Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 23, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 23, 1864 Page 2
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€l)icaga. tribune. TUESDAY, AUGUST 23,186t. A. T. BWSL’S APPOINTMENTS* A. T. Slouc, of Louisiana, will speak as follows: TisUlw* . Angnst 21, Evening. ** Si, Afternoon. 11 24, Evening. BnmeJl’d Grove, Start Co.. 26, Afternoon. All the above meeti ogs will be held In the open air—the -weather permitting. Plenty of eealfi and-goodmugic. Princeton the Lihok fflorenfiffr. We published a full report of the professed labor meeting at Bryan ilrii, in our last is fiUC. In common with our citizensgenerally» vc fed no diepoeiticn to oppose It, for, base would be tie who would deprive honest toll of iU reward, and our Anglo-Saxon ideas are 100 firmly grounded ii: Hit* principles of jos- Ucc to bike from labor and economy the fruits of their efforts, viz: capital. Indeed, the men who figured at that meeting make it entirely unnecessary. if any one were op posed to some of the r-foiutions passed and principles enunciated, seriously to combat them. It will not take the intelligent work ing men of Chicago long to find ont that the chief fngler at that meeting, Mr. £. W. Me* Cornua, is a sprit' of the Southern aristocra cy, Who regard Ihiui as 44 greasy mechanics and filthy operative?, not fit to associate with a Southern gentleman's body servant” To pretend that in this country where every’ evenne to wtsfth, honor and power is perfectly o*en to all, there is any real antagonism between cipltal and labor, leu humbug so transparent and gloria; that it cannot gam a*:y permanent influence upon the public miud. Capital is simply the result of long continued labor and economy. True men sometimes accumulate a large for tune in a short time by sacculation, but these arc exceptional cases and not the gene ral rule. WboarethccapUuiistsofCbicago? Men who thirty, or at most forty, years ago were entirely poor. Recently wc heard two of them rail:. log each other pleasantly about thiir first meeting in Chicago. One saw the other first shingling a smoke-house, and the other was indebted to the kindness of a Dt ranger for money enough to pay his fore to the captain of a sloop on which he came from Buffalo, before he was permitted to come ashore. The same Intelligent industry bud economy wilt make every man who at tended the meeting on Saturday evening a capitalist at three score years and ten. Take soother case. If we are correctly in formed, Major Sherman came to this city some thirty 5 cars ago poor, or at least comparatively so. By persevering industry, he accumulated capital sufficient to build the Sherman House. By so doing he con hributed to the support and the prosperity of a large class of mechanics—in fact he used bis capital to make his masons, carpenters, plumbers, printers, &c., &c., in their turn capitalists, ior It is safe to presume that they made money by their contracts. Is there any antagonism between Mayor Sher man, because Ins energy and industry have made bim rich, and the labor of the city ? Kol Ic tbe least; tscy are mutually depend ent upon, and a benefit to each other. The came lavs usd the same intelligent exertion that luve made Mr. Sherman a capitalist, will do the same for the humblest operative in bis employ while the Sherman House was building. Hence the laws which secure equal rights to all. and give security to the results of labor are the poor mac's most inestimable Uleeaing. Mr. Schlagcr vented his spite upon : the Ter puite, because, in his opinion, we did not G(juure oarartlcks according to his particu lar views. The Tribune has a position which makes it independent of onyparticu cUssolmen. It advocates what Us editors believe to be lor the best interests ol oar en tire pcoulc. While from the nature of things it has no hatred towards the rich, its sympa thies arc decidedly, with labor and laboring men. Twenty-five years ago the combined capital of all its editors and proprietors would not hare purchased the smallest of our panting presses. Whatever the Tribune possesses is due entirely to the honest indus try of those who own it. The man who sets the type thalgivcs this thought to the rea der, or bis son, is just as likely to hs the ed itor and the largest proprietor of the Tribune, twenty or forty years hence as any one of os was forty years ago. Every editor and owner of this paper works as earnestly and as faithfully every day as Mr. Schlager, and hence our sympathies can only be with the “ toiling millions.” If In seventeen years Mr. Schla ger'fi Advocate ebnll *“i»ilre»n ****** nroea to s orii its mlitia.. it will be the re enlt of that very kind of effort that his built up the Tribune establishment; and we sub niil that its editor will not deserve denunci ation because he has earned success. While the laws protect honest labor, while every avenue to wealth, honor and pov.crls open to all, atd while our puolic and high schools bestow the blessings of an education upon the children of the poorest man in tee country equ'vlly with those of the richest, there con he no real antagonism in this country between labor and capital. In Europe, wncrc property is hereditary, there arc real grievances tjMch under monarchical ioeUluliots our Christian civilisation has never as yet been able to rectify; but, thank God, free America has no snch dead weights to carry. Here every avenue to fame and fortune is open; and he who labors most wisely aud earnestly is sure to obtain them. THIS QUOTAS A«tO TUB CENSUS, Gov. Seymour assumes that, though four years have passed since the census of 1830 was taken, the enrollment of 1604 ought to correspond with It, He assrmes that, one Congressional District, set off according to the census of 1800, ought to furnish as many troops under the call as another. But Gov. Seymour is somewhat unfortunate in his at tempts to compare Kcw York with other States in this respect. In bis letter to the SocroUiy of War, Gov. Seymour says: The sveroec quotas in thirty-one Congressional DittndFol f«e\» York are 2,68.; InMaseachotietlfl atulKcwHampfehlrv, they are 2,187: in Peon«vl vaoia, 2,071. It will he seen that the average de mand made in cveiy Congressional District In this Jiialo Is three and ten men per District more than is required in Pent.ejiTanla, and for t>crcu hundred uuo fourteen men per District mofe than iiassachuseta and Ke% Hampshire. Tnere aro no diHorcnce* in the character ot the popula tion of these States to account for these olscrep* aucicr. pfov. Mor. Gen Fry replies, showing that in all the Western States the proportion Is &UII larger U»un In Nt* w York; thus: U carried on. tbe lollowinc facts appear: The average quotas in the Congrcaetooal Dis trict* arc. In Ohio 3,178 In It-diats 3,948 Ic Illinois 4.004 In Michigan 8,017 ta Wisconsin 8,178 Id KUsouri 8,631 Four jeara especially of war must necessa rily mrke great changes in our population, and the assertion that an accurate enroll ment taken in 1604 could possibly correspond in Its results with a census for more superfi cially taken in 1850 and 1850 would be ab surd. The rural districts of New England Lave for many years been at a stand still compared with New York, and especially viUithc still more vicorons and growing Wcit, and this accounts for the fact that the difference between tbeccnens of 1839 and tbe enrollment of 1661 is greater in New York then in New England, and greeter in the Wcsttlmi In New York. Does Governor Seymour doubt that New Yarkand the West arc growing faster than New England, or that any such “slowcoach** as Boston has Increased since 1800 at the same rate as New York and Chicago. Instead of quibbling about these cell’evident tacts as “grievan ces.** sod endeavoring to sow the seeds of discontent and rebellion among the people of the very districts which have been increas ed In relative population, and wealth during tbe war, he ought to rejoice over suck evi dences of their material properity; In addition to the above reasons for the apparent Inequality between various districts are the well known frets that the enrollment includes only those between the orms-bcar* log ages, while the census includes the entire population; that the ratio of the former to the latter Is greater in cities than in the coun try. owing to the greater proportion of single msu who leave the country for the cities; oud tbe ratio of women to men is greater la old communities than In new, and in tbe country thaw in cities. Thus io Illinois the miles arc 100,000 in excess of females, whife io blaesachusetts the females are 100,000 in CKccsb of males. The proportion of sged is cieo greater io New England than nt tbe West All these combined can leave uo doubt in the mind of any that the differ ences between Ur* census aud the enrollment coostlt'iu co evidence against tbe correct ness of the enrollment, and that any given number of mm arc called on to furnish the earn© number of drafted men in one part of the country os in another, and far more equitably by the enrollment than could be done-by tie census And is not that equal and exact justice to *u« SHE. COCNtSL OS ME 3» a *pr Under the head of “no draft la Scptcm hor,’* the Chicago Tima, verifying the charge wc have reputedly made of the plottings of the peace sneaks to mike the draft, if they the occasion of an draft** fist or rebellion, tells its readers that the order of the President for a draft is wholly void, and that “on attempt to force men Into the army - ” under the President's call “may lawfully he resisted.*’ The inva riable device of those who wish to oppose tno law Is to pretend to do It In the name of the law, The Tima conspirator of course follows the established precedent in this re spect Bessys The conscription act “pro* hlblts the draft Till after the expiration of fifty days Irom the time when the (qoota of each ward) shall have been (known, assign ed” and) called for.” The brackets-are our own. Tbcv include eo much of the alle cation as is false. The President is not to call tor any “quata” flelatocallfor“any munber of men.” So aays the act He hu pnrenant* to it called for 500,009. There in nothing in the act requiring the quota of each ward to be known, assigned, and called for ; i. e. mode part of the President’s call, and hence nothing prohibiting a draft till fifty days after that shall hare been done. The division of the total call into quotas for the various districts is a matter of detail, which the act docs not require to be made part ot, preceding, or accompanying the President’s calk The Times says: 2. It prohibits an order for a draft until after such term oi fifty days. This so far true that the act does direct that the order for a draft shall be made at the expiration of the fifty day b from the call. But as the aci does not prescribe what length of time shall elapse between the or der for a draft and the draft, it follows that if the President had delayed that part of his Proclamation which orders a draft till the expiration of the flf*y days, he could then have ordered it immediately and it could have been cnforcedlmmcdUtely. Ii any technicality In this point; the President could rc-order the same draft on the sth September next to take place forthwith. The Time* also says: 4 A mao drafted w Ithout a compliance with the act will nut be in the military service, and may be discharged cc habeas corpus. For the purposes of a test case, this prop osition may be ti uc. On the other hand it is exceedingly unsafe for the majority of the readers of tbe limes to undertake to decide whether they are or are not drafted without a compliance with the act. And the con verse of the 2W«' proposition is equally true' A man drafted with a compliance with the act will be in the military service and cannot be discharged on Jabeascorpuu.- What the lilies calls a construction is a pure fabrication Laving no foundation in the lapguege of the act. No man can be deceiv ed by it.- It argues that fifty days delay must occur* after tbe quota of each dis trict is known. Tikis is not the case. The Act speaks for itself. He that runs may read. “The President” “may at his discre tion, at any time hereafter, call for any number of men, as volunteers, for the re spective times.” “In case tbe quota or any pert thereof,” ‘‘shall not be filled within the space of fifty d*ys after such caU, then the President shall immediately order a draft lor one year.” While the lancuagebl the rebel paper is so shrewdly guardfd as to avoid, on a critical examination, the direct charge ot Inciting to unlawful resistance to the draft, its duplici ty in pretending to counsel lawful resistance upon cucL a baseless and silly falsehood as that put forth with such egregious impu dence by the Tirna Las clearly the drift to incite lawless violence where U pretends only to invoke the decision of a court. May : its readers be guided by its timely caution, or still more by tbe wise example of ils Edi tor, in safely procuring a substitute under the call which he pretends, to regard as a nullity. THE CHICAGO CONVENTION. It Is gratlljlng to know” that the country Is eo soon to be saved! The Chicago Goa* vention will meet within & week, and should a copy ol the Constitution he preserved by the efforts of the Democratic party during that time, it will thenceforth become the law of the land! It Is also expected that so many ofLtc’s army as shall tnen survive, will receive general orders from headquar ters to convert their spears into plough shares and their swords into pruning books. Extensive orders have been shipped to the nurserymen of Egypt and New Jersey for very imposing olive branches, and the Dako labs and Camanches have been called upon for an interesting asaortmenVof “Pipes of Peace,” True, sever*! preliminary ques tions remain to be settled, and there are those who think the meeting of the distin guished one-horse hacks and broken down jockeys, which will take place at Chicago, stands in about the .same relation to the settlement ol the war as the’ incantations of the “ medicine men” of the Ojibways do to relieving the snn from the labors of an eclipse. Bat such are not Democrats. The language ol the faithful Democrat in these perilous times isi “ Look ye onto Chicago all yc ends of the earth and be ye saved,” There is the little unsettled question whether wc shall be one —«•* 4 “'~. «»««• which the illustrious gathering or-ro*- onmii very stale frv who will equizzle, wriggle oiia DytuMvi UU the Chicago platter have as much power as so many “ eels a fry log.” Bnt that is a mere detail which Democratic statesmanship will easily solve. There is a slight obstacle in the fact that the Government of the United States, even if made up of Democrats alone, has no power to dissolve itselt by recogniz ing the South—while the rebel government, even if made up of Unionists alone, has no power to dissolve itself by coming under the Union; but this technicality also will melt in the rustic crucible of Demo- i cratic statesmanship! Another diffi- | culty lies in the tact that no considerable partyfat the North, even among the Demo crats is yet prepared to recognize Southern independence, and no party whatever at the Scutb, capable ot making itself heard, is in favor of Union on any terms. But the magical powers of the wonderful poor man's plaster “Democracy” will draw up a treaty, agreement or contract which will be equally satisfactory to both parties by cecurlag to etch what is so odious to the other. The great,the incx&ustlble, the wondrous McClel lan, after having three years ago so admirably succeeded in closing up the war by a “short, sharp and decisive” contest, in which he de monstrated that 233,000 Unionists could be so disposed and handled by a very great mind as to compass their defeat by less than 00,000 rebels, will proceed in his own person to* show to the nation-tbit the means of ac complishing a peaceful reconstruction of the Union so “ tong hid from the wise and pru dent, has at last been revealed unto babes.” CBA2TO HA SB. WEETLVG A.T AU- itoaa. Theloyal men of Kone,South Will and Dupage, sre making preparations lor one of the largest gatherings ever held in North ern Illinois, on Saturday nest. Gen. Oglesby and Dross will start the ball. Farnsworth, Lansing, and others wid keep It along, and the Lombards will slug. Those who-never beard Oglesby and the Lombards, will miss a treat if they do not attend the meeting. Large evictions arc going from all the towns in that parr of th? country. "Why rot charter a trsin to carry two dr three out from Chicgo. Will some one start tbe ball? Gen. Oglesby has bad reusing meetings in Southern Illinois. Let him have one on Saturday next ITT 1 A “loyal woman’* sends us the fol lowing: For tbs benefit of our soldiers in tbe enny please Insert the following excel lent remedy for diarrhea. Patlnto a bowl a tabic spoon lull of sole molaspes, (hen make a strong tea of elder Cowers, and while boil irg hot strain it into.thc molasses, that it may be thoroughly scalded. Wneu cool let tbe patient drink freely of it. The above is an old remedy, having'been used In the last war to euro the camp distemper. I coaid wish Its virtues more generally known, and that cider Cowers, with directions for using, might he made on essential item In the sani tary stores. STATE NEWS* Hr. John Greenwood, of Galena, was very severely burned a few aajs since by letting a Kerosene lamp folk Tbe potato bug is amongst the vines in Warren county. The Baptists, Methodists and German Lutherans are erecting churches at Carthage. J. N. Coltxln has been removed from the poet Office at Clinton and Alfred W. Warner appointed in his place. On Monday evening, the 15th Inst., as Mrs Thomas Me Call, ol Coal Valley town ship, was filling a lighted kerosene, map, it exploded, slightly burning two children and seriously but net frtallv injuring Mrs. Mc- Call Her yonngect child, a boy about lour 3 cars old, is fatally injured. Jonah H. Case, an old and prominent citi zen of Bock Island, died on Wednesday last. Bcv. Bbocrt Johnson, Pastor ot the First Presbyterian Church of Peoria, is danger ously ill. Col. Hngh, one of the oldest citi zens oi Whiteside county, aied at Sterling on Wednesday last. Darin? & thunder shower on Friday last, Mr. Isutc Hines, ot Uetick, was struck by lightning and Instantly killed. On Sunday, tbe ISUi Inst, Mr. Thomas Connor, residing e?si ol Bamsey, was out salting Us horse?, when he was shot at by some one in tbe bushes near by. Seven buck shot etruckb’s legs, arms, and shoulder, but making no very severe wounds. In consequence of tbe continued distur bance and threatening by lawless persons in that section ol country, and the increasing danger ot injury to persona and property In Vaiidalia, a company of Home Guards was formed on the evening cf the Bth, and the following named persons were elected offi cers: Captain, J. P. Van Dors ton; IstLieu tensnt, Joseph Bummcll; 2d Lieutenant, J. H. 'Mammon; Orderly Sergeant, John F, Gregory. At the Henry County Union Convention which mot at Cambridge on the 15th lost., Stephen Trekel was nominated for Coroner; 5* OUa for Sheriff; and A. Gould for Circuit Clerk. Tbe dwelling bouse of Messrs. E. & E. Lambert, near Gepeseo, was destroyed by fiieonthclSih. Loss 12 TOO. The quota of Boone cotnty Is 383. FROM &KSRSI4S S ARMY. The Situation before Atlanta—Advan ce* «| the Army of tue Tennensee— laOtosew of the two a rmle*—Strength of the Rebels—G<.n* Palmer’s Removal -Insy Changes* [From our Special Correspondent.! Eetobc Atxjlsta, A ug. 10,1554. Since tay la.-t dispatch from this field there has been no buttles about Atlanta. Yet the city is still rebel—rebel fortifications sur round it, rebel troops and rebei guns still de fend it* There have been changes in the dls, position of troops, maneuvers of various kinds, which are not now for the public. When the enemy shall have discovered them it will be soon enough to trust them to piper and the world. In the Tront of the Army of the Tennessee the campaign has almost as sumed the careful steps, and tedious, danger* ous advances of a siege. From the field where the • fierce battle of the 2Sth was fought, our advance has been slow and con tinual. Every advance has .been contested with a spirit and stubbornness which indi cates a determination to defend the position as long as possible. v The rebel commander has shown no disposition since the affair of theSSthio attack our lines, but has resisted every movement"for position with great per tinacity. A brigade of the 83d Corps, Col. Bolands, the other day, lu moving up to oc cupy a position, lost something over three hundred men. Aside from this affair cur losses, and 1 suppose those of the enemv, have been slight. It must not be understood, however, that there has been no casualties. Every day hes its loss of life. On picket, in the' trenches and iu camp, men are killed by bullet and shelL So that each army is continually looting up its losses butiuno such extent as to effect relative strength or the piobablc result. The dally firing has become almost contin uous. On the picket lines it is kept no day ana night, and at times the fire from the bat- Uric* is very heavy end continues for a con siderable length oi time. it is a noticeable fact that the rebels are using artillery more freely than at any other position during the campaign. Their main line is well and thor oughly constructed, and at different points Includes forts und redoubts, iu which are edge guns of heavy calibre. Shell and shot from tlx and eight inch rifles ha,e fallen In the neighborhood of headquarters, and alosg the llr>es. The projectiles, 1 would observe, produce. In patting through the air, a pecu liar, not altogether pi asant, sound. One can bear tbe rushing a considerable distance for a short time. Going from you It is not unpleasant, li it be a“ dead certainty that the projectile is coming towards yon it is de cidedly unpleasant—suggestive. Upon im pulse, large vegetables with bark on them, and having limbs, become desirable, and if urged, some people find ravines and the rt;r. To day the rebels have given our lines a pretty sharp shelling. , It commenced early, and now after dark they seem reluctant to cease firing. During the day an inquisitive Commissary was looking for Atlanta from a bill near our be&dqua'ters. “Look out' 1 said a soldier, “there comes a McCormick!” as the projectile ot a six inch rifle roared through the air. “ What is that,” said our Commissar; ? “ One of McCormick’s reap ers,” replied the soldier; 44 did you hear her come?” . . Ol' tie present position and recent move ments of the army, I can only nee the stereo* typed statement that it Is‘all contraband: The line of ttc rebel army runs from the east of Atlanta at a point near the Augusts railroad, describing a curved line around the city cn the north and west fronts. This is their old line. From Atlanta the West Point road runs to East Point in a south westerly course. The movements of Sher man from the Itlt to thc_right forced Hood to cover this railroad, to that, leaving the old system of defenses, he was compelled to extend his lines to hia left. Hood’s attempt 1o strike d-r flank while it was moving re sulted in Ihelmttle ol tne 23th. This was so disastrous that he has since acted on the de ictslvc, continually stretching out to his left as fchenuau’s right has advanced, and lortlfy ing with great care, his whole front Of course our line conforms to that of the rebels. In relation tp the strergth of.the rebel army I can find no reason to scats anything ia aouilicn to mj last letter. Hood has cc> tainly been reinforced by a portion of Lee’s Mississippi army, and possibly by troops from Fionas. This I believe will cover his reinforcements ol disciplined .troops. In addition to tbesr, the employees in t&c gov ernment workshops aud the suptruumeries of the quartermaster and commlssiiy de partments Lave all been armed and put in the field, the hospitals and convalescent camps have been rigidly and thoroughly in spected, and everything capable of bearing arms sent to the front. These, with com scription of old men and boys coverall of the reinforcements sent or broneht into the field. These raw levies of course are not the men with which to make assaults and bear a ba. d in the fierce struggle of the battle-field, but they can be of use for fit ligue duty. They can stand in works and behind fortifications and will probably make a good tight, if it will qnletall Washing ton and part of Pennsylvania, this army will no doubt consent to Pike core of a reasona ble addition to Hood’s fighting force from the army ot that other Le»* You w ill have hitard ol the change In tho pnmm#"** of trie Hiti Army corps which re sults in the retirement of Major-General John M. Palmer Ir: m the field. It is not my pro vince to comment upon whatever circum stances led to the step which General Palmer has Ukcn. It is stated that Gen. Palmer was ordered by Gen. tihenuun to move his corps to a ccitainyosltiou and report to Gen Scho field lor orders. The object of the move mtnt was uraerctood to have bsen to give the enemy battle that day. Gen. Palmer moved bis corps as ordered, but rcfu s cd to report to Schrficld, his junior officer. The nsuit was that tbo army stood still while questions ol rank were being settled. Of conice there is a field for controversy In re gard to the mutter. That field I leave for oihtrs *ithlhe observation that the army did ni>t gain a foot or accomplish aslogle ad vantage during the two days delay which th«n there occurred. Gen. Palmer was re lived and Gen. Johnston assigned to the cammatd ot the 14th Army Corps. Lieut. Col J. Condit Smith, Chief Quartermaster ot ibe 15th Corps, and daring this campaign up to the passage of tbe Chsltahorhec, Act ing Chief Quartermaster of the Artur of t&B Tennessee, resigned on account of Uf health. The President appointed Capt. Grcoubury L. Fust, ol Illinois, Lieut CoL and Chief Quar termaster oftbe 10 th corps. The appointment is a most excellent one as is needed to be to fill Col. Smith’s place. Col. Fost was early in the war as Captain in the 11th Illinois in fantry, then commanded by the late General Wallace. He Was subsequently appointed an Assistant Quartermaster bythePresident, and ho has been ou duty on the Mississippi river. Maj. Gen- Howard, commanding tbe 15 th Army Corps, Ijus published an oreerdlsmiss ing from itiestmee LteaVCoL-Frank Cur* li&s, commanding tbe 127 th Uiinois Infantry, lor disobedience of orders, and misbehavior in the lace of the enemy. It is unpleasant to record each orders in relations to officers oi Col Curtiss' renk, but if sneb records are made by officers in the field, they should go toihopnblic. Col Cnrtiss was ordered to advance his regiment and capture certain He did not obey the order. * Prisoners cap Lured this moral cur, by Gen. C< rec, slate Uat they received Information 3 ret trdaj that Mobile baa been captured. - Jack. FfiOH TEKKILLIOff COJJXTV. prospect* of tLo County—Tbo Carbon coul Political iftutier*—Tiro Crops—Occarnecl Veterans, [From Our Special Correspondent.} Danville, Vermillion Co., 111., Aug 18,1851. Vermillion does not figure largely in your papers, notwithstanding it fathered Cook and several other counties—all ofwhlchsho ▼ splendid records before and eincc’CL There’s an analogy between Cook and Vermillion, end iLc story of tbe Dutchman and his son Jake. Jake rebelled, and the old mm under took to flog htm, but was severely punished himselC He smoothed the situation thus: “Yell, Jake ish a schmart fellow—he can Tip his own taedy.** All the community here abouts is brightening up. Our Coibon Coal mines form one of the principal sources oi revenue to tbe country. Those around this dace are worked in the old fashioned way with pick and shovel, and the coal hauled to rail by wagons. Seven miles west of us a gentleman from Scotland has opened amine, from whichgtcat expectations are entertain ed. Population swells all the time. New comers Hi! our streets in constantly increas ing numbers. If Abe drafts, ho will have a splendid chance for able bodied men in this section; and it Is a generally held opinion here that a draft ought to be resorted to this time Men here who are getting rich by the war,lament and declaim loudly of Its continu ance, and by that very act contribute to Us prolongation. The sickly season is carrying off some of our oldest citizens. politics * are quite still—confined to nominations and getting harnessed generally for tbe strong pull coming. The Copperheads have not been especially venomous since last summer, when they undertook to ape their brethren in New York and succeeded in killing one of onrbest citizens. Benson Hooton is tbe “Democratic** candidate for the Legislature from this county. His name is very handy, lor orthographical manipulation, as witness, “Treason Hooton,** “Cooting Treason,** 4 Hoot-on,” &c. Jlc Is a farmer—when he is at home—which is not often; most of his true being spent in sporting around grocer ies and groceries, from whence issued the mqb lbt.L threatened the town with destruc tion last year. JohnL. Tinchcrls his oppo nent. Neither has held any of office of im portance. The latter is one of oaf solid men, a banker, and as a citizen, without re proach. The election, os for as tho success of three la concerned, will show that Tiocher is acl lcUct to treason and Season. All nominations so far made ore sound, and an irresistible vote will certainly bo polled for tbeUnlor came. Vcl’s friends are coining borne, row that they lack his presence to give ttelr “exile 1 * a tloge of respectability in Cai oda. A pretentious M- D., who was soundly thrashed by a Union Colonel lost summer, and inspired by terror thereby, fled to the former land of refuge of escaped sieves, and appropriately, of their “ mas ters’* in latter dsjs, returned a week ago, and now thicks ho is a Uon and cubs for the county. OBOP9 are chiefly very promising, I was told by a fanner, proprietor of one of the best estate in the country, that he “ never had bette crops; 1 * and when I mentioned tbe dolorous accounts published a few weeks since, he turned up his nose, tanner like, at “ the pa pen.” At this writing, foliage and vegeta Hon arc green and luxuriant as on a June morning. mrr mump veterans. The 25th and Coth regiments, largely com posed oi men from this county, will soon be discharged. A few came home, but left again to meet the rebel Copperhead raiders in Egypt. We defy any one pretending to think and fee), not to confess a generous en thusiasm at sight of these worn and scarred and vet handsome defenders. Er?ct, eVen paced, “with level-fronting eyelids,” your idea of a soldier, physically, may be seen any day. An old lady living near us sent three sons in the 25th. Bix days ago on', son went home alone. Two sleep quietly under the ecd oi the fields they manfully strove to im mortalize—and the ic labor and wounds and dying are not in vain. R. FROM NASHVILLE. Kclxforcemects fur Hood—The Rebel Works—*Ve*ciier- Oar vuiaaumica* tloxi»—lmportant .lOTenitola. [From our Special Correspondent,! Nasutellu, August 17. 4 Matters are progressing surely, but slowlv, at the front, though I think a dash will be made pretty soon which will startle General Hood In no email degree. A number of cor respondents have returned from the front, because they are inclined to believe there will be several weeks of inactivity; but they Will, I led burc, find themselves seriously mistaken. Sherman Is not, and will not be idle. EEnrroncEMEXTs to hoop. General Hood has been reinforced, but not from Virginia. The Georgia militia, and S. D. Lee and Forrest's foicea are with him numbering in all from 15,000 to 20,000 men! Although at one time 1 was inclined to cred it the reported reinforcement from Lee, I am now convinced that 1 was in error. THE BBBEL WOBKS. The rebel works arc very strong, but not stronger than ours. They could bo carried but at great sacrifice of life; aud therefore a direct assault may not be looked lor. Ex. pcct, therefore, to hear of more flanking—, more successful flanking. ’ f The weather at tfaefront has been Intensely hot; but the nights are cool, so that haxf the effectof the torrid days is taken away by a cool, refreshing night’s sleep. There have been a number of showers within the last two or three weeks, which have kept down the dust, and furnished abundant water iur the men. OUR COMMUNICATIONS. Wheeler made an abortive attack upon our communications, on Sunday last, in tne vicinity of Dalton. The railroad track was tern up below Dalton, and the garrison at that place, nnuer command of Colonel Lie bold, . attacked soon after. Information was forwarded to Gen. Btcdman, at Coatta roota, and immediately reinforcements were forwarded to the scene of action; up to the lour of this writlng(loa m.) nothing farther Las been heard ot the matter. One thing is certain: whether Wheeler really contemplates a serious raid on Sher man’s communications or not, I do not know; but certain it is, bis force is not large enough to accomplish much; aud be will not In the lecst interfere with Sherman's main opera tions. Wc always have a large quantity of supplies on hand at the front; and Wheeler could do no damage which could not be re paired in twenty-four hours. Iltel assured that ot no time'“can over 2,0C0 men be spared lor these raids; and our cavalry may take advantage of the absence of this number of men, and retaliate upon the rebels with heavy interest. Nothing would tc easier than to do this, because of the superiority of our mount ed forces In that region; aud Gen. Sherman is not the-man to allow opportunities to psss unimproved. IMPORTANT MOVEMENT, The importance of Gen. A. J. Smith’s movement from .Memphis cannot be valued too highly. bis force is large—larger than is generally supposed; and he goes to hold, possess and besiege; he goes to Streep the country of rebels, until he nas freed both the States of Alabama and Mississippi of the Insurgents forever. Ee *ill meet with little or no opposition. S. D. Lee leit the greater portion of the forces under bis command at Dalton; For* lest, who really was a fighting mao, is cer tainly dead; and there are no forces worth mentioning to defend the route over which he I* passing. I feel pretty sure that we shall hear of the fall of Montgomery very soon, lor that is doubtless the object of part of the expedi tion and not Mobile as some suppose. That place, however, will fall in due time. If Gen. Smith pushes on ho will prevent rein forcements from reaching the bcleagnred towns, and Canby con capture It without difficulty, after he has succeeded In taking Fort Morgan, which he will soon do. There are, it is said, 2,000 men in the fort, which is now completely isolated,andjc&nnot hold out a month. There is no truth' iu the report that its garrison is supplied with six months provisions; everything in the fort would be eaten up in as many weeks with the soldiers on bioi rations. A SMALL SAID. Dick McNairy, a notorious villain, who was so severely wounded a short lime since that it was believed he died from the effects, has appeared ou the stage again. Niirtit. tr iers last, at the beau orsome thirty men,|ho made a descent on section 18, of the N. W. R. R-, and destroyed 500 cores ol wood, and wr niidea one negro wood chopper, aud then left. Later.—l have just learned that Wheeler was handsomely repulsed, with a loss of 150 men. The garrisou held out until Monday morning, when General Steamau arrived with fresh regiments. The 14th U. S. coh ered troops c'barged and drove the enemy, when they retired and left for Atlanta. Nothing further Iras been heard from them. They left 150 dead and wounded ou tue field, while our loss did not exceed 40. TUB SIEGE OP ATLANTA, Letter Irom Gen, K&zcd-Sotom Losses oi tbo Atcbol Army-W'iiy atlaum is not Atbanitcd —lmportance ol* Slior mttifc’s Campaign. The following Interesting letter from Gen. Ht-zeo, a brave and Intelligent officer, ap pears in the Cleveland, (Ohio) Leidtr. It was written to a friend, who furnished por tions of it lor publicalloh; x Near Atlanta, Ga.. Aug. 20,1834. The campaign is running to its fourth month, with scarcely a day but a large part of the command is under fire. My losses ia killed or wounded are already over a thous and, but this Is no fair proportion of the losses ot our army,as the fates have,as usual, put me in w arm places. Will the people keep up their pluck and fight the thing out? It &U depends upon their steadfastness of purpose. If Richmond does not fall sooner, the Army of the West w 1U finally make its way to the luck door. If none of the eastern rebel army comes here, we will wear this one out before the close of the season, and it is but a matter ot time when the entire force of the enemy mast waste Will tbe people hold out? HEAVY LOSSES OF THE BEDELS. Jchnstcn’s veteran army by bis official re port June 25th, contained 4G 023 arena-bear ing men, including 6,031 of Wheeler's cav alry. They have lost since that time 5,000 prisoners, and In their throe assaults noon our works since arriving in front of this place, at least 20,000 men. They have re ceived from Mississippi 3,000, and are receiv ing from Governor Brown’s proclamation, about 8,000 militia; 83,000 in aIL These figures are substantially correct. Tbe hope of being reinforced by Kirby : .Smiih. is at last given up. Alter eshautlag the militia of Alabama und Eastern Missis sippi, which may amount to ten thousand mere. If they have tbe power to force them out, 1 cannot for xny Ule see how the enemy can roajee op the wostage of their army. I know that the rend army when it was joined by Pvlk just before the fight ot Resaca wus 71,000 strong. This Included Polk, and beside the additions before mentioned, it has received a brigade (Hartbg’e) of at least 3,0C0 from Mobile. This gives the enormous loss to (hem since the campaign of 53,000 men. Wt bt possible chance is there for these 33,000 now before us ? These figures may seem ex aggerations, but they are not —they are reali ties ; and when it Is rein: inhered that we have taken 12,(D0 prisoners, have had no less than twelve engagements, where from one to three corps have been in battle, with the ordinary detertions and losses from disease, the 52,000 is readily msdo up What will binder tbe dally attrition of the next three months from completing the overthrow of tbe foe before us. wny ATLANTA IB NOT ASSAULTED, Ton will say, perhaps, why not assault so contemptible a foe and put him out of his misery ut once. The art of war here is no longer a chance matter. Both armies convey a full supply of intrenching tools, and no forces on either side ever rest till they have before them a complete line of works, strong enough to resist tbo heaviest field ordnance, with obstructions in tbe front in the way of abaUls, palisades andlntrenchmencs, that put the matter of assault quite out of the ques tion. I think the battle of Chickamauga on the left, taught both armies the value of these works. No assault by either side in this campaign has been successful. It would surprise j ou to see how quickly and willing ly these men construct-thelr works. None appreciate their value more truly. IMrOUTANCE OF THE CAMPAIGN, We aio losing some good officers and of course some men, but I wish all could un derstand Low vitally this campaign is strik ing the rebellion. Did yon read Governor Brown*s proclamation calling out the militia and detailed men ? There was no blossom ing palmetto about that, but a plalu and open groan, showing clearly how deep tbe travel of our army is mowing down upon the tet der places of tbe Confederacy. You know, of course, that Johnston has been relieved by Hood, a man of just halt his ability. Gossip bos it that his government was dissatisfied with his continued retreat ing, ana sought a man who believed their army could check us. Hardee is eaid to have been of Johnston’s opinion ! that the endea vor to bold Atlanta would be the destruction of the army. Hood was then proffered the command, end accepted the taste.* He bos commenced well; has already as saulted us three times, we neing behind our works, and losing in oil nine thousand five hundred, .while they are known to have lost 20 000. I have never believed that the above was tbe trne reason for the change, but that John ston was taken cast to assist in planting a column la Pennsylvania He knows that country thoroughly. It is the theatre of his first operations In 180 L Besides, nert to Bragg, be is the first General In the army in point of military ability. The greatest victory for them—greater than OOManassaecs, acd the only oce that can give them a particle of hope—will be to de feat the war party at tbe Incomicg campaign, jt they can by any possibility keep their army in the field, no matter whether victorious or not, and a little before election place a strong army upon the soil of a free dtate, -with a lair show of sharp diplomacy on their part, careleesly met by ns. then let the question go flat before the people-^* 1 peace” or “war” —and who can tell what will be the result of our three years of blood and victory. I fear nothing in Ohio. Our first great battle must be at the ballot-box, and the war powerpiust he sustained at all iiazirds. inPOttTUS? BETBt^TIO^S, O. A. K/s in Earnest—lke Prisoner In 6L Joseph, [From the St. Joseph Herald, 17th.] By the kindness ot Lieut. A. J. aetlDg Provost Marshal of the District of Aortfi Missouri, we art furnished a copy of the following Important document. The man, Williams, is neder arrest in this city, end may possibly make other revelations: STATEMENT OF THOMAS B. JUFTHIES. Thomas B. Jeflrles. of lawful bsinff duly sworn, says; On or about the 4th day fot August, 1804, I fell a !n company with a young man from the State of Illinois, who said his name was John Williams. In con versation he asked me it I knew Elisha Ltflleu, saying that the said Lefllen was a coufeln of bis. He asked me how long I h-d known him, and what kiud of a man he was. I told him! had known him for about twenty-five years, and'be used to be a number one nmu and agoed citizen. He then said that was the name lie bore In the coun try he came from. He left me then, and I went ofi‘. In about an hoar he came back and approached me and asked me ho w I liked the President’s Proclamation; I asked him what proclamation? He said, “the damned amnesty proclamation.” I told him I stayed at come, read nothing, and did not know bow to answer bis que.-tlool He then ssked me how 1 was on the next Pre sidential election; who I was going to sup port. 1 told him there wore some of them talking about supporting McClellan. He said that wouldn’t do—that McClellan Was a wsr Democrat. He then gave me a gflp, and said, “old fellow, you have been there, but you arc not quite tight.” He then told me he would post me. He said he belonged to the Knights of the Golden Circle, or is now called the Sons of Liberty; that he belotged la what is called Hickory Club Lodge, In Henderson county, Illinois; that the dob was 300 strong, and well armed, with a carbine and two navy revolvers apiece, and that they were going to resist the election of Abe Lincoln this foil; that their object was to carry the election of Yalhm digbsm for Vice President; the man to be run for President was not yet known, nor wouldn*tbcfortv*o months; but they in tended to defeat Lincoln if they had to kill every man who came to the polls to vote for him. The day after this conversation he was arrested by Capt. M. C. Thacker, and when on bis way from Canton to Lagrange he sought another conversation with mo, when he asked me if I couldn’t assist in get ting him released. I asked him how I canid do it ? He told me by going to Illinois and reporting his arrest to the “ Sons of Liber ty,” in Henderson county. He said they would pay me all expenses and they would come immediately and release him. The name of the Secretory be gave me was Joseph Johnson; he also gave me an order on a man living near Canton for ahorse tog# to Illinois, nud said he would furnish it, He gave me all the signs and grips of the Knljhts of the Golden Clide, or Sous of Liberty, which he said were the true grips, and told me other things which if necessary for you to have can give you. Ho gave several names oi members of the Order here. He told me also be would kill Hamilton Johnson for de ceiving him, pretending to be a friend of bis. He also told me that if I went to Illinois and reported to the Secretary, and If he sent any communication bapk by me, I should try to get to where he was imprisoned, and wrap the note Icside of a cigar ami hand it to him, and that be wanted me to be sure and attend to it 1 ;r him. Thomas JEFrniES. Subscribed and sworn to before mo this I2lbdaj of August. 16GL . - A. D. Kesiob, Kotiry Public. A true copy. A. J. Habdzno. Lieutenant and Acting Provost Marshal, District of North Missouri. iwiwuib m vtaasßasL FINANCIAL, UOJTDAT ETBHXH6, AngCSt 22. IS6L The speculative fever la beginning to rage agate, tied tbcnumbir of borrowers is on the To* day the money maiket felt the efface of this very plainly, and sotre of the bankeis bad conslceraols i Ifficnlty Id recutlng cmrency mfflclsat V> pay their balances. B« elfici an active demand for money by ihlppere, * bo are operating heavily at present, there is a very-active demand by ipecolatora In main wcol.Ac.atd tome oi the latter have been forced topa7 ,, Jbcrl;s ,, xßh)£b as ?©3 per cent per mouth for accommodations. Of.couise the regular banking houses are discounting at 10 percent The market for Kactern exchange is very flat, and rates are tonltellyK lower.' The bankers are buying at H discount, and telling at H discount to par; bat among themselves they have been willing to sell at )i ciecount. There is very little dolog In coin. Qoldopencdln Kew Tcik at »7>.',andclojcdat 2:6#. The follow, lag are tbe quotations received by James Boyd, gold broker: .257}$ I 1:93 p.m. .957 I IjOJp. m. lC:(sa.m.. U.-C0 ft, W,, ll:Sfla.xn.. Here there was very little cold offering, and tbs brokers were paying 556. Silver, 213(2212. Canada ocrreooy, 251. Flvc-Twcalloa UC»*~*lng and Hi sell -UK t DBTCQ'IUUUCS XU OUjrnig BDd HI Preston, Wlltard & Seas, banters, report's larjre demand lor Government secarUliir. They are boy* inf 5-20* i, lißla 7 Mo Treasury Nclcj, and Quarter mseten'Cbccks.attbemaricotp'ice. Alio 3ep!cm btr and November coupons. and are receiving sub* ecilptlons to the 7*30 and 10-49 Loans. NSW iQßi.Monday, A0g.23.18CL The foUowifig la the riewYork slock Mar Set ai received by F. 0. flaltoostall & Co., stock brokers, 21 Clark street* _ . IstBM.2dBM. K. T. C 13.** ISO*; C.iJI. ff. W* 61* C.fcl«.W(pfd). SJ SS* Erie (C08.;... .111** Hl* Eric «p'd) HO JlO4 C. in* 111* - . WBUMFI Quicksilver... B;>< 8i £.*. r.. Iso is-j EutLon liiver.lii) ijjv I*l. Cent .21 .... lU.CUccutwar lo*n n. 8. 6 V cent 5-21 rouhocs.lHX a. B.C V rent W. 8. (cum)... SBjf 9'iy t M. S. (etc).... 147 l»fl P.F.TV.& C..f3 H3tf W. C 137 157.4 boric* 1 551...101 U .8.73-10 tress- A. (com).to .... A.(piC)...W .... i. ill# nut 11.Cent.icilp.130 125 if i.&q 123 lay* nry Note# ..HI U.8.l yr.certf. 55 .... AmericaogoldAj? Market—lit Bear 2d Board week. Ecckohjzb Yc-truGnManucgs.—Thomp'on’sßank Kots Itepo. ter says: Tee Qaaoclal ieaturo of the week has beta tbs rise In government securities without an adv.nee lo other rtcist cr lo gol?, ehowlmrao improved confidence in ournaticnal affaire, ana a decided Improvement as regurdsour curretcy. Oar importing marchsuts are ci-mplalnnjg mat tluir sates as yet, for tee full trade, ore next to D';thUe, and they ora to any that tticr with their goods veto back to Earopa Taer are be ginning to understand that ue American p ;op.e do not see the wisdom of paying tnree price* tor gooos, even in greenbacks, when that money wilt pay thcic Cebu end liny geld bearing bonds at prices below ptare and spcc;e paying times. lb« peop.o are wue in economizing new, when economy >s conducive ol each greet results, is is easier to money In pape- money times, by ab stainicg ires unntaes-ary purchases and laying otice the currency, ti'on UUlaa iecie paying times: and ihoie who lavßhly part with their money be* cause it 1* only greenbacks *lll at no distant day an tb« error the? b eve been led iato. Purchase no merchandise that ctn be dispensed with. If you ore a debt, pay it now, while pip«r monef la so abundant; and ary anrpint sou have uut Into the Gcveinmoit securities now, while they c*n be had ct leu than former peace ani specie-paying pil- cs. A short timowill restore prices of merchandise and stccos, '.ccinoiDg our Federal boner, to their st»nd aid. and oar nanene! credit wi l 09 in me ascend sicy. There art. palpable signs of a change m this clrcellos near at bond. ■ coaiivfiitmL. . • Mosnax Erx2riKO,Angust22,lS6l The receipts and shipments during the past 43 hours were as follows: UCUKS ATS emPMECTB FOS THE PAST 48 IIOHES. Ueceired. Sapped. »,«l 8,873 ?UP7 * J2?,‘7J C7»*SJ l|2, tiO Floor.. Vbcst. Ci.ra... .153.5W 14 «1 1 493 15430 Bye Barley Otter Seed. FUx6c*.d .. Cored Meat.. Beef. 20 CCU e,3->9 .97,020 TfcllOW. 24.7*7 lt,m ■Wcol, 2,<55 1,273 I*2l 2,1 ;4 «,»B3 11^(0 nop*.. Cattle. 7ll:ee. Hlebwioes Salt UUttCf 122 l.(CO 60.114 MCE UTS OF FLOUIAITD O KAIH FOB THS WXEC KXD' ikg Arousr W. Flonr TOieot Corn ' Oats Ere Barley Rccslved by toils, bos. bns. bus. bus. bns. Cana) 276 303 101,323 88200 100 S3 oicum: .... 81KE.... 10CO &ICO3 BBSS) 7COJO 10850 4800 UIGUR... SU7 BSIOO SSSM .19800 (3(2) . 100 OBfrQKB 2210 4CCIO 42385 234.172 51315 4810 V w 811.. '4125 BPIO S'WB llima 2200 tSJJ C&ARB. 100 27191 17591 63309 .... 50 Other roads 471 53399 .... U1 T0ta1..... 14259 275566 BK6OB 605331 ;355 15321 C weelF , 63. 6 . ln iCHl3 19CT57 748C06 IMOII 19C36 21523 Beaeon’63.. 7resin«t7»a2Ulosßsa36«fl 415&9 201638 Bwcn’6l.. 741343 G870C581C8C84311991317 &2Uff 169674 unrPMiOTS OP FXOOB JOJOBA! *, W£3C BSDZXQ AVO.zr. Floor, Wheat, Cots, Data, lire, Bar’y, brs. ha. ba. On, ha. ha. By Bal'rctd 13*3 4CO .... O/li .... 22J -Baff&lo 9P7 lK8 r 5 231723 SWTCO 9SSCO .... 05weg0...... 180 48100 IXB,O Otrdfctfcberg. 410 USOO ... 1S10) - Oihrrporv.. K2 .... f 300 Kfi rr. CclboißP. • 85CZ5 Pt fc'ticli... 4510 .... 43723 2:KO Montreal ■ KBglton 14800 Goterlch.... 813 10010 Cl.veland.. Total 15173 81?!00 S86”0 4CTS3 8(870 532 CoixeeporoiDC wees ’63...55180 57250 953E23 7.T30 /COO 8510 Beacon ’CS..7IOPS 401C2-8197.7.-25 £fef97s 271975 17iW Beaton '64..712130 0514175 8951861 4K.CiW 171733 34313 The psntral produce markets today were ajala ac. we hereto note hishtr prices ’lnalltbelfafitrg articles. Thn-e wsaabrlskspem. ttiyo Inquiry, hut the demand waa {chiefly for shipment. Theoffirlcpfiof Floor were heavier to-day. and ah der an active Inquiry the market advanced 2So per hr- —with talcs of S.SiObrls at sil.Ct®l2SlK for white wlo’ciaextraa: 810.2551 C.75 fer red.winter extras; and 810.55511.C0 for ipilnglextras-tte market closing Aim atftte udrtnca. TThtatwsa active and buoyant at an advacee of 2s cnwlntrr »ndfg6consprlDg grades. wi,h sales of 50.CC0 buhel* winter snd IW.COO bushsls spring at |2.ltS2.UforNo.l«Eed; $2.0'@210 for ITo. 2U3d ; 11.93G2.W for Bijected Bed; $2.0202(610? No. 1 Spring; BlA3K@2ooforNc.2 Sprier, a&d lor rejected Spring—the market closing very firm at li.S* for No. 2 Spike Inatcie. Cere ndvctc*d3c per boahtl under a more active drit ant bj ihlrptr-, and we nctosslea ofahout 130,CCD s!.Big;lßJ for So. 1 Corm SU93IAI for'lßl2s®L2CJ<for BqJacUl Com-the market clotlr g firm at the extreme outside quotations. Ostevicro active feud steady—about i90,5C0 bnahsls tavltcc»»«ccfc«toEds,at tQT No * l ° 4ts 6fc for Rejected Osta- firm at 67J<a07KcforNo.IOs'8. Ibe was steady wit bailee of at SL63 159 lor No 1 Rje, and ter No JBjfllietora —cloJlr 5 at ontslf c quctst.ona Earley was In heavy receipt andtheiaarktt waa tm. e'tti6dstdl(clowcr—wi’hailcsof abattiS.OX bath eli at S?.2tSIAS ter No 2 Barley In rtcre, acd $7.01 for cemmon qnshty by sample. Bigtwlcea were very dull and rominallf 2c lowa* with a sale of only no trli at *L7S-seatraUy consid ered poet tCCkagßi. Mesa Fork Üb-ld at $4?/C, with [borers at lAtdlaflrm—vlihealeof itotcaprlms steam at 220, Wcolli excited and active, owing to an increased Bpeculattve demand, and we note heavy sales at $1.006103. Timothy Seed advanced 25c per bosheL with larre elea at •S’CCdS.RO-chiefly at ths ouUlde.quoUtlo&a. plaxSced lx firm at |3dio. Bnttar continue in active request by shippers, and the market la firms; E9@lCc. Grain Freiaht* were Jfc higher, with liberal ca, gagementa at 6c for oats, B,Sc for core, and 9c for wheat to Buffalo. The Orcetty market has beta more score, and price* nave again assumed a strong upward 12nd ency. Owing to larze Government purchases inN ew Tore of Coffee, our market advanced So on data r day, and 1c further to-day, but on Bio only. Sugar ha* also from the same cause been much firmer at an advance of Kc on raw. In Syruo we'advance oar quotations of. Philadelphia Bee Hive sc # gvllon Other staples are very.flrm at present quotations. There la leas firmness la the coal market, although there has been little, if any improvement la the top* p*y. Buyers are holding off In anticipation of come reduction in the present hl£h rates. " Whlteflsh are In very email supply and linn, with a Eiocen te demand. Trout are less active and on Changed. In Green Fruits tbe market baa been vary active. Applesaro in hm*ted supply; and pri~.i have ad* vatced f175@2C0 par brl. Lemons arum good re* quest, with Ualied r.ctlpta—prices are consequently 12 6 per box higher, Siberian Crab Applx are now coming in, and tolerabl- active at IL’iSal so per has ket Ftaches are in very small sappy, ani active a 95.CC per basket. Breed Apples are In small supply and demand. Frlcta uacbaEged. Peaches are la nominalsnppljt vllh an sbvtnceof4c #a. Foreign FnxiUaremort* ■active On Raising we now aa advance o: 23cp?rhox. I- B<tf Cattle the entered sales since Sitanlay atccnct to 5C6 bead at |3i93MO, chiefly at 91.* 35.35 gzets, Maxseiftrraat previoasqaotHdoas. Bowtiniehetn.a coed request, and tin; views of holders 10-da 1 are firmer. Entered tales atnee Satur day 2,979 heacat f8 SOSir^O,but principal? 39.75 sroto. Wc note no change on ptevioas quota* tion*. IATEU. In the alcrccoa there vaa a brisk ipacnlatlvoio. qvrv lor wheat, ata prices ran upua nice as |215 lor No. 3 Spring—cioiing, however, with sellers at #3.(4, bnt no buyers. .Thu is an as,v*actrt>( 13a par bnihel since Saturday. Coro, Oeta and other gram wercmchooged. Whisky was doll. CHICAGO LDOIORR MARKET. biokdat Eveni«m, Aorna!22,iEst. LUMBER—Market m rather small supply and good demand Prices firm at previous quotations. . BHIROLE9—In very small snpp'y. Market firm upward tendency. LATH—In fair supply and unchanged. CARGO SiXXS TO-HAT. Cargo schr Robert Campbell, from Portage Lake, sold by HoughtelUng, mixed at $lO CO; cargo schr Mary, from Oconto, strips and hoards. 83,(00 feet at - ■ > Ltobxb—First Clear, %) M 950.003*8i6 Second Clear, M. 49 9.433;,ft0 Third Clear,# M Btockßoaros. Box or Select Boards.; 37A0»fj)c Common Beards 20C0&14XC Fenciag. 25.9^21^ CuUDcardP....... ....©I6OO First Clear Flcorinv, rough 4s.ccav>.oo Second Clear Ficonng.ronjh........ 40 Common Floonnv, rough. 53.c0@95.t0 Bitter, clear, oresaed. 2t.o>'<s23/D Second Clear ..22x001100 Common no^-ri.oc Long iSA^araco Shaved Bbtcdes, A. V M 5 25® 5.71 Bhaved Sblnglef, No. .* 4.6'® 4JJO Btsred Shlnrle«, S»r. 5 7.1® g/q Cedar Shlnglea. 8 503 3.75 Bawec Shingles.A 5733 6 0) Bawed Shlreles No, 1 5.253 5.73 Lath, #I,OOO pcs ; 4A<® 5.C0 ppstf. v 1,000. n.ocaia 04 TfJkcU 17X0(320,04 CHICAGO CATTLE MARKET. MCBDAT EVBSHO,Anf,23.I3OI. DBEF CATTLE—Rtcelplsof Beef Cauio at the va rious yards since bstnrday have been very limited The entered • ales amount to 5(6 head at 93.5035.5 i), chiefly at |4 23®5 25 per ICO ns. The prin:lpal bail cess wax transacted yesterday, and from the prices paid, fcuds'ho character ofstocc «oid, which consist ed entirely of medium grades of stack, we note no ebanse in the previous quotations of tae market. It may bs observed that Government Cattle are Inlem demand. BZSF OATTIX BAIRS StHCX SATUBDAT. Sellers. Bayers. Xo. A/. Pries GAOatos ‘Webb*Kelly.... Si mi $5.33 do ..... do ...... 80 ti37 4/0 Bentley A Kudd.. do -.,.,uu 1312 ~2S Bogart Morris* Co u u® 5/3 ivailwork & il..Ze*gier.... st j| a s.« GUI B*ke S3 1171 S.‘2K do Uooro is icii 4.1S 0 J.Adane do is lOIS 4<5 Grcgon ...Meban 15 868 ** 55 FfrncC’Jt Co.,s..Morris* C 0...... 19 1113 5.3J Tbcnyson do ...... 25 1111 571 . HOGS.—Entered E&:ea sines Saturday 3,973 boat: these u.alnly consists t of the eupply left ever unsold f>oin last •week. Prices ranged at S6B.'eio.<3bat prlnc'pslly ats»;C(29.ts per iO3 D». Holders to-day spp: sr to be firmer in tbelr views, bat bo far as actua triiifacbom are concerned, there his be-.n bo change In the market. We note the Bile of 574 head ctill-rol hoes, averaging -T? as at S9.CO per 10c as. 800 BIUCS StHCE BATUBDAT, - Belltra. Boy«rs. '* Wo. Ar. N Pr!co Brown- rhnioß. 45 a a 9390 Tfc:ycr4:Brt'..„.Jxiicaol3 571 177 J.Gildlaj do 79 17U 9.(0 to do 70 . 169 s 70 Littlefield Gllett 3 3 ISJ 8.70 Ehepbcld ..i.W. Smith. <0 ISO 80) Jones. GlUett 7i 2 o l>.s# do ..Olfih ...210 190 Q73 Strader Tabor ...55 is* A. S. Allen* crawler. cs I*4 8.00 co ... ,do ........ (9 16 9.75 Bogart...-... ; ....8Uby. :s its Now Orleans market-August!!. Corrotr—The market was even more unsettled and depressed today than yesterday, and purchases coulo have been made at a greater decline, bat the only eatertported was about 80 bales, none ot tbs particulars of which were menuoaaa. Coder the cucombtsnceswefctbsorallquotations. Tha week’s sales tnm up sto bales. BT/kTSMSST OP COTTOS. StockonbfttdScpt.l,l6S!,Dale3 ...... * imi Received paafpoek ...... . „ 2.K7 Received previously 121,319 Government cotton sever reported, sod bales maco frem waste and damaged cotton, plcilnga, samples, Ac 2.1 Si Exposed paatweek. 1,559 ,siß Exported prevlooUy 122,063 —Etoct oa band pot cleared.... dub.—Tberctlflctlonaon trade attindlag tbs cQ!* cialth&'Kerlnibotrade zetnlationa have so par* alt zid ibe irar£et for every description o( mereban* Al»c caring the pa«t week that scarctly anr business Is being done biyoed a few limbed retail traasao* txna amoi-K dealers and grocers. Sxjoah asd Molasses.—A d 37fr gras looking atoned to-d tv, oat ibu zmall qnaatTy otfcrlna i* held at eocb til:: b prices as to prevent it bring taken, and webavetotasaloio rtpoxi, excepting 193 bboa to Ibe Government a; —. Fton*—Tberc were calcs to dealers to-tTsy of 313 brie (upeifloc an a extra, and wi b:H choice extra on tnwc t-j-r.B. said to no very low prices, and uc and ttObrlscholce extra si* bn , ih'-'wlag a d'- . c:in« tincelßtt wett ofab n; Si'SJjjS p brl. and Kentucky ?<yaid. C«:rr»E wo have heard of a sals cl 50 sacks Clo at 31c. btnall lots command V a. AI.BAKi XiU.nßßlt JIABKEr. Review for the Ending Aasr. 17* Tbc receipts of lomner are largo and from all sec tions The sicckcnhandb«icnmnUtinr an.i tcare' isoKOOdsßSOu&ie&tlamariiet. lbs aa es are fitr iLCInCU.C some Inge transactions by th.isa wha os* ptet an price* to cover increased cost as rsoaland lake ir>lgbu on Inmbcr am now turner than vrera ever before retailed, and are etHi advanc ing. Th»ynowruleW.’.O V M higher oaplnetrom Bnffals than the* were a month ago, irltn oat tittle picoablhry of a decline. “Tiroreceipts by the Erie and Champlain Canals dar irg lie *ec-nd week m August, la the years named. Weto as follows: * Boards and Shingles, Timber. Staves Sconcing, ft. si. c.ft. tts. 1868 1/.3L-.599 1/95 4,550 13.3tt.323 ,lkM * 11,80i,191 I.BSI 18,417 9,Bi£tM The rvcelpts ccntlrno to show a slight weekly in errste over those cl laityoar. The receipts of the Erie and Champlain Canale Irvmihe opening oi navigation toAog.iSih, mtns ytate named, weteas follows; Bo aids and Shingles. Timber. Staves. Scantlinr, ft. M., b» 1E68....;.. 9t ( 326£» 13,5>3 9J.15J 73‘^?S31 ltd 111,539.859 10,8:8 851,036 5!)c32|i33 The current prices are as follows $ Pice,clear. 9 M .....8 „.,®COOO rise, four b quality, 9 M . .leS on Piic.ieleit,VM "”a»M Pine, good box. 9 H ... ....... SUOanun Plae.commcnDox, 9 M..., 800C3-T3/0 Pice,common b0x..... 21.ui®UM Fize.Ciep pjsrd. sirius, > M...... ova CO Pine.tabj pl*nk% Jf.u Pits,tallyplang.i**,imn.,each tsa 43 Pme, tails p;an-,lK,sfdqnal ,ecch 4;® 83 Pine; tally plan*. IH. cull#, each si® S7 Pme, tally boardi.groa.fßCh . fjj® 40 Flie,lollyboarOß,2d qaa ,eACh si® os Pine, boards, colls, each si® so 1 oledo Grain 3larkft-Antr. 30» Tic marvel for Wheat opened at about tfc atvance onyestcraas’bQwOt.Uon?, oat under aavlecu from b-tvf xoik.No I Ilea eo„n reached 212c— 33 oettcr than ycfteraay. Other «tades or Wheat advanced m tbcar the ean-e proportion, ant the msrk«; costd Him with a strotir upward tendency Ttfero were no sales cl Corn on ‘Cluuute, aud none on the street teat >c coulrt learn. Floor la la moderate demand talcs, however, ire tot large. ’ Fxouc-SaUs 50 brls Floe at $7 37; S3 br!a do at *3 • 75 brie XX, white wheal, at 1.0.50. ffuuT- illt* 3,CiohaNot White,before $2- »; i.ooa on Ko t lied ut 12.13; ?50 bu No t, after report, at *2 20; ]£oabuNoi Rea ut; ij,u ha White*2.i ; ; l.OWibu No 3 White at *315; SMJImKo 1 Wo>te at i'i a); 3SO bu -o iHe i at • $.37.$ ba No t Eed at fi.'s; 1.560 ba Amber islcnl. an et t2 17 • V.tdJbnr ol Iltdot *313; 1,000 Dudont *t 15; 7'o oa A Truer Jllch. at *217 Coiur—No traiLacu-mj OaTSo-Uarhet steacy; no saldi. KTK—X,»Jt 117,839 1»,»W J3.45U ru 1,435 87,601 Ocean B rclsbts at itlontreal~Auar. 18, Ratts by etcaaulups to Liverpool: Floor. Ss wheat, 6s ? eases, 2755u for pots, ana »ji for pearls ncr gross ton, Frovisions, 49s per gross toa. Siiilax ve bi els are scarce, unc rates nrm; lata eot agexeat j to Liverpool. Glasgow; and ont ports wore; Grain. 6iCi CC ftM; for oroer. ‘.to2 to tlsT^d; flour,. 2«9d to 3d; asses. Pots, *2aGd to 23e9d per grois ton. Mitalmnr .Oil Market—Anar. S0« Bnslntss was cmpended—dealers were no: oa hand Sbo present rise tn ibe Alleibcny bat pat a stop to operations; buyers aro sot disposed to lanafioid unices at lower Azures tlaa bars been current far some time p**~ Xberiie in tbe river cannot fail to beorccunaerablubeueacio irsdeseudiadr: it wiri enable* largo amonnof oil, that has been aval Mar sbu.mE.nt, to ream our market, ax present. nri Vi arc so nasettled tbat wo cm only say to dealers 1 wli t a Ttw aays ac aa. e »b« will tuc>] pUce; tba recsioti arclncreulng. ytstdicay thoy amounted to i in bar rels t tbi* Is a large Itcmse/Tberels Margoamount el oil that comes cows tbe AllcMeqytKnevS xeaebu opt marie. Iq a erode state, btlag landed at theieflrerlea atovetbacitj; we heard o? ab»i» nr 1.T03 bbls deUvjrcdJn that way. tbl rata to bJ|o?t emed by tala market on tco flay of delivery. “ lu ardor no sales. We beard or offered a: Me,pa;kages to be returned. Tceaalew reported tba previous day was a: S3* , Bifisxd Orn—Th.i mipiet -was dull without anv demandforeliher bonded or free- Tcoforaierwaa quoted at 75ttcc. tae latter at WteKc. WM CltTdand Grain Market-Au*. 30. and quiet. Sales 75 hrls XX red at *lO-1-0. Wheat-*cih!o«: doias ti>li morning pa» holdCKfl»m. Ba‘eayettcrd«y before themeeiineof tb«BOWQ, I ceib red on trace at $2/8 On ’Cannes 2.Coocaredasoatac*i.oi;2 cars amber on track at $2.10; u cars do Co, at $2 09; I car rid on track at 12.0.; Icardowhite at SL23 Corn—L'eht recelbts and a shade better. 8ala» 2csra shelved cn traccat 81.28. Oata-Qaiet one SaJeg $ cars at T»C. / Uentreal Wheat Qlarut—An;. 18, Receipt) to week cndlnz 11th Antust, a’Tjsaa bn apa mt in week endioq Kth in.t-or creue or 1'0,701 bn—the IncreaiQ over core“goondln" ■Kelt or iai btm- imjks b tt! i?om wt oarcaryto date, m compared witt 1563, BG9AM3O. LRW>{et co lUvar In week emllns l f * ■* J ' ba Csor 9 than )a corresponciug week PatSSt, t . c i, eB f e / , R co openlckof naviknUoo.) 217,* .&l bu. Uarktt dou ana drooping m cooseansnee of Ist© foreign newp. aril increased receipts hero • ft f i , ?,n* rtro ’.! Jl f8 tb * B principally rr.dwlc»e J am, Milwaukeeeprins: toe quotatloaa to-dar. bov efcr.most he corederidnomlnal 3 " Baltimore Cattle Olaraet—Aagost 19. CAtTUs-Itecelpu o! Bref Cattle at the State Live Stock Scales to-aay looted up 650 head. azala«f in head IM). Tbuifcoay. Of the offerings s.'baad wars helc over, lin sold to and 533 to Baltt more butchers, and 100 to Government cact“ae»or« ir<m « l G:toiS.T2 p.riOJiba gioii’ Ucnrt cfti.Jo were scuce, a large portion of the offe*. lags bcingTkry inferior. ticaa—'Th*, supply of Hogs was largo but nri-*ea were auaudctJ. vemn on vj prime live Hoes at ili.Ce to $lO M per ICO &a net. 8 B ' U,DK Detroit Grain ftlarnct.—4aaast3o» Wheet—Alter-a week of vigorous tnacttrit» ih* market closes aboat 2c below iterated prevalUnc a week ago. Thctates. to wsv_ r rtiU C2nuaa- c“ml. nsl to some extent, iho t ff«rs being too icconsidaTi ble to attract the aucLUon of bvveraTca StM tbe mmcDlty of making np cargoes. Board of iradeCciatcmM on Jmoactloawn anowsUofstandardf, whl;h will aidfoiVwhat la RlvLe aa imp> ina to trade, ana taking eversthiMr In. tocualo«ratlon.itlsfel£ to much mere acuvea week nence, Tcmlsf *> 29 was iwmte. ana ,5.31 offeredferNo.2 wcite, and »2)9 asked. VorSa l “5* FMSwsa offend, axd till asked Abooltha micoleot tte week soma sales of coirtdcraoio la prrUnce at a shade better rates than tha avtrape .hcW of tae above figures. Cora—Dc unndfilr atn.fioi.42. Oats-Fornsw 73c Is offer tL Cl •l> seilirg atTSc. Bariev—Nawlsbegtnlng to DR T ? r7 r *? r - 11 ) at 82 &»L7ssriCO Wo hwr of oao sale eqaiva'eat to $1 w. ■ CHICAGO DAILY 9URUI. A3X solas of Grain reported ia tki* market report areon atxuUofie tiorage per fruMsf, u*le?* otAoruUe s(ated. Fiovr U told delivered unlM otiuncUe rtated. PBl ,„ n , c Mown at Evwxa o, auj. w,is«. S-Qbadt Fxuoart advaueed Xc. • S^L e ®ls1 m “ 5 • ’•we: To Hur?AU):-Birk Great b4rK Fame, will oats, at 6e; w * yi Wheat, at9c; prop Mohawk, with ' corn, at flHc; two ataedara vessels, with co-a at wlUl whe »L *t ajjc.* lnri^W?’ol£S: F “ B,ra - *«-«■•» eii«W Flour to Oosionfiaxe ana rau . .... tiosaa Flour to Kew Terk.lako ana rail * Previsions toNew fork, lake and ran.« *"*• ICO fit * « a PtovitloaatoN.Y. all water, # :co a . «£v*** Fleur to Montreal, ail wawr * «£?•••• PcrktoMontrcal.aU water.... ** FiourtoMontreal,vlaS:irnl* .. * w Pork to Montreal, via Sarnia... i Flour to Portland, via Sarnia. ,* Fleur to Boston, via Sarnia linla ** F:ov to Buffalo all lake aSa * Kailsoad FnEoirra.—Theio la no chance inrStiV We quote: «*««■. Fourth Clu». Fleur. Wool TO New Tori, all ran o.w . ” rail and Lake Erie..0.75 To Boston, an rail, AflS Vsi “ rail ana Lake Erie JXCT iso **** ToPcrtlano. all rail .9.83 1.70 Vot ToMcntxeai. all mil oaiK 1.25 *•** To Buffalo, all i all .0.42 X 0.85 **** •• tall and Lake Brie O.S7X L 73 To Baltimore, ail rail .0.7j lao Vm ToPhlusdelpn!*,all r?U .....0.73 U0 270 FLOUR— Received tx!i.y, 3/Al brls; shipped trie. Market acvanceo i'c 9 bll. Sales 10-env were; Wnrra Whites Extrab-IH) bn* Trentoa at n2JiJ-v; X‘h brls Clarksville “Imperial” I’jO brls ** CastJe/’and I 0 brla “ SJayCower.”-.*ll i; 100 brl» 4 ‘Snoirb” at 111,00. Rio Wikteb Ejctbas—9.' bris loi’Ura red winter extra at 91(1 *3 - JCtbrla “Wesifielc” at fiiJiO; 43bria “ Westvllie” at *1015; 62 bra red winter extra at |U 50 Spbiko Extras—'7l brls * Miss" nr! Mills” at |U/0; lOObria •*Ainbtrlo*a”at‘; 2!0 brls “Adorns xxxx" at f!USO; 110 brls **?rir.cetou City” at flU.IO; S3 brl* “ Pnde of Minnesota” at fIL3S; TBbrli ** Puo Creek” atsio.2s. WiIEAT-Recelved to-dar, 71/97 bn; shlppeJ, iWt'.tlc- Market active and advanced zc on win ter, anc Kite rn spring grades Sales lc-day ware: Wtstsb Wb*A7r is Stub*—34Co buNo I Red at 12 10; 2CO. r.uco sit|4 12; 3,ito Cm Nr> 2 Kcd (in A. D. and Yl & T.’e) it SlB- ; i &.0 bu do at i2.CS; •( bu do at X2d «; i.ttO bu do at id.lo; io,'CO bu do, sei’er’s option •lltu? a vs. to be delivered in city rlevj tot: i.CCJ tu KeJ&sted did ut 5195; 800 bu do at II: I.COO bu No Grade Red at fi1.95: l.u:‘oaado at Sl.yo, BP'IHO Wusat is bioßs—Vo bu No 1 Spring at Jifll; 1,((0ba dost *203; SCO ba CO a- a'hbt: a.OOJ badost 6.d'ObuNu3 6prli>gac9Lo3Xt 21000 budc&tllSa; ZO.OCb bu do at $ J3X;22.C0 bucontfiioe; 3,CCOhudoatlU97; V) u DuCoaISLOiX: CO.tCObudoatl 5,000 bade at 91,98k ; S,*.ov uu du t.'. tl-9- } ; 2.0C0 bu do *£ tI. OJ; !0 ’ bu Rejected Spring at #1.82; 400 bn do at K83:t09 bucoat JldKi-me market clocisg very firm at |199 for No 2 Sp’ log tlOßft-Fecelved todaj,l7,lß3hu:*hlopsd,lt3 t is2 bu. Marztt active and advanced 5; 9 bu. Salei u>- da»—L'obk ts Stoh*-2.0C9 bu No, 1 Cora at BUI* 1.2C0 bu do at B .iIK; 2 500 bu do at ILU; 4,0- c ba Nu. 2 Corn at |1 M; 9,000 tn do at 9L2OX s -*s'oo bu dost J18C; SO ICO bu dc at $1.33k; f>,oio bu do at |L» X ; ]s,tco bu do at *1^1; b.OOI &s Rejected Corn btaiiaO: 2,CCobudoat 91.73k- ajtd Cajtaz, Corn— l, COO bu ICiliClcd CuruslßLZ7k afleat; 4,<07 bu do at 91.27 afloat—the moxASt closing very firm at extreme outside qcou.tio:e. OAX?>—Btcelvrdto-day, ISU92 ba; Shipped, 147.- bu. Maiktt active i&a Arm. Sei-» to-aay were: —Oats m Stoßl—2,ooo ha No. 1 Outs at f -6kc; ;s,uxj bo do at fi'O: 19,00 bu CO at b7’(c:7o.oCo on dost S7> c: buNu. 2 Quts at 64k<t th.COO bn do a; Cl-kc; 25,M0buaual62Ct 32,OOObUdlBt6Je fio.b.; 1,200 oa Rejected OaUat 62c— the market clo*lue firm nt 67k q.c>kc for No. 1 Oats andSlc for No. 2 Oats in stare. UVfS— K*eeiveuiO aay, 11, '>14bu; shlppod.42o bu. hurktt quiet and steady. Salesto-day: Rrx m ETOBZ—b,f ;0 bu No. 1 Rye a* 9L53:2/4)0 Dado at U 33; 13XS0 bu No- 2 Rye stil.f-S; 3/04 bu do at VIA3H; bn do at ILSO-closing steady at outside quota* i. MABLEY—R‘C*lved lod«iy 10,793 ba. Market usseitleu and iCclower. Salesto*dsy were; Bablz7 IK Svobe—Boo bu No. 3 Sarlev at |2AI; 1.403 bo do at f.’.So* 4iCbudoatsi.2s; SOOburo at #l2O. Btßak* plk-20 baits etd 70 raes at 33.00 on track. A LCOUOlj—CtseUicd sad nominal at $3,533X59 T CfllCO. BUTTER—Eecetved to dir, 6V*7l tta j ah'pped, 8J.6V1 96* Market active Mia flrm.'we Quote: Prime Dairy,id crock* sad tabs 41343 Shipping Batter, In firkins Sf« f 0 Grease batter 53355 Saif«to*aay were: 3 0 firkins good ji lots at 40c; aflrfcn»goodatS9Mc. t . HEjiiiH-t brla sc M.75 V basbeL BaUiSlNG—Market quiet, *nd nacbsnjcd. € it tongoccsareteldveryflrmai previous qajtaiioai. •*-eqooto; Static, a , jua Monitor AvaraiolMj jao H&zcpdea E,eeßQ)leoe g<] IvavtrlyA. seamless 1,30 Chicago A. seamless 9* LCEgWOCd A . 90 Mtacbestcr A.sewcd line? no CrrnEicbnnxeA.sewcd linen 75 Extra heavy A. EaqleA. Excelsior. Kroptf e cur, Mwed xlnca 75 Garden City.Bewed linen .. .*. 75 Bulbm, fear bn... 65 Gnutlee.ilTSbn.,... S5 ** four bn 65 “ two bn 42 Floor SicSr.KbrlßCOtton.,.. £t « *• H•* lucn. 6$ “ •• if •• cotton ssass *' “ K “ p«i*r. ,„.s;.sC©S.fa «< M J.JgM *4 , B.CO Wool Backs, hearr. 2.CS UUlitsalC—lc moderate supply, prices firm and utchargca. Wequote; , . Humour* 23 034' c Wtatern Reserve c Western States. 16 mV) c fcuFFEK—Tub market la firmer outer the In* licence or the shock upward tendency exiting i > tbe eae’ernmoitetß, Capeaad Jura OG’dnreflrm. at prol'-ns qooUtt r n?. On Rio wo note a further ad* ranee of 1c per I*. We quote: Cape, 9 a .....47 oso c JbTa, 00. In mats 60 «S3. c lUo.ivlrto scod ; SO . ©22 c Bio. rood to prime S3 &5t c tOAl*—ln moderate demand at present qusta- Itooaoftccaarte*. Priceanct so firm bat without quotable change. We qao e : Eklß—Brcotßeld. fls CO do Onn*by.. ........ 16.00 CLXTTLASiH-Bnar Hill ia.w do Mineral Ridge xs.oQ do Willow Bank.... is.oo Blosabunr u.Do Lump Lehigh ..a CO@7d.CQ, prepared.... 2f'.w Scranton. 25.00 Plttß;on-*“ 29.C0 LlmMa ..s oca to oo fcGGtt— In more 11ml ed supply. With an roUto demand. prices have advanced le 9 doz. Sales to* day bavebPtnmaroatiC@:6c 1) doz for fresh Ezes. FISH—LeKfI Fleb arf irr smaller supply Will a moc crate demand, the market continues flnn at prs vlcntrates. csxbbl—la fth sup »ly, and fiir de maid. Market a»m anautchans’<L LmllßSßt.'fa —ln small’cc lnt M d firm at previous quotation?. Cotfxsn-lalnllin.tedsppplyirlUi a small demand- YeQoot?; KOI Wbltffllb.h.'brls .....$7.T5 ®S,OO Ho a TVhltgfla-i. fa' brls 7.30 tf1 .78 JTo 3 Wbltefifb. hf 0i15.... Sac Gt&3S NOl lIQUt W Drii. ; 7.0Q @7.25 Noairont.hJ crSfc. ...... 84»0 @673 KolMacttzeLnov tif tila ,idK @uco &m NolMactmj.LtW tlte 8.03 ©3 25 No 3 kackezeb new aits 233 ®r.a» emnlly 300 C4&S3 Family Mackertl, hfbtls 6.35 ai»<J Codfish, GeotgoVßiCk, W tOO D 5........ 850 <33.75 Co. fl»b,Graaaßin2r, TUM Bs «.8J25 05.50 Nol Dried, ?* b0x,,,, 60 os 63 Pickled Herrlnss.rcand... 700 @350 NolLakeUemcg...... 6to ©vis 2»o2La>eUtnlne „ ;.... 5,50 <35.75 FETJIXS—Guzrx Apples arc In fair supply, with an active dta>«Ld, prices are firmer wita an advance Of | 3* rri, WaoBTLEBSBKiK'* bramaher receipt*, pneephave aevarerd :tc@l.oi P' bntael, LExioKsmactlvcdacandwltb a mo/e limitedaao -815. Trices have lurtber advanced *2OO ¥ "but. Y.'xixaMEi.ofcsinmtierb.ttJr snoply with » de cline<.C9 per 10 zts\rj In good demand; put C 8 have so farced 50c per basket. Siberian 'Jrata are In fair supply aid active at 5 per bilker. Peaches in moderate eappiy and actlva at 55. COper basket We Qncter Green brl ..7... 31.070 6.00 ■WbprtrcbciTlts. 1»bn.... - , 9.5340 700 Ltm'.Dß, e'rencb V box .....22.CC@SC0 iemoEf, Bic:;y, V box isJteizja Oranges, b0x...... 11K-®IS.CC Tcuaatoe*. Vbi bn b0x....... at<d 71 Water Melcn«, V ICO, 13.8 ®li<.oo Praia 9 basket . 3109410 Siberian Crabs, per box L2s@ IJ>: resebee, per basket .... • DBiElf m fRVI ts— Apples in fair demand with a rs-al: tnpjly. Pzlcee very firm aa-> ancnanxe.i. Peaches we quote nominally, at an advance of 4c per lb. There are few )1 any m tna market. Fob* biox Fnrma ere In limited demand with a small snpp;y. KueiNfiareflrtneraad Lave’-advanced 25c pet cox on previous rates. Sardixes qaartsrß are in limited receipt with a farther savancs of BKSSc per btx. We quo’e: Apples,Scolbern, V s. .......,.:o all Apples, Michigan and Ohio 1; v@i3 Apple?, N. Y. Ctenles 50 (s3l XTcpsrcd Pfacbes.balves.......... @2) AiredPra-'bJB.. ~..SZ @35 Biockbe rles.„ 23 q24 Bahru—Layer* 9 ot-x ?S*3 66 00 Currants, 9 is 25 ® 13 Flgs-6myina,*» tt 23 ® SO AmtDa»,eott,?B „ 23 ® 25 Almonds, bare, 7 & 32 ® 23 Prunes. Turiciaa. V 9 35 ® ki Peare. Bohtmlan, 9 a UK'd 15 Brrdlue*. halve* 48 ® sc* fi*rd**rtefs 4J Sales to-day, 20 this choice Ohio appley at p*r lb. £1 A. Y— Market 1c fair supply and cachtnced. We quote: Tlmcthy, heater pressed. TksEtby Icopt prtaied... Timothy, loose.. Prairie, loc B5 prosed.. Praule, lecae..... Tlmo'by. Beater pressed , Tiiiothy.locse pressed. . 22 o='«:ua Timoihy.lfioee,. JWaKaa.OO frame,lore* preered. 13&@'9W Pr*ute,icosc 17.t?@W.K IlitlllWlsES-Becejved to-day, 122 orla: abJp- Sec. 311 brl» Market dall sndDoaliatlySolo«a% si6B to-day were: 1»0 bda coaatry packassS at BLIS. 4>ADlli—rjuiEia CmcsKSß in moderaie supply end fair cemend. Jlaract tolerably active at s2.tow 2.5- perdoz. Received to-day, 43,133 ©a; shipped, 117,22- Be. Prices weaker not TQorrt is bat alimltec degree of activity In tha marks:. Wa a«tie: recD Salted, trimmed.,.. Dry Salted, trimmed...... Dry Flint, Trimmed........ K?n. Green Sal>ec,trimm« Ssltcrt. tnmmi ©« c ied 17 ©;8 e ied .23 ©74 c in bitter enoply. and lalrly firm sad unrhaojed. fife liEATHEK-l!#r»et i active. Prices tolcrabff quote: _ _ mon Harness 7 lb 4?®sce i line 9 ft siiiß3c I kip* b araiSD Catfv IS El.Tr®* JSi Upper 9 100t...?. 88a36e Collar 9 loot 3e©soc I Slaughter, Sole....see 53s Buenos Asr* a...,,.D0ti52c Orinoco, Sole ... t&BBOo Orinoco good das?, aged. ....433190 O! Slaughter. BoIe..„B8S«2c- S?n:ri*» 9 ft....;,50«55c Klo, 80. 1 se< otuai.. JLST<auo Kip.No. 1 heavy.! inst.w Calf. Sxtra Lso6iiTs French Kip, Ist choice 2.2537,50 French Cilf, 27- French Calf, sn »» ~...»73E©-3.25 French Calf Le* moines, 9 dcz» an iftncoansoo French Call Le moines, Sec os d3.P doz.l&7o‘®:o7 98 L'niaga Fdoz.lQXQa n w Boans,Vdoz. .13X03 13.03 tts 8.4033.73 Fruith Calf, 81 »■....«sao NAT Alt STOHES-Ii at ocr previous quotations Tbt. -.B»jjo Pitch. 28.00@S0W Ro6lti*JßHS3. ... «C(UB Torpenttoe. & 4**o OaSnm BAC® SCO ltsl.FJarpaotlne 50c llaL lieiao Dackii<r....4od Ac.Keispßap Pc Aid. Hcxup No.l ~23c i fair supply. rrtc:s Om . We quota: ' Use li t Hope SIQT?3 Hamo , Lajh,T«rn,Hjmo..!&a36fi “ “ Msallla. asic Atn.Uemptto.2.... <jiac Marllaa ,83®35a earn com. sce&so Manilla Uay Rope. .813230 OILS —Lursiro rauit sapplv and quiet. Pi let a uncharged. Other description* Arm at previ ous rates. We quote: Rawl/cScCdOll. its ©l/0 Bclleo Lttss«d 01L...; .. 1.7, ©l7B 01176 Oil. tool 4Jfc) ©4.23'' Whale oiiJWkß : U3' ©LM ElepbaotOU.,... ~ IJSO @?.83 Sana Oil 1.73 est.Bo LardOU, pore leaf. 1.83 ©L7O Machine Oil IAS ®UO BpeimOll 3.8) 03.00 Mecca on V. » a 70 NcaLefiot On 1 45 ©l5O Carter OIL 3^ -« WMlcflsh nu . -, l-l7Kai^3 CAMI2ON OlL—F,2Calpt3 are still »a»JL TM ccm&ztu is Imltea, nno prices ralo arqx as preTloos SffIWBWS laKtat, by car J rl SS s&sss 9 * n & ,ss ONIONS-laoscderatesapplr. Market fairlyac. tire at l‘-»Jise2£o per boa-SalesLi ; , 4l Ll rl i Onlnna &t sL£d; 70 brU co at $2 3.‘; 400 bus do co track E VjRoVIBIONS— M*33 Poos—Nominall at U'.OCa 415*7iIiiS-rirmTtalea to day: ICO tea prime steam la (toad supply aul ux el’tm cd at previous quctatloas. We Qao.e: Potatcet V -81 J&3LJS r i£n“-fuY-c^ Wi>h » falrdemotd pilcea rule tolerably firm at S RP^zA^-la Z nmaeqneac# of reported heiyy tales cfrsw&ar m N*w Yvts, there dm bceh a farther’ acTaßce of«c Va oo Coha and Porto Bico. Mer chant hen «« firmly at oar pmest advanceSntta. JnuficedSagar taemarratlifirm circle A. and Extra C. quota’lsna have also BdVEiiCtdJ,c *< »■ We quote: .. ....23 9C Porto Rico** fi} a a Pcrtlsno • ......... .. .....13K@23 K T refined, powdered asdgraaulntsd ....SlK33l* ExtrAp>{ af 5 hala*: ehipped” 1,45» Market active We quote: dosxkio-Ksv F1ee..88.70 - wonaraw- old Fine ©* « Ccane ©8,75 Ground Solar ©3.75 Davy, with sacks ©7XO DilrT,wliacut»*cts.. ©3.C3 Fcaxxow—Turk* Island, $» tack 2J © . Ground Alum. P aaelc a.*© Bales to-day: 1/C«bags old Turk's Island Sals at $8.30 P sack : LKOhrl* Fine Saginaw In lot at tin dH.; l.PCbrts crarse Onocdsen to antTß la Sep %«aber as 83.79 afloat. SEEDS— a»Oj%n» : SO Ou »• Flax Seed. 6Upp*a BsOr:is Gvte«. tucotst Sm>—Active and & oUlie£. Sale* to-day, WO bushels and 90 »*cl» prime TTmptnv Rsod st |oj-0; 7 tack*do it 15.10: 88page **•***;' * £•*> at *5 to. Fia.x sack* fair quality at S3XO VvßCrtkAllJD MUL*Ba»m9-Taer* bMbm a more active demand, with no aS2 ■npplT. Pncfßrnleflnaer. and onTOladrtpMa BM Dive we note an advance ofoc R gal. OU»«r ue*- crintiont are unchanged. We quote: _ _ ©Pic:*?*—'Tbe market la more active and fLroer; bn: tt are caa been do change on oar previous quota tion. We Quote: „ Allspice* ft » fiuala, 9DJ » Clotm TBO 75 Nataen. ; ....1.8S&2.00 Pepper 329 53 Market firm and unchanged. We emote: Baooisvstmre U «nj<e _ do beat 13 ai-'Hc Do Laud's pare , ......l^W(3W*c do healthy 11 ail*c do chemical. 12 9i2Xe „T*A—With more activity and flimneas la toe Battcin Trtrkeu. itocks here are h-Hd n.-rntr, and price* have «n upward tendency. Tbe marksi lr more active, but uncharged. Wa quote: Young hjvod, interior to common.* B»:.l5 ai.^o do superior to One, R ft L 43 91.75 . do extrstochoiee. Rft 1.9) ais Imperial, mperlor to fine, r & l.« suai do es-ra to choice. Rft L9O 91:3 Gunpowder, superior to flue, ft ft... ws etA) do extra to choice. R ft 3.00 <3|y Japan.uataralleaf.flnetnex.fli’e.R ft.1.33 do do finest to choice, R 81.3* also Oclong, Inferior to fine, R ft Ufl <ai2S do exnatoeboteo. Rft Souchonge, R ft.... m.30 TOtLIOCO-Infairderaaadaad unchanged. We quote: ith* ('trr Cnxwrso Tobacco— Choice Medium Common Sxoarao Tobacco— Cbjice muc Medium 379100 Coe mom items ~ fSASIe Plug Tobacco— Natural Leaf. $13591-50 Hsif-btiithr.. Will 30 Choice B-ack, sound S5-385C Me jlnm, guaranteed,................... &csS3o Ccmmro 63d7Cc TALI.y W-Recetv!<liß3;Ba Marketaetlveand lr adequate supply. Prices firm st previous rates. *•6 quote: Pilmo City Packers* IS* 9-...C CcuDTry 16Jf9’.8Xc VINEGAU—Firm and unchanged. We quote: Pm* t-iurr Vinegar,R gat . 259300 Pure Halt 00 do ..Jb ; 9tsC Ccm. do do do ZZ&Uc. WOOL—RMcived 21,7Q?85: ihlpoed ICJW Bs. Mdrlet in* eooa speculative cems&U. Prices very rutcr, with an upward tandeocy. Weqnot*.: Fine Lteht Fleece, R ft 07c9*1.C5 Medium Fleece, R ft.. st*3Uo Cootm Ficecc, R ft 919^ Fsciory Tub WssbeiUß a I.ID9SLCa Sales icvcsytSC.iOO bs One fleece st tI.QS 73 B; S-.OJJ Bs do at $1.03: 25,003 fta do st S!.CS; JMM BadOSt $1 C'K: 4XIO &i ao at SICO. VVOOD-lnm te liberal supply with an active maud. Carso sales are being made of Beech at si.oo® S S ft: and ot.Mapla at $9 0199 so. We quote: Beech, per core ..slo.oo—Dellverud at SU.*G Maple. D'J* cord do 15X0 Hickory cord 13X9 do ILCC liIST? Post's OV COIGiQO. AHCIVBD ......An*. 23- Stmr Ci.met, Klrtlrnd, Two diver*, sundries Stmp Milwaukee, Trowell. Gtaad lUvej, sundries. Prop Idaho, Ccnksy-Boffaio, sundries Prop f-sdser St?ca, Becxwnh, Buffalo. snadrles. Prep J Berber, Hopkins, SC Jcsoph, saurm. * Flop Ottawa, tv-uror, nnekegoa, ;i0 m lumber. Prep G J Traeodbll, Wilson, Muskegoo. 8u ox lumber. and sundries. Prep Eenosh*, Utw’tt, Sarnia, sue dries. Pxou Alilclopa. aniiln,.Snmi t, mndziea. Bark H <:L. fboppsoo, Groen Bar, worn lumber. Bark Tanner McFaddca. Aiil*aukea Bark P C Sherman,. Masoc, Buffalo, iCO tons coal. Pars. DnanLU. Muoo, BuiMo.MU tcn< coat Bark Flying Miet. Ingraham, Clevaiaiid,is. tons coal. Bark NpJaa,Wrcox, Cleveland, 350 toss coal. Bri/ Alary. Coyso, Ocorto, m lacoer. Brig Pikrim. Boils, Unim Cl tv, IS9 eda wood. Sebr Eleuncr, lLonipion,Kew*tee,Boom shmsles. fccLr Liraen, Manitowoc, 13 m lumbar -lad m shingles. Echr LcvknT, Gees, Bay Settlement, i&) m lumber. Scar Jen nit & Atme, Ham, B-»y cuy.&o m lumber. Sthr Twin Sisters, Finn. Egg Harbor, 4,oooporta 69 eda treod. Bcbr Yemeni, McVca, Green Doab. 31 eda wool S3 m staves. Echr L Irwin. Pfracnr, Packard *s Pier, 63 eda wood. Scbr tawn, Olsen. Pier Cove, 63 eda wood. SchrT'spcle^f’,Olsen. Manistee, 15 m Imnoer. Echr Pitre*, Brewer, E*iam«zoa, 35 m lumbar. Scow Tretloi-, Oryui, South Haven, 100 eda bask. „ CLEARED .. Aag 2J. Stmr Come*, Kltilaad.Two Rivals, mudne* PiopPrta &l»te, Atwood, Buffalo, lOAJO bo wheal sue sundries * Prep Ottawa, SViirre?, Muakeeon. Prep G J Trutsdel, Wilson, Mndngon, Prop Sun Jet as, Sarnia, ?,172 br.’s flour and saadrie*. Scfar Aifair, Francis. Buff* !o. bn corn. Scrr S J Holly, Joiiftj. Buffalo, U,l s bn wnaat. £cbr Jas, Golden, Oa*eiro, 27,CQ. bn cars. Nelu abbevti'sememg. r|l&HjKfcK'4, DTSENTaRT, CSOLEBAMOLBU3,SUMMER CO Ac.,are promptly cnr®d by Dr, D. Jatss's at*, vm balsam. The great snceees which this remedy Laa met with (or thlrtyyzarapast, in oaring Dvsan* tf’y. Dlaiihea, Asiatic Cholera Cholera Morbus, Summer towpiolut, ChoLe, Griping Pales, Sour Bttmach, tick and Nervous Headacua, Heartburn. Vaurn:ab, Pei' or Slckncescfthe Stomach, Win! In the Stcmachsnd Bowel?, Cramps, Sea &icknß’B,snd til affections ol the Bowels snd Nervo&a Oompia’ata, leads the pioprietors to commend It wuh great o;.n these troubled with any of these dmaaata. Bead the evidence: A SI&E ftNI/ SIFE CUHE F0& DTSESTIET. CdPTAIN JOSEPH COPi<LANO,of Llasibeth Town ship, Allubany county. Pa, •> i Lave need tbs C*.BknfAirrs Balsam la mv fam ily, si-O have found It t sure ana safe, cure for Dyaen t ry and BowelCcmp atn’s. Iconiid>rusnlsvanis> ole me Acme that no family should no wubja;” KETOU KSOW!! TOFIIL 15 DIIRSHEA. Lev. A JONAS, Pastor of H S; Church, wt tee; •■1 taventverknown Dr. Jatsx's Gianxinva Balsam to fill in esses of Dlarrnes I wonlt not be wl &cn. this remedy in my own mrtiy.and Icor* ilali7recoamandlt,aaa prompt, aaf: midiclae, to all oibezo.** SPEEDY BELIEF AFFORDED. r.J fI S!7BK«*RT. ofCom*y B. Tenth Regiment Pfan- Va , tlj S: •* Having 'jean ago ‘cited your Invaluable Cab ar.SATiTß Balsam,l lock tba precaution to bring a snailiupptherewith me. Owmg rte wtuber. Ac., Dsacnter?. Diarrhea, andDoeasM of ihe hovels ptsvall lo some extmt la all tnjr«»i. sects, botuanks to tee CstmintUva, i hard been eratned to affcm »?•■.< or reilai la several oi my com* xaces who were thus afflicted, end 1 am satliflert that n» belt- 1 or remecy cau be fauna lor me com plamißfor wb.ebttiß tcconAefidtc.’* CHIMPS BELIEVED IMMEDIATE!?. Mr. Jh6FEBrODL£OP. bore,Ohio, wrt: e » : “M? tor was lut fell taken sick wlu Cholera Mor bns. Afih’CtS ft*tvnaj»a by a purt-civ., ha arevf •WCI8B; ho wa* cramped severe.?, and noth ng wcnld si*-, os tl* stomacn untrt lord nsaj vonr 7ivi Balsa*, tjilca relieved him lumiciat-i* i nor err tomtom del ind tbovo med cuts to ut R * cii ( woo hart atedu wtta Use success." COOLEBA THUEOUCHLY CUBED. . Rev. rUSD’S ®'SCOCK O. D» Secretary of tha Asulcan sad Foreign RiblsEocietj. wmSi : “ 8 ‘•Seme «t e 820. whoa cravadar on tha rr«i<.ni mero. wbrnihccnoler* was tawano fiwvl y ezptmnead tha binstlelaj r.ttbe C»BSfWATrr*. For *uout tnl-ty hjcr»,m beers ot & .waaur Cciweenciwci. na«aid Fit j unr* iftieil.fcCca rn rower or rhstfeliausaia whin! at lei gib trrtreiy yielded totlu f»eeme ctTourDu! •am. •* frts'ijteiina Fleer. c-» board tbesame (mat. WtoLadjoetOcet bitoqht to Uubmkof t™Jnra ay ChcJtra.m Ctacixmatuft=dw*a to.soan bnrrrii? heme tabu anions expwtentw ard aote sea by timet* use of meUcisowasimma!" diatvly and thor-ughiy cortd.” 1 REMEDY fob SUMMER COHPLIIHT. Mr. Lb VIS KOOB“.cfLoais7ll*s,ifo,, writes: ‘I bavea €d Dr. Jatbs’s for my cbiidns, suffeitss from Hasuner Conin’int wtenTeeihinr.andhueioond is a must exseiieat lemtdj. ant one I y unit not oe wltbsns." ‘‘OPEBATED LKEI«HAB&» LientC'iI.LOUIS Penn i) aria ~V oil., writes: ** Dr. D. JaT>S’« CABStWATITX BAMtw bIS CD€T* ated lika a charm in ail cajes or Looijneis ot tba Hovels- atd Diarmsa, clieaata irom which oar licoid toller mach. owing to the coallnnal change of water.'* ‘• never Bailed to ip tab dis- EAA£« Eer, J. B. CHANDLK y, of Bargkok, Slam, wrlSrs. . “Wien the Cholera rased aa frarfiUr atonad ns Imtyrar, wohadbatasmaiiqaantr/ o( tout Cam* xntATrr*; iconrh, boweye.% to ptors ita efllrleccj ln.»bctaw:niota;a:e. Tbawlfs or ona of onr tisircic csmpcal:ors was taken wllhCneterj. and erery •fioxtwh'Ch the native doe ora coold mrfetubietk op the cUeMewaaanaTaimc.andtbe weean fprfattd near her end. As a last xa terr, weiareyoor Cabhim atitwaax Itsetsd like a chartL. and the fcozan waj carfd, Isavcthe Cait niUTein case, when the psrsjn hid been tom- c all nlgbc. a. t was lut Crawmc net? her erc.bnt was raved of Itsusa. Wha y irtn at tba .flat ppp^aifers oi *h© disuse. It never CaJe- to b :eak .top Inane dUte iy.' ’ .120.f1ra27.yi . 18.fiUai2Q.CQ . 17C0®.7£0 .. ivm-.iw . IS.CCO'.SXO iX AIiKIUAELE El SI EDI res DIIEEIIEA. pev. H. rn. UKSVSLL, MisjlO l ;asy oCltha Prtaby Board,from Lociaas, July 8, last i&sc: ‘•ficcamTownexDs>leDce,l can that Dr. D.Jatkb’s Oaaix-iTiTS Balsam is umedy for I‘tarrtca. chcc»lor the dlseasj af er everythin? e?Bd fats. I it Io:g sccerJd fr-'m this coupialnS. and who was gxeatls emaciates, yets eßasuai chanted tn cis et te at csco, although the mrolclnj preainhad by Ibc eoTWDirent m t slcsi officer hid co effect, *ibe Cabjiuta cite Baisaji and al. of Or. D. Jayns Agon'S Family .Medicines are »o!d m riu-'affnby KefP’e FULI.nB. PINCH «fc FULL-CM; P & ti M. EtIOKBTI IC'D & S«ir.l; BOf'-bHAM & V£S SCBA&CK. fjid by rrazgisU ••yferjWLers. aUt3-MCh-3t-TTTi*B 'XUSA9AT Slip .■W?X3U c .17 ©is e THE ■nfallable Hair Eestorative. TSE3 is wo h&zb bits. Etasons Why tie Eureka Sioold le Ustd. Itvricltanse tie s:olp t and thereby cromoti tat noatbet ibttair. u tea hair is ory, stiff and Hole’s, It will giro U a rofinns aad lively ace ycutelm appearin'-®. Utbe hair 11 Becoming tala, weak ana filing oat it via n lien lustre gin me beauty. ' iftrebilr u pray, er brooming to it will raitere It to its original color vltooux slaw Inn scalp or &>cdt li la free from all Impurities or uolronoo* d mgs. Itianobairoyr.botan infallible r/ivcntlrs nnd «n Co ail teat isprofitedwlieunsea by tbs direc tions. Eo«r what Dr. Van Zandt (rne of tes eldest and beat Physicians, and meat celeuatcd Oculut in sue fcntejßAjfclffWiMdtoUisttmaSA: .... ST.Locis, Dec 17,13<3. Sir. Ulster has tobinmed ter ay lamcct'on tbs re el o lor mailer bis Hair UMtoratlTt. aad aft-r a c»r:fci eiaaunties of tea viuennt mzrftdentj which emur Is to lit px«psr«tloa. I jmveno besl?». ten la piccouncicgit tpyi’closlcaU? spiking) a most I appy c* ant- eapsci*H» wised so the icouiieXenis ofna’Uie, std tee ers’gns ot cm of tee most TUBab:err* i pa ra, , , ?r :I 2 f i tll3 «aano<» iu piefcrcb*i!»wetbsc#ioroftnt.b3tr aad testate* tel icalp from a r i»«n«d to a healthy cmillion, 1 nave ex*jc:ceu end co-'veraud yite pa *ona u.!nr tee Karens,si.d P* o ?=sal jßcUsatTv-.becplte tbs talr Boa LJilng out, audio- Btcjlnc it vDin P-I- wu VAJJ z AN7JTi D> •• [Ficm the St; louts Hepubllcsa, Dec 13.13JM Buueta— ItJotolof-*a ttmtlj provisional gin- Uec ac or? tbe xeputa ion of Dr. van Zerdt ’ndora’a ro imb the yJit’W of spfrparateta lor tear*s*or. a'lon ot iV« c-icr oftefb d'r. or aty other particular orjeef. TWa h. tt!?’“tvevex.ln actrd oub-übsl •to d»y *>7 h * Fliber, an .• to oblcb gray beads are rtfcxrcd, _ eojse.vrtuorn.ST Lovu. Mo..Juno 1,'853.H RF «Sffrw2iw?ss;. l .i MO % Kd ona *ot«aof ■»ccr *BicisE»i-a:«tc!attTP,aad 50 my tolls**!*. ftcKn. 7t tfcea «U ib*t joa cra m tor it biTlias r> TfltiOll BABMSH Lata of Birna'a’* Hold. The Acaetmltbt product, hundreds of otter e-rtl fleetes tor m eeaOerr eo and Lacie* that tare oaedths Eoieea.Dut BOBT. FU3EB, . mw ,„J ilo. • PULLER, FlSca <b FULLER, _ , . ___ Cblta9o.UK, GeneralAged’*. FfrßalehyaEDruggists. Pricefipirbottlc. aa23*p49l i3t Tina idsasat is JDLE.WILD. ~ XBB, K. P. WH.UB Is prepared to recelroatov additional pupils be tvaea neagtsoflaau 14.t0 be educated vita bet dauxhten at IdlevOd. Tbs school year mil resin SeotcmbwlSlh. Address WooingOraazeCo.,S. if, susioiao2ms.var.ia jXUssceUanwtta. PROPOSALS FOR I**9. TWUBTrSTDIPAiTJCTW. July B.UtZ. Notice Is hereby given tut lubscripuosa w&bs rftcelved by tbe Treasurer or tbe Untied tftq several JLedstentTreasurers sad designated Best iaries, and by Iba Rational Banka deilgnata* ci qualified aa Depositaries sad Financial Treasury Rotes payable three yean trox Anns >£ ' ISM, bearing interest at tbe rate ol seven: aadttr»- tenths per ccntper annum,with semi-annual crupr^; attached, payable la lawful money. These notes will be co&Tertible at tbe Option aluv bolder at maturity. Into six per cent gold beac.-i --boade. redeemable after five and payable twfcnC years from August 15,1867. The Notes w 111 be issued la denomination* of £9& one hundred, five bundled, one thousand, aM’.iy* thousand dollars, and will bo issued la blaiaXS? payable to order, aa may be directed by tbe nbecr" beta. .11.199125 . 90M1.0C , 7W^SSC AQsubaeriptionsmuitbefbr fifty dollars,or scaau multiple ot fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates wm be iwued for aCe**?* «■. Tbe party deponung must endorse apoa Qui original certificate tbe denomination of note* rs* qulred. and whether they are to bo issued la btanS «i? parable to order. Wbsa to endorsed It must be with the officer recalrlnx the deposit, to be ferwti* ed to this Department. The notes win bo transmitted to the owners firtr transportation charges as soon after tbe receipt r the origiaal Certificates of Deposit as tbay ear r f .prepsrsd. Interest win be allowed to August 13 on all depot; made prior to that date, and will be paid by tbe I>* partment upon receipt of the original eerttfleqtrc • Aa tbe notes draw Interest from August is, poncxs.l making deposits subsequent to that data must par the interest accrued from data of note to date of ax podU Parties depoettlsg twasty-flya thousand dotitt" and upwards fi>r these cotes st any one time wiQ .*c allowed a commission of one-quarter of one pay cent. which will ha paid by this Department won the receipt of abm for the amount, certified to trr; the officer with whom the dapoettwaa made. Ho dw dnotiona for eommluloai muatbe made trom |n& deposits. Officers rocdvlagdepoalta wm sea that the prop*? endorsements are made npoatheorlgtaalcerttiUnsf- AH officers anthorlzsd to receive deposits arc re quested to Rive to applicants all desired Inrormsaw. aal afford every facility for making sabacrlptiosfc W. P, FESSENDEN. Secretary of the Trot tux? finbserSptlana will be received by £hr pirst national Bank cl Chicago, PL. Second National Back ol Chicago, XD. Third Station al Bask of Chicago. ML ronrth'Naticnal Bank of Chicago, 2U. Fifth National Bank of Chicago, PI. AND AIL RESPECTABLE BANES AHP BANKAS tbronsbont the country wilrdoubtlee AFFORD FACILK IBS TO SUB3CXUBNPS, engS*psl3*2w2dpAttw A3fD BEFLBOS; It has been from time immemorial tho objsal fi phUanthrcpists to find some remedy for the Ills Ufr. and eclentiflc bMU has for aaea explored everju avenac in order to discover the bidden secret. It b«i been, however, reserved for modern seiepcc to brlfit before the world the great dsstrcycp cf d!#evsv. and la Hoeasim GBBIADI BHTMg are concentrated all those virtues which tend to pro mote healthy and vigorous life. Unlike the geaenaty of Bitters, they are NOT AN ALCOHOLIC F*T*- TUBS, but A PUEE XOMC, Conpo-id eDlireJy cf VcgetaM, Scbstuucs. rosrrivs cubs fob dyspepsia AXD DI3K&SSS IL”3ULTIN9 FROM * Disorders of the Liver and Digestive Organs, AND WEAKENED AND DEBILITATED 7SAIQD BSCOMK VY Hxx *sju rm VIGOR OP BDALTH, BT A FREB 03E OP TUB id. |y Bemember, that this Bittara la not an alcotatfc* mixture- a ba»rocßi drink, or a substitute for ics, and cannot ineldloualv intrt'doca the vice of drntieao* nesa into your lAmlliet. Do yoa wist waethliig to atrsegusc jfca t Do yos want ft Gooa Appeaw f Do you v&£t to Boili as voa? CcMtitßtteat Do yes want to feet w©u * Do yaa w»s.tto get rid ef Kamasneeel Do ytra w*ct Ksergy 1 Do you waat ww&nep W6UI Do you waat» Brisk and Vlgowss'Seallas J If von do. cao SCOTLAND'S GERMAN BCmca# Cheerra the roDo-wiae symptom* trssr cUscxdos of the D-iesove Organa: donsap..- auu, inward wellness cr blood U» ut Head, Acidity of the Stosncr, fraufea, Heurihoru, Disgust for Vcdd. Ftmneu or tv eight il, the Stomach/Foor totp’Uaon*, Slnatn* o. flaneXloe at tJV fit Of the Stbmaeh,Swimming of the Head »d Difficult BteaUisH^uuwSf« Chokar or Suffocating SensaHonswifea toa&aarS^ tftfft. Dlmnera of Vialon, Dots or Webs below tignt, reverend dull pain in the CT ot Fertpiraaon, Yellowness of the sin aad£yre ( Pain in the Side.Back. citisi Limbs, Ac.. Sot|den Plushes a* • Seat, Burning lo the Fletb Constant Imaslslaps of Bril. »nd jmuS* • Depression of spins*. yROC£ THK PON. TQOMAS B. ?U)33Bnt. FBOSi TDK EON, THOMAS B. FriOM THE EON. THOMiS B. FLoSSrS - J^Llirt.Ml. exnTLDCB: Savag stated It TCTbaijy to max bare no heriUKoc In writing the fact (bat t «pe> rienced marked oentdt from roar Hoc Anna’s emus Bittern. Daring a long and tedious scrsioa or >v<w. zreaa,rr»e]oc aort oncrcos du lca nearly proscnSeS me. A Knd friend saetested the ass of the a r n I aavd named. I toos bis advice, and the me!> was ImcrovcmeuS ct btnie, renewed enerey. mudlcniar relief I so meat c*cded and' obtains* Otbtrs may. be. iimtla? ly oavantarac if they deafra se be. ’Trelyyoar friend, THOM A3 B. FLOKKNCX FROM TEE HON. JACOB BEOOJi. _ , • PmuasßLKiiA,oct.79i-i3BS. aSSTIZHir: In reply to your inquiry as tb effect produced by Hootlami's ijermao Buters, in tny family. 1 have no ccaltatlon is saying that It baa ben bJaruly ucnoUc'al. In cne cace. a c-ve cf dyscepma OS thirteen years* standing, and which bad became yen disfreasios. the dm of one bo'.tln gave oeclded teden the second effroting a core, and th* third, u baa cccfln&ed the core, for there has been do stk»> toms cf Ha rttara for the las* six sous. In my lndV vidoii use of it, 1 find 1; to be an and sincerely reccmmcnc Us cse to the ■ offerers. Trulyyonn, JACOB BROOM. ll</7 SproenO. Tlia following wan mown rwrercE? gem: emeu &s?q acKnviWlfcdeed ui writing ne great ijaicflti tLer brr» received from ih• ns- 01 Dmert. Sort tat*, cony nniat certainly crnyinca tlio moTtateotlcalr Itijr. Lcvl fa. Bcce.Paator 0/ tho Bactlst Ctacrtit. Pwubenwa CJ. J, fcimcrlj of tea Norta Baptas CboiCQ, rLllvif-Jplus. *“» “ , « i “ B *» Q » Rev. Taomaa Plater. Factor of Kczbcroneh BmS&8 Church, Peons? Ivncle Eer. J. S. Herman, of Sh b Q snana Bgfbrtnad Clinrai Kotrtown, Berta contty, Pa. Bey. J. hi Lycn? formerly Pastor c: the ColmalOL N. J„ azrl Mllebtc 7 ? Cfcurcoas. R*v. J. Newkm Pw w.D.V., Editor hi the Bat 9* elopcdta 01 Rebel ooa Knowledge and Christian Ido, rbiladelpaia, _ Bey.J H. Paster Of Haddlsg M. g. Chim r x Fhiisdelohla. _ rct. Joseph R. Kennard, Pastor cf the Tenth B »> tfc»* Church, Philadelphia. - • • Bey. Warren Baacwoh, Pastor of Bsptlrt Charcft« Germantown. Eev/rcon Smith, tanner!? Pastor ol tbo VlnccntCQß tod SfJlTlUe, N. J., Baptist Chnrchea. , . . Bct. 13-wrecce w. Bates, Ecitcr Meihodiet Prolog &Dt,Ballfcnoze.2£d. , ... „ . ... We could add many otters to ttla UJt did MUC pennlt. PSHJCIPaL OFFICE AJU* MAKTJFACTOHT, 631 Arch Street, pTTTT.AHgr.pTTTA J JOIQ'ES fc'ETANa (Successors to C. U, JACKSOIT A COO PKOPBIETOr.B. For sale by druggists and dealers la eroFtonl.* tea Cnlta.l states. bare discontinued the mnnnfictare of w fm*n or seven ty-flre cent, elze. the dollar bottle. <*a account of its iUc ( being much tee cheaper to M consumer. See Unit M Price One Dollar "la (>»• wnnper of cracb bottle. "* LORD A SMITH, General Western Azb*m. ao3P-iai3-ly-icAJ-2dp aLabeUreet.CUcaiabuL gAW KILL AND PINE LAND E’er Sale. am oroserty *o situated on Wh’ta Lake. Moajeeon County, Mlchliao, cratajaa 3,3c-J asrea RO'anse s portion cut oTer—istJl asrrelr laoaiit last winter* i» cuius* Sweaty-llvo thousand la taelra hours, or lotr ttocaa-diatwaat-fcurhiuifc wetnaraoteo it >hohm eight ana the a*ioiessmill inite&tat**. ill health of t*o man* •tisft I artner la the reason we offer it for tala JTaycrahletexcs axo offered a repress _ LCSCOMBS <b Flßttgr. llsiwankae, WU' sul2pl32lm. 1564~ FALL Tslia>E “ lß6 * '"BAWBON & BIUTLSIT, 30 lake Street, Chicago, TU., Kv-w effer for saja 0273 OPT3JS LASQKST STOCKS OF SCOTS AHSJ SHOSS Brerbiovat to tMf market. Is thifls tlmciof hl|b orlcn vebe inv; th*t T7V BL’Sr eco s Afcß TUB CHEAPEST. sad htrv a. lee'ea oar F*U Stock wild especial rsfereaco w tt>!s ftet. , ~T r Panlcoiar atUrUon Is called to nur CIT3TOi** ZldDB BOOTS. vbn:bc*S sotßU»XCaHi* l »* BXTttA bIZES A gPECIIUTIf. aogS.plS9.tflß - MBS. GRAHAM’S SELECT jJL SCHOOL FOR TOUSOtADna. Car. Mkblgia are. and Twilit* st^J t * Tall Terra will op»o vOSDAT, Sept. 1- . au3a-pfc>i.T-ra»AT lit» ■ - . ■ SS,OO^SIS P^ lA LiWlttM, Da«m-M man vltb goo« ctsbeapitaJ.Fca* OflJcftflo* r*ftrcu*«a need MBtrw a wQ3 j a , a in'AfT’sw am, 1 hioato, statist *“*“ au23 ptt^tla eaabebrd*

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