Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 6, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 6, 1876 Page 3
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THE COUNCIL. gayor Colvin Tries His Hand at Removals. 06 Concurs with Hoyno in De capitating Oooiicll, inJ Also Attempts to Clean Out the Board of Public Works. Xlo Council Declines to Concur, tho Measure Being at Present Unsafe. Xbe Import Approrlnp Dcrtctyon’s Bond I’ugscd Over tbo Mayor’s Veto* Introduction of au Ordinance for a Special Election Juno 137. It Will Oomo Up for Consideration at a Mooting Wednesday Evening, COI/VIN’B REMOVALS. RYAN'S WISDOM. The Council met yesterday evening, Mayor Col* vinlu tbo chair. When that gonllcmon camo Into the room there was much applause from many of fiio baser sort congregated In the lobby, Thu first question being on tho approval of the minutes of the last meeting. Aid. Ilyun—ls the presiding officer of this Coun* til t part or member of this Council? The Mayor—l suppose he Is. Aid. Ryan—in that case the presiding officer of the Inst meeting, or two subsoquent'meellngs, has to-day been decided nut to have been Mayor of the City of Chicago, and therefore in presiding over the last two meetings it was not in accordance with I»w, and he was not in fact presiding officer of this Council, and therefore the actions of this Council worn null and void, and of no effect, and therefore the minutes cannot bo approved. X would move that they be not approved. The motion was lust, and Urn minutes approved. GOOUEI.L REMOVED. The Clerk read the following: CiiK’Aiio, Juno 4, 1870.— T0 (he Honorable the City Council o/the City of Chlatyo— Gkstusmbn: 1 hereby approve of tbo ordinance passed by your 1 lumurnble body on the Jlst of May, 1870, entitled “An Ordinance Abolishing tho Office of City Mar ihal." 1 have also this day removed It. K. Good ell from said office, and, for the reason that, as year honorable body have deemed it to be for tbc interests of tbe city to abolish said office, and have pasted an ordinance to that effect, which is hereby approved by me, and, Inasmuch as said ordinance, Dueler the charter, cannot take effect until the end of the present fiscal year, 1 know of no good ron ton why such officer should be continued on the pay-rullH of said city, and I have therefore re moved him from said office. Respectfully. 11. D., Mayor. After some little talk on the question of refer* cues to a committee it was placed an tile. TUB HOARD OV PUBLIC WORKS. The Clerk read the following communication from the .Mayor: umcAoo, June 5, 1870.— T0 the Honorable the City Council of the City of Chicago; Gentlcmkn : By virtue of tho power und authority vested in me by law, I have this day removed Messrs. Redmond i'rindivlllc, J. K. Thompson, and Louis Wahl; rc* ipcctlvcly, from the office of Commissioner of the heard of I’ublb; Works, and have appointed K. S. llicrborough, Esq., io discharge the duties of these said respective officials, until u successor to ukl office shall have boon appointed and qualified, or said officers restored to their several offices ac cording to law. My reason for said removal Is that, in my opinion, tho duties of said Board can bo butter and more dtl-factorily performed by one person limn by throe. I would, therefore, recommend to your honorable body that an ordinance be passed where by the duties of said Board shall bo required to be performed by one person, and (he expense of said department thereby reduced. Respectfully, XL D. Colvin, Mayor. OBJECTIONS. Aid. Cuilcrton—l do not believe that it Is within tbo jurisdiction of tbe Mayor to remove three offi cers without putting three in their places, until inch lime us the Council by ordinance prescribe dial such duties shall be performed by one person. The Board sarc not operating tinder the present char ter,with two exceptions, those of Fire and Police. Tbu Board of Public Works must stand us R is until inch time as it Is remodeled by ordinances. Tbe duties of the tbreu Commissioners under Hie exist ing charter cannot be performed by one person. U U true tho duties might be performed, but accord ing to tbu luttor of tnu law It would be wrung. One person cannot do the duties prescribed by the old charter us required of the members of tbu Board of Public Works, It must bo three or none. The Mayor—Will the Alderman please giro us tho law. Aid. Cullcrton read from the Mayor's act. The icilon taken the other evening by Mr. Iloynu <o removing the members of the Hoard of Health was wrung till prescribed byordluaoeu. This thing mil be done in the proper way. The Mayor—l have no desire to do it nny other w»y. Aid. Sweeney—Did yoa (Aid Cullcrton) know Msyorlloyue was wrong when he did this aboutlho hoard of Health? Aid. Cullcrton—l did. Aid. Sweeney—Why did you not eay it was vrongl Aid. Cullcrton—l did not desire to. ITS UNWISDOM. Aid. Thompson—l think U was 111-advised and probably very inconsiderate in Mr. Iluync to re move the Hoard of Health. 1 did not then know die consequences that would follow, but 1 have Jluco become fully aware of the evil consequences, or some of them, which have resulted from that hasty action. I am perfectly coulidcnt tbit the present acting Mayor of the city is not advised of ‘be evil consequences which will follow from this ictlon. Mr. Cheshrough cannot perform the duties oftho Hoard of I'uhhc Works. Ills absolutely Impossible. It amounts to un abolition of all ItioHo offices—everyone of them. Thera Is no pewor In the Acting Mayor or in the City Council without u proper urdlnnucc to confer the duties ind functions which have been exercis ed by the Ilobrd of I'ublic Works up oa any single man or upon any threo men unices they are appointed to till the office of Cummlsrtiouero of the Hoard of I'ubllc Works. If (his removal Is persisted lit there Is nothing the Council can do except disapprove of it by u two thirds vote. It Is tor the Acting Mayor to say whether he will withdraw this communication or but. If he does nut, and the Council does not by a two-thirds vote disapprove of It, we shall have do Hoard of Public Works, and no man capable of performing the duties those ulUcers must perform. la reference to the Hoard of Health, that matter his been submitted to the Committee of which 1 »m Chairman,—the Judiciary,— und I know that the consequences which have resulted from that wholesale removal have been disastrous in the ex treme, while there may bo a competition between the past rftid prescut Acting Mayor in this removal tastier. Wo had better go somewhat slow. 1 •hould deprecate exceedingly any hasty action of this kind. lam not criticising the motives of the ptesent Acting Mayor In this matter. 1 only call tue attention of thu Connell and tho Acting Mayor to the deleterious consequences which may follow from this action. Aid. White—Wo have a Mayor to-night. You have been acting under a gentleman who had no •ulhorlty. Under the law thu Mayor can remove *ur officer. What objection can you have to thu awful, legal Mayor making these removals? Aid. Thompson—l do not think there Is (he least doubt about thu right of the Acting-Mayor to make this removal. 1 only call attention to tho danger ous consequences that will ensue. Aid. White was surprised that they ha dnot made the discovery before, it was a little late for them to be talking of going slow. Aid. Cullcrlon's quo tation from thu law was absurd. The Mayor had tho power, und ho should uot lot the Couucll la tloudute or undurtruad him, TUB (JUKdTIOM OV HEPBIIENCB. .All Hildreth moved Its reference U> the Jodi nary Committee. Aid. Cullertuu moved its reference to tho Joint Committee on Streets and Alloys of tho threo divisions. Thu Alderman, in reply to Aid. While, •aid the Mayor must appoint a person tu fill each Vacancy created. Ho did not believe thu removal was legal under tbe communication One mao tuuld not be pul In tu fill thu three places, and It would be unwise tu concur in thu Mayor's recoin- Da-udstlon. The Mayor sold he removed tho muu and con icrtud tho powers they had exercised on auuther Officer. .Aid. Leugscher objected to miming convorta- Uvtis between the Mayor and an Alderman. Aid. Cullcrton read thu Mayor’s act, and Insisted (hat Mr. Cheshrough could not replace Prindivlllu. " anl. and Thompson, until the Council had passed ao ordinance remodelling tho Hoard. . Aid. Throop asked If thu Mayor would have to appoint somebody to lake Mr. uoodcll's place, tho (alter having been removed. . Aid. Cullcrton did uot quite aoo tho necessity for (• He believed It Improper for tho Council uvea k> refer the comiuunlcatluu, and moved that the tct Jpa of the Mayor bo not concurred in. Aid. WhUo responded tu Aid. Cullorlon. , , ALD. bUEUIDAN* vailed the Couucil's attention to the act of Feb. 13, ihi' wlllc, ( created tho Hoard of I’ubllo Works. *“*t act made tho Hoard consist of threo members, BQd required that u quorum of them shculd bo Accessary to truusact business. That provision ■as unrepealed, and no business relating to water sewerage, etc., could be performed by one arson. Mature consideration was necessary lust (a city be plunged lu untold evils. Ho believed (h« best thing tu bo done was for the Mayor to with tho letter. Aid. Lcugachur was not ready to vote then on tbe Abolition of the Hoard, and favored a reference U tbe j udldary Committee. Tho threo uu faucets and Alloys eonld not bo gotten together easily. IT# Imnlly liked to abolish tbo Board. There were three divisions of the city, in each of which much money was expended, excluding tlio Fullerton ave nue conduit, water-tunnel, etc. Kach division should have a Commissioner to look after lie Inter est*. lie was willing to abolish every Hoard but that of Public Work*. The new Superintendent might live within tho old limits of Clccro, and could spend hundred* of thonsandsof dollars there tn advance hi* private Interest/*. The Board of Public Works fnnst bo preserved. Aid. Mwecney favored the reference of the matter. It would nut rhi to go slow. To nbolUh the Board would not benefit the city much. Me favored economy, but saw none In abolishing the Board of Public Works. It was essentially necessary. Re fur the mntlcrto n good committee—that on the Jn* dietary, lie would not have sold a word had lloyne been presiding; but with Colvin. whom ho esteemed so highly, in (he chair, he spoke freely, and urged the Mayor to look Into the subject. Aid. Cuilcrton said there wa* nothing to refer, and he ought to have made tbo motion. The men were removed, but not In accordance with law. In the next place, It was bad policy. Tbt proper motion was one •fO NON-CONCUR. The men bad been removed. Aid. Lvngncher suggested that there was an ap pointment also, which gave the right to refer to a committee. Aid. Cuilcrton explained that this was a mers temporary appointment of Mr. Chesbrougb. which the Connell bud nothing to do with. He moved the action of the Mayor in removing the Board bo not concurred in. Aid. Hildreth moved the reference of the whole subject to the Judiciary Committee. The Mayor. In reply to an Inquiry, said be be lieved the members of tbu Board were removed, and that the communication had been referred to the Judiciary Committee. The Mayor held that tho communication and Cnllerlon's motion wore alike referred to (hs Ju diciary Committee. Aid. Cullerlon remarked that he intended to have hi* rights, and the Mayor said he should huvc lliem. Thu Alderman claimed that he was entitled to a votn mi tho motion to tion-cuncur In the action of the Mayor. Ho wanted tbu Council to vole on his motion. 'The Mayor asked for some authority for taking the vote. The communication hud gone to a com mittee, and until it was gotten back there could bo no vote on Cullerton's motion. Aid. Cuilcrton—Docs the Chair refuse to enter tain my motion? Tbc Mayor—l do not see how It can be done. Aid. Cuilcrton—lt can be done under the section under which yon make tbu removal. Tbu Mayor—lt would bo Improper, but you cun take an appeal. Aid. Cullerton—l do appeal. Aid. White delivered an oration which contained nothing of value. Aid. Hildreth did tho same thing. WHITE. Aid. Aldrich thought the business bad hotter be disposed of at once—(but night. There wus no ne cessity for delay. Members were us ready to vote then as next week or tbc week following. Aid White made a curious point of order, and Aid. Aldrich suggested Unit he was talking of mat ters whereof he knew nothing. Tho Grammatical White replied "I can learn him equally ns much ns he knows.’* This shocked the Mayor's sense of' Llndlcy Mur ray, and White was removed to the nnle-ruom. Aid. Aldrich Insisted that action by tbe Connell that evening was perfectly proper. Put tbe three men out of their misery. It wus proper to decide at once whether tho Council would sustain the Mayor or not. GENERAL DEBATE. Aid. Throop hoped they would not violate tho nlcs. The matter was referred, and there wus mthing before the Council to talk about. The debate then drifted on to tbe meaning of lule 40, stuck there for some little time, and then rot buck to the Mayor’s act—the removal of the Joard of Public Works, etc. Aid. Smith asked under what law they had necn working with three Commissioners of the Board. Did the law say ono must be from each division ? Being assured one must be, he did not see how Mr. Chcsuruugh could make a geographical distribution of himself which would satisfy the condition of tho law. Aid. Sheridan hold that tbo motion to non-con cor was a proper one to he voted on nt ony time. that moment, or at tho next meeting. The motion to non-cuncur was not a proper subject fur refer ence. Tho Mayor insisted that the motion went over mlcr the rules. It being a written communication t tbo bands of the Clerk. From that ruling an appeal had been taken. Aid. Sheridan moved the previous question on the appeal, but subsequently withdrew it to let u few other gentlemen take a hand in tbo debate. VOTK AT ONCB. Aid. McCrca—My opinion Is'tbat thin question Is fltich a grave one that it should be disposed of to night. It would he better to do that than to let it go over tinder the rules. Oentjomen liavo dis cussed the parliamentary bcarlngsof the snbject, and I do not care to go into them, but it seems to mo that where you remove tiiroe of the most superior officers under you la tbo city, the interests of the city may suffer in the In terim. I understand that Mr. Cbesbrough, the gentleman whom you have appointed, la already overworked. No good can come out of a reference, for I think wo all understand the subject. While I have sot here In this Council with gentlemen from whom 1 have differed qn questions disposed of by the decision of the courts, I have done nothing vin dictively, and 1 hope the deliberations to-night will bo of that high order that we shall show no acrimony on these questions that affect so material ly the Interests of the city. It scums to me this' question should bo disposed of to-nigbt. Thu reference is simply s technical mat ter. In tbo meantime tho Interests of this city will suffer from the action contemplat ed in Ibis communication. Can we afford to do anything from a vindictive spirit? Here are three of the prominent officers of the city summarily dis posed of. Will not thu interests of tho city puffer? Thu Mayor—Not according to my view of (ho cast:. Aid. McCrca—Con Mr. Chcsbrongh perform tho duties of tbe office—Uiv labor you have assigned him.? Tho Mayor—'lf ho cannot a Superintendent ol Works can. Aid. McCrca—l hope tho Council will not concur in the communication. Aid. Thompson wont at the Subject from a par liamentary point of view, and arrived at thu con clusion that the Mayor was all wrong, and that Ilulo 40 was harsh ana unnecessary. Aid. Culler tun's motion and tho Mayor's communlcatlou were not thiugs which were subject to refcrcuco. VIUIITINO you TUB FLOOU. Aid. Cnllcrton got the door. Aid. Lcngachur rose to a iioint of order that ho hud snukeu lint oucc mid Aid. Cullerton nix time*. Thin Inequality struck him as unjust and unparlia mentary. During the contest between these two gentlemen as to which of them should have the floor. Aid. Lawler secured It, hut lost It to Aid. Hyan, who rose to tho point that them was nothing before tbo hi 10UBO. A private conversation ensued between Aid. Lunguchcrnndthe Mayor, which gradually glided tutu an oration on Ilnlu 40 by the Alderman. COLVIN OVKUdULKU, The previous question was moved on the appeal ami was ordered.. The question (hen being, Shall the decision of the Chair stand ua the sense of the House! a vote whs taken, resulting—yens, 0; nays, 2b—a» fol lows: iVor—Hildreth, O'brlen, White, Throep, Ityan, Klt-sen, Lengueher, Murphy, Sweeney—o. Pearsons, McAuley, iisllard, Rosenborg, AM r Uli, Tbonipsuo, Gilbert, Stewart, Sheridan, Sommer, Cullorton, Kerber, Lawler, Uelrtler, Van Osdul, Smith, Urlggs, McCrca, Hawlcigh, Clevo land, Wheeler, Uaumgartou, Waldo, Linscnburtb, iioncr, Kirk—-0. So the decision of the Chair was not euntalned. Thu question then being on Aid. Cullerton'e mo* tlou that the Council do nut concur in the action of the Mayor In removing the members of the board a vote was taken resulting—yeas, US; nays, 6—as follows: i’eas— MdAuley, Aldrich, Thompson, Gilbert, Stewart, Sheridan, Sommer, Cullerton, Kerber, O'brlen, Lawler, bcldler, Van Osdsl, Smith, Mo- CTca, Hawlcigh, Cleveland, Wheeler, Ityan, Hanoi- Sirlen, Klcscn, Waldo, Lengachcr, Llnsenbarlb, nrphy. Sweeney, boxer, Kirk—2B. Auys— Pearsons, ballard, Rosonbcrg, Ulldrctb, While. Throop—b. Bo thu removal was not concurred In. SOME TETO MESSAGES. deuickson's uond. The following communication from the Mayor was read: Ciucaoo, June 5, 187(1.— To the Honorable, the City Council of the VUy of Chicago —Gentlkmxm ! I herewith return to you, without my approval, the resolution passed by your honorable body on the 31st day of May, 1870, and which said roaoln ilon is os follows, to wit: Resolved, That the penal sum in the bond of Richard P. Dorlcksuu, City Comptroller, be fixed at SIOO,OOO. My reasons for disapproving of said resolution are: First, That the Iron. 8. 3. Hayes Is.uow and has been fur more than two years last past the City Comptroller of the City of Chicago, ana no vacancy has occurred in said office since his appointment, thereto. Second, that the pretended appoint ment of the said H. p, Derickaunto said office is void, being without warrant or authority In law. For the abovu reasons I cannot approve of said resolutions. Hespectfully, 11. 1). ConTiK, Mayor. Aid. Cullerton moved (hat the vote by which the resolution fixing the bund was passed be reconsid ered. Aid. Lvngacbor thought It improper to reconsider an illegal act. Perhaps Mr. Dcriekson might have dune some official act, end this reconsideration would be a recognition of him, and would make thu city liable for his acts. If nothing of that sort was likely, then let it be reconsidered. Aid. Hildreth thought the only thing to do was to reconsider the vole. The motion to reconsider the vote was agreed to. Aid. Aldrich moved that the resolution be adopt ed notwithstanding the veto of thu Mayor. The vote was taken, resulting—yeas, 24; Days, ll—as follows: JV-ji—Pearsons, McAuley, ballard, Rosenberg, Aldrich, Thompson, Gilbert, blewart, Sheridan, Cullerton, Kerber, Lawler, Ueidler, Van Osdcl, Smith, brlggs. McCrca, Hawlcigh, Cleveland, llauingarlcn, Waldo, Linscubartu, Loser, auu Kirk—24. .Vugs—Sommer, Hildreth, O’brlen, White, Thruup, Wheeler, Ryan, Nleseu, Murphy, Lcug acker, and tiwuenoy—ll. LBUICKBUN’S UOND. The following communication from the Mayor was read: Cuu aoo. Junt4.*~To tht lionerabk City Coun cil o/ th* City of Chicago— Qi;ntlkubn: I hereby notify you that I disapprove of tbo act of yuur THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: TUESDAY. JUNE (5, 1P76. honorable body In approving of the official bond given by one R. P. Dericksnn, protending *o have been appointed to the office of City Comptroller of tbeCliyof Chicago, and which said bond was op- Proved by you on the .lint day of May, 187(1, and hereby veto said act of your body. My reasons therefor are: Flnt— That said Derickson Is not City Comp troller of said city. Second— That aald Derkksoa baa never been le gally appointed to said office. Third— That the Hon. ts. 8. Hayes Is now, and has been for over two years past, such City Comp troller. and that no vacancy ha* ever occurred in said office since bis appointment thereto. fourth—' That said bond Is not axcculcd In con formity to the law: and. Fifth— That said bond, in form, is, la several particulars, Irregular and uncertain. For the above reason*. I cannot consent to the act of your honorable body In approving the said supposed bond. Respectfully, 11. D. Colvin, Mayor. The tote by which tho bond was approved was re considered. Aid. Aldrich moved that the resolution be passed over the veto. Aid. Smith considered Mr. Hayes a good man, but thought many were better fitted for the posi tion. The fiuanclHkqucsliun was of great Import ance. It was Important to firemen and police that It be settled at once. Our financial situation wo* perfectly understood at the Bast and things were nut complicated there. Aid. white said that all, If not most of them, knew that if Derickson were crowned with the lau- rcls of the Comptroller's office, he could not pay off the firemen. Let them go for Hayes, the most competent man on Ibis continent to negotiate u loan fur Chicago. where will wb ns! Aid. Cuilcrton—What will ho the condition of affairs with two Comptrollers? We do not want to gel the city Into any further wrangle than it Is In at present. Tho head of the government should reg- ilatc the finance* ad soon us possible Instead of re novlng petty officers. , The Mayor—l think you are taking the very course \o do It. Aid. illldrcth—l hope there will not bq snylhlng done to stop the settlement of the finuncinl affairs at tho earliest possible moment. Wc hnve bad enough delay in Oils mutter. If it Is necessary to have a new Comptroller, and some gentleman In this Connell can show to the Mayor some person in Chicago who is more fitted for the position than Mr. Hayes. I would like to see thru man, because I think he would be a while black bird. An Attempt here lit clog tho wheels of the financial department by such action ns Is Involved In bringing In a matter of this kind, it seems tn me, would be wrong. The people In New York would not understand the situation, and our people would suffer. Aid. Lawler expressed his sympathy for the tin* Raid laborers, mid wanted the bent means adopted i raise money to pay them oil. He had no per sonal fcullnz an between Haycn or Dorlckson. Thu former had been rumored on Mr. Hoyne’n motion, and yet persisted in sticking to oiUcc. and being lauded ns tbu great flounder. Aid. Pearsons bad met with encouragement at the Kant, not on ac count of Hayes, but on account of the contldoncc put In the new Council by Kuntf rn capitalists. Aid. Lawler wan In favor of tbu elevation of labor, and the payment of laborers, but he wan in favor of cutting oil nil tbo barnacles who would not work. He objected to these appeals to the un employed by somu members of the Council. He hud been insulted by Jlbcn and Jeers. Hu had looked over the charter, found ho represented only thu people of bis ward, and whs responsible only to them. Aid. Aldrich—This was n report from the Ju diciary Committee. This is an attempt to veto our concurrence In that report. 1 did not make this motion because 1 believe It Is In the power of the Mayor to veto any such report. Ido nut be lieve it would make much dlilerencc whether the veto came omul; but still I think It proper that we should concur in the report, notwithstanding tins veto, and that Is all there is to It. Ido nut usk any gentleman to vote In favor of it unless he deems it wise to do so. lam not here to argue for the pass age of thin resolution. 1 propose to vole to concur hi the report, and nut desiring to take up any mure time, 1 move thu previous question. OVERRULED. The previous question was ordered, and the re port relative to Doricksou’s bond concurred in, de spite thu objections of tbe Mayor—yeas 1-1, nays 11; those who voted In the negative being Sommer, Hildreth, OTlrlen. White, Throop, Wheeler, Hyan, Nlcsen, Lengacbcr, Murphy, and Sweeney. GENERAL BUSINESS. TUB SPECIAL ELECTION. Aid. Thompson—l have on ordinance calling a speclol election for Mayor. [Applause.] ThcClerk read lias fullowa: it U ordained. 8m;. 1. That a special election for Mayor of the Clly of Chicago shall be hold In said city on tho ii7tli day of dune, 1870. Bec. ti. That tho manner of'conducting said election shall be tbo same, us nearly as may ue, as In thu case of the election of county olllcers, and under the general laws of the State. The ordinance also gives n list of voting places, being the same us at the lust city election. Aid. Hildreth—l cull for Us reference to the Committee on Finance. Aid. Thompson—l bone there will he no objec tion to thu passage of this ordinance to-night. In fact, 1 understood thuru was to bu none. Aid. liengncber—lt must go over under the rules. Tho Mayor—lt must go under tbo rules to tbe Committee on Flounce. J Aid. Cullertou—l move It go to the Judiciary Jommlttco. Aid. LcngßCher—l think It is a financial question whether an election should be held. It will cost Sl',, 000. Aid. CuUerton— Is the ordinance referred! Tho Mayor—ll Is. Aid. Cnllcrton—l move that tba Committee on Finance bo instructed to report Ihu same hack to this Connell at Its next meeting. Aid. Summer—l move ut the next regular meet- In ng. Aid. Cullcrton—Ob, no; I want that left out. 1 lon't wuut that. The motion was agreed to. Aid. Hallard Introduced the following, which was referred to the Committee on i’ubllc Uulldiugs: JUfOtveil, That the County Architect. J. J. Kguu, be requested to draw Interior plans In pencil adapt ed to his ixterior dcslgni far the City-tlall. thu ex terior being tho sumo us tbe County Court-House that have been adopted by tho county and controcts being let for the superstructure by thu couuly; these plans to he placed on file in Hie office ot the Hoard of Public works for examination and alterations that may be suggested by the various beads of the city departments, thu architect lu make no charge to the city for such plans unless adopted by tho city and used finally In Urn con struction of thu City-Hall, the said plans to ho placed on file In ope week after thu passage of this resolution. Aid. Cleveland introduced the following: Wiikiiuib, It appears that the work on the Ful* lerton-uvenuo conduit haa been dune In an Improp er and linjjcrfcct manner; Ann wiutnEAt)' Circumstances stronply Indicate that fraud)) upon the city have been commuted in connection with the doing of the work on said con* dull; therefore, be It Jlftoli'tU. That the Board of Public Work* and the Comptroller of the city be and they are hereby Instructed to uiukc no further vouchers to the con* tractors doing said work until the further order of this Connell, it was referred. UUIDEWBLL PAIIDON'i. The Clerk read the following: To the Honorable , the Members of the Common Council of (he City of tVilcupo—Uesti.ksiks: I have granted pardons to the following-named per sons ucretofors committed to the lluuhu of Cor rection. after (tie same having been duly invest!- gated by the Chairman of Committee on bridewell, and recommended by him, to-wlt: Hubert Dixon, Alex. Cardtuell. Ucbpcctfully, Thomas llotnb, Mayor. It was asked of the Chairman of the bridewell Committee If 13U had been released Saturday. Aid. Sheridan explained that the city was liable to damages if thesu men were not let out, as al ready explained in the daily papers, they being now credited with $2 a day for thuir work, instead of 50 cents an of old. The communication was filed. BTll B BT-PA V IN O. Aid. Throop presented the following: I would respectfully nsk your honorable body lo appoint a committee, consisting ol the Chairmen of the several Committees of Hlreels and Alleys of the rtoutli. West, and North Divisions of the City of Chicago, to investigate the quality, durability and usefulness of the several pavements heretofore laid In tills city, and ascertain and ro port to this Council at its next regular meeting which has been the most serviceable of these sev eral pavements (U this time, as it is claimed that thoso blocks laid on a fioorlng aro found to bo sound wbeu nearly worn out, at the same time that those laid on sand are nearly worn out and rotten after tho third and fourth year, and become loose, presenting a very uneven aurfaco tho first year. The object is to ascertain which is the cheapest and most economical pavement to be hereafter con structed in tho City of Chicago. It was moved to refer to the three Committees on Streets and Alleys. . . , Aid. Throop hoped it would not be thus referred, •luce the large committee was a burdensome one. Aid. Cnilertuu suggested the advisability, of strik ing out Uule 40, which was u detriment to the Council, lie moved to amend the rules by striking out No. 40. Aid. Lcngachor moved that It bo referred to a committee of six, lo bo appointed by tho Choir. It was agreed to. Aid. Cullerton renewed his motion to strike out Rule 40. Aid. Hildreth vehemently protested against any euch tampering, and begun lo repeat his great ijteecb on tho rules, Thu etluct was Instantaneous —Cullerton withdrew bis motion. UAB. AM. Hawlcigh introduced an ordinance concern- Ing the Consumers’ (Joslight and Coke Company, empowering It to establish works and lay mains In the city, subject to restrictions Imposed on the existing companies. The price Is limited to sli. fit) per 1,000 for iu-cuudlc gas lo private consumers, and |d to the city. It was referred to the Committee on Gaslight COMUITTBH HCPOItTS. The Judiciary Cummltteu reported back, with out recommendation, thu bond of City Treasurer- Klect liriggs. It was laid over. The same Committee, pursuant to direction, re ported au ordinance providing fur Jiuidlng Council meetings in the afternuJu. It was laid ova/. Thu same Committee to whom was referred tho nomination of Henry Best as North Side Police- Court Clerk, recommended that tho Law Depart ment advise the Council bow, by whom, and when, the Clerks of the I’ollco Courts of tho North and West Divisions of tho city could bo appointed end removed; also, how, by whom, ana when, tho Trustees of tbe Police Courts of ibu three Divisions of th« city may be appointed and removed, and what power, If any, the Council has to chance or fix the r<>mpen>ati<m of any of the Judges or Clerks of the Police Conrta. It waa laid over. run ftMOKR-roTtsuantn. The following wax Introduced ami referred: 7> the Honorable the Mayor and City Council Of the fAly of Chicago: We propose to fnrnfah and put la place In the steam-boiler furnaces of the City Pumping Work* tho patent smoke burner known aa the Smith & hea ter smoke-burner. and keep the aaroe In repair for the period of five year*. Alsu to fur nish the nere««ary fuel to do the city pumping for the fame length of time. During the five year* we will pay t|] the expense* of keeping tho steam boilers in repair, over and above Ute natural wear and tear which would be produced with anthracite coal if our apparatus was not In place. Such ex cessive repair* to be determined by the previous hill* and the ordinary life of hoflera. The price fur auch fuel shall ho S~«>,000 less per annum than the cost would he for anthracite coal for such time, based amount* of fuel u»cd and water raised during the eleven months ending Nov. :»0, 1H75. Or, at your option, for $7.3(1 per million gallon* of water pumped, to ho determined by tho same method as now ascertain ed. Payments for the fuel to bo made to us monthly. The fireman shall be obliged to obey our Instruc tions In firing, and otherwise managing the (Ires. Such inntrncilons, so far us making steam is con cerned. shall he subject to the approval of the Euglneer-ln-CUlof of tho Pumping Works. Vio lation of our instructions In firing whereby offen sive smoke or Irregular steam pressure shall he produced shall subject the offending fireman to discharge by the proper officer upon our request. We guarantee as follows: 1. That we will furnhh ail the steam required. 2. That suchhtcum shall Iks as steady and regu lar as that from Anthracite coal. 3. That the tiros shall bo maintained with entire freedom from offensive smoke. We farther agree that failure on our part to fully perform all the foregoing conditions, unU especially our third guarantee above, shall at the option of the Mayor and City Council constitute a forfeiture of this contract, unless It shall appear Hint the of fensive smoke was caused in willful disregard of our Instructions and not from the faulty construc tion of our apparatus. For the faithful performance of this contract In all Its part* wo will furnish the necessary security In hucli amount aa uiuy be rcn-onuhly required. Very respectfully, M. W. A F. Lkstkii, General Agents. ORDINANCffS. Ordinances were submitted for lamp-posts on Franklin street, from Monroe to Adams; for curb ing and paving In front of sundry lots on Indiana avenue; and for opening Irving avenne to Taylor street, and were appropriately referred. Petitions were presented for the removal of the bell at the Durllngton crossing; for the appoint ment of John 11. Drown as Harbor-Master; for re lief from the South Side horse railway, whoso tracks on State street between Twenty-eighth and Thirty third are on the west able of the street: fora sidewalk on the east and west side of Shober street, north of North avenue: for u wuter-nmin on the same street, and for Uie appointment of Frank Richter ns City weigher. The Connell then adjourned. It was immediately announced that a call had been Issued for a special meeting to be hold Wednesday evening to consider tho report on the special election ordinance, etc. ■BUSINESS CIIAACDS. A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS JIUYS HALF IN tervst In n well-established cash hnslnc** Hint will support two families. 70 LaSalle-#!., Uooin 11. A" LUCRATIVE HUSINESS FOlt HALE Oil EX change fur farm or city property. Address R fin, Tribune utllee. MILLIARD AND SAMPLE KOOM OF BT. Al Carollnes-Court Hotel, corner Woshlnglon and Elizabeih-nU., with ouc year's lease, for rent; part of fixtures for sale. T.’Oll HF.NT AND BALE-TIIK ENTIRE STOCK OF A furniture. cariicia, lieddlng, etc., of the Marr House nt iltirilnitlon, la., la ottered for side, and (ho house will he leaned on reiuKiimble terms to a good party with some moans, desirous of keeping n tlnd-eloAs hotel. This la a iroud opening and money can he made. Kt err tiling Is new ami In good condition. An exhibit of the business of the house eliicp Jun. 1. and any other In formatkm, funilshud by applying for the next ten days toF. C. WHITTLKbUv, llurllngton. la. MOR BALK-AN KSTAIILISHED REPUULICAN A; ncwspujier.f J.uxt. Address P. O. Hoxfiil, Elgin, i;OU‘ SALK—A STEAM FLOUIt. MEAL, AND I feed mill and elevator ul Northampton. Mohs. Ibis done a large anil prosperous busUiess. Death of owners makes sale noeessaiy. Good opening for a Wn*iern house to extend Its business Kiwi. Address LUKK LV MAN, Northampton, Mass. TXIR BALE-KALOON AND KKSTAUHANT IN A 1. (jood location, doln;: good Imslm-bit. Will sell cheap for cash. Inquire nt 2X7 South Clurk-st.. at crocery. I.'OUSALF/— nAKKHV~AN . very cheap for eaxh. m 2 siate-jl. GHKAT HUHINKSS CIIANCK—AS OWNKU IS pressed for money, and must sell at once. f.'sOxi worth of hotel furniture for fiUJUciuh: will rent thu hotel of fin rooms for ftsu, former rent was fl.hno. Address 1 bh, TrUmne oillon G" boD OPIiNINTI Vou A HUSINKSS MAN WITH some capital, state when and where ou interview can he had. K 27. Tribune olllce. WANTED— $25.(00 TO $20,(X)0. TO TA7TTrT'I.ACF. of parly wlthdrawhiß hy limitation for special or ptneral pnrincnihlp Interest In well established and sue ceixful manufacturing business. Principals only need apply to A. .1. AVKItPILL. 127 Dearborn-si. \\TANTED—ACTIVE lIUILDEU OiI'ARCHITECT >r to take exclusive agency for Chicago In new article of builders' hardware, out of which a large husl uesßcan be hullt hy selling the good* to other# and by putting them Into old and now houses; only those mean ing business need apply; $3, QUO required. Address K X!. Tribune office. •\\rANTED-A GOOD HUBINEBB MAN. A. V. & A. > V Mason, to manage a business that pay* nut Income of s3Suamuntb. Call at 145 Chirk-si., Room 3'». Ij-O/Wj TO tf-no CASH UUVS HALF INTEREST •EUXUU In stuck and business paying *4OO monthly. Wellestablished. Itw lUndolpb-st., RooinSO. ijio'Yi/lf'k HUYft'HALF INTEREST IN-WELL (DO*UULf established cuh business paying flu, UU) yearly. Call at or address 70 LaSalle-st.. Room H. HORSES AND CAItItIACES. AND JX. Saturdays—Horses, carriages, und liarneM a spe cialty, at WESTON & CO.’S, Nna. 11)0 and HW F.ast Waefiingtun-st. Atuplo lime given to test all hon>ei s»ld under a warrantee, block on hand at mivatc sale. FINK STOCK RUGGIEST phaetons, etc., at great bargains. |0 and 12 East Washingtons!.. near Wuhasb-jiv, 11. R. 1111.1^ 1" [’OR SALK—I OFFER FOR SALEO LARUE-SIZED horses; liavu been worked to buteher w agons; are kind und true; single and double; prices from $45 to #!(j; also 2 nice little horse* lit for buggy or light wagon, nnd the fast, handsome trotter Newsboy, formerly owned by Washington Heslng, Esq.; can trot a mile In side 2:f»o; he will be sold cheap; no fancy price; trial given. Aitfivu must bo sold. Call to-day ur during week at U7l West I-Tftcenlb-et.. one block east of Blue Islaud-av, IX)R SALE-ONE SECOND-HAND LIGHT UK -1 livery wagon; also two second-hand buggies, at 25b South Cnnnl-sL I‘j*(Vu BALK—TOF-lIAU WAGONS MADE HV llruwster A Co.. Gosling, and our own make. Side spring top business buggy, Rood phaeton, und others, but little used. In perfect order and cheap. FENNOYER A CO.. 3trj Wahash-av. M"‘ ARTIN’B fs THE REST AND CHEAPEST SHOF lu town to send your carriages, buggies, nnd wag ons for painting and repairing. Tires set from raw tr 75c. Flrst-elaas work at MARTIN’S CARRIAGE SHOF. 47 Wclls-st. All onlers by mall promptly at tended to. Stork on band. \\fANTED— CAR LOAD SECOND-CLASH HORSES; »V mures preferred; good also. Call at Wright’s sta ble, Klnile-st.. »to lOjuul 12 to 2. C. 11. INGALLS. ■\IT ANTED—CHEAF HORSE. SUITABLE Foil >Y root hauling. Apply to UEKNETT «k CO., 343 Ug den-uv. BOARDING AND LODGI.Mi Weal Side. 1 Q OfIDEN-AV., OPPOSITE UNION PARK-NEW XO marble block, fourth homo south of Randulph-st., two furnished front rooms ur two rear rooms, as may ‘bedesired. Terms reasonable. Refereneus exchanged. Noil til Nltloi rrn VAN HDRKN-BT.. NEAR STATE-HOARD FOl I O ladles or gentlemen; $4 lu <5 per week, with ut< of piano. m‘ FRAN KLIN-St.-FLEABANT ROOMS, WITI board; *4. '<o pur week, wllji use of bath room "Urvatßaatern Huum." TO! AN I) 12d CA L UMKT• AV.—AT THIS VERY JjL desirable location, furnished or unfurnished room* wlili board can bo had. References runulred. __ KA Q MICIHGAN-AV—WANTED. FOUR YOUNG «J b/ gents or two married couple* to board; hue roiitu* gud drst-elass table. Country. POMONA HOUSE NO. 3. FRUITPORT, MICII.. will open tor ituesis on dune 20. Mineral water ballts, boallnc. billiards, amt Ashing. Term* 91.60 and $-j per day . U._T._IIALL. propHetor UOAIID WANTED. I>OAHR-RY A GENTLEMAN, iCfiMALL DOOM X> In a select l«o*r>lluu-house, with dinner aid. on South Side avenue, north of Twonty-sccund-su Ad* dreo* K 0. Tribune alllee. TO EXCIUNtiFa rpo EXCHANGE-! HAVE A NUMUKIt OF LOTS X liulde, well located and clear, to trade for dwelling houses, mull iDCiimtirunce. Al*o business b)<K-ka to exchange for outside property or farms In this state. A Unto 11*1 of property tn exchange. 1L PHILPOT, US Dearborn'll. fl’O "KXCHANGE—92.UUO STOCK OF HOOTS AND I. ahoea In nm-rlaai location i also clear Ini on West MadUmi-sl., and #2, umdoar Evanston property fora nice city bouse and lot; give description. Address H 77, Tribune oillce. fivj EXCHANGE—%'ALUAIILK COAL INTEREST X (92uO.(nt) near Chicago; fully developed. Want lauds or suburban property, clear. A. i’ATTERbON, loj WasblnKton-it. f|'o EXCHANGE—93O. fit i> TOWNSHIP RONDS. IS' X sued by unu of the best counties of a Western Mate, for stuck of goods. Address JANUARY, Tribune olllee. rno"EXCIIANOK~A” FINE - FARM.tUD ACRES, ui» i. miles northwestchleago, i inllu iruin railroad, fur clear city property. E. W. COLE. 4-* 1-ake-st. , i>ivou(i:s. Divorces legally and quietlyoutaihkd for IncuuipalibllUy, etc,; residence nor personal Piescncu nut uveessar/j allldavlls sutilcleol proof; feu after decree. U. D‘ IVORCKrLKUrLLV-AWgOIKTLy OUTAINEU In every State of the Union for Incompatibility, etc. Residence unnecessary. Feu after decree. Twelve years'experience. Address I*. O. Rox I^7, Chicago, ill. Dl VORCKS~JUIETLY OUTAINED FOR INCOM natlblilty, etc.; legal everywhere; affidavits sum clenl proof; residence Immaterial; fee after decree. R. 8. M AUVYN, Room 6, H.V Waxiilngton-st., Cblcauo, 111. INNTUKC’riOM. WANTED— LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. OU psrents wtsblug children to receive Initruclion in telegraphy from a coin patent teacher it their residence. Address a id. Tribune oihcc. CITY HEAL ESTATE. i;or balk~vp.ry giikap-sf.vkkal new oc -1 logon-front brick rci'lclciier*. two-itory and base ment. flue location. Went Mile. Also octagon-front brklc residence, thrcc-slorr and basement, on North Side, near D*ar»>orn-»t.; would ex- Chung* for smaller residrneo, West hide. WALLER IJROTHEUS, »4 Washlngton-st. _ ]X)R SALE—SI7 LOTS NR Alt GOtISFIt OF WOOD and Tarlor-ils.. at a very great sacrifice, cash or time. DAVID wnxiAMS, 120 Clark-st. 1/OR BALK—EXTRAORDINARY RARnAIN-mrSD J nes«lol. 4oxl*U, I.ske-n.. east of LaKalie. S7m nor foot, toiuthant.alf con. EBAIAS WAP.DKN, P»)D<-ar boru-st. hi:ai. estate. l/OR SALE—IN RAVKNBWOOD AND VICINITY i neat sod sohitsntlal dwellings and go<id lots on easy terms; house* to tent; lake water: 7 centa fare; frequent trains. A.DENNETT, AgciiU southeast comer Monroe and Market-su. 1;OD BALK—AT WESTKRN SPRINGS. ON EASY monthly payment* to mlt. 2-story houses and fiu fuel lots nt fHf.i, H.'1.1, and |l,2Vj; near schools and depot: sidewalks, etc., all complete, ready to move in to: 10-rcnt train morning aad evening. T. C. HILL, 4 Lakeside Rulhling. I joIt'HALE—OU KXCIIAMJK-A NICK BUHCRHAN I residence, with tine orr.lian) and 2 acres of land. ;lo»eto depot, for a good Improved farm or country itorc. Value sr,.vxj. Address 1 lot, Tribune office. ]~‘joß SALE—f M»i WILL lIUV A DKADTIFDL LOT. one block from depot, at Lagrange; only 7 miles from city: fir. down and $5 monthly; cheapest proper ty in market and shown free: abstract free; InhororV train already on. IUA It DOWN, M 2 I.aSalie-M.,Ho(im 4. CObATUY HEAL EVTATE. i;ou SAi.R-nv marsh a graham. real f.s- I late and Insurance Agents. Allcgun. Midi.: On lennlal bargains In Improved and unimproved farming lands, also mill property andplue lands. Correspond •lire v. Helled.. _____________ l/OD BALK—A GOOD FARM, »h ACMES. *0 MILES i northwest of Chicago. half-mtlG from depot; 1 21 per acre: SLVuduwh. K. W. COLK. 42 Lake-rt. 170 U BALE—<)D TIIADB—‘FOR A STOCK OF DRY i good*, clothing. l*oo is, or grorerles. ;i farm of 200 acres, a ndlc* from Council Rlufls, In.: l<>> acre* Improved. Address N. J. ROND, Council bluffs. Is. REAL ESTATE WANTED. \\ r ANTED—FIUrM FKKT GO&D >v residence properly uti West Aide: will pay cash, balance In one or two flnt-clois marijlu-tront house* on West Shir well tented. G 7fl, TflliUlH- office. TO KE.M.IIUI'NES, rpo RKNT-VKRV CHEAP-TWo' 'J-BTORY and i. htoeiiicnl dwellings, pressed brick,none trimming*. II rooms, besides bath-room. pantry, and closeta, with every modern n pleasant in lg!iiinrti"ii<l on V»ch*tcr-av.. west of Dnyton-si. and near Lincoln av. cars. Apply to Dr. M. 11. CLEVELAND, Btalu and Washlngton-ita.. over First National Dank. rpo uKNT-rnK large house corner hush A and Oak-su. sl4 rooms; In fine condition: |.viper month; also. No. 3«i Oak-st.. name place; it rooms; octagon fronts; S4O per month; abo. No. 4-*4 Marshfield av., near Ashland-av. and Toylor-sl.. West-Side; 11 rooms; sifi per month. The above lioutca have got all modern convenience*. and are tlie rbeapi-.M to tenants In tlir city. Apply on the premises, or to PAUL J. MrCOU.MICK, I*2 South Clark-su f|H) RENT—FINE r,-ROOM COTTAGE AT NORTH 1 city limits fur<i. which la really worth sa:». DAVID WILLIAMS. li'» Clark-st. f|’o 'ItF.NT-3-STORV ‘ AND HAREMENT HUICK J and atone dwellings 4:w to 445 Mlehlgan-av.; rent satisfactory to good tenants: In complete order, with tu o-storr brick harna. Apply to U Allfli 4c UHALILKV, on LiSalfc-*t. M’O KKNT-imJCK RESIDENCE NEAR LINCOLN J. Park, It) room*. In pood order, all conrcnteni'ca; rent low. c. s. WALLER. 41 Clark-st.. Room l). tpO HKNT-12V2 WAUARH-AV., AT REASON Atll.F. A rate; look at It. W. UJIAVIS. J.VI Randolph-st. fl’O RENT—A FUKNiSUKU IIOUSK ON ASHLAND- I av., for three months In the aunimer, nt n nomlnnl rent, to a tlrsi-eloas. resiKmslblc private lamlly. Apply toK. M.TKALU KW I.asalle-st. f|H> KENT—2 ELEGANT SWELLED FHONT lIIIICK X dwellings In splendid order; trained In all itorles; fretdily lalclnilnoil; nil modern liuprou-meui*; clevn tor. furnace, chandeliers, hrickharn. etc. Good dcll-li borhood, near Indlunn-av. cars. South Side. Kent low to piod parties. inquire at lidl Indlaun-av., or 4i> blau-at. JOHN COVERT. 4 f'ro HKNT-fwo-STOUV HOUSK, No. itr. SOUTH A Snngamon-at., between Monroe and Adams. In quire of COLE. NEWELL At MOSHER. t|Mj RENT-FIRST-CLASS NEW 2-SrORV AND 1 basement houses, near Lincoln Park; very nice neighborhood; houses contain all eoineulrnees; one n-ro»m house, brick. s2fi; one 0-room Oat, S2O. CUAJtLES N.J IA Uk MX) REN T—l(f72 WAHABIt-AV., HOUSK NEWLY i grained and enjrlmlned, with gas-fixtures com plele: key at lofid Wnbaali-av. tPU RENT—FURNISHED MARBLE FHONT, NO. i 14li> Wabrwh-nv., to a pood respomlble party, cheap. No. InoiJcarborn-st. J. LAKE CURTIS. Niibitrbmii rpO HF.NT—GOOD HOUSES OF FROM FIVE TO A elirht rooms, In North Kvanaton, within three blocks of Hie depot, for from ffi to fH per month, until next May. which Is only one-ihlrd of the former rent. Al«u a Kood house of ten room* In Kvanaion. and one In Glencoe at extreme low figures. C. K. DItOWNE. lou Flfth-av. TO HC\T-RO(LRS, fro RENT—M’Kt.I.-FURNISHED ROOMS, V» TO A f 7 u week. Ih'llk’lo-Phllosophleal Publishing House, 3tH New Dearborn-si.. 2 blocks south of Post-olilee. fl’O REST—CLEAN, WELL-LIGHTED, NEWLV- A furnished, papered, and cnlclmlned rooms; (J per week. Inquire fur Uooin lu. 27d Statc-st. MX) UEST-NICELY 7 FUIIMHiIKD ROOMS. WITH A or without board. Klnir*bury Illock, Randolph it., near Clark. Apply at Jtoum ;iu, fro RENT—MICHIGAN-A V.—HANDSOMELY FUR- A nlslied and pleasant rooms for gentlemen In a pri vate house on Mlchlgiui-nv., near Thlrtecnth-st., with or without hoard. Refureucca required. P M. Trib une otllee. r pO~RENT—SUITES OF THREE OR MORE ROOMS X for house Jeer jtlnu: at 133 Van Uuren-st. Inquire at I.VI Flfth-av., up-stairs. rpo RENT-WELL FURNISHED ROOMS TO RE- X sponsible parties; rooms newly furnished. 100 East Wasldngtun-st,, Room r>». rpITRENT—S32'w'aRUKN~\V.. 4 ROOMS FOR X housekeeping foreman family: fi2 pur month. tPO REST-AT 11W _ SOUTHFEORI NEAW X Van llnren, fiord nicely furnished rooms. Fur nished completely for liomekceplng. tVO RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMSFOR i gentlemen or gentlemen with tbelr wives at 45 Feck-court. 'PO RENT—TO GENTLEMEN, ELEGANTLY FUR- X nlshed rooms, cool nnd pleasant, convenient to busi ness. Terms reasonable, is llubhard-euurt, corner Wahash-av. rpo KENT-FURNISHED EAST AND WEST FROST 1 rooms best location and lowest rents, bytbuduy, week, or month. KU South Clark-st., Room 11. rpo RENT—CHEAP TO PROMPT FAYING TEN- X ants suites of rooms fur housekeeping In thu elegant marble-front building on Clark-st., near Grand I’neliir Hotel. References required. Inqulrv In dry goods More 253 South Clark-st. t between Jackson and Van Ruren-sts. TO RUNT— STORES, OFFICE-’*, &c. Sloresi rpo RENT—STORK 24X1(0, l«fl SOUTH CLARK- X su, between Madison and Monroe. Inquire at irul Flftb-nv.j up-slalra. rpt) RENT-STORE, 131 VAN HURKN-ST.. WITH X or without basement; No.l location for a good family grocery or incat-mukcu Inquire at No. Ukt Flfth-av., up-stuirs. OffiCCN. rpo RENT—DESK-ROOM; LIGHT OFFICE. WITH X law library and vault, x mu. Tribune otilce. rpo RENT-FIN"k OFFICE AT 152 RAN DOLFH-ST., X second floor; nice ollice third floor f:mo. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTEIV-TO RKNT-nV A QUIET COUPLE (NO children) 3 good ruonu fur light housekeeping, ground Hour, pleasant locution, south Side; prompt pay; beat references; permanent tenant If suited. Ad dress F m 7. Tribune offli-c. FINANCIAL.. Advances made on diamonds, watches, l-onds, etc.,at LAUNDERS’ private oKlee. 120 Ran dolpbst., near dark. Jtooms sand (bl'JiablUJu-disM. l?01t KALE-CLAIM OF fl.auo'oN CITY NATION- X 1 slllnnk. Apply at 171 East Cbh ftgo av. OASII—ON CnELATEKAI.S. Ri;TI~ESTAfi:. OR other securities. LIVINGSTON A CO., Room 18, Ul and 133 LaSalle-sU MONKV To' LOAN ON DIAMONDS. WATCIIKtC bluster machines. piano*, and oilier collateral*. I'rlvaie Loan onicc. i26Ctark-*t., Room 2, np-*ulrs. MONKV TO~Lt)A*N Tn _ BUfcIS OK t-Vi), - il.imT 91. W. 92.UUJ, etc., on good Improved Chicago property at tliu lowc»l rate*. SAMUEL UKIIIt, 114 DearlK>rn-sl. M'"’ ONEVLOAKED ON VALUABLE COLLATERALS at my private nlUce; hour* 10 lo 12, 2to 4. MRS. T. F. bllocK, i24Clark'»u. Rooms. OUMS OF“*I.WJU Ta*ltV«« AND OVKU TO LOAN Oat h and « per cent. W. M. WILLNEU, 128 LaSalle it., Hoorn l. ri'O LOAN-A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS IN 1 imall luma on Improved elly rosl c*tuta. UKO. D. I’KASK. Hoom 20, U 7 L’lsik-sU ri'O LOAN-SUMS OF #l.«0. 81,500, AND |2,.V*t, X at t) per cunt on city property, d. HESRt TRU* MAN, KoomslOuud 12, U 5 Washlngton-st. WANTED— /TibREOIAL PARTNER WITH f.vun. In aatandardbuslnrsa. Address FT7.I rlbunc oilier. WANTED— 92U.«*> FOR FIVE YEARS ON FlßST cliimi Improved property; will pay * tier « eul. Ad dressuos West Van Uuren-st., L. K.TUCKER. __ Band b per cknt-moneytoloan in sums of 94.ui*i and upward* on Cook County property. It. W. HYMAN, Jn., A CO., Room 11,165 LaSalle-sl. <2*rn/|-*7ua 91,0 m, to'loanonciiicAtm or Ot)UU Hydo Dark pro|wrty. TURNER A HOND, jTci Washlngton-st. Sri nnn-ANu other hums to suit, to ♦ ),l/UU lean on eliy property at current rate*. TURNER A ROND, 102 Washlngton-st. &ft ruin ’TO LOAS'AT ttVKU CENT; ALSO «PtJ.UwU mms of trum f.VU to 9l,(»iuio loan on Inside city real estate. W. U. HOWLAND, 00 La- Salle-st. c*/* min at h ter cent for a years. tulw.lsl t\J wanted on (Incly-hn proved and occupied business property tn Kvukuk, lowa, worth iflß.uui, title perfect, abstract and Insurance furnltbed. Alsu, svuu) paid up stock In VlrglnlaTobaccu Works at Keo kuk, lowa, for sale. Tie-purchaser, If a practical to bacco or good business man, u iltusllou given. Ad dress S, P.-O. UoxUJI, Keokuk, lows. • BTOUAGE. All kinds of merchandise received on storage or sale, and cash advances made tberaon If desired. Cbl< ago Storage and Commission Cuinpuuy. Warerootns 70 and Uti van Uureu-st.; olllee 154 noth- Ington-st. S“ TORAOK FOR FURNITURE, UUOOIES. AND inerehandlto In dre-proof wsrvhouse I'ki \V est Mon* rue-st. Muncy loaned. Charges lowest In the city. I'AUTMUIS WANTED. FARTNER'VaNTBD-WITII FROM ’#s,t«») TO eiauuo, to engage In business wbsre It will bu dent' climated that money esa be tsaJe. Adirc*sA2o, Tribune olticu. WAItTCD—ITIAIiK IIIXP. IlookUceporw, Clerk*, etc. WANTKD-A JEWISH FOREMAN IN* A WHOLE *» «al» clothing hotue. He man act m foreman and ciittJT, and route well recommended. Addrcuiu atatlnt L- NKWHONKIt & HONS, illlwau- ■\yAKTKD-nV A BOSTON BOOT AND SHOE *»., ,«qu»e. an experienced ralctman with a well ea tablUhed trade in Northern Wlicontin MU Mtnnetoto, anil one for MOnouri. None other* need anaver. Ad drea*. in confidence. Ho* 2;«3, notion, Mnaa. WANTKD-BV WHOLESALE FIRM. AN F.NKR ealcjinan for the country trade. onrommH aion, part cipen«e» paid: good reference! required. Addrea* L 37, I Minim--mb e. W A £ T £. I) “ A V( I T i?°~MAN AS ASSISTANT »T bookkeeper. Adder**, atattntr age, reference!. and aaiary expected. I #3, Tribune TIfANTED-A kOUNO MAN. ONE FAMILIAR win* Hie retail grocery and lea trade, and Uvea with hl« paretiia. Mum bew.n recommended. Salary moderate. AiUlrt** II hi, TtHiuiib i.nicc. Trndea. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS ORNAMENTAL JAP paners one who U competent to take charge of • nun where tlftepn hand* ore cnipluycd. Cummnnicate wlth Dominion Tin-Work*. Toronto; tint Ay ANTED—THIS MOUNINO. AT CORNER CANAL » f ond Adaine-n.. carriage hlackinilib and helper. \\rANTF.!)-AN ENGINEER—MUST RE <1001) ME- V chanlc; aute In what ihop you have wora-d and Where la.vtnnph.yeil, AddrnM usil. Irlbune uiih e. XVANTKD-A MAN TO RUN A STICKER AT 2V OlVoKk «Sli!*NV?-' •*“ “ ,Wto fur \\ r 'ANTED-UARRIA'fJK-PAINTEIL ALSO TRIM" »» mer. at KLIN h s carriole-factory, corner Ulntun and Adama-iU. \\ r ANTKI>—A FEW" FIRST-CLASS CARINETMAK* \> era: aloo, man on rln and cro«-i:ut saw. A. 11. ANDREWS ACO.. 150 to 17U Matlier et., between Hal •ted and I7e«{ilslnc-a. \\rANTED—TWO (iofili CARPENTERS TO*(iO * * Into the country to build a houic; must he wi ll tec•ommendc-d and wage* reasonable. Call from 13 to I oj-loekVuwday. GRIFFIN it LEWIS. Room U Major \yANTED—A PRACTICAL WOODWORKMAN OF vv L-uud adtlrct-: tulary or conimiMlon. uj Laaaltc- It.'.in 7. liaM-mciit. \yANTEJ>—4 GOOD TUCKi*OINTF.RS; WAGES, fl * .P'T’day. Apply oa curly aa poutblu to-day at 15i» South RalMi'd-n. VyANTKD-A YOUNO MAN TO LEARN A HOOD . lr . nil '‘- -'iu»ti« "mart, and uodentand Utrinun. Call to-day at :u5 Rubbanl-st. \\ r ANTKD-TO-DAY AT 313 ANli 24? S BUfIIINKLL* »I st., two good hlackMiililu to work on wagon* and hu/gliK, Ac. Mun in- good workmen. ■yyANTED-BLACKhMITH AT 34» A’l^tliEU*'7\v7“ WANTED-A rYLINDER FEEDER. 311 11.L1- >T nols-st. FERGUS * SONS. Employment Affcncien. \\TANTKD-giO RAILROAD LADORKItS FOR »» Iowa; free fare; wo.-o f l.Mi; a man to go to the work with them. It. F'.CHUISI I ASM 41 South Water-at. \\rANTFjD—RAILROAD LABORERS FOIt"l(»WA »I andl coal miner*: for raw• mill: go to day. F.. A. ANGELL, g Market-st., corner Lake. WANTED-W) RAILROAD MKN FOU ILLINOIS’; • f “ r . ,n u, idMo;.e i|ii.irrytmj!i. ANDREW O. BING & CO., IThorthClark-nt. \UAMKI)-3UJ RAILROAD LABORERS FOU >» lowa and Illinois. t I. bound $1.2.'. per ilay; j r .-e fare; lot) lor Northern Bnelflc Railroad; man and wife; at I*3 \U«I Uamlolph-st. .1. 11. bI’ERBECK A: CO. \\r ANTF.D—gU) RAILROAD pi,R » lowa and Illlnoi*. wages #l.a7 u» #l. w per day: a.iw-mlll, ijuury. and farm hand*, free fare. Apply <it -1 Weal C. V. SNELL. Manager. JtllNccllnncou n« \\rANTEI)-ANY I‘KR.SON CAN MAKE sbm A »» moiitli selling unr letter copying bowk; unv one that tia*a letter to write will buy it; iiopre**or water liked: Wild lor circular free. EXCELsIOR CO., 17 Tribune Building, Chicago, 111. \\. r ANTED-AGENTS. FOR A MAGNIFICENT it work of high character. New. novel, and at tractive. It win bring large return* at once. A. c. HOW K, Cleveland. O. \\rANTFI»-IIKSI‘ONkTnLK J'AKTY To NKOOTI* it atetheanleot a patent-right: something new and good. Address KH 7. Tribune otllee. \\ r ANTEI^TtM'AV— MINT DIN IT posit f A*in* sec urity, show*tart* Went 10-nlght. Apply In ix;r>on to EDWARD LIVINGSTON. Manager. Darnel Houm*. WANTED— MEN SEEKING IICSINESS. IT FAYS town fa«t-wlllnff article*. American Novelty Ceimpauy, 113 Eaal Muill»on-Bt.. Room ltd WANTED- MEN: WE WANTTOGIVKAOUtiTRIAL purkngea, worth f 1 each. los.tM»mcn wlntwUhlo engage permanently In the heat paying hudm-aa In the United statoa. We guarantee live nun s7ti per week during the >enr._ AildreaujtA Y_A CO.. Chicago. 111. \\TANTKI>—A SMALL iIOY J*’OU' - FIiriCANO*UOY IT at UT»7 MadDuti-it. TIfANTED—A STEADY MAN WITH #lW> CASH. Ti willing logo tost. Loul*. can meet with an ex* reilent Inulucts, cufe and remunerative even In theue hard tlnicH. Room ret Exchange Uulldlng, corner t\ aalilngton and Clark-iU. WANTED-A STEADY YOUNG MAN; STEADY employment and good aalary paid to lultuble per* ami. Apply nt art-gallery, l«l Wen Madl«on-at. \\ r ANTF.D-LADORKItS AT NEW COUNTY HOSIM- T T Gd. corner Wood and llurrlaon-tla. Come early till* morning with bhuvelis. I*. J. sEXTON, coniractor. \\rANTED—LIVE MAN WITH A FEW HUNDRED TT dollar*; liberal anlary and security fur money. Ap ply to clerk of Atlanta House, corner Harriott ami Clark-iU. • WANTED-A SALESMAN IN A jIK’aL^KSTAT V. oflice (Dane) who cun apeak German and bcamll nuvian languages, between the age of go and x. years, ■marl, active, ami ready to work a* hard tu the case ni iy require, and a good talker. Address 11 gg, Tribune utnee. WAMUD-FEHALU EILU*. DoltlCStlCHa WANTED-50 FIRST-CLASS GERMAN GIRLS for homework. Ladies requiring first-tdaw help will do well by culling on MRs. SANDER, 4«3 Wui Mudl«on-»t. ■WANTED—A GOOD AMERICAN OR GERMAN U girl to cook. a mli. tiiillmri; city references re quired. No. 70 Twenty-tldrd-st., northern corner Prulrlc-av. WANTED- A GERMAN (inTlj FOR GENERAL housework at Gas West Wa*hlngtun-st. 1V A NTH I>—A ~G IRL FOR GENERAL‘~HOUSE -4 4 work; muit he a good cook, wuher, ami Ironer; references required; email family, HM4 rralrle-av. lirANTKD-ENGLI.SiroR GEIIMAN GIRL TO 1)0 >l general work In a small iiuully. Apply after U o'clock p. ni. at U 4 Scoley-nv. \\rANTED-A GOOD GERMAN 01RL IN A SMALL » v Call at Twemy-fourth-sU \VANTED-TWO COMPETENT GIRLS FOR THE 4 4 country; une tocook. wash, and Iron, the other fur second work. Cull at Room 4, loa Randulph-st., until 2 o’clock p. m. to-day. WANTED-A GIRL TO WORK IN RESTAURANT kitchen. Apply at 150 D'urborn-»l, WANTED- A GOOD*GE J (MAN|~S\VKTHT"gTrL for general house wot k. Apply fur 2 days at slu Munrea-si. WANTED-A GOOD SWEDISH OH GERMAN GIRL 4 » to cook, wash.and iron in an American family.with Rood reference*. Cull between lu and 12 o'clock A. m. at 371 West Wa*hlngton-»U AirANTKI)—A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO OEN'ER -4 4 al housework in a irnall family nt 74a West Wash- Ingtou-st. WANTED-A GOOD KITCHEN GIRL. ONE THAT understands vegetable cooking, at Revere House, corner Clark and MlchlgiUwU. \\rAMKD~A FIRST-CLASS COOK; REFERENCES 4 v required. Apply at Itfl South Wuod-st.. between Adam* and Jackson. WANTED— A GOOD MEAT COOK ATTREROUNK House. 30 Weal Mndi«on-»t. WANTED— A GIRL TO COOIC”\VASH, AND IRON, lu a private family; German or Norwegian pre ferred. Apply at mi Thlriy-nnh-st., corner Vernon av., TueaUay afternoon. i WTANTED—A FIRST-CLASS bINING-ROOMGIRL » _at WOOD'S HOI EL. Flfth-nv. CITUATION WANTED—AS SECOND GIRL AND usiUlJu M'Wing. Cull at 20u DlvUlun-it., upstair*. WANTED-A GOOD' ti D IL~ uT ITo * (IENER.VL homework. Apply st 113.1 Mlehlßati-av. Ki'iiinslresariit 'll TANTED—FLANNEL SHIRT MAKERS. IN -44 quire at KKI.LEV RHUS'., 8.4 Mu<ll*ou-sl., Ttlb' unu Uulldlng. : WANTED KI VE (I OOD DRESSMAKER UlllLa AT 140 Cuuulport-uv. Muraua* 114 ANTED—A GOOD NURSE GIRL. GERMAN OR 44 Call at 53 Easl_Slxtcenth-*u i;ini>l(»>uiout Aifonnics. •\irAKTtI) - GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN >V |tirJ»for privateumtlle*. hotel*, ami laundries; cliy and country, at Mr*. DUhKK'S. hu Mllwaukee-av. ftllacollunuouw. VI7‘ANTF.D-A FEW MORE (ill’.LS RKTWEISN THE > V age* of 12 wul is can have light. clean, and aumly work; thu*e living on North Side preferred. ii Ciy* bourn-av. \ITANTED—LADY CANVASSERS. CALL TUKS >i day and Wednesday at Morgan House, P 5 North Clsrk-n. I*ay every night. niISOi:i.LANEOIiS. BED-RUGS, COCKiIOACHES, MOTHB KXTERMI* ualcJ: article Hold; linute* examined: Information true. A. OAKLEY. iw» K**l Wa*hlngU)n-*t, __ 1 MUST-CLASS CALCIMISINU DONE FOR MJCTS. a square. Addreiu F Stt, Tribuua utllco. 1/OirU WALN UT-T()I*"RAU _ COU.STERS. FROM Id 1 lu IS (eel long, and one cigar counter at f I..viper (out. Must bo sold at once lu pay charge*, led Meat Monroc-su f|MIE GREAT AMF.IIICAN' FERTILIZER. IT EX* 1. tract* the amitmula from the manure on your alley*, and make* It wurth S2O pa rton lu beautify yunr lawn*— humca. Agent* wauled In every city lu the United Slate*. K. 11. CUMMINUS. 602 FulluD-*!.. Lhlcugu, T lu tU a. m. _ Alf ANTED—TKOTLK TO RURCHASE 7-bIIOT FULL 1> nlckel-plalcU revolver* at M.fto; Kvana’ repeal* log rllle, 34 thuta In go aeeomU; hoiole* of revolvers; catalogue* free. WF.STEUN CUN itOHlvH, US Dear* boru.»i., Chicago, ill- WANTKD-AS AUREKAULK LADY TO HOARD; pleasant location; home comfortable. Address F 2M. Trllmnu olllee. IIOUSIIIIOI.U GOODS. 1/eXrFUL I 1 toll* below co*l of tuaoufacturu. It. T. MARTIN, 131 Stalest. riMlk UNION FURNITURE COMPANY RETAIL X parlor and chamber furniture In any uuautlty uu weekly or monthly payment*. SU3 Wen Madl*on-«t. AGENTS \VANTI-ID* Agents wantkd-to sell btarlk goods in country (own* u> merchant*; fioto fl 5 rcoulred. Call at RICHARDS TALKING CO., tl North LTar\-*l. * GENTS \V\NTED-TO TRAVEL AND 101 l agencies In cuunth * or State*; very *mall capl* tal lojUlicd. Uooiii 3. 7u Weit Ma.ll».jn »t. PKUSONAL. CALI* AND SEE US SITUATIONS WANTED-MALE, llookk * C. ™ OITtTATIOH WANTED-VOUSO MAN. ENGLISH, O would be glad of employment at bookkceivor.lnTalM afraid of work. Ten year*'experience. 1113, Tribune office. » cifUATION WANTED —AS BOOKKEEPER OB O ililnplng clerk by a atrtctly temperate young tna* of 5;ootl habit*. Reference! given. L P, care JaoiM irown, City Hotel, corner Sixteenth and State-it*. cmiATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT ORO* O eery clerk of 13 year*'experience In ixtth wholcial* and retail. Good reference*. AddreaaT. MACKLKM, Ml and I lit Wnba.vh-av. CITITATION" WANTED-BY YOUNG MAN IN atom or oBlcc; not afraid of lunl work; l.t!t to CiimmUilon-houte on South Water-it.; city reference*! wage* *7 |>,. r week. Addroaa 1„ 117 South .loffcraon-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG - MAN OF ij rood nhamcler, who I* a good penman, aa book* keeper, *m<rthand writer. i-olleetor, or coprlak Plenae addrcaa L 13. Trlhune ollluc. Trndea. CITUATION WANTED—BV A SHADE AND CUR* ijtain upholder! r; fully competent; wlshra ite.idy em ployment. AddrcM O E. tjulncy House, Eatt Van O maker or In fnandry; twenty-su rears' experience |n heavy work la alt lu branche*. uiu North Concltmeu, Tenmilert. etc. CITUATION WANTED—HV A YOUNO MAN OP O »o'wr, ateady hnoiia ■« driver of a carriage or wagon. Dwell aeonalnted with the rlty. Can furnlth refer* encct. Audri'u 1M North Carpenter-iil. ITI lure I Inn com h. CITUATION WANTED-BY A HOOD STRONG BOT O 17 year* old. to drive wamn or do any kind of work about a homes undrmand* waiting on table. Ad dn'M.IOHN STEVENS, Trlliiine otlhe. CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG~MAN TO O work and make hlinaclf useful at anything; haa learning, If rcqulri-d. Addruea UUV Tribune oilho. CITUATION WANTKD-BV A ' YOU NO MAN Wtl~ n Uiu* to make hltnaelf useful in most any ca pacity; ilrst rlas* reference! from btitlnckv liuuacs. Ad* iltrrv Ei 17. Tribune oltlce. SITUATIONS WA^TEn-t'EnAI.E. D«mr>htlrw* CITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT WOM »’ an ne i (ink lu a firnt-claat family. Call or nddre&a Rida IlUltvmcld-tt. CITUATION WANTED-AS COOK IN RKSTAU »7 rant, hotel, or ilin-clu-s hoanllm; houn*. New York and city reference!. Addresi or cal] at M 3 Seven tei-ntli-n. CITUATION tVANTED-m* A SWEDISH GIRL TO E7_rook. wh«li. and Iron. Apply nt :urj South IMrk-av. CM UATInN WAN l pjl—HV A GIRL"TO"ir(> GEN* O eral hoiuem.rk In a »mall family. Addrena 1 73. Trll.umM.ilic-;. C I T C A TI O N WANTED-I! V A YOUNG WOMAN TO O do second work ami nsslsi hue wing. No objections to the country. Apply ut last place, 01.1 Went \\ ashing* ton-tt. CITUATION WANTED—UV A COUNTRY GIRL IN O a genteel family; not particular about wage*. Ad* dress urn llnrher-Bt. CITUATION WANTED-HY A’GOOD COOK: NO n objection* to asslkt in wuahing and Ironing. Cull or addrroi t j i Ontarlo-it. CITUATION 'WANTED—TO COOK. WASH. AND O iron, or Mineral housework. Call, fur tim e day*, nt lie Mierman-st. , CITUATION WANTED—BY A NOItWKOIAN GIRL O to d» housework lu a tuiall private family. Cull at .VJ We,t Erle-M. _ CITUATION "WANTED—BY A CIOOII (HIM. TO |)() t ’ general ImiireworK In a private family, i'lcarc call TueMlay or WednesUiiy at to Morguu-st. 1 C l TI ; ATI 6 N\V ANT E 11-MY A FIRST-CLASS GIRL rj m c-'Ok and laundress In a private family; bent of tel* erenee*. Call ut ia) blatc*»t.. In basement. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD DANISH (IIKL. Appiv at 710 Wc« Lakval., up-slaln. CJTUATIOS WANTKI»-ltV'a’coMl-KTKNT O gllrh girl to rook, wash, and Iron, or to do lioum * work lit city or country: nm-clax* city rcfercncci. 4MI Wnlmh-av. UITCATIONS WANTED-BY A GOOD OIIIL TO HO O general homework; also by one for second work In small family; reference* given. Cull fur two day* at or, bUlc-st. SITUATION WANTED-UV FIDST-CLASS WOMAN O eiH>k in ri‘«iuurani or nice iHiardlng-houac. Ad dreaa D dl, Trltmne oflice. CITUATION WANTED-UV A FIRST-CLASS DIN* O Ing-nxiiu girl or elißtnle-rmald In hotel or private Itoardlug-lunntc. Cull at 4ir> W'almvh-ar. SITUATION WANTED-HY A GOOD COOK. WASH* O cr. and troner In a Umt-claM, private family: refer ence If rojulrvd. I’lcaue call at iifii statu-ai., from u a. m. to g p. m. SITUATION WANTED-FOR A STEADY. INTEIJ* gent young Engll-h girl, an orphan, a* nurso fur an Invalid Indy, or t>> lake chargn of children and oaulat with hoiiaehold dtille*:!* welt experleneciL and would he kind and willing; the heat of reference*. Address LUCY UEIIItERT. Chicago F.iut-Oniee. Kmploymont Agvncica, CITUATION WANTED—LADIES IN WANT OF O nr»t*cluj>a female help of all iiHtluiialltle* can bo aulted. Mr*. LAI'KISK, :iH4 We*t MmlUon-xl. SITUATIONS WANT i MI—V AMI I.I E S IN WANT OF sj good Scandinavian and German female help can La ■applied nt Mr*. DL'sKE'S olllee. N)Mllwaukee-av. ItiiiiNVkei'iit'rai SITUATION WANTED-UY A WOMAN OF EX* k? pcrlence. a* Imiihe-kecper. or to take care of la Mtlld; wouhl make herself generally useful. Addrca* Mrr. WHITE. 3d Cat-s-st. Liumtlrciiest CITUATION WANTED—IIV A GIRL. TODD LAUJf- O dry work; a stranger In the city. I'lcaav call or ad* >lrc»» ush Dcarburn-st. ftlirNCN. CUUATION WANTED-RY HEALTHV SWEDISH O woman ns wet nurse; haa babe seven wi ck* obi; will lenve her child. Call at Employment OtUce fur Wo* men, 51 LaLulleit. ]Tll*re)lanoou«< CMTUATION WANTKD-BY A GIRL TO 1)0 DAYS' lO work where kho cuu go home evenings. 124 North Green-td., In the rear. SITUATION WANTED—AS CASHIER BY A YOUNG O lady of three yean' experience. Address F uu.Tilb une cillice. LOST AMD FOUND. II’OUND— PICKED UR. A HORSE, ON ROWMAN tIIIe Road on Sunday, .tune 4. Owner can have the same by proving property nml paying fur ctwta of feeding aim advertising. Inquire nt 213 Mohawk-01. \j at Union I’ark Congregational Church or going to Haniluti'h-ht. can. A Rherul reward by rcturnlnn to Riioinxi. in Clark-st. I OST—ONE CORAL EAR DROP IN UNION PARK i Congregational Church or between SI. Caroline'** Court Hotel mid the church. The Under will !«• suitably rewarded by leaving the umc at ullicc ol St. Curoltnc V Court Hotel. r“osT-PUNbXY~irNT: 4. on the north side. Ij a sorrel mure, nlmut 13 hand* high, with while star on fureheml: weight l.oto pounds. Ilrlni; tier to IU.T South Watcr-st. and receive reward.» I OST-A* RUSSIA LEATHER POCKET-ROOK. CON* 1 j tatnlng n iniull sum of money, with the name of Adella eiißraved on the clasp. A reward will lie paid and no question* asked by rettirnltiß to Y. nil, Tribune. I’OST-ON’JUNK *7 A*MOROCCO POCKET-ROOK.' j containing bank-book and letter*. Thu Under will ph-ate return to 2lt>M South Clark-st., Uooin«. CTRAYED-FROM N 0.234 WALNUT-AV.. A SMALL O bay mare, with a heavy mane, part Kray: has i white spot on her forehead; return to above place and receive reward. ___ CTRAYEI) OR STOLEN-FIIOM STOCKYARDS. Saturday Afternoon, a light Iron-grey horse, rather tali. A •nltahlu reward will no paid fur hi* return to J. It. STRAWS'. 20 Rryant-av. fPAKKN UP PATURDAV NIGHT. JUNE 3, 1 RED J. cow. I yearling; owner can have same by proving property and payhiß charge* nt n'RRIEN & McDEI.- MUTTS. HI and <ui_North Wclli-n. C*in REWARD FOR LARGE. RLACK. NEW «DIU fonndlund dug. Small white spot on breast andtuea. Lost Slay 2tt. ki Loom D-it. dhl/wi REWARD-LOST. A PAIR OF DIAMOND ♦IT) I.* »l f i-ar-rlngs between Lake and Mudtsou-sls. oti Kobey, one Pluck east oa Madison to Lincoln. Call ol address 227 Park-av. DIUSIC'AI.. UAI.LKT. DAVIS A CO.'S (IRANI) KOUARH AND Upright Pimm*, no year* e*t.ihll»bed; 75 llrul nremlnius; now in u*e. speelnl attention Iscxll ed to the llallet, DavU 1 Co.'* upright piano*. They sum! Id tnne longer than any piano* mode. They are rich and full In lone; eomdrucled to endure, ami urn lu every Mwentl.d the perfect pianos of (ho age. tlusleal nuwden and amateur* In Ainerlenand Europepronouueu the Mallet. DaM* A tlu'* upilgM* wipremc and unrival ed. Fur vale only by U. n. KIMRALL, coruer Stnto ami Ailrttn»-*t*.. t'hleugn. Two hundred t>Uno» mi l organs la rent or fur sain on Ihe most favorable term*. W. W. KIMRALL, corner State and Adams sts.. Chicagm. O' UK STOCK OF ELEGANT NEW PIANOS IS THE largest and Ix-st In Chicago, and Include* liutru* inliu* V>y leading maker* throughout tliu country. Our co*h purcha*.-* enable ustu oiler Ilium ut prices lower than tin-Mine nualliy nml character of good*can ho ■ul<l i l«uu 10-ri*. Wo havu splendid new piano*, 7!j* octave*, amt all Improvement*. ranging In price* (rum am upward* lu s.«.*. Every piano warranted furUvu year.. It. T. MARTIN. ICABtute-at. I )1A VOS-RIASUS-IMANOS- I #4O, #M>. »7A. *lt»>. $!«», «««, fifth. s7no. Till: CHK.VrKST AND REST I'LACE TO HUT. IMMENSE STOCK TO bEI.KLT FIIOM. MARTINS. rpllK IIAUDMAS UPRIGHT I‘IASo. i IUK GREATEST SUCCESS OF MODKUN TIMES, SKK IT. HEAR IT. HUY IT. THICK LOWKU THAN ANY OTHER FIRST-CLASS TIANO. Foil SALE ONLY HY V\.rANTEI>-A FEW AMATEUR MUSICIANS Foil v T Chicago orchestra: goodVlunre lu learn orchestra playing. l*ruf. ARNOLD, 1W East \Ya*nlnglou-»t., Itoumld. NLWI.MJ IIIACIIINES, I.UKGANTSEWINU MACHINES. I i Sewing niachlue* of nil kind*, mokes, and ity)r«t warranted a year*: all attachment* Included, at lc*a than half regular rut.-a. illos. It. MARTIN, 200 Walaih-av. I*oit SALE—GROVER A UAKKEI. $1.1: WHEELER * A U'Mxiii. fin; late Improved Singer from $25 to $10; Remington. $26; WlUon. $25, tu pay advances! money loaned un machine*. Trlvalc Luau UUlcu, lu tlurk-it., Room 2. u|i-*talra. ONE FAMILY SINGER AND ONE HOWE AT A bargain; new and elegant, at 217 Wc«t MadUou-aU* Rooms. LONGER OFFICE OF A. J. MELCHKUT, »U IVKST O Madlvoh it. klaehlne**old uu monthly payment* feolcd. rvi*alred,_aud exchanged. WILSON SEWING MACHINE OFFICE. 212 EAST \ I Mudlauu at. Machine* *uld uu ea*y paymeula, and 1011 NALL\ SALK—CHKAT—AHANDSOME ULACKAVAI#* X nut ahow-ctuo. 22 fed long, with glow doom and •olid bronro trluimlugi complete; also 27 fectof nlo# pint* ahelvlug with drawer*. Inquire, at MOULKX’ft ■hop, S 3 Fruultlln st. _____ 1?0R SALE-NOTK'K TO STREET*RAILWAY 00i£ X 1 panlea-Thu I’eople'* Railway have hixmailona* bum can: Ut u In use about two yean, and are now tit good running condition; all have Sjawaou fare boxes. Will be luld cheap. For Information address W, li. RYDER, bccrcury i'coplu'* RaUway, sc LotiU. Ma 3

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