Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 27, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 27, 1864 Page 4
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Chicago SATURDAY, AUGUST 27,18 W. THE COMING CONVENTION. f Cofitlmied from F»rst Ihy.] by thousands to conidder the conduct and policy oi the administration, whether learned peace or in time ot war. We have tho right now because we have resolved to exercise it. No thanks to-day to tbe Government; they would have prevented it, but the people have resolved to Insulate a tern tiny Into the conduct of those whom they have placed over them. Id 'he exercise of this great right, I now. and till the day o( election, intend Co canvass theacts or me rhleierecanre of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, (hisses). He whom you Dominated four year* ago, is again a candidate, selected by the so-called cuuveutiun of the Repub lican party, and put before tno pconle as such. Hitherto he has been before you only in the capac ity of president Re is new before the people again 8£ a candidate lor re-election to that of fice. I hare dealt with him for three veare and a bullae Rm-Idert, criticising hi* public conduct, criticising the policies of hie idtalalsTAtloa, and to-day, end hcocemrtb Ull alter election, lets my ricbCae it Is my purpose, to review bim aa a can didate, who has voluntarily assumed that position, and chalb-ncca acrutity. lie asks me to vo’e for .him: rather cool, !s It cott I demand of him why I shall give him my vote. Dc ask* that on tbe day nxod far election, von and I ebart go tbi place of suffrage and there determine ttmi he *b«ll cxcrduc the power for fonr years loi-irer. 1 d--*ire to know upon what his cla'insatc found'd. They furnish donbly legiti mate ground* for andzhey shall be investigated, spite of every effort made topreveat, between tin* and tbe oa> o' election. For what Soee was he made 'President} For his own , to increase his wealth, augment bis power, ft i o secure hi* perp«m*t-oa, «»r lor tbe good oi tbe people, to maintain tDe constitution, preserve tbe Union, cxecu'e tbe laws and preserve the rights of cltizeußt That was Lis daw under the oath which in tbe presence of nigh Heaven I saw him tnk-. Q«s : c done it t Hae your C<iDS(UuUou;been malntamed oaring hit admtcistr&'Job t listi* (be go&raoilcstherela laid down, been supposed by h‘mT Hare tho rights ofdtlztns been roxlptuPiCdf Have you heease ccrc in person ami »*rop«rty f Have you been ee cun? in your homes, secure iron wrest? Has the xnateritl proep? nty «»f (he moutry been advanced coder Ll* ««ijului*iruil»aj' ’Are yoaricher! Is there lees public ccbt? Is he Unton preserved or rcslorcdt Y«»u have give r - to him all the men lie demanded; von bevc usely poured out all tbe money ho a c ki-d to', ostensibly for theparpose of Tcetonnp thv FuMn! authority and bringing back tbesecrtded e'au*s in*o the Union. You have cent your con* to the bitUe field; you have given jour mouev fre«Jy, lavishly. What has U accampufhed? Wey is It that to-dsy be aeks o' >ou that for four years longer yon atull contii uc Utm In the Iran be has betrayed 1 Yon tamed out thu Democratic party from power lour ye:ir« ago, and wbyt Because It wae c aimed to jou—<uid yon believed it—that tho public debt wat> too gre-it* that the taxation was too enormous, tint ’hr quiet of tbe country was continually disturber i-y the agitation of the <jue lion ot slavery. We were told that the elec tion of Lincoln would bring peace to the laud and proeperit*, would strim:then tbe Unloasndthe Conetitotioc and maintain them better (baa they bad been cndti Democratic administration for eevesty You foruot the wifoom which vocrforcfattit’ra bud begueadmd to you. Yon had become tired nf hearing the great end good things the Democrat c parly bad done for this country, and, J;ke toe children of lera’l, yon became dltgaeted with the judges end demanded a kioa. Had you wl’h wieclom n alc your «h *tif tho evil might not have befallen you: but vunr m>*Uke was a» theirs. They sciccicd a man elmplr because be w-e a bi-ad and tbonlt'cra t* Wr than ony of themselves, and, after having abandon* d the protection ot the prophet, then came civil war. \vbat is it that has distinguished the adminis tration of Lloculu ? Net want of power, not wont of means, not want of men or money: but wont of wisdom and u tegrliy; waut of capacity and LoncMv; these have been the causes of the fail ure ol hi* adiniriHtraiitm Cccinse ol this, to day your Union I* xmt restored; year couaJln tlonil right* are nor ohoerveo; yoo faavenotpsees in tnc land. You hare tried, under his auspices, the experiment of war, tint dire calamity, the jondamentnl cau-e »l which was a departure from the principles widen underlie ihe institution!? of a free govcrumt-ni. We retorted to arms to compel & people to enbmifbiou, when ibey uimply wanted redress of giitT«iic*f;. The policy of tide Administration has been war. It has cxerdeed the coercive power ol govern ment; the time hat* now rone when the people muH rt-bolve whether ibere may not he some oth er way; hi-Due the great, olmu.-t unanimous, cr/ which couice up from every State, from every county, and from ovary cecijon. The same cry o Ives hope, it soys, i«t ns* havea change of Ad* mlnietiaiUm. If we would have peace, lei ns aban don the Idea Of coercion, po back to freedom and conciliation. Let os have reasonable argu ment and deliberation instead ul the marshalling of hosts. Let ns have uu a6?emhlas»e or Conven tion of the Sinter to consider the great question. Let ns look to the gen us of eiaiesmtaship. Let ns hove ou anaielicc; ccarc hostilities, and no longer marshal our armies npon the field. Let ns proclaim that now. alter lour years of bloody strife, such as no man ever saw. the hearts of this people are turned agam toward peace. Instead of Generals let ne ha\e«iatesmcu—honest, vise counsellors— and before God, I believe It is Id oar power to reconstruct the proud edifice of American govern ment. Trie admlnleinvion has fatted in Its ef forts. Wc proclaim now luut another administra tion can sneeved. Sh-iil we restore IbeUniou by conscription, by large armle*. by martial array ? No, no. but by that which reaches the reason of the people, that which conquers their consent, namely, argument and conciliation. Kind words appeal to tuc interests and sentiments; they reach the hearts of men. We claim that ve can accom plish by these means that which this administra tion has utterly failed to effect. Shall it be tried? [Yes.] War only hardens the nearts of those against whom it is made. Your boose has been oh fire and von have cried out continutUy to poor on oil in* order that the building may be saved from homing. Wc tell you first let ns extinguish the Carm-e, and then let ns rebuild the edifice. It may be that so far the ele ment bas conqumd. teat from t he foundations npwardsit must be rebuilt. It may be thafenough ot the edifice yet remains tbit we can reconstruct it ont of the «ame material, hot be assured that the fire will never stop so long as we supply that which feeds the devouring element. Do we give up all hope ? No, never. Whatever might be my opinion as to the probability of Us success in reconstructing the Union of the Amer ican Staten, I tell jon ih;i lor oue I mean to cling to that hope to me last expiring moment, until ali topes have utterly and b.rever perished. 1 cannot consent for a moment t o believe that because we cannot subjugate the people of the Sooth by force of arms, that therefor**, we cannot bring them back by more peacctnl means. Von arc told that we who arc against this war, we who demand au armistice and a convention of the Stales, we who nnd»;r the Weeded Go«pel of the Saviour of mankind would proclaim that whlob no longer resounds from the pulpits of this laud, “peace on tanb, and gooo will to men,” [cheers] j arc wanting a dishonorable peace. It is false. ] Never for oue moment, irutu the firing of the first i gun by John Drown at Harpers Ferrv, to this j hour, wcnld I have consented to any dishonorable I peace, D'.nther with n furelgu nation nor with the j States of our own Union. What has been the dec- i trine proclaimed by one who baa been maligned 1 and tradncid ny the pre‘t of this country? Peace and Union. Peace, that we may have muon. The two arc possiide : thev were Inevitable in the be ginning of this war. The hour may, indeed, have come —(1 trust to high Heaven it is not)—when shall be realized the declaration of yonr own Doug las—[cheers j—that “wur is disunion; war is final, eternal separation ’* Bat I tell yon that except through peace, unrt a rf.sort to statesmanlike plans, which shall reach to the hearts of men, alone is their hope of a reconstruction of «t-t* nation. If St can be accom plished, as 1 believe itean, itis by these means. Why then delay? Forihrecyc.traand a half we have had war and disunion; fur the next four yean let na have peace, combined efforts, rigorous efforts, to restore that Union. [Cheers.] The sooner wc begin the work, the earlier it will he accomplished. The eooner wc «»on this war, the firmer, the broader, the iht;pcr.will be the hopes of oarsucccea. And 1 tell you for once and for all, that e;erj effort should be exhausted to accom plish tilts work. De who charge me, or those with v bom I act. with a desire to arrest this war, and slop hostilities, iu order that there may he seces sion. independence, or separation, urges that which is fnlsc; lies in hi# Uvth—lies In bis throat. [Loud Appl’-ntc-j 1 ws* a Union min when the blcb-pricst of this .icJoih.iainitloo, publMied, week alter week, avtbe heading <t the columns of hih paper that diabolical motto, that “the Union was a Vague with death and a covenant with heU.” 1 was a Union man when Abraham Lincoln pro claimed that “iht* Union conld not endure, half slave and half free," ae our forefathers made it, [Loud Applause.) Andyvt,! have lived toseethes© lioiuy-heactd diEUnioniffit'nrrogate to themselves all love lor the Union, ail the lojilty, and all the patriotism in the land, [••rles of “Shame,” and applause.! To hear mverir denounced as false to the country of my birth; culled a secessionist—a traitor; as one strklnc io strike down tbit hind, for the preservati-m ol tvWch, to-d .y, I would free ly yl.;a up my Hie. [o'r-at applause] 1 hare lived to Hie hounded by yourprej. by rout pj*eskers, by y»or idc-j, women and children, as an ol jeer of reproach and scorn. Finally, the strong arm of military powvr was laid upon me. I was dragged imxn my home; the doors of -my cattle were broken down, surrounded by sol diery, uud I was ihru-t before a military commis sion, and In itexheo within the Southern lines, tocaPlnjet further -ligma upon my patriotism [cheers ; travi led by laud end by eea to seat pro tection under a foreign flog and under foreign laws—of a couuity which we have been accus tomed to denounce, fairly, ns not free; end returned home upon my own responsibility: act itg upon my own will—a will that neither imprisonment, nor exile, nor death can quench I Tremendous applause.} What was my crime? I lad Lma way winch is called treason, w ship ped the Constitution and Union of my fathers; that I bad the heart, the madness, whenthe heav ens were overcast as With some mlghtv tempest— when the rains descended and the winds beat with popular rage—that then 1 dared tojtaud up and difdare that through peace and a creation of hos tilities, by a Convention of States alone, conld th e great quarrel be adjusted. Thank God I have lived to see that grunt avenger. Tine, nobly do his office. (Cheers.» I have lived to hear the great Democratic party, throughout the length and breath ol this land, proclaim, os they will proclaim in Convention assemble*], these same doctrines of peace, [Applause,] I have lived to sue ono-third of the Republican party in active consultation trtlh the Democratic party —tbc men whom they bad denounced as traitors, succsaionu to. Copper heads, Bu;terxmre, and other anprobrloaa epithet*; and begging of them for God’s sake, to redeem this country from the ruin that is bearing down TA IbteCTeat work we are &u embled In this ntv • It is the purpose of that Convention—the crandcst wwbWj that has yet met on this coati iS since TTS7; it w the business of thal Conyeu- Sim to begin this work; to meet the expectation of Uie mea of the democratic party, the men of the republican party jrom whose vyes the scales hsve fallen, to act In nutty and harmony together, lit it announce Us platform, and go forth from {StWr conqu.ring and to conquer. ’Cheers.] Wo promire to this people no more than wc am rw,r(nrm. Wc promise to begin the work of rerto- not of the Union only, hat of ♦btTcovernment, of constlcutional liberty, of pri- ZlXc ripht, free speech, Ime press. Untrammelled of the people; free discussion and ent iHsm of our public servants ns la limes past. We Promise, in due evii«m, to restore that current which has almost pi-rirind; to bring back again, bv and by. Out* a® toon at human instrumentality Sin accomplish It) that golden age which this peo nle have m-n only a demo- S-stlc adniliiirtra'loD [Great appiaaec.] promise, »i least, that taxation aha)lu° ti)tf former increfleed; that the public debt shell be do looser augmented; that no more of your eau® tbuii heinmed by lavish bounties to rulist or torn by a vioietu cuascnpUon liora their firesides to swell uj. t b.» rmks of the army. (Load Hnnlaufie.l iDftfcdofwur we promise peace; In- Rtad of the ol Mon , once more the gos of Christ in the land, b-aecre.] We promise to Swdn the use of these mems, by which alone there ime jot or lUt eol hoped accomplishing this Enmose. ■ trait loor >eur- looxcr ana yoowlll JSttX or eight thouwiud ffli. lions of debt. Wait fnnr Tears longer and you wUI have six or seven f mlUious of taxation. You will nave a “orA not 2.00 ool) as compirrt w,th co OTSi fleorecittea fl>c. too or twootr told; 500 „ • nSon lint >llll further aeounder; a jet more destroyed; the rights of the constdo. on jet ™" vada foot . tbo tnonory ol IICUI ICUI ’ le i)rfi Sd l frce pnsa periened In thodeud; the free epeecb v ovt . ri men t changed. '•sry {“ nn ,.S K ;!T,th nod ashes ehall yon Then in Almishty ponlthes s veople who weep, /g. jjdom troni experlenro. and yon will not learn wisuu w hom yon huve tajHcd wi, l co to hcfln the stdnon. wn*of rwroiatlun.^«'“ r J 1 f the Umw lt 1 hsye frta''y email cloud of o the rcsctl^n, r .f e i* not now about to band's ®rbL havens. The wsje that overshadow tbu wn fierce violence It one net In three year* ag° wi Through the bal dKction. s »«f "vJSihii people yet tore lot box Hl* Through thatlnstromcatai sr graph ban been set In motion in order that tbe lie might be spread over toe country; five hundred thousand American Height* are to overturn this Government; and the grand dopperitcad congplra torla Uie man who new aden seed you. [Cheers and laughter.' 1 only allude to this to explode tbe folly and falsehood 01 the arca*at on. 1 repeat that I only know of one conspiracy In Ihia conn* try: It 1* a a peaceable and free bil lot box. Wc expect. lu November nex‘, to break down tile edmlr-irtration; In March next to inaugurate a Democratic Prteidmt, pledged to overthrow tho ad numeration of Abraham Lincoln. I Immense applause.] I know of but one organized body ot ,-conrpinjtore, end Me*. is the ancient nnd time-hoc o.ed Dcmptraac p.rtt 1 The loader oi tbot conspiracy - u .ill d-claro. In CooreotloD ao . Iftbo opto* «,.d de ractora, »\5 atj d defile the Ijcd—the men who come l»xe the frogs o f Egypt, in jour bed chamber; who ataud upon the street comers, with villainy, and iraods. and corruption written upon their linea ments ; If these men wdl only wait till next week they will learn by public proclamation who Is the head of the coospirary. [ Applause, j Away with this mlaertblu delation manufactured and crested for tbe purpose of deluding thc-e people Into a support ot an nduilnlstraiiun which, in then heart* they detest, aoo would subvert. There nai been eofllclt-ut, and more than sufficient, to drive from power the Gottis and Vandals who hare plan acted the Capitol fur four jeara. This is a tcinn of the Democratic ptrty—of thousands and hundreds of thousands who are wearr oi tbe daily recital of war and carnage, ihe found of cannon and the glittering of arms; of ihe groans wafted irom bat tle-fields, and of the yet deeper groans which came from the widows aua orphans oT this land; ofa , people woo are staggering' under tbe burden of taxation—a people borne down under the moun tain weight of the public ce »t, watch, Lf it ba paid, will coneuaehfiUtberenerUencc of this people* oi (be violation ot censure lonal rights, and the Infliction of wrongs upon citizens as individuals and citizens lo tho augreaat-; ofa resort to tho application of principle* uot id accordance with those which our foretathera founded this great re public it outs. Thousands aud nnudreds of thou sands of those, who de nded with the cries against slavery, hare found t’>at:t was only a pretext of tbedcmagogurdofiblsconinry to array one sec tion against the otoer, in order that in the midst of onrcalsmliiestnsy might fatten upon the spoil. Cany on this govern nn-ni npon the auslcnt demo cratic principle* under woich yon were so prosus* ronfl. A man whose experience, whose whose intellect, whoso honesty and integrity will be a pledge to the people that when, below Hcs veo, in the presence ot the assembly on that day, from the eastern portico of that Capitol, lafius his band upon the Revelation from on high, ns Hits up bis eyes and auniMy niters that oath that he wiD faithfully abide by (he constitution, that that oath will l>c kept as taltbCnUy as it is record ed. [Great applause.! In this spirit areeicbleo. In this spirit let its de part ; confident in tbe Justice of our cause, confi dent that though error may hare its flay, though public madneee may exist lor a while, the return of the people's reason wilt efirelv come. Confident that as our cause is jus-, bo triumph we must. Let us go forth to discharge Ihe duty which now more than ever is ours, flnce .be foundation of this government was laid by the people of these United States. The epeakcr concluded his remarks amidst con siderable uppluuce, and culls for “ Wood," who not being forincomlug. left a vacancy. The crowd waited some tune for a * l substitute," bat he came not, and they adjourned into the street. ATBLTANHALL. Bryan Hall was largely fi led «ith Copperheads, drawn tbitberby the announcement that the 11 old war Hone ol toe Democracy," Bon. Wm. A. Rich ardson. United States Senator from Illinois, was to enunciate to tbe faithful toe principles of the new f,oepcl ol Peace. The chair was taken by his Honor the Mayor, and at an ear.y ho*ir Mr. Rich ardson commenced his address. He was hardly started, however, belort- a portion of tho crowd that bad assembled in the Court House Square unable to cet near tbe distinguished btro martyr holding forth on the steps of the Court House, and attracted thither by the baud of mu&lc stationed at the door of tbe ii«>n, began to crowd into the auditorluip so rapid ly, that the ppeafctr was obliged to suspend his efforts. After order was restored, he returned his acdress. Mr. Richardson, boring been re-introduced by the Mayor, said: When we committed this country to the admin ministration of Mr.Lu.cdu, it was tbe greatest ai d most prosperous country on the face of the globe. -In all the es»eniws .of prosperity, Massa chusetts, New York and every portion of tbe country were all that could ,be desired- Mr- Lincoln and his friends promised, when be was Inaugurated, that be would keep the country intact ai d prosperous. Not a single promise then made bad bean redeemed, or ever wib be redeemed If we trust them further. To re-elect Sir. Lincoln is to accent (our years more of war and desolation. To dc'eftt Mr. Lincoln, to accept tbs nominee of the Chicago Convention, whoever he may be. is to bring back again peace, prosperity and aua union. Mr. Lincoln bad expended in ft little more than three year* $500,030,000 more than jt had cost to carry on the Government from Washington to hit o*n time. Darias that period we bad earned on two lurrign wars. These peo ple scy wo have not supported the Government in this war. Hr. Lincoln has had under bis command for tnc sake of restoring the Oniou, 2,500,000 men. and of these tOO.OOO sleep in their graves, 500,000 ore disabled, ana a million mure are de-troyed and lost. He did not know much this war hod cost* And he did not believe there was a man on the faceof the glare expert enough m figures, toap- Eroximite within a thousand millions of dollar*, ow much tide counirv owes. He said that one-third of* this amount bad been stolen. and one eix.h had been expended upon the negroes. ■When Lincoln was elected, we had every State loyal to tbc Constitution except the old state of South Carolina: but he did not know to-day whether there was one loyal State in the Union. Hr. Lincoln had storied under thulead of faualics, to carry out the idea of the equality of the negro ” with the white man. The Almighty made the ne gro inferior, and not all tbe puny efforts of Abra ham Lincoln and all the Abolitionists on the face ot the globe, could overrule'hat fiat. Be said Chat all attempt* to improve the negro bad signally failed. Such always result in degradation to the white race. Be instanced. to prove the troth of his position, the hi dory of the Mexi can and the Sontn American tribe*. Be said that Lincoln,. by loaning hie remarkable 4 * To whom it may Concern,” had indicated Just the -fanatical position, upon which be had taken bis stand. He said that it would not be degrading to treat with rebels in arms. Hem a: ary revolted against Austria, and the Emperor of Austria proposed terms to the insurgents. The same was true of Poland, and of every other Christian nation. For himself, he was willing to treat with rebels. Be rccourted the action of the President and his secretary in relation to the Monroe Doe trio. Deaolditwttanomote degrading to treat with the Southern rebels in arms than it was for the President to apologise to the Emperor or toe French because the Hone* of ncprescotatlves In sisted upon the recognition of the Monroe Doc trine. If Gen. Jackson had been in Hr. Lincoln's Sochlon whet, asktd to apologize for the action of [a House of Representatives, he would have said, “By the Eternal God, we will manage our own af fairs In our own way.” Be said that Lincoln had disobeyed end broken every Constitutional obligation and every law of tbc land, except the one allowing him to draw $25.000 salary. Be said that Lincoln hid $50,000 in golfl blaring certificate* atoeved a?. ay in the Treasury Department. Lincoln takes his pay in gold. Greenback* are good enough for the peo ple. The Almighty, irom lh« earliest times, had punished nations for great crimes. Be ha* afflict ed oa more than Egypt, or France, or Rome, fie sent ns Abraham Lincoln. At the bepnnincofibewarwe sent men Into the field fiom pure patriotism. Be tbougut that those who were now for prosecuting this war ehould volunteer ot once, llefros for obedience to the law, and that bad ever been tbc cardinal principle ot the Democratic laith. That man who thinks Republican Government can be prosecuted by war alone is a fobL If yon carry your sword, you must carry with it the olive branch of peace. He said that it was impusrible to conquer tbe booth. For himself. he did not care to free the niggers, now, because if wc tree them we cannot teed them. The Democratic party wanted to re verse the entire policy af this Administration. It had never been known in history when a hired soldiery was successful in battle. Ho instanced, tbe employment of the Hessians by the British iu the war of tbe Revolu tion as a case in point. Be desired to impress upon Hr. Lincoln and tbe Republican party that they can’t whip these people by hiring negroes. His plan tor settling this difficulty was to pro claim to tbe people of the South tbe right to man age their affairs in their own way, without lutcr irrence from outsiders. If the rulers would not accept these terms, the people woull depose them as we propose to df-poee Hr. Lincoln. Bis judg ment was that the Chicago nominees would oe elected—that tbe war would then be ended, and the Union saved. When the nominee of the Chi cago Convention was elected, he would issue a counter proclamation, declaring all of Lincoln’s proclamations null ana void. Be would do away with arreris for political opinions; he wonid re store the w/it of ru&tat corpus, restore freedom of speech and the press. None of these rights had ever been withheld worn the people when the De mocracy was iu power. He bad been asked if there was fanv likelihood of interterence with the ballot box. He thought not, bet he would tell the Presi dent that there nm-t be a free b-Jlut or a fice fitht. Be was certain that in the coming contest the Democracy would be succession FROM THE si HERMAN HOUSE. Aflerthe adjournment of tbe Bryan Ball meet ing. the audience assembled in front of the Sher man Douse, and londlv called for Sanset Cox, but the gentleman from Ohio was ei gaped inhisre jolncerto the remarks of Tlon. Jonn Wentworth, and did not respond. Seymour was then called, and he too tailed to respond. At la*t, after repealed ca l*. Senator Powell of Kentucky congested to amuse the populace. He otlivereo himself of a nr-lctt diatribe against tbe Administration, uod said that while he did not counsel resistance to tbe constituted authorities, he was prepared to advise the people to suffer no latcr/cidtcc at the ballot-box. There mast be a Iree election or o free tight, AiuJ Senator Powell had conc’nded, there were lend end persistent calls for Cox. \alhmdlgham end Fernando Wood—neither of whom responded. Altera few minute* delay in which the crowd di verted themselves with cheers for McClellan, a young man stepped upon the balcony and announ ced iilmseli as 44 a humble citizen of the Empire State of tte| North”—whh which the audience would not he satisfied and loudly demanded his name. He modestly said ms name was “Dewitt,” ■Mr Dewitt talked a halt hour, but said nothing remarkably brilliant or worthy of special mention. - George Francis Train then addressee the crowd In a characteristic speech of half an hoar, present ing no new lamp, bnl pawning tne usual Copper- Load line of argument. Be was well received and loudly app'-auoed, , , , , Sunset Cox appeared on tbe balcony. After a violent Introduction, he Bald that Lincoln had called for £.600,000 men and expended Deafly $1,000,000,000 in this unholy war. He was speak ing to an audience in his own' city four days ago, acd a pious individual in the crowd exclaimed, from tzc depths of his soul 44 God damn him.” Be had no doubt that hie audience folly recipro cated the pious sentiment Be hoped that God would deal mercifully by Abe Lincoln, even at the tndgmoit day, but the people would damn him to everlasting anew y. Be did not presume to say what might be the proper coarse for the people to Bonne. For less offenses than Mr. Lincoln had ecu polity 01, tbe English people had chopped off tbebeadofiheFiretCharles. in bis opinion Lin coln end Dane omjht lobe brought to the same block together. The other day they arrested a friend of bis, a member of Congress from Missouri, for saying, in private conversation, that Lincoln was no better than Jeff Davis. Be was reidy tossy the same nowhere in Chicago. Lot the minions of the AdninL-tration object if they dare. The con vention would assemble on Monday and work out some koluuon of the rational difficulties. Tne first measure wonid probably be to form a com mercial union, which would be followed by a more iastlcg union. Be said that it had been demonstrated that Lin coln conid neither make war or peace. The ulti matum of the President wus found in the “To ■wlom it may concern,* In which he placed unmis takably, the nvgro above the white mao. Be was wady to destroy the last man and expend the last dollar, rather than harm the negro. He asked, did they want the whole country mortgaged for tbe freedom ol tbe negro? Ifthls warwas to continue lonr years longer, where would we bring up r He waa not wirilcnlar what man received thejoomm alion at tbe hands of the Convention, whoever was nominated would receive the support of the great conservative clement ot the country, and he wonldbetrinmphantly elected. Co). Sumbangh ol Ohio was then presented. This gentleman was delivered of a vulgar speech which would be out of place in the lowest bar room In the city or Chicago, and that is saylnc very little for it. Bis remarks I iu relation to the editors of the Tam use were loudly applanded. We were hon ored by three groans from that asecmhly. Obe statement of tbe gentleman, that the political equality of the negro with the white, would Inev * itsbly lead to ctn&lcamatlon, set curious people i thinking, and to Involuntarily ask the question, 44 How comes it that in the bouth, where the no l gro is enslaved, amtigunation is the rule, and not i the exception.” Hr. Stambangb said “that if he t was called upon to elect between the freedom of I the nigger and difionion and separation, he should » cboofe the latter. Bayonets and cannon, and . above all, negro emancipation, cannot conquer a . permanent peace,” His plan tot the solution of these dlfficaWea, was an armistice, and anar rtmgement lor a joint Convention, in which to talk I over and arrange ail famUy grievances. Be was i c erUin that la Ohio the entire community were in favor of peace, no had no ticed [that the Republicans were equally opposed with the Democrats to thedratt, Give us a demo cratic Administration, and in less than three months peace would prevail throughout our bor ders. Tbe country must have peace, and the only way to an ire at that de tired end was to elect the Democratic candidate. One reason why the Dem ocrats should support the candidate of the Con vention, whoever be might be, was that they search hell over and ther could not find a worse President than Abraham Lincoln. When this war leover. he would cot give a pinch of annfiTfor tbe s.£os and tbe 10.4CS cow hoarded by the rich. Hr Cozzcns. ofNew York, followed in the same general Judge Alexander, of Kentucky, followed In a speech, the burden of which was peace, armis tice, Ac. He waa followed by Col. Carr, of Penn sylvania. Still tho crowd tilled for speeches. Several del egates addressed the unsatisfied throng and mid night was pest before the “ groat talk 11 suosided. Our reporter gave np the attempt to chronicle their proceedings in disgust. Unpleasant rumor* of contemplated violence during the petting of the Convention having gained considerable circulation, the Board ofPouce 0«n --miasioum, at their session yesterday, passed an order setting torth that such fears were ground less, that no breach of the peace was likely to occur, and that ample preparations had been mode to meet every emergency. A large force of spe cials were sworn m, and Ihe Mayor stated that he hud conferred with the commandant at Camp Douglas and bad been promised tbe prompt assist ance of the military there la case of necessity. THE DRAFT. EMtlng In Eetropolitxn H»H—The Qoott of Cook tonnly—Bwolnllons. Last evening, pursuant to adjournment, a meet- Ing of citizens was held at tho Metropolitan Hill to further consider methods' of averting the Im pending draft, and also to receive the report of the General Committee appointed at the meeting on Tuesday night, BlUott Anthony, Esq., occupied tbe chair. It bad been feared that tbe (attendance would be but a small one, that the morbid cariosi ty which ever leads men to congregate around monstrosities of all kinds would lead the masses round Tallandiebam, who certainly is a miracle in his wat—a l.vicgmonument ot the clemency of a great nation—but the fear was groundless. .Yalian uti’bam and kindred spirits ruled the disorderly mob, but tbe sinew—the thinking part of the city— assembled to discuss the great question of tbe (lav. The bail cer.sequeutly was very respectably tiled with an earnest, thoughtful audience ofla ie;e*ted men. The chairman in a brief address spoke of the retail successes of the Union troops before Rich mond and other places, and prccieted that these Fccccsfics would cause every man in the country Co nuite in a determination to vigorously prosecute the war to exterminate rebellion. Charles Walter nest adorcestd the audience on behalf of the Executive Committee. After a few preliminary remantfhe adverted to the labors of tbe committee. Uc was sanguine that their efforts would be crowned with tuccess in materially ICrKimng the quota of Cook county, and then when they had discovered the exact amount, they would nb mutually work together to lift that load and readily pay tleir just debts. It was a subject they were all interested in. the object in view, and he thought its consideration would tend to break down partisanship, and cause tt-um ull, irrespect ive of party, to work amicably. Tho rich man must be persuaded to do his duty, and give ot nis abundance, while the poor will add his mile to raise a mod to increase volunteering, and by ob tatsioc substitutes for those who coaid not go to th* war. fill cur quota without a doubt. 6. A. Irvine was next introduced to tbe meeting to deliver tbe rej ott of the Executive Committee, which will be found in another column. E. A. Slone, also ft member of lb« Central Com* miriee, explained more minutely the action they had pursued, which mtnutia has already been re ported in the Trxbuke. Even in the short time ibev had been la action the speaker thought they bad attained very satiafsetory results Tncir la bors had corroborated previous suspicions that the enrollment list was bat a sweeping collection cf tbe names ot the adult mole population In the county. At several city hotels it had been prorel that tue enrolling officer* had taken the total num ber of trataieut visitors, perhaps only remaining In the county a fewjhour.-, and in one village, which contained eighty men capable of bearing arms, or rather liable to draft, the enrollment 'lit showed 143 SB liable. Hr. Storm explained that Mr. Church, ore of Ihdr number, had iibrjlly agreed to have blank affidavits printed for aliens, so that such men could obraia exemptions without the usual intricate cud expensive manner, and in con clusion dee earned larger upon each resolution separately, and supported (heir adoption as a whole, lie urged ins- hearers to labor iLuefrtlgi bly in tbe cansc. remembering It* great Importance both as it would tend to save many from serious personal Inconvenience, and their families from want/and alto as it will enhance the glory and might of Hhtr country, and save their couuty and city from tbe ignominy and shame of a draft. Then with the country saved from shame, more troops in tbe field. Atlanta in the possession of Sherman, end Richmond lying at the mercy of Grant, there will be no need (or any farther calls. He moved the adoption of tbe report. A speaker from the body of tbe hall moved that the first resolution be amended by adding to the committee ot five the name of Hon. L N. Arnold. Carried lion. I. If. Arnold had heatd with gratification tie efforts of the citizen* to dll up the quota of tine part of the State of Illinois, for ho fervently believed that the enterprise and energy ol the merchants and others in Chicago would carry the tbmg through. The record of Chicago was already blazing with glory In the history of this rebellion, the blood of their heroes stained every battle-field, and their remains de manded that their bones should not rest in rebel soil, where their friends con'd not visit them without obtaining a pass from the traitor, Jeff Da* via. (.Applause.! The speaker spoke of the re quirements of toe present call, and only lamented that It bad not been made months ago, for If now we bad £00,0(4 troops to reinforce our gallant gen erals, Richmond and Atlanta should rot in Rfhes lie also regretted that the S3OO exemption clause had not long ere the present time been stricken out, for many or the rich New England States would ever place their hands la their pockets and save their men from destruction v bile the poorer states most furnish the blood and muscle. Now the call was for men and not mon ey (applause) and each State must near its own harden, lie suggested that the following resolu tion be inserted in the report of tbe Committee to emend part of tbe first resolution, the gentlemen mentioned as a Committee In tbe resolution be wonid wish totremaln unchanged: Itcecited. That lillcolß will maintain her posi tion in the front rsukofthcloval States by prompt ly up hex ijuuiA, mid mat coox county as a portion cl the State will never ehlrk from her part, out now, a? heretofore, will do her whole duty in furnishing men audmeans to carry on the war. AH that shcaeks Is that her quota shall be tskly t ad justed according to law, and sbe is ready to fill It up by volunteering or otherwise; and Whzbzas, Investigations alreidy made, show that Jargecorrections and changes ought to be made in tbe enrollment 11-ts, changes which will fairly and justly reduce the quota of this county, and WnxnzAS, It Is represented by the Committees having tbc matter In charge, that such corrections cannot be completed within the by the call; therefore , , . _ jS&tolttd. That a committee of five be appointed by tbe Chairman to lay the matter before toe Pres ident, and If such corrections In the enrollment litt cannot be made before tbc Sth of September, then ini each c&sc, to ask the President If it can be done without prejudice to the public service, to make each temporary postponement of the drift as will give time to correct the enrollment lists and adjust ltd quota of this county fairly and justly, and, it can be done without, preja dice, a reasonable time be given to flu the quota by volunteering. Hr. Stone, onbebali of the committee, opposed tbe amendmeit as they thosebt u wiser to let the resolution pass as it stood. Tber would do more li they were restricted to fifteen days than II tb y were allowed an unlimited -pace. Bon. J.D. Ward spoke of the three meetings which were in session at that time, ail were advo ca;cs ol peace, but differed in tbe manner by which that peace was to hi attained. Their motto was to obtain peace through war—they must fight for it, and therefore he should not yield one lota ol his fiett-nnlnailon to support the armies and Increase their strength, while at the same time it was their doty to see that they received J ostlce and did sot stand tor men who hod no Interc-ts in the matter. Be opposed the amendment of Hr. Arnold for he recognized the importance of working with a method ana to a point. Toe/ had told Father Abraham some time ago that they were readr, and now they find that they are not qclteready,andihcrefore ask for on extension; but il they do not tell him when they will bo ready, be trill probaby think that they do not understand their business, and wilt restrict them to a tims wilrli weald be too short. The speakgc. consid ered that they should apply for an extension of thirty days, of course provided that it did not in terfere with the exigencies of the situation. He was desirous that Cook county should lurciah her quota by enlistments, for be fdt what trials would ensue to many if their protectors were compelled to leave home and families to shoulder the musket, and leave want and misery behind them. He believed that all should coumbutt! a due proportion of their sub stance to swell the sun to pay those to go, who could go. Tbe wealthy men Lad more at stake tbus poor men, and should give more, hut all Btcufd work, and being bound together by tuc bonds of, labor to perpet uate tht« glorious Government. Hr. Walker did not see acy material difference in the working of the two resolutions, but thought that the one introduced by the Committee was as rood as the/ could make • it. He thought that if they labored actively they would succeed, for every one bed an-intcrest in the euo ject—it was a Joint stock concern, and all would give something Hr. Randolph moved that Hr. Arnold’s amend ment be laid upon the tabic. Be had hoped that the gentleman would withdraw it. The motion was carried with only three or four dissentient voices. The original report was then put to the meeting end earned unanimously, Upon motion the meeting then adjourned. Soimoiß* Ho**,—Tbe lady managers of the Soldiers’ Home met yesterday at the Second Pres byterian Church, the President, T. B. Bryan, in the chair. The Secretary, Mrs. Sayers, read the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved The following do&slloss were reported: 1 orl. Elgin, through Mrs. Waldron; cash from a friend, $23; Michigan Central Rail road freight bui, $105.03; proceeds of a fair by three Utile girls, $40.71; Kate A, Parker. Kitty 0. Baker and Mary L. Brooke, proceeds of n fair, $32.50; two pails eaurkrant. Mrs. Siazen; brandy, camphor and peppermint. Mrs. Baldwin and Mrs. French; Bgallon#mUk, Mr. Fisk; eooked provisions, pro prietors of the Adams House and Richmond House: jelly, wine and whisky, Slrs.E. Higsjn#; delicacies for tbe sick, Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Hillard: tea, cocoa, jelly, milk, Mrs. Isaac N.AmoWf; to matoes, Mrs. Chapman; vegetables, Mr. Singer I>emout;l keg pickle*, Mr. Sholes; cucumbers, Mrs. Caching. Tbe Committee on the Rest reported that 2,033 men had been entertained, and 3,795 meals fur nished, of which 2,200 were prepared In a single d^v. Sirs. Long and Mre. Fuller were appointed the Committee for the Borne, and Mrs. Moore, Airs. Eampsy Wlutbeek, the Committee for th |lr. e A. T. Ball, of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, wss tendered a vote of thanks for the gift of a pass for the agent of the Home to travel over the rood to solicit contributions The following was offered by Mr#, Sayers, aitd adopted: , . . Bacived, That the Board hereby tender its thanks to the M. C. R. Co. for havitg. through its centhmanly freight agent, Mr. B. B. Sargent, do listed the freight on twenty-sir loads of wood, amounting to $100.62, deUveredat the Soldiers’ rnectlng then adjourned. goLpxans’ Families.—We trust onrdtizenawli cot forget the meeting to he helc this afternoon at 4 o’clock, in the rooms of the Young Men’s Christian Association, to provide for the relief of soldier#’ families, the coming winter. A plan will be reported for the consideration of the meeting. Ltt there be a laree attendance. Theobjectis sec tudary only—and indeed adjuvant to-the potting down of the rebellion. Tna ENUOLtxxsx—l£m Waud—A meeting of the Committee on error in enrollment In the 13th ’Ward was held last evening at the house of Mr. Bnehler. on Milwaukee avenutvcornerbf Chicago mmiuo. It adjourned to mectat the eameplaeeon MmSov evening rext. The ‘Ward Committee will gf evening at No. 820 Milwaukee avenue. ______ Dedication.— The new German Methodist Epis copal Church on Maxwell street, one block west of will be dedicated next Sabbath; German sefrice at 16:80 a. ja -conducted by Rev. G L.Mulflnger of Milwaukee. At 3:00 p. m. Rev. Robert L. Cdllyer will preach, and the dedicatory service will take place. A cor dial and hearty invitation is extended to all the churches of the city, and the pastors .and *ll other Interested in tbe growth of German Evangelical Frtlcfi'oniisnj. Come one imn all. The Cloelsland avenue cars convey persons to Maxwd! street. The sr*cl-ty is a pwll one, and. deserves great credit for its zeal and liber Ulty. .Brzn'a Temple oyMcsio.—To a strangerlook ing in at Reed's Temple of Marie, on tbe comer of Randolph and Dearborn streets, in McCor mick's marble building, it would seem to be & warehouse of pianos in bond, waiting for s mar ket, so numerous are tho Instruments, from ‘the best New York and Boston makers, piled in tiers through tbe triple store. But this would be a mla take- This is only Mr. Read's ordinary stock; and from such an assortment he maintains his prominence in the trade. Last year be eold be tween tour and fire hundred pianos, organa and mt-looeons. The reason of Ids success is because he buys Mspltnos for cash, and offers the pur chaser a choice from among the best makers In the country. “The Cheat Mass Msstxho at Auboha”— The friends who contemplate attending “the great Union demonstration" next Saturday, will find an abundance of refreshments oo thegroanda, mmicbed by the ladies ot the “ Soldier's Aid Scdety," Am 10 SoimrEES’ Famiub?.—A mass meeting will bo held on Sunday evening at Bryan Hall, to devise means ior the relict of the families of oar soKlers. Chaplain McCabe and other Interesting speakers will be present. Let there be an over flowing bouse. hipsECM.— I The Lecture Room will open this af ternoon for tbe regular season at o'clock with three first class pieces. The eccentric Loua and the denssuss. Miss Jennie Hlght, will both appear The will men from Borneo are nowon exhibition at the Museum. BußctAKT.—The store of Alexander Jenczews* ksy, 524 South Clark street, was broken open on Thursday nivht, and* largo quantity of valuable property stolen. _ City News.— Ou tho inside of thU Issue will be found several Items of city news, crowded out of their usual place by the reports of meetings. Escaped.—A rebel prisoner escaped from Camp Douelss yesterday, but was recaptured before be had gone a mile. LOCAL MATTERS. Pr To show that our Government does not forget the services of its noble sous, who have served it, we call attention to the fact, tbsC a Gov ernment Commissioner—Douglas Bty, M. D.—has jn*t opened a Government depot of Artificial Legs for soldiers In the new Post OSes block opposite UiePost Office In this city, the same commission er having previously opened a similar depot in Sc. Lonl*, Cincinnati, Rochester, N Y., and New York c>ty. Soldiers who have lose legs ia the ser vice are supplied gratis, l»v addressing tbe Com missioner, Douglas Bly, M. D., at the nearest depot. augS7-pT72-U Hanging, &c., &c., at N. York prices, F. E. Rigby, 69 Randolph St. aa27-pT«-8 t ST McNally & Co., 61 Dearborn street, have received a lot of tho most fashionable styles or English, French and American note and billet pa- Dtr and envelopes. Bee their advertisement of ful tlal embossing In another column. Dr. Bigelow*—' The estlmats ire place on the ability ol onr Physician, depends entirely «n the result we may cxoerience under his care. Almost nil Pbjaioana study some special form of disease, end are by consequence better able to apply the proper remedy to patients who may be induced to consult them, either by recommendation, or by iheußualmoaeorsnnonnccmeniin print. Secret diseases, so called, are of all others the most dan- Eeroue, if neglected: andmoio destructive to the ntnan system, as tho all hot impossibilityofenre, beyond a certain sbge, renders the object, of all men the most to be commlsserated. Let no man therefore delay if afflicted, nor trust to any but a skilful and authorized practitioner, who bolds hi-* medical license, after undergoing practical exami nation ofhla ability and competency to undertake the responsibilities of the educitcd Physician. The cent’emao at the head of this notice is, a Enxtical, well educated, and competent Physician, a ring all the requisites to Inspire confidence, and who Las made secret diseases his special study for many year*. He may therefore be relied upon, baa now a very large practice, and no patient need fear his skill and judgment in grappling with ibis dis ease in all its forms, and effecting a perfect cure, if not too far gone throuah tho neglect of the subject of such disease. As you value your comfort, or your life, apply at once, and we honestly recom mend Hr. Bigelow, ol 110 South Clark street. Chl .taSo. a 027 plStlt. A Seasonable Family Ifiemcdr—Cbolo ra Siorbne, hammer Complaint. Cholic, Soar Stom ach. Dlftiibcca, and all affections of the bowels In cident to childhood at this season oi the year, are cured at once by Dr. Jayne’s Carminative Balsam. It allays the irritation and calms tbc action of the stomach, and being plea-ant to the taste, is readi ly taken by children. While It may be civea with entire safety to Infants, it yet acta promptly and thoroughly, when admlsletered according to dl rectlons, to either children or adalta. Sola by Druggists everywhere. aug2--p353-3t*m w& a • A Splendid Portrait of Matoh-Generax. W. T. Smrr.afAV, With full Biography, In the AUGUST No, of the United States Sznvxcz Magazine. Price Fifty Cents, post paid, to any address. C. B. RICHARDSON. Prousimt, . 506 Broadway. New Tork. For Sale by all News Dealers. augtO paSMtSat&Taea All tbe 'World’s a Sfuse, and all tbe peo ple merely players, and we surmise that a large portion ol the players thereon must be using that justly proper preparation for tbe teeth. 44 Fragrant Sozodont,” from tbc Immense demand there is for that article. Well it only proves that we are be coming wiser and wiser every day, for it truly mer its all that Is said in its lavor, the most delightful, convenient and efficacious beanUfltrand preserver of the teeth the world ever produced. All drug gists and Pcrinmists sell it. &ug23-p4o23tTc Thus&Sat. 0T Di?e*ies of the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary and Sexual Systems.—New and reliable treatment —ln reports of the Howard Association. Sent by mall in sealed letter envelopes, tree of charge. Address Dr. J. Sklllon Houghton. Howard Asso ciation, No. 8 South Ninth street, House and Sign Painting, Caldmining, Glazing and Graining. Paper Dinging# and Win dow Shades selling at whnTesale and retail at New York prices. F. JS. Riour, 89 Randolph street. Box 6SCB. Jy24-nC33-lm BetropoUtan Hall te JBent.— TLl£ Sail Is to rent for all the purposes for which such halls are ordinarily need. Terms moderate. Am-lict tlons can he made at the offer, adjoining the en trance to the Hall lelft-hSiO-tf Markets by Telegraph. St 'Louts RlatktU (Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Bt. Lotus. Friday, August 26.1554. TonACCO-Coasldersble decline overtook the oar bet to-day; tho break embraced 317 bhds. and 244 'wera sold with legs at $10315; common s hippies leif at I1ES21; medium do at |2l&i8; coed do at 125383. Manufactonnpleaf qnlotacd oh changed, the attea tion of buyers being directed to Inga and shipping leaf. Floub—Firmer. Eajea2(obrli City XX attltXO: MC do country XX at »1857 X; 500 do XX at MC.75 SSOooXX at £0 do low XX at ?io50; 100 doX at; UM do Xat $8.90 delivered; 1.60 do super at lIUnH. Geais—Wheat firmer, and sales 5/M socks choice to a rive fit 4i25; 1.E74 do choice, private; LdOOdo prime.part In(tore,at 12.15; 1,513C0 coodsttMCQ sls* do fair at Corn advances and active: sales VM picks white, la stoic, at|U3« : 5C5 Co white, In second bngp, at *l4!>; iM do mixed wWteattl.*4;BSCdorellowatil,4s: 675 do mixed anojcilowat fi.«4: 25300 mixed; 399 do mixed 81.<3di.42Jf. Oats advincea nader a good speculative demand: sales 1/43 sacks at 01c; 410 do at 9*‘c; 458 do In second hand oaes am rejected at 77c. i;ye—market quiet: ealeeofSl sacks at fid?. ■Wraf-rr—Holders were asking above the views of buy ere, and no sales were made. Dltlwnatce Mnekct. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune] Milwaukee, Friday, Aug 26. Fiorn-3lirket very firm, but without decided change. - Wheat—Receipts to-day, 15,010 bn. Market 2c higher. Sales this mornlait were—l9,6Co bn Isprlng lnstoreatf2X9)f;s.oCC bn do, delivered to-day, at S2.CBX; 2/00 bn do, sellers option, all month, at J2JP)*. 5.C00 bo do, sellers option till September sth, at |2D9K: 210 bn do. buyer's option all mouth, at $2/0; 2,010 bn do, delivered Monday, at 12/0; 5,(00 bn do, buyer's option this week and next, Ko 2 la Cmltb, at s2fo. raid on ’Change were—lo,ooo bn errlfrS in store at |U9£: S,3> l '- bn do. fresh, at $2.10; 8.000 on do, Mood*?, at i2J5;5,(00 bn So 2, in EmUl/ *So'k Market easy this evening. Sal's were—2/50 bn Xo 1 a'- $2.(9. Oats quiet, and dealers •oart.-wnh talcs of 3 care old, delivered, at 72c. Corn—rolling doing, bui held higher. Rye and Bar let. Kuivisiojit—Mess Fork 'shsldhlcher, and Quoted at s4o,t((£ Hotter hardly so firm, and quo tad at t9aioc for firkin. NEW YOKE. PRY GOODS HIIRK.BT. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New yoke, Thursdsy Ntrht, Anz, 25. Tie following is the weekly report cl the K. T. In dependent of today; Coring the psst week trade bos shown considers Me activity. Prices keep advancing, especially on t3l cotton goods. Prints, and bleached sheetings and shirtings hare been In demand. Brcwn goods hare become very scarce, and there Is much competition for the scanty supply. Desirable styles and makes of fancy caealmeres are much inquired ter, and hare ad vanced 25c. Deiatncs raised Bc, with a fair assort* meat. The demand for foreign goods exhibits a fall ing off, with Importations large, but most Jobbers aie Dtßlsnlrg to buy, and In a short time It U proba ble thattbera will be a heavy business to report, as the country is too rich to regard prices. The followJmr are the net cash prices for leading etvles of domestic dry goods In this market to-day ' VBISTa. .« I American... 0ra0a0u .........47 I Glasgow..,. DSOffS SUHETtUGS, __ IMWMe Fcpjcreu.Bg. •;-g ™ md:MOreMre,fc::::;s7 S’* - £?!:::« 5§S5Kv;.-:.. - w....« GolJfJ iilJac . '-H-j goods. Kew Tort MUlfi... «"„■«*,; g *£“-r: ” SSKir:: a toSkm*. Aiidroicoreln-.T-S ra jg Mcrrtmac. Cccbeco.. Pacific. ... SprecueV. DuuseU’o. Clinton Lancaster... Itlb. Jewett City. SSKII •S M Amoflkcag York tides...*—'-? ■Washington.... Amoekeag— .» 70rk...u American j Fslli. aTCiPso fliiicTXHtie* _ » • ** T»or%, A.C.A....-1.0-3j York, 2»lnch u h ‘ 83 j PemtKTtcn,Xlj..,..,.7tJo <• C,... J?0 J ** . AAj..* 25 M i) ! * i.........70 rork. M 5 Pearl Blrcr 95 lOTK. CORS»TJ*iKB. „ . nM YeK mite 60 I Indian Orchard «2« j to BLOWN 88Z1.L9. Amnsteac 72K1 Indian H00d.... ■ Wanctectir Dart—. si« | HMaltonlMa PttClflC OiSTOx n.iun:LS. BlaterrUie .75 |Naßhue,... H«nWon * I r *S c 3 t . a peznbuton.... 67a 1 PorK-MUla SlinoU and michiff&n Canal.. ißpeoa. Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Beidoxpobt, Fnflay, Ang. 56—7 p. ta. ClXAUXP.—lmperial, Lockport, CO btlfl salt, 15 bbla f10ur,3,300 feet lumber; Ot*k Leaf, Joliet, 63.&90 ft, lumber, 50,000 lath; O.F.Gale, Lemontj 77. S. Gur nee, do: Advance, do: Besolute, do; F. A. Leonard, Lasalle, SO hrls salt, 2d71 ft lumber, 1,503 c it timber, Prairie Chief, Lasalle, Sl.OCfl ft lumber; Lone Star, Laialle, W. 300 ft lumber; Union, Lisalle, 44.416 tt lumber, 14,110 ft timber, 20.CCQ shingles; Otta wa. Ottawa, 3SCO telegraph pom for Locknort; Peoria Quern, Ottawa, ICJ hrls salt for Morris; E, Bumbra. Joint, 40 cords tan hark. A Barren-Atlanta. Lasalle. K.P tons coal; Contest, Morris.B,ooo bu com, 3,000 ba oats, 850 bn wiett, 19.CK0 lbs feeds; H. G.Lomls, liemo&r, 90 yards rub biestose. Tnarli huMd Cetrou. . [Special Dlip&tca to the CMcato Trlba^.} jjrrmorr, Friday. Anjro*t-«W«. Up—Brig Globe; scon* Dolphin, Wt-allat, Game corr, Harris Dteadccnshl , . w.»*v Dow*'—Bark wirtlow.Ul Bn* Bamor; sett Melvin* its. Scott, Sin Jacinto, Wind Bcutbwest. Now York flarket. Sn Tons, Frllor. August 25. COTTOu-PnnMi42a2Jic lower, ,t SIASSIAJ for m '£*i-sdto™a We.'eru opeuea rt lf(|U= ash er, bat closed coll, with ixnproroTitat, at C.0.<5 xor ii o. ’ _„„ „ YTbibkt—Heavy aid love*• Salem, sl.?2J<&-*SS to' State, tl-8?&l.?4 for w«tarn. amber SJS (^’ ! 46forwiut r r«d. . Con* —Opened bettfar bat closed dnll atfcigMc for Hearv aad lower atWcfor ■w’^Tjtern. EuoAa—Yeiy quiet a: 20#£3.)f * or Cabs Mascara do. ■ - Kcw York monrr nud Stuck ®«»Jset Knw Took, TWay, Aug. 29. MQKUT-Steaoy at 1 P«r cent fer oamoans. BTXSLIKO fcxcuaA’or— Heavy and nw« at x <13119 *°Gotlp— and lower, epecJng at itsif, and clos- D kt<k:k^—D-SC coupsuMtWf s do’V. B ?. r ce X* tlflcaTes.9s; O,*M. certified,49; !^. N.T.C..W9: Hadion, J27; Scrip,iS9: M.P..itgs N.W.,48: *«lMO,l*ta.l. UD ; T. * W-, 11 v- Hafloio market. BCI7ALO. Friday, Any. 23.. Fnotm—Flimer and In lair demand. obaik—Wbsat—No 2 cbclro «;b!c*co c Drlag'JJ.lß. U«®l <3lor Oats— Ola No. 180 c. • SSIEFB»ionTB-f<) Now York—Wheat, lie; corn. ’TJ£S.£S£&si£ iV^oiiJioru.uts.ccobui osts, 6-V-l f - bo. Philadelphia Rlarbet. Fhiladbi-phia, Friday. Aazuit M, Floub—Advanced, with sales of family at $12.00 of » l ?' 51 5< tor p. e 7’ »cdt£d 0t»3.C582.m. Corndrm.withj-olloTull.Tf. ard o>ixf dat Ji.f2. o*tiloverst9ic. p?«oLBUM-Crade, 49@50c; reflnel la bond, 8i wmßgY—Pol 1 , at fegglJO. n.nm«i» tmm« mia D3XCAOO arm sonTSWE3T2LtS—fIK£S» CCB. Tr*o*» WATSB AND WNSI* BTfl. Deporf. Ai-rter MauFaaasifcct.. .~.,.....*10;f10iL0L fivcdlng Bxprcsc. ,*sffiO p JZZ* *11:35 NlFbt Express _..»W;SOpAL *& KiT.rut PIVXBXOA 0. A If. vf. -RACiVAy—PUPO9 AOB7B WXZAB BTH3EST. Fuitot. paoseninu «... 9:45 cun, A 2:. Fulton Pasecngsi..,, 9:lspJSk 1:25 p,x. Freeport Passengt. 9:30 a m.- 3:15 p.m. Freeport Passenger 10:00 p.ffi. 8:10 Paaseugec 4:00 p/a. UUC a.m. Sea**?* Passenger,... Bfß 8:80 Civnican i-.n*■■■» . _ Dciroil Detroit Kzpresa tfitOOpJfi. »4Sa,a. Dotrolt Express.....„- *tlO:OOtJja. *&ls p.n. {Train* for Cincinnati and Zcutotilte.) Homing Exprcaa... ....~*& *£llsp.m. Night Express .fffiOOp.m. uicaiSAk eotrtaausr— pstot ooaars taa snare Day grprpwH *6:30 »uxt. *3:13 fivenlne Express -. ...+*oo p.a. **s: SO a.m. OTpht Erpr«* •♦«*» nia. t&<s a.a. Express, via Adrian *6:30 a.m. *8:45 a,m. T3tphtßxpreae»Tla Adrian..! UflPJm *18;18a.m 4 PITTBBUBB, TOET WAT fS AT© CEJCA6O. Kali and -m. *2:10 p.m, par Express ,„*i:Boajn. *S:lsp.m. 7*wlt ig-rpr&flg ... .*IOO Nlcht Eoippess....^-^..+lo:lopja. 18:45 a.m. Cin. & Louisville o.m., (Connecting with Fennffhania OsrJrai S. S.) Leave Plttabnrg.. 8:00 am. 4:25 pjn. 8:45 p»m. 44 Harrlstre** 1:20 p jbu 8:45 a.n. fcOC a.m. ArrivePblladcl... 8:80 pja. « N. Tort. I . „ via > USBpJB. Allen ton I 44 H. Tort. I via s>lCho6 p.m. I&CS a. 5:55 Phlladcl.) »* Baltimore.. 8:40 p.m.- 7:00 aoa. 11:60 aoc. ** WaaVton.. 9:Soo.xa. 10:30 aon. S:GO p.m. ORCZstHAn IS ZJEX. Dayßxprecj B:Soa.m. 5:15 p.m. Eroref 8:10 a.m. , one XcuiK&t) 1 DayExp*ea? &30a.a. 8:15 p.m. Nixiit Kxprtca 9:40 p,e, 8:10 a.m. niiirais cbktul. DsjPaifißSSßi * * Nteht Paeu«ecr tftSOp.B. ♦'fcCDa.m. Kankakee Att*n.... »5:15p.8L Hyde Park Train .*6:55 a. a. *7:45 a.m. »» “ •* *12:00 m. *2:85 p.m. « »* »• *4:00 p.m. *6:20 p.m. « « •* *6:16 p. a. *7.30 p. m. CHICAGO, BtJBLQISTCH ABX> qOSIO?. DsySrpretß 9:30 a. m. 5:15 p. m Erpieae .9:15 p. a. S:KJ a, a. Ksrcota Accommodation. 5:15 d. nu 9:83 a. m, Chicago aro at. noma. Sxp?tM Mail 9:50 a. m. 7:80 p. m. KisUßisrcti MOp.ffl. S:SOS.m- Joliet Accommodation. ...4;« £9oa.m« emoAoo ahd noex DiyHmresßaßdltiiil.... fc4saja. CfiOp,iß. N'>U Express .9:15 p.c. W5 a.m. Joflot Accommodation..... 6:10 p.m., cmcAfiO an xavapsrx kajzvlv. 3t Paul Express 10:00 a.m. 8:18 p.m. Ktshl Expre?a 9:30 pan. 1:00 p.m. Waukegan Accommodation 6:90 p.m. &« ».m. Evanston Special 5:30 p.m. 4:55 p.m. • Sondaya excepted, ♦ Saturday* excepted. Moadaya excepted. MABEISB At Farmington, 111.. An;. 21th, 1661, by the bride* errom’a iath<r, Kev. Mr. W>l»oo, Ur. A. WILS jN and MJM GBOHSTE K. WATTS, Ot the aoOVS place. No cards Irsuei. PIE P. Atlko’dork last night, Bev PETER O’DOWD, pastor of bt. James’ Catholic Church, Carvlllo. The deceased hal been ailing lor five weeks. amusements. WOOD’S MTJSEUiI (;OL* J. H. WOOD AND D. F. WHITMAN, Proprietor) and Managers. tST Grind Ra-cpenlng o» the Lecture Ztnoim Be. turn ©rite great Star Company. with •**&*} B?JS Mars added among which are Miss Lotts* Mist May Howard, and several others. _ Faturcsy, August 27ib, Thro* Grand Pieces lor MATINES at 3ft o'clock. Also, Three Pieces la the Dance by Jenny night. Manual, with Hi over 250,000 Carl* cauiet! ThalnvisibleLady! TtoKnormouilAraeri can Giantess! Miss Amor, the finest small Lady m “■ftIcWMSC UMDtr. nfHU«I rtptwenw- Moo In wax of * Lady now rcrtdlnz In this at the celebrated Tmaud'e Gallery, *® anortb be on exhibition in the large Museum 8-loon. the wilVmLNop fIOWHfo, for one week only, day end evening. .. _ PBJChS—Admission to Museum and Lectnro Roan 25 cents; Children under twelveytari. isiW; Dress Circle atd Parqufttle, 35 cents extra; Otchsstta Betts 7* cents; Private Boxes, ft and |5 ;/no extra charge for Reeemd Seats; Boxßcok open from 10 A. M. to SP.jj, OUUSD atIMSZB CVXST BXTPBDAY ST 2}j O CtOCS ¥ARIETT THEATRE. Ks« 115 and U7 Dearborn street. C.M.CTIAn WIGS * CO n Proprietors *cd Managers. T.L.PITCH Acting and Stage Manager. MONDAY EVENING. AUG. 231h, First appearance of M’ZiLE ELIBB, The beautiful Dauscuse. ALS», mu. mi. Scott, BiUadist, Pantomlmlst and Cornelian. also, SIC. CONSTANTINE, The great Pantomlmlst and Dancer. Doors open at 7M; Cnrtaln rises at 8H o'clock. Bcalx of Psicxa.—Parqnette.ascents; Dree* and Family Circle, ?s cents; Private Boxes. |1; Blngle Beats In Boxes. SC cents. THEATRE. BniHIASr SFCCES3 of the GREAT COMEDIiIT. MB. CBAKFRA®, LORD DUSDREARY AHO HIS BROTHER BAM, In the popular Comedy ol ore A3EBICIS COrSCT AT HOSIE, Which will le presented ttls AFTERNOON AND EVCLTfiO-ln the afternoon at 3 o'clock. Admis sion, 25 cttlß. COME EARLY. Tbeatts Cb;wded Nightly, Shouts oy Lauchtis at AND 8it!I, _ CAD EJiiy O F MUSIC, Wa.liinsCon Street. MOIIDAY. AUGUST SDtS. 18E1. PROF. ANDERSON, ™ KBS. ASDEKSOIf, MISS HICKEtI, Ar6 a tost MIS! Of «««»,. lo M 3 tronaerfol an! AD # uuw tniertainment. TSE WOELD OF M&.QIO. tion of Ladles and Children- Doors open at 2H; to C °”?e e i«A°SelS’Sinß3«ei!»ied at tt. Bai Goto. deily. C beiwectithe boars oe ic and so clock, - Boors open a; TJX, Commence at 8. Admission.'. Cent*# aat6-pGQ»4w4thp Heseitgral ’Notices. S3 ■yyESTERN UNION 00LLE9S nuiiAiiv aoadehy, FULTON, ILL. This pctmlar Instltutlcn (the only Mniiory School In tho western Stales,) Is now organized ai a lestitutlon, and will open its Fall Session Bcplem* voang men and lads over 18 yews of ago, who desire to secoie Places will do wtll ta apply early. Tct ticnlar Snformaucn, adless the President, CoL D, S. IE mw. W Gov. Y«tffl, Ke.l4mt of tfi. Bowdot Trustees; Gen. Oglesby, pscator, Cobb, Mineral Point, >Vlr.; Lieut, got. Hoffman, ny|Ao E n. » u Orbison.Ft.Waj'ne.lnAjllon.E.B. Wsehburne, GaKna. or other ot or to thepairctscentrallj. au2sm67>i2t4Jip TWO GREAT DA'S’<3 TROT TING. DRIVING PARK OOUESE, Friday, August 26, 1864, Funo and stake sl,2so—dUlo Heats* best 3 la 5, to Harness. .....A5 J. 77. HOLCOMB entergbay mare “Potty Greea,’ farmer y ” May Queen." JAB.COBLIes-eatfrs brown gelding “JoanHo K, Inner," xormcrlj “IJabccllfb.” o.w.niMJilCEtntaß chmaie“Darl!>nßene." Second Daj—Saturday, iug. 27. Puyse aid Stake $750 —T*w<? HUc Heattf to fiiaraeso. T. P. ROACH enters bay cel dine “David Gage,” formerly “Bald.’* JAS. CONLISK enters ch gelding “John Hot* rlisy,” formerly “ Billy.’’ , O. W. DQIMXCK enters ch mire “Dayton Belle.” Homastajtat3 o’c cay. . . _ Fools will he sold at the Tremontßome Taursday and Friday evenings, and on the ground dinngtns It.CO; dally qntrterftretchhJdflM sLW any-pSTC tMthp JaS. VAN ETTA. Pres. _ .....Kjf iLflgt. XOST. —Tiie man who took the coat from Boom 80. 1 in MeCormilk’s Building iswelcooeto the coatu be will r.tnra the u*iet“ and books through the Fost Office to A. K- QuILU. aortpTiVtt :: LObT —On Wedieaday, 24th inst., on the way from lf9 State street to Camp Dong lsi,a Ocld Chain Bracelet, marked “Annie.” Tha finder will behherally auction Sales. gP AN BLACK MAKES AX private sue. we have a span or Black Marc*, five and alx years, well matebe:., every way ntbt. fast trntten. , .. WM. A? BUTTERS & CO.. au2£-p703-4Mtp Portland Block. 112,000 PRIME CIGARS AT AUCTIOB, On TVEDNEspay, Acir. ?iat, ain o'clock, at Bat* tern* £ nctioal^cme,iaPortland Bisck.cor. ol Dearborn and Waabn*lon-Bla 38.000 JEI fc»ol Cigtirst, 30.000 Malnkoff uigars, 20*000 ihl Cilobo Cicmr-t, 18.000 2DI Scl Uondros Cigars, »u26-ptS*6t WM. a. BUrrSP.I A CO.. Aact’fS, |?BESH STOCK OF PERFUME- Jl liT, Just received from New York, AT AUCTION. Co MONDAY. AngtuUDlb, at o’clock, ftt Bu*.- terb’Aacrlon Booms, lo -Portland Slock, corner of D« arbom ana Wa»hmex:n streen, we abail sell, with .outreeerve,lor cash.* FBESIX STOCK OP PERFUfIEBT, Jus* received from New York, conaia'lDg of plain and fancy Porra-tes, Hair Oils. Cotmetics. Cclosna Ex« act--, Il«r lavlcoiaiors. Fancy Soaps, &c-. &c. aa2s-p62C5t ym. A, BDTrERS & CO, Anct’ri,. EE'-Ui.AR SAxUV.UaY’S f SAXE —Hfnsebcld tu ai'nre. Plano Forte 3U ver-Plated Ware. Horse, Hameae, Family carriaee. &c., _ - AT AUCTION* ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 27tU, AT O’CLOCK, At Batten* Anc’lon Room, la Portland Blotk, cor ser of Dearbr.rc aod Waablaaton streets. n<msebeld «wooua-COw»tnLm:of a lircoaadgea * cral owcrtXDt jii. StiTcr-Plneed Ware—SuCh acts of Dcrort, Mo fllaa- and Table r'orka-uidrtpoooa. Tea Sett* ot S apaCoiccee.SftPdC Dottle caatore. Tea Bella ,Go> Iclf,&c.,&c. AT 11 O’CLOCK. Piano aud BilUoxa Table—A bue touel Pi%io fcxu> la rcsbwucti esse, i wood bed ulllum Table, 1 m»rb!e bed co, commie:e and in perfect order. Horses* CarriHfffs, file,—A fine cream-colored ti »e, 7 years old, a cor droadster.warranted souad in every - ev, ana Uee c-f nV. tricks, Can be seen -at Cbuke’s itabt , Dearootu street. A sood family cmrlsee, (or fourvecaor*. maae laßt Louis, of the best material. 1 f ett dcuble harnese, fir carriaee.! sett do. do., ior team. 2 setts slasle taaroess, fer bopgy. WAI. A. BVrTBBS A CO., aU6*5-p630-3t Aactloaeers. O-OV ERNMESTi' SaLS. -Stoves. xJT Pl;-c, Coal Hods, fee., at auction. WITHOUT KESEKTE, FOB CASH. On Salnrdai, Angost 27, at 3 O’clock P. 8., AT CAUP VOOGIiAS. 119 beating etoveo, 4.136 as stovepipe, 61 elbows, 96 coni bees. 1? coal above is, a cook aeove. iffl forxs/dd C Wk C i.*DUTtEKfI?-CO.. aocSS-pCSi-St Auctionen. FETY BARRELS- of cider at AnonoH, On SaturiUy, August 27, at 12 O’clock, At Batters* Aecuon Booms, in Portland Block, cor ner of Dearborn and WasblflKtiiH streets. WE. A.IUItfEU3 A CO., augSSpC32-3t _ Auctioaeerr. AAA WORTH IST WJmI *l/ GRAIN'. 8-PLY, VELVET, BUUSsELS AM) OIL CARPETS, CANTON MAT TING, &c, the iAiniE stock of a carpei l house, Al AUCTION, On Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept. Oth and 7th, At Batura* Auction Ecoma. to Portland Block, cor* ner of Dearborn and Washington street!. C 3” Particulars hereafter. „ . Wai. A.BUTTEKS & CG., ftngss-C3Ht Auctioneer*. PACK TNG HOUSE.—For Bile at pcblic auction, on SatnrdAj, Sept. 10tb, 18G4, At 3 o'clock p.m , that certain ,'r*me Packing House Archer Hoad, In the city uf CMcaao. formerly knows sbALEXAN-’KR BELL'S, more recently occupied by(Jie«»tcn & Co., together wr'h the Hectares, appar tepanc* e. unexprreo term of leasa. eic. Alao, a roc of Ground Alum Salt and Saltpetre. Sale cn tee prera* lees le:m« caah. apply to V?M. A. BOITEtte & co.» VuilpSTC-Swltbp Auctioneers. >T ARGF TBADE OF I i STAPLE DEV ooona. . AT AUCTION. . , . „ . On WEDNESDAY, Aug.Bitt. at 9M o’clock at Bat* ten* Auction lioonn la Portland Blocs*, corner cl DearNirn and Wafblagtcn straits . M anltol&ttt WM. A. BUTTERS* CO .Anct'rs. gQ DESIRABLE RESIDENCE lots in the West Division AX AUCTION. On THURSDAY, fept. lit. at 2 P, o: the rrcm'a*s, woiLslualltoihc highest bidder. several desiraole BnilclucLotsinPicctaKo bad 15, touts ofTwtlnh street, between Morgan and Walk*r, in Brand's Ad* GlUon. One ttgLih cash and tbe balance interni-aa coal payments, ooe-»ich:o wpb* par c*mt Interest. For par lonian see wM* A. BUTTERS & CO., auß*pUMSt Auctioneers. /XtLBEBT & SAAIPSOITj %JA ecncrnl'Ancaoceen,44, IS Al3 Oearbom-it, LARGE BALE OF ELEGANT NEW IDRNIXDSE -a.t Auction. * On TUESDAY, An?. 3 th, at SK o’clock, we will sell at oor rooms, a fine assortment of Bich Chamber Suits, To rosewood, oil, walant and solid chestnut, with martlc-tcps. floe parlor salt-* in hair, cljtb and grofa repp, oax extension dimes tables, marble-top oak sideboards with minor back, oak dlouc and cham ber cane rest chairs, spring-sent and bask easy cb‘lrs f solid rosewood, walnut and mahogany mar. ble top tables, bat trees, whatnots dressing bureaus, bedsteads, washstanda, eons, cane seat rockers and am chairs- . . , Also—Pine Vrcraln Carpets, acd a genera! assort* mm of boosthoW Lszs! , 4 £iMpaoKi aan-pKS U Aueuoneen. riTEBERT & SAMPSON, VS General Auctloneera <: 46 A 49 Dcarbom st. TKADJS SALS 50 CSATtS rROCKeBY AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, Bept7th, at3K o’clock, we will ■rll atoorstlesrootas, 44.46 no: 43 Dearborn street, without reserve, flit? crates ol the best quality of ■While Crockery, in open lots to the trade Toe as sortment Is one of the ots: we ever sold, and Is alt of Edwaros and FuralvaU’a best foods. Sale will bs positive- Goof e cached ard •hipped for the country, au27 pBC9 X2t GILBERT & tiAMPSQ.V, Aact’fS. QA AAA FEET OF ’WAL JU r\ /NUT TANBEBB AT AUC TION, On KEIDAY, Stpt.ld.alSK o’clock »tov rcoQB. 44,48 and 48 DeaJbO'D street, there will be iold in caeca offrota 5.0 to UCO f'o; in a e*re. Thar are all in rood order and worthr the attertloaot cabinetmakers. GILBERT* BAMP4O3. snuT-pSOSIt Auelooiew. ILBERT & SAMi’SOJr, THADE SALE OF GOO Crates assorted Grlnsswaro lOOdne Silver-Plated. Castors, 10,000 Cigars, AT AUCTXO-V, On WEDNESDAY, Sept. 71 h, at 12 o’clock, at oar Salesrooms. 44, 46 and 43 Dearborn attest. . an27pSMl2t GILBERT & _ Tuctxok sale OF VESSEL J\. AND CARGO.—WiII be sold at Pnbllc Anettoa. atE K.Bruce s office, Cblcaso, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, ADg.Sls*-, the sctoocer N'louaa.a and bar carco of liotODsßrie Coal, as they sow He at the mouth of Chicago harbor. Terms. CASH. au27-pBC7-5t . Sale. TT'OR SALE—A Poictor Dog, two J? years old; ranees well. A trial allowed. Ap ply a: No. 1 north Ciatk gircet. a047p709*U F3R SALE.—To Pi inters. One Northrop Cylinder Job Pr*», bed 22x23 Inches, ntw asdin perfect order. One tiuge ca (io£)btuauoa No S, plutten VHx9J< laches,new. One Rugrlss Ulo mono notary Card Prise, new. Two Busies Cud Cutters, 2Sia) inches. Oce BUelow Pater Inthts. new. i ne Card Cutter, for cutting cardsjro ,n stripe,new- FkRGUd. Printer, IS Ciark sqcet, Chicago. an2u.p;W-at T?OR SALE—At Amboy, on Ilii-. 1 ’ ncls Central Railroad, a cotd Warehome. wlib elevator and beat of f ß clilile* for hand ing grata it offeisullDeopDortunlty tor grain, coal and lumber business. Apply to B JwA*»D LIfTLE, at John T. Ncbie 6s Co’a Lumber Oficcr, earner Canal a~-d Cat tail sfrettf.ftom 9 tr> 10 o’clock A. M., or address Post Office Box 3675. au47-p776 8t T?OR BALE—A large hoiizoatnl J? Condensing Engine—cyUeder 20 by St-nmrly new,ana all m perrect order; made upon the most opprovet plan, atd will worn eilber by higher low nressore. Can be seen at tho Vulcan Iroz WorkSjca cimton street,near gultos. au2u-pTli 2t F)R SALE—LocLmotive Boilers, 20 feet long, (6 S Inch tabes. Ore box with water back, steam emit—all complete dsd Ingcoa erder. TVsnied. one, two cr three b Ine boilers,,23 irtet long, 42 Inches Diameter. Apply to GltlFFiN JJBO3. an2h pTQiaot )R SALE—Blendoa Saw Mill Slachlacry. Two entires, three biHeri.boller frccts, crates, steam and aud plzcs.sbafun:, pear, mz. smoke Hack, chain?, 4c, together with a large quacucv of old iron,bn.cse,6cc. Asocd opportunity Is clftsrcd lor asy cno who may w-?h to baud on Bomepremiiesor to remove to any otetr place, tor paxtlcnlaia apply to WM. HOVEY, Grand Rapldj, _ au2B-p7id3w IDOR SAltß—Family Carriages, JC' Ten Buggies,No Top Buzgief, Phaetozs,' Ac.— a cochi assortmenc.sellable to ouib cny and um. tat sale aUeasttao present cost to manutnctoke, at CllNNinUHASl’d CARbI%GB KttFOSITGBy.G7 and G!> canal street, nearSfaHson street bridge. anS6-p*JP2t TT'OR SALE—At the ChlcigoPiaao X? Factory, IIS Sooth Dearborn street, on the second floor, a variety of 7 octavo pianos for sale; 7 second band pianos, rosewood veneers, for sale: rep sort tilmmlne; oce flrat-claasbilliardt*Wei for sale; onecmcibusfor sale, by J.PitESrON, au25pCC9-lw F3K SALE.—Two Coachaa.. euita hie lor livery or Family nse. On* fine 6 seat pan eled Eocßaway A number of light Kockawar' , t ßUde 6e9tF.Pnnefctß,aodth*4larzeFt Btock of bueg’es[in the city, at Shelton 3s Tattle’s Repository .on Market street, near ‘Washington, y ang2a-p523-Bt_ FJB SaLß—The etooi find tiz tnrescfaflrsi-claFSMlllDo-y Establishm«nt, Ii one or thebettcltiesln IHinois, stock aUnwrlyncw. and atcoonts to F-'T*o. Termsh>lf cash,balause3,s, 9w?a It months, with good security. Address v. O. Box 2450, aug2s»p63:-2t ALE -A Eight Horsa Sta rP ttensry fitesn Engine and Roller m good ran nlreorcfr, iors*le cheap. Apply to WM.BiRAe. WANATH, at the Qsraen city Steam Ecgtie anj Boiler Wcr hr, Chicago. aa24p5931W JT'OR BALE - Baloou and Boarciug 1? Eoosc Furniture, at No ®7 North Canal street, bet. Lake and jtancolph its. Inquire of MBS.-B. DIXON, auM*ps3olW FaK E ALE—Tub Boiloicg and lease ct ground northwwl earner or Madison and sti- There ate two stores 20s«. and >rrici oveihead. A good piece for a Groc'Jf. Fljnr IndT.S’ of Llilof.r APP'I to b. a.u'costtoa, « gSjth & Frank’s, XOO sonta Water at. ao2t-p327-2w FOB SALE- Engines and Baders. Sucerlo? double Ennues, 60 bom power e&cb, and boilers of 101 l capacity tor the eigtnes-all oi flrctclaes materials and wo'kmajjship—beater, cot off eovernor. Ac- For sale *t»bfrgain. Autvlvper ?MWl/otby letter toE. A. LAY A Co..lSßßwtt 'Water street, Chicago. ?• 0, Drawer 647tj. 8U23-pn»6t _ “008 SALE -Ilpin easy terms, a JD desirable stone buUtflomlng mill, having three inn oi atone, with capacity forfocr. situated at CUntosvtlle,on the Fox Wver. S3 miles from Chicago, on the Chicago and Galena Union railroad. Toere la a cooper’s shop and tome residence property also 10? 851% Applv to WIL PAHTOS on the premises. an?B-pjsfr6t TT'OB SALE—A Steam Klonr Mill. 1* The Bubscnber offers for sale the valuable prop erty in lb Claire, lowa, known aa the “ Swan Mliis." Tbemainbuiimng, Mby 50 feet,four, stories high, contains three nm of stone, sixty hoiM engine, ana other necessary machinery. _ M „ . „ On same lot, and fronting river, Is 8 two-etory warehonce, 80x60 feet, for atorug and ship ping flour. This property is situated In one ot too best grain growing regions In the state, and com* maadi a large local trade. . . it ha* direct railroad and water communication with Chicago and 8& Lotus markets for any surplus. Tha above property will be sold faw for cash, enhar aeparately or-together, ostnayhe or wißbe exchanged (or good.Chicago property. Apply %Q JJABLIKGTOK* CO..DaY«i9«t, W¥t» UI7n7W-Ua aeiantcfl—Substitutes. Wj±A i El>—A one.year man to enter tie United States Nary at a BavaPtate for w.t SHOfEi-ur, 51 ioutn Wateratrest. aid p7?>?t _______ WASTED.— Substitutes and Rb pteseaiative Recru'U will tccoWc this day the h'ehfs*. cash bounty paldinthatity. your aoney pa-ddewnas loiusajoupssi the doctor, Qeld or tMl!> «s you ruBT desire Usa-emov the number. SI Drsrbcrn»tieef, BcomS FINLEY & CO, au27-o}ifl-U WANTED- Merchants and others diitncg Pnhstitutes should apply loused late ly at tbe office of tna Chic*co Recruiting Company. j»4 L 'car- on street, Hoorn 5. Gcod men always voaractecQ, Prefer to the lesdlns Wercbantssad Banker*** »r.tacity. FIN LEI A CO, anaS-p'Mlt WJ AT. TKD --Merchants andothers V v wbo deeirc to avoid the Draft should call at M 4 Deatborr street. Boom 5. immediately, ana pro* ror« Substitute* we coctitne to furnish men lower tbaa any other office in the city. Refer to flrai-clas) gS“ I i[auST-ptW ltj_ FIBLEY <X 00. ITI/'ANI'ED— Substitutes and Ke r V D'wrtatlTsß»cru , ta can and will bars the taiebe?’ c*eb B'antv paid la theoitv ata4 Deaibsra g.i«»t," j-coni 5 Tnere is no importtUa practiced at car office. All trgwremeot* made b/ us 'altafniiy rur rclereocMtotba hiercbjnta **ad Uadicx Madera of tbe city aad State w»H anow. Yoarmorey waiwajatatoand paid into yoar own bates sspocn «youpaaitbtt eostor Ta« auuey pad in Qo’d or fll»U, u yea issyds'ire. Tbi ori<f dkl ane cmycnitwonby office, do’T nmthorizel by lb*- CUT < * Cwlcago, EIKLEi & CO. aa‘<2-pIS9-lt ... WiiiNTFD - AteichsntaEndothefa la the el'yani State liable to ahonu cfU otoar cfli-e 84 Dea/b-irn atreet. Boom 4- We ccntinneio miiito fcab»-tituWß at * lower tlzure tbaa toy other firm in tie city. All contracts made oy ut lalibfnliy carried cut. wo a'wavs give oar re'er* encie Utfit to the leading Merchants aad Baaltej* to U'j city md State, wl:b whom va bavo done oasl cess. ILeaary boges and offices that b&ve spruce up like moabroooa snoold bo etudioovly aroictc. our ia tea onjinal a&d only office duly t-ulbonaea and catibllthea bf authority of too City cf Chic?po. it.Q27-pTyi.itJ FIHLBg <6 CO. 'WI ANTED Substitutes tj go iu f T snv . - tnch of tbe service la tbe arenyasd csvy.ic! one, two cr three fears, to whom the bUh ett caih premium will be paid. Fortlti liable >o draft, ana thoHi who «ub to proenre aaostuateS, wliicowvil tul*rtocßll cr h»ad latbe’rorders at ELY & tv>,, u? south Clark street/ F r -« Office BOX 1000. sa27-p9«Mt WiNXEU —To ifltomi the public that we aro prepared to furn’ab Suoatltites. Jcr tbe TT. 3. Nava! service, aad master them la this city, for ibe term of oni*, t*o cr three years, and have them credited to any State where tbe orlucipal may reside, Parties In the city wbo bare triaads m o bei fltatta wbo wka to procure substitutes, will And it to tbtlr advantage to can at 117 So. CUrc-at. and get farttir p»Ttieni»rs, or adireas P. O. Box 1000. [aoit-pSOO-ltl ELY & CJ. TSTANTED -That it should bo vv di&UecttvaaderstorKl substi tutes to pexsona liable to b<i draDau uoasr the Presi dent's yroclamatioa of 3u\v Wb, IS6*. avamat jo.l Drafts end or said ProclaamM in. whether ox* or ten, nofn ibe recsltt of two hnadred and fifty dol lars. WILIBON & MkERIAM, dS Clar.r strait. 8U«-p738-lt it to draft* should recollect that only tendaya Intervene between to-day and the connneatement of the drain, and that they should ImrcoalaJely hand In their orcera forvnbitttnte*. wMJa enoalUniea can be bad. to WILSON & MERRIAM, ‘IS Clark street. ku27-j>7S« It WAFlfiD—Substitutes and re. If ernita wanted and furnished. The highest cash bounty paid in hand. Can hayt choice ot teet mtnt. Snwtitn’ea and reemita furnished as an time*. Apply at State itrwt,rooin;43. up Btaiia. P.O.Bax 3431. G. W. BONHAM * 00, CUcayo. 2R. an«7-pi33U ■WANTED—Who iranta a Sob T* rtltnte or E»orcaentatlre ? Cell at BOH* HAM & cn'S often, Rjoe *J3 Garrett Block, comer oißandolpb and State aireots, ap-eta!rs. and (atre yoor orders. anf? p323*lc TWAN'f-fD —We hava jeceived T T uumeitss appUcatl-sa to famish aabjtuatea In other Statta. Wadiiireallapp leasts to counter thtacsr answer—that wo never nav* and never will fomlih a man to oe credited to the quota of aov Bute bat minors. WXLL9OH & msBKIAM 4S Clark tweet. MUTpdSit AJW ANTED -Immediately, 10 sub T i stltutegfor one year. I will pav the highest bounty, caih In b»na, that can bj Mtd m Ihu city. Be lore to civ* roe a call at 97 Washiorton street. P. O. Drawer 6234. au27-p9i4-2t Wf All TED -Furoli-d cisizeuj of T T ever* district In the State of Illinois canto assured substitutes epon payment of |SPO. 1 bare men on b ß nd Ht all times, at 07 Wasalnztou street. P.O. box 65334. aaMpWl-86 fAT ANTED—TtfO Subtuatss for ** . one year. who are exempt from the draft. AddressO &0.,b0z300, P.O,stating terms. No Broker ncea gpply. an2>pßjg-3t \\7‘ANTifD —100 Mtn for thutuo- V i - heat service, for one, two and three years, for which the following prli-ea will he pald,‘vu: oaeyear men. #3si*, cash lohasd: *sCofbr two years ner?. and eKOfor three years. Appir at the corner of .{i3do:ph “ 4 LaS.ll. itieeU. Uacwo. HL, to.*. p. S.—We defy competition. apg93*p€&9-U VtT ANTED- 100 Mtn for the gun f V boat service, for one, two and three searaf for wtub the following prices wilt be paid, viz: one ?»ar jecd. *550. card In bond; |IW for t»o years, and |Q 0 tor three years. Apply at the corner of and LaSalle atreeis, Chic**©, IIL in the basement/*"* WM. MURPHY A CO. P. S.—We defycompetaltoa. ans33»psS»4t TV AN TED—ICO Ken for life g,nn- V T beat service, for one, two and three yean, for which the following prices wld be paid, viz: one sear rrer,*; sMOfortwo years, and 1630 for three tears. Apply at the corner of Randolph ■miLasam. 1 m«-.c&cNW> w m.gtt &^«L P. S.—We defy competition. nnszS-pggKt TjiTTUffTJBi)—ICO Men for tbe gnu v v boat service, for one, two and trrea years, for wblcb the fubovinz prices will be paid, viz; oaeyear men SrS’.cathlnbandt *tfOfonwo years, and «<M for three years Apply at the comer of Randolph and Ls ailie streets, Chicago. 111, In the basement. WXI. MURPHY A CO. P. s.— We defy competition. aua33-pS6S»it TAT ANTED.—Substitute Wanted, 7 7 ImmiootD.W.PAGE. 12SauJlSO L»ko street, up-shkrs. aua pSMt AAfANTED—Recrmta tor'll, fi. Tf Gunboat service. Afewcore young men want ed. Great Icdoccmcnu offered. Local bonntiet now paid and tbe h.chest wages given. Pomes bx logins nsrecruiwwiU bo liberally raw&rueo. Call at the corner of Bandoipn and Laaaile streeTs. In the baso> meet. an2api»st w. muSPHY A CO. TXT ANTED 50 GunbOitmau im- It mediately. Call at the corcorof Randolph anoLftsatlt-Btrec'p. wetropoll'.anßiock, in toe base* aent,reunitingoificecf _ . „„ TO. MU -PUTi CO. Call and get the highest bounty paid In ih'* cl-y, cash in bang. m aaia-pifiJ 5c ANTED- • Drafted men of the T T city of Chicago and RUto cf mmols to know that they can be tarnished representatives at the moat reasonable terms and the shortest notice, by nddicv sloe Lock Bos COBB, or eppirxsg at the corner ol Randolph anaLatalle tee basement. „ aofS-pfSSt V. MURPHY* CO. \\T AS TED - SabaMrates and rap- T I resentativesat the corner of Randolph and Ls»alle streets. In the basement. Call and cat the blfbtsit cash bounty that Is now paid in the city. a023.p165-St W.MpßFiir A CO. \\I ANTED Substitutes. Dea? TT rirs. after wu hav® canvassed the city oi Chicago, we wonldTlike for yon to give n* the last call, ana it Will then be lor 3on v> say if we cannot give the largest bounty to Substitutes and Repre sentatives entering the D 8. service, for any period fromope to three years. Choice of 59rrtcaa''dregl ment given. Gunboat men taken for one, two and three years. If yon wl>h honors lie dealing, give ns x call at the coraer of Randolph and Lasallo street, la the basement. WU. MURPHY £ CO. sn2s-plo3-St TS/"ANTED -Gunboat man, acd V T also men for D. S. navy service for one year to wt om will be paid the highest cash bounty, wheth er recruits or FubsUnitpa. a Duly ImmeotAtety at the Her railing Office of WM. MURPHT * UO , earner ol Esodolphand Laiallo streaW, under Hstropoltcan Block. a->2l P4S3 5t TS7ANTED To mloim all nsen T T that arc enrolled In the City of Chicago, or elsewhere, that substitutes can be furnished at the eh'.rtest notice ana at most rsasonaole terms. We will frrnlih three year’s substitutes tram t-*co to 88*0 * one vesr subsutares from 1250 to Address Lock Box CCC 3, Chicago (IL. or aoolr at the' corner of Randolph and LanaHostrsets. latbobais ment. General Eecrultlng Office. an23.p1«53 WM.HUBPHF St CP. XyANTED—Recruits for U. S. TT Gunbcat gervica. Alt w more young man wait ed. Grt at lodncfmeets olUred Local b laatles now paid and iho bluhestwaeeagiven. Parties brlnjtg uaiecrnl’s will be libsrully rewarded Call at tea ccroac of Eaudfiipb sod Lasalle itisera. lo the baia mc&S. an3i-p3317t W. MURPHY & CO. XS/anted- 50 Gnabostmen im v V toedlate'y. Call at the cb'ucr of Randolph ard LaSalle stitets. Block, in the bode* mant. rtCitdllnr office cf ' mi. MURPHY & CO- Call ard get the highest bounty paid is tta city, cash in band. ■ nn2L>Ss2t6.a XtTANTED- Drafted men of tha ’VV city of CP.'csco and State or Illinois to know that they can be tarulen»d repfeMotativxja; thamoit rtsaoiacie terms nn* the shortest notice, by addret sintf Ljckßcx tiOGS.orapDlylng at tha corner oi CO. TXrANTED—Subetitutes and rep » • rescntatives at the comer of Randolph and tar&lle streets, in the basemen;. Call and sec the bl butcMßbouiUtutu nowcßldlnta.iclir. _ autl-pSEMt IV. MURPHY & CO. WAUIED Sabsfitutss. Lear Tv Sirs, after yon have canvawed the dty ot Chlcseo. we would like ter you to give cs thalsit call, and It will then bo lor you to say if we cannot clvothe largest bennty t« Substitute» and Hspro ithtaiives entering the U. S. sarvice, for-■“Fpei'ld** »romone to three yea»a Cbo»caef »«74ce andregt* me&t riven. Gupboatmen taken fer oae, two ami three vests Ifiouwlsh poaorabls detliuv giyen* a evil at*ue’ corner of Boadoioh tn the basfroent. wil. MuBrEY a CD. au-4i-p&M*«t TSFANIED —Gunboat mes, and W a!»o men »r TT. S.navyssrvtce tor one year, to wbomwni Depald tnehtgneitcesibonotT.wbeUi* er recrnitfl 07 imstito*♦ aod»j w tne Eef™nrßOfflMoi 'VM. MUEMS i CO., comar of Bvaeo'-nU end J-aaalle etreet, under Metropolitan hicct Bnapaetn "fTtrANTEP-To iDfona ali me« Vt t:at are enrolled In the Ct7 of Chisago, or eltewbexe. thaicubsti utes can be fnrulahed at the scorttst nokceand at molt reasonabl a .t;rms. We will furnish three year’s sut*truia3 from t'£o to td‘o; CDs v*srsue»U utea >rooxi2S3 to 5X59. Addrca* Leek Bf x C 06- Chicago, IU. cr a&uly at the corner ef K'Ddnjpb and Labile streets. In the bsssmsns. Gent pal Recruiting Office. an«l-pS44 It Wit. MDBPAY_A CO. TO KENT—Saloon of the Wean X cot'tlionfe.La Ctcfsc. Wlicoosln. A ptring lasti:mlcn. 11. H. BAXTER. TO KENT—The two biick stoiex* 17S sod 183 State ttreet,be‘.we*a Monroe ardArtans;are 2Qiiflto-t.with DassmaxU. Apply tc GEO K. FXGGUS, 13 Clark street. OU26>pTO2-2t * 'T'O KENT—The s;eoid sad third _l_ stories in the westerly store of Cobb’* new Block, cornerof Michigan •avenue asd Lake street. Will be ready tor cecooeocy Bept-10'a. Aoplyto n. A B-B. WHITrEMOBS ACO ,117 Lake-st, OUt9 CC99 6t ; ?TtO RENT—A new Dwelling X Hois a, 230 Ontario slre-t, east of Clarfc, con tainlngelgbt rcocs.with all the modem Improve meats. Apply to E. W<GBItPiN,Ko. 5 Pomeroy’s Bmlclog. ' au2B p705-i3t T) RENT—A part of the Brat floor and basement of the east store m Cobb’s Block, corner of Lake street and Michigan Avenue. Anolv toB.B. C088.136K Dearoorn street. au?frp47o-5t ’JT'OR SALE—U. S. Manus Hospi* JU tal at Chicago. In pursuance of the act of Con gross, approved Jane 2(ih. is«, authorizing the gale of the D- 8. Marine Hospital and srronndi at Chicago. Xitncls, situated on Michigan avenue, between South ■Water street and the Chicago fUver,notice U hereby ylv* a that the above property will be sold at public auction. on the 3ih day of September, IBM, at 13 o Clock a. m ,hr the Collector or tbs Port of Chicago, at the Custom Honaotn that city. The terms of the sale ore for ready mosey, upon the receipt of the pnrehasemoney in fall, the Secretary of the Treasury win make, execute and deliver to the purchaser thereof a good and smacJent deed for the premises, conveying all the right, title and interest oi the Uni in accordance with the act authorising to* sale, possession ofthsaald Hospital and groancs will he retained, until the new Hospital to be bunt under toe provuionfl of the act shall he folly complete® and ! 'uSeaa ! Mt!.f«clorr bid SS^'hosh'* 1 * ’l^aSSr 011^ mmttoz&itrt*- TXT ANTED—Agent J to tall the t » celetrt*d Improved Bxwis* iJACHia*. mce fi >. ln*ccm«sta *0 per week. ?WP®i25 l ot preteaded aienta ol the N.E. r. MacMt:e.wnTa« iwiadjlajc the people and saba*emtswtu>a easw, bocoamachiße, which :■ worthless. T0«of oorm*- chines bare been in use two jean la Michigan, »U ctrine latUfcct or Jtverv machine warranted nva years. All macblaes sf-er this da’6 win bate m* 1 cam on the order aide. Only offices of dedrer 133 30. C.aik s*xm, Chicago. P- O. Drawer 5768. and Adrian. tfielu For nferencce of raspaanoilityad* drw w. H. WALDO ft CJ , Ban'era. or C3J.9, RJtDfIKLD.P Mich. W. B. KVAWS * afent*. __ an».-p315-St T\TANTED—SOO,OOO Agents (sob Y 7 ilera and citizen*) to Introduce In every camp, bL at* political me-tlax. the mJl' woods fni acdsnccestfnl GlftßEterprlsaia the world. Watchea prtsen.ei free to pye.-y a ent. S'lvirlca Pitcher* acd Cups, Gold Locket*. Ac., aaoaz our prize*. *ls to *5( par day made e»i? Ctrfp)ar« fr*e. Address C. M. nP.NU i C 0.,153 Clark attest, Chicago, XU. an2*-pS2M; XX7 ANTED - Agestc to s-ll Presi 7? dtntial Catapaleo Medals acd P;3 Bad nr. These Mecai* and Bndjrnare Onlabsc to a ityta tape, nor to anything yet onarrd cn tbe pcbnc and are furnished to the ti-*de and peddlers a: prices that win allow ircm three to tire ■'Ocdied p*r sent. profit. Sample iie«isl m either 'allow or wbre J3 cent*. A*idrP«t JOHl* STANfOK. Sttrap and Brand Cattcr.llif) Klfth street. Cincinnati.Ohio. an2l-p:S»6t TtrANTED—Effipl-ystnl. $75 a Ys Xocth. Acecfs wanted to sell Btwina Mv Chines. **ti will inTe a roumiMlon oa au mncaiaes sold, or emo oy a«et’s who wUI work for the a nova wages and Ml espemoe paid. Addreaa D.B. 3SH. KDiION & CO., Detroit. Mich. ac?t-p3Si-5t : XI7ANTKD. —Agenta VHi eJ to f “ «J1 the most »• Wonderful tnyention of the Ape**—as I'strntcect and lull matracMoaa h? which anyl«dy or scnUsmac can taka a perfect nkeneis Bent free cntacMpi of 50 cent*. A*?ata art mattes *l9 a day Every lamlly shonld have one and take their own Ukcae«;«>B. Town and rronty *isnts ro? iadTM.M.DEGHAIin,aOBBro«iI«»J.N^W ror». *O3l-1)33«t TIT ANTED.—A fo-w energetic, re -77 liable canrasieis can steady and profit, able employraoat In sellieg Binsut’s anixatso NaTCBS.a wotkol sc«clu>c merit, coct&intnz over l.iut accurate acd spirited engravings Krclvslre Senltoxy Apply to HESiiY M.SSF.awood, 113 Daarbori tU Chicago, PI sttg3>plS7-nt TX7ANTED.— Ac Agent to si U at Y 7 tvery Fair and P UUc»l meeting. sl3 to *ta rer dsy can be made by men of enerry with certain ty. ttebnvtf theme at xxcirtKO.BSZLLEASpindPao* yiTABLE airargtmert ever intr. cacad In w»a 11a* of Olft eLterprla«a. Pend tor Circular. C. if. bDNN ft CO-.153 andl&l Clack street, Chicsso. 80g33-pi93.St WANTED- -300 Ladies and Qeu tiemen from all parts ot lbs West, to act as agents fortte ealeef Batterlek’a Patterns lacies’drcisrsaod all km*«of clou i j. Sore to s* ll in every fairly. Itxtra indnoesent* offered to agentf. sTacy ft "WILDER, room IS. no stairs, cccitclck’s Bmldlns. corner of Randolph and Dtarboro streets, Chicago. P. 6SOU. • auii-p3s3-lw TIT ANTED—As cuts by C. F 7 7 YBET ft CO., Subscription Book Publisher* 113 Jienrborn street. CMcaxo, Illinois, and 38 WtstFourth street. Ctne oaatl,Ohio. gar” Exclusive territory nvm, and superior la* cncexcenta offered. S3T Bend tor circulars. ▼ Itb foil Information. au23pes3 6t TX?"ANTED—Good Traveling and T T Local Agents. For men of enterprise and energy, ws have an agency watch mil readily pay f’.oto (35 per day. The bcatuellicg elft stationary Facta* ca ever Introduced- and other articles la crest cemand Watches. Silver Tea Beta. Cake Aa sets. Card "asketj.lce Pitchers, and many other nch and va'nahle articles are given wlta each too of oar paov a*«- bead frr c>rcuJft>' toC 5!. oUx«N A CO., 182 and 18-1S- nth Clark sfcceet, Chicago, Illinois, am2-p3t?-et TSTANTED —i ,000 Agents wanted TT to sell Clatß’s Patent Indelible Pencil.for Lin* eo. Superior to all, and sells better. Samples sent by mad Cee tor 40 cents. One dozen |?A*. 5. r, Ci,ARK. BoxSl. Ann papist TV/ANTED —Agents in this city 7 T and every town and county wc tt for History cl the War. flornern anu southern Bides, and otfier popular raml’v »nrka Address with stamp®, 8. ti. ErANBDT, Publisher, ISO atrset. Chicago. an2fl pi*69 lm TX/ANTED —Agents. He=dcmar * I *re for Campaign Medals of the different Candidate* for Pteslcent aid Vise President of the IJnl'*d States. Ac nts can make twesty-dve dollar* a week telVrc them, Samples tent on receipt cf 25 ceu'e by mall tt- ft Canuon, Agent, 8S Lake it- Chicago,UL P.0.80x 4422. aoll-o'&i-La \\l ANTED - Good Agents in v T every county in the jfcrthwe it, to sell Bchoa* berc’i Staccerd Atlas of the World—the best Atias for the cnce in tbs United State?. What one agent ■ays who has tiled it: (tar. H.E. tandna. Agent, 2 have ou» aoons two weeks asd I hare avrrseed Sin a day. Send ms mmediatflrSOmora of the Atlas, ons c. K E.LASPOV, Gear.ral Acsnt f. r the West, fis Like B~r«‘, Ctnci£o,_lil- aoS-clSWia TTTANTED -SIOO per Month Ao » v five and Bsll&blc Azcntj in the Army anc Hcocrableand cortek. Ad<?rfs* 07 »polTto T.A O. QaPGKaH, 110 Broad Tray, N. ?. I^B-aMltfa W ANTED-iGood Agents to sell ?v n»y new eneravin* entitled on a rcr lough.” KuciaTed by ■/oha Sartaln, ETUIa. One ct my old^averts writfA ster **i r-* 10, hare seen any* thin* iuav began to sell like It.” For eartfcttlart caß atXOFortlandßirck P. O 80x5238. fiend stamp for terms. &c»tc*BA4IETEL PIKE. Chlcaro.lliinoi* lyTlUvj- ft sKral 35state-=®itt!. XfOB SALS Ts-r.b.ickiesidtnces -t on At’a* r n sueet, ftrorttug Jeff«r*oi Park—all the medern ißjproveff'tats. Price Wkoo ca»h tO!reth*r with ft large h*:otctterrfl!ldevc3i» loth® different Division* cf the city. J.L. LEE, GO Clerk street. aut‘iuSs-U l?OB SALE- Th.'ee Scores cnWes*. a Lake and Randolph streets,near tie river, th<it are paying eight and ten per sent, on the nnoes asked. Also *cm«Urße, well located lot* on Ctoal. Clinton and Van Bun n street, tor svla very enaap for KKES 6 AIDES. S>SDearbornatrce r . au37 pTSfi 6t ; T?OB SALE—A few moro loto ia a ’Weber »nd Fleher’s f. nbdivl don on Wolcott at., north cf Division, at J4Q per foot. Nineteen lota ißhlk. 80. 17, eec.7,53.14»f0;1t20\ * Beveral five and ten acre lets within the Cltv Limits ah ircm TiKO »o {7500 per aer®. *nd tome lino lake Dont*. near Lake View* by EE23 A AVRgS, AS Dearborn a treat. an27*pT93-8t f?OS SALE—Two Brick Stores on X Dearborn street, new renting from eichl to ten per cent, on prices asked. Two finely located stores on Lake street On# stone front ana several Crams storrs m Scntb Clark street- and s fine bargain<• of fered cntbeccrrerof Laaalla and aioaros streets, by R*Ra & ATEES. SS Dearborn aLreet. an3Tp«M>lt ITOR SALE - Tires large River X' Lota oh tbe South Branch, suitable for lumber or salt yards cr packing hocs-f. Also isverallarge lotr. centrally located, suitable for manufacturing fstaMUhroent*. very cheap, by BEES* atbss.Sß Dearborn street. i au2»*p«9:*lt TT'OR SALE Cottage Honee con- X* taiLincr elrbt rooms paa'ry and storo room, Alec.lot Mxl3s s*> an-ailay, situated on West Lake street,w«« o/Drl"n Park, Will be sold tw for cPfh. W M.S AMFSON,Eocm3 Malri poliian Block. au27-p7tC*Bt - TTORSALE- 30-1 acres of tee beat X Land In Crok fousty, with a soil el black loam 20 Inches deep; divided u>to 20 acre blocks. Some three miles or streets have been won traded, making gocdsclld reads to travel on. Tbls land is five ml:es vest of the City Limits and one milveait of Lyons depot—&U fronting on tbe Chicago. Buriiagtoa and Ouncy railrotd and on 'he Southwestern Plank road near tie Dsiplalcei J iver. It t* good for ventab'e pardetaor private country residences. For terras of «sl» and price, call at nsy office. T. F. BALDWIN, 104 Bakdolpa stxtet. Boom So. D. au37pS23-ll fjiOß SALE - Two etona front iC dwelbre?*n Wabanh avenue.uesr Twelfth-st. One store Crept and twobrfrk dwellings on Mtobi* sen avenue, north of Eighteenth street. *'wo ana brlek dwellings on tcc Berth Side, In a good natch* bciheod. and several ft e duellings on the JVeataide, forts e bvßGkfl * AYRES, SS Dearborn street. GUSi-p.M It s S/’OK SALK—A new two-story "■ Brlckßonaeot Iff rooms—ball, gas. bath-room, hot and cold wnter. wat-ir cloeett. &c.—on Willard olsce. between Warhlncton and Rando'ph streets. LotUfalldrptn.w'thDarabßrn Will basoldlow andtf/ms maceeaay. Jmoeois*e u«>93B»sfjn atv>n If dwired. SAMUEL A. SAnQEBT, Beal Karate Agenttßo. 4 Metropolitan Block. aii27-gaC9-gt ■ffjlOß SALE - Real Eat&te by Seo. X s Y. Byro*lol Deitbcm street, comer Wash* tezton. Several business loti cn Michigan avenue, neur Water st’ee*; a so. M-dlsonand Mentos atrect prrpeity* very dea»r«ble« icu feet front on Clfttk fctittt. Lotaca MlctHS«D.Woaafchasd IndUna ave* Buca.fotreblceiccs, West Fide property for ado m bltfcba cr in lets. Sevara’ tracts oflaoa a esc and Bcnthot cltwiiinitt-160 acres n;ar the Junction;at a yxeat bargain, firs*, class residence a-d boslaeoi prepgrty in ad parts oi tht erty. ani? pTJvS.I SATJS—ReaI Estate for eale JO or rxebarga We wl?b to lands in North Mfsonxi and Wiiconsta for lands >n Central and Konh#ro Illiao's, or atv pro*. *-y in Chicago t and frr improvsn farms vM par Part-, vb. Address POSfOE * ALL IN, Cblcigo, or,s?._LonJ9, Missouri. antb-p-iHSt TjlOR SALE—Hen e. Barn and ST Lease onEactcritrett,lCO feet west of Caual street. p63i iw F?R S*LE—Real E'stite. Some balf-sere at Borth dtv LlmKs, fronting f>e city railroad, beautifully iltnated for residences. Afeo- ISO i«et cn Park avenue, st *l3 per foot. Also. 8» acres on Lave Shore, fi- SO per acre. Apply to is SAC R- HITT & CO., 05 Clsrkstreet. ■ ■ F3R SALE -Fiisi clsss Central Improved Property. k 3 marbV front Stcrw on Lake atraat, 8 brick Stores on aou*b 'Water street, 28torev irrames) on'WßfitLakea'reet. _ Al#o,wverai choice bnslneis Lots and Lets In aT oaits of the city, a,J. AVEHhLL, R<al Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. an?sptu! ict SALE -Fust-claaa Stole on i; ScnUi Water str?e*-. USutble Itont Store cu Dearborn street. Michigan avenue Residence. Wa bub avenue Eealdecoa Praine avenue Kssilence. Brmscn and Reald?nceProD rtv In tte beat loot* tlo a. Apply to J.P.OLC*Gsß,H«ilti»tataß'o?ef, 43 Clark street, Boom So.B. suH-p^US-tt FDR SME-A Asc class thiea itory rtrne trout Residence. containing !oar teen reams, finely finished tnruughoa*. irUb all the modem Improvements, location Waban avenue near Twelfth street, lot fall depth with Brick Bara. A flneßr.cfe Bes?decce and la»ce eroun'is on West SMe, near Fr ion Park. SAMUEL a.BARtfJiNT, - Keal KEUte Atent, N0.4 Metropolitan Slock. 5U25.p683.3t FDR SALE A rety deairabio 50 foot lot on Twenn-Saeoad street. House and Lon near Eighteenth sc., east of Michi gan avenue. Bento aid Lot on Indiana sveane, near Tsreaty- Becond street. . B, B CHiMBEKi. »ullps3i4t ' Boom &lal»S*M>b BnutUag. SALE •50 by 214, feet on Clark street, between Jackron and Van Suren meets. AiaMeveihl flnenewbtlcx dwelllaeUttthe men desirable losanoa la the city. Also a large list of outer valuable propers t ot i fi^X b -£ n^ a &2 o c o ,f purchaser, at the office of H.A.BOUOES. NO. SO Dearborn street. ; auUpSCS-lw FDR SALE— Bandolpb, Clark, W*eHtKOTO!T, STATR, WAflASff, MIOSI. sea other first cW« btumeia andiesU.nse property, ..nytraaLSt' mat EtUta Office. Bryan Hall. "POR SALE - Choice Evidence i I? TSnS.B.BßTAN’BEealßstaieoare; TNDIAJtA AVKNUE, corner or glghiecn.h street. 'Wabash AVESUB. north of isubbardCourt - KOOTH LASALLE SIREST-KlecaaX Dwell ns. park AVBNFB-Five flenses.on4uyears leaae. I mt e llrt of tac b«« Lake Shore avenus lots and oit-i»”uiSt&ge (U7LICCJ Of IH3 air. MCtpt.'a.t FOR SALE—We offer icr sale nn til Beet. 1. at a barga'n, a beantl/ul privalA real- e U wluT2>i acres of on ta« 0i- rirread. only 25 m'nntca ride from Lhtca B&tSU: l» TrOR SALE-For $825, a beautiful CTejeita. F-m SALE. —We have lor sale ~tn* x*rr defile re&J<J«nca lots, Kostoof “ lny . part of L*&i.R» BTil£T> Mid imu&lAlot latteviciniwotina-nww »j ot# #w QPJir c roß i,yiJ dUtUtrr »na wt>o D « je*iefor*tenaoij«M*. iwi9uj«Wia ©Manteo \A/ ANTED —By a jours Ameri- T 7 can widow lady. a situation as oouse-keattr orasHdy’siors*. Undentancs cuk'icf and fitting ofctlldren'a clothing. also drees Bafttnr. No ob jections to the country. Address *‘L X*** Trlbana cfl r e. for two dty%. ao27p>S*tt "ISTANTAU —A situation as Book. |7 Keeper Th* applicant has lately retarnad from lie artry after Vtree tearsservice. Satl«f\ctory rWMence given. Address “J ii J” Post Office Box 155 aa37-pT6S.It TtfANTED To buy a nivt-rlags V Y Fruit Fa>ia in Utinclk on ** «of the railroads Jead'ni »n*o rblc'jto. Gits description of the IturA.dep-' quality ot icti and exposure, t»rlc“.#e. Ureter % limbered HtuaUen. O. iLPOfI TO’f. rtnaco. IB- VV AWED— Immediately, two V V food Jo araf jme» n» •«•/<*• Coo <3 waxes anc steady atapl ym*nt win be atye'' «ton toBRijpI»B9ftLAM3ON. at B p**o. IU aort-pTTJSt WiXTH’- On l ho StQ cf Sep timber n i Tt, & first r’a»e Job Compositor. One who la ouallfl* d to t *ke char ?o of the mrchani cat oepartmenc eta orlollßir cilles would Da pr» w*rrs from twenty cna to twentr-flra do!« lan p»t wet-k, with consUnt employment *>at}l tha rom of fh»* wsr. looser- Addrere antil Sd Septerobar. p“nOin<ro Box 3831. ao3»-p>SMt Xi this floomld meet T 7 the eye of'rHP.i3rrpaKT? FO-RK9T, late of wr..>e wil'hsar of satnatniaic to tua aoynntice or tcattnr woh the FDP'*. Kl K Q» Brampton PoatOffice. Canada West. auT7-pT75"5t WANTED -By a asd his wife, forrl-hed room with boa-d at a mod. erafo price, fMoal he wtth'n filt*en m‘nat« walk ot like and Lflsalie itreeta) Addreas n M N P.**Trt bon* office. aQ*7plTbtS TtTAViED T . a Xigco -7 7 EO'tve Bf lVr of 65 to T. hires oyv*r if Fft«oa4<h«nd*d It most bs In gooderdsr. Addrata w.H. LAVIWIA. Wot 3156, B^llDKth"prtceaad IBs location ol the boiler. auTf pni-u TS7ANTED—S3 per dsy. Wanted w? UDcnedt»telv three rood Carpenter* sod Joiners that nndntstand s'ora flttinr. (Nobs othsta ce*d ap'l" ) CsM at *he fonrth s'o'afromtaeoorner nnl)esri>on» sirpet, onrenne tho Prst Offlos, P. I), Block, between S and 13 o’clock A, M.> to-day. an«-piP9-lt WAN'li- -iJcaid -wanted for »vo yonne ladles. In a prlys'a family, or where there sreootfrw bo.cdew-f'onth Side, east or Clark »u«et. batisfkctory reference. Adlnwa **lllß3 ft.” Bex 3180, Chicago Post Office, anil pTVMt .. Wanted -a House. The ad vf Miser wants torebf a ssonl), nice House. (The West side preferrstf.) Rent to be about *350. WVoid buy nart of tie Fnmlr-ze. Adnieaa Bo* 6080 pest office. au37-p7W3« TWANTED- Clt-rfc, Bookbeeptra, 7 7 r»le#mcn. Dry Goods and Grocery citrst* Porters, sc. seekiac Mtnations aboula apply at tpo Advortluuz w\ Oesnr&l BoMnesa Aseocv. 8-1 Dearbon B'lcet, Boom No. 5. BUna> tlocs now I'pen. Rdfeienceatc hist class nonaea. TXTANTH4J— Stiocg, healthy boys II of 17 year* cf ace anti upward, to go tn The Ustt. To at- such a liberal hourly Mill be pal* upon application at te« War • laim Office of willudn A 48 Clazk etnet. » an 27 pT9B-16 TV/"ANTED—By a man aid hia f T wife, a honsekeeperand a woman of-alt-wor* tOfOSoutD. ftpDis »i hiH-l. D.PXATT'd ISTSLXI. gr»cb OtFirz, 130 Soon <:lars street. where help or every de»cr.p’l"n for city and country, with good refer«ncr>. can be obtained. Andres*. with stamp. Box 1630. anrT-pm It WANTED By nn abloboditd T * young man. Just from Scotland, some kind of enplcjment. where honesty, card work and olois attenticn is required. Is acquMsttd with th* i (oa androaltrede, Acdreaaßox 4.l4l,Chlcago.lU. an«-pMI-3« TXTANTfD —To find Broads & T v fo.s floe large Pho’o&aph Romes, 138 Sontn Clark street corner of Mairsoo, where they • make iboe* beautiful Cara Photographs, lUttiblo ton Albomr.ior gs.n> cer handree or fj.Cu per doznn. Large slse pnotogrspts fur JI IP. - aa37-pßllMt WANTED -By a jousg lady a - parn-eoertiltusUrnas AWsla-t Bookkeeper. CopylsccrSalegscman ma dry goods, xnilllßsry or confectionery store. The best o' ciy mercnees ctven. For lor her carticolafs address “S W F,” Pest Office Box 21H7, Chisago. aiCT-pSoi-lt \JU AN -1 ED Ahoysbouf. 14 years TT old. In a first class Grocery. Work light, Oca who resides »nh hia parents preferred. Andrea*. tn P.O.Box lUUO. an17p31C26 ANTED—By a ycnhgman, a T r situation in a wholesale boot and shoe house, lolxab.v the boat css, Cau give good references, «n<i*iu w rk cheap. P.e*se a-iema Box 32C3, Chicago. aaM-pICDZt TV/" ANTED. - A lady from thtEaot f T a wholesale cr retail Miiiierry KsJaDUthmeßrasheaa trimmir, or would lupumtbna a store. Has been in >hcbntJti»s?.aa'i is welt onsltfied. oommaclca* t!C33 sddrtßStfU to **L’ISS NOEKa Post Office, win meet prompt attention an?B pTO3 et TSTANTED—Tin or Copper- TT smiths. A itont boy, 16 years old. that eaa be well recommended, wants to ieum tbs tut or coi* perunith b&stntea. Aline •ddreaieil xoßox 1029 will mret with t-rrmpt attectlon It ad' to M McPQYgSS.l»Lnealle auger. an»pll92t ANTED—A sakensan m a tfl. If tan boot and shoe store. Must be thoroughly acquaiDted Wlto the basmese. Urtutrioas asd of govd moral character Pone otlu-rs pe*d apply. wAXTaDalsoagooC toy. K,BAiIBFB A CO. 1112 Lane meet it TSfANTED-Two you-g iadies T T capable of tcachtsg the English Ungua«e la all its brerehfe. arc also compettn'. in French and Muilc, tie OfXiiousot obtalntck situations 03 gov ern«Ecs inresp«et>.hle larolitesorwooidtakecaargo of a ichooi. e<**: of referooof* given If nqnired. Address MAKV E. and LIZZIE, p. u. Box 2148. anfd piK 36 T\7”ANTED—Active, indasiiiona 1 i meo.fcrlJie Insurance Bollcitcra Liberal eommlaaionswUlbepald. Applyto*o.2Metho<Ust Block. 4u2tip-)91-at ANTED lif-rmaiion. Any IT 000 knowing the ad dreaa or havlrg aay In. fonratlon whatever ot the whereabouts of S. S. OLFKN, whe fcnnetly lived near Chicago, will ecu* teratavoron tbc uoderrirned by senuisg sane to Bev.s.L bDKKHAS, Muscatine, lowa. ani6p69&2t IS/ANTED —A situation by an TT active boBiDcS? Man—a peimaneat situation by tbe year, at a fair salary. with some reliable I*oßl - cr film euber as Salesman Solicitor, Tra* velmg Apert; outdoor Clerk, or m any business that labcncrab'e. Re u wiling to mass hinue'.l krpo> rally tunnl to hi? trspioieni: css nean ter some fri2bt cr rite ye*rs etasced in tbs commission Dost, Dfgs. asabaa kn eztanMvr aeiiu«)n*aß-'0 'brongbont tbe w e it DnfNc-pucnoble alvea. Ad* di«« **l D TV.’* Box 317 G. Cblcaco. anlvo6B7.Bt ' TX7 ANTED—A situation as Sales. T v man lira wholesale or retail Dry Goods Hoaiio Cwbolesrle prflerrtdj by a yonng gentianua with ffcod rsierenciw. and four y;«s eyperisnce IB the ret* I cry gooes rrnde. Address, for three days, w 8 C 2," Trianne egee. au?S*'>gaß» TXTAjSTED.—Room -waited for V a T f gtntlemas and his wife, wenfarLlobed, with out board, near tbe certr*. In either Crrirnn Ad dress PoitOflce Box IQ7S. am£ p«3S-to WANTED •- To buy a hc.nse, ior v v temevaj. in the Rcuv? Division. J. Tf. SPRINGER. No. i Metropolitan Blocs. an2S-p6SMt WANTED- Aji engagemeat. by v - a person who la tlorocghly acquainted wltn surveying. levs ills*, forming and xnasiag of a»reeta, construction and water mains, laying out cemeteries and ornamental pleasure groandd.oßd is aboagocdseeonoract. Would take a situation as c!*-rk, book-keeper or warehouseman. Anolr at 470 Stats street. r.O.BoxSOJ. au2sp^i3-a WANTED -A purefcaaer for a f ; first dsn grocery store, doing a good horj. ness. In one 01 the most pleasant and nourishing towns ct iha west. Tte beet cf reoacnn given for ieh:ctr. Cash capital required about fiOO. Add/ecs “hit,'’ Tribure offloa. aul4ps3S4fc V/tLANTED — Sii Hooeb Ca pen -7 v ters&nd oat good B led Maker, to so to tb«* eevetry. None seed apply but thorough meebanica. Acdxetfe Box Dl 5. Biocmiogton, DU aa2l-ps3Dlt TTL^ANSED—A fm-t: atd second v v gir».to whcmzccd wages and steady employ-. zn«afcviubeglvin, Applytmaedlstelyacll4 W*. bach avenue. «.u2ty—lt Tir ANTED Dictblid Officers ft asd Soldiers, bcnorably dis hargel from tee service, aaAtuwaut o< profta»blvemployment, oolisrr adapted 10 eonaltlou. aadree* Best Office Drawer 6014. Chicago Hl:no;?. giving date ol discharge, aad name of comonoy aadregf. meat discbatvcc iroas, omi2.pJS9>«t 'V/[7 r ANTET? Civil Engineer—Tbs » 7 Advertiser wishes to tba services ot a Clvß Bzgiccer. One who baa hod some espen-noa In laying oat town data and lots orofsrrtd. Situs. tionwiUpf‘ba&iy b» » pem-aseot nee. Address Cairo, til-. Ponoifice Drawer 80. 121 U. su>»csia.iot 1/1/’ AJSfTßlr—For to© GovemaEojjt. . ▼ J . la tbe Quartermaster's Department, at tit. Lotus, Laborers ui 1 lAser mtm’b. wood Chopper* at SSOper mcßtb; Tesasiera, f« per month? Carpen ters and v-sßoa Mekas, it', per with rsuons fum’iceu ana tree trsasportatloa from Chicago* }rlP r at the Ooverrment WsUT ltr “ e *- Lltaota. O. M. BABcQi.S, G-iwrcmgnt Agent. TV/ - ANTED—1.000 tons oast T T scrno iron, for which wo will pay tbe blsbert market pnea Country will do wf 11 to a&ls direct tow, as we bn> jbr oar o«n me and will sot eparse tben, ccmmai-1 n. c, D.BKOWM * CO-.lron Mach ante and fonadrymen. sa6^B7-lm ANTED— To give 200 perscra T T eraploimert seUlrctnebestTWO-Triasausow lngmachlaee.rerrc»ce. Pi Ice ids. Bond a unj lorclr cnlaißcoatalalEg parUcnlars-futolmacbln* »>d sicz ple of wrrfc. mis is no deception. Yon can eaa'tr make $250 per month. Aodreta J>, a BLI.Cs. Draper <>.l3-4. fiblea*o. *ot»pl23 jpt 9Seal iistatcs=€ountrg. FDR SALE —A large number of Improved farms. to size iron 40 to 1.190 acres. Abo SO,too aerea of farming lands, honey i? loan on farming Undt aid lams Apnly to D. K. mu. SOUB.USBancolpb street. P.O. 8cx34&7. anSf-pin-lCt jj'OK SALE - Grrii.i Hcn;e. loouua 3? at a good station en the C. B. A Q.R. R., with fixtures complete and m aood ords*. with cattle yards adjolz log. Will be sold cheap, as tie owner la ont of Ths present crop t-moit aotmiftil, and stock it plenty in the vicinity. loyal's of WM LITTLE A C 0..£31 Scdth Water stroor, Chlciffo. anST-pTit'lt Fob SAIE—A Farm cf 40 seres J? cleared and 13 acres In wood or timber, an un der fence. 40 rocs from a a»pot sersfc *u under fence uac? kord hone iar d b«n. St.i f 0 werth of havandS .rcOworthcf caitloasd bniew. an • other •tcckt. Gallon T-F. BALDWIN. ,?£4 ZUojqKo-9- To be told at a great bargain. an2?.pglMt __ |?OB SALE—Conntry Besidence. r * rerr desirable /arm of M acre*. handsomely b*nk»of Fox mile matA nt B«*<.vla and five miles north of Kane r nj oti-thiri* well tln-bered. Pine’hotue, go?d &osand ootnnlldlnes. a flee gardenandr*B«a / ra it. This la ft rare chance to toenre a JSiaW. j'lS- Fcr p. tlcol.ra ana ■“">»»« p w ?Eilio.on ths premises.or tou.w.BEl#. XJKK.’I 7C Lake it., Chicago. *’ vpSil-lw IT'OR SALS- I offer for eale mnah ll? below its actual Tftlne.batweenTDOaaoScaacrt* of heftTT nme tlmcered land, in Manistee, Mich. W clcaa ax estate. Call at 55 South Water street. ./-8. wap. aaar»-Ts_ 33oarbing. Boarding.—a sectie-msn wts board In a prlvato r«OHI,-N.-tth or Son !h Sid. preftrrm. Keferences exihans«<L Drawer C£Cl. aaFp-aMB_ BOARDING.— A few genlltmen can be accomraodate-lwUhbom d dumg Convention, at 17-1 Madison soeet. South aide. anaT-pSffrtt w»ps32t - BOARDIN' G—An nnftnuwhedf t,,, <% ,> l *ekt>*rlor,»iia»a anfirnlihod front Sj£emS SSotU W. wIU bo.rd,.t (Hum I RifJ!* m A*{ew4»Tibcarder# can al*o do uwnimo. Ss3r Aft T •QW-piJMt

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