Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 22, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 22, 1864 Page 4
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(O)iraga tribune. MONDAY, AUGUST 22. 186 L THE CITY. Cocktt Court.—Tie County Court bs* ad jonmtd until Monday, August 29th at s P. M. ArroiKncEr,Ts.—B. Stephenson has been ar polLted cigar inspector lor District, and Si mon Quinlan tobacco Inspector. State Street Bnnxn: —The City Engineer was on Sstnida* enyaced in laying down the “lines” for the bridge to beboUt over the river at State imoiTKP.-Vrstcrdaymoniing about two o’clock an officer discovered a man eboulcenng a trank in 8 dark alley in the North Otwaion, and gave chase. The fellow dropped his phmrter and escaped. The trunk is at the Central Police station. Xirowked.—Willard D. Bradley, a boy sis -rears old, was Crowt ed while bathing in the harbor near the Lighthouse, on Friday afmrnooa. Aninoncst waa held on Satorcay, and a verdict rendered in accordance with the faers. Armivai. or Solduxs.—Yesterday a regiment of aoloiers matte np of rebel deserters, cn route far St. Paul, Minnesota, to take part iu the campaign against the Indians reached this city Thevwcre hospitably entertained at the Soldiers’ lie f t and last evening left for their destination. ' DEDICATIOK AEJ> rrSTTVAI, at Bezdqepokt.— The new hull ol Good Templar? in Bridgeport la now completed, and will be dedicated to the cause of temperance next Wednesday evening. All the Datcmityofthe cltr are cordially invited. Boats wll: leave Singer & Talcott’e dock, f»ol of Jackson *trc-et at CK o’clock to convey passtmgers to and tom Bridgeport lor cents round trip; Foukcuj.'o,—A little infant, supposed to he al out three day t* old, wae fonud about M. ia»t night, on %TarJilng‘.ra street, corner of the alley, between State and Wabash. Notice was c *s.s hcadqcartera, and Major Yelvcrton t< ok the little waif in and had It cared for A baeket well filled with 'he nuest of clothes "wa« iimnc with Use lltUe inlant ne will eee that it ehaimet Buffer. Sou>i£B*a Hoax.— I The childreamcan to soatain it. A tew young misses In the South Division got up a fair, which wa* held on last Thursday evenin'’- at the residence of llev. Dr. Eddy, of the ATarJh' irtsiem Advocate. The occasion waa eo pleasant that the neighbors dct*lr-d I's reoetinon and the st-watd hai d.-ome rtsUmceot Ur. B. Cliucsy was oppce'i, and the children had a grand time They have clean d about S4O for the Home. Well done. Let other* do likewise. Otm Cjtt Octeksvekt.—A bctutlfol exempli fication of |he care exercised over the sanitary in* tcrests of the city, by those in authority, tifnr nitfccd in ths flirt that nothing bis jet been done towards removing the manure from the hydrants, which was placed around them last fall to keep them from treating. We have had an nncsnaUy hot summer, and that vile stuff nas been allowed to He there and rot, poisoning the air with its cfllu via. Wc suppose they intend to let it lie th*re now in readiness for next winter. Who is to blame? CocnECTioKa.—Mrs. Sayre, Secretary of the Board oi Managers of the So.dicr’s Home, wishes na lo say that the man referred to In her report as being “unable to see tic utility of eneb an insti tution.” is not a merchant, at present engaged la businef s, bnl a wealthy man who has- some time since retired from bnripcs*, sad uwna a large amount of property. She wishes also to state that the ciedit of tarnishing the wood reported is principally due to Colonel Anon, oftha Michigan Central Bcilroao Company, simply deliverin'* if to the ‘•Home.” “ Sejectcc o t Cigars.— Collector Schneider seized a stock cf about three hundred thousand cigars on Saturday morning m the store of S. Leopold, cor ner of Deuri>om and South Water street forviola r.ots o! tbi revenue law. Itis due to Mr. Leopold to say that be is entirely innocent of any intention to aciraod. Itoas inadvertently stated iu Sunday’* Issue lh*l Mr. Leopold w!.s »hc agent of Mavers & Sous of New York. This re cot correct, 'The goods were purchased of Messers. Mayer*. Tuey were et-izid b» order cf Mr. Briggs, apecial agent of the Treasury Department. Iter.—Afire broke cat on Saturday evening about half past 7 o'clockiu tbclager-becr boarding bouse kept J»y Conrad Cohlnan os Mich igan btrcct scar tie connr ol Dearborn. The building Is a frame cue and was first discov ered to oc on Grc IkUwccu tie plaster and wood* work near the fine o- an irouaigeiove which was ova bested at the time. An alarm was given and tbc engines were spudily on ike spot. In the mean ilmo the whole of the fanitore bsd been conveyed upon the adjacent sid.-walk. The balla de? is on’y partially dft;r(>yt!d,s OJ being the ex tent of the damage, which Is covered by iLt-oraace*' Douglas Mokuwext.— The model for the Doug las monument, prepared by L. W. Volk, the anlsr, has been liiboiTspncd in beautiful style, and cop its cf It ma> cow be obtained at McN - ally's Walsh's, and O’Bntu’e picture st ore on Dearborn street. Price SUSO for large copies, and 'Ac each for cartes. The monnnuentwili .be one hundred feet in height. We m*cd no: attempt to describe it, as a tar more accurate idea can be formed from the picture of this ornament to the State, and tes timonial ol honor to Departed greatness. The profits on the sale will go to swell the foods of the Monument Association. The purchaser will thus not only become the possessor of a really valuable picture, but eld in hastening the time when the monument liself -hall rear its stately bead heavenward nod point to all tt>e place where He the remains of toe “Immortal Don las.’* Fornnk—On the morning of Tuesday last a pre possessing young lady of twenty, Miss Ne’lle For est, left the house of her father, on the comer of Larrebce and Sophie streets, in the North Divi sion, quite mysteriously. She had gone on*. und*r the pretext of taking a dress 10 tcedytrs, and nothin? was thoutrlit of h -rabreoceat rtioLcriimc. V hen she failed to return at dars the family was thoroughly alarmed. The la?k of dl-cortrin* her was enrmsttd to skillful detectives, who searched the city high and low, vMUne the haaots of vice and dissipation, aud acting upon the supposition that she had ent red «-nh of the dens ol infamy w*th which our city abounds. Their aeirch was unavailing, and oa Saturmy their eadeirors w<*re about losing riven up in dispalr. ween Information was received by her parents * cat sue was lu Mil. wsnkce. Either they went on the first ?ra:n, aud in the cvcn-nu brought tho wanderer home aga ; a. The occasion of her abrupt deparrure was alle Ved ilMrea'ment on the part of her t ithcr. Scubtitcteb ron the Navt. —The announce ment that substrates udisMog in the navy are re quired to enter fon&rco scare, while those cater ing the army as substitutes may co so for one, two or three yeara, excites some curprise, aud several inquiries have btcu eddrensca to us in reference thereto. It sccme probable that the Intention of the two Departments war to cover the service due on former calif, which were fur three year*, and tbatitwos not intended to apply to substitutes for men liable only to draft under tho present calk If this view be correct, -tuen those States which have filled ah previous call® will not be obliged to send enbslUuteb to the pavj- for more than one year, whitethoee States which have nat filled pre vious calls, tbonld be considered as owin'* the balance on those first. a?jd be coiled upon to fill trem both, with regard to romber and time. Bat this is only cn opinion. Perhaos the visit of Ad jutant-General Fu ier, on Monday, to Chicago, will enable ns to anewer the question authoritatively. Soldiers’ Fajheils,—Day by day the summer wears away, and retiring Is being done towards providing tor the care of soldier*’ families duriug tbc winter, except the weekly stipends paid by the dty—allowances which, however acceptable aud praiseworthy, arc manifestly inadequate to rap port life in tne winter eearon. Wc bear it intimat ed tbat there are vtry many tentlemoa in the city who are anxious thst should be done and are willing to aid, but no one has yet Inaugu rated tbc movement. We want someoody to take right bold and otoers will follow. It will soon be next to impossib'e to btlng in tuel from the ennp try, andvntboiuit thK])uorcrea'nros will freeze to death. Let it not be forgotten tbat those families sot belonging to Board of Trade regiments have rcarcely tmjthing between them and death next winter, unless provision be made tor thea'beiorc tbc colo weather eels m. Bcctmnr Agmsst Tharel? now la Chicago an org-.nlzcd gang of burglars, the mea here bare defied de cctljo. It probabl) coubltu* ol not more than three persons, bat they arc experts. They teoatorcly a'mosUx clDßlvelr on the nippers \ir ira-niug a-Jnri-'slja in* to dwellings. These nippers are so formed a* that one can take holo of a narre; of a key left in the lock from the iueidc. and tnm it round lx. «i'hc* direction. The pumic ban ofieu been warned against - leaving keys in the door at night: it is much eater to take ft out, as tbo burglar tben ie- Soiree at least e key before be cun open the door. mtiiodoorßhoula be left non- without a bolt, pood and strong. Very few locks are burglnr proof. Citizens ehonld eee to It that door- and windows an* properly fastened; whits the police should esc to It that these be bnn»cd down a? rapidly as poas ble. Every day’s delay only increases tbelos?; a bouse has been broken into nearly every nlsbt lor weeks past. Gotm at 2jC—Forc’gn exchange 303 and import duties 80 per cent (in goto), and one would sno poee that the jewelry stores would find but few patrons, eepoclally for forelcn watches and jew elry; and we arc uot surprised to see our ladies adorned with dry none, wood and painted ivory. Almost every loaieb Indy we meet In New York or Chicago, tuts a Luge ball ineaco ear, a chunk on each arm, her dress buttoned up and fastened with a brooch of ivory, aud her head adorned with bits of the same. The ouiyczception to the quietness among the jewe'ere is at Giles, Bro, & 00, who are head quarters lor American watches, and well known In New York as manufacturers of a fine cla«a ofjewelry. Their store u always lull, and those wbo have been driven to bene aud wood by the high prices and Dame Fashion, will find a beauti ful relief In tfeir stock, which we presume must be reasonable, compared with the ruling hleh prices among other dealers. Mturonr Intelligence,— On Friday evening, twenty-one men belonging to various Minnesota t* gimecU am ved at the Rest from Little Rock, Art*, inchnrce 01 Beret. F. 1L LUUe. For some time past uier have been m detached ser co' t to the front, ShorUy alter the arrival or the last named eonad twcnty nremtnorthc SfTih Wisconsin Infantry also from Little Rock ; came in, nnder the com! mind of Capt. Joseph Franklin. Fifteen of their number are on lnrloai;ha. und the remainder win be engaged in recruit idz in charge of a Lieutenant. Ten men of the 3d Wi-consin cavalry arriverton Satnrdaj morning ’rotn Maoisoa, in charge ot Cam J. P. Moore. of them were pah-iitcirs’ They left yesterday afternoon lor Cairo en route for tue &Obh Ttvthe men ol varloas regiments reach'd the Rest on Sa'urdsy morning from OoHmons, * >hlo en route for ice iront. Tto> were commandei by 6ergt.C C limmu, of the 121 th Ohio volunteer infantry, and left the city use evening. Gul. u. Matrison, cf iheSd Minnesota, on Fri day telegraphed from Cairo that ms regiment was <n route tor Chicago. Tbe command numbers two hundred and thirty men—many of whom are sick. DisarpEAsavcx.—The citizens of a highly re- Bpcciahle locality in the West Division are iulecße lf excited at the mysterious disappearance of a daughter of one ol the most' respectable and wealthy tamlUvs ef the neighborhood—a youag lady eighteen years old, well educattd and highly accomplished. Her name is Mies 13 n. We do not give it lo lull iur utviiin* reasons. On the morning other and the morning of tbs day ehe bLodig have been mtrried. she left tbe bouse opoh a tnvlul errand, ai.d up to the present writing cas not reimn-d The city detectives have looked for her ic every conceivable place where it was likely she would be concealed, hat so far without a cine to her whereabouts. It is known that she b»d entered into was distatefnl, and brought shout solely by pareu tal influence a* d suibonty. Where the pa»r crea ture is now sojourning no one ItnicluiP. it u feared that she hes become an inmate of one or the rtltcd uaJeces of hf-H. for which our cuy is dietia pniebofL but .this le altogether a rnrmlee. Her mendsfav that her pure wvmanly aa'cre. and her nflncd moral scurlbiiltles, would ne all powerful 10 induce her to avolo such a cour»e ot Ire. We treat it may be so, andth*>t she may soon ; e re stored to her once hippy home. There I* a highly instructive mere! to be drawa from incidents Use these, which will readily suggest Itsjl. to our readers COPPERHEAD GATHERING. A Bis-failed Mass Heeling of Working Hen A Convocation of Soreb»*ffs—Ha rangn's byllie Banshee Tamer tod Olliers—Speakers on the Etmpige-Cop pery Kesoiations —A Few Sug gestions. Bryan Hall was closely picked with working men connected with the different trades brganiza tiouacf the city, and here and there a politician auo wire-puller, on Saturday night, in response to a cull published in the dally papers. The object for which the meeting was convened was not dearly set forth In that ca!L ‘ The Impression pained ground In the latter part of the day that it was Intended to Inau gurate a political movement ol soma kind—an im prteticn larptly etrer.cthcned by the announce mtnt that Hon. E. W, McComaa, of Banshee lame, •and Edward Bchlager, of the German Dhiwinesval paper, were to address toem noon the outvof the ' workli‘2 men of the city in reference to the politi cal, military and monetary crimes oi the hour Ite exercises were opened with excellent music by the Great Western Band, utter which Geo K- HcEiltt, President ot the Typographical Union. Bad President of the Trades Assembly, invited the delegates from each trades-orgsmzation to seats upon the platform, and then briefly addre-«ei his Idlew wort men. M. Hazli'.t sniff that a few weeks ago the work irg men ot Chicago, then weak and disunited. a»- scmbled In BryanHaU to forma Trades Union, ho one famdtar w:th the number with which they hadl etuc ths movement wond for a moment have imagined that it .would in so short a time biive assumed such hnre TH3 nuitv pf purpr se,’and the harmony that had distinguish ed their deliberations in this war aramst capital, which the Working men of the city are now wag inr. hid ißrcxccedechis own expectations, and every expectation of his In his opinion, there wa» not to bo found among all ihe working men of tbiccco a traitor. - Every man was loral and patriotic, and anxious tor the perpetuity"of the Government, and the muinicnancs of its laws ard institutions. One of the city papers bad seen fit to dictate to the workingmen -hehi-o of policy proper to be adupieo. lie considered this a piece of inexcusable impertinence. The worklncmeuof ibis city could nocbedic r aicd to by any man or men on the lace ol the earth, and conic not fce need by any party or any press. While he admlUedtbat a’l had their political notions and prejudices, herald that for tee once they were disposed to givetbi-m the go by, and drop them altogether, if by so doln" they could better >crvo their interests in this gigantic war.of cuidtsl against labor. No party or parly press could asfume to ept-ak for them. They had nn organ in th- ir interest, audit alone was con sidered an authoritative exponent of their prin ciples. The expediency of combining all the working men of Culrago Into olc great political party had lens been dlscuastd In ibetr assembly, aod they had arrived at the conclusion that row was the lime and the hoar for action.- The work ii-g men Lad for all time been the too.c of the politicians; cmolditcs lor office had always come to them just before election, when they wanted their HI powerful assistance to place them into power; but once in, they uniformly lor cot those by whose t-ui&ages thev were e’ovated. lie said that in the whole history of this nation, not a sinele measure calculated to benefit labor, bad ever received a moment's attention at th*-ir bauds. Their legislation was uniformly on the side of capital; legislators were always ready to cause the drainage of swamp lands, for the beaeflt of the county oi Sangamon, sod to Oig ditches and construct izndortant works that wotud make the lands of the rich man Jones more va'nab’e, but not an act would they be induced to pass for the benefit of the poor man. Their endeavors were always on the side of capital, and against labor. In hie opition there had been quite enough ol till* thing, ard that a period might be Jilaccd to tN-se outrages they had decided to onn ihtmstlver in os great political party that should be able to place the exponents of their principle* in office. He said it was not to be pecti-o that in this moment tb-re shou'd bo entire unanimity Some cou'fl not pet over Iheir old party and po ltlcal prejudice*, but, if the working men did ut,i choose to sanction this movement he counselled them in any event to st<md firm to their rcclety organizations. The present was a grave crii-la in bur nation’s history. Grim war war abroad in our borders, and the hind of brother was rab*d against The present great conflict was a conflict among workingmen. Th i«e art* tbrv upon wcom the Gvrerament redes lo fill our ctuills and to man cur ships of war. He re feneo to id*: euormors cost of the war, and the borders ol taxation, every dollar of which came cut of the blood und toll 'of tbs wortr lugtnan. He t*pjkc of the relative posi tion lon'racicre, capitalists and wcrklug meu occnnied iu this great tmluuai Etragile, and said that while the former were robin" in lusnryacd accumulating wedlh, the latter were yit-ldii.g up their lives by countless thousands jhe cnplralUts wa* takiog the depredated enr remy of the country, which waa gooff enough for theworktne man to dve upon, and converting it in: o tic golc-lnterest-bparlug l>oud* of i ce coun jy and when tils war is ended,-cnJ prosperity aad l>tacc ouce more r«.t upon the nation, all tlic rctl raouev of the country will he ♦oundln their hands. The and bicod of the working man is relied upon to raj the Interest, rmd ultimately the pr.n clpal. He broadly hinted that the r.-tnedy for ail tlictc evils !a> in repudiation. He dw*tlt upon this point at rAii.«idvn.blo le .-ta, and his aentt ment* were londly oppiandcd. Uesa-.d that fev working mm were *ibl« to ind-catc in prap“r SLd forcible la* policy that should shape their action, ard he had called upon men of mind, who had coi-senu-d to frame a act ol resolutions and construct a piavlorm for them. Two of these maktei tnli-ds woold addres* the as-emhlr thM evening, ard h« remedied his audience to listen to them careml'y. and take them tor what they wervwortti. Be recommended firmness and unity ot purpose, ono said that with these the course of the working men would surely and ultimately iri tmpp. lit then introduced Hon. E. W, McComas, who, he said, was the tried friend of the working mat-! and he verily believed, the choicest spirit oa God’s earth. BEXaEES OP HOK. £. w. U'COMiS. Mr. McComas said that be had had the privilege on a former occasion to address them upon the dignity ol labor and the necessity of combining to secure a fair price lor a lair day’s labor. Bespoke then as he spoke now, from the honest impulses of his heart. He recapitulated to some extent the advarlhges derivable from associative effort, allegations aticargnm»-ut«> used in his former ad dress. He was glad to know that his advice then given Lad been heeded by the workingmen of Chicago, aid That they were In a fair way to re ceive the utmost ol tt eir demand, lie prop ped to talk upon anoihcrsdbjec*. he said, to-night—a subject in which they wire each and every oa« of thcmpinonaliyin'ercsicd. Bow he would be able to exert hie preper influence in tint govern ment that was nphsW by his efforts was 'he thought taatwa* ever uppermost In the heirt of every workingman. lie thought it likely that nary of iho-epresent would differ from h>a la Lis cuunciatfo- s of the policy, vralchin his or>h ton should state ihtlr conduct, but whetuer taey thf.nghiproj irtogo with him to the extent of his political views or not, they should 000 atd all stand by tbeir society organliation. These or* conizations were ofvost Importance to the work ingman, bnu uly effective to provide against im mediate starvation, tic asked why did the Government exhibit this enormous tendency to pander to tbc wealthy and the lew ? The ever lasting Mo-neb oi aristocracy—Honey—takes ho'd of the Government, and through it the people were ground to powder. Tac founders ol this Govern ment of cure, in that glorious Eevolution which gave ns our national independence, adopted a® the cardinal principle of tbeir polhica' ial-h, that all mi n were equal In point of law, and that the Gov eximcnt ie nude for the people, the poor an well as the rich. Be referred to the fact that the people of the country bad branded with their disapproba tion the notlor- of national banks ana high tariffs* but in this terrible crisis the country had returned to a hundred-told worse than their old-time condi tion. Thecountrywasbdngdestroycd as by the overflow of a v.Jcauo. He said Ihe rich were the real power in the nation, ana insisted that the clergy, the mco of education and influence, and above all the press, were leagued with the Government to destroy the people. Tho laborers of the country were the harvest whereon they reaped. Be recounted ;the tricks of politi cians to secure the votes of the workers, and in. titled that the im-tacce was not on record, when after election they bad redeemed their promises’ The remedv lay in the peoples insisting that they should have a baud in the construction of toe Government. He advised the selection of candi dates from their own rauks if they could find avail able talent. If not, they should go onteUe of themselves, but in ail cases insist upon a Just ap preciation of their rights and importance. lie avid that it had been hinted that he had advocated to canse of tabor against capital for personal mo tives. To tlusinsina lion he gave emphatic-de nsl and mic tlm in no event would be be ciudi date for oflle at the hands of the people. If he was cvrr induced to commit such folly, he asked as an especial favor that the working men should vote against him.. Tbc country was in revolution, and the people, the wiiikibg men, mue* take It in hand t hen-elves, ortlicy und children were slaves for al. time to ccmc. There are now j ending results, which nothing but their mot» sogsclons wisdom can avrrr. They do rot mud whvte they did five year? ago. Tola country was tbeu possessed ol every merns of happiness, iree from public «ebt as a aatra, the home ot «he oppressed of all anions and lauds. Be would not speak ol any pariy. but facts mast betpld.ltt them cut where they will. No-.vvoa are in ihi: m.dst «.f a war of a moat disastrous and lime fur ruinous character. tConusion.l For fcarycar«tlie gnat American p;*onle have stood stetledagiiLS' each oUnr, destroying each otter by .he hm-drsdsef thoci'audg. without one word ot rtcot clliaUou. Two millions of men have, hecncilli d-totbc battle field, and now the North calls lor SOtUKO more. Ttuy were at that point when every thinking man mua; stand sndpia»e upon the verge t-f ruin, three to four mUloua of debt nccumnlctinc face day. and thousands of limncrtnl eoula dally sacrificed, and yet sopaoer. T**, the* bad paused, for he saw that the good old State of MassaehUßette was wavering In b< r enthusiasm. He then read from the Chica go Tkikckb a notice of a meeting betweeu Bon. lleniy Wilson and ilr. Fessenden, Secretary ol the Treasury, tn which it was stated that rhe require meets of the people demanded peace. Abraham Lincoln, from three different sources had shown that he thought of taking the same step, and even Democrats, were showing that they were of the same opinion. They were told from tic War Department when States complained of the manner ia which this draft has beta arranged, that they cannot credit them on this draft, but will do so on the next. ißfprep, cheers and the greatest confusion, men Irom every part of the room questioning the right of the speaker to advance his traitorous opinion?, j This step of the War Department, he continued, showed that the Government an ticipated a Jong continuance of these **»«« for men. There. therefore, were two things for them to safely consider. First, to have peace at any haz ards, or. secondly, to try if they could not settle the matter without fighting. [Tremendous confu sion.! At this etage of the proceedings several men rose from the body of the meeting, protesting acamet the spenker’s Uorancue, who, among con siderable contusion, silenced them with eloquent sarcasm, The speaker continued that he had dia posed cf this war. invoice—“ Were you ever at It,” and confusion,) and be wished taem to pause on this verge of rain, and see it they cmld not peace ably have the old Union of hearts. Regarding the t) he did not wish to see him a slave, and he liked a nlcger very ranch in bis place. Whether they w»llvd it or not, the colored race must speed er he free, and the only question was, what they ° vl ;b him when they got him free. He did not believe the negro was as po , c 2«S?n»«l ra t?°T* f 2£ he ( l^e negro) was not jet But le. him have a chance to prove his manhood and social statu?. He thought no voay knew whM they were scire to do with trim, or vtiat '.lie negro wa» coin; to do with himself perbep-go back to Africa. McComas next adverted to the taxation question. Let them consider that if the war wa" lo end to-flay they won d have a debt upon them of S4OOOOOOOO. Jonn Quincy Adams wL cSid ler Presitn-nt because ol his extravagance. When he spent $23,000,000 per annum, this debt mart he paid, with its interest. In gold, and from the pockets of the poor man; for every t»qi in taxed alike, rich and poor. If the rich man was taxed on his goods, he Increased thdr price, so that real y the whole taxation will fall upon the work ingman. Labor then wi.’l be ground down to the dust like slaves. It was wrong, be believed, to tax specific articles, for the tax'tell equally on the poor man at-d millionaire. Let Congress drop their expensive discussion* on tarifis, and work justly. They should exempt ail farm property ard place a tax on capital. The speaker, at con sidcrable length, abased the present state of afiaire, arguing throughout, ' the question of capital vewu labor—from a labor stand-point. In conclusion, be advised the’ foundation of free Poly: ethnic schools, and wound up by round, y abasing the laws generally and moving the appointment of eixto study the ques tion thoroughly, and draft resolutions lor the con sideration of the meeting. The morion was carried unanimously. COSUGTTEX ON BE3OLUTIOKS. The chair appointed tbe following as the com tmtue: Mtsm. Dtebro. of the Coopers Union; Broaobeut, of thu Machinists; Inrlng, of the Car rlsgcMakers; Dooley, of the Bikers* Mv"r« of ItcrabucilWicra; and Woa;h ot tui Brertren ollnorootLosrtl. . . F.E2IABK9 OT MB. ECHLAGZR. Edvrarc Schlager. the editor of the Germ-- aig. p.fctneot of { be rnrhimpnefi’s Adto-a'e u*xt took the eland. He apokeat letre-h oa the atiity o. thtirtcjunand the usefulness of lallin •» bacs opoa the o.d political parties, w'jo. be said, man be trade to obey the tovereicn wll-.oflhepeapfr. This wets, the men before hint must d-.‘, aad change the .airs to the interest of the vrorkto" c iueci., A law, be d«flu,-d to be . tlie ol the interests of ihe few, nio tl:our J, to mate It; corroborating hi, views by trom the work of the “ great audnob.e Theodore Parker ” The life of the na tion be considered to be the workingmen, and in aunthnatiug largnste condemned the present G .?lS MC ' n i£ H(il, * w ‘‘P 6 P rrß » aod every ptber ta autution. The war nttween Capital end Labor ban already begun Id this city, though the nipera were afraid to slate lu This battle commenced with the Importation of elxtr B-Maa mi duciete by the Illinois Central Railroad Company. Their igucrng the impending contest, Mr. slater lamented at length. the were tasntfou'oi' the country, which be thought "round oown the people of tb!« nation below those of anv other. Tbequcftlon ol who is to pay this devolves with them and their dc ermloed action. At this point Mr, Bchlccu was interrupted bj the introduction ot the followit-" resolctioss. Whereas. AH experience bath scotu, that du rir-c the bug ages In which humanity has been governed by force, frsudaud money, the undoubted tendency o> all govcrmnec-t; and the governing classes fa to become corrupt, enfeebled and op pressive, end to demand radical reform, to save toddy irem decay anddeath; and ■WnrrgAs, All reformations which hive puriflid aid given new progress and lire to the nations, have originated from the ranks of the still tu corrupted people And, whcrca?, we find oursvlvt-s ncllrg in the midst of a stupendous revolution, fraught with the destinies of our own people, cud in a large decree with the hopfß of the human race—a revolution, who-e significance, the old political parties seem lecipa h e of appreciating ard appropriating—therefore. Resolve-** Tea* we the true people do hereby In augurate a new party, with new aspiration and pew hope-*, whose watchword shall be “Labor”— whose basis shall be the still nncorrupted “people,” and whose atm and destiny ic shall be, to n geo crate the nation, advance chillzation, equalize tha burdens and rewards of society, extend and estab- Hfhthefraternity.llbcrtyand prosperity and do tetmtned effort, to inaugurate the reign of mm IntUad ol money, end Whereas, We are hsppyto believe that tlave labor is. by the inexorable law of events. In th: procesi- oi spiedy, certain, and unregreted ex tinction, whatever may be the result of the pres ent war; Therefore. Reidud* That we acce;it this great fact, in the pTurd uirrch ot htunanlty, and pledge ourselves as flur- cventa thail develop themselves, to be governed by the highest principles of civilization and progress, »rd eo *hapo our action as to se csre the rights and the interests and happiness of both the white and the blackfaces* and. w DEEEA6, Waiving all questions as to the cause ofonrprcsent trouble*, we find ourselves lathe m:d?toi antiiverealandcruel war, with m*n of our cwji race, of our own rc.igion, au-J chiefly sons and pranoaon? of the glorious ola' rcyo ctioriHta who achieved our independence—a war which no einceresnapeacciol effort has been made to ar rest ; a war which ras already coat the most stu pendous and appallicg amount of misery ana of unman blood and treasure, ofany war yet known strong mankind; a war which gives no prom i«e of an cud to Us drafts upon the li boring people, - and whose continuance meet add additional tributaries to the cccan of b!ood already shed, additional mourner* to the millions already in black, and additional billions of money, to the absolutely appalling debt already fastened on -us, and which Inds fair to fiua ly end, even il wo triumph, in common bankruptcy and rain of noth sections of the coun try, and the probable overthrow of our common lUx-rltea: and, Whereas, Popular opinion, both North and South, has indicated a willingness upon the part of the people to suspend to-tilities and accept lc?i> cruel und desperate means of adjustment la obedience, therefore, to this humane impulse Retched* That we will consent and agree to an armistice, ar d the c-ill of a national convention, whose aoty it shall be to peaceably recognize the rr.t-nata rt-rnablith the rights of the States ,ai-d people iu such manner sa shall be con'istert wi’b ibcrlchtv, honor.-lnterest and happiness of the whole rzorLK; and. Wiiejjka.?, The revolution achieved by onr fatter-, was a signal protestagaiost alldi-tinction of cluacee. and justly and wisely iuangarateu the reign of •.he maj- rily, lor the good of the greatest number: arid >\nznEA?, Capital and wealth, contrary to ihe fpintof our u-siirariois, end in deffance of the Plain nclitP and interests ol the people, have through their tuoitsand-tuld Instruments of power obtal? cd abfolote cottrol of oar Government Us oIE cop and pstronai’P, and througn »he agency of our own pre-tfenoed representative* nod aerraart*, Invetusccit thclnstiomeiit for foaicringcaoital at the txiieuvc of labor, and of pHndering to the ol money while U ntterlvsuhverfs or tcj-Jerth, the rights and interest of men; there fore Evolved, That we shall Insist npou re-torlug lai-crincni*n, and the great mass of the people, to their jnbt tights and t-npremacy as the majority, at d make enr goveremeut in fact what oar lAih n rs made it in theory; and that while wedenonace all war of c u a fC*, except In tclf-deftnce, we rc*«rd it as no warof clarsee to wrest the control of our happiness and destinv from the corrupt and selfi«h ouminarion of capital, and to compel tne laws to be ju.-l to labor. AVeeuea*. The present war was not caused by the inhering men ot the North, ncr fought under their direction, nor continued for their interests— tbeir only part being to bear Ita bmdena ana shed their bleed In the rank?, and Whereas, The national bonds ar: almo«t er lirtly held by onr own citizens of«xtreme wealth, andcotis'icutcin their bauds chiefly profit*, r£ eelved t-j them during, and from the war, often fraudulent, and always enormous and ex’ort onatcl and when tveu held by the fairest, have Deco pur cbmed at ilfle over onc-thlrdbf what thebonds call for ir cold-and Wbebius. We recard It shameful, to transmit a less bright Inheritance to oar children than we re ceived irom our ancestors; therefore Eetolrtd. That labor is unaUe to p«v, without utter car lavement, and onght aotto De'comoellcd topey the wardebtol the cation; but that capi talists, ahoodj contractors and specolitors, who have letn j.rowinc fat on the people’s rum, shall be taxed to pay loth debt and interest; and to forestall the cerain attempt to be made by them, to indirectly recharge the taxes back on labor, that tho wealth hcaidcd la government bonds should be taxed .r-nch percentage as will certainly and flu oily pay off the hondo. ar-d such tax shall stand as a credit on the bond itself, aud to that extent ex- Ur guish tt. And, Vibcicas. All taxation ha? heretofore been bid to conserve the interests of tae rich, ana in such manner that labor not onl; fought the battles and peril-need the work, hut pain directly a most In iquitous proportion of the taxes, and indirectly the wbole: and Whereas, Evi ry man should contribute to tho iDalutiicaijce of bis government oat of that which Lc has, and in proportion to bis ability: aud Whereas, It to but jnet, that while the strong ana cf labor is compdlertto flebt the battles and do the drudging tolls ol life, that capital should pay its money; md wiieeelab. All damp duties and specific taxes on articles of coLsumptlon which are used alike by the pcor and rich, are unjust and oppressive to the last degree, and have been devised solely to cover up tbt d< e'en to favor c’usscs and section?, avd make labor near the burdens of government ouCofthiir hard ctrncd plaice*. Therefore, P.cfdted, That ai! taxes of the general govsm inent should oa levied by way of per cectace oa wealth and income* .these being the true dements innlcatiugamau’s aUUty to pay : and that they shall be so Isld as to give no advantage, prefer ence-, or iKmtity to one section of ihe coantryover the other; and that, as ama - .terof policy and jus tice, tflfcrminjlandf, and the bumble “states and jDcoiLfcfl oi the poor, should be exempt from tax ation by the central government. And, Weeeeas. It Is the highest duty o! our govern ment to alleviate, educate and enlighten oar maas «e; therefore, Petered , That it Is the imperious duty of our State Governments toestabllsh polytechnic schools in every State for the free and practical instruction of cur children, in farming ana the mecha Lie arts; and Eteoltcd, Tbat it sball-be fh: express aim of our party to establish tho dignity and rcspactaoiUty of labor, and to so legislate as to protect laboring men, by law, from tho conning, oppression aud grasping exactions ol the rich, and. as for a? pos sible, make the te*t of respectability “Manhood and not money.’* Among the many reforms need ed, we propose to return, at the earliest po»-ible moment, to a cold b*s!s for wages; to prevent all nojuri competition with honest mechanics by con vict labor: to shorten tbe Lours of labor; aud to sqcure, by law, prcferenci for all debts contracted for labor in evtiy case of bank or individual in solvecct. E&dttd, That we win at present put no candi dates on our Presidential ticket, bat shall organ ize and run npon ocr platform, until we can* as certain wbo win prove most loyal to our interests *ujmoEt acceptable to the people; but that we will promptly place our cnudlda'cs In tbc field for all ether ofllcts within our gift, in order to secure ou* proposed refonnsut the earliest possible mo ment. That weshall stand forewarned by the experience of all ;ho part, that capital will array Its money, its newspapers, and such ot its pablic f praters and clergy as it can subsidize and con trol, to sneer at our efforts, to traduce and slander onr friends, to belie oar positions, to threaten and dveiasclhc wheedle and seduce ;he vein. to purchase the corrapt, to subsidize the nc ccsritnus, and to throw.discord, jealoasy and sus picion into ourraok', by every means, fair and Ictl, wltb'n their powr-r. But that every true sou 'ol labor, scorning alike their bribes, their blau dislments, arid thsJr threats, will defiantly stafid by the glorious Hag of laber, and the men who support it. That wc appeal to all farm, mechanic, and other laborers, and the true friends of labor, equably, justice, and a higher civilization every where, whether in the ranks of out gallant armies, it. the shops, or in the field, to organize for the contest—to organize spontaneously and at c-uce; lo'csttftaidd ever* feeling of selfishness and jeal ousy, and refolvo to triumph ot every cost and at all bsurd, and make one prand. united effort to save labor from degradation and enthralment, and our glorious country from rnln and slavery. These resolutions received unanimous confirms ticn. Alter aeong hythe Glee Club cf the Ger man Association. given with excellent effect, Mr. Schlsger resumed ms remarks. He confined his remarks solely to abusing the present ciicsgo papers, and seemed to think- that the best maimer to annihilate them would be to throw them into the street, and elevate the phper of.which be was the humble editor, which paper bed already made every paper In Cnicaso tremolo in their boots. These political capitalist papers Pad* led them astray for thirty years, but he had Just struck the right track, and he wished them to follow It, Be wished them to send workingmen to Congress and to turnout the politicians aud those paltry newspaper?, those “venal pre-ses”—the 'Slant* Zeitvng ard TmnuKE. lie then adverted to the Conduct of the different papers regarding their meeting, and again advertised bis own particular sheet. They had better free themselves now, be fore the cloud of national bankruptcy bad barst upon them, and before they were drafted into the array. The President then read to the meeting the fol lowing resolutions: Jtesolvei, That the Trades Assembly be directed and empowered to take ell suitable steps to organ ize the ‘‘Labor pirty” and infnrc its success, aud that ail true sons ot labor will stand by them to Ihc !a»t hoar of the fight. 2?oofwtf, That the proprietors of tha I forking Men's Adtcecie deserve, and shall have both our sympathy and support as long as they continue to devote their energies so nobly to the cause of working mtn, and that It Is the dntv of every laboring man to read bis own paper and no other. Eao-ted. Thot in the opinion of this meeting, Abraham Lincoln and fte office holders ot the country should shoulder the musket. The whole ot the resolutions were cirried unani mously, when air. McAlploe. No- 215YanBnrea street, arose and promulgated a challenge to Gov error Yates to enter tbe army with him as a prl meeting then ab’earaod. Wehavejnstawordtoear concerning this de monstration. If nny person supposes that the outrageous utterances of McComas and his man, Schiagcr, ot the Union, arc the sentiments of the workingmen of Chicago, they are immensely mis taken. These gcntlemeaarc wordy poliiiial back?, who despairing of advancement at the bauds of their o*n persy, have taken up the labor question In tbe hope of riding into potcer. We eay ims, In the free disclaimer of any ulterior personal motives. He is either-insincere in tbe positions ho takes, or he Is an enormous traitor. The Union working men of Chicago wlli,notand do not endorse his. treasonable utterances. The hall contained at least five hundred men who hare no Interest in the question. They were tua oranf couriers of the scamps who -wiil attend the meat Copperhead Convention, in this city a week from Monday. We do not rcier to the members of that convention hot to the gamblers, the shoulder-hitters andthe viHalns wto hope to reap a rich harvest ont ol the crowd that will be in attendance. These are tbe men who packed the hall on Saturday night and assumed to dictate to the workingmen of Chicago a platform of principles. McComas and his associate wire pullers behind the scenes have committed an egre gious blunder. They are holsed by their own petard, Tb*r digsred a pit Ifor the workingmen, and have fallen iLtn it tbem ; e : ye«. They have thrown a firebrand into the e anthog wheat, and all whl be coi earned. There are huodreds of mca new active and influential meratMws of these flif-' fcient as jociaiicne, who cannot be cajoled by the Banfhee tamer, or anv other mau. 10 turn their societies Jnlo hotbeds for sprouting treason, and he ma”* *n? *rell understand tbla first cs last,* The President of the Trades assembly. a weak man to be snrej but of son? In licence because of hla official positlsu, appia?B to have colored li»9lfa!eera»''3 efibspiraej :•.? c:;>pcr m-hsethe uorking men of Chicagoi with Infinite «•&!. He informed onr reporter that to avoid civlcr oCVnsc to any member of the associations, he had eetteted one speaker from each o! :ae great politics! parties—McComas and Schuler "as idea that the Union party had repJce'T.utloa in eitlur ol tiese gentlemen, is decidedly ilea. PA'S OF SOLOtEKS Tl:c Order to their Tire money uol t*'ortU cornios. Tbc Teieuke office vot> visited on S.itardty af» ternconby an indlgcant crowd of eohll rs who complained that those who have charge of the disposition of tbc city snd cosnty bounty, have not paid them-tbe in renpnd e* they were led to expect from :;tj artico th :t appeared to onr colnnras a day or t:.•<» :ii:o. They farthtircoot pJtlncd that, upon their with the cfflclsls, they trertpd item rudely ami> tarnihem out of tbc room wltli-mt •; dime. For the credit of onr cotnn.'ot: minHniiyw* are willing to telitve that tl.c?*- p«urcrya*urcaa*elahoriug.ander a mistake in rfsp«-«'t :o thj In n»r couvdalnt. At to the lorm-.r, the oldt-ra s Know twai if tiers were any gronrdf* frr u«» dmg oat hop’s :U :t have eiucc U'btcQ to be* nithnt r fonmhit ou. Theqcefit c u o' ta« esipj*«wr «>1 cbo families of tbosowhoflcLionr ba»rli*s for r.s, hn ;i veryseriou? one. md il o-o who aro* »t»e Tat“ar.t blc stipend the x-teivc ciuu'.’t tall jo w->mler hj«r existence can beu«*i>* upo-.i eo unappr.-cinhlo sa amount,- Tb*x.l: ft if—one dollar a week f rau adult and twentvfiv* cents l< r a chi’d. One of tbe vcnitn who culled upon na. whose row sleeping by .the bants of the Ten nessee. end her two children rooulve the tremendous amonit of one dollar and fify cents per week. ThOfwho eara awcoklysMiry ot £25, thron.h tt>e week witaont running in debt, will open wide their eyes with astonishment. This magnificent sum will bay five pounds of poor fcngar: or one-- sixth of a cord ot wood: or one*tenth of a ton of coal; or oue-flxtb ot a barrel of Hoar. It is a burning shame that *ueh pitiable allow ances snail be doled out to these people, and we trutt that some means will be devised to incrc isc tbe amount paid. melancholy Occurrence—Drowning ot a Todds Lad. Our r caders have observed, doubtless, un der its appropriate bead, a notice this morning of tbedearii ofilaetir William F, King, son of the hie Charles B. King, of this city. Tbe deceased, who was but little past fourteen years of ace, wont on Satutday afternoon about three o'clock with a younger brother and other boys Into tbo l«ke at the head of Ohio street, for tbc purpose of barbing. Tbc waves were rumilog Llgbst tbc time, frotn the effects of a northeaster that had prevailed some days previously, but the boys did not appreciate the danger that threatened their. They dashed fear'essly into the water, and tbe two brothtrs strove to reach the second bar, * widch is nearly 800 feet distant from tbe eh*re. They soon found their strength was not sufficient for tbc task. The younger brother was Immediately overcome by the wavcs,-ou seeing which tbe noblc-hcartcd Wil lc, torgetfui of bU own danger f ought at once with bis bo«t energies to rescue his brother. He seized and bore tim successfully tbo greatest of bis perils, when, llhding bis own strergth nearly exhausted, be called on the other boys for assistance, which was promptly render ed to the comp'et&rescue of the younger. But at the point at *vblch the greatest danger seemed almost past, Wilde leh back from exhaustion nod tbe force of a strong undercuttentuhat swept soutLwarcly, and In an instant was carried beyond tbe reach of his little associates. Alarm was im medially given, andihoueha number of strong Bt'<J fcarlc&e meu as speedily gave all the assist ance in their power, it was lull two hoars before tbe bf.dy wa« recovered. Mccicaialdwasat once rnimrorcd, but all applications for the restora tion of life were unavailing* Much credit I? dee to George Hale and William Wheeler, first and second mates i»f the schooner Grape Sdo% fcrtUcireHorloiurcacaiugthe body. The circumstances of this decease are painful in the extreme, and will Cirr? sorrow to the hearts, not alo:jo ol uls Immediate relatives, but a large circle of friends cud acquaictatcea who knew the loveliness of Ms character «nd youthful promise ot ibe deceased, will deeply >*ympathlze with the si lent mother end the other members of h*s aifiictcd family to their sad bereavement. Poucs Cocut—Roscsnixa—The attendance of prisoners ot the Police Court on Satahlar was even mote scanty than oa any oilier occasion dar ing the week. Seven or eight stnpld drunks and two or tbiec Instances ol vagrancy met with their usual nu cd of punishment. There were two cases ot rotbery on the docket- ii. W. Unrrougbs, John Drown, John Parwcll and John Taylor were chirped with having robbed a soldier named John Carpeorr or S2OO. The dtfmdant raid be belomed to te Sd Mlfsoarl cavalry, and arrived in the city the rrevuns nlsht, from Madison on his way to tbc front. Ue hid enlisted in Milwau kee about a week since. Ue took sapper at th* Rest, after which he strolled around the town and when opposite the saloon of George Jaeger ou the corner ot We is and Van Boren streets, aIW one o’clock in the morning, he was set upon bv Borrows, who rushed out ot the saloon and dragged him into an adjacent alley, where Far well lo lowed and lent his assistance in riflin'* his pockets; me other prisoners remain-d watching the trarsactlon through the window Some partite who were on the opposite side of tie soldier for help, ana observing the transaction wentto tharetcoc. The police were summoned! and the lour prisoners were arrested. Another m»r, named Jerry Monroe, was al«o known to be In the saloon at the time the soldier was robbed bet he cm cted his escape. After a patient ligation of the case, which was somewhat mixed Justice Miller thought there was no evidence to justify him in holding Brown and Tavfor The former vas discharged, but Taylor, 'whn Is known to the police as a consunsmitc loalcr and disorderly clnracter was sent up tor rixiydjje. Butroa-.'bs>. who is the bar-keeper nt tbc ralcon, aud Para el), were in default of bail in £3.000 comniititd fur trial at the Recorder's Court. Tnc soldier being unable to give ball in SCU) lor bis appearance as a witness, was detained. The mis-f Joe money was not found, but $33 wjs taken from the person of Burroughs and claimed to bi long to the owner of tbc saloon. William McCarty, residing at No. 177 Illinois street, cfaarccd Dennis Drew an<l Harney Dtlloa with havicr nibbed him of P‘22 while he wts lying on a bench in front of MeGrattau’s saloon, ou North Water street, nt U o’clock on Satcrday morn ing. The complaining witness said he-was par tially asleep at the time the money was taken, bni feeling some person withdraw bis band from bte pocket be awoke and gave chose to two men who were innnltc away as last as they could. They went into a house, ana obtaining tee old of a no liccmm*, be followed add found both the accused partially undressed in one of the bedrooms. Mrs. .Drew swore that neither her son Dennis nor Dillon bad been out ofthe house during the night, where upon Justice McDonnell ordered both prisoners to he discharged. The man Drew has been in the ar my, oed only relumed home from Memphis, on ac count ot 111 health, on Friday evening. Sins WheelSiTAJum, “Milwaukee,”—A res et! is now lying at tbe wharf of Mr, Spafford, just telow the north end of Bush street bridge, whose advent it-to tbe waters of the'Cblcago river mokes a Utils epoch in our commercial history. Tbe side wheel etcamer ‘‘Milwaukee’* has been for five years pant plying between Milwaukee and Grand Haven, on tbe Detroit and Milwaukee Railway and Steamship Lise. She has now abandoned that line of travel, and will henceforth moke the trip from Chicago to Grand Haven three tines a week, connecting with Hues to Saginaw and Lansing and tbe Grand Trank and- Great Western Railroads. She is a splendid boat, *220 feet long. Si feet beam, COfea overall in width, 17 Jeet4 inches depth, and&asan engine of 1,050 horse power, carrying her through the watcrat the rate of fourteen miles an boor with twentr-three pounds of steam. Her toncace is 1,039, and she can comfortably sleep two hundred ana fifty paeecnsers. Her arrangements lor the comfort and safety of guests are all of the very Orel class; spacious, well fitted staterooms ana cabin, commodious dining room and nursery, llfo preservers, and fire engine and hose, wnlch is laid on each night, ready for any emergency. She 1? built very strongly, apd itte difficult to conceive of a srs'etrong enough to part her. She looks and is built more iike an ocean steamer than a lake craft. We advise those of our reactera who wish to tee a really fine v.eael to look at her as they cross Bus-h street bridge, and if they wish to take Sassage, they will find themselves suited. Ccptiln ames F, Trowell Is long and well known in con nection with her, having sailed with the “ Mil wau kie” since she was launched, in 1853, and com manded her for foir years. The other officers are, Peter Murray, Engineer; Ales.H. Muir. Purser; Wm. Kirkland, Steward; A. Black, Ist Mate; oil gentlemen. Horse Hallway* vs Property Owners. It is a fact known 1o hut few of oar property owners in Chicago, that there is at present a com bination existing between the four horse railway companies of this city, which has for its object the appropriation of over thirty of oof principal streets. That_oor present Common Coancil is largely interested in the soccers of this scheme, admits of but little doubt, and viewed io this light, property owners may prepare themselves tor an nccondWcnal surrender to this combination and Us a lI(-3, within the cowing week. Meetings may be called, and courts of Icquiry convened to Invcsliea’.tt the cause ot this disaster, when its hall be too kite, while Impoverished properly owners end abandoned streets will attest the treachery of their representatives In oar Common Cornell. Theßal.wsy fCompanles referred 10 are better known as tnt: “South .-Side,” “West Side,” “North Side,” and arrdfiuryotic forma'iou known as the “Evanston,” nil acting nuder different char ters, bat for one common object, namely the dtsiructicn of private propeity and public thor oughfares. An attempt was made Ja»t winter by the North Side and Evanston Compa&icF, to ohUm from the city the franchise cl certain etroets, ami, although time and money without limit were expended op position on the pait of property owners and tire it nsldents waaeo intense, and the demand so mt-’ reasonable, that the Council uuanlmoujly rejected the application and purged luelf of the tcheine. It was coneidercd by the public as a wpeTiiion of the “Wabash SwiodJe” of ’s3 and txeatto bj the Connell accordiuely. Soon aftor the failure of these schemes. * a new Ccnuctl was elected, cud a combimUon there fonned between the railways before rcierred to, vach ol whom were pledged to carry out t’*o da- Eignscfthe ethers to the extent of their Streets were immediately offered for sale by on» •company to the other, the credit oftbscitv was pledged by the combination to bnMd and construct new bridges, to opdinew streeta, and to condemn piivatcproperly fa the fuithcrance of lu dc-hraa Noith Wattr f ireetwas to be bridged at Staf’eand L’-ealle etreete, the Piitabnrg and Fort tVayae road vas to cornu et with Evanston via Laealleond Erie streets, and a grand gridiron scheme con structed to endreb andiotenpy'wilh rate and “onmniic*)*' over thirty different streets of oar ci*y. Aldetmtuwerctrafficked&rdtr-ded lor by cue company to the other, politics were to bo ig nored, and a campaign organised for the “henei term” ol July and August, while property owisrs wtre absent on tho'r usual snmmtr trip. An arrangement waa entered into with tbe Common Uoancii by which *• tptdal meetings fer the tranasctlon ofimpo-- tait btJsrac£F, M were to be called in order that the proceedings might not bo embarrassed by the pres each of thepuriie. Ou tbe £*h day of Jnte. 1;G •, a “ special” meet ing of the Common Council was called, at which meeting dlttlcct petitions' were offered irom each or ihe several compai-ies crmpriilng rhie nation. Ttcse petitions each prayed forcermin strc-cl?, and increase of privilege?, and were duly referred to Ibtlr respective committees, and favor ably reported on. witn no other business before the Connell D an the ordinances referred to, seven weekly meeting* have been called, nod presided over, rot .by Ue Mayor, hnt by members of rho Cotniil. Two cf tho tear ordinances referred to have passed the Conncfi by an almost unanimous vote ; property ,to the exteot •of t»oa (10») of thou&anda of doiters, -has ai naov been - sacrificed, and many of our principal etrtew reduced to the grade, and dignity' oilanesaidaileje. The city have agreed to cou tUDcta bridge at Lasallo street lor the “Evans ton,” like tbe onaat State street for the “North Side,” asd North Water ftrect la to be bridge u at Lssallc, because the “ North Side” have a similar bridge at State street. The West Side arc to have “Clinton street” for the same reason that tbe “Son'b Side” are to have “Indians avenue,*’ aim ply because they want them. Representing in be na'f of non-residents and others, a large amount of property In iho various streets sought for, by this “ combmalicn/’ I wlgb to call the attention of property owxers and theiragenta to thelacts which 1 have mentioned. The Council meets In “special” session on Monday evening; and Z desire before that time to confer with representatives of each property In Chicago, as will he affected by the pro posed action ofthe Common Conner; and it pos sible to aerccJicoD and adopt some plan by wniett we may obtain‘relief from a threatened disaster. John Mattocks, Jr., No. 1-1 Telegraph Building. ATail—‘T’heattcnticn of Major Yelverton. of the Central Police Station, was last evening called toansccfdcct which had occurred at the corner of Cisrk and and which it waa thought ted terminated foully A man named John Boutelly, from Geneva, while standing near SmHh’s iu/iion store mads a mUstcoand fell into the arcs or iLencwbulWiis'now being erected on the site of the old * Justice’s Comer."A ladder wasprocured and the msu taken to the Central PcJlcc fitatior, where U was found that he had tetn nearly slnoncdhy the fail. His lace, which had been badly cm, was properly attended to. and he was in the course of a short time enabled to walk to hie hotel. ' Pbpbjuus Fatal Accipest.—A lady seventy years of age, living onEarxison street, met with an accident on Satnrday evening, at the corner of Desplainte amt Harrison street*, which it Is feared mty terminate ’atally. She was walking on the imperfect sidewalk, her dress became entangled andrhetrr breaking her collar bone. The lady waa takfn to Ecynolds’ drag store, and was con vey cd thence to her home. Hotel Tmzr.—The C’arcnCon Hon»e, on Ran* i!olpb street, wa? etterfcdoD .PriJay niehtanclrob bedot out' hundrec dollars and a silver rrateb. No arrrttf. • LOCAL matters. South M«>c Cdloq XiGaga* --Thera will be a meeting of the above League this Monday CTitJr-e at Warren Hall. It la hoped there will be a lull attencanei* as important business will be t*anf a«B8S will enliven the meet ,inr. Sunday SclioM Unloj*. The regular mo;.tb’y meeting ( Of the Chicago Sabbath School Umsn wi 1* be held on Monday ever leg-, a ns. 22d, In Ifce Second Presbyterian Chnrch, renter cfWabos-h avtnno mid Wa-hlneton street, cou mendDS at a quarter before eight o'clock. On ring the evening the following .question will be presented lor disenstlou: ‘'flow may we best take care of the converted scholars in oar Mib slon ScDcolst” Music lor the entertainment of tbc Union will hcfarnlsbeo by one of our leading Mission Schools. A. Down Sown nercbat>t havlcgpaeard several fcltcplcsß nights, disturbed oy the agonies and cries ot a sutTerlug child, and becomlcg con viaccd that Mrs. Winslow’s Soothiusr Srtnp was just tbe article needed, procured a supply for the child. On reaching home, and acquainting his wife with what be had dOi.e, sho refused to have it fldminifctered to the child, as she was atrongly in favor ornomeopat&y.'That night the child passed In snCcring, and tbo parents without s T eep. Be turnli-gbame the day following, the father found the baby still wcrsc;and while contemplating an other eleeplcsa night, the mo'her stepped from the room to attend to some domestic unties, and left the fatter with the child. Oa:in? her absence be administered •> portion of the Soothing Syrup to the baby, and said nothin". That night all hands ' slept well,and tbc little fellow awcbeln tbe morn ing bright and happy. The mother was delighted with the sadden and wonderful change, and al hough at first offended at the deception practiced pon her, has continued to use the byrup. and *n(- fering, crying babies and realleis nights have dls npoenred. A single trial of the Srrup never yet failed to relieve the baby,'and overcome tbc preju dices of tbo mother. S3 cents a bottle. Sold by all dragglstH. aagl-031'4w > xr, j wap Try It once* and it la morally certain that Jayne’s Carminative will be relied oneveraUer wards as an efficient remedy for Diarrhoea* Jhjt • enUry, Choltra, Summer Complaint, and all Stom achic AfTectloss. Compounded with core from the best understood ingredients known to tbe Medical Faculty, its action Is certain and always to be de pended upon, while tbe reputation it has attained as a Standard Household Remedy, should induce all in want of such a nudldrti to give it au imme diate trial. Sold by Rruegi&ts everywhere. angls-oSOI.3tMWSat A Reasonable Family ISemcdT—Chole ra Morbus. Summer Complaint, Cholic, Sour Stom ach, Dianhcci, and all affections of the bowels in cident to childhood at this season of the veur, are cured at ouce by Or. Jayne's Carminative Balsam. It allays tbe irritation and calms tbe action of tbe stomach, and being plca-aut to the taste. la icadl-- ly taken by children. While it may be given with entire safety to infants, it yet acts promptly and thoroughly, when administered according lb dl rtctlons, to either children or adults. Sold by Uruepists everywhere. aug22-pSOI-St-m vv & a Dfreaieaof theKervons, TJriUbrj Sexu..! Sysuiao.—Ne»7 utd tciixi;;© treatment —*u reports cf t'.c Howard Aecodatioa. Scat cy mail lu rbiiei leiUr ecvciopea, Irei. ot cfcsrre. Addresc Or J. SVi’dun Honchicn, Howard Aelo- Mstioo, No, 8 South Nluth steet, Philadelphia. Pa. ' Jy%ms':4-5o» 627" Hones ar;d Sign Painting, Cilclminiag, Glhslust and Graining. Paper Hangings i.nd Win dow :*bseed selling ut wholesale tnd retail at New York prices. ?. 5. Rigby, 83 Randolph street BsrnSKi. I?21-nC33.1n ttles)rv3»cisuu i £ikii ko- Hat) Is to real for si: the purposes for wWrb sack tails are orelu-rily u‘sd. Terms moderate. Anel'cs tiouac&ube made at the offer, adjoining tceca ti'JiretntheUall , MD-bP4C-t/ 3¥!a«-ket«f by Telegraph. Albany Live Stock Marker* [Special ina&4*cii 10 the Ctucago Trinan - } Auuwt.N.Y .Surdiy, Aug. 21,1531. 2z*v»*.— 7tc marketclorca as It otensifirmfor K' Cd to extra cattle, ard we-.kfor clh’r desctlpllocs Of the totai'recciptf,B,7oo atlessc ?. , X0 were of tba p or, thin, green, or tcallairaz order, and on thesa prices dropped k&K«»while !a t wttk’aprices wers fullymaintainedoa t e better grader. Prices ranged If cm 4Rcftr thepociestto fix**- for the belt. Among tiiesaleswaßadrsveot 7CS extra H'locu, by 11. B. RosentbaT, at #IBB.OO per head, average 1,333 fis- Ab'ut S.CtO have changed hand?. Sreep—ln good request at ilifc’c (cr Mr to t;ood A drove cf SCO prime lasts, averaging 60 &3 br« ughtSc Ko.t-Ncn.l a*yi?©iix. Receipts?,lCO; SUlppol to Sew T:rk2lCC. f»t Louit mariet. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribnu«.< Br.'Lotns, Pa|nrd»-T, AogustZO.lSftl. Tomcco.—Active. Bale4otsCthl''ls lugs at $12.00 QITJO: ccrotncn shipping leat medium do |2S,Ctt*S3.CO; yccd do 530 C©43.('3: crmm .n and niedlcm njanafrtciarug do |37 CC© 15.9); good aad five GO |4s.CO©:io.tO. FLcru—Active. Salts of2CO br!» cJty'dcuble extra at Ul.CiO; (CO brla city double extra 511.75; KObrU double extra 81010; brls double extra {1025; SCC brlsdcnbU extra S^o‘.2R; Soj trU ioobli extra 19CO; JKObjli tx-.ra 19.75, inspictod ;200btl«sopsr- Cne |9 59. GiAia.—Wheat—Dull. Sales ci 100 sasus choice at 8?.0Q;<C0 prime to cho'c 1 a"; racks coed at 1L99; 1.027 tacks lair and gc D 1 fair at H6fQI.FS. Ccrn-lnsctlvc. Bales oIIGS sacks white at t*,45; I,SCO racks srJlow anl mixed at ft 40. Obts~li);btr. Sales of 252 sacks ot SSs; 2,300 sa*ks at B'kc, in stoic; IC9 sacks at 87c: 71G i?chs at l*ye—Dal*. Soles 1 1 9 C sacks musty at SUS. Barley— Sales of) 7 s& erbp. at |3 25. Yhjbbt—M'te active. Bales compil:e 2C brls at t'.tC&i.HK; tils at $1.76. Provisions.—Bacon—Sales of 19 casks bacon shoulders atife. sCotloie<( prime tittle IssdatSlc; KO tlet ccb pntceV. 2f54c; 800 tierces prime at 39c per pound. Dfilvraofcee Kaibeti (Sped*; Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Milwaukee, Saturday, Aug. 19. Later market firm this creator. Sales 22,jj0bus No. l wrist at tl 97(3199J$ on tbe spot, and 200, bnv. er’i opticn. rest week. Illinois and ftuchirks Canal: (Special Uisostch to tbe Chicssu mooas.] Beuxjkpost, Saturday, Aug. 20-1 p. m, Ci eased—J. Harrl: gton, MeraeDea, 2/iCO ft lum ber. 10.' (0 shingles. 2.0C0 lath, 10 hr;s salt; 8. F. Gale, Athens; Resolute, Athens; Advance, Athens; 17.8. Gorcrc, Athene; Neptune. Alton*, 5,0U) brls sun dries; 'J. B. I’mton, Mcrtte; Onward, Joliet, 3,033 Css empty barrels; Allqulppa, LaSalle, 81,793 it lum ber, 2,cm latb: Caroline. L&Sill?, 72,753 ft lumber. 12,550 lath; E. Eaithc.m, Prison; Erwin, LaSalle, 80,503 ft lumber; Lcgraux, LaSalle, 126 brls salt, 10,OCO Da sundries. AnsiVEi>-J. Menard, LaSalle, 110 tins coal; n. G. Loomls.Alhenr.Mydarnbble stone; 43 yds dlmon* ricnetone; Conveyance, Athene, 43 yds (imenelon store; D. Hess, Athens,4s yds dimension Ltone; Lady Frenhlln. Athens, 90 yds rubble ctoas; Investigator, AlheLT.SOydb rabble stoue; Chtnaatin, Kankakee, 2,(0 bacoiE,l,CCobcrye,?,7o) buoste; Dltcrr,J„l lel.SSydsdimerslopstonc, £5 yds nibble stone; ?• Korftrup,Prison,BOydsmbblsstcao; Alliance, Ot tawa, 2,fCO bnccxn,4.oCO hu 0a'5,8,900 ttszeds; Morn ing Light, Laeallp. 5,K0 bu corn. BsrnoEPor.T, Aus. 20.1 Sol-9 p. m, CLEABsp-Pmiiic Ross. La Salle, 93,0 0 ft lumber: Planet, La Salle, 75,roft lntnber,f.C(o lath; Invent gator, Athens; D.Hess,do; H G.Lormls.uj; con veyance, do; Jch^Btowf.La Salle.CUbrls h?d Um?, bb tnaeblncry; Monitor, La Salle,9J.Coo it lain ber; AMca. La talle, OO.c&O ft lumbar; Coatesc,Mor xte,S3,c(Dfl!umbe?; Lady Frantlln, Athana. Aemvxd Peter Sttr, La Ssllc 15: tens cord; M:nsrcb, Mirouks, S,tCO bu cats, 62 bur beau. Teaseiß >aicid Detroit. [Special DKpatch to the Chicago Tribunal Dstboit, Suadiy. August' 1 1354, Up—Ba*k2 Cbcneogo, Fairchild,; sehra Lrdl* Ease, Sweepstakes, Live Yankee, Metropoll?, Sophia Smith. £owzr-Prop Winslow; bark Champloo. W. Up-Bark Bobbles; schooners EUda, \7. P. Allen. Lively, Dickinson, Plover, Queen of the Lakes. Dows—Ncne. Wind north-east. . New York Harder. New Tons, Siturday, Ausmit 20. Cotton—More active and iQlc batter at —Closing at #i,?3 asked tormiddllsguplan'is. • - Flows—State and Western OdlCc better: slolo® 10.15 tor extra state: SIDCP®IOAj tor extra round bcop Ohio, and $lB 23 tor trau-t orancs— closing firm. Included m the tale* are 50,000 brls extra stats for Dectob*ratsUoC. IVniasr-Firmer; westirn at flSt-closlng with flee aellers at this quotation, and State sl6l. Gcaik- Wheat a ihsde firmer. Onivallghtsuoply CfTerini: at S3 ISA 2 33 lor Chlrazo sprlos; 82 1732 35 for Mjin-sukec Club; s2iS@2 45 lor wl-ter red wesb em. Cobh—A shade firmer at 81 MK3155 for mixed weeterc, and $1 £6 tor blab mixed: Oats—Lowtr a: 96St>‘c for western. Wool—Fl m, with » fair businrei. GEocunrsa—Coffee firm: :4c»sksd for Rio. Surar quiet cut firm at tor Cuba duty paid; 13jf& Clews firm at SlaS'c lor crude; W@ 67c for relic ed in bond, *nu Slfiß9c tor refined tree. raovraicss.-Po.-k ihra and in gooa demand. 857.cr637 6w tor me’#; .tor new co— ciCßtcgatS OJ2>sa«o?s lor prime; S:3UJ3SBS7 tor prime ccff. Also M/ C 3 bill new mess, tor *ng. bay eit’ccdcn a. *50.25<340.75.itd20,(K0 ortedo fer Bsd- Lwd flrm-?2a2«t- also.fO 1 ! o*is for tettba'fof September, it'.Ui's op lcc,at 58‘(o, Jiutiersttacy. Philadelphia oTarket. P3rx*DELriiXA.Bi;nr?»r. Angus:2o. FLfuc-StcaCy; extra lamlly »U Wai7. ; ruper- SSheat firm; old red t2,5- r ,and old f2A r a Itj-wLit" Cotnflinj; yellow fl.w.aad mixed |1 IR. Oats higher; new 9’.<393c; old 9a pork new, S(UC. Lwd firm, at 2Aic. riiia at $1.3 C l-£2. erode 45©5-c; reauea la bond S2(L£*c; IrceStGSSc. _Asj:tbadnU. iluOalo market. Serrano. Saturday. Aug. 33. olih orlya Hmllel request. Sales cl N0.2 Chicago spring * l 2f* 2 £S> 0l^ r «d wjater at 12. -WK- Cots quiet at SI 3721. 53 for No, 2. Ca»a heavy ano neld at SJtt 82c. rei-ro:S: TTlaM.naSIXe: bl!3; TVlifst, =7^ 2.7GT tori*:. *&-:«. SO,US Kctr w or ic money and Stock Market. HswTous, Saturday, Aug. 30. -McneyacUyeandflnaatTpa cent. Sterling Ki ck«t eecnii a: ICSV- Gold scarcely so fltm.ooeDiag at 2:e? tdvascrog to rt7K. declining to see#, ad vancing to iSW.and closing quiet at 231. Total ex non* of snefle steady. contone, 108KS1C8X. Oswego Dl&rket, oswzao. Saturday, August 20. Exons— Better demand at SlO.2J®lO 50 for No 1 spring: iio.TSforred winter; |1135®U33 for white; for double extra Gears—wheat quiet, parties generally apart. Com dnll: HUnristi.ttX: Hollnaianaj .11.H31.t6, No grain cr otb'r descriptions in market, Casal Pc«iqbts— Quiet. CUICAUO CATTLS BIAKMT. For the Week Endin'*"iamt !*o> 1564. Sattudat EvaxnfO, Anguat 20.J33L The receipts of Beef Cattle aad Live Ho*a at the voilcna yard* in the city, tor the week ending to day, compare u follows with the previous weekly receipts since July 2,16t1: Beeves, Hogs, jao. Ho. WMfceadireAog.?o ~.,....9,0u Week earing Axu.l3 4.5J® 2v? ■Week ettsing Aug. 6 •»*£® ■WeekenrirgJnlyfO t.gss B*ui Wiekractet July 21, *££ Week ending July 18.... 3, t3 12A3i Wert enctog Jn y a.... -V*s Week ending July 2 - .5,809 17,145 ajJSS OF Ti SIGHT OS IJTS iTOCK »B n iX CHICAGO TO * DXTEOIT . „ _ Cattle. Bogs V IX as. MIC*. Cent. asdMiec.B.. Urge lyiffHt MXO 83c Uicllgu r . en^6> l *mVtte!vV.V*MV*V-~ 50CC 89c TO HUFFj LO CS 8T8?*SSIO>: BftTOOX. Vlch. Cent. ardialth. 8., Urge cars.. $ os/0 |9c turner2lofeet ?. ...... 8540 :8e Mlchirsu Cec.Fßl. Vma’Ycars f-ort Weyie cirr, »t it*: TO PI tTfUUBO. Piin., FI. TTayae & C. can o' 2H feet .I*o CO 55c - ]orf ' - u'lVb'ctootbeni, forve'e-tr*'...., ’**.«« do cjia cf w* re5t......... BtJ» S3c Hates to Dartlrlc ti.a 1 ? car ls?a ttianto Buffalo, »hen aTipipfrt M all fail . £at'9taDanM;tr > lKr9 500 D 8 less thas to Buffalo, when uMpned by all m 1- » B3BF CaTTi.K, Tlie :ot&‘ receipts of Beef itstUrt a", tbs 7ir!oas j4i<B lb the cjij, doriag the -etS ceding t>-. ay, according to the C«-U» rwtorni potted on ’Cbana;, aiccact to 9,CU hjiiL Is 4,5U Tfre renelTed last weeV, >»T:a 4,731 head mo:i thaa Ite receipts Of the csrrespSDdine «ot% ofUstiear. The felly receipt* oc too reruns yards cospare as Icllotre Wotdny. Tuesday... ....... .. ... Ww nfK’ay Thmecay. kild.-y. ... Saiuraav Thererop'sdnrlne tbevctk b*vj been aoasaritv Inge, amcuctlLg to resrtr doable carte entsapply TfceqcslUyln.bctn ceJowtuo usual sverass.cenl •linrgchKfiy pf tocrium grafet of stock,* t.h vary few droves suitable for tbs Eastern markets, We hive ted as active demand f-r army cattle, bat %lth a decline of 230 on medium grades, andofJCaper Itfi tts rn other nnalitits. Ihefollowlng are the closer quotations of the market this evenlnz, andeempared wlthUst week, oLoatao quoTATtpys. . This week. Last week. Prime to extra qualities.,..m.ojg* 7xo 750 Medium to prime qualities ~.4.703S 75 3^035.25 Common to medium qnaTcies.WO®! 53 2 5331.75 Saiueday Eveitixo, Aug.Eh.—Tbarccet,ita of Beef Cattle during the past week have been unusually large, and plainly evince tb i increasing resources of tne country, despite the prognostics of the various speculator* upon the sbertness of the stock available for the current wants of the market. We have, how. ever, hadfewef the old-fashioned prime grades ot stock. The cupply has been ilmost cxclnuvely eon fined to medium grades, the demand fer which, on army . account, baa been very active. Onr ) rlntlpal operators, Weob & ielly, have bcnjht for tbe Potomac and Cumberland ar mte/, chiefly for the latter, over 4, M0 heed at prices raising from 8412506 (0 per ICOlbs have been very qnlat, owing to a restricted supply and the quietness which has been prevalent In that direction for the last fortnight. The following ora ttopimcipolsaleadcrinelhe freek: Wallwark and Mal.cry to Bnblo & Co ,71 bead steers, averaging 1,3*11 Ibr, at 16*30: Oherndorf to D. Waixell. 33 head 111- nolssteers, averaging!, 3l3ibs,at 86A0; Sprazua to LiTiEßiti-n* Co., 98 bead very extra prsdts. averag ing JJSI lbs, at $8 25, Sp'&guo to F.ablo.SQ bead extra steers,averaging Iji 1 ? lbs, at 17.25; J. Grldley to QuUt'er.l7 head extra steers, averaging 1,233 lbs, at |TJS; Cramer to Honsely, S4 head good Illinois steers averaging 1,109 lbs, at 15.63K: Wall workand Biollo ry to Zei&ler, 55, head prime steers, averaging i,w, at *5.23. Thfiewcrela'lhajarfs thli motnlng about ij WO head of stock. The d&y has been marked with a fair degree ol activity. TUt receipts as during the pitvlcua days of the week, consisted of fur medium cstilc. There has been no disposition to conieue higher rates, and towards tbe afternoon rellsrs wars dupcsec to make & concession rather than held over, fer the demand which may exist during the ensuing dsys cf another week. Entered salts amount to beaf.leavjng about «C 0 unsold, at prices rang ixg from |s.tC®7.U,chitflj at per 1001a5.3 eejf cattle sales to-day. Selim. liuycti. No. At. P/ice. Beany* Co. ... Zelgier 10 9i2 G.AdC1D5......... do ........ 2') JO3) 4.30 CO ......... (10 ......... ZS Uji 4,ia do CO ...A.... *3 1135 555 do .• GO 21 U9» 433 stetl ..... CO 180 1015 4.73 Djknran. do 17 toss Eraoley ... TOlkmssn 29 940 5.70 Wallwork&M...O’Shea 13 8W 350 IltmUttn O’uready. ... iu SS3 a.«o Pcotley & Hard W«hb&Kclly....iCl 1011 13» G. Adams do ..... . IS us» -iao ■ do do IS do do 53 • 1:55 SSQ CO do 31 lel2 &Z3 • do ao 20 1213 5.33 J, Gnc1ey,....... do . .. .17 I*l7 4.75 . do do 15 1933 473 CO do , 8 1000 4AJJ4 Ward &Co do 17 973 4.73 JGildlty do 45 10*G 4.99 do . do 31 *lO5 * 4A9 CO do 87 U<o J.9J Setter... do .........IS6 1(£0 47i coeser... do S3 in&i SCO Mcoavem .. . M .« Co ...83 1(69 SDJ DeTCtt .... do ......... 31 IbSt 47S Robe do 32 in<4 435 Bradley do 13 1263 5.7) JGnMey do 2j 1049 4,t0 • do do 11 1132 • 4.15 n0uiriy........... do is 1050 4,7 i Ettrlcht do ........... U 1048 423 Frye &Co do JOl - llfo 5.:0 CcoleysEldildge go S3 lo*o 439 do do . do 2j 1013 433 do 00 . do 26 113 L 530 Gregory do 67 lott 433 CO .... do 18 033 433 do " do 19 923 *430 Rail . go J7 S« 433 Bcesrt do 99 9SI 4.10 j Adams - no 62 2143 *.25 CO do 87 ,0« 525 do do 73 1073 9,(0 do GO 43 lt(0 500 do do 56 1(63 5/0 CO Go 70 9-4 4.75 do •••• ..... GO ... ..... IS 1C57 4.73 do do 31 9>t 4.25 G. Adams do 13 11C0 4.73 da ... do ill UM 525 do do SO 1055 4.;0 I.AdemS Go 13 ICO3 5.00 do do 12 lot 9 4.25 CO GO 12 9:3 3.73 Co do ........S3 915 4.50 do Slcrns &Co 59 9:0 9.25 do do do .43 :t3O 537 X do Go do 89 1(0 5.17K • do Malls... (1 ll'O 6.2K do ... Fans to mj 4.00 do ..... ..Walt 86 1/43 r.OC Cooley &Co Laznre 18 891 5.75 do Go Gibbs 23 910 4SO Hcnkß&Co.... Cameron pa 1)5<) “00 Conklin D WaUa1......... 70 ir33 63*) Gregory & Co....Dante is 9m S.OO no do Waucal..., 90 )ISO fc.23 • do do ....Fran* ,/SS JXO 351 Rnad. M .......Enwright IT 11C0 335 Uu?d itoore 43 M» 4^o Wbltlog. Wall fd 1020 5.10 Strader. Cltrke 20 1013 473 Stevens J«.cjb3». 16 32><3 6.39 Baldwin do i 7 990 5.U) Enwilyht CUrfc. IS 1013 4.70 S.B.Potter. H. Waiseu 49 H39 0,25 Strader.,... cssb 11 910 3.(0 Graham J. Scbatt 17 S9> 3.25 colman Fouect. S3 691 8.80 Moore Sterio 32 1C39 4.9) Gxabir. do ....27 Ul3 4.50 Ufgart .FerrU.... 9 SS4 ».75 - Pifce Clarke 11 1071 6.09 do do *.r. 1» 1093 6*oo Holman Ciawiey. 20 LOl 85.00 HOGS .Tbe total receipt! ot Ho£s,dnrlosrthe weekending tc-day, according to tbe dally returns posted on ’Ctacgc, amount to 13,*ns head. This Is 6,313 head sore than were received las; week, and 7,S;2he*d mote than the receipts of the corresponding week of last year. The daily receipts at the various yards compare as follows; Monday..... Tuesday.... Wednesday, Tbnrasay,., Friuny Satnroay... Total .18,723 With a Urge supply daring tbe past waek.tberehas net been a corresponding degree of activity in tbe market. Priceahave consequently dcclmcd 50jj73c upon our previous quotations. Of tbe weakly sup. ‘ply over 2,<XO head remain In tbe yards this evening unsold. Tbe following are the closing aaotaUcca of the market this evening and compared with last week: CLO3ZKO rniczs. TcU wees. Last week. Pdme to extra i9.2:@u.50 $:o oc® Meoicm to prime. BAC@ 9.»0 9.c;a 9zo Ccnunoc to medium.... 7.0-.‘i4 8.33 7 st@BA3 CjlTuxdty Evxscro,Aug,2o.—too supply daring the psst week, has been In excess ot the usual supply. There has bitn a lets degree] ofjacMvlty In tbe mtr ie t. Shipper* ere influenced by tbe unfavorable cor diuoc of.the Battain markets and further by eba less that may be sustained la shipping during tbs. present tempt 1 store of summer. The Idea of tha supply of hogs being exhausted seems a* remote as ever; although the continuance of dry weatner Is acting unfavorably upon oar com crop, thus indamns farmers to send la' Btcck that was Intended tor tbe autumn eouply. with tbe large eopply of tha week there has bosatoir ac tivity, but at a decline of 5CQ*3c 9 too Ds oa tne quo* tstloisoflast Saturday, There were in tbs yards this morning, including the receipts o( to day, about 5.500 bogs. Entered tales amonct to 3.3:5 bead, at f35t®10.(0. chiefly at $9.0039.80 9 100 Bj. A large ouanllty rcmiia over unsold. , no a SALES TO-DAT. Sellsrv. Beyers.. No. Av, Prices O. W.M.*ntdea 47 22s 110.33 Hasten ........ do .... 41 tS> 9.60 M*reh*U do .... 49 18,5 9^o Cniz do .... 51 712 iP.« Benucy *Nadd..E.R.PhliltpS,.. ,254 V 3 060 do .... do .... 53 183 9^o J. GriJiey........W. Si. Tddtn 61 Isa 92*3 do ... .... do .... 60 167 0.25 Stone...**. do .... 53 211 9.51 D. Alar. _OO .... 51 185 9,-fl Bentley&N 5.HiDi1er,........ 46 291 9.^0 O. Adams Ailertcn 51 169 875 co do .....107 167 903 do do 61 IC3 9 6354 do do . 163 183 9.1354 do do 120 196 5.75 Burnett Phillips 61 203 loss Walwork&M ... do 43 251 )0 W do ... AUerton so 193 9.25 do .... do 161 115 B.t2K Bentley &Co do 31 IIS* f1,87.s King... Phillips tO 23 10.25 G. Adana......... do 51 732* 10.50 Eall .Littlefield 68 172 . 9.0J do .... .... do .... 154 115 ■ H*tCb JJarnelL 55 191 9.W J. Grldley: do 87 in *9.oi Bowen & C 0..... Uenteosiery.,... SH 173 9.23 J.GildW '..Phillips 69 203 9.80 j.Adamw Mercer. sn 135 950 coder * Co.. do fis iso 9.00 Bceart nurd.. - £7 141 S.*2X . do Alexacder 63 SOS 9.73 do do 50 133 8.50 do Crowley. .... 161 165 9.&3 do " “ do do IDO 133 9*35 do 9J fel 8.73 SHEEP—The market during the week has been very quiet Receipts small and prices tolerably firm and unchanged. Bellas. Buyers. No. At. Price. B<-gel„ .G00dman,........7U 13 Strader Daiby. 78 110 6 ro Shaman H A P..O’Brign 71 105 a.70 Boston Cattle market* At Cambridge and Brighton, for the wees endian ■Wednesday, Ang. 17.15G4. “. The following is the amount of stock reports aat mazke:: u. Cattle, Sheen. Pat Uocs .Tblsweek. j,w# 7,013 cm Lsetweek .2,1(3 sjps grn OxeyearagofAng. 19).;...3,ea 9,371 ™ ' PBJOZB. Esxrzs—Extra,.., Il3.srais.din Per tW ns on the Ist quality WM@t2.7S! total wekiu of hlifi ? j 5® J.c00t1i.731 tallow, and dressed _ ti do ?.oc@ B 73j beef. Swiss—Sheets, wholesale, U@Uc; retail. lOSllc per n, „ Rasmnrs-The •'balarce of power" la tho Bolton Cattle and sheep market la Low by the West. As the Bnpbciatrcmth?sß*caonri*eand fall, so f*» the prtcM Ol b« ef and rant;on at Jambrldj eland Brlzht- S^ilSS e wS? 01 . , ! I %' U| 9 «PSxt at Cambridge was only £SO Western, This was rood news to the Hoithem drorers, who hoped to be ao!a «o advance BriCtSo&Ueir st:ck« And on the better qualities ter were able to do so* hat so large a portion of tae KlB Lead oyer the Northern roacs was so this, poor * slippery stuff, that the butchers were unwilling to pay any mom lor this kind than they hare done, as they ? v t. ®i vo ■attsfaction to their csst'im ers Still, we think, all grades or cattle ftfd the in* flnence. In a greater cr less degree. of the snail a am. her and high cost of the Western cattle, which the drovers aa> coit from Be to a IVlO' 3*. more than lastweek. Agotd nan of the Western were bouzht on comitlsaicD.someoi which. It la ssld, will cost 15c V D.- including *oo left over last week, the ac* tual number of Westain Is !S3. , We moke 7,0 8 sheen and lynba-of which lASO are Western tbe Western are mostl* on commission. Tho Northern ana Eastern are said by the head, at all prices, Gum 14 25 to *iU5, according to quality. D mg about the range of last week, bat on the whole favoring tne drove*, There are more thaa twice as many sheen and lambs this week as laat,aadbatca* •isexpressfeaiaof another break down of prices In jbeaty. MARRI KD. In this clt', oa the 18lh frst. by the Rev. Dr. M> MUter. Cup*. F.OWARD STRETCH and Mai S. A. I OhTsiMOITTB. »R of this cry. DIKD. AncustJl.T’Oßl BT WILLIAMS. vounssit cs'li of J.B. cndL.D. uckcett. • _ „ •rnnerslto*. ay, (3-0 1 o'clock p. = , at 119 Dear brnilreet. Drowned while batblnv li tie UVs on rfAtnrdi? p m.SCtuirtt.. WILLIAM F.. eidecihono: iholatr Ctis B.Elng. dEceased. aged 11 jeirr. Ct Sn. day m'rntng n>t inhL, JO3SP.T. infant Ff-r of J.H. and Ansa,agednlnr mca.-s and fire t aji. Fiisada of the family are lavlted to a*.:?ni the futtial at their bird arectie, at 10 ic-mcrrcw.ltc last. B** slot pap**** pltare copy. Inihlf city. Aur- TClh. 15« I. alter sseverellinstsof is Ti'rj.tita. THEOftOiac Poul, of the is:a Begt PI. Vet. Inf.seed 36 * ears U coi*ki ana 1< cay*. BT’.Ealuinere Ma . pap>r« please copy. 'amusements, SO.W 58C SLSC 53S TGSJSB'a THEai£2 HOV D i Y EVENING, AUGUST 22. It A'pement of the popular Ccme-Uin, MB CHCAi.ISrir’R.A.XT, Who win apoesr his rnnwoed cbaractei* of LORD T.UKEXteAKY knrtbii HROTttIR AA\J, lathd c«U* trateo Actileaa Comedy o! otR iiiLßiciif corsiv at boss, ti lately set'd hy Mr chanimu atx comscatiye wtr>?, ia the city oi New hers, with unhoialed coccus. CEOWD.ED HOUSES Receipts. ......I^3B Saturday Af(ernooii« Grand ESatinee. %y &KI ®l' T r C IT 'iSATKE. Ncs tis and n? Dearborn street. C.M.chaowi:K *CO., FropneicraaodMenserrs. T.L.PITCH f Cllnzaidatace Manager. S e-aprearacce cf the old favorite, MSfeS -nj* *.7*,lb. BUTLER, THUi BOAT EV**l«iG, Aopwt 18. First appearance cf yv, THOMPSON And bia wonderfully TRAINED DOG, HECTOR. Ecc:«cpr3Bt7j<; Cnstaln nsse atSjf t.*clock. ecus op Pjicm.—Prrqoette Stcenta; Drataaod FojtUv Circle, 15 centa; Prlvste Boxes, si; SUsie Scetfllnßcies, 60cents- WOOD’S MTTSED3S. COL. J.H. WOCD A CO...£zopzUUXa»ndMAcaß«n. Fow on oxtrutUca, Pilate's Court, or the Tral cl Christ, coraiatin* m TWBtITY LIKE BlZ>> FIGURES 1W WAX, raoai vasxji tcsapd'b OB>xt a bixeht,. rosetra. or The Great Max: ni, with lu uyer curt- Thelayieib’eLady! The ttnoimooa ams:!- can Giantess! Eight Feet bi*B! and weehlnkivir SOv. Pcccda 1 will apotar dr-'* and nL-bt. M;za T. years d'*, ant SO Incfce-i Fi{b! thedneti smell L&dy la tee «rrld. The Chicago Bunt;, an exact life-sized reprmenta don in wax c/nLauy nowitildtns In ttis clry.mwa at the cel?cra , Pd / Tufaad , aOaliery« la lender,, win soonl* he on Kthlbitionm the large Muraum S ilonn. The Leclniß Boom writ be oioa*d for two vee*c for ait-rs tiers The ipltnd.d star company will open die 29th of tbb month. Admission to Wnssam, 25 cents; children, is cento: asi *_ Anctum rua's^ DkY «■ OODS, BOOTS, SHOES, Silver puted Ware. Watches, Finer Goods, &e.i Ar AUCTION, on Wal-ntcsdat. aneast 2ito, sc £K o'clock. at SntWß* Auction lto*m in Portland Block, cf Dearborn end Washtaeto-i streets. anil- p417 -It T Alt(x>? WADE »aL3 OF JLJ STA2TE DEV Gt 0»t. AT AUCTION'. On WErBESDAk, Aar 9|£ o’clock- at Bat ten' a notion Tiootnj la Foraani HIccST, corn r \i Dtsr’orr. trd Washington *tro»r» E»j2BfcHßllt WM. A.EUITES3AsCO.Anc/rj. g|Q SHSJRABJS K£SIiiE«CS lots in tie West Division AT AUCSTDN- Cn TiIUBSB ay, 2 ept. Ist. at 2 o: the nrcci'gia, «etkaltr»lltoito highest btdoer, Bev-ir-ldcarrabla BnTi tsu Lo*»ln Blocks No ft a- d IVouta cfT»tlith street, between Waiktr, laßraad’s Ad* cit’cn, Ore eighth cath and the balance m«eal-«r* TiUb' payments, or.e-.Jclitn v?uh s pet c-:n-InterSiT. Ter par lonian Bee WM.A.BGTTFB3 <SsCO„ t ui».si]Mss Ancticascxr. ■Q.U.BSBT & SaAIFS'JK, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, 41, 4G 4: 48 CB&ROOBN S^SEGT, LARGE SALE OF BLEGAEX HEW FUftHIVUItIS AT AUCTION. op 1 CFSrAT. Ac?nst 33, *.t 9>£ o'c’oc 17 , at onr Balterocmr, consisting in part of SIX FINE PARLOR SUITS, With Etnce Arm Chairs, In grssn r/pp and hair cloth, l**rb!e Tcp Tablis to Match. E;sj chairs wim etnne bac»e. Te*.e*e tftea, Ha; Tie's with marble shelve* ted drawers, Sice Whatnots, fiar ipi“n-lid osk asd walcnt ildebcaxds, with marble coo and mimz back, oekbanetd nxt:r eloa uinlnc Tables, with scroll legs, fallleatwalnut ro.puinca'cco., ParlcrEockln? chairs. Cnsroher Chaim. Oak Dinlce Cb»irs. c»nr Beat aidfi. C. bewlnt Refrf sdmtcl Tabic?, Chairs M«M« Top Of*ws* irp Bureaus, Wastelands, French and Cettwcsßed steads. SPLENDID CHAMBER SUITS. Kleesnt fnn,h»ratd quarter marble too Chamber Soit?, mrcr«woad. 0.l walnut and mahogany, extra* dtleh, and warranto! ditt-clus work. Airo- a laijre iisorime-t of solid and ImUaH'm Chestnut Chamber Suits, with and without marble toy?. Abo two Bxa<iale and Velvet j£n»lhh Carpets, o ;ly tsfd a faw mo-.U s. The above sards were mtenfsetmed exprestly for first cists retail trade; can be esamlnedoaJliniay. At p ns; 2lci Algo oacMcGesCookß’ov'.naeatbrea tsontt?, oiumkht & swl^soN. ec2o-p3?-Mt Aucilomt«t«. T.ARSE Sale OS JLi . - Bl j cAi''>ES> STOCK. Eavraj: aasociaral with me in bnsinetw myooss, and Charles S. Brownj I will sell st pnhhe anctiOE, at my residence, Grove Park, in ia!;nl Giove.Soapakion County, ITmoU, three miles wart ot Bsrhn. on the read leadms iron Sorlngil* Id to jr.'.fceonvlUa, on Wedneiday and Tbnrtiay, Silb uc iith, 18W—(sslo to tomaeace at 10 fftilrtv orFsrtyhnpezlor Sfairuhoni Cnule, conyWJu’ of cowe.Beiftrs ana Vcnse Boll:; also Sonttdi.wnßhr ep and Berkshire Boas, from thelm* prnation of the Illinois Importing Auncla&ct :of 18S7; alec a somber of valuable Brood Maxes* Coles and Fillies* Oftrottieg itock. Caialognesof stock will be Issued In d-etJice. p«r. sire desire ns of obtaining than can do 10 b? addriTg. Uir mu at Berlin, Illinois. JAR. N. BEOWr». frl3-n»J»l9t-w.paafr4tbp Mm f|giim~<g4Qs 'OOR irALE—Hems and lot oa JL Michigan ayetue— lß OIK'. Acnsean-i Let on Wabash *7Bnce$ T ,OCO. t ouse and BOt near Union Pat 2— s-t / c?. liens* acd Let no Horen ttrcet—ftVOO Ajpiy to J. p. OLINGZB. 43 Clark street to 3=l Ho.». nu24pS3:-3tS FOE SALE—First class residence cn Michigan ayecas. First class rtal&nco on Prairie a?can a. Fit st data p? alaence on wabssb ayenns. Apply to J. P. OLIH3EIS, 43 Clark street, room ».o. S. _ au»paT3-8t Beceiors. VSS l.hfS , ... 2.621 "f?OE SALK—A litre Chao;'. jL’ A five yea:s*lea*e of tbe lot opposite the Nor’h western Depor. A choice place tor a small hO'd. For bsmcnlora Inquire of PillLlP CONLEY, So. 17 SonlL Cisrk street. - an3l ptta iit tTOR S air!; —Dweiljfij ter c-ale. 9. a two story frame bclldlnr, situated on Woljo‘t street, on tae North side, ccntaimcs c -miort able bedreem* cs npter tlurr, and three on the loy cr a good Eitchen, and every convenience requisite. Terms cbbj. Wools eTchsnze or arocsrlea i|Ad dress lor a ww daye, "J F,** Chicago Poet Deice. anU-pS4O2t "OOR SALE—We offer (or sale uc- JL' til Sect-1. at a bargain, a beautifal ptlyatt resl desce, wstn 2jf acres of laad. *r. fiarism-onthe Ga» Urn reread, only t9 m'nutesrlde from Chicago, anti oniv three nutates waik trem Harlem Oipoc,aol near ere ot the best schools in Coon county- No puce cat of Chicago offers so great faculties to a B-tJcrdrlEg tnsiness la the cut, SdOVILIiTI & aKVEY, no. a Telegraph Bnlldlog. auH p?3Mw Tj'Oß SALE —A beauiiinl Lot on -L Pra:rle avenue, bßtwecn2ist and ?2d street, or MLgfoid place, near the residence or W.T.Tmaor. B?q-.Ka?tport—60'eetfrontbyl"8de6p. lot on south s deof Commerro or ffiat itre*t, be tween Wfcbasa and Michigan ayenaer. 50 feet irons bp SCO teet deep, at 9«ocerfcot. ' S\MDKL A. SBRGEKr. Beal Estate Agent, No. 4 Alctirpolt tan'uiooS. au2i.p>l4-2t - pCE SALE -linear M”3W Board of JjL Trade, on Wsshlcgtoa street, SO l*at front by 180 feet ceeo. A. J, AV*R7LS., Real Estate office No. 7, Metropolitan mock. au-O-pSJttSt SALE.—Great Bargain. 150 Jc. 1 feet front cn Patkavmne at thirteen dollars per fco*. Title periett.-Also 3: acres n at tae Lake share Kcnth Side, tor fifty collars per acre—acoat IS acres Of timber tt this tract. Also « pork paonhu estab lishment. Ground 40x190 feet with onlldmgs snd etea?,oQ Monroe sleet- for 15.CC0. aU the aoave af» lei great bargains. ISAACS. SITT& CO .G-l Clark slrtet anltMSMt jCfOR fcAXE—For $825, a beaatifol -H cottage, 134 South Morgan street, of s<i rooms Pcseetslon given on purchase. Leas* cfgronndfor flye yeais. snia piy-rw IjWR SALK —Two etoij Brown JL* House 480 Gtate a'reet. Will be rold resaon* able- Apply onibe premises. auia.o9B-*iw fcALE.—We Layb lor gale -5. easy very desirable residence lots, North or Cbzoaoo Arison and fast of z oraerr. and in Use vicinity or the North Branch Ca*ai soiwbla for nuKeiare uwelimas- Tteaa lota are Crosby's dlsuiarr and Ellel's tannery. We Till sell cheap or lease fera term of years. OQDX2T,FLSSTt9OOO * CO, au9.056C-In |7‘OK SAX® —G. S. Mara's Hcspi. tal at Chicago. inpurroence of tbs aetef Cca* KTfBB, approved June 2(ta, 186*. authorizing the sale of the U 8. Marina Hospital and grounds at Chicago, Xlaou,aitnaMclon Mlcnlgan avenue, between South W&ta: atratt end the Chiracs Hirer, notice h hereby glvm its: the above property will be acid at public auction, on the sib day o; September, 1664. at is o clock a, m .by the Collector of tba Port of Chicago, at tte Custom House in that city. The term* or tba tela are fbr ready money. Upon the racaioscf the purchase money in full, tte secretary of tba Treasure will taaife, execute aid deliver to tee uurebnaer thereof a Rood and sufficient deed for the premises conveying all tba right, title and laureai o: tba rr-j;: ted States. . .. . in accordance with tba act authorlzlEg the eala. p-'EstMtoncftbPssld Hospital and eronara will be retained. unto the new Hospital to be boat under the provisions cf the act shad be felly ccmplelgc and r€ CrJes* a satisfactory bid rbai bo obtained, tbs eal* wlllbcpcstccned. _ WHff.FSSa^NC.tN. Jy29 ng-S-fiy Secretary of the Treason*. ilost. LOST— SSO Reward, ioav, on Saturday Is it, a large black morocco Diary, or Peeks* Lock, cot wining three hundred dollar* la Greenbacks. and a cclltrtion cf accounts sad ne reis- Whoever returns the tame to the Tainuss cfllce. receive a reward of any d:liars. tUUl'pJ«B*St 'Oi,CKIx4G HOUSE.-Foi S2l>i at A public anctlec, on # SfctortJay, Sept. lOtb, 1864, at 9 o clcck p m., that certain Frame Packing House cn "he Aiccer Head, la the city *f Cbirazo. formtrly k cwr cs Alexander Hen's, more recently occupied ty Ce,tog*!bwwiaitbi fixture#,aopor. t.-r«>nn« f. utfxcirea term of leas?, e»o. Alio, a los of around Alum Salt ana Saltpetre Si‘e cn tee pram* Itf b 7f. Ms esah. T/M. A. BHTI’KKa A CO.. ac2:-is:MK4thp Auctioneers, DISSOLUTION OP GOPART nenhip. Jesie L.Bxa”aon having till day with cr»wnn> mutnucccsentfroai thv llr-iof Heanson, EU'ct&Co, the sale cf Alien’s Knitting Machlnaa will be continued at the old atasd I'lO Lake street. Chicago, by John KUlctard Wm. P. Wrt»ht. under the firm name as undersigned- ELLIOT A CO. Chicago, Anr. ID, IS6U anWpSSTUi* DISSOLUTION op OOPART nenhip. Jesse L. Brataon baring this day with drawn by mutual eouisct. from the firm of slliot A Brsmca the salt #f Lamb's Hand Looms, and the fiiteutnehtfor said maiblne, will be continued at locldstnnd, 120 Lake street,bytoe uadarsltned. JOHN SLLIOT. Cblca* o, Aug. 19, ISM* aulLpSSi'lUia A.VTlfcP.— »ftbstume.i to go ic 19 ■ atyh-archoftheetmcslnihiArmyorti-i; ere, two or itrae yea a. «id 'he fijJV-s*. premium rpaio. Apply to *ILWN * PIRURIAw, ■lt, Ci.jk ituet. aagM-u WA?-T*D.—‘ rhss it should bs (L'lnctlyundeisterd that we iwa.’O iuMV.- r»i<ot: I’ko e-ooe anae.-lb* tfrea.* ceti’i Preparation rf July 15th, .6*l; against am, P;&fts tts-d-r aalit r-rc-ciu'na’l'ia, Wteft-iu* oas cr Txy.coci \beT;c«!cior:w.-»tmort'44Has fifty £ol- Dra WILLSON & ME3&AM, 48 Vlark striev. »n?2-U XUANTED.—That ns iiao.o t V toD-af should rrenllec: that nnly foti'tcen dajalntriTtne between to-f’ay ied ?h? cimmsicfr* nut of the craft, and that they *hinH immediately ttor- ti tint; order* for auhsll nt»s,while satutitetts canbetao, to >V ILLS On & MBitfHAM, 4!» OUrx ttree*. aaK it WANT £D—eisbctliaite aifl re err’ 4 * wanted and fnriJihfc-1. The hMx*si c ; shl)ou- i> pudmhind, rsmhav; cioiti oi :«:• Tr.(ii>, 6untltn-es as-i r»snn lum’itia au ad Apply at <>o Btile sL'sn.ron'.nS.j, no t'a'tr. f>?..i 3251. G. 7?. SONGSM .t ~o , Ghleeso. ill. . 3tvl;399it W*»N ; t’i.’ —Who wi.tt3 a Sab stl'nie rr HAM & nr,*3 fiae»,B;oa aarre*t Blccr.corhur olßacdalph a:c. Scats fleets, up-sta'rs. atd :etru year ord&ra, aaiipM It LV'A?lT*Ci>—SnSstitares, and tbo4> reqn’-Tjie anbttivivft*. ehonll apply st Si Dearborn street. 8o?x .‘5 VTe cai supply snh stlnxtrs a; charp «a any ptiiM lo 'be c.ty. and will always to lar&isa rood nun, aitoad or dn chfti’ec srldlera- ifiSLaY & CO. a 022 p'.CM; YUAN'IJf-D— Becrmts :or T/. 6. *f 6acbc»*tarvfcß. Afews?sreyour.eiaiawacV ed. Great Inducement* cffereL paid and treh.chra* water irtyes. Pirttsebitne’s; oareciaiMwlU’be llssrally rewards. Call at the comtr cfßandolpi and- laseila *se t»c> me* t. sa2lp3ft7t if. MUAPS7 AC*'-. "Lf; AXTBD - To iafero: sr.a pab’ic farrJtfa aabtetareeat tbs tow«3t pries for which ihey can nowoa orooored. Obiy twe-ty dsys intervene b»t«een tMs andi*a cibil D«*l3j* ih fsnreioo*. virjt cpmo 3.’*? B‘xvc.L ivuLfion&MEKLlat!.4S Olaxknreat. aatlp?B7lt - TATfil TSD SO Gurtortmas la T T wcdla'.ely. Calta* the coniTot R*n!olph acolap»lh atKe!r.«eiropc.h:aaß»‘ja'. m t«ehasv xient.iicioliiD* omca -f „ „ * . wir.p.MU.par* jo. Ccllsnd get hehlgcest bcon«ypald in th»c*tv, cash in bn a. *a«p7S?lw' Oi Tf rt? o' CaitMjfr ard c ?i.t<j cf Illinois tn Scow thtttb-;y t\c ni iDinisheJreprfsentanyfsnub'.inc**. reeamspr* ti-ro 1 * ann cue stuttest ncilce, by aloel-OPlr Ben GUG3,*r appifinx ** t>t B-at'oipc i-to v».'AT)ettre*.tt,tn th^b^sem-dc. aanpyare • w.MURfg'.rA cl. * WA-'iTjtU bntewsui aad Yef rtsastattyejat the-corner cr Sandoloh sue Larslle strteu;la ‘.he basarent. Rail and set t*e tlaheitcwhboentittstupowpsld in tbeciu sc2;i?tt-:t w. WOBPUY A 00. W iVJ^T.^/O— tttbjLviUtsc. Xse k -; * ftrs. oft»r yen have C4ny*Bs«a the cr.> oi Chtsseo.wewouia like si»« n* the la*t cal-, ana it will be lor < oa*tP eay if wo cacnat fiyerheKrges* bonoty tn atd ftiprv BrEtttivea tnierhg me D s.ficrvl :o ; tor nny pen~d fremote toGrtoyean. Cboic«of »-»mce a id;eit mett xlvrn. Gntbost race taken for one, two an' three y*ar*. 1/ yen wl b horora -le deallnr, ctvc. na a eallot the eorne.* of KaadrJob aid Lv*aiie sir*?»i. In tee bMos *>ns. W«, yTIBc’aY * c^. en2l-L&i7t WANTED tunecot iiii aldotnrt ferU.B. nary Mr; tea for one sen, towton will be paid ttehlgnestciau Donaty. wertn* r.rrtctulta cr ruhs’l'u'rs. • ‘•oiylmmealately at the } <*<rnitrz Guire cfWU VUhPAY & i O,c .rrerof Racdolph and Ittallo street/, nudir M-*rooolttan Block. ai2tfVH7t ’I XT ANTED -To icloin »U -.itii yv that are errolted la tie City of Chlcagi*, cr cloeThere. tb&i sabsiltutee esn he iarni43>a at the »h rust sobre asa at ircwt reaiToaiJc t*zcs- We will fernUh turse *‘tO toJfilPt liner*** lunstrn'ca rrom «?Mro »:. r O. Addr«c3 f-r ck Vos fCC3, ChJcazo fit, « r loci jc: tie fotcerof Lasa’ifstreete. ictneOi’c mtat Gi»*rvlHec:cUlagLiace. anll-p 1 617: WM.HU6FHY A CO. wm. a. blitters a co n nnctlanters. iyAti'.lED Sahstiintti who tie ‘ slens cr yeterace, cv&r IS Tests of a- eanu pv’feet's fouru ( vju ej«h 13 hxad. the uiit. cst tr.nxty ev-t paid in 'da city to •icceotablj fiul:i..v;bo will lava thslr cli'J e of service aid a pip!‘€t.prdcnlsndtpg with ih’lr pttectrsl- Boy*. pkEsncnnv&ssihoc’.'j: t3**o ctvc mo •» calL Fcr* (,ci»'wb'‘C’tw»nao-r ceasabetit*t** « U baiiWir-'-st f ?■ ivices. 07 Wtehingun sfrez;. P iir.wir C2:i i. a xis pi fi a: TTOK S i I,®. Bar rocia fix .*■ opp'slw- the Mflw nhtti cepct the loca'lou it p- cC endlhehnsmes* 1? a gerd oao. wuibasold ebeepto an caily pnrehaatr. Apply 73 day on the pzemises. t A'CE--Gr-ii H.u c,10c.-»ud *■ a'.a*ocd»ia‘lcncnthc C. 3 A 0,. H. R..wlth Cx*n:ta cornel.t£ ard in c-od order, .with ca;tte p -ill Tit sold cheep, as thoovoe.* Is onto! health. The ottaeax erco Ls meet bouvunl, acdttcct lsalu»y to thoTlcln.ty. loquiier-f Wil. LITTIBAot). 23lSCUlh WatSJB ms.thlWPP. * au2?-pS(llt • 1 rj’ EAf -E - A Pc;table Segine. i- -p»vo bores ton, all In pool rnunlne order, sale cheap, a.ho two large Feres Pomps, wo dooiswistof Statetlrcesoa l3Jb. Poa: b>x22S7. anal-pSCSTt C , OKSi?XE--To Itmbtr D slcn JL 1 sndcUez?. For sale, the ra goof Ccnada-Drs Poarda. on achocoer Mary Grover, now irlnc me Frsnyirn etref. t. oti the river. c«rt«U leg HO M »**u •. PAV’D GCODWILLIS, corner Franklin sna Ohio stiezis. ao3ip«.»*c C’OF- SaLE - A first-cUss s _on;s A hand Portable Boiler, 15 beran power. Just as goedasnew. It has a 24 inch Are floe and 223 inch rttmn Cuts,7* feet loc? steam Con* amt n.rm**. irg*. Apply at R. T. CSAivZ & 8803 ,102 West Lake streei. aoio.p«6-lw FOH fcALE— B*f e_> sn: Oo.fVc tlcsety, cheap for cath. Call cr atMr*9>a. *’ j CyMrtouD.i efflte. au.O pai-4t Eok salibi—a »ua »'ro .1. ccrlptloa D»rwr Store, now dclnpa cccd tn.l - and has been mtsDilshsd live sea's, for sale >iC tte low pile* cf ll,‘CO cash T « orerent owcer * h\?HB to retuv Is roaseqf.euca rf 111 health. For Jnloncsiinn inquire ff SMIfH A Dv/TCK, Wlchiste frsnhtr, and »4 Lake (.ti. caio. lliltoJs. ' aul9p2Wlw F*>K 54,010. Aiij v-ny hsvlrr the abevs smcuut of c=ah cspltel can purchase a maxtracturlcg tuslcesa araonp'lt.v to FSOOtCp-ry-ar, end saytupa Urgnorrfit. Fcroar* tlculars aocresr fc,r one weakP.O, BoiC6i7. aul9*slßSlw FDR Si'i-E—6aa tw-riy tc-isa engine, with boiler and flnturvs comul«V; oce lobmectdcocl. l hcrce engine; oac36 hors-naic larbctlsr.erd cni s-ccnd tacd topbrpgy. at 2115 S‘sle street, or addressp. O. Box 2539. ante pl3&6t TJIOH SALE—The cn,srt U-.tie X, Fchoouer Glen Coylar—carries S3.OW fee! of lnasb‘r onfrnrfduc wntar-eUvses a 2 and m coo? cof c:»ien Pnc? *7,5(0 <*a*h. For fnnhti- oiit-calvs adJiftsPost unite Edss2s Lstlvaukee.Wia. aal7-plXl-lw SALS —& plißiag end ehw -I lr g w-RJ, with other very desirable attachments, coins a mcrtprc&tsoie bvalners. r.tcitl >n asgcoo as arts tnihe city. mqtLeat Nc.7 Boar, of fraie Building. ; jralT p!7 iw • SALE.— Gjccsry Store arid Dwalllbg and lease ot ground, will be seifl cheva forcaaborpartlnxoodoapsr. ihe store lx dolax a flrsbclasshnslnew .Inquireontbepreuihe«,corner of WoodK'dLske erto’cdSNOß at Smitu A Frank's. lU9 Spa’Ji WsStj! * anl!*osSb?w FJR SAtE —Steem .*to&rirg Kill Theunfierf'znfd offer for sate the Idnrrs; and best milita the city niPtorla, well situated toe ship. ?ln* on the care, and alson»ir the steanboat ;aa"lnc. ue mill contains five run of the b?st old stock etou&g. SS feet In diameter, acd all the n*xe:*a.*y cleaung machinery and Co tin? aosaratos ot a ffr:t data mCL Ihere am a two-flifcil builere TOfsst long by 43 inches in diameter, and an eczm-J cans Ic 01 drlvfre «U flva ma cf stones at one lime. C*p%cl y 800 biis la 24 hours. The mill la rea*iy aew.anc vru be so’d for nearly halt what It would sost to build at thepreieut «me. For terms luqu re of RANDALL * HUGEHS, Peoria, 111., Cr QIL3EST, UPDIKE t CO., Chicago. auia-omxw Tfitiß EiaXJS—A Steara j> lcm Jldi. J_ The offero for salu the yvluabte non erty in Le Claire, lews, fcaovn aa tba M Swan Mins." Tkanambuila»ng,Ssbytaiee?,f:ur storlca h-gh. contains jhree ruu of stoce.sixty horse engine, and other rewsiary machinery, Oa same lot, snrt a two-sWiy wafeh-ttire.iiizM feet, ic> atoiicc acd shlp ptngflonr. This nrcpvity is situated la one ot tue hers g?«-in excites regioas In the State, aid cow* man"* aia’se localfrs.,e. It b%- diitct mlfroad and water eomannlcatlon with Chicago *nn he Loniamarketetor any *nrplas. ThftsbuytfprcTCitvwiilbeaoid lowfcr c«sh.either as?mbtPlycrtoKe*h«r, a*maybe desired- cr w.ilte esc. iMted tor good ctlcaco Apciy lo D F3LINGT«*K A t.O..Pa7«mp; rt, ICWX. lyti nTy-lm F?E SALE 2 large high pr>B3nre tanks: l steam enclse 9 horse power; l five Una bclier.lfi it Jong bv44 In ;ltwo floe heller. 18 Dio gby-J2in.: 1 steam dryer,c&paetty S> tfrrce*; J.teofUKaaJ n igrn -wrousns iroa pip*, sooit as new AcDl? to TURNER A NICOLES. 121 Midlron street, Chicago. UL aulO 0t47-Ut I?CB SALK-—Two st:am boiiera, JL 21 feet long,-« tuches la diimeter, two fine* la each is lech** In oiameter, fire treat grate can bntchtng and smolr&pjpe complete.’ Icoalre of H«»K»SRr.Ri>.No 97 rgnal »r. TO BENT —A fine StOT=‘, cesha b’ylccstcdjcn £cu*h Clark ifreet, with larva nice slow window;. Hint S3OO psrvear, sod «?io wor'h offlxTutesfor site. Address P G, b2x353. au22 jS93-lt TO KilNT—s email zooms, upcer part cf a private house 3onth 61d«, until Ma? lat. utca reference iequJrcd, Inquire at 94 Wabitg cn st. Rett |JS per mcnih. atil-plttizt 7 T I O BEKT—A desirable House cl rcoms.clothes presses, tries basement, *c.. stiuatSdfD 115c0.3 str-e, near MV.lwa. luanfro or TO RENT—The fourth floor of 104 Lake street, well •dsoted fee stursre or lEsnßfrctnilcK. Apply at 165 Randolph itrset. &U7O p?ST-Ct TO BENT - Two fumishsfl rooms, without bovd. at 13 Randolph street, op ;o:tre rcirbc.’n Park. aolS-pUd is TD RaNT-.Ths ercond sud third ■toxlea of the west store la C jbb'a Btect. comer ot Mkhifanavenue asdLake street*.,Wi i bartady for cccuiijncv Beo'ember first Apnl7to U-«a B.S. T7HITTEIU’.B« A CO . 37 Lakcafrast. 6t BOABDiNO—Waytrly House m and I2S Klczle street. Goad rooms and beerdat SS.W per week. Xrausiant r?.'o cere.-y- anil p:l^S-cs •OOA-BDING- -By !i ,OU;jg gor-tle. il? m*n on the Bonih 61d**, a room, with or with* tat board Anyperim hwlnc euca can Had ausr casent hosreer. Beat of references given it re* quirtd AcuiCiZ box oCOO. aa«l«&~.6l> 8t BOAKLMP* Gr All peiSD.d cater latte price of beard Tribe comla te’l acd witter, are requested to meet at3J Wxrd Uai?n Ball, on Ftste street, tar vyedneifaycvc* ting,Aut. 24,at7H o'clock. »tt»a<ianca 1j leaacs’.f d, au’2lp’i3l7t qtbayid or stolen-^l5O Brsord. st< len from my farm on Tusrdsy nlrlu.ibe jsrblntant. ad*rk myor 0 own Mire, 7 lifts olu, *6 h«*vy uii.smaliatar la the ronhead. and a white hiiia m ihs tsft Jaw ana a »nsll »peck cv tte ncsttve* ? 4 T.. flaai? T I 5 ato spoeaiancs wrnld attract , e r, i:B , r8 * will p*.j on? turdr-.d and fl-’t 1 * doUifare ward for »ha tears nn2 conviction cf the thief, »>- p*Q C /^l^ oa fc» illter. . L. P, SANGER. Jolltt,lllinois, Aa.T-2i’, ISSI. au-'i-p^ii-i; STRAYED— Or Stolen from V7eit WmhJna'.onstreet, on Friday Bight, Au*. iv, a Isrrs lift * na> ware, la good flf»b, torg switch tab,two bird tee* white,and In forehead. IhßfinC*r will be Übeial y rewarded byrhiurslni h°r to K PRICE3 Livery end Boarding ctahlea Tre pipyt alltv. «ujl-rfl92 3; i&tzi mm®. FOB SALE I offer for sale much below Its actual value, between 700 ana Bco acres ofhetvypinotimDsredland'tn Manistee. Mich, to close «s estate. - Call at 69 South Water street. J. S. KUO. 1686.71 82aatite&—Substitutes. %sm si,v Went, singrJias. Estragec. 1 CZlanteo. : WA27TED DiHEblsd Officui y T aid Soldiers.bcnorablydta ivni from tre SSJtef, «rd in want or prcfliabla emoloyEient, pt* , adapted totae'r COTdUoa, th'JUld sednva ’ eat. 2?sf* 6614. Cblcaco. DLnoir. «. Ranted-A C-:rbje who baa ■ V dry le&^rL'.ri* ll '' lßß, drsmaa tn drsi cla.a 5r Vto fr^-T. < ~krpttha"«B, ,krpttha "« B lor tne t*at I<> an v t *t ji. Fr»ccblutßl- < ‘. ( v ,J f c * vtrssnt with the Eog<l*i -mo, *ttUi:toa Ple. lt 4:tlu, - ca - 3CU, 80x3D7.S I*. O. In \\ room', ■£. dan«htl^a»?€T^ t rs l , b:M ’, ! * - 0T • lady aedtwo nV «*atofaU*k C Vr/*t C £l5 nUot, * oa,l > <s worth-tw, :S ill feWSJ acd?:•»*• sovd *’• S?Si“ e, Ai Uaa rx »Q2lp4is-tt ioa *“» 7nftnoeotnce. L t! ~- aii \\l — One cr t>o .:rr.s^- 5? ■ WUTOtt«. UoroojMy acmd:.V-.i >, with tbs cl.y. car. rivers i'.-*. S Btffr.or Ctliyciy ir.en.hy asrljine vo ti? dm-rle.a :• txrreast otnpjiry.CDrßjrcf Lake ami usarb.-ia it* D außi-pif»3t 5 W 4.?ri*E.O— A fattier v'li. f io ru ru -7 T |l*(Oto|2tMc.vhc?oltx?. latha Haraww. t The cdyemierlt a a?p«r'ai * _ ibeeteprequire*h’a frifre attasttos. Leered in (1 oof oi it*. buthmiieieLiiieain Wl;cai»:; »s 0 ' - . netc apTi? unteva i>r«ua7*? io t‘.za V. re£;?tnc*». o;*TxUm&e »■-tass' ill atm psa.-u ’ WEXJ —iKT&cGiatc.y. ot-r-s^h-’r.oca thatsacoar»; ( -.-' > , 6 8 Tc sncU rood wi.w.', fttadj Finployrntti ».u re s:vcc . .v;d’ts (s s ?*. cV ’ JII s , ** * Trlcaii o:Jic?. )t> ttC'/l p*l.-St TO7 - A station i j. ycßDir manSV/s in't?'’ ■ *- ha * r 'L* ,_ C»n lPirl'bthebra;ot ruy rc,«»re- V * IC dr«B"YM3.vp.u.horg;?. * n :i P jjvtl it. A±v f J.EOf:47 ■*/-.i> 3 sr. as,>- ‘1 J tue. s conpeteut cost, w-shcr.aiii'frrtoi.f, « fitferenreare<ih!:td. 1 TSf^Jf'IEO-T.-.. Ktit.' A rr i i T* n’thid hoaae aolUb'.e for aarUl fAiu:'. 5 i . no children. Bessotrri-jncreixivei. ?f*<L'r'* i. >- tins tern** aidlocatlop, P. 0. box 13!tS. an??-pB3"-3t ■ r v^ / '*il'iT£D ■hj a b-.ruitmaa an ; *‘ 9 > wife,board,wUh *m*{ o'rjr- Dlthidroo(r»_p!*iu*&t y locates. Acdie..-t* M i •• " P O. diswtr 5937. au2:--.-iOS 3« j 5 WANTiaO- Boi-ii tc.- a'?.0,l • > x ‘ I I man, wife, and little daoebtar s>* Ve'.isr.i-.i. r ,t It» pnyale family. *n tbeceißhhrrbo'nof ’.tictf •in crtVsbaa. avenuea. with snuot room-or o.e Krx> frontlotro,either lorslthcdor «nf-rr.Ga*o. u<p>a j:ier‘tc»selTcn. XQ.'ttti *s7HL,”Tr&asesfflee. an3lpltOit k W7ANSEO SOC- iUidiTirVJd G«- - T * tJetntn trcni 4 11 pa'tjbt the WesLtosc'at setttsforfre is:e .f butt‘ilik’j Pattern icrruMiir let wfc* orm»fß sed al) >m.* sof clot' I' C. d-ire to 4- 1; .1 m every f»ni r- r-st'* ‘ndocßioeaf- utr-rtd so * a««P‘*. A ■wi'.DXK, rcnml3. no stairr. c* cixclcit’a BmliMor corner of Ktcdoloh Dearborn »tr<e 9, t bun<o. PO. box 0596. « anilp.VS.iw | 'WAS-TED—A Fnraish£.t~fToijJe P ’ wa&ti den the Ist of October. Acotaor'aniv u arn cenyecen I; tarnished rents, Pintu ->r tVf^t ► Bldepietenca. Pfrties w’shlie t: rcl'nqnlah aou-e-'. r»«pircfcr tbew<£it-». "lATiearro a r *i j >a.ibia i teaan? by addrwtJn* **J T,” P. O. box 3*i-36. ao3l»paS4t £ TV'— jc. titi.-atio.-us ■' n! v* kt/perln afliatc'nsi *h-. ae Stic tocw.b? Jwsnijik mir led man wi’.Q *»» exrcr. of enceef five yeaioancccanunt.and ■ d .»*ttua;a --m »BP«eID Boat-.ernL inoie. Adores: ‘-rw/'ci? o. texsssj. «n2>-?3ar-j; a \\7 Aii'lSO iv BjtLjtio-.. l-j Cti ; .-r ,. j T w by a p*r»on who has h*d t«-, yetr? sne -7-ii •a wpcritncari lo a Art cJ*-h K!nnrtn,» jii.. t& Acdre 1 * wlLLfiß.Cttlciea. Bernih Co., M.cb. n acSO-p26X4s - a \\T AK'tKD■ Oivii L ■ •* *.. Ailr-ntor wtsbus to «s«..>ce »h« s.ryl:.w... % Myu Etgtncer. whob«! b+d s-’ru-* e»w*r - «p- ; R ootrrtinr-lrt'’ *nd Jo - j «> :=j^. , «on«:i:cr* Situ? b» a > - & ®, Partesfcr ErawtrNo. t*»i« u an.P«cv<.i<ft > Koitumb-xhu ti: 1 8 y * relit fens trsth. I all infOiaMi: J- ce *• sc&tl(3C£L b: vl t:nf?e 130 mo *n ?«o .e-.-ji ca bov Uiiy ciiMt .'-'j thesis* «;i o- 0 ’ hQifcea« attriicwve. Ac«! nr. --apr I r-. r rmuu reno vs cox trfor c'firtTv’-:t? •t' tcU w. WHITE,?. O 30X497. T,:r- an*. Vi - Ccnnty.lcdUia. _-n 1.8.01 -Vc-. tts -S' r -_ . • *- fa the D ; p».tai«?t. 4: : . . ttnlt,Lsb.7rr?a*?lsr«rin , :aib ■»■ .*\'e t, terssna exoi tiih*??, 175 per *ri it fnm rsecl rr,c ires tr<n*co;Tatt2o m:ir CbMM a Fcnartbtrlrlonratjcalscnfra at the i ,v-r v-cf ie aoatn >attr jer-st, : uicaK* • Limoa. O.M. LaßcQi'-S, S-viram/st Ageat J 'WAKIEi>—• 1,010 i~Z~' .w y 8 ic-fc. ten, ferwhsch t» will p»y m.. bi;a. B *. icarietprise Couafry r«sl:-n w;ii d • * :i • • „• if oir?c i .toae«%Bwebu«. foroiroen rrs-a-o w.i; -s ; V* onargettatccraaiaii.a. C. ‘r,3K'srrN.t:.'c j 1 * ctar’serd toctorymea s-ici.T-r. WAK?®)- By an >sp n.. c i a . bsntf, a situation aa Loc->l io.::.*o.ia >. daHyp»p*r Addiqßa‘*DJG.’*Poil2ii3.To.?u , o, aal7-pU)7lft 5? TOA>;T’vD -D:lmd cI g: l y v wanted. An active numho U thorcuihly aeqaaiauu with the eiiy asd wnn mea. .. Onewnoranbrlotr testlmoaialsaimgcflil oba?a<*ti>'- 4 can boar cf a pesmaneot altnatioa by sddrts-l-c with ry rtiererceaP* 0.30x6-174. Chicago. aa2frp3Js 3: !? ANTiD—BraVw O-etw, . - 13 ./•* - ,three fine Bteanßollfr, « leches aiamiv feet Tce». and In goer, order, /or sile.cne U.-.IU ? 16iertlonp..‘31nobejdlan;etBr,wlUi 702ltch ‘or-* ' SLamniam. flrofioct, orltehen. arno'e stieh. srd 1? nte obk for. Apply to ouiFrr h BEC&-, a Pcmgro3*a BnilCfrg anH-cWS-SiJt' >t T\7AfS»‘ T ED Fo>rect & hour- ■ tiut f y will accomodate 15 or 20 flrst-c’A^hoai.J-n. , wort baaozthcf via Bor*astreet, wqom parci»t« • the jxunitare arc teste of *irn a buns* Jf wia r Bitli tctviy. AddrtlS ‘t?.”?.O. 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S'x 5174 Chicago, Room SBX yathlczton-s*. ia: T\7 AJN TED A-i-um, i.le,<iqu..r --* T Iws for Campaign Vedfili ol the dttVar«Qt rudidatei ler Preflaent aid vice of :a” Ucltid Statfe. Agents can make twetty-avs Collar a week selling thsm. Samples tent on rev- l of r cents by man B. it- LANDoir, 4>Bn& &LS L*»a is . Chicago. HL_P. O. Box-LISJ. aon-uTi.-ia Xy"Al. TED—Ag£ to ali b<- 7 t enbacrip'loathe“NTstrry of Lficola’a Utr-liton Trice «•». Went Ib> miu on n-cetpt ni cmouct. Tha authorized r«»xt 000? of tne e-.mratj sells rapidly. Otter popular wor>t. CLARE A CO Ptnen *'i»rn AR*ste,S‘J Washington atzs-at, < hi caxo. Box 4751. . acsoixs-jal WA.r-TED Good Ags_;t3 in every eonatr in the Nwrtewe itT'o s?n Schoa b!rz*j Stsscsrd dGas of the v»'o;K J —the best A*’ fer tbs price m tbs United stnte?. What one Mfj-- naj** who iria-Ut: (*£r. It.R. t-iail'n.Agent'S tayeb-enoui aoent two I hsyeey rase.! Fir* a cay. Stud me inmediaUlj? S'lxcirwcf the Atia. OHfl if- T7ii o OX ) Fcr » u, LAREON, General Agtss ft.r the ja? Lake slice:, Chicago, ill. ao3ciba-^n' WAN TED- aiOOperMortii .e-,c --* * Uve and Billable Aganti la the Ariuv • - ererywt«ra else,in moat mcra.l-’sbtalaes* kisowV HoPcraNeandnoruJc. Addrca? orapniwiT t />• O&DGB AN. 116 Broadway. K. Y. ly^LttSr- XSTANTKD Gooc, Aginti tnlaTl T! my new enTtavlng ettltlsd “Hfunr o*> 4 lough." Engraved-by John fiartala, Fhlia."o-V-'j my old aeeota writes me: **l never have «eea*'iiwl th-nx that began to eeU Uke it." n at 16 tcxtia&d B>rck P. O Box .VAAS gen' mi tral *», to BAUOKI. PIXR.?TOi,””rJlail. : ~ ~~ Jfounc. OUND On North Clwk sir 7» arm of money. Any ore calling at H-ioki sss&sssi-^*

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