Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 8, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 8, 1876 Page 6
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c FINANCE AND TRADE. A Return to Dullness in the Local Loan Market. How Tort Exchange Weak—-Dimin ishing Country Orders for Currency. The Produce Markets Generally Stronger—Provisions Firm. The Leading Cereals In Good Demand for Shipment. financial. There was & conspicuous absence of new devel opments In the financial situation. The demand for discounts Is light. The recent Improvement In Irade and collections ha* helped tide the custom ers of the banks over their necessities, and this is the season when few applications nro made for funds for inaugurating new enterprises or extend ing those that are established. Deposits have steadily risen of late, and the loanable resources of Ibe banks arc consequently more limn ample to meet all the demands from their customer*. Hates of discount at the banks are HffMO per cent to regular customers. Independent outside borrower# gel street rules. On tho street, there Is a sharp demand for good negotiable paper, tho amount of which offered is light. Hates arc Rtf. 18 percent. New York exchange was Inactive, and was quoted at r.Oc per SI,OOO discount between banks. The orders from the country for currency were moderate. The clearin'!* were $3,800,000. THE CALIFORNIA MINING-STOCK MARKET. The li'ipen of n groat spring rise In the San Fran* cisco mining-stock market hnvc heen disappointed. The Ki fubv] Pont of that city says: During the last week of the month there has been a constant yearning In the average stock healer abreast. It has foomnl to him Impossible that the season could rn«* unaccompanied by the proverbial rise. «title ms faith h:»« heen somewhat shaken by the lung dels>. he r.mhl not entirely dismiss the subject front his mind. Stock dealers limy console themselves with the Met that, while there has been no great rise during the m o sou now coding, there has certainly been im great Mil. Lack of Interest and dearth of business have now arid then caused nrlcca to drop, and a few whacks front the ••bear" erowd have accelerated the downward move ment. The mnlorltyof stocki haveshown great recu perative powers by tioumUng upward here mid then, a« W warranted. These are regarded as healthy signs, and scent u> forecast a grand old Centen nial rise this summer. NATIONAb-bANK INSPECTION. The Finunnnl Chronicle, of New York, Inllstast Übhc, makes some hypcfluMc*! remarks about Hie operation of tho system of examining National Hunks, It says; A public otlleer. tho Comptroller of the Currency, Is commissioned for this purpose. by the Inspection of his examiners nnd by the frequent reports which he re ceives from the banks, he Is perpetually operating upon tliu«o Institutions, for the protection of their solvency. Moreover, hy keeping up this constant vigilance among the members of Urn National Hanking system, wc ex pool not only to sllmulale those Institutions Into an elllclcnt condition, hut to disperse n wholesome liiflii tm o throughout the other hanks, which nrc the rivals nml nelfthhors of the National Hanks, lienee, as the Comptroller web observed In a recent report, It must he generally acknowledged that no hank Jins any right to complain of those safeguard*; ami tho soundest bank* “ regard publicity of their affairs to he a meas ure of safety to themselves and a duty to the public. To the same purpose, Mr. J. U. McCulloch, much ns ho was opposed to all needless restrictions on hanks, tie clareil that Cioverniuenl may proper prevent the adoption of n policy that lends the hanks Into embarrass ment. generuUM panics, and dlstitrlis the ordinary busi ness of society. No one needs, however. In the Lull ed States to defend the safeguard* of hank solvency, ns theynre applied U»our national system hy law. bueh restrictions nrc. a* we said, a necessary concomitant of free hanking umler a decentralized system. Intended to give the utmost amount of lllwriy with tho necessary guarantee! for the public safely. The Chronicle la speaking from aNcwYork point of view. In Chicago the practice hardly accord* with tho theory in bountifully laid out by tho Chronicle. The Mechanics’ National, the Cook County National, the Fourth National,ami the City National llanlm have all failed disastrously In this city sluce the panic, without a word of warning to the public, or any apparent Intervention of tho Treasury Department to protect etockholdcrs or de positor*. Some of these failures have been flagrant, particularly that of llio Cook County National and that of the City National. In the latter case, ns wo nrc Informed, n Receiver has been appointed In the open Interest of Hie stockholders. The de positors have not yet received a cent of their Halms. aUhongh tho bank closed with about 17 per cent ca»h of It# liabilities on hand, and IJH per cent In good hills receivable. These aro scandalous farts, and It Is no exaggeration to say that the busl in s* community of this city do not look to any ays tern of examination for protection against bad banking. Tbß inSHOLUI TOWNSHIP DONHS. The Sll.!!00,0()0 of the township bonds of Mis* >«Mrl, issued under the act of IHOH, and pronoimc e 1 Illegal by a recent decision of the United States Supremo Court, ore mostly hold In New England and New York. Tho Eastern papers do not at tempt to criticise tho decision, but claim that It docs not one whit lessen tho moral responsibility of the people of tho townships who gut the money to pay it back, principal and interest. HUOItTEH BANK HOOKS ON 9ATUUDAT. There la a movement on fool in New York to close the banks of that city at il o'clock on Satur day. It is stated by tho local papers to meet with encouragement, und to bo likely to go into effect in a week or two. GOLD AND OnBBNOACSa. Gold wan 112H&1125*. Greenbacks wore in gold* GOVEUMMKNT BONDS. United States fls nf'Rl United bttttrj.vaMuf'»« .wwof •nv-January and .Ini]' r.-jmh id 'o7—January and July i-'jm uf ’(irt—January and July 10-4IM Untied States new r,a«if *M Untied Bute* currency Oi, ex. hit. CITT AND COUNTr BONUS. Mil. Chicago City 7 9 ct. bond* ‘lot Chicago City 7 Vet. sewerage *U« CtilcatfoClty? V cl. water loan *lO4 Ctiuk Cuulily 7 V ct. hunda i short) 'lO4 t.'npli County 7 V ct. hunda (long) *lO5 Weal I’ark 7 V ct. (Kinds North Chicago 7 V cl. tiunda (Lincoln I’arU) ♦And Interest. LOCAL STOCKS. First National.. Fifth National Merchants' National Corn KxcliatiU" National. Couiimrclul National.... llmne National Hide ami l.i-atln-r Illinois Trust will Ravine* Merchants'Savings. Loanand Truil Cu. 130 City Hnllwuy. South Side H 3 <lly Hallway, Writ Side MJ City Hallway, West Side, H f cent certi ficate...,. M 094 CHr Hallway. North tilde 133 ’I riders'lnsurance Co 1.'7 Clumber of Commerce 71 ClilcaanUiU-l.ldtitACoko Co Hll'Ofltion Stock (old) «3 exposition illicit (new) 33 FxpoiiUou stuck (scrip) 33 •And imereti. NY TKLISC3HAI*fT. Social Dispatch to TAs Tn&tma, New Yonu, June 7. —TUo Block market general* ]y continued on Jt» downward course notwith standing the tnuHl desperate vtlorts of the bulla in Lake Shore to stem the tide. Lake Shore opened flrmat63K, quickly advanced to MH. and fur u time remained quite alcndy at these figures; but, after the covering of some 1.0,000 shares of short stock, it weakened to 53VJ, closing with a rally at KJS*c. Michigan Central was almost en tirely neglected, only HOO shares having been bought and sold, at 47V4<r£47*1. 81. i’aul and Northwestern stocks were all weak, declining from S„ to •! on a small business. Ohio & Mississippi w*s dull at 17*»<T&17 Kric was steady nt pacific of Missouri still fur ther declined to 8. it being understood that (he decree of foreclosure entered yesterday was final, and that the road would pass Into the pnsbei-skon of the bondholders. Western Union, utter opening at and selling at tit), declined to liHS. rallying to »ih)i at the close. Pacific Hull was weak from the opening to the close, selling from WK to 23*. with a closing rally to 24*. The market closed feverish and Irregular, but gen erally lowerthsn yesterday. Tho gold market was [lull and featureless. There was a good borrowing demand fur cosh gold. In the money market theru was no change from yesterday. 3b ifn HVitrm Atioclattd Prut. NtwYonK, June 7. Oold steady ut 112 S un til near (he close, when the market became firmer »nd tho price advanced to 112*4- borrowing rales Ka'dc. Towards the close loans were made fiat snd for carrying. Governments were active and buoyant, with a lurthcr advance. Kallroad bunds were dull and firm. Stale securities were quiet. . Stocks were generally weak and lower, but dosed at a slight recovery from the lowest point, file weakest stocks were Pacific Mall, t*t. Paul, New Jersey Central. and Missouri Pacific. New fork Central was firm, and Luke Shore compara tively sle-udy. Transactions aggregated 110,000 iharvi, of which uuo were Pacific Mall, 2-*,OOO Western Union. H.OOO St. Paul, 27,000 Lako Shore, and 4.00 U New Jersey Central. Money market easy; 2Vi<£3. Prime mercantile saner 4®o. ■* Customs receipts, $200,000. The Aesiituil Treasurer disbursed $12,000. Clearing*! i22.U00.0UU. Sterling firm; OOdaya, ■ aOTEHHM*: vx\H\ .it.'.?* .I*l A2M] Cflnpon*, *fll. Coupons. 'es. Coupon iC *B7. Coupon*, oc Wertem Union MJi Qtilcktllrrr 14*4 uiilfkilUer pfd 20 pacific Mall 84 Marlpoia...., Marlpoaa pfd <*?< Adama KiprCM tTO Wfll»*FnrKi> Atnrrlcan'Ksprora,... C2jfc United State* KxpreM 74 New York Central... io;*’4 Krtc 14* Krlapfd 19 Harlem . 137* Harlem pfd 133 Michigan Central 47* panama ISO U. P. alock «o I,eke Shore MM llllnot* Jtniral....... 97 Cleveland A PltUburg »3* Northwestern :ti*M Northwestern pfd no* C.. C.. C. A 1 4-t STATS Tenneiace fli. old atH 1 TcnnpMCofl*, new.... i'JH Virginia, old no Ht*tKO flan Fiujfcssco, Jnne 1 latest quotations al tbe Si Contollilt'd Virginia.. 73W California S 3 Kripeiatcd Belcher.. 70^ P 4 ■a ni :a &S CfiolUr Savage imperial Mexican Mould 4 Curry... Nest * Hetrher.. Hale A Norcross. Losnos, .Tunc 7.—The . market for three months' below the Dank of 1 The amount of bullion Enclnml on balance to-ilnj money. 0313-1 United Stales bonds, '( 10-tOs, 100&; new:«•. 10( >*cw York Central. 00: T I'aius, Juno?.— Ilenlcs. 1'u ankfout, June?.—L: r.e, 102 U. HEAL ESTATE. The following instrument* were filed for record m Wednesday, June Us utv rnorRETT. IrfT nv. 230 H ftn of Thirty • nflli *t, w f. 25 in. dated vvi>. ii....... v:,v; $ 1,,M left nv. 225 ft • of Napoleon place, 0 f, 2j* (No. tlnff'd June n.... L** lo UnshieSsi. 017-10ftnof Thirty-sixth it. wf, 24 *1337-100, dated >lny3l. <o ° Thirtieth st, 40fts-ic»ift w of Garibaldi it, af, iiftxiciftftj ft, doled Juno'7 1,0,0 Weiterunv, 05 ft •of I’ollc It, Wf, 3J*I2.»M ft. dated March K) I,JoU Hermltanenv. 342-12flsof Yorkit. c f. 171*12 xHW ft. dated May H 4.0» Kedzlc of, n w cor of Huron at, o f.202x2Ui4-l0 ft: nlao Sheridan sv, necorof Huron it. w f, f.+j j-10x200 4-10 ft, dated .Inly 30. 1H75 (John „ M. Fierce to James F. L'lntllrn 43,<50 Milwaukee nv. HO ft an of West Krle it, n o f. 20 ft running throiutli mmo width to ban gnnumsU doled Juno 0.... v*AfV« ***" Vnn Huron it. lan ft c of Hoyno ov. n f, a.xtw ft. doted June ft ■/••••• 3,a * w Clayton st, lift* flw of Mor«nn it, n f. i-* h 4 H-lofi, tinted June 7 '.•'•'•W'S'i.’V,' I *™° Leavitt it. • w cor Walnut it, o f, SJHfxHOff. tinted .1 une ft .».000 Weil Indiana it, BHI ft c of Lluculu it, * f, 24* Km ft, dated Jui.e3.. l, '* w West Indiana it, no cor Leavitt it, if, Jnxiui ft datnl Feh. 8,000 Johnson place, n e eor of Thirty-eighth it, w f, lti7 H*ui ft to alley, dated J an. 7.......... ••• •• b.jOO Washington si, 4t« ft c of Franklin it, n f, 404 SlohawkaL B |4o ftl? of*KorUJav, of, 244*120 Norl h’av. 1 * w'of’ iVavfi at,' a f,‘ 454*1 W ft, ilntetl May 4,ww NOKTII OF CITY LIMITS WITUI.H A RADlt'a OF BKVBN MILKS OK TIIK COIHT-IIOVIE. Lincoln av, 2ft ft n w of Montanoit, u e f, 50* I2*> ft. dated June? -.»*« Sheilleldnv, Wfiiof Noblest. wf, inoftlool ley, dated June (I SOITII OF CITY LIMITS WITIIIS A ItAIUIS OF »KVKM milks of tiik fcii'frr-in'i'sp.. Lots 24 to 2H. lltoclc 13, Small’s Subdivision n o u tier. 2. 34. 13, dated Dee. 10. l«7ft • 2,500 llurmddcst. UO It ■ of Fortieth it, u f, 2jxIUJ It, dated June 1,400 Fhurth Phurih comm: The following wero thi the leading Articles of pi the twenty-four hours Wednesday morning: 13,711 150,4U8 322,200 71.025 C.ysu 3,220 Ti.rcti ■jj.uuu Flour, bris. Wheat, bu Corn, 1m... barley, hu... (I. iced, His. K. seed, lbs. b. com, lbs.. 0. meals, lbs ?f*. bris. hard, 11)1.... Tallow, lh». butter, lbs. 31.H1A IbAIH 5.4*1 451 158,538 1,, hogl. No. Cattle, 50.., Sheep, No. . bidet, 1b5.... H. wines, bris. Wool, lbs Potatoes, hu.. Coal, tons liny, tons I. in ft. shingles, in... Null, brli Poultry, lb*... 350,31*3 710 3,158 120 5,744 3. HOO 280 3.70" Poultry,coops, (iitmu, pkin... Hcki. ptC|[S.... Cheese, l*oxet. (In apples, brls llcuns. t)U I Withdrawn from aton aunijitUm: hn wht The following grain we city on Wcdncßilay mor wheat, do can* No. 1 " N. W. do. 1 cur No. 3 do, 28 wheat); 1 Kit cars No. grade (2113 and 10.400 liu hlgh-mlzcd do, 415 car* und 11,700 bu No 2 do, 100 caw rejected do, 2 cars no grade (007 corn); 15 cars white oats, 45 cars No. 2 do, 0 curs rejected do (00 oats) 5 Hears No. 1 rye. 4 cars and aiO bu rejected do; 0 earn No. 2 barley, 7 cars No. 3do. I car rejected do. Total (1,005 cars), 42H.000 ba. Inspected out: 22,211) bu wheat, 174,021) bu corn. The total receipts of grain for the first three days of this week arc 1,855,000 bn, against 4H5,000bu for the corresponding days last year. This la on couruglng to the warehousemen and to the comm’ r.iti, M 53?* , 11H*- UHV .11712 Jl7tf I2IH A tlyrf, ion men” but they nre not yet eatlatcU. They feel -omcthlng like the boy who, on being told by bis father that ho must “cot enough for to-day and to-morrow," replied that ho had “notyclmndo up fur yesterday and tbo day before," Our receipts of grain were unusually email all tlirough the spring, and that hue nut yet been compensated fur. There Is reason to think, however, that the receipts will exhibit a material decrease during next week. Several Incorporated companies aro doing bosl* ness on ’Change with Individual members of tbo Hoard of Trade; their business being transacted by Individual members of the companies, and the contracts made with such companies. The conse quences of this aro curious, to auy the least. Of course such companies are not members of the Hoard of Trade, and cannot be, though each mom besot the company may belong to the Hoard. Hence, in ease of failure to fullll) a contract, the company cannot obtain tho interposition of the Hoard to discipline one of Us members, nor can one of Its members discipline the company. A mem ber of the Hoard of Trade who has a contract with such an incorporated company need not respond to a call for margins, nor can he force the company to deposit margins when the deal goes In bis favor. If both parlies are willing to waive all special pro- I tectlon accorded by Die rules of the Hoard of Trade, and deal only under the common law, the matter is equally fair fur both. But It Is well that all parties should bear in mind the fact that the Hoard of Trade rules do not protect trades between In dividual members and incorporated companies. Wit. AIM. ÜBMVBUY ON CONTIIACTH. Tho Impression ai-ems to have got abroad, and has even been expressed in fi Judicial decision, that members of tho Hoard of Trade buy and sell with out any expectation that the property will be deliv ered. Homo members of the Hoard do undoubtedly trade In the hope and belief tlut they will bu able to “rink’, "or make a direct settlement before tbs maturity of tho contract. Hut If they cannot do that the property must bu delivered, and It may b« alalcd as an axiomatic truth that Ibo rules contem plate the actual delivery In every case. If both parties agree to conceltbo contract, on terms Hint are eventually satisfactory, It la not the business of any oue else to Interfere, but unlcaa auch mutual agreement bu made the property must bcdcllverod. And It should be remembered, also, that a great muuy of tbe settlement# utadu on ’C’baugu are only matters of convenience, to save cross-deliveries. A commission man may bo operating for bulf-u-doien different parties, lie has told to the order of some, ami bought to thu order of oth ers. If he receives tbe grain on one contract, bo baa to deliver it outuu the other, and If ho can ‘ • make a ring " with the men who bought and sold from and to him, the orders of bfa principals have been filled uud trouble saved. Thu principle gor unilng such settlements la analagoua to that ruling In tbe operations of tho Clearing-House, at which the transfer of vast volumes of debt# and credits Is effected by tho payment of balances only. Tho leading produce markets were generally stronger yesterday, with-a fair demand in all di rection*. though the current supply was largo. Tim advices from other point* were more encouraging to holders, New York being firmer all ronnd and the orders for shipment fair, while there wn« a fair demand for future delivery, both on Eastern and Western account. There was a moderate degree of activity in the dry-goods market at steady figures. Print*, den ims. ticks, and fabrics adapted to summer wear were chiefly in demand, though considerable sale* of bleached and brown cottona were effected. Gro ceries were ordered freely at fully late prices. Sugars, tinder an Increasing demand, are working firmer. Teas also are stronger, and from the same cause, vlt., Increasing activity. Butler continues fairly active, and. notwithstanding the heavy re ceipts, the market remain* comparatively steady. Cheese la dull and unsettled. In the fish and dried fruit market there were no Important changes. Prices of bagging were again quoted easy at 2.i‘,4c forSlark; 24c for Lewiston; and2lcfor American. Leather wn* dull and unsullied. Coal and wood remain ns before. The oil trade was moderately active at Tuesday's quotations. Prints and colors remain quiet. The cargo lumber market waa active to the ex tent of the offerings. The yard trade was onlv fair. Drugs and chemicals were In falrdemaml and steady, with one or two exceptions, and opium was firm. The wool market rcrtaln* in the same uncertain stale that It has been In for several weeks past. Manufacturer* and dealers hold hack, and though new woolis tn light stock the market I still appears to be on the downward turn. The seed j market remains quiet, the season being over, ex -1 cept for the two late varieties, which now rule 1 weak, as tho supply la Increasing, while the demand Is fulling off. Hay was dull and weak. Poultry was slow and lower, tirccn fruits met with a mod erate Inquiry. Lake freights worn moderately active and a shade firmer, at 2Ki®2?ic for corn to Iluffalo. and2 J *c for do to Port Colborne. nail-freights were quiet at nominally unchanged rates, agents asking 20c to New York, IHc to Philadelphia, 17!4c to Balti more, and 2”>c to Boston, per 100 pounds. Through rales by lake and rail were quoted at 10c for corn and 11c for wheat to New York, and 10c on corn to Boston. Freight-engagements were reported for 120,0001 m wheat, 241,000 bit com, 41,000bn oats, 10,000 bu rye. and 15,000 bu barley. FOUEUIIf BXPOUTB, The following were among the direct export* from Chicago to Europe for last week, and for five months 487 K; demand, 480M* WT BOND®. , l New J}^ , jo-<m. re* J " HM(*. rmiponi H?J4 1 Cnrrendee. *35Mi j New Jener Central.. w* Hockliland too* St. Pan! an* St. Panl pfd c*J* ; Wahaah Wabaih pfd 3 Fort Wayne iw iTerrcHante..... >H Terre Haute pfd If* Cliloaßi* A A1t0n...... 00 \ U ,l 'l'Vi 0 * A,ton ?>«L i/.‘* t A. &P. Telegraph.... Ij iAtUn t U?i*Pac IHe pfd,* 3$ ImllanaCeniral 4*4 Chicaeo. n. a o 1104 I Hannibal A St. J0e.... n Central ParUlenonda.lfW* i Union Pacini, bond*. icr-H | U. Pan. land-crant... 0\ I U. Pac. slnklntpfund. S3* BONDS. _ I Virginia. new . SO Missouri I MU STOCKS. 7. —The following art tba lock Exchange: I Crown Point 13*4 I Yellow Jacket 81W I Alpha I Helcher >”( I Continence ifw 1 Sierra Nevada 18, j I Exchequer I Overman o| 'l I Justice I Caledonia BItJN. rate of dlsconnl in open j* bills In iHsJng England rate, n cone into the Bank or iy is lM:um • lit; accniint, fM'». , TC*-, 11H}4;’U7«, 1105*5 i. iu:.f 175»c. L’nltcd Mated bonds, new Forte'fk. iS lnceJan. I. ov) UTi.474 en,<w7 7H.:«5 1,40:1,410 t,:m »»,wo . rji o.Kiu 8.401 ICK4M . 5,M71> GH.H.V) , :tJ« 0.075 . !,H!7 3.41>:i . il3rt 4, Ml KOIIKIUN IMI'OHTATIONS. Received at Chicago Customs June 7,1870: G. K. Wright, 1 case ncedloa; W. P. Hcemls A Co., 3 cases cigars: George Schneider, 4 coses glassware; W. A. Schlmpfcrman, 2 ernes cigars; N. Watts, 21 cases mdse; Hoot «fc Hons Music Company, 2 cases musical Instruments; Field, Loiter A Co., 13 cases dry goods; Vergho, Ruhling A Co., 0 cases toys; M. Stangc, 3casks codOiver oil; D. W. Ir win A Co., fiOO bu barley. Amonut of duties col lected, $4,237.40. _____ Flour, brli. Wheat, hu. Coni. b 0... I’ork, br’ls Cured meats, hoses. Beef, brls and tea tiuttur and cheese, I'kgs. Tulluw, pkgs PROVISIONS. HOO PRODTJCTd-Wero rather lea* active, but stronger all round, under a good demand In proportion to the offerings. Tho receipt* of hog! were rillicr huge, but they were quoted firmer, buyer! tiklng hold freely, and product was looked upon with more favor, a good many operators being disposed to consider the re cent drop as a guarantee of greater atcadloess now, If not more strength. A fair number of buying order* were received, hut chiefly from parlies who were anx ious to flit shorts. Meat fork— Advanced 50c per brl under nn Improved Inquiry, and then felt hack to 30c nlwve the latest prices of Tuesday. Sales were reported of «.700 bris seller duly at *|n,l.ValH.w>, ami 1 l.soo hrls seller August at 818.35W.1H.72H. Total. in. 250 brl*. The market closed steadier at ♦ t8.25'-*lH.37H.occordlng W weight and age, tho Inside being for summer packed: fseller Junes 8iH.30i«1H.35 seller .July; ft*. Mints. AS seller August. Seller September closed at altout ♦, and seller tho year at ♦lO.wx# [BIICI. land shipments of i this city during at 7 o’clock an re receipt' iroduco In i ending * VrlVno mess was quoted at 817.00, and extra prime at */!«nf—WoaNn very good demand, and advanced 20c per list Bs. hut receded, and closed only toe higher than the preceding evening, as the laical Liverpool advices quoted a decline of Is per cwl there. Hale* were re ported of 250 te* ciwfi ut 8bUO; H.TAOtcs seller July at Blb.tW!A* 10. tcJHtandO, 000 tea wllcr August nt 810.85 Miait7«. Total. tea. The market cloted uulet at 81u.uKt.10.70 cosh or sailor June; 8 0.71Xv.10.72H seller July; seller August; and Blo.Ua Oll.onselVrScpteiubcr. . . ... Mmu- Were In better demand, and quoted about Ho higher on middles, with no change In shoulders. T here was some Inquiry for shipment, and probably sale* for that purpose, iheugli none were reported Tho stock* of whiter middles now here are reduced to a very low point, except short ribs, sndltls hinted that they are In less alock than bu# been represented. Tho dally sup nlyla fair, however, asiummer packing la progressing at the rateof 7.«»wwa.«iuu hoitaper day. Holes were reported of J(«i boxes winter snort clears at IOC, and l?450,oou it.»short ribs at loo a* seller July ami ftl.s *10.55 seller August. The following was Jrtf... ;>ow shM den. clear, rifi. c2<af. Silted, loose OH ™ I p B |lij , ng C *SS abortVlVara at OHc'cash, am? oMo idler July, boxed;sweet pickled hams, llolllHc for anm liter and UHuiaHc for winter: Cumberland*. hHWJMc. eaih or seller June; long-cut bams, llUllHo, boxed; baeun hams. 1&414C. 0.425 2T3.HM lin.fs.T co,ooti H. 177 01,201 411.1*00 H5.H43 4.5* 72 HlO 3.0' 44.000 25,350 BLW.WS7 8,070, tw.uisi. 7M.MIB' 2A,530< u;tO 43,182 24.074 45,750 757.W7 0,430 7,050 50,U») 74» MU. 750 540.005 «»,om IH.IS 10 2.4'17 l,U5t 20,400 45.575 24.700 (J.7i:> 4,713 532 181. OJO 154 883.207 18,000 4,3(42 2,352 177.281 20-. 578, MU 113,050 00 374.020 i.nU) :i,mo Xiirr 'U n i.rna i.iua UUiTU. UMVII U iviuf-Was uut' tat «VaHc. . . ....... UEKK I*UOl»UCT&—Were steady and quiet at Up- 75 OU.wj for mess. SU.7sCtl3.uu for extra men, ma *'ru«ofc-\^°q r uotfa"'at aaaMc for city, and 7GBc for country lots, according lo condition. •u on Tuesday for city con* eat, 1,671 bu corn, ns Inspected into store in this ruing: 2 cars rejected winter N. \\\ wheat, 05 cars No. 2 1 spring, 78 cars No. 2 do, FLOUR—Wm rather more active, and Arm at prevl* misprices. There was a moderate shipping demand tor Kuropo via Canada, and several bogged lots were pur chased for direct shipment from a country point. Sates here were reported of ion brls winter* at *0.731 1.503 brla spring extras, chiefly at *4.uXitA.3o: 308 brls spring auperltnca at;t3.73<tf4.oU| land 50 brta ryo Hour Con private terms. Total, 1.7H0 brta. The market closed nominal nt the fob lowing range of prices: Cholcu winter extras, *7.37H (£7.H7)ai common to good do, f3.07H4t7.'33l shipping extra*, good do, 13.WM5.37Hl choice do, ss.6oos.B7HipatenWdo, fd.OU6O.UJ; Minnesota, fS.oo Uf1.73; spring aupcrtlnca, f3.WM-l.ou: ryo flour, ft. 33 cars rejected do, 1 car no » cars No. 1 com, 88 care 4*4. SO. /Jnin—Was Icta active and easier. Salea veto 40 tons at SU.OO on track and free on hoard curs. Corn-J/ra(-CoaHO was nominal at f19.75an.00 per ton on track. • WHEAT—' Waadecldedly active and ilfonger, averag ing a little lower than the range uf Tuesday, though cloning about ic higher. Llvefpool was quoted ateody, and with largo receipts here the market weakened early. Hut New York waa reported active and ilroiiger. with a good demand for export, and Liverpool was un- denlood to Ms drm, which called out buyenhcrc In force, couilug a aharp advance, from which the market afterword* receded about le. (Them waa a fair ahipidnif demand, all the lower grade offering* Uclmc taken tip. ana No. a wu wanted tor direct export la preference to ukiDtf No. a Minnesota at He premium. I’artlc* Id Uic trade say ttiul Kurupeau buyers have now found uni Uiutout straight No. all mucti better lu quality than they supposed. Thu cry of a •’ poor.wheat crop wu raided last untnnm. end believed in hngland to mean n lowering of our grades, which wu nut the uuw. A glance at the luspeutlou return# will allow that the ;>ro uorllon of the lower grades to the whole receipts I# greater on thU crop than the average,-the Jiuallty of our No. a being well kept up. knallih buyers see tills now. and are taking our No. U lreely. The reeelptaof yesterday were Urge, but there were mine indications of a diminution In volume, the movement of currency to the wheat-rais ing district# hem* smaller for a couple of day# past than ThU helped to llnnuras, Independently of war prospects, by Inducing the ihurti to (111. there wai however, an early movement on the part of promt* bcul operator# to depress prices, apparently with the tnteniion of buying In at the decline; and when they U cut to buy they found little on #ale. --hence the shunt advance. Heller July opened at *l.«>4, falloll to $1.03*. advuticeil to tl.Od, anil decided to f I.Ofi at the close. Heller August wo# little better than nominal at 1c under July, temutf aVfl.iUH'nt.Of*. Heller the month sold at Sl'uiHol.tciH. doling at and fresh receipt# of No. 3 spring closed ut SI.OO. Uuhaalea were reported of vj.mii tm So. 2 spring at ll.tUHitl.'tf Hi> Im No. 3du at uaHi-tUDHtT ll.hoi* bu rejecteddo at H3(io;and l.noohu by sample ut 70<*««H on track. I^«nT»ohi> lfVruf--Wa# In active demand for ship* menu and M'jlc per Im higher. In sympathy with tho general market. Sale# were reported of &n.uxi bu No. i a151.1K«1.13. the outside tn ipeelal bln; 3rt,400 hu No. a at ( l.a’iU frl.i#); and 3.uw uu by sample ut f t.Ui Ml. la. free oa board ear#, 'lutul. uu.4uohu. UOltN—Was active and airongur. averaging and clu.log He higher than the latest figures of ru«#day. Liverpool was quoted 3d per quarter higher, and New York was firmer, while our receipts, though Urge, were exceeded by the shipments, uud the market here sympathised with wheal. A good many Belling orders were received. dilelly from the country, but there was u very good demand for shipment, bolli to the feastem HUlca and to Kurupe, and this Induced a good Inquiry fur future from the short Interest, the extensive shortage nut for this month causing such u uoud demand (or June us toubllicrate the July pre mium. Uur slocks are rather light, barely equal Vu days’receipts, and a falling off now, wlthscou- Uuutiu cuf the brisk shipping movement, would soon clear out our eoru-blns. Heller Juno ontued i»l44«e, advanced U) tslfe. and closed firm at Sic. Heller July sold and closed at the same figures. Seller August sold ut 45tiiitde. closing Cush No. 3 closed wlih buyeraaUAc and high mixed at ViUc hid. l ash sale# were reported of 41,UX) bu high mixed ut43H<* 4:>kc; WXi bu new mixed at 4or; fJ.V- 1 " bu No. 3at 43 wUV/e: •ii.4(«ibu rejected at hoc; U.bou bu by sample at 3<s.u4ie, oa track: and 14,but bu do at ickwtic, on track. Total, 333.3Uthu. OATS-Were active and linn, averaging HttHu high er. The receipts were (air. and the shipment# liberal. New York came In firmer for all grain, and that fact, together with the efforts of a leading operator, caused the advance In (he local market. The advance brought out numerous sellers, amt some of the shorts gut uerv ousand rushed In u> that the trudlug lu op tions was much larger tliau recently. Cash No. 3 sohk readily at Ifbiic early up to 3uc. which wu Hie closing price. July and June opened at 3oHe and sold to 30e, eloslug al'niH iiybc. IteJecUd oala were quiet at ’JOe# 33Hc. faampFca were In fair supply aud request. Cash ivalvs were reported of t*t,4(s> bu No. 3at gwH'a’jnc; r, 4<ubu No. i while at 3<sa3* He; U.ixxt bu at 3b.,*3:,Hc; u i>u bu by sample at afrakoc for mixed, and mviJJu fur white on track; H.4UJ bu at 3Ng3lc free uu buurd. Total, juo.wxibu. ItVK—was lu good demand fur shipment, and firm at 7i>H(w7le fur No. 3. Ilvjected sold at b4He. Cash sties were reported of 4,ux»bu No. 3 at ToHnric; mu uu ru ieeted at rctntHHt'l 375 bu by sample at Tie on track. ’utal, o.tnabu. jiAltLKY—Wai rjulel and firm. There wasaomoln i rv-,<y tor cur lots, and u i«w talcs wmu made, but trade TUB MAUKBTd. THT3 CHICAGO TKIBUINiJ * THUItMUAY. JUNE 8, 1»7B. wa* retlrtcted by Urtit offertnK*. the fraah receipt* be |n«mnitU. N0.9a.1M at S7e. and tM quoted fit one ttini* nt s»*e, No. lat sue. and rejected at ale. Option" wrrc inactive and nomtnnl. June wiw quoted at ■l'jic nium It* *i I tile thnt there 1« Hit In t>r no disposition to trade In any department, and the demand now la chlelly fur No. 3 to deliver on contract* and for aomc of the lower irradea for iMpment. Krelßht room *m reported taken for IMWibu. Tha mnU'huuaea am laklnn a few choice aamplea occasionally, but arc are said to ho doing very little. caah aalea were reported of 4ti bu No. aat fife; 9.non bn No. aat JWc; 4t»» hu rejected at Slot 400 bu by sample at tjoc. Total, 8.31 W bu. rm»T cAtx. Wheat-Sale* (to, two bu teller June at tl.Otla, and b?at 4»i34aMc for July, and 400 for Auituit. LATEST. . t Mesa pork wm fairly active and 20c per brl higher, ruling easier At the clone. Pain were reported of .».7jO bris at ciß.4wift.6s for .Inly, CiB.KJH(iiB.7» for An gn«t, anil *IO.OO for the year. .... ... , Lard wm In good demand and higher, with sales of », UK) tea at C10.73«10.82H for July, andClo.B7.H'Dm.i» *°sVhp*t U was aettre and higher, advancing M«Ue, and closing He above the price* at to clock. nieadvance wm due to the receipt of more warlike report* from Kurope. Seller July sold at and cloned at |l.(K>H> June sold at Cl.txkial.u3H. aud cloicdut wltli wheat, closing at 45He for June and Julv. and 40Hc for Angurt. Juno sold at 43Hto44SHe. and July at ~V( it3Hc. (7au,‘ al»o, were itrongcr, selling at 3«)ft3uHe for June, which doted nt 3uHc. Julyaold at aoHhSJoHc. andeloiedtheitmcaiJune. „, . . Two vessel* were chartered for 90,000 hu corn to Kingston at 5Hc. Mesa pork wm In moderate demand, closing 12M<MSe higher than at I o’clock, at f fur July and PH.7JH for August. Pales 1,250 hrli at slß.47H<* for July, and Clft.7iKJlH.7aH for August. Lard closed 10c higher tlian on •Change, with salcaof I.iK-o tee at CIO. HU for July and CIO, 05 for August. .McaU were Wronger. wltli sales of too.**«) n s short Hits at *0.33 for July, and uw.«W)*>* shoulder* at 7c for August. _ Following are the quotations; Choice hurl. H<it()c; mo* dlum and No, a hurl, 7f.t«cs good medium brush, aH GoHc; common do, 4H f tnei falrlnildo and covers, 4(j sc; Inferior. 3-iefc; crooked. 3<tfoc. lUJTTHII—The butter market was without pro* nogneed change In any of Us feature*. Shipper*, m well m tho home trade, were opcrotlngon a generous scale, and sales fully equaled the receipts. The follow Ing price* were easily maintained; Choice to fancy yellow, liKJ3le; medium to good grades, istflHc; In ferior to common. IKjtHc. hreapstuffs. GENERAL MARKETS. ALCOHOL-Wm quoted at f 2.17. JUIOOM-CORN-Wm In moderatcdomandnndsteady. UAGGING-Umln bags were In fair demand at easy tlgurcs. Jobbers shewing a disposition to concede a little on liberal orders. llnrlnp* and gunnies also were (•clltnc at a concession from tli« quoted price*. HtarK A, 2:.Hc; I’eerles* AA. 34tfc; Lewiston. 31c; Mnmnnp, amici Ontario. 25c; American A, 3lc; Ainos kesg. 330: Otter Creek. 32e;burlapbags,4 bu, 14(t15c; gunnies. single. rJttuUMcsdo. double. 33U34C. CHKKSE—ITIces ranged about Hie same us on the earlier day* ol tlie week, and the character uf the do* , nuindand supply wo* alftowltliuiit noticeable change. . We quote Rood to choice factory at and lower , grades at s<i<Be. .... COAL—ITIccs wore without chango. We quote: Lackawanna, crr. $7.60; do nut. $7.755, d0 range. $8,005 Blosshurg. *7.««15 csnnel,.s7.(*>s brie, SMUgf 5.50; Baltimore A Olilo. SS.ID; Illinois. $3.7564.00. DllUOa AND CHEMICALS—Trade contlnnea fair. Citrld acid and red preclnlt are coaler, and opium ] I* linn In sympathy with Now sork. Wq quote ua follow*: Acid, citric, ft. WcOtfl.ix); acid inrtarlc, powdered. ft, s-Vitnucs ammonia, carl). 33H35c: axle Kreue, dor.. fMOtI.W; borax, ref., ft, 13615 c; i blue vitriol, ft. cream tartar, pure. ft, 43w 4hc; cochineal, liond., ft. 75(.tW»c; chloroform, ft, Sl.iAal.ius glycerine. bulk, t>>, 17<.t25e s gum urnblc, picked, so<*7se ; gum arable, sort*, d.’VwlMu ; gum cam phor. &, 336->c; Rum opium, ft, s(uxk>ti).3& } gum Shellac, ft. atvutwc; lodine, ft, $a.75«t.0» 5 morphia, aulbh.. ox. ft. tOvt/.’r. 5 oil. eaalor. Hfictil.OOPiTKftl; du, lemon, $4.35ai4.50: potawo, chlor.. ft, 3iKaJ:.c; potassium. lod.. ft. 53.00tt3.n0 : quinine, aiilpli.. uz. $3.35(ii3.30: rcdprcclplt, ft, sl.o.Vi«].lo: root Ipecac, nowd., ft. Sl.AOuit.tu; root rhel. K. L. puwd., ft, sl.3s<<el.ftU; salt. Epsom, ft. 3H i silver cry at., uz.. sl.t*)*l. It); soap, Cm tile. ceil., ft. 10>f»14c; sulphur, ft. 4»(<Anc : *a*aatrM bark liaise. EGGS—Were selling to retailor* at lOtaallc, the out tide b-lmr the ovcraßc price. FlSH—There wa* uu unsettled market for lake fish, but there wa-c no Important change In value*. Salt water n*U rcrnnln stcftdy. We quote: No. 1 white pah, H-hrl. s4.nori4.R'i: no. 2 do. $4.7.Va4.m>; No I trout. $3.7.Vg4.u0t No. 1 shore mackerel, U-brl. $13.50613.00: No. t bay. sO.OOtrff).Vs; No. 3 mackerel, W-brl. $8.00*8.25; fumllvraackercl. K-brt,; No. I Hliore kit*, large. $3.00; No. 1 bay kit*. SI.Mi; large family kits,; bank codtlsh, $4.50.1* 4.75: George’* codiish. $5..v**3.75; summer-cured cod- Dalt, $.5.50<<t5.73t I.abradur hcrrltiß. *ollt. brl*. s7.7.V<d 8 I*l* do, *4-hrl. s4.(ik<t4.3Ti: l.abradurhcrrhur, round, lirls. sG.stx*o.7s;do, W-brl, $3.50^.3.75;5ca1ed herring, per box. Jrtrftuc: No. 1 herring, 30ut33c; Columbia itlvenalmon. M*brl. SB.OO. Filin l b AND N U lb—A fair number of order* were phmed at tlie annexed quotation*: /brrfon—Hate*, 06«Hc; tigs. layer*. IWJIsHot flea, drum*. Turkish prime*. (Uvulae; l-roneh nrunc*. keg* ana boxrt, iKaUciralidns. layer*. sJ.oiH<a •>.ii.-,; loose Muscatel. S3.iuj3.4ti; Valencia, liatllMct Zame currant*. H *hHc; citron, 33631 c. /)o»;#jflo-Alden applet. IHitaoe; Mlchlß&n apple*, comiuuii, yVtlooi clmtcc, U>!i'wloHc: pared peadm*. 17i*li»c;i)lackherrlc«. llUt&llMe; mpberrlcn, pittedcherrle*. 33-t34e. iVuf*—Filbert*. UiiMKctalinond*. Terrtftoaa, 30c; Naplc* walnutj, French walnuu*. new, luzim.c; Crenublu wolnnu, 14<i>b*iu; Ilrazll*, K-aOc; pecon*. Texa*. liaises Wllmliißton peanut*. Tennrueopeanut*, dtttic: African neanuU, UKKIi.S FltUlTb—blrawbe.rric* were In better do mitnd and firmer. Michigan fruit wa* In larger supply ami brought ouwlde price*. Cherries were almost un salable, berrlea being preferred by consumer*. Illack roMiberrlr* end currant* were offered for llio lint time. Foreign frnltaare aclllng nt recent prices: Strawber ries. SJ.oO'ttd.oo; Kuo*ul>errle*, $1.&0>rf1.75 per cuso of 34 nt*; chcrrlc*. ft. 5043.00 per case: orancca, fH.soia7.ooper box; lemons, sO.OOtz«.fiOper box; pine apple*. S3.iO perdoz. UituCKiilKb—Prices were easy for codec*, firm for stiKora, sulrp*. and rlcc. and steady for other good* lu the Hit. Humes* wa* fair at the quotation*given bo lu/?(cr—Itangoon, 0««0Mc; Carolina, 7H<Wcj Loulai &. Java. 3(«f*3ot<C! Java, So. 3. S6!tft37Me: ctaok-elo fancy 1t10.33!fC433Mu; good to prlmcdu,3lK it33c; common to fair. 3ty»3oHcvrnast|iß, blngapore Java, ft4««33Kct Costa ltlca,aW23Mc; Mara- cut loaf. JlkailKc; crushed, lia llKc; powdered, llttc; granufsted, lo*<c; A. stand ard! lo>»c; du ilo. 3. 10c; U. OMq; extra, 0. o*4 UHc; U So. 3. OK'deHc; yellowC No. l. ov<rwj<cs do CNo. 2. O'iOVlc; choice brown. fair to prime do, common do, 7H<*ho; choice molaues I sugar. »Vi'*B?<ct common to good do. 7W-48C. ftlrups— California sugar-loaf drips, uw«7oe; diamond | drips. SI.OO'jI.U); silver drip*, extra fine, good tuuar-houiQ ilrup, .Vxa2>sc; extra du, SH tfUOc; New Or leans mulasiei, eholce, HVcdbc; do prime. 53<g&Nc; do. common to good, 4tt t50o; I’urto llko molasses. 48*3k>c; common molauci, 3h-J4oc; black-strep, 2t)uf3oc. ■.loin's—Allspice. l 7 il7Hc; cloves,; caula, pepper. 17H + 18C; onttnegs, lcuttaßingcr, Anno*—True blue, cc; German Mottled, OljfeTc; White Lily, &UGiflc; While Hose, 8 iflt(C! Hoyal Savou, s*ic; Savon Imperial. SIV. Golden West, StwjAXc- . Stfireft-Excelilor. laundry, «M'w7c; do. gloss, 9c; do. corn, owPHc; Klngsford. pure, 7ns; do. silver etou. du. corn. lUaelu^c HAY—Woadull and weak, choice sainplc*wcre quot ed at recent nrlcea, but other gnulca went In largo sup ply atvl Ullllcull to sell nt any price, lullowlngaru the ‘imitations: No. i timothy, $13.50; No. 3 du. $10.0(F5 1150; mixed do, fu.UKrfil.f-o; upland prairie, so.ou«a HMD; No. 1 do, SH,UkV7.UJ; slough. $5..V). HKIIIWISKB—Wcro Very quiet at the decline of the day previous. Sales were limited to 50 brl* at fl.O-t^ Wcro In fair demand and steady under mod eratiMiffiTlng*. blieep pi-U* are Irregular In price, the wool beingrsllinaled at 2a<«3Hc. Cin-en rliy hutehers. Sc; green cured light and heavy, 7c; damaged. Set nrt cured, <Hftft6Nv> green salted kip, 7c; green coun try.sues Veen calf, lie: flint hides, i3UI2Kc; dry kip and calf. 13913KCS cry sailed hides, uhc; deacon skins, 45«50c. itoi’p— »• re quoted at tFitl.Hc. LKATHEU—Jobbers report little change In the situa tion. Trade U dull, and while there 1* not as much "cutting" us during the earlier weeks of the season the market Is still cosy. We quote; HEUt.bCK. Calf. No. 1 $1.00(151.15 ] Line $ 3Vi 37 Calf. No. 3 m*j 05 UutTalo slnugh- Voids. No. 1.... 75u«l.<X) leriulo (best). 31V# 35 Veals. No. 3... SO l * 701 " 11. A." sole.. 3U4S 31 Kin 41M 70 "U. A. 0. 1)." Upper, So. 1... I1»M 33 sole 25fl 27 Upper. No. 3... lots 30 Insole 3ixtf 33 llanies* .’ BKA 31 |_ liftmen. Sole <u><* W) i»« aa. riiENCtl STUCK. C#if i.sum'J.ou KJu i.ooiii.mi Oll.K—There warn* lair mmlnou doing at Tin sila.v’a nunUilniu, Wi* repeat our lint: Carbon. lin degree* t«»t. inlie; do Illtnolilegal test, inodrg,, HHet enow White. IMJ teit, lOVt'slotyc: do headlight. 179 (leg., l7..nl7Uci>'*ira wInUT lunloll. uatvttc s No. I. Mlu; No. 2. 7:ii*;,Vi llnifctl, r«w, ft*>c; boiled, ones whale, wln tcr-bleacliuil, 7UU7Bc: iiiertu. KWi. Isi nuuUfoot oil. itrleily pure, doextra, in *u!tc: do No. I. M-'iei baukoll. Me: mall*. noc; Plumbago oil, («• « 7<;cs turpentine, :w.<rli7et napblha, deodorized, iui grav* Itv, West Virginia oili, natural. sit deg-> ai.-t Jtos natural, sudeg., S7atSoci reduced, St* deg., su Calf... Kip.... Upper. U |'OiT.TKV-Thu market wa»tlull ami weak, Chick* vim were quoted at fj.OiuTVi and *prlng» atfif.tXKiJ 3. 50. Turkey* were mow at 7!4«-'C. I'OTATOKs—Were dull at for More toll, and car lota were unusable. Thu funner* arc now bringing In potatof*. which bring hut wry low figure*. Now potatoes are quoted at 94.aOg.VUi per hrl. . .. BKKDS—l'rlmo llnngurlan anil millet were salable at 4Sc. hut lower (Trade* weru dull und weak, with llio of* forlng* large. Timothy waa acareo and flnmy held at * for prime. A few onion were tilled at C*i.4(X« •i os. Clover wua nominal at 9H.atMii.ou. b.M.T—Wa» ateady under a fair inquiry. Canada, and Onondaga, fine, 91.40; ordinary coane. fi.7u; dairy, without bait*. 93.75; dairy, with baga, Aahiondalry. per aaok. 94.00. . TKAb-llemaln firm. Thu demand la good and lm* proving. We quote: tfunpoifdrr—Corotnoa, 3UA4OC; good do, 40at45c; medium. 4Vjsuv; good do. 6i>j*ssc; nae. sveouc; an* cal. tKKjeact choice. 7ua7sc; cholcoit, KOuuic; fauey C1.0aw1.15, . ympcrfuf-Comnon. aoiMc: good do, nfldtoc: me* dlum, 4Uu4sc; good do. 4.Vasu:i One, s(Kitsac: flneil, Mhwc; choice. oaiwToct cliulcv«t.7tKg7sc. Jdj/un-Lummou, UMg'J'gi:: good common, 834?30c; medium, 3Hig4oc; good medium, 4K44-.c; flue, 4Sigsdc; Bunt, 5 i-,{S~c; choice. s«<ao3c; choice*!. n5-*7oc. Oofoaoi-Comiuori. !*Kg3Sc; good common. 35,4380; medium. 4i**43c; good medium, 430445 c; Hue. 4H«aoc; Bni-it, 65«5Hc; choice. oooaUic: choice*!. 75u«oc. WOOD— (he market *m atcudy. Quotation* are 97.a0 fur maple, 9U.5U fur beech, uudco.tufuraJab*- dvllvcrcd. VKAL-Wa* dull under largo offering*, which aellen were anilou* to dl»|>oau of.tu the weather wua warm. bah-i were made at 4(07c, VLOKTAHI.Lb—Were In largo supply and dull at the aoueju-d price*; Cucumber*. g.*Usue jier dozen; green twai, C1.au003.75 per box: string bean*, per hoi; a»pangu*, 4W>«*o per dozen: radlshe*, lujiacper dozen: Leeli. amglttc per due: cabbage. Cl.7a per crate. WOOL—Continue* dull and.easy. The receipt* are lucreailng, but manufacturer* evince no dl»i>.i»ltlon to buy beyond what they need to keep their mill* running. Following arc the quotation*: Tuh*wa«hed, cholic, 3-Sijtoc: do. average. 85437 et warned Buece, medium, 3ou3Zc: do, line, goo*aicj unwaahed Bcuce, medium, ki*33c; do. flue, lattice. LIVK STOCK, cuicsoo. Cuttle. Ifnut. Sheep. 3.UUO lii.unj 6,4bd 11. Mu sit ft,200 I2,bUJ I, Ilk) Htntpti- Monday Tuesday.... Weduusdsy. Totßl M.ovi H7.VTT a.i:w fUinc time la»t wuclt VM'fi i J I ‘ ,37 ‘! S.IH4 Wi-i-k betorc lull 4s,Ml •i.ioi •VAlpmtnU— MuiuUy , Tuutluy. 1.331 8,373 I.Ui* U,MI7 CATTLE—Tb«r« WM*»lrong I 0« fclvmcn la price# of i>cc( ctula, tail ihe market wu exceedingly dull U lUu reduction. tutUiu advice# were Ud, uad tliu ■upplyof »tock vm excewlve, t»th of which con tributed to Hie general dnllneK and ileprewlon. Only ■ ftinnlt percentage of the aopply waa worked off. ami the **iMitl ink " fi.r tin* retnOnlmt day* of the week la tiv no mean* Haltering to tlie lulling Inierort. Omul to choice nlilpplMK hoove*fold Al f4.3V.t1.U0, common to good bntchora' aloft at sß.n><M.tii, and anchor* at $3.p0(.t4,c»). Them were aoveral drove* of through Toxau*. the more notable of which wern atl head aold by Gregory. Cooley A Co. at *3.23, and IMI iMd Mi by It Htrahorn A Co. at The market «h»«d heavy, with a two day* aupply of atock left la the yr-'* CATTI.K BALM. . Av. I'rirt. .Vo. Ar. as kvci an J-J;'* j- * ui 1.4;h) 4,50 13 4.i>o 17 * i-ui 4.H7»4 48 1,300 4.«» SI. . IMI 4.H7tf 41 4.« l 40 -1414 4. HU 14 1.101 4.'« M:;;:::::::i4aS »» ».«•■« i-«? 13 1.333 4.73 VO J.«W *•'*'* 10 l.:«ri 4.73 18 4.. M ?: iW 4.™ ii»« 4.40 10 I.ino 4.70 13 MOO 4..1.W 15 1.183 4.70 Uc0W1...4. U 17 |,a;rj 4.70 HI COW*.... l.ooi 4.C0 HI 1,:in.l 4.70 JO 740 3.40 ih i,iß3 4.0.3 in «'.» n.a.i 17 1* 170 4.11dW 1.30 Texan*. H*3 .I.'AI 17 1.107 4.0.3 IVII Texans. Hoo 3.U.3 3M I. 100 4.OJUj w Texan*. oa> 3.W) 17 t.Mi»l Klraive*;. IV4 J.->o lIOOS—The Arm fecllnit developed Tuesday vw ft *ljii more marked feature of yeiterdnya market. the slight Improvement then eilahllsned belnjt supplemented by an advance of 100 per 100 ft*. The supply »« only* little larger tlmn for the day before, and came farshyrt of tbo number looked for. and buyer* took bold with inure allow of confidence tlmn baa rlianwtcrlic* their movement* of late. From the opening of trade tome cloie tbc market was active, at »S.KMfI.(W for common to choice IlKlil. and at «3,7Ui0.u0 heavy grade*. A few hnnehea of extra heavy were taken on Huston and Philadelphia account* H. io. Skipper* and Inferior heavy sold at s}.7.3<it3.«u. The market clnacd Onn. Amonjc luetdnya arrival* were 3.3 u head (seven car-l>>oda) uwniMl by T. M. hln clalr, la., for which |d.(X)per t«i M was obtained. This aale attracted some attention.from the fart that of the entire 350 head not a solitary lion voa “thrown out.” HOC) SALES. So. Av. Price. 52.. in.IK) .v,..5.00 40 ...Ui7 c.oo 32.. anu n.iKi 0;i....500 5.00 5U....273 5.00 20.. r,.tK) 113....200 6.1)0 01. ...214 6.00 an.. ..2H n0....20u r».o(i 00....184 S.X3 50.. 5.H3 07.. 6.85 57.. .IX3 6.85 irj ~.*248 6.H5 84.. 6.H3 50.. 272 6.85 ' 120.. ..217 5.X5 ; 58....24.8 5.85 40.. .101) 6.85 1 44. ...310 5.H5 Sr>. Ar. Price. 70.. .310 sll.lO 5:1....2<K1 o.l*l M7....1X8 O.U) 51)....2X1) 0.05 «:»....ixo 0.00 61.. OAK) 0.00 48.. .270 0.00 47 ....m 0.00 r»7....’J0u o.<K» 0:i....2U 0.«» 52....203 O.U) ti11....245 6.U5 M....5ti1l 5.H.1 HU....2J1 B.l« 5!)....5»W 5.111 si....sit B.on 54.. 5. ft.uti ns....sail a.oo, 67.. n.w^ M....53H S.WV MUCKI'-Tlicro wm a steady market for thU diui of Lock. Hlilpiicra ami local butchers were lu oucit of ilrto choice million alicop at iM.wvya.Us. Poor lo mmiion wcreuol wanted at f 1.0WM3.75. NEW YOltK. New Tonic, Juno 7. //Mws-llecclpU. 3.200 against 3.070 at the same time lust week; about 30car loads of fat all lien* were among the offerings; average quality good; price* fell oil H«Ho .from, the closing rates of Monday; market extremely doll; extra and fancy steers, HWaloHe: ordinary tostrlctlyprlmo. lu;; ucarlcad (at oxen. 1,375 tts. «Hc. with *l.ooper head added; cattle sold at lOHe, todress 07 ft* to the gross cwt. averaged i.jiho tts. and would make 03 tbs dressed beef to the cwt, live weight, no that 10c for actual dressed weight, with hide, rat, anil ortnl thrown in, I* the unuldo figure for extra steer* weighing moru than 1,550; such prices have not been recorded hero be fore since the fore part of the year IM3. .Sheep— Itceelpt*. 4,020, making 5,50) for two days, against 5,570 at the same time lout week; prices lowers sales slow. $«.2.V*5.75 for clipped; 50.tHM8.U3 for lntni>s;n few choice and extra Jersey lamba at |o.otu<* svnne—Hccclpta, 4,500, making 7.830 for two days, nlnst 0,530 at the same time last week; none offered r.Aiu i.iiibiii ~ East Ltnr.RTT, I’o., June 7.— Cattle— llceclpts to day. »>1 head, or o cars of through stork and « curs for thlsmarket; total fortwodays. 018 head; supply very light, but c<|iml to the demand, common to medium finding tho readiest sale, while the goodto extra were very null, and few soldi best ls.2rMri.fio; medium to good. $4.7303.33; common to fair. $4.0014.00; bulls,*{4.oo; stockcrs, 93.25m4.23. . . _ JM»— Uccvlpta to-day, 1,210 heads total for two days. 1,023; Yorkers, $3.00(10.005 Philadelphia* SO.IO W !&eri>—Kccolpfs to-day, 3,108 head; total for two days, 13,000 head; selling at $3.40ui,3.00. llriT*r.o. N. Y., Juno 7.-Ctifl/s-Ilccclpt«. 1,150; total for Alic week. 11,577. market dull and slow, price* a shade weaker; sales only 40 car* since last report; a number of good caitte unsold and many shipped knat. .Sheep inut Lambs— llecelpls. 3,H0»; total for the work, 7,000; market dull and depressed; trausaellons harly suOlcient to establish quotations. //ogs—Kucclpts, 3,200; total for the week, 8,100; market slow; supply equal to demand; Yorkers, Uct heavy, $o.ooao.l5; store plgsln smalllouat7c. IlAt.Tiuoßn. June I.—Cattle— Vho market has been firmer; prices He higher. Vurybesc. Gttde; first qual ity, 4tNVic; medium or good fair quality. 4lv:ilH>'-; or dinary thin steers, oxen and rows, 3i)p* 4 !(c; must sales, ita-iAnc. Itucelpts, 03 head; sales, two head. //ny*-Dull; prices are He lower; range 8ftl)c; re- prices shade higher; range 4Ctoc; re ceipts, 5,318. Lambs, $1,504(4.00. ■ t rt.ntl Sr. Louts, June 7.—//ogs—lllghcrs Yorkers, $5,000 S.fs); bacon and butchers’, $5.wm5.75. f.Milfs—Dull and lower; good to choice steers, $4.05 a,Vi); medium to falr.s4.UKi( pony stesn.s3.B7H ttHl.luH: cows, s3.G2H<*l.o>'; stoukurs, $.1.25f.*,».25; feeders, f4.23ti4.50; common to fair through Texans, $2.j0*3.00; good to Choice, S3.2Vt3.B7H CINCINNATI. OiKCisMATt, Juno T.—lhiQfi—VMr and flrmi common to iruud IIkM, fa.«{ fair to Rood heavy,;rccclpU, i l iu)ialil|>DiuuU. lao. liUMBKU. The offertnpi of cargoes were arnall, numbering about lOctirKoci). Tho lumber told quickly to tbe city and country dealers, and tbu market waa nearly clcarodby noon. Piece-stuff sold readily at S7.MWt.OO, the out* side for Manistee or I.udlngton, ami common Inch at SH.Ua*9.OO. Fair to choice Inch was quoted at 8 tO.OU* I.nth were dull at tl.lSMi.lM. ami shingles »u , ndynts3.uxit3.3s. Thu yard trodo continue* mod* prate at the annexed price*: _ „ Finlandsecond clear ....s3fl.nO(J3ft.OO Thlrdelear, I Inch Third clear, thick 33.00U33.00 Clearfloorlng, tint and second, rough 50.0ua33.n0 CU-uriMlng. ilnitand accund 17.00 Flntcommon aiding..... 3L*i*Vi? Flooring, drat common, dressed Flooring, second common, dressed M.Outaa.oo Itox hoards. A s».«)dssr7.«» llox hoards, It 33.000427.00 A stuck hoards. 10 anil U lu as.oi>iea3.uO It stock hoards aa.u*/t30.00 Cstock hoards 13.0Ut17.00 Common hoards and fencing in.ouisl3.oo Common lumber, in ft and under J In io,u»rtll.oo joists and scantling. 30 to 34 ft»13.00 * -• 1,304 I.Oj 3.404 3.73 A shingles BY TEIVEGUAPII. FOItEIGK. Bptctal Dispatch to 77<e Tribune, LiTKitrooi,. Juno 7—11:30 8. m. .-Flour— No. 1,34 s eat No. 2, 22*. Om(n— Wlikol—TVlntcr, No. 1, 0* lOd; No. 2, Used: •prl»K. Nu. 1, 04 od; No. 3, as OJ; white. No. 1, I'* 3d( No. 3, tOi; club. No. I, KM Cd; No. 3, lUs 3d. Corn—No. 1. 375; No. a, 30* Od. /Yorlslom-I'ork. km. Lard. 30s fid. Livbri*ool. Juno 11—3 p. m,— Lord—49s Od. Kelt unchanged. LiVKiirooL. Juno 7—Lstcst.—Coffon Steady; (VJO 3-lGd; sales 8,000 hales. Including 1,000 for speculation and export, and 3.700 American. Grain— California while wheat, average. lOsftlOtSd; do cluh. KM'JtluKMOd; red Western spring, Nu. 3 to No. I, Hscdftus ud; do winter, Us cdUOs lod. Corn— WsMtem mixed, 2«t udOS7*. Oats, 3su:u CJ. Barley, 3s od. I’eas—Canadian, od. flour— Western, canal, '.UsfelUd. CUitrr Sttit— .W jOiM. • jyorUfons—l'rlmo mess pork. Wa. Prime men beef, flUs Od. I.nrd, 40s Chi. Bacon-Long clear, 4Ni; short du, susfld. Chette— 32* Od. T'.i/fotc —-il* 3tl. tr.l 40 KM < J iVlro/eum-SplrlU, Ri; rvflned, 10* OdOlU. Afrueeil Oil—'iit. AVWn—Common. 4ifl<l(%4«0(l: pale, IC*. .Spirit* Turpentine—2.‘U od. Lonimjn. June 7.— Rijtntd Petroleum— lo*OdOlOlOd. Untfdl oil—£:id. Ae»ln-Conimon, 4* flilMS*. Spirit* Turpentine—2l% CKI. Aktwkiu', Juuo 7.-/Vfrof«mi-28i Bd. ruoDucii. NKW YOUK. Special DUpateh to The TMftuns. Nkw Took, Juun 7.— Grain— For •prlne wheattho market was somewhat irregular and unsettled; In win* tur wheat there vu scarcely any huitncii reported, and price* were nominally unchanged; aaleaof taM.OOO bu itfi.uo for No. Uwaukee;ll.U7ttl.OO (or ungraded spring; f 1.31X41.31 fur No. 3 Minnesota; tl.mtl.iu fur No. 2 Chicago; fl.aociil.aoK for No. a Milwaukee,(cloning with sellers at inside price); for ungraded Minnesota; fl.auui.3a (or No. 1. spring (including No. t Minne sota at for fur good to very choice hard); f1.3041.5DH (or No. I Milwaukee In store, afloat, and to arrlto soon; 11. Id for 2*,ott) hu No. Sand No. a spring mixed; 11,30 for poor white Western, and B,QUO bu extra white Canada in bond at f 1.40, to arrive in a few days. Ityo In good request forex port at full prices; sales of 8,3(0 Im Western to arrive soon alH7c; H.son bu prime Btato to arrive In a lew days si untie; and Id.iio bu Western bought in the West at equal luHtlu laid down here. Harley dull; nom inally umlmngcd. Outs lu'lc pur bu higher, with goud home trade and falrexporl demand; lucluded In tho sales to-day were some 2t),i«sMni, psrt fur France, at sic fur fair No. 3 Chicago, 44 for choice black sweet No. 3 Chicago in sloro and In spected last fall, and 430 fur No. u Milwaukee; It was reported that 2DU.UDO bu oats have been pur chased recently In tho West for export, and to bu shipped via Montreal. Pales to-day (or Immediate delivery ag gregate 110,000 bu at3.vi4tc for mixed, and 34utbo for whfio Wesloru and State; hie for rejected: 41U44c for No. 3 Chicago (the Utter price for very choice, sweet Inspected last fal)i;4:ie for No. 3 Mllw*ukeo;37(-t440 for mixed Western; 41U440 for mixed Mate; 41H<t»47c (or while Western. ttnd4l<MUe fur while btate. (h t'tn FyriffS/*—A fulling off In demands for berth room from grain trade and some slight weakness wo* noticeable, although the actual ducllne was small, drain charter tonnage also was In less favor, tod barely steady. (Engagements embraced, to Liverpool, by steam, 2l.i*x»bu grain ulir vuM; 3. ton laics cotton at ti-HUI; 3.o>a> bxa cheese at boa per too;andiuj tons * C ?V<n(»loiu-Mlddlei firmer at loHo for Western long clear; sales at the Weal of t'O boxes short clear, winter cured, »lbWe. Lard opened strong andadianeedUbe per Hit tts, out closed scarcely so firm; moderate de mand from refiners ami exporters; sale* of mm tierces prime steam on sinA at f I 1.10; also S.2i»i Uenvs for July ut flb.uvisll. 13. closing at Sugar In (air demand aud Urm at 7H'fc7Ue (or fair to good roflu- Jug, gc (or prime, aud uKcsttc fur ceutrlfagal; sales of l.toaiiihds. ■ Tnllmc— .Shade firmer. IRiitv-l.uwiTt svlesof fiOhrli atfl. U) per gallon. To tho WteUrn Awichiteit Pren. Khw You*. June 7.--c - u(lyn—tgutcl; 12*13 3-lOot fnluretwesk; June, It 11-tfio t Jnlr. HHcj August, iiH«*t Sonwmher, it tmirte.; October. it -iidUot No vember. ll in-ajc; December. II lu-twc; Jsnutry, II a-vajpt February, ii ia-iiv\li a7*:r.'cs March. II ai*B3'dt3Ct April, iJwaiasi-JOo; May. 1241-4 13-I*ll*o. /V«mp—necelrls, 13.000 l)tln moderate demands Na.3,»n.orxrt3.r>O! sunerfiufl NttU and Western, |l.«w 4.40; common to guod extra, $ i.»V-e3.2*)5 jtn*»d to choice. 9A,3!MR.<n: while wheat extra. f3.7*wt7.73; extra Ohio, *3.o.Vi*7.(Wi W. Louis, f.i.lO'tn.oot Min* process, f0.3030.wi. Itye flour steady; 4 6ipn*i/?fif-Unchanged. . , OffHn—Wheal—ltocrlpts.lWT.noohuningrancd spring. ft.U7dJI.2Hs No, i spring, «l.3ofcvl.n:i| No. 3Kprlnir nn<l No. spring, mixed, st. ifl;No. 2 Milwaukee. <l.2i>4{ Nit. Olio. f1.11k1M1.135 No. 3 Minnesotaspring, <1,20 No. 3 Chicago spring, <1.17*1.H; white Wesicm, poor, ft.uo; ungraded Minnesota, fl.Ji Ilyc—very flrmj State, to arrive, nu4o; Western, to arrive, h7c. Harley—Dull anil ms* unchanged; mall quiet Imt steady, 2*rowed State, fl.Ou. Corn—ln fair demand; receipt*, 4>i,0()0 hut Western mlxeil, damaged anil bostnd, 3ih)320; mixed no grade, Rl«33kci do atenmer, .w«37«t do (traded, arKiCuMc; now western mixed, ungraded, AViOtw. onta-in demands Wcatcrn mlxcu am) Stale, suift Vies white do, aw-tinc. y/up—Heavy and unchanged. //*»;>»—(julel and unchanged. (/rncerfe*—Coffee quiet and unchanged. Sugar quiet huliteadys fair to good refining, 7jfr47Met prime, nn; refined firmer at l>?p»10Hc: Muscovado, 7Kfct7 IMOe.; centrlfiignl. H'-'oh 11* toe. Molaaaca quiet and unuhsiiß* cd. tllcu quiet hut steady. /Vfro/«Mw»—Market dull! crude, sjfc; refined, 144 o; COSO*. IH'iglC. Slratnm /P*.rto— Unchanged. .Spirits Turpentine— Heavy 813043900. Aoo*— Steady; Western. lOMISc. . , te'iihrr— Firm; hemlocksolo, Buenoi Ayres, andltlo nrnmle light middles and heavy weight*, 20fcj2J4c; California and common do, 2U422C. Il'nof—Heavy and quiet; domeitle fleece, lUvaoßc; pulled, 3Tx.<4oe; unwaahed, Kiwi'.iu Texas. 13(337c. /VorlxlrtiM— Pork firmer; closing hoovy; new mess, Jsii>.uv.(iii.i3; July.; August, slo.UftlU.:i3. leef—Market dull; plain mess. liv»ltc; extra do, 13<4 Uiet long clear middles. Western, lOlfc; do city, Kiw. l.nrd firmer; closed heavy; prime sleam, SM.OOtill.lU; July, 110.03V61t.13i August, <11.134U !).:»>. jlulter— Heavy; Western new, 11M33C. Vhtm— Heavy and unsettled; 4UIIC. UTHtVg— Hull and lower: <l.lO. J/rMfj«—Manufactured copper quiet; new sheathing, ate, Ingot Ukn dull and heavy at 304<t. Pig-iron quid and unchanged. Iron. ItiiMlu sheeting, l3u In gold. Halls steadyi cut,; clinch, (1.00*43.35; horse shoe, No. H, 30*3110. Art. At. Pticr. 111.. f 27.. ..3*17 f>.»3 4H....31H fi.H.', (SI.. ..240 8.H3 31.. 0.80 3U....3«K1 3, HO 31.. O.MI 37.. 230 C.WI 311 6.H*> U5....3n;t 6.8*1 31.. .3XO 6.H*l M.... 311 6.H0 3:i....3uH 0. Ml 30.. O.HO 30.. ..274 6.7.1 C0....370 6.73 40.. ..316 0.73 4H....3M5 6.00 40.. 6.30 38.. 100 5.*X) 3U....U11 4.73 33.. 6.33 Pmr.sPtt.rntA, Juno 7.— Seeds— Flax, <1.45; tlmo* thy. <2.03(22.73. Htitnea Petroleum— t4Kcs crude, 10>(c. flour— yulei! extras. <4.2.v;t3.00i Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family, <3.3.ifc6ii.!«74: Mate. Ohio, and Indiana. <0.2V«ci.735 high grade*, <7.00<ita.33. Grain— Wheat—Pennsylvania red, <1.40>.«1.43; West* mi do, iKlc**sl.:io. as to quality; tmlier. 51.43 s white, <l.3*)U |.48. Corn, In goml demand; yellow, 68o; sail, 6H i&h4u; mixed. 63'a.37c; damaged, 2V*46u. Oat*, white, 40®45c; mixed amt stained, ;(3<i63tic. l t rnrlirlons— Mess pork. $30.30. Lard, $11.00^11,73. tt’Mtlry— Western, <1.12. Jltrelut*— Wheat, O.lsxi hus corn, 50,000 bu. tthlninenli— Corn, 113,1X0 bu. Uulter— Market dull. New Vork State and Tlradfonl County. Pa., extras. 23**210; firsts, 30a33e; Western extras, IR'42oc; firsts, I0fc»l7c; Western rolls, extras, lH<*t3<)tit firsts, IG«ti7c. 0/iee.te— New York Mate fancy, new, 1049114 c; Western, tine, 10uM04u. A’ggs—Western fresh, isanoi ronnsylvsiUo, Now York,and Delaware, fresh, lUMlfc. At. Lons. June 7.— Cotton— Quiet and unchanged. J'lour— Dull and drooping: only perfectly sound lots wanted at nny price: Riiiwritno fall, 52.73ut3.73: extra fall, 5j.73; double extra fall, treble extra fall. $1.73«t3,33. Grains Wheat dull and lower; No. 3 red winter, St.SocusU; 71.-Wi1.24 July; St.lSAugust; No. ado, Sl.iu. Corn moderately active and iilirlier; No. 3 mixed. 4H(»43‘4ccash; 4:iMe.lune: 43>4c August. Oats timer; So. 3,3314 c cash; 32c Juno; uoojuly. Ityo Unner; Otc. Harley—No market. WhUku-^ tiulct and unchanged. /V'»r(»(on*—Fork quiet and unchanged: Jobbing, f IU. 2S <10.30. Hulk meats—buyers and sellers span; no truiisactluDi. Ilscou higher; shoulders, 7>fioiT?4o; clcsrrlb, H»C<'«lolics clear. lui(c. Lard dull analuwvr; small lout, currcut mnke, 7».r>o. lULTiMont, Juno 7.—fYour—Firm, active, and an* changed. drain— Wheat quiet and steady: Western red, SI. 13ft 1.27: Pennsylvania red, 71.53. Corn—Western mixed firmer; ssj4c. Oats dull; Western white, 37<*08c; mixed, tW'JOc. Dye firm and quiet; 73<t8i)c. , Huy— Dull; Maryland and Pennsylvania, 710.002 J'rnritiom— Quiet and unchanged. Butter— Quiet nod unchanged. Petroleum— Nominal; crude, 85£?ni4c: refined, 14c. fitfftf— (julet; Klo, cargoes, HJfwtTJtei Jobbing, 1&'1"V|»)*C. UViOAriz-nulliSl.m,'. Jlfcflfjtn— Wheat, l2..v*obus corn, 133,000 bu. Shipme nte— Cum, trj.oix) bu. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, June?.—CWfon-tjulct; UKo. fYorir-Diil) and unchanged. Grain— Wheal steady: fair demand: D3CCI7I.SO. Corn qulcllmt firm; 43c. OaUdull; 38wh4c. Dycdullnnd unchanged. mrtsi'ms—Porkstcody and firm: 718.60. Lard quiet; steam, *10.73c bid: 710.80 uked; kettle. 712.&1X2 lo.O<). Hulk meats In good dcmuudt a shade higher; shoulders, otyaUKc; clear rib. OH'ito’-Jc cash, closing with the latter bid; sates at die, July, closing at sti.TO Md; clear, oHf.cuoHe. lUcon steady! fair demand; ojjc: mile; UAfe. VAfU-g—tJulet but steady t 71.07. Mutter— Dull and unchanged. TOLEDO. Toledo, .Tune 7.—flour—Steady. Cfrul/i—wheat strong; So. 3 white Wabash 71.33*4; No. ado, *1.22; No. 1 white Michigan. *1.2014: Nit, 3 do. 71.18; extra white Michigan, 71.33*4; umber Michigan, spot. June. 71.31: July. *1.31*4: No. 3 amber Michlgun. 71.0714 ; N 0.3 red whiter, $1.231(; No. 3 red. Sl.ouhi; rejected red, B<i!4c. Com strong; high mixed, spot mid June, Sic; low mixed. 41>34c; no Bade. 4714 c. Oats steady; No. 3. 32Het white, J7Hc. Ichlgan, 33r. Uerfiult— Flour, none; wheat, 37,000 im; com, 20, w0 bu; oats. I l.uoobu. Shiftmen!*— Flour, l.nuo hrls; wheat. 52,000 bu; corn, 30.000 bu; oats, 3.000 bu. Milwaukee, June 7. Flour— oiilct ami unchanged. fMrfn—Wheat opened easier; lower; rluiedllrm; No. I Milwaukee, »M3Ms herd, 81.21)4' No. 2 Mil waaknc, fi.inß; duly, August, $1.07; No. 3, one. Com nominally steady; No. a, 43)nc. Gats higher; ii llgbldoniund; No. 2, !Kxi3uHc. Hyo acarce; No. 1, 7240. Hsriuy quiet; entirely nominal; No. 2. (Lies No. ’/Vsl'g/ifs—Weak; a shape castor; wheat to Buffalo, 2H to Oswego nominal. BHc. /{rcrfult—lf lour, Bunhrls; wheat. 173,000 bu. Shlpmtnts—Flour, B,om brU: wheat 152.0001 m. BOSTON. Boston. Juno 7. demand; price unchanged. ffnifn—Corn quiet; new mixed and yellow western no tice, Oats—>’n. 2 white and mixed, 42tv47c; ru jected, 30C&44C; No. I white, Wit Mo. Buffalo, June 7.—<7nfln*-Whcat quiet and firm; .sales 13.500 bu at 81.14 for No. 2 Milwaukee. Corn dull: sales 10,000 bu at 41K4930 fur Western, according to quality. Oats nominal at 370. Bye dull atßsefur choice. , New Orleans, Juno 7.— Cotton quiet and tin changed; sales of 533 bales; receipts, net, POO; grots, 1,072; exports coastwise, 1.60 H; stock, 10t,538. Oalvkstov, June 7.—Cotton unuhanged; middlings, I |?(c; net receipts, no holes; exports to Ureat Britain, 3.007 bales; sales, 110. Savannah, June 7.—Cotton dull; middlings, lie; net receipts, mo boles; exports coastwise, 350; sales, 1,100. Moiule, Juno?.—Cotton quiet; middlings, llci not receipts, 02 bales; exports to Great Britain, 4.235; coastwise, 75; sales, 500. Charleston. Juno 7.—Cotton quiet; middlings, net receipts, 70 bales; exports coastwise, 4U3| sales, 100. 1 New Turk, Judo 7.—The package trade in cotton goods was quiet, but a fair Jobbing trade was progress ing. Blenched shirtings were In fair request and stesdy. While-ground fancy prints and printed shirt ing* were doing fairly. Uingßams wore quiet. Heavy woolens for men's wear were mure freely taken by clothier*. Drew goods and shawls were quiet. Cleveland, June 7.—Petroleum quiet and 11: changed: standard white, 110 tost, 81.11)4; prlti white, 150 test, \2'4a for car lots. I’iTTsnuno, Pa., Juno 7.—Petroleum crude qulu 83.52 H at Parker's; refined firm; UMuUhio Pblladi phla delivery. ■WOOL. Boston, June 7.— W00l unchanged; almost exclu sively for California; supply of pulled »••—' targe and edmaud moderate. Anmvjits—Stmr Corona, St. Joe, sundries; utmr Chicago, Manitowoc, aundrlce; atntr Alpena, Muskegon, aundrloa; prop Bnssla, Buffalo, sun dries; prop C. Blctz, Manistee, lumber; prop Waverly, Buffalo, nundrlea; prop Messenger, Ben* ton Harbor, sundries; prop Annie Laurie, (ireca Hay, pig Iron; prop George Hunbar. Muskegon, lumber; prop Vanderbilt, Buffalo, aundriea; prop Cuyahoga, Marquette, aundriea; prop Clematis, Peshtlgo, towing; bark Parana, Sheboygan, lum* her; echr Two Funnies, Marquette, pig iron; schr Mary. Muskegon, lumber; echr it. 11. Becker, Horn's Pier, ties; achr Ella EUenwood, White Lake,lumber; schr John Markle, Manistee, lumber; schr T. An* (ierson, Green Bay, lumber: schr Milwaukee Belle, Menominee, lumber; acbr Flsbor. Frankfort, lum* bur; schr Bertlia Barnes, Eacanaba, lumber; schr Free Democrat, Cluybanks. wood; achr Cornelia, Menominee, lumber; schr Coral, Duck Lake, lum* bur; acbrU. Ellen. Black Lake, wood; schr John Schuettc, Cedar Jtlver, cedar posts; achr Emma L. Coyne, Northporl, cedar posts; achr Mlnnio Mueller, Muskegon, lumber; echr C. J. Boeder, Manistee, lumber; schr J. V. Junes, Muskegon, lumber; schr Pilgrim. Menominee, lumber; schr It. J. hkldmore, Muskegon, lumber; schr Ivor Lawson, Muskegon, lumber; echr Kilty Grant, Hauguluck, lumber; schr V. Crawford. Muskegon, lumber; schr b. Bates, Silver Lake, lumber: schr Man* lenec, Peshtlgo, lumber; schr Alert, I’eihtlgu, lumber; schr Kale Lvons. Muskegon, lumber; schr A. J. Mowry, Lincoln, lumbur; sebr Grace Mur ray, Traverse Bay, wood: achr It. U. Campbell, Manistee, lumber; schr Kibe, Ludwig's Plor.plles; echr Christiana. Kenosha, gravel; schr Japan, Ludlngton, lumber; acbr Arendal, Manistee, lum ber; schr Clipper City, While Lake, lumber; schr (I. M. Case, Buffalo, coal; acbr Willie LoutH, Ludlngton, lumber; achr 11. L. beaver, Muskegon, lumber; scow Mermaid, Muskegon, lumber. CLiansNt'Kß—Stmr Chicago, Manitowoc, HO bundles green hides, 14 bales broom corn, and sundries; prop Messenger. Benton Harbor, sun dries; schr Montcalm. Kingston, 1H buenrn; sebr 11. Baldwin, Buffalo, JKi.OOU bu corn; achr Barbarian, Traverse Bay, 4 brls pork and sundries; achr Lumberman, Black Creek, tinbugs feed; sebr K. Allen, Menominee, sundries; schr Pesbllgo. Peshtlgo, 10 brls pork, fi brls beef, and sundries; sett Hattie Wells, Oswego, U brls flour; achrGolden Fleece, Buffalo, bu corn; prop China, Erie. BO.OOObu corn, 700 brU flour: ■ebr William Hinlth, bouth Haven, 4 brls pork and sundries; schr E. A. Mayes, Port Huron, gH,OOO bu corn; prop Maine. OidtnHmrg, :p>» bdlea hides and sundries: prop G. P. Heath, baugatuck, sun dries; stmr Alpena, Mushcgm, sundries; prop C. Campbell, Lndington. 100 bags bran; achr Win* nle wine, I’eutwUcr, 2 hrla pork; echr (Irangor, Packard s Pier, 10 brls pork, and anndrlea; scht Dayton Hello Kingston. 10,03;) hit corns prop 0. Ilicla. Manistee. anndrlea; arlir Zach ('haiulior, UuQiuo, 411,000 Im corn: achr Hal Ho Wells, Kings* ton, 10.000 bn corn; achr Mont Ulanc, KlojfsUiiv 20, 742 bu corn. _ CntrAdo—Freights were more active,' opet)!B( qnlct and firm, with higher rates naked, and sabio* qnonlly several vcatola were taken chiefly «f through rate. Kingston was firmer at 640 foi corn. Huffalo ratca on corn were quoted at rortColhorno being 2?ic. The following engage* menu wore reported: To Huffalo—Prop Waverly. corn, imla, and rvo; prop Vanderbilt, com and bnrlcy; prop Oncliln, achra Niagara and Corning, nil wheat through. To Port Colborno—Schr W. 11. Rounds, cornnt2Jifc. To Sarnia—Prop Prldg* eon and barge Mayes, corn through. To Kingston —Schr Winona, oats at 4}*c. In the afternoon ths aChra Yankee illailc and C. A. King, fur com (o Kingston at flUc. Total capacity of thu day wai about 130,000 tin wheat, 180,000 bu corn, 41,000 bu oats, 15,000 bu barley, and 10,000 bu rye. EI.fIEWHEIIB. IturrALO, June 5. Dull and nnehanged. A Blight falling off In thp demand for coal prevailed, while many vessels were awaiting cargoes. Ths charters reported were aa follows: Dark Red, White and blue, and achra Angus Smith, Jenny Matthews, and another, coal Sandusky to Mllwau* kce. GOcpcrlon; schr 11. C. Winslow, coal Ash* tabula to Racine, 50c per ton, and Iron ore from Bscnnahs hack to Ashtabula at OUc per ton; achn William (lrandy and Iloilo Hanscom, coal hcn9ota Chicago, 50c per ton. Milwaukbk. June o.—No Improvement to noU In the chartering business. The heat offer from shippers did not exceed 24c on wheat tollnffalc for largo vessels. The schr Itasca was chartered to fake 24,000 bn of wheat to linffaloon through rate; He was the figure named, but that was evidently 4c above the current rate. The prop Lowell Ukes 5,000 bu of wheat as a portion of her cargo, on through rate to Ugdensbtirg. Delimit, June 5. Oram freights are nnusnally dull and heavy, and prices are nominal at-lHcto Oswego, 24c to UulTalo, and 14c tq Cleveland, free of elevation, and no charters reported. C. W. Norton reports the schooner New Hampshire, dry pine plank, Hast Tawas to Toledo, at $1.25 per m on rail. Ciiioaoo—Tho steamer Oconto of Goodrich's Llni has not been placed on the Denton Harbor route m staled yesterday. Tills steamer continues to run an the Green Hay route. The Trucedalo is tbo only Goodrich atenmer running to Denton liar* bar and St. Joseph, nod makes dally trips. The Oconto leaves for Green Day every Tuesday Instead of every Friday, ns hereto* rurc....lnformation was received hero yesterday by Mr. John Anderson that the schr Libido Nau has struck the Sailor Itoef, near Green llnv, and Is full of water. She is lumber-laden, and bound for this port. Thu tmr Kitty Smoke, of Manila* woe. and steam pumps have been sent to her as* Blnlanco....Thc schr Two Funnies has been rebuilt miring tho last winter at Milwaukee, and ovei SIt.OUO been expended upon her. She arrived here yesterday for tho Amt time since her recon* rtractlon.. She looks as good an n0w.... The tu| Van Hclmlck, of the Vessel-Owners’ Towing Com* pnny'a Line, Imn gone Into one of the doeki of the Chicago Dry-Dock Company to havi n leak stopped and receive un overliani* Inp. The tug William M. Kwlnp Is receiving some minor repairs near Lake street bridge.... While Mr. Harmon and several other prominent vessel-owners were shaking dice for tho drinks at Oilman’s Cobweb-Hull, at Wells street bridge, yes terday afternoon, they were surprised to sea a largo white cow entering the place, and walking op to the counter take a look at tho game os If she her a drink.... Tho schr John Kildcrliousc waa li beled by various parties yesterday, and was towed to Contra) Blip, where she will remain until various disputes about her ownership are settled. It ap pears that there are three parties in the city who hold large mortgages on her, mid, besides, there ure other parties to whom she Is indebted.... Milwaukee—Tiic arrivals fur May at this port numbers BD4; tannage, 1105,411; and men, 0, HUM. Clearances, 047: tonnage, 000,515; and men. It. 1100. There were eight foreign arrivals, with a tonnage of U, (MW and IJ2 men. Seven foreign ves sola cleared; tonnage. 2,4118; men, Oil. The clear ances of American vessels for foreign ports were 5; tonuage, 080: men, til....The sebr Adorns, wlillo being towed from tiio river Wednesday after noon, camo in contact with a scow and had a hole stovo in her bow. Bho Is receiving repairs at Wolf A Davidson’s.... Tho now tug McGoouoe, which 1s COTTON, BUY GOODS. PETROLEUM. MAUINK. CHICAGO. TiATCE PIIEIOIITS. IiAKE MICIITOAN. ted to take a part in it. Thu vessel-men, how ■, did not care to shake with Urlmllc, and re her out of tho saloon without even offering being constructed at Wolf & Davidson’s yard, will have her trial trip the first of next week. TjAKE KKII2. CRIB. Special DltpiUch to The Tribune. Entc, Pa., Juno 7. Dei’aiitukes—For Chicago, eclir Flint. Items—Schr J. C. Harrison chartered for coal to at 50 cents. Tho tug Tllllnghast was burned while out In the lako R miles towing a vessel. The lire started for* ward of the online, and the boat being dry was, like a flash, all on flro. The Captain and llrcman jumped overboard and were picked up by a yaw) from tlio schooner. Thu engineer stuck to the bout nml was taken off by a boat. Tbe tugThomp eon, which was towing out a vtanel. cut loose mid went to her assistance, and, with .other tugs, quenched the flames and towed hor In. The bout Ii all burned out, and Is no good. Losaaboutßs,Uoo. Insured for SO,OOO. TOUT HURON. Bptcial JJispat cA to The Tribune. Pout llunoN, Mich., June 7. Down—Propt Arctic, Keowenaw, Caldwell and consort, YosemlU and barges ;schra Oriental, Mocking Bird, Chcstei 11. Jones, Alary Copley, Mineral Stale, William Shape. Mary, Hattie, Moonlight, Magellan, (Juln« by, Wayne, 11. J. Wells, Kale L. Bruce, Luke For* est, Hammond, Christine Nilsson. ui*— Props St. Joseph. Lawrence, Java, May* flower and consort, Tumor and barges; schn Bugle Wing, danger, Canton, Jane Bnlston, Annie M. Foster, Louisa. Thomas P. Sheldon, J. N. Foster, Alice Illchards. P. S. Marsh, Ontario. Weather—Fine; no wind. THE CANAL, BmnoEronr, Juno 7. Auiiivsd—' Neptnno, La- Balk, 5,700 bu corn; North Star, Marseilles, 0,000 bu com; Hollo France, Borneo, C,OOO bu com; prop Montnuk, Lockport, 550 hrls flour, 318 brll menl; Maple I-caf, Romeo, 5,000 bu corn. CLEAmm— Gold Hunter, Peru, 20,070 ft lum ber. 100 m shingles; Andrew Jackson. Peru, H 2.070 ft lumber, 100 m shingles; Shamrock, Lacon, 83,251 ft of lumber. 17,700 lath; T. Ity- Imrn, Marseilles. 31,11)5 ft lumber; Cayuga, Lock* port, 76,023 ft lumber. MISCELLANEOUS, BmFTiNOS— Thu Canadian prop Montreal was aground near Duluth last Friday night.... The tug A. E. Hetty was destroyed by flro ot Muskegon Tuesday morning. Shu will bo Is re ported Hint the United States stmr Michigan will be laid up nt Erie. Her officers have gone to Wash* Ington, andtho crow been discharged.... Iron or« shipments from Marquette and L’Anse, for May, were d 11,055 tons, ami the pig Iron shipment! 0 110 tons.... The lake survey stmr Ada has bccu ordered into service. Lieut. Bailey commanding. The three shorn parlies connected with her work will h« kd by Assistant Engineers Lumsmi. Moyers, and Tower. Their lino of operations will bo the south shore of Luke Erie, from Erie west.... Alvx Robinson. n seaman on the schi Magellan, met with a serious accident at Port Rob inson one day lust week. He waa engaged la placing a line over a anubblng-poat, when one ot his feet became entangled In the rope, and before he could extricate It he was hurled violently to the ground, dislocating a knee-cap, and breaking one leu above tho ankle, besides suffering serious in* Jury about the bead and body.... The schr Benson, from Toledo, which has been on tlm ocean two years, has been heard from at Montevideo. April It. The Benson arrived from Santa Fee, and wftl bound to Cork for orders. This vessel has been exceedingly fortunate on tho ocean, not Ua/JM uut with disaster even to the loss of a line. UAItqUETTB. Special Dltpatch to The Tribune. Manqttßrrß, Mich., Juno 7.—Arrived, thoachN Sweetheart and Empire Btuto. Cleared, the propt Havana, J. b. Fay, and Sparta; Iho schrs C. H. Walker, Sumatra. Empire State, John O'Neill, ant D. P. Hliodcs. Weather cloudy. PUOPUKIHONAL. RUPTURE Dr. J. A.fIIIKUMAH respectfully notifies thoaffllcte# to beware of traveling Impostors who are going about the country selling Imllatlun appliances and polsouma mixture us curative compound, fraudulently ort-tend inn to underhand hU business. and thus rudaugernu the lives and causing Irreparable Injury to the unfortu nate. He has no agents, nor ha* he ever Instructed an) one Ih Ills Iniilnesi. Hr. Sherman will U* In Chicagoan* Milwaukee during lids month, where those may consult him in person, and reap the benefit of uu experh'iieu and remedies. Principal ollli-e, 1 Aiiii-«m New York, pouks. with of cases before tuH alter cute, mailed on receipt of tocents. Piles and Fistula Of thu worst form cured wlthoutpaln by Drs. IVE 9 AUVON, ut i:»7 East Madlsou-st., Boom 4. Cut t-ugo, who mako a apeclalty of diseases of tw lower bowels. A radical core guaranteed, cou sullution free. - t'INANCI Al«* SIOO sl-700 during the past few months, under our Improved system of operating lu blocks. Illsks reduced *o nomjusl sums and profits Increased. Bookcoutam* lug Tull information sent on application. TUMBKIHUEACO.. . Bankers and Broker#, 'JWill-il., Now York*

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