Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 26, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 26, 1864 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, IBM. THE r.ITv. WAtt nBKflMi TO'MlUr. Gathering lo metropolitan flnebtlu Cmxesi* Zxarsted* The preat war mc-i-.tin" *.o ronsUier itr ways and means of ascertaln’nj sod raieiuc tbo quota of Ckot county, will be held* in Weirnpoltfan aa.l tide evenuur. LctlheDcoolecont-n TasfoHo»iar prom incut dliscoE have b»n lnv»t©d to attend and Peres H. WcCorrmck. Geoue Watson. Parry H. Smith!)? Jo®G. Poster, WUUamS. McCormick. VilLetn □. Ophom. Lcscder McCormick. John M. Donets*. M J: Sikes. Jobs P. Tracy, Hubert Law Hobcxt Forsythe, James McCord. .Flare! Mcreelv, Peic-r Schuller, WUicr L. Newnerry, H. D. Oilman, Ira Y. Mona, M*hlou D. *»c- William B. Ogden, E. B. McCacc, Q<sorim T. Kmm»cy, Goorue Stanton O. B. Do«mer, E. Prankemlial, Oml’c H.To «v. John L Hanrosr. S. B. Whiter, M.O, Walker, S. J. bardam, Wm, ai!»r,.!obn«l. Sands, Mlch**PlD;rrreey, Wm. LIU, John r. wrintmm. vTu, 11 Boners. Joel C. Wei* •’<rs, llUmrp n. Magi**, Wo. H. Brown, Prank Fanneee. Oavlo Gaee, John »l. nrakc, *J. R.Joae*, H I>.Oti’Tii..Fred B«iz.d. C. Fdnro, Fnlier tjc, £ tcatxft Pi-ck, .lob John B. Hire. L B Otis, Edwinßltckmun. Het.ry Keep, Aloert Etep,S. U.Gubb, .Tejume ¥Vci Tuite, Potter Pntiacr. Boev & G«a*ai?e, Uo-s K. Atktx, J JH. Artnr, t>. Kn.ig, T. B. Flint, linch Utber, C. Q. Hammond, £. T. Watkin?, Jolu B. Turn it, Br. AVtecbr, i\ tibrddon, S. M. N'cSimon. Orrtngton Colonel Wood, Wa. p. J'ie<‘!wood, Meers & Bates, Mucc<*r & Annour, Mark Skluutr, T. Bickcf. Xfiaac S. Aru'ld, Jc»bn V Parnell, K. S. Wad-wcrtb. B. W, i!;ns d .tc. G.C Cook, C. N lloidrn. Thomas Church. J < t«-r P»ei‘ t Hart L. Stewart, E. C. Lcrnoi, Cory* dm Be.-kwvb, William •»crby, Gilbert Ilcbhard, QjrCoi,S.Bnbharl,Tleerj PuljtT,Wjnia:nll Wake, £ W.Blntthioid,E.U. Williams.EdwardMsmil-re, Wa : t tP, Ocrmre, Pcier L, Yoe, B. V. Siicnam, -Errs L. Shennan. H. o. Lo iml- 1 . U. 11. Croiby, Gi risiian Wahl. Pbillo o*jn)er, Frank Bbenutn, j-.J i* tvmiehy, Henr? llilwsrc, J. hL Adait,lra tv ■ CcJ, Smith, £. U.-U&cdnrc, John W*nt> Gforge S'cei, Sol. McKtchau, SoU 0. Sai h, Tf.:: if U. Pimham. « B. Moore, Will I: dr* »Vur. Uoorrn L. Dnnlap, h. C. ?. Freer. B. P-Jlai 'ii «< h. M«l. Lallin. Barr, J. V Scimnon, K. K. Kslrbanhs, -Howard Golvet, P. ?. W. Prfak, M thirpeinrf. Van 11. U-gaina, Her. BHnop Wi j cbmpc, B-.rv. Bi-hop Dnffgan, Bor. Di.Pjt i< n cn. Ilcf. Br Olarheoo. To Cora* r.x Kr« ?nr amto. —The Tnmu.vE will puMt h lull rep« rir of the lor: beaming Copperhead National t'uLvciUou. Dealers extra cnjib e next week *hoclU orderiiamcciatclj. T-ere wirt V;pruA demand. Pt,t>osAi.—Brigadier General A. B. Comtnif»-rtr> Gvccral, U. S. amoilijtUs re* cent arrival* iotlufi city, lie is a’. the SNrirnn House. Ihio Hrnry T. Blow, oi St, Louie, i* at present at ibe Trituoat Basse. » eeipt Cnram,—yoalhaflay aOcrr.ooa Ibe fnan' daiim. btoncof the new Cbrm Church on Twenty it-tnrtn v’m-t wu* laid with dnesolcnndry by Bleat Eiw. Bit-bop Whltelionsc. Tto c-diSco jt* rapidly Itrlncpusbtd to coiDplktlon, and vrdl be, when fli'li-heil, a Vf-ry elaborate ttrccdirc. A foil do aciiptlon of the naiiclughaa already appaarod in the Tmnoc. Caw Mxxtiso.—The camp mceUngpow being bile at BcepUtui e Grove, opened ye*t»d»v. Tba &tLet<dsnce was pot very larvc, i'Oi it understood that iaret dilecrtii<>na will r. uc'n there to-d»y, and it If ezpicictf that tnc wilt cx«v<ctl la num ber ihuHj oi last veer. Every prr pa ration has bofn made to render comfortable the crowds that are expected Pebfonaj.—lter. John Gierlow, late Hector of Si. James Church, Baton Kouee, Louisiana, and jurat! recently of the diocese or Hriae, arrived in Chicago yesterday; be l« a refugee from rebel tyr anuv, bailin' been compelled to 'fiv oa bit. Union prinaplcp. Be will preach on Ssbnatn morning pest in tfao Church o» the Holy Comme cud In tl>e evening in St. John'* Ohirca, Union Bark. \7c welcome him among u§. BoAEstKQ House Keepuk?.—Ot* Wednesday •vi nine a inoctlpg of B-jarding was je’d attbcTh‘rd Ward Hall, Xo. Cll State street. a> consider Uiendnaabllity of ra.siitg the nricc* of wrejpir. Upon mr.ilun an ii£&oia>itbia of keener* r-a»- onotd tiiiC a committee ot five unpointed to Iran a constitution and by-law*. Tho moe’J'.g jb'in adjourned ncti! Friday evening, waen aciive tnmeree wi-1 probably be taken. U. L. A. Cotr>ciL Mectixg.—Three will be a milling of tbe Crttk Conntv C* unrll U. L. A. this Fridai, August 25th, at Warner's Hall nt S p. m, Behcatfe arc lobf-eeKc ed u>tbe Anneal State Convention to be hold.u at Springfield early In September Uf>xt. i-lsoon same tFriday) evenieg, at t-nmcha'l. amt ciit g«>f ifcc South Side Union * L*agnc wlllbcheld, commencing at Sp. m. Hem bcrsofrli eptmkers will be in a^endanc- 9 . The Uruvurc Faxk. —J'rclxbly tbe moft creit lip contest of tbe reason will tike place at the Part to-day and to-morrow. Tbe entered horses arc fat dto hwe pot-nperion Westot Kew.Tork, each one having in public troued the mile in less than 2:’o. The wit-ser of tbe three in five race gels a Ji'.OU) besides his ataac. ai d the two mile victor ceteSCSO. Many of tbe horses for tbe celebrated trotting match on the £th are cn tbeir way to tbs city. Bowen. Aba Bezer, and the ct!ebrati.vl'Cijirorn;» mare Comet bnvean-ady arrived. Another story b«f been added to the judges'’ stand, for the ure exclusively of reporters from which a perfect* vitw of eveiy fool of tbe track can be obtained. Fzbb.—Tbe alarm of fire at a quarter past twelve yesterday, was cansed by tbe partial burning of ▼fce frame buildings Nos 339 and 891 State street. The fire originated in tbe chir.nev of No. 391, near tbs roofi and before the engiues arrived both fbTVuppiV of SK?cr" speediTv** flames, and kept the duneges to wi'b nSS iO. D. Winkler, ana a man named Frank, junk dealers, who occupied tbe ground floor of the premises and a Bohemia*: and a German family, who resid ed in tbe upper apartments, are losers to some ex* tnt by damage by water. Tb* premise* are owned by Michael Corri?un t who is in-c-cd in the Pent la.’’ Phesektatiok.—The camp of toe 7id HUnols tJh'ntryVo's.. at-Ticktborg, Miss., «ae oa the 3th msk. made tbe ecero of a iccal ictereiiiog indpleaecnt ccromonj, oa the presentation of a unupleie offleer'e uriiiorm aid eocipmeot, bv the ncmiitiß ol Co. “C (“Scripp's Guards"; to’ toe *ate Orderly Kergesht Henry J. G eison, who has teen promoted for gsllantiy and gooi co::di:ci to the tmrlilor. off econd Lieutenant. • 'ap. trio G. C. 3>.drflra. commsnolrg the company, delivered an ♦luqn»-r.» presentation speech in bis happiest stile, which Ta- rtr-po -ded to by L eat. Gtniron la a r.eit and appnpmte nmnnor. The whole affair basses oti' t-plendidly, end does credit to “C" Co, and toert-gitucnU Acciuekt.—'Terterdcy about noon, a horse at tached to thebuggt of « Ur. Job'! Stark, became startled wnbe etanding on Clark street rear Br>an Bail, and ran away. Despite tbe effort* ot Mr. Stare, he rm-hed at a wild rate up Waeb!ngt->n eircct toward Lsea le. On cornin'* opposite the die of the new CftroibcruT Oumtuerce, toe fright eccd animal was stayed by a violent collision with a heap of bricks, the coi>cassioD dta'jiua lng the horse,lmggr and ocenpan*. somewhat Icdi-criail littery about u e rosd. Mr. Stark w.-ts conveyed to Lis rtelcrccc, andmedicn! at'f-udunce snmm'm cd. Ills hoped that he will speedily roervur. Ills horse end the remi-ant- «»f hut I’Uggv were taken charge of by Detective Keni y, who witnsssed tbe aeddent. CookCoukYt Quota.—The committee in refer et'co to tbv Cook county quota will ■ m«*et this af ternoon at So'cloca, ut the Circuit Court Boom. All arc earnestly ft-questcd to mtet prumptiv. The folowucwTrtWcompose.the committee: Cba*. Walker, W. L. Church, J. Yonne Scam jnou, B. A. Stom l , J. W. StieshTU, A. C. Iltrsalog, e. F. Itns-.olJ. Ctae rburlcetou, ‘J. P. Bradicy,J. I). Word. Chos. Itanttolpb, In Y. Mnnu, M. Laf lin, Benj. Lumbard, Judge Van Baron, John M. Boogies. Dr. Braluard, Joecpn McdlU, J. B. Bradwell, Henry Grecuh«um. b. A. Irvin, VYm. 0. Brown. Col. C. G. Hntmnoitd, Col. Henry Smith. W. B. Arthur, B. W. Ihalcblord, A D. Tit-worth, Hnrmy Kdeoo, J. K. I’ollird. £L W. Hiosdale, Mernl Land. Gov. F. a. floffman a,.d George S nrcit. The ward committees will p]ca*emect said committee at 4 o'clock p. a. To ibft Untufi VoUT«**fifce P rst Con- Sretdftttool Dmrlct. Fellow Citizens:—For three years past Sir. •Ajii'.io ha* CUiUiuln represented ihts f>Mr!c- la i i.xicrc**.> goos-loiis Up loyalty, h*s integrity, nor hi* devotion to the Union, to IH.frjr. and the loientte oi th- idsirer, He is WiliH'g to etrre another term. Is it wise or expe dient tu make a change? We answer, no! Be- ; car-fee . let A change of an experienced representative ! foranewman. even if superior is secured, ; ie agrtatevil. Ac experienced m-m on accom* | plirh more than a new man even of i-reatlj tmperi or tbUliv. The cri:p of a change, alway* crc4'-,ara ' f Ul'. gnuter in the present critical condition of na-j Donat aCalife. Sid. Ko more faithicl friend to Ur. Lfusolifa Ao- j ' nanlfetraijon, tbai* Mr, Arnold, i» to be found iff* Conpm*r. or 00l of lu I U. Be haa initiated and has ebargr of measure* ( pending, of thcpiejiufetuiipunaueeroiofeditf'j’ict. . Measures with abich he is so couuecU-d, tbit 1 ebeold fats cun»utoen’« n-pmHm* him. It won!d oe luril> rtgarded 0} the country e« cmrifestlng fit ; jcufet inriffii n-nra» to tboi-e measures. sm-mg others . wc would xetcr to the Ship Canal. He baa done ull 1 that icdchtry, tcne-'g* t»nd siaJ could do for this i work, and basso well prepared the way, for the - paraage of the Canal Bill, that tb* measure is pD>t- t ponea only to await a better condition o r the na* ‘ * tloti&l credit and dnauces to bu carried out. | 4. A.l the tesr-lon jut-i c.oscd ilr. Arnold oriel* I nuted and carried thiocghaUw making appropria tion* for the repair ot cnU« Trust* tbe I ,lin-t cujctsl law parsed formacy years on the sab- i jtet. Itl« the beginning, and we may j expect, if continued. he wih bca’jletuobU nsurh rppropriations as will secure baieKud convenient harbors lor the cotaocrcc **f the West, £th. The Pfifcibc Kii.rosd, and the Homestead and Emigration Laws, and all laws tor the benefit oj the- WctT. found in Mr. Arnold, earnest and zealous support 1 < th. Every mean-re ta auatnln and strengthen i the Covtrntueut, to fill up th» nrmfeH. to mamtaln ; cnuonal ctdii, to prosecute tnc war with all pos> i eible vigor, to crush ibe rebellion, a->d o'lsrly <*e 1 atroy its cause, slavery, was sustain'd by him with j all pocsilne zeal ane energy. I 7th. Mr. Arnold introduced an-J carried through ! the bill piohttiOnp slavery in nil the Territories; | dst the last ecesion introduced and bad udop'.- > . & resolution lu favor of so amending the Oonsti* ( dun as to abolish slavery wherever it now j iit-ls aadprobioili&z Its existence forever. t Such is a brief rtleren'e to some of the acts j Meh mark toe record of Mr. Arnold. It is si'u- 1 e Justice to ecj he bus made a good beciuning. : tclsacw nr* pared by txpinetc'-* jor mcreasiid 1 sclolneae to Ibis dVulct end the cocnttT. Y/ssh- : nume, Colfax and others, with whom he Lai acted and voteo. h&re Iwen ivcoDinated. Sba’i we .li*- I place aw bonert,J’sUhfnl % . hard working reprero'- ; teiive, because others desire the poa-Jioa he oesu- j Pi Weare not politicians, and have no personal la- ' tercet in ibeijcclioti; as citizens, having the wel* ; fsteuf the district and rono'ry at heart, w« car nefeily require nil loyal citizens to Bland by and sustain a faithful servant, against the cdort* now xrnretocrifeh lim. , r O. S liuagb, A,JOaHoway. C. M. Hawley, 3. - K. ampler, J. W. Waci-eop. C. G. Wicker, B. W. d,J.A. Smith, p.w. Gam*, f.N Holder, >. Tuttle, Joon V. ilol!i-*er, W. *#, Allport, W. 11. Brown, Q. F.ilatber. U.1 J . vv’itder. L. IS. W»I Imo, V. WhlcniT, P. W. Page, Fn.d Lets, f*h ».I«. Euma'. a. Wl Tinkiam, Oh'. Uoeehel, Ea«»s Aynr, Jiiuea EL Ih-ea.aud une iboue«nd oihera. cmcAoo, Autnst ,854 (from tte • nazno KinuiiAL, eLxvznY bbcmoxal. To the Lunar of Chicago be It vuld that the tm* portant measure b> ttie House, to “se cure Pwdom w ed p^ o nßWita , o lbe Terrirodes , of the Culled Slate*, was leu-ijdaced by the 1 Hcpresmmuve trom this c.t> and nutria/ Tbs mcdifictii'-hoi Mr Aino.fl e uriginal bill waa onlv dliibl. M-d It tl»nc» on the Hook n ua* dJ TQvmoriftl *o the seal and cjni-.-eiiiess -*ith behssioaeht the Slave Puw.r Aim were tb! a the snmol M«* services it would be c<-omtbn> reader memorable his career as o memuer of this Con scues. It conaiimu*, however, only 9 share & what he bus accomplished, and tor «rhVb bl» COPetUacols ' aed toe cotmtrr «iH • Lank him. Taie i- n tutnidre natlohalm its v nrinr and aar«i»klcg among the flrat and non oSiol&dCtle»orthe LqprUtor. Mr. «ell and admirably for the section be rep. SStesSdliMearned the th*oka oi the Nona. w« .1 as «l bis parlicoJar cooatlcenry. !.;,%preiS 5 we?l deserved, weJna'iactlvtiy .prtdllj' [UOTA OF COOK CDUS7Y. SlMtiag tftbe Ce««Mte irto-*W‘ a “ Bl " i ifJpUoa - S]-friinen Uft. , • Th«* Cctmnlt'ee appointed to tale with i-cfi-rt-rcfl Jo thecorrection of ’'lmentli^.-s njctjeslt-rdjiy in the Circuit Ocurt roo.y. Toa a:- Icndricc was rot Jar.e. bnt each one present M tiacddetcrmUiCd to do all In hi? power tadear ilielirta oi ml tiSAica nut liable Bertie?, »s an lEectcel jne-sr a olreduclun ocroauta. Tne reeling is cnmmendflWe; the only rcjret is tbit it anakenedFeveisl Wwka aeo. .... Tbe commiUec orgsDlzed h\ tbo ctecton of Cbarura VValkir at Chairman and S. A. Jrrtn, See* rt e-id Hal tbc ci-mnnttea had baditodar aoriven-tnl the mor<, expeditions .and efildo-tt niccne of aecojciJlshiiie the objects for which they t>ic appointed, tlx: tbr nirredlou ot th© D;tn Jirte He wue g.ilEfied, tie im well *a n *«» others, tbs* great bad « «a dune n« in tile abe-ewumt «l oui quota *hlch was hnao l upon as erroteone enrollment. He en’.ertaiucd tot toe elirttei-l doubt t.c» f hat the aaaes at. prrs eta upon the Imoke in *hc Provost Manmake o2lce exrctoru bvtt 0.0.1? and possibly 15,0 «the aetiui- nnm’»rr liable to bear arm* iu the conn'/. Tic dr* l effort ei rfce c aimlttec vboold ba to cir reet ttit* om*r. *To accomplish rt.Je pnrpos a laser number of enli-commit'-ves auo&ldba at •ncooiccnlr.» rerpcciive wards di\i:Jed icto tnb dietiicir, and i< possible a committee ao> nnxtitext for every blnek. whose dntt n should iu fii-rtli out. the aliens, the pb>s!e'.l exempts and tbc rm« reddens, mid prrpsre the proper proofs. i.«d proceed to have Uicir Tnttnes Birien-iu trow the n’U. In this way it was hl« opinion tint our quota mitht he redn-ed ftomi.sooio a,03.\ In Oicer to expedite tbc wotk of the Committee k wss proposed to pobUsu no alphaboticil list <>f rbe pment enroilmcnt, usd ihu* ecib’e error? to ns mere resfiilv discovered. It these llets are at* once pre pared and veettervd hro.'dcsbt ovrx .the atv. md the machinery of tbc committees at oocs put inmefon, much could be accotnphetaod cron In the limited lime lett ns for action. It beUoovcii al, tfcrrciMr<\ to lend themselveMor a fewda.** to tbs wc-rk. TJccmriitM-e wucldKlmr with eU th«lr e..crgicr t bud it was that their eflcrts wilt be promptly tmuded. Wl'.hcut this aid every ef* fen would be futile, sod mipbt wed be abaucon cd stctcc. Heirs (it eeubocro tald tb&t work was more itu porianvibv.P la'k. OuTefioris should be diro'iad. to a thorough and complete revif!<m ot too enroll* meet, which be thonghi was foil nr tho grosses er rors and meet palpable blucdr-rt, <7o should otva nlreeverywhere, ami call oooa tbe alien*—who -cormitme ly larihe most n macron* parcel oar exempts—t*» coice forward and establish tbeir Alienage tCe must appeal to ibem to do thw iu j.Micrto ihow who are liable. The ireattnfat which Jht*e alien* have hfefrtojorc received wnen apr*l>u>? xor tbeir exemption had contribdt t d anally to bring nbuat tbeir present unwillingness to calm the exemption. They had brcc denounced c* tncaks ami cow.rds. and their nttueii pnblbh-dln the psbUo prints, and thsy belli up to rcom. We now rev eras this ao tiOtyELd iLdtorcrlo induce them to do ns the justice to remove tbeir namce fr.rni the list. This should l*c tie grest effort of the commUfr-e. Sidney Smith t aid that he was no'. euro tmt we chepid gahiauytbiug by removingthesg flcficuitis nock irom the cirolin eou He nudcrauutdtbat in any went he'. to tmmy tames can be drawn, sod i< half ot ih(*fle am lie Iciouf, exempt, or uoa rctidcuie, why, tie actual number of men taken from the city Hill be less than cooid be the cat*e if theta ziumcs were stricken off before ib« drill. Kc deetred »o know what aspenmoewe bad t&ac cor quota wonid be reduced even if we ahoald strlte from the enrollment tea thontand names. If wfcbtve rot this assnracce uis u*l*v to snke a *U etc twine f«om the rod. as the smaller tbe num ber from which tee drawing is to be made, tbe Liuvicrwidt cdralllatl. Scacrat viseaUera lol.ovr?uto theducnsslou with end ‘lnquiries, ana it was tlosliy proposed and cameo that a commutes wait upon ibcPxuvort hlanhul, and icqacjs him to appear lie'.cTv the commUtcr, and respond to a .ew Inter* n>totalti« in tehUiou to the matter under discus* alcu. Ceptaiu Jtmrs so-m appeared in response to tbe request, and m rcplj to questions, answered coat tis esoermeding war that tbe present law re* qiiirtd Them to nrjtt cn’li the requisite nomher of xueu be octalncd. Fur instance, if Co-»t county Is called oh<ii fur hUX) men, and the firtt drau thon'd full to product* them, then a second should be b*c; end if siih adciitlenry, then a third, acd an ohuntil UMi were opt >lnec. It was man lastly, thcicftrc, tl.cii teres: of a.l to get a cor.tcterTull ; mint. In rcm.rd to the crtui fi oi Cookconuty,bs'woold eay that bufere the eatabhshment ul tneEuroUtug Board, ihe crtuits nte tnaUo to Culcugo Otcy. etuct the vrUiVli.'Umtiit o : tLj Board credits havu tungivcii io ilauv men b»ve been iu onetd to cornu our luch local bonuiy, and' bmi btvct’fiilir'.ed utd be-A paid by n?, but hid tca'dy tee:* credited ;o other lncr.'riea. This was ote rta»oii o; our largo qno a The Board of Eu n Um> nt uunld ch«et;ully and cardia ly co-aperute with tbe d'izcnb to right any v, roug or remedy auy ipjQMice- UDiOi-r*t*cd the cour-e the press had t-eu) fit to pnrsce in relation to aliens seeking ex empUcne. as he thought such a course had leaded to prevent uj thbt seeb application h'ld ceased almott enurcly. Mr.iltoiisaid.-.Qiit ina-o-ucu as tbe recourses of Capt. Joxu, tn tegtid to the publication the allcti iisr. bid rtvn jepruted by other speakers, andtkcac’icnof theptesa severely crltirised, as toe repittc-LUiive ot one'yf ib* offenoiegJournals )ki bao to uy iu cefeoßf, that at the tune tbit course was dtdflednpou, i*. was nutvereoliy under stood that ezdesa exemption for a'teuage was clulznca before me era it took place, tbe pea coaid not be enifcrialnrd at* a*L This ImprCdslon was gciieral—all h> understood It—our lawyers so re ported it, anti Uieas tbemstltta so believed. Un oer this view, it was manifestly oar Interest to : keep all ttenaxucepofsibieon the rail, and a mat , ter of public Interest to know who was tauen ofh ’ this undcr-landluc, we did publish the ; obbtc«. But when it became known that evemp- I lions could oe obtained as well after as before tue : craft, tbe pnblic*t!on ceased, andappllcatioas also I cetsid. Tbe act of publication had no sinister 1 motive, hot wait u matter uf interest to the public, and not particularly unjust ’to any party con- I cusec. A ccntlfmon presert elated that moo were every day Eticg itcruitcd in Chicago lor otherStctesaad miierlocallrice: an order from tor War Depart* mint pertniuec sn nncnrolica man tc oe credited witrtver te might elect. He said thatasmaJlo’ul bounty would atcere from eighteen to twenty-five men per day, who were now being credited to other States. He bad himself received a telegram rhtß morning that £I,£CU would be sent him topiy bouLtic- to men woo tre to be credited to Cleve- Ist d. Ali'HeexcnionAnd these men might be settued fur as. Afursozae further discussion. Hr. Grecnhanm oflered the following, wbldi was adopted: be GiiCial COELtrttu •• In *etanoa to tee conce* tkeui lee u.xcilsi'Zit <>r ronu'.r wouiarccoa me;ctothe f*ve::l Warn i;t* oaa oiotms .n their r sprcJve vtuti at t tj m i Ulil rr«.p«r, car .j*st rim War- Coxmis ttt» c*'l t-rnii-pj ia l:ri* w. n.s m (uch times and» tveCt.fct.!- thi' e»ti.oiaatUie.'s r*orrf: to h c ride tht -DC r*dd<aces of all ice'irniitsl. tae • arcs, ?no rsoort he :*amca ot case ex«mi>tt to the Ct tr*.| ee, at the (hr cwuC-nr*, tcoic.ts rapidly isp.mol*.’* Oo motion ol ilr Ari«u, tbe Committee ad journed to mett again in tbe same place on Satur day clbnoon nt *3 o'clock, to receive the reports of the several Wurd Committee?. As an incex of the number ot nsmea taken down c.n the tDrulUn«nthsL,wbOceowneraarendc table to, wc putjlth «he fallowing list of persons eproliLd at t-e Uuute in this diy, none ot whom are bedccod tobu Uauie to duty from this c**y; W. c. la’P.ltacgage-xoanonHichigan Southern road, hud kmccs fn Deiruit. Hvur> I'lde:—L.-jlicd lust year at BUasfield, Htrn., y.Lere he re*id;s, W. C. Curut—Cripple; now at Waukegan. Join LonlUk—ln Government cmpljj South on riilrcad. CbarJc-e Conlisk—Enlletcd In one of Hichigm irgiiatDtf, and rceideuco Adhvn, Mich. \V. K. Bali}—Live? ut Adrlun, Mich. men on Michigan SonUitm road, from Adrian to Detroi’. Nicholas PetUcgcr—Alien: porter at Prescott'' inure. Nathan Johtfon—Not a resident of Chicago. Metes £dd>—Bcrldcnce !u JUcMgan. Edwm Fni;cr—Home in CJevelana; whereabouts id known. John y liis-Hrddcnce in Philadelphia, Fa. John Welsh—Guls to* Cbatranuoga: printer; believed to have betn a deserter aad under anas bciat-d name. i -. B. Rita rail—Now in lowo. - T..'.Bnttcn—Amstcdih St. Louis as a deserter frem a Mittonit regiiucnt and auit to his regi ment. John JohnFOE—Arrcfted as a deserter and seat to his rrgizutne. O. G. Fisher—HeeSdeuce In Michigan. rh C. Jili ley—Eurutieo iu llioociugion. Si. Jorn ihSathoru—ifeeidw in 0.-wego, county’, N. Y., if enmUed there, and L over age. h. I’. Smith—Betides In Michigan. James Tohr-h—ln Goverumcm employ, on nil «wq hetneet Nathnlhtand C;:uUcuooga. John B. Budge— Kesioc?>cc not kcown: stopped in GtncLgotemporarily; luet seen in Detroit. ToUtibSherlock— Lives in Detroit; flopped In Ch'cago 'ctnporsri'y. A* hi. Siorr—Bu-a^leA. John Lhy—Bcdcciice Albany, N. Y., where be now is. W. A. y.cluljre—ltoldeuce Adrian, Mich. George NeU—llreloeuce Bloomioctmj, 10. L. M. Mdiiuuty—Was clerk in Marshal James' off ce, arrested ue a deterter and sent to his regl n>( nt in Arkansas- C. W, To}cr—Conductor .Michigan Southern Brad: resdes at Lapotte, Ind M where he is en rolled. A.B. Haywood—Employed on Michigan South ern lh>9U; rceides at Laportc, Ind. where he is en iclled. Texte ‘SYzed JlEEriNd.—At a meeting of the clrzene of the 10th 1V aid held at the noaeeof John « ogen, 144 Went *tadlson on lost eve* t-inc to tube nit-r con&idiTution the cunvarsins of said ward in relation to exempts, Alderman Geo. Iljn.iod was «aiied to the chalf. A. S. Amhurg m d El Bixbyxvi re eppoided eccretar.cs. On muiiou. the loilowing gentlemen were ap -1 oinU-d n committee to esnvavs a&id ward and ob tain the cutuce nf exempts ono report to a meeting to Lc beta at the earue place on Saturday evening next: Bvndolph s'rett, U. Lochblehler; Washington, A. wimple; Madioon, B. F. Silts and Jotm Cogau: Monroe, -a. L. a&d A. Sutton; Adams, CUafe.MciUllan; Jackson. Wm. Thomson; Price place and Quincy, A. Wctnplc; Van Boren, Geo, lllcirt a • hcbpol. John Mejzcr; Aberdeen and Cnrtl«s, H. H. Towns; %lon;«>. Geo Elmrod; Saicamon, E, Bixt.y; Peoria, James Forsyth; Crtxn, J. C. Uslces; BfiU»eo, C. Hubbard aaz F.Emery; Union, I). W. Clark,jr.; John Etan; Jeflei>ou, Thos. Armstrong: Mcridi on, Blcfakro Beal; Clinton, A. Saulohur/ and. A. Wct&plfc: Canal, Tbos. Hama. * Os motion tbe merlins adjourned to meet on Saturday e\ cuing ct csir pa?i seven. A ol ihe ConimUtee of the J2lh Ward , wts b<ld at Bnvhlferis, oo ililwcukee avenue, coo* tietlng of C CsEtleu.-an, W. Gas fleid, John ' Botbieracdßr, Adcisot l . Each of l*'(* gt-mlvipen arc willing to spend a • certain amount, of time In imocriim: the neceasarr I Information to tliO-e who are not liable to mill'anr ( cuty aa to tie proper method of being exempted. Tic foUoMDi’’ persona were appoleu.d to follow i cut this plan: C. Cattleman,, Chicago avenue 1 above Cm her* W. ‘tastfitld, Chicago avenue and j Holt street; J. Buet-ler, corner or Chicago and I .Vllwcukcehvonnes; Dr. Addison, IC9 Milwaukee 1 avenue: H. Thitee, comer of Ciybonrce avenaa • anfl Elv on mad. The divipU-iiwsß divided Into tbn-cdt»tncts, as 1 Jol'.cwf: FirstDlf-tri'.i—EmNraclng ail icoiodedm , a .ini-drawn ircm »hc river ab-ns Fourth street, i Milwttki rsvtnneto Ouicagoavenne,and hack to ' the river. b«-rouii I)i*trict—Emoraelng ah in* 1 eluded In a Hue Cjcwd along Milwaukee avenue.- ; trem Fourth K»rvci te CMoago avenue, and run* I nlng wtet to the city limbs, fhlra District—Em* 1 bib'iuvc l curtb of Chlcogo avenue and rncnlng : to tho c!iy liiijsls. Tbe mb ootntcUiees, conatetlng of the follow ' iEgpersoi'S.^rtrenapolntvd: i First District—O.ltamsord, Cb. Duaslng. J. Ad* i djecu, T. Eccb, T. Foley. A. Basse, J. Bartoio, ; H. Sivcri. S. fehrppe. J. Joht>»oa, 11. Olcson, Ole : Ixrsca.B. Fanboleiacw. i g.. ccndl>>tnct— Sbnltze. J. Knbl. F Peters, • N SchtenlLsS- Shaw. F Knesen, P. Ebeling, ’ J. UeggnrtY, J. H. C. Shafer, C. • Schultz. Third T'la'ricl— T1 - Sihomacbcr, E.Perl,F. Me* Cartv, B. Tbsese, «»*. H. Donovan, C?. J. i Bosenkal ?, Hepcer, Arch.C;ybooM.c, W. Epees, U.Kmucy, P.Dajton 7licinlwcinamliU'cs are requested io meet this (Fridav evening at J. Enehlcr’e, 320 Milwaukee • cvence, el eight p.m. Eklktiko ron ornzn Cities,— lt seems that the fellows who have made It thrJr boalnsss to take men but of Chicaitft ta be credited e’sewhere, rot tH finished their. work. A mo mbM ChicbetUr.has pad* several trips to Cleveland with eneeatetf-e for enrolled*men there, Hla last tUU to Chicago wa* made on Wednesday, Can not mc'j as be bo «.nt away; and kept oat of Che city? Bzij^tatkd.—Last evening a meetim? of the members ot tjie Board of Trade wai held at the *>f *te Board, to consider the application of lord’ l • **• '-haropiin to be rcln.-ta* cd In hi* position aa a meuibcr, be bidac been expelled on the 4th of Apr!’, nn account «.r certain allseed Impro* privtics in his conduct e sale of some produce bi liaglug to the late W. H, Dale ofthl* ettt. The sppllcstlcm ws* supported hr a letter from Charles Esndolpb, Eso,, aivlsnee of Mr. Pok,frt»tu>g thsl Mr. ChaapU's had paid 10 liim ihe tib-palta amount. Messrs. Btnsley and Shinn, the piosecatort in Itc case, also wr*»ta to say *a«- ep ret titution had been made them, they ehuuia c-r<i no opposition to tae ccaUcmva'* Il Us aprHration Mr- tfhatnpUn dl«c’a!m*d nil violator motives in lie alWr, declaring rbachohad acted order tic rtlrecilt D ot bis atiorccy. th>? Irllct rftnlttd In 41 *yea and 9 not*?. Hr. Liantp* lln voesccarrJirc'ydcclarc'J »e elected, amid con- Biddable appltmc. The rcetUns ilea adjourned. THE COMIEB COSVE^TiOH. £hfttoff» Cart Eeforr —The Dcl^gatfs—Wott they F«tl—Cfcangts InCfctnres—Prcp arsticss nr *«« fieeilns — Arrivels of acd Oiiirtilcrs. Jtibcdsyisßpproachinjj which is to witness jLc j,reat Dtitccrauc lovc-itaet, w© observe o tr aiy nrsuialnj* a lively appearjnee, the streets be mp mb, at-d UiHc knois of the laithfal busily er.- ptigcd in clsccfftDc the probable result ot whattlio iLtui.tain will co In Its effurt to bring forth a tncv!f. Tbeic is noi as large a crowd of delegates in the cUy, as yet, as one wss -led to expect from the rreit prciniece and preparations of the Copper* teaCß. >cr docs the prospcc. appear very bright -lor the rca L-uilon of their hh;h wrought exp-icu ttciß nMcuhBTC been Indulged in bythocredo- Unf of the p*ac.-at-ai>y-pncu part/. We a;e crcmiSMl. bowuver,- very treat it we tray Vans df\> «r two One ardent Hud enthus iastic Ain-lcltao man eolunmiy averred oa jwier day ‘bat Auguste Belmont would he pcroouSau mveV, with //c« f*twarrf New York club meo, «x - paid, whisky ucinicd; and acit was oei tVr that every instil of them-wa* to 1:0 in on hu n,t.ecu, »otu the hour ot hi* arrival oath toe nom itation «.t tin. Grave Bigaer waa secured. *Tneo,” eaiU he, wuxlug warn jb be took in the gathering class v ilii hi* ii-iua’o eye, There e a .taouMnd coming Jiom Galena,’ two thousand from Coles cot a tv, all anntd;connden:lally wita lowered vo osVtre the last vno woxoa tittered. Ibe McClellan men certainly must he eccx'idcd great pratre lor the pertenjcHf and viicr i>Mi which they orst their -?i vcalte.' Let a mtn pass on. hour or iw» m one cl ourbotclr. and euher huueelfio boonttou nolod c lew time.* by thc?e perdnarions advocates ot Ut-poluy candidate, aud i:? will require quite a MTonschuiiolhlßWlll to enable him to C‘*uvlacc httotcil that McClellan is not only nominated bat •i-lctt er already. To wards mahe. too, a* the whwky wizitootii me jaiapi-aa cl Lille .dec w*i>t np, t,i.o at the hoar of i ium*Vo -k it bee ime actually cbc-virac* ler a t-01-cr man to doubt on the subject cf AltC.fcllni’s secede t& regard* cither noatoa ti<'her election. Cnvhe subject 01 the pW-Tonn the McClellan men were gnj.runtiy icdslicreat “It i* m<n the coun try wpLis, nr.iiavr, not platforms,” was the -nva riaMc fri*:c-reliu, delivered whir »m emphasis *Ucb plainly Faic, ;on must consider this neclar* alien ufircln. tvrly in the inert me the McOcllan men claimed fir their candidfta the whom or the delegations frum New Y'ork, i’eonryivaiiie, Mlnuurot;], lows, Wisconsin, Oregon, ' Calliorahi, Michigan: two-thirds 01 Inci'ina and Illinois, halt bi* Clio, sed a considerable snrlukltmr ol the litvf EnnbiTifi State*. To mo peace men thev c-ve Ncv. Jtrew, Delaware and Maryland. Mitrccii and Ikfinnccy they couridurv-d mixed. Towatns evening, however, as the leader* of the venous « , tltrari*u , R begun to the McOJel- Itr Dicii failed to make pood thvlr claims, to me s'llvfccuon of the opposite faction; for many of those claimed csenrrfor Mac,tunisd upon the other tide. T hoc, bit < <zLt of the Obiocelega lieu can he daliueo :or while the uiU lnu off to tome uUur States is in proporilon Cox Ip McClellan's 4 tlaht bower” in toe Ohio d.leid tlon. It I# certain Out -Pecdltio., of mat ante, will get a large Western aud border State vote, and It now looks as U tbo Pennsylvania men gen erally wocld concentrate on him. There eroiwo reesens why the Northwest to lor Pendleton. Ore its tbal he is a etronp peace man; another: ti ai he is irom ibe Noribwest, and it la expected will take liter p ground lor hi* own section. In eercoi itc «»> discarding New Eagluud Biirlo?. And mart:, mil qualification of Pcndle un ia Licch dwelt uumj by not only peace men, hntp«MCs n-oj from tlieNorthwest. l f i]lwcre t oo:.trary iotxpectarioiie,hss little or no atrc*-pih. except in -New ckr.-fy, Delaw.are, nod 3l»r}Uu.d. ‘lbe offec*. uf hi* nooi ikutii'ii upon ilus Irish std Ucrnma Cathol.c elo rctnihasbeenhisoeath warrant. I Coutiarv to expectations, ebo wc flod lit tie or nodificretci-(>u ihe MU ject of. the platform, be tween the policy of tbepo icy men now e»j: “We are aliforpeace. Ot cctr-e iheuiairura will be a p ace one. That is t-XT.rcltd by all of us.” Thus thcpeacouieocin cihiu ** first blood,” as the prize O-jbters eaj. The po icy urn: * k on the subject of the pUt toiai, without even a thow ot fight. In fact they 8 j p:er so tekui up with candidates th-it they s:mp their tujicrt* In coutnmpt at any Ulfc about prioci pice. We Item that toey have in reality offered itcjHtcc men that the piatlurzu thsilbecooeiruci cd to suit them, it the latter wnlomyyield the can dlosie. The|>cacemcn refuse to yield, aud so etai-OB tte istut>. .The pcice men stick to their do* Utmin&'ku not to po for a man “ who hasembned bis bands in the blood of bis brethren.” Bat, said 0 uxalariy Inclined policy man, “Little Mac did cot hurt them very hadlv after all; not any more tb«n he con’d help, any way.” - The Policy meu props-e the following plaform to the Peace men: First: an armistice. • btci nd: a cc-Lvmlon of Sta'es. Thirc: the conscription. Fourth: free ballot or Irollcta. In Kdcitiou Dean fiicbaoud wants the Insertion ofarefolnrtontoihe efiect that lithe armistice aid couientfua are not accepted, the Democracy wil go for u vti-orocs prosecution of the war. This lari teso ctlon the peace men reject with scorr and iodi«n*iiuD. They also wont too armis tice antgcouveiiUoii resolmlone to be outrammelled by any conditions, each a» recotstrnction of the 1 nion £c. They are honest enough to believe and act upon the heller, that the armistice will result in recognition. Dean Blcbmond has been in cocenltaiion with the rebel commissioners in Canada, axd they also at*k that ihe resolutions he left aitbont tnespeclflcatlon of conditions The various delcgatiosa have their hooaqaartcra as lullow*: At i be Richmond House are to be found the HU-. ncls and Hlseoorl peace men—anch lights of Cop* pcrLt&dlsmasCen. Sirgletoa, L. W. Boas, Judge rryac, Fill Curtin and An*. Brooks, of Illinoisf Col,Bogc aod Uen. Price,of Mis« eocil; G Glancy Joue*. Frank W, Hughe* and G»n. AlcCundlers, of Pennsylvania; J. fn^orshil, W. W. Eat'in aud A Barr, of Connec*4cut; 11. M. Bice aud ilsj. C. H*fb. of Minnesota; «f. Cam pion, of Detroit; A. F. Util, J. Blanchard and S. B. Nl:»*e, ofMlcf lean. At the Brleea Bocae the New England men are mcftly to re lennd. Among them are Hou. G. A. Balnwtn find Gt.r. Dauo, of Mniiie. Here alro are the I.e-aedtartr? of lions. Wm, A Oreca, George W. Wall, J. n. Mnikey. O. B. Plcklin aod S. a. J-lcrrfcall, of Hiiiob. Here aUo are deleiratioas, ana parts of some, from Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ac. The Slicnnan House is the headquarters of the peace men. litre are to be fonsd Fumanho aud iku. Wood, Yallatdighkm and -bis tollower*; He ratio Seymour, Beau itlchmonfi, August Bel menu W. a. Itichardson, George Pranas Twin, Gen. John A.'Green, Hun. Ffmici»lUcreun, Judge Am«*a J, Parkes, of Albany, Bx-Gov. Win. A’len, of Ohio, ana Bon. T. J. Springs, ofNewTurk. At the Truro’jt Qt-n*e we have Hon. Jiitnes Guthrie, Bon. Hamilton Pope, Ex viov. I£obln*on, Cc). John Me - tnrv, lion. J. H. Guder wood, Gau. J. J. Gerrard. W. a. Sneed, all of Kentucky. Ex- Governor Wm. B, tampbell, Hon. P. Bnea sna Bon. S. K. Peyton, ol Tennessee, have arrived. Boa. Wm. Bieler, of Penn*ylv«nia, Hon. J. A. .Mc- Dudcill, of Cahiorniß. Hon. George Bodges, of Moei-achn-etts, Hon. A. and lion. J. E. ilcßcraSd, of litilana. es-uoveraor Ba-rv, of ! Michigan, lion. Jtbn ilcEeoa, of New Y'ork, lion, j Samntl luecury, cf Ohio, i-on. A. A. King, Oeoe rallt.C.Vutignu,bavoeecuredrooms at tne Trc montaisdare expected to arrive u>*dsj. Hon. Sinrut Cox, ot Ohio, has arrived apd Is stopping at the retldcnro Backloguam, Efq., SlGMicbigon evcLue. a be fsllowtnp mprtPtn atives of the pressharc arrived and ere now in the d-y: Mr. Jet n R. Yonug, of Forr.ey'BPrfss; Messrs. Knapp and Hyde, ofthe Sr. Louis MepubUejn ; iltrerr-Lorglev and Reed, of tho Clnctnua l 03' Z'tte , Mr. Francifico. of the Cincinnati Turns; Mr. rJehb2CE,ot the St Louis democrat! Cakms of the N. Y. Herald ; and McCullough, of the Cin cinnati <cij>mercia>.' A comert-nce was held yesterday at the Sherman Bouse, and propositions were nude to the page* nun, visually concuilng to them the platform, which we faid above were rejected, * Thciirct debt in the convention will he oa the admission of the Bwmlclte delegation from Ken tucky. in place ct the Powell and WlcklifTe set. The relief meu po lor Braralctte: cno peace men iorlowilL Ttenextflchtwill bo oa the two tbndf role tti» appears to bo generally ac quk-tccdluby bothfacitocis. Bat one or two of iht policy men have the audacity to talc of re- Eciictng this itme-bonored domloatioa law of cocvcirJorf, wtlibhas oecn in force since ISW. Therfsolntionsaiciobeetroogon the subject of a free election or a One fight, especially la the bor dr r States, in which rebel aid is expected to over throw DuiolPmin. The local manaccTß ol the Convention have mode a pood tuolce in tbo selection of a CuletMar fbsl, npt.n w 1 om whl devolve the dlfflcolt and ael icate duties of maintaining order, and keeping In pear tbeoutelocmnchiucry of the gv.uermg. CapU John W.connttt. of tins city, former!? Sorgeau<- at-Anns in Sprit:giC*ld, and for sometime Captain of Police in Chicago, will do all that may be dooe to keep h!f difliuiii hreihreu in line He oealres nr to eay that volunteers for A-slstant Morahslfi will present themedvea at the Invincible Club Rot-msatfip. m. to-o«y, where those accepted will bcdnlv ortaiiiztdaaaswornlnfts rpeciai police men. 'Cap-, Connell will find hl« tormer dexlings withdlfordery coi precarious (a Democratic Leg lt)Vmre)and tne Bridewell birds not a priming to Ll*prcMJiAcontract. He will ccad tbegrjud pro ctfctloL which marches today. It la understood that the redoub’ftMe Major C, M. Willard was a ardlratc ler the office, bet was rejected becansc he bed retmcuiity cf firing at bis brethren. Yo kndlcham took a Walk last evening, and re turned to the Shermsu Bouse about eight o'clock. He was foJowcd by a suffocatiug crowd, the l&rre tall being .densely pactcd within t&rce min utes eft it to bad cu»ered. Great enthu?b*m wai jnai-ilctied; hat* were thrown up, and loud cilia were made lor a speech, wblah, however, were not honored. Val. evidet tiy felt annoyed. He hid tot nrlmcd blmeelt—at least with a fp«cA, and wi s not prepared, lie moor tca the stalrr. and Bm:d a proJunon of hows, told them now much he fell the honor conferred by the call, and how much ketbtncw of his friends in Chicago and else wtne Hepromised to adores? ti em this evening in the Court House Square, and in effect told them that that mart content them. The crowd then fa'ltd lor “'Wood,** -who mould not answer. AU imaginable thorns were then heard, end although t te Timet will donbtless deny the fact there were ipt'W voices raised in a ‘‘Hurrah for Jett. Davis. A ft* minutes tjiCced to disperse the crowd, t jn-r Val. had eone ”np stairs. The Amphitheater, on the Mro Bj»ore near Twelfth street, which has so long stood ready to icvriv** the delegations, is a centOT ot atUnciloa. Crowes of visitors throne Its extremes, and loaf armed outside, lisping as If lts f y . l *l o^,L*!l e sttcccrewoold gave rut the prophe. of peace lore the appointed vm Ii would be astonishing were It tut ertiordinary, how the unterrifled love luCLtiCipste whet tbsy consider a good Uila., •j m j hr.r« bed one sad dltappoiotment--!n the indiecUcnß ore that will also ba atop* rcii*‘ed Id the svent—a defeat which will eaanre to all etttr.ily. We do not mean tuat they wm ui»t beablu to agree, but that thrir counso'f will come to naught. There is, however, one consolation fur tb<ir probable nominee; be baa been beaten so cjt» n that ones more will not bnrt him. The hoie eare fall, sad-boarding houses are tn luisk demand, rticaao will he full, >*t ** not to rnucingover,«*sped3liy notion boiling over. The conveniion will be excitement enough wita out phjsica* manlf. fifotions of power, such |} s l P®V e Tt-tn arc eoiEewbai noted for The prooahtluyl , ■|hot lie peace of tie .itr lure lit! o to tcir lrojn ibeco:.v*ntlouiffclf. but florae of ita flccsiso.i&s will bear watcMng. Picipacwets, shoaWer-allt. re, tnd EL'cakfi are plentiful Several pockets were pickedir theetfeeta 'ca’ertlsy. . . Jn the romoda ot t&c Sherman House cVB nine, Mr. Charle* Walter, o« tire firm of Walker. Bnmtea & Co .made the tWlo *iog brta for viz.- fct o o that G. B. McClellan wl! hethenomi lic’oftbe cojperhean Convention: SfOOO that * Llocolnia in aminori'r ia lilluoU, oaa that he *s In a minority In Indiana. Beapt—Pcitlishbd EsuaiiarKT Lists.— Tte following telegram was rec;Wed la?t cve&lQg Ly ColonriJ. L. Baocock from Adjataat Geiera Toller SpcmoriELD, Acff. 24, IS’4. C lt - MmpSScociplete the ? ppoJtonme n t ot onot««sna credit" for pnhHcsJot. belorc Sitnr et.jorStu.dey. Belief or Solpito's Famuss.—Acain we wish to remind our citizen* of the necessity of matins tome for the relief of the families of our roldleia who ere now in the field. The hlco prices ttai co'era tbo ictrkct, the rapidly ■i>proac‘ifts uinter, and the p ichted f»i!h«;fthc d - y. ill ren tcr It of the Aral Importance to more at once In this matter. There win, we tear, be much distress no!* ss the action is prompt and-lPienl. It will he *>n cvc.: lasting bio; cm the (air name of tmrcUy if we hlmnld mlTtr the* wires and little ones of the brave dt fenripre ot «>pr flag 10 ft-cl (be oiaifa of hnrccrtrtl? pinching ot cold. im*u,x-« tbc'.cretins si the Ywog Men’s' Chriattau As*a.‘ clsiicD n*mp ou Balnrdaj next n moat obihaius lie and tnrnnpb&nt eac-iB«. It ufacttld pare lha wnr for ft llber&l for the w-.rthy onject lor v tilth U U called. Lc*. one and &‘I attend. t»OUft.L iflA'S.'J.’JSJkr*. v ar<l~TLcre wd’ bcapahlic 1 eld at ibcfcocccof WilUsm Eehl, ontheconer ol Canal ard UftZWtUstrcctp nt 7 p m., »lil« i:7ea- for lit porpoenof onabHog xach-pirsous ta are cxccipt Irom mllltan dety of osnivs fetnchco from the« llaG *llie Diatc-ff Uktla Ward.—There will ha an adjournod medit-g m the cMzen- of tho Nlath. Wjrd, ibis {Frifiat) eveoißtr, at it.ft u Shailcg Tcrt, at 7.V oV!«Vft % eharp. to raigetscbift for rednc:« s furtinota ia ilio loah draff. Every rauu iu tu» W«r.; i» in mo rcqctftied to ce ri tfct roccticg By order of Cdmur.ttce ot Citizens of Ninth Ward. f 7 . I*. will be u meetta? of the llth end itnh Warda Union Leapt on.Stturdaycvenloi at 7,C« o’clccl*. Nt Acrora Rail, S'ilwan ;oa stcoup. Brig, Gen. J. D. Tutchlo will ad«?n.*'*g ib-i and he hdMne.a of Jnipctlsm e wilt be TrtQMietud j . lull attendance 1> rciioctlcd. hllMcs 5 F*»;r.—Tho -Ml?-©.* TUden, of i? 10 avenue, wilt hio ;t .Vrat aald rtaidenoft tbta tPridsy) c*. culnc. m v o’clock, foe the oeuedt ofibc lauililoe of vpldlcT* in Chmign. nve*yt>*dy dlepOßtd to fcrc7k/d their cffiirui iu the gnodcaavo, and cs|<eci»l)y tUoae rcsidtug In iho Ti-mi:y. are Invited. There wit. be a rclYeshrueat Hble, iaosy lab’c,* &c M Ac. • Tlie Impoistitwg Qratt.—The First Ward Committee for the c.-rrectloq ol the curd!.pent rcqoedcd to meet this afternoon a’the Circuit Ccnit Bc-om ut two o'clock sharp, fho cmmolMt c is as ft Uov, o : 3)r. finhb, .T. W. Ciyd P. ITcatwotih. Peter < lerfc Gn-b, Q. \V, «. P. Bowclug, John L. King, B. W. King. HAir* Dj3j % Eugene Oaveuangb, Jehu Boormaa, S. McCle.vey. Bricz. John Dooley, Wm, Brncs, E. W. Herrick, •lobs Whitmore, O. W. Patteo. A. Schall, John Pfccd, * red Blcr. W. A. Spalding, L. SI. Aadrlct, Btcj. Uasßell, W.W, Alport, Thus. Nuboo, A. Batpou, ••Slfljor” Higalus, Front Monroe, ,Vm. Tnrxer, Albeit Leßron, John W. Hay*. HIEsBEASILF OCEE OP TtߣJtr»Alf AhP LBNto I>l-*Ua.»C. A Deserved Testimonial to Dr. ltou> a riilragu netchaut. TTjf* fo'.lcuing Ftter i» from a gentleman widely inewn m onr cltj, ar.d will be retal with iutura-c not only i*y the \vr!i»-r‘t* ineud*, Lut»bf the adliet* cdVct.train, ( r. I. Winslow Ayrr, propricturof tbo CMcseo Throat acd Ling laisiitate, Victor mict’s bulldlig cf-rotr of Uaudo-pa ttudßcur- Icrn strcffK,!« the ruuLdcr of the < ay*vm «.r cen* wMr-hia eo htihiy cormaondcd by onr beet fiiisms Id the treatigral of catiwrb, luroat and long luo lhc new rrmcdics*. rs*pec*aly for catarrh, ibnat aCecuriiS, aeihme, DroncnitU and coo* fcUtLpttcn. •*1 have had occasion to itvestk'Bte Dr. I. Wins* low Arer’e tew sys*«-m of practice In throat on? ch» si x'ii'fcttter, ana uaifiapp,. to iw able to conil dtitly recoiamtnd it to my trierds. “When 1 called npou Dr. Ayer,l was raisin’ Uocd. wai couphlng, was thin lu flesh, epinlks*, »ndcc:mulcte!ycxl>uuet(d, sod thoconitant tore* utrb uud ditties* In mylunga cave me ample rea son to’aMlclpate a faiil re&uit, aud tbst wlthm a few month*. „ - “lLad hc&rd much of the system of cure,* a mode of matmeLt ioiroduced by Dr, Ayer, of tneCblcauo Tnroatuud Luug institute, tut wr.“ not over credulous. Thu n«w rcaedi«uj wtn- attended with the most remarunbic and grat» ifyuie result*. I becon to improve rapidly, wi am now In the enjoyment of perfect coalth, and fed deeriv gn;»eia! to Dr. Ayer for bis eminent iUlitmd invariable kind attention. 1 feel that I one my life to Dr. Ajtr. _ _ “DAVID P. BROWN. “At Farwclt, Flc!d A Co.’s store, Wabash ave nue, m ar Lake sircct,” JDr. sSij;cl«tWe—ln great cities like Chlcico tliiTe in alwavs an oTcrwhclmlsg amuanc of ha* u.: 4 n iho icsult o! solitary IcrfuKeoce, fixoal ttbufe, ifr unwimng' contac r t which, des* tim rive es it to the phv.-«cal pysiecx, aad so lit lie uuderelood by the iu.<]ority or even w«ll*odaca* ted i»l»>sidni-s. efiu : e successfully combated ouly Vy klni whobnsmsde the siudy of ibis cia*sof OircattP a specialty. Foremost among these ?tt.nd- Dr. Bigelow, whose surprising skill hsa en abled him to core the nuet viratcLt ot»t-s when ail bad depaned. None need despair, hoaover deco may be tbeir snfftring, however strongly the dlstaso m%y have fastened itself into their sys tem. By the aid of his matchless sk<ll, his exten sive experience and unremitting application, the worst miy be cored soeedily, sately and thoroagh lv. Those who arealSicted witn sexual or chroaic disease?, should ca l, without hesitation or delay, on Dr. C. Dlcclow, at h!s office. No. IT) Clarx a:., on the comer of Monroe. &u2G*pTJ7*lt AH tbe YForJd’a a Stager*, and all the peo ple merely player*, and we enrtmse that a largo portion ol the players thereon most be using that justly i>roper preparation for the teeth. “ Fragrant Sorodont, from tbcixmnense demand them is for that article. Well it only proved that we are be coming wiser and wiser every day, for It truly mer its tt n mat Is ?aid in its isvor. tho most delightful, convenient and efficacious beaaufivrand preserver efthe teeth tbeworld ever produced- All drng glets and Pcrmmtsts sell it. ane23.p4SS*3iTtT Thus ASat. CUBE OF CATABBIfj TIIBOAT AND CURST 1B9BASB& The New System of Cnrc-Spcdai No tice. The rutnarknVe "access wbiob has attended the nnctiCfOfDr. I. wioslow Ayer (of the Chicago Throat and Long Institute. McvOrmlck’aßuilding, corner Bandolpnend Dearborn street?,) In the tpetdy and radical care of catarrh, throat diabases, afctbniP. broLchitb, and curable stages ofcoaeump linn, is well known to our citizens. The present ecat-on is ptcnliariy favorable for the successful ueo of the new remedie?, and It has ceen repeattdly demonstrated that they enccfed even after alt oth jx forma ofmcdkatloa have been tried in vain. Notwlthitaiioiog the vast Incre tsft In the prices of all articles, especially medicines. Dr. Ayer Ms not yet advanced bis prices, therefore person* who wish to avail themselves of present rates, und to fully recover from this dim erous class of oisesses before autumn, would do well to apply Immediate ly. A neglected throat disease or catarrh, or other aficctlonoftbe lungs, invariably boiomee ico r se, ard tco often qnlie Incurable* ot the approacn of toll, when, at ihuprrrent fima.Ma all prooabiUfy, a few weeks ia sufficient lo effect a complete euro markets. cy-Teiograohj Ht Louie siortei. (Special D'ypatch 10 tie PrfbUEJ \ Et. Locis.Tharadi-r. Tobacco—The market Is firm, bat uricrs are no* rbanecd. The breaks ccnslrlcd cf 3tT bhds, of which alfewcretold, atdblds 02 103 were reject'd. Prices rrrga as uulcwe: Stems scraps 43-iOS 8.»0 ; Inpc 41I.CS?€-;5A0; common shipping leaf Sl6 (DO Vl*-Cos 0ce£1amd06?532.5Wi29 00; good coatfrjAi® fSS . aid line as last quoted V IOO fcs, Frora-Market fairly scare and Arrant last qa> Utio-e. Sales 2,<CO brls. Including 50 low trade, at S&2S;CCO toper at 99A0;5u choice do delivered at $9.15; 120 Co at $0.85; 105 country do at 1955; SOJ city sitrle extra at f lO 00; I'O same brand at f 19,00; and do at SIO.IS V brl. Gnaw—Wheal—Matku active and cdrauclie* SalesS.lCObaef, iscludi&e l.lcO good, at 2T4SS3.CS; «(i0 prime at 3.18>tG2.13; 145® choice at $31537.10, and extra do at $!. 9® ».v0 V bushel. Cora steady. Sale* t,SCO bags, Including 2,893 private;. 140 mixed at ll.tC: 450 yellow at $1.41; ic; mixed wbne. tccODfl band,at |l.i2, aad4o whueatSl.lS V bo»C“i. Oi'-s Ann bat unchanged. Sales 4.5J0 tazs including 83 without sacks, et 73c: H second band at He: 3,931 In new bapi at 89c; ana ICO choice do at9Jo 9 both’l. Rye stiff', wßh sales cf at»i,ls3 1.11 V bn, aco ?M do on private terms. Barley—Sales 0f37 tare common at sl.lO V bn. VSnr-rr—turn, with sales cf 103 brls at sllß 9 gallon. pcOTisrorre-LarJ—Full sales at advancing prices. We retort liAucs steam rendered stride, sad SCO ilea tbuce kettle renewed atttfcc 9 B. *3£ocsbies—Sales of 20 hbds good lair Loalilana bOS>r u. 2Cc; buyers are not willing to pay therigb prices c! 52571 c asked for ttlratnln.-s to caolc*. Rio roffte—7'6 hear of no salts, '•o Quote rugaratStO 25C for c: xnnioi> to choice Lcutsiaca. Cincinnati ;?»ar- ct (Special DL-phtco to the Cmcnzu Tribune.! CiiLTyX' n, Thursday, Anv. 23.16CJ. Flopu- Vciy firm: holdtrn asking UOlScabove tbs Views of Ltye t. Boptiflue Is held at f9.7f59.?0; Ex tra $9 s(&IP.CO. naked an advance, bat did not fibceeed In tetabUthlng It. 690 brls sold at lI.IL GBADt—s\beat2<2Sc lower. Redrla3®?.C7; White Ccmflrzr at 21-25 for Ptr and SIA7 for Bridled in clevatcr. Oats firmer and held at eif c-ffer 19c CBOcziuas-Steady asd quiet. Coffee 53£51e EfcCDcdtiogarawUc. MalaucSsUßsL2P. Peovisiosb - Sales 1 f2'o,(U>t)B bulk Slots alllMc; Ebcnldeia are saleable st tCc; he»vy Sides atlTKc Paccn Shanlde'r told at 18c and clear Bides at 23c Lard held nt22c. Ko Mtrs Pork on the market. lllicote and fTiicfclmn Oansl« tspscu: uisaatch r o toe r.LCUio.i BnrcoEPoßT.TTmreday, August 25—1 p. si. - oxsaskp—Kcne.' Aiicivsp—U. Q,Loom!i»'LcT£cot t SO yarda rubble nets: IcT(a'!s<itor r Lmont,Bo yardirabble a’ojts La y FieelUlc, LEtacot, SOvaidi rubblo stone; Cor* Ttyacci,L*iLoi.t t 4BysKB dimension (tone: D.ncea* Icinißt.<syards olrrensJon itonaa Dirego, Prison! k5 jaiQp rouble itooe; J. B. Pres Von. Harris, 3,00: bn com,1,(00 ba cats, 70 bu barley, -4,210 fta-goods; Piogrtss, LaSalle, M(0 bn com: Hyde, Senlca, 5, 09 baccrc. RBXBOZPon?, T&unday, Am. 25—9 p. m. Cx.aavSD—p. X). K»xton, Joliet, fscde tan bark; P. Konhrop. Prison j Inve-Ug&tor, Lemont; Lady Fravols, LemcDt, Conv*vance, Lemont: Q G. Loa iwa, Le&o&t; U. Hess. Lemcnt; Eepuoilc. Morris : Par agon, LhSalie, 90,«*fl ft lumber. Abbitip—Reliance, LaSalle: Danube, Ottawa, 4/to bn corn, 13,000 as starch, 2,410 taa seal. Ofuofe repo-tea cleir'd. ibe following ore still here »eiucg lor teaue—Aurora, Kamilas, AUUa.e, DetrPatkNo 2, S. E,Goodell. M, L, Aiams Kj. -j, H. Cocley, B. A. Dcutlssfco. 2. DirlwaaVce Musket [Special luiptitcb ;o tba Cbttayo T:lbane] Milwattebb. Tbnrsday, Aug. 25. FLOtm—Firm and quiet. Gba.Hi—wheal—no chan2c to notice this morning* Shlf» 6.0f0 bn a. f/.(n ;on 'C?«n.e 25,003 at $2 OTK, sno s> CFfor ftreuxeciUptJ. closlrclaicilre bat firm. Oats bAicH av soc- Corn Sc lower. Sales at il.a». Bait-iy aon Rye. ro'h’Dc O.'log. LATiß.—lbe'wbeat tnarKC. for N"o. 1, wm ’ohlzber and tie, dy o olgbt. Salis '• bn [N't. 1 ai3>lvs>s on ibefpci&na s2.t9.bQyeia option all the month. vessels rustd Detroit. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ) Denton, Thursday. Auguat£j.lV64. Ci*—Bet);s G:?d‘.a Wcbf, Kortbweat; achra.Ellen WUuttts.Tisu. „ Uowjt-Pfcpdlcrs DsaT Richmond. 3>u»hwjt Ga'.o. ; Kcw 1 orlc >n»rtfct. 1 - Unwyr.Hß, Tbur dav, Aug. 25. *S4J. CoTiojf—lciisrtivosad »c*rc«lf avflrm; rntfulir % opiincs. t riov’fc-b‘»te few.- 1 - Wf*t*rr is Ifc higher, wlrt only Imiiied.upoly: Sic.s ® n.iv fortur* 3ts»6; St .iDc It. 5 for fit.-art uo 1 hoop Oaio ; and S lA.® 5.(0 for t»cc salc« Sf4 '> bTls extra i- r Noveuoer. »« «v .25: tuS 1.0.1 i D.l-* far October, sellers’option, at *iu\ WnifiKT—Bvavyaso dro-pme; S SJfjratiu, end sl.r« Mr viatm, iQLiociug a lot of ihe l«ttor rjpon- OC«tAIBS A . . V'-y tlul srd t-n'}>e to favr >iu«*r*: S22ffi2JH-fcrCoiracp»pr>re: »2 2it;2S6f.'r f. r M>lWi.sfcta tlur;; rtdwesKtn. Com p,i.v 7 hro Sc lowtr: tLs2. it-S cr mlxtd aOoat: * €5 Lr yctiLW \v vti'rc an cuUlde i-tl «. OaU n«nt-yand luwcr&'oscSsKefO('we»cera Gaocixisa- <*«-ittoqmeu finsa-qu'et: xinscayido a&SSJSc. Molss-- a Dr»: »turnv«do 235; ani l>y auet’nn. • CO niltlftv Odtans fi 9’OU 12*4 PiTCoimsi—Ktfietd inbcocfoadeottier atSSX® g7rj cmrefinn nsic; reflnrnfrfec quoted at iwc. XVocx— Qoltt anc- n*-fcdy. PBwTWioKr—P<*k decidedly lover: rew mitral- puel»«M dOKv inmtas; S3is.‘K®H£7ttfor uvio: gi&o f?B7.u>l. r ptUne. tuia|43oiu>r prime ores: ale :.l,tKCbna fo* a,u»n«,bQy r*» *S9.tO. Heft a IKfi-iror* ecive tC Si3Rf®ACO fur fif.Ußtiy min o; - r r'pic<B J«s ; U #2ll® aSGO tcrest-» Pritae mo e b- tf qni«an.i mbtried. tnttfeat*fi m,wimsmall•»!■» at 13® 16c i' t tktnl' cis »rd iße fr.r Lome L-rd a lit.*e f k? lSfcl4Kc,»hß ifci'er aa »r - rem? pft-:-*; I.S'O it:l«deiiTrsab’e wjthla •>sd«»a at bajer’* pp n »’ 82-V. eto tOb'i* lorS it*abei, v™, *t a.4K Bn’ta? fi.m with drmaod at iS3 l 9e for on.. andCOOMc jeratate. Lherse la guoureqa-iW m»*himatl QiOc. Hrw w.nt «"■« »» d *-*« «««»• . ' - Pew Yomx. TLara-lay, Horn BcaTCflf so»ctiT£,tas ? ceit * I £T£lit4O ,l ElfHVlio*rfrh» l * a 11 -TTjS'.S tljl Cl (^-U^Firr:<r; cjinc' Vj;sJsf, fl*co-«DC loCSm.kFis clo*>ma at ac»lTßti-d-:a?cetr*o C.™ U Sl?>np»r- «**•<»•« »* ««*«• OSc- I r«« UK: 04 51 r.!i. <;i k £»v W "Bjf,i %J i . u -V r . a i , riV;i?'?A?'- I'JI- • M nr . \l nWiiSv J '!“! n *Cr|> v» a . lij jit, to•«* ivl: P '' C{ ; "t WlU>4 ;Vine liutl't I*. ■ r-hilnd- lpM» carnet. Pu Thafas«T. Fiore Fiim- >lO f*xliy a'lSStUfl.’; exn - f Ovlnr-wi.#»i fcnoas »W te-i s:sf{ afftejl t9 iLtlf' if . iiurti -i (SS-W. COTU \tC«* ; • ju al EilS'-O wc*s«n oa 3 *.«• ni.‘d:i«vrß'S!l;c • gSSSSiSS*rSfe-jf -«»«•“• .* =• 6 »msKl-'-n.a?lrt ’ Osc«o • O-iWiiao, Thursday. Aar, is. Tts m-r-Md Man '• -±. -S-,* tl )lip.l'M.r.,r Kil r.'l'h-’n^’vo! i orntinnj f .I.U. t-*USp. Oats scarce : tTitte.v Oaitaii rE’iotrs-rim. Hu'Jato »tnriiOU R. yp»*to. T'oli»atts» • Aua. -•. P. si. »i«. co.-tnr.atj i:y* qcn» jr*iitciia-lst- -t - *'' .*o_ Saw Tork, wheat biie.whor.t lo7,lT>6ba t ctrnPJi l5 * fc«.o»*a ha . - t» . b. In tit* .'B Aug tStb. SSOBdK 6iAW Of-.OvV ‘ ob ot CharUs aso Jo*.epllie •-. ’■* ot hu paresta.tsSlad!- scasVreMc ca> >*t f yclanfc. - la ihu ctly, amc •-‘•lb TBhO-ORC WlPTaftfiP. SOU of A .I. and Usb-s:ca ri., aged 6 myalhs ’Vncm.l’lrom 'be icudtnt,, com-r of Tbiccp sniTwttftD titse’s, ¥t». »y. aob 2tJi, nW o elicit P. M . To toiic-ti. oo lb* 25 r b ißitfllf'S. COBBBLIA B. LOOHia.wJi'ot w-.jva \Q.coosis,oftaiscic/.aad dftuphttx or *.be lit*, .'tr junta Fay.oi St. AlbAas, V lct«a ,4> *ir corarr of fiarrhoa Court. §atmd-v aiv ii i'-it t*. -i o’cl cr. Ii- rb'ibui.'. f c .H-i;- 75: : 0f »c«r et tsver.l.or- T'K I„ *• bnre'.t c'»l*t of I.Tiazhaa. Eiij., of ibtt ci*7,«e«t» 3t r ontbt* 7v Hxf Ur, K. ~r- ll* BUTTON O^JAT. Ckiy chid oi Ct* l-» IV. »ud JiUa inis «*»>. : iauction Saks QjeAiV BIiAOK MaKKS At SUE. Wf bare a t t»n t.f Alack aUrrs, five and tlx years, - ivt,s wi! cb . tn‘ie-piOM>f!p Portia d Btuek. 112,000 EBIMEOra^ AT, AUCTION. t>n WEDPBR 'AJ. astf. fJ«,aUI o'clock, a* Bav ttia’ r-actioaWr.xos,tn Por(l*o<l Cnc?, car. of Dctriorn ana Wobli nitOQ dta 38.000 £ll tSol Citynre, 30.000 MnlnUoffC'isaVH, 520.000 >j I 0* Job© Cigars. 18.000 5 l Wrl bondros Cigars.« « WM. A. roriKIU A CO., AQCt’rs. STOCK oy PiSBJFAI3- JD BY,jtt.l received friciNjw Torlr, M.V A»C'r»«W. tin MONDAY, AQiiUSttiKh.alßK o’clOlh. at Bat nr?' Aocrlcn Kocnv, to Portland •Mock, corner of D* artoro ara >v»ibioct;n sinew, we sh-il sen, with* ou» rttsxve,lor cst-b.a FJIINH SfOPK OP P^ftPDilEBY, Jußirttclvfi fr.iui New T'Af*, eonitsitig of plain ardfscc? Po»'-H'.ei. H»lr Oil». Co»mctic*. C«.l)gue Exrraetr.Uair Icviror»'jr»-Fan** Soar.*,&c., &o. au2H-6563j VM, A. BB n'EIU A LiO . Anci’M. 1} E - V j.A«" SATD 5< DAY’S BAI e—H ns«*h.'.M fa nl’me, PJaooFor*e 3li . vrr-Plattd Ware, Borer, llarnee?, Faulty carriage, AT ABC»I«S, ON SATURDAY, ATOUBT 27tH, AT O’CLOCK, At Bnnrn* Auction Rooms,la PortUtd Blotk, cor I ci of Dcrib .ru *>sd •Vatlncctoc streets. Jlccsehelrt «-ocCH-Co.ti«ilrgo: a largo and gen n»ia»rr.r?tnfn . „ Sliver-Plated Wnro—Such as set* of Dwarf, Me and Table *orkaand :-poooß, T>*.s -'Ct'9 of 5 aoo 6piecej> t sPid6 Boltin Castote, Tea Bells. Uoi kt-.ftc-fte. AT ~ O’CLOCK. 1 lusibto ben to.completeaud in perfect order. Bora/»« i.’nrrlisrm dec.—A flee cream-ml *rel t«.rsn,l jcaii* ou.acocflrokdrfifr.warrantjnjoaad m every * av, ana tier cf alt itlcks. Can be acui »t caitUse, lor fear prreoca. made is S U Loni*. of the beat mauruL. I • ett ccable hamea?. far c%irU*e 1 wtt co. Co .jor team, » sett* riturl-% barnes*. for bMCT. ifru.A.BUrrsßS&co. • angtS-po’Wl • . . AncUoaseiß. p OVERS MENT SaLE. - Stoves. UT Pip., Goal Ross, &C., st.ncUon. WITHOUT KESEEVE, FOE CASIL On Saturday, August 27, at 3 O’clock P. H., AT CAM’ OOUtiIAS. llSbeatlsg stove?, 4.158 lb* stoveplps, El elbows, sß coal bcc«. ii coal ibuvc;?, * cook a e. 1W forxs, 94 tpooco. U, order Cf aug2f-pC3I-3t_ Anctloaera. FJ’IT 3-aRriELS OF OiDER at auction. On Satnrdvy, Aajnist 37, at 13 O’clock, At Butter** Aacti*n Dooms, in Portland Block, cor ner cf Detiborn and Washington ftreets. WM. A- BUTfERS A UO,. au;is-p632-SS Aocttoneerr, S2Q.OOO«S^. h t^£: BUDSoELS AI,P OIL CARPETS, CANTON MAT TINO.dc . XUK KM IKE STOCK 01? A C4RP£r IIOrSE, A 1 aUOTIOX, On Tpeeday & Wednesday, SeptTCth and 7th, At But ir»’Auction Krone, in For land Block, cor r. rof D-art ornuDd Wuehlngton HtretU. hertaiier. - „„ WM. A.BUTTERS & C 3., auglLllSUt Auetionenre. G HOUbE. XJOE. 8A.I1I: A■* PuteliO Auotio3i f Ox» Sa.2rrday, Sept. lOtb, 1864, At 3 o’cloclc I*. M., That certain Frame Fadniuc Hoaae on the Auitr Pcao, in the city ut Cbl;»*o. luimstly h:owr «- Alexander BeU’e,more ractn'lr ocenpied iTGre«ton& Co .toprth'rwi ft lb- fixtures, *t*par- urexcirao tfrm o(leaß3,f.c. Also, a lo: of Ground Aram Salt and AtUpetre. BVe cn ue tees lemi, cash, For arplvto WM. A. B6ZTERI4 CO.. an2i-pslo*3fflth? Ancticnecrs. r AB&3 TBADE OF a A STAPLE DRV GnOi»9, AT ArCTION. ~ , t On WKrPEBDiy,Au«-Bist.at9Ko , clcci- at Bat* ttra* Anctlon Ihicms In Portland Block, ccrmr cl Dearborn aid Wsibingtonstrefts . ... anlS-sIIS I4t Vi I£ a. BUfTEBS & CO, Ancfrs. BSSiRABLE RESIDEHGE lots in the West Division AT ACOTI9N. Cn THUBBOay, feps. Ist. at 2 P, or the crsmief**, we tbtlt S*ll to tbe~Elgheitbidaer. seycr.l desirable Bu.uttcLo*Btai l l' , -Ci:HNo 5 a dll.iontn ofTwtliUi street, between Morgan and Waik*r, in Brand’s Ad dition. One tightbceahand the balance in»eml-au* ouai payp.ctts. one*i!ebtb with A nnr cent Interest, For rar icclerj see wil. A. BUrTERS A fcbi*-pl 19-lat ~ Auctioneers. A IJCTIOSr. - Tie day (Friday) M% at bn’ f pa«t nice, forenoon, at DwtUnziCO D=s tiUlnes sue. t,i will rsll the entire SonsiboVi Far ntnifl. cOP9't»in«r »f **tn»se!s Carpet*, Kasv and Ho-Urr '■ hatn, Lonrpes-Piriorani Dining Chairs. Bcd-teadr. ila*»-!^r.Ca.tftin«.Ac, Ac. disc—EMiSKDin ‘on’DUmitirrPiajto. 7w*niyl»pcon-ue, lion and wood*bound r*ndcrlng orvlpeir** tnlm, ’ JOHN BATES, ante o"10lt-ltp AncUonaeT. O.ILBERT & SAMPSON, » Auctioneers,4l,4s & 45 Dsarbcra-F, ELE6SNT NEW FURNITURE At AtlCtlOll, On FRIOAV, A ng. »Ctb, at o’clock A. M , We vli>tiorßal«!&'wlarfcO ana epicaaid as* tcnmen; cf Parlor, Cbamber and UtLlocroon* Fornltaro, icclndJcff a fine vflnety of wriout and eti6UatcUr.mbtr setts, t>ith aud ratuiaut msrrie, also v»ry floe . 9Tlor*nUe» lattuSU *nd hair cioib. ma'blfc top Tables, oa» aad walnut eaiole too tiiecoards. vxianrlin ©rain? tables, chsus ot sll klßdi.malireaUrsetLe* one of the beet ass’' i of cocrseviracid in tun city, sad are £om n»st. clerr mnufseturflis. Alto, a variety of Household G «%rt o\ T FurW*oro will esve from twenty five to .tow,ctntbyattsßdioc oar regular soles every M | «me._ioueerß. General Notices. jgIUIiBI ACiDCnI, PULTO2T, ILL. ThU naohUr JtutUttO; n («ia ohl7 MlIlt»;y Js»«J Intbe yieiUn&Wft.) 1* BOW otMMMtt*' a Public iDiiltntior, and will opes its FaR Seision oepteun* mm «4 >«<!» o«r 13 To-rjof titular Slormatun, actirtsa the Prwldtnt, Col D. S. C * eftmice is m Ade pro GEBAT DAI’S TROT- X TZKG. ' ByiYING- PABE COUESE, Friday, August 26 1864, irnno rod sibKc $ 1 ° Hea, *» beat 3i£ tv Harness, J-W. HOLCfiWßcntvsbaymnrc ** Patty Green,” “Joda Me- EJnn?-' ,•• lormMli Kab-clUb. C. T. i IMMICK tnteia ch marc ** Dayton Belle. t econfJ D»y— Saturday, *tugi 27* s*nr»e atd StaJce 9150—*vro Mile lleatito brfaess. . t. p. r,n\cn <a*crs bay gedicg‘‘Div!dGage,” femitij‘'riw.'* • _ Jns. COKLISK eows tb ktldßiK JS“O '‘n.%'raMMKKrot’ere c'jm,re“D.Tton Bells.-- Trorid.r nro erd oo tbs e .-oo»d dorrn g ms TfDbMimWtt«»»» ‘■Vls’va-^’Sf aim .t.fitgM JIB.VA . gni, fna._ iIDSsX. LOST— Tie who took the cc« <rcm Boom No. 1 in McCorel EU UuTdlne and books th'cnih the sds* Oace to A. E. GDILO. Mill J771-VC LOT— On Wed-estJa'. 24th inst., on me car from i r wt«wj « i . . ,1,1/4 Bracelet, turtiu ‘Aiuts. mi ttr’oei wlll d te Itirorellr rowwded oylMTlw it •« 100 a:att s-.-eo; ents-puids taeh Jacket IStaers. Tb-rsrlliturssre pr*paresnpare BcmbcnW-•»* 1-7, frop* m • tmbicßtioc ui orcr Lift:» of rcole.KAtfe- ami heibs, wtdcU pcnaoL cancer; tae«;tbTbe otsoii ircr* the one! oo'- f-ra'ii'-a c*re • hr tr r. creat cUst, i:ea Jtcicct. w Dr. Crstiir, os-*l them facc-isia’l# U* Mb pra«.; tier, ir; ir» >ty yr*rs. nr.-; fu tnsli u- f. ?.fc’Ecr »c Bt-Tpnia’itr la Ibc :r?atTf tt a--d car? oC Llrn Ci.trntslit. ConaMpiUau, *»tßte «€rrotia Hfncecbf. Ferer am Agar-»rd ■!! cJiRf-wi frou toroid liver aod icolkeKUwO ctrwn# aimermr irem eltbr-ro» these-CA-Jis caw cy »h«iascot these Wtere, »hieh are carß rrr - and f»»e frr»e oil •m*, r>ol-r:n9 dayrot ti> la rach and oaim'd on oa an nosotpecTHtc nnMlr. A R-mte Vial jl®** thrirt it «Wr.v«i»| that tn tbo BKO .tAI/KKT tten? I> rifif* which no ether Bi*t??s ooTeas- They atresgtlJon *tJ* ir%vign«ue tho Tbr*y are tin equaled f-tr goiieril debtli.y. ib»y are a euro care f. r dyspepsia. JliPy give a g'.*od and bealtby appetite, Thfey aisist ojcratlo^ Xtey are the best stimulant in existence. Thuy are a pierenfcive of Fiver and 4*uc. relieve copetipatloc. They cure nervous headache. They are penectly pure and paKi»b*e. The Kfcf ; J*ic»et Bitters are ao'.d m fjaftrt bottles b? al> lirnkpim rod dt-iiifi* ’ the country Call fr.r b»rt.X*rk*:CuntJ tftkrt d t o;hw Csrcolois to the trade inpoliac ca appUcattonlo miSfeTr piEf Eas & 21 ttlvrr Street*. Oblea^o amusEntenlß. ACADEMV OK MUSf.O, Wacblncton tiiretc. WOSDAV. AGQDST 7JKb, 1864, PROF. AWDSRSON, Ila “ “ a UR., AKDEK-jOy, miss jIACKETT, Anti alarae co;P» otaiMvs, ia hi* wouderpil and rew iniur^i'juicr.’. • TfE WOHLD OF M4QIO. O’endPaj: Efforts’*ni'n"' on WR7KE3OIT aod feATOBDAY APT BJM OBS, fer tba accOTmuca- Hoc of Lsdlra and ».uiilr< a Door* open a. 2.a ; to < jimVf%%a»arab , 4 s c'elol? offlCS ' daily, betdeentb*.hon.»*o !■ a d»c dock, DcoriorezaviN. Commeac* atß. Ceuta, aat6-pfcMw4tbp ... - Acadbmv os? MUSIO. WetnlißtoQ street, bsL Clark aid Dearborn sta. First I'uMlc Performance O? THE E. L. DAVENPORT DRAMATIC CtUB, On Friday BTeuing, Aag- 36. j»r C C. PtILLtPS has Lladiy voluntJered to tiog one of bU larurue oeilads, “ill that outers IsnutCold*’ aad “The Secret” For east of chiraciers teecmallbills. Adais lon, so cents prlrateßoxes.s3 oo •fickat* lrrß i«oik a o:es, of mnrbfrsof tbeClao. epdiy tho b >x yH;e. Beats can be secured ut th-' B--s ORI '# two case In &qtmc ee, ffcm l® to li a. m. end 2 to 4 p. m. an 23 piM 4t4tbp Hjj- 0 y IOK.KB”8 T HSAXXIS, FEIDIT KTBNIN'I, AUGtf.-T lira, BXSETIT OP E • CHA^PEAII, ■who wtdftpoear In Idar n-‘wrHd nharacte* of i O'fD *»nd hid i»iinTU?fli sa*, in tha ceio* braiec Amtnean Comedy of OUU ABEEICIN COrSDf AT HOSTE, ss lale’y ectcd by Mr chaniraa six coasecaiivo wectß.m the city of New here, wica unooaaeed soccess. CROWDED UOUSE3 Saturday Aftemoou, Grand Matinee, O' iRIKTY THEATRE. - Nta VS and -.17 Deaihom itreet, C.M.CSAWI~K Teaadilvaaaers, T.I*.PITCH Actingasd Stage Manager^ Bc-apr«uaEfe bf the old favorite, MISS CL&JK*. BDTUER THUIBDiT EVKM-O. input 19, Fust eppearoncc cf MR. W- J. THOMPSON And his wooderfolly TRAINED DOG. UECTOK. Dooriop?net7}<; Curtain mes atSXo’clock. Boalz or P>tcxs.—ParQeette.SSceats; Dress and Famiiv Circle, 13 cents; Private Boxes. |1: Single Ceats In Bcxea. M cents : SOLONEL WOOD r 3 MUSEUM. k J. H. WOOD * CO.. Proprietors aad Managers. pow on ezblbltlon.pUete's Court,'or the Trial ot CbtUt, cousistintoi _ _ _ -TKgflfZt: FIbURRSINWAX. riox If ADAM YPBAUD'e OKI AT OiIUBT. LOsMB. nr The Great Muitum, wtthiu »ver sfc-9,ikO tun oaitteal The Invl»lb:e Lady 1 The Enmmons Arnett can Giantess: Eight Feet b'tc! and weighing over fid- PctmdJJ I will apoear day and nl'hL Mira 71 years olr, and SO Inches Buh! the Ocest small Lady Beanty.anexact life-sized representa tion In wax nowreriolov instils ciry.mtda at tbe celebrated *1 uiaud’a Gallery, in will abort!* been(zhlbtticcmthe larg* Mujeum3-loon. The Lecture Boom w?u be clo**d for tw - wcegi for alt*rations. The tpientLdimr company wul open the 29th cf tb’a month. Admission to Museats, SS cents: children, 15 cents. axd*-o»9-iw ' ‘KcoJ 3gotatc-=(Giti!. _ _ T?OR SATyE- Beal Estate by 9eo. JL V, Byrd, 101 Dea»bcrn stre«t. corner Wash- Itßtcn. Several business lot* cn JHchl. an avenue, near Water street; aeo.Midltonoid Mooros s*r»et prrpeity. v*n dt B’ruble. ICO feet front on Clift bluet- jlotaca atlcb-p*n,‘WsHatb and InilUna »*»*• tucs.forri-MCetccß. Wtfct Side proper>yfor bob 15 decks or lo lots- Severa' tracts of Hud?, cat and lonthoi dtv iirritt—iso acre? B?arihfl junction. >♦ a great bargain. Firs: class resadtnee a c<l b®* °:£* property in all parts ci ihf city aula pl 3* »ta FJii SAUii—Real Estate for gale nrexcharga Wo wish to exchadraArst-claai lands In Fonb Mi soml acdWitcoaain for lands >n Central &Ld Konh-ro IPmofs, or uty propa.-tyin Chicago: and forlmproveto fx’irs wt lp»v part rath. Address PO3IOK & ALLLn, Chicago.orJt l.ontj, MuEoml. • an«6*p 33 5t FOB SALE—sen e, B.ra and Lease on Banker itrect, ICO feet we?t of Canal street. a 036 pbiM iw FyR Sfctete. Soma half-tere lots at North ritv Llml’s, Irontmet'A city railroad, brantiloilr sitnated for r*.a!defisea. Also. JSO tf et cn park svenne, at fIS pet foot. AitS. 89 acres on La«e Shore- »■ 50 per acre. Apply to ISAAC R- BUT & CO., 65 Cl.rk street. an3t-pl2l-3: FIB SALE—Fiibs olsoa Ctnt.-Tl Improved Fropertr. . n marble 12 out Stomp on Hie s^ree.. 3 brick Stores on 300*11 '®'ater ttrost. ■ on West Lake street. Ateo.M ten) choice tnsinesa Lota and Lota in au parts cf the city. A. J. AVEKSLL. Real Fstste Office,tfo. 7 Metropolitan block. anssptt2 *ct T?OB SALE Jnst-elasa Sto:e on X? fttn th Water street. IMarble Iront Store on Dearborn stiret. Michigan nveone Krenlenre- Wa bath a*eme Residenna Prairie aveane Ksslleoee. Holiness and heUd'oeeProo rt* In tee best loev t'o t. Apply to J- P.OLtNGKR, Seslhsiate B'o’cr, 4S C.srkstreer. Boom tfo.B. sn2tpet»st TTOB SaJ E A b.stoiasc thiea- X 1 itor? rtrre tronfc Besldenre. containing losr. teen rcotns, finely fialsbed thranchoa’- wl'h all the modern Improvements, location Waban av-oue near Twelfth sirret, lot fall fepth with Brick Bam. Aflneßrck Bes’detce end larea grounds on West Bide, near Ur 10‘ Park. SAMUEL A.aARShNr, Heal Rstste Aient,Ro.4 Metropolitan Block, aa23.p683*9t t?UK fcJfU/E A Voty OeariaDJO 6U X* foctlotonTwenn-S«ooBd atreat. ■ . , Douse and Lot near Eighteenth sc., east cf Mich., can avesna. H* nre ar d Lot on Indiana avenue, near Twenty. Becond street. • 8.8 CH *.mbSu?, au2* p33« It 8 Telegraph Handing. T?OK SAL?- Prup.-t y X 13LotoECxl23*’»ch.laDuncaa*Bftddif03. iniuts. 25X129, weet of Url-DPark. 2 iota. So, onWsst Lafie at: set, east of Belated. Several new houses West of Union Pa T k. 6 tf O. U. BI<i'SIt»SOR, Beal B%tateCiffic*,Ko 7 UctxopoUtau Block. attZFpSMSt V?OB SALE —An A. J. AvirelTd ft? Real Estate office, Wc. 7 Me»roo«lttab Block, GEO. SMITH’S SUB DfVlslOM Tbis five residence cropmv, between Twentteih »ud lweuty*flrat etreciß,lsnowoffered for »ale. Pi>*s farnlmed to sprlicarts. A. J. AViBSLL, J*o. 7 M4irooo!iian Block. • aoM-p^yia; FOKHAiE —Imp.ovta Cciitfal Property on Lake, Srmh Waterand Washing* tenttrreta tndiilchiga'i Avenue. Also River Loia cnNoithetde. a.J AYtRSLL, Beal Ks-ats Otflce, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. apTt-pssa-3; SALE 50 by 214 feec oq Clark *tr«st. between Jackson ani Van Boren meets. Also several finmewbrics awelllnrsmthe mot* desirable location in the city. Also a large list of otbcrvunabiopropeitf wonb* the atwnt'on of purch&te-c.&t tnoofilceof H.A.HOKOBK. No. 80 Dearborn stieet. av<4 pSG3-lw F3B SALE—Randolph, Clark, BTA"E, WABASH, MtOHI OAK. IK oia’wa. PRATFtTK. CaODilEr ABRMJBd BNIOK PARK, oodother first cJbis bnjtpe»s and reßld-ncoprooa:t7, tmhracinK . lar C o .nd t«. an» pISWt Beal Estate Office, Br yaaflall. F3B- BALE Choice ldtnce ia THiIB.B.BRYaK’S Beal Estate Offise: IRDIaKA corofli 01 mctuaenU street. WABaoH AVESOE. aortn of cjnobird Court KOBTa LASaLVE sißEaf-Kiezam Dweiioe. PARK AYKSUR-me Hcnsea-oa4uysata*leaia. A lan e list of toe beat Lake Shore aver Ur lo»a. *nd othtja In alUh’sa divisions of U» city. anli-pifS 3t TJIOR STALE—We ofi1» tor sale ua a 1 til Sept l.Btabarr**n f a beautiful private ml. dence, land, a; fiart.-m nntfaeOi* It tn reread, only 25 mnatea tide from Cblcszo, «nd on vtbre'nurmrs «aA *rom Barlrm O-pot, ant near ere oi the b’tt schools It Cots county. Ko place out rf Cbtcsga offers so greairaeiU'hs to a psjsc-r dolcg r«9»r«»s in the citv, s.OVlLu*-t BaRV-EY. no. 9 Telegtapb Balldioc. au?l ptfii-lw E’OB EAX-B For $825, a ba^utifal X cottago, 134- South Morganstreat, of e zromes PoJso-tlou girenonporthaae. Lean of ground lor five ysaia. au’A piv?-4tw_ TPO-r S ALE. Wo hare tor sslo X irary very desirable r«ldaaee. lote, Koaiu or Chicago svaxn and fact o? LatAPßa oraaaT. and tn the vlctovt? otibeKchh Branch BtursDl'lor noreiato awal in-« iota are n«t a-osbya dinner? an; raie}*» tcnmrv. vr» wtu sett cheap or Iffe for • term of jcve. OGDEN. FLSST ’woo « CO. »u9.of*3-BS SALE O. b. Msrme Htwpi -C tal at Chicsec. lnp»nt4neo of she astßfCoO; ttDJCTtd Juie aumoilxiar ta»*ate of the O b Martas Hccu'Ul at-a gioundi at LUtcD.ilmasiflou vlcttfnn avenue, bet Wat* BtioftaadthsChirago Elver, tctice U betrW Dvib that tet above property wtd bs acid *\ PO-*A aucUoa. on Rth day o BspvmcsT. w « iu o clock &.u?, by tb* Conrotcr or thePorl r ,“sVhn attooccitcm hou««tn (hat city. The of ino a*le are for read* motay Bp'O purchase mom 7 in fuU, tba Zeaitirf cf the Treasury will I rfc-e, sxrcufe aid deliver to l s®. t L Q th«reol a good and suKcleat feed for the eternises, conveying all ‘-he rrtt. Mtie and Inters o me uhl tC with tse act p- cfthnaald Boapl(a> t aad SSwTb^M’* 1 ' H2aantea—Substitutes. WA'- TED —T■> i -lend he pdWio i>»;I am px«! *srcd o inrclah :lu-P B K»vy »nc master luera to its city tor we trna it otr. ivo or'tbre* »vara. *z4 bar- t>im cxeitro »o «»7 fettle wr-rfatie rracipat m-y rea-J*. Tar iff Id the cit» wi o !•»»•* ;n-u :■« ta oilier ‘titr* vdo »!»■' to preccre ;nd hsvs then tos* ♦•rid m Chicane. ♦td c:?ditsi w iai cr*ncis>tl »tKr<beni*y llTr.srrre «*in‘ I'v C*n»:r-i» wtil c-4lcii J.*. S. Curts*- aa-S p’li It O/ To rarnisn sab.ui V * tnTr?«idrPne*e»t.ittTt»jor »b« loyal ora of * I r;atpjoffet«lie4 luox *ab«j:nt'»* io»o*aj ub r p ; /i> m Cluc*s-^—for ttu revs a: t;l*«fe*vo ; ?f&vh.-»ran, lpropo.--©to* o&o. *fl p*y ~ *t»v’ w?as I .*cave fxoiatM 5«Ec a&u It rsqn-C'd, vniUur r fi> p. nl>» t> abor 1 barn 'urniit>»d acaretftb.a 6<-b:ti;r<ta. a: a *»ili tUo ** toiaiuu DfiiinsM c» wi it r J- A. COioX, 50 d:nta ftnet. irni»i>.4J it ■ VA7fitK*iJ£X.V M«-I.i‘iabiaf.Ou d«*-t£ I t r u- ciiawro or tb« ot lillnatJ, went to . 1 ciiy orr-r»od ret rta idtrait fliidfe* t ihftUcryras orforaxhid --i-o * :cprcaeDtftUro 01 ; ! luoiCime t- e: corte v- cj’' nc<? 1 w*ii mz&.’sb good i vi'ceitsMomen at♦bciosca;po«.ibie ttlci*. TTuali 1 »vTjr;»-' , .lfcri'-i.fotofa.fl*L ie.c«ar»ftr th> plaec. , ! ,1. A. CO!i c'Y. 35 Clorti »u76-p *i*-is 1 1 XX7 r-WG'B’r. -viits Subs;l- I T » tetfafw enn fT.9. 1 Sc nc ? 1 caafnrDJfa com tn»" aaiaw.rf loU’-wc? ( taivt- ax? other carry. LftU *vaO ioo as, at o&r rate. I ivrt.ti to -s?» tt eol win do.aa; <vtUrer«r 5 *rr nee iific to wh33l harr (dTiiih-d sued a:d ! *c--ro i o'h^Tea t .. _ J A.count. ! an26-p7»7-r; 5A SiuiaCUtfca-.icc:. ’ %\J jAS' :ED I- d » puy to ecteptahle dacetltasss the hUhrs: ! cri>. cvtc dctvu, r ftr r»ve catiVisjaii vti totm«loTrr t ms aod get me hlJbcsi i Mice .‘bav ary part? ta i her* nay tr'eodJ wao wiahtaga ai «nh»ti«t*ev hr.'?c I tecieir j*Jd win 3' ilssraliy re»a»dvJ hr J. a. c:;LU7, 55 Cliu*«mt. an?opi4t.ii j \S7AM’Et>«B .to? vta i!i.vy. I *f to Bfrcpou;, t«3 three ; sluts vt di»clu»ife».d acldfers, who bsrc sfr/si I j 'ijftga pot s duciiftijje: »o nacw I *i'l o*7 'he ! nlelus-pnciv Hl»a pay lne»aiie to MT«tawno ; » »ji b-:oc '■e »n .»,c.oi; to J. a. ( GOISK, AS Soiith CiarK strict. it i K*> M t rcUduf.'ii^octbeto i f V vboftrePsMewtoe draft asd woo ccJre i fea*B(i‘o : t» i n bD?ly untieiift'elr ae s«4 o-fttharu w»traat.itjoip3. Wi bntcaeaal»aTson band. iad ; can lurc’th tre ; - (*: any pin O' th« Ft*te. Hus U the o U Ir-al nn J only reliable office in the city. . au‘-6j)'177 it . : JfINLEi &: C‘J, 'V\rAir , ' E’->-- Re ! n » p-efestnnr-* R'cni’ts can tbs h'ghjst cith Ct BLjy pale iQtbocit/,br»n3iytc*a: itJ* o* tica ci lbetbc«g-J r'CCinlCrKCompity, »4 D:ar- b T msTs L ferom 5 Thtreisio unp-ii.tica n«> ittefl at Ihlt filler. «nd jeor )3 i>*li in '.tin p*c;»nceci tt- v«nha aseooa v. 7oa pa*» IbodocVr. IFLkY 6 CO. aa^p^l-U ' W AJS vK-» t ts V V topatiGT'zeitat a draft l» c*-rtaln to take p'cc*. sad jq rrd'.r to mcttibe ts gtccei ci ease, w« liift mri-lih tb*m with s'cit and re* liftbl«6or«tt'a‘ceftife lover C?uie itan any otb&r n‘nj in lUlrci'». Wk ref<»rtO'hftl*aoiQ« Merebaalt ana Caaktrsmibin cltv. >ltu vn.w ce U»vi coie but Lt*s. J cw«c-bcr car an? Per, SA : *e%too * . FocmSo 5. WoftieiDfl onc'na- asd onlrr*».Ubl* cffice scs'r r a* d»r a License daly auUiyilzsabf iio Cut cf Chicago. FiMAhl A CO. An?6-p7*7-l5 WAKTBD - Tint per.-ono liable lo draftshco’d recoll-ct that only eleven da?* lattrvtte between to-day snd the commea'eTnent of 'Uis draft, and that they«hrtx«o immeiLyeiy tan w their crreva for sobnUt'W.whUo mowtutw cat* be hat. 1 , lo *IL-.ON & MEKRIAM.4S Clifk Street, »n2b.p7411t TST’ANTED for ona f f i ear, to eo (n th». Xttr. Old S«l‘a prewired, £uhitltnt*t» rx<- so to the vitatMtool River or to tb j All-nic thiyj refer, and have all tne ctanc.’s for prize .• oney. w* wt*i car the l*'«ht«t bonny ratutu the city- WILLSON « MSKRIaH, 4b Clark ttiecL auld-pfHit TS7ANTED Sabsvitntea. ' Ts?o ¥ T rtireser.tit'.vs r? emits. to represent two psr ecus ret ttab oto draft, ai.ti'l thlj dvy. £l»he:t t»»lr t cal j lor mnaimtea at the War Crai2» Agency of P- Elli'osXu., 65 Bomb olark street. ao3»p“?s*.t TS^AKTED-Substitutes and ra ¥ * emits wanted and forpwnad. The .hlriita; «sh botirty puCinhtnfl. ran have choirs ol rejn- Sum cun-ea aufl retrain fnrnlaOad at all tiojjfl. Atplv at No. fi9 State itre* tu ro.,m 3t>,up P.0.80x 8251. G. W. £o£flaM * >-0, cnicaco. AT. ' aur*p.»s is txrANTED—Who Wijjta k Scb W struts cr Cvl at BON* Ham & oc.*d Office, Bjom US Garreit Blocsr. corner oi Koodolpb aiid Butte aixeet!, up-aukr*, aid 'care jeru ora-.-ta. aa,6 oils it WAiS’IED Substitutes t« ko i; f * as? ttrßßCh of the aervicfi la the 4vl nne, t«c or rbrve «r»n», to wham »hs nt-h --«tt c«h pccmlam will bo paid P»a » l-aoie o drsit »nc there fuovltb >c prora-3 will cowvil ts»i*rto-:*ll • r baud in the »*trd-rs at H.T A fi •, 11? Soain ciirt strte; P- ?! otlco Bex 1000. ■ »n3*-p 7StU WA NTED —To uitorm tie public that we are prepared tofam'Bh icnbeD.B.N*v**l lemce.aad tosm lath’s city, lor *t>e on», tvo tr three ye»m. *aa bare ti cm ciedUe l to any State wrete tto orlncipil nayzt«ld& Faiths isth- city who havn mauai *n o L c r piaus who *1 n to pracme snostinxteS; will fltd it to Vim to call at!l7 So. oura-sv. boo set milter pirticolys, or adlreit P. O. H. s loco. [an &pia7-:t] ELI & C J. \\f A I* T£D—rcU« d of T? ever* district In the State of LUmoiacaabe B'fUTCdsotPtitutesup m pavmrns of #s ( 'o. I hxve n.en onh-ml ut aUUmcS* at 07 Washington ttrcct. F. O. bvX V^T'ANTjSD—Two Sub titnwa for ■ w one year, ‘•ho are exempt frem the draft. Address 0 A boxsoo. P.O .stdtrog terms. No Broker neea apply. » au33-p3UJ-3t ■ W-ANIrD— 10° Um for the^uzi. ¥ T beat Mivlce, for one, tco nnl three ?eir<*.for which tfcefollowlrg prices «Ulbepai4, vtar oseyear wen. lo hards *sC3for twny*crs tne’. and for three years. Applr at the comer of -taadoipb and LaSalle ttieets, Chicago, l iiDIIPHT p, S —We defy competition. * aug23-p66»lc 'OTA-NTED -JCO M;.n tor th= gan || boat service, for one, two and three yearef for wtichtfcefolioalnz price* »lhbepaid,vir;o2ev'ar men, |S:O. ca*h In Land; fbnfortwe years, and {6O for thtee reals. Applr at the vomer cf Randolph and Lasaile rtrttu, C^c.eo, P. S—We dciycompetillon. aog3f-p6Si4t XX/'AFTEU—I ; .O ft'enfartas pun ¥ ¥ brat gf nice, for one, two and three year?, for which the joPowing price* wltlM paid, viz; on*, soar r ej, »533. ca*hln hand; «£0 for two years, a-id |6ao for three vena. App'y at thn corner of Randolph •“ “«* ’ ™“ BO ;vM;MDEPHy S%. p. s —We defy competition. angS-o8C&-U 'fS/'Af-iT.t; D lt 0 Men for taw gun r f boat servlc?, for one, two and t ire* year?, lor which the fr-1 owing prices will be paid, viz; oue v<ar m:n »35-,ca^htn.i , ao<*; ti ofonwo yea's, aed »«vi fur ibreo: ears Apply at th«-corner cf Bmdolpa P.S.—'We defy competition. atu2s-p553-lt \XTA iNTED.- vSubptitote Wanted. Tf Uqa’recfD.W.PAOE. ISSandlSO Lake street, op-itacrs. on<ap£9-4t TST ANTED -Becroita to .U. £. V 1 Gnnbcar»erv‘ce. Afewmoreyonmr men want cd. Great IrflncemenuoflVrpA JUocdlbo’.nUoancff jaidanc ttob gh'-st wage* given. Pamw brlana* mreciusr« will be Usually rawardca. cau as tee comer oCßandolpa aru Lasalla str ie*s. In ta* n*s> meet. acSM)**! 5* w . %H7g?gy Atity WaC-T&jl? 6U GutcoAiniia x<a ir tdsa'ely. Call at the comer ot Ranlolob aso Lssalir a :r; cf, veacpcllran Block, tfi the bass*,t,rtciol.jnK oclco t.r MTT F „ TA cO . Calland get lbs highest banaty paid In cash m naro. saH plßj St WAKTEt? Dissted ««» os sis city cf Chicago aid Btate ‘'l Illinois to know that thsy can be tarnished tepr-acntsTivf a at-»n« moat reiocnajlet'jins a-o tie shortest notice, by addles sice Lock Box 6063,xr appirtn-.; at ts a corner ot Bsacojpb and Latalle 1 treats, in Me b^cra»ut. %ul3 p4 Wt v CO, WAX. TiD sabsuttnea aod rep reeestaaves at the comer of Basdoloh and Larslle streets, in the basement Call aad gstt-.e hiEhtst cash bounty that is now ptld w the cl«. • Eo3»p4t»3-5t W.AiPBPHY A CO. T\TANTED — Subotiintea. Dear v T Bira, afVr yon have canvassed the city 01 Chicago, wewonuflike for yon to give nr the last csl-.anait wuitrwibelor joa to say if we cannot give the largest bounty to SDestitutes aid Bcpra sentaaves entering tee 6 S.servise, foraayperloa from one totrreejean. Choice of ssrvlcea'dreri. mett given. Outbost men taken for one, two and thxeeye&rs. 1/ yen with honors tie dealing, give as a call at the corner of Bandclob and Lssatle street, M tee batement. 17IL KUHFBY & CO. an23-p4tf‘9t WANTED Gnntcat men, ted v T also man for U. B. navy service for one year, tow ton will be paid beauty, wmtb. errtemits or fabs*.l>nvs. Atmry linraeilataly at tbo Reirnit'neOftlcocfWM WUKPaY Z *’o Bsndolchand Lasalle street a under Metropolitan Bloci._ . a»33 &483 5t TS7AJSTED -To mtonn all laen "f that are enrolled W the CUy of Chlcagtf. or elsev-heze. that snDiatntas can be fornlsaed at the >h riAst nctiee ana at moat reasonable ifzqs. We will famish three year's substitutes iron S'to to $&o t one iw sunstua*es tram <350 to Address Lock Box 6063, Chicago til., or aooly at na comer of Randolph and Laea*ie stfests, in the bare* i!;cl ° ltl ° g "ga-MCTHmr a CO. WAI- T*L'—Re omits lor U. S. O nnb*at set vies. Aftw more v 0 ong men want. ed. GnatlDducemattsodtred Localorantltanow paid atdtha hlsbertwaseiglveo. Forties ormgtog xtsiecrni'swiii be hbertlly rewarded C*;l at Ma corner of Bendolph and LaaaDe s pant a, la the bate* ment anU.pSSI it W. MURPHY A CO. "IS/'ANTED- 50 6nnb?atmea IE »» mf<*l&tey. Call a? Me co ner of San-ioipb aid La<at*e *ti eel*- Metropolitan Block, in the base* eenr, recruiting office of WM, 51URPHT fs CO. Call and g«t the highest beauty paid *» t r « cash m land. an-L-833 7tj W’ANTi.D- Drsf-xd msa ot the city cf Chicago and State cl Illinois to know that they can be furnlsb'dr-ipresertativjaa ths most nssuiabioterms aao the addeet* »t me come? 01 BhtrtflpU6t.aLaaaUo«irette,inthsb*»mnent. anSI-pCC* It W. MURpiir & CO. ■\XTa.NTED— Substitutes arid rep T » rfßfatat:v«3 at (to comar ofßaudolpb and Tarallo strr.eip. m the basement. Call sadtet the hi beat r> abbot uty that la now paid In tae city. an2l*p3i4*7t W. MDKPHY & CO. T/17' ANTED Sobititutts. Tear T T Sirs, after yen have catrvavad *be city of Chicago, we would like icryonlo give oa tb-» Utt call,anoit will rhea batoryon to say if -'e cannot clvetne largest bounty to Substitute* and Kepre »titanic* entering tba C. 3.sorvlca. for any DB.lod irons one to three yea's Croicacf service ana regi roefct siven. fcuobcatmea taken, for pet, t»oaad tlrteyesrs. Ifyonwtoh honcrabli g»vras a cell at Wt corn.trot BendQlpb ®*««t, in the basement. wll. MU«iPBY A CO. ami-pcM-lt ' WT AN.TED —Guncosti ire., f » ai*f» men for B 8. cavysrrvl e lor ena year, to whom will ce p»‘d tac fitgha»tca»i bsantr.wb<vb» tr recrnite or »mstitm»e -jrp-f*ni*nw!!a'6l? v. too WM.HURP?Y ACO.ccmsr rf B»cfo"ph and L«sll8 street, under Ho'iopc'itan Pleck amiyisi-it TI7ANT3® To niorss all me, V f *:»t b?etnrni|«d fn tbs Ct? ot cniotgo. or Fltfwbeie. ihavsufsu utss can pe furnished st«bc gi o,tiVr 0 ,tiVr not es and nt moit reasonabl- t-rms. We will minlan.tMea Bear’# substrata f r >m s',>o to . rra vw sc^ ll U- 0 ® W |. S PO. Aidreta rf ittdHpc *xd strestf, la tbebaaunsa:. «Vb" rlt Rermillns Cfflce. - w G !° ?.Tf ult WW. MUR? -.T & CO. ero iient. TO EFNT—The twe brick sto'oi, 179 sod 383 State itri-cLbc-wem Moaraa aid A> ai. 8; Ar** 20x*0ie-t with oa-iimsiU. t& ft to H-.Ffißaßfl, ctsris fltrect. au24p7552t ___ _ TO KEKT The s> co- dai d thi d storea In *ta wcst?r:y at-ro of cohb*c nr» Bosk. cotntr of Vlchtean av»rue *jf**sr wiU he ready lor H.A 8.8. WRITTIiMOBIC * CO, 37 Lak*»w au29 i 659 66 __ TO KTNT~A ntw Dwelljug Cons?,23GOntariostre t, eaatnf««• taming tl»bi xnmnt.mth. *U iHi; tncpt*. App;y to K. W. GBits Potndicy » BoilcUg. TO BENT Or f--r t».'o (with i't 1 .on .tie ■..u Oollt iwr’•?? » bs !, r - c ? u ,’?.' bcuae. pleaiamly locatro. »t*ar biocjfc nortajD-Cm cszo avenue, rear well' atjett. A. dxe»« C .T* TAGK."Po*tOfflca Box 3330, Chicago. Illinois. anlt-bSUSt TO RENT—The fourth floor of 164 Ifk* itteet. well •Jsotad fer ■to rare [or manataettulcg. Apply at 163 Randolph rtroet.- autO pX7-«t TX) RENT- A part of the firs-, floor I and basement of the eattatorem Cobb’s Block, comer of Lake Hr*«t and Michigan Avsnarf- Aeply to B. B. COBB .196 X Dearoon aueas. na’S^a^lt ffiSaautefcs&sente. «TANTED A 011* to s.ii Piesi .T»«* *£*mwS3{S fStSSW T.V >l of :rran nr«-cs Ore ' nidffdo'r •o^prca^. EttrpJr , ; So"y9rAK?oy. 3taTn:> ra(ror^Da I*»> •■ ff*h street. »-lnt;nnaTl, Ohvo. .asaptfcsx —' "-«TAi % *’> 6T-' VT.«nt.' $75 a » o;it sell Suns? "d ••' (ht ... *>V hiisVvt * c.uumi-«wn o>»:: cn:ii"M told Ir in so> Me:-*. will «*> - 1 ... -*»t kU otto. AdufW* it *S« SINioSJ CO aaiHiJMt , *-CS7 WT «ii*nr jeoit ** Won-torm! inrcaroa o' lb« A 7«*'.«TT*ftru%t.c>L itti: mwacttoMby wMcb. snt i-ei-er »«TU«m®? eaa«*.»e * re-fert !ltea««« *ptof •Safe tSTASTsE"- Af» ese/getic, /e- TY *iaMec«aTU2e:>er^on^steadr snl prod*. o\lo ttrrlvjtßatt to rallies litsoiat'* isit&Tit STatu* s.» wo tct jw-risr« mens coataM«w «t-p l. l» .C.BUl' M 4 1!!>!£ t« •/vS?'^TO C -'^.'ST>' ! tfßilctT evtC At.p*r tOrtHai 1L oafs “Ja&nun wK-piStt TJC7A r^TE£?.-; A3 Ageist to a* U at \ » eTr ry y«ir and P nilnel mtietrft. ■ *ls to »vi wi»e err *'a %\ v-e rt-.T-’tea. »«nsctTtso,nKtt.'.iAi.TvndPßO* rtT.ut»ttt«.Pt“«tt'Tor (,iii jk. x? rf i r. s»®nrt tor urcolif. C. M. puaS * COTIStS and 184 Otari strac^ Ctocrgo. ftO«SS-psSßst \T/ xVS'J! EO 300 JU.di-=S )I(! He;- Vt tiemen I?C!P »n ?a;tacl lha Wert, to act a* tctitslci vt* ta'4» f Latt'-fli-* >i PAiserta I»;»a* citif i »trt,b3)>m*sofero-..1- g. 3nratuh-II jn eTeo f.Crl **• *DOlCf* Oflt Cu4?'fl to sr«E** bTat-Y** ■wiLDrK, rcomls, no «au», c ■ iifftrls’a Bcddlc-r. (omir o( Bjndolpli >QI Uta.'Uis»ir*o s,CbKRaO. P 0.t0x609a. «ttJlp3-.*Vlw _ XVA¥TlS'i>—A: ests by -C 19 ■ » PE“T &’loa BodPuVtahlrt 112 r‘»rxh-;rn strtft. -cclc*er, Illinois, asc 38 YV-rtFconb itrerr.n’asntafl.Ohio. Cy liaelcrive tcrxrtrry etyra, sad saparior Ui* (petff ctis r.jT'.'ed. Btcd iur vfftnlaJi. vltbldlllcfocJiutU'a. •s32pfßSSs _ ■ i I Lo-dl tgccts Por m'di of rawtriee and wc Aar* as «a«rc» vmeli will r«Mlu*pay ? atu fls ntr ea? rtn bfetrercra «>lltata nonary FcCSe- se i vrr irtrodncen. ard ct?ar artic’ea ic grwt deniann Watch.i. ir* C*aa h* hits. Care r.t. 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Chicago, Boco SSH Vfaihlnsloa-s?. anlT-piiwiH WAstTl'D -Agfn’d- Hecdquir- I *ra for Casoaiia Me**Mt o< the dta’ei’sat riacdidate* tor PreMcent ard Vim Prr*Maat of *a« Unit dsratfe. Ae.n*nc&timak^tw»cty-2va doPon awecl’eiJinethm. Staple* lent m revipt cfai cenra by van K. it IANIjoH, Arm.. ss L-»ke at, Chicago, HI. P. O Box 4422. aall-wTJ -m WANTED - Good Agsats 'in V * every connT? iatbeNirthwe*. 10 icU Schon bent's Staarard Allas of the World— asm for the price in the Salted Stater. What on- >*;en\ says who b«»s tried it: (aar. ttri, I ana >O, Aifsnr 1 have nres on* aocat twit weak! ar.d 1 bare »Tf raved Slit a (fay. Srrd as esiecia»tlv Svmom cftba AVIm. OHN C- Wit,~OX ) Kcr terms a a eacyanni? f 3 it ZL LAKDO**', Oersrel Agtct fcr tte west, S> lAba neet, Chicago,ld. sn3 oJß>na "YyCTANTEib - si.oo p6L j MoLth w y live sod B«lUblfc Arean la tb© Army aod everywhere Hoporable and Doitclr. Addreii cr apoiy w V,a» O. GAPQP.AH. HR Broa.dwav. N. Y. ivyvtms-aa X\f ANTED- Goes agii-M to feil ? W njv new eaxmvlsy ectltlad " Horn* ot* a bar* Icneh.** Pnajaved Uj John ganals. Fhili- Oaa cl my old a© erts writes nr: *1 rever bar? acya any* th>a? that began to a*.U like iV Por v axiica ,l >re cf»LJ at 18 tortland B:*-cfc P O JtrxA-MS tead«saK» ft>rwrtD»,Ae.toSAMCTBL PKfi. cWco.-o.lflJnrds. Jysrwo'i-tf svx Sale. TJIOB SALE —Chtac. A small -T Focy.slx years old, Battab’e foratoyorlady U» tHecranve. Can be seen aJSIOK-stiiddiscn meet. Bold fcr want ot nar*. aap-p7t«t T?OK BALE-A large hoiizoatd J_ CondcoBlB? Encine—cy'iader 20 by ir—asarly new, enc ell in perfect order; made upon the meat approve! p:ao, aid will wore either ay Dish or low preesaxe. Cat be seen at the Vulcan Iroi works. .:n vllntcn street, near fttUon. ~ ag2s-p*3u 2t • FjR SALE—Very cheap, a pmo cased 21elcdeon ( Stool and Cover. Con be seen teeweea 10 sad 12 and 3 and 3 to-day. at 7S*es: Uonxoeit eet. amib-oTOJIt FJR SALE—Locomotive Boilers, 201 eet ic&g. 15 8 Inch tabe*. dre box with water back,steam erna—all cumpteteana usood order, 'tot-ai'-d. one, two or thrteflae aoiiers.23 feet lony, i 3 Inehee ciamoter. Apply to GBIFPIA ABO 3, an2tip7ol-SOt jG-OR SALE—Blcndoa Saw Mill JP Machinery. Twoeartrea, three biGcri, boiler frotts.araits. iManiand mad pl.ves, thafua/, gear mu. uuoae nacs, chaiar, Ac, with a large Qoatticrof old aoc.bncKr.Ac. a, deed opportunity is effered lor a -y tae who ma» w ih to oatid oa tame p:tmi?co or jo remove f-» »t.y otisr For oaitlcoiars apply to Yiii. EOVEY, Grnau Kapidi, Michigan. _ bUM.p»i3 3w FOR SALE—Family C.niages, Tt P Bnegiss.Ko Tcp Baseief, PCS'tors. Sc.— apora sßeortnwini-t' Itaoieto 00U1 cuy and C'da'ry r saie hi lessihao present co»? to miaatioCnri*. tt pi)NM i«Casi'i«iAn»l*aK SKrOdtT ißr.tty ssa 69 Cats: (Sicet.ncsrMaadnattrcecbrlfße. aa26-p?U-2c FjR SaLS.—To Pi inter a. One. Norihrnp Cylinder JohPr;»ts,bed22s23 Inezes, n-w ardin tufectcrcer. One-hu*? es f'-uabinvio.i bo a,pUi:ea7Hi°Hiacbff,new. One Rojc*i« Ola. mesa i.otjyy Cun Two isu-'j'iss Ci«d Cn«ier*. 2asSo.flchtß. Oct> m«flicwPd-e** •-.ujte'.aa Induf. new. ite 6nsch Caid Canter, lor cattli* • urlps.tew- •applf.toQLO. fe i*an*,er, 12 Ciari. cucet.CMCspo. aa2s.p.W-?t C OB SALE—Tie, good will JP and fixtures of\be Gncery, 82'S:>:th Clark sireet, sew mar a sr»i<M trade. Will t>a ecld to: c»rh. ep.*yto U. JJUtdE, on the premise*. ftUlB p733 It 1708 SALE—AtiheCuio.goPiaso jC Facibry, 138 Scoth Dearborn atrest, an t'e a*rono Uoor,aT:irl-.'ty Of 7 octave p'aaos for »*le; 7 B«cond band rlaacs.roeewof.d ven-era. tor sue: rea ulmislni ; O'* nm-clara hllUard whin for salat tno. iLt'boifo; eal?,cy J.PiIESION. aulipCCSblw . - FJ R SALE. —Two Cohch€U suits- Me lor livery • r Fund y n*e. Osn fine 8 *e*t -ac ei?d A number of eeatt. Foas'cts fli.cih-Jari-'s*. stork cf oo?stain the city, at Sn-lion & Tanic’s Repceitory. on Marict auett, near ‘Wsehltwca. FUB SALE—'Xhe EtcoS and ax- a flrn‘-cla«flMniDe'y Eatabh<ibm : st. I oc*ol thebeitclMfisln Il'lt,cia,tw>nk all nearly sew. jpo anotinu tn f.’.p 0. 'Krmshsif cash, Pxlancc3,', Paro 12 oionthf.nJlhßOOd teonilty. Address r. O. Bex 2450. - aoi2s-p6a:-« f AX® - A %hti H-M3J Sii- Ucnwy Btc>m end noiTer_n # roo 1 nn. otiFO'drr.icr sale cheap. Apply ? o w«. BißV#, vaHATD, at the Garden wty EtearnKpßl-e Boiler ffciV.CtUcago. naU-psMlw F3B SALE Sako~ and Boar- ing Fooae Fnrnrnre. at So 27 Nneta atre’S, bet -Labe and Banuolpb lU. Itqaua of US*. ». J>iXOB. aal4-psiOl»r FUE t ALE -Tie Boilamg and lease cf grocad torlhwoat carrer of MatUos •adJefirps'-sati, ih.-rA arn two stores SDxbvand rccxrs oveihead. A scad pUc« torn Qroc e ry. "lint and Fee crLlqan-s. Apply to L.H.o*CO«NOK aa Smith & Flank's, ICDsoath-fja'erat. aa2l-pS3*-7w T7OR SALE A fusx-class see sid- X* hand firebox bclltr, tbl-tv five (S3) power. Bst forty-thr»e <*3 three p* In uiefcut a licit time. Address WILLfAM HlL* MAM, Ottawa, lUmola. »oi3-psnt; T?O'H SaLE Ligmcs aid B .ilars. I* Faperlordouble Bonnes, 60 bcxaeoowir each, and boilers cf mil capacity for the e. am#s—all ol fti*tc-aea Tngtarlala aad Wo’lnn»n»h p-hcater, cut off.sovrrncr. Ac atahirzsla. Apnlvper •ocally cr by letter to E. A LAY A CO.* 1.78 Booth svatcr street, Cb.cseo. F. 0. Drawer &I7ti. aa23-p«96t TJIOESALE -Hpcn easy term?, a X tft slrabla stone ball 1 : flou; tnr tuiiJ, having three tnn oi s’cae. with rapacity foe four, situated at Clintoe vilie.on the Pox River. S9 miles from Chicago, cr tbe Chicago aod Gal*na nolun railroad. Terra is a cooper’s *b"p and wna rendeoce prooertystso lor sal-. A polo to BM. PANTOM on tha premiss*. aa7S*p4M-(t FJB SALE—A fiist-dass Second bscdPortablo Boiler, is bersa power, lost as focrtsstfW. It Las a"4 Inch fire flae tod 2J 3 inch rttnin Caf9,7s tcet las* steam corne aro o eneft jrpa. Apply tt O. T. C2AN2 ABBOS, 102 West Lake 6 tree*. auiO-prcfi-lw FOB SAIiS—A Steam Milt. The jubsenher otfert for tala tha valaaole prop* aziy >n Lt CILUr, lews, torn tatbs M Bwaa Mills.'* Treiraiatrailoimr, 35bv !b feet,ton* stories h'yh cCLudcsChreeiaß of atcns,siit7 horsa engmc.ard other neecamry machinery. On let. and frdnvnr tbs Hluisilrpl river, is a two-itoiy warshewa, text? feet, for no:in? and ship. E tee flour. This prepmv is moated nooo cl tne tr. (Qiua gxcwlns teziossis the State, sad com* maoCsalVE# lomitrade. It hw direct railroad and water cuntmimleatlos with C&lcc.2o and fit Lems markets lor any surplus- The abeva property will be sold lowfor c*eh,tiwer arva-ateiy crtoeKhn, Kimaybe derretljcr vrllbe exccsreed for good Cblcsxo property. Apply to DABLIn'BTGn « c6,.Dayesp>.rt. lew*. iy77 nTOiLim loathing. BOABDING.— Count.'? board, plfcln ar d oo moderate terms. wanted ft>rial*ay ■with a little boy, within twenty »ih» ff tne' ctar city Jimltacn eor*e ralw>*y- * craanrly nwfui about tie bott 'J s -^ AHdr*99?m KP IMBll* Or flrtrw ivdy ißtV* it fa 1. P. 0. Drawer «■»« * a ‘ gt>, - ) lt BOA’S DiJTe.—"A-ie cr tow eas- Oma can 6. .ceosn=«»Wj1 .la ltd a laice ,£ ggso • Addreaa * TT. ioiloSJ.. ao2a p<J3 at . - . —Board wanted by . . oQpe f eaUeman. In wme reapsetabla taml r iJ. 3 »” «o«- uoattM IITMU adar.«rw .gfi-pna-lt BOi-K 'IS - **.—A cQsi.Vblii suit ot nnfcml’bf‘l rooms to rnt. with zood board «-d aj; in* crlvneg'arr &toze,canbßta*<i ny eoo’f inj atCCl'larc aTetoo at» pill 16 I'IOAHDING,— A etntlcmrii aid 9 bis wife wrh to enrages suit of plea»«it /rent tcrtsS^r ~fKrnl * *lth Do<rd, at apr.Tiie borne wCtre Uer-Si9 bu*>:«vorEoolb» onardsrti. located In e>tfc*r th.-i Korth er Sculh D’Tiai-BS-tcr wcicu they will pa? a liberal price. Address “& C.” Box» riye ac‘ual feratlnn* aulfrp?l3 It OOAl>I;IfU-> Boaid «a=tta lu a .x 3 piiyate family,foraerndeoan ud wife and two chiidret-cJtla, Address box S’All, Chicago, Hi. amn-pdli-kt 'OOAHEIN'G —An unfu-niihed Iren” or heck patlor. and an nnfimlphed front room cn s< coco floor to let with bosrd, it 6S Acaras et/erc. Aliwdsr D aiders can also be auo<>'n?xo. dated. aoto-p67Mt ■OOAKDJ.MG I can aceoti'.cUtd -2,» «v gepU'ma* and bis wife wilb a salt of utfar* msCfd ro>*n.a tcdbos'di’ wyirmte fdoiilT, n-j Address*'!! ’’Post BVAKD'ifG -Wavirly H-nse 323 end 925 Kiezle Btieet, Good roama and bcsrdaijtxo asd IBJW per week. Transient F2.*o pero*y- an2l pa~>B-8t aSHant«bss®omsiwnflcutio ■\X7ATiITED Oerresponaeno-. * * soutksßrtleman rt*»i?.a to roim tbe ac* qomir’srceof some soungUdt who would *»»▼« no ob * cllcn sr-'si to plscei oi,»mo*etrent or burw* «dj»* »lbhlm a<J3rrflj.-nnPhoto, cqa.Bt*T 8 OBiT.B:z66U, City Post Oflee. aa .S-p7*Mt (fig! antes. "WASHED JB?a Aiaeil r*' u«, r M Mi:» u ciftii'or to » r»r Ccoo- cj a otty ht'rt. S-i»n aomnnea « M D-?mvt.rht S’{9ll*loo M»» 30 >*♦> W U* . GTcd f .r »t IAS Utou»•:?<-*, or H«n£ »< l s Jri»iiii«tc« »aa Kir.plojmttl Office. JOT *-wc > rr*t» »uK i>-*3 It W AJPiTB-D—i> , a jcai-g man, a sl’ntt-on in nor.t md itoo/is*u*o, J_ b ’ ; J ll3 ' 1 Oa,. give jti*>d r»f*r*»c«, r h T«. rt « cbeap * Pc '»» idrs-a • W.’* Bex WAKTit5> —’ iCmeoUKiy, t»o I. ,£;“»£?< ££.§£& SJtSFLfS it IfidSonth Ctotwmi. 1 Wa^NTJitD'— A . ecr.£ci'hrnf* Hay •cale. of from fM»rcos*Tton«. u.NYMOSf EAYiy.'. errewes JlarSti aad Midi*.a sheets &nJ'!-p'.tbU 7-SA' 2ED Boa< dby gentleman T » •t'lwve. in a whet* the:* tr« roc-.U. boj?<!tr;, ??»>tor SUie.aad i»crU ot n;h hirstr, crcrtnca. Kocccs furebbea address with t nr* >O-1 ocatlou, •€,** I>MW« flOOt. ao'*C-i>W-t . HrANTED—A lest good ram to T i cor Willmv spnaK fee Uooses. and oncer f-tll «e miner nr UtarDoro u« slmu> icntmetf. B W. fBOMna & Cu. »o3» /r»it WAt-'J'JtD— an t-XijtiieLced ■ boli*’ etrnation •« eop>t#t cr toon- A»Uaaiiona»mv>l‘la< Bcei.t ur saie&cso -or* comxUHionlniue. ll*o, a mc.ttco oat®;© a *n in * wtulatale or rer«il do tco<lrticu»-; Gco-i peierfcc«s ep.-.lyatS-t *»ear corn strtt:, Ucox 3. _PlaLa\ 3t CO. »n.»y*2T-U CVaNOED Ckrtg, b oiiSeptrr., f ’ luletmeo, dn «ooi» and etoco;j cleiSf, oor t#r», la.**Ue»-te.-8. fe»c mg ma»ucns an*old »;>• ply at aad»lc* Tmlßadeeis A«.oc7. >4 iltsibTS atrett. 3. optb Ibbrencts tu Hir.cjiM et. •Qtf’tfSblt i lUtVSY 3t CO. ' Ibdjfr ir tbrEa t f ? wliliesatitotUor a vto’efsle or retail u.Ula- ry la&eas tnn:c.*r t orwc.nld»aperu>Tc3d • «;o-e. a»i been it tie baiiDier.and-»» well -^-boimaci-a. ttCQSftddrtuedu ‘VI-sb NOKWI B,’*Cawajc Pan Otteo.wUi aeetproxpt attecnoa ar* Spite at Y \f Alt Tkl) is c. r O or.p e■: TT iff Ills. A stunt U0t.16 yesrs old. ttat c»n beoellTeccminendee. vp.Ltt to ij«rttb( tmorcoo per*a>!tb ccrlo»w. Alice "dcreawd toßoxlfhiO nul n>ft with prrmpt aitcPtlon It ad reawa to ja MctiOV£Jss.lßL«ai!eaired?. au2S-p7lO-*t Xl7iiNi KD —A mm to Use in a f * nr.Tatdfu&Urtoaeoon*iTtow3. bow to dry oar rt use care si boticr, lullk, and make lliaeesf esnera’.lj rsitnl. t'C’Ciss p:r/'rfoo. s»n:t coca well recotciDCuded. Apply in ptmoa »t *4T J.176T airtet. »a3Sp7idU TU AN2ED—A second bunc SKum. TT Jvaire. S. 4. 8 or 5 hfitss Address wub descnptico- pnee and Office Box 4i#, Ousmo. anA-y'ltS: V WANTED —A saiisiuan in a ye. ullboot a&dfV>estore. Mmtbe thortmeblw acqnaiated wito vh-.- bunnew. Irnsytroos «.d soed moral cboncitr bote db-js rs*d apply. toy.. n.£AUouK aco. m 2 Uiii Kicet >t TX; Ar-TUD- Two jouig isaies V T capable of teacbreg the EraliaiTlareoat* l3 ail its traicbee. are also cotopetsn: in Kranca and Mo l'', tte ctr.Tonao* obislcm* tltoaticas as asr. elastic* la respictsblt linlu»Bor wontdlaas c aa**.j of a icbooi. f e*t ot rtferaoccs gtv«B It r*dnifed. Adlrcss MAR? EL and LIZZIB, p. o. Box £llß. ao;opTl7 3t V\7ANTED -Active, induitoioiu f i men, fcrLl'e Insurance jjolimtrrs Libera] eommlu.ozs will o« paid. Apply w AQ.iiUaibjdu BIOCS. &ti'!>p-MKSt WANTED — Lifurmjiicc Ai,y one mowing theartiiieas or bavlig anv Lt> forzrstioD wbstbVc? ot tbe whereabouts 01 3. 3. OLSBN, -who formerly lived near Chiesso, will leraiavoron te© omleisbned by leacm* «»£•; to Brv. 8. L bDEUQAid, Mtue»tlae, lowa ao:6p»Sf-*t la/ANTED—A situation by-an T T active bObUjese maa-» permanent rittuMon ty the year, at a f*ir «alur>. ma some rul-ab o Pasi reean-intrUim either aa SiJieman,T»«. velira Atfit.onMicof Cltra.Of inujy 1» bcoorab’e. E« i>. wllioc to rc>*eu bicora ; r e rally imtal to fair tpplOvMV; ras -ecn r<r aroie ei» bter lire ye* is tie aged 10 the eofiortfira pom nr««. wnah-»« »a «'*D»ivf acqoHin'an- e'oroahent tbewe't rn?xc*p ua-joie '•ir-»res.e» elvc-i. ao dxete **l D w.”Box 12110. Cbica :o. atua ccrf?-3i W ANTED—To sell o.Lr of iTM,Ea.'f i >'*!iirol 1332 s eleofopaetC-V.i aod Pal* Cclis Ml • »vet *.r«a» l'9o tots’*?. Pof p»l;o aco 'f c* rrawer Po:i OiHca. Chicago and? pis?.ii Wasted -At OnenuJ iWil’i, JUdfj.'n »*rfe’- a Fh’raan; air., » ermpttfct Hoar PactTt. C. K. CLM3f;ti» Ao-j. a&LS pCS-ls _ ~XXJ AJfiTSD—A sitcilion ss f.!.i£s t f maa in ft wholexaUor r?t>ll Cry fwlcleetle prefernd; by » joan© »&atl2mui with pood mtrracAc, »td fLar y-sra i in tne rets I cry gooes >rade. AddXtW, fd7 three c*?s, V S C E. 1 ’ Inonae effee. aal6*>fca-tt WAMED.-Ecoc waited f^ra yv g*nxUmsz aad'fc.wtU fnrrifhtc,nita ont board, tear (he centre, in eitserDiVi oa ad dress Post Office Box 107 S. anisp«Wt TXT ANTED— Aa aciive yoeng iu an TV frem tt 1 © East, of good moral cb\r-*ciur, vcnld like a »tuatfcn where work !• nrlak. Is a K •<?' i nf£iu*B> ran inralth tb- beet of city »pprova!a. Ai drets **H. 8..” Trlbona Office, aaO-pSA tt TTTAKTED- A sAnaiion so icii a T? etatfonaryecsis©, by » eoanetmt epslaeer, whccaD furnish goed refe/encM as to c«p«o‘U*y, Ac. Acd esalnauirer. ChicagoP.O. ah£s-p3Ji 3i 'T'O BENT— Paloaa of ihe Wei: X ects ircn#o. La mw, Wlseocsls- A ptv'ax Inrmctlttt. if. H. BASTES. aais.pbG«6 TXTANTED-To buy a house, lor •T T removal, in the Siam Dlvlalin. J. W. SPRIWGF.B. No. i Metropolitan Blocs. an2J.pfi22-«t • . tXTANTED—By a gentleman a=d T T bis wife,board la a onvate family where there are no cthtr b.ardtrs. Weald pnrctasn ahiase ano innntcre.oT the foicl am, «nx assume the le »c, provxred jocatftn, etc. are favorable. la e<to«T c*ae a f xoracle (pponaiity ittfers, ai tns adverrserU wlMng to p»« well for joss what is deaxrad. Address •• Mtutbani.” 1333. au-L'paiS-<t TXT ANTED - Pictures fcn tbs v f san.whicb, 00 tho plate Imor'.nts tb© far* wish Hr*- aid ev*ry ,ra e at PbOaOS & J36 e*nn - h Clark st/eet. Basdflfcl Card Ttofc-reoha rnlMhio for Alans*, IT.CS ner riosan, laigs size fnotogtapft, BlXt*. an2> pS“J-i5 VGO'AN'. 1 E.D A; encngen-ent. by ■* ■' a person who tet>orou2hly'acriuila; a !dwviu sa*yeyts«. lev. tin**, romlnr and matm* of straa 9, cctmaotloa ot »ev»ero?e sad nuins, laying oat c»met»rte9atd ornament*! pleasure yronECs. i:h is al/o ncrc.a>ccoanoct. ’Toaicl latto a »J;a«ti.:o as <176 State vriet. a 025 pito n _ WA-M'iiO To a C. U:-ge » V or »nlt of rocms, far a small fvily, 'no rblifreoiwlfm*-t*aorfllt**n mouses niU ot th* Pci: Once Sooth Ssce preferred Ar.y o<ie having tnch » place will flbo » pro-, p: ptylag .‘•ißO'. *y ariCreinsg Drawer <H;fß,C;ic*«o, static? and tu is a. - ao^tpSlSit 'CIOANTEJ> A j:sTc;aitr jar a ?T flntc’sn Krccrry 2tor-- f doloe asood *n.i c«r, !n rr-e cl *he most pleasant *na tioar'shio: town* cf '-hs west TtO best rfreasons «tvftOJOf jeli;rp. rp*b capitalrequired about |a 00.' it, i ,** TtthcLg cfHca. ; amt-pj-i? It A.sitaatiod avia ft tastbooiteaser,eu*r^clerk crß*le?ra-n in aciccery tore, by wbo i&j had expe rience. flood xc.'rrenctA KlTtn. Fisas: addtriJ ** K Ci** TiAr nag office. . 1- pC IO 3t - Cocoa,3raitin<r. IJO ? t yards ye» or hot It le W-ita wou Tdhapnr chared at a tatr price. ACdrtriaP. O. Craw-r 6077. anli-p:«-st ■\X7'AN > i - ED -Two nnfurni lied f ! tecmiand twaid Jn a private family, bv ae*n- wt-e.or • nice Inynubcdbousecortim isr about eUh - rooms, on the North Sid*. with tctxaPottOfllcajJor 720. am’i-pMS-Tt TS/'AK'ISI) Immediately, a ;,iac- T 7 tlcolmeat entterand Mlaimviln emanc*:. *lro a her to deliver oiaers. Ano-v m tne mtwpnon «VMI4 6t*te»Uiat. VfALSES & ilia.^LtY aa;4.psC~««Bt 'SATAETHD—Six House Ca pea. v tors and oit good R'tcd Maher, to so to the copctry. wore seed apply bat tboroa,h msc l ; tmes. Acdmr Boxols. htoamlagtoo. 111. ea2Lp3^lt T/tTAKISIt— A fir. t: ate second w V ejrl, to wbemeoed wases ?nd steady employ mint "sill be glvtn. Appiyimmooiatclyat 11 1 '•'»*- bxth tvenne. >ali-p—it TS7ANTKD.—Tho Gold Hu tei’u y ' Advrptnrca.orLlfelnAastraUx.nor-r-sdili Eecacea, PitMoas >»ra?ions aspect* tl; rs. Blcodv Battles, Desecrate De 2 md Lu-it-uoas Mtvatiocs smear U*nvlc s, Ticie-of. Leave Men »od Miners, ore oiiifl aid escitliu bocks evir pub tsbod. AoS'iva "-t-i** xd ev*i* wbrrs, to sell this addolfrrvajaubi- 7'irks. fiettby mailon re-etut cf is.O'. Call at <’-M --jnittOE iiitct, or idoiHS UtjniN'SO.i A TII'.UAiJ, f.O Lrawrr gSOOCticajo. ill. ai?Op^.-4t 'TI/'ANTED - Distbkd Offiotrs T v o?d Soldiers, bonot&Wydts barffc-! trim tro atmee, »ia in vast o- pr> fivsbla employment, po» eni’ar ? adapted tetoe r cooclUoc, ihi'Jd acdr»s Per Offce Drawer 6011, Cb'csxo. Ul no's. etyto , : Cat* ot o>scht:s*. tumeof com jap? ajj reo* ment cucti.»es so4i-pAi9-6t WAIfilD -A ycuup 6 ; r:i:an vf it year*, of are, looks a iltasUno tn t store ora briel reads acd wnt*" English and Gerirac, *nd la willing io work. if. Tribune Office. aagLfrp3ut-4t TX7 ANT'Ej 3 - Civil Engineer—The V V A«lv«rtiHr wishes to engage the serrlcea cf a Civil Stzineer. One who b** hao soma ezper!*noo ip lance oat rovm ristr aod lots preferred. Situa> non wjl prc.napi* be « penrarent coe. Address Cairo. IL. Poatoffice Drawer So. 3230. aakß-ofr«-10t WANTEU —Vo• too Gvveruaiact, jn tbe Onartermaatei’a Department,' at St. LcolJ. at maatb Wood chopper* it lift per mtntb; Teamsters, |to per month; careen ti*rs and *»soa Wtktip. 17" per month; with rations Wre iced snd rre« transportation from Chicago* For jnrrherlnjonration inquire at the yoyer-mect Office, lifts* South Water street, Chicago, I.imota. 0.51. BaBCOCK. Agent mj4-e<BT-6m WANTED —I.OGO term caat T » sc»*p iron, lor which wo will pay tho hizu»« market price Connery a*alrn will do w* uto snip eir'cito us. as we buy for our own nioand win not caareethen. cemmirst- n. c. b.BIiOTTJ* AGO., noa Ail el anta and loondrymen. anb-o-ter-ia AKTBD - a h. use ol eifjLs or j \ ten iron a. la a coed ee'zbbnrhood. —;*,cta npent a n»ne fron» tb> Court Pouse. Bent he from r<Oios:no. iddzeie •• J.F."P.0.80x 1361- •nivrais iw WANI'ED To eive 200 p; rjora eTrclCTßiext o«Ul*« the beat two Tniio vow ing mcrhlnee/er tt toe. PrlreUA. bend • »nu torcir coin-Bccot*lnlcepanlcnlaxa.(u«Aixnacbias sMa ple ot «< *k ln.*s ano deception. You can rwlt me>e t39i* ocr month. Address D a BUAG&. Diawe* 6-134, Cnlea<o. aal3-pi;s iCt \\I ANTED Tie attecticnoi tfaa ▼ » Ltt£*s- Dr. A.Damf*, lien »j(j W Yo*Y of 33 tears er pen*nce, dedicates bU see et conniels to tbe Ladies. The t» ok contains *nte hzeat h*nt • ca tbe m&csrr ctreaTcmz the month!? conn-s wnw «n?v wets** t«eirf ?5 e*n»r,aad -ddiCiaDr a. Dir Aa P. o.Drawer 6153 Chicago. EL sml-ors m * \\T Al“By an exp necced * ▼, , il’'on u tr«>.l ‘.-a. rt-r eg g “SfJfiJfic^ 41 * 5 ’" n J 6 ” ECT I'-iU.Taregw. %tcal iSatatersgouutCT. FDR SALE ■ Country Residence. Arery GeMxabls farm of 93 acres, handsomely utca*ed ca ibe p*nks er Fcx Rmr. one tnUa Bou-h ot bat-viia and fly* miles nurtb or dn«o a. Kane Gently, ill. ir. e-tbirc wall Fine house, go-obajcsapd ontnullflnss nanejrarvnaidiaßW yb’ ,fr tTOf itnlt. 'This is a **}■ ebaaeuto recurs a yalnablf plare. Per pa tlculars and tfimsapo y *o F tv, BEi.DhN,oa tha premises,or to C. w. DAK. 1 y6 Lake it.. Chicago- au24p&i,-lir t'OR brAIE -A of 40 ao:eo X. cleared and Acres In wcot or tlob-r.all an der fence- Wroas hm depot. Abo in acres aQ tr det vood t ouse *nc barn. *l,lOO worth of b«y •oaSl.eoO »pit> of c»itl**and honMiand oth erstoeba.CaUoaT V B4LDWW.IO4 :aadoiphst. E S?Sin To ’ WWUM »K"«i>«**ia. p pOK SALS I offer for salo ranch A btioviuactual yalue,between7Mana««»«•• Mautateo, Mich, to Cnu at »BouUt Water •awei i* 4 * M4MB3R

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