Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 29, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 29, 1864 Page 4
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(£l)icagor ko.ndav, august 2», isou THE COftPNS CORVEftTioiT C\nfinved Frimjtrtt Pcgn- Frztcn OP P. A, BSAVSB , | l "P‘‘ r “7,o" l, '« ■“eraser,bul in IhocreslMnd 1 •'Worn upoo the holy a'tar o( tbo lt,C pMt * t0 l,nrl **» ii Hiisßat adtnln- SSS 1 i- ft ? m * |K> Y cr * ;CLee rt.) Yon know mat tbls contort. the? told us It JJf? f !f t ? Tet,ieUß,w >' Mr. Lincoln said bn *J““V t0 Interfere with alavery iu lh» plates, We hare bcci defrauded and onr rl-.-bt? invaded. V« c tqdbl regain on f rich*?, pcacably If we can. forcibly if we mn-U We will »o longer support the Administration. [Loud cheers,) Yon bare submitted to the most flagrant ÜBorpatlon, which bad no warrant but us etreuetb • xontavcccen the bent blnod of your country ponrefl oat in a ueclt-Pi ptream. In yrur bouses ate the emblems of deep morning We hare bter». led Into tnifl hr thr tllent- doctrine. nr Umt guts’ wiled SSui"ra?d?tl! h “ CODtro ' Govermncnt/ahaU k P Qre prtnot—moaeal in rletore cal law mIJ hV»~. d ' r bjm Tbe ersat pol U mtteZT ooretarded, ana tbe people will be 'W )E <o resist *r. ; wbpn it triples upon tmo of •™« lre i l i ßV| a* rlKbt to rw * rt creuto the you Soffin I toll vow that If a rtriM V.1 u, * r » Priority will bold yon to J ° nr national goddeea of U^irSi^J2u dlcated * "*«*• the comioff elec •p • h. e. op wiscoawir to lb ’’ “<**«*» said that Ann???- ] WasTi * Cun ut ««»t tbe a.*ofrtJ to a year; and it w for I «vi A^ <? V Phet^ T constitution *nonld Par tTyeamot! Bcodall or Amos Kedah unrrlvp it was tbe ureitm-r day that hid o~nr**- s 4 J*V I. i^.T ;hr:U ff ar fwn'laUrers formed —-that rcinslitniion which w 9 « uo* eon-htfo S 2t?JhJS" 1 v lM ' hHX, i e of men into shreds. Now is the time, now wae tbe oce* eiun. when «i- to be decided by thßrnn..«.t.7» masses or ibe Unped Sr-ac*. {Wars power 11 d Wlßhe * of « corrupt party in 4SK»Sfaas SSs^*S^-£SSS WC pw!llc toduT wc°let taiS msorMiun, and conscrTniicm Blrttiwir n. After some ollur romer* e, o r no •pedal Interest. the ejienker resumed blaeft.« - ierc^ ji j.'ob TAruor op anw tobk. 1,.®? concourse of people mast be brought tii re in cobKQi:ei>oe of (‘•■me .'real oeuotnn Qn~r> r ‘’^• c “""‘T. Fr?jm “ndi “'"■ntlmtuth.pre.H.tUlließO tor all coin!n« time. It w“^Sff™ r*#^ 1 1 !^X. bB o BEPt * m "l' > <l here this stunt. A re •tj i!^or wm ukeu place, lor the par. *r tfUsns 031 h»d floated and tr.rajp. coajriT errty laud and sci act! canr-lDr it to be di.bonnjvd mthcworid.'Tnca it wcr.tbat ihcdevutlon oftb- Nunn had eeut°ita w.rl- ti °iif wikp the army, they ru-hod for- i.*-S fn ‘. r * “ D,U “Citoritle? at Washing «‘fmg}L aiid rent back o»e bun ’’ ! ind i° r t , he,u * Abraham Lincoln sail si.d pi.-f.ih. , .,« ; a tr. ibe per-piethat ltwa«a warto Bou«“*JiV r i b^ ,| 2? a “ !l in^, oulatt»eConetUu- M.wab-ii.w h®i Btat< ** He would ask where »t. If »i 1 . 3 auj Owr-tlon ae totbu unanim ity <.f tin-*. T u to support the war. It progressed w , lb Mlll^^>^t.i'^o , action nntil Abraham Snccdn in Ce In- iM-fia. naii-.n prodamatlun orertnrnln* Whfc- :, .bi , ‘ I, .w rt, » cb r t ?* *** l commenced, wuh. \.n, J if effect of tout? Itgaretotbe PfiiU.(?u at; rdlition of one hundred thou ra iiin.i. «o ..:*:r urmlec. while it divided the A> rtn iuo aito the sumennitynas 11st »•>; rt. (.r Iti Mhie* ofold. But a few daj* J>,il2 '*■•; Cttl-,-'.tlonthat thtaw«r man rjir.uuije t> ;st **nr 1 -nd until tbe n*v r o ifsi diouit *’ i.h,)v- ih<» ■w-.jt#. jr:n, I Apnlan«e 1 lie iriiHU-c»roM«-TM.»r!.>»t-r.:o! t*«c Amcrlcaa people ” t } Ki l x '' re-ii*r' to us alt tho*e coa li r<jail*“" , which were bad bj" o«- Cn* t fruryeouc«ry bad re.iei-1 op nun. rujjoa to firm • Home had her Cte^r, <-«rl Pi t her dmitiibal. Trsnce her NaooleonXa"- !«!•(! I.u - i. *! , j»i.’ion, America her and An.e,!,;; b?.:i ♦!«.« Ji-r Georuo B. Mctheunn. Uifii*’ -p(ii-n •►. ■ Tii n nsop)*-propose mro ».► u. K next IWiduot ot thc'Unitsd fi'ttea i After nirlLc a history of bU hero’s acbler meute, Lifjroaipatod him to Oi -cianatu» and Shto ibe pe*ipie woc-.ld take turn from the plow, and plrce bln at the head of tbe affairs o: this gnat >aii*Tr. rChn-rs | In the Empire JHa>. and ten« of tb<>nriL-d»vir ibmi W ho had voted fur tinenlo. won.d ncw,roi«‘tor McClellan ntore earoestly than ai_y other nj-n m tfce State; and when the day 5 ot elect Urn nri.e roond, wich a majority would be h-und rolled up in that Stale, as vootd be nrntiaiHloalo the itirtory oi ihe country. M*« Dotjißy, »*f N«*w y..rk, then rani a song ci.tltJpd “iiormt; t..r the man we lore;* 1 alter conflrieraM.- efons to p. t ny etcam, a few of tbe <-ro*d ' uf joti. b; a bum dmm chnrai; thereto, ini bm the utij.' I*iid welrc verges, it prored too slronc Loib f r tbe»r patriotism and th»ir wind. p;i»k uiowb. c ? wrt ’* ‘ ,! 1“' Waß appaneged hr the ad pi.lua oi ev.ii., -.■»•. -ujw-, at wtlch minor pi»li. Jid«n« ••• 0 l.«;t t,.’.u-d orators exhibited their M.y Jc-cmic, r - »rdalmost nnnesrd. j hv ept-uVur w- re aonble to pain an invitation to tpeaa ,n m u.H )«vt;|nr nand. nua commenced •* h rt o 1 L'vrri l;i et,rf;ir'-, -uch on hi* own book— unfl »irn i. .r.e : i.«-t r-roiul ieot of tuo~e was one I. J.linker, .v»w Vopk. who located hlm«clf jittr th** (*n»«nDCH amid a knot of ; uimui Cl y- neettca'arcd violent y and iailif.j -1-ro.-iv «c warlike oeaco—one wbicb tl cy eh.irlo *ur— th’ fii>hiinr proposed being u ci. ibnr i-t-irV. a* the North, not with tlirtr 1-r tl re • *.{ TLv n»r jo utiowrt wocud ap p- tl<* !anc , .j.i<* ;-j- imdijjc -xhlbltion from the B tpr o» ;!!•■• Jli’ i-o. JMTNUT‘.I.i; -iLUB HOOtf. A (U'm ui.c i;f ;r - i-irtii jj (*e«i:ior)ied at the In» viii» ii'je * .u *i» ~!• t.i ! -• t.» the enotblntr rau-ic CliM'liLTrSO tic:.: the 'ipe offOlHe one of tbe Jliuor )i htf, 'i h.- iv<f i.i >■ t,r» ;ejir-d o order by Tim R. Fi:- h, wi •> It •• J liyn*ier«, of N. a*.. Inrj.i. f; J'r.e '• i i •■; ai i»o«t dofaucc E'O jlpc Cu:o. * itpt. Bj'ii.r. h>* eaaHi<l-r«nly r*Jr»!c«l to ui;C l, «J »**iir.a«ioDil Demowit* IrlfvJiu: Hi., lit, not *n eloquent orator, bui c-an-e *o Tt?r ;a-e ho w* P h good no fr uridbn'r Oi'ir.w ,v. applause from lU-* tL n>-iu«cc- j u r.% ilecamr to trie city to wii« mso ila. in*:, ii,.** ■•■?* ot m niiin who w.»cht curtiluly <>irpii«4- the Preriden'. They wsMetl a nir.n « h<> utiri> i-‘uod »ti«* Democratic priociplc u . uud eUo *vpi» uiift --to *h ch<- rouilltutiuii. and did 3 o' o ii-iderr «»nb of a rial-joke, lie c:o t o:t><i *-vi i.i-vln wa* unfit fur every no*t tron. M:i !,♦• c<-r-4i>..’. «:p nnCi for the posKiou he i Ufii-o. It iiiTn.r« 1-i.r a ure*t necessity ti i < ii.n a>' »»inii lie ejected It wrou'd be iiuiuv t#-,rr to e:<yx7ho mat mto war who n:.«i*e «it •’ll?’: i|»r choice of tbe pntjj'e, nrul !.«• i n; ~»1 «*.i* •»» woo'd uol olenjjard 11.e*.»0,t: run.,, lu-?jviou*.il>, he wee not l»<»nM to lii> «,».•., -*u.. , t*.i* fur tbonommeeo* the | C. uvi-tiii *i*. ' It It vtiunld fall oa liurn'iu Viip'vr (•i>;*’.nn*«-) there wati oat oac cunrM* f.;r U re- 1:» !•.!>•*, while if It tails oo fieo. I<. i’.c ]*•!!«* .buii-f* •,*. howltiaud ri'ki: ■/.) would up rrorr nnsnimon-ly and bappJy, [A|*s ,, ho-‘-.'l r*i- * '■H*;." 1 rt t::e t.’onveniloii af the Oid Litie |j_“« ty t'?fv't’htp-*, end was nlmo.t p. i-iibi eti •* >t rn-ch' he out of Naraifih. •loc* t.i . jt; rhea t.jtt.fiy, hut tin ji w«K Te nor p*«,ofe. :iud they had me t<ii-Mii«::;*»c !•• ! i mt Mr.:ictier*jr candidate vri- ilTTcd, W;..- * .if.-: b.Uiiow he liiyrtutunj Diiniuitr v "r.r;(» lor'Je-d ‘he'ViiigT uar«.D --11.-t %’;;r j. -l ;»> i-* lli-Ttd. 'J!r-‘it ’ oaruntion hid the in-!, t.i t.i.i, wb*i cki- Ui> to the hfjpo; tbe I. n»» *»!!•■ •)“}>» ot the Drmomcy, oii.t i art r »»i*n i» *if».rnilj:*.;»r»n lo snu.iart rht? itouiiio-*' o* tli ir .iv ;•« I>tm vratic Cjjvaaiion. ill-, Ut.* r’l.'nfi r, ur— preterit !*> rstiic » free fict-cb. a- in ib-r Itndttf tte : D'.uttlnr, itoii-ir .1' «■ •.rplati-*') aati c**;:ld csareeß binieel' .r'l.y. V.p«*:- ;i’t ritre* years’ yettir due- merf? s r.on n' a I r co p?<V:dc At the old lu.e U ;.j“ utnvnUo * some or* bai i cailm rt u.* K*ia:hi-u j“ ;»aSe tr»l J >at he ki.ew j 11. SoU'L ITI Tr C.* I* .1; 4’htV4 f'lbp, Hbll PObk* S I piopii- ».► or (Cs:-o.“.1Ij, y*sll=, j ann olluT ce.r-'crtl.c ap;il»>:-<*.) iie a.trrv ] Uiir Ku.; , l- Lad n ia«- -ri'-y*- they bad. bat 00l bli'-Wr >1 i-j jiel "ttU-ie til uet L» they did aaf. i ti..i?a ria’br «•» rfavery inßtitQU'iti, and Hu 1 i::i-i« »o t'l’ j: iToaltt not have tbouiLt of »rc.> if*; Uv t antiJthni- bad mace f.irraiict out ol uiiMthrj cal'td “linnkii fl-*sh and blood.” Luti . Uiv sbe>r ei'ivce? Wfir b> to Souti., and a.”i'r a few >(•• i* f.c.i! tt.nui b-vk u*.'C:*». (I*erleive Jau?h?r*r.) I'll* e— :;-or’Ji“ta r.u.itl.*" Were very l.*fe!ta.* ill 111.-tr Wtilir.ej.te ; lir -T TH’ Seß*tLtt IliC pei- «..iwu S*u'b. and mica their matt) ii'iri iii r, hut C’.utiui T.*e li.tlr owa more rai-eraUW *iid votre iej* mesu 'b-*y can see 'be I-. i.Tort* I‘Uj* oi-blcc lit cs.-ilti* mu cauu .t sue tn« tiStiißp v Jr.te t»e« iu l ; «>r. or C •!«;> D(-u:l»". - |A)i;*'.bum*.l Trv at tsoiav I«•i.utt. -..ckr «*I iln* Sutjib i.'A-oiiun dulegaiio:* to tin latu }«*ltl::.oie *>ivv.:j4ti-‘n. wbica be t a.d. •■■ynut.’i « cumber of *:oc white n.*; . ii.«-b*-.*rc.e* chawG dr*r, n*d t'.eu U.jue.l to tp. -fu-i” *q*t tne S.m b were o«* J tbe t!n*t nffonal jeuty In the country, lor in I* ti ri:“ ah .l;«oi.*pte i« N- w u sec vloro-J V.r.: .t U a'.aie uu a tiUcK ground, and tel tln-H? political now raided the cry tat the South b*c raised the sectional flag for tbe irrt titae. [Chuert*.] Tboce laconststendes he tnew had acted on the minds of many RcpabU ct.ns, who said nothiuu bet Jfonld at the right time vote tbe Democratic tirte*. Cuecrs.] Such were men of wn*e and wished to ”ff*ic from the wrath to come.” lie «vu* a peace man and had always been opposed :u war, waramang ILcir own pt cple. the men iriio ranted about this “holy were the Mnioachnseits and CoDLecUcut, men, woo wouldn’t bat hired Ibrebmers or s r oiu uigjcra to tight for them, fie did not cpoeidcr ;t a chsme to make an bonorab’e peace with a power who bad kept them at bay for three years, bet be did curbier it u dorradatiun to praise a emu tor takit*" men from under the British colors, and when the r.n.Oish h«n growled, totnra cur and back down like soo T.*>rd; ana he did con« fciderit a to dec'are for Jortr yens that t.o IhMujTi d'‘-poth*m Tbtiula plant bisioo; on our conutit)*i, und then allow tt»t* Emperor of tne Krt ucli to cr.: ,in a dynasty rurbt in its midst, and then, when wthhed to petition nsauxst tbe luetic, lor t>*e prasidenc to apoloeixc to tbe Kmiwrur and white “that it bad not yet pissed tbe Senate,” (Che-cs aod hisses.) Sncn ware the acts «-f Etnprror the First. {Applause.) Capt.Kcindcrcsex' argued tbe hsekuiodarguments r..Huhtjj tbc.Tjie of the drift, iucrcarcd debt, etc,, one oom lurted by dwelling upon the manifold t vhsc.t thlfr w*»r. and ibe «ucotitti=tcncv of men wbo. looking upon t!io rained-condition ot the tuiibiry,. tin; oentniyra flußU'-et and the.dtsiole gtau d cm:i; r ( cotud give three cheers for Abra -1 ini the Firs.*, ii w»r raid that Ike Government wore to take from ’he people the rich*, of their biTf-a Impchis.-, Let them try It. end It ehnll be seen tm«t. tbe lut rtraw b%a t*rukeu the camel’s Lock, mr thri would ule at tUc ballot box. fighting to mioctsln their rigbri* IY*-!1.4. and the usual ac conipanlmenlK, Iriren w»-re then given for Cnptam Ibtufiers i i d tie Empire C!ob ot New York, and tbe mecllog Cirpcrrvd l n thentmo-t coutorlon.l »r t At Bryan Hall Gw rue Fiaocts Train dcUve-od bun cell ol a tirade of jocohereat abuse of the Ad uilnif-trauoh, and th~ RcpnhUcan party IngaueriL blr. Train veld that the rremdent from his ear. roundlnua waa bound »o break up tbeDnlon, ILP tenor of the Chicago j»h«tf*»rm upon which be was elected re-derou It imooseihle for him to be bones t De Bbonld impeach Mr. Lincoln upon the ground ofperjury upon eix diTeront Counts. Thi public MfclT did not| require that tbe heal flood of the land rbodd bo bit * tiled whenever to, Seward runt t)-e bell Lincoln end hi* cabins! had usurped our liberties under the tyrauU plea o: military neccseity. CWtr had Ms Brotns.Charlc, the First his Cromwell, one Lincoln had notici take warning. Abraham moved in a myetcriont wav Ids wonders to perform. By pnrcbtwlng uu sepoec be had established the right of property u tho person «f tbe .negro, -w . . Tbe speaker referred to tbe fact of his having i abort time since cem the President is s box at th t opera in Washington, and compsrod the dcligb ari which the performance afforded the Cblof Magis trate on that Oceanian r othe conduct of Nero, who fidd'ed while Home was burning. One fanodred j ai d Cfry thousand oead men In *«»e army of the I 'Wmtbwri-t tad no* m-tored the Uelon, and & elm- I liar Miintfr may a-.'Sin and again te sacrificed by i thelanaticißm of ibe parti in powf-raadthccoa - try would sJlil be tcrnt*rlaHj divided. The com merce or the coumry had fallen a sacrifice to «he 1 effete policy 01 the sflniinlsrretion, and Hip Van (tinkle Wdiea bad in-cerd-d In rmderl«-glt ■ <y ce?fary ti>sit an American crfcen, If ne wifh.rd to ' tete a vovsge to mj> jrfirlion of the world, would I be safe coder the CoMcderetc A-*?, wbiletinder ihe j (glorious old stem and e-rip eof ptjr f'»rt f *iherß • nwther life nor propeny *sa» S;,fc on the- ocean. 1 The epcaitr accDted Great of a want „l hlnreri- I tLu MS**} hH Phoa.d fight it out oa If he w 6i tiu- V ♦ £ d l a l,e bw tnellnr snd folic- (f the l fA«n«i?i n i‘ T ' a t lft,d , doWu bj McClelao. a lor the present Ohi three eoctloos. The first “beat Lincoln'*; the ceooud, “beatLln **»« tre had a country. One which ehnn’d - shoddy on the Trca wry, poll t.nanß on the fi*otc, and iJg-icr on he braid, w&coin might have the power ol doing all those Inlrße t be might be able to drive men from the bar he never could snr>ja.Mte their mtndi; he merer c<m<d compel him (Train) to KJM hie maii-ierrant, hU inald-Borrant, hi* ox, fcl* Kiefer the itranter witole his fates. nil. Train hero made a teug lug atlemot at e prr&oy of Longfedfiw’s celebrated poem, scbeUtn* ting “Beat Abraham Ltnsofn 11 for the word “.Excelsior.” Ho men remarked j'that he was born at Boston because j his mother Lapperafl :o bother? on uut Interest | lug occasion. That wash!a mietonone and not ; his fault, for the nrcre he thociriit of the dream 1 stance the more dmrradcd ne felt himself to be Plymouth Hock. Mr. Train cuxraetem-d* as the | blarney store ol New England—Ne-* - Ha>il*ud msdr up ol Methodize, Jreo»uve Itm and Horace J GrccJy. In Boston 'lirrowt-re forty banks, forty I insurance companies end fatty prole*-rdlrcbiritiV I bieinsfltutloufsall ol wbic% were xeatmged or I forty thieves. The merchenta toady ‘o'Barium • Brothers, tb-ebunbea to Sxe»ar Hali, ond liar' ; rard Unlmvh.y to Oxford and Cambridge. Tim I only- loyal people in Boston werr the Irish* nod I Rhr ‘ Becsnsr they wnnld not hare tbc n»zar : preached Irom their pnlpitii. Be wen one of ifiose tour millloi-fl of known a-tbr d—d iffrti. He would tee thar the Irish ehoald nun darla**!* f iorthcommg etactfoUr be footed any fbnjrer * Hi* and s Chrlsltao—a msn%croM Ip the Conzlitauou antf the law?, in cvnfradis -10 r - Llucoinsnd bis party, srua at toe ™. CD i l f OH '* nl with S»o»em cc^iii*ist*loTjcts at CliiCen- for the recognition of UioOc-n , edera.' , y. . W1 upeaker raid, would go wltcthe South under an.y circumaaoces. New ?ork nod wo'tld cire r Uf their adhesion nLw fls ol a libortngpopi J h ? hcr’dlflSailty In Clu|/hS St L r? f iT’ would tMre luirr aertemto.-y ull the i « .tK IC! ? eflt ' of ' 3ferjor tuvurouy in whose In- this had beea prosecuted. V 1 ® nu3 np with the f lr * ,raiD mnst be : tbcriilyioecrr. 8 3e s*° bt3t Aorat-ypi lilnonu or as a peopU be swept from itc race of the Aarili.’’ He !b*piV t rf lil ‘’ T P«f'Porwaicut o5 thesCoanmUon for thirty day e. He die aotMWnr anyi*fihe prcteai put Airward as- oronablc a «»dFdu.a were wwkfad’ would do tbelf l /■' ra,)C f‘-Hc• nl-weoape.-w in the StoAikrT *ii »t iho price of O aUlTon 2l ( „ A , TO '{* «»» crowd here reap ond fk«« •' ? u f* n Jl*r. J Mf'DH ol tie men ct praisct and f ?i»wn C^ n J d wln -isyonetN c7fiJi*a.~Ks and a corrupt dc-mocreuc presj Bat posioooa the S!rk?nritlf. 0 n 111, j t 5 da 7 nom!n «c X I JJ, 1 ? Bad “•« P*-** Tlr « can sc man win. J 1 .? ,beil rnonutted to xbc yelnt nf Ibo «r *u AxuiiMicu or'«o*ar i a« d the armistice volcee ruled the •oost. - SSfsfl'i w a ,r, .r fn cirra o? ,be meptwrr fer JbCC.d an and all other candidates, after which 100 • meetinsr aojoormd. lit ta dn e lc XT. Vn in to eiy that Uiß Tarcrait: fiivv* a synoptic of hl»- loeimc rannea, not bcairre 1 we suppo ?e anyone car.-s to know irtmt he Ya6T. & complSS.f ,ul IXIII WCord 0t tbe “nToutlon tciy - FilOM THE SHERMAN HOUSE.- About ten o’clock, aefon Friday night, Cliirkstreel’ : from the Tunron to Ramiolph B'reet, wa-t fl led ; With an csciiet] crowd of Coppcrceada and Bdoab-'* * fSS'iV lor ep ßl to address Wem from the . bermsD fiunsc balcony. After a little du.ay. which the ■odi.uce Improved by for * Fcroaudo v Vallandiuhim and VoorUre c a i rent emnn from Indiana, woo was afterwards iiu • drained to be Mr. Reed, came forward ' : wsaskj op an, uszo, op indiazta. . The distance waa w> remote and the twowd so • compact that It wasmi«trl) impossible for oar re pen r to give a cojiucctea and intelligent report m luaxcmiKta. He did htarenough io«v>ovii,e<* Ln*t-- Belt that he wa*sialonruay<«eot uie cn.*-,i , n i the good Intention* vi the ia«, u r • nmumltcreu-d lievdvi-.nt op e id & n i u-Xxe board residue*! to tht-nn./'i. ami - J.i U L-u --coin ai-rt h:a at|.-musej ««. v o:m,i : wcaWhow a:i( ) u vr.mW il sht-uhi How. LUi .oln w** «l»,-sjy iu MI rlcrery, end h» tiiii n-.i hii«m- n’ U'r« .übi-i* lx.nt,?chihcp»-o>» elieJo him. d jdtv.encojrid rvaldcpatue to inform <.i iu«. v ii.iou of the people lu reljUon to this drai:, nn.: b£ i ua 1 1 >t cltostliter condcmi-to. T bytoueomn ioninUi.amaifer. ai.a :L«t was, that it ttieuPdft wapuut mToritefj tbne wuni.l (»<- Hr Lm coin fcrd tried wnr ior tar*> >«are; he had Miln our uttmlc hj co».tle«? ana blo>d uiougb bed b*eu ehne to Oojt thb latest abi.-> of WJjrln the world. lit isaxl ue niiihi nswsii tmk ®P cur minds to the licet that I; w— iuip j-aibl- to wWp the South, nno then «*«. d. would ibe people ci-iiecnl that their b. at and nybltsri uiuu -n..u10 b ewept down ly the a thoneaaa times no, ua> Li«* ilo lunk *r • coi.tjnned hit u.C siin6tur>- up;.. t^ct...,o w ontft, and open end reeisumca toltfeuiojccmenu | cutitfan, ard said 1 lb« the Wnr X 7** ocried on ta 1 secure the equality ol ihe tie-ro. and : arsed were the people nuzv w he .-jJaced j on a pcllrtct,! and equably with an lanorani and dcaplsed anddewafi* d ‘•nic , cr“ 1 aiMfitotcnwy w«» none-rogcad tor tAe white nun. liefririEg to the -aid ithedet- I terly Jailed to AT oi-eoi »lse p-«lg-s «ire a *hm I Mr. Lin«m v.a« untairurated, and the tyrant L«*-l*c«td loocer to ul-*fice 'lie tioxi of chief csccuiiT«- n rue American nation Ho wae canined i-a?t red**nip»r.»n. Tto axn whu would upholc h;r Lincoln a- d Ui* Al uf'jbiraii ia wae too meat f r tr»f to hurdle vi’h. a per of tonga. T.’.ie pt-opir had n b v-iverd «od reproach in tut- 1 jc-of all civil!- »i» lie re frm-o to the nm-e: of Mas<-o nod Sltdell, and the djrgractful ha-t Cowi-of :fc ' Prruosnt. and sac humiliating pi*‘!*i-.o t;;e Uv! takea iu reaped to the r..nfr«tur«»e pTr.-r-j-*. We •*»are tl.u iEl’iri*»»Lß of a •vp.-.r. ol the Vul garity and nroiri) -.’! ttrat per ir *1 nU rex irk•. A'r. Hxtfd adTi-frd ms -i raon down tluwt wiiounoiu e*iforc« tor drsit; ta iu-U- upon lh«' mht cl the nrlt ol f;z?'r r .e wrpr.-.; m resist loth*, iiimrih.- ».• m-ko me mtlitur/ p;>were:ilx-rlor to the civil, und ic uoOiip- arm tLitnvcires thrr‘bey snujiiibe pr-pured Xoraurri bit- C«-Ni'|)i'«n< i-r. >.r. l\rru;. w-js :hf z inlroiarfi.-i, ft.d }!iorct<l*a rr i fliti aocre-r tils time»l.«bV:crat)‘lilag bat o'iutlljl' » rjiat* iluCce. It wt- not v .Tj r- pnrlirtg. * IXXZIiLS or C. L. VILiv.SUJJI' un InrespcUbe :« lepeaicd oil*, O. L. .Vtlf. dir bam >p;;(ared, m*irj'-ttfCca' t rt-ccpuon accuid.-d him. t»ui asktod that h* be aritcua ruikln.i for ta- pr-iseaC litiiAJJ.B «;r eux. At its. Per. Allet, of W**w York. w«» nrr»- lutrolaasd. From the rj*etli of Mr. Alien w« eie- «h.} ioliow inu : He l»l Jtlp-ilr Wendell PoiiTjre, Ht»d tiukt cla-a of m-K. had brought on to* e moiry all tlif uiiitTv “Tf.i! coc;*U«liid mine lier Ilian wen. ever pcVij-bt übe'orc nr More lit the fi.jne linr.itw of panve, »’.la must be 1.1-oluLvd artithi; iui>atlce.-.i d ys~. S 'i?ery isn-it tl.c catr- of tiif- war; hot ai*.3itsini|jf« are rite ti;ure*r.f iu If t«-.u va;ii«l remove laecvrae. voa must remove tl-.c f.b.lithuCr*-* cv-ers! i toiol lx’lnii ihvre ivf. ptrfie In tht wti-»« i'-ciui:. ,Bu; *hiy*.-nid ell c.)'u: t.a;k if ii :* abutiuitiu ie wrrj* inn>s.n »m.i t.f-.,owcr. T l.i- J *h pie ivi.l r«tJlt rixs. i*Qti 1* ;b«v onU'iot p it L:u',f;L oni <»: pn*nr i>j thu iu.lo; aj.-y wij by n*c bullet. ,Lt>'-d ebtefy. f.“£itE o? rntcraxno wooc. >Tr. Wood *3f Ict.dtr c-ilTr.l for. and dolly nut-f irrwar.T; lie ■aas* intro-iucea a«* the t- r cit Al’CFtii* of 1 fjtv, lie rPuku i.e Feilcw CUizrf— l l-ad not Intended to maVn any I'r.liiicei.drets uott! after ws t-ad pla.ej in uomii Mtcu lumrc the Am-iriran cau next i r»>i<nul ol the United stains b^beer- I .] Bar Loving * o< it cHt'cd io appear boon CA'lad r»* appear yen, !A vf!f,‘-”WV wolc-tme you aere*’j B.v tide reaiilirt-ratlotj of ?our resoia llonood cu;au.ii:a‘.icL wt hive die earns indica tion of a triaoiii!. A.t result In a-st. jlAfncch'-ir-’.} At«. waau-vtr of ecit'i ii.cDi sect criet Jeifjcr-Ui. wun'ev.-r oif iLrcuccui; i« a!*x nr nioiieutv may nxl- r e/idila <ii!r»'irt}j.ii:i*iOf. ina-tiiiiV'difiri-ir >vt»J j;e>i- u-*. We ere l!..vt tb ir eelUeri*:,: cwiet be po;l|cti-r’ if ;ii !..'“*r we luive rret)r>l <_■ ir ’vi tier., t ur Un*i ». t.mi .-ur party r.o pjvvsr. i_3aUy joryou I tad JnatUcif’t.'.-.J ■( Gccil'tcrn. I yrn cnou tt.erotuca * im? /.imruiftn pi--ple. I coin:rain VtitVsworld JhatftihtHih.gTcar Auiwrijs-* pe.»- ji!c me m«-p:.rcd to threw off »u* admlu- ha.- p-» 'long Hie country and dfrf'.:orcd .‘urp'- .oe. a»>d atr i>]ltil9i(«l the T.rinclnief *'t cor-ramunl f>» :hl* i ccMinout. I’ lii'.rel 'i'iiis oar InMita- j tim.fe lute a)n.ort reached Its tan po«.r «. r cac«. I pion. or.rrj .*cri.:l i(jfxro>.{p have Ml been s'rack ; til. TbeHnltnof ■Oi* * nevned. rrd rcpn. miiea or t*r«t>**n to an uc- j l)ia;fah!e »-xlei t it* tb.' only uilen.u-'/ivu ure-ent vl j to tir. 1 er?y to yoa that a enat. resaiut" j fai.occi nuli:eo io c*»uqter «»r -.lie, oiaw-H t ?eab dn<‘C in i)H‘N(>veml/cr tleciioji. IL >Q>i . ] Now. ioy Irfende. f civiiß«s-)-D.?aso !tlfc n -rt,l 7 I chucml ]s>tcc :n the BnvwviPic party'that we 1 v. ry rei-im* oi«] nih’e to ihlt.fllMT»* , ;-d i mti. T/e uint-i, n:.v> h m.ioi! i>f»be p-rtj *,im wn may litre r I’ninii of the i»*tit?r.i,« finn y i!pt:i a ;ic*-te piotficnu rlgui. *ad chotre*- «i'be.cauctdat.* ped.rl >o re^'or.jcaacc »;»mI brrn.cny, jChe-n:) tone i:.*n hrorted i InnuofTat. u»e 1 kod etihi; aud s’ui ho rcEMred, (*• > oily i. rvou’* r.i.d »»iud cherre*.) K«»w. uty friends we hire had »ra?, wc ji„ra had nCniUii? , J«*ilbn, (ti‘foliliuu,tiijUC.'j>iUoa ?.n-f H«m. nation. Cl^uc« Uixtr.) And w»w we propose to apple :hc r^m»dy—to Bdnuiu-^.i-i - tb«iHDi!«P-»r—ic-s. vc«oiT furpoace (iod of rmr fstner.-. Gras.", ue r tt r rf ’. t *\mca; peace ; in oar Lenrtt. nr.a r; :u a<<an; peace on the ‘tec latere and on onr blighted shores; peace for hcleaecired cities and tbc hosts that wait around them; peace for the widowe and fathcrl?s3,-for the 1 elculcg and th- sinned nninst. Grant us peace, O, God. lor all, and >or a dietracted, torn and bleed inz laud. Speed the great time of peace. [lm mense cheers ] CAPTAIK BTKDXBS. | The rotoriotiH Captain l*a!ahßrndcre was called ; for, nßdrcspmiQedinasoeccbexccccHsclninfhmy. if poi-rihle, those 'that had preceded it. He said be hod always teen for peace even before the first gun wob fired. He had de^oanc. d the unholy cm i Fade aralcat onr Southern brethren even before the j first wriment was moved Southward. Ho saw the ! Inevitable result of war—the waste, and blood and 1 tears It would entail, and to this day be could say. and he said it with pride, that be had never said one word against the brave, the noble, the gener ous, the chiva’rous people of tbc South, and be trusted Id God he never would. Ke/.rJy half a million ol those noble men had fallen in Woody graves, but they remain uncon quered. (Cheers.) They can ucver be subdued, aa they are a phrt cfonr own fle?h and blood, (Loud applause.) Mlliioa* more of men m«y be torn from their home? to fall in the fight, hut the task will fail, as it ought to do. The war Is car riffi o® toz the nieger, and ie God’s Dime let the Abotjtionlßis fight u ont. We shall nominate our ccndld&tc on Monday, and place him squarely nnonnplaUnrmofpeate, and sweep the nation likeawlilnwicd. Those who count nnon a dl vlfilot. of she Democratic party, nil. bertianppolnt co. >\ e arc one and *dl for pcsico, and with thla magic word upon carbannt-r we ehsll swem over the course cud roll into oblivion tbe l-lark. nc'wo< loving, negro-hugging worsiilppsrß ot old Abe Lincoln. •mn j. ART SVSAKER. THE LAST SPEAKER. Mr. Do Will, cf New Yore, came forward, hat the hour bring psst midnight, he remarked that he would not keep his auditory from their laiullte*. He -wished them good night, protesting that the nominee of the Convention, he he Horatio Sey mour or l>e be Ci oml McClellan, or ony other man. should receive the corolal support ol the' Demt crrtr yerty. nncwoßaS. Distoff (he evening, at in terra’s, rockets were let fit half past ten the firework* )u the Public pquare wem lighu-d. Ttwne an imposing display, and fully equalled the expectations formed of it. Pending the display the ccrvmooy of rais ing the McClellan banner was gone through and the people were satisfied. were evidently gone mai last night, « H ‘ a noticeable fart that whenever an ont- WBP ottered, it was the {foreign J^J?t > inna R is <rl SS Bli! that cheered and applauded 55-^^_iMM^lSdfiSl&T£SS . s°““°,®™ *0 m TBIBOKB. The influx o/vhdioratotbeCormAfW* lion was so crest on Saturday. tSmSLSinTf Sf Bleeping apartments becamealStt^'Sf^gJ dtousnoi, every hotel. bmudiuu oro’herarvllsiye S2,*S filled. Ad Idee of the ex teemlij can be unihiM Irom trie feet that aiiml of the rooaE temoeoc Opp.rueade actually Wi.hpd to elcep at tie Tbibuns office. When en tuoS blr.lrreprerolWe, chlvairone-dle m the I ~t dtJch mver to be yetiqul-icd-nnlemaed, reailr to slumber nea-b -be -badow oi I Ijinp, Back Republican, either a ebßureio teutiment at, w7he exlremhy lo force t*uch a sacrifice m«t £ awful ON SCNDAT, The Democracy were passably quid y-si*tidir, though it woeadltficnlimutcrto ke*pdown tbs ewcsJy reprcsetble rbnllltio.. ofteeliM. It broke oallti Rcvtr.l pace#. The pence men htd a ITrUo.-x mettiojf, and ft few speeches ware delivered lu*ide of the hotels • The COQitjgf of Tisltore was largely Increased jetderday. A n vrl^.F nE CLUB BOOM. _»“* i w *'k closed eyes acd myefcrJoiiS ajrs coi.tri.h-d, at. be e«io. itv *n-h «j inta «■ d?r Wtl * ,er . “nifClay 00 Jfedbonß; waraaa War 01 luvaswa; and ap* pcadtd to Ida hssrers to mop 1L He was lor Im -8 of hostilities, aodacun- He wanted to know if bis Bc-itere wtre toiug to enbmit to I'e forci-d -r coa- ACiip'lon to flabt their Soathem brethren, lit* uu»raucee Smo bentilr nppliuied; auu the sp* pianec was violent in. exact proportion ti the amount o. treason the sentiment.* cuntalned. Mt* Ataatidu Spence wig next introduced, and she -poke very mnea as she did when the espoased tbcci.pwjrneßd cacao fa, the recoct dpiriiQalist’a Ctinyenctvu. Thebnrdm oi her fcpee.h wib Llq coln » rjrsrßj, peace, -and Snatnera ri£Q*tj. She | predicted (sat the peace warty wunld triumph in I the preKsat campaign. * 1 i ' PIS ICE MEETING. i liiercwas cn immcohM xa-hrrloe oftfccnltrt disaMori pence, men tn an.r.danco npouffceNv. llotal Con.K-rhetd Ccnvenfi.n. at the Tremoat Reuse on Smmay afternoon. Miuy bitter and'le fiMit words were r-o*« übj •he-leading uritorsol ti.e Ibtjloii, and tbreonulnsloti WaS reicbed.artors I”?*?? PeastiiD. tbrt»nu'e:-8 tlirtr news were coi> snitrd la Hie nomltmann ju* wef? on ihe platform a.ey won.d eeeed® and* nominate tfthao w ho should nethclivinirexpoocet of their dt-ootoa prlocl plcs Tbtr say <Lat r*o mao wlrtse Lands aro £Si W i2l th ,?a W 0 ™ 1 * ,f and noma* who has d i*2 D . lon P“ctr«i<ii from nnr hemming ® ba J* receive their support. They propose to bolt It the> are overruled In Convention. Their « bej repre J’ eDt *' Croat principle, and the present |g a? cood a tint* a« ai.y fpenake a coa, j“i?«Jer mentioned, wa t bowtb«y CIII a, 0 Lfcrtn , c aod inm l Uy‘Z 7c°Si& e£™iZ^J' bom ,he a °“ Kaa i CMS OODim QUOTA. Quocuh cf aub Dinrlcts-^flicliil. ThccAEtmiltwapsolnlta tc device me«ns lay tvcertaiaiDs noaSttrse Ibo quota of Ccet County ItldaiwuaDß vrtU.ttie Eomd of Supetrisere on Saturday erenln?. On moticnir wnyrtjsrtved that the comnrtttca of fire appointed at the - Meeting at Mecrcpolitan HnH Fridsy emilng; be- Instructs forthwith to ficrd a proper person {<*• Vashingtoa to present the Sbclb !iu reference » »Jie ikxjk Coanty enroll znentandasklTrapositttU'tfnexit of the draft as conSsinphiied i.yrtbe o* ibil meetic? On motion, a oommitar cvnaifcriu e C f Moi*av N*-Iro2‘ Jodcoß.'%fi«felli«d-a A. Irvin were no l>ointn to lake tLr nece^r^av-p? u> nave the efi- FuUmext Usia ul tlv sererej •tnri b copied withoae dc!ay. The committee aojwwjei to meet at esirv' place NcMlAr nlteraeon at -1# cC-elocK, woen It |n lioped t.'wiDJl will ivprtrrent. | _ Af ttc mtrfcunp cr tbs iter.rd or Superviso-r held Isflt: week, to tfonslder tfccr‘ county coder the lart call of tae'lV-mdrßt, It was moltedt towrqnoM Uo >llflnci»«i ot tc.c Board prc'tKd to Siricirfleld atnl tx aminc the rtcoros in the the Adjutant tsecerai, sod oscertsm officmUv tint number of men required to be ralcso in Colonel ntenedt-.n ra-crda> evsn -nr. nni m Or-» the to lowlcprsport, frort which-it B p> tf sri thit ibo deficit of Cook counryt when all trenl's a/*- £lven,wm be neder Ji,ooC;>iK>6iib fwr to execai : J.cuozEen. To Tc- - commitice apprfai»»xi to in* the deficiency to-flit tboqncn or C-jrt-.n.-a-jtv 1 aicfilis made by the covfrrvur.ttur wio*', i»e>* 1 Jesre to make t‘io loDowinj'rvnort; * ** 1 ( First. Total qtioUef tula t'lstrld sfai calls ; £ouU.e comnu-cevneu' of the • wai. iocl wju^ ♦*>»» of’ crsdlse to •>al> 1.1. &X, i» me der»;tt i a 4 164. 'Phi* number will be rc-im-fi &i»nicw b »*. by ereditv 'Son i •-•cljs-'meiiitior in.-iiiYavy, audfxbsjrnteu'rrfoccrod ; Ano. 3, ISG4. * I I« oppenrs by tbc -ec*wd«! I hat 'dnnt sixty com- v >it are dcflcieot a :d*sl of Si.«:ssca,wtt{-»bf*it '!-»cbpn»icahaTefu.*nifh« ivfi -••THll i‘tsl«?, .'S'bal.vatc dtte trout tie Stucc *'■ men, hy ulv'Bc to Oooc coacrr fcer-prr- Ei'rd.iuoi tbesurpiav-of K/CSmro. it lo z raised2,oSl turn; !h>m whltli ic-»o be dcdoc'o<2 Ufivcbi' slmeTniy lat, &cat«riu-' s»*t3«» rc'ertdi-, comninu nrjntn snd soioi-r*. Tae nuirtjx-r to be rslrcd a;xtnu tunc n oontewhere lu the iselfhbePhood ot 1.550 to l,fi3on.«n,- which tt '< ♦eerts to the nniiercfahcd rriyht b« promtixi , w .tnaat re serf ice to cct-tcrinilon If otens- 1 were ncmcdt-tely taker. ' , AE'hf wsich is respectfully snbtmitcd. I a. l, n.weocK;. I Oluirman I bavebstn fnrnlshc3l>y Cant Jam**, Provost ! marshal of this district, las foiiowlnjftable, Ju*t rsct'iTsd by him from aprktgfleid, saowinr th*t i ccota->ot «ttch sub (Up'albi, comprisin'* tho“lvK I Cm>i;r».Tlooa3 District (Cceh Coautri In det?U‘» ; fOIIURSZ ' I Ist. Total qcota of district nodcr ell call* from ti.e conncfncriiicnt of the war, tucindinx i Ju'y 18, JMJI, arrancedby'ESto dis'-rlcte. j vo. Torn! credit to July 3, 1661, arraaoed-ae j above. ' I S-* DefleUol each gnbdlsSiet on the first dey of Jjlt. ; AovJcc*. Torn the Assistant Provost-, Mcrshal I General at Sprinofield tb'jvr- tJiat further credits npoited t»> Ws cilice since ■Xb?v I, iStU wid -be lu time to bodrdnciad troia tbe-cnofa for flraf»; but they will rot uuteriafav chaser the flccrc.- biTtwitb presented.. ToUJ J?o. Sab-BistrJcta. qaoa«. 1. Barriagton. na . 2. I'uJaitne 124* 5. WbccUac i5Sr» 4. NoribHeld.. las. 6. >v»Lf*«n lu); 6. Banonr. 66i 7. SchamVorjr. .. 75» 5. Elft Grorc 87 9. Maine »JD 10. K‘lc». 121 21. Le?den.v Ita 12. Jt-fitrcun 134 13. Proviso 344 34. Cicero 76 15. Lyons** 155 36. l.ake 98 ;7. Icnout 181 18 IVo* . 64 3u. Worsts ISI 20. t' alomct 157 • 2! OriiCd. 1 92 12. Brctijea. 318 23. Thortton 133 •4. Jijih 80- 15. Hic>om 82 .S»k \¥* Ward, Chicigo..22o> £7 ul •*„ “ ..1515 ifc. So 44 “ ..ISO* 29. 4lb 11 44 78i , so. r.ih *• “ ./esi SI t ill “ »• ..I££3 32. 7th ** •* ..997 :3. tt!» “ “ .. an 34 90s *' 44 S3 35. 7t«h “ « ..11-4) C 6. lltU “ “ ..1332 JTulSah “ “ .. 7-4 38. i is; •» « .. r.:o n-ii •* 44 “ cw 40. 15m “ ..ICBB 43. Uli 44 44 ..15!9 4?. 9) •'3. Z'ovr Trier 75 44. lljfitt Parc 79 T . T?m\ 533(0 iutt 4153 it will b. toen tbit tbeee figures represent the Independent account of Co.«k. coauty with the (»CT.eml’tJtA*rr»imKn«, These totals wiu bo dimlo irbuJ—af intimated above—by ibe t-haro of this county la tbe oicr credlig of the forty counties which hqv»* furniated 10,105 in excess of all calls. Thl** amr-nat oidccroate can ecercclv bo cslcubitcd l ow, a- it 1* evident that 11 our quota shocldbe diminished Ibrough tbe erpurgttionof thc-enroll mt-Li lists, the credit would be diminished iu the came ratio. Onr ttianvs arc dee u> Cepteln James lor his promptitude in putting op the record. A Funrar SrwsrATEß n» C nrcaoo.—As oar retders art aware a movenent is now oa foot to ostabliehaneaspaper ia tbe French laaguairein this nty. It Is btited that there are in the city 10,Ui0 persons who speak that beridei SeTt-ral French coramniililea throaahont the Nora* weal, and it jnrlly Ushered toat such a paper Can easily be made u etccess. In oneriCkV it cm b« made of great value to oar city and Israte. A Uareeu of cuJgratioa hus been esuclished by the Ciuveicmcut at with a View u: feccU taiiscanc iPcrK&eio* emigration Imoi Eanipoio this coun'ry. So >u ns wc are aware, Illinois nas no presentation la tola Eurcsn, The proposed Frei cb paper might and should be made cue f< r Ibe c! iLfurmation respecting the incacrmci.ts fur emigrants to settle in Ilhuois, by clrcwistmq ft through tbo hirerts ol the lion 'Qi«-aa and o»ncr frliads of America in l-rance. Thi’SJbaviDgtUe inatier ia chirce pro pow to pcbluh, from time to tixa-?, articles settmn lonh udvantsyes oflored by oar Sratc r and wo trast 1 tut our dilzece will coe to it that the is funn»bed in quautiiies to oar friends In France lor general circulation ItcrC Souirans’ Fasiuz^.—A meeting was held in Bryan Hell JaM eveuirg, puracant to call, for the •purpose of canvas ring the means to be adopted for the relief of soldiers 1 families during tho com* in* winter. Tbe attendance was isrge. . Ex-AJdcnnon F. C. Brown, Secretary of the Board of Trade War Fund Committee, «rtdre«ed the at length, urging thencccssty of ns* sodanve action, and the absolute seed of central* .iced effort' Uo spoke of tbe sufferings of the eoi* dlexs wives, and made as eloquent appeal for aid, uo took the ground that it would be mnch better to give them work and pay a Jiving price, than to lettbcia eubsi*t wholly on charity. lie was fob lowed by Hhaplain McCabe in an eloquent address. A collection was taken np, which netted s large amour-t. J.T, Scammon and J. Y. Parwell each piedgea SSOO, and oiher geatlcman promised libe ral sums. The metlitg then adjonroed, Notice—Fatau Aootoeht.—On the 23d instant, John Marvin, a conductor on a construction train running on the Peninsular Railroad between E*aa* awsba and Marquette, was killed by a tree which was blown across the track. Twa others were wounded at the same time. The tody was taksn to Ureenßay. and from there forwarded cratui tc-nsly by tbe Northwestern Rail way Company to this city, where, as he recently buried a child horc, it is supposed tbe family of the deceased belong. TheJNom western Hail way Cx. have also donated tbe Burn of SIOO to the wife of the deceased, which .it subject ic her order. Farther informatlou may be h&d of Dr. Ayer, 2 and 18 McCormick’s Block, at th« corner of Randalpb and Dearborn slreeU, theJßtoiilc Fratcmltv having the business la charge. Tho body wa« at tbe Northwestern Depot this morning, still unclaimed. Musical—S. D. & 11. W, Sarin's Oboass —The readers ol the Tiubuxb have often read m these columns bow thoroughly we appreciate the many exce'lest qualities of 8, D. & H. W. Smith’s Araer. lean Organs. They are‘considered by those whose opinion is worth regarding as tho perfection of this elate 01 luftrnnsntA, and entitled to the first rank. They arc elegant in design and workman ship, solid and durable in construction, smooth ana iiilliant in tone. And entitled to the careful ccnrlikratinn of al! who ore contemplating pur chi so. Features deserving of commendation in these organs are tbs Patent Tremolo uud Forte Stop ar.o Kuitc Swcih They are sold only in Chi cago by W. W. Kimball, 142 Lake street, to whose advert lament 10 another column we direct tbe at tention of the theu-ands temporarily sojourning in Chicago. We call Tin: AtrcmoM of country produce d'-aitre, millers, and others requiring business correspondence vith-a reliable commlsiloe house in Chicago, to the card ol A, SI. Wrigtt, which ap p:ars strop*: Qur tdvcrilsementg of to day.' Mr. Wright is nn old resident of this city, and sustain* In batinees circles a high reputation as tn honorable, iru-lUgcnt and vfßdrat business man. He an extend to bis patrons every facility afferdto by an ample capital and a long practical experience in hi* particular line of trade. We commend him to Western shippers and to Easter purchasers. Musical.—The inspiring notes of Gilmore 1 Boston Band are reverberated through onr streets once more There la a great demand for a concert from this feaona metical association, and we will say to Mr. Gilmore that if he will, gratify oar dll gens with such an entertainment he may rtly upon an overflowing house. MB. ABi’SOID'S BECOBD, Hl» CoDcrculonal Career. Compiled jrom tlie Globe—Xli* JiODtcet in ibU i>i*trict* j Errors Chicago Tribune; v J l T i* bj those in favor of Mr. least. N.Arnc.d a re nomlnatinn for Congress, fib industrious and faith* .cl ReiTceKj alive, 41 alwiija in hi* per,” alwavs Vu J^ c U fw R ' ,,sT s TflTtnD * thhu" Ficra are 6;nbw»rti tliiJiee, and wo have thought that thn l b ‘r c “ te , wi, l be otcerrice to the vnt-rs of Cock count* - , in oetenaluug a» they are no** about tv *'lS: u 'S ruUl * *£® clal “>sot Mr. Arnold for a rc-nnmlnetUnj ac-d for the information ot all con* CrinHi, »>e her£r»l*h fnruihyun bl- record for the abort »e.*Moa Of the 87tb Cotigrnss, fanning thionib seventy daje,and 7TC Wtraw'!* rjgaest it» uabhcatioc. bedevil k «t to he dae to the Union &«.oflhi > Coogret-Bional District P.H. ÜbUOH, UokbatKxltox. X- •£• 4“"®* CUABLVS Bikdou-s, S'- Jacob Rmia. 2,• D. Hooxm ixiwo, S. I. Kussbli! wiVf WBtt ' Alonzo Uaiitst, W. N. Bbajmaku, Bobebt Pabbact. L. Bufutabo, 8. C. Blabs, D. t. Uamwoio). F. a. Benson. fc A T 6? * A. o. Hesin-o, Bobtun & Lsonabd, K. A.Srußaa bcnKJirr, RfflsEu, Gbeen, jI r. Bbecubb, Gkoece Von Uollrv. The Bccnrd. The third ses.-loucf the Tblrij.Serentta Con romnicaci tlßcct-uibjir Ist, i*C2, and dosed on the 8d day vt starch, IStJS: were penally 1u enslmi l u uV SS2S tcowtlvcß to transact business . Jc*s that 70 ex t* aca during that lime leaseN. i&sd wai «U§2r st'.eiit or failed to answer to bis same irhea caTV* Cd, ne ebown bv tba Two tlDitf*. ae follow?. sfte date andasjeo' tbe it cord is given that any one may consou tb£ O'M- S£h^ a,,d<a “ ;y tafl «s«bss«S: r^mr*?» »1t£!1£ cir ; 9° r * ot;c * Q for AclavmjF 1 * tiolipenrtsg with west Pdfs® B&uV *ir°° n ”“' <m ,0 aUow tte >«raui m '' Mo eb*^:^H i c°aiiy\Vw r *i»*3v , lor'cat* tote a. n publicaSi*s sr- w “J . on UO tr iMolailcuou tlc.uS. 1 “■* WM COTOToS:.S'to*£i - Su£ "° a Mo,m<l «"W «“■ i)ec.>s—fii Mottos to ask Secretary •r'Wi» ii« TJlcnticn frets iSB,' " 10 ofßa“Ci” - Mi“ISSS °° relief E^holT'ScS.'S 6 " »<■ »Mtef « uu^'r^ 9 °„ a , Bi-c.12- tTj. DtutoLtn l?7on table res'*lntv*n !»• coSu-^f 1 / CICC ’ :r ‘' ul °OTt.3aient are atartaics In 1,510 lo *>« Jar,.v~iA Onedtofrc-]). J?U 6- HU. do ivo Co uo Jir..-5-US.-Or K»»u.or !iUI totouip<ui»l.iMi>- SOS^lrrrma^rlpbtJUS. I On raefioD to todefea biff I for m mtASourt. , Jaj. r.)»R> <53 t»oio rcsoictlnn enaainnz »tj c "-’ejfl **>t p»{j, •>a* osds*:B:.»l*ryorAcsirtrist-lecrsUrr cf States*-—N.S Onin?tlot6y WAshbatset^postpono SiAOiacrcer.-iatfvroc m?«to take 0(> Csoal mil. Ouujoitoe:>po(ipo2* re«via;:oa la I terra ta Col; v<r« •J»n 21- Or, f.u oiotloa to .ftostposb Ictra cottsited cacß?:. ente. J»a f"AFt'Tf£fc , *nrlidaietttolKuin aid or i rt-vanrT.'l.''f'Rit'vcr'T . Jhu.2 -:sk.- 2Sr*Kn tnrecaimiarvTt^Ocam-nd- B;eu{ lo s«-l?ieri» 2«>B6ty bill, u Jsr.ic—;.si; CBtaoUob tort far Mil la rt-aud to f mrKy L*?2re joltons. Jua S£—a7‘. Enaction to la? cs tablsnvseal from tfeatoou .»r (Xtatr oo kcaU of lion*c to oefca; negro 3ekll«-.r bin J»r.,ta-.74- Op maiioa to afjocti— to dafrat ra era t*..lo>ri p tin.* Lrmu.icb-r’3 b‘J!.’ jbt>. Omnottoe tolayoniAhlo-niatlt'a lo r»jor»-!ossr«.n n*BK>3o*ujer LUi- Jact.vs-rts. 0;» turnon to cxcase I'juk'O frea to* >•- <w re.r *t..icirx- 6 nab r£o. LlMioa ttMdlssenjs wiapricordtiHrs taid»ririM - t»rr-grtf ml/. 1 " • i>i'j.4>7e. Or.n««:ou t r. i fl>cn iab:«bllifursob. »nc-r»i'u (rriHUir^S “*.3.4-717. pdrcact fer twi'l^nof aLalote - i-e{<.4-72r,. it'oilOT-toieffertiillto xaluroluatcer lr*ce la IwUiicLj.. Fci* J—.4B. care cl reunion tv I'Jlso'Balar? o' c amiDftr tv Us:fr* emti, Ca!Uot.da.‘ »?bica. pat«e*i by*nJytwor-sjDr»?v» Fn. Pa*ba*.c-oi bms>rrelief or Kale Ga l cite:b. F.* . pr-vge crbiß’so print Ssiaatb acr- by iwo illicitly. Fen. m;. cT r'cr'iih.tlrs to rrla? IC.WC 7 - cvotic. ra ?tnitf.r If&ree. of dll lo yrorldo ls2in:rar/ porertir.riifo-Mon aa*» 1 . | ,r : . Liii aincudruait to-aary npproprtAtlcn F**n I S—!W7. <u. oTueadiceDttoaaTT.ftppropriattda j bli: aaclr r-STT- ,*0 • tj eeiiiuatee. !—S»S. aiotloa t*j bo* into committee of the •wiifla-rtvrirdnv leoninjjrliy. Feb,lß—■,*••7. a« ordvtode* fe* rut t*.isdecbsity:ht*Pre«lae2K an»! o th^rs. Atoilua w ley-OA ume 1 cdetnaiaca^ li'. D uiil. ,£7. •Oa Eesste amecimaat to in.lemci* • flratiou bl.v •*—l,7l'V To ley ca- ttWa resomtl cn f:r the tccrejßij oi the Khvy torelsese rortata ni Bilurw. >*o 19—1,121. Aopcalfroci.OO&U-OiiCiU loraN*- tlunttlCurretry. : j-vb. 2r—Ordenaracala qoestlcnoa' bill far n . CLitmy. i,ue. Motion to laylonublc SatU aalcur* ; utcy tml. , ’ a third peadieg, l Nation. I »iro.rmcy rill, **; Fib.iO-:JiS oPiiatfrnMCDrtenrj bill. t >«*n. Motion tcgive ayldiar* the u rutin. : p’tTiJrrm. J . J?cb.2i-J/OOlotion toslTe-to scldlerstba froih* , It e l rmii ge. 1 Pasfs-a ol bill far relief of Jitaeß. c FeR. t&rsooasidor a&ln qaaatJoa “*'*« «•« Fi o. 24-UtL.<Mocoa tosaapand the rales pandia-* t!*^-ctEsiceiHC-T. of ccoscripi bllL v sen ji i iic^un w odjonrn to- defeat Con* o * cnuf Lill C&3 ’ ° r HoCiS P CJidl n2 eoaslderallon , l r eb. 25—^1,751. Motion to Jay.on table mr.tton to i clcartbe sadertwfjr cLtsrlagdatiDc ciacnsaionof Lomcnm bl I. i Ftb 25-1,796. ilouonto aomailt Tomicasee Else- I Uc&cci\ ] Total credits. EeddL 81 22 80 14 Ftb.» 1 r3f-8. iLmen-taeai to tm Incmaiag uia box oiM»jO' - K Araesomaoc to bill inereutos tba ct.o bt-r f BrjKttUler GertraJa-iroaisatoioo. Fen.iu-1.3i8 .Alietjrir.fikitoAUlu*ry bill UmUlmr BcoibfrU m.ttlatKiem. K Ff-b. 20—%%9. ' ' o b*7i Mr.’tioDto appoint ncna bci thosa ♦ l o b*Tt tfcemsi/.rr*. PrfMs^eofpmfi.rjacroijeorQoMril Fcb.S2—tSM. Oa ccncuwlßg In am€Udm*sat nf Snv au- ovrax i»n. »ff f r the commute*cl coafcrwoco Mcttiaiaade ana 10 a vo,* k J L'' l ai hJ ,u; i’t; , ‘“. t * UiSiijr oauk circulation. Feb. *7-32.5. Action in ivc-Itm tenon •'! confer* cucv conm Htcc ct lautaudCcjUjou bill, r<0.37—1 us. ilr.uootouojouruto defeaUaJcmnl* fii:i>tioi> ti l. fr* Afutie.i to eruuaemembcrftom voting rßiiuitauinevicabili, Ktb.i7-ifto. MolcotcUv op’.ablccoUoito ro’oa- B J C i er bn‘* to CAca * ? »«»&•« fcomvotmgoa lafica- CraihivVijP 8 * aio!lca t0 Mldorn to defeat iDcUnaal- >l3tloxi list wh»n tboyadlourn. they apxi: (coai-’deratlus c{ h.d“mm“r *x*c ttttoo.loa nsMie eu filuouartr aai kiu tus dSE'ly'bUL Hct!oa forcaU cf E°«e *3 defeat la CaUor Exd ' c * ( ib "ea-. and no ax. ficstmfori* 9 * Motlo£ to a 'J oaxtt to d-tieit ladcmr.i. i'*h. ST-i&P. MeiloE to I*7 on tab!* report or com. fc.of oa Dill. Fto--,—1.-tii. M lien to Miuenu motion u> ailonrt pecditßcci-idfrMioa oriaowmniaw.lfin bill. J &**V £“,/■£' K'-5? tr 53 laereMß u».y of bj| ten. . «s.l*yon table motion to S. r^judidJr*“?ufvWSB * Vo3iUeei lfcm toitogon M&Vcti 5:-:ite.'Am?tVr motion for Paine nurpoie AJairb •—><£- iuoihe: motion lor dime purpose. Mater. 2—143.’, do do do do March 2-14 W. oo do do do Mkich2-lcv. do do do <«o Man*.*—is». Mellon to suspend rnlssto take no bn. db rebellion ltf»se*. Ahrcb S-iSCS, Motion to txtns? member from Tctlp/ on D.« nc’-oi oolmcblß joolctirf mu Motion to a;l--w raeubva todriw ray rot «s any lime. Carriei oy one malon. tj. Crpi nl> tor It. ■ * March S-iSid. v o'lon fo snsponl rultn to take m rcsslnaou to buy CoaifciKidiai Globa. FaneclßJto tf—l Ot fw< -ttiti . B. March S-15<9. Motion to Uy 02 table report 0' tOßttnuif-e ot'CczJfrcscp ou Convention - Ith F«ra ’ /iartli Stitts. M«»tioc tj eespetd ruled to itire uo riscJaticnaboittbs pay due tnsio:ai aaasxp-Udi rsemner*. * * Marchs—V47. Motion to suspend rdestotalgs ua 0:11 for StCTetary of the Kavy 10 reieM* cartsia ptn* It is but fair to add that tbe above is a record ol but oar, endtlistroo the short one, of the four «*.-! which Air. Arnold has attended since his c.uniou to Congress. It vsll be noticed tliat in the severe simple which lasted ail dav and ail nlsht, to p-»?j. trie to employ negro soldiers, Mr. Arnold m hla.etfiircs toavoiothc repponaibihty c! his votes, was re;. BOEOhly fccccctefnl. He was absent or uegJcotetl to vote serin ivnts the fives and naves wore call* d pending the cosfctderatlon of that bill, Alrt> in n*gur.l to tto earullln» arj celling oat' tie natirtat forces ta put down the rcbciiior,, Mr. ARido ayolc cn«rijscd a commcniai’le degree 01 caution; six time? -abui tba ayes and nay* were ordered on that subject he avoided putting himself upon tcc record by bdng abreut or refusicc or neyloctiru to vote, while 10 pses tme bill tUa other UiiH'jj id cm hers sftbe Ucuse bail a fierce and os ciwr.s tctttsoilli lha enemies of the country which ccniiauad through several days In soccer tioo. But it wo; upon tho tnCTumlGcaltco hill that Mr. Arnold* jeeme to have been buorcmely lucky. BuriniMbe long and arnuosa struggle on the part of thcoih-37 DLiou Members, to pwatlm till, uud while ail the other members were go Indiscreetly committing themselves upon one side on the ott er, by voting on It, Mr. Arnold hid the extreme poor soccm-8 tohosib/ient flfiten times.wheu his name was callt-d ana libera sought to pat Mm npaa the record. Thi« bid was to indemnify tbo Pra*identand o’.krr officers of ih<* government fore rrutuntpJe* r.tvrjopfra or any other acw douo by them under eolvr of auihoTitv to put down the re bellion. It wat a delicate mnject for ifr. Arnold to act upon, and naht well has Uo justified the ex pectations ol hi a friends who knew him best, and who beliwed that be would observe thef>rcate3 f prudence is regard to his votes in Congress, KBITS. FAXON & CO., Jobliog In Chicago—Onr Oitr Com* pttmg vrltli Hie Bast. Great is Chicago, and great are the merch&atfl who dwell within her borders; they are uer uro* phets. But a very short time ago they were de pendent upon Eastern traders for all beyond the most common selections; now oar merchants sun ply not Chicago alone, but the whole Northwest. &nd reach back far away toward the Atlantic «eal board. Prominent among the firms whose enterarise sad business abiuty have coatnbnted to brie'* about the result is that of Keith, Faxon & Co" Nos. 45 and 47 Lake street. Their hon-c is proba bly the first in tho West in tbe line of business they have adopted. Hats, caps, furs, buckskins millinery, woolen goods, straw, telt, ribbons laces, flowtre. gloves, umbrellas, Ac., may bo mentioned as the leading terms by which we mav designate the class of goods In which they deal* the amount ol boriuis? done, and tbe tremendous alecks of ail kinds ou hand, can only be ascertain ed or appreciated on personal inspection. Keith, Faxon & Co. have been Identified with Chicago for the past eleven years, though it is not till about five years sicce that their present •-Igan tic basinet was entered upon. From 1*59 till sow they have t’omj on steadily Increasing, doub ling their trade each succecdlogyear,tiil nowtney .may challenge comparison wilhanyof the mer chart princes of New York, for var.ed and com plete tiocks, or advantages offered to buyers There is not a factory in the United States wnlch offers any desirable goods, that is not visited by this firm,ardla repre*entcd in their stouk. To this must he added the most extensive importa tions Iron tho manufactories of England and France. Some idea of their stock may be formed from the fact they have now In store over fifteen hucdrfd varieties ofhat»anrl cap* formen, voa’hj ana Tula Is Independent of the sto''k o ladles hats and bonnets, which with thoiracce*- 1 tories—rihtone, ruches, laces, flowers, &c. are there in inexhaustible profusion, embracing every sUleihouchtof orposs’ble. J We scarcely nerd attempt to specify the articles which compose iheir Block. It comprises all that can be desired—each department Is complete each containing as large an assortment©! that par ticular kind of goods as tbe stocks ot dealers who confine themselves to that one as a speciality. Toe point to which we wonld especially call the attenuen of onr readers Is this: that Western men do not net dto so east to make purchases. Such men as Keith, Faxon & Co., are able to offer, and do offer, inducements to purchasers equal if not superior to any New York house. The immense stock of this nrzn present s as wide a variety of stock as cun be found anywhere on the continent, and they are offered at even lots than New York price®. Tho firm buys exclusively for cieh, and deals only at tint bands. A great portion of their stock hie been procured below the recent uemen dona advaccea-in price, and tber are prepared '0 •bare the profits with toelr customers, Iwlm* de termined on achieving f*»r themselves the first plaae In Wt-stem trtde. 'Tie a laudable ambition, ana we wi.-h ibea sacce?s. Readers nf Tbibcts are referred to their advertisement in another column, and Invited 'o inspect their stoch: tbey will net go awaynasuit ed. The larpe doable width building is npprnp-i --ated almost, entirely to samples, three of the fl -ora being tbna occupied, avd there is scarcel* a dauli cate in the whole extent. The goods manuf*c tnicdin over thirty American cities are there dis played, while the whole of the manufacturing p )r -->ion of Europe coutribetes to swell their sample stock, ileesre. Kei\b, Faxon & On, have a practi cal hnow.edjre of the harness gilned by long ex perience, and united with this is U at sterling busi ness integrity which always insures success. They have joat completed their errupeements for the fall trade, aod in the special forms and fashions which-will prevail, will probsblr open out a lamer budget that is to be found “la any house in the United States, Tde Ekabs ?uko.—Tbs followin'; w-»ll-ia»rlt ed tcbtimcnhl was reemed on Fntfa/ list Lj Juline Bauer. sole agent in Chicago for tLoKnabe Piano: iTiwAOKSB, Wlfl., Atfg. 23d, tßtfi. Met?rs. Bauer & Co., CMcaco, 11 ; . i A Piano used by my family for the year.Sags past, madehy Enahc &Co., of Baltimore, has ijiveu ntiqcnlitlod satisfaction. When purchased It wna compared audjtrled with SceiawayV, Worcester’s, and other popular manatuturer-, bat the tone of Knate s was preferred, and every day the choice Ip approved more and men*. I would earnestly adriae any person who mij be sbent to purchase a piano, to eive Kuabt’a Itf. ptrnxaent a careful comparison with any other la the market: If onprejaclcjal, I feel confident Kniho’s will be selected Tours very truly. Wssr Cukago I-adi zs* Sebhs*«t.—Wo can caeexfniry recommend the school of Mibb C, A. G&pg, Xo. 248 (Veit Bandolph Btrcet, »a an excel* Iti.lly cocdcrteo Jnstflctjori for the iDt-trecSlon of .voiint radii r. Mis? itresg Is a highly accom plished teacher, and employs tho >er« be»t- of as fil3»aotH. Her •ystem of instruction le thoroagli .wc coraj4>tt*. - Bho i» prepared to accommodate almiHttdaamherof youny Indies with hoarding ap4 lode mg on veiy reasonable terms. See aiver tUrmenr. LOCALMATTKRS. Nolf^fl.—TierFlwiir be a mertmg of the 4Ut* Ward Union LeagCf,on Tneeday efenlnr, Amraft 20th, at & o’clock p.- va. f at the osu&f placo of meeting. A fall attendance Is desired. Sontli B®Jo Vnlofr Ldgae —A meeting ol the Lcegar'yill be held- at WaroerV Hall, on Monday evening the 29th taster*. There wU be pood maelc and beeches, and* matters before the meeting of general interest. All councils are in ert'd. Let the Hall be crowded.- KJeTemh XYart—Tol«l?o?lco.—AU per- EaM redding and enrolled la the Eleventh Word • who* arc exempt by alllnage. agyor disability from ■ jnHUsrydnty, arc requited to tall’any day, nntll ; further notlp*rat Unnrr AcihoffVealocfi HI MII - ttrosac, comer of Halted eirVet* the *«uth*ertvni House, (roTundy Cambridge Boise.) cpnrcr c* Bceplalnca and Carrol? etteua* or 3 * we?t Raadolpb street, corner of OacePet., fStarte riwra’otCee, np etaiw,) for the purpose of bayin'? ISfelf name* n ricken from the list, *al>bo*l» S/beol PKmlc.-A aoticable festfereorrhs Sabbath School enterprise of the prr*nt day r l*;bc care taken by teachers to-pro vide, lahoceat and bedtbful anyisement, aa* vrcl! m religious Induction, for the children under their chapic! WoHTcry duv announce the denature- of train* Jtuiei? with happy Jnvcnllea lor the groves of thc&cjacrntrunnlry. Oarfrienda of the Wa bash Avtnoc Methodic* S liool hare act apart Timreday, of tho prcM-nt vm k, ior thtrlr plcy*diy nnrt WbieUa U the «k>jvu point. Caraieare’the 3ullwauhct* depot at 9 o'clock. ~ ra ' ,cr **•»»&»». '&C.. &c,, at N. York prices. 1-. L. Kiyhy, <S Randolph St. aa27-p7dl-3;t r, CoX-i T CfioUra, Summer ComrtatrJ- Ityfenttrv, J'iirr/iaa, ami all AtTwil-j's-of the- Bowdt* arc cnrsd- promptly and th’o tualiy hy Or O.JATNES* f-UUna-iTITE BALAAM. ilcltLT DICIB - totbetaftc, it Is rrsdiiy taken hych;HraD,aod r.nvlosr mUnteJccd Ita pnpnUHtj for over turty year?, the iicopnetorj continently recommend U as a StamliiM Uoa-H-hold Romcdv. Sold Ik gieta every TThirc; Aap. '*} P93C'*' M, W. s." si. Dr. Mis lowii inercxaxit iuvlnirpaesfd several «ileep l fi‘e nurtu*, disturbed ny the a and cries of a euifemnr chho, ard becoml''* cou ylnctd that Km; Win-lows Soothing tivnap was J w*u ' e * r, '' ;,rt n*wlcd.prncered a supply for the rr hi>njft, uud acquojDlliji; his wife with wiial bp h*il doi e, eh« relused to have U adiDinuttrefl to tb- .bi;il. ** *he. tv** «’roo**iy in fa-vor o. Uoo.eortsthy.;Tbat niwn to« child pasded' In snfiennir, und-the ptr-uU without a;eeo Pe the BuM Kill ;ind while cnottinplnUtiu un- MlitT sleepless ttehUth* mo .her stepped from the room to attend to some d<>aj*)ri!c datlcr and ’ Jolt tb< Cither wiih-tbt chl’d. liaHaj her Bounce he adnilnl-imK ;sporri.mof the Southing Svray to the ba'*j, and sidd>,otblß*». Tbit u!«ht oil hands rlcpt well,and tj * little Mlow awoke In the rmm aiJ j Q:, F tt K* T*'»' mother w«a delighted with the sadden and wonderful ebonite. and al taonahat first oifcm&u at the de<*epliou prutl«*ed ■ open her. has cuutlnced to u/e the evrun. sod saf .vnn?. erring loblersand r.*stiesj« uirhft Lave die- A mode trial of the Syrup never yet 'Mibfr aud overcome the preju mother, is cents a bottle. Sold by tU druggists. ml.osl.jg,y,ff.t-p .. 1 27“ In another •c«?cran of ear paper, we refer Uje enffenDK- to tbe curd of ?A°k* 8 seput5 eput i ll 9 n aa * rcrn, * r practitioner is on li a, * d ,? lloa «<B» i lfi c »tlon‘*&* a physician ■r?}cdJ.-pQtablo sad ot pood standinc.. Tuereare maty quacks iu the wcrld, and therefore some we comdnamo inCbicaffn,-who have no pret»oaloua to ancdlcal wbo lira on the public in the sale of noa»rnma that aa often roiu aa rare. Cecity arwes, they have no xneufeal akill to enmount tb? obstacles, and tbe psaeiit lit ruiitfd, or driven into a premature crcvp. Dr. Blffeiowß en odnc&tcd phteldao. aud ernes ofdlfficuHymt.7 bnemrosted to nlta. ’•FMIe wtr£? r ‘J? e ? dure8 i aCf( l mantand :a as it is. a ekWlnl physician IE a- pnhllc benefactor. There peeozziowcca&rcc»mn>ez>d'A9Bucb, andwc m to fie errine cod eafftrlm:, ho not bejmtled bv qutaks, hnt sect tha-beat medical advice. It ij not unlytdeeii€»t. act rbo-cheapeat Intheendl end .0 ench wo conei«»rJy reeommeud Dr. Bhri> office i.* at -N’a 179 Stmdi Clarfc street. bavins retiree.from family practice devotes bis atter.tion entirely io- rbo treatment of chronic and special dls.msea. eueh a* scromixlivar complaint, rheamsiimr,,. disease of tho. kirtneva aort urinary onruns, .aervues- debility, dyspepsia, sod all romplalnta jTJCQvnr to.female-. Consults- • Jon *tc und fcnrtOr-aita’w The press of Uiis enu °i l^- f i T . cls t '‘ D J SCfc .‘ i thifc-Dpsto/’d repatatlon «id ski!! Lojonrt the sha£o» nf a- donbt We ea?-to L bop .??,f cd . ln - hip Kid * i»U ut Ms room*. No. 173- bonfh Clark street, corner oi ilouroc, and find tela' etaiemcat verified. uua’j-psyy-lt 7 fJSOHC TJSCJ **OT?O-> MAC. Hebei Cross into Maryland Jtcpulsoti. Baitimoju:, Any, 27.—Th& Amsrlcan's Htrsor'a Ferry dispatch Jaßt-nlght saw: The enemy made bu attempt to croea info Slary lacd-to-dor, at WBlhtntpoi*, with two regiments of cavalry ar.d somc-inMulry. Aflcra ei-irinA. flifhx ol mmc bonr*’ deration, they were , handsomely repaired i*y heavy loss. AxeconnoJsGaaca was* mido by ficner-*! Croats Vfblcb respited In Uis capture of Mx commla tioncd officers, oao LJcubjuaut Colonel, tn4alxn>. three private?. * The enemy &lil! shows* forc-2 on oar front. Kkw York, Saturday, Am: 27.—The W<ral'Vz. correspondent with Averf lV cavalrv. or. the 2C&. cotUrtne the rcßoriwd nafe arrival of God. Cru-'_ar wlaxln cor line?. Ue aluo soyg last nuhtthe cae-- Jf d ® ">»««»« ibaruen. AvtJla the north a;da o( tho Potomac, oppoalu 'Shcpcrds town lord. Thistaomlm; a portion nf.-Avoriir? command eunnd the enemy a: trtliUmsaort. 1 he rcbeN aholled’thH totvo. TherolstocbanfeJn tho* paeUlaas of the tu onrrnu-e. Sheridan it* ciosel7.T7*tchl3i»*the movement* of the enemy, makinn hourly 7»icon. and meetice which may load at ar.y time to a rensral Miiriure* men;. ooEft.l«ucei> filt la Sberilaa’a to‘ mansp® the rebel-. XelcgrapSiic 3icra«. NiK-TonK, ntasetpunr wlnsrai l..nhc rs’«! 6 . nil a w Pri«oa ore In foh Latavttle arc no*, showed aai Inmrls* whatever. Bermadadarce of the 23th aunllon the arrival cf Jour ? from tViltainrjiKi with cn ajrercffaie of r.*any S.OOO balct of coitus. The stcamer-North Smr. frem Asotnwall ISib. arrived this exon, with Sa»,COO lutreasaw Among her paseeneere arc-Hr-Gox. bLlca of ■ Califorr'ip. tRd A. li. Boyd, ot Pjimm9, Tbeßicsai?r SHcraannto, Iroin JtewTork- via Straits of 3-audios, arrived atPatMoa on tbotthh, Itcrehasbcenachacgoiiilhe PsMvlaambmter. byt no rovotulion as yet. A rcTQluitOD in Husadcc. bad- been enp^rcased. “*•— da’l and dccidcdlv weak. Tro pence rumor? tba demand, tnnugb Iboy are pcibups uowbere loss credited tnan at the gold room. The itemed aHo U limit ed. while Uio papp.7 is rclaCorc-d to the fall ex tent of Iho d«n«vtl"by pohi certlflca*e3 aadtrobl received at the Suli-Trc'searr. Theso Influences produced a dcclVic of np to noon, and it is thought lower krlce* wia be toochfd next**veek , Opvcme at 2M. at* 2P. 21. it was ouotod at-250if, with a dowawurditendcacy. E-rom liOuiHTillc. !Lon?vitTjgv An*. SC.—L-tet night about mid night them* p-xpresa tnln, vrith passengers aad~ wounded soldiers from Nashvillo hither, was pre-. clpitatedftom the lr«ck neap Bacon Creek by Uic cilectß cl toe late rale. The ears were almost en tirely drtnoliahttd, tec slrtcire to flay, bat one man w»s errionsiy tort The op passenger train from Nash-illfi wxs dMi locd four hoars this aftemaiu oy the treating of tae driving wheel near Qalatlo An officer from the front #aya that Saerman was moving the talk of hU army »o a position ou the blacon and Ueort'lajtallroad in the rear o» llood'a forces. Heavy eldnalahtog was going on. GcorgiaWants to come Bade. NrwY’ons', August 27.—The Timet? Washinsr tou special rays; “A gentleman has arrived in this city Jrom Georgia, who came by way of Atlan ta, with the permission of Gen. Sherman, and who represents the State government of Georgia. He desires to learn upon what basis the United States Government will treat with the State of Georsla lor readmisalon into the Union. •‘This onion of the Georgia anth:rlMca Is bad without rcleience to the balance of the Southern Confederacy.” How to Avoid the 'Oraft. “ Albast. N. Y., Ane. 2T.—The citizens of Albany cooLty arc determined nut to have a draft, a u d the only way to evold it is to indace men to enlist and fill up ire dnota with volunteers. The Board o! Supervisors, alter foil consultation, have resolved to pay a county bounty of £930 to ever? man en listed and credited to this county, and §iOO to the ■person who brings the recruit. Oor quota will bo filled. IFire at Sandwich} 111. SjAsnwicn, ni., August S7.—A very dlaastroua flre.occnrted in this place this morning. The foundry and manufactory of A. Adams & Co. was homed. The are broke oat ohont hill-past three o'clock. The loss is estimated at S2O OOX No in surance. The Ure is supposed to hive originated liom the engine room. General ISutler Gone to Washi iijfjfton. Fobteess iIoHEOE, Ang.SC.—'Major Gen. Batter Sieved through here last night from Bermuda uadred, cn routs for Washington. U’rom IVnssan. Nett Tour, Accntt 27.—A Nasean letter of the SOtb, states that the steamer Fox had arrived from Charleston, havmu thrown overboard SO hales of cotton. .The new pirate Electric Spark was oIT Nassau on the 2d, and was cruising off the Islands Tlicjlcxicau Blockade Baiscll. KxwjTonE. Aug. 27.—The bark Aibertioc, from Yera,(+rux, ICtb, reports that the French blockade of iicilean ports was ratted on the 7th. Wot ConfirntctL ST.aoroTs, N. 8., Auc. 27.—Toete is no coufir matifn of thcreport of the deetruction of fishing Teasels hr the Tallahassee. DIJEIU Inthltclty.on the s‘th Instant. JOSSPU. eanoi Mr. S. 8. and Jennie E. Warner, sxtd 1 veer. - AtLesdto, on fnndsy moraine. in*. 39. ALBEHT F. cftBLEW, seed i 9 jeers 8 months. QVLI. WouU'S MUSECM coin J. H. tVOOD 4KD B F WBirMAN, Fropncon aad Macaser*. MOKOaT EVRsiSQ, ATTO. 2»m. REGULAR OPENING Fall and Winter Reason* TWltb a GREAT STiR COUEDT, Ttrvrr rqotlci la tot vc-t To 3 rp-nug pieces w.U l»o ibe elegsiS Ccmeoy of WAVaI EIV6<iGBYI»RT4, Vito Mr. Alkes.ifr. BiaoJa*. Mr-John PiU»o,Mtj. btonrail osc Je*t» Bicbtiston cat. Tote fcllcwrd ay tot Vr*m* of IBBL«NO AS IT was, W.tb Vmitb. D'l oa Mct-nsma, M*£M, DMlenbecl Slr> , Vi» r cD 1ey,11,,,4i,0l ' Tft ' AUaB Howard, and 4dtct«i! r ntosuienci»Q(J lectors Kota n centa; Gcjjdjga onrto'twfivdT at? 13 eta; I)rit> Circle airtTuraaott*-,*scent5centsultra; Orchestra Setts • ceoti; P:ivatf Boxer, »*n'd |>; coaxtra chugs for Kesr;ytdSsats; Box Book open from ;o 4.M. to 5 P. At. |2T Derrs of Lectors Reran on an at tH o'clock. Curlsln 8. caß at 1?*. Steond veek of the popubr vermt'le Camcdnn, MR . C H APfFEZiV, Who Li# achieved a {treat his delinex tioa of LOSU LUhTRFATIT AKO IUS BSOTjIFB BAM. In the great Comic Trama : CUE AHHEICIiVCOCSIfI AT SIOSHS* Which will he presetted r very cvealiT until farrier notice.; W3I. SXIOKLAXD. Tuvans Cb'jvtbxd Nightly, Pnotfrs or LAtrauTiis attd Appla-ds*, Scisirs ESCOfcXD HJCHTI.T, .Goam>Ss2. Saturday A?J*2.sooa—ltbakd Math***, WAIt 1 FTY TU KiT RE.' _ Ncs HSunff -1? rcarbora street. C.H. CaAOft’iCK &CO, r ProprietorsajlhCtnse’ara. T.L. BITCH acting ct*J Mice MatupsT. MONDAY KTENWO. AUG. *9*b. First appearance of m’H.EELISK, Cho beftntifal Danaeose. ALSO, BUI- Witt. SCOTT, BiiUadlit, Pantomlsi'jt and Cornelian. ALSO. SIO. CONSTANTINE, The great Fantoiaiznlat sad Dateer.' Door* open at T)fj Cart\m nees _Bc4.tß or Dioxa.—Parqnttte jscsnta;. Ure*iana fiativ Circle, VS cents; Trirats Boiefr, 9t: fitezio Brute In Bcxee r s9c£nu. Academy” oTf - mfsio, Wsalilncton Street. MORDAT, AUGUST nth, JMI, PROF. ANDERSON,- The ceislrratNi AraWrte*tro«« Prt*tl(Jl<U«tear aa-J i uccmparable ZJosloaiit, by mbs* Ajfflßawiofr, mss isackjettt,- And a large corps or artist*. la his wonderful and’ new (mertftinme&t. TBE WOELO OF M6.Q10. .pfMdDay Estvn*’ r m>Tit oa WB3SESDVT and ♦w T «f i D n’.' ooß, - for tl> ® *ccoTrn jaa* tlon of Ladles ond Lullflrf n*oors opcnnts'<: to coxniotiice at 8 o’clock. - KeseiTCd sosU'Ccd b» Ofcarad at the B*x Office, dally- bcr»cemL»bo'ii»o‘ 1. and So'dock. Poors ores at 7y. costmesct at 8, A <1 Dilation.... ac;6-p& Ma4thp SmirS&ttSfe ■OSCUKSIOK TO m i-RUIT AU ORCUAItDd, ST. JOSEPH, SVSSCKtfCAH. - The new A No. 1 Bt>r Bfrc.cer, FAYOBITE, NEL9OS* W. NAPIER,* Commander. FBI leace JOHN B. E£NG> DO?K, J?OOT OF 7BANCLIN BTKKST, OH‘ Monday, /lugu»t gOlli at 5 Jf. Rtlnnln;, leave St Jo«'rh r v,irer.niirr. Faro lor the Iloutrd'Tt-lis $3,03. Btfre.-amctti forntthed r.t TPO'tc-tjifcii mtei. . ■JOHP4 B. SCE«G. tt . • auction Nicies, gr A H Bh& OJC HAa u s AT PKlVA’jrfi^M, We have a rpaa of Black il«.res. dt* andslx rears, wen r.atcbo'., every v*y ia>r tf-rtere. J ' WM.A. BJTtKHftd? fO , bo3C-p.&MMti> Portland Bioci. 112,000 PI>JMK ' Jxt^RS AT A CC77W-, pa a nr. Pist.ntli c’ Bau t«ie* Atirtica hcoma.m Pord-tna Fines cor * of Dearborn aa£ WKab.att3a-:ta *38,000 JEI Sol Cigars, 30.000 ZVlfilitkofT (Jio>rtrs, . , 520.000 IH,I Olobo Cigars;.' 18.000 ILI Bri Lcuitlre* f Ji.>©js. »B2b-y«*«t WM. A. PPr?aHf frCOwAacfra. HipUS'SH STOCK OK Pd KJBXTJiIS ET. jost received fr3niv«w Tort,. AT ACCTa*»M, ~°*WONT>AT.Ansnßt29tX&t9., £ oVleeS, « C«V action room*, la nbck-,.u*vu»r D> arbors sea 'N arbinston ctreftte, we aha.i •«<]. wl,h one reserve, lor cash, a 2>»*3Zl STOCK CP Just received Kew 3 orit, p, - of oi,.in , I~JL T r?° rr 'J i,: *.'*' H,,,r 0,, »- 00-me-Jo-. C.l-.-uc Extracw. nair Invliroratcrr. F»p..'# Uo&«s, ,tc • Mm, A. Ac StL jjdvAiXt'ri, $20,000 tllng, ic*f AtiU OIL roM irii’. TtiKOnBESTOCE 3F A Oa Tuesday & S'-’cducaduv, dept, (kb and.Tt. l * Atßat»»r» , An c Moaßc°a9.l | . .Porianti isiock. yor’ IJ*»rConiHr % Wmhir^icn aCN!£{t. * wa. A-Brrrjsss dies., nn^.-eSii. Hucuoaaua. *$3aCKi!NV} HOUi-E, —£Vr srJ-c jit JL public aucUor, oa Sntnrd.y, r«p«. 10Uv,;Z*.a* Atßo p in ,ihs* svjt«t= •r.;n i oF-c\sniliiP*h AfC . r .*. r .,l ru, ?» .tetk city uf C»feA*w Term r.“* a»A LKA A N’. t R FFIx S, ii.or£. reccnUr utcaptaj by tJre.;rtcn A Co-, :o;:v'h-r w. .»*&' nxtnr-s, •.woar .tfPtntif. UDFjrirft'i t< rv* driest. ,e.c. a lot rr flrannd A nm salt arx 9abi*~tr»v Hrun.-orr-n --!»*s!. F*>rrM-<r •run.. •'V.tcV'ir- M &sp]»,toL>. n I'CTTCH* .* tO- • br.Jl pSTB-Bw4tbp Aoc^cii'.trs. T ARG3S' r TftADK — SALS OF JLJ BTA?L2 PRY STOP**. A^.ArUTION. On WRI FESOA* P./: c> i; T>uv t«r» Auction Rooms la P*ixlbcd sor=ir c ,» ant War **». snl3bX49llt V. tf._A.Bp?*T£l,SAiCa,A>»ci , rji. g0 mSttA&xWRESIDES CG Lots in the "West Divislm . A3P- ACGVWW; OnTlim>3r>Ay,CFO’- w. nts.p. ot Ihaprem's?*. »6 »hill s' l II to too bbthfrifc htrtJ- r. x«v<m> t ilcasralilv Ba’b lauLo**.aFl. ci>Jso * *• d lf*«otVi» ftlTvfe'rJi Kr«f». barren Morpar. Wtifc.V. it BratrtV *dt nition. '*oe oahtb c»»t>eiSil inar-abncc intbw.vw cakt payrrenta, vira k p«i rfl.-tiamryir y S-FB , V.y^ , *« e w.vr.A^Barf«s3Ac.u- MU e -pVifl.lOt • _ Anct!r,ao'-?t. \A tica?;al ;i.« & j3ei,rbv-ro^l. L-VUt!S. SAI.E 0? hlegaki hsw i-usxmruß Auction, On TTItSPAY, Aac: 3'th, ft o’clocti VC wi'l sell u oar £ce bfitortCi-Mit of 3?*ich Obrunt'Ci* In rcsevtcod, ci], weinot **cUd w**h marble*tepn. lire nailor n’.t' >o hal*-, nr..* rra*a itpy. oaa extaaMO'* dto'Csj units, u.erhle*tb» TotrrcrbncS. ceKittMSx KZ‘l vha-i;- ber cati*icwt cboiff, ppr>32*fifr«x a»t 9i»jf vaar cb lrs »oliO bifstop tables, bat trees. wLaiooie ilrtsitns hnrean.;. VilstMfli. wophetauils, *oij9. cane scat roctera •no ana cbairs . A I.Bo— Pine Fpartlu mint cf housthoid fot--* r _ bILEERF c*>AKf*3C*S. an<i*jßis4t Aueticneon. jQJIiBKRT Ss eAMFSOS. General Avodencfre 41. v* *IS a*. TFiADii BQ CltATfc» at AonruiN*.. Ce WEDNESDAY, Sept ?tt. at *»H? o’clock, we win B“U ato*r ajheroenjs, aa. tS ueMiiorn rrae;, vi'bcnc tM-r?*, Uuj cra4cs nf tne hesc .ic»»;v of ware Orocfcerj.jr, otea juuto its «/*:« rbi »•. i~rui>cntl* t,u#»oithe nes:>v **?*rßyia, snots alt nf Hdv»r-.e »ud fumviU’a. br« «p.:« •*!!! Q A OF XT At,. jut at apc. 11 Ob. On FRIDAY, B*pc. 2d, at fH o’clock at ?S wops. 41.4Ca0d 48beaibo*i> street. there will be told in cat's ofiroxahio toltC-0 f 4 o: in ict'e. The* are oil in rood order and woithv the atte-tlonof • clLMma rg;:, QII.BERT & SAMPSON, TRADE SALE OF 200 Crates assorted Glassware lOOilne Silver-I*lnted Castors* lOjOOOCigors, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, Sept. Tta, at la o'c’oc’r, at oar Salsnocms. <4, 43 and 48 Dearborn st;set. an 27 pBO4-tt: GILBEitT & SAMPSON. Aacfrs. A UCTION SALE OF VESSEL JTv £ K £ CARO (V—win be sold at Public Auctloa, w^xf' a?*® I weosbsdaV bhAT. Aig. FlfcT-, the (Chooser «« and her SfJS»a°J#^rv* CBB ? oi i F8 they nn» lit at the mcath offhlcas o fcwbcr. Terms; CASH. am I'pctVi'ds T OST- It, tno vicinity of the Pott nv<l/i.® c { ,, £i a B ,' tnr d’iv’.wttß five or »lx n,R;1, ;8 round Buctsttn Pu:»e,rather»inaU f 1 ®® wori >.wl!h B'neictsftps and contain. Forty Dollar!. AUnerol reward w n be paid for its return to this office. suiS-pMS i\ LOST- Cautici*. A Certificate of Droofcil Imu’d by ibe Merchant*’ Savlan.Lom ,nrai *Z* ,Q fo? r of ccvarl oc T A Iltirtliert Dollar*,and No; 4300. n?o’rti«il. T »V 0 ’ ,5W * oew n * nr ® WUDft d *>o* to ani»t>9C9St BDWABD VAUGHAN. ■ ost 1 1 , large JJetjfuundlana 4 »“'■• *sot on fli tiwat t. A ilbarai £. e W4 SS ?S> >, J d , t0 WHO »U icsnrn mm K 71 Lake Etrcat, (up atalrs.v tn.B pSS* a ' H. r.Q3EN3LATT. Estragcu. QTRAYED- Or Etcles, a laraa 16 or 11 bluerM £ 6.-AliberalreSirtirtnblnaJi io °M&K-? t gillrct ° r “ blm 10 a ’ te«Srr? ffisßanteb==ffiomsponjfen«. \/\ ANTED— ComspondenoQ by four of Uncle Sam's youne vats, with as o n , J• a 1 68 as desire to correspond. *•* 2 **convenient. and receive wne lu TObA dp i^ i L'T-.1-vi RASM B* O. EL MORS, &J U B i MONI > 8 i Co. L, 2nd Mich. V«t, C»Th tu NMhTHic, Teua, sus-^i; OF THE 50 Cent*. A’l AI3JTIO.V,. 1 3Loet. TSTaNTED - Gonboat men. srd • f alao men for U.S. navr wruice far oau yenr to wtoes will be paid tbehigbejt cash ooaity, ws«iti encemiu or^aba'-Bat**.A|RftL*Siafi :?&taty at tbs Rerroitme Offlca of WfiL MUBP2T ft JO , ojrpar of Bsnaolpband Laialis streets, under M-nooolfma Dloclr. aatdpSMSt \j{T -A N TED —To iiiioroi toe patri- T T ctte''Jsurr%ofC , ?l2tt7o t S'oi{-cltjlaoU that thsT can now procure tnetr Bepre«#&ts>tive decrslta av Tfce meet ie»*cn*6!e : tTtnj by addrcca tf.ll ft Co. Lock Bex real Offlce fiOOtt. Cclcag , ill. p B.—rlease *lvfl mil name ace aadreis. and all wsEt'nr cor services will tecelvo aromst attention, auje-po 2-Tt W. M. ft C . “X/U ANTED— 100 mea for th 3 gun* T ' beat “rvlcc. for one, two and three years, lor which tholcJlowlaemicrawiu bo paid. TUt Onujt*irui6n,»3lOcs»htahftn'J* • 55C‘ for laojeara; aid S'.SP/crUJCo ycaia. Apply atihc corner of Band alnh alle streets, Chicago. In tbt baec&en:. Wii.iltJKPH V « CO. f. s.-«> e cafy competition. gq«3-p3ia-7t \\[ ANTED -100 Men for the gun- T * boatiervice. forona.twosnd three yean, for wblcb the loilnwinar price* will be paid, viz; Qacyear men. t3tr c«»h ts band; |SCO for two yean, and tfso fertbre* years. Apply at tbe corner 01 iianiolob and i>a*alio itreeti. Chicago. IU.. la the basement. WM. HtJBPHY A CO. j?. S.—Wc.deij oospeUUoa, »»ap2S3?t JBaaiiten-—Substitutes, \V aivTKO. ai ■ b«*ri?c»fcfc a-0 nlVe ÜbUia* « *P° ,T \^V- c \ bo* 1 ' W 'ED Merchant iatid otters f V will be supplied With ,k , fi- poe»hi» ra e-. *'o »||| ** ,h « I -»'*’- fer toth* n I s arat.t tirrcbaota IdMuci’y. ka ?*-£' xb-o? tiQ>i6nttoaljU«n*ttio£b«. <>tr otn »-«<'■. *«r I **'. t . *CO. W a ?j-><e . • MUtsto '»b&m tbc'Llgh-at _<ii mlf. 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ANTED.— $100 Ci h in hand *CIZ^ AI %&WS.r- J a r:cmi-tr» taMcllicr. aadtjr Mjhcat c*ih bounty -will eijsva hernia. lietsemb»r - wbi' wo oay. <8 do •hronl» reliable office. So mushroom .concern. Lic-na*a brcuhontyof th* cry « ktitet. aaint fiNLKr * co. ANTB-B' Tcwng Hitn Amen* CB , B “* iCi “* ? tbeT nations,) to wire th*lr cooniiy for cno sear to the n*vj , you will r*r ei»c* aUun'Yof M3O c*>b ( (cot usiu&«i|(utD but«s «i r . e £ ra ,?V «•»<* ? >l} ftOerpxearroidtae dr-ut apply 81 «siabll,h«a Ueirwu s rtet,:ooo»3. [3ng»-ltj; FlrimrA COT \TTAN'iKD-- Snbatifiutwj and re ,^v\ emits wanted arur famuoc. The w»hr«t cwhbooTity pgjdtfi hend. i'anharv ebous o* ten mK-nu Bur*itJto«M aart r*enat« farnjshrd at aU Ot-** J*o. 69 Otate atn»ai. R iff- Box SMI. u. w. sokhV'T S'o , Cbleafo. a U. aorto.Jilr* TS^aKTED—Who ■wanta a Sab c*:i at BOtf. JI&M 4 Rf* it Office, R-ok t£t» Otrre*C 31oci, roracr oJjsauoolph aai State sictu, np-itatrs. *td ie*re yco. oroirs. aui7p3JSit ANTED Fifty (SO) itum fo? 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ESwi. 1 •' BotUl * Cl «* itfeai, or aa.aeis “.O. mux 100 U. toa i2\i ' spdScya’o so Jn the ravy lor oar-, t*o or thief itsiV wvfae nxmocb or <*»a«r r^rtWHir.ora«v ei*rn«*;i7ivjvwe •t onirfo cft-tloc la its naval * rvlc-. to Cs»» : »d<1 d T* o t'. o: r,/ e «a‘ iBK r).'e»bere, WlU,s.«frfr ,ur Ilia*., «;rtct t:>22»»f.;rt t 9K.D -To B>y to >ht Uxa; y *.*. t-» *> sIB other Rthtes who hav-attnli**: • > n. to rarer.-irem aabQtltutra.ibst we itir ope.ati'.D' to if»** county of Cooic aainiy. »ni luvecct on-- (loan: Intend o raril’Q -orm’B ti n t S r ,C 1; ? < lJ 0 of **y Oiita bus ii*n>-ix. *. •JhE&IA.M, 4y « »ai3psc«c WAN ViD—To icfo.m th~ r- jUin that vr>»,r% prepared to arol.h ot*ne I-* • K rrl«;a foryblrh they ran no»* bo n-r. rnKi‘. Lvas i.’Jtn two *eek» intervrue no btn tJia oiiit. P-I.IW *n; <JAf.ecfCn3 - r r<u<o ax* ar.tfuvea. WILL2O2? <b iIiRK£\M. 48 •vbiC2 K c. : aa23-;l»|.2fc ■•WANTVi). Thu peneirt i.^hie . . To * oboaTrt recollrct that on’y u-z Htn* iLtervcm' octwoen to-day and the coaioje r eru«n« of th? drrrt, and they xhrnir imtceila-elr haa-« ti U ti? emil or nobsittntM. whu« •anstlmtea eao : be & MEfiRIAil.-lS SA?.AKTsiD —Tisfet th'se (mbjsot " “ to diftftsliocw aad?ntfaJ that tas c"«»hc«S V avo : cf o«ln* torced ““J **J 0 pty.wn-LSO- & 3l*Kß[\:.l. 4ft>,lar!r s*;e«t- T*o Jiaart-td aod Ktft? l>>* lawa £*“ •oftmtTiitimarfe . he7 drJ d'»i;.a‘Vw ««».ontU._ _■ • aa29.p;#.-j*vt \\rA?'TKD- Sjbsii'Uted for cfiv ,■ f-noj *irt ta*7,Jor ocr, t»o nr torn* venra. *j»ltb«Uglin: rerun* oild.»t tb« Oirtut t Aactcj of WILLSON & M£i{<U«.'4S Clt;k :tier.L auil p3U-Si WANrsi> - AN'T @l> Substitute? fo? on.® . \ * OIJ ?hI B p.eMrrerl. bni>ft«tnce<-♦ •».- son tb« R vo-or r 0 iot Aii-i* i»e(er. *.m Oasre liU-iae ' wr.c‘»ir‘n!r:»-o»i'7, •*/<* wn bt»!ir<t f.<,Cb;S Obtain thecis/. TVILI*3O.N 4 MKttFilkH. 1 */!/ A!N' l l']i > - Ten Hiei toeuter .* » U M.K&VTforth.e* jeara, •* »•* n-» pnjLflr*a to oaj lusher er-emm* i"eftMuoiJmtbe cu*. p. ». AR*hii.oU «■ *-*>. 3.’M I'lwfeaw.'t- -oum 6. (ap-*ujtj>.»Ks«r at>vr to t«s * rofCH* uatthalri Ottwe. an:.i-js*sas V,V AiVTSiS—To L,lorra :ha public .V rt o , \ i * r - 4Xa Plowed o laiEfs’j Hougifcr--n>r tli'ji/. S. Sav» am mu««r to*ra jc tra el«y c?'UB trim c* 'wo w thr*» year* bave tvta rrtrufv ’c-rDj fct«» ■’ceiwtao ormclpai mnrrstfMo. X «rm» to tbr ettv wfo Put- : n.-oi* o!tii*r >bo *|vi M» fc ri,rMe*nb*titn<«>», Knd hair tbOAsriu -hC?-ln Ch,c crtditod 50 «b* rr:i.cipnt wb«reb«! m«o4 t.> Cst'fsrr.)*. w|»i cJlca amssacdj; | _* ■ for ’he (err.? nunof *n ic-*Ro. t *;»?*• mrgurbea oio*r fnbstif.ofa< lcm »ay o-to r p-.rtv ii* iHiMis" >—for tuu rc*>- .a; ii j %«.-n «u iibDiihnm*3j 1 jjropo-.'e to« ObO.ilip-y i<vie;wft«t l jvewe .rom ten prire ct'. It r*iic r.a. a.;u-cr. cite r.uiUs x,- whor I bars :urr.;#R-a noo«Dt»Qio sol VKmca,.-r(lwii!s!;o st»t.ty *s t-jta-'nitiitijnsHA Jr J. A. COLjy, 55 S..c«tr OI»r* • - sii<»frjoaa • \\T •-Mt’n liable to *. dr-ift • w Ip Cl’frsco or fte Stall* ot minon, v>. o t to CHtTn»itccn>-*ui the Jnwtn «2*ir«r Ica\ *.ltj rvu Mi f*iro»;bwl wlui * r«prej-ii*» .ivw or. im«*Utate.u»a coxo to xno »art! *ni» icwth irnjo »tthi uwca; po3ill>t<s yi'c*. i mvitmt I cw’porw to fnilit itexenwi tii« pVy J.A. CPLit-r. US striker. acl3-p&*j6*3; —Who visits- Subsri t ? tuSiaforcce, two entree vear-t icr o. fteivijA*? I i?»a furalslx coodasea m ro». lever man »•*» ctliFf n«rtv. mdi *3<J ?en me, m; «a? pros ft» to d.-vI wir do.ana wlllraibr tor®, pirvea, to whostlQXVstnrcesh. Oitucjaid aoae'Jraoi-N tr**a. J. A.'Vtmv Santa ta»?k*t:«a;. WAiJjiS.D - Ssbatitui'-an i I wiil lay to ncisrtshlfl Bawr.'tn««. Us h*i»ii*a; pnee, a.?;* rt-iwa. o.f er you osve. caavriie-S the t.,i ovi*:, and ?e* uw aud S e t ;h« Lr:co.»aiir iy r-.i-i by nay nuriy tc Cn;.: »to. Ii you . avc w?wao whhtp co M:«nbv.itise* in-.? »;»•,? S- wiTb-ilnjerauy r** *a J. A. COLO 11 55 UhM j| sweat. ta33 ns.>c*2t ' T'VTA'i’TEU—iTen to? the JS^vv, ?-v* toa*:rvßcn?, twoaud thrsa vcatb. Ma»6ue jihrT.s ei oi9fU-*trf?d «ho, shv6 serve t .J* tail wot u (ii'-cfiars*; to bqc>» I »i'l s-*y th» t*2b*« T rrev. v-yi *it3e «ajJiUdran? t • ai? '*4 ™o TTT'AJsTTEI) Satstitntes to goii * ■ *»3V ■ atuh r>! Lbfl eb/vtos la tbs rwr-hy 4ad ntvy.jrf.-mr. (ivotr thtee vt-rs, j? wnooi rheiiMx* art I't.ichun wiu lm paid .Pv»u* l ame o ura.t, kfta vLo.aiib »o procu-a *nh9W , u*e', «itt**r <o iiall 1 1 haao m the nt •-kV 117 Ciarw: street. P st Ojiea ScxlOUO. ■ an?d*pwd»t TTrANTED —To inform die jiubiio . xi'"' 5< prepared iz fnra’o'i Samnt ite ler the TT. tk ItA-a! ?exvio«?, and mairter jg tl'p city, fer ir« «i*na cf on<-. t*?o tr three ye*r* bar* ti iji credUtd to »ay B»atn where the ancctnel K%y reem*. Persia m ins city who have friend* l,a -o' «t*rtUb ' t n to prouare auhstuntsa,wui ;v.i» .arentwto to cidtatll? Ho.Cl*rff st. nrd rat tßiltar p»r*u-oi<»r«, or adlrees P. O- B,rr. mao. Uo.ajJSKj ni&cS 'VV r TKD -- jGO Sabetitutes for * *. r S~ e ‘ t«rn and thrift; eats, aliens or veteran'*. pTeplSve-.* af «»f, and perfectly aousd, to serve In ihe .army wr ITavy. I will pay the hl;iea; ea»h fcoim'y evi r i city, at 07 ffßeblaeton si Pobl uhlccJPraxer aaH-pMMt ANTKD— citnzem of 7 T the State cf nimols can ho;LWia»iD-jor»vm*nt of |y"K). r have £r-*ts on b-nu -*t all UcatP. at 97 TVaahlnztonnreet. ?. D.bcv - ahKpftti-8: ANTED—Be emits tor IT. „ J f Onoboat tervice. A few as ore yanoe man waav zS:* Grf . Ht inducement! efftrea. Ljcal boenttea now K l7oo * Parties bflatna« naiecjaiM wilt he lloerally rewardeo. Can at the S?J?. a °t basal] a stfeea. In the has* \/\J A.NTJDD 50 GoDboUraen im c®lLat **e cornsrof Hnudolah !s?asa ,p,, "“' m twbM - __ . _ . - t WTJ. MU •’PUT A CO. ._ c ?'” B ° ! 3 est the highest bounty paid la tlncny, tacMnhttga. * sni3p9A7t W ANTED- Drafted men of ths eit 7of Chicago aadßrate cl Illinois to know ttatthay can c-» rornfahea rsnmentstms »s the most terms and the shortiut notice, hyoadiea* line Box 5063.C? oppinn* as tea comer of Kincoiptj »xa LaiaUe ;treats. in the bre-ramt. *n?B-pKS 7t UURf FIX £ CO. WASTED Sabstuatea ancl rap- MicatallTcs at the corner of Randolph and insane rnteta. la tbs .Dsser.ant. call and Wt blehfnt ca?h bounty that Is nowcald in th«c!U. au2fi.pMJ.7t • W. MURgHY A CO. W ANTED Subattintea. Dear , y ' Sirs, after yon havw cunvassflO the city ct tUcsso.we vemidhke for ran to gtre u» tio call, ana it will t:ta be tor joa to say if wo cannot five ihs Urcrst bounty to QutetiVite* *?d Ren**- sentativea catcilagtca D S.iemie, tor aay period from one to trree years. Choicaof sarvlce a-drcxl. mert given. Gucboat men uvea for oae, two an* three years • If you wf« h hocora tie d?»Unc. «t» m . a callat the comer of Saadciph ora Lssalie gtre«t. la tae b»Fr.aent. W«. MUiti'EY * COT anM-pfos-7t ; 9Kcal 3Bstatc-=(ffitj). T7OK StJXE—F.iut claaj houie »id ~ c , lo f Good andloi f,**. 1 i^ h lz ir Tll * e * bob«m on .e«»«d l.oaaa wUi nnioJ^.v' p «* rtr o > W-#a:.gto -r, eat of PJlot .m siSr-i. /t-r.ce, ~ r r ?;*iJ or* ?4 o - aooie %ntl two 10-» a *-• •• 1* Bt—:* ,*e *1.700 to** o. ESofh°«V r “* Pai * J. ?.sr tfs’t.iQ* tUMOf!i.*t. aa*Up&W-U I* J-® Sii.E—a. two ctoiy frame *Venk’l J f*nfi.'t?M »tre*c. »»«• ■Jwo ctw n*n.i h ..?. 41,,9 ‘* atir «»- H so oeftoot. c-»r ri*i*D PvT'* lor* on P»tx oyeoos, n*i* uSu^ toc,< "* ndIn *on Wirrtnmast. 11: 11007 »• «<* -ot, oaW JUrd plan F<-K S iso feet u ohton^ark thebvcddb" f lie\c^ r air t f*co oe tiZ? •**» »o«8 pawav t • hut«CO ,bscu«suet6. K Clark Krseet Pro- Pfipfh P rj ! ri fO «rt* 9 a o *. 1 « l,ot oa •oo’bMMt ewaerof fn&inhf'rttltSg*;' * r-tft*«iih airebt, l?o Let ca Sfo h 9raarb n.*s p*it j»n lee? froi t. n «h« nvfr •• rt w® *-t ie* D 4CT T A y% %na ' b J,-' - * Bon*?* 0-4 Loss, Bal’dlnr* lets, 1 jmreaad IJU'-Oip * himli. naming*, . , _ mMITfcL A 3\.JBaNT ft* tp ** nt * UttropoUUa tr.ock. ST* 3r ' RAVB- Th’eeSt-'restr-West Lateard I?«4sdclrh itreetf,near tinrlre*.that are e»<ti*c fl<tt and »eo wr cant. on »b« pnota Airr A;m? Nrve.we’Horate-i ToMonCaral. 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Alsr.lot r»xl?; t-> »" aUny. Mtrmed on w«n ».**, **•»« TTr ’ ° Park. w,l De a n!d lov for c^ 7 JJ # a #t *»AMP3°a,Bo° i a3ilotr;pt>m»a Slock. *I7OR Two aton-i front dweHir**ott Wabaab »reone,DMr Ore itnre frost sad tvobrl*tc d«el tnncn Mic'ii* ff»n »vr»no, cent) of Eighteenth rtrso* wo aca park dweilioKß r.n tre Kona Sid*. tn n'eoni ncleb* pornoot). end t e wrs" fl e oniijtr <7-it aide. ft iiS-pSo ft 3 * 13 & AYEE3 ’ 88 onr^incMti. XJ’OR SALE • Beal Eati-te Ly Beo. . ▼» Bjrd, 101 Oea'bon corcsr Wasn lots cn«tchu*aa>rtoaa, a **:MiiJUonacd Moarce street pprpntf, vn di9*mbn?. ipo feet Cr-T.s on nark VXlm 5 53 “Jcb b»u, Tvaft*«h acd iadUtuv ay* ?P r *vf or rrait?Br Tta. W> at side prop-r>y fsronfc in* cr .J n ,I C *. 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SIX ON. ao2*p3io-lw FDR fcATiE—Ti>e Boiloi^g lease cf ground north we»t corner ot.tfadnoq and Jeflprarn so. Thera are two awes and Koa v overhead, A good place tot a Oroc'fr jnouj and Fro cr Llqao:s. Apply to L. Smith & Finns.X 109 soat-u tVatentt. ao1«-p537-3w .t 1 dfßlraMestoßobaU’.flJntlcg *nn nt Q.n.. v.*i| f or four, situated at CUmorvtliefea the Fox ww. cnthe Chieatoand Salma naiua raflfcsd. Tner-la rßoeder"tfrpMtf « cw ' lor 3 «lv. ApniT tS wu. PASTOR on the premise#. ©cncral Notices. IQILITABY AGADEfIT, FULTON, ILL. Thtenccu’ar IniUtaU«n (the only ynitary School in the weetern Stares.) Is now ors&nizfd si a Pcbho Inatltutloc, snd trill open Us Fall Session Seplsm* ter Wh, IW, . , . Pirente oi jenny men sad lads over U years of sitn, wb» (taslre to secure pieces In th 4 Cedar Corps, will do w«ll t) apoly early. Fcr rdrcnlsra sad oar. titular icfcmaocn. address the Fresldtnt, Col. D. 9. COVERT. i tint nee is made to Gov. Fates, President of the Bond or Trustees; Geo. Oglesby, Decatur; G-o. W. Cobb, Mineral Pome, Wls.; Lieut. Got. Hoffman, Cbieuo; A.U Orbtaou.Ft Wayns.lad.:HOO.B.B. Wsehbume. Gal«ua, or any other or thv *2Tust3e«. or to tcc parrres cenerally. au23 njv»-ut lihp loathing. TJOARDING. —Beard watted for XX a gentleman, wile, and dauehter 8K yean old. private tamllr ezefrrred Refereocea exchanged If if des lied. Address M 0,”P.0. Drawer 3830. . an2a pBQ-8t TSOARDING.—An unlarnished XI (met room, wl’b elotbes prees. on second floor. tOletwlibboardllnaprlyateiamUy toagentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, it m South ciin ua street' CUcsge. au3»pß3»n *££tam?o. W -Clerif.BoC/, •ltn»»ico* s*?n?» I’cytrrs. Btrlevpsn Ac. *«eSas SJ-1 »''r»M l i?-a {t u 9 AaTortUjn»A«3C/, Nc V 5. s»rtr»i ulto*- aoJ'-{>~-n " ““HfUC*# tc fl r »t rta*a ’ omM. W A riNLrr * co, actire “»». ?.iT^^is i -r^rttsSi'vs Appllfetv l'^ 7 IMU ”* >*•»«. 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Ppan * GO.. hn!a A.7LW ror tia Daltdd ji&sm, p O. u,' wtz 0131. Chicago, 111. *a~u3t y^~ -A TED - Headquar nicat ooooio* «aM*rlrv» tJonv*ir>*ev*r pacinti-H: alio M*ar PhndZ or , T , I ,ncoln ' CrasraTja 'UWasjand N’aml Horaai, 1« *t *ol * i aireet. Call Ja-iporaoo, or ietut MMPp for etrcnlars, to E. P.TaZA't.TnblJ-ai*? WaciC3o?e Agent. Chicago. Ll« au29-^s3l-4t Agtnxs to fell tho Improved New Choice? Fa«tx.t-- Prwnr» yacsiET. Price Sis Myaeeota»zßile«r* *• 9 P® r Pe.-joaa will ostrara fea H ol th ? N -E. ? liadxtce. wnTs.e i.7ini F.ople and subazeat* wuba entire,, rH* •'•# worthless. 70CCof ooriaa. ,»7u^ e ,' 1Q la two J**rs In MlcSlCftn, ail ,£' 7ef .l m wairdQt»-l ilrn > * cb .*J lave Tu»eartt C vk -»rft H*s So. V l ' , s Street, ( p. <). Cra'Ht'F .TS<N «iul A c „ f r«»oon«bihtV aS CO^'sl^iifnA I** 1 ** AdrliS “ Uleb, U. R. KVA"S* anil pSiMsa ANTED - to o*li Pfet-u t I%.CfTyfto Me * nU *nd P.n Bnj«.r. ; J2,,15“. vet Giiarni *>» ulj psb’ie aad »ra l “ e , tr ' <le pe4a:«*g a; p:c«ii ih*l ?JH«* ,0 ?2T 0 . ai live 'Qidrua p)*r i<n:.prcat. Gmnp.« A»<v<«l ir atthe* * -Pow or *fcl*j pa*c*L JS iSS“«i»;s9TAN-TOJT.tamurat atr * e *’ Clac.anaii, Ohte. AlV'* El>— Empioyi; c-nr. $75 a *»Hi. ASOII wißMd to-sell St win* U*. a coaim-iioo oa au DdChtoaa soW-or ft.o of air*c*d who will wo fS, fcr tha anov« ■rrv?r.v?S r£ «»«. Address D. tf. diS EIMiCffl * CO., XtbiJult. Mich. 1 WAKTED.—Agents ,c to “ '7 oS,,erml ttTemioß at tha larx - ✓ sa2J-pHS« -'■ Co ° Asente wanted .1 P««rtlr<l»lbu ?ncll.(er LIE- Bxsf- r ‘ W AWTED-liffew; --fattig- *. \V —Apenfir- CJ°^<o.Ji; U p* S&Sa- WANTED *lO6 p-e? Moith Ac * ' »tra a»rf B-1I.M& A cants to tha Armr »-.» ¥?ff y y , y, T “ *>W# Oianat mcr atl*al* BorcT4.)l<! 9B(i 8P Jliic O* 4fl&l7t>i T 2^?* arfi^wgr^Y 0 ; P ?^sTiLCL O ' TIV <*oo<j Asvixa m J*.o ev “- ry o&nu^la the Jo «!? 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This 1* a »sre chance to secure* valuable pis'**- Fcr Da-tloaUrs sod tAiuisapo.r t* F w. BFt.Dfp*, oa the premises, o; to c r a. pw, DSN. 170 Lafca it.. Chicago. > pai-le p'OR SALS I offer for sale much A . below its actual value, between tPO and 8f lacrea of heavy p»a«timcerec land, la VanUtee. IBub, ta cio*« « itrUte. Call at SC Sou: h Water street, j. a, »gAQ- 4aß j^Tit 1 3To itenf. TO BENT— Two front/coma with board. plea*AßHy located on Wahoah aTenue. oael>’or*beio»Tweiithstr<et Addresaiiox‘l3-14. an3-pti£&:t ■ 'T’O BENT—A large and neatly X furnished frost room {without beard? to ertwostniMt rentiemen. Ttefere&cti ffivca and re quired. Irqmre at 175 Adams i3B<*t t 9jutb SMe. B. f. MACSBr. TO REi-T.- Houie to rent aa4 Furniture {cr ovrt) o£ foroltnre isle. Tho hnnselvloravd within five maetaswellcof *hv Posh • Oihce or Court Home, ud t?UI accomuodiui.toa or utees bear decs IT de«ire<V Address foat OfHcu Box 30U6. a023-rog ; .-3t 'T'O BENT—Saloon of tha Weat- X CrcMo. Wisconsin. A pwtmt iDStitniJcn. M. H. 3AST£X fu^s- P be&st HTO RENT * Tho StCOw d ihi:d X itor<ea In tba vresurly of Cobb’a nuv Bloch, comer of Vlchisan avenae tz*tl La'ss vtrset. wilt ho ready tor o»cup\ncySept Kt h. Apply to H.A8.8. WHMffHMOKii A CO*37Loko-ssJ * auw c«99 6t WANTED —100 Men lor the gna. bo«t larvlce, fr.rocs two and three ve&rt, to*» which iv* follow i*g pi less wnl be p*ld. viz: oeayean men. VU cash Inh'Uft; tor two years, am l ab Icr \tie» years. Apply as the corner of HmdoloH and Lmslls streets, Chicago. 111, in the hssetaeaL, wm. Musrny a col p U~We»letyccmpemioa. au23-j«obJt WANTED—IOO Men foi the gun- V V post f errlee, for one. two and three y»aj».fop wbteb tbe to' lowing ptlcr s will be pud. viz: ona year men i£o cash in baud; 1500 for two years, sad Ab for thr*e yearo. Apply at tbe.earner oi Raudolna and LaioUe i&eets, Chicago, 111. m the baj-meat. WM. A CO p.s,—Wc defy competing au»pWli

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