Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 22, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 22, 1864 Page 3
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Chicago Cribmtc. ■ MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 1804. PEACE PROSPECTS SOUTH. Interesting Narrative of the Mis sion of Messrs. Jaqness and Gilmore to Richmond. Interview and Conversation with Jefferson Davis. The following rarrail re is from an article in the September number ot the At'a itx Jlflf.'/Jp, entitled “ OnrVJs-tto Richmond,” by J. R. Gilmore. Mr. Gilmore accompa nied Col. Ji>que:p, nud glvis a detailed ac count of their Jourmy, treatment, and what they sew and bctud: now vr v.o’T to bichmokd. We went there in cu ambulance, and wo j •went together—the Cbloncl and I, That we ■ got in was owing, perhaps, !o roe; tint wc ■ got out w«fi du» altogether to him; and a i ujuu iu ore cool, more 'brave, more adf-rcli- , auiat-d more teir-'dc votid than “western i>arh*jn” It waa never my formic * to encounter. At J* o'clock on ihc afternoon of duly IG, ’ mounted on two raw-boned relics of oheri- ; can's great raid, and armed with a letter to ; Jeff. Davit-,awhile cambric handkerchief tied ' to (. rhort dick, atd on br-ccst face—this last j wo? the Colonel's—wc rode np to the rebel ; lines A ragged, yellow-facea boy, with a j carbine in one bend, ana another white ; bunoUcrcbicJ tied to another short ttick in ■ the oUkt, came out to meet ns. “Can yen tel! ns, my men; where to find t Judge Ould, tbc Exchange Commissioner?” , “Yai. Blm and t’other ’Change officers j Is over ter the plantation beyont, ilisa .Gro- • vet’s. Ye’ll know it by its hevin' nary door ! nut winder, {the mansion be meant.] Thcy’s ( ell busted in. Foller the bridle path through j the timber, and keep year ra e a flySn% lar ; our boys are thicker *n hnckelhcrries In them ; woods, and they monghtpop ye ifthey didn’t I seed it.” j Thanking him, we turned onr horses into tbc “limber/* and, galloping npldly on, . aeon came in sight of the deserted pliata tion. Lolling on the grass, In the shade oi ; tbc wlndowlese maoeion, wc found the Con* 1 led crate officials. They rose as we ap- * proacbed, and one of ns said to the Judge— ; a courtcon?, middle-aged gcutlf-mao, in a Panama bat and a suit ol spotless white . drillings “We arc late, hnl it’s your fault Your people lired ut ns down the river, end we had , to turn back und come overland.” “ You don’t suppose they siw your flag ?” . “ Iso. It was Bidden by the trees; but a : shot came uncomfortably near us. It struck I the water, and ricochettcdnot threeyards offi : A litUc nearer, and it would bare shortened , roe by a bead, and the colonel by two feet.” ! “That would have been a sad thing for j you; but a miss yon know, is as good as a J mile,” said the Judge, evidently enjoying 1 the “joke.” j “We bear Grant was In the boat lhatfol- ; lowed jours, and was struck while at dinner,” 1 remarked Copt. Hatch, the Judge’s Adjutant —a gentleman, and snout the best looking man In the Confederacy. “Indeed! Do you oelievc it?” “1 don’t know, ot course;” and his looks naked for an answer. We gave none, for all each information Is contraband. Wc might Lave told blm tna. Gi -m, Butler and Foster examin'd ibclt vom<lou from Mrs. Grover’s bouse—about lour rtuidrad jsrds distant— two hours after die reb*-l cannon-ball danced I n breakdown ca the Lieutenant General’s dtunertable. TEE HEBEL omCECS We were then introduced to th* other offi cials—Major Hcnniken of the War Depart- j meat, a young man (orfti**rly of New York, but now ssoir-lmr th*' imputation of being a Yankee,and Mr. Charles Javius, of the pro vost-guard cf Richmond. This tatter indi vidual was onr shadow in Dixie. He was of medium height, stonily bu 11, with a short, thick neck, it no arms arid shoulders dttnollng great strength. He loosed & jailor, and a-uch such a character as a timid n»M» would not care to oucjunter, except at lorgrrnge of a rifle warranted to fire twenty cbots o minute, w«*o hit every time. To give us a moonlight vl w of the Rich rooud tonifications, tils Judge proposed to siu»t alter sundown; «mdasit wmtrd some hours of tbst tin.e seated <*nrsfclvcs cn the ground, and entered in*o conversation - The treatm* nt o» «-nr prisoners, *lst>ts of black troops »no non-cumbaunts, and oil the questions which Live led to the suspension of exchanges »*&«? r-e**n £OOd*atnredly dis cussed, •* ben the Ctptaiv*, looking np from one of Urn Northern papers wc hai brought him. sale: “Do yon know, it modifies mo that you ' i/U j\IU AIIU»f IV UIVI'IUSB IUU Uni. jui* ! don't hale ns as \v« Pate you? Ton kill us us Agassiz kill* a 11?—b-cau*e you love us.” “Of course w»* no. The North i? being crucified tor lore of the South ” “If\ on lore us bo. why don’t you let us go?” asked the Juoce, raihorcurtly. ♦‘For that very reas* u—because we lore tou. Xfwc let. jou go, with slavery and jour notions of ecunir., you’d mu straight to barbarism fit d ibe deviL” “ \v c *d take the risk of teat. But let me till jou, if you an-going to Mr. Dirts with <mr such ideas. y f -u might us well turn back at once. He CDtTn.skf pe c: on no other ba sis than Irdepei'di-nee. Recognition must be the btclunlLf, middle and ending oi all j negotiations. Our people t.ili accept puace ou no other term*.” “ I think you are wrong tier?,” said the Colonel. “When I wns onr-, a ye’tcgo, I net man; oi your tracing men, acd they all assured me lh--y * anted peace and reunion, » even hi the sacrifice ol Slavery. Within a week, e n an'.on venerate at d lore has met j me at Baltimore, «ir.d uesonght me to conic here and ofiVr Jtr Divis peace on such con ditions.” “That may tie. Some of oar old men, •who are weak In tbe knees, w.y wont peace on any terms; bn l the Southern people will not bare It independence. Mr. Daria knows them, and you will find he will iislst upon that. Coce*de that, and we'il not quarrel about micor matters.’* “ We’ll not quarrel at nil. But it’s sun down, and lime we were *on to Rich mond.’” “That's tbo Tribvnr cr.r,*’ said the Cap tain. risirg; “ add I l»arr*h for the JW6«w, lor it’s honest, and -I *ai't try sapp r.” We all langbrft, and the Judge ordered the hortes. As we were about to start, I said to Lim: u roa’re forgotten our parole.** “Ob, u ever mind th»t. We’ll attend lothat at Richmond.” Supping into his carriage. and unfurling the flag of mre, be then.led the way by a “short cut” across ihe corn field which dl- Tided Ihcmattbm trma the high road. We tollowcd In i n ao butaccc dra *n by a pair of mules, our shadow—Mr- J vine—sitting be tween us and the twilight, and Jack, a “Ukelydarky.” aI«-o-tt«5e sole survivor of Us matters twelve hundred slaves. (“De xcss all stole, Musjja—stole bjyou Yankeee,”) | occupying the iroti seat, and with a stout whip, “ workim? our passage to Richmond.” ik uicmtoKD. * * * M ten o'clock that night we planted our flag (against a lamp past) In the •vtry heart of Ui»- m-euJe city, "as wc alight ed nt.the doorway ofth” £notswood Hotel, the Judge said to tJie c doncl: •‘Button your on s'de co-.t up closely. Your uniform most not be seen here.” The colonel did as he was biddenraed without stopping io regl-ter our nimTa at tbc office, .vc followed i' i e ja:*ge and lbs c&ptsm up to No GO. It wj.g a large square ‘ room in the fontta story, with an nuswept. ragged carpet, and oor- white walls,smeared wllh soot and tobaceu juice. Several chairs, u marble-lop tabl», and a pice wushstind and clothcsprcs* t-ir-ggk-d about the floor, and in tbc corners were three beds, garnish* «d with leiyerM plilo--cases, and. covered with white couatrrpa c^ t grown gray with lexjgirg tor soipeucs at>d a woshmb. The rdafoer end hcu»t»i*-r of *h£s* beds was de signed for the i»nrl Mr. JarJns; the others had been made beady for the extraordinary envoys (not envoy* extraordinary) who. In defiance of all pftce and the *‘law c;f nation*,” bat* J«st tber. *• tn l ;en Richmond.” A single gas jet was burning over the man telpiece. and above ft I s*w a “writing on j the wall,” watch ItLtilled that Jaoc Jack eon had run up a washing score ot illty dol lars 1 I was conpr:tnlaMnn myself on not having to pay that woman’* laundry bills when the judge, said: •‘Tou want supper. Wimt shall we order?” “A allot of bot corn bread wouli make me tbc happiest man In Richmond.*' The caplulu thereupon left the room, and shortly returning, remarked: “Thelandlord swears you*re from Geor gia Bessys none but a Georgian would call for corn bread at tnls time ofaighL” On that hint wcacicd, and when our soo ty uileucUal came In with tue supper things we discussed Georgia mines, Georgia banks, Georgia musqoiloee, in a way tail showed we had bntu bUten by all ot them. Inbalfanbour it »a« noised all about the hotel that the two gentlemen the Confedera cy ic a g taking such excellent care of were Irom Georgia. , , , The mcai r-nded, and a quiet smoke over, our entertainers rose to go. As the judge bade ns good night,-he said to us: “In the morning you hod better address a note to Mr. Bt-xijauiit, asking tbo Interview with the Prcrldctt 1 will call at 10 o*clock, •and take it to him.” “ Vert well. But will Mr. Davis see us on Sunday?” “Ob, that will u>akc no difference.” THE KEXT lUT. . The next morning after hreikfust, which we took in our n>ou» *Uh Mr. Jatlcs, wc indited a note, ot vvhi.-h the following is a «opv, to the C«nf <u-at“Si?cicUr} of *iate: Bi*ottswuod House, Bicn«osra. Yxu.» July IT, ittSi. s Hon. J. Badomln, Secretary of State, etc. Duab Sm: Tae rcfepcclm'ly solicit * an ImcrTiCWwithrT.tkeii Davie. They vMt Rlctim-no ouij as private citizens, i mid have not officul character or ou iiqritj: but j tbev sic acqualntc i wbfa loe vl*-w> o* the Lnltca SlateeGovimmcnU and with the S'Utinients ot the-Northern pcuu.e to an adjustment of the diUtrcncca irzif'ioi between the North and the South, and eantunt I. h- pe. tha* a free. l excuses* oi Tit-w# brtweeu rrt-»idmi Dsvls J»nd themsolws ana? open tbe Way to eucli official negotiations as will result in po x: io the twoseciioui ofourdifiroctcd cnnu<r> _ ' They tbcrciore a*k an Interview with the Presi dent, and awstilug ysior r**jil y, are TrnU and respectfully yours. • This was signed by both of ue; and when the judge called, as i-c bad appointed, we , g«xt U— together **Uh a commendatory let- Verlb»d received, on scttieg out, from a i near relative oi Mr D<v»»—to the rebel sec rctary* In half * r ho^r Judge Quid return- | *d eayingi “Mr. B»*nj«cnlo eenda vou his j coispKmeut,. wu > »«I>»PP} to eoe jou j at the tUte depirtufut SECEEiiOt jmsjuini. Wo fooed the ,ecrotarj—a short, plump, nil. little nail In with a tcca W«k e Je°f“e. bair, closely trimmed black whiskers, and a ponderous gold watch chiln—in the north west room of the‘‘United States’* custom-‘ bouse. Over the door of this room were the words “State Department,” and around l*e walls were bung a fewmaosand brtt e plans. In one vomer was a tier of shelves filled with books, among rbich I noticed Headley 6 “Historr” LofiEinc’a “Pictorial History, *’ Parlon’s “Catler,” Greeley’s “American Conflict,” a complete set ol the RWlion R«oid, end a dozen numbers and several bound volumes of the AV.z-4.ic MirUV.y, and in tho center of the apartment wa? a black walnut table, covered with green cloth, and Tilled Willi a multilui’o of state papers.” At this table sat the secretary. Ke rose as wecr.tcnd, B'ld, a*. Gold introduced us, loot our kii'.dß and said— I am pled, ve»y glad to m«t yon, gentle i have read you* - note, atd”—bo frtng to me—“ end ibeopen Jotter yon bring from atd sympathy. Pra“ bs seated. ” As Ve tcoK the proffered seats, the Colon el. <Jr»*ir gnff hie “duster,” and displaying bin nUlcm.-, srid: “Tic thank you for this cordial reception. ! Mr. BcnjiTpln, We trust yon will be as glad : t«bcsr us cs yon are to ste ur.” i “No doubt! shall be, for you come to ' talk of poac *. Peace is what we all watt.” 1 “It is indeed; nr.d lor that reason wc are ' here to sec Mr. Davie. Can wesee fclm, air?” t “Do 2ou bro-g any overtures to him from ; NourGovr-rnmet.t?” * “No, el**. \Vh bring no overtures and , bare no authority from our Government. Wc state that in*our note. Wc would te ; dad, however, to knowvh*t terms will be i accept ibic to Mr. Darts. If they at elUiwr ; mot-tec w-lh Mr. Lincoln’s views, we will i report 'them to him, and co open the. door ; for rlllclil i.cgotiailenß.” “Are you acquainted with Mr. Lineola’s 1 views?” j “Oncol n« is, lulls “Did 3lr. Lincoln, in cay trjy, authorize j , vou to coma here? | , * “No, sir. We came with his pass, but j i not by h!s icon ret. TTc pay, distinctly, we I l ave no official, or unofficial, authority. Wc 1 come as men. and Christians, not as diplo matists, hoping, in a frank talk with Mr. Davis, to discover some way by which this , war may be stopped.” 1 •“ Well, gentlemen, I will repeat what you 1 cay to the President, and if ho follows my 1 advice—and 1 think be will—bo will meet yon. He will be at church this afternoon; eo, suppose yon call here at nine this eve ning. if anything should occariu the mean time to prevent his seeing yon, I wilt let von know through Judge Gold.” “♦* * » Alter a day spent in- our room, conversing with the judgy, or “watching the passers-by in the Ftrcct—l should like to tell who they were and how they looked, bat each infor mation is just now contraband—we called again at b o'clock at the State Department. JEFFERSON DAVIS. Mr. Benjamin occupied bis previous scat at tic table, ft2)d at his right sit a spire, tbia* featured man, with "iron pray hair and beard, and a dear pray c\ e lull of life and vigor, lie * had a broad massive forehead, and a mouth and cbm denoting great energy and slrei'Ctb of will. Ills face was emaciated and muclTwrinkled, but his features were pcod, especially hU »yea—though one of them bore a scar, apparently made by some sharp loetrutnfni He wore a suit ofgry iahbrown, evidently of foreign manufac ture, and as re rose, 1 saw that he was about five feet leu inches high, with a slight stoop in the shoulders. Bis manners were simple, easy, and quite fascinating; and he threw au iDdcßcilbatls charm into Ins voice, as ho ex tended his Land, and said to us: “I am glad to sec von, gentlemen. You arc very welcome tofciclmiond.” And this « as the men who was President oi the United Sin’es under Fiankllu Pierce, ar d who is now the b<nrt, soul, and brains cf the Southern Cor.fcr’cricy! Bis niEnntr put me entirely ul my ease— the Colonel would be at bis, il he stood be fore Ciesnr—find I replied: “We llKtk ; eu, Mr, Pavls. It is not often you meet inen'of onr ciolbcs, and our prin ciples, in Uiehmoi d ” . “Not often, net so often as I could wisn; andltrustycurcomi'.gmay lead toarcorc frequent and o more friendly Intercourse be tween the North a* 6 the South.” “We since rely hope It may.” * Mr. Baijamiu ulls me you have ashed to set me, to”— And he paused, os il desiring wc should finish the tenure?. The Colonel replied: “Yis, sir. • We have ashed this interview In the hope that you may fccgccst soine way by which this war can he stopped. Our people wont peace, jour people do, and your Con* puss has recently” said that j,o« do. We have come to ash how it can bebr'.ushl about.” “In a vtry simple way. Withdraw your armies from* our territory, and peace will come of iißfel*. We do not seek tosnbjngate Tou. We arc not waging au offensive war, except so far 3% it Is offensive defensive—tbit is, to far as wc are forced to invade von to prevent. 3 our invading us. Let us alone and pence, will come at once.” “ But we cannot let you alone so long as you repudiate tbe Union. Tnat Is the one tuing the Northern people will not surren der.” •* I know. Tr u would deny to us what yon cxect fer yourselves—the right of scll-gov ernment ” “No, sir,” I remarked; “we would deny jon no natural right.' But we think Union essential to peace; and Mr. Davis, could two people, with the same language, separated by only an Imaginary lior. live at peace with each other? Would not disputes constantly arise, and cause almost constant war be- , tween tbcmV I “Undoubtedly—with this generation. You j bsve sown such 'bitterness at the South, yon ! have put such on ocean of blood between the I two sections. that 1 despair of seeing any 1 harmony in xny lime. Oar children may for got this war, but w cannot 11 1 think the bitterness yon *peak of sir.' eald tbe colonel, •* does not re»Uy exist. Wc must talk here as friends; our soldiers meet andfraternize with each other; uud I led sure that if tbe Union were restored, a more friendlv fetlkg would arise between us thm hus ever existed. The war has mane us know rxd respect each other better than before. This ib the view oi very many soutoern men; I hiiVc had It from many of itiem—your U*d- Inc citizens.” _ , “ Thfv are mistaken 4 ” replLd Mr. Davis, “They*do not understand southern sent!- menr. Ho® cad we feel anything but bitter ness towards nun who d:ny us our rigbU ? II aou enter my hou-e and dfivc me oat of I not tour natural enemy?” “You put the cose to stror>gly. But we cannot fipht loitvrr; the war mart end at seme time; wc must finally agree upon something; can we not agree now aud stop the frigbttul carnage? Wc are both Chris tian man, Mr. Davis Oaoyou, as a Chris tian man, leave untried any means that may lead to peace?” . . ‘ -*• Ko, 1 cat not. 1 desirs peace as much as t*ouco. I deplore bloodshed as much as veudo; but I feel tbut not one drop of the blood shed in this war is on my hands; 1 can look up to my God and sry this. I tried all in my power to avert this war. I saw it coming, uud lor twelve years I worked night suo duv to prevent it, bat could not. The North was mad and blind; it would not let us govern ourselves; and so the war came, and now it must go on till the last man of this generation fails in his tracks and his children seize his musket and fight his bat tles unless 3ou acknowledge our right to selfgovernment Wc are not fighting for slavery. Wc are figbtkgfor independence— and t hat or < xtcrmiriauoc wc will have.” 4 ‘Ana there are at least lour aud a half million* of us KJt; so you see you have a work before yon,** eald Mr Benjamin, with a decided sneer . . “Wo Imre no wish to exterminate you,” answered the Colonel. “I believe what 1 hive enid—that there la no bitterness be tween the Nortbtru and Southern people. The North, I know, loves the South. Whan peace com* s it will poor money and means into vour hands to repair the waste caused by the w r, and u would now welcome you hack and forgive you all the loss uud blood shed voubavs caused. But we must crush \cur armlet and exterminate your Govern meet. And is not that already nearlydone? Yon ore wholly without moae/, aid at the cud of tour resources. Grant his chat you up k Kicbmond. Sherman is before Atlan ta. Dad vou rot teen, belter accept honor able terms while you can retain yonr p. ta l?ce, and save the pride of the Southern peo ple ?” an davis on the contcdebate rnosrccTS. Mr Davis vmikd. “I respect your earnestness, Colonel, but ' \ou do not seem to understand the situation. \Vc arc not txucUy shut up in Richmond. If your papers tell the truth, it is your capital that is iu danger, not ours. Some weeks ago Grunt crossed tbe llaploan to whip Lee and take Kicbmond. Lee drove him in the first Ic. and then Grant executed v*hat jour people a * brilliant flaok movement, and fought Lee agalo. L*e drove him a second time, und then Grant made another ‘fl*nk movement;* and so they kept on— Lcewhip pltc uud Grant flanking—until Grant pot where he is now. And what is the net result ? Grant has lost 73,000 or 60,000 men—more than Lee had at the outset—and is no nearer taking BicUmond than at first; and Lee, whose front has never been broken, holds him completely In c'.cck, and has men enough to spare to invade Maryland, and threaten \V~sMugton! Shermau, to be sure, vj ntfcie Atlanta; but suppose he is, and sup pose he takes It? You know, that the fur ther he goes from his base of supplies, the weaker he grows, and the more disastrous defeat will he to him. And defcatjnay come, go, in a military view, I should certainly, eay cur position was better than yours. 4 ‘ as to money, we arc richer than you are. Yrn smile; but admit that our paper Is worth nothing—it answers as a circulating medium; and we nold it all ourselves: If every collar of U were lost, we should, as wc have no loieUa debt, be none the poorer. But it Is worth something; it has the solid basis of alarge coilon crop, while yours rests on r ©thing, and you owe all the world. As lo rt sourcte, we do not lack tor arms or an- we have still a wide territory from which to gather supplies 6o you sec we arc not In extremities. But if we were if wc were wimout money, without food, without weapons—if our vboie were ctvustati d.aud our armies crashed and dlbhandec could we, without giving up our maidicod, give up bur right to 1 selves? Would you rot rather die, and feel | yourself a man. than live, and be subiect to a fon-lcnpower?” . _ “Ficm j our stand-point, there “ what yen ray,” rfpli. d the ColoneL But we did not come here to argue with yon, Mr. Davis. TVe cunc, hoping to find some hon orable way to peace; and 1 am grieved to hear 3on say what you do. "When I ha^ e seen jour }c-ung mcnd<l:ig on the battle field and your old men* women, and chil dren starring in tbelr brxnv, I have felt I could risk my life to s«ve them. For that reason Xam here and I sm grieved, grieved, that there is no hope ” “I know your motives. Colonel Jaqaess, and 1 honor you for them; hut what can I do xnore than lam coli<g ? I would give my poor life, gladly. If U would bring peace and uood will to tbe two coautri s; but it would I not It la with your own people you should I labor It is they who desolate our homes, I burn onr wheat fields, break the wheels of I wagons carry lug away our women am coil dren,and dcstrovsupplies meant for carsick ; end wounded. At your doof lies all the mis- ' fry and the crime of this war—and U Isa ! Tearful, Tearful account.” I “Not all of it, Mr. Davis. 1 admit a fear ful account, but it is not all at our door. The passions of b*>tb sides are aroused. ..Un armed men are banged, and prisoners are I shot down in cold blood, by yourselves. | Elements of barbarism are entering the war ! on both sides rb:t should make us—you sud me, os Christian men—shudder to think of. In God’s mime, ILen, let us stop it. Lotus doscmcthlog, concede something, to bring about peace.' Ton cannot expect, with only four and a half million?, as Mr. Beojam n • says jouhsvb, t« bold out forever against twenty million*.” • Again Mr Davis fmiled. “Doyou suppose there are twenty millions at the North determined to crush us ?” “I do—to crush yoargovcmmect A email number of our people, a very small number, are your fritnde—Eecesaionhts. The rest differ about measures and cinoiiates, bat are • united in the determination to.eiutaio ths ! Union; Whoever Is dented In November, he must be 'committed to a vigorous prosecu tion of the war.” Mr Davis still looked incredulous. I re marked— “lt Is so, fir. Whoever t*lK you other- , vise deceives yen. I think I koowjnorthern scnlime*:t,c.»tc I sfsu*-c \ou it Is to.. Ton know | we Lave a system of lycenm-kcturlng lu our j largo towns At the elote 6i these lectures | It it tbc cntto-E ol tfce people co “ ie “I' on the - plailorm and talk wim the lecturer. J This gives him an excellent opportunity cf : leaning public sentiment. Last- winter I j lectured before nearly » hundred such asso* . cirtlonsall over the North—from Dubuque j to and I took pains to ascertain the ! fcclii.g°of the p*»o; lc. I found's unanimous | determination to" crush the rebellion and i save the Union at every sacrifice. The j majority arr in favor cf Mr. Lincoln, and ! nearly all of those opposed to him are op ■'poM'd to him because they thick he does not fight yon with enough vh’.or. The radical Republicans, who go for slave suffrage and thorough confiscation are those who will defeat him IT he is to be defeated. Bub if ho 1e defeated before the people the House will elect a word man— l mean worse for you. It U more radical than he is—yon can see that from Mr. Ashley’s reconstruc tion bill—?nd the people arc more radical than the Bouse. Mr, Lincoln. 1 know, is about to call cut fire hundred thousand more men, and 1 can’t ace bow you can re sist much longer; but if yon do, yon will only deepen the radical feeling of the North ern people. They will now give yon filr, honorable, generous terms; but let them suffer much more, let there be a dead man in every house, as there is now In every villijra. they will give you no terms—they will insist on hanging every rebel south of . Par don my verms I mean no offense.” “ You give no offense,” he replied, smiling very pleasantly. I wouldn’t hive you pick your words. This is a Trank, free tvlk, and X like you the better for saying whit you think. Go on.” “I wca merely going to say that, let the Northern people once really ftel the war— they do not feel it yet—and they will insist on hatglng every one of yonr leaders.” “ WtiL admitting all you say, I can’t see how It affects our position. There are some things worse than hanging or extermination. Wc reckon giving up the right of self-gov ernment one ot those things ” “By self-government >«u mean disunion —Southern Independence.” “ Yes.” “And slavery, yon say, is co longer an ele ment lu the contest ?” “No, ills not; it never •was an essential element. It was only a means ot bringing otbrr conflicting dements to an earlier cal mimfioa. It fired the musket widen w*s -.1- reacy capoed and loaded. T«erc are essen tial differences between th i North and the South that will, ho?'ever ihls war may end, make them two nations.” “ You ask me to s»y what I think. Will yon allow me to say that I know tho South pretty rsdl, and never observed those differ ence?.” 41 Then you have not usod your eyes. My sight is poorer than yours, but I have seen tin m *ar years.” The Lmgh was upon ml, and Mr. Beoj »mln ei-joved lu “ W'ell plr. be that ss it may, if I under stand yen, the dlsi-ute b-tevc-n your gbv e»nirreat and narrowed down to.thls; Union or disunion.” ‘•Yes; or to put it In other words: Inde pentid.ce or subjugation.” • “Tbcu the two governments are irrecon cilable a p?rt- They have no alternative but to fight it out But it Is not so with tho peo ple. They ar* tired of fighting and want peace; and as they bear all the burden and of the war, is ll not right they should htve peace, and have it on such terms asibrylike? •I don’t understand your. Be a little more • explicit” . JIB. DAVIS REFUSES AN ARMISTICE, “Weli, suppose the ttvo governments should agree to something like this: To go to the people with tffb propositions; aiy pescc, "with disunion and southern independ ence, as your proposition—and pease, with nilon, emancipation, no confiscation, and universal amnesty, as ours. Let the citizens or all the United States (ss toey existed be fore the war) vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on thtse tsvopropositions, atnspeclil election within sixty days. If a majority votes disunion, our government to bo bound by it, 'and to let you go in peace. If a majority votes union, yours to be bound by it, and to stay in peace. The two governments can contract in this way, and the people, though constitutionally unable to decide on peace or war, can elect which of the two propositions shall govern their rulers. Let Lee and Grant, meanwhile, agree :o au armistice. This would sheath the "word; and. If one* sb tallied, it woa;d never aeaiu be drawn by this generation.” u The plan is altogether Impracticable. If the South were only one Stale, it might work; but r 9 ilt I?, If one Souioero Stite ob jected to cw .uclputioh, it would nullify the •whole tliUitf; for you ure aware the people of Virginia cannot, vote flavervoni of South Caroline, nor the people of South Carolina vote it out of Virginia.” “But three-quarters of the States cm amend the Constltu’ioj—let it he clone In that wey—ln *ny way, so that it he dono by the. people. I ani not a statesman or politi cian, and I (do not know Just bow such a plan could be carried out; but you get the irtej—tnat the people shall decide tho ques tion.” “Thatthe majority shall decide It, you mean. We seceded to nd ourselves of the role of the majority, and this would subject us to It ag.iinl” But the majority must rule finally, either with hnliets or ballots.” “I am not so sure of that. Neither cur rent events nor history shows, that the ma jority roles, or over did rule.-“ The contrary, I ihlik, Is true. Why, sir, the man who should go before the southern people with such a proposition, with any proposition which implied that the North was to bare a voice in determining the domestic relations ot the South, could cot live here a day. He would be hanged to the first tree, without ruder or jury.*’ “Allow me to doubt that. I think it more likely he wouldhe hanged. !l he let the Southern people kuow the majority couldn’t rulr,” I replied, smiting. *•1 have no feir of that,” rejoined Mr. Davis, also smiling most good humoredly. ■“I givejou leave to proclaim it ftvm every house top in the South.” “But, seriously, sir you let the majority rule in a single state; why not let It rule in the whole country V* •* Because the states are independent and sovereign. Tne country is not. It is only a ccnfcdiVation of slates; or rather It was; It Is now two confederations” “Then we are not a people—we are only a political rartcprsbip 5” “That, is all” _ . “Tourvcry name, sir, ‘united State, im plies that,*’ said Mr. Benjamin. “But tell me. are the terns you have named—emanci pation, no confiscation, and universal am-, ncsty—the terms which Mr. Lincoln author ised you to offer ns,” “No, sir; Mr. Lincoln did not authorize me to oiler you ary terms. But I think both he and th- Northern people, for the sake of pesce, would assent to such conditions.” “They arc very generous,” replied Mr. Davis, for the first lime during the interview showing some angry feeling, “ But amnesty, sir. applies 10 criminals. We have commit ted do crime. Confiscation is of no account unless you can enforce'it. And emancipa tion! You have alreuly emancipated nearly two millions of our slaves, and If you will tafcc care of them you may emancipate the rest I bad a few when the war began. I ‘ was of some use to them; they never were of any to me- Against their will you ‘eman cipated* them, and you may * emancipate’ every negro In the Confederacy, but we will belrte! We will govern ourselves. Wc will do it if we have to see every Southern plantation sacked and every Southern city la tJames.” “ I see, Mr. Davis, it Is useless to contlnnc this conversation,” I replied; “and you will pardon ns, if we have seemed to press our views with too much pertinacity. We love the old flag, cbd that must he our for intruding upon you at all.” “Ton have not intruded npon me.” he replica, resuming bis usual manner. “I am glad to havc-met you both. 1 once loved tue old flag as well as yon do; I would have died fer it; but now it is to me only the emblem of oppression.” “I hope the day may never come, Mr. Davie, when I say that,” said the coloncL CLOSE OP TEE UiTEBVIEW. A half hour’s conversation on other topics _ DO tof public interest—ensued, and then \rc rose to po. As we did so. the rebel Pre sident cave me bis hand, and, bidding mo a klndlT cood by, expressed the hope of seeing me tcaln in Richmond In happier tlmes-- Tvhen ceaco should have returned; but with the Colonel hleparUn-was Particularly cor dial Taking hla band in both of bis, be ea l?(vJlonel I respect yonr character and TonrmoUvea, and! wish you well; I wish v” c“ 17 good I can wish yon consistently , with the good Of the Confederacy.” . Irns /Tnict. etiaightforward bearing and ' moral courage of our “flghHog piFon " bad evidently Impressed Mr. Davis | Vt Asw™we b re r ieavlng x'tb.D at3 a Vme J be ! for pLce on tti basts ofonr Indepandencfc It -Will be useless to approach me with any “whenwewent out Mr. Bebjamro called Judge Child, who had been waiting ourlin, the whole Intcrvlew-two VC. cr end of the hall, mid wo passed r d J? wkhln stairway together. Ab I put my arjji that of the radge, he ea!d to me: “ W. 11, wimt is the result? „ “ Nothing but war— warto the lame. “Ephraim Is joined to his idoU-iet-hlm alone,” added the colonel, solemnly. Ha SgtS; »™ heen brought up with cm trom childhood. FlSiSSJlai. aNO VOSPtiBtiUL. lUONETAIE V BiTTEDAT Etesctq. An*. 70, 185 L TheraortymaTietto.-.aywss again very active, m&loly o>lns to the Increased demand isr produce frcir. the E«s*i and the general bnoyency of the grain market*. A Ttry larre amount of ehert Buffalo and Oswego paper was taken to-day, tha canters re port a teal*hy and fcrlsS trade. Dkconnts are etiaay at 10 5* cent; but the clearness of tha moesy market b»a driven mti* fuecn'lat'T? to tae ttreet bribers woo rbsree IK@2c V cent a month. Eastern Exchange was plenty and easier to-day, ‘botralcsarsnochsnsedrKdiecoont baying and Id duconnt 10 par eeHlrg, €eldioKewTo:ktodsy was caster. The follow, injurethu qcot*ticnsicc»i»edby James ioyd,gold tro :cr: Ils*B6ib 2!6!f — lr tLls irtrktt tclol stead/, al 2ru}ss2s& SJWtr.SCCStt, J'ltst-ffttilia,i£i9Hap.triad Ut>K tiJ'iEg. Seven thirties, U9 bnylur aai UC-JS ielUnr. New rtSK.Sainrday, Anz.2J.ISBL Tbc following Is the iie»Trfe Block Market ■it received ty r. G. dalloostcli & Co.,clock broitrs,2l Clark ctrec'.s M w V, T. C JC.-K ittD’d.aaßM. QaiCkaiUer... BiK« « "? .... IU, i>at & .... 111-SPceat^ar loin bor'j TJ. S. « V ant 5-20 COTJCCS.I’OJi ....- U. 6,6? esnt bOJvtfl 1831...103;* .... u.s.?B*io rxcis ur» Kotis ..110 'A ... U P.lyr.certf-9J‘« ...*. Axtrlcanfold.i- -X .... C.&N. W. f6tf .... C.«fcN,W (pf(i). 93 .... Eile (coni;....lJJi( Hi Jo (Did) . 11C*,'.... C. & V. 112)*,.., • M. 8. (com)... &jv .... P. P. W . £c C. J .l'«K .... K. C IDS** .... tJ. & A. (com) C.& A. (p!C) I.*. 1... lit* .... lll.Cf'ELiCllr.l3l;-J .... B.&Q 12: .... Waxtet—lit Boari Call. Ko2i Ootid Si\nriay, co Satdkday KVSKZKG, AOfiattS? 1 , 1821 7he receipt* ad iblpmenla duiisi; tbs' past 24 boon wuea> follows: Kzrsins asp fos the rxar i - uou^s. ■ lieceivtj. Shipped . 2,410 2.26} . 43,!ra 47/kO Cl/'a 47,3*3 .131,459 8J.521 9011 53.7W 4,911 4.952 43.432 BM>Xfi. B,ItS 3V72 6»,TM M,WS 1),«B .3? Fleer IVllftS... Ocrn Oats 8ye.... B.rlcy GtcfldSeid.... FlssSeid ... Brcom C0r0... Untie/ rn’ftTileaU.. Beef. Fork Lara Tallr-w..,;. JV0qU...... Hoy*..?. .. Cattlcf..... Illce* HteLwJCM Balt ... HUM ... 1«,9Vl ... s.m ... t,i« ...105,1ti ... *8 ... There wzas large attendance on ’Chance to-day, tnduiderafcrlik thlpplre and speculativedemand ler pioscce, the general markets were active and bury art. There wai agoed InqclryiorFlour,butlhecnpply ißvuy Hrht, and the market was quilt bare- The talcs, tleicfoxr, were Hzht, amounting to only about SFOOhrls at i‘.2JO for White Winter to arrive, and r>tr©iois lor Spilng exrras-an advance eqtil to abontSSc on jcaterday’sqnptatiozs. Wtc:t waa excited and active, owing to an. In. creased demard by ehlrpere and a fair spacnltttve inquiry, aid we rctc an advance in prist# of CSBc perbnonwiiter and43s3oneprlnggrader. About 17,010 bn winter and 2E0.W0 bn rprlsg ■wheat c'.anjed lucdeat}SJf<32 13 forFolßed; 9S.(9A3.OBforHoT Bed; »lsi lor Brjecled Bed: 11.93 for Ho Grade Bfd; $19532 X 6 fur Ho 1 Define; *U9I®IBI for No 2 Bprlog; aid ILBOSIFS fer Rejected Bpring-thamar* hd-rtcang very firm at fUO for Ho 2 Spring, and J2,CTa2.(€ for Ho 2 Rod. Cera was le lower, at which there was cooeldera* bleaciivUi.with sales of at 5132K3 IS. for No. ICon, 11.16^^128 tar Eo.2Coro, and tl.2i for rejected Corn—the market dealer firm at $ for No. 2, at which price tho great bnlk of the sates were made. Oi ta wen to ftlr demand and active »t an aavanro ot Kcp r bmhcl—with talcs of 225,000 bnihets at crctscfftrl'o.lOate,t«Mfiß>XcforNo.i Oats, and Clc for rejected Oils—ite market closing firm! at 6.>cfot Ho. lecd (5s for 170-2. Rvr was call and £Q3c per bushel lower, with salsa ofcnl; about J.O.Obntbels at tiS:@lS3torNo. 1 and fl 25<orNo 2. Bulcy vaa Ices active, ann bnyersbetd oil for a de* c.lcc-offtrlrc only $2 40 f:r Ho. 2 inator.’, tt which osiv ere carload changed har.d<. Il’ch v Ines were quiet at yes €r.-*ay’o avvance, wlih saU* -foily SH bbls at Jl '.S-closm;dull wers cosa’esieroitcd ofProvlslotsand the market It nominal bat arm. / Timothy Seed Is active at *5 co e r .?r—prlorinaliva the outtldc qcctatlon. Flax Seed js flna and steady nt iS.lo. TLe market If Wool 1b again *TcUc3,.a:'d we n:ti afarttfraivscce Id prices cf 7(38: I* S>• with sals i at & rfrgc of 9fc(itl« V». The advice* from the Cast are of a luoyaat character. Grain Freights were dall, with light engagements a; £’jc f;r wheat to Buffalo. The Giccen market has ruled const lerably Armor cvlrc to theodvances which have bten madeln Dew Yak. Od IUo Coffee we ncta an advance here of Ic per J> cn prtTlcus riles* Solaris held Armor hut without ary quotable change. TV hlleflth are In smeller receipt, with a fair demrnd atpttvloasrrtcs. Trout are la tare* supply, wltha Hmtu6 cemand. hlarkct firm and unchanged. Dried Apples are In small supply anl rather quiet at prsvlcus rales. Dried P«-ache» are very ecaece Prices firm with an upward tendency. Timothy J!a» is In better supply a'd the market Is !c*a active. We note a decline of |2.vC®|l.W per lon on pre*lO"B rates. Dry Flint Hides are la fair tupply. and less active* Previousqnotallonaaxe reduced .c? fc. Ucsced GUIs lies active, with a decline cf 13s gal. On Whale and Elephant we note a decrease cf 5c V pal. Market raiher quiet at previous quota .lions. LATEH. In thcafterncon very little l»u»lnes3 was traosac. ted. only & fep lho:san3 bushels N >2 Spring jsheat hivlrg charged bands. at the market c!o?lng steady hut quiet. Ccrnwa9n*glec?efi. Oats were cteady, with sales of No I, for delivery on Moa -oay,bti7H- Hlchwln&a were quiet. Heavy Shipments of Petroleum, *lnc.ndcd in tht icavy domestic procnce erjnrts ,frotL New Toil: rt last week ate V.41.W0 gallons of Petroleum—th*. heaviest shipment iu may elcgle week il&ce ttr. dUtcveiy of the wonderful cil wells in fivc-Tncmie« In Germany The London Tims*, by ihe las: mail, reports that theOormiß C. S. 5-8?8 at Frankfort bxole out alrcth, aft:r afes - d*?a’ deprcisljr. on the vcist news from ‘bis aide, and the price recovered 3 TheTimes,on its Frankiort nlvlcei, eiti* mate* that ficwcc.oco of tbesa bonds have already b. cn lak* n in Holland and Germany. CHICAGO LUiUBUH SUAKKET< SAItTEDkY EVKSISQ, £.ngnstW,lßsl. LtfMBEB-Rccelpts 3 ctterd&y. 91,5000 reel lumber. ThcrctaaLccn little dolznla ;ha market todsy, ow*lp to an almostnominil supply. Tncemlefirm enr occhangtd. SHINGLES—Io nominal supply. Market very Arm vitu an upward tencency. LATII-Kccilvod ye'.t rday. 135.0 0 pci. Prices rtile firmer but -wills n > Quotable change. CABOO S*XB9 lO DIT. ChTroa''brFiedenc2,lromGrand River, sold b? liUh & Fuller, st.tOu lett ccinmon lumbar, rafted. % ainpa.aUlLlS. Lfcib at »U». Tickets, packed, ai * The*fcllowlr g aaa ths yard prices r Lujajxn-Fmt Clear, V M .....|CB^C i d'BX» *Becctd Clear, *-0 ®M.CO Tatra Clear, 9 •MV'S&rn RtnerllbitQA Sc.l>»!U9 BcxoraSctßonrd. n-Jjfgj'Mg Common Bowon n? FencteE-. I'nll 1i<tardr............................. •...(So.'H) First Clear Flooring. rooga... Jn nnS«M Second Clear rioontK.rou.*h., Common noonnn.mojli 53i003. 0 BUlnE.dcfr.nrtEeei ... =J.J«23JO second clew. 1 common 2UO«i-Oi I ............... <1 UT®.B lU Hhavbd Shingles, A. V kL jlniiQn Shaved Shingles, gro. J SharedSfilssleStar. S-!S«S j ceuar Shingles.... • 5jM3.75 I Bawe*Bbtngiu.A.... ' bawcdShltßica fao. s'rS SrS : Lath, pea ifTwS.SiS ; Pcfitr.Fi.Wo. i7«SoSj Pickets.-- .. 17AQ(d<0J>3 CHICAGO DULY BlatllKKT# All sales of Grain imported in this market report areon a bails of He storage per bushel* s otherwise stated. F.our is told delivered unless cthcruUe stated. —— - bATTEPAT F-V-JIKTHO, AM. 33, ISM, FJ«BIG!X^»-G> ; Anr Fnxion;s ml*. the en g*£icentßW«e; To Btrr?AXo: schrKete filnchmsu V ~ La sEJun A&L" Feeio nrs. Taercts no change inratnu We ow.tos • „ Fi&crtoßo? c--.use '*•**. iSs Floor toK??“ Ycrt.lnkc nno l ls,<d pr«.vi»iot»toJ«ev Xor», lAc AJt.iuu»¥ plovtaVtßV6*N.T.*»n waitr, V l iw r» tjjj* ••• Ficnrto ira:er Perk toMentf e*l, all water ** « F,uortc atcctreai, TlaS-xnt* £*»•••• pork to Montreal, v»ft Sarai* *• l-£,® ... FlomtoPertlaCS,via iantte - Fir nr to Bettor. Tia hamte. Ficnrto Buffalo-all lake , KjjuotD Fecidkib.—There 1c no changi la r&tta. We quotes - , FonithClMf. Floor. "WOOL TeKcw-Tcrlr.ell rail o*».0 1.60 4.85 ICI .. c ra l i»n<i^eEn e .. o .M IJjlJj .... To Boeton, all mb. o.Sj 1.10 iJj •• jail an J Lake Eric OJA •••• I ToPortlsno.nllrail. 0.8 2Jj To Montreal, all rail. •'••••£&# ha*- To Buffalo, a’l rail ....0.42H 0A» « rail and Lake E:1e,....0.57J5 !•*;» v™ ToPaltlracrc, a'.l rail *•-••5*1? VS To rhliadelpnla, ell nil ~.,0.tS 14® ..Jf**® Fi-ODu—Received to-day, 2410 2>o bru. Offerings very light ana n» rlk * !t JhSJ Jl“2 acyanreof 55c. Sales to:day were: V?ni;i '. Wixtsu Fxteas—lol brlsg'od white winter to amve a-. 812, Spbiko Exteas—lCO brls "Lfß'an, 2M bri* Brad* . welV’tf-Olirlfi* I’m Sound." and is3Drl3 Adais &. CoVsxxi" at 51CU5; 1.000 hria "Adams * co s Ha* 49.20’. Bpuimo BcrEE-233br18 **Cacweye" at 53.15; 61 bris eprine euperffne at t9 ij; 41 brls do ar»9 J . WHEAT-Received to-day, bH»‘ij*W-d» 4; euTbiiMarzct asUvC and puojiint at aQad'raa-a CI6Q6C on winter and 4(<ts lor epnnz gradfs. 8*1?* to-ciy wue: Wiktex Wheat p: Ko lied &t 87J0 tioo bn do at 8 4-0 on i4o a< * *‘s^.2 vAi. 5 -..jj at «9 cj; go o bn cJn at 81.0 a; 1500 bn do at ’$2J4; iooObn co atß*.t/»;2060 fen do - prsda ret at Si« 93« 40.< do do at 8190. Si'Biso Wheat is Stobs ItObuNol Spring at *1.93 ; 4.;Wbn do a. 82 00. 35,033 tm No at 81 91 s iJ.CtObu noet el 9 3 »• ffi bn do at«l 92 ;»6d-0 an do at <t.92K: ijifib* on do at #1.95 * 10.00« i bn do at 8193K; M,ti 0 bn do at f 1.91 • S-Owhsu’Rejectedßpime at fl£0; 44100 bn do st *I.R3; EM bn do atS’-S.-i-tn* market clotlncfltm ats2J)7s3 200 lorKo2 Krd.andßl.93for No3Sprtjg. _ COKN-Tteccired to-Qiy,GI4 » bn; eblpptd. bn. Marßrt lower Saes B w «re:—-Cobs is STOBE-I.too m h'o.l Corn a; »li9K; »M ** a d>»J SliO: 16.103 bnKo. 2 Com at *iS: UJ»f ba do at SldflH; fcS.’co bn dojat 8 ;BWbnd3 at SUibXs 2.K0 bn Rejected Com at fl.'i'—’He n-arke; eionne Arm at-Jl.zilorKo.Z and BUC9K for Ho. 1 Cora in B *o*T9—Recelred to da?, ISS.W9 bn; sblppsd, E6K4LII. Market active and airarei «c V Baits to-day were? Oats is Stobk-3 .«» nu cStfl at CTs; 95.000 bn do at bn do at «jfe: bn do at 69c: 2.000 bn Vo 2 oats at fclKc: io.CWbn do at 63c; WBO on coat j aefid°sis ai fcc-Ui-ronrtet clctlcg Arm at «HC for No. 1 and Received 10-day.'O.TJlbn; bn. Market aoli ana 2*Sc lower. Sa'.ec ro-aay ;-d.3 bn. No !• Rjelo stcie at 81.53t SfiO" bn. co at 81-99: 2 • 00bn. «o. 8 Rye In Biota at *l,32—market cloiins 4 9.1«.,««« reitri^d Barley by simple at Cl Men tr^sE, A ilri!. ft 83.5-^« V eal ~ , RyiTyPEß—Restired to-Cny. Xbs: shipped, »sr 4«se. Liarkitacilveand TtryArm. Wecin 'tit Pnnj»TDfclr?.tn crock# and tub?,. ............41812 To day the salts were; 151 flrklnaln two lots at ; g^ts"^r E K°rt 4 mVdfrS a ica y ,. .ad la -Isirinpply. Cottonbsss arc very Ana wUhannp warnicDCoccy- On twobosGannuawenote aa ai* pTeylons rates. Other descriptions Am and tmehanged. we Quoa s ; |4 ; '* Ch.tnE>change A,sewed linen. 75 l ri F»Riea. ?s ?| GarceaCuy.arwed UMn .. \ Boilapß,fcur bn $5 " fear bn u two bn...•.».•.••••••••••••-• l » noarß»oto,«brUcotton. » :: f “ fcEE-iEi^ 1 r. : ,3s “ w '» Wool Becks. ** , supply, filers arm and UHKE9K Is clanged. We quote: Hamour? wee’crn Reserve * vr, w icri c rOFFEK-Tberebasbosa » wore a-.tis* iaqu'rr In lhe mari«l ant, JO COD*«WCce Of tn ddVAftCi m Ne fVork oa Bio. prices ruled firmer -wuh an 13 cq T uow: qaotst * oa -* S^^^ p | f? ©e; c T>in (fid to crime ••••• ••»?« eat c • •hAit—lbf«irc« ffittd *U2 Cis dealer bn', with -otttVtr «S»»iJcl«“St. We •,»«•: Ertß—BfCOlfiUtt-. •♦•?••• rSJiitem-T do 8a5k,...., • Blcetburr.-.-t... Lump Letigb Laekawtss. pic;.ir-c..... filxS'? *Vl****-*«*-*'*-*--**u***-»**-****-*-'**^Ca^*Cn r i;,;p.-in faT supply, and goed dtmtnd at ujHfc wicSl Wfi«twßWJ.J. ’sc per djz: L i:rl s-l 10-?^- 11 receiptvery Brm at Tjr'TivUPfltiotaUcn?. J*otT In doii.but 'tsltit po oactaWe cfiLDge. Macskstl m njfdc-fcte receipt and &t ftrero-’t quwfvucns. L*kk Übsuso* wocerattiy scUtc and aicbacgcd. koi -v *3” esft KiVtVhltsflßT.b'bf.B •«« W ? .lt ITcS WeJ“*flfb!bf trln».,»••••• s*c icS.73 Nsifrvnt hf oxi».«. - 7XO ©7.95 >*s 2 irnut,h! trls-v-w -»M 557.' Noi brie ~..10J0 ©HiQ Sovuitlexe'ci*,b>; B.W. QMAO Ncltfar. s :rr £i , 7.W uS'd No *3ts E.M 0!53 N°2 vacL“ei.atwclte.... 223 &\w . Sfrr.l*v bi11.....•.«•«• -*-.... i i;.....t*...'. 0] CocClti, OfOJ f -= ,# BWk. F-(0 15;,...,,,, SBi 04.73 Co'fisb! Grsna Binr. 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Baumr—Layers w wx... $3 23 »5 75 ,It»irtDo-M.B,Pbo» oO} ©Vlo Cnuenta.p «[J ® *•» Fjgß-Bmyißß,7H a M 5 ?. Airund«,aott.¥>a » a .5 Aicono«.bm,p& £* ® Prnnef. TnrEtra,¥ V ji I’ctrs.Bobemlan,P llH’d JJ Bartlmi3.balTe>* i* © iJ® Sanl'ntt.oacricra 33 9 -3 HAY-The market Is in belter supply, wlih a morefimlted demand. On previooa quotation* rote a declinecn Tlwo’hv and Prairie nayof 8?-C0 05/0 v u-n. Eecelpta fuby eqaal to the demand. We cno.e; wnoLzaixxpaiOEe. • Tiirct- , !y,beater pre55ed........... .••....9sVK&*i2 M Timcxby Icok pressed. 19001*2010 Timoiby,loc«e...F. 11SS® : Z;S Pfanl%locßtpre«ed... P.-aUIC,IOC«S M .... 1500®iGXO ..524.07023.00 .. 22« V 03iJn .. 2C00331.01 . 15 o.®lOCd 17.WO!i&^ IS'.COI .*7,531 SI.SO 5,113 IJSH 638 V. 7:0 1.133 setail psiom, Tltto’by, boater prewfta., Tlirclby, loose pressed. .. Timothy, icos e >nms,lccFo presiecL- pralito,loose ... GAtr«B—Pfalria Chicken a*o in miller supply, with a limited demand. Market tolerably Arm at f2tC«2Sipcrdor. Ssla to-day: BJ$ dor fresh bird i at j;.ro « noz. _ ii i nv>-i!f rnyed Bb; shipped C3,sHfts. v 1 hiairroceiots the market n Usa active. Gras* fiut-daro unchanged. On Pry FUa: y« note a ae -11 - e cflc, tnd cn Green SalteiCoiroi 1c on previous oaoiatlon*. We quotes Greca Salted,trimmed.. e DrySalttd.trimmed Giß c Dry Flint, ulmmed HI @'.2 c Kip. Gteen Sslteo, trimmed ~17 A'.S c Csu Green Salted, trimmed... 23 U e to day 13 brl«: shippad .til;. qmtt. Sales t:-d*7:—S5J o.u in lots—a*) aril IS—the market cltilug dull. LiBaTB Ell—Sole Leatctr and Calf Qklns ars in better supply. 7be market la tolerably* actirc and firm at former quotations. Wc quote: raMtOTB. ' , Tlsreesi 9 a 4-®:cr. t Ruur.bttr, 5015....5CC53c t.lh- \i tt si«aS3a j Bnenos A3«S fC«£s2c Ftp 9 tt 2C I emcoer-. sole ... 4S®iW c:si/i» a.... daa Collar loc: ! OAK. Slaughter. Sole ...683R7C French Calf, 3^ Eatntte, v a :oosSc as. ....... ...52.323..2j Klc, Wo. 1 me- French CaUL*j dtnm 0 mslnsa. V *<*• Eipjio- J bef.yy.i»H*VM en......... U'.COaIISM iu. r.Extra.....75 Fieuch CaKLC' French Kl?, Ist motnsf, ctclct 225 &2//J ordi.F C0z.132 0 © 07 tn French CUf, 77 L , Biog3li3o«.loXj4l'M French Calf, 31, M as 3.Wc?.W jf.VVAIj SsTOHEsJ-Ia moierats demand and nnebtsetd. _ . —. (4Xi.uo VatUaßope Ftich.l 28.0f«31M H-ap ?:@'Bc EaliT'tSitt*. ... ctlC’.OC Ls;h,Tsrn.Hemn..2aiK!Ss 'imnCEilns.... ~..® i. ** ** MarlUa. (ivc Oslnm SSC& utn Am.tlempWo.2 ... ■(3t3c Ite>.F*axpactine wc SI^SS' ltsLHexDonathlcg.,.*jrr tiiboord ... .>«gc Ar?.R«npßflp 2*e ManillailayEopc..Bl333o Aro.Denp Kn.l.2 J c .* -. . Utli'-LZKSKSD Or*. In small demand bat flttn at nrCTitas rvt-s. On U'ililb sni FLsraurr Oa wo Dcteadrc:inec.f Scpsrca*. Lard Oil le in fairer eupply, bat with s tecuctlon of 6c on previous quota* Mens. Weouota: Oil Il£3 .ftl* 0 B. Ilea Ltsso.d Oil j-b 01-7J Olive Oil. tnl - AkS» V kale OIIJWkB Elephant OH H? •«’*s3 LaSX-OIL **l^3 Lard oil. cure leaf. IX3 CJLbj Machine Ot: L-25 ®H® BpronOll —f* Slrccti Oil :... .. ,W « «9 CSitorOll ?s w gJ-S| itbltefish on CAHnoN OlL—Market In very limUed supply, wsiha fair tcuiuud. On prosl.m quotations we mnke an cf 2c per cal. # w «quote: ; -White »m. 110 to 1.0 test, by car toad « c-F brl »?c 1 Straw Oil. do do IRC- do Oic 1 Benzole do 51c— do e..s i iiSlON**—'ln small receipt. Market moderately I active at tf.%07.60V has ! PO'r ATOeis-In good supply, ana modcrstelT 1 active. Wcre*tce prsvicn; qooutlons 10c per bn, sedzjcprrbrl. iveqn&tc: -.. S _ IV Fo stoes» Polatots ?» It l "i. 3 7.'jtllO POP LTte. V—Cldckers axe In small receipt with a lair cecai d. Prices tcUruD.y Arm at |3.7:«1-30 per Po«-iieW Al’imo, with Dn*rr‘ a*. sP'.o.. Xann—Firm at 2i®«c r~r t to»m*-tt!e. Nossltf reported. . , W1 , , ts*!/*"—Rccc’iVOO tocaj, $,129 brhj shipped, 1,135 brie. Market quir-t and steady. We quota: Domsctic—l* * f .Fine Old Fine . Cearee ~ - G cund Solar W3.,5 Haxy.'wUh sacks ft'M !»(.!«, wuncnc i aeta Fonricir—TtirL;a Island, 9 sack 2.25,?* ?C GrommAlnm. H sack 3.£»«s SaJfSte»dnywere: B,2*obrlßO'Oudas*C'»araaand OrcnurtSolar at S3JS afloat: MO brla Onondaga Kme at 18.70 delivered on cars; i;CtO Bfcs last year’s ground £lom nt ?3.2.t }n store. ... . SEUDS*—Received today. 4302 Tbs prw ce-vs, lO.Vit- raztced. ih'pp* d,< 0,432 B< rtiusscshs. Flax eood d-naod; sales, »50 do pew at *u,i-v. TIXOTUT—;i6 Csg-* at #523. 32 ba£Batss 25, U b«gs it—The maViet is still quiet and In limited supply. Bya'Tlcte from New Yutk- rodnoa Su’ar la beic firmer, with an advance oi )io VB. there hts been to change m the prerioos quotations of the market We quote; Cuba. SlrtS-5 rortoßlco.... iSCes* a * Port’anfl... >• Y. rcflntd, powdered and granulated StjjostX Wl.lta A .7. Circle A ’ Extra , S*S?cC White B % gilt* Extra SivSslt/ Yellow C •bV®2‘K SYltDPrt AND MOLitg?EB-Io modwatJ do mane aco firm al pretent rate*. We quota : „ K.Y.Mtupa - Cuba Molasses , N*w Orleans, net? crop Phiudrithia Bee aivc ... Ba.<jioo OFICB* -Market quiet, hut very firm, In pojdm. querce of the bleb rates of Go d and Exchange. We TVowr 52® 5) K*iLERATUa—Very Arm vlth an upward ten dtpcy. We quote; Babbitts cue Ji ®!*H® r.o best r.,.....'3 ©l^e De Jisnd’a pure-. Vi^SnTiS' do oealtby «•> 1} fcijso do cl’Cmie*!.. ... .... ............12 T*A—The market is quiet, but with aovtces from J-ttv Yor* Indenting a farther afivanqa in orlc-fl, goc.da arc held firmer, but with no quotable ch-sge. Y<ftmg C Ryeon. Interior to common. B 8f1.15 ai.’O no superior to fine, V D l.ta OUj do extra V » .19; Imperial, superior tp fire, 1/5 «1.83 *Uo extra to choice. 9 B ...190 Gunpowder,suDervtrTo fine,B » «1.9J co extra to choice, PO A.OO “-Aj jjpan.nnteralUaf.lltct ex. fl.e, 9b.iAj ® m do* do - finest to tholce, 9 BIAS 0*157 Oolocg. Inferior to fine, 9 B ©l£3 co cxtiatocboic.’, 9 fi> >.*«o (5. w Eoncbcngs,9 0.. • lAj> 015 C TO BA ‘JCO—Marlct moderately active end very firm at previnm* quatatiotis We qno:e * Fin* Cm cimwiiiQ ronacco— Choice Medium Common SSIOSISO Tobacco— Ch.lcc Medium Common, stems PLro Tobacco- , „ „ Natural Leaf. •» , * 1 ‘52: , 5S SS® l nd . Choice B.ect, sccnl MeMnm.Ruuranteea 5,^?“ Ccmrrop li? TKf LiOtV—deceiv'd, 10.127 t». sbif-ped, sV,xi3 ns. iiarket In idaoequste supply. Filcea rnioarm atdunchtnced. tVe quote: „ _ prime City Fuckers* Jlty§;a>2 Country 16K9163fc YI is EG “.R—ln rood demand, with a Bte«Q» sup* ply. Prlceafirm at urevtouj rales. Wo quote: Pure cider Vinegar, * *ai .... ror.H.K CO Co -»a«c Cczn. Co do do „!«ipK WOOic—Market more active,with a supply. K’cetvco to-day IC;ten B ; shipper, 5*.«!»»*• Ou prtvl ms quotations we note an adrance of *»• c W *MHo Mcolnm Fieece, 9 CosiseFleece, ? •*, A ,®iSr“£ Factory Tub wasof d. Pa v-VV\' i » ,v, Sules tc-CBj;7fHi Tbs Arc fleece at 81.00 » BfIV.OCO ab do a' 81 CO: 2'..003 Ba do from SfCond bands at r .(5: a.C.'C BS Co at sl-07s '.,VO B» coirse atsue. *wboO—ln limited receipt. Market actlre and LIB PUR? OSr CHICAGO. ARRIVED.,.- ....Aue. 2?. Rtmr Mat Ooeen. K«l* n . two rivers rundtles. itSrMilWHOkfce, Trowell, Grand narf.D.Mina»iea. Prop ABcabany, Boynton, Grand Trareree, iso m Pro?o m j e True:t-cll, Wilson, Musreson, 90 ta lam* rropEvergrcen City. Panou, Qrcaa Bay. 41 Drls nop rfwtlte. Kaplei. St JompP, nmariu. •, pmn cfcicaco, D'-dee.Bnff-lo.antdnes. piod Free Mate, Atwood. Buffalo, sundries. i>n:n sou. Jonts, ramia. eonories. Sbr Hornet, Oliver, St Paul’s Pier. SO els wood. cShr Monet-on, Steilire. I’entwaw.r. no m srerPauUce, Hajeo.Sheboygan, 130 eda wood.. Kfhr.lentlebel. Tweed?. *hebqyirar>. Do cds wood. erhr oimr Culver, T>hea:iu Bay C.ty, 2W m l&tb, fet iyr,m staves. Ecbr Sutherland, Saimchaal, Kalamazoo, Cl crus BrhjGmdf, Bobbins,3t Jctupb.4omlumber. 6*hr2C flasopsbitt, Lcng, Jeuntcg’s Pier, 71 erds p r h« wnuVwlcd SmUb, Su»bojwu.lPO rrda worl. fictr Helen Bleed, Keea. WUaitson’i Pier, 110 erds Schr Bam Cedarßiver, UOm lumbe*. Fifelir.O'ASsr, >lt:2r-Pepn,'.o m lembtr. „ ScLrPpertur, Vandcibrrz. Pijjton Crece, S3 c:ua Bot*s, Btr-e’.fiy, Gre n 3asb,S3cr2» WOOd. CLEARED Anen‘tS-9. Ptmr Vey Queen, Keith Two Bhreti, nndrica. „ ptod JJoDigcm-iy. Gillies, naruia, i,530 brls flour tnainidrtea Prct»Yevmt«,>.apsEr t St..- , o!epb.Bunanos. P’cn*T'rer»ea city, Parson?, Buffalo, 15J2-5 bn co.n.i.TSObrlaUouratdßuudnei. Prop Dean .Richmond, Bumase. mtfal?, 22, whea*,9.vcobrl«aau» stdaundn**. . * Prco Plymouth. Dickson, Bctfato, 13/09 ba wheat, etdeundrtei, Prop *HObAPj, Bcsnier.Grand Travel, u|„ B&lt Chicagoßoardol Trade, Belt, Bnfl*l-J. Bl » S5J ° n Eerl fvmenor. Gotham. Buffalo 2-3,000 bn wheal. B-rc Sunrße, Ha' 1 , Buffalo, S|,T75 i,n ruts. Baric Oeraßme, Camming, Buffalo. ‘4 SHituCora. EtigYoncz America, Duncenaon, Buffe-o, i-W-' cu wheat. SchrAeliougee.Grlffln, Buffalo, 19.0C0 bawhaet. Scbr Dick comers. Afts-rman to Da cjro * feebr Rival, BoUine,Boff«lo.lS33Cba whws. Bcbr Maple Leaf, ‘mrtia, viflweea, '3^oo' ucsvn, Bcbr Ph«igTone,Oeom,Bßff«lo,l?,Mo«meorn. Bcir Jctepb Grant, Food, Buffalo, iM»b® Scbr F.-Jing Cloud, Borland, Oswego. 12,W» wUeftl * LIST OF LETTERS ‘•LETTETiS Ttevarvisn UNCLAIMED in the Pose Office at Chicago, State of nilntla.ontneZJth C |^ lm To obtain any of theeo letters, ihe applicant nest call lor • adtzbtissd Lirrsas, giro toe <H.a of thu U*t, and pay one cent for Rdvernanz. rjf**!! not «;sl!cd for ■vriinin oss Mosrn, th*y will be sent to Uw UeidLrMer Office nr-* Letters arc not advsrtlicd until they liave re maincdln the office one wejt . •■ j. DIETCCT letters pliiny to the £tr-:el son -• bcr. sswtl! ftsihepostcfficoamiStats. *•2. liEXd ;e*tcr?wlth the ■writer’s Post Orrics andSfATr.sTEErrand nearest, slza Loa p.amir with ful re lie. and request tha arswer? u» do uirec** e *‘^ u strain: era cr transient visitors In a tennor city, whose special adOrei* maybe unknown, tlr old K marked, m the lOTerlUt-bnzd corner, with the wrrd ‘Transient.* . „ •* i. Place the postas- 1 srasipoa the uppxs -Max ham> corner, ana lsave space be two an the stamp and dircf unfur without latenerino to Uie writer, If unclaimed within S3 or leas, v. rl: ten or printed with tao writer's rfA3 r, ojr of fice, ard state, across the kfl hard end of theca* TUone. on the uce side, will bo compiled with at -«>e uacslr-tepaidratcof p:stsse, payable when tsefeC; ter n uehytrch to the writer. —&ee.23, wwcf jSoo. ..... »l« M x'.ud ...... 15/0 .... 14.01 .ti JT.'H tABISS? tB?. A'-'amK T.»wl: V >tn Anis-fo • Cbris'Jae* AcamsF/asrCima or# Ata»tl.p«c«racl*f .wi'itxs?a>lTJ mn Al:rT.- Merr A mrs A' wi.ll-.rn mrs ■ At.di«:n J*nne cJ:i ' Vt-7>r<*ri.isitua2 Ande eoaßaiymra Al'tL FOoiia A"dcr:o t Miry S mra Al'e.-* Arn«MJaa*-Tis3 AU-i* I‘a?na** J cks Acninw-U *£Ule iar»2 Aitlircrc aßiuja A‘Qsy fl-ltce Mnryntr* A3?li Nancy ora Arm-frcie UHries c mrs AvenlK Maiy A At- 1 t,w* G- ori lau •. Avyy Poc'-t)? uitai Ar drowß Can I' c:t? A'2l€rL-.rrH m’at Aiid«rs.niLil*:lU& mra AviaElla mis i J mra B:e?a JcTiclemiM BibocctCi-rOfl-aS mice Johannamlaa Baldwin Cmrolvne mrs Bond Johu nrs . 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