Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 25, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 25, 1864 Page 4
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ffifocagg tribune. THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 1861. THE CITY. Psesonal.—Allen Butler, of the New York Cen tral Ballroad, arrived in the city yesterday. Pehsokal—Msj. Gen. Hunter waslo the city yesterday—stopping at the Sherman House. Be left last evening on tbe road. To mx BxKXTonEKT.—Any person having sin gle znattrassee or cota to spare, will add greatly to the comfort of sick eoldiers, by sending them to tbe Soldiers' Best, ss soon as convenient. Fob Joust To-dat.—Remember the excursion of tbe Edwards Prosbvtcnan Church to-day. Cart leave v*dinmi street bridge depot at half-past rfgbt precisely. Fstsoxxna.—Sixfr-mne men, belonging to the 144tbDJmois infantry., under commander Capt, BJ. Stockey. arrived at the Rest yesterday: They came in (marge of rebel prisoners who are placed in Camp Douglas. Bor Kiixxd —A boywhose name we coaid not learn was killed yesterday on tbe West Side, on the track of the Pittsburgh and Port Wayne rail* road. Wc could obtain no farther particulars- Tbe inquest will be held this morning. Distthouibukd Amur am.—Hon. Ben. Wood* the brother of Pheroandlwnd, and Governor Ho ratio Seymour, of New York, delegatee to the Copperhead Convention, are in tbe city, and stopping at the Trcmont Bouse. Ksw Police Fobcx.—Ycsterdaymomlng twenty new policemen were assigned to duty—eight in the Sonth Division and six in each of tbe other divisions of tbe city. There are abundant reasons why the force should be sill! more largely in creased daring the coming week. To A ComussrovsEKT.—A correspondent at Moline, Dl n a discharged soldier, is anxious to re-cnllst,desires Information as to how much be can get as a substitute. . Here i« a chance lor the broken. Substitute* are receiving from SIOO to 500. VAJUrma.—W. J. Thompson, and hla trained dog Hector, are some of the attractions at the Varieties. Mr. Thompson takes his benefit on Friday night. The management have secured a long list of stars, whose names will he found un derlined In to-morrow's programme. Anrnizsr Homes,—Captain Potter, Depot Quartermaster, will to-day ship seventy-five artil lery horses to Washington. Notwithstanding the immense drain upon the equine resources of this section of the country, no better horses can be found than those orßUnois. CounrtmoK.—The statement recoofly appearing in our columns that Dr. O'Bryao lor assault, and held to ball in SSOO to keep the peace, wa are assured by IheDoctori* incorrect. He says the facte are that the jury disserted. and upon hlfl paying tic costs, the cane was dismissed. A Gall on Tins Ohaeitadle.— We arc request ed by one of the lady managers of the Soldiers’ Beet to state that there Is a pressing want for sin. pie mattrescs,or cotsjor the sick and wounded who are cared for at tbeEesl. Those who have each that they canpart with. will comer a great favor by leaving them as above requested. Acknowledgment —The Turnt? ke acknowledg es the receipt of the reporter the Directors of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company. It is a faithful exhibit ol the affaire of this Com pany, and indicative of a remarkable degree of prosperity. A brief abstract has already appeared in these columns. Bomb Guard. -An adjourned meeting of the military organization for home service, which. Phoenix like, is rising from the ashes of the old 16th Illinois voluntcfre, was held last evening In Lind’s Block. James R, Hayden, Captain ol Co, A. occupied the chair. - Several names were en rolled and a committee was appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws and report to a future meeting. “ Musical*”— a Tciypropcr designation for the establishment ot H. M. Higgins, No 116 Randolph Ft, He publishes music, sells muelcal instruments, and Is a musician ; and wc may add that in tbe first two ho docs an immense business, and in all is ex cellent. Those aho want the newest and best, or old standard mnric, will find it with H. M„ and It strumentß for its rendit on will be found with him, of the verv best quality, in inexhaustible variety. Destbucttvb Fax.—Between 6 and 7 o’clock yesterday morning, a fire broke out in tbe building attached to Meyer’s beer garden, just outside the city limits. In the Noith Division, which reunited in the entire destruction ol that and adjoining buildings belonging to tbe same establishment. From toe fact that an ULeucceesinJ attempt bod been made on a previous occasion to flte tbe same structure, U is surmised that the conflagration was the work of an incendiary. The hon»e was vftlned at $6,000; amount of insurance unknown. Camp Meeting.—' Yesterday waa the first day of the'session of the Camp Meeting at DcspUlncs. The religious cxernste were not commenced, tbe day being occupied In tbe erection ol habitations by the various members who intend to reside on the ground. Very few ministers bad arrived bnt fifteen or sixteen of the must eminent In the Slate are expected In a day or two when the regular ex ercises will proceed uninterruptedly. From pres ent appearances probably from 300 to 400 brethren will camp on the ground, though as many thou sands arc expected to attend several of tne services. Dramatic Club.—The E. L. Davenport Dra" malic Club announces its first public performance in Chicago on Friday evening in the Academy o Music Ball, where erst so long held out the Arlington A Co. troupe tor tre delectation of the multitude. They win give “All that glitters is not gold” and “Tbe decree ” We have no doobt that the entertainment will be a creditable one. The gentlemen have taken warning by the fete of pre vious clubs, and avoid tbe heroic to commence with. Some of them bear a very good reputation se delineators ol human character and passion in stage montblng, Latino op a Conxru Stone.— The Bight Rev erend BJebop Whuehunse will lay the corner stone of the new edifice of Christ Church this afternoon, at half-past five o’clock. It will be remembered that the old church was partially destroyed by fire early last spring. The new building ha*» already advanced far enough to indicate that it will he a etrocture comprising great beauty with massive eclidity. The occasion will be a most interesting one, and well worthy general attendance. AimzvaJ. or Pmsojrms.—Yesterday there woe another arrival of rebel prisoners. Abont three hundred of those captured in the Georgia cam paign by Gen. Sherman, were permitted to receive the hospitalities of Camp Douglas. More are daily expected. It U fitting that they reach this city ion ut the tunc of the assembling of the great National Copperhead Convention. There will be abundant opportunity lor conference and congratulation between the two wings of the great Copperhead party North and South. The one is in anus, and judging from appearances the other noon will he. Cook Cocktt Quota.— Tbe following named gentlemen, the Committee appointed to devise come means to fill the quota ol Coot County and avert the draft, are earnestly requested to meet at the Circuit Conn rooms, promptly at 9 o'clock, this Thursday morning Let there be no delay: Charles Walker, William C Church, Joseph Medfil, J. Young Scammon, .Emery A. Stem*, James W. Sheahan, A. C. Heating, S. I? ItusselL Charles Charleston, C. P. Bradlev, Jasper D. Ward, Char les Randolph, Ira T. Mnun, Mathew Lido. Beoja-* min Lombard. Judge Van Boren, Hon. John M. Duuglat*, Dr. Brulnarp, Juoce J. B. Bradwell, Henry Grecncbaam, 6. A. Irwin, W. XU Drown. Tost are Cokiko.—The city is filling up with delegates, ducted and self elected, to the Copper head Cunventicn ol next week. It will be seen by our dirpatches that VaUandlg ham made one of bla speeches at Dayton yester day, en route lor Chicago. In company with Fer nando Weed, he will arrive in the city this morn ing. The two are inseparable. Dean Richmond, with tbe New York delegation, Trill arrive 10-cay. “ Hunter*" continue to arrive, and distinguished Canadian visitors—distlugalsned fur Became**— an- plentiful. We risk nothing in saying they are rot ol those who intend to go as snuetitutee; the oulv substitution they derive, in that of toe rule of Jeff. Davie for that of the lawful Government. Sunday School Pi o-kic to Evaxstoe.— The Erie Street Mission Sunday School—the oldest mission school in tbe city—we notice bv an advertisement in this p«p%r, takes thdr annual excursion and pic nic on Friday. This is one of tbe truly loyal Sun. day Schools of the city, and deserves the support and encouragement of every loyal person, and every'friend of So nday Schools. Captain L. Lock wood Brown, now in the service of bis country, was the Superintendent tiom the commencement of the school until iB6O. The late Captain Bellows then had charge of the school, until be enlisted In the service or bis country, and sacrificed his life 1c defending Us flag. Captain TbeodureF. Brown, Captain Rrainaro, and many others, also enlisted from He corps of teachers. Go then, friends of 'Sunday School, with baskets all filled, and share the pleasures of the day With the Erie Street Sun day School., Killed.—Mathias Smoler, a Bohemian, ageflSS years, wasruuoverbyafreJfrhttralnonUießock Island Ealiroad yesterday. Air. Smoler was at* tempting to cross the track cm Clark street, he* tween Twelfth and Thirteenth, when his foot c ought and he feiland was run over by the train, which was Lacking down the track, the two rear cars passing over his body, causing instant death. The locality in which this accident occurred is so* Morions tor similar oner, showing, it is believed, 'great carelessness os the part of the employees of the road i u that locality. No person was stationed upon the rear of the backing train to warn per* eous of dtrper, nor was me unfortunate man warned of his danger oy the switchman or flag man. Coiomr Wagner held an inquest yesterday, and the Jury gave a verdict in accordance with the facts, and severely censure the railroad authorities for tolerating such gross carelessness on the part ol their employes. Tre deceased leaves a wiie and family in destitute dreumslancce. Fiiee Cirr Beuvsbt or Lxtteks. —To day the Postmasur of Cbicano will commence free city do livcrv of letters. Tto city has been divided into, thirty-three districts, and a carrier appointed to each, and all letters with the street and cumber of the person addmsed then on, will be delivered without charge. The following directions )riven to correspondents will greatly facilitate speedy de livery: J. DIBECT letters plainly to the street ano ,£iJ?** the post-office and State. letters v>ltu the writer's Pobt-oiticb TE * btuxet ai d Kcvssit, sign them plainly r^-1 to bed '- a town or clij, Wbo.c .oocl.i .adre., nn knoen tliooid be nurtwi lo iLc left-hand earner With tbe word ‘Transient.' *•4. the postage Km on the uptxb lUCIIT-11AKD comer, ano ixavEM-acE Vtweenlhe stamp and dln-ciloa tor fosT-MAiuaKo without interfering with the writing." wuuoot In this connection it may be slated that tho rosOnastcr-Ocnerai has already instructed the Postmaster of this dty largely to increase the rent of boxes and drasem alter tbe expiration ot the S resent qnarter. The price of the former will be d per Tear, and the Utter sl3. On Boxes the in crease is SOU per cent,, and on Drawers nearly l&o percent. This will tend toinduce a general pa tronage of the free delivery system. Whenever the streets shall have been numbered in accordance with tho ordinance passed at the last session of the Common Council, and tbe somber of letters to be delivered stall have bean inereia - «d. as they certainly will under this most excellent system, the pieKnt districts will be subdivided and additional carrier* appointed. As soonaa practicable i here will be established stations in each division of the city, and letter boxes for the reception of the mall, which will doubtless be largely patronized. BRUTAL MURDER. A Wortffiiß In tit LmVe Tnaael Kill!» Con rad,— m« Arrtst-C»roß.r’B Inquest —VerAlet—Hie Prisoner tom milled to Jail on « Cor oner's Warrant. A fool and unnatural murder was perpetrated at the bottom of the shore shall of the lake tunnel, about one o'clock yesterday morning. The follow- , ine are the attending arconutacces so far as our reporter has been able to obtain them. It seems that the workmen employed in excavating the drift trader the lake cumber twelve men, are divi ded into rellefi of-four, who work each eight hours out of the twrnry-four. The labor isAff* by contract, each relief receiving a certain Vtlpn lated eum per lineal foot. Ue reliefs, hare head men, or foremen, between whom disputes often Wie as to the relative amount of work done by each. Such a dispute arose day before yesterday between the murdered man, Patrick Iluct, who was foreman of one of the gangs, and ilichiel Corry,the,'murderer, who was in charge of the other. So frequent were their disputes that the contrac tors thoncht to place a period to them by discharg ing the man who subsequently murdered bin com rade, Another Inducing circumstance to tola dis charge was hie genera: dl- slpatcd fatbits and quar relsome disposition. About half-past twelve o'clock yesterday morning tic came to the month of the land shaft and a*ked permission of the fore man to descend for the eike of removing his lamps and personal effects. This was readily granted Approaching the “ lace” of the drift, as the end of the excavation, now three hundred and fifty feet from the shaft. Is technically called, he encountered his- old enemy, the foreman 01 the second relief Approaching him, he said he had been discharged, and did not wish there should be any bad feeling between them. The other replied tbatbcboienoill will to his comrade, to whlc& the murderer answered that he evidently did, and repeated (he allegation. This lea to recrimination, and the flat«ment by Bunt that the other had not dealt fairly and honestly with him. Cony at this became intense']- excited, and pro posed that they should go shore and fight it out. This preposition was acceded to, and together they walked to the foot of the land shaft. The noise of the altercations brought to the month of the shaft, at the surface, the foreman and the two “top blind*.” Looking dowo. they saw, white Bunt was in the act ol stoooinff to ►tep upon the trap or platform upon which parties ascending or descending most station themselves. Cony stab him in the neck; first in tbe region of the jugular vein, with a sharpened file, and immediately after wards they saw Bunt dock Corry down with an iron crowbar. Bunt would undoubtedly hare kill ed him on the spot had not be been compelled by exhaustion Derationed by lose of blood tereisx his hold and fill down lifeless by his side. Serin-* what turn matters bad taken, the foreman and his men slid down the rope to the bottom, and tne men from the “lace” came to the area at the footoftha shall, and between them managed to secure the murd crer. He was brought to the surface and liken to tbe North Market Station, where be was handed over to the pcl»ce authorities, searched and locked np for (benight. Tbe body ol the deceased was also taken to the Station, and yesterday morning Cotoncr Wagner held an Inquest, Tbe following is the material part of the testimony taken before tbe Coroner: TESTIMONT OP IKSPBCrOn SBOSSCOELIh MermanKratcheM, worn: lam Inspectoroftbe Lake Tunnel, end regiee on the corner ol Franklin and Persona ttreetr, North Division. I knew de ceased. Hie name was Patrick Hoot. He was a miner in the employ of the contractors of the Ton* nei. About i o'clock last night, the de ceased was working in the Tunnel, when Mi chad Corry, a discharged miner, made his appearance at the Tunnel and told Hoot that he came to talk with him. Hunt went to him. and noth bad a long talk abont 100 feet Irom where I was standing. We were all standing inside of the tunnel. The conversation became st inted and reunited in an agreement to “fight the thing out.’’ Of the fight itself I dldnot see anything. We were next startled by the cry ol “murder,” and on reaching the shall found the deceased leasing against the wall In a dying con dition liom a woond in the left side of his neck. Knowing that no one else was present during the difficulty bnt the deccaseo and Michael Cony, 1 took the latter to be the perpetrator of the deed. At that time 1 S3w a long file without a handle lying on the floor of the tunnel, abont mar feet irom the shaft. The tile had the appearance of having been recently wlppcd off to clean it. The wound In tbe peck had the appearance of having' l*ctn inflicted with some dull instrument, and I at once concluded that it was done with the file. I do rot know to whom the file belongs. I after wards understood that It belonged to the engineer st the top ot the shaft. Michael Corry is an excitable character, and oc casioniiliv become? l Intoxicated. 1 have seen him often when 1 thought him under the influence of liquor. I did not discover that he was influenced by liquor last nlghUwhen I hurried to the place where the cry ot muraer came from. I saw Cony standing on the “ cap'* or “trap.” Cony did not seem to be edited. I arrested him there while he was stand ing on the scaffold. He offered no resistance, and acted very indifferently. These two men—Cony and Hunt—had a quarrel the day previous. Don t know exactly the cause of It. 7XFTOIOXT OPE. W. OPTXRMAN.' E. IT. Oferman, neom: I have charge of the Innuel dating the night time. Corry left his place In the tunnel on Monday night abont 11 o’clock. Bis contract expired aboot that time. The next dav be had some dispute abont tbe roeasnrment. The matter was settled by the Superintendent. 1 saw him again last night about 12 o’clock. He told me he wanted to go down tbe tunnel to take a larcucll of his comrades. He then went tothe engineer and told him to hoist the carriage. He got tboard and went down. This was tbe last I saw of him outside. 1 heard a noise inside the tunnel. Heard Corry say, as quick as he anpetred on tbe cage, “let us go on top and have satisfac tion.” At the same time he turned around and gave a blow at Bunt. I was all the tarns at the topol the shall, looking down a distance of 76 latt. We bad a light hanging within less than ten feet of tbe place where Corry and Hunt stood. We coo'd easily see Curry’s operations. 1 could sot tell where Cony struck deceased, and cannot say that Cony bad an Instrument in his hand: 1 saw him strike bunt only once; deceased said something after he was struck, hat I could not hear It, It was too low; when the two went out tne tunnel Corry was ahead: be stood upright in the shaft, on the cape| while deceased was in the month ot the tunnel with bis head bent down; I saw only the bent head of the deceased in the shaft; tbe body was still in the tunnel; in that po sition he rcccivi-d the blow from Cony: at the same time Hunt had his hands on Curry’s coat, and struck him with his hand and threw him In the tunnel ultballhie force; I called to them to quit; I then went down thesbaft and landed on the cross head of the cage, and jumped down and took hold ot Hoot. The deceased had Corry down. Cony was covered with Mood, especially his face. I told Hunt to go off as be bad murdered Corry. Corry cried “muroer” three times. I was under the impression that Corry was tbe wonnded man. Hnct was a great deal stronger man than Corry. I pnshtd Hunt off, and got Corry np and led him to the cage. Then Mr. Eroetchell told me that Hunt was dying. I saw the wonod on tbe left side of tbe neck. Mr. Kroeacbeli then took hold of Corry and held him on tbe cage. I saw the file lying abont two feet from Corry, and picked it up to strife Curry with it, bnt did not do It. We took Corry ont of tbe shaft then. 1 did not bear Hunt say a word after 1 came down the shaft. 1 think there were blows exchanged in tbe tnnusl, hot 1 did not see them, end could not from where I was standing. I think Corry was under the influence of liquor. OTBXR WITNESSES. Michael Regan. John Bennett and Michael Ho gan gave substantially the same version of the allair. Dr. Charles Stark testified that be was called to see tbe wounded man. He examined the injnry and found it about four inches in depth. He thought it was inflicted by the file mentioned by the former wltnee.-es. THE DTQCZST. The Coroner empaneled a jury at 8 o’clock yes terday morning, and after a patient hearing of the case a verdict was rendered a» follows: “That Patrick Hunt came to his death from a wound in the left side of bis neck inflicted by a file in the bands of Micbael Corry, intide of the Lake Tunnel, in the North Division of the city of Chica go. between tbe hours of twelve and one, on the night of the S3d of August ISG4. Upon tbe rendition of this verdict the Coroner Issued his warrant and tbe accused was immedi ately committed to the conntyjali to await tbe ac tion of the Grand Jury. Tub Rc-oncAKiffAriOK or rent .T wgKTY-rornTn Regiment.— An adjourned meeting was held at Tuners' Hall, last evening, to take some farther steps In tbe matter ol reorganizing tbe 24th Illi nois Infantry. The attendance waa fair, and the spirit confident and determined. It was reported that considerable progress had been made in the matter, and that it was expected by Satuday that at least eight companies will be organized and ready for any emergency. Tbe meeting unani mously pasted the following declaration as the Object ol the meeting: In Union is our strength. The object of the re organization of tbe late 24>h regiment of Illinois volunteers, and fi ling it np to three battalions, if possible, is to unite tbe loyal military element of our German citizens ol tbe city of Chicago in an independent military organization, whoseprimary object during these troubloas times wiuboonr telf-protection, and tbe protection of loyal citizens from the rebel tympatiuzers and disloyal men in case they should try to n«c violence. The ulti mate . object of tbe organization will be, besides keeping up the military spirit, the formation of a friendly and mutual supporting association, foun ded on justice, equality, liberty, humanity, and tbe preservation of the rcpub'ic. Tbe name of tbe organization will the “ 24th Illinois Chicago Jaegers.” The meeting then adjourned to meet again on Friday evening next. With a view to calling the attention of young men to the organization, the following notice was agreed upon: TO THE TOUSQ 20SS OP CHICAGO. The Iflth Illinois Volunteer* (Zouaves) Is being re-organized in this city uaa independent citizens corps, and the Intention la to form a regiment composed of the old members of the 19th Illinois and each of the young men ot the city as may wish to join them. The object of the re-organizatlon Is to forma club association for mutual benefit and amuse ment, and at the same time, by military maneu vers be prepared to assist the civil arm of tbe Government whenever It may be ne cessary. They are to beamed, clothed and equip ped by the citizens, and very little if any expense will fall on the members. All young men of the city who wish to join this association are cordia'Jy invited to attend tbe meeting to-night at 6 o'clock, at tbe Highland Guard Armory, Usd Dock, comer of Randolph and Market streets. By order of tbe Committee. Y. Bradford Bell, . Secretary pro tem. CoEszcnoKOP the Ekboilxzkt Lists.—The Committee appointed at Metropolitan Hall, on Tuesday evening, assembled at the ofllce of Marsh & Stem yesterday morning, and organised by the choice of Charles Welker as Chairman, and James W. Sheahan Secretary. On motion It was voted to appoint a committee of Cve from each wart, whose duty it should be to examine the enrollment lists, and to cause the names of all persons exempt from draft, from any cause, to be dropped from the lists. The follow ins arc the Committees selected. Eirtt Ward—Vr. J. A. Hahn. J. W. Clyde, Alder man Peacock, Frank Wentworth. Peter Besltz, Clark Gelb. /Second Ward— Peter bhimp, D. O. Banolds, P. M. Donncllan, J.W.Uattawoy, Geo Smith, Patrick Fagan, Anton Berg. Third IVord—JihuTyirel, J. L. Marsh, Aider men Barrett, Michael Gonnlvy, CoL Amo. Fourth TJard—Samuel McKay. Sidney Smith, B. McChcsney, M. L. Keith, Enoch Colby, Lucius Aid. Shendan, Aid. Kann, John 32at>cr. W. Finncane, John Mathis. Sixth Ward— Aid. Welsh, Martin Msgan, Frank Leavitt, B. Probst, Henry Niemeyer, Mathew irurrf—ZXenxr John Com i“key, Q. H. Young, 8. H. Bow, Alderman Sber- Ward—Geo. Miller, B.C. Church, P. Baf ferty. Win. Uoldrwonh. 4 __ . _ Kinth ITard—Geo. Arnold, P. A. Boyne, A. B. Book, J F. Alartcb, Jos Wilson. Tenth Word—And ew Wcmple, T. M. Avery. John Ea.-an.CGeo. Dimrod, John Cogan, Uhlrich Lochbelhler. _.. _ , Eleventh Word—Geo. Von Hoilen, Aid. Bond, Bcury Achoff*, F. McGinnis, Dr, Peterson, A. il, Johnson. , Twelfth Ward-i*. W. Huntley, W. Gastfleld, Br. Addison, John Bidder, C. Casseiman. Thirteenth TTard —Gustav Fischer, Alderman g. Alderman Franzen, Jacob Lauer.Wm. Ward—George Bomelsa. Philip wS?is lu^/ r v? lldlard Bnrke! James Ennis, Joseph B Homogtr. , Herring, James Nolan, Bum?S IV#n * Law#on ‘ J °huVogt, Jr n Julias O'Bulhvan, Aid. Wood xnap. C. C. Bounds, Alonzo Barvev. M. P. Beecher. These committees win meet at the Circuit Court Boom this morning at 10 o'clock, to arrange tot pnbCc meeting on Tburadsy night ia each ward 01 the city, . Messrs. J. Mediil, A, C. Besting, Kid W. L. Church were appointed a committee to con«nlt with tbe Proven Marshal respecting tbe famish* Inc of litis, sod their Immediate publication. THE TOCNG !fl KKH LITER 4 ttY OON- T£Nri»N at DEraoix. I n response to a call Issued some time sine;, delegates from a considerable number ol the vari ous Literary Associations of tie Northwest, con vened in the rooms of the Tousg Hen's Associa tion of Detroit, yesterday, the 23d inst. The Con vention was organized by the election of Mr. J. Thom Clarkson, of Chicago, President, and Mr. H. M. Cbeever, of Detroit. Secretary. The President stated briefly that tbe object of tbe Convention wa» mainly to secure a combined action of the Literary Associations of the North west, in procuring lecturers daring the comingsea son, end as it bad been found necessary to offer largely increased pecuniary Inducements to obtain the services ol the best tdlent of the country, a committee consisting of Bev, George Duffleld, Jr, of Adrian, Edward LaFovour of Detroit, J. Sinner of Itdlanapolia, and John G. Erwin of Detroit, was appointed to report a pirn for the permanent organization of the Convention, and to prepare a list of names of distinguished lecturers, and report the same at the afternoon session. , ~ Mr. XaPavonr ofDctroit, stated that he had been requested by the Beard ol Directors of the Detroit Young Men's Association, to tender to the dele gates present, a pleasure excursion on the Detroit river to Lake St. Clair and Fort Wayne, at any time that would seem moat convenient. The Invi tation was accepted, and the thanks of the Con vention-returned. . , x After considerable discussion on various points connected; with the Interest* of the Associations represented, the Convention adjourned to 3p. m., at which time the Committee reported upon a suit able plan fur tbe permanent organization of tbe Association, vesting the sole cxecu'ive authority in a single officer, the Secretary, whose duty it would be to attend to (he. general Interests, and carry out the objects of the Convention. Toe committee also reported a list of lecturers, to whom applications should be made for engage ments during the coming season. The report of the Committee wasnnammouslyadoptedln detail, and Mr. George Andrews of Detroit, was appoint ed tbe Secretary of the Convention for the coming year. The Secretary was further instructed to ad mit according to his discretion, as members oi tbe Convention, any similar Associations who may make application, and desire to act with the Asso ciation in carrying ont its ends; after which the Convention adjourned, to meet in Chicago on tbe first Wednesday In Jane, A. D. 1355. After the ad journment, tie delegate* proceeded to enjoy tbe unlimited hospitality ot tbe board of directors of the Young Men's Association, of Detroit. The line little steamer C ara, was chartered and freight ed with abundance ot toe choicest wines, and all that could add to tbe enjoyment of tbe guests, She glided ont iuto tbe beautiful Detroit river, into Lake St- Clair, and around Belle Isle, with her fes tive party. The feast of humor, and the flow of sparkling accompaniments, was only terminated by tbe approach of darkness, and the delighted guests soon after parted, with indelible impres sions of the courtesy aid liberality of Erwin, La- Favour, Andrews, and their gentlemanly associ ates, in tbe directory of the Yqpng Men's Associ ation ot Detroit. Substitutes,— The crowd nt the Provost Mar shal’s office increases, hut Just now there seems to be a greater anxiety to get an “ exemption” than to furnish a substitute, ydt every day from twelve to twenty are presented and passed. The following list shows the work of the Hoard in this regard yesterday: Principal. Substitute. Isaac C. Day, F. W. Babcock. Andrew .1. Latham, B. Brown, Wm.T. Scott, John McWay. Saul J. Bussell, Geo. Hutchinson. Aeza Crane, Chas. Stober. F. A.Howe, Jr n Wm. Donnover. Boht. Strahorn, J. V. Bercher. Wm. H. CoUanoer, D. Terriey, Chaa. W. Sanford, W. E. Morgan. Chss H. Heed, Boht. Scfamlt. Jas. S. Ward, John S. Scott. Daniel Thompson, Wm, O’Neil. Wm. H. Keogh, S. Duryea. Wm. H. Ovlngton, Wm. Howard. J. B Chapman, Wm. H Johnson. H. S3. Chapman, T. Jobmon. 11. C. Fulton, Wm. Ford. Henry S. McGraw furnished a representative re cruit in the person ol Geo. W. Crane. * Beuep pob Soldiers’ Families.— We trust the readers of the Tribune will not weary of our Im portunate advocacy of the claims of the families of oar soldiers. It Is no light thing to surrender the comforts of homo and the endearment? of fam ily for the weary march and the lonely mvonac. It is no small undertaking to abandon the abodes of peace fur the terrors and stem realities of the bat tle field. The sound of blows upon wood find iron Is not Iraagnt with peril as Is the sound of explod ing shell and the singing of swittly speeding bub lets. In peaceful avocations a man can pursue the even tenor of his way without tear of the de stroyer. In war, death lurks by the side ol every pathway and hides itself in every thicket. Detidethedcprlvationof theaidand assist ance of the loved ones, there Is the moment irr fear to the wives and little ones of tde soldier, that each tram maybe the messenger ot evil tidings, and that each click of the telegraph may tell how hus band and sou arc stricken down In the assault upon the heights of Petersburg, or in tbe demonstrations agalist tbe breastworks of Atlanta This continual alternation between the extremes of hope and de spair is fcartully trying. When tbe alarm of war sounded throughout the North, after ?the flail of Sumter, many of the bra vest and noblest of our own citizens sprang to arms. The desire of doing something for an im perilled country, affected all classes of our people alike. They had the natural dread of leaving fam ilies and friends, uncared for and unprotected, but placing full faith in tbe promise of our people to minister to the.r wants, they concluded to follow their patriotic impulses. The plain question that wc desire to ask this com munity Is. Have tbe pledges then given been fulfilled i Have tbe wives and children ol these soldiers been properly supported and cared for f They have not been utterly ne glected, as the stipend paid to them by the city and county authorities and the efforts of tbe Soldiers’ Relief Society abundantly testify. But tbe latter resource has failed them. These patriotic women have failed to secure the funds wiin which to carry on their work of mercy, and tbe poor soldiers’ wives are the sufferers in consequence. It Is to be hoped that the meeting that Is called for t aturday at 4 P. il.. at the rooms of tbe Young Men’s Christian Association, will ndlTcsi barren of results. There should be at least $25,000 raised by onrcltizene—lt will netd fully that to carry the soldiers’ families decently through the coming Winter. LOCAL MATTERS. Notice.—As will bo eccn by an advertisement in to-day's paper, there will be two great trots at the Driving Park Course Friday and Saturday next. The horses entered arc all first class am male, every one of tnem having trotted inside of two minutes, thirty seconds, la public. And a fair contest is guaranteed, as a new role has been adopted by the Association which precludes any swindling being attempted. Ladles Loyal League.—There will be a meeting of the League this afternoon, Aug. 25th, at 3 o'clock. A fall attendance is requested, as business of importance is to come before the meet ing. Mas. J. ILlnorahax, Sec. L.Ij.L. James, formerly of James 1 Lock Hos pital, Custom House street, New Orleans, La., es tablished in 1850, is nowand has been-located at 86 Randolph street, Chicago, for the last three years. Frequent testimonials from the press and medical faculty, Professors of Medical Colleges and Hospitals, have from tlmo to time appeared In this paper. The following is from the Lafayette Courier, Lafayette, Ind., of Aug. Oth 186 L The writer of this editorial knows tbe Doctor person ally, and Hie skeptical can refer to tbe editors of said paper, and thereby ascertain the correctness of said editorial. Here it is; “Db. James.—We would direct the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Dr. James, found in another column of oar paper. We have known Dr. James personally for a long time, and we have ever found him, as he is, a courteous, cul tivated gentleman, a man of unblemished reonta tion and character. As a physician he stands with ouUa rival in the treatment of special diseases, and justly, lor he has devoted nearly twenty years of bis life to the study ol this branch of medicine. Unlike most specialists. Dr. James is a regularly educated physician. He does not pretend tocome from a foreign country, or claim relationship to * Old Sands of Life' (who is known all the world over as a quack), but as an earnest, educated man and a physician be pots forth his claims to pub lic favor. Before the rebellion Dr. James was known all over tbe South as ibe most successful specialist south of Mason and Dixon e Hue. and justly so, Ifwe are to believe the testimony of some of the meet eminent men and physicians in the country. ■ He was obliged to leave New Orleans, where he was established some fliftecn years, on account of bla devotion to the Union, wnen he established himself in Chicago, where be now resides. Ho has In-three years' practice at the North built up a reputation among the foremost, if not at the very he*d of those devoted to his class of diseases, and we hazard the assertion that bis practice Is larger than any other physician in tbe Western country. Bo ha* some of tbe strongest testimo nials ever pnt forth, from the most eminent men in the country, among whom are Dr. Jordon, of Cincinnati. Dr. Wm. Leonard, editor of the New Orleans Messenger, a medical journal, and the editor of the Indianapolis Hostile, To persons who have been ro unfortunate as to contract or have had eneb diseases entailed upon them, wo have no hesitancy in recommending Dr. James. It la better to go or send as far as Chicago than suffer with disease, and the afflicted will find it to tbetr interest to cousnit Dr. James before entrust ing their case in tbe bands of an inexperienced or incompetent physician, IJDr. James is the only specialist now practicing In the United States in the treatment of diseases of tbe genital or sexual oruans. that has testimo nials from Professors of Medical Colleges that art new living, eulogistic of his medical -‘kill. These testimonials do not emanate (rom a foreign coun try, nor are they bogus, nor from persons long since defunct, but here, in the United States, tbe parties are alive—or were a abort lime since—and can be referred to at any time. . Dr. James cores all contagious venereal disor ders without mercury, iodise potarti, arsenic. Cod Liver Oil, decoctions or slope—ts these drugs and . liquids will not core ByphiUis. For proof of this assertion ask those who have been afflicted with this disease. If these drags ever made a radical and effective cure; only dries tbe poison to break ontat some future timeandinltsmoßthideous aspect. Dr. James uses a neutralizer, a positive cure for this terrible poison. Spermatorrhea rad ically cured by an infallible method. Impotence—caused from Spermatorrhea or loss of seamen. This debility Dr. James will obligate hlmecll in every case to core. Dr. James’ office and parlors are 85 Randolph street. Ten separate rooms and all eoncaUutlona confidential. Office open from 9a. m. till Bp, to. aug2s-p667-U All tbe Woridi# a Staze, and all the peo ple merely players, and we surmise that a large portion of the players thereon mast be using that justly proper preparation for the teeth. “ Fragrant Sozodont,” from tbeimmense demand there is for that article. Well It only proves that we are be coming wiser and wiser every day, for it truly mer its all that is said in its tavur. the most delightful, convenient and efficacious beantifli-r and preserver of the teeth the world overproduced. All drug gists and Pcrtumists sell it. augS3-p462-3tTu Tucs&Sat. Armed to the Teeila—l» a very common ex pression, but we think armed to embelili-h and pre serve them to a ripe old age is decidedly more beneficial and appropriate—thiscanonj* bo done by keeping yourself always supplied, convenient lor use, with a bottle of that-renowned ana im perishable delight of every lady's or Bemleman' , g toilet, the “Fragrant Soroaont,'’ for clean-Ing,’ beautifying and preserving the teeth, sweetening and purifying the breath, it has no equal. Sold by drogtlatH everywhere. 75 cents per bottle, auglt-0981-3i-Tu ms and sat HT Diseases of tbe Nervous* beminai. Urinary sad Sexual System*.—New and reliable treatment —in reports of the Howard Association. dent cy mail in sealed letter envelopes, Ire- of charge. Address Or. J. Bkl'lon Bouenton, Howard Asso ciation, No, 8 South Ninth street, Philodelgda. Bocae and Sign Painting, Cal cl mining, Glazing and Graining-- Paper Hangings and Win dow Shades selling at wholesale ana retail at New York price*. P. B. Bxobt, 89 Bandolpb street, Box 6862. Jy24-n63B*lm Betropolitan Kail to ftanU-T’lh Bsll is to rent tor aD the purposes for which such halls are ordinarily used. Teem* moderate: Applies tiona can be made at the offee, adjoining tee en trance to the EaU. 3ftlfrh94£tf FKBNAUDO W«vD Af I>AT- TOW Chicago will Nominate a Peace Can* didaic—Tlio Rebellion Cannot be Craflioo-Valiunalgham tli« savior of bis Coumry-Xbu Sons of Liberty. [Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.] Dayton, Ohio, Ang. 23—8 p. m.—Fernando Wood had a large audience this evening. He a&ld hewaa glad to nave an opportanity, alter his re-' turn from exile, to enjoy the eoclety of one ao capable of edvialLg huh ae Yaliondigbsm, or of one whose heart beat 60 deeply In unison with his own, because he did not know how soon the hand of despotism wonid be laid on his head. [Cries of ‘‘No, never.* He then proceeded to re view the Shays Rebellion oed the Whisky Rcbel lion as settled by conciliation, not force. * Speak ing of the settlement of New England by the Puritans, be said the Almighty had sent two enrsos on mankind—the fall of Adam and Hie landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth Bock. The Puritans were cbanctenzed a* reeds, guilty of terrible atrocities In their own land and in the new world, evidencing the same spHt which la shown In the present war. Passing on to the na ture ol ocr own Government,’bu recanild It as a confederation wh'ch the Sta'.ea might secede from at will, and possessing no power ot coercion. Shay's rebels, the whisky Insurrectionists of Penn sylvania, and the Mormon rebels, Were none of them coerced; so Sombern rebels should not be coerced, bat conciliated L ncoln and Congress had offered no kind words, or even expressed sym pathy with the American people since the war be gan; only snljogation, confiscation and emanci pation. He had scorned StevensMerma oi peace and the terms he proposed to the President In December, 16C2, by authority of the rebel Govern ment; and now be rejects the embassadors of peace, unless they will consent to a violation of the Constitution. Tee Union cannot be restored under It, Oar only hope ot relief is a change of the President- 'the two candidates beloce the people are lor war and emancipation, saying that the only way to peace Is to crush out this rebellion by subjugation. Next Monday we meet at Chicago to nominate a candidate. To that Convention you look for the nomination of a man of adverse principles. Lin coln Is lor war, the Democracy arc for peace. Tne issue is thus Joined—'war or peace. That is the question to be determined loccver next November, There will be no disagreement at Chicago. The Democracy will postpone a settlement oftheirowa difficulties until they have whipped the Republi cans. The Democratic parly will tlc-p the war, and restore fraternal relation*.* It la the duty and policy of the Democratic party to join issue with Lincoln, and present a peace candidate pledged to a peace administra tion : for If the Sooth don’t come back It will im ply she never*wlll come back. Her people cannot oe conquered, no matter how wise yonr states men, how skillful your generals. The thing Lin coln has attempted can not be done. No change of policy, no military strategy, no wise statesman ship, can give you success. The issue Is Joined, and God help the tjrant when the people are ar rayed against him 1 He may seize, single indivi duals here and there, but when the straggle is with the lion-hearted Democracy in battlo' array, God save ibe tyrant then! I counsel no violence. I propose constitu tional remedies. .But if your right of voting Is questioned; if the military subverts the civil power, when yon are to be deprived of yoor liber ties, then comes revolution with a cause tor holier than that of yonr fathers. Be cool, deliberate, un excited * but when yon do strike, strike home. Turnin'* to Valiacdlgbam as the hero of the war, • courageous and noble, fighting the battles of tne people—so far they were to look to him as the de liverer of their liberties, and the probable deliv erer of the Government from despotism, and its restoration to jost principles and rights. This allusion to Yallandlgnam, mb the probable Demo 'cratlc candidate for President, called out loud ebetrieg, to which Yallandigham briefly respond ed, pledging his hearers a speech after the Chicago Convention. Fernando Wood privately asrerts that the Chi cago candidate will be a peace man on a peace platform. To secure that end Vallantllgham and hla clique so to Chicago to-morrow. At la signifi cant that Vallandigham ordered the adjournment of the Supreme Council oftbc Sons of Liberty to AngO£t26tb, when he can arrange for his own nomination or that ol a member of the Order. Ocr. Home Henris.—Oar home rebels arc die* poecd for business, if we may believe the iollow ing, cut from the columns of our evening cotem porary: u Tmt Rebels at Woke.—The rebel sympathin* ers have asald commenced prowling around Camp Douglas at'night, several having been seen on the west side of the camp, where the rebel prisoners’ barracks arc loca’ed. About midnight, night be fore last, two red lights were displayed west of the cump. and were maneuvered in a peculiar man ner. By some means the fact was communicated to the rebel prisoners, hundreds ol whom left their bunks to see the signals. That they were Intended for, and understood by, the rebel prisoners, is evi dent from their actions. A squid of soldiers was sent out to >conr the prairie, but the rebel sneaks hod skedaddled.” There is crest dancer that the rebel sympathis er* wbo will visit this city during the coming week, to attend the National Copperhead Conven tion, may make a demonstration calculated to re sult In the release of tfaerebcl prisoners at present conduct! in Camp Douglas. Atall events whether such is their gome or not. It will be well to be pre pared for the conspiracy, and we are glad to be able to say that, in case of trouble, the authorities are prepared for it. Wlarkots by Telegraph. Xt lioals market. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Br.Lome. Wednesday, August 24,1364. Tobacco—Market somewhat active, but price* drooped a little. Bales comprise 2C4 hbdsatthefol lowing quotations: Sterna and scraps. 33.50d5.00: lugs, |llJf@l6£oi common shipping leaf r 9<6.C0t3 23.M; medium do. t?8 95A29C0; good do, 129.0)® 4C 0C: manufactured leaf unchanged. Flouu— Moderately active. Sales compiles 450 brllXSlnlOtastllLM; 174 doXXat $10,75; 150 do XX at $10.30; SCO do X at $10.00; 130 do super at 99.75, Gbaxx—Wheat—Demand strong and prices better s sales Include sacks very choice on private terms; 2e5 (3o choice at $2.\5®2.18; 1.040 do good to prime at 9fJC®3.l2>C: iOO do fair to good at only fair at |L9P. Corn—Qolet and unchanged, with sales of 210 sacks mixed white at $1.43; 73 do whits attl.42; ISO do yellow at tI.&CK: 720 do mixed and yellow at $1,10; 1,000 do on private terms. Oats—Less active and prices were scarcely maintained; sales of 2^B9sacks at S9c; 669 do at 88>io; ICO do at 83e; TOO do In secon: hand bags at S6c. WmsET—But little doing in Whisky with sales oi 4Cbrlsatfi.7B. Qliltraakee market* (Special Dbpatcb to the Chicago Tribone.} Milwadkxb. Wednesday, Aug, 21. * Flour—Quiet. Supply very light. Grain—Wheat—Receipts, J5,00t bnsheli; irregular, excited and lower; tales this morning of 43,000 bush* ele No. 1 spring lu store at I2.OBKC* 09? 5,0c0 busheU teller's option all the mouth at f 248; 6(0 bushels No. 2 spring (In Smith’s) at 11.85* 10.0C0 bushels do. a round lot, at 12.00. Bales on' Chance: 88.7C0 bu No. 1 spring In store at 14 05®2.C8; 5,000 bushels do,buy. er’s option all the week at f3.C5; JI.OCO buitelsdo, buyer’s option all the month, at 12.0602.07; 21,000 bushels do, seller's option all the month, at 12.0G0 2.C7; SOObifcbelsrtJected (la Illgbj’s) at 11.85. Mar* ket this evening, at the Newball House, dull and un set tied,too boyers on the spot above |2.C6 j sales at 82 07, buyer’s option all the month. Oats active and a shade lower: t ales 2 cars delivered at G7c; 4 care in store at 65a 66c, Corn Ann and higher; sales of three car loads in store at 11. SO. Bye andjDiriey— no sale* —comical. Wool-Better sales; 10,000 Be at 91.(5.- llllnola suiil Michigan Canal* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago moons.] ■ Bbipoxpobt, Wednesday, Aug. 21—1 p. m. CmixyiD—Alice, LaSalle; H. G. Gsylord.Loekport Cstondelet, Morris, 61,788 It, lumber, 215 bris-i»xlt, 6 bxls lime, bricks Aurora. LaSalle, 9,000 ft. lum ber; Alliance, Ottawa, 76,219 ft lumber, 53,870 Da exit, 8 brls flour; Deer Park No 2, Utica, 20,555 ft lumber 1,5(0 ft Eldirg, 1.400 ahinglef; Ericsson, Ottawa, 20 b:la lime; Channahoa, Channabou, 11,400 ft lumber, 150 pcite; Monarch, Joliet, 10300 ft lumber, OSfiOO Bhlngh s; 10*0(0 lath. Apbitbp—D. c, Norton, Lemont, 8) yds rubble stone; North America. LaSalle, UB tons coal; S. F. Gale, Lemont, 90yds rubble stone; Advance, Lemont 80 yds rubble atone; Keaolcte, Lemont, 60 yds rubble stone; W. G. Gum.c,Lemont, 45 yds dimension stone; Maple Leaf, Joliet, 9,tCoba oats: Sebastopol, Utica 1f3,44f Dssaxd.SSbils cement; P. Nortbmp, Prison, 80 yds rnoble atone; Imperial, Lockyort, S.7CO bn bar ey, *Aobila fioni, 54 btla pork. BnnxiBPOBT, Wednesday, Aug. 21—9 p. m. Clbabzi>—M L Adams No 2, Uorrlf, 87,CCD feet tarn her; BE Goodcll, Utica. 1,821 empty flour .barrels. 11,000 hoove; Industry, LaSalle, ft lumber ;B A Douglas No 2, Seneca, 8.994 feet Inmher,T,4Co ft sld* leg, 4(0 shingles, 80 brls salt; A Lincoln, Morris; H Cooley, Morris, 83.581 ft lomb£r, T.CCO ehlngles,2Co poets; Yorktown, Manclllea; Sebastopol, Utica; Tobacco Plant, Morris; W 8 Gurnee, Lemont; Beso. lote, do $ Advance, do: 5 F Gale, do. ABurvnn—H Hamlin, Ottawa. [Norn-Of tbe reported cleared there ire now here vsiting for teams the following:] Aurora, Nautilus, Industry, Alliance, Deer Fork NoS.BEGoodell, MLAdamsNo2, H Cooley, 6A Douglas No 3. Vessels Passed Detroit. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Dktboit, Wednesday, Aug. 24. Up—Brig Harvey. scLr. FHmoro and Hinckley. Dowr—:w»r. Breed. Winn—south. Keir Vork money Qlnrhet. New York, xvedneeday, Aug. 24. Money steady, and a r&ir busloeas at 7 osr cent. Sterling dull a&d lower, at 574®376 for currency, and IMJk for gold. Gold heavy and lower, ooemug at SS7, declining toSKM, advancing to 255 declining to 254. and tlofetug at 2:454. Govettmsiit stocks steady. U 8 6*s *Bl coupons K9K: dc ’fcl registered HB3f: do coupons U2K; DSsVlb4t*bonoflii3>4; treasury nctes7.34’s ill. Stockb—D 6 6’s oheyeur ecnlflcates9t](: Mo Vs €9»'; OAM cert 48; Canton 51; quicksilver 81; Fa clflc Mall 27?; B/te K9K; co pfd ; Hudson river IVJH; W»BdihcM-k: U Cis 4; Rln&Sf: K 8 A S I &;y; do gtd 141: 111 Can serin 127; P1(U110V;N W ; do pfd 87 ;Ft WayteUSX- Oswego Alarkeu Oawxoo. Wednesday. August 21. Flout—ln ecod demand and unchanged. GBaut—Wheat higher. Hone offering an j no pales. Corn L<2Sc better. No. 2 ll'., 11.45. Oats bald at 71®7Jc for Western without sales. i'BBIQBTS.—PuII on flour ana grain. Buffalo market* Bpfpalo, Wednesday. Aug. 2i,p. m. FLOtTE—Steady and only modar&tely active Gbaih—Wneat Arm but quiet, ana held tor No 1 Jlllwauiee Sprlue at 52.35; amber Michigan S2.CS® 2 SO: red winter *2.209.25; white Mlchlgaaanl OMo 52.46; Chicago No 2 spring t<-W. Corn teas active at *1,45. Oatr firm; sales at 7*Kc. , _ . Wsisst—Held at Jl.S* wim no sales, f !A3 offered. Cabai. Freights—To Few Tort, wheat 21KO*2c, corn ir®'9J(c, cat* 12)*«12|fc. Lake Impobtb—?lCDr.7,S6obr.B; wheat, HASS bu; corn. 18.5C9 bu; oats, fJ.75i ba. . Casal Expobts—flonr. 80 brls; wheat, 57,653 bu; coin, 83,580 bu; too bn. New York market. New Tobe. Wednesday. August 24. Cotton—Lets active. Bales at lor mid- and Western 1c higher, with only a Unites fopplt. Sales a* nOATaIO-bu for eirrastuo; Cl* (O&ll.tu lor extra lonncooop Ohio, and Sli.l:(s 12AS for tia.'e brand. Market cloeed qnlet and Arm. Induced in th*> sales are l.tT'O bris extra Tor Scp-om b«t at*lo.7s.and 10,000 brUdo f^POctoberat *ll J)?. WuiSKT—Flimer. Bales at SVBS®iA3 for State; fLS4@I.SS for Weatern. luciudlog 10M0 brls deliver a bit-in S oay*. buyer’* option. atjLW. . Grain— Wheat doll and ecagfly so firm at *223® 2EC lor spring: swpSs» Club; *2 Jt- «2.51 for amber Michigan; *2A3®L49 for wln*er red western; *2 35 for inferior do. Rye qnlet at. 87c. Bath y dull and n mlaal. Tbe corn market opetedicfc&eiter.butrloseadoli and droonlcgat *i.fA <or mixed wcst‘jn. with lo haters at this quo tation* o«*t a eb-de firmer at 95®iSc forweitem, tbt-'lmldepnce ror to store. , . W< on—Market scarcely to firm under tbe decline * D Ritbol»c3c—Market quiet at55®760 for crude. 87® B? wc tor rsflutd in bono, and 00c tor refined free. rßiuTinONe—°o:k lower, and closing steal? at tba decllte at *57 cewmeis, and *58.00 for prims tress. Cuttrta'Jflrm at iSAiSKc tor shoulders, and 16®18Kc for bams; smoked (bouldera 17kc. and JO fisdo at i7e. Lar <more«cnve»nd dendealy firm er, part to an Ive, at 2 i&i { c : also 7CO brls for August, imjera option, at 24e- Butter higher, atOdUo for Otao. and sc®£7c frir State. Cheese firmer, with a fair demanu at .6®3lc. Philadelphia market. PmzApnPiiLfc.Wedsesday, August 21. Floub—Firm; extra tllAv; extra family, {12.06® 12 2&; finer brands *lM"@l3.'C. Qvain-h buoyant: old red *3.51(%?’8; new Tennsylvstua yienmSTi: wbl'e |X8«o8.o8, -Com firm; yellow{L7B3l74. Oats very firm; 92®94efor old. ■ pßTßCtxra—Finn; crude SCc; refined In bond, 64® 87c. do free 674 90c wmsKT-Finn end blfber. Boles 630 brls at 11.64® I.M; rcctlCJea *L6o. Is this city, on the N h Inst. of paralysis, ALBERT L.CALVERT,Tatfte»myei£ftMiM«i rrevct ottbedauiy .reTfS -ect «Ut Invltei to »t»eod the fantral. thU (Taurslay) •fttrooon. at tK o’fi'rk.iromtnerfilrfnca. 251 'VSißtndpipfe-it. Wilmington (Del) and Cincinnati (0.) papers P tolSS?Coofcc«Baty. 111, at ths reddence of her too, D.. John S. »»hm.of osraly «s, alter a p*lnln) lilre>s oj t*atß,Mr»-BKLVNASA BIN. with of Our mother. at the cote of ordered and WMrylltc-sttheca » other Sarlpr, fa ly rips for thehoryeetofthe i taper, death, has f one to her re- Vermont papers p>a‘e«*opy- ■ Ethis cltv.on Widnesday.Autust 2Uh. of dyseu ten.hODßßT B. DUDKBiILL. late of ladianapo- -n a* consistent and prominent mem* hero! the tfouety of Fr 1•: d?.« h enece a 8 e deara eri. dt-nee or a pure and honest life. Having * hia noose in creer," > e died p- acefni and happy, and strong In Uo fco.e of a bleased immortality. Bit remain have been removed to the old boms* stead, near 81sg 81ng,N. T.. for Interment. gy Icdianapclli and New lor* papers pleue cooy. _ In tiita city, August 23d* lH6i. LOUISS CSATIN, 'Mteif sntnstni Funeral from the residence, 215 Enron street, at 5 P lscini a *ranof WILLIAMI?. KINGwUI take pl>CB ibis (Thursday) aitsmoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence cl his mother, No.S&O Ohio street. SalUMfl Tizas Tsblci CEICAaO AHD AOXTEtWMSauia—B3K7f cos. mss •WATXa AHP EZKZIX BVB, Depart. Arrive. M&n racing ot *10:00 ajn, *5;15 a.m, Svtaing Express.^-..*fi:Do NlvttExpress pmi. *&lfip.ffi SAUraA DCVTBTOK O. * H> if, SAILWAS—USSOS KOET3 WSLLB BTSEFX. Stuzoz magnum-- • • —. 9:45 s.zt, 3:Waja. Falluu Frreport Pnss&ngc; . .... 9:33 a 8:25 p.ta, Freeport Pass-mcer 10:00 D.a. 8:10 a.a, Kocktcrfl Pskssengcr .. .... 4:00 p.7i- G«n' T vn Pqsscjur-u..., S:Sop.?i. DSOtna 'noHraxa cravsxL. Deceit nrpraw. *iSo?.m. *ts:Ko.m. Detroit Express V6;00 J&H s,s: Dct»ltSxore*»....«* *tlfl:fXln,m. *8:15 pjn, (Train* for Cincinnati ana Zcuirtii'c.) Korning Express *6:80 a.m, *£dß Night Krprew . . .t&OQ p.m. l£:4S a.s. SCiCSSSAK BOUTEMBa—DEPOT OOSEJCS VVS PCam — WAMM4B, Day Express. ..*6:Soapi. *B:Jspart. Bvenins Express, s ls:£oojs. Nleht Express *tl0:00 n.m. axu . i»ibww iwuxig. nk Adrian.......*&So &.xn. *B:4sajn, Express, vis Adrlan-.tfcDO OJU. *tfkiS bjs. rrrraßmtfl, tobt watot asb csizxac. Hail and *3:10 Day Expreia *5:30 a.n. *9:15 pja. Mail Bxore«,., - . .+6:00 *9:10 p,a. Night Express —,_ V +lG:lO }B:4Sa.m. Cin. & LonlrrtUa arDteal^tfci' 1 p.ra. t&SS a.m, < ionnecilng with B*nnsytoar4a Csnira! B. B.) Leave Plttebojg.. 8:00 a.m. 435 p.o, 8:45 p^n. u HanisVg.. 1:30 p.m. &4B ko* 6KK AxrivePhiladel... 6:Bopja, fcsoa.n. HklOajn. « N. York, via '• 1:55 Allenton « N. York. •I(h05 p.» via S-l(hoßp.n. 13:05 m. fcSSpjn. Fbllodel.) u Baltimore.* 5:40 p.nx. 7:00 sum. 11:50 a.m. •• WaabHon- 9:30 doo. 10:30 a.m. 5:00 pan. CZHCOIHi.tI aJb^luo. Day Sxprws...... ....etß Night Express 9:10 p. m. &10 s. nu {For Iniianapoiit ana Day Express 6:80 a. d. 8:15 p. nu Night Express 9:10 p, bu & Day Passenger *8:15 a. m. *9n)o p. m. Night Paseenger v .+&SJ p. m. *7:00 a. m. Kankakee Acc’n *5:15 p. m. Hyde Park Train *6:35 a. m. *7:45 a. m. * w ” ...*12:00 m. *1:85 p.m. »« *• *4:00 p.Q. *d;2o p. m. ** “ " *6:l6p.m. *7.30 p.m. CHICAGO, BTTSUXQTOX AXD QCZffO?. Da? Express 9:30 a.m. 6:25 p.m Night Express ; 9:15 p.m. 6:00 a. m. lienootaAccommodaa.on 5:15 o. m. 9:80 a. m. Chicago an> a?, Lotus. JSxpreM Mall 9:80 a. to. 7:30 p. m. Night Express 9:00 p.m. 5:30 a. m* Johet Accommodation....4:46p.m. 8:80 Am, Chicago aud book is mm, * _ Day Erwcoß and Stall 9:45 lel 4:50 p.m. Night Express 9:15 p.m. 6:15 aja. Jobet Accommodation 6:10 p.m. 9:49 ajn. Chicago axs nawAurE* aa&wax. . Bt, Paul Express 10:00 a.m* 8:15 p.m. Night Express 9:30 p.m. 1:00 p.m, Waukegan Accommodation 6:30 p.m. 8:40 ajn. Evanston Special 9:30 p.m. 4:25 p.m. * Sundays exempted, t Saturdays excepted, Hpndavg excepted. . T7BESH STOCK OF PERFUME- X* BY, Jest received from New Tnrk, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, August J9th, at 9J4 o’clock, at But ters’Auction Rooms, Id Portland Block, corner of Dearborn and W&shmctsn streets, we ehaU sell, with out reserve, lor cash.a FBESn STOCK OP PERFtHEttY, Just received from New York, conws’lug of plain aod fancy Pomades, Ualr OiU. Cciuicttcs, Cologne Exuocir. flair lovleoratora. Fancy Soacs, Ac., Ac. &u2S.pC2C-5t WM. A. B CITERS & C’O , Auct’rs. RE6TJLAR SATURDAY’S SALE.— Ilsusebold Furniture. Piano Forte Sl|. vcr-Flatcd Ware, Dorse, Harness, Family Carriage, Ac., AT AtJCTION* OX SATURDAY, AUGUST 27X11, AT 9# O’CLOCK, At Butters* Auction Rooms, in Portland Block, cor rer of Dearborn and Washington streets. Household Voods-Coaslitlugol a large and gen eral asjortnient. Sliver-Placed Ware—Such as sets of Desert, Me dium and Table Forks snd Spoons, Tea Betts of S and 6 pieces, S and 6 Bottle Castors, Tea Bells. Gob let*, &c„&c. AT 11 O’CLOCK, piano and Billiard Table—A fine-toned Plano Fcite. lo rosewooo case. 1 wood bed Hilliard Table, 1 marble bed do. complete and in perfect order. Horses, Carriages, A flue cream-colored nerse, 7 years old, a good roadster, warranted sound in every »av, ana tree of all tricks. Can be seen at Clarke's stable. Dearborn street. A good family carriage, for four persona, maue In St. Louis, of the best material. 1 sett double harness, for carriage. 1 sett do. do., lor team, 3 setts slug!* harness, for boggy. WM.A. BUrfKRS&CO., ang2s-p630-3t Auctioneers. GOVERNMENT SALE.-Stoves, VA Pipe, Coal Hods,&e., at auction. ■WITHOUT RESERVE, FOR CASE. On Saturday, ingast 37, st 3 O’clock P, 91., AT CAMP UOVGL&B. 118 beating stove*, 4,126 tts stovepipe, 61 elbows, 96 coal boas, u cool shovels, 1 cook arove, ivi forks, 96 [ ‘" x, “ s - BJ order ot Y-co . »uifis>p63l-3t ; Auctlonen. TTIFTY BARRELS OF OLDER J? AT AUCTION, On SstDrdty, iagasi 27, at 12 O’doct, Atßutters'Acctmn Rooms, In FortUnd-Block, cor* ntr of Dearborn and Washington etreeta. M. A.BUTIEU3 A CO.. ang£s-pC33-St Auctioneers. £9A AAA WORTH IN 9\J\F V GRAIN’,3-PLY, VELVET, BUUSAELS AND OIL CMU’ETS, CANTON MAT* TING, Ac , . THE EiTIEE STOCK OF 1 CiBPEI HOUSE, AT AUCTION, On Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept Cth and 7th, At Buttsrs’ Auction Rooms, lb Portland Block, cor ner of ivarhornaad Washington street!. tP“ Particulars hereafter. I|LJ . . WM. A,BUTTERS 4: CQ., ang2s-€23-llt Auctioneers. pACKXKG HOUSE, FOR SAXJE FuTdllo ja^LOtIOZX, On Saturday, Sept. lOtlr, ISG|, At 3 o’cloclc F. M., ' * That certain Frame Packing House on tbs Archer Road, In the city of Chicago, formerly known as Alexander Beli’r, more recently occupied hy Gregiton & Co., together with the fixtures, appo* tenancee. unpzptredTsrm oflease.eic. Also.slot n Ground Alum Salt and Balipetre. Sale on the prem* lees. Teims.casb. Fordefcrtptlon,partiealari,Ac„ apply to_ • WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. an21p378-3w4thp Auctioneers. Large trade sale of staplb pry goods. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, Aug. Stst. at 9K o’clock, at Bat ters* Auction Rooms In Portland Block, corner oi Dearborn and Wathingtoo strefts _ . aolS-p143 lit WM. A-BUrrBBS A CO.,Aact*rs. gQ DESIRABLE RESIDENCE Lots in the West Division AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, Sept. Ist. at 2 P, oc the premises, we eball sell to the highest bidder, several desirable Italic In? Lots In Blocks No 5 a* d 15, t coin ofTwelitn atreet, between Morgan and Walk»r, in Brand’s Ad* dltlon. One eighth cash and tbe balance in semi-an nual payments, one-tlghth with a per cent interest. For par Iculari see wM* A. BUTTERS A CO., anlS-pUMSt Auctioneers. rjJLBERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers. 44,46 A 43 Dcaxbors-r*. ELEGANT NEW FURNITURE At On FRIDAY, Aug. acth, at 9K o’clock A. M , wo wil< sell at cor Salesrooms, alar&c and splendid at eottme&c of Parlor, Chamber and Diningroom Furniture, Including a fine variety of rosswood, walnut and chestLiuehnobereetts, with-and without marble; also. Ttry flee rarlor suites la ercen repp and hair cloth, marble top tables, oaß and walnut x&uzble-too sideboards, extension dintnv tables, chairs of all kinds, making altogether one of the best asaortmen 1 s of goods ever sold in this city, and are from first clan manufacturers. Alto, a variety of Household Gojds.Stoves. Ac. ‘ , Boicrsof Furniture will save from twenty -five to fifty per cent by attending our regular sales every Tuteday addlMd.y au24-pals 2t Aucuoneera. (Sunecal Notice J)EIVING PARS COURSE. Thursday, August 25th, 1864, Purse S6O. Hlle Heats, Beat 31n5 to Harass,. J.W. HALCOMB’S w. m. M HisßLotta. M C. M. CLARK’S b. m. WM. STUART’S cb. g. “ Quincy Boy,” "WU. HODGE'S br. m. “ Pussy.” Pare, $l6O. Milo Heat,, Best 3 in 6 toHaraesf. J. W. HOLCOMB’3 b. ns. ** Lady Bberaan.** WILLIAM GEAGlfi’sbr.g. “ Commodore,’* T, P. ROACH’S to. h. “ Amer'can Star.” CEO. MAKMJR’S br. b. “ Gen. Grant.” nOBSBS START AT 3 O’CLOCK. Admiiisicn f 0 cents. au2s*pW7*lt»Ubp rpWO GREAT DAE’6 TROT JL TIXB. DSIYIKG PAEK OOUE3E, Friday, August 26, 1864, Farso and Stake $1.850— MUo Heata, . best 3 in 5, to Harness. J.W. HOLCOMB enters bay mare “Patty Qrcea,” former y •• Ji.y Qaetn.” „J£S.CONLl>sraters brown gelding "John Me* Kinney,” lormerly “Nabocllib.” O. W- DIUMICK enters cb mare “ Dayton Belle.” Second Day—Saturday, &ng. 27. Fny«e and Stake s7so’Two Hlle Heata to XlatrneM. T. P. ROACH cn’tn bay ge:dlng v l>*TldGage,” formerly “Raid/* JAB. CONLISK enters cb gelding “John Hot' rlssy,” fcrmerly M DUly.” O.W. DIMMirK enters cb bum “Dayton Belle." HorsfsstartatJo’c*ockp.m-each cay. ■ Pools will be sold at the I Tiemont HomesTiursdsy sed Friday tveniDgs.ard on the ground dansgtba Adolaston ll.CO: daiivnuirtar stretfhbtdgea ti.O". an2f-pr.6iit-4thp * JaS. YAN ETTA,Pres. Us. armyakd'navt psn • SIGNS OBTAINED WITHIN THIRTY DAYS, And collected it any Agency lathe 5S Wa. F. bubWSTKK, , war Claim Attorney,. 40g1S-p47rSHlb p IS3 Reorbora si., Chicago Ml. amusements. ACADEMY Ob' MUSIC. Wwhlrgton streer, bet. Clark and DeatborMto* First Public performance OP THE E. L. DAVENPORT DRAMATIC CLUB, On Friday Erealoe, Ang-> 26. « Ur. C C. FiILLiPS has tladjy volunisered to ling one Q( hu tavonte ballads, “illthat ClllterslsnotGold” and “The Secret” For cast of characters see small bills. Adtßis 10n,50 cents. Private Boxes $3 00 and $5 0?. Ticket* tor cate attte principal Hotels, Bonk S .ores, of members of tbeCluo. sad ax the Box Office. Seats can be secured at the Box Offl'-e two days In advance, irem W to 12 a. m,and 2 to 4 p.m. au23 p*B6 At 4thp THEATRE. MOtrDAY EVENING. AUGUST 22. EnjEgimcnt of the popular Cornelias, MR, CHANFBAU, Who will apoear tr his renowned character of LORD rUM7Kt*AB7 andhis BROTHER BAM, In the cele brated Amt rlean Comedy of 0r& AU£BICAS COtSlff AT HO3IE, as lately acted by Mr nhontrau six consecutive weeks, is the city ol New korx, with unbounded SUCCESS. CROWDED BOUSES Saturday Afternoon; Grand Sfatlnee, ¥akiety theatre. Nca 115 and U7 Dearborn street. C. M. CHA offl JK A COn Proprtetcrs and Managers. T.L. PITCH Acting and Staze Manager. Be-appearance of the old.tovonte. MISS CLABA BUTLER. THURSDAY EVENING, August 18, Fust appearance of ME. TY. J. THOMPSON And hia wonderfully TRAINED DOG, HECTOR. Doors open at Curtain rises at Bj^o'clock. Soaub of Faiczs.—Parqnette. 35 cents; Dress and Family Circle,S3 cents; Private Boxes, $1; Single Beats la Boxes, 50 cento. • £JOLONEL WOOD’S MUSEUM, COL. 3, H. WOOD ft CO...Proprietor! andMansgcn, Sbw on exhibition, Piute’s Court, or the Trial ot Cbrt rVENTY l UKEBIZK FIUUBSB IS WAX. rsort VillAX TU BAUD'S OBllt OiUIBT, LOJfDOW. Pr Tbe Great Moitam. with its over 2M,ou> can* ositiesl The Invisible Lady! The Bnormoos Amoil ean Giantess: Eight Feet high! and weighing over 500 Pounds! mil apoeax du and nlrhU Mlie Amer, &year* do. ana SO Inches Bigb I the finest small Lady the world. Tbe Chicago Beauty, an exact life-sized representa tion in wax cf a Lacy now residing in this city,made at tbe celenratedTuand’s Gallery, in London, will Bhortl* he on exhibition in the lanra Mnsenm 8 iioon. The Lecture Koom will becloud for two weeu for alterations. The splendid star company will open the 29th of this month. Admission to Museum, 25 cents; children, la cents. auU-09C9-lW jgXCUKSION AND PIC NIC -TO E-v-A-isrsToisr. -THE EE IE ST. HISSIO.\ SiBOiTH SCHOOL Take their Annual Excursion to the beautiful Town 02 EVANSTON On FBIDAT NEXT, the 26th Inst. Can leave the OLD Milwaukee Depot at 9 o’clock A. M., returning teach Cblcazo about 4H P. M. Tlcketf,sscents; Children,2scants. Proceeds for the benefit ot the School. Tickets tor sale alt be Depot or by the undesigned, T B UtT«B. .i*s A.PtraaisoToir, 'War BFxacus. Jonrr Bubtox bu?4 pf76-«t4mp Committee. Heal 33state-=<Bits. FDB SAX-E- Fi:at class Central Improved Property. 3 marbi* front Store* op Lake street. 3 brick Stores on sou*b Water Etrcat. 2 Stole) ttr*mr») on Weet L&te street. Also, veral choice business Lots aod Lots in all parts of tbs ettv. A. J. AVEBBLL. IU»1 Fsthtc Offlce, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. au2s psi2 ict * ■JjIOR SALE— Fiist-clasa Store on X' South Water street. Dfarble front Store on Beatborn sueet. Michigan avetme Residence. Wa bath avenue Residence- fralrte avenue Residence. Business and Retid*ncePTOD‘rty in the brat locv tfo; v. Apply to J. r.OLlNO£R,Be>lKstate B-oVcr, 43 Clark street. Boom No. 8. auESpMast T?OR SALE -A first class three- X? story stone front Residence, containing four teen rooms, finely finished throughout with all the modern Improvements, location Wnban av-:nue near Twelfrn street, lot full depth with Biftk Barn. A flneßr clc Bes’desce and largo grounds on West Elde.uearUrlonPark. SAMUEL A.fIARGHNr. Real Vst&te Aiant, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, 8P25.pt53.3t FDR SALE -A very desirable 50 foot lot on Twentt -Second street. House and Lot near Eighteenth at., oast of Michi gan avenue. Reuse acd Lot on Indiana avenue, near Twenty. Second street. B. B CHAMBERS, au21p5314t BoomßTelegraph Handing. TTOR SALE—Reside! ce Properly, X? 15Lots5Cxl25 each, lo Duncan’s addlfon. 10lots, 25x139, West of Union Park. 3 lots, SfxiSO, on West Lake street, east of Hnlsted. Several new bouses ■ West of Vmcn Park. GKO. M. HIGQIKSON, Real Estate Office, Ro 7 Metropolitan Block. au2ipsiio 8t X 1 Real Estate Office. Ke. 7 Metropolitan Block, GKO. SMITH’S BUB DIVISION. This fine retldeuce troperty, between Twentieth aatl Twenty-first streets, Is now ofl'ered for sale. Plats furnished to applicants. A. J. AVRBBLL, No. 7 Metrooolltan Block. au24plMa; ijIGR SALE—lmproved Central JL* Prorerty on Lake, Snath Waterand Washing ten etrrets and Michigan Avenue. Also River Lots cn North side. A.J aYBBbLL, Beal Estate Office, No. ? Metropolitan Block, anßt-psj3-3c TJIOR SALE - 50 by 214 feet on JT Clartstreet.between Jccfcion and Vaußuren streets. several flue new brick awelllnes In the moil d{.livable lotanou in Via city. Also a largo list of oxher valuable property wortbv the attention cf purcbaseii. at tbe office of H.A. HONORS. No. $0 Dearborn street. auv4 p563-tw TTOR SALE—Two new frame Cot-' it 1 tage boneeaacdlotßonconi'r of Wells and White streets Let is .v? feet front by 90 fe«t dsrp.wlllbe sold low. A portion of tbe purchase money can remain for five years at sis oer cent la* teres*. SAMUEL A. SARGENT, Heal fixate Xpent No. 4 MetropoUian Slock. au2ips7L2t F3R SALE—A new Two Story Brick 77ou*e of ten roomt, well tarnished thronehout, with bath rooms, hot asd cold water, water closets, Ac., co Willard Pjacr, between Wash* Irgton and Randolph streets, will be sold low, and terms made easyanc Immediate possess on ilvcn If deilreC. O*MuEL A. BaBUENT, Beil Estate Agent, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. an2l p573 2t F3R SALE—Randolph, Clark, WASHINGTON, STATE, WABASH, MICHI GAN, IN OI A**a, PRAIRIE. C A L UMET . ANBNUSS. UNION PARK, andother first dais business asd residence property, embracing a large and rew list, for sale in . THUS B-BBT AN’S au33p432-5t Beat Kstate Qtllce, Bryan Hall. F3R SALE—Choice Reaidence in TEDS. B. BRYAN’S Beal Estate Office: INDIANA AVKNUE, corner oi Eighteenth street. WABAbH AYES UE. north of kohbard Court NORTH LASALLE 61BEET—Elegant Dwelling. PABE AVBNUB—Five Hanses, on 4u years’ lease. A laree list cf tbe best Lake Shorn avenue-tots, and Others In all thtee divisions of the city. an23-p433 St TXOR SALE—We offer for sale un- JL 1 til Sect-1. at a borca'n, a beautiful private real* dence, acres of land, a: Barltm. on the Qa* Uca rai'.rcafi, only 25 minutes ride from Chicago, and only three mantes watk from Harlem Depot, and near one ot the best schools la Cook county* No place out of Chicago offers so great facilities too parson doing business in the citv, BUOVILbk & HARVEY, no. 9 Telegraph Dnlldlug. an2i pSßl«iw ff'Oß SALE-—For $825, abeantifol X 1 cottage. 134 South Morgan street, of eixrooms PcEscißlon given on purchase. Lease of ground for five years. *auiApi27-2w FDR SALE.—"We hava for Bala trsoy very desunOle reUdenco lots, Nobthov Chicago Avxnux and east of Laradss Sraarr. and lu the vicinity oi tbe North Branch Cats! suitable for modf>ratc dwdiinus. Ttess lots are n°Ar Crosby’s dlstiienr and Enel’s tannery. We will sell cheap or Irate ter a term of years. OQDKN.FLkhTWOOO fc CO. au9.o£6o*lm ID 1 OR SALE—U. S. Marins Hospi- A tel at Chicago. In pursuance of tbe act of Con* grsas. approved Juno Xtti. IHN, tntbotlhac Usuis of the V- a. Marine Hospital aod groonds At Chicago, liUnoia, situated on Michigan avenue, between South Water street and the Chicago Elver, notice is hereby given that tbe above property will be sold at public auction, on tbe Stb day oi Sepiemoer, 1664. at 10 o clock a, m .by tbe Collector or the Port of Chicago, at the Custom House tn that city. The terms or tbs sale ore for ready mosey. Upon the receipt of the purchase money in tall, the Secretary of the Treasury wlti mai’e, execute and deliver to tbe ourchwer thereof a good and sufficient deed for the premises, conveying nil the right, title and interest oi the Uni ted States. in accordance tilth tbe act authorizing the sale, pce&fealoncftbesald Hospital and crcuncs will be retained, until the new Hospital to be built under the provisions of the act sbsu be fully completed and ready forme. . _ . . Unless a satisfactory bid shell,be obtained, the sale Will be postponed. WUsif,FE3BERDEU, Jy29 n923 iw Secretary of the Treasury. 3Th Li.cut. rpo RUNT—A large front parlor J- untnmitbed to rent at 418 state street. euss-pcn-it . rpO RENT—Daring the Conven- JL tlon, a large, nicely famished room, snltable for gentleman and wife, with or without board, ad dress Box 30H8.. acid pSIS-lt T) RENT—Or hr tale (with lot) a new and well built story and a half cottage Lease, plesran'l? located, a tew blocks north of’CM c*co avenue. rear Wells street. - Address-” CjT TAGR.”Post Office Box 3330. Chicago, Illinois. 8U24-&574 St mo BENT—With board, a pleas .l. ant reem (famished) to a lady tndgcnUsman, or two gentlemen. Avpiy at 23 3 Illinois stresr. Two dayhoorders can be accommodated also. anHpsmt T3 RENT—The fourth flexor of IG4 Lake street, well *danted fer s'forare |or manufacturing. Apply at 163 Randolph street, attic p¥*««6t T) BENT—A par tot tte fit si floor and basement o< tbe east store in Cobb’s Block, corner of Lake street and Ulcblgsn Avenue. Aopiy toR.B.COUB,I2OH Dearoorastreet. aa"3-p4iO-5s iSoarbing. “OOARDIijTCr Board wasted m a JO private family, for a gentleman and wife and two children-girls. Address "HI,” Box 3*Jll, Chicago, 111. amfr-pSll-.’t TfJOARDING— An ■ nnfa-niAod front or hack parlor, and an nnfarnlihed front room on secood floor to let. with board, at GS Adams street. Aftwdsy b.aiders can also be accommo dated. -. an2s-pC7I-2t BOABPIN’G.— One or two fiicglu genOemer find eleianllv farntsbed ilTtng rooms acd bedroems, with or withr-at hova m a brick dwflur? Locee, In a bleblr'ressectsols altuo lioil, within five imputes wait of the court Address ‘*B,”-Tribnne an2* pb3s2t Boarding.— i can aocoffif-data a genffemaa and his wife with a salt of asfur mabed rocma and boat d 1l a private family, «u *e»- Washlcstoustreft ttesrLlncoln. Adores***H "Post Office Box 2198. ChlCs-go. anl4-p577 St OOABDING^—To Its an tUgant J. * suit of utfarnUSed ioams comtiting of parlor, bedroom, bath room and closer.wj;a fir*t ciasi board at mode-atn rates. Apply at 137 Fourth avenue. aU34-p565-2t BOARDING— Wavtrly House, W3 .oil 555 Ktczle meet Good room* eaj bo»rdat|sXo eodltoo jet ercelt XreMlent 15.'0 per day. aull p3S64t ®Slauir* —Substitutes. \\f TED—Enroll*a oitiztni cf ▼ T ever* district In the State of liimoU can be assured substitutes upon payment of tVO. I hvre meno&h 3 nd*t tUtion, at 07 Woahinston street. P. 0.b:x62»4. . auhpSH-6; SJI/ANTED- Two Sub tun us for - * one year, who are exempt frem the draft. Addrtss Q. i C., box 500. P. O . statics; terms. No Broker near apply. an2>psJ*3t 4X7AKTI!iJ- Subs.Uutes to go m *7 the gunboat retries for one year. and the highest bounty paid by WILSON * MEBRLAH. &c2SpGS9-U • A3 Clark street. TXT ANTED—That penona liable \V to draft should recollect that only twelve days Intervene between to-day and the commencement of iha draft, and that they rhculrt ItameotaTely hand In tfcetrcroers for anbttitntf*. while aaojtltutes can he h*d. to WILSON * MEBRIAM, 4S Clark street.' tu2o-pC© It ■tXT'ANTifD —IOO Mtn fee thegufl. TV boatfsrvlce, for one, t«o and three years, for which the following prices will ho paid, viz: oneyesr wen. SSs’,cash in Sard: tSOOlbrtwnyisrs meo. nnl TSM for tlJree years. Apply at ths corner of Btudo ph ,-h i Amalie streets. Chicago, 111., in the haa-meot. and Lasaueiwoßw, umi p H y * CO. P. B.—We defy competition. ang23-gsSiMt_ \XT ANTED —ICO Mtn lor tha gnu ff b oa t service, for one, two and three vearsf for which tte foilovlne prices »lh be paid, viz: oney'ar See.V»o.c^hinhand; |?tr\<or too years, sod »fl 0 for sVixeca yeais. Apply at the •‘oraar of Rsndolpb F. S.—We defy TXT'AKXED—ICO Meaiortne gun- W boat b; rrlce, for one, two and three yetr*. for which the loliowmg prices "W b* paid, viz: one vear cet., ! Ulnhand; lifOfurtwo years, and taso for three Appy at the corner of Randolph and LaSalle street , ,ln p. 3 —We defy competition. angas-p66S-lt VJSTaHTTD—ICO Men lor tiie gon v ■ boat ecrvlcs, fer one, two and t:rea years, for which the fol-owlng prices will be paid, viz; oae year EEC sss-.caihmbaot.: |V ofcriwo years, and t-AT for tnree years. Apply at tbf corner of Randolph antlLbsaUe streets, L'uicago. IH, in the ha^mcEt. WU. iiUBPHY * CO. F. S.—We defy competition. ang£s-p969-lt WANTED.— Men who desi;e to go as substi mtcß in ‘.ha army shoold apoly at 84 Dearborn street, room S. The only licensed and established office in tbt* city. Men are always tore of their money, paid to them down In the presence ot the Protest U»rth>iL We donotvaac an* men to at ply to ns when they ars drank, as we with them to he sober, so that they may snow what they are do* lac at the time, and men ongbt to be aware of those whe enticethtm’o dnnk.oa instance of which can be read In an article that appeared in one of the dally papers yesterday. Do not fir set the number—S-l Dearborn street, room 5. Tea highest ca*b bounty will always be natd, as we will allow the substitute to deal right dUac with tie pilhclpal, we only charging a small commlaiion fjr oar services. JIIfLEY & CD. aosspers-it \\T ANTED Sabitituttro lor the Y Y Army and Navy, fer on*, two or three years, ard the highest ooaaty paid, at the Contr-l wesv 'em War Claim Agercy of WILL3OK ftMBKBIAU, 48 Clart street. ANTED- -Substitutes tj go ia T Y any branch of the service In the army and nary, lor one, two or three sears, to whom tbs tilth* eit caih premium will be paid. Partus liable *o draft, and those who with to procure substitutes;- wlilaowall enter to call ir band intbc'rordirs at KLT & cu,, 117 South Clark street. Post Office BOX moo. sn2s-pt64 It XITaNTED—To inform the public Y Y that wo are prepared to furn'sh Saustltntes lor IheU.B. Naval service, and austm them la this city, for the term of one. two cr three years, and have them credited to any State where the principal may reside. Parties In the city who bays friends m other stews who wUn to procure salmi rates, will find it to their advantage to call at 117 So. Cl»rk sc. and set funner particulars, or addrejt P. O. Box 100 ft. [aulS-ptM-lt] KLY & CD. WANTED —Snbatitnttß and re emits wanted and furnished. The highest cash bounty psldm band. Can have choice of rein menu Snixtitutes and reemu furnlehed at all times. Apply at Ko.tiO State street.room2s, up Stans. P.0.80x 3251. G. W. BONHaM & CO, Chicago, Hi. anis-p66rit WANTED—Who wants a Sab |T stUnte or Representative? Call at BON. tlam & cO’3 Office, Raom '25 Garrett Block, comer ot Randolph and State meets, up-stalrs, *td lerae your ordsra. an7sp6S7-2t "f XT ANTED - Merchants aud otiiera Tv toonderstard that we can furnish snbUl tntCß.'as cheap os any other person in toe city, bat wl denot pi 01683 to supply (hem at a lowerrsta than g;od men car get from principals. we do not eclat men when they are drum, or y*t shanghai them as is very frequently the eve. as any senile roanmays?e by reading an article which appeared In cue otth** daily papers o'yesterday, of wmuh we are certalnwaapracticed by oneof tnosevery reli able offices. We deem it our duty to call toe atten tion ot merchants and ethers to i hose few remsiki as Ufla nothing {more tfcsa discouraging eallatments, as foe* paitles make offtra to supply substrates to merchant* at a lo trse rate than what they profess to pay <he eubit rate. We refer *o lbs hadinr Backers sodlMeicbsrta lu this city with whom we nave «• one business ie this line. We do not promise a substi tute a hundred dollars inert than we espect to re ceive frorr the principal. FINIEY & CO. auvi-pCdS it AETED—To ialorm the pablio T v that lam prepared to furnish sabatunte* for the D. B. Navy ana master them in *.U’a city ter cue term cf ore, two or three years, and hare them ere filled to any State where toe principal may reside. Parties In the city wee bav* menus m other states who wish to procure substitutes, and have them tana-. tried in Ctucaco. and credited to the principal* where he may; live, from Main: tA Callfcrua will cell on J. A. COLBY. 55 8. Clark sU an»»p6»dta "1717 ANTED—To furnish substi T Y tutes and reare*entativcs for the loyal men of Chicago. 1 have famished more substitute* ta&neuy othtr psrtv lu Chicago—for this reason: If I atreeto fuiDisu a man, 1 propose to r o so. If I pay twice wbas 1 lectlve from the princpai. Ir required, wiflmr ntah partita to whoa 1 have famished acceotabls substitutes, and will also testify as to the tmtbfuiness of wbat I advertise. J. A. COLBY, 55 South Clark Street. au2s-p650 16 V/V ANTED.—Men hable to a draft Vt in Chicago or the State ot Illinois, want to canvass the city all over and get the lowest figures that they can be furnished with a representative or saDUltnte. tten come to me and 1 will furnish good acceptable men at the lowest possible price. Whit i advertise I pronoae to fulfiiL Rememner the Place, j, A. COLBY. 53 Clark street. au2s-p655-i; \\f ANTED.—Who wants Substi- Y Y tutss for one, two or three years for the U. B. S« vice ? I can furnish eoad men aa low, if not lower than any other party. Call and see me. at any rate. What l proi ree to do I will do. and will refer to re sponsible parties, to whom I have mmish*d good and acceptabemen. __ J. A.COLBY, an2s p6551t 55 Sputa Clark stieeL TXT ANTED—Substitutes! I ■will IT pay to acceptable Substitutes the h!eh«: price, cash down. ADer you have canvassed the town a'l over* call and see me and ee: tbs bUbest price that 1* psMbvany party tn Chicago. IT you have any friends who wish to so as substitutes brine them in to ice and you will be liberally rewarded by J. A. CPLBY, 55 Clark Itrett. auls p655.1t TXT ANTED—Men tor the Navy, » V to terve our. two and.three veara. Must oe aliens or discharged soldiers, who have served two yttrsaud get a discharge: to such Z will cay the highest price. Will also cay liberally to any one woo will brlngme an accepted rectal:. Apply to J. A. COLBY. ns South Clare street su-’S-pGSiU \\f AN TED.— Substitute Wanted, TT InquirecfD.W.PAGS. ISSandl.lO Late street, cp-sttura. anas pssodt TXT ANTED—Ttst tjese subject IT toDraic should understand that the cheap est manner of avoiding tha risk of being forced Into tbe army, is to pay WILLSON A MSBRIAIf, <lB Clark street. 2wo Hundred and Fifty Dollars, to in* sure them substitutes in case the, are dratted. Call and see about it, • aa4s-psl9*ic \\! ANTED—Keeraita for LT. S. ?T Qunboaf lervlce. Afawmore young men want ed. Great inducements offered. Local bounties now paldandtheh.ghaat wages given. Parties bringing us recruits will be liberally rewarded. Call at tbe corner of Randolph and Lasaile streets. Injba base ment. SU2Spll3 5t T9. MURPHY A CO. T\7 ANTED— 50 Gon boatmen im »T mediately. Call at tbe corner of Randolph and Lasalle streets. Metropolitan Block, in tie base ment, recruiting office of „„ WM. MU PPHY & CO. Call and get the highest cashinhacQ, autß-plSi-St TX7 ANTED—Drafted men of the Y V city of Chicago and State of Illinois to know that they can be tarnished representatives at tbemost reasonable terms and the shortest notice, by addres sing Lock Box COG 3, cr sppivuu a: t&e corner of Randolph and Laialle streets, tn the basement. • auSB-p4‘ 3-5t MURPHY a CO. WANTED— Sabstnmes ana rep resentatlves at the comer of Randolph and Laialle streets. In the basement. Cali and get tLe blgbeit cash bounty that is nowpaid in the city. au23.p4ttt-5t W. MURPHY A CO. TXT ANTED Subatitntea. Dear * T Eire, after you bare canvassed the city ct CWcsgo.wewouialike for you to give ns-the la«t call, ana tt will then be lor ioa to say if wa cannot give the largest bounty to Substitates and Repre sentatives entering tee U. S. service, for say period ryemoue tn three years. Choice of aamce and regi ment given. Gunboat men taken for one, two and three years. If yen wl»h honors >le dealing, give us a call at the corner of Randolph and Lasalle street, in tb* basement. Wa. MURPHY A CO. an2B-p46?St TXTANTED—Gunboat mun, aid V T also men for U. 8. navy service for one year, to wtom will be paid tbo highest cosh oonaty, wn«th or recruits or rubsiltotes. Apply immediately at tbe IcecruiCi&g Office of WM- MUKPAY A OO ,c jrn«r ot Randolph and Lasalle street./, under Metropolitan W ANTED—To inform all men TT that are enrolled In the City cf Chicago, or elsewhere, that substitutes can be tarnished at tbe shortest notice ana at moat reasonable terms. Wo will furnish three year’s substitutes irora trao to (650: one year substitutes worn 4250 to 1350. -Address Lock Box £063.* Chicago lIL, or apply at tbe comer of Kaocolphand Las»M* streets, in the base ment. Cknt’ralßecrultlQg Office. - - au23.p4655s WM.MURPHY A CO. TXTAK TKD—Reormts for TJ. S. T T Gunbcat service; Afiwmnrayonngmenwant ed. Orfatioducemeztsoflfred- Local Draotlea now paid and the highest wages given. Forties bringing us recruits will bo itbarslly rawarded. call at tna corner of Randolph and Lasalle tueeu. in the bate* meat au2t-p33i-n W. MURPHY A CO. j \\7 ANTED -50 Gnnboatmea id- T T mediately, Call at the comer of Randolph ard LaSalle meets. Metropolitan Block, m tbe base ment, recruiting office of v wu. siiTßpnr & co. Call and g».t tbe highest bounty paid la tte city, caflbin band. snS 1*382 Tiffi WTAKTED—Dratted torn of the v v city of State oi Tlllooia to know that they can be furnish* d representatives a* tbs most rtssotab'.e terms anil tbe ihortest notice. Py sddrei •>nif Lock Box COGS, or applylne at tna comer of Randolph asdlaealle sircets.m ihsb4»ement. au2l-pC6I It W.MPBPHr A CD. TXTANTED—Substitutes and rep f T mentattves at Vte corner of Randolph and laialle streets, in the basement. Coll and Ret tba hi. best cssb bounty that la bow paid in tae city. ao2l-p3M-7t W. MDRPgr & CO. TXTANTED Substitutes. Deur VT Sirs, after you have tbe city cf Chlcsgo. wewouldilke icrjouto give ns lb-last call, and It will then be for you to .say If we cannot Give the largest bounty xt. Sobstlsutei and Hepr*. rmtatisea entering the U.S.Mrvlce, for any ue.Tod Irom one to three yeaia. Choice cr service and regi ment given. Hnnocat men taken for one. two and Ucte yc»n. If sou wish hpoorabls detllor glvo us acsllat ttecormrof KtndoTpb Lualla street, in the basement. if* MURFfIy & CO. aovi»pcf>4-7t TXT'ANIED—Gunboat mej, S nd w » aisomenforTT S.navyssrvlce lor ona year, to whom will be p»’d tnabignesicaih boantr.wnsth er recruits or lU'.sLiaue Knmedia-.ely »jt tne Rscrmurg office oi WM-auural A CO, corner of UsnCoipb. and Laaalle street,, under Ue'ropoutui block ana pJ547t W7 A XTliilv—To inform all T T t: at ate enrolled in the C : ty of chtcsgou or (licwbeie, tbattutsU.utea can be rumlehed attbo stortur not'ceand at moit reasonable Wa wiU lamlah tiros year’s sabttt’ntea from jsso to 1650: on 9 y/»reacsti ntes irom S2SQ to *JSO. Aldrew Lock B?z 60G3* Chicago, 111., cr acpiy at the comer r.f R- ndntpb apd La‘ar'e straGe, In iba bailment. Gentr»i Recmltlng Office. »u-l’p££4 It - WM. MCRPIY A CO. QTBAYEI) —Oi Etclen,- a bright O b»v Mare.Three years old. left hind foot white, siraU white epat in the forehead, a scar cn • ash Llocx tnoi,*tdabcut 15H bands h’eh. AL*o, a Salty asd Barrets. ioppo*ea to be taken by a cal log him self B. C. CaisP* who ta about s feat »laches higj, study compleslnn. about so >o-n old. very aciivs. baa cn otearm thelettars * HO C,” weightabovttw ns AUreralrevsxd win b« paid mr the recovery ofthenronerty anaaiTMtcftba iblef. or either Polo; An g. U, 18 4. DASI&LLORQ BtR CKER auls-p6121W CTRATED —From the jatd of the k? Vermont House, No, io Mirkac street, on tbe morsltg of lht2ad;alMge.Dark Crown hiich tk>«, Ing odordtr. Whoever will tnf'rma'lon where she can be found will be liberally rewarded for their trouble. aug3s-phM-U JGSSUA BILL. T|7ANTED—A»ei.ta to sell Presi w? dent»l c»ar»lM MeiiJi wd Th«ic net air tad B»dxes art finished init rtTte jow nortt. anythin* yet offatrd to the poblic, *ad jf9 faroubtd w the and podUort at p. cet that win tliov iTom ihrer to are hundred percent, profit. Fas>p)e ir either < el'ow or *hlt* rtcti. Ardrp*e John STANTON. Stamp sad Brand Cotter. 13» Fifth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. an2l-p:Snßt TITANTEXi -Employe, ent. STS a W* North. Azenta wanted to sell Sjwinr M*« chtres. '►p willjarea commission oo»U machines told, or tree or acec's who will wort far the aooza *«»« *sd all expcaaa* oald. Address D.B.QIB BESION A CO., I/bCelf. Mich. ao3**psa.-et j TJ7ANTKD. — Agents -Bunted to » “ tell the mart M Wooderml tQTentloo of tbo Age”-»a Irstnnsrat and mi! nuMcdooj by wWci any l*dy or centiemae caataka a d effect UCeaesß. B*Qt fr«o on receipt of 50 Af*nta am maktCK $lO a day Everr taxUy aboold hare 009 *ad taka tbclfown lUraaes»->»- Town and econty fuma for sale. YOfP* 9034-p558 6t T*7ANTED, —A liw energetic, re- Tf liable canvassers can find steady and profit* able employmsat lo eel lies BrsouiT’s animat*o Natcvx. awotko! ar*rltue merit, containing oyer I.uh spintsd engravings Kxcivgiye territory mvrn. Aop’y to BEJ?RTii. SHIRK WOOD, li 3 Dearborr st., Chicago, 111. ang3J-plb»*i>t TA7 AN TED. —An Agent to stllat V f every Fair ard Political mestlsg. 115 lo I'd rer day can be made by minor enercy with cer*«ia »•. TVebaTotbem'it xxcrrtßS.BßtLiJAaTxndpao fitabls arrargamert ever Inir- cac.dln the Ha# or blit entprntlatj. Send for Circular. C. M. Du"s» A C 0..153 acd!sl Clark street, Chicago. sot 23 WANTED— 300 Ladueand Geu tlemsnfrcm*U partaoi the West, to act as agents for tte eale f ButWlcS’s Pattern* lor enttlag lac ies’dresses sod all line* of cloui'g. Sore to »*U in every faml y. Kxtra inducement* offered to agent*. gTacF A WILDER, room 13. up sum, >‘cccnrlck’a Budding. corner or Randolph and Dearborn otrfe - e. Chicago. P. O. box 639tf. aolDpasS-lw WANTED —Ah eats by C. F. vest A CO,. Subscription Book Publisher, 113 Dearborn atxeev Chicago. Illinois, and 3S West Fourth stresr, Cincinnati, Ohio. gar Exclusive territory glvrn, and superior la tncementaoffned- . _ ~ nr Send tor cucnlars, with lull Information. ac22p:S3-6t T\TANTED—Good Trivet icg and T f Local Agents. For men of enterprise and energy, we have an agenev wblcb will resdtiy pay •10 to fls per day. The bestselling Qllt stationary Packages ever introduced, snd other articles la grant demand. Watches. Silver Tea seta Cake Ba»kets. Card "satets. Ire Pltcbtrs.and many other nch and ra’uable articles are given wits eac* icOofoor pack ages. Pend lcrc*rcnUH‘ toC M. ODnN A CO., IS3 and 154 Snuth Clark street* Chicago, Illinois. aua2-pSB2-6t TXT ANTED—I,OOO Agents wanted II to sell Clark’s Patent IrdAlble Pencil.for Lin en. Superior io all, and sells barer. Samples sent byrnaucee for 40 cents. One dozen tUC. B. r. CLARK.Noribsmptoa.Massichuajits. Box3l. anil p3S9 lit \\l ANTED—Agents in thin city y y and every town and county west for History Cl toe War, Ncr.nern ano Southern sides, and other popular family works. Address, with stamps, 8. M. EhRNBDF, Pabllscex. 19tf Cisrk street, Chicago, an2tl p169 im \\7 ANTED—Agents to sell Fol- Y Y eoo’a BowEnzUnd Family Sewing Machine la ever? county la the Nortbweit. a. r&re chance. The only perfect cheap sewmz Maculae manufac tnryd. Bcnm-r. Qi er, Ac.. al complete. Prlca J2Q. Has been scld order toe name or Boeton Machine.” Address L. W. Gen. Agent. B-.x 5171. Chicago, Boom BSX WatMcgtoa-sl. aal7-pSQ-lOE XX ANTED—Agents. Headqnar- Y Y I’ra for Campaign Medals ot the diuerent Candidate* lor President aid vice President of the United States. Agents cso make twenfcy-avp dollars a week Belling them. Samples sect oa receipt of 38 cents hy mail R. B- LANUON, Agent, 8S Lake at., Chicago, lIL P. O. Box 4422- saILoTSWa VVTANTED— Good Agents in Y Y every coantvln tbeNcrthwe/t, to sell Schon berg's Stancsrd atlas or the world—the best Atlas for the puce m the United Stater, whatooe agent aayawhohas triedU: (Mr. K.B. London, Agent. I have h*ea oot aoont two weeks a?d I have averaged sls a day. Send ms .cmcediattly somore of the Atlas. JOHN c. WILCOX ) Kcr terms and a»«ncr apply to ‘ B. K. LANPOV, General Agent for the west, S8 Lake street, Chicago, 111. • ao3-023»1m \,\7"ANTED---?100 per Month- Ao • Y tlve and K-Uahle Agents In the Army and everywhere eliejn tha most incraa»eb*»slnes? known. Honorable and no/lair, Addrtas or apply to T. A O. GAUGUAH, 116 Bmadwav. M. Y. legtQ3l&dni ANTED -Goon Agttiitato sail Y *♦ mv new engraving entitled “Home oa a For longh.** Kcgraved hy John Bartalu. Phils. One of my old aeeots writes me: •• I never nave seen any thing that began to sell like It.” For particulars call at 16 Portland Bicek P. O. pox 5258. lendeiomp for terms. Ac., to SAM URL PECK. Chicago, DUacli. IyWMY/Att JFat Sale. XT'OR SALE—At the Chicigopiano JL 1 Factory, 118 Booth Uea«horo street, on the second floor, a variety of 7 octave pianos for sale; 7 greosd band c-lanca, rosewood ven-ers. for sale: rep and trimming ; o*p flrst-claaabilliard tibia for sals; one cmdbns fez sale, by J. PRE3XON. aulsp«9*lw FDR SALE.—Two Coaches, suite hie lor livery or Family ore. One fine 6 seat nan eled Bockaway. A number of light seat*. Pnaetoos. and th* largest stock of bngz:es In the city, at Tattle’s Repository, on Market street, near Washington. noglS-pSnut FDR- SALE-—Ore par ot hay horses, yonag, gentle and stylsh, suitable for a buggy. Also, a beantimi black he soli for a moderate price If applied at 41 Bluelsland avenue, ang?3 ps:B-it FDR SALE—The stock and hi tnreaof aflrst-classMUloery C»taMl9bm*nt, U one of thehe»t cities in IlUncis. stock all nearly new. and amounts to <3,0- 0. Terms half cash, balance 9.9, Dana 12 months, with good security. Address r*. O. Bex 24SQ. au<3s-pS3T-2t T7OR SALE—Grain House, located X 1 at a good station on the C„ B A. Q HR, with flstuies ccmplete and in good order, with caitle yards adjclnlcr. v-'HI baeolcchsap, aa the owner fa eat of health The present crop is most bountiful, aod stock is plenty In ttie vicinity. Inquire of Wil. LITTLE a C 0..231 South water street, Chicago. stm-pSi&u FDR t 1 ALE —A Eight Horsa Sta denary Steam Engine and Boiler m rood rm. nlrtrordfr.iorsalecheap. Apply Co WM. BABAG. waNATB. at the Garden Llty Steam Rogl'e and Boiler ffcikf. S?OR SALE—One fitst-cWs Top Buggy, nesrly new; two second-hand Open Bnssles. and one two seated Top Carnage. Can Da seen at tb>> Livery of ALLSX ft 80S, court Pla?e, bet. Lasalle and Wells streets. sc 24 pS9 2t I?OB SALE- Saloon and Boaroing X 1 Eouse Furniture. at No 37 North Canal Rtreat, bet. Lake and Kantolph its. Inquire of MBS. K. DIXON. an24-psiolw FOR tALE—Ti?e Building and lease cf ground corthweat corner ot Madison and Jtflerson m. Tb*re»re t*o stores JtJxSu and rccira ore’bpad. A good place for a Grocery. Flour end Fee' crLtquotf. Applyto L.K.O’CO*NOK at Smith & Flank’s, 109 sputa Water »t. au24-p127-2w Tj’Oß SALE—A see xd- X? hand firebox bolUr, thirty Are (35) horsepower. Hs* forly three (t3 three Inch flu* - s, and h-iabeati In nee but a fbcit tune. Address WILLIAM till*. man, Ottawa, Illinois. au23-p513 is DTOR SALE—Cluap. tha Lease, M. Stock and Fixtures of oae of the best.Saloons on Ibo Forth Side. This place is now doing a good trade. The owner will sell cheap, as he is de* atroasofyotDg&oatbinafewdavs. Inquire on the premises, corner Indians and Clark streets. North Side. anggf.ptfS-St 3. CKOWLET. F3B SALE—Engines az.d Boilers. Superior double Engines, 60 horsepower each, and boilers of lull capacity for the erslnes—all of flrit-claM materials aad wo-kmacsbip—Peater, cat off, eoverccr. Ac- for sale atabirgatn. Aoniyper •onally or by letter to E, A LAY A CO.. 155J South W»ter street, Chicago. F. O. Drawer 6*170. auS-p47&6t f F3B SALE—One pair well bred black mares—young, kind, good size, atylelsh. c oselj matched, fnt trotters, great bottom, and la allretpcct? a very desirable pair. Also, cne brown and two bay eeldlugs, fast trotters —on- bay and one fluun saddle horse. Inquire of EBEB ADAMS- at Clerk’s Stable, opposite toe post Office, on Dearborn street. an3£plss-3t F3R SALE—Upon easy terms, a desirable atone built flomlug mill, having three run ot stone, with capacity for four, situated at Cllotouvilte.on tbeFox biver.K)miles from Chicago, on the Chicago and Gatina nnion railroad. Toere la a cooper’s ihop aod lome rc«idpnce property also for ssle. Apolv to VrU. PANTON on.lha premises. au?3-p154-St F3B SaLE—A first-elass stcond hand Portable Poller, 15 horse power. Just aa good as sew. It has a2l Inch fire fine and 213 inch return flues, ~U. feet lour steam dome and b.eech- Irgs. Apply at B. T. CSANE & BROS , \o’i Weat Lake street. * anfO-ptffi-lw ITOB SALE—A Beuii and Pre -I? ecxlptlou Drag S’orc, now doing a ccod bu t ness, and has been e-tarnished five years, for sate at the low pile* cf sl.’CO cash. Tue present owner v Irbing to retire la consequence of 111 health. For lunber tnionsattun inquire cf SMiTB a ow ZBH, Wholriaie Dnjjcgbts, Hi and 04 Lake street. Chf. cago. mmols. a 013 p3®9 Xw TPOB SAliK— $4.0C0. Any psrty X. having the above ameunt of cash capitateiu ruichase a manu.’actnrliiZ business amount leg to Iso.oro per year, aod paying a largeproflt. Pcrpar* tlcnlan soorejs for one week F. O. Box 6617. aui9-p3XB iw F3R SALE—Steam f louring Mill, The undersigned offer for sate' the largest and bestmlliitt the city ox Piorta, well situated lor st»i>* ping on the cars, also near the stean boat lancing. Toe mill contains five run of toe best old stoik stones, 3H leet in . diameter, and .all the necessary clearing machinery aod co'tiag apparacui ot a Or.i class mill. There an- 8 two-flaßd boilers feet long by 42 inches m diameter, and an engine capable ot otlvirg all five run cf atones at onetime. Capacity 300 brls In 94 hours. The mill Is nearly new, and win be sold for nearly half what it would coat to build at Yor term* inquire of RANDALL A HUGHES, Feorla, UL. or QILBEET, UPUIKK A CO., Chicago. auia-organf FDR SALK—A Steam Flour IVKH, The subscriber offer* /or sale the valuable prop erty m Le Claire, lowa, known aa the ** Swan Mills.’* -?.fi?^ 6nl, ° ,B,r v?i byMfee,l »*onr atone* high, contains three rns of stone, sixty borae engine, and other necessary machinery. On seme let, end fronting the Mississippi river, is a two-story warehouse. S0x«0 feet, fa? stoitne end ship* pine flour. This property Is situated mona oi tie best gram grewing reciontm the state, and com* manes wlarge local trade. It ba> direct railroad- and water communication with Chicago and at Coma mar Seta for any sarpios* The above property will b« sold low for catb.ei toer separately or together, a* may bo desired; rr wiilto exchanged for good Chicago* property. Apply »° DABIjINOTOK* CO..Dayenp.,rt, low*. 1y27n79-.Mm ___—^ Wial 35state==er ountrg. FM SALE— a Farm of 40 acres Usuef ana 73 acies ■” " c ° c all aer rence. 40rods from* depot.. Q worth of bay and Si, 0(1 (I wort® >r nwiwr iO I Randolph at. er stock*. Call on t. F. B ' I*P * r - k tb»rzai'i. • EocmHoO. 10 be sold at *greJio»rsaa. au2spt73«rt . T7'OR ~SAXE A Vaiobble Farm. r tiT* (mbtcilher offer* for sale bU Farm of about JL B ?,.l. z \aca the mi-ego »nd Koct IsUnd tiS«rr*Vacd°Uiicclsaod snsbinn Canal, m Grundy * nil us weit of Chicago, and SSJSfed a naif n)tte» nortbeas: of the el« of Jarra. ¥ffiS .s?m iswa'eied ov the Auxsa&lb Craetr, a fine. tork bottomed srrr am, running through the noftMßSit and bf the canal oa the south lice mere Rri iv£r. Br«ln wirehoaw win la oaw halt mile from tbelarm, eo-rdme a I fbclUtlesror shipping grain dl* *cre?'ontte north wide of th-farm a*« good timber, urdthe balance -rsine. Th* farm 1* veil scanted for both a Hoc* and grata farm, and has tew superiors in Northern illincls fer stock. I will sell ’he lartu in a body, or »11 divide it into tww parts etvleg H> each an equal portion of timber aidwaitl*. . .. Frleft-JT5 per acre; one half eub,tfcebalaoes on lopg tiara, on bond and- mo’tiage, with seven p.r ce»t.vntyTe«r,oavabi« annually. Forfurhcr particulars luouire cf S. J. CEtAPIff, Chicago, or C 11. GCULD, Mcnlj, Ulrow. 'II'OK SALK -I offer for sale much JP below its actual value, between lOOanaßCOacre* of heavy pine tlmL-erod land. In Manistee. Mich, ta close aitstate. Call atWSouth Water street. J. 8. H24.n. anflKft^Tc ' itOßt. LOST— On Saturday, Ang. 20th, aLadlesFortmoonale. eonUlelog one hundred and twenty*t«o dollars m rreeobsckii al»o, one heavy, plainsold ring. Fifty dollar jr? ward will ba given bv leaving atlSHorth WeL* street. aut&pCU it LOST— $10 Keward. A sum oi money suds eeldlsi’scla'm belonging {•> Joaaah ’Btevecs. They were contained mi largesJse gov •rntcent envelope . The Under wit< rece'va the above reward by leaving the tamo itMcHSHDLEY a 'lO’S. 99 South aou-pMtn ffiElamen. W —To rent by a man room* amali bfrnM, or tarae « (oar Snoo “ R " Kj™"'-,. d<Wia»wltod«rm..nd fa. WAn active young man weald of ffo °d ra or»l character, read..".CwSSaSuVRS”??. t, ,**¥2 { dicta ** 11. B..’* reheat? 01 _°«l •MJSKfc * - - '" IT .flNTi'-ij -'i i Tee or fcmr first dM« MitUaer* to 90 to ,75... tj>* co P2, l Ss?t' v App,y t0 utmMi'-SSfw 5» ind 60 La* e meet, up »uira. TjyANTBD A sUnaUon to m . » ’ itatlonirr «b!dp. bj * comoetsm m«i«—T ■who can fornlub good reference* a* to cm*mm2* 4c. Aad-e&slnquirer.Oue»goF.O. \\T ANTED - A situation as clerk * * In the Quartermaster Deoalmenr, hr * n*. charge officer of lbs array. Adams 8.. Trtbana office. a035-p53) u . TXT’ ANTED—By a yctmg man who * * b*a6mu *l* tears in tbevholsale drug busi- New Fork 'four yrara tathecapacityof buy «r jdu t **o years of drat? broker) a situation astray, ella. agrat, salesman or barer in a wholesale drag borne*_Addms X. L„ Tribune office. *u23 pui it f TO BENT—?aloan of the "West _L crttHoure.L* Creme, Wisconsin. A. paying Institution. M. H.JIAXTB3. j^2s-p6C«t VAT ANTED a man. One as y \ ana'Dio 1 with tbe commission buxines*. Ap- P y at 37-1 South Water at. aa&pfloS-it W ANTED A pscker, ote thor- * packing crockery. WEST * ToMLlNiOy.lßSSta&jtxSl CPOCMrr * ftuM-pb2s-U "IX7ANTED—To buy a house, for ▼ * removal, in the South Division. j. yr SPRINGER. So. 2 Metropolitan Block. attU-pCMt \\J AN TED - Emplot ment at writ- M leg la an office In this city, or at copying. Address ,- A c, M Tribune office. aois-pi.C-u "ITTANTED - A situation as cutter T* Ina Mf reboot Tailoring establishment, white cue 1* needed who thorouabl? understand* hu boil* ores, or would accept a place »a tollman la some wholesale bouse. So objection to going to any large city. References given if required. Addres* J. a. Wcsfendorf, Chicago, 111., or call at 3198Mt washing* ton street. ao<a-pA3-U WANTED—By a practical book- II keeper, who na* some time to spare, a set of booksto post, or would writenp boot* that are be hind, class bo* k*. adimt rartrersmn dividends, Ac., or open boots for new firms. Tnese whose buslnsas wUlnct affo.d a regular book k rper msybeglad to avsil thnn<elves cf this •osortunl*./. AC dr eta “ Book keeper,” Post Office Box 1070. and scats where an interview can be had. *u&p«7-U TXTANTED—One or two eipo- Tv neneed canTassert. Tbcee who have served in tbe stray rnftned- adplv at Dirsctory office, room 49, McCormick’s Building. an23-p6CO-it "VXrANTED —By a gentleman and T t his wife, board In a anvate fsm'ly where there are no other boarders. Would onrebase a boose unci furmtarc.or tbe fttsal ure,ani assume tb« provxled locatlcu, etc. are favorable. In either cue a f- vorable cpportucity offerv, as the advertiser la willing to pav well foe just wbat 1* desired. Address ** Merchant.” box 1335. angg.pM3*3t \X ANTED— Pictures from tha Y Y son, which, on the plate, imprints the face with ever* line asd every t»ac*',m» .e at HBOAD9 A c 0*9,136 Booth Clark atreet. Beautiful Card Photographs, suitable for Albums, <UM ner dozen, large size Photograph. ILSO. su3s p675*3t "TXT"ANTED Clerks, bookkeepers, Y Y salesmen, grocery and dr* goof • clerks. pop tfrs,hnr-keepe79, do., seek log »ltn*ttona should an ply at the Advertising and QcnflraJßu-iln«§ Agency, Kt DWh-rn street. Room 5 Situations now open. Btfrreccea to first claaa houiea. JjIHJJSr A CO. an3*-p«Mt TITANTED —A situition aa Sales- YY man in a wholesale or Batail Dry Goods Store. A situation a* rules or Autry clerk in soma good rot react)Je bnslnrss. Alco, asituation as Porter in * Wholesale Reuse by sa active yoong man. Goodie* faience* given, jddresaor aooly at 84 Dearborn street. Boom 5. FINLEY A CO ao!s pS3S-It . WANTED —By s Practical Far mpp, a situation to take the management of a /arm. Under,tasds breeding and raising of stock. Adcrtis ‘lf A,” Tribune office. Chicago,Hl. aauf-r6g3-it XXANTED -An engagement, by a person who la thoroughly acquainted with surveying, levelling, forming and mating of stres*a» cccstrortlonoi *ewera*o and a-Un*. laying out cemeteries and ornamental pleasure grounds, acd is alto agocdsccoumant. Would take a situation as dork, hook-keeper, or warehouseman. Apply at •176 State street. ana palp st XV ANTED - Book keeper. We Y Y des're to engage a competent Booker. None need apply unites acquainted with the Prodnne Ccmmlsslon business. DOBB3, OLXEHAST A CO., 200 Sou b Water street. oalS-pftU-U T/VTANTi-D- To Kent a Cottage Y Y or snlt of rooms, for a small family, (no children) wltatP ten or flftaen jammes «aIK oi tbs Post Office Booth Side preferred* Any one having inch a place wilt find a protrpt paying tenant ”y addieisicg Drawer 6138* Chicago, stating location and terms. au'#-pst3 2t TWANTED--A purchaser for a . Y V lint class grocery otore, doing a good bail nets, in one ot the most pleasant and flourishing towns of ’ha West. Tee bust of reasons given lor telling. r&«ii capital required about IJCOO. Addrau * A Tribune office. anlA-pS3S-4t TXT’ANTED—A sitnatioa as ajaiS' Y Y tanthookkeeper.entrvcletk orealesman In a grocery store, by a yoong man who fcas bad expe rience. Good re/erances given, please address h BC," Tritnoeoffice. anILpSIOJt TU ANTED- Cocoa Matting. 150 Y* yards pew or but title wen would be par chared at a tarn price. Address P. O. Drawer 6077. au24-p:«-st X/U ANTED—Two uninrnifhed Y Y recinr and beard In a private family, by a gen tleraan ana who, or a nice Ininiihcd bonss contain ing about eljb'rooms, on the North B:de. Address with terms Post Office Bex 726. auM-pWMt XV AW TED - Immediately, a prae- YT deal meat cutter and salesman in a market, auo a boy to deliver orders. Anoiv in the afternoon at ] U l Bute luest, WALKER a au:i-p;5V3t XX^ANTED —A Boy to work at _ Y T 38 Sooth Water street. an3l.pSß 3t T XT ANTED- To buy a good Dray T* or onf.hone Track Wagon. 8-S-CHAPMAN &CO,No 6 Dearborn street. F.0.80x410U. a a; 4 pssl-kt T\ T ANTED—Six Houza Ca-pen. v * ters and one eood B'lnd Makar, to go to tba country. Sore need apple bat thorough mechanics. Acdrert Box Uls. Bloomington, in. aust-pmic TXT ANTED—By a Proteslant wo. y T man a situation la a private family to take earner cb’ldrso, co plain wwing aod chamoerwortc. Apply at U3 Llmcla street, or address ••i.F" Tn bone office. au3*-poil-lt IS/ ANTED - Fear good Lantern T * Makers and 'one or two smart boys to learn tto trade, at WffSTL AUK'S Patent Adlostabla Guarded and Gnctmentcd Lantarn Factory. Maaiscn sti eet. aaU-pSS4 it "VST AN TED—A first > ate. second v • fllrl, to whom good wayesand steady eraploy meßttsmbeglTfca. ApplyUniacdUtelyatH4 Wa« taih avenue. au2t-p—it WANTED—A situation aa Clerk IT la a Barkm* Mercantile or Commission Sense, by a gentleman from Scotland. Satisfactory tel( r«scet can be given, Address “J B,” this office. saZt-p5;3-.t TXT AN TED—A competent House T T keeper to do tba entire work of a small fatal, ly. A permanent home aid toed pay 'a offered. Address for one week Fost Office Box i 3566 Chi cago. 111. aaiit-paSME TXT"ANTED—By a man of steady V T tablis and ample references, employment la some poa.tlcn that will rettum a fvr salary for faithful eeryices. The adyertiser possesses a ripe experience. Is a thonoea acd competent bookkeeper and refers to present emjloyera and ether city firms. Address “ G P,’*Box 4441, ohlca go N.B.—So objections to out of engage ment. inirplCflat^ TXTANTED—A situation by a f v joacg man In a wholesale er retail business, the CommLsion, Grocery or Leather builueu pre ferred,has 12 3cart experience and several year* a«- quilctance In city and coumry.caa influence trade In country largely. City reierruees given. Address for three days, ‘*Adyeraser,'’Txl3aaa office. aug3s-pCM^t TX7 ANTED.—Tha Gold Huaei’a v V Adventures, or Life In Australia, Halr«breadlb Escapes, pertlons Encounters, dangerous Kxpedl’ tU ns. B’codv Battles, Desperate Deeas and Lodlsrous Situations %mose Busunuiirers. Cunviets, Ttckotof* Leave Men and Miners, one of the and exciting bocks ever pubTibed. aok-ts tyA.xT >p every wbere, to sell this and otherva'U;»hle works. Bttt by mail on receipt of siCJ. Call at -SH IrctOß etiStt, or address liOPINSON A T1I»)XIA8, F. O.Lrawer 6500 Chicago. Dl. aog23 pAj.»46 TXT AN TED DiiitbEd Ofßjera T T ard Soldiers, honorably d». haree-1 trom tae serrlce, aod in want 0/ proflsibla enpioyment, cuilar'y adapted tethf’r condlrlon, sh'-uid aodrefi Feat Office Drawer 6611, Chicago. Illinois, giving date oiTdlschargo. and name of company and reel* ment dischargee trom. *u2*.p«>Bt ■fXTANTBD—A comfortable house y t for a fraft’l tmily, furnished rr nnfornUhed. cn tbs South tilde, north of Tve!f:b and edit Of Claik or West Side, n*ar Bandolnh. Aeyose hav ing such a bonne will find a prompt paying tasanc by agdresiing P.O. Box -130!). aag'i;.psC(MS TXT ANTED--A young- German i I a yean of are, looks for a sltuatieo tu salore ora hotel. Speaks, reads ami writes EagUta and German,andts willing to work. Tribous Office. aogi3-psoi-«6 TirAXTBD- To lent a small far- TremontHonse. rfi,» «. Carat puotographic Art Gallery, lew lam ti png'tAptKMt WANTED— Two or tmes pnpila Btoiwouo German. Aetea*JOß/ Trlbnp o office. *°S< 3 P«9-Jt __ txTANTED—CiviI Engineer—Tha V V Advartuer wishes to engage the services of « citU Engineer. One who has bad some experience in lATtog oat town oUts and lots preferred. Situa tion will probably be a permanent one. Addreu Cairo. X-’l., pestoaca Drawer Ho. 1*216. * T\/ ANTED—For the Government, V v la the Quartermaster's Department, at St. Lculs, Lab:rers at (is ter month, wood Chopper* at *lO per month; Teamsters, (W per month; Carom* irr* and Wagon Makete. (75 per month; with rations forn'tued and iree- transportation from Chicago. For iurther Information inquire at the ooyerement Office, 132HScuth Water itrtet, Chicago, Illinois. O. M. Babcock, Saycrmneot Agent, mfj-edften, TU'ANTKD — I.OOO tOEfl. cast T T scrap iron, for which we will pay the highest market Mice- Country dealer* will do will to imp direct to ns. as we ba> faroorown me end will not coarse them ccmmlMlcu- C. S.BHOv?N « CO..lron MudrszAsand loncdrytaen. ■fX/'ANTED —Boilera. On e two or v? three fine Cteam Bcll;r. 49 Inches diameter, "S feet lens, and In good order. Fbr f ale.cne Boiler. 16 lect Icnr.fS inches diameter, with ThAinrti tubes, att am drum, Cte bone. Dtltchea, imoie stack- and oniw bees In nee rue year. Apply to ORIFFIp BBQB., 5 Pcmsroy*! Building. auH^flZKQt XSJANTED—A house of eight or 7” ten irons. In a yood refthbnthood. within abcut a nrtle from the Court House. Bent to ba £roi» t?(0 to(100. AddiCM“J.f.”P.O.Boxl364. anlf-tsiS iw * * \\f ANTED —To give 200 persona v T ernploymestsAlUrgthebsstTWOTmZADWW* log Price |55. bend »amo lorcir. calms contaloJpg partlcular9,catotmacblni atd sam ple of work. Ihis !s noceceptlon. You can ra»ily make mouth. Addreea D. A BLACa, Drawer 643-1, Chicago.. . ' aulS-piaiCt YV ANTED—The attention of the if Ladlrs, Dr. A,Dumn,lr*m NewTork.of SS vesra experience, dedicates bitsecret counsels t«ibt Ladle*. The b ;ok coot*m* intelligent hint* on the manner oi renorlcK the mouth!* coones w'ten suo nret**d- bend ?S ri*nts, and «ddressOr A. DU <IAS, P. O. Drawer 6152. Chicago. Cl. anl7-ps9lst ANTED—By aa erptriecced W v h«nd, a situation a* loci! Beoarwr ou a daily paper Addre*s“D J t».” 9oxl223vTo;ou>o. *al7-&rc,7 ICt jFounb. "C'ODNB—A walUt containing; a M. amsll amount of money, whch »k» on-joia have by calling at 36 Laka px»vinr pro^rty. 1(4 nim torVklM »4ni<iiwi»»i aatfrpfUrii

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