Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 7, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 7, 1876 Page 3
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THE COUKTS. ijio Glolio Insurance Company Denies It Is Bankrupt. p c port of n Itntlrond Kccolrcr—Juilff incuts nml Now Suits. in* TOi.rno, rnouu a wan*aw iuimidat). Yiic following la an attract of the report of jhc Itcrclver, A. h. Ilopkhta, of the allalrs of [Je Toledo, Peoria A Warsaw Railroad for the months of April and Mays IIRCKUTN. Bilanre April 1 incal freight account* Throng freight ncroim!* i oral passenger accounts Tbroocl* passenger accounts rjr-aervlco amounts pjjircx" earning* earning" ?iS*sSi" * 'overcharges,' anil shop ' bill ,1>074 Total receipts SJM)O,O;in jti 1 frelßhl accounts.. flirongti freight accounts Throuirli ticket accounts r.r.servlco accounts Keokuk & Hamilton bridge-tolls.. f*^ n t «f rt»n*l nml bridge vjiercllftneoiiß payment account". , itiiceiinneoua vouchers accounts, overcharge accounts.... Mirch accounts \Ufdi overcharge accounts y ttfr li pay-roll* account April vouchers April overcharge account jliy vouchers account jlieccllnncous pay-rolls April pay-rolls jlsy pay-rolls Total disbursements 5008,11(1 pslanco on hand 8 11 *- The report wan referred to tho Master for the imal examination. TUB OI.OnR INSURANCE COMPANY, In the bankruptcy proceedings against tho Olobo Insurance Company, a petition was filed by the Company’s attorneys, asking for a composition jifding to be called. A schedule of Its debts was ilso filed, which footed up $U(J,447.22. Judge Blodgett, however, refused to call a mooting un -IC,„ t| ic Company would confess Itself bankrupt itul allow adjudication lobe entered against It, ns he would not allow parties to come -in on the one baud asking for a composition meeting, and on the ether denying the bankruptcy. ..... The attorneys for the Company declined (o ac cede to tiio proposition, and thereupon filed tho denial of the Company, which charged that the tctilionlng creditors were not one-fourth In num ber anil une-lhlrd In amount of the whole. It was also alleged that tho petitioning creditors knew »uch fact, that the number of creditors hud been fraudulently Increased since the filing of the poll lion by the uue of fraudulent claims, and the un warranted use of the names of other parties. divorces. Flmora Arnstelne complain* In her bill filed yes terday that ber husband, Meyer M. Amstoinc, lain me habit of kicking, beating, and abusing her in such a way that she cannot live with him. Meyer bad three children when she married him, and they were evidently chip* of the old block, who kept her Interment when their father was away. Their tongue* too, she *«y*, were quite a* painful a* their flat*, and after three month*’ Buffering she left, and now beg* to be relieved from the necessi ty of ever being under hi* power again. ITEMS. Joseph 11. Hall, who was charged with being an accessory after fact with L. B. Miller in robbing the mail*, filed n petition for habeas corpus a few dsyi agio, and yesterday had a hearing and was dla- Cl jofm Roach, who wos tried about a week ago for passing counterfeit nickels, wa* brought up yester day and sentenced to six mouths at hard labor In the House of Correction, uud to be removed In livo will bo default day both In law and chan cery lu the Superior Court. 11ANKUUITCY MATTBU9. DcWltt C. Cregler, Thomo* C. Clarke, and Will iam H. Purdy, copartner* under tho namn of Cregicr. Clarke ,fc Co., and proprietors of tho Con tinental 801 l Works, on Market street, on tho noMhcaflt corner of Huron, went into voluntary bankruptcy Monday, their petition being filed late In the afternoon. Thclrpreforrrd debt* amount to 8(500, being the amount of their personal property laxun for ln7G. The unsecured debts duo chtelly to Chicago partlc* amount to 820,015.20. Their assets consist of a stock of iron, nut*, bolt*, etc., valued at 8n.R50.G0; machinery ami building on Fused lot, together with ground lease, $25,182.70; and open account*. SI.QUO. All thl* property wn* on tho 10th of April last aligned to Harry Duvall for tho benefit of tho firm’* creditor*. Cregicr has no debts except for taxes, and no asset* beyond ex emption*. exeunt two lut* worth $0,500. The so cured debt* of T, C. Clarke foot up §B,OOO, se cured by land ol the value of tho incumbrance only, and bln unsecured debt* nro 811,51)0. No assets. Purdy owes $205. but has no assets. The petition wn* referred to Register Hibbard, and Bradford Hancock appointed Provisional Assignee. Mr. Cregicr, us I* known, was the Chief Engineer of tho Chicago Water-Works, mid Mr. Purdy woe one of the M uter Commissioner* of Hyde Park. John 8. Swarthy, a dentl*t at No. 740 and 755 Michigan avenue, also filed a voluntary petition yesterday. Hl* preferred und secured debtsamount tos4,"dd, and the unsecured t 054,447.40. The asset* consist of an equity of redemption valued at £1,700 la certain lot*; cash, $0,525: notes and bills, 84(5-1; artificial teeth and gold full, 810, und dental apparatus and tools, 8210.05; a large mount of machinery, belting, engine, etc., nt No. lUTTwenty-nlxtli street, valued nt $1,040.70; luUcrs-natonl for Inventions for improved auto matic cental plugger*, 3500; manufactured plug gets and material for «ume, 8140.75; other per sonal properly, SO2, and debts duo ou open ac count, $4,215,20. Rofcreiico to Register Illb- George W. Campbell wa* yesterday appointed Assignee of Louis Mlclmlnwsky. Tho creditors of N. T. Smith yesterday hold a meeting, and agreed to accept a composition of 25 cents ou the dollar of their claim*. Assignee* will be chosen this morning for Jacob 0. Smith and George 11. Watson. The second dividend meeting of the creditor* of tbo Franklin Rank will be held thi* aftcruuon at 2 p. m.. but the Asnlgnee Is absent, and the meeting will probably have to be adjourned. In tho matter of Frederick and K. L. Croft, the alignment of the bankrupts to William E. Howe was declared fraudulent, ami Howo was ordered to •■sign (he property he had received to it. E. Jen kins. Assignee, und to account for all receipts. Isidore 11. Simon will bo examined before tho Register at 2 p. m. June 7, touching his affaire. A final dividend-meeting will be held Juuo 20 In the case of John Goudwllllc ct a). BUPEHIOU CO OUT IN IIHIBP. Gardners, Chapin and James J. Goto began n »nlt by attachment yesterday against X’orluo U* Webster to recover Co. CIItCUIY COUHT. tnuuu Frank Henschkel commenced sn action In case igainst Louis Jaeger, laying damages at $5,000. THU CALL. Junim Gaky-527 to 5-15, Inclusive. JunoK Jamkbom—KM lu HI, M 3, 144, 140 to lfi*>, lf>4 to 300, Inclusive. Junuß Mooiin—Chancery defaults at 3 p. m. JtO'US Huukitu— 01)1 to 710, inclusive, Juuuk Hoorn—s2B to 045 inclusive. .Jl iiqb MeAu.lsTKii—Net cases 2,HUsaml 3,089, stid -155 to 475 of Judge booth's calendar. Juiion Faiiwull— But case No. (Hi, Lamb vs. DUckstono. Judob WitxiAJfa—No call. JUIXiMUNTB. Sttvxunm Count—Uosn.siuoNs—J. Louehlem ct al, vs. JulLv F. Chapin, $515.25,—'W. 11. Mead vs. Hubert W. Kublnsou and John F. C’olfman, $l3O. —T. J. Crain vs. William M. True, $3,375. Jrnoß Gary— Krlcbio A Kupnelyu vh. .loot 11. Wicker. 85HU.M.— 0. A. Cole, executrix, vs. Per- Ice 11. Wolmter, tO.Wi.vr.—ll. A. Edwards va. Hun Printing Company, SdfU.— A. H. McKenzie vb. J. 11. Quinn; verdict, *12(1. and motion for new trial.-It. il. Fish vs. KleanorM. Burdick, -A. O. Kennedy vs. JJenmrd Healy, 87UU.UU.— Catherine Gattlel et al. va. Albert C. Udell, fUUU.Ud. JnnoK Jamrhon—Bernard Calm et bI. vs. Helen M, Haight, fdM-L—David Colbert vb. Carrie Cad* well; verdict, $204,117, and motion fur sew trial. CiuruiT Court— (Johybssions—l’. H. Tunseyvs. Kbcnezer Wukeley, Juno* Uousiia—C. 11. Schwab et al. vs. Charles McUraw, t2ls.£>o.—Laura A. Smith vb. Matthew C. Wilbur, S-fiU.—Wlllium Charles vs. Churlus blrklushuw; verdict, 1100.87. Judob Booth—A. C. Story vs. Theresa Kelly; verdict, |sU.—Martha (inydur v*. the Pullman Palace Car Company; verdict, SUo(X und motion lor new trial. , Jeixiß McAi.libtbii—J. S. Gould et. al va. Charles Spellman, S-O. TUB BAUS AND lUtDUNPTION OP PUOPBUTIf. UpecliU lliipitlrh tu 'l'U» Tritium. at'iUNuriKLt), 111., June U. —ln tbs United Htalcs Court to-day, Judge Treat rendered an Important decision, Involving, It Ik believed, the drat judicial construction of the Devised Statutes of Illinois in relation to the sale ami redemption of property. Juditu Puterbaut'li, of Puterbaugh, Lee A tiutnn.of • curia, mudu and argued a motion on behalf of beWUI C. Farrell et al., security fortiammls, "arren & Co.'a dlatlllery, lu Danner Township. «ulton County. Tire distillery was, some time •'ace, aoUcd by tbo Uuvermncnt, aud, In addition, ptuceedinge were instituted and judgment obtained •gainst securities on their bond tor |s,‘dlt>. }Q March, 1874, tho uroporly, which la located In Peoria County, was sold May ~1,1875, fu* execution, ami bid in by the Government. May •■d, lb7d, Furrell redeemed the property, but. In meantime, viz., ouJulyliO. 1874, the Govern* h'etit had obtained a second Judgment against tho protwirty for sB,blK). aml.uu the lUlhof May,lH7.>, levied on the property, three days after Uto tlrst •ala uu July j\j ami agulu sold It as before, tho boverament bidding; lu the properly fur amount of he claim. The defendant buved, aud Judge Putorbmitfb urAcd, that tho •econd sale should be sot aside us void, on account of the first sale of the property helm; at the time in fort*, aud the defendant then bavin; no Interest |n the properly except a mere coutty of redemu* lieu. District-Attorney Couuolly argued to tho contrary. Judge Treat overruled tbo motion, holding that, under ibu revised statutes of Jill* hols, t-ijuiiy of redemption of the t de(endaiil la t<- u< Ib fiib'crl to lov' • uc'i.u and •»!« on execution. This decision aecnnra lo the Oovernincnl an Internal In the property to liio i xleiil of about SIO,OOO. AMUSEMENTS. MR. II001jI5Y»8 RKNKFIT. The programmes of the two performance* at Me* Yleker’a Theatre next Saturday afternoon and evening. by which Mr. Ilnoley la to benefit, have been arranged. In the afternoon 1 ' Dora " will he given, with Mr. .Tamea O’Noll Farmer AtUn and Mlaa Louisa Hawthorne an Dora, and Uic play will 1)0 followed by “Jenny Lind,” which will Intro* dnceMr. Crane's famous Impersonation of Granby Gan, Tho evening performance will he even more diversified. Mr. O’Neil and Ml## Uawlhorne will render the screen-scene from the “School for Scand 1" anil the fourth act of * • Ulchollen," and Mr. Crane will appear again In the “Jenny Lind” hurletta and In ft burlesque of the fifth act of “itlchard 111.” Master Kdwln llyrmiwlll give specimens of hi# skill In recitation afternoon and evening. The heatnetorsto he obtained In Chicago will (111 the supporting part* In the various plays, Tho programmes, It will be observed. arc remarkable for variety, and the several parts are well chosen. There are many reason# why the theatre should be, anddmihtleßS will he. well filled on both occasion#. The In* trlnslr merit of the entertainment offered, the Ap pearance of three old favorite* afters long absence, mid the very strong claims of Mr. Ilooleynpon the amusement public of Chicago, combine to recom mend the cause to the hearty sympathy and sup port of thu public. .$ n.4m> . 104,881 . 28,010 . 40, OKI . 0,070 . 11.087 . 2,0«0 . a, r.a;i . 1,208 .$ 10,120 . 2.UH-, . n.tnit . 18.402 , 0.047 . 11. MO . 0,070 . (K 1.204 . 1,-l-W . 41,001 . 4.010 . 47,Hu| . 27,010 . 2,1 HI . 2,702 ItOOLKVH THEATRE. Mr. William Davis, who has served the public faithfully a" doorkeeper ever since the (Ire of IK7I —for two years at Myers’Opera-House and after wards at Dooley's Theatre—will have his first bene fit thin afternoon. The Rose Kytlnse Company, Including the great actress herself, will appear In • • Dose Michel," and nothing will he left undone to please the audience. The usual matinee prices will be charged. Those who have not seen Mist Kyllngc should by no means neglect to do to, and tills Is one of the best of opportunities. •• Hose Mlcin'!” will he played all through the week every evening and at (he matinees of Wednes day and Saturday. Next week Mrs. Gates and her comic opera troupe will begin an engagement of one week. 4R.Hir, 1.010 NEW CHICAGO THEATRE. Donley’s Minstrels have been reinforced by Mr. •at Itooncy, the popular Irish comedian, Messrs, ohnson. Bruno, and Dray. The entertainment ightly delights (he company assembled, and, since lis Innocent und light, there Is no reason why It hould not do no. The New Chicago Theatre Is ii-ciimlng more popular as the -merit of the min trel company ns such becomes better known. WOOD’S MUSEUM. Mr. Robert McWadc Is playing Hip Vim IHnWe at this place of amusement, lie is humble enough and truthful enough to admit that he Is merely an Imitator of Mr. Jefferson. and he Is not ti.« worst imitator In the world. Thu full stouk company ap pears In tho cast. CALIFORNIA, Tho Antl-Chlnoa® Agitation—A Frooiama tlon. B*N PiiANctacn, Jttne O.—At a meeting last night of the Anll-Coolio Central Union, composed of delegates from all the city clubs, the following communication was read: CAMFUIIMA ASTI-CooLIK SECnRT OnOANIEATION, June 1, IH7O. Dear 8m: Wo beg to refer you to one of our letter* to the nix companies published In the dally paper* of hint week, and as wc sec you are In cor respondence with every Antl-Chlncro Club, wc wish you would call their attention to the same. Since that letter wu* written our great organization ha* spread Immensely, and 1* now called a* above. Wo have received more support than wo could have expected; our supplies for the city nro nearly all ot hand, end our country depots are complete and ready for action. Wo cannot be too strong; therefore, If there few among tho debs who will support up, all tho better for our cause. Wc neither intend to respect Chinese or their employer*. A* our* is a secret society, much work necessarily fall* on me, tho President. We shall, therefore, deem it n favor if you will make this known to every member. Wc exoner ate every Aiitl-foulln Club from any participation in this organization. Wo arc a picked army of true American*, determined to have u Centennial of our own to celebrate. Signed, sworn, and registered, according to the law* of the above organization. (Signed) Tub Pnsßn>E*T. A resolution was passed deprecating, on tho part of tho Union and city club*, all violence towards the Chinese, and calling on the Chief of Police to protect the Chinese and punish those committing outrage* upon them. The Now Zealand Times, received by steamer Column, contains o statement about Col. Stein berger to tho same effect u* previous advlcce. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. tub police ronen. 7b the Kettior n/ The Tribune. Ciiicauo, June Q.—Knowing that yoa wish to dual justly by all parties, I beg a small space In your paper to slate a few (nets in regard to our too* much abused police force, one receiving more abuse from citizens and press than anybody else (except Aldermen), ami yet one I hold to be the most Important of any in our City Government. 1 noticed a letter a short time ago in the Titntt in behalf of Bchool-lcochurs, and doing great Injustice to the polleo. Now, I hnvo too much manliness to say anything against the salaries of teachers and .city clerks. Hut I wish to compare the time on duly of tbu three departments. Teachers perform 1,4-10 hours of labor pur year, and clerks 2,400. Each of the above have nights, bumlays, and all odd time to themselves to ao as they please, while (ho police perform actual duty 5.724 hours per year, nut counting ull holidays. Weeks and weeks they are kept in stations on account of riots, strikes, etc. In fact, a )>olicuman Is always on duty, subject -to bo culled at any moment. . Again, tbu police is the only deportment that brings revenue Into thu Treasury. The tines alone, to say nothing of the number sent to the State Prison, amount to over $30U,000 per year, and stolen property recovered from $200,000 to $300,* 00CI. Then, If you pleuso (uh the Council have do* creed), add the work of sidowalk*iuspectlng, said* lary police, water-police, violation of tire ordi nance. lump-inspection, etc., and you will find a saving of about jHO.OOU mure, making a total of front $300,000 to $700,000 per year. Now, taking into consideration that the greater part of a policeman’s duty Is In the night-time and all kinds of weather; that he Is u target fur the as siiesla's bullets, not knowing when hu kisses his wife and little ones good-by but the next meeting will bo as a manglea corpse; and that this Is all to prulect'the Uvea and property of the complaining citizens and to gut a small competency fot his family. Jlu is denrivuti of all home cointon# that others enjoy; fur 1 am informed some oru fur years without being at home with thnlr families ouu night. Or do the citizens think a policeman's family la not as near and dear to him ns theirs arc to them? Wc have a good Superintendent of Police; let him weed out ull thu worthless, bummer clement, fill their E luces, both olUccth and patrolmen, and have nunc ut good, sober, intelligent men, and pay them good wages, and I will guarantee in a short lime wo will have a fores thu city will fuel proud of. lam glad to nuu a determination on thu part of our wor thy Aldermen to reduce the current expenses of the city, fur lum a tax-payer myself, liift is it good pulley; will, or cun they, after adding tbu amount of labor to (ho regular police duties (u portion of which they have performed for years, others draw ing Um pay), have it In their hearts to ask police men It* endure the privations and hardships, and run thu risks they do. simply to keep their families from want? Hurcly not. or is there any tax-pay er who wishes to do justice, and who has thu good of our noble city at heart, who will say "Iteducu their salaries"? 1 think not A Tax-Paybu. TUB lIAUE9 IN TUB WOOD. To the Ktlilor tf The Tribune. Ciiicaoo, June 4.—Yeatcrduy.l had occasion to go out Into the woods situated along the river about a mile north of Fullerton avenue. As I was walk, ing along, 1 saw a little way ahead of me six or seven small boys, and upon coming np saw two boys, about 18 or 10 years of age, going through their pockets. 1 ran up and told thorn to give back to the boys everything they had taken from them. At thin one of them cried out, “Jim!” and look* ingaround 1 saw a rnßltmly-lookingfellow about 85 years old, coming from behind some trees, with s revolver in each iuind, which ho he.d at my head, and said; “ Now, look hero, young fellow, don't you Interfere, If you don't want a bull sent through you." The other two also had a revolver In each hand, ond they were not leaded with blank cartridges cither. They then went through the llttlo hoys, and chased them away. At this moment, upon looking up, 1 saw that ths larger rutllan had lowered his revolvers nud was watching the other two. I hod a seven-shooter in my pocket, but unfortunately bad shot all the charges Into u fence u abut time before; still 1 thought 1 woulo try and scare him, and so 1 pointed It si him and said: “ Now It ls my turn." Ilowa# Beared for a moment; then, looking at the revolver, he saw there were no balls in the chambers, end he laughed and raid: “That popgun ain’t loaded, Just fork it over. ** I did not feel like doing so, and, bucking away ft few slip*, 1 alumblcd,—my hat, a still one, dying several foci away from me. 1 ran towards It. us If to pick It up, uud then “skedaddled." .They tired several shots after me, but fortunately none of them lilt me. My purpose In writing lo you Is to ask whether this was not highway robbery, and whether 1 would have hud the right to shout and kill them if my revolver had been loadedT Please insert In Tub Tuibi nu, and answer uiy <iucstiuu underneath, and THE $50,000 OFPEK. TQ Ih4 A’ibtor qf Tht Tribunt. CuU’aoo, Juue 0. —ld tho editorial columns of your valuable impcr 1 read to*day as follows: *' Thu presence of Uro. Moody iu the city suggests a question, Wlioro U the gentleman who bad |M), • 000 which said that ourlllblu Is no more an !»• , w spired voluuio than the Korun, the Vedas, etc. 1" ir I lam nnt the ?V>,o'Mt t,.; !. I, I'M mv the t‘t THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7,187 G proof In thin mutter lo the IHhle lt«elf. The Jllhle rays. “Ood |a all-knowing. all-mighty. all* creating, uil-whe, fill-loving, all-jn-il.'* etc, Further, “ I’vcrytlilnu Unit*. .In through the will of Oml." * Now, If (Jod, I mean the theological Hod, I* all knowing and all-mighty, can Hu he all-wiee. all* loving, and alljunt, to create man for damnation? —for certainly fie knew before, and na 110 created nan, what He created and what for. Header, think over the above and draw your con* clnalnoa whether yon are a dupe of a great confi dence gam* played on you, or whether yon are not Anoj.cii bir.ycti.. UNrgUAf. JUSTICE. 7V» the Kitltor o f The Tribune. Ciiicaoo, June 4,—As the public arc not aware how Justice is dealt out In (he Criminal Court, nr If they are It Is never apokon of, I tako this oppor tunity of letting the public know how It Is dealt out. Several poor devil# last sontetro-diy got three and four yenra In tho Penitentiary for a few faltry dollars, — one, for stealing an old fiddle, got our years,—when sit eta men as Joe Dolan and Muldoon, the greatest robbers and cut-throats In the county, only got one year and the other three years, There will be Irion shortly In the Criminal Court men for Jnll-hreakfng, ami one forfeiting prlioncrs escape. Which Is the most guilty of the two? you will ask; why, Jailer Doyle, of course: hut I would not he afraid In bet 81.000 the first will go to prison and tho lattcrgo free. Then, again, there are the County Cornnil*sfoitrrs, who have been robbing the county of thousands of dol lars; what will he done with them? Nothing; they have too much money togotothe Penitentiary, hut the poor devils who have stolen a few paltry dollars will have to go to orison, (or they haw no money. There Is plenty of law, hut no justice. Yours, James Moimis. UNJUST liIHCUIM I NATION. To the Hdltor rj The Tribune. Chicago, June ft. — I call your attention to the nnjusl dlscrltnlnnlloti that exists between the sala ries paid to police ofilceni, firemen, and wages earned by most of the good mechanics. Salaries run the year round, while wages gen erally atop In the winter or In bad weather for out door work. There arc IJOU working days In tho year. Discounting only fifty days fur the winter, there remains Mi) days at «y a day, making S.'iOO n year, and. als2.r>U. SdM. of which.part is to lie taken for tools,—while the first-named class gel $1)00. Which of tho two classes are the most iiNefu) to society and most dillleiilt to replace, and ought consequently to have the best wages? Yours. L. lIItKNINBRB. CANADIAN NEWS. The Ornngomm, mu! ttm Hogtilnr Attempt to Inthuldute Thom—Dorn I’mlro—other N#HH. Aprcial Dispatch to The Tribune. Conuiui, Ont.. June (J.—The Mont Worshipful Grand liOdgc «f British America ft**cinblcd here to-day, Mont Worshipful Grand Master McKenzie Powell, M. P., prcnldlng. The attendance of del egates was unusually large. A report wan road, showing IncrcuHfd Orange prosperity In Canada and other colonies; also, hi England and the United Slates of America. The Grand Chanter of Block Knight* of Ireland 1* holding It* mooting here sim ultaneously with that of the Grand Orangu Lodge. lipeeinl lUiputch to The Tribune. llamii.Ton, June U. —The Government have con sented to allow the Hamilton & Northwestern Hall way to construct a bridge across Burlington Canal Into Hamilton. Work la to be proceeded with at ODCC. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Monthrai., Juno (L—Dom Pedro and suite ar rived here tn-nlgnU The parly embarked on hoard the steamer Spartan at Kingston early this morn ing, passing through the Thousand Island* and shooting tho Lachlue Rapid*. They are staying nt the St. Lawrence Hal) Hotel, ami 111* understood will leave to-morrow for the New England Slate*. An effort 1* being made to prevent Hie Grange E recession on the 12th of July, ns should the runsemen persist In walking lu regalia, a direct fight fa Inevitable. A branch of the Protestant Defense Alliance of Canada has been formed at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. ILLINOIS EDITORS. Special Dispatch to The Tribun a. Jolirt, HI., June U.—The twelfth annual Con vention of the Illinois Prtß* Afisoclntlon assembled in Joliet to-day. Tho attendance was much smaller than wa* anticipated. 8. P. Round*, of Chicago, Prenldout of tho Association, delivered the nnnnnl address on “The Power ami Moral Worth of the ITc**.” An original poem was read by Ml** Matilda Fletcher, and .Mr. 11. A. Coulldgc, of the Litchfield Monitor, read an essay on “Ldl torlnt Courage.” FBNANCI Alj A LL KINDS OF MERCHANDISE RECEIVED ON storage or sale, nod cash advances made thereon if desired, Chicago Utoraeu and CommlsMoii Company. Wareroums 78 ami HO Van liurcu-tl.; office l&4 Wash- Ingtuu-si. ADVANCES MADE OK DIAMONDS. WATCHES, Abends, etc.,ot LAUNDERS’private office. Rid Ran dolph-st., pcarClark, Roomsfuntlfl. Established ikm. 1?0R BALE—NOTE FOU fHtn INTEHEST 10 PKU 1 cunt; secured by trust-deed on property worth tii.ouu; good investment. Address A as, Tribune office. I OAKS—ON COLLATERALS, REAL ESTATE. OR j other securities. LIVINGSTON * CO., Room 18, 131 aml)33 LaSulle-st. Money to lend at a'to kTpeu cent, in sumstnsult, on Chicago real estate, or on farms. J. W. HEOKNUEKO, »0 M&dtson-st., Room 4. __ TVTONEV TO LOAN IN HUMS OF '*.*5.000 AND UP 1U wards, upou Improved city property. 8 per cent. LYMAN AJACKSON, 83 Portland Block. M" O.NKY"TO LOAN ON ‘FURNITURE, PIANOS, diamonds, houses on leased lots, nnd oilier good aecurlUes. No. iuoUearborn-st. K. WINSE. ik-f ONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS of »rioo. si. urn, i»l m.rpOO, etc., on good Improved Chicago property at thu lowest rotes. SAMUEL OEIIH, 114 l)carl>urn-(t. CUMS OF fl.nfx) TO *IO,(XM AVI) OVRU TO LOAN Oat u and 0 per cent. W. M. WILLNEIt, ikHLsSallc- It., Itouni I. ri'O LOAN-51,«W FOR 8 OR 3 YEARS AT * PK 1 rent: must be unexceptional security. SNVDE A I.KH, Room 3 and 4 Kemmll Building, southwest coi nurDearborn and WaahhiKtun-sU. fPO LOAN—fhOOforl ora years. PHILIP MVKHBA .1 CO.. U»imi a. HH .Mndlion-sl. AirANTKD-A I.OAV'ofYmmiON ItltlClv HOUSE vv and lot; location good; none but principal! need apply. Address t r»n, Tribune olllcc. WI'NTKD-A'I.OAN OF »I.WVi TO OV HEAL estate security for one year; will pay luandG. Ad* dress F 78, Tribune office. 8 AVI) 0 PEIt CENT—MONEY TO LOAN IS SUMS ot M.UMitmJ upwards on Cook County property. It. \V. HYMAN,_Jn., A CO., Uoom 11. IW LnSallc-it. dL*~e:nn-f7uo, sj.cxio. to' loan on chk’aoo'ou wjuJUU Hyde Park property. TUHNIiU Si BOND, Washington**!. d!?0 OHA OH *2,500 TO LOAN KOH2YKAHBAT tjt)wiUU»J toper cent. A. li. LANE, corner Wash- Ington and llaliled-Hls. <2* and othkh bums to suit, to limn on tit v property at current rates. TUHNKHA jUiSD. HU WMlilngton-st. HUJSICAL A NICE, FINK-TOSEH PIANO, NUNN'H MAKE, fur imia on Installments, or to exchange (or a lot and cottage or good Juwelry. U 77, Tribune office. 1?OIl BALK-A MAGNIFICENT PIANO. NEW, 4 matchless lu tone and llnlsh, standard nuke; low on tonus to salt. lwiOak*it.__ HALLET, DAVIS * COi’B (Fit AND BOUAHK AND Upright Pianos, no years established; 75 first premiums) -jo,UX)now lu tine. Special attention (scatl ed to tlie llullel. Davl* A Co.'s upright ptanoi. They stand In tune lunger than any pianos nude. They are rich and full In tones con»truoi*d t<> endure, and are la every eiweatlal thu perfect pianos of the age. Musical masters anti amateurs In America and Europe pronounce the lUltel. Davl* A Co.'s upright! supreme and unrlval* rd. For tale only by W. V. KIMHALL. corner State and Adami-ats.. Chicago. , , Two hundred planus and organ* U> real or for sum on the limit favorable terms, w. W. KIMHALU corner Btate and Adams-ita., Chicago. / \UR BTUCK UK ELKo'aN T NEW PIANOS IS TJIK \J istapMt and )>e»t In Chicago. und tnrbide* ißiirn* menu by leading maker* throughout the country. Our ciuUriurrhiwimiHld" ustu oifvr them at price*tower than Uieiamu guallty and chamfer of gomlicunbo told gUewliore. Wo have inlcndld new piano*, 7Vv octave*, amt all Improvement*. ranging In price* from 1175 upward* lo fmf.v Every piano warranted for live yearm. It. T. MARTIN. IM State-id. UIANOB*-PIANOB—PIANOB i jtU, *,M), *75, fill), fIMI, fVOO. SMO, f.VKI. THE CHEAPEftr ANhBEST i-LACK fo HUP. IMMENSE STUCK TO 6KLKCT KUOM. MAI. 11S 8. _ JW STATB-ST. fiillK HARDMAN nPUIOHT PIANO. X TTIK GREATEST SUCCESS (JK MODKItK TIMES, BEK IT. HEAR IT. BUY IT. PUICB LOWKIt THAN ANY OTHER KIRST-CLAB3 ‘ PIANO. FOR HALE ONLY HY . It. T. MARTIN. 1W KTATE-ST. TO 17AHM WANTED—F(Vu NKW BRICK HOUSES ON X jack»oii-Ml.; do cummlaklon. Address owner, H IJ, Tribune ©dice. New brick house on jackson-st., equity fur Evanston or Highland Pi'k property, clear; no commiuloo. Address C ion. Tribune oilier. _ fIXIT EXCHANGE—CHOICE RESIDENCE. HOME. X near Union Park f.<r a smaller house aud mure land In Lake Vlow._ Address ftoJ Fußuti. fl'O KXCMA.NCiK-ej.u»l H'l'OCK OF - BOOTS ASI> I iticjv* In location: ulwi clear lnl «m »c»t Mulluuwl.. and ct.uiu clear Kvaiutou property for a nice city lioiian amt lot; *K'*crlplloa. Andrew:* 77. Tribune olilcc. ri'O KXCMAKtiK-fNo.Oiu TOWNSHIP HON US. Irt- X kiu'<l by one of tin- Let ocnnitl'M »f a UV.tern Mute, foraUick of itooUj. AdJntiJASUAUV. Tribune ollleu. f IH) KXCHAN(iK—A FINK FAU.M. <Uu AKlHiS,'tni X inllcuiorthwi'niCtiliiiK l . . mile imm railroad, fur clear city property. K. \V. toi.K. ■*«’ 1-ake-it. \VANTKD-A tIOOIHJEbIDKNFK WOimi'VlloM >V eio.dOlullA.ooi. 11l Urn hoiilli IJlvUlon. Hint l« Incumbered. Will utve city unimproved tmliicuin bored property tu uxclmiitfu. S. LKVTON, Kuuiall, lUU Uadl»uu»t. X\riLl. KXCHANUK‘n>isfIbTIIV FUU I'AIU.OU tT actor ulLcr mereliuiidOo or ueriuiial property! firat-claxa work uuarameed. D 41. Tribune omen. AXrANTKIi-CI.KAK UIUI'K'OH MAUUUS FUONT » hi the cttyln eicliauao for clear choice inburbau property, luins chance. I). W. bTOItUS, Ut Wulilnu* 1011-lt. WAKTEII-* KAIIM. I*S KASTKim OK CEStIIAL » Kuuiuprutcrml, in eicluiitfo for deslrtbl* nub- B'I'UItAUE. oT<mAOK’lko» vrKsiiuuK. uundiKs. and r> liurvl.n.t'llu-1.1 flri'-inu.if w.'idiou .i- Ji/» \\ t»t Mo«* MTV IIISAIj KSTATK. i;gb sale-hotel-roarders who at:k pay i lua In U.ivi li.inl #r. to fro jmr «'.tK and only half llvlnir, tdioirld know that with the antin' ptyinentathey can a<**:nre nn decant home. aplendldly fllmT■ 11'■ il, <:«.rnin nil 11<* appointment*. on Smith side; It la an octagon caived-ilono front, witli brick barn. Andy to I). W. RTORRB, »4 Waahlnglon* •t,. I loom I ft. OR salr-Vt LOTfPNEAB* COUNKU OP WOOD and Taylor ata.. at a very ptrat, aacrlfleu, caah or ip. DAVID WILLIAMS, m Elark-at. DU HAl.K—l.l.iKn WILL PIIUCHAKK AK*ELR~ cent new rt-Mory brick lioiim* and lot corner of liar* nl-it. and Carnpbdl-av., being lean than half Ita coal, jnlre at ;»nft Wc»tern-av, OB KALE—GREAT It A lIGAIN'—THREE LOTH 72 feet front, with cottage and nice Improvement*, rrlaon-al.; only fi,HOD; terms easy* W. K. WERB, iDearhorn*«t. iron PALK-OH RKNT-A 4"sTOUY‘'DWELLING 1 Flnt-claulocality. T. C. BOVD, 147 Htato-at.. Plumber. 15V)R BAI.R—nKHT lIAItOAiIN IN cniCAGD—tl.ftOO lakeili. two-atory and b.vcmenl brick, with un-font lot. on llllnola-al., helween Slain and Dearborn. Nlcholmn Organ Factory, (U Indlana-il. 1708 SALF.—MOUSE AND Wi* FOOT LOT, INDIANA* 1 av., npnrTwentleih-at., at I«:mi than value of lot. MATSON HILL, b 7 Waihliiklon-nt. _ , |SV)R SAI.K-miltn FEET COUXEU PINE AND I 1 Ohlo ila. at a bargain. MATSON DILL. 07 Waali* liißtonat. Sl ItMIIIAN UISAI, JSNTATIS* 1 monthly paymrnta u» anil, 2*lory houaca and res foot lota »| ?W»i. fl.tid. and fI.UVi; near wthool* and deiHit; Nldewalka, etc., all cotnplctr. ready lo mow In* to; Di-rent train momlnßatid evcnlnk. T. L. DILL, 4 Lukceldc liiilldliiit. __ _ 1/oB SALE-f i'»i WILL UllV A BEAUTIFUL LOT.* 1 oun hloi k from depot, at Lrpraiiße; only 7 mlb a from city 1 ft;< down aiidfr, muntlily; chcapiut proper' tv In maiket and ahown free; ahMraet free; lahorem* train already on. IIIABIU.WS. 142 LaSallc*at., Itoom 4. IJOU BALE—A LIMITED NUMBER OF THOSE i choicelmlldinirlotaln Ktißtcwood ndjultilnumy Pitrk Snhdlvlaton will l.e oflercil at a biirt’aln In see. 21. :t«, 11, Fur prti i' and terma apply at Hm olHct* of 11. J. Goodrich, l-jr. Dcarhoru-at. L. \V. BhCK. ,NJR BALE-OR EXCHANGE—IN GLENCOE; I 1 Good 2*hiorv lioijai*, with Pirkc corner lot f-Lftm Neat new cuttiiKO. A 1, with acre lot 2.raO Forty ncii-n of land 4,m*i U9i*acn* hlm'ka. well located, from f1,!?0t0.... 4.«» n MORTON CULVER. Boom 4 Metropolitan Block. i 4 Uuteln Enulewood: f)nit*i*lnHa nelp'hlwirhood: near denota. Alan, very linn residence In South Kvnnston. TILUITSON BROS., ml Wa«lilin?tnn*at. COLATUY ISSTATIS. 70U"'bAI.K-BV MARSH £ GRAHAM, HEAiT'kS* tntcnnd Inaurance Aitenta, AUemui. Mich.: Cen* ■nnlal harvatna In Improved and unimproved fanning inda, nln» mill property and pine lamia. Corrcapond* ncc aollcltcd. I.’OU SALK—A GfKH) FARM, Ill'll ACRES, HU MILES L northwest of Chicago, half-mile from depot; $.:« lerucre; sl,f»<i»down. E. W. COLE. Ai Lake-hl. I/O It HALE-LANDS. LA SI IS! -UK HAVE .P acre* of good farm land* In IlllnoU fur nalc at verv low price* anil cany term*. If you wunl farm* or farm lamia call on ns before yon buy. GRIFFIN A LEWIS, No. u Major Rlnck. l/Olt SALK—A T WO-S I OKV' hTOUK lIIJILDINtE J with cooil cellar, ami eoiiuce on adjoining lot. In a thriving Illinois (own on thu C., 11. A g. It. U. A never falling well ami two elMerns supply voter. Grounds supplied with fruit-trees, aliruhliery. etc. Terms cash. AuJrtHal*. O. Uox 37*. Kewanee. 111. KEAL ESTATE WANTED. \V r ANiKD-TO LEASE—TO OWSERs'oV PROP- Vf erty—For a term of yean, n lot of :uj feet front age, running through to alley, In the vidnltv of La- Salle ami Monroe-n«. Address F sB, Tribune olllce. WANTKD— AROUT 100 FEET OF ’UNIMPROVED Weal Shie residence property; will pay about f j.coi eiudi. bahmee In one or two marble-front Noun * on aamc able. K 73. Tribune olllee. IIUSINESS EIDANCES. A FEW riUNDIIKD DOLLARS REVS HALF IN tercel In n w ell-established cash Imslm-M that will support two fainlllea. ~u LaSallc-st., Loom U. AIHISISESS MAS WITH fl.ftU CASH CAS HE cure an Interest In a prolllnhle manufacturing business. Cull at 7i» Kearhorn-st,, Room H. NY PART Y WITHV4.IS»i—PART'cAMI curlly-can have mv established trade und clean stock of hardware and nousefurnhhlug goods. IN-u retail location in city. Must soon go East. K 57, Tfrlh nnc olllce. 1/OR KENT AND HALK-THE ENTIRE STOCK OF X furniture, carpets, bedding, cle., of the Starr House nl llurllngton, la.. Is ofTvrcd for *ale. and the liunso will bo leased on reasonable terms to a good party with some means, desirous of keeping a first-elas-> hole). This la a Rood opening ami money can be made. Every thing Is new ami In good condition. An exhibit of the business of the house since Jan. I, and any olhor In formation. fumbhed by applying for the next ten days to F. C. WHITTLESEY, llurilngton. la. ' IXHt PALM—A STEAM FLOUR, MEAL. AND feed mill and clevstor at Northampton Mart. Has clone n large and prosperous bnMm-M. Death of owners makes sate Decessuiy. Good opening fora Western house to extend Its business East. Address LUKE LY MAN. Northampton. Mass. IX)U SALE—A RECTIFYING ESTAIIISHMKST, X new and fully equipped, with copper still and column, engine und holler, steam pumps, rectifying and n-cHv lug tubs. etc., located at lUnnd 13 Wchl Ramlolnh-st., Chleugo. For particulars Inquire at id Lnrrnbcc-st. CM AULI'S.SHEER. |/OR SALE—OS ACCOUNT OF THE DEATH (»F 1 thu owncr.the only harnea* shop at Downer's drove, 111. Fite property Is valued at about so»w. Apply to I*. ORKSH, Downer a Grove, 111. I7OU BALK—GROCERY STORK IS ROOD LOCA ; Him on HoutU SMc; rmall stock. I'artlea dcalrlntr to *o Into Imslncps will Jo well If they Inveitlßate. Cull •1623 Wabash-av. 7'l()6d RETAIL MEAT-MARKET ON BANOAMON' VT at. to rent; (in; Inquire In grocery-store, 03 North Bapßamou-Bt., near F ulton-jd. T HAVE THE ‘MOSS PATENT OK ITS KIND OS X the market, and having no incani to handlo it my ■elf, would sell part or entire Interest at a fair price. Address WESTERN STATUS. Vrlhuue ottlce. CALOON. fifoUK, LEASE. AND FIXTURES FOR kJ tale, cheap fur cuh. In one of the heat street* in city. The owner going U» Europe. Addresi K 15, Trib une olllcu. _____ ________ CAI.OON FOR SALK IN CKNTRKOF CITY. RENT. O (Mini. None but business Inquire at 187 East Waahlnguiu-at, VERY CHEAP I> TAKEN THIS WEEK-THE meat-market and pucklng-hou»e H!to Slate-*!.. doltißafiood huslncHs, with all modern fixtures. I'arty obliged l<> leave town. CASH lUTYS A MEAT MAIiKF.T, HOUSE tlpZirJU and haruew, In Rood location and In good running order. Apply at comer Indiana and Euana;*. oJ*n*rn CASH* WILL HIT A NEAT HOSINKSR that will pay tsuu per month. Call at 7« Hcarhom-Bt.. JlootiMt. CfVjrVn TO ?V«i CASH nUYR HALF INTEREST rnltjUU In Block and bu»tne*t paying (4WJ monthly, ftcll CBtnhllshed. l«o Randolph-*!., Room 20. C‘o ftfwV mrVfi HALK INTEREST in well tiPtJ<U\M t established ca/h IxistneM payliiß SIU.UUU KSOKSES AND CAUItIAEES. Auction —Tuesdays, tuuusdavk, and Batnnlnyn—Unruca, cmitFC*. ami liarmi** n hj-c --claliy, til WKSTOS A CO.'S. No*. U*l nml Km Wa«i)liiclun*i>l- Ample clmo ytwn tu test nil lioiw* Bold miiur a warrantee. block on hand at nrl vau- sale. ASKCONIMIAND‘"'IIKAVV-TO|*''I)KLIVKUV* übkoii : l oiui .V TLMillrovkc idik--»|>rliiK oiwn lni«l --liens )iukKy< alfo, flrat*clau buggy pole, las Mich lgun-»v. "A'TaiH WAHABII-AV., CAUUIAUKS, UUOciIEH. J\ phaeton*. etc. We have a law* variety of alt the •tyle# at reasonable |irle«w O. I>. IIUAOLKV. A" VKUV FINK CO AN & TESHKOKKK TOF jTuGOVT ciihl f:iJ5 anil Knotl iu> new. dirt cheap. Murt be aoU Oil* week- Comocarly. Wen Modlwmjat. Auction of'houses, iicuoiks, cak rlnue*. ImnirM, Monday*. Wednefclaya, and Friday*. connnendiiK at n»a. m., at WItKN feCO.'b, liuandiw Wa*hlm!U>n*«l. A KINK HTOCIt OF cXIJHIAUKS, HUOOIfX phueuma, etc., at mat bargains. 10 and Id Host Waalmißton-sl., near Mahnah-av, It. 11. HID.. ’T - VAUMKII” IB "IN* KltOM COLIUVATFU. MICH., iv 4 good road horaca and 1 go»«l Imslueo* or family horse. all wnrrnnled, and tlm neat of retcrenrra Riven. Apply at No. lu llamon-court, between Wabash and Mlehigamava. __ _ /’'tIIATTLKMOUTUAOK AUCTION HALF. OFFISH bay horse, harness, and sonar* Ik.x leather lop buggy. U'lllct a make, will be Hold Wednesday morning No- stub Fast Washlngum-sU, WUhN & CO. l/0U SALK—TOF-UAIt WAtlONd" MADE HY X' llrcwster & Co,, Catling, and otir own make. Hide spring top business buggy, Rood phaeton, and other*, liul liftli-, In ord.T uil clnup. I’EN-SClVtii & CU.. wri Wabash-av. _____ I.'OU BALK-4 HEAVY IMtAET HOUSES; ALSO, 3 1 medlotn-iUed |mr*c«: 1 alee buitiry mare, buggy, ■tidbarni'uala»ucrtnce : __34d blue iikud-ar. rniKSALK-syi'AitK-iJOx'cAiaKousiA spuing i 1 (op buggy. marly new; hU» cheap road-hone, at Warehotwe, l2iiCarrull-«t., oortbwcatcorner_Union. M~ AUTIN'S'jS TUB'nKST’A.SD CHEAPEST SHOP In town to »ettd your carrtogi*. buggies, ami wag una for painting and repairing. Tire* nut from s<>e lo 7fk* Vln.l-eliS.B work at M AUTISH CAUUIAGE KIIOP, 47 Wcll*-n. All onlcra by mob promptly at tended U). Stock oidtand. _ _____ _ ONE ELEGANT KIDE-HAR iVuKWSTFJI TOP buggy ami barm-aa, aa good a* new, to bo told at ball lUt-uKt. Apply at MS Wahoab-av. V\VaNTKD-t’AU l.l) All SKCOS'D ri.ASS HOUSES" TV marca preferred; good alae. Call at Wrlghfa »u- We. K>tial<*-*L,_lKo Ju and 12 V«> i C, U. IM.AI.LS. WASTKn-A GOOD LEATHER-TOP PHAKTOS’ TV and a good two-*eal family carriage. Addrcaa, Hating lowest coali prleo, J S It. Jb_o. Bui St I. tirANTEH-HUIVING‘HOUSE. mUTAJILK EOU TT lady limlHvu; tnual bo A No. I. a good alepper, an j cheap fur ibnli. Apply to S. A. WEST AGO., cor ner Ohio and Lasalln-aU. 7 HOUSES" Etm SALK—t liu WORK HOUSES; one for >4d. one for >i»), (tie for >75, a* I have no work fur them. Call at 7'.'u Writ Mitdlmu-at. .to-day. UIVOIICIH. ITIVOUUES LKOALLY AND i*uTetLY OUTAINED |J for Incompatibility. «ie. 5 rcildence nor peraunol brcai-nee not ne< eauary: uflldavlU fcnlllelent proof; feu allerdccrco. (1. It- slMb. 57 Aalland block. Chicago. lUVURPES LKGALLY AND yJIETLY"OHTAINEU ,W In every State uf the Union fu' Im-oinpatllilllty. etc. Ileildcnee uutteceaary. Fee alter decree. Iwo vu jeura’ eaperletiee. Adilriuw P._lL_ioa luJ7.i:hlca«u._lU. fVtIHCES OUTel ; L*\’ OUTA NKI) Edit" ISUOM" uullblllty. etc.; lecal eterywheroj allldavlta auill deal pnmf; reahlence iinm iienal: fee after decree. 11. S. MAUVVX. Ilooln 5, H.% Wiulilnnon-*i.. (’tileago. 111. vviivteij, ivautskiTw*astki• —ooii^Tiusiniiss man I with capital 10 buy lutered In me of the belt inveD tlonaof Iho day._ Adureaoli 2J, i)AUTSEU WASTEI) IUMKOIATKLY - WITH I •mull capital of f 2ootu take lull lnure»t ondoel a* Tteaaurcr In u nrtl-ela** female nlniirvl troupe; »Uil on iho road Monday; good rvcird. Tbuae meaning biultieu only apply U> ituum 24 Lbaplalne* Houae, cor ner Deiplttlnea and Modiaun-at*. INSTiiliciTlON, CKHTCHISO FUOM NATUUB TAUGHT IS ONE O letaon fur >5 (not lucludliir ibaulng). , PuplU unifM "Tdy at tbdr reulcncee. .vJJrcu C. ELVtLN A, to nn/vT—norsKH. rpo i!kst-vViev rnr'u- Two 2stouv and 1. tiHii'iiiiiil dwelling*, brick. Mom* trim mine*, li room*, be«ldc» I'filh-rmim. pnntty, nml c|o«ct«. with every modern Improvement. In a plemanl nelchmThood on WHmter-av.. wirl of Day urn-*t. and n* nr Lincoln* av. ran. Apply to Dr. M. it. CLEVELAND, Slab? and ViMhlnßlon aU,. over Flrat National Hank. r§vj rknt-thk'largkhousr'corneu bush 1 and Oak*«la.; 14 room*; In fine condition; f wiper month; aUo. No. 3wi Oak-it,, anme plane; 11 room*; octagon frontal f4O per montti: aim. No. 4h4 Marahfidd* av., near Aahlaml-av. and Taylor**!., Wr»tsldc; II r»*»m»! f l't per month. The altovc home* have trot nil modern ronvenleneva, and are the cheapen! to lenauta In the city. Apply on the premlico, or to PAUL.I. McCoBMICK. |A-i Smith Clark-iU _ fro runt-babe oppobtunity-a house lo* x r ated on a bountiful private park; modern Improve* manta; terms very rcaaonable. Call at 10 Btale-it., ICOOIB ft. fPO REST—CHEAP—BRICK HOUSE OF lOIIOOMB, J 124 Tbronp-at.; !n\a modem improvement*. Inquire of owner, as»* Weal Wuliln£ton*it. ___ f|’o UKST-flft PKU MONTH WILL ItKNT LABOR 1 hotiae and ground*. ru* Hnrvard*at., near Campbell* av. Inquire ot :wft Weiti;tn*av. _ __ fi’o RENT-DWELLINGS IN COMPLETE OBDFIL 1 aaa, ami water; one on Calnmct-nv., « roorna. onn un Pratrle-av., 7 room*. fan, loth near Twenty* iHth-al. JAMES W. PORTER. l» Bryan Riock, f|V> RENT-ELEGANT FURNISHED KltoNT BOOM 1 for gentleman and lady; board for lady. Addrtai L 47, Tribune olhcc. f|V) liRNT-m-PTOIiV HOUSE. 7 BOOMS. H7ii I tVaaliliigton-it.. hydrant and clatern water, atrecl paved, lanrc front yard and harn; heap inert location In Die city; rent very low. C. F. BULK ELKY. f|V) BENT-COTTAGE'. 7 BOOMS. SPLENDID* LO* J cation, IftdTweTity-foiirth'iM.. In Rood uriP r: to a St'iod tenant reasonable, lii’inlrc at 12m Twenty* fonrth-at. fI’OBENT—CHKAP—f jn IF TAKEN AT ONCE-D/t I. Leav!tt*»t.. hnlwecn Polk and Taylor, new 2*itory and baaement brick honar. wUhTromna bcaldea ba»e tnent, east front. U. T. LATHBOP, at Keith Ilroa., 2oD Madßon-rt. tV BEST—DWELLING. ’<W NO'ltTH SANOMON-'sf.. 1 near Fulton, h rontiu. i 2*l. liniuln In druK-alore, corner Knlton and Saimnnioti-ata. Nittniriinn. f|\) RENT-OU WILL PELL. A FINK HOUSE AND I cutiukc In Enchtwood; a lu-untUnl rcaidciu e In South Evanatott. BROS.. ;i'i Wa«lilnkton->t. TO KIS.NT—ItOO.TIS. fro RENT—WKLL*FU UN DRIED BOOMS. f2.V'TO If 7 n we,-It. Rellitio*Plilloaophli'ftl I'ubUhMnir lloiuc, :iiH New Deorhurn-al., 2 block* auiilh of i‘«m*otUcv. fpo RENT-MICHIOAS-AV.-HANDBOMELY FUR* 1 nlahed and rooma for ki ntli-Mii-n In a pri vate honw*on Mlchtynn-av.. near T'hlrti*cnth*at., will* or without board. Referentcs reijulred. D 2*l, Trib une olfleo. ri'O RENT—TWOI'I.E AH ASTOOt'III.E ROOMS. 1 350 Ohlo-»l., between D-vrburn and Male. rn» rent-desirahli: rooms in SEwVfosE L front home. furnished or unfurnished; aim aceom- Itindailon* for it lady; itfcimcci required. 4J Rusb-st., NHI til bide. ipo Ki:sT-Kri{NiViii:i» lionMs'kuoni iso tiik 1. Nike; nil convenience*; with private family; fii. Indians-av.. corner Thirteen! list. M’D HKNT-KLKOANTLV-FURNISHKD ROOMS UV X the week or rnuinN; cool mi'J ; convenient to business; term* reasonable. IS llalibarJ-i.ourl, cor ner Waba*h-av. MS) UKNT—SICF.LT-FUltNlSifkl) LOOMS. WITH 1. or without board, Klmpduiry Ulock, Randolph at., tienr Clark. Apply at Room bo. M’O IIEST-nANI)SOMKLV-n;i{MSlirD FROST L rooms; |irltc-* reasonable. No, 171 Flflh-av., cor ner Monroe-st. MX) REST—FIRHT FLOOD. 33d Ft.'LTON-sT., NKAIt 1 Hanirainuti. t) rooms. ()j. inquire in drug-store, corner h ulion ami cangaimm-iu. _____ MX) LENT—II*I EAST M ADIMIN.HT.—NEWLY- I cleaned, wcli-furnbheil front ai.ti back noma. sin gle or rii anile, suitable fur gentlemen and their wives, t hird floor. Room ill. ri'O REST—WASTED—HOME CHRISTIAN GENT i ami wife to rent furnished back parlor, where they can have a quiet home: also sltikl" rooms for pent*: all with or without t>oard: location tlrat-cluss: cam pass the door. Come and »ee the lady. t)!>» West Madison-st. rpO RENT-FRONT ALCOVE ’itOOM, HANDSOME -1 ly furnished, private family: rent very low U> de sirable parties. 301 West Motiroe-st. MX) RENT—WELL LIGItTED. SICKLV FURNISH i. ed rooms, ?;»per week: transients taken. Inquire for Mr*. POTTER, U|» two flights stair*. :i7u Mate-si. _ r'po KENT-3 LOOMS FRONT. $3«»: .1 ROOMS RKAIL 1 (ir.; a front ru'iimi, fU; 3 rear rooms. #io. at 7; I Htate-st. Store in rent, and 5 rooms, fio, ui 15a West llarrUon-st. MX) KENT—A VERY PLEASANT FIRNIsjIKI I. room to a gentb-nmn: will rent cheap; everythin.; Hew and clean. Uhlo-st,, near North Dearborn. Ad dress K 4H, Tribune office. f|S) RENT-FRONT SUITK OF 3 ROn.MP FOR 1 houK-kccplng, with bath room, hot water, &c. Ml West .Madfsuiwt. fpO ItEST—IN’ A~niIVATE FAMfI.Y. ONE SUITE 1 of elegantly furnished room*, hot and cold walor and hath-ronm. on Unrk-av.; gentlemen preferred. Ref. renei;* required. Address Z 2>, TrDiunc otllec. rpo UKNT-TWtJ SUHEK <IF HANDSOME FITi” 1. nlshcd moms, all moderu linprovoim nts. single or cn suite, location A I. within one block of street can tml first-class restaurant. References exchanged. Ad dress X 3, Tribune olllce. _____ HX) REST—LARGE ALCOVE ROOM. ALHO OTHER 1 pleasant room*, with closets and oath, furnished. CS woboidi-av. fpo RENT—I 37 MICHHSAS-HT.—TWO FLATS.CON- J listing of double parlors and klfejien and 7 bcil rooniN with closets, suitable fur one large or two small families. MX) REST—FIfItNIHIIED ROOM?. THOMPSON X House. KM South Clurk-sl.: transients taken. Of fice E, second floor. tpO RENT-FRONT ROOMS. SfITAULK VoR X ladle* or ifentU-men. at lObhertnaa-fct., near Rock Inland Depot. Translcnti taken._ riM) UKST-FmiNisilKir FROST ROOMS FOII .1 married couple or gentlemen: bUirlc room* by the day or week. Transient* accommodated. HW South Clark-il. f|'b RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS IIV TIIK .1 day. week.or month, with or without hoard. 100 and lie* Fast Wiulilnutmi-M- WANTEII-TO WENT ■\VANTF.D—TO HKNT—ON THK JSTII. HOUSE OF » H rooms, modern ImprovemetiU, rent about (3*>. for n small family of adults; West Side preferred. 1. ;i, Tribune ulUce. WANTED-tb ICENT-A SICE COTTAIiIf OF 4 or S rooms, hetween Lake and Van Huren-'t*. and Ashland aud Wcbuth-bvi. Slate rent wanted. Ad dr>-M A nt. Trllnnie oilier. UOAIIDINU AND MIUOIXi South Hide. Ift F.LDIUDOE-COURT—TWO FRONT ROOMS, i U commanding a tine view of the lake and harbor, to rent en aultu ur se|>aritu)y, with board. tin PECK-COURT—FURNISHED ROOMS TO REST 0»* wlili Ixiiird to gentleman and wife or idngle gentle men. Term* rcnaonable. 7<{ VAN IHMtES-HT., NEAR STATE—HOARD FOR I v) ladle* or gentlemen; (1 to (0 per week, with ute ot piano. Q 1 VlFfll-AV.. NKW VOUK CltY-CTXTKN* CVL nlul l«onnl by tin-day nr wi-tk; baailwunf bmwii Mow. capaclou* room*, mural locality. excellent tft* bln. llufer to ASAIILX tiAUK, 14 I’urtluml Illuck, Cbl* cuko. m KIIAK KMN-bT.—PLEASANT UOOMS. WITH board; f4.c>u jut week, wltb um uf batti ruuin. “Ureal L'lutern ilmixs." T*>T~ANI) 1- i CALUMF.T• AV. --AT THIS VKUY Xw L dculrabb; l<k-^clou. tunilulicj ur unfurnlilicd ruuiua wllli board can be |i;wt inference* required. OQO MICIt 10 AS-AV.— NICELY-FIMISISUEI) £iO«£ room*, single or ca suite, best locality In the city; lim-clnM table, ___ O, x»> M icIllOA N-AV.—FLK AH AST n’KSl.Slini) OUa front rouuia. fronting lake urn! park, wliu board, for gentleman mid wife urjdnglc gimtlemcn^ 07 | STATK-HT.,ITP-STAIKS—PLKASANI FKONT OI *x room to runt with Imard. suitable for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen; *ll per week. 11 O MlCin OAN • A V.. COUNKU OF *TIIIU *r Lw tcenth-st.—Front room on second floor, with U.ivrd for two; boime and surroundings unt-class; ref erence# exchang'd. "l |o' MICIJIUAN-AV, SKWLY FCKNISHIfo *i ‘ru room* to rent, with or without board. Veil WADASIT~AV.' FLiiAiiTVNT KCIIS 1S11KI) ‘rOL and unfurnished rooms. with all modem Ini* imivemeniA mi first and second floor*, to rent with board to families or single gentlemen. (ton WAUABH-AV. - FKONT ASD COUSEU c/JhKs room*. elegantly furnished. MI CIIIO AN• AV r F.1.1i0 AST ALCOVE UOu room. unfurnished except carpet, and Urge room, furnished, fur three gentlemen, with board. Terms moderate. 7,~ i MICUIOAK-AV.-SECoSD KLOOIt FUONT »/ - r room, with alcove, and other dealuiMe room*, well furnlahed, with board. U'ottl KiUis If) SOUTH fiANOAMON-ST.-PLKASANT KUU .I Jj nUhrdrooma, with l*oard, fur two; also single routs. Term* tnodrraUf. HQ ASHLAND-AV., NK.Ut COUNKK MONUOK t/O at.—Very attractive room*. ainl beat aeeommoda llooi for two married conplei, or tow gent*. at im-dcr* ate term*; moat Uniting Imulluii and aurroundlnga._ O(IQ~WEST UANOOM’Ii-ST.—UOOMS TO UESfT OtfO wltb board, for Um-t< young Beutlunieii or two ladle* ami ono gentleman. Price, >u per wtek, amis humoglven. I*l- WEST MliN110K• ST."— SUITK OF ROOMS M wtl for gentleman ami wilt- ur two gentlemen; alao, •Ingle room with good lw>ord. IBuluU. DB FOREST HOUSE. 172 SOUTH CLAUK-BT.- Itrautlful and Airy front room*. ulnglc or vu aullc, at loweat rate. Table boarder* Ukeu. Nortb Kldc« QOQ INPIAKA-BT-, SUAU KUSH -- DESIItA OLrO blc roumi. with or wit hum board, Is plcuaut luegtluti. _ , NEWINO BIAUUINKHi I, 'OH SALK—tIItOVKIt A 11AKKE. >ls: WHBELKU ' A Wllaun, >2O; late Improved Hluyer from >25 to >10; lleihliirfUin. (25; WlUon, >25, to pay alvaoeea; inutie) loaned on macblnev PrlVtau Loan OUlcc, 125 rbtrk-al., Uuoin 2, up-ataln. l'6u BALK—OU EOK DKSiUAiII.E 1' material ono new-itylo WheclerA Wllaoti »owln k -- machine; haa timer l>eeu uaed. Addnaa U 03, Tribune olllee. I.’ LEOANTSE\V1 NO MACHINES. j Sewing mitelilnea of all kind*, make*, and Kyle*; warranted 3 year*; all attachment* included, at le«a than ball regular rale*. . . THObJL UAUTIS, 2flo Wubaili-aT. _ i \KK WHKKLKir*' WILSON. LATE. IMPU»>VKI»; \ / one family hluaer, new and at a bargain. .17 » eat MadUon-U. - ISO( NKllOM) <;OOI»N* T?EAUEUL SACitjEll’E— I*AUM)U I 1 aulu below coat of manufacture. 11. T. u.Vllllh, 154 btaio at. _ / \UIt \V«VEN~wntK'MATTUKSSES AND PEEK- V.J lea* cabinet bed* are the beat In the market. A»k fbr them. Wlilll'LLeEY * I'ETEKn, IJI i.a>l Modi ■vu-aU frills UNION EUIJNITUUE I’OMPANY UKTAIL I |..:rlut UI d ehr.mbei' MMilluro til an on imiik*« |{(M»kl(<vpcrn, riiTlis, (•(«:« WANTKD-A FIRST-CLASS HOOKKKKPKR: ONE who nmirr»tnnrl« Ihe elgar-lio* loHnri* prefer red. Good salary to the right man, Call nr uddreu DOORMAN BROS., HO South Canal-at. WASTED— A COMPETENT DRUO-CLKUK. AP ply for two day* at ufM Indlana-av. \VANTF.D~DRIto.CLERK; f f competent. and temperntet German preferred. Elate'iiialltlcatlona and price. Addreis F&u, Tribune OtllCP. \iyANTKD-HKVRHAL. KXPEIiiENCKD RETAIL »t clothing MiluNiiirii. Address. namingformerem ployerf, references. etc., Km. Trllmnwoilier. Trade** \\TANTRD—A 0001) ORDER COOK, AS FIRST. TO >V thcrlght men, good wage* paid. Apply at 210 'Veal Madlson-aU ____ WASTEI>— A FIRST-CLASS HAHHKHi GOOD UK llahh 1 man. A pply at i»U Wett Heat at tention paid to cußtomm there, ni at any flrtl-elas* •hop. and reasonable rate* chang'd. All patron* wish ing to shave regularly will he furnUhrd with ihavlng eupM. sponges. etc. Hair lonlea fur talc. Shop opem at an early hour in tnorolngt cloaca Sunday! promptly at U o'clock. W” ASTKD-A GOOD IIUTUIIKU WHO UNDER stands how to cut meat and tnaka sausage, at lt*!3 Arno M-at, WASTED— TIGHT AND FLOUR-HARUKL COOP era, at Slxtecnth-iu and Wentwortb-av. F. K. JOSES A into. WA NTKD- a”ca'rliTaOH'luTac'KPMTfll. WORK by the month. OSUAtroffSKSSrs. Thirty- Rrst-it., northwest corner Dearborn. WaNTKD-A LIVE CARRIAGE TRIMMER. ALSO >l a girl to work mi cushion* and backs. 12U5 South Btale-st. I. 11. 1101.1. AM. WANTKD-A COSTKCrfoNKITON FISK ilOMl” made candles; alio a good hand on aiarch work. Nos. 7n and «»Statc-tt. \\rASTKD-ONK fill TWO GOOD OAK ASD WAL f V nut grainor* on large Job oh Fulton amt Walnut n*., nearLentrul I’ark, this day. JAS. C. 11UI1N \\T ANTKD CAItPKS TRIIH TKN - ‘TmMMKTis ' > Hit* mornliu.'. with tooli, to work by day or con- Ou ton i>h<i k on iloynu-st., betwem boucrcai and Ilurrl-oti. WKKKS ,_E MHUKV_ it LACKV. WAHTD-A GOOD STHIITKII: OSK THAT CAS s l make bunches. tUH South Unlon-it. WASTED— A TISSKK TO GO A FKW MILRITiN the country. Houle man. Must l»e willing to wmk for low wages, ht. ady work. Apply at 211'lerco-at, basement, In fure 12. \\rANTKD-A CALCIMISKU AT THE HT. DKNIB if Hotel, corner MadUuiiand Ueapidlnta-iU. Cuino prepared to work. Kinploymrni Air^nrlc** \\ RAILROAD MRS FOR ILLINOIS: f 1 fro*- fare; ID farm hands, and .3 atone noiirryinen, ANDREW (I. HIND A CO.. 17 North dark-al. Wanted-ipo bailhoad i.aboiikhs foi: » > Iowa: free fan-; wage* f I.Mi; a nun to bo to the work' with them. It. K.CHUIbTi AN. Ml South Water-st. nml 111Inertsi lucual miner*: tor saw-mill: goto flay. E. A. ANGELL. 2 Market-*!., corner \\tantkd-;igi dau.doad' lahihied*' poll > f town nml Illinois. wiu;ri f I..Vi ;.or day: saw-mill ami farm hand*. free fare. Apply to c. V. hNKI.L. 21 Went Daudolph-m. \VANiKI»-:j'«j DAILDOAD LAUUDLD.S Kofi vs lown ami Illinois, fl.Aoaii'l fif.tuper rtav: free fare: nofor Nmtiioni FadneUullrouiii man and wife; at 2:1 wet lUticioipii-Et. j. it. sfkdhfxk a co. rriUccMnncoiit. WANTED-ANY FEUKON can MARK fWX) A » uiuntli selling our tetter copying book: any one that has a letter In write will buy ft; m»pre«sor water iiM-ut send for circular free. EXCKLbIUU CO., 17 Tribune Building. Chicago, 111. \\ r AN T ED— AGES T*. FOD A MAGNIFICENT yy work of nigh character. New, novel, utnl at tractive. it will bring large rciumi at once. A. C. KtrtVK, Cleveland. O. TirANTKI>-A STEADY MAN WITH flWi CASH. *« willing lo go Louis, can meet with an ex cellent business, safe and remunerative even In these hard flmcj. Iluotu fa Exchange UulUUne. corner Washington ami Clark-sts. Peeking iu siness. it fays yy tnicll fant-ieltinu article*. American Novelty Company, m Ka>t MailuoifU., Doom lit. WANTED-A FAUMF.It. A GOOD WOIIKEIt Wllti >\ utiderrinnda hU liuitncae. on a nice place near the city. Ucfcrcm e* reijnlreil. Call at :«:* lllvcr-il. ■\\fANTElt-AGENTS AND CANVASSED*. A NEW » and pood thing. AdilreM Tribune otllce. WASTED- AN ‘CNI'iUAI. - OI'i’OUTUNITV"fo make pood wapr* In a penteel lumlne-s will he ptven to a few pood men and women. Exclusive terri tory will he plveii In llie Southern or Western Stales If desired. Good apenti wanted for the elty. Callnrsend addre.u and stamp to WALTON TABLE AGENCY, Ul Wa*hliip(oii-»l.. Chicago, 111. ■\\fANTED-A FEW CATHOLIC fiALESMEN'FOU yy theeity and country: no competition. Call at /loom 3. n North dark-st. Xlf ANTED—YOUNG MAN TO WOlllv IN DINlNfp »> room and wash dishes at No. nun bouih Hal rted-si. WANTF.D— MEN OF GOOD ADDUESS. FUOM 30 ut4r,year*of ape, to ».ilkU orders for our large inedlea) work. To men «f ability, who, after a few months' experience, eaa take entire charge of territo ry. and employ turn, we will pay n liberal salary: must bring nrst-class refcreni-ea. Addm*. xuulug ape and experience, W. J. HOLLAND A CO., bu Lake-lt., thlcapn. ___ WANTED- MEN: WB WANTfOGIVEO.OWTUIAL packages, worth ?l each, to.Vjiimen whowlshto enpapepermanently In the best paying business In the United States. We guarantee live men S7O per week during the year, Aaitrcu DAY A CO.. Chicago. HI. WANTED— UKSI’ONhIBLE I’Alfrv'T*> SELL MY patent—a pood one. Address WESTEHN bTATES, Tribune olßce. WANTED— COMM EUCIAL TItAVELKIbS-A COM mission house of long standing desires one or two f ood traveling solicitors for the grain business. None >'il m>'ii of eiperlpnce In that particular liiu- need up* ply. Addrcea by mall A 11. lid Washltigton-sL Wantkd-livk mas with few iiiisrinr.D dollnn*. Liberal calory and security fur money. Apply to clerk Adams House. Ilarrlvm audCUrk-sta. \\’ANTKU-A VEW~GOOIi ’MEN TO y\ money to fo* made. U»u South Clark-st., Doom 3. McCOV A UANoON. YIfANTED—GOOD bOLICITOU FOU MICIIIOAN >• fruit and berries; liberal commission paid. Ad* dress V. to. Tribune olllee. \\FANTKD—AN EXI'EHIKNCKD HU3INESS-MAN » to go to Milwaukee mid conduct an established oillec business; pays net Income of funo a month. None but A. F. AA. Masons need apply. 145 Cltrk-at., lliHim ;c>. A\rANTKD-A SALESMAN IN A UF.AL-F.STATK » onicc (Dunn who can apeak German and Scandi navian languages, between the age of 20 and 35 years, smart, active, and ready !<• work as hard os thecase may require, and a good talker. Address li 2U, Tribune olllee. WANTKD-PEMALC lIKU*. Dninektlcs. WrANTKD GFHMAK, ENGLISH. OK SWEDE » girl. In faintly of (our. Apply Immediately at Oil tnulaim-av., near F.lglitecnHi-st. AIT ANTED-K*G WAHASU-AV., A GOOD GEH* i> manor English T\, r ANYi:i>-.\ (illtL lV) DO GF.NKHAL HOUSE* \y work In a small family. Inquire at 414 I’ark-uv., Weal hide. AIfANTED TWO GOOD GEISMAN »U SWEDE \\ girls. mu»t l*e first-elans. ui Ul7h I'ralrlejav. A\fANTKI>—A GOOD IHNING-IUMIM GIHL. AT \ l the Waahlngum-su Cußee House, l'J4 East Wash* ingtnn-st. _ WANTKD-A OIUL TO COOK. WASH. ANi \\ Iron at Washington Heights. Apply at Doom ; Ki Itandolph'Bt., KITCHEN UIUI, (SKUMAS OU >1 Apply tmUH illitoly ul 4<U Cuirxll uv, TtrANTEI)~A (lOUII'OKUM AN~OU AMKIiICAK M xlfl f>T Kcucrsl huuMWorlc. Apply ui I7J Eiul Twirniy-flrMt«. _ WASTKU-AT niri INIUASA-AV.. A UIULTO cook, wiv»h, andiron, or doj.*eiiiT«lhousework. WANTKU-A OOdl) OIUL TO DO SECOND WOUK >» mid wall on tnlilo: unc Hccu»tunii-<l to Ute work. Apply before u or after holf-piut 275 Lul Indiana. T\TANTKI>~A OOOD KITCHEN OIUL. AI'DLY \> to-day, at 307 Wrst Jaukaon-al. ■yyAXTED-A KITCIIKN OlliL. TV A N TKI l~A*n 111 L^TO~DUOKNKII At, 110 C SK* » work, u uood washer and ironer. Apply at 3uo West liidlaun-au WANTED— TWO GIRLS AT ISO FAST EU’.H teenlti-Bt, it cook and yountficlrl (or Bccoml work. Itlllllnoriu ■\\rAVTPI>-A FIRST-CLASS MILLINER AT 200 >l MlU'unkcc-av.; a German preferred. fM‘ttmHIrVNNUW. TTrANTKD-OOOD BTITCIIKRS AT SI.IPPF.II FAC* » wry. WILSON * ELDJUDUE, l(xl Kruuklln-»L__ \\rANTKI»—A FIUST'CLASH DRESSMAKER WHO if undensanda cutting and ditlng; none but good ones need apply: work by theday. «Mt> tiuilUt.liuintiijr road. In from o i llarry-ar., Mr». Millar's, or llxi East WibililliKtaß’bt. ALS. MILLAR. TITANTDIV-skAMSTREHSEH TO WORK OS VESTS if at homo; only fim-clata lianda need apply. Wubasb*av., •vcuml floor. WANTED— SHIRT.MAKERS AT Me ART'S KlfllK ka Shirt-Factory: nunc but flr»t-cla*a worken need call; good ahlrtmakim con bava aleady employ ment. 5i West Madlson-it. Nuneai \\7ANTEI>—A OOOD (URL TO TAKE CAIIR OP il children. Herman preferred! mud come well recommended. Apply ut M Twenty-llfth-st. WANTED— if HEALTHV WET-N Incumbrance. Adores* L. ItosOlO. city 1 • u. l.utiiulrtiMMva* "\TTANTFI>—A lIKAII LAUNHiIKSS AVD OXK 11 shirt Ironer. Call IbD utorulnii at bl. ELMO I.AUSDUV. 1W South Deaplalnes-st. JltUcelluiiuuua* WANTED— A HERMAN OIUL H OR 13 YEARS OF ago to lake charge of two room* during Ilia day. Apply at ii4o Wabosb-uv.. Iloom «. ANTED—(I NILS FROM 10 TO Vi YEARS OLD AT if 4Market-st. _ _____ WANTED— UlitLS FOU ASSORTING UAQ3 AT fkO bomb c’unalal. tITASTED-THK HEUVYOES OF TWO OU THUEE i * ladle* past the uveiaue »ke, who know everybody'* )>u>luewt and eiu attend t» their own, to ftirnUh ifeueral tiiformatton. at a percentage of <lO to <73 pur week. Addrew R h.i, Tribune otllee. FOU SALIU 'f,\mSALE-ONE HANDSOME-FINISHED WOOTON 1* cabinet de»k; acknowledged to Us the bandaume*t Ihlngt In the market; baa never been uaed. Addrea* 0 aj. Tribune otllee. I.iOR SALE—CIIICAUO HOARD OF TRADE MEM* A’ U-rthlp. Addreaa A 7-i, Tribune ulbce. V'UU SALE—NOTICE TO STHtE'I'ruAJLV. AV COM* 1 ponlea—Tbe I‘euple‘a Ratiwuy have 3J amall one* iiimu carat been Its u*o about two years, and aru now lu good running condition: oil have f>Uw*ou lore l«n<». Will be auld cheap. For Information address W. H. RYDER. Secretary reO[du‘a Railway. M. l.onla. Mo. AHEKTN WAKTEDi 4 RESTS WAsfi;i» FOR CiH'NTRV TO SE> L . I a-md* to c all >.r aadrcsl J. F. i*.lM*tp -.V. n irk-al.. U-1.1 14. SITUATIONS WAPfTED-iTTALR. nookhe"cpcMr^Clcik«r«tf» CITHATION 'VANTED-HT A TOUNO MAN IW A t? retail (wot and shoe Korn: hu had experience aoj can give good reference. _Addre*a Fen, TJibuna ofllM, SITUATION WASTKD-HY A VO’IJNO'DRY GOODS man: apeak* languages; hiu luma cash: vinUa iic»>lf«ltn«Hon atanrthfngi No. I reference*. OUEL 3H5 wot ImHnnit-it. Trade** SITUATION XYANTF.n-AS FOREMAN PATTER!!* p maker or In fmindrys twenty-six yearn* experience to light and heavy wort In alliu branctie*. triu North Uolwy-al. SITUATION WANTF.D-HY A RR9PECTABLB n Ocrman hoy to learn the cigar trade. Call on or ad* dreaa, fortwodaya, CII, 73 Cottage (irovc-ar. SITUATION WANTED—HYA COMPRTENT rlaec trimmer within* to make * change nf placet ■mod reference fumlihed If required, and prlcea Co ault the tlinei. Adilreaa I*. O. Hot 1017, Fort Wayne, Ind. Coachmen* Teain*ter*« etc* CITUATIOH WASTEIX-HY A YOUNO MAN AS * ’ roachman; one who understands horse* perfectly, andean make himself generally mcful about ahrm»c. Heat of reference! given. Call or addrets itioDuar oorn-sl. CITtJATIfIS'RwTNTKinWXYOUNfr^N'AND !J wife flMnej, without children: the wife hi do h'liim work, the man na coachman; understands the care of horses; ta willing to make himself uscfult strictly tem perate. A 2.3. Tribune ollh e. SITUATION WANTRD-nY A TOUNO MAN TO O drive a delivery wagon. Can furnish good refer cnees. Address H *3. Tribune olllco. CITUATION WANTED-AH COACHMAN nv AN O AmcrU-aii! best of reference* given. I’leaao call or addre-* net Mlclilgan-st. CITUATIOS WANTED-IIV A SWEDK MAN A« ij coachman, nr In do any work with horses In Chi cago. or anywhere around Chicago. Address G Hu, '1 rll iine otlli e. SI I UAMONS WAXTRIUFOiILR. Domctfic*. CITFATIONS WANTED-nV TWO COMPETENT i~ girl*, for yneral housework: can fnrnMi the beat of refeteneo. lull, for two days, ill lluSoudi I'corlu-at. cn i’Ai ios* wanted'—"uy a nohwkgias ciiiii>T O a good tdiieo ou North or 'Vest side: good rucuin inendiiiloiii given. Cull nt 07 Cornull-sl. to-dny. SITUATION WASTED ■—~nV~A~ HKsi , KCT r A'ni7E il girl, to do generul housework or second hi a aumii family; n fereuce given il reniitrcd. Addreaauoa Twcn- Gefh-st., In the CITHATIOS WAS'TKII—HY A GIIIL, TO DO HKC i~ otid work and sew. 12 Armue-eoiu t. CITf.M IOV WANT'i.D—itv" A GERMAN W()MAS\ O us cook in a hoiirillng-housc or hotel, la city 01 country. Cull nt li;d-j Klghtoentl|.«t., In tiie rear. CITUATION WASTED—TO HO GENEHAI. HOUSE *’ wor X or kluiun work; guvl nufhvr and livner. UJJ Calmm l-av. CITUATIGN WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN OiJiL, »» todo general lmu< .-work la a small family. Fleam cull ut 2>rj West Erh;-*l, CItILVIIOS'WANTED-BY A IIFLIAIU.E AMKIII* \j cun woman to <lo H-mml work. m-wlup, or mining. Deference-. Addre■.-» U it?, Tribune oltlce. CITUATIONS WANTED-lIV TWO CO.MFEIT.NT ij plrUloa prhate family. Deference given If re* tjulred. (lull from 11 to ti ut kiKOJau-ht. CJTL'ATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT till;!, O to do pcneml housework In private family, lief* ereneen given. Cull at 22 Alexander-st., between Twenty-second ami Twenty-third, olf Wenlwonh-uv. situation wanted-by’ a competent O ciri to tlo second work, and help wituli nml Iron If reunited. In « private family. Apply at m North Mar- citfatVin wamed-by a competes r n mu to 101 k in n large, or mmid hotel. Cull or addre,* 21 bt. Clair-st. CITUATION WANTED-BV A CJOOIICIIIf- TO DO O second work utnl helpwaOi; best of reference piv ot. Call at HTu Ucarburu-it. CITCATION WANTED- BY A THODOUGJILY i? competent rook, washer. and Doner In city or coun try. Please cull for two duys at ijOiblate-tt. CIfCATI-'S WANTED-BY A m»miUGHLV CU.M- O i<«jteni ulrl to do peiientl hou*eworl: tnuPinall pri vate family: Ik'sl of city n fiTcncc plvcn. Cull at Irtjfl Uutterrtcld-ai., near 1 hlrty-flftlt. CITCATIONS WANTED—IIV TWO OIULS. ONE AS O conk and the other a* aeruml plrl. Call tur'2 day* ut 2.1 Uiihel-rt.. Weatalde; references If rciltilred. SITUATION' WANTED-lIV TWO “NOUWKtiIXN plrl*: second work urpcucrttl huiuoworki Wcushlo jircterrcd. ** superior-*:. CITDATION WASTED-nV A lIKSI'EtITABLE t? phi to do ilplii huuaewurk or second work: (food ref- l*lcu»e< till at :t7 O'Ncll-nt.. West CiTUATIONS 'WANTED - IJV A~FIIWT-CLASS O cook (Swedish). Only those llvlnp In style need nnswer. Abu. by a woman to po out by the day os laundress. Gut a plrl of 11 years wtio would like a place u> mind a baby. Call at uts Float Dlvlsluu-at., third floor. CITUATION WANTED-IN A FIUST-OLAB3 O private family as rook and lauudrcsa. Best of refer enee. Address for two days, 1! h, Tribune ofllco. SITUATION WANTED-MV “a - SWEDISII GIIIL ij for peneral housework. Call at 320 Twenty-fourth* st., ba*cmcnt. SITUATION WANTED-DY A FIUST-CI. ASS COOK. D Best of city I'lease rail at f>3l Wnimsh. CITUATJON HV^a'sCOTcIi”IMIOTES* Otanlplrl. lodn second work or take care of otic ul two children: city or country. Apply at 470 Twenty flfth-it.. entrance Iroin stevart-av. SITUATION WASTED—BY A NICE YOUNG OIIH, O for second work or care for children. la pleasant and •preeatde. Cull at M 4 TwentUtii-al. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIU*T-CLASS Ct)OK 1? or laundress. Best of references given. I'lcisc ad dress lltd Mlcltlpmi-st. CITUATION WANTED-HY HEKUKCTAULE OIKL ij to do second work In private family. Deference giv en If rcuufred. Call ot tvo liuttcrdeld-st. S’ ~tTCAtToNsTvA VT El >- ItV~TWO GOOD OlllLii (English): one ai cooli. oilier to do second work. Deferences. I’lciue call at (K 7 Stale-it. situation wantcu-uy'a CUI.OIIKI> OIUL TO O dogcncralliouscwurk In a small private family. Apply atu* Statc-st.. up stairs. CITUAI'ION WANTED—A 3 SECOND GIUL AND Oasslit In sewing. Call »n:i Mlcblgun-st.. u|>-stulr>. CITCAfiONS WANTED—UV TWO YOUNG QUILS Oto do second work and sewing; no objections U) leave the city for the summer; best of references tf required. I‘leaso call at a&s Caluniet-ar. ___ CViUATION' WANTED-UV A UEKUECTAHLB O young English girl os general servant In small taut* Hy. Call or address LU. rear of HUB) Hutterfluld-st. SITUATION WANTKD-ITy A COMI'EtWtcOuK or laundress, or will do housework; host city refer* cncea. 410 WtbaJh-BT. CITC AT IONS WANTKD-UY TWO UESFECTAULE O young women: one aa cook. and the other us second girl. I'lcuse call at IHB Cottage Gruve-uv. Seamstresses^ CITUATION WANTKIt-UV A SCOTCH GUI!. TO O n-e and assist with children. Dense call at 740 Mleblgau-ay. MiinoM* CITUATION WAKTED-HV A OIHL TO TAKE 0 cure of children: good reference can be given. Call or oddreu MAHV MILLED, 414 Vernon-av. CITUATION WANTED-UY A UEM'ECTAUI.K. O reliable young girl to Inml with a lady, either ui lady's maid or to take care of children. Host of refer* ernes given. Address 4ku Ilubbnrd sl. CITUATION WANTED—HV' A YOUNG Noli' O weglan girl to take core uf children, or as chamber maid. I.VI bedgwlck-st- CITUATION ' WANTRD-HV A HEALTHY COL* C* ored woman as wet nurse; no objections to travel* lug. Address 1 d'i. Tribune otllee. CITUATION WANTED-HY A KKLIAIII.K WOMAN ij with seven years'osperience, In u good Atnerlcaa family a* mine and seamstress. Is perfectly cuni|>etent In sewing and making children's clothes: best ot refer* enees. Heme address fur two days. lUM, Tribune. llou«ukc«i>ur»» OITUATION WANTKU-UY A (5001), 11ELIAULE O KunlUli woman m h'Hiifkcci'cr In n widower* fain* lly, ultlicr dty or country. C»U at m Twcntletli-Mt. Employment ARvnetuu. CITOATION WAN TED-LADIES IN’ WANT OP to Oru-cliw* female la-ljxif nil nationality* cun bo Bulled. Mn. l-APIUbE. aM Wert MuTUoii-kl. CMTUATIONS WANTED - KAMH.i E N IN WANT OP to k’ootl Hcamltnavtnn and Herman female lieli* cau bo Buri'Ui-ilal Mm. lircKK'tiollUr, bo Mlltvuukcmav. S' ITUATU)Sri W'ASTi:i*-I.AI>IK.S DKSIRINO COM* i»«tenl»iid reliable iwrvanu for cliy or entimry can lx* luUcil ui onei; by tcKlutliiiu a call. 41(1 Wabiulfitv. •uni biMfiiiciil. . SI US. RAKER. 205 EAST ERIE' LOST AM) FOUND. I.nn;SI»~A WATCH-OWNER PROVE PROPERTY. I 4 H 5 Eiut iladiKiD-81.. Room 0. Dr. CUAS. E. RAR NKV. T OST—tiOlNtl FROM THE CORNER OF STATE Ij and Slueenlh-H*. I" Mori h western depot, a pocket* )>ook coiiUlnlnp about <3O, gold rltiK. and deed n( grave tn Rusehill. Tli" Under will h« rewarded by leaving tbo uiiic at N7U Koulli Dearborn**!. I OST—A LADY’S POCKETUOOK. PROHARLY ON j Madlson-sU. June il, containing check (or SUJ.Urgu key, etc. Finder will lie rewarded by returning aaiuo tuiUioiudChr>»wl Ulock. T OST—MAY A ROMAN AND FACETED ISOLD 1j earring shaiicd like the il|(urv rt. Thu finder wll re eelve a reward by leaving tbitaamu at tw Modlson-it., Trlbum; Hulldlng. OTUAYKD—FROM STOCK-YARDS OS 3D INST. A £? chunky bay pony. Haller ua when lujU A. MUR* HIS. Unloustock-varda. _ rriiK pauty who' tooITtITk JBWKLUV, ETC.. i from 4<l Wlncheal«r-uv. on Monday uticntuoii can cel more from the owner than any one die for thorn, Addn-Bi V. -Hi Wlncbeatur*uv. l\l \ RKWARU-UmT. ON~ lIiIUEV-ST., HE* ijt lulr tween Lake and Mad Don, or on Madison-at., between lUibey and Lincoln, on Monday night. one pair diamond earring* tied up in a lueUet-bandkercblef. The Under will receive u reward of f U«'bc»ldci confer a great (avor on the owner, who U unaldo to make the lon*. Pleaae apply or addres* iSt Park-av. RI»(!EI.UNEOIJS. A LI. CASH* PAID Vou CAST OFF CLOTHISH. /V eurpets. furniture, and mlsedlaurouagoods of auy kind by aendlng letter U) JUNAS UELUKU.U.H Stale at. 'A YOI’NCJ MAN’WITH'HOHSE’AND WAOON J\ would like >" drive f-irany kind of (tore: not be fore lu a. m.; will work cheap. Addrcsa U do, Tribuua olUce. IJEIMUJUS, COCKIiDAIviKS, MOTHS KX/tUMr |) uated: article acid: lemur* examined; lufuiuuUoa free. A. OAKLEY, IW Ka»l Woihlutflou-»l. / i ENTLKMAN AND WIFE - WOULD LIKE ifoUSH IA utcaiefoi durlutf aummerfur party goluk out of (owns North Side preferred; A 1 reference. Addreu p'7u. Tribuneuillco. I AMES UUENACK, DRAYMAN. NO. 147 HURON* il a., baa hauled atool-ebct Mr an unknown party; thoowner eon have the aauie by paying cbarge* and take It away. WANTED-TO PURCHASE—A SECOND-HAND patent pastry oven, THOMAS ANDiILMS, 77 Dearburn-sL ■\\rANTkI>—PEOPLE TO PURCHASE 7*BHOT FULL if uleket-vluiedrevolvers at <k.3U| Liana*repeat* Ink ride. 34 *huU In uo *cconda; <ai itylea of ruvolverai Idul “,udWKSI-iillS Jus ttOBKS «l INtw* torn**!., Chicago. 111. ■ ■\»rANTI D-UV*A MARRIED WOMAN. TO TAKE 11 a child l» wet nurse. Apply at TkJ South Union* at., foiuicrly of leU< Wo.t Elgbteenth-»c. \irANIED-TO 11UY-A FIRST-CLASS REI'AIL 11 ii.-i; alii ulvu cash and excellcul illlnol* (arm, ■I-.- ‘.i icd Au>\>er fully, F To, Tribune utile** 3

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