Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 30, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 30, 1864 Page 4
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CJjicaga tribune. TUESDAY, AUGUST SO ISM. THE CONVENTION. C uUr.ved Jr mflnt ledle aodq jakerin tbochur of Waialrglon. A country Cl-ropied uca a Imm} drenched In bl<v»d. I do not cnarpe them with the entire re«run»iollUr of thcdlfcao duod «n tbSfl Uutnn. hot Idochprre that the exppperaUon or their, policy has driven toe Soatbf-rzi people to nnauesa, aod coa»- N polled them to seek auMv lo witodrawal. A WC'ional party mutt ever be destructive. ioa cannot 0r5.11 xt ard carry on a 9° portly tectioi.&l principle-.. whooe interest the i' directed •dll r^*al«j ■Jfcr'&tV.S'. SS’.tolSr% SS& o* t“i Ltoco.u for yearehMlua Iht po»ar ardwhat tatt bf &<«•<?' Borled one million of LirWlii-n. m-a « <US" J™ of aeM ill'll union, «11 l»r the fnnio;of tbe ' A'ricao fro® bit> bona age. Jt ha* pissed a rath 'ices coofcriptiOD Utr to tear tbe nowllllog from tb'fr botne*. t» mt effort*, it bis re* pealed tbc f£o“ elect**, tbc moat und >bc only ha ms"* provision o* that Intr - Now a poor maa druf.ed n-ÜBlbelorn'away to debt In a cause he abhors. Bat tbe shoddy merchant aid tbc army contractor nay* a rabioitnta o-caosc be can pi? the price, be it one or five thousand dollars Bat not salsfied Jojdng car eons into advice, tboyl are compelled to fight side by aide with ne gro«-« • Kowthl- ouslne«<H of negro sold-crs Is one of the most cpDicmptiWe uufi foolish la which this pre floilmeily foolish Admtniatrauoa hue ever been engaged. Wbero have they tv«*r oo'e anj good i Where b-ive they ever stood fire? Yet they are tht special petao* thia Abolition Administration, ’ and arerrt-elvmg Ur tavorsandJta prtispa. Bat ihey ate nve:**! 1 , end worse. Wehavctih-dAvar »oirg enough. It haf left a (doom in almost every tome, and ejat a shadow upon a million tbrcthboloa. Now let uvtry peace. Bet ns «y 'Down tbe c*.ord sod negotiate. Silence tbe songs of - wir wnd sing tbc hymns of peace Tbe'Boo*h b willing to treat with ns upon the baa*- of a-ree'oratlon of tbe Un loo, tftbdr conetitational rights are respected* We mnet meet »htm thus, shell-rise and tel there wp] be an honorable, a sate, and a last ing peace. * c most not nr et tneir. with intuits, us was the care with the Virginia >ettcr, “To whom it may cotcera.’’ BCt trout wi h them as brave - mtn, as men of hearts and men uf honors, and they wll> fetriac-baude and treat as brothers. There Is no doubt < 1 this. £l%*i tbe candidates oi our convenvon, and peace will sseorecly folio*-. Tbpse who nre now irtrrtbliug in view of tbe im pelling craft win liresthe treus&lo, and vivos aid mothers v.TT ecuc welcome back their absent loved ones. * Can wr eh ct hm ? 1 ani-tror Bare you en ter this cutnpau-n. und id tbc s-tmo spirit yon have sbownbeie, ip thefac-of Provost Manuals aud all oth'r Intimidation wMyou carry your prin ripleah»v«'iy&na bo:dy tunicgh? Wo shsil see. The man who fauns ini bir meat crisis is aawortby - of tbe name of mun »nd disgraces tnc manhood' or our p«• iy. We ate tor pe<ce. Wc deprecate viol!ncr, but there are tbipgs even worse than war/S/d that ii> a tame and cowardly submission to an ug. Bet u* endure no lonecc, but meet the first on'fiv** of oar c-.netlioeional rights as oar - fathers net the aggressors of ihi-m l . Ae yoa ttp •rate and i-o to>our ti met to the ulstnm parts o V the country, carry with 'onthe cplrlt that marks your ewiuolapi! to night, and. seeking peace al ways, ever be prep .red *o resMtho wrong. end vote ado w«»ra and pr»f for the sacccM of onr ticket, which ts the eneces* at union and coni»Uta- Clonal liberty. ftcorr, or n. c. A Mr. Scott, of the District of Co.nmhla. was brought cot and spore a piece of very insipid nonsense.- which, however, wao qaltc free from trenon, and conacqaently provoked no entoosl wsm from the antcrrifiA, sad ot which we do not choose 10 make special note. He was followed by a wild, fire-eating harangue fr«itu Mr. McManer?, one of the editors of the Hew York Jfttiw* . srEEcn or am. m'hastzcs. Go was proud to meet the uaaembled thousands oftheNonhweei, aiVcchu time as tots, in the in ter trig of p*mcc, lor peace is toe magic charm that has drawn you From your farms. Tour worktbi prt-oi’d your counting rooms yon have seen tbe wide d*-*olaut.a ol war. The groans of tiic dyn g and uic wibing of the beretvod have reached yt-ur tars ami moved year hentt*, and you come 10 pour *• «• <w»m ol piece Into their braised ind lacerated beans. Yoarm»a»ioulaablghand holy and a glorious one. As a public joarnoilrt he was one uf the first to cry oat Hgeiuet the ne’arioae ecaeme of wholesale murder involved In the war. Bat I was assailed and r-r my position by men of my owupirty; but I cm proud tossy taat time has vindicate iuy postOon, and show me a war democrat to-oay and 1 will dhow yona shoddy abolitionist in d<*gQtse. A mtu woo Is in Ihvorol this stnatar.l war ilsulu the holy name of democracy whence claims a piece la It* organ* ization. He i* a *uda£, ana thoald be cast out as anVeuimy *o humanity and to God. War and Mood and raulae end murder u the Ugtttm&te i o li-frfcof the Lincoln minion. ~We wash dor hands d;au or all participation in lu Bui we are tend that we mast be forced to Cirry snnslnthi«ubb»’iy ngUt. Soon the net is to be drawn that will gatticr iu i' a halt mlUion. more to teed the iusniiablctb'.r«t mr Mood oi -the Negro <jod. Let ns deuiabo a cessation of the sacrifice tmtil the people efaoli pronounce ihelr great and emphatic veroict fiir peace, tua let the tyrant an* daetsnd tbnl the demantl comes from earnest men and most be respect <.d We are oiien callt-d the Untemfied." I trust you are. I hope that yonr nerves may be ol steel, tor there is a oay of trial coming, and yon mast . meet it. There will be Pruv-»st Marshals who wII eneakintoyunr Umi y circ.ce and spy Into year I ..domestic relation*, ntid tx can yoa into an Abollddo BastHc. Then I trust to find yon 4 * nn terzlflcd" indeed. Let not the threats or bayonets or greenbacks of this Heaven-corsed Admlnlstra lien frighten voa; bnt if y«*n are to die, die as be* cornea men, inastragge for yoarrizbts; lire not ns becomes slavt s in the platiormol the Oooven-’ tion to-monow we snail bare embodied the glori ous and eubllmo doctrines ol peace. If yoa will sue tain that piat'onu, ns 1 Know yoa will, upon our country will case the bristliest era this nation has ever seen, end ibe angels of God will come down to earth to bless the name ol Democracy. Arownow occurred wolcu threw the concern into the bands ol Ut-Cie'hm. Vos Allen—the garuloos end perspiring— wa* the first man. Be aununcred for the flftu time that there is no ju>h« creature in toe heavens above, the earth beneath, or thi* water*order the earcu as rrowdtopct readv »o'fig-.tfor the j rights which wers coon to bs wroßted irom them by Llucoln, t&d said he was a peace maa atd was ready to fight and die rather than be crashud unaer tne feet of tyrante. Be then waxed warm and pitched into HcClel- Lan, saying U>at no man •homo be nominated to morrow whose bands art red, etc, and everybody instan ly thought, ot tbe enbangaini-d binds of LatlfeMec.' Let ns have no m«t' who wears Lin coln's atonlcer straps, ro Van, nrd cverjbody Instantly remembered Gtorgo B’s loar beaming stars bestow.*! at the bmdoi tbe tjranr, usurper and baooeu. MtClp'iun baa a very bad record, exclaimed tbe Allen, and everybody medita'euou tbe orderfor tbe arrest ol >bo Maryland Legieli tnre merely bccanee they were traitors. Tbe crowd berc bcao to cheer for McClellan, by a mo*t Incomprtm jitibJc perversity, .aid tbe more Van A. tried to co on, tbe mure be fonud be couldn't, and for half an boor be fought tbe roir- Ing mob for tbe privilege of tree speech, which be bad Just denounced Old Abe for suppressing. Tbs enne came home to roo»w ■be cham pions wouldn't let him say tbe first word, bn Kept shouting, bawling and ceertng lor Little Mac. while the baffled advocate of free speech turned from pale toTed aud from red to solferioo, and ebook hie mate arm in the air—a voiceless image pleading to be beard. At last Ryndcre- the ob-uticuisbed advocate of ■dree speech, who boasts of having quenched num berless Abolition paberinge—came to bi« relief. Jle stood np ny the side o! theuentlemsu who had just been perfonuluc pantomime, and invoked peace, lie then coolly iit'urmed Van that be (Bynders)comd whip him (Van): that be consid ered him nut a square Democrat, (Van baa been ▼Ol7 mnchj’rcnnd since he came here,) and de nounced him as i sir scid To Lincoln now.' He in sinuated that ibedieonruLizer wcohtd Just been pat cat wss a hireling of Lit coin's, and wished be would cease to trouble these waters. Whereupon, tbe crowd become leurmliy uproarious wita ap plause, and a Peace man was caned on the side walk tielow ybo happenec to look the wrong way. Served him right—be needn't violate tree speech. COURT HOUSE SQUARE. The meeting ct Court House Square commeuced with a speech from J T. *i. Johnson, of Mlatoori. CEMACKS 07 Otß. JQHXSOX. He claimed to be a preach* r of tbe Gospel, pro fessor of a college, Ac., from the county of Boone, Missouri. He gave a lour-winded account of Lin coln's reign of remir tu that section. He said that he did not preach politic* in bis ptlpiL {‘‘That's‘right; down with abolition preachers. 1 ) He sain ibit li auy man with arms In bt - budns in Missouri, be was killed. (“Is that eof ) Yea, ib ti is so—anil several voices with various brogues confirmed It. Wcbavcaireuu« suenheed one million five hun dred thousand men in (h.t deadly strife. 1 was in favor. In the be innii-g ot the war, of its rigorous pio%cnUon. But it bos now become a war for crntmbg me white man. and raising tbe negro. Every negro tbat « c have set frea has coat or tbe life of a white sunn, and flvo thousand dollars be eider. I regret that ** avery exlats. But because It dues «-xiec don t let ns make tools of ouraelvea. 1 wavt to se*- peace, with ihe tights ot oil tbe citi zens of this lend restored. 1» (A voice: “Yes, we want a peace man tor President. Down with war men.') If it shall be necessary is tbe settlement ef our dlfScolticsto allow a irv stars to form a Constella tion by tbeuivelrss, 1 tbli k -ve crL be just as safe. Just as well protected, and Jhet as free and happy under a Union oi Republics :.s we bare nets under a union oi States. I waut to see this whole conti nent bound together by sgrand untun of Republics. “No pelt np Uiica contracts our powers Ent the whole boundless cuLltncnt is ours.” And we will have, it, and wilt have peace and harmony aud selt goVdcuiocut with It, (Cheers ] Ihof, Hvdgewood of N. Y. next addressed tbe meeting. rcor. WEDcswoon, or k. t. My friend has not told you bilf of tbe misery of Missouri, and the terrible desolations of this re lentless, cruel war. The s-ceui-sof Missouri will be repealed in lUluoi- in less tbaneix months if the war should be continued. »Yes, and all over the country.) If tbe war continues you may rely upon it that every man's baud will be tamed Sptnstbls neighbor, pod the remit will be that iexe will be a contest between republicans and democrats bvre among ux. Let us avoid every thing of the Lino by demanding an Immediate petcc. ..[Oaeera.l X bops, to morrow thia tbe Canvebtion will pass a resolution rrcouim f :i>d ng an armistice and a convention of the States tor toe purpose of se alring a recunsircc ion. (Amen, that’s right.) fam ftsUtfied that tret-bsU have socb a resolution to-morrow. Our frituds at tbe Sherman House in m council lu-nl-Lt and tbo presiest talent of tbe country is b&jUu* hr-ugbt to hear io this end. And there Is totbine to wnirb «re can look forward with moie *aii:iuclu>n vt.-u ’be teulement ot our troubles and tt-ercviursifon of peace and harmony ;o oar distraricd Iriid. (-Jhaers.) Pn*i. wuc rucceeued by Mr. Baker of Michigan. ucsancs of me. bakes. l/Tios ft*? do ni lll6 rami dis»ric*.-. I cau a a ßnre j on tQe u* r.plc there ar-> cctennlord, whether tfier Ure or die by it. lu wav- tbe poorer from the bands of Abraham Lincoln -(UasUfor you, bally for .Midriff'h • I hel.ore vro rball innmphaQtly elect our e an and ban t«* usurper at Washington fi empower I Loud Cheers. J Solonjj a* ho car* a!rd oat IL<: prluciptu m hi* inaugural adorers,' ei-tl ail othfcxe supported him ia tmnetoirrluretheUtiou. Batnow the people believe that be is forgluff fitters for os all, and if hi- ret-icctt-n 1» another four years these fetters wonlu be placed upon or. la® lor peace, ICbetrs.l lor war i*«2c»tn>.Tt’ u oar liberty. I came here to proclaim A voice. Will yott sup port a wur n»cti li >-e Ituvcuicated.? We don’t «uui n war tttui I 1 will MHi;?«»ftiicy is nom • Itaitd »t ipf* <li:cipo Convention. (Cheers. A tolcr, **The'3)eu.oer.ii will not support him.” Anchor voice. “Thitf I cxpecc a peace plunk will be placed in the platform. Let ns burl that usurp** from power. Never till that day fomca. wh«> 'he imp r and ins victim meet at the ✓ Jademcnt seat can Uu be patched for We vrons;#, lot bis couepjrai-j epumsi-Anicrican liberty. {.Load cheat.] _ Ifcls unnecessary to talk to men here to-nlcht, - All yon went is ue «<caelon and \ Q a ire ready, I B e«ch*Ji»pW‘pb- mb •nrcm.d ur. Set Indiana down for B3JMO mriorttr . .na it tb.t I. not enonjth, pot It oown for'6.UW. [Uuar..] Wear, nnnjto , SrOTbebu ..nucnr.nkj o <l.l 5...., (Too are .11 rl<*t ”, Ol conne wo are all ri;h>. I lTlnt lo# , e aid l *' l * tollepah tcrue. •Ton can’* find ih.-m, and you will find less of ib«n belowcU-wif'C.] ' . , TA.«ve heard but one man shout lor Abe Lin- Jf*ffrinSMantis where I lire, and he w«7* the 4tbof July. J.Cheers.l Bat y two chem lor Fremont, for winch I 1 bsvebetrt p_._ unt- bft-t.wica as many friends conetooe ths F« year# without friends °T'u *'*' ‘"‘coda^- —** Give ns o Peace m-n. i ■ or tat. Kiia. Our of the utandee-c sfyhis I ever witnessed I saw here. A "rant levied en ortw to suppress. Tourprr'MiLd tutft' iboosar-d met assembled here tSd ffle him w!t» dr.jr.ljt cdjM: m less than an v,onr iTmncndoor cheers I They call me an I kno» ihew has been some want o( SiSSVi. the draaoera'lc parry, bat I think we eeca enonth oppression to tcooTiztce n> that we most unite toovulhro« tbe party In power. I war: rbc constitution cherished by Jefferson to be freed from the rule of such men as • Linru * and Burntlde and Bailor—the Dead, hs f* devil. tnd It** than half human. (Tremendous chrers.j He came from the jromb of crims.-b half* former 1 , revolting, si d looking ro horrid, and with paltFO.mean. that the dogs never fall to run oat ard bark aiblm «sbe passt-s. "Helshatedal'ke by mail and beast. I ray let ns enditbe rale of such men. Give us tree speech and a free press. Away w Ith yonr Inflated currency. We see what baa come upon ns In less than fbar years. What In God’s tirtne womdomc upon ns in loor years TLore. We must down with toe usurper. [“ Gire nr a peace man and we cat do It *’] Pr<D«ple. blessed, elortoae principle has always been the fooodatioa of all action that baa resulted well • rnppose an attempt i*honld be made to uamplc upon your rieh s at the ballot-box, what will yon do? |We will resistT We will resist as onr icr**Jatbejt did at Hhi-kcr Bill aod £orktown. Cncers.l Stand bj the nominee Is my last-volce ■ro jon. Only a Uuiemore tbin seventy-fire jesrs a/.o oar fathers planted the tree of libertr —storm alttxrioim has swept through it*" branches, and some oi tbtm (alien, but it can still abide audproUbtoStif we will he tree 10 Democracy. Some men oppose the Democratic party because "ibry wanttobew:thihe oouoglrioo I’believe if f tread lived in tbe time of Washington they wt-nld Aare opposed him. and bad they lived looser aco they won'd hare cried “ cru;U? him, auiify bim.” He spoke «>f an oid man who had niverprayed. bnt thought it was time to com* n tiiCr,ai;d be prayed God to help, the people re tain 6t sayms nod if j«.ucan*r help just lay low and keep dirk and yon will see* the dnmdtst fight ihe world ever saw. iTmnnrtloO’ cheers. 1 Mr. John Fuller, oi Detroit, was next introduced aru epoku es follows: spxncu or am. ruLixn. Tbe purest and best blood of our sons and fath ers ar.a hro bars have been poured out to crimson tbc waters of Southern rivers. Shall We fnniisu CO ,CUO morel (No, no; never.) We"will have a Itveptees and m-c speech. Are you willing any icuctr to ecouie your hardships? (No.) Then ccmc up and curl Idacoln from power. This black Abolition party has almost-broken sp th*s gov- % eminent. Will you endure it any longer I (No,. trom hondr. ds of voices.) What kind of money did we have when this war broke cut? (tiold and silver > 1 es, cold and ‘li ver, or goud,Wfll aecored paper, worth ninety-ulue cents on the dollar. What are Lincoln's green backs worth now? {Thirty-eight cents.) Tea, thirty-debt cents on the dollar Is all they are worth. vTo will, we must sweep them from power. (Not with a w«r man. Down with any ruse in favor of this war.) speech or am. s^nEssoK. I appear before yon as one r.f me representa tives 01 tbe Bt-ystune State in tho NatioaOCon vcntlon. For the nominees of the Convention we will roll up a minority of fifty toocaand. This counttr that for fittr years prospered under Demo cratic rule, bar. under tbe enorc rale ofthree years 'end a half by tbe Abolition power, become tbe .'aeghing stock of tbo civilized world, and what iMtfor. iForthen gker.l Tonanawerright. Ills for the nlcgcr and apainet the white man. iCaeera.] 1 think we don’t want oar bosoms stalled so much wi'h damned niggers this warm weather. (Cheer* and lauchtcr.) 1 don’t believe tbe negro is-equal to the white man. Is it not high time that this internal war was stopped ? Has there not been blood enoogb ehea? fYer, too muchj Ton most ssy in November, ** Thus far hast tbA gone, but yon ahall co no fanhtr. [A voice— - Then pive ns a i»eace man; we won’t vote for si 7 man who hae bad anything to do with this war.) We must rapport the nominee of the Con vention: L guarantee he will be right. I want peace. We must hive peace. [A voice—“ Then juve us a peace man.” The eyeaofibe civilized w ozlu arc looking upen tale convention and the. American peop e If wc do oar doty, our country will vo down to posterity* right, with liberty, tut if v«e tall we must be blotted oat from stnoic tie nations. a« a democrat I speak to von, tied 1 say to yon stand here by the power of t:epe* pie, cud nothing bet bayonets shad drive n> mm our jr.uci-s, and eveu bayonets cannot dilvc oemotra’s trom iheir placs. It the South could t c tnblngutcd bj tin* iniernal war. the t>ay oorit* wen.n be turned against too North. Come weal or woe we will be ior the sovereignty 0! Ibf biatiaand individuelrights. ilr Val audlgoam is maklog a platform upon which von cun all stand. (Loadand prolonged cbetTs.J Lleicp next *pote substantially as follows; speech of am. susnop. Yen must remember that the Convection have appoint > d i h.'ve Committees, ana the most Impor tant is the Committee on a J’latlorn. Ten don’t know who 1 am. I live In, the only green spot in the State. Be miibt have added the only place in that State 1 ever qlugtaccd wlta * negro riot. We ticrpisp Chandler Michigan went BepnbU* can in. 8U) twenty one thousand. 1 now want yon to pm her down as & Slate who will cast her vote lor the Chicago Convention. We propose to take the State from under the control ol the abolition ists. iChicri-. 1 hare no doubt bat Lincoln and his whole crew are anxious to-night. Be is look* inc and pnylne fur a divi-ion. Wo must oe united (A peace mas will unite us.] I want you to lenore all such expressions as peace and war democrats. What we want is unity. I have no doubt out that we will have a plat term that will unite us in trying to drive the Internal Lincoln dynasty from power. Whoever Is nomt* will call around him the nation's best aivi* sen. whether it be Taos. H. Seymour, or H. Sey mour, or Judge Nelson, or George B. McClellan. (Loud cheers J tie sme man who can rally the anost strength, and be will' call around mm seveiw of the wiseat Democrats In the nation, and we shall have a pood ola Democratic administration Spain. [Loud cheers.] Gentlemen, there is no question bnt that we are going to sweep the coun try with a pcrk-ct political tornado 'Cheers.] If the convention acts with wisdom and prudence, Lincoln will not get a single State—not even Mias achusette or Vermont iLond cheers.) What will be the duty of the Democratic party if he tries to put us oct by apy of his Southern ten per cent tblmhle-iigcing i We want a military man at the beta of the Democratic party to lead it in such an emen they. {Great got*pel lor a peace jmeetiog ] The widows and the orphans are allover our coun try ; the weed and emblems of {mourning darken and sadden the land. If an administration be wrong, whether right or wrongjiatlt oat of power. Oar elections come often. Let ne election go by leaving any -bed man in power. change dom to change. Change to right. 'There never waetnchacpancefor tne Republicans to change and pec out oi bed company. | Queers.] Select the man that will be elected. I want a mao who can walk np to the White House next spring and sskis Abraham in? iLaughter.] 1 want amm to walk up to him, und say to hi ;a, tee people have cozulndcu ttty do not need yotkncrc any longer. Ton can depart lu peace, aud God bless your wicked Shu). {Laughter aid cheers } It is said that martial law .will be declared over the North. It was dr dared iu Kentucky last tail, and by it ont party was dcfuiicd. 1 tell yoa the Intimida tion oi the hayuuec will .not do. Tue people are not afraid of It, I advise peace aid barmony, bnt if la the etrag* tie, it reaches the point chat the ballot- Wx is even 'ouchtd with eacrOeeioas bauds, £ fisyiben aud there, come what will, let the lives and honor of ail be pledged to the blceeot fight the world itu eaw. (Trumi-ndoas cheers.) Aiudl dona nomination w.ll Destroy the Republican naitylu ices than Mxly dsjs. We will nave help. 1 (M Wade, and Henry Winter Davis, tae ablest men in their party, have filed a demurrer against Lincoln already. how is the time to say that the stars and stripes shall float over us, with star after %car added to what we-aJready hive All the world wlilrejoice, aud history trill record oor.succesaas tne bright* esfpage in the history of se>f*sovernmcnL If yon want» load of hay, yoa have to take almost a load Ol greenbacks to get 1L (Laughter.) Major Stnmbaagh was next Introduced, and spoke ns follows: srxeen or jujob staxbauob. lam a native of the *ame county with Mr. Val- Jandi. ham, and there is bat little difference la oar ages I know him to be a pore patriot. (Loud Cheers.) We have not Democratic votes enough to elect our candidates. We must hare tbe con servatives of the Republican party. Shall we open the dt*or and receive tbemr (Yes, let them come.) TbU system of financiering most be stop ped. 1 could not enumerate in four weeks the crimes of this administration. DOK. HSXBT WAECKK. JAVA. OiMiu. n ~"lIon. Henry Warren, Chairmen^of the State Committee, of Rhode Irisod, said that at a time when the country wa« divided by tbe ralnousreign of tbe fiUck Republican tyrant at Washington, he of no higher dn’y than to speak ior murder ed liberty, even li the effort cost hts life. We find the minions of the despot everywhere, and we speak In peril. No. not in peril, for the glorious Democracy have, by the determination ot their, action, and llrß*flrnme-s of the resolve, placed tbe maueraboveoonbtand peril No more arbitrary Kmtte will be permitted pith impornty. No more Taller oigbams will,be drsrg*-<3 from the boJOms of their families, and spimed away to a foreign lat.d ora dungeon, unites toe attempt costs blood. Upon this tbe Democracy is inflexible. Upon one oi the banners that has Jnn parsed, I read He means “resistance to tyrants . is obedience to God.” It is a duty which we owe to our children and cnr God. to beat down tbe first 1 attempt at tyrannical uenrpation. If we fail, we cm serve to bechalvedtothe rinmpbal chariot of tbe negro-loving Lincoln, and dragged through the lend, a by-word and a reproach. -Little Rhone Island, carried away by the im pure of the moment, did once lend berndf to tbe mad project oi this abolition war: But she now sheaths the rword and cries, ‘'War is murder—l will not kill my'brother.'!. Emulate ber example. BoD on tbe car of peace, and sited to your guns reaoyior the emergency which events may force upon yon for this decision. Be ever true to the*" faith of tbe fathers ana j on will triumph. QEaaax cxtoxbiko. A vigdfoca attimpt at eettlng up a meeting of German Copp* jhtsds was made, but U resulted in a miferalle failure. A lot of speakers were post ed on tee Mcps - at the south door of tbe Court House, end tbty for some time outnumbered the audience. At most, only about forty were pres eLt, ulliold. They were addressed at length by Chris. Krithin of lit. Louis, Dr. French ol New York, Leeway ot Indiana, and cue Kettig Tbe character of tbe s]tttcbea was medium Copper bead. The meeting died out about 10 o’clock, of ebcet inanition. _ EUROPEAN HOTEL. The organ of Jefferson Davis announced in Its XotC»i\ iffcuu that C. Chaoncey Barr, the editor of fbeDhonlou Pence monthly published In New York az.a entitled tbs Old Ottard, and the very .Reverend Henry Cloy Dean, ft w e.l-tnown Copper* head. Ai ohtlon. Conservative, Whig, Democratic and Be dies! retired clergyman, ol Peace procilvi tier, whose ganos ot life nad nearly ran oat, would enlighten the inhabitants ol thl« benighted rerioa upon the principle* ui the new Gospel of Peace as taegbt by Ferrandiwud and hltf btothcr Benjamin. Dunns the cay or the Convention ana toe few asy* anterior, were bad been plenty of peace talk, bet ro loUrmingied with war sentiment that the Disunion Pence men pare and etmple have suffered ano lanauifabrd lor the unadulterated sosoeL They wanted something unmistakably peaceful. Inthfa Ctrlic they wi re pnttiled to the mil, from the bal cony of the European Hotel, corner of Lake and State streets, last evening. The mining was called for eicht o’clock, but It vrat sonnwhat later Lucre a crowd that appeared to Justify the efforts of these distinguished ptace advocates pm Lend. When they commenced speaking there wore probably a thonenud persons present, and tbi» number was considerably aug mented befrre they concluded. The tint orator was c. uuraerr strut. Mr. Edit la the editor «»l the secession monthly, cn*lt cd me “i)ld Guard,•• and rebaioualy believes in ibe richt of Etccsaiui*. or. ratbsr, the lace of au thority iii the tcner«l Cover ment'to coerce a fcia'e back into the Union when it has once seced ed. He is & pli-acaut, companionable sort of gen tleman, and on escciltmt aid fore. Lie speaker. He was intrococtdbf Willuan Winter, of Janesnllc, Wisconsin. t -21H. Brut's BEiLanns. Mr. Burr eaid: Mr. Chairman and gentlemen—l hardly expect I shall moke a lo fact-it is a time when eptt-co tcakieir should he ended. The time baa come Jor action, decided action. Every man fbnnld atk Mmse-f in what way can I best strike lorflbertym People have not been wont to apeak freely for »e Ij.s« throw years. We have «ad seals upon our kps one spies npon oar tracks. Wo b&tc l>ft-n living under a despotism a thousand times worse than that ol Infamous Acs ria. In that conntiv a man who ci>pleas**B' the reigning despotism *ib allowed to be tried according toils I forms tf law. All of ibis na» bsen denied the Door people ol this great counlrv since the first I three months ol Abmtam Lincoln’s anmlnlsict i tion You have rot resented thl* infringement * upon yourrichts. You preferred to await peaces -1 blv the termination of hi* term of other, That * term will prove the limit ofyonr endurance. It ’is ■ maivcl that Abraham Lincoln and th of ms i Csb.Lct who hare orders i-1 tmy arrests should he allowed to camber* The i erren eertb. He referred to the at-empt of pro; } voat marshals In How Jcmey Jo enforce toe tyrsn t deal edicts of tbf iufamons Xiucolo, andsud that I inch waMhc temper ot 'bfe-pcop c thatthey were j compellcdtorefmetoenfvrce obedience, odltelp t him God, these tyrannies ehaH cease, not on’y is S New Jexroj bat all over tbe Usd. When Uus peo ple uivtoe maoe op their minds tost this reign of terror and despotism ebonlo cease, It will cease as in a debt. we talk of rebellion and revolution In tbe Sonth. JTbero la a worse rebellion In the North. TflP Soothers people all have an affection tor tbe old' Constitutional Onion, bnt bcre in the North there Is a large party tvho call tbe Constitution a covenant with belli That's what’? • the matter (Cheers.]- Tbla tact w.>e tbo great obstacle In tbe way of a restoration of the Union. Sooth Carolina attempt ed loucHlly an cc: of Coogiefs, because it was nncotemotiODhl and urjatt. Ocn. Jackson ac* knowicdccotbst she was xo a moaacre right by consenting to ccmnrotnlre. Be Mid thstlhuteenS'AtcsaftheNcith were nul- i i£ert>, and. Instanced tbe passage of pereoxul liber ty hills. Tbe States had no more ncht to pass tnosc bills, dlrerteu against the Institutions of the ; booth, Sooth bad to Interlere with oor instiiuGons and co-toms. There has never been a National Democratic Conrcntlps that did not . give tbe Sooth occasion to resent its interference , with their domestic institutions. *Tbo can party came Into power upon a platform wnose chief plank' Was eternal not elarary, bat slaveholder,.'. Had Abraham Lincoln and the Re publican member*, of Concrete ni* toe with a spuit of co&cLlatlun .and compromise, there would have been no war. He would do Mr. Lincoln the justice to say tint in bit inantnrst tnt>eaec bo epoßo truly when Kb ’ paid that be bap no power In mace war to orlug the South hack. Bui/ar Llnroln’e Attorney Gcq efal dug up mold law, passed at the time otihe bhkv Rebellion, and' upon *lt Mr. Lincoln had .based bis war poitcv. - - ~ . „ Tterc is nothi« g bnt a convention of the States that can deal with the question of secession. Mr Lin coln nwtighi to acknowledge the Sonth,ncithcr has congress. It is an organic question,ana not King but a convention of all the Status, tbo organic de ments, can grapple with It.. Lincoln has no power to male war or peace. These ate the plalnpro visions of the constitution, and this is the position of thuFeaco party • , ... - - The quesuoti as to what will be done with the Eontb.oas been often '»aed. 1 answer Ido not own the South, and the? are not the subject of the General Government in any sense whatever, ft is •my dmy to bring them back into the Union by concession and compromise, if t can, bnt I have so right to barn her wheat Helds cr stesl her "silver, spoon*. It ; Is not true that the South is fighting fiff 3-avery, I but the greardoctil&c of State rights. They eav ; 1 that Mr. Lincoln has stolen a hundred thousand negroes Wby, gentlemen, U till* be true, be has not «io*en a tenth part as many of their negroes as he has ot their watches sod silver spoons. Tea cannot have the face to ask the Booth to come back into the Union until you withdiaw year ma rauding army. Be said that eflermore than three years of wan wc bear every few months the cry coming np that Washington Is invaded, and thousands of. oar y< nng xutn spring to arms and rash to destruc tion.- le there a roan la this aadlence that wants.- to have one-hall of the Ststes conquered and sub jected? (No.J Whoutbis Is done you nave end ed the Government After three years of war who . arc conquered, jou or the South? 1 e ay yoa are conquered. You cannot carry a‘pistol la your pockets to-nlcbt. In this crowd, ftithoot danger ot it being tat en from you by some satrap of Abra hem Lincoln. The object of the Peace party is to save the country, if yon believe that the Federal Govern ment has tbe power to make war upon a State,. 3 lu believe that ihtuStaic is a subject of the Gov ernment This warmest be stopped because uis biitulopon tbe destruction of the fundamental principles of the Constitution. You cannot con quer the Sooth, and I pray Goa yoa never may. The Democratic’party must recognise in their nomination the doctrine of non-coercion, .or it wi-1 jig] «m(i ought not to be snccessfaL This compalcn will bo —• satiafaciorv only il conducted upon the principles ot the old Democratic party, and they «ere peaceful pr.ocl ples. 1 hose doctnnes must be represented either in the candidate or tbe platform. Got the candi cute if}oc can, but the platform at all event*, tie i was noi an agitator, He wo* the Hat mm to dts- i torb the harmony of his party. He said that the Peace Democracy stood Just where Jefferson and tbe founders of the Dtmocratic party stood. The War Democrat* were the di&organizers, not the Tt,3Ce Democracy. “Wash the glorious old bau mr of blood,” marshal yo&r fotces ou of peace, and it will certainly lead you to triumph ant victory: lie said there were nuseis*uea being made here id Cnicsgo, and he warned his hearers totto be mlslea by tocm. Concerning the con. tcrtpifbn. be said had he been a Governor of New Jersey there should never have been a conscrip tion In his State. The constitution provides for a militia, bnt the conscription act annihilates it. It one Is constintional the other is not. If tbe ' act is couituntiotal, Abo Lincoln can draft you •ell into bis army, and compel yon to associate with bis negroes. In his own township, wUh sev enty men iiible to do military duty under the last call, a qnoui ot over two hundred was required For hixmteli. If conscripted, be preferred to die at borne, where b'.s last hours wonid be cheered with the presence of afiVction, rather than be taken to the army, and there murdered In a foreign laud and among strangers. TItEMONT HOUSE. There yftxe meetings in front of the Tremont House jai-talgbi, and over the prindpa portico Jcdpe Jdeaflc, of Hlinuis, was-vtho* big goa, lie 1 expatiated largely on the lamu cf the present ad* ministration, thoweo the evil effects which we are now suffering, and made altogethera most lament able picture of this country and her prospects cow and for all time to by the special luierviuiion ol a Democratic success in ' the coming election, McClellan or some el the same clique - should be e.ccted f*resident* Lise all lawyer orators, ho than went on to give an analysis ol the Constitu tion, ol thcrbill of rights, of the acta of wrong, and of the habeas corpus.' On the layer point he wanuofvery ItUciions in his explanation* and illustrations, as a single extract from Ms speech will show. Be said that, the Constitution pro vided that the writ of Aaten corpus coaid not be suspended except in cose of invasion or intended rebellion, whereas the present Administration rendered It that the writ of habeas corpus coold be suspended In other than cases of invasion or rebel lion. It seemed to onr reporter that the two tblogs were about aa much alike as Pompey and Cesar, but the speaker eeemco to binge upon one id«a that the Pkkidxnt was cot byname or title mentioned as having power to suspend this much abused act of what Samuel Weller coked here his carcoie, therefore the tight did not rest in Mm now. _ A:ier a good deal more of special pleading and Hit)e of entertainiog'-matter. the speaker found there w< re others who warned to otr their views, ami at once eobrided. The next speaker was a Hr. Ginuey of Illinois, wfcotpeni fllteen mlnatea in mfolaomeadalotloo oi Pamsyivsnla, and a schoolboy's wc.come to her dclpLatcs. lie was loiiowctrny uio n»». xz. o.ciayhnnrn nf Uitsouri, who then addressed the people. Ills speech was moio than ordinarily cood—it ex* prtstfd fall and UcroDch Copperhead views; as serted that Le was aVbclnUio, born in the State thst had given I Irth to Wathingum, and Hadlsoa, and, (a«- tne speaker seemed i o have a special pride - in ui the birthplace and the country of the brave nod the noble' Stonewall Jackson. When ho first came hero he was not for Me* Clellan, (bnt be did not say for whom no was in sttneted to vote.) bnt since he arrived be was con vicced that he, Mac, Was the man for the Cour amL the time. Tiring of kia speech, (speaking Is hard wotk.) be told the audience tnac he wasilry, and they were dry, and if they were not too large a crowd for any bar-room to accommodate or for his Greenbacks to stand by, he would oak the whole crowd to go wi h him; As it was he would - driok ibeir health, Ac., Ac., Ac. —— btraass, of Pennsylvanis, was the next speaker, and Jolluwta the role of cis preaecessord, in au nclimltec glorification c the son (or eon) ol Pennsylvania, whose radiant beams were to dispel all the gloom of present times. J. D. Stilts, also ot Pennsylvania, went on in the s&rnc strain, and as it was annoaoced that a simi lar cioasol tpeech would continue through the nuht, in deference to onr readers, and obiernng a proper respect to ourselves, onr reporter felt that It was the 4 * better part of valor" to leave. AT THE >OBTH BALTOKT. • A mailer eduction ol Copperhead* assembled at the North end of.tne Tremont House, bat after a short time ibe speakers retired as the noisy acclamations of the larger multitude seriously in terfered with their success. Col. C.lpperd, of MLsoun, first took tbe floor atd indulged in a general denunciation ofthepre sent aominUtra'iun. He was in favor of peace rather than war, and considered that peace could only be obtained by tbe election 01 tbe democratic candidate. He assured bts bearers not to be alumcd at/ears 01 a split in tbe party which In tended to sweep tbe country next filth of Novem ber, lor whichever candidate rccpivetl the nomina tion every democrat would assuredly vote lorbfm. - Concluding -as he commenced by unmitigated abuse of Mr Lincoln and bis colleagues, Co:. Clipperd resumed his seat amid considerable ap planet from bit- bearers, who evidently appreciated hie bold outspoken treasonable sentiments. Cispiain Easts, of Pittsburg, was next intro ducto, in vildany. Be denounced the present Govern ment m unmeasured; In blasphemous terms dammte Mr. Lincoln as a thief and a leader oi thieves. Lincoln, continued tbe elegant orator, vns now played cut, the opposition to him was going to be bold and powerful, there must-be no underhand work,' and "If Democrats catch any of ‘ Lincoln's b—y satrap spies among them they mast cut their d—a throats, that’s all. [Applaose.] It is the only of every American to vote for a peace can didate. For seventy yean the Democratic Dirty safety guided the Snip of State through all dan per*: but now, in Ices than three years, the shod cy despotism has deluged the country with blood destroyed all national itstlcutlone, broken up the home circle, and changed the most glorious coun try under the sun into a garden of discord, where brother lifts nil hie band to slay brother. I Ap plause.] Shall this state of aimirs last 7 [No. Fo ] bball more wives be made widows, and m jrc children fatherless, and greater bate be star red sp between rbi’dren of the same eiorlons con stitution 7 If not, wemostput oar foot upon the tyrant’s neck, and destroy it. The Democratic government must be raised to power, and Lincoln, with bis Cabinet of rogues, thieves and spies, be driven to destruction. Wbat rball we do with him 7 [A voice—- Send him here, and m make a ccffln for biro,d-nblm.”] Ye«,contmued tbespeak cr. d—n him and bis miserable followers. Ido not propose, continued Oapt, Kuntz, to give to you to-night tbe platform el the Democratic party, fur as yet it i» unbent; but I should like to see tbe' nob e George B. McClellan as President (cheers), and that crest Democrat, Horatio bey moor, should occupy tbe position of Secretary of State. In the Cabinet 1 would tee tbe name of Voorbees and tbe brilliant galaxy of gentlemen statesmen who clnettr round the Democratic ban ner. Stch a government would bring ptace to tbe country, and would tend greatly to render nagatlve the evils of the preheat corrupt administration. What.has Llncom done lor the poor, man 7 [Applause.) Abolitionists say be has flooded tbe country with money and caused the i-eale nf wages to be raised.' Perhaps so* U>ta>ltbe money is in the pockets of bis partners, the shoddy contractors, and the raise In wages Is twenty times woiso than nothing. Un der the Democratic rnla of pomy, a man cumd pur chase! with bis day's earnings eight pounds of good coffee. Under the present dynasty he works burner for a pound and a'quarter. Then f Qod en tar was five* or six cents a pound; now it is forty or fifty. If such is tbe remedy, give os the disease. .Cheers.] True, Lincoln eehs coffee by the bush el, a dollar or so a peck, but wbut but the depraved _ tsste oTanaboliiionli'tCftu'etomachit. They say it’s g» od; mi I bore to say then I*, that the worst I cun wish of Mr. Lincoln is that bo may be puis , cned wnh bis own coffee. After going on in this strain fur a short time the speaker concluded, and the meeting dltper-ed. with some really excellent music by a Boston band. USNItT CLAY PEAN. , Jnd"c Alexander, of Ucumcky, then TElrodaced Ht-nry Cla> Dean, too “Rob Roy or lowa,” The Rtvt-m-d et appeared mill Dost! aud beard nrsLoxn &od ciJth&vcn, and immediately launched cut into a fierce and bluer strain of infective, oTerflcwiut: with voUarUy obscenity cod pronTul -17. We give the spirit 4>t Ms tematSE, oaiitijog loose portions obviously unlit to be read by r«*- iptctiblepwpls. Her.Henry Clay Dcanisapo liticsl nlackcnard. \ hzmahkb or uskiit clay dean. Ur. Dean cold he should mate a practical speech The reason wby be wjb hare to-nfffUl was ihit ev eirrisbt he held dear and sacred waa crashed oa byibetytannlcaldesputlsnvpf Abe Lincoln. Tbo coaetitptluc was dead. CiufreasmSß bad been imprisoned, and legislatures Incarcerated. [A. voice; “McClellan oid thac*’] Today we are rolid by lelonr.and there is not a man in power employ bom Lincoln down tuut does not deserve a jtJc-Me death. (A volte la lha crowd, “How about Jeff. Davlfl ?”) 1H tell you aoont J«ff. Di vis. Abe Lincoln has a little difficulty with him, ttd X mute It a rule never to Interfere with blade maids. Tbeio was haver a crime perpetrated la - the bistory ot tfceworldtbat ba* nut had Usenet ‘ counterpart In the conduct of sir. Liucalo. As mieaaGodUver, there is a'knife in preparation Hat wid sever his political head from his lean, leDk.djlncPolltlcdtH^r. Be*rbanred Abe L nchlo with Ijlnu and perjury, a» d said be hud “petitlarccny written all over his i ofr iruui the crown of hie beud to the sole of hts fset” Be aelif we have tried yarto our hearts conteSV. There never had been In the world’s b.trtcrfeean army lib* that raised to conquer, u ltd at® it 62, what U called tbe rebel States. Hone oitbccreatUtneralsof tbe world had ever seen or dreamed of such a munificent array of soldiers. The swamp* of tbe Chlckshomiojtestify to the liter annihilat'd! o£ tuac bpdv. We , »nfd» ertiy art of .TO Jo the'Tkit three years, aba we had utterly failed /ailed* tailed, FAILED.' . He Mid It bid been proved that by war wa era do noWng In IhJ* cm la The men whoVant wtr are live not by the *we«t of tbetf brows, but want the awekt to come from thebrova ot itelr neighbor*. borne democrat* who had coneon their', knees for commission* lor their eonr, were also la favor of the war. The only proper plan ie for tbe democratic pirty to coo tble war at once. Vote no more men, and lo mere money. He raid U war their duty- Co rote for no man who would vote either men or money to cairj on tble inlamon* wax. Everr wortlan mao, eryry Chr'stoin mao, In Chicago, la in favor o'ncacc. ... Hr condcded by offering the reeolntion adopted In hie rnemtss address He said It is tho glory of Chicago, that the working men of this beautiful dly aset-mhl din their might, and threatened 11. tho error |or tbe suppression oflhc was not' rescinded, to lay the city in ashev. He chsracter ittd Hr. ialcoui as a monster of ttrmny and des potism.' • • V Ur. Peis could cot find words low enough to express bis anhorreace of Geo. Borbrldga. He he was a slimy wretcb born to Keptucty. He aekecntfw we phon'd cet rid of each men as Bur* bridge, Butler.'Bclw-ctk. Ml rev and Hunter. (A. vnj^—Hang them.] Nc, that would not do we .will have peace'and then they wld oli oC the black rdr. fie compared tho Abolivlonls** to ne groes, bnCaala that the latter were, in everr res pect preferable. Mr. Dean said that Illinois wanted peace, and the nation vraured peace. He ealieiLforthreocncerr'fur Pomocratlc principles, welch were given with a will. BE MARKS 0 V S. H. BEBSABD. Mr. 8. M Bernard, of Kentucky, urged the ae ctet-i'j ut peace, and Insisted thur this infiraal war, now afflicting our land with wlde-apread des o.tuon, floold c*-#se He nrgrd his bearers to support the nominee of tbe Convention, wbo ov<*r he might he, lie said wo were under tbe Iron heel n» despoiltm, bat the proper piece to ncaelve a 'victory ever a tyrant was at the ballot box That r cbt they would at all hazards; they asked nothing more, ana would take trot'4ug lea*. OTHER SPEAKERS. Duke WiikUiTe. of Kaatuckv r a ■ natural born BlaTe-hreeding* end nigekr-drlvlng arlaiocraUnext addressed the audience, but our reporitr.had sat Odeut of treason and gave dp the attempt to report b.miudlegQ&t. * THE PROCESSION. At half past eight a Scymoqp procession was formed at the invincible C ab room, bearing a ae ries of elghr transparencies. They were preceded by tho Ohio Band and a white .Sag. displaying tho winds *’Stympur, tho Statesman ” Toe transpa reuciea were inscribed. “Trial by Jury,”* “Tdta reminds me of a Joke,” “ I wont to go to Boston— A. t.; ’ 4 jjfcr la Dtannion: Sheathe the Sword and Save the union“ War, Taxes and Oppression;” “Blested are the Peacemakers;” “Peace and Union;” “.War makes the Rich man Richer and tbe Poor man Poorer;” %t Wo Intend to lire so that we will not be afraid to die. Vox -PopulL Vox DH ’ “ Blceaed ars the Peacemakerst* Sheatho the Sword and Save the Union;” “Peace, Liberty nid Plenty. . ' x -14 Western Labor cannot afford to continue war and paying existing debts, wbiie Ea*urn capitalist* •re extnpt irom taxation 11 Buchanan $60,000,- (XX), Llncu n $4300,000,000 11 True * equivocal peace platform;” “Principles not Men;” “War mav divide us. Peace may units as“ The Cauaid&tea zrv Peace and War, whom do yon votetorl” “ Restoration ami no Reconatntctlao;” “Peaceand Überry will givena Dniou and Fros perily;” “Fiecdotnoi from Ar bitrary Arrests, A ireo Election or a free Fight.” Tbeprocecalon proceeded to the meeting la tbe Court House Snaara, wben they were loudly cheered, after which they serenaded the New York delesatlon at tne Khertnan House, where a loud call was made for Governor Seymour. In response to the call, Mr. Perrin of New York appeared npon iiho balcony, autl apologized lor the absence of the Governor, but anted teat they would bear from bie Excellency after tbo nomination. From tbe Sherman House the procession proceeded to tbe Riabmoed, where drinks weresopp ied and tbe lights like those of the foolish virgins hav ing gone out, the benighted Seytnoomea 4is-' perstd. A New York paper contains the intelligence that Dr. J. B. Buchanan, Peace delegate to Chicago and Cbalnnau of tno New York State Democratic Cen tre! Committee, and J. W. Leathers, one of tho wealthiest citizens of Louisville, are to be sent to the Dry Tortntas for ascertained conspiracy to as t-iat in overthrowing the Government by force of arms. ' Mjtre tyranny, doubtless. ' TUB NSW TOOK DKLSQATIOX. ' The following report, signed by T. B. Florence, as Chairman. and Ananatis Schell, as Secretary, comes to ns in an exchange. 1c shows a little of the Elde-woiktnus or the Convention and the lead which the New York Democracy have taken in its action: •• At a meeting of the National Democratic Com mittee, held in pursnaeceof notice previously given, at Saratoga Springe, on the 22d day of Au gust, 18G4, it was determined as fol u we, tu wit: Wheexap, A National Democratic Convention, called by ibe two organizations ot Undemocratic pksty, le to meet at Chicago on the 29th of August, 3604, for the nomination of candidates for Presi dent and Vice President of the Dnit'-d States, and whereas, it Is desirable that said Convention should be untrammcicd in its action, now, there lorc, Itis ... . •» Eatytid, That the committee of which the Hon. Anintt Belmont is chairman be requested tonnlte with this committee In inviting nis Excellency Doratio Seymour, Governor of tho State of New York, to call said Convention to order - Jieio'tcd, moreover. That, reverently .acknow ledging onr dependence upon Almighty God lor guidance and Bncce«s in all human undertakings, the committee of which Bon. August Belmont Is chairman be requested to nnlte with this commit tee in Inviting the Bight Eev. John Hopkins, Bishop of Vermont, to be present and Invoke the Divine blessing nyon the deliberations of the Con vention. - Eaolted, That if time docs not admit asking the cooperation of Ibe committee of which the lion. August Belmont is chairman, the chairman of this committee bo requested to extend said in vitation in behalf of this committee • EucivetL/uriher, That to maintain the national integrity, preserve constitutional liberty and se cure individual rights, it Is respectfully suggested that the delegates to the Chicago Convention de vote tbclr best energies to secure the adoption of such measures as will most certainly accomplish the defeab'Of Abraham Lincoln, so that peace, prosperity, contentraen and happiness may pe re storcd-to a sorely stricken, heavily laden and much oppressed usd borne down people, TIUIN'S RICOXD MANIFESTO. A reference to our report of the' proceedings of the Convention will ebow that the application of. G. F, Train and others for seals in Uut body was referred to the appropriate committee. It was an > derstood last evening that the committee held a meeting and decided on reporting adversely to the application. Ucnce the following Ingnbnona epis tle from one who wa< thrown odtoo track. “Look ont lor mo engine wnen the nui rm-ra/* Some campaign mottoes for magic lanterns and torch light processions. Sherman Dome, Chicago, August 29. America sold ont to England oy the Democratic - polliioan*— price $10,000,000. Ireland thrown overboard by England. Wanted—loo,(oo Wooden Cratches, 20 ,000 Wooden L« g«, ~- 400,000 Metallc Cbffins, for McClellan 1 * new army to crash out the South. Wipe Out My Maryland. Am»t every Man, let None Escape.—[Scot. VJI. The War mn&t co on.—l West Point Speech. Manumit the Shires as a Military Necessity.— [7th March Letter. Every Mon Must Be Drafted. The Fenian Brotbeihood Sold bj the Invincible Clubol Chicago, -x Droit Every Man.—[Q. B. He. New Turk takes snuff— Pennsylvania sneezes. Belmont layeiih epg—Five Hundred Delegates cackle. * ” Down with the Politician and up with the People. Democratic Party Died Ancnst29th at Chicago. Disease—Belmont on tbc Brain. The Pollticions,their filebta and nothing more— The People tbeir Bights and nothing less Six men In the Convention arc plotting to divide the nation. Fltty-eix delegate* shout out, representing the Iron Mountains, gold mines and two million enpare'tniies of America. ' *“ Now loru Weaiera Eepublic—west of Hlaaia* slppl West and South will close op. We are shot out because wo will not sell ooreclves to Eng land. " McClgllan Boat Sinking—Too Many Passenger* Jilt ased are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children ot God. Gloria in ExceU— Glory to God in the highest— Peace and Coed Will to Han—Belmont says so. The Politicians are in Council—Hay Cod have mercy on the Union. OarCommerco destroyed in every sea. Three cheers for England and George B. McClellan. 6am. Barlow auLAugnsie Belmont were part ners with Jadab P. Benjamin and John Slidell in tbe Tehuantepec route, and are e'ili. HcUtllan enlaced by tbo holders ot tic boads to enforce tbe draic. Let no man escape. Democratic psry cat, drink and be merry (so •lorgna Belmont pajs the bills,) for to-morrow ye die. . The Fenian Brotherhood used by tbe politicians to rain America, elevate England and destroy Ireland. A voice from the pit. ' - iYMteripf. The Ergllsh candidate wiping out American States. Louisiana wiped oat—Nebraska wiped ont—Washington wiped out—Arizona wiped out— Nevada wiped oat—Colorado wiped out—DacoUh wiped out —Montana wiped out—ldaho wiped oat —New Mexico wiped out—District of Colombia wiped out. - A'l of them not In Committee. sixty cclejmtcs slaughtered because they refuse to pander to England. Belmont decides It, The delegatee have Belmont on tbc Brain. The pit rioie obey Belmont purely for love. England has only to esy do tbie and they doeth it. Toe dele gates are not to blame. Democrats ot the West makr every man in tbo Convention.. Lord keep onr memory green. Bmounts Caught.—The store of a jeweller named Shelbnrg, on Clark street, near Adams, was .broken into on Friday night, and a quantity of val uable property stolen. „ On Saturday a man named Bidder was arrested for stealing momey from a store In tbo West Division. Amcng other articles found upon the thief were several rings which were identified as part of the jeweller’s rMasing etock. Yesterday detective officer Btrebel went into tbe c«H of JUcbitr, and found him In conver sation with another man, who nad all tbe'tnafclags up of a profosaional tblel. On his leaving tbo jail the officer arrested him, and found upon his per bonmoruOl the misaice jewelry He gave hla name as Andrew. Martin, and infonned Strcbel that the balance ol the property would be found with one Hike Hills. An arrest of tbe latter man was forthwith made, and it is thought tbc whole of the lost jewelry will be recovered. BimxocianzD Abuttals.—The Atlantic and Great Western Railroad—air line from 'New Y: rk to St. Louis—ib now open. James McHenry, of London, England, financial director and principal stockholder; F. W. Kennard, chief engineer; and ' Samuel Warren, financial agent at New York, are no win Ibis city > aving accomplished the trip of twelve hundred miles in lortj-foor hours, without chance of cars. r with such men sMhe head of the affairs of thfa mad, the ace or wonders win rot cease today. A doable track (that rare thing: la tte West) is the only thing lolt to dcalro. On no other road are there greater facilities to bo found for the trans port m either passenger* or freight, and on no other road Is ctjial speed accomplished. The centiefLtn above nampd will be in town uctffiWedbcaday next, and ate the guests of H. Milward, E*q. ' PnxsEJiTaTioh.—A parly of retorned eoldlera have raised several hundred dollars for ft testimon* ikl ol affection and esteem to the late officer In command of their divislosL The jrfll known jewelry establishment Ot Giles Bio & C«„ No. 148 Lake street, have - furtishtd from their stock a watch an£mper> or might covet, which ia to be approprla e'y en grsvtd and find its desilnation at the oands of too • oys In ome, wDeikwo can make* a more pointed reitrcnce. ‘ Cmcioo Ttph FotfiaißT—Weftttcntsoflofour reader? is directed to the advertisement of the Chicago Type Foundry and Printew* Warehouse, in another column. Messrs, acoffeta & Co. are preparea to do efectroiypine and stereotyping Jo #ri er, m the heat a-jle. Membera-ol the will find ft complete outnt, the quality of which cancel be excelled. ■ EoßßEriEs, —At the Central Police Station lnt night no let? than than five complaints were pre ferred by -strangi ra who bad bad their pockets nicked ol sum* averaging from $5 to flO ’. Three of the Upbi fingered iraurully were arrested yes terday, trd a Quantity of spoils found upon theuc persons, which it U thought will be identified- Aw ttnnm IK Tbodbu;—iA married lady named Mr*. Catherine Biehy, yesterday charged*! - . ' a lawyer residing in the North Hi- Tl*>ion, and the Copperhead Alderman fop the Six teenth Ward, with an attempt to commit rape. JMxa.Bichy >iid that ber mother had boI into trou ble, ana she went to the defendant to ob'oiohs 'service*. When Bbehreutmtothuzoomorodlceof Mr, that locked toe door and became excessively fwnlllsr. Her cr»e* tor help at length indneed the Aidwrmau to unlock the ooor and allow her to leave.. Toe JusUca hdd the AKt-rman to bail in the sum of 1500 «r take hta trial at tho next term of the Recorder * «.>onrt. Tk?<£«fAicaltd bj H. C. Ballard. B‘i. Baud will, by invitation of on. merons citizens, give » promenade concert at Bryan Hsll on Thursday evening. trOCAX mas ters. A PlneVbiPS f«»r luo Oortre—Tm fra-, tract Sorodout appears to hare taken « vary' prominent place among tbo most approved frlcea of the day. It la a very nopnlar article tor the toilet, highly recommended by all who hive need it ua a beaut jfler and preserver of the teeth, •refreshing the mouth, sweetening the brcaih. ar resting the progress of decay, and otherwise ben efiting theorer.—Boston TVoraVr. ancSO-rSB-8. xu-TnaajL. • Bepresentattve Rfeintts and <abstr tntem—Perrons wUhicg to ootaln Sibifllutt* or liej'TtientaUtts, for th* Army or will dud it to their advantage rocnli on. Adams & Sprluger, N. W. corner ot Madison and Dearborn etrects, or address them hr letter. Persona to'draft in • an® State, can be exempted by famishing a anb etllote for tho Kavy at this point. &T Paper Hangin", Ac., Ac., at N. York price’. F. E. Rtgby, £0 Eandolph St. a027'p764-3 r ot tne narrooE. aaninaL. Urmery sad Sexual Syetema.—Hew and relitcle treattueut —ln report* of tae Howard Association. Sent by •mall In asled letter enveloped, tree Of charge. Address Dr J. Sbillon Hoapbtou. Howard Asso ciation, No. 8 South Ninth street, Philadelphia. Pa. • . • lyS-mSW-to yW" Hncftg ana sign * Palatine, Glazing and Gpilnlio.. Paper Oaxsines and »dew Shades selling at wholesale nod retail *c New •ifors prices. ,F.B. Riobt, 89 Banciolpb * .BozBSK. Iyß4-u633-Im^ 'Bleav>4iiitiit'i Haii te aieii'i,—tilriißli' , is to rent mi afi the pc£po?efl lor wbuVeoch hc.)l6 are oriicorjy u»ed. Term* icoCwhU, Applica tions cas be mad: a* tbs adjoining.tee ea. trance to th* H«i T *el(Hs94C-tf 3£arketfi by .Telegraph* NEW YORK. CATTLE DIARHET. [Opening Oat*] . ITelsrraphed f-rtne Cnicago Trlbnn*.] Nxw Yoax, Monday Evening, Ang. 29, 1861. BEEF CATTLE—There bsva been on sale at Aller ton’a to-day sbont f,6OC heat of BoUccta ; (be quail ties oi which have varied' from very extra trades to ecsUawxgs; bat tbo greets) qua Ity has-been-cetter than recent receipts. The weatberu ary and cool, a:d quite ftvcrahle lor buslnea*. - Tbe top prices -current to-day, excluding f\ncy cattle, or extra holiday beef Is per jb net vcUhto meat, teller amklrur offal. 39@2Cc ; nodlarn ausiny, ssysgood isir CroveofGor? evt lUlnoli B r e4rs ( 15&17 C; tae lowest rates. Inducing Uebt thin Steer* crane Oxen, etc., 10Ql3c. Some very extra qualities were sold at 19029c»-Tbo market is rather-bettor than last week. 41 6HEKP—TW mtrkst Is cot as it was tait week, and prlees are ye V B !owtr. Best price p is, live weight. SQSHo. ' HOGS—’The Hog market compared wllhlastwask lirathtr better, with 8 car loads received slnerSU n day. The aemsnais,hn*k, azd tbe weatberez tremcly favorable The range of ptlccs f> n. live welglt.lsqaotfidatllQiijfc. Bolok Boonraox. -Bt- Loots Nlarsrt* especial Blipatcn to tbs Chicago Tribune J St. Louts, Mosday. An?. 39. '• Tobacco— Market cot very active, and prices vs-e much os on Batunfaf. Brest embraced 380 hhls, of which 181 were told. We quote logs at BI : 015.5O; common Shipplig leal ot sl6®39ioj medium do at S23OJBA:; *00dd0at529637.53; Kocdandflno do at $10975 V iOC ft*. Ficus- Unsettled and ra*her baavv, with nice of STO brli XX at r.OJO; 903 do XX at $10.(6, Inspected, bead-lined and delivered; .WnxAT—Active, sad prices maintained. Si’ca comprise SCO sactstbclca at ILiT; 1287 strictly ortme at $3.20; 8714 do good to prime at $; 93 do fair at S262JJC; 90 do common at <l3O. OAT»-AcUveand Him. Bales of 6000 Barks at 92 ®9.’Kc. Conx-Flrm. at tbt full advance, and active Sales comprise 14.f8i bags 'white, yellow and mixed. In store, at $1 £0: SJO'flo white ct ?IJT; CIS do mixed and yrilow at $1.48. Etk-Iu better demand. Sales Include 190 sacks at $:.“5, sacks out. WmsKT-Oolst and dull. Sales include 25-btls at $l.B. » Vessels Passed Detroit, [Special Dispatch to the Cblcaeo Tribune.] Drmorr, Monday, Ang. 29, iSG4. Up.—Champion, Marqoett. Dows.-l’ethCgo, U. M., Jennie^and Annlo Bolt, Ocr&n Wave,MaglU. * Wign-Bcrthwette. New V ork market. New Yoke. Monday, A eg. 29. 1861. Cortox—Hall and nominally unchanged, at HAS for middUcc uplardi. Flops— Stats and western Cull and heavy, and roa S clover, at siO 3*010.49 for extra state. ato.xs-*!! 00 lor roned hoop Ohio, and SU7SOi3M for brands—msraet elotlac heavy, with no buyers at out side aur.tatloca J.tOO oris extra itare eold on Batar dav evening, lo f last hah of week, atstoJX). Wbiskt—heavy and tower, at 1132 for ctate, and $1 01 fox v e*t«rn. Obxzx—Wheat doll and aomlcally 303 c lover, with sales of choice am‘>er Mtchlcau at $*J5, which It an outside trice. Com dull and base lower, at $1.692161 for mixed western, and tt 62 forebotes do. o*ti io lower, with tales at tor westnro. w ool—lnactive, owing to tbo late ce slice in go.d. GBOcxßirß—CotreeoulT. Snearqn'ei. rxmoLitjM—Heavy ■ crude r>3H653; redned In bote* quotedSsoß6K: free B^o9o. Provision*-Perk decidedly lower, with a fair business doisg at a decline: formeu; $39 75at0.12K for new do, cloilnz at the lowest price; $37.* 6 tor crime, lDnladine2:o br!s new mesi sold regular war, at i 10.25, and M 9 brl« doltverable on or beforeßept 10, buver’soctlon,aiI10.62H* Hcetve>7 nuliati MfSlt.tO for country meis: t6.C96Loofor c'cntryorlme; < 6.000 9.Ctftor repaczai mess, and 172.W016 f0r flira mm. Tnmomcta bsefdull and toirn al. Cu T meats more active and firmer at ISA JCVcfcr sboolrtersand3Be fo-hnms. Lirddnlland •Xe lower; 53021 c. Butterlo lowerat 42Q49cfor üblo,snd 496C50 for State. Chea>e firm sod lower, ITASfKc. - New York Money and Stock Market F*w Tons, Monday, Aug. 33. MctrvbsavyaVll* c. „ Bterltrc nrncaly lower ard nominal at 10S6ICSK* Gold Irrrkul&r. unsettled »ud decidedly lower; op+Mbs 1(745, declining to 2&H and closing at 353*. G< rfpimtat sleeks quiet. Blocks du)\» U S 6.* *3l cpuuoss. 109; 10-49 coupons. If zy. :ft Wcou&on*. 305 ft'; 7 3D*. 112; O* M Ceßt. 48Jft N YC.WBJf: Erie. K9ft; Reading I34fti M 3.151; M B.l«3; DIC scrip i2BK;N Ws3ft;C4Rf, UOftjF A W. Ulft. Weekly BnoU StatpiuFUti _ • New Tons. Monday, Anz. l/. Lranj Increase 2^04,5*2 Specie 19,932.9*9 Decrease ... • BIIJI9 Ciroclattcn Decrease* Dcpeuta Decrease DIED • At Geneva, on-lhe teeming of tha 59 th Inn. of typhoid lever, tOwkbbnD- s:n of Dr A. T nod Susannah Doseabary, formerly jjf Chicago, aged It yean. • At Osle'burg, 111., on Wednesday, Angu»t 31 lb, OfcAUNCRT McCLURE, only child of Jotn B. Cjl tco,»gtd6 years. Consisting in pastof STRAWBERRY, BLACKBER BY. OEtr.hY. HSD RASPBERRY and 6HAPS WINKS; PHACII, APPbtt, CHERRYaad BLA'-'K BERRY BROODIES. Also. Ann Imported UHAN DLES, Gibs, port and S2ERRY wlnss, *c., (oj Medicinal aid Table n«es, which are cerfcctiy pure, ana need only be tried to bo appreciated. Hone gt&nine, nnla?« they have onr gold>kt. oneaot bottl., and oacltlMA's pressed la wax over tbo cork, Bo'dby&Tl Pragclsts and dealers throughouttbe .country Call lor onr goods no other. Circulars to tbe tradecacultsd on application to BEMETT PIETEKS &-CO., No. 21 Giver St % Ohlcaso. Jye.m?3s-ltew-vn£MsythD ’(general Notices. Pi PALMER, 110,-112, HUllßLate Street FAKJL [ASO.4.] TTKA3>E. DRY GOOBS. 1,000 E°ACE£AO!BS At Less tlian New York Prices. 50 tales Indian Head Sheetings. 50 ‘‘ Amo.kesg “ 75 *• Hedfordb 60 “ Start PBIN'TS. 50. cases Doimels, SO “ £ : mericaß) SO '* Ffidllip Aliens, 50 “ Arnolds, .- 50 “ Bhoda Islini Delaines. 100 cases Hamilton, Maucherier and Pacific. Also, Cloths, Cassimerei, Satinets, Jeans and Dress Go~ds p. PALMSB. an£o-rSCB-lvltbp _ 1*0,113,114 & 118 tans street. H3ILITARX ACADRUY, FFLTON, ILL. _ Vtlsncnuiar Inadtutt'-n (the only WlUarj School in ibe weutraSvs'ta.) 1- now nnruniztdai a Public Imtlmtioi, and will open its Fall dsiatcn Beptem* fc yenns men and lads over 18 yetrs rfl aao wnooectretoeeciue piaceslnio* CaderCorps, will du wt 11 tv apply early. Fir idrcuUrs aad car. Tip.martt(cxmfetUD,acdrtSßlbePiefeldtnt, CoLD.a., is made to Got. rates, President of the 80-edot Cobb, Mineral Pomr, wi*.; Llent Gov Goffmao, CticaVo- a. U Orhi»or,Ft Wayne- lid; floe. K.B. w* sbbnrne, Sshna. or any other ot tna or to me patrons centrally. m 678 *3t 4thp ■j?OTJKD -Ob Ssturdsy eveLiapr, I 1 aTUscV Per. The owner can bare ite tame Dy .'PpUmg at 43 fioatb Frame n str a’. auJt-pSS7it iLoei. jT Ail pi rams irs caatiosed 'LJstWDitcteotUtla- acsrtßlQnoir.Sa sd llnnaeo, Jo Tlntr»aXdf»wnby ♦. (a o aco caya'leto »~TI sworta or order On* year altrr catc wita inker's*, on wluca usa. *»ciiu. nfrv cells’ s Sx\i no e was etoien from my pvcfca at or te*T ToHco, waU'. oirmy way iiTawoaxa. LOST , CrißUi r. A Ccrt*fic3te of Drocsll Uen'dbyths Herchaa's’ Sivlags.Loia fccd TtuitCcm asy.lafiv rnf sowspl Vacsbaa.or ■Varona ffirOs* llnrdied Oo'lara.and So. 4J96, dstea or. 'All oers n»nrs warned no; to nfecilatethnaame, ss pajm-n* oosd. au.'»p9CSSt BDWABD_VaPQgAN._ asaantEa^Somsponsenc^ TX7ANTED Corresponaenoe. Tv ATtnijnla-’Tbetweai ths *ge of is and rs jpbii,o«euts to open efne*pondencsi with a vlay" .to mairlmor-y. oeatlemea from 23 ti«. wil you r> «ro<c? BbahOMito he«r from none uveis tawr li its.tty la be»ood dhhbt and thalr blemlabed. AdSrtsasfAT ALICE BBoßT,O't;wa, L*safie County * * p uSQ-pM&H " Amusements. 001. WOOD'S MUSEUM. COL. J. B. -WOOD I«3 B.T. WHITMAN. , ClTOptiardtiasd M»aaa« r *- AUG. ' SECOND NIUBT OF THE 8E490N. The reifcttmatewill commancewlth tnsbesntl fnlcontd^cf nasniaii tip*. • Mt.rMClt Mr. Tcuag T. .Jtaa vt. Hairy "■jra v J''-n bin ia |*r*>cur> M«»ha&d M *A wit To cccclnC* with the Mtmesl Fa*coof ’ 'WHITE’S AlfD BROWN’S. Wr.P*tffWbl*e .. .. l L hn - T ? m « u yi» f ner^Tun*..'. —MwaLot-s PB’CVS—admieji ntotenvTxmand ie«meßojta kS cents; nade- twelve vats. is ct«; Wrsii Circle at o P*rjtftt*, *-C cents *-xtrav Orehsstr» 9e«i* 7. rents; Private Bpxe.».*« a d I*; noeitr* cn%’ , ite ter *eeoiv*dae» ? s; Bo: open trom m 4. M. to, 6 |2jr£»orr* of Leeturo Ttzr-m oneaat 7X o'clock. Cnrtaln t»b»b a’ 9. lmiuzcb thould call at n'K- Second neek of the popcUr vemtTe Ccmcylnnl MR. CHAKXRAr,' Who baa achieved a treat mcctM.ln his delmct- Uon of i-OHD DO'CKSaEY AND HIS BROTHER BAM, great Conahliama» cub mfcictf corsis at home, WhlcfewClhe exesebted »vfry evening ucO! fur.'ter notice. * THTAT32 Cbowded Kxoaiv, • « Snotns OP LACaUTAB Aim A.PPtA'US V BcsAxaFKco&sn Niohtlt| Ooaudlee. EATUBnaT Apteksoo*—GnAMD Matlsev. Ip fthlia’T -I- U'K a r ftE. Ncs its and »nfoaihom afreet. C*. M.rHa-»wi3K ACOm Propnetcraaid Manseera. •SSL.VII'TB actmzaadauee Manager. MONDAY HVENIKG. ATTG. 29:h, " • Fl«at appearance of lIVIiIBELISE,- . "" ihs Deaatifal Bans^use. »- ALSO, fiR.WiB. BCOTT,' . BbUaout, Pastomlmlst and Cornelian. ' nLSO, • BIfJ.CONBTANTI«B, - Tbe tmt Pantomlmlß'. sad Osaeer. Doers open at f)i i Cnrtatn rise* at PK o'clock. Bcaxe or Psicaa.—Parquc-tte 28cents; Oreaaand FamiivCuclo,iscents: Private Boxes, |1; Single' BefeU’l&Btxes, academy of music, Washington Bireet. UOBDAT, AUGUST 291b, ISfl, PROF. ANDERSON, Tbs ceUhretrd'Ao-bVeitruna PrcaddliltHtoar and lucerne arable I.luslonut, aaiUteuhy BIBS* ANDERtiOPf, MISS HICKETT, And alarge coipe of attlsis, in his wonderful and new intertoinmtnt, TBE WOBLD OF M&QIO. Grand Day Brtma’nni'n: on wr:>NEUD6.T and SATURDAY AFT'BNnOSS, for fts accotim jda tion of Lsdlf» ocd 'Jcildr» n Boons open at 2ft; to coionftCr at G c’cltv-s. . . „ , Reserved« can b* secured it the Bix Otflc?, d*ny be’vsen tb* honrs o* l and Jc'clocSf. Dron of ei »t 7ft. Commence at 8. Admission 50 Cants* an«Ap(kuia4ibp auction Sales.’ CfAfl BLACK MARES AT PRIVATE SALE. Wo haye a »pan of Black M«rca, five and tlx years, well mstche . everyway right, last trotter*. / WM. A. BUIVKKS A CO , »u2f-p«oM'4tp Portia. d Biock. 112,000 PKIMBUIGAas AT AUCTION* On WBONKS'iaY, .Aug. ?lrt, at II o'clock, at Bnt» icis’ /ucti''ni<t.om9,ia Portland Bluer, sor* of Dearborn ana Wash nttoa-sts 38.000 £2l t?ol Cigars. 30.000 MnlakoffUigars, £O,OOO Jh 1 CSlobo Cigars, 18,0*00 filftirl Lionclres Olgars. ausb-I>LS3 Gt WM. A. BUTTER* A CO., AOCtVa. CSOfk •WOBT.e IS & \ f * \ / 4 F \J. ORAIv; E-PLT. VELVET BBCB-i;L3 AMD OIL CARPETS, CaNTON MAT TING, Ac, - _ TliE EMIRE STOCK OF A CABPEr HOIfSE, AT AUCTION, On Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept.CtU and 7tb, Atßut*»ra' Poriaad Block, cor ner of D-arboruana tVsablagrva street*. p“ rsrtlculars hsttafter. WM. a. BUTTERS & CO., augii-C2S-lit ■ Auctioneer*. QTEAM BOILER AT AUCTION. k3 WHlbeeoldon ‘ WEDNESDAY, AUG. Slst, Outlecorrerot Wathlnyonasd Dearborn etrectv, one good twenty horsb power stvam idler. wm. a. Btyrretts a co. anß9 p99:-3t Auctioneers- PACKING HQJJfcE. —For Bole at public auction, on Saturday, Soptr 10th, 1864, AtSo’ch c*» p tu .tba cextala -’ramePaeviagTloußQ Arcoer Koaa, in the city A Chlcaso. formerly known asALEXAN KB BfcLL'B, more reccn-lr occupied by Uteaston A Co , together wi a ttu Hxtures, appur tersne* a ncry-nrto t*rm of lease, r.c. Alio, a loc of Ground A’.nm Salt and saltpetre. Bale cn tee urmn lies la.mi cash. Fordeicrtptt''o.oara3alar»,Ac~ apply to WM. A. DtIITERB A CO aa3lpßt94w4thp Aoctioncsrs. T AROK TRADE SfiLS OF JU STAPLE DRV won*. On WEDFEBDA?',an{lsiT2at«>ro , clv':c? atßot trr* 1 Auction Roumi In Poland Blocs, comii ct •Dea.-N)rD ora W*»Mnxtos» »tra*w aiilj c!4S I 4£ JTE A.BrrTEßS6Co.Aact*rß. gQ DEgiRABLE' RESIDED Ofi Lots in the West Division AT AUCTION. - Cn THURSDAY, »epc Ist. at 2 P, oc tha wetbaliaeQtottie hlgheit biflcer, several derrabla du*]‘in* I*°*hb bn dIVODtDOfT«tI(CI street, oMWeCa Morga: and Walk i, la Draal's Ad dition. One ♦leD’b c&eh and tbe h»Voce in remi-an unfit cayr cuts. Mthfipm rant interest. Forrar leoiaritee WM-A-BUTTERS ft CO.. #ttl».pi4M3t _ Accßonsor*. ■pUBNiTtTRE AT AUCHOJCT. It. TYLES Anctloa and Commission MeiTrlmnt, 123 DEARBORN STREET, will tell on w.sdo»sdftymPrul , sff,3let August, at 9i< o’ciorjf, a qaattity of HOUSEHOLD FUR *ITURE, en< b ae Burtaut, vetMracs. Loom'es,, Lbmra, iißtircߧes,Coot Stoves, m<«|ber with a lot ot Plater W&re, Wasrbe* sad Ja*elry.. AVI2 o’clock, a Boggy Hons i*u33-<;l7-2tUbp * SAJULBSON, V* General Auctioneers, 44.45 * 43 Dcaib;ra-rT. / LARGE BALE OF ELEGAKI EE W FURNITURE At Auction. On TUESDAY, Ang. 3 tb, at 9K o’clock, we Will sell at onr rooms, a fine assortment of Itich. Cbrvmber tSuils^ In rcsawcod, oil, walnot and solid chestnut, wltb msrtlc-tcps. fine parlor salts tn bfitr, cl .th ana grs-n repp, oss extension djmng tables, marhletcp-oak sideboards with murorbick. cakdlmns and cham ber esse feat chain, spnng-etat and bau easy eh'ln solldmscwood,wslant ana mahogany mar hle-top tables, b»t trees, whatnots drettlnr bureaus, bedstead*, waihscands, colas, cane sea: rockers and arm chain* • also—Fine nncrala Carpets, and a general assort ment of household goo a w-w, GILBERT A SAMPSON, an37-(6C5 4t Auctioneers. \JI General Auctioneers 44 4« ft 12 Dearborn sb TRADE .SALB CO CKATtS I ROCEGEIY AT AUCTION Oc WEDNESDAY, Bept 7tb,at9Jf o’clock, we will sell at ocr aiU srooms ; *4. <6 aa is oearborn street, wl'hoat ifiyrve, fluj crates o( the besi qanlity i'f Wbl’o Crockery, u- opeaiot%to tbetraae Tbo a:- srr menl Is one of the oes «e oyer said, find Is all nf Edwards aod FnnlvaU’s best soo'ls. Sale will bs uoamvo Goof s nackcc a*d «htar-ed for the country. au2l pECfI l?t OiLBEHTftttAMPaON.AUCt’K. OA AAA >EET ? OF WaX r\/*JUT Vgy?RR3 AT AUr. HON. On • > BXDAY£&*p%2d.attM o’clock at onr trows. 44.48acd *3 Dea:bn u street, will bs loldin casta of from 5o to ItCO f-a*. m acate. COey are allm cood czeer aod wor*bv toe acte-tionot cabinet makers- GILBERT ft OAilP^O anilpSCSOt Aacloniers. rmBERT & SAMPSON TRADE SALE OF SOD Orates assorted Glnsswaro lOOHxie Silver-jPlatyd Castors, 10*000 Cigars, AT AUCTION. - Pn WEDNESDAY. Bent, ?ta, at M o’o’ock, at our Balf srosma. 44, 45 and 4s D- srbO'U et <*<!£. »«nP&H 12. GliiDEtvT'ft BAMP3ON. Anel'rs. Heal ~ Fi iR SALE-Ae imtumd firm of 2'Si Bciep. b!lc* V. E. K SeiC-9, and w v <i( N. ..yi, bio- 70, kcd W. Loti, W. X B.K& W.Jf Bee.<v«l)lnTo«nehin ftl.RapvoT. ISO *sr»» uudw . lerce.lzcucdcr cultivation, Mti’ancr. On premiss fa a cor a two pory frame hoo* *. g'-od barn, orcaard, rtc.; 9 miles a Uttie "west ofgoath ot tte city or viome, inGinr dy coun»j, Uiido;?,wluco is ot tbeß. 1. B. and nearcs’polnttallii ols and Mich- Csnal For *fl per acre. Inqulra tf Rrfg< & Dearborn strr-et op theo’ner. JUHS UT7R±’ilX,P.O.Boxo9,Ottawa,lh, Btti3olJlS-lw ' FOR SALE—A laim of 920 acre, all under fereft ard cnltivatl o. sito-iUd tbrea roller east ot Loda and ro ttilea fomh ot on thof.hldiFoßrarcb Illinois Centra! Railroad. d.iso. 6,000 acres prairie Unos. situated In Bancoe. |rv quo s. For* and Cbampatgn counties mtool*. By JAM tta MIX, office 80. 33 South Water street. au2B-p9Mt - _ C*OH SALE A large numb-pol A. improved farms, Inrjxe iron «tol.2Vlacres. AhoSO.’OC acres of farming lst>d* > oti«*y t j Join oa farming lands am Urtcs apoly to D. *r. peas. E0M3.318 Raotolph st.cet. *p/o. -107. au<7-i-IVI-lCt FDR SALE Ccurtry/ Kesfdence, A very .farm of 8s acres, taodfomel? eitns’ed ocvbe btnki ef f.:x «»Ttr. one abe soa;h rt Bsf-vla aad-flye miles n.rth of Aa*o*a. Kane Ccntty.Hu tn e-ttowf Pin* house, go. o baits&rd aflnesamnaadrveit rarutr (f frnlt. This la a *sr- cbaocato »rcura a valnablf plara. Per na*tlcuK;g%i)d terms sddt to' P ■», TiF.i.HENion *h’ oreaiscs.or IOC. v,rkt. DEK. 170 Lake at.. Chicago. • Jp63 >lw C l f>R SAh'< l-cffcP for ealii nmah “• below ns actual value, between'COanaSfoaw* Of p»D»timr«red l&cd.Ja Wftq!s»ee. Mirh M ftiw« tttate. CaKwvbfiSnn'.h.Waierairees J*.q. "“**• 11 - ©o TO EEIfT—A Furnished lodging rccin Apcly at tSS South Qark street. acO qj -it s > .* —Tha first floor of brmeNo str-ct (near 6ti‘a) con tair-Jnc lorteio o * ca»»try closet, with aojut •’JbwvJtb of fora".ure for tale 4iab4 aam. Ai>ptT from 12 to 2 cr 6 to S pm., or sadret ■ Box 1895 TO RENT A bDlt Of ToUT .*OOOIS, with water, oa second floor. Apply at 317 fourth avenue, . aaW bS-lt '|"o REKT- A large, and - neatly * furnlshei front room («Shout bsardi to one ortwostsru rentlUDer. References given *nd re <*v;i^i.§tmre«iTSAd.M.g^.sgthjMß. TO BENT- The sfcosd aid third rtonca In tbs westerly of Cobb’s nvw Bloc*, comer of Michigan avenue aad Lass strait. Will fie resdy lor occupancy Septic h- Aoply to H^*kE»HITIKMOaK * ca,3TLakast. ggaaiata—a«batttateg. WAITED —To klofti ihe pablic lb«t I «n preeared m furtlih (absUratcitor me u.B Navy mu mtutor taem ja -ft city rortac term tt ocr, i»o or tores y«ata» and have Vital m Btata * :en tao prtnclpai m*y reside. I*^*4 to . thc citrwrs li»Tn rti-Bn* mother jtat?* who »S to procure anbatitat*, md bare ibenmoi t*rtd m Chicago. »rd credited to me cnncip-U chere bo nibj'liTp.orrm **m« to Caufcn-ia will call cnJ.A. cbLbY. 35 8. Clark g>„ S It T\7 To - iarmsc. sabiti w t»eaitttT»sfo: toeloyJmanof CMcsgo. 1 barn rattiubed motr aabdtttnte* tnaaenr p b a: U1 a»rasto ac an, I aropoaa to to &o. if I p*y twice woet £ P*»B‘o*». U re<\a r-«. wm-ur* JoPIi. 1 h4T9 (nmi»bad acceouaie C* J. A. etrre*. auSO^U-it WMen liabWto a dr^ft. "_V Id Ojlenro or tbs B»ate ot DUnoit, wit to pV” ,J cltj an OTj*rsaaeet tbo lowoit Crnrcs Misttbey ran dp famish;d vl;n h repreaentatlTo or ruowtuie tt ta core© lo too and 1 viu injlisQ stood acCgptsDle men at the lowest p 0 »iblo sties, Wbav I sot? niee 1 prohore to futfliL Hamsmosr tbs plus. J. A.COLDY, S& Clark »tres». aaSt-vi-u Wi N-'?j(jii>V~ VVhc wants Substi tutsa foi one, two or time years for tba U B." Be-Tlc*? 1 can famish eocd oso an low. ’f tot i«wer tnab scr other oar:?. Call as*? «es ms. at an? rats, Wattl siOTBj to do I -mil do, and will refer tore* Bor.r*tb.e parties, to whom 1 bar-itaniiahMizoodand occeprab stood. J. A.COLUx, ans-q«3-U 93 B.iota Clartofaeos. "‘Vt/AHTEi) Substitutes! I -sriil ' » ■ pay to ac-eptsblfl aasstltnte* the highest price. c*»o dewn. Arer 70a have caayaassß tba ■ town a 1 otw, can aedaee me and get the highest prits 'hat is p»id by aa? party la Cois*eo. If you nays sc? friends who wish to so aa subititntes bnes then 10 10 me anilou will bn liberally rewarded by A."COLBY, 35 Clargioett. > ac3Q q!3-Is 't7t7-ANTEQ— Men* tor the JMavy, y-' to serve and three yean. Must oe tilers or discharged soldiers. who hare served two j:kr»am sot a discharge: to such I will pay tue tughfl#; price, wm also pay liberally to any ope woo adeested recruit Apply to J. A. COLOV. 33 South Clare street. auSAq<3-lt WAFTED-, and imb stitntea famished to ary nun, or company of mer. or tj towns or tawcstipi, or counties, desiring 1 fl’i thnr qufit«s. Application (boolo be made y Lbon’ d«tKs, that we may bare time to All dn or* cerswh'cbirav be sent c», Thus far. w« nava dlled most cr - he. rders sens us, at d onrarjaneemecta are sut D that wo will be able tolurntib an? reasonab-e rnmber’batmaybJ rujulreu. osli oraddreeau* *t the tVarClaim Agency otISdAC ft HITT & CO. 63 Clark street. . aa33 qlt-4t TV ANTED -Substitutes. SnOati- T f tnty wanted every day m view of the ap proa-Un?"Srtit V» teran* and aliens ir«m ibi cin a it wiaLtna to enlist as Sats'i ntes or Bepreto £»• lives can wntras for instruct)' ns. If veierAca they x&net have been twov’an In tba stnlesto enUtte iter ti> co as itntea Aoy tao iisoie u to 4 cra'tcan cobs htp-esentaUves, We are **Uy p*y- Inc the highest h nntyjorthe ArmrandNav; ser vice. £oe»iltnres are Invited to etveua a call and Inquire n<-w tench bonnta they caa c*t before they p»on>Het»eir services Cal! at the war Claim Agency of ISAAC It. Hitt A CO.. 63 Clark street. ftnsnqiMt XJST ANTED • Substitutes. One »T hundred men •wanted for the K*vy Imxae-U --nlely. Call asdsce ns jflld gatibe Jarseubocnttea cffriiDfr for one, two or tbr«e years. ISAAC'S. HITT 4 CO .03 Clark tt.eet. anSf-ql3-4t X\J ANTED. —We will piy to men w v todboTßto go Ip the uayyiorooe, two or tbieeserc'6 icivlee r-amnob or more than any other partusictbc city; acdwo earnestlyadyiraa I such oeiircn* cf volng in the naval g-rvic*, to call and rei uabnoie ♦Dparmtf elsewhere, WILLSuS 4 saER RIaM.jIS Cn-rk aueets anSO-qC-it TS/ANTED ■ To Siy to the ma-.y ▼ v pe.tDs m other R’ates who bsva aupl»od to n» to fnrsiib then substitutes, that we have conlinal car opeiatics» to the Cooaty of Cook mainly, and hsyenot aoo do not Intend to mrcUb any men to be or died to 'he quota of «ey State bn; UMmlr. >ILt£ON 4 MKRRIAM,4B Clarx-at. aa3o»qa-lt \S/ ANTiID—To mfoim the public. It that we sreprepared to lurolih nar»?tttutea at’bele*frt price tor which they can now be pro cored. Lew than two w ceka Intervene be ween tbU and the orait- D,ln»« ***e d>*iige»rav First ems, nnteerved. WILR2ON 4 M2BRXAU.4B Clmk Chlcsgc. « au3o q25-lt TX7ANTED Tbit psr.oni'liable TT to draft should recolUct that only ten days It terrene between to-day vnd the commearemeat of the dr»ft. and-that they tbcnlo immediately band In their orders for Babttliotrt. while •unstlratea can be bad. to wiLrioN 4 MERRIAM, 48 Clark street. fcn3,--q2Mt TS7 ANTED —Tpbt ■ thnee subject - * to draft tbonid underlUnd that tbs cheapest manner ot avcldmr thn n«k of halnr forced nuo (he army la to pry WILLSO> 4 MsKFtl.Vil,-IS ('ferk street. Two Bood»f.d and Fifty Do’lira,to tn«S*e they are drafted- Call and see a out it. aaSc-qi>u Sabsti.ntes for the y » army andnsvy.Tir one.tifo or tnren year*, and the highest bounty call, at the Cental Weitotn war Clam, Agtccy of WLLLSON 4 MRUrfleU. iS Clark iticet. • aal.-qVS-It \\] ANTED Substitutes for sm v v >e*r,to go In the Kavy. Old Hal's preterrdtl. Substitutes can go to the miibissipdl River or to thr Atl»n ic seibosrd, 99 tbiyi refer, and have all the chasers for prize n oney. w# vl'l oay tha blahut hoanty DBlaln iho city, WTLLSOfi 4 MKRIU&tI, 48 Clark street. auSO qb-u ~\\f ANTED Drafted Officers and T T Soldiers, bocorabb discharged from, the av v!ce.and ic wart of p»c*fliab-eemploy aea'.necoiiar lsac»pled to ibEtr eorditlm, snoo’d adarew Office Drawer 6614, Chicago, Illinois, givt-gd&te of dtsebarte and name ot company and regiment disehaigen from. anSJpSMi* IST AN TED—IOO Men lor tlie gun- Wt boatiexvlcc. forope twoanithreeyears,for which the lollos I' g price awM be paid, viz: olb yew men, $l3O ca»h in h*nd; SSOO for two years, an'' 9 fer three years. Apply at tha comer of Bmfloloh and Lesalle streets, Chicago. 111. m the basement. . WM. kUSPHir 4 CO. P. S.~We defy competition. aa33-pQOSTt ANTED—IOO Men fbr the gun •Tv boatrmice,forcne.twoandUreaycair,for wb’ch the fo lowing prlers rll be paid, vtzr one ye*r men H 0 cub In bscd; 1500 for two yearn, and »h&3 for years- Apply at the aorcer ot Bondolpi and Lazote ELectt, Cucagn, m , to tbn b-iiemeat. wii. mDEput 4 co. P. A—We defy competition. aa‘Ap9o>7t_ \\f AIJTED Snbatitntt-a and re I* emits wanted and fonmned. The cash bounty paid in btnd. Can have cbotse ot real* meat. BanttituTes and recruits ail tHßrs. Applv at Ko-60 klate street, room 23, ap st&us. P. 6. Box 3231. G. W. BONHAM 4 CO , Chicago. HI. _ au!o q33 It ’VSTANTED—Who -nrsnta a Sab ft sti’ute r,r fb»PresentatlTe? Ca'.l at BOS’* GAM 4 CC 3 Office, Buoai 23:aarrptt Blocs, comet, ot Baodolpb and Siata streets, np-etatrs. and leave jCnrordars. eapoqShU V=/ ANTED -Fifta-(SO) men foj v * ibc United Q'ntea for ihe tcroj Of rne.’wo. orthrae years, for which cat c*ib Nact M wiube paia. Aulv aficnce atELY* CO .*B,l*O.llV flcnth Clark street. saSEgsiSt WANTEij'—That parties who "i are liable to the draft from oJhsr states should understand that we are prepared to fn-ntiO sneoieabitimtesf'tr.thetermorone.swo or thre? years,aodnm;irrtseinln ihts city, and have them cseditedto any Stair, county, or town where the principal may r<noe. For umber particulars p'esge call on ELY* CO.. No 117 Booth Clitic street, or adores* P.0.80x 100 U. eo|&Q»« I\TANTED - Substitutes to go in T V any t ■ anch of the service la the army and * nary, tor one, two or three ? ears, to whom the ni|h~ , ett cash premium will be paid Partus Labia <o draft, anoTkOfe who «lih 10 procure substitutes, will co wall titter to call • r head in the'r orders at &LY * c >.. 117 death Cleric street, Post Office ’ BOX 1000. an3.-qi32S. \\T «NTED—To inform ihe poblic T T that we are prepared'to fan eb Basstitates lor tbeU. 8. Navel service, and master them lath's city, for the term i*f one, two tr three years, and have them credited to any State where the principal may reside. Pertlts in the city who have trtasds >n - ober Slavs wbo*l*n to procure sobatUnlas.will fled St tatbftr advantage to call at 117 do. 01-ri-Bc, and reT further pvticaurs, or addreet P. O. Box 1000. \\f AJJTED -10,0 Sabititatea lor V T one, two and three j ears, aliens or veteran?, over 18years of ate, and perfectly sound, to serve In toe Army or Kevy. I will pay the hi* ness eaih bonn-yeverpsldlp-h'* city, at 97 V?asb!netonst. Post OfficePrawer 6334. _ Anl2*pß4Wt VXTAhITED -EoroU<;d ciczensxf If ever? district In the State of Iltmola cache aiinred substitutes npon p»vn»ent of I have n.en on h-*nd *t til timer, at 07* Washington (treat. P. 0. b.*x 6234. angpEll-Ot "\Af ANTED —Becnnta icr "XL 61. V? Gnnbcartervtce. Afewsorejouagmanwant ed. Great Inducements cifcred. Lhcal bounties now pam and tbch.gbdsi wages given. Parties btlana? usrecinltswiu be Unemlly rewarded. Cell at tbs comer of Randolph and LaeaUaat7-se<e.laibßbaso* ttteLt. • aalg-plis It 77. HITUPHY 4 CO. TXT ANTED 50 Gimboitmaii im ? V mediately. Call at the corcorof Randolph auo Lssslle street, v etxopalitan Block, in the base ment,r6ciuUmgomc«vf _ WM.MTT-PHY* CO. Call end get the highest bounty paid la thveny, cash in haco. \ au2?-p3ia7t WANTED Dvaixed men of tie c;ty of Chlcugc and Bute -if Rllnoia to know thr-t they can be raimshea reprecentanves at themost rtfeicn&ole tennaasd the shortest notice, bvaddier siof Lock Box CUH3,cr applying at tceccmerol Randolph ana LaseHe stre#tteUi tbe btiemmc, AUIB pQCJ-Tt / MURPHY * CO. VVTAi- TED - Substitutes and rep- V V mentativss at the corner of Randolph end Lmelie streets, la the basement- Call and get tv> hlsbeitcasb bounty that!»now cold tn toe city. •n26-pWf-26 W. MURPHY 4 CO. \\T ANTED Kubjinote-i. Dear V V gin, aft?r you have canvassed tho s\ x j ot Chicago, we would lire lor you to give ui.the lait cel>, ana it will t:en be lor ;ou to say if we cannot stvcihv largest bounty to Sabstitutea and Bepre. senutiveabutenogToeU 3.perme, lor any period from one to ttzeo years. Chcicv ot service a-nl rcvl inert given. Cuaooat men bvken for one, two and three years if ven wMilionoru do dealing, civs us a sail at the comer of Randolph and Lssullo street. In the baroment. wk. SiURPHY 4 CO. feU2S-p505-Tt, TTfANTED Gnnfccat sen, sid V V slap men for n. 8. navr service for one year to whoa win he paid tna highest cosh o-inaty. wneth errecrolis or ruhsMinW. Acoiylmmediasely at tbe hecroit’DgOOleacf WM UFBP.IY 4 ,CurTArot Bsncolnhand Letalle street., under Metropolitan Blocs* a»» oSOS 7t JITST’ANTED—To mfcrai tbe pv.ri » f otic eitlzsßs of Chlcayo.S’ate of Illinois that thtv can now procure their Kepre»«ntatiT« ftmcrnita a'* Ite most tewMnuble termsby addrsSß W.U & Co, Led fi k i Post Office 6063. Cnicae % 01. P B. sive mil name ana andrcie, and all want’nr oar services will receiven:osnpt attention ao2P*p9.{*7fc W. Al. & C . \\7 ANTED -100 eoj for tbs gua- T * . bent service, for one, two and -three years, lor wblch the Jollnaln? prior* will bo paid, vlzt One year men, |&o cam mbanl; *‘so /° r it* ° 1 Ci,n t Old apply att he cdrcSrof Band ertoh and ta»aU9 s’reata,' Chit ago. in bt barmen*. WM.MGRPfIV <e <-0. P- B.—t» e cely competition. aa,3-p905-7t TVT'ANTED - lf;0 Men fur the ann- If b.-atjfr'lce lorone.tyosndth-eayears. for wtich tfccioilownc prl«« ■»lu be catd.vlz; oaeyea; men. f c«b tn band ;'sjco for twoyeats.ana itso f.rtbre-iyeers. Apply at the sorter oi rtanioioh aad Lesalio meets, Chicago 111 . i-, ha»em-ot. , .. WU, M63PHy A CO, P.B.—We defy connetlUon. - ania-o^TSlt ISstraßcn. STPAVED'_BIO R-wa-d About rlztt date aeo. a m"re and cou strived fron tne Geimao retuec eotAtHidaPark, Tbs mare it dare browr, a for*; n->*r the ia»l, miocle size, and 7 years old. The coit fe ten: nonthaold and ha-a small aavsi nxotnre. Tee above rewars wtiibansids-jaiyooe ■wno deiveri toe hone* U* I'.Gr.LYHASOP, Co*taeo ercTr avetn-asd Iws *y-»pv?r»h ortotba nzdentyr'd. Ceßtsllaß KtRCHUfiS. anJo.p£6BEt _ QlßsfE.O- Oc-'- p:-ur • i dran^bt i 3 hijrte*. Onea dtrk browa and lb* ctbsr a ia»M ins?, wboovtrwilj rctnra b*mto tspsonacilb^ B stable, corner oi B’asa snti Tweaiy-t^coaTittewt’, c. A. aVjiBT. ■ aoSDpMBSt - CTrAVED- Or rtclea, a largebay or brown horse, five i e*is cld nnshoe»both bind lect tsd on* lore (oat “bite, with snl»r*eTieQti on both h rd l-ya between thexambrcls and stifle lilats, also a collar sore or scar cn the top oi jpe n»ck. A liberal tewatd v ihba o\id fornis return to 30 River street, or f r Information where tjacm befannd. , anCbp9CC-3i VAN .uTTXtFBIbUIftAN 4 CO« CTEATSD Or ttolen, a large Ci cream c-Sored bene, fro® Beit’s old brewerv,- thlssiyeoMbr Illiroti central ftcnra Hon»e. He la 1C orl7batdaHsb. Alloera’^Y*^.^ 1 be paid to sny fre who will return him to too orowfley. ‘ ap-rf-prgt-St SALE—Matsrai lor a print iric office, elthfr power or band press Atictera PIGGOTT. Port, or OKO. QANr4CO..OItLIOeh % VI-* v , *n»cSd3S Veal E»tate-=citß. li*Oß SAi/ifi —A i wo ttmj frame JT house ot '0 room*. and lot. on *?>»• twen D«*puin»a»n« toeHauacajou two bow frame home* and lota on Park avenue, houasa and lota on Warren itraet, * Ah^ck*'ni# Bill root a, and lot, on Willard plaoe E Two esiv imotoa and icti cn Michigan axanne.nsar Beal Batata Aient,.No.4Metro!>oUtaa slock. ana-pgßMt TTOB k&fcir—'Two F.ama Houses e m ,*a*.Oß Nrr.h Louar aach»orttfifca;,teat'na lorH.uo p»r vear. *m bn sold {or«HSM. ln«y are acecif ed bargaloat'bat %ileei A mo# frame bors 1 of eiEtt io- tE» brl t ha’tx room. vater eloaetr. m a,on SrnaLa ana nar Pe a*r* «t lot a be V-7. BAMUKL A-BMt*S{fr. Beal Estate A|ut No 4 HnrcpoUtaaßloak. _aaT(Kiia-3t • TjRiR SALE For sub oivision five A. setts adiotaics tbs -wanera booadary ot ins cUj.frocuo* nortn on vsdl on»i*fet. Aepir joon as tt -aUI be sold at a low o nee. CEO Ji UIO GlPbOr»,No. 9 M»trCDOlllaa C : ock. aa3'-Q7-5l Jp T1 H and Los No, ;9 North EUotranoa etieet. batwptn Lake aart Itandoiph ilreets, W«at •'!» »t •«.-p ic- |5 'to. Let 4h ifet frorw a. J. AVB&KLL. Beal£>slteoffl*o t<o»7 MetTCptb'ta Vice*. %al.»fiVSv t'OK A. Bo.? 90 W.WashlDSfnstreet.a deilraMs residence, in a vprv chrfc* loculon. Pries Itqalieoi f. JORDAN.JWI VreitMunroestrse;. ftuSC- qSit / F(K f ALE Wabash »vet. ue I; t, Kor«b o; Old street. ea*t front, s»xiM fret—six per loot. IS daely Face- corner arena*. 6m Hhfeet toeioam let, ss,our Boron *t-*et ncrti. east com r Srdziw-cc itreef, boos* aidloulLKO. Warren street, out ct U'-cr-ln •tteet, -Hit's tent, bcoaoandl t. City lot* ** d fa-ms f-r sale. BsXi>, TILL*•WEBB*. ,44 Lasalla streets Tre^Healiffitate EeCord,” published by BOJ»p, BILL* “KBBEK.Rca Estate Bcjkers.44 L-iailo «tci t, wIJ re cent trails for ihreo mcnlhi 0 til ptr. ties ordering it. aus:-q.4t SOB SALE Three Sfred ic-Wes; ■*v Laic and Bandoith street*. near tt« river, that ore paying eight and ten ncr cent, on the nncei a»kco. Also s:meiirve. well located lota on Caoal. Clinton and Van Burin street*for slavery cneapfor cash, m };KKa*AiRK3, 88 Dearborn street. • sun-pfrOSt jj I UE SALK a f'--w more lota iti i 1 Weber and Fisher** on Wolcott at., north cfPlviiicn. at fin per toot. Mreteenlou abU,*io. 17. sec 7, S9.U,fortl*o?, l/pola tc*p*h»r. _ "-Eereral five flxrf ten acre lets within the Cltv Limits at frem fifio'o s2soc per' am*. «nd some fine lake fiontn. tw Lake View, by RES 3 A AYBKS, SS Dearborn strict. ans7-p79>Bt Fi ’K S “LE—Two Hi/ci Stores od T»<»rborn atreef. new renting from eleht to t*n per cent, on price* rjfesd. Two finely located stores on Lake street. One s»odo frost and aiverai frame stor* ■rc South Clara street -and * floe bargain <a of* fered rntbc eerrerof L**a'l« and wooroo streets, by rues A AYRKa. SS Dearborn slmt. an27-p79(Mt _ FAR S »:I,E T_>res Uroc River Lotsontbe honth Branch. jaUable for JuuhJT o'salc yards crpacwitg hons-s. Also several targe lotr, centnliy .ocated.suitable f-r maanfactmlAi e«t«''iUhm»nis vtrv cheap. by REE9 A Dearborn stiett. aa27-r.79.-3t TTiOR Sa.!_E Two atone front C 1 dwelbxinon Wabash avenue, near Tveir.h-st. Ore store front and twobrl-fc dverinzson MlcM esn syren*, ccndof Gisbteenth eircec. wo use brick dwellings cn tt efforts Bids, In a cool neign betbood. sad icvrra' fl e darrliincsontbe BHo, for rs o bv BEss & AYRES, 89 Dearborn street. cs2t-DraJ6t . "tjlOR SALE ■ Renl Ectt-te by fieo. Jt 1 V. Bnd, 101 Deetborn street, comer Wssh- Irgton. Seveisl basineis lots cnlllcbUan avenue, near Water street; a ao. Madison and Monroe street prrpeity, very dttfrable. 10Q feet front on Clark street Lotaon Mlcb-em, Waba«h and Indiana ave nues, for resUet ces. W-.stsldo propor»y for sale in blocks or to lots. Severs’ tracts of land neat and scats ot cltv limits—l6o seres near the Junction, at a great bargain. First class residence and business property in all parts cl the city. -_au3B p734 553 I?OR BALE —Beal Estate for sale i‘ or rxebarza Wa with to exchange Cxat-cIiSJ lands In worth Mi sonrl aodWiaconsia for lands <n Central std Nonbrrn minors, or city pro*. Tin Chicago : no-l f.-r Improved fxnjswMpar pa.'t% >b. Aden ?! POSION 4 ALLIH, Chicago, or St- Louis, MtuooiU aius-ptdlst FOB SALE—wen e, Barn and Leaso on Banker street,lCO feet west of Canal street. autfl pSSi iw F)R SAI-E • Fust class Cencril Improved Propcrrr. U marbie front Storei on Like street, a brick Bto:ea on 300*h Water ztre-jt. 2 Store- (tnmn) cn West Lake street, Aleo.oevcrai choice business Lots and Lota in a’l ptxts cf the city. A. J. AVKUBLL, itsal Estate Office, So. 7 Metxopobun'siock. anS3 ps-13 let WOK SALE Fust-class Sto;e on 17 Bf.u»b Water Htr»e’. IVarblo front Store on Dearborn street. Vioigim avenue Sesidence. '~a bub avecne Reslcfrnce eveono Residence. Bnxincss and Residence Pioo rt* in tco best loev tio p. Apply to J- P.OLTNiiSB, Bealgataie B-o «er, 43 Cisrkaireet,Boom do.B. »n3>pSls-Ct JjtOrt SAL-E 50 by 214 feed on J7 Clark stieet.between Jackron and Taaßarea stresta. als» several dnenew aweulnsi in the moil rtf Mrable loca’ion m the city. Also a la'ge list of otber vnnible prorertr worth? the attont-on of EBrcbafe'S. at the office of E.A.IIOSCBR. Ho. SO ;e*rboxn 9t;eet. iuri ps63*iw J?OR SALE - For $825, a beantifal V cottage, 134 BoothJlonran street, of cxyoams , PosseFilon giren on parebase. Lease of croand tor Dyo years. aaispigJ-lw XTOR SALE. We hava ior sale 1? trapy very demmnle residence lots. Foarn or Chicago Avastr* and raat of Laeab*e,3th*at. end in Us vicinity o? the Forth Branch Cat al suitable for tEoc*.|g;e dwelinss Treae lorn are-h-ht Crosby's dlstderv *C'i KUei’a Uanery. We will sell cheao or leate for a term of years. OODEJT, voo 0 4 Co. »u9.C*6O-lm S'OH SALE -~V. 8. Manca HcsDi tal at Chicago. In pursuance of the act of Con grcaa. aopxored Jose sftn. 1864. aotaorlzlnc the file of the U S Manna Hoap’tal and gioandi at Chicago. Ilmols.sicuateacn oleugan avenoe, between Sooth Wats street asdxbs Blwsr, codec la barrby ylrra that tn? above property wtu be sold it pntlic aaciioo. on tie sih day of Bept<unh« t 1564 at 1C o -clock a. m . by tbt Collector cf the Port of Chicago at the Custom Hoasstn that city. The terms of *be vie are for ready mousy the receipt of the parcbuomocey in fall, tee fleerst-iry of the Treasury wiu taa-’e, exeente a_d deliver to tne DUrchA-ar tbereof a seed andanfficient need for me pretat'ea, conveying all *be reht. *ltle and Interest o tho Hal ted States. • inaccordaces with the act authorizing tbs salt. Iksuolob cftbesaid Hoepßal and youacs will be retained, until the n-w ?o*rttal ’o bshoUtuider thi provisions --1 th» c t job Jbe felly completed and ready - ■«MM • I.aructoiy DU SS«i» vb™ Will he posfnonod. Wibp r. rJaaS>2«DJCi, j;29tsw*4w secretarr of Ui« Treasury, 4Pot Sale. " if OB SAJ E-Hi-y Frosg. A no* 1 A 1 andfXfra Nn. 1 1.-v'r Pt'js for ‘ala. Ad drees"PO& CO "Font Office 8ex4336, Chicago. aogu-p&:sic • If OR SALE—Ftgine. Ahbbhx A ho»to* stationary engine lor sale cheap at 300 Elate street. •- bU3.-f.9.Mfi pos Sale a span c-f wji A sale' edlroQSTeTbTurgyhorofS,lomt*«nhaa<u high ana live veers old. Cap t>e seen at ibe s-ath wee* eo’serofErioandNorlh Clark streets, ao3C*p9s7-6t FOB SALK--A Retail acd Pre icrlptlrn Drug Store, new doing a co d bail- Eere.and nai been established Are years. <or sale at top'owtree of SiStO cash. The pias*at ownst, »1 bmg to rrtlrr in cccsequence of ill health. For farther Inffri?atioainfiniten* SMITH * DWYvR, Wholesale Drugaiste jfcg and 94 Lake street Chi cago, ILlccis susopgiMw pIOK BaI.E - At a iiaigaio. Two A b-il-iOf 43 iDchvs la diameter, and S6 fecto m'healong; two lines lo ea-n 12 mchssla di a? eter, to o>* seen at t'o Chl <«eo Dochco. For »tu* the pa-tt<aiar< Icquire of R. T, CHASE * BIM., 102 and 19-1 *Vest t.aice street, or addre«s *V- 4. LAVINIA, Box 2186. an3o->9a»lt jOOB SALS—A how/- Miiodeon,' A 1 piano cage, w tb Btrolocd cover, have wl hit a wnt-eo warrant b» W.'W.KtMBaLI,ot ihl« nvy. ot whort tm* JUiUnoent was parchasid, willbaeold fu 4 twc-tb rJi ptpsnct m%nof?c»nre a price Call and IP’S u uls not fcbsream, between'Oa- ra and t p.m.or adird-, ter terms and particular*. L. L. WILSON, 78 West Monrou-at- eaS^Stg-lt If OK SAXJfi C.r.Uge lor aale, A 1 strepg, well built and light, seats for four par secs,banne betnu’edt -rseveralyevn. Innatreat the office 01 aGdUTr & No. 19 South Wells street, at 12 o’clock this day. auiC-p9SC-lt _ F)R SALE—Family G»rrii"es, Tcp Burgus No Top Bucpin*, Pfiaetocs, 4c.— a goed eßßortment.i*. liable to both cuyaud cnaatry use,fur sajC h: Itsstl eo prescstcost to manutaeture, St tUNUIrtuHAM* 1 CAIiKf?UE RtfFOSITOBir, 67' eno GIT Catsl street, near Madison ttreat bridge. au7*-p— 2t . * If OB SALE AgocdtloKe, some- A <hmg better then s emmon t ravel tr. A welt 'Ua’teQ saddle hrra? and Is a good craight ao.*3e. 'V.iUbe at to. 80 end S‘2 Btwe stie?t, be.ween Lancolph and -a&blegtso ttreets, from nine till twelve o’clock Aug, to 1561. au3C-(i2t-lt FOR SALE- -a Bteloi, oi se^tontjd (two years o’a) red cak machine rtavea and hesdirg. made eypreulyfor mo.a*aeabamls. Alio hour barrel s-ate and huading. ot snptrior Quality, Icrmle. HURLBUT BUGS. 4 CO , oorctr (lean »\a uax«ejl aurewa, cn Plitsbura-Raiirhadtrac*, Chicago, P.0.80x3848. au’D-aliOO iw bisLE—a lino iLcCtry and A Provision Store, In a good location, wiumnix- Eltcd lease, on Vaauon smet.dolsgaguod tm»n j i*. builaes*. For oar lo nia w aedrets “ F.” Box 633, West Branch. Chicago. IWnoiß. an3t-p9913t C'CR SALE Tte xsh Ja of nmf A mtcMstla alight manufaemr-n? business that will yield a ret p neryear. caotalre quii td. si all. Addrtes * H B,” Bex 6306. Chicago. «-ui»,ew.»*u. FOR SALE A planing snd saw lug mill, Josh and door’fictorr. etc . e:c. tn a kooc jocalltv »nd cciss a profitable bnei&esa. In qmreatNo 7boar«iorTradoßalldlM. atuspseoiir SaLE Steam Ecgices. one J6 hoD>e anc oce fO torse novtr engine. with tp'-Trar collere. *ll in caronlaie oMiec. J- c. BlCflAlt2b,S)l) Washington at auiS-piSWl*’ P?OR SALE—A Union Newspaper •L Office. The Dongles * canty Shield Ornje, omy paper id the c aat>, Ua'xn to o Ritic*, i* oir-r-d ter taia atil. gCeaah. !*!» whi supplied w>U» tvne for book teajot printing. It ha: »a malarsl advjr tlnrjc sndascoa icost pacr> taro, it n located la ore otthenoct xapioly yrowm* towns In taes'a.e A cicse Boollctilon of si me einven years at the basi ng* la car pole reason forardlnff. t*aoocu tei point in the Sta e. Address ED3. cxls, Dongles County, Ddnols. aaa‘-p® >w FOR SALE— Az Aicba?. on iJli nols Central Railroad.»*o. d W* PjR SalS -Loo motive Boiisrg, ma lona, t« S Inch tube*. Ire box t?ltb vrates hack7too crna-*li ccma«-Ssaaa Lacaoa creer. 2? n.Vrt one two cr torse Una mrneia,vj feet lone. .PSITIO 6Biy«JTfli;o3. ’ nTOiSut TpOR SALE— Bfgndoa Saw Mill J/ jjaehlotry. Two eartvea, three b -Uert. boiler ItoEfs.arn**- w ’ a, ‘ I : ana mna pl>ea«haf.m<, m* sroose itacs.cbbiif, 4c, to»etb?x trlib a n-te nasTtitr of old >ion,bnc*7,fte, a s-jod oppo tm ?y is rffoitd lor'a y tno who mar wilt to baud oa gun.ftpremi.eaor .o removet<»*cTotnsr oiace. For DArtlLalare apply to WU. HOYJiY. Qracd R-pidj. iL'tb-’gsa. _ anSd-plljaw ITOR SALE—Atihe Ch^CrgoFiiiiio jl Factory, 118 South 'Deaiborn affoAf, on tie* second floor, a of 7 cciavo ptanoe for sale; 7 second band tlaacs, rosewood ven-era (sraaie: Ten ann njmmlnr ; o flrst<!asabUUard atin: j^piiEdfOS. * aolip«a-iw 4 FSR'SALE.— Tso Cofcfata sii(a. b!a lor livery rr Patcl-r a?e. Oqa fine G -an eled Bocsawat A number or lUbt Roekaway vllde aeatr.Pnaeioca and in- isrc-st stork of bmnr ra la the eU), at Shnlton 4 Tattle’s Repository, on M*r*ct itmt, near Waabizcton. St FSB f ALE A Eiehl H’ish Sts tlcnary Steam Enema aad-Bcllcrm rood ran. nira order, lorselecttrep. Apply so Wm. 'tWaNiTH, at thA Carden City Steam Kcgl e ani Voiler Wcrkr, Chicago. % pMG iw ITOR nai,E and mg X Ponse Fo*u:rnra at Vo ‘27 North Caaa’ »:rA»r, bet. Lake ana Rancolpb its. Inquire or MrO. ft. DIXON. ■ anM-pfiiO Iw t'OR frALE -'Tbo Boiioiug and r lease cf ground cottbweU corner ot *f*4ttoe Mi Jpflsrwm fts. There are two stores Wz». *nd rroxes overhead. Atoodplaoeior aQroc-ry Flour andPce orLlanorf. AnoiltoL.a.O*COaSOß oh AFranh’s. IMboolS fTaitrat. «nu-p3>7-»w HHatnra. TX7AKSEU—A gocd-siztd front ▼ T room, with peimaot-ct board (or aritooet board) ta-a latuiy. icralady and <ao*n*W. AcortH. B*x 15134 Port t see. ateunk and most be cn • »ha*h and fiXt 1 * 4 *’ cr eicn»’t*ei* *a*t ot Btito. The fe.cnces »iTei andre.iul ed. ao3>pß*l»« - tut tb/senuaest* t .’S th ® Qna**.f.TOa»-.M , » Ppertmmt, a« B*» i x month: Teama-era, I?.*®* ; **”• *» par months with ratlota : j?o? rnLf 4 B lIM ttißspoTtation bom Chicago. r&V.. l^ ■« ~ l° «»oair* at too aorartmoa. O°M oZ!!!* Itrtet, CblMBWi I.Uaoia. *• aAacoch, aoiemmeni Agent. tnytadt-lB , \\f ANTED To rent dt ai toofll ' « •».-/w!,V£»,. I P ,or ’ ae * A*rncw, In acme offlea Us *t ® Ot» of CMraen.waern Flri ee ot Com*- mlailor btuUieii u doae-woei’ prtf-ra atre Isnt area office i•!' *t*\ «»? •i»ib9e*T«nirT the right 'plare #r?miP«t Office Bn* P413. Chicago. aos:-p99!2c *w. \j\f AN TED.-* 1 wish to r«t atm all •** conTet’s^tD***^ ll * Hon*?, in a e-v-d ssbfb b'Tbooa atd c* Dreclea*. *0 tons* a. E. Chores. Phratd rot cbf*C T to bs dl*»»re* if n«ar tb* street cs:*—eiibrr WtitrrHoitb w.alon, bat tbooioore fpr lbs Ncnb* Four cr tlToioom-* sou’ll he umiUea*.. Woala »aat It about tbs la* or Oet ber. auSOpMzit A HOWE, lil-i Httzls attest. Wia-NTKD Boarc. A wfcole bcaaMull of AiN'o. l boar'era Uelcc «♦»- peetedly obliged to seek oih*r quarter* immediately. »r.» deiVoPi of btinc accommodated ea nmw, aadthey take thumetroaof irf-nnloe tooee keep laa hoarier# or those coatampUtioe oponlt t aboard, us home. when to* y can cl* tbil© nooae at osca »itb cajtae occnoatlt. Baj»rence* anercepaonai- Toe Kiiwiiow recalled by a# tan be tecnrcd ny tbot>nr_—» chM© of a por 100 of the tnrrltnre tnmm. Horn b#r ot peravcs deurtcs board • * abOT*. from 10 te. «.V. r I 91 Immediately :or farther pariicutara. Box 54»3 Poet Office. »m 0 0062.1t \\ ANTE** Ky a jfWig? man of . J ocd tMiaajj habit*.and write* a rood haod, a i Knatton a# Porter la a vbo'estla dry eooaa or art*, eery store. I# well acquainted with the city. Good reference* «i»cn > erciaaert *>taatloa .required. Aacten, sivics asms and place of husln; w,**J CP," , office, Ch’.ciao, i\\. . »n3&p3Bsit TEb—K^rr- -TS- ry oi eto call and * examine onr P*otomr>v. cme« d« VUIM, p'&Jns&d in oU,ari47 and 14»Sams c*«Ms anaC-qiS.’ t ALUKIDGE* Mkrhtmaw. TV ANTED - easterners at Mrs. v » A. F. M*S!rrao'i> FEW Cloak tad Dreas tick n’t. op state etree'. £37- Call «»a<J examine iba Few Pali Fasblosa for Dress* r. Cloak* and children's CIOIhM TV ANTi! D—Fiyogood Carpenters IT. wanted-comef of OaS and Dearborn streets. Firth slda* • ao3*-p<3i-n TV ANTED. —Employment wanted TT by » terv active ana l.daatnous business mao. Aiplv. ®Uh Q»ma and Kdra's, aiming wh*ro ann «hen on interview ran oe hid. addressed “IV at tte ofllea cf this paper. aa3-p3BMt VV ANTED A situation a 3 Bar v T keeper by a yonag mat who speaks thrsa tangase** eocd .city references given. Address **C a C,** Trlbm e otilcs. aa3j qi6-it TV ANT-CD—A joorg mac who w * sceaka German and British to sail sroostles and drive a team. None reed apply unless they can bring goon teicrences. Gall at '490 Ohio sva*K,-t)a twobnll and I or 3 and 6o'clock. anVqlt-dt VI/ ANTED -Three gooa men on « V our teams and at our Ice bunsei B. W, THOMAS 4 CO., corner Dearborn asd Madison its. '\JU ANTED A etound-h-md cot ertdbujuy.orPrince Alberx used 000 or two years- Addicts c. 7. FISH. Box 2108, giving nano and place where beggy can be sevo. aah>-qZS-It. T/tTANTED-A ca!eani»n in the v f retail Boot sod Oboe department. One thoroughly acqu»tntfdwi'bbnsiref* Rr-io others need apply- BULLOCK BEOS., 116 Lazestroas, anl&-q?01t - _ _ \\T AM TED - Board. . Alurxished T T rcom with board wanted for a »ln»lo gentle* man. B'mtb of Twelfth sttvet. South Aide. Ad<mj* “ffL S,” Box 1842. Ba3C q37 It TV7 ANTED —Ajxung Parmer, in * v doatficna. intelligent end rellabla,forgara"n and Held wok acd general aie'bLnoaj, SO mil*-* tram Chicago. Wsces bberti Address -*J H W,’* Box 2498. orappj> at southeast center Clara ana 9iab 'Water street, lourta-i tory. an3o q29-2S TX7ANTED Tea good Cigar * y iiakera and S’ripDtrr. »o whom food wagsa wOlbepsid. Apply immeclately a:2B2Sooth Wella street, second floor. saX-qlflU Xe/ANTED A Wa ehoMa at a ▼ v good stain point on aCI ect railroad lino to Chlcaco (or G»na,) witht; ISO miles a conv-Eiant >arebctue with a 1 tse flx ares for baying and ship log grain. Wan’d pr-ur to rent for one or three yrais. Addiets.vsdns term* aid Joiatioo, *■ W BOCSB," Chicago T.ibone olbcu anSIKSMt \\[ANTED AU to know that v « 9HOADA4CO*3 Ivga Pbotoaraph Rooms, 13G Sonto Clark street, are t ner dally to easto" erg ana visitors. Admi.tarce free Betnciful Card Pbo> tojxa-.hj, onltnM? for album , for |S osr hundred, or 91 per dozen. Luge size Photograph, ft. • anSo>rn-3t W ANTED A joucglaii-t to ting v T Alto, to fravel with an Old Folk's Conrart Company,nowfravt-llrg. Oootbatplaya nrefsired. Also* jomgLadj Fiarlst where an lr to. view may bo bad, to **A W B, Mono*!.” Chi eago Tribune office. p«4 st WANTED' To rent irotn n«ii merth until May fat, a flrat-dm-s hnnse. ren* rally loeatre. with all modern naprov m> nts. Prefer the sloe. Taking tne boose tor «o slier; ■atune.sceldTteter rearing carpets wttn tty will pbjauhoalprtct- Ulouie and I. cation salt Ad orer*. glvtcg bitaau-m and description of home. ** K. L £. n r. O. Drawer 3992. WAN'J 30u jLtbdun udq 14eb* tiem&n from an parts ot the W»st.toactas agerts for is t Batctrlck’s Patterns Torcnttlne lacieb'rtrwifßacd all kimsof clo> r ig .. dare to a> 11 m every fatclT-- Extra fndocerreat* offered to agfnir. STacY A room 13, no stairs, r-cccxislck’e Botldlng. corner of Randolph and" Dearho/n arree'S, Chicago. P. 6396. amspraiw . W ANTED To'bny a Ur.t-plass Fruit Pa*m In HHdcl* os o>-« of the railroads lead’s- Id o ‘ tic-go Give particular eeserlntxon or the fruits, depth ar<* quality ot inti and exposure, FrcieraamberedsUasUon. O. 9. POa- JOf, Ctieego, lIL an«-pTBl.4t VVA-'-TED -imnitoiattly, t«-o ▼ T good Joomeymen PUst'rers asd a Lathes, men. Co.’d wages aoc steady empl<*ym«nt will no give.. Apply scon to BtfiDfeHS 4 LaM9DM. at Kl Paso, 10. ao3ppT7o6t \\/aNTRD —lt this sDould meet; Tt the of CHRIS r» PIER FOCKS3T, late of Fauso o, r. w,,-Ke wtl bear of s-jmet&ing to bis adyantvee '•y carrmutlcntiOA wi-b the snbaciib.r, Firs <. Kl' G, Brampton Post Offlp#. Canals West, au27-p77J-5t ' \V-aNTE.L>. t'.ziy flu. East * * wlsbesa»i!natlcplort*eepmlng»eaioaln a wholesale «r re*au M-ltln»ry,iaißDiuhmeata3nesa trima.r, or would tnoem.tßPd a »to<9. Has been lo tbfefcnflnn*. an'i sewtit qoaliflcd I'ommastrs* ticns »dar»asia so *•>■ IfiS NORMa B,” Coiras" Post Office, will meet prompt attention aoJS{>7o3« WANTED l.ucO cam. scrap iron, «or whictr wc win p-sy tne Urhcil market price Count:* aealrrr w:l) do wlt to snip otwci to n*. a»»e bn* fta? car own me and w.ll ncl cnaxrettex. ccmairsi n- c. e.RPOW'N * CO..!roa> ante and toon.-irymen *uh.f4iV>g > QSManUaz&sentS. Age.t it eve.y :wun 17 fer s< t* ral n"-w and rapidly a< ll'tff works, ircmoin* * BA-n-nifD kbe.s<.u "-zctealitt -so th« Anolo-Fsinch * tLiaiicanrntzid to inn D.virao tatzsbnd Ktresi ,” oy B-y.C B. ■BO>ntcn.D. D. One l.oval Oc’-avo Voldt e.fiTJlp ii°a. Fnce. J-5 fo. A D-ssterly exposition of the trpacfi-r --ona d;slgos r-rrracce and Bcrland tn«ar*ii this c* nntry. acd of »h*t we have to expect from thtj-' tPopjWbMi tbciuinr-*, jjyerytrnaAn-rrtcunwiU watt to read It. ActEt- tot* at wo*<c nr .> irt'.tiox nomo,etwtwmtv Bubicnb nperday. Exdu.iyj tmltciy S»m, ’«coDiear(irsiraehymiii r u recHipjcfprlca f. P.vs*-T* CO.,rnblißJi-)T9 S»arnorn B(i#et. Chicago, 111, 38 West Konrthas., Cincltna 1, Ohio. _ aaSr.i993 3L Ai« TSIS-- Aj? eits —i7s to? 150 TV ptrmcntb., nceatr wSatcd ararr where to I*l the celeb med litpsovitD j»rw Ex«- ewworo SfacHiirs, the cti'yaraolse mccblß' by ihh name now m tae ur a. # I OOU To ward :or a atio* etr or mote b i aa*ifal s-am tbi*n can be tcTPc- n this maebtee Greatest toseenu. Address, with stamp. B. BOSH*CO.. j-IcAetnta jor the United»»«•*«•, tr - O. IttswvT 0131. Chicago. 111. angaHit • \X7ANTED -«g; uts.—Uaadquar- V V tPTßfortbsbe*tqr'‘d most bopnlar sntwrlp ttoirworkeevcp pucLtbed; alco Map", Pbito lx»ph»,eo,r*vingß 0f l-mcoln. Gr*ntsnrt -cCleUin,, andportroits of»nr Miliary nod Naval Heroes, 1» at' 317 South Clark s;rtet. rail >n Persia, or rerd stamp Cor elrcclsrs, to E. P. T6EaT, Pnbli- brr ann Wholesale Agent, Chicago, 111. au»-pB3U; \fcf AUTRD Agfcnfci to fell wo * w celebrated Improved Nxw Esqliit; F*htlt BxwDra-Macßcm. Pncegis Myatenta <ro-if?r- Ingncr” SIS giO per work. Pexsooi-will beware 01 osaiended asentsot the N.E. 9. Machloe. wo >a'a swind;lnc tnap-opla and sor* agents with a ebrap, bores t\ achire, which ;a worthies?. 70CC of our me- Chinee have lu use two givibg lailifact o' ova-t taa'.htne wavantsd flvv y«s-s. ell u-acbltci *bM da'e will ta?e ra* can! on the under" elae. Only officer of ceilver 155 m. Cs-k atm»t, bicapo. P. O. Ornw-r 3738. and Ad'lap Slich For r- f^ranc e B of re»oCujiDiuav -ui d «sv W, H WALDBYACO., BaC'Crs, or CHAS. BFUFIBLD.P U„ A n ** _ Co n Sole. Agents. aa~.7-p3i3-3tj GSTaNTED Amenta to 8;ll Presi- Vv dmnal CaatP-Igh~HcdQlJ and P.n R&dgti. There tsecais and Badgraars flniihedlna rtylninp*- iin>tr> anyshiog yet cfl&i*-d V‘ tha public as! ore fnrnubso to ihetr-de.fod peddleri a: p:'cii -hu swlti kliow irom tbre*Cadre '■nrdred Baaple'Mvcal it- either ePow or »hl*e J5 reits. Aodr*ta JOHN STANTON. Stamp and Brand Cutter, 139 HTth street, tlncnnail, Ohio. AOU-piSe-St ANTED - Employr, f ut. lisa "? lioctb. a?*s!s wanted to sell fiiwinr Ma chines. »-ewiLgiv*a commiMtss oaan macatoes sold, or «mn oy aeera sho vm work fbo apo?o wares end all expenses paid. Addrtw 9.0. BJR* KIN lON 4 CO., 1/etroll. Mich. aoJ»-p3j7-U i \AT ANTED. —Agents w.n-td to W w ss-ii me most ** Wonderful taventtoa of tho « ra o_«- i»ftnin>ect aed rati mstmeilons b? which aS7l*dscr«en*J«maa eao cake a oerfect Itkene* hens free no rrempt of S3 c**nm. Aftace arc maktre nnadsy Ev-rvuxUy should have one end Casa their own Mk«'a«r«* T cwe and county >lgais for aale. AddreM M. DE QRANO, ‘XOS Broad wav. N*w tors. - ao4i-pa!B«t ■'t^TTANTtCD — wanted. *? to sell Cla* Vs P*l*»ct Ipds Ibis P?nct»,for Lin an. ?oprr:orto *>l.anda«l:s borer 3-uaolea sent ryffia-iteo ;o'<o cents. One dozen K t CiiABK. Northampton, fcaesacbnsntta. Box2l. anii-pSOI-t TIT’ANTED—Agents m this city * * v**t to,r3 ant * connfy vm for n-atory c* i l *?, , Er * nera ana So a* horn since, and otnnr KTfclK J.7 1 ?*- Addr*is with stampa, h. f*. “aoM Sfc9 im QbU3lie * % 190 C-A ' k lUatt * Chlc«o V\/ Agtnie. Headquir ’ «tra for Campaita Medala oi the diffatcnt caididate* for-Pi-ertceat acd yire Piwsident cf tae unit* d STatce. AC ntscao make tvetty-fiye deHart a veek seU'Cf them, samples rent oa ree>lpt of 4 , cjn’aby tnail ft. £t t,ANims, Areas. S3 L-uest-, Chicago,UL P.0.80x4423. anu-vT-vua \I7 ANTED 3tiuo per frlostii Ao * * uve and B*llabte Atrenta tn the Army aad . every was re ex? .m tha meat mcratl *a bs sineas boo vn. Horor»bleeDO norlek. Addrres or apoiy So T.* O. GA66BA2*. 116 Brcadfmy. M. Y. lya-oK.da YY' 1 At-'TED ( j ooq Agents, m w ▼ every connrvmtieN;rSbwe»«r T o wli Scbca bfirs*i Srasrard etlaa of the-^^otls—the best at as forth* ortcom lbs Datted State:, *jeu4 wysnhab-te madtt: («y, k.k. tan-i m.a,tca r I have b<eo oir enr<at nsp vacQi asd | beve evr-iued Jis a cay. Bn>C me soxa-jr* or me aUae. OliJi C- ) Knr terms a-* it a ec?y»opJ?w a ii- LANDON, General acsos ?. r tfe »•■>*», S*» lake street, Cbtcago, HI. . an3c.-£Mm '\\T ANTED Goco iagjcta to t-aJ ? » mV Bern enzravm* ectltlad ot» • lenah.** Ko*raved by jeha ‘J s * ” c-y old areata vrtvri me: “I r*,v« *, ! Vria tb-peWAf berantoscll USeit.'’ atjyrcsaiacdnKck p o tot tirms.*e-toftAMtnn, pikb- cbie*- o. xuam*. ly M/ tf Uoarhing. DOftßbltfO.— I c n accomnio- I> a«u .iu Heard Wi. tsa tor '•M.tiraul.SX Jo»u oi l. »J^.^-7?‘p. I SSSS!SasSE*““ 11 taai-n . . r BnAftDING* A© lulutnished tf&t wl b elotbea on Mootd floor. tritawlibboataUaaprlvataraallT toagentiemci utfsi't or two »lnsle StnUsmen, at 29 South cno toD«tTier»Cblc«ji9. aufepttMc

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