Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 23, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 23, 1864 Page 1
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CHICAGO TRIBUNE. DAILY, TRI WEEKLY AND WEEKLY. Office* yo- SX Clark Street. TTHMS OF THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. DaiK, delivered In city (p«r week) 25 “' “ “ (per quarter) $5.86 Diiiiv, to mail subscribers, per year $lB OQ DailV, to mail subscribers, per 6months., e’oo Tri-weckly, per year 6*oo Weekly, single copy one yc»r 2.60 “ ** six non the 1,26 Onb? of four copies, one year 9.00 t! .I ii n 4_f! M “ 20.00 ‘ twenty“ « “ ....40,00 And to the latter dob,' one copy extra to ibe per eon ordering It, CS* Honey In Registered Letters may be sent at onr risk. &y~ The remittance lor clubs meet, In all cases, be made at okz time. Andress “CHICAGO TRIBUNE.” Chicago, HI, (£l)icngo erribnne. TUESDAY, AUGUST 23,1804. TZic Weekly Tribune., As will be seen by the tariff ol prices else where, the price of the weekly Tribune has increased to $2.50 per year, club rites r 52.00. The great advance in white paper as well as in all material and labor, makes tinp increase of price absolutely necessary. THIS NEWS. The war for tbe Union does not flag. Our boys iu blue are not idle nor their leaders laggards in pushing forward their opera tions. Our dispatches from all parts of the IheatcfiOf war from New Orleans to the Up per Potomac (and to the latter the scene seems again turning) are unusually full and interesting. They are especially important as giving a very clear idea of the gravity of the task set before our Generals in command, in the two leading scats of interest, in VJr git ia and Georgia, and In this respect come uQ a potent and timely enforcement of the present call on the loyal States for more men. Take tbe situation in Graui’e field of ■operations, where the armies confront each olebr along a fortified line of I tenity-JU* vdlti in length, from our position North of the Jan.cs river to our newly won hold cn tbe rebel communications with Weldon, North Carolina. And it is the work that Grant is at present engaged in to find the weak point in the enemy’s attenu ated line, for such there must be. So also at Atlanta Gcu. Sherman’s army confronts eighteen miles of rebel intrcnchments strong at every point that has yet been tested. It will require much hard work yet to give us Richmond and Atlanta, and yet when it is done, if it is done by carrying forward pres ent operations, there will be**thereafter no rebellion, for the rebels arc staking their all on these points with a drain of men that is rapidly wasting their power, and'once lost it cannot be restored. Will the loyal people be patient and loyal and hold out a little longer, and the reward of all this• expendi ture of blood and treasure belongs to us *rd our children lor all time. Our news from New Orleans comprises an unusually interesting ram.*e of advices from Texas, Mexico, and our own operations be low Mobile and in Louisiana. While the military situation just now waits belorc showing ary striking change in the direction every lojal heart covets, the financial barometer gives cheering token. American securities arc in demand, so our New York advices szy, «*Unont an advance In other slocks or in gol'J, showing an im proved conCceuco in our national affairs, and a decided improvement as regards our ■currency. The details of the operations on the 'Wel don road show them, to hove teen very cost ly to ns, in a loss of over 1,500 men, but we hold the place, despite the tremendous ex ertions of the enemy to dislodge us. We can stand such a waste longer than they can. Rut it is wise to learn from our enemy. Our dispatches elsewhere in this issue, as they have done almost daily for months vast, have but one tale to tell of the doings of rtbel leaders In their operations on a smaller scale. Whether in Louisiana or scurrying to and iro in Arkansas, or riding rough shod among Missouri homes or impudently rearing the rebel standard Jn Kentucky or Maryland, one persistent •purpose, one zealous unremitted errand oc cupies all these lesser rebel leaders,' cox scnipTixo. They carry off mules and horses, but they never omit to make up a string of unwilling recruits, trusting to strong dis cipline wnen these conscripts are once in the ranks. It is impossible not to r*«d in all ibioouc rteuii, urn me evidence thereoi I confronts our armies. The rebels from their j narrower Held keep Ibclrranks full by vigor- { cub conscripting in tbe service of their un holy rebellion. Is loyalty weaker than re volt ? Is the government Inferior to its ene mies in ability to command and summon the aid of its citizens? There is a pressing call for more men to lluitli this war. The nature of the contest, the duty that Is laid upon us us a people, is briefly a*, d stroiigjy stated In the neat little address ol President Lincoln to the return ing Olio rcuiaicnt that paid him their re spects yesterday. Let every patriot read it, heed U, and be ready for the call of his country. There arc Increasing minors that the rebels nre pressing toward the Maryland line again. It will be characteristic If Lee relics on bis strong intrenchmente in front ol Grant; and attempts r. strong diversion by a movement across the Upper Potomac. Whatever may be the truth of the story, and the strength of the rebels, must coon he known. The report in various quarters that the special lax of five per cent on incomes will be on the amount of income less the tax already paid lor the year 1568 is incor rect. It will be npon the full amonnt_over els hundred dollars, without deduction for any income tax heretofore paid. Our citizens who have just welcomed with pride the return to .Chicago of the gallant 19th Illinois (Chicago Zouaves) and the 31th Illinois (German Becker regiment) organiza tions wh’ch through their term of falthlol r-ervicc in the armies of the Union have car ried their standards and the fame ol Chicago untarnished, will rejoice that it Is now pro posed to perpetuate these organizations, by reorganizing them into independent home regiments. It will be a noble basis for our citizen military to ha\c it rest upon such an tecedents as those of the 19lh and the 21th. IVc wish tht movement all success and trust hut the required new material may be rapid ly eecrreo t<> fill up the ranks of these vetc ms, end as the result give us two home retlmcnls a perpetual .source of honor to Chicago. The North Coro'iua news by rebel sources is hlehly important, and If sustained) by facte, the Government will do well to care fully watch all outgoings on the North Caro lion coast, Rebel bint* and threats have for bouie time past led us to believe that their pirate fleet was to receive large accessions, Mid we can readily accept the statement that the all too successful Tallahassee is to have several consorts in her mission of rapine on the high etas. -Our navy must vindicate its j.owcr and promptness now, or our mer chant marine will be swept from the seas until this brood of pirates be disposed of. The eccouut of our British cousins will he a heavy one by and by. They build these vessels, man them, coal them, and history will send them the bill by and by. All the evidences go to show that recruit ing iu rebel States to fill Northern quotas is a failure, and the State agents sent down to glean contrabands in the wake of oar armies have come borne ont of spirits and without returns in the shape of recruits. The armies must Lg tilled troia among the people. General Burnside, [From ihe Providence Journal. Ang. 17,] | Gen. Bumsiue arrived in this city Tuesday morning, iu good health and spirits It is not correct, as stated by the telegraph, that he has been rein vtd. Tuc Court ol Inquiry in relation to tbs assault m Petersburg has cot reported, and has col examined any wit nesses cxceplGtiiS, Burnside and Meade. We judge t bat one of unfortunate military difficulties which seem inseparable from th» acrvicc, has arisen between Gen. Meade and Gen. Burnside, and the latter,- beinir the sub ordinate, preferred, as be a] ways does, to sac rifice himself rather than to embarrass the army in the field by any controversy. He tendered bis resignation, which Gen.* Grant refused, and also refused to relieve him. The Court ol Inquiry wts temporarily adjourned on account of the necessary absence of some of Us member-. Gen. Grant then offered him twenty dais’le?vc of absence, by virtue of which he is at home. We have no doubt that his test-irony betore the Court of Inquiry will acquit him of all blame, and tbat he will goon be called to his old or to some new com mand. T%cw Turk financial and Money Matters. New York, Monday, Aug. 23.—The in creasing Demand from abroad lor our Gov ernment securities continues to enhance the nrtcc. A number of foreign houses have in hand large orders for the 5-20e. The 10 40s also it is reported, are bkelv to be In de mand for European markets Wc learn that at present the unexecuted foreign orders lor national securities amount to about ten mil lion dollars . _ ... Grid opened at 256 1 4, and after selling at 25714 closed dull at 257. Foot of General Application, CoLrwnus, Ohio, Aug. 22 —Advices from accntt recruiting In rebel States are not very icvoreble. Wards and to wnships had better look elsewhere for men to fill their quotas. VOLUME XVIII. FBOM WDUMAPOIIS, Ibe Selzore of Contraband irmi-lp. palUns Cruelty to Disloyalists- Swearing Him. Indianapolis, Governor Morton received Information that thirty-two boxes of revolvers and ammuni tion had been shipped from the east to this city, to John J. Parsons, partner of H. H. Dodd. The matter was placed in the hands ol Policeman Russell ana CoL J. G. Jones. Acting District Provost Marshal ol the State. Twenty-two boxes were taken to Dodd’s building, about Bb. m, and were found there on the arrival of the guard detailed to seize them. Ten boxes were received on Wednesday, four of which only were found last night, the other six were found to-day, hidden under rubbish. Parson’s name had been scratched off these boxes. Just alter these were received, Wm. Har rison, Secretary of the Grand Council ol the Sons of Liberty, was arrested at his house last night at midnight, and Dodd’s partner, J. J. Parsons, and Charles P. Hutchinson, this morning, and pat in close confinement at the Soldiers Home. Tbe two latter were released to-night ON TAKING THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE. The seizure and arrests were made by Col. J. G. Jones, Acting As sistant Provost Marshal of Indiana, and CoL Warner, Post Commandant. Later develop ments show that there were 400 revolvers, and one hundred and thirty-five thousand rounds of ammunition. Failles la Indiana have contracted for thirty thousand revol vers and forty-two boxes of ammunition, to be lorsarded, as paid for, to arm Democrats for carrying the Presidential election. A list of the members of the Sons of Liberty in this city was found, in Harrison’s hand writing, among the papers in Dodd’s safe. It contains as third degree members the names of J. S. Athon, Secretary, ot State; Auditor J. Elstin, Attorney Gen. O.B.Hord, J- J. Bingham, editor of the Ssntted; H. B. Taylor, candidate for Supreme Court Re porter; J. J. Parsons, and others. Hutch inson is a first degree member. The names of four hundred -rebel prisoners were also enrolled as members of the order. Thehuudrrd days regiments from Indiana will return home during this and the next week. FKOW PORT ItOVAI,. BlockadcßaDnen—Exchiogo of Prl*> oncrs-Sicge operations. New Torn, Mdndav, Aug. 22 —The trans port Arapo, from Port Royal on the ISth, arrived this afternoon via Fortress Monroe, On tbe 20th inst., fifty miles north of Cape Eatteras, the passed tbe steamship Fulton with a three matted schooner in tow, bound south. - The rebel authorities are very anxious to exchange all that our Government will con sent to. r Gen. Hatch is about to resume active operations In Florida. I Operations agiinet Fort Sumter are pro gressing. » A number of recruiting officers appointed by-various States have arrived. Massachu setts got the first man, and it was under stood that she Is getting them more rapidly tlan any other Slate. The steamer Prince Albert in attempting to ran Into Charleston harbor stranded op- Eosite Fort Moultrie. Our batteries opened eavily on her, rapidly reducing her to a total wrick. Her cargo consisted of medi cines, and other light articles, and were almost whollv destroyed. She belonged to Richmond. On the night of the 2d Capk Reed and Lieutenant Stevenson of Company K, 3d Ohio, succeeded in escaping from Charles ton, where thev were h f .ld as prisoners, and reached safety at Battery Gregg. They say wherever they went they found negroes their friends. Six hundred rebel prisoners are to bo placed under fire cn Morris Island, there bting that number of our men in Charleston. The rebels claim, however, that they are merely intended ior some other point. The Charleston Mercury ot the 15th says more combatants are ordered to leave Mo bile. It was thought impossible for the gar rison to hold out against Farragut. FKOW IVDBTH CACOLIiYA. The Late Election—A Flock of Rebel ■Pirate*. Kekbeek, N. C , Ane. 19.—The Kalclsh (N. C.) Coi’/ederate eays that Gen. 8. D. Lee recently arrived at Atlanta from Mississippi wUh . nnn.hfr of rplvaf- participated in tbe late battle. Intelligence has been received here that since the departure of the rebel pirate Talla hassee from Wilmicgton seven more steam ers of a like character have arrived, and are now receiving their armament, with a view of running the blockade to war upon our commerce. Hie North Carolina speaking of the recent election, says the Holden men hare a majority in the Legislature. The citizens of North Carolina ditire peace notwithstand ing the fact that rebel bayonets are braced to orer-awc the conservative party who sup ported Bolden. In the extreme western counties we learn tbat Holden obtains some ycry heavy majorities, but their vote was thrown ont on the ground that they were set considered loyul'to the Confederate gov f-rt mint. At Kinston men were imprisoned for voting for Bolden. THE WAR EV TOSESSGE, Xbe Hebei Wheeler Reported North of Clmt(nniM>ga—Gen, Baekacr uepurl* cd Rilled, Louisville, Monday, Aug. 22 —The Nash ville TVfftcacontaios a report that Wheeler’s forces had crossed the river above Chatta nooga. Though there is a report that he h&d cote to East Tennessee, it is discredit ed. It Is reported that a train from Knox ville to Chattanooga was captured near Cleveland, apd an empty train from Chatta nooga to Atlanta ou Thursday. The Knox ville fortifications can resist effectually five times Wheeler’s force Gen. Stecmau’s wound was only a slight f cratch tinder the ej e. He drove the rebels five miles and returned to Chattanooga. A discredited report b&s prevailed at Nash ville tbat the rebel Gem Buckner had been killed lif a recent battle. FBC9I MOBILE. New Tons. Monday, August 22 —The New York Tribune's Wasbicgton special says: Letters of the Utb from the rear of Fort Morgan slate that Gen. Granger received heavy reinforcements from Gen. Herron, and reinforcements have been sent to Pensacola. Fort Morgan is now besieged by land, and tne fleet were to bombard it on the morning ol the Uth. The rebels had burned all the buildings, bospltels, etc., outside of Fort Mcrgan. The rebel gunboat Gaines was burned, and tbc monitor Manhattan threw •several shells into the fort, dismounting one gun prior to our forces landing. Tbe steamer&andcre, from New Orleans, 14tb, has arrived. A Mobile paner of toe 7th, notices tire arrival of the gunbout Morgan with the toss of only one man, and the crew of the guni oat Gaines. The Mc 3 or of Mobile Led ordered non combatants out ot the city, and urges the citizens to defend the city to the Ust, FROM BaTAKA. Havjlka, Aug. 18.—The only news from Mexico, is in a letter from Matamoras, of tbc 25th ult, which presents the state of affairs in that country as being by no means as un favorable for Juarez as Moximilllau’e organs have lately tried -to make the world believe. Tbe statement tbat Uraga has adverted and Juarez submitted-to the Emperor is again refuted in this letter, which contains a letter from Uragoflhimself. Maximillian even hj tbe showing of the EstofetU and other of ficial organs;‘finds many unexpected difficul ties. It complains of tbe want of assistance and co-operation from the Influential and wealthy citizens, who heretofore were op posed to Jmtk, bnt they do not Bcem to like Maximillian any better. Wc are told tbat the clcroy are very much opposed to this civilization. They expected to oct back thUr property, bnt Messrs. Maximillian, Al monte & Co. want it themselves. FROM BaLIFAX. News from Bermnda-niie Pirate Tal* Ikhuifcc. Halifax, Monday, Aug. 22 —There has ar rived tbe blockade runner Helen, from Ber muda, after a passage of sixty nours. Bhe reports that the yellow fever is raging there. The Tallahassee was seenyesterday steam ingnorth. Halifax, Monday, Aug. 22.—The Talla hassee was spoken on Saturday fifteen miles distant, c-ff Cole Harbor. It is understood that she Is the plor-cer of a number of these vrsecls now being fitted out at Wilmington, some of which a:e ready to run ont. THE WAR IN KENTUCKY. Retaliation ou Rebel Guerillas. Fbakklis, Ky., Aur. 22.—Two guerillas, J. Clcotr and R. W. McGlassen, werejcxecu ted here Saturday m retedl-.tion for the mur der cf Union citizens by gucnllie. Louisville, Aug. 22 —On the 18th Inst, in Meade county, a detachment of the 85ln Kentucky came ou a squad of guerillas and kilted Frank King and a bunch of notorious robbers. Recrnlling In Hew York City. New York, Aug. 20.— Recruiting goes on but slowly, the, mar approach oftuc draft seeming only to discourage enlistments. Another'reason, perhaps, is tbat our wealth ier citizens libble to the draft nre offering prlr e? tor substitutes which entirely cclipsc tie homilies offi-red by tbe County Volun teer Committee, in some instances ranslflu as high as S2OO to (1,000. *X ite New Arcliblsbop. New York, August 22—Archbishop Me- Closky was Installed at Bt, Patrick’s Cathe dral yesterday. - NEWS BY TEEJSBAPK From New Orkaas ters in (he Snlf, me WAS IN VIRGINIA. Latest from Gen Grant’s Operations. Onr Fortified line Twenty Five Miles Long. DETAILS OF RECENT AND PRESENT MOVEMENTS. Severe Fighting and our Loss on the Left. Our List of Casualties Over 1,500 —The Gallant 39th Illinois. HIGHIYIMPDRTANT RUMORS FROM THE SHENANDOAH. Conflicting Statements but the Fn emy Certainly Strong, Rumor that Lee has Joined Early to Lead the IHarement. The War in Georgia—The Serious Task Before Sherman, THE ENEMY’S WORKS 18 .MILES LONG. A Thumping Ransom for a Mexican Traitor. The Operations at Mobile —lntsr teresting Details—Port Mor gan Must Fall, From Washington—General and Trcasnry Items—The Presi dent’s Speech on the War. FROM PORT ROYAL —THF SEIQE OF CHARLESTON--OUR PRISONERS. The Rebel KaTy^pDcscrtcrs’ Stories. FKOH NEW OBILEiSS. Blatter* In the Western Gnlf—The SI i nation a t rrroblle—Aflalr a In Louis* lana ana aiislulppi. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune } Cait.o, Monday, August 22,15 M. Wc have New Orleans dates of the afler luou oi tne ibtn, through tue steamer Ida Handy just arrived. The schooner Acdronia had arrived from Rio Grande, having left on the llth, bringing intelligence that Gen. Doblado and staff lelt Matnmoras on the 4th in a sailing vessel for Havana. He hid previously taken passage for New Orleans, on board tbe steamer Luth er Child, intending to go to Spain by way of New York, but just as he was about to leave he was sent for by CoL Cortinas and taken back to Matamoras. A fine of 350,009, in gold, wts imposed upon him by Cortinas as a ransom to save his neck. If it had not been paid Doblado would have been hung as a traitor. It will be remembered tbat several weeks ago Doblodo surrendered 2,700 ol his men to the French forces. Col. Cortlnasis in command of the post at Matamoras, and is brother to General Cortlnas. Regarding the sinking of the gunboat Tc cumsch at Mobile Harbor, the papers give the following card, signed by Charles T, Langley, Acting Master, Gardner Cotterel, Acting Ensign, Samuel Shinn, Gunner’s Mate, Patrick Gould, Quarter Gunner, Wm. O’Bncn, Seaman, Frank Cczzens, Seaman, Richard Collins, ordinary Seaman, Peter Porker, Landsman. After stating that the account of Mr. Con- Icy previously given, could not be correct, as that gentleman was lorty-fivc miles from the place when the event occurred, the card goesontosav: On the morning of the sth of August slenal was made by the fia" ship Hartford to the whole fleet to advance on the rebel lort More an, the Monitor Tecmneeh taking the lead. We ibrew two shells at the fort when wc were a mile off. Our guos were then reloaded with solid 15 Inch shot and a charge of 45 pounds of powder. Wc did not lire more than two shells at the fori, but were reserv irp our next broadside for the rebel ram Tennes see, When about abreart fort Morgan anordor was given to co ahead at fa 1 speed. Our gallant Captain’s intention was to bntt the ram ana fire two solid shot at the some time, but ere he could give orders to revolve onr turret, a torpedo internal machine exploded under us, causing the water to rush up into the boiler deck and turret chamber, where nothing hut confusion end despair rctened. The gunners, crew, and those tbat were in the pilot house, suc ceeded In setting ont before she settled down he* nraifathe waves. We had three boats towing oloncside, two of which were Immediately Alloa, but were swamped. Wc succeeded in catting the painter of the third one, and commenced to pall as best we could to the fleet. Wc succeeded in picking up two of our officers— Mr. Langley and Mr. Cottercll. After pulling for an hour, we reached one-of our small tag boats near Sand Island, froii which we were transferred. As far as wc can leant, there have been twelve more of our comrades saved. Twelve arc In tbc fleet In the bay, and four prisoners in fort Mor gan. Gen. Canby has issued tbe following order at New Orleans: Iketz cron’s Office, 1 New Oiii.eaks, Aucast 13, isst. f Notice from this office, requesting Information of all moneys paid by dozens lor rent, bribery, black mail, Ac., having elicited an apprehension tbat by so doing parties would render themselves liable to prosecution, the Commanding Gene ral directs mo lo guarantee to all thus giving im portant information an exemption from military prosecution or persecution. By order of Maj. Gen. Canby. commanding Mill itory Division of West Mississippi. Jas. H. Stokes, Inspector. Tbe Picayune has the following: We have reliable advices from Alexandria as late as the 7th Inst. At that date Kirby Smith was there. Buckner had taken possession of the place made vacant by the removal of Dick Taj lor, who, with his staff, has gone to At lanta, and is in command of Folk’s old corps. The rebelrare seizing the property ol every body suspected of loyalty. A number of wealthy planters are living upon rations in the Convent, their houses bring destroyed. The rebels -«rerc conscripting with great severity. Both conscripts and refugees sweer they will capture and hold Dick Tay lor’s children as hostages for the security of their families. The river Is very low and everythinglooks ckmal. A correspondent from Mobile se. verely handles the correspondent of the TmeDdta who censured Gen. Granger for. alleged non-co operation with Famgut at' Mobile. Farragut has ordered the srid cor. respondent to correct his mis-statement The correspondent bad asserted that Gen. Gran ger had been tardy In his movements on Dauphin Iel»t;d, when-lhe contrary was the fact. It was the ploying of Granger’s guns upon Ft. Gaines that prevented the rebels fromrcpljing to Farr.gut, thus allowing the loiter to pass. This fact is admitted by all prisoners taken. One rebel gun was entirely ’dismantled.* Gen. Canby eulogizes Granger highly, saying thathewas killing himself byhls ex ertions and should have got help. He has no subordinate officer, Gen. McGlnntes be- iig sick. Granger’s batteries are planted nowin the rear of Fort Morgan,• /and skir mishers are so close to the walls as to be able to pick off every man who shows him: self thereon. . A correspondent says, under date of the 15th, that but a few days can elapse before Fort Moreau will have to surrender. Vicksburg news is to the 14th. An order has Just been issued by Major. Gem Canby, disbanding the Marine Brigade, officers to be mustered out of service and boats turned over to the Quartermaster's department. | These men having hut a short time to serve "will perform garrison duty. Those whose terms of service will not soon expire will he sentto the regiments n which they originally enlisted. The 6th Illinois cavalry and 2d Wisconsin cavalry are ordered to he dismounted, and their horses turned ever to the 11th Illinois cavalry, This famous regiment is to ho Inlly equipped and supplied with horses for Immediate active service. A largo force of rebel cavalry is concen trating at Jackson, Miss., but for what pur pose deponent knowoth not. They certain ly have better sense than to butt their brains out against the fortifications at Vicksburg. New Tore, Monday, Ang. 23.—The New Orleans Era, of the 14th inst, has the follow ing from Mobile. The steamer Keytonla, from Mobile bay, arrived thfa a. m. We learn by this arrival that the land forces of General Granger are within 000 yards of Fort Morgan. The fact that the en emy docs not fire is considurcd proof that the fert will soon surrender. The mortars and other batteries, with the gunboats, are ready to begin the bombardment as soon as the word Is given. The surrender of the place is hourly expected. Cairo. August 23.—The New Orleans Era of the 13th says, Acting Master John Dining ham, who was captured off Sabine Pass, a year and a half ago, while in command of the ship Morning Ijght, has arrived at that city, paroled by Gen. Magrnder, to effect hia own exchange for Captain Charles Fowler. He reports the rebel authorities anxious to exchange bis whole crew, who have been marched from Camp Grace to Shreveport, £OO miles, were paroled for exchange and eent back to Camp Ford, near Tyler, as the Federal authorities would not receive them. There are about 3,CCO prisoners in Camp Ford, in a crowded, unhealthy state. Cap tains Crocker, Johnson and Morgan, of the gunboats Clifton; Sacham and Signal, with tbelr commands, are still In Camp Ford anxiously awaiting exchange.' FROM SPBINGFIELD. General State Items—military News. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Springfield. Mondiy, Aueuat 22, 1854. Tfce R'yister of yesterday morning in ud tlclng the arrival of 230 men of the 3d Illi nois cavalry in this city, states that they are tired of fighting lor Sambo, and that conse quently they Lave refused to fight any longer in this one-idea war. So for from this being the case, I leam that the men are highly In censed at the article in the Jiegiiter-Ai is feared so much eo as to be hardly restrained from commuting some act of violence against the paper. Copts. Stone, of Gallatin, and Brill, of White, arrived here last Saturday with twenty recruits for the 29th regiment. The regi ment leaves for the £outn to-morrow. The following appointments have been made: Mr. Liston H. Pearce, Chaplain 132 d: Captain Wheelock Smorrillae, Maj. 12 tb, vice Havana n resigned; M»j. M. Hanna. Lt. CoL 50th, vice , Gaines, resigned; Muj. Jos. G Ueffernan Lt Col Cslh. vice Chandler, resigned: Lt. Col. Ford G. Umllmi, Col. G7tb, vice Baldwin, cashiered: Capt. Vase A.Low,Alsj.TSth, vice Clark, promoted; Maj. Tomer Clark, Lt. CoL 7.*h, vice Rivers, re signed ; Capt. Kodney S. Bowers, Maj. 103 th, vice Hammond, promoted; Maj. Ohas. M. Hammond, Lt. Col. 100 th, vice Waterman, resigned; Maj. Jno. M. limit, CoL lOGtb, vice Tates* promoted; CapU Green M. Contrell, Maj. HUh; Dr. Owens Wright, Ist Asst. Sort, vice Mills, promoted: Capt. Frank C. Ohbethe,. Maj. 12ith, vice Cllan dler. resigned. Some 340 of tbe officers and men of the sec ond cavalry will to morrow publish an in dignant denial of the statement of the Stjii ter that the regiment was tired of fighting for a war of one idea. Many of the signers to this denial are old Democrats. Tbe men who attended the meeting here on the 18th it now turns out, were many of them armed. One man was mortally shot by the accidental discharge of a pistol, on his way home on the train. The Petersburg “delegation when in the vicinity of Salisbury discharged their pistols. The first National Bank of Jacksonville in the town of that name, has been organized with a capital of SIOO,OOO. The following is Directors—Joseph Morton. Jonathan Nlsby, Sam 1 ] Woods, J. T. Cassell. Stephen Dunlap, Geo. Wilton and David Robb. President —Stephen Don lap, Vice President—Dr. J. T. Cassell. Cashier— Hiram Wilton. Teller—Pells G. Farrell. Assis tant Teller— E. R. Elils. The bank goes into operation on the first cf September. Mr. Joeiah IL Nlcholls, living cast of Rochester three or four miles, had $215.00 stolen from bis house on Friday lost daring the absence of his wife. At the last accounts the thieves bad not been discovered. FBOIS 9UDSSOIV. Blghlv Important Concerning- tlao Draft In 'Wisconsin—military mat ters. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wis., Monday, Aug. 22. Gaylord’s mission to Washing ton Is proving very successful. Assistant Provost Marshal General Lovell has received directions from the War Depart-, ment to give Wisconsin credit for 4,503 men. Of these, 216 men were mustered into new regiments, between the 12th of October and 2th of November, who will bo credited ac cording on the books of the Provost Mar shal here. The 4th district was deficient 383 men. Af ter deducting that from the credit of the State at large, the Iremainlng (excess of 4,852 is directed to he apportioned to the diL ferent Congressional districts, as follows letXlftrict 2d District.. 3d District.. sth District. Cth District. In addition to this, backed by the repre sentations of Provost Marshal Lovell, Adjt. Gen. Gaylord has succeeded in getting the enrollment corrected. Orders were received here to-day and com municated to the District Provost Marshal to strike from the enrollment list all nun actually In service who have been drafted or Inmished substitutes, all aliens, non-resi dents, men over age and permanently disa bled, and report by the 81st of August. The quotas will he reduced to correspond. All towns should give this matter prompt attention. It is now supposed that Wiscon sin will not have to furnish much over ,12,000 men. The 19th Wisconsin veterans, 343 re*en. listed men and officers, under Maj. Vaughan, arrived here this morning, having left the trenches In front of - Petersburg on the 13th. The regiment was provided with an excel lent breakfast by the State authorities, and cordially welcomed by Gov. Lewis. The regiment has not been paid since April, and probably will be detained here a short time before receiving its thirty days 1 furlough. The 20th regiment) lately iu Texas, has gone to Mobile. FBOE WASHINGTON. Matters Military anil General. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, Monday Aug, 22. INCOME TAX Tho statement originating with the iPa- UondLlfitelligcncer of this city, and quite gen erally copied by the press, is wholly incor rect In saying that a special war tax is on incomes less the amount already paid, as well as in asserting that it is to be withheld from soldiers of the'army employ ed by disbursing officers. It is to be as. eeseed and collected ss other taxes, and dis bursing officers have nothing to do with it. It is to be on all incomes over six hundred dollars, without deduction for tax hereto fore paid.' the Tallahassee! There is reason for hoping that, though the pirate Tallahassee has escaped from Hal ifax, she may yet he overhauled, it she has cone Into the fishing sections, which is some what doubtful. THE AS CRT MATTERS, The whole smonnt of the 7.50 loan was one hundred and thirty-nine million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand seven hundred dollars. OCthat redeemable Aug. 19th, about sis millions remain outstanding, on which interest has ceased. Of that re lions remahi outstanding. Nearly twenty-five millions of the-October issue have already been converted Into bonds of XSSI. Washington, August 22.—Doubts having arisen as to the intention of Congress in re gard tp paragraph 49 of Section 79 of the In ternal Revenue law,which has been construed as requiring all persons engaged in bnsi ness or employment earning SI,OOO, and not specified in other parts of the law, to take ent a $lO license, the Commissioner of Inter nal Revenue has given instructions to all the assessors to defer action in reference thereto until May, 1865, thus giving Con gress an opportunity to revise what 1s deem ed an oppressive re qnlrem ent. /The Com missioner deserves the thanks of the people. CHICAGO, TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 1864. for this liberal and humane decision, which was made at'the strong recommendation of Peter Page, Esq., Assessor at Chicago. THE CALL FOB TBOOPB. It was stated In this correspondence fonr ■weeks ago in denying the report that Gov eminent expected the call lor 500,000 men to be mainly filled by volunteering, that the authorities would be quite gratified If it was half filled. There is good authority nowfor ossertieg that less than a quarter of the number called for will be raised before Sep tember slh, unless volunteering is greatly increased within the remaining thirteen days. The business of remitt ing In disloyal States has resulted as Generals Grant, Sherman and nearly all military officers predicted. In fact, there were scarcely any negroes left in the tracks of the armies for recruiting agents to work upon, and it does not appear that the agents have been successful In enlisting all of the few left. In some instances competition has overdone itself, and in other cases the coun teracting Influences of those who believe ■shite men alone can fight, has prevented iho negro from enlisting. The number of persona who have put substitutes into the ariuy will be found to be quite large, not withstanding the high bounties. Information ftom various sources leads to the belief that in view of the certainty of the draft, the business' of volunteering and famishing substitutes will be quite materi ally increased during the intervening time. Avconversatlon with the 100 days’ men now going home, reveals the fact that several thousand men may be expected from that source. It Is known that one regiment has already been raised among deserters from the rebel army, and it may be stated, in this connection, that measures arc on foot look ing to the immediate organization of two or three more. Lieut. Thdq. M. Lyon, of the 160 th Penn sylvania, and Lieut. Edwin P. McCrevey, ol the 143 d Pennsylvania, have been dishonora bly dismissed for absence without leave. SABBATH OBSERVANCE. A eermon yesterday by Dr. Hall, tbe lead ing Episcopal clergyman of this city, upon non-observance of Sabbath in Washington, and severely censuring heads of government departments for keeping open offices or Sunday and requiring work from many clerks, occasions a good dert of talk in cer tain quarters to-day. The shameful Sunday excursions down the river have been pro hibited by the military governor. This forenoon, a squad of tbe Veteran Re stive Corps, at a station on the railroad, half way between Baltimore and Washington, come in collision with some soldiers going by in cars to Harper’s Ferry. The aflalr grew out of insulting and taunting remarks on the part of the soldiers to the-Veteran Reserves, which so exasperated them that one of them fired a shot into the train, killing one soldier, and wounding another. The soldiers jumped from the t:a!n, seized a Sergeant in command of a squad ot veteran Reserves, and in a very ffcw moments killed him by beating. The whole matter Is to be promptly invest’gated by the authorities. ' ~ « Washington*, Monday, Aug. 23.—1t is re ported In the newspapers that the Seqretary of the Treasury contemplates a new loan, the terms ot which has not been declared. On inquiry attheDepartmeni it is ascertained there Is no truth in tbe statement. The sub scriptions to the 7-SO loan us reported to tbe Treasury Department to-day amount to nearly one million of dollars. The time ot the ICGth Ohio regiment of 100 days’ men having expired they this afternoon paid their respects, to the President, who made them a speech in front of the executive mansion. - THE PRESIDENT'S SPEECH. I suppose you are going home to see your fami lies and friends. For tbe services yon have done in this great struggle. In which wc are engaged, I present you ajpeere thanks, for myself and tbe country. I almost always feel Inclined when I happen to say anythin? to soldiers, to impress up on them, in a few brief remark?, the importance of success In this contest. It is not merely for to day, but for all time to com- ♦jiut wo p—- „ r chiidu’i? children this great and free Government, which, we have enjoyed all oar lives. I beg yon to remember this, not only for my sake, bntyows. I happen temporarily to occupy this big White House. lam a living witness that any one of yonr children may look to come here, as my father's child has. It is in order that eachlof yon may have through this free Government which we have enjoyed, an open-fleldand fair chance for your industry, and enterprise, that yon may all have equal privileges la the race of Ufe with all its desirable hnmnn aspirations—lt Is for this the straggle should be maintained, that we may not lose onr birthright. Net only for one bot for two or three years tbo 'nation is worth fighting for, to secure sueh an In estimable jewel. Three cheers were then given for the Pres ident. . The report that Admiral Dahlgron has been relieved and is to be succeeded at Char leston by Commodore Rowan, Is not true. Washington, Aug. 20.—Government has laid bonds on all the private icc in this City. The Conrt of inquiry recently convened to inquire into the causes ol the unsuccessful attempt to reduce Petersburg on the 20th inet., has temporarily suspended its sessions, Gen. Hancock, the President, and Gen. Miles, a member of tho Court, being en gaged in important operations upon the North side of the James. The only testi mony yet taken is that of Gees. Meade and Burnside. The statement that General Bamslde is suffering under a finding of this court mar tial Is, of course, premature aud unfounded, lie is temporarily relieved at his own re quest. He has not been removed. Tho court martial has never reached the stage of making up a sentence. FBOn ST. LOUIS. . £7O ,1,2A6 . 037 . *493 .1,815 Missouri Military Notts—State Items. {Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribnnc,] St Locia, ilo., Monday, Aug. 22,18G4. • Gen. Ewing has received the following telegram: Captain McElroy telegraphs from Patter son that Lieut. Smith has just returned from a Ecoat to Core Island, Bntler county, Mo., and reports having killed Dick Williams, Elis Covington, John Holder, Mans el Hol der and Jim Holder, all noted guerillas of that country. • The rebels attempted to capture a long and valuable wagon train between Fort Gib eon and Fort Smith, but did not succeed. They did capture a Major and sixty men of the Sixth Kansas cavalry, who were guarding' horses near Fort Smith. The road between Fayetteville and Vtn Boren is infested with guerillas so thickly that a party of paymas ters escorted by two companies of cavalry, were turned back list week. Two soldiers of the Sixty-first Illinois, went on Sunday night into a vile den where Clusky, the bar-keeper, gave them some whisky, from the effects of which they were made .very sick. Ciosky and a woman named Mag Martin were arrested. A prize fight for SSO came off on Bloody Island about 8 o’clock yesterday morning, between anEngllsbman named Lill Payne and Mat Hogah, an Irishman. The English man’s weight wes 173 pounds, the Irishman’s only ICS. The little Celt won easily in 34 rounds, lasting 30 minutes. The affair came offveiy nearly within a stone’s throw of the office of the Justice ol the Peace and other town officers. Guerillas robbed the town of Lushing, in Crawford county, last Wednesday, of abont SI,BOO worth of goods and carried it away. Lushing is a small town, and at this stage of the war contains but few persons, and they mainly old men, women and children. The attack was sodden and determined, the guer illas entering with revolvers in their hands, and summarily ordering all the men in the place out of their houses and into line for the purpose of showing them some damned rebels, A guard ot one manwhos placed over them while others went to plundering. The Interior counties of Missouri are gen erally votlnghandsome bounties to recruits for the nine regiments called for by General Bosecrans. Bt. Louis, Monday, August 2^.—The St. Joseph ZW&tine gives credence to a report that thirty skill loads of men crossed into Atchison county, Missouri, from Nebraska, a few days ago, and that a fight had taken place between them and the Homs Guard, in which the latter were repulsed and several killed. FEOUi CIIf’CIIfUTATI. Foreshadowing* of ibo Chicago Con vention* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Cihcdwah, Monday, An;;. £2,lS9|. Copperheads here arc mncbjesclted over the developments of the conspiracy at Indian apolis. There is no doubt, if investigation is pressed a little farther, that many of their Udders he found as deep in the plot as Yallandigham.*, Fernando Wood is in the city to-day. He has been sojourning for a few days at Day ton with Vallandigham. They have agreed between them that if a war man is nomi nated at Chicago, they and their, friends will holt. GarreU Davis is now at Dayton with Val-. landlglfun. Millard Fillmore has written a letter in .Washington, Monday, Ang. 23.—Passen gers by the mail steamer from City Point bring a report that the 2d army corps suc cessfully recrossed the James River on Sat urday night, thus adding to the mys tlflca tion of the rebels as to the intention of our movements. Baltimore, Monday, Aug 23.—The Point Lookout correspondent of the American sends the following intelligence: Large numbers of refugees from Richmond con tinue to arrive here. They report that a large force of infantry and cavalry under Gen. Lee in pereon, as having gone iip.the Shenandoah Valley to reinforce Gen, Early. They assert that this body of rebel troops number as many as 40,000, their purpose be ing to secure the plunder that was captured by Early in Maryland, which they- tear will be*taken by the advance of Gen. Sheridan, and also to attack Washington or Invade the North. New To be, Monday, Ang. 22.— The New York Timet, 7 Washington special says: Sheridan changed his position In order to better watch the passes ot the mountains The great number of points which he is compelled to cover imposes upon h?rp a more conservative military policy than be would otherwise adopt. The rebel force at Mortinsbnrg- Is an inconsiderable raiding party, and will not Interfere with Sheridan’s programme, which will be something more than defensive. The New York Tribune 7 it special says • Warren intrenched his command, and has becnreinforced, and intends to thorough ly destroy the Weldon railroad. Exactly one-half. of the rebel Virginia forces are in the Shenandoah Valley awaiting Sheridan; the other half hold the line from Petersburg to Richmond. Fortress Monroe, August 21, via Balti more, August 22.—The steamer from City Point states that heavy cannonadlog began on Saturday night on onr extreme left, in front of the sth Corps, which continued un til four this morning. Heavy musketry was heard up to the hour when the mall boat left this morning. The fightibg is described to be ol the most spirited character, and was caused by the enemy attempting to drive us from the Weldon Railroad. Up to the latest accounts they had failed tod* it. The sth Corps bad been reinforced, and there was no doubt that we would hold the position. Headquarters Army of the Potomac* Sfinduy, August 21.—Onr losses at the Wel don railroad on Friday were greater than heretofore reported. Tno number of pris oners taken by the rebels is now put down at 1,500. It seems that onr troops were sur prised, many of tbem being in their shelter tents at the time, trying to escape the heavy rain that had been falling for several hoars previoue. The rebels first appeared about noon on the right of the road m front of the 3d division, stu corps, bat it vyas evidently a feint for the purpose of feeling onr lines. Abont 3 o’clock p. m. they charged in heavy torce between the sth and Otb Corps, succeeding in turning the flank of the for mer and capturing a large number of pris oners. This part of our line was forced back some distance, when the 9th Corps, which had been relieved the night previous by a part of the 2d Corps, came on to the field and opened fire, checking the advance ot the rebels and taking a few prisoners. A heavy column of rebels at the same time charged on the left of onr line west of the railroad, held by the 2d division of General Ayres, which they broke; and here they also took 500 or COO prisoners of the regular bri gade, which was commanded by General Hayes, who Is believed to be a prisoner, as be cannot be found. Our whole line was thus forced back with heavy loss in killed and wounded. The enemy, however, euueica wuioe iu»u nc m tm» patticuiur, hto men lying thick all over the field. Before dark our men were re-formed, and being re inforced, a desperate charge was made to re cover onr lost ground, which was success fully oc.omplished, so we held at night the line which had been taken from us ia the af ternoon. DISMISSALS. Col. Earle Is reported a prisoner, also CoL Hartborn; and Gen. Crawford was shot through the vestand shirt, narrowly escaping capture.. Lieut. Clark, of his staff, was shot In the arm; Lieuts. Meade and Mesall, aud Cspt. Smith, of Gen. Crawford’s staff, hod their horses shot while carrying orders and rally ing the men of the various commands. The lost named was a prisoner, but seeing a fa vorable chance made his escape. C&pt. Doolittle, of CoL Wheeler’s staff was ordered to surrender, when, getting tu rione at on epithet applied to him, he seized a musket and bayonetied the rebel against a tree. Col. Wheelock’s brigade, 3d division, was flanked, when they were faced to the rear, charged and drove the rebels, and took a number of prisoners. The entire number of prisoners captured by us is about 230, aud some stands of colors. Oar loskis estimated atS.OCO. Nothing butsklrmisblngtookplace along the line today, both parties being busy intrenching themselves. A battle is looked for at any moment, as the enemy arc determined to regain posses sion of the road, while we are as determined to hold It. Prisoners taken belong princi pally to Beauregard’s and Hill’s corps, and appear healthy, although illy clad os usual. Monday, Aug. 23—6 a. m.—Considerable artillery firing has been going on on our left since four o’clock, and is at this time quite brisk. No musketry can be heard, the dis tance from headquarters being too great. A brave young private named H M. Har denbnrg. Co. G, 89th Illinois, captured a eland of colors on the 16th, from thccolor sergcantofthelOth Alabama, which he pre sented to Gen. Birney, who highly compli mented him for the feat. He had a hand-to hand fight with the color-sergeant, whom he left mortally wounded. He was backed in this feat by several of his brave comrades, who eharo the honor with him. The gallant 80th has covered itself all over with glory on this trying occasion. It lost 89 men andoai cersout of leas than three hundred that went into the fight. In fact the whole Brigade may he classed in the same category of bra very and sacrifice. Washington, Monday, Aug.22.—Mr. C. A. Page sends the following to the New York Thtu/jf, under date of Gen. Butler’s head quarters, Aug. 19—10 P. M. The rebel attack upon and repulse byßlr ney, at Press Run, just at night yesterday, proves to be an affair of larger proportions than was supposed at the time.* The firing ' was very close and heavy for near an hour, hut it so often happens that there is a great deal of noise and little harm at nlght,*wh2n opposing knee are near together, that even the commanding General did not imagine the action was half so important as now ap pears; but when daylight came, and the re turns of our own loss were footed up. and the rebel dead in front of the works counted, the truth flashed out, and it was seen that there had been no more desperate assault no more determined and heroic resistance dur ing the war. The blow fell* upon Terry’s di vision of the 10th corps, and Gen. Birnoy’a colored brigade. To-day each side has greatly strengthened its works, neither seeming disposed to at tack. It tans rained almost constantly tor several days The stli Corps moved to the left on Thurs day morning, for the purpose of cutting the Weldon Railroad. They reached the rill road at a point about els miles from Peters burg, about Boon, and the Ist Division Im mediately commenced destroying the track, and the rest of the corps marched on and got in position across the road, their line penetra ting iho country three or four miles beyond. They were attacked by a large force of rebels in the front and rear, but held their position most stubbornly, and even advanced up the road toward tho city. The Sd Division seems to have borne the hardest ot the fight which lasted nearly all the afternoon and night. Our troops intrenched themselves in a good position. To-aay they are receiving heavy re-enforcements, and preparing to establish a permanent battle line, .connecting their light with.the left of their old position. 'The news from tho extreme right Is unim portant. Wo are having extremely wet weather, but not jet enough rain to seriously affect the roads. , Gen. Warren marched with the sth corps at dajlicht Friday morning, toward the Weldon Railroad, below Petersburg. At 8 a m. he was driving la the rebel pickets; at noon he had possession of the road, and set to work Intrenching his command for seve ral good day’s work of destruction. The intention ia to destroy that road thoroughly this time. . The operations of Hancock and Btrney have accomplished three things: Ist A suc cessful action giving us gnus, battle flags and prisoners, and inflicting greater loss tt an hits been snflered. 2d. They have pre vented the enemy from sending more troops to the Valley, and have brought back at double quick troopsalreadystarted. Lastly, ard this was the mala object, they have drawn troops from the Petersburg front, and enabled V wren to get a fair start on hi* mission. These operations had no relation whatever to the Dutch Gap project, and pa pers which jainped at the conclusion that - Hancock meant Drury’s Bluff, are Informed mat tbatporMon Is on the Jett hank of th river, something further from Richmond than Hancock is to-ni^ht. When ibc enemy found that we were de monstrating helow Petersburg he attacked- which he lays he Is not a candidate for the* Presidency, bnt is in favor of McCldlan. The entire delegation from this State, ex cept SeA Cor, are against McClellan, ana for unconditional peace. There will he a heavy outside pressure from Ohio In favor of Geo. Pendleton. Delegates from this city are pleading In favor of unconditional peace resolutions, and the right of secession. , THE WAK IN TIKGINII. Interesting Summary or Gen. Grant’s isocent Operations—Tno Situation In me Snceanaoali lmportant Un> mors. A GALLANT ILLINOIS REQOIENT. Hancock to ascertain whether he had with drawn. ■ He was soon satisfied on that point and desisted. £> The canal is progressing satisfactorily and will be completed within a few days. Major General Ford goes up the river to day with a flag of truce, .and will probably return with a number of sick and wounded prisoners.- Exactly one-half of all the rebel forces In Virginia are in the Shenandoah Valley with Early. The other half hold the line from Richmond to Petersburg. . . From Birney’s headquarters, the rteht of the line of operations, to Warren's, the ex treme left Is a distance of over 25 miles by tiie shortest roads. The whole distance is intrenched, and two large rivers straddled. Grant having much the largest army, can af ford to stretch the line ot operations, and thus attenuate Lee's forces.' Washington, ..Monday, 'August 22. A special dispatch to the Daily ChronicU says: Information from the Shenandoah Valiev in- • dicate a strong rebel force under Gen, Early near Martlnsburg and Winchester. from Hagerstown, Md., represent that the excitement at that place continues. Refugees are arriving in large numbers. Fanners living along the Potomac are running their stock towards Pennsylvania for safety. NEWS FROM REBEL SOURCES. New York, Monday, August 22.—Rich mend papers of the 18th and 19th have been received, which claim that Grant has been placed entirely on the defensive by the with * drawal of those troops sent to Sheridan. Petersburg, August 17.—Prisoners brought la to-day concur In the statement that Bomaida’a and warren’s corps are still In our front, while Han cock s second, and perhaps other infantry, are now operating on the north side of the James River. Advices received at headquarters .here confirm the defeat of the enemy in the fight yesterday near White’s Tavern, on the north aide of the James River. Our loss la not very large. Among out losses were Generala Glrardey and Chambliss, killed. .The fight is supposed to have been re newed te some extent to-day, firing being heard la that direction. Official advices from the Talley Department have been received at these headquarters up to yester day. Up to that time no general engagement had takcDplace, In front of tblsplace nothing of interest is trans piring. Rain.has fallen every day this week. An Atlanta dispatch to tbe Richmond papers, dated 17th, states: “The Federal cavalry have re tired from Auburn. The Fcderala are fortifying the north side of the Chattahoochee, near Sweet Wa ter. It Is believed that the West Atlanta rosd has been cut at Ackworthbv Confederate cavalry.” The Richmond Whiff contains an order from-the rebel Provost Marshal General vir tually recognizing negroes os prisoners of war, Us remarks showing great dissatisfac tion. The Richmond and Danville railroad is an nounced to be In running order. An Atlanta dispatch of the 16th to the Richmond papers states: A party of Sherman’s cavalry, on the 15th, struck tbe Atlanta and West Point Railroad at Fairbnro, bnrned the depot, and tore up the track aUovcral places. They then withdrew three miles, and went into camp. The track has been repaired, but trains are not allowed to run, in consequence of the proximity of the enemy. Mobile, August 17.—Genenl Frink Gardner as sumed command of ibeDistrict of the Gulf to-day. Yesterday evening the enemy landed at Mont rose In five launches. Our cavalry fired on them, hided and wounded several, and the enemr re tired last night. A force ot the enemy from Pensacola, estimated at 2,0C0, crossed tbe Perdido river yesterday, ad vancing towards Mobile Bay. Ail is quiet in the Bay. LATEST. * New York, Monday, Aug. 22.— A special dispatch to the Evening Post, dated Washing ton 22d, says: Advices from the Shenandoah Valley show that the whole of the forces un der Gen. Early are now this side of Winches ter. Yesterday there was considerable skir mishing near Charlestown, eight miles from Harper’s Ferry. Washington, Monday, Aug. 22.— Advices from Hagerstown, Md., represent that the excitement at that place continues, refugees arriving there in large numbers. Farmers living along the Potomac river are again run ning their property towards Pennsylvania for safety. - THE WAR IN GEORGIA, & trenail* of tlic Rebel Army and For* tlficatlonv. Louisville, Monday, Aug. 23.—0n the lath, in front of Atlanta, the 15th Corps charged the rebel works. At the same time, Carlin s line of skirmishers called upon the soldiers in the riu» »tts to come over. Abont 200 leaped out and came | uto onr u neH amid tno fire of the remaining rends. Car lin then advanced a strong skirmish line, took possession of tbe rifle pits, and now bolds them. They are within 300 yards o tbe enemy's works. New York, Monday, Ang. 23'—The Cbm mereialprints tbe following special: Late advices from before Atlanta, via Nashville, state that the rebels have 85,000 troops at Atlanta, including 40,000 Georgia militia. Their works are high, with d-ep ditches, abatils and wire-traps. Gen. Sher man felt their lines to the extent of eighteen miles with the purpose of turning them posi tion, but thus fur has been unable to effect bis object, their lines proving equally strong at all points. [Cor.N.Y. Tribune.] Revoke Atlanta, Aug. 15.—Permit mo. In the outset of this letter, to do away with any impres sion that may have gained currency at'home that the rebels arc likely to .abandon their position here some dark night, and leave na to walk quietly Into the town. The eigne are all against it; and I no more expect that we shall occupy Atlanta with out a severe straggle—perhaps a prolonged add bloody one—than that Richmond will he evacu ated oy Lee. No country ever famished each natural opportunities for defense: and not even Georgia has anywhere in Its northern section land s6 and difficult In which to prosecute offensive warfare. It would extend too far the limits assigned to this letter to folly describe the situation. A daily account of operations is the most that I have the time to give. 'There never havebetn more tbnn one or two points at most from which wo could reach the city with our artil lery; and since the 2Sd corps has been withdrawn from the left, and that position abandoned, I doubt If many shots or shells have been thrown Into the place. TB£ REBEL IBOX CLAD MATY. A Hefugee's Story to bo taken for what It Is Worth. Washington, Monday, Aug. 23 —An Army of the Potomac letter says: A German me chanic, who has been employed for over two years by the Confederate Navy Department In the constructioorof iron clai vessels, says there are two vessels at Wilmington, N. C., ready to run the blockade: They carry 24- pounders, and are covered with foor inch iron. Each vessel carries four guns. There ere also two vessels at Kinston, N. C , one of them is named the Moose. Bhc carries four 24 pounders, and is to bo commanded by Capt. T. Floyd of the Con federate States'navy. There are also two vessels in the Pedce River, north of George town, both of which will be ready for duly in one month, and one of them, perhaps, Sooner. Oneis called thePedec, Lieut. Mor gan, of the Confederate States navy, com manding. The other is named the Marlon, for which no officer has been appointed as yet. Both these vessels arc dad with iron four inches thick, and each carries tonr 34-pound ers. There Is an iron-clad building at Plym outh, N. C.; her armor is. twelve Inches in thickness, and she is to he ready for sea in two months. She is to carry four 12-ponnd er guns, and Is to bo named the Albemarle. He also reports a new boat getting ready m Richmond—a four inch iron-clad. Nrto aJihmfeements, TSEAI ESTATE FOR SALE. XCU RESIDENCES And Bcetdcncn Leu in the borth. Sooth a-d West DlvJilcr.i. Lots sad Dolling* coiofroi Lualie sad BAIRD & BRaDLBV, 6ht?-p4SB-» Cor.Lake and Lasalie Btfoeti. {H MStETma. -A meeting ot Cigar Dealers and Mwotsctorcrswlllbs hold On This (Tuesday) Evening, At 8 o'clock at Parlor Ho. 1 Tremont House. All In terests d in the trwl'J are icvlted to attend- E. FH4>KENTHAL,) J. LASALLE, >Com. sc22-t4»7 It K. Q. TDCKJBCi ) BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! CaK Everett’s celebrated Photograph Gal lery, 157 Lake s tract, for your Corteade VMte. EVlißliTr.Proprlator. EayNJaa, Operator. ang&plSMt TO P BITS IO ITERS.—a B. Wrlghf, (ot Leavitt * Wright, War Claim Agents.) Attorney for drawing pension money from the Cblcaco t nancy. Fees.SUCO. Address LEAVITT A WRIGHT, Chicago, 111. aQg23-pSCS-U 4ftfVOOO FLOUR vF v«vvvm STA.YES and Finish. of Halloo’* manufacture, last receive! and for safe 07 WM. BLA.N CHARD, 212 Water street, rcoin 3. angJS-plic-"' XT OTICE. —A gere: sJ. meeting will X* tftko place of the Joomeymer Cordvalnera As sociation, to receive « repoit troa tbs Cosimltte* on the xiv Kilt of Wages, oo Wednesday, the 2Uh of Aogn/t, In Hire's Dlocic, Dearborn street wg22p«g-lt GAKIL President. US. ARMY AND JNTAVTP3XT • BIOV'S OBTAINED WITHIN THIRTY DAYS, And coasted it any Agency In tbo United State/by TtV. F. hKE VATIHi, WarCla*m Attorney. j»3 Beaibora t;., Chicago 111. anjri&plTi-St 4th p CT. ANBEEW’d SOCIETY^— V. Tho-e-wiilhe the St. Andrew's So. »t tteßr sn Home ra Thnnday «Tecln?. aitx lost, at bau-paet flivea o’clock. A fall attendance h quisled- Byorcer. GiOB3£BAIK. aag.SplTC-Si Secretary. "OEATER PSjKSSED HAY—We win «£)1 a few himlreliters ot (rood urlicd pmule Hav. Boater Pressed, deUrertble tathiscitr on cits on cr beforw Kovsmber l«t nexs hOTT, GOSS &CO, Clerk Btrfer, comer of Soctb Watrr, Leotrisßmlams. I’.O.Bor>M7. ang2i-p«4siitnet A TTE amo>r, SiR KNIGHTS. A special codclstc of Aoallo rommaßdlns ?70. 1 Knights Templar will be bold at their asylum. Sl*. eollc Temple Urs (TUESDAY) ejtnlDg, Aa?:. asrtf. at “iX o'clock* fcr work cp K T. _ außS*p.Mt J. A. MOXruOHEEY, Beccrder. TJOAIiD OF TRADE. There ■O wiH ba a special meeting of tbo Board of Trade at their rooms, cn Thursday eTCalosr.SSth Irutstt. at 8 o'clock, a fall attendance b ycrr ■emrentiy requested. By order of the President. ang»pltt*Btaet ■ JAS.r.BKATT«Becre*rT. NJMBER49: Nets aaiwttlsftrjeste!. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. GET A STTBSTITUTH AT F. B. Marshall & Go’s, Next Coor to the Prorcet Marshal's Odce, 134 Clark-st., up-stairs, Room 6. Ocr rates are reasonable, and we arc doing the largest business of any Agency In the cl’.y. Only Ten Days Before the Draft, Call soon as the price ot Substitutes la bourly advancing. Bert references. ao33*pl9S U SUBSTITUTES. Substitutes Wanted Immediately. the highest Bounty lor one Tea?, twoyo*ts. or inree enter the United States semee. Bnostua*es may select »ny Reulmsnt or Battnry, or may enter the Navy If they pi tfer. Money pain promptly to all who enlist through our Agency. Apply at tha War Claim office of . „ ._ nt ISAAC R. HIT! A CO., an? 3 p475-*t net 63 street. DRAFT! DHAFTI DRAFT X AH persons liable lo the draft, can be fomlihed with SUBSTITUTES Thiooßhna. Bend In yonr orCers icmeilßtcly for One, Two or Three Tears, as yon may desire. Substitutes on Hand to Fill Orders. When you send ycnr order by rciall glre yonr nat?c In inn, age, residence, oscuoaMcn, snd piicn of nativity. 13AAC R. HITT A CO.. a023-pt7l-2tnct • 65 Clark street. ATTENTION VETERANS. Ton who have been discharged after two year’s service and wlsn to rs-eater, can obtain the Largest Bounties Tbronah ns, by applylnr la person or br Utter. Bring yonr oisebarges with yon'to the War Claim Agency cf ISAAC R. HITT & CO , • amS-p.'lCOtnct ■ 65 qiar& street. NIGHT BLOOMING GEREUS. CERTIFICATE. 1 hereby certify that I am the original fab* rlcator of the Perfume known os the Ex tract of the Flower of the Nlsht-Bloomfna Cercns, and that the formula for the prepar ation of the same Is my discovery or inven tion, and that 1 was for two yeara previous in the employ of Phalon Sc Son, of New York City, und while there in troduced this perfume, and thus t n « —— *- the employ of C* B. Woodw*^* I*- 1 *- « i .1., ,i, O <T«t.nine perfume Is pre pared o»*Iy from my formula, all o hers be ing imitations. JULI t* CiIASTIEB, Bocbcster, March Ist. 18(11. Fold, wholesale cad retail, by H. BCOVEL,'MR»n* dciph street. a oil pHMt 7-SO LOAN. Second National Bank Is authorized by the Secretary of the TreasuryU receive subccrlptlcna to the new SEiVjew-’XEtiia'nr loan, Tbe Notes wIL be issued In dencmlnatlOM of ssl, HOC, jEfO, fr.tCO and 13,000, with lnUrect at tie rate o' 7 S-IC FSB CENT, or OHE CENT par day on each |53 payable semi-inn ually, x They will be dated August 15,1551, and will be pay. able at tbe end of three yean. Is current foods, or convertible into Five Twenty SIX PER CKST Bead* parable, Principal and Intereit, In Gold. On all payments made prior to August 151b, inter cit will be allowed, and after that date la lerezt wIL be charged. Liberal arrangements will be made with Banks and Banhen. and Bends forwarded free of charge to points on BaQrcada In Illinois. Indiana Michigan, lowa and Wisconsin. When so commlislon li allowed, packages can Ct sent by either express company under our contract free of charge. EDWABD I. TIEKHAH, Canhior* Ch'caso, August 1. 1c64, au6-0847-15t si. TC&mnst T?IFTH NATIONAL BANK OF X 1 CHICAGO. Capital, • ■ • « $200,000. No. NO Ltsalle Street. U. S. DEPOSITORY & FISCAL AGENT. SUBSCRIPTIONS RECEIVED FOR 7*30 Loon and 10*10 Gold Bear* ing* Bonds. ISAAC O. LOMBARD, JCSIAH LOMBARD. ac23 piSSStn Cashier. President. jhARBIAGS AND SADDLE horse, FOR SAIiB. A fine Family Lome, excellent under tho saddle, to* getber with COVERED BUGGY, HARNESS, SADDLE AND BBIDLE. an!3pl7Ml S. a. BUSS, ill Lata street. A NTI-AKN’OLD CLUB—The jIX Headquarters of the above club are!at No. 19 Metropolitan Block, end are constantly open to all union men, who are opooaed to the re nomination of Isaac N. Arnold fur Congress. Entrance north atatrwayon LaSalle street. By craer of the Executive Committee. • Thenextmeetuzot the Club will be hal-ionMoa day evening. August 22d. at ~X o’clock. Good speak* era will be m attendance. aa2Q-p333-lwnet •• NF. MERRILL, * WHOLESALE DIAL3S IS LAMPS) 'OHS ASS GLASSWARE, AND UUCP GOODS OF STZBT DESCRIPTION. qm*3pt3l«3Ctnet 71A 85 Randolph street. Chicago. Jj/JEDIOAL COLLEGE OF OHIO, The Eetular Coo?:e of Lectures begins onTaerdiy, November I,ISO, and will e:ntlnns sixteen weeks. TctJl fees (Professor* seven—DUsecUon, Hospital and Matriculation), |SS.OT. it DEAFNESS, . Discharges from theear, noises In the bead, tumors, and all Surgical operations cn the Ear and £ye, con tinue, as for mn* years oa«t. to receive the especial acienuon of Dr. UNDERWOOD, 121 Bandolab strest. Chicago. _ _ auW-ptiWt BLINDNESS. Dr. UNDERWOOD, graduate of the New kork Ophthalmic College, opemtet* access fully lor Cross kyei, Cataract. &c., anc removes with anerrlag cer* tilnty all diseases of the eye and ear withia thsreach of harnsn st in. Office, inßatdpiphst., Cbicaro. au2?plSß-lt * :-2t net "VT OOBHIES’ TAXPAYER’S ▼ EDITION—Two large cd’ttcns h'.ve bean ex hausted ; the third u to w ready. VOOEHIFS* TAXPASEB’3 EDITION OF THE V. S. TAX LAW. Printed frem the official copy, containing tbs e: tire law, word jor word, as passed by the hat Coacress. In this caiuoa. the subject cf each section is seps* rarely printed m Iwgs BuLWype.rtnrterlar the law mote « a»y cf reference. Beside#, a Fru.r. and COM* PDKTK INDEX i) gmn at the end. y>atl2mo., DMpagis, Price, 5J cents. Srnt by giall, propaid, upon reccpt ot price. Liberal dls* OOi-t to sod dealers. ACdrets J. 8. VOOEBIKS, Wo. so enann-it.Naw York, cr BAKED* Q jDT/IN.Pi lutingHouseSquare,ST. T. UauJ3-plMst TVnCHIGAN AVENUE PROP* JjJL city wanted. A lot trom tt/ty to seventy-Are foct front, on Micblsenarenne. betvern Washington ten street and Pork dUc». Termi ca*b. Apply to J P. OtlflGEß. Real H9Ut9 BroKcr. 43 Clark at, room No g. on'ii»p3?i4tnet LAMPS, OILS & GLASSWARE, THE UE47 STOCK. IN THE WEST, At t*-e LOWEST MARKET PRICES. For tale by anal-EStMOtneC UEO. o. POPE, 122 a. Clark at. AND I*B!£NCH Bli iiATP HOSE. In plain and mixed colors, ot ex* ‘ctllent qialitlea; also. Silk and Lisle Thread and Bleached Gotten, together with the real English B*’- brirnnHsli So*e. Out at ?ck of foods in Hue Lias u •lull and de.iran!** • *LY, GiNTLHMK2«*B OUTFITTER }«Lh3I Case; 9 Tremoat Blo;k. JjtOß BtTI'FALO THE HEW AND SPLENDID STEA!i33 \rtU lean her Dock, foot of NorUi Dearborn street, Tnesday Ere., lug. 23, at 6 o’clock. Forpaiesse ticket* apply to B3OSSOK9 A B&SCOCK| AfiCfiMi autt-Ct JPOR BUFFALO, " Badger State, 99 Capt. JAMES BECSWITH, Will leave her doth, foot of NorUaKA* Mile street. TBK (TUESDAY) EVEBIBGT, For pa'aage apply to S.EOWE.No.3 AdamiHoaic, cr loot of State street. ac2S-ps»Tlt BURLEY & TYRRELL, 48 Lake Street, CROCKERY, CHINA WARE ASSOETED CEATE3 OP WHITE CS3A3IBTE COXtSRECK WASH ALWAYS ON HAND. A Liberal Discount made to Dealers who purchase by the Package, auK p<9i-ex xvATgcettf mm, WILLIAMS & FITCH MTS, CAPS, FIUS, ETC., Are now ready to offer to the trade a very faUaoC well asserted stock tor Fall and Winter Trade, Embracing all new and choice style* of □ATS, CAPS, FOBS. LADIES' HATS, SHUTS FURS,LADIES’, MISSES* AND CHILD Mat SKATING CAPS, UMBRELLAS, ‘ BOSKS, BUCK GLOVES. MITTENS, Ac., Ac. All of which will bo offered at the lowest p ices. AIL BUYERS are solicited to examinees? stock before buying, ami tcereby save money. WEBBR, WILLIAMS A FITCH, aalO-c&SSCtwwAroet 10, it and 14 Lahe a:., Chicago DR. BIGELOW WILL EETCEY TO THE CITY AUGUST 3 0 th. IMPORTANT BUSINESS Galls MmEast until that time. TOWNSEND & YALE, THOMAS DOLI3f, JOIO BUTTON Sc so^ AND OTHER CELSB2ATEB MAKERS OP FANCY -WOOLEN GiMWS, Invite the attention of Jobbers to tbeir superb av* Drtment of Hoods, Nubias, Scarfs, Sontags, Breakfast Shawls, Skating Caps, Balmoral Hose, &c., Ac. 25 MURRI¥ & 29 WiSm STS n NEW YORK, m 5 ARCH STREET, BOSTON aul7-p4S-15tne6 gOOT3 AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE. Ccentry dealers will dad it to tbeir advantage to «*• amine oar slock of SOOTS AND SHOES. Sow Betd; for tie Fall Trade. It was purchased andmaanfacturedbefcre the »d7i.rC3 In Lcaiitr, and wo can afford to «dli oa PRICS3BKLOW PRESENT EASTERS COST. Cur stock la tbe largest in tbe West, cobiU9bZ matsly cl the beat warranted work. __ WestnufiCu’e in Chicago for those who preae Western made Bcott, and guarantee satisfaction 19 allwbornyoius. __ We have a Urge ttccka of BOOT PACKS, BXSS PACKS. RUBBERS and FUR OVERSHOES. Call and examine at 29 and 31 Lake Street. Corner Wabtsu Avenue, Chicago. anT c46a3Ctnc: LCGG2TX, 3A2BEIT autt-T-S --gEEBERQEE. BREAUEyj WHOLESALE HARD WAKE, 143 Lake street, Chicago, ETave on band a very large clock, to Which the attention of the trade Is _ Invited. - aalS-p3-10t.T-ra3.met ruAMAGSD GOODS,—Hats, Capj JLr and Milliner Goods at wholesale and refuL Also ft large let ofPors. These goods win and taiik h-3 sold, rurebarere will and It to their Interest at call and examine this sWdr. _A. J. RKBZOO, 199 take Street. H&nsfiMwnst eye & ear Cmcinrmti. Bestored by a new method treating those delicate organs. Cross eyes atialchUned aod all lord cal operatiocs terfonmd by Dr. THOMSON, offlea Cobb's Building, 136}$ Dearoom at. p. O. 80x373a* Bend for circular. Advice (rea an9 0659 Stnat ttatiz B. C. THOMSON, IT. D. QOOR’S SUGAR EYEPORa" VICTOR CANE HILLS. Western Depot 16. IS andSO FA3TEB * OUnil». , COOPERS’ TOOLS, At low figures to close out stcck. SEEBEBCEB Sc BBE.IKET, aulS-pt StaotTTas 113 LABIS STREEP. T3E KOKTHEKbT PAG'FIC RAtLEOA-D.—Tbft nadmaignsd. Cosmlsslocen Xrcn Msaactnaetta. name d In tbs Act of lucorp«t«. tioncf tbeffortnirn paciflo Rdlroad Company, n- r*- by Eire notice to alt those named ta said act as Com m:seloscnt that the first mreilnz of tba> Board of Commissioners of the aforesaid Ccmcact wIU be held at the MelodeoafisU, {3 tna city of Beaton, on Tbor* day, the flrrt day cl September next, at 12 o'eloefc at nCOtt. WILL\BO SBARfL 1* B. WITatHUTUff, oeo. SBivaaicK.” JOSIAH PKBHAMT JOBS A. BA4S, ABIIL ABBOTT. J. M. BECKETT. jjTr-LTTr-ltav-lw-nct SJT. GEORGE'S BENEVOLENT members wUhing to be Sl????!- I tT.^u wood wuipleaio lasTß their oraiT. y iih the anderiigred: Win- BarexTanath, Jf.m e .* lt +%s o3k i,s : sL® t **® *t; wm. Po*h.:» h! its T. Bntier.37B Clark st: J. Bober. n a. Kin ?vst£: £* Bacjon.lU Frank in st; Wm.Holdawortti. 5*P»-Qo phet; Dr Reynold*; Wn no oh by, 31 w.Bandolphgt.aadcoriurorCniial aadPolXit, atxn*plo9*?t BTiaTU-net f\VB, COUNTRY’S CRISIS. VF Mrs. A.'WILHEIJJ, M.l>, of Philadelphia, will lecloro as ■*tr.p«niaa Hall, «n night, at 8 o'clock,cn "He Pul. Primt «id FntMjjf America,** Admission tree. anti p4fii-SVat7*itiaet Cto fliTi Ud ll»-iUUJ*; “IDAHO” CAPTAIN A. B. CONKST, A, A* SinFIK. amenU Ticket A rant. rNc. IS North‘Wells street. OFFICESM wo. 53 Scmtn ciartatren.*' (Macssajlt Mouse, THE SPLENDID STEAMER- .At Seven O’Cloclr. JT* Hl* TtTIIB) Ageat* CHICAGU), Importers aid Jobbers ot GLASS AND AND “Jobbers oy [aul9 pOS-utne:] SOLE AGENTS FOB

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