Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 6, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 6, 1876 Page 8
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8 THE CITY. OENEUAI. NEWS. ‘ The Republican Club of the Fifteenth Ward met lit their new quarters, No. COO Orchard street, last bight, and adjourned until Monday, June 12, in honor of the Bristow Club meeting. • The Cedar Island Fishing Club have finished thrlr bponlngatFox Lake. The officers of thcorgnnlxn ilOß ara I. N. Stiles President, Homer Potwln Secretary, and E. C. Colo Manager. The opening commenced on tho 2d, and there was a general j^Odltlme. vAvAtoat woman of about 28 years of ape, and .Atosifd entirely In black, hna been “going the v roupdp ”of late. She rings tho door*bcll and asks ior a .physician, and embraces all opportunities RUbftfor stealing what may be bandy. She has wimrrpeatcdly complained of, nod will bear close (JWrt w .W* Michael McLaughlin, son of Warden Mcljtnch itm_oLtb« Connty Hospital, was yesterday held In ■sl,ooo ball nntil Saturday next by Justice Sami jperflcld. George Matschlcchner, the druggist of the IhatHation, whom lie stabbed In the abdomen last'-Bnaday evening, was unable to appear, and heitt«{b« continuance. <te'roh4rr{etseh yesterday held an Inquest upon .-Josephine Reduce, a little Ilohcmlan 1 -year-old ifirl who died from neglect and exposure while on 'Tier way to this city from New York with tier par- Tcnts.'- - The inquest was held nl the Engle House, : «tthe fomcrof Madison and Canal streets, where tbo, emigrants are stopping. ; Henry McDermott. Sylvester Tltsworlh, and Cliafles Kennedy, of Randolph street, afford other examples.of tho snldc-anctloncers, and Joseph JdcQiubcny. of Michigan, greener than grass, Is an example of tho 100-confiding and stupid country man. Joseph purchased a lot of “ beautiful" JtjWaJrr from tho trio above mentioned, and bad cause to complain to Justice Foote, by whom tbc .prisoners wore held in bonds of S3OO each till next Wednesday. r - Sophia Hoehla, a trusting llobcmlan, loved Al bert lingers, who lives on North avenne (in the ■tlcinlty of Lincoln Park), not wisely, but too well, and she In sure that Albert should pay for tho sup .port of tho coming man (nr woman). Albert ad mits the fact, but when, in Justice D'Wnlf’s Conrt yesterday afternoon, he signified his willing ness to marry the girl “but he should not live with her.” Sophia declined, and tbo Justice fixed bis ball at 11,000. lie went to Jail. -? The Treasurer of St. Luke’s P»ec Hospital acknowledges the receipt of tbc following dona tions during May: fit. James Church, $2(13; cal- Tary Church, $1,1.25: J. G. Stephens A Brother, 46.58; Unity Church. .3102.81; Grace Church, $430.01; £. 8. Btlckncy. $25; Mrs. L. E. Day, $25; J. D. Rlcc. S3O: John Brener, 850; collec tion on'Change by Messrs. .Fairbanks and Dwight, $500: Trinity Church, $45; St. John's Church, $3; Cathedral, $5: “Anlnfidel,"3lo. The Chicago Cricket Club held n meeting last evening at the Dore Building, corner of State and Madison'streets. Dr. E. J. Ogden In the chair. Tho Secretary stated that the Club at present con* (listed of forty-five active members. The Treas urer submitted his report, which showed a small balance In the Treasury. After a short debate It was decided to lease the ground In front of that of tho White Stocking Park. It was also decided to .practice regularly every Tuesday and Friday at 4 o'clock p. in. Ex-Aid. Cannon and John 8. Mullins, the latter somewhat known In connection with local politics, had a bit of a row yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock, at the corner of Clark and Adams streets. The trouble grow out of a political quarrel which had Its origin In a ward meeting, and was brought to a focus by Cannon summarily knocking Mullins down. The fight ended with that and the largo crowd which gathered were not treated to any fur ther pugilistic display. Tho unpaid minions of tho law old not show un on the occasion, and the com batants walked off, Cannon being cnck-of-thc walk to the chagrin of hla larger and heavier an tagonist The Mayoralty Question comes np before Justice Summerfield to a now shape to-day. , Some two weeks ago a bet was made between Fred Grimm, of tho Staatt-ZtUunet, and Huntley, of Tub Tnm use, whereby If Colvin was sustAlncd.’HnntJcy agreed to wheel Grimm in a barrow from tho Court- House square to the City-Unll and return; while If Colvin were not sustained, Grimm was to wheel Huntley over the same course. Kirch boff was appointed referee, and yester day decided in favor of Grimm. Huntley Immediately applied for a writ of quo warranto to know by what authority Grimm demanded an un necessary catering to hla characteristics In n dead bead ride, and the argument will be bcard'to-day at 4 o'clock In Sumtnarfleid's Court at tho Armory. Mr. Grimm baa employed tho Hon. W. W.- O'Brien, and Mr, Huntley has engaged tho lion. 13. A. Storrs and tho Hon. Leonard Swell. Tho ease will bring up the whole question, and it is to be hoped that integrity will prevail over avoirdupois. THIS CITY’S. CREDIT. -Ai,Pr;, , EXPERIENCE IN NEW YORK. Aid. Pearsons returned yesterday from a visit to the Emljiwhlch be had made with no other purpose thpaytoinqnlre after theclty'sercdlt, and especially; riordefet-p arsons holding (he tnucb-talkcd-of certifi cates. A reporter waited upon him after (be ad journment of the Council last evening,"and elicited from Wm the folUnVlngstatement:" He hdd met In- 1 holding nearly $1,000,000 of .the city Certificates due on the Ist Inst., and had had a pleasant Tho question,of tho legality of tho certificates had nbt been mentioned in his In terviews, neither had the question of who waa or jwouhl bo city officers. Uo foand rill holders ac ccpUngthe Situation, ondonclerstundlngthe duplex condition of the City Government, all of whom wore'ready to stand by Chicago In it* distress, and> . to further come tb its financial relief as soon os It*; Mayoralty fight was at an end. He bad been asked , 'but 'two ' questions: Pint, whether there 1 ward 'hny ‘politics In tho composition of tho row. Council; and second, whether the .Council really meant reform or not. To tho first 1 ho had replied that the Council was composed of all parties, there being ho jwlltlcH whatever In It* -make-up, which Inspired confidence, lie further told tltom that the Council was in earnest in tho work,6Lretrenchment, and proposed to cat.down, the running expenses uf the city about $1,500,000 per’year,' ond hoped In two years to bo able to wipe :nut r aU of thd city certificates. They had ‘heard that tho ‘ Council meant rc . form,' 1 and If It succeeded ns he had ‘indicated, ho wus rumored Chicago would have no .further trouble, ond that other cities would, Jadopt itnsa model. To tho second question be replied that tho new Council incantreform In every senfce of the word, and this brought them to speuk of tho resolutions recently adopted bearing on the city, certificates, which appeared to meet hearty 1 •approval, lie met but one man during his visit who was particularly anxious to realize on hla ccr- : tifleites, and ho held but $25,000. To, him Aid,, . Pearsons said, ' "Give me n; fep, doya tu get,’home. ‘ and 1 will .Aea.that your certificates are taken up." The pruu ■ osltion was responded to by the gentleman crowd ing his certificates Into his pocket and remarking Ihol be guessed he would bold them until the Ist of {September. • ■ . 1 ■ < i;jTho Alderman was delighted with his visit, ond says ho returned home with a better opinion of than ho.cvvr bad.before. He mat nothing ..but kindness, .and heard nothing of Chicago but cxprceelonsof oontldcncuaud esteem, based large ly upon the wsll-knu.wa enterprise and Industry of It* business men. ■ Tins- COURTS. TUB MUTUAL' LIFB lIfSCRANCB COMPANY. Charles-(L 1 .Ilolton, -Jlcealvcr of tho-defunct l(ptpaU-lfe Insurance Company of CIiiCOEQ. filed' a petition yesterday In’, the’Clrcult Court, 'setting' ou that-be hbtds, os such. Itfcclvcr, five .pulled -.SOhPWM.fPf:W»QOQ'. wchj &U .cqpspjldp tlon bonds of the State of Missouri, of tho Issue of Jan. 1808, numbered 1,510, 2,01-1, 3,107,: 3,727, 8,70,-«od 3,740, for SI,OOO each; |woJ I'aciflo Itallroad State bonds, 30-ycar bonds Issued by the Slate of Missouri, numbered 4.80 U • and 0,5137, for (1,000 each; also, two Pacific Itnll • toad State bonds, 20-ycar bonds Issued by tho 1 same Btala.'numbered4-l3nurt4-14. forSl.OOOeschi' 'also,, two North Missouri Itallroad bonus, numbered 3,304 and 3,328 for 01,000 each*, one fit. Louis A! Iron Mountain itallruad bond, numbered 004, fur ■ 41,000; sod one Missouri State bond. No. 41ft, for SI, 000. 'All these bonds arc salable at a premium, ' though somo of them are not known la the Chicago .market, and as the Deceiver U in want of money for meeting expense* and paying a dividend, and has also received an udrunlsgeonH offer, be a*ks to bo allowed to sell them. The followlug Is tbo offer ho has received: < 1 Tor the 0 Missouri Consolidated bonds *5 Vor tlio 2 PsctQc Uellroud Hutu Ix.mU, 30 years 3 Vor the j I'actiiu lisllruad Hutu bonds, so years i« Vortbo I MUtoerl btaU (old hondii yj , Vor the 1 Iron MouuUlu itoilruad bond id Vor too i Murlb Missouri Ualtruad hoods (ft An order was accordingly entered authorising (bo Receiver to 001 l the builds at their known or <iuoted market value, but b> no case Qt less than par, the usual brokerage being allowed. UAMUKUI'ICX MATTfIR*, A second dividend meeting of the crsdltora of 1 William M. Muyowss held yesterday, ami a divi dend of 3 per cent declared. H- B. Jenkins was appointed Assignee of Cyrus N. Pratt, and Moses Strauss was elected Assignee of Edward 11. Wilson. An Assignee will he chosen this morning for Louis Micualuwsky, . . OUICUIT COUIIT, , / , . . Culbertson, Blair A Co. began k suit for- $3,C00 sgnlnst Bamnel Coffman. Henry WlHaoji commenced an action In trespass Slftiuil Frank ilcCullongh, Harry O. Willson, and eotge Sherwood, laying damages at 810,000. TUB CALI. Judor Qonr—CM to OQ7, 503 to 514, CIO to 521, .tad 523 to 520, lAduslvs., . • Joimjb Jamshok—l3s, 130, 138 to 141. 143.144, .140 to 152, and 154 to 158, Inclusive, of calendar; «80. a. ■ - • “JPooßllooKna-CTB to 000; inclusive. ■ Hootm—Bill, C3l to MO. Inclusive, except p2saiid6S7. ' Joihjb McAturrtß—Set case 3,730, Dugan vs. Illinois CsnUo) lUSlruod Company, and 445 to 450, f too)naive, of Judge Booth's calendar. •.J*a*o»Fajiwaxb~t*i com 80, Lamb vs, Black -alons,. • . t Jonoß to Riverside Xm< provsmenl ou«a rupoußirrs. SprxMoa Coußj-Couiasaiaa*—J. V* Ayer Tf., HhlcAco Plato A Pat Mill Company, $34,030. H. W. Bishop vs. Henry 8* Jeffrey. $835.30. .Ttinoit Oaht— 9. M. Hodges et nl. to. Welter fl. Kills. 3118.10. *—A. M. Miller re. Fayette L. Mt:x«ns iimi Klwn P, Runyan, $831,01. —honk of Mmilrrnl vs. Soloraan McKlchan eml Hugh Ate* Dongall, $8,.t30.n0. rmrifiT entmr—Cosrnsstoxs—Tho Commercial National Bank of Chicago vs. John B. Swarthy, (1C4.4J.-Mr9. U. W. Kimball vs. Julia F. Cnapln. SO3O. Ji;n»*R Rooer*—M. P. Peters vs. Carter Rmllb and Emanuel Paint*. .lt;noß Hootii— Valentino Kopf vs. Havcrlua Oriel, 813.25. Jrnur MrAf.Msrrn—N. IL Douglass vs. Henry Ttanlman, 327.83.—P. F.mmol el si. vs. ,f. W. Schmidt, sl2o.—Marla E, Mills vs. Robert Man* boimer, sl3. TUB COUNTV BOARD. KiMnsni.r hesioma. The Connty Hoard met yesterday, all the mem bers present. The semi-annual reports of the county officials were received and referred to Appropriate commit tees. Tho totals are as follows: Recorder's ofllce— Receipts, $33,348.00; ex penses, $20,585.05. Clerk of Superior Conrt— Receipts, $20,074.70; expenditures, $10,271.00. Balance, $10,703.74. Clerk Clrcnlt Conrt—Re ceipts, $17,503.05; expenses, $10,031.45. Bal ance, 87,502.45. County Treasurer—Receipts, Including balance on hand, $12,354.40; disburse ments, $4,107.00. L. C. Duck, as ex-officio Col lector— Receipts, Including balance on band, $24.- 022.42; disbursements .on commission account, $24,008,72: receipts on the sumo account. $3.210. • 00; disbursements on cost account, 51.040.40. In regard to tho Collector's Department, Mr. Huck explained that the commission allowed for the collection of taxes were taken from each kind of tax and assessment upon settlement with the State Auditor and the local officers for the respec tive taxes to which they were entitled. Uni, as a pcttlcmentwas not made until after the dose of the tax sale, tho earnings during tho first half of the fiscal year were light, as reported. Tho Clerk read tho resignation of Kimberly, Warden of tbo County Poor-1 louse and Insane Asy lum, to take effect June 10. Commissioner Schmidt moved the acceptance,and tho motion was unanimously adopted. Commissioner Schmidt moved that Dopnty-War den John Walsh bo appointed Warden until tbo vacancy was filled. Commissioner iiusse moved, as an amendment, that an election bo held Monday at 3 p. m. The motion of Commissioner Schmidt was car ried. The motion of Commissioner Dusse was also carried. A number of bills were referred. Tho Committee on Finance, to whom was re ferred tbo pay-roll of the extra and regular man in the County Clerk’s office during May, reported $3.185.50 duo, and tho report won concurred in. The Committees reported a number of bills, which wore ordered paid. Adjourned until Thursday at 2 p. m. COUNTY AFFAIRS. THE NEXT GRAND JURT. Yesterday was tho first day of the Jane Term of the Criminal Court. Among other things to he done was the impaneling of tho Grand Jury. There had been some question about the legality of serv ing tho regular venire, bat, notwithstanding this, tho attendance of those who had been summoned was prompt. Nino of those who had oppeored, however, were excused, the reosnn not being staled, hut their respective "phiz's*'must bo accepted as tho reason in tho absence of anything else. Those accepted wore George Dcsold, COO North Wells street; Peter Leddy, 1554 Wentworth avenue; Timothy Kennedy, 078 Slate street; W. A. Arm strong. 540 West Van Buren street; D. W. Clark, Jr., 104 South Clark street; George W. Hail, 180 Sedgwick street; P. U. Downey, no address; ,T. M. Terwilllger, 187 Washington street; P. M. Donncllan, 581 Hubbard street; W. 11. Miller, 4110 West Adams street; James Fitzsimmons, 400 Thirty-first street; Smith McClccry, West Four teenth street; Henry B. Brans, 421 Cottage Grove avenue; Justus Weber, Dromon. Those rejected were James Turney, Peter Dox, Edwarel Tuerstou, C. A. Taylor, John Jones, Isaac Hatch, O. A. Willard, George Atzcl, and B. W. Beach. Among those excused were four who had been on the Jury wllhm a year, and others in whom the Court had a limited confidence. The Sheriff will complete the venire in the next few days, and tho Jury will be formally impaneled Thursday, though It will have little work to do, unless it takes up the exam ination into official crookedness. PBBIOLAT’B DOND3MBN. Late Saturday evening it was very uncertain whether Periolat, the Indicted, was in the city or not. Several shared In (he solicitude about his whereabout*, among others his bondsmen. Yes terday nil doubt of his prcscnco in tho city was re moved by his appearance at tho Criminal Court to readjust his bond. Ho brought with him his very B dealer friend ond peer, Aid. White, who ho arranged should take tho place of Multog. The Court was Inclined to make haste slowly In the matter, and sent Mr. Periolat to .look after his other bondsmen, and get their consent to the change. About 2 o'clock he turned up again, and, having seen Multog In tho meantime, tho bond was allowed to remain unchanged. Hlsothcr bondsmen were not a tittle uneasy lest ho should leave the city In haste, and only consented to re main on his bond after satisfying themselves by an examination of tho records that tho report that all of his property was in his wife’s name was untrue. Kimberly also rams Into Court daring the day and offered new ball, In the person of bis sister and mother, which was accepted. NEWS NOTES. Sheriff Agnew returned from a fishing expedition yesterday. Just In time to convoy a number of his boarders to Joliet Thursday, N. 8. Wilson. Police Magistrate, TownofClccro, yesterday sent in his resignation. His successor will be elected in due season. Tho County Clerk yesterday received the conri mission of Isaac U. Edgorton as Justice of the Pence of tho Town of Palatine, and delivered tho same. The West Chicago Hallway Company yesterday handed the County Collector 820.000, and the South Side Company paid SIB,OOO, being their re spective dues for personal taxes. From the Town of Palos reports are received again that the meadows are overflowed. The S>erty- holders protest against paying their taxes ep the circumstances, and (he Feeder difficulty Is beginning to assume a serious character. The Committee on Public Charities of the Connty Board Will visit the Insane Asylum to-day with the view of taking steps to relieve Kimberly. If the visit had been made before Kimberly was forced to stuff lhusloo bill into McCaffrey's pocket to secure his vote, Kimberly would have been bet tor off. Yesterday was quasl-crlmlnal case day In tbo Criminal Court; Some 1100 cases were called. Among ©them were forty-fire Sundny-ordlnsncc eases of 1873, which were dismissed on tho repre sentation that in many of the casus the fines hod been paid, and in the others that the law had been dumped, etc. Such cases as were not dismissed ware fixed for tml for the next few days. Van Byckcl, tbo straw-bail attorney, and Abbott and Hood, his dear friends, alt In Jail, failed yes terday to got bonds. They were visited by their friends, but no one seemed able to afford them any relief. If Van Bycket had the money he would doubtless advance s'J,l>oo to enable him to resume his visits to the police stations In search of vic tims, but. Inasmuch as he has not such on amount, and no friend who bos, hla cose looks a little des perate. Thcappllcantsfor Kimberly’s position as Warden of the Insane Asylum are numerous. Among nth ere are Vat llafferty. T. M. Unlpln. Stephen Kcuagh, and a dozen others. Kimberly's resigna tion takes effect Saturday, and his successor must be electodThurmlay. Who ll will bo remains to bo seen, but tbo will ot tho • 4 Ulng ” U that the pres ent Assixtant w ardm should be promoted, in view of tho fact that he would beat serve tho purposes of the robbers of tho paupers und Insane. The County Building l» lined with samples of supplies forwarded by partlm unxlnus to get con tracts with the county, Htrangn to say Verlolut has no samples, but Mike McDonald takes his place, lie exhibits several fiuiks of sour. mush, and if ho does not get the contract for supplying milk punches to the poor aud insane it will not boon uccunntof tho quality, of hla. goods. Thntiuwho have tested his samples, and they arc numerous, say that ho is abend. Tho samples, however, aru liable to bo consumed at any moment, audio se cure proper consideration (or'hls proposal It has been suggested that his 'samples bo Immediately duplicated. ~ • QUISEU. now A. rpSTI>UNBU£Ifr WAS BBCUnBD. The Twentieth Ward, election fraud case, which was to havo commenced In Joliet’ yesterday mom* In?, before Jodgo Mol<ol)crte,oa a change of vrnuo from Ihle county, wu aga|q postponed until July 10 next, under the guise, It js alleged, of a trick of O'Brien, cobnsel for defendants, 1 tytdcb shows him up in a most disreputable light If reports bo true, and the evidence against him Isstfong in the premises. The defendants In'lhe cose pro a per* tioti of the Hatch House repeater-gang, Including Prank K. Johnson, a bar-tender at the Hatch House; Pat Hblolds; general 'bummer and pot* house politician; and Mickey A. - Crowley, another disreputable character. These wor thies had rotalnod . for their . coun sel W. W. O’Brien and A. B. Tfude, U will be remembered that, through a trick, a scoundrel named F. A. Remington was put spun -the Jury which bad previously tried the case, and that It is supposed, fur a consideration, be agreed to “hung out," and thus prevented a r verdlct,—eleven honest men being In favor of a conviction, yesterday » portion of *tho prosecution , ami tu« defendants went down. Upon the, opening of the Court. W.‘ W. O’Brien moved for a continuance on the grounds that bo bad. received a telegram from Hr. Dunn and another, from O Brlen’s partner, Barge, that his (O'Urlcn’s) wife was dangerously 111, and was needed at < home. By a previous arrangement, Trude bud stayed In the city, and O’Brien sUUd that he had nut been retained in the case, and thin* got Ids a unemeut carried, after having made an aftl to these facts. D’Uth-n uaj ex-Ald. Corco ran are the bondsmen fpr the three ballot-box, Bluffers, and Trade personally stated 1 to ol Taiaons reporter on Friday last that tba bonds In: the case were to be forfeited, which O'Brien says is ( a Uo*.. Aa O’Brien's wl/o was.-reported »a very 111, THIS CHICAGO TRIBUNE : TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1876, it seems a little strange that he had time to wait for the 3:15 n. m. train before ho enme home, when ho could have gotten back several hours earlier, amt In company with Aid. Corcoran look a look over the future unartors of his clients, popn l.uly liii’ as the IVnltcntlarv. where he had a long tall; with Ids old client, Uarik Davis, the mur derer of Whyland. It fnrlhur turns ont that George W. Bllllnger and another gentleman yeMenlay afternoon separ* alely railed upon Mrs. O'Brien, and found her ns well no usual, barring her disease of asthma, which always troubles her more or less, She was well enough to be able to lie at her basement window sowing, and she personally enme to tho door and answered tliu calls of the pentlemco. In an Interview with Dr. Dimn, that gentleman stated that bo was not (he regular physician of Mrs. (Vtlrlcn. but bad written the dispatch nl her request, the call for his services having been loft nt n drop store. He had never seen Mrs. O’llrien before.' Mrs. O'llricnlind the asthma, and he Imd do telcgrr.vlicu to her husband, and that she was In bed. While litc reporter and the Doctor wrro In conversation, Mr. O.Brien and Tmo Polnveame nj>. and tho former called Dr. Dunn to (uu: ride, ami told him be bad received Ids dl.-.pntrh at It) o’clock that morning, ret at that time tm* Doctor was at the house, so (hese little matters du not tally. O'Brieu further staled that the parlies who had Inquired after bis wife's health did not rec Mrs. O'Brien, but her servant. At 0:30 in*l evening O'Brien railed upon bis wife, probaldv for the tlr»t time since morning. These are the facts ns staled tun Tlttnt'sr reporter, and they may bo susceptible of no explanation. CITY-II ATjTj. A 1.1V81.Y TIME THERE TMTBnDAT. Tbo City-Hall headquarters presented an unusu ally lively appearance yesterday morning. Tho decision had called out the vast horde of idlers and runners for news, however slight, and the balls of the building and tbo sidewalks surrounding wero crowded with n motley throng. lawyers, bank ers, merchants, loafers, ami bummers wore gath ered In promiscuous confusion. Many of them came really Interested. Tho majority came "for fun.” One would imagine that another South Town elcctlotPwas going on. Tho successful con testant's friends, or those who would be called friends, wero there, earnestly advocating the cause of their acknowledged Chief-Executive, and snouting his praises in must glowing .terms. Joe Forrest's beaming face revealed his thoughts, and John Colvin stood thoughtfully by. Mike Evans was there with his “by dang." Ed Phillips’ black face, and Dave Thornton's milk-snake eyes and velvet-trimmed coat wore very conspicuous. For hours tho crowd bung around, and all through the day an unusual number of persons remained to speculate on the change In tho administration. The man who was re-elected by tho Courts was tbc centre of attraction, and his friends rallied to bis side. Where once was tho sign In large black letters on a pasteboard card, ‘ • Mayor's Office, ” there was nothing. In tho City Clerk'd private room was nothing but Aldermen. Mr. Hnyno was not there, nordlrlhcappear during the day. His sense of right kept him from intrusion. Tho hand of a vandal (ore the sign from tho door, and tho air of long ago settled down on Col. John Moody and bis assistants. Around about were the Jubilant ones who regard Mr. Iloync’s defeat iw Colvin's victory, while the mure thoughtful regard the " victory " as a death stroke to Colvin’s oft-repeated claim to (ho Mayoralty til) April, 1H77. Those whom Mr. Hoyno's desire for economy led him to remove, were glad to have a chance to say that hu had been too much in a hurry, when he was not sure that he was tho Mayor, and that ho had acted foolishly. They prophesied, in coso Mr. Horne and Colvin should run for tho office, a ma jority forCnlvtn of sumo 15,000 votes. OGDEN AVENUE RAILWAY. The Committee on Streets ond Alleys for the West Division, met yesterday afternoon and dis cussed an amendment asked by tho West Division Ilorse-Iliillway Company to a franchise recently granted to them to lay a track on Ogden avenue tram Madison street to Western nvcmic. Tho amendment provides that the city shall, in case at the expiration of the franchise It bo not renewed, purchase ail the old traps,—horses, care, harnesses and tracks that tho Company may havo on hand. Tho Hon. J. Bussell Jones represented tho Company, and explained that tho amendment was desired merely to protect the Company, who did not wish to lay out SIOO,OOO, which the track, bums, etc., would cost, when nothing wonld ho made on (he line, at least for several years, and at tho end of the time havo no surety that the fran chise would not bo renewed, leaving tho track and u bam which wan to bo built, on their hands useless. The other franchises, he stated, had the provision, and the Company greatly desired It In this case. Tho amendment was met by opposition on tho part of the Aldermen, who think It un unnecessary pro vision. Action (hereon was deferred to another meeting, and tho Committee then considered some petitions for PAVING WEST POLK STREET. It seems that two men are anxious for the Job, and ono isJ, V. McAdams, and the other J. U. Smith. It appeared that each one had circulated n petition among the residents of the street, and each one had received the signatures of seven eights of tho resident*. Smith had got his petition Ik fore a Committee of the old Council first, and It had been approved and recommended to tho Coun cil, although many residents bad said that they had not signed his (Smith's) petition, and desired that the work bo given to McAdams. In fact, they pro nounced tho signatures that Smith had on his roll ns forgoriers, and showed that names were there of abundance of men who did not own a foot of. ground on tho street. Tho Smith petition wo* set down by tho Committee yesterday afternoon as "crooked." ond some of tho Aldermen present said that It* passing the old Council Committee won a "Job." Aid. Lawler, Beldlcr, and Throop so agreed, and said that it did not look wall for liyan. White, and others of that old Committee. Aid. Lawler, In particular, denounced it as a Job, and thought that a thorough examination would be beneficial. Mr. Smith and a man who assisted him to obtain signatures were present, bat offered no explanation. The petitions wore finally referred to the Board of Public Works, and tho meeting ad journed. TUB JOINT COMMITTEE ON STREETS AND ALLEYS for the three divisions of tho city, hold a meeting yesterday afternoon in (ho City Clerk's o(Qc« to consider the resolution Introduced in the Council by Aid. Throop providing for a suspension of street-cleaning, and for steps to economize In ex penditures in that direction. Consid erable time wan spent In discussion, tad Commissioners I’rlnalvllta and Thompson, of the Board of Pnlillc Works, were called In to giro their views. Ah rclaten to economy, the Commis sioners Agreed that machinery was the quickest and cheapest means of cleaning, but that there was very little way of reducing expense, except by cleaning less surface. The appropriation for tho purpose was so small that the streets would have to go partly unclcancd nil the lime or entirely un denned after about Bept. 1. There was but little being done at tho present time. One of the mem bers of the Committee proposed that each ward bo cleaned by separate contracts, and (tint one of tho Aldermen of the ward bo made Superintendent of the work. This was regarded as likely to be more expensive. Much further discussion followed, and a hub-ComtnUtoe, consisting of Aid. Throop and Itawlulgh. of the West Side, Aid. Boser and Lon puc licr. of the North bide, and Aid. Sheridan and Ballard, of tbo South Side, was appointed to in vestigate and report nt somo future lime to the Joint Committee. Tho Sub-Committee will hold a meeting on Wednesday, at 3 p. m., In tbo City Clerk's uOlcc. TUB BRIDEWELL PRISONERS, Considerable question was raised by interested persons os to whether tho release of tho bridewell prisoners was legal or Illegal, leaving the question of the Mayoralty aside. "Suppose lloyne was the Mayor. Did bn have any authority to do that act?” wm repeatedly asked. One side claims that no ordinance was ever passed by the Connell com pelling the prisoners in the Bridewell to do any work, and that consequently they could nut be al lowed $2 per day for work they were not compelled to do. Others claim that the "Act of Incorpora tion ’* distinctly provides that the rate shall he $2 a day for all work done, and the fact that work was done, oven were It anno by custom, would hold good. The subject attracted much thought and a consequent diversity of opinion. Thu section of the act relating to the question slates that the Council shall provide by ordinance for the classes of work suitable for tbo prisoners, and that tho lines shall bo worked out at the rate of (2 a day. Mayor Colvin says tiiat he is disposed to let the matter alono at least fur the present. The recap ture of those released is considered as Impossible. CITY MAJtStyAL OOODELL was approached by a Tuiuunh reporter and gave his views that showed the intense degree of satis faction that pervaded bis Inward man. In regard to the decision ho wum pleased, but had nothlug particular to nay on tho subject of bis removal ex cept that of course Mr. lloyne'* actions, and ho might nay all of them, wore good for nothing, nor could tho oillce of City Mnralial be abolished until the end of tho present fiscal year. Thu Council might remove (he occupant and save tho salary, but tho ottlco could not he abolished. ITKUH. Wotcr-ropts yesterday wore $3,583, . The Board of public Works Issued an estimate for 87. !VM Yesterday to James Uincald for work on the Milwaukee avenue viaduct. Clty-Attomev Tuthlll has again proved hlmsolf worthy of his office and of tbo confluence placed In him by the people in the late election, by winning the suit of Healey vs. The City, which was con cluded yesterday. Tbo amount Involved was $5, QUO. Thu Hon. Elliott Anthony, he who has never ac cepted iho office of Corporation Counsel tendered to him by Mr. lloyne, was around the building dur ing tlio afternoon. Hoof course lays no claim to the olllco, oven If ho desired It, under the present circumstances. Mayor Colvin says that thonamu of John Woudbrldgo Is still before the Council fur continuation. _ liOOAIi IrKTTERS. A CAUO VUOM JDSBI'U UOtiAM. To (As Kdllor of Tkt Tribune. CmcAOO, June s.—My attention baa been called to an editorial <u Sunday's edition of Thr Tuibonb, !n wblchyoa refer, among other matters, lomysd callod contract for plumbing work on the east wing oftheold Court-House. Had an “old cltixen," from whom it U claimed the Information bearing on the case was derived, confined his “osier lions" to facts, 1 would nut now claim valuable space in your Journal to pronounce that fos silized Individual either s reckleas assert cr or a wilful falsifier. And la* this con nection 1 may stats, it appears to me somewhat singular that Tun Tbiboto would rive •pace la Us editorial columns to mere amriuta when thar« as vastly attainable. That lbs contract* for plumbing work on tho mat wing of tho building wore awarded to other, and not to mo, »a asserted, arc well-known facta. It la alao well* known to every practical man In tho City of Chica go, who hna a knowledge of anch work, that tho parly to whom was nwanlod tho • ‘ lion's ahnro " of the plumbing and gns-(Utlng work on the mat w ing, (teemed his contract at anch niinnnaly low figures ns to prcclmlotthe possibility of It* success ful completion by him. Without going Into detail* of venations delay* and expenses saddled upon tho county from this overnight in placing the work tn the hand* of Incompetent*, I may briefly Male that tho work wa* abandoned hr tho contractor, and I wa* employed to complete’ it. Tn addition to till* work, tne plumbing and gns-llttlng on the east half of tho old rourt-lf«u*e wa* completed by me. 1 also supplied gas-llxtures for (he same, under contract. at no advance of ft per cent over wholcaalo prim*. Now, Mr. Editor, It may beau Important Hum of new* to“Ant)M Cittcon,"and others intereded, to learn that for till* entire work of plumbing. gns-(lttlng. and gap fixture*, on the east wine and east half of the old Court-House, I received Ihosutnof S2O, hits, ft", n« the hook* in possession of thu County (Jerk will show. Respectfully, Joar.i’it Hooah. THAT ConNOn-UCBF MATTCO. Th ihe Kifilnr t\f 7*,>« Tribute. Cntr.\no, June ft.—ln your l**nn of Sunday last, you published an article on tho danger* of eating pressed corned beef, In which my name figure" largely. Thu article doc* mo InliiMlre nud Injury; therefore. I feel Justified In asking (hut you give this place lu the same column*. To my patron* and the public I owe a statement of tho .fact*, which were grossly mis stated tn the article In question. Ever since I hare been engaged in pulling up for aide pressed corned beef 1 havo *o far a< wa* possible had a per sonal fliiporvinlon over (ho purchase of stock ami Its preparation, and If any meats going from my place have been found unwholesome lam at pres'- ent utterly unable to give any explanation or tho cause, uml can only say that my best Judgment has at nil lime* been used in the purchase of meals, ami tho utmost earo In its preparation. Tub Tiunusr. sage “by looking close ” discovered In the centre of n rolf which looked healthy and natural, and smelled fresh, a speck much tho color of verdigris, produced by boiling In n copper kettle. The Turn unr sago by Inquiring at my plars of business could readily novo , satlsllcd himself that this wa* not tbo case, as copper-kettle* have never been used in my business. Hut it Is to that portion of the article wherein Is said, •• It is said of Smith (hut no erdeuro can bo attached tn tho story) that he Ims recently bought diseased cattle because they were cheap, and Hint be has killed them nud corned the beef, nud placed It In pressed packages," that I must wish to reply. This is utterly and unqualifiedly false, ns the *agn could easily have learned if bo bad used a little of hi* wisdom in inquiring Into my business, instead of listening to tho stories of my enemies and rivals In business. It is false In that, first, I do not kill any cattle, but buy dressed entile on the market; secondly, I have never purchased a pound of dis eased or cheap beef during nil (he time I have been In business. I have universally purchased only the best, as I can establish by tbo fol lowing firms, with whom I have mainly dealt: llrltton A Goth, Sweeny- A Co., Joel Hills, and Dennis OTnnnor. No one can regret more limn mysolf that unwholesome meat should have pone from my place of business, but that It occurred through any carclcssncssof mine In Its preparation is certainly not true, and that It occurred through tbo use of diseased or cheap meat Is likewise untrue. 1 Ahall leave no stone unturned in my effort In learn tho cause, which 1 hope soon tn be able to do. Yours truly, Gr.onur W. Smith. ANNOUNCEMENTS. The members of “E" Company, First Regi ment. are ordered to meet at the Armory to-night at 8 o’clock for drill and important business. i The anniversary exorcises of Ward's Academy, consisting of examinations declamations, music, etc., commence this morning and close Friday. The Hoard of Councilors of the Hospital for Women and Chlldcn will bold their regular month ly meeting at the Sherman House ot 8:30 to-day. A few tickets for the lecture of D. L. Moody to night, on “ Danlclln Babylon,” yet romoln, and can bo had by calling at the Y. M. C. A. Rooms, 150 Madison street. The Rev. Davit N. Vamlovcor will be Installed pastor of the Union Turk Congregational Church this evening. Sermon by the Rev. W. A. Bartlett, of Plymouth Church. The Chicago Mechanics’ Institute, at No. 05 Washington street, wilt hold their regular monthly meeting at 8 this evening; there will bo at tbo same timo a meeting of tbo Board of Dlccctore. The Fox River Baptist Association will bold its next annual meeting with the Highland Parle Bap tist Church to-day nt S o'clock. Trains leave the city as follows: 7:30, 10:00, 11:30 a. in,, and 4:io, 5:00, 5:30, and 0:20 p. m. The Chicago Young People’s Temperance Union give another of their free popular entertainments this evening at 8 o'clock at (ho lecture-room of the First Methodist Church, corner of Clark and Wash ington streets. An address and good music may bo expected. The lenders of the Farwcll Hall temperance. f myor, end experience meetings for this week aro he following: Tuesday. Mrs. O. B, Schuyler; Wednesday, Mrs. C. 11. Case: Thursday, Mrs. A. P. Kelley; Friday, Mrs. Lnella Hogans; Saturday, Miss Lucia P. Kimball. There will ho an entertainment this evening at Trinity M. E. Church, on Indiana avenue, near Twenty-fourth street. There will bo ventriloquism brC. Dale Armstrong, recitals by Mr. Gwlngnnd Miss Jackson, performances on the zither by Mr. Ettllngar, and on the harmonica by Mr. Overman, and strawberries, ice-cream, etc., oy tho ladles of tho church. The reception at tho Foundling’s Home takes place to-dny from 11 a. in. till 10 n. in. Tho ladles of tho Union Aid Society have made every arrange ment to have this ono of the most enjoyable recep tions of tho season. Tho ladles will nerve Ices, strawberries and cream, and cake to visitors. In tho evening there will be fine vocal and Instru mental music. All friends of tho Homo are most cordially invited to be present. SUBURBAN. HTDB PARR. At tho first open air concerts of tho season given in the Sooth Parks Saturday, several peculiar look ing vehicles were noticed. These ore the park phaetons, a new attraction recently placed upon the grounds by the South Park Commissioners. They are commodious vehicles, capable of seating .about eighteen or twenty passengers, tho scats being placed so that ono may ride backward, for ward, or sideways, and are well-equipped and drawn by speedy gray horses. It Is the Intention of tho Commissioners to establish a lino of them which shall connect with the strcct-carn at City Limits, and with trains at Oakland and Fulrvlew, (also other places as yet undecided.) conveying visitors through tho parks from ono point of inter est to another, and returning. Similar systems are riready In vogue in Prospect Park, Drookhm; Fair mount, Philadelphia; and tho New York Central Park. The fare will be about tho same as In tho above-mentioned parks. Tbo Chicago Purge Club made Us first visit of tho season last Friday, and was followed next day by tho "Farraguts. ■’ The vacancy In the office of Captain of Hose Company No. 12, of the Fire Department, oc casioned by the expiration of tho term of office, will bo refilled by vote of tho members this even ing. Cnpt. Dailey, Us former incumbent, de clines a second npmlniallon. Severn! persons nro talked of for lhe*po«ltl»u, among whom may bo mentioned Messrs. Madden, Woulhouse, and Mur ray. During the past year several Important (Ires bavo occurred. In all of which the firemen have rendered efficient service, ond succeeded In saving u considerable amount of property. It Is very Im portant that a thoroughly reliable man bo cuosen to fill the vacant office. Friday night the Hyde Park Gas Company failed fortbc first time to furnish light for tho village. Tho gas here overages better than that In Chicago. Mr. Dlalno, Journal correspondent of this place, loft a day or two since for tbo Centennial. Next Thursday evening a concert and literary en tertainment will be given by Mr. William Stanley, of New York, assisted by l/ouls Taylor, of Chi cago. Among the attractions will bo the first song over set to music In the English language. MEDICATED BATHS. fh the Editor C/ The Tribune. UnoAKS, 111., June I*. —I wish, through Tub Tiubdmb, to answer Mm. Jordans fimythe’a ques tions In tho carno paper a few days ago, I am about negotiating for tho right to uso tho Medicated Va por Rathe in Urbane and Champaign. Tho baths uro beneficial la almost all forms of disease, and will positively cure a grout many without the uso of any medicines. In cutaneous diseases, rheuma tism, and femnlo weaknesses, it stands without a rival, and ladles wbo cuvet a clear, smooth com plexion can find no botlar cosmetic. I shall be happy to communlcuto with Mrs. Snivlhe, cither personally or by letter. Mnn. T. K. Uoouwin. THE WINDSOR. A visit to the Centennial would be incomplete without a sojourn at tho Windsor Hotel, on Fifth avenue, between Forty-sixth and Forty-seventh streets, New York. The memory of the visit will be enhanced by tbo enjoyment of the high-toned pleasures provided by the competent officers, A dinner there Is on event to bo looked back to with an appetite. I’tfe gorgeous furniture, the splendid scenery, tho tout-ensemble will cling to one for years. The best advertisement of this house aro its guests wbo travel. DO JUSTICE TO NATURE. It Is an Ingratitude to Nature not to preserve and keep lu splendid order a good sot of teeth. Noth ing can bo cosier. All that Is needed Is to brush them briskly night and morning with purifying SoxodonL ■ It will make tbo mouth a perfumed palace. IT IS WITH PLEASURE WE REMIND wholesale buyers seeking desirable stocks of wall paper, curtains, bedding, and kindred goods, of Bllgcr, Jenkins A Faxon's present location, 231 Stale street. They wholeaale u well os retail. RELIGIOUS. Consultation with Mr. Moody About Revival Meetings. Uo Is Undecided Whether to Bo- gin Hero or In Boston. Eut Will Probably Start in This City About October First. Reception to tbo her. Golnsbn Ander son, of the Second Knpllst . Cliurch. mJVIVATj MEETINGS. MB. MOODY Wtl.b I’hOnAULY lIEOIN THIS FAI.L. Yesterday afternoon a conference of minister*, the Committee of Seventy, and Mr. Moody, was held In Lower Fnrwrll Hall. Mr. Moody presided. Tho object of thu meeting was to discus* the mat ter of retaining Mr. Moody In tho city, and Inau gurating a scrica of revival meeting* In some great hall, to be conducted by Mr. Moody. Tho Bcv. William Alvin Bartlett opened tbo proceedings with prayer, aflcr which the hymn, •• The tic that binds our heart* ” was snug. MU. MOODY said that some months ago ho had received n letter from tho ministers of Chicago to come back hero nud labor.. That letter had affected him, hut upon his return from Europe his friend* had urged him to work in New York and Philadelphia, and lie thought tho work was not thrown away there. Ho bad been Invited to go to Boston and work, and tho question lay between Chicago and Boston. lie loved Chicago dearly. If he commenced In Boston, It would bo early In tho fall. Tho excitement might (hen reach all over New England and then they would have better success after in Chicago. It might bo best to commence (ho work in Chicago or Boston, but that was for tbo meet ings to decide. lie only wanted tho ministers to give np other church evening meetings during a period of thirty days. It would not affect their Sunday services. Thoilcv. Dr. .Tudktn said that lie was favorably impressed with what Mr. Moody had said, anil thought that every Impulse could bo thrown Into one great meeting each evening. wnurf? The Rev. Dr. Mitchell wanted to Itnovr when Mr. Moody wanted to begin. Mr. Moody said about the Int of October. Dr. Mitchell said that Mr. Moody woo wanted to c onio to Chicago and labor. Mr. Bartlett said that the sooner Mr. Moody came to Chicago, the better It would be. Chicago wos spoiled, and it was lime to begin now. There wo* no church in Chicago hut what would bo con* trolled by Mr. Moody and do as he wished during tlm meetings. lie thought the meetings should commence early In the fiili. There was no obstacle in the way, ami Mr. Moody would have such an op* portunity as bo had never had anywhere else. Elder V. A. Turpin said, on behalf of laymen, that they wanted Mr. Moody to commence aa soon as possible, and that the I’IIBStIYTRIUANS WOULD DO ALL TUET COULD to sustain him. The Rev. Mr. Davia said that the sooner Mr. Moody came tnc better, and ho thought that the Ist of October was ns good o time m any to com* mcncc the revival work. Mr. Moody thought that the Presidential cam paign might bo In the way, and it might be best to wall nntll the campaign was over. The Rev. Mr. Walker thought perhaps It might bo best to wait until a Illtlo later in the fall, when they could procure the Exposition Building. The Rev. Mr. Judkln said that while Chicago furnished few working Christian people, they wero of that thoroughly imbued kind which would ac complish much good and assist Mr. Moody. Mr. Moody said that be could not state when ho would commence work in Chicago, If ho began In Boston first. Probably the first of January next. The Rev. William Parkhurst said that there never was a time when there was no excitement of some kind In Chicago—either political or other wise. lie thought they could fill any hall where Mr. Moody might preach, whether there was a fiolltlcnl campaign or not. He thought he business men would take care of the business part and expenses. They NEEDED ME. MOODY NOW, to bring this city to Christ Ho thought the meet ings should not ho postponed further than October. Sir. Moody said that he was going to Boston to confer with the ministers, and ho would telegraph whether he would first commence boro or there within thirty nays. The Rev. Mr. Johnson, of the Providence Col ored Paptlst Church, made a brief address In behalf of at once commencing the work; In order that the Northwest might bo reclaimed to Jesus Christ. (mid that ho thought that the political campaign would not interfere with or militate agalnnt tno meetings. lie thought if they had God’s spiritual InilnenCo with them there was no doubt of success. Ho only wanted to say for his Church that they were ready to give money, time, and prayers for the work. The llcv. Mr. Kimball said that "Hope long de ferred makolU tho heart sick, ’’ and he was opposed to putting off the time, lie wanted tho work com menced early In tho season—the sooner the bettor. It was best to begin early In the fall. The Ilov. Mr. Darrctt, representing suburban churches, said that ho was In favor of commencing tho work early in tho fall. The Hcv. Dr. Fallows spoke of the earnest work necessary in Chicago, Just such work us Qod bad given Mr. Moodv the power to do—earnest work la Jesus Christ. Tho Rev. Mr. Chappell and tho Rev. Mr. Drob ston spoke in a similar strain. The Rov. Kir. Whitehead, of tho North Side, moved that Messrs. Moody and Sankey be Invited to come to Chicago as early in the fall as possible, or as soon as arrangements coaid bo made for tho meetings. Mil. J. V. FARWELI, sold that they could get tho Exposition Dnlldlng about the Ist of November, ami bo thought It coala be conveniently arranged for tho purposes In tended. Tbo motion of the Rov. Mr. Whitehead was then put, and unanimously carried. Mr. Whitehead stated that he thought they might commence the work in Farwoll Hall about a month earlier. Mr. Moody thought that they should have a large meeting holt. The Rov. Dr. Goodwin thought that (hoy should pot an Immense haH, and, If It became necessary, to nut up a building especially for the purpose, and not to wait until the Ist of Novomoer. lio did not want Mr. Moody to go tolloston, but stay in Chicago, and work In tho great Northwest. Mr. Hallock upoke in favor of commencing the mootings during tho time of tho Exposition. PREPARING TUB WAT. Tho Rev. Mr. Judkins offered the following: Jletolceil, That from this time onward we will bold a special union meeting for prayer and union conference upon Monday of cacb week, looking for revival. Elder Pcnflold thought that such a meeting should lio appointed for every Monday at noon in that hull. Mr. Moody thought It woe a good preliminary work for the ministers to got together and pray. Kir. 11. O. Spollord thought that they should have Just each a meeting In Farwoll Hal) to prepare for tbo work, tho pastors taking places on the plat form. The Rov. Mr. Davis asked Mr. Moody to explain UOW TO QO TO WORK. Mr. Moody said that ho thought (ho ministers could da a great deal of good If they could got bold of Qod lu prayer. Ho thought It would bo a good Idea for tho ministers to work every day. and on Monday meet at noon after their ministerial meet ings. The Rov. Mr. Parkhnrst moved that a committee of ono from each denomination to conduct and ad vertise tbo ministerial meetings, and to co-onorato with the Executive Committee, bo appointed. Carried. The following commute wu chosen: Congrega (lonnl Church, the Rev. I)r. Goodwin; Baptist, tho Rov. Ur. w. W. Everts; Episcopal, the Rev. Dr. Hopkins; Methodist, tho Rev, Dr. Judkins; Central Church, Prof. Swing: Reformed Episcopal, RUhop Cheney; Lutheran, tho Her. Mr. Severing haus; Christian, tbo Rev. Knowles Shaw. Mr. Moody said that ho was willing to go to work at once, but ho thought he ought to nave k MTTIiB TIMB rOli MBDITATION, as bo has not bad a cbanco to prepare new ser mons. The Rev. W. 11. Daniels thought Mr. Moody’s sermons scorned better by bearing them repeated. Ho bad heard some of them three or four times, and they had always interested him. He thought that even their publication did not hurt their effect. The Rev. Mr. Dnffleld thought that they should not be thrown off their balance by Hr. Moody’s remarks. They should not deprive Mr. Moody of a brief communion with God, from selfish motives. They should allow Mr. Moody to do as Christ dic tated to him to do. The Kev. Dr. Goodwin thought It would ha spreading tho work too much If it was commenced thin summer. Mr. B. W. Dlatchford said that he had boon among the laymen, and all were in favor of com mencing the work as soon as practicable. There were reasons In the suggestions which Mr. Moody had made, as bo needed rest, lie thought, how ever, that Mr. Moody should stay over another Sabbath. The Rev. Mr. Caldwell offered the following: Jhtolced, That in case Brother Moody should de cide tbit ho ought to begin his work In Boston in October, wo desire blot to return and Immediately begin work bore. The resolution evoked a furtbcrdlscuasloo, after which Mr. Moody slated that It wae well enough for them to ■peak about bis continuing work audio say bis old sermons were good enough. It was all well enough, but when bo saw the audience look ing over too newspapers while ho was preaching to sou If bo was speaking according to the print, there was something which peculiarly stirred a man. It was well enough, but he had not looked up bis books (or five years, and ho thought ho needed a little lime for meditation and to gather new thoughts. Ue was only a layman, sad It waa more difficult, besides, bo nsd always five or six reporters alter him« woo were giving everything ho •nid to the pnblic, and he was compelled to get op at least one new sermon. * tvnni unu nan nt'tuiutt, The Conference then adjourned. RECEPTION. TTIB RBV. OAI.USfIA ANDERSON. Tho reception exercises to the Rev. Galuaha An* derson, D.D.,pastor elect of the Second Baptist Church, was held last evening In (he auditorium of that edifice In the presence of a largo congregation. On the platform were the Revs. D. D. Cheney, W. W. Gtcrts, W. J. Kormolt, ,T. M. Whitehead, J. J. Irving, and Donnelly ami Prof. Mitchell. An organ voluntary wna first on (ho programme, and war followed hy an anthem from the choir. The Rev. W. J. Kcrmott read abort selection* ap propriate to the occasion from the Old and New Testaments. The Rev. Mr. Donnelly offered prayer, which was folowed by the alnping of the 74.1 hymn, com mencing “ Happy the church, thou sacred place." C. R. Blacknll, Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements, rend letters from the Revs. O. W. Northrup, W. W. Everts, W. W. Ilngno, R. J. Goodspccd, Smith and Tbcnrl, expressing regret ol their Inahility to attend (ho exercises, and predict ing a brilliant future for tho church under Dr. An ilcmtm's ministrations, and congratulating both pastor and people. “Our Denominational Interests In Chicago” was ic subject of uu address by the Rev. I). H. Cheney. Re spoke of the necessity of unity and the Impor tance of strengthening the church, nml recommend ed an n measure to further that end, tho formation of Daymen's Social Unions, similar to those tn tho Kant.* Me concluded by Having Unit the denomina tional Interests bf (tie Baptist Church demanded tho bo* I thought and work of its ablest councillors. The Rev. .1. 1. living extended the hand of wel come to Dr. Anderson '.no few wcll-chosod and earnest words. The pastor-elect. In speaking on "The Pastor's Outlook," gave a sketch of his work In tho minis try, from the time ho entered lint Janesville, Wls.. down to the present, lie was pastor of tho Second Church before the Rev. K. .1. Uoodsoecd, and paid that gentleman a complimentary tribute for Ida services during a period of ton years. Ills physi cian bad recommended his coming here on account of his wife’s 111-health, nnd he had determined to come. The day previous had been his first Sunday bore, and be had enjoyed it. lie had come around nearly to the point whence ho had started, nnd wan glad once more to breathe tho air of the Great Northwest. lie trusted he should till the place ac ceptably. An astute Tmntmc reporter, he said, had stated Unit he was a man In ids flfttes, and weighed 1(10 pounds. lie was mistaken in both Instances. There was nothing like going away from home to lenm what kind of n man you are. He had beard that he was a sort of a dandified preacher, and not adapted to minister to poor people. Ho hoped to show, by his works, to the contrary. Tho Rev. W. C. Richards read an original hum orous poem, which elicited considerable merri ment. A hymn, written by C. R. Blncknll, was sung by the choir, after a few remarks by Prof. Mitchell. The Itev. N. U. Wood closed the exercises with prayer. And the audience wan then dismissed with the benediction, and afterwards enjoyed a social gathering In the where the now pas* tor was made better acquainted with his charge. CHEAP, HEALTHEUI, NUTRITIOUS POOD. Use tlio Excellent Compressed Meats of by, McNeill & Libby, Put Up In Hormotf cnlly Scaled Cans—Wlmt n Tribune Kopro sentativo Saw and Learned at Their Estab lishment. The statement made of late In several of the papers that certain persons have been Injured by eating pressed corned beef hare led us to make thcsubjcct amattcrof careful Inquiry- The result of our Investigation will bo of great public ben efit If it only succeeds in making people more cautious In wbnt they buy and cat. Messrs. Libby, McNeill & Libby, of this city, a year or more ago, undertook the preparation of com- S reused, cooked corned beef, using therefor the nest selected quality of meats. Their beef nt onco became very • popular, and an ex tensive sale for ‘lt sprung up nil over the country, until the supply was hardly equal to the demand. Of course they found Imitators. Various other parlies undertook thu preparation of corned beef of an Inferior quality, prepared aud put up by a much different process, In hopes of drawing off their trade. It Is unfortunate that the good should suffer In nubile estimation with the bad, and, In order that justice may bo done a deserving, wldely-uscd. and very popular article of food, wo make this statement voluntarily, that the compressed oomed beef that has caused all this mischief Is not that put up by Messrs. Libby, McNeill & Libby. The goods of this last-mpn tloncd firm arc put up In hermetically-sealed tin cans; those which have produced the evil com plained of are wrapped In cloth and painted, and sometimes Incased in tin-foil. Messrs. Llbhy, Mc- Neill «fc Libby ore among our most prominent and reputable packers. Their house nns an ex cellent reputation. Last year over 40.000 beeves were slaughtered there—the very choicest cat tle that are received In this great cnitle mart, lie sides using only the very nest of beeves and the selected cuts for their widely celebrated coin pressed, eookod comcd-hccf, the utmost core and cleanliness Is employed. A visit to their mammoth establishments both on State and Sixteenth streets by the writer yesterday showed every part thereof as neat and dean as a Now England kitchen. In order to allay any fears that our friends throughout the country might havo in regard to canned comed-bccf, wo will add that the great Cambridge (Mass.) chem ist, Prof. E. N. Horsford, after a thorough and careful analysis of their meats, says: “On opening the can, the aroma of cooked corned beef which exhaled was perfectly fresh and most grateful to the sense of smell. The appearance of the meat may bo described as brilliant. 1 find It perfectly sweet, most accept able to the palate, and unsurpassed by such plain corned beef as lam able to obtain In the market. The practical tests were entirely satis factory. 1 have no hesitation, therefore, In pro nouncing the sample perfectly sound; and, os I am perfectly familiar with the process of prep aration pursued by the parties, 1 may add that 1 know' of no reason why, In the ordinary work of their establishment, every sample of mont put up by them should not bo Invariably wholly sound and healthful. n The above testimony Is simply unimpeachable, coming as It docs from ono of the highest au thorities on the subject of wholesome food In the country. Wo shall continue to recommend to the favor of the public the excellent canned meats prepared by Messrs. Libby, McNeill & Libby. MEDICINAL MALPRACTICE. May Doctors Administer Horrible Potions with Impunity? Special DUpatefi lo The Tribune lowa Citt, lowa, June 5. Some time ago a man residing In this city named Kverard Palmer brought an action in one of tbo courts of Poweshclk County against Doctors Harris and Clark, of Grlnnoll, where Palmer formerly resided, for malpractice, laying hla damages at $20,000. For soms days post testimony in the form of depositions of Doc tors Moon. Shrader, and* Graham, of this city, have been taken on the part of plaintiff. The case involves this question, which Is Interesting to tho medical profession: It appears that the wife of plaintiff had boon affected for somo time with some sort of nervous disease, and employed this firm of physicians to treat her. The doctors had been giving her lady slipper for some time, but concluded to change to valerian, and made a mistake, as Is claimed, and pave vcralrum vlrldo Instead of tho valerian. However, the plaintiff claims that aconite was Sven In an overdose, instead of tho valerian. It charged that only aconite could produce the ef fects ou tbo patient that plaintiff claims wns pro duced by thu quantity taken. It is charged that tho medicine, whether veratrum vinde or aconite, produced an affection of the stomach and bowels and a swelling of the Hubs which have become permanent and in curable. All this tbo defendants deny. The case will turn mainly on expert testimony, and attracts no little attention among the medical profession, as to what extent doctors aro liable for malpractice In the administration of poisonous medicines. ffIAUUIAGES. MAY—KILDOURN—Monday evening, June 5, at the residence of the bride’s parents, ISO North Dearborn-st.. by the Rev. Robert Collycr, Thomas J. Mar and Miss Carrie L. Ullbourn, both of this city. No cards. DEATHS. LINDER—At his residence, 801 Itoboy-st., on the morning of June Mb, Usher F. Linder, aged 06 years 2 mouths and 13 days. Notice of funeral hereafter. tlPHoulhorn Illinois papers please copy. BURGH-On the 6th Inst, Henry M. Dorgh, aged 15years and 5 months. Funeral at 2 o'clock from the house, 200 Sooth Morgan-st., to-day. Friends of the family Invited. EDDY—June 4, of consumption, Jane A., daughter of N. 11. andD. T. Eddy, aged 20 years. Funeral service at their residence, 711 Fulton st., Tuesday, JunaO. at 12 o'clock. Frleoda In vited. Carriages to Rosohlll. Kar*Qrecnfield and Springfield papers please notice. UAHRETT—At residence, 960V4 Wabash-av., at 6p. m. Monday, very suddenly, David P. Barrett, Esq., aged 42 years. Remains to be taken East this evening. BCHLATTKK-AI Hrunswlck, Qa.. June 2. Prance* 0., wife of Col. Charles 1,. Schlatter, and lister of kin. Charles V. Kelley, of this city. UEIDENDAUEU—In this city, June 5. Amanda, youngest daughter of Schalt and Maggie Weldon* bauer, agu7ycan: and on Way 28, bobaltUcldeu* bauer, aged 6 years 8 months and 7 days. Funeral from 160 West Wadlson it., to-day. JonoO. at 1 o’clock p. m., to Iloiehlll by carriages! „ SIUvU) Ills. JWULOi Mrs. Marthi^ Temple Robb, wife of George A. Itohh. decease Funeral services Wednesday next at 10 r m .. the residence of Robert P, Lunt, Eeq..’i-**V ri .‘ ton, 111. ’ ’ WHITE—At hie reetdence In thin city. oro w»p. ren-av., Monday. Jane 6, Moore C. White. Fnneral from his residence Wednesday afternoon. Jnno 7, at 2 o'clock, to Greenland Cemcter* v. carriage. 1 POLiTICAIi AWWOUWCiiiTIEtVTar TUB OBAND COUNCIL, There will ho a meeting of the Republican Grand Council, corner toko and Clark streets, this after. noonat2:loo'clock. All members are rcna c «tca to he present, * HOOK COUNTY REPUBLICAN CLUB. Them will lie a regular mooting of the Executive Committe of the Cook County Central Republican Club at Republican Headquarters, corner of Hk* oik! Clark streets, Ibis afternoon nt 2:110 o'clock Wn.UAH Ai.nnicTt, President* Him WARD OIiDTI. The Fifth Ward Republican Club will meet at thi corner of Twcnty-bizth and Duller streets, at A ohcloek to«n I glit. By ol V, OiSlii: & CO ~ ~ OS and 70 Wabasb-nv. Tuesday, June 6, 1870. Extensive Auction Trade Sale of STAPLE & FANCY DRY GOODS 1 Among the special fcatnres for our next regular sale wo beg to note tho following: A large nnd well-assorted stock of Cnstom-Madi OXjO thustg In Men's nnd Roys’ wear, tho sires, quality, and workmanship of which wo guarantee first-class. An extensive lino of HATS and CAPS, Including every variety of Men's nnd Roys’Fine straw n*t< In the Latest Ptylcs. Flue Wool and Pur lints, etc A now and complete lino of TABLE CUTLERY Pocket-Knives, Scissors, Shears, etc., and a fine display of Plated Goods In Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc. Also, Hardware, Saws, Hammers, etc. Large lino Linens, including Table-Cloths, Tow els, Napkins, Handkerchiefs, Crash, etc. A miscellaneous stock, comprising Fancy Cnssl. meres. Shirtings. Cottflnndcs. Jeans, Kid Gloves in great variety. Hosiery, Gent’s Neck Wear, Su spenders, Overalls, Ovorshlrls. Dress Shirts Un derwear, Umbrellas, Lace Shawls, Ladles' Under wear, Aprons, etc. 5 Rrnshcs, Beits, Wallets. Fans, Laces, Toilet Soaps, Extracts, Pina, etc. A RETAILER’S STOCK, slightly damaged, will also be closed. Bala at 0:30 a. m. GEO. P. GORE A CO., OB nnd 70 Wabash-av. Carpets. The attention of the Trade is Invited to oai Trade Sale" of Carpet", hold every Tuesday. On Tuesday, June 0, we shall close out 70 Hoik Ingrains, Hemps. Ac. bale at 1 o’clock p. m. GEO. P. OOHE * CO., 68 and 70 Wabash-av. Extra Fine Display of Boots,Slioes&Slipers Will be made at our Auction Sale of Wednesday June 7, and the goods MUST GO. . O. r. HOKE & CO., C 8 &70 Wnlmll-I'T. On Thursday, Junes, at 0:30 o’clock, we ahnl offer extra Inducements to purchasers In Parlor ant Chamber Sets In every style, Book-Cases, Ward' robes. Walnut Bedsteads and Bureaus, Marble unt Wood-top Tables, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Mat tresses, Spring", Rocking-Chairs, Hall Trees, What-Nots, Show-Cases. Parlor and Ofllco Beks, Baby Carriages, Oilcloth Carpels, Refrigerators, Icc-Chcsls. etc. At 11 o'clock, Cnrrrlagcs, Bug gies, and Harnesses. QEO. P. OOHE & CO.. Anctloneers. By TYM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers, 118 and 120 Wabosb-av. GKEAT CATALOGUE SALE OP $20,000 WORTH Of Unredeemed Pledges Consisting of a largo slock of Oold and Silvci Watches, Double-Barreled Brccch-Loodlng (Jim*. Revolvers, Opera and Field Classes, Clocks, Dia mond, Emerald, Sapphire, Cameo, and Coral Jew dry. Solid Oold Chains and Jewelry, Solid Sterling Silver and Plated Ware, Ac., Ac., the same having heou deposited with Mr. A. Ooldsmld, Pawnbroker. 00 East Madisoti-st., as collateral security, and will be sold at auction,topayadvanccsand charge*, by WM. A. UUTTEHS A CO., at their Auction Hooms, 118 and 120 Wnhash-av., on TUESDAY, Juno 0, 1870, nt 10 o’clock o. m. BUTTERS A CO.’S REGULAR TRADE HALE STAPLE&FANCY DRY GOODS, Regular Hade (Ming, ranUsblDZ Goods, Parasols, Straw Goods, Hats, Gaps, Boots and Shoes. THURSDAY MOHNING, June B,at 0:30 o’clock, at their Auction Hooms, 118 and 120 Wabash-av. BDTTBUB i CO.’S REGULAR SATURDAY SALE or Eonseliflll FnrnitDTG, Gantts, OEOOKEEY, GLASSWARE, &o, Also, 100 Black Walnut Centre-Tables. At sale*, rooms, 118 and 120 Wabash-av., Saturday, June 10, 0:30 o’clock a. m. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneers. By I3LISON, POMI3KOY A: CO., Auctioneers, 84 and 80 Handolpb-sL THE AUCTION SALES O.F CHOICE OIL MIR 84 and 86 Eandolpli-st., WILL BE CONTINUED THIS MORNING at 10 o’clock. Closing Sale at 2:30 p. m. Tie Finest Collection. Cbolce Works of Art. ELIBON, POMEROY. A CO.. Auctioneers; Friday’s Sale, Juno 9, at 9:30 a. m., An Immense display NEW AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE Ahd HOUSEHOLD GOODS. KlegontParlor Suit". Chamber Sets, a full lino Moquet, Brussel*, sod Wool Carpets. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobes. Office and Library Desks. Crockery, Glass and Plated Ware, General Merchandise, Ac., Ac. The entire furniture private residence. Attend this sale for bargains. Only auction sale this week. By S. N. FOWLER & CO., Auctioneers, £74 and 27(1 East Madi&on-st. HOUSEKEEPERS ATTD DEALERS We invite your apodal attention to our WEDNESDAY’S SALE, at'our double warerooms, consisting of our usual lay out of now and aecond fxmisriTXTiiß- Parlor Balts, Chamber, Library, Dining-room and OFFICE f XJJRISriXTJf E- Althls sulo wo shall offer a largo line of SEWING MACHINES, comprising all the best makers. FTBBT-OLABB SALOON AT AUCTION. (Known as Dunning’s), InTbeater-Ct., ruarof 148 State-st., Will be aold without reserve, on the prcm(aes, Wednesday, June?, at3p. m. S. N. FOWLER A CO.. Auctioneers. By jas. p. McNamara & c 6T, 117 Wabash-av., N. W. corner Madlson-st- C,OOO CASES OF HOOTS AND SHOES AT AUCTION, TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 6. 0:30 o'clock. Also £OO DOZEN COLORED SHOES. _No Reserve on Sampla-Caaea. UAUY CAIIUIARES* .. ■B M mi CARRIAGES, i wheels, 14-W, n SB nu worths?, Up to the finest mad* Kfllc V U $25 t£nd fur HI. Cat*- nUn V lotus. EXPOSITIONUAZAAA UdlKI I 205 W, Madison-it., corQreai. ~7 CON 4’EtTl O NEHY. M R I Miff CELEBRATED throughout P A MRY r”u”'T^ r r p c ..^ lIfJIWII I 25, 40, 00c per ft. Addrssa IIIII# | urdersOUNTUKß.CoalsO' iioucr, ChlCWs

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