Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 8 Haziran 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 8 Haziran 1876 Page 3
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THE COURTS. Second Dividend Meeting of the Franklin Bank. A Proposition that Suit Bo Begun Against tho Stockholders. Another Outbreak of tho llmtkruploy FcTcr«*»Applicatloo9 for Divorces* Eocord of Judgments and of New Suits. The United States District Coart-rnom was crowded yesterday afternoon at the bolding of the second dividend meeting of the creditors of the defunct Franklin Dank, and about thirty ladies were present. Tho Assignee, Mr. J. D. Ilnrvcy, stated that be bad been engaged since tbo payment of tho first dividend In trying to find Rome more as sets fur a further dividend. The property of the bank tied lately all been told, hut it was so incumbered that It brought very Utile. Thcro would not, In fact, have been anything for tho present dividend had It not been fur a claim of 115,000 nguinnt a hanker named Iloblltl, which was compromised for $12,000. The Assignee said that It was Ills opinion, (u which he was sustained by several lawyers, that the FrankllnJUank had never been properly organized as a corporation, and that thus each of its (stockholders was personally liable for all the debts as In an ordinary partner* ship. The capital stock was by the charier fixed at SIOO,OOO, which was to be all paid in be fore the bank could begin business. Tho books showed that only $82,000 had been euln seribed for, so that the bank had never legally been In existence, nud the Htockhobler* were in effect partners, and each one would be responsible for all the debts. If that were so, II wna probable that the claims could be paid nearly, If not quite, in full, ns two of tho stockholders were undoubtedly good, Fernando Junes And K. 11. 9hc)duu. If, however, the bunk wan properly organized, the stockholders would only lie liable for their unissued stock, amounting to about $15,000. Mr. Harvey then asked that a committee should be appointed to act witli him if the creditors wished In proceed against the stockholders. The meeting (ben signified Rs desire that the war should bo prosecuted to the last ditch, and Messrs. Race, Lnm-, and Kerr were appointed an Advisory Com mittee. The following Is an abstractof the report of the Assignee which was rend yesterday: Total claims proved up $257,201 I’ald on first dividend of 10 per cent 2-1,781 HUH due on first dividend 1,1)15 Cash on hand 12, 204 Two demand notes considered as cash.... 2,228 Total receipts since appointment of lie eelver 10,110 Total disbursements, Including first divl- Cash on hand Amount necessary for dlvidcnu of 0 per cent A dividend of 5 per cent was'-lhon declared, which will be payable In about a weekut the oillccuf the Assignee, No. 07 Dearborn street. An error was made In yesterday's Issue In sluic ing that tho voluntary assignment of Messrs. Fred erick \V. and K. L. Croft to one Howe was fraudu lent. The assignment was set aside as being void under the provisions of the bankrupt law, but no fraud whatever was charged or claimed. DIVORCES. Two unfortunate women yesterday told their tale of marital troubles by filing bills for divorce. Anna Hllckol, the first applicant, states (hat she married her husband, Michael Btiekcl, In 1805, and has lived with him until within the past three months. Michael Is a baker, am) by her active help has suc ceeded in business, so that he Is now worth some 815,000 or $20,000. For tho Inst three years, how ever, ho has been In the habit of ill-treating her until she was compelled to leave him it short time ogo, and she wants to have the separation flnul, Mary Thompson, after twenty years married life, finds she can not live longer with tier husband, Hans Thompson, on account of his violent conduct and drukcimces, ond she also asks for a divorce. Judge McAllister was absent yesterday in Mil waukee, and Mr. M. F. Tulcy by agreemeut ably filled his piacc. To-morrow Is the last day of service In tho Cir cuit Court for the June term. In the cn<c of O.U. Clapp vs. 11. C. Rradloy etal., Judge Blodgett yesterday appointed John W. Marti. Receiver under bond for $2,000. UNITED STATES COURTS. George S. Fallen, of Rhode island, began a suit in trover against Joseph 11. Walker and James W. Oakley, claiming $40,000 damages. The AHiial.lfe Insurance Company began a suit for 82, COD against the city of New boston, another for the same amount against the town of Aurora, and a third for $1,200 against the town of Evans. J, 11. Lsthrop Iflcd a bill against Sarah M. and Amos C. Stedrnan, Fhcbe A. Norton. F.llr.ubcth Norton Torrence, Jessie N. barker, Anna 8. Norton, K. K. Guodell, executor, lirlan Lnthrop, and Josephine J. Norton, to purchusu a tnt"l deed for 812,000 on lots 15 and 10 in John Mid dleton’s subdivision of lots 1, 4. and the N. Vi of lot sin block 11 of Lyman, Lamed it Woodbrldgc’s subdivision of the B. ’i of the N. E. U.and the N. W. of the N. E. Uof Sec. 11.28, H. W. L. Gage filed a bill against Elizabeth A. Bronson lu tier own right and as administratrix of Robert T. Bronson, and Mary K. Grave# to fore close a trust-deed for $1,500 on Lot lin A. D. Reed’s Htibdivieion of Rockwell's Addition. The United States commenced n suit In debt for 8-15,000 against tho Milan Distilling Company, Peter Fries, ana George Wagner; another against George P. Fryslnger, Peter Fries, and George Wagner for $117,000; and a third for SII,OOO against George P. Fryslnger, Frederick Weycr banner, and George Wagner. Tho Connecticut .Mutual Life Insurance Company filed a Mil against Solomon G. Uorchcn. Conrad and Paulina wltkowsky, Bradford Hancock, Bam uel Sykes, Julius llcnvcnrlch. W. R. Gilbert, and Stephen J. Weaver to foreclose a mortgage for 85,000 on tho 8. M of Lot 24, block 108 of School Section Addition to Chicago; BANKRUPTCY MATTERS. Morris Palkoy, a dealer In gents' furnishing goods, clothes, etc., at Nos. 50 and 52 Madison street, filed his voluntary petition In bankruptcy Tuesday. The preferred debts arc for taxes, tho amount of which Is unknown. The secured debts amount to $15,000, the securities being worth |20,0U0, and tho unsecured debts font up 817,* 022.22, due chiefly to New York merchants. Gf tho secured debts, SII,OOO is duo Gerhard Foreman for money loaned In April, 1875; another 80,000 Is owing to Samuel Goldman for a loan, both these amounts being secured by trust-deed on Bub lots 4 and 5 of Henry McAuley's Subdivision of Lot 1, block 02, in Canal Trustees' new Subdi vision of blocks in the N. W. l 4 of Sec. 21, 20, 14, worth $15,000. There is also $.1,000 due to Felsentha) X Korininsky, on a loan made March Hi, 1870, and secured by trust deed on Lot 7, block 2, in Lulling Smith's Bulnlivlsion of block 85, Canal Trustees' Subdivis ion of the WJ4 of sec. 27, 20.14, worth $5,000. Balkuy's assets consist of the equity of redemption in tho land above-mentioned, subject to homestead exemption; also, slock hi trade, and fixtures, 85,200; and open accounts, $1,080.58, The peti tion was referred to the Register. U. B. Jenkins was subsequently appointed Provisional Assignee. Levi Fuller, of Spring Mill, Whiteside County, also died his voluntary petition yesterday, showing a list of unsecured debts to the amount of SB,- 020.77. His asset* comprise land worth $2,220, of which SI,OOO worth Is claimed as n homestead; bills and notes nnd judgments, $8,001.10; ciioscu Inaction, $082; debts due on open account, 85. • 751.05. ami farming stuck, Implements, and horse, |BS. The petition was reform! to Beglater Crnln. Lastly, Joseph Thielen, u contractor, at No. 22 North Green street, went into voluntary bank ruptcy. His preferred debts are $200.24; the se cured, $7,500, and the unsecured, S!O,I>(H.HtI. The assets consist of $10,500 In land, mortgaged for $7,500; hills nnd notes, $542.02: stock In trade at No. 22 North Green street, SSO; horse, harms*, and wagons, $211; tools nnd fixtures, KlIH; and debts duo on open accounts, $012.01. Reference to Register Hibbard. Final hearings and creditors' meetings will bo held July 15, before Register Hibbard, In tiie fol lowing euies: H. M. Kingsley. Edwin W. Jewell, Herman b. barlclay, smith 11. Vuorhies; I‘hlliu It. Trcullck; Daniel J. Wren: James M. Seymour; William M. Collins; Hcury 11. Adams; Muses A. Thayer; J. L. McKeuver; Thomas Foster; Joshua Farkhousc;D. W. Jenklnson; Israel Sunderland, Lewis Muss and David Hamsun; and Juhu K. Gardner. In the following roses similar meetings will bo held the same day before Register Crain at Free port: William 11. Forbcaetui., Lewis Robinson, Hid George Elscy. Before Register Grant at Chicago In tho follow ing cases: Enos 8. Richmond, and Tunvillu «fc Pugh. And before Register Johnson at Peoria as fol lows: William Arnold, J. V. Uiumb, D. T. Dick ton, and John C. Dunlap. In the case of HUnonde A Stoddard an order was made modifying the injunction heretofore issued lu that George P. Gore X Co. can deliver the goods luld before the Injunction was issued, and sell tho goods unsold at thu same time, holding tiie pro feeds subject to the order of the Court. Harry H. Stevens was elected Assignee of Jacob 0. Smith, and Bradford Hancock was appointed Assignee uf George 11. Watson. A first dividend uf 5 per u ni was yesterday do tlaredinthu estate of Middleton & Uisbee, con tractors. An Assignee will be appointed (his morning f Robert Grlflilh, and a first dividend meeting w: he hold In the case of Ransom A biiupiur at 2 p. n bUI’HRIOU COURT IN lIUIHP. George C. bull & Co. began a suit for $2, QUO Igalnst George W. Rawlings. Samuel Rule, J. V. Ayer, George W. lisle, CM). Elale, commenced a suit fur SIO,OOO against Hie Chicago, Danville A Vincennes Railroad Company. J. U. Hoblnvoui Co. begun tt null for |1f,600 ICalnat Frank M. Kilim. John lUloy begau au *cllon agalml the City of Ehkt|.’u auo John A. Johnson, claiming fcJ, 000 tWLICX Moses Frank commenced a unit in case against Gcorgo Rlgemon, laying damages at $5,000. tub OAI.L. ■TudorGart—ss2toss7 nud 510 lo 554, Inclm Rive. ■h'miE .lamk.on—l3H 10 111, 143, 144, 140 lo 152. ami 154 to 100, Inclusive. .luuur Moonn—Chancery default! and motions at *1 p. m. Jutmp. Romms—Set case 5,337, and calendar Noe. 702tnf710. inclusive. .Imioß Booth— Set case 2,844, and calandertfos. 533 lo 530, Juiinf. .McAu.iaTin—Set cates 3,025 and 41,233, anil •155 to 478, inclusive, except 450, 457, 403, 400, ami 473. on Judge Ilnoth's calendar. ' Juuo* F.uiwi:i.i.— bet case 885 Porter vs. 11111. Juijob Williams—No call. JUIHIMBHTS. Usitrd Rtatm Circuit Court—Jtmoii Dion or.TT—E. If. Crnmpton ct al. vs. Adalbert 11. Bishop and Charles rf. Holden, $1,170.00. Sui’Riuon Count—ConrxsMona—R. 11. Lyons ve. George A. Peck, $345.52. .luiicjß Gary— A. T. llabhltt ot al. vs. Fred W. Erbyaml Frank G. Barnes, $.150. J. I*. Ilnthbont ct nl. vh.* E. Lewis and Frank Spaulding, $73.01. C. 11. F. Ahrens ve. Ilalhia W. Wether oil. s;| 10.54. August Heck vs. Robert Vogel, $210.20. Moses Strauss clal. tb. Ilanlel Wachen hclmcr. $3H7.20. —Same va. August Hies, $512. 80. —Charles Frauk cl al. vs. M. Kaufman, $48(1. Minnie ficvorln vs. William A. Ewing, ft,730.02. Market National Hank of Huston vs. William M. True, $507.50.—J0hn Nash ct nl. vs. J. 11. Swentt, sllo.47.—Excelsior Eros* Itrlck Company va. John Willert ami August Gannon, 81H2. lu.—Martin Lewis vs. Albert 11. Walker, $330.88. —Western Cement Company vs. John W. Cassell. s2lo.o7.—Rock River Paper Company vs. J. M. Cnry. $382.20.—W. M. Gregg clal. vs. Clinton I). Shepherd, sl, 110.— J. V. Far well A Co. vs. F. W. Tucker and Bcdley B. Me- Clerkcn, sl,ol7.oo.—Home va.Ebenezer Wakoley, $240.25. Bpenccr R. Udell vs. Joseph T. McCord, $3,880.20. K. J. Hodge vs. John C. McCord, $lBO.Ol. Ilcrlicrt Walker va. Noah Morrison, $l7O. —l*. V. Lowe vh. Charles Gahlback ami 11. Schuro matin, $203.00. M. K. Hunt ct nl. vs. Jacob Funk. $226.22. Hchwah, McUuaid & Mon liclinur vh. David Garvey, $722.18. J. T. Hycrson ve. Gimluvus E. Ituscbkk. $2,030.07. Ezra May vs. Thomas S. Dobbins, John S. Wilcox, and George 9. Bowen, slo,oso.—Hame vs. Chi* engo & Pacific Railroad Company, $10,050. fiiimo vs. Thomas 8. Dobbins, John 8. Wilcox, and George 9. llowcn, $10,033.34.—J. I), nar rower vs. Carrie Cadwoll, $47.65. Market Na tional Hank of Boston vs. South Branch Dis tilling Company, $2,587.83. Same va. Simon Howell, $2,587.83. N. Elacndrnlh vs. Fritz Metzke, $420.00. Martha J. Marsh at at. va. Justin Bradley, $1,443.04.-11. B. Klmhall et a), vs. Henry /unis, s3lo.3o,—'William Boyd ve. Michael H. Bailey, $813.87. 9. J. Chapman ct al. va. Luther A. Bccbc, $02H.1H.-William Swlsslcrvs. John Orr, $101.28. —W. 11. Slaton vh. Ada ami F, R. Thormcyer, $85.50. Joseph Pfusbing vs. Joseph Hlnct, $048.80. — Joseph Sampson'ct at. ve. Theodore 11. Campbell and Elicit Bryant, s3ol.33.—Alfred Weed cl al. va. Joseph Thlelen, slos.—Henry Dettnian va. Charles Boettcher, $108.05.-9. S. Biles ct a), ve. Eric Railway Company, $350. Circuit Count— Juuob Roushs—W. B. La parlc va. Adam Rclchcl, soo. E. N. Marks ve. George Sparling, $l5O.—J. 11. Bradshaw et al. va. A. E. Neubcrgand Joseph Holme), $122.55. JuiiiiE HooTii—lntcrnutional Bunk ve. Bartow A. Ulrich. $3,110.52. .Inii.K Mi Ai.i.iHTcit—Cbnunccy Dewey vs. Ben jamin F. and Edwin R. Baker, $204.21. TEMPERANCE. Mooting of tlio Grand Tomplo ofllonor for Wisconsin—Progress of the Order in Two Years—Annual Address of Col. J. A. Wutrous. D(J. 005 12,201 12,725 .Special Dispatch lo The Tribune, Fond i>u Lac, Wls., June 7.—The Grand Temple of Honor for Wisconsin met at Oshkosh tn-ilny. The Order is comparatively now in Wisconsin, having commenced operations In earnest two years ago last spring, at which time there were only two Temples in the State. It receives only men. There are at present sixty Temples In the State. It reaches and keeps tlus # drinking classes, making of them the best of Temperance-workers. Unlike some of the Tem perance Orders, the Temple relics upon moral suasion and personal effort, keeping clear from polities. Ry these means It has suc ceeded In reforming thousands of men, and lu building up a strong Temperance sentiment wherever the Order has been established. It fraternal and benevolent features arc equal to those of the old Orders, and the Order promises to become as permanent. During the past year and a half Temples have been instituted at Oshkosh, Necnah, Appleton, Omro, Hlpou, Rcrlln, Milwaukee, Reaver Dam, Columbus, Portage City, Kldorado Mills, Eureka, Wuupun, Wlnncconne, Fox Lake, Juneau, Sheboygan Falls, Stevens Point. Brandon, Unrlcon, Prince ton, Waukesha, Markesan, Janesville, Randolph, Dartlord, Cnmbria,Chllton,Bclolt, Rio.Munasua, Tumuli, Monroe, Kingston, Shawano, Water town, Burlington, Oconomowoe, Delavan, Bar tlett, Clkhorn, Montello, Paekwaukce. LcUoy, LaCrosse, North LaCrosse, Westfield, Mar quette, Pardevlllc, Stoekhridge, Wyoceua, Kll bourn City, and Union Grove. The following extracts tiro taken from the annual address of Col. J. A. Walrous, who Ims been at the head of tho Order the past year: A reference to the Order as It was found in the spring of 187-1, and to Its achievements since, la certainly appropriate. At that time there were less Temples than in any Htotowherc the Ordurpretend ed to have a foothold. No. 1, Genova, and No. H, Fond du Lac, constituted tho sum total, with a membership of less than fifty. A few members of tho Fend du Lac Temple, who had acquainted themselves with tho beauties of tho Temple-work, and who felt most keenly tbo need of effective temperance effort, and were not content with the do-nothing policy which hud made Itself painfully apparent during the year or more of the Temple’s existence, went to work, with a determination thnl would not be changed, to pick the noble Order up out of the old rut In which it was sleeping, and place It upon n high, solid plane, where It could do work for tho present age,—for generations to come. Their efforts were crowned with greater success than they had anticipated. One of the members who favored the new departure made this prediction s* ’ Make this change—go lo work—bring to bear personal effort—anu three months from now you will have this room filled with Templars whoso zeal and good works will commend the Order to tho people of other cities and villages, and in a few years we shall see' Temples springing Into existence all about us, doing a work that will .carry joy to the hearts of thou sands of sorrowing mothers, wives, and children, and cause the right-thinking of all classes to speak words of cheer and to commend.” The policy was changed. Work commenced. Thu membership to-day is at least 4,000. Wisconsin Is the banner ttate so fur as regards number of Temples and membership, ami. If 1 may be permitted to mid, so far as zeal, devotion, and ability are concerned, by means of the Temple, as operated tho past two years In Wisconsin, 2,500 drinking men have been Induced to adopt the principle of tota] abstinence. Gf this number, thirty were saloon-keepers and bar tenders. At least 1,000 were what are termed confirmed drunkard. Five hundred were hard drinkers, and the balance were nioderatu drinkers. The Temple has not only secured these men for members, but in most Instances they have become very earnest, zealous workers in the cause to which our Order Is chiefly dedicated. It has en larged tho minds, hearts, and Ideas of life-long temperance men, and increased their Influence fur good many-fold. It has given aid, encourage ment, and positive strength to all other Tem perance Huddles and efforts. It has car ried forward Temperance-work in such a way ns very materially to disarm opposition by se curing the respect, confidence, and moral support of a very largo class nut yet actively engaged In the reform, and whose numbers would, if they gave a candid opinion, tell us they would years ago have Idcntllh'd themselves vvltli the cause had it not been fur the fanatical. Impractical, and nonsensical ways of those who marked out the course to he pursued, and which course attached odium to, and heaped ridicule upon, the cause,—a cause which deserves tiie prayers, thought, mid labors of the best hearts and minds In the land,—and' thus rendered It haz ardous for a man lu step Into the ranks, unless bo had time, disposition, energy, and ability to battle for the overthrow of old, threadbare, worthless, and ridiculous notions, and for the adoption of practical, living, ond common-sense Ideas, lu some of the smaller villages tho Temple has suc ceeded In pledging to Total Abstinence nearly all of the drinking classes. Including the saloon-keep ers, In many places It has so reduced tho demand fur strong drink that from (me to four saloons have been closed, leaving one or two to Unger along, staring death in the face,—to die from the same disease—starvation; to die because tho bad appe tites of the people have been conquered, and (ho demand for drink stopped. It lias built up u better Temperance-sentiment than the people of Wisconsin had previously known. Its noble work has just begun. ThoTomple la preparing for years of as good or better work. Lest 1 may bo claiming muro for the Temple-work than the facts warrant, penult me to repeat tho substance of a conversation a wholesale liquor dealer had with s gentleman In a Northeastern Wisconsin village, nothing ago. Bald he: "A few years ago, the distillers, brewers, and saloon-keepers raised tens of thousands of dollars, and organized societies throughout the Htate, that they might successfully tattle the operations of the Graham law, Riid pre vail upon (tic Legislature to repeal the act at tho earliest possible day. Those engaged in liquor making and selling anticipated serious reduction lu trade, and greater loss in defending themselves 1 in suits brought. We were happily disappointed, lu only a few places was there uny determined ef fort mude to enforce the law. At the end of two years it was repealed, and the business of the dis tillers, brewers, and saloon-keepers had been in terfered with so lightly tliat the differ ence in receipts was nut worthy of 1 mention. We got out of the Graham law without any wounds worthy of note. The lawyers whom we had retained pocketed about the only I good thing which came from the Graham law. '• Thun tho liquor-dealer— in answer lo the question, *• What would have been (lie result hud the Ora i ham law been fully enforcedr" said: “To enforce such a law as that right to the letter, would cut off nine-tenths of the trade In Wisconsin.” Here Is I food for reflection. A law enforced dues some thing. A law ignored Is but a farce. With a dole f ful expression, tho dealer entered upon the task of I cursing tho Temple of Honor, “why,” said he, “do you know lust a very few yean of tho kind of THE CHICAGO TIUUUJNE: THURSDAY. JUNE 8, 1876. work that Order has done the past year will destroy onr business In thin Htalc? They nave reduced the liquor-receipts pnr day, nt Wanpun. at lead $75; at Rfpnn, as much or inorr: 1.1 (Mux-li. 51.'.0; nt Fond tin, as much, If not inoro: nl Appb'ton. $100: at Neenah, 875; at Junesu, S4U: ul Bran dim, S4O; st MontrJlo.Bso; and at Markeean, B.m dolph, Cambria, and other points, they have made such inroads that it no longer pays ns to send agents there. We need not nave hern alarmed at the Graham law. lint the workings of the Teiaplo of llooor may well alarm up." osiiKosn. ftpedal ntipalrh to The Tribune. Oshkosh, Wls., June 7.—Tin- Templn of Honor met In Ibis rlty to-day. Thu annual ad dress was delivered by J. A. Waltons, Grand Worthy Templar. Aixnit forty members were firesent. The Order is retorted in a very flour siting condition throughout tho State. Forty two new Temples have started since last fall. OLD SETTLERS. Lake and McHenry Comities Pioneers* lie* n tdon. fipectat Dtepatch to The TWfttme. Waureoan. HI., June 7.—ln the early history Illinois, those that were then eettlers experienced many hardships ami wero compelled to endure many trials, such as the inhabitants of all new countries arc subjected to. Hlnco then many Imre died, and others are living In distant lands. Those remaining, however, wishing to renew old acquaintance, decided ulaiut a year ago to form an Old Settlers'organization, and u meeting was ac cordingly called for that purpose. A permanent organization wua effected, and is now known as (be Old Settlors’ Society of Luke and Me* Henry Counties. The first reunion was held at McHenry Village last full, and was largely attended, although It mined heavily throughout the day. Soon after, at a business meeting of the ofllccrs, it was decided to hold the second reunion In this city on the 7th of Juno—^p-day. Extensive preparations were made for a grand time, and such It proved to be. At an early hour in the day the enterprising clll/ons bedecked their homes and places of business with tho Stars and Stripes. The appearance of the city certainly be spoke welcome to tho multitude that soon came In nut only from the distant townships of the county, but also from McHenry County, including Wood stock and Harvard; also from Ruclue, Kenosha, Chicago, and for many miles around. Thu procession wua formed In tho following order; Chief Marshal and Aides. Waukegan Cornet Baud. Waukegan Fire Company. Bt. Mary’s Total Abstinence society. Martini Band. Torrent Engine Company. Mayor and City Council. President and Otllccrs Old Huttlors’ Organization. Orator, nud Speakers of the Day. Citizens in carriages, Eu*Klax, aliae West Side Volunteers. Towns of McHenry County. Towns of Lake County. The procession was about 2 miles In length. Upon the arrival of the II n. in. train from Chicago, containing the speakers, the first salute was fired, and eight minutes after the procession moved, nmidiltig iluwu State street to llelvidere, west on llelvidere to Genesee, north on Genesee to Grand avenue, went on Grand avenue to Utica, south on Utica to Washington, west on Washington to Park avenue, north on Park avenue to the fair grounds, ul which place a speaker's stand was erected and oilier conveniences fur the occasion. The exercises commenced at 2,and were con* ducted according to the following nrogramme: Music by the Waukegan Comet Hand. The lion. Uichurd bishop, President of the Old Settlers’ Society, was then introduced by John U. Kagan, Esq., Vice-President for Luke Comity. Mr. Richard bishop spoke briefly of Lake and McHenry Counties since they were llrst settled, and related good-naturedly bis own experience while u resident In the same. After music by the Waconda Cornet Dnnd, ad dresses were made by the Hun. T. D. Murphy and Kell Donnelly, of Woodstock. The hitter re marked In commencing that, as he was a dealer in ribbons, he was belter capable to talk to the ladles. He thought the people ought to be thank ful for the many blessings nicy now enjoyed com pared with the days of yore. Song— * * Thu Old Gakuu bucket. " by the Wauke gan Glee Club; reading of letters from former residents of Lake County who were nimble to at tend; music by the McHenry Martial Rand; ad.- dress by John U. Kagan, Esq.; music by the , Waukegan Cornet band: address by the Hon, George Gage; ofier which the crowd returned to the town and gradually lessened in numbers as they repaired U» their homes, the residents of Benton, this county, being perhaps the happiest of their number, they having won tiie champion Dag. The day was delightful, and, tin It was an oc casion of much enjoyment, it will long be remem bered. Disposing of a OuucU Doctor. Denver Vorrerpomlence tfetn Vork Sun, The Utes have u peculiar and exemplary method of disposing of quack doctors,—ln other words, bogua “medicine men.” One of thin ilk. while practicing his profession among the Middle Park Utes, succeeded in fatally poisoning two men and one woman; mid before the corpses were ready fur the funeral. Fiat, Chief of the trlhe, quietly took down his Winchester rifle ond went for the doctor. Ue put nine bullets Into him, which was “bad medicine” for the medicine man, whoso ’three wives are now widows. “Medicine” with the Indians menus witchcraft, sorcery, healing,—any thing, in fact, that they cannot understand, and they greatly reverence afirst-class medicine man; but an unsuccessful practitioner they deem belter fitted for the happy hunting grounds than this mun dane sphere. FINANCIAL All kinds ok merchandise iikueiwo on ■torußo or fair, ami cut'll advances made desired. Chicago Storage mid Commlimlou Company. Wurerooms 78 aud 80 Van lluren-st. i office isawiuli* IllgtOll-lt. „ A DVANCEH MADE ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, ./V. bonds, ole., at LAUKDKUS’ private ollloe. li!t> Kmc dolpli«it., near Clark, Uoomsftando. Established iwM. CANS—ON COLLATKHALK, HEAL ESTATE, OU othcrsecurltles. LIVINGSTON i: CO., Uoom 18, uu and ia:u.aSuUe*at. Money to loan in sumh'of i.vmi and up wards, upon Improved city property. 8 per cent. LVMA.N is JACKSON, U 3 fort land illouK. MONEY TO LOAN ’IN SUMS UK |V»I. f I.o*l, $1,600, f’, etc., on Rood inipnmnl Chicago properly al the lowest rates. SAMUEL ObllU, 114 Dearborn-si. Money to loan is sums to suit at Low est rstes, on city property and farms. K. K ADAMS, I2iu:lark-»L., second floor. WANTED— A LOAN OF $1,4«»0N imiCK IIOLsE and lolt locaHonjioodt none hut principals need apply y jSddrcM IW. Tribune office. WAKTED-fSSOKOU SO DA VS ON ja,SOILEASE* VV hold. U)"ti hill of pole and forfeit If not paid. Kay big liucrcit. Address M 40, Tribune office. WANTED— TO UOIiUOW $11.(100 KOII FIVE YEA IIS, at 8 pur cent, on property worth $10,000: largo comer lot near Union Park: will pay no commission. Address Ml!h. CHAItI.KS, City. . BAND 0 PEIt CENT—MONEV TO LOAN IN HUMS of s4,(*«)nnd upwards on Cook County property. jt._W. HYMAN,_Ju., ACOm Doom 11, 156 LaSalie-sl. -S7OO, 9LIJU), TO LOAN ON CHICAGO OU itpOl/U llydo Dork property. TUUNKII A UOND. UKJ Washington-st. CUr /WMV-AND OTHHII HUMS TO SUIT. TO smiJ.UUU loan on cltr property al current rates. TUItNEU A BOND, ItrJ Wiunlnßlon-sl. Ennn amounts’ and uuwahds to loan .UUU on productive city property, at« percent est. Kami loans desired, and correspondence with eonDtryaßenusollcUcd. WILLIAM LINDSLEV, Uoom 14, Methodist Cliurch Hlock, City. d.ii) nnn to loan on ciiicAo'crruopEufY JU\7 al K per rent, in one or two sums. K. K. & 11. OVIATT. LuSslle-st.. Kooin U. liUNT ANU FOUND. IOST-WKDNKKDAV KVHNINO. ON MICHICSAN* j tv., botwccn puurlei'iilli uixl Blzlvt'iilli-kU.. * Kin ill* KmUh-t fun. A suitable tewurU will buum-afoi return to & 15 Mlclilg»n-uv. LOST-*io REWARD—TUESDAY NIGHT. NKAI MeVleker'a Theatre, a slim-built bluck-timi-U doir. cars cut, small lull, dent on one tide, answers t the name uf billy. MERRILL, Fifth Avenue Bold corner Adams snd W«ll»-sti. ___ T OST-ON BTATB-BT.. HKTWKEN IIAKIUHON I j and Mmllson-its., WiMncsday, June 7, ft wallet wm* Uliilnt(*»:i.7si the dmliT will bon;w»nlcd by ruluni* lug Iho unit to C. Mrll INNIBS* tm Lrlc-kt. Lost-on a btatk-bt. cau. rbtwken adasis »nd lUn(tnl|i|i-»u.| r iiocUvt-book vouiatnliu; ?-_*s •ml koine jiai«T». Tlie llaour will bo rewarded by ru turnlnglt toSH Stntu-it., uj«-ttftlr*. Lost— may 7, A i-aiiikh*" i-:namki,ko oou> wait'll, withhold dmln and I'ln. Any mic Uniting and munilng aaniu u> 1H Ogdon-av. will bo tultably rv wank'd. L6st-*23 m:wAi»D-A pattkhn K<>ld pecklncp uml uprn work crne< near Nurtliwcit* un> iH-iKJt. ou l-usHlUi-it, r OHT—TUKStiAV NJUIIT. lIKTWIiKN TAVI.OU Jj ami Tw«irili-IK.. a gold net with pearl. Liberal reward 11 returned to '»«5 BUio»L S' chunky bay pony. Haller on when lon. A. MOU* UIB, llDloußiock-\tmU. rpAKKN UP-ACUW. WHH'TI CAN liji MAKIIY i. paying expense* uml proving pruiutrty at 1W Koc •uIU-n. UIVIIHCEN. DIVfmCKS I,KUAI.LV"ASI» yfIKTLV OUTAINKT forlmuiii|.ailbliUy. etc.: r«»ldi'ru-e nor pmuiml iiroidiLC nui lU.i'f'ury; altlduvlu tuilklent; fee afterdccreo. U. K. fiI.MS. 57_A»hUml illock, ChleaKu. T\ivOHCKS I.KQAIXV AND gUIKTI.Y OHTAISKr JJ In every bltteof Hie Union for lueuiiu>aUt»llliy, etc, ItTildeneo unnucaaiary. Fee after draff. Twelve year*' cxiKifleitue. AdUrewl’.O. lion KU7. Uitcaao. 111, iniVOKCEti UUJKTLV OUT AIN Kl>'FU U I SCUM- J ) patlbllfiy, »[«.. i Icnal everywhere. •itt<l«vu« iuirt" cteiil proofs reuldenca Immaterial; fee after decree. If. S.MAUVYN. ICuomS. HA Wmliliih’ton et.. Chicago. 111. MLWItyU JUACIIINLS. I.’LKOANT bKWiNQ M.VL'IIINKb. , , It Flrvt-daM Huvrlntf maclilma uf all klmU. make*, and iiyleai warranted a ycau; all attavhmeoU In cluded. at Icm than half ti Kular me*. , . TTIOS. 11. MAIUTS, 'J'*>lVahsuh-ar. I~>oll HAI.K-tniOVKU it UAKKK. «1»! WIIKKLEU ' ± IVllooit. sdd: late Improved binder from to ■4oi ItemlUKton, Wllm»i. fds. to pay advance*! money loaned on machine*. l‘rlvato Loan Olflee. l‘d-1 Clark-U., Uuotn U, up-»ulr». __ S' IffUHU OFFICB OK.Ai J. MELCHEKT, 803 WKIT MauUon-it. Machine* aolo on monthly payment*, rented. rrin'icd. and e\<L CITY lIKAIi KBTATK. 7rm'nM,r;-VKuV Yiif.Yp-sf.vkral new or,- tag,,n - f tout hrh I; re«'->n> < a. two-story and bm-c --lent. fiii>' lO'-mloa, West side. Also o<-tiiK'>n*fr*«n» l*rl« W residence, three-story ard assmsnt. on North side, near Dearborn-sf,; would ev hange (or smaller rciudem e, Wem bide. WALLER UIOTHKRf*. U 4 Washlnglon-at. ,’«R BALE-27 LOTB NEAR* CORNER 07 WOOD and Tav|or-»ia., at a very great sacrlflic. caah or me. DA VID WILLIAM*. m Clark-at. .’OR flAl.K—fd.orai WILL PURCHASE AN RLE’ K«nt new n-story brick hou«« amt lot corner of liar anl-at. and Cainp)>el] av.. lining Icm than hall It* emit, iqulre ntutir. Wc siern-av. ’OR SALE-WAIIAhH-A V.. NORTH WI.STtORNLR 4 Twi’|ltli-M.. with tirlrk home, »12,7 V»; only half d prim; > :iiv lenns; also, e- vi.-rfvl other extraordinary ti-galns. KHAIAB WARREN, IW DearNirn-sl. I.’DU BALK—REST UAROAIN IN CIHCAGO~»3.WO L lake* It, two siory and basement brick. wfthao foot lot, on IlllrmU-M.. between stain and Dearborn. Nicholson Organ Factory, 03 Indiana-lit. |/0R SALE-ONE"ou"THREE HECtIONS TEXAS I land at your own price: anything cash. ao make an offer;.perfect title. t, IQ. Tribune office, 8«JIH;UIIA\ KDAL ESTATE. T.’OR BALK—AT WESTERN SPRINGS, ON EASY I inonthly payment* toiult, 2-ttory hou*e« and SO* fool lota at f«s). BI.DS). and ?J.2Vi; near school* and depot; ildewalki, etc,, all complete, ready to move In* to; 10-emt train mornlngand evening. f. C. HILL, 4 Lakcildc Building. , 1, ’OR HAL E—IN RAVENS WOOD AND VICINITY neat and substantial dwelling* and good lota on easy term*; house* to rent:lake water: 7 cents fare; frequent train*. A. MESNETT. Agent, aouthcaslcorner Monroe and Market-ats. I.’DU HAI.E-fIU) WILL HUY A BEAUTIFUL LOT, one block from depot, at I.ngntnge; only 7 mile* from city; Slsd<i|*n and *5 inonthly; cheapest proper* ty In market and shown fre«; abstract free; laborers’ train already on. IRAHRDWN. Hgl,asa!le-st..iuwin4, 170 R SALE-ONE OR" TWO UI.DCKK IN" HA W thorne at a low price. W. H. ROUNDS, 172 LaSalle**!. ( OI TUIY REAL ESTATE, I7OR HALE—IIY MARSH & GRAHAM. REAL K4* tale and In»uranee Agenia. All--c:iu. Mich.: Cen tennial bargains In Improved ntul unimproved farming lands, also mill property and pine lauds. Correspond ence solicited. For' sale-vine faTTSI wV* Aciii:s~s7Tiii.Ks wthtuf Chicago: one mile from railroad; saa per acre: small payment down. Address owner, F itn, Trib une ollloc. _________ For halh-a two-htorS’ stork himlding. with gno'l cellar, and cottage on adjoining lot, In a thriving Illinois town oa thu C., H. At/, it. R. A never* falling well and two cisterns supply water. Grounds supplied with fruit-trees, nhrubhcry. etc. Tcrmscash. Andros P. O. !lo« 37H. Kcwanee, 111. UIML, ESTATE. WAJVTEDi WANTED-TO miV AGOODDUILDINO FOU rvtall •tori’; will give ca*l) and Hue stuck farm, clear: answer fully. K 4'i.jl'rlhune ofllce, * Wantkd-rkal" estate-city’ or — faums7 for wlilcli I will give a lucrative huilnea* In any Stale not dl-potted of: 1 clear *l,t»o per year In Chi cago, and sper year In Muslim, and active men can do a* well proportionately elsewhere; I own tin-patent Unit makes It a mouupoly. Itoom ih. nuDearhorn-it. WASTED-COTTAGE - ASII“LOT.“ NORTH OF Klnrlc*at.. cheap for rash: also I wo-story bouse; mult be a bargain. .1. K. DUGAN. Kl Mllwaukee-av. niiHi.NXss cua>ci;h. A RARE CHANCE—A RAILROAD EATlNG iiouiu for sale In a thriving tins n In Indiana doing a good buslncm. Good reason* for sluing out. For particulars direct to I. II ana, l.oganiport. I ml. A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS DUYB HALF IN- I.Test In a well-established cash biinlne#i that will support two families, 7n LaSnllr-st., Room 14. i LUCRATIVE m/SJKESS FOR HALE CHEAP FOR Ji. cash, or trade part for clear real estate. D 3o,Trlh* tine other. l.’Olt lIKNT AND SALK—THE ENTIRE STOCK OF X fiinilltin*. carpels- bedding, etc., of the Starr House at Unrllngton, la.. Is offered fur aide, and the house will be leaned on reasonable terms to t good party with some means, desirous of keeping n nrn-das* hotel. This Isa good opening and money esu Ijc made. Every* thing Is new and In good condition. An exhibit of I fir husineiotof the home ihu-e .lan. 1. and any other In formation. furnished by applying for H.c next ten days toK. C. WHITTLESEY, Durllngton. In. I?OU SALK-A STEAM FLOUR. MEAL. AND 1 feed mill and elevator at Northampton, Mrs*. Ilia done » large and prosperous business. Death of owners makes sale ueeessnry. Good opening for a Western house to extend Its business East. Address LUKE LY MAN, Northampton, Mika, i;OR SALE—CHK.M’—SALOON ANE RESTAU* X rants good business, anil good reasons for selling. Apply at igu West Washington-*!. i.-’ou sAi.F.-mrrcnKU shop with fixtures X on account of death In family: has a good trade, Apply at 251 Ogdcn-av. 170 R SALK—GROCERY STORK, STOCK, FIXTURES. L Imrsr. and wagon, doing lash ua'de *v«i |>er week: di-slruidc locution. Rest of reasons for aclllng. Ad dres* It <l3, Tribune olllce. I.'OR SALE-A" LUCRATIVE 'IiUMNKSS IN A 1 Southern city, or trade forclcor rial estate. D3u, Tribune other. 1/OR SALE-A RECTIFYING KST Alt! fiIIMENT, L new and fully equipped, with copper still and column, engine and boiler, hteiun pump*. rectifying and receiv ing tuln. etc., located at 1(1 and 12 West Ramiuluh-st., Chicago. For particular* Inquire at 30 Larrnbcc-it. CHARLES SHEER. 1* j»OR HALE-ON''ACCOUNT OF THE DEATH OF 1 the owncr.the only hornet* shop at Duwnrr'a Grove, HI. The property Is valued at about SOU). Apply to F, GUESS, Dowuer’iGrove. 111. FOU HALE—A \T*RY bRSIRAIILK WOOD-WORK- Ing factory, In complete running order, comltilng of one 12-horse power Amrs engine and holler,a Cumin A Wlleox dry kiln, shafting, pulley*, belting*, build lugs, leant’, etc., together or sepnmtely, very cheap for A rare chance. Inquire at No. lU2 Host wash luglon-«(., Roomi4P and 30. I HAVE Tin: HUSb'PATKNT FOR Klfcnr.N USE on the market, mid would wll part or entire nt * (air price. Address POOR CUSS, Trlbuuc olllcc. Meat markkt^for - balk-flrst-class trade: new natures, good location, two trams. Ac. s very cneap (or ensh, by E. F. COMSTOCK, Ri*om 40 Metropolitan lllock, corner LaSalle am) Randolph. VEW STOCK OF GROCERIES FOK SALE; WANT i> (;>ts>or ghixiciuli, balance time. Address F 74, Tribune olllcc. VEUV'CIIKAV IF"TAKEN THIS WEEK—THE > inent-mnrki't and iiackliig-lnmse Him; state-»t.. doing a good business, with all modern Diluted. Forty obliged to leave town. ■\\rANTKl)—?2s.fOO TO TO TAKE FLACK tt o( party withdrawing bylluilbitloa for special or general partnership Interest In well et-Uhltshcd uad suc cessful manufacturing busliieM. Frlnclpati only heed apply to A. ,1. AVKRKLL.J27 Uoarlwrn-st. _ \iranted'- wr "desire to’ kstahlisTi IN l\ Chicago n general agency (or the sale of u maple article. An energetic mun, with little capital, may make (S.tuoantinully. For particulars address S. S. MANIiA.M, President Hamden Mfg. Co., 2H West llreadwny. N. Y. WILL m:v A HALF INTEREST IN AN tUHJUU citahllshctl manufacturing bukluess paying Rood prollts. Address PtM, Tribune olllcc. e*o orin duys half interest in well tj>o*UUU e.-lahllshcd cash business paying fiu,uu) yearly, (.’all at or address7ll LnSslle st.. Itooin H. ♦ mouses ami cauiki.igiis. Auction -Tuesdays. Thursdays, and Saturdays—Horses, carriages, and harness a spe cialty, at WESTON it CO.’S, Nos. ItKJ and IP* Kail Washlngton-st. Ample time given to test all horses sold under a warrantee. Stock on band at private sale, "a T 21S WADASII-AV.. CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, J\. phaetons, etc. Wc have a large variety of all the stylus at rcneunatilc prices, G. L. HRAOLKV. __ Auction sales of’horses, uuggies. car" rlages. harness, Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fri day*. ul 10b. m. WREN & CO.. IUJ &HU Washington. FINE STOCK OF” CARRIAGES. DOGGIES, phaeton*, etc., at great bargains. 10 mid 12 Earn Washlngton-m.. near Walmeh-uv. it. D. Illl.L. 17»R SALE-Hm:SE; HARNESS. AND LIGHT DE* I 1 llvery-wagoh! all In good order. Address M 25, Tribune otllcc. _ __ __ l/OR SALK-CHEAP Foil CASH, TWO” GOOD. A 1 strong wnrk-horses; kind, single or double, for#Hs each; ami a gentle little bu«lnesH mare, a lady con drh c her, price (50; and ntwo-seated. Kiunre-lKu buggy for cull at 371 West Flfteeuth-st.. Just east of llluo Ulund-av. I7OR SALK—A VERY FINE LIGHT'ROAD-WAG -1 on of IVnnoyer’s make; also, a burse, trolaln 2:40, cheap. Apply at 103 South LaSalle-st. l?FOR SALE—AN ELEGANT' SIDFr ilMl. DREWS- I 1 ter-ton buggy and harness; a* goo.) as new; to be sold .fur half It cost. Apply at.MH Wabasti-nv. 130R’SAI.K-A TEAM. INQUIRE UK A. CLIFF, 10 ' North CHnton-st. I>(fu BALK-ON ACCOUNT OF SICKNESS. TWO I 1 Imw* and one good family or hindm-sa horse. nnd uno good road home; warranted kind and sound. and & trial of two >luv» given; to la; sold at a m-rlflee. Ain>ly *ttin*r,2J Wabwh-av. i»Avnruisu'kuu houses at stony Tslani J. Farm, Hyde Park. Tnmo gms, unde. ami watci In nbinulotiCß. K. O. CLAHK. _ WANTED— UAH LOAD HECOND-ULASK lIOUSKH} mare* preferred; good »Ue. Cnllal Wright’* »ta blc, Klnth’-n., »U> >0 ami lit to-'. C. 11. INC.ALLS.__ W HONSHU Holt BALK CHKAI* IF TAKEN To day, at t iiavc not got any uw fur tiicm; alio for aalc a nice «lg. TiW Mlchlgan-at. JniINICAL. runt HALF—A MAONIKICKST I‘IANO. NKW X* malchli'M In tone and llnlsh, itandaid make; lov on tcrmatomlt. asioak-at. Vi AI.LKT, DAVlrt‘i CO.'S oItAND SOtfAHH AND 11 Upright i'lauua, 20 year* established: 73 tlr»t rretnlum*: 20.(M»imw In uee. Specialattention Ueill cd to the Hallel, DivvU A Co.'s uprlglitidano*. They Hand In tunc loiter than any idanoa made. They arc rich and full In lone; conitrneled to endure, and are In every raacnllal (lie perfect piano* of tin* Birr, Muileul master* ami anuU'iira |u AnierleaandEnrupu pronounce the Hallel, Davl* A Co.'* upright* supreme and unrival ed. For aalc only by W, w. KIMUALL, corner btal« and Adain*-»l* . Chicago. Two hundred planot and organa to rent or for aalc on the moat favorable term*. VS. W. KIMBALL. corner fetato and Adaim-at*.. Chicago. to ExciiA.xa;. 17011 EXCHANUE-A MCE. CLEAN, well-kkft I* »tock of house-furnishing good*, ete., a* there la In Chit ago for clear farm In Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, nr Eii'-leru Iowa; $12.u0. Addre»*M. VAN ALLEN. *7 Deurhonijit. I/OU EXCjIANUK—A FINELY-1 MiMIOVKD STOCK 1* farm, 2 mile* from an Important railroad town, H*» mIK * inulli of Chicago, far good Improved city proper ty Biidcaah. J. M- lIANLhiY, ih*om 21 Major lllock. YToTt EXt’HAS’OE WFri.L-I.oCATED, " UNIM -1 proved. uulo> umbered lot* In Indlaiint'olla fur good farming Unda oud city property. J. M.IIASLEt, lloutn 2t Major Hloek.; rI’O K.\cllANOi:-irii.'»»> TOWNSIIU* BONDS. IS- J aued liy uno of the Ix-.t coiinllea of a W i .li rii btatc, for Block of good*. Addrcaa jAS I'ANY. Tribune oltlee. fro exchaxoe-heaiitiful stone-fndst 1 lioum In the city for auiall farm, with fruit ana good bnlldTnga, near railroad. Addrea* A. U., Noom tt, 123 Clark-Bt. ' ft'OII MALI! I.HmT COM- I 1 pouiva-The I'coplc'a Hallway hay* 22 amall ouu home can: been In um about two year*, auJ arenow la g<>»d raaauig cuudillua j all hare biuwaun faro bnic*. Will bo »old cheap. For Information Midrtta W. U. HYDEN, Secretary Wo; 1c a Null>.-ij, at. Louis, Mo. TO HIMX-UOVIIFJ. Vhb” laiigic hocpf. corner rush? I and Dak-sf*.: M rooms; In (Inc condition; fV ) per month: also. No. rwo Osk-st, same place-. II room*; oetngou front*i 7to per month: al*«, So. 4*4 Marshfield* •»., near Ashlanrt-av. and Taylor-st., West-Hide; It rooms; si'» p<*r inouiti. Ihe above houses have got all modern convenience*, and are the cheapest to tenant* In the city. Apply on the premise*, or U> PAUL J. McCURMICE, l«2 Houth Clark-at. ri’o ItEST-3 ELFGANT RWELLFft FHOST PRICK 1 dwelling* is splendid orders grained In all itnrleai freshly calcimlncd: *ll modern Improvement*: eleva tor. furnare. chandelier*. lirlrkhtun. etc. flood neigh borhood, near Imllana-av. car*. South side. Item low to good nartle*. Inquire nt I2H| Indlana-av., or 43 Hfale-it. JOHN COVERT. ri’() RENT—VERY CMKd P-TWO 2-STORV AND I basement dwelling*, prr**ed brlek, stone trimming*. II room*, besides bath-room. pantry. and closet*. with every modem Improvement, In a pleasant neighborhood on Webtter-av.. we*t of Dayton-st. and mar Lincoln a*, ear*. Apply to Dr. M. 11. CLEVELAND, State aod Washington *!*., over Pint Natlon*l_Hank. f'l’O' REST—FIRST-CLASS NEW a-BTOIiV AND i basement house*. near Lincoln Park: very nice neighborhood; bouses contain all convenience*; one B-room house. brb k. one 0-room flat. *2O. CHARLES N. HALE, t.VI ll.indoiph-lt. _ f|'o RENT—HffJ WAIIAHH-AV,, HOUSE KRWLV I grained and raR-lmlm-d, with gas-fixtures com* pjele: key at 10M Waba*h-av, f|VJ REST—7Ib PKR MONTH WILL RENT LARGE A house and grounds. 30 Ilarvard-st., near Campbell* av. Inquire itws tl’O 11KN f—IJ WE VLIN 0S IN COMPLETE ORDER, A gas. and water; one on Calumet-av.. m room*. f.'l.*>; one on Pralrln-av., 7 rooms. fW>. both near Twenty nflh-al. _JAMEfI luHryan lllock. rj’6 IlENT—cilKAr—fJO IF TAKEN AT ONCE—tdfl 1 Ix:avUt*ft., Ix.-tween Polk and Taylor, new g«»(ory and basement brick tiouse. with 7 room* ne*hh-» base ment. east front. C. T. LATHUOP, at Keith Hrus.. ZV) Madtsun-it. fI’D RKNT-A NEW OCTAGON STONE FRONT. 10 1 rfbuia, near Lincoln Park; owner will retain two room* and take teumd for rent, or would make suitable term* with a nm-class family wilhoutatnall children. Address for flu* day* G 41. Tribune olflee. i’O RENT—RRICk 'RESIDENCE'NEAR LYnCOLN A Park. 10 rooms, in good order, all convenience*; •mllow. G. S. WALLER, 41 Clark**t., Room 11. I’O RFrNT-loT'PARk’*AV.. M() DER NIM I* I lit VF. • A meot*. bam and large grounds, other houses $lO ofar.. JOHN F. KHEUHART, 107 Clark-st. rjvY REST-A FURNISHED HOUSE' ON r THE A North bide for the summer, to a small family. L 41. Tribune ollke. r|’o RENT—RASEMF.NT COTTAGE 107 LINCOLN* 1. st., corner of Adams; watcrln both stories. Kent 72(i per mu..Ui. Also basemenlof 3 rooms only fto. Apply at inti Sooth I.lncoln-st. TO REIVT.UOO.IDI. fro rent-well-furnished room?. to 1 #7 b week. Rellglo-I’hllosophlenl I’u'illHilug House, 3!H New Dearboni-ft.. 2 block* luiitli of Fo.-i-Glllo’. fro ROOMS* “wiTil X or without board. Klng*hury Uloclc. Randolph* it., near Clark. Apply at Hoorn so. fro RENT-WELL LIGHTED. NICELY* F'UUNISH* X ed rooms, tu pur week: transients taken. Inquire for Mrs. HOTTER. up two flights stairs. ri7d Miilii-il. fro RENT-3 ROOMS FRONT.*:?); A ROOMS REAR. X *l3; 3 front rooms. *l2: 3 rear rooms, *lO. at 744 Ptntc-st. Store to rout, and A rooini, *lu. at IAH West fro RENT—WELL FUR NISH HD ROOMS TO RK -1 ipouMble parties: roomi newly furulthcd. Ilifl Last Washington-*!., (limni AO. fi’O RENT—SUITES OF fIIREKOR MORE, ROOMS L fur houackeepiug at 133 Van Uureu it. Inquire at lAd Flfth-av., up-slulrs. fpO RENT-210 WAIIASH-AV.. CORKER JACK* I mu-id.—Dotlrohle room* to good tenant*: pleasant est building hi the city. Apply In the drug-store. TO RENT—A WKLL'FURNLSIIKD. COOL. FLEAM* 1 ant room In new brick bouse (.to gentlemen). 44 boiith Curl U-st. f|’o RENT~I7d WEST MADDiON-ST., NICELY -1 furnUbed frunt rooms for housekeeping; iLu, sleep* Ing rooms. fro RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED SUITES IN NEW 1 marble-front, second floor, Myrr block, Ida East Adams. fPO RENT-ELEGANT FRONT ROOMS. NICELY L furnished, cheap, at 7R East Van Huren-st, f|’o RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT X housekeeping: also, front parlor, completely fur nished. St)7 West Van Uuren-st. fro RENT—A LADY LIVING ALONE HAH NEW* 1 lyfurnNted rooms to rent to quiet parties by day or week. Address F 100. Tribune olike. f|'o RKNT-4C* SOUTH CLAKK-ST., MCLLV FUR- I nlshed pleasant sleeping rooms fur gentlemen. Term* *2 to *3 per week. Inquire tu building at Room fro RENT—HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED ROOMS; X beat location In the city, for *lO per month, at HU South Clark-st., Room 11. fro RENT-AT'NO. 27d WEST MADISON-ST.. A X beautifully furnished parlor. Cheap to flnt*clSM parties. fpO RENT"—NICE!,V-FURNISHED ROOMS WITH 1. clothes-prcsics and bath-room. DO tool Washing ton-tit., Room 21. f TO RENT-FINE FURNISHED ROOMS ON SECOND 1 floor, en suite or single. AIM suits for light house keeping. Remember on second Hour. IDA Lost Wash lngtun-at., Room I. rrO RENT-TWO rLHASAST FURNISHED FRONT L room*. tingle nr cn suite, ulthuscof bath-room. In the vicinity of Jefferson Dark. No. 4P4 Weil Adams-it. References required. TO RENT-STORES, OFFIUFS, die. Stores* TO RENT—STORK. 131 VAN IUTREN-RT., WITH or without basement; No. 1 location for n good family grocery or mest-maket. Inquire ol No. ivi Flfth-av., up-nair*. ________ fpo"TtENT-STORE 24XI?«>, JtS SOUTH CLARK- X aU. between Madison anUMutiroc. Inquire at IWJ Flfth-av., up-ilalra. Offtros* TO KENT—FINE OFFICE AT 153 RANDOLPH'S?, second floor; nice olllcc third flour (30a ITllacollanoouw* rpo REST—BASEMENT, SECOND. TIIIRn. AND 1 fourth Hoorn, Eli! Eiut Lske-st. Stores J"O4. 3ltd, ami 315 South Clark-su llasement* s*! and 22U. Olllcc rooms In but Mine Ids ami no South Clark-si. and In Key lllock. Blucplng-rooms In building 222 and 220 South Clark-it., and elegant suites of loom* lu new bulldlngail and 315 South Clark-it. Kent* low to p*<>rt tenants. Apply to MALCOLM McNLILL, 221 South Clnrk-st.. Room 2. fro RENT—HOTEL—CHEAP TO THE HIOIIT L party; the beat locaUuu lu city. Apply at 4t»o West Mad Don-st. WANTO-TO lIKNT, ■\\rANTKD—TO RENT-NEAR FOURTEENTHST. >1 and Walia-di-av., »<j«r « room collate, uhe lo cation, rent. Ac., which must below. A 55, Tribune olllue. T\r ANTED—TO DENT - A SMALL COTTAGE i > bouse, with barn on lot. on the North Side, to be used os a milk depot. Address FH 2. Tribune olllcc. JIOAIIUHVK AND I.ODGIJVG. Sunlit Side* mFHANKI, IN-ST. —PLEASANT DOOMS. WITH board; $4.50 per week, with use of bath room. •■Great Eastern House." «)-/■» MIUIIIG AN-A V.—DELIGHTFUL LOCATION. opposite Lake Park, elegantly furnished room, with lioard, for one or_tw» gcnilt-inni; terms very low. iri’SDI’TH STATE-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS. OUU with ImanL from $4 Ur $5 per week. •mi MICIIIGAN-AV.-A LARGE FROST ROOM 0 LU to rent with board tugcntlcman and lady or two gentlemen. References exchanged, __ 07 l STATE-ST. UP-hTAIRS—PLEASANT FRONT 01 ‘r room to rent with board, sultuldc for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen; (11 per week. j tvf“miciiioas-av.-a large ALCOVE ROOM, ‘1»/1 furnished, with board, whers there aro • few other hoarders. A (Vl WADASH-A V.—ONE FURNISHED AND OSH J: fix unfurnished room to rent with )>oaru. Modern Improvements, low rates. 7,*r I AND 7M WADASIi-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS • UL with board; references exchanged. 1/ ifU7 W’A RASH • A V7—N ICE SECOND STORY J UUI (roht alcove, unfurnished except canrets, to lent with or without board. FuUansbee's new block. T/ \ I 7 WAilAPl’i-av.-\Vhiv’'pleasant SUITES lUll of rooms to rant, with Imard. Went Side. in SOUTH SANGAMON-ST. —PI.EASANT FUR- Iw utshed rooms, with hoard, fur two; also single room. Terms moderate. OO SOUTH PKORIA-ST.-A LARGE FRONT PAR £0 lor, well furnished, with good board, for (5 pci week, for two young men. _ *i I LAFLIN-ST.—WITH HOAUD.JVEHV DEKIHA /|,L Mu (runt anile on second tluor, furnished 01 unfurnlihed; also, back room; reference*. (t’O ASHLAND-AV., NKAU COUNKU MONllOK t»Oat.—Very altractlvo room*, and beat accoimiuHlu lloui for two married couplra, orfew genu, at tnnder ale term*i mott Inviting location and mrruundtag*. I’ATt SOUTH J'KOHIA-bT*. —TWO FKONT lUHIMS XwrJ nicely furnished. In private family, with o without board, to gentleman and wlfa or tlugl* genu No other hoarder*. •>( I.) WK.ST KANDOLHH-HT.-HOOMft TO HKST. o*7o with hoard, fur three young gentlemen or two ladle* and on* gentleman. Frlec, <d per week, and a homo given. _ A WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—ELENA NTLV *IOO furnished front iulle, with board; refercinci exchanged. Counir)’. POOD HOAUD. WITH I’LUASANT DOOMS. WELL 1J furnished, at very reasonable ratio, can he had at I'nrk Khlgv. only 3»j minute*' ride from city; aUo, good stable for nourdmg Iwwi If desired. Addrea* or apply to J. J. LOCKWOOD. !W Uearhora-at; ,7li»cullanvuua< Q| FIFTH-AV.. NKW YONK CITY—CENTKN- Ol nlal board hy the day or week: handsome brown ■ lour, capacious room*, central locality, excellent ta ble. ftefer to ASAHKL UAUE, It I'ortland Block, Chi- IIOAUD WANTED, BDAUD-IIYTHK WEEK IN A QUILT. 11ETINED liart of the city, lit a private family or boarding house. In aoinr cool location. Addrc**, giving luca- Con. terms, ete.. F2M, TribuneoOlec. HOUtIRIIOLD WOODS. / tAKHKTS V CAIU'KTSI! CANI'KTS I M NEW L/ aprlng ityle carpel* are now arrlv lug. We will nil carnet* cheaper than any Lou»u lu Chicago, uu time or for caah. W. A. LOWELL *CO .TUd Weat Maillaun-al. 0‘ UN WOVEN WINK MATTNEbSEsj AND I'EKli let* cabinet bedaaro thu bc*l in the market. A»k fur them. WUITTLESKV A FETEKB, 121 Ea*t Uadi •uiv«t. fi'llK UNION FUltSlTimk COMFASV DETAIL 1 parlor and cbuuibrr furniture In any quantity on wrrkly or muutbly payment*. Mi Wc*l <U» OU-i' YOUNO MAKIIIKU i'EOFLKWANTED —Now Utheituie Ui conimcnta bouao krepliig. *blle mica* ans low aud rent* are down. Wo have a large stock of new house-turntablng good*, stove*, crockery, furniture, and csrpcU. wUUIi wu will tell at the lowest poa.l>dc prices on etu/ monthly payment*. T he only drm In Chicago that cau furalih a houae com idcie wuli Qnt-elaa* good*. Four flour* of our vtouo (runt building (2i*lM) aru Aliodwtih chulo* guoda., II will nay all to call and examine befoto purenulng «Uo wliifc, w. A. LOWELL A CO., VJJ We»l MadUon-il. WANTCP-nALR IIFJ.P. linokl(«fpm 4 Clerk** ole* WANT ED-SEVERAL EXPIUIIIvNCKD RETAIL > lotliinK Aridre‘». naming former cm* ployer*. reference*, etc., EW. Tribune oilier*. WANTED-ItRUG BALEKMAN-A BALERMAH thoroughly arqnatnted with the drug and diem* leal trade of me Weil ran hear of a permanent place hy addreulng with ace, experience, lalary, Ac., P. O. Box 3419. Uoiton. Meat. WAnted-uv a boston noox and shoe *t home, an experienced Mleoman with awcll-r»* (aiiliihed trade In Northern Wficnntln and Minnesota, ■hd one for Mlmoiul. None other* need anxwer. Ad* drear, Id cnnfHi'ncr, Box 2183. Bolton, Mail. WANTED— A HIM. U.ERK IN A WHOLESALE builnt**. Artdreaa |l ta>. Tribune office. \V’ANTRO-A RETAIL CLOTHINff VI mint have (rood reenmmendatloni, Inquire at CHILDS. BAKR& Co., 34 and no Mad lao n*t t, WANTED-A" FIhST-rf.AFfI'WINDOW-DnKPSEH and ticket writer. Inquire Hjustate-it., itore. Trades* TITANIED-A GOOD OHDKR COOK, AS FIIIST. TO IV therluht men, good wage* paid. Applyataifl Weil MadUon-tl, \\rANTED-MAHIII.B WORKER; TO ONE WHO » * nnderatanda carvlttxand tracing a permanent altn* atlon offered: none hut Afi(*rla*a workmen need apply. Apply U) ATKINSON A LOUD, 170 Ban Adami it. \\TANTED—A GOOD WAGON MAKER WHO tJN* VV dcntAodi to make buggJci, will get employment If be applies at I jo Kant Imllana-it. W ANTED-WKWILLc6NTnACT — wiTlf~TYvo experienced plow-polltherx for a pcrmannit Job at good wage*; none but go«»d workmen, of po«kI eh true- Uir and habit*, need apply. AUJtcaa CUMINS, NOULE 6i DODGE. Dixon, 111. WANTED-CA REENTERS, PAINTERS, DAT HERS, and teamt*. none but fteady. cleanly. well-dre*a<*d people need apply. MKAKS. 4-1 and 47 Reaper Block. Wanted— iYYm Klii atuYvac Amt i AToi~nioN* er on light work: note but flrat*elnaa workmen wanted. AdOrcaail. L- HARRIS, Paw Paw. Mich. WA NTED^A~r.OOD*CARBI ACE* fRONKI’O M MK dlatcly. Apply to BARROWK A CAUFITU, Chicago, or addreaeDH RBMERft SUITER, Elgin. 111. ANTED-FIRST*CLASS TINNER AT 44 CLARK" \UA N f KI)~IHMEDIAT ELV-A"KI RST-C I.ASSSIr" »> Kay operator and itock-fltler at 14 &tato*al. K, O. CASE. \\T A S T KI)TINNKIt TO GO TO WOJtK IN TIIE »> country a few mile* out: tingle man preferred. Apply at 21 I'lerce-tt.. In baiemenc, before 12 o’clock. VIfASTKI) CAHIUAUK HLACKSMITH ANX> »V woodworker at 2* a Wert l.akvtt. ■\\rAVTKD-A KKW GOOD TAILOHS AND TATI.OfV It euet. to work on military ffuwlt. None but ex perienced workmen ninl apply. Hi Hast Handolph-tt. 1 Employment Agencies WANTED-Vi RAILROAD JIMS FOR ILLINOIS; v r free fare: 10 farm hand*. andr. stone quarry men. ANDREW O. RING ft CO.. 17 North Clarlc-*l._ \\T ANTKD-ino RAILROAD MKN THIS DAY TO »» go to lowa. Free fare; no oHlr* fee. Wagr-a M.S'cuuM *4.nn. Apply toll. F. CHRISTIAN. HI booth Watcr*»i., Honni I. ____ • VVASTED-W) RAILROAD LARORERSFOH IOWA M and llltnola; free fare: goto-nlght; inroalmln era: fare advanced E. A. ANGKLL. corner Lake and Market-* t*. WANTKD-100 R.MLnoAD LAUGHERS FOR CHI wl eagoftlloek Gland Railroad, per doy. In c fare; Kn for Northern I’arlfie Railroad. 11.40 and ll.iai per day; at SCI Wm lUndolpli-lU .1. 11. bI’KRRECK A CO., auccraoir* to C. V. Snell ft Co. \VASTED-2(« RAILROAD LAlio'llElJb: WAGES. • I 11.Wi per day: free fare. Also saw-mill hand*; steady work. Apply to C. V. SNELL. Manager, 21 W. »t |{andrj|ph-n. jraiHt-eiiancoiia. TITANTED-MKN: WK WANT TO GIVE 15. fY*) TRIAL *r package*, worth<i each, InS.OO men who wDU to engage Permanently In the best paying business In tin* I nltoubtate*. We guarantee live men S7O per week during the year. Address JIAV ft CO., Chicago. 111. WANTED-DYIAN tH.D ESTAIH-ISHED EASTERN manufacturing company a general agent for Illi nois; good* are staple anil In great demand: business will net over SIU.OSI a year: application* will he consid ered from pnrtle* who can give satisfactory reference a* to ability, ami are worthy of mercantile credit (for übleast fn,ito;; all applications answered and treated r'.nflik-iithiily. AddreM for iidays, state* ex- P-rlcncc ant give real name and reference, MANU ACTURKR. Tribune oltlco. WANTED-ANY PERSON CAN MAKE tVO A tv inonih aellfng our letter copying book: anyone that ha* a letter to write will buy ft; no press or water used: vend for circular free. EXCELSIOR CO., 17 Tribune Hull.ling, (hle.'.go, 111. \\r ANTED—AGENTS. FOR A MAGNIFICENT »> work of high character. New. novel, and at tractive. It win bring large mum* at once. A. C. lIOWE, Cleveland. O. _ WANTED-A MAN TO MAKE HIMSELF USEFUL In the kitchen nl the Market Exchange, corner Jackson and Cannl-su. "\\TANTEI ►—MKN SKEKJNo'IULSINKSq. if'FAYS » to sell fn»: selllng ankle*. American Novelty Company. lUiKwtMadlson-sJ.. Room IP. WANTED— A FARMER. A GO(U) WORKER WHO understand* hi* business. on a nice blare near the city. Reference* required. Call at uu Rlver-st. WANTED - ODD-FELLOWS HEI.ONGING TO I.oug'-i In the city bo soil u good r.rtldc. For par ticulars call at Room H. 1117 Madl*oii-st. WASTED— AS EXPERIENCED AGENT IN EACH < lly; a small, new novel, useful article; no com petition. J. A. HARD, Patentee, bl. \\r ANT ED—MEN OF GOOD FROM 30 v> to4f>year*of age, toaolldt oid'TS (or our Urge medical work. To men of ability, who. after a few months’ cxix-rlcncc. can take entire charge .if territo ry. and employ men. we will pay n liberal aalary: must bring tlna-clnss reference*. Address, stating age and experience, W. J. HOLLAND ft CO., »« Ltke-at., Chicago. __ WANTED-COMMKRCTAL TRAVELERS—A COM mission house of lonestandhiß desires one or two travotlmj solicitor* for thußiulu Imilnc-s. None ut men of experience In that pnrilt’ulnr Uni* uci'd ap ply. Address by null A It. im Wwhlußtun-st. WANTED— A STKADV MAN WITH f l.Vi. WIL- Ilnß intro to Detroit or Toronto. A ledtlmate, Mfc, and proiltable huilne**, hard Unit* notwltli«tund- Inc. Doom M 3 Exchange Rulldlnß. comer Woshliißtun ami Clark-sts. WANTED— AN UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY TO make Rood w»rc« Id a vented buMne** will he Riven to a few Rood men and women. Exclusive terri tory In the Southern nr Weatcrn State* If de«lred. (loud am-nis wanted for the city. Call or rend stamp to WALTON TAIII.E AGENCY. Wl Waahlngton-at. WANTED-AGKNTS-MALEOU FEMALE—EOU my newcoSue and tea deeper; Rood thine; puya largely: sell* fast. City or country. Sample he mall 202. HENRY PETRII*. 3J North Saneamun-at. \\TANTKD—I.UMBED SALESMEN TRAVELING T* In Illinois and Indiana to *dl sash and doors. Good commission. Address L km. Tribune oillcc. WANTED— A SALESMAN IN A lIEAL-KSTATF. oftlee (Dnnei who ran speak German and Scandi navian languages. between the age of 20 and 33 years, smart, active, and ready to work us hard as the ease may require, and a Rood talker. Addrvas I) 32. Tribune utllee. WANTIUJ-rr.TIAI.F, HELP. DomuNtlrMt WANTED— A SECOND COOK TO GO INTO TUB country. Apply at 7sfl Indlnna-uv. WA'nTKI*-'sMAUT, TI DY~ OKI { MAN GIRL TO cook, wuli. andiron. ui6WcstWaslitngu>u-it. \trANTED—A GOODGIRL H)U GENERAL HOUSE -11 work. Apply at IP North Ada-st., West Side. WANTED— A GIRL TO'pO GENEUAL~I!OUSE work, at 11*0 Pcurla-sl.. corner Van Ilumn. ■\irANTED-A YOUNG - SCA’NDiNAViAN GiilL OF >V about 16 years to dn second work In a prlvatu family. Apply with references at iXU.Wabash-av. IJARTNER WANTED—TO AsSHT ME IN MY RU i sine**: it 1* paying at present #,VX) per month. Cap llal required, $3, uxi. U 43, Tribune olllce. W‘ ANTED—A GOOD (iKRM AN OR PC AN DlNA vtan second girl In a small family to sMlittaklng care of children mid (u Rcucral housework: should un derstand Ironhiß; Rood whrci paid. 370 Mlchlgan-av., Dear Twelfth-*!, WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN ‘GIUL TO DO tt wKshitiß and Irunlnß and Rcucral hmuework In a famlhoftwo. Rufercuces required. S2R East Indiana it., near Rush. W' ANTED-A SECOND GIKU GOOD WASHER and iruncr. Kefcrcuccs required. 47t> NoilU Dcarhorn-rl. AIT ANTED—FIRST-CLASS "COOK WASHER AND tV Ironcr, at 7J Park-sv., West Side. V\Y.VnTED-AT~ItJKI INDIASA-.VV., TWO GOOD T> Klrlx. one for Ri-nrrul In >use work: the other to earn fur cnlMrctu sisters preferred. AiYaM ED CJiA>IRKKMAI I*, DINING - ROOM «> Rlrl. and mtiili Rlrl. at NEVADA HOTEL, l&U Wahush-av., near Monroc-sU WANTKD-GIRL FOU* HOL’SEWOirK, AT 12 DK puysler-sl. WANTKD-GOOD GIUL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work, a Rood wuher and iruncr, In a private family, lot) West Adami sl. \Vr OIKIDGIHL TU 1M» HOUSEWORK; VT a German preferred. 47 North Shcldon-m. XITANTED-OIHL FOU OKNBUALiIorSEWOHK; » T small family. Apply at third house suutbuf Thlrty thlrd-st. on Hhudcsav., oue block weal of Collado Grove. WANTED-A UIKL. FOH OENEHAL IIOUSEWOHK In t (Ainlly of ilx. hi i'entre-av. IT German or Bwedc preferred. Apply *t aoa Mlchl- t \\fASTED-A LADY TO GO IS THE COUNTHV, vv to do light housework for board. Answer lu let ter, OLSON'. 2IU tint Washlngton-st. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND GIKL. TO ALSO AS* VT sUi In taking cure uf two lUUu boys, tlail Indiana* av.. corner Sixteenth-si. Nvatiifet reaves, ■\VANTr.I)-TIIKKK OIUI.STO SEW ON DHESSES >T at UU Cottage Gruve-av. _____ V\fANTED COMFKTKN P WAIST-TUIMMEUS; V T alsoapprentlees, at 1J Hartiioti-court. Nurse*. XITANTED—AN INTKLLKIKNT NUUSB GJHL, ii uoi under 13 years uf age. Apply at XW West Washlngton-st. l.nuii(lre**e*. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—AT CENTUK-AVK one Laundry, hid West Madlsoust.. two ttrsl* class shlrt-lroucrsi steady work aud ilrst-clusa pay. Kltiployiueiit Aguiiclesi WANTED— FIHST-CLAbS OEUMAN (DHLS IS urltala houses, one to attend a clear aland, and luma on boats, Inquire at law East Van ilureu-st. Ml*rel I uncoil*. WANTED-AN AMEIUCAN OIKL, HETWEEN 10 if andiiMesrs old, smart and active, to wait uu iuily and take'eare uf child. Ueferenee required. Ap ply at passengerUepol Kiposltiou UuUdlng. A«raSTED-AN KXI’EhTkNCED SALESLADY. lUU vV btalu st., store. X\f ANTED—UIHLB THAT UNDEUSTAND YEN* vv tllatliiK wigs or Invisible seams, at Mrs. THOMF* SON'S, uionabash-av. Highest wagea paid fur good workers. ■ ____ kTOUAbii:. CTOHAUE FOU FUUNITUHE, HUGOIKS. AND k> merchandise lu Ore-proof warehouse IGO « est Moa- AGEDITN WANTED, A GENTS WANTED—TO BELL STAPLE GOODS IN A country! can make fin* to fJV per day. ItlCll* AHIVo Fa k oNwttU Clark-sl,, Ctdco*o. 9ITtATIO!YS WANXED-ITIAI.K. HunkUcepen t Clorlc*. ctr* CITUATION WANTF.D-BY a youno mam •with *» rjin-rlcnc", to travel, keen »>ook«. ordn general work wlib a re«iion*lbbj bouac. Flea*e adilreU Fwi, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS BOOK- O keeper and bualneu man. with the bent of rlty ref erence* of 13 yean standings would prefer wholesale trade or largo manufacturing etaablhibmcnts talDfar* ~o guaranteed. AddrtttlT W), THbuneofficc. emuriov wantf.d-by a young man with i » many ytirt experience In the grain and flour btnd* near, fialnry no object the Dm time. AddrCi* M 18, Tribune oAkc. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN IS n yeare of age In a atom*, nnderatanda the toy and fancy good* bu*lne«*: li not particular at to what kind of work, amt la willing to work. Addrea Room 13. sa'i South ciark*ac. CITUATION WANTEIT-BY A YOUNG MAN WITH JT experience In the human hair Imilnesi; alto a good bookkeeper and lalcimao. Addrcu M 28, Trlbuno office. Trade*. SITUATION WANTED-DY A COMPETENT CAR nine trimmer wl«blng to make a change of place: good reference furnMicd If required, and price* to »ult the time*. Addreu U. O. Box 1017. Fort Wayne. Ind, Coachmen* Xcamatora* etc. CITUATION WANTED—!IY A RESPECTABLE O young SwedDliman a* coachman: la willing to work for low wage* w|ji*re the work !• light. Call for two day* at 314 Portland av. SITUATION WANTED—UY A YOUNG MANi UN* O dentnndt care of horaea, wilt accept night watch* man. or would make hlm*eif uaeful at anything: wage* no object. Addrou cuo, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTF.D—BY A YOUNG MANj O ajicaka Gcromn, French, anil Entdlah. and under* Maud* the earn of bortew. Addnaa 7«2 blntc it. ffllnccllnnuotiv* CITUATION WANTID-IIY AN EXPERIENCED i ’ young organln. Can come well rerommendedteer* tain to give aatiifactloo. Addrcu immediately, 0 51. Tribune offire. CITUATION WANTED-UV A YOUNG MAN *p< aktng French ami Engllah. giving good refer* enter, being well acquainted In the clly, Addrcu G 2b. Tribune otilre, SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE. DonivNtica* CITUATinS WANTED -HV A nESPF.CTADLR O jjlrl, Uxtocncrnl |iuii«c«orlc or aeinmJ In a amall family; reference vlvcn If required. Addrci*2C3Twcii tlrili it.. In the rear. SITUATION WANTI.D-nV A COMPETENT COOK or UunUrew. or will do housework; beat city refer ence*. 41U Wahaaliav. SITUATION WASTED-IN A FIRST-CLAE? O place Ijv Norwegian girl to do icrond-work and lowing; licit reference. lu7 West hrlc-it. SITUATION WANTED-lIV A Gl'ltf. WHO IS I* romj» lent of doing general housework In a re avertable private family. Call for two day* at HI South Cllnton-it. , SITUATION WANTED-nV A HOOD DANISH jrlrl to do work In a miiiull American family, inquire at VJH West Erle-*f.. second floor. CIfCATION WANTED-DV A NORWEGIAN OIIIL O to do general housework In a amall private family; tlr*t-eUi* references can be given. Please call at lud North Morgan-it. CITI'ATION WANTF.D—IIV A SWF-DISII WOMAN. O I* a flrit-elasa cook. In private family, hoarding lion*- 1 , or hotel. Apply at 14a_Scvcnteentli-*t. CITUATION WANTED-HV A WIDOW WOMAN TO i ’ -lo general housework or second work In a> private family. Call for two day aat No. n Writ Chtcagn-av. SITUATION WANTED—IIY A 0001) OF.RMAN O girl to do Rrrond-wurk In a private family: good reference given If required. Call at iWo North Frank* lln-*t. CITHATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL HOFSE*- O work; bouth Side preferred. 201 Thlrd-av., thlnl floor. bJITUATION WANTED-HV A FIRST-CLASS MEAT O and pastry eook In a hotel, restaurant, or llnt-cliisi hoarding-house. Call at 2XI Weal llaiidolp!i*i(., for 2 daya. (JITCATION WANTED-BV A COMPETENT GIRL O for second work, or awlst In light huuiework. Call or address !2tiJ ludlana-nv. SITUATION WANTED-ltV A DANISH GIRL TO do housework or second work In a small family. Addrew. fur two day*, A 40. Trlbuue otllce. SITUATION WANTED—HV a'FIRST-CLASS GIRL »7) to do general housework. Reference given. Call QMS Ray-ar. SITUATION WANTED—IIY A WIDOW LADY, 22 year* old. and little boy ft yean old, to do general housework. Pleasant home more than wage*. Addreaa Cb 4. Tribune office. SITUATION ”WA NTKD-DV A RESPECT A RLE O English girl a* rook and laundress In n nice Ainci l ran family, or would do genera) housework. Address .MImCHINE. I'.Xt Arnohl sl. QITUATION WANTED—UV A (IOO|» GIRL TO DO O do second or general housework in n -mall private family; good reference If required. CulluldgWeat Erlc-st. CITUATION WANTED-AS lIurSEKKf.rEU OR TO n do muring In the eouutry, hv n respectable widow lady: luuabuytli years old. Call at tgi btale-st.. In basement. Q PIT ATI ON iVANTFII—TO COOK IN A PRIVATE n family. Apply formic week at isH North HMgvillc road. SITUATION WANTED-RV A GIRL TO DO O second work and lake care of children or aevv. li Arcnde-court. CITUATION WANTED—UV A SCOTCH GIRL Will) O understand* her biislnei*. to do general hoiiiewuvk. City Apply Sutc-st., up stair*. CITUATION WANTED-liv A (51111, TO DO O housework In a respcctahlu private family. Call ut i;w \\ cst Thirteen!h-»t.. In rear. CITUATYoNS WANTRD-iIY TWO GIRLS TO LIVE O Ontvih.-r. lino as cook and the other na second Rlrl. Call at 1071 Arnold-sl.. upstairs, for two day*. Cm’ATIOX WASTED-RV A COMPETENT GIRL O to do second work In n private family or llßlit house work. Call ut 7id Stale-st. for 2 day*. citilvtions’wantkd-iiv'two"(UßLS. ONE AS O cook and the other a» \eeon<l Rlrl; cun give 5 year** reference. Apply nt 22H Ardier-nv. CITUATIOV'wANTED-AS A FIRST-CLASS COOK » ? In a lirtt-elass place; Rood reference If required. Call or address 4U East l(arrl»ou-il..Ri*om 23; call for 3 days. SITUATION WANTED—AS COOK, WASIIKIL AND v? Ironcr In n private family; reference Riven. Call at KSI South Denrhoru-vt. SITUATION WANTED —DV A RESPECT'\YiLE *T tuiint; woman to do housework or second work. Please tall ut Hi Ruttcrdeid-st. SITUATION WANTED—IJV A GIRL TO DO GEN- O era! housework. Call for 2 day* at lot South JclTcr- BUtl-Ht. CITDATM>NS WANTED-RY TWO KIRST-CLAS3 i ' girl*. one us cook, ih" other u* verondKlr); Rood reference Riven. Cull fur two days corner Polk and Lallln-st. SITUATION WANTED-nV A FIRST-CLASS GIRL O to cook. wash, and Iron or general housework In a private family; heMof city reference*. Please call at 31*3 East Krlc-st.. for two day*. CITUATION WASTED-IN A SMALL FAMILY TO H work; Rood reference Riven. Ap ply at nui West Jackvon-st. SITUATION WANTED—HY A GIRL TO DO SEC * ’ end work or mind children. Please cull or address on West Adamvst. SITUATIONS WASTE!*—RY TWO UESPKCTARLE O Rirls to do »“e,»ml work, or do sewing uud mind chil dren: no objection to truvellDß. Apply atsu Archer av., up-vtulri*. _______ CITUATION WANTED-HY A RESPECTARI.K GIRL r> to do general housework: pood reference. Ad dress or cull at 7B. r i Cottage Grove-av. NfftmMroHuofs. SITUATION WANTED -11 Y A MIDDLE-AGED k* woman (Swede) a* a seamstress in private fam lllrs to workhy the day. Cull nt luj Townsend-su, In thcn-ar._ __ CITUATION WANTED-AT DRESSMAKINGS IS O fIM-clavs: understands it In all Its branches. Call at 27tl West Madlsoii-sl. !\u men. SITUATION WANTED-PV A GOOD RELIABLE r* l.iivllsh woman to take entire chnrßu of an Infant and sew. Inquire at 24U Dcsplalncs-sL I.nimdrt'Nfce*. CITUATION WANTKD-HV A COMPETENT GIRL O for waxhliiß and huuse-cleanlnß. Call for two days at 3U Purtlainl-BV. » Kniplo>‘ii>fint Airciiclos. OITUATIOSS WANTKI*—FAiIILIES IN WANT OP *> Rood M-andluaviiui and German female help run bo supplied at Mr*. DUSKE'HORIee, no till wan kee-av. __ CIIUATItiNS WASTKD-IIV'TWo 'FIRST-CLASS IT hwedMi Rirls. In private Aiiierlean famllb-v. Tliu Senndlnavlsu Female Employment llurcau, 27(1 Dlvls lun-it. niis(;i;u,A.\coiiN< A LADY WISHING TO 11AVK HEU DEAF-MUTE chlM Caught by the articulation method desires lo join with others (who uro Interested la securing «uch sdvanuget for their own children) in establishing a day-iclmul fur deaf-mute* In Chicago, and In securing *||l> i » <jf a graduate from Prof, Hell's classes of ti ivolirn* of deaf-mutesof Hmlon, and aim will ho glad In sec any whonre so Interested Hi her resilience. 4J<i South Fark-nv., any morning from u lo U o'clock (111 June 25. Ix7*l. AFIILSTCLABS I.AITNDKY FOH LADIES’ clothes; done to Hull mat**, In latest and heal style, by calling at I I7obtatu-»t._ I’rlvate tnnmlrv. basement. 4 LL OAHU -i'AII) FOU~ CAST-OFF CLOTHING, JV carnets, furniture, and iiiUeelluni-oua goods of any btn.l by sending letter to JOSASUKLDKILdtH State-st. HKD- IIUOS. COCKIU) ACHES, AS1)“ MOTHS KX*‘ terminated by contract: warranted! houses ex* aintncd free; article sold. Call or address A. OAK* LEY, I6u Kail rAFEH-HANGING *ii) CENTS FEU KOLL, CAL* clmlnlng and painting at proportionately low rales lor cash or truilc. Address (■ 18. I'rUiuue ollleo. SEALED IMIOI’OSALS WANTED FOIt WHITE* O washing tbo walls of the court between Farwell* Hall and Major Ulock si Hoorn tt, JVJ LaSallu-U. fI'HE UKEAT~ASIi;iHCAN FKHTiI.IZEU. FIGCU I ifus. It never bus had Its equal, and never will; It extracts the amtnonU front the common manure lu your alleys and makes It worth #-•*) per ton to bcnutlfy your lawns, porks, (lowers, vines, shrubbery, shade trees, fruit. gardens, etc. Drop me a |>oslal-eard aud my colored hoy w ilt cal) and test It on your lawns, la your presence, wlllillt the city limits. Wlieu once used you would not part with It for SSOU. K. 11. CUM* MINUS, 4W Fultoa-st. TifANTED—I’KOI'LKTO FUUCHASK7-BHOT FULL v\ nickel-plated revolvers at fs ft*>s Keans’repeal* lug rifle, hi shuts In a> seconds: mi styles of revolver*! catalogues free. WESIEUN GUN WUKKS, US) Dear* boru*»t., Chicago. 111. H>ANTED-GOOU SECONDHAND SHELVING TV and counters for fancy grocery store. I’Kose ad* dress K 81. Tribune uifleu. • X\rANTKD-FAUTV WITH #su> TO JOIN ME IN VT perfecting a valuable machine and patent the same. Alto to pul lu the market oilier article* patent ed by me. but which 1 lack the niesus to Introduce. Duly reliable parties dealt with. Address Uox Itfd, Fost-OtlUe. ' FEKSIIN.U,. . J “] P' ai7—i'Eauneul" in flai'n'Tioht slate; rccugnlllou from Llnculu-av. car; myself with package In Dearborn aud CUrk sts . e»r« tier Hundolpli. FI-use send address aud note, aud vrlU write psi ticsl rrt Li reply, Kho, TrlboatjoUleo, 3

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