Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 5 Haziran 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 5 Haziran 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Increased Volume of Bank Business Last Week. Discounts Quiet —New York Exchange Flat. Currency Movement to tlio Coun try-Business Signs. Xho Produce Markets Steadier—Pork and Lard Still Weak, FINANCIAL. The transaction# of settlement day, and a greater activity In the trade of tho city, gave the banks last week a good deal moro than usual of rountcr business, but not many more chance# to make money. In foci, the profllablenc## of bank ing has not been great during the seiui-annttttJ pe riod now closing, but the banks arc generally dls* posed to view this state of affairs as In agreement with the general dullness of all business. That Is, with the single exception of taxation. Tho banka feel keenly their greater exposure to taxation, and nrc valuable agents in fomenting the popular and growing Irritation about the cost of Government. Tho local loan market was quiet. There wna Only ft moderate offering of good paper from all sources. The loanable surplus of tho hank# Is largo and burdensome, hut the total of desirable applications la small and not likely soon to in crease* Tbc marketing of country produce began In earn col Inst week, as was shown by the liberal order* from the country for currency. Hates of discount are B®lo per cent nt the banks to regular customers and lower to Independent bor rowers. On the street, paper goosalG©lopcr cent. New York exchange sold between banks at n dis count per SI,QUO of 7o©Boc. The orders from the country for currency were well sustained. The clearings of the week were reported by Man ager I). It. Hale to be ua follows: Clearinat. Balances. .9 3,428.071.87 f a-I.JM.3t . MdO.tMXBI . 0,017,174. M 71*7,52d. 1(1 . 5,73-V-Mn.o2 a:ir,.v»(urr . 433, ill 1.51* Dole. Monday Wednesday. Thursday.., Friday Saturday... .$24,080, 385.48 $2,680,140.71 CorroßixmiuiiK weeK insi yew, U day* 33.400.952.01 4,259,640.10 lIUSINB9S SIGNS OP TUB TIMES. The bank transactions of the (irlucipul cities as measured by tliclr clearing show that general trade is larger in voiumctiian it was two years ago, though prices are lower. The J'nbllc of June 1 shows from the English returns that the present commercial disaster Is .tot conlhicd to this country: Not only docs the Kcorumlal speak of the Hoard of Trade report for the quarter ending April 550 us exceptionally discouraging, and point to tlio fact that In nearly every important article the exports have declined in quantity as well as in price, hut the reports of the London Clearing-llunsc from Jan. 1 to latent dates show a decline since 1575 of about I'd per cent. The aggregate clearings in Lon* dun and New York, for the nineteen weeks ending there May lU, and hero May lit, compare thus: Loudon. Now York. .fIO.WW.4IW, 750 fU,1K3.2-.HJ.')in . 9,570.223,850 7.735,576,013 |)fST,i 3L . 1,233,274, WW 1.306,721.670 In . York the decline lias been about 14 pur cent, i.i.a m London about 12 per cent. The cor ie.-pi)iiucnce is sulllcicntly close to indicate that to causes operating in both countries (tie commercial depression in each Is mainly attributable, mill nut, os wo are apt to think, mainly to causes within our own control. Tim NEW ENGLAND SHOE-TItADB- Thc Shot and feather Jieporler says that at this time tbo production of boots and shoes in Massa chusetts is at a very low ebb. No factory Is doing much, und tbo majority aro running nominally or aru wholly Idle. There is some Now England trade, und about the usual demand for the finest grade of goods; but these form a small part of tits great volume of Massachusetts trade. Orders for fail goods are being sought very generally, and It seems that buyers are mure than over disposed to order cautiously, even on staple lines of boots nod shoes. The same paper gives au interesting illus tration of the superiority of American manufactur ers over those of Franco: Some time since a well* known Lynn manufacturer received a pair of wo* men’s shoes, with s request that ho would dupil* cate them and put a prico upon them at which ho would furulsh (ho same article. The sample was a cheap Congress boot, foxed fn serge and patent* leather, liand*sewed,uud made In Paris. Tho price was §1.70 In currency. Wc examined tho original ond the duplicate. The sumo stuck was used, but the American shoe was better lined, better finished, bud a bettor sole, and was decidedly the more slyl* lih article. Olliorwlso tbo cupy was a litoral re* production of the Purls shoe. The price pul on the Lynn shoe was §1.25, ami represented a satisfactory profit. Without entering into (bo ruosons for this wide difference in price, It Is quite certain that, at equal cost, the American shoe would be'preferred, and, with D 1 cents in its favor, tho argument is overwhelming. DELIVERY OP BILLS OP LADING ATTACHED TO TIMS DUAPT3. In the long coatostod case of the National Hank of Commerce «if liostun, ami the Merchants* Na tional Dank of Memphis, the United Slates Court has decided, after au elaborate opinion reviewing the decisions In point, that whether a time draft accompanied by a bill of lading bo viewed as an evidence of sale on credit, nr us a request for ad vances on the credit of thu consignment, the coo sequence Is the same. Thu acceptance Is not ask ed on the credit of the drawer of the draft, but on the faith of the consignment. It !s declared as thu opinion of the Court, Hist no respectable case can bo found in which it Ima been decided that when a time draft has been drawn against a consignment to order, and has been forwarded to an agent for col lection, with the bill of lading attached, without further instruction, the agent la not Justified in delivering over the bill of lading on the acceptance of the draft. EAbTItUN VIEW 07 CHICAGO AMD OTHBU CITY LOAN*. The City of Providence boa Just placed a 5 per cent gold loan of $1,600,000 atIQU-u,vrllhUoßton uml New York parties. This gives au Intercut to the Investor of only -1.7 per cent., allowing Uml tlio city made a mistake la not placing the rate of interest na low as per cent. Sprlngtleld 7 per cents, which cannot be called (n for several years, •rc probably worth 115 (If they correspond with llooton and Albany 7s), or OorlO per cent more tnan they were Issued for, and wu wonder someone has not found a Warn Ulvcr scandal in that. If this debt had been placed ou short time, It would soon fall duo, and might be refunded at 4!4 per cent, but the same short-sighted policy which kept on Is suing? per cent bonds, after 0 per cents could be sold at par, guvo u long term to the blgb-inlcrcet bonds. The Boston Journal nrgcs Iho propriety of a 4 per cent popular loan, with denominations as low as SSO. for tbo new park debt in that city, soil de clares that Rome of the 5 per cent sterling .loans placed abroad for Boston buvo cost muro than they would If placed at home. Without doubt, there is opportunity at the presenttime for popular loans at a low rate. If they are broken up In small denominations, and given a long time to run. Such a bond is bandy for a great many purposes, especi ally os an investment for current balances. It would not bo subject to much fiucttmiUin, and whoever Invested in them tn-day would bo pretty euro of being able to soli them for as much, one, two, or threo months henco, withtha interest add ed. If thoCltyof Providence can liorrmv of the bankers at iii at thirty years, the fulled States Gov ernment ought certainly to liorrow on tho above turned terms at 4 per cent, fifty years to run. There has recently been some questioning of the credit of Chicago on account of tho adverse decis ion of Judge MeAlUslerof tho Cook County Court The City of Chicago has been restrained from con tracting a large indebtedness by the pro vision In tho Htuto Constitution lim iting the power of municipalities to borrow to ft per cent of their valuation. Thu new constitution was fortunately framed before the great fire, and consequently the city debt is down to J2O.UUU.(H)O, or only little more than double that of Provi dence. Thu City Treasurer has Issued certld cates m anticipation of revenue, as is dune every year to a large extent lu New York, and to sonic extent In almost every «4ty, and the question was recently brought before the courts whether, at the city debt was already up to the constitutional limit,, this Issue was not Il legitimate. Justice McAllister decides that it Is illegitimate, because issued before tbo levy of taxes was made by which it was to be met. Imply ing that between the levy and the collection of taxes such issue would bo legitimate. As the levy was subsequently voted, there will be of course no loss to holders. Indeed, there can be no better investment than the bonds of the great Western cities,- the rale of interest rising above those of hastem cities about 1 per cent for every I.OUU miles of iougitude. Cincinnati, fur instance, which also has a debt of less than $20,000,000. oilers u now loan quite similar to the Providence loan at 0 per cent interest, no bid to bo below 103. Hurintj- JUIU JlepulUcan. COMPJTJOM OF TUB NgW TOUK OINKS. We have not yet received the Comptroller's ab stract of the last report of the condition of the Chi- capo bonk*. The New York bank* rtoodM foUrmp liny 12. 1870 s PftmuvfS. Loan* Ami dlr-count*. Ovenirnfl* It. b. iwmla to lecuro circulation, it. s. bond* to leenrc deposits...., r, ft. bond* on Uafld ... Other stocks, bond*, and roortya«ca, jnie from other National Hunks.... Due from Suite bank* ami hanker*.. Itealesmte, furniture, and fixtures, Current expenses am) taxea paid premiums paid Cheeks ami other cash Item* Michanne* for Clearlna-Housc IKlh of other National Hanks fractional currency Specie I.ejtaMcndcr notes U. H. certincatca of dcpoalt for leKaMondcr notes 14.f70.0n0 Five per cent redemption fund Due from U. S. Treasurer 4H<>,st6 Tot til l.UXbdlltfS. Capital stork paid In Mirplus filial Other undivided profit* Nadoual Dank notes outstanding... Mate bank iialcumumumlliig Dividend* unpaid Individual deposits Dnlted States deposits Deposits or U. H. disbursing ameers. Due to other National Hanks Due but a hanks am) bankers Total FOREIGN EXCIUNOB. Sterling, 4WVa4W. Rixty rfffi/. ,7/ffSf. ai4ft .11 Is* Tarls-francs. bwKr.criaml German/ GOLD AND miBBNOACKS. Gold was IISOIISJS. Greenbacks were on tho dollar in gold. OOTBDNMBNT BONDS. Untied RtnteiCsof'fll United fitntci of 'M f>*'Jo# of 'h:.—January and July.... f.-l’f*of trj— Januaryand July.... {*•»)» of '69—Janu&rr am) July... ■ ICMO* United Bute* m»w fit of vii!! i 17^ United Bute* currency fia. ex. tut );;»• Cltr AND COUNtr UOND3. _ __ _ nut. Chlcsgo City 7 P ct. bonds M(H OlilaiKU City 7 V ct. sewerage Moi Chicago City 7 p cl. water loon *lO4 Cook Cmimy 7 p ct. bunds (short) Mo* l ook Comity 7 ♦* n. bonds lloujt) *lO5 West Park 7 pet. bonds North Chicago 7 V cu buncli (Uaeoln Park) •And Interest. LOCAL STOCKS. First National.. Finn National Merchants' National Cunt exchange National. Commercial National Home National Hide ami Leather Hllnolr Trust amt Saving Merchant*' aavJnps, Loan and Trmt Co. tso City Hallway, South Side uu City Hallway, Weil Side 143 City Hallway, Weil Side, rt y cent certl* flcatei *IO2U City Hallway. North Side m Trader*'insurance Co 137 Chamber of Commerce 74 C'lilcit’oOai-L/ulitttColco Co Kipoultlon stock (old) as Kxpusltlon stock (new) 03 Kxpoilllou stock (scrip) 2i •And Interest. BY TKLEGUAPII. New York, June a. —Gold opened nt 112**, and closed at 112(4, all the sales of the day having been at these figures. Carrying rates 1 and Iy, percent. Loans were also rondo flat. Governments dull and strong. Ituilrond bonds dull and firm this afternoon. MU* waukee A SU Paul, Lacrosse Division, sold fit 103, and Union Pacific sinking funds at B0(4. State bonds quiet and nominal. Speculation on the Stock Exchange was strong and high* or. in the early dealings, the advance ranging from per cent, outside of Delaware, Lackawanna <t Western, which rose from §1.07(4 to $L 01). The market subsequently became steady, except for SL Pauls which fell off 2to 3 points. In the closing hoar there was a re action of 4 to 1 per cent from the best prices of the day. The market closed dull and irregular. Trans actions aggregated 80,000 shares, of which 30,000 were Erie. 17,000 Lake Shore, 4,000 Northwest ern, 3,000 Pacific Mail, 23,000 St. Paul 3,000 Ohio, 23,000 Western Union. Money market easy at 2(4fiW per cent; prime mercantile paper, 4<&o, Custom receipts, |2lo, • 000. * The Assistant-Treasurer disbursed $147,000: clearings, $18.000,000. Shipments of specie to-day, SIOO,OOO In gold, Htcrllug, 00 days, 487(4; demand, 480(4. The weekly bank statement is as follows: Loans, decrease, $813,200; specie, increase, $120,300; legal-tenders, increase, $2.470,300; deposits, in crease. $2,217,000; circulation, decrease, $115,* 400; reserve, Increase, $2,Gi1,023. aoVERNNXKT RONDS. Coupons, 'fit 122*4 | Newss jjt« couiwiu, ’ns tir>Vt I m-40s. re* 117*1 New llOisl lU-Uis, coupons. UhH Coupons. *O7 121-y | Currencies 134 k Coupons, *6B I‘AHt I Western Union Quicksilver Quicksilver pfd 15 Pacific Mel] 37!( Mariposa 5W Mariposa pfd &H Adam* Express 108 Wclls-Fnrpo tx)*< American Express.... 03 United Stales Expreas 74 New York Central ....llu NcwJcraejr Central., saw UuckUlaud 8U Paul atm Kt. Paul pfd o»Vf Wtbuh 3 Wabash pfd 3 Fort Wayne lO.’M Terre llstuo au Terre Haute pfd is Chicago * A1t0n...... 04W Chlragu A AlUju iifu.. lot «. AM ! 1-itS Del., 1.. & W ..107>| A. Al'. Tclepraph.... uH MK*oi:rl I’adnc iuU Atlantlc&l’acincpfd. 3 Indiana Central i'< Chicago. 1). A O u«d llannltml A Bt. J0e.... 13U Central I’aclllcnuiiils.KM'i Hulun Pacific bonds. lot*! U. I'ac. land-grant... oo l * U. I'ac. ilnklug'iuud. bOU Krlu 14tf Krlepfd to Harlem l:i7J4 Harlem pfd tan Michigan Central 47 Panama lIM U. I'. »u>ck..... r.u Lake Shore SIH llllnul* Central 9"> Cleveland A Pittsburg U3K Northwestern.... iuVi NorthwcßicrupM twili C.. C., C. A 1 44-H »TAt* I Tennessee Cl, old 4li£ I Teiinrsieens, new.... 43 I Virginia, old ao I Virginia, new... SO Missouri lui>i PORE LoKnns, Jnno 3.~Th0 Into tliot Dank of Emjlo 810.000. Conjoin for money and •038. 101 >4; ’U7h, 10« Si 10. r i’» ; New York Central, I’Aiun, Juno U.— Huntvn. Fjukkiout, Juno U.~N amount of bullion gone ind on balance to-day {■ account, OOHftOO 1*1(1; ; 10-408, 107; now r«, , Ui<: Uric. Wit; pfO, 10. n, lOuf aoo. New&d, lolii. COMAIEJICIAIi, The following wore the receipts and shipments of the leading articles of produce In this city during the twenty-four hours ending ut 7 o'clock on Saturday morning: lUctlpls. j SMpmtnti, Flour, brl* m.irjii 5,453! 7,30* (1,353 Wheat, bu.... 137.070 45.1U0, ItU.OWI 1H0.237 Cura, bu aun.tCi) 40,2:tU uti.ixio 43,002 om*. ha 7fi,s<n> 21.4110; 7i,iw 121,203 Ilyr. tiu H.UIO |,USOi 4IU Harley. bo low hoi 0. Mud, 11ia... 20.310 3H.100, «,sflß 45.H71 F. surd, put... ffJ.HJt 2,800 BU.UUO 11. corn. lbs... 15h,(j(jo I C. meal*, lbs . 40,000 21,y0u 013,250 1.040, 107 jlecl. bps 31 133 yu l/ork. M» 1371 25(1 7*l hard, lb*.. SlO.*!*) laJluw, 3*.«70 23.010: 00,000 20.(110 llu lur. 1bt,... 77,15* 30.120; 133.2H0 31,700 I, 111.31. Su... 13.54* 0,(111 > 5,437 (1.T711 Catllu, No 6,1110 3,0041 4,500 4,521 bljeeii, No 7i!:» 700 o'>n »43 Hide*. 1h*...... M.43* 2fi3,772 ! 31H.170 CO.OU) 11. wines, brl*. j;y» *3 t ]oi n Wool, 1b5...... 603.5. W 403.02*! 528.3U1 371,030 Potatoes, bu.. 1,072 4,b77| 850 3 |43 Coal, loll* 3,*51 1 U 35 ... . Hay, Unia |.v) 1 •» 1, umber, in ft. 5.u>7 7.105 3'24* 9f>n Shingles, m„. 1,000 3,000, 1,400 ’b. : ,5 Balt, brl* 147 140 1 uu Poultry, lbs... l,m 7.472 ~WH Poultry,coopt. i:i ' Oaino. plots... u 55i Ksu». l>kgs.... 1,220 I.B*o (Ml wh Cheese, bolts. 6UI 1,001, m 475 (t'napple*,brla 14 lleam. bu I 10 1 an 370 from store on Friday for < ,343 bu wheat, 1,203 bu con Withdrawn sumption: 4, bu uata. The following pm In was Inspected Into store on Saturday morning: 21 cars No. IN. W. wheat 1 &U cars Mo. 2 N. W. do, 7 cars Mo. 1 spring, 7U cars Mo. 2 do, 114 cars and 2,600 bu Mo. 3 do, 38 cars rejected do, I car no grade do (310 wheat); 03 cars hlgh-mlxcd corn, SB-1 cars and 2,000 bu Mo 2 do, 70 cars and 6,000 bu rejected do, 8 cars no grade (476 com): SI cars white oats, 37 curs and 4, COO Mo. 2 do, 0 cars and 600 ha re* Jecled do (04 osts); 3 cars and 2,000 bn No. 2 rye, 7 cars rejected do, 1 cur Mo. 1 barley, 0 cars. Mo. 3 do, 2 car rejected do. Totat(Bßd cam), 302,400 bu. Inspected out: 120,817 bu wheat, 214,147 bu corn, 38,102 bn oats, 403 bu barley. The following were tbo receipts and shipments of breadstuffs and live stuck at this point during tbo pact week, and for the corresponding weeks eudiug us dated: liecclplt— Fluor. Iris.. Junti, J/at/VT, Jnnt 3, 1870. 1870. JR7f>. . HI,*M 67.234 4!).7VJ . (133.014 S4I.UU4 4.V1,M1) .1,UW1,701 h0i>,440 480,770 . 683.2J1) 332.340 260, IUI . 93.711 11.230 3.554 . 114.071 67.321 i 1,940 . o<l.2tU 82, HI 5 61. IX) . 21.702 21. OW) 10.420 Wbea't, bm L'uru, bu. data, bu.’.".".".’.’. jiyc, bu Ilamy, bu.... I.lve hog*. No. Cattle. No SAli/menlt— Flour, brls.... Wheal, bu.... Corn, bu Oau, bu llye, bu Harley. bu UvuUugi, Xu. Cattle, No 81.34 H 47.463 44.060 . mi.64d 6UJ.603 tt(7,14l .1.3*17,81T 077,601 494.236 . 4'>1,40*1 »W,HB 903.710 . 20.321 38,460 1.633 . I. MU) 14.881 19,106 . 33.313 94.370 36,606 . IH.UBI 30,019 10.033 The following were tho exports from New York for the weeks ending as dated: J>‘tu a, May 37, Sum 5, l»Til. • IH7«. 1873. . H.M6O 13. KM U.UU •I. 18*1.111) M2.U75 837.606 . :»v2. int «. . •«■>» 71 4SI Flour. brls. Wheal., bu. The iMding produce market* were steadier on Patnrday, with rather teas doing. Provisions ttcro easier. and wheal stronger, chiefly In the latter part of the session. The receipts of train were •pain large, by comparison with the average of May, and the "hipping movement rather quiet. The weather was floe, and the crop prospects were generally considered to be excellent, hnt the un certainty regarding the political complications of the Old World waa a aatllclent offset to that *o far as hrcmlstnfTs were concerned. The future of the Turkish situation Is still a source of groat anxiety In commercial circles. .fm.74rt.lM ci.o:trt 10,683.610 • 77.1. (*K) 1.1,773.3(0 H, 13.601. HUS I. 8.702. .124 I.UII.IWH a.M7.nn;> I.Sdt.lstf 41.800.741 2,3.11. :wu 601.(117 10,(11(1,073 ai.sHt,7K(l Thcro was little change In the market for dome** tic dry pooda. Business was quiet in most depart ment* atid only moderately active In any. but the aggregate distribution won about up to the average for this atngc of the season, and few complaint* were heard. Trice# are steady and Arm. The de mand for groceries was liberal, and for most arti cle# the market preserved a steady tone. Coffees are neglected, and nhow a ten dency to go lower. Teas are In Increased demand and aro held with more conßdcnco. The butter trade was loss active than during tho earlier days of the week, and holders found some difllculty in negotiating at former figures, but sales did not show any quotable decline. Cheese re mains qnlet and unsettled at according to quality. The Ash and dried fruits market pre sented little that was new. Bagging, leather, coal, and wood wore quoted quiet at unchanged prices. .$347, CW.073 son.4fio.ono JH.SI 0,378 0.3:10.3-14 DmKi.iwi 87. Mo iiM.uin 140.WJU.337 312,0)0 24,Ml rt4,B»u,i;ii 21,003.020 .$347,033,079 Lumber afloat was quiet Saturday, In conae quencc of thu small offerings. The yard trade Is reported fair at unchanged prices. Iron was fllendy, and in fair demand. The woo) mrrket Is quoted dull and drooping. Seeds were quiet, and little better than nominal. The Inquiry for broora*corn continues fair at the prices recently given. The better grades arc firm. Hides and Imps were unchanged. Hay was dull and lower under large offerings, for which there was Itlllo in* quiry, as buyers generally arc out of the market. (Jrecn fruits were steady, excepting strawberries amt cherries, both of which were easier under In* creased offerings. Lake freights were in better demand, bnt quoted easy at former figures, at 2Hc for corn and 2yc for wheot to Buffalo, with f>?ic for corn to Kingston. Hall-freights were quiet at nominally unchanged rates, agents asking 20c to New York. 18c to Phil adelphia, 175}c to Baltimore, and 2flc to Boston, per 100 lbs. Through rates by lake and roll Were quoted at 10c fur corn and tic for wheat to New York, and I3c on corn to Boston. Freight-en gagements were reported for 27,000 bu wheat, 315,000 bu corn, and 21,000 uu rye. OltAlK IK BIGHT. ''ork Product Kxeh< as the risible sup] ocks in granary at 11 ion at lake aud s» 11, on the Now Vi f, 3870: Attfil. nut. m 3 lira IS»^ ■ItI? J fleet. •103 •1(« •105 •U« MOD •07 Jlltd. Dht. . nr.H . :*ix) The New Y the following prising the sto of accumulatic transit by rail lakes. May 27, ll’W. bn. In rtore at 1,135,853 H.cnxi 236.600 997,814 •V>i,H7J 395,8iH1 3-W.318 134.29(1 250, U HI 462 140.819 4,758 25.U6 423. I* H 406.820 3*W,o<Xt 14.UU1 1,424,353 303.071 2,318.1*7 760,060 New York. Albany HufTalo Chicago! Milwaukee Duluth Toledo. *2oVli! Detroit Oswego*. lloston. bl. Louts! Peoria.... Indianapolis. Toronto Montreal I'hllmlelphla.. Haltlnuirc Lake shpfswk Kail shlp’t wk. ()u N. V. c nail Hut. alloat N. Y Tot May 27, *7O Tot May 20, "76 Wk Stay 13, ‘76 Wk May (1,’76 Wk Apr. 26.’76 Wk Apr. 22.‘76 Wk Apr. lV“u WkApr. 8,'76 Wk Apr. ti'7ii WkMaysa, '75 tamo, on* 9.795,428 9,452.437 11.5:11,834 11. 544.711 12,854,130 >4.114.117 15,421.105 15,649,763 t1.U01.06l VOUUIQS 111 Deceived at Chicago Hermann Isaacs, 300 b; wood, 2 cases oil pain collected. §3,028.37. mov HOO PRODUCTS—Were quiet, and generally weak, though the resulting decline in prices was small oa compared with that of some recent days. The receipt# of hogs were small, but that Is usual oa Saturday, and (he bog market ruled dulL with apparently little con fidence in the future of prices. There was some In quiry for meats for shipment. Onuide of that buyers held off, there being few orders hero, and local opera tors stood aloof. The following table exhibits the shipments of pro vision* from this city for tho week cndlmt Juno I: Arttctta, I Drla. Tea. Hz*. Pcs. Olherl I Pork I 3,002! 15| 3,005 9U2> 3.58 Lard...... Kiims .... Hlmulders bides J/fcw J'ort— Wu quiet. The market advanced 10c per brl early, while a few orders were (Hied. and then fell oil to lft£l7tto below the doting prices of Friday. Sales wore reported of 70 brts cash at f tH.aii H.otobrls seller July at fid. Ift.>l7.o7ttl and 1,760 brlt »«lt»r Au gust at «1f1.a5it18.35. Total, O.H2U brls. The market doted tame at Sl7.floai7.hO, according to weights 817.h0 seller Junes $ teller Julys 81H.20 teller August. Siller bcplcmlHT doted at about 8 18. 60 asked, and teller the year at f 13.7Va10,(«J. Prime mots pork was quoted at 817.00, and extra prime at fKI.OU. Lard— was quiet, and advanced sc per 100 a.t early s (lieu declined to 7H-doc below the doting prices or Friday. There wan no quotable change In Liverpool, bales here warn reported of l, two tea cash at 81U.H04 10. *JSO tet teller the month at fto.fti; 0,(00 let sell er July at Bl(i.Hdl«'4io.u>: and a. 760 tea teller August at BHUi.V4II.UV Total, lO.OUitct. The market doted dull at Bio.7iValO.7r> cash or seller Junes 81(u*K>tlu.8Utt seller July; fiu.hftfdu.u7tt seller Augusts and <ll. io-> 11. seller .September. Jlfaiih-' Were loss active, btst In better demand for shipment, with some Inquiry for future. The sales reported were only too bxs summer shoulders at Utte. ami 600.1uJ bs short ribs at uttc seller June, he seller July, and fh.uo per uw Bsedler August. It la, however, probable that other purchases were made. Operators in moats are singularly averse to reporting their transactions, except such of them as arc made on carrying charges. Around lot changed hands here on Friday, of which no Intimation was re ceived hero till the news had traveled to New York and returned. Thu following was the closing range of prices; Shout- Ising Short Short iter i, clrur. rib. clear. ~«tt 1* Hf* ojf ..Ott h’( utt ..Utt .... Htt wj ..Ott .... I) hh, .8« .... «*< ffZ 7M wy 1-A2 flatted, looie. Iloii'd June July Aiittnn Jlacon •con, cub . tuVJ 10* lo*h Long ana abort clvara at n:<c cub, and u*o idler July, lioiedsawcet nlcklrd bama. ilAlih'c for sum* mersuti MH.aluhidi'tr wlitlen Cumberland*, cult or actlor June; long-cut liauu, llitfllftc, boxcdi bacon hama. lik«Hc. «rr<j«r—Woa quiet at O'Mic. DKKF I’IIOUUCTS—Were (tcady and quiet at 810.73 All.on for men*. Ct1.73a.1U-U> for extra mcia, and BW.ooiiaU.tiO for hama. JUNom—U'iw quoted at for city, nod 7<£Uc for country lota, according tv cuudltluo. hrradstutfs. FLOOR—Was quiet and unchanged. Some operators called the market easier, but holders were nut willing to shade prices, seeing that wheat was stronger. Hales were reported of 100 brls winters on private terms; 70U brls spring extras portly at |-L76«3.15; and luuhrls spring supcrllncs (low) at fJ.73. Total, WU brls. The market closed nominal at the following range of prices: Choice winter extras, 17.57Kii7.H7tf; common U) good do, f.VH7tf(i7.U5; shipping extras, f(.«Ki3,m; good do, t.VUMS.aTtfi choice do. |3.Vkg3.H7tf; patents do, Sd.UkiO.ou; Minnesota, t5.00g5.73; spring super lines, 93.axg4.uu1 rye flour. *4.U3*»4.0u. Dran~ Was moderately active, with little change in prices. Bales were ou tuns at |u.tkKßO.aoua track, and f'J.&O free oo beard cars. Com Jfeal— Sale vu reported of io tons coane at 110.73. on track. :lty coo >. 1,214 WHEAT— Was rather Iras active, and advanced life pur bu, though the receipts wore again Urge, and ex pected to lucreaso during tho coming week. Liverpool was reported firmer, with a demand In excess uf the supply, and New York was firmer at the close under a guud inquiry for export. It was also telegraphed from Now York that the exports of the week forom that pert aluue were I, Ihu.uu bu, most of wtdeb Is believed to have gone to the Continent of Europe. The receipts hero during the post week have averaged over 103.000 bu pur day. Including a partial holiday,but thst aggregate Is exceeded shout bu by thu shipments. leaving but a lutte more than wuxusibu <»f ull grades In store. These facUeauscd an advance, but the speculative els incut was relatively weak, notwithstanding. The op tion trading was chiefly fur July, the premium fir which receded to He as with June. Thu shipping demand was sppsrently quiet, bill It was really •food, aim caused cash lots to command tt premium of Me over thu current price for the month. V l ?* Vil ro^ w ? J . M< ? premium on carrying Into July. Whether Übo the fear of a general war. or the fact of a discovered deficiency Hut has hitherto been represented, the huroiwan* arc certainly taking our Wheal os fast as they can obtain it, and Us cost to them Is very reasonable on account of the unusually low freight-rates ruling this year. Softer July uiiemd tttfl.OJM, soldat rose to fj.iut*. declined to iI.iUM, and advanced, to #i.U4M, closing at fu.m. Seller the month sold at Jl.iuvu.irlH, closing at SI.UUM- Seller August sold at li.atH. Cash .No. u sprlug closed at 81.04. Cush sales w.tu reported of mu bu No, I springot 81.03: Vl.ixiihu No. ado at BI.OjU Wl.OlUl I.'V.IMUbU No. ddosl Wl.kUlUc; l.wulu r><- - looted do at HUMopHMci and l.tiuu bu by sample at 7i>b WHconlraek. Total. 7u.u«bu. Hinufiuita IFAstif—Was In fair demand, and averaged about the same prices ax on Friday. Sales were re ported of 3.4Uibu No. I at*t.l»H; JOfioibiaNo. It at gl.OIHwl.U3i bOO bu by sample at ol>v,»U.>con track; and l.uw bu do at 81.0Mt1.15 free ou board cars. Total, tU.tSJUbu. COUN—Waa active, and MuMo lower. Tbo market was rather weak early. declining Nit lie, under the fucta of largo receipts ami flue weather here, with the report that earguea off coaat were easier (u England, the augment In our stock lu atom during the week be ing also reported as nearly 4tnoui bu. Thu market rallied aubseuueully under a very good demand lor shipment, with the report that freight-room had been engaged lot large ouanlltlcaof corn. There was little demand for sample loU, and they ruled dull. The speculative tendency waa bearish throughout, the of ferings on country account being U'ocm. and seconded bv fr, e <iifwis to sell bv Iwcal operators. idler Juuo THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: MONDAY. JUNK 5, 1876. opened at 44c, declined to 4:U<B. advanced fa 43*4e, nnd cloved Rt 43Uc. Seller .lnljr sold at 43H'444He, eh»dngnt43K«lto. Heller August void lit 44'Htr 1 c. Cash so, 3 closed at i:i74". and high tnl ml nl 4 H,e. fndi sales wero reported of l,2*<* hn veilow nr siqe; 17, wm ini high tnlied nt 44>(kM«Hci i27.**R)lm No. 2 at 4:‘*4's44ct ga.txio Ini rejected at sviwn lm no grade at 32e; 40) ho ears at 44e; 12.400 lm by sample at w.f tiHi <>n trnek; and *.oo)U« do at 4i>.«44c free on tward car*. Total, lat, 400 bo. OATH—Were morn active and MrlWe higher, under moderate offerings. The receipts were smaller, and there was a Rood demand for cash for shipment, and prices advanced He during the session, closing strong. The trading In options wu fair, and partly In changing from .lane to .loir at a difference of &'.»Hie. New York wm quoted nulet, nnd some (Trades were lower nt tlm clo«e. Seller June or caah sold at 2hH t2Hhje, rlos- Ins nt the outside, .loir cold nt 2*-V t -*}<i ( s closing nt 2-<>4e. Hejcclndsold nl Jlc. Hnmnle* were reported dolt ami easy, nndcr fair offerings, t'nsh sales were re* ported of an.'AW liu No. aat 3iH(J2B4e i ,vm) till No. a white at asHc; l.tkjutni rejected at ate; 4,4UMmhy sample nt 27<*2t*cfor mixed and 30w32c for white <m track. and2,4oObu at 2>ki.T2c, free ua board. Tola), 47,401 ho. UYK—Was tn fair request and atendjr. The receipt* were fair but the offerings were moderate, and there was some Inquiry from parties who desired to HU out n cargo. No. 2 sold st (M ( «e. nnd rcjceled nt 03r. Civ«?i *nle* were rei*ortcrt of 1,201 ho No. a at iMtjc; 4(»> lm rejected at wet 2,u0 bo nt «*Ho on track. Total, 3,m) ho. BAULKY—Was quiet and higher, selling at 37c for done. The receipts were light and there was UMUi dl*- position to sell, while the parties holding most of the cash were reported to be bidding op the ninrkct. hot without succeeding in calling out sellers under 7Uc. So. 2 was quoted nt sacs7e. closing nominally nt the out* side. The lower grades were ic higher, being in re quest for shipment: No. a sold nl auwkaTc. ami rejected male. Samples were very quiet. Cash sales were re ported of I,(Ml ho No. a nt3dHi(437c| 400 ho rejected at ate. Totnia,ooo bo. osn o'clock call. Moss pork was itendy, with sales of 2.000 hrls at f 17.1*5, seller July, and fIH, 15 seller August. Lard was onehnnged. Sales 2,oootea, at fIO.BO for July, and f 10.02,4 for August. - .. . The sales of thfii week on the Exchange, Uonnl amounted to fool. 107.25 in grain. »wh itrg.nujn pro visions, and f 11.170 In stocks. Total, f 1.7H3.371).7 >. I.nte Hatimlay afternoon wheat sold atfl.ol for June, sno Rt.oiH for July,— uu advance of !<c. Only a few sales were made. The advance was attributed to a stronger feeling In New York. liTVE STOCK. CUICAOO. /feeeljifi— Monday Tuesday Wedncday.. Thortilay... Friday baliirday Total Panic week’Vastycar.'.”.’.'.’ 2L7KI ILIK* Lust 21,4:12 72.1RJ5 4,420 Week before last! Since Jan. 1 Hume period la iaVi,' .avti,M 1.5 L 731.138 Inereaiic 00,701 Deereaso. Shli.mmts— Monday Tuesday Wednesday... Thursday Friday Tolnl 15,307 20,517 2,535 CATTLE—Common ami medium cattle Imre ruled dull and lower than fur the previous week, but for (rood to choice beeves there was n well-sustained demand at about steady figures, Instead of a decrease In the re ceipts. as many had expected, tho arrivals show a small increase, and that fact operated against any apprecia tion In values of shipping grades, which otherwise might have resulted from the generally Improved post* tlun of the Eastern market. Texas cattle are now com* lug forward In liberal and Increasing numbers, hut thus farallhavo found an outlet at fairly remunerative prices,—the hulk at 83.u0y44.35 fur averages of from u'lOto I.OTiO lbs. Uutebers and feeders secured all the stock they required at iodise decline from the prices current the previous week, and the next fortnight will, In all probability, witness n further and mure marked decline In low and medium qualities. The extreme range of the market was f 3.5045.00. Most of the sup ply was disposed of at 54.HKi4.75. There were sales of vralsacfd.V-VgJ.ou per Kw lbs. and of milch cows at*xi4s.oU per bund. Saturday’s market was quiet anil steady. innge ]Vftlcly gives ?ply of Grain, com* Iho principal points seaboard porta, in ‘ork canals and the ) DaHtu, I bn. V. in. 175 » 23,500 446,103 8.0 U) 31,217 621,475 13, UO 717,385, ((Mini 2*2,5071 HU,321 I III), MHO 1W.750 11H.308 27,735 85.000 119.926 SIM, 917 51,120 54,652 202,591 49,392 22,500 70.259 134,588 69,075 33.64 H 12,095 13,152 Ufi.HUI IV 1,000 99.302 36'J, (JK) 445,515 Aiwt f 1,7-43 7.UW 4. HU Sti,3;(7 3.330 noo 11.774 4,030 0,000 QUOTATIONS. Choice Heeves—Fine, fat, well-formed S year to 5 year old steers, weighing i.uouto 1,550 n.s Good Deeres—Well-fattened steers, weigh ing 1,300 to 1,350 111 4.40(64.05 Medium Urades—Steers In fair tlcsh, w eigh* 31.105 365.000 581,1*2 187.051 1,101,628 454.(07 300.000 lug 1.050 to 1.350 ns 4.25fe4.05 Dulehers' Block—Poor to fair steers, and common to choice caws, fur city slaughter, weighing HOI)to I,toons 3.5034.15 Block Cattlo—Common cattle, weighing 400 221147 11,500 4.880.333 2,801.496 4.618,15412,816,295 1,K5),508 2.5*8,718 5,724.074 2.921.228 5.139.972 2. HIM. 112 4.044.52r2.717.J71 1.843,974.3,747,8(M .*>,0.50,058 2.9:10,563, 5,410.772 3.191.720 ri, 139.558 2,247,0431 J 450,715 I 411,8t2 I 434,447 I 514.370 I 677.004 I 0411.275 I 41*0.533 1.1,345.7(11 J1.314.W0 II 111.013 to 1.050 ns 3.75(64.10 Infcrtur-Llghtand thin cows, heifer*stags, bulls, and scalawag steers 2..VKJ3.50 llOl.B—The week opened dull In this branch of trade, with prices unsettled and declining. Tho steady shrink age In prices of tho product led to the exercise of greater caution among buyers, and during Monday and Tuesday Un*y succeeded to forcing down prices •km.vjo, or to tor common to choice grades, on Wednesday, tbe receipts falling considerably below general expectation, there was a slight reaction, about toe of Ibo reduction sustained during the preceding two days being recovered, but Inter prices again took the down-truck, nml at tbe cud of tho week were 4(»<v ROC lower than nt the close of the week before. Ad vice* from the hog-raising districts warrant the ex pectation of lllieral supplies from this time forward, and the chances are thought to bo In favor of lower rather than higher prices. Bulurday's receipts were moderate, but they proved mure than ample, on buyers seemed Inclined to invest very sparingly. Prices were not materially lower than Friday, but were weak alt around, with a downward tendency. Sales were at #s.tKK*d.3s for Inferior to ex* tro. Closing quotations were, for common to prime light 80.uu.i0.10, and for poor to choice heavy $5.00 fed. is. Extra quoted at $0.30(40.35. BIIKKI’—'The supply was larger titan for several weeks previous, and that fact, coupled with a general decline at the Hast, gave us n dull and drooping market. Bales were slow at 84.50fe5.35 for good to prime, and at for common to medium. Inferior lots were nut wanted at $3.5Uf3.0u. Lambs were lu demand at per head, according to quality, ItVMUBR. At the solo docks trade was light Saturday, the offer ings being small. Three or four cargoes were sold early, but afterwards little was done, and at the close two or three cargoes, chiefly large ones, were unsold. Joists and scantling sold at 7.50fea.n0, and common Inch at 80,006.0.00. Fair to choice Inch stuff was quoted at 410.«xrM3.0U. Lath weresteody at f 1.33, and shlnglu* at 83.00fe3.33. There was no change in freights. The offerings are large, and one or two Instances have been cited where current rates were cut, but tbe licet Is running nt the old figures, which aru now lower than they were nt any time last season, and another drop Is not expected Im mediately. A fair business Is reported by the yard dealers, though It does not appear to be evenly distributed, ns some still sny trade is not what It should be nt this time in (lie season. I‘rlccs axe tolerably steady for all grades of green stuff, There ts some cutting, but It is proba bly not general. iJuotnilous: First and second clear 830.00^33.00 Thlrdctcar, l Inch Sn.fsv-'.'td.ixi Third clear, thick 33.(1**35.00 Clear flooring, first and second, rough' Clear siding, first and second n.uMH.U) First common siding ls.u><uo.u) Flouring, first common, dressed ta.34.ui Flooring, second common, dressed 23.Uv.i3:t.00 Hox boards, A 35.UKf.:w.ou Hex boards, 1) 35.UM37.00 A stuck boards, 10 and 13 In 34.u>433.0u Jlstock boards 33.UM37.00 ('stock boards n.ouvi7.u» Common boards and fencing ii*.umj3,u» Common lumber. 14 ft and under 3 In Iu.UkvIMO Joists and scantling, 30 to 34 ft I3.ux4is.ui Lath I.UK4 1.75 A shingles.. 3.40* 3.75 VVOUTATIOSB, Custom* Juno fl, 1870? jxh clay pipes; C. High* stings. Amount of duties 'ISIONS. Orou weight, iba. S,(iH4 1,375,000 4.IWJ 15 410.455 8,555132.033 S>X)]S, uuoluuu LmtnpooL, Juno a—iiiaoa. m. Hour—ixo. 1, S4> Odt No. 3. 335. Grain-Wheat— Spring, No. t, os fld; No. 2, asod; white. No. I, IM 3d: No. 3, 0* lids elub, No. 1, Ilia Ods No. 3. IQs 3d. Corn—No. I, 375; No. 3,3013 d. iVortiltms— Pork. tbs. Lord, bus dd. Ltvxnroou Juno a—2 p. m.—Ureadttuffe—Cali fornia white wheat, average, os udMlos sdt do club. 10s Udisdos odi red Western spring. Nos. 3to I, 8s HsHdi do winter. Usddwiis tuj. Fleur—Western cunul, 33s>a34sdd. Corn, Western mixed, gns inp catu hd. Outs, uK*3#od. Ilorlcy. 3»od. Teas, Canadian, hOMt atisiid. rioter Seed—fW, looa. I lUirr grcu~.Kriviu. JVorlWons— Mess pork, «*. Prime mci* beef, B*>s. Lard, Bacuu—Long clear,4£s(kli short do. 4Us od. hll/aio—lllOd. Nplrir* I'ttroleum-enZto 3di refined do, lOaOdQlls ad. lAnieed o(l—3its. Common /fotln—StndCMsUd; pale do. 10*. SiilrlU 'i'urptnll n^-3la. Cheeee-XM. AaTwxjir, Juno s.—JV(rofrum-27J<. NiwTq«, Juno x—arafa-Wheut-Market a shade Armor (or export and home trade Inquiry; sales l.V),uu hu. at Sl.OOul.tid for rejected sprlaiti fl.uockl.lti for ungraded spring; SI.OB for Ko, a Chicago} Cl.ilfor No. a Milwaukee; fl.nfor No. 3 Chicago and North western; 91.20w1.31 fur No. 3 Milwaukee; f1.2Hw1.30 for No. 1 spring; fl.Util.SOfur winter red Western; fI.SOWI.Ci fur amber Western; f1.23c5i.60 for while Western; t1.95'41.37 for winter red Canada In bund; fl.i3 for white State; and f I.M for white Michigan, crop 1871. Ityo firmer aud active at* BtKtb7c for West ern, udofur State, andvoo for Canada In bond: talc*, a.uw bu Western to arrive. Harley quiet and un changed. Corn iteady fur toiind parcels; uniound slockdull and declining; sales, bo,ooo bu, at ,vj*c for no grade mixed: sdc for steamer uliedi UKasotio fur graded mixed: and ifiutsoc for unmerchantable mixed; also 10.UU bu graded mixed, fur June, at fiac. cats without decided change; aolei of 37,<xiO bu at aiat'lc for mixed Western and tit ate. and :tvtt7e for white Western and State, Including li.ouu bu mixed state ou:ic. yVor(*fon«~Mlddlc« nominal at KM&tlotfe furlong clear. Lurd heavy; tulea: Suites at lI.KMUI.UUfor prime ateiun. At the tint call for June, (n.lnbld. fit. unasked; for July, fll.'JO bid, f 11.33 asked: fur August, fcll.UjWhld. fll.37>ii asked; for Seim-mber: «11. to hid and *11,35 asked; and for October, ill 30 bid and ftl;7U asked * U'AUty— Market dull; hold at f 1.11, with |l. to bid. (irvrtrltt— Sugar market steady and quiet: fair to good refining quoted at 7H-tTf<c! prime at He; So* ;o and 13 Havana at 7M < **Uc. Coffee quiet and nominally unchanged; Ido quoted at I3uiße gold; Maracaibo at HKilucTnguld. To Iht Wettem Auoci'tlerl Prtu. Naw York. June a.—CoHoa-tilruug at 13 miva IV,(c; futuressteody; June, 11 at-X!utl2c; July, |g l-:u <*l3l-lilc; August, 13 5-jiwlJ a-HJc; tiemember. t*l2 ft-32cs October, II 2U-33M11 13-ltle; November: 11 ir7-32wllUc; December. II 27-a.UUKc; January. II arajvyldc; February, 13 aa2«*l2)itci March, jg April, ta-age. >f<»ur—Kecelnu, I3.i»*ibrl»; In buyers’favor, with a limited No.3.fa.uu.i:i.r>o; iuj>er eatra tilale unit Western, cummuu to good extra. Cl.Uocv.'>.2o; good to choice, $3.2.*t3.U3: while wheat extra. f3.7iK!7.75; extra Ohio. fi.utW7.uUi hi. Louis. *5. ii>«>; Minnesota patent process, lire lluur uuchuuged. for/t-Jfr.W-Mure active, Western. f3.o(Xl>J.3ft. Urafn—Wheat In good demand, ilcceljils, .‘IB,IXIO bu; rejected spring, Uhu; ungraded do, f l.Uftwl.'Jti; No, 1 Spring, f l.auai.uus winter red Canada, f l.a-VaLa?; No. 3 Milwaukee, fl.lWesl.luk; No. Udo.fl.nb a. 11; No. 3 Chicago spring, f 1.17UI.18; No. S do, >1,07.4 l.tJri; wtuur red Western, No. 3 and No. u,; white Western, f).43*41.5-1, (he latter fur old. lire firmer and active; titate and Western,BdotHfc; Canada lu baud, tide. barley quiet. Mall quiet aud unchanged: Cuttle. IToQt. Sheep. 2.U7H 12,220 501 5. KM 11,21*0 2.015 4.570 I2.HV) OiM 5,154 12.801 J, 41*5 0.010 1:1.548 ?j:i 1,503 7,501 KSO 25,020 70.221 5.752 ! 2,*!542 CM.IIOI 4,054 .477.201 1.5H.5.5U5 ’145,543 828 3.110 »58 2,121* 3.503 HOI 4.“H0 3.N21 507 2.tH)l 4.0-»7 1117 4,r«> 0.437 aw BY TEIiEGUAPn. rOKEIGX. Special Dltpalch to The Tribune. PKODUCK. new touk. Sptciat Ditpolch lo Tht Tribum. <Nwn—UeeelplJLjM.onobui sonnd steady] and declining; western mlted. damaged and heated. mixed no grade. stK<sso*4c; do steamer, r.r.vt r.ft l j•; «!n graded, 5?» t.Mpfei new Western mixed, on- L*,i, r.h-tenv. t)»t» steady; receipt*, :g,,o»i lm; Western min'd nod mate, ;i2<*43oi white do, a.VttfSe. ifiip—Heavy; shipping, 75e. //'Vx-tjnlet nnd unchanged. f»rnfi-r(rs—Coffee quiet and unchanged. Sugar steady and tmrtinnged. .Molnosea dull and unchanged, llleo quiet and unchanged. I'rlrolrum— tjulcl; e.rudft, ftJfOl rofloed, HHJHHci naphtha tiomlnnl. jlt/Jurr—Firm nt PHfUMI-IOC. Stmlneil UfHin— Unchanged. Spirit* Turpentine— Heavy at 30c. r.'j'j*— Dull and unchanged /*r ''i (Wi)n.«—New mess pork dull nnd lower, nt ?1«.D0 fll'uo; .inly, f August. fßUsv.oiiLio. Beef—Market dull; long clear middles. Western, loue; do cdty, ini.frttotfe. Lard-Prime steam dull and lower, closing nl fit.l2H: July. f11.2iM11.20t August, *lt.80611,40; Heptemher. f11.40u4U.52H. Jlutter— Heavy; Western new, !46t25c. rwse—Unchanged. II At tig—Market dull nl fl.tnjf^l.u. Jf/txif— Matin filet ured copper stonily; Ingot Lake (lull and heavy nl 2>i7(i‘C2le; pig Iron quiet and on changed. Kussln sheeting, 12c In gold. Axils—Quiet hut firm; cut. $3.|U; clinch, ft.GOf 3.35; hotveidiuc, No. H. 2t>a2ilc. rini.*ii«LPiiu..tune:i.—Ci»rer-.Seeds—StO.OOQlO. SO; timothy nnd itniHced nnehnnged. I'etrnteum— 14(*1IV(C| crude. lOWielOMo. Jmur-tjtilets exirn*. $4.25A4.75; Wisconsin nnd Minnesota extra family,; State, Ohio, nnd Indiana, fd.tsiej.uu filch grades. $7.25(,x.H.25. i/rnin— Whcatqnlet; Pennsylvania red, fl.n; West ern, fi.ufcsl. nt; amher. $1.45i white, f 1.44. Uye— Pennsylvania, 85c. Corn. In good demnnd nnd firmer; yellow, mixed..vie! damaged, :iVitU7c. Osts— Market doll; white..Wa, 15ct mixed. 35c. /'rnritlnns—lnactive. Pork. f 20.50. Jfccf hams, 22u2t.*4c; smoked do, l.'i.bldc; pickled du, ®i2.w>* Id.mi. hard, fM.2sai 1.75. ll'A/.sXv—Market ntilei: Western, 9 1.12*4. AVee/pT#—wheat, taoiobu; corn, n»,ouObu. Corn Uu. Jlutter— tTnehanmul. C/iesse—Weak; Now York fancy now, 1IOJ2C; West ern line, loH-tlltr. A';/p*-Mnrkct dull; Pennsylvania, Now York, and Delaware, fresh, lupine; Western fresh, llttl'Jc. Bt. Louts, June a.—/Vonr-Markct dull, andvery Mtlie doing. </raln— Wheat dull nnd lower; No. 3 red winter, hid, cash: No. :tdu, $1.17. Corn dull and lower: No. 2 mixed, cash: l24'*42Uc June; 4;iK'» 43,‘ie .Inly; 4t*-je August. Oats dull nnd dninplngt No. 2. :tj>4e; rejected. JWisanUc. Uye dull and low er to sell at ti le hid. Hurley—Nothing doing. 117i(sili/-!llgtier nt sl, m, /’/ntlsloM*—Pork steady nt Bulk meats— home Inquiry; sliunlders. >i4e; clear rlh, On; clear. U'tie; lint held higher Bacon quiet; JohhtngshouMers nl 7*ue; clear rlh. B’MKtloHci clear, li>4 <•-Lard dull nnd low ert current make, S 10.25; refined. Si 1.2.5. Ufcflpl*— Flour. '.MNOtirls; wheat. Ih.issj lm;cuni, an.uxiim; outs, )d,iisilm; rye, t,ouu lm; hurley, none; hoga, liAihcadi cattle IH4 head. TOLEDO. Toledo, June 3.—ETone— 8011. drain— Wheal dull; No. 2 white Wahnsh, $1.33; No. 2 do, £1.21; No. 2 white Michigan,; ex tra white Michigan, SI-53; old du. si-13; amber Michigan, spot and Jitne. f 1.23J4; July, 51.23; No. 2 amber Michigan. $1.07; No. I rea winter.; No. 2 red winter, f 1.21; seller August, fl.iH; No. 3 iwl, $1.07. Corn cnaler: high mixed, 50c; June, 50M«c; low mixed. 4ki<e; No. 2 white. luJic; no grade, 47c; damaged,4oh|o. Oats firmer; No. 2. Jllehlgan. aaijc; rejected. 2Me. Ifaelnt*— Floor, 225 hrls; wheat, 80,000 bu; corn, 25.uiolm{ oats, H.ooiim. Av.fyjr/irnfs-tlonr, liuu hrls; wheat, 3,000 lu; corn. 3,7uubn; oats, (i.UXi lm. Milwaukee, June it.—i/e»r— Quiet and unchanged. . Grain—Wheat opened linn and a shade higher and closed Armi No. i Milwaukee, $1.13; hard, fl.i7; No. 3 Milwaukee. 81.U5H; July. fi.ouU; August, 81.05; No. 3, due. Corn inicuanged. with fair demand; No. 3, sue. Oats steady, with good iletiiand; No. 3, 30l(c. llyo steady; No. 1,73 e. Harley dull nml nom inal. /'refpftii—Stcaily; wheat to HulTnlo, 2Jtc; to Oswego, OMc. jitcelpn—' Flour, 7,ooobrls; wheat, 174.000 bu, /Mfpmrnf*—Flour, Id.UK hrls; wheatUU.UJUhu. UMTSNATI. Cincinnati, Juno 3.— Flour— Dull and nominal. Grain—Wheat quiet at 81.05(. f $|.Corn In fair demand at Oats weak at 33<i(34c. llyo quiet and unchanged. /Vorlsbms—l’ork firmer; sales at held higher at the close. Lnrd nrtnert steam, old; HiTnc asked; sales at $11.15 August; kettle, rjul'jffc. Hulk meats firmer: shoulders, (J)%c bid: O?<o asked; clear rib. t>c rash; held higher at (he dose;'ivuMe buyer July; clear, to l< 1 o;|« toMfe t ()Xe. ll’Awty—Steady and firm at $1.07, lUltimork, Jitno3.—Mour— Quiet, but steady. Groin—Wheal—Market dull; rcmmylvanla red, $1.55. Coru steady and firm; Western mixed, 57Wc. Oats dull ami lower: whllo Western, 37*43405 mixed West ern, ;t:i -*:ine. live nominally firm nt 7&'ißou. //ill/—Dull nml lower; Maryland anil ITnnsylvanln, sl7.«<vt(33.tx». Jluiter— Mnrketdulliuidwcak; Western, 17ti*21c. Cnffre— Unchanged. Ilv!u(-|/—Market dull ntSl.llM. /freWpfs-Whent, S.UX) hu; eoru, 03,000 bu. A'/ilgnienfs—Corn, 15l«,UUJbu. Lmiiavtu.s. June 3.— Flour— Market dull at sn.sofe 4.(si- family, f1.35yv4.75; A No. I, f5.35yv0.00; fancy, f0.75Cf17.50. Grain—Wheat quiet; No. 1 amber. Sl.lot white, 81. I Mil .30. Corn Inactive; white and mixed. soc. Oats—Marketdull: mixed, 35c; white, 34c, /•rarfsfon*—Steadier. I‘nrk, $30.00; shoulders, flWc; olcnr rlh, DUe; dear. DHie. Hncon—Bhuiildcrs, Tije; dear rlh. lo}<c; clear, loJtc. Lard—Tierce, $13.30; keg. $14.40. II MhkH— Firm and unchanged. BOSTON. Boston, Junes.—Hour-steady; Western superfine, s3,rs*'>4.(o; cuinnion extras, st.stv <s.u>; Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family, 85.ixK40.75t winter wheat Ohio. Indiana and Michigan. fii.oivLtK; lUItmKfo.UJ (•jH.35; Ht. Louis, 8d.350vU.0U; fancy MlmiesoU) and Wisconsin. Grain—Corn quiet; mixed and yellow, 0K505c. Oats —No. 3 white nml mixed, 44u47Hc; rejected, 4ife4so; while, 50yv550. New Orleans. Juno 3.—//run—Demand fair and prices higher nt 73Me. Others uuehauged. TOBACCO. Reported by Alt*. Hart hut, tobacco-broker. I.oriNvtLLß, Ky.,Jtmo 3.—Our receipts and Bales continue to bo unusually heavy, the latter, for the week, being the largest since tho summer of 1874. The receipts this week were about2.noohhds. or6oo mure than reported last week, with sales thin week ag gregating 3,033 hhds, or 3tfi more tlmu hut week. The market has been fur tho weok very imsettlcd, with Irregular prices. On Monday, with small offer ings, it was weak, Tuesday, with very large sales, it was struiißer, and since then It has been fluctuating, and. on the whole, cosier, excepting for specialties In flm- leaf and cutters, which have been better sustained. Tho market opened tame, heavy lugs uud leaf selling without much auliiintloii. hut, with tlm prospect of only l*sbhdsfor the total sales to-day, the market stiffened up Inter on somewhat on Inga, which nt ti.e close were 2.1 W hettcr tlmu they have been the hut day or two. Trashy luge did not Improve, and are neglected. Com mon to medium leaf (heavy bodied) improved somu* what also at the close. Parties who have been absent from tho breaks for six weeks, on their return to-day fflnd no difference In prices from what they purchased then, which was pra vlousto tholato excitement. Tho assortment In (ho offerings for tho week has been excellent, comprising every variety and grade, with an excess of trashy and nondescript lugs. Now York and Itcgles havo bought heavily during (hu week, taking the hulk la good, dry, leafy lugs, and medium to good heavy leaf, with a few selections. On Thursday tho weather underwent a great and de cided change. In our having then, and since, very heavy rains, with spells of hot, cloudy weather, which has extended over a large portion of the tobacco-grow ing districts, and being exactly the kind of weather for forcing vegetation, tho plants have doubtless increased their vitality, and are shooting ahead rapidly, l ids fact has had Us effect on (he market wltlilu thelast few days, as a continuance of such kind of weather Is like* ly to have In the future, and In the licit week or two, decide the result of the planting season to a great ex tent, and how much of a crop will probably bo sot out. There Is some title speculation in the market yet. hut It (m for (he purpose or " hedging " on or reducing the average cost of prevhmspurchascs. inure than from any present prospective rise In tho market. I revise quotations as the marked Is at the close: Jtundetcrlid, lie uni i.ugn. Cultlna. Common lugs..irt.uvg, 9 &. 7.00 Hood lugs fl.ftu.# (I.i«l 7.. r -u 7.Uk'U li.UU Cominuf leaf.. (Miss 7.ui h.umio.U) o.urwli.oo Good leaf 7.00 u h.ii) li.ixvcotj.u) ii.utuiiuu Fine leaf H.U>* n.UO H.UMIO.U) H.uAttUK) Helectlon* Id.uxiilU.Ui Nominal. with SI.OO to #:i.ou less for hogsheads mixed, light weight, or la bad order. W OOh. Boston*, June a.—There was a more active demand for wool during the post week, but sales were conlliu d almost exclusively to now spring California. The stock of fleeco woo) Is small and not so desirable, but the sup ply Is fully equal to the demand; X Ohio, adiiCtdo; choice XX Ohio and Pennsylvania, 4Ut.43)iu; Michi gan and Wisconsin X, XMaao; good lines of medium, afitfayc. Combing oud dclaino neglected. Good Unas of duuicsUe combing at 4Va4Bc; delaluc, un washed nnd unmerchantable, 3i»4(ig3tic; scoured. 43a, 70c. Pulled wools dull and have a limited demand, with a largo stuck on the market. Choice Malno supcrllncs, 43c; do Eastern iiiperflno, Tho principal sales of superflues and X were at a3&37c. PETKOLEITM, CLEVELAND. Cleveland, 0., June a.-petrolcum unchanged; standard white, 110 teat, lie; prime white, iwtesl, 12c by the car Joe. IMttsuvmo, June a.—l’etroleum dull hod lower; fa.27Wat Parker's; reflued, I'hlladclphlade livery. . DUV GOODS. Naw Yonx, Juno a.—Jluslneu light with commission houiea rv|ire>cntlng cotton good*, but faucy and shirk ing prints, percules,and cambric* were in fair demand. Dress goods la mudurata request. tiautc ahlru and druwen mure active. The ttulltiln luyl the agcnU will make the price! for cotton good! lately told at auction. MAUINI3. CHICAGO, Amiuvalb—Stmr Corona, St. Joe, sundries; prop Messenger, Teuton Uarbur, sundries; achr Wm. Smith, South Iluveu, 'lumber; atnir She boygan, Manitowoc, sundries; stmr Muskegon, Muskegon, aumlriea; achr 11. D. Moore, Lading ton, lumber; achr House Simmons, Muskegon, lumber; achr Cortl, Lincoln, lumber; achr 8. J. Lull, Fundlllvcr; sundries; achr Venus, Lading tou, lumber; ecbr L. M. Mason, Hay do Noquu, cedar posts; prop Tempest, Montague, sundries; achr Two Charlies, Urund Haven, lumber; achr V. Crawford, Muskegon, lumber; achr Mystic, Mus kegon, lumber; sebr Ella Eilemvood, While Lake, lumber; prop D. llullantlny, Saginaw, salt; sebr A. I). Moore, Saginaw, lumber; ecbr Helen Ulood, Muskegon, lumber; sebr Jusou Parker, Muskegon, wood; sebr Uello Walbridge, Sturgeon Uay, cedar posts; achr Minerva, Muske gon, lumber; achr Wuucotua, Kenosha, light; sebr Annie O. Hanson, Manistee, lumber; schr Amos kcag, Ludlngton, wood; sebr 0. Shaw, South Ha ven, wood; schr Sam Cook, Milwaukee, light; icbrßt. Andrew, Uay City, salt; scbrK. Scoviile, Muskegon, lumber; schr J' Va Magee, Milwaukee, light; prop Oconto, Green Tiny, sundries; prop J. 11. Owen, Escansba. Iron ore; schr Jessie Llnfl, Kscnnnba, Iron ore; schfD. A. Welle, Heck Uny, wood und fish: echr Atalanta, Ludlngton. lumber; sebr Clara, MnuDlee. lumber; echr Hungarian, MunMcc, lumber; echr Flying Mist, liny Do Noque, cedar poets; echr Richard Molt, Oconto, lumber; echr Chrlellnna, Kenosha, lumber; acbr Ynnkco Blade, • Chnrlolte, coal; scow White Oak, Ludlngton, lumber; echr Flying Cloud, Green Hay. lumber; echr Tri-Color, Holland, lumber; erhr C. A. King, Rochester, coal; bark I). A. Van > nlkenlmrg, Erie, coal; echr Driver, Pen«nukcc, cedar pasta; rebr .tiilla 11. Merrill, Pensaukee, lumber: prop M, Grab, Manistee, lumber; rebr .1. A. Htronacb, Mnn!i>trc, lumber; rebr Mary McVea, Jnrksanpart, cedar posts; schr Regulator, Wblto Lake. wood; sclir (’illbbard. Alaska, lumbers sebr M. Thompson, White Lake, lumber: schr America, •Sturgeon Day, lumber; sebr Pilot, Lading, ton, lumber; sebr Ullra Day, Kowanec, bark; schr Albatross. Red Inver, lumber; Prop Cuba. Buffalo, sundries; sebr T. Mn«s, Stack- Inaw, wood; sebr 11. It. Burger, Ludlnglnn, lum ber; sebr Petrel, Muskegon, lumber: schr G. M. Filer, Ludlngton, lumber; schr Joseph Dresden, I.udlngton, lumber; rebr John Miner, Grand Traverse, wood; echr A. Stoshcr, Cheboygan, lum ber; prop Nebraska, Buffalo, sundries; sebr J. W. Brown, Muskegon, lumber; sebr ironsides, Cedar River, lumber; schr Advance, Wblto; sehr John Tibbetts, Manistee, lumber; sclirLittlo Belle. White Lake, lumber; sebr Thomas Parson*, Milwaukee, light; sebr L. cooper, L. Traverse, wood; scow Mnry Rolen, Wblto Lake*, railroad ties; prop Peerless, Portage City, sundries; sebr Duncan City, Duncan City, snturics; schr Beloit, Ludlngton. lumber; sebr 12) Tempo. White Lake, lumber: sebr F. B. Stockbrldge, Manistee, lumber; sebr I’bullne, Muskegon. lumber: sebr Four Brolbcrs, Manistee, lumber; sebr Wlnnlo Wing, Penlwaler, wood; sebr Gcslne, Ludlmrtnn, lum ber; schr.l. M, Forrest. Ilursc-Shoo Bay. wood; prop Fountain City, Buffalo, sundries: sebr Louise McDonald, Manistee, lumber; schr Maine, Luding l<»n; lumber; schr Nnrmnn, Menominee, lumber; bark Naiad, Oconto, lumber; schr Mocking Bird, Manitowoc, wood; schr City of Chicago, (umber; schr Ostrich, Green Bay, lumber; sebr It. C. Crawford, Oconto, telegraph poles; brig Commerce, Menominee, lumber; sebr U. 8. Grant, Bay DeNoqne, cedar posts; schr Otter, Suamlco, lumber; schr 14. p, Roycc, Green Bav, cedar posts; prop Trader, Manistee, lumber; sebr Apprentice Boy. Grand Raven, lumber; sebr A. J. Rogers, Escanuua, Iron ore; srawSnruy, Holland, lumber: schr City of Green liny. Kscnnnba; Iron ore; schr ,loe Vila-, Ford River, cedar poets; prop R. 11. Raekclt, Cleveland, coal; schr William Mc- Gregor, Cleveland, coal; acbrF. 11. Gardner, Ford River, lumber. Ci.kaiunckr— Schr Christine Nilsson, lluflalo, 120.(500 1m wheat; schr Skylark, Manistee, 00 cords atone; schr Knto L. Brace, IlntTalo, 01,0(54 bu corn; prop Commodore; ItulTnlo, 18,107 bn wheat, 48,000 bn corn, 500 bids (lour, (510 bairn seed: efmr Muskegon. Muskegon, 25 brls pork, H ten lord, nnd sundries; stmr Sheboygan, Mani towoc, 220 hides, 118 plop* butler; scow C. Crawford, Casevillc, .'I brls beef, Odo pork; prop Tempest, White Lake, sundries; schr william,Tones, Michigan City, 40 cords stone; schr William Smith, South Haven, 100 bn oats, 100 green hides; prop .fnpan, L’rle, flf.OOObu corn, 1,100 brls flour; schr O. Shaw, Smith Haven, sundries; schr Snm Cook, Kingston. 1,800 liu wheat; bark Lafrinlcr, Unffnlo, 20.750 bu corn; R Nebraska. Huflalo, 400 brls flour, 21 bides in corn, flu bundles sheep pelts; prop Mes senger. licuton Harbor, Hundrles; schr Helvetia, Buffalo, 57.000 bu wheat; schr 9. J. Luff, Ford River, 5 firklnsbultcr, 15 brls beans; schrTwo Charlies, Grand Haven, 10 tons feed: schr 11. C. Albrecht, Umpire City. 2 tons feed. 2 brls pork; schr Clipper City, While I.nko, fl tons feed; schr Two Friends, Kingston, 25,2f1fl buoats; prop Charles Uletz, Manistee, fIOU bn outs, 10 brls pork, 5 tons hay; schr Reindeer, Elk Rapids, sun dries; prop 9. 1). Caldwell, Port Huron, 20,4801 m corn. 184 oris pork. 50 palls lard, 1 brl hums, nnd sundries; brig Guiding Btnr, Port Huron, 20.2110 bn corn; schr Delos l)cWolf, Kingston, 18,000 bu corn. liAKIS ITHKIGIITS. Chicago. Grain freights were la modernto demand and Arm at s l ic for corn to Kingston, and n shade easier for Buffalo, wheat being taken at about 2! Jo. Char* term To Kingston—Selim Hartford and T. Par* sous, corn at To Sarnia—Schr Xelllo Gard nor, corn, through rate. To Buffalo—Stmr Forest City, barge Brown, mid prop Fountain City, com, and prop Ncwlmrg, co.n nml rye, on through rated: aclir Ptshllgo, wheat «n p. t. Capacity wan about 28.000 bu wheal, 22.1.000 bit corn, and 2i,ooo'ba ryo. EL9BWIIEKB. Dcrnoir, June 2.—drain freights remain quiet and unchanged. Wheat nominal at 5c to Onwego, 2*4c to Buffalo, nml lJ4c to Cleveland. The schr W. B. Phelps taken wheat to Onwego, on owner 1 * account at oe. C*. \V, Notion reports tho schr Twin Sisters, plno plank, Muskegon to Liverpool, Ung., ut 20c par m gold, nml scow Vamplnc, plno lumber, Alpena to Black Itiver, 0., at sl.r>o pur m on rail. Btrrr.u.o, K. Y., Juno 2.—Bates on coal to up* lake ports aru a little tinner, although charter* are still scarce. Cant. George \V, Bouo report* the schr Annie M. Peterson, coal, hctico to Chicago at oOc tier ton. Capt. Thomas Collins reports the schr If. W. Sage, coal, Buffalo to Chicago at Tide, and the It. J. Gibb, brimstone, to Toledo, at (10c per ton, f. o. b. Jliiavaukek, Wls., Juno 2. —There was but little Inquiry for grain vessels to-day, and rates, In the absence of engagements, must uo considered nom inal at lie on wheat to Buffalo. Charters were, schr Jesse Hoyt, 20,000 bushels of wheat to Goodrich at 2c, and schr Ham Cook, to loud ' wheat at Chicago far Kingston, nt si»c. PORT HURON. fiptctal JHwatvh to 'Slit Tribunt, Ponr llimion, Mich., Juno -L— Down— Props SU Joaeph, City of New York. Montgomery, Winslow, Nalrnnt, Prairlo State ami barges, Tempest and barges, Colllnbcrry and barges, Elmira and barges, Uernmnla and barges, llurllngtou and barges, Vulcou and raft; aebra i\ A. Morno. S. 1,. Mutcer, N. U. Moore. M. .1. Wilcox, Pulaski, Nassau, o. M. bond, Florida, Three brothers, Corsnek, J. p. March. David A. Wells, E. It. Williams, A. J. Dewey, Su Lawrence, J. 0. Thayer. (.'race Whitney, Home, 11. J. Webb, LUlle lluwllton, Ontario, loaco, Pandurn. Up— Props J. Dertschy. China, Bt. Louis, Wenona. Holland, Harden City, ht Paul, Vanderbilt, a consort, Primllvlle, ami bargee, .Metamora and barges: schrs Oeo. 11. Sloan, P. W. Uifford, Champion, Manr.anillu. New Dominion, Asa Childs, Almeda, Warrington, Atmosphere. Wind—Wont: gentle. Weatiikii—Clear. Thu prop Elmira, disabled In her machinery, passed down to-day in charge of the tug Torrent, which went to Port Austin fur her. LAKE MICHIGAN. CHICAGO. The tug Ewing caino in contact with the schr Minnio Blawson near Twelfth-street bridge Salur day afternoon and smashed her yawlboat....Tho lumber fleet Is rapidly arriving, and tho tugs were kept busy all day Saturday towing In lumber-laden vessels..., Among the prominent arrivals yester day were tho steam-barge Itallcntlnu and her tow, the A. D. Moore, the former with » largo cargo of salt ami the latter with an Immense cargo of lum ber. They bulb took on their cargoes at Baglimw. ....Thu tug (Iriniu has towed lu her last tow. Shu left this port yesterday afternoon for Snugatuck, where her engine will bo taken out of her. and transferred Into u now boat which was constructed last winter for a Ush-boat, but will now bo transformed Into a tug, to take tho place of tho UrlUln. Tho newlug is to bo 00 feet long, 11 feet beam, and & feet depth. A POUCBMAN NBKUCD. On Sundays no policeman Is on duty at the lumber docks, and yet on no day in tho week la n policeman needed them as much iu on tills. Tho lumber lied usually arrives during Sunday, ‘mid things at the market am livelier tliun on imy other day during the week. The absence of the police emboldens tho crowd of linn bef-shavers, duck-wul lopors, and loafers congregated at the ducks, nnd hardly a Sunday pauses on which there am not some depredations committed. Yesterday morning them was an outrage committed at the lumber docks, but them wore no policemen anywhere in the neighborhood to Interfere or arrest the turtles. Two docks-vrollopcrs, after u wordy war, canto to blows, and ono of them was severely beaten. and kicked to that the blood ran out of Ida mouth, nose, and cars. lie was at fln.t believed 'to bo dead, but afterwards recovered and was taken away by some friends. Thu rulllnn who camu near killing him walked away as If ho had dune something exceed ingly grand or noble, and no one look tho trouble to Interfere, or oven ask the name of tbo combat ants. If a policeman were around them Sundays os on other days such things could not happen. LOO OP TUB PSBKI.Bdb. Left Chicago May 23, 11 p. in., and arrived at Marquette May 87. 10 a. m. Arrived at Hancock May 88, sa. dj. Mel tho Ico at Point £aubl«, and found difficulty In entering Marquette Harbor. Left Hancock atC p. in., May 80, ami arrived at Marquette at 70. m., Slay 30. lee very heavy In harbor. Left Marquette 7 p. m., May 31. There were In port the bargee Hale, Wilson, Cormorant, and contort*. Wo stopped at Grand Inland fur the reel of our cargo. Arrived at Uuult 7a. in., Juno 1, and met prop Hurd In tinult Jtlver. Loft Sault 7a. m., June 2, and arrived at Chicago U a. in.. Juno i. Wo had warm and pleasant wralher tlio round trip. Thu lake was atnuotb aa u mill-pond. Found the aoutb shore clear of leu on down trip. We brought down a full load of Iron and sundries, and a good passenger trip. The Peerless will U-avu for Luke superior from Leopold'* * Austrian's Dock, Tuesday, at 8 p. m. LAKE KltlE. EUIB. Special Dltpalch to The Tribute. Eiub, Jane -L Departure* lot Chicago, the prop (Jordon Campbell. Freights unchanged. Chartered, the prop Fletcher, and the acbr iron ton, coal to Chicago at BO cents. MISCULI.ANKOUS, ABOUND TUB LA ÜBS. La»t Friday was the first day tbla season that there was not an unchartercd vessel lying at tbu port of T01ed0.... The bark Chicago Board of Trade, recently purchased by Capl. TUomaa Burch, of Buffalo, will bo converted Into nbarg e n%, luff Annie M. Pierce arrived at, Wednesday with the barge Ilannaford, which si released Monday from the beach at Lon<’ i , „u. She was taken to the Union dry-dock fnr*ren ii 1 * ....The quantity nf deals to go from MiisLilu ' and other casi-«horo ports to Ogdcnsburtr ■ 3 Gnr/bce. and finally to Europe, Is go, 000 all of which li already sold, and Is to be dniiv*..! at London, Liverpool, Cork, and Havre CfC * Previous to Thursday over P 25 tons of Iron ore h been taken from the sunken schr City of nuiTnij by the wreckers engaged In the work, hull, t(mated by them that (’.«o tons will lie raiser! n«J ►lUfijioil to Cleveland Says Hie Oswego J’/tll.t itinm: “Two years ago mi Captain tbon<>|>t sailing In or out of port, but now tbo majority <u. nemo with tugs. Tbo night before* last n,I Mystic Star sailed In and nearly nn to tul bridge, wbllo last night eight or ten vessel* warped dnwn to tbo pier, hoisted their sails nnJ quietly departed without tbo assistance of steam Many of the Captains claim that nn ordinary vos»,'t can pay her expenses and dear about jff n trlu (I she sails In and out of port.”,,,.Thu etmr Mlnnc. ai*oU-, of the Northwestern Lino of steamcm struck on the bench miles north of Grand Raves Friday morning, wbllo Inn dense fog. Pho wn< however, released without having sustained n,l least damage. ...Tno Detroit Vo*i slates that tlu schr Twin Sisters has also boon chartered to carrt n cargo of deals from Lake Michigan to Liverpool England. This vessel, like the Pamlico, has been out before, and came back safely. Capt, Stracban of the Twin Sisters, I* nn old nml reliable navigator* having sailed out of Kurone as Waster of lumj vessels for many years, and Is therefore thorough!* acquainted In that part of the work], 1 ItAIMBOAD XlfflU TAII|,K. AERtVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS KrpUmntUm of It'ferrnct .Vur**.—f Biturdiv e» "'•Pled. ,* Sunday cxeopled. J Monday excepted. | Ar rive .Sunday at Ba. tn. } Dolly, CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY. Ticket cukes, oa Clnrk-su (Sliennaa Bouse) mid 71 Canat-nreet., comer MndUon-st.. and at the deiion. | Leave. | Arrive. nl’nclflc Fa*t Linn "iinnon. in. • •r-in ■> rn oDnlimiuc Dny Kx.rlii Clinton •|n::NiS. In. • :100 {,' !!{' Ji*.rliitTluu.ln.'mn. m. {, n •iOiniUm Mclii Kxi'ress. hi;( W m.ii onto n. m! oKreeiiorl A I»n nnmc Kxprow * our,*. m.l* » : ry> n. in. rthrcepori A Ijnliipjue hxiirew • i» ; :iup. in. • nur. n. m ?» wan {co Clnlly) 8 7:;vin. m.U <:(«) p. In. 6M wnnkec LxpreM ftoiuon. m.i* ?;:to p. . bMllwnuhco l*aHH‘iifHT • s:'joi>. m. *in<2va in bMllwnitken l‘n*4i<nt;iT (dnlly)l|ll!OOp. in. 8 r»:not in’ 6«rcen nay L*pre»«... : * union. in. * 7:or» n. ni. I'M. rani ft MtimcapolU Lx... *|ii:noa. m.l* 4-m > m fcht. I‘nulft Wjnonn Kxpmt.. f n:isp. { 7:Ou! m! fcMAnmette Kxprnw *llllOl p. m.U 11:30n. nl. iiUcnevnLnkn KxprnM • 4:n»)p. m. ‘KMr.n m. fcuenevft Lnko Kxpresa • 4H.Vp. tn.|* ViuJ p. in. Ilopolre -oM\ ~ n—Depot corner of WclHnntl Kliule-sTi. »—Depot corner of Canal nml Klnzlc-su. MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot, foot of Ulte-iil.. mul fool of Twenty-neroM-iL 1 lukcl*onice. »7 Clnrk-81., RoutUciut corner of Ua£ dolpli. anti at Palmer House. U-ave. i Arrlvo. Mall(rla Ifftfn and Alrldne)... • a.noa. m. » T-.ion m' Day hjjire*B.. • ni. » Midml)! ml Kalamazoo Accommodation... • -i.oop. m.l*iO”>nn m AUiinUc hxpruM (dully) i r,.ir.p. m. « Hition! m! Nlullt Kxprt'Hj {‘ii.iijn. m m f Jntmt lOipUU ntul Sluikegon. ’ Morning KxprcM • « ~- Nlglil bzprcu t Saturday ExT'* v ‘ • o.oob. m.> 7:nn».m. t H.Ulp. 111. « H;;tl)u, in. , Saturday Ex. • Sunday Ex. t Monday Ex. J UallyT OHIOAQO, ALTON 4 BTTLOtnS md OHIOAOO, KANSAS CITZ 4 DENVER SHOE! LINES. Union Uupot. West Side, n«.>nr Mndlion>Bi. brldxs. Ticket Olliccs; At Urpol. nnd K | Leave. j Arrive. Kansas City A Denver Fast Kx. l *l2::io n.m. vjTTo"tTjit Ht. Louts<V HjirlnwHeld Kx « lit Ht, Louis, SiiMiiKilcUt * Texas. ;g u:uop. m. } 7:4011, m. ivkm nml IVorla Kn*lKxpru>*. 1*10:01 a. m. * -cuin i, u Peoria Day Kxpress ....I* imsu, m. • 7-noii in I’eorla, Keokuk & Kuril ngtou.* in. • 7:-n>a. hl Clilenuodt Paducah It. It. Kx.. • moon. m. « m. Mre.uor, Lncon, Wimirton Kx. ’juiaup. m. I* ami >. m. Joliet ik Dwlgin Aecoiimniiit'iil* gamp. m. f t ii- >oa m. LAKE SHORE & MIQUIQAH SOUTHERN, l.eave. Mali, via Main Lino fi:4oa. in. moon. m. Special N. Kxprew »:<**». m.; f*:(«l n. ni. Atlantic l-.xprcM, dally r>:isp. tn.. mooa. m. Colchoar Accommodation .... :i;iop. ni.; ii:iun. in. Mgbt Express Hmaop. ni. jranin. m. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & BT. PAUL RAILROAD. Unbm Depot, corner .Madison and Canal-sts. Ticket I Leave, j Arrive. Mlltvankco Rxnrcs.i (• 8:23 a. in. i* 7itio p. in. Mtsronsln «fe Minnesota Tbro'i * lb*/ K.xpress *10:00a. xn. * 4:00p, m. Mlkcoiihlh, lowa, and Minna-! ■ ' sola Express., .......:* Suttp. m. *11:00 a. m, INlsconslnA Minnesota Thro’ i Night RxprcM IHlMtp. m. t 7:00 a. ni. All (mins run via Milwaukee. Tickets for Ht. Paul •mi Minneapolis are good either via Madison and Prairie du Chlen, or vis'Watertown, La Crowe, and Winona. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot, foot of l.uko-Ht. amt font of Twcntr-second-iL ‘ticket Olilce, 121 lliunloljili-«t., near Clark. | Leave. | Arrive. • HMD a. in. |» 8:-np. m. i H::w |>. ni.;} 7:;io«. m. • Hi-lOtu «»..'* H:ir,p. rru i Hs:wp, m.i} 7;:ida. ra • H. tou. in, I* nuMiji, ru | H:;r.p, in. } 7::iu a. m • muisp. in. • 7.;joa. in • U::ioa. in. • 4:;tOn. in • in. • 7nwn, m • fniHp. m. |» mas a. m fil. Louis Express ht. Louis Past Lino Cairo A Sow Orleans Kx Cairo Nlisht Ex t'prliurtlcld. t’corla A Keokuk Hiirliik'ili'ltl NfKlii Express Peoria ami Keokuk Express... IllltiliqllO A Hloux City Kx l)ut)iu|uo ft Hjnux City Kx Oilman Passenger CHICAGO, BURLINGTON 4 QUINOT RAILROAD Depots, footer Lnkii'it.. lmllnmi-av., and Sixteenth »L, and Canal ami Slxtcculh-sU. Ticket OUlcca, U Uark-st., and at depots. "Leave. Mall and Express * 7:30 a. m * Ottawa ond fetreator I’ossftiiK'r • 7;3ua. ni..• ISockford, Dubuque ft Blum Olty • 0:30 a. m. ! * I’aeltlu rust Uni', (or Omaha, MChOOo. m.,* Kansas City, Leavenwonli. 1 1 Atchison ft St. Joseph Exp. •10:00 a.m.;* Aurora I'AAHviiKer •UMOii. m.i* Mcmtota, Ottawa ft Streator I rn*(*eni;cr 4:20 p. m.i* n:f.f>a. m. Aurora rasucnkcr '• r<:aoj». m, *o:o<>a. m, AuroraJ'nsseniter (Sunday),.. i:oon. m. 111:1(111.111, Dubuque ft Slims City Exp.... • 11:2:1 p. m. • 7:01) a. uu i’aelfle NleUt Exp. for OinnhutlUUOp. in, t7itua. m. Kansas city, Leavenworth, I , Atehlion * St. Joseph Exp., tininnp. m. 17:10a. m. Downer's Grove Aeeommud'nWlPOa, m, • 2:05 p. m. Downer's Grove Aecumtuud'ii * f:4a p. 111. • a:2.'» p. m. Downer s Grove Aecuuuuod'n * 0:2.7 p. in. • 0:1.7 a. m. Texas Express |«|o;M)p. in. J 7:40 p. m. •Ex. Sunday. t Ex. Saturday. J Ex. Monday, ERIE AND aufoAQO LINE, Ticket Ofllees. Kt Clark-st., Palmer House, Grand Prtclile, ami at depot, l-’J Mlchlgan-nv., corner Madl ten. Innas leave from Exposition Building. Leave. Day Exprr»*-Piillinim Draw- I Inir-Houm sioo]iliij{ Can, to New VurJc without rhniiKC.. 6:301. m. 8:10ft. a, Atlantic Eipmu Pullman pHUccDniwltiK-lloont bli'cii luk Can ami llutcl Cur 6:0fl p. m. Only line running the hotel car* to Sow York. PnTBDPHQ. FI. WAYTJE & OHIOAQQ EAILWAT, Leave. Day RxpreM Pmlrie Express Loch) Passenger— Fast Mall. Fast Lino Mall • Oiwa. m. • •'} Mi.'.p. m. t .1 nmop. in. « m. S .1* fi;m a. m. |* •Sunday excepted. {Daily, {Saturday IMooduy excepted. BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILROAD, Train* leave from Exposition IlullJlug, foot of Mon* ruu'Nt. riikct-onice*: ki clark-st., Palmer House, Grand Pacllle, and IK-pot (KximnUlou Uulldliig). I Leave. | Arrive. ,'• 7:10 a. m.|» 6:10 p. m. ,;• Hi.'ija. m. { H:tou. in, .[{ 5:08p. m.i* diltlp. m. Accommodation, liny Kxpri'M Fiut Exiircs*... 1 Dally. • Dully, Sunday* cicepliid. CHICAGO, BOOK ISLAND & FAOmu EAILBOAD. Depot, corner of Vun Huron nml HlitTiimn-iU. Ticket ouice Sti c'lurk-tt., Slicnimu ilumo. | Leave. | Arrive. Oraaha.Loavenw'th A Atch Ei *10:00a. rn. * 8!45 p. m. Veru Accommodation * ftioop. m. • o:M a. in» Nlubt K»tirua» tlu:uu |i. m. t 0:50 a. i»« HIJMMKU liItNOUTS. CONGRESS HALL, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Thlß elegant hotel, possessing the advantage of being situated between and adjoining the celebrated Congress and Hatliorn Springs, Is now open for tha reception of guests. TlillMS FOU JUNE, 821 FEU WEEK. Thoroughly renovated with additional baths, closets, new furniture, and other extensive tin* nroyements, It will be found, by those In search ol health and pleasure, the most complete and con venient, as well us the most delightful of summer hotels. HATHOUK A COOKE. Proprietors. «T&iY. I .nTKJ H U , * , *l | i rK jji'iiinu, «i kiia* Nkw\uhk, m i>anlcularlr i!illi'»* i-luiislnKtifuuiaditcoinrUinU. Sciatica. clout, Ncu« rulKla. Paralysis, umauvmaDUcaai'a. UrJnwf jJinicuU juilliffiilou, and Hillary l)crau£emcuU. NcMf brlt jc Hath Houses. finished in hard wood*, and con talnlimuu rooms with Bi.ate Tuna, aro now uihu. Scad for circular. John 11. (laiidnkii i Son. Proi/s. Hotels—l‘a vii.ion, John il. Oaruneu & Boh. UN UKII STATES, J. ,1. ANIIIONV & HoN. Mansion lining, Urines A JJeukkkb*. Union llau.. Datii> Wood. noarulDtf Houses—J. Sairr'a, HIGHLAND HALL, HIGHLAND PAUK, ILL. Thla elegant lummor resort la now tn successful operation, with every convenience for tbu accom modation ul guests. Ai>i>J vto A. J. lIUHHANK. Manager. CAPE MAY, NEW JEHSBY.-EUgant collage boarding, utTunllng every comfort, with the ad vantage of sea-air and bathing, within two boon* run of Philadelphia, audjusttuu place to atop M while on a visit to Ihu Ceuleuulul. Beak of enco given. -Address, MIU3. V. IiALLENDBOS. i Arrive. Arrive. 7:40p. m. 7:40 p. m. n:4O p. m 4:00 p. in <:nop m 7:55 a. m Arrive. ftiinp. m. Arrive, Tjcjo p. m. >n:ui n. in. e:no a. in, Hinoa. m, n:uip, m. excepted. M. BnrnT*s.

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