMadison-st. TTTANTED—A NEAT. TIDY GIRL FOR GENERAL Vl housework in a small family. Call Monday morn ing at 141 South State-st., third floor. ixrANTF.D—AT 105 NORTH DEAUBORN-ST. A \V dining-room and chamber girl; also a cook. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENF.RAL. HOUSE work In a small family. Apply Monday at 710 North Wells-st. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN GIRL TO COOK, wash, and Iron; also a nurse girl. Reference re quired. Apply at 24 Slxtcenth-st. TX7ANTED —A • GOOD GIRL 17 OR 18. TO DO VV light housework and cook in a family of two, and take care of a baby seventeen mouths old, at 205 licit Madison-st. Seamstresses. TTfAXTED—HANDS WITH AND THTHODT MA VV chines to work on suits and wrappers. 110 Blue Island-av., up-stairs. TX7 ANTED—FIRST-CLASS SHIRT-MAKERS BY VV Paddock Shirt Co.. lUI Clark-fit. TX7ANTED—3 GOOD DRESSMAKERS. APPLY TO VV STUART BROS., 168 West Madison-st. TTfANTED-EXPERT OPERATORS ON VERY VV light work, to furnish machine, Wheeler* Wilson; seven or eight preferred; $6 to 57 per week; Monday. 623 Fulton-st. __ . xxr \NTED—TWO GOOD SEWERS TO LEARN W dressmaking: steady work; and one competent hand to finish. Call Monday at 9 a. m., at77llVest Madison-st., up-stalra. _ ANTED-HANDS ON LADIES’ UNDERWEAR, to take their pay In Wilson sewing-machines. IRA D. OWEN * C0.,1212 East Madison-st. WANTED-FOUR GIRLS TO OPERATE Ma chines on light coat work; remuneration liberal, but none but first-class operators needl apply. Apply, prepared to go to work on Monday morning, at 163 west Indlnna-st. ___ ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKER WHO understands cutting and fitting to take charge of a department. Call at 102 Cottage Grovc-av., with good references. TXT ANTED—COMPETENT HANDS TO WORK ON IV mantles and dresses; also apprentices. XJ Harmon court. ANTED—A FEW SHIRT-MAKERS AT 83 HAST- Ings-st. _ : ANTED—FIRST-CLASS WAIST FINISHER; also skirt trimmers. Como ready for hufilncss. Apply Monday morning at 120 State-s*., Room 30. TV7"ANTED 2 DRESSMAKERS, 4 LADIES* UNDER VV wenr-makers with machines to make sale* work, at 2SI Tbtrd-av. ANTED—FIRST-CLASS SHIRT-MAKERS, ANT) finishers. Call Monday at 150 Stato-at., HAM MOND, CONE & CO. WANTED-GOOD DRESSMAKER AT 323 NORTH Markct-st. _ ANTED-SKWINO GIRLS AND ATPRENTICKa to learn dressmaking at 75 East Madlson-st., Room 39. VirANTED—TWO APPRENTICES FOR DRESS- W making at Carpcntcr-st. ANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKERS at 100 West Jackson-st. -ITTANTED-AT 004 WABASH-AV., ONE DRESS- W maker and two apprentices. Must be neat sewers and not under 10 years of age. WANTED-SEAMSTRESSES TO KNOW_ TIIAT W the “Dally News” Inserts these advertisements rt 3T.c for 3 lines until they get situations. VT7ANTED-A FOOD SEAMSTRESS BY THE DAY VV for trimming. nt9Ccatrc-av. TITANTED-TWOBGIRLS TO RUN SEWING WA VY chines at 30 Sulllvan-st. TTTANfED-15 EXPERIENCED HANDS TO WORK \v nn leans drawers and California overalls 1 nunc* dlatcly? LAKESHOItE MANUFACTURING CO., 219 West Madlson-st. XtrANTED —ONE MOKE CHANCE IS OFFERED TO W nartles who wish to purchase sewlngmachlnes and pay for same In work. 219 West Madlson-st., up-stalra, second and third floors. -iXTANTED—FIRST-CLASS SHIRT-MAKERS. AP- Vt ply at Home Laundry and Shirt Factory 533 State. tttanted-a good hoop-skirt MAKER, for W which the best of wages will be paid. Apply- Monday morning at 28 East Jackson-st. Nurses* mSTEt-A GIRL TO ATTEND TO CHILDREN'. YV do second-work and sowing. Apply at 4-1 So pbla»st. vincennca-or. TTTAXfED-A GOOD GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF \V Vhiirfren and do light houscwont; no washing or ,:A.. c <?“rp7°rgg?c° rcqolred. Call at 10G3 WabaaH-av. yrrrTsTEt>—A. GOOD GIRL TO TAKE CASE OF TtTA\TFD — A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL TO W baby: one with experience preferred. Apply at ifiocalumet-ar. TO KNOW THAT THE VV A -r&n7Ncws ” Inserts these advertisement* at 25c for 3 lines until they get situations. ■ T . GIRL. 12 OR 14 YEARS, Ww'take woof baby; references required. Apply M Dearborn-..-. lloomza. TirANTED-NUBSB OIIIL AT COTTAUIS ail OU- W dea-av*. comer Jadoon-.u WANTED FEMALE HELP. Laundresses* TXTANTED-A GERMAN GIRL; GOOD COOK; FOR }». general housework. 127 Vemon-ar., near Thlr tlctb-st. W NICE GIRL OF 15 TO ASSIST WITH tY housework. Apply at 34 1 Orchard-au WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK: YY German preferred. 1220 Mlchlgan-av. WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK In private family. Inquire at residence 60G3 Ar- Kngiewood, or l24Dearbom-sL, Room 2. Dr. \VANTED-GOOD GIRL FOR KITCHEN WORK; 1 » and German or Scandinavian; must be good washer Ironer; a second girl kept in the family; good wages. Inquire at 30 Slxteenth-at., near Indlana-av. TXTANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRESS AND EXPERT YV cnccd dining-room girl at Evanston. Inquire at Room 4.1G1 LaSalle-fit., II to 12 o'clock, Monday. W. P. JONES. TYTANTED—AT HOWELL’S ALBANY LAUNDRY. tY 575 State-st., two shirt Doners and three on ladles' clothes; the best only. TXTANTED—TO KNOW—THAT THE “DAILY tt News” Inserts these advertisementsat2scents for 3 11 tics up 1 1 1 they get places. TXT ANTED—GOOD SIHRT-IRONERS AT MUN YY ger's Laundry, 006 and 068 Wabash-av.; plenty of work, and the same price paid for Ironing as for the past three years. TXT ANT ED—ONE FIRST-CLASS IRONER AND >V polisher; also a good washer. Apply at the French Laundry, No. 50 South Despialncs-st. WANTED-FIRST-CLASS SHIRT-IRONERS. AP* ply at Home Laundry. 533 State-st. WANTED —AT WILSON & SUTHERLAND’S laundry, in rear of 13 Ilarmon-court, brick build ing. one Urst-class washerwoman. TXTANTEE^N - MONDAY, JUNES. ONE FIRST- V V class shlrt-lroner and polisher at Burdick Bouse, comer Wabash-av. and Adams-st. TXTANTED-WASIIERS AND IKONER9. 128 AND Y V 130 West Raodulph-st. AND WASII YY ers; 5c for Ironing old shirts. WILSON’S Laun dry, Stale and Thlrty-tourth-gtfi. Call Monday. WANTED— TWO GOOD GENERAL IRONERS. Monday, at the Star Laundry, 530 West Madl sou-st. Employment Agencies* WANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN girls for private families, hotels, and laundries; city and country, at Mrs. DUSKE'S, BO Milwaukec-av. XXTANTED— COOiTs, Vv housework, dining-room, chamber-maids, and second-girl, for flrat-clasa places at once. Call at 410 Wabash-av. and GO State-fit., basement. MRS. BAK ERS. miscellaneous* TXT ANTED—2O GIRLS FOR LIGHT MANUFAC VV turlng; also. 10 bora from 12 to 15 years of age, at BENUAM’B Eureka Disu-Factory, 57 South Canal-st.__ Wanted-‘afew ladies can find FROFITA. ble employment by addressing British Enamel Company, Chicago. . WANTED —GIRLS IN BINDERY WHO UNDER stand pamphlet work. J. W. MIDDLETON, 55 Statc-st. WANTED LADIES TO SELL PERFUME, starch polish, needle-hooks, chromos, photo graphs, ctb. AMERICAN NOVELTY CO.. 113 East Madlson-st., Room 19. WANTED-ONE POWER-LOOM WEAVER. A. G, GARFIELD, 50 West Washlngton-st. YXrANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS EXPERIENCED W _ saleswomen at FARRINGTONS. lOlState-at. WANTED— LADIES AND CHILDREN TO‘STUDY for the stage; good salaries paid when competent. Apply at Dramatic College, ID3 East Washlngton-st. T?Sr ANTED—ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKERS— VV good hands. Also small girls to learn. Apply at 200 Wabaah-av. . WANTEI>— TWO LADIES TO KNOW THAT THE “Dally News” Inserts these advertisements at 25cfor 3 Hues until they get what they want. TV7"ANTKD-TWO YOUNG LADIES THAT CAN VV play the organ and sing, to travel. Cull to-day at 114 West Madlson-st., Room E. TfTANTEb-APPRBNtICES FOR HAIR-WORK. VV 480 West Madlson-st. X XT'ANTED—SIX CONCERT GIRLS AND A YOUNG \ V lady to play the olano at 503 South Clark-st. TT7ANTKD—A~G IRL TO"WORK IN ASMALL COF VV fee-house. 136 East Harrtson-st._ TXrANTED—A YOUNG LADY TO TEND OFFICE VV In restaurant and look to my interest when I am out. 503 South Clark-at. SITUATIONS WA IS TED- ITIA LE • 'Bookkeepers) Clerks, etc# SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT DRUG clerk (with reference). In city or country; over 8 years* experience In city stores. Tribune office. _ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF eight years’ experience. In a wholesale or retail drug store; best reference. X 23, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WITH O business experlenbe wishes to engage with respon sible house to travel, keep hooks, or general wont. Please address X 35. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—IN A MEAT-MARKET BY O ayoungman.of experience; strictly honest and tem perate. Address 107 Sbolto-st. SITUATION WANTED—GROCERS AND TEA dealers—An A l counter-hand desires a position; can take entire management and bring a good trade. Address W 93. Tribune office. ■ SITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE DRV goods house by a young man 17 years old; hoa had some experience In the business; best of references. 0 35, Tribune olllce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF 9 years’ experience. In a wholesale or retail dry goods store; no objections to the country; can of cferencc. Address 1119. Tribune olllce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO Is willing to work awhile for htaJjoard; Is acquaint ed with general merchandise business, and good hand to take cate of horses, etc.; the best of references fur nished. b 20. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF two years’ experience In a genera! merchandise busi ness; thoroughly acquainted with double-entry book keeping: good penman; accustomed to work, undwlll go Into the country if desired; best of references given. 5 5, Tribune oillce. SITUATION WANTED-AS ASSISTANT CLERK or bookkeeper, by a young man; good business ex pcrlcnce. Address 0 75, Tribune oillce. SITUATION WANTED—BY YOUNG BOOK -13 keeper willing to make himself useful In any ca pacity; moderate wages. Good references. Apply at 71 South Watcr-st. ; SITUATION WANTED—BY A MAN 25 YEARS old as collector or outside man In some good real estate house; have had five years’ experience In this city; can control small trade. References and bonds given. Address Q 28, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO has had eight years’ experience In the banking busi ness; will work for a small salary to start witn. Ad dress L 70, Tribune oillce. __ CITUATION WANTED—THE DAILY NEWS IN -53 serta these advertisements at 25c for three lines until you get what you want. _ S "ITUATION WANTED—IN A STORE OR OFFICE, or to tako charge of a confectionery, by a young lady willing to make herself generally useful. Address EGO, Trlbuueoillce. ■ CITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER OR AS- O slatant bookkeeper; have had on experience of ten years. Address G 54. Tribune oillce. SITUATION WANTED—PERSIAN EN F, BY YOUNG man of 20.. In any good business house. Under stands bookkeeping. Is a fair penman; can give good reference: will work cheap and bard. Address M 87, Tribune oillce. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN clerking In a grocery-store. In some oillce, or In a commission or wholesale house. Good penman; ref erences, present employer. M 07, Tribune oillce. S”TnE\TfON"W ANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS assistant bookkeeper or as bookkeeper; has had three years’experience. Address M 41, Trihuneofllce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL Book keeper, correspondent, and entry-clerk. Address M 4, Tribune oillce. SITUATION WANTED—BY A DRUG CLERK OF eight years’ experience; German; cither m the city or county: unexceptional references. * Address M 17, Tribune office. __ CITUATION WANTED-POS IN GROCERY OR DRY & goods house (wholesale or retail). Eleven years business experience. Would loan employer $2,j00 on good security. Address 11 58, Tribune onlce. Trartcs. O ITUATION WANTED—AS GARDENER; UNDEW O stands the growing of fiowers and care of green house. Address G 23, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED —BY A GOOD CAKE-BA ker and ornarocntcr. Address E CO, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—TO RUN A SMALL faTA- O nonary engine, by a young man of good reference. Address W. S. SIMPSON. 107 Fourtccnth-st. OITUATION WANTED—AS HELPER OR FINISHER bin carriage 1 shoo, Address U. T. WOODS, Clarendon House, city. . ; OITUATION WANTED—BT A BLACKSMITH; IS A b good jobber, and can shoe; Is steady and sober. Ad dres s L 50, Tribune ofllcc. OITTATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS PA b ncr-hanger, decorator, and house painter, In all Its brandies, in sonic good-sized town or city. Apply to THQS. PAINTER, 1205 State-st. _ SITUATION WANTED-BT A GOOD TRADESMAN, a steady job at painting, calcimlnlng, and paper bang ing: no objection to what town or city. Adercss W. 8. THOMAS, Post-OUlce. Chicago. Coachmen, Teamsters, etc* SITUATION WANTED-BT A SWEDE. 28, AS coachman, or taking care of trottlng-horace, colts, stallions, or any other kind of work, as watchman or In a store. Please call or address AB, S9O btate-st., up stairs. ___ SITUATION WANTED-BT A MAN, SWEDE, AS coachman, where 1 can hare ray wife 11> c with me in the barn; best of city reference. Address AB, Trib une ofllcc. SITUATION WANTED-BT A COLORED MAN AS coachman or teamster; willing to make myself use ful; best of city reference. Address lUM State-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A STEADY RELIABLE young man. Swede, as coachman In a private fami ly; nave had several years of experience; unflcrstands the care of fine horses and carriages; best of city refer ences furnished. Address O 28, Tribune oglce. SITUATION WANTED-BY, AN ELDERLY EN glTahraan as coachman or janitor; will make himseit useful; ilrat-class city references. Call or write, W JS, 227 Thlrtleth-st., or F. L. Fake, 88 Wasblugtoa-st. OITUATION WANTED-BY AN AS b coachman In a private family; Is a fl f st '9 l ??t d r "Jpn’ can give.the best of references. Apply at the green houses, 14121ndlana-av., nearThlrty-flrat-st. OITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDE-MARBIED b man—as coachman; but is willing to woTk, no children. Best of city references. Please call at 1364 State-st., upstairs. G. F. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SINGLE, MIDDLE aged man (German) In a private family* « coach man or to drive a deilvery-wagon; Is well ucqualntcdin the city, and can come well recommended. axiuru* B 41, Tribune olllce. • SITUATION' TVANTED—AS COACHMAN, AXD TO work about tbe house and gard«p. Keferencca given. Please address D 6. Tribune otllce. SITUATION* WANTED —AS COACHMAN IN A» vatc family; pood references given- Please address L 03, Tribune olilcc. CITCAfiON WANTED—BY A YOUNG SWEDE. AS O Urn-class coachman: has had several ywra cxpe rlcnce; of sober and steady habits, and la not airniQ to work; best of references. Please address to J r, w Archer-ay. SITUATIONS WANTED— MALE* Coachmen, Teamsters—Continued* SITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDE AS COACH- O man In private family; la sober and faithful; under stands bis business; well-posted; good reference. Ad* dress Q 60, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED O coachman with good references. Address P. ADAMS, 40 Flg-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN IN A PRI- O rate family. In city or country, by a middle-aged married man (German), without children, or as team* Bter; la a good band to care for horses and a careful driver; id years’ experience In this city; good refer ence. Address G 5, Tribune office. - SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE O young man as coachman In a private family. Good references. Address D 7, .Tribune office. . CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN (DANE) Oos coachman In a private family. Reference given If required. Address F 41, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-AS GROOM AND COACH- O man, by a young Englishman, ace 24; good refer ences given If required. Direct n 11. 165 Michlgan-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MARRIED MAN, TO take care of horses, milk, and make himself gener ally useful; no objections to go to the country. Good references. Call or address 222 Portlaod-av. CITUATION WANTED—A STEADY. CAREFUL O man around horses wants a slsuation driving team; Has learning. If required. Give me a trial. Best of city references. F 81, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN BY A married man; has the knowledge in all its branches; strictly temperate; seven years’reference from former employer, also reference from present employer. 897 Waoash-av., In barn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY, INDUSTRI OUS young man as coachman. Is a good hostler and safe driver, and knows how to keep things In good shape; would make himself useful around place; best of references. Address Q 50, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS FOREMAN IN A STA blc, or coachman, or to take care of tine horses, by a middle-aged man of many years’ experience who per fectly understands hlsbuslncsstno objection to go In the country; with reference. Address I* O Box 119,G RA. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS A coachman and gardener In some private family. Can speak English. French, and German. (Address JOE DUREL, C 2 West Ramlolph-st. miscellaneous* CITUATION WANTED-TO REAL-ESTATE MEN O —By a practical builder of twenty years’ experi ence, as foreman orSuperlntendent; can furnish plans andapccif-oMlons for public or private buildings, ho objection to leaving the city. Address P 68, Trlbnne office. SITUATION* WANTED —BY AN ENERGETIC young man who Is not afraid to work as traveler, city salesman, orsiockkecper; can furnish reference If required; has traveled partly In Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin; would bo willing to work on small salary In beginning. Address T 46, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN WHO has had the care of an epileptic for some years, to care for an Invalid similarly affected or otherwise dis eased: best of references as to character, etc. Address X 15, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A STEADY YOUNG O man; la willing to work and make himself useful at anything; will accept night watchman: good refer ences furnished. Please address Q 58, Tribune otllce. SITUATION WANTED—AS AGENT, SUPERIN- O tendent, or general manager man established man ufacturing. commercial, or banking business, by a practical. Intelligent, and Influential bualncM man, with unquestionable references. Address L 00, Trib une office. ' CITUATIOS WANTED —BY A MARRIED MAN O (German), wltliout children, as Janitor, porter, or to drive in a private family: wife to do housework. If required; Is well acquainted In the city, and has good recommendations. Address J 70. Tribune ofllcc. CITATION WANTED—BY A GOOD BOY WHO O can make himself useful at anything. Please call at 75 West Ohlo-st., up-atalra. : SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED man. well acquainted In the city, at anything; good writer and scholar, also handy with tools; good refer ences. Address 2 16, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A TOUNO MAN IN A law office as copyist or partner; Is admitted to the Bar; can furnish seventy-live good law books: pood references given. Address or call on G. D. GREGUux, 18U and 182 East Randolph-st., Chicago. SITUATION WANTED-TO LIQUOR DEALERS—A live man wants to represent a liquor house. Ad dress M 8-1, this office. __ SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG COLORED O man In private family; can come well recommend ed. Address Gl, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A LAD OF 19, TO learn some wholesale business, store or office work; one moruh on trial free of charge; reference first-class. I 93, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A MIDDLE-AGED man. Swede, as janitor or watchman In ho or some business house where such service would he re quired, om a hard-wood finisher by trade; has also workenat carpct-Ujing, painting, and carpentering; please give me a trial; 1 best references furnished. Ad dress It 79. Tribune office. S3XUATIOKS WAKTED-FEJIAIjE. Bomcstxcs* SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Swedish girl; as second girl preferred. Apply at 123 Archer-av., up-stalrs._ SITUATION WANTED—BY A CANADIAN GIRL os codk._Apply 240 West Randolph-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK. O washer, and Ironer lu a private family; no objection to the country. No. 531 Morgan-st. • SITUATION WANTED—BY A THOROUGHLY competent American girl to do general housework; best of references. Please coll at CO% Twenty-nlnth-st. SITUATION WANTED—AS FIRST MEAT AND pastry cook, well experienced; references. Call or address 463 West Madlsou-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT NOR- O wcglan girt to cook or do laundress work In a first class American family. Please call at 107 North Cur tls-st., Monday ' e 'ITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL 18 TEARS ) old to do second work; good reference. Call for two days at 05 Forquer-st. (SITUATION WANTED—BY FIRST-CLASS SWED- O Ish girl for general housework. Address 170 North WCetcm-av. ■ SITUATION WANTED—BY A WOMAN TO DO recond cooking In a hotel, city or country; under stands order cooking. Apply quo State-st. CITUATION^WANTED—BY AMERICAN WOMAN O as first-class meat or pastry cook lu a hotel or board ing-house. 003 State-st. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL to cook, wash, andiron. Apply at HIM Eighteenth s' , In the rear. S’ ITUATION WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN wo man, competent to do general housework; would like to take a boy along with hero years old; no objec tion to the country. Call at 136)-a North Jcllereon-Bt., Sunday afternoon. ■ CITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- O work In a small family. Cal! Sunday and Monday at 400 Twcnty-slsth-st., near Hanover. SITUATION WANTED-BT A. RESPECTABLE middle-aged woman to do genera! housework. Call at 923 South Dcarborn-sL for two days. O ITU AT IONS WANTED—COMPETENT DO3IEB - ties, nurses, seamstresses, and capable working women to fill all positions of female labor will be found at the rooms of the Good Samaritan Society, 173 East Randolph-st._ . SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O girl to do second work. Please call for two days at 74Fourtccnth-st., up-stalra. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL to do general housework la a small private family. 494 North Fran klln-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE O widow lady with a little boy 3 years old to do bouse work ofrscwlnpfor board; good home the mam object. E so, Tribune oillce.. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE O American girl to do second work or sewing In a private family. Call nt 131 Vcrnon-av., near Thlr tlcth-st., Sunday and Monday. SITUATIONS WANT ED—PA RTIES IN NEED OF first-class help, German. American, and competent* with references, please call at 12 Arcade-court, Y. M. C. A. Building. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GIRL TO cook, wash, ami Iron In a small private family. Please call on Monday at 222 Cottage Grovc-ar., shoe store. CITUATION WANTED-BY ANEAT. TIDY. SMART O girl to do general housework. Please call Monday at 784 Carroll-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A STEADY GIRL AS cook and laundress In a first-class private family. Please call at GOO Statc-st. SITUATION WANTED—BV A RESPECTABLE AND experienced young American girl to do second work; the best of reference. Please call at 258 Calumcl-av. CITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD DANISH GIRL O to do second work and sowing. Apply at 147 West Washlngton-st., Monday. OITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL b to do second work In a private family.- Picaso call at 258 Calumct-av. OITUATION WANTED—BT AN EXPERIENCED O Swedish girl as cook. Best of references if re quired. Please call at 507 Thlrtleth-st. Monday. OITUATION WANTED—BY A WIDOW. NORWE b clan, need 27, with Utile boy 2 years old, to do up stairs work, or anything, except cooking; wages no ob ject: good home desired. Please call at No. 27 Ivcitli st., Sunday forenoon. SITUATION WANTED—BT A GIRL TO COOK, wash, and Iron or general housework; best of city reference. Call Monday at 9a. m. at 150 West Jack son-st. ' SITUATIONS WANTED-BT TWO GIRLS, ONE to do kitchen work and one to do second work. Call for two days at I IQ East Erie-st. - OITUATION WANTED-BT AN ENGLISH GIRL b to do general housework in a family of two or three, cook; references. Apply after Sunday at 1478 Shurtleff-ar. SITUATION WANTED—BT A COMPETENT WOM an to do general housework in a small family; South Side preferred. Please call Monday at B»West Jackson-st. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECT AB LB German girl to do second work or general housework In a small family; South Side preferred. Address by maIISEF, 1308 Arnold-st. SITUATION WANTED-BT A GOOD GIRL TO DO second work; best of references given. Apply at 640 West Monroe-st. _ SITUATION WANTED—BT AN ENGLISH WOMAN to do second work or chamber work In a boarding house. Cal! at 101 Jackson-st. OITUATION WANTED—BT A NORWEGIAN GIRL b as cook or general housework In an American ram lly. Call or address 68 llllnols-st. SITUATIONS WANTED-BT THREE SWEDISH girls, in first-class private family as cook, second girl, or general housework. Callat3o9NorthMar^et-flt. S” ITUATION WANTED-BY A SECOND GIRL OR to do light housework; age 17; good reference. 00 South Wentworth-av. OITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT MEAT b and pastry-cook In a boarding-house or hotel. Call at 140 H Elghteenth-st., In rear. __ OITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO DO SEC; b ond work or general housework In a small family, best of city references. Call at 782 State-st., Monday. SITUATION* WANTED—TO COOK OR DO GEN -1 era! housework In city or country. Coll ati4BJ4 Elghtcentb-st., In rear. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIKL to do general housework Id a private family; r e * e J* cnee can be given If required- Can be accn Monday a. IS2 Townsend-st. _ ' CUTUATIOK WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE O clrltocook, wash, and Iron to a prhato faml y.. Please call Monday and Tuesday, Kcfcrencca satisfac tory. 89d South (janal-at. SITUATSOIV'S WANTED FEJIAJLE. Domestics—Continued* SITUATION TV ANTED—BY A GIRL TO DO 6EN eral housework In a private family. Please call at 1252 Wabash-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS GIRL to do second work and wait on table In a ilrst-class private family; first-claia references If required. Call at U 5 West Jackson-st. . SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNG GIP.L TO do general housework In a small family; references If required. Call at 143 West Jackson-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD. STRONG Norwegian girl, Isaitrst-classcook and laundress. Would like to go to Evanston. References. 60 stale st., In basement. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL to do general housework. Please call or address 140 North Curtls-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL AT LIGHT housework and sewing. Wages moderate. Apply at 177 West Twelfth-st. Would like a nice home. SITUATION WANTED-AS SECOND GIRL. HAS no objection to take care of children or assist m sewing. Please call at 101 Twcnty-fourth-sL SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do second work and assist In the care of chll* dren. Please call for 3 days at 393 Thlrd-ov. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD, KESPECTA bIe girl os chambermaid, dining-room, or general housework In small family. Please call Monday at «jO lndlana-ar. ■ • OITUATIOy WANTED THE DAILT HEWS IN- O Berts these advertlscmcuts at ?5c for three lines until you secure a domestic. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN AMERICAN WOM an with a little boy 5 years old to do general house work In small family. Address Q 28, Tribune office. TrUATION WANTED— RELIABLE GIRL TO drt second work, waiting on tabic, or light house work.for small family. Call at 1022 Dearbom-st.,down stairs. CITDATIONS WANTED-BT TWO GIRLS. ONE O to do kitchen work, and one to do second work. Call for three days at 270 Scdgwlck-st, SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG SWEDISH GIRL wants a place to help around the house, or as nurse girl. Call Monday at 87 Sedgwlck-at.. In the rear. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO SECOND WORK OR general housework In a small private family; jjood references given. Please call at 146 Scdgwlck-su,North Side. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO do housework and mind children in a small family. Please call for 3 days at 118 Erie-at. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE young girl to do second work and assist in any oth er: or to go in the country. Please call for 2 days at 110 Erle-st. ♦ _____ QITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL, TO O cook, wash, and Iron, In some good family. Good references. 00 Statc-st., In basement. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL, IN some nice family, to do second work. Can lew neatly, or sec to children. Call at £2S Maxwell-st., Monday. CITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK O In boardinghouse or private house, or to do general housework, References given. Call at 008 South Jcf feraon-st., upstairs. - SITUATION WANTED—BT AN AMERICAN GIRL Oto do housework In a private family. Apply at 220 Fulton-st. SITUATION WANTED—3V A FIRST-CLASS COOK and second girl In private family or boarding house. Best of references can be given. Call at 300 Mlcbl gan-av. _____ OITUATION WANEED—BY A TRUSTY WOMAN ic> to take care of a home during the absence of family for summer. 1 CO, Tribune oitlcc. OITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS MEAT O and pastry cook. Inquire at Women's Home, Jack son-st. Miss M. J. IL SITUATION WANTED—BY A CANADIAN GIRL of experience as second girl or nurso In a private family; no objection to travel. Call or address 310 West Thirteenth-fit. . OITUATIONSWANTED—BTTWO GIRLS(SISTERS) O one to cook, wash, and Iron, and the other to do sec ond work and sewing in a private family; hestrefej enco; both first-clasj. Call Monday 403 Last Erlc-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS FIRST-CLASS .COOK ur laundress; good references furnished. CallMon dayat 349 Waluut-st. No objection to country. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL to do second work; Is expccrienced In sewing and taking care of children. Call Monday forenoon at 114 Loomia-st. • SITUATION WANTED—IN A FIRST-CLASS FAM ily by a No. 1 girl to do general housework or kitch en work. 933 Staic-st. SITUATION WANTED—IN A SMALL FAMILY TO do general housework or second work; city refer ence. Please call at 1430 Buttcrfleld-st., down stalrs.__ OITUATION"WANTED—IN FIRST-CLASS ROARD- O Ing-housc by a practical cook; best references; no washing. Apply at employment olfice for women. 51 and 53 LaSalle-st., Relief Block. • SITUATION WANTED-AS SECOND GIRL OR TO do cooking in a small family on the Side. Call at 601 West Washington-fit. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN GIRL to do second work In a private family; West Side preferred. 433 Twenty-fourth-st. SITUATION WANTED—BT A GOOD GIRL, TO DO general housework or kitchen-work In a small iam» Uy. Please call at*JG3 Twcntlelh-et.. rear, Monday. OITUATIOK WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE O girl to do general housework In a respectable jam* Ily; good references, if required- Apply at 153 North Carpcutcr-Bt.. Monday. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO FIRST-CLASS girls In a private family; one to do second work or dining-room work, the other for kitchen-work gen eral housework. Please call at 49 'West Adanu-st., in the rear. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL TO DO GEN eral house or second work; no objection to cither city or country; references furnished. Apply at 140 UarrlfiOD-at.. up-Btairs- SITUATION WANTED—AS SECOND GIRL, AND waiting on table, or to do general housework, laa small, respectable family. Call Monday rear 123 North Pcorla-st. ■ • SITUATION WANTED —BY A GOOD ENGLISH housemaid. Good references. Good home more of an object than wages. X 72, Tribune oiilcc. SITUATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL HOUaE work In a private family, by a woman who has a child 4 years old; country preferred. Address K 17, Tribune ofilce. SITUATION WANTED—BY" A FIUST-CLASS MEAT and pastry cook. Inquire at Ladles’ Home, Jack aon-st. Miss M J 11. SITUATION WANTED —BY A WELL-EXPE rlenccd girl to cook, wash, and Iron, city or country; references. 416 Wabash-av. SITUATION WANTED-FOR SECOND WORK OP. to take care of children; splendid references for second work. Please call at4lQ Wabash-av. SITUATION WANTED-CV A FIRST-CLASS WOM- O an cook In hotel, restaurant, or boarding-house In city or country. Apply at 184 West Adams-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OF O help for city and country can be salted at once. Apply at Working Home, IS4 West Adams-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE O girl ns cook, or for general housework. The h?flt cf reference. Apply to low Arnold-et., near Tblr tlcth-st. . ; Scamstrcsscs. SITUATION WANTED-A DRESSMAKER WOULD like to devote a part of her time each week m return for board In a respectable private family. Address A j L. Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED—TO DO SEWING IN PRl vote family. Also, boon! wanted in exchange for sewing. Address Y 6. Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT DRESS- O maker to sew la families, tall or address Wa bash-av. _ SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED New York dressmaker, perfect cutter, fitter, and trimmer, to work for a few more first-class families by the day; city references given: latest summer fashions; plaiting machine; terms reasonable. 163 South Des plalucs-st. . CITUATION WANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPE & tent dressmaker. Intc of Nl-w York City, will Kvr bydayorweefc is. perfect litter, and a superior Of ter mid trimmer. Understand* the business In all Its branches. Address COMPETENT, Tribune office. cTtuat^nwanted—BY A DRESSMAKER IN A O few more families by the day, or-would take work home: Call or address DRESSMAKER, 310 Cottage Grove-av. CITUATION WANTED -BY A FIRST-CLASS O dressmaker, work at home, or would sew m fural llcsotslperday. AddrctsM. 8., 23Uarvanl-st., first floor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SEAMSTRESS. IN families, by the day or week; do all kinds of family work; can run the Wheeler* Wilson machine. Address D 20, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—TO DO FAMILY PLAIN sewing; wages $3; useful on children's clothes, etc. 270 West Rundolph-st. - CITUATION WANTED-BY A LADT OF PLEAS ED lug address, who Is n Uioroußh drervraakcr. aa seamstress In a private family; no objections to 11-ht housework: has one little girl; references given. Call on M H, 312 West Harrison-st., down-stairs, bunday and Monday, from 3 to 5 p, in, SITUATION WANTED—AS SEAMSTRESS 01. O nurse to children or sick; best city reference. Ad dress M 64. Tribune office. ___ CITUATION WANTED—FEW MOKE FAMILIES TO O do dressmaking for by the day or to the house, cut and fit and bring wor* home, Insure good Ailing and neat work, or no pay. Address 1 18, Tribune office. ' C? ITU ATI ON WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE b girl u mmtmt anUlo aalrt In tic core of clill dren; reference If required. Call fo. two days at 372 Tblrd-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED O dressmaker and cutter by the day In families Ad dress ED. gud West Washlngton-st. Call on Monday. OITUATION WANTED—A DRESSMAKER WOULD O like to trim and finish oil dressy In families la city Moutof city: per day; good city reference. Ad dreas Sl6. Tribune office. Laundr SITUATION WANTED-B Y A FIRST-CLASS WASH cr and Ironcrto do family washing and ironing at 75 cents per dozen, or to go out by the day; clothes called for and delivered. The best city reference* fur- SSu cSor address MRS. EMY, rear of 370 South PaTk-ar. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LAUNDRY GIRL; either washing or Ironing. Apply at ICB Mohawk-su SITUATION WANTED-A RELIABLE WOMAN would like family or gentlemen’s washing to do at her own home. Please address No. 62 Clybourn-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LAUNDRESS, CITY or country. Apply at 338 TUlrd-av. SITUATION WANTED-AS FIRST-CLASS LAUN dress. Best of reference given. Apply at 710 Statc-st. j Employment Agencies* CtTUATION WANTED—LADIES IN WANT OF O first-class female help of all nationalities can be suited. Mrs. LAPPISH, 384 West Madtsoo-at. SITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OF Oigood. reliable help of all nationalities can always be promptly accommodated at ilrs. WINNER S, 144 Twentlctb-Bt. OITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OF O' good Scandinavian and German female help can DC tnppflcd at Mrs. PUSHES office, 80 Mllwaukce-ar. Situations wanted-ladies desiring com nctcnt servant* of any nationality* for city or. country, can be suited at once with reliable help from 60SUte-su and 4lt; VTabash-ar. MRS. DAKEI»- CITUATIONS WANTED LADIES DESIRINO O Urst-class female hcrvants of any nationality will do serred to any part of Hie city. Please call at au*». CUNNIMiUAM’S office, £ast DlvUlon-Bt. f NortU SlUe. SITUATIONS WANTED -FEJIAUE. Nurses* QITUATION WANTED-AS A NURSE GIRL. O Plea»e address Mias ALICE MEDAN, 159 North Unlon-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG. HEALTHY, O and very tidy woman as wet-nurse: milk threo weeks old. Inquire of DR. WELLS. SCO Wabash-av. ITUATiON”WANTED—BY A HIGHLY RESPECT abIe lady to take care of a baby and sew. or would take care of a sick lady; best of references. 033Clark st.. south of Twenty-arst. QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG WOMAN TC O go wet-nursing. Please call at 356 West Four tcenth-st. for two days. ‘ QITUATION WANTED-AS LADY'S NURSE. OR O would take charge ot Infants or Invalids, and make herself generally uaefaL Best references. 215 North Wella-at. QITUATION WANTED-AS LADIES* NURSE. BY O a person of experience; best Of references furnished. Address U 9. Tribune ottlce. QITUATION WANTED-BT A MIDDLE-AGED RE- O liable person; care of an infant or young children; would assist a lady In the care of her family; country preferred. C., 77 South Morgan-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL WELL EXPE rienced os child's nurse; Is competent; best of refer* ence. Please call at 258 Calumet-av. QITUATION WANTED-BV A LADY OF REFINE* meut and experience as a nurse. D 72, Tribune of* flee. SITUATION WANTED-WET NURSE-A YOUNG married lady, having lost her babe a week old. would like to nurse for the summer; pleasant home, good csrr. and best of references given and required. Address X 79, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN WOMAN to nurse a child at her home. 520 Blue Island-ar. Call Monday and Tuesday. QITTATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOM* O an os nurse; good references given. Call or ad dress 348 North Dearborn-st. • SITUATION WANTED-TO TAKE CAKK OF AN Invalid lady by one who has had considerable ex perience with sick people; would not object to cravcL Address E 70. Tribune office. • QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO O wet nurse a baby at her own home: terms reasona- Me. Apply at 482 Twcnty-llfth-st., op-atalra. In rear. SITUATION WANTED-TO TAKE CHARGE OF A babv or do second work by a good and competent girl. Call Monday or Tuesday at Mrs. WHITTAKER'S. 265 Chicago-ay. QITUATION WANTED-BY A HEALTHY WET O nurse. Call at SO Libcrty-st., West Side, for two SITUATION WANTED-BY A NURSE OF LONG experience. References from the beat city physi cians. Call or address 145 South Clark-at., Room 55. Housekeepers* SITUATION WANTED-BT AN ENERGETIC, GEN* tcet lady as housekeeper; one who Is discreet and can furnish good references; none need answer unless sincere. Address S 10, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN AMERICAN WOM- Oan as housekeeper, or to do general housework. No objections to go lu the country. Address Y 33, Tribune office. ■ SITUATION WANTED AS HOUSEKEEPER kj where there arc children or for an old lady and gen tleman. A. M. P., 130 West Twclft*»-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY OF EXPKRI- O ence as housekeeper, linen-room girl, or head laundress In hotel, city or country. L 10, Tribune of fice. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS HOUSE keeper or matron, where one or more servants are kept, or some position of trust for a gentleman of means; none but responsible parties need apply; would have no objection to leaving the city; best of references given. Address Y 45. Tribune ofilec. SITUATION WANTED-BT AN AMERICAN woman as housekeeper; widower's family preferred; wages $3 a week. Call Monday or address 38 Gurlcy-su SITUATION WANTED—BY A SCOTCH WIDOW lady as working housekeeper, age. 27. Call at 131-1 Shortleff-ar. for one week. OITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER BY kj an American lady of refinement and experience. Address F 02, Tribune oificc. OITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A O widow lady without family. Address F 21, Trib une office. • SITUATION WANTED-A HOME BY AN EDU catedlady, competent to fill any position of trust; best of references given and required. Address O 53, Tribune olfice. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ATTRACTIVH young widow aged 24, stranger in the city, as house keeper; object a quiet, permanent home. Address <3 00, Tribune olfice. i ■ SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER. BY a young American lady of refinement, or as a com panion or nurse to an Invalid. Address C S 3, Tribune. OITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN OF EX- O perience. as housekeeper or to take care of an In valid. Would make herself generally useful. Address Mrs. WHITE, 38Cass-ar. OITUATION WANTED-BY A WIDOW LADY AS O housekeeper; no objections to leaving the city or tc children. First-class references given and required. Address 107 North Peorla-st. milliners* SITUATION WANTED—TO WORK TOR BOARD and learn milliner trade. Address Miss 11. LEE, 901 Madison-st. miscellaneous* SITUATION WANTED—AS GOVERNESS IN A flwt-cla*s family, or lady’s companion, by a lady, an American: a professional and experienced teacher, speaking and teaching English. French or German with equal facility; also teaching piano, guitar, sing ing, and drawing; Is an expert In all kinds of needle work; colncs highly recommended by clergymen, teachers, and others; no objection to country life. Address or call on Miss AiLICB JACOBY. No. !3H North State-st.. or Col. A- Jacoby, Laud Department C. &N. W. R. R. Co., Room 33, C. &N. Vi. Building, corner Klnzle and Market-sts. CITUATION WANTED—A LADT OF REFINEMENT O would like any respectable position to travel la the Eastern States or spend the summer at Philadelphia. Aderess all this week O P. D, Post-Office. city. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O young lady In dental-rooms. Address LAURA A VEST, Chicago P. O. : SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO LADT TO do writing; Is » good writer; or any other able work during the day. Address MATTIE ULF, 272 West Ohlo-st. SITUATION WANTKD-A LADT. AN EXCELLENT writer and accountant, wishes a situation as book keeper or cashier, or to do writing of any kind; has had twelve years’ experience in one house in this city. Ad dress L 14, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—A 3 ASSISTANT - WITH a druggist, dentist, or in a school, by a lady thor oughly educated in either department; understands German and French. Will loan or Invest SSO. Address M 52, Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED-BT A COMPETENT AND O good-looking young lady os clerk In store, or copy ing to do at home or in office. TS. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-SOME HONORABLE EM ploymcnt, by a young lady who U not afraid or work. Address TC 3, Tribune office. , CITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO LADY. TO O do writing or copying In an office or at home, or would wait In store. Please address 11G3, Tribune of- PARTNERS WASTED. P~ ARTNERSIHP WANTED-BT AN ENERGETIC young man who U not afraid to work. In a legiti mate fair-paying business. Can furnish from SHX) to SOOO. Address O eu. Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH sa.oof> TO $-VWC cash in a manufacturing business. Profits loopei cent. Machinery and engine In good running order, beat references, large trade established; need more capital. Address AR. 26 South Dcaplalncs-st. PARTNER WANTED—AN OLD FIRM IN A PROF* liable branch of retail mercantile trade desire* M add SIO,OOO or $15,000 to their capital, either special oi for an active Interest. Address L 34. Tribune office. TAARTNER WANTED-WITII AMPLE MEANS TO X engage In n lucrative manufacturing business con nected with the lumber trade; business legitimate, in vestment safe, and no dead stock to carry; reference! exchanged; state time and place of Interview. E, Let ter Box 122, Chicago Post-Office. ; ■ TMBTNEB WANTED—WITH SAOOO TO IN X a manufacturing business; lOOnor cent guaranteed; orders « month* In advance, and all cash sales; no one need apply unless they have the money am! mean busi ness. CallSlondayatjloom 17Reaper.dock. C. K. WANTBb—BUSINESS MAN WITH NOT X less than S3.WO; bii*lnc*a established ana profita blc:llbcrelnrrongcmentwlth fim-classman. Address B 13, Trlbane office. ARTNEP. WANTED-WITII FROM $5,000 TO SIO.OOQ, to engage In business where It will be de monstrated that money can be mode. Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED WITH SOME READ! money to pet manufactured good article in demaoc at fine profit; ran be extended to every settlement an< place In the country. Address \ 77. Tribune office. T>ARTNEU‘WANTED-A MAN WITH S2SO'IN A X flrat-claaa paying business. Address A 61, Tribune office. • __ . PARTNER REQUIRED IN A FIRST-CLASS, OLD cstabllahcd bitslne**. making from SMXMto stn.- nooaycar; will bear Inquiry; owing to sickness. N 7 Z. Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—GENTLEMAN OR LADY, with *3OO to SI.000: regular business; profits 830 *>er moctb; time required. Satunlay afternoon and evening only. Inquire for W. LESLlE,Eastern Rouse. lit Franklln-st.. afterfl p. m. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $4,000 TO SO,OOO cash to take half Interest with equal amount In a wholesale iHX)t factory In this city. A good chance for a profitable and legitimate business. Address A OS, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-A MAN WITH $1,300 CASH and a traveling acquaintance throughout the vV cat of five yean would like a capable partner with the abovf amount of capital for thcproduce commission business. Address M 2», Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-A LADY WITH S2OO CAP- Hal to Join a young man as duelists, to travel. Ad dress M 25. Tribune office. ■ ■PARTNER WANTED-AN AGENT FOR SEVERAL X English manufactnrercs, and with A 1 want* a partner with about SIO,OOO to extend business. Address B 50, Tribune office. CLAIKVOYATO. AWOVDER-TRE CKLERRATKD GYPSY PALM lat can bo consulted at 201 Mllwaukee-av.; fee<l. BASTIAN & TAYLOR. MATERIALIZING SEANCES Sunday, 3londay. Wednesday, and Friday evening*, at ISO Bast Adams-st., corner Flfth-av.. Room 37. /"1L AIR V(JV ANT—MADAME DE LANG. FROM BOS* L ton, can he consulted at No. 200 West Washington st.. between Peoria and Green. She can tell names, arcs, losses and gains, business affair*, and marriages. She brings together the separated, and causes ipeedj marriages. If satisfaction Is not given, money rn funded. Roar*, from 10 a. m. to Bp. m. Fee from SOI to 52. No gentlemen. I EUROPEAN WIZARD - MADAM LONDON, i world-renowned wizard, clairvoyant, and astrolo cist. Excels all others in revealing every bidden roy» etery In life. 140 South HaUtcd-st. no SEE THE SEVENTH DAUGHTER THE WON VJT der of the world In Hilling the pa«U present. and future; bring* the separated together through cnarmu tells how to recover lost and stolen article*, satis faction riven or money refunded. 104 North CurtU* st., ♦’car Indiana. M ADAME STARKLOV. OTSPT FORTOSE TBLL* ‘-ico Centnj-av. Ladlc» only; fee M cent*. ■\f ADAM MILSOSL NATURAL I\JL to la«llc« only. Removed to &*0 State aodTwea- Uctlt'Sls. EaUljlLslied 1565. 15

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