Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 7, 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 7, 1876 Page 5
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«q n ter quotes Mln Dickinson's own ntterancesto .ho« that she, In common with many other experl •'-Jen on the stage, while aha begins at the end of iiie dramatic profusion, wishes to be Judged as If aiil had begun at the beginning. The great-granddaughters of Thomaa Jefferson, . 0 arc now living In Florida In comparative pover " hnvo on exhibition at the Centennial ahow iticclmcni of flah-acnlo Jewelry. Tho material tied I* tlio large scales of certain fish found In the southern waters. Thiae are bleached, and then fjihloned Into brooches, earrings, and necklaces. There Is a decided coolness between Senator Thurman and Mr. Carpenter, caused hy the Im oerilmmccs of the latter towards the Senate during the Impeachment trial. Jnat prior to adjourn mpnt, the other day, Mr. Thurman, referring un doubtedly to Mr. Carpenter, sold that “the Sen ite had been treated with scant courtesy and tho jiw with less." The statement that Mr. Church, the great land scape painter, Is threatened with the loss either of his right hand or of the use of It. has received n BioJlOed denial. Mr. church lias been troubled for some years past at Intervals by a lameness In tho irrlsi, and has consequently boon learning to paint with his loft hand. There Is no danger of amputa tion or of permonent disability. The I’rincc of Wales had the Ilrltlsh Minister at jladrld turn out of Ills ball-room a wealthy, un titled Englishman, whose only ollcnse was that he bad dared to aspire to the hand of the Marquis of line's sister. The Marquis of Lome's sister u liiter-ln-law of the Princess Louise, the Prince of ffalcs* sister. Query; What relationship would the untitled Englishman sustain to the I’rluco of Vales if ho should be successful In his suit 7 There are two avowed Rrlstowmcn In the Illinois delegation to the Cincinnati Convcntlou-Sldney Smith, of Chicago, and Judge linker, of Allon. The former hae never concealed his icnllmcnts. idJ the latter, who It was supposed would vote for Blaine as first choice, seems to be unequivocally far Bristow. The Springfield Journal says Judge Baker now believes the tide has turned against Blaine, and that Bristow or Washburnc Is tho com ing man. Illinois may turn out a large number of Brlalow men between now and the 14th Inst. A trait of French character has been displayed In connection with Dumas* new play. • ‘ L’Etrangcro," now running at the Comcdlc Francale. Tho Paris ians, It seems, are quite satisfied to have Gerard make love to the Duchies of tieplmontt, a married woman; but they are surprised and shorted at his making love to her, under her husband's roof, after be has been challenged by that husband, and while ibe seconds arc arranging the terms of the duel. This Is nice distinction in tho code of honor, which, we fear, American profligates have not sufficiently considered. In a gcncrol way, It may be said that U |a not honorable to moke love to a married wom an after you bavo been found out. Tho now bill to regulate the practice of vlvlscc section, lately Introduced in tho British House of Lords, places no restrictions upon experiments of this kind In which uniesthetics are used, except to provide that the animal shall be put out of misery If It suffers after tho effect of the amvstbetlc has ceased. In other cases the practitioner must fur nish a certificate that vivisection is necessary, and that tho object of It la to promote a new discovery, and the experiment must bo conducted by a licens ed officer of tho Government. Tho subject has troused public Interest and provoked special re icsrch, the results of which were scon In the pc lantic debate la tho House of Lords. Sir Snlar Jung, whose present visit to England is exciting much Interest In that country, lathe Re gent of tho vast territory In India—embracing 100,000 square miles and peopled by 10,000,000 Inhabitants—known ns the Deccan. It Is a semi- Independent State, and Its nominal Chief la a sick ly ond weak youth who Is called the Nizam. The refusal of his guardians to permit him to visit the Prince of Wales at Bombay was unfavorably com mented on nt the time, but Sir Salnr Jung made an able and successful defense of his conduct, alleg ing that the Nizam was physically unfit to travel, and showing hy the gorgeousness of his own retinue hew anxious he wos to do honor to the Prince. He spooks and writes English fluently. At last ac counts he was at the Grand Hotel In Paris, being laid up there by a full on the staircase. HOTEL AIiUIVALS. IKIiM. AlUtlfAbfl. Palmer Home— George 11. Proctor. Cincinnati; n. M. Bussell, Galesburg; K. D. Hinckley, Bos* ton; W. 8. Thorp, Philadelphia; the Hon. O. W. peck, Huston: 11. W. Warren, Jackson, Mich.; J. 11. Buck, London, Eng.; W. It. Bonnlfold. Ottumwa; T. B. Filch, Syracuse; A. Q. Abell, fan Francisco; George Manchopo and Lieut. Areas*, Yokohama; J. 11. Shallcr, Kan kakee.... Grand Pacific— Col. A. C. Mat thews, bprlngllcld; Judge John D. Miller, Des Moines; J. M. Beardsley, Hock Island; it. 8. Stevens. Hannibal; J. It. Young, Dayton, O.; John Allen, Peoria; James M. Constable. New York; A. L. Yarnev, Leavenworth; J. E. Thorn ton, u. 8. A.; Judge J. 11. Howe. Kenosha; U. L. Davenport, Davenport, la.; Dr. W. 8. Streator, Cleveland.... Tremout Home— Col.llalph Plumb, Streator ; the lion, G. T. Bnltcrson, Hart ford ; the Hun. A. C. Dovls and the Hon. C. M. Oarrlson. Michigan ; A. 8. Bigelow, Boston ; Maj. John McOorby.New York; the Hon. A. L. Lyman, Boston ; Gen. V. W. Bullock, Burlington ; Dr. G. 11. Itoboy, Ludlngton. Mich.; J. W. Fuller, Peo ria ; J. E. Harris, Torre Haute ; Col. J. IHH, Logansport; the Hon. Justin Morrison, Colum bus, 0.... Sherman Home— The lion. O. 11. House, Lansing; F. A. Maynard, Boston :E. W. McGuire, lllchmond: J. O. Kilmer, London, Eng.; the Hon. Jesse 8. lllldi up. Bolvldcre; the Hon. 11. Waterbary, Albany; the lion. It. C. Talc. Ilaclno; P. L. Barker, Kentucky.... Gardner Home— A. Peterson, New York; Edwin Church, New York; U. C. andK. Scranton, Michigan; G. J. Haslatu, \V. T. Bees, and 1). D. Williams, England; S. O. Heath and J. K. Franklin, Mendola; J. M. U. Q. Jobnln. Pill Islands; John Hackensack, Detroit; I. G, Dunbar, Michigan; Elliott Snowden andQ. A. Scaverns, Oconomowoc. RELIGIOUS. Special Diepalch to The TVfbuiu. Pont Waynh, Iml., Juno O.—The Annual Con tention of the Indiana Sunday-School Union met this evening at the First Presbyterian Church with Dearly 400 delegates In attendance. The proceed ings were ooened with devotional exercises, after which the Rev. Charles L. Kublnson, D. D.. of New York, delivered an able’ address, bis subject living “The Sunday-School: Its Ofllco and Valueln Our Country and Time. ” The address waa follow ed by a social reunion, lasting about one hour. The Convention will remain in session until Thursday night. Dayton, 0., June o.—'The seventeenth Annua) Convention of the Ohio Sabbath-School Union commenced its sessions In the First Baptist Church In this city to-night. The Rev. T. Li. Colby, of Dayton, conducted the Introductory devotional exercises. The Rev. Thomas T. Everett, of Day ton, delivered the address of welcome. Thu Rev. J. K. Twilchcll, of Cleveland, responded In behalf of the Convention. C. M. Nichols, President of the Convention, delivered the annual address, urging that the proceedings be made so practical acd helpful that the cause shall be promoted. Co). It. Cowden. Corresponding Secretary of the Union, gave a condensed history of the Sabbutli-Echoo) work in Uhlo, eluting that the drat school in the State was organized at Marietta, next In Dayton, ami the third In Cincinnati. About 300 delegates have already arrived, The evasions will continue till Thursday evening. Special Dlipaleh to TAs TWftuns. LaCiiossx, Juno o.—The Episcopal Convention of (ho Diocese is now In session In this city, Bishop Drown presiding. THE WEATHER. Washington, D. C., June?. —For the take re gion, colder, northerly winds, stationary or rising barometer, clear and partly cloudy weather. LOCAL UDIKKVATIONa. Cumoo, June o. Time. Oar. Thr Ilu. Il’lmi. H. 11’sulAsr liUt. in. 20.06 05 03 S. W., fresh Clear. Uilst. m. uu.itt Uti 63 K., fresh Fair. 2;u»p. ui. 28.UJ 05 56 N. E.. fresh Fair. y;s3|>, m. 20.01 us 02 K,. fresli Fair. fi:U>p. ui. 20.00 67 00 K.. fresh Fair. IjHISp. m. 30.01 60 7b K.. fresh hair. Maximum Thermometer. 70. Minimum. 66. OBNKUAL OBSkItVATIUNS. _ Chicago. Juno 6-Mlilnlght. \oar.,Thr. IFfml. MiiM { H’sulArr. fteycnae 60 W., brisk 'Cloudy. hitmarck 20.46 WJ N., fresli ... . l«L'trum. Breckinridge 20.03 60 K., brisk 'Cloudy. Psteuport.... 20.02 uo K.. fresh iFulr. Pcutvr <20.ul 60 B.W.,gentle .03 Cloudy. huluili '30.01 44 S. K.. fresh Fair. >l. U1b50n...'20.01 72 8. K., fresh' Clear. A'ukuk >2u.HA 74 ti., frcal-....) Fair. fserous 20. bj 63 6. K., fresh Clear. {•esvcDwortb 20.n0 74 6.. fresh Clear. Milwaukee... oo.ui 51 N. K.. fresh Fair. Puisha 20.03 73 8.. fresh Fair. fifths 20.3 a 77 8.E.. gentle Fair. Fslt Lake 20.77 63 8.. fresh Fair. feftUKe 20.72 04 W., fresh Clear. Fulltsiiuiniiia, 3U.U2 on t., gentle Clear. lauluou 20.64 73 8. L., brisk Fair. THE PEORIA FESTIVAL. Bpicial Wtpaleh lo Tht TVfAuns. Pionu, HI., JunoO.— I The Illinois Stale Sanger *e,t, which holds its annual meeting here com mencing June 110 and lasting three days, promisee to be the must successful gathering of the kind held In (ho West. Au Immense building hae ken erected on North Adams street for the ox press accommodation of the bangerfeal, and has a testing capacity of 3,000. There will boa large of aoclutles present from various parte of * a * state, besides Home celebrated soloists, both and Instrumental. Col. Robert U. Ingenoll nil Charles F. Elus are to bo the orators of the ley- Thu Great Western Light-Guard Baud of 'uP 1 ? *• to furnish music fur the occasion. The 'Ollvitles are to conclude on tho third day with a Rand street pageunt and a big ball and promenade «ocstt In the evening. Railroad nud hole) fares NMraUy have been reduced. Washington, lion, colder, ni Uromclcr, clef CuiJtoo. June o. WASHINGTON. The House Paves the Way for the Repeal of the Resump tion Act. Passage of the Indian Appropriation Bill in tho Homo. Th© Provision Transferring the Indian Bureau Retained. A Daj Fixed for tho Commencement of tho Impeachment Trial. Tho Pacific Railroads’ Proposition to the Government. THE SOFTS WIN. CAUCUS DICTATION. Special DltpaUft to The 'tribune. Washington, L). C., June o.— The House amended the rules so us to allow the Banking and Currency Committee to report at any time any bill relating to the currency. This new rule was agreed upon in the fast Democratic caucus, and la entirely a caucus trick. It shows that the. Democratic Imrd-moucy men have cither surren dered to the Inflation wing of their party, or have not the courage to resist 11. The caucus at which this new rule was agreed upon was for the choice of a new Doorkeeper. Many Democrats consequently maintained that U had- no Jurisdiction over finance, but the rule was agreed to In caucus, and adopted In tho llouso to-day almost by a party vote. The under standing Is, that the Banking and Currency Com mittee baa agreed to YIELD TO CAUCUS dictation, and to permit a bill to be voted upon which shall provide for the unconditional repeal of the Specie Resumption act. Cox, Chairman of the Committee, a pronounced hard-muncy man, ru cenlly declared In the presence of several people that ho would consent, to have the bill repealed. Tbc bard-money Democrat* Justify tbcfr course on tbc ground Hint It is right that the voice of (he majority should be beard. It has boon claimed that tbc ma jority of the Committee was for bard money In the early part of the session. It h true that nosslbly there was one majority for hard money, but now oueof the hard-money men Is absent on an Investi gating Committee, and two of the others—Cox and Boyne—have cither consented, pro forms, to re port the bill. or have yielded their convictions to the inflationists. It la noteworthy thutl’ayne has very considerably modified hln hard-money views. The new rule was opposed by the Republican leaders of the House as an UNJUtmmnLE innovation. and as a grant of special power to the Hanning and Currency Committee which no other committee has. The reporting of the bill Is equivalent to its Sassage. as tue three test votes which have already een taken under motions to suspend tbc rules indicate that those who favor the repeal of tho Specie Resumption act arc considerably more than a majority. While the general understanding is that the adoption of tho new rule is a triumph of the Inflationists, It wan noted ns a singular fact that Judge Kelley op posed it, but probably bis desire to have a vote upon his pet 3.03-bond scheme in con nection with the repeal of the Resumption act, which he desires, will explain his position never theless. Kelley insisted that the new rule would permit a hellish brood of bills to come Into the llouso, (he door being open. It Is evident that the Democrats intend to report the bill from tho Com mittee under this rule, and FORCE ITS PASSAGE under the previous question without allowing the Republican minority an opportunity for debate. The country may expect to sec the House repeal the Resumption net within thirty days. The prob ability that tbc Banking and Currency Committee has agreed to report such a bill Is confirmed from tbc fact that the Ways and Means Committee early In the session was invested with the jurisdiction overall questions relating to the greenback cur rency. _ IMPEACHMENT. A DAY FINALLY FIXED. Special Ditpateh to The Tribune. Washington, D. C., June 6.—The Senate dis cussed Infcrcntlaliy the question of jurisdiction la the impeachment matter at considerable length, and Anally fixed the Oth of July os the date when the Senate as a court of Impeach ment shall begin to take evidence. This reso lution was arrived at by a mere quorum of the Senate. A large number of the Senators who spoke against jurisdiction In secret session sat In their seats to-day without voting. Some of them maintain that, as the Constitution while declaring that two-thirds must be present during the proceedings of an impeachment, it docs nut state that those present shall vote; that voting U not necessary. His inti mated that these tactics may bo pursued when the trial really proceeds, and that a* a consequence a verdict lor convlctlou cannot bo had. It in certain that if the impeachment trial is to proceed this summer, it will not proceed unless both Houses re main here. The Senators have decided not to agree to an adjournment of Congress unless both Houses remain for tho impeachment trial. A post ponement of the impeachment trial until fall is therefore still possible. TtIB PROCEEDINGS. To the Weetern Anodattd Prttt. Waruinuton, U. C., June U.—■ During the morn* Ing hour a number of lillla on the calendar or a Rrlvfttc character wore paused, and at 1 o’clock :glslattvu business was suspended, and the coo* sldcratlon of the articles of impeachment was re* Burned. The accused, with bis counsel and the House managers, were present. Judge Black filed a motion that the Senate vacate so much of the order recently adopted holding ns naught the plea us to Jurisdiction filed by him, fur the reason that said plea was nut overruled by a vote of two-thirds or the Senators present. The order submitted by Mr. Whyte ou Thursday last, directing the defendant to plead further or answer the articles of Itnpcachmcul within ten days from date, was amended so as to read that the do* fendnnl have leave to plead further, etc. Mr. Thurman submitted an amendment to that order as follows: "And in default of an answer within days by respondent to the articles of impeachment, the trial shall proceed as upon the plea of not guilty.” The question belngon an amendment, avotc was taken, and resulted, yeas, 31;imys. 5. No auo* rum vutlng, the Sergeant-at-Arms was directed to request attendance of absent Senators. After a short time the Senators responded, and the amendment was agreed to by a vote—yeas, 35; nays, 0. The order ua amended was then agreed to—yeas, 34; nays, 4. Manager Lord then submitted an order that, on the 11thday of July. 1870, the Senate, sitting as Court of Impeachment, proceed to hear evidence on the minutes of trial by this House. Mr. Sargent moved to amend by substituting June ID for July 11. Fending the discussion, Mr. Blair, of counsel for the accused, gave notice that if these propo sitions wore rejected, he would move to postpone the trial until the Ist of November next. Mr. Morrill (Me.) said that the question of fixing the time for this trial waa very important. Hu moved that the galleries be cleared, and the doors closed, that the Senators might confer upon that question. Agreed to, and the Senate went Into secret conference. TUB DAT FIXED. At 3:20 the doors were reopened, and tbe Chair announced that an order bud been agreed upon as follows: Ordered, That od the fllh of July, at 1 o’clock u. m.. the Senate, sitting *» a Court of Impeach* mcnt. will proceed to hear the evidence on the merits of the trial in thin case. Mr. Blair submitted a motion that an order be made directing the managers on the part of IboUouse to furnish withintwenty-four hours to the accused or hU counsel tike list of the witnesses they intend to cull, together with full particulars of the facts which they expect to prove by them. Ur. Lord objected to the order, and said It was without precedent or reason. After debate, the tuotlou of Ur. Blair was rejected. WITNBSHUS. Ur. Sargent submitted an order directing tbo manager* to furnish defendant, or his counsel, within twenty-four hours, a list of the witnesses they Intend to call in this case. Mr. Edmunds moved to amend tho order by in serting four days Instead of twenty-four hours. A *Uanuger Lapham said the managerscouldfurnish a Hit of witnesses they might know of at the time, but they did not want to have any new witnesses, wblcii might be discovered after (he Hat was fur nished, ruled out because their names were not on Ur. Edmunds moved to further amend the order so as to havu the managers furnish defendant, within four days, a list of wltuussss to far as at present known, etc. Agreed to. Mr. Thurman said the State had some rights as well as the defendant. Hu moved to further amend the order so that respondent within four days after receiving the list of witnesses from the managers shall furnish the managers with a list of bis witnesses so far us at present known. Agreed to, and tbo order passed us amended. Uu motion of Ur. Sherman, the Senate. Bitting as a Court of Impeachment, adjourned until the tilth Inst., II being understood that the Court would meet that day to receive tbs answer of the respond ent under thu order adopted. TUB WRONG SCKNT. ALLBUKD POSTAL VIUUIiS. Spsciat IHipiilch le Ths Tnbunt. Washington, 1). C., June b.—lt has been re peatedly reported by one Safeley that the Gov ernment bos been swindled by uomc of the lead ing railroads of tbo West centering at Chicago, by means of doublo weighing of the mails. Thu accusation has been that wheu thu mail passing over each of thu trunk lines WcstoX Chicago was THIS CHICAGO TKIUCiNE: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 1876, to be weighed, all that which usually passed over tho other lines was concentrated upon it, thus largely Increasing Its compel satlon. This subject has been for somc # tlmo under Investi gation by a sub-committee of tho House Commit tee on Expenditures in tbs Post-Office Depart ment, and Capt. James B. White, of Chicago, who is In charge of the malls in lbs Northwest, was summoned hy that Committee to-day. He abso lutely denied lb# whole story; testified that the malls on the different roads were weighed simul taneously, and that the Government mao not nekK cheated hy any trick such ss that which Safeley describes* On the other hand, since the mulls were weighed on tho Northwestern Hoad, the great Australian mail, consisting of about f.OO sacks a month, had been added to the regular malls carried by that road, and although in Justice Ms compensation on this account should be Increased about J.’i.uOO a year, that Company has not received a single dollar for It during the past ■lslnen months. At (he close of CapU White's testimony. Stone, the Chairman of the Sub-Com mittee, said that he bad long been convinced that Hit- charges referred to were wholly groundless, and that be was ready to report that (net to the ful Committee and to the House at any time. THE TREASURY. EVERYTHING STRAIGHT. Washington, D. C., June o. In the Senate to-day, Mr. Sherman, from the Committee on Finance, reported buck the resolution submitted by Mr. Davis, of West Virginia, early in the session, Instructing the Committee to examine the books and accounts of tlie Treasury Depart ment, with a view of ascertaining whether cer tain discrepancies existed therein, with a writ ten report, giving the conclusions of the Com mittee, which was ordered printed and to lie on tho table. The Committee describe In detail the system of accountability provided by the statues, and so fur ns the safe-keeping and custody of public money covered Into the Treasury is concerned it would be difficult in point out abetter mode than is provided fur by (he existing law, EVERY SAFEGUARD that has been suggested has been furnished. No law can prevent neglect or violation by Comptrol lers, Auditors, or Registers of their public duties, but the guards and checks upon such misconduct are as perfect as human Ingenuity could de vise. The only changes In these avrs that tbc Committee recommend are to authorize tlie Treasurer to be credited with unavailable sums charged to him, but lust through no fault of bis by the rubbing, etc., of his subordinates, and of the United States depositories, and to provide for the covering Into the Treasury all (rust funds on which Interest alone into disbursed fur the benefit of others, so Hint its expenditure may be under the general safeguard of law, only to be paid out In pursuance of an appropriation by Congress, In this connection the Committee refqr to the sum of more than 000,000 which is charged against the Treasurer as being In deposit under tlie act of lb3U, with the several Status. In regard to TUB APPARENT DISCREPANCIES In the Treasury accounts, the Committee point out among other things that the Treasury account shows only (be warrants paid, while the appropria tions account shows all warrants issued. It Is further shown that (he financial reports at different periods have been made up according to the differ ent systems of bookkeeping in various respects, and that the same thing Is true us to tho monthly debt statements. The de tailed explanations of these apparent discrep ancies that have been furnished to the Committee by the Treasury Department are found complete and sallsfuctorv, and no change Is recommended in the existing system, which is declared to be the growth of the experience of tbo Department since Its organization. In one of the letters which arc embodied in the reuort Secretary Bristow says : •*ln no instance has there been any erasure or al teration In the books or records of this Department, ond the changes made In the published reports have been only to express with greater accuracy tbc pre cise condition of public accounts, as shown by such booksuud records." GREEN. NOT THAT KIND OP A MAN. Washington, D. C. t June 6.—Capt. A. P. Green to-day came before tlie Committee on Expenditures In tbo War Department, and made a statement designed to correct the Im pression given out by certain persons that bo was an habitual drunkard and and a man who could be used by bad men. He denied that be had ever been a drunkard. lie admitted he had been dismissed from the army for having committed himself while uuder the Influence of cither drink or drugs, or while temporarily insane, but charged that his condition at that time arose from the per* secutlon he bad endured for two years from supc- rlor officers, because bu refused to degrade an en listed man against whom on officer had aplquc.and also charges general unfairness and hostility of a West Point man towards ail officers appointed from civil life. Ho further appealed to the Committee to say whether his conduct or appearance here in dicated that h« was a drunkard or a man who could be used by anybody. Mr. Clymcr, Chairman, said that during Green s presence in Washington, in connection with this matter, he had opportunities of becoming acquaint ed with his character, and had formed tiic opinion that be was an honorable and conscientious gentle man, and there was nothing in his conduct or char acter to detract from the high reputation he had earned in the army. The Committee then ad journed. The Judiciary Committee hado two hours* ses sion this morning, but the Blaine matter was not alluded to. NOTES AND NEWS. TUB INDIAN DILI.. Special Ditpateh to The Tribune. Washington. 1). C., June G.—The House passed the Indian Appropriation bill without substantial amendments. The section provid ing for the transfer of the Indian Bureau to the War Department remained lu the bill, notwith standing the point of order which was made, and the powerful arguments hi support of that point of order. Springer, of Illinois, who Is Chairman of the Committee of the Whole, de livered an elaborate opinion upon the point of order wbleh had been raised yesterday. He overruled the point on the ground that the transfer of the Indian Bureau to the War De partment was germane to the bill for the reason that It waa In fuel a measure of retrenchment RANDALL «I£T RIGHT. Randall last week stated that there would be a deficit of over 817,000,000 to S’JO.OOUin the esti mates of receipts for the fiscal year. Mr. Hasson, In reply to this statement, showed upon authority of the Treasury that there has not been a steady decrease In the receipts. On tho contrary, be produced n statement to show that for ttic fiscal year 1873-'74, tho first year af ter the panic, tbe excess of receipts over expenditures was $0,344,000; for 1874-*75, It was $13,370,000, and fur 1875-*7U,wlih the cur rent niontira estimates. R would be about s',’3, • 000,000. Prom this it appears that there has been n steady increase, and that there is no cause fur alarm or necessity for making the wholesale, un justifiable reduction proposed by the Democrats. Mr. Bnrchard, of Illinois, called nttnnClon to the fact that our exports were nowsloo,ooo,ooo in ex cess of our importations, and that was the cause of the falling oil in tho receipts from cus toms. In view of this statu of facts, he thought that there would be no further decrease In the cus toms, but that the bottom figures hint been reached. TUB CENTRAL-PACIFIC PROPOSITION. B. L. I*. Huntington, President of the Central Pacific Railroad, 10-duy withdrew from (he Ju diciary Committee his recent proposition for a settlement of all nfluir* between the Government and that road, and submitted a new prop osition. This new proposition is to the following elfect: lie proposes to pay, for ten years. SOOO,OOO annually, and after that $750,000 annually, until ull the Indebtedness of the Company to the Government Is paid. These payments to be made in lieu of All claims which (lie Government now has against the Company fur interest for the & per cent on net earnings, or on any other account. The proposition to give up a portion of Uiu lauds grunted ut $.5.50 an acre is withdrawn, and the Company proposes to pay 0 per cent Interest uu aii deferred claims of the Govern ment. TUB HAWAIIAN TIIBATV. Tv lf>4 Wtulern Jjjurtuisd /Vm. Wasihnuton, I). C. , JunoU. -Sum Ward, whoso name has been mentioned as authority fur the ru* morthatldOO.OUO had been disbursed to procure the passage of the Hawaiian Treaty bill, lestltled before tbu Committee of Ways and Means to-day that he bad repealed to several gentlemen what he himself bud heard as idle rumor. Ho did nut be lieve there was any truth in il, but 11 there had been It would havu been nnprolessiouuljlu him to ■ay so. CALmVBt.L. Boston, June O.—A representative of tin Journal reports that Daniel Caldwell- of Lynn, to-night said bis brother, Joslah Caldwell, is iv England, and bos not been out of It, and can al ways be reached by addressing him at Loudon. THE RECORD, BBNATB. Washington, D. C., June o.—Mr. Whyte pre sented u petition u( Gen. G. T. Beauregard, ol Louisiana, for tho removal of Lis political dis abilities. Judiciary. Mr. BoutweU submitted the following: JUtoh'td, That thu President be requested, If In bis opinion nut incompatible with the public Inter ests. to furnish tbo Senate a fac simile copy of the original draft of thu Secretary of State to the Min ister of the United Slates at the Court of St. James In May, IHtil, In relation to the proclama tion of Her Majesty of Great Britain rucuguixlng the belligerent character of the Con federate Slates, Agreed to. Thu Chair laid before the Senate the unfin ished business, being thu Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Appropriation bill, thu pending question being on thu amendment of Mr. Ed- munds th (it all appointment* In the Executive Departments of the Government shall he made upon a careful ami impartial examination of the candidates therefor hy a Hoard composed of not loss than five persons to he appointed by the President, and with the advice and consent of Iho Senate, and the most capable and worthy of the competitors bo examined •hall he sclected-for such appointments. Pending dJacuaalon, the Senate adjourned. After discussion, a proposition to change Ibe julcs so as to ollow the Committee on Banking and Currency to report at any time, wav agreed to— yeas, II."*: nays. D 7. The object of the change Is to allow that Committee to repost a bill for the re* peal of the Resumption art. The following is the vote on the bill in detail: rn*s. Ainsworth. Glover, Parsons. Anderson, Goodin, Philips (Mo.), Ashe. Gunter, Piper, Atkins, Hamilton find.), Popplcton, Hanning. Hamilton (N J. j, Randall, Blackburn, Ham* (V*.), Ron. Eland. Hnrrbun, Reagan, llhnmt, Hnrtriili'e, Reilly Jno (Pa.), Boone, HHrtrcll. Rice, Bradford, llaymond, Riddle. Bright, Hinkle, Robbins (Pa.), Brown (Ky.), Hereford, Roberts, Buckner. Hcwi(l(N. V.), Ross (N. J.), Cabell, Hewitt (Ala.), Savage, Caldwell (Ala.), Hill. Scales, Caldwell (Tetiti.)Hopkins, Streakier, Campbell, . Hmi-c. Singleton. Cute. Ilunton, bmitli (Ga.), Caultleld, Hurd, Southard, Chittenden. Jonhs, Sparks, Clarke (Ky. I, Jonea (Ky.), Springer, Clark (Mo. j, Knoll, Stenger, Clymer. Landers (lnd.>, .Stone. Cochrane, hander* (Conn), Swann, Collins, Le.Moyne, Tecsu, Cook, Levy. Thomas, Cutler, Lewis, Throckmorton, Davis, Multh, Vance (N.C.), Debolt, McFarland, Walker (Va.), Dlbrell, Meade. Walling, Douches, Metcalf, Wahh. Durham, M Milken, Wells (Mo.), Eden. Mill*, Wlilttbornc, ; Egbert, Morey, Whclnton. Felton, Morgan. Williams (Ind.), Finley, Mutchlcr, Williams (Ala.;, Forney. Neal. Wood (N. Y.j Franklin, Odell. Yealca—lls. Fuller, NAT I, Arams, Henderson, Potter, Bagby, Hoge. Powell, Daglcy, O. A., lioskfnn, Pratt, Pauley, J. 11., Hunter, Itaincy, linker (Ind. I, Huribut, KoMnson, I’skcr (N. Y.), .Joyce. Sampson, Itallou, Hs*»on, Schlelacber, Beebe, Kt'br, Seelye, Pel), Kelly, Smnlcluoo, Blaine, Kelchuip, Smalls, lllnlr, Kimball, Smith (Pa.), Bradley. King. Strait, Drawn (Kao.), Lawrence. Tarboz, Utircliard till.), Leuvemvurtb, Thornburgh. Burleigh, Lynch. Townsend iN.T) Candler, Mackey (9. C.), Townsend (F*-) Canon. Magoun, Tufts. Ciuwcll, MacDoug&ll, Van Vorhes, Chapin, McCrary, Waldron. Crajio, McDill, Walker (N. Y.), Crouse, Miller, Wallace (9. C.), Hanford, Monroe, Ward, Davy, Nash, Warren, Denison, Norton, Whiling, Duimclt, O'lirlcn, Willard, Durant. Oliver. Williams (N.Y.) Karnes, O'Neill, Williams (Win.), Frye, Pucker, WillfamstMlch.) Ciunlcld, Page. Willis. Hale, Phillips (Kan.), Wilson (Qa.), Hardenbergh, Plcrcc, Wood (Pa.), Harris (Mass), Platt, Woodworth—o7. Header, THE INDIAN DILL. The House then went Inlo Committee on the In dian Appropriation bill, the question being on the point of order made by McCrary against the sec tion to transfer the Indian bureau to the War De portment. The Chairman overruled the point of order. Mr. Magonm offered an amendment providing (hat any perron deslrlug to trade with the Indians shall receive • license or certificate of the District Judge or a Judge of the Supreme Court of any Territory that lie Is of good character. Agreed to. The Committee rose and reported the bill to the House, and It passed. Adjourned. CRIME. DEPRAVITY AT THE HUB. Special Dltpalch to The Tribune. Boston, June O.— Fanny D. Drake was arraigned to-day, the charge of manslaughter nolle pressed, and eho was held for examination on a charge of procuring abortion on Miss Sarah E. Sullivan, of Woburn. This Is the worst case of abortion known here In many years. Miss Sullivan was one of the prettiest girls In Wobaru, and Dibber, who was the cause of herdisgracc, has fled. On the day be fore this case it was discovered that Miss Mary A. Fuller, a milliner at South End, had lost her life through the devilish agency of the same woman. She hud been living us the wife of Lyu eoude L. Denham, who has a wife and two children living. With the death of the woman Is connected a crime mud heinous,—the burning of the body of the child by the father,—the details of which urc horrible. It appears that Us mother was several months enceinte, and the child was re moved on the Wednesday subsequent to the oper ation, and the same night was taken for conceal ment by (he brutal father and placed In a sink. Next morning the father, to mage away with it, probably to sustain his former statement in regard to the miscarriage, determined to burn It fa a stove, lie built a hot Arc, and, placing the body into the centre of a bundle of wood, cast it Into the flames, Hu then got down and coolly watched the cremation of his offspring. Denham was nut, however, the only witness to bis horrible work. and. upon being confronted with a charge of burning the body, coolly confessed 1L He says that, during the burning, the body did smell some what. but not very badly. Denham has since re mained in Jail, und will he examined at the next ecstion of the jury. A MARINIS BATTLE. Civciknati, 0., Juno o.—The steamer Kate Dickson, owned by Capt James Taylor, of Mc- Keesport, Pa., was libeled several days ago by two deck-hands, and tied up at Louisville. The boat escaped from that city and came here, the men following and repeating the operation here, where the claim was settled. The papers in the suit at Louisville were sent to United States Marshal Harrington at Covington, who learned this morning that the bout left for Pittsburg last night. Chartering a fast low-boat, he overhauled the Kate Dickson at Illplcy. An AV»- oulrer special from Mnysville says Marshal Harrington endeavored to capture the boat, but was warned off by CapL Taylor, and Harrington went ahead to Muyavllle, and, summoning a posse, endeavored to board the Dicksuu as she was pass ing there. After announcing bis purpose, In answer to a question by Taylors son, he was fired upon by CapL Taylor, who was armed with a double-barreled cun, and Instantly killed. Tuylorthenappvaredontheguards with a pistol, and was Immediately shot dead by Dm Harrington party. Much excitement is re ported In Muysvllle over the sad affair. lIOOUS MERCHANTS, St. Lnns, June o.—Two sprucely dressed young men, «ivln« the names of R. ami F. Griswold, were arrested lien* yesterday as bogus commission merchants. They have sent circulars all over the West uud Northwest, asking consignments of but* ter and eggs, and offered unusual Inducements to ahinners. They have also operated ut Chicago, aim letters found iu their possession Indicate that they have done an intensive swindling business In several wavs. It does not seem as though they hud got fuirlv started here, but bad scut out nu merous circulars, soliciting business. They are also charted with stealing a hand-sachcl, contain ing valuable jewelry ami a silk dress, from George Skinner. Superintendent of the Rockford, Itock Island ,t St. Louis Railroad, while ouhla way to this city two weeks ago. liriiGLAUV. special Dispatch to The Tribune, Mentjota, 111., June 0. A robbery of pistols and cutlery was perpetrated last night at Wright Bros’., Soinonauk. One of the thieves, giving his name ns William Bicliardson, of Chicago, was ar rested here to-dny by Marshal Forreslall, with a fortion of the stolen property In hi* possession, lis companion, with the bulk of it, escaped. Tho Constable from Soinonauk, being telegraphed for, came down and took tho prisoner back. TAKEN' THOM THE OmCEUS, Memphis, Tenn., Juno o. Sam Anderson, col ored, who was arrested here on Monday for at tempting to outrage Miss Vaughn, of DeSoto County, Miss., and cutting the throat of her brother and leaving him for dead, was taken from the officers there yesterday morning by a body of armed citizens and hung. Ills father, charged w ith being an accessory to the attempted uuruur, Is in tho Hernando jail. MESSIEURS LBS MISEItADLKS. Special IHtpatch to Vie Tribune. LvwncscK, Kan., June o. Messrs. Elmwood, Bronson, Crutdey, Jennings, Williams, and Car ney, were sentenced here to-day to lung periods of confinement in the State Penitentiary. John W. Chamberlin, who shut one Hamilton last winter, was convicted of murder In the second degree. 1IKM) FOU TUI AT.. Social DHptUch to ft* Trilun*. Fokd du Lae, \Vl*. t Juuo o.—l’Uunlgan, the real-cilalo swindler, whom arrvat iuw# wciLs since was reported lr Tun Tumi's*. waato*day bound over (or trial at the Circuit Court, CROPS. j>*cfor Dispatch to ft* TVifiuw, Dkcatoii, 1)1,, June o.—Wo have Juit bad a abort, sharp, heavy rain, ball, and thunderstorm. It will do great good, as it hta been very dry, asd the crops were being blighted. SPORTING NEWS. Nine Centennial Goose-Eggs Laid in Philadelphia Yesterday. The Chicago White Stockings Did It to the Athletics, lartford Holds Her Lead as Against St* Louis* The Mutuals Beat the Oincinnalis, and the Loaisvilles the Bostons. Second Day* of the Jerome Park Races—Trotting at Kalamazoo. BASE-13AEE. TUB ATTILBTIC9, OP PHILADELPHIA, HADLT OB* rbated nr tub white stockings. Special Ditpatch to 7 ft* Tribune. Philadelphia, June 6.—About 1,000 people witnessed the first appearance of the Whlto Stockings In this city this year. While few ex pected the home nine to win, there woa no ex pectation of seeing them so utterly wiped out as the score Indicates. Their play allows that, compared with the Whiles, they can neither bat, field, nor run bases. The other part of Hie game—viz.: sitting on the bench and explaining why It all happened—they performed to admiration. The nearest approach to a run on the part of the home nine was iu the fourth Inning, when Filler led oil with a clean hit, and, after Meyerle bad made an out. Hall hit a fine liner to right field for two bases, sending Filler to third, with only one mao out. THE LACK OP DISCIPLINE waa then terribly shown by Knight, who would not sacrifice himself to bring lu a man, but banged away In a vain attempttohllthrough Anson,and .was well thrown onl at first. Sutton could do nothing better than bit a fly to Peters, leaving two men on bases. After that the Athletics never had a man on second except In the ninth inning, when McVcy muffed Hall's fly. The Chlcagos opened their pursuit of scores on the second inning, when Spalding bit a bard liner between centre and left, and etole sec ond on a semi-parsed ball. Addy rent the runner home by a fine hit to centre.. Id the sixth Inning they dropped into batting very naturally, Glenn leading with a drive over short. Barnes followed with a shooter over second, and Hines hit straight from the shoulder, letting both men home and earning the runs. In the following Inning, after Addy had gone out on a fly, White bit a long drive to centre, which Warner let slip by blm, and the runner reached third. Peters hit to Force, and, In attempting to catch While at the home base. Ma- lone made a mall and lost both men. Then the home nine lost their heads, and a lot of wild throwing, together with hard bit* by Glenn and Dames, let in four ran*, and tbs game ended with the following CAlcapo. Darncs, 2 b Hines, c. f Anson. 3 b McVey, 1 b Spalding, p Addy, r. f White, Peters, s. a Glenn, 1. f.... Tout |>f ... AthUlic. Force, s. a . Fislcr. r. f Mcyerle, 2 b Hall. 1. f Knight, 1 b button, 3b Malone, c Warner, c. f Zcjttlein, p Total 38j 712. 41 0 oj Inninnt— 1 2 3 4 5 Chicago 0 10 0 0 Athletic 0 0 0 0 0 Huns earned—Chicago, U. Two-base bite—Hal). 2. Ilaaea on errors—Chicago, 2: Athletic. S, Left on bases—Chicago. 4; Athletic, 7. Umpire—C. \V. Ulodgett, ol New Vorlc. TUB MOST NOTAOLB POINT of the fame was the very effective pitching of Spalding, who showed the heel play of the trip. Glenn led ths baltlng-score in good style. The game showed pretty clearly that base ball Is as dead In Philadelphia as In Baltimore, and that the Athletic* are solely to blame for it. The fact that they were beaten Friday by an amateur dab. IT to 0, has disgusted their friends and tended to lessen the attendance. To-morrow the Whites will lay off for the first time since they started, and will probably add themselves to the attraction* of the Centennial. TUB 6T. LOUIS CLOU DEFEATED UT TUB HALT* POUD9. Special Ditpatch to The Tribune. lUnTFOiiu, June o. About 1,000 people saw the game between the Hartford and St. Louis Club: here to-day, in which the home nine were victo rious by heavy batting, the visitor* ploying best Ir the field. The play of McGcary, Baltin, Hemsen, and Carey were the feature* of the game. llart/orj. Burdock, 2 b... lieinscu, c. f... Higbam, r. f... Ferguson, 3 b. Carey, a. a.... Bona, p York, l. f Mills, 1 b Uatbldgc, c.... Total St. Loult. Cutbbert, L f. Clapp, c McGcary. 2 b. Pike, c. f Batlln, 3b.... Along, r. f.... Bradley, p.... Dehtman, lb. Mack, s. 5.... Total, Inningt— 1 - 3 4 £» Hartford 0 10 0 1! St. Louts 0 0 11 Earned runs—Hartford. fl; SL Lou First base by errors—Hartford, 4; Total base hlla—Hartforda. Id: St. Left on bases— Hartford. 5: St. Lc Struck out—Hartford, d; St. Louli Double playn—Ferguson, burdock, DatUnana Dehlmau, 1. balls called—On bond. 14; on bradley. 14. Two-base bits—Ucmavo, Hlgbam, Ferguson, Carey, and York, 1 cacb. Time of game—Two hours and twenty mlnutca. Umpire—Charles Daniels, of Hartford TUB UOSTOSS DUPRATED UT TUB ’ LOUISVILLE CLI’D. Jpscial Ditpatck ta The Tribune. Bonos, June 0. —!n spite of tho eflectlrcofse of pitcher*, the game between the Boston* and Louis* tilles to-day was dull and uninteresting, the play being by no means sharp, nod the fielding compara tively slow. The Bostons found 11 Impossible to bat Devlin, nod therefore were whitewashed for the tint time this season. Josephs' pitching was very wild, but quite difficult to hiu TUI sconat Uotton. /' H UI /*| A K U. Wright, s. * Leonard, b ... O'ltourke, 1. f. Uarnau, 1b.... Manning, c. Morrill, c Schafer, 3 b.... Josephs, p U. Wright, r. f. Total Louievitte. Hastings, c. f.. Hague, 3b Devlin, p lierhardt, 1b... Somerville. 3 b. Fulmer, a. a.... Snyder, c Allison, r. f.... llyan, 1. f Total 12 3 4 .0 0 0 0 .2010 Innlngt Hoilon Louuvllle Earned tuna—None. Hate* oo called balla-One each. Elrat baaa ou other error*—Uoalon, 1; Looli vide, li. Struck out—ll. Wright and O’Hourkc. Left on bate*—Uo*tou. 4: LouUvlllc. 4. Time of game—Two hour*. . Dwplre-A. O. Hedge, of the Suffolk Club. TUH CINCINNATI CLUU PUHtATBU U* TUI MUTUAL®. Sp4Clol pttuatdi to ft* TWftu** Ni* Yohk, Jouo 0.-AUim ull) ui-noni] *1 neued the flnt game between the I incluuitl *i llutua) Club* here to-day. The duy wa* (avoiabl and iu the pool*, tho Mutual* wore favorites odd* of SSO to \A and *3O to Sin. I'uth cl i tlayed a sharp fisluing game, tho Mutual* w.uni f iu error or Booth and a wild pitch by H<uet the seventh inning, which gave them two rona. The following la rinclnnafl. Kesslcr.e.e Booth. c Gould, X I) Junta, c. f Snyder, I. f Pearson, r.f Foley, 3 b Clack, 2 b Filter, p Total Mutual. Iloldswortb, c. f.. Start. 1 b Treacy. I. t Ilnlllnan. a. a..... Craver, 2 b Hick*, Iloolb. r. f Mathews, p Nichole, H b Total /nnlriji— 1 2 3 4 5 0 7 Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mutual 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 Umpire—Mr. Seward, of the New Haven First base on errors—Cincinnati, 2; Mat linns earned—None. Time of game—One hour and thirty-five minutes. THIS TURF. KALAMAZOO. Detroit, Mich., June O.—The Jane meeting of the National Trotting Park at Kalamazoo. Mich., commenced to-day with two races, one 3-mlnute and the othcr2:3o. The day waa favorable, and the track in the best condition. The first heat in the 3-mlnute race was won In 2;IU by Ncome, owned by B. F. Case, of Berrien Spring"; the second heal by Lady Vesta, in 2:37, owned by J. B. Cornell, of Kalamazoo: the third heathy Ncome In 2:34*4: the fourth heathy Ncome Id 2:31)14. Neome received the first money, I.ady Vesta the second, George Jlandall third, and 11. L. the fourth, owned by U. M. Nichols, of Union Marion, owned by D. P. Russell. Madison. !od., won three straight heals of the 2:30 race 1n2:34. S:3U}. and 2:34Xf. The races continue through Friday. An exciting lime Is expected to-morrow. JEROME PARK IIACBS. NbwYouk, June O.—Ai the Jerome race*, the mile dash wan won by Spendthrift Lcander Sec ond. Yorkshire Las* third. Time, 1 :+oi4. The Westchester Cup. 2*4 miles, was won by Viator. St. Martin'* second, Joe Corns third, Lclaps fourth. Time, 4:10*4. Lorlllard’a entrlca did not atari. . .. „ . A The steeple chase was won by Trouble, Point Blank second. Bullet and Col. NelUgJo fell. Time, Belmont's Sultana won the Maryland stakes, 1 mile. Patience second. Merciless third. Time, 1:47*4. There were three starters for the ll£-mlle dash. Won by Olltlpa. Kildare second. Stampede third. Time, pnit.ADßi.pntA. Pan.ADRLtuiA, June o.—The race* at Belmont Park continued this afternoon in the contest fur the 2:22 class. Adelaide, John 11, and Uanlrca* were the etartcH. AAlt ■ . Huntress 1 2 3 2 3 2 John II 2 1 1 3 - •* Adelaide 3 3 2 111 Tlme-2:20*. 2:22*. 2:22K, 2:22, 2:22,2:23*. DDIIUQCB, IA. Special Ditpatcfi to Tht Tribune. Dmcqi'E. I*., June G.—The first dsy of the spring races passed off very successfully. In the morning and until 2 o'clock In the afternoon, the weather was showery and laid the duet considers* hly, after which the sun came out bright and warm. There were about 1.000 Id attendance. The first race on the programme was for SSOO, horses that had never beaten 3:20. Twelve entries were made. The first heal was won by Rochelle, owned oy A. C. Harncff of Chicago.—time. 2:40. The second, third, and fourth heals were won by Dun t’astcllo, owned by Gilbert Adams, of Kaclne. Wls..— time. 2:34«. 2:30. and 2:40». Oto. Stoughton, owned by \\ 1111 am Taylor, of Lin* coin. Neb;, won second, Rochelle, of Chicago, third, and Black Dock, owned by J. Work, of Lincoln. Neb., fonrth money. In the running race for half-mile heats, best 3 In S2OU, there were seven entries. Three beats were run. The tint was a dead heat. The second was won by Alice Ward—time. 52 seconds. The third was won by Kittle Takeaway—lime. 52* seconds. In this heat Alice Ward did not succeed in petting away, being held back until after the other horses had passed the first quarter. In purse No. 3, for horses that had never beaten 2:30, best three in five, SSOO, six entries, the first heal was won bv Amy B—time. 2:30',4 : the second by Loafer, of Girard—lime, 2:32*: the third by Loafer—time. 2:30*; ami the fourth by Kilty Stratton, of Davenport—time. 2:3214. The two lust races were postponed until to-morrow on ac count of darkness. A large attendance Is expected for to-morrow. n i u /*, -i i? O' 4 ! 0 4 Ui 0 0, 4 0 14, o; i 2; li 0 i o. o; o 1 s! o. a I_J|B i fl 13 4 i 3, 5 0 o o; o i 2i 4' a : u. o: 1 1 ol ia a 5 i 3 o a 10 10 .27 14 0 4 0 11 3( 0 I -4j 0. 1 4' 1 2' 5! °! ii iilSI 07 8 0 a 4 0 0-7 000 o—o DOCTORS IN COUNCIL. A Number of Verbal Kruppa for the Animat moot of the General Gender—The Amer cam Association at the Centennial. Special Ditpatch it The Tribune. Oalesrubo. 111.. Juno 6.—The Western Acad emy of Homeopathy convened for iU third annual session in the Masonic Hall of this city at 10 o'clock this morning. A large number of dele* gates were present from the different Western States, including Drs. 0. 1). Deebe and Frink Duncan, of Chicago; Drs. Scott U. Parsons mil J. A. Campbell, of St. Louis; Dr. 11. 11. McFar land. of Kentucky; D. D. Miles, of Missouri: E. Lewis and Thomas Shaver, of Iowa; G. W. Foote and M. J. Chase, of Galesburg, 111.; M. M. Eaton, of Peoria; E. Parsons, of hewnnee, aud many others. Dr. G. W. Foote, of Galesburg, was called to preside over the Convention, and to Dr. J. llarlv miller, of Abingdon, was assigned the duties of Secretary. The President, D. E. C. Franklin, being absent, his annual address was read by the Secretary. A large list of names were added to the member ship of the Academy. . A very able report was made by IL It. Fellows, M. D., of Chicago, on “The Medical Properties of Argentum Nltricum," Indicating the value of mis agent in treating diseases of the brain aud nervous system. Dr. G. W. Foote, of Oalesbnrg. read a paper on “The Verification of New Symptoms of Herberts." This was followed by a paper from Dr. Cowper thwaitc, of Nebraska, on “ bchusslerlam vs. Usiiuemannlsm." Dr. J. Uarlsmlllcr read • report on “Ilhus in Skin Diseases.” Dr. L. D. Morse, of Memphis, contributed a paper on “Phosphorus.” . A very able report on Slaphyloraphy was read by Dr. Scott U. Parsons, of St. Louis, showing new and valuable Improvements in ibis operation. A paper by L. D. Morse, of Memphis, ou “Clin leal Eipericnce lu IntcrmUleuis," elicited an uul mated discussion. At the evening session Dr. G. D. Be paper on “Illp-Jolnl Disease.” arguli its being of scrofulous or tubercular ch: |II | if,/* | A £ tt; o o 100 I 1 d o | 0 7, 1 o :t: o ,10 1 id o' i 7 1| 4 ■27,10' a ■I o 1 0 2 1, 1 6 71 - trr!io; o Indicating the treatment Dr. J. llartstniUur called np the subject of “Varicocele" fur discussion, and elicited much practical luformntlon. Ur. T. C. Duncan, of Chicago. contributed a pa per on “The Effects of Climate Upon the Develop, ment of Childhood." 'J'o tht H’etttm Auociattd Prtti. Piulapeu'Ul*, June o.—The twenty-seventh auuuul mcctlnk of the American Medical Associa tion was commenced to-day in Horticultural Uall. There was a large attendance of delegates, more than f>oo being present. Dr. J. Marian Sims, of New York. President-elect, occupied the chair. The proceedings were opened with prayer by the Kev. Dr. E. it. Hoodie, of this city. The following distinguished gentlemen occupied seats on the platform: Surgeon-General William Noth. Twelfth Corps, Hoyal Saxon German Army, and a tad. vis. : Assistant-Surgeon Uaus Rey man. Twelfth Corps, Hoyal Saxon German Army; Dr. Max urtlle, Dresden. Germany; members by invitation; Dr. Wywoodsoff, of St Petersburg, of Ute Russian Commission; I.eDocteur Gaffray, representative of the Paris press to the Exposition; and Surgeon-General J. K. Karnes. United Stales Army. President Sims delivered a long address, after which the Society adjourned uutil U o'clock tb.s afternoon. This evening there will be a prome nade concert and supper at Horticultural Uall. 7 8 U 0 0 U—B 0 0 o—l 1. ; St. Louis, 4. . Louis, 8. )ul», 2. and Mills, 1: TELEGRAPHIC NOTES. SptCKit Ditvalch to T»t Tribunt. gpiusoriKLU. 111., June 0. —The Dearborn Club, capital 5130,000, and the Excelsior Publishing Company, capital SOO,OOO, both of Chicago, to* day secured dual certificates of organization at the udicc of the Secretary of State. Sptcial IHtpaUh to Tit Tribunt. Joliet, 111., Juue U.-Ths Juue term of the Will Comity Circuit Court opened yesterday. Judge MclloocrU presiding. The docketU a full oue, embracing 40 criminal cases, LoO common* law cases, and UO chancery cases, IS of which lnd„ Jun. t-Heporu which bare been sent from here In regard to the desluu* Hon and Communistic spirit prevailing here are ereatly exaggerated, and have scarcely a shadow of foundation in fact. Measures already devised for relief are ample, and no trouble is apprehended. Some of the eensatlonal letters sent from here and published in other cities are ridiculously falsa and absurd. 0! o ui o a. u o, a 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Sptcial [Htpatck to Tf* TM6u*s. lowa City. June 0. A young inso named Jsmes Templin has commenced a crusade against liquor dealers ben*, by tiling Informations under the stale Prohibitory law against liquor-dealers before a Justice of the Veace, upon which aeurcb-warrants are Issued, and Iho premises searched, aud the liquor found seized. .Special XNsjmlcA la As TWAuim. lowa City, June U. —The new morning paper, the lowa City iAiify /fruubftcan, made lU appear ance this morning, it is issued by Pryce & Wit son, with 11. S. Fulfill as editor, late of the lows City Ihiilu iVm and of tbe Davenport u'Jitll*. it is sprightly, sud promises u long life. 5 0 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o*o 0 O—J 1)e» Motst;«. Is., June 0. -At the annual teuton of Hie l-.Muuti: tour.a 1.0..-V uf Ict.i, L.UUt Do* iloU.v> tj—o. ‘liv tiluoii;;: trauJ yUlccr* were elected for the ensnlng fear: Q. W. RotkatV Grand .Master; ,T. Banderaoo, Senior Grand TTm* den; J. N. McClanahan, Grand Treaaom; X, ft Parvin. Grand Secretary. tint score MfjmoTA, 111., Jano o.—The contracting partied were Mlsa Anna J, Wilson, of thia city, and Ur. W. W. Herrick, of Cleveland, 0., chief clerk of • fast mall train. The nuptials took place at the residence of the bride'a parent*, where an elegant delenner waa enjoyed by a large party of tbo brblc'a and bridegroom's friend". The present* were nnmerona and In good taste. The party started for the K.tH, and Mr. Itcrrick may feel proud of having won one of MendoU'a best girls. Iturnett’s Comolno Is tits best and cheapest hair-dressing In (he world. WHEN the blood becomes weak ami Impoverished from whatever fame, tlie whole system Is thrown out of order, and though the infWrtt may not he lick enough to take Hie ued they mo poorly prepared to ni list the cold, bleak weather idtendlng Die winter sea mu. The person may he thickly clad. If Die circulation of the blood la poor they will ihlvcr with Die cold. There f« nothing which will iu (unify the system against cold or chnitgeulde whether quick circulation of good, pure blood. The Vkmtimv; will renew tho blood, give tunc to the stomach, restore the liver tu its proper action, atlmnlute the kidneys m aiio enable them to perform the functions duvulvlng upon them, carry off the putrid humor*, regulate the bowel* nod restore the whole system to working order. This Is precisely what VxuurtSK does, and this Is the exact way through w hlch It has accomplished so ninny won derful cure*, as maybe seen by the following unques tionable evidence: A Husband’s Statement of the M*. H. R. StET*y*: Bear Hlr; I fed ft my duty to say a word In praise of Vvuktink. My wife baa been troubled with a bad hu mor (or several years, which ahe Inherited from her parent*. We have tried several physicians and a ureal many different kluds of tucdlclue with but little beiicdl. She yc-M so much emaciated that we had almost despair ed of her ever tietii;; any better. llearliiK of the Versa- TtMC we resolved to try oucc more, and sue commenced nslusrlt last March, and bits been Improving In bcallli ever since. Kt-uni KU pounds she has advanced to ISJ pounds, having gained ni pounds In seven month*, and is now able to oe about her work. In short, the believes that Vbokti.vk Jim been the means of saving her life, and that she cannot say too much lulls prulsu. If It pleases you to make tueuf this •laiciiicnl yua are at lib erty to do so. ahe has taken fifteen Ixilllcs and Is still using It, and I can safely recommend It as u great lilnoC purlutr. Vour* respectfully, JubKPH L. ULTLLIt ?ebe read a hit; against laractcr, and MASONIC. HYMENEAL. gpteiai Ditpilch to Tfit TYibvnt. BUSINESS NOTICES! vkcjetini: WHAT IS ACCOMPLISHED -BY VEGETINE. Great Suffering of Ills Wife. lls&wica. Sept, 34, I STS. Tiic Wile’s Statement. Ilanwtco. Sept. 24. 1873. Mr. Stftrxs. Hear Mr: I feci T must aaya few word* about the Vk.ktisk. The physician* said I hndau many com* Claims they did not know trim; to give me. They salJ t Ida b.vl humor and I had lhe kidney complaint. the liver complaint. my Heart win very weak. And 1 don't think there I* any one who mitered more with the plica than 1 did. The physician* all mid It wan no me for tun t» take medicine. 1 could not live through the month of Mar, i truly think theVmiKTixa has saved my life, and tny neighbors say that the Vcukti.nk has many no compllihed a wonderful cure In my*.and 1 UH tvetj one whom 1 moot It U the best medicine In the world. Yours very thankfully, MUS. J. L. DIIILLU. Further Proof. FACTS WILL TELL n. R. Srirrrn*. Ks/j.t Dear Sir: Allow me toMjf • word In favor of vro* xiink. During Hie pm year I have suffered from a complication of disease. I laid In bed from (tic 3d of November until the middle of the following June, and on an average did not alt up two hour* « week, Iliad eight of the licitt physicians In tln sute. but got uu help, and constantly grew worn*. They agreed that 1 had heart disease. phthisis, pyaemia. and itldney com* plaint and could never be any better. 1 was reduced In weight £0 pounds, which U much, for lau naturally thin. lu June, finding I wat fading under the treatment of the physicians. 1 commenced the uae of Vxuktimi through the earnest persuasion of frlenda, and. I am happy to state, with good results. 1 have gained to pounds In weight, can alt up all day, walk half a mile, and ride u. lam greatly encouraged and shad continue using the Yemen s* alf 1 can get It. lam a poor man. but (ortho truth of this statement 1 refer to any man In Oodstowu or vicinity. Yours,ten - thankfully, A. J. UL'ltiiKCK. Aug. l, 1873. Ooffstowa, N. u. Reliable Evidence. Mb. H. U. Stxtexs: Dear Sir: 1 will most cheerfully add my testimony to the great number you have already received In favor of your great and good medicine. Vkoxtikk. for Ido not think enough can bo said la It# praise, lor I was troubled over thirty rears with that dreadful disease. Catarrh, and hud auen bad coughing spells that It would seem a* though I could never breathe any more, and Vkuktink has cured roe, nnd I do feel to thank God all the time that there Is so good a mcdiclno as Vcuktikk. and I also think It one of the best medicines for coughs and weak-sinking feelings at the stomach, and advise every body to Uke the Vluktisk. fo. 1 cun assure them It U theVstincdlclneslhaleverwaa MRS. L, GOItK, Cur. Mugoilue and Waluut-sU.. Cambridge, Has*. APPRECIATION, Ciixbukstowk, Mui., March 19, 1809. 11. H. Stkyski; Dear Sir: This Is to eertlfy that I hare used your “Ulood Preparation” iVcoktixk) In my family for several yean, and 1 think that for Scrofula or Canker ous llumonur llheumatle Adeciluas U cannot he ex* celled; and us a Illood Purldtr ami spring medicine It la the best thine I have ever used, and 1 have used almost every thin?. I can cheerfully recommend It to uoy uoo lu need of such a medicine. Yours respectfully. MRS. A. A. DINSMOHK, 19 lluasell street. Veselinc is Sold by all Druggists. UftCSS CiUODS. DECIDED BARGAINS IN AT THE West-End Dry Goods Douse, Madison and Peoria-sts. Reductions all along the lino, of which the tallowing are a few samples: Twilled Knickerbocker Stripes and Plaids, 15c; worth 30c. Imported All-Wool Doßeges, 260; the regular 40c goods. Fine Wool Boßogo Twills, 371-2 o; would be cheap at 500. Elegant quality All-Wool French Batistes, worth 75c, for 600. The cheapest Black Cashmeres ever opened. Two cases Fancy Grenadines, 0 l-2o yard; reduced from 250. Yard-wide iinest Printed Cambrics, 10c; formerly 250. CARSON, PIRIE & CO. i.m;kv mmn French Chips, Flowers. Trimmed Goods, ic. Our usual TOI’L'LAU FRICKS. 12-4: STATE- ST WEBSTER’S. Il'IA l/' FLQWKUH. Paris Flowers. Elccaut Wf. »t: • audUuuqueU tor Sams** Blife , »t Mme, i-iiNi c.l.tuT S. luiyorUx tllrncl (rgmFtnf in Flavor# aiul Feather*. bb» Wab(Ub«V M M> 1 wfpu KI.-ltlcculL uuil T««utUib**U. _ UfiJiii riurtcri *ud yivw«r»<or iiAittesiyeeiittik 5

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