Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 30 Ağustos 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 30 Ağustos 1864 Page 2
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Ctyicaga: tribune. TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, IBOL IT.. Btfntf- ora. Oclcbj*. Ap . |»olnUnentJU w Gcc Oclcfcby will ppcair es follows; Woodstock Bockiord. Pm non.. Qilau .Sept. 6. polo ..Sepi.C. Dtiou. ....Sop l T. Stailcc..., gepj-®* Otieebnrr, Knox county .l-ncsdsy. fr Leu* 1 won, Fclioc county, .. Wedu«r«i®JV »cpc . Uieomb. KcD*'Honvb county... - Quincy. Adams It PUwfioW, Pike coauTy lilt Osrroltoo. Ore*n count-...... ' sSI 30 Edwtrdevnie. M-dlf«n emety v W- «{• BeUvUle, »UChur r08ui»...-- ; - 6 *“ ™ * Otn and Vim. Broaa, candi date for Litnl'o-at Governor, Vill speak, with Gtn. Ogl sby at Woodstock, and Mr. Brass will aluo «pe»k scn - Oglesby at Dlx<m ( Sterling and Morrison. Bis other appointments will will be ao noutced in due time. All Union papers tflcase copy. ' Mass meetings will be held at each of tbc . alcove places. ** The Lombard* will be present to sing. B. Car.’, appointment*. PmiHirl. - ’••'iSM; Diton Hint's! Blorilnß -Xi IX ». Horrlssoo • oept. v Gciu. D At Prentiss* Appdctnsau. B-orHnp H'T'-. MonfcM-n Sopt 9. Gei cral Oglesby .will speak at each ol the above meetings. Ail„ Union papers please copy. ; HON. K!HOIbBd COLFAX’S AP- PtflNTafivTN. nymoiith, Indiana Tuesday, SOlh—lp.m. Mtdaiynllc VVfcOne*d»y, hut— \ p. m. loniixalaer Thursday. Isl—l p. m. Emu - Sriday,Sd—lp.m. Montlcdlo.... - Saturday. 3a—l p. M. KcCLELUak’n WK-.T POIAT ÜBATtnn. Up Saj» «h« Odlj .Jt.rpartre I, lb. suppression <u (he llrDstUoa,or sue Dvsuucuuu cf (be Vann* Since lest Friday, one bunired public btr ranguen have bven mude by Copperhead fpouterstv crowd* in this dty. Ths burdea 0! tbi-n: all has been aavage denunciation of the P/tvWcnl and of the war, and' furious demanc6 icr a ceesarion cf hostilities. At the same.time many of the speakers wera loud in tbclr praises of McClellan ua u Presi dential candidate. VTe conimer;d to them and Ull Ir btarera the perusal of tbe folio w irgvOstmct from McCbllan’s West Point orallcc ; we tbmk, ntfer reading It, they ogghi to 4 dry up* 1 in U*clr onpoßl'ioa to. .the war nno abu«B ol Lincoln, who I| eioi ply doing whaUficCieilan eo strongly recoin meeds: »*To ar cure corf elves from the fate of dod B* pctl <» of Italy and South America, to pre-: servo our government from dusirocrioo, to enforce its just power aufl laws, to maintain ovr fwi< ex idmytu a action—tbi-st were thecaness which in palled tifi to,draw ; ihe sword. Bebolilon against. a covirttfaest like ours, winch contains the means of seit-adjcttniLSi ei>d a pacific remedy for evils, should never beconfounded M«lirevolutionenalnet despotic power, wnlcti refuses redress of wronce. fiuchanlyJ.ion cauttol 1-e jmtided npou ethical pronndu; enrf the ohlg-cltcmrt'm* for our elate are Ut SUPPBESStOK Olt THE DESTRUCTION OF OUB KA HONALITY. At ruch a Umc as tuts and iu »ncb & fupo iilcal I* merged ineirvt ar.U-trxve pctrioteia, which thl&ke of the gpod-of the wbulc country. It w&s tt tbls cause, and with there motives, that f o many oi our comrades have given their liras: cni to thuvterecJ perssmaiy pigged in all honor end f.d& fy. fcbd? such devotion as thitofovr died eon:redu Ik </■m evailt Shs.t it be eud iu niter cfeto thalwe lucked tht vigor TO COMPLETE THE Wolilf THUS liLiIDN; that, alter all the-e soblc lives, freely civet), ice hftitaied smd fails J to Jxep efrcipJJ on unWouriczd vat saved f" IdcCivllaii her** declares that wc are flgtt-. secure oxtrsclvnaagnlntt tha faieot the n'ircmblt linlian ac-d 6‘»ntU Americac Re pnbUcfi, ana that the 1 ' only alti-raitive for “ our dicicc Is the of the rcbcl “ lion or the destructlor. of our calionalitj/' W’c erc noi objecting to those eoaUmenU. On the,contrary, any or. supporter of tt>e Adminlktratiou c*ii endorse , every wor*t contained iu tho extract. Bat we do emphatically, pro'est agains*. thc,un measured ana malignant denunciation of I‘retldctl Llhcoln un tbe part of SJcCisUan'a enpporfetf, f.r his tndmvdrs to do €tc*ctly whut McClellan so warmly recommends. Their incoLfcietcicy and stultification are most shocking. They u net either drop Mc- C'lCUaa. or stop Uteir howling agoioat the Friaicent and the pro«f cation of the war for the eupptct'sioi’ of the rebellion. bFt*F.L TIRSI6 OB' PEkCB. Wc commend “tn &U whom it may con pem!’ cn article from the Richmond I>l*jyateh of the 22d tm-t. on the sobject of an armis tice, te prc]iOiim>ry is peace between tee sec- lions. Tl>b leudi g ergau r-f the Cocfede- rates deci-ice incx no armistice or cessation ofhoeUlltlee'cait be made unless tbe Federate ngree'to the blockade and withdraw their Woupa wm «li tbe acceded States, and that nc peace is possible that dors not guar antee the übsolotc IndCfiLfidtace aud com* plctr Integrity tu ail tKurebel States. If tuc Prceiocd eba.ll bP»-d Ct lomlislojiers to Je£s pHVJs to coder about peace the Ktchmoad orgi.uaDnoucc»s that *Hbe otJy answer it Is “P'o»slbie..?or the rebels lo give !«■; Wnb* “craiv* tour fleets-atd armies, treat us on. ‘ the Iss-is of indtpendente ana integrity of «* bou^ocrles”—which UvUicb the liuc of ili eon end lUxon. Tho lexers of tnc Copper head Vert} will hare u e wed ticcepereuadiog the people lo ontrust t cm with power for the purports of such's peace witutbe rebdr, aud that is the Job they hare set oat lo accom. Hmc TsLbss9lGdA.n A IKaUTril! VwilotaiUbaai would hate us believe he is aiuaitirol X’rt-sicVnual dtsputlrm. What me the lac l *? Our couaixy was at war, Ohio viue wiUi ii vatioa, ana was in vsiitfl. aiio thereby S/ade the immediate seat ol vsr It r-us tuc bUbinets ot tbe President tbir< foie 10 Ohio into a znilttary du ptrtmei tiu order to jostiiy military opera tiotiß there, be did so. 21 military orcer woe i&frutd by tbe commander of tbatdepart ujCLt fureidditje speedits Cilcaluted to die* contugt cimt-ie-cnie audiiid the enemy. The stmt thing hue been cone throughout the fioulhi-ni S'atis by both Federal and rebcj aulbomit'B as fai-t as tbiy have’became tbe scatot war, or were deemed likely to bs come so. All mldfary law Siccuona it. The tiimplu qattiliuu U, was Com* jnstitied ia bulicvinj that Ohio might become the stat of trir / MrrgsiiV irtssioeprovesihatthe Prcsideat’s juogmct.t vfiit tIlLi, If it woe Uhcly to be Jx-iiic the Sttl of war ll was the of the Pr'Sidcit to trcct U liilo a nd.iuiry df-parl- Ditm, to bssiun to it a military command ant, Itwoul*i be thu outy’of such com mandacl iou. sl;e sneb orders «s were duemsd by him iKces-ary to military Burn* eifie oecL-cd orrer No SB, forbidding hostile BiictcLts, a pioper orcer, and m<»dc it. A violation of it na< * mUitary olTeoho and could oily be txisd ui.d pauibhed by einUlUiy vlcltd by such a of taviag violated it, and was sentenced to imprisonment in Fort fTaiveu during tbe war. Mr, Lincoln, in the exercise of lib executive pardoning power: 6 Comm*4nder-tu*ChlcJ, mitigated the "sentence by offering btoi the privilege of go. Irg beyond the on pain ot subjecting him lo the sentence of the military coarc should he return. Hr. Lincoln up to that time, Lad psriurmed bst two acts—tbe crea tion of Ohio with utber Stales, into a mill* li;iy department, under tbe command of Burnsioe, end tuc eomuiutiliun of VaUan dlgbam's st&tcnce. docs not sec that VulUnabhun has been the object of the Frisidint’a porooulog clfiacncy, inetoad of the victim of deepatum? Tmlaud-gham returns from his caHc by tbe tacit consent of Mr. Lincoln, Mill further Illustrating either the weakness or rtu, miidiicte uf the Presi dent, bat cerlaiolf »ny thing else than bis Ijrumy. Valltiuuigbam a martyr! He is • not worthy to I: its the emtenee of the real martyrs of our day. MOW THR ncCtbLLaNlTfiS C9N- Btca x«is In a leiigiby article on ibe polmcal sltna tlou, the N, Y. JJercd cajs: “ITie utiack upon Sumter roused the people of the loyal Suite* «t> one msi on the aide or u-e Uu> io»>. the Crat rreult o» which w£» ibemriouof ail parties m aupport o( the new aommlctrarlun. There wa**, at ah events, no as-tiva par; tv iu UiS field in the cJ*ctiObS of tbc io>nl tita eso. lb ßul in 1662 there was a great reaction. Such vrtre the blunders *Jionn»mln«* nod dc|J«»ra bie laituiea aud cirtt*ers<jf the aduiUuetniUoQ in thccoixiucto. the wur tkut jear Uiat the Ocmo. cracj, opus a p’aiforui of a uju'v vlgornoa prosed tlou oi u»e wur, carried- and by marked aod deci* elve mtjoiiue*, all the eteat Ocutral from the Huerou to the 3d.ts i *tj* i !i>pl river. Bos hduded by Unlr i»m Apei-u-fl oi ISC2. the J)»mo* cja'Jc l«Hidir* ic iSCC tooc the par y off their war pteUt no to ibe hold nad fUicid&l pnury ol peace at ■apyjwicu. Wh«t w» re the reisolt* f fuey are fur* jjjebi d tii tb<- tl< c’iui.a t' rouglioui the loial Slates ot IbCS. The people, abmiioucd by the Demo cratic pariy. return so ihu Adoml-trstloa, as the last rason, *oi a vtjoTOu* un>-iT.triiva ol the war ’ auO as tbc kUotU-s- way io ” * Tbisio a tolerably fair statement.of tbc cttfc; Imt <be Jlt’cld omits to mention an • Important fact. Toe blunders aod abort condign, and deplorable faUnrca, and diaaa ten of the adianlattatlpn la the conduct of the tear in 1652, was eolcly bse.use tb- war «#a conducted ncctrdlng to the-idcaa and' Tbe pSej of tbe “Dct»ctacy.” 'lFor tbo accurisp a fna'on ot parttc. andthe ennpori of tbe “Democnla. Mr. Uoooln I,cl utter run the macldoc preUy much He Placed tbo • “f under the control of cousemtlrc Generals. Gen. McClellan commaedid all tbc nmj of The Potomac, Badl cd the troops In tie army of tie Oslo, and GetL Halleck in tie army of the Mississippi. They managed tie war on the meet approved coDfcrvaUve, “ democratic” and slave ry saTiDg principle The rebels were hurt aa little as possible, and the “divine Institu tion” wta sacredly guarded. If a nigeer got loose, ie •»»■. seised with an “iron hand,” u.d forthwith returned to bis rebel coaster. During this memorable' campaign, our Government employed a million of soldiers Wbat was ’tbc result of the great experiment oi col dueling the war on “Democratic*' Coiscrvatlve principles? The Herald dc cl-rts thatrit was “ a campaign of blunders, short aomrogs and deplorable failures and disasters.** And the chief actorin thatahock ing campaign was Gen. George B. McClellan, whom the Chicago Convention are going to nominate as their candidate tor President, and whose sole political stock. Intralc con sists oi the 44 blunders** he committed, the “disaster®** be inflicted on our caaaa»-»nd the 4 *thoitcomings** of which be was guilty. He Is thought to bean available candidate, and <4 lhtir only hope,** almply because he playcl into the band, of the rebels, and brought min, disaster and disgrace on the Federal caute. Ii any Copperhead can name- any other claims he bason their gratitude aid support, we w&pt him to trot them out *fle will be entitled to apatant on them as the first discoverer. .August SI. .dept. 2. .Sciil S. GEN. BSIKTZLEBAN’I OBDEB, A ruEolutloii baa been offered lo the Cute v go Convention inetructlng tbo Committee on Resolutions to inquire iutD and report upon General Helntzlcmon’s orderot the27th inbiant * lorblddiog dorlog the next sixty da\a any tiansportlog or dealing in fire anna, except by permits from tbo military authori ties therein named, within the limits of bis cepartmcnt.'Whlch include Ohio, Indians, DUnuis and Michigan. Perhaps the commit tee bad better slro Inquire on what authori ty every dty government In the bad as . somts to n guUtc tho mode and channel* tbroucb which dangerous weapons, guu pouder and arms should bo cold presrried about the person. Ever; municipal govern ment does it guUte thrse matter* by a system of permits, or by prdiibUlog them alto gelhcr, without otco intaglmag that such rvghlptloos come Intu ccnfiict with tnc pro vbion of the Constitution sccunncrto all men tEo right to “keep and bear arms ** But the acta of cur State and municipal g<Tcn.D»cttfi, regulating these matters, it ia convict with the Constitution of ttio United States, aiy not only just as void as if made by a military ci>mm&&otmtj hriTfar more osh Tlously eo, for Gtu. Huiiiizlcmir, as a mill tßjy commandant, derives hla powers from the mlMt-rr law and not from the clvU. Bat Gen. Bcinlzlcn*ttn , s order does doc interfere with. ordepnvotny ciiizeu-of thcO.'nstitj tiennl right to keep and bear arms. but only regulates tbc most in waich that right shall Peer joyed, viz: through permits comitg trom the military authorities, as already in cities it is now ci-jnycd, only in modes rcau .luted by the nmnlmp&l authorities. He for bids no man u> keep or bear arms. We all }. now that the military reaaob fer his order is that insurrectioo-uy **r. in the ■Western States have given overwhelming tvi'encc that they are dellberiUly anniig for riotous and rebellious purposes. Kune other than such will be interfered with. The oruer obliges Bepublicios, cb well 66 Dcnocraie, t;> "obey its provisions. Any man whether Democrat or Republican, who wants arms fora Uwiul purpose can easily satisfy the military, au thorities of-tbe fact. The order will, be a grlu-yax.eeonly totkosc who 'Tact them for unlawful porpofaie. If tbc Chicago Copper, head CcuvtntlQD ceclde that the order is a gritvancc upon “CcAiocrcts” especially, it whl bo equivalent to a dcclirAilun that toey alone want urate for unlawful purposes; in short that they ere preparing to fight with the government and With their loyal fellow* citizens. Arms were stopped ia the sane way at tbc commencement of the wax, on the way to the Southern rebels, but sot aulll too n:£Ly baa been sent.. Fernando Wood as Mayor of KewTork considered the act an abolition violation of the coattirationab rights of the rtbels ol Georgia, and tried to prevent jt But we all know that the arms thus lurahhed to the South have been.lurned on our flag and have murdered onr sons and brothers. It la to prevent btd and dUloyal men from opening at the north the same system of violence and bloodshed which they four yc&rs ago inaugurated at the South; ar-d Gen. IleiDizlemvti and the more Intelligent members of Ue Chicago Conven tion kno«? that it is not only lawful under the cou K tiiuUon, hut justified under the dr, cnmftancfcfi. BAtilBU HAVB TAG BIASTtSU HHaN 5214 DOG. Two to tbe •* Democratic” Peise Convention met last evening at oue of the jjoule—cue Ironi Ne-» York, a McClellan man—the other iromlowa, an out am oat pcacc-npon ttiy*ttrms mao. Xne New Yorker was urging use nomination or bis favorite GenenO, who ie great on stationary p .icsr, when he vriß interrupted by the lowa pease wing mua, who sxciaitned, **l would rather take the master than bis flog—for HcCltUac list been the dee of Lincoln in tbis »ar, a<.d LaeozJy done Ms bld«iirg.** Tb- New Yorker v*s rather ctorn tbe master and dog illustration of a candidate, and sloped'tor comfort to other quarters. K«tt!urn Peace Clamor at tbefloatlu Toe N. Y. Jumld points out the mischief to the Union cau&e done by the disunion party. Itsajs; “ Great shouts of the peace parly go South— ife pane* dbelore tbe Southern ondari used to make th*t p.op'e believe there u a great perty at ffcc P*onb ctemorims lor peace. • The Yankees hsvebad cuouib of It,’ say tbe Southern leaders ; *tbe< want to tnve op; a little more will CMtbVm: etlck to ns, boysand tba* tbe South ie me* maced to comu.Be that but for meb 'eoeourc£cxDPrris woom bare Fireu up as hopeltFS a year ago.”, Thei7e*a 7 <t never utf-red a truer remark. It is the iufem&l lory clamor for a disunion pcßce that has given the reot-ls hope of ulti* n.ate succefs, nrd caused them to hold out fo temoJonely. Bat for this Northern aid and contort—^this treacherous firc iu-tliO rcar,tl e rebels would have giv«u up the con ittt in despair long aco. Toe blood ol every solditr spilled since li-st fall, stains their g-jimerile, and rests on their trailty souls. Treason In tbe Blood* Kobert Gilitoie. u? miner of Mujor Harry Gilmore, vbo figured in the late r id la Ma rjlend, .as « pbjelei.n or,the Bute of Near York -wben tbe revolouonary mu- broke oat.. Mid being o Toiy, wee made aarjeon in tbe British nevy. Alter tbe war, being compel led by gome miedem* nbor lo leiave England, be settled in M/ryland, where be lived as a pedlar. From bint is also o.scended John A. Gilmore, of Georgia, now a Confederate tenator. On tne other, band, a brother of this Robert tbe Tory joined tbe Continental army and lougbt for American Independence, and Irom him ore descended Governor Gil more, if New Hampshire? General Q A. Glnnoie, of Ohio; Hon. Jos. Gilmore, of Providence, and J. E. Gilmore, better known as “Edmnnd Ktake.” Does treason not “run in the Wood t" ' This corresponds •witb.wbat wo published tbe other cay ahoqt the Copperncada ol Berks cotmtyrPennsjlvanla, who were de scended from Tories, and voted sgainst al lowing soldiers in the Held to exercise the elective fraiiCLlav. ' Tbe BtfiiiS)lvabift JElflclton* Tte ofilcial i ttuius of tbo election In Peon ejivauift, on tbe ameudmenta to tbo consti* tuti&fi, areas follows: 3. pi iu.iulrg soldiers to vote—wbolc Hum l>ci of votie, SOD.SIL Id favor, 199,959; op* jiobe<’, 105,£52 —nmjorlty, 94.007. 2. Prc-bibiriiig two tu'-jeds In ono enact tufenl of legislature— wbole.nnmber, 250,57 L In lator, 210,402; opposed, 73,169 —majority, a£Ti,2B!X FroLlbiting ILc legislature to interfere jcdicltl coLltovers-ics—wuole cumber, 253,- 750, In favor. 207,837; oppos&d, 75,913 — tt-rjority, 181,924. Giac. Gkant on Slavery.— Senator Wil fon’ft qnotnUou of Gun. Gruiit’e views of sUvcrj having Jpg Is tbc precise words used by Gen. iir«nt in a It.ltpr to lion- E. B, Wusli* burr-e, Oattd An?. IS, ISC3; The people of the Nor»b need not qa'irrel over ti»f lntlUnUi*n ofs>aver>. WUatVlce rrctimrt Sicv«ni- r as the cor per bloue uf the coufuduiwcy Is alreai? Kpcckec out. Siavvrv la at*exdy dead, and cannot he rtsum-ctrd. It wunld Ittke a slanditg aru<j to i. bhituln tlav-rr in tho South, if we v*n- to xn&ke peace to-day |tP».r«uu-clDCto the South all tbu>r former C(>t<Btit.utiot ul prlvtl'rgi.s. 1 never was an ulKditiMrifet, col cvixi wbut «>cuid be called hiiti-slaverv, but-1 txv io }cUgcf«lrij aod it became paltul to m? mind carl? in nbtJUon that* the North aod conld never live hi rf-ace wub each other cxctpl us clc i atjou, and that without tiov« rr. As lam to ecu peace cs tubiifrhtd, 1 wmilo put, therefore, be-uilliog to *ec any settluptnt.nniil this question is Jorcvti stltiefl. py Herbei t, the member of Congress wbo sbt»l ft weUcr at Willard's B>-lei, tor un piss ing tbc tcasl qalcVly cnongb, has died in Uioj rtbtl service from a «ooi»d’ received la the battle of H«nsficW- Ho whs a Colonel. The corrcai old.u; -fa nMI paper writes: _ •« it is sod to rt’figct that this nrars officer "‘might have rrccivMi tb#iblow which closed from seme vile -creature nol fit to live. Knob us. (umqiose the majority of the # jg* The Atlanta papers say that mwy ot the shells thrown into the city have texts of scripture fastened to them. DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. First iDay of the Session. PEEUHDABT GIIHEBIYGB IB TfIE STBEEtS—TUB SUEsBlt HOCSE BALCOST-PEACE IIEI OJ THE EIOPAfiK. Xbe CcDvenllcfl—The imphiheafer—fempo niy 0/sa»lzaiisn —Bigler as Chairmen —Appointment of 4«2imtctees —Kes- ointinu—‘Letters from Ab&cat Brethren. THE RICHMOND HOUSE IN THE AfJERNOON. . Tbo first day Of tbs Ns*loaat Dauocratlc Co n Tcutiou Is passed, the dcltgates hvvlor met la the Amobilhester,st noon And directed the prellnil. übtj organization usually considered mwcMeaty prelude to the trsmactlen of recvlar business. Amavans. The arrivals bribe morning trains of the differ ent railroads have readied very nearly ten thousand. These acceeslons to our population were sot the brains of the party, however.-•-they bare been In Chicago mostly since Friday,—bat the working voters, those who - are relied npon to ‘pat the thing through." Hon* they are enter* alned none can imagine.' The hotels' are filled to f'epledon ; not a bod or a meal caa ba-bafrforlove f or money. Tbc Sherman and Ivemont Houses have closed thdr, redstom altogether. Democrats/ and peace strata in the country had better cotae on, howr-vti; they wfd never have aou'ber oppor s.t> to ecu us many Copperhead* toguiuer. the t-’oon House square ;ino the eidevaitts wtllmue excel'(me sleeping places, and there aru thousands of restaurant® and whisky saiuose, ready to supply solids ana liquids. MOKNKG GATHERING.* TLrco boors the of the 1 Convention, the delegates proper >tud the outside numbers cornu tuveiher to trvui oi’iaodUcrman Bouse, and Indulged iu loud calls tur'distlhgulsh cd apeahtj>. In that cmwd Ucdcilad stuck was deckcdJy below uar. Kve.y sUusiun to disunion peace ana peace mm was received >vith siumta and dims, lhe number In the streetn that lialemd attenuvely to theeu peace most have numbcrealuhy five tlnuesae. The first speaker •*as Bon. C. X. Y&llaiidlghaxn, tbo hero peace martyr. nmfamrs or tjlu-asdighax. Mr. said It was too 'early In tho day toadciesssii juduneo upon the great topics ot the Cour lie tfl!UAX<*d tbeui for thsir stud s> m* 1 palby, and the evidence teat they ftniy appreciated ihu mi)Hitim<co of me present crisis, r.nd said ibvircaUßd was the wlnnlo^cause and snj,vestud that ihiy would bet secure the object they ull oud In view uy nialuismliu; a quiet and orderly de meanor. • 'Fcmfßdo Wood was then loudly called for; aad, a her a blue celay, came ‘.-o’ lug upon *ho bolcuuy. TLc QppcuiDQCit 01 this dletinguianttU diaiuplon of tbc Peace Bemocraci, was thu nevasiou of m t>v«- tk>u at the bcuila of rue multitude such gs no. man has 3et received in Chicago. . n {.masks of rnmrAKDO. wood. ; Mr. Wood was called out, but declined tospeik at length un that occasion. It was evidently not the time Icrloug speeches. Hevcuold no: avoid, however, »X]-res»U.g his delight and gratification at the iXiibuamno everywhere appareitinbom him. It wat t-lcasizig to nn to fioo this epout tncooa up* rising oi u e mae«-es, ana sc wand rejoice every Democratic betrt iu the cotiotry. It snowed that tLo peopfe lolly appreciated the importance of the cxlrfe. Alut the t/ourentiou shall hare placed be fore the America!- people thc-mvme ot (be svaudiid bo rer ot tutor party, and snail have iMtsea their cedars lieu ef the principles which would obtain iuiLecomiLgcanvaeSi then it will bathe duty ot' lUe matse^-i«i s?eto it that tha man and these principle* fcbecld be trtcmuhautly supported at tee polls iu November. lA voice, **m'k uooat Prate”! Mj friends, it Is peace*, indeed, peace, peace, )-eace, that ia uppermost iu the minds ot tucpeoiil?. In t'e words ofute lamented Dong les: '’\\trie ciMUtivn.' Scrcly there had been enough of b'uod sued. Peace was the only hope 01 the tcufltrv—ibe .art hope ot and cerphed liberty. Let ua demand of the Can vrusoe, above eTery»blng else, tha'. they give ua pthcc. Le(*ns insia'. that they shall respond to lliKt cktutod, and not Intermit our -cCo.-t} auul w» b&ve.bitinghtiLeni to a triumphant ioa£udioa. iChet-ra. 1 Aitit *ousr and reheated c«U? for Seymour, Val- Isncfgham. 1 Ifih Dyadcre. Bia Allen. Dan Voor beer. Charity Ilcevcs and Jell. Davis, John J. Van Al.en n^pto-Ccd. UEUABKa Ql” VAS ATXEH. . Jlc'wasaitoßiebtdat called out, but was ‘ reacv.tutxurfSß’hisopinioue in the most Icioo;- luiiicilfie m the country. They badmettonom- Inste am&n to redeem tne coun-ry from Uio bauds of tbt oppressor and hum abolitionism. 1 c:re icr McClellan or for beymuur, bat I wont a mau nominated who can bo voted for by the wbule people of the country—a consistent follow -trot jttiercOD, Madsen and Joesson; a man who wall ncognizo ana odend buie rights. *Ap* planer. 1 I let! that the very life of tuis nution de pends on the scuon of this Convention kmUt,— ihevtrv last hope of a down-trodden people. lC;ltg of-thai’a so, tbut> bu.’M Toey wants man v.ho has a record to pn>v« that he took Democracy In ibe taturul way—alile-long Democrat, who did no wait to be luucmaied >y the atrocious outrages ccmmi-tcd by ibe tmnt at Waxblcgtou ( beers) ptoileve (bat tho scetimeuts of the people a.'sem bifcd iu nuifcacrnviutlon in Chicago. io-day,ana of. a )Bite iLaJonty oi those who wait brcitbless at bczuc to bear the ret.ait, area desire and expecUh Uon tha* tee tJiaU nominate no cum for Vie J*reii~ aatryuftOAafererwomeJiouJUerslrape. (Vocifer ous ebetrv, long conpnuea.) VVe want no man whose bands are n d with the blood of bta fellow country mtx—who baa gone ’onb to anbmratc and annihilate the people of-eovcrcign Sli'e*. (Pro longed screeches.) This war has been wared rrem its very inception outsldj: cl tho Constitution, and no mau can be con ebtcr.tlj supponed by-Dewomati who has over approved o» it urpir<i('ifatvd iQ it, tCh»er# snd lond sw« repeated Cites cf so J’* * ; Wo.uin' CititiinuS, liiQi u peace dud. tCnecra —** So irewef’J ihatebetsu prara man from tho be gtiiltf, and Lava dune nothing to be.p toe war • ihtt 1 ct.u'd avoid, for I believed that It woa-d re mit in an abortive attempt, and that an effort to feubjuVate mvinicn Stuiee -would only bring ce tinitl on to tbc people, collapse to our flnsaces, and etna desolation svd death through all oar bemes. line not that neeu the result f i Cries ot linowiieti McjJJlelUn peraouatly and well I know him to be a tutu of honor, Gcoclemeu. but be has been enraged .in a bad basinet* which v 111 cling to hit skirts to all eternity. I knew 1 tpcxk bcloly ai d plainly In tula matter, bniikescitiii.eut comte ir-u on honest heirt, wLcd 2 say Jbi< iu my pro'onod and de:lh=f&us iuotn.tot, McCi<»an is'tce mac that can Duarrca'eo tho of the ■ ritaie of Mary land. He baa unettoo attomiea for lurittm? upon the writ of a<i) aecorj*u~ the great chantru f oiirrirbtaand liberties. Tne moment th»t Uto. B. MtCitlJan re piaceo upon the tracr. If be is. every Aboiitl >n paper >n the land wiU duv hie kltci to trte Preuneut urging emancipa tion—one -of the ~ b:n ktte stains that at- t*cbe» to any man. (Cries o‘ “ThuiV fcol’j Air; they »U1 pnui tbai other cider of Ms lorueaircst of theDsmocr*ticMar>liinrt Legisla ture [uttut upn&raao applaoee,] m »»b:ch a bitot Lit it pcr-cuui hifllon le written. And then the UdL-ccmttc party will ttund etullldud before tie ct>ueirt. [A(>]Jam-f.} *c shall then be support ire a mta who ra»> dan d to raise Ms baim <wnic*t ax&aoiotmi by juiy—a violation oi that crticie <«i li e CobMiuticn wnicn pruv.dra~ihat no mail shall be deptivea ut life or uterty without oue placet)* el taw (Cheers and inmolt* lie said ll McClellan wa» romnuted be fiouald support him, tot 1« bemao'e a speech two hour* loos U wouo take one hour to explain awayhii damuabe record. The speaker then armaaed Mr. Lincoln, and told bin aud.ei'ce ttat ibej won'd find themselves he cru Novtcibcr U» a j*oelUun where the; must tbe agoti/tr with nruiß In their hsai>«. (Cheers end loud cries ** tVViI do it I") When tou draft 4s resisted, a» I thick It wtil be. Lincoln will pat all ttiSre Stares ceder manlal law, acd when be tbns darts to strike'at'tho OuOFtitutlua oftbecoau<rr U will be Llub Have for us all to buck eon our ar* mot. The very louedtalob o* a l oar liberties lies la State MJTncknty. Shall we sabmu to he snn jccfitcdhjtle»tr»iiijy at tvasclbstonl* (“Nol htolneverl' 1 Never, uerer! As I can die but c&cc i sej willing tu ole tn this great cause. (CLterfe.) If you would yrvtcire jour liberties vou meet be ready *o die In tbo •asi dl».ch. (Cheers. h'tfiJowii fi the remarks ol Mr.Vao Allen tbo stand was taken by the co'onona Charley Eeevea,' oi Icdiana, ibe man who was to conspicauos for disloyal end treaponsblc utterances at the Con prerMocul Convention »ba» as<emhled in the litter part ol«<uiy at Valpjmlso, lodiaba, and that placed Inmcmlnatifiu Sou. David Turple to ran Scbu>Jtr Cul-’az for Coieress from tbe Ninth Con Dlsnict ol that State. Iloerus la *• small potatoes."-icd his tpeecu i. only important bo* ratit-c Ii liloMratcf bow near n cisn cad come to a Joel and secure applause from tbe crowd that Is now m CliictfO. RKMARKfI OF CTIARLKT RSCTZS. Mr. Reeves iaoalired in as ezo'ed display of bo ps* pamotisns nsilgningaDd imircprsßentiDg tne policy of tic u&itco Stales Government and a *vo eating a peace—vt any price—policy. Tbe speaker out-bcioot d Herod so mucb tbit his auditor? could sot tail lb ales film. But be was not to oo put cowx, and pu>lf ltd in bt-nrlog blmse'f speak. He war in itvor of a convention of States to negotiate ptvee prbpneltlcfis, and insisted upon an immedi ate anuistlce. RZHABKB or J. l£fiUO. 3. Lednr, of Milwaukee, urged tbe crowd to sup port tbe man Dominated by tae Oonrentioa. % Tne Badger State would, «itfioat adtSßcmlentroice. give their clotton* vote lor the nominee. They bad hid fcu&clcnt oi that elongated old specimen ol btmmniiy. Abraham Lincoln, to allow trilling differences of opinion to destroy their uoanimlty. Tbe Integrity ol tbe Norttswea-em State* and the pc-rpitmty of the Goverooient depended upon the action taken at the prffeut Convention. BtiusKS or, kO’xntsTKß, or inuluta. Mr. McAHtter, of Indiana, wa* in favor ol iriv* loi; the Bouth their rights and privileges under the constitution, slo was unwilling ttmt taelr dt»* xccsric Institution 61 slavery should be Interfered vritb. lie conCtZQunl tbo warm the moat muolil n&ud terms, nna upon bla bearers outside pressure In favor of a thoroughgoing peace candi gat*. for tbc office of iTtsideut. Mr. McAlister was followed by the revsreno, cinnd aid Jolty ttunb er. tiom lowa, who was fleet an Abolitionist, then a Conservative.Whig, then a Ccuh native liemocrsT, and iaei and latent, a dvtd-in-thv-wcol, ultra di»nulou man— Jitnry CJ»y Deco, orDirlJ Dean, as he Is very properly oc*ijrt*atvd. hmmkkb or nsxsr olat pkajt. Mr. Dean ttid mat he appeared in lire lolcrc!to r *>Mce. He teas there to apeak for humanity that dragged to the slaughter, and tor owosritnUonal that were iraioplol under fool. fle spoke Bd W and palieoUr eclfered ServinflJWJUy and violence that ice petty maJico cTS iLLoran t tyrant could inflict. It was for them H, S*icr whether this course and out xege should continue.- For himself, and ho coed ai*o eptak lor the people or iows, the li rae hid tome When their nshrs mvst he respected. Upon tsse%issi?xs i o (mibtT. Del Old Ahcouco understand.nai: ht. nnionstitolionßlaclßWill be resisted, a-the bcia «ItH israld. and he will nol dare to repeat rarm. Dolim fenow «hj be h*.- called for flee tb°M«idtteab'icUmi for this abolitionwar t l sld fell “on because joa bare euhmUieo tolua mevlona uunanefl. bead soar tnditfua t proteee- SLnn?oSf\VbHe Homo, and demand mat be trail jou a tree ballot, aodeatpebd tbia mfemons reneertß'ion, oolU after the people can pass upon Iho qnStlp?aa to wictlirr Iboj arc wlUimlto a ap ply larmer Tictmia lor ihn abolition ernaado, aod tnjwenj lor tt the demanl trill be roeoected Since the Cay when AhmUctua Issued bla e-licl nr tbo m order or the dearlab n«- lion a uiote glga^t lll *k« it? Lotbeti. rccorflid tbtn.«he recent edict of the lg* boraat baboon at WSebmetoa calllW for ball a million more of your sons and brothers, *°lf. Ixm*blatinn to the abolition God. He «vas wi ' ifevtie on ihfe War Democrat* and recommend cd to tint- as candidates General Gi?ut for “ tna. SennacbAb for Vice ■ >l«* llt.uxi men ia ten data. bo vat a lit as oclate h*r the BetfmUxerib who slew hi* 18j,UW) in a slu-le “’fn wndmlon. be Bald that thejtMJt lnslit opoa a candlffaie who stands squartiy upon the Tncn e shnuld ftveep the country as-with a whirl wind. Dcxuocr*** barn not before cnowo their fiirengta. Ton wens scattered all over the country, and knew nut the ibocßunca oi heart* that beatmunwou wi.h jcure. But aa yon now have an Idea of your • number* and aniriLl exp«ctyou to stand by each X«t this be yow motto, "Acl\oge*w,a»4 mid by our rights,“. Be offer* d th«i folu«iog leaolaiiuu, which was ncrivtowtlha thondertuayw: , That we, the 100.0 d freemen of the BUfteflppl Valley, nesembind at Chicago, do la elsi ihat tbe rights ulvcn to as by oar fathers, ebsll oover be mrrendered but with oor lives; ana ti.»t wo demand a rarpooslon ot the drsll aatli after the dectlou: aod give dau entire to Lincoln cod b<» minions lima ropetlaou of his infamous aetaolitnpen oar ngb-a wid be met with blood. GbOBGZ 7JU.>Cta TUAIH. George Francis Train, tee l Inccnpithennbie, wild, erratic Train—the iLan wbo tas been arrested is England. knocked oown in Boston,-threatened witbassaestnadun and 'otbiuarPy arrested In Missouri, the lutrodncvr or mullcoadtshiio Australia, horse railroads into tm-lano, st>d French carriages Into.America— ilia LiriiUilug Express rritu iio.u Nebrarks, the tnau 9uo proposer to “burst op’ the National Con vention, sno knock platforms Into a “cocked hit, 1 * tbe man who has “country 1 * cm the brain, the nbL whore presence tu Caleogo bu caoreJ the ntn-recepUou ot toe Nebr«k* decuatlun, toe «>nter «r buo£> and tbu maker of money, In snort, Geonre Fruncls Train was lund y callrd Tor, and ccusoLteo for a while to atnu»c the people. BCXAUSb 07 XB. ThAW. Mi. Train commenced his remarks by dropping* down htn abut from tbu balcony npun tbe beads of tbe copperbeads In (he street nj tbe aonouucement that England buit ibe Wigwam lu wbxb'tbe.. Convention tula morning assatmle. August betmont, “old ahcul oor about," was tbe agent of ttc BotbtCbilds, aid they wtwm tbe InierAtoftbe Bnt.sU Government. It bad been oetcrmiedtbßttneconventlou would hematotho preojudlce of tbe best Interests of tbe democracy and tbe. eitire etnitfflea p»n of tbe Inea popala lion. Ue was a delegate Irom tbe Territory of Ne braska, and with nine other democrats ned not beta accorded admlavlonto toe cooveutiou, which, be knew waspacked In the'lr.ierent of ibo British Government from 'oondatlon to turret. For boto rai minutes be contlunco lu this strain, touch to tuea.apottor'a pprtlonofblßbearew. »<• violenl wtre they in turlr objec'loDß to bis bar.mgue tbit be tboupUt prop* retlre- ADJotmxKiaT. Tho booming ot cannon upon tbe snore of Like Michigan en. ccrlcd to ihc auolcuce teat tbe boor fur tbe Beftmoimg ot the Convention baddirrlre*?, ana -immediately after tbe C'.uciuslon ot Mr. Tnub*s remark* the crowa adjourned By coamoa cdhsenC Ibe. followinglnterestingf arrangementa will bo uremlto mow; The delegates are Jadmlttnd by tiekuta to. be Changed defy andseut by the Secretary of, the Rational (Jomnmtec to tue cbalrmiu of delega tiiiia for distribution to delegate*. Accommodatlona have been provided fur one bUDcrcdmtmbeis rl tbe pres?, and a committee appointed, otwmcb Mr. Qarrlogton, of Tuoliua, is tiiairmnu.-to ls?oe ficaeta Mr. Hamoeton, at No. 6 cbertnan Honse, issues cards of ad- Tbu entire‘tortborn gallery, capable of boUlog eight thousand ptreous, is thrown open lo uumis fc'.ou without cards. f ■> Oue-tbird tbe southern (seated) gallery—that porrounrsrcßt the Prcaldeut’a chair—la thrown oj»cn without tickets to Indies, and gentlemen ac companying tonu. Caros ot admission are required for tbe remain ing two-*bln* of the seated gallery. Tnea* cards arc distributed among tbe dclcgntos (pro rata) for tbe accommodation ol their blends. Tbe Convcniloa. Yesterday was -the culminating point of every copperhead disunion stump speech, delivered la the United States since the ureal defeat ot the ‘•■Democratic*’ party lonr years ago. Tno event (or which the ell* baa been crowned for several day* past* opened with a flourish of trumpet* Tbon.oricxicDslvo preparations bad bcenmado beforehand, ae the readers of the Thibunk bad been advised, and It is one to the committees to say that most of their arrangements were adml rfiolc—i-omo presented a etroug contras; to that description. Thu earlier preliminaries of attendance were settled at the bbermau bouse* where (be commit* tee on admlteums sat in elate, dispensing laelr tevursna they would. Two mads were engaged trom Soriuptfold, and oiacotireed sweet Southern ncntic f«>r the delectation ot tie audience. About ten o’clock the fsithtal to assemble round itu ul'ar upon which they were prepared to lumioimo all ftetng, principle and patriotism. T pe street cars commenced to carry brobdlgoagiaa leads each minute towards the goal of their nmol* Hem, ami the ttrtcls were crowdeu with pedestri ana, The crowd ai tbo doors increased constantly, tilt H was oveiwM'hmug. Snch a lsr«e withering bid not tetn anticipated eti the opening day* pi iLcpifllmlnarj pr.icccdingS are not generally of remarkable interest Sill the crowd Increased hi mammoth proportions, and atl 1 (ho doom opeued rot; sici pf.tLe little grumbling was beard at the delay. Still good temper prevailed ucusrahy. with ti-e eiPplc cic-pUou of a smalt m Bcoususoaa cu* gegcßient reßulting from the iramMa'iou by too t-utpjdous tars of the woid rabble into rebels. The atlfgites were of every conceivable appear ance. yom-g and oifl—g**ofl, baa and stilted. iiere rtofid 3 tad N*.hra*ki:iD, wuose bead repreecnted a held of wheat lu a whirlwind sod \thoaeeeniiuuuta were consider Ably tainted wl b pro slumy, dlMiulon views, white yonder was a iinlo s nv.l»el-hvaovd, Ted-’ New Eug.asder, Whoso “What the people want,my dear sir, l« pei-ce, peact t-ol ptrei nfl* d by theßboH.'dcMCrspa ol one ot Lincoln’s minions,” wa* continually im pressed upon tno mind* uf all ne irers. Tasso lac ttr f-tmedto be the sentiments of >lie great uu- Wathid. who, though they cheered fur ito tleJlao. clutnd loOuurat this sight of the *• Ihmirlous’* Yallaidlgbkm. The lacJks, and Indeed most respectable people, remained at the sooth md ol the building, being seemingly only ■ Imixlled by leellngH 01. curiosity. About eleven o'cluct, the d<»ora for the masses who wtreacmttud without tickets, were opened,- the Mcp r«**nii<DC in a fcarial mb. Uany prori ontlv passive looking individuals, becoming sgl- Utcd at wiintstiog rrowdn entering the building, while they could net reach tbo entrance, swarmed over the r alle like rats, lauding, or rather “rain ing” Into the interior In neaps. As a natural re salt of this koitcmlou, the fragile timbers com menced to criakmoßt ominously. sod ere the doors had been opened half an boor, about thirty feet of the“*tatiou>e” platform lelim with a loud crash, showing the instability of Democratic foundations generally, and burying about sixty people In th«“ rums. IXappUy. no one was more seriously injured than slightly hrulqed. Tan only fracture oar re* jiomr notietd, was that ot tho tenement of a , tot of a just man made pcrfcct,bu evident ly ol great value to the material possessor, « hose to* fcl countenance bespoke great mcutal anguish. Toward noon the delegates commenced to dock Id. They were received by ($o assembled epecta- : hearty cheating, ana ypcti wfty anflYn Tati—vitii oiie.tSceiihoii—was vveiemit- ™i-h p general hunt di good »14. 'That small exception was Hon. John Wentworth, patriotic reply to tbe ittteonab e it/vlnuatlon* of tbo expatriated Vahsndighani, nllima*cd from him the hearts of many who bad hitherto sworn or “Long John,” believing him to be capable of running with toe Ultra Copt/Oihead machine. The utmost eutbQei atm prevailed nhro Yallindiutum entered, aud was tbo recipient of a regular ovaclio. Tbe view loaioc wa* a grand one—«vd comforta ble. pay sically. The delegations bad ample sitting nx m, each State by it»olf, **» hp lerage ways wide cc(>nph t<> admit ot easy communication* with the Chair. Outpido there w«p a rather heavy pressure, and tbo railings which defended >btt uoconsecreied cues tromihcanoitfed, were lu immluout dsugor of breakage, Cut they hu.d Arm, and the proper distinction was fonu'.atcly.preserved. THE CALL TO OhPEit. The Convention wss cvfed to order at five min- - ult? part noon hy Aucnst Belmont, of New York, wfo a# lolio^e; CiLileiEfcr of th-'Convention; Wo arenrsem b'ed hut- to-duy, ibe Democrats of the country, on tbc tall ol icoDtmocmlc Central Commlvtee, for 'faepurpofe of cnn.icailiig a President ot the United .States.- . Tills lark !• at ad times a most difficult and arduous one. Never since the iuucdttion of our government bis such an aegemblage been canveiOJ, The men tmuendnom-ly vital couseqncnct* are Itvilvedln the prevent contest, ou Uie result of which depends not only the rights of millions of Atruncan dtizeiip.butalso the very existence of jibrrtj throughout the word, fo the *p»ce of fonrytoreaeeaional, fanatical and corrupt, party b'i biougbt tor once prosperous cooatiy to tho very verge ot ruin Ths pin audpn. a «o(ttare saih> cim’. warning of the dlstrsctiuu cousequcncps which meet be'sll us il the election of Mr. Lincoln he made possible by oar want of patriotism and i.nbj. The fm-ntsble results ot such a caiamity most Lome destruction cf odr whole socialsys cm, and the great structure of civil and religion* liber ty be Jeopardized lor generations to come. Buttflb Au.encsn people at e at last awakening to a convic tion thut a change ol policy can alone stay our ' downward course. Tney vfilradylo the support, of our nominee and p atform, to the support or the patriot who has- proved his devotion to the constitution and the. Union. We will plcdse to him every rffurt and sacrifice in cur power. Gentlemen itt us now, at the very outst-l of our procetoiecs, determine tbit tne dis tension* ot the last Democratic Co'jvtntiou was oneut the principal causes which give the rotas of government lutu tee hand* ofour opponents; and let us beware that we do not fad Into the came ciror. We must feel Uu’.iheiauseof oarcouu* try, at this tremendous crUls, demands that we should ‘more all oar feelings—nuy, even ail our ctmvlvuove, whvrcvenhey threaten the harmony (4 out proceeding*. We come here, not, as Wir Democrat-, nor hs-Peace Democrat*, hat as citi zens oi this pi eat republic, whore duly it Is to do ainuourponcrtoreetorooarcuun'ry to its for* mer posMoa of peace ond prosperity, with not one sr&r taken from Its hnllmit- constellation. Let us therefore begin and end our deliberations, aciucltd by pure' patriotism end tempered by moderation, and may tho Messing of the Aim ehty save the erase ot the Uiaoo azßPtbo CoosUtution ■and tbu laws from fanaticS'Q and disgrace. 1 move that t&e Convention appoint as temporary chairman, Hod. William Bigler, of Pennsylvania. T£HTO£Jt&T Cnai&XAX. Tbje motion prevailed, and Hr. Bigler toolrhis seat amid loud cheering. He fpute as follows : Gz3«ti.eban or tub Convention .mid Fellow- Citizens lom greatly honored by your selection _oii me present occation to preside over the tempo rary ceftl-crotions of this bocy, sad my acknowl edgement* for this high compliment, ns well as for the hind peeling I have received at the hand? of this vast aff-embly, will be— znatl/cntd In tbe faithful discharge of the dalles of the eltuMlon to which yon have called mo. 1c Is not expected, and perhaps would not be Jodi* ciuoe, in one. occupying the mere tempo rary preslcency of tbc Convention, to enter at Urge into the dhcneaion of anyone ol the somber o! the many interfacing topics suggested by the-un happy condition ol oor country. ‘An ahoalon to the occasion and tbe object of oor assembling here, is air that will be ceceaiary. Gentle* menNo similar body ever assembled tnAmerica for mightier purposes than these. (Cheers J None of such vast Imccrtancc to the American people, none like ihle, when the hearts of all arc tulea with Eohdtuacforthe relief of their country sad its salvation. •Cheers,] The termination ot De mocratic role In this country was the end of tbe peaceinl relations which bad- aiwavs existed be tween the ceveral States and their peoples. jAp piauie.] The elevation of a sectional party to toe sect ol authority at Washington, a consequence of loog Icdnlgtd cHmiuntionaand recriminations bo* tween extreme men in tbo North ana South, was followed promptly by dissolution and a»il war—a war Which in its progress is nucousticntioual be yond d. precedent oi war, whoso effects are felt everywhere; civil liberty has been imperilled, and car whole political fabric brought to the very verge os destruction. Ana now, gentlemen, at the end of three years of war unparalleled in moo era times for its znagni nde and atrocity, and tho deslrocion of human uio which ta,a marseO ns course, tor Its v«?t devastation—lor two millions of men have been - called into the field on our eldo alone— when tbe whose land has been literally dnncbtd with irateica! blood, our hopes for peace atd Dn;ou arc uo nearer being cotiauuduated The men in aothoriiy at 'Vcsainelon arc •utterly incapable cf mtenag iKiace, because of tntir long retained ’ends with tn« violent and un wise men «>t ibe South, and of their old fanaticism at-out tbc iiiEiliutioiiS of tome or the States, wuh which they have no counectimi, about wu*ca they bavenocanee lor action, aboat wuich they have no obligations orrcapoctfibUlUesftoTmar; tnzsr«m oers thtm mcaj able ol adopting means torreatorii'g lie Union. • (cheers.) I therefore. gentlemen, rsy that tho fijet ind-tpeasablo step vo- be taken for lha re-cut cl our country—oor whole country— item iis'present lamen:abl«: condition, la to over throw, fiy tbe u«eot tho ba'lot, thesdminl«tration now in authority at Washington, (Loud app'aaae.) jfnd place in its stead one which will govern with, z* «l. with wlidom, and at the same time temper ately and ic we spirit of humanity; olu which will use the power of the cot ciamtti tor tne Just protcc-iou of oil oar ri?htv»ud for the. yJsfease of the principles of the Constitution, one stall times honorable and just In Us dealings with every‘section of oor com* - ’ moo country (Trem endec- cheering I One, gen tfemen. which, instead of relying upon Its own pe culiar dogmas, and doctrines, and views, and the ravages of the eword alone, will agree to refer our national troubles to the foundation of nil political 'co'ton r y—*o the people themselves—to the States norer the provisions of tho Constitution;. An ad ministration which, come weal, come woe, will stand by the civil cod religious liberties' of the people; an administration which will recognize no condition precedent to lh« re-construction of the Buiop, but which will gladly and heartily re cognize that consummation as a return to perma nent pearc and renewed fraternity amongst the people. (Cheers.) \ Gentlemen, wo have been commissioned bribe people to come up here and Initiate the preUmloa i ry steps to tbe accomplishment of this good wor*, I to select the agents and the agencies - through which the country is to be saved and redeemed from Its prteams calamities. That that work .wfll b« well * “£® an miUteijur filth, . and , “** . *“® people mar auction, and th-l Qod may W«s SJS»ean* to that nloaeed end,t* toyi sincere Jpuer. Cxmtlemcn of the cuntenuoD. Jo wocwdlngj will he opened with prayer I>7 Boy. Br. Clarkaoa tottChlcn^o. Eev. R H. Chmch (Epi&copal), then offered the following ** Aimitbty and most merciful Goff, Kins and Lord ot Lords, who mlcat ia ita host* of Deaveo, and among iho 1» habitants dearth, we scppluuie Thy Divite blcs*tnc upon tms great people assembled here In To? presence this day. Eo merciful and pleaded Oh Lord, to prosper aaa clrcctali tbcircon-nPawons to the. ot 'I by glory, the gooff of Toy church, and the - a cit boi nratfl welfare of our oerored land.. FortUe, od Faiter-of mercies, tha gln> anil that bate brought updh cs the desolations Of »*l»u war. Endow Xur filers with wisdom from on Utah. n the nation’s crisis, and promote in ail odr hearts the spirit ot devotion tothepnoilcgood. re strain the wrath ol men; restrain the shedding of ‘Wcommcsd to tKy Almighty projection and loving care, our brothers who am this dsy perUiog their lives for ns. In ibe camp' and on the Held. Rave pity upon all suffering, wounds, £■* dtes. Deal, ohmerrjtQi .lather, the spirits of the beteavt And bn>kvn*h«« ed» and h-nteu toe time, oh Lord, when aoitj, once more prevail in our beloved - land; woen war seal cea-e irom all the eirth, and when rLjhloon'- ness, justice, and ijnanT.ebaiUrory whereat ound, and when-i i the nations-, ol too earth shall rejoice in Ibv solvation. All which we ash In the name, Jind lor the sake 01 Je*n- Cbnst, ohr vrhotu with Thro, oh Father, and Thee, oh uolv Ghost, be all honor, and ana glory, wer.o without end. Aiuon. aicscTAßika. E. O. remit, ofMetr YorV, «nj 31. M. Stronj. 0 Wiecoubln, were elected as Secretary* of lUo temporary crgaiilaatlgn. C&Ui 07 TUT. STATES, A delegate moved that eecb State delegation se feet one member of the Committee on Permanent Omanlza ton. s w . • . , T John A. ones, of New York, abgeMted.Ml tbu flr«t thing It, ctoer would ‘*o the. ca 1 01 toe otater, which was accordingly madri, ana toe Hal of delegatee wa» handed in oy the chairman or each cciecatluii, each being cheered as be ap prouchtd the SeCTCiary'a The applahaobe cimo perfectly uprtferlims when ibo mure traitor ou* 01 tbclr Lumtieraade tlieir apueamucc. The notcrious Wicallffe aud Carmichael; representing Ibe two wii»(ia cf the double Kentucky delegation, toot Ibe Cvnvtuti&n by et-inn. T. L. Free, of Ml*eoQrl;Betator Bodge, of lo~a; Oor. W• ° r CaliJonila: Stark. 61 Oregon: and W, SV. Hatuu, ot Coctwticot also canto .n for a Isrge ehare »oi bboutiuc. , OK O*fIANIiATIOK. ' W.P. McGrath, of Peuoeylvaalt, moved tbq, fippeintmest of & committee on permanent organi zation, composed of one from each Stato delega tion. • crrltd. . .. , . „ Ttldeu, of Now York, “from tho last demo cratic convention which conducted. Its deiibera* in pence and harmony," oflered the following: iteanfred. That a committee of one delegate {n.m (Qth State, tc he selected by the delegation ibtreror, tc appointed to report rtso utlons, and th>t nllierulutiunb in relation to a platform for tbs Democratic patty, bo referred to tbu earn commit tee wiibuuc debate. Carried. S. B C*>x offered Ibe follow log: littd c«r. That tbe cunmritteo on orgeoixatloa be Inetturtvd to report rojea for the eoverosacoof this cot vintloo, and tbst In tbu meantime tba tuiea of tho last convention bo the rules of this body. / Dr. Olds, of Ohio, moved tho appointment of a conmnute of one irom each State on cccdcuttala. Cartlfcd. Lawrence, ofPennsylvDnla. moved lliat when tbe Couventioo uiijoorn, it bu to ce-assemoio at lour o'clock tbu ssmt afuirnuoc. Ardelcvate pretexted warmly against, this. Do saw, “New we are organized we wnnt to go through wUbtbi* nomlnnUi,u lu harmony, sud»o home with *" ilttlo delay as poaaiblo. I suggest that ibegemleman withdraw hlsreso-utton reli live tobu scj Jurumcnt, and see If, uUeracollof tbe State?, we cannot proceed to buslnofl*.*’ « 0. H I enrileton, of OhU», moved in amendment that when tbe convention adjourns, it be till noon to day ■ ' Powell, of Kentucky,‘wanted to know what tho CoDvcnuon would do with tbe two from lia Stale. two acta of dulegatus wore inuiually agieedvo ask that onememberfrom each drVga:on ocappoluted on tbu Couimitteo oa Ku feOlmione, and <but Ui-y have bnt one vote. The Cbfilruian reminded the gcoJcman that ho. was ant ol order— tho question wns 6a adjonrn irtitt. Mr. Pow(*iJ s«k*d permission to present bis mo tioo; U wat» accorded. Tbo Convention then toted “aye” on the motion.' ilr Penilciou moved to ‘aioecd bi« motion bj, bfltitc tbchooroj at 10 o'clock. In aitco-ol 13 iu d»v. C(IPU'U. ,« .V UIT. The vote was iben called v>a tbo motion,, but af ter the'ajca md oetn t»ken-* . WilUvm Alien, of Ohio, estd tbo Convention h td ‘ eevtrul working hmrs of that day beforo it, ami could do math bciore adjournment to abridge their Jubot*. lie Ultevcd tfaeiniar to which tacyettu-Hd adjourn cou d bottler fixed at the conclusion of the deliberations o' tbo osy. And he moved to lay the motion on bu tabic, lir. Weller, of California, bflertd the following: Jtuol red. That pentjemeu nut to exceed thra? in number, koo»n to be member) of tba Demoers'lc pany, ir.-m escb of tbo organized TerritorJe* of tbe i nlteu Stater, be allowed oeat* In the Conren tun, with th tho privilege of participating la de bater, bat With no right to vote. * Yancey, of Onlo. moved to amend so aa to 3Low the same number of delegates item the seceded Stales the aim© privilege. _ ; . Air. Tild'.n, of Now York, said that before the question was fasten be would like to make a single CDCgeb.lon. We are assembled here to perform tbe greatest and tbe grandest to?* that any set of men bare ever undertaken. We coma ocre as tbe representatives, as the accredited delegates of tae several States, and It is bow proposed to Introduce ttmons as a ret oi gentlemen, who knows who, t > participate in car deliberations. Wbai reason is there lor taxis? three gentlemen, c«n thoorb they fciotc to the Democratic party, not accredited to as from any one of the Territories, any more than lor taking that nnmocr or saiarger number from any one of tbe etates ? We foci lacliucd la* formally to territories; but if tocy ebuD.d not come here accredited,»« we ate, noth*' ing but confusion and disorder could result from IntrocDclDg to this convention irrcprea stb-e men wno simply wish to deliver lore and windy speeches tothbj colld assecjblj - ,, representing the-great Democratic party of thU Ci-niitry.' [clcors.i It Is necessary at the very tjiat address o revive* lb oar great duty, \V tin itet'i Views, end for those reason.*, I more to lay the resolution and lbs amendment thereto on u.e Ifltee. Judge Niblcr. of Indiana, moved to rarer Itdo tbe Committee on Credentials. Curried. . LUTTBES. s 3fr. WlckUiTe, of Ketiatky. said: I hold In my band Ivticre from two* ol the membera dettrgated to Uns C'oiventlon by the State of Kentucsy. bl.cethcu tho hand ot power has beta laid upua them; they cow ttand impnaoned iu oar .smuj Erltou. and from Ibe walls oi that prisootb-'y tic vltotoaddrrrstovuu the Jtttsra wtuca la - tuybano, and which I now hind np to be read. The Secretary Then read the following letter: “Locxsvium, Kt., Aug 26,186 L < •‘To the Ilocordblo Ertaioent of tbu Ciiicoiro 41 Convention: “I nmcti regret the necessity ot toy absence at “ the celoUmion at this •jtcat Democti **tic Council Tbciroccntoo- p:r!od la the his*' *• tmy 01 mjo la now m the har«a? of that C 'nveu-. .“lien, i-e* me aomonl-b tae Convention to “create and adop*’- a Democratic platform—a peace “platform, I^pplaujfe. - ] fbenpn iheovetmau “juncau agree opoo, upon that platform, and all “will h-veil. {AppljQpe.] The plafcna most ‘•secure everythin;*; Individuals >ecure nuthtotr, “I am now itj Louisville, beM *s a pjlitlsai urls •‘ot ef l»y military amhorl'y, and, of course, I am so b.nnaa th»y do not bans me. “Tour Lou vol i lon stu»i- rezulVo the *• rights of the .•overeignty i-f the State*, aod “ pweonal liberty uoder the wnt of haUis corpun “jjlo trial hr ftlry. [Cheers 1 Tbe-e rub's are “now usurped by tbe p*r«y la power. Tne Goa* “ ventiim of oof lather?, that gave us our llher'y, “ was nothin? in importance compared wish tho “dmicsof jour pnheut Couveinb.n. Then lay “at-fde personal preferences, act up to the groat “ emergency, to save a bleeding country. Give as “ our llbcriv. This war is wrong. “A hfc-long Democrat, John O. LSA-mms.” • Tbc Secretary then ctoceeded to read another paper hatCed him hy Mr. WichUlfc, bat Gudiog ‘U wa? afldresstd to “ily duir Uncle,'’ tbe.old geo withdrew it and said be had lost or nmUid one of tbu luur?, bat be would look tLr it. Tuis was the cause of uo Jhtlc merriment ou the part of the audltute. • xoruuiM EJocKfi at Tns poon. A paper a* follows watstheu banded to tke Presi dent and r* ad ny tue Sectttaty; **lhc MderpteDod gefttfemCn, elected by the “ State of Loniei«i»s to rcjire&cnt.ttost State 1 1 tots “ ConvfcitlcD, nnotr u call duly made sod pablhb* “cd, tosptc fully representthat they bare profit “td i Lenitive? lo it“. National Gou “ ventlcu foradtolseion, which baa refused them “ admit?jon to the Convention, ' “A?*nriiiit the Convention of on- desire to lie “rid of a despotic Uovcnimcnt, and presuming “teal tie Democracy are ttftoy to anile w:ib ns “In each a work, ve rcspectmlly ark lor admld* “*lon to (be Convention. - J. S. Riddell, Chairman. G. J Tocter, or’2Co«r York, moved teat sbh matter be referred to iho Committee oa Creden tials. Curled. - C.L.WsndlgbainUieii moved that the Cota* ntiuees report, as zuentumou. Another Ohio deli-emc proposed, a*-an amentf ment, UittltbscoLtutUio reportiug. the names of the Committee ou Organization. Another delegate proposed to add the Commit tee on Credential. Mr. Valiandlgham raid this Committee will faavo tho meat strouous at d laborious work to perinea and this v«-rv nlcbt wi 1 proceed in this work. I therefore trubt this motion will*ho adopted, tbit to-day, and without delay, wo shall proceed at onre to that Important bnrincff. The amendment* bolmr withdrawn, the Secreta ry pioceedcc to announce tbc BQVhral conmmcea as selected by the several States. COiTJUTTZE ON CBXOSNTZSM. Maine—Joseph Tucotnb. - New ilampshlro— J. S. Bennett. Masracbaseite—Gcorgo n. Ball. Vermont—A. M. Bick'iy. • Connecticur—Allred E. Burr. Ehode I.lsnd—Wro. □. Alien, New Jersey—Daniel llolezqan. . New Yorjr—fcahfordE Church. Penn?ylvanl3—Wro. V. ifcJrath. Delaware—E. L. Martin. Maryland—John It, Ec&nkllu.' Kentackj—Nathaniel Wop. Ohio—Alexander Long.' - - . Indiana—Afnd T. Edserton. Dili ois-Wm. IL Archer. Michigan—Alpbens Fetch. MUsontl—EuoezC Wilson. Mlunteota—J. B. La Biazic. Wisconsin—H. M. Smith. low&r>M.D McHenry. Calfornla—o, WctecreL - , Ksneas—OlivetThorotou-' Crecoo—Bezijamlu Start. On motion, the roll of States was called, and the fohowli g nsmyl celccatcs selected to act os a COZOIITTZE OX rCTMAKENT OIIOAKIZATIOX. Maine—Philo Clark. -„ - Ktw Hozapehzro—E. W. Harrtngtoxu Ma»eathutttte—Phineaa Alieu. Virznoav—Uco. Wsft’iburte. CuziLicticnt—General h% E. Baldwin. New York—General John A.*G^|en. New Jereej—Tv F. Eandolpu. Di lawate—J, B Booth. Pennsylvania—S. W. garbM. Maryland—Benjamin O. Harris. Kcmnckj—Hamilton Pope. Ohio—C. A. White. Indiana—3. C, Wilson. Hinoia—T J,fipners. Michigan—H. Fralick. MUsouti—P. A Botier. MioncEota—C. B. Berry. Wi-conein— Cbas lowa—J. H. Morphy. . CaiUotnia—Thomas Paine. KbCtae—L. H. Wing. Oregon—W. McLsUen. - CO J* WITTES. OX CBSOLUnOSa. • Maine—John W. Dana. - New Hampshire—Kdwln Pearce. Mset-achnsetu—GeorceLunt. , Coiinecticnt—Charles B. Ij’JterSOJ*. Vcimont— I Xlznolby P.BfttMd-' Bbcc« Island—Charles ». Bradley, New . Nt-w-Jersey—Ahrahamßrozmhead. Pernsylvaula—— Delaware—Cbarle* l Brown. - - Maryland—'Thomas G.Pratt.' Kentucky— James Oo t bno Otic—C L, Val andlehazß. Indiana—James H. ntmno. - iJßnms-J, S. auncaft. . Michigan—A, O. Baldwin. Ml-aonti-Wm. A. Hall. Mincezota—p-'. O. Hammond. Wisconsin—George B. Smith lows—J F. Bates. CoUromlST-John B. Weller. Kanm—Wxn.C.McDoweß- r B2aOX>TT]tOMI. Dr. Olds, of Ohio, then proposed the following resolution: 1 * hetontti) 1 hat the committee ou Iteso-ouous j, e ijjjuocud to tike into cunßidentioo, aud re con to tbls Uodt»hUod, wh*l action, 1* uoT, tbl# convention ebonldtako teiatlveiotae I***?” I'* 1 '* .tary order of Genrr* l H» intzleman. prohibiting cltietDA of tho southern Stater oi ihe'great Jiorth vest Horn fjQtvbasU’Z arms and ammunition. The leading of the resolution was recavcdwitn CDII'WC. Cto motion it was referred to the Commutes on Si-Hiiutione. . , \eoTcftor Hunt, of.Ncw Tort, then proposed that the foliowloi bo referred to the Committee on Resolution?, without debate. . £«tc fret, that in iho future, ss In the oas*, . we viila«:b#-re w Ihutawtrvma ildtlit* to the union nvtt Cotttliuiloi. and insist ot» maintaining our Notional unity, as tae only *o!-d fornication of oar strength. security si>d bapplutes as a people, and. b B & liatnewors of Rovwnmeut cquauy con .oncivo to ihn prosperity of all the State* both Northern and Southern. (Great applause.) Aud wuh& 'lew to lermuiatolhe present bloody con flict, ana restore the blessing? ot pence, we are in favor of kn armistice. (Loan chetr?) and earnest, . honorable tCoria tu adjoat the tvrms ol a se.tto jeent, and n Lilian on the basis of the constitution of the United Staler. (Applause.) And for the flnaleolaMou of all difficulties we would recom mend k, convention of States to the coo sil'Utlon, ano adopt such amendment and mould citionv a* seem noccatoiy, more tody to insure to each State Ue enjojtnent of a 1 its nghtv, aod tbo nnotamrbtdcootrul.ol all its domestic concerns, accuidinu to the original lo'eut aud purpose ol the Federal compact. lApplaoav ] . The resolution vs as .evened to committee on resolutions. At'this juncture. Mr.. Cass, of Pennsylvania, BUKiCfevtd tuat frfioluiiona should go to the com-' mince heiore Ulng read. Tie ideas oLthe convention seemed to ba alto ■cether different from ihoec ot Mr. Cass, and ac ccroiogly the lo ldwing, proposed by Mr. Price of BUavoun. «J9 tend ano adopted: _ • In thiepwal cnelsofour nutiousl history, the nurity and freedom ol t-e intncblse, ttgu aacttd altar ot ir edom secuipd to the effort of our fathers nneer toe goaianleea 01 the conaU loii,.u, mnelfhe tpatatainCd against all h marts. . Ano w« u-ieby pledge bnrtelves, each fo the • olhcr, snd all oi na to the country remr lives, for loncv, and our taurr.d honor, to make common caure with the people of every State where the i**.ae may l-e u^slleoofctfampletiupou, to too oad * lLat a conr-livuttou* «Xut«*ssloa ot thCpopuuc will, aid tbodiiCßtimable lights utaoli-korcrument be secured for unrselvesjmu our posterity. Mr. Long, of uUto, taeu offeree tae next resolu tion, and proposed its reference, aan* discosaiou. Tae uieprvs».ble celeste from Onto again broCL-bt icfwrtid. m the Hhape of «u aounivo mo tion, his lefa that such things oosot 10 be referred without readhg. H»s pralntworthy efforts to pnr vein ivch things ceiling before the Convention m anuntfflcuu msener were utterly dl countenanced by the Convention, and bis voice being drowied by loud a its of •* No,” " No,” the Secretary pro ceeded to read Mr. Long’s resolution. kudzt&y I'hat a Uommittcc, to be composed of ' one member from each State represented In tilst Convention, -be selected by the rrprtM.'blalWe delegates thereof, to .bo -ap pointed lor the purpose of proceeding lonbwlth to the city or Wasolngton, oa behill m tbla Convention aim the peop>, to bsk Mr,A*la- CoiEbiidibo Admluiotratloo to anspeod the ta-, nendiLß dratt, .or n>e buodrfrt tbon-auamien, un til sneb time as the peop.e soall have nl'Tofcamlair«*ots tree and ioacpepdeui rle s- Uoi, and Lbns deciding the quertloirwnt'ther wo arc to have war or poucc, at Uiu approaching cloc- lion in November. . . , . And that raid Committee do, and oro neroby, lubtrocud *o urge npoif Mr. Llccolu, by wud ever arpument ibty c*n, hutoby to blhv tho flow of fra ternAi b ood, at lend to fur &s the Impending dract will augment It, nuritmo peoplo— the ol all tower— shall b:ive wh upportuoity ol expressing their mil for or cgolaet tbe contlnnancu ot the war. In tLeir choice of candidates for the Frcsi- W. W. Eaton, of Cnnocctlcvt, then broagßt forwsrdarf?oniiOß,si»vlig: „ . . " EebClvtiy That the Uomiultfce on bo iLainscito lo report as suun as possible, atd that to ballut shall be » k-n for Presiocnc and \lcuPr.Mtlent until told report shall have boon made titp arusiKo rassivs. Before the trnaaui me ConTcnQuifcoaid ho taioa upon thii* resolution, tha vouerabio wicktifle came loiwa d tH3 irooaccd the miwifttf letterlromiibo mutiny Keiitachku. It >n* read by tl»e riecrttt xy, csa was in the loliowiufj strata of rapiaroaa L'i ppeilieadlptn: 'i'ho Jcno.-Has dated looUviilo. Eca*ncky, and acdrcfkCd to the Cfcalnnsot oi too Democratic Con tention , , lt _ , , • li stated that be was appointed one ol the dale ccle> io tie Convention, bjit be was unable »o per-, fi'jn: thtl dtty, tu tOusttineoce of hi* iacircam r!o« by a military ctspouam (and all that sort of th’t>j».) . . lie \*3B arrested on' the 2d of August, deprived of tb?r*cht « f kCclaa his metuda, or employim; cccvfcl Ho wu* arrweC -d on de*«i *awpicton. No sttfTcment c.jci-ti beob’aJntd uftba chargesacaicat, 1.0 Bi tciflc.'ioi* tf the •ituce-e«, cad no bop j was held onto! titter ttbdor luve-tiaatlon, (ana &U *1 litre wes i o freedom of clectlpn in Kentucky or the other border states, Mtd the liberty of Uio l f»>jJewn?atthe xnircy of the J*rs* Went and bis H.bordliaieu (with a-uett more of mo earns twirl-, dir). . .. It wan ccsiozn-ty to take from 'icon men as him uU tluar aroiß and whatever they miaat have, or tint the r oppressors might £snctr, and they would te Jorjonale if their property was not daitrojed tea ibeiuMtlvca tovrlaoted. lie would clve no peace to the party In power, and he'cou a pledge tlmself that thovolcc of Ken tucky would ho overwheluilunly fortoe Democratic nominee. No mluc vote, gotten tip ender martial law, should bo successful in the coming clccdon. The lime was aluriuinr, nt.d,wo neo tbit we elected the Democratic nominee,. (with a wboie tirade of similar boab.) (nigued) X mkTFOSH. Jtr. Aldridge, of tbs> tbe foilowlui* or rrsoisUons be rderred to HecotLmlttoe thereon: , _ 'the representatives of the Demo cratic party of tbe Unite-* States of America, In national convention ass* nihlo d, for the purpose of nominaUlu caudliMca the high ohlces of I*reeiflest and Vice Pix-sldunt, to be voted for sc tbe ensuing election, point with unde and vaUCactlou to ' tbo put hMory of our common country, for great andmir ve<ooßpro«|.criiy under Democratic Admioistra tions, wienJim^ Jttfioud. That In order to ratoro and presorro the inlcpri'y oi onr unce happy nation, and to r€- ettablifcb justice and trsnqnulty throigbout her bore e;i*. to pruno'e the gchvril wc ! ftce, and so cure tbo bl-ieliigA and toe liberty vouchsafed to va by onr Krcfalber* we here renew and decloro CAT ULftU*;tabli) attachment to tbe Union, and cDst ItmnM brymenM lavaintecr'ty. ChrerM Wo bi’liero tnat d>»rsb'e object can be obtained by an adherence 'o fhepHnctplvs b-qn-adicd to as sy rhe wlsat'i't of oar furtfitUnrs, and we here adoat aa our »nrc and broad p it'orm. tbe (ioDstltU’lon of the L'nlted 'eretuaud brecdih.asd_.wlil maintain,'-protect sad de'etd r, Luc-tttd, Tbai-we cannot view with Indiffer ence tbo open repudiation and vioiat on of tbo Aionrov docirloC, and the est i'dhhmcnt of an em pire on the inJusol a neigcbr-rlog republic, and we view with c** at alarm *cd dia-.rcas the fearful stride that bas beni made to ovrrtnra onrpriflcl plc# by c dtvpotlc guvernmen*. In Inter-'erinjrwitb the Jlbt.rrv of spereb, llln-riy or tbo press, and the rlgiba ot private property. WearklboCouveuctouto give up »belr psrtl ran prejudices, L* iooc tbe*e ntClcoltles lathe fare, mu to coutiC*T the feanul or blood son treasure const a by toe nnwi-c acts uf the pco gtnt >dmln!strn'ion, nod I twjK-ve that In eba- oar aatnluidirttUon we will rescso onr beloved c on'ry, dLd tho ÜberUosof tho people from cer tain rum IBIU A UIU ifrro red, That we will use all honorable means known lu civilization to hnmr to a termi natlm the unhappy dttlrr.ncea that disturb our ccuLlry, ThorcwrfuUouß were referred, as projtosed. , ADJOCHKSIZXT. Gin. Green, oL N. Y., moved that when the Convention sojourn, it adjourn to meet at ten o’click iC'inumw miTuiog. Camel. Mr. fiicOouaoua, of , moved that the Con* TCDtifrun-jw atpourm. Vod'eious cries were tm- Hito'ttel' made lor VuliandisbJia Ho stepped forwaM—evidently not to show ulmself—and said he wluIU not now addres* ihpm; but atmousced mec; St tbc bhcrm&n House ibis evening at tbe rooma of iho New. York delegation. it wua sDcouaced that tbc Commlt'eo on Or ganization would meet ut i o'clock m tbc tti iheTrcinoLtDon**. AUo tbttthe Co uinlaeo on Crtdentialfiwonld meet at No.BattheTremont' Ucoec, at 8 o’clock. Tu« chairmen ot the several delogatfons-were rvipieeltd to call at tbe room of the Nailonal Oum mbice, at the Sbermao House, at 6 o'clock, to cet tbelr tickets for the morrow. The Convention then adjourned. AFTEiINOON MASS M2ETINS. The faltbful'usseinblcdln large numbers in tbs citerccou *.n iront ol ibe Ricomoad Boose, aud were tdoresced by several geutlemen of cbd cops per stripe. The applaneo accorded to tbum w* loud and o!t repeated, showing .plainly that tae acdicLce fully tuoorecd thdr treasonable utter* “E !*Ttiloor, of Ohio, President of the CoaveQ- I ,tion ihat nomUiUti a Vailaodigham made, tho llm t-p-ect*. Be told tbs audience Uuttnoy need not txpeo. pcsce la any event, for It the Oeaiociacy were tuccetrlul iu etcetlng their candidate, Emcon wcu d lefose to trurretidcr to him the reins ot Gor ratwM. onolhcv would Ua\ato tight to rale their wear while, if the Democraffy were de feated no ri.onlu Dare War herein me NurtJ, for the people would tot tolcr-te lour year# more ol the iiuDicUe aud tyrant who now rated with nu iron band at Washington. free ballot tiiid tree buicU Mas the epenkur’o Shlboolcth. Wo weie boatn to have war auyhuw, and ha urged his heaters nut to hug any delusive hope, bat to pre pare lor ir, to prepare to 6«ot toiuamcaratatneir cnndioate If they eleetetf him, and, if bested, to uTeriorow me ml’itsry Qssoou»m av Washington. li the democracy wen? true to themselves iu ibis ci tip, ihi-ir action would rcare Lincoln in ala siiovbold. and astobbhand alarm the little des pot of the War Bcpurtmeot, wno, wbcii ths rebate were recently within are miles ol Washington, donned the habiliments of a hoot-black, and, unia alegolßcd. flhickt-d boots In-Wilterd s Hotel daring u weenot danger. , , . The speaker urcefl tba nomination ol a peace max., I • toil Jon, ho said, tbeto ore no • war democrats, A war democrat was an abolition rat. War democrats and aboli tionists wi-re the two similar links' of the earns eanapjre, madeoator tho earned »g. It you are In tutor ol war, you ought. to Tote fot Abraham Liu-' of the draft, the speaker said Lincoln coo id nut enforce hi* cnnwrrlpiloa, and mast not snake the attempt. If ITcOleilia was President, ■Vallandiahitm tunst be Secretary of War. (.Laugh ter and great applaaec.] ‘ ' , ’ Dr. Allen, an open secessionist, of Wash- Upton, whom • tho government has been watching for three years, on saipicloa of tKing a any, wa» then introduced aud made a moat incendiary speech Be was for peace under aoy conceivable circa instances. Hrt advocated eiaverv, aud denounced too war os the South as nartlcida, and said no would not go if' drafteu, and loped nobody would. He was glad tb<* Southern State* Lao uut been subjugated, ana be no hear' to rejoice at a Union victory any where, AUer denouncing the Baton soldiers ns blietlDgs and satraps, ho exhausted an honra'.d a hair in tracing me war, Oy a most compucateti ihurcmotttade, oack to the Pilgrim Rubers, ar-er which he the nomination of Alexander wusSinoat Interminable, and ho was spoken to and taken or the sleeve, a score of times, by the more,prudent of the managers, twiuru ho coin*nivd raure. _ ' _ • , Tb» n 81l Eaton, of Hartford. Conn., was trotted out, or ratbcrrulied out, foe tc-f» a rosy, ro'und rpcciihCLof an uniter, wiib n voice of tho Sauciest bneeo profin-do pattern, that gives awful inipree- Tiou to biff utterances. , * William rt tho war roundly ami round ly, andiomtnated “Tom Seymour” ior President. gT? a party'of ladies and gentlemen were recently ihe tubjirda of a rumirkible and sad accident near Aurora, in tho SlerA Nev ada. 1 They were crceslnff a r-*Tlue lu o-loor bofee wagon; when a ater spout burst la (he 1 mounthinß and rushed down, sweeping them before It. Mrs Medourr, Mrs Qh?nn end three children drowned.* The gen tlemen, fonr I □'number, were sadly braised; but saved Tbe bo<seti were 4ro cued and ,tbe wagon duJlfed to atoms. gsy*The people of the 1 :jal Slates will not e&on forget that eleven of tbc' fiiteen Ftatod which gave Denocratic against Mr. Lincoln have been in arms qgalnst tbe Union from that ray, and eleven of tbe fif teen Uemoeratic Governor?, In ISGI, are noW cr haye been leading traitora. |g?“ Jackson Haiuea the skater, in Imita tion of Morphy the chess-player, of Hcenaa the ,of Bateman the octrees and Patti the prime donna, hopes to win a for* tune and be has started .for Eu gland t intending to make a professional tou^ ks a skater—certainly a novelty la the w»r of smtxaemenU. fie w|ll travel all over Ea- Tope, aod wi I probably find the moat eathu elasticpatrors.ia Hoilaud, Scaadmavia and Bofsia, where Ice and ekatea oro almost na tional characteristic#. FDUNCUi. IMP COMMSKCI4L. Mokbat Etottko, An*. 2f». I=Bl ‘ Business to-day was greatly interfered with by tbe excitement in tbe city concerting tbe Coppefv bend Convention, and oar banker* report light transactions in almost every department. There wo? a good supply of currency, and all le gitimate demands made at tbe dl*coant bouses w*re freely metal ten per cent. Very little pro duce paper was offered. • Easters exchange was quiet at j-f per cent dls , count buying, and par to H per cent selling. Gold Buffered a further decline-to-day—tbe drat bdard in New York ciosugatiMlx aad tbs second at £37#. Frf*® l * dispatches, however, were re ceived quoting it as low as 235. The following are tbe dlrpatcbea received by James Boyd, gold bro. ker: •.♦ 10:15 a. m. 2« Atl p.m. 840 ‘•iSStw. 2*3* -r:10 “ 233 “S “ 24t# “.2:30 ; sw,v 41 IGtfiS ** ....■f.846 •'t ..... SC • | 944 214* “1 “ «7* I lien the market opened-* 4 panlcy’* at..B-10 and declined at 235, at which’it 235, Canada cuirency and coupons, v 35. Fiv«y Twenties were dull at Jill buying and 1)2 seUng. Sevcn-Ihirtics, in buying and Hi veiling. The following la the New York Stock Market, August 27, as received by Q. F. Saltooatall & Co., Commission. Stock and Bdbd Brokers, 24 Clara * street; Chicago: ' lat BM.M BM. I Istß’d. 2ABM. N.y. C * i>B* i29K 1 QmektUvei... siH « C.& N. W . thy% 63* |O. A.T... . ..!*•* 12i r&R.W (pfd). «odaoa Kiver.VM* .tijC Exle(cOiu.....lOJ* KV* till. C-mC - ....12a, .... Frlc Ip d) 1:0 V i IUB H cent war C. * r... U‘* 10-* a pneo.'.. 97 at.B. (.omj... V* . F?W IU B.IIOV- M. 8. tttd)„..ll3 I 5-5- cruj'taa.l J* .... Rr, *T,A.C..I IV JI«H U. 9,0 * cent M. C .*...424*181 bosia 1551...100 (J.A A ce»m;.W; .... ITTS.IS-0 «**- C. * A.CP d)...W* -—I nr/Not*s .... R. 1 ... . UM 111* XT 9.1 yr oenf. 95 l!l.Cent.»CTlpi 2 K >t 'A 1 B SiO ISJY 137H I Market—lit Board weak. 8d Board weak. I Mokdax Stekesb, Aug. 29, IS'-L The receipts and shipments for tbe past is boors were as follow*: * BECZIITS AKD amVXSKyS FAST 43 OOUB3. % sieceived. Shipped. F10ur.....:. 8,502 *3O Wb M t 53,80.) 50.075 Oats!! ea.jwa 73.533 Ityo 18-32>J N .. BaiUy OA/l .... Ora?? Seed 8.7-0 Sljtti Flax Seed... 253,«U Cured Meats A. 3480 «V3O Pork Laid. Tanow W001..,..., Hogs Caule Bides litghwlnea Salt Butter, XXCXIOTB cj* FLOTT* XZTD OKIWJTo» Tin <TtTEX. E3Tl>* • Floor ?»hea« •- ©ra Oala Rteßa’ley Kecelredby briiu ooa. baa. Das. baa. Dos. Lisa • • Csru.l SOI 2J5j SIS9B WHS 30 2913 G*t:CivS .... >. .... KI KJt.;.. Sf J7 SK<« 'MTS. 7!<M> 1633t 188<jO IJICB «... DSfil .P.'SO-l STiM 20.WW -jSiO. 1> » CBiQUtf 49 8 6‘ y< 41730 44283 ITIiiO *ff 88.. 4'S US’* 43*45 143J54 2 <ol 88 « C*AKH. 2E58 5»4 .«18 TsOJJ . fcCSI 16 xS Otterxoada • .181 mu .... .... .... Total 2t4£3,8.2.5a :srs« 7x4349 53078 721C3 Cone-i raolcc / • waea’fll.. 25727 2W7;3 C3S4IS »»»9? 18HB f»aeCD*u2 . ISO'S?<7*&t-a 4-.S’> aSSJCiS 4 1542-2J 214 fieawi**&!..■ ItMjil'JjW uairtanTfl 07 tlhvh »mj osai*, wxsk. sssrau .Flour, Wheat, <’o*p, Ovs, KT%Bai*y, br.h- ho, t’Q oti. no. bo, B»Esin*fd S4l 13.0 R<4 •• 4W BnlMo l'£U SfE:o'.2ss!tl 8cJl» 453, .... nswejje- 4; 23 1 {«« .<«.« . .' .... o(J<'*i»or ly. Ml* MM) K.v-3 .. tiibctECttt.. .... ... V?j JWS .... <843 pr. CrJbfrne. 1*75. 23*75 .... *.... Ft Pan*-...1*690 • ~{£2* ?0 » e. eaaitaw.. ns .... 19 e ssto .... .... Total,*.. ..Iffcj itioT. w-ai3 g&'.ti w. • saa Cor> • kcot - dir ir XJCUH’6X..iT4 r yffW M 2 8* fciM 7FO .... R.«on T3,/.f ft'-S 4 1C1385M1 (512 IM.B 5*M75 ITJM &C&*CU'6J..77:4i6Mi?t)ttS«i2ttttS6;7 n-658 «5C3 The decline In gold and xbc unsettled elite of monetary matters rendered the Produce markets today very dull and hfoles*, prices showing a very material decline since Saturday. Tbe demand, for Flour was very light, and the market ruled dull. with, sales of only 730 bria at lor Winter and for Spring Extras. Wheat suffered a decline of- 8010 c on Winter and 6©Bc .on Spring graces, with sales of about ICO.CCO bn at $2,050! 07 for {7o. 1 Had; $1.0802.03 for No. 2 Bed; $-.93 for K Jectod Bed tQP.No. 1 Spring ;‘sl.Do© 1.03 for No. S Spring; and Slj?0 tor Rejected Spilnsf—tho market Closing quiet at $3 0003.CS for No. 3 Bod, and SI.9S for No. 2 Sprirg. '* Com was doll, and tho market Wl 304 c $ bu, with ealev of about 13,000 bo at for No. 1 Coin; $1.2601.97 lor No. S Cora; and $1.23 ©1.93 for Hejeeted Coro—the market mod erately Ann at for No. S Corn lo store. Oata declined 2c buphcl—about 1-7,000 hash ers having ocen sold at 6?>&©66e for No 1; 633 61c and 62©6S,Ve f or jxsjectcd Qtta—the market c osing steady and firm at 66c for No 1, and aider No 2. J. B. Bjchixajt. Bje was Sc lower, with sales of 17,<K>1 bushels at £l.C£Ql.B>fox' a Ko3 l 'MA $1.1001.31 for No 2 clftli-g quiet. • ' Earley teas unsettled ntd 6010 c lower, with triGine sales of No 2 in stole at $2.0003.05, and by sample at $1.7502.10 on track. - . illßbwinte werfeEC.-lcciednod dull, with-sales of cnW ICO bflt* at $1.75— closing weak. PibvMon* were ncg'ccted— the only sale being a let of 750 tics of kettle Lard at 2;c»- delivered at St. Lonlr. Grein Freights wero steady at Sc for Com, B#c for Tiheat, and bfc <&•■>s« fLr Ry« 10 Buffalo. lu -Groceries the market continues qolct, but firm. The supply of all the leading etaples con tinue* very limited, sod clocks on haul are gen. etully light. The only cbiogo we rote Is on C;uves which bare advanced 5c $ E> on pre rlono quotations, and on Sardines we note an ad vance of 14c box on halves, and oftyfeper box cn quarters. . " In Dasglng the market Is active, especially for Grain bags. ' On four bus Burlaps wc note an ad* vanco of Ic, and of 5c on Wool S34.ks. Whitehall aro still in very small supply, with a good demand, but principally tor No. X quality. Trout are dull and ULChanced. jCodllsb are still in f mall and very Inadequate sup ply, prices are un. changed. Tbe supply of Green Fruits Is rather limited, ex cepting Melon?, which ars in aha dent supply, On Green Apples we note a deciue of.Wc on Wholesale prices, and an advance of 50c $ choice eating apples. Peachy are in better sup ply and active demand, with a decline of 50c basket, Cazboa Oil if in very limped receipt. Tho mar ket Is quiet, but very firm at previous quotations Linteea Oil in-small eupply and tolerably firm at s3.6S®l* < »0 9fialoa.~ ’ • . in Wool the market has b?ca easier, but with no quotable change. Sales to-day have boea made ut SI.O3@LOG for common to good Fleece Wcul. - The Lumber market continues very active and firm, with an inadequate supply. Quotations an changed. _ ' In Beef Cstlle the receipts have been very limit ed, and transactions bars been confined to tbe Sleek remaining over unsold from Saturday's mar ket and tbe- few droves of commou tau.e since brought in. Previous quotations are nucha:gcd. Entered ealee, 624 bead, at*2s.cO, chiefly at $5.75(25.00 ICO Cte. Iu Hogs there bea been no change tn the-prevl ous activity of tbe market. .Entered »aleg, 909 bead, at $8.30® 10.90, chiefly a t $9.00® 9.75100 S>s. In the afternoon, dispatches were received frooj New Tork quoting goid at 230@237,.amt Wheat immeolatelj felHc $ bushel—with ex'ca of No. S atSl.67*s®l.6o-clotlnsaneeUi«d. Otheraeacles were neglected. - CHICAGO MLriISKZI UULItKBT. MoSD*v Etzsthq. aoz. 39. test. Lt76tBEE-ncceivedS / S33,tflof«e6 sice* S.;utd*y. Batkei v»r» active* Mtu au inadequate suppiy. SHINGLES—Uecelvea tince Saturday StS.tiH). In v -jy imsllsupply atd gco<t demaad. Mirtet firm and nscha: gr-d. LAI E—Kscelved since Saturday Ss.CCO pea. In good cemand ana firm *t previous quotations. -- CAVGO SaLX3Tc>SaV. # Cargo tchr E G. Giay w frcßi aiusxsgoa, sold by TruetdO). Btf,‘ 01 feet lumber H mps, at i?l(»; Cs>-go, from Qiand Elver, sold by aowsrd, tiUku ftet BtXMI Luzcoer at larger ec'ar. Ameiica, fro* Grand ia»er,»uldby Lust A FuUer, &.(Cofeet lomb r X strips, rafteo, »« tiSSO: Csrro bcLt Albatzce.ftaia Beacmon- e. Spalling’s M>tU, IWlitO fc*t lumber sVJpa. at SU00; Cargo scar. ttatchiwor.fron. Menca.onfe.seld by Van, fret, all t nc inch lombtr, mostly strips at #i* t0 ; 4P.IH 0 1 cs Lsth at ft *O. 'The following ere tne yard puces: - 1 «.... &«coad C!e»r. v> U- udl-d»3O TC ra Clear, M.„ ............ ....aJO.OO S’OcXßo»rcs. . K.P»»3i.vO gCi or .-clrcl Boards 37A-t*4- ! .£!3 coounco Bcarca .. ........ 2Ws S 3 H? Coll ..Q SM first Clear Fiooon*, rooga Secota Clear Fioons-*. rouih Common nocrme,r.;ocli Bv'tng.cjeir.ttteod. ....... 2tJ>**2B. 0 Second Clvsr - lumiqcnao —• tt*t? s i|f 99 Losg J CO Shavba Sbinjiles, A.P Shaved Shingles, So. J-® ® stavtd Stlcvla , Star- ?S’?S , 2 ceoarstbiagte*. - 55JH* 3.p Sawoc fca»?d Sblceies No. H 5 ® s**s Lath, V i,DrOpcs... ) P«. atr, 9 i,OOcC! * W Pickets CHICAGO CITThB«ABKBT, Koyuar Ercraro. August 3, last DEEP CATTLE—ne receipts rtDCeß*tord»yh we teen al»ro*f nominal. »xoanlia< to Utile orer CO tesd whoty ton*ttti»* mectnta ev-Vo. The ewcr*<r*‘Je» amonnttoß34 head at ai.90.»5.50, ci lefty at *s.tQ** 0 * ie J There u a po«d demand for fair srnides of medium Cattle on army ascoont, The eener*! quality of the receipt* la cowlderably below the req jlremeata o. and prleea arc consequently very low Ptvs loos quotations uacnanzed. HIT CATTL* SALIC XODAT. gclUr*. 1 Buyer*, 50,- At. Price, *lcfc-r4 Co....Jtah«tty 13 873 -tS.«4 .. Gittwaa is 9io 8.7> Oirdon MMiory ....... 9? 70 4Si Voatntbal... .... Oretnbana: ll v Jfiu 4.4 i •G. Adams... .... Jotea 9 a» 3.75 co. ... . '..13 8M 37, do wjchoils* COf... ft 9 I 2.9. tc.M.Tflsei. - Ziegler* to. 157 mo 45. o*B caw*. • •••’. „ uo .8 • »245 ”WBlhicoh*W...»achway...:, 0 J'-77 B.“\j Q.AOa&B. Martin.;.,,,...... n 931 4.5t do Me Parff 4Co Znpler &cc, ...U3 iCfll 4,% BCGS-Eecmed m ce s*tn»dar at the r»rloma ys»ds, ah* nt 610 bead; entered a«les, 069 bom at 8130 ©'C.W.O'pallyatlO.Wsoiß p io Carpet mode, zately actire aul firm a«pmlow ratal. Buytn. So. At Pnoe. M*ehau«.-...f...M.T*b0r 1 71 • iSi -f9.M Bbe)m-8.11-4P.Allarton4C3 ... 49 - 158 ».ie ITallworJ- &M*..‘iar;e ’’S 9.7 a j ond'ty....—..acmp4Hott*h...« us 10,00 J. GiUJcy.,. ....McLean, TO in geo Q,AOM&a W.MTiidea. W • 9 9 JOBS CbrtaweU do ......M 168 9.71 notimftT. co<nn«BGi4iH . -USB 3,573 - M 2 ijsas l^eot xao aloobt 3j. aco. H. Ldlfilt. 800 waLvb aZscsS^vuaOAT. OUICAVO BAILI HißKm AS aoMo fOrmlm anon abatiß9f*C itß*v§* per _ till*. otA<nciM ilsMd, PoW ** «oli<tdtie#red uiileti oiAcrtnl/trictarf. A .. HOSDAI Ervno. AO£. J.JWi rt»WlH Bw*Ai. Tb« eifa. rb . Bts »t -d»y »ex«: Tu ptf* S««i .•witbo*«.»*6e: P r » °V*,, «ehF bark Badger otate, •!«*» i or s»*’_ t^w ! ; .h*A* Cerate, *cbrFashion. .Udrre. *-?!*» .spßAifftoxoHTP-Tten ttaocbacgo uiai't. Peouot"*: . Floor toßov o .u<««oami..... "V Floor to Neu To rS. i«a*? o rat 1.........• • • I Pt\?«noc»toNe* *or», l*k© *aarm,F« gv^..., P:\ B V?«Wto"& Y*«jl wtXtVyv •» Fleurs *>on*rfft};*Jl -»'?"•* Pitk fr* Montreal. *M>jVjtoc >. y* P cor ic ucr»-*cai.-«luS-faiu *••• • *•♦••• Pork toMoatrem., dural*. iJ's ’* PInuijoPortS»BC.TT».SUTW» !••*•••♦ — p iSS?o B^! &S«S:Tb« fi-io-ivii tn^;« « quct«: Fourth Cim*. - Flour. To S .wTo«. r^S n.„....^ c _, ;;:u; ..J| ' f» I 0^ t o n ..«.«.^ VEr , c . i| To P''rtl»no,allrail ■ • * • Wl ToMooUeil *li ml -•••—••■«?, u ffg roßuda.o.a' tall • JJii-5 x*2 ■• i»!l and Lake ttrio ...... ?‘S TO Balttecrr, -il rail , «■ To Pbi»adelLiiit , »»ai' 0i1,... c ".. •' ® 4>'I,f»UIC~B««lTf(» today. SJKt brl«: shipped, t'fwilr. ft»»rk*i »u», Tbo ec<acoaiMi*s v *fo. «nc>» warns Exrua—i* »rt« • W«i»er extra at iiiw. drsiao fx-r^xa—b'-a ♦*Bec*e*V**' tU 0 : uoon.“ Ford’*"at V. •»; Ifa hrih**D& t\pV.’» • S 0.1; ; iSO *>tl» *AyUa*lC** at Jtpfivji* SPBl*o £trpurtsa~-£3brlft**Tfawkojt at .'»*.tr»ck. uhLiT-B ct'tM »o-ay SPSS bo; ra’pced, mJvslO* tot duU»cd6<*3cicw-rca ton■;*»*?* fflli'p it Wiuar ct-w-a. tea to-Jif wwVUwi5T*n.W»i«AT i» Su.ja*- ,oft bu •<»•« d ~4117. rett-fo •a a* 05 : iS."* b■N ? 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Confoscd «aUrtlj of Ogen&lo'SniiiSaßicb POSITIVE CURB £OR DY3PfiP3lft 4ND DISSAaBa BBSCTLTINO FROM Disorders of tile Liver and Digestive Organs, AKD WBaBL&S>£D aM> Ddj.ILiTiTKD PB-UeSa 02CO1C* HEMtWED wri'b edtL Vd3 Yisoe op btz a •g«K« css ©y , TllSaL * io au. wb&a .... ii«4a:2H (023 «l 3 *5 "3 (68 M 33 JS a § io tfgrsexember, tnac Uua.DittarsMnptiui ajetttnit* mirrors.* par-room drtnkl or 9 saL-jucnte to* rift. buu oaotto* msidioiul? burcd 1 tfta'rjoa a drmtSffi nen into 7our TamJlica- 00 joa vut to lost 2)9 job vast * Uooa appeuts ? 00 71m vast to Btaut ao vocx Ctestitotial Do you cars to 7wi v«jii Oo jotivaa'tlotfetrtacf SsrmanfiK) Oo 700 v*at Gcfirgy 1 0979 a vast to ciiaep Hsu 9 Oo 70a vast tifinsk ana Vtirtrcca Foeifa* 1 If too do. ass eOOFLAM»*S eSJiItAJi BtrTUKJi, OtHwrva tie joucwie* fyopscas, rerUCar a*sr disorder# (u VioThieot-y*- _ * - cOMOlji.^ uon. imntra Plx, - , JanseM vt BloOfl to £M ilSid. Acidity 01 tbo StoCAs>, lUisc*, Heutbun;, Duwuji - j'Oliiesa or Weights, tht Biotu*sb- &oos SrOtatwoe, Sinking o. Ptoueruu *l 42*. VA ct is*»StocuscD,Sw'.tamirß or tb« Honrtrt *nd DUOcolt Breathing, Fluttering a: its Bart, Cbozuix or SudoeaUag BetsaaoM vcen la • lying.>*> • tars Uimoe*« of Vision, Dotscr before (£9 eLtot,Feteranddoll pain larht Hand. Ueficiso* 07 01 l-«Pspiranon, reliowDCT*of the 9)23 * ■ saflEycs, Palo In ibe Side. Dftctt.CbotC. , LUoM» -to* Sudden Flush'* of —» BW% fturnlas to. »be Fl«i, Cca slant tmagiaJnxi of Svtl> .and great PeoresaJoo Of * SPtdta, r2ota YH£ HON. THOMAS E. n'LCSS-SC*. FROM Tiftt PON. THOMAS B. FtiOMTfiEHON.TROMa* 8,-PLOHXHC:L Washington Jiti. lac, frii, GrartLaMxn: Barit? r»t-d it vtrtwny pj yoa, i have no ttraiutiof. in writing the fact vest I a xzir n»c*c marked latent from *oor Hoofiamt’i Goran Bitters. Ourmu a lent und '-colons &e.-9ioa o# Ora»sii;s and onerous on lit nr.any oxottmea me A fcndireaftanjueatjdtnt nw of thepmiara* U ii I bars named- I toot tlsaivice, and the rm.s yu lmcioveme‘'t ot healec,renewed energy,ae44Em particular relief I to ranch n-tOed ard o'tamed. Others may be similarly aoTsntsaed U they doors stf oe. Trmy jonr a> fiobenc*. - F2OM THE HON. JaOUB U l JUOl»- mmAsaunns. QxnTuacßa: is nmiy to yuu? inquiry a* to rut efleo* produced by HoutlandS bem-ao Bitters, a. !zj toity.l h« ;a so ccsitutica is say las t? at >c baa oo«a biKUiy benaQcial. In omi case,a care cf dysoepaut c. thlnetu years* ctacqlas, ana w.ilcL bid becoraovtrt dutreedng. the na;- cf ooe botuo gxno <.eol>tcd redd, the eccnruT cir?c?ing a uure, and the third, it e-nj, 1 baa ecoflnued the cure, for there raw iven co toms of Its rvturn for th©laat sir sears. In my tnc*- eiduu] us? of it, I find It to os an unequalled toiira. and sincerely recou-mend lu cse to thr ufferera. Truly ycim. JACOB BfloOH. 17W Spmco*®. The loßuwizig well tncwu rsvcreoa in writing the great benculu they base received from ihe ni© of Bi;,eis. Such tech mony must cestutsly convince themc/t sreoncaJ: Ect. Leyl h. Beci,Paster cf tho Baottet Cboiek. Pcmbcrtan JN*. J, fcrmrrlT of ts® North fisstZD Church, PhlUdelpma. __ _ _ - Eer, w. D. SdEfncd, Pistes of Twelfth Bocfer 0 3te». O, i:^DM» l u^tar,Pastor of Bcxhotough BapOst the Gtnasa Brfbrmad Chur on. Kutetoini.BcilCßConuty.Pa. . . Hev.J.M Lyons formerly Paste?® thu Columta*, y j »fd ■%. # ITgDtl«i Cnnrcnee. J.Newtonl?- -tId.C.. Cmtoroi the Sac* elcaecto o>BebslonsKnowiafiae and ChristianCtro> lc.'e,rhihwelpnu. • „ ’ Her. J ii. Ttruer, Paster ci H.’aLllna H. S. Qua*^; R. Kenuard,Pastor of the Tenth Ba> lls: Cborrb. Phlladrlphia. 4 - _ . Bor. Warrea Banaoteh, Putor of Baptist Omrs*. Oennartown. i>v.Wir. smith, formerly Pastor of the VlaecaSem and Millville, S. Churches. Rffv. Luwreuce w. Bates, Raitor Methodist protes> ant-Baltimore,Md. • We could add many others to this Ust did ipse* permit. FEUICIPAL OFFICE AND MANUFACTOS*. ; 1331 Arch Street, • PHILADELPHIA. JOK’ES <to EV^ISTS, (Baccefscrs so C. V. J&CKSOS & WXj yor sii6 cj onzsijts tod denier* ts eTetftotffl* tbs pßUfrl o{>vCj > - a,—We h»Ts di»ccii*lDe»Miias man tincture of tt* „r to ran nr-live ce:,!. 6i»e»lhn dollar oaU<9 ( o« anconal ci iu sue. Dwnd oioeb toe clipper to Cd eossotesr: s«e cast "frlne Oca iw>lar*'i nsM wTSDoarefesch w v LOED » 81QTH, Saacmi wwtera Aaeaifc ao3s»ai£>‘lf>XA**3do 23Likaatrcet.Clneaco.i3. Htdk park: summary, „ (Mar Ctlsjjro.) T Tpuns ladles Boarding' ScSooJ. TMftporaltMnttlißtloi now iba orm&M-NA O TailPLl*, P/taclP^^" I '®?* in n&eseepvonni co*;« ot trtch-ts.wdx o« “’"gf ler tto lecep 1-n ot B-abusi«» ob D* r aefloem , Thursday 2!#ra!c?, Sept fii&» *SC4- For rcera*, cat&Joscea er Wir“«^iMao 0,, *w tne dMdfnfcmd. C.SOBPS^ , S l i “? T Offccßci 51'3 - •«■***—- rrmp medical r \V. POTTLE,’ ai«M es** s, ■ '■ e a v IT* .rdpoiae a-®»x VdSßc >»4t S3»We 970»«L0C hAU< 9M»e PSOPRISTOS9.

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