Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 24, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 24, 1864 Page 2
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Chicago tribune. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24.18C4. THE CAMPAIGN TRIBUNE The campaign, on the result of which the destiny, aye, even the life ol the nation de pends, must toon open. Every patriotic citizen will labor unceasingly to elect the Union National and State, tickets. To do this is to save the nation; to fall* i* to yield >ll we hold dor to the Copperhead allies of the rebellion. Bocha frarfnl calamity cu ll meet he averted. As an unrill irv to this, .no agency is more effective than the newspa per-and therefore. In accordance wilhonr nanal custom, we offcrUic Campalen Weekly Tbzbuiib to tbe Union men of this and ad joining Starrs at the following rates: Tweaks,.. 25 iwjore to one address— “ so “ Sent. Ito •• 10-11 w. 8.73 “ so “ “ ito “ io—tiw. mi® HI “ “ Ito “ 10-11 w. ISAO •“ 100 “ “ Ito “ 10-11 w. 33.00 •“ SO ■“ “ It to “ 10— 9w. BAD •“ 30 “ ■ “ 11 to. “ 10— 9w. 8.10 •“ SO “ 14 to “ 10—9 w. 13.30 ICO “ “ 14 to “ 10—9 w. 27.00 20 “ Oct. 3to 10-6w. 3.75 ■“ so " “ 3to 10- Iv. 330 •“,*>- Sto “■ 10— 6w. 9.00 “ 100 “ “ sto “ 10-OW. 18.03 __ Copies irlll, in all coses, be sent for tbe %ccks inclusive named in tbe card. Union *men of the West, will you not at once order >a package for distribution in your respect ire neighborhoods. Address, with cj«b inod* TUBUMB COItPAKT, Chicago, DL A, T. BfOKE»S APPOJJfTfIfiifTA A, T. Stone, of Louisiana, will epeak as ■follows: Tifikilmu Angnrt 2% Evening; •• S<, A'terooon, “ 2i, Evening. ., 44 2S, Evening. Brucell’s Grove, Stark Co.. 41 20, Afternoon, Princeton. AU the above meetings be held in the open air-Hhe wcattcr permitting. Plenty of .seats and good music. aena Mcctli*s*i—Gc». Osleibfa Ap« polntmcnts* Gea. Oglesby will epeak as follows: LaSalle, ...August 25 Aurora August CT fircemorc, August 29* Woodstock August 81- Boefcford.. Sept. 2. Fircport, Dixon. Jftyrtfion Septi Q. Mass fretilags will be held at each of the above places. TLr Lombards will be present to sing. TQ£ THING WANrJBD, The thing -ranted now Is riuek. We want it first, last and all the time. We hare been talking, railing and making speeches about it for tour years. Wo have had rmy accu rate perceptions of inequalities, uses, and the aupcricrlty it confers upon its posses* sore. We have written and spoken well in celling forth its virtues. Oar assumption has been that we were its possessors; and that in tbit- matter *c were the superiors of" the Southern rebels. The cise has now come to trial. This Is the exact time when Pluck is to be used. We didn't need it so much in the beginning, for enthusiasm, supplied Its place. That first rush of volunteers! Who ■has forgotten It!! Men paid for places In the ranks of tee army. It was the question, not who could be txcosea, but who could get la, More men were offered thm the Government wonted, and regiments were rejected and sent home. The cifec ie different now. The war has lasted longer than most men thought it would; and it may last longer vet ihau we think, unle s we are prepared to give it up, end lei the rebels have their way. It has come to a point where it is j'dL more men aic called for; more money is wanted; taxes are now to bopsid; and prices are nigh .to buyers; andull men-buy, whatever else. • they do cr fail to do. Now there is tbs pinch. Bat what is the prospect? Looking at the military situation, our position is better than since tne war begun. We arc cerUln'y rub* bing down—pulverizing, the rebel armies. In Georgia the rebellio nls on Its last legs. Their available forces are all la the field, and must wear down with the progress of the campaign. In Virginia they are In better force; but Grant retains the ascendancy of numbers with which he commenced the campaign. True, the rebellion talks loud and is confident, as it always has been, and as it always will be as long as it lasts. The rebellion will die game. The men who have begun end carried it on have nothing to hope for at any rate. If conquered, they perish or are banished. Should we settle the matter by compromise, as the peace sneaks demand, those men would be forever ostracised as the authors of untold Bufferings to their sec* t!on. -led they can but perish. The boat in which they are embarked con only go down, rowing than by giving over all effort ; I *an<fSo they row on. like some newspapers, which ■flourish prodigiously t» the last, but which Bdl to come out some fine morning, the re bellion will be In a hopeful way till it kicks the bucket, and stops I Our duty then is plain. The oitoy wants men. Nut that ail arc dead or dying who have gone to the war al ready—though a portion of them perish of course—but they are wounded and fall sick, and arc put for the time oat of the contest, and now Js the time when they are wanted. Togctmen—tocany on the war to the end faith Is needed in our cause; f&ltblathe gov ernment; fahh In the administration, and faith generally. Ill* no time now to lose heart and fall to complaining, or accusing, ordUtrnsUng. Faith—pluck—will lead us to meet the rebellion where it meets us. Its Tiopcs are novfchlefiyin poll Ic*l field. They expect to succeed by electing a Copperhead ■president of the United States. Th-y are to be met where they attack It Is for loyal men to determlop that they shall not suc ceed In that endeavor. The best ti me to fight rebels is v>)un they fight. The best place is e they fight. THE QUOTA OP ILLINOIS, In an article in yesterdays Tjubuke was the following: Provost Marshal General Fry replies showing that to «11 the Western btatee the proportion is StJU larger than hi New York, thus: The avenge quotas in the Congressional Dls iict* are. In Ohio 8.178 In In Illinois.. In Michigan In Wisconsin.... In Missouri. In New York.... la Pennsylvania. The quotas f cr each Congressional District of Illinois look excessively large, and arc large; but It should be kept inmind-lhat the calculation was made on the basis of thirteen Congressional districts, while Illi nois has actually fourteen Congressmen. The apportionment was made by the Legis lature when it was thought that the State would be entitled to but thirteen members. Divide the whole call on Illinois of 53,000 by fourteen and it gives 3,571 men per represen tative la Congress for each district. And this number is considerably larger than any of the districts are assessed except Cook, whose quota is over C,OOO iu consegnnce of the larger pojmlatlon it contains and the vast number of aliens enrolled not liable to the draft whose names arc found on the con scription rolls. It the list was correctly purged of the aliens, and others improperly on it, the quota of Cook County woaid be reduced perhaps a fall thousand men. VALUABLK COKBESPOfI PENCE. The Chicago rebel paper of August 22 contains “special correspondence' 1 dated “ Washington, Aug. 17.” which opens as fol lows: By the time this letter reaches you It will prob ably be no secret at any pan o: tha North that Grant's army has been withdrawn from before Petersburg, sod has been trauaftored to a new field ol operations. For obvious reasons I retrain from indicating that new field. By the time that letter was published we received* and published two days later official reports, showing the above to be a pure falsehood, made oat of the whole cloth. Ctrr Poikt, Aur. 18, 1 p. m.—Gen. Warren moved with ms corps Hus aoroint; to and across the Weldon E«sd, about cue mile Bontn or the bead works Totnat point ho mot nothin? but r . the enemy’s picket*. U« advanced from there to wards Pclcrebnrr, Acc'.lur the enemy. Be had r“. considerable flahUnp Unrln* the j-uraey. Boffer some loss and luflicun* ln-g on me enemy. Citt Poikt, An;. 10 7:30 p. n —Oar troops are flnnlT fixed acro>« the Wcldou Hoad. The above 1e about a lair sample of the wex cont epon'icnce of all the seceeh papers, much of it btlug concocted in the offices of their editors, who manufacture and publish tnlre of disaster, to suit the uivrbM appetites ot their ru»U're. T-ELr-COTER* SHUNT. Wc hope cvttrv reMder of th* Tbibu:te wil read himself, and see that every one of his neighbors reads, the fail account herewith pnbllebcd of the iulrrvj. cr belwo'iU Jaqucs and Gilmore on behalf of the Northern peo ple, anc Davis and Benjamin speaking on behalf of the rebellious portion of tbc-South cru people. Compare <*s p.-.clalK two features In Laut’ Uu j joUiu.c U*wkc> u> the * hole rebellion. • , X ,“ Wo * l J ll BOVbm ourselves.” Howvist 1, democratic ais Hjw Jt wil[ tickle the car of the Korthcm conjisthead- I>«Tla’ advocacy of tb, riikt ot Bdlf-gotern ynent . ■ -.2. Bntfven among “<mr 5t i T ea” U l8!Sot ~the majority but the miuor*u. y _tbe erlsto . eraUc, lordly, wealthy thvehoUnrg f ew ' are to govern. . • Davis would not consent to leave the naked question of Peace sod-.Disunion < (Sontliero IbdEpendeiiee) or and Ra. nnlon, ballot of tie whole people ol the' United Statca, beeiKue that would he to ra turn under tie control of a of people, tie very ''grievance lie ha * sought to escape from. _ .. . Daris would not trust even the Southern people to rote on the question of Peace with Union ar.d emar<rlj>ction i or 'War, because of tbifl Efitnc fear of being overridden by a ma jollty—Jcßt Virginia might Infringe on the sovereignty ol South Carolina. What Davis calls the right of self-gov* eminent is therefore the right of a minority to control! the majority. What say the Northern “Democracy** to such a right o self-government? JEFF. DaVIV TERMS OF PEACE. Jefll Davis tells the northern people, through Messrs. Gilmore and Jaques “ I shall at any time he pleased to receive pro posals for Peace on (he basis of our Independ ence. It uSI be useless to approach me with any ether.” We suppose the copperhead and northern rebel papers who,are anxious t) have tiepeople believe that' the Emancipa tion Proclamation of *63 occasioned the re bellion in 1860, and that Jeff. Davis only awaits the election of McClellan, the dis missal of Ben. Bntlor and the negro troops, I and the repeal of the Emancipation acts and Proclamations to come quietly into the Union of his own accord, will answer all this by lire very convenient statement that Gilmore and Jaques lie,—that Jeff Davis has entirely too much regard for the unity mid success of the Democratic party to say anything which would explode thtir small torpedoes in their own Democra tic faces, and put an untimely quietus on ! their *' Democratic” falsehoods, essential to a successful Democratic campaign. We ad mit, we regard It as bad judgment in Jeff— not to say bad Democracy—when his North ern friends have him so pleasantly painted as knocking at the closed door ot the Pcder* al Union, of which Mr. Lincoln maliciously bolds the key; but wont let blm in—for him to .thus rudely upset canvass, paints, brushes, ‘and artists, and daub across their be&utlfnl picture his “ won’t come in till Pm brought in.” But here it Is. how the Democracy say they will have peace on Jeff’s own terms. Jeff says it will be useless to approach him with any other than Independence. Will the Democracy approach the rebels with Inde. pmdeccc ? Heretofore they have only ap proached him with servility. *HE STKACIJ«E PEACE CO^. vjsimox .Sept! 8. Sept. 6. Treason Rampant, The telegraphic Tendon of the Syracuse Peace Convection, which we printed a few dajß since, furnished no conception of the treasonable character of that convocation. From the accounts published in the Bochea ter (N. Y.) Auitricar, we gather the follow ing items, which will gire a fair idea of the whole affair. TREASONABLE MOTTOES. The old Star Bpangled Banner was not used in the procession, but there were plen ty of banners with such legends as the fal lowing : “No more vic'itaa for the daughter pens—not a man nor a dollar.*' “If Seward touches Ms bellagain,the people wili stretch his neck.** ** Abe Idncfla *)au?hUr> | white men under the pretense of treeing Dipeerr*.” *• The people are ready to take vengeance on the advocilet* of Civil War." “Lincoln demands blood 1 Provost Marshals bo ware!” “Let the Tyrant tremble when the people speak.** * “Usurpation unrehnkedis despotism accepted.*’ “Crush the tyrant Lincoln before he crashes yon.'* “ Free ballots or free bullets.* 1 ‘•Watts dissolution, speedy and firaL'* “ This Is a nixmer war.” “We will not be conscripted in a war for the emancipation of slaTeri,* “Humanity commands that this hatchery shall cesse.” “ Lincoln has murdered three white men to free one neert).** “The laws wo will obey; arbitrary arrests we will resist unto the death.** 44 We etrrd by the Declaration of Independence." 44 noratio Seymour— the champion oi Cirii over Military Law.’* CIVIL WAB XJBOED. The fiist orator was one Fan Brockton, He stated that: “Abe Lincoln was a tyrant—a mure re lentless and blood-thirsty one than ever Austria saw, and the people mustj- s sc in their might and overthrow him. Now Is the time! Ton will probably have to fight next November for the privilege oi voting, and yon must not flinch when it comes to that. It is a hoppy augury that Mr. Vallaudigham can now walk unmolested m Syracuse. This war must stop; men must not be torn from their happy homes by the merciless hand of military power—and if it cannot be stopped peaceably by tbe ballot box next November, there Is one other way. [Cheers.] Are you ready? [Tes! yeal] The time Is surely coming when you will have to vindicate your manhood, unless you are ready to sink down supinely; aad let the despot Lincoln rule another four years.” SSVEB SUBMIT. Gen. Hough sold: States, we ."ill never submit—we will take up arms then ourselves—and we will never lay them down— never, never, xevce!” THE BESOLUTIOXS. The following is the gist of the lengthy resolutions which prevailed: 1. Gratitude to God for the great change in tbe hearts of the people, from war to peace which t: wc think we sec.” 2. Demands that tbe war shall be stopped, for lt Las stripped from the people their “panoply.” 3. Calls for a national convention. 4. Denounces tbe Administration for pre venting elections at the pomt of tbe bayonet. 5. Union is best if wc can have ic. G. 'Will not tolerate military interference In elections. 7. Provides for taking care of the widows ord children of those -ho perish in defend ing their liberties against the tyrant Lincoln, 8. The wsr is a slaughter-pen. 9. The army is a fooL 10. Abe Lincoln is a tyrant. 11. To these principles we pledge our lives and our sacred honor. IXSCLTB'O THE STABS AXD STRIFES. The o national flags of stars and stripes, ■which had been brought for decency’s sake and placed upon the stand, were liken down by the Committee, daring the reading of the resolutions, and thrown behind the platform* About two hours after the Chicago motion was defeated at Stand No. 1, the same propo sition was repeated at the Syracuse House, and this time in such a resolute manner, and with each accessories of flllibnstering as made it evident that The Powers had decided that it mast be done. Judge Ondcrdonk—or something like that—of Queens, took the meeting out of the hands of the Chairman, and put to rote the resolution, appointing a “delegation of one from each Cocgresslonal District of the State to Chicago to see to it that somebody naa nominated whose hands are not red with the blood of his brethren'* 3,213 4.001 8.017 3,772 2,9 M 2,831 2,571 —that is, to eee that Little Mae is not pnt on the track for November. Fifty voices ahout cd“Aye!” aaloud os they coaid. “Con trary minds” —and a thousand yelled “ No I” Just twenty times as loud as the first. “ItU CARRIED!” e creamed the determined I udge —who certainly was ho Judge of sonnd. “Mr. President!” yelled twenty indlgoant harmonious gentlemen; but none 'of them were recognized, though they yelled twenty times apiece. Great was the tumult. Men on the balcony shook fists !o each other's purple faces, and took*each other by the vel j vet collar. One of the objectors was clam ored down by tUe men-ln-cbarge, and ono was pulled off from his dry goods box by the leg of his pantaloons. And all the while, Ondczdonk shookhls sprawled hands, rolled from side to side, and screamed, “It la car ried! it is carried!" , MTJBDEB. Joel Bogers, ol Jefferson county, de* nouuctd the President as a tyrant, and ap pealed to everybody to resist the impending dralt It any minion ol the despot ot Wash ington came to their houses, to tear them from the bosom of their families in this war for the nigger, they must defend themselves in the easiest way. They must resist him, and show him their homes were Inviolate. “Yon needn't lock lor a znnsket,” said'the speaker, “take a club, or an axe, cr any thing, and slay him on the spot!” This sentiment was loudly cheered. The above are but a few of the treasonable sets of this meeting. Lei loyal men read and attentively consider them. The true Copperhead principle has never been more lucidly stated that it-was by Mr. Silas S. Drew of Bangor, in the lite Maine Peace Convention, who said ‘‘he be ieved Gtn. Lee to bo the real advocate of true self-government, and Abraham Lincoln a hellish f jrant.” J*bis sentiment was loud ly cheered, ond one eutbaslastlc delegate shouted, “ That’s It; wc are all rebels against Lincoln." Vigil D. Parris Bach»n nn'e-sgont at the Portsmouth Navy Yard *tbo Ir-famons sUndcrer of his.old friend, Vice President Hacdin, who cecaocd from the Just ii dignation of loy ul men in that vicinity in ISCI, was an active member of the Con vention. * IST On Friday last \lr. John 'Mulla'l?, edi tor and proprietor of the j? c . Nr w Y'-rV. wrs aild brought before U. S. CononisßlonerOsbon, ouach.j-gc of opporingand counseling resistance to the cops.cription. The charge *cs made byU. 8. District Attorney E. DelaGcid* Smith, who look some of the papers published by Mr, Mullaly to the Commutioncx, and de sired a warrant ol arrest. Upon this affida vit; Commissioner Osbon issued a warrant of arrest, and. Mr. Mulkiy was therefore hronght before the Commissioner, and Mr. Charles Downing became his surety in the antn ot $2,500. It Is understood that Got. Andrews or Maasachusette, will bo a candidate for re-nomination this fail. [Special Correspondence Chicago Tribune.] BzanQuamzna, Anxr or m Potomac. I • August SO, 1661. f As most of yonr correspondents confine tbelr remarks to their regiments and to -ful* some flattery to this or that officer, whom " nobody knows, nor nobody cares,” I pro i pose to vary the programme, and give you a glimpse of social and political chit chat. In the first place the Army of the Potomac is a‘ very huge concern. Practically it consists of the. 2d, sth, 9th, 10th and ISth army corps with Sheridan’s cavalry and the 6th and 19th corps as auxiliaries. As to exact numbers, it is impossible to guess them, and such pt/urirpwould be contraband if indulged in. But it occupies a line of intrenchments, ex* tending from a point a trifle west of due south of Petersburg, south of tbe Appomat tox, for nine miles, thecca up the James .0 ifalvernHUl, thence across- and around by Deep Bottom to a point hear Charles City Cress Roads, within four miles of the sonth easttm suburbs of Richmond. The whole extent of this line Is little if any short of thirty milt'e. With this data you can Ima gine something of the power, extent, and ef ficiency of this army, and .of the gigantic combinations necessary to its control and management In regard to all Its appointments, the Army ol- the Potomac is well and liberally equipped. It lias lost much of it* surplus of conveniences, and of its elegance of equip ment, under the order of Gcu. Grant, hat in a'l that is essential toils health, comfort, success and military perfection it Is amply supplied. Nothkg useful is lacking or need ed, while all that is merely ornamental has disappeared. This reform has had its influ ence upon all, ofilcera and men, and has de veloped a greatly increased degree of real efficiency and a more decidedly “ fighting ewpesition” than before exhibited. ° b The morale of this army is unexception able. It has suffered a ferere pruning of its best and bravest officers and men In this campaign, on the field, it le true, but there has also been Introduced a more efficient discipline. Officers are held to a more strict accountability than, ever before, and there are fetter of tbe finer cl use, who, tbrnueb furor of political friends, do their soldieries in Washington and thereabouts, than in any former eeuton. There is still a large for reform in this regard, na'tbv records of many regiments will show. BjS this la one of the evils that always will exist In a Re publican army, when “ cowards” are gener ally “ dishonorably dismissed,” when ‘ctrag glers” are “allowed to resign,”when “do • serters” arc " sent to prison for tboremaln dcrof their terms or enlistment”' Under such lenient rules It will readily be seen that patriotism and personal pride are all tbe in centives to keep tbe Union soldier in the ranks. And it angora tbe highest praise to our soldiery, that~so fe k of the great Union hosts have been found wanting in tbeaeTir tucs. The records ot no other army can equal those ol ibis Republic in these regards. Considerable has been written and pub lished in some papers, (principally In New York) of want of confidence between officenr and men In this army. That there is tomt ground for this sort of tfik, It would be use less to deny. The remit of the great assault ol IbeSOih of July may be collaterally traced to thieeource. There is still lurking in the hearts of some that old feeling that so near ly destroyed the country la 1662; fanned and nursed as it Is fo assiduously bv “outside influents” and by politicians—ttiia is not to be wondered at—but it boa very Jluleiufia- x tnce upon the rank' and file of tbo army. No class so bltterlr denounce this feeling as tbo private soldier, for on them fall the bitter ] rolls of all such ill timed and criminal In fluences and blunders. The latest exhibi tion of this feeling fell upon Gen. Burnside and his corps, bow unjustly and cruelly let the five thousand of bravcmen sacrificed on the SOth ol July tell. The New York Jl-ra'd is tbe chrsen organ of these men, and U reops Its reward by being singled out as the only Nes York paper that Is allowed tbs per fect freedom of the army. It makes and un makes rvpulat lons for men, officers and corps, just in proportion as its interests are sab served, ana its prejudices and humors are in dulged. The only redeeming feature to this picture is tbe evioent wholesome fear it bgg lor Lieut. Gen. Grunt and Gen. Butler. That the political feeling of this army is extremely unsettled there is no chance for doubt It contains so many diverse elements, and is the victim of such a vast amount ot political manipulation, It is not to be 'won dered at that there is little unity of political sentiment. And to this the fact, that by far the larger part of its Generals and field offi cers are from the old Democratic patty, and the cause of a very extensive anti-adminis tration sentiment, is easily accounted for. It is tot a “peace democracy” sentiment, but ore far more dangerous to Mr. Lincoln and the Republican party. If the' Chicago Con vention nominates Gen. McClellan upon a reasonable platform, the vote of the army of the Potomac will be largely catnnged from the present Administration. This Is a Act that should not be overlooked, and which tftfle wEI develops with far more perspicuity than now seen. There Is a marked difference In the talk and feeling of the eastern and western troops In this respect. The West displays more deter mination, vigor and confidence than do even the Ne * England troops as a_maM. the army of the Potomac lias* caused a great deal of talk. Their failure upon tneSOth his greatly aggravated th^.almost universal hos tility of the eastern and anti-administration press towards them. I am going to saynotb- Ine to disparage tbe conduct of our white soldiers, hut rdo say, and have good reason to know whereof I speak, thatno raw troop*, white or black, ever foueht better, or were so poorly bandied as were these colored troops in that assault. Had Gen. Ledllc car ried out his instructions and supported the colored troops as he should, the disaster would probably have been avoided, ard a triumph realized in its stead. Hiving been a participant in the fight, lam fully as well prepared to jodge ns any officer or corres pondent *ho gazed lb rough his glass from some distant 4 * lookout,” and repeated the tales of the first stragglers he met. Tbe Illi nois regiment, under Col. Cross, fought like veterans, and elicited the admiration of all. It was the defection of Ledlie’a division that sacrificed the colored division, and also cirae near sacrificing Wilcox's Michigan brigade. But Ido not intend to go into particulars. My object was to say that In the opinion of a very Urge majority of our best officers, the colored element can bo made as useful and efficient as any other class of troops. The Imbroglio between Meade and Burn side, growing ont of this affair, promised some real light, hut I now fear it will be whitewashed over, and the people will never see the real cause. “If Abe Lincoln was The weather has changed from dry to the ra-'ny season, and the soil from duet to mud. The health and condition of the army is good, and the cause of the Union is brigutenlng evta in Virginia. Gen. Grant has the firm, unlimited confidence ot the army and the people, and you may still be assured that this army will, ere fall has passed, strike heavy reeth blows to treason. Only let the peooie keep the public sentiment at home all right end the ranks full, and the blessings of vie toiy and success an sure and certain. *** A RCENE, The Indiana Peace Plot. Seizure of Thirty Case* of Arms br the li. !». Amb critics—A CoppcrUtad Scbcmo Nipped in the Bad. In reviewing from the stand poiat of the present hour the events that have transpired daring the past ten days, the thoughtful ob server of them cannot but reflect that the hours which made up those days, and which ecczccd to drag so heavily, and to be so dall and lifeless, were burdened witii theheiviest responsibilities, and pregnant with the gravest results.- And as ail these events de-. pind the one upon the other, and form to gether a regular chain, linking the present effect with the antecedent will be eminently proper, to a clear understanding of. ail the matters, that’ I should go back to what may be called the beginning, it being the first overt act of the drama. On the 12th of tills present month, the Democratic State Central Committee assem bled in this city for couEnltjtlon. All the members of the Committee were present but one. The reasons of their coming to gether at that time were various, the. priacl pul one beirg that the psace-at-auy-price wing of the party were threatening open omd armed revolt. In tmtb, the peace men had long frit that they had nothing whatever iu common with the faction that nominated McDonald, by swindling them, out of their rights In* the Convention of Jnly 13th, and had determined to do something to get the reins ot the party in their own hinds throush the agency of the secret Order ot tbc Sons of Liberty. And it hod become known to the Central Committee that a plot involving such armed revolt was well nigh matured—indeed, that it was fully so, and that on the 15th day of this mouth an attack was to be made on the guards of the prison coups in. Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago end Bt. Louis. The programme here involv ed a?eo (he seizure of Gov. Morton and the appointment of Athon as Provisional Gov ernor. and the entire revolution ot the 3Ute »»nd tbc Northwest, and in the light of sub stquent events the scheme does not look as wfidacd Impossible as'll did a.week ago. Tht; Committee tonseelng naught but crash ing defeat *nd destruction for the Demo cratic party as the final outcome of a scheme so evidently the child of desperate energies, determined to squelch it. Bcsnlts show tlat they did so, although It is true that the pmence ot the 1,017 men that compose the 1 fOili Massachusetts regiment, and the vete rans of the 431 and Scl Indiana • regiments had seme effect iu inducing. Grand Com mardcr Dead and h!s cutthroats to respect the outtority rf the Committee. Bn- T anticipate. Tb* couiutitite ru«t and a fitoimy session thfv had of U. It lasted for two days and nights McDonald, Dodd, tnd John C. Walker were present during that lime. Mr* McDonald, not being & mem ber cf the. order, was Indignant on hearing the details of the plot, and a-ked Dodd if he knew, how many troops there. were in 'ln dlBpopolis? Dodd replied th*t there »rere “only the Invalid corps and a f ew veterans ” McDonald replied/‘There are etongb Mr Dodd, to clean out yon and ail yonr order in the State.” And’the result or the session was that Dodd was induced to issue hie or der as Grand Commander to all the lodges in the Slate forbidding the rising, os the proper time had not yet arrived. The committee « n "the result of an agreement with tins Dodd scoundrels, on their port, issued a manifesto: to the Democracy ol the State. This maul. THE Attnr OF THE POTOMAC. The Extent of the Army-Ita Appoint xuebts—lts Morale And the Confidence of the Soldiers—Xhe Negro asiemcot. FBOBI INDIANAPOLIS. Iprcm oar SDedal correspondent.] - Ixmaxarous, Aapntt aa, 18G1. ■ lea to appeared in the Sentinel of Monday. August 15ib, was signed by every member of the committee present, ten In numbs!-, and, alter reciting the perilous condition of the country, ana the impending draft, and that it is the inflexible purpose of the Democracy to.mai&t&in by force and at all hazards the right of the people to free and fair elections, condemns any attempt at resistance of the laws before eonsiittUional remedies are exhauit (d, and advises the Democracy to abide tue action of the Chicago Convention it fur ther advises-tbe people in all their counties, townships and election precincts to mike a thorough ermed organization and be ready for any emergency that may arise. In short, from beginning to end it Is only an loc*a diary and mischievous appeal to the basest passions of the thousands of dialojal adhe rents ot that party and cannot be justified by any event that baa transpired si*.c; the out break of the rebellion. It mean* violence, blcod-ehed, civil war* in Indiana, no more nor lees. % Governor Mortou, ever awake to tbs best interests of the whole people, immediately • issued a proclamation, which was published In Tuesday’s Journal and Gazs'.U, declaring that “the assumption that .there is a founded apprehension that those in authority in this Stale will interfere by military force wiili the freedom of elections, Is ahiotuzdu and toieicily/aJeeV . Further, he defies the | authors of this document to point to a sin gle act giving color to this wicked and iatk mons charge, or to eUo it a single instance In which he has tailed to exercise the Executive power for the protection of persons and propeity, and social and civil ri^hti 1 ,' Without regard to parties or polities.”' io conclu sion he soys: “ I do, therefore, warn the people of the State against accepting the evil connect they hare received; to abstain from all mili tarj mgs ideations looklog, directly or indirectly, to resistance to Feaural or State authority; to abstain from all schemes of re sistance to the laws, and from all organiza tions or combinations, political or mQltary tending to compromise them in their micc and duty to the Government ot the United Stales. The men who would inveigle them into such schemes or combinations are powerless to protect them against danger and would undoubtedly bo the first to deaerc them in a moment of perlL” And be closes by.gaying, in reference to the draft , tbit •While the execution of the conscription act i assignment of quotas, &c., belong to Fede ral and not to State authority, yet that “ every exertion /ias been and will be made by I the State authorities to secure the correction ' of errors, and see that full justice i&done to the State and every part thereof” This ad dress throughout was only the utterance of a patriot, end while It evinced a firm deter mination to see that the laws should bo en forced and peace maintained. It entreated all classes oi citizens to unite with and assist him in carrying out such determination. Of course it provoked the sneers of the disloyal,' hut it gave assurance to our citizens that any attsmpt at a revolt would be summarily dealt with. Tbc week passed away rather quietly, the arrival of the Cth Massachusetts regiment oud the shooting, od two evenings, at tbc guards stationed at the Arsenal btlog about the onli thirgs that provoked remark Fri day nigbftitwas ascertained thatH. H. Dodd, ot the firm of H. H. Doda & Co., Job print ers and bookbinders, but more widely knows as rhe Grand Commander of the Sods of Liberty for the State ot Indiana*, had suddenly leit for Minnesota, not intend ing to return until after the Chicago Con vention. Bat about & o’clock last night the whole city wss-excited by the rumor that a LUmbtr of boxes of revolvers had been found in an up stairs room of Dodd & Co.’e printing cilice, and that the Government had token possession of them. Loyal men, knowing the character ol the man, readily believed it. • Neutral men thought a dozen or so of p)*tols had been round, and tic un iulitiled Copperheads daily denied it. But Jt'wos all true, and more too. Up to the present writing thirty-two coses, cootriuiog lour hundred bran new navy revolvers, and 210.C00 rounds of ammunition, h*ve been eeizul ara taken, from Docd’ 4 office by the Provost Guard. A number of rifle! mus kets, swords. oud a box lull of the papers snd records of the Sons of Liberty, have also been found and token care oC It has been ascertained that these arms arc but a portion of SO,COO stand of muskets and revol vers which were purchased for thcour,oseof arming Copperheads of Indiana, Middletown, Conn., and elsewhere, some time since. They were shipped to New York by the steamers Granite State and Hartford City seme two weeks ago. The boxes were con signed to John J. Parsons, who-ia a partner of Dodu’s la the printing business. All day yesterday (Sunday), the street in front of Dcdd's office was thronged with an eager crowd, who watched with evident delight tbc removal of the arms In Uncle Sam’s blue wsgons. John J. Parsons and Charles Hutch inson, partners of Dodd, and W. M. Har rison, Grand Secretary of the Sons of Liber-' ty in the Slate, have been arrested and were taken to the guard house yesterday after noon. A rumor likewise provalledyesttrday that Dodd himself had been arrested la New York on the strength of a telegraphic dis patch from this city, but it bad no founda tion lu truth,, as Dodd Is known to be in Minnesota. Gcd. Carrington is absent, having cone to Columbus to bury his little bod, ilortou, who d*td a few days ago. When he relates the whole matter wIU undergo & thorough Investigatior, and prompt measures will oe tak<n to punish the guilty parties. Copper heads are scarce, and what few one meets In the streets have very long faces, t} say the least. The fact of this large amount ot arms being stowed sw*y ta this city, and accessible only to the cent address of the Democratic Central Com mittee calling on the people to make a thor ough armed organization, ought to be snCi cient to awaken the honest men who yet clisgto the Democratic party to a knowledge ot where they stand and who theiraasociates arc, and to satisfy them that toe rumors of a Copperhead conspiracy to kindle the flr.*s of civil war iu free Indiana, arc not Abolition lies, but sad facts. The affair has created a profound scceatioo; the city his dot been so greatly excited in a long lime, and there Is but cue feeling, that of utter condemnation and execration, pervading nearly all clashes. It is feared by the authorities that a like in stallment of arms has reached Fort Wayne, and that, owing to the fact that there are no soldiers there, they have been put beyond the reach ot the Government. “ Qwn dim v\ilt j.srd'rc prim derrunt at ,** Is an old saying, and It seems to be fully exempllQed in the* con duct of the Copperheads In such Instances as tbie. This letter Is already so long that I can but briefly notice Ifsser matters. Bev. Wai W. Curry has been nominated by the Union men for CocgisSß In the 2d District He is Chap* him of the 53d regiment, and is not? at the front The telegraph made his name read “Kev, Wm W. Chaplain.’* Morris Moms, Esq., one of the old settlers of the city, died on Tuesday last at the rioe age of 84 years. The Mexican General, Lnborden, accompa nied by a number of his staff, Is .in the city. He brings letters ofintroductlontoGoveraor Morton. His stay will be short, os- he la on his-way East. The reception ot the 83d. (Ist German regiment) last Monday by the au thorities was an imposing affair. Portions ot of the 18th and 24th regiments, who have not re-enlisted, were also present, and parti cipated In the occasion. The 32d left for the border the budo evening, and are now, under Gen. Hovey, chasing the remnants of Johnson’s guerillas. Gpv. Morton has recently caused to bo issued a pamphlet of forty-two pages set log forth the Inducements held out by Indiana to encourage emigration. It is from tbe able pen of Mr. B. IC Sulcrrove, and will be print ed in; various laugutges and sent to for eign countries for gratuitous distribution. Tbe doings ol the Sanitary Commission from August Gth to 18'h, show a large smoniids received and shipped, the cash re ceipts being $2,789.91, and cash expenditures f5.400.35. One of ibo leading fcattirea ot the ap proaching State Fair will be a bazaar under tbe direction ot the Sanitary Commission, and it is hoped that every county in the State ■will send up its good things for the saiTerluc to'-dltr. Dot s Bon Wade at Home. The Cuyahoga (Ohio) County Convention net the other day, and the delegates, in pur suance of instructions from the primary n eeliugs, passed the following resolution, as a rebuke to Messrs, Wads and Davis, and men of like stamp, and, as the Cleveland l£<nld sajs, to skew “that they have a poor opinion of such so-called Union men, who would weaken our ticket by abuse of the Ad ministration, and that they hold each per sons as allies of Jeff Davis:” BetotT€d % That It la the duty of every true Union man to rue all reasonable uforla to procure the . election of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson to the offices for wblcn tbev have been nominated, and that we regard those, and those only, worthy of official trust and coafldenco, who will noUe heartily with tbe people to aeeuro that end, and that we regard those who, under tne garb 01 Un ionism, would seek their defeat, aa giving aid and comfort to Jefferson Davie. XVewProTOftt Marshal of the Vicksburg District Col. L, D. Waddell, 11th Illinois inftntry, Provost ilftiehal of Vicksburg, has recovered from the illness .which made his temporary retirement Jrom that post necessary, atd has returned thither. This Intelligence is grati fying to the many cordiil friends ol that gen 1 Uemaa. Following is the order in the case: SPECIAL FIELD ORDERS NO. tB. Headquarters, Department ato ) Aemt op the Tennessee, y Before Atlanta, Ga., Atur. 4, laH J Lieutenant Colonel L. D. Waddell, lltb Illinois infantry volunteers, having been selected by ihe Fro\oei Marshal General, in accordance with Gen eral Orders No. 4, current series, from these Qead* quarters, i? hereby appointed and annontci-d as Frovoat Marshal of the District and Fust ofVicks bnrg. De will immediately enter upon his duties under inf-trocuvns from Lieutenant Colonel WUs&a. Fro- Tost Marshal General. By cider Of Slnjor General 0. 0. Howard,- W, 1". Clabk, a. A. Qcaeral, jsf* When Farragut vras notified of the bqzrender of ibe ram Tennessee, ho lent an officer off to receit e fiachanan’e swori. On learning ol Bncbanon’s wound,, an officer asked Fanogiit if-he would go off and see him. Forragut looked along bla decks, tdje<*a with dead and dylojr and, mingled comrades, and red with the blood of others who hud lallui aod been removed, an! then replied, “With these bravo men before me r hilled and mangled bj him, 1 consider him but my enemy. I want nothing to do with him.” • i ZST The Portage, Wis., saja; On ■Wednesday last, the Bth-Inst, the Workmen on the railroad between this city and jColnm* hna finished laying the track, and the work of ballasting la. rapidly proceeding,an In a short time we aboil have the can running from Milwaukee to.La Crosse via Columbus and Portage. The grading on the road twelve miles out from Milwaukee la nearly completed, and the track laying will soon commence, 'When this Is completed the Milwaukee and St. Paul company will have an independent rente from La Crosse to Mil waukee. A union depot Is being construct ed at the latter place, which will he an ac commodation that the public has long de manded. A Shameful Forgery. The last dodge of the sympathizers with treason in this city is to circulate pasteboard cards about the stmts, with Incendiary mat ter printed upon them. The last of these that we have seen is as follows: Fstract from a speech delivered at Faneull Hall. Boston, Mass- March 17th, 1850, by Daniel Web- M JI the infernal fanatics and aboliUonlsU ever Bet power In their hands, they will override tbe Constitution, eet the Supreme Court at defiance, change and make Jaw* 1° suit themselves, lay vio lent hands on those who differ with them fn their opinions, or darequcS’iou their infallibility, and. finally bankrupt the country and deluge it with BLOOD 11 T. J. SnsnwooD, 320 Clark street. This “ extract” is contained in no speech that Daniel Webster ever made at Boston, or anywhere else. He never uttered anv senti ment like this* “ T * J * Sherwood, 333 Clark street,” deserves to be indicted for lorgery, and for s&rrilrge in defaming the memory of America’s greatest statesman. EgT" Unless the rebels will in advance agree to be bound by the conclusions of a National Convention, what use would there be iu holding one? Have the copperheads, who are low clamoring for an armistice and a convention, ever thought of this? Suppose that niter there should be a cessation of hos tilities the rebels shall say as Jeff. Davis did to CoT. Jacques, that it will be useless to ask them-to accept any other proposals than on acknowledgment of their independence and division of the Union, what course would the copperheads then pursue? Would they re-commeoce the war and fight it out ? If the rebels are willing to submit the creations in dispute to the arbitrament of a National why don’t tuey say so ? Why don’t the copperheads to so- declare £- . strsuge story comes to us' from Abyssinia. Tbe Emperor of that so-culled Christian country, 14 is said, has offered bis hand to-the British (Jaeen, and because an answer dm not come so soon as ho expected he put Mr. Cameron, tbe British Consul, to chains. HNAiram AND ■ COMMERCIAL. fcTINAfliC’lAIi. TincroxT fivsina«, Aujmrt 23, issi. The demand for'moneycorttnaeovery active—tally equal to the supply, and hankers-sremaklncitreater discriminations than- fer seme ttmo past. Produce paper Is being freely taken at 10 p - cent V annas, hat outside brokers nee doing o lively business at a® S 9 cent 9> month. Eastern Exchange'ls still plenty sad rate* are a share lower—buylnij at H discount,- and generally seßlrjc at Jtf discount. Qtnall auras, bowevtr. are atm sold at par. Gold in New York opeacd at VSIH', and closed at g57. Thefollowlrp are the quotations* received by Jsmes Boyd, gold rrotrr:- ~357*11/0 257* l 25r I 4;oUp.m ~,,.357 Here tbs market fcr Gold opened at 250, and cl>s£d fi:m at that quotation. Eavar is very dnllatSlO, Caprd&ccrrency,£4 : Five treaties, 111 tmylng and 112;$ seines. tevea-thirties, Kja buying *n i no serhfl* The following la the Few Tori Stack Market aa received by F. & Ballouatall & Co., stock brokers, 31 Clark etreet- _ _ _ 10.80 ».m 1150 a. a. litß’d.2d B’d. Istß’d. JfllVd. N. Y-.C li»V 12-i H QalctaHyer... aijf. S3Jf C.<V N. W. . £4>i 83 C.A.7.* 139 .... C.*N,tV (pfd>. KJ< .- hodsj* Si7er.l2J < 137* Erie (com/....1u ll'K Hi. Cent iMK- ... jitl»(p'd) 110 i I&X IlU6Hceni*ar C. a-P. ...HIK —.. t>OC(J»...,.„ .... il. 8. (com)... 97 85 CT. 8. 6S» c=nt 21.8. (gta)....115 .... M 3 con?ona.ll2>( ... P.F.W.&C..H3* .... 11. S.CSicent M, C 137* 131 bOQTS ISSI...IOSK ... C. & A; (com,).i« .... U.5.33-torre«»> C.&A. lpiO)...tfi .... nr/Not-,9 ..110 1 lii* •• U.S.lyr cmf. 'J3 HLCent.tCllp.l29J< 123K Ameticaasold.2j7>*. 257 B.&Q ..121J4 .... ilaiUct^-liSDctrd-week. 2J Board bear/. OQADBRCUL, Tuudat EVZStaa, August 23,'1861 TTxeklt liKVinw.—Toe prcGQca ma.kets dating the week havo ruled active and buoyant, Floor his advanced 25c pzr. hzl: Wicltr >Vb;at. I2aiic pir buitei; Bprtß3 Wheat,2oft£e Pcrtuhd; Corn, 108 lie per bushel; O&ts, JctJe per bushel; Hlghwmei <<isc per sallcn and Timothy Seed 15c per buihei byetas declined i@6c per bushel during the week and per bushel. The receipu and shipments during the past 21 hours were as follows: nxcaiPTS Ajn> atUTsxniß fos tsz past 21 notrsa. Received. Snipped. . 2,467 2,7.11 . f.« 027 83,22s . 56,9*1 18,5(0 .181.013 30.4CQ .• IV2W . wato . 2MTO . .SOBII .11,411 .... . 1M.509 5.750 iLSet li< -Flour. IVhett. Bye B*rUy .... Grs/taSeed.... ■flax Seed Coxed Meat. Tallow. Wool. Hops.. Cuttle. »3 CW 37.505 UfiSO ico nfa I.SSQ u.m JlMeg. Rlsbwin'b* 11.630 Duller. The general produce markets today were lest a*, live, and prices wero irreealar, soma articles having kcTw« STiSif'j.'BH ■alia of 2,H0 brls at sll.2?®'.axo for white winter ex-. t> at, fi0.75 fcr red Winter extras, acd slo.4ftgio.«s for ipilng extras. Wheat was less ao<lvc and not to buoyant as yes terday, ep-’lng grades showing a depredation of 2® Sc per bn on the prices paid yesterday afternoon, bat an advance on the prices paid on ’Change yesterday of 1(22c per ba. Winter wheat was steady. About 40,000 bu Winter 'acd IIM'O bn spring grades w«:s sold at $2 lC<3?.t3H for No 2 Hed ■Winter, jl.aie2.C3 for Rejected Bed Winter, SLfeS©” 2 05 for No l Spring, JiiOjhJOS lor No 3 Bprlrg.and fI.SC l:r Rejected Spring—lb a market closing weak at 52 01 lor No 2 Sprlrg m store. Tbs demand war a'mottwho ly cotOnoU to the requirements of spec ulators—the recent advance in prices having driven chipper* out of the market. Corn was m active demand, chiefly speculative, and prices have advanced 2c per bushel since yeMer day—with tales of- 11P.Q00 tn at *1.33©134 for No 1 Coir, lI.SIQI.SSK for No 2 Corn, and for Kijected—the market closing weak at stw3KforKo 2. There being little or no demaal by shippers River Corn ruled dull, and four boat-loads No 2 charged hands at OU3-afloat. Oats suffered a decline In prices of 2s per bushel *rltb sales o( 123,C00 bushels, at for Ho Ofcti, 63361 c for No 2 Oats, and 63@*-lc for ISrJected Oete—tba market closing qalct a: 63Jfc for Ho l. Eje was a stir e and Is per busbclbißhcr— ■■alth rales of Jlf.CiCO bushels, at *iBSaLIO for Ho landSbSfX® I.SO/orHoS-tbe mariet closing steady at the ad vance. The Barley market wte very mash unsettled and pncis fell 2fQ3:c per bushel, wlti ssUs of aboa'.D.OCO bushels. »t a range of *1.7502.70 for No 2 m atore. and at 51.9C02.10 by aample-clostg with buyers of No 2 In store at (2.(0. Hiphwlnes were i ntt and heavy, with sales of 330 brls in loU at Sl.7Jol.7S—the inside price for lafdnor packages. Timothy Seed was acttvo>t 55.0C05 55. Flax Seed was arm at 12,7502.(0. UetsFork Ishcld at 112 fCQ(2.:o—with hnyera at $11.(0. A lot of ICO brU conniry Meis Pork was cold at I*9 0?. Lard was held at 29c, with bayeraat 31c. Orals Frelcois were steady at 6d6)fo for oats and Bsc for com to Buffalo, and l!c (or wheat to Oswego Freights, however, were not very pl-nty. The Beef Cattle market has been very onlat. with an a meet nominal topply. Quotations remain nn> chsnited. Entered taiet, 223 head at |?,Ca®iso— at stco@3 S') per ICC lbs. in H oga the market hai bean moderately active but without any change on previous rater. Entered ealoi 124tlie«dat$e30al0.»S-cbleay*t 49.C0GU0.23 per ICO lbs. LATBtt. Ifcthelafteraoonwbeitwas very qu*at, and Hgbtsales wtremadcot|2.oC®2.ol. ‘ Corn, however, was firm., and In good demand at *1.83 for No. 2. Oat*. Rye and Barley were neglected. Qlghwlnaa w era dun. CHICAGO OILY GOODS HUBKBT. TtraasAT Svxjrcro, Ane.23, 1864. Tbe markat for Dry Goods in. tbl« city bu rarely IT ever beea so brisk as at present, and that spue of a very strong upward tendency in prices. Since our lait review, we note an advance In prlciß of2>fic per yard on Brown Sheetings, 2>so on Detains*, U on prints, and otheraztictes in the some proportion. Tbe tdvloes from the East are still of a buoyant na ture, Jfrmta there are In light prices In New York arelc higher than those rnltns In Chicago. Stoat tla to-day willsg Dclalnct at in New York, while our wholesale msrehanta hero are selling at tec. Bleached goeds have advanced In Now York 2®Bc per yard, but there Isno'chaugeyct tn this. Saiinats, Joans, and coarse woolen goods are mov ing eff freely at our quotations. The followlns are the clcslog quotations for this market: USOWK BHXBTXKOS. AppL‘tos.4-4.... 72K Amoake&g A— ,- 72H AiiWlc.A 73s Pacific 72JS -Medrord- .. . 70 Cabot, A—.—. 65 iWtatoouta, 24. S2V Ragle S3 Pcppetcll, 0~... 50 Indian Hcaa 72« “ J4.... C 3 laalaa OrtfiMiW 45 ** E.... 65 “ 8.8. 49 Porasrets tB “ C-.. 52 Starlc.A 73K A— 5S WatervlUa ts “ N... 67 Pep-iorol, KM... 1.73 w 1.... 63 psorrs. BorMue.DarK.. 14 I oacbcM, B SS Philip AH&nJ)’x 4i Torx S3®l3 American Dart, 4S I Richmond, D*rS - . .41 Dom.'Jl.DarS... 42 | BlacX aad tVtita 43 Bhlrtlnjrßtjlft*.. 57543 I Franthn...... . 24 suumro RBißnarat) jjrn sntsTxsst. Bates-. ...2b 691370 J Jamti* t5 ‘ Blacratona.... W re James’s itiila 36 tin Boca. .fS Lo»)eU;le.t?>< BUi M 65 W«TWUa t. Hill or Semper _ Waltbtm 61 Idem... ... 4-4 65 K»d8an\...,.4-l SO James’Mills.. .Si KM '*• •* .....7-8 DBLIXNXS. I All VTool,plats.. 80@91 Pacinc(oaw)... 41Mo»50 I. amoiiAMe. ..«1 | Htcapcsn. ♦S 1 aiIBUQW., ■WDOTttJ! TLXS2T*LS* Scotch Glnßhana. Laucaitir . .60(gK» j.oiae Twilled ... K&it .:C®S5 1 Opera b'lu&'M..., Of s ntVMWHf ' Bed Twilled. . Gray Tallied Einuiltoa. he’s. wide. S3' lilaDcl'.ettttf, . TICKS Amoves*, A C A....2C0 'Sort, XWnofc , M A t5 r*lic«sf Co.„, E5 v ** . ft> Albany..... SSM •• " C,........,8*i)4 femberten 8e3. a „.,.8* ** D .w WMltftnton, A A Efrtftfflw ....85 aanraa btsipm. Amoß3ieac,D&rk. 15 WhU’at’n.D'k.c, 55 * Wffbt « " liffbftC, 55 TJcc«Tille.O»-jr.f63<aMjf BbetncXet, 4* M Utblfb ©6O Everett 61 Yora 70 smeras. 9» 1 Pembroke. S8 I cun*oo , “• « flaysia£U Amo&eaz.. ,HmcjU< n... chcaicr. WoSblßTtOa TOIK. Pcail Hirer B7 ! Brawn, warren,, Eaatoc 46-4 *• Madlactt/• 4i pumflcnce _44J COtTJITiDEa. NewTcrXSimi.M ©SO I Wtittsnton... -jo Kytrett £7 c*73 I • l,?» Amcßk’p, Broira THIACmfD 00*S8T JIISI. 45 1 LewlstoH AmMkeig. Bates. aULCT ooas*T jsjuto. 42J$ I BoppcrelL 57 «» I Canc-5 Kim-.,... « * IS .) AnJMKM*....... 51K Lew1rt00...... . BaTFf ladiaa Oic&srA. * * STT2{i>BtBA. Bro. Crtali- IK &2» fWUllminnc ..... Up BlMCbea do 19 ®3« ISilesia Lotuwa . U Ibm ofni>Ui»» 27 i S3 ] pumpcknrtsrtM,:* ©29 Amotkeaf.., Tictoir-.-. muuhii suan> Olllwrtf MJ3IL.ITU ».M CaiCAGO liVABCB QIAKKBT. For the Week Bn dins August 33,ISUL. TC STOAT ETEStSO. Aag. ». im. The following table shows the receipts ol Lumber Sblaqiss, Lain, etc*, fcr the week ending Aozuat 20ib and comparatively for three years, sxczini or LtrjniKS,Bia3roLX«. lath, xtc.. foe to* Willi XSTDDTQ ACQ. 30TH.TOB THBZBTAASS. 13T4. 1963. IS Si. Lumber, feet 19313/10 U353/00 Sblrgies, No 1.855/03 3.I3LCW I.SM.WQ Lath, ECS 3M>'fOa 1.U3.0C0 1,136/00 FoUP.Nc 14.400 I'.VJJ *,7-.c FlCktU.Ko ...... .9.755 4»‘OCO 90,5-5 181.UI: TlPber.lf**s 11* .oj 4*!>,9CO 199,00 LUMBER.—The ictelpti durtnr transit west bvro bun more I beral; bat hare beeuv mostly delivered •ac-.Dtracr. The cargoes offered for ssla hivebv.* lltrl’cd acd below m demand, ffpeclilly for ear c; nstiy trad®, for which the purchases mads bays been meetly appropriated. Files* continue very Aim with and upward tendency, tut Wdrota to quotable chasca in tbe prlcisof lumber dutlue tbs weeb. Tbtrehai been a slight Improvement in tm leciliUis ler railway tram shipments, bat greater are Itil! netted, end mast bo farxiehed. or the lumber trade t f tboclty will continue to be Cilpplcd. Prime tcrzUacarcces are neatly nstded, and meet with ready eslo- SaISQLES—Have been in smell and a'meat nomi nal supply, amounting to only tv. o thirds of tbe re ceipts ot the correepcadir? week ol lut year, sod to but little more than tbe lectlplaof 1863, whilst me c ecaEQ has cebled. The market Is active and very film.' LATH-Are In moderate Fupp’.y,-wUh an adequate demand. The market li firm and uncharged. cabqo Salks todat. Cargo B'brWairer, from Black Lak-'. J. GMilct.Wmlnmber.Ketrlpi,at4lßM; cargo sebr aki lies, acid by O. R. Robert:,73 mlumber, X stil's, cargo echrWm. Smith, soil b? Irish & Ful ler, 125 m lumber, f*lr mixed, strips, from Wyman & Co.’s mlb. Grand River, at *18.50; cargo schr For far, from Grand River, sold by Irish ft Fuller, lie m common rafted lumbsr.K atriss. at *17.30; part cargo ecbyDresStu, liom BUCK Lake, Kid by Irtib ft Ful ler, SC m fair quality lumber sad terns npperi.ct *S‘.K: cargo schr Hayden, from Per’4 Maraa'tts.lCO ro lumber, Kctiitr, said by CoL Loomft, a* $23.00; caieo ecbr Hamlet, from Cedar River, sate by CoL Lcomls, 140 m lumber, K strips, balance mmd, good sc 120.15. CAE (30 2SLZV DCKiSO THE WEEK. Vcsieiß. Wociofrom. Quality, Price. Hs-lner Grand River Kbesi ?i7x» Sams: MasUes&n ,M atp0....... 17.30 Arrow.... Kalamazoo Kstps ai,w Mag „.{f etpi ml. 19/0 Foster do kstns.... 20.00 Hubbard......... do' ........Http5....... JO SO Barber ' do- Helps 2353 Enterpras -do common.... 18,50 Ecterp.uo do smdßdstß. uo eesor* .....Menominee rood 3151 Fa»tlor do Hfltw 22,00 L.Lu'iJtstcD«,..Stargeoo , B9y Kstrip* zHO Illinois... MaiKecctt 1 Sn’dstißhaid.. &0 do do Mixed mmb’rtUW Bstif r M Menomonee. H smps 29.73 Algrms k btiips 2 AinwicE.... Grand Raven K»trips 1 7xo ‘ On ' do ~,..LatQ -US Freicxlct.........Giant! River;.... Cota.rafted..l7 73 do do ......P.csotspka 17.00 n.catrpteli.,... Portage X£kr....a*nca soar Mary......0c0nt0.. Stripsaadbds3D.Co CJSsoTmcxs op irttcse. Grand River, v s*ed per thousand 55et....f IGJ9VBJSO do do ail9»rjp«, ** ~ .... lSJ9c@3i.oO Sluaiegot. mixed, “ *» .... ia.o'.‘«2j.oQ do fcc#t rarKOM, ** ** .... W,00!3?j.0a Sreenßar.mlxtdy “ * r .... is.oora-io.oo do no v strips. “ ** .... JJI.M@2J.fO Shingles,-No. a, eawcd, 9 thousand....... s 50 .do No. A, shaved. " 4.15® SM Irt - h, 9 thousand p».. 4i»@.... In tho yards there has been more aotlvny conse quent npon the increased demand am oust nulldsw, -whose foil operations hare cow fairly ;onnnaeneea. The market is very flr~at present quotations. Lvsiszß-Fint clear, ?f*il woxSd'SX? Second Clear, ?» <BX^sls2*o Third Clear, 9 K. ■ ....^50.C0 ctoekßosrus. SMf< Box or Select Boardfl; J7.WX*J\M Common 80ard5.....*. 2e0r@44.c0 Fcaofre 23.cfta20.t0 Cull BoarflUw FirttClcarFloortn?,roaccfi...., Second Clear FJconca- rouib , 43 Wf>4lsoJ Connaon flocnnir, rccjh 33.0509i.f10 Blcjas-ciear, crewed..-. 2t.OJ6S2*/3 BcccadClitr.. nsceytioo Common 00 00 LOOS Joist? „ 2iO:^iTCO Shaved ahsaclss, A. s *£o^.73 Shaved Shlajlw* So. ‘ i.'Tc* i£3 Staved StiavlC’, Star a iz& sm» Cccar Shingle*. sto«s.’Ts Sawedstuoeie?.a sisia 601 Saved ShleelM-liO.l „ 5.250 5.73 Letb, « I.CTOPCO, ...... 4.!i-(j* 5.07‘ PCblr, 9 I,OOC. 11/ATsIS 37• PlCSetB l7.tott2c.SJ CniCAUi) CATTLK-CJAIIKET. T9SBOXT Emm* 6, Aar, 23,1551 ' BKEFCATTLH*—tfeceipta to'dayliavabieaaltnoit nomtsal, amoantiflg to abent 150 £Bid of B»ef Cattle. Entered sates. 22s bead, at 13.05&5/ C ;. chlelly at II 63 ®4tC per icons. There Is apparently more activity la tbe market, ana juices appear freer the sales with b»vebtcnmad»,to be firm at proving quotations. Bat with so limited S supply no correct estimate con be Riven. Wc contone to quote preceding rates. SZE? OJiTTLS BMXX3 TC-irXT. Sellers. Borers. }fa. At. Pr'C3 G.ACsm* O’Sfea 23- IRI *|.w do Butcher 12- an S 2K CO dp 8 Ml 325 CO Woa 14* JOEfl 460 , Sbeimsn 11* P..Crorted... ..... o* 837 J.G:ldloy VTcbOJ: Ke11y.... S3* tow 6.25 , do do ir- 1173 S.CO do Morris W& 15.... 12 ;iM s.w Mercer, , ...Dutcuer IS' 872 B.OTK Hurle Hansel/. 20 860 SJB HOGS-Becclrcc tc*d»y aboutt,tOO bora, Entered sales at all the yard* J.2J4 bead at *BJf« 10,33 5 most* 1/ at s9.o:<siCJ& per lOBs. Tbere bao been no charge Is tbe market; oblppcrs are orldeatly not prepared to concede as/ adraseo upon proTioaa guolsUc-salß tba present dull condition of thafiasu era demand. There bos been no and ws coLtlauato quote at previous rates. HOG CALX* TO DAT. BeHcii. Bayer*. No. At. Fries j; Adams Smith.. US 181 |9.(0 (O . do 133 ICO 9.D0 dO do SO ISO 8.50 do do &0 155 8.50 00 dO 70 15S 8 5U Qtejory do ....53 ltd 8.50 Btcley .Crowley 47 a. l 5 10 so Ketler do su 381 10.25 'WaUffork is il...Cl*rko 93 177 9.73 Co ... co 333 m 9 75 0.AdkZ£5.........T)1den 61 78} 10 00 ■Walts ...E.K.rUl’-DI 398 313 10.75 VyJEEKI/ST EEVIEW OFCH2- <JAGO MAKHE All salts of Grain reported in this market report aKHtiie ’uAes' % othtncUe stated. TrssDAT Evn.vDro, Aug. 23; 12CL FBFIGUTS—Grain r'amenra—There baa betn a mote acme demand for t< cghr-roomdaring thi weak, acd rates have tn couseqnvuce advanced leper bashsi since the cate ot our last weekly review. To day tb-; encasements were: To licrFAiot schra Mary M.Pcott acd Mary Morton,with corn atßKc: four Red White and Bine, with outs, at Pc; nrop at. Loots, with 6o; propr Mencotaand pnn£{«a Citv.wlicoa.a atCKc. To Obwano: flchr-FPonaer On, with wheat, at Ic. . “Lax* ANDRan,”FßEioiiTß.—ToMjay too prop*!. Ur Hoes have a«vi need tawr tales cn ilonr to (1.11 to Bottom, and SI.BO to New York. >Vo Quota: r Floor to sosxow 13EB wm nut........ * 1.493 Floor to NevTort.laKe ano rail use® ProvulQEfltoNeflr Yorz, like wwtaH, v 100 as da. Pj&TlsJrMtoK. T. all water, ?uco a...... CO3 Fleer to Montreal,ail water 6*3. Perk toMancre*!, all water....... 90ft . Fiourto Moment. r!a9»rni» ... TOia. Pork to Montreal, tw SaroJ*. WO© Flctu to Portland, Tla Sarnia Ficortoß<‘*toa.via Sarnia. fclOft. Flcor to BttfMo oU lake !Laz.hou> Fnsiaatß.—Thereisaochangsln rates. We quote: Fourth Clus. Floor. WooU ToNew York, all rail OM 1.60 iBS *• rail and Like Ene..0.75 jjo To Boston, all rail .735 I.JO 2J5 ‘ « • ml ana Lake Erie .0.80 1 so TcPortlano, all rail ; />.SS -iro 2.9J To Montreal, all rail oeiK 135 lo Bndalo, all rail 035 •• tall acd Lake Eile .05711 1.75 ToßaUlmcre.all ran... ...0.70 ISO 2.70 To Philadelphia, all rail .....0.75- 1.20 2.70 FL.OUlt—to-day, 3,167 brls; th'ppoi. 2.772 bru. rhe ipliotrtm: table eboars the receipts and snlpmeciß anno* tee past week.atjd since the Ist of janowy. *Uh comparative statistics:-. Btceiveaiftst wee6,ba 11.259 “ corteapon' log week 1863, 16,153 •* 4L corresponding period is€3~ 759.V4 Bblpoed last week.bria 16,:2< •• coirceponding week 1563 35,0 "d “ esfifoa Of JSM ...,7U4Sff “ cortetpondlne period 185 S. «i ,t6B Ibarebaa beta more activity In. Floor durtmr tbe tmcwtclr, and prices fcbow an Imcrotremeit ofso® 75c per bfl. Tbe demand baa very active (or abl&oen', and under a ordi rs bayes mi* tnurs been flj'eo only with gr-rat dlfflcnlty. White Wxsrna ExrßAS—particularly tbat tfo:nnex wheat —ba« been scarce and firm a: a range c f ttf .tOQtiUTX and Bid IViktxb Bxt»as at *10.1*0310.75. srmso Bxtbab have met with very nady talj at SlO.iO® U W), ana at the clfsa the demand Is much greater than tbe snopiy. Sw»sjxvs brands bare been yery flnnatiO.COQy *oc. Tbe toilswin? cable shows tbo sties durlne iho weet ♦ 9AILT TBASBACTIOKS IS PIOCP. nuntXO THS WEiK. Barrels W. Winter Bed ''■ inter Spring Bate. sold. Kitraa. Rxtrta. • Excra*. Any. n....i"00 suironivo- —a— j9.-js©id,‘»3 •* 18 s/oo ntKaiaoo saswj’O.Ti 9.;0a,q03 " M.;..«.CC0 lOAIJGm.'O 1 JJWW.M 9.»5©13 69 “ '20....85C0 9£oailVi< 9.UA VjO M 27. II &3@>2 r 37K3C SiCiK.TS 13 2t©HO ■ “ is -■, , .c0 ii.7rai2-'o 1075 a To sat the offtncsfl wore- verv 113 m, and ioh m-ir ke<drni. salts »c-d*y. were • white Wrxrc:: Er-. TEAS—I-Obrl? “Morton & B/0.V.” ftts!.3 0Q; SW l)?H choice white winter extra at Sl2 00; 2io oils do at *ll 75. -*0 WniTBS EXTRAS-CUi, Drls 14 aT-Btllrla” at $10.7.*»: 10-i brU Icclatu red win «r. iCG fcrli 11 Piy-. moats, M atd ue bria “LO7II P f otu' 4 —?, 1 oa pmato terms, w*«rxo Kxtbas—:oo brw “strtogbtOQ“-at fiO.T {lO bria coo- tpii'ic ex:r<* « 1'Q.50, 1.0.0 bra do at sitMO. SPiisa ScPAEPcre—4-1 brls “ Turkey Mtl.B at tOia. Corn Deni—ln loir demand with & very light tup- Sly. We quote; iln dreu (Tom Steal. 9 brl. 51.ni5t0.75 Pine Corn Meal, 9 ton 49 O'frau.’ o Coawe corn Meal, ?• von 46.0hai7.03 Bran and auddJincn— i« a very Jjgot sup ply or Bran and Middlings, and the market during tbewe*kbua advanced $2.03 per ton. Wu anota: KiEfilßcdllDSF, 9 *on—.. . ............. ?33 CCIA’S/O Coaree Middling*, 9 ton 2Soo@2sru Br»n son Sbttta..... 21.004i?3 00 WHBa'io—Received, to-diy, 5fi,t27 bn;- ampoed,. 83.7:5 bn. The following t-tbieabovs tha movement tor the weak and • Itco Jaa. 1; Received last week, bu ... 375^66 “ corr-.iponciDgweck,l3S3 120,057 “ season of 1561........ #3^0.634 " cortrancuc mg pened, 7£Ci 4497^04 Shipped list week, brls .... SISJOd •• coirief noticing week, 1863 07,253 “ aeisonof 18W 6,7M.\73 “ corrcfoon lmg period, lESB ....... .. 4.C43.258 The market during the pust weekbasundergobc a grtatrcsctios, andwwnote anadvance in prices of alic ptr cusbtl r.n Wln'er aal2o©32oc»r bathci on String trades. The demsna bos ba:n largely ior ttica.eut.buucwbrdf tbe rl<Be, owlngiothciinto acvateelu prices wlihout a oorreßoonotmr iniorovr rnent in Eastern markets, tbal-qalry basbeancbl a Cy prices have shown some symptoms ot fallisebark a.-aln. The transaction! during the woo* In winter Wbtatweia: dailt TnAKßAonora ik wnn wheat Duacts ■Date. Baectd. Ro.lßai Ro.2Rvd. Dol’d BadL Ann. 17...14.0C0 . ..@ .... (1.9231.05 (1.8 0. ** 18...48.C10 «.C*e»... 1913193* |A‘C4IB3 M 19...21.CC0 (2 0C02.T6 1.940... •* 2f1.,.v.r00 iia® awai.ra idva... 11 22...W.V0 2;W3212 2.PCk*2lO ■ 1.95*2 CO •• J5...39,«0 .. e... . M'QIMK 1/552.03 Ibclollowicctabl« ibo<79tha tmaeastions dcrizz thawcefcin Spilrtt Cheats - UAUtT TBATSACTIONiJ XN SPrWQ WHEAT DDEIHO TQ« T2ZS. Bnshel* No, I No, 7 Pate. sold. Sum?, Sprlrr. tiorlasr. AOJ 17..WJCC0 iwa. tl7j ©IJ3I *170^... -. IBIOjOCO ID2OUC 1.7t @l*3 I.U@t73 •* 19XUU) 193®i97 «L?fl 1.7101,75 '* JOSO.WW 19.'©7.C0 L9l ©7.91 IHO©IBS * Z(JQ.2J3 2A?Ji<B&O3 W251.90 ** J3.i4U.t« a.C6'f.2.13 3.0u ©7.3 1.903.. To dxt market lor winter wbe*t stealy ssd active bat iprlni wieA* tvm not so brisk, ail prices mitd 2SBc lower than yesterday ortcrcocu. nusi<s2c hwoer than the nrlce» p*,il on ’chan?.*. Thejales were:—WiKTaaWiHAr ix sronn.— 4to ba Ko 7 aed Winter in itore m 37 i2H; kj.r, o bn do a: |2J<; 5,M0 do do (m A. D. Co.’.-i) at 3211; 2,* cc Dado at «,*Q; 8, r CO bo Nejectrd Ifc>d at Si 0-1; 2,0, v bn do '8t*;.«0; S-.bbado at «1.95;803 bo No Grsio Rsd at. ft 93; 4(0 bU do &t 11:91. SPKISO WaCVT IN STOB3. —4(oi-uNol Some at |J.OS; V-M bo do ntia.OT: J. bo do at S&-8; 9,060 cu co at 87.19; Wftc ho No 2 Sdtjbc at $l 03: Ss>o bo d> st SS.OJ: J5.050 bo so at K. ; 4P,CCi bo Co at S3 d; 2.TCO bu di at 32 fOK; 3, ! t0 pa oo at $2 ci; H,'CT btr Injected Bpnm at 8195; <Cobn No Qrsce Sprloff atS».7u. Atrreeiose thKmsrkftf rNoZB’d Wia-erwas steady uiS*d2 t and for >o 7 Bprlrc weak at 82 01. s <;o2lN Ufceivtd t-dav, 16933 to; ihljned. 13,- Sifibo, ’.‘hefollovrlT table-shows ihecdapiratlya rnovctrect duiltgthc wter« and sicca tns /trs:oC January; I'eielv.dist* w*t.bu........ - 3*.S>3 . ccrretpo=diCf;w«ilS*3 Ivm'S*- •* tes'.oaor 61... - cocresDondinic ytrloi’M so,^, «w BfcJpctd J»itv«*t. *• oonearoo'iiEfweet ’Si • . “ Kiscacfoi*. "ififi'Si •• ccncpoo'-IDRp-rlcd tii There ha been a fair sWp’ajc- qnlry kr Corn rtenre ecrwetii.snatb-m-jii.rt n,» li(tn unn and tranyiat-pneej cJoJ-f ‘J ““ Jj. x*» Balesffcntß-.he weaewerewcniiows- ws*s. gjl Bgoaen 13 fgj|| M 25.18J.'00 lAI 2*2 JJJ-gt •■ a i«*«o IAS @U* lA3 91BK-147MdL99 Toxurthtfo vii an aedrs spsettJadve ingotiy, aßdp^cesiSTkQcedsc per bnbol. Sftlei were:- V* ■ S M GTS Coxa nr Broan-z/tO bn No ICon at sl.Sl; 2.KW ba du at SIS 4: 15,fC0 Da No. 3 Coro at St 9h 65,0» DU dost si3»H; af.U'Orrado at «i.; 8; 10,000 bn do it •Ik3K: 400 on Ketseted Cora at f I/CO ba da at SIS; SCOCbadoaltlSSh: S.ooi bn do allied, rtivss *«t> C4XAX, Cobx—Dtnata light sad mars-c dull. Bales 33,000 oa‘No. 2at lira afloat. At tie elositbe market was quiet at *1,31 K9l SJK for Ho. 3 Cora la ■6 *TB-Recelrcd to-day, *SWIS bn; shipped to oa7,».<oCbn. Tha foliowm* tib:e Bbawa Uie r> ccspts ana shipments daring tts week ud Blass Jan as* y x« Beceivadlast wttk, bn. 6W C 32 „ ccn«P?nill?swce*. iScB..V.V m*ini • tines Jannwr i. IS6V .... 4 904^17 sv.pnd!«t ,aar! i g?»« r - < * “*• ■■■*&& corte9ooi'ila{rweab,i?S3 * TjlSc since Jinn*rii,iS6; dF 4,23 V4J3 ccpcr uU. The sales daring tbr wesi were: ° AU,T wcmcnoss nr dkiso to * vrsnx. n... K°;l M). 2 Kflscted "Bt(. _ SOlu. Oltg. o*tl. iMti Ane.JJj*..,2 ocoo f* (sf6*£i* pa nvt c 63 e -’ u it ww o 61H355 c Bias’s * iP-... B7 W3 c C4K''i£C9*<C (Pa u JgMW |S£SS-**C c Sit... 73,-...1..,010 c ki «6I e SDftftc To dat the market suffered % declinolc of V bushel. The saUe were aa fcllowj?-OAT9xar S>ots-S» l «■ba KolOitsatßte; S.CtQ bo da tt^c-••OOObado as HHc : 5,Ms aaSclOza at tie $ umj hodo atCWc? o bu do at «c: 1,000 ba Oau JcVc flaw ba do tl 60%’ Bt Saudi*-4to na*ia:s at 32c os traok lt‘lo Jsa s*c#a At tba cists the market iris omot at 6* Kc ler No X Oats In stop*. H tfeemea to-day, 15,223 ba ; »blapel.noae. Tbf fcllet Ins table shows tb« r>c#i-ts aria •Wombats dnrlne tt# piet we«s. and s«nce tbs ut of JAna.rr* it«c«iTedlaitwMk,ba si 9*5 •* corresponding week, 1333 J * M'tUd •• • seasonal ISM D2tJ7 44 coi-itspcncttiff period, tSB3 4i-rsß9 Shippedlast week... : . ‘ st.-iCO •• coiresponding week, 1358 4 cw 44 . season ct is&f. 174 TU •• corresponding period, IS6I 371073 Tl-e market dotlrk th* week has ne-auasetltedao-l imjrttar, and puces close at# decline cn tbe week of f* So p*T basket.*’ Thesales dnnagibeweek •crer DAILY T3UX? ACTIONS IX BTB DOatTO TO* WIJL Date L anti, sold.* No. 1 Rye. No. 3 Hra. Au*. 1T,,,.,,,, ?,7CO fUO 01.19 1.... ®.... •• IB ~,S0.0:0 1A8H91.85 127 UIX4 •* is,ora 1.89 ttua ias mja .•« 20 v.u» us ©1 a i;a *• 53 ?5,0W l.‘« P3LJTJ IJSS ©iJB “ 23 2SJKO J.BJ ©U9 ToDATtbamaitetwssmare sctlrosnc la tilgbar. S*l« as foDr.wt: Ttr* c, Stobb—l.43o ba No IByett SirS;J,WO badoat ba do at «Li 9 ; IJUi ia do at 41.59 X; lp,ld> ba do atSt.4o; baNoailrb 1,549ba do« 3,»c0 bn do at fISSKt 14 ba do at BLSs—tbo maria; CJo'lrpAimaiire adraace. . ifAK«.I<ST-Received to-day, 12.170ba ; shipped, none. Thu following n acomptratiTß table or tae receipts and 1 hitmtn; 1 for tbe week sad season: Received ]d*« u.931 •* cor/etpondme tree*. 1953 •‘ tmee Jan. 1,1884 1C3.5U *• period, 16G?....,...;..,2t,i,855 gfilrped U« Week, ba ; :tS “ corrwpoafilng waas, ISIS sam »incejan-’ *• tince/aa.l, u« *1,3:3 »* ccrregpondlagperlstMS'tf. . 17,t00 TiomartttcnrlEKtcapwtTTcei has b?ennns’.v tftflandveiylmxaiaT—l.o.3 baying loldosaigti as «3 S3 cr.d low as fi 75. Tie n*vkst cloamz as %dc>«wccJcofßs«4rc per bnsaei. the follow 2ci taO!e a~ow*the traaeacttofisdoriiu;rite wresr SlftT TBASgACTIOKS Ut BASSaT CCSOO TBS 'WBXE. Date. •' ~ “ fituhols. .No S Barley By Saumle. ►old. la More. A«C. 11 2.59&1.40 9J2532.W ** 13............5,.’X0 2.4UC42.10 - 2.23£ - a2.53 « w ijoob «.«S<leo' 20.-*., 1,010 a.« 0» . 1/KJa— -32...... 8, r M 2.2O@*.SS a CC«— “ 2a..... WCO l.a:»». 20 1.90.07,10 To-Day tbemarie' was unsettled and toascclotr* cr. Sain were as'ollosrsßarlbtiw No 2 Barley atjrSO; &*ouba£oac $2.00; SCO bn do at By sayiplk—2l bcs at <2 20. ttlivered; 400 oa atft.lioc truss f 40 bgfl at $3 00 cd tract ;-4f b*s at $1.90 00 tract. At lbs c1d?o there was a eooa de rcaiaiorNo.2mFtor»atf3fO _ AGCOtlOft—Knnnsat at iS.(T@3.BJ H gallon, ASHES—Babbitt'd can Potash steady at $3.50 V HOTTER—The market during the weak raid *c tUe ft an ao-ratc* or iQSc ? a The aamand'Xor iblpma • tis unusually brfay, aal all gnue, men wlh ready gale. Woonote; BilmeDairy.lacrocaaani tube 4ia4(c Shicplcc Hatter, lalirklno source Grease Butter.. 335*433 Todatin* salts were r—1(8 flrslna orlme, to ar me,st42Kc; ac'JUrklaepjlme at«c; 50 ands3 nr-- Air» coco at BEANS—The demazd is Itsht, and there sra tot few lots cornice in- The aj»?ket is thereure almost' nominal at flUDOSft* hash!L BEOyn • CJOKN— I The ts co-ol'l Brad in marks? • gnu tel eis of new krumva are seiliur s7s»per too- The market is entholyncmlnal, outers refusin' to" name n price. BBGUmst -The mart etdarlnc the week has been mcdersttlj active, but will do chcoge ou oar previ ous qaotatlois. friees *ra flna, wl‘h an upward tcaderc'. We quote: Crnuncn.,. 512503 53 raemmo., ; sx&LVi Extra ..... .......... ».... 4 50@5.50 UEBsWAX-In esail BTip3Jy t .wi«i a mootrat* ieamtui w« qooiC 84ita 9a. JSKICKS*—Tee market- haa- paen more active, owns* to DtuldersoavKjrrointcracMtliclr fell wwS. Pit es are flzmer.wltb aa 1 up»ara tendency. Con* tract* era Kid mice *c fSJJCSftao. One reud prices are bltaer. MtEnfactnreis are eeliice at $9 w ?> tbrmifiod. pje*6«o iJrlcis are firmer,with an edruicc of S3.CO 9 thousand. Ccmn»c.n.« t±. S.SCaio.'M 31 ....... (afci.tO Taere has b€enlUtla activity ;ntha a'wUttQUiiOßibepsstwtelc;- Q;*t* bticchiveosea lEjfOtd OcmiLtf, bat orevipna qa-taitoaa iicaic Q"- cKacsed. Cctrcn sacss tra etui very Smwittiaa *p*ardtercezcr. v-eqnoti:: Stark.A * SUS Monitor A.sjfczniees 1.3 a njr.pdtn E,eei»inle3fl ac WsnrlyA. tesmiesj 1.39 Cbicheo A,eeazlees .*. go LcESfwoca a.... Hsrcbeorer A, w?M CcrnKieiiscae A»sewec Unen, Rstia-lieaTy A. EtmleA... Escalelor Empire City, sewed ilium Garden Cuy. sewed ilnen Bcrlasi, foar bn. Gußnle3,Uve ba. " /car ba . u two ba Floor &ac*r, H brlscotton. “ •• K * 4 nrra... •* u- y •• cotton, tl 'it H pacer.. « .. tfgu m ;; "Wool Saclrp, he5TT......... CHi>S»S~HftmMire axl h*v© bteii masKiLikocfpiy and ilmitea cemaad Weitera Cbetscln fair receipt The market la* qaiKaM .-ea’- era ate havlae ioariasr>y, erpectiaff.iuat m a few weeks at lh« utmost a redaction of she prerenthuh rate* cl the rotihet will taJte place. -7?fc qaoter BatnDar?.... 21 <&u e tvei-reraKeterTe XiK&& o TTcEttrnßfate*. 15 c fiOFPSt;—Therehasheen more active dutnaad dnxlcgtbeoveek. »nd onces have, ci'dor tbaiofln esca of heavy Government cottncts. and the et tierte activity la NtwToilr, advanced on Bio ic B. Tb»re 19 will a strong upward tendency- we quote Cape and O.G. Java at previous -rates We quote: Cape, . 47 ©39 c,!nmat3 60 @O6 c lUo.fsir to good so @52 e Wn,yo<ylt>-nrline .63 ea6t c ss^ii&frarv&sifiKS bfenlClß «ng.nnnLVJn ph«nftH In taetr arret.. There la a fair oegree ot oettvny, ei ihauahmasylareo holders are noldinsaff In a«.Ucl* ration of lower rates. We quo,e: Ehie—Brookfield. (id OQ do Ormshv. 16.00 Cw72awa>-Bnar Dill .. w.m 6o Mineral Rides ... is.uo do Willow 8ank...... ..... . is.'ic Blossbcrp u.oo Lama Ltaish „...a oos*«.pc Lackawsna, propped. .....*. 2f.Cd Scranton ............ 20.C0 FUtsion-** - 2, i .co 9 OCffUO 03 TOO t»Els AGE—The market dnrtcu the w-oek baa bfcu very quiet, fins at the present blsbcce-- ct labor ano material, mar ofaeturc-s are aasicar Higher price*. OuPork Barrels we advance qoov-mcni I'c, tn«i op Lard > lerce* ssc. Pries wc quote nominally, as there we acne at present canine into the market. We quote: Fork Parrels figoa 3 no Lard Tierces....... 2.3CS* *,73 w blrty Barrels.... a ,":zei 2 *o Tiourßarrels, Uath00p*......... 03 63 Fleur Barrel*, zonae h00p...,.,, 75 , Loose halTfjriß.-.;. 65® 6n I LaraKecs i.ov* 1.»5 : bnlttrKecs.... . ......... i2to@l3JW Llonor Kcf*. V doz ibxo&'S.oo 1 Tight Panels, Staves and H- alia z5........ in W) ; Flour Bsnei ofaves and Sqn=»re Headings. no 1 Flour Barrel Slaves and Circle Headings.. Flat Hoops 5JI0» LS« 1 OafcFole* . .... ... 25xa@WX0 Bale to-cavrSdozßutter Keei oitlijw cer daz. I CAJiDliEri—We note a further advance dun?R I the week of ic 9 a on Stearins Candles, sa<t of l«3o i on Pressed and Star candles. atprea=nt quotations I manufacturers are vety firm tntbotr views, cut the nsrket remajcsqnlei, sealers only inpolylcclmme* date wants at p.eseatprices. Wa quote: Buarlno 21@27c Frexsed... ... .......,..-...v2@23c stftrfoadUVAsoz«i** , **rrrrrii*«iiir'! , *t“wi3K«iSso UCUUS AND CnETIICiLS— Thn cia tint Is eteaay, ana jafnlr demand. Tnere bataecn nocnaaso Utulde laa wees npon oar jrevuna caotattor*. Glass "Wax* to very firm; and Pas-nt Uedlcineshave » C«>r»l onward tendency. We qnnlo: Aloes,yocouine, ocalne aorta. "Ss<a sa ?» 2> 1.15 do obeJac .l.coaUS Alum B do Tr** flaae.i.a<ai.3u Au.atto fO do Myt»n ;sa 9S Arj&cls.poiT 13310 _ do. Optam..... IS.OO AirowUcoiJam. 50 IpecaOi do Ber, 0o incUo ..-l.' Bal.Coi>aTUa.... 1-to loaine 10.00 Bal.Tcm 3.&> loditopotaa ajo Bi-eazbtoda 31®12 Jalap .... 4CO Bi-croPoiMh...,’ as Jcimjarßwry... *o Borax refined.... 50 Mo pblna.. 12.00 Caapbordo ■ . I.SO <ni. Castor 4.M3125 noppejasAta 4 QaicSailvar . 2.25 CrraoiTanar..., 1.10 Qulaiae i.n> ccasbs 1.93 Giue, white 4s Soda Ash. 80 00. BMJ USto Salßoda.. 7 SO Aqua Ama:e-a/a. IS ulauhar Salts,... .5 Chryatal Silicate Caustic 50;ta ‘ 13. cl d0d0..-. 7K Caro^aramoota.. 43>3 45 EGGfl —The market has been fairly enp died dar -Ins the week, a: die fcdr d*m*nd. Krlcaabavevv 23edbQtKtils,ianE , <icz. Thesnp-- ply to-darbas been much be/Her, and a few rales. wtiumacoatiTeti das, in a market ruling firm at lt>iJ7C- FI- H—Wmrsrrsn have been In much smaller euoply dntlnz tne pnat •vveefr.ana with a fair demand prices have ruled conpldsrably firmer; bat wtin no charge. Tboct ara in good sunply, ana stocks on band arse ionre: tbe maraat rales easier out un changed. MAOKBB»b>are la lair re-eint andsctlrs as prevl> 03 Cooffiaa are la verv limited sun-, ply and flan, wrta a r trosg upward tendency. Darso Ilkanisas are tn,fair supply- Picitubd la email de mand, wl'h libtral receipt.-* uo llchhx.vo id small snd IrrekUiar receipt; market arm and Wo quote: NOl wbKofirb.hf bria *7.75 (asuo Noa’Whltsflat.h' brio 7.56 ©7.75 2>03 TVnitgfi-b, hf Or la.. 6.10 fcSjs Noi Trent, hr tons 7J50 ©7.23 N&uirooi.hi oris. aao <a&7s httrta ..10,45 <aiu;o No2Macirexel,now,bi brls B.CQ ajiso Noa 7JA «S.c3 Noliiaclifcrei.rew kite V...8.M «223 N *3 Mackerel,nswKlta 225 ©i.6o i*AsiJr Aue..- *w a t 2* Family vsceenl,bfbrls . 8.25 afua Codfish, George's Bank, 9 100 ds 853 ©g.Ti Co. tllb.Granaßinlf. PICO D9„B-2S (AS,SO Bo! PiltdHemnr, p b0x.... ca a 63 SealedHerrlnefl, 70 a 75 Uchled Hcrrtng5.rcnnd.................. 700 ftssa NatLaioHerriog Ale cfo‘is Ko i r a--« nmlar. 550 as 75 . tfßTJlTrt—Guxstt Arrms—AUbouib tbeaepnly onnngtba past weekebows eome improvement on *Sf prevloos r low tbe demand. Ttegeneral tmpreailon la hire that, owing to th. lPo3la ol last winter and tbe drotub c tnu leaner, the crop will nreva nnustuLv ught. Price* have ms foraeqoence further advanced£oQ per oil. ana very prime qualitls* atm mere. Wnon lUßßßSixbaroßßMO and In good request, with an scynncc cf CCcsj|.{H per basket. Leitokb hive been in locrctiECd demand, sat with to Improvement Inth* Buppiy the mtrket baaadvanc-d on French »?.(■<) ter box. la felr r.c* Ip*.ant un changed, TciiATOxa—lhe reason an far ha? be*=u a very abundant one; the tnpply basalmort exceeded tte demand, and navs boon ex<reme!y low. scam unit stuns at Katie per box, and damassd a: all prices from Vse p*r box. Peaks arc la smaniectlt.twithagood demaal at i 2 soauo ner. btskit. itc vfry choice Iran bt ttilibtgaerr&'e*. 'WATgnyKT.caabave b« ee inverylsn e suoa'y >t-h at active cexraid Ibe market ibow* a dcoHie of 5-( Cop*-r PO on nreV.ona tatts. Btnsni*w c«au sj- Ktsa—Two rttpmenta have coma to bar.d. iha ssv nla like y to o» a wodutilve cne. have rsoeed Pbaouss—The an. ncnrc<tr(ntiTßdo ciuiag the spriaz iftheatmost efiretilinrccfthe crop In tils and the aJlclcm 1 St»ietapp-,ara cert unto be resided. As it ware io renifid cs ibattbaPoflcn "Bisor had a’ra«dy*rnv • dwrbavebac arew bronghtinto the marknt, yev ' leidtj.lrcmJitw Jertey. uhicn we?-* v-?y r actiy scldatl'-G PerbtiKet. It at ail rreb^ls ifcatfurfnrtlurrcr-d-tavi.’iDo otherwise than ex trfetco'ylinmcd. We quote: Crcer Appw.V bri . fLDVi Bja ■Wbortiebemcs, ?»bn ...... 5.503 700 limcosFrench v b0x..... ..JJceaa.M LcaiOßP, Sicuy, 1* b0x...;............, TcKfiloer. P hfba box. Mf.a m . «aitiAieUni.9lW r 2-?iS , lf2 Pes-J » barket S(b(rbn crab?, per basket i eicbes.pcrbackft ........ I hai •imply :w»tb searee'S anv ”“Sro 10-i.a > rsne*- f.u;» ® ,-^St.Sm qaietand TtovKOn y#mT*-”Tbemarkc. . nub rat- , 8 of loIHU tBUDIy ff wa no?°»S nimea 2ic r. c rm l Si'SiSIJS bTS'i! BM'“| a*amx« arj oufrqnot-tlcn.. .!i fflu Jppl«s,B«UKra, 1. , Applas MipMßmui4o!Uo. ; ■••■'KglJ a ™? K Chtrrlfft ....... •.•.•••••. • ••••••♦.-....♦•av CMI Bnpa?»d*i*rache«,bdre» |#2> Blacibe x1ea.....-j;;^3rrautM. S itaU-zu—Layers —.••,.•.,....55-71 86 00 Rslalsa~if. B, V box •••• 525 S43AO Csnast*. 9 »—• tt ® *5 Fix»—Emyiß*. V * S3 Q 80 A BAtas.Boß. 2? ® t* S S . g Pear*.Bobrndan,.P ■ "UHA W <3 a* aire»m«.oiiartert..*Y..—...... ...... jgua 43 psaiea t»day a 10 bbla Dried apples choice Ohio at jijfc pfrlb. I ' J**\THKfc»-InnauinsaoTrty wlili utuu. dli . 1 tnand, especially foi tba Eaitera marine 04° “* I tioMqnotstloMwenotjaaaaraLceofioc V a. Prime Live Geese Fejtbtra 50c jj>iciJinVheioaffe« iSSzSn W'€S. Stocks on h«odarßUt.u*3alvyl;sDt smanofleintna- Under the icrfuence ofpncea la 5p m Tcrk prices here hare advauce-i 3c on pj btious figures BtortetfinastprsMatguotaroiu. Wntx* tract the loltowln;* item tb* N. x. Bblppl-k List cf '““TtemiilitthM HeraTtiT kMto IbrcKsamitton ar.d largo transactor s in all sr*dea hare jatsa plsco. 2he acock of flops of a;l kinds now on. offer u Ter? small -net sufficient to cmi tb« lnen»»ed demand. Brewtri sre commencing tnelr tul operation inu n menth earner than nsnaJ, la consfQoet.ce of t--i scar* city of liquor. the demand for wnlchlt ''ally laccaa* leg; and fromrresect cppesraacea It would seem ta«t pt. rj bale ef 13‘3‘» ttat can pa u:ad will bo wanted. Falea reach 1.& o bale# as to Quality. Xno crop Is saw, will point ot quality. m«.st a iotai failure; the quantity of Hops ttm’. will f-o p'cb'fi » 11? oot*ice«d to p of an average.the bieaUroortlcnocly fit fer the most common pur* Tbi hl.hly cuMratcd sad moet celeorxMl plamationsaietbawcist affectso. and In a great m*ny instates* a trtsl failure. Picklar bat rot* merited la some sections, in order to sars tbam from total d* unction cr froa netting wera. l . Such Hop'* as arc tbna treated wnl not Seep, aa tbry ara not ma* m-e, and a gcod many w>l; be u this coadiuca." t\ e nuot-; New York, prime qualities, 25330 c do lifttlor... 20ufac TTemrn Sialic H UJU WlSES—Keceind to-day, HO b-la; •hipped. 12 hr,e. The market during tbs week i-aa been more active, and wands an advance m prices or 5c .? cl v Towards the else*. however. the q©. macd fell off. ana the advance !a scare:!* maintained. Tba sales during the week were: daxlt tbassactioss n* dcbcto tob Wi*K. Date. Uriamlj. Price. .Acsmtn.** - 1 »oto tun out» “ 1|- - 573 *• » * uw 7.73 arw ** », JS3 1.7S «... 22 150 '* 1.73 ®..„ u 23 tM 173 <£i.73 Todxt the marfcet was doll. Sales were: 3.0 oils at £\7a; S3 bzls at 100 brls p tckases) 3t Uj»y-There baa beea forao flactn-ittoni lathe WUb an 1-provedbapplr donsK the early p*rt of It pile? s -t r>mo‘.&r JoJsroi a decline ot saOOeer lo2.bat wuq a d*. njend for Late Snpsilor and the Lota bar district*, acdcntilebtreceut!, prices hate ajjam advanced HCOpertor. Praulellaj ismUrgerecbipt.asdfroa seaerslaecooat* Uiecrop tbla B’a#oa aTaJUolj for the market will be tbe large*: urer mown. w> note a farther deebot of £UO per ton,atwholeaele rates. Dealer* are at protect quotations onjing Tory spar ingly. TVoquote: Ttacthy, beater pressed. ...... JiW©J3.N Timetny loose pressed. 30,rt*4iwo TlXO’br.lOOEf.. 13.CA512U w- PißijJc.locsipreswd. iwnoiß.co Frame, iocae. M.OOdIWO SSTaILPISCSS. Ttxo ay,beater pressed., ‘lUQoibTfiocse pressed... Frame, Icceo pressed...... Fratrte.ioose m nit!*—rtera ttta&eea leas sstUuy la the one tt» duns* the week, trim a iar£e eoppiy. P.loes hate decline! Ke V ft on Green salted: jC9 ft on DrjFnat; accioonQjeenaAtedCal'aians. Msxiwt steady ft’, ptenrt quotations. We (inte; Grtea Salted,trimmed . ....,,.-......13*311 e Pry Silled.trimmed, .17 «18 o Pry Flint, trimmed .21 &U c Kip, Green Salteo, trimmed .........~n <4)3 c Gait Green trimmed .2S @.’4 c OAtnE-PrslileChlcifnanita been id moorate aapely, with a Pasted demand. Prices rnocs from iV.ic®! :o p dox, Buis today: doz frcoftblrisa: |2 .'0 9 doz. Tbersta Us tie cr nenaofferinjand tie nominal at lb®2oc for Brawn to White. IHOK—Tte market dsrioc the Weefc bar Msa qt.x*tand uncharged, althoughtiadau*a titsx tome *hat»n»pioyodca the wees. Tuts la* ntema*? result of our nearer apprrmca to tto rail trade. B/tcejaroilrmaaiPßDChareed. Flat Bar,9aD:o s*SM3* Flat Bar, Charcoal . 10H312K BoieeS&oelJOU... 10 ©a th«t 1ren........: unaiix Rmjh Iron, UsorcoM HKdiSX theetlron,G«v7airtzcd -in &t\ >‘o»WttS BiUltoOa 19 flow Steel. n && Eounttatd SquAiafabte..,......, I‘coad and Square Ot«rc«u Cea.St'«U. ...» 4) &'J3 PcTtnr Btee3 2) ®3J Deep sue Baaciroa...... ~ ,lOJ< r s'3J< Kuma.Nf. ti«15... -K) (343 I'crm} * *n &t Tberehisbeen HWa crtlvur in the£*t during tbe w*tlr,iaa tnori*ee*t eiv.a-o ot 13 0: cbficufcli Ply tmcot b;eo anstalied. Other ' QKOtanciw «tr oacoargsd At Indian -g t.* at am ot tbe New York marHaj, »e extract' aoe following .frem jbeSolppioc Scotch Pic>co2tlcaa» cu T. tbegslei Being canned to tbs ImmtdP.te reqnlte* m< rti of cm snmerj—sjy 5 cutt'Q toMoince oar list: for Ja«« panel? aod jtj:oc&?9J> lor Jots. American n qalac;.4o ton» No I protubc gt*, ssd Ift do, No.a, a; EUzaDtthpotf, (C 7. We quote :9 ScotcbPig, >o.i . *Zta Ma‘BillOD.flo.l 93.00 M«blllOD, .No. 2.... , .. Bj/«0 OctOQ Pig Tico ,n So. 1 .... 9.\00 ■UnhtnFlg Inn,sot?...> Union Ptsc iron, CAo. 3 SUM Lbk-Snp'jt.T s>.oo RiKAi* riflOT—llarzct more edrt, on Aim »s prißtnc quoratfcaa. We quote: BnrLeac t?ur®2iM Pic Lead SVCaIiW Sb‘ l, bato 25 D* 65 ®J. 65 Buck tliot, 25 »e. 550® *SJ M.rtß aNil tVXCCCO—Th»re bo* bef»3*» aeco rail* active d.’iaajt * acu yicaa remain moderately firm at present qcotattoc*. Wa quote; i.ime in n01kt.... L*me la br)s.._ WitfcrL'.ma ir.Mnonle Cement., Wlch»r*nsiacco ... Noth jcoU» stucco. P-asrerers* Bair, $ ba - ............ .. S'© 40 Mart*« Dost, 9 rrli , 413*3.00 Xadu Plaster, brl.._. “tjwaj H* ClMke’sCiment,.9brl l.waa’.S LKA.T»IJa- Thcmarart dating ihi w»x-hai been rood, rateiy scuye. Cat&KUs.and Sole Loitb<r are in better supply and of other uescrlp’Joca ef stork reccrptsnrelslr. Pilctn are steady and on* charged. Weqocle; Harness V ........4?®3cc i Ua= V a SlcaSSo Kip 9 tt.......... 8501-20 Calf* a.; 8V?02OS Upoer* f00t....- &2«36e| Collar * tool. 2(te3oc oj Slsogbter, Sols.-... Ilarneia, * Kip, So. 1 ae dmo atSftfitfO Klpjfo 1 heaTT.l f K«l-H Cal fTExtra Frauen Kip, ut Choice 23332.53 F.'ftnca Calf. a? as ..24003,73 Frtnch Calf, si ’ &«.. raass ..*L£v® 3.CQ ten ACS BIATCH»S—There hi* bean little ajttTlty in the morsei curios the weetf„ In eouae<]Qß3ce of boxes harms to-bo-stamped oa and aft-tr Septem*M>r jtteaiotns, dealers bars reduced their qnatailoas per case on prtTlou* rates. Tfeqaotu: 3Mchar(hot*atelexiauh» per etue |3 sta9 nv Gates* KO. U 9.«a9ja- Ul»i3e’s black 550®9 5- IQ HTAI.S—Tsa-iaarkot h*y been Ism active our- Ins the oast week,-trttii a falr-mppjy, prices role flrm> at cur present quotations. We quota: •m.'. _ „ I zero.> cts. 1 ltx'4.. -..-548.00 smaiT pTm Bar Tin - So coppga. - Metallic m of Sortrs-'-o Cooper Boutina.B7 Bolt Copaer 77 Bianerr, 1 to 10 JM. ...71 fib-eticff. Ut0150z..75 Tioncc .75 DAB? IXll37*l*- Ist qa%Uty ?0 9d ** ' 4ft Fine Solder ..5a ccirse •• ... ... so NAV.VL ST»EE-wi quiet, aim m fair topri' «liLooichaifco. Wequot Tar ttSJSJM . Pi’.cb 53,caasat» 1 argentine— 9 oaka’s acta aw Itai.Flaxpackto*..,.. soa ItM. llnaopacktog...-4be I Aru. Hemp .3*c AnuHecp N0.1.......25c 1 OIL-Lissom, On>-Thft d-rcanc! hag been Jew ac tive, as rt wUQ a moderate snooty, me nmlcet has de clined 5c 9 gallon durutf the west. Ours Orp.ta to small supply, wltn a fair jam-nq and price# con. ttooe unchanged waue aaq tfnEPirsjrr oil is less active, snd to pood sapolv. On previous quotations ire note a decline o£:o 9' gallon. Laud Orx. Is tn mote Incited supply,, wuh a good demand, We 8 acta an at mace of ac 9 gallon on nrevlone ratso. tberdescrlptiocaaiennuDaßsed. We qaots: ; BawLtrsefdOil |I6S ©U“O B-Uea iitoSetdOU. 1.71 CU-7U Olive ■WbaIeOWJw&JJ... ls? aLW KlepbantoiL. lkj 31^ Banc oil 1.73 eiAQ Lard oil,pare ....... Ixs .®a.7u JJarfclLfl Ol! LBS ©1,49 SpcimOlU 2XB 83X0 Mecca OU. 60 8 78 Meatsf.-r* Oil 145:81.50 Castor 0i1...- 375*04.19 WMtOfllh-01l la9MOI.?q Ca BOON. OlL.—Tbamartet la quiet, a&diwttZi a very litLttea snpnly. We note a ••eclluj dating tbe week of 2c 9 gtllcn: bat Urge stocks are still hail at much higher rates ?>• an we at present-quote. Ben zols in tnoc erato supply, asa very firm atqaotutlans. Weaacte: White Oil,llD tolllWet.bycarloadOTc 9brl 95396 c Straw Oil, do do 9UW. do 9&0 Bcrzole. • do „ do £flc— ao 55c UNIONS—The in arret Is to gsodsapply, with an sdiTe(o*msud. Prices are firm at $3-.oCrt'i*2s to bulk; and at from store. Sales to-day.icarlcadcDlraci&t |l®J; 4M bail *3.759 ho, £ROV WIONB~TIi6 market during the week has been very Qru. put not active—the awrka of every article Dtinnnov very zonch reduced—Hass Pons— Tbftel* a Hubs deniaDd for heavy\ M*is Fork at $41.00. bat tellers are bcidtorets44.ol-34159. KmUv 10i bils coontry-pacKf d Mess Fork w*ra told at go. J.nt*l--S' 3rce and Urn at an adv&aea on the ween ot 2c 9 a—closing with buyers at37c,snd sell* eji at 23c. Eacos—tlaxus are to good demand and fitm at 336310 for caav&seed sugar-cured. Tbe Coliowlnc are sbe clc-log qnctatlona of all kinds or psoduco: IrciaMess Besf ...,<a.... Prime Me* Beet <4.... Karra Mersßcef. ~«..w . ....i30Qa&3X0'J Messße.f 21.00352.00 Inferior Met 5........ .. ft.... Beefflams. .25 Otf&tfCO. Smok'd Bc«f 9 » 17@ 13 Me»> ...„.4XIWa Pi tee - rr OOQ-IU Kfc Bm«. Bbcolcws, 1a0te,... ....&* „„ fHiit llama. loose. * Bolkßloee locm ............. . A Baccn iiamfl.Busjr coxed andcaaTo&ed... “ .*• nncaavuapd .............. a ... 44 44 ptoiQdrjsoittd B«conSboßi<li» ... A Pita* Beat Ltrd......,., No 1 Lard ............. ......... 20ft.... , FOXATOE»-li;ceipTß Marine lha wa-k have btenlicbt, ana Beorcelj equal to tbe demon a. jm aotket is flm at gracent quotaticno. We quote: Potatoes * bo. ►SLioaLSO Pciatoe • brl .... 3J3a4.C0 tesna. Chlckeaa axe mUjbk free j at t3.75«k30 per ( oz. _ PAINTS-Whits Lsai>—Tho mariettas been, inrre scare. ana on note an ftdrscceof Slfvpenft as. outer descriptions are Arm fncjmtljarsfd. Coloss firm ac nzestons Quota tions. W a quote: . \VhU r , Lead, pare, as .1 qyn 44 u s a. Fahnestock ;nca **. *• B.L, Fahnestock, pure ~... 23W • - ** ** ** _ r Pearl Baow. ttjos ** ** StLOQII. ...... 1"(VT ** ** oentUEntal . itjo ** II Jpfeilor Brands, g 50&i2-:o “ ** New Jersey 2!cc luictsiwo « - french Bed Sfal .......;. 52J0 Ctroae Green 3»(aioa BirisOrefn . ~..45(a6.T0 Bntnpaen Green ........ 400 Emerald and hlamesla 45c COLOSSS37. Tcflcw Ochre Vnncbtietar*... Ctrcffiel tllow. Ve&ttlaaKed.... Vermillion. American ......Sia»e •• tDR1'811. ................. SUOoa.7S CbromeGtetn.~ ..... ......'5 CWOc P^nsGreen ®-*o PnttymbnU.Fft ..... JH c PnUylnb!tv*d-r,V #«»>•. • ?*.*• „•—*••••,-* » c toJerablt active and firm at Qnr.*»tioa«. We quote: liiflerovow. .... .... tiLaOan.oo Fowde/. V t*r ; as o s:o t»ICB—I° »malltopply araflimatpre.fcnt quota. • lien., waqsotrt Ajracan 1530->Kc F. tu».... UK^lOJ^c t. 1 * I.T-Kee- iTtd last weat, 40.m bble. Dombstio —Tbfiels»erjitttJejp«euiai7o demand,bet anser aofccuvcinoairyjortho country trade, tsemsrkot la am at former onataticxa, Thera has been more activity 1: Caere* tad Ground Solar darter ma week csrjtces afloat harms 6a:-a soli at t3.Ss**3 r»— the lat'er tor & cargo w arrive ta S pleoifter. For* xiox B*tT--The stock U light and .the m-rkes is flroi at oar quotnt one. Ratios the vrookaboass.OW *?« £^V,' , *«ecJil»r*Sainß' old I,lon *f HX **so otr iocs Woaaoto: Do2ixvrxc--Nt»w Fine,,, jxt» * cidFina &x:s Coarse ... @».i* • Q-tmndSolor . «S.»l Ttary. with sscis PPM iMry, wna» ot/a-ks Q£JX> Franojr—TotbV ? «ar> .. . . «•« _ Uton*. d Alu=. ti ,iJuS£ A * t tMs Ucueilic Fine were sal-i a; 13 TO ueiiTfcjed on car*. •, Kt»»—^'moTßr—There baa barn a vx;ry active cetnana for Tin othy dtutss t*# weak, and note an •ctsecs it pncca ol rse per haahai •*: *• jios Ftax—la eood (leaved aad JMbattS'ftaXa . IXOTJB—JfotiiinK dolus ana marjeTseraiy noil* Tc-DATiba fftlea »ero^-TMOTatT—I3 bar» o*!nw *t 5555: 9S bar* At 57 bi** rto *t *3. 0; t;>3 lr» fair Kt. VS OC. Fl^x—l* ba* a pocd at f 9.W; 31 sais do o' ; b bnabela *ts2Js: ISbaaa *c BUO*»i— I TbutliMbWfl moderate acnntrtetbw niktxet dorinjr the **ct aodprlc s durlnff tbe princi pal p»i tofu erotica wi Btea?>. On ;*aiard»yit be ame fta .trn that rtrj hearr had b«r»a m ids la Few Tort to the QOTBTBmaat,ofqaantltie* gaoooAdti to amotms to between ten and eleven ouiboni ponod*,enibrec«K T Cnba, Porto Rico and h*»ao» ThiahAasomewfcatvxrltedoor xaoiltat, mud exaud ADadva£cec£M<3Hc« aon ell ftrtdcx of raw. Ba- Unrdhia been Terr Ann but nnchaEvad. w« noate. Portoßico.'.V.’V.V. * . *'*'ai A A PiTttoJ- ..... '' susm H.T. refined, ixnrdned and (ruolated Whtl« A Cirtle A. k Terirr** .::: a*®!.* ▼try moderately active. Prlbstoncaaniteq. He naote: K.T.Syinps .... fUMU«U tab* Mo'aoit .....V.*.’ 9TSSU9 >'e*o?e»;i *. * .. l.T3frl.Jo Pfll.*d»l:tla t»e6‘V.’.V.... .’••• 1J3r«1.C3 SFli:K>—Ttt» b*s Vea mo’9 active, »Od »:*b an a3r»r.c« m the New vor* market and * larye sp caiaiir- dtmaad, w« acte an Increase on iptnirr oftc • a on n>9«»;on Cloves "I sr : cc hctmeg* ot iv ; and of p» on ;*Boper. Market ▼try fl.m at ciue&t ontutiani. ‘We ano:o; Adaclce, P *..... . ua 55 £}*!» 1.,*, 95^100 Cloves r>» W A’QJmvys.. .... ... f l f«42 25 I’epper % 531 ss SAIiBHATIjS—The market is tlnn arductivs at pr sentunotav.ocr. W a quote: Jisbciu’dpcre. u d'ixe do test.. .. 12 Mlitte De Land a pure... lO^ftibXc do healthr u fti^c do chemical. a Ukc 60 AP* Tbs market cor tmaes tery setm. and m rasll tnnpiy. On Hooks chemical we cots an &d> ▼anteof Kc I 1 BCD pieroasqu uUoa*. Other de scrloUonAflnn atsrerlonaquo.attorn. Weqnofe: Gtrmmn'Mottled, P... ....136M9 e Chemical Palm, •* c OUre. “ ...... liai) c So. 1 Fslta, “ ...... K3SJC H.m’sClwirln!. “ American Cost*!*, 44 ..jj-si* c yrrvJ*n Caatlle. *• • ~L 4 **‘*sr* - 2 c STAKfi a—ln moderate demand, with a decline cf Ko onKinjiSitraandOtUim. Wo quote: Kinlrort - Ottawa. -lOK'At o T* A—There tu been mcro activity lathe marka. dcxicrdhe psitweek. Friers have been modi arm* er with « montr upward teod-ncr, as the ramie o •. the iccr« med activity and rates cf the NewyorA-^' l oibermartets. MetrbanSa are coMirr stocks \ Ormatour presentquctaUoaa Ws quota: _ . Tonne nj-oc. Interior to common. V m>.'3 <31.9 a o cooerlrt to flae, * D... ..Ltl &’.T3 T do extra t'J rholcc. V ® I.®' Imperial, tupenor 10 floe.-P ft ...I*s ftl.M „ do extra to chnte*. 9 a ...190 r4-*.*s Cnnpowdci.snosn-'.rtfj ana, ft a........’.At ulAi TA«-i 0 «.»™-V, ,Ttttoch “ l ce,?> ft 2,03 m:LM Japan,natural i»*i, ftc® t-; ex. fl-e, P a.f.*s ft .50 do . _ flnest to ihclce, p aiAi «!.*! Oc-locjf. flee s fti '4 do. exuatochoicj, p a SoncticsßVP ft.... .. ’*’** t.pi? s, TOBACCO—I he ini-k;t conUrrnc* qalft. but atccwsdreneid very arm atenr oToj* E toaoc*iUuiA. it a ill oe well for the Irads to note the appolnilo? or Government of t 7 th- .”s(rh bolh for Cigars and Tobacco, U ponoance of th-i act for lovr tu merfsied cures upon these rooda- ti. ataoaon » in South Wat*r atreet, n the Isa- ec or for Clj’a'i.acdsiraoaQanioQ for Tobacco. 'Wequ'.te: Purr fCTdrswcso Tobacco— Choice Medium... Common Ssoxjbo Tobacco— . 2«l>ai6j« . 23C0A3LC0 . 13 O'ol9 CO . 17.Ct9U.0Q Cb.iee Medium Commas, stem*.,.... Toiucco- Katoral Lea L.. iUif-brubr.. cbotce B,rcß, soond. Me? lam, guaranteed. Ctmnu'n TAlii>OW'Tn« lecetola caatlaoe T»sry ImUtcl c* ic* iopoly. Fnccs ar* flnaat pravioai (lactation*. wa quote: l*nmetlijPtesei»*... IB o ...c Country W^**.3Vc VlJlEOAß— lafiirdematidanj dm*: ptsTloo* riles. '.Vo msote: Para Cider Vmegur, 9 gal Pnrofc'wlt do do ... Com. do do do 7?<*3>e TVOOI,—The market has been corslderably more I actrredanns the wet*, with a larre speculative tie -1 maud. We cowaurntiy noteao advauceon previ ous quotations of s*. 9 at wolcb some very heavy sales hav*b e en made We taketbe fo.lovlnefroia the Stir York Shi»..ln* List r-Tha increased suzoty cf water to the principal mill st*eanii»,wiTice ibw uie rMre.has brought mauu'acturers forward, sad the market fur domestic is active and Arm at the ad' vaare previously noted. There U also a continued fpcenlauve ormand, it b®ieg the firm conviction u? many experienced members or* thetiade tbit Ur sices in ihscountiy will be losainciantiomeettb Wants of borne consumption—to mpplv which at s*it must be had to the tiiofme’ ■tnpleatavery high coat oncer tbo new tariff, that. In any event. Sive * marked decline In «i. urlc-s are likely to rule still higher. Thh seem be ice oopufar opinion in *OOI circles, and wcgirt, I* jorweat »t la worth. Woouctc: YlnelilehtF'Cece. 90 97c3tl.C* Steclam Fleece. 9 s jb-ii. l ( OnA»?«F>pepp. 9 is S3 a.-Sr Factory Tab Washed, * 2> Bhlb ic»* ai:3,»so2'Schf-tea fleece at 11.05 « n. WOOD-an ket In limltrd supply w lb ■» large de 1 mono, Prices very firm sort nanbanged. Wo<iu.»te Beeeb.percor'i siu tt>—Delivered at fl'.w klaoie.nercord 17.U) do liu Blckory.percorrf... isru do lift WWW A HD &’ , (|iroat*-F'orel£a tl-non are only >n demand for JuimßCltie necessities of con stimers, but prices remain Urm at previous qioiA «nra Domestic Goods are on a firmer hast*—mo<t oftbaweak holdersba?l*it dlf-pcjed cf the stock? helo be them. Ff«'*«nt bo ; certar.i firm betas conb dtntof nUherprletShems obtain;*. On truism* we note an advance offigtfc 9 gallon on our areviote £00*311001,09(1 of -*; con Glaser ttlro Staarar liters us m BcUro«l«Tn*inil,'u‘lhuß advmcn 0 41 tCosßrd Jacket, an-of 11.23 on Drake’s and Ho* Uttsr’s. Wequote? wines asDSLiQnojai DCanssTiooceiw. . bon Wnuk>3..l.'-CaiLS Bcctiflea Wbia*y 30 I OhloCai’hi Wine* s>; 9 cent IT, 1* |153 ‘ v 'saos goods. Deaprr Whisky... I B«ani>t— American Earle <lO.. I,SO I Ciguac. Rye WbJs y (Chicago 'J.o r 1 Oirr— Bourbvudot-blcagojg.uOl Holland 5..03 T.j Cocpcr’a Mountain [ Bm- Dew,. l. B l Jamaica sxoei sff I»)*9d OoetP. 1.6? Sr, Croix..... 1.303 iff Double ta* titled ... j.B» Wise— Pu«eSpirlU(trO~.. 1.90 Put.... -Iff'CV.c.o Cologne Spirits is 51 Sb'-trv ....... .icon *ii ernt......,-.... . s.T! Madeira Chicago case co Brandies 2.t5©2 5e Brrntka— do Roms.. Ko-t JacßftSStooKchr r .. IJOtallS .. 3/<SSUO .. .. 8.00035 .. <.T>(43 25 (Jo Pt j Drafted Plan:-r.lcQ..u.C co Sbo’yao Host do Malaga.. 2 >vy&A*. I'Wjkb- GjocerWind TfOcai 73} 9rra»&cr?7* iijj Cherry. tx Blackberry wiDe2,»c*».fu R«or*«rry...... oi Sw‘»>reuy'Wlßa.2.T«3.Qn} BUckaerry. iat Siaoahtar. 801e....5C£ 53c Baenoa ajrf .......sf£.Wc Ortnoco.aola.... 48&5oo i Orinoco good cue- •utroreny . * EiaUnrt RmnJUO@3.W I GE3— Peon: B;e WhJa> old Tors G1n..,, 4 ..U.t Sic# .•..■IJBQIOCI Holland G*a ii~ ScDtncky Bour- ' WOOUEN WASE—Thjra baa been o lairseti? ty In the market tor-o* lha t*Ti:ei seaer.rll »nle*ery firm wllb an advance of 23e n*r a. z .. TPaabbpajd#, o» 'dz 10 ti»« verv loadeTOate soppl; tEdthe pricesadop’ed In N’jw"YV'r&. Otner desert. ttonafiraacanHcbasce-t. weqnoter Chnnu N04....i'. two hoopi - ao Ho3.„.i2iOKiJOJ V ooz do Ko3....l3JOift’S.fe do threebotps. 3>u . do CO Tabs. ne§lß, "Washboard*. p three, ?MC<3 .. dcz..„ ... Cora baskets 1 dr- 3 U.v<3.i, on V doz . dJCfft 7.70 sbu Msataraa. doiHCa rto» B,'n i:ed G.«vr,*». ooi-ba. 9M«329£0 doHatterant... 2.^B3'Ei Market basket?, Peek ■wlilo-w !J)’a T.'O Hod-.......... 5 cr<i 5. do clothe* 10 50£i9,00 do Unttercat .. 5 59a & French Calf* 35 t». ....... ...17X93,9 French Catf La ■ moinfls. v dor : ea. mwausoo Froadt Call Le rnolne?. See* : us ch.'s doz.ici o*@:m oe ’l-'aIBEB Sdoa.llUO* la w Boaaß,Vdor.43joy 13.09 jfaisrEUanwitiß. P&OPOSiI£ Ist quality. C»ck .90 0ia0,... BSTQUT WIBB. ItC 6 18 7,8 and 3 »'a -Uiadii lo *2 81 73sa<* 14 .23 IS and 15. 25 17 « is : .21 si 30. 38 'cnee Wire ifl • •F»nce Rtspl»» .30 ha mßrk»r. fiai been ratbor r- meet have command ,et w&cmaßopa Slavic H‘‘*rD Laih,T«rn. H-'mp-.-iKtoJc " MBaiiia. 03jc A0.HempA0.2.... (%:3o H*Tlia9 32&310 Paiacom 4r aiso Manilla H»TBope..3iaj2B T2HA2ICT UT?A.3TIfSXr, Jal? XS, 136 FctlesU neraby kltwi tb»t in>BC3ip:*.o::3 will rscelTed bytbe Treoanraro: tbs United Stata#, * leveral SsostantTreamrers asd dealKaatcd Dope tanea, and by tho national Banks dastcnAt*! s qualified as Depositaries tad Financial Ascna.j Treasury Jlotea payable three years troTnAcraat ISM. bearing interest at the rate of ia?ea anaun tentha par centpor annum,with semi-annual coni* attached, payable to lawful ncnoy. These notes will ha convertible as the option of holder at maturity, into its per cent sold hear bonds, redeemable after aye and payable twc rears tree Await IS. U67. The .Rote* will ho lamed In denomination* of a one hundred,.aye bandied, one thousand, md thousand dollars, and win be lamed in plans payable to order, os may be directed by tbs rots heia. All lubecrlptlons most hear fifty dollars, or ic xonltlple ol any dollars. Duplicate certlflcaies win he issued for all d< Its. Tha party depoalOng must endorse op<a original oesUflcata the denomination of r quired, end whether they ara to he lamed In payable to order. When so endorsed It most,, with the oQcer recwyinf the deposit, to ho fora ed to this Department. The notes win be transmitted to iha owoem fre ransportatlon chants as- scon altar ther»ccl tho original Certificates of Deposit u they cl prepared. Interest win ha allowed to Accost 13 on ell flop* made prior to that date, and will bapaldbyth" partment spos reewpt-oftho original certificate As the notes draw interest Item Await is, dm Taking deposits nbcsqnent to that date mast tho Internt accrued from data of note todataci podt. * Parties depositing twenty-dra thousand da andapwardaforShosenotesataaTone ttos w allowed a commlialoa of one-quarter ol cnt cent, which will ho paid by tins bcpartaoc: the receipt of at)HI forlho amount, certified t the officer wife whom the deposit was aada. a dnsticaa for meat ho nude troa deposits. OffleenzecslTißjtdspoeitiwlltKStau tfe pf eadoxssmeata are made npon theorlglasi csmfli AH officers authorized to receive deposits ai quested to gtre to applicants all desired laronn. and aSjrd erery fctlUtj for matin* subscript!© SnbscH&tlaiia trill b« received by tb* Pint national Bank ol Chicago, El. Second national Bank cl Chicago, m. Third Nattoaalßaafe of Chicago EL Fourth Katloaal Bans of Chicago, XL. 8 0 7 a SC Fifth Fallow! Baafc ot Chicago, m. &J5 O S OTO AND AILKEBFZCrABLB DAFK3 A:.D SAlft throughout the ccnatry will double** AFFOKD FACILITIES XO ' augß*osß"2wMo&«w 4 BTI-ARjrGUD CLTTS -T ■*\ Beadqrwrtejaof tba above da 1 ) «« UttropoUUn *iloct,*ai »r» coa*:4Qtv ccw t- XTcJoamfO, wbo wo law>o tl.AtDOld #Lri:oa«r<>B'*. Eaimce aorta juww.y on LaSaha strea Bytra-rof Uie Esrcattva Coni««we- The nt« m«e’-u.* o 1 we Con *vl be ari on - CaycvtDins. Anvmt i-d. atlKo’ciocS. Cotsp era will be >a attendance. ac2o-pSK-l*cet jgCONOK? IS wEi--'' 7K»sKLl2r.tb»ciettfar of lltoonb remain ttit ** a n*aty »a»c«J 19 » ptctj»***t* J * ■tesocf cwr'jiar jour w*s;a SAp-rpf *« f « rec*!**- UaeQQjTaleitin c«a, *h:a f£.r old a'wtp4EG»» ot t>T»r» aescnp-IQ, waal to’a; old easpbleu r r *!• fcncts, oW cj2’i»f•• oi bill*. *icSeta caica, catalogues, anJoiisr"PPj in nUUs vtule’l b.i» qßiP»itl'»!*r-'ao*PM'. * oW urltloa p?ptp aao toiu)' 1 olflnn* Do* Utgttt etc. or»Q7 rise, ‘t c»* - «rj ot ow m its :>j b! aan-pSC-SCtU ajKja«aa»»' QT. AHIBEW’S c-Oa.TT |ggg#Bsgßg ..J ; _er«v dig Artrt 'Wai,tfOa > a:t3 3i), 17 \ l • Ja » IfaWjnita oa«ra »Z AtaDlUbed, Tn&J»» at \\ih CTDHti- yoor ® hßt *J8o»la»M DUBvJrh r c ,V ( inMi naed jhuwct- Adders Po*»«c* Sr: v?ic»to. ■wlaf *wh9n ana irhart *j|nv, r eta ic fl«d. - Ivor.*./ S SLt. s«ws*«ttt t>»ron.t()r nKttn. m*riatr»tc&7 »o?t> i* •lupins . fUA .IX3 . 7i«a.-ic WKe 37(410C J&aSSe |1 25«L50 . wva» ra . 6&^35e . ft H96<3 .♦9.c?Q-ao W. P, FSdS*ENDB3T. ' Secretary of «bo Trcau T». HA.' Ko..Weili.

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