Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 24, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 24, 1864 Page 4
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tribune. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21, ISM. THE CITY. TO OUJ* M7BSCBIBEBB. KsrJy DjllTerrortlie Tribune lu Fa. ture-The Sow Frees. The dty patrons of the hare for some time past Buffered serious Inconvenience, ar*siog out of the late hour at which their papers were ■ delivered. It hasbeen for months past impossible to eopplythe demand within the boors a anally al lotted to the prodnction of a morning paper. Oar low cylinder pres ft—sb large as that owned by any other establishment to the city—was act mania* at an early boor, and kept at work often times HU the day had far advanced into aftrrnoon, yet the I call was imsetlelifcd. Thousands of boamesa and I working men ware nnable to procure their pane™ before learlnir home in thcmornlwr. and hundred, discontinued, or refrained from sabscriblm? on that account, eome of them taking which they did not prefer, exceptmitheyw£sd? limed in season. This trouble exists no lon-w The eight cylinder ores*—doable the capaclf v of any other in the-city-la now at work, and oSf present It*ne 1® thrown oil oe/ore breakfast time •The Tbxbckx will henceforth be delivered in this •city as curly as any reasonable man can dc«fre il Subscribers living within a mile or a mile and a half of the office, may ezoect their papers between five and six o'clock, and all to the remote portion? of the city before* seven. It is tne inten tion of the Tbjxl’Kb Company that the city sub ambers shall »*1 be Fayed by rir o'clock, or thero ■kbouts. Those who have failbcrtu been obliged to foregothe pictured readingtheTnißUiCEbelore •departing for the eccue of their daily avocations need do t*o no lo»?gtr. They have only to c&me no to the counting-room and leave their orders civ- Inc the address precisely, so as to avoid the posei- f Lliity of mistake. < 70 th°y of onr patrons who have endured past inconveniences we tender on? thanks. The news will be received np to the latest moment as hereto fore. It win not be by cloeing the forms earlier, bnt by working the sheets more rapidly, that ws shall obviate these objections ; n future. We now print 16,800 sheet# oer hour, and can exeotd those figure* when needed It will take some time even eboold the present and past rapid increase in the number or subscribers he continued—bsrtore the capacities of our new press be nnecnal to the demand, ComKc.—Fx-Conpreaynan Florence, of Phila delphia. chief of ttouldcr hltiere, is on his ny to this city with a laive hody-gnard ol Rmr Uclles from that city. A lire)/ time may be expected. Ovn Axkbicax Covstx.— This entertain teg comedy Is drawing extremely well at McVickerV Oftedarls well pot on U>e rta?e, and In the band* of Cban/ran ip a decided enccesa. On Pridav ras? ,akra “■ b “ cot - TntiEA-re.-SfarjVai.dail, Brie* on Dq, wel ' ™ Jeslerday held to hall by JrotlcoDi, WoJlo appear nt the Recorders Court «^' Ue charce ol havlnp threatStomortSus^hn a SS c . , t&f' ehcr><ill^hbor - ®fS5~ MABCtp’s Bitnm—The snbecrijiUon list for the creator, of a new Belhel le rapid, aiUmmo- vi* *** torarti ' Chaplain, haa beca IndefaH" Procnritjßlhe faadu, and has at laot noart. ancreeaed The ffnildlng «HI probably be xaeucedlnatoonthortvo. 3 0010 Coot.—The keeper of one of the ‘‘arißtoc^atlc ,, dens of infamy, npon whom Superintendent Tur tle bad served a notice to quit, sent a message to that official stating that ho need not have troubled; himself lo notify her, but sboald at once have sent up for his $&)0 which still awaited Wm. aTe The Rotaet Spade.—Comstock & Glidden, of Hilwcokee, have struck out into a new branch of agricultural manufacture, as will he perceived by anladrcrtlsi ment elsewhere, in the introduction of a rotary spade tor the plow. Its pncllcal nine has been proves in the odd, and to a dcree thus la cxcitkg universal attenUon. Farmer* will da well lo fate it imn con-ideration. It U destined to create a revolution m fanning. Cosvektios or Ticket Acbsts.—A Convention ol the TidietAgenls of all the leading railroads in the West and Southwest, was held at the Sherman House yesterday afternoon. The session was strictly s private one, and it was rot possible for our reporter to obtain a record ol toeir proceed ings. It Is understood that the object of the «*ath cnngwai- to discuss the propriety of increasing the rates of fare ou some roads, and to equ ihze the rates on others. The roads cast of Buffalo were net represented. It is not intended it is said, to Interfere with through rates to New York or Buffalo, from tms cltr. Pbouaclt Fatal Acczdent.—On Monday eve ning, a driver of au express wagon, driving at a rapid gait, ran over and fatally”injured a little child near the comer of South Jefferson and Har rison stmts, in the West division. The brute did not have common humanity enough when he saw the evil he had accomplished, to stop and render assistance to the little one, but drove away at a gallop to prevent the lookers-on from ascertaining the number of hit* wagon. There should be short and easy methods to deal with these vlllians, some ot which will readily suggest themselves to our city authorities. Wabash Atzhts H. E. Pic-kic.— 'The Wabash Avenue M E. Sabbath School hold their annual plc-nic this year, in the beautiful grove at Wlnct ka, on Thursday of next week (Sept. Ist) Wc are sure that those who on former occasions have j clued in the excursions ol this sodsty. will not fail to avail themselves of the information con tained in this roticc. Cars leave depot on Well* street at 9 o'clock a. m., and returning, leave Wt netka at o’clock p. m. Tickets for the round trip seventy-five cents for adults and thirty cents lor children. Toe Jomrr Excuuao??.—Joliet is situated about forty miles south of Chicago, and due west of the south end of Lake Michigan. The usual fore to Jolietand back is $2.90. By the generosity of the management of the Chicago. Alton & St. Louis Rallroad,tbc committee from the Edwards Presby terian Church arc enable to sell tickets for the round trip at one dollar. The cars will leave the depot, corner Canal and Madison streets, at 8:33 to-morrow morning. The penitentiary at Joliet waa erected by the State at an expense ot nearly one million dollars. Application has been made toCoU Bnckmosirr, its warden, to allow the ex cursionists to visit the pritou. The invitation is to all to “ come with us, and we will do thee good.” Dbapted Ha* nt res Navy.—ld answer to a Freeport correspondent we would say that the re cruiting officer for the navy Is Lieut. John D. Ear ty, of this city; Lis office is in Uhlich’s Block, on North Clark street, near the bridge. Drafted per sons have the right to choose any p-irt of the army, unless the selectedairpe be full; they have aleu the right to cnoope the naval service, bat cannot select the vessel; In order, however, to join the navy It Is necessary that they shou d apu y within debt cays slier having received the notification of thelrbkinz drain d. The pay of laudemen (raw re cruits) iu the navy is $14.U0 per mouth; of ordina ry seamen (those who have served two years) sl6: and seamen who have served four years are paid SBO per month. Dratted men may cutei the navy lor one, two and three year*, but are not required to serve longer than one year, the period lor which the draft is called. Chicago Djsthict Camp Meeto?©.—The annual qamp meeting of the Chicago District will be held during this and a portion of the coming week, at Des Flames station, on the Northwestern Railroad, sixteen miles from this city, commencing today and continuing until Tuesday next. Trains leave Chicago a# follows: Day Express, 10:09 a. m.; Ac commodation, s:t 0 p.m.: Night Passenger, 9:80 p. m.; Freight trams—lo:lo a. m,, 12:10 p. m,; ffcuO p. m.: 6:45 p. m Trains leave Des Plaines for Chicago: Accom modation. 30:88 a. m.; Day Passenger. 7:31 p. m.; Night Passenger, 4:23 a. m.; Freight trains—l:44 a. m.: 7:C3 a. m.; 4:85 p. m.; 10:10 p. m. Full accommodations can be obtained dpon the ground at reasonable rates. Some of the best speakers in tbc country are expected to be present. Among those promised arcßcv.Drs. Tiffany, Eddy, Kinder, Hitchcock, Bannester and Raymond, ana iiev’ds. S. P. Keyes, R. L. Collier, E. M. Bonn", with many others. Therein of yesterday has laid the dost, and the grounds arc in fine condition. Police Couut. —The only cnee of Importance belorc tLe Police Court yesterday this a charge of grandlarceny preftrred by James Connelly, a ma son, against IL i’orc, a blacksmith io the employ ot tbclilinoift Central BiUroad Companv. The parties .were drinking together on Sand'ay at the saloon No. BtC State street, when oiler partaking of snedry Unsticns they sat down on a bench oat* side; while tbwe Core pat hie arm round Connel ly and tone hli> wallet, with which he decamped, and had not been seen since xnml yesterday, ween he was arrested. C. W. Cromer testified that be was looking throoch the window of the esloon and observed the prisoner take toe wallet and ran away with it. Justice MU'cr held the accu-ed to ball in SCI 0 to appear before the Recorder’s Court. The well known Dr. O'Byac, living-on the corner of Wells and Madison str.cts, was brought np npon a State warrant charged with assaulting a women named Joanna Doer. The warrant having been leaned by Justice DeVVolf hi- honor refused to try the case, protesting that i . was incompetent for him to do so as the warrant was signed by another Jostlce Dr. O’ilyau is under bonds Is SSOO al ready to keep the peace. Sold mis’ Fxhiltxs.—The wants of the families of the brave men who have cone oat from oar midst to fight the battles of the country, have bees often referred to in these columns. There are near a thousand of these at present in our city, whose only hope of existence durme the winter that ts fast approaching. Is in the chanty of the wealthier who remain at home. These, now, if their ‘ papers are all right,” and no flaw exists in their credentials, receive tae miserable pittance of osedollara week for the wife, and twenty-five ccntsftwetkforcach of the children at the hands of the county authorities. Daring the summer, some of them arc able to earn enough to keep the • wolf from the door; bat what they will do when the winds of bleak December whistle around their dwellings, unless the pittance be largely increased, God only knows. There seems to be but a single alternative lor these poor creatures—death or dis honor. Tills is a fearful picture for us to contemplate, andlfanyfrochrcsul's shall accrue from our lack ot consideration and inhumanity, we ehall de serve to rcceivclhe reprob itlon 01 every civilized community. It is eratiiylng to bo able to say that some steps n re‘being taken, which may tend to wipe away this great reproach. Some of the public spirited citi zens of Chicago have called h meeting to consider the subject, which will be held on Ssiurdav after noon at four o'clock. There should be a large at tendance ol the heavy meu ol the city. Mptttkc op th* :9ts Illinois VoMJNTBcas.— About flftv of the old members of the 19th Esgl ment Illinois Volunteers assembled at the armory oftbcHkblsnd Guards. In Lind’s block,latt even ing, to consider the propriety of organizing the regiment Into a battalion for city service, for the Inforcemcnt of the laws in case ol riot, and to perpetuate the glorions recollections that cluster around It so thickly The meeting was organized by the choice of Brig. Gen. Torchln as Chairman, who briefly stated the object for which they bad convened. Be said that onr enemies were cot confined alone to the Southern Staler. Here, among the free in stitutions ol the North, were those who were con spiring to bring about the downfall of the Repub lic. Thrr*. c-.M-nca, bo sjW, lust a great conspiracy wus on the eve of break ing, out, whose object was to openly aid and encourage Southern treason. Tlie coming National CooveLtlon minht tumisb theoccailon. when It would seek op-n expression. Us desired that the name of the I9tu regiment, so thickly • cohered w!ith glory, should be perpetuated, and to that end be hopea all present would join In organ izing the battalion anew. Th«dUz<ms of Cnicago were disposed to unilonn, arm and equip them, and while this opportunity present ed itself, it was unbecoming then rime to remain idle. Be bad tendered his reek-nation u Briga dier General of volunteers, and had no doubt mat the ccsicsfllion would be accepted. It those pres ent desired to organize, he was with them There was in bis opinion, no time to be lost. The mo ment for action had arrived. Every man present absented to the proposition of the General, and proceeded to'enroll thsmf elves, Another meeting will beheld this evening at the same place. FILLIHQ THE QUOTA. Mcellap it metropolitan Hall—Addresses ippolntmtit of a Committee— Another Meeting called for Irlday Evening, A mealing wss tiJJefl to lie held In Sfelropolllsu Hall last cTcnlnc, for tie purpose of considerin'* tie beet mum* or filling He quota of Cook conntT The all »aa lined but a fen- hours preTiou.iV JC .‘, ° “ d thne “"■■=»< persons gathered. The meeting wm not lowereda lar^ T’-./. tte fict Mrs. Wilhelm had been thJt fI S? jSdtor m eh" 0 on,BPw'cjl wen’tsnajTiktol ttevs^la'M^“f ro °“ annoondzm that she would dcUfih“H tome evening during the week. * uer iecinre The meeting wae organized by the ofSlholt Anthony, E»*q., us CbSS^S* fa'SS 0 ” Pr ““ t W " e cto '™ B'a£ The* Chairman explained that the obiw* «f meeting, as advertised, was to conaidS avoid tne dralt. lie believed that tt tne duty ol every American in on sUp forward to the aid of his never waa each need as now. I&dar Sfßfl ley of the Shenandoah, the FederalTr^!?^ 10 being almost beaten back by the cannW i mlnloLß. while hostile rayed before the armies of ntim f* 00^ Grant: vhUe if 00,000 men wer£ r «rf£« an * them, they conld Irinmphaatly hew Wt tk ? erOJr ponenti*. Yet in the face ofAi hei . r k°P were men who advocated Dcace*^f 0 . ** cta means s dlegr.ceml fntrSto.’ Nof Nb Mh,? doty was to consider means to ral«* i 1 . sir to meet the demand for help 1 lleo m *? j®? l s»sSr“- »Se In the rebel coaftfdtracy betwem th« •nd 46. Whnt were tbJrdoing wmce Little or nothings Alcwdavs «»« hi 1 11 , little Wisconsin rHlune whose rmno/ I t-.t swia^ men, 13 men enllstedfS iSXnTour a7y. "¥lif example it was their duty to follow- üb., ,ir!i ,0 such no u. and Logan, and totbc memories of iiePhp«3«wi arA and Breast l A^ Tills then for re- neced action. They hat done wc«, bat mait not wcmt to well dolor. Br Bead mistake IntberaS in? of former regiment* lifir qcota inafSH than they lad anticipated.- tor manyiSjmSS who Lad received Coot county bocSv credited to other coentlea, Eat the*Sfi JESS shoulders to the wheel, and epeediiy fill their quoii A^te3?gsSf p «Sg wa? at present encased in examintoethorolla and they nwe coonfio leant definite rpila * and i?r. Oharie* Walker was to the jneetlDp. Dc was very anxioas ;b ic-SaAe exact relation cl the dty !n irrard to 2S? aiid choncht that mtll ISI know&e tSretJSS trtey eonldnot take aay active any retaUrpJan for *»dc£ tion, He toznakea pptech, bat woald like vn toji *K beenmade by aa£lissbJ4e d-Kankakee, who staled that fora cM'WrtSft* <™“” h * « nl ? 0 5(0 “<=> to otn dtr. Mr. LeMovnt- would not lotraord tootaia tbete men Irom. aCanadi£2i r rhe speaker thought he ww-H n-nw Wt jiiUsttisn from that coQucrr diS ootbrlicse rtinaojidlns conliTbci-afetSl >o emit an attendance. and therefore a comjwttcc be appealed to tboroaehlr nnundS the whole matter, ate) report at an adjonrSkurt liracr meetlrc. which Seals boitSSedE? emjbrtrlnterssted. 8 J The chairman littinJtodaccilMr. JosephSediP.. °u b6 Vr^s\i ri fs' received with aptiance .iii r -?!^ a iL!!l shed to pre-ent sst the conrvlcra ii2*se tt t^2Sj !Olnc 'S ,c “ w«ch ho hsfcol. lected for tbt occsrton, in his efforts to learn why our deficit M so large. Ho man who SSikre any dalrns to patriotic manhood wished Cook roonty to eceape her jest dues, an*all worenS pared thatal* should bear her prop*? quonu He . with many others, wa* gn»tly wttn the intdliginae came thafwo were n stale E.ftlo te bind on a Snka call for JC.132 men. It see med r struths that our coanty above all o'hers E k.,n 9 lie so far behind In paincdem as to “'and far la tte rear of all olher connUest-aid hethcsghtthnj a htrie Investigation wonld show that they stn ndv ““S. Tie cocmty was teeeaaed for one-ninth the wt»le nnmbercxf *nea lx- Illinois forwhile the blase was assessed for £2i(m leas c«dk.., we are called for 0.000 men, IrScSdlt s! There are 34 Congressmen m the is late »» thi t to ore but one district in 14 and yethsvei o Bland one-nine tLe-whole numhsn At the- crea t Pre-Jdentlal election In 1S», whm piobab-'vcVer r man voted who wia entitled to ttsfcnnchl®/ then * were 350,000 voles polled la the- State, of whici contributed 2J,CM. c?about on*foS* ttenth, so that while we have onlrsone-fonrteenm of the voters of the State, wc are expected to Ann one-mntb of the t*o;disrs. The vnesker at <ome length explained tuc-reason which Jed;to thls’&defe state or things. Tie great evil was In the inao epacyor the enroilzstai list. Tie-law repaired, that every man between the ages of- twenty and. forty-five residing in :be county thofid be entered oo the rolls. while these thus enrolled who were not liable to military-duty were ervected to come forward andclaim exemption. Vent lime of this exemption in Cookcuunty has been-oiaimed, and we have a very large exempt population. Many thousands havr* never been naturalized while large numbers have obtained tht ir protection pa pers but decline to ccme forward until they are drafted, because if thev-cscapc the draft they may pass for good loyal men He believed that nearly two-thirds of the adnlt male population of the com ty are not Americana by birth. One-thlrt are subjects of the .British Government, the other be ing distributed amort other nationalities. At least cue-half of .these torcigners are not citizens Hr. Medill at some length continued his marks, showing the- absurdity • of sup posing that tbs citizens of the comity should have increased since 1860 from 125,000 to over 40.000. XZe explained that the dratt world be for 100 per cent more than the actual number required, so that nna*»xexisting circumstances one man In tive will be drawn, in conclusion, be urged all his hearers to labor to ob tain the correction of this list, showing that if they could expunge C.OOO to 10,000 r am«m they v cold reduce their liability by some 1,5*0 to 3,000. Il such correction were made, he thought their quota would be reduced to about 1,700 or 2,000 men. The speaker had heard that over 2,000 per sons had taken out their protection papers, wulle only 400 of these had claimed their exemption. Then again he thought many dead or wounded and exempt soldiers and transitory visitors their names on that list, and ail of whom should be removed. They most work energetically in the matter, appoint committees to canvass every ward and neighborhood, and they would speedily find a difference in their quota. In conclusion, Hr. McdlU moderation on the part of ai, showing bow useless resistance would be to the drain The Chairman announced the-followlngas the Committee appointed to canvass the subject • ot the draft: He-sr«. Cbas. Walker, Wm. l. Chuich, Joseph HediM. J. T, Scammou, £, A. StoiTF, Jne. W. Shcahan, A. C. Hesmg, J. K, Russell, Charles Charleston, C. P. Bradley, and Geo. W. Gage. * Storrs knew that no subject engrossed their attention more than the occ noon wnlch tcer bad met. He believed that the citizens of Cook county n cre willing to do their whole doty, and stand whatever is their legal right. Cut the ca I for nearly S.COD men at this time took everybody by surprise, tor all thought thcr were for ahead, and thattbe demand was more than'their right. .Mr. Storrs believed, with Mr. McdiJ, that tneroot of the whole difficulty lay with the enrollment list, and that their first duty was to attempt to correct that list. The first enrollment list was comp'atn ed of because it omitted several names. Tnu au thorities therefore got out a new roll, in which tbey ha\ e obtained every male name in the county, so that their list is a preUy fsir account of the whole number of male adults, halt, sick, or blind, whoareintheconnty. According to theoldrule, if he remembered correctly, one Inhabitant in 12 wbs liable to military duty, so our enrollment listol ffi,soo gives Cook County a population of of 464,1)00, which is rather more than they generally claimed for it, flourishing as it was. [Laughter.] The speaker concluded by showing what great importance the snojecc was to every cue, and tbit each one should labor to obtain a true state of affairs. Begirding the number of foreigners in this city, be thought quite five thousand bad entered Chicago since the com* men cement of the war, and, though probably none of th**se were liable to military duty, per* baps all of them were represented on the enroll* tneht list. If it was not the pleasure of these men to effect the erasure of their names, it was the duty of every citizen to see to the matter at once: and when once done, the quota would be decreased, folly one-halfi which number they could speedily fid. Mr. Storrs advocated the formation 01 Ward committees, who should be again so subdivided that a man should canvass even one or at most two blocks In tbit district. Mon. J. D. Ward was interested in the subject of a draft, and wished to have the list* corrected, al though he was not one of those who could hive their names stricken from the number.. He had hoped that another cad would noc be mnde, bat thecall was made, and while the Northwest was rcadv 10 co iiswoole duty, it required tint it should receive rigid justice. The draft was a gnat thing, great in every sense of toe term, for they don't draltmen to be Captains or Colonels or Brigadier Cenerals. Begarding the work before them, there were several things to do, the first of which ns stated, was the correction of the enroll* ment lists, while another was the duty which de volved upon the property holders of the citv. They had made money out 01 the straggle ana should give some of their gains to the cause. Ue did not believe that there was an antagonism between la bor and capital, bnt such an opposition was B’ated to exist, and now was the time for the wealthy to prove to the masses that the feeling was hypocrlt cai. The rich man was not ooond to home by stronger ties than the poor mac, and if he bad none to protect be should give more liberally out of his abundance. LApplanse.j The meeting then adfoarued till Friday evening, when all the doors will be opened, and every one should be present. BOiBS OF FOIICS, Fire Morshal-Kepplogthe Peace Bar* log the Coming WetK-No Pod dleH Allowed* A meeting of the Board of Police was held yes terday afternoon at the Police Headquarters, Com missioner Brown in the chair. There were also present Commissioner Wentworth and his Honor the Mayor, The minutes oi the previous meeting were read and approved. Upon motion of Commissioner Wentworth, ser er&l applicants for membership of the police force were sworn in as specials” for thirty days ser vice, and ordered to report to Superintendent Tur tle tnis morning. The resignation of officer J. Ludwig, of the 3d Precinct police force, was received and accepted. Similar resignations from officers W. Ludwig and J. Boscoff, oi the some preemet, were similarly treated. Several petitions from men willing to Join the force were received and ordered to bo placed on file. The Mayor said that some time ago an ordinance hao passed the Common Council relative to the election of a Fire Marshal, which he had vetoed, as be coifcidertd the charter did not empower such election. By an ordinance which he Intro duced the duty devolved upon the Chief Engineer to assist whom he moved the adoption ol the fol low! nr: Orel* red* That the Superintendent of Police give such assistance to the Fire Marshal as shall enable him to ascertain the canse of tires and th» anc*t of parties'gulitr of arson. Carried. Mr. Wcxtivurtb had beard many fears expressed by residcatb in the vicinity, that during the session of the Democrats Convention they would be an noy ed by peddlais, showmen, etc~ whoiwoold throng the crounds. lie thought the passage of the lollowmg order would have a salutary effect* Tbc Convention to ho held In thin citv. tie coniine week. In to occupv a bnUdint; creeled upon the public grounds ot this city, and Wnnmas, Tbi re is some mleunaeretandiu" aa lo the rights of private inaividnals upon the re mainlogportion of said grounds, therefore Ordered, That the police keep said grounds and the streets aojscenl to them dear of all tents, car riages or anything else for ihe use of showmen, pcCdlais or.tmy class of may wish losell or exhibit any articles whatever, and that theypre vent all kinds of earning whatever, and also itut all persons having taken out a license for another Iccrilty do not n-e that uccupe to protect them in the sale of liquors in buildings for which the license was not taken out. Carried. Commissioner Wcntwonh looked generally to the welfare of the South Division, to further which be moved the adoption of the following order which would assist the preservation of the peace during the forthcoming convention. Ordered* That for the present and coming week, the Superintendent have power to transfer such persons upon tas police force, as he may deem ad visable from one predoct to another. Commissioner Wentworth understood that a very loose state of affairs prevailed In some of the police stations, many ol the Captains and even' subordinate officers releasing prisoners who had been arrested, before they had been subject to any jndidsl examination. It was a matter of every day occurrence lor them to release prisoners on the de I posit of an amount which was supposed to be equivalent to their fine. He thought that this power II vestec In any hands should he confined to the Superintendent, and mored that the follow* j Inpoider be passed: I Ordered— Tbatnopersonshutthe Superintend | eat, without oue process of law, shall disebroe I pf-raesa once arrested without a warrant * that cue 1 Superintendent ehall report in writing to this I Beard, at Its next resnlar meetinr, the real name } of any such person whom be may discharge, and the I reason therefore. Carried. I ..Uponraolion of Mr. Weatworth,lt wasie-olred I ttat officer Matanarney, of thfifirai Precinct, be I °n the force, rb the allegations concern ing hlf drunkenness were believed to bo Incorrect. [ Some conversation ensued re alicq to the much I <x . s ““ mi * sa>ce question,*’ In which It was loci ?v n . , . 8U^ t ® ted that the Messrs. Wahl were rapidly abating their glue manufactory nuisance. .as an appropriate sequel to the last question, two men were sworn in as watchmen to Sherman’s Temple of Liberty, alias the Copperhead Conven tion building, after which tbe Board adjourned. Cigar Majcupactdruk*,—A. crowded meeting of the dgarmannfactcrera sod dealers of the city wbb held at the Trcmont House laat evening. pre liminary to the formation of so association for the mutual protection of the trade in all matters affecting it* interests. K. PrankenUal was roted to the chair. The following gentlemen were appointed tem poTajj officers: Fruident— E, Frarkenthal. Viet iVerfrfcnf—W. Y, Daniel*. Trttuvrer— J Friedman. Secretaries—H Lowentbal and J. Cohen A lone discussion took place relative to'tfre re* cent revenue law* affecting tfao cigar trade' efter which the following rerolntlona were aercsdto nnaclcnonafr: .. b Heeolced, That a arnmittee ot three be anootut cd to communicate with the Commissioner of In ternal Revenue to Inoßiro If the maunfacturera aro compelled to pay for tne inspection of dear*, and If so, bow much? The committee to conala? of B. LowentbalP. Falk, rad W. Y. DaSiS That we hrsrlllj.pprove the appoint 'd'lll of Mr. 8. Stephenson as oar Gorernment Inspector, and congratulate ourselves on harm* oht.lned thejferrleeior so hlph-mleded a gentle man for the above services. h I Otpnu Daughters or Lizzie Bell, of the -Bell Instltntcj 2few Ycolc, Is a-aln in Chlcaeo, and will civea series of s-Jcet readlnss nt Aryan Hall in the course of next week, lire ' m c “. s«. , sfi!gKfiS T Msss?!St ! £ a# the case when I tig known that tho'entertmumcats aQ d philanthropic ob- J ST2 a! E e i imdflff a r tfa e foahdiog on* the bautc* of the Hndton a* k Homefforr r the OrtthM* Daughters of Volantem.” • ino ur F bHtt ~ S cll *■“ two ofher life to thta aohlc objeeS and burin* that tine has rlerted! even eft. of importance In the United States ritS mn lltewreamnas, and lollciiln* mhdcrimkrniT he raimmcrt° lilßtmt <, “ r tbo ‘""’^natlty ™ bj the moat W orth r lnd SS5i?-'SS. , i e .*S , ? n °5 4 midlile s «««; who testify to her great zeai m the cause she o^rocates. lyaaranx aa-ramaSistriitr Pam —The tooee menl lately eet on-foqt b, tbs ladies of Qa'ccy la this State, to Isold a ftht has Ter, properly taken ■ a much wider range of action than was at drat contemplated. Sympathetic responses hayebeen received from portions of the State far distent, sod the originators hare new decided on holding a Pair on the nth of October,- at Qniocy. which ahatl embrace in Its patrona-and coatrtbators men ana women thorn every part of thoS’ate esoeeiwia the west. It will bcreaiW "The Wesrom UJlnVli Sanitary Pair." and wt art for It the aid of cor generous nmided citfeens,- tttt It may be worthy si the Impulse which his cried I; Ynto bX? Mr. C. E. Allen. the Prearten-. l, In cSSgo ao'i W-Jl ca3 on ocr atlrcortoday. We trnst his an. peal wSJ be Übcrally reepondei to, that the people of Qoincy may 8(e in a prtcticnl answer that the : great heart ol Chlcacobcars-aa'tlleirs—ln the In torestv orhnmanlty—aed that the sick and woend- oldters may recelro that aid they so mach Committee expect to bo'cbte to clear one hundred thousand dolors for the soldier* Hotv muchvnll Chicago do tuwards-that amount? MaßCjLiars- Police.—A fj-Joet- a t Merchants Police haa been orsanized for the Hbrih Division npon the principle of PinkertOo'e force in the Sonth BlvUion. The Chiefs of the corns a-iA. cob Eoastopl, Jncon Lndwiir, and Wm Ln'riVii’ of the Third Precinct colic.-, trho ■ heve aanT ln their reeldnatlonr, nnd retire freotneir presem positions oo Monday next. p-taeat Eighry-lbree mcruhants have clreadv eienn <- their namea as snbscrioers to the ueusjfjanlzation. Jfavit. Ckedits,—At the present -■ time when bo tunefa eacitement citeu retarding -the pccdinc malt, any news of diminution in ticqnota will be hersined with pleasure. We learn trom Csnttie Early that- he yesterday tele'Tanhcd' r.» r7.Vi..5 llial he has onnng the laetdrj-or two rol! iectedtho names of 103 men, nil 01-' whom will“St o-edited to Ghleigo. The2.!»o men SSimK listed hi the c tjhave been credited Wthhilste « iISSiOO C '* Ml ° nlJr re “ ITe of LracTEKawr Mato.—Wc are-lad tc-’eam that : Lieutenant Majo, ol the 14th Illinois cnvnlrv ae •verdy wounded by a shot while leas** a robro J -harpe m one of the recent battles hcicro Attain h i rapidly recovering. AUMW ' Tlie “ Workletmcn’j XectibKE Editors Tribuce: Belnp one of the working men of tto dtv of Cl I. aa in duty bonnd. attended thp , ina In Biynn Hall on Saturday erenlm- ro “-i" anit upontha rights oi the laborinc thu ter nhle crisla." 1 even went early, aa eitloTtiJt do by th» Adrorola." ao that roc , 0 Hfi”?.!! 11 p <mda “* *Ol not have their' Sfa&i tributod iromiji yon to create dla-enslona iS toot ratika, Bntrwas not a little anrpnaed io behold upon Um ttand, when 1 went m, a Copo«hSd lawyer aid Poilnrlam and wondeSd eroSdOT?? what ho could he dmrethere; ■was inaaaaed when Prealdent Haalltt’inU, openlnc addroFa, announced In anhstnacoT nnd nearly it. ai many worth, that tncro were not braina enongh among the ten thousand mechanics and laboring men of chi elm to dial! a Btries ot refolutlona and to frame a platform cxprepFlre of their- viem and aentiments, their objecta and alma; andJtcS the ten thousandth part ol the impatat.on a. a pcrfonallaeuit. Myturpriao waa still forthcramf mcntca when heanaonneed that he bad emn'oSil the Copperhead lawyer and poll;l£ad ro do the thinking and writing tor the ten thoc«tnd worklrg men nnd mechanics of Chicane and “o propose a nlatiorm upon which they were to or canlzea pofltical party. .My antpriaol-avn way to indienation whan thla Coj perhesd lawyer and nol itlcian was-pnt lorward aa rhe month piece of the working men and mechanics of Chlat-o—a man Mho baa no eympapiy with them, and whose only purposoJs to mate them, as he evidently hastbeir President, a tool >o subserve his own personalia tem-ts, acd\the inure?ts of his party. Rati vda not surprisud at his speech. It was no more tuan I expected from my knowledge of the max*, It was a harangue which would do no discredit to the Convention which is to assemble in this city on the 29th—a wicked, mischievous, JesnlUcxlepeech which onght to be spurned by every loyal man. It is transparently Copperhead, althoughfawiioned by a!i the shrewdness of a shrewd pelilloccer and an adroit politician. Tbs resolutions are base coin froze*, the same mbit. They area mass of verbiage, ccveriu" or an attempt to cover. Copperhead sentiment® of the worst kind The loyal working men of CMcacoare made to endorse r pndialton after the manner of Jeff. Davis and hi* fellow trai tors. The brilliant financial scheme of. the Con federates, ol taxing Confederate bonds to such an extent as to make them worthless, was recom mended. It has not even thb poor merit of being an original nucalby. And the armistice lion is but a reproduction ol that which the Cop perhead conventions have been passing all over tue country. And these two comprise the gist of the whole, audthe Copperhead lawyer and politician displayed his ingenuity in dovetailing them so as to have the whole* batch swallowed together. The whole thing Is a fraud, a swindle, ami an outrage— an insult to the working men ot Chicago, and if President Eazlitt haa been a willing tool in the • hands of these m<-n, he should be repudiated at once by all wbo do not sympathize with traitors, or their abettor*. As one of the ten thousand woridng men of Chi-. »go, without bralus, I protest against the whole preceecing. C. M. L, The Soup Boase, Editors Tribune Wl;l you allow me to par a few words on a sub ject that needs ventilation f At Ko. IS6 Soulb Canal street there is an tafaVr ble nuUanee In the shape of what the proprietor calls a Soop House. Toe object is to gather np all the cheap meat from the batchers at a very low price, and mase, as they claim, eoap for the sol dier?. The dieadlhl scent coming from the scraps of half the botchers In town, dragged through the boiling son and not need perhaps for ten or twelve hours, is not only sickening to look npon, but is decidedly averse to the healthy condition of the neighborhood. I reside at 46 Adams street, very near the rose, and toe consequence is that one of the lodv members of the household is flat sick withu tjpbolufcver. Another lady member has not left her bed lor three days, and one of tbeeenUemoo is scarcely able to leave the room, and will doubt . less be obliged to subject himself to the physician's csre for some time, as we are obliged to employ -one twice a day. We made an application to the Health Office, and he either came or sent a mao who reported that be “conld'nt see it,” the reason being that the slop shop got wind of it and bad everything in the neatest trim possible, and all the putrid and rotten carcasses hauled away before he arrived. We dext sent a petition to the Board of Pol ce Commissioners which was quashed on ac count of theltcetimony of the Health officer, al thonchitwas signed by over forty persona who reside and hold property (most of them) very sear thcplace. ITthat health officer will come up to my house and spend the night he shall have the best room in the house (that being nearest the eacrcdspot) and if be can enjoy elebt hours eweti sleen, I will make him a handsome present. We have tole rated the thing longer than we the pro- Erietors bac cot promised that every week was to e theirlaet. If this slush, made from the offal ot half the cattle that come here to be consumed, is to be used for hospitals, Jeff. Davis nor Geo. Lee need not call for. any more troops: but employ this man, claiming to be a government official, to feed the whole army on—soup. For my own part. 1 would like to live long enough to vote for Old Abe odcc more But In order to do iL lam afraid that a move must be made ;%whetffer It Is to bo me, the city officers, or the carrion, time alone mist develop. What I wish to know is, whether the laws of the city will allow a man to keep a pest house within thirty rfeet of an inhabited dwelling? _ Trusting that you will find a corner large enough for the.=e tacis, and regret-ting that I am obliged to annoy yon so much in order to have a breathing spell. I subscribe myself, Truly yours. Wanted Immediately— Onion** Sour* brant, Pickles, Pried Fruits, Kag-t. Scurvy, the scourge of the army. Is rapidly In creasing. Thousands of men are sickening and dying for want of vegetables and adds, the anti dote of scurvy. Let each Aid Societyand indi vidual bend us at least one bushel nr barrel of onions, and one jar, keg or barrel of pick ca or soorkraut. In making pice’esforthe army. It la essential lo use the best vinegcr. to insure their safety in the beat of a Son’hem cllmite. Pickled and spiced potatoes are an excellent remedy for scurvy, but not a palatable edible. In moderate quantities, they arc very valuable. Bar rtls containing onions should be pierced with anrer-hoU-s, to admit sir freely. Dried fruits are invaluable; crestly preferable to canted traits. Lot cverv Aid Society and Indl >ldcnl, even tf deprived of them for home use, dry, or fctew, or make cordial, of all b'ackhcrrics with in reach, for the use-of One cup foil will olfen save a life. A telegram from Dr, Kcw berry calle for I,OUO pounds rags per week lor the Gangrene Hospital. Save, wash and forward every itfsnand women of the Northwest, be upaud doles! Unless the demand la promptly met, thousands must fall victims to the insidious too. You have raved the army helore Vicksburg—save it before Atlanta, and on the Mississippi. Mark ivery package carefully; Northwestern Sanitary Commission. C 6 Madison street, Chicago. 8.8 U'Caoo, - President N. W. Sanitary Commission. $25,00 Howard; McGbsoob, lowa, Ang. SO, 1361. We will pay the above sum to any person who will arrest and bold in custody until we can reach him a man calling himself C. D. Johnson, Jr., claiming to represent Johnson & Fuller, of New York dty, ana selling copyrights to towns and counties for an improvement In light called “Port able Illuminating Oil.” Said Johnson is about 88 years old, light complexion, medium size,*good address ssd appearance, and well dressed. au24-p&3l-2t Scott & Bnotuss, •Allen Exemption! from firaft. A* the time of draft approaches an Increased anxiety Is manifested by foreign citizens to pro* core the proper exemptions from service. The freqnent presentation ol Canadian Naturalization Papers, and their rejection by the Provost Mar* ahal, has elicited the following letter of instruc tions from Lord Lyons; “Bnmsn Legation, * Wafhiktojt, n. c. I •« e , August 18th, 186 L om: In xeply to'yonr letter of thel-’thlri«t„l “ff to I am distinctly instructed by Her or? t) 8 Government that natnralizsiioa |q a British colony does not confer upon the parson R? .. f wd any dalm to British protection beyond the limits of that colony. I am, sir, . “Tbnrob’t serv’f, Lyons.” Arthur Sihroeder, Chicago, 111. We would therciorc say that all persona holding Colonial naturalization papers and claiming ex tinction will be required to procure IfcimJ. K. Wjlklne, Her British Majesty’s Consul, resident st St. Lonls, Mo., the proper protection papers lu order thattheir names may on stricken from the enrollment list, and they exempted from draft. LOCAL MATTERS. ■West Division Union Xjeasac.—The Union Leagues of the lllh and !2th Wards will meet at Aorora Hall, Milwaukee avenue, this evening at hall-past seven. Easiness ol great Im portance will be considered, and every memberla earnestly requested to be present' A. Down Town iwercl-atil harinypasged ACTtnil Elomletd niqLts. ,le:oib«l oy tin ijoiiea thifM “‘tv 1 . 10 !: c “ Ia » ocd bccomlce con- Til'tcd matMre. Wln?lowV Sbotbim: Svxnp waa joxl the article Deeded, procorcd a supply jbr the ■ acd arqau&tlpp hi. V-Ife mw what ae had doce, ehe' refused lo hare it admlmsterod to the child, sa ehc ira- atrmady 1“ &yororHoajer.oathy.-.That alahl the child msaed fa uaflerpi;, aad Iho parcata wltboat aleop ii,-- tanilar hamoCho day loliowios, the father foaaa' the baby atJJI wctac;and ; mother cteppea from the room loauead w aome domestic dalles aad lelt leatherwlm thechild. Daria?her ihaaS2 heodmmlatcred apdrtioaotthe Boothtaa SynmS the baby.- and said nothing. That nisht at SSJa the liraefeßow .wok?in 3 SSv b S* I,t ‘sf 1 “J ,p t- T *>emothcr waa with themiddia and waooSeria] chaace. iflS thoosh of drat offended at the deccpttra ptectlcad ppoa her, haa coattaaed to nes the byrup. any eat. fenag, babies aodrcstleaa attht. hw dla apoeared. A urrwle trial or the Syrup never am lolled to reiterette baby, aad ovarcome the prtfn dJ,cSß 0 Ii h ? cotbtr - 25 cento a bottle. Sold'by all droaKiete., way 7 ASeasonaS)? Family JKemedr— Obote roMorbns.bnrsmer Complaint, Cholic, Soar Stom ach, Dlarthcca, and tfte bowels lej cJdf Ei to chlldbsod nr this seaaoc'of She year bid* cured at once hr Ur. Jennie’s Camlnatrre Balsam. It allays the irntatlon-aad calm* the action of the stomach, and belrg pleasant to the* taste, is readi ly taken by children.- Wille it maybe cWea with entiresafety to infants, tt yet acts promptly and thoroughly, when admistetered acrardftar to dl notions, to either children or odcUt: Sold by Pnißß‘«s everywhere. - L<*s22-pC6J-S£m>w & a CBT* Disease* of the Ncrvccz, ttotAlnai. Urinery and Sexual Systems.—New and relisoJc# treatment —in report® of the Howard Association. Sent by mal? In essled letter envdopus, tree of charge. Aildnsa Dr. J. SklUon HcmgotriD, Bowardf Abso clktion, No. S Booth Nthth stTeet* PhlltfSeipbto, Pd. - Jyß-mSs£Sru Bon so and Sign ratrttng,- Calclmlaing, (Kazinyand Grofcjing. Piper ICmane® an£ Win dowShcdcs ecllhitr at wboiosahrantJ retail as New York prices. F. S. Rionr, 89 ZtZm4olpli atrent. Bbrß3BS. Jy24-ii633'lii Bfcrropelium Hall its fleiai,—Thin is to rent lot all the purposes for witch each hills are nt*ed. Terms mcdera&n. Appliffi tions cos he made at the office, adjclcin? tte trance to the Han inlß-liWO-tl WJarfeets by Telegraph. KW’YCTtK CATTIiIMTA+tSET. (Telcrranhed Exclusively for the Chlcaro- Trlenni NwYoßEVYasslay Evtntas,-Aus;.SJ,iSst. EEEF Ca.TTLK,—The Beef CatU; marmot far the weekerdmzto foy.thowa a roceiptltorlho track,at aP t>e mur3etcZace»cl the city of C.+33 bead. The tlste'cftrodc cttheclos? Isuonsnaliytararanidtothe drovers, as nil' the stock remali'.toe Cronjyct*9rdoy, with the recclptfl to day, can bn a old without decline cerates current yesterday;, whltih ware excluding fancy cattle, or; extra- holiday beef per E>. welehtof noat, seller atcWag offal J7J*«r.B*c-- Tie loweet being ?£i:c-, toslodtog tiiin ste'err, coarse oxea.etc. 83ECP— Of ihs*p tre hare 1,930 h»sdrcpcrted-for tbo west,and accoiding to the repertsd etl» ot • sheep brokers, the genercUaverage p ncs per head has been 157!. receipts of hogs for tie week aatnbrr 44K0Lcad. Ibe Quotation® to-dav «)f cornfs'lbozs 9 ICC'-fci, Itvfl weight, ere ‘c. Thn qooh>- ticnsoldstillcry fed- hogo per cwt live weight are 411A0 Sttalltbto-Eb£sCK®7J4» At tl lejeqcccailoas the market la reported asnot very live iy. Solos - Kodetcsx, [To the Associated Press. I A _ Kstv Youx. Tnesd *y, Aug; 23. The current prices for tbc ve»k are; Bu>r CaTTLX-Kfr97qcall 15 r |K CTdJll ordinary to good.; t 4A®fl7«o: commen, 39.03 H13.Q0; infe -1 tor, $S.f 5<3 9.00. Vxal Calvxs—F»f quality, per pound, lOAlic* mdtoary; ; commoE, IXQSM ' i toferior! suxxp—Lambs, extras,.pev head, pilme, |i«ac-:e; orctoarr.. 53.00@W0: coaaoe! «iaou.s.o<; tolertor.awoeuc. Bwixa-Corn fea,- V S;.ii£Oi3£et stit * feditva Ulfc. Market retneinswUboct eaesntlal c hanen.- The aupp:y of heel cattle was fair but not excessive; At tbeooe’tor, themstket ruled Orm-r. hatmanv cattle, which «ere detained bythewaihiur awaytif brtdrts on tbeT2rle Rnihoad.are expected t 5 cpxsin bejrre the end ot tbe week, ib view of t rdehtne market scbseduostlj rated heavy aud price s showed more ccne>n'on trom the opt-sinz pne*s 1 hertuco of prices was as but the Dtuk of good 1 mtcoof. feitngs aola a. lßoiS3{e ‘ all the yards forth* iweo»- P ce I cs is , ?i? re f^ B,^’*.I eal cal7oe,2,KK»; ah rep and' lambs, BWlne.6,tA. Ft Lon], mnsteu [Special Diepatch to the Chicago Tribu s«.] 8r.L0>»13,-Tn»sd»T, August ZI,!MI.> Tctjucco—Active. Rales 2t9 hhis and lugs at 3 300 ei+.’SS; common sblptitog leaf at «18X0<32L9 7; medi um do at 35C.0C&52.73: good do at $33.00341.10; ecta* mcnASdmedium manxikotcrlQg do at 25.0J®10X3* good at M3.tCa7S.CO. Fluub—Firm, in lots.onprl* rate term? SOdoXXattU.tO; 909‘ do XX an 111 09* TOO do XX at 3»c.75 5 4X3 do X at $9.75; 71 do a np»r ab 39.80. Gfaix—Wheat Irrpro -ed- G*ie* 400 sacks very cbci te at *2.17; fSU do-ctolca ah $?.10; 2.780 do coed tc prime At *?.CC@2,B; ;,iCO do fair to gool at sli-**’ J-SS, Com steady. SslM 80 sacks white at *145; Of do*i rhltt at *142; 803 Co yellow and railed at *1.49. Oat s clcued quiet. Sales 120 sacks at 91c; COO do at. Wc : 1.431 do atfiPc; Ift2»ts?c; WO do In o'conl.hsnd sacks at S7Kc, IJye improved. Sales Zi sacks at tU 17;. 23 do in lots at 92.15. -» ‘WinefT- Doll. Qaies 59 brls at 5t.77. !PaovuaiOKß~Bacon.and Lard. Sales of 25 euk» el ear aides at 21c; SO tlcrcia prime la:d st 31c; 75S do p race at2o.Sc, Warsaw, His. Cincinnati (Market ir-pedal DUpatoh to the Chicago Tribune.! CificrxxaTi, Tuasasy, Aug. 33, isc;- Fz.ors-Afl>mer feeling In the market; holders avk higher prices. Bales of oup*rflne made atfLßß. e0.51.-and cf extra at f9.CCa9.63. • Offerings light. ■Whisxt—A geed demand at 31.t331.73K. raonsroNS-Mees .pcrfcheid at f 12.00, with small sales. Bulk meats held at IflSlTKc, bat no sales at l5JiCU7K“the latter rate- being obtained lor hjsvy tides, hard 2?c, with sales-of ICO trea. Nothing do- Initio bacon. SuLTK—Whsat In good, demand and market arm at t?0(33.05 per bushel fer prime to choice: white held at $2J03L15. Corn market firm at ft .IS&L39 • fqrear; 31A&3125 for (helled Oats—a good demand for new at 75c in bulk sal In some cases 76377s wore obtained; oldaraheMatWc. Bye bat little doing and quotations ncmtael. Barley-the best grades cf (pringandfsUarelncooddemand at #L7s®l.S?por bn, but vary little effaneg and holders ask higher rates. Gnocnjuzs—Tbo market has not changed essential ly and a fair demand at the advance. Coffee, 12351 c Bawtrjsrs. 2?®330; turd refined, 31K®S4c. New Orlsacimolasies* 22.15®>29. A demand ior-sogan. homo cola secs and syrups at S9c®|L4o, aaoordlagto. quality. IlUiwaaseß IHarkeu [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) MxnwAtrxzK, Tuesday, Aug. 23; Gxaiw—Wheat—Rccalpie.7,2C( bn. Market opened at Salih's Sales 19.C00 bu at fbOfeJ*® 2 (7. On ’Change the market advaucslZc. with sales ci4l.Coobast 52.tS®3.tu, with one sale at cr’fltpUcn all the month—closing daU-and west a S2.CB. Oats Inactive; ealss, l car new at 6€c. Corn tlrheracd nominal. Wool-Firmer: sales,B,OCO ha poHc-dat 31.13;. 2,0C0 tts.Cce:* as tI.W. __ Illinois and laichtgnn Canal. [Special Despatch to tea Chicago inoana.) Bbidoxtobt, Tuesday, Are, 23-1 p.m. CLXiBEb—J. Menard,LaSalle. feet Inmhcr- Laura Ann, LaSalle, ft lumber, 5,5i0 i&tb; E*. Bmnham, Atbeis. Anaivan—A. Lincoln, Morris, 5,009 bn corn; IT. q. Locbhs, Athens, 00 y?s nibble stone; Lady 30 yds rubble itone; Investigator, Athens,B9ydsrnb bleitcne: Conveyance, Athens,. 45 yds dimension stone: D.ncts, Athens,(Sydadlmenslonslone; B.A. T&orp.Pzison, light; Ottawa, 4.200 bn corn* 4 cds wood, 10 tons coal; Alabama, LaSalle, 149 tons ccal; Constitution,Lockpoct*3,Coo hn oats, 1,105 Bs seeds. ' Note.—Of the bc&tsrepoctod cleared tha Knowing arenewhero waiting forteams; Wasp, J. D. Leon azd, Artlpa,Bay State* Nautilus and J. Menard. Teasels Passed Detroit. - [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] DarnoiT, Tans day, Aug.SS. Hr—Barks Darlsy, Monarch. Dcwx—Bchri Bart. Wind South New York Market. KxwTosx, Tuesday, Ang.29. Ccttox-3c better at 11.87, doting with holders utlQk higher flgurts. feoub-i(‘3lsc better, at 310 85-310,15 <*xtra state. 310.1M3U.Cb enr-v round hoop Ohio, and 31U5'©12 75 trade nrasaa-msrket clottagnithro sellers attho ln»ldn quotations. Included In sales sta 2,000 brls extra (tsie for last hail cf October &cd first half of November at 31U5. ■Wbukt—Firmer at 31.82Jf1.83 for state and *l.«3a* l.C4fcrwcfiterx>. _Gbaxn—Wheat l®3c better. Bales at *2.2oaisr for Chicago sprlna; *.V.1®2,3? for Milwaukee Club- *2 \0 Q2 47 for winter rtfl we»-em ■. $3 E!32 r>9 for Inferior co: t2 for Amber Wicbig&aT <Srn So be 2 ter. Bales at Bi.Cusl,M*K foi mixed western - si « Deb w-ixed. Ofclß a little more staidr. Sales at Ditf GfCforvesttro. - n Gncckßiis—Coffee Aim; cnl? a moderate burner? Sugar firm at arc 'cr ‘'nha Mtucavofia, and 23c for l urtohfCO MoI&EHS dull. Fnrsn Atb, Petroleum—Vu m ana quiet, at f-5(856c for crude • 18&90 C lor itfineu m bond; and 90&Ucfor refined fie*. YYoot—le - s active and prices without decided chawr. PBOTisioss-Pcri dull sudfAvotshurers; S37.OJa f*-f-0 for mfss; *lt‘.T-t@M,S7X lor ncwdo.cncciup. cloHrg at for do regular way; IJSCC&fb(O for prim?.; end JS3.CO far prime me*s> sheslo trlt n«>w r.rss, for Aucust.bnym’ option, at 11-'.67>f. ana 1,(0- brfs do,for September, samecd . Beef dull; *l3.Cfa's.tO for country m<»B *6 Of@S.CO lor country prime ; JIB (o<ai9 co for rrpacktd meea: ?i3.(o@2h.cofor evirameas, Prime Me»s 3tei li dcllandnriElaal. Cut Uestsarevsty m»atjs:itskcforisfoul(ttraaßdl7K«!Bc for Haas, c tekeei cales oi 25 tie* Smoked Uams at ale. Laid Crm . pr * with CPU- a moderate bustneai. Bt2ii-e23Hc;fa’es of am brLfor flris half Septaic* Jttr, toyer’j cpi'pn. fc'.fSjtf ; tr.Dbrls deliverable after , JopJoo,al 2ic: snia-Obrisfor ati Sett., bnj(r’sfptloo,a*2ic, - Butter Is moderate* lyicurt: at 4’SiFc for ©U’o and 49315 dor Stale. Cfatcrelsetfacy at 16<g2Cc. Pbiladtlpbia ttlarl et. FinniPitPuiA. Tutsdsy, August 23 . rLOTTR—Eco?r *515: eitrsi llD,7t@ibL3 Q*aix—Wheat tuoyant. Old red at *5 53; new Peer ay Ivuia 85 ; southern *l7O, Corn firm. Tallow |t 40. Oataflnr. H4wD2®93c .fiovisioiis—AavtEons. teaa pork *42.ofi. lard firm lire. Wn«EKT“7lrm at *l^s, Ctudo 5Cc; refined In bond 82QSc; do lice fcß<j£oc. Kew York money and Stock Market. KswToas, Tuesday, August 23. - Mossv—Mere active and firm at 7 per cent. Excnasck—Little more active-285 cur rency; I r ßx cold. “ ajy - “ dv,roUis to Govzumnrr Stocks—Quiet and firm. STOCKs-Heavy, U 8, fU s.2o* coups. 113: do *Bl conpß.lC9: do *al regd. irsY: dol year ceitlf. 05; Ohio * Miss, certjf. 4B ; Quicksilver 80K; If. T. C, 128J4? Erie llOHt dopfd. l»H;-Huis. 1m: Beading J33x: M.C.IXS; M. 8. 65; w|totin 68: UL C. scrip lifi; rttta. lick;G. *N. Y?. mTr L UO] Prairie do chien 611 P. W, * C in * Thofolmomw, w-4,;VBMKn for tELOBINO DAY.I mlaJrgstoekf.Aujr.M: Central. 63; Colarablau. 9- F/aniJln, 511 H«acocfe,l?K; Huron, si; Id- Bov«1e! Mi MesLtrd. 10; Minnesota, SIW; pewablc. 61 w-- Pitts, 68; Quincy, ta; Rockland, M; Superior B*l New York Gold market. , KXW YoBC, TU'iJiv. Aar M. Goldcmcztdat 2?<« andcadutiy row to Ojpy on rumors from Oract anc Sh»rldan Xlosmgnrica zjt J 1 At ldop.m the price was Js9*. with a downward tendency. tfoHalo market. Borraxo, Tnssoay, Amr. 23 p v Floub—Active and ucchansed. a»r,x. Gzaix—Wheat in moccrato demand. Bales nf Mj.wansee ?n inea;»2 23 deiverod; No 2 Cbieaeo Spring atn«P=»» Winter Red Western at iSS 2.23: Amber Western at flxsauo. Com active ana firm. Oats more active ac .£c per bn UTO *«« Wnn-ET-Flrm&r. Bales at si £2. aS^f¥“5ST2«?* r - T ° ■■ “•«» Cakat. ExrcßTa Wheat. 74.9* c bn; corn. 38.110 bo.- cats, U.iSQ bu. ’ * ,uu oa * Oswego market. Oswego, Tnesoay, AnznstSs. FL&UB-AfTinceflt'cwlihazood demand. Sai?a at iwesic ?5 for So l erring; *i» po ro-rcdtrln. ier;*u.ioel'.« lorvrhiia ana %i 3 3*@.a h fordoa ble extra. „ OnAiß-Inbttlerdemand andhlffler. Wlnterred lucirou; amber illrLJ«aa»s?s; new do |2 3‘- So 3 <Tiie*zo ep’tnr SBl3, Coxa firm IlTlnola nixed 8i jfrSMS; So.ldofUS. Bailrosd lm« Tnbiex osicAsro Alto aoT.7Hw*gtxhj?—narci cos, ymuff ~ WAIXB AJI3> KXKZZSi tn B, „ . imparl. Halii’scza^wf.• -- *HkCOz4B. Svi^ilr^Bxpraa.—— —•-.-*5:00 pja. - *11:85 c.m Nleht feprts* •. ,'--..*9:50p.Ei. *8:15 p.m 3AZ.Z2U prvxsion c. & u. w. bailwai—nsro? 9on < 23 Trxtie eismcr. rtiicn iSMvw —.. 9:45 s,n. 6tiS«jn .Fasten Ptabeagtffi....—— fl;lsp,ti;, ISSp.m. rrstyort-PaEsereffi:.. 9:35 sm, s#Bp.ct Frecpuri Pasocnvwr,.,. ...10:00 p.ij, 8:19ils, aoLhfor? Passenger 4:00 p,»i. si*2oti.«. sJcnnvs Peeaeryej.,,, 6:50 &£Ca.o " CTSTEiX, Ociim: express» *t:Soajt. *p:al a.m, .Oetnilt tflrOO d.e; o v ’.^* OfShdtßxprafJ .. *+l(WX>, •S:lCnjE t . {Train for CtocteaaH and Letstistort «omlna .... *63oam, ♦inifip.n. aocHiaiN Bovmansi— ps?ee oossps; aeaia- AJfi? ggXBEAH HTBSZtS. .Pay Brpreee. *fca)a.«, *8:18 p.m. Express....— ...tS:oop.a, *l6;town. - Night Esnrw# .*tl(W)0 mia. xß:4Csurs. Smut*, via Annan *6;sna.a, •biid a. til Right Erprofr. via AffriasutlbOO pas, *5806 aon. KTTBBDBfi, WTW WAT3RJ AED CXU*«O. Midi and Accommodation. .•«40a.m. *ilOp.ia. Day Express *6:Soaan. *8:15 pan. Hall Express,—....... tfcOO p.m. *ftiO p.m. Night £xne»... Cin. & Louisville tSOS n,m t (' rmmcting with Centra? B. S.) ie&vePlttahore., & 4:55 pja, B:4£noa, ■ “ fmtab'g.. fcsjp.m. ?:45 a,m. 6:00 aj£ aniyeFMadd... SMp.m, 830 is. >m«. ■* N. York. via , • * Allen ton * r K. York. via lteosp.m. lADB .m., PhlladeU ’ *** Baltimore.. 6:40 p.m. 1:00 a.m. 13AO a.m. •* Waan*toa.. 8:80 vja. 1038 aon. B3X)pan. Dayßaprees 6:30 a. m. £l6 p. m. Night JtecM... 9:40 p. xsu &io a. m. Cft*’ Indianapdis ana lasUvUte.) Day Express. 6:80 a. n. BJ6p-m. NlglitUxpfeea 9:40 mas. BJU a.m. ir.T.nrosa cbstral. Day Passenger- *8:16 a, m, *S:OOp.n. Night Passenger +9:80 p.m. *fcCoa.m. Kankakfce Ace'S *5:16 0.21. Hyde Park Train *6:85 a, a. *7:45 a, m. . ** * •* *l*oo m. *l:B6p.m. ** ” *• *4:00 p.m, *6:80 p.m. M • “ M *6:lsp.n. n.SOp.m. ornoAoov ouelihotoh abd ounror. Day Express 9;SO a. m. 6:15 p. m Nigat Bxpreas.... 906 p. m. 5:00 aTm. 2fiendotaAccommodatl.on.sJ6 p. m, fcso a. m. CUZtUQO AND BT. 1/7013. Bxprroo Mail.../. 930 a.m. 730 p.m. Night Express-. 930 p.m. 6:30 ft.m* Joliet 8:80 a.m. esSOAOO AXD BOOK IBLAUD. ■Day Brocas and Kai1...... 9:45 tLm. 4150 p.m. •Nipht Express 9:15 pjo. 8:16 a.n. ; Joliot Accommodation 6:10 p.m. 9:40 *.m, cmsiooAasxiz.WATr7xaßai&WA?. St. Attl Express ..10:00 tua. 8:15 p.m. Night Express 9:80 p.m. . 1:00 p.m. Waukegan Accommodation BrJO p.m. 8:40 a.ia. IfT&natoit Special 2:30 p.m. -4:35 p.m. • Sundays excepted, t Saturdays exesuted. Hondara excepted. amusements. ACADiMV 01-’- MUSIC. XjL Wainlsgton a treat, bet. Clark nsd Dearborn sta. First Public PcrJformaucc or the E. L. DAVENPORT DRAMATIC CLUB, On Frldey EyeDlng) Ang;-> 20. ‘‘Alltbat GlUters !snotGo!d ; ’aad <s TheSee^cl s, For cast of chireaters see small bills. ' v Admle-lon,socents . Fiivat* Boxes $3 00 aud t3 00. Tickau (create attbepruclpal Hotels, ConkSioiea, of members of tbc Ctoo. and at the Roz Otflce. SeatH can be secured nttha Bbz Offlte t«ro oajs In advance, trom 10 to 13 a. m. and 2 to 4 p. m. an2ipc»6«4lhp • THEATRE, MOEDIT KVEHIHO, AUGUST 22. Ecgsgement of tbe popular Comedian, ME,. OE^ISrF'EA.XJ, Who will appear !u his r-nowr.fd character of LORD DUNDRkAKYandhia HKOTUKR BAU, In the cele brated American Comedy of » OUB AUEBICiH CO USE? IT HOKE, as lately acted by Mr Chanlrau six consecutive weeks, m the city ol JTew-korg. with uaboauied success. CBOWDEIT HOUSES SatnrdAY, Afternoons Grand Hatlnee. Variety theatre. Ncs 115 and Ji7l)eorberactreet. C. hi. CHA» WICK & CO. Fropnetors and Msnsgsrs. T.a. FITCH ..Actingand Stage Manager. Be-appearacce cf the c!d Cavorise, MBS CL&BA BUTL.ER. THURSDAY EVyHIWG, Angust 18, Tirel appearance cf MR. W. -T. THOMPSON •Asd Us wonderfhlly , THAI NED DOG, UECTOB* I>ocr» open s 17K: Onrtaln nsec at o’clock. Scats op Put CBS.—ParnutUo. ascents; Dress and PaatlTCircle,f Scents; Private Dozes, *1; dingle Beats la Bczei. M certs. • * £JOIiONED WOOD’S MUSEUM. COD. J.H. WC ioda CO...ProprtclciiandHaca««, Cta«t.°° “5 ™Uon.Rtaty« Court, or too Trial cl pan ■' t IKR “! ,Zi FIGURES IN WAX. TJBatn>'< OSJiI GALLKBT. LONDON. , e *tS >i*s‘om. V ltb 1« over 2W.OO) con* r>* ! The EnoimoosAmert high land weighing over wmawwar day and nDht. Mill An*r, ofa i*^? y now residing laibu city,made s Gallery, in London, will n exhibition in the large Mmeum Sslom. ueKoom will be clos'd for two weetafor &so?tbi* B^^ lend,dßtar company will opeathe wSSoSIf ;? T t,M “ ean! ' MC£:its : children, 15 cents. JgXC.UKSION AND PICNIC TO E-vrA-isrsToisr. THE HUE ST* MISSION SABBATH SCHOOL Taka f .heir Annual Eieortlon toth* beantlfoi Town Ct EVASBTOrt ' On FEIT?AY BE3CT, tiis 26th last. Cy.i leavo the OLI> Milwaukee Depot at 9 o’clock A. M., returain* teach Chicago shoo l 4K P. U. Ticket*, 5J cents; Children,2s cent*. Proceeds for the Benefit of the School. Tickets fer sate at the Depot or by-the unders'ered. M T B CihTH, .1* I. A. PUBHiaOTOV. Wjf- SPBAPOX. Jossr iIDBTOS . an.j p?~6-/t j»hp Committee. glticdau Jiales. RACKING HOUSE. FOR SALE A.t. Fubllo OuSatcsday, Sopt. loth, 1804, -A.t 3 o’cloclc P. M., That certain Frame ' Pcctonu Hoots oa the Archer. ttosd, in the city of Cbkazo. formerly kcowit as Alexander Beii*r, more recently occupied byOrejtttonA Co., together with the Diturfa, tppor .teranr»«. unezoirea term ofleasij, etc- Alto, a lot of Ground Alum Balt and Saltpetre. Bale on the pram lies. lemia.caah. Tor r.oicripil^n.nara:aJarß,&c~ applj to T?M. A. BUTTEB3 U CO.. auSi- pSTTWtrltbp Auctioneer*. TVRT GOODS, BOOTS, SHOES, XJ SOipt pitted Ware, Watches, Baacy Goods, &C., At AUCTION, on Wsri’XßOa.T, Anzost 3lth, at 9K o'clock. at Batters’ Auction Haiti in Portland Slock, corner of Dearborn end Washington etree1 3. WU. A. BUTXSU3 & CO., Aactlon ;er9. aan-p417 4t Labgs trade sals of STAPLE DRV QOOO3. _ AT AUCTION. On WETBE9D ax, Aur- Slot, at SHo’clcc*. at Bat. tm* Auction Room* la Portland Bloctr. corner ol Dear v orn ecd Wublarton ttref ts aois-riism WH a. DU itsss & CO, Aucfrs. gQ BESIEABJiE RESIDENCE Lots in the West Division AT AUOTIDN. Gn THCBSTJAY, Bent. Ist. at 3 P, or the premises, wetbsUseUtothe hlghait bidder, several desirable Bu;U Inc Lola to Flocks i«o sa’dls,ioato ofTwakth street, between Morgan ocdWalk'r, la Brand’s Ad dition. One iigfcth c»eb and the balance in seral-ao nn&l payments. oto-ilghia with fi par cent interest. For ra* icolan see Wil. A. BUrTEBS St GO., Bui?-pIW-U)t Au-iticneew. OJLBERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers, 11,46* 45 rearbera-f*. ELEGANT NEW FURNITURE AllOtio3A« - On FRIDAY, Aug. 20th. at o’clock A. H , we wit- sell at cur Salesroom, alarau and rplencid at icument cf Parlfrr, Cliamber and Diningroom FnroUare^ Icclodlne a fine variety of rosswood, walnut sad cbtsiaut chamber setts, with and wlthnut marola* alio, very fine tailor suites la repp and hair cloth, marble top tables, oak and walnut natble too lice boat da. extension Cinlne tables, chairs of ell kinds, mating altceether ono of ths bdEtaasartmems of goods ever sold in this city, and are from first, clan manufacturers. AUo, a variety of Household Golds. Stoves. Ac. * " u,tt Buyers of Fnrnitttre win tave from tWfnty-flve to fifty per cent br attEndioK our tegular tales everv Tceeday sudFitday through ti>e aiascn. a ~ .. GILBERT* SAMPSON, _su-4-psu2t austlocaen. US. ARMY AND XT AYT PEN • SIOKS OBTAINED WITHIN THIRTY DAYS, And collected at any Agency In the United States 9 hv W si. F. BREtYSTEU, ' r aupt3-pi77-St-4th p 153 BeYrborjfst! 1 , ChicaSo^l. T3UCK SKIN MITTENS AND ford.SSJ^»SlJg£“ s BlooE of “■» Also—Fur and Kid Gloves and Gauntlets. BOOT AND SHOE PACB, »npcrlor to ftay othtr in th» nutlut. ui trade. »ui7-pH 8m w y*k?| M Iki doorew’ert 8 groiliraT, Meal ISstatc-=(sifs. FOR S&I-E -A very desirable 50 fcot’oton Twenfc-Second street. Honve and Lot near Bigh‘.cen*.h Si., east of Michi gan averue. „ JlLure »i d lot on Indiana avenue, near Twenty., Second street. B.D CfiwdSEU?, in2»pM*4t BcomSToJsjraph Umidiay. ■POR SALV- Rtßideice Property -L 15LotsK)xl25cach. In Duncan’s eddit 02.10 lit?. *9xl 2?, Wtit ol Late erect, (»at cf Felted- S?vtr*l new Ouatsi West of Vitus PatF. QVO if. HX43Z&SON, toeiropclitsa Black. auJtpSeoSt SAIE—At A. J. AvereU’a & B«a!£at»i«> Office, Nf. 7 Metroor.utan B!o;lc OsO. SMITE’SBV 8 DIVISION This finereddmea rropsrt*, btiwstn t wet doth and Twezty-Srs: 6lic . < - 5r * is now tlTcred for tale. P;*w farnliued to *p;-llcatt«. a, J. AVzBSLL, So. 7 Me»ro?oliun anri p*y>3; Property on take.S'mtta Wetoraod WavMnt* Un ttKMa tnd iXiohLia'- Avtune. Alfa Hlvcr Lo » <n North iiue. a.j aVSBKLL, Seal Ks aU Otfite, so. 7ke‘ropoHtaaPloclr. • au3!-p^-3t fpOic SjAirß 60 by 214 feec oa s{iet Mr* i tw’een anJ Vanßnren t f fine, new bflcz dwelllaxt in the ?r r , ihlS l ™ e l? Cino3mil ‘ ecU y* Alio * la g-! list J V*l ep?3 F e,5,WWIIl » the attent.on of *b«°Ocßof E.A.HO-TON?,. No SO rrax&vmßtieet. aa?lp3GS.lw BAIE Two new 2rsCx=* Cj£- i * n 4 l '{ {0 l Otl S orn *tr North Wei's ce p» will be scia low. A portion ot the pnrehesa money can remain for five years at Jx psr crr.t !*■ A-SAijGKni' f Real jfstots Agent J'o.4 Mevroyoll an Eioclf. anil I?*}K SAdJfi A L6TV Two etor/ thic^L 1 o«.2?.bl A r «?l“cou SSS? r d ..l!rctoKU.«B..cs Wiuw iT.trn u:d Il.ndojpli .ticctj, wdl b. s=H io.Vkil' t-Ttea b.ide cwy a,,‘ Itcceaiat, ooi-e.i ca .1,-1, ialrci. B-JIOKI, A. 3>l!OfNr, iSVi.tit, cEtbt.Ao.-l Mcmopylltaq Blccb. an;, p r t £ F>R SAXjE —RaLdolob, Clark, WAJHtFOTON. BTJaVR, W'ABtSrf, UIOHI- 7 GAN. INPIAVji PRaTHIk, frftLVMEP . „ ANBKVHE UNION and other first clan hnsiarva and reald-ace prone; ty. saibracaz a large undrew Hat forsv* i n Fi)R SAX/E - Chose© ia TKnB.B.BHyAN’a EeafSjfate D3w- I'-OrANA AVitNOE, com3/ er:Sl"lt(sriitb itr»t WABAoH AJENCTB,'north SOglB A LASaU,EfeIBK*T-aje«n“D£S"lDe. PARK Avj(ffCK-Mya Reuses,on 4u yeses’lease. A Ibi>o list cf the beat Lake Shorn averts lole.acd othtis in dU three dlylncna of the city. aitf»j« T 35; {7OK PALE—Hcifes and lot on JL Mlchhran avenue—lßooo. Home ana Hot on Wabash ~vanne—A T ,SCO I- ouse and Lot near Colon Park— *4,* OP. Reuse antJUctrn Baron street—»3.gW Apply to J. P. OLI.IGEB, 43 CUrJc street tcoss H o_t». aa3l p3S^-5tJ l£sp.3L XjIOR SALE—Flirt class riyidene© A on Mlcbiaan aveooe Plm clots riPideico on Prattle ayenaa. Flu; thus rfsWcie«onlVtbiub ayetme. Apply to J. P OLIHQBR, 43 Clark stmt,*upo3i *O. S. anH-pSIEat SALE—"We sale hq- JL lllSect l.atotfargatoi.a beautiful privats reel peace, wltn?K acids of land, at flatitm.onthc 6»* leca m'rcad, only C 3 mmutceride from Chicago: and only three minutes wsdc trow Harlem o-*pot.-anl nearorooi the heat schools la Cook county. Kb pises oat of Chicago otfara *o great laciiltlca to a' Ppragr doing tiusiaeio- In the-city, SuOVILLB-a HABTLY, j<o. S Telegraph Dalldlog. bu2l pS3I» I W' SALE—For $825, & baiutifol JL ccitage, IS'l South of mxrootoir Poesecßlon gtyen on purchaae. Lcat j of croand tor fl ve yean. . amflpm-aw POB SALE.—We hare lor sale X rcany rery deiinMe residence lots, Kosrn or caiCAOo Atuci and east orLakkebc otbsst. end lirtbe vtcaity ot theKorth Craacb Cocat suitable lor morriatg- Ttese I6ia are wear Crostn’g dlsaierv nr Ellers tannery. We wn sell cheaper ifasefora term of yean. OODEJT.yiBBTwcOD * CO. au9.oS63*lm Sf’Oß SALE—XT, s. Marias Hofipi a. tslatCbtoro. Inptwntnea of tboactcfCcn. gryse, aeproved Jane 2tfa, ISW. anthortslbg the sale of the u 8. Marine and grounds at Chicago. IMJEC.S, sltuataflop Michigan avenue, hetirsen Sooth Mw. , S r .v: r ?r; tb * < w <’ago tdTcr, notice U hereby v .? tisl property sjj; t« sold at panic encuoo. on the- sth day oi Bflst«uat>er. ICC-e at 10 ?* c .l oc, A* , . ir • Collector o t asr Pert of Cblcako, at tteCußtcm Ilcnram that city. The terms of the **ia are fbr ready mossy Up-.n the rcccsut of the FnTcnii.'C'morfly m fall, tcc of the Tt susnry Mill oztccta aud deliver to' tne onrebaner thereof a good and rudlcleat deed lor the prorolJea. convsylngaJthe rtght, Utle sad tot erect otto Obi leubu>ies. In Qccordsmcs with the act authurlricg the sale. Hos.lta! and graon-.S’will he yetatned. urtll the n-w Pospltal to bo bnflt nnecr ih? previsions :f the set shea be fblly completed and renavioruie- 1 Unless a factory bid obtained, the sals will be pomp cald. FKasUhDJiH, Jy23 nJ.'S-Sw fleerttary of the Tfcarory. Estatg==ffiouKricgu SALE—A Farm of 40 sores X cleared and 73 acres In wool or timber, all un der fence. 40rcdrftcma depot. Also IfiD acres ai! urdtr lessee and good bouse acd barn, il.iyr wortn of bay tndfl.'CO wertb of cattle andhorsta. snd'otter stocks. Call out ?. RAI,i>W7K,IOt -auddlphsa, KormNbO. I'wheeoldat a great bargain.- aus3pslMt T?OR SALE - A Valuable Farm. X 1 The subscriber oUhre for sale bis Farts of about 7CO eirer, sl'uit’d on tbe Chicago and Kocr Island Rallrcsd ecd lUlools and Michigan Canal, in Grundy County. Illinois. flßyitix nius weit of Chicago? aad three and a baifmiiei northeast of thecicvoftdornß 1 bis *>tm is wa*erod by the Auxsaole Creek, a One, beaitl/y tork bottomed stream, tontung through the notchpartacdbythceanalou ihc sooth lino Thera is a large grain warebouie win Jo oni nan mllofrnm thelarm, anoiding ad facilities lor shipping ciein di* rec' from the torm. About 200 acres on the north side of the farm a*e coed timber, aedtha-hslancc ;mtrie. Tb» farm is well adapted lor t-oia’a stock and grain farm, ana has lew superiors In Northern Illinois for slock/ I will sell >hfa larm la a body, or wt'l divide it into two part*, clvtrg to eaehan equal portion of timber and prslrip. Price—37sper acre; one half cub, tbe balance on loos time, oa bond and mo tiage, with seven' Per cent, interest,ravabi* annually. For further particulars inquire of B. J. CHAFZH. Chlcacc, or C. fi. GOOZi7, Jtonlr, U Irow. ac»psl2St NATHANIEL WHITS, ITOB SALE I efft=r for sale much X 1 below Us actual value, between "COaaaSCOacrea Manistee. Misb; to close as eetste. Call at 55 Sou’ b Water street. J.‘3. MKfcn. BoflAifi-nt 3Sent. TO BENT. - A yom g cc-unlt- h»v- Ire s flrnt-elssi horse. and more room thin they require, defire to rent, nifornsted «r p*rny fnr rmned.iwo ’org» rooms, with closer* to rec-ae, suit able ior hcntekecomr (or a gentleman nod vi’e Terms—aifanjlsb*d 111, putiv tarnished *l6, per month, luyable In advxcp*. Can be seen alter* 10- A. M /or two days, nci-r3 Krle str-re*. Deferences excbSQsed. No Coppeiaeads need apply. an?s->s2t-lt TO RENT—Two pi* asset fom Isbcd rooms, without beard at 40 Qotncy street, bet. Btoie ana Clark ats» »a2l-p533 it TD RENT -Or fer tale (with-l-itt anew sod well built ttor* end a ba*f cotnee hoaee.pleaiamly located, a tew blocks north of-CM* csco avenue, rear wells street. Addles* ** C >X TAGT‘.” Post Grace Bos 3330. Chlcsgo, Illinois. auM-Mlt St TO BENT -With board, a pieas ant reern (furnished) to a Indy and gen demon, or two gentlemen. A«piyatlW3 Illinois street. Tiro day boarders can be accommodated also. an24-p5934t ■ r T'P RENT— A part of the SrstfiOcr JL and basement of th* east store in Cobb's Block, corner of Lake street and Michigan Ayeane. Anply to 3, B. COBB J.2GK PearDorn.etreet. an"3*ps7tf*S6 TD RENT—The fourth flopr of IG-Llske meet, well •daoted fcr swase or manwactming. Apply at IGS B&ndolph street. taVO p2S7-6l ISoarhing. ■"OOABDIN9. " Board w-.iUd by XX two yoongmcn-forolhers) Ina Christies fami ly. wormsica prefamd Beat ot men e* for cne wees. *'C." Drawer G3SS-Chicago rest Office. atgi'piW-U ■OOAP.DING. One or two sitglj JL? gentlemer esn find elezanll* fornlFhsd slmne roctns atd bedroom?, with or without hoard, m a Mick dwelling Loose, In a highly irasectshle sitna- Hod, within five annates walk of the toms Hia*e. Address “IV' Tribune ofllce. au-*pHs2t- lOOAKBING. I can aocomrdits a gentleman and his wife with nsalt of unfur nished roorr* end ho.'rd Ip a private family, mi wtphlraton street near Lincoln. Add/e«i “H.” Poal Office Pox *2XO3, Chicago. aa:i-p57? 3t OOARDING—To let an tlsgant .* * onlt of Ptftunbuedrooms consisting ofp'srlor, bedroom bathroom and close*. wi«ncr«t-c!*sa board at moderate raise. Apply at 157 Fourth avenue. au2i-pSb5.Lt * B* ’AEDWa-Wavtily flonae. 223* and 325 Kiczte etreet. Gccd room* and heard at SS.M and|B.w per wees. Transientf?/-g per d*y. t.02l p33S-Sc 3Lo»t. LOST —Monday last, in aolna from South Water to Clinton, batveen Yes Karen and Harmon ets. k a Firkin of Butter, for wired a.liberal xewero will bo paid If retn r n<>d to lilt 3&FL MEAGHAN, Draiman, 39-i. corner of leaaile and South Water sta, anil p553 it LOST.- *5 Rewtid, Loct on Sat urdoy, Angnat JOth.. a large Newfoundland Do?, Olaov, vHh heavy carliae tall, tipped with, ■wimc. Icur white feet„ acd «h!ta oq breast-ao asters to the tame of Welch. The above reward will* bftpaia. arriDoqnettlona asked, on hie »etnrn toO. JjDWAßDS.atthe On’ChangeSeloon.No. 3Sonax Water ttreet. an3l-p583 is LOST Mend ay mowing, by Caa per Glilri, from as office of Jbi'les stooro, ioi Bandclcft etreat, a <sonataO's’a Wai’et, ccaiatn ice nspeiß nf no ns* to any one out the o rnor who pay a literal reward tor Its return to tho above adcnt). anii-pSB7*U LO£T —&iO Reward. A sum of mois«s and a V claim belonging to Joaeob eitvece IhM were oantalncd in a larA alzo c-iy. •moot envelop* The dado? win re*«»*a the above by icaviovthe same atHcREKDbev * oo’a. 79 Scaltl Va , er ilrceV axt?-t nSSNSt iSstra; CTRL'S ED OR STOLEN—A bay Hr rrc. tbreo years old past, thin in order, soma whits on one fere foot and one bind foot. ?ore bap* ivm pav fto for bis return to Chicago (My Mm, ccrrer ofKlpzle and Jefftrssn streets. anr3-pi!&at C«TRAVED--$20.0a Reward. A trft £ e(1 rom subscriber, comer of Tbrooo ii??i.v°. 1 .?» t hi 9 if 41, t M Kbaccshl2b, 3 watte feet.bas a crack id the hoof oi left fore foot, white si*ht on v 1 sUr 1« Ibrehaad. The above. maSmin™. amye,y 10 me |^. T6 CTBaVID OR STOLEN—^ISO V.Beward. StcJen from m? farm on Tuardav nleht. ita I6th Irstant. a dark Bay or B omt Mare ? yssrsoltf.'i bands bleb, ioev hrav/ tail, siwdistar In the jorcbcaa. audafev white huts cu the left jaw Bnaatmalltptckoo the nnettve. Her due stria at a appearaMn weald attract eeaeral ottentioV. I will pay cap hut drtd and fllt» doll vs reward tor tba marr ftpdcocvlcticnor in oropwtlon JC- either. r. p sAvapo (Ssncral Notices, SALE OE BliOol>£l> STOCK* a«ociated with m« In bnamtu mf sons, (v;jiuam and Charles 0. Brown,) I will a«U atenbhe auciioo. at my residence, Grove Park, to tsland Grove,.Sangamon Count,, niinoli, three milea wert ot Beiitp. en the read leading from Sotlngfl* Id to Jacksonville, on wedneidav ar.i Thursday, Anauat 54thanc lath. ISC4-(aale to co^men C a at u thlttT or Pony Napei’.ei BSiruhera Cattle, conslrttoK of Cows, ana Yotuur Bulla; also Southdown Sheep Berkshire HorsTfrom the in. Donation of the. luindg tmponina AaiacUQoojof 1357: also a number of valuable tiaret, Coin ud FUIIm, . Of trotting stock. pjj, sol,* desirous of obtaining then* can do so by mg me at Berlin, Illinois. JAB. K.- DBQWK, lyls-ni3(»-19t*WA*k-4ftp ®®anteo—Substitutes- WANTEii -ittcrara <ox U. e. Gunboat service. Afawxsoreyoune men want ed. Great indneaments offered, bocal boaciiej now patdandtteh.ghest given. Partiftcbilaeas ca recruits wIU be Uoeraliy rewards l. 'Tall at th? comer cf Eanoomb aud tb=» na*> Peat. w. bUtiPHTACO. Xl 7 ANTED 50 GcLcbOatmyn im mediately. Call at the corner of Randolph aholaaanestrteti'.vetiopcuun Bluet, m the baas* mctt,recxaJttng office cf ■ Pt „„, . v v. v par&co. C4t^Ws - C35 b-oa-ypaldl’i caenmnazo. aa«.pMl3t WANTED Drafted esc of vlis mmols to know u«4 iuey c*n be fumxahMrepresentaTiTfßas tieacjt I Qe notice, bv addi*j. appivmc at taecower ol etreets, tn tae hicement, ac.3-p4 •v.MTfEPHJf A TO. c>absni.me3 ana reo* T v rexenlatlves at the corner of Baadalph an; Lnpalie sireftf. In ihe bjwereat. Call and zetfe hJ*ht ? tca,i oocatith J k:lic.c3 paid Sb th::«!t?. a033.-pltsst MVRTIIY & CO. WANTED - Sabathutes. Deal 7 Ena, after you have caeviosed the city Ol Cmcago,>ewouid like for jonto givs u< tee iait call, sna it will teen be tor joa 63 say if wo caoaot live ihs lareext bounty ta Bah?ut itea aad Bepro scEUtxvex enterlDetna D s.-ervt:o. fur cut period Iron one towreeyean. Chatct of iJrrtce andreirt mext glvtc. Gunboat men taken for one, two and three sears, u yen wt h hocora do desbnv. rive cj a eallatthe comer of Baadnioh and Lasalle srree;. in t»e bssameat. Wa. MUarar & co, snxs-ytß *3* Gnnbcat men, xcd f T also rase fer V. 8. navvserricsfur one ysxr, to w:ox will be paid taehixteatciaiibauiiy. wb :tb errrcxnlti or fubs*l»ut»:«. AUDivlm’neJtatslyat the H-.(rnit>ceOtacncnrai 5'VHPar i lio ,c*rr«rot Skndolfhoml Leesllq street/, nadir M-tropolltAa Blot*. piSjft \%T ANTED To intoun all man TV ibatfje errolled »b the City of Cdi-aro. or ejeas»tere. that enbsUttrtcs esn be farauasd at tco fh’ttitt notice ana at most uiißß. t?e will furLlsh three yctr'a aa&stltatea from s.o torto; oaeveer irom iSMtoitU). Acdini f.ocii Box 6053, Chtcaso 111, or spolvettle co;cerof Rmrolpb and Loca’iestreets, latQePije- Office. ivm. Mva?ar a co. 'ANTED— Reoitita for U. S. J V. 6® r to»tsejvlce. AfewmcTe/oasgmsnwacc. «d. Great Loral oontle< now p>ld aid u« huhext givio. Partiot hrtarloz B»revrul.swill be rewarded- Cad at the coiLcroi itanroin» ana Laxalls acreeCi mU«o*ie. melt. V 7. I&UBFHY & CO. auStjSJsit WANTED —;0 6’oDCoat&& 4 ?m cedlatelv. Call at the comer o' Btnddoh aza j.aeellestreets,Metropolitans o:k, ta?a»b>e3- mett,:ucal;ing office cl - „ . _ Wh. P. MURP3T*-ro. r 9'l»sop, *>ebl»ho3t bounty psi. la the* city, cashlnhfca. anU-pir-i; VV AMTjED—Dialled min cl the ▼ • eltrol tbatt er cao fe/diD'ibrsrep;e» , .at4Uveß»ttlio .''aOst tra*ccabla ters* Miotbsth rtojt 03:135,' by aidts* et&c Lock aoi .SOG3. or applylo* at too c3ma*ct Bftndclpb tad Ltunaa :bebai*ms~t. an« p5-K U W. tsDUPnx & CO.- "VtTAKTED -Substitute* ai.d re;- ▼ T. iej«DUtiTtiitftho comer ot Randolph aud Lasslleiirteta Id the basement. call anl get ihr c’plJHt c*tb bounty that is now paM ia ihs cltr. - an:4-p»Mt W. Morphy A CO. tl TED Sab.tii.uitß. _i * fit’s, after ytm ; hare rjsnvaeatd the city of Chicago, wa would like - for rcu to air® n: the fan CBl! f ßnd itwiattienoejoryonte-wy i: we cmaot nre the larjten bonctv .to Sitvitrutia hu<i R*ore icdUUtcs entering tcrlJ. S. seme*, fir any period* fromenno three teats. ChMeoof a«mc> anare-t Beitsiren. Gunboat men ta>>»r for one.troaa'’ tnroeicaio. UjouwisUtonarafcledevms. clre at a call at the .treat u the r'»mtnt. Wil. MDotDT A CO. i : yy AWTED—Guiboat men. & u u i ” w alsamea for H.B. civyrerylae for one year, to whom wii he paid the hlxhnrt catb'Dooucr.waeth. er leermts or sobsotu*e«. Aoplytminsdlatelt at inn EacrcUinj (ware of w%f. MSwaY IS CO .cotnartf Karcoiph end Lasalle etreats; under Mctrooodtio uoa-j»»it •ANTED—-To ikfbrm ail men f » -that ore ccro'led In thfe city of CBlc»«o. or elsewberr, that inhsutates cm he furnished at the shortest police a*d as- oiost re**on«We trims Wewillfaini h ihTeeyfcr*Sßaßri:ntßs sSatttofffO; oney-a*»n'stinne*from 4331 t a «JO, AdfieSitLocAeoxGUOU. Chicago. 111. uraDo’r as the Cf.loo cf lianoclph and Lasahs stre-ts. In ta.' taFrracsf. GcnsrtlSecnucnrOfge* an?lp32s-U wii. MtrfSP-IY 4, CO. EfCinita lor U, S. f * ounh fc 3t servlcr. Aft w mere voaagmr n want ed. Gr»tciDdncsci*Mßotf'red i/>eai o •uatlsenow paid sed the wasejgiven. Puxn-s ent^log bsiccnd»3wmne libr-ruly r'warded Ca l af’tno ccicer ofEnndoljh eon LajiUft btie* ment snll-p3ji et W. MOBPar drCGi ? v jnfdlate y. Tall at the co ner of RanJolnh ard Lttai arpeets. MstropolUaahlock. mth* baie- EsEt.rtcinUlrßofflesol ’ „ , . w. I WM. P. MTTRPHT &'CO C&nasdffrttheblgbest bounty pila it t‘e citv land. - anSMS^Cs T\7"Al-;TjfcX>-Drancd can ■of the T + city of Chicago and Stats cl mine's to It'ott* that they can be inrtfeQ'drepTeaentativjea. ths>ron Ttasoiob'etetmn ftnrt the fbnrteatcotl&e.Dvaddrai. •'nr - 01 Bat dt Iph acdLaaailc s:reetr, m the bs'cmem. au2l.pt6i 6c W.IXURtfIY * CO. WANTED —Sabititates aad rep* ? » re6»ntaima at Use corner of Randolph u-d Tar alls streets. In the basemens, call anlgec me bl. baas tf eh tosLty that le now paid in t«o city, aon«p3tj-et w. murphy & co. \\f AN TED Substitutes. Hear T T Sirs, aft*r yen hayo canvawod the cliy cf Chlcsgo wo would like lor you to give na the last call,andit will thoa be xoryou to say if we cannot give the largest binntyto Substitute 1 and Rcpre* rrntanves entering the U. S.carvlce, for any period item one to ihrte yea)» Cho'ee of service and mentfilven. Gunboatmen taken for one, tvoand* tlrtcyem. If honorable deMia* a c*ll at Ue corner of Brndolph and LssalU streot. to the VV AI. MURPHY <k CO. au2l-p:W-6t T\7"ANlED—Ganfcoit ue?, «nd T • » T so men Ibr TT 5. navy service lor one year, to whom will pe ps'd tos tjghe»tcash boaaty.whsth. er recruits or intetituue adp.j immeoia'elv at cue HicramrgOfflceoi 17M.MUBPHk AGO.corner of INcfoTph and Loaalio street, under MoTopohUn block anil pjet-6: %A7*ANTED*-- To mforii) all md * .7 T t: at are enrallsd to the Ctf of Ghletgm or ehtwbtre. thatsnhatl utei can be furnished at «bo s:oruir norceand at n-oit reosonsbl-. tjrms. Wg wiu imnlsa three year’s saostitotea from 3xlo to two s 00a y-'ar snccti utes item jant) to *i£o. Addroja Lock B: x 60b3. Chicago, UL. cr acply at the corner cf tt ndflpb and Loraro strerts, to thabasmira* Gen*rM Recruiting Office, amn-psti et m MURPifr a co. ijy A'NTSD.—Substitutes to go in ‘ any biascb of the itmcr In the Array or tin Nayy.lorooe.tnoo? t*rea yea n. tad »h<» blsh-at rremlnm oaia. Apply to WILSON * MKKIi?AM. 48Clarkhti«et. angWpssMt "'CP'-ANTf®. — ~:h at it shonii ba »F dliUncUy understood that wa assure suited* tnte* to oersom Itan e to ba i r-.feed noae • the dent*! Proclanutioncf Jnly Ifith, .881, against ali, Umfrs nnd.'r satd oricla'ua-.toa, Wsetßer ovb or Arty doi« WILLSON i MEdKIAM, 48 Ulart street. • ‘O7AN3 ED—Subatuuxrg aad re ▼ emits wanted and. funslaheo. The hlcbtst web bounty paid m hand. can bay., choice oi ten* menw anruitnio-and recr&iu tarnished at %n times. Apply at Fc.(J9 State*is, cn stave. r. O. Cox Q. W. BONHAM & «o, Chicago. 111. a024-py.9-it ANTED—Who wants a Sub T T stl’nte or Benregentatlre? Call at BON* HAM & cc’a Office, B .'on iis ©arrett B:oor. corner oi Randolph and 3ute sweats, np-etairs, «td yenr ordirs. anl4 pS.S It XXT’AiS XSUC’-'—Merchants ana otiteio * • to patronize an office wMcb was the first e*. tabllsbed in tats city, and who will always wnsrantee wbat we s»y (either to principal or sna*t»nte.) Wa are no temporary Irititntloa, got up f„r the occt i:on. We bars our regular Bislness. whtchba* been established tor t&eiaet tea y»ars. ud dHtinc oor slack time (Itom now till tie la; bt sent) we determined to '•o woac good we w«*ro a&te fjt tbs benefit ol cur country. ell we ask is a smMl com mliiicnior our services Merchants need rot vtn> ten minutes time at tbe Provost Mars&ai sOCJct ha nember tbenumter of cnr office, 84 Dtaibcrnsn Boom 5. We are tbs only Lice - aed Office In this city •udrfier to tbe Icadinr Bankfeie and Merchants In this city. ]an24*S9Mt] PIHLEy&CO. \A7 42T’-i'ED Merchants and at he/a f T to understand t>at wa can fnrniib subut tutesaacbeanasasy other nerson-ln tea city.bnt w* do net pxoiess to supply them at a lower rate than a. cd men ca: ztSfrom prm.lfiali. we do not enl’tt men when they are drum ar yet tobaaebal them as is very !reqn?ntJy the car?, ns any uentir macmays-ebyriaaiEsao article which appeared in <ne ft th-oally papers ofies'erJiy, of wntoh w? are certain we**DrsctbedbyonecCit!ioß<eTety able officers. Wede**m itoardnty.toealltae atten* tlon ct merchant and ether* to tboas lew rena.* t j as Urtscoitlnsjmorp than dl9row»elcjt euUtments, as t c»e parties maKe oIT-rs to annptp snb'tlmtea to merchant' »t a lower rate than what they profeea to par'be tutor, trts. Wn refer »o-C»d leadm' Bansera arolMcrcbarts in this city with wnomwa n*-vo business it tta'alire. We do not promise a BatoaiL tutt a hundred cellars mere than we «<ut>et to re ceive ftrr the principal, FlSfaBS & CO^ an<lp3S7lt W / ANTED.- who desLe tj „ • so *a suhstt rates In tfco uny should apoly at S4 Dcs/bcrn str* et, rotm 5; Too only iicppsra and CRtatiiabaactace in *u> city., Men are alweya.iaro of idpjt mcn‘y, paid to tbam down la tia presence ot the Protest Mar*h«l. Wa. do oot *aot nn* mca to si pit to as wb*mhfy srodraiih, »s we wi‘h them so he sober, so that they tuny <aow wpat ;h*yare do* l&e at the time, aao men cugbt to be aware of the. a vhc entice tbtn o drinks aa Inniseca ot which can ho read in an artlcl- myeciardij ’a rime?. Danes fir rewhanoßDer-»l Ur*rbonx street, room 5. Tn« highest cash be. nnt> willralways be oa'.d, u wo will ai ow thnsabstirate to ileal nuht dlrec; with tie only charging a small rommlajisa f’r "SSfJSSi - Jimar-.c-o; T\f ANTED. Substitutes. 'We f " will pay tbchl*heit Bounty In thidty sswa are vcrbing for a small commission. We are no ttarotaiy eitaMuhmant, hoc our establishedtmji. nets Dtinr dull cow till the flxs*. cf ieotsmoar wo fcenpy oar ecsia time in dome good rorrour coan* .try. fippr at Dearbsrn street, Boom 5 au34 ptW It yiSLir & CO. W AlTl'BD—Mea who are liable to Chicago cr thls.Suta to knop to at we will laanrii trera irom dfatt lor the next three years forme snmofrwo auad*edandTw.ain. HvtDcliaji It joaaredaf ced wewil' tarawi you a Bntetitnti. Call Immediately at S4 Dearborn rttaat.Eoofna. Wea etbe only llc-fliaad otsca in the city of ChlCsap. We also refer to the leadlos Banters aau mrtlunta who have transacted ha«|. rcee within, ardwe ore rejpcaaiale for whit wf say aaupsJ7*it n:iLsr & co. ANTED Substitutes tj go i j 4 T an? branch of the ecrrtcß lo th» srmyaad navy* lor one, two or tlxi se ?e&r*. 10 whom the Mj h cct catfc premium -will be paid p*m.e liable <o draft, and tbote who wlih :o prorme infatuates. Jltlcoweil Utter to call tr hoad in the r orders at * C'J,, 117 Sonih.Clarfc street. Poet Offloe Box mOQ. ; ao2s-j>5S3 U \\7"*»NTED To inicrm ;Le public a v that w« are prepared tofirn'sh Snostititro ler tbs TT. b.Br'v&l enrvice.acdmait*r isem Ittb’s' city, fer tfce tertan'.oae, cr three jests, and have ti ttn cifdl'cu to eny State where the onscinal may mide. Partita in ttu. city who have fnsnda »a o'bar Stans who «liti tu procure inasttnitss.wiil And IS to Iht it advantage so call at 117 So. Oi»xV at. and pit founts p.ruc-iAiB, or addres: P, o. B-->t 1000. QatL*yJS3-H] EXZ,& CO TS7 A' Tjijj To luriush sabisi T Y and re«»e>cnt»tlr»s for the loyal men of Cblcbgo. I iavo Ja-EißhsJ more aubstftutet tbananv o'h r pi-rtv la Chicago— this reas-.n; 111 Imolfh a can, I propose to <o eo. if Ipsy twice whit I lectlve. fromtsa piirccal. If required, wUl‘nii Dieh parties to wbor I hare famisnsd acceaUNo subttucAea, acd «=ill alw tistify •r&toth.itmaralu&sa ctwheXlad7&xtlse. J. A. COX£JT, 53 donth ria*k street. as>i-psßllt \j\F liable to a toft » » in Chicago or the BJate of liliaoU. w»at to canvass it* city all over and get the lowett Azures that they c»nne furnished wltn a representative or luotutme tsen enme u. mo aod 1 wifi miaish used accepf«ble men at tltclowcs; noaiHi'B price. Wa*4 i advrrtii'clPTorotelofulflii. Bamcoher the plars. j.A.cOLbY.S3 Cloik etrser. au7i*oWMt Xl/ A h XE l:’. • V7ho rraiiis Sabsii- T v tut;a for cce, two or three years for Be? vice? I can furnish pood men sa low.ifto*J-!*" than an? other party. Call and leeras. ymetXpzo- to aol wli’ do.»h<* sccr*n>Je pvtics, to whom I have a - a “S'jSsl-ir- WANTED --Snbßinitej! X r-M TT pav to acceptable hl|hMt price, caii dewn. After yo* t^faaSSfhMt J. A. COiBT, KAVKJ»C««- .MHEJwIt TT/ANTED—Men 10.- the Fayy. V Y TT,.--. on . two and three veve. Muitbe .:uet. 0 , °0i'.J5.,% •55» , 4, , '£ 1 O c {Y , »STSi7bS ISSSw£S to uraano KlsiVi Ar . s a^ ; t- CElante'O. WAITED * Ronnexs, Men or W«na.vbMn tetai t mlnimt# to 0v oflce.wlil be paid the hlehsat premium, cuh in fcanrt.tbat cid oe p»sdm;booHT. We *■« tbe only licensed ardotab’Jtbed office in tbe city, end rear nKßsy (ei weU a» the £eeimts) U slwsts rcacy. S4 Ursrborn street, Boom 3. FiHLdX A uu. >u?4»pCß7-lt XirANTFD— car mraisb Sub. TT stitntea at lower fljnres and par higher ore iDlomi to snbstltate*. shac. any other Ilonte Inch), csgo. beciuioae are a&aafi'd with amalier profile. Call and try of. ADAMS & SPRINGE*. Northwest come- Dearborn aad Madison streets, Chicago. aciSS-psw-St WANTED - Enrolled nwn oi the State cl ISleols can be supplied with inbeM tntci cr lepresentotives on tke v;ry beat term* offer* ed to tell at/. TStrecaabe * perfect nalerytanding bet«ee*< principal and iab»atut« in »U cages. For which I will change bar a small stated commlsgloo. Be sore to call ana team m» terms. I always hare men ns Land at 97 Wajhin'toa street. P O Bex 6234. * aai9-p:-»;t VV ANTED A hi use oi eight c» J * tenrronc.Jna ;ccd cetghbnrhood. wltMa about s mile from tbe coart House. Rent to bo L - o“ |?tt»to#:oo. Addles* •• J.F.”P.0.80x13C4. sa?t-pa’3 iw YV^i 1 INTi.Ii—A j-sriLer who can * * inrnltb from |n.Cl» to sU)*co capital, and wlat es to purchase a i*l« uteresf la the walker coal tains of tbe cl*y cf Jcckxrn, such. Tee tsid of coal Is about :o(ir fett tuck, ana as it la {Moated, baa tbe •dvantaff otcr erery coal mire In the State. For fostbsr inioimation inqulreot t&e>jr. ania-piPs»*.t W. a'auKhr, Jacasoa aC.cb. WAN i'ED To give 200 ptrsona cmcloimett still; z tbe best two xnaiaDsev* Ipzmacblnee/ercace. Priced. Sends atua'orclr cniaisconTalntex partJcnlom.f ntolnacbin* v>d sam ple of work. Tn?9 ;s no deception. Yon c*n eaall* make #2sn per month. Address D A BLACa. Drawer 6-i3t, Cbl;a<o. 'anlS-pISUt ANTED -The attejitkn oi tbe T? Ladlra. Dr. A.Dnrmr,frem jiesrTo-k.of3J year* ejperifsce. dedicates bte sac.-et eonctels to the ladles. Tbe b ok contains ‘nniiucnt hi it* cn the m&nnir ot resicxlr r tae moatbi? connes w>en snrv Jrei sed. Send vs cppte, aad sddreis Dr. A. PC’ 4 A§. ♦O. Drawer 615ti Chicago IU. aai7 p!9 it: \\[ AiNTED- By an fxp..rieiioed .*,* h*ndi a situation as Locil 'heocrur on a dally paper Address "DJ li.” Pox 1223, Toronto. aafVpfuTlot \ ®2£lantco==ia.seuts.i XV ANTED AreLtu to Presi jy ▼ dtntlsl Ca=rclca~Medals and Pm Dadtxi. There Met bis and 15ed?ps are flnlfched in a j:ylt» tup*- nor to anything jet cffai«>d to the public, and are fornlrbed ro the trade »nd peddlcn a: prices ihsc will show irom thro* to flye nnsdi2do*rten:.proflt. Bhippie Medal jr- either • el’ow o* wbi>e nn:»l, ?5 retu. Acdrtw JOhx 3tA2f rON’. Sttrap and Brand Catte>-,13!| fifth street. clocmnaiT, Ohio. aoi’lpiStr&t 'TCTANTS.'D—EmpIf.yEear. $75 a ■f Kortb.- A?rat« wanted to bcH Btwicz M*« cntsta. will give a os n't caachloea told, or cied oj wSo will work fir the attove w»«es and all txpeeies nail, AddrtM P.B. Q<H IOMOS & CO., JfctroU. Mich. »3«-pa#Mt i Xff AJNTKD. —Agents Waa'td to Mil the Best ••Wonderml Inventloa of the njPirT.^? I ’ ~traoe36* B tl ,qU mstractiona b7 xrblcb l®? or eentlectao ess take a oertoct likeness ■ 2to»a S cl i? MC6,l>,of v loß#,,ta * -Aemu are nears ! Every team? sfcoeid have one and take :f»t- tows and react 7 )lz>j /or AddxecaM. VS Broadway. ror? . . airfU-pdiSet w JJtiir ANTfib - A i\w energetic, re* steady and uroQr- cnirloyiaatt in jellies BiyouET** Animat**© ffwlfcci^aTa^ndIt«At 1t «Atw 1 rt K ® 4r,t * contalnlaT oT«r liagtMborijt.. cacksofm X »nO> P Tn.?t^ WANTED.-Ac Agtnt roSHTuf K».»m^? 1 ‘ T<S,heir *' 8 ‘ *X JfTf3O,SBILttXHT «tUIPUO f*7, A ®3'-‘- 3r , aD everiiiir nac-diaihe Hnr or £ l r#^^. ,,Bt^v£S t L r ° ? C. M. uUKN' & CO.,3S\s »od IS4 CHra street, Chicago. a0g23;w33.3t WA!N3EI? - • 30U JLi&dies »ua i-ie,.- tjeaialrcnjall par Hot Ybe West, to act ni eal©'/Bott‘»r:ek , j Patterns torcntuair Iscies oremsuEtLall tines ofciou jr*. 3oratos*a Ui every f*nil y. Kxtra IndncaaieaS* uSvttd to ayenu. aTacr* WItDSK,-rcom IS. no stairi Dtuldlnz cottar oi Kaodolah ana D «Jv>i )C SiVi r * e ' 0 » tll,cn * 0, box 0590. auii>p3so-lw Ty ANTES—A-'esta- hr ' C V. -iTo" CP-.Siitiori-iionßcoiPoWlabf-p. 113 Tiwrtom rtre«. Chicken,, mmole. ana as tfetr, neat!.Ohio- .£ZSSS®M mMII ia- aS rcßlar *’ 7 lth f3ll '^fcnaatlca. WANTED- Good TriveiW and loc *w A3?stß - For m?D 01 ewprtpe and h* 7B aa»s«ici vDlchwi’: rp*d'i#DM S.O to fls cer day The beetieilssc uKtVtuiionari Paccar es ever Ittrodnced. ard ether ample# tn mat aeraana. Piiyei- i fft sets Hike fta-Jwte. Cart «fß*«tc. l r.t Plfchtrg.and mayo'hcr rich 3ad variable articles are eiyen wits C3c h leoofoar naeft. tjnd if r toC M. OUr.N I C'r_ IS3 c, “ ? * zS ' eet ’ CWcp *°. lUfaole, - WANTED —*.000 Agents wanton to Mil Claris Patent IsdaDha PencSJor Lin. or . ro o’l.Mdselm beoer.- SmmplM sent /or4C 3»n;i. Ore d»iea S3JL>. S. S. ao»l 349 iJt bami>toa * tsaesftchuaoitfl.- ttox^l. ■ AWTEU Bgem.6 in tma city „',Z.-ai}V”V , ' !n! “5 county wftnt far H'storj Ottos war, Konnera ano Sombein 3idoo;ocdotoer Addr»B9 with aU-TJw, *4, m. ■H PnblbLef. 19« CAfk street* Clweajto. ANTKLi Agetts to eel) Fol r T sob’s Kew Erct-ad Family Eewiat Machine m eyerr courty m tboßorthwest. A -raro ebmee. • mo:1? ivpfeci cheap oewJoff Sfachloo jaanafa-'. tortd Ufinm-r,d or, complete. Filoeash. tflshcca sole order toe name oi M Macbina’* AfldreMl. W. Oen-Acent. B- x 5174. Roon S&X Wothlnetoa-ai. »al'^j>%-lot X/t7ANTED —AgenL§. He^donar. 1 ‘'re for Caapaita Medals oi-tho different Cardldate* tor Prejlcent aid Vice Prw»ld»ast cf the DaltJ d States.* can make twenty-Oro doling a week tejlme them. Samples tent onrec’iDt of‘Js ceaiaby wall B- B- LAi»I»ON, iS:eoS itT Chicago, m. P.O. Box 442 a. * W ANTKD _ttood Agents m cocdstlntheNiTthwsit?rotellScbon- of the A;iM fot tha once m the Dalted State!, ene agent wyg ?to bns tried it: (itr, K.B. L»o<i )t>. Agent, 1 t/?K» <X'w , l ? 3 S v M 2S ,: »‘»S »"mom of Ui« Atlas, JOHN C. wil-OX ) Kcrtertsarda eacy apply to Gea * l ?i Agent fc,? the Chicago. Li. aa3ofcs-lm TS7ANTEIE siod per Ao . W L Uve sod B'llsMe Agcnt»*ln tire Army and everywh* reo-»e.iatbenc*:!acraa»ebsoaw*s» known. Jicpcrshleanarorlelr. Address oranoiTsaT -et o GATTSH AK. 11 R Rro^dwar. N. Y. P ]TJ»LaJ-Sa "\Af fINTiLD Gooo agyz-Vi zo se'! » • mvnew ecrravmr ectuljd « Home on a For lou&h.’' Xcgraved by join Sonala,- p bil&. One ol By cM a»epi»writ3B ire: •* I rever tori scan any. th«w tha* be*»n to Bell itse it." For particulars esu P. o Pot 5258- sene rfetDn for tn=i, *e„ to SAMUffL ?KK. Chicago. Illinois. Sot gate; f ATiE A Jl/itfhi; Sti -S- Ucnary Htesm Engine l b€4 P* Apply to WVf. B4R9L*. Gl,rc * sn City EtesmEoglre ana Boiler Wcrkf, Chicago. aaatpstreiif l IJOH SALE Oiie fifst-dKe Ti>p *L Bnejrv. cearlv new? two secondhand Onea Bugsies, and oneiwoieatad TfcpCa'iiago Can be seen at tb* Livery of ALLPJf & SOB. Coort PU-e, mi. JLaatUe «nd wcL'i auoets. acij p329 2t JP>ORS, SALE Paluoo and Boarc ing r—. Boom Furniture. a: No 27 Nortb CanaUtree?. SS%Jrc,*® and Haatiolpb its. Acquire of tfßg. b. DIZOS. &AT.S -Tie Baiiou.g and A learn cf crouzd rorthwe»t career 01 Uadtion and Jeflersfm gtt. Tbsre are two stores JOxSf. and recira ovethend. Aycod place for a Grocery, rjiar and rt e • cr Llquot a. Apply to Ua. yMOSNOR. at South & Flank's, 109 souic rta:er at. auZ4-p327 Jw TJ'OR SALE Cider Vinegar, 100 i bamlsnowatH R.R.TS* Fielebt Dooct, will heroic cheap la nretererca t<wtoric* tt. C*U at toy storaaad etc sample. WiL Sf HOST, 15 o*arbora *»ees. snMpiawt A fcst-clasa see nd 'X ianf- Are hex holltr, thlrt» Are (Jts) bnraa power. Bat fcriy »btve (-S three <3Mseiflu‘B,and b-ts barn *n nre i\at a ifccit time. Address WILLIAM «CL .MAK, Ottawa, Illinois ai23-p3U4; OAX-E. A Fine Young r ° G -. AnplystSl Dearborn strae,,* roog No. between 4 acJ»3r'. M. aojr23.p3lT-t2 SAT-E Chtap- the Leare, Stcc!: ard Fixtnrssof coeof t&e best Saloons, on the North Side. This place is now dolaa The owner'wiii■ell ch-ap.ashelade slxons of f olocaon’h to aibw dsva. loqnue on the rremirte.coiner lodluaA an d Clark streets. NcrOh Side. SALE jßi'ginfes «£id B filers. X Superior dooMfe RnTtaes. 6fi brrse powtr eaob. and boi'ets rf tun capacity for tbe e:«iQ«8-a'J<ol flrik-C’a?* metiuiale »ad wo tmMjsh.p-beat«r, cut cn, royeypcr. *c *X abinrsm. jopally or by lett*r to 3; A LkT A CO- I3wCoath W*»rr street,Chlcoao. P.O, Drawer 6-176? • BUZ3-p4.9 St OR SALTS A hrtfee harness acd r«at bopry Th« tone y<ms»«Q4«Bii. tie. Can be drirca by a lady, inquire a£tf<> c»'s ttrct «* »tJß*&n f AIE—At a two 1_ 42Incboa lad'ametwaad SSfoet&iachM Icnr. ’wilb tvo Ones in each 15 laches la 'ntnilrpciw h LST!I«I«. MssSoa ® BKO - 103 tnd io*wSrS,t. FOR SALE—Ons pair well b.*. d black m&rps—young. kind* good-stee. itTlelih ®»? ?£ * Ditched, f*»t trotters, great bottom. an<t in all rerpeotf a vers desirable pair. * aa 111 Also, one brown sod two bay geldings, fast trotten bay and one dnnn saddle hersa. rnaulre of Clark’a Stable, opposite toe Post Office, on Deazbcrn street. aa^pig-at "Open easy tenng, a d« sizable stone built flom tcg-mili. having three J“Q 01 sioce. with rapacity for four, situated at £s*?h?rvV* koo btver. & miles from Chicago, on the.Chicago and Qsl*n% fTnlonzailroad. There ta 9 . ,11 PP gpd residence property also for MWpfswt wu - p 4 s ToSon ihepSSi: 1 F3K SaLEtA first-class second hand Portable Boiler. 15 hcr»a power. Just *a. yecaasnew. Is has <124 Incb Cro floe aod a ? men retoia fIcPs.TK feet lon* staam dome and ItM. Apply st B. T; CHASS ABBO3 . tO*J Weae Lafcfratreet. anfopcsaw. pOR SALE—A Retail and Fre JL serfptios Drug sto?«, now doing a ffood htuu ness, andbas been eitaauscsd live years, for sale a) toe low pile" cf suim cash. Tr , e n ? f Tl^, t H OW S^ 7 fcWog to retire In consequence of lIT Innher Inferostiun inquire cf BuiTa • d« jv.k, ** 9 S«S XT OR SALE-#4,000. Any iisriy T vavirr lbs £&ov» anennt of cub caolial cm mchue t kanuiactoilpg business wncnnHtg to iSO ocnntr year, and saying a ivsewofit. Ter par* tlcafar* aooreas Ibr ona woeh ?• 0. Box6Sl7* anl9-paßl w FOR SALE-Grocery Store and Dwelling and lease ol ground, win he told chess for cub or nart in tood caper, ‘the store is doing a first clsrshnslcee* inquire oa the or *<nlie«. corner Sr wood Ci Lit a itjot, -y to L. H, O’COSMOB, at Smith AErest**, - 109 Scnth Wattntree*. fc oli.e«»gw FjR SAjuE—Steam Blowing KTi Tte undersigned efftr ♦or isle th« largest and bcs#mlliwtb« cityoiPi-orla,well iltuatei lor mo ping sc the cars, and also near tie stean boat Landing, yte alii contains Ore run of tie but old stink rones, as l«‘t in ditatctar, and all the niwcrsary cleaning machinery as a bating anpama* ot a am stars ut>l Th.-rea.-r lwc*R<33i Bi-iltxs t£/#s' lc,-< by 43 inches m (Handler, and an gqgia* capable 61 onytss aUflyeranel stones at one nma. Cspacly SOObrls In S4 hours. Tha mill Is really caw.nadwiii be #oid for nearly half what It would uoet to tmiU at lb« PTMcat tiaia. Fortcrms ingnm ol UaNDALL & BBG&BS. Peoria, D> C r GILBERT, UPWIr & CO., Chicago. anl3<rt»??ir FiR SALK—A Steac. >lcur ML. The subscriber otfaia for aala die vtlcab’e ero> exty InLeClaire. lowa.kco#-»aa the “Swan MiUs.'* lie sain Cnilalns, U bt »:eet, tear stones hteh coutatsa three rur of stone, sixty boras engine, and Other seeeuary machinery. - % , ' On unt tot, and fronbor is.® 3tiaiisd*piliver. la a two-itoty warebeu/e, Xxf9 feet, for stoxins and shin. Ping flour. This property L» situated in one ot tae nest graia trewtrir reziossla »ha Slate, acd qob< znacds a jaiee leva'trace. It ha" direct railroad and water cocnanalcatlnr with Olcaco and 8t Lowamaraetsfer any snmlni The above property will be »cld lowfor caah.aitt>« se»a:at£ly or toaether, u stay b« deftrwl; cr will be sassM^ajssas^^- jjnnTsws ■ (EEianiea. TXT ANTED -A pcrchater ftj w 7 first c!asa grocery stor", doing a toed t. nesa, la one ct me meet plearan: aad boar£w ct -.hi went Tee bets of reasons gives t< teiimg. r»«s capital required about |h.oo. add.-* a »,** liibaLe office. aa;*-p55Ht \VAN‘jED _A situation sg assn • 7JL. ,lal book k ec-wr, ctdo clerk or salesmen r«^r2 er7 r,* c l f »by ayontgijaa who tai had *xp .. i?r\ S°, Qi ’* «r*nces elna. Pisaa* addre . * aaitpiWJ’ "TV AN I*EO - Cocoa 3laitmsr. 15 ctwed a*a «?». or bat '**^ s wom WOuld be pa Mtfpcil i I u prtt? * ***«>■*. O. Drawer 607 A.i> j.ED- Stp.i t' sell our gooc ’l&lffifit' S - D - K,E * =ol bm *&,cSSS v\ AN*ED —By a gentleman an f T wife. Ihroe rotms. cr a »an l hontr f c rUhed or parity mrnl,-0..d for jt, will be pats pfomjtir n w-Tcce. Attain yr trues aod location. E, Tribune office. auX-t \\T ANTED—A Eitaati.n aaboug ▼ ▼ keeper or *e«cbcr la the country, by cne »l baa bad considerable experience. Address Mt M»&y BKLD, Chicago, Dxlaol?. Erferer.CM fn au.*: p3tT*tt YYT’ ANTED-Two nefurui c,. T ’ roems and beard In a prlraJe family, bra er tlemar aac wUe, or a nice farniibed bo<ue core*! issraboat etsh*rof>mr, on tbe North Side. &•"* with r* net Post Cfllea B. iytlC. ac.'t-. \,\/A-NTiD -To r’ut a '4i T ? Wsrebonw aad ill the tools and ds.‘c*e« ciswry for dome a sr*la and ytcdace ba-lhcji. m ?cod locality. wh«re there u »□ abannsnre rr and toe of ’he leadine roads utj Cl catoard >a tb»sS'a-'e. Thisl* k dnt-rsiH .lop.'ri niry icr any wiiMn< to engage m tbe ba*l M. as'cie acd ha» rent. ItqalreoMlUßc OD’Fna NT & CO., iiOO Sunlti iVater jt, aoStpMIMt WAITED A Kan to c i.e “T-dray. Mm:conerecotnmdnded. 3.hiV-I & CO.. 276 and 278 Cost U&disoo a ret*. anlt-piia it lu.-mtdi. telj, a p/ai . t Heal meat cnt'nraad nalsnaania snu'te al;o a rov to ct?{lr-r o?f ert Anwy la toe aitsroo: at 1«H State genes. WALBLEi A SiIMiLAT - TVTANTED —A young iVci s 7 t w.absaapiecala wonwate Jsmlly to drive carnse-* hioislfgenitalis neefn! at 305 State strset. aoji-pSM-it WANTED -To-poicha:<*a Lionn lithe relihocrbood of Wait Wn trg on and llsiitfd atree a Miot P.VKdor ib-i tear tne !Ip-of the from CO to 40 miles from the city, apply tu j. i.k SO Clark street- j lt W AN'J Eli A imnivlicC tletuT.. T? ap»rti"«ntbyayoaoemaa. B:&tetarnj* a iseu* X 3J t I P. O i*ox 5790. aVV £7l u Wiit : TED To let AC s t*«e tease, urnlabad. pa:tlca!ari ttsellcbea imnituro. orwl'oUra fifarn'rJicd, s’*'* ib and one cnUi, in a ‘«oo coaveniet» to tae«t»wt caw (joc reftPMi'c* mv6D. , Address •*6,” i’oit iOffice ri; ona »eek. an?j p&iMt — A sitn-.tipc ic a sto, T • or accept soma lisiht amp'oTmpct in latoily fo* ray board. Aiaxet* •• JENsiK,’*’ Tnb .e office,forUtree dayr. ai^-pnDi; XU'A'v-TjElv—Acecood hs-dbat;v T T vaiou forcish. Adrtreis U'r :hia wai'A-.".!■ M. MAN Li, AiltUBS Hoa;o. Ca;c»go. auit-pif V\7"AB-TED —A Boy u> work t Water street. ou?i-p353. "IJI7"AIJ'-fED - To buy a I) ■. » » or on'-hor. a Tmci Wapon. ST"s i;n -iru v &CO,>o tSDearßoxaatxeet. JP.o.Ul.s4\Uo.’ •n; w ■AN'VJD—Soard fora h. v (3, . . »ctre»s> im>rf#p'crj.bte urtvsto tint;?. j t*]urcatlf «oy<t *tr?. r Z vicroK. r. n.\xuh iljthK, Moaaam. Obic»so. an - ii.pri ••,». \ TV/-AK( r JM.X>—&s flou.a C.i " T tereand OJegOcd Bind .Wave- to ;o *•« A^i7*»ri'?^ B - Ctd , :ip:si T’ bnsSboroa > b Acdre?? BosQlu. mujmtjstoa. lit. WAN»D -B ; sP.-.tee Ja t» ; * » min ft BUua’.lca to a crimu taml;* f> * ii.r care cf ch' plain chazn‘>-r.r r‘- ADP«y at !>3 lilioclo street, ot address '’• 'v r i bone otflet. ; »u3» pSL-*i WANTED —A Hay F;e.‘j to hir* J T crpnrcpszo. A GroyeeV g«>v <v Bcrtzrotil Hay Piec3. *ddres* w 1 e*N'.V»" cate Capt B. Clemest.-lOftaniSKiversUM:. Ifrtdncauay evfQ'tif. Bn . : p.>jj.j 6 T*/'AiVTE3>—At' tie Oarctn Oitt • " H*ner. corsercf'MHdtronacd Market 4ts u » man tb werk In the yard afoot tbneuble.' aim-,’oM- W AST£D Four go oii i. n r-.n f M»Sera and aocortvo l*oyg to Irv-a M- KMt A»„S onardra and unctmtated Lacttm Fa;torv. Maaißcnstfl't. aa4-pse-i2t T\7ANTED Clerks, b “ * galetmen, porterm- bar-K«<*po’s. grace.y anti s*l Kop«ftCle?Bl.4c.,feSM InsMCnp-uom Bn-nM nj> piyai WoAdyer Mac and«ener.lCaMo9}a Agetn-s- S-t litatD'TQ itrett, Re of* 5 Sftnatmw Etftreccpi to first cua# homes. iLMLLY <S CL). BQ4l*pl9l ß lt \\T -ANTE3D aso ' “ 4!i3a 3 ““ »«.«• *Vrt/AN v TEX*‘—A lirnt-ate secomi ,?,*?* To . wbnn*ecod-vog99»ad steady «mp?oy. wfatvmbegiTfa. Applyuaaeoif.^iy at m w 4 . catn aveoce. fc a3».p- it W A/-‘ TED—A titcation aj D iJ« Vr#. ,u * w tolc*al« Grocery or Conimf sfca Ceos«. by an man. a sita atlto at gaie-irae la a-Wtjo-r?al. or ilstall CloituSr Hcnse. Alsu a e« DaUoo ir Aeaistiac or Sslf•” aa In a JoauntAlan Ilona?. FJrst ' IM-i r-'r tretcet fatnltheo. Aocreg> <r saply at jii D-ar. bom 10. Hoorn So Sod .SiimS \A[ ANTED - A titna:ica so Cltirk J; » Baisoir. Ueiomafe or ComnlMloa Bcaae, by & gentleman from Scotland Satiar4C'.nry attti-bsS-'t' beslT ' ll - Add:s3 » *J 3." ;bi,oa;o/. V\7AjMT.t- , X> —A ocnypi;tett PL/c-ja . keeper to do thaenSrewwk cf * smuil fi’ai. »T . A pirmeneat bomc aso good ray n oire**d AcdrMs ftr one week Poet Otflec aos Chi. C * K °’ anii*p:«|.it \\T ANTED —zruan of et&agv ‘ t»M>« and a:npla re'trenetß, 6irp' , o»raen: m ,ICB r ° rTL * » tf r salary for fAitorai services. Tb« advertiser poarncr a r'o«» m» jr*nr la cxatirlencc. la a Ibarra.-a and romneieas *na rofm t» a.»d & ? br x? u J fir J? 9 * .b;cv fo Jf.B.—jffo objections io cut of ?.asa^e m«nt» luniplG'jJC | \\f <A-b'1 iiiXS A bltlittLlOM by ii * „ JOarsQ-niaawhalcsaleer retail the Comal moo, Orcc«'3 or .Leatae? baslaeai pre ferred.has :2j€«; esaerteace sac several yci« ao quaittaica lb c«t?ana ronn'ty.eaii jciln-aee h‘ country largely. Uty eln*■■;. Address fur tore* nays, •* Alvartiscr,!’ Tribune odlce. anyac-pim-st A-K'JJK'X>.—Tbd Goli Hii.TecM vY.7 # ?i ores <^* r LJfd-iaAßstfa’le.HttK- crro-iih £ecap«p. Perilous Encr.corer?, >.-,!»*.-rons 2xp;.il* i.*« B *.r‘ 00< *iL® ,i *H e8 » I>e3eftroto Beaas anil tnoisroai t ;‘u" = o9^pi»s^rad>• »jp. Claviers, Tiskefrof «^ ve .f« n V* ocrß » ~»e of ire most wrm'rncl *ea exciting bock* ever pao i*nea. aobmts p. a P -X? x, *?i fre ’ *° sell ,b I 9 " nu cth»*rvo;u;«bJ«i worSs. Set fbymnji on receipt of rtu'. c*U ae KS wnso ,«r*A°^.B‘je'et * or n <*Otf-*3-noßl*'S6 f & T»l- M \« ■P.-O-Jrawer 6«>00 Chicago. IU. aosl3 ptiMt "WANTJBi. *- AtLj»n to go to ftjil »*7, wanbee to establish abuslapaa now to suc cessful opeiaticn, at a proile or more than * 3,0,0 % *• *ll* raymare than half as much ta ilusau l?e. and any m*n with Seven Honored w.d .'Ujt Coilaia caau a hasp, may and* ees Dos 31; i-* uai c*ro( Illinois, aad loara tho builders, angas-pbu-ac WAhTO-So borrow twin tboosa: d dollars-for five years, at not over elalit per cent n»twe«r. or a Nn. 1 K e *l Estate le- Ctmt* /CCFi 99 •9. • D 6313 or c%U at ->oosi A 0.7 Moirlwa's Block, 15S South Clarasiroet,ntu oaso* an'lS-pooi 21 TK7 ANTED—One bundled id - T » <»»rmtTßsrß-b«t adapted to the badn* to ensure »u or a part of tbei? tine ta a moa; v*: ab'e cilerp.Ue. SJanj a?*, row making from *25 ui aitOa wfen. wita an inyastcca; irom ais tones. Coats Aarr »a* »o B tottssixt as at j47 Sob Uj ciirk l-i, «» •trdtacsataKr Infa tn-tton to Drawer 6337* aa?3pan-.*i \/^/ ANTED Aa ir-t-i6--t ic. cguim esfaMktfd mareacMic cr mvmf»ctnrtfe bnrtnefs, whetc a ecod busleets man. with w.ufi to **•*#l? a *° r< l r ' a J 3 * profitably employed. addre** -8.-VfootOlflce£on3S47. a -A hiiU-tion by a jouDjnaannln*t»en years old. WfM* ieuad paedanob-aa tuoroegh kEOwlefi.s ornco>-Kaeo tor. Bea had two y-sis expc'trace In taaLtimber bnairesa Tribute office. aa.'aptSC-j;. XXTAINTSD DLi.bUd » » ard Soldiers, honoxablydis barae-t irom tie seryice, and is want oi eo'jioy'f.enr. pe cul'.ar y adapted tot&etr coaotuos. «u■•uid ccorr s Pcsi OfiJce- DTHwar 6614. Cb»c*«o. Ifl'aoir. nyLta date ot Cijcbarge. Aid nmuaof coao%c v aaonvj tceat XfT’AUTE.U- A Faruesvuh from ▼ ▼ trcito y.'COO c**b csmto. In :b<» HarJwire, Tla and &•©?• »»*•«». TB«»oT«t!»cri» a tinner ami the anop require* b’a.tDtl.-a 'ftUeatioa. Ltc»ted in cneot tfca beitbmicesa clues m Whcori'n. None need aptly unlaw prepare-? to elyo n-rm-aUCDable ooi'^aM:’ 0IX! *' u D <" c ffioi. Wanted —A girl to cL- gr t era! - h*m»ewcr* in a smart :smli7, imi>rle»n or A P?'7 al -18. .North cv paster VV A-N'IED a fciituiion by ▼ f venae man wbo spent flvo Tears In Franc* speaks Trench fluently, (a a Cm class Greet: and Latin rcbolar, and a good peomia. Will make him* #«IC generally ostfui m a hardwire or w&ol"sate gressry store. A respectable piece more an object than high wage*. Audresa .“ii ii," Tribune Office. aug2b pisa-rt • "Et/ANTJCD—A, siination 111 a ▼ t wboleislo or rdaU boot and shoe a vcan.'tman who n»»r*is returge*! from its army. Can tnrrlsb the bi»s or cltv Jdiereacvf. Hlioo-tad* ~dresa“T M 8/* P. o. bos Bis. ao3lpjbj»lt 1/V ANTED A > on, s' ntui of H steady fiablu, a, cccdpenmaa, and -crbo b 3 * gcaa fc owl- tSge or bmoan. Apply at. Tjloone> Olflce.ftom U to Sp’olijcfcwnlar. aagK.pi<flO».t XTT'ANTBD ~£. comfortable hour T * for a nco’l ftnx!?* fttrnlihed rr tuUQTalas.u. tha Booth sic*, twrih of Tae’fib ani Ci-'t o» or weiSSlde, n«?ar Ramioloh. Aayo--t bav tha oc.uswill Qo*l a prcmo: covin - ’ intact reaitc^P■ O. tea 4309. en tha Clark c Inssael toy adtlr ’OT’ANTBI) -A young G r lou T T « Tears of ssa, loots for a sUeatton in a ao*a ora hotel. Speeiia. reads and aw'r Eonteh and German,andls wilting to wort, Address "F H." Tnbnna jiace. 'augio-jjSMt ANTED To lens a itr- T * nlshetl room with n ten of tbs Tremont Houaa. Addre*-, tfnrr'eiUatn v. ■-£.• at c. K. Garo iPnotographlq Art UaUery, l4rdlave<f angtepita-ft WANTED— Tso or tie . p.i -ili to ttSe leajons in Cpraau. Address ‘■UH.’ Trlbnna onice. Lugldplia-Jt TS7ANTED —At 647-W&btsb av<j *t nne. a co:h, wilier, anl frn*vf. ■Befertncesregauea. au2l-p:>t3 A WANTED- Civil Ecsiceer—The ▼ t Advertiser wishes*.© •rgvi'eth? •*r v .icesei a Civil Ergtueer. One who Jus had aonv; ervcn-acw in laying out town. nUuswia lots pre # -/i»f. &ta> tionwmpfnbablT bn * perratett o-e. Airtrrs* c SyA‘5 PWBg y °- **««• WAivTtii. 1 —b'C'f tiiS ! . - y.'jTci£ lH the Qutrtannaster's Department, it BV I- uls, Laborers at |JS cer month w!-od rtop/wt a« IJoper s;ooth ; TeacistMa. JW per motthi careen* t»tv acu 7#spoo Makars. 175 per •TJTf'i®? mrtjebed sod ire* traajpoitailon from Chicago, For tardier iDirnaafon inquireiat OfflrcJLStiU South Watfr O.M.tiaßCOck. Agant mts-aT4in T|7A»Tlli> tons oast T V serai iron, for which we will pay the htgbe* maikatßriff Couau> c««Mr» w.ll do Will to ship for oar own waaod wiU aol C. B. BROWN, Ires »Qi o*rt.^a TiTANTER —Ecilera One two or If three fin«ft a * , s5 0 U* r » <2 Jcchea diameter. SB feet )c®a- and laL f »hle, one Boiler, .a... • nr fs inches diameter, with Tb3-lseh tntw>< biltchen. wnooSS Sl|< » «« A?plj to QBl^flS Ilea-, 3 reasmt Bmuag. y 1 ,aii-oWL»i

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